Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1934

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Text from Pages 1 - 166 of the 1934 volume:

A I 4 Kke ikaifzbow 1 of '934 si W .1 5 .gf 2 4 Qbubfislzefy .By Me Sfugelzfs 01? Junior Goffeqe of Gfuqusfa omg Gfcagenzy of jeiclzmona Gowzfy Kvofume viii Gfuqusfa, georgia Q31-Ef7' Q '?XTa 5223 1? Q' 4231. -xx iii- ,i W 1 ,a-4. S, gf ,,,,.fff X, I f -V1--5-'--4 !" 1' X YI iz W 73, 4 4 1 ,A Q f '?jZ21,QAZZX""-u..J"" 23214 LLQQ X4 u-n--nvn-rn: .1 vrncocux L - 1!D1lF1!DiiivL2'1AWf1iMDN ' IIUID Milla, lVEliQN1iES3'li WIXKFXSIIDN A Isliliflil In oppwecioiion of Iwis loqoliq io our schools: of Iiis slxill os o ieoclierig of l1is invuluuiile worfix in siudeni olqoirsz especiollq as cveuiorf of H16 HLQH HOHtfllf xSOCiGiLj UYICI US CUUCII of Hia Acodelnq Jecloimevsz of Iiis unseliisli unc' ' Iiiqlilq eiiicieni sevvices io H19 siucieni Loclljz oi his odmirolnle qualifies oi Cl'1ClFCICiQP cmcl person- uliiq---Hie Siucleni Bodies oi ilwe Junior' Colleqe of AUqUSiG GHJ TIIE' 7ACGCIQlTIlJ of I-QiCIhIlTl0I1ll Couniq cledicoie il1is issufe of Hike Quinlnowg, io M F. EPHES I MUSOD AHQD. .32Q'Ef?2i, W1 ERNEST MASON ALLEN I -8 Ehia liagr ia Erhiratrh in ilnniug Qilvxuurg nf hun uf nur Q.Ll1llll'E.lhPB urhn ham' pamarh nu into Ihr tbrrat Eirgnnh, Arthur Zfiurrnugha Igrantlvg Olallnumy ..., .1. s 7'TiTi2r-, 'V I 1 1 V 3 . ik, ,lv l . ,fix-'U ' ,I X 'V ,1 ' ' in if X Lai. 1 e 'QQOMWO Q wi li , be e lf- T ' '1g4:Xz1:gLUi112.2:' A- . -I , 1-,cm .y,v.g:'5J.x.v12CsL"aX'G'L'!1DP' ' X t 1-'pf' V ' va an fn N W .-1 --- vv.vxxa.s:-:1:.e,? i L Q F l H 3' l ' r N .r ' l 'T it 5 5 4 S f 9 , tx V l fl K l GEORGE PHINEAS BLTTLER-A CHARACTERIZATION . -One never feels his inadequacy so much as when he stands in the presence of a great Christian personage and attempts to sum up the qualities and virtues of his full-orbed life. The late Dr. George P. Butler was more than a school administrator, more than a teacher, more than a lover of youth. His interests knew no narrow professional bounds, but Were as wide as the far horizons of Christian service and civic duty. I offer W'ordsworth's "Character of The Happy Warrior" as the best characterization of the great soul whose memory we revere. "Who is the happy XVarrior P" ......... "He labors good on good to fix, and owes To virtue every triumph that he knows: VVho, if he rise to station of command, Rises by open means: and there will stand On honorable terms, or else retire, And in himself possess his own desireg VVho comprehends his trust, and to the same Keeps faithful with a singleness of aim, And therefore does not stoop, nor lie in wait For wealth, or honors, or for worldly stateg Whom they must follow: on whose head must fall, Like showers of manna, if they come at all: Wlhose powers shed round him in the common strife, Or mild concerns of ordinary life, A constant influence, a peculiar grace: But who. if he be called upon to face Some awful moment to which Heaven has joined Great issues, good or bad for human kind, Is happy as a lover: and attired With sudden brightness, like a man inspiredgn -'This is the happy warrior, this is he That every man in arms should wish to be." 5 5- ff , K A Y' T' s KN troll 'IB so h 't 1 2 I ' f- A - A ' ' f' 'v Y Y If X147 N "- Wwefv? tQ1Qs5Q,x3f:J.x.:-.x.f'.s.1JZv 1. - Ma h ng ul -.X, ,A--T-svl, yn--,--pp' 4, V, 4'V,6,1vxxrty,sy1.1.n .f-fvfzwrx-Qrxygggfngvupr . ., , jf 1.1 PRESIDENT -I. L. SKINNER In this copy of the RAINBOW' will be found many pages which will, in years to come, bring back to your mind sweet and fond memories of your school days at Old Richmond and at Junior College. As you turn these pages now, and also in later liie, may I remind you to think of the significance of the title of this book, "The Rainbow"-a symbol of promise, with its five dominant colors, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet: blended by God into a match- less creation of beauty. In your life, may the Red be indicative of your Youthful Yigor, your Enthusiasm, your Energy, your Self-Confidence: may the Yellow indicate your XYorth, your Strength of character. your Stability: may the Green represent your continued Growth. your physical. mental and moral Development: may the Blue stand for your Dependability and your Truth: while the Violet will represent the sweet fragrance of your Love and your Service to your fellowmen. Then let all of these attributes be blended into a matchless creation of a beautiful LIFE, and you will then have been true to the principles of your Alma Mater. 534353 -V no 1 Ttr--:--- -7-i-1---1 -- ,. I. A v 1 1 1 l v 1 Y i n 1 L .-1- .-11442111 1 414iz.s- 1- 1 I 4 ,.,. w X ru3.:lglf3.xf' ' s P . .x .Ts is X" "OD ' ' 'C 15 ri' ""i"'tr"L3st a - . n p E- V I Y I I I n 2 .23 1 N 'w ' I T ., r" in V .451 -Eazl ,sg A 2 '31 if - .3 V, ' . ' A rg' , . 5 kj: .3 1' i 3 ' L: V4 5' I 1 , f l 1 ' 5 2, ', i .24 N I V' l 'l fit" l ff ' 'l al' 11-,fl Q .721 S X , ' . ' . 12 ' ' f 4575 45, ,. ' , ' I - i . ' - 5 ' DEAN ERIC XY. HARDX' Fellow-Stuclenisz The two greatest questions that youth ever asks are these: "Is there a formula for success?" "XVhat is success?" The sublimest, and at the same time most challenging conception that can come to you, is that you are a co-worker with God in doing the unfinished work of the world.If success means to you to make your proper contribution to the ongoing of the Divine process of social better- ment and redemption, and to come to the end with clean hands and a pure heart, then I dare to record here my tormula tor success. The only power that will ever redeem the world from error is the power of brains and character. HE XVHO XVOULD ACHIEVE SUCCESS MUST NOT ONLY KNOW, BUT BE. Through constant communion between the Divine and the human mind, we come to com- prehend the rule of right, the symmetries of character, and the requirements of perfection. And as we recognize that these are not mere provincialisms of this planet, but that they are known among the stars, 1ife's vocation becomes clear, and we rise to the full dignity of man. Faithfully yours. ERIC XY. HARDY. K T, U A11 .- J! N IB TT ff R fA--XE A' . x. . g sgg oaae gsogv-"1 f X ' 1 oacmrna OIOROI . y1r1grgrxv.rD.YkxurmLL'rJ-f'l'1X'-Y. - y X' hglaxvfuffvr - ' ""' '- -- ---- l 4 1, ' N. A J 14 Cl 4 4 I BOARD OE TRUSTEES 9' BRYAN CCMIIIING . . . . . . . . . Presidcn! 0 LANDON THOMAS . . .... Viee President Q NVARREN BOTHVVELL . . Sevretary and Treasurer 2 JOHN PHINIZJV E. C. B. DANFORTH. JR. 9 FERDINAND PHINIZY VV. BIONTGOMERY HA.RRISON 5 5 OFFICERS QE BOARD UF EDUCATION 2 FREEMAN C. RICCLURE . . . .... President 4 FRANK R. MILES . . . ..... Vive President DR. LAWTON B. EVANS . Ser. and SIIIIII. of Schools HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE COMMITTEE MRS. R. C. BAILIE. Clzairznaaz MRS. JOHN XY. XVALKER MR. H. L. BIURPHEY MR. J. E. DICKS MR. R. F. AIOORE MR. J. T. FENDER ce s ,Ni K U I B:- UNE ,7gy,I5Tr?EFl K7 W. VI N 11A F g if? 'H V02 Xi-f A I Um Au 751 M , U M, wffi 1 ,IA , o, 9x 5 N' f fhfqll L 4 -ci! 'I I5 , '.: A uf . bm X X f Jgiy a A T Q 1 . Q ff C 1 -1 xxx 'ZV 4,1 X , N X 1 I I y ,, E' l MW W f . Il., ,u -" '- - MMU H! a li! ! 1 ' A f M Q 1 KU- 5 f -"X'."E 'E XV, I if DP1F!f uyu'l I It , f ,. ,M ' Y' 'Q ' k , Q1 f I' - , S X N f Lf! f 'M , ff' Mk ,. ...Z- .gk-, Z.. -1?N- g ' xx ,. 4 '+ vfacuffy 1151-Q1 .A .,. 1 .,' 4 . ' ,i V T-. I' s .ff 9 Q 1- -- g. 15 1 4-P I Q 4 h 'Q T l . 4 5 in 'ff 'ir .HL- 3 s i 1111 W, - 5 11 4, , an I f J-.1 1 1- ft.f111::vrv1'. N u-1. ' Nx' . S 7' . 1" -4 S . Qqwxx'-rv:,.'rn,,..-1-.hx . x -, X' ' Mus. gl. E. E1'1:.xNKs , St'c'l't'IdJ"V ' . Graduate Cecil Business College. 1910: O1Tice, Spartanburg Herald. 1916: Bank of Spartanburg, 1917: Office. Collector of Internal Revenue, Columbia, Q11 1918-1919: Secretary to Pastor, lst Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Ga., 1919- . 1921: Secretary, A. R. C.. 1921-1926: Secretary and Registrar, A. R. C.-J. C. S A. 1920-193-l. N5 jtmm A. FLISCII, A. M., ADVISER or xvoMEN r X 5 History Q N Nl Graduate of Lucy Cobb Institute: A,M. lHonoraryJ University of Georgia, XX'-QT S 1899: Graduate Student, Harvard Unix ersity, one summer session: University ' A of Chicago, three summer sessions: University of Virginia Summer School, -,iffy JI. 5 1 1931: A.M., University of AV1SCO11S1l1, 1908: Teacher, Georgia Normal and D ff X' Industrial College, 1893-1905: Executive Clerk, Extension Division, Univer- . sity of 1Visconsin, 1905-1907: Secretary, Economics Department, University :" , N of 1Yisconsin, 1907-1908: Teacher, Tubnian High School, 1908-1920: Teacher, .I University of Georgia Summer Session, 1905, 1912. 1913, 1923: The Junior 1 College of Augusta, 1926. -ff ,A IQATHARINE P. Booos, B. S. I i . Edzfcatioaz Graduate of Birmingham Normal Training School: B.S.. Columbia University, 1920: Special Diploma, "Supervisor in Training Schools," Columbia University, 1920: Graduate Student, Columbia University, one summer session: University of Georgia, one summer session: Director Training School for Teachers, Augusta, Ga.: Instructor in University of w Tennessee Summer School, 1921-1922-1923: The Junior College of Augusta, 1926. ERNEST BIASON ALLEN, PH. B. Ellgllill-FI'Fl1C1I Q16 Ph. B., Emory University, 1926: Student Instructor in Iirench :it Emory, I 1925-19265 A. R. C., 1926. A JUSTIN A. H. BEGUE, B. S.. B. A. Frenclz B. S., B. A., Paris University, 1907: Instructor in Mathematics and Modern Languages, Cairo fEgyptD College: Modern Languages, Cgllege of Quimper tFrancel, 1913-1914: Modern Languages, College Leconte de Lisle, 1917-1920: Senior High School, Mahanoy City, Pa., 1921-1923: Academy of Richmond County, 1923-1926: The Junior College of Augusta, 1926. G. I... BOLTON L 7 Math and Science ' School, 1926-1927: Principal, B. S., I mory University, 1926: Cuthbert High Jesup High School, 1928-1930: A. R. C., 1930- . 55, Gig: ' 5 -,iii-5 - 'XII Il li 13 C A- , - , C r . .-- - ...C l, ' 2.1-595 .f.r..f.1:cm:zfx:f?A, 1- -- 9 R' - 4' M A gg... X.. ,. :A.,,11fg.-:v't'w."1:g+' L if .f f' fl V, cufuhncnfrxxrxrrx . f ,V 1, . AIARION TURNER BRvsoN, A. B. Sricim' .Z A. B., Gordon Institute, 1909: Emory University, 1911: Instructor, Hills- , I- luoro High School, 1909-1910: Bostwick High School, 1911-1912: Buckhead High School, 1912-1914: Tennille High School, 1915-1917: A. R. C., 1917-. :Q if A 6 . I A gl.-xmas AIORGAN BUCKNER, B. S., M. S. Illaflmmzfics B. S., Clemson College, 1910: M. S.. University of 1Yisconsin, 1916: Principal, Rockville, S. C., 1913: Principal, Brunson, Ga., 1910-1912: A. R. C., 1922-. O'NEA1- XY. CHANDLER, A. B. Sricurc A. B., University of Georgia, 1922: Instructor, 1Va5.'nesboro High School, 1923-1924: A. R. C., 1925-. Cn.xR1-Es Gm' CoRo1-1z, A. B., A. M. History and GFIVIICIII A. B.. Trinity College lDuke University1, 191-13 A. M., Trinity College, 1915: Summer School, Columbia University, 1917: Summer School, .Emory Univer- sity, 1930: Student Assistant in Latin, Trinity College, 1913-1915: Graduate Assistant in German, Trinity College, 191-1-1915: Instructor, Baird's School for Boys, 1915-1910: Instructor, Academy of Richmond County, 1916-1926: Director. Summer School, The Junior College of Augusta, 1931 and 1932: Head of History Deptlrtnient. Academy of Riclnnoncl County, 1922-1926: The Junior College of Augusta, 1926. GEKIRGE M. DASIHER Shop x X g Graduate of A. R. C.: Teacher of Carpentry in Richmond County Schools: fg i 4. J A. R. c.. 1924-. 0 -ai 6 1 g K' CHARLES AIARTIN ETIIEREIDLSE, A. B. Euylixlz and .llullz Q - A. B., Newberry College, 1923: Principal, XVaver1y Consolidated High ' School, 1Vaverly, Ga., 1923-1924: Turheville High School, Turbeville, S. C.: Superintendent, Cope High School, 1924-1920: A. R. C.. 1927-. 111AR'I'IN D. YOUNG, B. S., M. S. " f Biology 2,19 1 ' B. S., Emory University, 1931: M.S., Emory University, 1932: University - 5' ll Fellow, Emory University, 1931-32, sustituting for J. M. Ellis, on leave: The Junior College of Augusta, 1932-33, 1933-34: Marine Biological Laboratory, Vtlards Hale, Mass., Summer 1933. ca- 'Ae '23 ,i.R4QC- bf Q R 'bib oueQQstog ' 1 urnnaxanpsaxuxnmxumxx -5- ' LA Xl llcll ltfilg? f S-Qtesrmmem EIOHN EVANS EL'BANRs, A. B., A. M. Latin and Goverlzifzclzt A. B. 1Yofford College 1916: A. M., VVotfOrd College, 1916: A. M., CO- In:tructor Textile Industry Institute, Spartanburg, S. C., 1915: Instructor, Academic High School Columbus, Ga., 1916-1917: on leave of absence for graduate work, at Columbia University, session 1932-1933: Academy of Richmond County, 1919-1926: The Junior College of Augusta. 1926. . , lumbia University, 1927: American Academy in Rome, Summer 1929: N NORMAN L. G.-xLLOu'.-W. B. S., M. A. Edzrration and ECUIIOHIIFS Student Union University, jackson, Tenn., 1919: 1Vestern Kentucky State Teachers' College, 1922: Superintendent of School, Farmington, Ky., 1922-26: B. S.. Murray State Teachers' College, 1927: Supervisor of Rural Schools, McCracken County, Ky., 1926-27: Supervisor Rural Schools, Graves County, Ky., 1927-28-29: KLA.. George Peabody College for Teachers, 1929: Instructor Summer College, Junior College of Augusta, 1929: Superintendent ot Schools. Ln Center, Ky., 1929-30: Instructor, The Junior College gf Augusta, 1930. ROBERT ENIIL GRESSETTE Yf- , , ,. History l A. B., University of South Carolina, 1931: A. R. C. LUTHER :XLFRED GRIFFIN, B. S. BI. S. Botany B. S..-X., University of Georgia, 1922: M.S., University of Michigan, 1931: Science Instructor. 1Vaycross High School, 1922-1923: Head of Science Department, NVaycross High School, 1923-1925: Science Instructor, Citrus County tFlorida3 High School, 1926: Science Instructor, Marietta High School, 192o-1927: Science Instructor, Academy of Richmond County, 1927- 1932: The junior College Of Augusta, 1932. B '73 -5 fr- dl ,ff iff' ,- ff I ' , . img J 'IOHN THOMAS HIXINS, B. S. IN EDUCATION tlltllillfllltlftfj Graduate. Ac'1demy of Richmond County, 1910 and 1911, B. S., Education University of Georgia, 1915: Graduate Student, University of Georgia, 1920- l92l. also during one summer session: Instructor Albany High School, Albany, Georgia, 1915-1917: Comandant of Corps Qt Cadets and Instructor, Athens High School, 1920-1922: Superintendent, Swainsboro, Ga., 1922-1923: Commandant of Corps of Cadets, Academy of Richmond County, 1923-1926: Instructor, Academy of Richmond County, 1923: The Junior College of Augusta. A i VVILLIAM REDDING ISTENNEDY Conzizzerciat Georgia Normal College. 1904: Zanerian College, Columbus, Ohio, 1908: Protessor, South Georgia College, 1906-1909: Rome High School, 1912-1913: Extension 'XVork at Georgia, 1931-1933: A. R. C., 1913-. Q, 1' .54 Q.-22 . C 3:71 A in V 1 . 1 li I ' fe , il, -it L I K X v" Q' ' . 2 -Q Q.xJs.f-5':bL.a"?"-I1A- I I il? Q'twmJJnw' b' ' f1'Lf fs ' " 1 I A ,., .X .-U--3-'qi' 1 J-' Y' Qxwxsrrvn-111-crx:x'xxerrrxz.x'3c , S . A' I I V id , A A ' Fi ' Ii . , gh . I. C. LUCKY if--. It - " Q3 , 1 Ilfaflzvllztzfuxv C Q ' Q4 B. S., Commerce, University of Georgia, 1927: Summer Graduate NVork, fi University of Georgia, 1932: Fourth District A. M., Carrollton, Ga., 1927- 'if 1955- A. R. C. RJ ' ,ul it i XY1l.1,1ixx1 LEROY MADEN, A. B., A. M. N fi Rt i if Q ---c . I ,x A. B., Tusculum College, 192o: Assistant Principal St. james High School, Greenville, Tennessee, 19203 Principal. St. James High School, 1927-19Z8g Graduute Student, Duke University, 1928-1929: A. M. Duke University, 19303 The Junior College of Augusta, 1930. Frvfzflz 5 ANTON PAUL IXIARKERT, B. S. IN C. M.A. fl'IUf1IL'11ll7fIt'5 and D1'tm'i11g B. S., in C. F. Georgia School of Technology, 1921: M.A. Columbia University 1929: Graduate Student. University of Chicago, summer 1925g Instructor. Academy of Richmond County. 1921-19261 The Junior College of Augusta, 192o. CH.-xR1.13s H.-xRo1.D 1A1I'l'CIl1il.I-, A. B., AI. A. E1IflIl'.VlI und EliIll'tIII0lI V , . A. B. Cniversity of Pittsburgh. 19181 M. A., University of Pittsburgh, 19513 7 Holder of Honor Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh, 1914-181 Cadet Cap- , tain and Assistant in Instruction, R.O.T.C., Cniversity of Pittsburgh, 1917-18: - f? Second Lieutenant. Field Artiller5" U. S. Army. 1918: Cross of Service. U. D. " 'le s C., 192112 lirafluate Student, Harvircl University, one semester, 1922-233 V' Graduate Student, Summer School, Cniversity of Pittsburgh, 192o-29, 19313 V,,V Graduate Student, Summer School, Duke Cniversity, 1933: Instructor, Aca- A ilemy of Richmon-l County Summer School. 1930-311 Instructor, Academy of 3 Richmond County. 1920-3 The Junior College of Augusta, 1928-. E - -lot-IN B1'IQCIIEI,I. Mooinz 1 E11g1ix11 3 - W ashmgton and Lee University, 1912-1-lg Lmversity ot South Larolma, I -"l 1915-lo: C. S. A., XYorld XYar, 191o-19, Bachelor of Arts, University of South ' Carolina, 1927: Master of Arts, University of South Carolina, 1952: Frank- ' lin High School, Kerr, X. C., 1922-25: University of South Carolina, 1926-273 dj if ' Colegio cle San Pablo, Camagiiey. Cuba, 1927-28: Ocoee High, Ocoee, Fla., 3 if 1928-29: A. R. C., 1929-3-1. ul. CTEURGE McDoN,-x1..o. .lI!If1It'lIIf7f1t'.Y Ph. B., Emory University, 1915: Principal. Greensboro High School. 1915-log Lakeland tFla.l High School, 1916-18: Kentucky Military Institute, 1918-20: A. R. C., 1920-. st-' 751 , .eel-g T - xx ,--ei' S ' ' - Q I if,-X ll, hji L31 lfzb X V, , . , -2- iv 7 .T - - QQBQQ ui A ' i, , ' '.-'."lL1','Z,22I'2S',. 227 "TS7fffI'5QAV' Y 3 ,if e '. .L "T1v1txx'x'r'.Ji Y . A sf ,Q 1 . it K K. - uf DAVID FRANKLIN BICTDONVELL, A. B.. A. M. Spanish I 3, A. B., University of Florida, 1924: A. M., University of Florida, 1928: Sum- E fy 3 mer School, University of North Carolina, 1929-30-51: Traveled in Spain, 'KL' ' ' summer of 1932: Teaching Fellow, University of North Carolina, 1930-31: Q1- Teacher, Lake City, Fla., High School, 1924-253 Teacher, Miami, Fla., High VA School, 1926-27: Teacher, John Gorrie Ir. High School, Jacksonville, Fla., il 1928-29-30: Instructor in French and Spanish, Extension Division, University ffl Pi of Florida, 1928-29, 1929-30: The Junior College of Augusta, 19.31. A Y 4 f. E 1AxUBL'RN G. 0wENs, A. B. , if. ,il :gi ff English-History Q Ei' l A. B., University of Georgia, 1925: Graduate Student, University of Georgia, ' ' 'D' .fi , 1925-20: Instructor, NX-'aynesboro High School, 1925-28: Summer School, 21, - Columbia University, 1929-30: A. R. c., 1928-. A, jr . in AT HENRX' Gsizooo READ, PH. B.. A. M. jp English 1, Ph. B., Emory University, 1916: A. M., Emory University, 1918: A.M., VT ll Columbia University, 1925: Special Diploma, "Supervisor of English," Colum- ffl! , bia University, 1925: Graduate 1Vork, University Of California, 1931: Fellow 1 in English, Emory University, 1916-1917: Head of English, Emory University Academy, 1917-1918: Principal, Dawson, CGeorgial High School, 1919-21: 1 i Superintendent, Dawson Public Schools. 1921-1922: Head of English Depart- 1, ment, Academy of Richmond County, 1922: Head of Department of l English, The Junior College of Augusta, 1926. GEORGE H. R1DGNN'AX', A. B. CllL'llII..ifl"X' in A. B., University of Georgia, 1923: Head of Science Department, Pensacola i High School, Pensacola, Fla.: Mathematics Department, Gainesville High il School, Gainesville, Gi.: A. R. C., 1927-. 5 i U .TOE Mays ROBERTSON, B. S. i 1 l Q, f Civics, English, illaflicnwfirs Y B. S., Clemson College: Graduate Student, Duke University: Principal and K Instructor, Public Schools of Pickens County, S. C., 1921-25: Superintendent of Schools, Salucla, S. C., 1925-28: A. R. C., 1928-. ' X . C. A. ROYSTON B. S., University of Georgia, 1922: Ila High School, 1922-25: Louisville High School, 1923-24: Marietta High School, 1924-26: Cordele High School, 1 1926-27: Gainesville High School, 1927-29: Richmond Academy, 1929-. I 4 1 , ETB 'A - 559 OBGQQQVG- vo' ' 'linftoaoie-spnlca0aoa.9l. .... .. . . ....- - -- 7 .J ... .... .... . . qc s R1 X VA: . .. GEORGE ATILTON SCOTT. A. B., B. LIT. E 71 glish 5 A.B., University of Chattanooga, 1922: B. Lit. in Journalism, Columbia f University, 1926: Summer School, Columbia, 1923-19263 Summer School, 5 Duke l'niversity, 1932-1953: A. R. C., 1922-24, 1926: The Junior College of Augusta. 1933-. 1 CHESTER A. ScRL'oos. A. B.. A. M. S Clzclliisfry A. B... Mercer Cniversity, 19115 Graduate Student, Cniversity of Chicago. ' Summer uvrters 1925-26' A.M. Columbia University 19303 Principal 5 Marshallville High School, 1911-13: Principal, Round Oak High School, 1913- Q 1911-3 Principal, Ashburn High School, 1910-171 Ilwtnlcmr' Acaflemb' Of 2 Richmond County. 1917-20: Director, Summer School, Academy of Richmond . 'l County, 1918-2-l:'The junior College of Augusta, 1920. - ROBERT HAYES SH ERMAN ilIaflzf'mnfi4'.v yl University of Pensylvauia, Civil Engineering, 1913 to 1919: United States -I Geographical Survey, 1919, 19203 Faculty, The Academy of Richmond County, l 1920-21: 1921-22: Civil Engineer, Lawrence 8: Smith Construction Engineers, 102.3-2o1 Civil Engineer, Claussen-Lawrence Construction Co., 1926-32, The Al ,lunior College of Augusta, 1932. . :ALBERT F. SIMPSON. A. B. Hl.Tf0l'-1'?CllZ'll'.Y A.B.. Davidson College, 1925: Graduate Student. University of Georgia. 1925-205 Instructor, 1Vashington fGa.D High School, 1926-273 A. R. C., 1927- 30: Director of Athletics. A. R. C.-J. C. A.. 1930-. V' CHESTER McliENl.Ex' SUTTON. A. B.. A. M. . English - , A. B., Guilford College, 19183 A. B.. Haverford College, 19193 A. M., Univer- sity of North Carolina, 1924: Graduate Study. University of North Carolina, Summer of 1925, year of 1925-Zh: Duke University Summer School, 1931: ' . Principal Manteo High School, 1919-20: Principal, Bona Vista High School, 1920-22: Principal. Leggett High School, 1922-231 Principal, Mount Pleasant . High School. 192-l-253 Instructor in English, University of North Carolina, E' it 1925-20: Head of Department of English, Piedmont College Summer School of l92fr: The -lunior College of Augusta. 1920. -IUSEPII LE LONTE l.x1.1.Ex'. B. S.. M. S. P1IVX'.VIit'.Y B. S.. University of Georgia, 1923: M. S.. Mercer University, 1925: Graduate 1923-24: Columbia Asssitant in Physics and Mathematics, Mercer University. lmversity Summer School. 1927: Instructor in Physics, Mathematics and Drafting, Mercer University, 192-1-251 Head of Physics in Sllllllllel' School. teaching Physics and Radio, 1926: The Augusta, 1926, Mercer University junior College of i X 0 SS J' Xkxmxkktxxxsxmxxxxxv uX XXXSSX SS 4 h,x5s.svA!.Q,x!-.Q.Q.t3.t -N! 1 f- Q an . -s .,- Y.. .... .......- --- ZW 7 RCHISEIQT jixcksox BXTIES SMITII Prcxidt JI-t An army officer-a quick COI11l'l13.l1Cl-H boisterous laugh- Beech lglancl. h Class President 2' Cadet Captain 1' Lieut. Lol. Z: Captain Rifle Team 1: Rifle Team 2' XVinner of cup for best drilled company in Fre:h1nan Battalion 1: Winner of Gen. Leonard 1Vood Medal for School Rifle T am 1: H'-X 1 2' Vice President H'-Y 13 President Hi-Y tboth terznsl 2' Sec.-Treas. Student Council 23 'llilitary Editor of Rainbow 2. TQATIIERINE SHEI:wooD BISHOP Vin' Prcsfdvlzt An October day-crowds cheering-white sails. Editor-in-Chief of Rainbow 2: Vice-President of Sophomore Class 2: Cheer Leader Z: High Honor 1: High Honor 2: Basket- ball 1 and Z: Captain of Basketball Team 2: Tennis Runnner-up 13 Hi-Y-VV 23 Phi Theta Kappa. , D 134, i p is -- tl . I ll Q . II Q' . 4 Ei ' - I 1 Il . N ' , tl gl e I . . 1 l S I l .fl 4 f 00 CII? .ly JOHN CALHOUN STEPHENS, JR. S0c'2'cfII1'y A crowded stadium-a wooly overcoat-a yell from Jernigan- then a sixty-yard run. Wow! h Cadet Captain 1: Cadet Major Z: Officers' Club 2: Class Treasurer 1: Class Secretary 2: Managing Editor Musketeer 2: Staff of Rainbow 23 Hi-Y 1, 2: Vice-President of Hi-Y Z: Football Letter 1, 2,1 Coach Company Football 1, 21 Interclass Basketball 4Hi-YU 2: I. C. A. Athletic Club 2: President Student Council 2. AALEX RENNIE KELLY Tl'CG5lll'0I' A high silk hat-a cross-word puzzle-a boiler factory. Musketeer Staff 2: Rho-Chi 25 High Honor 1: Phi Theta Kappa. ELIZABETH LOCKHART LEE Student Cozmcil A Congresswoman-a March wind-a Red Cross nurse. Literary Society 1 and 23 Vice-President of Literary Society 25 Glee Club 1 and 2: Student Council 23 High Honor lg Hi-Y-W 2: Basketball 1: Phi Theta Kappa. GRACE ALLGOOD Sunset-TI peaceful stroll-the rustling of leaves. Ls- .6 l l l l i l I I 1 l I l I 1 l 1 1 J, K4 .. L 13171 , 3 iuxx, g','-.'.Xv.1AX'CL'ux r'!11'7k A 1 X. fl Sf. 'Y ---be isiiiiillwqxiligi I Ifllltiil O00 if K ffrrr--!I l X, 3 , , f?'i!'1 in Xt 1 Xxuxzvanzsxrcac - - .. .- - . X .Lf' -N I ' 5 K 2 3 I THoMAs EDWARD BAILEY 2 g Clever hands-a microscope-success. ' Sec.-Treas. Literary Society 2: Rho-Chi 1, 23 President Rho-Chi 25 Sec. Treas. of Chemistry Club 1: Battey Memorial Contestant l 1: Company Football lg VVinI1er of Battey Memorial Contest 2. f I Q J :9 if IIZMMA RUTH BARKSDALE 2 9 An old-fashioned garden-a maiden of the 90's gathering larkspur. i Glee Club 13 Hi-Y-VV 2. 1 I l , I I 9 IXIILTON CooK BARVVICK 6, A charge to the jury-blue golf socks-Lawrence Tibbett. Q Literary Society 21 Glee Club Z3 Hi-Y 23 Basketball 1: Inter- Class Basketball tHi-Y Teaml Z: Basketball Letter 11 J. C. A. 5 Athletic Club 2. I fn Lot'IsE BARBOT BATTEY A saucy hat-a red riding jacket-a country club. Literary Society. RICHARD EDGAR BLACK Mr. Talley's inspiration-perpetual motion "Camel VValk"-dry humor. SARAH Louisa BLACRSTONI: A cap and a gown-a well-kept oinfice-a blue dress with white cutts. Honor 1 and 25 Phi Theta Kappa: Glee Club. L L J Yx'vx.I.-gnw xx' -. -'AL' I:.'tv..-.u I'x'Iv? 'CDV ' Q' L I me :I ' ' J il li XXL' " Y y ' lf "fy 'ffw-6,51 r V-rw ww A- V - gl , ' -2 ', . ,LY2,I.4,4....,,4 .,-' .- A L - ,., . . , li 'VL ,,.-. ---- Q. l. XVILLIAM BUTLER BLANDENBURC A hard-boiled sergeant-a T-model Ford-a farm. LESTER BOHLER A little white cottage-climbing roses-:1 pink gingham dress. JULIUS HILL BOLGLA A sportsman-a scholar-a doctor. Junior College Literary Societyg Rho-Chi Pre-Medical Society: German Club-Honor lg Basketball Letter 1: Inter-Class Basket- ball CRho-Chi Teamb 2: J. C. A. Athletic Club 2. TI-IEOLU BRIGGS A gypsy camp-tambourines-a camp-fire. ALVIN BRISENDINE A boxer-a humorist-Qualitative Analysis. EMILY DU MONT BROWN Tourists-ocean liners-European cafe-bizarre surroundings- Chartreuse. Kgefdgg 24 I " 2 " ,jifg-Il Xqfii-S - WA, .f --TQg,ffi ex I 'lx 4 ,, . -all are Htl I 4 Elf El? ii Eff 5 I se 'Q U? P, Zl P 22 Qi v A P V4 YV ji 1 .N 1 I3 Q T' fl - pill Q- 1 I I I f- .f x. f 1- . A . , I I I v-1 if-Ei- Q 'Af 'fQl 2I77-442-' "4"--uf 1 1' I " f " I fl-LO-s1w1'rzvnhax1Yorrrrrucu1Q!tH"'F1' IU,-ttf t X " - xx if k ,N X' l R I ' I ,.,. t"4 N Q SARAH BIIOT BROWN Q Vfliite canvas shoes-a Y.VV.C.A.-a fruit slirwcr. fi if gi I .ll , iii X I, , XIARIUN HARVEX' CURRIE ,M L A little boy dressed in blue-a crooked smile-a toy gas bal- Y 2: loon tinventcr of Currie's liquid air nIaclnne.l Cf Literary Society 1 and 2: President of Literary Society l and 2: 1 Debating Team l: Oratorical Contest tsecond placej 1: Oratorical . M MQ Contest Hirst placel 2: State Oratorical Contest Cfirst placej 2. QQ as 64' ALICE ELIZABETH DANIEK. X5 Early morning-a skylark-a wliite violet. i Glee Club 1 and 2: Basketball 1: Literary Society l. fl i jk RK FRANK SCRANTON DORElVIL'S A dance hall-bright lights-an orchestra leader. Glee Club 2. JUANITA EDWARDS A crowded gym-purple and White lassies-a tip-off. Basketball l and 2: Alternate Captain of Basketball Team 2. XXNNE LEWIS EARGLE An infectious giggle-a Fifth Avenue dress shop-a popular dance hit. C- ky, ja - 9 L os,I L tal A-. - - f iv-r 'J-11 , ers: M xq'1ST,t3,fcfJ ' r ii.-, , ,x ii.-V, ..' Y v' rl x' ll li H5 Ii ' 1 H' fn , A I V DU BOsE EGLESTON, JR. A tennis racket-a handsome trophy-a sweatshirt-a broad grin. Rho-Chi Pre-Medical Society 1 and Z: Treasurer Of Pre-Medical Society 23 Chemistry Club 1: Hi-Y 1 ancl 2: Football 1 and 2: Basketball 1: Inter-Class Basketball CHi-Y teaml 2: Tennis Team lg J. C. A. Athletic Club 23 Company Football Coach, HENRY PRONTAUT EVE A tin soldier-a pretty little impish boy-a cherry smash. First Lieutenant 2: Officers' Club 2: Honor 1. WILLIAM ANTHONY FAUGHNAN An early morning paper route-a tan slip-Over sweater-a happy-go-lucky smile. 1 LLOYD THOMAS FOLSOM A statesman-a humorist-Mr. Reed's inspiration. NIYRTLE RUTH FOOSHE A finger-wave-a "black cliff"-the "CariOca." THOMAS EDWARD FULGHUM Medicine, chemicals Cespecially explosive ones.j He wants to know what happens. Vice-President of Rho-Chi Pre-Medical Society Z. 9 T J --- -4 . f , 4, V' Qx .4 s.--xne,.z. Q. x ,.L., 4.,-.......4h, l 1 ,- u E 5 B l S 4 Ps N6 it N. pi if is ll I B, 10, 3 li V 1 l'lZ1fiXNz1vrx'3'1'YLuvr1La1vrz-fxxn ,L A IL-4 ' l, l MIRIAM FULLBRIGHT A bubble of laughter-a referee's whistle-a sport suit. Glee Club l and 2: Literary Society 2: Hi-Y 25 Basketball 1 vi and 2 If A Q rf FRANK lXlAl.LETTE GR.-XDX', ju. A starry night-a telescope-a quiet mathematician. ,N High Honor 1: Phi Theta Kappa. ' JAMES VERIIERX' GREENE A football fielcl-a fraternity man-a radio technician. Literary Society l and 2: Rho-Chi 1 and Z3 Chemical Club 1 and 2: German Club 1 and 2: Football 1 and 2: Captain Football Team 23 Basketball 1: Inter-Class Basketball 2. ZXLTON REBECCA GUEST A Mickey Mouse comedy-a quiet bottle of pop, then off goes the top-watch the bubbles dance! Literary Society Z3 Hi-Y l and 25 Basketball l and 2. AIARTHA .ELIZABETH llARlJlN ,lonquils-blue china-a summer rain. RUTH HARDLIAN Cold crystals-white lilies-a prima donna. Glee Club 1 and 2. ,Ar jf5PQf?5i, , f,-FY4 Xx XX, X if U Gfgxxl- ,f Q L l I , ' Q J ks si g xgg QQQQG-sN9s' wif! fi HMLVVVVVL' 'ii"'i'i L Y YL L 'A'5"l-71 nxxuxxuzsmuuii , if "F . 1 -1:-:Lax-x:roo:rz::xnu s ,, N or K 9 Q MARTHA EVA HARRIS Q A June day-a blossoming meadow-a lace umbrella. A ' in 5 S l - JUANITA BARTZ HAYNIE 5 A skating rink-a tan beret-a textbook. Q High Honor. I K K N 1: AGNES CECELIA HEIVFERNAXN A teddy bear-an intercepted pass-a pleasing lisp. Glee Club l and 23 Literary Society lg Basketball l and 2. JOSHUA LEROY HOLLEY Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics-an engineer. MARY LYON HULL A heart flutter-a romantic sigh-sparkling eyes. Literary Society 25 Hi-Y-W 1 and2g Honor 1. JOHN EMILE HUMMEL A blue streak-a flip, missed-a laugh Within a laugh. Rho-Chi Pre-Medical Club 1 and 25 Hi-Y l and 23 Golf Team Football 23 Inter-Class Basketball CHi-Y teamj 2. s -' Y U ffl V I ,-. D w ll ,,f. ,-yy-V5-,y X -,---f,-- 'Q 3.71 4.4v4-.4 J.,--.4. 4,-e s..4,.--A A 4 J 4 A ', -wwf-. at-.vw -v-V 17711 DOROTHX' HL'NTINGTON Blue-checked curtains-a big log fire-a table set for two. HARRY LAMAR JACKSON sag.-Ar' Silence personified-the Golden Rule-a true Southern gentle- lllafl. ROBERTA XVOOD INGLE A Puritan woman-"Plutarch Lives"-a Yankee brogue. Glee Club l: Highest Honor 1. STELLA RUTH JONES A pleasant hostess-a black velvet gown-an emerald ring. Literary Society 2: Glee Club 1: Honor 1: Hi-Y-VV 2: Phi Theta Kappa. HELEN KESSEL A miniature-lavender and old lace-"Love's Old Sweet Song." High Honor: Glee Club. NELLE RAMSEY LEGWEN Marble terraces-crushed orchids-suede gloves--a Persian cat. Literary Society 23 Honor lg Hi-Y-W 1 and 2. Rl K ,- f' X ' ---Y, , f'fx1 l- HRX' ,f ii 41 ftjj ' - W X , V. - - , . - f W J 1 , -r -,- f - - ' -we '-Cl, .1 ,ng ,,,.,.,,,,,.. , W lf ,f 32351.-,4,12,z1C.L, .r JM 5 W It nxud N , l,,vJ 'f' X:v-ruxxrc.:-Awrrfrzfxvaesp.-meta, X 11:mxn.n'-vsix-YX1-Ji 50' ,- ff Z , K IQATHRYN CAsH LEIPOLD jewels on clark velvet-oleanders-a smart hat. Literary Society 1 and 2: President of Glee Club lg Honor lg Hi-Y-XV 1 and 2: Secretary of Hi-Y-VV 2: Literary Editor of Rainbow 2. TRACY LEVY An explosion-a big laugh, followed by an expression of inno- cence-then an alibi to Mr. Scruggs. Literary Society 2: Rho-Chi 1 and Z: Chemistry Club l: Sales Manager of Rainbow: Football 1: Company Football 1. FRANCIS XAVIER MLTLHERIN, JR. A golfer-an all-around sportsman-a smooth, harmonic dancer. I. C. A, Literary Society 1 and 2: Rho-Chi 1 and 23 Assistant Business Manager Musketeer 2: Vice-Pres. J. C. Science Club 1: Winner Golf Tournament Z3 Runner-up Golf Tournament lg Runner-up Tenis Tourney 2: Golf Team 1 and Z: Inter-Class Basketball CRho-Chil 2: Hi-Y 1 and Z: Picture Editor of Rain- bow 2. RICHARD WILLIAM MULHERIN Golf knickers-a big leather golf bag-an Irish wise-crack. J. C. A. Golf Team 1. ELINOR VIVIAN MCGAHEE Much-a-do about nothing-a talking doll tightly wound-Doro- thy Dix. Glee Club 1 and 2: Basketball 1: Tennis Tournament 1 and Z. ANNE CORDELIA MCLENDON Grovetown-green shrubbery-a school teacher. , A . 1 L .1 v f' lx l X, lil liii il , X w A I 'X 4' f - i ' in X X , . "C-N ' f f " Ya' D ff 'Ah' ""CZf?f' "fZZ1lT5i'f' -g?i:5-gfgvsfg L, . .3. :?!,,..Q.,..,,..:.1 3 3 DONALD Roswizu, iXICRrXE, JR. N5 A mountain camp-a cold stream-a bugle call. QQ Literary Society 1 and Z3 Football Z1 Inter-Class Basketball ' lLunch Roomj 21 Hi-Y 2. .3 wi Pl Qi 5 ew li . K 3 5, I CoRNEi.1L's FRANCIS O'SHEA An Irish grin-a Shamrock-Hall of Fame, il, V Highest Honor 13 Phi Theta Kappa 2. l 5 N 'N ', A S. Lois PARTRIDGE V An orange sweater-a Brenau scholarshiphva cloetor's secre- xx . tary. LINDSAY JAMES POWELL Hallelujah-Ebenezer-a fisher of men. Literary Society 1 and 2: Glee Club 1 and Z1 High Battey Memorial Contestant. Ii.-XTRINE Ri-xwl.s An operating room-low voices-rubber gloves. High Honor 13 Hi-Y-NV 2: Phi Theta Kappa. VEDA AIAYDELL REv11.i,E Pink rose petals-a rock garden-a soft voice. E ,' .sr . W5 flixj f .4 an-X V Tiff-- Honor 13 'I , - v TX..j31YDEkX5JZil'QJ1f':Q3,yC J V-1 .'.X'.JL.1'f-Y"-.'K' - -v K K "xx11,.1.- -- A ,fl l Sl , NJ QE .Ng Q is is o M fi Q fl '15 ll ,WD . I l fi, 7 -'T-, 1-,V kj , ,I ' ' - -. N: '-V f',,"l.I i,xn4, V LA VERN ALEXANDER RUSSELL, -IR. A turtle-neck sweater-a rhythmic waltz-a wizard in Gov- ernment. THOMAS LONERGAN SAUL A "King Bird"-a tennis racket-a golf club. Hi-Y 2: Golf Team 1 and 2: Inter-Class Baskteball CHi-YD 23 Runner-up in Doubles Tennis Tourney 1. GENEVA ELIZABETH SHERIDAN A successful revival meeting-a fisher of humanity-salvation. Literary Society 1: Glee Club 1 and 23 Basketball 1. ZACHARIAH SWEENEY SIKES, JR. Snakes, lizzards, squalas, acanthius. CYou can't charm women and snakes alike, so you had better stick to snakes, Sikesj FRANK HENRY' STELLING, III An expert swimmer-an efficient diver-a loyal booster of the Alma Mater. Literary Society 1 and 2: Rho-Chi 2: German Club 23 Inter- class Basketball CDemonsD 2. ELIZABETH RANISEX' STOREY Bright-red lipstick-floppy hats-"VVell, Ho-neyg" Honor 1. QE -if gf' ff? . ' .4 Y , -:5'x'L1,xj, if .,-ffl T--5 ' 4 l iN l 4 E, Eel r R . gl, l sf v f gf. .ly I. A I A 4, l fi A .1 M 1 'l fs 5, 'A' V5 I l lil W Jr V L Qi .xg ll 6 S: :e.3Qsfl,, 3",,f'L,A,x '-.,-1 -gfiilllixs. , t - R 1 . Ywgfsf R N Q l f ' . .sw xx. r:3f.:.:141vx"'4.':-' xy J' B X X ,gy z'ru'r'zx'r-rrxar-snr 'X A5 R DOROTHY EUGENIA SYMMS An Alpine pass-an English dog-sport Oxfords. Literary Society 1 and 21 G-lee Club 1 and Z3 Honor 13 Hi-Y-VV 2: Basketball 1. RICHARD JOHNSON XVADE A black pipe-a soap-box Orator- penants waving on a foot- lrall field. Cadet Col. 1 and 2: Glee Club I and 2: Business Manager Glee Clulr 23 Honor 1: Musketeer Staff 1 and 2. XYAYGHN JAMES XVARTHEN A "fair-fat friend"-ducks-Mr. Talley's Physics. Rho-Chi 2: Inter-class Basketball lPre-med.l Z. 'I '6- 4., ., BIARGARET JOSEPHINE VVATKINS ' A dark green riding habit-a loaded Chevrolet-admiring 'Y' friends. Glee Club 1: Basketball 1 and A FRANCES XYHEELESS A music studio-"Big Broadcast"-Bing! Glee Club 1 and 2. .'XNN CAROLYN XYHITE A jumping jack--a red stick Of peppermint candy-Cab Callo- way. Literary Society 2: Glee Club 1 and 2: Highest Honor lg Phi Theta Kappa. 0 QL 54153 Y, L 'W K A I jr M ! ll . XX Q-xailil 2 ' 1.5 QXXQAKSXY-, QS S SQ NSS l L J. 400 -mxxxx-gg, ::'g,.n.Y'LLv-XXSTC1 X111 ' N' - s use aset stts ' 'I W 4 ' 1 Y ' N 414 f J 190 Q V lavanf- .- . R 1 1- N 5. 5 XX lgliif fA'ffo"iTTT' Xe fo, .,r,5z7v"vvRA sr' ffl X ff" ,mnvvwvv-my-, .-ff, ffffT-'itwa-.v-1-1223? flew- A l V l lf - fi RTARIE JORDAN XVHITNEY 3 J Horse races-a monacle on a black ribbon-a winter tourist. H 1' . V1 , ,L ll .ANNE LEITNER XVIGGINS Q The tang of salt air-a surf-board-foam-capped waves. Glee Club 1 and 2: Basketball 1. ' l l l P 'lr - JAMES HARVEX' WILSON. jR. Test tubes-chemistry foimulas-test papers. Glee Club 1 and 2: High Honor 1, JONNIE MAE WIT1' A valedictory address-a Walking encyclopedia-a modest violet. Literary Society 2: Highest Honor 1 and 23 Hi-Y 2: Basket- ball 1 and 2: Phi Theta Kappa. ELSIE GERALDINE WOODWARD A victorious novel-sunflowers. Honor lg Traiuing'SchOol. J x HOBIER GORDON YOUNG. JR. An exclusive night club-a speedometer going up-ladies' man. Football 1 and 23 Football Letter Zg Inter-class Basketball CDemonsj 2. . i U e X- I t . ijt Xl. ll 131 tb ' . " V . . , as ff i 1 - I s . N V' Qs " ,lv T, 'gi L-. - l ff ' I I!Q-lgc.,u1nn,111u11x-A:a1x-rozn:at9L:gf0. .L L ' 'QL WZILASS llpllQllDllpllHlllllSllLZSf soPHoMoRE CLASS 1. C. A. Last XYednesday afternoon we went up to Mr. Scruggs' laboratory with the intention of performing one of our experiments. The room was filled with apparatus which was connected in a weird fashion, all criss-crossed with electric wires. Sparks. feet in length, were shooting about the room. In the midst of all this conglomeration we became excited and started out to call the tire department, but just at this moment Mr. Scruggs called us. lYe looked around: and behold. there before our eyes was an unbelievable sight. Mr. Scruggs was over in the far corner of the laboratory behind a large glass retort, applying a flame to it, while the contents were boiling and sending forth a steam into the long chain of apparatus. Mr. Scruggs explained to us, that a week ago he read "Doctor Heidegger's Experi- ment," and marveled at how the doctor had made a chemical which was capable of restoring youth. He explained. however, that his chemial would produce an opposite effect, he believed. After taking it. people would be able to see far into the future. VVe walked over to the end of the apparatus where the liquid was collecting in a bottle. He said that no one had used the liquid so far. but that he would like for someone to try it. I immediately volunteered my services. I drank about an ounce of the ghastly liquid and like a flash of lightning I was thrown into a trance, I was carried in my dreamy visions to the year 1954, where I visioned all the members of the class of 1934 in their different stations of life. Grace .-Xllgood, Louise Blackstone, and Ruth Hardman are teachers of some reputa- tion at john Milledge School. Ed Bailey and Tracy Levy are the leading surgeons of Augusta. They prefer using carbon monoxide instead of ether in their operations, because they say it is less painful They haven't had a patient to complain yet. Emma Ruth Barksdale and Eva Harris are happily married. They attribute their successes to the psychology they learned from Mr. Galloway. Katherine Bishop has employed Cook Barwick as her permanent "cook." He seems to have been very successful. Agnes Heffernan is basketball coach at ,l. C. A. "Mickey" Edwards is her assistant. The girls at 1. C. A. seem to be very successful under the coaching of these girls. They have won the Pumpkin Center championship two years in succession. Louise Battey and Ruth Jones are traveling in Europe, broadening their education by travel and adventure. "Bill" Blandenberg is a corporal in the army. They say he is very proud of his high command. Julius Bolgla and Tom Fulghum have built up a very reputable medical practice in Hamburg, S. C. Frank Grady is a professor of mathematics at XYest Point. Rebecca Guest owns a great interest in a certain adding machine company. Jimmie Greene is football coach at McBean University. Martha Hardin is still trying to find her ideal mate. Myrtle Fooshe has taken Mrs. Eubanks' place in the office. She calls every absentee's home. VVonder if she calls anyone else? Marion Currie is a great student of chemistry. He is still working with Mr. Scruggs, trying to persuade him that you don't have to perform experiments to get results in the lab. Job Clark recently came out of his silence, and declared that he had found the fourth dimension. Theolu Briggs is professor of Chinese at Gracewood. Miriam Fullbright is director of athletics at Tubman. XVere you alarmed when you heard that Katherine Leipold and Katrine Rawls had discovered a new chemical substance? After working for over three years, they came across nitro-ethyl-di-phenylPamina-hydroxy-benzyl acetate. Mina Lee Rubenstein has devised a new eighteen day diet. She says there is no reason why she cannot have a figure like Mahatma Ghandi if she resorts to lns system. of 54 tif F' JJ jx- . - . ii T J? A f l l Q ,Y 1, t 'T ya' li T ll l C?l1LLL2??.T.Z"3fFX"Qf 'Qitilhu-urm'.ux.'xuuw.nsnxx-fXk?' ' '1',,.i' -inns ru f- ..f.a.a.t-me-enema? , .L L ,J 1 Q 4 yi i ,A of fasting. ' Neal O'Shea has taken Einstein's place in the world of science. He has found the ' fourth dimension that Einstein looked for so long. L ' Roswell McRae, James Powell, and Harry Jackson are world travellers. They re- E ,lt N cently made a bicycle trip to XYinnepeg, Canada. They recently visited Henry Eve and El, ' Vaughn XYarthcn who live near the South Pole. These two fellows live in Iceberg. K g' . Alex Kelley and Emile Hummel have discovered a new type of motor fuel that has E tended to increase the sale of automobiles. You use the fuel once and then you have lk Nh to buy a new automobile.. ,N You would be surprised to see Margaret Merry now. VVhen we left J. C. A., she was a wee little girl, but now she is a full grown lady. .ft Elizabeth Lee has accomplished something in life. She has learned to speak French perfectly. 1 Vivian McGahee and Juanita Haynie recently played for the women's national tennis championship. bf Harry Dawson and DuBose Egleston are doing research work on top of Pike's Peak. tp Frank Doremus has taken Bing Croshy's place in the movies. A Mary Tutt Love and Roberta Ingle have entered the great sea of matrimony. Nelle Legwen is a society columnist for the New York Times. 1 Elizabeth Daniel has crashed the movies. They say she won the contract formerly L held by Ann Harding. Sarah Brown is a successful teacher. Many are the students she has kept on the t right path. Billy Fauglman is a successful business man. He owns an ice cream stand at East Boundary. It is said that his business is so successful that you can have an ice cream x cone delivered to the aviation field for live cents. bi Lester Bohler and Ann McLendon are members of the furniture department of a large department store in Hamburg. S. C. '. Mary Hull and Lois Partridge are models for painters. They have become quite 'fl popular with the reading public as their pictures appear on the fronts of magazines Q very often. Leroy Holley just recently completed a new skyscraper building for Augusta. ' Y Elizabeth Hutchinson, Helen Kessel, and Dorothy Huntington have just finished writing a book on why children should be better. Frank and Dick Mulherin are golf professionals at the Hepzibah national golf course. They have as their caddy master. Alvin Brisendine. Keene Hammond has become quite a seaman. He owns a boat line operating be- tween Augusta and Hamburg, S. C. Harriet Reed and Carolyn Wihite are competing for the title of Miss America, Jonnie Mae XVitt and Harvey VVilson are professors of chemistry at J. C. A. Marie XYhitney and Eugenia Symms recently completed a book on the life of Mr. Read. Geneva Sheridan owns a tabernacle which is located at East Boundary. "Toots" has become quite an evangelist. Sweeney is operating a snake exhibit in Johnnie J. Jones carnival. Bates Smith and Carswell Wlilliams are the tiddle wink champions of Augusta. Frances XYheeless. Geraldine Vlfoodward, and Ellen Trigg are office girls in the hardware store of Saggus, Saggus Sz Saggus, Inc. ,Dick lYade is now a mess sergeant in the army. L. A. Russell has taken Clark Gable's place in the movies. Frank Stellings is a professor at Medical College. 'Veda Reville and Elizabeth Storey are successful teachers. VVe understand that they are quite proficient in their psychological methods. Anne XViggins is singing for the Chicago Opera company. Josephine VVat'kins is a chemist of some note. She recently demonstrated to Mr. Scruggs that an atom was not an atom at all, but something we talk about and never see. Lloyd, Folsom is a city councilman. Some day he might be President, who knows? Frank Hardman is playing in a jazz orchestra. Tom Saul is a successful cotton broker. James NVatkins is owner of the Augusta Herald. Richard Black liked the old Alma Mater so well that he is back teaching physics. Mr. Talley lost his mind explaining to Black. Believe It or Not, ED BAILEY. Z .rg 14 " 'I . fGijqTiqVE??jX ' f 1 Ax k 1 X Nr N a sus eQaese.ue - -Q fl ff!! XX ioevoeof.-.npraan Q vmqquurfmrgmuxrsunrvzxy' 454' 'Z' fx 'X X 7 g . , X. , X A 4.5:-f' N 4. , .J 'fi gg 3 4 X N H wQH?5eiV?E4 Lffiiwib I f , , l 5 - 32- " , III! lb ' ' .'A. i' ,. X: I -I EMMA! I IIIIIII IW WWA! I I' XA Egg ', I I ,, I I I II I I I ' fu' VII' NLF: III 1.1 I II IW I I U M,,!5l'lyl1I wi' I' ,xx MMMV rm KY' X '-LJ, J II' I ."A - Q N'-51: 'III IIIIII 'Ill 'I' 'wif' I I' 'II III I" II III, I - II I 4 II?' "I Nl 2.1 ,,,, II I L1 I, i Z :I IIWIII I I',xIW,XItIX F1V.X.IIX2 rn: -. :Un VI I I U, I I ,fnfg IIIYXIKIGX I'X,!YL.xIX I LR':II' ig? ,I IM' 5 I-IA ,. I. XI IFIIIIWWIHI MIIIIMN - 'XIII 'I M 'ff f . , 'D 'X 14 ' " :Za : " W - Q ', LI'l 1: 4 XA' IL ' j III N I' I I XII. K X 1 N ,.,,. I-1 ,WL Id jc, ,,,-, 4, ,-,,,, M' III IIII + A I II I ' WAI 'I - .I T I 421 f 21' I WI I I I 57' 'X - QIII Ffffaiilifz' I If W' III Q Wg! X Xxx I I .,.' V,-RM II Aj MQ -A X 'i i QNX td "'a- 7 id XJMI X K ! Qlfx - ., , ,f i-f rx- f g,m. -X-,. If exi2gfI+X5is,Jwxi, IA X f l'7"'IIIII1I 1' fi MAX 'MWXZ E I IPARDON M I ' f' I TI-IOILGHT THIS WAS A FILLING STHTIGNV' S9565 nuwz46l.fEZ CE? 4- ' ' 1 .Ii- ' P '. ,1,, -' ' iflk A Jil 1 . I5- ,gif . 1 I Q V 1 .f" 3- Q ' n 5 Y I A 4 ' A I w n , . we V 4. 1 AQ. d ' . Q U ,I .L ,J . 'f Z 'Q '-' u lf' ' . n ,Ya .J 'lf' gf .L Q-use l A -F lf, 143, J 17721. l ,- 0 Q f'-A -5 H , I Q V J- W, .- fl'- 'T 'I s .-75 I . 1 -sg I-. -r v - 4 in 1 ' J f' l ."l BELL WILLIS IVEY DUNBAR HARBIN ANDREWS ANDERSON BOSTICK DALEY BALLENTINE BRYSON DANIEL BARNARD CAVER DOYLE BELL CHEEK DYE BELL A CLARK EPPS BOECKMAN CORLEY ELLIS FAIR FORNEY FOURNACE FRANKLIN FRANKLIN FULLER 'W l , ll 1 f E i I 4" ! . GOLDBERO GERCKE GILLM AN GRACEX' GRA H A M I I.x1,EO1:D I-IALLIXIAN I'I.-XRDY H ARPIQB, H .fXRRjglI.kI. H ARRIS H ARRISON HILDEBRANDT .IACKSON HOLLEY .I .rx M ES I-HDLLAHD ,I ERNIGAN PIOOK A JOE LIOVVARD JOHNSON I VEY JURDAN IQELLY KENNEDY IQRAFKA LINSON LO M HARD LEVKUFF AIARKS BICALTLLIFFE BIATTISON NOWELL MAY0 OGILVIE LIEURER OUTZ M1212 PARDUE BIULCAY PENDLETON PRITCHARQ PUNARO PUNARO QUARLES ii.'x!r0RN 'QEDD Q K ROESEL RUSSELL RUSSEUL ' C v - 1' .JAM uma STALLINGS 5TfPHENS T AFT 'FRIMBLE XVILDER WILEY NVORSHAM VVYNN tn. VJ, . li ll JL! l l 'N 115 . J lif' Q 5 l fi . - if IQ 'ID S lll IQ llQ , iriiQ.itsiiiiyii.Ayis igltatss iisiiriaaii 5 J. C. BELL . SAM ZEALEY MARY XYILLIS GLEN lvizx' . HENRY HARBIN XY. R. DLNBAR Acton, Billy Andrews, Philomena Anderson, Dorothy Asserson, Bowen Armstrong, Philip Ballentine, Frank Barnard, Helen Barrentine. Fee Beane, VVilliam Beard, Gordon Beaufort, Bill Bell, John C. Bell, John R. Bell, Lois Bennett, XVm. Albert Boeckman, Anna Bostick, Elizabeth Bridges, Otis Brown, Emily Bryson, Campbell Caver, Mary Cheek. Phoebe Clark, Chauncey Cofer, Charles Corley, Augustus Corley, Grady Cosgrove, Harry Hill Culley, Larry Daley, Charles Daniel, Hinton Daniel, Richard Davison, Davenport Doyle, John Delph, Preston Dunbar, NYallace Dunbar, VVilliani Dye, Grace Eargle, Annie Lewis Epps, Jewellen Ellis, Frank Fleming, Claude Forney, Kenneth uonrnace, Louise Franklin, XYilhelmina Franklin, LeYale Fulcher, Henry Grady Gcrcke, Annette Gilchrist, James Lnllman, Hannah Goldberg, Margaret Goss, Ruth Graybill, Robert Gracey, Judith Graham, Laun Halford, Richard Hallman, Frances Hamilton, Fred Harbin, Henry Hardy, Charles Harper, NN'alker Harrell, Sarah Harris, Ruth Harrison, Edith VV. Fulghum, Hardy Fuller, George Fair, Jane Herman, Marion Hildebrandt, XVilliam Holley, Katherine Holland, Mary Howard, Carl Hook, Beverley Howard, Charles Hynes, Anne Ivey, VV. C. Ivey, Glenn Jackson, Julia James, Miriam Jernigan, Margaret Joe, Frances Joe, XVillia1n Johnson, Eleanor Joplin, Wim. Jordan, Jessie Kelly, Dorothy Kennedy, Mary Key, Ronella Krafka, Katherine Lake, George Linson, Mary Lombard, Elna Levkoff, Doris Lucky, Milton Maddox, Howard Marks, Joel B. Marshall, Hugh Maryott, Arthur Mattison, Ida Lee Mayo, Elizabeth Menrer, Mary Mize, Hainby Mulcay, Mary McAuliffe, Rogers McLin, Marvin Neal, Frank Nowell, Dean Nowell, Dorroh Ogilvie, Alex Ouzts, Helen Pardue, Margie Pilcher, John Pierce. Frank Pritchard. Paul Punaro, Angelo Punaro, Itala Quarles, Vivian Raborn, Harry Redd, Peggy Roesel, Albert Rogers, Elizabeth Russell, Richard . A.. jiiw!?iL . . P1'v5idt'11f Vin' P1'v.vidt'11t . Svfrcfiiry Trvaszn'vr . Cozmril . Council Russell, Maurine Saggus, Harold Sanford, Mary Dell Shanahan, Ellen Shelton, James Roy Silver, David Smith, Edwin Studley Staiiord, Luther Steed, XVilliam A. Steffan, Dorothy Stelling, Emily Stephens, Virginia Stulb, Henry Swint, Wm. Lawrence Taft. Josephine Trimble, Virginia Usry. Van VVeeks, Gertrude VVilder, Martha XViley, George VVillis, Mary XVorsham Virginia VVren, Henry XVynn, Read Young, Homer Yearty, John C. Zealy, Samuel H. Irregular Students Harmon, VVallace Matthews, Fred Pendleton, Allen Post-Graduates Henson, Margaret L. Bryngleson, Sarah Forney, Frances XYhite, Audrey Ryan, XV. James Gibson, Katherine sms X9Zz..1x' SX S YS!- QQQ SB 1115 it C15 . ,fjg ii'i L5 is v V . , 1 . N, , - 5 one ssss ,P-D 2 Lt if 'ZZILC 4.1'23Q2fL:,l' 1 WQK Y . .hxr II-H,-xx,-.-xxx.-3525,-.tx:Xv."'..f,7 yi L ill '- '1"' ":'- f ' ' ad'-11 'z X ,l 4- si , y s 5 T i . Ei l, C. A. LEIPOLD E, 3 Lieutenant 4: Wfinner Tennis Tournament 2: VVinner of Tennis Q Doubles, 3: Basketball 2, 3 and 4: Football 3 and 4: President C X N. Junior Class: President Senior Class: Student Council 4. .Q ' It has always seemed apparent that "C, A." would be a natural L leader. NVhether on the basketball or football team, he has fought E V A to the best of his ability to win glory and fame for the dear old , A.R.C. XVhat could have been more appropriate than to have this E U N ku boy reach the highest student office, president of the senior class? 3, iv . E , B. E. PIERCE Q i -oot a , , ,' ' 3 rac', : 'ice res. umor ass: ice ' xg I' b ll '30 '31 32 T lt '32 Y' P I ' Cl V' E Pres. Senior Class: Student Council '34: Hi-Y, '33, W Ben is very popular among his classmates. and has a host of V ' friends. He has been active in athletics, having been a member of , the track and football teams. VVe nearly lost him last year when Zi - ' he hooked a forty-pound channel bass. Ben tried to hold on, even s though the bass headed for China. U M W L, A CHARLIE P. COLEMAN K High Honor l and Z: Highest Honor 3 and 4: Captain 4: Academy Literary Society 1, Z, 3: Pres. 2: Glee Club 3 and 4: X, Track Team 3: Sec'y of Senior Class 4: Editor in Chief of Mus- t keteerg Gold "R" 3. vi Charlie's attractive personality and knack of making friends Vi have made him one of the most popular boys in his class. While f making Highest Honor in his school work, he has proved himself l an able editor of our "Musketeer." Due to his marked intelligence 9 and strong character, we shall look forward to hearing of Char- lie's success in later life. DAVID SAMUEL DALEY,-IR. Captain '34: Member Saber Club: Football letter '32, '33 and '34: Co. Football '30': Basketball letter '33 and '34: Captain team '34: Tr'ck Squad '33 and '34: Treasurer, Senior Class '34: Stu- dent Council '33: Glee Club '32: Rich. Hi-Y '33 and '34: Pres. Hi-Y '34: Freshman Literary Society '30: Gold HR." Enthusiasm-that is a synonym for David. No matter what he undertakes, he comes through with flying colors. David was voted "most athletic" and "best all-round Senior." Certainly he is a star with the faculty of old A.R.C. Lucky will be the college whose doors he enters. LLOYD ADAMS Football Team: Sergeant in R.O.T.C. NVe wonder what Mr. Scott's class in journalism would be like if there weren't a few "wise cracks" made by Lloyd. Lloyd is a hard worker and is sergeant in the military department. J. A. BAGGS Sergeant '34g Track Team '3l: Assistant Manager Basketball team '34. Buggs! Ah! God's gift to women! His curly hair and smooth line have won him many a feminine heart. Though he likes to play, we know he will reach the top. 1 ,, Xl NIB, ' ' ' xxxxzrxiwl' y:xi1v.x"sn1111x .JL : 'V 1 . 555 sethstsg' f Q . A " N K T 1 l x r A X 'x LHARIES I BAILFX lu le ranges and basketball interest Charles most his interest there has kept l1im from his studies quite often LIEORCE C BLUNLHARD JR i 3 Xear course lll 4 years High Honors lst and 2nd years Second Lieutenant, Freshman Literary Society I George has surely set a record for himself by running the present Yaledictorian a close second. George's happiest mo- ments are spe11t asking Mr. Talley deep questions. A glance at his report card will prove the theory, "To ask questions is to store up knowledge." lt is useless to predict him a bright future for ue know it would be impossible to be otherwise. Q. Bisum Sergeant '3-43 Basketball 4. Everybody knows "Blinky" Blum, our basketball player. He l1as done some nice work on .our team this year. Besides this, Bllllll has attained the rank of sergeant in our military department. SSS XXX!! llti XXQX xi SSXSYAX5- XX SQQQQQQQQSQQEXQ LX '01lfpoaonapnl0:0 OI J., X- 4- . , ..,...-,- ..---.- .. -- Q K Sergeant 4: Corporal 1: Rifle Team. Company B 4: Basketball Z. 5 L. A. BRYANT High honor lst. and Znd. semester Rifle team 3 and 4. .Xlthough junior has llOt had time to grind away at his books on account of a next-door attraction, he has kept pace with his class and has accumulated numerous friends of both sexes. He is certainly a straight shooter. In proof thereof, he is wearing a medal for helping his team win i11 the rifle matches. ROBERT EDWARD BARTON Corporal i11 Band 'SZQ Sergeant i11 Band 135: lst Lieutenant in Band '3-li Literary Society. NVe don't see how the band will get along next year without l.ieut. Barton, for he has spent four years there. VVe won- der why he wears the letters "Oat" on his jacket. JACK Borxuxkn Sergeant. jack is one of our best "drummer boys." He has been rattling a drum in our ba11d for SOIIIC ti111e. having attained the rank of sergeant. Not only our lJZ-lllfl, but our school, will lose a valuable incniber and student when Jack is graduated. IL' C513 4? .. XNNIB I as tx suse oueennvt-u',, litfpoaoeaopaaaraogug, sung -.-a-- qsxu -uv - 1 sms- c v u .nv --------- -. .. . A f 47 'f l' X A 1 v -E 9 Q 9 9 'i 9 3 9 E J. BROWN 5 :Q Honor 3: Sergeant 35 2nd Lieutenant 4: Rifle team. g Q During his sojourn in the Academy, Brown has made numerous g friends. He is striving hard for his diploma. and we wish him 6 ,N the best of luck. 9 ' 1 V I 8 HAMPTON BRYSON 2 i High Honor lg Honor 2 and 35 Lieutenant 45 Academy Literary I E Society 2 and 35 Treasurer 45 Member Glee Club 33 Letter in 5 Q Basketball 3 and 45 Sports Editor Annual 4: Student Council 15 1 g Richmond Hi-Y 33 Treasurer 43 Gold "R" 3. g Q Hampton is the sort of fellow who takes part in all school I Q activities: Basketball, football, Glee Club, Hi-Y, and Literary SO- 1 ciety-he's there with the goods. While keeping his best foot v Q forward in all the above, he has proved himself a successful I I sports editor of the "Rainbow," 9 I H. BURGAMY I N Q Football 'sag sergeant '32. g , Old "Jew Boy" Herman was popular among the football g ' players. This year, he played some good football, but he had to I Q play on the "B" varsity a couple of- years to get good enough. 9 ' We almost lost him this year with pneumonia, but he pulled 4 , through. A ' 1 A. CALHOUN Sergeant. "A. B." is one of the boys who work while going to school. He is not the bookworm type, but has succeeded in never failing a course while at A. R. C. V. CAsEi.i.A Sergeant 2 years. "Vick" is the fkind Of boy who says little but thinks much. Although he is little, we believe he will make a good "soda- jerker" just the same. VERNON R. CAWLEY Fast Class: High Honor l and Z: Sergeant Company M. "DEPENDABLE"-what word could better describe Vernon! He holds a place of high esteem in the minds of all his class- mates. Only "A's" dare show themselves on his report card. E - ,Q A , -fe Th of-X, of . - 1 1 ' s' A ' 91. ,fe H- -as - Q I . A- I U A X f tiiziiix W, . . . . , , fy A- ,lf -'-Qfczcvacrolzzzxar .. ,,,u3.n.,-.5 typ, 1,-gs. it Ivvg-Q' Q. A f it L0 .snrn--fv'rnr--are-:nw-1-Q, 3 tl gg fit il 5 N.. til Q5 bt 3 5 Q 5 X Y H. B. CHANDLER Znd Lieutenant 4: Band 1 through 4: Literary Society '31 and '32 Secretary Literary Society '31: Track Team '33: Debating Team '32 and '33: XVinner Debating Cup '32. Harold is the guy with the big drum in the band. He is also the man for argument in the Senior class, having won the debat- ing cup in '32, He has just been made a 2nd Lieutenant and a member of the Sabre Club. RIARION NESBIT DASHER Honor 2: lst Lieutenant 4 fbandl: Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary Literary Society 2, 4: Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4. School Or- chestra 4: Sabre Club 4: Vice President of Class 2: Hi-Y 3 and 4. Dasher is the little guy with a heart about as big as he is, which is saying a great deal. He is popular among the students and active in the school activities, being one of the foremost members of our band. Boy! Ada rnust be some inspiration. WILLIS PARRISH DENNY Honor 1 and 2: Sergeant 3: Znd Lieutenant 4: Rifle Team Cap- tain, Company E 4: Company Football 3 and 4: Member of Sabre Club 4. VVillis is a member of our class whom we can rightly feel proud of. He is a member of his company rifle team: and because of his fine work in the military department, he received his com- mission this year. A. F. DIXON Sergeant. UA. F." is of the Romeo type, with his curly black hair. VVe are sure he will win some little "dove's" heart. Best of luck to you. SAM BERRY DURDEN lst Sergeant: Football 2 years and company football: Track 4 years, captain 2 years: Rifle Team: Basketball: Student Council: Vice President Hi-Y. Sam is one of our foremost track stars. He is a fellow who can show a mean gallop when on the track. Besides track, Sam has also been active in other forms of athletics and student activi- ties. He is a boy who is a favorite among his classmates and friends. VV. H. D. DUNN Lieutenant. Dave is a quiet boy, but his cherry smile is always present. He is sincere in everything he attempts to do. XVe wish you luck and know you will prosper. C2365 I 'E-iXi7 ,134-:ll 1 :If , .-' XIV V iliilil T ' lil lil lil 7 tv as A sv g ng gf .LD , 7. ,Vw ,- WM t 5, J, Q so " -L-.Last ' .t.,,.-,.,.e: i V-hjrxilL,,ygsvq,gy.N.I.'XE,X2t!.'uAxxX11'.t30?7 KX? 'P .," C X- .' T- xfuurvnnn .Tx 0- -frrA'uL1 j!X Q ' L --.s 'r x ' 'l l ,V AN CHARLES G. FARR J' ' Corporal 33 Sergeant 4: Academy Literary Society 2 and 33 ii . Company football 3: Track team 1, Z, 3. if M ' 1 Pardon us folks, but this is a mistake. NVe are sorry we let Charles' picture become mixed with the Senior group, but he has L, 2 already assured us that he doesn't mind being in such distinguish- A ed company. fl - 1 B. FORNEY fl . l 4 year course in 3 years: Honor 23 Student Council lg Corporal 1, 2: Top Sergeant 39 Glee Club 1 and 2. U' From our latest reports Forney is going in for duck-raising in a big way. Nevertheless, his work "along this line" does not keep him from his other tasks, as he is always up in his school work. LEONARD GARTEN Highest Honor 1 and Z5 Sergeant 3: Lieutenant 3: Secretary and Treasurer of Literary Society lg 4 year course in 3 yearsg Valedictorian of Classg Academy Literary Society 3. CLEAR The Stage! CURTAIN! Behold the VALEDIC- TORIAN of the class of '34! It is with great pride that we are able to have such a student in our group. Garten has set a high standard for himself and is living up to it 10075. We know that the word "success" will be the password in whatever he undertakes. J. Goou Honors 2 and 35 Sergeantg Rifle Team, Company G. Though small in stature, Joe has convinced everyone of the enormity of his mind. He is another of the few who managed to bore out the bull's eye in the company rifle match. It is useless to prophesy Joe a successful future, for it is recognized that a good man cannot be kept down. ROBERT B. GRACEX' Lieutenant 43 Rifle Team 4g Literary Society 13 President 2, 3 and 4: Class Treasurer lg Student Council 25 Debating Team Z5 Secretary, Ir. Hi-Y Z3 Academy Hi-Y 3rd CSec. 423 Glee Club 31 Contestant for Declaimer's Cup 3: Assistant Business Manager of Annual 4. A glance at Robert's list of honors will show that there is nothing he cannot do and do well. Add to his ability his cheerful nature, unselfish disposition, his power to influence, and you have one of the finest boys in the A. R. C. THOMAS TREUTLEN GRADY Honor lg Vice Pres. Literary Society lg Corporal 23 Sergeant 33 Company football lg Letter in Football 2 and 33 Vice Pres. of Class 2: Vice Pres. Hi-Y 3: President of class 1. Athletic Grady. we're proud of you XVe marvel at the things you do. You win success with the ladies tool Thirty-four's best old sport, Here's toyoug May you win your race in life As'you have in football strife. 34, ,.f 4 xi lil Ml f J, ifju X DX 2,-,gxx X N- gg m was one sw-eu' 'tirfaoeaf-anvaaonozffo nxrxxenxxuzxu.-::.n11"x X A -- .... -.- . -..... J. HUNGERPILLER Fast Classg High Honor 1: Honor 25 Sergeant, Company B. ,lim is well known to all because of his monstrous name. It never fails to create a titter when announced in chapel .... How- ever, this does not worry Jim. We hope we live to see him make that long name of his famous. GEORGE THOMAS HUGHES Sergeant, 3 and 4. "Husky's" pleasant personality and ever-present smile have attracted to him a large number of friends. He has decided to follow the career of a lawyer. Husky, here's wishing you a large clientele and success in pleading every case. LLEWELLYN HUTTO High Honor 1, 2 and 33 Lieutenant 4. It was in the fall of 1930 that the A. R. C. received a very note- worthy addition. This addition came in the form of "Lel." Besides being very popular with his classmates. he has trained his report card to exhibit only "A's." JOHN COLEMAN JORDAN Sergeant 23 Football 1: Company Rifle Team. Jack's good nature has won him a place in the hearts of all of his classmates. He was one Of the valued members of Royston's Ramblers, and plays tennis and golf. DONALD FRASER KIRKPATRICK, IR. Honors l and Z1 Ist Lieutenant 4: Vice President, Secretary- Treasurer of Literary Society: Glee Club 4: Debating team 25 Band l, Z ,3, and 4: Richmond Hi-Y 3 and 4. Vile don't know what's been Wrong with Kirk lately, but they say her name is "Pud.'l We are sure of one thing though, and that is the fact that it is not the scenery on Russell Street that holds such an attraction for him. VVILLIAM C. IQITCHENS Honor 2 and 3: Sergeant 43 Football Company 23 Vice Pres. Literary Society Z: Glee Club 4: Literary Society 1, 2, 3 and 4: Track 3: Company Rifle Team 4: Letter in Football 4. Bill is a great fellow with a pleasing personality. Since he has been with us, he has been very active in school activities and athletics. He is a good player on the football team and was award- ed his letter this year. -13 t ?,,,,, A r Y I f X ll ' B . l , ps. E- ' ' l . , Nr as 1- use s-some-so - ., ,f ff f::f,111:z2fr2:2.z2z21z?,r ft : 6' -Q33-gggnc-Q,1umi.ux.'r.rxx1'X11'-'FQ' 'fqfff 'L't,j.',.rvariss1-f.1.1 ...'..f.-nvms..-Av-1-:yn i ' T 'i .L H N S 3 is 'Q v Jack IQXIGIIT Entered A. R. C. from Lanier High this year. jack is a tall and handsome boy. NVe understand that there is something at Macon that attracts much of his attention. XVe wonder! Lanier High School surely lost a fine student last year when Jack moved to Augusta. Bloom' ELMO LAYF1 ELD lst Lieutenant 4: Member Sabre Club: Company Football 4g Secretary of Literary Society 1: Annual Staff. Art Editor, 4. Elmo is the artist of the senior class. He was recently made a lst Lieutenant of the Freshman Battalion. He is also a member of the '34 Track Team. He is the Art Editor of our '34 Annual. VICTOR R. LEVY High Honor lg Honor 2, Sergeant R.O.T.C. 3: Art Editor Annual 3: 4 year course in 3 years. Victor is a little guy full of humor. His favorite sport is arguing, especially with the teachers. He had rather indulge in this pastime than make wise-cracks, and that is saying a great deal. JAMES MELTON Honor 2: Sergeant. Aithough "Happy" lost a whole semester of last year on account of sickness, he is making up for the time. He is working hard for his "dip," and we sincerely hope he gets it. VVILLIAM HENRY NTCDANIEL Lieutenant 23 Company Football 3 years: Baseball 1 yearg Rifle Team. W'e wonder why Billy can always be seen on Lakemont, but we think the big attraction is Frances. Billy has worked hard to get his diploma this year, and we wish him and Frances much success in the future. ,. D. BTCFADEN Corporal 2: Sergeant 3: 2nd Lieutenant 4: Company Football 1, Z, 3, 4: Football: Glee Club, 3 and 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Officers' Club -I-3 School Orchestra 3 and 4. sticks in the band, and can he company football ever since he came to A. R. C. He has been a member of the school orchestra years. He was recently made a a member of the Sabre Club. Dan is the big boy with the rattle that drum! He has played and Glee Club for the past two 2nd Lieutenant in the Band and .. . " , V. lil? Hg! i ,. ff ' 7 wvv " . RTT .A JGAITA N2 ' Y . lf4-1ggexnrhv1vh11'nr4rv1trO0.x Q 'F L Ulf' TJAVID More Sergeant -l: Company Football 2 and 3. Moye is becoming an excellent farmer in his leisure. He handles hi' model "T" truck as a master. His serious attitude toward work foretells a successful business career. HiXRltX' B. NEAY Honor 1: High Honor Z: Honor 3: Sergeant 3: Lieutenant 4: Literary Society 2: Rifle Team member 4: Hi-Y 4. Harry has been the little boy with the big brain since entering the A. R. C. Although he is not as big as a minute, he has gone right up in the military department to a 2nd Lieutenant in his fourth year. He won a medal for being a member of the winning rifle team in '3-l. J. C. OLIVER Lieutenant 4: Rifle Team Company B. Jack is one of the neatest fellows in our whole cadet corps. He always wears his uniform correctly, presenting a neat military appearance. XVe are glad to see him receive his commission this year because we know he deserves it. "Mor powuh to yuh," Jack. James J. O'SHEA Honor 1: Sergeant 3. jimmy does not hurt himself studying, nor does he strain his eyes poring over books: but he is working hard enough to assure himself a seat on the stage for this June. JOHN N. QWENS Honor 1 and 3: High Honor: Sergeant in Militaryg Vice Presi- dent of Literary Society: Track Team 3. John is just one of those likeable fellows who makes friends of everyone he comes in contact with. He was a high-jumper on our track team until he broke his arm one day while attempting to jump over a tennis net "humpty" feet high. Take warning, A. R. C.: you are losing a "swell guy." VVILLIAM F. PARDUE Honor 3. NVilliam is a conscientious, hard-working boy. He has decided to make a name for himself in the outside world as a chemist. We know that he will realize his plans because he has the two essentials that are necessary-a knowledge of the subject and a spirit that will never quit. 1' 4,45 v gs- xi, 25:-X XJ XXX, 11 SSS Xk KSQQRXQ. S1185-SEQ. .Q A l Q l , 'I ll ll Im . g yy ,f ll, ll l Ill, X l if Q, ii 4 if -0' ' A L-fJfT,ZT .f J 1 xxx-gg,u xy, T511 .-.:.'.T:. ' x, :'1'- a 'TJ' s 3 P -f' - x C. I. .l.. ily - , I A IQENNETH A. PHILLIPS Corporal 2 and 3: Sergeant 4: Literary Society 3 and 4: Glee Club 3 and 4. "Ken" is the singer of the Senior Class.He has been very faith- ful in everything he attempts to do. Kenneth is going out for a musical career and we all know he is going to succeed. Here's wishing you all the luck in your profession. YV. C. PHILLIPS, JR. Corporal 3. "W. C." is a fine fellow, who works hard and is liked by all: but his friends fear that some day we shall find an elephant in- stead of W. C., if his peanut appetite doesn't diminish. VVe need not worry about the fate of the lunch room as long as VV. C. gives it his peanut business. RALPH PRITCHARD Sergeant 2, 3 and 43 Lieutenant 43 Literary Society l, 2, and 3. He is one of those big "he-men," who rate a lieutenant's place- "A" company. He always has a great big smile. FRANK PALMER RAINWATER Honor 2: President of Freshman Class. Frank is well liked by all who know him, for whenever you meet him he always greets you with a bright smile. His friendly disposition has made for him many friends during his stay in the Academy. PATRICK REDD Sergeant 3 and 4. Although "Pat" has not gone in for school activities to any extent, he has made himself widely known. His unassuming and thoughtful ways have brought to him many life-long friendships. The A. R. C. will lose a valuable landmark when "Pat" leavest I. TAYLOR SANDERS High Honor lg Honor 2: Gold "R" 3: 4 year course in 3 years: Literary Society 2 and 33 Glee Club 3: 2nd Lieutenant in Band 33 Richmond Hi-Y 2 and 3: Treasurer Hi-Y 3. Sanders joined our class in '31. He is a quiet fellow, but one who has volumes of thought behind each action. He is a talented musician. and has served our band faithfully from the rank of private to lieutenant. Although serving as Literary Editor of the Annual, Sanders has held his scholastic work at its high level. CH34 J . .C -emxuenn Lx. rss-ro. mem ll N IB, NTITCHEI L Iomx Sem Eixs tarx 5 Debating Team 2 and 3 Academy Science Llub Secretary '1 rack 3 Mitch is the radio bug of our ancient anl honorable class He na-. elected President of the Literary S cetx his 7nd vear and vias an alternate on the .32 and 33 Debal ng Teams He was also a member of our Track Team in '93 Here s to sou Mitch old box Go get em I C SHANAHAN Sergeant 4 Lharter member and President of Richmond H1 Y Track Team 3. james is the boy you often see riding about. mounted on a fiery steed. He is riding his lessons about as hard as his horse for he is running a race with his dip to the finish. JOHNNIE SPEERING Sergeant 4: Football Cletterl: Track Cno letterj. The coach is always holding Johnnie up as an example of what a light man can do on the football team. Although Johnnie is light, he is one of our fastest men. Xxx'-.xXXXxixXxxxxxxsxixxxtti5 SSX XX QQQEQQXXQ. S SQ!! f .- D Y ' xy --sg ssainussgv X '0l0f00for4pnloa0 tual., , , , n ,J .....,.... ........... .. .-- h Y b I I x f Honor 3: Sergeant 4: Literary Society 3: President 2: Secre- f T. Z. SPROTT, -IR. High Honor, 1, 2, 3, and 4: Znd Lieutenant 4: Member of Sabre Club: Editor-in-Chief of Annual: Gold "R" -4. T. Z. is a fellow who does his work in a thorough, jam-up man- ner, as evidenced by his splendid work on the annual. He is active in the school activities, for he was selected as a Gold "R" member recently. However. this does not keep T. Z. from his lessons ,as he is a high honor student. HENRY EUGENE STEADMAN lst Sergeant. Although Steadman joined our class last September and has been with us only one short year, he l1as proved himself a loyal member of the class of '34. He will be greatly missed when he is graduated from the A. R. C. PAUL STANFORD Honor l: Sergeant 3 and 4: Tennis Team 3: Football Scrub Team 4. Did you see that streak of greased lightning? That was a tennis ball that Paul served. His main hobby is tearing a motorcycle apart and trying to put it together again. Best wishes for a suc- cessful future. Paul. e 4, 34. . E 4 'imrxt ll by IB N D J X' X A . m inus Q-sae'-'samba' 3 Xe 100009100100 H . es X .- XX N Lrrnarxrzuo:-rc -. -. .. - x X3-' 4 s l r , FIMOTHY 'losEPH STULB 5' Honor 1: Graduated in 3 years: Coporal 2: Richmond Literary Society l: Basketball Team Z and 3: Company Football l, 2, and Q 3: Rifle Team: Richmond Golf Team 2. g Joe, "Dunk," Stulb is one of our 3 year boys. He made an l Honor his first year. He was a member of our '33 and '34 baskets ball team. He was also a member of the golf team in '33, He won a medall in '34 for being a member of the winning company rifle W team. ' EDGAR ROYAL CHARLES STOKELEY, JR. Honor 1 and 2: 4 year course in 3 1-2 years: Sergeant 23 2nd Lieutenant 3. An ambitious boy who has held a good job and still been graduated in three and a half years. He is quite skillful in ama- teur boxing. A. Toons High Honor l and 2: Fast Class: Student Council 1: lst Ser- geant 3: Football Company 3: Hi-Y 2 and 3 CAcademyj. Gus is a little fellow, who is very consistent in his studies. He is one of the. members of the three-year class who always make good averages. At the same time, Toole is very popular among his classmates. B. USRY Lieutenant C2ndD 4: Track Team. "Buddy" is well known and liked by all his classmates. Right now the charms of a certain lassie on Heard Avenue have so strongly enticed him that it is hard for him to get his mind on his lessons. He is a firm believer in the motto, "Never let school work interfere with pleasure." Best wishes for a successful career, Buddy. HOWARD RAWORTH VVALKER, JR. High Honor 1: Honor Z: Member of Literary Society 1: 4 year course in 3 years. "Pink Tip" is an intellectual lad, as his record shows. He is doing a good job here, nnishing the entire course in three years: and at the same time, he's doing it in a big way. EDVVARD STELLING Highest Honor 13 High Honor 2: Literary Society 33 2nd Lieutenant 3. Ed is another of our "smart" boys. He is popular among his classmates, and is known very well by a certain person on Russell Street. E545 ii lliy' ' .ffl 5' as new i 'Y ?""" N'-N-v 47 v-yl ,. 't,,e4.. - I ' , 'rixr '5v7:7v'iC' RIARTIN J. XYALLACE Honor l: Corporal 3: Sergeant 45 Lieutenant 43 Literary Society lg Glee Club 1. XYallace is one of our best cadets. He has risen to a lieutenancy right from a corporalcy. and it didn't take him long, either. Besides being active in the military department, Martin has been mixing around in other school activities, as his honor list shows. W. WHITE Academy Hi-Y 4: Entered -ltli year. XX'e can remember Billy by his motorcycle. and the day he was caught by the "cop." Billy says he was going only sixty-five, but the "cop" maintained he was speeding. 'THOMAS T. XVILHEIT Corporal 2: Manager B. Varsity under Coach Bolton. Versatile Tom! The time spent in becoming a master in the field of woman and bird-hunting has kept him from taking full advantage of his natural ability in his school work. XV. XYILSON Honors in Math and History through school: Track Team '34, XYoodrow is a very quiet boy and takes his studies seriously. His prowess as a hunter reaches headlines: three ducks, two rab- bits. two squirrels, and an o'possum, all with two shells. E. L. XVING.-XRD Oratorical Contest Z: Glee Club 3: Literary Society 4. Ernest, with his wit and perpetual grin. is the cause of Mr. Mads gray hair. If it weren't for him, we could sleep during the sixth period. j. XVoRsHAM Corporal 4. joe is a working boy who is not wasting any time in his young life. He is very popular with his class and teachers because of his willingness to work. Q45 5153 .LP 1 Q-V., " ft -1,,Lf .1 rx-rrvnqwg K, ff" x I r filir Yi, ll ii +. ' fs. for 5 Q. sg Y OQQQBQQQ 4, , lf, ,,-" uxzruur-up: -Vnw.-xxtxxxx -xv-'SF-NV J!!! College Golf Team 4: Manager Academy Tennis Team 4. All right Men! That's Lil Pierce. He never shows his seriousness, but he always brings down a good mark. Frank will make some college a "swell" cheer leader. XVALTER FRED TIMM, JR. Corporal 1: Sergeant 2, 3, 4: 2nd Lieuten- ant 4: Literary Society 2, 3 and 4: Rifle Team Company A 4. The lanky blonde Lieutenant you have seen about A. R. C. is Fred. Through he looks like a bean pole, he is always sur- rounded by a multitude of co-eds. Honor 3: Sergeant 3: Chemistry Club 3: Company Football 3. D. SILVER Although David seems bashful, you should see him in his Ford sometimes. "Rastling" and basketball are his long suits. f"'Y. Y , Il. QI ,Ia AL , y I V KU -"i'lLY.-CLl'.1'l' Ii'Q.f"Z'Q-IIE' f - , fl.lrfyvrto-.1-1,1-:-:url1,vu3 '3B.g it Y ! B. XX. llL'1:Ns gl. l , High Honor Z: Sergeant 4: Literary Society, li l, Z, 3. and 4: Glee Club 3 and 4: Track 3. ij, 1 'Q Ben is one of our famous harmonica trou- badors. He has been a member of the Cwlee " iff. Club the last 2 years. He is an ardent mem- U: ber of our Literary Society, having been a yt member for four years. He was out for Track lj in '33. IAMEs Bixirns A . ' . . 9 lst Lieutenant 4: Literary Society 3 ' years: Secretary l year: Hi-Y 3 years: Presi- dent 4: Track 3 years: Basketball: Assistant Manager Musketeer 4: Company Rifle Team 4: Inter-Collegiate: Inter-Class Council 3. A glance at Jimmie's honor list shows that if he is an all-round good sport. His good na- C ture has attracted to him a large group of ,A friends. ' ' r JAMES Orro HOOVER ' Honor 1 and 2: High Honor 3: President f of Class 2: Sergeant 3: Student Council 2: WI Lieutenant 4: Academy Literary Society 2, 3 and CPresidentD 4: Glee Club 2, 3 and 4: JI: Officers' Club 4: Academy Debating Team Q, 3: Gold "R" 4. In spite of frequent trips to Beach Island. Hoover has found time to accumulate a large group of friends of both sexes. His outstand- ing record in scholastic, military, and extra- classroom activities have won for him the coveted honor of the Gold "R" Society. J. JOPLIN Lieutenant 4: Sabre Club 4: Company Football 3 and 4: Radio Club 4. If advice on any subject you may need, seek Jack joblin. He's an authority on all matters pertaining to radio. Indeed, we would have been the poorer, had we not had Jack in our class. FRANK WRIGHT NEAL lst Lieutenant 4: Company Football 3: Baseball 1 and Z: Business Manager Annual 4: Hi-Y 4: Cheer Leader 4. If you seek positive proof of Frank's busi- ness ability, look at the capable way in which he has handled the advertising department of our annual. Judge from his list of honors as to his efficiency in other fields. Wherever Frank goes, he has the heartigst wishes of his classmates. F. H. PIERCE Assistant Manager, Football 3: Manager, Football 4: Cheer Leader 3: Head Cheer Leader, 4: Basketball Cletterj 4: Manager Jr. . . 34c A , I, Q ixx ll, X81 K X fax. -- P- . lic., ' ,Cru f ,czzzzzzizf X 1-L w. 'v,g.y.':v.'.ufrLsu.fv.1v"Y:7'7k3, 1-' , -' ,g Lflgxgmurzvy-,zw,sr1rr.x , , -x , . - X N s.....,- ll" X-ik I 43, lfZllLASS llpllQlllDllplliTllllE,llUY SllENIlllDllQ, llflltsekgif lllflllilliill Delhi, India. May 1, 1934. Dear Prophet: ln reply to your letter asking assistance in prognosticating the fates and futures of your present classmates, I am writing you this epistle. My crystal globe has told me many interesting and unusual things about your friends. The crystal sphere carries me to 1948: Billie Forney and Gus Toole are operating a duck ranch in California. Their slogan is 'VVanta Buy a Duck ?" Donald Kirkpatrick and John Dwens are running a matrimonial agency. Their sole aim is to keep young people from being disappointed in love. as they have been. Fred Hargrove is mayor of the great metropolis, Martinez. As a consequence, Ralph Hargrove is city clerk. Marion Dasher is the human skeleton in Stulb's Stupendous Shows, managed by 'Toe Stulb. Ernest XYingard and "Happy" Melton are associate editors of Captain Billy's "VVhiz-Bang," while foe Vylorsham is sales manager. "Mitch" Scavens and George Blanchard have perfected a chemical, which. when introduced into the atmosphere, will assure fair weather. This compound is to be- used especially when Tom VVilheit and ,lack Oliver Want to shoot rockets at the sun. Victor Levy is professor of psychology at Brookdale College. Dan McFaden is beating traps in Black ,loe's Orchestra. They are appearing in person at the Lenox for one week only. -lim Hungerpiller has discovered a wonderful preparation known as "Cure-all." His assistant, Arthur McManus fmay he rest in peacel is dead. He drank some of the medicine by mistake. Ken Phillips is the leading player in the operetta, "Hold That Tiger," which was a howling success. Charlie Coleman and Oreste Ferramosca are operating the peanut stand on the corner of McIntosh and Broad Streets. Their chief customer is VV. C. Phillips, who feeds peanuts to the elephants at Augusta's new zoo. James Shanahan and "Lel" Hutto are rookies in the cavalry. VVillis Denny and George Hughes are bootlegging since the return of prohibi- tion. Jim Baggs is Georgia's most famous gambler-with his dancing dice. C. A. Leipold is foreman for a construction company that is building an indi- rect road to Aiken. Ben Pierce has made a profession of sardine fishing. He says the reason is that he likes to catch game fish. L. A. Bryant has just received his degree in civil engineering and is endeavor- ing to build a natural bridge in Colorado. David Daley is Chicago's most handsome cop. Frank Neal, by making use of his effective salesmanship, is inducing gunmen to buy his special made cap pistols. Leonard Garten is a keen razor salesman. Vernon Cawley is acting as Tarzan in the movie, "Tarzan and the Lion Men." Sincerely yours, KUDZU, THE CRYSTAL GAZER. -iii! -f" v Tk'-41: r-.--- N ' Q 9 V SV' ' l ' ' ' S-5'-'cfs W V-:IK t gg n svv ssa sue X W .X yt -g2,Z2,IjZZZ11X.Z,2,2',t,,,,.,. .QM I gl" 5 Q 'D,LC-YXKLXLELQYTXW-'w Q f.f 1 .,411Hvvvr1w1x'f-f '-u1'1-rt-'rfxwiinnfvflvt - s ' LW' 4 f n. K-7 l I - 'N E I X ll D Il Ifllllek' be ' I 6 IIEIN ll IQ. ll SS E ' .n' if e'f O't so Q LAS Il IMI, lI,llL ZAXNID llflbball zelvllllllih If 5 TAYLOR SANDERS E Academy of Richmond County, E N State of Georgia. J I XYe. the members of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and thirty-four. Z having passed through four long years of torment. punishment and mental torture, Q 5 at the hands of our most learned professors. and, as a result thereof. being of doubtful sanity, do hereby make, assign and designate this instrument as our last 2 will and testament: Item 1. To our true friend and helper, Mr. Ll. I.. Skinner, who has so willing- ly helped and guided us in our work and the problems which have constantly come . before us during our sojourn in this institution. we leave our sincere appreciation , and good wishes. w if-. 3 Q Item 2. To Mr. Hardy We leave a dictophone with one record. "The follow- ing boys will report to the office directly after chapel." Item 3. To all Senior teachers, share and share alike. We leave one large dose of stychnine. Item -l. To our able commandant, Lieutenant Pursvvell, we leave one rocking horse and a commission in the cavalry. Item 5. To Mr. McDonald, David Daley leaves one foot of his manly height. Item 6. To Mr. Talley we leave one pint of "Mazola Oil" to be used as a lubricant for his slide rule, Which. We hope. will facilitate his correction of experi- ment papers. Item 7. To Miss Bailie. our librarian. we leave one machine which will continually "sh-h-h" at noisy students. Item S. To our underclassmen, the Juniors. the Senior Class bequeaths its solemn dignity and the unlimited privilege of taking exams. Item 9. To Mrs. Eubanks we leave the motto, "Patience is a virtue." Item 10. To the panitor We leave a spary gun and a bottle of VValker's Devil- ment to be used in the faculty meetings. Item 11. To the Freshman Class we leave our deepest sympathy for the long and stormy road they must travel before they become Seniors. Item 12. To Mr. Buckner we bequeath one book of "Deep Stuff." Item 13. To Mr. Mitchell we leave one subscription to the Detective Story Magazine, so that he will not have to confiscate them from the boys in his study halls. Item 14. To our friend Uncle Bill Kennedy we leave one pair of red golf hose. also one well-worn golf ball. .Item 15. .To Mr. Eubanks we leave a revised edition of the alphabet with special emphasis on the letters "A," and "C," hoping' that this arrangement will enable him to pass more students. Signed-TAYLOR SANDERS. Signed. sealed. and deliered by Class of 1934 to be their last will and testament. in flv- fre ence of the following Witnesses: Signed--THE THREE KICSKETEERS I DINTY MOORE ANoNvMots GD. 1 U34- . . C f"'S A U 65 0 pf!" E .mv IQC 'Eg 2 JV., 'IU0 A., fMl TIIDl4T1lF1lDI1Q I UUNH 'X M40 -A vw l -r. 5 ? 9 Q L Ll IZ Zo rs Qyken Croubfe gzrsf Begins Z' L NIOR CLASS JU 5 g xyg QQQQAQQOQ' - 'OllflOlO.-Q!!! Ol umxur Q X -- ' - ------ - I X Q 1 XX dlllll N ll1DllQ Cllbblgg .0DllFll:ll'lZllElIQS ANIID IIQCSWIEIVQ 'BRASS 'Ulf lllillflllrll X fv L .' e L L I1 X G A Y . 1- . DOREMUS Svcrctmy C. NELSON . Prfxidmzt . Eli . -'-'rePrc'sidcz1t .' . Donmlts . Council . HEATH Trc'aszn'm' . . SKI1xN1:R . . . . . . . Council Ackles. J. Folsom, A Lang, C. A. Pollard, VV. Adams, D. L. Forbes, G. Lanier, I. Pope, I. C. Alridge, A. Fortune- L- Lazenby, O. Popkin. H. Anderson, H. Foftuflfe- J- Leary, R. Punaro, A. Anderson, R. griuhhu' Lee, L. Raluorn, J. Andrews, H. u g um', ,' Lemon, C. Rae, L. Antonokos, C. Fuuevvvlumm Lewis. E. Redd, O. M. Bailes, G. Golstem' M' Lewis, J. Rhodes, G. B3ld0WSki, C- Gljac-ey' R' Maddox, A. Rizer, C. Barinowski, VV. T. Gflffm- F- v Maddox' E' Roxy J' BHFHQS, L- green? XL' Marshall, C. Rupert, J. Bafllafd. B- 'Rue ' ' Masters, J. Salley, R. Bfmlett- D- gan' Howard McDonald, J. Saye, S. B'11lS. C- Hgraig' ,N Mclilwaine, S. Scoggins, R. B' l , H. ' ' ' ' BEIQEIP VV- Hardy' George mciie-1A.R ilierldany ' Harries, Bud ' C a Y' ' Nisrman' ' Bfanfley- C- H I G Meeler, W. Skinner, A. Brodeur, E. HW ey' Hy M rf , A. Sl r J. E. Campbell, H. glartir' J'E Mibliy, J. Spaaiijlding, J. Carswell, J. J. Hatcl-Er'vVfH,am Montgomery, L. Stelling, E. Chi501m, L- ay!! ' 1 1 Moran, E. Stokeley M. Clark- V- II-iayxqoog' W' Morgan, H. Sullivan, M. T. Clary, T. Hjjth'-I ' Morris, A. Swearingen. H. QO1li11S, L Hpffelfuall Joe Morris, S. Tanembaum, J. L. KOYY, E- H'u F' d MOSS, G- Taylor, F. Courtney, I. C. O ey' re Murphy, L, Tebow, I. E. Covar, A. 33233 Murray, F. ?2nmerrnRn, Harry Cutler- J- - ' ' Nelson, C. Omas' ' Daley- Robert Newman, R. gggrxsog' C' Daniel, Billy IVCV, C- O Bryne, C. T 7 'B ' Davidson, V. jeffcoat H O'Connor, A. yson' ' Dean, C. Jenkim: C.. Oclum, J. H. galil G' S Deas' Jenkins, Carpenter O'HH1'H- E- Xviteeriaouge J N DeMed1c1s, H. Jenkins' R' Qttinger, J, I, ,. ' Watkms, M. DOOICY, J- johnson, M. Pardue. J. Xvheatley A' DOTCUTUS, A- Kale, Bill Pardue, M. W-auace' VV- EHVCUSOU, C- lierr, I. Pearre, C. yyhite VV. O. EHXSOU, J-' 1 l-'it'l1ens, E. Pember, F. Vgfilheit, P- Fivans, W1ll1a111 Klein, M, Pereyra, J. Wilson, ji Paugllnan- D- Krewson, I. Pitts, C. lVoo, H. Florie, VV. M. Lamback, C. H. Pollard, W. Young, I. '54 A -...lf ,f 4 4 I Il o 4. X- ,..uav.fvo..-v. LI RARY YOUR LIBRARY The Library of the junior College of Augusta and the Academy of Richmond County is your library, and we want you to enjoy the rights and privileges that are yours in the library., The library has been called the "heart" of the school. It is the storehouse for all printed material which is to be used by you in the processes of becoming well educated and learned. Yours is the privilege of having an attractively built room for the Library: fitted with book- shelves, tables, chairs, bulletin boards and other fixtures that are both pleasing to the eye and comfortable. It is your right to insist that no one mar them in any way. If you appreciate having things look neat, then throw your scratch paper in the waste basket, instead of leaving it on the table or floorg and when you have finished reading a magazine or newspaper, put it back on the rack-someone else may want to read it: and when you are leaving the Library, take time to push your chair up to the table. Books are far more interesting to read when they are clean and new and have not been thrown around, soiled, or had the corners of the pages turned down, torn, or written upon. Your Library contains many interesting and entertaining books as well as those which will provide you with material for required reading and work. Make your Library a place for recreational reading as well as study. The librarian and her assistants are here for the purpose of helping you get the information you want and need. Call on them when you have something for class, or when you have some other question you want answered. They are at your service. You are welcome to the Library and urged to come in and use it as your own. It is hoped that you will take advantage of this opportunity and make use of your rights and privileges here. N-L M.-XRG.-XR ET BA I LIE, Librarian. I. 7. ' I L. I 5 07Uk0l'lZ0l'8S xr, y Q ' w x L 1 S 1 E s U2 VJ CLA SOPHOMURE 'fe T i .X x y ,F .sf--'w'-'v-'Y -' . 1- .x-0.4. . . v ,- gi If-W ll 'l M X I , S4Dll3llHllDlXVlll4IDIME IZIILASS f lorlrllcli les as ID llQlDSllFlllilIlQ, t ,. C if t . XI .Q X ul U -L1,cZ7,f if i:', Cl X C. BEARDEN XXI. TQENNEDY . -I. RICHARDSON . G. TQELLY . XX'. TCENNEDY hl. LACKMAN Adkins, Sam Allen, R. Allgood, R Anderson, T. Anderson. bl. C. Angelakos. Gus Atkinson, I. C. Austin. Stewart Avery, John, Baker, Thomas Baldowski, C. A. Barber, Preston Bearden, Carlos Blanos, G. Bedle, Robert Belger, Philip Blitch, Arthur Boatwright Arlis Boswell, Chas. Boswell, E. F. Branch, C. E. Briscoe, Arthur Broome, XVilliam Bryans, Iverson Bryngelson, T. Buck. Clarence James Bryson, Butord, Jennings Ben Burton, Bowles, D. I. Calhoun, XVilliam Carpenter, Floyd Carstarphen, F. Carter, Cecil Carter, Harry L. Cave, Ernest Chandler, Brice Clark, Herbert Cleckley, J. T. Coffield, Lester Cone, Loyd Connell, Jerome Cooper, D. Corry, J. M. Crawford, G. Crawford, Harold Crenshaw, A. C. Jr. Crouch, Leroy Crumley, J. Cunningham, Bari Cunningham, Mell Dicks, Harold Daley, Randloph Drane. S. Duckworth, T. XX" Dunnanay, R Durst, Frank Dyches. Dunbar, Dukes, M. Edenfield, R. I. Edgy, L. J. Edmunds, Andrew Ellington, Claude Elliott, R. A. Ellis, Robert Ferramosca, J. Fletcher, Autrell Fletcher, XX'yatt Force, Gene Fulghum, Henry Fuller, A. M. Fuller, McDougall Gaines, Henry Gardner, VV. C. Garrett, Henry Garrett, Robt. Gary, Albert Gavalas, Theo Gehrken, A. Ghann, Otis Gilleon, Steve Gillman, Stanley Glickert, R. Goddard, XXVhyte Granade, Raymond Greene, Ben Grealish, Laurence Gwinn, Charles Hall, Carlyle Hall, J. E. Hartley, I. Hayden, Ernest Hall, John Hamilton, Billy Hammond, Julian Hancock, Charles Hancock, XV. Hannah. Sidney Harrison, Parvey Hewett, james Hill, Max Hinson, T. J. Holley, C. D. Houston, Charles Howard, julian Howard. Lee jackson, Arthur -lakes, XX'. johnson, T. B. Keels, J. H. Kelly, Gordon Kelly, XX'illia1n Kendrick, Ed Kennedy, XX'. Kesler, George King, Billy Kriesberg, Meyei Lackman, John Lamb, Tommie LeSaur, Ben Lee, Bothwell Lee, Elvin, Jr. Lever, J. Levy, I. C. Lewis, XfVm. Linson, Palmer Logue, J. B. Long, Boyce Lowe, E. Rogers Lundy, H. Maloney, Sharon Marioni, Frank Markwalter, Dick Martin, E. Martin, G. Martin, X7Vm. Mason, Dan Jack Mason, Mattison, XV. A. May, XXf'ardlaw McCauley, Thomas McCrany, D. McNair, XV. I. Meyers, XV. Miller, Roger Mitchell, Belton Moore, Geo. Moore, Joe Mulherin, Bill Munn, Ben L13 9 3. Presidrzzf Virr Pzmxvidvazf Murphy, XX'. J. Murray, Maurice Newman, L. Newton, Robt. Nichols. L. C. Norvell, E. Norvell, Paul Olive, Robert Lee Owens, Herbert Pardue. Billy Pardue, Harold Linton Paulk, Peters, Hinton Ebbie Petrea, Pierce. Conrad Pierce. XX7illiam Harris Pollard, Pomerance, Elliot Pomerance, Leon Pope, Ferrell Popkin, Harry Powell. L. Powell, Lownell Rainwater, B. Rainwater, J. Rambo, Jack Rambow, E. Redd, A. Redd, Ben Reynolds, John Rhodes, Jno. Richardson, J. C. Rinker, Gerald Roberts. L. B. Roberts, V. Robinson, Frank Robinson, Robert Rogers, B, L. Rountree, Morgan Rucker, Jack Rupp, Charles Sancken, George Sancken, Herman Scarr, Billy Schueler, Geo. Scoggins, XX". Scott, Loyd Seago, XVilliam Seigler, Joe Seigler, XVm. Shaffer, L. S0l'l'L'ft1l'-V TI'L'llSllI'L'l' . Coznzril . Cmmfil Silas, Raymond Simon, Leon Slaughter. Billie Smith, Coleman Smith, Conrad Smith, Jack Smith, Mahon Smith, Robert Snellings, John Steed, H. Stelling, Carl Stelling. Herbert Stevens, Billie Steinhart. P. Stewart, XVade Stone, ,lack Stulb, Charlie Swan, I. Swindell, Hasting Taylor, Earl Thaevos, D. Thigpen, S, H, Tobin, 1. Towns, P. Turner, Leslie Turner, Cecil Tyce, Louis Tyson, Sam Velix, Jas. Verdery, Orville Von Kamp, Harold XXfalker, XfVillard XX'aller, Earl XX'are, Forrest XXf'eathers, Herbert XVeed, XX'. C. W'einstein, Abe X7Vhaley, Lawrence XX'hitely, Addie XX'ilhelrn, Oma XX7illiams, A. XX'illiams, C. XV. XX7illiams, H. L. XX"illiamson, Hugh XX'ilson, George XX'ood. XVilliam XVoolf, H. XX'right, David XVright, Summer Young, Emory Young, Frank Young, James .fteeeiieirefssc f ' fr, , . I s. A A . ' r ss , f Q- X 1 - R 'isg1aS.x5v2f:::::,2fxff5?'s, , .1 1 ff t If az . tzzs, 57 :A fi L1 114-1 xg A ,mv rgyrx- w 1 "1" 4 ' '-'Q KAI' ' I z ' '.'!?',ff"1lYlYTYY3Yrmi'1't'ravc1rrtvr3'v . V- . .Y .4 si K. V 4. .., mba.. - R .S'l10rt'i11g Srwaztlz Cirrviz 011 liL'tlI!fIif1lf School Golf Course ln a city famous for its golf courses the .Xcademy Campus Course stands head and shoulders above any other course in Augusta. Experts like Bobby jones. NYalter Hagen. and Chester M. Sutton rate it several strokes harder than the Augusta National, and con- sider it superior to the Hill Course at the Club by a brassie and two putts. In the now immortal words of A. Dwight Deas, self-appointed Pro of the Campus Course. "Everywhere else you stroke your putts and watch them drop: on the Campus you hit 'em and hope." The Campus Course is the brain-child of "Uncle Bill" Kennedy-a strong argument for birth control. Preparing for the National Qpen, and feeling the need of quiet prac- tice. he talked the Athletic Committee out of fifty bucks and, in due time, produced a seven-hole cross-word puzzle. After two years he found the course too well suited to Mr. Maden's hooks and Mr. Uwen's slices: so he changed the lay-out and added two new holes. Several Faculty Tournaments have been held. all being won by Mr. Kennedy. The Faculty always knows when a tournament is coming on-just before the Champion runs out of new balls. However, he always arranges a prize for the runner-ulm-usually a flashlight that won't work. K The course record is held by President Skinner with a score of 147. Dean Hardy holds the putting championship with 7 putts on No. 4. Mr. Allen holds the record for individual form-he faces northeast when driving southwest. Nor must we fail to men- tion Mr. Etheridge, who plays a good game without being able even to see the ball. Mrs. liubanks quit after her first trial-the ball wouldn't talk back. XYhat the course needs is a good 19th hole. Two times around the Campus course. and any man is entitled to a drink. .Zed , V-r ci:- pi-X 'T 'N 1 fx, N Y Iiiwj 3 X, JJ. Q- wg? 'x 'E' Xwmfr y . Nw x ' 1 I ll 1. 1 fx? , . , .J X XXTXJ K 11, A7 ET! l if X ll ' - -51: ' iff MM' P0 f' N W AE wah Q11 ' "N LFYFM1 . Y Z , f:, !l ff'f' .XX L,L!SN1j55fiAJ gy L' S riimin A C vi' '34 x R C mam A x M' 'Nl' 4 1 mnmms' K N Q W EM W V65 WZ 6 IZ fx-QUT' ' -C41 ff' RO xx- I C" - CLASS OFFICERS .XND ROSTER H. l'.'Xl'l,fJS . ..,..... ,........ P resident F. BRAID .... . Vice President and Council E. HOLLINGSXVURTH . . . . . .... Secretary S, GIVENS . ..,..... . . . .... Treasurer V. XYHEELER . . . . . ........ . . . . Council Alxeinathy. Lewis Blackwell. P. S. fholc. J. Danforth, li. Hay, Ed. Harrell, J. Allen. H. B. Bland. R. Cooper, Billy Davaney. J. llilzsnn. C. Harrison, B. Amick. J. Bus-ckman, T. Cousart, James Davirlson. E. Givens, S, Harveston, ll. Anderson, C. Bolyard. Frank Crawford, J. XV lleal. H, Gleason, T. Heath, F. Andrews. J. Boswell. J. TJ., Jr Cape. E. Dean, R. fioetcliius. E. Heath, S. Ansley. H. C. Braswell, Homer Carrigan, T. Deween. ll. Goodwin, B. Heggie, J. Archer, T. Bi-ntlienrmii. C. Carter. A. Dickson, C. Graham. S. Henderson, XI. Arthur. J. Busch. Sol Cave. I.. Dinkins. H. Grulilis. Franklin Herlong. M. Atkinson. J. Bfmzcr. J. D. Vlialker. C. A. Dinsmore. B. flreggg H. L. Hickman. T. Avary. M. Bnulincau. F. Chaney, C. Doney. A. J. Greene. A. Hicks, M Averett. M. Boyd, Cm-nleious Chapman. lYm. Dixon. l.. Greene, E. Hildebrandt, H Baher, Arthur Boyd, WVm. Chaney, L. Dressel. U. R. Griffin. H. Hill. C. Baggs, VV. Bradley. YV. Claffy. U. Durand. C. liritfin, L. Hollingsworth. E Bailey, P. ' Bray, H. G. Clarke, R. Dye. C. Cuilleheau. XV. Holsonlwack, 0. J Baldowski, J, Braid. F. Clark, XY. Easterling, XV. Flulledge, Jack Holsonback, R. Balk. T. Britt. E. Clausscn, H. Edmunds, XY. F. Gutierrez, M. Howard, E. Barbin. R. Brmlcur, R. Cliatt. D, Egleston, M. Guy. J. Howard, S. Barrett, A. Brown. Cas. 1"-wle. E. Ellenherg. C. Hadden, O. Howe. Bill Baston, C. B1-nw,,,Reu1-,en Fmcliran, XV. Elliott, D. Hall. Hugh Howell, I.. Barnes, VV, Bruce, Chas. Vnllius. P. Euhanks, J. Hall. Jas. E. Hudson, L. Bateman. J. Bryant, C, C, Vorlmett. J. Evans. F. Hall, Luther Hughes. A. L. Batter, A. Buck, XV. Covar, Abner Ferramosco. V. Hammett, C. Hughes, F. Battle. C. Bullard, F. Creed. C. Fine, N. Hamilton. H. Hughes, L. Beasley. Bl. Burch, J. H, Crenshaw, J. Fitzgerald J. Hammock, B, D. Humphrey. D. Becker. J. Buslvia. E. H. Crouch. J. Fort. M. Hancock, J. Hunnicutt, J. Beckworth, C. Busscy, J. Crozier. F. Fox, H. E. Hanley, R. Hardy, XVall:u'C Be-lger, Roy Butler, J. P. Culpepper, ll. Flulclrer,T Ji, Hanson, G. Hoover, jf-lin Beldingz, l.. Byningtnn, ll. Drake, XYilli.nn F oyr. . . . , I Best, J. H. Cantcy, l. llyches, Hugh Garrard. J. gfngiiman' L' Haven' Hugh Bishop, C, Casun, J. XY. Curtis, J. Gnrren. J, 'lr ln' -l' Hllmer- A- R- Blatk. l,. F. Calloway. R. Ualey. C. Cay, Boll Hflffly L. E. lnglett, J. Ivey, H. Jackson, Edward Jennings, .Elbert Johnson, E. S. Jackson, E. Jackson. R. H. Jopling Jones, K. Jones, L. Kelley, H. Kelley. J. Kelley, L. Kelley, M. Kearns, J. Kerr, E. King, NV. O. Knapp, F. Krouse, Roy Lamar, B. Lamb, J. Lazenby, John Lamback, V. Levy, B. Lewis, J. Little. NV. H. Longfield, R. Loyal, R. Maddox, R. Maher, M. Mahoney, J. Blarkwalter, Al Markwalter, C. Mason, Samuel Maxwell, Albert llitchell, C. C. Moore, Forrest Maxwell, Bobby Mays, XV. Meehan, S. Meehan, T. Melles. G. Merritt, W. Myers. J. Myers, XV. Miller. J. Mills, J. C. Klize. G. Mobley, R. Montgomery, J. Moody, E. Morgan, R. Morgan. T. Morgan, XV. Morris, L. Moss. L. Mosteller, M. lllfoye, B. Mulligan, Ted Murray, C. Murray, XV. Murray, R. McGahee. J. McKie, C. McLarty, Rufus McManus, C. McRae, G. Neal. Jr. Neal, L. Neill, VV. Newman, J. Norris, T. Nowell, J. Ogilvie, J. Ouzts, J. RQSTER CContinuedj Owens, S. O'Hara. C. Ogletree. Jas. N. Owens, J. Pague, H. Palmer. I.. E. Parker, H. Palmer, J. B. Pecan, Eugene Pond, Melvin Parrish, Chas. Parrish, C. R. Paulos, H. Pender. XV. H. Perry, J. Peterson, M, Phelps, J. Philpot. DeS. Phillips, R. Plagwitz, XVm. Pollard, J. Pond, E. Powell, T. Y. Powell, V. Powers. lVm, Price, NV. Pritchard, H. Punaro, V. Purvis, H. Rachels, XXJITL. Ragan, A. '1. Ramsey, M. Ramsey. R. XV. Ray-nes, J. Reese, J. Reid, Raymond Reid, Robert Reid. Vlfilliam Redd. Henry Redd. Jesse Rivers, Joe Reynolds, J. YV. Rhodes. A. Rhodes, Billy Rhodes, F. Richards, M. Richardson, R. Rice, Hugh Rickersori, V. Riley, F. Rinker, Frank Rivers, J. Roberts, A. Roberts, H. Roberts. S. Roesel. M. Rollins, E. L. Rosamond, XV. Rosier, J. JV. Routon, J. Rox. B. Rupert, C. Satcher. E. B. Saxon, Joe Schofield.L. Scott, V. Scurlock, B. Seigler. H. Seigler, J. M. Scott, XVulter Swan, R. Shanahan. T. Seigler, M. Seigler, P. Shaw, J. A. Sheehan, Al Sheppard. J. Simms. NY. Skinner, E. Smith, E. Smith. F. Smith, J. Smtli, Roy Smitherman. R. Snellings, B. Spears, J. Speering. F. Spiers, E. Stone. L. A., Jr Story, S. Stovall. J. Sullivan, J. Sumner, J. Summeraux, G. Sutnmerall, G. Sutton. Dan Sutton. C. Tankersley, J. Taylor, G. C. Taylor, R. Tebow, XV. Teston. YV. Thompson, E. Thompson, G. Timerman, J. Tjovaras, J. Tjovaras, P. Toomey. Joe Trommerhauser, B . Turner, J. YV. Turner, XV. C. Usry, Tom Usry, XVillis Van Dyke, C. L Vaughan, B. Vause, B. Yidler. J. Vlachos, O. YYard, Thornton YValker, M. XYarc. R. XYilcher. Jziik XVilliford, Gordon XYong, Thomas NVood ruff, Wi lliaim XVood'.vard, E. Vl'arr, C. Weeks, C. Xllhaley. C. XVhaley, M. VVheatley, S. VVheeler, C. XVl1eeless, XV. lVidener, J. lViggins, J. Mlilliams, H. NYillis. Billy Vllilson, J. S. VVolfe, W. lVoodward, C. lVright. N. XYyatt. XVallace lvyatf. XVa.llaCe VVynn, XV. Young, B. Youn, E. Young, J. Youngblood. L. I f xl tv if , ,wx vw.'f-,ww--N Y-v ' 4-..,4,4'. . .. --..w..f DESIDERATUM HENRY O. READ Is life but the grind of mans daily toil, XVith its ceaseless turn of the wheel: Must man he palsied in the vast turmoil That disguises the False as the Real? ls life hut the breathing of tainted air, And a tempting' sip of the glass: Shall we take of the world just what we dare. XYith a sigh for the pleasures that pass? Is life but the drawing of heaven's breath, And a gaze that sees only the stars: Is man to withdraw, in a living death, .Xnd glance down on the world through bars? The beast may follow the treadmill's round, Unconscious of thralldom's chains: The hutterfly sips where flowers abound.- ' Drops down when his short day wanesg The world has small place for the hermit saint. lYho kneels at his gilded shrine la The ery is for men in fx world of men, Xlvllu labor and live and love. Xliho give uf themselves to the uttermost.-then Reclaim fresh strength from above. This life is for men who live in the vale. Hut call down the breath of the hills: Who drink from their cups lthe Holy Grail lj The wine that true living distills. iziieiftii. ear . .fx uvism.-vs-in-P I F D r E I .. 2 3 ,rfb if-q,aNwx4z,.aL in i Fi N55 i f'- ' 4' ' 'vlfiif-f-gpg-.3Qaig2si ., X Mm, ., . fir 5'3's'7"'1,- ,.-.. 1 5s..'4g,,...,Q,,?X1 r, X X 5 -'2'-.4 'K v A ,W . R., ,V A--'Lg , - - 2, X uf' 'ff-f 12. 455 53,15 .A X 'Wo' wa.,- WV' H . lr " - f-f:--S, ,- 'A "f54'.f,, : . 'T' :ff g x, . . ., ,,,, ., L W . . f.. ,a'f,g,3gi",g':f:??.v .K L N' ,V 31,,!1,!.-it '- ' 1 :.'52?7ffST?...,1,:f-,,, ,, . . 9 ' 6131- ' ' gf' -JW, ,J Q-,X 1 3..3g,f,f , H? - . ' ' uefzf g' . ,g,p1 , ' 0 s Q Y X3 Wx ,QQ ,lm Ml rl uvx x, -. N 3, Y 1 O X f 1 ag , -J 'S f ' Q X ' N 4 , nk X N, . ,ffm xx' m ' 1 N' xx r X. ,I , ix ,N nan 44 Wx , 1 4. ' wx X '41-. .. Jw . 5 X X ke .C-if, . 1 -F 4, 1' If 1 x , 'Jfjf '."" X? gf fi! 4, I' .W " 4. afggg. . A ' .fr A . 4 ,f , , f 'fff' TQ-: g?2Effs"A -igwis,-ig fl i jg., X ' rar fi "-vigggfs' 1 5,54--3 5, .A .3 ix P M.-,Zig :Vli,il5l?d?l L. I Q 1 K' ,252:ffT..::f1g,Qvfa:'f.x f x , ,N , ' 'Z Q 'V Q ff- .JR il-f ' 'N . .. 1 'iii' f A 1 ' .tx I ' 'f Ny.: 1 -ff? " 'Q X " 'fb f W, 1 ,M is . Cd, .-...Wvaf I 'W' .v P M: QQ F fy Q M. A145 w , 'R ,rf x s M A5 X ,N M v 1 Q NAX7 ' ' v f 'K vb A A M Q' www: 1' 1' 46, ,Q 1 ' . lp' ' ' 1-Q" 5 by, 'x f 1 3 1 4 'wa' 4 ,-' , M X Y- 5 " 4 , 2 Y if I A. Aim-A .SLM A ' T I fr . tl. . F ' 1 I' ,f f- f vi Y, ' . , 4 t 1 ff ' lff ft? W' .1 1 , J -'11 4 Y ,H JL' if .Agn ' ' W' eaufy ang Qzafure ecfion ' x. 9 "- 'fu- fa., 9 Jjfx fri! 11,4 Iii T' I l'. ,-'-1 ' f- :f"-4' ,'-bln' 4. vl. . , - w , 'L-' lx ,I ' '. " 4 V .s n .au 1 --qu 'far v ,W bfr 0- , , , f I 1 n 1 ,.' , . who 3, D . . D 4, . L.-gf Em ,-I ' "QI , ff I 0 s - J 9 uf. i 1 if4,w1,,' s J 1 - 'L,v4 yk v M? d,','. r-+ J 1 ,. .3 sq.: 4. by 1 ,n' i . I , - .4 CAROLYN XVHITE MARY HULL ELIZABETH DANIEL JONNIE BIAE VVITT Most Iulvllvvfual Soflmmorr' LEONARD GARTEN M ost Intellectual Senior JACKIE STEPHENS Bm! :Ill-160111111 S0f'P110IllUl'l' B051 f. C. .-1. rlflllrlc' MARGARET JERNIGAN Prcffivst FJ'CS11'1lZ0l1 ' 5 DAVID DALEY Bait .-111-Rozmd Senior Bvsf .-1. R. C. Athlete IQATHERINE BISHOP Most Pofmlar Soplzofmorc I 4 I I I I I I I I I .II v I I I I I n I I I 'I I I II 'I I I , I I I I, I I SAMILLE SAYE RCgi7l'l-C7IfGI Sponsor L I If P 5 M ,AW ? . W - 1 ' dll 32. 0 C G v ,f " uf K an lxfxhz Q .firikv f 'Q :VM ' I Tv LQ' Q . JI: "QL ', 3, W Ulf 'J ' wx 1 'I '."Ll...17,f nf +1 '-gg iffy - -x.. x H 4 . If n 'BQV F U QV 4 1 Q ,,x I 'v' 't -10 -. 1 D r r li ul-. mf 1, if 'l M,-f ," v , ' , V ,N I ." 'T' I' Ll' A1 :'4- J .- ' ' 1 ' ,., .' ' 'Q A ' ,N V , L I ' - r . . Q ,. v . n . 1 ' ..,,1., V- g. Q.: J, I Q ' 'L V 2 ln . , I r , f p W . - V - 1 l Q , ,"f, . x 4 M J . . 1 - r ' gx. U- Vyr, ,N ,U .lr 4vs'a ', -. W , , n'Nw -NJ .5 P " J' , . . . I MQ: A ,ly 'J 1,4 K yrs .K k X , .u , if f Y 1. Y .' ' "ir I .X x ivtl'QJf"J7,, . 1 A51 J 'Fig , .Him zhmassfhkukh- M., A79 .1131 5' . mmunx 41.19 .ff . v 1 - . v as Q. su, ...Q-5. VX!! t ' Q! X , L . IWIISSIION IIDIF R., U., TIF., 'UQ "The mission of the R. O. T. C. is to awaken in the student an appreciation of the obligations of citizenshipv, to prepare hiin to discharge his duties as a citizen, and to qualify him as a military leader." THE R. O. T. C. MANUEL INFANTRY la s , if?" XUNHB It is a pleasant duty to express to you my sincere appreciation for your loyalty and integrity in our military achievements. Permit me to remind you that DL TY is the most important thing in life- DUTY TO GCD-TO COUN FRY-TO SELF. It is my earnest hope that you will ever let tnis be your motto in life. SAM PURSWELL lsr LT., INF.. PMS 8: T. The R. O. T. C. unit can feel justly proud of having attained such high standards of military training and discipline. For four successive years The Academy of Richmond County has been desig- nated an "honor high school." Duty is a pleasure with such a splendid group of cadets. The course in military science has a broadening influence upon the students educationallyg has made them better citizens and better leaders of men than they otherwise would have been. J. A. LEIPOLD. Q - L F , QS xxxxx xxxssssxsxxxx -Xi.SsxtkSxw.sX E!!! QEQSE-.Qt QQ 558. A I meaMU.azccmQMa2 f e .4 r ,.,,,,,.,1.i.,.4e ,K if af 34 75 vt 'X c 7 A f 0 Y 53 53 Q :ll T5 . 5-5 -5 53 53 'm .5 -Q. , ,. , . .. . A 'f X, 5 v.-. xss saeisnvnogf Trl'-V i .. ' .,,Z22"' X 1 1-cnwmzcfui-1112-12-S11'f1YU'1', Q 'if' 31:9-'f'f"' "" 'ws ,. . g llBzAMXlllDQ llBllL"QlLlllf ARIN TU llDliQllUlNVll 1U4DlIQlIE3S GEORGE FULLER Miss GLADYS BODEKER GORDON T Moss Ca.j2fai1z Sponsor Drum Mayo: MR. D. M. LINCUL, INSTRUCTOR Anderson, J. C. Adams, Daniel Amick, J. - Atkinson, J. C. Barton, Robert Barton, Jay Battle, C. Beckworth, C. Baird, F. Baggs, Jim Chandler, Harold Curtis, F. Corbitt, F. Dasher. Marion Dunn, David Fuller, George L. Fulghum, Casper Ferramosca, V. Fox, F. E. Gaines. Henry Gay, E. Griffin, T. Givens, S. Hrudersen, Harold Hartley, James Ivey, W. C. Jenkins, F. C. Kirkpatrick, Donald Knapp, F. Krouse, R . Moss, Bud McFaden, Dan McKie, Albert Moran, Allen - , , l Mason, Jack Moore, Joe McLarty, R. Murray, C. Moss, L. Punch, I. Fond, E. Ramsey, M. Saye, Sam Stevenson, Billy Sheehan, A. Sanders, Taylor Tjavaras, P. VViclener, Jack XVood, W. Youngblood, L. I , A I lR'Jl1E'!gIMWf IFE If Ak EL SUEQA 11? IF RICHARD -I. XYADE MISS SAMIU-E SAVE 01101161 Sf'0'1-VU" QUHT. Ll. HATES SMITH Miss AIARY XYILLIS 1.iv1m'114111f-Colollcl Sfvmzxnr I K ' , 15iJ f+?E, 1' j 'f 1,1 Cx .fx X- Y 3 ,-'-V ."-esg . .--- Q .,,wgC,,,-..-.s.4.1C---- ., I rx .Mx .....h.. . , . lIEl31H214LZllllW1fEN TTA IL SWFZAXI IH? RICHARD DANIEL M'aj0r MISS FLORENCE BAILEY Sfvonsor CHAS. S. DALEY RIISS ESTELLE BEAUFORT RICHARD RUSSELL 31155 SARAH IQIMBRELL Caffain-f1djz1fa11f Sponsor Ca,jvz'ai1z, Sffonsor XVILLIAM M. HUTSON JERRY A. MCDONALD Staff Sergeayzzz' Staff Sergeant Q 43 . , A I - I Y. I 5 r F I ! I v v, f I. 6 c .f-fy: -B f -. V. 1 'Gl"'L..i.1I' ,1.1.ii V I JFIIHQSTIF IIBZAMHFAILIIUDN A I 5 'N , "I x JOHN C. STEPHENS, JR. Miss MARGARET JERNIGAN BILL IQITCHENS fllajor Sponsor Lieutc'11a1zt-Adjutant CAPT. CHARLES C. COLEMAN . . Company A CAPT. JOHN C. BELL . . . . Comfvany B1 CAPT. J. FRANKLIN ELLIS . . Company C 5 x - A 'A Ji! L10 I 4 4 uf 50 o ga 8 'fs' A--i5 A3 LX X My .6 As .3 23 :R 's 93 fi 'B zs 'Q .... -g, L ESV: 3stSX X Q85 S Q18 L T-1? f' v- 1 i K P- RA .I- 95 494144 .19 43 dl -dl 490 0 1- 014 4 - 6 1011960 1 X ,XXNI3 as :A su-emo emof.e.w-Q, of 0 azafvoeappppzoaaaazvi. t--..u....xs-,,,,,, ,,,,n. - 1 nw- ' Q . - -ur..-.-. .--.... . , ., . - ' J X 5 ' : L fr 9 ' 5 . ' I , , I Y 1 , . Q 5 I X . l . I 1 l . ' . fUfON1nuuQANY A ' Q 1 ' . 1 . CHAS. C. COLEMAN Miss BTARY LYON HULL FRANK VV. NEAL, IR. Captain Sponsor First Lieutenant RALPH G. PRITCHARD JACK C. BROWN Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 32- if , , yr v x!AX 4 KSA Xl -, Drassxts- 5 .Q- w 5 1 x r 1 N I y t E Q H Q it I O 1 i v 1 nt M 35 i f U1 , tl Hx N il K 1 1 -5 X. x k 'w fi I J, QL! ',L1,LffCl.IJ! X 'Z J -Alu Q1 Q 3 7 " vw "YV 'O' K , .- V. Nik, iii in 11181 la ' O t 7 R 1 2 - - - - - - Azv - - - I . 'Y'Y'YZ-v75'w"v T1 ",'Xx"', j.f,'..f.,.,,..XJ.,"! -,1 "V f,' 'f7.ZLC2.wx,1.. wg,-..NA,7.fZA, 1 , v wr - U x - ."1"1 1'-'sm 1 -xxx" vsp-' sk?" .2 ll l,'1- -vvvvvvvhvwrrrfuwrn---:fn .,-,,,Y OO IWIIPANY mrs JOHN C. BELL Miss DOROTHY HAINS BEN PIERCE Captain Sponsor First Lieutenant C, A. LEIPOLD FRANCIS E. TILLER Svcond Livutmzimzt Second Lieutenant Y F X 33", tffiift-QA' N , !TVf?--- E ' x X-ff -Q4-Q-f -ff A, g,:,h.42.L-.J-J-.5 'A ,1 SYS ,gxss tx A Stix S RNS!! 4. ff :AY Y JI 5 Y' H II fig' . , , . , :N ,b ,, A 1. V :fm h I I 'I u,mu1.X..,'.Q.,w3', xgyf.--,1-un '.,- -ii' , ' - S 'ix ,--1 ' UUDIWIIPANNY GU J. FRANKLIN ELLIS MISS LEVVIS DAVIES ROBERT B. GRACEY Captain Sfvonsor First Lieutenant EDWARD L. STELLING VVILLIAM USRY Second Lieutcnaazt Second Lieutenant SE-I 25' , N 4 .A I I1 A el '1 fig, KGD st 1 . ' A A L2 f' 2232 z,.gT.?3T2.L2l'J?Tr13':? i'JiC2,X Y b . , LL3 . ,x,,- --,,-,,...Y-f.-.,f,.-.f,Y,fgg.,-.H-faq A 1- , 3 X L x 5. E. i E. 5 SllE'UllDNlID IIBAIIHFAIILIIIDN RICHARD C. BRYSON M155 BETTY TRIMBLE LEONARD GARTEN Zllajor Sponsor Liv11tvna11f-Adjufanf- CAPT. CHARLES S. DALEX' . . Company E CAPT. CARL W. HOWARD . . Company F CAPT. CHAUNCEY CLARK . . Company G Cgfs, 95,1 , sfifij ,Y VWW 1 , 1 r E fff-fl iix-Q X- ' . s - , !i..Q7' ' ' K 'ZfZlLCc2:711-5412? fir" HL? X' 4, Q '11rtt:liC.xw-.5-,-A-,'x-x xxx Ll Liv, N.-.-.. - . . .. .. .S N, . 3 .M . Id af N 'H . 253 s 'li Q . U N UDMPANY m 5 A V s 5 6. , Q? ' E3 A ' J 5 W Q r I DAVID S. IJALEY Miss JOSEPHINE TAFT DORRAH L. NOWELL Captain Sponsor First Lieutenant 'WILLIS P. DENNY .. WM. B. MCDANIEL Sevond Lieuteizanf Svfond L-ieufenafzf QQ 34 gif? XR 'Gr 'I f Lg l.. 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R, f , I Ja K 1 'fl A SXA Abi U K Xp 5 mi sss one asus gy .7 ,Sf"' -f ZTT2A'.Ig.'L'C3'Ii'1QT'7T 4 ' 'cx1'xx.c0I11r,m.u.u.x:.w.w.-u.fux '.'f Q ygx- 1' f L11 Q, .mv I - - .. X X , J- . i , 9. X 3 R lUlDlWlfPANY IL 2 0 I I0 VI 3 iz CHARLES HARDY M1ss JUNE WRIGHT R. L. HUTTO Captain Sfvonsor First Liezftemml E. HAMPTON BRx'sox THOMAS Z. SPROTT Second l-1vutv1zu1zf Second Lieutenant A 34 '- . .C si 3, , Qld! - I ' 0 , , X xtxuxlli A ,A ,-..qk.!.f vw, 4 , X . Lb . xx '1f'x xnnmvafrrxatnr - .... x - - 'UMD NVIIHIDANY IW 1. I S A C uf . n A l . , u, f tm oa xgd F NX X ff N rf J S fo s 5 s R s S S P, 158115515 lk tssssqgggmgqmxt xxyS.!.tY.xxxsXXkXxxXXt 7' CHAS. TROMMERHAUSER M155 MARY FOREMAN J. ELMO LAYFIELD Captain Sponsor Firxt LiCZll'C'1'LU11f ERNEST BERNHARD HARRY B. NEAL Second Licufcnmzf Svrond Lim4fr'1m11i C- ., ' 54 C L-5, I ,, KQCXQEIQY:-'Lt if Q'I,.lL Rx 41' 11 n ,L - . - Y . ra ,- ax--. .'----1 +4 , I I , . 1 r Ng , il is is v w 'I is 1 w x 5 9 E I x 5 Y f-.T .NE N2 QQ 'Q Xe, Nc 56 A-CJ N Z7 D241 1. 119, 1111? 11115 llfllEAlWl QListed According to Ratingj Sntith. Rohr. J. Bate'-1 fwfnner of Gem Leonard YVood Medalj Fuller, Geo. L. 'L "'Baker, Thomas Cleckley, T. XYhite, 1Vm. O. :kDunbar, XY111. R. Bell. XVarren Bell, John C. Brown 'lack 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. :'fNot in Picture. Pk VVillis, Denny Kitchens, William Lackman. John K. Grealish, Laurence Gracey, Robert Pierce, Ben ll 4 ll If Y l i l if - l , V 'N if ai. 1 Vlxfi5,,,Q, 1 lin . y V, ,L l i fi i il lj . ,E A Cf . 'i ' . lf? if 5 xl ' h '41 :fi ' t . Sr l , 4 I E I ng - i Sl ' f N5 9 i J i t, 2 5 g X ' S , ' l ll l Szekllli llQllE 'C lILllU ll? i -loHN C. STEPHENS .IR ..... .... P resident i JOHN C. l3ELI ,... .... S crrvfury H. CAMPBELL BRYSON .... .... T reasurer ,, COLONEL Hardy, Charles Sanders, Taylor ,, . Vklade, Richard J. LT. COLONEL Smith, Robert. J. Bates li MAJORS Stephens, John C. Jr. i Bryson, H .Campbell l Dunbar, lVilliam R. f Daniel, Richard i CAPTAINS l Daley, Charles S. , tRegt. Adj.J ' Russell, Richard Fuller, George L. Coleman, Chas. C. Bell, John C. i Ellis, J. Franklin l Daley, David S. i Howard, Carl XV. Clark, Chauncey Ballentine, Frank Pendleton, E. A. Jr. Trommerhauser, Charles IST Lllfr 'TE.'X'-4.YTS Dasher, Marion Dunn, David Ivey, W. C. Kirkpatrick, Donald Neal, Frank VY. Pierce, Ben Gracey, Robert B. Nowell, Dorrah Bailie, james G. Moran, E. Elliott Blandenburg. XVilliarn Eve, Henry Hutto, R. L. Laylield, 1. Elmo ZNI7 LIE l TEN.-IIVTS Barton, Robert Chandler, Harold H enclerson, Harold lXlcFaden, Dan fl , I Kitchens, VVilliam C. Brown, Jack C. Pritchard, Ralph G. Leipold, Calvin C. Tiller, Francis Stelling, Edward L. Usry, Billie Denny, XVillis P. McDaniel, NVil1iam Blanchard, Get rge VVallace, J. Martin Forney, Bill B. Hoover, james O. Garten, Leonard Lang, C. A. Dunbar, VVallace Timm, Fred VV. Nichols, john H. Oliver, ,lack C. Bryson, Hampton Bernhart, Ernest Neal, Harry B. Sprott, 'l'homas Z. B. C. - . I vm , 4 K , i ', ,Q if, 4,7 ,fry X -J ' Ji L ,Lf gyff ' 'QP' i -fhhli----" " ' " ' Av-ig ig lr 5 li l ' A in Fl E I 5 IQ. lilo? ll llc llQ r llDlBr4?lffllLlllVlllllllllll ll 'DN llilJ lDllFllFlll'llQlifllQS fh.NlllD in ll-5lllQllhVzN.llTlliS WMF llQ.. ill.. ll.. lg.. lUlSll'll 5 Adams, D. L. Baggs, J. A. Bolyard. J. A. Fulghum, K. F. Jenkins, C. Lazenby, Otis McKie, A.. B. Morris A. Moss, G. T. Clark. V.A. Cooper, A.K. Dooley. J. M, Grady, T. L. Heath, J. L. Owens, J. N. Bailey, C. J Evans, XV. H.. Hungerpiller, J. A. Phillips, K. A. Rae, L. A. Speering, J. V. Bell. VV. B. Calhoun. A. B. Fortune. J. C. Good. J. R. Marshall, G. J. Mobley, J. Redd, P. B. Hargrove , R.H. Baldowski, C. H. Corr, J. E. Melton, J. M. Murray. F. J. Shannahan, J. C. Pollard, VV. W. Pollard, W. L. Steadman, H. B. Chisolm. L. D. Heffernan, XY. H. Jordan, J. C. Stanford, P. C. YValker, M. C. Durden, S. B. Hargrove, F. M.Jr. Love, F. L. Adams. Lloyd Farr. C. G Moye, D. Rhodes, J. T. Sherman, T. F. Tyson, Sam Blum, S. Burns, B. XV. Casella, V. Savage, J. W. Skinner, C. A. lvhite, E. W. Jeffcoat, Harry Kale, W. A. Krewson, J. VV. McLarty, R. A. Pardue, J. F. Vllhite, Wm. O. Davison, V. M. Doremus, C. A. Ferramoska, O. Hughes, G. T. llorris, S. D. Scavens, M. J. Cawley, Y. Lee, L. B. Levy. Y. O'Sl1ea, J. J. Seago. G. H. Sheridan. T. L. Barnes. L, A. Bryant, L. A. Franklin, D, F. Tools, F. A. Corporals Anderson. J. C. Jr. Gaines, H. Hartly, Mason. Jack Stevens, Billie XVidener, Jack Elison, J. B. Holley, F. Mills, G. R. Pearre, C. Pereyra, J, P. Rox, J. A. Slaton, J. E. lVorsham, VV. J. Barnard, Ben Bell. L. K. Brodeur. E. A. Deas. Frank Fortune. Charles Haynie, VV. H. Lewis, S. J. Saye, Sam Cleckley. fl. T. Cunningham, B. Cunningham. lil Hall. C. Kennedy. lVilliam Paulk, L, Conrad Earl Snwith, Xvaller, Austen, S. Garrett. R. Hewitt Jakes, Johnson, T. Martin, Smith, . I- XV. Vllm. Coleman Steed, H. Allen, R, Elliott. Kelley, G. Owens, H. Scoggins. W. Shaffer, L. Vllhaley, L. VVilhelm, O, Privates Adkins. Henry S. Allgood. Robert Alridge, Carlton Anderson, Harvey Amick, Junius Anderson, Rufus Anderson, Taylor Andrews, Howard Atkinson, C. Avery, John J. Baggs, Wm. Bailie, Giles R. A. B:in'lowsKi. C. Barinowski, NY. Battle. Clifton Bedel, Robert Belgcr, Philip Bennett. Dan Bishop. Herbert Bland. lYarren Blitch, Arthur Boatright. Arlie Boswell, Charles Boswell, Ezra Bowles. Dan Braid. Francis Branch, Carl E. Brantley, Rodgers Broome, Vllilliam Bryngelson. T. Bryson, Jas. T. Buck, Clarence Burch, Jas. Busbia. Eugene Burton, Ben Calhoun, Billy Campbell, Harry Carpenter, Floyd Carstarphen, F. Carswell, J. J. Carter, Cecil Carter, Ilan Carter, Harry Chandler, Bruce Clark, Herbert Clary. Thomas Cottield, Lester Collins, Louis Cone, Lloyd Conlon, Louie Connell. A. J. Cooper, Duncan Corbett, Duncan Corry, Jack Covar, A. B. Crawford, George Crawford, Harold Crouch, Leory Crumbly, John Joe Curtis. Daley, Robert Daley, Randolph Daley, Dean, Robert Carlisle dz-Medicis. Herbert DeXVitt, Joe Dicks, Harold Drane, Steve Duckworth, T. VV. Dukes, Mars Dunaway, Robert Durst, Frank Eavenson, Chas. Edentield, Richard Ellington, Claude Ellis, Robert Wm. Faughnan, Doris Ferramosca, V. Fletcher, Autrell Fletcher, VVyatt Florie, Walter Folsom, Alva Forbes. George Fox, Hilliard Fuller, lYillian1 O Gardner, XValter Garrard, Jack Garrett. Henry Gary. Bert Gay, Edward Gehrken, Arnold Gliann. Otis Gillman. Stanley Givens, Shelton Glickert. Robert Glover. Chester Goddard, Xllhyte Goldstein, Meyer Granada, R. Greene, Ben Gritlfin, Louis Grizzell, Rov Gwin. Charles Hair. Quimby Hall, John E. Hall, James B. Hall, John R. Hamilton, Wm. Hammond, Julian Hancock, Charles Hannah. Sidney Hardy, George Harries, Bud Hatcher, Edwin Hayden, Ernest Haywood, Frank Hill, Maxwell Hill, Thomas G. Holley, Clifford Holley, Jack Hooper, Frank Houston, Chas. Howard, Elkins Howard, Julian Howell, Lenwood Howard, Thos. S. Inman, O. B. Ivey, Charles Jenkins, Charles Jenkins, Robert Johnson, Martin Johnson, Tyler Jopling, Jack Keels, James Kelly, Gordon Kelly, VVilliam Kendrick, Ed Kerr, John Kesler, George Kitchens, Earl Klein, Maurice Knapp, Frank Knight, L. Jack Kreisberg, Meyer Krouse, Roy Lackman, John Lamb, Tommy Lanier, James .54 Lee. Elvin Lee, James B. Lemon, Cecil Lever, Jesse D. Levy, I. C. Jr. LeSueur, Bennie Lewis. Billy Lewis. Emory Linson, George Logue, Jess Long, Boyce Lowe, Rogers Maddox, Audley Maddox, Roy Maher, M. J. Maloney, Sheron Marioni, Frank Markwalter, V. Martin. Edward Martin. Gordon May, XVardlaw Meeler, Vl'illiam Meyers, XValden Mitchell, Belton Montgomery, Leck Moore, Joseph Morgan, Hugh Moss, Lamar Munn, Ben Murphey, Louis Murphey. Charles Murray, Charles Murray, Maurice McCauley, T. B. Mcllwaine, S. McLarty, Rufus McLelland, Eben Nelson, Curtis Newman, Ralph S. Newman, Lewis Nichols, Lenwood Nowell, Paul Norvell, Edwin O'Brnyne, Carl O'Connor, Arthur Odom, Jack Olive, Robert L. Ottinger, Julius Owens, Donald Pardue, D. M. Pardue, Harold Pardue, William Pember, Frederick I. N. W. C. Jr. Peters, Philllps, Pitts, Charles Plunkett, James Pomerance, Elliott Pomerance, Leon Pond, Edwin Pope, Ferrell Popkin, Harry Powell, Lownell Punaro, Angelo B. Ramsey, Mack Redd, Al Redd, Ben Redd, Otis Reynolds, John Rhodes, John Richardson, J. C. Rinker, Gerald Rizer, Carl Roberts, Lawrence Roberts. Vincent Robinson. R. A. Rountree. Morgan Rucker, Jack Rupert, John B. Rupp, Charles Sancken. George Snucken. Herman Scarr. Billy Schueler, George Scoggins, Richard Scott. Fred Seigler. XVilliam Senn. Thompson Sheehan, Al Silas, Raymond Silver, David Simon. Leon Slaughter, Billy Smith, Robert Snellings, John Stelling, Carl Stelling, Herbert Stewart, Wade Stokely. Meral Stone, Jack Story, Steed Stulb, Charlie Stulb, Joe Swan, Irvin Swindell, Hasting Tanenbaum, L. Taylor, Ficken Taylor, Earl Tebow, James Theavos, Denos Thigpen, Samuel Thomas, Arthur Thompson, Chas. Tjovaras. Pete Tobin, John Towns, Preston Turner, Cecil Turner, Robert Tyce. Lewis Velix, James Verdery, Orville Von Kamp. H. Walker, Max Wallace, W. VVeathers, Herbert VVeinstein, Abe W'hiteley. Addie Vllilheit, Philip Williams, Arthur Williams, Clint NVilson, Joe Woo, Hon Wood, Williain VVoodward, NV. VVoolf, Harley Wright, John VVright, Sumner Young, James Younblood, Leslie .NX lpn Hi, s., l A ' L ' rx F K V I z , " ' . , '- - V 5 X ,f,g,,,,,,r:.',15L:xKbQfYf,, W- ,ff 'Q.ZZe not ra V . -. KL ,A .7-L., Us .asv as ,- ." Y fl ,A.lwr-w '1v7r,vu1v.nfx1rr.:qn,v3 ,rif1,.L.-1M-- " N V Ll. 'i L..-2. 111. 5 4 I J J 5 ' yr 5 .NlDNrlUlDllVllNllI SSlllDlSlElD 4DflIFlllfUll'EllQS AND 43 n Q llPlllQllW1AhllllES 'Bild llQ.. D.. ll.. ill.. IIUNJHV L T 5 CCONTINUEDJ . ll ' Abernathy, Lewis Goodwin, B. Kelley, H. Owens, J. Parrish, C. R. Smith. F. Allen, H. B. Graham. S. Kelley. J. Pague, H. Paulos. H. Smith, J. , Amick. J. Grubbs, Franklin Kelley, L. Palmer, L. E. Pender, VV. H. Smth, Roy ll Anderson, C. Gregg, H. L. Kearns. J. Parker, H. Perry, J, Smntherman, R. fl Andrews, J. Givens, S. Kerr, E. Palmer, J. B. Peterson, M. Snellings, B. l Ansley, H. C. Gleason, T. King. VV. O. Pecan, lixifenc Phelps, J. Spears, J. Archer, T. Cousart, James Greene, A. Pond. .Jelvin Philpot, DeS. Speering, F. Arthur. J. Crawford, J. W. Greene, E. Knapp, F. Phillips, R. Spieri. E- AfklT1SOH. J. Cape, E. Griffin, H. Krouse, Roy Plagwitz, VVm. Stone. L. A., Jr. Avary. M. Carrigan, T. Griffin, L. Lamar, B. Pollard, J. Story, S. Averett, M. Carter, A, Guillebeau, VV. Lamb. J. Pond, E. Stoyall, J. Baber. Affllllf Cave, L. Gulledge. Jack Lazenby, John Powell, T. Y. Sullivan, J. Baggs, W. Chalker, C. A. Gutierrez, M. Lamback, V. Powers, XVin. Sumner, J. Bailey, P. Chaney, C. Guy. J. Levy, B. Price. VV. Summeraux, G. Baldowski, J. Chapman, VVm. Hadden, O. Lewis, J. Pritchard, H. Suinmerall, G. Balk. T. Chaney, L. Hall, Hugh Little, VV. H. Punaro, V. Sutton, Dan Barbin, R. Claffy. 0. Hall, Jas. E. Loyal, R. Purvis, H. Tankersley, J. Barrett, A- Clarke. R. Hall, Luther Maddox, R. Rachels, VVm. Taylor, G. C. Baston, C. Clark, VV. Hammett, C, Maher, M. Ragan, A. 'l. Taylor, R. BRINGS. VV. Claussen, H. Hamilton, H. MEUIOIICY, J- RHIUSBY. M. Tebow. XV- Bateman. J. Cliatt. D. Hancock. J. Markwalter, A1 Ramsey. R. W, Teston, VV. Battey, A. Cole, E, Hanley, R. Markwalter, C. Raynes, J. Thompson, E. Battle, C. Cochran, VV. Hanson, G. Mason, Samuel Reese, J. Thompson, G. BCBSICY. M. Collins. P. Hardeman. L. Maxwell. Albert Reid- Raymond Tlmefman. J. BCCRWOYIT1. C- Corbett, J. Hardin, J, Mitchell, C. C. Reid. Roo'-rv Tlovaras. J. Belgff. ROD' Covar, Abner Hardy, L. E, Moore, Forrest Reid. VVzll1am Tjovaras, P. Belding, L. Creed. C. Harrell, J. Xlaxwell. Bobby Redd, Henry Tovmey. Joe Best. J. H. Crenshaw, J. Harrigan, B, Mays, XV, Redd. Jesse Trommerhauser,B. Bishop, C. Crouch. J. Harveston, G. Meehan, S, Rivers, Joe Turner. J. W. Black, L. F. Crozier, F, Heath. F, ltfeehan, T, Reynolds, J. VV Turner, VV. C, Blackwell, P. S. Culpepper, D. Heath, S, Merritt, W. Rhodes. A, Seigler, P. Bland, R. Drake, NVilli.nn Heggia, J, Myers, J. Rhodes, Bllly Usry, Tom Boeckman, T. Dyches, Hugh Henderson, M, Myers, VV. Rhodes, F. Van Dyke, C. L. Bolyard, Frank Curtis, J, Herlong' M' Millar, J, Richards, M. Vaughan, B. Boswell, J. D., Jr Daley, G. Hickman, T, Mills, J. C. RlCl13fdS0I1. R. Vause. B. Braswell. Homer Danforth, E. Hickg, M Mize, G. Rgce, Hugh Vidler. J. Brotherton, C. Davaney, J, Hildebrandt, H' ltlobley, R, Rickerson, V. XX ard, Thfn'ntn'1 Busch. Sol Davidson, E. Hill, C. Montgomery, J. Riley, F. XValker. M. Boom. J. D. Deal, H. Hollingsworth, E. Moody. E. Rlnkefv Frank Ware. R- BOUJIUEHU- F- Dean, R. Holsonback, R, Morgan, R. Rivers, J. Vl'ilf'her, Jack Boyd, Cornleious Dewean, lf, Howard, E, Morgan, T. Roberts, A. Xvilliford, Gordon B0Yd, Wm- Dickson, C. Hgward, S, Morris, L. Roberts, H. Xyong, Thomas Bradley, W. Dinkins, H, Hgwe, Bill Moss, L. Roberts, S. Vtvoodruff, William Bray, H. G. Dingrnore, B, Howell, L, Mosteller. M. ROCSCL M. Vtvoodwirrl, F.. Bfflld- F. Dixon, L. Hudggn, L, Moye, B. Rollins. E. L. VN arr. C. Britt, E. Dreggel, 0, R. Hughes' F, Mulligan, Ted Rosamond. W. Weeks, C. Brodeur. R- Durand, C. Hughes, L. Murray, C. Roslef. J. VV. Whaley, C. Brown, Cas. Dye, C, Humphrey' D, Murray. VV. ROIHOII. J- VVhaley, M. BTOWH. Reuben Easterling. VV. Hunnlqntl, J, Murray, R. Rox. B. Vllheatley. S. Bruce, Chas. Edmunds' VV, F, Hardy Wallays Mcllahee. J. Rupert. C. Vlvheeler, C. BYYBUT. C- C- Egleston, M. Hom-er, jnhn Mclxie, C. SRTCHCF- E. B. Vt heeless. WV. Bullard, F. Ellenhe,-g, C, Hunter, A, R, McLarty, Rufus NIXOI1. JOE XVidener, J. Burch, J. H. Elliott, D, Inglett' It McRae, G. 5Cl1OFlCld,L. Wfiggins,-J. Busbla. E- H. Enbanks, J, Howell, Hugh Real, Jr, Scott, X. Wvillis. Billy Bussey, J. Evans, F, gha,,aha,,q T, Neal, L. Scurlock, B. Wilson, J. S. Butler, J. P. Fe,-1-amosco, V, geiglerv M. Neill, W. Seigler. H. il nlte. W. Bynington, B. Fine' N. rveiu H. Newman, J. 5l"glCf. J. M. XYoodward. C. Canicy, L Cason. J. W. Calloway, R. Cook, J. Cooper. Billy Gay, Ed. Goetchius, E. Fitzgerald J. Fort, M. Fox, H. E. Floyd, J. P. Garrard, J. Garren, J. Gay, Bob Jackson, Edward Jennings, Elbert Johnson. E. S. Jopling Jones. K. Jones, L. Ugletree, Jas. XV. Norris. T. Nowell, J. Ogilvie. J. .nzrs Owens, S. O'Hara, C. Parrish, Chas. 'WB dl ills-A .159 P.-s., T U S- 7 Scott, Walter Swan, R. Shaw. J. A. Sheehan, Al Sheppard. J. Simms, XV. Skinner. E. ll'i'iif!l1t, N, lYyntt. XVallace XYZ nn. XV. Young. B. Youn. E. Young. J. i Youngblood, L. if ff 3 gf .-if Exim Gurricula 41" "V .HID i , I- -"'-.1-an "Q I '. ' ' "- ,- I I e. ,vx W' ki. A gh ,. 'na I u A-. , U. dll v 1' I .. i", -" --dl ,Y-c ' 9 Q - .L Y , . . I-1" '. " If-W uf' v J . I, .. , ,. - of I Qu: .1 I .J' . v . .,4' -- -' 2 . X043-I. na' , r 5 'mir' :YJ I if ' :Agni Q 1 Q . gl '. N f :- A 1go'3LAt,E-:I 'rag 'ii' JJ- . If 'O " L - A 4. U t h -x I ic., I A '-- Ld I 'il .ix 'ni 1 1 is , ' . L cf- A 1. A , 4 I ' '. M 4 -I , al f - -4 -I In 7 1 . 'nh lk , ' H . . :L - - f f . il . 1 .4 ' 4 V054 I I' ,, .I Y '!h ' Q- N Qil5CGJQ,'J'- S .V Y R v i ' v .Lg i . ' 1 li i T' 3 1 11 ii 1 N r rxtxae it ..-.1X.u:."fe nwix' "-.'?' Qty! J I I '-l. ,RDI J 1 L ' 4llZlDlLlD 66119999 SlD'llZlllllEllfY Students who have earned Gold "R's" since organization. To earn a Gold "R," a student must show general all-round ability, and excel in at least two phases of school life 1930 Boyd, Wfelcome Fulton, Morris Skinner, James Currie, Brainard 1921 Bailie. Anderson Caswell, Theodore Clark, H. O. Gracey, Matt Mulherin, Frank XVade, Dick VV'hitney, Jack Anderson, Oliver 1932 Kelly, Alex Scruggs, Bland Currie, Marian Bolgla Julius Traylor, Bothwell Bell, John C. Stevens, Jackie Scrivener, Archie 1933 Bryson, Hampton Coleman, Charlie Dunbar, William Fuller, George Q7 Sflk, 10? Forney, Kenneth Krupp, John Maryott, Arthur Burnley, Frank Harbin, Henry 1934 Bearden, "Mutt" Daley, David Hoover, James Kitchens, Bill Sprott, T. Z. Skinner, Allen Sanders, Taylor XVhite, XV. O. ., R e.g1::'cx,QLfs1.2r:5DCP':, n -'Ir ' 'nn T:':.'1f. xwwwg ff" Pl! If Q1 l lgjx V1 O ,, , . Q 'I I-Y? ' fvv , 4 L Lffxravrrw -nfv.vx1-wrocv-rrrona. v 7 .. ..' ...Lx lll9llHlllEl 1lllllHlllli'll KAI llillllllk, fNatio1Ial Junior College Honorary Scholarship Society. Approved by the .-American Association of junior Collegesj Beti Xi Chapter at The Junior College Of Augusta. Fstablisliecl 1937 1932 fClIarter Membersj .ELEANER BEARDEN BRAINARD CURRIE AIORRIS FULTON JOSEPHINE IFRY LLEVVELLEN GIBSON FRANK HARRIS :XMELIA SHEFTALL JAMES SKINNER JR. FRANCES GIKRTEN IXLIIERT XYHITTLE 1933 HELEN DERRICK ELIZABETH ELKINS DEAN ERIC HARDY I Houoraryj BERBIE ELLA 'IAMES RIORRIS BIARKS PRES. -I. L. SKINNER l Honoraryj ill.-XRTHA VVALKER .IACK XYHITNEY fx' A,- 1934 IQATHERINE BISHOP LOUISE BLACKSTONE FRANK GRADY bl UANITA H.AX'NIE RORERTA INGLE RL'TIl JONES .ALEX INIELLY EI.IZARE'l'H LEE NEAL CTSHEA IQATRINE RAVVLS CAROLYN XYIIITE -IONNIE AlAE XVITT -rv - x - f Calf-, Q i - -A A f Nr gg m sg - ssat sxo ,. I f ' C' ?jZ2,z,.,aN"QM .lg f .' ' ngnrrxgmu-.'a1munw1'.wuy 1, L f Llyj. .sw-fy s-, ,,,. , - Q, I A J , 1 N x S f ...S 3 at N 3 N GUIUNMDIQ UClLlLlliQlE CIF AHJUUSTFA ll-llllleY OFFICERS First Term Second Term President . . ROBT. J. BATES SMITH President . . ROBT. J. BATES SMITH Vice President . JOHN C. STEPHENS JR. Vice President . . . JOHN C BELL Secretary . . . . JOHN C. BELL Secretary .... MARION CURRIE Treasurer . . SAM H. ZEALY Treasurer . H. CAMPBELL BRYSON ROLL John C. Bell Robt. J. Bates Smith Dorrah Nowell Marion Currie Preston Delph Dubose Egleston Frank Mulherin Keen Hammond Thomas Saul John C. Stephens, Jr. Sam H. Zealy Luther Stafford Carl W. Howard Roswell McRae Read Wynn ADVISORS MR. H. O. READ LIEUT. SAM PURSWELL MR. S. O. ROBERTSON "ie .Q , Richard Daniel Cook Barwick H. Campbell Bryson James Green Emil Hummel Anderson C. Bailie an-5 lllllll:YENWV PEGGX REDD Pnazdezzf NIARX HLLL . . . I zu Pzcizduzf KATHRXN LEIPOLD . Svuffazx REBECCA GUEST . , . Tp MJIM1, NELLE LEGXVEN .... . . . Progzam Clltlllllltlll Emma Ruth Barksdale Helen Barnard Katherine Bishop Elizabeth Bostick Jane Eve Fair Miriam Fullhright Annette Gercke Margaret Goldberg Sarah Harrell xfp .At 20 Tr -- Ruth jones Elizabeth Lee Elna Loziiliard Margaret Merry Dean Nowell Katrine Rawls Ellen Shanahan Eugenia Syinins Jonnie Mae XYitt AQAIDISEIWY IHHIEY COLEMAN SMITH . ALLEN SKINNER . ROBERT BICLARTY . ALVA COOPER . . MR. ALBERT SIMPSON ORVILLE VERDERY VVILLIAM N. VVHITE MARION DASHER JOHN HALL GUS TOOLE LANSING LEE FRANK NEAL HARRY NEAL XVILLIAM JAKES ROBERT GRACEY VVILLIAM HLTTSON VVILLIAM WHITE GORDON KELLY X353 Q3 4 A I' -:im y,fT - . President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor , , ,- W It 1 JI M51 I X , 5 rl 0 - ,Nw ,Ae-47 . ,- Vw. A , " 'CZLZCZUZLQZZZA' I TC2,'ZLT'I1T?'Sf vljn- 1wvfxif-1r'r.1w'r'r.:m'vr'xruqnv3., ' L 1 JT 1 N TQITOUIIHIIIWODNIID UIHMMIEDTHER IIHIITEXY DAVID DALEY . . . . President TREUTLEN GRADY . . Vice President JAMES ELIXSON . . Secretary TAYLOR SANDERS . . . . Treasurer MR J M ROBERTSON . . . . Faculty Advisor JAMES BAILIE HAMPTON BRYSON ALEX DOREMUS SAM DURDEN EZRLE IQITCHENS DONALD IQIRKPATRICK BOTHWELL LEE GEORGE RHODES GEORGE SANCKEN HERMAN SANCHEN JAMES SHANAHAN CHARLES THOMPSON SAMUEL WALLER BOBBY MILLS CHARLIE STULB TOM BAKER Ax' 5 f1Rf?', .,,.....t,:r SQ 34 ,A L Q af A Ft fi X, It Q E A 4 -1. i-, iff! gJ 0000 A - dl J! 'ap , 55 I I fWN:VfBEiX x XY if DX -,,,4.x .7 - . 5 sms osaefssue-gr ' 1 " XXX ' . E' ,v 132. 'vxrmmmxyuyxnyyxl-Qu s- J .XQ lv w.X51zf1-4m11111u.mrrmu X x L' N L 1:1 4+ f r v 1 l r r 4 , I f I 1 1 ANN HUAL STATFIIF KATHERINE BISHOP U. C. AJ . . Editor-in-Chief T. Z. SPROTT KA. R. CJ .......... Editor-in-Chief JACKIE STEPHENS U. C. AJ and FRANK NEAL CA. R. CJ . Business Managers FRANK BALLENTINE QJ.C.A.j and ROBT. GRACEY QA.R.C.j . Asst. Business M grs. KATHRYN LEIPOLD Q-I.C.A.j and TAYLOR SANDERS QA.R.C.j . . Literary Editors VICTOH LEVY CA. R. CQ ............ Joke Editor FRANK MULHERIN U. C. AQ ......... Picture Editor KENNETH FORNEY U. C. AJ and HAMPTON BRYSON CA. R. CJ . Sport Editors BATES SMITH 41. C. AJ . .R ........ Military Editor EMILY BROWN U.C.A.j and ELMO LAYFIELD CA.R.C.j . . Art Editors TRACY LEVY U.C.A.j ......... . . Sales Manager ED BAILEY . . . . . . Contributing Editor E. M. ALLEN . . Chairman of Faculty Coni. E. Q -83 A 72, 9 sf 21 H ,I - V V r V I I MUSKETE wx MEX 5' A :z::::z:gQg5g: Bad CO I ci'- in G. if-L 21176, GONNA' 'noe ru. v zum- .uf S MW, ,-1 Im. ml, I-II qu mess .tary Ball Half 2 S 9 ILO. INK Y D1-'Ji I k 'nz Th For Pr:-lhr mg H'.1Irv NUMBER 3 WM! WEN 1 bl E ud Cn ulyu sqm, Alex Vorevuu ,J " - Y Good Attlfliiflilllftfg N w bank: Ai ' ' ' L" 'W f'l1.m." in Fkfhl.-n.-A Pl't'YI0lISlVl'lIl IlnI1Il7n"'U" , . ,. MJUSIIMETTENEIQ STZMIFIF G. M. SCOTT . . Clzairman of Family ComIIIitfcI O. XV. CHANDLER .... Advisor to Blljillgjj Siajff A. G. OWENS CHARLIE COLEMAN . Editor-in-Chief JACKIE STEPHENS ....... Managing Editor BUSINESS STAFF ALEX DOREMUS . . Business Manager JAMES BAILIE . Assi. Business Manager FRANK AIULHERIN . . . . Assistant .ALEX IQELLY . ...... .-lxfvixtmzf CONTRIBUTORS LANSING LEE FRANK AIULHERIN DEAN NOW'ELL PEGGY REDD DICK XYAIIE H A RVEY XV I LSO N CTIIC Musketeer was edited largely by the L ,fri II -f 'CDI JOHN BELL DICK DANIEL MARION DASIIER FRANK DOREMCS GEORGE FULLER Ti.-XTIIERINE ISR.-XFKA jOuI'nalis1II Class during .FX-'T 5,.. I- the Ind semester dl., 'ICC Ax., llLlll'lll!ElfQAlIl2Y 1lD'lZlIlllElIlY OffiC61'S fO1' First SCHTCSYCF Officers for Second Semester MARION CURRIE . . . President BIARION CURRIE . . . President ELIZABETH LEE . . Vice President ELIZABETH LEE . Vife Preszdem' EDWARD BAILEY . . Sedy and Trans. EUGENIA SYMMS . . Sn-"y and T1 cas MR. C. M. SUTTON Barwick, Cook Bailey, Edward Battey, Louise Boecknian, Anna Bogla, Julius Cheek, Phoebe Currie, Marion Dye, Grace Doyle, John Fournaee, Louise Gracey, Judith Gillman, Hannah Goldberg, Margaret Guest, Beckie Hull, Mary Holland, Mary Harris, Ruth Harrison, XVyona Hardin. Martha Heffernan, Agnes Ivey, Glenn James, Miriam Jones. Ruth Joe. Frances Jackson, Julia Jordan, Jessie Krafka, Katherine -A ax 4" V L: ,-1 pliefh to 5 nclrleefi i .C-L'-1' -A ns- -J -ft 1,1-A Faculty A dzfisor Kennedy, Mary Lee, Elizabeth Leipold, Katherine Levy, Tracy Levkoff, Doris Legwen, Nell Mulcay, Mary Powell, Jimmie Punaro, Itala Reed, Harriett Stephens, Virginia Synims. Eugenia NVillis, Mary XVhite, Carolyn V- ' v- , as ,, . W 'T Tr A . X ll ly xii? is-is .. p 1 i ,T ,lj X - 1,-i:igI.2r13g.Qf:r 's1Xtffsi. , li T E 4' "?LzzL2z2:2.f4z,2222.z2:.,ieIf 6- 1,11-ux,.L'x UJLX -'5"3.ux"x'iw"L'QV L J' V- 11,fp. .:vYvr'f-ww-rrrww-rf--.--rr.-qnxqg , , r i i , I JL N :l l l v J l Q is 5 ,J ,W , is 5 Q' N N 'fl K Q 'xi it Cin N5 Nl: B 3 L il N A.. IIQ.. TZ.. llLlIlllFlEllQ1KllQY S4IU4UllllilIWY OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester W. O. WHITE .... President J. HoovER ..... President ALEX DOREMUS . . Vice President ROBT. MCLARTY . . Vice President MARION DASHER . . . Secretary ALEX DOREMUS . . . Secretary CURTIS NELSON . . Treasurer HAMPTON BRYSON . . . Treasurer MR. J. E. EUBANKS . .......... Faculty Adviser Bailie, I. Inman, O. B. Scavens, M. Blanos, G. Jakes, W. Saye, S. Bryson H. Kelly, W. Sheridan, L. Bryson, I. T. Kirkpatrick, D. Skinner, A. Burns, B. Kitchens, B. Smith, C. Calhoun, W. C. Lee, L. Stelling, H. Carswell, J. J. Lemon, C. Stelling, E. Chandler, B. Levy, V. Thompson, C. Cooper, A. McDonald, J. Timm, F. A Dasher, M. McKie, A. Tiller, F. Dorernus, A. McLarty, R. Towns, P. Drane, S. Mobley, J. Waller, E. Elliott, M. Nelson, C. XVal1er, S. Gaftenf. L- Ottinger, J. XVallace, W. M' Pafdue, J. xvime, W. o. Gracey, R. Phillips, K. Vlilheit, P. Hooper, F. Sancken, H. XVingard, E. Hoover, I. Sanders, T. Young, I. CWS .Zf-jf. 'Q. ., 5, 1-,X1F-Z., Q, E xl-. Q gl ,,, ,f"'4 ' lg If ,Na Xl, lx ll Li, -, " j 'sql iv, " V if D , , . - X rrnwgn-v.t.'--1xu.u-:-- J x. 4 " 'bij 5 li 17 lF1lQIESfllHIllWlz-'KN IELIWIIQIIQAJIQ Y S4IB'ClIl1lE'lllY Qfficers First Semester Officers Second Semester EARL HOLLINGSXN'ORTH . . President JACK MCGAHEE . . . Preszdent BOBBIE BIAXVVELL . . Vice President ROY SMITH . Vice P1 eszdent BILLY VVHEELESS . . Secretary MACK RAMSEY . . Seczefary CLINTON VVHEELER . Clzairman XVILLIAM MERRITT . . Clzanfman MR. JOHT BIOORE . Allen, H. B. Balk, Theo Barbin, Robert Barrett, Alex Belding, Lambeth Carrigan, Teddy Claussen, Henry Cochrane, Billy MEMBERS Dye, Charles Goodwin, Bland Hildebrandt, Henry Lamb, B. Markwalter, Al McGahee, jack McRae, Grady Mobley, R, Faculty Advisor Montgomery, Jerome Powers, Bill Ragan, A. T. Ririker, Frank Shannon, Torn Stone, L. A. Sullivan, john Thompson, Guyton Turner, Cecil ,,--Y ' "iv, U IBX ,: ,' I Xglkx In-Kink, 1 1 X 1 T'b2'Q::K.fmi,':',:.zf:Qx, . 1. K,-ff 'X .E E QE 531, Q H11 111x..L' W-1,5-'J-'--'Y-'S-Y'1"'3"""w'-"V XEQA 1 f' r ' 'x I . Y: dnrmz. . 1 LL- z'.- "QQ 5 Ss sl 51 yu 'EP Tir 5 K? Q5 553 EP 9 1 fl. N S. 1. IIQIIHIUID ED BAILEY . . TOM FULGHUM JAMES GREENE . DUBOSE EGLESTON 'U IIHIHII IPP lTQ,l!E2lW 145118 Ill 'E IL WUIILUUIIB Bolgla, -I. Pritcharclq P. Hummel, E. Saggus, H, Harbin. H. Saggus, R. Kelly, A, Stellings, F. Levy, T. XYarthen. V. Mulherin, F. Mize, H. FACULTY ADVISORS MR. H. O. READ MR. C. A. SCRUGGS MR. M. D. YOUNG Prvsidclzf cv Pl'FSfIl'Cl1f SC'C'I'C'ft'll'j' Trms1n'c'r 1, f 7 Y if Q, ,, J 'f r f , x 1 fffi r ,MT J Nfx- ESXXTLV Yi 9'Z'.wy .' . -y -----fi-in-'asp xx. . YJXYX.--,L1'x',,,. ..4a.---.-..- ll ,E 53 N N w .AT ,Q S: H f.lfJJ .Cf E L N x. ii Ni X ' . E sr, if li' V lm - l . .-. W K 5 i H631 KU rr CV rv,- . , Y,.,,, f 4 ' Z. 'I ' . - A.. Vu, fx,- ll '...v "Vr.1..-. - T I 2 dl.. 'Co A.e2Ak.. Ili. lllf.. 'IQIIUEIIL 'L'll-,llUlB Phillips, K. Quarles, V. Robertson, R Steffan, D. Sanders, T. Sherman, R. Stelling, E. Sheridan, G. Von Kamp, H 'Wiggins A. VVilson, H. VVorshan1. V. VVade, D. VVi1lianis, R. C, N. GALLOVVAY, Chairman Brodeur, E. Fournace, L. Bostick, L. Harrison, L. Barnard, H. Holley, K. Bell, I. Hudson, L. Burns, B. Hoover, I. Coleman, C. Hardman, R. Clark, V. James, M. Doremus, F. Kitchens, B. Dasher, M. Lemon, C. Daniel, E. Ef:5VkOff-N?- , inson, lf. EPT' Morgan, H. u ler' ' Mulcay, M. Fullbright, M. McGahee, V. Forney, K. Powell. I. FACULTY COMMITTEE H. O. READ G. H. R1DGVb'AY is. i Q , ,fx I I N7 X, 55 O gg qeqemsc. . I ppfraeoeappraaaaovfu., 41 Q . ,,1,,q,nwA,u.:xm,xm..x11NK'fV!- J ""' H' "-""-' - '--- - - f " , A . I I i n ,Q A Y ' ' -P W Q R Q j Z? R I i , E N Q ' 6, 5 ' i l - 5 I Q 1 S 4UlHIUlDllD1IL 'Dl!Q1lEZ1lHkHIES14F IHA FRANK HfXRDERIAN RIARION DASPIER . DONALD IQIRKPATRICK J. C. AANDERSON . VV. C. IVEY . LOUISE FOURNACE . SWEENEY SIKES . GEORGE FULLER CDirectOrj . 63 if First Alto Saxofvlzonz' . Third Alto Snxofilzone Scromi Tvnor Sarofvlzozzc . '. Fi1'SfTI'1llllf7Cf . SCC01ldTI'lllIlfCf . . . Banjo . Piano . Drums gg xxx Si ras XNNHBE 1 'x -uxumonnmcmn-Yum '15-mmm -. mf-ff-fff IO!! , b .J Xt e ' l X 55 Q bbb esaQssxoq J CX-N I L 23, 4' A x Jill! Cl 4 GO 490 All I A., IE., 'Um ANIID dl.. HU., All SlIFlUllDlIENlli 4IlZ1lDllUN 4ClllL A. F. SIMPSON . . . JOHN C. STEPHENS, IR. ROBT. J. BATES SMITH College Soplzomores College Freshmen Academy Seniors Academy Juniors Academy Soplzomores Academy Freshmen . Clzairman of Faculty Committee President . . . . Secretary and Treasurer ROLL OE MEMBERS S Miss Elizabeth Lee Robt. J. Bates Smi John C. Stephens, john C. Bell Henry Harbin Wlni. R. Dunbar Calvin A. Leipold Ben Pierce Francis Tiller Curtis Nelson Alex Doremus Allen Skinner Carlos Bearden VVilliam Kennedy John K. Lackman H. Paulos F. Braid S. Wheeler th J , fifwWsFX Q I . M. - I A., BQ.. 1C..ilP?.,'HY.. Ax, 1FlID'lD1RFIlBAIUiL STlVAxD1IUUIW n-nil I ,sf 30' gl Q4 5' 51 E, E, 5. 5 AJ 1. V XA 'N 1 XQ fs .3 ,s 'fu ,s 55 -'s :s 22 :S 'S LN '3 fg, KXXXHSXSXXXKQY5 -X RSX NX gxgxxvgggxsxttxt SSS!! 4 1 7 v I 4 4 v I i 1 4 J 1 W I I W I , V I ,B 1 r l 2 3 l 4 1 1 I 1 n W W f .gf 'lu-:QE a.gf5z'Mm':mh4 ,. L 1 v'r""9""' Qf .1 11 s 'Q' , . 1 X 1 1 .. v l1',L. 5 F J . , 1 u... 1. L1 +1 'ug o 4 ' 1"1" '1 . K V: W 1 1 Wil ML 1 1 1 1 1. -.1f1f.111- .111 1, ,wil ' 'v.1 1 .' .' siding' "'."1" 1 ' ' 1' ' ' ' 5 f o 1 1 1 u 1-I . ! 'I 7 11' I X 1 1 'Aww' .nil I1 . ' - ' 'X ' ,-,Q 'u' ,h1"1T. Y. 1' 1 Q 1 1m '-"' 1' 4' . 'Q 5' Vfslxb 1 I . , . . , - g,,gg,,1 1 X . , .L hkvnra-QLI5, f AA J , 1 V 13111, :I 111 I 91- 1 W,,l1'1:Iz':"h ' ' Tlx 11 L11-3.1 4, 1 1. 4- X ,111 1.11.14 1 l ,,1-1.'1,'W. , 1 .1. 1 ' -'.'T'11L"!-15 1 11 ' ' . 7 1 I 1v 1V,' 1.0.2111 ' 1 ' f '-'11 + 1f, 1 1 11 1 - W E ' 'l - ,uni LA vu ,I Jr 1 n '11'f 1.11 W5 11-u 1 f, Mm, .-lift -H4 "" 1 11 U. V. ' ' "xi 1 . ' 1'?'1 ' '1 l .1 W 11 '- 'nt 1 '- . " W ' . 1..' n. 1 ,, I ,- . 11 1 V-f ' Y I I - 1 . . 1 ' -. ' '- ,1 ,111 . , ' 'Jw -I - 'yn 'G V J ft-' ' 4 1 1 I - ' 11. , x . 1 1 .W 1 . ' 'F ' ' . . ' r 4 ' .'- ' . -Y' ' 0' A , . 10 , A .1-'UF H- .11L v1. . lvl" .G " '11 ' A ' 1 " , W 1 l . ' ' +1.f-1, ,, 1 .,. V ,W--1 N , ' 1 1 L ,Y I A ' 'I' Ji' 7.11 V .w 1 W 1-5' ' 41 I ' 1 18 .1 '1 ' 1 1A 44 41,1 . 1.Y,1..1A:'3,3 - . ' , 1 , fi. . 43- . 1 ..1 .- '4 11 , 1-01. -"1" .1 1 , 11 ,,1 'JE 1 ' ' '1 ', . J . 1 4 'H 4 ' 4 1 X 1 1 1 . J 1 l 1 ' , ,.c1 , . I4 1 , I 1 1 1 A V1 ,.l ",r., - . af- 1' - , 19' 1 X111 ,1 I ' I . ., ' , H., 1,3 Ir' 1 1 d 11- . 1 ' . ' nl. Q ' 1 1 - X1 ' , 4 l , A 1,1151-'. ,, . 11 1 ' 'A gn. 1. . -V , 1 v 1.13 N" M! 4 - A "1 , 1 5 1 1 -, .gr "4 '.1"b fini!-jg V1 fi 14" '1,Q11 . Lg ' .11 1 1-A V . U' 1 A1 Q ' . . W ' lf 1 1 'fm ,1--A - .-111.1 11' ' ll '1 11 .fziifvfi 'Q 1 I "F 1 ..'f,qJ3'9 ,, .- 1 J' f .. u ' 'N 'vw' 19 1' ' I ...1"' Q 1 ' 1 N . 1 1144 11-1.1 1 1 Q A. F. SIMPSON, Director of Aflzlctiics The Department of Athletics has had two primary ambitions. The First is clean sports, play- ed by bona fide students from our own county and section. The second is a broad programme of sports, so comprehensive that every student will have an opportunity to actively engage in at least one phase of athletics. We have solved these ambitions. Today the Academy and Junior College are respected everywhere for their high standard of clean athletics. At the same time they set an example for other schools to follow in the diversity of sports offered the students: football, inter-company football, girls' basket ball, boys' basket ball, inter-class basket ball, track, tennis, golf, base ball. We believe that the future holds for our schools an even broader and finer programme of athletics-touching, in the years to come, every Studentfand carrying our enviable reputation to every section of the country. ALBERT SIMPSON. -.4':". -L -. .i .4-4'..4e::-f?.'-48-bf " .g .p"'-. ' ' ' ' A'2"""1' WWW NME ":..: U a- S322 LJSA1 S .J .32 K0 Q . . 41 Efaiqitglhj.. 0 , F 3 52.4-SJ Mimgbzgo' 8025525 EMONE' LT-425 , mv 33'g"' :UO-E 3012 gee WSE LT-ia-1 1-.x Bs: M355 U M 1.5 233544 Ugguix www .hd CQNU ,x CJ LZQFUU L. mean mm S -2 A .' jgdmdg 552' fu:-aiu: :NZ-1:'8nI U- Un'-'E.E'32 :Y-'1' 'HZU'g'D'E.T-'IEE Qu,122v1" cnggf Uni' Env 'S cv mmLjF.,23v U'g.ldL..'U mgucwsh +'zHg5S LD G . 5 ' ' I I-0 3 ,J . Q, . v-T 'A -E . C.- D515 'qs 2531: 8-' .'T:,.3x..' 315205, 59 0335535 as "0aSi'i99 Mmsi 1-'P cd 4' 'P-.:,4. P' LJUDCQQ 1 x :I L7 1 i . ' Al yy ,gitlfmnixvrf-LLL45?-if?"S- . " Y' 'AunfxiL.x. v.,--..-g,-V A -5, Y .- 'fr " J K N Q s.. 1' 'I fl 1 W l Q 1 1 1 fi J -1 i ,Lv l is 5 ni 'llgfo ZANQU i 1 1... N -E ,,.,:.,,,:,.,.,.,.,:.,,,,.,.:.:,.:.:.,..:.,.,.... .:.:..:.:s:.,.,s.:..s-:.:a-.s-mx. w Although hardly twenty-two candidates answer- .. ed the call for players, the J. C. A. Football Team 3 had a moderatelv successful season. It won three Q games out of six. It developed, however, mto a hard pl blocking. hard tackling, and hard fighting football . team. This development was due to the work of .7 Coach f'Bob'l Gressette. together with the ceaseless Q backing of Assistant Coach Albert Simpson and the ' boys on the team. The boys worked hard. took a good many hard knocks, but played football cheer- For the opening game of the season, Carlisle came to Augusta with an experienced team. The frame was almost. but not quite, a "walk-awaV" for Carlisle. The score was 33 to O. The second game. which was against Belmont Abbey. was a different story. The C. A. came back hard and strong, outplaving Belmont on every plav. to win by the close score of 13 to 12. The score gives a false impression, for one slip in the last few min- victory. by the way, is the first utes gave Belmont an undeserved touchdown. This victory ever won by the I. C. A. A week later the C. A. boys went to Charleston to play the Citadel Freshmen. This was the only outeof-town game of the year. In this game, I, C. A. threatened to score three times, but was unable to gain the last few yards. Citadel won 25 to O. The next game was against the Blue Ridge Junior College. The boys from North Carolina were good football players and good sports. They played better foot- ball than our boys to win by the score of 13 to 7. In the game against Erskine Freshmen, the I. C. A. "hit its stridef' The I. C. A. team was blocking and tackling much better, but its biggest improvement was its better team-work This better team-work was largely responsible for the winning of this game. 20 to 7. To Finish the season in "fine style" the C. A. beat Young Harris 19 to O. The I. C. A. played its best game against Young Harris. XVe played on the offensive the largest part of the game. Young Harris could never keep the ball long enough to get close to the goal line. The team of last year wished us a more successful season than the one they had. XVe have carried their hopes the best we could, and think that we can proudly say that we have started toward "recovery." .XI.m:m' SIMPSON . Killlltfllli' Hixlll up lfaptaiul J Sarah Brmvn rv ,l Kzxtlwrins ljilmsml r!XO5h"' ,l Forwards lflna I,Ollll7Zll'fl Guards .Kg nu ll--ff' "Him Iailllllrl BOS x ' Mirizam lfullnriglmt Um! .l tink I Jflllllzl' Mac Wxtt Alu Nxvflllillli lmuisu FUllI'llZ1CC' :J Cvres -I Centers Qlllillllfii lzrlwa Becky Guest rrla l.Xlt. Captainl . Coach XVarrcnt0n . 26 XVrens .... 37 Harlem .... ll XYrens . . . XYrens .... .. Yidettc .... 20 Mt. St. Joseph 25 XVarrenton . . 50 Harlem .... ll Dearing .... 23 Dearing .... 14 Mt. St. jusepll 0 lYarrenton . . 40 l.ouisville . . . 8 Evans .... 21 Vlillllllliill . . . 21 14 33 A., llQ., IIUQ llBASllRlIE1IFllBAlLllL llflllizbklldll G. L. BOLTON . JIMMY LANIER . Letter-Men David Daley QCaptainj Hampton Bryson . . . Jack Swearingen . . . Charles Pearre . . . . Curtis Nelson . . Bobby Gleckert . . George Kesler . . Morgan Rountree . . Jimmy Lanier ...... Reserves flohn Lackman .... Allen Skinner . . Saul Blum .... . I. C. Courtney . . . . Crawford Garrard . . Allen Morris . . . Rupert ..... . Center Forward Forward Forward . Guard . Guard . Guard . Guard Manager . Center . Guard Forward Forward . Guard . Guard Forward Cifiaosfer iam! Cjeows El- . .3 'P' l A.R A.R A.R A.R A.R A.R A.R A.R A.R A.R A. R A. R A. R A. R A. R A. R Won Games 30 vs. 12 vs. Z5 vs. 14 vs. 11 vs. 33 vs. 28 vs. 13 vs. 14 vs. 15 vs. 52 vs. 14 vs. 41 vs. 20 vs. 27 vs. 23 vs. 9 and C oat lz . . MG1Z'dg6V Played Warrenton . . Wrens . . . Harlem . . . VVrens . . . Benedictine . Washingtoii . Washington . Savannah . . Benedictine . Graniteville . Dearing . . . Savannah . . Dearing . . . VVarrenton . . Tech High . . Faculty-J.C.A Lost ..... v-W ,ff EJNW UH H H I M M M BX UWDDWH ,oN W M Coarlz Q- Lu z LJ Q A W sd rx if LJ Coaflz HA1:1,IE ROYSTUN C f- Q 'L' -.. .4 'N '31 id LJ Z ci Li Center dy, T. fa G uard . G rv' f-4 xl 4.1 r re if cc D-9. E ns : L7 Fulllmack C. earcleu, rd B Ld F: f- .- 3 ,S DL .-. S v v-L G f-1 Ld H A Q A ,-1 L .- cd u I ey,. D. D Guard S an 2 GJ f- 'C .13 LC 'J C rv' r-1 ZJ al eipold, L .ld Q ru .2 E LL. amy, H. urg B Guard '-1 5. 2 rd A x 1 : Lvl fi 'L EL 5 L- : cm xx UU mm ,-SCD Ez .-4... L- cd ts O? -34. gi WCC ..:: 'aa L"x.. 'Ecu '52-' P55 -qw xxx UUO NNN ZQCDIZQ :rw- cvSfUTg E35 f-3 ,LJ. Qs? Q55 mia EZLA 122 :xx Lllou mm HP ,4'. --O anis, ,L- SEL 29-fl-6 Back I' uarte Q oran, E. M Center J. Lackman, ackle T Barton, J. Q gawk 5 5 556 saasnqs flq, XXX Qs X QM 'Q 1:o:1l1x'iS11'DQv:irLxu.u':Ln:xtx1v.1x. Q X '-gg Q 1? nxxrrcnz-rruwrr-1 A., IQ., IU., lIF4O'OTllB25kll.llL U IYhen the curtain rolled back on the 1933 i fi othall season. ten veterans of the 1932 eleven answered Richmond's first call to the gridiron. These letter men were Leipold, Daley. Carswell, Plunkett. Bearden, Tiller, Grady, Heath, Hair, and Durden. The players were to look up to a new pilo-t of Richmond's destinies on the grid- iron this year. Coach "Big Six" Curtis Luckey replaced Coach Ike Sherlock. Coach Luckey is an old Richmond graduate. While at the Uni- versety of Georgia. our "Big Six" was a member of the 1926 All-Southern Teamg he was named on Georgia's All-Time Team. After four weeks of gruelling practice. the 1933 edition of the Musketeers made their debut. On September 30, our cadets put a plucky War- renton team to rout to the tune of 59-O. On Octo- ber 7. the Musketeers carried our colors into the enemy camp. They played Glynn Academy of Brunswick. The second game of the season ended in defeat for our gallant men, 13-6. On October 14, Bailie Military Academy at- taCkeCl Our Cadets On the Richmond field. From the opening whistle, Richmond was determined to atone for its defeat at the hands of Bailie last year. The "never-say- die" spirit of the Richmond cadets led them on to a well-earned victo-ry, 13-O. The follnw'ng weekend, October 20. the Musketeers packed their bags for battle with Valdosta High in Valdosta. Richmond entered the game sure of victoryg Yea, this same sureness cost us the game. 32-14. On October 27. RiCl1I11'tHCl met her greatest foe in Richmond Stadium. Savannah High proved to be our greatest foe in 1933. The battle ragedg but every time the ball was in play Savannalrs massive line and backfield gained ever so little through our lighter defense. An A. R. C. eleven has never fought a losing battle so valiantly to the end. In all justice to Savannah, their victory was well earned, 19-O. The team, broken in spirit. lost a hard-fought game to Darlington High of Rome. The final score was 6-O. This game took place on November 11. XVith fire in their eyes to avenge the unfair defeat the preceding Saturday. the Musketeers met the strong Benedictine team in Richmond Stadium on November 17. This game was the most spectacular of the year, being featured with long runs, beautiful kicks, well-timed passes, and individual plays. When the smoke of battle cleared, the Musketeers marched forth, triumphantly bearing her laurels, 19-7. TH.-XNKGIVING DAY, NOVEMBER 25! Wfhat a day to write of in Rich- m"nd's rich football history. On Turkey Day the cadets of Richmond met the cadets of Riverside in their annual fowtball classic. The stands were crowded-the bands were playing-uniforms on every side. In a flash of color the battle began. Rich- mond made a touchdown and the extra point. The battle raged thicker every minute. Riverside made a touchdown. Riverside attempted a pass for the extra point. Our left end knocked the pass out of the receiver's hands, thereby saving the day for Alma Mater. The tide of battle ceased. Richmond was victorious, 7-6. The final curtain rang down on a successful year of football. Our Musketeers scored 118 points to their opponents' 83. Co-ach Luckey dreams of a championship team for next year. and to the last man of us he has our support. CHAS. S. DALEY. MEMBERS OF "COMPANY E" CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL TEAM CO.-XCHES DA1-Ey. D: IQESLER, Cv: LACKMAN, .Ig NOWELI., D3 SWEARENGER, MEMBERS McDaniel, B. Clark, C. ' McFaclcu. D. Avery. J. Sancken, H. Baker. T. Shemmu, T. Denny. XV. Smith, F. Hungerpillar. J. Swint, L. Jackson. B. XYl1itely, A. Martin. VV. Yuung. J. C. Murphey. C. L, gf 1-.311 QD .L 'Fw ' Tx"i l, ' ,- , - .L Img, V I I ' 1 dl .. UU. Ax.. UIDIILIIF lllllFA.llVlll ALBERT SIMPSON Frank Mulherin Bootsie Stafford Dick Mulherin ..........C0ach Alex Ogilie Tom Saul Emil Hummel SCORES 17 vs. Rollins College 1 132 vs. Yale University 13y2 . 22 vs. Yale University 5 15M vs. University of Ga. ZZ A. 10 vs. University of Ga. 8 16M vs. Furman IM, 7M vs. Furman IOM . 36 vs. NVashington O K, N ' '53 Z9 . FACULTY TEAM-CH.'XMPIHNS Ulf DI. C. AX. BASKETB.XLL LEAGUE Moore AIAIICII Young Bolton Gres-sette Galloway Simpwm nl cVl'HliR gl. C. ,X. liAXSlili'1'li,XI.I. 'I'1i,XMS ' N' f- "-' i1.3aL3"" Q, .. ,E-4 . .,.-..-. J.- , l L, ,lj .rg f ll .L . lllglldllllll llFlllllEllLllD IIDAX Y NW lNNllEllQS LANGSTON BOLTON 1933 Letter-M611 Heavy Weight Middle Weight in Track 100 Yard Dash 100 Yard Dash S D d , C t ' - 14 Gi1z,1.gJa.i1zf ap 33,556 Kenneth Forney Sllallaliall. J- Y Henry Harbin H11 kennedy Jimmy I-Ellii'-TF, MBT- A I S 220 Yard Dash 220 Yard Dash . Team Baker COLlI'tllCy Pearre Eigidir H. Shanahan, J. BOYCI Speering, J. Grady High Jump U ', B'1l 1 Sliziihahaiyyl. Shot Put 22,22 Kennedy, XV. C Kitchens, Bill Oufmey Pfaffe lVhite, Bill D Lackman Broad Jun1P Daley, David Daley Slaton Howard, C. Lackman, C. High Jump Pearre L " , E. 7 P5323 Courtney iirgir P t Owens, J. Grady u Bailie, J. , Bake' Cooper, A, Speerlng Pearre Burns, B. XVI-,ite , Broad Jump Forney, R' junior Disc F0812 E- Courtney B k Lewis, Bill Q a er Wuhan, P. Thompbou Pearre Daley, G- Mills Young Q?56f'rp5,3 . . . Coach Light weight 50 Yard Dash Paulos Casella Shanahan, T. 100 Yard Dash Paulos Little Shanahan, T. High Jump Paulos Cunningham Doremus Broad Jump Paulos Little Brodeur Cunningham Junior Disc Brodeur, E. Le Seur Cunningham X f' fp 5 p X p i,EiElQ31bXX c V .--.rv , , 5 'Y 1A '1 f' 'T Y , 1 , ,f "X , ' - ' - ' -Nm if-.'--P J - - -f ' - V f' f' QL'1f I L-L .90 .-3.1in.4- ' . ,f-'.m.i,x,LTf x,l'Kl' Tig' Af- V .X lflilfp' JXUYDQYR' V Wkrw 7 Q v rn, 1 SS XKSS XSS!XSXSSXSXKRNXXXSXXYRSSSR QLQKEQQXLQ. QQ 1 Drawn 'N C 1 1 I , Q J . 1 '1 f C' lIHIllIElIEllQ lLlIEA.lIDlIElIl2S Heres to the Cheer Leaders-Frank Neal, Bootsie Stafford, Dean Nowell, Katherine Bishop and Frank Pierce-without whose rhythmic direction the Richmond and Junior College-stands would have been a bedlam of unorganized noise. , It is they who have timed our rancous shouts, and modulated somewhat the volume thereof, so that the people of the city have praised so highly the cheers and yells at our football games. Verily, in unison there is volume. The fighting Richmond and junior College elevens have never had to doubt the sentiments of our student body, so ably spurred on by our Cheer Leaders. More power to them! CS 'J if Q A I -C11 -1. if w J. C. PENNEY co., Inc, "lk Pays To Shop al: Penney's" Boston I-latters DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING CLUB YOUR OLD HAT MADE NEW WE CALL FOR AND CELIVER J N. ZERVOS. PROP. 209 BTH ST AUGUSTA. GEORGIA AFTER THE DANCE OR AFTER THE SHOW TO HILLS THEY ALWAYS GO Chili - Beer - Sodas HILL'S CAFE A mmuf? ,165 C0096 '-w 2 w E RTQBN ewan O Q ,X,d,,-xnxx X F 1 1 L. 4 x CENTRAL DRY CLEANING COMPANY ONLY THE BEST CLEANING SERVICE PHONES 1400 8: 2212 AUGUSTA, GA. COMPLIMENTS or LEE. CQPIGLWCN I mllulll. N'1f7'XllIlIIt lg C41 INCORPORATED 807 BROAD STREET Iminl Ifslulf. Iiu uml I , Cuiuullq Insurunu. Suiglq 7AHOFnu,S ui LUW Iloncls. ,XL'GI,'ST.-X. Liizoiuzlx X That's Different Mtry: "SH Ifrank faifl that l liacl 21 skin une loves tw twuclif' 'TN-it exactly. rlcnr: lic fairl yuu hail Il akin yun love tu retunclif' Bi IK li lk "Hey, niiatcr. flu yon kiimx' enwngli alwut fmntliall tu act as referee? "Muir I knmx' eiwiigli IIIHIIII limtlwall nut tn. 4: if ar a- "Sr'1 yon run :I duck farm. Ilnsineax picking np?" "Kr-I picking flmrii. Wash At I-Iulse Laundry "Just a Good One" ,mi A A - Pnoxiis - - - my 1.,xUNnRY E - . - 1nu'cLi2.xNixr,Q WorId's Largest Bus Syskem .ql'l"Z'F.Y .-lil .-luzvrim Hart , 'Ti- 9 : 'i t iireylinnnrl lvns will take yon there 1ll'Ull1IbIlj'. ciniifiirtalmly, and at less Cost. Sue your nezircat agent, or write to Atlantic Greylwnnrl Lines, filll Yirginia Street, LAIIHYICSIUII. XY. Ya. A'I'l.esN'l'IC , it x GREYHOUND T' . I I' I 'I ' l Ll -7 'T ' xi i,.w,nIIIIiI A D ee I .L I Ill 'I 4 'I - I fx , i- -- i lou Lawillrooi us J 1 F. E. FERRIS 8: CO. CLOTHIERS 84 HABERDASHERS 753 BRGAD ST. AUGUSTA. GA. EJlXF'FHEF2 EJIXPJ f5F1CDEEE5 COJIPLLUZiYTS OF fW'JfNIHHd Ymnw Jhw E1Thmkv M S. H.KRESS8tCO. YGUNG MENS SHOP Sc. 1Oc sf 25C STORE 83-50 813 B OAU STREET My W A Lies -.EROLJN KN Class? 0 P ii . Q aqui ,gala bf' 4-1? N EluRj3v.qii'. ik COjlI1'I.I1lIE.YTS OF RHODE S-IIARKI1NS AUGUSTA HERALD H , FURNITURE CO.. INC. 111C 411:15 l,Il1lL'l' 111 Must 114111165-filillt' 1 Jx1.1' ll1l1'iCl' COMPLETE HOUSE 111 Many Htiines 1fl'RXiS,HERs 1l11g111.1'f11'.v 191111 lllllf .ll'0.v! 1051 111115111 St. P1'111f1'1x1,1i1z'u IH1f1cr .-X1't11'sT11, GEORGIA H O U STO N COMPANY ICE AND COAL "l-IOIVIE OWNED" The Winner Dean Hardy 11"s U11 l1is way to 11'01'k one :11or11111g 11'l1e11 l1e saw a grwup of boys sta11di11g HI'1'1Ul1fl a small dog. XYl1e11 Hardy came up to the boys he asked tl1e111 1vl1at they were doing, "XYl1y, were trying tw see 11'l11,1 eau tell tlie biggest lie." said r111e rd tl1e lads, "and the one 111111 eau, gets the dog." "1'111 siirprised at y1'111," said the 1jC311."Dl'I1llt you k11o11' it's 11'ro11g to tell lies? XVl1y, 11'11e11 1 was a little boy, 1 never tuld Il lie." 'lll1Cl'C was a 111o111e11t of silence as the boys lrwmked at eaCl1 other, Tl1e11 one of them ' d HQ mister. You 11'i11l Sl1Ull1El1f "Here s the ,tl THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE BANK OF A AUGUSTA. GEORGIA STRONG SOUND PROGRESSIVE IVE f'ORDIAI,I.Y SOI,If"IT YOUR BUSINESS W. BAILIE FURNITURE COMPANY AVE FRABIE DIPLOBIAS 712 Broad Street .3xL'GL'ST.'X. GEORGIA BOW' EN BROS. HARDWVARE CO. Sporting' Goods Headquarters BASEBALL. FOOTBALL. BA SKET-BALL AND TENNIS SUPPLIES 905 Broad Street entral owen , lorisf R7 A -" T' J 1 ' - 3f X Qi gas, Q '- ifgggil MLW ., 5?-1- -, ,,.. , .,,, .,,, , .. -22'as1Eae2irTSgsrQaaa::5g1f," 2-ar f ra- , .2-sit? - "'. 1' ez . lllulievnafilig r g.-ig j:'i3E,,,71r,i-N- gi-gait - 1: 3119112 ul pf .'+g s.Ags,-1: rs 'fe 1 7 ' xr: 51' ' . -i.LA..s.,s...-s, -af I . .- ' 1 f '?' lL: 1.g-fgluguxla, Gsorg mf-,QEQ Z DIUTATIONS OF A MERE NIAN As a man grows older and wiser he talks less and says more. But a man rarely gets to be as old as he feels at twenty-one. According to XYilliam Feather, a man's age can be determined by the degree of pain he feels on coming in contact with a new idea. At twenty-one you blush when a man praises you: at thirty you think him a clever fellow: at forty you wonder what he wants. An experienced business man is one who realizes that the fellow who called him up six times while he was out, isn't trying to give him anything. Never call a man a little shrimp. Speak of his Napoleonic compactness, and he will be your friend for life. Generally speaking, man will never regard woman as his equal until he can slap her on the back, tell her a funny story, and borrow a dollar from her. Probably the reason fat men are always so good-natured is because it takes them so long to get mad clear through. The theory that mankind sprang from anthropoid apes will not excite much attention if men will continue to keep their legs covered. Avoid a man who will not stop to see see a dog fight. He is either too stupid or too angelic to be of any practical use in this world. A married man is one who concentrates on one woman. A bachelor is a man who can't concentrate. Age of Discretion: The age when emotions are replaced by symptoms. Many a man who wouldn't accept any but a certified check, will trust implicitly in what is printed on the label of a bottle. An eel will swim 3,000 miles to End himself a mate, And then, we suppose, the fool fish will say that the lady eel "lured" him into matrimony. It takes more than shell-rimmed glasses and a full beard for some men to disguise their interest in themselves. A fat man has this advantage over his thin brethren-he knows exactly where his cigar ashes are going to land. There is no dobut about it, the average man would be a polygamist were it not for one serious drawback. His wife won't let him. The woman who interests a man most is the one who makes him about himself. It is remarkable how much patience a man can have with a woman, if he isn't married to her. The Dictaphone is a valuable asset in any office. . It never takes a man's mind oft the business he has at hand. "The best committee is a committee of three," says a business man, "with one of them sick and the other dead." Man is that inconsistent animal who is always insisting on hotel service around home, and a home invironrnent at hotels. talk most -AY v i 'SY YJ ,Y W 14 A v v i 1 XI I It T 1 X Ol IIC XI :XL HLSTA QrARAGE I UMPANY lin C.'x1cTI2R RUILT. XY, ti.X'1'I,lN QSl'ffESSf1R P N ASII' l,.xF,u'ET'rE FARS CARS ITEPICNUA Bl I4 UPTIIK SL slqlzxlvlq Htl In-y1wl1lQ SL. Plume 2135 AIIISUITTC lluilrliug I'l14mc 2604 Cf JJlPI.IJ1li.YTS O15 HULL, BARRETT 8: WILLINGHAM ATTORNEYS AT LAW .'XI'1:l's'rAx. G1inmz1,x IMI x ll my th L thru tpllm uf that just pasanl u X 1 1h XX In XXQII ilu ull xx m tha nmlvllm vwcw me fluliillfl tlu tlur tu 141 Hell 1 + as wk Nllxk llu run Eur ILII llllxc arrvuml hnre an ll t lmrmtul 'XII I- gl Knut thu 1 li1lj,tI'UllS as the Flllk cum GARDEN GITY ENGRAVING CO ILLUSTRATORS DESIGNERS PHOTC' ENGRAVERS AUGUSTA, GA. Q W E- F- HARLEY COMPLIMENTS OF GROCERIES. FRUITS AND Agia 9 VEGETABLES OYSTERS IN SEASON l Prompt Service Prices Right ILTIIL' SIOVC Of Bvffvl' VUIIYL'-V 2120 Oglethorpe Ave. Phones 6716-17 1054 Broad Street AUGUSTA SPORTING GOODS CO. EXCL CSI VE DISTRIB LYTORS SPALDING. GOLDSMITH AND WILSON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT GULF AND TENNIS SUPPLIES - FISHING SUPPLIES 213-214 Eighth Street Phone 3280 1-175.3 ff' ..-'v. , V ,-v...., A fa.: A . " 51' j" 11 ' .':-, m T fi-1' -ML . 1- "'V - ' A 1 Uefif 4 I fit, .W ,, jf,'f'i-57.4551 ..,,, v -IIIV K Qbl 'Ziff' , .. .- ir ..5j,i-ijgirlz in 52. '04 , I If . Eawegy, FW: I , .,. - ..,4.. 1 I y 1 N F HARRY XV. J ERNIGAN .-Igfvul For flu' E STATIC II E ATRULA . HA R IJ SVA R Ii. STO YES A N D PAINT 1030 Rl'U1lli SI. PIIUIIC Zlq C'UJIPLl,iIEXTS UF HOTEL RICHBIOND ORCHESTRA HOTEL RIFHMOND ,-Xugusta. Ga. J. B. QVIQIITE eco. 936 BROAD STREET PHONE 3500 Grounds Jzxcksmi iglwniiilyi: "Mali XV1i-C :lone quit licr jlmsiin: "XYlmt yo' Qwiuc do about hit?" Jackwu: "AIM gwinc clivifce her fo' desertionf' Joh. Compliments of The Citizens and Southern National Ban Q x ,4 KY PROVEN BY THE PAST - CONFIDENT OF' THE FUTURE GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK 8: TRUST CG. AUGUSTA. GEORGIA CO UPLUIENTS OF R. E. ELLIOTT 8: SONS BICYCLES AND MOTORCYCLES PAY AS YOU RIDE R. L. SUMERAU 8: SON Phone 4320 1248 Broad St. '. if "' X.. Ay L . I gf ,V s xx jf 'I HEHo EAR l XJE UeNJ6R in Qg. - A ..' fx Y E D fy ' fp: E-lmuLes E,R..'..'? f i . EN 2, ' 2 Ly ' . 33' 6, fPooR 'scoae on eL5p,.3 'Q- x K 4 1 COMPLIMENTS OF RIVERSIDE MILLS MAXWELL BROS. FU R N I T U R E 933 35 BROAD ST. PHONE 4000 FEEDRIGHT MILLING COMPANY AUGUSTA. GEORGIA "Yom Friends FOTQUGTH Studies in Nerve 'just think! He had the check to kiss me." "You were furious, naturally?" 'Yes-everj time." COMPLIMENTS OF Claussen Lllll'l'0lll'Q Constrlu-tion fo. BUILDERS or-' THE SCHOOL STADIUMS HENgY QA3gb1g i .,rNc. b e Ep . V fl j: WiyvIVA,' X gQi v',fi' : M AUGUSTA C714 N W 4 x COMPLIMENTS OF ANDREWS BROS. CO. DRY GOODS - LADIES' READY-TO-WVEAR SOUTHERN WELDING COMPANY I. A. Ouzts, Proprietor ELECTRIC AND :XCETYLENE NVELDING Auto Axles Straightened Cold, XVheels Aligned Accurately 623 Ellis Street Augusta, Ga. T e Jones Furniture Com ang Euerqthinq For The Home 1010 Broad Street Phone 2365 7' . f Theilienm Tlme ggi' , ' "', W '." 5 5951-::'3 ::" 31: , lf "'.. .2 463. Q, ""' , N 'V' --.,,,,, A , iv., ff ,ismifwk A Gxrxok - 5 Xbxxa ,-, Goes x W I4 X c'OIII1fL1II115.x'T5 Off PIQINTING--- Xxf 0 O D W D TIIAT WVILL PLEASE YOLI LUMBER CO- LET WOLFE PRINT IT 1010 ROI1eI'ts St. Phone 1163 PHONE 528 .Nug11Sfa, Ga. Real Sei-vice 216-18 7th St. "IE IT,S DONE XNITH I-IEAT YOU CAN DO IT BETTER 77 WITH G GEORGIA PUBLIC UTILITIES CO. Always Tardy Father: "It's II gooil plan, my dear, always to think hefore you spemkf' Fooshei "Hut, dzul, when I do that the girls have changed the subject!" if 4: as sc VX'ife: 'IIXIotIIer saicl she nearly cliecl lziuglming at those funny stories you told her." Mitchell: "IYhere is She? I know one that will finish her." GOOD DRUG STORES VISIT ANI' ONE OF OUR CONVENIENT STORES "THERE IS ONE NEAR YOU" DRUGS . , KODAKS GARDELLES Bri-:ul :It the lNImIIIment PIl1'IllE 3663 CANIIY LEXVIS LQ QLIVE PERFUNIES Broarl In Ts-nth Phone1775 v 4 --, I v CIGARS IQINCT5 IVQA PHARMACY FOUNTS ,entml Axenuc' .It Ixmgs XI ny Phone 7673 COLLEGE PHARMAf,lY CIfQXxRE'l"FES NV:Ilton XVII3' :It CI':IwIm'fl Avenue Phone 30.22 I ACCURACY PROMPT SERVICE QUALITY RELIABLE X f N ' 4 w COAIPLIJIENTS OF WITH BEST WISHES J. B. WHITE'S AUGUSTA LUMBER BEAUTY SHOP COMPANY BIANAGER, MRS. STELLA G. LEIPOLD LUMBER' MILLWORK AND BUlLDER'S SUPPLIES , xbx vfff. 37. .. 'E .V 1 , ' ef' .x... ,I I. his +2 1 SOl7TH'S L.-IRGEST SHOE STORE A S. V.-Q GBT! 6 N f 4 K COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF COLLINS BAKING CO. BARRETT FOOD CO. flew Sprinq Sport Suits For Uouuq men CI' he Qualilu Shop - 1 The Farmer's Overhead Si: "I'cl just love to lie at tarmer, to live with the blue sky overlieaclf' Hi: "That wwulrl lic all riglit it tlie blue iky were the farmer! only overhead." SHEEHAN STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS 722 BROAD ST. COMPLIMENTS OF DYE'S Fooo STORES COMPLIMENTS OF BLANCHARD 8: CALHOUN REALTY COMPANY REAL ESTATE. LOANS AND INSURANCE MARION BLDG. AUGUSTA. GA. I1 1i0OFING EMPQTIELWORKS lrxcovpova 0 x V LAND DRUG CO. BODEKER DRUG co. I , W, CSuccessorsj COAIPLIAUENTS OF 1202 Broad St. Courtesy Corner RELILABLE TRANSFER PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISi1' Expert Soda Fountain SCYVICC C' D 1garSCigarettes rugs Drug Sundries Candy Cosmetics Courteous Service at All Times THE NATIONAL LIFE di ACOLDENT INS. CO. 27-28 JOHNSON BUILDING VV. E. JAKES, Mgr. O. D. GORMAN. Supt. JANE E. RIIXON, Cashier H. P. ODOM H. A. SHURLEY XY. A. SMITH V. E. HAMM B. L. JONES G. H. KooN VV. F. :ADAMS VV. A. BENNETT -I. G. RANSEY TUNE IN WSIVI EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS HILL SANDEFORD - -kiikx - te! -f A -. V f, 2+ it , ff Soier-.N ' J E I H FocT5." 'U ' :aio .'. ,, .f. " qu 1'1' , ' I f I . T'1n.Tovwf1'f 'ifii-EUHT Q I .t x in 6' 'N fi I . N Z X . ,..,QI'f" ' Q i wk -J -e5g,?w - 3 3- K V N -A V 4. px I I W 'PQ - T " ., ' 4-ff , A "it 5 E, ' TS' .. W ik COMP'-'MENTS OF UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER AGENCY GENERAL TIRE AND SUPPLY CO TYPEWRITERS. ADDING ' MACHINES AND AUGUSTA'S MASTER SUPPLIES "IVE REPQKIIC ALL RIAXKESH BROAD AT TWELFTH ST 1-uoxla 41111 226 EIGHTH ST. ' w. 1:. nlhwu. HIGH. AUGUSTA, GA. WALKER-DURANT MOTOR CO.. INC. "THE CAR VVITHOUT A PRICE CLASS" FORD ANU LINQTJLN SALES -2- SERVICE BROAD AT FOURTEENTH ST. AUGUSTA. GEORGIA "XYl1z1t is the clilfervncc lnctwccn electricity anrl lightning?" the teacher asked. HYOL1 rlmft have to pity lor Iiglltllillgf' came tha pfullllvt reply from Silver. ff ff + + "It you lxztrl sight 1YL'lIIIIC'b- :mtl lwbt three, lmw mtny wuulml you have left?" Littlc Levy llltllljgllll fur 21 IIIIIILIIC. "Hut wr vyf' wat, hh puzzlefl reply, uslmwultl I lose three pmmie ICE CREAM GRADE AA MILK FOR ALL OCCASIONS SELECTED Sonckenlr PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS GEORGIA-CAROLINA DAIRIES NE V I Am Still Buying Second-Hand BICYC LE S CLYDE DUNAWVAY Agent for Pierce-Arrow Bicycles 215 12th Street Phone 58.36 .Xl,'GL'S'l'.X. tiiioituih. S. R. KELLY 8: SON MARBLE AND GRANITE M E M O R l A L S PHONE 2129 9TH 8: FENWICK STS DRINK 62' I N B O T 'T L E S AUGUSTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. COLLEGE CO-EDiS COGITATIONS lVhat man has done, woman feels qualified to improve upon. It may be true that eventually women will rule this country, but unless the styles become more modest. it will be by a hare majority. Indeed, some observant grammarian has remarked that "gradually the feminine gender is changing to the nuder gender." A modern novelist says "thirty is the proper age for a woman." Wlell, if she isn't proper by that time she probably never will be. If you see a woman moisten her lips while reading a novel, you may know that the hero and heroine are about to kiss. For once, Oscar XVilde was right when he said: "XVomen are meant to be loved, not to be understood." A woman never really mikes a fool of a 111311. She just directs the performance. She is getting desperate when she be- gins to say that she thinks baldness is becoming to some men. XYhen a girl gets to be thirty and is still unmarried, it is appearance, rather than wealth or position, that she prefers in a husband-and the sooner he makes his appearance, the better. Cave women of the stone age did all their cooking with a single potfwhich shows how we have progressed-their flat-dwelling sisters of the tin-can age need nothing but a can-opener. There are two ways in which a pretty woman can twist a min around her little finger-and she knows them both. If you really wish to know a wornan's bad points, praise her to another. To a woman, among all delightful sounds. the sweetest is the sound of somebody else doing the dishes There are two periods in a woman's life when she likes to tell how old she is -her first and second childhood. Wlhen a man says "I will," something inrzy be done: but when a woman says HI will," something has got to be done. Etiquette I-Iint: If conversation lags. the hostess should ask her guests if any of them ever had an operation. The three most delightful feminine oc- cupations are, changing her clothes, her mind and-her nanxe. A woman has two views of a secret. Either it's not worth keeping, or it's too good to keep. For anatomical reasons it is impossible for a woman to run as fast as a man. But she can think taster, and that's how she catches him! 4 51 LOANS N1-' '- 1NJ11U,11U 111' lyxx 211 Mulltln lu llc-lwziy FAM I LY LOAN SOCIETY Nw, 11 '1lP1111SUl1 Iilfljj. I'1If JN12 4341 LOANS G RX IlI'A'l'If I X A X U GIFT BOOKS FOVNTAIN PENS KODAKS .Q FILMS 11Il'Ill'IIY STATIONERY VUMPANY 7:20 'mxoum S11 PIIQNE 1790 snuuuuuuunuuunna-n --nu--.--1-'un-nn--nnnnu-n SUPERIOR LA UNDRY ".-III Tim! flu' Nunn' Imfvliesv PHONE 762 D fl R R ' S Hffmuf Tzlffv qlff'fIl'1'f', ULOTHIERS AND HABERDASHERS 4 BROAD ST. 1xUGUs'1ux. GA. nun.:nunnu--rununnn--un.-pu-Q-n------1. Time to Reflect Judge: "You'1l lmvu tw pl'-we ywur illmlcenccf' Prisoner: "Give mu time," judge." Juflgei "OK--ten year, " TASTE-RITE ICE CREAM AUGUSTA DAIRIES 1801 CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 7333-7332 The Ncwcst Style Clullhug, Hats, 211111 Ifurnisllingf fm' A1L'l1. Yuuug Mun :xml Students at Most 1'UI'1'L.XIQ l'RIL'1iS Ulf ,mn zfm- It, 111- .su-11 Ir" ' C. F. FARR QQ CO. r v nb 1 . ...M ' 'JUN ljlxfmn 51. AX: 1.1 s1.x,K11x. H. SHMERLING "Q1m1i1',v 1111110 Vx FUIIIOILV, SCl'T'I'l'C .1f1IfI1z' 145 ff1'l7TUH TRAXINC XYITI1 ,XL'L1US'11.X'S LEAXIJINH -IIQXYILLILR - 'flu 1,11'l,lZl11 51. A Plwnc 1101 .XL 1,1 3 I ,x, 1.f14,u1u.1.x CU1lIl'Ll,1!ENTb' of Q. S. S. NE - f IX COMPLIJIENT OF UVIPERIAL. MODJESKA AND RIALTO VAR SITY TOWVN COJIPLIMENTS OF CLOTHES S. ALLEN Q'OHEN There Are N0 Finer- .Q . '-FOR STYLE Dutrxct Manager -FOR QUALITY THE DIUTUAL LIFE INS. ' CO. OF N. Y. f5'Z4Hll.Wf0 0YllfHAlF CENT ""Ni11ety Years 0fSe1'z'ice and Security H E A T H ' S DH1' CLE.-XNiNfi. PRESSING. REBIODELINCJ 312 Jackson St. Phone 9566 ' , , f g ' E, AA n f A ,A 4 wf-mu., - 'A T 0 A ix A' ' . 5'-9 5' ... M Qfk 1' gm Lg I -' vvvsf QL, f N- I I- A' ' ' ' '--""""' ' W2 :A1 " ' 'A , J ,xii fl, Ill.. bi. Af'-'W A A ,Q A H: ::.- .sux V f J. as 3 ij- ,, a .A 1 A ,ff E Es! T 'Ea Mk. li T -A: x HJOORWBY 12----l ak' "A111Jurn Coalu "Crystal Ice" RE STAURANT Patronize 915 Broid Street 4 , v AUGUSTA f1llQIISft1X .Uoxf lfff-fo-Dafc' V Eafing Home ICE K COAL CO' REASONABLE PRICES 10071 HOME INDUSTRY Gus A. Smaragdis, Prop. 13110116 171 Phone 145-146 639 13th Street MY COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES WILLIAM LYON PHEIAPS YALE UNIVERSITY Y V J 1 COMPLIMENTS SILVER FURNITURE CONIPAN Y 1208 Broad Street COMPLIMENT5 OF BELL FINANCE CO. H. O. TABBV, Mgr. 222-23 Masonic Bldg. STARK-EBIPIRE LAUNDRY - CLEANING - DX'ElNG Phone 1811 Augusta, Ga. Dr. A. H. Meredith Phone 1675 Dr, I. O. Baxter MEREDITH OPTICAL CO. OPTORIETRISTS K GPTICIANS "Optical Se1't'irr Thai' Safisfiesu 740-742 Broad St. Augusta, Ga WIN THE SPRING Love is a great life. if you don't waken. Love makes the world go round, but marriage keeps it on the square. Perhaps the only safe and certain way for a men to get rich quick is to marry a good woman. A young man's hardest problem is to find a girl attractive enough to please him, and dumb enough to like him. Courtship is the moonlight of love. Marriage is the electric light bill. You can't kiss a girl unexpectedly. The nearest you can come to it is to kiss her sooner than she thought you would. God made woman both beautiful and foolish-beautiful, that mav might love herg foolish. that she mighi love him. Love levels all things but the head. The only two who can live as cheaply as one, are the flea and the dog. Courtship consists in a fellow running after a woman until she has caught him. A car parked on a lonely road is only two generations removed from the old parlor sofa. A few weeks after the elopement, the impetuous Benedict begins to wonder what the rush was about. Love is like a poker game: It takes a pair to open, she gets a flush, he shows diamonds, and it ends with a full house. A young fellow says his girl has an "impromptu" complexion. She makes it up as she goes along. BACHELOR: An unmarried man who -TRA-LA-LA . . . " has been singularly lucky in his love affairs. Some people Hmarry for love," while others just get married and live happily ever after, Love at first sight usually ends in di- vorce at first fight. . Before marriage the man takes the girl to places. After marriage he goes with her. The love triangle generally turns out to be a wrecktangle. A spot of rouge on a man's mouth is the sticker he gets for parking too long in one place. The artistic application of face powder may catch a man, but it's the intelligent use of baking powder that keeps him caught. It must be .awful when a girl discovers that the man after her own heart isn't after it at all. Many a girl is single today because she couldn't stay awake when some man talked about himself, The girl who marries a no-account fel- low, hoping to mend his ways, generally Ends he isn't worth a darn. Before getting the knot tied the young couple who agree that they want to get married should take an inventory to see if there is anything else on which they can agree. Wedding Etiquette: It is bad form for the mother of the groom to cry louder than the mother of the bride. ALL PRINTING CGST ARE NOW THE SAME The Printing value you receive is determined solely by your choice ol: a printer and l1is- ' ability 0 integrity 0 equipment Commercial Printling Company NTED JOB IT'S A COMMER I4 N Roster of The Advertisers of The "Rainbow" ANDREXVS ATLANTIC GREYHOUND BUS AUGUSTA SPORTING GOODS AUGUSTA OPTICAL CO. AUGUSTA ICE AND COAL CO. AUGUSTA LUMBER CO. AUGUSTA ROOFING R METAL IYORKS AUGUSTA DAIRIES AUGUSTA GARAGE BAILIE FURNITURE CO. BARRETT FOOD CO. BELL FINANCE CO. BLANCHARD K CALHOUN BOSTON HATTERS BOXYEN BROS. HARDXVARE CENTRAL DRY CLEANERS CENTRAL GARDENS CLAUSSEN LAXYRENCE CON- STRUCTION CO. CLYDE DUNAIVAY BICYCLES COLLINS BAKERY CITIZENS 8 SOUTHERN BANK A. COHEN-LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF NEXY YORK COLLEGE PHARMACY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTING CO. DORR'S DYE'S FOOD STORES R. E. ELLIOTT 8 SONS FAMILY LOAN SOCIETY C. C. FARR FEEDRIGHT MILLING CO. GARDEN CITY ENGRAVING GARDELLE'S GEOPGIA PUBLIC UTILITIES GENERAL TIRE 8z SUPPLY CO. GEORGIA-CAROLINA DAIRIES GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK GOLDBERG'S HARLEY'S HEATH DRY CLEANERS HENRY DARLINO MOTOR CO. I-IILL'S CAFE FY SODA HOLLINGSNVORTI-IS CANDY CO. HOUSTON ICE sl COAL CO. HULL, BARRETT sf WILLINGHAM HULSE LAUNDRY IMPERIAL, MODIESKA, RIALTO JERNIGAN HARDWARE CO. JONES FURNITURE CO. S. R. KELLY sl SON KING'S WAY KRESS LAND DRUG CO. LEE, CONGDON Sr FULCHER LEWIS Ek OLIVE LOCKHART, MCAULIFFE Sz CO. MAXWELL FURNITURE CO. MEREDITH OPTICAL CO. MURPHY STATIONERY CO. NATIONAL EXCHANGE BANK NATIONAL LIFE Sz ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. NONE-SUCH RESTAURANT I. C. PENNEY CO. WILLIAM LYON PHELPS O. S. S. QUALITY SHOP RELIABLE TRANSFER CO. RHODES-HARKINS FURNITURE COMPANY RIVERSIDE MILLS SAXON-CULLUM H. SHMERLING SHEEHAN STUDIO SILVER BROS. STARK-EMPIRE LAUNDRY SOUTHERN YVELDING CO. R. L. SUMERAU 8: SON SUPERIOR LAUNDRY L. SYLVESTER Sz SONS UNDERWOOD WALKER-DIIRANT MOTOR CO. I. B. VVHITE Sz CO.' J. B. XVI-IITE'S BEAUTY PARLOR WOODXVARD LUMBER CO. WOLFE PRINTING CO. YOUNG MEN'S SHOP N- f Gfufoqrapks 9

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