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..1 rg , ,k,. , Q1-V if . . 1 . ' H , ' , . ' .. 'f'--MF' 1' 'f'fT.g.'. f'z'3 5 1 2. " ' 'S. Av'-V'.' "',.1 Qin' - . . -. . 2S.i7'5lA'4. vi' r"-Wi.-A 'iii 'i 'lf --x"j- 1- '. -'f'-j'QSf5 'L'-'w'uJ':Q..-x., 4 '-:ig-P-,-5-pf1".5 3'.'.-qi: 4 -1"iQ"k ' . . Q'-1-:fff Ae- f ff - wr. ff -f , , ., ,,,A,5.. ' 4' ' 4- r -4 A 1 1 .1 N-.H".f..f:, 1 . -.-wi 'y .' Q.. .' my of . D A 1 ' 5 .' -. - 1 .Y ,"x-1 ' xjzgsdkjixp.-.'..w . j 41 I' '. J fq -A-.r..rffw -"'5'."' 15' I ' -.1 , E ,vg fx' '.' .I 4441. "g-qQ'r. . K x-:4.LVf,.j ,'."' ' fi a . .fx- - :sr Q1-'ga fm- 'L'J'f.' 'f 5, aff.. wi.-rf ,. J. -w . ,, A .-MS, 5-,,..,,vq,f'1'-x -,-1- xl i., A X - - .., .....-ji, 2 .,--e wq- 'gifs-fn' -,' ,V-4 -L, . . '. ' . -Hz'-. i' v -' '1 .. . ' -. ...I .- , .,, -f'.,',f" ' ,. 4..,.'N,,.' '1 -rv-xr. 1 v-,ary--,y-.N gl:-,11.',g'-,-.'f 'x A ,. ,Q A., . -. if-...t-f., D. I l.. :-, S Mn .-.-,-ffm. I V., 'Q - H, ".'- M ' 10. ' ' -"f ' rdvg' - 4,-v 4, 'f , -. .Vi IIAY o 1 .. '32 .L '. ". ' , ,v 'I .'. 'L ' .-L ..n .., -. - Wvq- f A . , 1,5 33.3 s '. ,. i" - .,z.5f'f"2- .V " .X N , lm 133 41.1. " - . - .-igefg J- X -- , MTJ. .if I " ' M- ,A fr- 5.11. .." .-, ' ax. . 15 xr ' . J Q. w xr' Q.-Jvgl.-fgfxr: ' Y. ..f 4- ia .. , L.: " ' . 'YA J'-i-N . - V X- ,jim .- V4 : F. .cf - :. '-. 1' ... '- 'K' " ' H5-x-' .- A . . , ,-4 ,. A . 4 lv , 1 , ...A J ' .. -,..-, . -,I-V, .l' 1..w5- 'Q ,-..: '-SJ. ' 4 . ,. A --V -. V - J 'J ' , ... .. v-3? .. wr- , .. ,tv . ' 'L.'ff+'. "-' 'Q Q, u- '- L jig. 's "Ir Q- ,.-:I ' ,.,- ,fx -, -V 'P ,1. '. .M f , , ..,-.-HJ x'. . by .. - . . .. . ., - ,'-,.- wg.-,4 . , 'V ' '- "f ,,-. - -. . , ' . 15:4 v-.5. -, A. .4 ,. .- . ' -.U 4 . X-3 .' af V.-G---1 -J 7.9 7' .uf if . - x , - " V 1 ',.----,-...L " ' ' - x -J.. -'--- .2" " 'a W - I' X u" . ' I "Q 'A ' F . -' x . Y. . vm 4 ., ,,,. .V . K. Ji... . ' -' - -IA. . . 1 p.--':g,. . ., A. I. . Q. xv., x 33 'ffgija 3: ,S 5- . T - H ."Z. . - rw- -, - ? . 1. .QA-1. ,J.., ,- 'aw f, , . -2-M.. . K. I k. fx., .. ,JV -- ,qu 4 -A ' sf f.f:--r..- .,.-. - '. " -V "zu 'L .1 -'L wwf 1 ' ' '- .4 Y- , .5 , A . . . As- I V. ,, ,r 11- ,,". . -U. V, ' ' ' ""i ..- ! ,slr , xg ' ,.f. ' N . ... ,4 '2 . :': " -5 -LH' "Q", V.-.AZ - iv., .Lg 1 . X "F .',. .1 .1 ,Jv " ' '- . A ,. ,- li-, Y K.. v. 'N. 'nr , . .. v. 1 ,- rf.. N' ' ,,4' -' 'x' ,- , ' , v'.y 1 . ' ' 1 1. . . " ' 'V : -I -jf ,s H. Q -'.. . '.,.g,' fvf X- ,. A' -,,.y . . 1 .V ,gl . z . -b .rv " -s,, .. . , .... . 1 . , .7-, f' .... mx ' .' iv. ., vm A .--,. . J A Q 31 - .'a1"A1 . ': U f -f if 'r .gxva-f . :'f' f H: .X ,- K ' t if "R " Cn.. '-,'- 'J . .f. A - J, .ig-, .' ' x x ,Tf',", 'J 'x I Lv 'gk . r' 1. - 2' .151 5. I . ,I .J ..c ' --"3".f.N, -'15, i"'-5..-'- A., '--,T 5- 4 . ,- . .-5 . J -3-,' I-' 1. I-,fi . uf ' '-Rin rw 'ui'- .-Q. -' I .I,- 1,41 7-'I".' 'fvaf-',.. fr - ' 'H' A 11.5.5 .5 . fs I. ,,,. A V -- .3-..,,-.sq ' r VC., ' ,-nr, ' . 1 "i.,.' 4 , - . gf, - - 4 . I -- I. ,xx ,I I :I - , J Ji :L 1 -,. .av-l,ib?gI,I'. 1 i, -.. -,. - . .' I H- .I f. Q .- 4 - . lg.. 1- T'-'g':'.f..1- T5 -' '5'.f'1'Wf .,g-- A . - , I , , .' ' ' . A 5 -- ' ' 1. .Tm AJLI- 1 L-.Zn '1 .. .7 . -,:.I.,g -y-- ,I+,J.q.-,, '-1, f' . '. - 5.1-Qf-sf: 1' - -.- V. I-II .Q L.A., IJM, ,.-A, x.. 'fl .N-jj 1 .,f' "- . 1. 2 I , , I '1..'4.-vgn Y 7 L . . ," " I .- I 4' 5. ..I x I I 'iq -II-4 - - , 1 . . ...-, 'IIC' -I -X'-' ff..'- ',Q',y, TIN., I 7 I V TV- ,TV 1,flf..Ihi:.WgV ' 'z '- '-'v"'F"x.s -I ,I ,.. .,., S I. , - 4 - '.:,':'1..-..I,. ' . 4:- .- - . ',x5- , I.-,.:t., n- af-Qvfdf' ' ff, ' - 3:11.-'-4.4 ". -gig - f- -.-. I . P 1" 4 gg' 1 -.:-as'-f 1. . -1.1 A "WM- rgr -- ' X- A - . . . .-:'..M.-I- . -.4 -1' ,, ,.5'?I 'L-5-. ' . I,-ir'--'Iqfg w.. -Nj-'41 , -.J -4 ' N . . 'v' ' ' '- -- -- 'v- .- ,. , - I.., I,I,II.,. , .,. I.,., I., N , ...LII ' .r.- . 'fxai .-"Y.I.,. 411. ,- -1n'fa- . A . . . ,. X I.' . .::II- I-- f"1.'-.1-.f, fi.,-4Ig,' . - Q .14-., -an -I-1.-,,-. -sg! -. .'-' " ' , - ---" If: 'Q"f " f .-l 'Y 1751.1-' , I .M If 53. 1, .I-r I.-I-3 F ' F., .:Gz,III... 'fr iff.. ik' 1: . ' "ff," . '.-F," -fini." 1 '--LQ.F"'- ' ,x 4 J' f-1.3- -..u..s -"r"- '--'- .f : Sr. V, '-yy -1 -.,I..'.-Ig.z'.' ,gg t ' 1, , V. ,II,..v1-I I, L .. -1 -.-gf.: ...I .-QL.: 41- I- II T.,-b, ,V .l.,- l ,Mk L.-:Inf .i,..I.-N?sA'..,J JL. N '. - ' ' 1 ' '. ,- . " A, I - If .4'xvI 5' AHA . :I in. II .-. -v 15 7' :I ,l:i,,,r:.1 . r.,: 51 ..-.HI ,. --. . ,Ixx-, -s,J .H ,I-1I.I .. j'f,..5.I 5015.- .'-- gy - - -Q, 91-'L ' ' v"'Q4".-f 'gi-ff 152 11 , . Ig.. 3' . .X - S ' -'Y ' ' " "if ff' g-A, , 1 I " " 'v .f - '. "" I-. , '-. - .4 . .Q ' :' . ,-f 'f':- ' ' ,Q - " ,, . E35 x- 'If fy-"H, Q5 "jr: -'-:. , I-. -w.,1I,... I.5.Lg, -'Z '21,'f.1.' .T- J". .'-' L-'ffl' 5" -' '-1' "P , z --4- -f . .-- fl- -f., r-- --.f uf- 4,7 w 5,1-I. ,,-, yr- "sq-I .-.YI-:'.'2:I , v II , . -1 I -.7 . L. 1-Z . I ,R-ph-5 . X uv-na. .,A , g qv, .I I .I -JP .' I 'I IS. Y gr' ' Q -,1'!-,--ff 4.-f4Ai11 Q X' ,.- I.. '44, .181 -:J-gn 4:.I3If:?g'Ii:.. I ' ,II ,fun 'JN Q Iy,t-,,,..I.:' X- .JJ Inn., lr . I. 'gf ..,q I Q' ..'f1'l.,N, ,. ' g- 9 'LB.'.jvn+Q, I '-- ' 31,5?',,,5 ,I TIL sf ...",.f ' ' 2f'+471..'..a ' ' If--7.1"-'iQ.2f? " -, .. N K: f -5 ,aff .u..: 21 .Q 'X 2. "'3' '..--'i"S',.:f. 'ff-.12 +41 -11 2 -.. K -. -.. wh... 4: 4.- 1-.. 1.- 'Y-'Q ,sf ...,. -I -'I,. 5. - I H. -Ii ,.,s-,,.f I.:--..-.I. K -:IvI.r I ,P 1 Vg' - Is ... I. YQ .,x-. I.I.1:. 'gi ,. . ' . ' S ' .S ':"': '.." v -' ...fl-gf? .a -Me Af ri,-"Z.v f . 'v.1.'.,r,f' -,f .1 ww., . .r .--r f. . nr- ' .+- H -' ,. r-'.fJ1n1w ' -, ,I ,' .Z,-" ,gx. '-ff in-,I,2. 1-' I.,.f. -'.I 1 '- .-Ui: . .- 3.-1 .5 V". 1" f -I ' Q, " 'r I :I .in ' - x -, 4.-x.I44"I Q., 4- - f -' . ' .7 I-f 'Cff':xi'f.- ' -.ff S. ,I -, I. .-0 . - .gh-AfJ'f5: . ,j"a.II ,cy x . ' 'J , "V--J'..l' -'U' - ' 1 - ' . I,,.I.I . .-, .,,,4 . . 41, , Y .I .v.. x,.I.I. .. 'Y' .- .ww .-.1141 Q-sfim. .-gh I . .p I '. Ia? "".-. - 'fu 1. .5 :f I...--r'.,ni.,-QA, 1 .Q- Ie- -'.- .. 1 1.ig.f?15y'.,,gq, f-114' F :nA r5.f-4I gg- 0 4 l ,, , " ,", ff."--",x,1'. "G-3x'7"', if . - ' V . ,N .-'f.,f.' 1, .' I 'Ir' .--I 'JI-S' ..'-I, . .L '. ' -- ' w nf-.-f-". 'M' rw" V 1,-xi... J J - M7 .4 I I,:III 041. .N I I flu ,Q .L .5 ifg.-.xx .- .' . . 4 I Y .5 ' . ' a.- - - . .- 3' 'Q ' J ' r., 5- p - . -'X " ' A V . -G.. I 1 , sn, ' I, :ix aj 1 , -f-If -: 'I.: J : IQ jig-f' II A I .3 - -' ' , . ', . . 4 xl -, . . .,IY:lf-,I ..-,II. ,I .- ,I . I: vu - ' ' ':'1'1.' -f'.' -. -- .- S-I I . II:-....,. II'..,,v-5, "P 5 .- v ' - -1 .f.f"v g.21'v'5', '- 'f"L31-f',l:'2- -A , ."' ' -' qi- Iwi '3If'f'.I, "--av-gg 5, 'gb 1-. ' .Iwi ,,,'.J5IIII-I " " 'I 2 ' . -. Z' ,-41 'iw' . . -in . . . A-5 .Ax I- .x.I'5I- ,- .- ,I , .:--- I- --"R -1-. -- ',"f. I .. I . -. 4- xg, I I5 .f- .f..- ,'.. -p. .pf f. . . I' .I I. I Vx . ,I ,,.I' . If 1-I nw., gy gk' vt I. . . . , I is JI.. f -A . Q5 ' sl-.' 1' :'- ' -"' ' ' . If M J , -. . , - . -, ' x. , -- - . , I I. I . . lv -" . -'1'. -,HI .."' , n. . I .I.. I I. I . H . . jf- 5, mf, ffm ' ' .Ji f- . ' . - v-.- - ,-. L . 1 4 I I . in . I C5 1-I1 . II r I, adm I- Q, -7 I I U-. I:-. -I .5 3. fi. J --. .. Q'-,J , , . . - - -5 ,Zh " ' .4 gut. 14- rf - .L" '73-fr' , x-, , .I,,. II .I :y.,rf- .I .I A- .I -,. f' s '4' , . .'. ' . 41,-v... -'wgi I - - '- 'T WTI. iii? -. -L?-4, 1 THE RAIINBO 1933 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS of the JUNIOR COLLEGE OF AUGUSTA and ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY Volume VII AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 1121 The Rainbow -I ' - - Vw 5 .' Ffifff i -Y' - wa. 1" - fate, i 2517134 ml' . I f ' , w We ' r Y I Y , K ,j f i KT? i. ,-3, i fi'W'1'f's T. 1' tl , , 'NTS ll' , '-5' f , , V r We, the members of the RAINBOW staff. in looking for some member of our faculty to whom we should dedicate the 1933 RAINBOW, came upon that teacher whose outstanding loyalty and faithfulness have placed him in the heart of every member of the student body. He has served us patiently and has shown a personal interest in all those students with whom he has come in contact: therefore. we take great pleasure at this time in dedicating this book to our beloved Professor of Chemistry, Chester fl. Scruggs. 1933 Two l Hill The Rainbow l Contents Administration and Facultx Classes-Junior College Classes-Academy Military Organizations Sports Advertisements 1 9 3 3 Three ::::. The Rainbow :::::::::: 1 ,Jazz if-IJ':fF59 'bww Faculty JAMES LESTER SKINNER, B. S., E. E ........ ......, .......,. P r esiflerlt ERIC WEST HARDY. A. B., A. M ......,.. ....---,...... ........................... D e an JULIA A. FLISCH A. M ......,.,........... ......... 4 dviser of Women, History MRS. J. EVANS EUBANKS ...,.,.............. ....... ................ S e cretary MARGARET BAILIE, B. S., B. L. S ......... ............... L ibrarimz ERNEST MASON ALLEN, Ph. B ....,......... ........ E ngIish.TFrench JUSTIN A. H. BEGUE. B. S., B. A .....,.. ................ F rench KATHERINE P. Bocas, B. S .................. . .......... .....,.. E ducazion C. LANGSTON BOLTON, B. S .............. ......... S cience, Mathematics MARION TURNER BRYSON. A. B .........,...... ....... .......,... 1 . Science JAMES NIORGAN BUCKNER. B. S., M. S ........ .,,..., It Iazhenmzics OQNEAL W. CHANDLER, A. B ........................... ,.,,.,,. . Science PHILIP NIACON CHEEK, A. B., A. M., Ph. D ....... .,,,.,,,.,,,,,,..,,,,,.,,. L ann CHARLES GUY CORDLE, A. B., A. M .............. ..,.,..., H ismry, German Q ::::::: 1 9 3 3 .:::::::::::::: Q Four ::::::::::::::::::: 5 Rajn bg Tw ':::::::::::::::::: GEORGE M. DASHER ..,,,,.,..,.,,,....4.A,,..,..,,.. CHARLES MARTIN ETHEREDOE, A. B ......... NORMAN L. CALLOWAY, B. S., A. M .......... ROBERT EMIL GRESSETTE, A. B .....,,.. L. A. GRIFFIN, B. S. A ................... JOHN THOMAS HAINS, A. B .......... WILLIAM Rl-IDDING KENNEDY ,.,,.....,,,,,.,....,. JOHN A. LEIPOLD, Sergeant, U. S. A .,........ WILLIAM LEE NIADEN, A. B., A. M .......... ANTON PAUL MARKERT, B. S., M. S ....,,.,,........ CHARLES HAROLD MITCHELL, A. B., M. A .......... JOHN BURCHELL MOORE, A. B .............,,,,...... J. GEORGE MCDONALD. Ph. B., C. P. A .............. DAVID FRANKLIN MCDOWELL, A. B., M.A ....... AUBURN G. OWENS, A. B ...................................... SAM PURSWELL, First Lieutenant, U. S.A ....... HENRY OSOOOD READ, Ph. B., A. M .......... . GEORGE H. RIDGWAY, A. B ...,.,..,........ JOE NIAYS ROBERTSON, B. S ......... CHARLIE A. ROYSTON, B. S .................... GEORGE MILTON SCOTT, A. B., B. Lit .............. CHESTER ARTHUR SCRUGGS, A. B., M. A .......... CECIL WYMAN SHERLOCK, B. S. C., A. M .......... ROBERT HAYES SHERMAN ...,..,.,..,,.,.,.,,...,,,.,,,., 'R . ALBERT F. blMPSON, A. B ................................. CHESTER JVICKINLEY SUTTON, A. B., A. M .......... JOSEPH LECONTE TALLEY, B. S., M. S ........ MARTIN D. YOUNG, B. S., M. S .............. 1933 Five .Englisln Mathelnativs Education, Economics Hislory, Civics ,,,,,.,,,,,......Science ........Mathe11IIatiCs .........Com.mercial ........Military rench ........MaLhemaLiCs .........Erzglisl1 .............Ellgli.Sl1' ........IJlfllh6IILllliCS ..........,.....Spa11islI ........English. History ...............Military ....,....E11glislI ..........................Chenzislry Mathenzalics, English .Mathen111tics, History .........English .........Chemis!ry ......,.,....HlSl0fj' ............MathenI.aticA ........f1Ihletics, Civivs ,...............E1Iglish ..........Physics .........BioI0g-y ::::::::::: 5 Rainbow :::::::: Board of Trustees ACADEMY OF RICHMOND COUNTY MR. BRYAN CUMMING ,,.,,.......................,.........,.,...,....,,....,.,......,................. .,...,.,.... P resident MR. WVARREN BOTHWELL ............,.. ...,.......,.......................... S ecretary and Treasurer MR. JOHN PHINIZY MR. FERDINAND PHINIZY MR. LANDON THOMAS MR. W. MONTGOMERY HARRISON DR. MR. DR. MR. MR. DR. MR. E. C. B. DANEORTH. JR. Officers Board of Education RICHMOND COUNTY GEORGE M. WOODBURY ......,....................................... .............. P resident FRANK R. lVlILES ......,...,... ....... ......... V i ce-President LAWTON B. EVANS ...... .....................,. S uperintendent S. D. COPELAND ......... .......... 4 ssistant Superintendent T. H. SHERMAN ......... .......... -1 ssistanl Superintendent High School and Junior College COl1lllllttC6 BOARD OF EDUCATION CARL G. MEYER ,.............................................,...................,......... ......... C luzirman NJRS. JOHN W. WALKER MR. H. L. MURPHEY MRs. R. C. BAILIE, JR. MR. R. T. MOORE MR. FREEMAN C. MCCLURE :::::::. 1 9 3 3 ::: ""' Six 1 h SUPWTLOWWUTQ JUNIGR CGLLEGE of Augusta 'Q R XJ ::::::::::::::l The Razinbow l:::::::::::::::: -fr i ' z X - . r ' I 'l MAMIE BEASLEY BACON In Glee Club she is known so well, And she's a college debater swell. In all she does she is quite correct, For she has such an intellect. Clee Club 1-2g Literary Society 23 Debating Team 2g Girls' Quartet 2. CAROLINE BAILIE Caroline is popular with both girls land boys. She is active in many student organizations. But why did she "stick" to Math so long? Honor Roll: Vice-President Class 2g Girls' Council lg Hi-Y W lg President Hi-Y-W 2g Treasurer Literary Society 2g ScienceIClub 1-2g Secretary Glee Club l-2g Basketball 2. EDITH LOUISE BATES Louise lent her ability to the C-lee Club ,llast year. We know that she will be a good teacher. But hardly an "old maid." Glee Club 1. WILLIAM BEARD Willie is a quiet student. He and Mr. Scruggs get along quite well in Chemistry. HARRY HILL BELL, JR. Harry is popular with the boys and doesn't object to the girls. He is our No. 2 tennis man. A Hi-Y I-23 Literary Society l-2. WILLIAM THOMAS BELL Bill is a football star and a real baseball man. And if his attitude in history class predicts anything, he should make a dandy lawyer. Baseball lg Football 1-2. ......::: 1 9 3 3 1: Eight :::::::::::::::I The Rajnbgw I::::::::::::::::: BILLIE McCORD 1BRICKLE Billie was a real find for Coach Simpson this year. lf his success is measured by his ability, we feel sure he will go a long way. Literary Society 2g Science'Club lg Football 2g Company Football Coach 2. HORIACE ALVIN BRISENDINE Alvin is small, but not quiet, talkative, but not out of place, in short, a good friend to-anyone. SARAH ALICE BRYNGELSON Sarah is a demure lady. She makes a hit with Mr. Begue. We know she will succeed as a school "marm". Glee Club 11. EVELYN MARIE CADLE Evelyn is another one of those "quiet girls". She's clever, has a dim- ple and can she play basketball! Glee Club 1-25 Literary Society I-2g gScience Club 1-2. ' MILDRED CARSTARPHEN A blond dancer, a school beauty, a girl who will be long remembered for her wit and charm. Transferred front Brenaug Glee 'Club 2g Literary Society 2. BERTHA CARSWELL When it comes to a matter of sense and wit. she's there, When it comes to the matter of a smiling, rosy-cheeked girl, she's there. By Jove! I believe she's there all the time. Honor lg Science Club 1,23 Treasurer Clee Club 1-23 Cirl's Councilg Literary Editor of Rainbow 2, Business Staff Musketeer 2g Secretary Literary Society 25 'Literary Society 1-2g Basketball 2. .JS ap 09: We -, . ii" 515334: A ,,.. b , l, b .v lk' X . i , . ...PX ,,,, 4' Q, t. ,ri , ..X. I f use 73, ' " : - ,-'-' ,. .." af K- L -,.,, 4 1933 ,Q Nine :::::: The Razhbow ::::: THEODORE DW ICHT CASWELL Theo is a football star, an honor man, and an important figure in school activities. Do you wonder that he is our gPresident? Honor lg Hi-Y 1-2g President Hi-Y 25 Football 1-29 President Class 25 First Lieutenant 1: Chemistry Club 2g Student Council. JAMES B. CRAIG James is very studious and is so well liked that we are sure he will make a good doctor. Chemistry Club 2g Rho-Chi 2. HELEN DERRICK Small in stature, large in intellect, she is always ready to use them both to help her fellow students. We all love Helen. High Honor lg Literary Society 1-25 Glee Club 2g Girls' Council 1. AMANDA MARILEE EDWARDS Her left hand produces many an A plus mark. We admire her for her diligence and intellect. High Honor lg Literary Society 1. LA URA EV:ANS l..aura's a sweet girl, a star English student, a basketball player-- but need we say it? Why not ask Boots? Honor lg Glee Club 23 Literary Society 1-2g Hi-Y-W 2. HARDY HILLIARD FU LGHUM Tall and quiet, Hardy has left his mark at J. C. A. Honor lg Chemistry Club lg Rho-Chi lg Dramatic Club 1. 1933 i E 4 Ten II The Razhbow 111---1--1 KATHERINE WHITE GIBSON Why do all football players fall for her? Why do all the girls like her? Why will she be-a success? You're asking us? Honor 1: Glee Club I: Literary Society I-23 Chemistry Club I. ISADORE GOLDSTEIN There's a conscientious hardworking pre-med at ,l. C. A. You're right. it's Isadore. Chemistry Club 1-23 Rho Chi I-2: Newspaper Representative Rho' Chi 25 Literary Society I. HERSCHEL HACKEL Herschel joined our ranks this year. He's full of fun and pep. "Hail The Chief". Transferred from University of Alabamag Rho-Chi 23 Chemistry Club 2. ROBERTA EDITHA HACGERTY Ebony tresses, scintillating eyes-Roberta Editha. What ARE we talking about? Oh! Black hair, sparkling eyesaBobby. Honor lg Glee Club lg Literary Society 1-2: Chemistry Club I. LOIS HOWARD HARRIS "Silence is silver. speech is golden." but nevertheless she makes good grades in all her studies. Her pupils-to-be will love her. High Honor 1. HELEN BELL HARRISON A singer of note. Helen has also mode an impression in Nlr. Mv- Dowell's Spanish work. Glee Club 1. 1 9 3 3 Eleven 'iw is ts- sf.. f" ,Qu . at .4 K . ity. , K ' Vai 5, Q, .1 'tr ' 33,92 lf. .F Z 9 N 'W r .. , sf " 'f l wf . 1 , 2 as l 5 .14 21111' The Razhbow 11211 FRANK NICKOLAS HARRISON Nick is a hard worker in all his sciences. He is a promising pre-med with a sure success as a doctor. Literary Society 1-25 Rho-Chi President 2g Chemistry Club 2g Louis Pasteur Science Club 1. MARGARET ELIZABETH HOGAN Poise, dignity, and conscientious ability. Margaret deserves our ad- miration. Literary Society lg Glee Club 23 Dramatic Club 2: Assistant Literary Editor Rainbow 2. CLUESE LEVERMAN HOWARD If we ever meet an "M. D." -reciting poetry that he has composed, we will immediately recognize our pre-med friend Cluese. Literary Society 1-2g Chemistry Club 1-2g Rho-Chi 1-2g Honor 1. ELIZABETH CLARA HUTCHINSON Eye lashes, blue eyes,'a good sport-that's what Hutch is noted for. She is one of our teachers to be. Literary Society 13 Glee Club 1-23 Basketball 23 Dramatic Club 2. CAROLYN LILYAN IZLAR She may be small, but she's as loquacious as a parrot and as- jolly as a jester. Clee Club lg l..iterary Society lg Hi-Y-W 1-2. BERDIE ELLA JAMES Blond hair and brains, amazing ability and popularity are all promi- nent iin Bert. High Honor lg Glee Club 1-23 Literary Society 1-29 Science Club 13 Cirls' Council lg Secretary Girls' Council lg Treasurer Class 2g Hi-Y W 23 Vice-President Science Club 2. Q 1933 Q Twelve gi::::::::::::::: .:::::::::::::: 5 Raihbow I-::::::::::::::: - ANNETTE KELLOGG Annette is one of the few who have finished J .C. A. in three semes- ters. We admire her for her persistence. Science Club 23 Glee Club 1-2g Literary Society 2. WARREN KENNETH LAIRD Kenneth atflVIath or football is a "Whiz", He has made an impres- sion on students and faculty alike. Lieutenant 1: Officers' Club lg B Varsity lg Football 2g Annual Stall 23 Company Football 1-2, J. WILLIE LEVY, II Willie was Coach Simpsons right hand man at guard. Leading win ning companies, planning army careers, and working Math are his pastimes. Captain 1: Officers' Club lg Tennis Tournament lg Company Foot- ball Ig Preparedness Cup lg Football 2g Business Manager Rainbow 2g Coach Company Football 2. GARDELLE LEWIS A military man, a social light,tand a real addition to any class. That's Gardelle. Captain lg Secretary Officers' Club lg Baseball lg Major 2g Vice- President Officers' Club 23 Company Football 2g Hi-Y 2. HENRY PYRON LONG' A Henry was well named, for he is quite tall. He came to us from Georgia Tech and has made a place for himself, especially on the tennis court. Transferred from'Ceorgia Tech, NORENE EDNA MADDOX A black-haired "Spanish" song-bird with a dress for every day and a smile for everybody. President Spanish Club lg Glee Club 1-2. X iillillllllllllll ' 1 9 3 3 A Thirteen The Razhbow aff! tif MORRIS STEINBERG MARKS lf Nlorris' name had not been Marks he could have acquired it by the record he has made at .l. C. A. Good grades-"GOOD MARKS". High Honor lg Chemistry Club 1-2: Literary Society 1-23 Debating Team 2: Picture Editor Rainbow 2g Battey Medal Contestant 2. Business Staff of Musketeer 2g Clee Club 2. REUBEN SIMS CHICK MOURMAN Reuben is rather small, but by no means unimportant. His marks in his courses have been satisfactory. FRANCIS XAVIER MULHERIN, JR. Frank has been a man of men at J. C. 'A. His golf and tennis have made his name a by-word. Runner-up Golf Tournament lg Winner Golf Tournament 23 Runner- up Tennis double 'Tournament 2: Rho-Chi 1-23 Literary Society 1-2: Vice- President Science Club 1: Chemistry Club 1-23 Basketball 2: Golf 1-23 Hi-Y 1-2. MARY ELIZABETH MURRAY "Pretty and sweet, She can't be beat, Our popular Cheer Leader, Lib, is a treat." Cheer Leader 2g Hi-Y W 23 Sec. Hi-Y W 25 Literary Society 1. 2: AVIS NEWMAN She might not talk TO you. but she'll stick up FOR you. JULIAN FREEMAN OWENS He won't talk in class unless called upon, he won't speak to you in the hall unless compelled to, but no one seems to have any trouble in learning to like him. 4 1933 9 F aurteen ::::::::::::::::l 5 Rainbow I.:::::::::::::: MARY ALLEN PHILLIPS This petite brunette has a charm that is all her own. Like the pro- verbial tortoise she does not waste her energy in useless haste, but she has arrived at a number of enviable goals. MARIAM A UBREY PIERCE We don't know her plans for the future, but whatever they are, she'll be bound to succeed. Best o' luck, Micky! Hi-Y 1-23 Vice President Hi-Y-W 2: Cheer Leader 1-2: Basketball 2. CARL JAMES PIRKLE "He has been picked out from the Hock, as the particular wether to wear the bell." Rho-Chi 23 President Chemistry Club 2g Editor-in-Chief Rainbow 29 Honor I. ELIZABETH TURNER PRITCHARD If dignity, charm, and dependability count for anything, then Eliza- beth will make a splendid success as a teacher. Glee Club 1. ELIZABETH CLARK RAE Iilizabetlfs sweet disposition and quiet ability will win her a place in the hearts of all her pupils. , Literary Society 1. BEN FRANK RAIN WATER He may not like poetry, but he knows his Math. We are sure that he will succeed with his engineering. .IMHO 1522? NAI Q I 1933 Q Fifteen 75? Thg Rgfnbgw '::::: """""" ' MARY VIRGINIA RAINWATER Perseverance is an enviable virtue and one which Virginia has devel- oped to a marked extent. Honor lg Clee Club I ' MEYER MENDELSON SCHNEIDER If our "doctor" is as successful in getting patients as he has been in making friends at J. C, A.. there'll be no need for him to worry. Glee Club 1-2: Dramatic Club Ig Science Club 1-23 Literary Society 1-23 Battey Medal Contestant 2g Rho-Chi 1-2g Assistant Editor-in- Chief of Rainbow 2g Assistant Business Manager Musketeer 23 Debat- ing team 1-2. LEWIS STERLING SIMS.-JR. Lewis came to us from Mercer. We feel sure that he will be'a credit to us at Medical College. , Football 2' Chemistry Club 2: Sports Editor of Rainbow 2. ROBERT JACKSON BATES SMITH If Bates makes as much noise in the industrial world as he does with his motorcycle. he will be a rousing success. Rifle team 1-23 Captain Rifle team 13 lst Sergeant 1: Captain 2: Hi-Y 2g Vice-President Hi-Y 2. MARY ELIZABETH SYKES Isn't it amazing that one so small of stature should have so much personality? ' - Hi-Y W 2. CLINTON MONROE TEMPLETON "He reads much: he is a great observer, and he looks quite through the deeds of men." High Honor 1. I -1 0 .. .... III 1 9 3 3 CIIZZIIIIII5IIIIIllIZI1mL'!'.IIII2T.1IlIZ1llIlH12IZ!IHl1I2II1I.'.L'L."2l?..'I"" Q Sixteen :::::' 6 Rah? bo tw ::::::: JAMES SHIELDS TROWBRIDGE Jimmie is one of those fortunate persons who has abiltiy to be a good athlete and an honor student as well. 'Wie are proud of you. Jimmie. Honor 13 Football lg Track 1-25 Tennis 1-2g Winner' Tennis Cham- pionship 2g Semi-Finals Doubles Tennis 2. MARY HEGGIE USRY When you meet a demure, yet coy and winning school teacher, you may rest assured that it will be our own Mary. Honor 1. LOUISE STILES VERDEL If there's anything in a name, Louise from gay "Parc-e"-will certainly make a hit. Don't overlook her "maniere charmanteu. Chemistry Club lg Literary Society 2. THOMAS HEARNE VERDEL If Tom works as hard at Duke as he drilled the band at .l. C. A., hc will walk away with all the honors. ' First Lieutenant 1-2g Company Football 1-23 Glee Club 1-2g Spanish Club 1. JAMES MILLER WATKINS, JR. James' pleasing personality and 'his argumentative ability make his success as a lawyer assured. EVELYN RUTH WEBB Her red hair and even temper disprove the old adage. Her sweet dis- position will make her'a patient and well-beloved teacher. Clee Club 13 Dramatic Cluh 1. 1933 3 QPF Q17 1' 5 ::::::::::::::::! The Rainbow I::::::::::::: .IOHN BARRY WHITNEY, Jr. This outstanding member of our class is popular, diligent and talented. 'Nuff said, it's Jack. Honor Ig Football 2g Hi-Y 2g Staff and Field Captain Ig Captain 23 Student Council 2g C-lee Club 1-23 Science Club I-23 Battey Medal Contestant 1-2g Military Editor of Rainbow 2g 'Charter Member of the Gold "R" Societyg Editor-in-Chief of Musketeer 2. Debating Team 2g Officers' Club 1-2. MARTHA BARRON WILLIAMSON Some of the most fdependable people are those of few words. What would we have done without Martha's history notes? Now, I ask you. Literary Society 1-2. ROSE ELIZABETH WILSON A champion tennis player, and although she can't play football. she knows a lot about the game. Student Council 1-23 Hi-Y-W 1-2. r ....,, ::: :: ...... Q Eigltlvcn The Rainbow ,O ""'W O S0lJll0l1l0l'C Class SOPHOMORE CLASS. JUNIOR COLLEGE OF gXliGl'S'l'.-X. A-Xl bl Sl K L LURGIK 1912 191 POST-GRADUATES Cercke. Eleanor Augusta Hardy, Williani Eric Kitchens. Gertrude Ceceli Moses. Lois Swint, Carolyn Isabel il GR.'lDl7ATES .-XS OF FEBRUARY. 1935 Otwell. Matilda Calloway GRADUATES AS UF JUNE, 1933 Baron, Mamie Beasley Bailie, Caroline Bates, Edith Louise Beard, William Bell, Harry Hill, Jr. Bell, William Thomas Brickle, Billie McCord Brisendine, Alvin Bryngelson, Sarah Alice Cadle, Evelyn Marie Carstarphen, Mildred Carswell, Bertha Caswell, Theodore D. Copeland, Mary Frances Craig, James B. Derrick, Helen Edwards, Amanda Marilee Elkins, Elizabeth Evans, Laura Fulghum. Hardy Hilliard Gibson, Katherine White Goldstein. lsadore Hankel, Herschel Haggerty, Roberta Editha Harris, Lois Howard Harrison, Helen Bell Harrison, Frank Nickolas Henson. Margaret Lovie Hogan, Margaret Elizabeth Howard, Cluese Leverman Hutchinson. Elizabeth Clara lzlar, Carolyn Lilyan James. Berdie Ella Kellogg, Annette Laird. Warren Kenneth Levy. J. Willie II Lewis. Gardellc 1 9 3 3 Nineteen Long. Henry Pyron Nfaddox. Norene Edna Marks, Morris Steinberg Kloorman. Reuben S'ms Chick llulherin. Francis Xavier. Jr. Murray, Mary Elizabeth Newman. Avis Owens. Julian Freeman Phillips. Mary Allen Pierce, Mariam Aubrey Pirkle, Carl .James Pritchard, Elizabeth Turner Bae. Elizabeth Clark Rainwater, Ben Frank Rainwater, Mary Virginia Satcher, Mozelle Murphey Saul, William Henry Schneider, Meyer Mendelson Sims. Lewis Sterling. Jr. Smith, Robert Jackson Bates Stone, George iHenry. Jr. Sykes. Mary Elizabeth Templeton. Clinton Monroe 'l'rowbridge. James Shields llsry, Mary Heggie Verdel. Louise Stiles Verdel. Thomas Hearne Walker, Helen Gibbs Watkins, James Miller. Jr. Webb, Evelyn Ruth Whitney. John Barry. Jr. Williamson, Martha Barron Wilson, Rose Elizabeth Deas, Harold 'Morgan Fike. Alma Lewis Hallman. Margaret Elizabeth Knight, Lillian l7MQhmWwh: Q 'x Pf' .??5? E94 . if 4, 5-if 3 ' ' XX -,A . - , L. 5, i -E-gg, . Ff FI"?"' f F 1 9 3 3 II2IIZ.,. Tzcenlv Y X X xy f ' Lg .xr , I ,-f' 'IFN x ,wir l .. . 'f T . X, v , ' 1-Z. 3.5 U . '-i.:'rr ' .13 - ,Q -4 ' '.y"'5'r,,. "0 ' , l ll I 'fn' X 5 7 Ns if i",f'.: 4 ' ' " -, - .ph-fl ffl- 'Swag-ss l 'wx x v ,fag f H35 ,, -A' 439.1 my-1 h ' 13--. - ffeirl , 'ln QW "SY.f t xxx! if 1 I' g3E:r":, '11 CZ' f HL f " 3.1.3 ,Q . ,Q Hr-N , j Gu, 1, v 14, H mf 170 in Q" f s -- 5 6 ,f "L'?Ai!NI" X f - , i ju kvt-fill ,' I :M my l W Q 'gg-J XW 1 ' 1 VTX k .f n 1 ' Y -- 1 ff ' I, 's'f?Vf'!-K" . li E " L if, kk? ' 9 .. '1 an f JN.. X , u -' ,jf " , f ' yy ' gp 5 ' ,ff p 1 ff '- V fff' ., l 1 un ' , .f'7Q 'E E ' -, 1-. ,. ! A - - , -ILL-'.4il 'Au Fresh UNIQR COLLEGE of Augusta E D BAILEY ANDERSON BAILIE JOHN BAILIE EMMA RUTH BARKSDALE NIILTON B XRRENTINE COOK BARWICK ,...muumnu The Rainbow 0 I I 'HWY' 3: lx',,,4 1 'i' wi I nu. 'ZZ N: In ... pp? S., slr ' 1 6' wi 1-1 um. mm 1933 LOUISE BA'I"l'EY KATHERINE BISHOP BILLY BLANDENBURC JACK BLITCHINCTON ICLSIE LEE BLIVM ' JULIUS BOLGIA .l. Twenty-Two THEOLU BRIGGS SARAH BROWN FRANCES BRUCE FRANK BURROUGHS JOB CLARK AUCUSTUS CORLEY :cal T115 Ra1'nb0w I.:::::::::::::: Hrs' ,f 49' v. 1933 yo- -11 Twenty-Three CRADY CORLEY ELEANOR CRANSTON MARION CURRIE CHARLES DALEY ELIZABETH DANIEL KATHRYN DAVISON DAVENPORT DAVISON JOHN DOYLE DuBOSE EGLESTON IIENRY EVE BILLY FAUGHNAN ALISON FORD :::::::. The Rahlbow Q:::::: 1 9 3 3 Twenty-Four THOMAS FULGHUM MIRILAM FULLBRIGHT JAMES GREENE REBECCA GUEST KEENE -. HAMMOND OWEN HANKINSON JOHN HANSON MARTHA HARDIN RUTH IIARDMAN 1 FRED HARRISON JUANITA IIAYNIE AGNES HEFFERNAN The Rainbow i:::::::::::::: 1933 MARY HULL JOHN HULSE WALTER ISENBERG HARRY JACKSON HARRY JERNIGAN WILLIAM .IOE Twenty-Five RUTH JONES WILLIAM JOPLIN ALEX KELLY If LIZ A B ETH LEE NELLE LEGWEN KATHRYN LEIPOLD The Rainbow 4 1933 Twenty-Six TRACY LEVY MILTON LUCKY ELIZABETH MAY HAMBY NIIZE VERONICA -. MURPHEY JANE NEVIN EUGENIA SYMMS JAMES POWELL PEGGY REDD IIARRIETT REED GENEVA SHERIDAN SWEENEY SIKES I The Rainbow 1.933 1i11 Twenty-Seven I o LUTHER STAFFORD GRANT STALLINGS ROBERT STA LLINGS JACKIE STEPHENS VIRGINIA PAGE LOUISE TUCKER RICHARD WADE JAMES WALKER JOSEPHINE WATKINS FRANCES u WHEELESS CA R0 LY N WHITE MARIE WHITNEY 7WeRmmMm: 1933 - Twenty-Eight ANNE WIGGINS HARVEY WILSON JONNIE MAE WITT FRED WOOD l-IOMER YOUNG SAM ZEALY 0 F ::::::::::::4 ' he Rajnbow i::::::::::::: Acton, William Adams, Hooper Allgood, Grace Allison, Horace Bailie, Anderson Bailey, Ed Bailie, John Ballentine, Frank F RESHMAN CLASS Junior College of Augusta Barksdale, Emma Ruth Barrentine, Milton Battey, Louise Barwick, Cook Beane, William Bishop, Katherine Black, Richard Blackstone, Louise Blandenburg, Billy Blitchington, Jack Blum, Elsie Bolgla, Julius Bohler. Lester Briggs, Theolu Brown, Barremore Brown, Emily Brown, Sarah Bruce, Frances Burroughs, Frank Clark, Job Corbitt, Elaine Corley, Allie Corley, Grady Corley, Gus Craig, Louise Cranston, Eleanor Culley, F. B., Jr. Currie, Marion Daley, Charles Daniel, Elizabeth Davison, Davenport Davison. Kathryn Delph, Preston Doremus, Frank Doyle, John Edwards, Juanita Egleston, DuBose Eve, Henry Faughnan, Billy Ferris, Martha Fleming, Claude Folsom, Lloyd Fooshee, Myrtle Force, William Connell, James Cults, Ernest Daniel, Hinton Davidson, Jean Ford, Alison Fulcher, Sarah Fulghum, Hardy Fulghum, Thomas Fullbright. Miriam Gerald, Edward Grady, Frank Greene, James Guest. Rebecca Hammond, Keene Hankinson, Owen Hanson, John Hardman, Ruth Hardeman, Frank Hardin, Martha Harrigal. Edward Harriss, Winston Harrison, Fred Haynie, Juanita Harris, Eva Heath, James Heffernan, Agnes Holley, LeRoy Howard, Beverly Hull, Mary Hulse. John Hummell, Emil Huntington. Dorothy lngle, Roberta lsenberg, Walter Jackson. Harry Jernigan, Harry Joe, William Jones, Ruth IN Jopling. William Kale, Henry Kelly, Alex Kelly. Dorothy Kessell. Edward Kessell, Helen King, George King, Martha Louise Lansdell .Addison Lee. Elizabeth Legwen, Nelle Leipold, Kathryn Levy, Tracy Luckey, Milton Martin, Henry Matthews, Fred Hay, Elizabeth lerry, Margaret IRREGULAR STUDENTS Gay, Lester Haygood, Mary Kemp, Charles Pilcher, John - 1933 - Twenty-Nine Mize. Hamby Mulherin, Richard Mundy, Frank Murphey, Veronica McColloch, ,lack McGahee, Vivian McLendon, Anne McRae, Roswell Nevin. Jane 0'Shea, Neal Page, Virginia Powell, James Printup, Damascus Raborn, Harry Rawls. Katrine Readdy. Lucile Redd. Peggy Reed, Harriett Reville, Veda Robinson, Mary Russell, L. A., Jr. Saul. Thomas Shanahan, Ellen Sheridan, Geneva Sikes, Sweeney Smith, Sara Stallings, Grant Stallings, Robert Stelling, Frank Stephens, Jackie Storey. Elizabeth Symms, Eugenia Tucker, Louise Usry, Van Wade, Richard Walker, James Warren, Dixon Watkins, James Watkins, Josephine Wheeless. Frances White. Carolyn Whitney, Marie Wiggins, Anne Wilson, Harvey Williams, Carswell Yvitt, Jonnie Mae Wood, Fred Woodward. Geraldi Young, Homer Zealy, Sam Smith, Helen Stafford, Luther Wilheit, Nellie IIC ll loving niemory of our clear school mates who were taken hy death this year. we dedicate this page of the 1933 RAINBOW. BENNIE SMALLWOOD FLEMINC, JR. l'1I'65l1ll1Ell1, Academy of Richmond County Born April 12, 19211-Diecl January 10. 195353 CHARLES LEE BAKER, JR. l'1l'EblllN2lIl. Acaclmnv of Riclmmncl County Q1-v Born April 15. 19121-Died March 113, 1131 INc.1xLLs U'D0N,xL THOMAS Junior, Academy of Richmond County Born April 18. 19l0ADiecl April flu, 1933 Tlzirtr ' .1 , . I I ,, '1 -T- ' " fd ,Z - 4 S33 aw 5f'ff Q , Zfgw 5' ,lff74g75,,L' f Qf'751f l -N 7'fn fQiffQ'Q!f:ff?1:! f n If Y fu ., f':f'77"N' "' X' Q 'N 1 ff 5. 5 Vfg w ,Z SX WX Q4 l' f1' ' v,gx : vf , f 'i1f 513223: A ivy- .- -Q. -. . V 7 K -ffwiiglw' , W N ' ill' 'iz ,f7 fMi4Lj' yff x, ff 'iQWN'i?fs... ra. L-, 1 47 " ' 'S , , Fu--3155: HA 9'-X 45,9 wmfffk i 14 N, . ,. 1 S lm ff 1 I yff Y Y-jj' ,,Fl!2'-7' . .. ..?Q!'.!!"'g' ,q ff X , null!! x Zh .. , 5 N E Wx ' x 1 H K A K if . --:N 1- '13-v' f 'Q1f.4 ,'L W' '4 'N i,j,g-f,giE:.-- I 4 -1, ' ' ,. - -1, f 1 Mrk? ,' -1 "-'vp-v 4 l '.,X':' 7' wax'-'a m-J-gi' i A IMI mlm' 'A M5555 cfcwlemy of Richmond County Thirty-One' t 4? V J H ,7 - Aj fr W -QI 'Il' C"' ig f Q Aa' .7 QPR J - S X Z' jx - 4 .. 5' . uf' as .,. , r 's+a by FX3-45-. .X 3 'f QV? l 'WR J 'E :::::: The Railnbow ::::::::: SENIOR CLASS JAMES ALONZO ADAMS James is a very quiet boy who hardly ever seems excited, thus showing that he has a cool head and is, therefore, sure to be a success. Noted: Sergeant. CLIFFORD ALEXANDER AVRETT, JR. "Cliff" is a boy that is rarely serious and is always fun-loving, but he does not neglect his studies and he is a medal winner on the Rifle Team. Noted: Second Lieutenant 4g Member of Rifle Team 4. FEE ERNEST BARRENTINE Here lately Fc-e caught the "Girl Fever," and he has been having a good time. but even after' this he has managed to get by with a fair margin. Noted: Sergeant 4. ROBERT EDWARD BARTON Robert is one of the mainstays of the bandg he holds down a sax ophone and a sergeanfs position. Noted: Sergeant in Bandg Literary Society. JOHN CHAPMAN BELL John C. is just about the most outstanding boy in our Class. His platoon often wins first place in the weekly prize drill, but the main thing that has made him the most outstanding boy is the fact that he is the first boy to get a Cold "R" in his Junior year. Noted: Literary Society 1, 4: High Honor 1, 2, 35 President of Sophomore Class 2: Basketball 2g Letter in Basketball 3, 4-Q Junior Hi-Y 2g President Junior Hi-Y 33 Academy Hi-Y 4: Glee Club 4: Sergeant 3g First Lieutenant 4g Vice-President Junior Class 3g Gold "R" 34 Rifle Team 4g Chemistry Club 4g Track 4-g Company Foot- ball 4: Editor-in-Chief of Annual 43 President of Academy Literary Society 4: Student Council 2, 3. JOHN ROBINSON BELL John R. is another famous member of our class. As can be seen by his record he has taken part in almost all the school activities. He is an excellent boy and has many friends. .. Noted: Sergeant 2g Lieutenant 3g Vice-President of Freshman Class lg Member of Freshman Literary Society lg Glee Club 2, 33 Chemistry Club 33 Picture Editor of Annual 35 High Honor 1: Honor 2g Four-year course in three yearsg Junior Hi-Y 23 Hi-Y 3: Officers' Club 3. """::::::l 1 9 3 3 Thirty-Tim 'Q :::::::::::::::I The Rajinbow :.:::: ...... WILLIAM ALBERT BENNETT Albert is a hard worker and has made two honors. He is sure to be a success in later life if he "sticks to the guns," as he has at Richmond. Noted: Honor, 1, 2. CHARLES KENNETH BOLAND As manager of the football team Charles was the boy that gave the tired players a little refreshment as often as possible. Not only is he welcome to the sight of the football team, but to everyone at Richmond as well. Noted: Basketball 3 yearsg Manager of Football Team 1 year: Sergeant 3, 4. RICHARD CAMPBELL BRYSON Perseverance and hard work have won Campbell his high rank in the Cadet Corps. Besides being a Captain he is also a medal winner of the Rifle Team. .Notedz Sergeant 33 Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Cap- tain 4-g Hi-Y 4-3 Football 2, 3g Sabre Club 4-g Rifle Team 4-g Com- pany Football 3, 4. WILLIAM FRANK BURNLEY Frank is another all-around boy. He stands out on the gridiron. is our President, and is a very high officer on the drill field. Noted: President Senior Class '33g Sergeant '32g First Lieuten- ant '32: Vice-President Student Council '33: Captain '33g Football '32g Annual Staff 533. WALTER THOMAS BUTLER Walter is very playful and humorous. He adds pep and glee to all who come in Contact with him. He is very well liked by almost everyone in school. Noted: Sergeant 35 Second Lieutenant 43 Officers' Club 4. GROVER CLEVELAND CARTER Grover has come up rapidly in the military department as you can see by his record. He has also been out for company football two years and this shows that he is good in more than one line. Noted: Corporal 2g Sergeant 3g Lieutenant 4g Officers' Club 4g Company Football 3, 4. , ,... ' sg ' 1 -nr: , ' N 5- NZ, . ,Q C' C b y Q '51 N g., 'f ' 4, W9 "Mi 3 .. K 3 n 'gr . - . qi 263' rv- fvfyl asia swhiga A 11W A E JP I I E., Q 4 " I ' . 'Q- I 1933 Thirty Three all -Q,-nd 1 'Ni N .0 v- Ra ' 0 W1 .,.,., Qu' ,gy ik rfQ -Q-Q -4 :::::::::::::l 5 Ra 1.71 bo w .:::::: Q JOE MARION CARTER Joe is a kind-hearted boy and a. true friend to all who know him. He spends most of his time in the commercial department. FRANCIS CHAUNCEY CLARK "Chink" is another Lieutenant that is small in stature. but we know the Freshmen under him are going to know their stuff next year. Noted: Hi-Y 43 Sergeant 3: First Sergeant 4: Lieutenant 4: Officers' Club 4: Literary Society 4: Literary Society 1. VERNON EUGENE CLYDE "Napoleon," as Vernon was nicknamed, is one of A Company's famous Lieutenants. He is a good boy and an excellent friend. Noted: Lieutenant 4: Officers' Club 4. HARRY HILL COSGROVE, JR. Harry is a "ladies' man," but he is also a physics shark. He is always having some friendly little argument with Mr. Talley about one of the too numerous laws of physics. Noted: Chemistry Club 3: Officers' Club 4, 5: Corporal 2: First Sergeant 3: Lieutenant 4: Captain 5: Literary Society 3. GEORGE PIERCE CURRY. .lR. Pierce is a hard worker, and good student. His quiet smile is one to remember. Noted: Lieutenant 4. THOMAS RICHARD DANIEL Dick may he little in stature, but he is not little in many other things. Besides being a First Lieutenant he is finishing in three years. Noted: Corporal '31, '32: Lieutenant '32, '33g Golf Team '31, '32: Academy Literary Society '31, '32, '33g Officers' Club '33: Academy Hi-Y '33: Four-year course in three years. Q 1933 : Q T hirty-F our ::::::::::.l g Rajn bo w :::: JOSEPH ARTHUR DORN, JR. Arthur is a very quiet boy. but he is at conscientious worker and always ready to help a friend. WALLACE BAILEY DUNBAR, JR. Wallace likes to play tricks on anyone and everyone. He always has a joke to tellg therefore, our class would not seem normal with- out him. Noted: Freshman Literary Society Ig Sergeant 4. WILLIAM RANDOLPH DUNBAR Billy is another of the most active members in our class. He has made high honor for three years and been a member of various clubsg he is also a lieutenant in the military department. Noted: High Honor I, 2, 33 Sergeant 33 Lieutenant 4: Literary Society 4g Glee Club 4g Hi-Y 4g Business Staff of Musketeer 4: Annual Staff 4g Company Footballg Officers' Club 4. MARION WILLIAM DUNHAM William is a very playful sort of chap, but he is very quiet most of the time. He must be a "buddy" of Lieuetenant Purswell. as the Lieutenant is always pulling some joke on William and making him blush. JAMES FRANKLIN ELLIS. JR. Frank is one of the fast boys, He is Hnishing the four-year course in three years. and he has attained the rank of First Lieutenant in his short stay with us. Noted: Lieutenant 3g Highest Honor Ig High Honor 2g Class Officer I. CLAUDE ANDERSON FLEMING. JR. Claude seems to he very quiet and has not made himself famous in any one field, but before long he will make himself famous in some unexpected way. He was graduated in February and has en- tered Junior College. ......I!lK 1 9 3 3 lI1...... T hirty-F ive ::::::::::::'l 6 Rainbow i:::::::::::::: JOHN BROOKS FLEMING ".lakie" appears to be a very easy-going boy, but often as is the case looks are deceiving, for he is a hard-worker and stands near the top of his class. Noted: Literary Society 45 Glee Club 4g Corporal 23 Sergeant 3g Honor 2g Hi-Y 43 Bxsketball 43 Chemistry Club 4. A DRIAN KENNETH FORNEY Kenneth is one of the best all around boys in the Senior Class. He excels in his scholastic work as well as in athletic and military activities. Noted: High Honor 1, 2, 3g Track I, 2, 3, 43 Corporal 25 Sergeant 3g Lieutenant 45 Student Council 33 Glee Club 3, 44 Basketball 4g Literary Society 4: Chemistry Club 43 Business Manager of Mus- keteer 4g Literary Editor of Annual 4g Officers' Club 4. JAMES FRANKLIN FOUNTAIN James is one of the most outstandng players of Couch Boltonis "Bullets," and he enjoys playing football anywhere at any time. RICHARD PHILIP FRANK When Richard first came to the Academy it looked as if he had a tendency to take it easy, but the last two years he has settled down to w01'k and has done very well. Noted: Lieutenant 4g Musketeer Staff 4. GEORGE LITTLE FULLER It was a lucky day for us when Monroe High School lost George. lle has done excellent work at Richmond. He won high score prize on the rifle team, he was on the debating team, and is an officer in the band. ' Noted: Business Manager of Annual 4g Literary Society 4: Vice- President of Literary Society 4g Winner of Gold Medal on Rifle Team 4: Captain of Rifle Te.1m 4: Sergeant in Bwnd 4: Lieutenant in Band 43 Debating Team 4g Oratorical Contest 4g Track 4: Com- pany Football 4g Hi-Y 4g Officers' Club. JAMES DANIEL GALLAHER Dan is a member of the fast class and has done very well even though he doesn't study enough to be a bookworm. He is a popular boy and is liked by all the members of his class. Noted: Honor 2g Literary Society I, 35 Chemistry Club 3g Track 35 Four-Year Course in three years. ......:::: 1 9 3 3 Thirty-Six num ::::::::::::I The Razinbow '::::::: """' WISTAR LAUN GRAHAM, JR. Laun is one of our best manual arts workers. He has advanced rapidly in shop work and made many useful articles of furniture. He is a hard worker and is bound to be a success in later life. Noted: Four-year Course in three and one-half years. RICHARD FRANKLIN HALFORD Dick is interested in all the student activities. He is a member of most of the student societies and a lieutenant in the freshman bat- talion. He has been a very good student while at Richmond and has made a large number of friends. Noted: Rifle Team '32: Declamation Contest '32: Lieutenant '32. '33: Cvlee Club '33: Literary Society '33: Officers' Club '33: Chem- istry Club '32. HENRY WILLIAM HARBIN Henry is undoubtedly one of the best athletes that have ever been at the Academy. Take a look at his record and see for yourself. He went out for three major sports and made a letter in two of them. Noted: Football '30, '31, '32: Letter in Football '33: Track '31, '32, '33: Letter in Track '32: Basketball '29. '30: President of Stu- dent Council '33: Rifle Team '33: Corporal '3O: Annual Staff '33, CHARLES PICKETT HARDY Charles' name surely fits him well. He is a hardy boy, a hardy worker, and he has made a hardy success here at the Academy. Noted: Honor I, 2: Literary Society I: Corporal 2: Sergeant 3, 4: Lieutenant 4: Glee Club 4: Basketball 4: Officers' Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Declaimer 3. IA MES WALKER HARPER Walker likes to play at the right time, and he knows when it is the right time to play. lie takes h's lessons seriously and has made an excellent scholastic record at Richmond. Noted: Four-year Course in three years: Honor 2: Hi-Y 2. 3. WALLACE DONALD HARNION YVallace is one of the most popular members of the student body and a very good student. He has worked conscientiously and has many friends. Noted: Corporal '30: Sergeant '31, '32: Declamation '32: Lieuten- ant '32, '33: 4-th Honor ,lunior Year: Officers' Club '32. : 1933 : Thirty-Seven 'ir rrL3 .v " . - .y XX N., - -4 L of , nk H I- . -., sy- N-L JL Q! may Y, , , x .Sf 4 :::::: T115 Ifajnbow l.::::::::::::: nfxmon Josaen 11ERn,xN Joseph came to us from C. H. S.. and although he has not made- any honors, he has made a creditable record. Noted: Entered :L R. C. from C. H. S. WILLIAM N ICIIOLAS IIILDEBIIA N DT Billy is a top sergeant. but not one of the hartlhoiled lgintl. l'le is graduating in three years. This is a great honor in itself. Noted: Honor 1: Literary Society 1: Sergeant 2: lst Sergeant 3: Four-year Course in three years. JOHN WILLIAM HOLDEN Bill has not made any dazzling outbursts to make himself known but he is a friend to all and a very fine boy. Noted: Sergeant. CHARLES CLARK HOWARD. JR. C. C. entered A. R. C. from Hephzibah in 1930 and has done VPIV well in his work. He has also made many friends. Noted: Corporal 4: entered A. R. C. front Hephzibah in I930. CARL WILEY HOWARD Carl can just about do everything. He debates. declaims. plays company football, and is a member of the Hi-Y. He has many chums and is indeed a friend in need. Noted: Lieutenant 4: President Literary Society 3. 4: Debating Team 3, 4: Secretary Hi-Y 4: Track 4: Declamation Contest 4: Of- ficers' Club 4: Company Football 3. 4: .Iunior Hi-Y 3. ALVIN LLOYD JOHNSON Alvin is just about the smallest boy in the class, but he keeps the larger boys from running over him with his vocal prowess. Noted: Sixth Honor '32: Corporal in Band. 1933 Thirty-Eight 1 :::::::::::::i 5 Rabi bo w :::::::' AUCUSTUS VINCENT KIRSCH "A. V." is the tennis champion of our class. What he cannot do on the tennis courts cannot be done. .IOHN OSCAR KRUPP "John Oscaru is another fast class boy that has attained the rank of Lieutenant in three years. He is headed for West Point and we know that before many years have passed he will be a General in "Uncle Sam's Army." Noted: Corporal 2: Sergeant 2: Lieutenant 3: Glee Club 3: Chem- istry Club 3: Literary Society 3: Rifle Team 3: Alternate Debating Team 3: Honor I: Honor 2: Officers' Club 3: Four-year Course in three years. OLIVER HILL KUHLKE Oliver is a well-liked member of the senior class. He has made u name for himself in the regimental band. Noted: Band 2, 3, 4: Lieutenant 4: Sergeant 3: Clee Club 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM FU LGHU M LIVINGSTON To make Fulghum sit up and take notice say "automobiles", Ile is interested very much in them and spends all his spare time tink- ering with them. Some day he is going to invent an automobile that will get around two hundred miles to the gallon tno foolingl. ROGERS DEMPSEY MCAULIFFE Rogers is as quiet in physics as a boiler factory. Ile has become- very popular through his ability to talk. Noted: Four-year Course in three years: Honor '32: Sergeant '32. '33: Freshman Literary Society '31. MARVIN HAMPTON McLlN Marvin is very quiet and, though not known to all of our ment- bers, the ones that do know him are very glad to know him, and the ones that do not know him are surely missing an excellent acquain- tance. Noted: Honor I. 2: Sergeant 3. 1 9 3 3 Thirty-N ine ::: 5 Ra 1.72 bo w l1::::::::1:::::: 6 . ' Q gl-vw 'Z ,Qs .-. . S: Tv, x 1,1 , . - 'ss -- 53,3 if J. JOEL BERNARD MARKS Step up, Ladies and Gentlemen, and gaze upon the typical hard- lmoiled lst Sergeant. "Marks" is another fast, smart special. He is graduating in three-and-one-half years. Noted: lst Sergeant 3: Literary Society 1, 3: High Honor 2: Four- year Course in three-and-one-half years. ARTHUR ALLEN M ARYOTT Arthur has made good marks ever since he has been here. He is finishing after his third year at Richmond. Noted: Corporal 1: Sergeant 2: Captain 3: Basketball 3: Hi-Y 3: High Honor 1. 2: Officers' Club 3: Lieutenant 3. LOUIS PERRY M ULLIN L. P. will succeed in anything that he takes to accompl'sl1 because he is a hard-worker. This has been found out from his record at Richmond. Noted: Lieutenant 4: Officers' Club 4: Baseball 3. DORROH LEE NOWELL, JR. Dorroh is a typical Richmond boy. Although this is only his third year here. he has succeeded in making many friends. Dorroh is one of the officers of the senior class. He also takes part in the student activities. Noted: Honor 1. 2: Sergeant 2: Lieutenant 3: Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class 3: Treasurer of Hi-Y 3: Literary Society 1, 3: Football 3: Track 3: Officers' Club 3: Four-year Course in three years: Company Football 3, 4. JACOB PEARLSTEIN To hear Jack read French you would think that he is a French- man. He can read that horrid language as well as he can English. Jack has made excellent marks throughout his short stay at Rich- mond. Noted: Literary Society 1: High Honor 1: Highest Honor 2: Ser- geant 3: Basketball 3: U. D. C. Contest 3: Four-year Course in three' and-one-half years. EDMUND ALLEN PENDLETON. JR. Allen has il quiet voice, but he is a lieutenant in A Company. and that company wins most of the prize drills, so he seems to be able to get a large amount of drill out of his platoon with his quiet voice. Noted: Corporal 2: Sergeant 3: lst Sergeant 4: Lieutenant 4: Officers' Club 4: Chemistry Club 3. 4: Sergeant at Arms of Chem- istry Club 4. f 1933 Fort-V 1 l..l- l :::::::::::::::I The Rainbow I::::::::::::::::: GRADY ALLEN POSS - Allen is a quiet fellow, but he is a hard-worker and we know that he will get there in the end. Noted: lst Sergeant 4: Company Football 4. ANGELO JOSEPH PUNARO Angelo is a crackerjack in Spanish class. No one knows the ren- son, but he surely is an able Spanish student, He is a very popular hoy and a very good saxophone player. Noted: Corporal 2: Sergeant 3: Lieutenant 43 Officers' Club 4: Honor 3. ALBERT JULIUS ROESEL Albert is one of those tall handsome types that spends just enough time on his lessons to make the grade. Albert has one of the most pleasing smiles in all Richmond. Noted: in three years. Corporal 23 Sergeant 3: Glee Club 3: Four-year Course RICHARD ARTHUR RUSSELL Dick is an all around good boy. He is an efficient officer. a good athlete, and a very much better boy. Noted: Corporal 3g lst Sergeant 4g Chemistry Club 4g Lieutenant 4g Officers' Club 43 Glee Club 4. JOSEPH PAUL SCARBOROUGH During his stay at Richmond, Joseph has shown the stuff that makes for success. The fellows appreciate his work and his friendship, and all wish him all the good luck possible. Noted: Corporal 33 Sergeant 4. GEORGE EDWARD SPEERING. Jr. George looks as if he has been eating grape-nuts all his life be- cause he is a small Hercules. George has made many friends through- out the entire school. Noted: Sergeant 3. al-. ' da t if .- " 'f r T, ig, it 1 eff A-A In SV. F If m V .,. l dh-.N lg- . ft F'-z. ff Q tw ,, H ve, gi f 1 - -K j - T ,iz gi ' .Ky A 1 " .,,.- if I 'ai E ifi. shifts. A". G .t 1 6 4' W. .ry any 1. 0' 'N C 'TF' K.. .Al Q IIIIIII1' 1 9 3 3 ::::::::::: Q Forty One 1 :::::::::::I 5 Raihbow i:::::::::.: I-IDWIN STIIDLEY SNIl'l'lI. JR. Studley may seem to be quiet in the classroom, but dun't get rough with him because he sure is a crackshot with a rifle. Studley is one uf the leading members of the RiHe Team. Noted: Corporal: Honor I, 2: Member of Rifle Team 3g Four- year Course in three years. HENRY LOWREY STU LB Lowrey's most outstanding ability is on the drill field. Although this is only his third year at Richmond he has acquired the position of captain. Noted: High Honor 1. 2g Sergeant 2g Captain 33 Corporal Ig Hi-Y 33 Officers' Club 3g Lieutenant 3g Four-year Course in three years. WILLIAM THIGPEN Boys. look Out, for this boy can shoot a rifle. William has been on the RiHe Team for two years and holds one of the highest posi- tions on the team. Noted: Sergeant 2, 3. 43 Ride Team 3, 4. GUY BOWEN TOOLE Guy is a real contribution to the senior class. He has taken an active part in football as well as in military activities. Noted: Vice'President of Freshman Class lg Sergeant 33 Base- ball 4: Letter in Football 53 Spring Football 5: Student Council 5g Lieutenant 5: Musketeer Staff 5. THOMAS FLORIMOND TOOMEY Tom is truly a fine boy. Everything that he attempts to do he does well. Mr. Kennedy has picked him as the best bookkeeper in school. JOSHUA JORDAN TRAYLOR, JR, Jordan has as many friends as any one in the Academy mainly be- cause he is such a fine bov. He can mix well with any one and en- joy himself and make others enjoy themselves with him. Noted: Corporal 23 Sergeant 3. :.:: 1 9 3 3 ::: """ Forty-Two 11. :::::::::::::I 5 Rajnbgw l::::::::::: GEORGE SHACKELFORD TWIGGS George has not been at Richmond all during his high school career. but we respect him because he is a real power-house. JOHN EVERETT WIGGINS ,l. E. is a conscientious worker. especially in physics. He is the kind of boy that Mr. Talley likes, for he gets his physics lesson every day. Noted: Four-year Course in three-and-one-half years: High llonor 1. 2: Corporal 3. JOHN CLEVE YEARTY "Tuffy" is a friend to everybody in the school. He has made him- self famous as an athlete. Noted: "B" Varsity Football '30: Varsity Football '31, '32: Basketball '31: lst Lieutenant '31, '32: Officers' Club '31, '32. S. LESTER GAY, Special Student. Noted: Major 5. ALLEN H. MARTIN, Special Student. Noted: Major 5 Q --..- 1933 :: ...... Q Forty-Three 1-in l The Rainbow 1111111 SENIOR CLASS Academy of Richmond County Graduates as of February. 1933 Joseph Marion Carter, Jr. Augustus Harrison Corley, Jr Hinton Crawford Daniel Preston loor Delph John Joseph Doyle Claude Anderson Fleming, Jr James Franklin Fountain Albert Walter Gilchrist Oscar Waldemar Kuehnel William Robert McLin Henry Calhoun Webb Fred Leonidas Wood, Jr. John Cleve Yearty Graduates as of June, 1933 James Alonzo Adams Clifford Alexander Avrett. Jr. Fee Ernest Barrentine Robert Edward Barton John Chapman Bell John Robinson Bell Herman Marshall Bennett William Albert Bennett Charles Kenneth Boland Richard Campbell Bryson William Frank Burnley Walter Thomas Butler, Jr. Grover Cleveland Carter Francis Chauncey Clark Yernon Eugene Clyde Harry Hill Cosgrove, Jr. George Pierce Curry, Jr. Thomas Richard Daniel Joseph Arthur Dorn. Jr. Wallace Bailey Dunbar. Jr. W'illiam Randolph Dunbar Marion William Dunham James Franklin Ellis. Jr. .John Brooks Fleming Adrian Kenneth Forney Richard Philip Frank George Little Fuller James Daniel Gallaher Wistar Laun Graham, J1'. Richard Franklin Halford Henry William Harbin Charles Pickett Hardy James Walker Harper Wallace Donald Harmon Marion Joseph Herman Yvilliam Nicholas Hildebrandt John William Holden Charles Clark Howard, Jr. Charles Langhorne Howard. Jr. Carl Wiley' Howard Alvin Lloyd Johnson Wyke Cleveland Ivey, Jr. Augustus Vincent Kirsch John Oscar Krupp Oliver Hill Kuhlke George Lovic Lake 1933 Forty-Four Alarvin Fraser l..aPrade William Fulghum Livingston Rogers Dempsey McAuliffe Marvin Hampton McLin Joel Bernard Marks Arthur Allen Maryott George Albert Mills. Jr. Louis Perry Mullin Dorroh Lee Nowell. .Jr. .Jacob Pearlstein Edmund Allen Pendleton, J Grady Allen Poss Antoin Bernard Prontaut, Jr Angelo .Joseph Punaro Albert Julius Roesel Richard Arthur Russell ,Joseph Paul Scarborough George Edward Speering, Jr. Edwin Studley Smith. Jr. William Alexander Steed Royal Charles Edgar Stokely, l'enry Lowry Stulb William Erastus Thigpen Guy Bowen Toole Thomas Florimond Toomey Joshua Jordan Traylor. Jr. George Shackelford Twiggs Preston Livingston Moring John Everett Wiggins t t The Rainbow LIBRARY 1933 F0ffj'-Fl.l'l' J g Ra 1.72 bgw I::::::::::::: CLASS OF 1934, JUNIORS Session of 1932-33, A. B. C LEIPOLD C . Preszdenl PIERCE B .......... ............, V Lce Presuienr TILLER FRANCIS ---- ........ ............... S e cretary Treasurer Adams, L. Calhoun, A. Baggs, J. Cassella, V. Bailey, C. J. Chandler, H. B Bailie, .l. Coleman, C. Baldowski, C. Daley, D. Barnard, Ben Daley, Robert Barnes, G. B. Daniel, B. Barnes, Linton Dasher, M. Bell, Joe Davenport, J. Bell, L. Deal. C. Bell, W. Deas. J. Bennett, D. Denny, W. Bernard, E. J. Dixon, A. Bignon, C. Dockins, C. Bills, C. E. Dorn, W. Bishop, H. Dunn, D. Blackwell, W. Durden, .S Blanos, G. Evans, Eugene Blum, S. Farr, Chas. Bolyard, J. Garrard, C. Bryant, L. A. Goode, Joe Brown, J. Gormley, A. Bruce, A. Gracey, R. Bryson, E. H. Griffin, George Burns, B. Clover, C. Q :::::::.::::::::4 1 9 3 3 : Forty-Six mnmmu muuunn Hair. Q. Hall, H. Hamilton, F. Hargrove, F. Hargrove, R. Harter, J. I g Ra 1-72 bo w ':::::::::::::::::: Heffernan, W. H. Henderson, H. Holley, J. Hoover, J. Howard, C. L. Hughes, C-. Hutto, R. L. Jackson, W. Jenkins, R. Joplin. J. Jordan, J. Kale, C. Kirkpatrick, D. Kitchens, Wm. Lang, C. A. Layfield, E. Lazenby, O. Leaphart, E. C. Leipold, C. Lively, Joe Lunday, H. Markwalter, Joe Masters, John Melton, J. Mills, A. Mills, G. Moye, D. McDaniel, B. McDonald, J. McFaden, D. Mclselland, E. McLin, M. McManus, A. NIcWatty, E. Neal. H. Nichols. J. Oliver, Jack 0'Shea. J. Owens, J. Pardue, W. Parker, Durham Peterson, E. J. Phillips, K. Pierce, Ben Pierce, Frank Plunkett. J. Pollard, Willard Pritchard. R. Rainwater, F. Reed, W. Redd. P. Reeves, A. Rizer, C. Roberts, Henry Roesel, A. Roper, R. Rossignol, P. Rox. J. Salley, R. Savage. W. Scavens, M. Scott, F. Seago, C. Shanahan, J. Sheehan, J. Silver, D. Skinner, J. P. Slaton, J. Spaulding, J. Speering, J. Sprott, T. Z. Stanford, P. Steadman, H. Taylor, F. Tant. Jas. Tiller, Francis Tiller, Frank Timm, F. Timmerman, Ha Trommerhauser. Usry, Billy Vaughan, C. Wallace, M. Wallace, W. Walker, C. Walters, C. Watkins, Walter' Weigel, Dan Welch, M. Wiggins, J. Wilheit, P. Wilheit, T. Wilson, W. Wright, L. White. W. N. :::z.:::: 1 9 3 3 1' I' y C. nnmmu mm nu l Forty-Seven ::::::::::::::::::::, T115 Rajnbgw l:::::::::::::::::::: Y.-f Q., . NELSON. C ...,V.... GRADY, T .....,.. . BOYD, C .,.,...,.,. Adams. D. L. Aldrich, C. Anderson. H. Anderson, J. C. Anderson, R. Anderson. T. Andrews, H. Antonokos, C. Austin. S. Avery, J. Bailey, G. Baker. H. Baldowski, C. A. Barinowski, W. Baughman. YV. Bell, V. Binns, C. Blanchard, G. Black. M. Bland. W. CLASS OF 1935, SOPHOMORE CLASS Session 1932-33, A. R. C. Boatright, A. Bothwell, J. Boyd, C. Brantley, C. Brodeur, E. Broome, VV. Buck, C. Buford, J. Burroughs, A. Carroll, R. Carswell, J. Cawley, V. Chisolm, L. Clark, V. Clary, T. Collins, L. Cone, L. Conlon. L. Cooper, A. Corr. E. Covar, A. Crouch, Leroy' Daley, John Daley, Randolph Davison, Y. Day, A. Dean, C. Deas, Frank deMedicis, H. Dewitt, Joe Dooley, Julian Dorernus, A. Evans, Tracv Dunaway, R. Faughnan, D. Ferramosco, J. Ferramosco, O. Florie, W. Folsom. A. Fogle, E. President .........Vice-President Secrelary-Treasurer Forbes, G. Force, Gene Forney, Bill Fortune, C. Fortune, J. Franklin, D. Fulghum, K. Fuller, MCD. Fuller, Wm. Gaines, Henry Garten, L. Gavalos, V. Givens, L. Granade, R. Grady, T. Grantham, J. Grealish, L. Greene, W. Griffin, F. Grizzell. B. 1 9 3 3 :::::::::::: mu-.-mn Forty-Eight ,Q Th IIIIZIZD' 6 Ra bo aj i'C'I'lZ ""' Hall, J. B. Hamilton, B. Hancock, C. Hardin, Wm. Harries, Bud Hardy, Ceo. Hatcher, E. Harvley, G. Haynie, Wm. Haywood, Wm. Heath, G. Heath, Jerome Heffernan, J. Hill, T. Hinson, J. Hinson, Ned Holbrook, D. Holley, F. Hooper. F. Howard. B. L. Hungerpillar. J. Hutson. Wm. Inman. O. B. Jeffcoat. H. Jenkins. C. Jenkins. F. C. Johnson, M. Kale. W. A. Kendrick. Ed Kendrick, L. King. Billie Kreisberg, M. Krewson. J. Lackman, J. Lamb. S. Lanier, J. Pague. B. L. Leary, H. Lee, L. Lemon, C. Levy, V. Lewis, Joe Lombard, C. Loner, H. Love, F. Maddox, A. Maddox, liarl Marshall, C. Masters, Leon Mattison, W. A. Meeler. Wm. Mens, A. L. Miller, Roger Mitchell, E. Mobley. J. H. Montgomery. L. Moran. E. Morris. A. Moss. C. Morris, S. Mulherin. B. Murphey. L. Murray, F. Newman. B. Norman. C. O'Bvrne. C. O7Connor. A. Odom. J. H. 0,Hara. E. Orr. Wm. Ottinger. J. Pardue. J. ni um Parclue, M. Pearre, C. Pember, F. Pereyra, J. Peters, H. Pierce, Wm. Pius, C. Popkin, H. Pollard, XX . Punaro, A. B. Pope, J. C. Purkall, M. Raborn, J. Bae, L. Redd, Otis M. Redd, B. Rhode,s G. Bicketson. Nl. Binker, C. Rogers, B. Rountree. M. Rupert. J. Rupp, C. Sanders. T. Saye, S. Scheuler, C. Scoggins. R. Senn, T. Sherman, T. Sheridan. L. Silas. R. Skinner. A. Smith. Jack Smith. Robert Speth. L. Stelling. Edw. it mmm: Stephens, Paul Stokeley, Mera Stulb, Joe Tanenbaum, J. Tebow, J. E. Thomas, A. Thompson, C. Thompson, L. Toole, G. Tur11er,J. C. Turner, B. Tyson, Bill Uhl, G. Waller, S. Walker, R. Walton, T. Ware. F. Watkins, Mark Waterhouse. J. Wheatley, A. Xvhite, Eclw. YVhite, W. O. l L. N Vlfilliams, H. L. Wilson, Joe Woo. Hon Young, Wm. Nelson, C. Moore. Wfillard Vlfoodward. Brook Crumley. Jolhn Mclflvanie. S. McLarty, R. Pirkle. W. Greene. B. Lamhack. C. H. 1933 15.1 -.-.--.- Forty-Nine ::::l 5 Ra in bg w :::::::: Till!" if CLASS OF 1936, FRESHMAN CLASS Session 1932-33, A. R. C. BI-IARDEN, C ....................,....,,.C...,,,,.,,4,A,..,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,.,,A,AAA,.AA,,A,,.,,,,, P rggidgm KELLY, G -----... ..,.......... J 'ice-President HEWETT. J ..,.,............ ............... .,,...,,,.,,,. ,,,A......... . S e rretary-Treasurer Adkins. S. Branch. C. E. Culley. F. Garren, J. Allen. H. Briscoe. A. Crozier. F. Garrett. H. Allgood. R. Brotherton. C. Cunningham. B. Garrett, R. Allen. R. Brown. C. Cunnnigham. Nl. Gardner. W. Amick. J. Bryans, I. Curry. F. Gary. B. Angelakos, G. Brynglegnn, T, Curtis. J. Gary. J. Ansley. H. C. Bryson. J, Daley. G, Gavalos. T. Anlonopolous, G. Buck. C. Davidson. E. Ghann. 0. Atkinson, J. Buck. W. Davis. A. W. Gibson. C. Antwine. C. Burton, B, Dirks. H. Gillion. S. Avery. M. Busliia. E. H. Dinkins. D. Gillman. S. Briggs. Wm. Hussey, J, Dockins. B. Glover. G. Bailie. Charles Butler. J. Drane. S. Godowns. C. Bailie. R. Butler. Wm. Dukes. NI. Goddard. W. Baker. J. B, Butler. Wilton Dunaway. H. Goldstein. NI Baker, T. Calhoun. Wm. Duran. Y. Goodwin. C. Barber. P. Carpenter. F. Durst. F. Gregg. H. - Barden. W. Carter. H. Dyches. D. Griffin. L. Bateman. C. Carstarphen. Frank Dye. C. Gulledge. G. Beall, G. Cave, E, E.ilVE'llS0l1.C. Gwinn. C. Bearden, C, tljlmndlelg B, Ecunomos. Hall. C. Beckworth, C. Chancy, C. lidenfield. R. Hall. Jas. E. Bedle, R, Clark. H, Edmunds. W. llall. Jno. E. Belger. P. Cleckley. J. T. Egleslon. M. llall. .lno. R. Bennett. J. Corfield. L. Elliott. R. Hall. L. Beverley. J. Collins, P, Ellis. R. Hammond. J. Blitch, A. Connell. Jerome Evans. W. Hancock. J. Boozer. J. D. Cook. John Ennis. B. Hancock. W. Boswell. E. F. Cooper. D. Ferris. R. Hanley. R. Boulineau. F. Corhitt. J. l"lPKf'l1Pr. A. Harrison. P. Bowles. D. J. Council. R. Fletvller. W. Hartley. J. Bowman, L. Crawford. H. Fox. ll. E. Ilarveston. G Bm-d. C. Crawford. G. l"l'Pv1nal1, E. Hayden. E. BU.-lj. D. Crenshaw, A, C, Fulglnun, H. lleath. F. Bradley. W. Crouch. N. Gannaway. T. Heath. 0. :::.::::: 1 9 3 3 :::::::.:: i Fifty ::::::::::::::::' 5 Heggie. .l. Hewett. .l. Hill. M. Hill, T. Hinson. T. .l. Holley. C. Houston. C. Howard. li. Howard. Jack Howard. Julian Howard, L. Howell, l.. Howard. Sam Howe, Bill Hutson. Lamar Hughes. G. Humphrey, F. Hunter. A. lnglelt, B. lnglett. J. lvey. C. Jackson. .-K. Jackson, A. .l akes. W. .l arrett. F.. L. Johnston. .l. W. Johnson. T. B. Jones, K. Jordan. E. Keels. J. H. Kelly. Cvorclon Kelly. Jack Kelly, Herman Kelly, Wm. Kennedy. W. Kerr, J. King. WV. O. Kitchens, E.. Lamb, T. l.ambar'k, V. Lee, Bothxrell Lee. Elvin LeSeu1'. Ben Lever. Jesse Levy, L C. Lewis. E. Lewis, .l. Lewis. Wi. Linson. P. Logue. B. Long, B. Loire. E. ll. Xluher. Nl. Xlaloney. 5. Xlarioni. F. llarkwaller. L. Xlarluvalter. D. Xlartin. C. Nlartin. W. Nlason. J. May. W. Xlehan. S. Nleeles. C. Xleyers, W . thins. R. Meyer. .l. Rainbow W Nl ills. J. C. Nlitchell. B. Hoody. E. Xloore. C. xlllfgllll. li. Xlorgan. W. Moore. .l. Nlorris. T. Wins:-. L. Nlulligan. T. Nlunn. Ben Xlurray, Xl. NlCCauley. T. l Tlt'Dunell. J. XluCee. E. NlcKinley. .l. Xlc'Nlanus. C. NlcTyre. M. NFWIHLIII. P. Newton. H. Nichols. L. C. Norris. T. Norvell, E. Norvell, P. Ulive. R. L. Owens. D. Owens. H. Uwens. J. Pague, B. L. Purdue, B. Pardue, J. H. Parker, H. Parker, Leroy Parris. C. B. Patterson. 0. Paulk. L. Paulus. C. Paulus, H. Paulos, J. C. Pearre, H. Pennoeli, F. T,t,'l'l'j'. J. l'etrea. E. Phillips, J. W. Pierce. C. Pollard. ll. Pollard, J. l'omerance, lf. l'omeranCe. L. Pope. F. Poplains. H. l'owell. C. Powell. J. Powell. L. Price. W. Hainwaler. B. Raimrater. .l. Redd. .-X. Redd. B. lied. Jack Reese. J. lieitl. WY. livynrulrls. J. lilionfles. Billy lllimles, F. llhodes. .l. llicliarcls. M. Rivhardson. .l. Riley. F. Binker. C. Roberts. X . Robertson. F. Robinson, ll. Rosier. J. W. Bouton. .l. Rucker, J. Sancken. C. Sancken. H. Sasser. E. Scarr. B. Scoggins. W. Scott. L. Scurlock, B. Seago. W. Se-igler, Joe Seigler, M. Seigler. P. Seigler. W. Simon. L. Smith. C. Smitllerman. B. Smith, Conrad Smith. Mahon Snellings, J. Spears, J. Stelling. C. Stelling. H. Stevens. Billie Stewart, W. Stone. Jack Stone. L. Slroupe. B. Stulh. C. Swindell. H. Summerall, C. Sutton. C. Taylor. E.. Theavos, D. Thigpen. S. H. Tomlin, Roger TUUIHCY. Towns, P. Toole. P. Tjovaras. J. Turner. C. Turner. L. Tyce. Louis Tyson. Sam XnnDyke. C. X elix. J. Verdery. Bill Yerrlery. O. Yidler. J. You Kamp. H. Walker. KI. Walker, W. W'aller, E. Weathers. H. W'atliins. R. Weeks, C, Weinstein. .L W haley. L. 193 3 Wheatley. S. Whitley, A. Widener. .l. Wilhelm. O. Williams, A. L. C Williams, . W Williams. C. Wijlliams. C. Williams. H. Williamson. G. Williamson, H. Wilson, C. Winn. F. Wooti, Wm. Woodward. L. T Woodward, L. Wfooclward, W. Wright, D. Wfright, S. Wyatt. W. Wfyatt. Wrm. Young. Edward Young, Emory Youn, E. Young. Frank Young, Jack Young. J. W. Young. James Battle. C. Clark. W. Counts. L. Evans. F. Fitzgerald. J. Foxx. J. Cay. E. Goodwin. J. H, Graham. S. Glover. E.. P. Hannah. S. Hill. .l. Holsenlvacli. .l. Hughes, Lamar Hughes, L. Kerr. Gene Nlackey. E. Wlnure, E, Neal, T. Owens. S. Patterson. C. Phillips, R. Reid. B. llivllardson. R. Silas. E. Simms, B. Thornburg. J. Timmerman. J. Tygart. B. Walker, C. Whitehead, O. Wilk, C. Pollard. H. lioswf-ll. C. Smith, E. Fifty Ono N I The Rainbow , . . L -. . -, ,M- 'Q . , .A ,ig ' N U' P . 'V ' ' X-5. s ' -Z.:- REEJIMENT 1 9 3 3 Fifty-Two ifliztmy n ......... "" I I'lI'l' . ..'....ZI..'.!..'...I. .. 2...' ZSIIZIZIILIII, Thg R d 1.72 bow iliilililll ." .1.'1"1C...Z Z.2I..Z...!Z3ZlZl'l1I.1''' LIEUT. SAM Punswrau., U. S. A. Sm: JOHN LITIPOLD, U. S. A. fcvfllllllllllllllll .flssismnt in - -, N'?+.J:-qf'l f wwsgii A 4. A"l"1 ' rg-vi' 12" 'I 1-4 fri" THE REGIMENT ... ......'I..IlI.lII.I.lII.7IZ.1I'I..llIlIII...I1....11.11I..'Zi..!2Il.III.I.II1....Z.'....lll.lll..III.'.'...' 1 9 3 3 ", , ' ".2111.2I'Zl.I1l'IlIlIII1'1l1l2'Cl.I:''.1..Z.22.11'll''IICICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Fifty-Four l- Q ::::::::::::::::::::::l 5 Rain bg w ,::::::::::::::::: FIELD AND STAFF Cadet Corps of J. C. A. and A. R. C. RICHARD J. WADE ....................,... .... ...,................. C ad ez Colonel Miss MILDRED CARSTARPHEN ,..,.,... .......... R egimenzal Sponsor GARDELLE LEWIS .............,........... ,.,..,..... L ieutenant Colonel MISS HARRIETT REED ..,.,..,,,,,,. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, S ponsor 9 1933 A .Q Fifty-Fire ::::::::::::::::l 6. Rainbow l:1::::::::::: 1- '13, 'QF F 5 1 A A I Blajors lst BATTALION 2nd BATTALION 3rd BATTALION S. Lester Cay W. Frank Burnley Allen H. Martin Miss Mary Harveston. Miss Elizabeth Rinker. Miss Myrtis Murphy Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Ii6g1D16HIHl Staff CAPTAIN lBECT. AD.l.'l'.l CAPTAIN 1SUPPLYb Fred L, Wood Hurry H. Cosgrove Miss Katherine Bishop Nliss Catherine Davidson Sponsor Sponsor CAPTAIN 4Pl..ANS AND TRAINING! SERGEANTS Charles Daley Nliss Evelyn Bennett Sponsor C. A. Lang C. A. Leipold Henry C. Harbin 1933 F ifty-Six I The Rainbow I:::::::::::.: - '."' 'WF ilu """"' www.- -us 2 BAND AND BUGLE CORPS CAPTAIN lst LIEUTENANTS 2nd LIEUTENANTS James P. Walker Miss Mariam Pierce. Sponsor Barton, R. Chandler, Harold Dunn, David Anderson. J. C. Adams, D. Anderson, T. Atkinson, C. Baggs, B. Battle, C. Bolyard, J. Buford, J. Connell, J. Corbett. J. Angelo J. Punaro Tom Verdel SERGEANTS D.lSl'ICl', Marion Henderson, Harold Mclraden, D. H. COBPORALS Kirkpatrick, Donald PRIVATES DeMedicis, H. Fulgham. K. Gaines, H. C-ary, Bert Cavalas, T. Hall, J. Hartley, J. Jones. K. Lazenby, O. INSTRUCTOR OF BAND D. M. Lincul Fred Hamilton George Fuller Oliver H. Kuhlke lvey, W. C. Steed. W. A. Nlorris. B. A. Mason, J. Moore, G. Moore. J. Parrish, C. Sanders, J. T. Stevens, B. Von Kamp, H. Weidner, J. 1933 : ...... 17 Filly-Sewer: Q::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::l The Rainbow ,1:::::::::::::::::. GG 99 Compally A CAPTAIN lst LIEUTENANT 2nd LIEUTENANTS John C- SlePl1en5 Oscar W. Kuchnel Vernon Clyde Miss Margaret Jernigan E. Allen Pendleton. Jr Sponsor lst SERGEANT Charlie C. Coleman SERGEANTS Adams, James Boland, Charles Reed, Patrick Barreutine, Fee Joplin, Jack Roesel, Albert CORPORALS Bennett, Dan Spaulding, Jack Deas, Joe Smith, Studley Durden. Sam Wallace, Martin Owens, John N. Wiggins. .l. E. PRIVATES Bailey, Charles Gallaher, Dan Moye, David Bailey, J. H. Glover, Chester Pardue, W. F. Bell, Joe Graham, Laun Parker, Durham E Bell, Vincent Fleming, John B. Pllllllpsl K, - Bennett, William A. Haywood, W. Pollard, H, Bignon, C. Hatcher, Stanley Pollard. Wal-l-en Bishop, H. Harmon. W. D. Pollard' Willard Blackwell, W. Heffernan, William Roper Ralph Bothwell, J. H. Herman, M. J. Ruperl -lolm Burroughs, Arthur Lanier, James Stallings Georne Carpenter, F. Lively, Joe Scott F' D Conlon, Louie Livingston, W. F. Thonaasd Dewitt, Joe KlTSCll, A. Traylorl Jbrdan Daley, Robert E. Jenkins, C. M. Twigqs' George Dunham, William Masters, M. Wallflr' Carligla Evans, Tracy L. McDonald, J. Watlinis Walter A Ferramosca, Joe MCIIS, A- Yeartl :I hn ' Force, E. Mills, G. A. Y, 0 Florie, Walter Mills, R. i 1 9 3 3 Q Fiffy.Efgm I The Rainbow 11211 -ue' ,xr H' Company BBQ' CAPTAIN lst LIEUTENANT Fred L. Harrison, Jr. John C, Bell Miss Mary Hull, 2nd LIEUTENANTS Spgnmr Kenneth Forney lst SERGEANT Billy Hildehrandt SERGEANTS Brown, Jack C. lloward, Charles Scarborough, Joseph Burgamy, Herman Neal, Frank W. Jr. Thigpen, William CORPORALS Adams, J. L. Grady Truetlen Buck, Charles Kitchens, W. E. Burns, Ben W. Mobley, H. James Garten, Leonard Stelling, Edward PRIVATES Austin, Stewart Jenkins, R. Rae, Lloyd A. Bell, Louis Barnard, Ben Brodeur, E. Broome, B. William Carswell, J. J. Dean, Carlisle S. Dorn, Wallace Farr, Charles C. Ferramosca, Oreste Folsom, A. Carrat, Crawford C. Ghann, Otis Griffin, L. Frank Hair, Quinby Hall, Luther Hamilton, Billy Kerr, Jack Kreisberg, Meyer Layfield, M. E. Jr. Loner, Hugh McCulloch, Jack Mitchell, Edgar Montgomery, Lee Morris, Simeon Nichols, John O'Hara, Eugene Oliver, Jack C. Orr, William Claude O'Shea, James Ottinger, Julius Pierce, Benjamin E., Jr. Punaro, A. B. Rox, John A. Rucker, Jack Seago, George Senn, Thompson Scavens, Mitchell, Scoggins, Woodrow Seigler. Joe Sheridan, Liddon Slaton, F. John Speering, George Steadman, Henry E Thomas, Arthur Welsh, Marvin H. Young. Jimmie J Q 1933 Q Fifty-Nine 0 I :::::::::::::::::: The ,Rainbow ::::::: Lknnpanylqf' CAPTAIN Sam H. Zealy Nliss Ruth Jones Sponsor Baldowski, Clifford Jackson, Bill Baggs, James Bailey, Giles Calhoun, Alex Daley, John J. Baker, Thomas M. Barinowski, Walter M. Bland, Warren Boyd, Charles Brantly, G. R. Busbia, Eugene Clark, Verdery Cone, Lloyd Crawford, George Crumbly, Jolm Ferris. John ll. Gardner, Walter C. Goldstein, Meyer Grealish, Lawrence Harries, A. S. Holley. Fredrick W. Humphrey, Francis lst LIEUTENANT Hinton C. Daniel lst SERG EA NT Daley. David SERGEANTS Pritchard. Ralph Prontaut, A. Bernard CORPORA LS Griffin, Frank Hill. Thomas G. Bud LlliU'l'ENANTS Clifford Avrett Rirliarrl A. Russell Speering, Johnnie Timm, Fred Lombard, George Young, William L. PRIVATES Hutson, W'illiam lvey, Charles E. Jenkins, F. C. Johnson, Martin Johnson, Tyler B. Kale, W. A. Kendrick, J. L. King, Billy Krewson, John Lowe, Roger Maddox, Audley F. Maddox, Earl S. Martin, William Meeler, Williani l'l. Moss, Gordon T. O'Connor, Arthur Pereyra. James 1ll ll ll I um nn 1933 Sixty Purkall, Marion Rogers, Bruee Rountree, Morgan Rupp, Charles Sherman, Thomas Smith, Coleman Smith, Jack Stephens, Paul Tebow, James Thompson, Charles Tyson, William A. Velix, J. Ware, Forest D. Wilson, Joe Whiteley, Addie mmm Q """"""" 1 g Rain bo w r::::::::::::::: lj CAPTAIN Luther H. Stafford Miss Sarah Suncken Sponsor Dockins, Clayton Dunbar. Wfallace Aldridge. Ed. C. Anderson, R. 0. Baker, H. K. Barber, Preston Boswell, F.. F. Briscoe. A. L. Chisholm, Leland Crenshaw. E. C. Daley, Randolph Dooley, Julian M. Eavenson. Charles Edmunds. W. F. Forbes, George W . Fuller, William 0. Garrett, Bob Gillian, Steve Nh 4-9 Company 'GFR 2nd LIEUTENANTS William Dunbar Carl Howard lst LIEUTENANT William Faughnan lst SERCEA NT William Blandenberg SERGEA NTS Crahlowsky, Ben Hargrove. Fred Jordan. J. C. Tiller, Francis CORPORALS Cooper, Alva Moran, Elliott Franklin, David Shanahan, James Crizzell. Roy Stnlb. T. J. Love, Fleming White. Ed. W. PRIVATES Hooper, Frank H. Hall, James B. Hardy, George Haynie. William H Holbrook, Drukelle Holley, .lack Howard, Ed. E. lnman. 0. B. Jeffcoat, Harry Lemon, Cecil Lewis, Joe McLelland, Eben Mitchell, B. C. Murphy, Louis Murray, Francis F. Nelson, Curtis Newman, Ralph 1933 S1'.r1y-One Purdue, John P. Petrea. Ebbie Pitts, C. H. Ricketson. Mar'on Skinner. Charles A. Swindell. H. W. Smith, Robert H. Tanenbaum, J. L. Tiller, Frank Turner. Robert l.. Tyson, Sam Waller, Sam Walton, T. P. Waterhouse, John N White, William 0. Williams, H. L. X KZ' nnnnm nnomn CAPTAIN H Lowrey Stulb Nliss Florence Bailey. Sponsor Allen, Louie Bell. Warren "1-'i' :nl The Rajnbow I:::::.:::::::::::: QA Company NG" lst LIEUTENANT T. Richard Daniel lst SERGEA NT Charles Trommerhauser SERGEANTS Bernhard, Ernest Bryson, Hampton 2nd LIEUTENANTS Walter T. Butler Dorroh L. Nowell Sprott, T. Z. Usry, Billy CORPORALS Blanchard, George Hungerpillar. .l. A. Cawley, Vernon Jackson. William A. Davison, Vincent Levy, Victor Forney, Bill B. Toole, Gus PRIVATES Anderson, Hinton ll. Andrews, Howard R. Baldowski, C. A. Boarwright, Arlis D. Bowles, Dan J. Clary. Thomas Collins, Louis A. Corr, Elmo Crouch, l.croy H. Cunningham, Barrett Cunningham, Mell Deas, Flank Doremus. Alex Elixson, James Evans, William H. Faughnan, D. Edward Fletcher, John W. Fortune, Charles Fortune, .lack Granade, Raymond Hall, Carlisle Hatcher, Edwin Harvley, Guy Heath. Jerome Heffernan, Thomas Howard, Broadus L. Keels, James H. Kitchen, Earle Lewis, Emory Marshall, George Miller, Roger Odom, .lack Pardue, Middleton Pardue, Harold Pardue, Billy Pember, Fred P. . 1933 Sixty-Two Pope, .l. C. Popkin, Herman Rainwater, jack Redd, Ben VV. Redd, Otis M. Rhodes, George Salley, Ronald - Saye, Sam Scarr, William Schueler. George Smith, Conrad Snelling, John Toole, Franklin A. Turner, .l. C. Wheatley. Albert Wilheit, Phillip A. Wilhelm, Oma V. Woo, Hon :::::::::::::,l T125 Rajnbgw l:::::::::::::::::: G 97 Comliauy ' I CAPTAIN 2nd LIEUTENANTS R. J. Bates Smith Herman Bennett lst SERGEANT Richard Frank lst LIEUTENANT Richard Halford SERGEANTS Denny. NY. McDaniel, Billy 3IcLin, Marvin Mc.Watty, Earl Masters, J. R. Edgar Stokeley CORPORALS Godowns, C. lnglett, R. McCauley, T. B. Reid, W. PRIVATES Allgood, li. Hall, James E. Avery, M. Hancock. J. Bailey, C. Heath, F. Bateman, C. Hill, T. Baughnian, W. Hewitt, J. Beckworth. C. Howard, J. Black, M. Hudson, L. Branch, E. Hughes, F. Buck, C. Hunter, A. Carstarplxen, Frank Jackson, E. Carter, H. Lamb, T. Chancey, C. Marioni, F. Cooper, L. D. Martin, J. Dunaway, R. Meehan, S. Ellis, R. McDowell, J. Cillman, S. McGee, F. Glover, C. McKinley, J. Gregg, H. L. Mills, J. Gulledge, Gene Moody, Ed. James Bailie Savage, Billy Walters, Charles Richardson, J. Riley, F. C. Vidler, Jack Woodwa1'd, C. Morgan, W. Norris. T. Parker, L. Phillip, W. Pollard, J. Pomerance, L. Price, W. Richards, M. Rinker, C. Rhodes. F. Rhodes. J. Sasser, E. Tjovaras. J. Tomlin, R. Weeks, C. Williams. H. Williamslmli, U. Wood, W. 1933 3 .-.l Sixty-Three :::::::::::::::l The Rajnboiw imnun num-n CAPTAIN Arthur A. Maryolt Miss Frances Sego Sponsor Bills, C. E. Dorn. J. A. Cracey, Robert Atkins, Sam H. Boyd. C. N. Bowman. Louis J. Brown, C. F. Burk, W. Coffield, Lester Cook, J. S. Crawford, llarnl-l Daley. G. D'nkins, Harry Edenfield. H. .l. 'Fox H. E. Hannah. Sidney Howard, T. L. Howard. S. W. lnglett, l. Kelley, H. Kelly. .lack King. W. 0. Company MIC, lst LIEUTENANT Dan Henderson lst SERGEANT C. Allen Poss SERCEANTS Holden, William Hoover, James COR PORA LS Durand, Charles Holley, Clifford PRIVATES Lackman, .I. K. Lewis. Billy Linson, P. C. May. W. M. Melles. George i NlcLlwaine. .l. Morgan, J. R. Moss. F. L. Nlunn. Ben Owens, Donald Owens, H. Parker, H. B. Patterson. 0. C. Pearre. C. R. Perry. .l. M. Pope, F. Reese, .l. 0. Redd, A. Rhoades, B. W. ll 2nd LIEUTENANTS Charles Hardy John Krupp Louis P. Mull'n McAuliffe. Rogers Reed, J. W. Wright. Lewis lakes. William Kelly. Cordon Lee. E. McLarty, R. A. Hohinson, R. A. Sancken. C. Seago. W. M. Seigler. W. K. - Scurlock, B. W. Scoggins, R. L. Silas, R. Sutton, C. H. Sumerall, E. Stone, I. .l. Taylor, E. C. Thigpen. S. H. Toomey, J. Tyce, Lewis A. Whaley. L. M. Wright, .l. D. Wright. Sumner T' Young. E. Young, John M. 1933 Sixty-Four 11111 The Rainbow Company MII, CAPTAIN lst LIEUTENANT R. Campbell Bryson Frank Ellis Miss Ruth Hardman lst SERGEANT Sponsor Arthur McManus SERGEANTS Barnes. Linton Dorn, Wallace Dixon, A. F. Hargrove, R. Hughes, G. CORPOHALS Dicks, Harold Kennedy, William Boozer. .lolin Martin, C. Fletcher, A. Morris. L. llowe. W'illiam Wllliams, C. W. PRIVATES Allen, ll. lilliott. R. Ansley, H. C. Garren. .l. Bedle, R. Goddard. W. Belger, P. Gwin, C. Blitcll, A. Haggie, .l. Bradley. W. llall. .l. R. Belger, P. l'larveston. G. Brotllerton. C. Hayden. E. Bryans. l. C. .l1'. Hill, M. Bryngelson, T. Houston. C. Bryson, .l. Howard, J. Calhoun, Billy Kelly. W. Chandler, B. Lee. ,l. B. Clark, H. Leseur, B. Cleckley, J. T. Logue, J, Collins, P. Long. B. Drane. S. Maher. M. .l. Dyrlws, D. Lever. .l. D. Dye. C. Markwalter. D. 1 9 3 3 Sixty-Five 2nd LIEUTENANTS Grover Carter Pierce Curry George Lake Hutto, L. Stanford, Paul ll. .lr. Nlayers, .l. Mulligan, 'l'. Nichols. L. Norvel, P. Norvell, E. Owens. .l. A. Paulk, L. Robinson, Frank Sanrken, H. Stallings, C. Stallings. H. Smitherman. R. Stulb. C. Thevaos, D. Towns, P. E. Tygart, B. Waller. S. Weinstein. A. Williams. ,L ::::::::::::::l 5 Ra 1.72 bo w l::::::::::::::::: Q' C3 I G0 'TT Company UM" lst LIELTENANT tru into-v CAPTAIN JOllIl T. Blitchinglon 2nd LIELTENANTS John Barry Whitney. jr. John R. Bell Chauncey Clark Bliss Yirginia Page lst SERGEANT John Hulse Sponsor .l. Bernard Marks SERGEANTS Bryant. L. ,L Casella. Victor Pearlstein, Jack Blum. Saul Good. .loe Silver, David Neal. Harry B. CORPOR.-XLS Hughes. Lorin Powell, L. Newman. L. Timmerman. James Phillips. Russell Wlleatley. S. Woodward. Wyman PRIYATES Bailiv. R. Hill. Jack Paterson, Charles Beall. G. Holsenbake. O. .I Popkin, H. Burton. B. Hughes. Lamar Rauton. .l. Counts. Leonard Kerr. Eugene Roberts. Vincent Crozier. F. Lambavk. Frank Simon, Leon Davidson. E. Levy. l. C. Sims, William ' Dukes, NI. Durst, E . Ennis. Beaufort Garrett. H. Gay. Edward Graham. Sam Grover, Ernest Handly. R. Lewis. Johnnie llarkwalter. C. Meyers. W. Mitchell. E. Xlurray. Xlaurice Newton. R. Olive. R. L. Parrish. C. R. 1933 Smith. Edward Thornburg, James Van Dyke. C. L. Yerdery. O. Whitehead. Otis Wilk, Charles Wyatt. Wallace Walker. Xl. ik Sixty-Six :::::::::::. The Rajnbow .+:::::::: THE SABRE CLUB RICHARD J. WADE .....,.., ..................... President G.-XRDELLE LEWIS.. ..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,........ Vice'Presi11f'nI FRED HARRISON. .....A.A.....,,A...,..A A.,,A,,,, S ecrelary and Treasurer MEMBERS All Commissioned Officers Q 1933 Q Sixty-Seven :::::::::::::::::::::l, 5 Rainbow l:::::::::::::::::: ... 1... .J N, l. THE RIFLE TEAM GEORGE FULLER ...E.........,..,...,,,..,..,,.....,.,..,,,,,,,,..,. Winner of The General Wood Medal Thigpen, William E. Gay, Lester S. Avrett, Clifford A. Smith, R. J. Bates Burroughs, Arthur S. Smith, Stuclley E. Daniel, Hinton C. lL Crealish, Lawrence L Harbin, Henry W. Martin, Allen H. Bryson, R. Campbell Krupp, John O. Bell, John C. Roper, Ralph W. isted according to rating! F ::::::::::: 1 9 3 3 .:::::::::::: Q Sixty-Eight L?-- +? 'ff E- 'U' LL ,Q QU, E- is , :Iliff ' 4, f ,f .fm 1-6 'J "'- ' 'I wo .y r ...1 4 ' I .M .Z-. -- , ' ,, - 1-9' ' , Ei- I. 'si :- - --E ..1 1. -N if - '773' :. 'T-. - W- " 51- "' ?" 4 -'...' 1,5 MX " 5 :. . -5, . , ?i I -24' ' . fax - ' .:::- ll-"C: - ' - A3 A X -F. "":l+"':' -f 1 V '. L.. ..'T'IT.l".-E f.-1 - ' Q-ig fl- ,.,,.-- ,Lffy-3. mm' Q .?f:-fpl 2 iilii if? N, K Q. ' -. l..-,li -1 2+ - 5 van P -xy ELL-1 T '35 YQ!" i' lf 1-d'X " i, lj'- 'VLJ' E N ' E'-df,-,L'.-K." .v---' E- .5-5 ' Ml, mf - ' , .. Egg?- .,. , 1 -' -lg-1 'L' 3- 1.45:- .li-,ai 1-i.-JT L - - ,..- 1- -- '-- -.ii 'L--4: 1-i Qi ,-l,i ' 1 :xr .. V:-Q X. rg Q: ,+ m rgmnizwtbns Sixty-Nine :::: 5 Rajn bo rw l:::::::::::: Officers-Firsl Term 'lheoduie Caswell ,,,,, . . . . James Walker... .. . William Hardy ',.. .. .. Bouls Bullie- Hurry Bell Frank Burrouglis Ted Caswell Marion Currie Preston Delph Dubose Egle-stun Bill Force Keen Hammond Bill Hardy Emile llumm.-l lIElT SUI PL'Rsm-:1.L. MR. H. J. C. A. . ..l"ice-Presiderzt HLY Officers-Second Term President Anderson Bailie .. ............... ..... ...... P r esidenl Bates Slllitll ...,...... .,l"'ice-Presidenl Secrelurp xI3l'l0Yl Currie... .,.. ,,.,,,,...... S evretary Treasurer 511111 Zealy ........... Treasurer MEMBERS lla:-ry .lf3l'l1lQLLlll Uardelle Lewis Frank Allllllt'l'lll Tom Saul Bates Smith Roller! Stallings Bootsie Stafford .lackie Stephens .limmie Walker .luck Whitney Sam Zealy 0. READ. .,.... Faculty flrlvisers 1933 Scvenly :::::::::::::::l 5 Rain bo w '::::::::::::::: 'X HLY'W OFFICERS CAROLINE BAILIE ,,.,... MARIAM PIERCE .....,,.. ELIZABETH NlURRAY ....,....,........................,. ROSE WILSON ,,......,..L..,,,,.v,................,L......,L,.,..., Miss EMMA Twlccs. Mlss MARGARET BAILIE ,,,.LLw MEMBERS lfrances Bruce Eleanor Cranston Laura Evans Xl: rtllu Ferris Rebecvu Guest Mary llIIll . 1933 s Seventy -One ,,,...,. President Ice-Presirlenl ,.....,,,,St"l'f61!1f'Y ,,,,Tr0usurer flvisers CuI'olyII lzlux' Berdie Ella ,IIIIIIBS Nell Leguen Katherine l.4-ipnlll Peggy Redd l-Ilizalnelh Sxlwg ::::::::::: 5 Rain bo w t::::::::::: x - ACADEMXfHLY JOHN C, BELL ,,..,,,A ,.,,,...,,,...... P resident BEN PIERCE ........,,w .....,... V ice-President ROBERT GRACEY ........ .......... S ecrezary ALLEN SKINNER .........,.. ..,..,.... T reasurer MR. A. F. SIMPSON ....,,.,,. ..,...........,......... .......... A rl viser MEMBERS john C. Bell Lansing Lee John R. Bell Dick Daniels Alva Cooper Coleman Smith Bill Dunbar Arthur Maryott Allen Skinner Billy White Lowrey Stulb George Fuller Chauncey Clark Gus Toole Robert lVIcLarty Ben Pierce Lewis Wright Boliert Cracey 1933 Seventy-Two I Razinbow I:::::::::::::::::: -7 '4-w' ,. ,y' ial-Sx:'f54wu Ea '-ewgf .Ap 'fffi if 32 :. - . ,. ,, . ,H r ...- ,, . fr - 1 G 7, . we, ' 4' z 2 Sf' ww- 422- ' f JAMES BAILIE ..,...... RICHMOND HI-Y .............Pl'8Sld6Ilf ALEX DOREMUS ..,,4,,, ....,,., V ice-President CARL HOWARD .....,...., .......... S ecrezary DORROH Nowzu, ....,.,., ....... T reasurer MEMBERS Campbell Bryson Walker Harper Hampton Bryson Donald Kirkpatrick David Daley Marvin .La Prade Sam Durden George Rhodes James Ellixson Taylor Sanders Treutlen Grady james Shanahan Charles Hardy Sam Waller MR. J. M. ROBERTSON ....., ....... F acuvlty Adviser Seventy-Three ' 5 Ram bo w I::::::::::::::::::::: rf' RHO-CHI PRE-MEDICAL CLUB Nrczuoms HARRISON... CARL PIRKLE ......A,Y ,A JAMES GREENE ....,,,.....,.. MEYER M. SCHNEIDER ,,EEA., Burroughs. I7 Bolgla, J. Bailey, E. Craig, J. Egleston, D. Goldstein, I. MEMBERS Faculty iAdvisers Mr. H. O. Read Mr. C. A. Scruggs Mr. M. D. Young ..............President .....,...Vice-Presidenl ...,.,.,......Secretary .,..,,....Treasurer Howard, C. Hackel, H. Hummel, E. Levy, T. Levy, J. Mulherin, F. Schneider, L. A. .. 1 9 3 3 Seventy-Four mm J. C. A. LITERARY SOCIETY lVlARION CURRIE ......., ANDERSON BAILIE ..,.... BERTHA CARSWELL ,....... CAROLINE BAILIE ,.,....,... MR. N. L. GALLOWAY ,.,... Meyer M. Sclnn-ider John Hunsun ,luhn B. Whitney Bacon, M. Hallie. B. Carstarphen, M Cadle, E. Derrick. H. Evans, L. Ford, A. Gibson. K. Goldstein, l. Green, J. Haggerty, R. Harrison. N. Hanson, J. DEBATINC TEAM MEMBERS ..............Presicle11t ......Vice-Presiden! ...,....Secretary .................Treasurer ........Facu,l!y Adviser Xlunxie Bacon Marion Currie Nlorris S. Marks I Howard. C. Hutchinson. E. James. B. E. Kellogg. A. Lee. Elizabeth May. Elizuheth Marks. M. Mulherin. F. Powell. .l. Schneider. M. Synnns. lf. Nerdel. L. Whitney. ,I. 9 1933 M Q Seven ty-Fi ve :::::::::::::I The Ralhbow I.::::::::::::::::: RICHMOND 'ACADEMY LITERARY SOCIETY First Semester Ufficers Second Semester Officers John C. Bell .........................,..,.,.,,,,.,.,.... President Carl Howard ...,....,........ - .................,....... Presidenl Sam Zealy .........,l,,.......,........,........ Vice-President George Fuller ,......,,,.,.. ...... ........,... V i ce-President James Bailey .......ll .....,,..... S ecretary Donald Kirkpatrick ........,l. .lll.l...l..... S ef,-rgmry MEMBERS Bailey, J. lvey, W. Bell, J. Krupp, J. Burns, B. Kitchens. W. Chandler, H. Lee, B. Clark, C. Lee, L. Coleman, C. Lively, J. Daniel, R. McLarty, R. Dasher, M. Nowell, D. Doremus, A. Pritchard, R. Dunbar, W. Sanders, T. Forney, K. Scavens. M. Gracey, R. Skinner. A. Grady, T. Smith, C. Halford, R. Tiller, F. Hoover, J. Stafford. l.. Hurhin. H, White, W, Waller, S. MR. E. M. ALLEN, DR. P. M .CHEEK ....... .... . ,Faculty Advisers I 9 3 3 Seventy-Six :::::::::::::::::::::::, The Razonbow 1:::::::::::::::::::::::: FRESHMAN LITERARY SOCIETY BILLY CALHOUN.. Moss, L ........... Ix1aI.LY, W ......... Bailey, Blich. Curtis, Cwin. MEMBERS R. C. J. C. MR. J. B. Mooms ..... ............................Presidenl ............................Vice-Presidenl , .......... Secretary and Treasurer Lewis, T. Markwalter,D Nowell, C. Tigert, J. Woodward, W. 1933 Faculty Adviser mmmmmm I .................. Sez'enty'Seve11 mumummuu unmmmn l The Rainbow I nmmnmnu ,nnmnnnnu STUDENT COUNCIL HENRY HARBIN .AA.,,,.,. ,......,,...,.. P resideni FRANK BURNLI-:Y .. , . .,,,.,A,...,,,.,., . l"'ice-Presizlenl WILLIAM FORCE A,,.,, ,njecrefary and Treasurer MEMBERS Bearden. C. Harries. B. Bailie. A. Leipolcl. C. Burnley, F. Nelson. C. Caswell. T. Sancken. C. Daley, D. Stelling. G. Durden. S. Toole, G. Force, W. Walker. J. Franklin. D. Whitney. J. - Harbin. H. Wilson. R. MR. A. F. SIMPSON ,,,,.., ,..,..,., P 'acllfly' .-ldviser Q '::. 1 9 3 3 :::: Q Svvellly-Eigll! :::::::::::::::l 5 Rajn bg w lf::::::::::::::: GLEE CLUB KATHERINE LEIPOLD ,,.,..,.. Preszdenl CAROLINE BAILIE ........... . Secretam BERTHA CARSWELL .........,...........,...................,....... .....,..,..,. T reasurer DICK WADE MEYER SCHNEIDER, JOHN BELL ,,,,.,.. ,,,A,,, P ublzczzy Committee MR 0 W CHANDLER ...........,..........,.............,.A ..,,,,... F acuity Advzser PROE JAMEG B BARTCH ,,...,. .,..,...Muszcal Dzrector MENIBEBS Barksdale. E. R. Hoover. .l. Bell, J. C. Howard. C. Bell, J. R. Hutchenson. E Brucker. J. james, B. E. Bacon, M. Kellogg. A. Blum, E. L. Lee, Elizabeth Brown, E. May, Elizabeth Cadle, E. Marks. M. Carstarphen. M. Marshall, G. Carswell. B. Maddox. N. Craig, L. NlcLardie, P. Daley, C. McLarty. R. Dasher. M. Phillips. K. Derrick, H. Schneider, M. Doyle, J. Smith, C. Dunbar, B. Symms. E. Fullbright, M. Von Kamp. H. Gallaher. D. Verdel, T. Cracy. M. Wade. Dick Hardman. Ruth White, C. Harris, E. Wilson. .l. Haynie. T. Whitney. .l. Hogan, M. Watkins, J. Q """ ::::: 1 9 3 3 :::: Q Seventy-i'Vinc' ::::::::::::::z::' The Rajnbgw I1:::::::::::::::: THE MUSKETEER STAFF JACK WHITNEY ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,..,,,,,,.,.,..,,,....,,.. E zlitor-in-Chief JOHN DoYL1-:.. ......,,,, .,,...,,, A ssisranz Edilofin-Chief KENNETH FORNEY ......,... ,vw ,,,,w , ,,w,wN w,.., B asiness Manager MEYER SCHNEIDER ......... .....,.. .... ,.,. , ,.A.,,, .,,,....,.. I F issistanr Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF MORRIS MARKS-Miss B1-:RTI-IA CARSWELL-BILLY DUNBAR FACULTY ADVISERS MR. G. M. SCOTT-NIR. C. M. ETHEREDGE-MR. J. T. HAINS Q 1933 . 49 Eighty 111111111 The Rainbow 1933 RAINBOW STAFF Junior College Carl Pirkle .........,.,,...,.. A,.,...,,A E dilor-in-Chief ..w..... J, Willie Levy, Il ......,.. ..,,...... B usiness fl1l'l7llIg6l' ,,..... .,... Bertha Carswell ,,,.,,,. ,,,,,,A4 L iterary Editor ..,.. Morris Marks .............. r,,,, P icture Editor . Lewis Sims, Jr ...7r,A....... ....... S ports Editor .... John B. Whitney, ,Ir .,...,. ,,,.rr,,, J Uilitary Editor Meyer M. Schneider ..... ,,,,i.,,.i 4 ssl. Editor .V.,. Kenneth Laird ,..,.... .,......,..,,......,,...... Margaret Hogan ..,.. lane Nevin. ...i...... . Faculty Committee .-1 Cllllflll y ..........Jolm C. Bell .George L. Fuller ,,,,Kenneth Forney ..........,lol'1n R. Bell ,.,.....Henry Harbin ........Frank Burnley William R. Dunbar .,..:lssI. Bus. Mgr. .,..4sst. Lil. Editor Mr. C. H. Mitchell, Chairman-Mr. C. A. Royston-Mr. A. C. Owens Qln ::::::::, 1 9 3 3 :::::::::::: Q Eighty-One ' The Rainbow ,,,:,V.,.v-'.w.-,,. .,- Stadium 1933 Eigllty-Two 1 X , 'f ,. Wigs , , I .. fx a 5 A K fl X . 3 X :RS A - J Nxqbfg xxx-in il? U' I X ,f gf .. - 'U--.Q 'j 4' A I in " . M f Q 'Q '--X x f f ky N Z f N ' I ' , . 1 -:emi G- 3 , 1 4.-443. 1 fff A A ' if X! X XX E X' 45,4 Q xx 'Qe x i Q X lj VJ. xl Q , IS' ff' 5 f,5"ijZAg2f'.1!'f' 6.1 ' ,sy-ma-:gag-sggy..,Q' f " I X X Qt y xx MP7 I , X . Q ' Qxm STEM , PURTS Q. 11, . , , Th ::::::::::: 5 Ra 1.71 bow l:::::::::.::::::::: Q E E ..ii.. tmmmmu mnmmm n rj M3 L.. Q 1? Hi '- 4 -1-J. X vw' A-bv, FOOTBALL ROLL, J. C. A. Frank Burroughs ......, Dubose Eglestona, Edward Harrigal ,.,...., .lackie Stephens ...,...... William Brickle ..,..,..., Henry Kale ..,,...,.., Tracy Levy ............,.. lsadore Isenberg ..,..... Theodore Caswell ......,.,.. Lewis Sims.. ......... .Iolm Hanson ..,,..,. Jack Whitney ....., ANDERSON BAILIE ,,.,. ....,..,..................................... M arulger E. William Bell....,.... B. B. William Levy......... C. H. Kenneth l..aird............. T. H. Davenport Davidson... C. B. Richard Black.............. H. Hardy Fulgl1um,.......... E. C, Hardy Fulghuntw..,...,....... E. Bayard Culleyu.......,............... B. E. William Force 1Captainl........ H. C. Cook Barwicl1..............,.,... E. James Creene,,.,.,....,.,,.. T- C. Ralph, Deas..................... E. Nan L7srv ................................,,........................ R. T. ALBERT SIMPSON, Head Coach .,..,,, ........ R OBERT GRESSETTE, Assismnt Coach Brewtun-Parker . , Carlisle .... ,..,. ....,., Douglas ...............,.... Belmont Abbey ...,.... Citadel Freshmen SCHEDULE 1932 39 ,.......Here......,, Junior College.....,. 0 25 ........Tl1ere........ junior College........ 0 35 ,....,..Here........ Junior Collegen... 6 6 ...,,..,Here........ Junior College...,.... 0 7 ........Here........ Junior Collegeu... 6 'UK' Eighly-Four 1il :::::::::::::::::l 5 Rajn bo w l::::::::::::::::: Starting out with very hard opposition and a green team, the Junior College was not able to cope with its more experienced opponents during the first three games of the season. Nevertheless, the local collegians did absorb a great deal of experience in football, and showed the fans that the Junior College had a team that knew how to utake itf, After the first three games the locals began to tackle teams more evenly matched and with much better results. The first football squad of the Junior College began its career in September with a preliminary training of two weeks before school opened. The' outlook was not a cheerful one because of the size and lack of experience of the majority of the boys, but they went to work with determined hearts to do their best against over- whelming odds. The schedule that faced them was not one to cause overconfidence as all the opposing teams were heavier and more experienced. J. C. A. suffered its first defeat at the hands of a powerful team from Brew- ton-Parker. The next contest was with Carlisle at Bamberg. This time we had a chance to win, but a rally during the last half was not enough to bring home the coveted victory. Following this defeat we met Douglas A. S lVl., only to be defeated again. ln this game Coach Simpson's boys did score a touchdown, however, and their spirits were revived somewhat. The next game was a night game with Belmont Abbey. In this game the Junior College put up a good scrap, only to be defeated by a 6 to 0 score, due to a streak of hard luck during the last few seconds of the game. The Augustan's hardest fight was put up in the game with the Citadel Fresh- men. This was the last game of the season and the boys had more experience and fight, giving every ounce of it in order to win, only to lose by the heart-breaking margin of one point. Some rather brilliant plays and strategy were displayed by our boys during this game. They were improving and gaining the needed confidence. Although J. C. A. went through its season without winning a game and scoring only twelve points., that was not so bad for a team new to the game and handicapped by a lack of experience and teamplay. Herels to a more successful season in 1933. ZEALY PIERCE WALKER MURRAY PIERCE 1 9 3 3 Eiglity-Fire Th 6 Rafn bo w l.:::::::::::: 1 55 THE 1932 MUSKETEERS C. W. 1IK1-:I SHERLOCK .......,. ,........ H ead Coach C. A. QCHARLEN RoYs'roN ,,,,....,.,......,,,,,,,,,,,,. ..,,,. A .sszslanz Coach FRANK PIERCE. Jos BRUKER. Fm-:D Woon ,, . Front Row. Left to Right ' L Gus Corley .......... Jake Skinner ...,.,,. Bud Harris ..,......,. George Stallings. Charlie Boyd .,...,.. .lohn Yearty ...,..,, Ben Pierce ........,...... Lloyd Adams ..,.....,,.... T. .-X. Broadwaer .,..,.. . Tooty Grady ,,.... E. B. B. B. ..............Managers Second Row, Left to Right .lames Plunkett ...........................................,.. R. T. George Twiggs .,.......,......,....,.......................... L. T. David Daley ..,.., John Lacknlan ..... Mutt Bearden ........ Frank Burnley ,......., Henry Harbin ........... Sam Durden ........., ,loe Bell .,.......... Hig Sheehan ...... Calvin Leipold .... ..........,... L . E. David Hall' .......... Third Row. Left to Right Fritz Fogel ..,.... ................. H. B. Guy Toole ......,....... Rastus Rupert ......,,. ....,,.., L . C. Casper Fulghum ........,. Bobby Mills ............ .......... L . E. Curtis Nelson ,... ....... Doris Nowell ....... ........, R . F. Preston Delph ....,...,. Arthur Burroughs ...... .......... L . E. John Daley ............. Francis Tiller., ,, .....,.... R. C. J. J. Carswell.....,. Warrenlun ..... XY ashington ........ Savannah ..... Bailey ..,.... Madison Gaffney ...... . Darlington .,.... Benedictine ...,..,. Americus Riverside ..... SCHEDLUE 6 ....,...Here. , Musketeers .. 0 .......,Here.,...... Musketeers 46 .. .,...There .. Musketeers 7 ......,.Here........ Musketeers 24 .s,,,,,.There,, Musketeers .. 32 ...,..., Here.. ,... Musketeers 7 ...,....Here......l. Musketeers 33 ....,.,.There.....,,. Musketeers .. 0 ........Here,...... Musketeers .. . 7 ,,,.,,.Here,,,,..., Musketeers .. 193 3 T. T. B. B. B. B. B. G. G. B. B. G. E. 20 0 0 6 6 25 7 nmmmmnnmmu mum munuuum Eigl1lA:'Si.r :::p 5 Rah, bo w l:::::::::::: A. R. C. FOOTBALL, 1932 Looking back over the 1932 football season. we do not find the Academy's secord of such brilliance as it has been in the past. This was due to the division of the Junior College and Academy athletics. which weakened both elevens. Coach Sherlock began the season with green and inexperienced material, most of them being out for football for the first time. If counting the number of games won and lost, the season, perhaps, was not a success-three wins and one tie to six lost. But among the few successful games, one stands out above the rest: The Musketeers met and tied their arch rival, the Riverside Cadets, from Gainesville, Ca. After three weeks of hard training under a blazing sun, Coaches Sherlock and Royston presented a strong offensive team to open the season with Warrenton Hi. The Musketeers won by a margin of I9 to 6. In the next game the Richmond Mus- keteers continued their victory with a 20-0 win over Washington High School. The next six games were defeats, but the ninth showed a complete reversal of form, the Cadets submerging the Americus High School under a 25-O score. THE RIVERSIDE GAME Saturday, November 22, brought to a close the Musketeers' schedule. To win this game would make the season a success as far as the supporters cared, but before the game the Cadets were given hardly an outside chance to win. The win on the preceding Saturday was the best thing that could have happened to the Cadets after six losses. The Academy took the field on a clear November day, a more determined bunch of football players than ever. Though the score was tied 7-7, it does not really tell the story. In the first half, the light inexperienced Musketeer squad held their heavier and more experienced opponents 0-O. In the second half, the Cadets were determined to have this game, but Riverside scored seven points in the third quarter. The Academy, still determined to win the game, also scored seven points in the last period, making the score a tie. The whistle blew with Riverside on our one-foot line. It was a great game for the Academy and drew praise from all who saw it. 1 9 3 3 Eighty-Seven :::::::::::::::::l 5 R d 1.72 b ow l,::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::i is ii J. C. A. BASKETBALL, 1933 BASKETBALL TEAM CHARLES KEMP ,,,,.YY, ,.,,,,,,,. ,A.,,......A..,..,............,...,...... ,........ 1 l I anager and Player Captain "Lefty', Force ..,..,... ...... F orward Frank Burroughs ,..,............ ,..... F orward Edward Harrigal ..A,,. ....,..,.. C uard Frank Mulherin ,..,.... ....... F Orward "Buster" Isenberg ...A..., ....... C enter Julius Bolgla ...,..., ---- ...... F 0 rward Cook Barwich ,........ ....... G uard gi 33 Coach Bolton started the season with only ten candidates for the team. Out of this group of boys he had to pick a team. Though handicapped by the lark of material, he was able to turn out a very good team. 5 Junior College made a very favorable showing in the Inter-City League that was sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. The team made an invasion into Newport, Ten- nessee to the Southeastern Junior College Tournament. Here the team was defeated ' in the first round by Biltmore Junior College. The Junior College did not win the tournament. but the squad should be commended for its splendid efforts. S Q - 1 9 3 3 :::::::::::::::iQ Eighty-Eight . 1 :::::::::::::::I 5 Ra in bo tw l:::::::: A. R. C. BASKETBALL, 1933 With Coach Langston Bolton leading them the A R C squad enjoyed a fairly successful basketball season. The team played eighteen games, winning eleven and losmv seven With Leipold, Bailie, Bearden, Nelson and Bryson leading the attacks the Musketeers piled up 602 points to their opponents' 4-58. LANCSTON BoLToN, Coach CHARLEs IXEMP Manager PLAYERS Forward Guard John H. Bailie tCaptainb Hampton Bryson Mutt Beaiden Curtis Nelson .lohn Bell' Center A A MHIYOII David Daly Charles Haidv Frank Pierce iiAhsent from picttne SCHEDULE A. R. C .......... ...,.... 1 7 Washngton Hi A. R. C .......... ........ 2 1 Faculty ............ A. R. C ........,. ........ 2 2 Warrenton Hi A. R. C .......... ........ 2 5 Warrenton Hi A. R. C .......... ........ 4 0 Evans ..,..,....,,.,., A. R. C .......... ........ 1 6 Craniteville Hi A. R. C ......... ........ 3 3 Langley - Bath A. R. C .......... ........ 2 9 North Augusta A. R. C .......... ........ 6 2 Ellenton ............ A. R. C ........,. ......,, 2 4 Waynesbo1'o .. A. H. C ........, ........ 1 8 Washington .... A. R. C ......... ......-. 1 7 Harlem ,,,.... A. H. C ......... ........ 2 6 Thompson ...... A. R. C ......... ........ 2 Dearing .,.......... A. R. C ......... ....,... 4 7 North Augusta A. R. C ..,...... ........ 4 7 Dearing ............ A. R. C ....,.... ........ 9 Stapleton ..,,...... A. R. C ......... ...... . .48 Washington Hi 1 9 3 3 Eighty-Nine of 1 :::::::::::::: 5 Rajn bo w i::.:: 1fYtf'eMla11 f GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM FORWARDS Katherine Bishop Elizabeth Hutchinson Caroline Bailie Evelyn Cadle Peggy Redd Emily Brown Martha Hardin Nell Wilheit Mary Copeland Katherine Gibson ALBERT Smesox ....,eee..r...ii C ouch JUMPING CENTERS Louise Craig Jaunita Edwards Mickey Pierce Becky Guest Carolyn White Eugenia Symms SIDE CENTERS Ellen Shanahan Kathryn Davidson Lois Moses Geneva Sheridan Elizabeth Lee GUARDS Agnes Heffernan Surah Brown Berdie Ella James Eleanor Gercke Xlildred Holley Laura Evans Alison Ford lonnie Mae Witt Bertha Carswell Nliriam Fullbright Elizabeth Daniel Anne Wiggins Josephine Watkins About forty girls answered to the first call for basketball practice, which resulted from a petition drawn up by the Junior College Girls who were interested in Basketball. The girls showed such interest in the playing that they are assured of a regular team next season. No games could be played with other schools this year because most of them had closed their seasons. There were. however, games between the dif ferent teams formed among themselves and a game with Tubman in which the Junior College girls were beaten by a narrow margin. 1933 Niriely 0 ' + + 4 I 2: Th 5 RaZ'nb0zU ::::::::::: 1 I TRACK bQUAD LANGSTON BoLroN, Coach JIMMY LANIER, Manager Sam Durden tCaptainl ,.,,,,,,.,.........,.,.. 100 yd. dash, 220 yd. dash, relay Henry Harbin fAlt. Captain? ,............... 120 yd. low hurdles, pole vault Kenneth Forney ....... yd. low hurdle, 440 yd. dash Johnny Speering ..,.................,.....,.... High jump, relay John Owens ............ .... ................ H i gh Jump James Shanahan ........ ...................... R Clay John Lackman ....,... ...................,... D isk, shot put David Daley ........ ....................... S hot put, discus Johnny Bailie ..... John Bell ............ Bill White ............,,. Charlie Coleman ....... George Fuller ......... Bill Kennedy .... -A Billy Lewis ....... Bill Kitchens ,.... Emory Lewis ........... George Daley ......... ,.,.....100 yd. dash, high jump .......Pole vault, broad jump ....................,.Pole vault yd. dash .........100 yd. dash .,......Broad jump ...........Sh0t put ,...,...Broad jump ........Broad jump C. L. Howard ..... .........220 yd. dash Alvin Cooper .................... ,..,...,,, 1 00 yd. dash G. L. '5Fritzy" Fogel ,... -A-. .....,.,,,.,,,, , , A ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,.,,,,,, 440 y d, dash More interest was taken in track this year than in former times. This was probably due to the fact that there was no baseball team. Coach Langston Bolton had only two letter men from last season to build his team around. Consequently he has had a hard job getting the boys ready and instructing them in the different events. There will be only two dual meets before the district meet. which takes place at Monroe. Georgia on Friday, April 21st, 1933. 1 9 3 3 .Vir1r'Ii'- Om' l l l ll l nuuuum umm un umuunnmu un n mn uuunmuuuuumuu mnmmmuuuumm if 5 E 5 Z , 2 Q ................. 5 E 5 S g :- 55 fm EE 'S-. i EE 'S ,- :, 63 nsmwngo UQ mario rn Q 3-o""ElfS 5 w..,Q,.:-UQ 1-A ,,,,k4cs::-.... Q m :LT-91 EC E63-: B- :Ef'f: O3 Q :E na 4: I gag: E: S- suxwg :rt cu Z'-1:-'S E? I 5:'f: 3,5 :A Sli 2 E fi: I I E Qi S l"l : E Ed: : : v: ce NO 5 1 E 3 1- 00 5 E I S 2 ' A oo 5 1' E . E. 5 g . , t E 'C 5 5 5 E E 5 e- 5 3 : 5 1 : ru 5:5555 1 CD'-1 P1 g ggmggfn E gnagmgg Q.. QEJD-3.42.1 'Sf '-HHH'-3'-EH Q :-:s-:'::':-:r " 222'-32'-E E wmmmrim v' S. S 5-1 5' CIA S S I Qknuumuaunumnmunmuuuuaanuuunttnmmmnuu um IIIIIHIIIIIQIIIIMMIIIIIIUUHIIMIIAHIMIIMMIMIIUIEIAIIIIIIIU 1 ii ,E 5. 3 z I Z5 E: 1 52 ::::::::::: 6 Ra gh bo w l':::::::::::::: :::::::::::t GOLF TEAM ALBERT SIMPSON .,...,,......... Coach Frank Mulherin ...... ..,.. 1 Bootsy Stafford ,.,.,. .,... 2 Dick Mulherin ...,..,. .. 3 5 Alex Ogilvie ......... ..... 4 i 5 Thomas Saul ............ ..... 5 5 Emile Hummel ........ ..... 6 3 Frank Doremus ,........ ..,....... . ..,.,. 7 5 George Sancken .,.,................,....,..,.,,.... ..,,.,...........,....... 8 3 As this goes to press the team has played only two matches. One of these was with Yale ' Univers ty and the other was with Rollins College. Both of these matches were won by the locals. 3 At present there is a tournament in progress, hut no statement can he made about itsloutcome. 3 There was a great deal of interest manifested in golf this year. Abuot thirty-two reported for the elimination nmtrltes und the number remaining is gradually dwindling down. Ninety-Two ::::::::::::::::::I The Rainbow I::::::::::::::: 'P .-- Q .7 , - . N V, , W reel: .- 1 H - ' . ' TENNIS TOURNAMENT WINNERS .I. C. A. and A. R. C TENNIS SINGLES TEAM 1. James Trowbridge 2. Harry Bell -J 4. J. Galvin Leipold - Q A. V. Kirsch TEAM RANKING Dubose Egleston J. Adams TENNIS DOUBLES TEAM I. Leipold-Kirsch 2. Mulherm-Saul TEAM RANKING 'U J. Lucky-Carstarphen 4-. Trowbridge-Adams WINNERS OF GIRLS' TOURNAMENT Katherine Bishop Peggy Redd TENNIS Tennis at Richmond Academy was definitely on the boom during the 1933 season, as was made evident by the fact that approximately forty-five students were taking part in the sport. Keener interest was taken in the Academy and Junior College tournament than at any time in recent years. The championship was not determined until the last game had been played. New courts recently built by Mr. Mitchell have stimulated interest, too. 1 9 3 3 Ninety-Tlircc H ::::::::::: 5 Ra fn bo w I::::::::::::: ' HIL' 5TAl"F of the 1933 RAINBOW takes this opportunity to thank. for the graduat- ing classes of 1933, all who have eo- oprrated in the particularly difficult task of ntalring tlnls year's RflllVl3Ull7' even a moderate success: Mr. Slrilrner. who has cheerfully given us of chapel time and even of class time. for our pictures: the mem- lwlxs of the Faculty Coninzittee, Mr. Mitchell. Mr. Royston anfl tllr. Owens. who have pored long over our manu- script. encouraged our ventures in financing. and worked with us nithout hope of reward: the students fwho have hurl their pictures made promptly and paid their assess- nzents zu1grun1,bli11gly: and our advertisers who have stayed with us in spite of hard business years. And the Staff takes just a ,little credit to itself for hours of writing. classifying and assenibling material. and for more weary hours of trampingithe pavements and halls in search. of ails and subscriptions. VV H u ru 1 9 3 3 :::: .,.,,. :x l.l.. .i ,vl'l1l'l-V Fu Il r Q :::::::::::::::l 5 Ra in bo w A::::zz::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Q a'2Jef'fz'5em6l1f5 9 R' F IIIIIIZIZZIZII 1 9 3 'JlllllililllllllllIIIIIIIZIIIIZIZZZSZIZZ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::J 5 Rajn bo w l:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Augusta Sporting Goods Company Exclusive Distributors SPALDING AND GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Golf and Tennis Supplies -- Fishing Tackle 2l2 EIGHTH STREET PHONE 3280 IIu1IuIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIIIunnnIummummm-mmfmIIIInIIIImmnmnnmmm nIumummm-m-mu,.--.-m...... mmmu.II.IIIIIIIIII1IInIII1Hmummm1vIIIummm.--mmm-I--.mmmm IIII1IInmlmlmnIvmummm-mmm IImn1IIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIImuIII41'ummm'-m--n-n The ational Exchange Bank o A ugusta Every Banking Facility for For Every Banking Need MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND THE FIRST NATIONAL BANKING GROUP IIIIIIIIIII1H.1nmmnmmu-1-4nlH.1.1IIII.III.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIIII1IIlvvu.1Inmm11v1IIAI--mum--mnnmum-ummm-mn1UII.II1-1m-1-1I1V11I1mm-mmm-mu-v Qt ::":':' : 1 9 3 3 , .4 X :::::::::::::::::::. 5 Ra jp bg w ::::::::::: Ice Cream Grade ,414 M1'lk S Qwgkem Pafteurizsed Ddlfy Product! THE ylwestevrys JONES FURNITURE Established over Half c.,.m.r, COMPANY I0 I 0 Broad Street Phone 2365 - Augusta, Georgia nmmnmunm Headquarters for Young a1len,'s University Styled Clothes HATS, SHOES AND FURNISHINGS IIIIIu-1-1mmmnmmmnumuu1IInm.m............m .m.m..,,.n m-mnun-um .mmmnm 1933 0 I mmm-I TELEPHONE I 101 sro Bnaa.s-n. Auqnuom 910 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. :::x::::::1:::::::::r 5 Ra in bo w F:::::::::::::::: --. ui Maxwell Bros Furniture Phone 4000 933-935 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia CASH OR CREDIT H Conlplinlellts of J. 55 UNCORPORATEDJ 'ii A H. H. Claussen s ' "Outfitters to College Boys for Eighty-Five Years" ,.,.,........... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH111IliffIIIII1IIIIIIIlfifflliflilifiiillfiiil MURPHY Phone 2328 STATIONERY CO E Graduation and Gift Books,. P k E Broad Street Carter and Sheaffer Fountai Pe E Kodaks and Films. Pens and P' I 5 Bought Here Engraved Fr 720 Broad st. Augusta Ga 'nmnnmnm II1nmnmmmmmmn mummanIIuIIIIIImmuunmnnnm IIInnnnnInnInnmmnmnnum mum111v11v14141v1v1111v1I11v11111111n-1IIIIIuIunI-nmunun-mmmumm m-nun-nu uIInin'Tnnnnmmnmnm nnunnIluuuI11111u11111u111uu11u11I1I1n1I1I1I11IIvuuuuu-u-mmm 1933 . I o ::::::::::::::::::l 6 Ra 1,2 bg w :::::::::::::::::::::: mm-nunnnmummnnnnunIIIIIIIIImumvmnumunnIIIIIImum-nnunnunnInnmuummmmmu 4m-mummnnnumununnmIInnnnuvvmunnmnmunnnnnnnnnIImmm-nn-nmnnnnnnnnnuuuuummnn Sporting Goods Headquarters BASEBALL BASKET BALL FOOTBALL TENNIS AND GOLF SUPPLIES BOW E N BROS. H AR DWA R E Phone 94' 905 Broad mnuuunnInnnnnnnnnvnmmm-nmnununnnnnnnvummmmnnmnuuunnmmmum ummmnunnunn1ununu-um--vnumnnnnnn1uunumnmmmummmumunuuu I. B. WHITE AND' COMPANY Augusta, Georgia umu-nmmnmnu mlmmmm mmmm-nu nnum-nmnmnm unmmmm mmnumm Phoenix Printing Company a A ugusta, Georgia IIInIIInmmm:mlmmumm-v Iunnnmmnunm- mmnm11IIIIIIII1IIIumnuuuummm III1IIIvu-mmInInIIIIIIIIImvmn-mumumnmmnnnunnnnn-mmvmnnnI11IIIIIIIIumumu--m-mm THE AUGUSTA HERALD The Only Paper In Many Hoxmes, Tihe One Paper In Most Homes. Augusta's Best and Most Progressive Newspaper. Elin-nl. uhummmmmm-mm I1IIIInIIIInunummm-mmmnnnnnIIInnIIvInIIvInmuuuu--mm--m.uunmmummnn Compliments of MILLS COAL AND TRANSFER CO. 5 2 0 Fenwick Streef AUGUSTA, GEORGIA IIInIvIvIInunnmu-nnuuInnuIIIIIIIIIIIvIIIIvIIvIvIummunmm-mmIIIuIIIIIIIIII1I1IIIInmnmm.m.m-m nyuuuvuun1IIIuIfunvvnmuunnnunmuuunInnIvvvnnvnvn1nvnvvvuvI1mmmnmnnnnuIIIuIIIIIIInnnmmmmmm Compliments of JOHN J. MILLER AND COMPANY "Home Folks Cigar Store" Phone 375 754 Broad St. AUGUSTA, GA. 1:1luIum-nn-nm:nmnnIIIIIHIIIn1n1nnnnnnnulnnuum.-m---.--W'mmm' mmmmm mu11Imv--nmnnnnnmnunnnnnnnnnnnnInnnImnnmmnum-nummmnI Compliments of HOTEL RICHMOND Broad St, -:- Augusta, Ga. IIIIIIIIvInI-nIn-1ruummmIImin.1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIn1IIIIIIIIIIIIII1.II.n.4..I....I..mmn...-nm mluIIunHIInnIIIIImmuvmm-mmvunuII1InHIIIIIIInIIInIIIIIIIIIluHIHlu-U-nw..-mum.:mm-nmumm S. H. KRESS AND COMPANY SCHOOL SUPPLIES, TOILET GOODS NOTIONS 5c-l0c-25c Store Broad Street -:- Augusta, Ga. I .............I..w..................... ................................-...............-....................... .......-......H......I.............1..,.................................. ......................,...................................... I 1933 -, Inu.4Immummm-nlI.-.mmm IIIIIIIIIIIII.4I.I.I1.H.-.Q-.W-mm--.-..m............ Ii22Ii2IIlZII.i.II ILIlSiiiZlI,i2IZ.iZi21f1I IIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.I umumnlmn mlm.. IIIIInIIII.ImmInII-IIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Why Nor Meer ll! Garfdlelleys Broad at the Monuanent IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII4IIIIIIIIIII-IImIIIIII-III-IIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII-ImIHIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItIIuIIIII-ImnmummnmuInuIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILCOX CROCERY COMPANY 706 BROAD STREET Phone 3166 Specializing Fresh Fruits Fancy Vegetables IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII.IInII-InInInmunmummmuumIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII -III.IIII.IInI-I-Im-.I--IIrm-.umIm-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIImmlmmmlmull COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF R. E. ELLIOTT AND SONS AUGUSTA, - :- GEORGIA IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIInInInI-II----In-WI-IInmIIIIIIIInIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIuIIIIIII.Inmmmm-ImnmnmmimiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII COIVIPLIIVIENTI5 OF Citizens 8: Southern National Bank 709 Broad St. -1- Augusta, Ga IIIIIIn-IIIIIIIIInIIIIIIIIImlnlninnmnmmml InI4IIIImimiII-IIImIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .4I-I.I-Imn..-I-I.II-IIIIIIIIII-IIII---IHIIIIIIII I-IIm.-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII umm.:ummmmniinmn ummnmvi-II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItIIIII1IImiIIIIIIIImimmiiimmmnIIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInenmmmlimmm SInc1LrIkfIEmpIire Laundry Cleaning - Dyeing PHONE I 8 I I mm IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.ItIInItImIuiwimmi-.mi-III-IIm.nm.I.III.II.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUI-In-mufm mm IIIIIIIInIIItInIIIIIIIIIII4IIIIImIvIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImulmuimlmmnummmunIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII RICHMOND SPECIALS QFOR DRHJJ Friendly Five ffor Dress, SAXON CULLUIVI SHOE CO. W'here Most A. R. C. Students Buy Their Shoes. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII:IIInIIIIIIIIIIIInImumm-m-mn-mmiu-mmInumuIImIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIIIIIIIIIInI-IIIvIII-InmmmmuumIIIIIIIIIIIII-ummmmmnuiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOIVIBARD IRON WORKS AND SUP. CO. MACHINERY . SUPPLIES . REPAIRS 631 Eleventh st. .:. Augusta, ca. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInmfIIIIIImmI-mmmII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIII-I.IInIII.III.IIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIvIIIIIII-IIIII-III-mmIIIIImummIIIIIIIIIII-I-I-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImuIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIII COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF AUGUSTA AMIISIMINIS UNCORPORATEDJ Broad Street AUGUSTA, -1- GEORGIA IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIInIIIIuInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII InuIIuuIIuIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 1933 ::::::::::::::::::::::::I 5 Rainbo w I:.:::1::::::::::::::::::::::::: FLEET PHOTO STUDIOS 1024 BROAD ST., AUGUSTA, GA. Commercialtlepartment or NEW SPAPERS IULETTERHEADS CATALOGS P ,D BOOKLETS 0,- LABELS .9 ARDEN CITY PHONE 1886 AUGUSTA GA your Ideas Illustrated 94 ENGRAVING Co. nmInnnIIIInInnnnIIII1T4Innmmmnm1I1u11IIIIIIn1IIII1IIIIunnnumnmmmmmlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInmmnmmmmn I I THE PHOENIX PRINTING COMPANY 745 ELLIS STREET AUGUSTA, GA. lIIIll1IlIIllICIIIlIIl IIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIZZII -mWWW- HWWWW e azn ozv MMMMMMWWWWWMWMMWWWWWWW . mnnnmmnmnnuInIIInnmnnnnIIIumummumnmuInnInnInnnnnInInvnuuuanwun1mummmmmmnuu,-.nmnmmununIn1II1uuIIIIIIunuuummnnnm.mmm mn nmmumu IIIIIIIIIIlunnnnILuml1ul-.mmlmnnlnlnnn . AUTGGR PH C : IIIuIIIIvnnnnIInunnunu-numuuIIIInnnIIInnnnnnnnnn1nnnunIIuuuuuuunumummIIHnIIIIInmnmmmmmn mum:nummmIIInmuIIuuuIuIIuuIuuuuuuuIuuuuunuunI14unnuuummnnnnnnmnInunuunmnmnnm nmmmmnnm mmmmm ummm-nn mnnmmmn mum unmmnunn mmmmme nmmmm mmunmnnmu:muIInIuIuuuuuIuuuIIuuIuuIuuunnum1u1un1u111nInnmnnmnnnnnnnuumnnnnnnuuun :::::::: 6 Rajn bg w run: Q AUTOGRAPHS 1933 E . 'km I , Y 4 A '1 v 7' ' ' K, J 5- N 3 Q 1 I 8' ' ' s o J- 4 1 E 'QF' o ' u ' an 1' I 4 Q ll M ' - n -.1 .1 , Vp.- 3:73 ,1x. " ,, k4jf:,A. 6' aa.. ' ' '7N:'- 5-my S292 F -Q4-Lay 5 3114, Li-gg Au' . -1.1.-'ff -.ii-4 .,5., 1 x ,H T451 11" - T- .-,,,, 2 ...,. . 4, ,..'5 ' "TRL ' ' -uw ,gg-. ::1f,.,g'i' ' 1'4" b- -2 ,f. ' .'.. -P.-V' gg, I- 'Y -'--.fldrpr .QI - Q-:f"'if1, 1 4,41 KY-T .- ..1 rg , ,k,. , Q1-V if . . 1 . ' H , ' , . ' .. 'f'--MF' 1' 'f'fT.g.'. f'z'3 5 1 2. " ' 'S. Av'-V'.' "',.1 Qin' - . . -. . 2S.i7'5lA'4. vi' r"-Wi.-A 'iii 'i 'lf --x"j- 1- '. -'f'-j'QSf5 'L'-'w'uJ':Q..-x., 4 '-:ig-P-,-5-pf1".5 3'.'.-qi: 4 -1"iQ"k ' . . Q'-1-:fff Ae- f ff - wr. ff -f , , ., ,,,A,5.. ' 4' ' 4- r -4 A 1 1 .1 N-.H".f..f:, 1 . -.-wi 'y .' Q.. .' my of . D A 1 ' 5 .' -. - 1 .Y ,"x-1 ' xjzgsdkjixp.-.'..w . j 41 I' '. J fq -A-.r..rffw -"'5'."' 15' I ' -.1 , E ,vg fx' '.' .I 4441. "g-qQ'r. . K x-:4.LVf,.j ,'."' ' fi a . .fx- - :sr Q1-'ga fm- 'L'J'f.' 'f 5, aff.. wi.-rf ,. 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': U f -f if 'r .gxva-f . :'f' f H: .X ,- K ' t if "R " Cn.. '-,'- 'J . .f. A - J, .ig-, .' ' x x x 1 .L V. 1, xx.-. 0 'V '-'lf ', l w x - ,-"fir-13 -1 A N f,,,, 1, , ,1-..z.:., -.- K ,.'wg4"", ' 5. .!. , . ',.-.-F.. , rake... ' u,'-,' f-3, .gwfw 4 ' Pu... . -.,,, , ..r 'JI -.-rf - .-1, F nv 32' PM fix? -Huw J, . nd, wiv .V.,V x - ' .,x,v-.W:j, .,., . A 5.33. yj, X-1, JL' "-.:f- ,ffww .nf W' 5 '-3 -,L A Y P' . I A e. "1 . 4 , ,117 cl , , .rug f. N L ,- . .-1 ' S1 V. , Q, v, W. , .,, ,- ff! -' , ,. , N, . 1, , , 1 ..4A ,J g 4 , , rw. . I, J , .... fi. 'lv A. .n V .. -.,. 1 - of Z' . U .,,., 9:-,. - 77.-T fx , ...Yr i Q , ,.' ' 'f - . , , ,-ai" -. gg I. R. .A 'A fs. Lx A I

Suggestions in the Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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