Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1929

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Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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, '. 51 Y I , . 'L' . 'K IW' II f- I" ,QI 'I II . 2 y.I I IIQI. II I,I I . ', . . ,Y , I , r'g' l. .iq lu I K . . , x . U4 . , , ' w s 1 Q. , . 1 I -1 , 1 A 1 9 ' f ,765 K I I ' 4 I , PIQ I II N , w I I x 'H M- -W, ' -2 - r W A x . 3' II Q hi x-VI .M I A 14" 0' 3' '."' I K 1 Q N4 ..' ,P ,u .. 4 v 4 1. II ' I:I'mI I - I I, ,gf '. 'I " 1 , ' ' 1 , 4- , I . . ,II . '. A - ' 1 "1 ' 4 .. ' - 4 f' I . -- f Ni -Q' JN -4 A M ' LJ - ,v,'l -I if-r 4 V v IIII'-AI: ,v I u I In TI I . I . . I I , I 0 'u 4 II I 1 r' , ' ,Y in ' AI I ' . I xi 9. N ha.. . I in xi x ' A -43, v - ' - s 'Z 1 W ' 0-I' I .I" g In .. If Ir. 4, v ,filly . ' 'lil' , 4 R ' Sli." H 1 Q: P 1 5 4 l IL V 8-" ' . -'I - ,. .- I ' ' 1 ' . , " ' ff! xl' xii . 'Nfxf -Au --fx H 11 4 .ii in -0 Q5- 'ills V 'A 'I L A N s 9 S ' K 'li . ' W rs I A , ,Y ' Q' ' -' 9 ' 17: I ' -.L II, .. iI M I A1-Y I I u Wg. UV J 'Nz , I nv "4 , . I , -Iv aa' . . "' ' .4 A ef ' -'ff "' B L2 in ' U ' A I: .I ' fl 1, 4 fp. ff . ' 'ff " I ' ' ' Q' 'T ilu -Y! 'Q' K Q' ' D J ' " ' ,1 f ,, If 4 ik II qi ' 1. . s-I? P M' ,fs 1 e',!V.'LI ' I v 'ix' ' :I 'I , . . J L. - ' W Q., I I? I w , ,I . . I I ,I I . I xl Ia all I I I I II D, .I ,I ,I , , . V - J .Q xl I II! 4'QII II v' I 1. I 1 " I ,TI I I . ' , 5 ,, - .II :III , 'Is .II , ,, 4 "-6. I . ,I I my 1 1 I ' rw 'f'A . '5- .bu uhh V ,-'Z' ,X fl F-' w 51' X W .-1 Z ' . rug . . -U: - .. gs w . I a V 'Tl' -4 If Q 4 2 0 ' ' 'I Lf . I ' 2, 71 E Z ,ff X C6511 right! Kms Twlxhs irfwx HHMFR NHNRP l D ILLIOTT 'llxlzzmlyu AQ 425,522 AO Z0 19529 X f f Q. c9?6ZfsAecl6y Mcgfacknfivix E Jgnzbr 5cL!f6jC 0fJ?yu6!5- inc! M Ezrcfemy of..?f14b70nCf67'UHl? 'Um 4J?D,7USfa CQOVYCL. ' . fu U' 6. . gMM ,vff'f:-H : f'3,!?3nf'f:3M' W" ,J- . J ' A- f V :-L Mm X E J .4""?a , 9,39 1' .IJKJN 3 1 1-:Ei '. 1.aI ll - " ?'t' , 14, lm ' E55 mm, sl, bf, i E "M 5' " 'Z . Lsf '-h , AI 'Q-wi - f 1 - :ll 'mi Q 1 ' ff , 1 4' i3 g 33 fn ' f ,,- 'RTW as .- . NX f X . ",.- i, .x'l,'- ', Nt? sk -'-' X -...s3E ....f1:igj' X :.-arf: Aww ','.".?J f 1 f '-'Z 'J T: X z ' - EL' f - D E D I C A T I U N to 5 K lf. ERIC WEST HARDY :A . . 5 A true fmend and at Wnse eemumf 5 sehmr, in token of his uhthamgging 'T . L - mterest tn all seheoll aetwntnes, esf peeially those eonmeeted with E eampus heautifying and omtotif - call work, We sincerely dedicate L this, the third volume of MThe dz Z Rauinhowf' f j Il xunnlnuxunllunullunlllluununnnunnuunnnnununA1urun1u:ulunuuuuuuuuuuuuuuc uuu. A - ' ' 4 1 " 4- " ,' ' -"ffm'.-2-.LQ'-,55,q:.q3L:,1,-111V . M v , , , QU., X V 1 K . HL ef 'x ,, f F2 ff'l', TA . . 953: :ali E- 1 'ZH Q 5:54 .f v' , :jx ., I .11- . , 3, . 'UQ' ' . IQ: , 4 -g 3,1 ak., 5. ,, ,.,, . L QQ, . ,I+ ' - r 125'-3, iii 6,5 ff .N V, x , 1-JW Sf. if , , , , 1, , N V. ' fv V sf. ' ,. Iijgt x I 1 . wt. ' I, Y .,.. .- . - 4 Qjgfi . H .. .ca ,ew 4, - -- ,,, ,. - 5 . -un-,," M V S 1. ze. 'T' '- M' 'if . - A' ,Q 4.-. H, cz ' kb 'fnkfk : ' ' 3'vf.'9,.'g . ,-- , !" .R V ni' ,. ,f , '- .QW Jw M sal- YVMQZA 'H' A Min+! aim, if f W M532 MF Mr. Eric West Hardy V W0 FOREWORD This the third RAINBOW jomt Year Book of The junior College of Augusta and The Acad emy of Richmond County xt 15 the hope of the Staff constttutes a further step an the evolution of the ARC the Annual of the Academy before Jumor College days. For the materially minded RAINBOW may be only a pretty name for the book that holds the pictures and the writings of our comraclesg for those who care for symbols, iff' 'kr' E d l IL' X Q, N y .5 , X' 5 x 1 N K N if 1, I E I x 4 :I . 1 u 5 X : Vt ' ' 2 V I X 1 ', ' N I ,X O Q - : fl . .i . : , I . g I. J 1 , ':- i ' 1 x nl: Rv' , X J ., . , I Q... --.v,.', K -1" Qt.. 5, . - I Y K1 I X A . y 1 u -.L QI I I - 1 1 L 0 - v l 7 X J ' 9 RAINBOW is a glorified ARC, the sign of what we want our book to be. For all, let us hope this RAINBOW will in worthy measure repre- sent the things its nwme eonnotes: Beauty, Promise, Hope, Progress. ex er off? 3? V 5 0' 'WTB ,if in Wg f f K- ii fl E Q ' Q X. E Q b "" 'Ta l r ifi , , -' 'B P -Lv I I : 5?f.,o " X Ge on , - w e ft c '0 Q 'Q I - Q ,ff . : sw ' f 7 .lf fl! kd .x il' ,fidx X .... X Z I-1ian:::,,,",5 6f1-...N f..-...G w.,' ,fl tg J,-.Rx sv.. fn.-,X E -,K 4:" G, f, .2 K1 Eax L, ,..,.: :4 E . : 5 1 1, -., N u .' ' i x I v 0 a , ' E ng., E I" ,.- ,f' 12 5 'Q jp L, Q1 : 5 , ,."' ' E 'YE 5 1 ,.-' ,." 5 5 5 '. 3 :I ,' , Hg Q . I . :Q 1 1' 5. '-. ,J ,w, Y. ," Q' i 5 1,"-- " '-."""fo' 5 J I X .sl .- -. 7, . 1 F a K , Zia Em-fy , , 1 ..-' 1' A r gy, fC0nf:en1ts Part I,-Administration Part H.-The junior College Part IH,-The Richmond Academy Part IV.-Activities Part V.-Athletics Part VIL-Humor and Ads X i f U s QYVA ima M .NN IIIIWIM III X X 'SEA' 9.- t E E. E, f .Q l WQ IIIIIII A un-una-uunnnuuf v Z Xl Administration ,J f"xLA f--. A ,.-L.m an I '- -'-nfl 'K ' , if 9 , v, x 59 X l ,-V ,Y .' .-'55 if x .fu- J' K-mf, - V . uf. m,... RIA-IUR GIEU. P. BVTLER, Elf., l.l..l,J. As President of the ulcl Aeaclemy and of the new .luniur College, l am asked to write a brief message for all whu may tincl it here. lt shuulrl he so plain that nhe may run that reafleth it" and Su impelling that he must -run that reads it, even though he have not already started. My message to you is a Single word, unflerstonfl and obeyed lmy runners anfl travelers everywhere. lt is my liwpe that you will take it as my message to you personally and indiyiclually. .XS you face life, with the roacl to worthy ambition stretehing out hefore you and with the signlmarcls pointing straight ahearl, it is my high privilege to Hash on the Signal. "Kill" Sincerely your friencl. Gran, l'. liI,'TI.IiR. Plwtricfvlzf. xx., 1A"' . F. 5, if I Mihmm.-. ..,... FN'rl:,xNC12 .F .ow I ,- ,.. J 1 4 2 . 9 , X A X 1 1 .I I Z Lb.. Al Faculty JAMES LISTER SKIXXIQR, HS., Illf. lM1111-.1l11ll11'1111111111 :1h:111111 Trch. 11:1-S: Ii,lf,. Al:11'z1111:1 T:-ch, 111110: I11sl1'111:I111' ill BI:1ll1un1:1lic- 111111 l'hy'4ics, .xlflhillliil '11-1-11, 1111-1-11: 51111111-11111-111Iq-111. lflcctric Light, XYznc1' :1111i 1:35 l'I:111tN. lf11f:111Ia. Alu., 11111-15: I11xl1'11ct1vr A,H.l,'., 1915-5113 Asalstnnl I'ri11ci1ml, .X.R.C,. 191.14413 l1u:111, A.R.k'. :1111I j.L'.A., 111:01 jL'I,I.X A, FLISCH, AAI. . Id:'i.v1'1' nf H'111111'11-l1i.f!111'y MlI1.11l11z1tc uf Lucy l'1-hh l11slit111r: AAI. fl11111111':11'yl. l'11ixv1'Qity uf llc1.1'1:i11, 1N111,g AAI.. L'11i1'cr5ity nf XX1w1111Ni11. 11116: 'l1L'ZlCht'l', 11111111111 N1v1'111z1I :mul I111111etri:1l llullegc. 1893-111115: S1-c1'cia1'y 111 the Ilcad uf thc II1'1-11111111c:- Url-11v'I111U11t, l,'111x'c1'si1v of XYi4c1111xi11, 10117-1131 'll-:1L'l1c1', 'l'11h111n11 High Scluml, 1003-:hi l'11ixq-nity uf tin-111-11111 Sllll'Hllk'I' Sw-11111, 111115, 11112, 101.1 111111 111:31 ,l.l'..X., 111J1.f, MRS. I. EVANS EUBANKS .h'1'A'!'1'fL1I'j' JUNE N. RAINSFORD, A.B. L1'l1r111'i11n ERNEST MASON ALLEN. I-'h.B. lfrlglisll-F1'1'111'11 l'h.l1.. I'zll1'l1'Y L'11i1131'sity. 101111 5111111-nt l11str11ct111' 111 lfrexxch 111 If111111'y, 11115161 .X.R.C.. 1055'- JUSTIN A. H. BFGUIC, HS., lY.A. 1711'111'l1 I N l' X l"11'iQ l'lliVtl'SIlY. 111117: I11sl1'11ct111' ill M:1lhc111ntics 111111 Xl111lu1'11 T.:111g11a:es. Cairo fligyptl 1111111-11" NI111le'r11 I:111g11ngw, 4:11111-uc ht' U111111pe1' vll"rm1Ccl, 1913-IJL KI111l1'1'11 l,:111g11agc-, Cullcgc Lccunte I . ln Iixh. 11117-311: S1-11111r Iligh Schvml, XIz1h:11111y City, I'z1.. 1g1:1-13: .X.R,l,. 19:3-:HZ J.t.A., 19:11-1 KATHARINIC P. BUGGS, HS. Ifzilrmfirvll IN l"11l11111hi:1 lvIliYC!'SiIj'. 19111: I7i1'cct11r, 'l'1'z1i11i11g Schuh! fur 'l'u:1cl1c1's, A11g11sl11: Ir1st1'uCtOr in I'11iur1ty nf 'I-EIIIIQSNIJS S11111111er S1-l11ml, 11111-13: -l,C.A.. 10:0-. MARION TKRNFIR HRYSUN. All ,5'1'l1'11z'C ,X.l2,, 1I111'1I1111 Instimte. 111110: li11111rx' l'11ix'crQi1y, 10111 I11s!1'11ct-11', HiHsh111'11 High SCI1111'-I, 1909-Ig: lhwxwick High Sclnml, 1911-1:1 IZuckI1e:11I High Srh11111, 1111:-141 'Ik-1111ilIv High Sclwul, 1915-173 A.R.l., NJIT' JAMES MORGAN BUCKNIQR, HS., ALS. ,U11?l11'u111l1'1'x Lb., CM11151111 Vnlln-ge. 111111: MS., l'11iu-nity -rf NYi-au111si11, 101111 I'1'i11ci1ml, Rfrckvillc, SC., 19133 P1Ai11c111nl, Ii1'1111Q-111, lim. 11111--1:1 A.R.L'.. I11::'. CVXEAL XY. CHANDLER, A,B. S1'l1'llL'L' A.I.., T,'11i1'c1'sily uf lIr111'g111. 10:31 I11st1'11cl111'. XY:1y11ml1111'11 Iliggh Scluml, 1923-241 A.R.C., 19:5-. 5,1 1 - fm 'IX A xv x. 1 5. 1 1 J 9,1 W Faculty CI-LXRLES GUY CORDLIQ, All., .'X.IlI. flf.Yfn1'y A.I!., Trinity College, 19141 AAI., T1'i11ity Cullegc. 1913g I'r11fcwu1' ll:1i1-1l's Scli-ml fur I11.3-5, 1915 I11s1r11c1411', 4X.R.C'., 111191 ,l.f'.A.. 1926-, GEORGE M. IfJpXSI'Il2R Slmfv ' 1i1':11l11z1tu uf .X.R.C.: 'Irachcr of Carlnrvitry i11 Ricl11111111.l Lrulllllj' Sclnmls: .X,R.C., 11,44-, JOHN MARSHALL ELLIS, All., BLS. lfllllllg-X' .X.l,., l',111ury L1111'c1's1ty. 19.245 RLS., l-.11141ry I.'111ve1'Qity, 193411 llr:11l11atc Ifullmv i11 llinlilgy. I-lm 11 l'11ive1'sity. 19:4-20: I,l'0ft'NSOl' uf Iliill-rgy, S1111tl1c1'11 Fullegc, Lnkclnnml, I"l:1., 192444111 .l,C..X.. .X,R.C.. 1-4 1 CHARLES MARTIN E'I'HEREIDGE, :X.ll, Ifzzglislz .X,Il.. N1-ixlmerry fwllegr. 19:31 l'1'i11ci11:1l, XY:1v::rly C1111wlifl:1te1l High Sclmul, XYax'e1'ly, lin., 11133 4 Supl., Pups High Sclmul, Cape. S. C., 10:h'z7: .X.R1'., 19:7-. JOHN ICV.-XNS EUHANKS, All., .X.Kl. Lalin .X.IZ.. lV11H111'1l College. 19111: AAI., XY11lT-ml College, 1910: ll1'n1l1141le F-t111lc111 Il'1lllllllII'l I'11ixL-1x I11s1r11c1111', 'll-xtile Inrlustrial Institutr. S11z1rta11l1111'g, S. C., IQISQ IIISITIICUW, .lumlqmiq IIN 5- C11l11111l111s. lim, 1010-17: .X.R.l'., 1919: -l,Li.A., 1920-. 1 ALBERT GALI.,-X'I'IIN GOODXYYN, Illlljtrl' Lf S. A., Retired W V H 1 V 1 U ,llililary l.Bl.h. k I. z1114l L41111111a114l:111t. LIllYL'I'5llj' uf Bl1111we1,1t:1, 1919-:wg I',Nl,S. S T, 111111 C41111111:1114l:111t. 'll1L Cltziflel, 19J1-:bl I'.KI.S. N T., .X.R.L'. :md -l.L',A., 19:6-. TATUKI IV. GRESSl2'l"l'li, .-XB. K v 1 Q V 'lfl.5lL0I'j' v A , .X.l-., l'11r111:111 LlllYEI'NIlj'. 1933: llrzuluntc 5t11de11t. L1111'ers11v uf Sf-uzli iiurl-li11a' Slllllllltl' Sch U11i1'crs11y uf Illini-is: Cuacl1 a111l I11str11c11v1'. I,allra11ge IIi14l1vScl11-ulzi .X.R.lf., iqsf. L. A. GRIFFIN, B,S..-X. .St'I4"!IL'L' ILS. i11 :Xf1l'lClllIllI'C, llcnrgia, 1911: I11Qtr11Ct11r, XYavcrf1Qs lIigl1 Sclnml, 19::A:Q: Citi'-fs KU-1111111 II1 l1 Sclmol, I11ve1'11ess. Irlll., 19:5-gm Marietta lIigl1 Sclimil, lQ2f1A27Q .X.R.L'., 19:7-, I i JOHN THOMAS HAINS, ,-X.l3, .ll11ll1c11111fi1'.v AIIYY, I'11ivc1wity uf lic11rgi:1, 19151 Teacher, ,Xlhany High SCIIOIJI, 191347: .Xthcns IligI1 Sell-ml, 19: S1vai11sl14-1-11 lligli Sclmul, 19:3-13: .X.ll.C'., 19:3-. ERIC' XYEST HARDY, AB., AAI. 1f1'n11u111ic'.f, Hixtwr-V A.ll., lf111'111:111 I'11ivc1'4ity. 19163 ,X,RI., L'11iveriiIv 1-f k'l1iC21uu. 1911: Lifllilllilft? Stu-lent l'l1i1':1 4 A 4 , 'N 1908-119, 19111-11: I11N11'11c1111' i11 lliuti-ry :1111I lic-1111-111ics. flllflillllll Culle-gc, 19110-111: lla-:11l1nns1cr. l""fl-R LIN! 11 Military .Xczx-lc111y, A1011-14: Dean, lk-wie Tift College, 19144153 I11st1'11ctf1r i11 I'IiQt1vry :mil Sucinlllu Tc1111esseB fnllvgc 1111 Xl'u111e11, 1915-1S: A,R.C., 1940: ,l,C.1X.. 10:13-. I l I In ,l an l . 1 t su" 1 -4 s 531 1 if 511 l1 111 1 Faculty XYI LLI.-XM REIDIJING KENNEDY L'u11111n'1'ri11l A liiriflumlc. ilu-111121 X-v1'111:1l College. 111114: lirarhiate. Zzmcriaii Culicgc. Vnhirlihus, Ohm, 191133 I'r11fessur, 4-11111 lkwiuii 1'--lluuc. Ifmh-119: Ruins High Sclmul, 101:-132 A,R.Q,. 1-113-. K SEIUIIQANT JQHN .-X. KLEIPOLD, D.E,Bl.L. .ilillflllzv l11x11'11ct-11 .it Aluni-,rr R. U. 'I'. V. Units at Ih1111c-lfngg High Sclmul, livr :xml unc-half years: Ventral High Sch-1.11, Nlcmivliii. UNC' yi-nr: Iwclxe years service in Rmzuiar A1'111y: scrvicc in I':111:1111:1 :iml Porto Ric-1: 5111111-i l.1v11lc11:111t. C. .X. L',-Rcsciwe t.X11ti-.Xiiwzrnftbi .X.R.C. null -Ll'..X.. 19:6-. .-XXTON PAUL MJXRRERI. Bb. 111 L.I'.. .1lufl1c11111liv.r and 17l'tI'Zx'flIg w Q ITS, 111 klli.. iimwgia Tnch, 1913: lim-limtc Stumh-111, Clxiczign. Suinmci' 1025: Kira-hlzile Nufluilt. l'wl11111h1.1 l'11i1'i'11i!3: .X.R.C., 10:11 J.f.,X., lQJfi'. XX. M. MCLEOD, .-XB. I'-l'L"lI1'f1 X.lI,, XY1ftfmwI fvllcgc. 111:11 llrznllizilc Student, l'11ix'crsily of S. lf. 5111111111-1', 19:41 l'11ix'c1'sity of X. l'., 10:3-:I-1 liistriictur, l'm'is, 'll-1111. High Sclmul, 10:1-::g Kciitucl-cy Xu1'111:1I Liullcgc, ir,-::-:3: I,il1E' xillu, Ky. H1211 Sclwul, 19:3-25: .X,R.Q'., 19:6-2 JAIA., 19:8-. Y ul. GEORGE MCDONALD, Ph.B. .iftlfllflllllflifi l'l1.l!,, I'f1111-ry l'11ivs1'4ity. 1015: l'ri11ci11:1I, 1211-c11sh111'11 High Schuul, 144115-1411 Lakclziml tl7l:1.? High Schmvl. 141111-IS: Kmitucky Xliiimrv liistitutc. 1013-411: .X.R.l',, 10:1--. l CHARLES HAROLD KIITLHELL. .NH Llzglixll .X.l',. I'111xL-nity -if I'it!sh111'1gl1. 1013: llrnmluntc Stiuh-111. II111'1':11wl Ulnixurxiiy, 19:3-:3: .X.R.lf. 19:11-: 1-1:3-3 -l.1'.,X., mx. :XUBURN fi, OWIENS. PLE. Elzglixll-lIi.vhf1'y ,MIL l'11ixv1'-ily of lim-114111, 119151 ilrzxwluatr 5111111-nt, l'11ivcrsity uf 1Zw11'ui:1. 10:5-:og Iliitriictlvi' XYay11ei- h-11'-1 Hxuh Scliwvl. 1Q:5':?41 A.R.f'., 10:8-. HENRY OSGOOIJ READ, Ph.B., All. Ifnylixlz 1'h,I2,. lf111H1'y L'11ivc1'rily, l'Jl4'l .-XXI.. E111-11'y l'11ivc1'iily. 1913: .X.XI., f'11l11111hin L'11ivc11-ily. 1055-2 Sllkfllli Ilvpi-111111. "S111fc1'x'ia11r -If Eiluliellf' in-1h1111hiz1 l'11ix'crsity, 114:53 li-II-1x1"i11 lunghsli. lpiiiury L5111- xi-rsily, 1411111173 Hcnfl of linulish, E111-sry l'11ix'crsi1y .Xczuh-111y, IQI7-lxl I'1'inc111:1l. lknwwii 11l:1..1 High Sglyimll 1.,,.,.:1g 511111-r111Ic11-IQ111, 11111151111 Sclnmls, 1q:1'::3 Hen-1 .if liugii-ll llc11:ir1111e11t, .X. R. L., 10:21 J.l'.,X,, 111:01-, GEORGE H. RIHGXY,-XY, ,-XB. C'111'll1l.1try ,X,l1,, l'11ixL-xwitv uf licmgifi, 111::: mix vm-are In-riching L-xllericiweg .X.R.l'.. 111:74 -IUI1 KLXY5 RUHERTSUN, Hb. FIIKQHXXI, C1'I'11's ILS. Vlwiix.-11 lbllcgu: l'1'i11ci11:1l :xml Ixivtruutnr, Puhiic Schmlls ni Vick:-11Q L'-Wuiity. Sf.. 1011152 511111111111-111h'111 111' SQI111-'Is :it Snluwln. S, F., 1u:5-:S: .X.R.C.. 19:N-. If 1 Q W 1 i ' 'Q i f '. x i P W nf Physice IICIYHYIIIIEIII i11 llcrcer l'11i1':'1'sity 511111111111 Scln-ul, 193111 ,-X.N.L.. aiculty GEORGE MILTON SCOTT, AH., B.Lil. Eliglislz ,X.IL, L'11ivc1'Qi1y uf Cliattziii-111113. 19:22 ll. Lit. ill .llPllI'llllllSlI1. Culiiniliia l,'11i1'n1wity, mmm 51111111111 SCI1-ml, L'-1l11111hi:1. 1023, 19111: .X.R.C.. 1-gg:-44. 19:1--, CHESTER ARTHUR SCRCGGS. .XII f.P!1L'IlIlXfl'j' .X.Il.. Blercur L'11i1'c1'si1y. 11111: 12111-l11:1lQ Sluilcnt. l'11ixc1wi1y -if l'l1ic:1g1., 511111111131 1-135-Ju: l'1'i11ci111I 3In1'sl1all1'ille High Schqul. 11111-131 l'ri11c111:1l, Rrvuml Unk High Sclml-I. 1111-1-111: l'1ig1ri1vz1l, A-l1h111x1 High Sclnml. 19111471 llircctor. Sunimer Sclmul. A.R.C., l9lN'2.11,C.. lfllfl ,l.1'..X,, 1-13114. CECIL XYYKIAN SHERLGCK, HSC., .-XXI. v b U u lfuglislz and Ifhyliwry V - 1 I ll.S, i11 C111111111-1'ce, llllYEl'Slly -if llcumizi. 1:3311 AAI.. L111x'c1's11y 1-1 411--11'g1n. 111:75 .X,li,l',, 1-1:7 H.-XRYEY H. SHIFLET, LLB. ,ll11tf11'l1111fi1'.f l.I..I2., I.z1Sz1llc L'11i1c1'Qity. 10:31 l'11ive1'sitv of lic1f1'gia, 19:51 I11st1'11c111r, lZ11i11l11'i1lg,- High 551111 1913-18: lIEI1l1ZilJJlll High Sclwul. 1910-11: Illythe High Scluml, 111111-:oi .X.lC,L'., 1-1:5-. ALBERT F. SIMPSON. .1X.B. lflzglislz, C'1':'1'rs .X.I!., lmviilf-1111 Collcqu. msg: 1i1':11l11:1te Stinlent, L'11i1'c1':-ity nf tic-vrgia. 11.125-31-1 I11w11'11ut-11, XY:1-111111 11111 l1fa.1 High Sch...-l. 111311-17: .X.R.L'.. 19:7-. XYINBURN PHILIP SMITH, AB., KIA. Sfwfiisll-II11gli.1l1 .X,l3.. l'11ive1sity,11f fieurgirx. 19202 NJN. -l'i111ury l'11ivcraity. li1':11l11:11e xxrllfli l'11i1'1-r-115 --f Y11A:i1111 I'1'i11cip:1l. L1-111c1' High hclnml, 19:11-11: l'1-.111-9501-. lEuurgiz1 Military L'-vllcgc. 1'1:1-3:1 .X.R.L'., 1-13:--f 10:8-1 I11s11'11ct1+r, Camllcr Cnllcuu. IIZlYZll'lII. l'11l1a, 10:11-183 lies:-:11'cl1 XY--rk, Natiiinzxl L'11i1'11-sig, 11511151111 Culm, 19:7-:Sz AI.lf..X.. 19:3-. CHESTER MCKINLEY SLHIPIAON, A.II., AAI. Englzxlz .X.Il., fluilfiml Cullegu, 1913: A.ll.. ll:11'e1'f111'1l College. IOIQQ .X.Rl.. l'11ivc1'sity nf Niurth f':11'11li11:1. 11121 llrzuliiatc Stunlcnt, LIlliYL'l'S'lly' of N1-1-nh L':11'11Ii11a. 19351113 I'ri11ci11:1l Xlwmeii High S1-lm-11. 1111-1-- I'ri11ci1-al. lieunzi Yism High Scliu-,vl, IQJO-JF: l'11i11gip:1l. Lgttett- High fcl1m1l.-11111131 I'1'i11ci11g1l1 MH11111 1'lc:1S.:111t High Scl1-ml. 1o.:J,-15: I11s11'111't11r 111 linglish, l'1111'c1s1tYy nf 51.11111 L111'11l111:1. 11145-:fig llcxivl 11 I5ClVZll'Il'l1L'I'Il uf English, l'ie-1111111111 College. 51111111101 1Q:6g .X,R.k., 10111-I ,l.lf.A 19:11. JOSEPH I.E CONTE TALLEY, ISS., RIS. l7f1y.1i1's II.S,. L'11ivcrxily of 121-u1'gi:1. 10:31 RIS., Mercer L'11i1'c-ixily, 10:51 l21A:1fl11z11e Asiismiil 111 Vhpics fl KI:1tl1e111:11ics. Blcrcsr L'11iversi1y. 19:3-14: Ixiitructur in I'l1yNics. Nlz11l1e111z1ticN :ml llrnftiug. 103445: Ih- MITCHELL P. XYELLS, ,-XB. Euglislz M A W Q I 11111111 I1 . X.. rugw. .X.l3., l'11i1'c1'-ity 1-f S1-uth L':11'-1li11:1, 10:31 I115tr11c111r, l'.-lgchchl lb. Cl High bcln.-11, 11 jg X.lC.t 10:7-, f X I f Vw 'Q' l , V K: Board of Trustees HoN.Bm'R1x XVRIGHT . . Prcsidcnt MR. THOMAS BARRETT . . Vice-Prvsidvzzt MR. XYARREN BOTHWELL . . Src1'cfary and Trva.vurv1' MR. -hgnxx PHINIZY MR. BRYAN CUMMING MR. Lxxnvx Tlloxms MR. E. C. B. DANFQRTH, JR. K1 . ' o llumor College of L B 1-1 .,. Augusta, Georgia w i g? ,mf i ig .1 . izljfs-Z mp: I It' mg . 51 xx is I Z1 I f- -Z f' ' 'I em' gi J N f m X U Jw e Ei ' e X kf x G " 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 M vf fl 1 11 ,. 1. .1'. ,wx 'A 11' -1 1 11. .uv 1 L . 1 ,Q 1 11, J 1 M 111. ' x 1 n X 1 . X f fx K f N M n KX K fx '1 X, Q X L wi l X , V 5 Q 1 QY , ,H lg gff, 'T :wwf 4 wg ff f W n WD WMA' SOPHOMORE N STEWART AUERBACH Stewart is one of the boys who come under the category of tall, dark and handsome. He may look quiet, but when you know him, Oh boy! Noted: Boy's Council, 1, 2: Honor, I. LAVADA Amos Rare are the pleasures that equal having known a girl like Lavada. She is possessed with a remarkable intellect and a disposition so sunny and friendly that one is always to see the bright side of things after being in her company. Her capacity for knowledge is so great that her classmates often marvel at her brilliance. Noted: Honor, I. IRENE BARCHAN lrene is noted for her cheerful smile. She has a sparkling wit and we are sure that she will make a very attractive teacher-if those brown eyes of hers will only behave! Noted: Sidney Lanier Literary Society, 1, 2: Honor, I. EDITH BARGERON Flashing brown eyes, wavy brown hair, and a vivid personality contrive to make Edith a popular member of the Sophomore class. She is a good sport and a very bright scholar. Noted: Honor, I: Hi-Y-VV, I, 2. SARA BELL "Sally of My Dreams" suits this Sally to a HT". Her smile comes stealing when we're feeling blue. Sally is inclined to be quiet in class but enters into any fun go- ing on when class is over. MARY EMMA BLANCHARD Here is one of the sweetest girls at I. C. A. To know her is to love her. W'e speak not only from our own experience but from that of several of the "stronger sex." Noted: Hi-Y-XV, I, 3: Girls' Council, 2: Literary Society, I. FRANCIS CLARK Francis, the efliciency expert: always ready to sell us anything from -I.C.A. caps to Physics books, better known as "Slow Death." He is a scholar and a gentle- man, and his initiative ability, and willingness to work insure his future success. Noted: Military Editor Rainbow, 2: Captain, I.1r.A IDAVIDSON XVho breaks more hearts than Samson! Delilah? Our Lila. Her good looks have caused admiration, her good nature, love, and her good work, respect. XVe're satisfied with our blue-eyed Lila. Noted: Hi-Y-NV, I, .zz President, .23 Girl's Council, I: Class Treasurer, 22 Literary Editor R.xrNnow. HAZEL DURN "Now comes the Dorn" and with it Mr. Skinner's keen appreciation of her "trigability." Mr. Read also realizes the fact that she is a wonder. HARRY Ecxnon' Nothing can ruffie Harry's equilibrium, not even the combined etiorts of Mr. Scruggs and Mr. Begue. It is a pleasure to be around Harry, for then you know you are in good company. IELIZAIIETII RANT K'Ella" Fant belies her name. She is small and slim, and even Mr. Read acknowledges her intellectual ability. XVe expect some day to see her name signed to a great literary work. LXNN l2l.IZ.-XIBETH l7ERoUsoN "Red" herself. She is a beacon light in the mental fog of our classrooms. Anyone with the capacity for cutting up pickled frogs in zo-and yet maintaining hex feminine charm is worthy of our sincere admiration. Blix l:L'l.GIIL'Al Quiet, reserved and capable. His executive alvility has found him a place as an "ossifer" in almost every school organization. W'e present Mr. Fulghuni, our class president. Noted: Hi-Y, 1, 2: Class President, 2: Ciceronian l.itci':try Society, 2: liditor-in-Chief .ll1zslrcfvr'r, 21 llonor, I: Lieutenant-Coltfuel. 2. l.14:o tl1-1Q.xsoN, Elk. l.eo, the Literary Society Genius. llc is courteous, unassumuig, and-Axvell just gaze into his eyes and you can see munerons possibilities-lotulqs interesting, doesn't it? Noted: Sidney Lanier Literary Society, I, 2: Critic, s lloius fiinzixeu llori-'s dramatic talent came to the front in her por- trayal uf Miss Curtis in the inimicaltle "Charm school." lloris knows all there is to knovv about Henry Vlll and we woultln't he surprised if she lcnexv something alnont another Henry, too, Noted: Drznnatic Cluls, I, 2. Ciicn. GUNS Cecil tires ns with enthusiasm: dainty, Calm, and sweet, she is Il lneloved member of our class and a favorite of the Faculty. Noted: Honor, 1: Sidney Lanier Literary Society, I. NA AN "Sliort3"' has walked straight into the hearts of every- one at bl. C..'X,, not to mention a goodly nnnilmer from ,X, R. C. Her dimpled smile and contagious good humor are mere saninles of the traits that make up the tiniest hut the most popular lass in school. Noted: Hi-Y-XY, 1, 2: Dramatic Clulm, 1, 2: Literary Society, ig Girls Council, 2. l'.-wus HENDEI-I The "letter man" and wit of our class. Park's spark- ling humor even has its effect on Miss Flisch and we owe the success of the joke Section to "Sparky" Noted: President Student Council, 2:1 Hi-Y, I, 2: llrainatic Cluln, 1, 2: Sports Editor R.viNBow: First, 2: Football, .21 Basket-hall, 1, 2: Tennis, 1, 2. o e w PARAIIE HENDERH ix NVhen one knows Parmie, one need not buy the College Humor. Her clever wit and droll sarcasm keep every- one highly amused. VVe'll wager that her pupils at john Milledge never play "hooky." Noted: Hi-Y-XV, I, 2: High Honor, I. SL's1i5 Him. "XVhen sweet Susie comes stepping hy" everyone else stops, looks, and remains to listen, And why not? for Susie always says something that's worthy of hearing. Noted: High Honor, I. RUTH Hovvwito Another one of those red-headed vamps. XYe can't say enough of Ruth: she's on the .lliiskvlvvr Staff and, very aptly, tills her position. Here's hoping she will always be as well-liked as she is at J. C. A. Noted: .llziskvlcvr Staff, 2: Literary Society, 1, 21 Rifle Team, 1. ,XNN -loxigs NVhat would we do without Ann? Her various talents have contributed to the student organizations and activi- ties, and much of the Class pep and spirit can he justly attributed to her. Ann is blond, pretty and versatile. Hel' attractive personality and charming manners help to make her a treasure to the Sophomore Class. Noted: Editor-in-Chief Rwrxnow, 21 Honor 1: Literary Society, I, .33 President, J: Hi-Y-XV, 1, 2: llratnatie Cluli, 13 Girls Council, 3: Secretary, 2: .lI1l.Ykt'lt't'I' Slfliii, 2. RUTH KNIGHT A Greta Garbo type, the tall, willowy hlonde with eyes that you love to gaze into and a skin you love to touch. But even though she looks luxuriously lazy, she is very athletic. I.u.L1A N LA xsDE1.L Petite and dainty, with a charm so undeniable that even the faculty suceumlis to it. XVhen we think that tiny miss has passed Physics, we realize that she uses her hrains to enhance her heauty. RUBERT LEONARD XVe do not know much of Robert except that he is witty, a nice conyersatioualist, and his eyelashes curl. He is quite a scientist. VVe think that he is a fine addi- tion to our class. Noted: joke lfditor, Ralxiaow, 2. JOSEPIIINE IUAGVIRE "Irish," the Titian blond and, needless to mention, the first honor student of our class. Her sparkling per- sonality makes her sought after hy every one, especially the sturdy oaks of LC. A. Noted: Girl's Council, 1, 2: High Honor, IQ .llizxkvtcw Staff, 2. ELIZABETH lX1Olil.EY The never-to-heforgotten "Alix"-Tiny, French, and darling, who captivated all by her Parisian accents and gestures in the play so suited to her personality. "The Charm School." All "Lihhy" has to do is to cast one glance with her huge brown eyes and she has made a friend for life. Noted: llraniatic Cluh, I. l-i,EwE1.i.YN Momzms A treasure in the Botany laboratory. "Jo" is calm and dignified, She is also an aspiring young orator and we are glad to have the henefits of her many talents in our class. Noted: Literary Society, I, 2. ADRIENNI5 Moaais .-X good scout and a friend worth having. Adrienne is an artist of no mean ahility and we are proud to have her illustrations in our annuals. Note: fiirl's Council, I, 2. CA'1'HEk1NE More The chemistry wizard-she wields a wicked test tube. Catherine is also one of the pillars of the Literary Society and a charter member. Noted: Literary Society, i, 2, Secretary, 2. XMALLACE Nokrn The mystery of XVallace is a pleasant problem to probe. Her versatility in changing from the sublime to the ridiculous affords us much entertainment. Her calm dignity when presiding over a meeting conflicts with her childish glee in performing the doll dance up and down the corridors. Noted: Vice-President Class, 2: Girl's Council, 1, 2: President, 2: Hi-Y-NV, 1: Dramatic Club, I, 21 .llu.rkr'tm'r Staff, 2: EUGENE PEACOCK Eugene is not as vain as his name. though he has just cause to be, after attaining the dignity of a sophomore at such a tender age. VVe hope we will always succeed in having as many true friends as he has had at J. C. A, Noted: Sergeant, 2. NIARY AIARGARET PRITCHARD "Make" is like a good-natured chubby cherub. Her tinkling laugh is very contagious, but aside from that her mental capacity is astounding. Everyone is proud to be classed among her friends. Noted: Honor, I. lXlABEL ROBINSON The class artist. VVhether it is in painting artistic "slickers" or landscapes, we award the medal to Mabel. She is also a remarkable linguist, as illustrated by her responses in French 62. Noted: Art Editor, Rixixnow, 2: High Honor, I. ANNE Ro'rHRocK Demure and sweet, she reminds one of the song, "An Old-fashioned Locket." If conscientious work is the foundation of success, then Anne will reach the top rung of the ladder, and we know that she will make an ideal teacher. B I RDI E Sirxwl Lowskx' Birdie, the last of the Sawilowsky dynasty, and worthy to uphold the already famous name. Birdie takes In French like a duck to water, as is readily discerned by her numerous A's in that subject, Her unfailing good humor and her industrious attitude toward lessons and student activities make her a person sought after by both sexes. Noted: Sidney Lanier Literary Society, IQ Honor, 1, tiiuziikr SCHl'XlACIlIiR The class orator and poet. Gilbert keeps us spell- bound by his truly poetic genius. His handsome ap- pearance, his grace in dancing, and his magnetic per- sonality make him one of the most popular members of our class. Noted: Literary Society, I: Honor, I1 .lluskvieer Staff. 1: Class Poet, 2. FLi.n rrr Smaorrv To pass College Algebra with ease shows a mentality worthy of note. liven Mr. Hardy calls him a "good old scout" and we know that lflliott possesses many fine qualities that will make him a success in later years. Noted: Honor, l. Houma Sinai' Homer's classic prolile makes him easy to look upon and his personality makes him an extremely interesting person to be with. I-lomer's genius at management makes him sought after as an executive on many of the student organizations. Noted: Business Manager Raixisow, .2: Hi-Y, 2: Honor, I: Literary Society, I, .21 Chemistry Club, President, 1: Class Secretary, .23 Literary Society, 1, 2. Dom ITH Y SPIQT n "Dot" is a recruit from University of Georgia, and a worthy acquisition to our class. Her ease in assimilat- ing Organic Chemistry is remarkable, and her long blonde tresses have won the admiration of the entire student body. Ronsiii. Srvxifoan Q ln English 62, if Roesel does not utter her daily "XYl1y" is that and if so, why not, the whole class sinks again into deep slumber. You can see from tlns how highly we value her for her accomphshments. Summon 'l'AxENi:Ai'M Sol is known by the feminine element as the best vvaltzer in school and by his own sex as a military expert and scholar. The Faculty also have a very good opinion of him. Noted: Captain, 2. o 0 o 0 o o 4 1 o l 4 o a u Q Q s x '. L ' l MARGARET You NG Last but not least-the prettiest young lady in our class. Her dimpled smile and friendly disposition are enough to make anyone sit up and take notice. This charming "Fraulein" is especially attractive to "Herrs." Noted: Hi-Y-NV, I, 2: Sidney Lanier Literary Society, 1: Dramatic Club, 1. RL'TH CLEMMONS A disposition that's easy-going, and a nature that instinctively makes her many friends. She not only masters her lessons but her "Lizzie" Noted: Honor. I. HARRX' DAwsoN "Speedy" gets to school in time for Physics Class, anyway, and convinces Mr. Talley without argument. Heres to "Speedy" as an engineer! Special Students RTARTHA KNIGHT Doms SmtMoNs EULA XMESTBROOK To My Class . Out of thc' dark lI'ith its mist and fold Thr youth of to-day nzarch on. .45 thry trudgc' along Thi' night turns day- Through darknvss thvy cntcr the dawn. Out of tht' niglzt Thry follow a lvvanz. That lvads to an mzdlcss road. Some stop by the way, To work, or to play. lVhilc otlzers lirvak flown from thc load. Ont of this mist With its guiding star, Thrrv ara' fvtu who rvnzain to the and To share tht' glorivs Of diligfnt 'zc'0rk- Thr joys one ran not sprnd. Thvrr arc nzmnlvvrx of ns IVho will stop by thc' road To walk in thf paths hy its sidc, ,-ind drink in thcir lvrooks That knowlvalgv of lifc ll'hirh lfarning could 1zf'i'vr fonfidv. Still othvrs, l hofvv, ll'ill follotu that light That brightcns as ilarknfss fontvs on. Thvy will follow that ltranz ll'hrrf c'1'Cr it gors, Untila Through darknf'.vs they vntvr tht' alatvn. G. F. SCIIUMACHER History of the Class of ll929 At last, the papers were corrected. XVith a sigh of relief and a barely stifled yawn. he stretched, made himself comfortable, and fell into a dreamy musing. Things really were not half so bad as they seemed, and it was rather pleasant to watch the growth and development of people. He could not help smiling, this teacher who had seen so many students come and go, as he remembered them during the first trying days of junior College. The class of 1929, like others that had come before it, had been greatly awed by the prospect of the coming two years. But, like its predecessors, also. it had come through that first year of lectures, lab work, chapel exercises, tests, and what-nots, quite successfully, really a great deal more so than anyone would have at first predicted. So, you couldn't always judge by first appearances. And then-but his pipe had gone out, and--of course, it must be filled againw- and then, Oh! Yes, he was thinking how pleased he had been when the Freshman class with some few valuable additions and a few regretted losses had returned as Sophomores. But. of course. it had been done before, and he naturally expected great things of the class he liked so well. Thinking of the different happenings of the year now almost at an end, he remembered the many football games in which they had taken part either on the field or in the cheering section. l-le remembered the lovely sentiment of the tree planting, the hilarious excitement of basket-ball games, and tense eagerness during track meets and the hard work and real en- joyment in publishing the school paper, The Muskctvcr. Each of these things came, one by one, to his mind. And now to think that he had corrected papers for the last time for that class whose joys and sorrows, and work and fur1 he had followed day by day for almost two years. ln a few weeks they would be scattered-and he would rather not think of it. By this time it had grown late, so, slowly getting up, he shook the ashes from his pipe and left the room, hoping that the class of '29 would be as happy and prosperous as he wished it to be. -TOSEPHINE TXTAGVIRE SUSIE I'lIl.l. Last Will and Testament of the Class of l929 mf 5T.XTli oi-' tnzonou L'oi'N'rv oif RICHMOND XYe. the class of '39, realizing with unutterable joy and anticipated pleasure that the time has apparently arrived for us to bid good bye to those who have contributed so much to our agony, mental suffering, and physical pain during the two long ttoo longl years of our continual Hades on earth, and, in consequence of the deplorable condition of our minds and bodies, being only somewhat intelli- gent, and to a slight degree aware of what we are about to perform, do hereby declare, publish. ordain, and establish this the Last lVill and Testament of us. the said class of 1939, to wit: Item 1. XYe hereby bequeath to our beloved and honored President, Dr. George Ilhineas Butler. one burglar-proof vault in which to store the wonderful ideas that he so willingly employed, as doubtful as it may seem, for our beneiit. Item 2. To Dean bl. I,. Skinner we leave our old joke book with which to entertain and amuse our successors as he tried in vain to amuse us. Item 3. To Miss julia Flisch we leave free, gratis. one license to lecture to young boys and girls on rules governing love and marriage. Item 4. To Mr. bl. Ill. Ellis, that lovable, kind, and helpful Apollo, we bequeath one book on pleasing personalities to benefit his students when desiring information. Item 5. To Mr. LI. KI. Sutton we willingly bequeath one ease of "giggle- soup" with which to "make whoopeef' Item o. To Mr. H. I J. Read we leave the wish that he shall continue to reign supreme as the Beau Ilrummel of DI. C. .X Item 7. To Mr. Ifric W. Hardy we bequeath one volume illustrating the good qualities of Tammany and Democracy: also, one eraser to be used in class so that he may spare his finger. which has done duty for so long. Item S. To Mr. U'Neil XY. Chandler we leave .lohnnie I7anch's red socks and tie for atmosphere, and one pair of very soft rubber heels. Item 9. To Col. lioodwyn we bequeath 'Ioe .Xrmstrong's and XYillian1 XVhite's great enthusiasm and love for drilling. Item 10. To IXIiss Brewer we leave one very sharp knife to be used in taxing her famous transparent sandwiches. and the song entitled, "You Can't Have a Sandwich NYithout the Bread." I no Q 1 o 0 1 0 s as 0 Q lv 1 o Q u Q at a 1 s 1 4 4 Item II. To Mr. I. I.. Talley we leave a list of instructions telling how to keep "Dizzy Dowling" quiet during class, and also Gilda Gray's charming ability to demonstrate effectively simple harmonic vibrations. Item 1.3. To Miss Rainsford we leave a beautifully bound set of Iilinor Glyn novels. XN'e have it from a reliable source that Miss Ilainsford has cherished, for a long time, a secret desire to add these to our library. i Item 13. To Mr. justin .-X. H. Begue we bequeath the ability of a vcntrilo- quist, lending him the power of throwing his voice and hoping that the next time he throws it he aims for the waste basket. Item 14. To Mr. Scruggs we leave a new set of Organic Chemistry formulas, so that he can, without any suspicion whatsoever from his classes, explain the meaning of some "far fetched" questions of Misses Davidson and Iiislte. Item 15. To Mr. George M. Dasher we leave our old jack-knife to carve fixtures for the dear old institutions when he is not looking for tires. Item 16. To Miss Boggs we bequeath one Academy lfrcshman on which she can practice her theories of child psychology. Item 17. VVC hereby bequeath to Mr. Markert our entire class that not only comes to school every day but every day "on Time." Item 13. To Coach Charles Guy Cordle we leave "Shorty" Boyds mighty voice, so that his "Step on it" may be heard by his Academy Hashes near the end of the 220 and 440-yard dashes. Item 19. To Mr. Mitchell we leave one library table to be placed in his room so that his beautiful coed students may park their gum. Item 20. To Mr. .Iohn Ifvans Ifubanks we bequeath one loose-leaf note-book to contain his collection of inspiring war anecdotes, to be sold at the book store for ten cents a copy, as a benefit to the A'Unknown Soldier." Item 21. To Mr. McLeod we leave one carton of Murad Cigarettes, so that he can maintain his nonchalance before the admiring eyes uf the feminine portion of I. L. A. Item 22. To the Faculty as a whole we leave the hope that they will take no offense at what we have said, for they have our appreciation and sincere affection. lYe appoint as our executors "Old Black hloeug "I me-eye Harry." ll'if11vssv.v .' AUNT HET, HAMLET, HA1lHoNE and the l.osT BATTALION. fSig111m'j Tin' Class of '30 Ronizivr I.EoN.-mn ANNA Illilfifuuxxx To the Students of 'l'ubman High School or the Academy answering the following questions we leave one free scholarship to the VValker Baptist Institute. I. lYhy does B. C. XVall stop at the corner of Russell and McDowell Streets? 2. Does Mr. Ellis enjoy himself at the dances? 3. XYhere does Miss Rainsford get her daily flowers? 4. ls soft water necessary to soft-boil an egg and hard water necessary to hard-boil an egg? 5. Who cut out the paper dolls for Ed. Elliott's car? 6. ls a nice girl one who walks in her sleep while dreaming of auto rides? 7. ls a raisin a prune whipped down to a nub? S. VVhy is a certain attractive brunette taking Calculus? 9. Wlhy does Col. Goodwyn show such a marked aversion to the co-eds? Io. ls a grass widow the wife of a vegetarian? II. Are liquid assets the bank deposits of a bootlegger? 12. ls it true that Mr. Skinner gets the last word with his wife only when he apologizes? These questions will be answered by Houdini and Hawkshaw at 3:00 o'clock Sunday. Feb. 31. R. L. A. H. Class Prophecy In answer to a letter from hl. C. A. of 1929. Augusta, Georgia, April 1. 1945. Dear Parks: Thanks for your letter. You say you want to know all about the old bl. C. A. gang of IQZQI' VVell, here goes. Things have certainly happened since you left to become Spain's greatest Bull Fighter-after two years "bulling" at bl. C. A. Margaret Young is now Professor of Romance Languages at XVellesley Col- lege. VVe are not so sure about the Language part, but we know the romance is all right. Eugene Peacock has made so much money raising ostriches in Florida that he has given 350,000 to the superannuated Junior College teachers. I hear Robert Leonard is a dog doctor, and a howling success at that. LaYada Amos is one of the foremost women lawyers in America. Did you see Ben Fulghum's picture in the New York Times? He is now in command at lYest Point. Edith Bargeron has married a French count tno account, maybel and has a celebrated French salon which she calls a saloon. john Fanch and Harry Fckhoff are publishing a book entitled "How I Learned French. Spanish, German, and Latin XYithout Any Effort." Doris Simmons, Now Mrs. ...... has taken over Dorothy Dix's lovelorn "collum," and, out of her vast experience in such matters, is able to give advice to thousands of desperate and puzzled youths. Leo Gleason is advertising manager for the Sleep-More Mattress Co., and travels from town to town with Harry Dawson as a sleeping example. The Misses Susie Hill, Hazel Dorn, and Irene Rarchan fthe educational triumviratel are now three zealous pedagogues who rush into the streets and distribute Second Grade Readers to all illiterate-looking people. B. C. lYall. after writing love letters to the little French girl all these years, went over to France and found out she is a woman of sixty-tive summers with a wooden leg and a glass eye. Cecil Gunn speaks such good German that she is in Frankfort. Germany, translating Hot Dog recipes into Fnglish. Ann Jones and Gilbert Schumacher, modern poets, have written a sensational Fpic, part of which we quote: Two little poets are we XYee little poets, we two. I-Iey diddle diddle, IYe're much too little To be big poets, you see. Anne Rotlirock. Mary Margaret Pritchard and I-ila Davidson are full-fledged cow-boyg or rather cow-girls. They live in the saddle on an Arizona ranch-carry lassos in their hands, pistols around their waists, and knives in their mouths. Doris tireiner is so eager to get local color for her Italian novel that she has established a spaghetti shop in Naples. Francis Clark is now the President of General Motors. It is estimated that he has 5.735 interviews a week, signs 396 checks a day, and presides at .216 board meetings a month. Mary Emma Blanchard, Sarah Bell. and Ruth Clemmons have reached a speed of 564 miles an hour in their racer at Daytona Beach. Elizabeth Mobley has realized her greatest ambition to become an actress. She is now starring in that mighty drama "IVhy men leave home." She's had lots of experience along this line. Anna Hetferman, the personality kid, has thrown aside her carefree ways and is now president of the XYO1'lIC1I'S Christian 'Temperance Union. Recently, she wrote ati intoxicating novel called, "XYhiskey and Its Curse." Dorothy Speth and Roesel Stanford have lived up to the expectations of their friends by going to the Lunatic Asylum. Dorothy will be matron and Roesel her assistant. They say that they are sure to be happy in their work as they expect to meet many of their former school mates again. Iflizabeth Ferguson has become famous as a Mack Sennett bathing beauty. She made a great success in "Splash! The Baby Has Fell in the IYell." Llewellyn Morgan has just found out that she is related to the il. I'.- Morgans of New York. and is heiress to a huge fortune. She has promised to take the Class of 'zo on a yacht ride from New York to Florida. Iflizabeth Ifant and Birdie Sawilowsky have linked up with the johnny -I. Jones carnival. Iilizabeth is known for her artistic interpretation of the "XYoozy Wiggle" and Birdie for her interpretation of the "Hula Hula." Iilliott Scrotta. always admired for his irreproachable taste in clothes. 1135 opened an exclusix e gown shop at the Bon Air Vanderbilt. Stewart .Xucrbach is exploring the jungles of Africa. He says he is searching for the missing link in his family tree. .-Xdrienne Morris is now head of the Iinglish Department at -I. C. A. Ifxplain- ing her success. she is quoted as saying, "All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my old English l'rofcssor, Mr. Read." v I 1 , s v i.. 4 Q.. 0 o o 0 0 0.0 0 o o O 0 o o 0 o o 0 O Q 4 o I o'o O fe O -'Q I O 0 0 I O O O 1 Q 4 O o 0.0 O Y 'x v I- A X '1 I? 1 A5 Y N 0.0 0 O OO O O no 0 D OO 0 O 40 0 0 on 9 A 0 A D an a DO u Q0 v 00 u u oo o 0 n ot o ,I Homer Sharp has become head of the Mathematics Department at a girls' seminary on Long Island. lt is said that he certainly knows his figures. Josephine Maguire is Latin instructor at Paine Institute. The work is very difficult, and she is viewing for the first time the dark side of life. Catherine Moye and Ruth Howard, on behalf of Astronomy, have written a most enlightening article on MThe Uses of Moonlight." The astronomers were very much delighted, as they received many suggestive ideas. Solomon Tanenbaum, wonderful military leader, has become so interested in the Irish cause that he has departed forlreland to become head of the lYar Department. Lillian Lansdell, famous actress, is being starred by Zievfelrl in "Mrs XYiUvs in the Cabbage Patch." b . ZH ' bb Mabel Robinson has just tinished her latest painting entitled. "Spring Has Came." It has been bought, sight unseen, by a New York collector. who had so much confidence in Mabel's ability that he paid for the picture before it was begun. Ruth Knight is now writing serially for the Augusta Herald on "How I Be- came a Blonde Overnight." Sincerely, PAR M IE H r:NDERsoN XV ALLAC12 NoR'1'H gil. 0? Oz. 0:0 0,0 Q 0:0 Oz. 0:0 Q.. 0'0 .50 0:0 Oz. 0:0 Q.. A I 0? 0:0 0:0 0.0 0:0 0:0 0:0 0:0 1:0 0:0 0:0 0:0 0:0 0:0 .i1-,.1 'Fantasie IIIIIIJIII I'd low to take a sea-breeze And roll it in a ball, And hang it on a Christmas tree- A present for you all. I'd l:ang it 'mong the tinsel Wlzrrc balls of every hue I Veiglz down the fragrant pinmbonghs- 'T would be my gift to you. ANN JONES IFRESHMAN l , In 4 , -1' U! MMM' 4? lrllillil IIA .XR XliTT liljllik .Xfnms Iixclllil, I3.x1I.l2x' Rlflilifllk B,xx1,IfY 1,11.l:1i1:'1' BELL Il. V. HELL MARY HuT11w12Ll. XX'1I.l.I,x XI HRANCH RVTH HRISIQXDINE NIA-uuux Rrslzu In-xTH.'xxl fIl,XlfIiE .I lxicz BYRD -IHHN CALDWIQLI .xmas LAASHIN .X Nse PN CLARK FRANK Clnxluc Mun' CLARK RIANLY Cummxlz E1.1z,xxoR C'us4:uovr3 'IAMES CRAIG LINDA Dfxvlrmsox .IA Al 1-Qs IDAY CARSTAIIQS IDOLTZ LAS HVIST IDUWLING Klucx' DYE .Iuux FANCH ll.xm:1E'r FISKE KIMHN I"u1-K XY11.Ll.,x11 FOX lun l1,xl.1..'x1IER 151.1 muxcxg KQILCHRIST Klklllil. Hmm11L1- Izlwzlzxlz f1liIlfl"IX RIARY QXNNA H,xRx1oN Ml1.m:121w IIULLIQY HENRY HOLAIES K.'XTH ER1 N E HULL FRAN K H VLSE BETTY -IUNES INIARY JOPLIN BILLIE KELLX' ELIMJR KITCHIENF BIARIE LAIRD TJKILLY I-,xx1uACK PHILIP I-,xzEN1:Y RIANIUX I..xYTuN 1'i0WARD LEITNIIR 41 ,g l':I,lZ.-XllIi'l'lI I.oc'KH.x1:'1 IiliRIZIiK'l' IMNQIQWAY HA1wl,n M,xRK0v11'C11 BI.-XRY BIARSH M.-xm' BIASVR I.E51.l1': IXIILLER JOE 1X'Il'I.I1iRI gXRNlDI,D RIULKEY IXIARTHA IXIVRPIIEY IEVELYN IWCCOLLOCH Rm' McQ'rm1,l,UM rJORU'l'llIi.-X BICIJEUD li1auR4 :1,x NEAL jlxxllis N1-QLSQN N15x'IL1.Is Numll ZXIARIUN PAGE HAL I',xT'1'uN Um :Rani i'1zRK1Ns FRA N cEs P1 Iikclz Nfxom I'ml12RANC13 liI.IZAllIi'l'II PRINTVP lNI.-xkC..Ax1:IzT RA Y M UN D HARRY R.x1NwAT12R ANNA K.fXTIi RHODES .I1s,xN Roczmas I.15.x1I RHSENTHAI- lin.1z,xnETH RMVNTREE lin' SHI5.xI.Y H,xRm.D SIIELL LAARI, STIQINECK H .wc mm TA x EN DAUM lws I'1:. xx'I,m: GIZNIE TRHAIAll2R'HAI'SER Iluixli xYliIGl.E . XL'1 m1zY XYHITE 17.-win XYHl'l'NEY NELLIE NVILHE11' I..u1AR XYOODVVARD LAVRENS XYOUMANS NY1I.1.IAM ZEALY RUBERT FRENCH LAURA ,AKERMAN LERUY .AVERETT CLARENCE BI..-XNCHARD BIARGFERITE BUTHWELL MIEDRELJ fARTI.EDGE Cl,,xRExcE CLIATT FRANK CR.-XWLEY .Il'l.I.-K EDWARDS H.-XRRIET G.-RRRETT BLANQHE -IUHNSON ,'Xf.1cE LANDRUM KIHE L0GL'E HERBERT LORICK -IDE Lyoxs AR'1'HL'R MURGAN .LXLEC AIVRA A. R. PETERS LIENXYIJUIJ SIKES .-X1.1cE SVNIIZRAU :XNNE SYIXESTEQ -IME 'I'Rm1xlER11AI'sER H. C. XYALL The Sewing Circle mIE Promptly at four o'clock Monday evening, President Cressette called the meeting to order. Mr. Cordle was Hned ten cents for not answering to the roll call. The first business to come up for discussion was Mr. Mcl.eod's order for a dozen spools of embroidery thread. Mr. Read and Mr. Sherlock also wanted to try for the prize of the best hand-made quilt, so the order was sent off by Prof. Sutton, who is chairman of the needlework committee. Col. Talley next arose and made a motion that the Circle's Copper-plated Medal for Efliciency be awarded to Dean Skinner, who has just secured his patent for his wonderful invention-a combination lock for false teeth. The motion was seconded by Mr. Ellis and carried by Dr. Butler's exclusive vote. Due to the students' organizing a Chemistry Club, Mr. Mitchell and Miss Flisch said the Faculty should not be left behind and made a motion that a Checker Club be formed. This was Okayed by President Gressette, but a fuss arose over who was to be President. Both Miss Flisch and Mr. Mitchell wanted to be the Head of the Executive Department. This was hnally settled by Miss Boggs, who nominated Mr. Scruggs. Mr. Scruggs was elected president. A delicious course of prune salad and shredded tripe, with lemon sherbet, was served by Miss Rainsford and Mr. Scott, who jointly share the K. P. honors. As it was growing late. and Mr. XYells had a "date," the meeting was officially adjourned till next Monday. D. B. DOWLING Academy of '- . . Richmond County Fl 5 N 7 '1 WQ ni hx M ig . 5 l X 'rm - iVl lf"'- .. 6 f Q T -I fi TQ 'C' SENIOR Q liicoitrsla Wonru .Xnoiuzws "XVoops" is one of our promising football players and has already shown ns his worth on several occasions. "lYo0ps" is a good fellow and always ready to join the fun, especially if there are ladies present. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Com- pany Football, I, 3: Football Squad, 4. UIQDDINGS iii,-XI.I.ll,-KN gXRTHL'R Geddings is a patient, well-liked fellow who studies not too much, hut enough to assure him of a seat ou the stage in hlune. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 4. Fmiiifrox McI.E.txN ARTnt'R Mclean is an earliest worker and is always Striving for something higher: this type of person always suc- ceeds: and he surely will. McLean has stuck by us for four years and we certainly hope to see him hack in the old building again next year, enrolled in J. C. A. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant. 3. 4. blonx B.-XILIE NVQ regret that John's picture slipped accidentally into the Senior group, -hut hope that he will not mind lacing in such distinguished company. .XRCIIIIJALIJ Hixrox BAKER XVe have heard that Archie wields a wicked golf clnh. llis striking characteristic is his quietness, in spite of which he was won inany friends during his stay at the Academy. Noted: High lionor, I, 2: Corporal, 2, 3: Philo- sophian Literary Society, 3: Four-year course in three rears. Rox' H.-Xl.liEliT RARNARD Uur orator has had lots of trouhle finding a nice quiet place to practice his speeches. In spite ot' the fact that he is small, he can make plenty of noise. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3, 4: Philosophian Literary Society. 3: .-Xlternate Declaimer. 3, 4. i n on 0 9 ll Q a no Q O . 'Q 1 i A Q4 u A l I4 0 D on 1 U Q o A OD a vs o a so o n ul v n oo U A an 4 lu I. 1X A . N "s l . il W, l x i 7 r A no 1 o Ou n o vv 4 so u ' x FRA NCIS SPEARS BEALL Francis is very much interested in women, and spentls most of his time in company with them. He says that he isn't so crazy ahout them, hut he isn't Cruel enough to hreak any of their hearts: so he goes to see them, Note-rl: Corporal, 3: Sergeant. 4. XYILLIAM Newrox Bigrmxc Bill is a quiet sort of a boy who talks only when it is necessary. He has made a very good record during his stay here: and we hope he continues the goocl work all through life. Noted: Corporal, 2. 3: Sergeant, 4. lanes CLIFTON Bi..-tCK Clifton may appear to he quiet, but he is certainly not. He has always been loyal to the school, and has upheld its high stantlarcls. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3: First Sergeant, 4: Philosophian Literary Society, 3. lx nEs XYALKER BLANCHARD James is the sort of lioy you can not help liking, for he has a wonrlerful personality and is always in at gooil humor. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant. 3: Seconrl Lieutenant, 4: Philosophian Literary Society. 3: Hi-Y, 4: Chemistry Club, 4. XY1Ll.I.xAl liroiaxe l31.1c1HNf:'roN, jk. He has a lot nf trouble with the teachers. hut he "shoots" them- a gootl "line" ancl usually gets ott' the Clements. -"Little Bliclf' is quite witty, anal is very popular with his classmates. Noteml: Corporal, 3. 4: Philosophian Literary So- ciety. 3. 4. lYliSl.IiY Vlizxxlxs llil.lCHlNtSTHN "Blich" is one of the main supporters of our school rlances. He also npholsls IiiCl'llHlll1Ifl.S stanmlarcls on the foot-hall Flelrl. "l3lieh" always has a good worcl for ereryhocly. Nfvtefli Flltererl, 3: Company Footliall, 33 Corporal, 1: Sergeant, 4. XYliI.L'UMli S.xXoN Boyn "Shorty" was voted the Best All Round Senior, show- ing that he excels in whatever he undertakes. l"le has always enjoyed a flattering popularity, and we know his future success is assured. Noted: Corporal, 2: First Sergeant, 3: Captain, 42 Track, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 4: Honor, 3: Foothall Squad, 4: .Xnnual Staff, 4: .Xthletic Representative of Class, 3, 45 llest All Round Senior: Sports lfditor. Gm' CAUTHIEN ln his years as student in Richmond .-Xcademy, Guy Cauthen has made and held many friends. He is 'most as popular with the Faculty as with his classmates. Falco EXNCII, CIIEIEKS Fred is an- excellent shot with a rille,A for he holds down a position on our riHe team, He is also a lieu- tenant in our R. O. 'lf Li. unit, and a model in the classsroom as well as on the drill field. Noted: Sergeant, 31 First Lieutenant, 4: Ride Team, 4. Co1:NEl.1us HENRY C4 DHEN His quietness is characteristic of him and is only a mask which covers the sterling qualities which all who know him recognize. Noted: Corporal, 3, 3: Second Lieutenant, 4. Rouxlzy Sxlztzn Contax Always smiling, always cheerful, he is the kind of person who will make his way under any circumstances. May he always have as many and as true friends as he has now. Notecli Corporal, 43 liuphradian Literary Society, 4: Track, 3, 4. lilltlltlili HY.-xT'r Cow KLIN George has a patented look that would convince any teacher that he knew everything that is to he known. lf a knowing air would win, George would always be on top of the pile. Noted: Chemistry Club, 4. ELI-1o'rT fjTTO COOPER Otto is expected to begin turning grey any minute now. He says he has an awful time keeping everybody in the band playing the same piece. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 31 First Lieutenant, 4, XYILLIAXI Room CRICKENBERGER "XV, R." is our Captain Adjutant, and gives com- mands to perfection. His politeness and thoughtful- ness have always been characteristic of him. XVe hope that he will join us again next year at J. C. A. Noted: Corporal, ll Master Sergeant, 3: Captain Adjutant, 4. XV1r.r.1.xii PAXTON CROFT, jk. Bill has had a hard time this past winter making cou- nections between school and his home across the river. Furey's Ferry was out of commission all during the high water. He is a good-natured boy and is liked by E'VCI'j'- one who knows him. Noted: Entered, 41 Corporal, 4. GILLETTE HRM NERD CURRIE "Brainless" is a debater of no mean ,ability being a member of our debating team. He passes Latin easily: and if he can do this, he must have an easy time with his other studies. So he is not worrying about getting his "dip." Noted: Honor, 1, 3: Sergeant, 5: First Lieutenant. 42 Philosophian Literary Society, 4: Debating Team, 3, 4: Declamation, 42 Four-year course in three and one-half years, S11IoN Davin DAITCH Simon is a faithful member of the "catch-a-ride" club of Richmond. He has such a cunning wave that he never gets turned down. Noted: Sergeant, 4: Chemistry Club, 4. Move Leo DANIELS "Cleo" has an extremely hard time controlling the red that is wont to rush to his face when he's around a girl. Although he is a bit bashful around girls, he is anything but sheepisb when in the company of boys. Noted: Company Football, 3. RA1.i'n LIALEY DEAS Ralph has been a very active member of our class: we don't know what he has been active in, Although he very seldom opens a book, he manages to get by. We wish him the best of luck and hope he gets his "dip." Noted : Sergeant, 4. THonNToN DBAs Thornton excelled in literature and was elected the Literary Editor of the RAINBOXV. He has a great deal of originality and is popular among his classmates. Noted: High Honor, 1: Honor, 2: Sergeant, 3: Euphradian Literary Society, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Chemistry Club. 4: Literary liditor of R.-vixnow, 4. Bovciz DEXYITT Boyce is a special friend of Mr. Dasher's, having taken a number of courses in how to manufacture furni- ture. He works hard at English, too. Noted: Non-drill, 3, 4. Flux K IDVNIE.-XR "lil Fonzo" is a wonderful debater. That is. when there is none of the feminine present. He says that he just niust have a good blush when they look at him, and that he can not hlush and think at the same time. Noted: High Honor, I: Highest Honor, J: Corporal, 3: Second Lieutenant Battalion Quarter Master, 3: Philosophian Literary Society, 2, 3: President, 3: Re- porter for ,lIItSkl'fl'L'l', 3: Ride Team, 3: Valedictorian, ,ZZ Four-year course in three years. Roinzizr lfowmm l2Li.ioTT XVhen we think of Ed we usually think oi' his "paper doll Ford." His smile and "good looks" are equal t0 all occasions, and we are sure he will meet with suc- cess in any line of business. Noted: Sergeant, 3: Second Lieutenant, 4: Secre- tary and Treasurer of the Iiuphradian Literary Society, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Chemistry Club, 4: Business Manager and Secretary of the Rainbow, 4: Student Council, 2: Secre- tary of the Student Council, 4. Tnouxs .lia1f1fERsoN l'iliNDER .Xn all-around boy, good on the drill tield, good on the track Held, and well liked by everyone-that's Tom. Noted: Corporal, 2: First Sergeant, 3: First Lieu- tenant, 4: Euphradian Literary Society, 4, Secretary, 4: 'I'reasurer Class, 3: Track, 3, 4: Military Editor of R.xiNnow, 4. FRANK EUGENE FERRIS "Ima" says "give me Rice Crispies or give me death." ln all seriousness, Frank is very popular with the boys as well as with the girls. His personality should gain for him a high place in life. Noted: Sergeant, 4: Euphradian Literary Society, 4: Hi-Y, 42 Vice-President of Senior Class, 4. BERNARD ll'I1.L1.xM FRANKLIN "Tink" is the type of person who is hard to describe, for his good qualities are many. He has made a repu- tation for himself by his oratorical powers, by high standing in the Military Department, and by his excellent scholastic work. Noted: Honor, 3: Corporal, 1: Sergeant, 3: Cap- tain, 4: Vlfinner Levy Medal for lfxcellency in Drill, 3: Euphradian Literary Society, 4: President, 4: Associate Editor of .lI11.rkvfvt'1', 31 Assistant Editor-in-Chief of .lIz:.rkcfct'r, 4: Editor-in-Chief of the R.x1Nnow, 4: Secre- tary of Class, 4: A. R. C. Representative in International Oratorical Contest, 3, 4: Company Football, -Z1 Track Squad, 4: VVinner of Tenth Congressional District Con- test of the International Oratorical Contest. KIUSEPII PAUL FRANKLIN Joe received his commission as. Captain this year and has proved more than eflicient in that capacity. He is well-liked wherever he goes, and we know that his future will he prosperous. Noted: Corporal, 2: First Sergeant, 3: Captain, 4: Class Treasurer, 3: Student Council, 4: Baseball Squad. 21 Rifle Team, 4. .losEI'H HENIQX' Fl'I,l2IIl'Xl joe has carried on the tradition of the Fnlghuni family at A. R. C. Like the others, he has enjoyed popularity among his classmates. Joe hasn't broadcasted any of his plans for the future, but whatever he does, we know that he will be successful. Noted: Corporal. 3: Second Lieutenant. 4: Student Council, 3: Hi-Y, 4. H,xRrwv H n-I.1.xRn Fi'I.caH L' Xl Hardy is one of the youngest and finest members of our class. He is always pleasant and smiling, and has made a host of friends. He is sure to be successful in whatever he does. Noted: Corporal, 1: Sergeant, 3: Second Lieuten- ant, 4. FRANK P.-XT'l'UN tiR,xcEv, JR. Frank has become rather famous for his prominence, both in the classroom and on the drill field. He is-the smallest, but at the same time, one of the most erlicient Captains. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, -Z2 Captain, 4: Honor, 3: Philosophian Literary Society, 4: Censor, 4: Four- vear course in three years. Rol:15it'r Hiixiu' ljinsizxii Robert talks very little, and we think the reason for this is that he is busy thinking about some girl. He acts as if he has not a care in this world, But in spite of the fact that he does not show it, he is very ambitious, Noted: lintered, 3. CSIIRISTUPHER FITZSIMMUNS H.-xxinoxn, IR. Chris seems to like to stand in the corner of Mr. Bryson's study hall. Although Chris lives in Cathwood, you can always tind him over here "she-iking"-and does he know how! Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3: First Sergeant, 41 lfnphradian l-itt'rary Society. 41 Chemistry Club, 4. liiasiim' STEPH s HARTER Stephens is the nice little fellow with the features of a cheruh. XVhen he laughs, you can hardly see his eyes. Have you seen his new Coupe? Maybe in some out of the way place-parked. Noted: Honor, 3: Corporal, 3: Four-year course in three years. -lonx BRANDQJN HAYNIE Brandon is one of the outstanding boys on the De- bating Team. He has won many honors for Richmond in the debates with other schools. He has also been a faithful member of one of our literary societies. Noted: Philosopliian Literary Society, 2, 3. 4: Secre- tary and Treasurer, 3, 41 Vice-President of Society, 41 Debating Team, 4. CHARLES llonns HEND15RsoN, JR. C. D. was one of the outstanding football players of the "Golden Horde." He has been one of "Uncle Bill's" standbys, and we don't know how the Commercial De- partment will get along without him. Noted: First Sergeant, 3: Captain, 41 Hi-Y, 3, 4: Student Council, 3, Rifle Teani, 4: Varsity Football, I, 2, 41 Varsity llasket-ball, 1, 2, 3: Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3. Tnoxiss Rvssisti. joxizs, JR. Russell knows exactly how much to study in ordel' to get by, and uses this knowledge to its fullest extent. Russell is a good cartoonist. and amuses himself as well as those who sit near hiui, with his funny drawings. Noted: Chemistry Club, 4. josmfn Cmiuzxeiz KING J. C. has worked hard since entering Richmond: and the result of his toils is that he has Finished the required work in a half year less than most of us. Noted: Philosophian Literary Society, J, 3, 4: Corp- oral. 3: Four-year course in three and one-half years. .IAMEs H .umioxn l..-xKE "Colonel" ,lim comes to us from the thriving suburb of Beech Island, He is Very popular, being president of our class, 21 member, . -etc. Jim is a general favorite wherever he goes. Noted: Sergeant, 3: First Lieutenant, 4: President of Class, 1, 3, 4: Euphradian Literary Society, 4, Vice- President. 4: Student Council, .2, 3, 4: Cheer-leader. 4, RANlTlJI,l'H LAMKIN Randolph is rather quiet: but, "Oh, how he can hunt!" His favorite hunting grounds are the swamps. Randolph is also quite a poet, Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3: First Sergeant. 4: Company football, 4: Track, 4: Class Poet, 4. Loiuex I..-nun l,,xx'ToN Lamar is a lizird-working and conscientious student and :i prominent member of one of the literary socie- ties. He is one of Colonel's Inuit t'adt't.r. Noted: Honor, I1 Philosophizin, 2, 3. -12 Corporal, 3, 4. Gizoiuzii Coi.Eu,xx l-t't5K Coleman has shown us that it is possible to pass all your subjects every term. In other words, he is El bright student. He has made a host Of friends during his sojourn here. Noted: Corporal, 1: First Sergeant, 33 High Honor, I: Highest llonor, gg Four-Year Course in Three Years. iiliftlttlli Tiioiras LYNCH George is a very studious lad. :uid always takes home excellent reports. George is a Sergeant :uid enjoys? entorcing discipline. Noted: High Honor, I, 3, 3: Corporal, J, 3: Sergeant, 4: l'lulosophi:in l.lICI'11l'j' Society, 3, 4. A' '.' s f :QA-f -E' ,.,. ,Jr FL .if- vft- X XY.-xtui Yttmt-trro Nl.-x1.1.,u:ri XYzule has wnrketl his way thrnugh the years with the rest of us, ziurl has been a lttval member 1-f nur class. He always has sl-me gl-nfl news ln tlivert nur th-tught. even during class hnurs. Noted: Cnrpttral. 2. 3: Sergeant, 4: Rifle Team, 4: U-mpany Fnwtball, 3: lintttball Squzul. 3, 4: Track Squatl, 3. 4: P1ii1..,..,, Literary Snciety, 1: Chemistry Club, 4: .ll1s.flft'r!.'r' Stztti, 4. Hwkxv l-liatn-'1 mu ll.-xktrxt Harry is 1-ue uf thu-e cnnseientitfus iellnws who always rlo their work n-it perfectly maybe-but gr-nd ennugh. ll ewe never seen him when he wasnt smiling. Xotewlz lfnterefl. 3: Sergeant. 4: Rifle Team, 4. Xlit-Xl.TliR ll.xvnis Kltaxxv. -lk. lvalter is quite a lzulies' man aurl can usually he seen talking t-1 sunk cn-ed. He has a gntjtrl persffnality, and tmrls it easy to make trientls and to keep them.. Xnteflz Sergeant. 3: liuplirarliau Literary Society. 4: becretary anal lireztsurer. .11 Chemistry Club, 4. Ham :Ltr XY1t.1.l.xi1 Mt ,xref tinakv Hart-ltl anrl his bycyelef Have vnu ever noticed liow the-e iellwws wlitt petlztl their bicycles. like those who pzultlle their nwn Cannes. get somewhere and accomplish snnietliiug? He has been at true antl lftyal member of 4-ur class. Xt-tell: liuterevl. 32 Cfvrp--ral, 4. Ctivtr linisrixr RIHRRIS Cecil never talks very much, but when words flow tr-vm his mttuth they are well wtgtrth listening to. He is gluing after his mlipl-fma in a ileterminetl manner, and ue li-:pe he gets it. Nwterl: Cnrpwral, 4. Ct -- V - -Q Axtextta. BIt1t.xs1.tx Mt I.I.INb Clarence is verv slnw in iuwtinn :intl in speech-but he can "put nut" ii eztlletl up:-n tn do so. He seems to get a great tleal uf pleasure f-ut ui annoying the oliicers -n the rlrill tielll. Nntetlz C1-rpftral, 4. Fmgfxk Owizxs Mclilxxiax' you know. Really. he's a very nice fellow. Occasionally he studies-"just enough to get him hy.' Noted: Corporal, 4. Gtzomziz L'lIARl.liS NICIIOLSON George showed up for foothall this year and did very well. He is forever disturhing the peace in class: hut. despite this, George will reach the top of the ladder and receive his "dip" in june. Noted: Corporal, 1, 2. 4: Football Squad. 3. 42 Coni- pany Football, 33 Company Basket-hall, I: Philosophian Literary Society, .21 Track Squad, 3, 4: Chemistry Cluli, 4. blonx UH1. NIXQN "Nick" has always heen very active in all forms uf school activities. He is a faithful member of the Hi-Y, and is on the rifle teani-besides going out for football and track. XVe hope that he will he as good a sport all through life. Noted: Corporal, 3: Sergeant, 4: Football Squad, 3, 4: Basehall Squad, 3: Hi-Y, 4: Treasurer of Class, 41 Track Team, 3, 4. BIQNVIAM IN NIQIQLY PLUM1: Neely is the saxophonist of the class. He plays in several of the city orchestras: and we think him one of the liest players in the South. Neely, though, does not neglect his lessons for niusic. for we usually find his name on the Senior Privilege List. Noted: High Honor, 3: Sergeant, 31 Second Lieu- tenant, 4. Lows lfiaizniamck lltlWlil.I. XYe don't see how the connnercial department and "L'ncle Bill" are going to get along without Louis. He is good on the tennis court, as well as on the drill field where he has risen to the rank of captain. Noted: Corporal, li First Sergeant, 31 Captain, 4: Assistant in connnercial department, 4. Hex my lirms l'1:Ic1i Henry certainly does helieve in hiding hehind that smile of his. lfveryone likes Henry, including the co- eds: for he's a regular good fellow. Never does he fail to contrihute his part in the classroom or elsewhere. Sergeant, 2: Second Lieutenant, .gg Philosophian Liter- ary Society. 3: Chemistry Cluh, 33 Honor, 1, 3: Four- year Course in Three Years. Fd is a "long, tall drink of water" who means well. RALPH LIN wi mop RAI N WATER Linwood is the kind of fellow that the Faculty ad- mires, because he never gives them any trouble. He handles his own business and is therefore liked by all. Linwood is going in for track in a determined manner this Year, and we all wish him luck-meaning his "dip" as well as a good track record. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3: Second Lieutenant, 4: Honor, I: Philosophian Literary Society, 3. 4: Debat- ing Team., 4. EDWARD HULL RHoDEs, JR. Ed has been endowed with good looks and the ability to dance well. These, with his other good qualities, have caused him to enjoy popularity everywhere. Noted: First Sergeant, 32 First Lieutenant, 4: Rifle Team, 4. hlosizmet FRANK Rooms Joe is a slow. easy-going boy who seldom says any- thing except when called upon. He is a gentleman in every way, and is well-liked by his classmates. Joe, we hope you make a success in anything you undertake. Noted: Corporal, 2, 3: Sergeant, 4. XYILLIAH Box'K1N SANFORD If you see someone prancing up and down at a foot- ball game you will know that that is Bill. He is one of our best Lieutenants and a "peach" of a boy. Bill is very conscientious about anything he undertakes, and will therefore be a huge success in life. Noted: Second Lieutenant, 4: Football Squad, 3, 4: Baseball, 3. l.EOl'ULD KXLAN Scu NEIDER :Xt times Leopold is very talkative-always at the wrong time. He doesn't burn any midnight oil over his books, but he studies enough to pass easily, Noted: Corporal, 3: Sergeant, 4.1 Philosophian Literary Society, I, 4: Four-year course in three and one-half years. ,lOl-I N lfiwizit SEXN'El.L John is so small-only weighs about two hundred and seventy pounds, and is about six feet two inches tall. Like most all fat people, he is big-hearted and good- natured. Noted: Entered. 3: High Honor, 3. -IUHN limit. Snnifil A141214 jack is one of nur hest sehnlars, for he has made an lmnnr each year and has tinished a year ahead uf time, He has many nther gund qualities hesides his wonderful brain, and is well liked, Noted: Highest Honur, IQ High HCbl1I.ll', JZ Cnrporal, 3: Sergeant, 3: Philosophian Literary Snciety, 3: Cheni- istry Cluh, 4: Four-year course in three years. S.-XMVICI. Siixiaic Sain is quiet, hut that c,lnesn't prevent his voicing his opinion when ueeasitgin demands it. He has heen a very valuable member of our class. Noted: Sergeant, 3. LUTHER HANK1NsnN SuL"rIeIAi.i. Luther is an easy going hwy and is well-liked hy everyone. He is the hoy that never gives up the ship and is sure to make Z1 success in hte. 'l'HuMAs l'l4lLllEN S'l'Al'FHRll, jk, "Tom Carr," or "Him," nr whatever you want tn Call hini, walks around the selwnl with a nonehalant air-- hnt we hear that he is entirely fliliferent when he has a golf stick in his hand. XVe have also noticed that his Ford is partial to the female sex. Noted: Annual Staff, 4. Cn.x1u.1as CON lun STIQLL I Nc: Conrad was nn the fnotball squaul this past year and did tine. If he goes tn Juninr College we are sure he will make his letter, that is. if he ewes nut. Cnnrad has niarle a nnhle record durinff his suitmrii here, and we wish him luck. at . Noted: Cninpany liuuthall, 3: lfnuthall Squad, 4. llL'lIIiR'I' MAX Sriiixifk He is une of the few who say little hut acenniplish much. lrluhert has made an enviahle recnrrl, and we hnpe that he will continue as a student in juuitu- Cnllege. Nnterl: Honnr, 3, 33 Corpural, 3, Daveiwonr S'rEw.u:D Although very little, "Davvy" has Z1 big mouth-in class, talking continuously. We hear that he is quite an author, and we know that if he continues in this line of work he will make a success. Noted: Corporal, 2: First Sergeant, 3: .llnskrfeer Staff, 4: Master Sergeant, 41 Philosophian Literary Society, 3. josIi1'H B1'RToN XvERDERY Joe is quite a noisy hwy, but despite this he has made the best of his stay here. Joe has very Fine qualities, and also has the ability to make friends easily. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3, 41 Rifle Team, 4. jon N BEN NETT XVAr.'rERs XVhen you hear someone say "I lik ----- es that," you know its Bennett expressing his appreciation of some co-ed of the college. Bennetts sense of humor on more than one occasion changed a dull. dry period into an interesting one. Noted: lintered, 4: Sergeant, 42 Hi-Y, 4: Chemistry Cluh, 4. l'lARRY LEoNAan WAl.TERs One never sees Harry without a grin on his face. He is always in a good lnnnor and usually has something funny to say. Harry is very popular with both sexes- Especially the opposite one. Noted: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 3, 4. -lsxck liowoon XYIEIXB jack is famous for his English notes. .He goes so deep into details that he never gets out again and ends up hy saying "the period closes with the ringing of the hell." Jack is a good hoy and we wish lnm lots of luck. Noted: Honor, 1: Corporal, 2: Sergeant, 4. HEIQIIERT Aufuoxso XY1i.1.1.uls, JR. Herhert came to ns last year with a determination, very rare in the .'XCZ1llClllj', to make the most of his opportunities: for he made tire Ns for two consecutive months this year-a very noteworthy accomplishment in itself. He is also a gfvod sprinter and a good Lieutenant. Noted: Iintered, 3: Corporal, 3: Second Lieutenant, 4: Hi-v, 4. A 1 v s 0 U 0 0 C Q 4 0 0 o n 4 1 o 4 o o r 5 Q x a s Cl.voE LARCIIIE XVooT'roN Clyde has recently taken up aviation, and would rather he up in the air than on the ground. lt is predicted that he will soon heeome a skilled pilot. We wish him lots of luck in his chosen profession. Noted: Corporal, 2: First Sergeant, 3: First Lien! tenant, 4. Yizaxon ROSBURHl'GH XYRIZN Vernon seems to have an easy time with all his studies. so there is no doubt about his getting his diploma. XVhatever college or husiness tirm gets him will have a very capable person. NVe are sure he will he a success. Noted: Honor, I: Corporal, 3: Sergeant, 4. lavl N A1:15Lo1fF Irvin is a new addition to our class, lvut a very valuable one, popular not only with ns but with the co-eds. He has personality plus, which will carry him a long way towards success. vl .mek H Aakv Lliv v ,lack is quite considerate of the women. He often gives them a treat with his presence. He's even wearing some girl's ring. ,lack is working hard for his diploma. and is sure tu get it. Noted: Entered, J: Corporal, 21 Sergeant, 3: Non- drill, 4: Company Foothall. 2: Chemistry Club, 4: Honor. LiIlARl,IiS FUNK Everyone knows Funk's "Yes Sir, Mr. Hardy." Al- though he does have a little troulile in class roomi. he will surely graduate. Funk is quite a football playerg so they say. Noted: Chemistry Cluh, 41 Four-year course in three years. I Romzar hlacksox IQIGIIT Roliert is slated to enter the world of husiness, having groomed himself in the principles of commerce, with the assistance of Mr. Kennedy. The hest of luck to you, Rohert. Noted: Corporal, 33 Sergeant, 4. Faisnmoek XVn.1.mAl 'l'H1in,1Nr:, JR. For the past two years he has lieen manager of the Track Team. Mr. Cordle will find it pretty hard getting along without him. Theiling is going after his "dip" in a determined way, and we wish him all the luck in the world. Noted: Sergeant, 3: Second Lieutenant, 4: Track Manager, 31 Company lfootliall, 32 Ritle Team, 4. History of the Class of ll9Z9 -as ' Slam! went the front door. Crash! the strap of books fell in the corner of the lounge, and the muttered exclamation of young .-Xlvin heralded his return from school. "My," he exclaimed, "Professor l.eroy gave me ten demerits to-day for running down the hall, and, .......... "Stopl" l halted him with a gesture-"Professor Leroy is a tine fellow even if he is a little peculiar. XYhy I remember when the class of '29 entered the A. R. C. way back in 1925-gee whiz. it seems like an old drama to me now. Here's the way it wasf' :XCT 1 "The class of '29, disguised as Freshmen, entered upon the scene on a fair September day. Yaliantly we struggled with stern studies, strict teachers, irksome probations, and other enemies of frightful mien. The deadly Dragon, Examina- tions, was twice confronted, with his allies, Dread, Toil, and Despair. But through all this the little Freshmen struggled. and by and by we crowned ourselves with the laurels of Sophomorehoodf' Aer 2 "The masks of XYordly XVisdom and Knowledge now disguised the valiant class of '29, Others foes were met and overcome. Gradually we began to take our places in school activities, including the R. O. T. C. unit that was organized that year. Gradually the days wore on, and our Sophomore year drew to a close amid new triumphs." A cr 3 "Removal of the masks of Sophomorehood revealed the marks of sober responsibility and wise experience. This year the "time system" was rejected and a "demerit system" was established. which every boy gave a hand of applause. Our class did their part in the movement to beautify the campus and this move- ment was a great success. The year ended in a mad race, participated in by all the class to get enough credit to be rated as Seniors, the following September." ACT 4 "C Jur Senior year was begun by the checking up of our three years' preceding records. to see if we were worthy of being rated as candidates for graduation. This year we were forced to take examinations, which in the first three years of our sojourn could have been exempted. As our fourth year drew to a close. the outstanding event was the class-day held in the school auditorium, to which the student body and our sister-seniors of Tubman were invited. The act closes with the noble spectacle of Graduation, the climax and culmination of the play. The coveted diploma, award of courage and of valiant determination, is bestowed upon the disting11ished class of Eg." Hizmzakr W11.t.1.uis 1 a 4 0 l s 1 - n C 9 n w 4 u 0 o 0 o v n n A A 9 4 D V P X. t I i l tl 1 1 ' x I lLast Will and Testament of the Class ol' l9Z9 . .nf , lVe, the Senior Class of The Academy of Richmond County, realizing that we have absorbed all the knowledge that is to be gained in one life time, and feeling that we have extracted all the pleasure that living can possibly afford. do intend to commit suicide, and do hereby assign, designate. and appoint this our last will and testament. We do hereby appoint Scarface Al Capone and Col. Dick Cham- bers as executors of this document. subject to the following provisions and ex- ceptions. Article I. lYe do hereby leave to the present -lunior Class all the broken- down desks and our love for drill. Article 2. To our beloved Math teacher. Tony Markert, we leave one rubber desk top. that he need not bruise his knuckles in calling the co-eds to order. Article 3. To our Campus Beantifier, Mr. E. XV. Hardy, we leave one seed catalogue. and one orator to take the place of "Fog-Horn Franklin." Article 4. To Miss Rainsford, our librarian, we leave one "Ssh-sh-ss-sh-sss" machine to quiet the babbling freshmen. Article 5. To "Uncle Bill" Kennedy we leave one Hawkshaw outfit to enable him better to pursue his detective work. Article 6. To Sergeant Leipold we leave one decent score made by the Rifle Team. Article 7. To that Crown Prince of English. Charlie Mitchell, we leave one volume on how to perfect that "Harvard" accent. Article S. To George Milton Scott, we heartily bequeath one case of Bordeifs Baby Milk to put in his thermos bottle, with the hope that it will soften his attitude toward over-talkative seniors. Article 9. To Mr. Q. XV. Chandler we leave an Eveready Flashlight service on dark nights when the last trolley has left Beech Island. Article 10. To Mrs. Eubanks, we leave one O. Kfd excuse, signed by the entire student body. Article II. To the Faculty as a Whole. we leave one gross of dusty erasers. Article 12. To Joe Armstrong. we leave one Ku Klux Klan robe. and rights to break up any dance in town. lt 11. Article 13. To the student passing the following examination, we leave one life-time scholarship to the University of Milledgeville. I. XYhere is Mr. lYells going tonight? 2. lYhen will Coach Gressettes foot-ball team die of old age? 3. Did Mr. Hardy ever get the sand out of his shoes? 4. XX'hen will "Shorty" Boyd and jack jackson make their dancing debut? 5. lYhat does Mr. Scott keep in his coat pockets? 6. Where did Mr. McLeod ge-t'his last bowl of soup? 7. lYhat made Dr. Butler's arm so strong? 8. lYhv does Mr. Bryson teach Barn Yard Philosophy instead of Economics? 9. XYho stole the demerit box down at the old school? IO. Does Mr. Simpson believe in luck? 'What brought Mr. Smith hack from Cuba? A In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seal this date, April I, In the year of our Lord 1929. Signed The Senior Class, Bv -TOE FRANKUN. U'if11vssc's.' GUOFX' NIAY JACK SHANAHAN BEN GVNN , ll r .. ,"" - l 0? Ii oxo exe 3. .5. fa 3. exe 0x0 o o Oz! i Q 1 . N i l-. lt' NV ? 'I' l 0:0 I 0:0 l A ' 4 o 3 of s .g. T 0:0 l .g. , 'I' i Ott I 0.0 4 0 ' 0,0 O l l ' O O l 650 l I . I l 1 The Prophecy of the Class of 11929 mmmmmmmm XYhen asked to write the prophecy of the graduating class of the Academy Of Richmond County, l consented, but later found out that l was not capable of doing it satisfactorily, so l decided to take the job to Madam l.aura, the palmist. And, when I came back the next day, she handed me this: In looking forward through space l stopped in the year of 1955 and observed the following: llorth .-Xndrews is now coaching slow-motion centers at Notre Dame. Bernard Armstrong will take charge of the Nox Theatre, which is located in the city of 'Wrens, Ga. Halbert Barnard and 'lames Blanchard. we understand. are selling the Saturday Evening Post in Sparta, Kansas. Francis Beall is a prominent lawyer in Philadelphia. Clifton Black is a member of the famous Black's Minstrels, which have the record of having shown in every city in the country. llfesley Blitchington we find has married. has twelve children, and is a farmer in South Carolina. "Shorty" Boyd is now head of the crochet department of the Bethlehem Steel Works. Henry Cohen is running a cat-gut factory in Hamburg. Roger Crickengerger is now a corporal of the U. S. Army, although he still thinks he's natures gift to the army. Brainard Currie is the president of the Princeton Law School. Simon Daitch, Charles Funk, and Leopold Schneider are makers of the much- talked about XYeareasy Clothes. Moye Daniels is known as Millie Long in il. hl. 'lfs carnival. Ralph and Thornton Deas are the reigning "sheiks" in the play "Broadway Nights." Buck Douglas, alias 'Kayo Slupen alias f,Knife Regan" has disappeared into the underworld of Chicago. Frank Dunbar, Robert French, Herbert Longeway, Lamar Layton, Herbert VVilliams and ,lohn Shoemaker are active workers of the club to pave Heard Avenue. Tom Stafford is now a professor at the Tulesa Colored lnstitution, and has a good chance to be elected president at a later date. Conrad Stelling. we found on the streets of New Orleans selling cry-baby balloons tu childless couples. Davenport Steward is now selling the Non-Rip silk hosiery in Atlanta. llilliam Theiling and joe Yerdery are owners of the Hava-Some-Pickle Manufacturing Company. Harry lYalters is the owner of the famous "Tight Like That" Night Club, which is located in Tampa. Florida. ,lack XYebh is the world's heavy weight boxing champion, and has signed a contract with the Paramount Moving Picture Corporation. Clyde XYooten is the inventor of the Take-a-leap parachuteg it is made for ad- venturous school-girls. Ed lilliott is a famous heel-and-toe specialist at the Cinderella Hospital. Tom Fender. the noted safe expert, is now spending a few years abroad in Scotland Yard. Frank Ferris is the manufacturer of the Ima acid, which is used in all High Schools and colleges, and is also the inventor of the famous oof-oof. Bernard Franklin, the owner of the Blow-l-oud Foghorn Company. we find, also teaches his employees Business Law. joe Franklin is an assistant in a big dancing school located just outside of Augusta. Hardy Fulghum is the new editor-in-Chief of Captain Billy's llihiz Bang and seems to like the work. Chris Hammond now spends his time making that good old Limhurger Cheese. C. D. Henderson has been appointed our good-will ambassador to Africa. Brandon Haynie is a struggling osteopath in New jersey. Frank Hulse has been employed by the Travel-Air Airplane Corporation to teach "Safety First" to ground aviators. Russell jones, the noted sculptor, is now busy at work on his masterpiece, "The Broad-Minded Girl." .lim Lake is the parson of the Spring Field Tabernacle in Beech Island, S. C. Randolph Lampkin is spending the last few years of his life writing poetry in Sing Sing. Coleman Luck is now selling collapsible bath tubs to tourists in the Sahara Desert. George Lynch has been employed as head of the suit department in Arm- strong's Ready-to-wear Clothing Store. A O 0 Q O 0 6 00 9 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 .ix v Harry Marcum is in the U. S. Navy. He will publish a book soon on, "Ex- periences Abroad." NValter Merry was last heard of in the woods of the Municipal Golf Course. Geddings Arthur is the doctor who started the saying, "A pie a day keeps the doctor away," while McLean Arthur, his brother, is the proprietor of a prosperous bakery. ' Lamar Woodward and John Sewell are deep-sea divers at Lake Almond, near Augusta. Jack Nixon, well known track coach at Harvard, is introducing a new sprint, which he calls leap-in-bound style. Neely Plumb is famous as the inventor of the noiseless saxophone. Louis Powell has just been employed by the city council of Augusta as their aerial traffic cop. His tower is located just above Daniel Field. Henry Price is now employed as Chauffeur for Prof. H. O. Read, who is Head of the English Department at Harvard. Ed Rhodes will arrive in Thomson, Georgia, june II, 1955, to demonstrate his transferable wheat crop, which he grows in his car. Edgar McKinney was recently appointed Assistant Professor of Barnyard Philosophy at Clemson College. Linwood Rainwater is now in South America looking for the long-lost Foun- tain of Youth. WADE V. MAI.LARD GEORGE C. NICHOLSON YT...- ..f 0 '00 C 0.0 I C I Q Q 1.0 O Q.. O 0.5 o C 'U O C 'o Q 4,4 U Q.. C 0 'Q o 0,5 O 0.0 R A Tyr L '1 B Ll XX O Q O U O 0 0 Q Q'9 o 9,0 U ,v O O O 6.0 o C O O O 4 O O V O O O! O O OO '1 The Parting . Now tirne has brought the parting day, And we must say our last farewellj Beneath the star that lights our way O, in our hearts forever dwell! Ana' as we go a-down life's way And fake the things from hands of Fate, By troubled hearts we're led to pray For bygone days within thy gate. Before the closing of .Life's door Perhaps we'll come in age and pain To live once more the old days o'er As happy, carefree boys again! RANDOLPH LAMKIN Q? of o o .g. exe ozo 9,0 Q? exe axe Oz. o o .:. of o'o :zo Q fo ozo 3. 3. 3. fx. .Sf fo .zo 30 ozo .5. .Tl- 5. W 'Nf- fxfff ,ff Af' - If X ,-.:..,- Ziiwl f Z -N f lx.. 9' - "1,ifD me X EJ l X . F 'T C3 Kg. V ' 1 'XL ' ai?" q gx JO ff f, Z , f A He f If C 7j'JEff x XZ-Lg:-E '- J -X, WK 7 :A 3 " , fit Q Q JUNJIUR union' Class 1928-'29 OFFICERS 1 FVE P I. CALUWELI. . H. YAIIJEN A. HVRT . VI, BENTLEY . J. KIRRY . . N. FRANKLIN ,ALSTUN, M. ANRERSQN, E. XXRMSTRONG, J. B.-x1Rrv, A, BARGERUN, KI. BEALL, C. BEATTIE, C. BEAT1'1r:, D. . . . . . . . rcszda . I'ifv-Pr'vs1'z1m1t . Secretary . . . . . 'I'rvaszn'cr . Aflllcfll- Rc'pn'sv:1fafiz'c' . Student Council . Sfzfcimzt Comzvil BIEKIBHRS BEAZLEY, R. BELL, XV. Br-LNTLEY, J. Bunsa, Ii. Busr1wr:1.1., J. BRUcr:, T. BRx'xm:1.EsnN BUSSEY, D. CALDWELL, J. CALKINS, B. CHANCEY, R. L CULEM.-xx, XV. CULLEY, A. IYJALES, H. DANIEL, L. D'ANTIcNAc, H. DEAS, V. DICRE, T. DQOLITTLE, E. IDROST, H. ECKHOFF, CARL ECKHOFF, CHRIS ELLIS, C. EVE, T. FRANRLIN, N. FREEMAN, E. FULGHUM, T. GAINES, B. GARRETT, R. GODMAN, F. GOEF, R. HAMMOCR, F. ITARDMAN, F. HARDY, W. E. H.ARRIS, F. H.ATFIELD, C. HAVAIRII, J. HENRX', W. HERM:XN, E. HERRINGTQN, O. HILL, J. A. Ill li? Ill Junior Class 1928-'29 HIDLl,EX', J. PIOWARD, B. HUMPHREY, G. HLYNTER, D. HLIRT, A. HLTTTII, F. IVEY, L. JACKSIIN, JENKINS, . D. JONES, T. JuHNsoN, . JoHNsoN, KIRIIY, A. . KIRRLEY, J. KlTC'HENS, F. LUCREY, M. L. MADEIIACH, E. MARSH, A. BIARTIN, FLMIIRE MCGINTY, H. MIl.l.S, A. MORLEIXN, C. MooRI:, B. MURIIHEY, M. O ' 1 I1-vi IIIII ' Illllmg PETERS, B. PERKINS, W. H. PIRRLE, K. PRITCHARD, P. RAIIEORD, K. RED, M. RHENEV, J. RHUIIES, R. RLYBERTS, E. H. SCIITT, E. SIQINNER, J. SMITH, BATI-is SMITH, OSL'.XR STALNARER, H. TAFT, F. TANT, J. THIIMAS, ELMURE THIIMI-SUN, H. TovER, K. TRQWBRIIIIIE, J. VAIDEN, HARRY VEIQDEL, Tum WE5TBERRX', K. WIGGINS. C. WILLII-XMSKDN, R. WINGFIELII, XV. if 'W 22. , ' iq .41 3+ H31 'T dj ':P".H,f Jr -- 4 -I-: pffkaiqq: -v....JNLuniILfv-nf'-... The Library DIIIID On entering the library. one nrst notices that it has an atmosphere entirely different from that of any other part of the building. For one thing. it is quieter. This is due to the rubber composition that is on the Hoot' and to Miss Rainsford's insistence on lowered voices. The whole room is very cheerful-there are rows and rows of bright-colored books, yellow shades that let the sunshine through, and big, green ferns and flower boxes with Begonia and XYandering blew in them. Miss Rainsforcl's desk is of polished oak, as are all the tables and chairs in the room. On the desk are bright flowers, and near it, on top of the card index stand, is a shiny, blue-pottery vase. Hanging at the southern end of the cream- colored walls is a red. white, and blue Georgia Flag. There are two bulletin boards: one has a reproduction of Franz Hals' "The Merry Company" and Roger van der XYegden's "Annunciation" tacked on it 3 and the other holds History and Zoology outside reading assignments. The northern end is divided by a cross- section of low shelves, on top of which are a silver basket-ball, two silver cups, and a silver football player in costume mounted on a football. All but one of these trophies rest on ebony stands. Of the books which line the walls, perhaps the most striking to the eye are the Furness Yariorum Filition of Shakespeare, which are burnt-orange in color, and the Colonial Records of Georgia, which are purple. A new Seth Thomas clock ticks over the desk, and busts of Napoleon and XYashington look down on the heads of study-absorbed boys and girls. The library is a quiet, colorful room. NIiV'ILl.E NQIRTH. ' A I I I 4 K fn f c I 1 o o ' 4 l o 0.0 U P 1:1 1 Q. A 1 1 0 on 1 1 ll 1 0 ol I o as U O nb 1 0 i Cl 1 1 ft l lf' 4 .L A ltk. . 4 e , 31 we XX' vw A lu 1 0 li 9 4 0 n 1 4 i 4 9 u 0 no 1 0 u 0 A an O an v A v A 0 0 I o 0 0 on 4 ' a u u o 4 0 Q 1 l P f f E, , PU, X 5 C3 SUPHOMURJE Sophomores of Class 1928-'29 OFFICERS 'I. S. BELL . .... . . . Pwsizlefzr D. XY.-KDE . . .... I'I'I'I'-Prvsicimzt lf. KTLIYER . . . . 5'm'rv!IIry-Trvasurvr C. S. BRUVVN . . .4t1III'tI'c Rcprvsfzztatiwe J. T. BAILII-. . . . Studmzt Cozmvil 1. CANNON . .... . Student Council MEMBERS .XIv.xxIs, C. BuI.Y.xRI1, XY. DANIEL, H. GRY, I.. AAIIIR, C. BRICKLE, H. IJAVIS, S. GIBSON, F. ANDREXYS, A. BRUVVN, C. S DEAS, D. GILQHRIST, J. ASIIAIIIRE, T. HI'ssEY, j. IRI-IAS, H. GI.0X'ER, E. BAILIIY, Ii. HVRII, NV. IJENNIS, F. GODIIWNS, R. BAILII-:, .-X. CANNIIN, J. IJEWITT, L. GoLns'rE1N, I. BAILIE, J. C.xI'ERs, W. B, IJULINSKY, J. CQRAVEY, M. BAIRII, G. C.xRsI'.xRI'HEN. S. IXJCGHTY, L. G. GREENE, H. B.xLLENTINE, F. CNSWELL, T. DLIBOSE, A. GREENE, j. B.xRRsIv.xI.E, B. CIMI-MAN, M. 15L'NH.-XM, S. GRIFFIN, F. BARNES, A. CLARK, H. DL'NH.uI, W. H.XIR, NV. D. BARRENTINE, M. CLARK. J. DL'v.xLL, E. HALL, S. BEARII, XY. CLARK, L. F.-xRR, C. HARRIS, G. BELL, H. CLARK, W. FoLsoIxI, W. HARRISIIN, N BELL, J. CIINIIER, G. FIJRTUNE, li. HENVETT, B. BELL, XV. CIIIIR, H. H. FOURCHER, R. HIl.I., M. HI-INNETT, G. BL.xI'R, R. HI..xcRsTuNI-3, J. --r Coma, R. CLILLEY, P. CI'TI's, E. FLYLTUN, M. GARRETT, Il. GARVIN, K. H4JKPI, If. HI7l.IJEN, W. H4'lXX'.XRIJ, C. 'YVL "six-I-IQ I JJ' 'S T. 'hx 'Qi Sophomores Of Class 1928-'29 HOYT, M. MERTINS, L. HLTLL, S. METTS, C. HURT, C, MILLER, F. IVEY, J. L. MOOG, J. JACKSON, MOON, D. JOHNSON, MONTGOMERY, F. JOHNSON, MOORMAN, R. JOHNSON, MULCAY, W. JONES, N. MURRAY, M. JOPLING, W. TVICCREARY, S. KALE, H. NICDONALD, J. KESSELL, E. MCFADEN, J. KUEHNEL, O. MCWzKTTX', C. KUHLRE, B. NORMIXN, L. KUHLKE, O. OGILVIE, A. LAMAR, B. O'H.'XR.K, G. LAMAR, I. OLIXVER, F. LEE, A. OUTZ, A. LEE, R. ONN'ENS, J. LEVY, S. OWENS, R. LEVY, VV. PALMER, O. LEWIS, G. PILCHER, C. LEWIS, W. PLEICUNES, G. LUCKEY, V. PRINTUP, D. MIRCICY, J. MARKS, M. MADEBACH. R. PRITCHARD, A. TVIATHENEY, C, B. PURCELI., W. MIATTHENVS, F. RAINWATER, B. M.XTTHEWSON, R. RAMP, A. MERRX', H. RAMSEY, H. REDDY, J. REESE, C. REYNOLDS, S. RHODEN, L. F. RIZER, VV. ROBERTSLIN, D. ROBINSON, B. ROCKNVELL, R. ROOD, R, ROSSIGNOL, B. ROLVNTREE, J. RUSSELL, L. A. SCH UELER, I. SCHNEIDER, M. SCHNEIDER, T. SEROTTA, G. SHAPIRO, H. SHEPPARD, E. SHIMOFF, M. SIKES, W. SMALLEY, T. SMITH, B. SMITH, J. STANFORD, A. STEED, C. STEINBERC, M. STEWARD, D. STEWART, H. STOKES, J. STOLIOHTON, B. STREET, J. SWANCY, R. TAYLOR, R. THOMAS, J. TOOLE, M. TOWNS, F. TURNER, G. TWIGGS, A. VOX'l.ES, R. WADE, D. WALL, K. WALKER, IZ. NNHNLKER, M. WATERS, J. C. WATIQINS, J. WATKINS, 'WILLIE NVHITSELL, F. WHITTLE, A. VVILHELM, VV. WILKINSON, H. WILSON, CIIMER WILSON, NV. WOO, HA Y XlV1,?0l3, F. WYLIE, I. REEVES, VV. WARNER, O. STONE, G. 'T N Ill EET . -Q.. Id ...I W ffm, 7 1. iid 1 VT l From Classroom to Classroom "Buz-buz-buz-z-z" goes the bell. This is the tirst one. Murmuring and oc- casional chattering come from the classrooms, in which lesson-assignments are hastily being made. There is a minute of suspenseilistening to the assignment and waiting for the bell-then, with another raucous "buz-z-z," the otlice clock assures us that it is still on the job. Doors open with a jerk-the mad rush to the next class begins-confusion follows. "Shorty" has dropped his tive-year-old French book, somebody has stepped on A'Evolution's" toe, and Mary has fallen flat on the floor in her effort to catch up with her "XVealcness." UBHIIIV' "Clickl" "lYhere wuz I?" K'One side, Freshman!" all indicate that lockers are the center of attraction. "Did you put the thing to Mr. ...... F" a student is questioned as he is half through the combination of his lock. Groups of boys and girls, the latter especially, hunch near the classroom doors to be ready to rush in when the bell rings again. Those of us who have to pass Miss Flisch's door have an em- barrassed feeling that the "Sh-sh" niachine donated to her by the Class of '28 is about to start. VVe hurry by, The last bell rings, and only a few stray sheep tlost freshmen and "dumb" seniorsl loiter about the hall. ln a few monients, everyone is perched for his usual nap, waiting for more good news: "Buz-buz- lJllZ-Z-Z.H -lOHN Fo1.K. 0 9 A 4 U 4 1 r x I 1 1 R 1 1 4 G U a if v I v O 0 0 O D 0 0 A 0 D N 'l x N 7 tl yr 0 OO 0 l n Q I v b O 0 0 D I 9 n o 9 X?-X X , QA ,X JFRESHMAN l"L'ks1', A. R. KIUURE . Freshman Class 1928-'29 -I. XY.x1.KER . II.PmN1zx' . . B. I". ST1wL'P1i . .X1:R.xluM, S. Avrux, ll. Amr-Is. .X. Am-cms. R. .XLI.IiN, II. :XI.l.EN. L. .XLLE-IN, Lows .XLT1bUNI.-KN, U. Asmgnsfvx, R. .XxTuNur'm'L1's, G. .Xsuxwnx-1, R. l!.xc.c.s, J. IIAILIE, j. RAIRII, J. D. I!ARxsl'1.xLE, II. IXARN Es, fi. B. IZARN ES, L. Ilxksluxr. XV. ILIRRLNTINE, F. C XY IZATI-Ixus. . IIATES, II. IXEAN, XY. Itmnn, 42. Hr-:,as1.EY. Ii. III-LLL, J. Ihgrrs. I.. lhexxmr, II. IZLQLHST, II. ZIXIKIERRI.-KN IlL.ux, KN. lllnxcxsrus, ll. I!L,xN-15. ti. ISLITI HINGTHN, ,I. Ihn:nsLmv5Kv, j. Ilm:uSLmv's1f.x', XI ll1n.nLN, J. UIILGLA, IX. IIULYARD. ,I. Ihmrn, C. IMITHWELL, DI. ll-svn, I. lhmln, XY. IIRANTLEY, C. Ilkr-:snLm'a, R. I.. Ihusasmxs, A, Ilumvx, C. IIKUWN, DI. IZR-wws, R. Ihwcs. .X. llkulufn, ,I. lluvsux, R. C. lIL'Rn.xMY, II, IIUTLER, .X. I:l'TLl-IR. XY. linux, I". Cnux, J, IIARTER, ,I. OFFICERS H. I3.x1:Ks1mA1.1i .... . . Prvsuluz' . Viff'-Prc'.f1'dc'11! . . . . Sa'Cl'm'fdrj . . . . Trvc1szu'vr Aflzlvfiv Rvprc'.rv11tatit'v . . . . Council MEMBERS CARTER, Y. C.xL'TnxN, J. C.xwL1-LY, H. CH.u'wl'S. C. CLARK, DI, CLEMMUNS, j, KILUUIH, DI. CULLINS, C. C+nu.1-:x', ,X. LIHRLEY. ll. Cuuxrs. I-1. Cfu-nrxuv, T. Cwwxsn. C. IIUWING, R. wx. ,I. L-RANVFURII, II. IIRAIVIHPRII, ,I. CRICREMBERLIER, U, IMLEY. C. ID,xL'cnERTx', N. Ilxvls. I.. .X. Inns, R. A. IMY, A. IDEAS. Il. IDI-LAS, C. IDEAS, j. Imam. J. IYEXIURE. R. IIIXHN. A. I'. Ilunmws, Ii. I npruuxs, C. NV IMRN, j. I'.nwARn, LI. EGLESTUN, lb I'.LL1s, A. li1.L1sux, NV. Iiv.xNs, Ii. EVANS. 45. GUULSBY, LI. lQxA1xLfmsKx', Gmvus, I.. T. GRs.u.xsn, I., IIRIFI-IIN, I". 1 rc-nvlik, II. IIALL, II. IIAMILTHN, If. I I IIAMIL1-IN, NY. IIAMMHNU, Ii. IIERRANESUI, il. HANSUN, -I. FINLLV, j. II.xRnsM.xN, I". I:l.l-LMING, C. Ilfxxrmm, R. FLETCHER, C. IIARGRUVE, If. IFLHRIE, j. Ihlusww, NY. IMGEL, Xl. li. Iifxnms, I.. l'f+uw, J. Ihmus, R. IIUUNTAIN, ,I. HARRISUN, I". FRANX. R. II.anwrm1'H. R. FRY, T. IIEATH. ll. lfrLcm-QR. NI. lIle.rru. ti. I"uLG1u'M, II. Ilunn. ,I. IFCRQUERIIN, ,I 1'IENIJI-QRSUN, Il. IIASKILL, Ii. lincmusr. . l'1l.x.11wN. ,I. IIULDHERG, .X X. If II1-gkkrxmux, ,I IInewL:'r1'. I.. III.-NTT, I.. III- Ks, XY. IIILL. ll. IIINSIIN, J. IIULLANIIV VV. IIIILLILV, L. IIULLIMAN, I. HOIID, J, HmvARu, C. IimI'ARn, U. IIUWARD, VV. HIIWELL, D. IIUIIIPIIRI-:xg 'I. IAUQSIIN, M. JARIIELL, Il. JAIzRIz'r'r, I-I. IERNIGAN, H. JUHNSIIN. A. JONES, L, ILIRIIAN, C, Juli, R. KALE, C. KEENER, Y. KELLY, A. KENIIRICIQ, J, KESLER, K. KEY. L. C. KING, T. KNIGHT, C. KIGHT, li. KIIGEII, J. Know, F. LAIRD, K. LAMII, S. I.AMnAfK. C. LAIIIIIACK, F. I.AzsNIn'. 0, I.EAIu', R. IAIGAN, VV. I-uwEIu', II. Imnxsv, M. BIARCEIA, I.. MAI4IuI'AI.TI-zu, MAIIsIIAI.I., J. IEFFCUAT, C. NV. L. J. R. Freshman Class 192 -'29 BIARTIN, A. II. RIARTIN, E. AIARTIN, L. MATTISIIN, NV. xIAXXN'l-ILL, V. RIAY, A. ME'r'rs, L. XIILES. li. RIILI-25. W. MILLER, J. MITCIIUM, C. MI1'I'II un, M. XIUNTELL, P. RIUUIIY, 0. Muna, YV. MIIIIRE. R, Mmuus, A. M-IRIIIS, R. MIIRSE. VV. MIILIIERIN, F. MULIIERIN, VV. RIULLIN, P. NIUTIMER, L. NICCARTY, E. BICf.'l'I.Ll1CH, J. MCCIIY, G. AIFIJANIEL, B. MCIMINALD, P. xIl'KIE, .-X. NICLIN, VV. RICNEIL, J. MCRAE. R. AICWVAITY, If. S. NEAL, F. NELSIIN, CARL NELSllN, CURTIS NEIVIIIAN, A. IX, IXIENVMAN. C. Nc. .-XLIIERT NllRM.NN, C. NIDRTII, .X. NIIIILLI.. IZ. U'L'0NN1'IR. I'. IIUTLANV, T. UWENS, J. l'ARRIsH, J. PARRISII, VV. PATCH. A. l'A'I'cI-I, F. PENDLETTIN, A. I'I-QTEIISON, NV. l'IIINIzv, A. I'II-LRIILI B. l'I-IILIPS, K. IIILCHER, J. I'lRKLI-2. L. I'1.IiI1'IlNES. I'. IHILLARD. C. PLLVNKETT, J. Voss, A. l'mvI-3I.L, J. l'uwEL1. M. I'0XVERS, F. VRATHER. E. RAIIIIRN, F. RALEY. J. RANDALL. J. REEUEII. S. REIJD, R. RIIUIII-:N, 'l'. Rmmlzs, G. RICKETSUN, II. RINKER. C. RIZER, C. Rmnznrs, Il. Rnnlanrz. II. RIIIIINSIIN, ll. RUSILR. H. RIISSIGNIII., I'. SACK, M. SANDERS. .X. SANIIIQRS. J. SCANNIINE, A. J. J I' Sc.-.ImIIIwI'cII . , . SCHMIIIT. J. Scm-1-, I". SCRIVENER, .-X. SIIAFI-'IiR, K. SIIANNAIIAN, J. SIIEDLI. R. SIIIMIJF, M. SHIIEMANER, .X. SIKES, S. SLATIIN, If. SUUSA, F. SPAULIIING. J. SPEERING, tl. SPEERING. J. SPETH. l.. SPRAIILLV, tl. STAFFIIIIII, I.. STALLINGS, ll, STALLINGS, IIRANT STANFIIRII, R. STI-:IzI.m', IivLIIE'I"I' STELII. C. STE!-ID. W. A. STEPIIENS, I. STEXK'AR'l', W. STIIN5, VV. STIIRY, li. S1-RoI'PE, R. S1'ImIII'a, H. STLIRLIIS, M. TRIIMPILR, II. 'l'AN'r, W. 'l'AvI.IIu. l'. TI:MI-'I.Ia'r1+N, .X. 'I'ERIu', XY. 'l'IIAIII-E, Y. 'l'IfIIoPEN. IE. TIMILIIQIIIIINII, li. TILLER, U. 'IIMI-IEIIIIIAN. II. 'l'IIsIMEI4III.xN, IIARRI' TIIIII.IEv, 'I'. IIIRAYLUR, J. TUIILE, G. TRAYLOR, B. 'I1IIDKIR, II. Twmcs, fi. YIIYLES, L. XVALKER. C. VVAI.KIaII. J, VVALTERS, C. WVALTIIN, E. XNVATERHIIUSE. li WATIFLIIS, J. XVEATHERS, J. XVI'-LHB, II. Wrzaxs, W. T. XVELTFII, M. XVTIITE, G. NVIIITE, II. XVIIITLIICIQ. C. NVIIITIQLI-:xx J. XVIIITNEY, J. WICIQEIISI-IAM, B NVIGGINS. H, D. VVILIIIQII, T. NYILKINSUN. J. NVILLIAMS, C. XNVILLIAMS. I.. VVII.I.IAMs, S. XYILLIS, R. VI'II.suN, II. VVINIQARII, E. XVUIIIIWARII, R. VVmzsH.IM. J. XVIIAY. T. XVRIGHT, Il. YI-ZARTV, I. XIUUNG, II. YIIuNnnLIIIIn. A, ZEALEY. S. ZIMMERMAN. H. Q.. x . ..- . -A . .,, ,l N, - sv... I .-lf' .. ' . I. .- - .AP I,,N:eI'-... .EH V- I W sf - .-- .......... The Sophs had been trying in vain to pull some joke on a poor green Freshman who seemed a little too witty to suit them, Finally, one smart Soph walked up to the Freshman, and with an air of superiority said: "IYell, Freshie, the dex'il's dead!" The Freshman said nothing. but reached in his pocket, pulled out a rusty nickel and gave it to the Soph. "XYhat's THIS FOR-" asked the puzzled Soph. "My mother always taught me to divide with the orphans," answered the Freshman. +- ENGLISH-AS SHE IS SPOKE "Hello! Thatchu, Mike?" "Sure! S'Mac, ain't it?" "Beteherlife. VVhenja get back ?" "Lilwilago. .Iavagood trip F" "Uh, huhfl "XYhereju go, Mike?" "Mishgun. XVerjoo?' "Sconsin. Javanluck "Uh, huh. VVhenreyuh comin over ?" "Safternoon." "Slong." "VVell, s'long." -0- Miss Fliseh: "Now, Herbert, how many seasons are there P" Herbert Lorick: "Do you mean in the United States ?" Miss F.: "Yes" Herbert I..: "Two" Miss F.: "Only two? Name them." Herbert L.: "Baseball and football." -0- Shorty Boyd: "I asked her if I could see her home." -lack Jackson: "And what did she say." Shorty: "Said she would send me a picture of it." lg' I fo 0 0 0:9 9 O V 0.0 1 .A 0 fo o .4 0 I Q 0 o 1 o C o Q O 0 'Q C o I o I e o U Xx- T D t J Xl, O C OO O 4 U U O I O O O x Acltwnltmes XJ Lu Ill 1 0 AIM., Ali-E , ,SN M ,R UN!! l 'ff NN 1 ' 'W , N 4" . lf K . 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GooDwx'N As it becomes my happy privilege to express to you my appreciation of the way the corps as a whole has acquitted itself and to felicitate you upon your individual and collective achievement as a military body, I would remind you that the biggest word in the lexicon of the soldier is DUTY. lt is my earnest hope that you have so consecrated yourselves to this principle that its meaning will transfuse every obligation and relationship of life. That you may make and iill worthily your place in the world is the sincere wish of A. G. GooDwx'N, Comrnarzdalzt. Vw- ,J wa m. , I u3-..N, Q .UM K, ,. ,- .,,. . .mild jmlx .-X. LEIl'lJi.lI .S'ul'gca11f BEN C. FL'LL:uL'x1 M155 :XNNA 1-1151-'I-'ERNAN LfL'1lfL'Ill'llIf Coluuvl Sfollsor SECOND LIEUTENANTS, B.-XTTALION QL'AR'l'ERMASTERS Hnem' FL'1.uu1'M I-Rxwu1m R.xINw.xTr:1: Fluxu I7L'x1:,xu M155 DORfllTHY XVH.xT1.Ex' XYll.r.1.xM CRICKENIH-:um,:ER bf7UlI.YUI' CIIPIIJIII fldjzlfunl STAFF SERGEANTS RUBERT Fur-:Nui EDWIN x'lL'KlNNE2X' IIENRY Duosr Band C. D. PIENIIERSHN lin. If1.1.nvrT .Im-3 I1IlI.l.EY Captain NEMA' I'l.l'xl1: First 1.ir1m'm1rlf ,Q , Cwhivf .mlllxiffllll .Srmml l.u'11lrm1u!x Miss l'hnm'rux' O'NE.x1. Miss LESLIE 1Xlu.l.l2N 5-f'UII.YUI' Sfl7ll.Y!1l' SERGEANTS Mrklfnav, M. BE.-xTT1E, D. B.x11.1r:, J. CORPORALS BEATTIE, R. REM, C. NIILLER, PRIVATES BRUKER, vl. FUl'RL'l"lER, R. Bkvxczx-:l.snN, O. I-Immun, J. BUTLIQR, .-X. KVHLKH, O. DAY, A. BUULERS Dawn, I., FMQTVNE, Ii. AMIKK, C, Svrgmut PIVRT, C. STEINIRERKZ, M. STREET, j. XVALKER, M . Nr:1.suN, C. LAZENIRY, O. NIARTIN, If. NURTH, A. Wu.l.1Ams, C. fYCONNOR, IUAT. STRUUI-H, B. NVHI1'El.I-:xg J. NV1r.KxxsoN, J. First Battalion -TDHN CALDWELL . . Major MISS FRANCES PIERCE . Sfvolzmr HARRY RAINNVATER Ctlbftlfll MISS RIARG.-XRIET S'1'uREs . Sfvmzsor ,, J VAR 9.4,1'w,1qi fnpg Yah 1- .,. - , I h ,,-,-.. ,-, Q1 -M f ,S ,, , ' P R N-Lx' , h gt, gn, - T, f- 19111 1 -E, L . 1 ' ,I A " 'f ' ' - , :ill ivylwi I, t I- N Z, , , M 7 f Y . i .px 5 1 5 .- ps' VL . 1 ' 5,5 . . V g R . . V Rf - ,- if . . I " wif I kg 1-f. 3, 5 ,gxfg :ygI..5fmA13, i,y,gv"11 "2 ,iggg z-1553? Q 5 I 3 CA PTAI N EUGEN E GRI FEI N CAPTAIN BERNARD FRANKLIN CAPTAIN I-oI'Is PDWELL CAPTAIN v.'EI.CHRlIi BIND . COIlIf'UIl.V ' Conzfvany "H C0lllft1lI-X' Coulfnzlly "IV" Company "A" RVIQENE GRIFFIN Mrss MARGIIRET YOUNG Tom FENDER Captain Sponsor First L1'cIItv1IaI1t xVII.I.I.-XM SANFORD JACK JACKSON Svmlzd Livutczzunf First Sf'I'gl'lIIlf ALSTIIN, M. JXRTHVR, M. BELL. J. CIIIIEN, R. Crum, R. BAGBY, E. ILIIRD, A. BARIQERIIN, M. B.'xRIisI:.xl.E, XV. BI-:.xI.I.. C. J M . Imusl-., lt. BIRD, XV. CII.x1'IxI.xN, M. lJ.xx'Is, R. IDEAS, H. IDEAS, XY. FREEMAN, Ii. IFVRQUERUN, J. GAINES, R. GumI.xN, F. GHLIISTEIN, I. H,-XXVIRIJ, J. 7 HII.I., XX. HDYT, M. JIINES, E. JONES, T. IQENIIRICKS, KESSEL, E. KING. J. KITCJHENS, F. J. SIERGEANTS BI'ssEI'. D. CORPORALS AIURRIS, C. PRIVATES lx'IAllliliAt'K, AIERRY, VV. IWONTLZUMERY, MLll,lkE, VV. H. MI'I.IIERlN, NV. NEIIMAN, A. OXX'ENS, J. PARRISH, W. R.-XDFKJRLI, K. RA M 1', A. ROBERTSON, D. SCHNEIDER, L. SAI ITH, O. '1'IIoxII'sDx, T. NIUIIOLSUN, G. 'IQAYLOIL P. NVILHELII, J. SCHNEIDER, T. SEWELI.. J. SIIAFFER, A. SILVER, S. SMI-III, B. SuL"rII.xI.I., L. STEVYART, H. TANT. J. '1JEMI'Lf-ZTON, A. 'l'ERRI', W. TRDWIIRIDILE, J. VVATERS, J. XVINGFIELII, XV PRIVATES Company MB" BERNARD FRANKLIN MISS JOSEPHINE TVIAGUIRE JAMES LAKE Cllffdrfll Sfmnzsor' First Livufrmzzzt JOE H. FULIJI-IURI JUIISON BENTLEY Seroud LI'vI1lw1mIf Firxt St'I'gL'GI1f .-XNIIREWS, NV FRAN IQLIN, N BI.ITvHINGTnN, W. CIILEM AN, XV. LAMAR, I. ANDREWS, A. BARNES, A. BENNETT, H. BLACK, R. BL.-WR, XV. BIILIIEN. J. BoI.vARII, W'. CARTER, J. CULLEY. P. CUTTS, Ii. IJANIEI., L. DANIEL, M. IJ'ANTIGN.XL', DEA5, T. DoI'I:IITx', L. DUBIISE, A. FARR, C. FL'I.czIII'xI, H. GREENE, H. GREENE, R. HA M ILTON. F. H.AXRIlNI.AN, C. HII.l., M. HI.'NTER, D. IVEY, J. IVEY, L. SFRGEANTS HERRINGTIIN, O. LUCKEY, V. COR PORALS LEWIS, NV. TNTCF.-XDEN, J. JENKINS, M. JOHNSIIN, G. -ICINES, T. KEI.I.EX', A. LAMAR, I. NIARSH, A. TXTATIIENY, C. 1X'Il'Ll.IN, C. O'HARA, G. PALMER, O. P PRITVHARII, REEYES, NV. RHIIIIES, R. VERIIERY, J. NVALTERS, H. TRUCKWELI., R. VIIYLES, R. NVILIQINSUN, H RIIUNIITREE, J. SHEIIPARII, E. SCOTT, Tf. STAEFIIRII, T. STQNI-1, XV. SWANCY, R. TOWNS, F. TIVIILIIS, A. X'TUYl.ES. L. WIIITE, H. YVIIQIQINS, C, NVIIRSIIA NI. XV ELLIS, C. Company "C" Lows PIIXYELL NIISS IRENE NVEIGEL FREII CIIEERS Cmzfvtaiu Sponsor First LI'I'II!vIIaIIt HERBERT WILLIAMS JULIUS SMITH Srtond Lfl'1lfl'llt1l1f Firxt Sergca:It GARRETT, R. KIRBY, A. DURHAM, S. GUFF, R. HARDY, XV. BAIRD, J. BAKER, A. BEARII, XV. BENNETT, G. BRICKLE, XV. CARSTARIJHEN, CLARK, H. CONGER, G. CUNKLIN, G. CIRIR, H. DEAS, J. IUOLINSKY, J. FORD, J. FURST, A. S. GA Y, S. GLOVER, GREENE, GRAVES, GRIFFIN, HARc.Rov HARRIS, HENRX', H41lI.lDEN, HIIWARII, HL'I.I-, S JAI'RsoN JALIQSIIN E. J. L. F. Es, L. NN. NV. B. .J- , M JIIHNSIIN, T. F. SERGEANTS MQXLLARD, NV. MARCLTM, H. CORPORALS LAYTUN, L. M ADEBACH, R. PRIVATES KNIGHT, C. LAMAR, R. LEVY, S. LEWIS, G. BIACKY, J. McWAT'rx', C. NIERRY, H. MIILCAY, NV. MERRY, M. PILCHER, C. PIRRLE, K. PRINTUII, D. RARISEY, H. REUIIY, J. PEACOCIQ, E, STEWARD, D. RUSSELL, L. SIKES, W. XIAIDEN, H. SMITH, NV. STEELE, E. STORES, STONE, G, CIQAFT, E. TQOOLE, M. TRAYLIJR, J. NVARNER, O. NVALTON, VVILLIAMSON, XVILSON, NV. VVIIIIIIWARD, B Company MDW WELCOME BOYD MISS EDITH BAROERON PARKS HENDEE Capiafn SIVOIISOI' First L1'rufcnar1t WILLIAM THEILING JAMES SRINNER Second Livuivnani Firm Sergeant SERGEANTS BARNARD, H. EVE, T. BLANCHARD, J. RI-IENEY, J. CORPORALS BALLENTINE, F. LEVY, J. DUNHAM, M. ZNIATTHENVS, F. LEE, R. PRIVATES AIDIAMS, C. DEMORE, R. MARTIN, E. ALTOONIAN, O. DENNIS, F. MERTINS, L. ARMSTRONG, J. GARRETT, B. BIILLS, A. ASHh'IORE, R. GILL'HRI5T, J. MOORLIIXN, R. BOYD, J. HAIR, NV. OGILVIE, A. BUSSEY, J. HAMMOII4, F. PETERS, G. CALIQINS, VV. H.'KRRISfJN, N. PLEICONES, G. CAWLEY, H, HARTER, S. POVVI-ILL, J. CLARK, J. HOXN'.KRD, C. R.KINXN'.XTER, B. CLARK, W. HUMPIIREY, G. RHODEN, L. CLEMMONS, J. JOHNSON, R. ROBERTS, E. CLUUD, J, IIOPLINO, B. Rl3BINS!lN, XV. CRICKENBERGER, O. KLTEHNEI., O. SCHUELER, I. DEER, J. STEINEIQ, H. WREN, V. NICCREARY, S. REI-:sE, C. REX'NIilI.L1S, S. SEROTTA, G. SHAPIRO, H. SHIMOFF, M SMALLEY, T. STEEI1, C. STENVARD, D. STOIXIHTON, TANT, C. NVATIQINS. J VERIDEI., T. VVHITTLE, A WOOD, F. WATRINS, F. YEARTY, -I. B Commissioned OfHE1cers RIFLE 'FEA AI MEMBERS Lnrarilas, F. FR,xN1i1.1x, J. M.x1u'LfM, H. PIRIQLE, K. Null., H. Plnxnausux, C. D. M1'k1fIlIex', BI. SMITH, O. Nunn, F. HL'TTo. F. AI1'COI.Ll7M, R. Tusulxmz, NX NHAM, 5. M.xI.1..x1u1, XY. Xlxux, j. XVERIYERY, J. 1 O Second Battahon JOHN FOLK . . Major M155 BETTY KAHRS . - Sponsor FRANCIS CLARK . . Captain MISS LILA DAN'IDSlJN . . Spmzsor CAPTAIN JOSEPH FRANKLIN . . Couzpauy CAPTAIN RIANLY COOKE . . Conzfaazy "If" CAPTAIN SOLOMON TANENBAUM . Conzpany CAPTAIN FRANK GRACEY Cmnfvazzy "H" Cmmpzmy MEM lnsrilwl F1:.xN1i1.lx Miss KATHIQRINI-I Hl'I.l. fi. H. CL'Rl:1+: Lqtlffdfll Sfmzzx. r First ljczzfrrlulzl lf. U. L11lllI'IfR C. G. LINK 51'.v':ui l,i.'ul.'m11:t lxlrsl .S'vrgvu11l lit, HHH SJ ' N. " 'J V-,rf w.. , , ..- L, 1, -Q.-L gr' '. w ANDERSUN, lf. 17,1-LXS, V. Hr3gL'Es'r. Ii. Bkuwx, C. Cxsxx'E1.I., If 45425 .. - f, ..., .. , f-. W 5. V u ' .' . g,f1'4'f Eff, '11 itfy. :xv Q v -.'. 11. ...rams--4 5' q an . U ...Q 1. rf f., .yt- . -R 1 .. .,. ' ,- i Q.. 'AJ SIiRGIi.'XN'I'S juuxsux, Il. Nlxux, J. CORPORALS CRUFT, NY. G.xkx'1N, K. PRIY.-XTES I 47 -.-4 Ng. ..., A. ,Am J. Amxrs, A. Cuwlxu, R. lil-IXYETT, J. jxNT1lXUI',XI'l,IlS, H. CILXXYFIIRII, H. -IVE, R. B.xI1.xE, J. I3.x1.m', C. KALE, H. B.-xxxi-zs, ti. lhvus, 'lf K1-zslmk, K B.xL1.r3NT1xr:, M. Ifmkls, J. KPIY, I.. BEAN, W. Ifummx, Ii. Klxn. T.,.xxx5m', M. Fur'NT.x1x, j. Muuas, M. BR.xxT1.r1x', C. FRY, T. AIARTIN. .-X. CAMAK, -I. Huuxux, IU. KIL'DllNAI.l1, L'ukl.r1Y. A. IHIARRISUN. F. All-IT'l'S, C. Cuwlxn, C. Ili-ZWETT, H. Mum., XY. v V+. 1. P.xT'mx, ll. XV.xl.TEks, H. Ll-QE, A. RIISSICNUL, H. XYYLII-1, O. Mnuki, R, IN'Iumz.xN, C. PENULI-:TuN, C PUI.l..XRlD, Lf Run, M. Sunni G. STORY, U. Tlll'lNll'SllN, H S11,xN.xu.xN, -I. XY.x'r1-Zkmwsxe, XY11.x.1.x ms, I-. NYIl.suN, J. v-.. 4 5.1, . DQ Company MTF" MANLI' CIIIIIQE M155 LuI'IsE KING 1211 RIIIIIIES Captain Sfvorzxuz' First 1.ivutv11u1I! HENIQX' PRIVE CHRISTUI-HER C. HAMAIIINII SNIIIIII' 1.iI'11lI'mI11t Fizzsl SFI'-EfL'lIHf . BE.-XLL, F. BE.-KZLEY, R. BAILIE, A. GRACEY, M. AICNEILI., J. ALLEN, L. BAGGS, J. BARKSDALE, H. BATEMAN, C. BL.-XCKSTONE, P. Boon-I, C. BROYVN, E. CAUTHERX, J. COBB, H. IU.-XLEY, T. DAUGHTERY, N. EIJXVARDS, G. EVANS, E. FLETCHER, FRANK, R. H. GASKILL, IL. H.ANSlbN, HE.NTH, B. HUWARII, C HUWARII, O JARRELL. R. KEENER, V. KNIGHT. E. LAME, S. MAxwEI.I,, M.AY, A. V. SERGEANTS GREENE, H. HQPKE, E. CORPORALS KUHLRE, W. RUIIERTS, B. PRIVATES MCCOY, G. NICIJANIEL, XV. AIILES, W. MILLER, J. NE.AL, F. Nc.. A. OL'TL.RXX', T. PLEICONES, P. PLUNKETT, J. REEDER, J. SCANNIINE. A. Srl-INEIDER, M. SVI-IMIDT, J. H UTTU, F. W'.xIIE, R. TURNER, G. VVALKER, J. ZEALY, S. SuL'sA, F. SI'AUI.ImIN4:, J. S1'ANFoRII, R. STENYART, XV. STIIREY, R. TILLER, O. 'I.IMMERM.XN, H 'l'RAx'LnR, B. CTYYIGGS, G. XVILSON, H. WRAY, T. ZIMMERMAN, NV Company "G" 11,-unix T.xNENx:.xL'x1 Miss IJOLLY SAFE1: Rox' McCOI.LL'u Captain .S-f'0l1Xnll' Firsf Livntcuan! J. H. LnN1:Exx'.xx' Al.LEN CL'1.1.Ex' .5-L'L'UIl1f Livzffcrmul Ffrsl SL'l'.QL'L1Ilf CANNDN, G. Fsmus, G. BRUCE, A. DANIEL, H, M.a'r'rlsoN, XY. SIZRGEANTS LYNCH, G. Muna, CORPORALS PILERCE, B. POWERS. F. PRIYATES Q E' -- XBRxH.aM, C. JKLTUX, B. ALLEN, L. Bxkwrukr, W. 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METTS, L. BEARII, G. HuI.I.,xNn, XV. BIILES, B. BELL, J. HOI.LEX', L. NtJRREI.L, B. BLITCHINGTON, J. JARRETT, E. OXN'ENS. J. BRISINDINE, A. IERNIIIAN, H. PII.cI-IER, J. BRYSON, R. LAAIILYCIQ, C. PLISS, A. BUTLER, VV. LARIILYCIQ, F. PIIYYELL, M. DIIREMUS, F. BIARKAXVLTER, J. RINIQER, C. GI,JI.IlBERG, A. BICCOLLOCK, J. RIZER, C. H.kLL, H. MCKIE, A. RIISSILINOL, P. HRXRRIS, R. NVEBB, J. XVESTEERRY, K, OI'TzS, A, ST.-YLLINII, G. YUUNQ, H. SCRIYENER, SIKES, S. A SPEERING, G. STEPHENS. TOOLE, G. TRUIYIPLER, XVALTERS, XVEIIII, H. XVEEKS, W J. B. C VVELVII, M, XVILIIEIT, XVI NLLYRD, T. E. Why Militar Training? '21 'Q . C DID! O.. .' .ts .:. .te , , g:-F ESD indeed must belthe soul of any American citizen' not its.depth v:0 , syw with pride and patriotism as he listened in on the inaugural ceremonies on 3. L, --E fx March 4th, .in XX aslungton. Ambassadors from every nation of.the world, I 4 FA' except Russia, heard the Seuatorsxthe X ice-President and tl1e'President swear ',' t ft- 9, to uphold and protect the Constitution of tlus. the greatest Nation o.t the world. 3, L "ef They heard the President speak of our unprecedented prosperity, ot our wealth 2 cf resources, of our happy and comfortable homes. He said that no other nation is more 'Q' uorthv of the respect of other nations and that we have reached a higher degree of security .', than ever existed before in the history of the world. 'Z' I It is true that we have no thought of imperialism, we want no more territory, and we j, uould advance the reign of peace throughout the world. But, can we convince the world ' that this is true? XYe can not read the minds of the representatives of all the nations, but, trom their periodicals we can form some conception of what they think of us. The Germans v H, regard our country as the home of an imperalism of dollars. France speaks of our economical -XA D imperialism and calls our Navy-building program sheer madness. Italy looks upon us as suagvering and inconsistent. Spain calls the Monroe Doctrine a charter of imperialism over the u hole continent. Great Britain. Americas principal competitor in the trade and financing of the world, is organizing her industries to be better able to cope with our mass production and -.he is making unpleasant remarks about us because of our navy program. The Reds in Russia are trying to force the United States to recognize Soviet Russia. The program of the Russian Communist is the program of the American Socialist, both making use of every possible argument to reduce the military strength of America. This is boasted of in their L. periodicals, which constantly preach revolution. This is not Russian, it is international, and 'w their propaganda is aimed at every civilized country in the world. ' i One of the national characteristics of the American people is optimism: it has helped in gy the development of the country: at the same time, it has cost tremendous loss of life and ' money. History is a continuous record of clashes between nations competing for world trade. lX'rt1on after Nation has risen to commercial supremacy to fall when unable to defend that i supremacy. The United States has reached the apex of that supremacy. Are we able to T defend it? And. greatly more important, are we able to defend the ideals for which the X founders of America stood? Let us see. In proportion to the population, the army of Russia is two and one-third times as large as ours: the army of Great Britain is two and three fourths times the size of ours: the army of Japan is almost eleven times the size of . ours the army of ltaly is twenty-seven times the size of ours: and the army of France is ',' thirty seven times the size of ours. If our entire Regular Army and the entire National 3, Girard were mobilized today, they would not be able to form a battle front of over 135 miles I 'ind there would be no reserves for replacement. '- ',' O There are many crises of world scope waiting solution. Europe has 1,000,000 more 'v' armed men than at the beginning of the VVorld War. Mr. Coolidge said, "Armies and Navies 0:0 are 'rs necessary as police and criminal courts and bolts and bars are necessary: they are ,oo adiuncts of peace. Vie want no more competitive armament, we want no more war, but, we : want no weakness that invites imposition." Not until greed, selfishness, envy, jealousy, com- ',' petition in trade, and imperialism disappear from the earth will men beat their swords into ,', plou shares and their spears into pruning hooks, nor will nation cease to war against nation." Knowing these things, let us continue to train our young men in schools and in training .' camps for, respect for our ability in defense will become a potent agent for peace. "When a .'. strong man keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." Our goods are our ideals, namely, I faith in the guidance of God, high moral standards, liberty, equality of opportunity, self- ' ' goxernment by the people, the sanctity of the home, freedom of speech and of religion, and, .'. patriotism dedicated to service of country in peace and war. Let us be prepared to defend :- Q FRANCIS CLARK .:. k UV Dlf X M gm 3 G0 ORGANIZATIONS 'I W 1 W Annual Staff SUPPIUMURTE EDITORS XNN jumis . Ijditoz'-1'11-Clziv Human: SH,xm'- . . BllSl'IIL'.Y,Y JULIIICIQCI' LIL.-X Ilvwlnsux . L1'tv1'a1'y Editor FRANCIS CLARK . . Mfl1'tarAv Editor PARKS HIQNDEIQ . . Sports Editor RUHERT LEUNARD . . Joke Editor LINDA DAVIDSUN . . Frvslznzany :l.YSfSfLIllf Kipp X -. 4 - -1-:E 11--if .'.-- .fe.L.5-F '-' 1 J ' ,. Annual Staff SICXII IK ICI JIII IIQS . lfflifnl'-ill-L'!11If I ll I IIIHII . Hr1v'11I'.v.v ,IlI11111yfI Imn xmx I 1 xx . l.ifrz'I1r.v lfdiffn' Iml I I Xl I I I . .Sfm lml Nlxlnnl, I I II1'IiII11',v lilfzfm' rlx lfdi 'ku l1f1'1fm . ,fnllmr.'I,vx1'.vfI111f I XLLI,IN U1KIMIIIIzIa XII C. II. XIITl'HIiI.I., LIIIUIII' XII, II, RI. 5LH'I"I' XII: I XI I'-IIIS NIR. C. XY. SIIIiRI,4lL'K Miss K.X'I'liIiliINIi llIIilI III rc Q1 fill' Ns- :Qi Hi-Y UITFICIYRS I l4IiNIi lllulflflx . . . . . . . . Prvsfdclzt S'I'lCW.XRT .Xl'l2Rl!.KL'II . . l'iu'-Prv.v1'dv11f -Im I..xK12 . . . . .S1'rz'c!411'.x'-Trm1x1m'1' RIIZMHIIRS XX1m'1'H .XNIIRICWS -Ima I:L'l.1ZlIl'5I -lvl, I-31ixT1.1ix' FIUHN lixxcu .lullas I31.,xNcH,xR1m Fxuxlq l"ERNls lQIl.IiIili'I' HELL I,.XRKS IIIQNIIIQIQ H. l'. BIQLL C. 17, H1-Qxmalcsux XYIiI.L'4lBIli limb JACK 'l.u'KsuN Imix f.,XI.IPXVlil.I. lil-:m:121:T 1,4 max Ifluxx L''I.1ix' ,I mx Nlxux linux ll4ll'l2l..fXS H.-mln' RAx1NxxLxT1zH '1'1w1cx'1mN Illaxs Hmllau Slum- FII l':I,I.IlIT'I' H1-:xx1iTT XX'Ax1.T1i14s I-Zlix 1:L'I.ljHl'M HER1:1i1:'r XY1l-1-I.x M5 Hi-Y W. OFFICERS LII..-X DAVIDSON .... .... . . . P1'v,via'v1zt BIARY EMMA BLANCHARD . . . . Vz'u'-Prvsia'v11f PARMIE HENDERSON . . Svfrutary-T1'vI151u'c1' MEMBERS EDITH BARGERDN .ANN JONES BI.-XRY EMMA BLANCIIARD BETTY JONES LILA DAVIDSON DoI.I-Y LAMDACIQ LINDA ID.-XYIDSON MARTHA IXIURPIIEY HARRIET GARRETT FRANCIS PIERCE .ANNA LIEFFERNAN DQRIS SIMMONS PARMIE HENDERSON ANNE SYIXESTER Ii.-XTHERINE HULL BIARGARET YDVNG Phiilosophian Literary Society f HITIFICIQIQS FIRST 'INIZIQNI KI. H. LVRRI15 ..........,...... Pmeiflffzt l.. RIIINW.-x'I'IiR . . . ........ I'fu'-PI'c.vI'III'11f ll. IJAYNIE . . . . . SvI'1'I'fI1I'y-TI'I'II.fIrI'I'1' lf. ISR,-xI'Iix' .......... C'I'II.vIII' IIIfIflL'IiRS SliL'HNI1'l'l2lUI lf. IJI'NI:.xR ................. PI'I'sIIlI'I1f H. IIAYNIIQ . . , .... Ivf.l.l1'1JVlwXilil'llt ti. H. L'l'RRlli . . SvI'1'I'tII1'-I'-TI'vcI.vII1'I'I' F, GR.-XL'l'IX . ..... . . C'I'II.wI' MICMBERS IX. H, I'l.IxKIiR QA.-Xlil. l':L'Il1lFF -I. Lf IQING Ii. HI.I'rc'HINu'I'IIN LQHRIS I2cIIIIIfIf I.. l.M'TI1N VI. HI.I'rcIIINIz'I'IIx I". iiRIxI'I2x' A. NIARSH -I. HL.xxI'H.-IIIII M, l1ImcI-:Y ll. IWARTIN U. BRYNI::II.sIIN .l. i1RI2I2N R. MIIQRAIAN R. UIIIIQN li. XY. Ii,-XRDY, .lR. H. PRICIQ 42. H. CURRIE IJ. HI'NTIiR I.. RAINwA'I'I5R I". IJVNIIAR H. HAYNII2 R. RIIIIDES .47 ff Euphradlian Literary Society OFFICERS FIRST TERM BERNARD FRANKLIN . . . . . H ........ IJl'C.SI'dt'7lf JIM LAKE . . . . I'icr'-P1'v.II'zImIt ED ELLIIITT . . Sm'I'c'fr1I'y- TI'casIm'I' OFFICERS SECOND TERM JIM LAKE . ......... . . . ..... Pl'l'Sl.lfFlIf CHRIS HAAIAIIINII . . .... I'irv-PI'vsI'dr1If XYALTER RIERRY . ...... S!'L'l'CfC1l'.V-Tl'L'lISIll'L'I' MEMBERS JOE :XRMSTRONG THIIRNTUN DEAS DAVIII BIISSEY TIIQIIAS EVE :XLLEN CFLLEY FRANK FERRIS RIIIINEY CIIHEN TIIAI FENDER HEIQIKERT LORICK Ciceronian Literary Society UFFICIZRS HN L'.,xl.11wI21.l, . . . . . Prvsia'v1zt BEN FL'LuHL'xl . . I'ivv-P1'vs1'aiv11f F1:,xNc14:s Pllikcli . Svwwtary BIQTTY ,IuN15s . . . . . Critif l1,xR1u'RAx1Nxx'AT12R . . Cvzzsm' MEMBERS LEE .XYIZRIQT Ii.-XTHERINE I'IUl.L EDITH lLx1:u151wN .ANN DIUNES -Io11N L'.'XI.IJVVIiI.I, BETTY 'IUNIQS BIILIDRICIJ C,xRTLEm:E -IUSEPIIINI5 IXIAGVIRE lXI.'XNI-Y COOKE Rm' BICCL'I.l.L7M 'IUHN F.-xNC11 GEURGE PERKINS BEN FL'1,csHL'xr FRANCES I'11zm'1z IZVGIQNIQ KZRIFFIN 1-1.-XRRY RAINWATER Cucu. GVNN E1.1zA1sIzT11 RuL'N'rRIzE JXNNA H1zF1f13RMAN Humax Slmlw RUTH PIONVARD :XNNE SYLVIZSTER Student Council PARKS HENDEE . ED. ELLIOTT . . DI. E. EI'1:ANKs . S. .TXUERIIACH 1. T. BAILIE H. BAKKSDALE IRENE ISARCHAN J. S. BELL C. BLANCHAKD BIARY EHIBIA BLANCHAKII BUSBIA, AIARI.-XN -I. CAI.DwEI.I. CANNUN T. EYE S. FRANKLIN N. FRANKLIN B. FULGIIUAI HAKRIET HARNETT OFFICERS MEMBERS . . . Prrsidf . . . . Svc1'f'!I11'y . Faculty .-ldfiwr AN NA PIEFFERNAN SIISIE HILL IQATIIERINE HVLL LXNN 'IIINEA J. Kilim' J. LAKE ELIZAIIIETII LUCKHART ADRIENNE MIIKKIS F. MULHEKIN BIARTHA MIfRI'HI3x' x'vAI,I,ACE N1lIiTIi FRANCES PIIQKQE RUESEL STA N FI :Im B. C. XVALI. XV. ZIAIMIQKMAN 1 Dramatic Ulu ANN JONES ,,.. . . . llfC.YI,litI1f FHXXNA l'lIiFFHRY.XN . I'IU'-l':'1'.vi4i1'11! K.'xTm3T:1xE HI' , ,SQ-T-,'.-fury Mx. H. U. lima' BuTmxril.1. JOHN CALmx1a1.1. MART Cmuu Cl..-xkuxrx L'1.1ATT LATHMT CH.-was FRANK Ck.'xxx'l.m' Llxm llwlllsuw BVIST IJUXYLINH E1,1z,xuETH Frimalsux H.'KRRIET Flsmg 'IUHN FHLK H.NRRIET ti.xxm1TT XIYMIKIS GRI-LINER CEVII, GVNN TOM Mm-rnlmers RIEMHIQRS :?P,xR14s Hrixlvmi RVTH Hmxxmkll X.-Xxx juxx-is BETTY jnxr-is lil.I:wR Km ukxs AIARIAN I.,u'TuN :kRI.XkH.XRF'I' Ynrxzz PHILIP L.-xzlixm' BIARX' Mmcsu AIARY M,xsl'R NY.xLT1-:R KIERRT 2kELrz.xnE'rr1 Mmzuix' Ll.ExxEl.x'N Mmumx . l7fl'1'A'lHr' Rm' AIl'Clll.l.l'BI GEIIRGIA Xml. NEVlI.l.E NQIRTYI :kXYAl.l..-XVE NUNTH Gmvmzr: PERKINS FRANVES PIERCE ,'.' fr. cr. 2 T ,W 'xx XII P winux E AI.-xRc:.xRET R.u'xmNn .lux R1bliERS LE.-'TH RUSENTHAT. .ANNE SYLYESTER TB. C. XYALI, 13.-XVIII XYHITNEY NELLIE Xyll.HI-IIT 111, Chemistry Ulu OFFICERS M1-LR SHARP . . . . . . JAMES SKINNER Dmus Slmmuxs . Krczlexl-: GRIFFIN . xIR.C.."X.SlkRl'llIlS . . . , XYll.1.1.xx1 Bums: ll FRANCIS Cl.,xkK Cmuaxfs CL1.-xT'r Fluxxa CR,xxYl.xaY j A M as D.-Y Y I.1l..-Y' D.Yvl1asnN Llxxm L7m'lnsny MARY DYE HVIST DUWLING Sums L3AITL'H H,'XRRX' EVKHHFF CARI. IZCKHUFF El.IzA1zETH FE1euL'srmN Ii.-XRRIET FLSIQ MEMBERS -lunx FULK XVlI,l.I.'XM Fux Cam, Gvxx F1.uRr:NcE Lixlflllelsr Ilmus GRINER Luo QSLEASIIN RVTH Howfxkn AIARY H.'XRh'l4lN Ru.-YNIYUN HAYNII-1 RVTH KNILLHT PHILIP L,-XZENIBY Romain Lrinxxku -IAUK L!-IVY EVELYN RIL'CllI.l.IDi H FII . , . IJITXI . I'il't"l'lAl'.V1.liL'lV' . .SiI'l'ft'flIl'j' . . 'l'I't"Uj'llI'l'l' ' fly ,Ald:'i.vn1' Rm' NIVC1ll.l.L'M IQIYGAR MYKINNHY ARNULI1 lN1Ur.rxxY NEYILLE N1lRTli M.-Yun,-YRET PR1'1'vll.xm1 H.-YLNERT PATTUN Gmmsr: PERKINS l.r:Nwurm 5114125 Summux '11-xNNaN14.xL'M I'IARllI.lH '1'AxxuN14,xL'x1 GENIE TRox1x1EkH,x1'sER IRENE XVEIGLE Hsvu. VVALL IUYXYIII XVHITNEY The Muskerteer STA If If B. l:l'I.LSHL'Bl . . . ......... lflflhftlI'-1.11-filllff I-3. FRANKLIN . ....... .Jxxiwvtalzl liditfu'-1'11-C11fvf ASS1 ICIATE EIJIT1 IRS H. BI'sI:I.x H.XRRIli'F KI.-XRRETT E. GRIFFIN RVTII I-lI.m'.xR1m D. STEWARII REP1 JRTERS jIIsE1'HINIa M.xuI'IR12 ANN Jvxlas ANNE SYLx'I:sTER LILA IDAYIDSUN G. SCHL'MACIIliR H. LIIRIQK S. AL'IcRl:.xI'H F. DI'N1:.-xR B. AYALTERS J. SKINNIQR A. BLARNES XY. K. LAIRD F. H.ARRIS BUSINESS MANAGERS B. CVRRIIZ . . . ........... 1311.vI'1II's.v .1IL1lIUf1t'l' H. R.xIxw,xTl2R ......... -lssistaazf B1z.I1'm'.vs .llalzagvr ASSHCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS BIARY IRVIN HIQLI, Ll. LI. 1"uI.R F. P. GRACEY CI-I'c'Il1LIl4f0lI JIIIIIIIINI' fmuz lfavlz R011 SL'L'fl'0II I"AL'UI.'l'Y ADYISI HRS 7 C. M. ETIIIQRI-zmzls A. QQ. f5WENS C. XY. SIIERIIIQR XY. P. SNIITH Tum L SI-II-I-tml 1,2lX'lN Is Clmwfl A?-10,529 . ,,.- W DANLE w1LI.uh cn V, ETHE-Qing Im, I IW Faculty Aivfjo-fu YM-II'I1-IIIHKIASS R , ..,, . .,.,.,. ,.,. . . llll st, -M mi., ., B.gfvf.,, J- is VSWR... 1q77"'..i1!1 ' f---I "fees I, ww' I-II A --Ih a"5ser Athletics M, ,'ff'.-I 'flfil f b. . w.. ,-.. -A 1, . , ar ' , .- q..",. u. 'I "4"',,5H.-, S,"'1 U U , -1,g2f - -pf. Q . W- M,,',,,I-', ,5 M' 1 u ',.-,gpg 'lv '- r. 1- 'W If 1 -1, f 1 x i . A 1 V .nl .3-Yr! 1 I 1 X I p X .- nw- ,.5 lt. J J lu' i L 1-5. a , '. J 'J ,f-V. fn. , we 1 , 'uv " Ak 1 U -' .'.Mf s K X H x ' 'V . NJ'-'.I'11'.?vKv.u:. fh Qqnyfh kgs: ffgfxxgjf X? W fy x x S- ' 1 U -Q35 .. mSiit'2f' '- "m','fv X ,-- . I 1,-'cflm Q5 1 ! fn' Y ' xl , gif! N f fu' x yu-.1., gf f,' - WWXI--7.1-' N X .IJ LU, hx! Y :iff 'if - 47 x ' ' '-Q 5. N bixirfex X X, 3 in gg,-ef N. .1-pi' ' ,QQDLE ,Y Y, 1,29 if - i i -- f nb X lx X 'A--ff f- f QAIV-SVA JFUOTBALL Football Season S you read these few words recording the 1928 season of "The VVonder fffftjtklxxf' Team" of A.R.C.-.l.C.A., may you know that the production of this team did not come as just an accident but as a result of hard work 2 Q4 I' and determination on the part of the team, the "stickability" of the scrubs, the brains and wonderful coaching ability of our coaches, Gressette and Sherlock, and last but by far not least the spirit of "Ole Richmond" demonstrated by the students at all the games. Q i, S49 Early in September the first call to arms was heard and answered promptly by "Musketeers" ready and willing, There were only nine letter men back, namely, Baird, Bolden, Griilin, XVatkins, Bruce, Lucky, XYeathersbee, Duvall and Sneider, but by September 27 the "Musketeers" had completed the sharpening of their swords, and were in perfect condition both mentally and physically to meet any man's eleven, as was shown by the way Richmond "tended to business" and beat Charleston Hi 25 to 0. The following week after touching up on some of the weak points showed up by the Charleston game, "The Team" completely outclassed the Sumter Hi team, the score being 45 to 7. 0 I A l 1 v After the victory of last week the team and school as a whole were in height of good spirits and felt that nothing short of a miracle could stop "our team," but we knew we had no set-up in the coming game with Gordon on October 13. This game as is always expected was a good one: it wasn't a walk-away, but Richmond was just too good for her opponents and won by the score of 27 to o. Practice up to this time had been light compared to what the squad met in preparation for what was supposed to be our hardest game of the season with G. M. C. The news was scattered about that G. M. C. was going to "tend to business and to Richmond 1" well they "tended to business," but not in quite as Hnished a style as Richmond, and the Purple and Gold were again victors by the score of IQ to o. This game was featured by real team-play of both teams and the individual play of Golden, when he ran 66 yards from the kick off. Frank Oliver caught a perfect pass and ran for a touchdown, and Broadus VVeathersbee. a Richmond player, caught tl1e ball on the kick-off and ran 75 yards for a touchdown. On October 27, those "Scrapping Irishmen" from Savannah journeyed to Augusta and as usual the Benedictine team scrapped, but they were just out- classed and another victory was added to the Musketeers' collection by the score of 33 to o. Now came the real week, the one which a lot of the older players were looking forward to. For the purpose of "sweet revenge," we were to play "Carlisle," see? and the whole team was looking forward to the trip to Orangeburg, then to Atlanta, to play G. M. A. and tglory bell three days absence from school. lYell, the lloys got their revenge and the team got a wonderful trip. It seemed that "the team" was just on its toes and they certainly lived up to the name they had received a short while before, "The Golden Horde." by licking Carlisle in a one-sided game 42 to 7, and then turning right around and heating G. M. A. the following Saturday 40 to O. The next week Atlanta had another try at defeating Richmond in the form of Boys' Hi, but their hopes were doomed to disappointment and in one of the best games of the year Richmond won hy the score of IQ to O. That old idea of the breaks of the game again proved itself true in the annual battle with the Savannah tHoyl School, in Savannah on November 17. This game was a tough one and well played by both teams, but anyway it was a great game and some real football ability was exhibited. but it is still the secret opinion of the author of this article that Richmond had the best team, although Savannah had a stomp-down good one and the score was O to O. After the Savannah game. the battle-worthy warriors of Richmond had a week of light practice and no game, then started the "grilling" and touching np of the line points in a wonderful football machine in preparednessg for the South's best two prep school teams were to meet in the form of Richmond and Tech Hi. This was rated by several persons who know, to have been one of the best prep school games ever played in the South, but again Richmond came off with the honors and won the score of I2 to 6. The high lights of this game were Bolden's runs and his passes, NVatkins's return of a punt for 32 yards and the whole play of the team as a unit. For Tech Hi, Mott was the star, scoring the touch-down with a 60-yard run in the fourth quarter. This year's team, which was truly a "XVonder Team," was not due to the play of any one individual, but to the iight and spirit of the whole team, we know that the "zo" team will be equally as great. There will be names that have become very prominent in the athletic annals of Richmond. whose names will not appear in the lineups of next year: Dutch Lucky, Tom Bruce, Alvin Baird, Broadus Wleathersbee. Eni Griffin, Buck Vvatkins and Parks Hendee. THE END. P. H. and XV. B. BRUCE XVEATHERSIIEE GRIFFIN . HURT . LUCKY DUVALL . BELL . SNIQIDER . Letter Men . End . End . End . Tavklv . Tavklf' Guard Guard Guard CALDWELL BAIRD, Captain BULDEN . . TRmm1ERHoL'sER HENIJEE . JACKSON . fDLIVER . VVATKINS . BRUWN . Student Managm- . Center Halfback Halfback Halfback Halfback Halfback . Fullback Quarfcfrback 4'- 'a K X5 I I O 0 O 0.0 O O 0.0 C 0.9 6 Q.. 0.0 1 0.6 1 1.1 O U I O Q O O I I O Q Q O O O O O .6 O 'v Y 5 H lk A A N R 'W L, ,M 1 in 1 v X X A o 1 a 0 to 1 O C C 4 0 Q 4 so 0 0 40 o Q lo Q A 4 C O I v o 1 s s 4 no 4 I o s Q C v If I lily 9 D BASKETQBALL Basket-Ball Season 1929 The lmasket-hall team nf this year. IQ2Q, due to rt 1. t many handicaps. such as the lwss of several stars. and the nlwening uf school two weeks Or more late. thus nut allowing the cuach time In produce new and prttper men to till the shues of last year's losses. was nut fully up t-im standard. Another out- standing reasnn for the tiff season was the fact that for the lack of time. as stated ahtwe, it was nut pos- sihle In produce the proper team wurk in the team hefr-re the season was in full swing. and it takes a machine that has teamwork as its chief quality to CILXVH llaigssiitta put nut a real basket-hall team. But with all of this we count this season as une of Richinuncls many suc- cesses. hecause the laws wurkerl hard every evening and wun four and lost 3 Ollt of I3 games. Cwach wishes tu annnunce that next years' practice will begin immediately following ftmthall seasu P11 and Richmwnd hopes to have a good team next year. Hut just rememher to please he lenient in your criticism of the team of 19.29 and accept the "alibi" offered. and remember that. winning ur losing. it was Richmund's team. it was flzc team. P. H. and XY. B. ,T - .Z .-.rl-:T--.Muzi .5 - - . , Zn' . ' ' BasketfBa11 Lettermen ESI GRIFFIN, C'11ptai11 . . R1llI11l.Il!1 Lizmrd 111- f"tJI'Ix'lIl DESMUND HEATT11-1 . . . 1611111111111 LI11111-11 CLARENCE HL.xNcH,x1:11 . . . 5111111111111 4211111-11 'IEFF B111.11Ex , . . 1"111'm11'11 111' Lvfllfff' LEE .YXVEREIT .... . . SIa1111'1'1111 G11a1'11 CLARENCE I11..xxf11.x1:11 . . 1'111"z1'111'd 111' L1-111v1' Ilxkxs HIQNIPFIE . . . F111'z.'a1'1I -IAx1r:sL'.xs111x . . If111'zu111'd 1 A 1 4 Track Season of 1928 As the result of hard work and rleterminution on the part uf all lmys and the couch, the team of IQZS was very successful. .Xll huyg played their part in building' 21 strcmg team and in iipliivlcliiig the high stanclzircls uf Richmonrl, and this successful season will he rememheretl in the future years. I.l2'l'TER MEN HIT 19.28 hlixcxsux, Cldfflll-II l'0WIiRS B.-xlwim RAINWATER BENTL1-:Y ST1lL'IfJIi1IIRE Burt, 'l'Hizu.ING, Manager l:l'I.Glll'M, B. Yizitnizrtx' XYATKINS OUTCOMIZ OF SEASON . 64 XYrens . . . 24 , 355 Geurgia Normal . . 4122 . . 52 Spartanburg Hi . 25 luclnnond Ist plum in 10th District Meet. ' lxiclunond girl pl ne in Tech Relays. I ' xxxNym.3. I Jackson, the captain of the Team of 1928, led the boys in the most successful season of the past few years. He will always be remembered as one of the best track captains that has ever put a foot on Rich- mond's cinder path. A. R. C. 'W J. C. A. TRACK RECORDS 100 yard dash, H. Cleckley, 1921. 220 yard dash, H. Cleckley, IQ2I. 440 yard dash, J. O'C0nnor, 1916. 120 yard low hurdles, M. NYillia1ns, 1924. High jump, B. Rigsby, 1917. Broad jump, A. Sack, 1924. Pole vault. H. Rainwater, 1928. 12lb. shot, VV. Fair, 1924. junior Discus, H. Cleckley, 1921. One-half mile relay, 1924-I minute 37 seconds, consisting of: D. Miller, F. Powell, M. lYilliams. Pole vault record broken this season by Rainwater. Season of 1929 will appear in the RAINBOW of 1930. XY. Cabaniss Baseball Season of ll928 Due to the fact that the RAINBOW' of 1928 was sent to the printer before base- ball season was completed, it was impossible to put in the pictures of the players and a review of the season. Due to the hard work. good spirit, and great success of the team of 1928 season, they are due some recognition. Tl1e Annual Staif of 1929 dedicates this page as a token of appreciation by the school as a whole for the hard work of tl1e boys and coaches of 1928 season. T. XY. GRESSETTE . . . . Head Coach A. F. Sunasox . . .lsxistazzt Coach LETTERMEN OF 1928 HENDEIiSl'JN, Captain FLEAUNC. BAGBY -lo11ANs1zN BEATTIE KEI.l.X' BOLDEN LE.-XPHEART CSARDINER, Manager Richmond . Richmond . Richmond . Richmond . Richmond . Richmond . Richmond . Richmond . TOTAL RAoFoRD, A. RESULTS OF GAMFS OF 1928 25 Xliashington High . 9 Orangeburg High . . 16 Orangeburg High . . . S Parris Island Marines . 3 Parris Island Marines . 5 Carlisle . . 7 Carlisle .... . IO Carolina Freshmen . . S1 TOTAL . THE END. Tennis 1928 9 'N . .,, A X . Q I BELL RIDGWAY GRIFFIN SHERIDAN C. H. BIITCHELL, Faculty .-ldz'i.vor After the local tournament, in which Bell, Ridgway, Gritiin, Sheridan, and Hendee proved winners in the five hrackets played, the team took on some out- siders with the following results: b April 28th-University School of Atlanta, IQ A. R. C., 8 May 12th-lYaynesboro High School, 0: A. R. C., S May 5th-Savannah High School, 33 A. R. C., 6 May 26th-Savannah High School, 73 A. R. C., 2 Three out of the four meets went the right way. Bell and Ridgway were chief point-getters, but Griffin and Sheridan, as No. I doubles team and Nos. I and 2 in singles, faced stiffer opposition. It was a well-balanced team. All meets were played at home with the exception of the first with Savannah. This year's prospects are good. as we have three veterans with us in Gritiin. Bell, and Hendee, and there is plenty of good Inaterial for recruits. Meets are proposed with Boys' High of Atlanta, the snappy VVaynesboro team, and the ancient foe, Savannah. ' Q g-., Q ' 'ul ' N ., 1 IL s 1 . N it f 'i ' 4 ' .45 A in 4 I I -Pj, Q .1 rl 4 ,h"'.I' '1- ,A v r L L .1 H , N I X 'Hi 1 r f"'N J .gf A 32' 'Un f fm ' 'D xLn'Wxi!"fEU ff? 5,533 .1 f LILJ-f Kfflisf ,Af M LLLVA jr ,Im X wq Q , fgkfjl 'T E J A kk. nf-f 'I Qfcgy :L N ll Y YYY PFI rr Ph Q. ,v 1 ,.,, 1' if-Exit , 1 ,V W W ' -I I , 1 1 it !,1 I '- .," 55 lk Muir, :- Pf r' fl N ff I Y'l' ,I Y ,Vr -f ,f , a 2' ' 'IV x All f-5 I I -I Z- C ll' .Q g,,A I ,y V 5 f J- r 2 r P ,v l v lflrtlt I f ful pvrx ll x I 4' Q P lv ' Il f I 1 nl. M I V , 1' '1'f'.'rrr 1 ,"' 1 J'I VTPI' rr r nn vv uf I L ' ,lzv-ll11,!r'I!1f4'vr 'H fain W fV" "X ' ' V4 '1 '!l ,. 14 ar ,ig P 1n,' ,JJ ' 7' I K K- V, , 417412597 - X L W run -- --7 v . 2. cf ----.-f 1 , - ff? " jg -, 'Q K Q RX' , , ' -f : fAT 1 -1-1 X "-1.4, X fl 4 fi Q ,fi 1, ' 1 - 31 ,. li ' -, 'IL is I ' 3 W3 S, 'S' G Q ff' 1 J xx I X L DS and JOKES ,I 1 'E JE" kk? ,,l lr .1BJ'J"-. k T ' 'I- qhf :tk ,sf-H,-1 x V' V 47:1 L 1 .M Y f ' M L .4 0 9 UNUSUAL CANDIES For those who Hove fine things A Sw . . .6512 GEORGIA RAILROAD BA K lll'l:l's'l'.x I1 Hlilllllilj nl-'lflr-1-.'l.'x lllllxl:l.lcs ll, l'lllNlZY . . . , 1'le,-,Q.',l.'l,l slxxlllil. xllxllllx , A . lil-4-I' ,-.A Nnllllll llexl, ll, lll-:MAN A , A lv .'.'A 1' IAIA Nlllllll .l, I,lClC l-I'l'lllQlllclll:lc l'i f-,'A l'l-,willful ex, ls. mix li,XNll' lin'-I' ,,.' Slllfllf .X. II. lil'l'l'ilICX . . I'rr.wl1l'r1' I". li, I'Hl,lC . , ,INST-Vllllll l'u.wl1l':'l' .l, .ll l:l:l-3sN.xll.xN ,lxxixl ,,,, l fwlillffl Uptown Branch lllcll, l' l:,l'l'l-is A . , ll. -.AA lv.-.wl.ll,lr ll. lf. Nl,Xli'I'lN , rmlllfl- I' ra-N Uivliv "1'nlllIl:ll'o lill' Illi-it'l'fiYl' Ililll: illllilllf "i,iIll. Ulf. 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The National Exchange Bank Q A NATIONAL BANK WITH A SAVINGS DEPARTMENT 6 I MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 1 igfavslef- Q4 'It-Kits x ll . . , .,.., l rj F 4,-Y-loo ooaoooooooooooo-ooovo. . . AUGUSTA COCA COlLA BOTTLING CO, AUGUSA, GEORGIA CROGGS 81 EWI G ARCHITECTS A Augusta, Georgia Q Hr. llniwly: "What flinl Sir lY:1lte-r Raleigh say to tlu- Queen wlwu lm tliruw Qlmvn llis 1'uzlIY" .luv l4'1'auilQli11: "Sta-p un it. kill." 'X' EP 6? 4? 'Tuiiiv quivk. lllillllll, little ljlSl'2lI"S outing all flue l'ZllhlllS off flw llyprilwif' COMPLIMENTS OF COLLEGE CLOTHES -FOR THE- H LL, PARTICULAR COLLEGE MAN B and they are particular 'Flint if why we- pay II1ll'tl4'lllill' uttvntion , ln youu' 1-lutliiug' nm-als in on-ry line. A XXI- L-xtunfl il sin-1-inl invitation to ATTORNEYS AT LAW .1l'NIHl! i'Ul.l.l'IHl'I Ntmlvntx to iu- 4 sin-vt our stuck :lt alll limos, L. SYLVESTER S . o Augusta. Georgia sm imluii gl?-,a--f-f wfevwwweie ,. B x o D-'sen ers! H45 'ai " I ' we ,, J.C.PENNEY CQ 824 Broad Street HEADQUARTERS FOR ACADEMY SHOES Q o C 5' QZMISZUQ KO I 922 Broad Street Phone 378 z Din-kz "At ai hiflll I gaiw up my nilimlulm-S." Wade: "WIiut sign?" Dick: "At the sign of the Hurt-0 Iiliilij Nha-'s only il plumstogniplif-1"s lIilIl,LfIItQg', Init slim-'s truly tim-vt-Ifrpvfl. THE PLA TER COTTON OIL CO., Inc. Manufactzzrers of Cotton Seed Products and Operators of Cotton Ginnery Augusta, " Georgia j Face and Common B R I C I4 Full Range of Colors in Face Brick , GEORGIA-CAROLINA BRICK CO. Augusta, :: Georgia nh igiinv--Qrg gpg: .......: 'fd 'L . . . V g-iv-f-ff+--.- -4-Q-f-3-fwas-N-2-Q-New-N-Nwe-safe-Xearffafeveas-Q-Qif12-fsfefm-QQ-wwe-mv-'40 E LOMBARD IRON WORKS 81 SUPPLY COMPANY 2 I Ii Augusta, Georgia W gi ro M ' A E Machinery : Supplies : Repairs gd 1 6, ,, . s EVERYTHING FOR THE MILL I5 X, is , 14,5 ",- 4 7, .Q A 1-1 ei P A -.-.- az: 3- 755:34 We n,nn .,,, ii,i ir 2 Phone V. P BROWN COUPERI I 3 1 6 ' ' f -1 an .rim V ill!! 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Augusta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia "Say It Willz Flonrersi' DEPENDABLE -I'll'Ulll- Cloucl's Greenhouses INSURANCE ".Xl'f1l'S'l',X'N LA Rt J ENT GR ICICN- llHl.'Sl'IS" y 1423 Estes St. Phone 3314 LORICK 8: VAIDEN Illlllglltlllt l'urunt Hi 11. um: "Young man, what tlo you rxwun hy lrl'lllQ1'lllQ my ' rlziuglntur' in at this l1m1r'!" Flaming Youth: "Wt-ll. I gotta be nt work hy T.' F. li. Ferris 8: Co. STARK Cl05hif'f3 Cleaning and Dyeing - 1- am Office: 743 Broad Haberdaslzers . 1. Opposite AlltIllIllll'llt 0 752 Broad Street Phone 769 I' AllgLlSl3, I G6Ol'gl3. Imperial 'flieutre liuilrliug f'o,111'l,1J1f:.Y7'.w OF Southern Lee, Congdon 81 Fulcher Finance Corporation Real Estate Loans Attorneys at Law Fire and Casualty Insurance 'f Augusta, Georgia Nt'lI"l'llliRX FlN.xNm'li Hl'll,DIN4'1 ,, u iii .oz ..q.l I l Q I 0 2 ,eggs onooQo6....ooo3o8oeoQoo5eq THE AUGUSTA HERALD Tllli U,Yl,l' l'.Xl'I-IR IN XIANY IIUNIVS-'l'llIC HYIS PAIIICR IN MUNI' IIHMICS Augusta's Best and Most Progressive Paper Va .,..4 4 a . . .Va . 4 64,3 s,.,.,a..,afaYa I4-,Q P. lf. SHERON xt co. 578-80 Broad Street Hats for the Whole Family . .. 5 . 9 ,. H. SHIVIERLING JEWELER CASH OR CREDIT 910 Broad Street ,. PICTURES IN THIS ANNUAL -Made by- I SHEEHAN STUDIO on ,, 4. fs ,. ,. Q. 4. 9 .,, o ga . Augusta, : Georgia Phone 1762 722 Broad St. Nr. Ml-Dolllll I. "l':ln yflll IIIWIVP that the SIIIIRIIT' of tlle llyputvnllel- is equal to tlle slllll of tllt- Sl'lllill'f's nf tlle two sinll-s of this triangle?" "I Nl-nl .Tom-sz I 1lun't Illlvl- to prove it: I arllnit it." cl- m,ll1'l,1.l1r:x1'S OF MEET AT HOME FOLKS ' Sandwiches 0 All Kinds I General Tlre 8: Supply Co. f 5 A LINE Ulf' FINE CANDIES C Augustafs Master Service mn Im" GIRLS EK Station Broad at Twelfth Street JOHN J. MILLER 8: C0. Q: 754 Broad Street o 5 0 Q fb . 'For The woman who Cares ig? T. D. CAREY 8: C0. ITN! up INVESTMENT 4 4 SECURITIES AUTV SWQRP15 mmnuto 25615 mein 0, l9'Z0 JOHNSON BLUE 'HILL BRANCH gi. PHONE 1526 267 WALTDI WAY-PMI! 1648 .,.,.,.,,A.,,,,t A,,,X,X-,KE-A gyIi'i"' Gvefe-2-M4 - - Qvwef'f'w'f"'f'f'f'f'f" "'Wt"""'V""" D C I24.513-.Sv-813-S46-.S-6-8 -6 -6,5-Slififi-813 8-8-8 -613 45--64?-'X .3 .,. to .L -Q ... BAILIE FURNITURE C0. 712 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia G . . ,..,,,n7fl . . . . . . . ........... . . . ..... lt! Sporting Goods Headquarters 1z.w1cn,x1.i.. I-'0H'I'RAI.I., ' B,fXSIiIC'I'-HAI.I. 2111.1 IICNNIS st'1'vl.l14:s BowEN Bnos. Hows. co, 905 Broad Street 3 16, -8 1. 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Congratulations to the BEST SCHOOL IN THE Q o I SOUTH League, Duvall 8: Powell Realtors mul General IIISIIVIIIICE' Herald Building Augusta. : Georgia 0 Q ,. Q ,, ,,, ,, il A I I ivy... ....... ... .. . .,...igi,- cf J Au xii: Q. Q Q Q . , Q Q Q Q Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ SHOES FOR THE FAMILY QQQQQQ QQQQI K-x. 57 , , ,Time . .nmwfr N , , , J"0"" PAY CAbH AND PAY LEbb ..,,,W,-,hm 1,,,,,Q.,.3S-- Prompt Courleous Serrice A. 330 B' Q 1 S ' 372 Broad. Augusta. ba. lou meet .IF Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q, Q BERRY DRY CLEANING CU, 207 Ellis Street Phone 2316 SCHNElDER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Clothing Outftlers for the FUIIITIYY Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Augusta, Georgia 1116 Broad St.. Augusta. Gu. 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S375 Broad Street. ::f sf wk aw PEOPLES SHOE REPAIRING. First Vlass Shoe Shop. Shoes Called for and Delivered. 5131 Broad Street. Phone 2340. vkvkikvlfblf .0 . CITY AUTO SUPPLY CO. Good Silvertown Tires and Tubes. S33 Broad Street. Phone 1326. :F Plf 29 if 3 , GEORGIA VITRIFIED BRICK 86 CLAY CO. BT2lllllf?lCIlll'9l'S of High o Grade Yitritied Materials. Augusta, Ga. Campania, Ga. tlivkikifvlf Q o - THE HENRY HUTT CO. Phnnhingg Supplies. 611 Broad Street. Phone 472. I'se Hntt's Garden Hose. ::: 21 if ar " SMITH HARDWARE COMPANY. 927 Broad Street. Phone 17. I ALEX. G. EDELBLUT FURNITURE CO. 319-321 Eigrhth Street. "The " Store ot Quality and Originality." kvkikvkfk .Q ,I MURPHY STATIONERY CO. 756 Broad Street. Phone 1790. Gradua- tion and Gift Books. Fountain Pens. Kodaks and Filnis. to . HENRY DARLING, INC. 5134 Broad Street. Clit-vrolet Automobiles. 7? 14 24 ?F FF A in-gro woinan was in an Zllltilllltlllllt' aeeident. 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BALK 81 COMPANY R' E' 8 Millinery Unusual Gifts Novelties 00 J1l'I.I.lI HX TS OF 918 Broad Street Phone 382 4 'I'he Annual Staff wishes to take this opportunity of expressing its apprecia- tion to those whose advertising in the present volume of THE RAINBOW has contributed much toward its inan- ciafl success. : : : : : 9000 we eewezeee-eeeeeeee 9-ease es ew M 5- 9' L, ,., fa, fi ,g. L g. Q, fi, f Q, ,, 'P .Q V, Of Q, ,,, I N.. .9 ..,, Qt, io Q 42 40' Cb .5 3. .2. 45 Q ,, .KL L QD P' x1 ' f , I ,Liz .G A i. . i L- 'Q' I I , ' ls ' C.- Ji ,n ' 0 ,j'-is lt, -ful' . ."-tw v , ' ., 11,-' '10 ri FS 1 1 S . ' . - . 5 . Q QL.. I " - " sv v 44,A L - A , ' A ,gl " ' ' A .ff If r -xv F' Q if - H U 48- ar' ' ,- 1 ' ' U A 'A 9 1' A . ' 4 V' .L r 6 l S 9 ' at . Q Q , 'fl - C H . I l 4 ' . .. . Q . .' I. A 1" ' .1 I. ' - ' 'LLQ , '4 0 ' fd -' .' ,' . . ' ', I ' I -' . ,,,-243' ,,- u I ' 'nan '1g Q AQ, .'IL:.' tj-' l 5' ' Q 4 or A u 0 . ' o 4 o 'I' A -'J Q 1 u 4 ,'L 'r ' - 2 .'fxLf'C A ' ' . , . 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Suggestions in the Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


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Academy of Richmond County High School - Arc Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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