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Academy of Our Lady of Peace - Villa Montemar Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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W . -4. sms L Lyle KN ff If LY iizuk -frf!:'f'1Y" II-4' 1 ' 433, px 1' ' K" is ' "' ' 1 fm -I , +2 -' .. , W x ' -413' ' I , f- - 4' 'j,,3..L:i" P X' .-Na! x- 1 file' ,,'1'Jli'?A A MTA Jlflmfemar 7980 ,4 cadcmy Of Our ,Cady Of Peace' Suu Dicgrf, Kzzlzfrfrzfzizz W cr ,, F 1 'ig 04.915 u 5 x. M ' i9?1iz'Sj-' I ' I ,. lg 5ssz1y A Q3 . , 'GX . I 'v A 5 I , ,.....-. .,1 Ll .-.J ,JEL 1- pf- 43 X "Vis E33 . I wh " yq 'situ' xfa? x W i5'l163iQ 4.2917 ' x A 'f - I W fa 7 'Zi .u-0' I . Qaculty Q if-Suv! X 'Ld , ft. 3:5 'f-. Most Reverend Leo T Maher Bishop of San Diego Sister Edward Mary Zerwekh Principal gmc, 1-'ay Hagen Sister Carhenhe Frances Perrin Vice-Principal Treawrfr Mrs. Concerra L. Peluso MIS- Mafgafff D- Sfhum Assistant Secretary SCCFCYHFY Sister Consuelo Aguilar Freshman moderator, Spanish. ' Mrs. Barbara A. Christensen Biology, Anatomy, Physiology N g l Sister Mary Andre Bradley Christian Person, Morality, Comparative Religion. "And when I see you happy, it sets my heart free." Sister jean Church Drawing, Water Color, Miss Melinda Blade Western Civilization, Drivers' Ed History of Germany, P.E 952. "A dreamer lives for eternity." Sister Margaret jude Corey Algebra II, Trig., Math. Analysis, junior Counselor, Sr. -1 Ms. Pauline Carbone P.E., Dance, jogging When she is not eating carrots or celery, she can be found devouring her husband's pizza. Mrs. joyce De jesus Spanish I, Span. Il, Basic Span. "Cada Loca con su Tema." Ceramics, Galligraphy. "An artist is not a special kind of man, but man is a special kind of artist." Class Adv. "Hush, Creatures!" Calligraphy, Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing, Traveling. Sister Carlotta Di Lorenzo Scripture, Contemporary Moral Prob., Marriage, 12s2. "Since Yahweh our God Lives Here, I pray for your happiness" Miss Carhy Goulet Algebra I, Drivers' Ed.fHealth, 1054 "Listen up, peeps . , . Does that make sense? . . . No Jaws!" w l Sf5fff Ellen Maflif RYU' Mrs. jean P. Muhr Sister Charleen Munana Advaflfed Placement English, Family, Reading, Traveling. Typing American Literature, Science "EmPathiZe'- Fiction Sister jean Elizabeth Nelfmelbf ' Mrs. Marla Nicolas Semof Afadfmlc 84 College Christian Person, Marriage, Counseling English II, World Church Family, Dances, Literature. Tmvell "Be of love a little more careful than anything this season." Sister Adrienne Clare Pereira MfSS -M217 ODOHHQII U.S. History, California English, Religion, Annual, History, Public RC'l3Ii0l'1S "For all that has been, Mrs. Gretchen MacDonald CO01'diHaf01'. "Life is 2 '0f1CC- 'thanks'g for all that will be, Criminal justice, Ancient in -a-lifetime' experience." 'ye5'," Higfgry, i in Ye Mrs. jill Stegman Librarian Mrs. Susan Taylor English I, II, Drama, Geography, Soph. Moderator, F.A. Chairperson, Family, Bowling, Swimming. "Take out a piece of paper and something to write with." Mrs. Pa tricra Schute Search l l Miss Margaret Wredower Chemistry, Physics, Church, Drivers' Edfl-Iealth, Amer. Lit. "DOC Wiedy' Mr. Charles j Tucker "Life is impossible without Dean of Studies, Geometry, chemistry!" Algebra- Mss Eve Ryan American Literature, jrs., English II, Sophomores English I, Freshmen "This is your day. Live it joyously and well." Miss Ellen Zachs Aerobic Dance. "Concentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have." Maintenance Staff Mr, Ted Snoddy Chief Engineer Happy 25th year, Mr. Snoddy. We love you! Mr. Rlgoberto Navarro Mr. Dick George V Zzculfy ,fit Wrfrk And Play L . ef' Q c :ij-x-. 'Ig' IIIII! f' ff . ,II II . 1 I IIIIIII I III I J I I N ll IIIIIIIIII II Scnizrr . . l nllii ll I llllllll llllll lllll I I I 1 I I I I l E I I I E I I I I I I I 1 I I I l l I l I l I I I I I I l I 1 Z 1 I I 1 I I I I I I I I I - Q I I I -in wlffx' pf ' If 'f I"riWfQ ., If Ffa 32. , -EIE57' efifillig 'fifxfxx-V,a,f2f3'1U'L.Tg3E" f ek av ff I Serv: I II f if '-.ij -cgi-1 V ,wex 5 4 , llllilllllllmn 1 III IIEI I l.llulllllllxlllnlrluuuulnuunnunnuun 3-ij ' . qjglxfrsf ii fn lzffsbik 'If i,.I,!,4 ff In mfg wi s K. "ww if -xt II I I IX ll'-iffxfz EQFBQWK - I jfs I f' gxis-k ,Nx ' I 1 : f-'-:SS-1 If A ' A : I TRII1-IQE' I lllllllllllllllllllllhlfllflllllllllllllifll 6, fglikc--if ip -E1-7 ' 1' Q' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'I Ax ' .- III I 5' . Ex-3 f .Q I ith' ' .fa fffqi W ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII el ' : '1' ,' lb : 2 - mg : E JN - r f J - 5 I EIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I IlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllll H Q3 QVQEYQS, Q.,5f157fQg5,fc,,4 QW' Jcxmf A15-.,, . ,V rg gloufer ,714 gllff Kloom X . 95- P- , f"'-I I h Aj' XF vain 4A 3 vp i .I fl. 1 -D I 1 y A imri AL.. 5. :,' if. rf ' ' " 'I Q 15 "i ' I' "" A .M H. xyxwf "V" 1 wflrdfxz f ' -, 1 ,H V, -4 , " .w y " J Q, 1 -- 1 ' I 'I ' - llllllll: fi xx 1' fy' E 12 1 ff x - : ..f . X.. X . : ,, ' 7 'Q A1 - 5 I 9- ,, . Q 'P E E 4'i"l'Q f ffyjfff x " k ak hw ,F - E as M S 5 5 uf 'yr' 'Q QQ?-: ' i QM WI.. M E 5 E 'L XX ' - : - k ---4 -' : : w' - g E E if l 1 E 1--4q',A',3Vl LJ : 5 i s if! .5 a - 1 'A' J" : : 1 1 fr", : : : I T: I '- 4 ! . - a 2 I I 1 '5 I A I 1 E 5 1 I-' ' E 2 E E I- u E 5 E E 2 ' I n in : l - :1 : 5 ' 1-1 Q - . D- .J 1 Z : I : : : : I S 2 2 I E 1 I - : E I 2 E IIllIlllllllllllllllllllll-IIIHIIIIlllllllllllllllll-ll-lllllllllm,..: i illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllillIIIIIHIIIIE we :wr JP Nffv, ,,,f,,, by 5115? rv!" iff" 97 W' MU .,' f'-f , ' HIT! YJi:"5btk'iA Hai' ' 4 I 'IWM if MARY AGOSTINO Mare . . . Span. Club, Span. Honor Sociery"Good Times with Bestest Friend! Oh God Fizzinsg Love to jBg JCg MC: GG, DS, Memories Forever! I don't know where I'M goingg but I'M on my way . . . ILYML. MARCELLE LAURA AREL Marci"Always be your own person, cuz Luv to jan 8: Peg - I'm here if you need pajm - hi there! SS, Never made Mom 8: Dad, I love you, Always, CSF maybe next year? Wanna Big MaC?? VERONICA MARY FRANCES ALLEN Rormie'high"'Pilot! S. Sing! Yowza"'Ski Ziebzig - ever been? Sts! Morley"M. Movie Prom? SLO! IT'S CASUAL"'WIFF'Me spaced Art' 3 sis summertime "HERE'S TO US - HI X's - 4 ever! .IONI LEE ANGELES jo-Los Angeles, B. Friends, Kapachelli Brat Marus 8: twin sis Deb "Hey Chick" Ski trips -79, "it must be Zeppelin" turn on the tunes' Smiles - cottonpickin straight - Love to Mom 81 Dad. MARY CAROLINE ARENZANA Caroline, Little One, Misey . . . SS 1-4 Red Cross Club Pres"Sts Varsity Cheer Shh'Bk. 6 Chem'Pluckey Bk. 4"'Bear""l'erroric Friendship"'C 8: M' Mom 8: Dad"My Love 8z Thanks to all UCSD . . . Medicine LURA ELIZABETH BARBARA ASHWORTH French club 2-3, Madrigals 5, Chess 4, My Buddies, SCA, Silly me, Am I in the right place? Thanks to Mom 8: Dad. We are but the stuff that dreams are made of . . . Good Bye! KAREN ROSE BARNES The other half of Kimmer, the Zeph! Morley in the morning, Big Bear Trip High Brownies, Applegas, the Rivera, Tooters, Doctor's Appt., Maire, Love to: KMCMBRGKMRTA, but mostly Bryant! PAULINE VICTORIA AVALOS Sami, Paul, Spanish club 1-4, Intramurals 2-4, Spring Sing 2-4, class cheerleader 4, GAA 3 Sz 4,-Junior Patio, love to the Gang, memories stay forever, reach for the stars." LEAN MARIE BABUTA "Hey . . . howz it going", sss 1-4"'Don Ho"Mickey Mouse"Kathleen"Thanks Doopey! Herbie"'O 8: OTL"'MjKC""'E 8: V" "Oh Well .. . "That's Life" Love to all - esp. Mom 8: Dad""D""'Bear"WSU"'Guam" Bo!"'Images! KIM MARIE BARNES The other half of Karen, The Zephyr, Big Bear Ski Trips, Apple gas, High Beans, "Tooters" Universal Studios, "Wait Until Dark" KMACRLCM. JEANETTE MARIE BILLICK jannieg Times wfC.N., Feb. '78-'79 july 4th, Nov. 17th, Feb. 14th. Prom of '79. May 26, '79. Plans to attend a j.C. "Let yourself love and feel love around you, Be happy always." AMY LEA MARY BOLWERK Aim fwith a yj Carpoolsg ville Inn UGG S-Sing 1-4 Saints Charity Bowl 79 Dances, Promsgjim and Co. Consortium Anatomy Blk. 2 Midsession 79 - USD guys My love to Mom 8: Dad. Congratz friends TERESA MARIE BARRACK Trese . . . Spring Sing 1-4, jr Treas, NHS Vice Pres, Intr Volleyball, CSF SHS, Cheezy, Oscar, Carls, Prom 79, Senior Class Rep, Smjude's Class, "Are you listening?" LAURA BOWEN L. Bowen howz it goin? jun Cheer, silly celebrations Gimme Mick! Dooders hooters! Lisa, fun times, Sandy, Anne good buds, Luv to all my friends, family, "Oh to live on Sugar Mountain" KELLY ANNE ELIZABETH BRENNAN Spring Sing 1-4, G's Bc D's, Teddy Bear Cosmic! "ya know?" T-Bird cruisin' Pink champagne, morely, H2, ski beach all them radley space cadettes, Tosh wanna be surfers, summer '79, Scott. JEANETTE MARIE BURNEY Mabe and Froggy, Midsession '77, BK6, Spring Sing, Hawaii, College Baseball - Dodger Blue! Luv to my family, Deb, Don, all the guys, and the class of '80, DIANE MARIE BROWN Mouse, Mo, Bean, Chesty. Love to You Ski trip - 3, crazies 1-4, Annual 1-4 Miss OLP, Charity Bowl, Home Coming UTC with Bell, Spanish with Mouse. Thanks Mom 84 Dad, Luv ya 2 th future GERALDINE CALI Geri, Dine, Cruisin' with Cris, My Bus! Saints V. Cheer 4 Pilots 3 S. Sing 1-4 Games rally's parti Fridays, he's here SLO, Summer '79, "my laugh" morely! Be yourself be happy, you'll succeed! JENNIFER ANN CAMPBELL HERE'S TO GOOD FRIENDS . . . Let the good times roll, parties, FI, concerts, Memories with Glenna and Mary. eating 1-4, Morley, WC, SLO, L 8: M's, Thanks MOM Bc DAD, Matt, Mark SL Ann! MARIA LOUISE FRANCES CAPOSSERE Cap, Brat . . . B. Friends, Psyco, Worm jonus, Lisus, Aug. 5, F.D.L. Proms. Miss O.L.P's, Sept. 16, Succhi,june 23, Summer 79, Praise my mountains 'crazy wop'A1l of my love to you, Dad. ANGELA ESTELA CARRASCO CASTRO "Mari Estel" summer 78 wfLaura Tee, B Days at KJ, Sept, 17, Toros Bc Tilly's, Lomas y cocodri1o"Mexical i 79, carang-berta, prepa F,H.H. Van, Sept 22 wfLaura G,CQ,MAZDA V, Aug. 25 - MA' GLEE CAROLAN GLEE, black beauty, high 8a low times ski b, the pit, long distance yo, HB ya big woman, PP, ever felt alone in a crowd Boo? If you can't cross a bridge, jump it! Mary, ug, Thanxs!!! l GWENDOLYN MARIE CARTER Gwen . . . "They who go feel not the pain ot' parting, it is they who stay behind that suffer." . . . The Gang'jr. Patio . . ."STPEVPN"' MARGO MARIE CLAUSEN MENDOZA Twin, Cheer 1-4, Games, Rallys, M 8: SB, Cindi, Laura, friends, Which one are you? hair, laugh, Cousins, Pretty Baby!!! Marla, Love to Grandma, Mom and Dad, Study, travel, work, live! MARY CARMEN FRANCISCA CERQUEIRA Bright Eyes, Psycho Marus, Rosie P., Class Cheer 4, ASB Ball, proms, my cuz Myrm, Cap,jonus, Lisus, Glutch, Yo! Liven Up Babe"Be that way, 2f8f79 All of my Love to you Mom, Dad 8: Bab A'.L.l MARLA MARIE CLAUSEN MENDOZA Marla. Margo? Angel remember, B. Dancel, Esther, Cindy, M 8: M's, Tamia 8: Monica"femando'jupiter"' Wonderland"45th S. Sing! Sts! Summer '79"Blondes, the Gym, M 6: D'Grandma"'wild mountain honey EILEEN ANNETTE THERESA COFFEY Bean"SS 1-4"ski beach"Ha"Food fight Green mms"Skiing"Dances"RS"'Shaving Cream'Cars wfsurfracks"Apo lnvo'Fed Mart' Cruzin"Thanks - Mo"Fluff"Laur"Fia CRISTINA CECILIA CORDOVA Chris, Geri, Morley 8: Garfields Saints, Dances, Games, H2, Snowballs "He's Here" Summer of '79, Mustang Bryan 8: OS on 3, Big H PARTIES Thanks Mom 8: Dad, I Love You!!! LAURA jEAN COSTA Wild 8: Crazy guy 1692, White Skirts SS Indians, Soldiers 8: Models My Groupies: Corye, Linda, Steve Love to Mom Dad Mike Cora 8: Peter Future: Mitchells'Mom'Dad"Fami1y"'I Love You -..,,.-1 .a-.. " MARGARET CECELIA COUVRETTE Peggy . . . CSF, Spring Sing "ffl", the Goocltimes, X's 8: O's to Tommy B.B. Friends, Luv yag Twin of Sts. 572 - Shake it, College Business Degree: Luv Ya Mom 8: Dad!! Miss you all!!! 1, , .L 1 1 To Live 8: Laugh V. I ri- n, .,. .IEANNETTE MARIE D'ACQUISTO Sec. Secretary, Class treas. Being a crazy wop! Always smiling! Miss OLP ASB, Maria 8: the gang, Vill-in, Prom Dieting, thanx to Mom, Dad, Family Praise my mountains, Hi! ya'll LAURIE ANN EPPLER New York, Annual, Spring Sing, Miss OLP, R.S. 8: W.O., College, Money, Thanx for memories of friends 8: all the good times. Luv 2: Dad 8: Mom, Mo, Eileen, Myriam, Diane, Kerry, Amy! MARIA BERNADETTE DOOLAN Du Du, Tweetie, Spring Sing 1-4, SLO Summer 78, 79gjuly 4, New Years 79. Starship 924, Bertha, Sambo's Parties Thanx Mom, Dad, 8: Friends. j.R. Dodes all time hooters, Brat, Angel. MYRIAM -IEANNETTE ESTEVANE Good Times wfDianeg Mo, Bean, 8: Chesty Spring Sing and Radical Times with "Cush". Dances 8: Parties Mary - my cuz 4-ever. Special memories with Lewis, and of course, Love To Mom 8: Dad. KAREN ELIZABETH GARCIA GLENNA ALICE GAMBOA ASB Prez 8: Secg CSF-NHS, Spring Sing Spring Sing'Dances'Proms'Games Buster! Soph Princess, giggling crew Memories with jenny'And Potatoe""You Olympics - Lady jocks, toot 8: Monica, Bimbo" Plans include traveling, Thanks Vache et gorille, BPSIC, soph VP, Celeste, Mom 8: Dad, I Love You! CONE, summer 79 8: Kristin LAURA AZUCENA GARCIA HERNANDEZ My B.F. Norma, CONQUIT"'Sept. 22, Morra june 24 '78, Europe '78: Gorille 8: vache Summer '79, good times wfEstela-Laura Lunadas - Frijolitos 8: TKT, Puercas Spring Sing, Margo, Liz, Love to all. J-lil '44 DEBORAH ANN GARRICK Debby, Spring Sing, Midsession '77, Charity Bowl Assembly '76, Froggy Jeanette and Dodger - Padresgames Clippers!! Block 6.Ir. year, Big Rig consort. classes, "How late am I?" TAMMY GIBALDI Cheap Trick, R2, Hotel Del, jn. 4, SLO, WW, jersy, b cott, cruz CDO, blu truks, mw, v s liq, records, coke adds life, parties I dont rembr, Im gona pg lat, spy, punys luv to JAN, AN, -JOD, RON, CRIS, TINA, 8: fam CARMEN CYNTHIA GRONICH Cindi fi not yll Grunch. Ville Inn - FAT Diets. "I'm starving!" Summer of "79" - The B.G. Beach with friends. Midsession - USD Guys, "They're so- 0 BIG! ALL MY LOVE TO MOM 81 DAD 81 FRIENDS. CARMEL MARIE GOUVEIA Spring Sing 1-4 . . . Colo. Summer '79 . . . My BSIC Joyce . . . M. Calenclar's . . . NHS "I'm so embarrassed' Portugese Sister Tuna Time . . . Proms . . . Games . . . Dances My love to mom 8: dad 8: friends. LISA MARIE HAMEL CLARISSA HILL Caisona, Charlies Angels, Conqui Serenatas en Mexico, Toros 64 Tilys La Costa, Prom 2, 3, 4, "shutt up Clair" St games, parties, Gracias papis. Spanish con rupp, trouble n racer passin geo, pickin up trash, Disco per. 3, Friday night football, get togethers, Pac We game 78, summer 79 It's been great! NINA -JACQUELINE GRANJA jami 8: Wonderwoman, Tere 8: Baba, Rey Tony, Fuchi, KD, Freddy 72, Yacks, Dancin', Sagi, Love to Ma 8: Dad, M 8: L, Love and happiness to my friends, VS "Always and Forever" Ninoschka ANNE ELIZABETH HARDING AEH The "TRIO" - Wild n' Crazy Gals! Tennis, Skiing, Glee, Spring.Sing 931 Morley"'Catch me UFO Woman! Sts. affss LUV'BUG Cruisin' AWOO! Cuties 8: Leggs "We're Seniors, we can do ANYTHING" 17 KRISTINA MARIE HOFFMAN Procrastinator?? "symps" 6c Ms. Wiedy, CSF v.prez, Chess Club Prez! Fr. Club, NHS, Sci Fair, piano, NMSQ, Ms. Rigby, prom 79! Leshmanbak? Anti Martian Math? Smdg"'Sea Wrlcl, FRENDZ! Life goes on! MARY LUCILLE IANNUCCI MARA . . . swim Capt. 3 . . . jamie, Valench RO, jane, CeeCee, Bruce, Rolaids . . . Ken cinema, artsy, punk, GREAT! L-o-l-a, Ray 8: Dave, NPLC, f.d. at U.C.L.A, Press your space face close to mine, love. CECILIA ANN HUMPHREY BOO! Ciyp, SS, 1-4, Var. Cheerleader, HC, 77 in shatters, Zorba, Gomer, I'm in the twilight zone! Mbu-Mub another one Mo? Yogi, Lieb, Glee, We are Devo!! DEBORAH LYNN JOHNS Deb . . . 5 musks: jo-Lee, Anna, Tere 8: Anns June 3, summer 78, skiing - 783 79: KAMg Spring Sing, Pep Club 3, Prez 43 lunch partiesg my GLC . . . "Taxi", "Oh, Well!" "Super G"g Love 81 Thanx to Mom 8: Dadg 80 MARY MARGARET KANKOWSKI Mair . . . Spr Sing 1-4, Sts. games, dances exercz, cone, proms, giggling crew, F.H. finally driving, CILTS!, PH, Mark, love to Mom 8a Dad 8: special friends! thanx Kristin, carpool, nursing career LISA MARIE KAPSALA Lee, Special Friends . . . especially jo joa Brat 8: Deb! CSF, Skiing 78 8: 79" Spring Sing 2-4, Rainbows, "Eating around the Middle" Is this Zeppelin? Miss Avocado, PORSHE' Love to N Ba D. TERESA KAVANAGH Tere - Spring Singg Tennisg Skiingg Swim Good times with "the trio"g Debsg Leegjog friendsg promsg cruising parries Morley - St. Dances - I could dig on him Thanx to Momg Dadg and the family, R.W. MAIRE KELLEY Tab'Head so. Ditch on rainy dayg Do it What are you, crazy or something? V.B casual whiffg OTL, SF . . . Willy - jeep jeep ran-ran, sunsetg meng Spaing Superg Karen There's got ro be more in lifeg write PONGEE KAYE KENNEDY CSF, NHS, Red Cross off. FRENCH club Sec. Pres. Ah oui, 6f15f79 . . . t.l.c. friendship, amour a ma famille: PRE-MED 8: FRANCE. RO. Love 8: happiness.'Reach across the galaxy . . . Success is ours' CARRIE ELIZABETH KNOWLES Glee club . . . Cinderella . . . joseph's coat Madrigals . . . Spring Sing . . . Class Ring Carrus . , . james Bond, O07 . . . Vill-Inn, Dollar bet . . . Farrels, twins . . . Prom excitement . . . Good luck to all . . . 1980 MARY KIELTY ASB Comm. Clubs 8: Vice, S. Sing 1-4 The Gang, Ski, Morleyg Space Cadette Cheap Trick, Orange Times, Sauce 'GLEE' "If you can't cross a bridge jump it!" P.P. 'Buster' 'PARDONE' -JOAN KUDAS ,IODI -Ir. Chip, Sr. Prez' of S-Sing Born for Adventure! Free-for-all, S.L.O. MY ALL TIME HOOTERS 1, 2, 3 . . . Zeeb-Zig, j's - Boda bags, jewels - the lillamb, RAD TIMESQ Santa Barbarians! MARGARET CANDICE LARSON Candi, NHS prez! CSF - 4 French Club Paris, Mammoth, Pinto. Calculus USD Rigby disciple - "Quotes" Doc Weedy Smudge, Math Contests, "brane" Kris, wha'd you get? Med School . . . KATHLEEN DIANE THEERESA LEACH Kath . . . Kacky .. . Brenda . Spring Sing 1-4 Summer of '79 . . . -136 bus! Charity Bowls Biology B1.6 Neurotic Fish! Dancesat Saints, Rallies. I need a job! Love to Mom, Mimi, Cindig Amy, good luck!!! CAROL ANN LESHER "LESHMANBAK" Missions, Search 78, Prom 79, ASB Ball 79! 18 and FREE! Growing up real fast. Thanks and love to Buddy, Bubu and jesus for being there when I needed them. MARY THERESA LINGES Sec. V,P. - 4, Spring Sing 1-4 "w" Tennis 2 . . . Ski 79, Super Scooper, Skating wfKathy, Silver-Strand, Special Pals, Luv ya Mom 8: Dad. LORETTA JOYCE LUDWIG Lori, SEARCH 78, summer of 79 - Sol youth groupg Paul, Carl, Monica, Aunt Emma, Sr. G.A. Colleen, Denise, Lura juliehjulie S. plans are still undediced, thanks mom, dad 8: family. .JULIE NADINE LONDO julie, 12sl, Spring Sing 1-4 "let there be lights" The bang, Lori, CP "bet the feeling 80 4-Wheeling! Open the windows! Annual Editor!!! Is class really over? MARCIA ARCELIA LUNA Spanish Club, Red Cross Club, Drama: "Bull in a China Shop" . . . Post 4009 Attend U.C. Davis fvetj Taide 8: gang the best of luck always! BKPRT . . . Love ya Mom 8: Dad. "What did she say?" MELANIE ANNE MATWAY Mel, Aquarius, CSF, SHH, Chess Club, midsessions, carpools, braces, new friends. "All the fowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today." Love Sc thanks to all. KATHLEEN MCAULIFFE Spr. Sing 1-4, Parties on Upper Court Summer Plays . . . Annie,Mere, D,T,M . . . Special friends and memories, jean Sixteenth birthday . . . Thanks MO Thanks to Mom and Dad, I love you SANDRA MCKEN NA Sandy . . . ASB Secretary, S.S., 'Sauce' my cheer . . . So many different people and different kinds of fun, Thanks. Always take time to laugh and smile, it's the simple things that count. TAMRA DENISE MENDOZA 9th Pershing, 10th PH then OLP, wild and crazy class, gomer, Miss OLP, jr Prom - Gerry, gooloo Boo, Spring Sing 11 8: 12, New friends, McDonalds, ski beach, morely, a car, bye class of 80 MONICA -JANE MEULMESTER NHS, CSF, Class Prez. 3, North CA, Cheering: STS. 1 8: 4, Class 2, CONE, Spring Sing 1, 2, 3, 4, A Babysitter, Puercas, Alvarado, Wash. D.C. 79', Singing, Celeste", Kristin 8: Karen. MAUREEN ANN MARIA MITCHELL Mo'Angel'Bean'Freak"Fluff'Chesty"Pat j.L. Telethon'7f11'gorillas"locals'I love you Bobby Stevenson"'RS and WO at B.B.s"2f17'7f27'to Dad Mom 8: Boys Michael'Infinity"Shaving Cream"'Honey PATRICIA MIYAMOTO French, CSF, CR, Piano, Spring Sing, Qlue jays. Tij-Gdl, Prepa 1C, L A. R M T C D. -IOYCE MARIE NEWELL Nerd, N.H.S., class cheer 1, 2, Spring Sing 1, 2, 3, 4, Summer '79 Colo My B.S.I.C. Carmel, M.C. 8: me Silver Blades 84 Nationals, I SK8 4U K.O. it was real, it was life! COLLEEN DIANE O'CONNELL V-Kolibel, CSF, NHS, SHH, Red Cross Chess Club, Spring Sing, Honors Gang 8: AntiMartian Math, answering phones, "How'd you know I was Irish?" Thanks SUZANNE MARIE COLETTE OFFNER Spring Sing 1, 'Twelve Angry Women' Love and good luck to all my friends spec. Melanie, Carol, Dot, and Kathy Major in Environmental Affairs or Astronomy . . . Thanks to Mom and Dad. KATHLEEN TI-IERESE O'NEILL Drill team, plays, spring sing 1-4, old Town in Costume, Hey! I'm a Honorary Asian. Darlene the TP Queen, search . . . friends, luv ya little Brian, chem . . . pins and peas, the future is ours '80 TAIDE LUZ PEREYRA H. Spanish Club, SHH, CSF, Drama "Bull in a China Shop" Attend UCSD Marcia don't forget the good times. KMPRT . . . Hawaii be ther aloha Thanks Dad, Mom, OLP, Gang MONICA PARRA Skibunny'Tooters"'parrafernalia midski Bigbear 1-3"'Spring Sing 1-4 partawagon"'It's tottaly Rad!" CR"jK"RA"'AR'jG"GC"'LS"LB"'MK"'K 8: KB All my love to Tom fT.K. my Babel REGINA PEREZ Reg The Angel? QSAH Sec. Pres. 1- 3 jean and Hawaiian nights. Cbuzzedl! "Tree" 8: Gang and summer of 79. SIZZLERY mi "Antonito", 15 anos. GAA PRES, Volleylaall 1-4 Love ya Mom EMILY ANN PERRONE Love to Mom, Dad, and the rest of my family. I LOVE YOU DAVID! Things I remember, S-16-79, "I do love you" "When we get married" 6-22-80, low riders, oldies, and all the chavalas. NATALIE PITON NATASHA . . . FRENCH CLUB 1-4: Pres. and Secr., CSF, Red Cross, Spring Sing, SDSU: major in languages and continue studies in music. "Les grandes pensees viennenr du Coeur." PATRICIA PULIDO PATTY . . . Thanks to ama 8: apa, luck ro the green hornet fvivj, Love to the chavalas, "Good Times", Oldies, Emy, jr. Patio, Love to Annette 8: Moma . . . Umm, oh yeah! My guy Bernardo! CHRISTINE ANNE RAVENIS hyper"'twin 2'munchkin 2"'monica"'Sts. fof coursej membrg SLO"NPBT"TASC'SC mooner'john"'jodi"'t-bear"'rhe devil! I'm gonna p"'6f24f78"my thermos"'Edi Rush"HB"'Laura"Ski b"C'mon Gerry!!! ANN ELLEN REGAN Annie . . . Spring Sing, CSF, Miss OLP PIG-OUT PARTIES . . . Friends thanx for everything 8: success in the future. Love and thanx to Mom and Dad . . . On to college . . . Class of '80 . . . ANNA MARIA ROBBINS BYRD 2, SS 1-4, Partysg Ski. Bg Alchie! WW Coke t's Life! H2 Aztec jersy! Aug. 55 CT dan. 43 Hotel Del, SLO, johns, late again! Summer 78 8z 795 Grabin"Luv to Tamigjodi Ronig Chris, Kim, Moni, Geri, 8: MOM 8: DAD! DENISE LORRAINE ROBIDEAU Demouse"Madrigal Pres"Chess Club VP"'Annual''Ass.Editor"Red Cross, Glee 2-4 S.SinggFrenchgCSF"jL'CO,LA:LLJS!!! Honor Chain Gang,Doc Wiedyg Who's Who "WHAT TEST?!"SLRAgLuvg Gramp8cGram8cMom JENNIFER E. RODRIGUEZ DIAZ jenny"RO Mexico 2 8: 4""La-Iolla Nights Juliana 8c Brazilians'Climax. Great! "Es Nako, ves" Intern'l Relations?! Chick8celegance"punk"concerrs 8: Discos' Travel 8: join the jet Set ' Luv ya Ciao fi s. I, if' Z' PAMELA KATHERINE RUAN Q'VO BABY DOLL, THE PUMPKIN, Our Gang, 8-13777, 1-26-79, Paul 81 Chato Love MOM, DAD, Tammy 8: Doreen. Plans to be a policewoman. 'MARTIAN' just For a Little While . . ., I LOVE YOU!! JANETTE LAURIE SCHURKENS jan - Spring Sing 1-4 . . . CSF???? Marcie, Holland? Can I have the car today? Love to all my friends. fPIG"'OUT PARTIES! Especially Billy! College bound? . . . Look Maw, I made it' LISA LYNNE SMITH S.S 2-4g CSF,jun. Class 8: Varsity Cheer Dances 8: Concerts, 1Vz hr. bus ride Good friends and Ski b. 8: Morley W.W., Loves 8: Tears, Silver Streak 8a Fingerpainting - Laura, rollerskating VICTORIA LEE SMITH Vicky"9s5 prez'CSFfSHS"Who's Who"SpfFr Clubs"Red Cross"'Chess Clb'Sp Sing'Altar Girl"Sr Treas"Bio"Plucky"'Honor Chain Gang'jr Prom"'Divorse B17'ChemfPhy"'Doc Wiedy'Smjude'AntiManian Math SANDRA ELAINE SOLSBAK Sandy, ROSARY, FRF, SMT, FPE, MESHDSJBJRAS-IN, "Leshmanbak" search, plays come 'n' see, Red Cross Club, Missions ASB, UCSD - Scripps . . . and his voice was like the sound of the ocean. CYNTHIA LUCIA SORGI Cindi Lucinda mbu- mbu"y + Bomb"'CSF.TB f.Cheer'SC.SEC.STS. j.V. Cheer, Pilots STS. V. Cheer Ctr. HC. 77-79, CB. 79 knee SS. 1-4, Dances Parties Proms"Friends forsyth Dent. H. guys, .JULIE ANN MARIE SPENCE Searches 1-4, Glee 2-4, Saints Afterschool, at dances 8: classes, a test? What block's next? Good luck Laurie We made it!! I don't Believe it!!! I'll miss you guys, Thanks mom Bz dad MAUREEN SWEENEY Mo, Zorba, Seaweed jar, Eddie Money Hey joe, Blow up prob. JL, YV, NT. Degenerate 1-4"La Costa"Ensenada 79 DON'T SAY NO"'Boo"'Yoes"That's just Sick. Referals I-Ioly'RW. Luv Bt Thanx to all. CORANNE TANNER Dietingg Shoppingg K.K.C.g Lucy 8: Ethel, enjoying time WfVirg - always late, 2 many escapades 2 mention, UC -?, Red Devil, P.S., Hawaii '77, never would have made it wfout Mom - luv u. l l - e ROSALIND REN N ETTE TENNIES Tosh, Green hair, S. Sing 1-4, Zorba Var. Cheerleader, TJ. Discos, Lieb, In the twilight zone - waa, Aug 5, '79 HC, '77 8: broken window, B. Bear '78, My Place in the Sun, 'We Are Devo' PAMELA ANN TROZZO Spring Sing 2-4, Search '78, shaving LAURA MARIE THOMPSON "Guera" Summer '78 wfEstela 81 Laura G. Summer '79 wfAndresg Dancing, Zombies Rosarito, Toros, Tillys, june 14, TJ. wfEstelag Bd's at King jestels. PARTY!! Thank u MOM 8: DAD I LOVE YOU . . . TERESA L.M. VALENCIA Family 8: friend love you thanks! Nana Nina, St's. Let's switch: Tilly's, T.P. D ,V I d S. H Hpi "79", jaCk's Pam 1-26-79 Vivi, R.O. Ing. cream .. . rr e ns an igns.. g Out Parties" Miss OLP . . . 8: . . . ':I.C." Friends I will remember youg think of youg pray for you. Thanx class of '80 UCLA, S.F. 8: j.M. Love to my Baba, ANN MARIE TOMMEY The Trio, La Jolla Summers, Sea Lane Spring Sing 1-4, CSF, Saints - Crusin 4 May 5, HAWAII! Parties, David - who? Tahoe, Prom, Shores, Shoe, Crazies! Thanks all, I've only just begun! ROSA AMELIA VALDERRAMA Rosy, Pinkmelia, Spring Sing, French 81 Red Cross Club. Attend College, be happy, travel, marriage. Amor a mis papas. Ay, no es cierro?! Luv Bt luck to the gang. C,P,T,M,A, etc 8: F. MARIE TERESA VAN NEST Summer '79, New York, Boones, piano. OLP Plays, Cast Parties, Mrs. Taylor Upp.ct, Prom, Excusee Me, Smile, Sts. Clubs, Drama Club Prez, Bein' Ital. Spring Sing 1-4, Luv to Mom 8: Dad! LISA WONG AntiMartian Math"Smjude"Doc Wiedy"NHS Honor chain gang'Divorcee B17"'Padre Altar Girl'Sp Sing"'SPHS'SHS Who's Who'SearchfTrust"Fr. Grace'PS Asian Club"'I-Ionda"'Escondido"'Prison. ANNA MARIE VRADENBURGH Banana, Chaparra GAA, CSF, NHS, SHH Sec. Off., Spring Sing, Var. Var. Volley - Thurs Parties, Swim, SKIING"BB "RUN MAFIA!" "What Ever" - Now College Mom, Dad, Donna, Eric - ALL MY LOVE GERRY YOES Yoes, ZORBA!, gymnastics, sports, party, ski'-beach '78 -, TASC, zeib-zig BOO-BOOg Long Distance, H.B.?, U.G., Byrd ffl, prom?, munchkin 731, Hey joe, friends, happy, "You're KATHLEEN MARIE WILLIAMS O,L.P. plays, Gleeg Mascot"Chip, "W", Teaching 2nd grade C.C,D. SKI TRIP 79'Good times WfMary, Pam, Anne, 8: Sr. M.A. SUMMER 79" IOWA KIN! Regal-Beagle, XOXOXOXOXO to Mom 8: Dad, I LUV You! KRISTIN ZAMPESE KZ"Cheer 1-4, Saint's Rah!"'S.S. 1-4 Music, giggling crew, beach, being Italian,"Karen, nunc et hora, Marci special friends, Celeste, summer 78 'R.M., Thanks Mom and Dad. bummed!" l mf-f Q, 5.5. 9, a., ' 1 ' .Ill .-ff A --- f -V , , I V fax i m , if ' " C-'1 G 9 it f cg ,A 'v ' Ea if-'F ' ' ' 1 V N 1. r , - sh .,,. L 1-V' fi, 1 1 N " 1 i:' I 1 . ., 'hi2 g'.A' t iRu' 4-' M 'A assi' Q' 'ml ' I VV I t V -L' ' V sh.. F EH 151 ." -, , . ' f . 47,, 'fx - 'Q f f ff. f . Y. 5. 4, . - gf - , -1 - ri, - ,, V--x , , -- H wmv ' , 4' 43 ff pg , 1" at L , ' A A , 4- V A X ,Z "Zigi 'Q N 1 ' .'.-Eff: V '- ' 4 I 5 hr A -iz if !"f I 1 in 'W ,, i' ,Ji-., X Xb 1' Kg R ,fgl ' as W x I, Mary Agostino, leave my car I never had to Fiz I leave my mountains to Mary, Maria, and j.D. I leave all my jokes and good humor to Marcie, l leave my smile and wit to Carla Miller, I leave all my ELLAS and ETHERS to Sreff, Last but not least, I leave my NOSE to the Smithsonian Institute. I, Ronnie, having successfully completed 4 yrs at the ACAD., and remaining relatively sane, hereby will to 'JODI - the pup dt the KlD'GERRY - mutual effort GERI - skinny dip- 'BOO - orange truck'MONlCA - ensenada! TAMRA - 3a,m.'MARLA - fly to healrh'MAIRE - less class LAURA - snow'MARY - england'MO - front seat'GLEE - hi Bt lo LISA-u-r-me'CI-IRIS - on campus'TAMl - cola'ANNE - coach I,joni Angeles, will to Lisa my house Ianywhere SDJ To Maria l leave my phone number Cl think you'll need it, Iknow you7l need irL'j To Debbie, a sincere Thank You for everything! To Tink I leave the NAUGHT YSWEET IES flanl And to good 'ol Mom and Dad I leave everything, but most of all "All of My Love." I, Mattie Arel, being almost completely together, will to jackie lots of love and all the A's I've gotten at OLP - both of them. To Peggy andjan, all success and happiness, and lasting friend- ship, To Pam, 10" and my extra . . . 10 lbs? Ann -good luck in college. Senior Gass - Thanks, I'm glad we met. To Mary, my deck of cards, and Sister's dice!!!!! I, Lura Ashworth, being of relatively sound mind and body, bequeath to Denise, my share in the profits of "those" songs: to julie L., a life-time subscription to "S Gt T"g ro Colleen, a ron each of granola and oranges, to Lori, my fabulous nails, tojulie S., my word with waysg to Shirley, six months as chauffeur, to everyone, lots of love. l, Sami Avalos, being of no mind dt definitely no body, do hereby bequeath to Punkin my OLP skirt, to Olivia, Michae- lanne dt Gina P. my surf board at hair bleach, to Sandy my old locker, to Liz at Lisa all the food in V.l. To the Gang all the memories I hold dear, and to Vivian a green hornet, Dawn, keep up your Mexican ways. Adios. l,jean Babauu, being of sound something, hereby bequeath the following: To Doopey - MM, red roses Bc me. To Bean, lots of luck Ar M-IB! To Donna, my OLP uniform 6: lots of! To Kathleen, my Sooriesljoni at Lisa, my Van Halen collection is all yours To Images, a new cleaning person! Lisa H., gaI's of pink "ping", To fellow graduates, luck 8t love! I, Kim Barnes, being of sound mind and body, will to my darling sister Karen, all my clothes, my "little sister", Michelle, all my knowledge to get her through her next two years: and tindlly lwill to the rest of my fantastic friends. my will to party and have a great time. I, Teresa Barrack, being of semi-sound mind and body, do hereby will the following to these peo. To Vic: my Bio and Physics bookg to Linges: my pink tieg to Colleen, a cheezy: To Smiudc: a red rose and a mug of Irish coffee: to Sr, Grlotta: a Tic Leo matchbookg to Fia: hopes that her Senior year will be very special: and to all of OLP: my love I,-Ianice Billick, being of sound mind and body: to all people who know me, all the luck at happiness in life. To Laura, good times to come at more problems to discuss, To Carlos, much love, Bt happiness. Tojaybird, all of my love, and my thanks for all the memories we've shared and the ones to come. To my parents, my love and thanks. l, Laura Bowen, will to mi hermanira Carmen enough crazy iimes to get lil two more years. To Sandy, my Mom's molasses cookies. Lisa and Geri, the ltnifel, and sad joel Donna and janina, the knife, the machine gun, and the chineseawater torturesljodi, Many illegal smiles. Ronnie, snow-filled days. To jannie an understanding of a certain group guys, I, Kelly Brennan, being of spaced mind Et body do hereby will: My little black book, my H2 parking space Bt 4 yrs. of Saints rosters to Suzie, Cheryl, at Michelle To Mary I leave my "Ellas" , . . To Paige I leave: RUNCH! M dt M lights, parking tickets Gt punk rockin' Dove to all my radical friends Br Fay, Thanx for O. I, Amy Bolwerk, of overtued mind At body do hereby will and decree to Kathy a top locker, to Cindi, a purse full of Este Iauder 54 a leash to Eileen, to Ronnie a Burgundy triumph, I, Diane Brown, being of sound mind and body Csometimesj do will to Andrea, the cleanest locker in the whole school, to Angela my parking space in the bike racks. To Bertha my magazine subscription slips so she can make her quota every year. To Mytiam, I will my height so she can reach every doorknob in the world. I, jeanerte Burney, being of no sound mind, and body, do hereby will the following: To Debby, our great friendship and fun times: To Taide Gt Marcia, fun memories, Ar a great future, To Maria Capossere, the adorable Steve, To SMUDGE, all my Dodger stuff, 7-8480, my colorful jr, yr. sweaters, but most of all LOVE! I, "Geraldine" will the following: My off-campus lunch to Suzie, laugh Gt high times to Doki: wltends to Ronnie, Ocean- side to Cris,julie my clothes Helene gets my patience, Frank all the cheap tricks Tracy my tickets: Cindi my CO's along with Tab Tami Robin 8t Mark forever, Boo the night at the movies, Tosh the guys from Uni. Mom, my love. l, Maria Capossere, will to my little sister Phyl, future happiness at OLP, to Pshyco At janus all their patience for my driving, to Worm my moos, to Lisus in hopes that she gets RogerfDaltry, and especially to my Babe, all the patience and understanding he has given me and for making my senior year so special. To my friends with Love. I, Estela, after surviving 4 years of school, will to Laura Tee my "vicious" to Laura I leave a slice of all American, to Yoli I leave without a brother, Margo I will you my Hee hee, to Tosh, I leave my cunado, Clair I gladly will to you my unused tickets to conqui, to the Hhvan I lv, my make-up Bt old job, to Ma - good times Bod Luv. I, Gwendolyn Otter, being of sound mind and soulful body do hereby graciously bequeath: To my sister, Cecelia, my social talents, to Dawn I leave behind the memories of triplets. To T I give my lunch, creme of nature, pick, at shoes. To Allyn I freely give my typing skills. To D 8t Gina I leave my sttaightenin' comb Bt charm. I, jennifer, will the following: To Glenna, "Casa de Pico" At Margaritasg To Geri, L Bt M's, all the summers: To Chris, "It's Stuck" At Me Me Me Me' to Teri her new mother' To Mary Berry, Candy-O'To jean, all she wants from Hoover"I'o a special Person, Fiesta Island"I'o Duke, good times at Hoagy's Corner' I, Glee, being of absent mind Bt ugh body, hereby leave Mary the thought that if you do it I'lI do it. To Yoe 17 moons at ski To Boo a doz chocolate cip cookies, To Ron a trip to Zeibzig, To Tamara don't run, walk, To Chris a trip to HB, To Lisa Us Lemons To Mo enjoy your meal ticket, To Maire fly-in to Sts. To Marla - crazy times, etc. Qtry onl!!! I, Mary Cetqueira, of psycho mind dt some body, do hereby will Iirst to Maryanne my carpool, to Brat my driving ability, to Maria, my big mouth Bt my ability to pay attention in class, to Ro my calmness dt my Led Zepplin rapes, for-Ionus Bt Lisus my drknprblm but not all of it, to some class of 81's my ob, to M.C., R.P,, M.D.,j.A., St D., L.K.g MY LOVE I, Marla Clausen, who survived 4 yrs. at OLP will these people items chosen for them, Ronnie - St, MM - B-P vest, Tamra - gas S, Margo - my ability to reform, Yoes - bookends, Monica - abence, Chris - all those times, Chris C. Busload of marines, Cindi - to be my triplet, Glee - his 10, Maire - 2 bandaids, Moazi - my Sp-programs, Boo - the natural look Mary - Sanity. l, Eileen Coffey, being of demented mind at body: will to Mo - BB and a green gremlin to carry her Own Burger King to Fluff, enough perms for all to Kathy, neurotic fish to Cindi, a mind to Anne Marie gang, high times to Eppy, Gai, Domi George a stack of mags to Amy, all of Saints Diane, Bradley to Myriam. 3 ft. platform shoes. l, Cristina will the following: To Geri, all the Friday nights she wants'to Chris R. All the snowballs she can handle'to Jodi, a dinky-winky'Chocolate cream pies to jenny'a boogie Brd for Eddie 'to Barb, my thanks 6: Iove'to Bryan my love Tojean a days free driving. To Tami: Robin St Mary' To Ronnie a nickel'to Mares, Love Ar an apology. I, Peggy Couvrette, will to my 2 little sisters, Beth dr Christine the right to be big sisters: Marcelle - a date with Big Mac: To Miss Blade - a vacation with George, Sr. Carlotta - Love pats! Physics students - tests at vectors: Doc. Wiedy - soh-can- toa!!!! Ann - good lab partner in college! Class of 1980 - Best of luck. l, Anne Harding. of absent mind fCloud 391 and Awesome body, leave to Claire Kavanagh my football ribbons, Sts., socks and unending Love at spirit tuwards Sts. Ft. Ball team fesp. 855, 77, 31, Gill To l,-jeannette Marie D'Acquisto, of sound mind and body be- queath to Domenica Bellantoni all my great clay: here at OLP, all my books, my calligraphy talent, my gold chains, and my beautiful uniform. And to Mary C. at Mia my mirror Bt my brush, my Mary's A's Bt Mia's mountains never crumble, to Gerry Yoes my bottle of "Opium" I, Maria Doolan, being of open mind Bt skinny body will to my little sister Sandra happy yrs. at OLP To jedi all my lunches especially tree-sweet, MC I give my blue eyes, to Maria Cap, I give my name. To Myriam and Theresa my bus passes. Toj.D. 13 yrsj.R. all my love and fun times at Sambo's parties. Love to Mary C., M.C., M,E.,j.K., L,B., G.C., at M.M. I, Laurie Eppler, upon completing my four years at OLP, hereby do will to Debbie my nickname and the Ford Wagon. To my little sis, Patty, much success and terrific memories, To Kerry, anything she wants. To Domcnica ar Maureen, as much fun as I had in my last 2 years. And to Gabby, I give you another trip to New York, with me!!!! I, Myriam Estevane, of sound mind and body, will to Christine Ferrez my "Alice shoes" my ability to go to the dances srraghr, and my picture ofTim Brown. To Ann Thom my bottle opener and all my pictures of Lewis. To Diane Brown all my Andy Gibb posters, and to my little "sis" my big mouth! l, Laura Garcia, after finally being let out of OLP will to Monica a Pig Pen and some che-ekbones. To Esrela, my lunch bags with "Ramnciros"To Margo my Frank Remarks. To Laura l leave a bottle of ? To Karen, a Banana. To Clari my little voice. To Carmel my "Franraise'2 tojnyce gold jewelry. To Mary a smile, and to everyone else my love. I, Karen Garcia, will to whoever wants it my zany laugh, to Cynthia Zarro my driving skills, to Tom Luibel my side mirron, to Buster my skis, to Dawn Robinson my horse, to Lori Even- son my creativity, to Monica M. my fruit Ilies, to Mary Kielty test tubes, to Laurie Z., a smile, to Sandy M, my deep voice, dt to Kristin - a million memories!! I, Debby Garriclt, being t1fsuund?! mind and body, do hereby leave the following treasures: To Jeanette, all our memories of 4860 Oregon. To Diane, my "great" attendance at school, To Chrissy Arnante, a certain frosh at Saints. To the incoming frosh, 4 years of hard labor at fun. 'l'o Sr. Fay, all my late slips and forged notes. l, Tami G., of some mind and few brain cells will To Anne - free lines dt legs Bt janet -- Tom Peterson'Chris a Radical leaf'Ronnie - hangers'Monica - Tom dt Geiljodi - Doug dt cherry pies'Yoes - munchltinland'Mo - mercy, Boo - banana'Tina - doob'Kim - teachs - Tosh - drprs Geri - Tim C'Mrs. Robbins - Kaluha'Mark -john'Gina - Bill Fish dr Kathy - Pad-Restriction'rne - Robin at Mark' l, Carmel Marie Gouveia, will my body to science, my brain to Garfield and my fingernails to Revlon l will "my car" to my brorhujuhn so he can drive to all those exciting Saints dances. at l lastly give Joyce a place to stay if she needs I. I, Nina Granja, of ill mind'WHOLE body, will my Bacar to jenny'my Vod to Mary, ifl ever get ir. To Teresa l will my patience. I do not will Anthony or Bill to Mary. To Martin l will Pamela iMartin aren't you gladl Tu Laura a happy life. To Roland l will the backseat of a car. To all my friends that they eventually get lD's I, Cindi Gronich, having no mind and not enough body, leave to Kathy, willie For one week every year. To Kinky, the wish that het sanity never return. To Bean and Diane, that they will always be able to grnss me our. To Mike, the wish that a growth spurt will come his way. To myself, l will a crazy life and K. To Vonnie, I will her my beauty. l, Anne Harding, of absent mind CCloud 4297 and Awesome body, leave to Claire Kavanagh my football ribbons, Sts., cocks and unending Love At spirit towards Sts. Ft.Ball team lesp. 355, 77, il, 650 To my little Sis I leave my headaches from too much school! To Zuchinni Zit at Barracuda Breath, l Iv. my squeegy At Jessie james! Luv at hugs to 01 - 'Ml I, Kristina Hoffman, will the following: to Donna my shelfwith vanishing sticks: to Candi - a degree in canary dentistry, to Peggy - a sore cheek: to Ms Blade - Peggy, to the: F "Club - Smiudeg to Carol - a homing frisbeeg to Sandy - her dream prince, to Doc Wiedy - her own sympasiumg to Denise Ht Eddy - my early will: to all my friends and family - LOVE. I, Boo Humphrey, will Glee new headlights at CCC, To Rosa- lind - my sudden tang Cindi - all the tab dt Carrots she wants: to Mo - a zotbonic moronic tonic, I will to Mary a monacle so that she'll quit giving me the eye: my patty wagon to Chris R5 Tami - rat and banana: Ronnie "BEND: to Tamra r- Gomer and Pelican' Yoez - the ability to love him like the sun! I, Mary lannucci, being of ever-present body at no mind do hereby will the following: to Olivia Velez my groovy albums, to Tony Pollack a bruised body. to Kathy sun glasses, to Cathy Smith my great shoes to Sr. -lean quiet art classes, to Mrs. Christensen my socks, to Mrs. Taylor a ticket to every Beatle movie ar finally to Gianna Paul flivingl dr your sis I, Debbie-johns, being of a crazy mind dr body, do bequeath my spare time to Gery, my pep Br rolls of purple ribbon to Kirsten, my uniform to Karla. my carpool to Sheila. my calculator to Joni, my bro. to Lisa, my apples to Ann, my height to Tere, my flowers to Anna, good Iuclt to the class of 'Bl and all of my love at memories to the class of "SO I Mary Kanltowski, will to my family peace of mind that l'm Finally a high school grad Ar on my way to college. To Kristin. Karen, Carmel, Joyce, Monica Br Laura: I wish for you joy, happiness, Gt hope! Remember all the great times we had thru the yrs. I, Lisa Marie Kapaala, will tojonr. the Alpine Boysg To Maria and Marus, all the GOOD Times . . . To Debbie, Best of Luck in the future It Thanks Lisa, Karla, at Matyg the fun l've had skiing. To My Family, Thanks and love always. I, Teresa Elizabeth Kavanagh, of half mind and body bequeath to Claire the good times I had at OLP. I also give Michelle all my craziness. I give Anne my green frog because she can't live without it. I give Ann all my bad grades since she never got her own. Debs gets all my extra fat since she needs it and I don't. Bye alll l, Malte, pleading insane mind will to OLP all the trouble l've caused, detentions I got . . . May U RIP Karen, dr. appt.. red licorice, Kim, cheese sandwiches Gerry, gym showers, frosh fever, Glee, good quality Veronica, the moon, see U on the boardwalk. Geri, Thur Mary. a clean thought, Tosh guerra, Cllr, crusin TJ. Kristin. a new pair of shoes, Nancy Hi, Seniors Rule l, Pongee Kennedy, being of sound mind At body do will to the class of 'BO all my memories and love of the days gone by, to Gerry dt Mary, all of my pink music, O. To Mrs. Christensen, my internal organs: to Mme. Franzese, 5 yrs. of Bl. 5 papers. And to Alice Avaampato dt Gill Schall, Sr. Year memories I wish you were par! of . . , l, Mary Kielty, being of spaced-out mind and body, bestow an Eternal Sun At Bridge to jump to Glee'alI thejoes in the world to Yoes'to Maureen a fire extinguisher Bt a little girl! to Boo a retarded eye'jodi a pnptart'to Sandy an electric quitat, Monica Meul a fast trip from Saints'all lemons - a man! The Class of 'HJ - GOIN TO A PARTY!! I, Grrie Knowles, of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following worthless items: To Rosa Amelia, four crates of 7- up, and 2,1130 apples special from Ville-ln. To Angela Kirwan, A smile that will never quit and great years at OLP. To Carol Theiaen. a fantastic senior year and my ability for always being on time. l,jodi Kudas, being of numb brain, do hereby will to: Ronnie - my rank, homei-graphic designs+SpirIerg Geri - my coo- ler +my freedom: Monica my P.G. photo collection: Maria - comfort drops, Laura - Tootsie Pops-l-a rnasombeeg Lisa - a jsp + fingerpaintsg Chris - a thermos, a Syrina Preistg Mary a fire eirtinguishen Anne - hosp. candg Tami -- Vivarin I, Margaret Candice Larson, do herelaye bequeath: all lost elec- tions to the next ASB prez., all fantastic symposium: dr experi- ments to Chem., all fascinating lectures Ar stories to Mrs. Rigby. all mixed up, crazy, wonderful times to friends, all smiles 64 tears to those I'll never forget all my love to OLP. I, Kathy Leach, being ofsound mind and too much body, leave the image of brenda spencer to jesse and the 36 Bus. To 3 Vonnie and Bean, neurotic fish, and to Cindi, Bruno and Ken. To Amy I leave long fingemails, and to Mike. the ability to always have a joke. I leave Mimi my total insanity, and to all my friends. happiness and love forever. I, Carol Lesher, being of sound mind and body, do will the following: to Kristina I leave my sense of humor and adventure. to Sandy: my gym basket, to Sr. Carlotta: my matshmallowness, to Kathleen dt Mary Anne: my piece of the bathroom mirror. To my friends, alsojulie at Lori, I leave my everlasting friend- ship Ar love, to OLP: many thanks at memories. I. Mary Linges, will to M. Lindmann my ice cream scooper, my cherished uniform skirt, to Kathy, a year's membership to Reagle Beagle, to Tary my heighth at a happy life. To Kim it Annie. The Hardy body To special friends, love At joy, forever. l,julie Londo, being ofsound mind and body in the year of Our Lord 1980, do bequeath to my good friends the following: to Lori, romantic letters, to Denise, my quick wit, to Colleen. my golden locks, to julie, Oracle interviews, To Lura, the only edition ofC ar D, to Elaine, my senior year's magazine custom. ers. I, Marcia Luna, being of sound mind and body in the Lord's year of 1980 bequeath: To Taide my everlasting friendship and a roll of lifesavers, To Rosamelia all my friendship and some of my craziness. To Lori, my friendship and all the rides she wants. To my family aoot'x. Best wishes . . . I, Melanie Matway, do hereby will to all future students, all lockers that open even when you do not dial the combination. all my old school books, classes, and especially my former teachers, all senior privileges. hopes, and dreams. To the 98th graduate class of 1980. I will all the luck, success. and happiness the world has to offer. I. Kathleen McAuliffe, being of questionable mind and body, do hereby, in my last will and testament bequeath the clunker Ford to Annie N.: my acting ability to come out on cue to Tim: a plane ticket tojean B. to visit me: and all my love to everyone else: Last but not least, I freckle to all Srs. in the class of 1980. I, Tamra Mendoza, will Yoes myjr. Prom memories, to so Boo my Gooloo, to Mary my scope, to Ronnie car, to fairy a movie star, to Marla a PBCF, to Margo my make-up, to Maureen my perfume, tojody - Burnt pan Cakes, to Glee some champagne, to Sandy my jokes To Chris my McD uniform, to Laura my strong arms, To Monica our ticket, dr to the group lots of SD, RR I, Monica Meulmester, being of somewhat sane mind and more than enough body, will my musical vocal chords to Paul Holm- berg, my always-on-time carpool to Laurie hmpese, Forest Home, to Kirsten Rauber, green sweaters to Laura Adema, and My consortium class to Michele Correa. Love and Kisses, Fun and Happiness to the Class of 'Bll I, Maureen Mitchell, being of sick mind. will my eyes to Gina'my legs to will'Craig and perms to Kerry'Mike and Fed Mart to Bean'Fords and Dino to Laurie'Seth to Myrium'MMs and "Playgirl" to Diane'Shaving cream ar girls to Mike'Dat- suns and Mark to frealt'Big Bear and Paula to Terry'Can of Colte and my heart to I3oh'my love to Bean de Mom October I9. 1979, I, Patricia Miyamoto, declare this to be my last high school will dr testament. My estate is to be divided equally among my counsins: CS, GS, Cl, dr jN, Rosamelia, Marcia, Taide, Debby, jeanette, Lourdes, ar Araceli with a special allowance to feed the 5 stray dogs in Parra Street. I, Coleen O'Connell, Being of mindless embodiment do hereby bequeath the following: ro Denise - my 116 of Adolh tojulie - my copy of Alyx: to Kristina a lubotomy: to Lura - my incredible tan: to the F club - my unfinished homework: to the girl in the office - patience, to my family - X's Ar O'sp to my wonderful crazy. dear friends - best wishes for future. I, Kathleen O'Neill do hereby leave tu the following: All future Michelangelo: and DaVincis - my Beg. Art eraser. Any future Search goers - shaving cream at great memories of tnga dances. To Marie V. all the peas at pins left over from Chem. To Vonni I will NJ. at my Cont. Moral book, cause I know how much she loved that class. I, Monica Parra, in free will at worn body will in this senior year '80 Tom - happiness forever - l'm included Ar Michelle - keys to suburban, carry-onjody - good time picts: Roni - the same: Chris - Sunkist Lisa - A man: Mary K. -life sub. of Playgirl, season pass: I, Taide Pereyra, being of sound mind at body, do hereby bequeath to Marcia my eternal friendship ar all my veterinary business. To Rosamelia, I leave my friendship 5: all my boxes of kleenex. To Pati I leave my friendship at any pictures that I take on our trip. Tojeanette Bt Debby all the fun we had in US Hist. To my family, My love at help. I, Emily Perrone, will to Gina -joe D'Amato if I had him, but since I don't, I wish you luck: To - Angel, Lupita, Liz, Lisa, Cecilia, Tammy, Dawn, Esther, Sandy, Punkin, Elena, Allyn, Djuana, Tara, Melissa. Bernadette, Terry, Olivia, at Gina - I wish you all good times and good luck. I hope you have as much fun as I did - Love, Emily. I, Natasha Piton, leave my sister, Helen Piton my music room with hopes that she will continue her studies in piano st enjoy the room as much as I. To my little sister, Paula Kirwan, I leave all my best wishes and my US History notes, and to Michelle Marriott, I leave my minute-by-minute account of each "excit- ing" French Club meeting! I, Patty Pulido, being of sound mind and brown body ask that these wishes be carried out. I do hereby make Gina Perrone an Honorary Mexican. I leave Dawn all the table on Upper Ct. to dance on. To Esther dt Elena I leave all of my transfers. Tn Sandy, I leave my GUINESS BK. OF WORLD CHULOTES I, Anne Robbins, being of no mind A tree stump legs, will to Tami - jar of colagjodi - Rock 'n toll, Ronnie - car keys, Gerri - Birdseed, Kim - Lowie, Maureen papers, Lisa - Smithsonian mag, Laura - tooter, Chris R wild week, Margo 'n Marla - lip gloss, Monica -j. Geils Band, Gerri C - car repairs, Karen - brain: Chris - munchiesg Lilly 'ri Sandy - job: Laura - pictg Mom Br Dad - LOVE. I, jenny Rodriquez, of sound mind Bt body, leave to Mary I. custody of Max dt Anthony, to Nina G. I leave my Brazilian soccer player, to Tere V - a list of Happy Hours at a "macho Mexican", to Pongee my shoes to Pamela, I leave a set of hydraulics, to Punkin I leave my great abilities, to Sami, I leave my dance steps, and to Tonnie, a fake I.D. I, Pamela Ruan, hereby leave all my possessions in my room to my sister Tammy Gr to my parents I give them all the money that I have. To my friends I wish them the best in life at hope that they enjoy high school as much as I did. To Martin Martinez I thank him for all the patience he has had with me. I, Chris Ravenis, being of wasted mind and munchkin body, hereby will: my sticltpin to Gerry Yoes, in hopes she will use it to the best of ability! All my deficiencies to "Sybil" cause she never got any. To Kathleen, my place behind the wall. All my pictures to Glee. All the love in the world to Monica, Mom and all the Davis high x's 4 ever! I, Ann Regan, of semi-sound mind, ar thin body, will the following: To my little sis Kim - subscriptions by the l00O's, to Peggy - the business, to jan the rights of Dutch teenagers, to Pam, I pair of slinky stilts, to Smudge - lined blackboard for graphs, to Miss Blade - "George", to Marcie - a date with Ronald. l,janette Schurkens, ofsound mind and weird body wiU all my books to my little sister, Anita who will be a Freshman next year. To my little sister Elaine, I will all the wisdom that I should have had as a junior at senior. And to my sister Theresa, I will my notes in Span. dt all my test "Ps" I, Lisa Smith, will the following: Laura - Buddha, LB. of cottage cheese, Memoriesg Gerry - Al, Bert, dt I piece of fools gold: Monica - I Rad Babe: Margo - my retardedness: Karen - Gossip at work: Glee - Henry Weinhart: Cindi - Tab ArjGg Geri - A rm. at Camp: jodi - Begin dt jr. Yr.: Kristin - exptessionslz Sandy - a laugh: Maureen - Richard: CC - peaches tape, Mary jo - friendship. I, Vicky Smith, bequeath the following to: Cathy - Good luck At best wishes for your remaining yrs. Kathy C. - my text bksg Annie - green carnations: Smjude - a PADRE, a Dodger pennant dt my Math Analysis Bookcoverg Doc Wiedy - my best exercise. lab At test: Sr. Carlotta -- memories Bt a prayer: OLP, my teachers, my friends at my mom - thanks ALWAYS. I, Sandy Solsbak, being of degenerate mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: to Donna - my carpet, to Sarah - all my brains, to Carol Bt Kristina - all of the great times we shared, to Kathy - all my worries, homework, at books. To all my friends Bt family, My love. I, julie Spence do hereby bequeath the following: julie - my carefree, unwotriecl ways, Lura - all my mcdevil ideas, Lori - my flirtatious way with men, Denise - my uncanny sense of serious, Colleen -- all my studious ways, Laurie - my fantastic glee career, Kathy at Paige - my cautious driving skills, Mom Bt Dad - all my high school memories and LOVE I, Cindi Sorgi, will the following: Chriss - my car when I get a new one'K.M. my V Cheer unifotm'Boo - bottles'Geraldine - "Hey baby"'Kim - Old Tests'and friendship'Lisa - a p. up from M. Rd.'Mo - patience'Yoes - my hat'GO Bt LA - Mirrors'Elanore - a cup'janny - a pack'V. Cheer - the Mike"I'immy - horn'jD - high times'DW. Patience 'Shawn - a new muffler I, Maureen, will the Academy my sanity'jB - M bed'Boo billboard cream an open face sandwich'Roz - all the discos she can handle'Glee - I meal ticket - Mary Coronado brid- ge'Yoesj.V. translations'R.W. 1 whip Suzie -- my referals - P - Dr. Zorba'Ronna - eggs' I, Laura Thompson, do hereby leave the following: To my best friend, Estel, I leave leftover food! To my sis, Linda, I leave without a babysitter' To my good friend Laura, I leave a mousetraplll To my Cunada, Elena, with no more good gossip Heel To my boyfriend Andres, I leave you all my love wfme- mories, letters, long-times apart - Love u. I, Ann Tommey, being of semi-sound mind 6: body do hereby leave all the crazies of the Trio to Erin, Marylee and Claire-bear, stay out of trouble To future lovely creatures, fun with Smudge, HUSH! To Sister Carlotta all the happiness in the world To whom it may concern. Thursday lunch talks! All my love st memories to Teresa, Anne dt the gang. I, Pamela Trozzo, being of minute mind dt small body will the following: To Dave- a can of spam. To Kathy - many weeks of driving lessons. To M. Carbone my body. To Ann I will the affections of john To Rob - a date with my little sister. I, Rosa Amelia Valderrama, being of sound mind and body, Sr upon completing my 4 years at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, do bequeath to Carrie, my friendship and my change for Ville Inn. To Patricia I leave my memories of OLP and my friendship. Taide Br Marcia I leave to you all luclt there is St friendship. A and F I leave . . . I, Marie VanNest, being of some mind and body bequeath to a drama student the fun of forgetting lines. To Mere B. my AP class including tired eyes. To Miss Blade: a date with Alexander the Great! To Ms. Carbone I leave all the agony of de-feet! The fun of having her own cat in anatomy to Kathleen O. - 4 yrs. fun Bc shrinking pills to Marla I, Anna Vradenbutgh, being of sound mind St short body, do hereby decree my will. To Cleo, the same happy times with her little sister. To Donna, my curlers, high heel shoes, and my great times and memories at OLP. To the class of '80, my love and friendship, and lots of luck in the future. And, to whom it may concern, Thursday lunch talks. I, Kathy Williams, will the following: To Pam A - Gecko, Mary a date wlDon Chuba won: to Todd, my expertise at skiing, To Gram Sr Gramps, a trip to Okanowa dc a complete bus tour of the S.D. zoo, To friends at OLP, a long Br happy life. I, Lisa Wong, of sound mind and body, hereby will the follow- ingg to my little sister, Little One, the right to an upper locker, To Fr. Grace, all the altar girls he can use, To Alana "White Ligting" To the faculty the memory of me, To Smjude a board that makes graphs look decent. To Sis Antonia a altar girl to take my place: To others - Love. I, Gerry Yoes, being of insane mind at munchkin body, will the following: To Chris R. - The wall To Ronnie - Zeih-rag at L.D., To Mo -j.V. Bt caviar, To Boo -july Bth dt a double date to the beach, To Glee - a ride 6r L.D., To Mary - champagne, To Lisa a ride and the beach, to Maite - a flower, To Anne a bird, To Albert - "I-'tiends"? N Q' , 1 5 4' Q QQ ,ysf X sim, 1 I 1 J I ' lllndcrclag-swan 5 WH ff? W s U15 Kittie ?l0Wer.s' vigil! -'16 if junior mfg 1 Q dd I fag- . -' Ki? R ' .39 3 1 9" 95 'S 'A . 1-1-"v . 5, ..- 611155 r 'Q U9 ,X bd J P 53. - of C' if xr 1' '-6 . ,ff-LLL' Q, fp? p 99 St Katherine Bennett Laura Adema Bernadette Allen Jacqueline Arel Sophia Barrack Amanda Bejarano Monica Bennett Shelly Bernardini Regina Blanco iuulri in Q' 'Q 'S' 4 "Never Mind!" V4- ..g,.Lt, "Oh, go away!" .ve Q i I Dina Bon Jeanne Brouilette Meredith Brown Brandie Buckner Michelle Burnett An Marie Cargill Patricia Cardenas Theresa Carosella Athena Carreiro Barbara Carteron if Maria Castan LADIES!!l!!!!!!!!!!!! Allyn Castaneda AnneMarie Coffey Catherine Conlon Cecelia Cooley Michelle Correia 1 - "Waiting for the Crosstown bus -4- Clair Cuningham Mia Darkus Gina DeLuca Ivette Diaz Theresa Dupuis ,v ,s ilu.- "What a day for a daydream." -F-6' Cheryl Egan 7+ ' Q- "The Twilight Zone" lx I S 1 df X. Sally Ehrentraut Mary jo Esposito Lori Evenson Mayte Fernandez Christine Ferrez Did you ever want to be taller? C N Abi Goss Germaine Gremmel Diane Garbowski Kathleen Happer Elizabeth Hartman Sarah Helms Paula Holmberg Marianna Holland A'KN':,Q:3 J '. w, .- KVI, 5 V - ul -, I Denise Inacio Susan Kaveny Amy Koller 'This can't be happening to me!" "Don't you dare take my Picture!!!!!" ,Z V. an 4 H1 Angela Kruger Barb Kuhnmuench Laurie Ledoux u.-vs" l 4 "See, now you got your picture took 1 4? mix f Q 1 x I "Work, work, work . . . MF! li Michael Ann Lindemann Lily Lopez Kathleen McKinley Michelle Marriott Linda Matway Monica Mendoza Carla Miller Margaret Miller Kim Northington Susan Olson Suzanne Parr Yvonne Patrick Paula Pezanoski Catherine Pietanza Christa Querin "Wasn't the dance Wonderful?" rt' rg"-pv-" Rosanne Ramos Kristen Rauber Kathleen Rector Miriam Rendon Dawn Robinson Kathy Russell Nikki Sabala Sandra Salazar Patsy Sandmayer Kathleen Santilli Elaine Severson Donna Silva Peggy Shipman Luz Shiwana Mary Kay Shultz "You're at it again, Eh?" "Scalpel . . . clamp . . . Quick, read the instructions again! .,.,,?3:wqs if ,M Cathy Srumm w Suzy Sweeney Be nice to me, I had a hard day." Shawn Smelilc Sissy Smith Shirley Starr Carolyn Stinner 'x X Muna Tominna Ann Thom Carol Theisen Michelle Tenmes Claudia Terrazas K-41 , Lisa Wetzel Maryanne Wojtach Marie Tomlin Bernadette Trevino Olivia Valez Laura Verdugo Sharon Walford F8 ,S -- X o, , - HN xx L X Alana Wong Ann Woodiwiss - Laura Zampese 5 J "Who are you trying to kid? if Svphvmare Q J 'EFA pf? if 4533 W bbq- vo 1 , ' -., , - ,,- , 111- .Haul- ., -- Y, .T 4 V. fb., ., M . , , 1 LAP I :LF 1 1 1 l 4 9 I Hass 1 " Q -415311. 'fl 'qflff' my tv Q l D HMI? Q 6 Q JJ X- X , 4- I ff Q 'f - S2227 V fi A fff f , f I 5 Mary Allen Cathy Andrews Mary Anne Barrack janet Alexander Tina Asaro Beth Bengs Christine Amante Margaret Avalos Domenica Bellantoni 63 1...- I+., Xu "Sophomore migrating north for the winter." Monica Bensimon Rita Biner nal. Mommy do I have to go to this school? Christine Bitler Sandra Bloemers Lynn Bradley -A ln .P li,.d Sheila Brady Sherry Brown Andrea Buell Barbara Bundon Susan Cabrera Nanci Coram Elizabeth Carry Mary Charmasson Cheryl Coon Pamela Cooper Djuana Dupree Maria Elias Kim English Debbie Eppler "Future Barbezon Graduate." l, 'HL Tracy Geraghty jean Gonsalves "What is she really reading?" Dear Diary -.-- umlga Monica Hauck Nora Hermsen Maria Hernandez Hoa Hoang Maria Hubka Raejean Huch Deborah Hyland Angela jupp Marie Kelly Anna Kiewiet De Jong "A legend in her own time." "How do you like my tatoo?" Lisa Gonsalez Pamela Hall Rosalmda Hall Kim Hastings in all W.. , V A 5 Overcrowdrng on Lower Court is a major problem at O.L.P Anatomy Test Identify this appendage. Patricia Leyva Tara Littlejohn Elaine Londo Katie Lovberg Coreen Ludecke Lori Ludwick Angela Mangan Lisa Manzer Margaret Martinez Karen McLaughlin X R7-is E- I r "A 1. 1 Q" ' - li-ll ' XY E' Mary McNeil Gabrille Miller Mary Miller Elizabeth Morlino x LA- 1 W il Elisa Moore Kathleen Morrisey Mane Elena Muro Anne Nagem Lora Sandra Nava Yen Ngo Dorothy Norton Theresa Palestini Michelle Parra Regina Perrone I "Contemplaring Escape" ? . N, .1- J l Maureen Philpott Mary Pietonzia Antoninette Polaic Ann Premo What realy' happens to Detention Victims? Gianna Principato Allison Priske Melissa Ramos Kathleen Ravenis SSI 55 "ig: ,f 4 r ,-. H Karen Rauber Ann Readey Nancy Rivera - ,A ' uf " T-. ' -Q- . . 1, A -"I A . ' m , , v- If 1 ki. 5 J' V -. X . A' -L I Tammy Ruan Barbara Salmon Anna Sardina E Miss America and her court, 1985. .,..:: J 1 X. Anna Sardina Mary Sawaya Mary Anne Scala Robin Shawler jwssica Sheridan "Feeling no Pain" r -J C CHA Catherine Smith 1 Kathryn Solsbak "This is what happens when you don't drink your milk." Eleanore Sosa Rebecca Soto Elizabeth Sproul Carmen Trevino Heidi Tshauner Chris Sorgi Esther Sona M -L Michelle Virgillio Maja Vito Monique Vongehr Donna Vradenburgh Carmen Wehber Mary Tucker Paige Turnbull Cleo Van Doren Karla Vessell Erica Verhulsr Sandra Williams Ilene Zarour Cynthia Zarro Nancy Zora Mary Hanks Hrcshmcn .N 15 V--EA -1 , I D95 5 "v M ' 142511 3 4 jr A cg wif?-'f sf' iazfw ',:-153 ." 611155 'T' 99 Cf 0 De md , . 'V Q, xr A EVFLXJ Qgi,gZ.lf?-E213 xii, . Jn Q - . l. Marylee Adelizzi Cathy Allen Yvette Alonso Yolonda Alvarez Kimberly Andrus Lisa Antone Eleanor Arias Karen August Maria Barajas Mary Barrack Kathleen Barry Kelly Bayles Paula Baxter Danielle Bellantoni Mary Benson ,ff J, -.,, ,, Xi Q Frosh giving their utmost attention. "You did what?" Dolores Bianchi Amelia Blackshear Stephanie Blakey Renee Borrego Michele Breault e r ' all 5 - l , . .Ax ' 1 What do you mean we can't sit here?" Food, Glorious Food . . . Angie Bruzzese Amy Buckner Marnie Byers jane Byrne Patricia Callen Pillar Cardenas Cathy Carosella Catherine Carry Ceclia Carter Dawn Christopher t' -+ right Freshman, off Upper Court ""' Bonnie Coffman Mary jo Coit Anne Marie Conde Susan Cope Catherine Cornell Christin Cornell Patti Courtney Nancy Dijulius Carolyn Donovan Christine Downey Gerette Dronen Elizabeth Duenas Maria Ederer Elizabeth Enloe Kari Evenson AS "i ff, ,x Grace in action. Ll Simone Ferreia Deanna Ferrez Angelica Fimbres Maurreen Fitzgerald " justina Flavin f ii X I ogg Elizabeth Fournier Amy French Maria Gallastegui 7' I've heard of "putting our he gether" but this is ridiculous! Michele Gastelum Shana Glasheen Gianna Goncalves Rebecca Goncalves Ana Gonzalez N. ads ro- Theresa Gonzslez Deborah Gonzalez Chris Goodbody Susan Goulart Chris Groetzinger Julianna Haddad Marian Hadzicki Laurie Hamel jeanerre Hanks Katherine Hansner Freshmen: the first stage "TOGA, TOGA, TOGA . . l Maria Hoard Mia Holmberg Lauren Holub Wendy Havier Angeline Hernandez Ann Hewitt Helena Hilleborn .k Are you going to fake my picture?" "I wonder how she does her hair?" L all Michelle johnson Claire Kavanaugh Christa Keith Teresa Kemme Suzanne Koch Meredith Lakin Graziella La Gioia Melissa Lancaster It had to be you' Go to your room! Michelle Lancaster Yvette Lee Sandy Ley Monique Litt Sangraio Lopez Erin Lorch Patti Ludwig Elizabeth Machado Lillian Machado Katie Malone Kathleen Manzer Lisa Martinez Michelle Masotti Maria Mazur Kathryn McCashen l f Karen Naber Deanna Neely Liz Nolte Kathleen O'Connor Maria Ostopiej Helen Piton Angela Prantil janeth Padilla Suzanne Ravenis his L K. McDaniel j. McDowell M. Mehling Janine Miller Pat Miller This is so. exciting! 1 Can l play with your hair Marla Rose Alexa Rutherford Martha Sanchez Martha Sawaya Elizabeth Scheile Kathleen Shulte Theresa Shurkens Karen Sieberer Valerie Smetona Mara Smith Laurie Spence Emily Steinauer Amy Stirnkorb jennifer Theisen Maha Tominna 5151" f 'W 'X Who? Me do anything Hey this is how it goes." 'E W Catherine Trzos Allison Tubbs Christina Urone A I Marilyn Vallejo Lisa Van Valkenburgh Rebecca Velez Freshmen practicing their favorite hobby." Christine Ver Hulst Dolly Von Detten Stacy Vannatta n-. Mary Walsh Mary Weaver Catherine Webb 1 my V -A . A ' "N U ' ---. LCU f Center of Attention. Sit up! Hands folded! Eyes straight Ahead! "Liz learns the truth!" l Cheryl White Kathryn White Maura Whittaker l1"f-iff!-p I l ' w ' -"-".:'rI'ng Don't tell anyone!" "Stop, you're stepping on my foot' "Can't I copy your paper?" , , I Elizabeth Winfield Deborah Wonzniak Leslie Wolff Rose Zabala .fd x "f 2531, ' + I my 4 W' 5 1 1ef'.f s 5 it 3 Ji js X ,Q I J l . ' M V' 1 . .QF R I as .3 .M ,. .A 3 ,- -, Ugg 4",-Y .-f 3.-33,!.:,f . :iff ' 1. , Fm. : Nr . Xi., " ' f f - , ' u f , , 11 QW V Hd 1 Af ' ' U N. ' x ' ff fu jf ? gi r N Il v :A ' .ku :I -I F V 'ggi P L, In Li H I 1 74 it xxx, TJ K J Hr, 'A 4 A 4 KE? CM-us Q R if 1. if Q 4 H Chywuauwus GQ? SHS Q ,DEP . 'CHESS r '3LEb fMUS 4 F'Q5!VC,y X fm X C ff , Xiyi . Jlflissieu Representatives T: K. McKaleth, L. Eppler, M Mitchell, M. Cerqueira, K Evenson, M. Parm, K. Gla- sheen, K. Leach, E. Coffey, K Schulte, C. Allen, C. Urone, J McDowell. Jlflezdrigezls Alter Girls tri '-Q 6 seq 'V--. Q . K Top: Elizabeth Hartman, Helen Piton, Carrie Knowles. Low: Anne Conde, Natashia Piton, Denise Robideau, D. Nollemherger, M. Smith. hi T: K. Bailes, K. English, M. Smith, Sr. Antonia. B: S. Ravenis, K. Shulty. Glen' 61116 J. Spence, K. Rauber, L. Evenson, E. Severson, C. Knowles, M. Sweeney, R. Tennis, B. Humphrey, L. Ludwig, C. Cunningham,j. Sheridan, M Marriott, D. Principata, T. Carosella, K. Barnes, Director: Sr. Mary Catherine. Pres: Cathy Pietanza, V. 'Pres: Sarah Helms aiufs Var ity Elzeerlmdcr ,-, I' ' " , 1 1 5 ':' 'X, ? ., b .NN . . L - ,., , N' u ""-'un ' , ,A , x,.,....,q?.'. . 6 LE! .xg-1. 'qu " , ,eww Ja- "N.fDC'o., Top: Geri Cali, Margo Clausen, Boo Humphrey, Tosh Tennies, Karen Barnes, Cindi Sorgi, Monica Meulmester. Low: Caroline Arenzana, Lis Smith, Kristin Zampese LY N jghpaula Kirwan, Angie Kirwamjulie Lakin, Maria Hubka, Mary Meri Lakin, Karen August, Maria Mazur, Debbie Gonzalez, Ker Miller Evenson. Frosh OLP Pilots: Katsie Bennet, Lily Lopez, Kathleen McKinley, Kirstin Rauber, Angela Kruger. YP ui, nl.. if Drama 611111 Q 'I President: Marie VanNesr Girls Athletic dlssaciafivn Pres: Regina Perez, V. Pres: Cathy Stumm Sec Cheryl Coon, Trea: jennifer Campbell, Inter: Ann Thom Moderator: Ms. Carbone. Spanish Pres: Laura Garcia, Tres Bc Sec: Marcia Luna Spanish Honor Society Pres: Pam Ruan, Sec Bc Tres: Alana Wong. fi ...E . Sfrcrzch Pres: Michelle Marriott, Sec: Natashia Piton, Tres: Pongee Kennedy Pres: Debbie johns, V.P: Kirsten Rauber. gf Q- U ,af ,,.-V 51. Red Hrzfss pl Pres: Caroline Arenzana, V. Pres: Pongee Kennedy, Tr: Vicky Smith, Sec: Collen O'Connell Zhcss Klub Pres: Kristina Hoffman, V. P: Denise Ro bicleau. Top: Diane Brown, Monica Parra, Eliza- beth Hartman, Laurie Eppler, Shelly Ber- nardini, Kerry Glasheen, Mary jo Espo- sito, Mia Darkus, Abby Goss, Editor: julie Londo, Denise Robicleau, Moderator: Miss O'Donnell. Oracle find Our Oracle ffdiler . -3' Q . ,Maire Kelley V4 K Offffffff Section Officers l 4 1 if 1 ' . it-I '12 P CY i v Al r... M ri- ggi . ras rr . -1-f i ne ' 41 N ' 223'- ,f:fYff'.:, .f' 1.34 " nx v wl d x V Ax.-Xirlkyii-... N I ! 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R S 8 uan. fudffut fhzculfy l6'o rd L to R: Sr. Margaret jude, Sr. Fay, Sr. Edward Mary, Tammy Ruan, Mrs. Franzese, Mary Kielty, Mrs. Taylor, Karen Garcia, Theresa Barrack Holzforloio Soholorslzgo Hodorotiozo President: Peggy Couvrette Vrce Pres: Krrstma Hoffman Secretary and Treasurer: Meredith Brown ,Nofioozol Honor Society ea 5" President: Candi Larson, Vice Pres: Theresa Barrack, Treasurer: Anna Vradenburgh, Secretary: Gwen Carter Ko YA M10 vy RS wi 755: F' 'EWQN M WW A-Xxttxh ! I X xx xfigi, 5, 44' Y k ' , 46? Q . .1 ,a 5' Z!! , 14 1' '1' 'za 1 1111 165 W Y ,gin 1 4 1 'ibn Ure 611155 Uf 7980 Presents Che ,Miss 0.13.22 Kell! Held MU Ure Drew 90rd Keurzd Room November IZ 1979 Cl. to rj - Soph princess Patty Fallon, Frosh princess Laurie Spence,-junior princess Lori Ev Miss O.L,P. 1980, Karen Garcia 1980 Sophomore princess, Patty Fallon. l I P The band played on 1980 Freshman princess, Laurie Spence. U16 junior TN, P .,-. if' A I. 44 Kmg Keremvny 'fl-mi f A Number 81 U! J "The Ceremony in the Chapel 3. . Reception on North Terrace." one -and U15 Glas 61116 's Khrisfmas Program fv--e .,-...,. . jf 45 ,nf A! f-,1' ' , I .--' IA f' .. ,v,,j, f ' .' 0 0 ,W . iv ,. m ' 1 f n , ' en 0 ' el 4 m 9 m f 1 'r 1 lll. nl ' llzig rfy ' xx' iii. 6 77 K7q9 1-...jf 1, X-N,,,w XM " Henneeeening Dinner Dnnee ,Neneenlfer Zllifd ,Nineteen ffnnelreei nine! Seventy Nine ln Zne l5'nllree1n Of Une Hnfe Del Key Mere, lffezllnnz Park Sfwln ZOO HM. 'CII 72:30 ,4.Jlfl. 7979-SO ffonoooonzing Qnoon - Kristin Znnzposo flonnooonzing Honrf Hnrolino ,flronzann ,And Richard Wnngh ,Margo Glnnsen ,And Anthony Stoufnri ,Monica jlflnollnosior And juan Gnlonn Kristin Znlnposo And Conn Zorro ,llnnnal Magazine "Might I be of some assistance?" F,- .l Magazine Drive winners Cl. to rj: janeth Padilla, Angela Prantil, Pilar Car- denas, Jeannette Burney The Devil made me do it!" Drive "Would you like some ice cream, little girl "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!" "Service with a smile." Cnc girst ,4nnnnl Parent Miner ,As Une . . . nnsef Knffet The first activity sponsored by the Development Committee this year was a night for Parents called the Sunset Buffet on September 23rd. The Development Committee planned Mass for 5pm on the North Terrace followed by wine and dinner on Circle Drive. Primarily, the evening was to be an opportunity for parents and faculty to get to know each other on an informal basis. The Indian summer evening, gardens of O.L.P., and the lights of Mission Valley made a perfect setting and the response of all was very positive. 9 if .,.-"1 v' , tu- .,.,,L"4:f" it snuff 4 , f 1. "Listen my children and you shall hear." 2. Ah . . . PEACE! 3. Oops. 4. It's not fair. We were here first and she's eating already! 5. Are you enjoying your dinner? e-...., :sit , .um uol0" mxwxxv Q I I' BLXXQNA' nv' "' nl' x , ,,. 1 G nb l l I l 1 r 51 , f 1 zj ' v. 'sb' lg," 3.4 ks le 'R lr - vi . . ' up 5 A fx fl, 'F fs ' rf- H ox -ef 'l ' l 14' .Q- , IE Y,.3il. qs. .- ,,, , . ia 1- ,av UIQ! ,N -, . - 1. Relaxation .. . 2. Now, let me say this about that . . . 5. My, look at the selection. 4. The beauty of North Terrace. 5. Fr. Grace celebrates Mass with O.L.P. parents. ir, 9. ,i 'G' . .lv . - If qw ' H P l ,. i. by v l W W1 I s i. 1 r -11 H' L -..!' Q-4 7 'L Q,- 1 2 3 if 4 5 6 7 8 9 il l hi.. Life in these United States, "FORE" Nothing good happens after midnight. "ONE, Singular sensation, every little ste "It can't be that interesting." "Marilyn Monroe, Eat your heart out." Melts in your mouth not in your hands. But, I can'r make a funny face. Oh, the life of an Attendance Officer. You've got to be kidding. p she takes . . . X Che Wall" , 1 Pla u ., ' 7 af.: , lx Ati? it ' . Iii" ,Q 395,- 1' ' , b . ' x-zu, ., ' x . Vers 1. Bach strikes again! 2. Halloween has strange effects on some people 3. "But, I have been a good girl, Santa." 4. Good Kitty . "What?" . "See what Igor for Christmas?" Whats my line? You think gold's expensive . . . 'I And now, straight from a three week engagement in Las Vegas . . . 1 CONGRATULATIONS! " 6L'5NNr4 " our daughter and favorite little 'Gluch' we love you, DAD - .MOM A HENKV - 1C5JV.Nl! - "ROSE" 1980 Car Insurance No one Refused Low Rates Monthly Payments Garrick Insurance 3609 El Cajon Blvd. 714-281-6659 Congratulations Debbie May you always remember the teachings of O.L.P. and your parents. William Standera Congratulations Laurie, "Be strong in mind and body so you will be able to share the love and pain of life, Give and take with equal effort." Lovingly Mom, Dad, Debbie, Susie and Billy Ro: Luigi 415 Ro my boatg Fatsg Shelter Isg fist in the mouthg ta heeg got any food? What the fire truckl? I kid you notg Oh wow deja vou! I love you kid! I'm hipped 8: bopped. Brat: Luigi 433 Ski Bch 8a Morelyg can you relate? Hey man, I'm in love! Click-clickg 7-75 Bac-all mine! God a prob? Call me PSYCHOQ you crazy! What did he say? dino-saur! Bab-y! A woo. I love ya too Lambie pie- umk? Anth: thanks for everything. Good luck in all you do. Stay sweet. If you ever need a jinx, call me! Luv ya Moo moo 8: pops: thanks for my life. thanks for listening 8: being there all the time. I wish I can put my love on a scale for you but there isn't one high enough to rate it. I even love my baby bro. I know we'll get along one day."""""" For all my friends, old 8: new, boy 8: girl, You know who you are. I wish you all get all you want out of lifeg anything you wish for. You deserve no less than that of your best dreams. Live for it 8: it will be yours. I love you all. Each of you is special to me. Love, Carmen Congratulations Worm You finally made it. Love, Your Family: Dad, Mom, Freddy 8: Kathleen, john 8: Terri, -I.D. 8: RR, too! Denise, I am very proud of you. Congratulations on getting through the first big step. The two greatest senses one can have, you have in abundance: common sense and a sense of humor. These will carry you through many other "steps" you will face in your life. I am certain that you will do lots of exciting and creative things and I will continue to be proud of you all my life. Love, Mom Congratulations Denise. You have given us a lot of happiness. God bless you and your classmates. May your future be bright. Grandpa 8: Grandma Robideau Dear Kathleen: To us you are all things bright and beautiful. You love all creatures great and small. In all things we find you wise and wonderful. We thank the Lord God for He made you all. The O'Neill family Mom, Dad, Dan, Sheila 84 Tim l5'a,0f6ean Imported 6'ar Parts 3047 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 280 - 5795 "' Guaranteed 3629 ff' PRINT SERVICE El Cajo Blvd. phone: 282-6851 Low Cost High Quality Fast Service Satisfaction Guaranteed!!! I1 Rachel, I love you! Alan To Sandy, Health, wealth and wisdom College, dreams Seagulls, smiles, and rainbows - friends. Good luck and happiness always. Sarah and Donna Congratulations Colleen The O'Connell Clan To Denise Congratulations from Krok O'Dial and all the gang down at the swamp! Congratulations Success and Happiness to our dear daughter ysxwszze lsulemsif We are proud of you and love you very much. May God Bless you today and always. Love, Mom and Dad To the students of Our Lady of Peace eith the prayers and best wishes of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Community Congratulations Cindy, Wishing you success and happiness in your future years. May God give you the courage of your convictions and the strength to carry them through. We love you always, Dad, Mom and Terri Karen, Mary, Sandy This year has been fantastic!!! Thanks for all the great memories. Love, Lori Denise Exaggerate often 8: loudly for if you do not say anything of substance, you will not be called upon to explain it. Deni de Le Nord ,Cara Uley said it eaalaa 't be aaae l5'at yea dia itl Kaayratalafiaas We laae yea, Maia A3 Dad flappiaess ta Oar H300 If aaa the 6lass af H80 JJ Kaayrafalatiaas Hlass af 1980 Dr. 6 W Withers, D. 27.5. aaa EZ 6az1arelte Construction Co p 754 CHALLE G C 9 O 46 LIC. -3533 may you always be true ta the best that within yau. 75101, 4 mary ffumpy,,L,y Kaayrafalatieas la the 6lass af 'so 'J Che ,Ciayes ?a1aily - - - Denise, When passing cars, and gcu can 't see, " D f ,,, llcu 're leaking into eternitg. FABRICATE F N S ST LL Jlenri 's ,Auto Mechanics A Sine Sandwiches 3 S BhS t ' San Diego. Calif. 92 3 I I 3 6 3 - ' Dearest Sandi ' IVIAFRIDCJN Mag Gad he with geu, and INTEQICJFIS ' Mo ' Kr All cur lace and best wishes for ,,miO,Q ,mf.'n'Qj',,5,D fhlt? fllflllf, 310 sm Avenue so D- ,CA ,Margaret and Grandpa QvJi?cZ31-0573501 New Diruensicn J-lair Design ,4 .7ull Service Salon ,4lsa specializing in European Skin Sure, Swedish .Massage Manicure, Pedicure, and Sculptured Nails. L'ccated in the Del Serrcf San Sarlas area 7115 .Navajo kcad lneut to Walker Scattj 464-3767 Offering a 15? disccunt an all services la those with student .ZD. Jn Aflernory Hf kienard Daniel ,Ceaelr and Pan! ,Z ,Ceaen Ifl am asked "What is good?" My answer is that good is good, and that is the end of the matter. Or ifl am asked "How is good to be defined?" my answer is that it cannot be defined, and that is all I have to say about it. G.E. Moore The past and present are only our meansg the future is always our end. Thus we never really live, but only hope to live. Always looking forward to being happyg it is inevitable that we should never be so. Love, Monica Class of '80 Konyratalations ,Mary and the Zlass of '80 We knew yon 'rl niake it! Dr. ,Mieliael 6 Kielly A1 farnily Honyralalations to onr I5-'eloaea Danynler Painela knan May the future hold all these things for you: Love, amenity, patience honesty, peace, courage, confidence, prosperity, and success. Your graduation is just another step toward the adult world that you now await. The world is filled with opportunities for those with ambition and wisdom and you have them both. So strive for the highest goal. With God on your side, nothing is impossible. Remember! We love you. Dad, Mom and Tammy 6onyratnlalions saeeess and nappiness Co oar Wonderful danynter and sister Jean love, Mora, Dad. Lon, A Lori keoueouoer "0ur " yesterdays ,els you yo ou to lfour Coiuorroufs We will Saiufs ,4.8. 15. Hes! wishes to the Glass of '80 Suu Dieyo Pro-life lfeayue 'We Work llrrouylz aid aud edueatiou to restore respect for life to our soeiely " 24 hr. hot-liue 583-L778 Kouyratulatious Glass of 1980 Deooie, you lrriuy so uiuelr joy to our liues. Honey, We wish you lrappiuess always. L'oue, MDM aud Dad Kliuro till your dreafus eoure true " Kouyratulatious and best wishes Zo Mary, and the Glass of 'SO Ure Jauuueei I-Iaiuily Fine Art and Commissioned Art by the Finest of Artisans Ak. Cfl5'5o4S,C6'If Art Brokers Dottie Beasley JoAnn Dreben 310 Fifth Ave., San Diego, Ca. 92101 232'2-733 225-8859 I T DONALD A. W Dearest Ahhe, may the Heree he with you and ta the Glass ef '80 fave Always, Mather, Dad, fflfl. Meg A Dutch G. L QQXN EASW P ULLER F09 760 Broadway, Chula Vista. Phone: 426-4440 l6'esf Wishes ia the Zafure "l6'righf Eyes " lfaee, Che Haeareahias Qahzily Sah Kath, flhha, A Mark Kes! Wishes Karey Miha 6lass af 'so lfaae, Jlflehz A Dad ACHA RD, 4342 BONITA RD. . can 92021 ,fe soNrrA. CA szooa 2-2690 X 171414 9-B 00 ,. + YT S m Q! GAME CENTERS AL. Aoun.uNo num s1-E oun.rr-so 1714! 4 - Oar lfaap ef Grace Parish Wishes lack Ce the Elass ef 7980 Keaaraialafiaasl Ioanne Brennan Sue Campbell, A.S.I.D. 401 Market Street l7l4l 2.39-R353 San Diego, California 92101 17141 420-6758 .Area Gas Station Best of luck to Class of 1980 Qashiaa Valley A1660 6899 Freco San Diego, CA Hey Mom 8: Dad . . . and I'd like to know it's there, the feeling we once had, knowing that I can come to you whenever times are had or sad. Though I'm growing older now and you're watching me grow I know I make you sad sometimes and I see your feelings show. But one day you'll look around and I will be grown. I'll be out in the world your little girl but I will be grown. But I'd like to know it's there the feeling we once had, knowing that I can come to you whenever times are bad. Charlie Smalls Thanks for being the special people you are! I made it! Love, your daughter, Marie ENZO SAL . : .: lf' A' i nd f I Milano visit'-'- 1 - T , is ,Q V 5 qqqisfg pi, A LORS , Q3 1' 'Q ll!! I 1. Jil! --", Men 81 Women - Custom Design . .1 ir . ' . I I4-43 University Avenue San Diego, California 92103 TEL, 299-3918 "Our i-xpcrir-me for your elegance" fave to tufa very special people Maia A Dad Zhaaks from 6aadi fgaslzxmp Qlurriage House Antiques and Accessories l714l 239-8333 Ioanne Brennan Gaslamp Quarter Mary McAlister 401 Market Street San Diego, CA 92101 Fedmart, Green M 8c M's, Food Fights, Apo-Invo, Skiing, Big Bear, Off Campus, Shaving cream and cars, racing, cruising, whip cream in hubcaps, pig- out! Upper Court, PG, pic's, concerts, "the tank," "the bug," drunk in the library, mission room, Saints dances, stolen ans, keys, neurotic fish, history with Blade, GAA Carnival, Morely and Ski, Rallies and Charity Bowl '79, Spring Sing, Myriam's "Alice Sh " ld ' 1 - bbin th h ll oes, o er guys. cean up, scru g e a , walk-a-round, Bob's Big Boy, bitchy waitresses, Disneyland, 10 finger discounts!, Chemistry, Zorba, Mayella, Weedy, MPS, The Flirt and the Dog, Cush, Robin's pic's, "Eileen's forward and backward move! Sex and Drugs and Rock-n-Rolll, lectures, escuses . . . excuses . . . excuses . . . To the Radical Class of '80: We love You and We'll Miss you!! TOGETHER ALWAYS, BEAN, CHESTY, DINK, FLIRT, LEECH, MOOSIE 8: MOUSE Z J, i,. X ' . s., it X i 1, v if xx Cheeks, ylfloflzen Dad y t anzt.'E'qrry lee. fooe, Um: f. Kilo 's Hlzurolz ood Selzool 5724 Klzurelzuforel Street Son Diego, 611 92774 Kozoorolulolioozef Gloss of 7980 Gozogroluloliozos to Collie luz Fereyro Ji lfooe johnny om! L'eo1oor Goozgroluloliooze Eloes of 1980 especially fonefle, Peggy ,Moreie ,Coon Kose Kafhleeh Che uferlel rs years ,Cave jlfldlll lfelrrh Delrorah Palrrera l5'arhara Daurd Dzahe Keharatalafrahe jeyee ahel Harrael l6'eef ufrehee Hlaee ef 80 fave Mara A Dad Newell LAY RITE dpf .finale 93 fvznylfpa TONY CORBALA 10 3 CoN'rnAc1'on Llc 337978 CHULA VISTA. Bus 426 9589 R 5, 42 3 3 To my fr ends These past 4 years th yo s a ememb al ays The pa ues games nd be ch txmes were all fantastxc We finally made nt but let s not forget one another Loeyaall8ctkec e Lo e Anne CRobb1ns Mobll RON S MOBIL SERVICENTER C RON COUCH 270 ear Dearest Daughter Zaara Azaeeha Keharathlahehe for a yeh Well dahe We Wreh you the beef ef laeh as you take year her! step rh love, ,Wllllhll ahd Had i 2 wi u, i h ll r er w . r' , a a ' a ' v a ar . v, ' l I nmvsnsw- N AREA - Govznno o uve sm ouzco. Amo 92122 1 m osvo O ' I 1 . - hfe O an z - um - uu x 1 2 . I To all my friends, thanks for the memories - Estela. Laura Tee - always partying Ramada '78, "Instant replay" Tj Disco, Ditching to a funeral, La jolla, secrets -fl friend, love you! Laura - "Ratoncita", recuerda todas las curas, menos Oct. '79 CONQ", Sept. 22, madres, "don't stop till U get enough, Clarissa - Claire, yjuanchis? stranded at the Catamaran! Tj Disco, no pen, no ink, bl. 5, make-up games. Rosalind - Losh, Concuna, games, brothers, monchies punctuality HH. VAN - MariEstela, Dee, claudhopper, mighty Mouse, Ivettuch, Camelucha, "Love 8: Desire," Kiss luv all! Margo-Margot bl. 5 and problems, make-up, "Mike"! Monica-puerca, tilly's, CONQ, tuy Rolando fpiruja?l Ninawina - terechuela - La loca off campus, "jack's" strawberry, shakesy . . .ljenny the driver. Manuel - "Manolito" Agosto25, Tj Disco, Ratonilto, killer, "ca' Mud, B.O.D. Oct. 20y30', Nov 28', panines, games, "after the love . . Come to me, pcos, CONQ', Mazda, luv you!! 60,7VGl3n4 Z'llL'n4 Z'.70.7VSf MSZJNJ8 IEONGIZA CZLLL4 ZZYONS AND gggm 619453 O7 'so 5' 5 if '5 ann nofnngjyvvgigs effnnen 3585 sofn Ulf fflffffff d S N jedi Ku as 604, 9 109 and the class af 1980, ,Many drealns coin: true, sonic have silver lining i live for :ny drrnins and n pocket full of galil Monica - "puerca, Conqui, Tilly's, espanol, Acapulco, "con mucho carino asking for money, make-up, uete a . . Estela - "Bruja ", avenruras, todasnuestras curas, CONQ', Sept. 22, atoncitas, Oct. '79 " Don't stop till you get enough " Margo - "Margot" putting on make-up, vill-inn, problems, Sr. Carlotta,-I love you! Laura - Mousetraps? fun times, history tests, reading letters. Karen - "gorclle" vache, our prez paying for pictures, french 4 was fun!! Kristen - never cheating in fant BL allegory, homecoming. joyce - "Nerd" gold jewelery, barrowing cloths, I love you Mucho! Carmel - "Carmela"je Taime. Mary - Never making cheerleader "we tried". Marla - "My baby" are you cute? Clarissa - "Clari" stranded at catamaran, being separated in class, Tj Discos, estas curada! Rosalind - "Tosh" CONQ' games, being home on time. Carmen - Carmelita, gold chains, make-up, I'll think of you. Class of 80 -Thanks for the memories, the good times and the laughter. I love you all Love, Laura. Tam From "T le Tale" to McDonald C w Chief' "Lead Food" and now Gradu f 80 We wish you happiness and 1 y G luck at State. We're proud of you and love you. Dad, Mom, Christina, Gilbert, Mardene, Andrea, jose jr. 8: Baby? P.S. Look out Hawaii!! Hongrafulafions Marcia ,Cum and the 611155 of 7980 We Wish you thc best of luck! Cfongrafulations 1617176 maria mam, Dad A kvbgrt fave, Mom, Dad A ,falm Hes! of ,Cuck 611155 of '80 8900 Qletclzer Parkway ,611 ,Mesa 6,4 92047 Hamily 91111 Heaters naman Nunn uma .--J'-1:1 T5 L' ll muon To Bud and My Mom: I just want to say thanks for all you've done for me. You're su er s ecial and ou've alwa s been P P Y Y there to give me your love, your care and support 6313 del Cerro blvd. san diego, california 92120 Youife Great! I love you, Laura Azucena "Each office is independently owned and operated" 582-8421 51758 .Anather of lfzfis Hurdles behind you only 17, 312 to Gal -,-if fave, ,Mm and All WH" Kmgrufulaiims May your problems be large enough to avoid 6 I V4 complacency but not so large that you cannot offer 0 a helping hand to someone less fortunate. Love, Mom, Dad 8: Terry Lee d Seniors ilflig Sistersj Chrongh sibling rivalry we have eoine, Zhrongh lrnlrlrle eontest with babble gain, Chrongh happy tirnes and erying tinres, at M5 ww of 9801 Chrongh laughing tiines and dying tinzes. WW' 'W bm Wlfhes Seeing each other thronghont the years, aqddgrgg 'ZMMWS Sharing in oar ntrnost fears, gm 1' at If 4 Amy' , May onr lives never be partetb Hawks fa' WW frlghdslilp jlfla ive live o en-he rtea. E7or We eare for yon very rnneh. FWHM and all tw fm, ,Natalie and onr Sreneh flings - nrais onif ,Cove to all Michelle Zhanks for everythingl Good inch! ,Cove always Sophomore elass of 82 ilfonr little Srstersj , Songratnlations Hongratnlations Umm llon pnt the God bless yon always Dad ,Mein and Kids Hlass of 19801 47 ll lZevnevnher llonl l PERSONALIZED CAKES wrm A How: zmxsn msn: lf I O grvgt ' We love you very inneh I 'I-'I O 27,5 oumnno srrgassr EZIHL cHuLA vlan. CA 92011 ""'- - TEL. 1114: 425.-B1 Well done, Our Gow! and Qaifhful ,YZIZJ5 fave, Mom A Dad Denis 4 Drew Gqufo Body SPECIALIZING IN MAJOR 8: MINOR REPAIRS o COMPLETE PAINT JOBS o LACQUER 8: ACRYLIC ENAMEL 3442 HARRIS ST. JIM IRWIN LEMON GROVE. CA 469-2530 Mom ana' Dad - Thank you for everything - food, rent, etc. But most of all, for your love and patience wfme! Love Laura Mari estel - Estela, Ramada 78, New Years, TJ. disco, 41 Best Friend. You, Manuel and me and Andres Summer '79. Laura - Rontonsita, Ramada, Good times, Hello Speedy Garcia. Nina, Teresa - Love You! Linda - Sis, parting, problems Wf2 people fhintlj Bowling Thurs. nights, Babysitter, Andres - a pretty name. Andres - Summer '79, june 14, Disneyland, Padres Marina park, Brownies, our hearts, letters, songs, problems! Mr. Woopie, Dancing Sat. nights at Kings, U in Ariz. me in Calif. - apart but close, Marks, tennis, times you come home, Drive Inn, Oct. 7, 8, 12, 27, 28! 1979, 736 fhinty Finally made it. Thank You Andres for the fun and loving times we've shared together, lead me on, Dim, the lights and come to me. I Love You, Laura. LTHMON GKOVE ll KEN? 464 8806 Rent it here and save 7370 BROADWAY LEMON GROVE CA 92045 u - n 9 5 Laura B. Kim Karen Marea Christina jennifer Tanra Glee Anne Jodi Tosh Ronnie Lisa S Chris Monica P Crndr Mary Kielty Maureen Gerry Tammy Margo Clarissa Malte Boo TO THE GANG' ust a ot of Memories' Morley upper and lower " ski beach "' HB "' moomer "' the proms "' zeeb ztg "' yoebird "' Steely Dan cosmic happenings "' SLO "' the beach "' Rush "' hide your keys find your keys' "' Sa1nts " Champagne wait till you here this' "' Eddie Money " Zorba "' Weedeater "' Donlan "' Rrgamortrs "' Mr O Rourke FF IBTC "' the wall " in the bushes? "' IHYGBILYB " long distance "' detention " those yellow slips' "' shaving cream " MP TK "' Van Halen " Aug 5 wolfman "' V at noon "' raids on Vill Inn " radicals "' Pardone " y big woman' "' rm gonna p' " r Sr pottey "' Centerfolds 4' off campus lunch "' curfews " snow " sknng Coke adds "' Big Bear " mid session "' the night of the 17 moons "' dirt road "' frosh dancing lessons " e devil " Carls r " shrooms 1' lets fog up the suburban' "' braws "' green m Bc m s "' out of uniform "' red licorice "' Mopar parties parties and more parties "' 1 cant handle this "' burnt out ' munchies "' Camp Oliver "' homecoming "' Stats "' Renedgade " high xs 4 ever' "' Kathleen Carolam "' good girls dont but we do' " the paddywagon "' good times "' high and low "' carrot sucks and tab "' little one "' 1 will if you will' "' go for lt' 1' skinny dipping " the boardwalk " Lisa Smith? wheelchair rolls "' suspension bridge "' B days " go for the gusto' "' Chris little yellow thermos "' phone booth "' the money nun " prison "' bon fires feelin good " ree bird "' Fun Day 79 "' singing "' the Zephyr' " K 8: K "' gum "' space cadettes "' Mass of the Holy Spirit "' cheerleaders 80 "' Trampeze " diets "' moral reasonmg "' Conway birds "' do you want some candy little irl? " Islandia "' dirty pictures "' momcas b water "' four wheelin " Halloweenres "' stomach exercises "' how big are your hands? "' Ronn1esf5c 8: 101 "' summer 79 "' supertramp summer "' steps and hills everytime' nose hits "' Mission Mov1e "' the gym "' through the fan and out on lower court "' we know your in there' "' together again "' super 8 do it in a uniform meat rack "' Annie D "' oan W "' Bussy "' twms "' 69 Sr C "' fly for your health "' the list "' frosh bleachers twrce in a row "' Spoonmg it out "' bleached blondes "' yellow balloons ' snoopy caper and returned "' class talent show ' who me? "' the trophy case "' clogged sinks ' Thanx we re a bunch of little rowdles' " 1980 here we come' "' respond to bells "' 12 years "' please dont pick the flowers for your hair "' 24 hour concerts "' GODZILLA' "' no jeans "' Mr Bill "' Mr Townsend " dont stop till you get enough' " class rrngs " Eva Grubb " the turn of the screw red Bc white "' purple 8: gold " swimming at court " Uranus "' you swear you wont tell anyone? "' Hey oe?' "' what you do Boo? 4' shopp ng "' the suburban rs rad' "' rainbows " H2 "' gxrrrls' "' up up and away' "' indecent exposure "' the end is coming' "' et names " if you cant cross a bridge lump rt' "' Sunset Cliffs "' De aVu' "' FEM " all the snowballs you can handle "' our quiet revolution " mom "' poke em wildly' "' rad headrushes " been dazed and confused for so long its not true' "' Led Zeppelin rules the world' "' lemons "' applegas "' fake blood "' the phobes "' paranolas youre bummed "' we re bummed "' grape street " orchard street "' L 8: M "' Tokin "' cottom mouth "' double vision "' what block is next? "' this is rigged "' B "' Sybil "' intense "' STNUC 4' posted official notices thanx to CR "' bobbrns "' od1s all time hooters " Kermrts Party " Simon Hrcocks "' the spot maker "' waterfights throw her in' " Rigby pants "' the dw1d "' Garfield "' quasted " blown away "' raids on your local grocery store "' unrest "' 4th of july "' emotional smuj "' Rotunda bellbottom "' od1 s 17th b day party "' spirits "' to a toga toga " breaking up is hard to do "' can can girls " doesnt phase monica' "' drive in movies " Abbey Roads "' never in all my years at the academy "' the world and its realities "' beanrords " pu' "' where d you get your license Thriftys? "' red hair "' summer 78 "' Chris party " big sisters little sisters " who ate all the pizza? " to the max' "' foxes "' football games "' Sprlng Sing "' to the gang "' South Mission "' 1 dont believe it " late nights "' crammmg "' did you study? "' pot of gold ' babes " ski bums "' a chmk hat? ' brownies "' Misra Tuckr ' Patricia Piet' "' bones " ponytails "' Amy B 'K Surfln on north terrace "' coneheads Miss De "' Guys n Dolls "' 1 think we made rt "' yard ladies "' Oregon St "' zap the zxts' "' honey buns "' its a in keeping with the spirit of an O LP girl "' a flasher? "' Nov 16 crash "' take on Myrtle and Grim "' shattered "' black eyes whipped cream vaseline "' but were still ahve "' Billys camper a leak in the river "' a b da wish before 18 "' frustrated 8: satisfied "' Capt lrcky "' wet willy Eggin Zorba s' "' sauce "' cheap trick " e cars "' bad reputation "' goin to a party' "' loose gravel "' dreams "' still crazy after all these years' "' memories there are so many of them We tried to remember them all but its so hard to put them on paper "' so long hey thanx my friend ' " until we meet again' " PS the group of 80 rules' "' J J ' - ,,, . I . . ,K ' ' I 1 1 1 . 1 l t . . . U . . . - , at X - ' . . 1 1 . 1 I a v D I . . - . . . . th , J v . , . . . , . , . . . , . . . U . , . . - . 1 . , f . , . . I . . the . ., . . , . , - . . i . gl . 1- ' . t 1 1 . . ,I 1 1 . A - ' . A Y . 1 I . 1 . i . 1. 1 1 midnight "' Boo-tiful "' those handy alleys " casual " reak " Miss Melinda Blade " Maire in uniform? "' upper ' . J .. . " i " 1 I 1 1 ' 1 .I . P . , . . . 4 . . . J . , . . , . . ,,, . . ' ' . , 5 T . . N g ' 1' 1 1 . I . Q I 1' ' 1 1 ' 1 . I' K I 1 1 1 1 I ' . . , . i . , . . . . I . . . , H i . X . , . . . , , . . - Y . . . . . , . , ,I . th Gold IZ lls 1416 Gold jewelry 6fIdll1.5' 6l1oro1s krngs Home jewelry Portres Drscount Przcos Slrororr Hofaguo 271 719 I Ill remember you too clearly Bur Ill survrve another day Conversations to share When theres no one there I ll see you rn another lrfe now Ill lree you rn my dreams But when I reach across the galaxy I will mrss your Company Company Ill be lookmg for company Look and listen Through the years Someday you may hear me Strll crying for Company Hongralulolions Kloss of 7980 MISC IRON FABRICATION STRUCTURAL ERECTION El Homrrzo Iron Works .loc Tel 464 8456 9302 amacha Road HUBERQ5 SZQSRKENS Sprmg Valley CA 92077 resl So now you re going off to lrve your lrfe You say we ll meet each other now and then But we ll never be the same And I know I ll never have thrs chance agam So Ill see you rn another lrfe now Ill Hee you rn my dreams But when I reach across the galaxy I wrll mrss your company Company Ill be lookmg for Company Look and lrsten Through the years Someday you may hear me Strll cryrng for company Rrckre Lee jones amour a enny Mary Debbxe-I Cthanx for frosh yr Pongee Iforrgratulotroas Kloss of 1980 Clio Kennedy Qamrly , . I ll imagine what you 'd say No, not like you. ,I , , ' . .J . . . Ca the Group af Senzars Wna .7 neaer tnangnt would nzake 11' to Gradaatzonf Dan t do anytnzng .7 ufanldn I dal TORTILLA PRODUCTS eq di Q? .la Sapauoz IGNACIO RIVERA alwn n nagata J-lazrstylzst 10601 h tnerrasanta blvd tlerrasanta town center 277 1491 565-4102 61 My MVURXGIEIIES iZ 9 Qffawgeseglw 10601 H Tlerrasanta Blvd San Diego CA 92124 Eangratnlatzans Kannze and the Zlass af 80 lfeae from Main Dad Grandfna Grandad ,Angle Cfnrzs Gerry Nzek lfznda Dave Dette Hatny Greg ,Mark ,flnarafan and the reslff .7 Wlll always remember the good Innes .7 ae nad .7 naae znany fnelnarles and for tneln .7 fnank my frzends and falnzly 61nd1 .. ' Q ' ' 7 . 1 - . I . 11.75. ' 3 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 1 'Y A Y I W W F M Y l . ' I I ' l r gr G 7 , vs. y I . rr , rc Q . I 1' ' V wg 'Q 5' ' ' " v' SSI Z 1 . s , , I . ' L - 1 K LOGAN AVE . PH. 23-5189 Bl-1105 . SAN DIEG , .911 , To all my fnends who have helped me find myself nn my years at OLP And the memories linger on Sk: Beach Soph dance + pre party Robrnson s txckets and more tickets adventures of Catalma Irsl dragon at the zoo Begun + Wopshrt we got trme for kxssm and oobrcs Dad s Pad Space Theatre Hotel Del Angles NT wall and the gym Mexico Oh those photos' THF I-IOUSI' Oceanfront Seasrde slttm Doug 1 8: 21 Spxderman Wes 8: Fluff Bruce Buddfrh Maurxce land those buns'D Lrdo Lodres The green Death every trme I am the DEVIL' freakout The Kld Pup a and Cubby The Cottage jersey Ct loserng control nn the krtchen mystery ofthe mrssmg cookxe dough mght moves the ultimate brrthday present Bun Runs on PB strnp Bong a thongs Hare Krishna banquet Hallo der stranger mndmght ndes Chappy Cookte Know deccasedl Waffle Gus etc 1 bottle pop the malrc bus your red scarf marches your eyes My cousm works here 3 on a bxke XXX mas twnns rolls paraplegrc renegade OD on Boda bag Bye bn love folks at gulf stereo 1 2 3 4 Panama Red satm shorts backgammon Bt motorcycle roach clap The last summer of the decade' Oasrs low lrfes Sambos S A U C F headeslrdes 4WD on Morley Freld fire extmgurshers thermoses wee In r Sr lav off campus lunch face first falls Pull over to the srde of the road burnt pancakes Apo Invo Spud probs Sum Flar Tamrs fhp The Falls the puddle fover 8: over golf course sprmkler system THE END' Love ya all yodr PS Neeners lets make rt thu-teen more' TIME KFEPS ON SLIPPING INTO THF FUTURE ,Z Ill VI 55 Q3 5 Al. IAI. CON 4 No N-A Mm TO 111' QQ NN 912 Z VD SER LE S LA MESA 5333 lah lurray lhl. OH Hrghwly 6 at Llks Murray Blvd 461 0801 2 'x Skaizuy ?uu 'Nm 'aa Eueryouef Kouyrufulutzous 6'luss of 1980 Qi ,fluue Kouyrutulufzousl We are ,oroud of you uud love you uery fuuelf. Koutzuue to yrouf zu spzrzt and keep your glllfli slrouy zu Whatever you eudeuoor zu lzfe. lfooe, Mom, Dad, A1 .Mare , fi I - Z," b A l I., I ' ...", l l, , 7 I 4 , , . . .. .N .ly . ' . ' . ' I . ' .. ' . ' ' ,Ax x - " ' - . 1 . . 1 1' XF fl . . , . . -, . 1.-' ,. 1 4' w A ' for " , ff U ' , Q- ', 1 ,,,, ' - I JJ -. - ' , ', , J A , , . . I F 'Q 'U' K 5 X -I gf as an 13' 5 - E 0 Q , eo , ul . v-2 I gd 'Q I Q 3 Ullllflll Zo Auuu ,May God oless you uud keep you zu BILL EPPLER s cHEvRoN 3,5 mfg ,ywayg 8200 U I L CA 92041 Telepho e 463 6064 ,All our looe Dad Mom Douuu free SADDLEB CK atlas FIPGSI e FUULSIIJE 8- PATIO DECK 8. BEN SAN DIEGO 5487 CI I M Bl d 292 7385 Husmia :g3ERVE CARLSBAD 2606 EIC Fl IBI d 434 71 Where a Uuallly Selecllon ls Always Available lnr Immedlale Delivery Cue Qufure 1s lfours llse lt Well us ufzfh you yo our hopes uud dreuuos Zfo my fzrst eloss of Hresluueu Zflzouk you for your ,oreseuoe zu my lzfe ,Mzss l5'lude I 8. I. PLASTERING INC l.EwAn.zxA DER 4oo , . niversity Ave. a Mesa, n - I I I 3 - airemon esa v .- ' - oro oa - win ea s aza- - I- I ammo ea -v .- -17 n I Q 0 O I 0 s-rows: uczuu: Na. O P.o. Box 443 1 . l.:MoN onove . 0204! l-mls ALLEN N 579-9396 .4115 .7 shall pass through this World hat oheee therefore, if there he ahy hihdhess I eah show or ahy good that J eah do, let the do it hone let the hot defer it or hegleet it, for .7 shall hot ,oass this Way agaih. - Grellet Zohgratalatrohs ahd best Wishes Zo 6arr1e and the Hlass of 1980 Dr and Mrs War 5' Knowles ahd family St jade s Shrzhe I e ent to L lla to c men o M ent 3757 l6'ostoh ,eloehae PM H ,, g h s Alc ha a rt c e e t fl gansolboghtpeps Nopeps cke L sfg s Help gL dop cd Kae blk 4 Th Roll ng St es esp K th Hey the jam shsf pukbadDadWattsDe8cRyforonc' danc ng lk Gary My clad looks lke El s Costello El pl y cl at V ls eddng G ds th Q een M ky Sta dby se H ld at Betty lea gWh dclyoufndh 7Doyo h os 6 t rt oldb poss le lG g an g th BEATLES'Dopp g Kn Q lFomg N aguess hosst ng t e'Benr1es Whees my odk ?The me s o Wods fly got lk d ss ape c hy t t thys e ni e se all of yo od cons M Dont ory bo t F s o Lnd Iggy Popl s ya' 790 , . . grea,w w ajo pikup .N om,Iw to the movies wf-jenn, Car r ' a , never! "Love is the dru " at Prannie's ' ou e. i e, we still ve to p in i bla k. C eC e, I have he u 7 a i r u i. i, 0 . iz' in er . in ouie r a i wf r n . . e i on , . ei , i i ave n n . vi . av a , e..Iane ' i i e . i vi . a e a' w i . o ave e u , ar n , aro . Staying up all night then RH. wfCraig. If they play Heart of Glass l'm vin ! ere i 1 im. u ave my Tr u er Press? Decl, o Alice Pea ree wfo whom Brian Eno w u e im ib . john, Pau, eor e, in 0, e . r in money at the e. ue r ae! in w ' arri a m. i' dad. r ' v a. n' r om. " r are in u l' e pf en le rain into a p r up. T e sli her while, hey pass, e lip away across th u 'v r I love u m . . . ary ' w r a u re n , i a, ove . You were, you are, and always will be, someone special Congratulations Jenny. We can't begin to say what a wonderful daughter and sister you are. You know you are loved by all of us. Our prayer is that you experience all those things that make a happy, joyful life. Mom, Dad, Matt, Mark 8: Ann To All My Special Friends, Kongmtulations ,Cara and the Hlass of 1980! Hrom the Barony of 6alafia Jlficdievalism 3arevie'nl Zfalanque and kawcrz Eynu Dear Debby: Thanks for being a great friend! All my love to you, your parents, and sweetheart jimmy. Luv ya, Jeanette I wanted to find a poem that described the fun times we had, off-campus lunches, Beg. Art and Calligraphy hassles, smiles laughs 8: crammin 9 8 minutes before tests, But I couldn't. Nothing said it all. All I can say is it's been great 8: I hope all your dreams come true no matter what star you wish upon! Good Luck d S t of your S 'M an uccess for the res lives. With lots of Love 8: Laughter Kathleen O'Neill Grids 17112 Pcreya IL Felicidades por tu Graduaccion y el agradecimiento a tu escuela y profesorado por esta culminacion. fL1S PHPRS Good luck. fave, Mom, Dad, Mae 6105, .Alex and jackie language Paufer Kaaarafalaies Natasha ,flaa U16 Graduates Of Cha Klass Of '80 lfaagaagc' Power' Of America Jac. Internationally recognized Language training essential for: Fr nch t uese . . . , . C . Por ug - The executive who must communicate in today s world of business Spanish japanese . . . , . - The tourist who wants the most out of the traveling experience. Italian Russian . . . - The student who needs a new and more effective way of learning. English German Arabic "A man who speaks two Languages is worth two men." 'GOOD TIMES OF KAPACHELLI LOS ANGELES' 'SMOOCHIES 1 4"' Lift Guys an 9 Balcony Some Forest 'S it 8: PP " esknmo kisses doing their job? oki doki pig out parties at OLP ice cream sandwiches yellow M 8: M s OFF CAMPUS LUNCH munchies WHO imrtatrons R Daltrey George Townsend 'ZEPPELIN' Black Dog Dazed 8: Confused 'ALL OF MY LOVE' Robert Plant chocolate shakes 8: fries La olla beached whale 8: siamese fish Garoovey JK J BABES BG BC LA LS AC Aj L CS M 8: T Carthage Man Talmadge Man JM s Blue Bug Babycakes SAG Oh Well electnc guitars jimmy Page "'Narley"' OH WOW Sept 22 Alplne boys Homecommg 79 Sundays football games BUNS kinda sorta but not really AUG 5th OK Fine It s it s Godzillall hookah its just sick so sick It s Alrenll tangled bras 8: moos bye camper "VAN HALENH OCT Im just eefing around David Lee Roth Edward Van Halen DLR fun buns my hey hey song Games 'RALLIES' MR BILL Saints Dances WELL WHAT CAN I SAY? BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '80 I! ' ll ' li 1 ' I ' 77 , . . . .. J u H - H. , . . . ,, ' 1 ' T ' ' ' u n - u . . . u u u -- -nr 4, 4' i 6 ' - ' u n ra 1 ' H ' ' Cl I! I 1 " ' Il MOH 1 ll ll 1 u n - 4: K1 H H T u n - . ., . ., . ., . ., . ., . ., tl ' Yi ll v it . , 4' ' PS an n ,, . ,, S M 's parties trips to the Wherehouse HOJVGIZA UZILZ4 UONS GWENDOZ IIN It Looks Like You've Made It. Love, Mama, Daddy, Carolyn, Phyllis, Deborah, Cecelia 8: Ceoric eofvam zum moms Usa We Are Very Proud Of You And We Love You From All The Kapsala Family A 9l6.75NZ7 is one To whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart - chaff and grain together - knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it - keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away. A4534 0167552 Home from Universal Studios, who's joe? Bowling anyone? Tab please! Lab partners in Anatomy, Hey we made it! CI thinkl Letters 8: let me read it! Eat i a worm! German food and measles, antiques 8: sore feet, pins and peas, stop and turn, Mother Goose, Parade and the agony of the de-feet! blk. 6 Accounting, Charity Bowl '79, stop laughing it hurts, S.S. and Old Town, cats! Love to Motorboat 8: Boots, and al to all of those special people. Good luck to the rest of the inmates!!! Love, Kathleen 8: Marie Dearest Karen, I can't believe you finally have graduated. The past three years have been long, but I've had the best time ever with you. We've some great memories: BP, HI, Hunington Beach, Laguna, 1:00, Riviera, L2, Painting 8: GR, 29th St, Torrey Pines Back Roads, Camaro, Trans Am, MGB, and finally, the truck. July 31, 1977 was the best day in my life! Kimmer, I love you even though you're a brat to me. Love, Bryant I I SUNSET GARAGE RADIATOR KING 1946 uAcoN sr OCEAN BEACH CA 92101 imp 224-4518 GIZASZXV5 J-!A7Z,C.7I9S PHA KMA 611 ,Yaia auf Cfaslaetic 611111 IOZ aff 4357 llaiaerszty Ave 282-2727 S GIL FINNELL CHEVRON BRAKES 0 AIR CONDITIONING 0 TLNE-UPS llaiaersity Plaralfiaa A ffaraufara 4353 llaiacrsify alas. 284-6275 T Omega Priafiaa il6'asiaa.s's ?arfa.s' - Karas - 5'ilars - Kracharas pil: 233-8359 WW 1- f a MAINTENANCE REGAN ENTERPRISES LANDSCAPING ' SPRINKLER5 ' HOME MAINTENANCE l EL REGAN 9804 BONNIE VISTA OWN!! LA MESA. CA 92 Daakic 's Kastaaraa! Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Excellent Dining at Moderate Prices 4125 El Cajon Blvd. 283-6581 Life's battle doesn't always to to the swifter or faster person, but sooner or later, the person who wins is the one who thinks he can. Best wishes and good luck in the future to the class of '80! Zfflt' 16,4 VANAGHS . . , free to see what i couldn't see free to be hat i couldn t be . . . 1 t every moment count. I1 est temps de parm. Bonne ma am1, the lady in blue YONZ Z'he time has ,oassed and a you! set a louy time ayo has uouf been accomplished Ke Wise ih the ,oath you how choose, thouyh it may take you far from home, your ,olaee shall always be here for you. Keep a strouy faith ih God always. chance ' MOM, DAD, MAKINJ, ,YOSSIUI AND MMJ5 HS " Che eu,o is raised, the toast is uzade ayaiu. " IC. Plant A ,Z Faye UWM 155513 If ll! V VO!!! 270 .ANNA ftappiuess rs Looe, May it lze yours always - lluele Peter, ,Aunt Gloria aud Autlrouy. kristin - We are proud of you aud always will be. .May the memories of tlrese years be with you forever, Lfouyratulatiousf We looe you - Motu aud Dad ,Caurie Doodle Hubba. Kouyratulatious Lol llkoif Wislziuy you all the lrappiuess iu the world. L'ooe, dlfioru, Dad, Linda aud kolzert Zlrourpsou. Zo Our Dauylzter, In our daughter we see Life's most beautiful part: An innocent soul, An untainred heartg And her brown sparkling eyes Are as spiritual wells Reflecting a beauty That charms and impels. Her hands are like petals And the form I enfold Gives a warmth to my days Which are otherwise cold. OH! How soft her hair! How unfurrowed her brow Next to those of her father Who looks at her now! And how plainly I see In my daughter each day The treasures of life That have drifted away! Congratulations to Our Marie! Love always, Mom, Dad 8: Mark. mama' ll ou auf ,No se eoluo eupresar lo que sieuto por todo lo que lrau lreelzo por uri duraute todos los auos de luis estudios. ,MZIGHO 414114016 If GlZo46'.7o4S PA CCM 'Y .X The WILD HAIIQ 1220 Maiden Lane Del Mar,Ca.92U'l4 755-1677 . ,X 42 ,Ysaa Mar 's With all Our lads and Gad l6'lsss lfaa Grandma AQ Kia Daddy Dear Para, ,May Gad Idsss yaa all the days af yaar lzfs. We favs Ifaa Mara and Dad Memories of the past, Ter 8: A.T. - crazy! La Jolla ru1es!, Bus 6, 80, 34, no singing Cinco de mayo, Sept. 28, Hit him for me! Farrells, Spring Sing ifl, cruisin' alright Tahoe -- Ann Marie, Where's the fireplace? Parties, Charity Bowl, Frisco Fanny - size 3 He said what? AWESOME! Beat him Tere . . . Blue cars are the Best - Tennis today? U.S. Mike C., Saints dances - before - after! Proms, Miss OLP, Homecoming . . . AFTER! Disneyland '79, La Jolla High Dances - Football games, Thursday Lunch Topics Sex, . . . and Rock 8: Roll, only 15 min. Big Bear?, Saints track - lets go, weepoles GOOD GIRLS DON'T BUT WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to AH, DJ, AV, AB, RW, MC, GW, JB, JF, and all the gang, 41 class of '80! We're seniors we can do anything! Dear Kathleeni Bolini, Gouyratularious to rho 6lass of 7980 Sspooially to Our Sufool 6aroliuo Jlflay you always sirioo to ao your oost ru ru all your uuaortakiuys. Goa looo aaa yurdo you always. Wo are oory ,oroua of 110111 Much looo frolu, Jlflour aaa Dad 4 froru your orothors Khuok aua Mark We, like all parents, are most proud of your accomplishments at OLP. Our happiness is predicted not so much on your grades fwhile they are importantl, but moreso for the fact that you entered OLP a young girl and now you have become a fine, educated and happy young woman. You know the sacrifices that we have had to make to be sure that you received the best education possible. Our sacrifices are minor in stature and degree compared to the nuns at OLP who are giving their entire lives in devotion not only to you but to all the other girls. Thanking them in this open letter of appreciation and love seems most appropriate at this time. Without their devotion to jesus Christ and their love of teaching, OLP could not function. Kathy, we wish you the very best that life can possible offer. We cannot promise that all of your future days will be full of sunshine and that there won't be any dark spots. We cannot promise you that you won't know sorrow and disappointments. We can pray that your darkest moments will pass quickly and that God's light will always shine on you and that any pains and sorrows youencounter will always be overcome by your faith in God and your happy and pleasant personality. Our heart and home will always be open for you, for you are truly the best of your mother and me. Hongratulations ,Anne Mariel ,Man alone, of all the creatures of the earth, is the architect of his destiny. Mau you and the class of 1980 he the pioneers of an cucitina future! All our ,Cooe if l5'est Wishes -- Che Conuneu Hanrily Mono, Dad if Stephen. DEAR TERESA, CONGRATULATIONS! You have finlly made it through high school. This year you have been a great pal, as well as a great sister. Lots of luck in the future. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1980. LOVE YOUR SISTER, Claire Kavanagh. NNW . 3344 4th Avenue San Diego, California 92103 Congratulations Pete! ' ' 168 Ildlfl,4N PHOUOGKAPHV 291-2601 Fedmart ' green MMS ' gorillas " R.S. and W.O. at B.B.s Halloween 78-79 " charity bowl 79 " Homecoming 79 Morely and Ski " rallies ' Mo's B-day ' trees and cop cars Cars with surf racks ' Van Dyke "' Feb. 17 and 18 Kerry and Craig - Sept. 22 ' 7f11 "' moving again B.B.? skiing ' Big Bear ' "You snooze, you lose" ' Captains chair " cerremonial table ' long weekends ' party hardy H-2 ' Scarecrow ' c.n.p. with chris and koalas ' 10-finger discounts " disneyland ' cruising ' darsuns! Michael's coming? ' P-girl mags. ' La jolla ' Dirty minds ' where's the party? ' Italians " Thanks Miss W Wiedower! " senior pictures ' july 22, 24, 27 - Beanie - "puff, Fluff, I mean Kerry!" - Moosie -- STATE LICENSE 4554945 15' A ,C PLASCJKJNG JNL? P.O. Box 443 Lemon Grove 92045 CHRIS ALLEN LEW ALEXANDER 579-9396 460-4115 Once we had a daughter nanced Ann, Whose class interfered with her plan. So she studied real quick, Got grades that were slick. ,find spent the ,near getting a tan. When not sunning hersch in the pard, Or arnusinp hcrseh with the Hard, She planned her career, With her Mora. who 's a dear. ,4nd concluded that work was too hard. Looe, Dad. 60jV5l6o4 CZILL4 CJONS' CO M ONJHV4 ANZ? CHS 6124 SS 09 1980 gflfllflz Ziff 254 16164 57o4JW171f V ..--' Zfo Our ,Mary 61 yesterday is' out u dreuru . . . Uoruorrow your future . . . He houest to yoursey . . . , ' l6'e you. Zo us you 'll ulufuys . be our buoy, N Houyrutulutious. May ull ' .f Q U your dreorus eoure true. - A ' We Looe Ilou. olfioru A Dad Zouyrut 'e sie, Eoerylhiuy 's ulufuys youe your Way, hope eoerytlriuy ulufuys will ' Looe, Hull CHS 6y4l6'00S5 5'Z?Vf4lflfV MA D5 .7211 W8 ZOV5 11011 ICIMVLMSIQ AND IC 165 V4 JV MOC!-MIC, Milk!! ANN 16760, 16,4 CJHELC 1955511 KHIUS YIMMV KJKHAKD AND 47111375 S21 Z'J-616855 FAKJSH EOJWJ14 ZIJV47 CZ! SEJVDS 4755 51685 CUV65 C0 CHE 515751651 86499 ANZ? ,. M' 'fvgg 1 ' I ' 1 5,3 5' ZZIZDSN CS' 05' 01116 1242711 O? 278,465 Kes! Wishfs J , D i . f fff'ffff"w5 I k the 611155 of SO 6002? L' ll 616 ' ' MMOKSI kudz .Casin Juv. Seclivu 952 Kandi - ,May God yrant you all the joy, inspiration, lone, happiness, satisfaction and fudillnient that life can hold, because you 'oe always shown these qualities to all you 'oe known. 5'ulfill your dreanrs. Go to ll..SiD. lrcconre a doctor and remember the people who need help. ,411 Our Looe, ,Mont and Dad Good luck in coerythiny you do! lone, IO S 2 d das, Copa, Ramad cl d p Tlly p revlstas f l mam!" CQ ", busc d d h q I f , p inados, pinteadas, referrals, castig F d h y tarea," amores aventures, brujas y r TKT d l f 1 ltos, G, crudas, domingas, lunes en la m S b d N :ana el CQ," prepa, IM, curas, planes nunca real d q l e, juegos, guedam riradas, chismes, carajes, "V l S p 22 Oct. 79' escapada d clases, Eduardo y Manuel. "Do p l y Get enough" F d f I. yEl 5 aen thouyh you are not perfect and M any tirnes We tried to chanye you .7 t scerns that With the help of God and the if one of your fainily, friends, and school V ou turned out to he another "P8l6l60,7l75" who has iuade her parents proud. Zone, ,Moen and Dad S G S Real Estate ,N Express Zonyratulations frorn S65 "Che Kea! 5state fnpress " Muchas Fel d d Estela Carrascc y L Th p L d b bus am g d l HH. Ban, Mayne F., Al D B Cl d Ter C T vino, Amanda B Y D KOJVGKI4 ZTZLLZ4 C70N67 Good luck fo the M14 V4 jogjg 611155 of 80 ,find Good ,Cuok in the .7uturof J-lonors 6l1ai11 Gong Har Wash N I fmt ooo you. your if 2 Mom. Cho Szstors of St joseph .7rom the Koard of Dzrcotors . . . If1Qfj1julff:wQ'g How may I tell the gl d d Rf-ffl! Sfflf W6 fgflffflfk i5'LafuEZ5iZie2aZ'LS wi h N1 h Eolloen Hal Uzroot 0 '6o11nolI Q11 jj rffejjfngjjjjs dvh dl Dems: Wzdow ,Maker kolridoou what Patil ffm, A aff 1 VIC!!! V6'll0W Vlfffff Wffffl ffQZO'2f1?2l Zll1ilf,i'Sef'da, by S Y ' ff " Ik '- h d ,Czsa Hobo 5'ooo Wong R h nejufgrezfggiyn Y ll 'nvited - y A q ' p y -l'k ' I y d Spociol fotos for I I ' ' I I I I I I ' I I ' I I ' I I ' I I CPFSQQQP cz no FJMWMM ,p,mgu4 fPrln! Name ,Wish Ou-uv-ed! I guew For How Long IFA aww yo-ML ,Za-uveo, :pnsNewm. Date H50 SendT0g MGA-4 of X980 -H Addr-esso WML 'Niafvmf gaw If wash ag GUFT-fill in Her-e:Givev-s Jcdfwgvffdibg 4944242 -fml-ov fm fad.,-Q, Qeom ofcmmoe, Q,-,,.Qf,g,4,4w,, Good Ll-JCI! witk BVEPYTJTIHQ you do in life AYQQ ahvayis .Sf-Oy in our heart? and in our f,S10u3l1f,5,f'5.L.! 55 :man WEBER 8: Associates - Construction Consuitant .AL 2 K D ICH R S WEBER S D1 C If 9 2704 UNIVERSITY Lfaagrafalafiaas . c J ,41414 Marie 4.Ac Grandpa aaa Graaalaa Gad 161655 Ifaa Ihopey afvasaa 5335124 60416164550 MHHHAS 9557512754055 C5 Z75S5,4J1fl O5 AHOIQ4 If 5l5WlZ9l65 U15 342245 If f!5l6JWa4!V05 X ,llnnndl Staff Miss 0 ' Donnell - Moderator julie ,Condo - Editor Shelly Hernordini - Zlnlrs Diane Eroufn - Hresnnnzn Min Darkns - ,Ynniors ,Cnnrie 8,opler - Advertising A .I I! -I Mary ,Yo Esposito - Activities Kerry Glasneen - ,fletioities Aoi Goss - Pnotogropner 5lizooetn flortneon - Hoenlty ,Monica Pnrro - Seniors el Sopnornores Denise kooideon - Art Design e V YL L I' , Qs rg 5f' ., x .J+:. I -4. .-, Z , 1 . p w . l5'eforc E716 Deadlines .After N V F x alia Q .9 Q .- W' oiin 'x L I if , I 1 31 ' F ,ev lg w I .. X si . 17 1 A .I ihiq-I me W , I as O O 0 1 Mu I I 'T' JY Spirit Week Shaw your Spirit! Mu-vw Y .ll . y4.5il6'. Zebruary 23l'd, 1980 Peggy Couvrette and Karl Ste venson share some juicy gossip with Miss Blade. Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil yafhcr Daughter Dance 'K VUIIIVK GH! A ?rie14d ,March 9 Q Q .. .rsvp 1 'A 'nfs 'E .: 5 n',.x M. :H L. ,f'.'A.'i.g-1 -, ggi.-1LAIxEf - '-0 w f"w'fx ff' lf",' f vt, ""aga flfpg'-1 1 556141 y x.. 5 lx, . 1 4: "X,-.31 X LIYPI Nr. , ' QQ-'i' S",-fn If - --'.'f'Q -fn ' V"-.xx VP, , ' A Q v-1,4-fQ.f . V 'v x -,T-nr , A 5 .l,.. 'iii' ' f c. L ' X-, v . , '1,I',p,-K. ,1:,:kRX x ,, A V Y.- -A ,, 4" ,-.. .'sgg95.4,g-.F Aww - V- Y '., -. vu-C -, ---11'-.1 al,-ik 2 ' LfT3'T'T 'fi-.HF 'x., ,LL-f ,g'xl. :- TQ X ew -l,.,V.,.5 'X -.Y 'Qt A LL:-41 xx .,,--IZ. v "Q ' m '.-s,'- .- wif, fry' fav 1 J' pun 'J " . f N J. J- ka-:I ' 4' N ' . 452, Lk'4 1 1 'mi-'A o," if-' -,Q' V.. Mr-, ul I K Z 'v ws' 3 --.x X, , , xx ,5,- --S -K NY,-Vg ,1 -Ns. 5 11.-ls... -..:- gsf, '5-- ' '-5 ' F l.'v' .4- sn 443 -w -v- -u G4 E 4711146 6, I9 O I ,, L. 41- - Yr :. "V , ...- . 14' I 3 'ia I Y-LY-g!ff7' -T 1 .M .1 -1 Baccalaureate Mass ,Ili JA Graduation Day , Y 3 ' 1152.-M Hlass Of 79 O func 7, 79 O N. . -I, 1" -.MN ,. If X.. . ,v ini U 'T-. LL u- , H .1 4 . .-. 5 pf-be .D cg' 1. H' I -P , 5 Chunk-gnu 270 '8O's Leaders Gow! fuck C17 '87 On With P T 1 - Paula Pezanoski accepts the offlce ot' secretary. l. - eu' A Lori gives her offlce of treasurer to Michelle. Paula Holmberg accepts the offlce of Vice-President. The Decade . New and old ASB officers pose in May. '-Bi 1979-80 ASB officers. l .-4 ,4- Meredith Blown accepts the offlce of Commis- sioner of Clubs. x . x xx, .T...:-, . x I by .Y '.x 'N , +V' I 'AF fm, if, MK 1 --,1 QQ' 'D KN' rf .752 fu. , f . ,V A ,B f ' . .,,. f 1 "' . z:4-A f ih xinr fra - ' ' :.f'1,Kf.i.11i'4i5a15?! ' V- , - ' f ffpalxvfpgizz V . , ' - -vm ' Q A fum ' ' ' A ' f f ,tgeg ' f-199'

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