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Academy of Our Lady of Peace - Villa Montemar Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Jr R M? if 'fan 'R W f fs .V,' Q we 1, W ww-as A .agp Q V iixFfYQ935' I ifw, k- .Pi Q .3-N - Win 4-env, G Ldv . x -vb ' A xi , . A "-J , .v-I ! Y' ' v x .,M.,,- af. NN I 1 Z 1 W' W . en F- az- L Qwn . WZSQ K Ku 4 , , V , "FN G .J lx, I, K ,K 9' A X Q "f 2 . ki R 5 ' fig' e X My i . yy' 4 :Q-A f .um .J . 'V .VL JM Q - -: 'N ,., 4 Q Q , , E A 4- lr 5 A 5 M ww agg -. . + I N, A L sl , 5. ,M . ,,., -f A f A, x 3 Z . L , 2 I Ax i Y :ie : I x A A l 3 5 1 uv' Qt w. ,- MA fk5g2?f" gf 1 .AW Mm, ' sl. l 3 ki ,, - -X s. 4 Wlla Monteman 1953 Academy of 0ur lady of Peace San Diego, Cakfarnia vnu M0NTl5MAn M I N O 00 ,A -. -.. -' a ..... Vai l--...,, "."""-N--...., 5 EEE? EEE? EEE? EEE? S5255 55 Ei liarly niorning finds fll'0I1Ql21Il2l Orozuw cl A1111 uru on us N111 P1'1111til says goodbym' to hix thin r 1 If Aquinas Hall. 1 1. 2 4 'B 4 x, . .4 . I J K1 Avy? y 4- yu 5-gh-J. Villa Montemar, 1953, presents tq her students in retrospect e the IIICU sole to in the lead for VILLA MUNTEMAR QM I N4A 1.5 o ii lf 9 4 ' min ,rf 53' 1 4 Q ,....,,.. -rw . ,, .1 i'1-'e',1,-a- 5-,tan -mfupfy ,fr C-fgfigadnggigwiwfg 1, ,. l, .,,., ,V,..lg,:.? M . 1, 5 , , J lg ' '31 fi -3 Lv wwf' funn 9.9 Ap' oi if lv 5 - ' f f:m'2e?fa sfllell 'N .fJbwL'.J... "J..AL.Yi', E JA.-,.2A...1V 9 9 9 His lixcellcncy, the Most Reverend Charles I". Buddy, DJJ., llisllop ol' Sim llivgo. very kindly writes il le-tu-r ol' grvvtillg :mtl lmlm-ssing to Yilla Montemar, '53, while- Anmunl stall, nrt editor lN'Im1in':1 llolm fll-IU. editor'-ixl-vlmivlv Liflizn FOIlC'1'l'I'2lCl2l. l3l1SlIl1'SS vclitur Lois R0llIltI'l'l'. :md plmtogruphy editor l"lorm'nc'm- Morzinski look on. , ..,., H .,.. ,,4f..:,1 if f .,.,,'n-fffn, 'L ' "A ,.,-3 vynwwu ' ' Ci """"K -- , ,Qan- i YT ln MJ., 1 'J y ,lfdqf Ofve-,gilv 'N 31:1 LVILSILI SANCIDRU . ? , fwwlwieza . . ., rfu4l ns' .l, wil4.- 1, ggiurese of ian flings 1528 fourth Qmenuc San Pings 1, Olalifnrnia To Our Lady of Peace Graduates of '53 Most Cordial Congratulations! Reviewing the countless blessings of devoted parents, home, childhood and school that accompanied you to Wisdom's Shrine, your hearts may well sing forth an ancient melody: nNot to us, 0 Lord, not to us, But to Thy Name, give glory.u The same lovely Lady of Peace who inspired your training for leadership, now whispers to each of you: WBe strong and courage ous.' Let your light shine. Be faithful over a few things. Be faithful unto death. Devotedly, 'I' Bishop of San Diego A 5 or A -nn e' r:.-.:-.:Notlng a valiant learler To Mother William, the graduatin l i 1 1 1 1 9 FACULTY J DM f g fo fr W t V O UH'-33 f f! XXX X K !l' "4! 2 - .. gC Lcarning the is ays of democratic living and the- Il'Cl1Illl1L1l'S of lm'z1clm'rsliip by acuizil p1'zu'tic'v in group solution of studc-nt prolmlvius. thc- Studvnt Council-fri-shmzin prvsiclviit Sum Vlcin- stock rlvlt to righw. junior pri-sidvnt Carol Crouuuvlin. studvnt body trvzisiirr-r Linda Mc'- Czirtliy. sr-riior prvsidvnt Lidin Fonc'vrrzid:i. sludvut body pri-sidvut Virginia Rodw, studvnt body svcrf-tary Iii-va-rly O,Connor. sodzility vivm'-pi's'ff-ct Mary' Elizzihvth Hurlvy, sophomorm' pri-sidvnt Gail Crahaui, and girls' :ithlm-tic zissocizition pr:-Sidi-nt Monica l-lohnw-fiiivr-ts wm'kly in thi- liigh school library. .eww -if-..v.,. .,,,.k..1. .. - ,t . , , I 's 7 Recalhng to Academy students f 1' " -'T-'J memories assnciaterl with Introduction Division Page Seniors . 14 Underclasses . 28 Sodality . . . 40 Associated Student Body . . . 48 Girls' Athletic Association . . . 56 It 'i'e 2 Curriculum . . . . 64 :lQ'... s5t l . QQ Grammar School . . . 78 lQ..e. fe"--lJ,:egiggvgii2f?l,sQ Boarders . . . 88 A A il ylk- 't'i4 A Explanation of Coats of Arms . . . 96 -...hug if SM i 1 - - i 1 2 3 I Q ... .. .... .,-.1-......i EM QM 4 8 3 V 5 VIllA MUNTEMAR 1 o ,xl if X --i : r If f ' XX , -9 Q E N N307 7 M Classroom cares take wing as Acadvmissc-s kncc-l bvforv thvir vvvr prvsvnt Lord in thc campus chapel. Close' union with Mary and hvr Divim' Son is achicvod through froquvnt visits to thc Bla-ssm-d Sacramvnt. ,U UW 'ZH in N' N" no ,lk fm. of-'W on iff. ' xxx v Yin, .M y Q if-24. ,N , I 425 , va 42-, ' 'wo '-'of '11 - . si? E any Q 'far' wkgw K if if?,X . E 5 As!! K f r gjg?"g 27 'lk tv Q f f ?f'N' m , xx 5 3 Q' fi? Q K 2 Q 5gv"tw , Swami qvwgpgw L , 1' 7' 53. 'u "Fx I' ,IS ,gf U fs ,P ,Q yg! , X Q? be Q,: 5 1 Q - My M. Q f .: I I Associating mmpus swims ,.. with school :nemwies . . tllvftl Afternoon Iincls thru- svniors taking a plm-asunt xvxlk past tht' Administration Building. Enjoying' that bt-auty of tht- czunpus. Marx' Hvnvhan, Tania XVallac1'. :md Carol 'l'hif'rsc'h stroll toward tht- swimming pool. .JM Evfgcgfzgfbq, 'ill I fx 'mm HMM! only .fyv ' 46 X V f NO DQQ1 K 'Z' . A , f .50 gf? l Martha Basulto tht-low J, Rrnestine Nlix, Elizabeth Flouric, Maria Aguilar and Emma llustamvntm' lvzxvc- St. Catln-rinvls Hall aftvr brvaklast to finish last minutv clutivs bm-forv thvir morning classc-s. A plvasant RtIIl0SlDlNli'fl' gt-ts tht-xn off to a good start. ,.fw,,M, liver patient and smiling, Bliss Lena Urivvllo. sehool svcrvtziry. begins ha-r busy day with am vffieivnt lizmd ut the typ:-w1'it1'r. I Always willing to help, Mrs. Evelyn Fc-gan, the school li- brzirizm, cheeks out books to Putrieiu Ronvy and 'loam St. Martin. n m'mm1mwamanmz':' :zmmmxrmnzM.i1LW' 111.'hH+"1,:mmm amm.t 'mr.zuL.:z .zzfsnazaxm I 2 I3 Prep riisg feeders for tomorrow Sisters of St. joseph of Carondelet, founded in France in 1650 primarily for the purpose ol' teaching. stall' the ACLICIVIIIY H882-l95fij. Mother William ,,,, Religion IV, Civics, Sociology Sister Sister Juliana ..,,,Y,,,,,. History, Mathematics Sister Sister Rose L0uise.,.l,atin, Science Sister Sister Carmela ..,..i,,.. English, History, journalism Sister Sister Rita Franeissllrallia, Vocal, Art Sister Sister Teresita ,.,....i.. Music l.iIli:ln Marie Annc Gertrude ,,,,, Marie Pierre ,,,, Veronica jean. Paula Francis.. -""" VIlLA MONllMARl g g Q ----l ,,.Lh6lQn.11 WTN4 vb' ,gl 5.7, U P I i9 . Q: I 1Q9c7,,4'7, 1. Wifi Spanish, Music Grades Yll, VIII Grades Y, YI, Frem I1 Grades I, ll Kindergarten, Music Reverend Stanley Der- winski, religion in- structor, exchanges cheerful accounts of the m0rning's happen- ings with Mrs. Helen Welle Clcftj, third and fourth grade tcachcr, and Miss Jac- queline Bowles, physi- cal education instruc- tor, on the way to lunch. 1-4-v--vw I 5 Radiant smiles wrvzxthm- thm' ciountm'nunc1's of thvrss' svniors as thvy Jrm' Jura' for that IHi'Il1OI'21hll' amd UNCC'-ill-ll-liI-Vlillll' m-vmmt, gradua- I I tiim. 'l'l1m-3' zm' Mary H4'Il1'llllIl mlvl'tW. Carol 'l'him-rsch. Olga Ruiz .-Xidzx ESCIIIUY. :md C:?lY'IIN'Yl Mugzlllrm. . ,,., , .v,...V ,... .- - 4. .., .,. .,.,.W .,. .. ..,. . ...,,,,..,-....,,..-,,..,,.,.,......,,...,, L V 1 ...q.., -.,.........,.-.- ....,.,. .. -...-,,, M... .. .. -... .,L,,M,, MLM.. ,M M. . . M.....,,-..,. -....,. ,m,.,,,,,. ,.....,, .. , I-1- Seniors, having been leaders in the high school during the SENIURS ,.i, ----.......' i 1 7 I 15 Cussoff53s ---- - 1-:I Marcela Almada A cheerful disposition joined with innocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit good- natured. Class trvuslirvr, IV Class volleyball. III-IV Varsity volleyball captain, IV Varsity basketball captain, IV Our Ladyls Committee. III-IV All Star Athlete, IV Dolores Andrews Set all things in their own peculiar plate, And know that order is the greatest grace. Music, Ill-IV Glu- Club, III Dramatics, III-IV Sodality play, Ill Our Lady's Coruluittvv, IV President of Boardvrs' Council, IV Carol Arnold The joys of youth her eyes display An ease of heart her smiles convey. ASB vice-prcsiclluit. IV GAA treasurer, III Dramatics, II-III-IV Christmas play, IV Class volleyball. I-II-III-IV Class basketball, I-II-III-IV s I6 s Magnififenfe and grate, Excellent rourtesyf A brightness on the face, Airs of high memory . . Sodality pr:-fcct, IV Nliss OLP. IV Class II'l'l1SlIl'l'l', I Class vim--prc'sida'11t, II Class hull teams. I-II-III-IV Senior play, Hook Week. IV If you praised her as charming, some asked what you meant, But the charm of her presenfe was fell where she went. ASB secretary, III Class ch1'c'1'-leader, IV Villa staff, II-III llrzullatics, I-II-III-IV Christmas play. IV Sc-nior play, IV . . . Smiling dreamy eyes that seemed to gaze Into a world of wonders far away. Class play, II llramatics, II Glu- club, I-II Art. I-II Prom COlIllIIItIl'l'. III Fin-ld day. I-II I7 l '1l.'1 I When thy beauty appear In its graces and airs All bright as an angel n Dramatics, II Class play, II Glu' club, I-II Music, I Art, I Fir-ld day, I-II 1 ' .IE K :.1.,..: Sueh was the Muse who S ew dropp'd from the sky . . . se rules and prartice tell Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well. VILLA staff, II-III-IV VILLA cditor, IV Quill and Scroll, III-IV Honor roll, II-III-IV Scholarship winner, IV Fine arts award, IV . , , ,? . -' I li. ..-L' ,- A rheerful life is what A soaring spirit is their Dramatics, II-III Gln- club, I-II-III Art, I-II Inner circle, I Class opvrvtta, II Fix-ld day, I-II W' JW! , My i M, the Muses lore, prime delight. W' MMM cflylil 3 . ,141 N. I v i' 55545555115 9 if fate gag? 03 ,ofvl 'M at V lidiza l"om'rn'acla She holds her little thoughts in sight, Though gay they run and leap. She is so circumspeet and rightg She has her soul to keep. Class president, IV Annual editor, IV General Excellence award, III Co-curricular participation award, III Honor roll, III-IV Gold cup winncr, IV l,ms fnlllYlIl God gave her power to soothe and bless, And the calm strength of gentleness . . . GAA vice-president, IV Class vice-president, III Volleyball varsity, III-IV Basketball captain, IV Senior play, IV Dramatics, II-III-IV fi1Zl'llH'K1 de- flamefiz As full of spirit as the month of May. Forever the same, so steady, sweet and mild. Dramatics, III Dance- committee, IV Moth0r's tea, IV Fivld day, IV May day, IV Prom committee, III Class of C53 ' 8 ' 19 .--:Cass of 153 Marilyn Gilmore Of all her gifts, her wisdomglpleaseth most, Of all her graces, virtue she oth boast. Dramatics, IV Christmas play, IV Dance decoration committee, IV Field day, IV May day, IV Book Week program, IV Ruth Graham Her soul sincere In aetion, faithful and in honor, clear. Southern Cross representative, IV Ping-pong commissioner, IV Senior play, IV Class teams, III-IV Glec club, I-II-III Poetry contcst winner, IV Mary Henchan The quiet fare that lighted up As from u sunshine in the heart. Varsity manager, IV Senior play, IV Christmas play, IV Dramatics, III-IV Glee club, III Senior dancc committee, IV 20 58Hi0fS Monica Hohn A winning way, a winning smile, Altogether a friend worthwhile. GAA president, IV Honor roll, II-III Annual art editor, IV VILLA art editor, II-III-IV Carra Club rfprvscntativv, IV Ninth and Scivnfc award, IV Louise Koller And what but gentleness untired, And what but noble feeling warm, Where1'er shown, however inspired VILLA business manager, IV Class trcasurcr, II Dramatics, II-III-IV Senior play, IV Christmas play, IV Cl:-v Club, I-II Carmen Magallon Of Courtes it is much less jf, Than Courage of Heart or Holiness, Yet in my walks it seems to me, That the Grace of God is in Courtesy Glu- club, II-III Dramatics, II Music, IV Field day, II-III May day, IV Mothers' tra, IV 21 NUTIIIZI Nlnnsir Of silenreg and from action spring.: alone The inward knowledge to true love and faith. Glu- club, I-II-III Dramatics, II Class opvrctta, II Music, IV Mothm'rs' tea, IV Fix-ld day. I-II A 1. l..e.1:ne'n .khixqiivz For manners are not idle, but the ruit Of loyal nature, and of noble min . Dramatics, I-II Glu- club, I-II Class treasurer, III Class opvrctta, II Prom Committvc. lll Mothers' tra, IV lil-1i:'l:'szs'ai Elm',zinf,k' I f,4,,5js-for-4 A. she doth little kindnesses aiu L,-.L Whirb most leave undone or despise. M - - Lfbvfc-'L-4 1 Class secretary, III-IV lt.-of Class basketball, II-III-IV Annual photography editor, IV Glu' accompanist, III-IV Senior play, IV Art. II-IV Seniors 2 2 LL.. L 4,,,. X ,, Lo 4,4-4-44? L,o 74.44 'ALL , -f6,LA.L.,, . 1' .V "2 vc' X 2 Xvs VLA I 1 sfmons 4 V Greta Nansen Haste thee Nymph, and bring with thee jest am! joyful Iollity . . . EXTENSION representative, IV VILLA sports editor, III-IV Quill and Scroll, III Volley varsity captain, IV Varsity teams, I-II-III-IV Senior play, IV I leorgiana Orozco Walkirzg as prettily Walking as proud As the bird who can conquer The breeze and the cloud. ASIS treasurer, III Perfect attendance award, III Sodality cooperation award, II Art. II-IV Glee club, I-II Dramatics, II Patricia Peacock And she's not only passing fair But is withal, discreet and debonair. VILLA staff, III-IV Christmas play, IV Dramatics, III-IV Music, IV Prom committee, III Mothers' tea, IV Class of C53 1 Q r" X, 215 Class of 53... .. Virginia Rodcc The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute. Student Body president, IV Class president, II-III Honor roll, I-II-IV Civics pancl, IV Christmas play, IV Class vollcyhall, III-IV Lois Rountrcc Good-humor is goodness and wisdom combined. Class vicc-prcsidcnt, IV Annual business managvr, IV VILLA staff, I-II Varsity teams, II Senior play, IV Dramatics, II-III-IV Lucille Ruiz . . . A well disposed nature joined with lovely features. Varsity baskctball, I-II-III-IV Varsity volleyball, I-II-III-IV Class tcams, I-II-III-IV Varsity captain, III All Star Athlctc, IV Villa staff, IV 24 t Seniors- Olga Ruiz The playful smiles around the dimpled mouth That happy air of majesty. Class chcc'r-lcadvr. I Inner Circle, I Music, I Gln' club, I-II Class play, II Dramatics, I-II Carol Thiersch It's better to he small and shine, Than he large and cast a shadow. Chvvr lvadvr, I-II-III-IV Varsity managvr, IV Dramatics, II-III-IV Christmas play, IV Glu- Club. I-II Dance- dc-Corntion C0mmittr'f'. III Tania Wallace Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. Class volleyball, IV Glu' club, I Dramatics, III-IV Christmas play, IV Sc-nior play, IV Prom committvv. III 25 SENIOIIS - WAV - 'Cl 75 ig nf af ,v'w'W"'fff' - A 6 , A l iam f v - 1 'IL WL! 14" f2'???., Wm... 'nel-mm. Q ,f ,I f fl f"'xxM,.v" ,X A:,x. av 2' 1 1 15,9 1, 'N' xx, A Tiff! X Us b f jeff, ,M U' ,451 .. Ik,-ae, uf fa -gffgghf , 7, , fwf 4. ZW 'agp' 3, m mm Q Field Day, May I2 lWary's Day, May' 28 Graduation 1 J September 15 ,,,, September 29 ,,A.. October l ..,,..e..,, October 2 ....Y,,.... October 2 ,,.,..,.,.. October 3 ....,,,,.., October 9 ...,,,,c,.. October 29 .......Y, November 7 ,,..... November 9-154. November 21 ..,.. School Calendar YOpening of school Mass of Holy Ghost Senior initiation Freshman initiation ASB welcome party Senior picnic VILLA banquet Sodality Halloween party Senior dance American Education Week Book Week Program December 18 .,,,,, January 7-9 ,,,,rr. january 20 ..,,....., February 2 .....,,, . February 6 ..,.,,,,, March 9-13 .,,,r,,r Christmas play .Retreat Father-Daughter night Senior ditch-day Miss OLP Dance Vocation Wcck April 22-26 ....,,,,, Senior Play May 12 ,,,.......r,,,, May 23 a.......,,,,.r A May 27 ,...v,..,..,.,. May 29 .....,,,a,,a... June 5 .....,,,..r,.r,., ..1..-.v-...-...- .-..a..-...- .....- ...U .-.,,.-....N.-....... .- ...fc-W-Qf--,.....................-....-L-.......-,...-va .., JY. .une-.,.,., .A .. V , . . , Field Day VILLA reunion Mary's Day Senior-junior prom Graduation 'T " fr" ' 'Y'-4.""-3Z:LZ:.'I1I1'f',.'2,-3 "I'-l"......"'7""'Tlf Z......"""-'II.2I.f1l'1T-i1'.1i'.f"1 . Z. . . .. .. , gga n.?T-gg:g4L.i1Eif1?-11-.- - -.f .'l."'I2.1Z1a,4i:.1, -A ----- - f-A-- ----4 - - ----W H Y -,.,,,...,--..,..,.,, vying lhv nmrning sun, mln-sv tlm-v llIld4'l'i'lllNNIll1'll walk tmvurd tlu 1-iulv drixv in guy 4'l1znttw'r: junior JXIHIFVI' Inzunm. wphmnorn I1 m XY:-In-r. .md fre-Nlnnzun Sylvia Robinson. 28 uniors, sophomores, and freshmen, now as followers, tread 29 eg Gabriela Almada Linda lVIc'Carthy Beatrice Sadulski Li. Margaret Greggs Ruth Costello Christine Mellado Ernc-stint' Mix Charlene Stephens Dorothy Weher Mary Elizabeth Hurley Cathleen Muehlebaeh Anne Whitlock Junior Calendar - November I .t,...... .... Deep Purple Dream December -l-5 ,,tr.. ......... G host Wanted December 19 .,..... january 12 .....v,r ..t.,.,. January I3 ..,,.t,, ,t...... February 6 .r...... .,..v.., April 18 ....... ,.....,. April 24 ....,,t ..,..... Christmas party Miss OLP contest Arrival of rings Moonlight Fantasy UCLA language conference Presentation of senior Mary Regina Iffrig Beverly O'Connor prom bids and invitations june 4 .t,.,r. ,.i..... C lass Day exercises and prophecies june 5., .... ........ G uard of honor at graduation Juniors - - untichmting sclmol IEUJBISIIHI . . . 30 ,- Amber Inzunza Patricia Pratt Chemists Margaret Greggs, Ruth Costello, and Dorothy W'0bc-1' compare ideas in an t'ndc'uvor to identify unknowns. The spirit of Christmas is reflected on tht- faces of tht- juniors as they SyStt'IH21tiCZ1iiy distrihutc gifts brought hy each girl to tht' class party. ill With Our Lady of Fatima as guide through thr- yvar as patroncss, and Snakvyc' tht' Apache Indian as mascot, juniors excelled in good conduvt and cooperation. The-ir prvst-ntution of The Viper and The Desperado at thc- ASB we-lcoinv party won a reputation great Coirlvdialls. In no othvr year haw juniors been so SllCCC'SP?iilli in tht- Miss OLP contest. By 0l'Q.li1iZt'd work, thvy surpass:-d all previous rt-cords in funds ruisvd. Carol Crommelin Barbara McGowan Ann Rugh Alum Flores Prc-sid:-nt Vic'f'-President r1'I'l'2lSl1I'l'I' Svc'rt'tury lierdinand, mascot of the red tics, giuilvlully gnc- cvpt. jf N Olllllllgx ol loud lmm clvxcilvcl MlIJllllIllUI'l'N. l'l1iQ lricwicllx' hull Illlif' ln' M-vii luyilly pmxicixig III lront ol S0ljll0IIlOlAl' 1'unu-ix ill ilu' ligill ul :mx lIllI'2lIllllI'2ll gzum: Vlilllflllgll his irmpirzitiun, mplui- IIIOTVS am' SIJl1l'l'l'Cl on to x'ic'tm'y. Svgxlvcl frmn If-fr to right sm- .IOZIIIIIV lYllllllN'll. .login llviivlixixi. XIz1rgu1'itu Wallin-1-g standing alum:-, Blgiry lilli-11 Voigt. and vl1lll'I'Q'Sl' Kim' ilflllllllll. Lraphs in clam colors plainly iiiclivxitr lln- xpirit of thi- school on ll wlwlv in thi- fund mining drin- oi' Yilla Monlcmar, '53, lim-zniiiiig' with pridv. Nlziry B1-th llilfflgilll points to thi- lop ul th.- rvd graph to show Sundm Marsh iriglltd :md Mary l4lStlll'I' Villll' H'XlI'K'IIll' li-HJ llmx' lin' ilu- sophmnurm-s lcft otha-r clzissvs hvliincl. Cliristim' Ozunn points out tu hvr l'l2l5SlllLlll'S lmw flow Ihr lI'I'SllII1Llll lIl'lI'li Vllllll' to llll'1l'N. Mary Angus Gloria Cziririrm lllllf'lU' Ciuumiins 4 ' in 'fi f ilill1'l'l'5ll Billmillllll RlllJt'l'l.l Boyvns YUl2lIlll.l ClUIlIl'L'I'.!h .Kim lforrzio Ilmrlvm' l'lm'uvi'clii1u lim-Ah-lin lfurlvy f nn- M 3 awf- ,.. Q A I 9 iii .JF a X RX , I N I X - x 1 x , L v 1 ,, y , ?.."""',f!5! Q I I 1' r','f I I .7 ' I Ji , f ..' QI4: ft - NK X my 'A !' 'Xml ' 79"'f"j 4 , K t Xl i h 'I - Q 1 f," ,K .4 i.esfi.,X,- J, 4 J ' Q V f' J u i L 11 , X I k. 3 V. al ,I ' n aplnubaies op my lor ralk. . ....-- r tl ii x Kl'ix.Xj' '11 L .I t ' X Xl, .f ix K , L, X .I 4 N . x rf , , I x 3' 'viii 'Y 3 , K' , xx - ' '. N I X Qfopijmnore C eniiaxri w x Yi I, b Ssptcbnbufl 29 ,Q ..... 3 ......,........ f ass ele ions ' ' ff- r 'Ny Q October 0 ,JY!i...J: ..,...,... ,,1.V'ft0rs 0 ' ILLA qxive E X ' x H Nqycnxber YI ,Q .... f ...... mf ...... inners of nual drive . KX X X x. ! Noscmber ZZ 1 ,.,....,,. i ...- '1.Voll 'ally' an 'onsf U P :QL X 1 T 1' 'f " 1 f " NN X' jvxuary ,........ 4 ..,,. x .:.+.Ru1g1 rslg st og' is? s V h 'Q X H f Q1 in Fxclflgiiary-54 ,.,Q1..,gN ..... Tea ASB t X , s -XX X tl 5 Y f X gen er ammen s Nw X 4 March if. E ,.., 1, ,,.,, 1 ,,A,,. .Possessors of Sodality, N ' N k' 'wx V A , ni ASB, and GAA banners xx ' K '. Basligtbalychampions ' 'March 1 o if ,, , , 1 .. , s uniiiimfeticiffl x ,X X K an daydfoynady of Y 6 5 ,' 5 V - amd Coihisej, x' i N X' L x V . X ,J soxphgniorchvpatrgnegsk ,f .M U , X X May, , fiif ,..,,,. ....... Sdfmhouiorelsenfoyiiink' X ' Si N' X ufnb I2 ,,,,.A 7.1fSx31mieNr vucafioh , J. ' . Qi S l wk v y my 'kjN,V:f J 'J' f .4 A Y I, ! ly" , ' If A f' . I Firrfll Boniti I-lf twood J Bf'2lIl'iX"VF10llTiK' 'I'hm'rm-sr M. Graham FlOI'1lCiK'lf:I'1'l'l1 in Hcnmhin in Hmisry c1Zlthl'fil'll' Irvinv Ann Kam- Cm-lin M2l!'Illli'l McDon1gh Shmrilxn McDonnmll Patricia Milk-r Reita Morey .Ivan Mur'hl:-bzich Mary Bm-th IIlll'I'igUfl Sandra N12lI'Sil Toni Ml'ci2lIlIl 'l ., .5 W 45- JJY i - .. , ' , ,..,i. ,Q :ii i LC . ii '-,.'k Q. in ' 1 1 I3-I Sophs joannc Wunluch. jane Herscy, Paula Stuff- Icr, dm-fund ilu-ir point mx thv lla-lvviizxrm Wars :against Rvilzx Nlorvy and NILITVII Nlusvr. All urn' 11QI'1'l'd that mln' study ul' Latin ix un in- xulllulwlm- l'XI,ll'lkil'Ilk'l'. l'ulli1'izx N1lllt'llllY I,UlliM' Nlyvrs Ninn y Jo NUYIIILHI live-lyll Ulm-n llvlillclim- fYN1:1hu .Xuwlilgx ilsurniu llhrislinxl tylllllll SHNZIIIIIK' Rum Mildrvnl Sgxrxnlvrs .Xnuvlzl Sands Ellllllll Singh Bvx'v1'1y SIIUNY Vzmlzx Stllff-l1'l' Dmwyilly Tutu NI.11'y l':SYll1'l Yullm llklllkl Yvlvz Xvhillll X'!'lll'l' Rum' Marin- Vital: Mary lillrn Yuigt MLxx'uux'ilu xy1lll1lt'l illllllllll' YYau11t1u'l1 juan Wa-hm' Y:-lc-lu NN'illiul11s X 'Q ny Q qs...-A I1 lldllLlS of Sunbonnc 1 r , FUI 1t11 Ll c 1l1x 1 . VII - .1 1 drrd dvrx sud story. whilm' hm' Illkllll 21 crz111ky 'TUZITC lllll 181151111111 "'lIlJ " 1111-'1tm'11 looks. SOPh0lIl0l'CS jmn 111 merrx ma 'ing 'md I ilst-1'xcl1u11gv Im ' ' ll' Iwform' L1 's " -' ' ' ' p'1r 101' x St, Nicho ' s. Gail fifllhlllll Prvsida-111 Dolores Dun d Yirv- P11-sic11'11l SKTI' ' 2 ' fm ' sf Pznlrifiu Crowlc-y Nlurm-11 Nloser 11111 'l'11':1s1111l 'Y' w, , 2 '-1. 156 Having a south-of-tho border Cliristnias party. pinata and all is ilu- liFl'Sl'llI1LlIl vlass. Martha Basulto Carolyn Bolvn Yvonne Clinton Birdvnnc' Dahlstroin Eileen Dihos Anne Marir Dolan Joan Donthitt Ross-lyn Ervnm-ta Mary EU'lll'HlQl1i' Gail Evans Mary Pat Fitzgerald Kathleen Fl:-ming Lupm' Gonzales Mary Ellen Hill Mary Johnson Marsha Keller Eileen Dibos flcftj, Sharon Smith, Patricia Rugh, Lupe Ornana, and Sylvia Rvyvs play novel form ol' ping-pong. 37 0 u a. f Freshmen sho wing school spirit . . , . QQ , All freshmen ugrm-1' that Mm-lvin the' monkvy is thv hvst lIli1Sl'Ot thx-y could ll2lYl' vhosvn. Hn- brings thx-in good luvls in such things as tulvnt shows and gains-s. livlow lin' frm-slnnm-n fm-cl Mvlvin 21 banana on thx' Circlv Clrivv: Mary ,Ioan Pudhc-rg f lm-ftj, Elinor Nlandolf. Carolyn liolcn, Milff' Nlzlhvdy, and Patricia Raymond. , -. .. V V .4,.:., ,1....... Examining Catholic Press Month rnagazinvs arc M. Kvllvr. K. Kt'Illlt'df', hi. EtCh1'niquc'. Y. Clinton. A. hi. Dolan. NI. johnson. and B. llnhlstrom. Kzxtlilvvri Kvnrivcly lJ2lll'll'l2l ln-wls Jose-pllinv hl.Il'llIlt'7 .Io Anm' fvlonson Kzirvm' l.1-inlw Nlzxry NlZlllt'lly Rosalind Mvllzulo Lnpr- fllllilllll :ik ' C. avi X . X lllinor Mxnndolf l'lzl1'lmr2l Millvl' Sn-Ilu flllllillil ww ' W ,--Becoming good citizens . . . Mary Padberg Janis Potter Sylvia Rtyes Barbara Rivard Sharon Smith Joan St. Martin Inspired by their patroness, St. Maria Goretti, as an example, the freshmen have shown excellent school spirit. She has helped them through their school work and has comforted them in their trials. lVith competent officers to guide them, freshmen have roved to he a co-0 erative class. Their 'ellow ties are P P 3 conspicuous in school projects. Patricia Raikcs Sylvia Robinson Patricia Thompson Irma Ramos Patricia Roney Margie Welle Patricia Raymond Patricia Rugh Doris Wolff ' 'x Q I X ,N I Q Q1 X X x X X ' N , . .. x Q lt , N ,X X in J X N N' t .Q A 38 Patricia Lewis, .loan Douthitt, .Io Anne Nfonson, and Barbara Miller put up bord- er to illustrate good Catholic' lit1'ratur1'. Freshman Calendar September I5 ,,,,,,,,.A.. .... ,,...,,... Q 9 rielltatiml Oetober 2 ..t, Initiation and welcome party October I3 ,,Y,..,,,, lileetion of elass officers October I5 ,,,, Frosh vs. seniors, first intra- mural game First Quarter ,,,,,, .Reception of xeholastie honors November 21 ,,,,,,,, Freshmen Annual drive winner December I9 ,,,,, . , ., ,Christirias party jannary 12 ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,ii., I 1 obby week March I9 .,w.,,,..,,. Sodality Banner winners june Swlfrosh-senior graduation breakfast Sara VVeinst0ek l'rt-sident Kathryn Fox Vive-Presiderit Valerie Seiler Sr-f'retary jaeklyn Kerkhoff 'liI't'1lSUlt'I' lExtrenu- rightl Between Classes finds frosh Karene Lemke, Rosalind Mellado, Stella Omana, Barbara Rivard, Janis Potter, Kathryn Fox, Roselyn Ereneta, Mary P, Fitzgerald, Lupe Gonzales hurrying to the next Class. 1: :'.'.',':,1......"'2'. "' "" .-..1............... 2 xv, if- t From her pedestal, Our Lady smilvs graciously upon lu-r llnitlmllll Sodality olficvrs, lN1ary Barton, pre-l'c'ct Qlvftjg Klary Ellllllilfll Hurlvy, vicv-prr'fc'ct: and livatricv Sadulski, s1'c'rQ'la1'y, as tha-y arrungv flows-rs and lights for hvr altar. 2v:.:11u'r1ar1:' 330354. 40 Sodality of Our Lady through its spiritual and temporal SODAll'I'Y 41 , -1' 4 W-QM1WAo o 31 4 - .19 1 H -'. , -1 7 . val, , 1. 1 ..' .f...' fhc probation period huxing vndvd. Rm-u'-rr-nd Pvtrr Mimnauqh offxcwzxm. vnrolls lu-w I't'Cl'llitS for Mary :xt thc Sodality rvwption Ii:u'h girl 1'r'C1-ivvd Ll mi1'zu'1xloL1s mvdzll zu ll rvmindvr that Sh: mm! 1-u'i'l1'c't thf' Kizxrizxn xirtuvs. 'P if ' L' z "" I:,..'1:,:-f:::" Q Hifufxxlfii - f 'gr - , 1 g 344. ll 4 11 Q .135 'I , A M-M L :., o Q F 'X X A 4 4 E E g A 555 1 i W, Q,.r...., -.....,,f.,,.1,1 ,A-,L -.,.-..:,.,,.- Mental Prayer Committee mem- bers decided that a scenic moun- tainside affords a suitable loca- tion for the erection of their first completed station. Under the able chairmanship of Beverly O'Connor and her co-operative committee, the construction of redwood stations of the cross has been made possible. The stations will prove devotional for the girls following in the footsteps ol' Christ. Overjoyed at the result of their first accomplishments are Veleta Williams tleftjg Juliette Cummins: Joan Douthittg Bever- ly O'Connor: Carol Farrellg Mary Elizabeth Hurley fabovejg 'lean Nfuehlebaehg Patricia Raymond Cabovei: Karene Lemkeg Patty Lewis tabovej. Sodality officers Mary Elizabeth Hurley Cleftj and Beatrice Sadul- ski discuss the attractive design on a Christmas package which a student had decorated while Mary Barton is assured that someone's Christmas will be happy with the contents of the box she is holding. Each year the Sodality sponsors this drive to spread Christmas cheer to orphans. X "Qi 43 .Ns a IIIPZIIIS of fostering Markm dvvoiion, tlu- rvri- Nlaxg lllQlIllQllll'il lux ilu C'l'0XXlllllf1' ol' tlu- lil:-ssvcl Nlolllvr lux' Om' l,aclx'a lxzlra lhlffiflwilll, is a Lrzlrli- tional l'.1x'or'il1- oli all Avaclv- lIllYSl'N. Slll'I'HllIlCllllQ Uni' lmly an' lxl2lI'k'Il Mosm ilvlil to right. standingl, Margiv XV:-llc: lX'1arc's'lla Al- nlada. liarlmara hlcaowan. llolorvs Amlrvws, Linda AI1'ci1Il'lllf'. Pat lhornpson, l,ouis:' Xlyvrs, lliIll'l'llI1Q lvlitl Sim lV1'instoc'k, hlarx' 3 Pat Fitzgvrald. and two J QVQIIIIIIILII' school C'llllClI'l'Il. lwlm-f'0uA''1'AW,. I fl if fm' f' x 1. ,GJ .f . 1 'V "Stamps for the Ncedyu rvads thc' slogan for thu- driw' sponsorvcl by thi- l.itc'raturn' and Puli- licity Connnittw. llisvussing thnx smicwss ol' thi-ir projm-vt arm' Valvriv Srilvr' llvlifil. Chairxnan llolorvs Dowd. Patricia Millvr. and livatriu' Sadulski. From her niche on high Our Lady of Peace l'7I'2iIIlS lovingly upon svniors Nlarilyn Gilmou- 111-ltd. Norma Mallsir. and Carnivn dm- Gartivz as the-y 1-ntvl' thi- chapvl to pay Our Lord a visit. 'K X A msrisgg 555525 W Q 1 aw ::: 5:3 'S 2 Em-23 M Q :aww ,A mgisig' , WEEE? Q WH U , -g :-:-: : H 11' Sax? H 2 QNX XC X Q gi Q U gb W ,,:---- ,5 wk W .:.::,-fag.: wma r . B lslgi ii 55125 -'fa ' 2,212 .,.,, X, DQ wg H 'P K A wt f J, 'af f 15:-if in f 1 M1 ig 2 'Ti if 9,9 4 aw a 132 . " 3 5 E! 4 ' I . 'E ' Q ..,.,,..h., ' gif Q W 35 '-'H 'f ' Q ,4 , , f :L , L, Q, f 'ff 'bf ' A2 if 29 H E9 W W , m V ff. 'M L W U. 'W ,W 2 ig Q 1 A 3, gi, ' " W gi A' 19 W ,Q KI .ap QI ,K 'I al? 1 A as V,,. fi Q1 if " ' 'H 4 3 W' ww U ' M - lt in W' " 'U' 4' .J I UW - J" f MJ N , sf ,K x " A", f Y' Y ffm-wwwum. , Q Q f- - x--4 ,f I QW' f My, .li ,, 1 ,M 15 fu - M, M ,+ aww ' W Z az . ' 1 eq, y rv I V 44, , , , , lftvf-" ,1 ,V ,ai V J, A Q 1 "0 :Q 445, fab' M L Y 1 ' s is 4 Fw Www, NW M,,..-.ww M Av .. ' Q :- W .. .- L :fe 5 f ,i Li. 3 'ff x ' 'Q 1 g A ' ig. if f 1 f P 3 -. . 'N ' . vt ' f v ' 9 b if.. ' -A Q . L . , Q w ..,. Ii X 3 g f ,f K .- ax W 1 Q i ,SRL 8 A ,Sw fig 5 ' i f Uv? H - :xv A A t .I J A R I2 g Q X, X 12- 1. 9 5 ' X N. Q A tag W 1, W- 1 W 'Fig f J,.m.,,,gf -ff A - 1 ,, wvm..W,,Q,. 1 wk X mi. Associated Student Body offers countless opportunities 1 1 16 8 x . 1 ."4f- I 49 'KV N 8 .m .iw J' f Q V K M U u 65 '59 X -Ji Wa if X f N K 5' Yi Www. , 595515215 Square dancing addcd glm-ful finishing touch on hectic' fresh- Illt'Il initiation day. Frosli. guvsts during the vw-ning frolic, whirled their older sister Classes to thc- rhytlnn of "'l'urkm'y in thc' Straw." Assembly begins each studn'nt's school day. In the auditorium thx- four classes gathn-r each morning to salute thc Hag, hear special unnouncvint-nts. and ol'l'c'r their clay "to -lvsus through Maryf' Weekly in the library, ASB. Sodzllity, GAA. and Class offi- cers gather to discuss current prohlvins ol' tht' studvnts. lmd hy Virginia Rodvv. the group olll-rs suggestions and rr-cornnu-ndzitions for tht' various difficulties IDN'- svntvcl for solution. 'Y5K?UN'n'+2s-2Ili1l'f-.TL . .Z Q '. , .-'L- 1- 51 , V? ff gk 5 4 3 L 41 ff- ,I 'E i Y . ,f ' 79, ' Mi,gV,r',A" J Q' N34 f 41 S , f We Q 515 P aying together . . . W Students host fathers in an c-vc-ning of singing and dancing on thx' annual Fathvr-Daughtvr Night. Sincc Dad was King for a Night, thu' Acadvmissvs vndcavorvd to fulfill his vvvry wish. Many oldtimz' favoritos wvrv sung to 1-nlivon thc' vwrning. Following. tha- gala company partook of pin- and coffcc which fortified thcm for thc' dancing. Opening its doors to OLP uppr'rc'lass1nf'n and thvir vscforts, the La -Iolla Country Club was thx' scvnv for thc long' anticipatcd prom, tht- highlight of the- yvarls social activitivs. Ray Stridcfs 'fStarlighti'rs" provided music' and rhythm giving atlnosphvrc for a rnvmorablv owning. ln kvvping with tho tradition of prvvious yvars. formally attirvd Acadc-ilmissvs introduccd thvir vscorts to thc faculty at Acadvmy bn'l'ox'm' tht-y Continucd thvir rvvning. .s..'fh95 l g'?H'fLz -X. 5. li. f M lr A ,f ff ,5j?' i 54 k' f 'rw -r.,f-.---.-,.--,.--,x-,-,.--- . .i, ., af' . ..,-., t. Gathered in reunion art' thc ITll'Il1iJt'I'S of tht- Alumnae Association of Our Lady of Pvacmf Acadviny. In the forvground Qstanding lvft to rightj. tht' past and prcsvnt officcrs of thc' association. first vicc'-prcsidvnt Marcn'llinct Whalvn, '25g sccrvtary Lcnu Grin-llo, '47: formc-r prvsidvnt Mrs. Charle-s Brisco QClara Rivdy, ,OSDL svcond x'iciL'-prvsidvnt Patricia Walsh, ,405 prcsidcnt Mrs. Richard E. Gvrding Q-Ianivcc Edwards, '4ljg trvasurcr Mrs. Curl Schunivl LWilla May Dowd, '44jg formvr svcrrtary Eilvvn Hunkv. 511, Can ba' svvn rvnvwing past frivndships. living 21CtiYK' Alumnam-, thc' group sponsorvd varicd projvcts throughout thv ye-ar: 4-lvction of nvw officvrs, March 27g card party, May 2: hornvroniing day, May 9g Day of Rvvollvction at tht- ACHdl'IT1f'. May 24: Alummu' Banquvt, -Iunn' I. Reverend john R. Ahernc, OSA, spcakcr for Anicrican Education YV1-ck at OLP convcrscs with MI'S. Nicholas Martin ancl Mrs. Lco Nfoscr at thc tca following thc prograln in thc auclitoriunl. 'l'cachci's togcthcr with olfficials and fricncls wcrc invitcd to vicw thc school and cxaininc its cur- riculum. 'l'hc purposc ol' Aincr- ican llclucation YNY:-k was that visitors might cstahlish and cc- IIIVIII liricndly rclations with OLP, To aid students at OLP in choosing a vocation. whcthci' inarriccl. rcligious. or singlc. many activitics we-rc schccl- ulcd to hclp studcnts in inali- ing clccisions. Among the-sc wcrc Villa's Vocation issue- . . . vocation spcakcrs Sistcr Rosc licrnard. CSI. Vocational llircctor . . . Rm'- crcnd O4-orgc Ricc fwilh lit-vcrly fyclfilllltil' in picturc to lcltj. Supa-rintcnclcnt of Catholic Schools . . . Mrs. Annc Murtha. Rm-gistrar and Placcincnt lilircctor at Kcl- scy-.lcnny llusincss Coll:-gc . . . Studcnt rcprcscntativm-s from San Dicgo Collcgc for XN'o1ncn . . . Pancl discussion on vocations . . . Vocation poll . . . Vocational hullctin boards . . . Vocational doll display. 'f4"IL1.TI2i21I. 1t. Proudly displaying U.l,.I'.'s sp0rt's trophies on Chupvl lawn am' linux' uI'l'in'vrs ol' the- Girls' Athlvtic Association, fI'l'llSllI'l'I4 Flo1'aclm'l fiI'l'1'Il rl:-IU. sm-crvtzlry Ciil2lI'lQ'Il1' Stvphvns. vic'v-prvsidvnt Luis Clgilvin. :md pn-sid:-nl Mcmivzi Holm. i ', J' ' ' '. '.:-:Jil'.L ,4:,11':tx:2',::3.'::'..w,:'riLT.II':r':'.I":5Z:2l1 56 Girls' Athletic Association aids the school to develop in the 1 ,Gil U 'H WV I K, 41:5 .. A, J -w ,ff fe' EQ, , 'Q ' Eg -44 xx-'I my if if Q5 if f - u .fi A N Q Q U' if mf fl XX .Q 1, 'H Q L '-,gb -e .g .Q ,- 5 x Q5 ,, xx, I W Bi 'ku K' J- xx X ,K .'Y. " of W M, ..gXA5Q,Sw,M WIN as .Su S Alix. A "LL I Rx vawizxifg 1 pin M A b W' Q K 4 -. L A 5 X x WY wif 'Jn-A as-,. Pi? 'M '. FN' Q Av a N 43 Q S. 7 5 35 fm!" i, I -X 'Q I , 4 5 MEF , if 1 2 fl wr S J Qs 'M wi' .3 x' ,0 A , A ' Avg ,Y '4w X Q 3 'Wm ...aug wmwlg -41 , . we , -if XX X ? W-M., ff n M 51 fl f ,.5iEg hx Exif? wf 2 ,. K wiv 1 gf ' 'SQ N 5, Nd Q 52 Q Q I F' Q .L Y 62 leading in athle tits . . . Smiling Athletic Com- missioners chat ow-1' tha' various sports at OLP. Each, an vxpvrt in hvr fivld. is in chargi' of a particular sport: Grvta Nansvn, badminton Llc-litjq -Iulivttv Cummins. tvnnisg -Iaciklyn Kvrkolli. haskvthalll Ruth Gra- ham. ping pongg Mary E. lrlurlvy, shulililvhoaifl. Uharlvni' Ste-phi-ns. howl- ingg F lo ra d it l Grvvn. swimming: liois Galvin, yollvyhall. llxcellencc in all games, good sportsmanship, activi- participa- tion and yaluablcv assistanctr' on many' tvains-f-thvsv arc' thc' gooci qualitivs which mark thi- All Stars ol' 1952-53. Chosvn from thi- studvnt body, thvsc' girls, 1 topj Lucilli- Ruiz, julivtti' Cum- mins, Gruta Nansvn, Nlarcc-la Almada, and Gahrivla Alinada arm' ft'l.JFQ'Sl'Ilt1:ltiYl' of thi- vcry' bi-st in athlvtics at Our Lady of Pcacv. Lucillc, Grvta, and Mar- Cvla, all sc-niors, wvrl' active' on hoth varsity vollc-yball and baskvt- hall trams hvsidvs tht- svnior class tram. Gahrivla, also on both yarsitivs, was thi- right hand on hvr junior class tvam. To llulivttv, thi- youngvst, and a sophomorv, agi' is no handicap wlivrm' athlvtic ability counts. -------n -.1---11 n Q Surrounded by garden greenery and shrubs, thc- Aczxdvmy pool offvrs its inviting watvr to studvnts at OLP during warm months. prvsc-nting an idcal svtting for runny outdoor lJ2lFti1'S, -" w, ,W .:-.l,: 1 Hr L , A ........................................-l- - ..,....- -, -- -V-- -W ,--- .-------W - -f---W - - Y vw- J-4-N-P----1 " 33JlCXZ"..'25-1'LL'7'1.'2Ty9A'7h.'LXS31'iZ32I'aoTu'3' ' ' "' ' "' ' I ,-, - W , ..-...-, ,,,,- ...., -,,-,-.....-,.i .' AU " :J . , , 1, 4.154 if can I .7 The ringing of thc In-ll, 11c'c'm11pz111in'd by thv busllv :md stir of hzlllxxuy lI'l1t-1-if. ZIIIIIHLIIICVN thc- 5 minutv bI't'L1li h!'lXX'1'l'll clnssvs. Ilmvxpf-1'in'11c':-cl iliIll'I'llIlIN won lvurxl tha' dilllgvl' ul' liI1Q1'l'iI1f,f along thx' way. -Tldfv ' K ' I ' ' ..r'1":72x:'2f1t'::x'.i12'::n ',T?.2tZ5?'1ZE... 131 1 1 Curriculum including in its widest sense all those activities CURRICULUM KN - new AA, 431' 65 U 66 tfseilrftuaily informed ln sociology svniors r'c'c't'ivt' a vvry rxact de'sc'ription ol tht' pre-sn-nt-day t'll2llll'I1Q1'S ofl'c'rvd to tht- Anivrican Christian. Tania W7allacv, spvakvr, statt-s tht' iniportanu' of undvrstanding our Christian idcals and realiz- ing tht' rim-Cm-ssity for applying thorn to our way Ol' lift: Concvpts and practice-s concc-rning Christian trac-hing on social and cfczonornic problvrns arf' frvcltivritly disc'ussc'd. Following the footsteps of Ain:-rivals foundt-rs, junior historians voyage across nvw watt-rs and tra-k through unvxplorvcl rc-gions in thvir study of Anivrican history. Nlapping out famous routers and insvrting historical locations vngagvs tho vllorts of sn-atvd juniors whilv Cathlvvn Muc'hlc'- hach tstancling lvftb and Patricia Pratt find vnlightvnmvnt through rc-sm-arch. Yvith scissors in hand, biologist Norma Blzmsir illustratcs to fvllow studs-nts Mui'- cvla Aluiada llcftj. Olga Ruiz, Marilyn Gilmorv. and Elizabvth Flouric' thu' pro- wss involvvd in dissvcting Z1 frog. Francois, QLarry Smith- leftbg Mzirna lGreta Nansenlg Samuel tRobert Bennettl. and Maria lMary Bartonl. The dramatization of Hemon's Maria Chapdelaine on November 21 aroused appreciation for Catholic literature whose aim is to deepen the love of God and men. The Catholic Book Week program was presented in tht Academy auditorium, adapted and directed by Reverend John R. Aherne, OSA, assisted by John Sullivan and Sister Rita Francis, CSI. Book exhibits were on display in the lobby as a further inducement to the eir- eulation of Catholic literature. The dance to Swan Lake Ballet by Tschaikovsky achieved grace- ful finesse through the interpre- tation of Larry Smith and Mary Barton in Maria Chapdelaine. The senior Book Week display merited a high rating, judged by its originality, neatness, ereative assembly of books, and general appearance. 44 .I K Q I' , Q wg Hg, vt ' ' 'S 'I Q il D s I as v 'U 'R x 4 " - T L V 1 F v 8 A N U 1 , M Ll ff 7 0 . ' " , l.- . M.-,,........l.-A, -,-,.,.,m-.. A, 3, iilf suwiigl s 1 9 'l'hc Acadcmy's school paper, thi- Villa, has mc-ritvd many awards lor its siu't'vss in iulormiujg. iullu:'m'iug and vntvrtaining its rvadvrs: thnx All- Calholic rating lrom thx' Catholic School Prvss Association, tht- Gvorgv H. Gallup lutrrnational. Quill and Scroll for l952-53. Pasting up that dummy lor tht' nc-xt issum- arc' its ahlc' stall' mvmbvrs: tl:-ft forvgrounclj Carol Farrvll, vclitorg l5vvm'rly O,Cormor, nvws vditor: Linda MCCarthy', associatv vclitorg Cliarlvm' Stvplivris. associate' sports vclitorg Grvta Nansvn, sports vditorg l.ouisc- Myvrs. associatv uvws vditorg Pat Crowlvy, associatv vditorg Maron Mosvr, sodality vditor: 'Ivan Mclioriagh, associatv sodality vditorg Amin' Wlhitlock. livvlyu Olson, associats- nvws vclitorsg Vvlvta Williains, typistl isvatvcl lvlt at svconcl tahlvj Rosm-lyri Ere-nvta, typist: Monica Hohn, Bonita l'llvc'twood. art vditors: Lucillv Ruiz, Louisv Kollvr, Cathlcvn Ml1C'hlQ'lJ3lTh and Patricia Mulcahy. lmsinvss stall. Annual booster, Greta Nansen Cleftj draws cheers and enthusi- asm from the student body at the anuual rally on October 31. To illustrate the importance of the coming raffle, annual staff members Monica Hohn, art edi- tor Csecond from leftjg Lidia Foncerrada, editorg Lois Roun- tree, business editorg and Flor- ence Morzinski, photography ed- itor, appear on stage represent- ing the possible size of 1953 Villa Montemar. Dexterous fingers glide over Royal keys as sedulous seniors type their way to speed and ac- curacy. CURRICULUM 1 ,f"A.1 .., ,, f f 4 -, ' 1 f Ai fs J X 0 xeff 1 72 4 4 v if ' 1 . f I if 'Y .' ,. First flashback in st-nior play, Of Thee, Captain, rvcalls to Michavl Horgan tliob Kvithl. woundvd and alom- on thc' battlvfivld. this picnic' scvnm- in tht- 1920's wht-n ht' tthird standing. rightl and Clara 1Kz1thlc'n'n Bolandj rsvzltvd to his rightl YVK'ff' yllllllg lovvrs. junior thespians in Ghost wanted: Carol Crornmt-lin Outside thc cathedral door, Our Lady il:-ftl. Mars' Hurlvy, Nlargarvt Griggs. Anne- l'Vhitlock. with he-r hc-aw-lily court SlllllI'S graciously Chzirlvm- Su-ph:-ns, lim-vt-rly O'Connor, Ann Rugh, Bc-atrivv upon thc- small urchin, Bautista lAIl21 Szidulski. and Cathlc-vn Muc'hlt'baCh. Aldrvtc-, forvgroundj. 73 vv n-rv Kathleen fMary Bartonj, now Mic'h:u'l,s wife- in tht- sc-vond flashback. says goodbye- to Wfundu 4Grm'tu Nzinst-nj and Stzinlvy L:-dochowski Cliob VVic'andj whilr' frivnds look on. Michuvl Cr-xtrvniv lvftj ohsc'rvm's thv parting. aww.. X ,H 5 Michacfs ClZlIlilCSllllC incctings with Claim ziltn-r his Illilfflllgl' now haunt hini. llv has thc- consola- tion ol' knowing, liowi'x'vi'. that hm' hrokm' with Cllzlrzl onu' and litlli- vw-r. St. Francis iLois Rountrm-J urge-S thc' In the presentation of O Holy Night, :itlorm-rs knm-I as rioting villagvrs to zidorr- the-ir Cod. Our Our Lady 'K3thltxf'H Boland!! givvs hm' Son to thu- world. Lady appvars to thvni on tht- outskirts of town. ist?-?5M!1-'1'3.h ifnjoyihg the arts . . . in.. xx I, x , .Qf A GLEE CLUB CALENDAR il November 12 ,,,v.Y,,,,YYA,,,.Y,,..............,..,,.. Open house November 21 ..,..,,. .......... S t. Ceciliais Day Program December 18 ,,,..,,. January 20 ,,,,.,,. r May 5 .........,., May 17 .......... june 5 ...,..... ,,r.,,,i.Christmas Play Father-Daughter Night ,........Music Festival t,,,,,,t,High School Recital ,....,...Commencement Day Singing Sparkling melody fills thc air as the special choral group brings to a Close the program for graduation. 74' ? . Q.. .: kk Q X X T "" in xx' ' V k 5 S SW Q Lf? s ws , , . i F A-,Y mf. .y Y .., , ' , ,5 955, ll Q5 1115 ,..Mf,: ,. . ., , 435, - . . ? B ' U, 3 r V W H A Q Kg, f XZ Q 5 ,W ? zu- 4 0 gl -My Sv 24 I il' 43.5, X 5 " ' 114 A-I W Q ,gf , X 5 5 613 V ' ui A M., WM - . J f N wfswuv' 1 i 5 M., - . . A, MMM, f- N, ,W . Y ,fi fe Na? gi EQWQ, wb sv s f 1 xi wfiib X 2 xg ,X X W ,5 4 ,, , 1-V , W - Z 7 - -mf,-!,.:.K,.-4a,.a I . k My-f ,W ..,,:...v..A:,wrq?g.: ,iii W f 2' gi W N A, QW v Y.. ff, . 452 Ji iiisaiwm, - wif. i522,"' I - V :ww . " g ,, J hm1g3e5,' 7 ' gg. ' . I 'js - 'px . 4 - ,wyij . 2 - , my Q iv - 1"':f' :21'1211-2 - Qi: - Zim: A W 5 ' V ,1 V f ., I if 5 2 5 if Y ' eu . ff ' 5 Wifi? , 1: ,S hi 55932, 515' Zifggglfwsxmmamzv mf Q A .,., + Us 2.52: , 5 wywpm' W5 M Z9 mf' wig? 55223 M, .,... -V,.,-, ..,, , A 5 , . L V. vm , ,L gk ,:V:. ,N,. S K I I .. - ,..,...,,. D A NM, . uw V -J"'+4wxW5 3. , '- .... M-wifi-f Q "" Y Q N, Wi " L .Z au.. I Q . A ? 'Wim Mlm Nine in the morning finds gruclvsidvrs ulvrt and l'l'llCly to ln-gin tllK'll' dufm work. llzlll hullvtin hoard display l'I'l'2lll'S inlm'rm'st in Clnistian living by prvsvnting Currvnt c'xc'nts on tlu' gruclm- scllrmo cvvl. 78 ca Co 3 Grammar School years, that most important and impres- si4 is tii GRADES 79 1' Q Q mf 233 fy xt :id M If. f , A W 's iff ' f A ,iff llt by , AV. I . 5, uv. Qi Q X xg Y: MQ 4 W! ,Q ' 5.0304 M' 5 fp ,Y ,af 5' if ' ad" MN 'N wa? 4' film' ' 'xy 1+ " Zim' .1 H Wh., QE Q QW Q 4 -ff' :gg fi' ' . I my at Qg 5 . 2? Qi ""'f I ' x v ,J QQ K if, Li 55, 5 XN. iff ,.2' ' KE D fi p ii Q1 Q51 ig My ff? W? Dressed in the long sotks mort nnts xcsts istit of 1 uny, young dancf-rs from tht- fifth and sixth grads-s prcpzxrr- to takv thvir purtnvrs by th:- hnnd. Christmas customs of forvign lands wvrr nx- lainrd with thi' help of llzhe Vvonderful W'ishbox. E42 ""...::fi'-l'fII,IlES 5 mei' . . .:.:,- The Standard School llI'0ILIll'ZlSlS i'1llJIlll'l' tlix- 2lll.l'Ill.lUll of tsmuilmll Sunclrzl BLllS1lIIlU, Bvtsy Iii-rnslm-in, lSl.2lIlLllIlgl Sylvia dv lu 'l'm'iv, Olivia Martins-1, Myrna L4-inkv, Kuthlc-rn Nt-ff, Suzunnc- Mvllzxdo, Qs:-att-cl le-ft on floorl Emma Bustuiiivnts-, Yzilvrir' l'l2lllQlltOIl, and Yvonnn- Gzircizx. Violin il- lustrations on thv bnllc-tin lxmrcl wt-rc inspirn-d by thc musiv of Poland. Fifth and sixth grade Vlltlf- visizms, Marsha Raymond, Margo Hunfllcy, Anita Ixus-l :incl Pzitrinn Fcrrnri, look on :is pn-sidc'nt Susan Smith and Gziylsf Vlll1lK'I'S4'l1 prvsrnt nn orvhid to thx' Infant King of All H:-arts. illill'L'lSl2lIlS llllll ut l'Sl2llJllSl1lIlH tht- worldwidv rvign of th:- Szwrz-tl llvzirt. -a----- W-------'-'---------i aa ui 5 s 73?Y31! 83 wh! Q I 442' ' I f 1 v H' X 1 1 "Nui ' f Lucia lioncerrada, llm-litj Paula -lm-an Dail, and Edda Contreras vngagv in animatf-d convvrsation whils' Catllvrim' Sur' Tracy and Nancy Pvck catch hougainvillva blossoms from M8l'y' Ellvn Wfarncr atop thc' laddvr. Gvrtrudv Grvvr, Elizahvth Roblcs, Bonnie- Elan- dvr, and Olivia Savnz assist by holding tha' laddvr as thcy discuss plans lor dvcorating thvir classroom. Daphne Clancy Llvft standingj, Cvlia Goxnvz, and Tani Hall. Social Studivs Club officvrs, conduct a livcly quiz program diructing qucstions at Mary Aharca, Mary Alicv Storm-r, Guadalupe Garcia, Marca'l Hvrnandvz, Sonya Sawaya, 'lbrcsa Trckcll, Mary Dc-l Rosario. Laura Ruiz, Anastasia MLIUZZISJ Judith Twcvd. and Carla lialdinvtti. 4 5 Distance and rata' ol speed lkz1lJovc'l present no lJI'OlJlt'Il1 as liridgvt flzmisa-r', .Iulivta AI'IIll'I1Cl2lI'lZ, Rosa Ruiz, IIm-lvn Fuin, Maria Candanvdo and Cc-cilia Lvinus watch lizlrhara Ellis find thc- Solution. Lunch time! trightj Barbara Squires llcftj, Eva llrown. Vici Smith. lNIz1riz1 and Ernvstinc' Gutier- rvz, Klarizi fxlllilyll. Karen Casarvs rr'Cm'ivn' lunch and 21 pleasant Slllllt' from Mrs. Johnston. 84' Religion Club tlvlitb pri-sn-nts in zi l,m-nt:-n skit. Carinvn Gornvz Qlvlt svzxtvd at front dvskl. Lily Flora-S. Mzirizi Yriondo. and Nlziry Rugh, for cilussniatvs .lulivtu Arinvndziriz, Kzithlvvn llvrwy, Mzirthzi Kilnhzill, Yolanda Ruiz. lNfIzxrgzii'w't Cursi- tan, RClSt'lll2ll'y' Fox, Chzirlottm' Scliviivlx. .'Xnnm'ttm- Novzm-l, Georgina .Iona Patsy Coucly. Murixi Nlorulcs and Suzannc' Pearson :in llflllliflllg audir'm'c'! Beatrice Dorbecker tht-lowil and 'lout-pliixiv Sziinz turn rope for expert junipvrs, Silvia Mantinvz Kilvftl, Alicia Alvzlrado, Rohin Fosslvr, and .Ioan Ellis whilm' Pilar Izuvl waits for som:-ont' to miss. ll'l W ,,,,, Ag Q f wif, 4 - gzzgfip V 9 45' 'L WW ,MA Q 4'f ,,, ' 3 f A ,M ..,,..,f'--f" W M V A F, i I W- Wag S .Q 1 JL 'fx Jfx. if 3 KM! MJ Q, i X fi, V lm? Y Q1 X N- i Db 3 X 5 57 Mr , X . -51 ,f 52 'M X.. Q, M. 7?-w?"""N ' , ' 1, WM Am,,,,.,..., H , Xgggfqx Q' ,tif M, 535:-'gmgs 1? as , 1 L A a ' He .mf 53 A . W i f as in 5 9 P A Q 0-Af AQ 4,417 gi Y V A'z?7?,wX' X Vw -' 3 K , 3 , , W 1 3 4 Q. Wa www X 5' 'Sy f ff"fZz U W W-3 K ,.,. .AJ s - xx 'kip Q 59 Y.. 4 M SE X 3 H., Q Q , ix ? 1 tx- igb my ,,,..,. , S 1 .Ll Jai Q 6 'J W Y Fi E 5 ff' W' ,yin an , ,, 5 ., A ,ff f 4. M . 1' ' an 'if is r Q Qi W ,,,f'tg"6i Q Q f ' ff I' ff W Fewsix Q' 2 1 wl5 " E .iswwu Boarders' Council members, flvft to rightj Mary Czmrutun, Ana Ortzi. Christim' Mc'llz1d0, Kay Gossr-lin, Uolorc-s Andrvws, prvsi- dvnt, Kathlm-vu Flvming, Elizabvth Flouric, Norma Singh, and Marcc'la Almadu prvparv prvtty favors for the V21ll'HtiIlKT,S Party. , , . ,. . , , ,, . .W ..,...,.......,,.Y,.,,w,.,.,....,.,,,.,... ,.m.,. ....L,-,-....... ... -.-..---..--,..,, M -,- - H 88 T V 714 B vv-7-- he,--:W ?eai+.m1,,v-,-..f-Q.,-11u4fQ..,--.-.. Boarders, through the twenty-four-hour vigilance of their teachers, are trained in real life situations outside school hours in the practice of the domestic virtues and skills necessary to Christian family living. Responsibilities ful- filled in the dining room and in the residence hall prepare them not only to be an asset in their homes, but useful as well, bringing happiness, peace, and order consequent upon the practice of the virtues of love, obedience, and industry. 15-Vit X o BUARDERS 'L 1' al 89 ws I if 5, f 'G .wx ie 'P ar y X 5 Glimpsing bnanlers' life . . . t September 25 October 9 ........wA... October 30... November 1 1 ....Y,. December I6 Welcome Party Boarders' Council Election Halloween Party and Movie ,Theatre Party Chrismas Party Boarders' Calendar February 1.. February 10 7,,..,.,.. Thursdays .,..w,,,..w.. May 1-31 ....,,,,,...,. June 4 .Y,r....,,,,.Y,,,.e At the beginning of a bright new day, Yolanda Contreras lets in the fresh morning air to give her that "happy feeling." Theatre Party Valentine Party Outdoor Supper Evening Processions Farewell Party tg ff , K5 F 555 x N w,i PNK ei T' fdiwsl X 1 .-:QDQ ' ' W, ,RV 925 Halloween night at dimic-r timv, costumvd boarcln-rs filc-d into St. Czathvririm-'s for the-ir 2lIlIll12ll party. 'l'hm'y wvrv grm-c'tr'd ut thc' door ol' thi- clznrlu-un-cl room hy 21 rs'c's'ptio11 committm- ol' lllllIlllIll'fl ghosts. XVli4-rx this first shork was owr and hc-arts stoppvd liluttvriug. thx' mvznl lii'ilUl!'lllQ sprcizilly cl1'c'orz1lm'fl cukvra and dziiritivs was hm-gun. Boardcrs applaud the' girl thvy ll2lX't' C'llOSt'Il Ql1l'l'I1 oi' H1-arts, Marcvla Almada. l'1lQ'c'u-d lor hvr uttrzlftiyc' uppvurzxrlcm' :md plm-using pvrsonzxlity, lXfI2'iI'l'l'l2l wus browns-d at thi- St. Valvritinck Day Party lay Dolorvs Aiidrvws. Highlight of tha- Clvcorzltiolis is 11 frilly hm-art oyvr thi- plan' ol' honor. Taken unawares arc- happy and hungry boardvrs vnjoying the-ir custonuxry Thursdziy rw-riilig outdoor suppvr. 94 .4..h6i'lEB.m- , . , l...-:--...Passing time . . . o - V xx AAxx "Sayer than springtime are we!,, Aftvr school Gvorgina jon- and 'l'ani Hall push Gvorgia Disabito, Tvssiv Hart, Robin Fosslcr, and Maria Aguilar on tha' mrrry-go-round. Thvy haw just Cnough play timv to work up a good apps-titv for dinm-r. XXV l fi' . if ffkx who o ,Q , gif. if A ,L gf 'ae We 95 Irma Zenteno, Mariv Corona. Judy Wilson and Chvnitza Rouym-r rc-alizv thc- import- ancm' of nn-atncss in dross. Clic-iiitza gc-ts out hm-1' sta- tionvry to writm' a lvttvi' homa- whilr' Irma and Judy straightvn thc-ir tivs, and Marin- makvs sure' that hvr part is right. Suzanne Mellado Q11-ltj, Ana .llII1l'Ill'Z, Patrina Fc'r1'ari, Alicia Roms-ro, and Emma Bustarnvntm- vxaxnim- thc chargr' list to find thvir jobs for tht- ww-k. A coopvrativv spirit is dvvvlopvd among thi' girls through thx' sharing of chorvs affording thvm good training in hcmuscikvqaiiig. .. -...,...4....A.4...... M..,.,,.... ..-,.....,...q. ,.....,......-........-....,.... ESPN l .1-qP-r. . 0 s U' i rr 5 0 Nr' The Holy Ghost fdozfej is the light of our minds, Mary IOLPD adorns our souls under the inspiration of God with all graces. . ...df-...., 4 ' f .Qi r 4 , Through devotion to the junior's patron, Our Lady of Fatima Uily and 1'0- Jafyj, Russia Cricklej will be convertedg the class mascot is an Apache. V Leadership and authority Uionj are manifested through the ofhcers of the Associated Student Body of Our Lady of Peace Uily and plumej. BUARDERS s 9 FACULTY x Y if 0 Y 1 5 2 Q ' Q1 3 Humility and c h a ri t y, basic virtues of the Sisters of St. joseph of Caron- delet, are manifested in the life of St. Joseph truf- peniefi rquarej. SOPll0MORES uc . f Our Lady of Good Coun- sel Uilyj g u i d e s the sophomores and their mas- cot, Ferdinand fbullj, through their meditation on the mysteries of the rosary. I3 Sports enthusiasts at OLP invoke St. Sebastian frrown and dl'1'01.U.l'5 when engaged in any activities of the GAA fmegaplanne and lnmnerj. The boarders' residences are named after and are under the patronage of two particular saints-St. Cath- erine fwheel and .rwordj and St. Margaret Uacred Hemlj. 0 . ".f. A "-11 11' , 'X Xe ' if f' ,f 'e l la? if Patron of the senior class, St. Therese of the Child Jesus frorej, protects her suppliants who claim Cla n c y frhamrockj as their mascot. Freshmen endeavor to imi- tate their patron, St. Maria Goretti, in honor Uaarrej and purity flilyj, and call on Melvin fmonkeyj, their mascot, for encour- agement. f t rr.-qfl.f. 1, KN 1 r' 537 When in need of help for studies, students petition both the Holy Ghost Cdotfej and St. Thomas Aquinas fmomlrancej, pa- tron of Catholic Schools. The Unclerclasses fnumer- alrj are characterized by their hope fmrej in the assistance of God and their determination Ctlairtlej to comply with His inspira- tions. Through devotion fnorrj of the Sodalists femblem conlafning a Jword, crown, and a trianglej, Mary Uilyj and her beloved Son are adored. The Infant of Prague, King of the world frrown, globe, and lmfzdj, beckon: little children of the gram- mar grades fzzufnemlxj to come unto Him. Villa Montemar, ,53 is grateful to Paul Oxley of Maxwell Studio Robert Mehl and Vincent Newcomer of Metropolitan Engravers James Neyenesch of Neyenesch Printers .a.q.,-,-..e . a 7 , 'Tl'-W W,-.f -5- -W, , ...Y .W . ,,...... ., .w. . -.,. .,M,Y,,. f waisiwiw- 'wie-Qfmgg 1- ,,v.5W31 ...L xx KM A , iw' V tw WWQLX .wi --Q x qf,,w-ww 'i 1' ,ww . Q 'VW 7 , ': pw' xi N N ,,f,,W W.,X, f1f , . 'f ,iv wr hm WL -V 6 ,,. H, .QM ,wax 'S' if Yi A A 7 ,ef-fM:kQgifeQEh5Z.y Wfnm " m 14 Q., Jizz? ' . x . mX"'f"f,- W X V, I 5fiR?V," J up 51 ,V 4 M ' f Q 1 5 1 -Q, is S fgw aku gs . b L45 pa, -Q? 5 a5'ff U5 is ga aa ww Q 'x Qkyf: if IK M 8 xiii? .ix 3 , 4 . .W , fn i w, 1.. ."W' M in "' as if '-n M ,K -fm N M W QM! Aw? mf' W aww wwf ww ww wr: , fmwww + f-:mv ww-www M . WS, ' l ,, an N, V-'lu -we New wfmmwzs W.

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