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Academy of Our Lady of Peace - Villa Montemar Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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I 1 I i i I i I F 5 3 i : I I 2 4 w x A I XX tr WU X' 1? Nfl if ,UZ Wonfemar ACADEMY OF OUR LADY OF P1 ACI fully mwedlled reuderzl and du :bool or gn! Condzuled by fbe Slrleff of St fouepb 0 Cmondelet 4860 ORIGON STRI FT SAN Duoo CALIFORNIA ,XA ZX, , nw A .. Qii Rf 1, l, .. f '-ffl y x "'f' f' 3 f' 1 , F " ' .VL ', luv' ,sb . xvvl 0 l CL , , - LA, f, -.X . , 'F .k I F- f . ACADEMY Ol: OUR LADY Ol" PEACE, SAN DIE linmlltc fl'HI1l Aqllillkh H.1lI ru St. c,.lIllL'l'iI1L"5, unifm'1uul students circlc their xmy .nlmmg lwdgmf walks thnx ULIIIIHL' thc formal Igmdscupc fl'UI1IiHj.I the Akllmministxylzimm HL1ild1r1g. SLII1-sll'L'I1CI1L'k' tru-S rmcc their pglttwm un grccu l.m'11a. if f3,'.:cfwirr'u W .W 85? ff aim Je 52 la-uzewal Amin for you jk: memory goal id Jhown UAH Jfudml M Le Lnown gacenaa, picfurea, rAyme.4 jo nate ,4mJem, umm. Tinkita, Ferdinandk own sefmrira, poses in Hnwcr frames hy design Of Nannettc Anderson. sl E 9 L r . .gif hi! h ' n fn " 41 s f -1. ' ,' ' I - , I 1 ' I i , .x L as sw n 5 .' 5 ' 0 ,Sb sq, I . . ,n id gxcfefferzcfy .f4cla!re55e.5 The Most Rcvercnd Charles F. Buddy, S.T.D., Ph.D., Bishop of San Diego fi -1 cs". f"'i til? 'vt ft. fri i eil h if --.P--' gg 353 T Gay villagers from the Italian set of LOOK SUNWARD, ANGEL step from the stage to attend upon the gracious compliments of His Excellency. Episcopal rohes match colors with flowered musicians and dancers. Myrna Torreblanca flcftj, Mary Lee Ghidotti, Mary Lou Harbargcr, Edith Flourie, Isabel Trcvirio, Beatriz Borquez, Eva Baldincti, Marie Antoinette Garcia, Margarita Reyes, Pura Marquez. Qyrcwfuafed 0 f952 . AE QQQQA Qgrnnese nf 5am Piegn iff, 1528 glfnurth ,Avenue Sun Pings 1, Cllzxlifnrnizx fu'mmmE"'mL2 April 16, 1952 TO THE CLASS OF '52 -- OUR LADY OF PEACE ACADEMY: St. Michael, Archangel, symbol of Christian fortitude, guard and protect Our Lady of Peace graduates, who acclaim you their patron! During their academic years, they tried to imitate your courage, The very meaning of your name, nWho is like to God,n inspires all who strive valiantly. Dear St. Michael, regard lovingly these beloved leaders clad in the armor of God, the breastplate of justice: their 'feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.n They wear nthe shield of faithn to ward off nthe fiery darts of the most wicked oneu fEphes. VI:l3-165, while their slender hands, white with projects of the soul, hold aloft the sword of truth. Keep them faithful unto death to wear the crown of life. Devotedly, Bishop of San Diego 'AaQEtQ:f g0l"LUdl"J KOOL "For who is like to God" Miguel, to you we nod To you we consecrate Our memories to date We cry upon your aid For human error made Despite that we have striven Perhaps it was not given To us to celebrate In high verse dedicate Strong Michael's golden name, Our Father's cleansing flame Our love for you was sown And now with time has grown With pride we wear your shield The sword of honor wield Make us your Lady's own Bind us to her throne. I QXX N -Senior Michaelites of '52 Qi? ,s c , if-, X -4' -,,5"' 'NS K qu LM frfwitflg W' t lx' 42 J. . "QL lv la Mncfer fgafronii gpuiolance Witlm purrnn St. Michael at their cllmws, udirnrs my with Tinlxim ami Fcnlinaml wlw Ju thc nuvdcling for the '52 yL'.l1'hUI!k, Corxstlwxctimm artists -Carolyn Brown Qlefrj. Isabel Trcvino, Inge Klein, Nannctte Anderson. v :WF 'si ,CT . :rx A AX ,fx La '51 l A e I Looking schoolward, Beverly Snow, Qleftj and Marie Antoinette Garcia sight a line of laugh- ing seniors hello-ing from the distant ramp. Their retreat on the Mile Walk, dotted with early spring gold-cups, unfolds a study of cam- pus architecture skirting the canyon. f""mf-wx ,fgher-cfadd ou M A silvery moon, bright for May 2lst's prom, spies out john Me- Gownn and Virginia Rodee in the Venetian portieo nerir the pool. Traditionatlly, girls invite escorts to the Academy on the way to the evenings trolie. Sunlit pziths and friendly, nodding trees ne.1r lfern Dell pass on their kindly mood to strollers Beatrice Sndulski tleltj .ind Ann Rugh as they meet little Patricia Ryan. thc 1I'L'S1l11 6044? ZGPQ5 Qucrics 011 thc Tun C,o111111.11111111u111s follow REV, STANISLAUS DIZRXVINSKI from 1.111 class 111 t11c purxolw 01 S1l1I'1L'y 131.11m-lcy 111111, .l0.11111c W!.lI1lllt1I, fN11l11ru1 S.lI1L1K'fN. Rolwcrm 131111-11s, 1'..l11N.'I' 1jL'l'VA'1l1S1'iI 1c.u11cs rc11'1g1o11 n1.lasu twlw .1 ww-14 .lt the A111111-111y. 11111 111 111.11 .lx 11111 .ax s111111' Ill1LI'L'N1N 1111' 1141 111II'x1 Mlib, 1iV1'.l.YN l"1fC1AN. kcclvu 01' 1111 1W001x 1111 1'UllI'11l KQf.lk1k' pupilx, MRS, H1fI.1fN XWlil.I.1i wlwlvcs, 11a-1115 YL'SL'.lfL'1l1I1g 1LlIIlOl'N ,1'.lIl1.l VU.111.uc .1Ila1 uh g.1111w for 111011111111 rue-sx, C.1r111c11 110 C1.lf11L'l 'es 2 2 Q.. 'EL I! if SISTERS OF ST. IOSEPH OF CARONDELET staff the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, which offers courses in the Catholic way of life, liberal and line arts, and physical education. Mother Williiim ..... Principal Religion IV, Civics, Sociology, Typing Sister Anne Marie .... Religion I, English, journalism, Latin I Sister juliana ..... Religion III, History, Mathematics Sister Lillian Marie . . Music, Spanish Sister Marie Pierre . . . French, Kindergarten, Music Gym instructors, MISSES IACQUELINE BOWLIIS fleftj and KAY BAUER, compare grades while Academy's secre- tary, MISS LENA CRIVELLO, puts aside her typing to inflate the spirit of wee athletes. Sister Rita Francis ...... Art. Family Living, Drama, Vocal Sister Rose Louise .... Religion II, American I-Iistory, Latin, Science GRAMMAR GRADE FACULTY Sister Donata Marie .,.. Directress Grades VII, VIII Sister Ann joachim . . Grades III, IV Sister Mary joann . . Grades V, VI Sister Veronica jean . . Grades I, II REV. JOHN AHERNE, O.S.A,, author of this year's senior play, coaches Ernestine Barton in her title role as Alice Meynell. ri 7"9Y, Ax I vfyfpf , Q f,,',5 V1 yu I 6 - ra nada ,M- yr' S iirkliiiig with idi-.ix for "NiwiAmhcr Ni+i'tiii'r1c," scniiwr othccrs hefwcl P . I their shimim-ry hiilliiiiiii wiwsc dancing slippers sur the tampa: fur tha up-riiiig. pi1l'L'JiLll'L'l' Lciiim Naliimricy flcftj. Secretary Edith Fluuriv, Pi'csiilcnI limi Rinkx, Vice-pirsiiicnt Maria' Miithcw. X' I 'S 'Qi J, i N 'F 11 33 lfvr , -Z-v-vv. jar 300 Wigueffo A0001 3250400104000 in 00001 cleed! M004 0000 roacl 040, Ja gracia ale mon fo u.4e Senorilaa now mual ,surf Wemoriaa in gralefufkearf. 5 , . R 0 c W 0 IG N ii lx 'ffli lik! I PWQ X :ima , X 4 F. ., , V , V. , 'J' I of ' ' msg, Ho Il .0 Q ' V I BQ , ,, KU, ka K K I . Q Q . 4 ,A-1 In ' ' I The saga of Ferdinand: Four years in Academy land X I , From lowly Freshman Town A9 . , -I To seniors lofty crown 2:5 if Y Z We healed initiate jest fi In Hawaiian Welcome fest 4' "At altars far apart" Our theme for Book Week art xg Pirouette till late Jai: I- f - , 1' Z, With your Nocturne date fe' 1" N We hosted all the school a . HTG 70' Q W lQ,,a' .f f " For festive classmates' Yule Laid books aside with glee The new Saints' Gym to see On Ditch Day we snow-balled From Lagunas' pine tops called In prayer and silence found God's answer on holy ground Oh, Ferdinand in the ring We decked as Field Day king Heard Prom melodies sweet - The flying hours cheat E Il 4 l i 4 7, F Q qi Q , if an -Qi- agy i f In stately measure reap Ther rs!-their memories keep. If if ,1 .. 4 I .Q , Ai ..aa..' povleo i52 T, Soft breezes play near Our Lady's shrine at the Point. Nannette and Eva make designs for the seniors' role in Mary's Day Coronation. Nannette Anderson modelette . . . emphatic con- versationalist . . . drifts to character roles on the boards. PUBLICITY LITERATURIQ CHAIR MAN. III DRAMA. I, II. Ill. IV ART I ANNVAI. STAFF" VILI..-X STAFI-', ll, Ill PRUXI l'0I5llVIlTTl.l", lll Eva Baldineti biologist . . . gracious Italian belle . . . loyal to Mary in daily rosary. OUR LADYVS l'0l5llWIlTTl,l', IV l-LLI f'l,lllS, Ill l!RA51A'l'lL'S. lll SI'Nl0R PLAY 9023 vffaff --gif . . -I 1 vf f 7 - wr 1. I . yr .,. gf I'l0l"l Clif Ernestine Barton undaunted . . . dramatically en- dowed . . . satirical orator in realms of government. ASB PRESIDENT ASB SECRETARY, III EXTENSION REPRESENTATIVE, IV HONOR ROLL, I, II, III CLASS SECRETARY, I, II DEBATE TEAIVI, I, II, III Beatriz Borquez effervescent . . . blushingly beau- tiful . . . accomplished at key- board since boarder days. OUR LADYIS COMMITTEE, IV GLIiI'Q CLUB, I, II, III ART, II, III CIIRISTMAS PLAY, IV CLASS VOLLIQYIIALL, IV CFCILIANS. I, II, III, IV fx, Carolyn Brown sagacious . . . lover of home permanents . . . rides to scholas- tic prominence. ANNUAL STAFF VILLA STAFF, II, IV IJRAMATICS, I, Ill, IV CHRISTMAS PLAY, IV CLASS BASKETBALL, III CLASS VOLLEYBALL, II, III, IV --. ff f f 9 r ,-5 Qi Q J xxx' No footmnlmilc for tlmcsc scniors wlmilc lN1crg.1tronl lNlc'Scoot lms lonr solnl wheels tlut know the I'O.lLI to SL. Augustims lfrncstinc flcltj, Bcnltriz, Cnrolyn, B.lI'l5.lf.l, ljlimlvc-tlm, and lfllltlu lnnlx runly to lmflp llulmul tllc new IDULIQIKTIE' Gym. B1lI'lW1lI'il Bugbec lflizulwctlm Diflcsnn lklitlm lfluuric clllcicnt . . . Cl1LlLlIIrL'lII'S in yellow rcscrvcll . , lust-l'nntcr .ll lnvgllvlc . . . pctilc linguist convcrtllulc . . . for drum or Cll1.lI'lL'SfOI1 . . . uxwls ln .lll week-L-mls .lt lZnscn41ll.1 tn Pl fivims, .1 SllIIfLlgCIlL'. .ltlllctn cmlulvors. tuatu lmcr stnllics. Ivl I I 4I.l II, III VXRNII I IE XNIXI IIGKI I , II. IY IIHNUR NUI I. IY IYILXNIXIIC 5, IV YKRNIIX NUI I I XIKXI I, I. Il. IX I I XNN YIVIII IXIII. IY NINIUR LUNIYIINNIIINIR UI PINK, I'liNll, II ull: lXlHN.N1lhNlWllIlII.lI,IX 1'lIRININIXNI'IXN,IX I-III IIIII. I, II Ivlll KIIII, I, II, Ill IIX55 ILXSIXI IIKKII IN IIRXXIKIIC 5. I, IN IURXNIXIIK N, I, II l'I KsN VIII I I NIKNII III 1llRlSINlXNl'I,,NN, IY XIII, II. Ill - W. pw -mm S TW --an ... 5 I , 4 ' W1 nj I b l HW - .law I 7111 li l . ii - f U -ills, 7 I 2 ' f - ' 1 ,, 45 ly "V I I, ,kip 1 . X I 1, I I .ll nf ' . JWM I ,wtf 'I ' 1 I ff af ,V f., ' ff I I ff , I .-,W y. I . 7 - , A I Patricia Henehan practical . . . able prefect . . . quiet star in role of Nativity madonna. SODALITY PRIiFIiCT HONOR ROLL, II, IV APOSTOLIC COMMITTEI-l, IV GLEE CLUB, II, III, IV IJRAMATICS, II, IV CHRISTMAS PLAY, IV Qiwlwlaa Marie Antoinette Garcia taciturn . . . Marian devotee . . . reports Academy doings a la Francais to Mexico City. MICNTAI, I'RAYI'.R CHAIRMAN, IV FUSISIISSIUNIR UI' l'IASKI'IIIAl.I.. IV VARSITY IIASKI.'I'IIAI.l., IV CLASS VOI.I.I.YI.IAl.I., II, III, IV t-I.IrI l'I.I'II, l, Il, III ART, II, IV Mary Lee Ghidotti mirthful . . . delights in boarder privileges . . . lends a willing hand in Ferdinand projects. VARSITY vol.Ll-1vnAi.1., IV CLASS IIASKI'.TIIAI,I., I, ll, III. IV CLASS voLLm'h1u.l., I, Il,IIl, IV nR,xMA1'1Cs, I, IV vmzsi ruom, iv CIIRlS'l'MAS m.Av, IV , I 1 Mary Lou Harbarger wordful . . . ardent square dancer . . . determined eraser for typing perfection. RI"PURTIfR FUR SOUTIIYRN FROSS. IV Il'i'IIARIS'I'I1' l'U5I5II'I"I'I I , III lil.I I- CLIVII, I, II, III. I!RAMA'I'IL'S, I, III, IV VII.I.A 5I'AI"I'i, Ill VI RSI CIIUIR, IV 2' I Inge Klein Frances L1ll'II'lOLll' ttgreegtble , . unintention.1I KIIXIIIILIIIL . . .1nim.1tetI tllecr- COIIICQIIAII . . . tlnse to Ifurope Ie.1tIer . . . pnxctitex Slmnislm IIIYOLIKQII her travel memories. with gunning .1ntL1r.1cy. xxxl XI NIU! ln,lllnx1.tnUlIl II xmu, lx' III II lll II, I. II, III IIXK XIl'I I'RI5IIII NI IFILXXIXIIKN. I. II, III. IX l'I XNN YIVI PRISIIHI NI. III YARYIIN VIII I RI I .XIII Il, III UI I Il'I YIUNIIUR, III, IY VIII X Nl XII, Ill IIIIKNIXIII N, I. II. III YI RSI KIIUIR. IX' NI NIUR I'I,.KX Iidtnttttion Wee-k te.1 finds wenior Imostesses in the Admin I.ibr.nry. Marie Antoinette Qleftj, IXI.1ry, M.1ry Lou, P.ttrici.I, Inge, and I'1f.lIlL'L'S look to Howers .IIILI silver sets before prcttying up in orggtndy IOFIIILIIS. A , E SI I , I X ' Fw-I I i f -tI' ' r I N , I: "R , ,, : ' I ' . W 3 f . , t v ' x ' If Q V oi' I I. Iixerrising senior privileges during these last days, Leann fleftj, Pura, Vilma, Marie, and Arline use the ramp for fitting cups .mtl gowns neetletl for the Bgieeiiltliireiite Mass at St. joseph's C'.1thetlr.1l. Christine Pinal kneels in foreground. Leann Mahoney Pura Marquez aLIL'StIL'Lll.lI'1f . . . itvitl disciple of shifting ge.1rs . . . with L1 Flare for lfnglish and news. musical . . . volley-conscious hrunette . . . striking keys to- wnrtls Jelministration. vii.i..x pinion, iv r.,x,x I'RI,SIlJl NT ii't'ii,uusiic' t'il.uiml.xx, ix' Y.fXRSl'l'Y, ll. nl, IY SUIMXLII Y YIVI I'RI I I lvl, III XII NTAI. PRAXI R l'flINI5II'I"I'I I., IN' IIIINUR RUI,I. I, II, III, IX' 1-I.I I l'I.I'II, I, II, III ll X55 IRI XSI III R. II, IN' I7R.XNI,Yl'Ii'S, I, ll. III IIRXNIKIII N, I. II. III. IV I'IIRIS'I'5I.K5 I'I..XY, IX' ,ff Vilma Martinez style-tonscious . . , twinklingly mischievous . . . pins up artistic notions for homeroom decore, FLASS lsixsk1:llxAl.1., I, II, lu, iv INNLR finer.: Mi :uni R, I. il, ln. IV im.ui.xi'im's, i, u, ui, IV -urr, i, II. in c'iliuslsl.xs vnu, ni. iv si YIUR ri ,xx 'ii j ? Marie Mathew compatible . . . co-operative Villa prop . . . dimpled blond driving from La Mesa. RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, III, IV VARSITY CO-MANAGER, III, IV VILLA STAFF, II, Ill, IV ASB TREASURER, III CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT, II, IV DEBATE, II Arline Raymond ' ' n n ' A ' ' industrious . . . ukelele strum- A .1 , , 'A' mer . . . journalist with wide fl. '- ' - --' 1 , g vision and high ideals. A I f - gd J fi s J , ' SODALITY sscnsnnv, iv J 3 HONOR ROLL. l, Il, III, IV ' - ,,, A VILLA s-rAFF, u, ru, rv I I f . " GAA TREASURER, ln O, - - , ' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL, IV M . I 'I DRANIATICS, 1, u, nr, rv IN W . I1 v 'I .. 1 I I' 1 ' -5 s I u ry. -px f Q R - N , , I ,- I " I' 5 ,. ' i ffl' ' Ai", i 1 fy.. , - I V iris! . ' . 7- I I X I 1' ,A " Ar ' ' "1 . L , -. ' ' A N . , ., . i A 7.0 . ,y I t 'A ' - , N . ' 1 ,., . . , , I 1 A 1 f ' 1 S' . 1 , - - ' "?"- - sv., ' ff , 1, 1 , - 4' -' ' rl ' ' . ' " U ' I I' ' a. . 9,4511 I 'l M , IMF.. rx' xxx St' O 3 ' I I. I I rr' ' i I n. lv , V O I A 1, f l . A ' . 1 I. W. ss, A , , ' - -f I f , "'.. , N 5 -- , r- . . 2' enorz az! l!.'s,,f' '-ff. A W out V A-,!.JJ 1 x' ,. . J X ' '. ,S ' A, , .A 1 h J ! 1 fs, , v ' U, N I, 1' , ' I I .5 14 s ' I I ' ', I , . , I fd' - ' ,U 'X - lf! . a 'sis 15. fin f- W, wtf o 3 M I I ,L ff al il? 93 cv It ,KJ 'QV i Q 5 33 Margarita Reyes joan Rinks dainty . . . seriously individual vivacious . . . argyle-minded . . constant to Marian aposto- worry bird . . . chief executive late. of Michaelians. OUR LAIYYIS K'0l5I!VII'I4'IiI'.I1, IV CLASS I"RI'SII5I'N'I', IV lil.I'.I'. CLUB, I, II, III ULASS SI'K'RI'.'l'ARY, III IIRABIATIUS, I. IV FIUILIANS, I, II, III, IV CIIRISTBIAS PLAY, IV VILLA STAFF, II, III CLASS I5ASKI.'I'I5AI,I., II, III IFR.-XFIATIFS. I, II, III, IV FLASS VOI.LI.YIIAI.I., II, III VARSITY l'III'.I.RI.I.AI7IfR, II, III Wllere the Point pushes up into a crystal sky, seniors' thoughts grow clearer on Recollection Day topics. Reflecting here are Margarita, joan, Geraldine, Myrna, and Isabel. Symbols of '52 St. Michaels courage woven into a red sweater . . . his sword and shield in chenille . . . arch- angel armed on sterling . . . miniature of mascot Ferdinand guarding a golden crest . . . ruby gleams on tasseled mortar . . . all fragrant with blushing ! ! petals, Geraldine Sick Myrna Torreblanca Isabel Treviio jovial . . . ever on hand with reticent . . . foreign correspon- amicable . . . alert sociologist generosity . . . values her stage dent . . . sparkling good nature . . . displays leadership with experiences. in all classes. Spanish charm. IIRABIATIKIS, I, II, IN' OUR LAIJYUS COFIIIIITTIQII, IV .KSII VICIJPRILSIDENT. IV INNER CIRFLII I-IIDIIILII. I. III GLEE CLUB, III OUR I.AI7Y'S CIIAIRNIAN, III, IV KiLI:Ii CLUB, I, ll DRAFIATICS, III, IV CLASS PRESIDENT, II, III VILLA STAFF, III VERSE CHOIR, IV IIONOR ROLL, IV CIIRISTIVI.-XS PLAN. I" PROIWI CON'I3II'I"I'I.I'f, III ANNUAL STAFF SLNIOR PLAY CHRISTIVIAS PLAY, IV IIRAMATICS, I, II, III, IV 2 A so X Qgffn 'Sig omlaanerad Slueletl by lofty in-.zeiii trees, all eliisses stiintl tit attention during ll lire drill. Lonely lunch benches in the background have but Ll short time to wait before their gay, liiugliing rush hours. A"'l.-"fx i fs jen green anc! LEM ann! go!! Jdmidfaci czme K'it?I'lJ5Lil9 Ao!! .7Aeir pafrond , migAf il'lUOL2 lad cfcued Zzogie fAeir gage .fdmigcw frufy wi!!fAey Le .70 Lind in gkfime memory. fit XY .K . 1 9' ., as 2 N .... f-' Kfanc igri illfii OLP ilifi'f1i'.1!ffi'i flllllfl fu Jfzgg fiifgfili Presi- dent Virgini.i Roalee fon toiwj. Senretary lflorenu' Morzinski Qseconil rowj. Vice-presiilent Lois Clilvin, Marguerite Allwertini. 'lreiisurer Cfgirnien lXl.lFkIllL'2 Qtliirel rowj, Kathleen Boliinil. Gloria lfnciso ffourtli rowj, Mary Barton. Lidiii l"oneerr.ul.i flower rowj, MzirL'el.1 Alminlii, Monica Holm, CiL'OI'kQl.1Il.l Orozio. Ollflllllq fiom H!L'U.l!1'.J'l 1um'm'g" l'.ilriei.i l'e.lroik x - ' ' , , U ' . fleltj, Louise lxoller, Crete N.inSen, M.irie l,.ilen ilresse, Dolorem Anilrews, Ruth fillllkllll. I K , . h I I 1 , lx l 5, 5, . it ' 'ia 3 K Z? o ' uniom lwoug Mzarfu 0 arneg r lN HEADLINES: Octoher 3-Clzincys celebrate feast of St. Therese, class pritroness, with Mass and social November MM-Green Ties sport silver volleybiills after intrri-mural close january 9-Miss OLP competition collects prom money for lrishers lfebrugiry l51'lSNVC6fl1C2ll'fSl Swirl" pins up hearts tincl cupicls February 264"Jessic1i's journey" puts ziuclience in comedy mood May Z1-junior-Senior prom at La jolla Beach and Tennis Club fjlllflliilf Off falfc flfllflt'l"fIllff"'Ciill'Ol Arnolrl Qleftj, l.fu'l-cr' www rfiurff1w'1w "lX'lr1I'y l'lL'llL'll.lll llc Chirol liirrcll, liileen Blinlaensliip, Aichi Escliier, l.utillcRuiz, Normii lx"l1I1TilI',fiL1l'Ol 'lliicrstlr lillll Olga Ruiz. heth lflourie flineelinlgj. All 174111110711 f7l'f1llLflj' f1n'!ed---Treasurer ,lanet O'l-lara l7l'ljC'fjrjC demre p1'f1g1'e,i'.i44i' zrifla -f Ruth Costello fleftj, Vice-president Linda lXlcCarthy, Secretary fleftj, Christine Mellado, Madeleine Carr, Mary Carol Crommelin, President Beverly Ofionnor. Regina ltfrig, Margaret Greggs, jean Haile, JUST REMEMBER: October l5?Mass, breakfast, party honor Our Lady of Fatima, class patroness November 7fApache possession of all three banners aston- ishes school November l2fSoph Indians perform at Sodality talent show November M-Blue Ties crush Crickets in li-IO, li-8 volley match February 27-Catholic Daughters award poets, Linda Mc- Carthy and Marguerite Closson March 18-"Sophomore Sircusu for Bishops' Relief nets extra coins for needy May 1, 2-"Ghosts of Centerville" sing on stage with soph musical dramatists May 24-Sophomore-Senior Supper: farewell token to sister class .APQCAP ,SDOIQA5 gaze fo ,:JI"0l'I! A 1 llUgf1'flUil" Clgntlmleen Muelmlebgulm fleftj, Clmrlene Gabriela Alrnndn wziw' frm! l'L'1!llll'L' Kg . V A' Mrr'orie Gunn, Pg1triti.1 Pratt. btepbens, Alum llores, rj A Rllgll. Qkneeling, leltj, Bklflhllll V1d.1l, Ann Nl lrl if felcfu In QEIIIIIR- SfJjl'll'rlJ' iff L . 4 C' .ln ffront lryfBurbara Mc 1owf , leftj, Frances Ze-pp, Ann Wlmit- lock. Marguerite Closson fbrlck, leftj, Carol Symonds, Barbara Kulazycki, Amber I n z un z 11, Mary Therese MeKiernun, Mary Elizabeth H u r l e y, D o ro t lm y Weber, Mary Helen Dunn, Bea- trice Stululski. ClA! f1uf'x 111112114 flmfluflf 1111.115 Scu1'ct.L1'y lfL'.1JA3111tq lfnf ffwfw1.:1,' iwm Susgmm- Ryym wluru Dum! Qlcftj, TrL'.uL1rL-1' Gul C9f.Il1.1lD, Qscqltcd in front. lcftj, Hulcn Slmw. AI.lI'L'II PI'L'SixlL'lIl I.lllliNL' Mya-rs, Vice-president lflom- Mom-r Qbnck, Icftj. VL'lCf.l Wfillinms, P.1trici.1 dr! Clrcrn. Ckrowlcy. .lean fN11l3on41gl1, CQILIYICIIL' Horgcrding. lnilfleg l"lC if ! P05 l"0lfl9 C.'1'ff'j-lfffm fuflfllx ffm- wff4gk!z'w1w ,l.1I1L' Horsey flcftj, Homin Iflcctxvood.' NX'.111lunl1, Maria l.ox'mx1iQh. Vivi.u1 Vcltcr. lulicttu Cummim, '!'l1u'cs.1 l5.1ls.1mu, Dmm.1 Rushton. Ann C,orr.1o fccntcrj. 'RIP .IG gm ' ,,-:' 1- . x . I fy: , gg' -41' A-' 'A liirflmw lflffutfii fm' I-Iillm'-I7.11ri,Qlvfw Nllgfvl -f lfsther Valle, Kathleen Lowry. Celia lNlarquez. Roberta Boyens fleftj, Geraldine O'Mahony, Eleanor Skipper. llvya Garcia ton stairs. leltj, Lucia jackson, Therese Mae Graham, Marie Amelita Osornio. IN PAR'I'lClll.AR: November l+i"Six freshmen achieve first ASB ui1.' 0 tis jzral cfm fer P january I8-"'I'lie Villa" rolls under frosli etlitors fliflxzzzrizlq in Jf.1ii'll1i'.1f llhlllw Patricia Mulcahy Februar lif uniors crown first freshman Miss Y OLP, Dolores Dowel, at "S w e e t li e a r t s' Swirlug e l a s s in a te s revel at afternoon "Cfriclcets' Cla nice" tlettj, jeanine 'l'ownsentl, Angela Sands. l February Ztlgnlirave Loeliiiivaif' in parody, ritles for ASB February 26-Gold Ties upset soplis in l-i-I2 casaba victory March Bl-Ping-pong prowess brings GAA lwan- ner to Class of 'Si April 26v-Ckielcets' Mass antl social to lionor Our Lady of Ciootl Counsel, class patroness May HV 'Bus trip to julian, with hiking antl swimming june 6 fliinal tribute to senior class at gratluation breakfast fi - Y - -fe --- --- 2 lliferan a.5c0f5 ,I edonm CrifL0f.5 1 u Y tv G , N y pp.. 27, ,L is 3 f . f Meer Ike cfuiyt fzl'l'0l'jfC',l'.' "Amigos, four years have I worn the victory garlands of my carmine-tied senoritas. Now as eldest mascot I forsake the arenas of my youth to settle happily in posy-sprinkled pastures-but never forgotten by twenty-four vivacious alumnitasf' "Sure an' I can see the charm o' Erin a-shinin' from their colleen eyes. An' if ever they were to need a jiggin' Irish cop, it's Clancy 'll be blarneyin' up to the junior beat." "Ugh! You thinkum me all serious? Not since heap happy sopho- mores adopt war bonnets last season. We good tribesmen holdum ow-wow-decide deck wi twams in veace tokens onl 5 Y " 'Don't do itl' chirps I. Guided by me-that's their conscience, by the name of jiminey Cricketethat class of '55 has already mounted high at OLP." 1 3 Q 'le 0 fl '55 I , , I , I A . -V, it ivviq N4 Ferdic "with the delicate ego" boasts thc inner support of Geraldine Sick. Torcador Nannette Anderson waves him onto the court while Barbara Bugbee and Vilma Martinez Grate Nansen pulls Clancy into step to jig with Complete their paper "cow-heads" for the Field Day show. Eileen Blankenship before a game full o' luck. 1' A "I 1 qc N Ya v ? ? A M Nh dup'-4 , tal I Q W' g.q -W ff' 'Y V - ,. A' 'A x 'zffkf My J f gb , -P ,, an +:i,,'- - , 'QXYF' ' -. Qin f 1 M' 'S wh X 5 ' '- W L2 i nf -lp 'fgqtqgif . ' 5 A Mtg, L , xg- fx' 7 5-'-il Q ' af ' 'X s. 5 A. . N . N . vm , Q E ,, -in K . ,t 5 Nh-,,, ,qy -.vii aw r' TE , W ' RY' ' L 4 .: A lex' .QM ,Q , f bww - - .-of Q ,. f B, by " ' Rx Zlx Q4 ' , TJ' Q '94s Q. ff' ra ua ad Stnclcctl with -1300 volumes, the high school library provides ai vitlualhlt' hunting ground for soplinmore rescurclmurs on the trail of English and American nuthurs. An ample supply of fiction cares for leisure time, ton. i I if iQ ,, f X , Q K C 4: .6 V2 fr' gfj 95 ,rr ,B .Z--,N .AJ varying Jugjecb rAange Sud cumoa Jo arrange .gn gnggdh liidforg, Jcience goclii wiulom for regann' ol-,645 dried l'Mhlll'P APM!! 301' Cofdge I'9l'0IlllYllfll6L If 3 ff ,QF Qi f l F -ua , Q A -, , it ,wwb 49 M QW 'ff if ,MWA Dr' Wlmile lim Bnldineti tlwiologist txt leftj cheeks on wriggling .1LlLI.1flL1I11 life, Lois Galvin .ind Dolores Andrews prepare luro- mine by pouring toncentruted sulfuric acid on the mixture of potdssium bromide .ind mimganese dioxide. cience 0 Students of the stirred liturgy lind that sophomore religion elnsses led by liitlier Derwinski point up .ill the reasons behind tlie movements ol' the M.1ss. iuing ,gil ferlarefd ik cience Accredited to the University of California, the Academy main- tains a curriculum featuring academic subjects essential to college ' "- preparatory, Wfitli religion the core, these solidsellnglish and 4 ' history, sociology and civics, mathematics and science, Latin and ' ' modern languages-ffstand as requisites. Electives may run to music, art, drama, glee clulu, journalism, or typing. "Semper paratusf' declare neo-Latin scholars between respirations. Paula Stutiler Qleftj, Evelyn Olsen, and victim jean Muehlebaclm are among the 85 nrst aiders to tuck otlicial Red Cross certificates into their wallet windows this semester. 1' 'rx 1 XA ' 'N X Q li '3 P ' is - BNN ' skate 4 sf W" ' I 1 1711. ,V '15, Reports on current interests train seniors to evaluate world happenings by Cfliristian principles studied during civics period, Margarita Reyes tlettj, Bar- bara Buglvee, Carolyn Brown. NVURLD NEWS UF THE XVEEK gf e ltiner.1nts on the way of ltnowletlge set out for .1 Llldllgt ol' locale every forty minutes. Silent tr.u'eling tliretsts girls to their next class without tixillie troubles. Newcomers soon le.irn the tlangers of parking or loiter- ing thiring this livefminute interval. lfirst semester winners in the National High Sthool Poetry Cfontest reeortl their entries lor .in assembly progrtnn, lflorenee Morzinski Qtlockwise from pinnoj provitles musitgtl setting for B.lfl5.lI'.l Kultzyelti, Leann Mwhoney, Arline Rtiymontl, Ann Wfliitloelx, Mary Regina lllrig. Inge Klein, Barbara Vitliil, Clhurlene Stephens, The spring contest totgiletl Atutlemy poems ntceptetl at twenty-four. .. OMHCJQJ 0l'l OZQLIQPGK Fifi Audio-visual aids supplement texts for students looking to rapid prog- ress. Girls desirous of tabbing their status in speech or vocal may use the tape recorder. The hand microphone available during American Edu' cation Week acquainted panelists with a mike other than the standing type. Likewise, movies, slides, and pictorial devices alert spectators to "seeing" education. Experienced at operating the projector, Lucille Ruiz reels in .1 special movie on George W.1shing- Old sympathetic Sol directs a ray or so to earnest ton for the junior history class. Virginia Rodee freshmen' 'lean lNlcDonagh flettj, Gail Grahanw, Qleftj and Tania Wtillaice take note of apparatus. Maren Moser--at work on algebraic equations. VIL!! Published Bi-Weekly by Sludenls of ACADEMY OF OUR LADY OF PEACE San Diego, California Vol. 3, No. I5 June 5, 1952 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Leann Mahoney ASSOCIATE: Linda McCarthy NEWS EDITOR: Carol Farrell ASSOCIATE: Beverly 0'Connor SODALITY EDITOR: Arline Raymond ASSOCIATE: Jean Haile NliWS DOINGS: September' I' , . jouru.ilism cliiss October Ai ..., Villil Banquet, hosting Rev. james KYSIICLI of the Slflllfhflll Crum October I5 .,.... plains begun for Vill.1 room November -I , . .... blessing and lmusewgirming jiuiuury 15 .... Quill :uid Scroll mp "Honor award" to Villa jiuuiiiry IH ..... Fresliumn edition Feiw1'uiu'y 8 . . Father O'Shea's address for Catholic Press Mouth May 9 . . . Press Daly nt State College SPORTS EDITOR: Grele Nansen ART EDITOR: Monica Hohn LIBRARIAN: Carol Crommelin TYPISTS: Carolyn Brown Patricia Peacock, Veleta Williams BUSINESS MANAGER: Marie Mathew ASSOCIATE: Madeleine Carr if G a ily.: .ox Oflpl' , , . x I ,Q , we S 1 Quiet, 33 If LI in ' f 'Q S-sf .ring Z J Q V - of x -1,m,gp .r s Scnou. .r issues s4....... Linguistics give pl.1ee to foreign customs for pinixta festivities enjoyed by members of i:I'CIICil and Latin classes, as well :is Spanish. In line for breaking into the pendant goodies -Iirnestine Barton fleftj, Ruth Griihiun, Lidiu Foncerr.1d.1, Georgiimgi Orozco, Olga Ruiz, Charter journalists plan the VILLA under happier housing conditions f Editor Leann fSILlIIdiIIg, Ieftj, Carol Crommelin, jean. Monica fSCLllCLi, leftj, Crete, Carol Farrell. read, IGQQCL P.l1'L'I1tS and fric-mls. as wall .ns the three Aralffs wlnm lmw wiglmcd with IyPL'Wl'ifL'I' .md Cupy nincc thc P.lPL'l"5 fuumling in Scptunhcr of 19-19. assist .lr thc blessing of thu l'iU.l'1 new lmlm-. Hunum, 1'L'f1'csl1- mums, and xquurc dancing, Imwcvc1', had of ncccssity tu hc lwuscd in thc nmrc spu- Ciuus RL-Citnl Hull, dn-ckul in Pl'iI1IL'l"5 i.ll'g0ll for thc CYk'lliIUl. ,'f',f'j1,ff Mcctmv thc dudlxm nuts gcncrom scrx :cc rom C lfOljI1 s tu lcf Vcc 1 Lum! Mmm. PIUILII Cozy qulrtcrs II1 tl C muh to ordcr V1ll1 room mlkc m uous tlsks morc plusmt Burovsmg for the V1ll1 muse, Mulclum Y cs qrullt t luhntcts oc Cnonzus 111011118 ohnston md bxlxliox bllllfj Buuly 1ls0 brcxlxs ground for flrst hand quutnrs 1 4... Q Rf v- nf za ' L .,, . . . X .K .- Pdfldkf .7AougAl5 fr-, mdiclenfed ff"""' - f V . Y . . 'HQ bunker hues f.lxICI'l upon hoardsl' Chatter .15 Pugh 5ChUUlL'l'5 .md gl.ulc1'a , .mswcr the surnnwm fur 5:50 supper. A Huwcring clmcrry rrcc nhwrmcts X thusc m-411' thc cud of Sl, clilIhCi'iflC'S linc-up. 3 ' M I 4 .11 ik X K fig' 95 ", " nh -in--W., 1 Z mormiforied Lllitz A4ugAfer ring men Aoarvlerd , Jlyirifd Jing jar Jcenic grouncla are fAeir.4 MA fime Amr PA? anclprayero ilfufhw Eff flw Ja, Un Cjamlaud wLere fgey Afag. 4, ,M H fm 1 M- . YL. if ' A '.'1 Pm.. af N , f s, , f f t t y f in 0 1 Wi .5 if'-B il iff' e9 , ii i ' 3 0 jfachfiona ,Daffy Party frocks have round-the-year wear at the Acad- emy. But spooky seniors lured strangely clad revelers into the Recital Hall this year, for a successful Hal- loween feast a la buffet. For February's Valentine frolic sophomores played host for the "Queen of Hearts." Wglzfa "Aloha Oe" twanged ulceleles as Septembefs residents drew up to the Hawaiian spread of formal welcome. Floral Centerpieces of flame-colored hibiscus and gold candles divided new and old smiles across tables. At each place a cleverly designed name card helped support a pipe cleaner- and-foil palm tree beside a grass shack nut cup. 0 ein en if a en GJ" Q f Q f , 6 f J Mirroring the sparkle of evening jewels, the lflourie sisters Beatrix fleftj Edith Elizabeth invite Eileen Blfinkenshiu fin hlfkj to IWUFIIQC , , . - , A X I . QH 4 . the results. Underclassman Beatrix must wait two years tor her ott- campus soeials. Gifts from old Saint Nick ftruly just Elizabeth Dick- son, herej gladden the Yuletide fete. The Good Fairy flidith Flouriej and a perky elf fMyrna Torre- blancaj personally distributed packages while Rein- deer Borquez and Mrs. Santa Ghidotti called names of deserving little girls. Bum., Rounding the bend to the trunk room, St. Margarets popcorn-makers will surprise retiring boarders into joining them when unmistakable fragrances float up- stairs. Judith Irons fat top, coming downj, Geral- dine O'Mahony, Beatrix Flourie, Chenitza Rouyer, Dolores Funcke, Elizabeth Dickson, Kathleen Lowry. On the eve of vacation a fresh, green silver-tip stood untrimmed in the front hall, but just for a matter of minutes. As each girl readied herself for bed, she selected ornament or tinsel to brighten its boughs. All assembled, carols and cokes kept pace with bubble-lights. may ff rececle gang Wjorning poufine On winter mornings less drowsy sleepers note that the bell for waking precedes the sunlight climbing up through the canyon. Then girls not already in Chapel for Holy Mass stop to greet the Lord on the way to breakfast. Daily chores still admit time for study or recreation before 8:25 classes in this wise man's schedule of "early to bed-early to rise." 5. Floors dusted, corners smooth, curtains taped-agree girls in St. Catherines middle dorm. Last minute put-aways engage " Patrina Ferrari fleftj, Nancy Peck, Ana Aldrete, Georgina joe, MafY Caratarl, and Susan Smith before the 8 a.m, clearance call. 0 f . .V 1 - f , ' W6 At ease on the North Terrace, strummers pick ukelele chords to the keen interest of lookers-on who would like to ply the same tmtle. Takiiig iulvuntlge of the sliaulow-stripetl lawns-Ciliristine Mellgielo Qleftj, Teresa Trekell, Carole Olbereliug, Mary Lee Gliitlotti, Marcela Almiitlu, Beatriz Borquez, Louise Myers, Miigali Garcia. Cgtrol Cliesbro fSC2llCLl, leftj, Tami Hull. W- 06ll"J8l":5 2 GX U1 IDCLPQ 0ul":5 Af mp Full skirts twirl to the lively steps of square-dancing for night recreation in Recital Hall. Bearded musicians, framed for so many years on the high walls, never vary expression as rhythms spin from music of their day to present popular or South-of-border records. Belfiu' St. Catherines playroom, adjoining dormitories, supplies headquarters for gamesters, stuffed toys, and parakeets so friendly that wee boarders let this blue-feather take his turn at checkers. Ready for hed are Carol Chesbro fleftj and Leslie Morton. Anita Izuel Qback, leftj, Margaret Caratan, jeannette Pye, Pilar Izuel, Valerie Houghton. isis me ,ff arianari Spring in thc air and M11ry3 Daly m-ur, Smlulixy ufficcrn hour har Huvwr- Llcckcd litter from the Clmpcl. Roses in the forcgmumi open petals in l'CVCl'L'IlCL' to the Quccn's passing, SCCI'CIil1'y Arlim- Rglylnmmd flcftj, ViL'c-prcfn-Cr Marie l.utcr1dl'ussc. Prcfcct Pgmicin Hcnclmrw. 'U--,W I --.. ... l V r X, tx .gl -J by I is N n 'n .1 v M , s ,Av-r nd--W ' 3 fd ,Mrgen .9 Odafy, prayer, unclzi g Judy af fgeir A e .goflagali are QI :bran Au amor ofion Meg ouflaou LEAN? xx-' .. ' , , . 1' QW 4 i, . "'- , I 'v -H393 K9 . 1 . ' W Q' il ,fd t E " .ff . I ' es 3 tflitff tl e S s s .e,"fK, at "Life is .1 hattleg draw your swordg stay prep.tred," concluded Father Arthur Kimball, director of the Legion of Our l.ady of Fatima, on September 25. just as persons in other times protected themselves lwy sword from the enemy, people of today must protect themselves hy recitation of the rosary. After show- ing his own slides of apparition scenes, Father stressed devotion io the Hearts of jesus and Mary. ll-I" Father james P. O'Shea, editor of the diocesan Swrlbezu Cmnt, uncov- ered the purpose of the Catholic Press-to inform readers of the news of their times, not by report- ing the trivial and ugly, but by printing news in the light of eter- nal truth. Genuine stories must tell the whole story of human life which cannot be described unless the God of men is taken into Consideration. For three days, May 7 to 9, Acad- emy students set aside hooks to at- tend to altairs of soul. Between morning Mass and afternoon Bene- diction, Father john j. Birch of Los Angeles CYO laid the groundwork of meditations pointing to sanctity. Rosary and the Wziy' of the Cross, besides private prayers, afforded rc- treatants extra helps. The rest was up to the sincerity of the individual Academiss. oliaclyfi Ckifclren .fdclolaf if W N so Q tt ' 3 sg A1 Jeff .rn Pledged to serve jesus through Mary are eleven new Sodalists received fi 'TX I QQ 'ir into Our Lady's organization on her feast of the Annunciation. Father 'I K- , Peter Mimnaugh, olhciant, presented each candidate with a Miraculous H0 'ug-V 7 ' Medal to remind her to be a true reflection of the Virgin Mary. After 'Q ix the reception students who wished were enrolled in the Scapular. ., ,rf I 3 IA' V5.2 megs ' - ' i' .I if i C ' I' I v , . --,ffl wi W " -r H Representing mysteries in the lives of Our Lord and His Mother, So- L15 A' i dalists form ll Living Rosary that keeps a station at the circular drive. On , 5, ,"' Mary's Day, when the climax of the procession sees her garden shrine AQ J ggi wreathed in blossoms, seniors and litter-bearers march in pastel formals. ' ' .Simwlml Q ,fm 'W 1' ,- M Q s QW Z To . 1' VZ A W Q 5' 'Ef?'3'L Q ! 5 , W fx as 4, ' L 'I X 2 CX I ' l wa. i , ' Qt X ' , pf , "' A' M? 'Vg ar lf Q 2 5 ,WZ ' 1 ' A L. 'u ASN ,s A -X f Some Socialists aware of their blue-print of Mary drafted into their everyday lives wish to hecome her more intimate devotees, These Inner Circle memhers give extra hours to spiritual and corporal works of mercy for the greater glory of Christ through I-Iis Mother. Al lefl. fleffm Packing medical supplies for missions in South America and Atirita employs the APOSTOLICQ CQOMMITTEI2, Vilma Martinez fstanding, Ieftj, Nannette Anderson, Chairman I.eann Mahoney, ,Iuliette Cum- mins, jane Hersey, Carol Symonds Qkneeling, lettj, Marjorie Gunn, Therese Mae Graham, jean McDonagh, Charlene Stephens. Beverly U'Connor. Al riylil FIGHTING 69TH enlistees declare the importance ol the sixth and ninth commandments during their meeting. Patricia I-Ienehan ffront, leftj, Christine Pinal, President Frances Larmour, Maren Moser fmiddle, leftj, Paula Stutller, Marie Latendresse, Louise Myers. Linda McCarthy fhacla. leftj, Iirnestine Barton, Arline Raymond, Veleta Wfilliams, Ann Wliitlock. L- X N. Enthroned specially for First Friday .md Saturday of each month, the I Nui! wx Us- V Etlchilristit' King holds uudiente with All thapel conters, During sthoul 5 Q f ri session religion cldsses change their I'L'S,IUi.lf meeting for Ll period 4' 3 I , . . - . . . U, within His courts tor tomtort, Arength, Advice, .md ext'I1.1ni1e of love, Qtfkmfw I R, '-agwtpffa xi Lf. 1 'R 5 1 - 3 f - if . :hh Z , z J. N-N 'S-'L Glow! oc! 0 odfd, 't but jesus Christ lives on. As Life, Death, and Eterni y . . . , a Babe in Bethlehem's manger He put on the likeness of man to save humanity. In death on Calvary's cross He regained for mankind admission to His eternal home. Per- petuating Himself on that first Holy Thursday, Christ left ' ' ' ' f ' H anit "among the terts of men" His Divinity and His um y until time lengthens into timelessness. l Ma i ride in from the On january 6 when tie 'g East on camels, jerri johnson Qleftj gives the ' ' f boost into the Christmas little hlaek attendant a . , 'lo jean Fox and Mary Henehan arrange Ll fri . . camels eyelview for their statue. 'UMM 'DL ef ' ff '?E4WN ffigwf ,fdcfiuidfad XX'I1ilc gatlmcriug ISILIIILI blossmm to suit their Huwuiiam mutif, Student Body ntficcrs srrum Polynesian melodies for Scpruxnhcl"5 ASB welcome- Iunu. Pruidcm Erncstinc Burton Qlcftj, Treasurer Gcurginna Oruzcu, Vice-pu-sidcrxt lmbcl Trcvifw, Sccreralry Kathleen Boland, f!,.,.. Yr . ,kN v"'o 'N r X X: tx fy! . V! X 1 N f x Q7 Xa M '? If 35 -J fr-r ..--1 Worn JQIYIHIIJJ OFQHAHCJLOIH .gn heafm, pfaya, afegafed ..X4l'6lll?lYly YUUI' Vflllhf tl cloea go. .xgfumnad 1906.46 :Mow wgere br mir name -VA - . v 1 5,7 - ff-W OI.P'S AUDITORIVM HOSTS: Septeinlwer 28-- Hiiwiiiiiin W'elcome Party Novciulwer Z -- "XX'lio XX'ouldn't lie Crazy?" si-n'or comedy Nos eiulwer I -I -- "Ci.itl1olic lidlicaitioii in PlllCflL'L',H senior panel discussion Noveinlwer I5- Ainericiin lfnlllliklfltlll VUeeli, progixiin and len NUYk'llll5L'l' I9 - Cuiliolic liook Pimigriiin Noveinlwcr ll-- Recital Noveinlwei' Sl? - Deism HNUYL'lNl3Lt1' Nocturne," senior-sponsiuretl dance bei' I' lilo You .i S.lYIll1',H yuletide Dc-ceinl'mer 2 I --- fliristiniis Party Aliiniigiry I5 lfelw u. Fillllfl'-Dilllgllltl' Night iii' Ii-- "Swc-etlicgins' Swirl," 1unitmr-sponsored dance l7elvru.iry 26- lxl.ll'Lll April jessica s Vlourney, junior comedy lll Hllie Latte Civ,-oi'.L:e Apleyj' dziinuric interpi'et.uion by Miss M.u-y Louise Hickey 2-I-lj "Look SLl'1NN'All'Ll, Angel." senior play May l-' - Hliliosts of CQente1'villef' sophomore operetm Student applause congratulates panel discussants--Arline R.1y- mond Qleftj, Frances Liirmour, Ernestine Barton, Leann Maho- ney, Isabel Trevino-after delivering informative reports on the role of Catholic education for the individual, family, community, .md nation. Associated in the cause of good government for rind by Academy students, assemblies iiir campus difticulties at Wfecliiesdgiy meetings, Pgirliiimentiiry procedure rules gill discussion. Faculty ndvisorsliip sulustuntirites trgiditioniil as well us new measures that build toward tlie accepted standards of tlie first Catholic girls' school in Sun Diego. Jdem Aw .gzfzeofug egufafe ASX? .i te.-nfQJg"' l ifilglz ' all r Q-for I b Q - 5 yi s' W, 1 ' night's canopy. Matters ol' ctllenclar antl cliscipline engage council meetings on liriclay noon. In her principals otlice Mother Wiliitlin arranges activities with school leaclers. Stutlent liotly nH'icei's: Kathleen liolantl ffrunt, Ieftj, lfrnestine Barton, lsahel Trevinu, Cieorgiana Oiumcn. Class presitlentsi 'loan Rinks fhaclc, Ieftj, Virginia Rntlee, lic-xc-1'ly fycitrlilllllll lawuise Myers. tional at the Academy is the candlelight ssion followinf the Christmas vla, ln in l Y December students and guests carol alo IIE.: n paths to Our I.acly's statue near the , their shimmering tapers the sole light WF Lx .21 ,, 3 fi ..' 1 5giZ3Q:y ,w??: fvnqmmww - S Sv fig' .-1" - ,Nw fa ' 5 if 1: 3542 xg J 'F 5 -P59 . .4lF"" K --- Na XX if A 3 x TE?ii vsevg xl' w 1. vg- , -11' 'ei 5. Lofty cypresses sigh over departing seniors who cadence tu the organ melody of "Pump and CifCUI11SILl!lCL'.ii junior Mary Barton, in pastel net and lace, urclies the way with flowers for graduate .loan Rinks. Y- ww, S?'ijiJ'7:'ig iff. ' Mid-afternoon sunshine adds a golden touch to the Academy's outdoor commencement on the North Terrace. Choraling underclassmen remind prelates, graduates, and spectators to "Praise Ye the Father," for this day's landmark in Catholic education. Fatherly Kings and queenly daughters promenade in the Grand March scheduled after memory song fest and refreshment in St. Catherines Polkas and fox-trots livened steps toward ii novelty contestfpartners balancing balloons until either dancers or obstacles lost their breath over a gala Father-Daughter Night. Socials for upperclassmen number informal doings sparked by CARRA, that calls its members from the Catholic high schools of San Q ' . Diego. Formal dances occasion hoops and frills for 21 festooned audi- . ff,. torium or off-campus proms. " , ll r 3 i V' i 7, ,LV ik I sf-c..,.: . f' 'ML71 QIWPOA j0l,U6ll"6! pI'0I'l'l Ballerinus pirouetting on the floor for "November Nocturne" can match slippers with the red metal- lic ones pinned to 21 w.1ll set with silver stars. Seniors nominated Bill liinrh and his musical company to treat jun- iors to dance rhythms. At "Sweethe1irts' Swirl" junior oltiteis intl their wirtners turtle Dolores estorte y her futher, Mr. Fred W. Dowel just itttr her eoronition is Miss OI P lirst treshmtn ever to reteive this title, Do- lores enjoys the unique honor of representing her spirited class at an Academy formal. f A "AW 493, Z V .Di V ' ,gf -'- V ff' - vi' f ' ,- 3' 'i f . J .n ,:.,. D ,wh xr? . "'C. , x ' A All couples motor to La jolla, though, for the prom. With Sp.inish-styled ballroom and lighted pool, the Beach and Tennis Club beckons to it misty moon and soft melody to lill in the dtince program for mihuly's memory of the ye.1r. r' V 629 X, Glu .AI 3 fr' Naf 95 .14 A ack a 116455, a Ane P jo arfidfd fgey addign Some crah of .gnchan ALI!! Or alrama:4 age-ofa! MH!! gfcoro fluffy Ainga Piano Lrlgdffy ringa, ,X gp J Q65 cgi! wx 2 Ax, 1 ,,-1 V7 . s 9 ' x ' l s. 'wwf Z 3 fe ? ' Y XE' nw X 7 'I il f 3 V2 v wg' :JV 4.-v M . 32 af' 3 ' a -A ,w Hz Q , 4 .:':fz- ,M 1' mi Q , ' 1 in I W 4 ,, N V RW M an M4.,,j 'ww , ,A xg Sh 2 1 x ,Q vW.6.,.. - , we 5 Q9 Q ff ,Ju -21 f ' 2? W9 if X f -, ' UG ' J f Z ,ffl 'Q7' .gzcclenf pafrond in Ga fd, oafferd Today's world bears witness to marriage "att .tltars far z1pt1rt"f-fCil1rist- centered or self-centered. Thus ran the theme for the seventh ttnnutil Catholic Book Program directed by Rev, 'lohn Aherne, O.S.A, Saints- Acttdemy Verse Cfhoir interpreted Robert l'lLlffCl1lS tribute to sacred nuptinls, with love in need of "the priest and the rite and the grave altar, the unification of flesh and the flesh-burgeonf' :-. .? f On stage Fred Lower and lfrnestine Bttrtoii dmmtttize Riclmrd Sulliva1n's "XX'orlt of ldellzt Mate," il novel depicting shttllowness that can never utttiin to it happy union. Father Aherne steps from his role of ngtttuttur to witness the wedding SCCHC. 'liableaux for TO YOU A SAVIOR picture Our l.atly's Ciitit olleretl repeatedly since Bethlehem for the "wanting worltls embrace." Mary knows that Christ must come again antl again before He is at-cepted by thankless humanity. Curtain call for senior dramatistsi WHO XVOULDNWI' Bli CRAZY? freezes expressions on comedians who enjoyed rehearsals within Ciootl Samaritan wallsw- "the answer to a squirrels prayer." it e lllllil f g '. IILI, -, lax S' 1.,All1L' ie pl'un1ptei', 'e an l XX'ilfretl At 'l'ept-vac. lXlt-xicu LOOK SVNWARD, ANGEL I 1 Nllcttu, Fmnfc Fatima. PIIITKIILLII N.lII'.IIUl'N .xr HQ'II1lL'fIL'HW ' ,4 ' f t0,9If Ulllfl Clllllfl Ulfl Ql'll0l" Clgelnff .1 yrudy nf Aliq- Mgym-II by -Iulm Alnwm-. U.S.A. Ayululwlx'-SI. Auguxtnm xwwmx Play. Pl'cw11!ul In ALk.lxlL'I1lY Alxllitmilnm. liL'l1I'y M.1l'r, Iduiy I,c'.x, Ah liutln-11 Ospgll' Vfilxly .xml hly. ,Ima-plxlm-, xL1H'1'.l.urtln' H4-Im Hefty, the Mn-ym-Ils .lm f,m4'nt1'x' Pzllmmms. l'l'.lIlLIN VIIIUIHPNHYI .mul Ann Mrs, llnmlpwru llptlj, I.uu', N1 'lllvmwmpwry l..ulx' M.u'1, AIJIIII fl11l4ll'4'n with Nunn- Slmk, the lk' 1111crx' 10114110 I 1 1 'ts wu1111ys from .11 my Mission X ilu Cllll .1 , K. 1111 tllk' C1 '- A1111-1'11'.111 EJ111. 1111111 W1'1'k 111-lvut. WL'I'INl. . '.1Il1.-5' to ruth-11 1 N xo11gs1crN 1 11'oI 111 111111 dress I'L'IK'.lfS.1l for tha-11 ai--W "M-ww . 4' 'F . .3 1 1 ,. PI ',, Q 1K 1 G f 1 1 0, 'L -J '-1 .-..,, 1 Il 'N IXILISIC p.1111111vss 15 l11111111'ul 111' Ck"l'1ll.ll15 111 kl Pl'L"v'1L'NY 111 YCCII-ll 1 I1 111 lx P1'csi1iw1 picfnx. 'll1l111llllCCS 1. Ri KL'lt'Cf11lIl3 115 111111 . Fl11'111l11l c1I'L'L'I1 Hunk. ln-111, I 1 l l 111 Hula-11 Sl1.1v1', I Illlb 111 H11 M.11'y Q Q IN .1.'C1' .1 A 1111 . ,ll 1111 1l1-y, I. 1' . I51'.1c111k, l4.11'11.11',1 lx Ll I1 ly 1 lx 1 1 ' 'I11111 '1'11l l7.1"'1ll, .111 xi BLU, f H1 VII, INYIII tl1c'1' Illlll 1111 1111 11 . . p,1l'L1l'1llU. Glowing with pleasure at their athievement, the Techniques illustrated lwyorgan students, lilorente string-clarinet ensemble Mary Barton Qseatedj, Morzinslxi ftront, leftj and Juliette Cummins, jizliette Cummins fleftj, Reita Morey, Patricia Pratt, draw comparisons from senior pianists Beatriz Cfarol Arnold frearh a douhle har under the poin- Borquez, lfrnestine Barton, and Pura Marquez. settias. Academy girls with a musical lilt to their voice, tingers Nl'5lf3Al4 Rllcll'l4ATlON55 Noveinhei' li Open House, with Glu fitted to instruments, or just a sense of rhythm from K Cliih and enrenihle top to toe lind a happy niche made to order. Tiny NlM.,N1,L.,. 31 et- micrltil-S Day' md, lcindergarteners sound their joy on a tap-tapping sort l"t""' tml yum' " 'WLT' k n 4 K Deceinhzr IH C,lii'istnias Choir ca nlled of percussion lfand that may grow into a yen for or- .it C1irit'cIt-iitt-i- ehestra or ensemble lUlL1VllT5l. Piano and voice, how- 'llmml' ,IS lit'll'L'Y'Dtu'Pll't'1' NWN"- f 1 with Cile: C,luh and en emlwle ever, prove most popular among talented C,CClllilIlS. May i Mtisit lftsmal .ir the Fort! lirml Nay IS lligh school recitals ,lime 6 C.iiiiiiiienteiiieiit Day singing acl ian ainf Cjomginefi oiced, egnfifrumenfb f 'W .fdfifaa Reel and blue pompous, streunmcrs, ll big "A" imAg.1plione. and in supply of Academy spirit climb into this convertible with GAA officers, wheel- ing away from Aquinas Hall toward a varsity game. President Pura Marquez fleftj, Treasurer Carol Arnold, Secretary Monica Holm, Vice- prusiilcnt Frances Lurmour. l i IP? .4d,J...,,, ,4tl.Ltif4 Jo prouizle leporlea far anzl wiale flm ,mania an Lourti tlw ML jar any game af .4cAoof Banquet, unua f gum jo, fo one am! aff -,-. J' - X e off . if Q .rm --u..a,.. J! .. l x .4 A N-xx s I--u .. ' t . N ,"" 1 'ff-'fx 4.1! . eanw iua in .gnfra-mura 6 0 ,U ,F . ,t V ,-15' f 4- - A , Q ., e , - 5. , t ' . ' Nr if ,Mig Xe '51 'W Class volley victors smile with Clancy, junior mascot. Captain Grete Nansen tleftl, Lois Galvin, Monica Hohn, Marcela Almacla, Carol Arnolal, liileen Blanken- ship, MZll'y Barton, Lucille Ruiz. Seniors squeezed lrishers for tl 2-point lead in the intra-mural linal that won them tiny gold basketballs for '52, W'ith cool shatle .intl re- freshing.: cokes Michaelites toast their giltleil trophies. Mary Lee Ghitlotti ffront, leftl. Elizabeth Dickson, lirnestine Barton, Marie Antoinette Gat'cia. Captain Pura Marquez fstantling, leftj, Vilma Martinez, Arline Ray- mond, Carolyn lirovvn, Beatriz Horquc-L, lsabel llirevino, liarbara litigbee. Taking the bull by the horns to name themselves champs, battling Irish count their cloversf-fli-6, 9-li, li-IZ-in November 28's decisive victory. Many a kill, brought to life by the opposition, makes the scorekeepefs post thrill- ing but slow. Spirited Crickets hopped up with the minor upset of the cusnba season by outwitting soph Apaches by I4-12 on February 26. Beatrix Flourie fcenterj, high - jumping freshmgin guard, leaves this earth to take the jump from Frances Zepp. No support is needed by juliette Cummins as she spins into il figure twirl to the amazement of novice ice-goers. Bars of the "Skaters Waltz" time her silvery blades gliding over the cool rink. Varsity le.1der Charlene Stephens directs both high and grammar pepsters to boost Academy court life. Lung blasts from the bench propel the Red rind Blue to .l flourishing finish. iglfe fini grip i .1 W ff-Bi 'R Ji I x WW :W RL 35. Playing host to Rosaryites on March 13, ' OLP hoopers find that pushing goiilwards has its difficulties f-kf a strict zone defense on constant guard. Academy vgirsity in white slmws Pum Muquez flcftj, Grete Nunsen. Marcela AImud.r, .ind fin'- wards plotting ni riglu--Marie Antoinette G.u'ci.1. Lucille Ruiz, Captain lilizaheth Dickson. Al ritgb! lirom fields afar victorious varsity and rooters rgll in for ,i happy homecoming. Volley successes prompt streamers and voices to cut the peace before the wrought iron gates of the circular drive. ' C71 0l'l'leC0l'l'lll'lg e?l"If Vullcycrx ugh! 5CUl'L'kl :ups for IIIILAIVNKIIIPLJI r1v.1l1'y: fNI.ll'CL'I.l Alllmdn 1 Frances Zapp, Captain Lufillr Run, Arlnm- Rdyummld, lflimlwth Diqkwn bill Vldll lulicm CLIIHITIIH Gnu N un VARSITY SCZORIEHOX fVOI.LFYBAI,l., OLP Nov. 20 Regina CHL-li I2 li l l li Def. -i Rusnry IU I5 5 I5 1HAsKlf'l'm1,1.J Mar. I5 Rosary 2-I I A ardifg lcflj. H41- x, ' . .mv . H .-.-...-.M.v .N n . ak-we 'ww was 'W W X i ' WF-N-,,:5Z f. ..-z.lff- . K x W . y .4 Q ' 'V gsskg ?' 4 m y fs X , ,, Q- . y 1 f s. X 4 "7 Q '33 K 'S Es K fi x i E Q 5 s Q' x Vi ' 7 5 f f f' ffqi gl Q laor 5 em Mac we I9 l' C54 ml glff .J,., lk Qf J ' 'x' lawn, X JF V-W-S I N1 rim e. , H gy- -- ' i' - S.1n Diego Club .illorels workouts for lfielel Day entliusiists. Ciominisl . fa' - 6 V 3' sioner ol' Swimming lfloriielel Green Qwitli whistle, lellj .inel M.iry SQ .1-',s f ' lflimbetli Hurley eloek nie1'1n.1ieln lor xuiiiatie entriinee. cj 1, A ,ff fx, Crete Name-n lin pnnl, lefij, bluliette ifninininx, R1llWL'l'ILl llnyenx, ,Inner fYll.ll'.l, J- ' Ci.ilwiiel.i Allll.tsl.l, l'1lll.ll7L'll1 Dielxwn. lxlyl'I'!.l 'l'ni'i'elwl.xiie.i, Sliiilex' lllnkeley, .mil N, , "' ' " lxlgllj' Helen Dunn .ire xel lin uixxxxl. jar jiefcl may guenfa Ten points an hour for tennis, bad- minton, or ping pong! Yolanda Con- treras fleftj and Rosemarie Vitale check birdie and racquet equipment. For extra pointwork Barbara Bugbee Qleftj and Geraldine Sick brush up accurate lines on the shullleboard court. Directing glances westward, Carolyn Brown and travelmate 'liggs look to a jaunt among carefree Mission Hills. Af fefl Heads of sports try their limber talents at bowling, with Monica Holm leading into the alley. In turn come Marie Antoinette Garcia fleftj, Carol Arnold, liloradel Green, janet O'l-lara, and Frances Larmour. Pura Mar- quez fat backj stands to the right of Lucille Ruiz, first to wear the new GAA sweater worth 2009! points to a lettergirl, Qr9f' l A 53 CAi7uifinaA ' Plnygruuml rush Iwur molds mrrong bodies for little Acudcmisscs. Shady nuoks and Il'Ct'-SIYCWI1 LIFCIICS Il'L'ilSllI'C nuturc's Imiddcn beauties fm' tray- lmlcn clnssxmrcs. 55 -..., 41 532552 jf'AE,XAh,, 'Q-'.f A 2 ,. ,,. J..,1..: .,., 14.4- . T Q7 jo 7!Marl'a fda? are near' 52:61:45 quiere, HALQ Awami Mem clan may Afarn fge gig fgree pd .gn Jlaorla may 3-e ago Alam jArougL .ifuchm hae? :lo Earn Zaf riggf Leuven eurnj. be '11 Q o i . 'X gf ff' ec Vi 1 u Z '43, ix . - 1 . .via . . x .T ' Q- " - 3ff,f.1f1i!i gui 111 ,Hwii itiifit lxirl '2 iryii Fox ftiroiit, lctitj, -litltlyii Kcrkliwtii, lit. tiitt limb, -liithih Irwin, M.ii'y Ariiold Qh.1tk. lulitj. Stix sumti. Siiitcix- Simdtilists fiullowiiig thc harm sligiiul with the xx'oi'ldf7'Bcliii Aiiimitxi. flwiuiiiittccs, hc thcv umici' th- s' - 'i L 1 L f.1tiiiii.tgc in hlgiiv wi' 1, .im -limimv, Cut-li.i 'limit ci' ut' Our Lgitiy whom the dying C hiist ld thy hllJfilCI'iH'"i1L'UJINC gimti citizciis thi ticsigiicti . 1 hy thc Clixiys Cfhih, shmx' gixiticrs lwxv t.i grim' up in thc pcrsuiitil and wiki il virtucs ut C.hi'istiiiii living. liiiiifhiiifi fiwvii Hi i.faiii,iff11f fix ' 7 i i iXi.lI'Nil.I Ixillti' flcttj, lSii'hxii Xlillii Dtiiiliiiiy li'iii.1 Rxiiios, l'i'ixtill.t, hliiiit- 'liimimm 4.ii'iiliii.i Ifliix lflhi l3imioi't's litiiitkc, Cirlcttc l'.1tici'ux'ski. .7 59 i i 3 .A-Vi ' .Q 0 1, -5 ,FJ-i Q5 .tg 5 A IDUIIILI lfxtoimi, Elfiflll R7 w..,:.gQg:M,,::NQx y I , -.,,,' W 'W -. ,, T"':'?N:f-.- Ykzrm for Ref! Crm1r-Mary Ellen Cole ffront, leftj, Margery Stover, Olivia Csornio. Cfttrmen Vizcarrgt fback, lefty, Marilyn Birkel, Santini Sonnenburg, Charlotte Keller. FOR PINK TIE MEMOIRS: September 28-Civics Clulw instnllintiun President Margery Weller, Vice-president lxlillnllil Keller, Secretary Elinor Mztntlnlf, SCl'j.IL'1ll'ffL1t' arms Patricia Raymnnrl Nuvemlwer 7-Inner Circle Committees funn under Pre- fect Kathryn Fox Apostolic---Elinor lwfillkllllf, Kathleen Fleming St. joseplfs-Marilyn Hirkel Ifuclmristic-Margery XX'elle Our Lady's--,Gail Evans November 14-Book Week assembly and skit December 16--"Mtitlnnni1 of rhe Ruse," Ch:-isrmiis play Vmeffw' In the lop- Angelica Beltran Qfront December 19-Red Cross boxes packed for overseas lCftD, Gail Evans, Barbara Hozie, Elinor Ml1HLlOlf Ianuuty 18-junior Sodalist poster Cnnrest Margery Welle fbzlfli, lefty, Parrlfigl Rz1ymOnLl February 2AiaFirst prize in Ciulmlic Daughters' poetry Kathleen Fleming, contest to Margery Stnver Match 12-Varettes nutlwup Our Lady uf Angels, 14-2 March 25-Smlnlity Reception March 27-Swan purse sale fur Bislwps' Relief Drive May lla-Music Recital .xgcfiue unior Gfizend ,xdcluance "Nu ni'w1i" fm-fSuzaniie Osborne fleftj, Chenitza Rouyer, Diana Hernan- tlez, Clonsuelo Rosas, losephine Estalante, Myrna Lemke, Mary lillen WLIFHCF, Mary Luz Aharea, Carolyn Shults, lflsbeth Carelenas, Margo Handley, Susan Smith. l-ilth antl sixth gratles go to the lihrary for .i half-hour on XX'eilnestlay, every other weelc. VUL' may get a story lo reatl for pleasure, in sonietinies a hi ' in with out social stutlies. l,ihrary hooks help us in 1 ' stutlies antl also improxe our reatli 'M-A Nw xg -ws. w sx ,N X. ,M -X X, X Wx -e Qs -,A ixvx "-. W.. N., VN. 'NK t A WN,-5 xx , A . -.XX 'fb ' l. ' t' 4 V- 1 ml' lllt lull 'L The l.llClNl.iU5 NNCIL' startetl hi' lutthet Mateo years ago lu' when lie was eonftssor to a nine-year-oltl girl whom lie lup hatl preparetl for lirst Cionnnunion. She offereil gen- Ixhlfnrizlt U'llt1r.1 erous sacrifices to jesus. antl in return jesus rewartletl her hy granting her the great privilege of conversing with Hiin after Holy Communion. He also toltl her she was to he a great missionary for the price of th Goltlen Penniesw-prayer, saeriliee. and Holy hlass. At OLP 'llarcisians are working for the Sacred Heart keeping close to vlesus in their tlaily lives antl hi' FLC is,- y pray- ing for sinners. Often they leave religious newspapers on the luis. XX'lien malxing sacriliees, they use tht Heart elieelchoi mks. Helly Ln!! fill frm S.1ifnr Kqlrfs kfilff In lmrfffzffbe A1.lf5lll lx mond UL-ftj, Rosemary Burnet, Ngmq Iulx Sonya S.1w11y41. wmv I lLm'1.u1L:11.u Alf lmtqmff-Batty Lou Gal- vin flcftj Patrin-1 Fcrrfxri Mfxr f'-1rf1- hm. Ann Aldrctc, Katherine f7vH.lFL1 Margaret Healy. linda Loc Snovs stands at buck. oin orcezi w ,Z .pi ,Q NHL X. """"x . K X, M I' ,qv-. , . ir 9 Z g M eafiona un urn! R 1 'I ,yy 2. 2 rl Ol all tlii- stnjics wc liaw lC.lLl ilus yr-ar, I likr' Niwisx' M". RL'slliL'Alil" ills lm-sr. lt is Ilir' story inf xl tuunx' xxnivrlpnckr-ir. If it xurc not for liis sharp lwcal-Q, l'd like tn liavc a woodpuclaur of my own. Snguzui ljhziiuff lu ilass Mrs. Vsrllc traclirs us ro color birds and liirlc lwoys and girls. NXT Hl.lliL' lcitss and Dulfli Day xx Q had sliain"oclQs. Ou a hug talwlu stand traders, sl pain-r and cardlwoaixl, Altlinugli it is fun to write alwnut pintiircs. l lilac ro Liilnr tlu-in most ul all. -Lffi Illini -urs wirli fliixwiw and windmills. For Sr. Patricks so Szmu' rlfflli .ilefv lo iz fn!! lfnzef-fDapl1nc Clanuy fclocliwisc from rightj, Mary Teresa Morales, Bon- nic Elandcr, Tani Hall, Lily Flores, Rosa Ruiz, Martha jo Kimball, joarinc Klein, Magali Garcia, Monica Nord, Maria Pilar Candancdo, Bridget Grcascr, julictta Armcndarcz, Lucia Fonccrrada, Valcria Houghton. Natural rr-sources are gifts from God to us. Natural resources are what rhc Indians used in nrdcr In have food, Clothing, and shfsllcr. Edd.: f.-Ulll7'L'7'.Ii ,im K X , , 25 t ,g ,,dA:AA, , W K in H , M L' A r ii? ,eff Z, 5 V117 wif .nf X IDU!! Day ffrifllflifiqq- Mary Hieklin fleftj, 1 Yvonne Zack, Yolanda lforsbc-rg, Leslie Morton, juliet Morales. .lerri johnson walks Panda in foreground. Alllllflllg 54211111 - Beatriz Dorbenker fleftj, .SU llffrr. lnrffr- Kathleen lan: lean Fox, Charlotte Craighton, Karen Casares. Karen Boglgio, Marcia Ellwarrls, M A X 1 it ggi 'i ...W -M-uw ad... Cfilm' for fllf-Ullf,l'f'ROSi1l1I1C Maxwell Qlcftj, Lu- R6'.l't'l'I'l'lj for Ike mnz'ic.i f Barbara Squires netta Gates, Maria Pincila, Susan johnson, Barbara flcftj, joan Ellis, Pilar lzucl, Lourdes Aharla Peterson, Cheryl Mullen. Wfalieia Ruiz, Patricia Ryan. all .Honra I'nf1ivii'11 l'l'.4'Kii'lLl'l -Patriiia Meliown Qletitj, Jeanette Prantil, Margaret Burns, Claroljean Murphy, VeroA niea Figueroa. Vik have two turtles. They like tu sit in thc sun and push their necks up. Swine days we have slow turtle races. 'Killbfl 141171 liflllfgifl At sclwnl we play store. l am the gmcer and peuple huy fiiuil from me. -H-K.11liliir1 linmui l like reailing hecause the pictures iu the hunk are pretty. 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