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3 2-'T' .ww .X A N, 1 .5 5 VILLA MONTEMAR Academy of Our Lady of Peace Resident and Day School for Girl: Conducted by the Sister: of St. loreph of Carondelrt 4860 Oregon Street San Diego, California .' 'k 1 H - PNY, J , J 1 x,11H: W ua ' f , 11 1 - X - Af' 11,41 'x 1 ,I 1-,A f ' '- Q1 ' ' ' .12 '1 . .'-f '11 3 I-3 7,1 V -t, 1 3 xg N Q' 1 ' fi f 1 . -T2 gi " ' 4 f 'Q T3 ?-T' ' J I: 7 J! Ls .4 1 : FEL .bg E 1-2:-. z L - 1 g-. 1, Z.:-P 3- i1 -QQ - A-1 yi J 1 A 1 fn ws gn if E. Q: Ilumw nl .xklllillilx Hull swing upcn im' .Ncglmln-111y' sdlulglrm 1111111 Mtbllllllf' In lfridaly. l1l1itllI'lllL'Cl .llAI'iXQll5 u1111L- lv1'1.111 lR'.ll' gmml f.11' lwglrilmg lmuks, 1111- slllmic-ct of pre-ulgns Ull1Vl'I'51lIil1I1 1.111111 k1111l4-1'g1:11'l1'11 lu scniur high schmml. -- - -f-H--gw if --1 Q A U P i Xl v- 5--A 1 5 1 ,K L5 I 'A 1 -H ,FJ E W H 1.11 1,f.,ni,x 1C3f'fI'15 S"xiv.fi7 IJ klfxil 5117 ACADEMY OF OUR LADY OF PEACE ' San Diego, California Protecwtor of' fhe Holy Churth... H fosmfafgcf of thg'fMystical Body of Cffrisp in b time andin etcriiity . . . chose-gi, pattonintime A iand advocate inctornity of the' 1951 seniors . . . A 'gnfold us iii Christ, our Head. , 6 , St. joseph plates and symbols designed byVBarbara Romanoski A ROBE OF GLORY Q .il f 1 v esiaslicus xlv, '9 ' i QR? His Excellency Extends Blessing At the Seventh Annual Teachers' lnstitute, held at the Academy on November 2-l, His lixcellency addressed over three hundred priests, Sisters, lay teachers, and guests ol' the diocese. on the molding of Catholic youth. Educators began the day with the Pontilical Missa Recitata, celebrated on a portahle altar set up in the auditorium. The Most Reverend Charles F, Buddy, S.T.lD.. Phil liishop oli San Diego, California www.. 451355. Fiancee of San Bingo Qyf?fM5QQI 1528 Qilinurth C-Afrenue 51 95? A Sam QBie5n 1, Cfialifnrniu March 5, 1951 T0 THE ESTEEMED GRADUATES OF 1951 ACADEMY OF OUR LADY OF ?EACE In sending you cordial congratulations for the graduating honors, the reward for four scholastic years of preparation, it is a joy to learn that your Annual carries the theme of 'Saint Joseph' for your inspiration and guidance. Permit me then to offer this little thought taken from my Christmas Sermon of 1950: 'You can understand what anguish tore at the chaste heart of St. Joseph because he could not provide a better place for Jesus and Mary on this night of nights. The pure gold in Joseph's character had to be fire-tried in the crucible of mortification. He rang true. He is the simple saint of supreme humility, one whose stature continues to loom large over the lives of men of good will, by reason of his own life second only in time and tenor to that of the Hidden Life itself. Meek, lovable, pattern of the honest craftsman, his very self-abasement lifts him up to divine heights. Defender of the Holy Family, he now defends the Universal Church. Joseph, the just man, poor and having nothing, possesses all things. 'For he who is the least among you, he is the greatest.' QLuke 9:48J.' With affectionate blessings, Sincerely, wwf fa. ezmza ef. emu, Bishop of San Diego tn ninkc thc- blui' waulvimk Ll crcclit lu tlirgir clam and .Xc.ulcl11y. Crr-cilitnrs-Iizlrbzlra in their lH'l'liECCSSllI'm' zmnuulw. Ilgirly full nliscm crux! thmu fuur sp-niurs qnlrcauly wnrking mmnmki Qatalmling. iL'i-If-NUI'll11l Ioiius, ILIEQLICHIIC liuwius Cycntcclj. ii2lI'bilI'2I Grzihum. Within the sliiuluw nf thi-ir piltrmfs wlxrinc. N51 uliturs cx4ilL1ulc mlm imlcxls found .r 1 up wwf-Lfhhtl Remember, O Most Pure Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Sweet Protector, St. Joseph a class that placed themselves in your care, four years ago . . . twenty blue-tie girls who dedicate this 1951 VILLA MONTEMAR to your name, under the titles of your litany . . . O Foster-Father of the Redeemer, graciously receive this tribute. Amen. f'1 l l Gates Open on Vistaed Beaut Southern sunshine plays at shadows with the wrought-iron gates helore the Administration building, while students relax on the drive that circles helore the Academyls formal entrance. Formerly a river coursed through this valley. Now, beyond interweaving can- yons the vast Pacific blends with a cloud-laden sky. From St. Cecilia's bridge, strollers on the mile walk around the campus barely dot the view. Twenty-four acres, landscaped with paths, trees, and flowers, entitle Villa Montemar a pictorial estate. M Springg pqliulx lik- :mal color into this lmlossoming CIICIYB' tru siflsS1. Ca1tlu'1'i11c's Hull. Dclium- pink petals hold mln- zltlcntion ot l,1lx' l'lorn's llrltj :xml l'1Y'l lizllclincti Tami l lull womlcrs whcn ilu' clwrrivs gm' coming 4161! Wap, 2 431 Willi 'liulil Laing Sviivu still iiii iiiiliilfillcil ili'c.ini. senior nffiucra try for thc proper tilt on ll iiimtiirlwiiril. Si-ci'vtzii'y Regina llcilzincl Liiiczmiriiig lui' lcngth at lcftl. Vice-prcmiLlcnt llcxx-i'lx Lcpsuli. Prcsiilcnl Norinii Innes, 'l'ri'4isui'cr Mitzi Hiirilcn. BEHOLD THE A GEL OF THE LCRD APPEARED TO Guardian of Virgins... directed by the Almighty to the secret of the Blessed Mary . . . to whom God entrusted His own Virgin Mother . . . pray that the class of 1951 will accept their missions in life, as did you and your holy.spouse . . . becoming as a score of vessels alight with grace. M IN HIS SLEEP Mauh Barbara Arnold pleasing . . . twelve-year repre- sentative of the Academy . . Miss O.I-.P. of 1951. lL.A..fI. I'RI'.SlDI'.N'I' Ii.A.A. 'IARI'iASlfRIiR, III OUR LAIJYIS r7KlMMI'I"I'I-.I., I. II. III IX' I7RABIA'I'lC5. I. II. III, IY t'IIRIS'I'MAS PLAY. III, IV VARSITY BASKIa'I'HALI., I, II, III, IV Regina Boland dutiful . . . industrious in a quiet style . . double for Heavenly Queen in Nativity tableau. CLASS SI-.CllI'i'I'ARY, IV CLASS Clllihk I.I-.ADI-.R. IX' UUR LADYIS COINIBII'I"I'Izl:. IV IDRAMATIKIS, I, Il. III tIIIRIS'I'IxIAS PLAY, IV YII,I.A fTIRKIUI,A'I'IUN MANAGILR. IV Iacqueline Bowles candid . . . resides at St. Mar- garet's. or Laguna . . . dependable spark of athletic ventures. CUINIINIISSIUNIHR OI? TENNIS, III, IV YARSIIY I'IASKI'.'I'I'IAI.I., III. IV YJIIKSIIY VOLLIiYI'KAI.I., III, IV ANNUAL STAFF YII.I.A S'I'AI"I:, III, IV IIIIRISIIKIAS PLAY, IV Mitzi Burden generous . . . earnest scholar commuting from Coronado . . . attacks all projects with ll will, VIJKSS jI'IlI'.KSI'IQI'Ii, IV X'lI.I.A I5ITSINInSS IKl,I'YAKZIuR, IX l1UMMIhSIUNII-lll UI' SIIUFI"I,I'.- BOARD, III, IV MASQUH ANI! ISAYFI., III CLASS I5fISKI"l'I5il.l., I, ll, III, IV IILASS YUl.I.IaYII.XI.I., I, II, III, IV Socorro Carreno joyful . . artist of song and dance . . . u Philomel at home with any ILIIIKIIS lyrics. l,I.II-. 1'l,I'H SOI,0IS'I'. I. Il. III, IY XIIQSI-. IIIIUIR. I, Il. IV lIRAM.I'l'IlIS. I, II DVR LADYVS lTUMMI'I'TIlIi, IY KIIIIIISIM,-KS PLAY, I. IY ULASS YUI.lIYI5kI.I,. IX' Marjorie Glynn composed . . . interpretive actress . . . captains the student body by her smiling leadership. A.S.B. PIlhSIDI-VI' A.S.Ii. SI-.lTRIf.'I'MtY, III I-X'I'l:YSION RI-.PRHSI-,N'I'A'l'IX'I-K. IX' M'lJS'I'0I.Iti UIIAIIIAIAV, III IlIiAMA'I'IlTS, I, II, III, IX' N -KNSITY YUI l.I'YH'Xl,I,. IY Marilyn Hanneken debonaire . . . artful at play act- ing . . . ardent and exemplary in the cause of Our Lady. SUDNI I'I'Y I'Rl',l'iI:,C'l' SJDAI l'I'Y 'I'RFK9URI'R, III 1155 IRI-SIDI-N'I II XKRSIIX BA KI IHAII I II III IX XIRSIIX XOIIIXHAII I ll III IX HRI ININS IIAX III IX Barbara Graham intelligent . . . a Wit for journal- ism and a hand for science . . . watches her shutter-speed. G.A.A. VICE-PRLSIDIf.N'I' I A.A. 'IREASURIiR, III -s--- VII LA SPURI IrDl'IOR III IX KWWL AL SIAPI DI-BAIP I II III IN IIHI It KIIUNIS I NRRIIR IV SENIOR OSCARS LEAD IN 1950-51 CALENDAR Mascot Returns ' Initiation ' Masquerade ' Book Week ' "Rhapsody" ' Champs ' Pageant ' Sodality Boxes f ,- I9 iii? H , N 5 XS' ,-4 1' .. -, K S Io v I' X 12, g KJ iv ' i n ' - 1 I X ' 1 l ' A u I li , Al 1 g ni Norma Iones conscientious . . . admirable at studies . . . loyal to the Academy as to her friends. CLASS I'RIiSIDf'iY'I' IX IIOINOR IXOII II III IX ANINI AI SI All KLILI- CLUB I II IX I ll INN! IX DR 'XMA1 lf S I II IX to Beverly Lepsch Winsome . . . successful on Wheels and with bells . . . samples every part of school life. CLASS X'ICE-PRESIDENT III IX PUBLICI'l'Y-1.lTEI!A'I URI CIIAIR MAN III III IAIJYYS I JXI'xII'I'lI II IX. DRAXIATICS, I, II, III IX 1 I -XSS BASKETB.-XLL II III C1499 X'OI.I..HYBXIl II Ill IX A.A.Trip ' Tests ' MissO.L.P. ' Retreat ' Debate ' St. MHTYVS Reception ' EasterChoir ' "Dear Brutus" , fr fx, xx Agro Q 4 Q Levi wee 1 If -41 Q swf ,f 'igrglfflilgf If fl gin Aawfwwww Mary Lewis IxlIILI . . . thorough-going at Wliat slie undertakes . , . up to tlie minute on SOQIIIIIIV allalrs. NUIJXI IIN slr RI IXIQX III IX XI'1JSIIlI,ll, LUXIXIII II.I'. III. IX IIRAM.Yl'Il'5, I. II. IX ITIQKSS Xl A . .., - Arlene Machado vivacious . . . expert pianist, solo and accompanying . . . claims a contagious friendliness. XIIIX IXIISI IX I X I KAI- KTIIUIIL, IX IIR.-UXIA'I'ILI5. I. II ill c CLASS IflvII5I,IiMS NIIRRORH7 FOR l95l GRADUATES Clierulfs reflection ' St. Ioseph, dean patron ' pure lillies ' golden crest set on lmlue pin ' '31 guard ' matcliing ring Elisa Martinez amiable . . . deft with graceful fingers . . . airs her moods in song. PLBLILIIY CUlXIlXII'I0I4I"iE I II Ill, IN ClI'I" IIUB I II III DRAlNIA'III,S I II, III, IX SPNIIOR PLAY X ERS!-Q CHOIR, III, IV LLASS CHEER LEADER, II SCHOOL YEAR ADVANCES TO IUNE 1 2 ir ai Elizabeth Meza business-like . . . mighty at volley service . . . pleases with her :lecorative skill and soft alto voice. I.ITERA'I'URE CONIMITTIEE, II, III, IV X ILI A S FAFF IV DR KXIATICS I III IX NF-RSI: CHOIR III IX XARbI'IY XOLLEYBALL II III IV LI.-XSS BASKETBALL I II III Open House ' Mary's Day ' Yearbook ' Field Day ' Recitals ' Prom ' Farewell :K I til., - ,, 5 A A I I iii, L7 N f I 1 -- tg f .. E if l 1 4-:B ' Z I X il 'I' Cf? 'lf ,,,.,,.,, l 3 753 - u . fvm. .J X Ieannette Peranski versatile . . . enriched apprecia- tions . . . presents her logic with the ardor of a sage. VII,I,A CO'IiDI'I'UR, IV KIILNTAI. PRAYFR CIIAIRIXIRN, IY ULASS PIlI'.SIDI"iY'I', I DIzBA'I'Ii, IV YI-QRSIl IIINIOIII, I, III, IV l'I.ASS YULI.I:YI'IAI.I., III, IV Yolanda Portillo intellectual . . . Pan-American charm . . . musical in language and on the keyboard. IIUNUR Il0I.I.. I. II, III, IV r:1.1a1a 131.113, Il, 111 IDRAINIATIIIS. 1, Il, lx' 1naBAT1i, 111 .x11'1', 1, ll 1:1-.r:11.1.f1Ns. Ill, IV Barbara Romanoski witty . . . tragic or glad, as the script goes . . . strokes out year- book designs with a chisel-brush. A.S.B. YIKIE-I-'RIESIDI-INT CLASS PILILSIDI-QNT. Ill IIONUR ROLL, II, III, IV VILLA NEVVS ICDITOIM III. IV ANNUAL S'I'AIfI" 1TIII!I5'I'lXIAS PLAY, III, IV Lynn Thaanum decisive . . . famed for argyles . . .after eleven years at the Villa, looks to nursing. mm LixDY's COMMITTEE. I, II, III, IV urn neun, 1, II, III IIRAMATICS. 1, II crass :rin-Qian 1.1-ganna, ni, iv DI-.BA'l'I-Q. 1 CLASS N'UI.I.I-.YHAI.I., I, II l Barbara Trotter accommodating . . . commands an extensive vocabulary . . . con- jures up identifications from her reading memories. CIIAIRIXIAN OF SODALITY CANDIDATES, IV MI-.NTAL PRAYER COMMITTILIT, IV OUR LAIIYIS COMMI'I"I'IiIi, II, III VILLA CO-IQDITOR, IV N I-,RSI-1 CIIOIR, Ill, IV IEIIRISTYXIAS PLAY, IV Barbara Vines reticent . . . always impeccably groomed . . . careful in her choices, even to the point of classical authors. A.S.Ii. 'I'RI-.ASURI-ill, III Cil.I,I-, CLUB, I, II I7RAINlA'I'ICS, I, Il, III SINIUR PIAY VERSE CHOIR, III CIIIRISTINIAS PLAY. III F f From a balcony in St. Ma1'garct's rcsiclcncc llall, thc camera spies on noon lunchers concerned with Llwir rcspcctivc class topics. Soft foliage in thc foreground reveals only partial views of thc Chapel. Recital llall. anal Aquinas Hall. MARY, A D JGSEPH, AND THE INFANT 4 Sf, K 5 ,. wb. Ng. -as . 5, ,t . Mn- ,, W , L, ,,..J -4-, ,.., H 1 'aw H.- -.-V a. . , ,V - W-hut' . , X, , W, Ei, Hftt,-..,, .,,,, ,QM V , as k, - 4, I . 1 was l. wa ' A , V ..,' , , ,,. f. i , jf' ' 3 s 5 iv. er t, F, is . - A , , A J. Vx. . :T . X pa V 'gf . eu.. . Y . , t 4r Safeguard of Families... - aware of the binding force of charity . . . coura- geous ia the face of want - without fitting shelter for Emmanuel . . . partner with Our " Lady on the joy of company with God 4 . . hold Academy girls united by ties of true Christian A love. 1 N 2 YING IN THE MANGER 5 AM.. Luke 11 16 .,..,K.., .. X A FP i f ,, .H . Jr , ' ' if X" -?vf 1 -. iv- .: Ai. . -hiv fx'-aff, .A ,5 ,, 1-Q if , ,f a. , Y ,fr ti -1. . Q, N E , F31 , - fi: - 'A' . .-..- 33 .1 , F Ei f we . r 25. .a g e i -Z ., ,ff " .4 'Y- ,su . 2:5 f 6115 , -1 W.. fl YL -. Nl, 75" 5. K X. f. lf 2- 5 , ifaif 1. .. if . egg.. 1 f , 4 . v 'ev' '.: , 1 Q- .ez . H A, rg," ,- ,,,. :'- 'l M, . . r ,. aa, 'f ,. g--. ,-A., L. ..- a. -- me ' . c A -f 3:55 1: ., ,, Y fav. 5 fx .. -., . af I ,R -3 A ,J 4 'zu ... 4' . ,MW ,,- ,e- rxgh- 1 -,..a Af' E- 1 Z' E- E -, M ., f Y 29' l 4 52 f ,. '11 3 A f X A316 1 Y 3? . J t , Jar t 'si e V Q Sei ' 1 .. ,,:,,a , , - 5 N fi- 4- ,3 . Y 32. A 2.32 T 954254 t 5' ,gg ring? 1 ' ' gf" r ' I ' , , ' " "ff: e.,. V ' in 3 V giniiif ,. iff' i ' . " ' f f 7,p ,Se-fii 5,-wc "f" ' iw1'- -- 'ff-"3-3-r .,ff'f..-,'f'? Q ' 'ra azz. L1-.A , 4' w A , ' . 1, .. W , 4' f a . a K-11596144 JW' .Q -, Y ,. ' 1' 'Ha-at ,igvfuw XM . fx . me wa" -'v' 2 +'- -- AW " ' ' - . nf? . Q 'ugly M I 45.-32 it Junior Toreadors ,Ic+r0. x'.xA thc .l70!'!1'l'l' from Tfjzmml, cuff: day- - Carmcn Magallon flcftj, Margarita Rcycs. Christina Pinal, cliauflicnr Pura Marquez, Antoinette Garcia. Ng! Fliffl-llg up on Infq and l1C'll'5',l1iHLl Ulcro Ciciitj, Mary Lou Harluargcr, lfdith Flouric. Nannettc i-Xnnlcrson. Knit unc, pill! two, munl---Myrna Torre- lwlanca fleftj, Barbara Hughes, Inge Klein, Barbara Dorris. Monica Mc- Cowan. f,'0l77f7LU'IiI7g notes on the .lmwfran 1101261 4Consucio Vasquez Qscatcd, lefty, Clcralalinc Sick, Beatriz Horquez. Mary Lu' Clliidolti Qslanclingj, Patricia Ilene- lian. Parade for Third Season New classroom, new teacher, a third year-all greeted the Red Ties in Sep- tember. Introductions accomplished all around, we quickly settled down to business. Books, classes, schedule, all provided an auspicious beginning for the junior session. Electing the class officers led up to the yearly celebration of the feast of our dear patron, St. Michael. A large cake, decorated with Michael's shield, produced the needed effect as well as deciding our future as cake sales' ladies. Rhapsody in Blue gave us an opportunity to become socially acquainted with the seniors. Our own dance, Winter Wonrierlazzd, was held as a climax to the Miss O. L. P. contest, wherein we crowned Barbara Arnold as our campus representative. Student body activities numbered us as active participants Also we Toreadors shone in the So:lality and G.A.A. fields. Mental prayer contests, Bishops, Relief Fund, varsity, and interclass games boasted our loyal support. Our class proved quite dramatic as we won first place in the Tercentenary play contest with our representation of a scene from the chronicles of the Sisters of St. Ioseph, in their trek across the desert. Those I'h1'mzey Girl: starred junior talents in a comic tale presented April 13. La Iolla Beach and Tennis Club welcomed us and presented us with an everlasting remembrance of the junior-senior prom. With floral canes in hand, we, in lijjlitly-flowered forznals, watched the school year come to an end. Isabel Trczfizio Amid snowman, balloongand stars for "Winter W0nde1'lc1nd"- Class Treasurer Vilma Martinez Cleftj and Secretary Ioan Rinks. Reflected in the mirror--Vice-president Frances Lar- mour and President Isabel Tr-vino. Student Body Treasurer Marie Mathew and Secretary Ernestine Barton: G.A.A. Sec- retary Arline Raymond, Sodality Vice-prefect Leann Mahoney. . Mr- 61 AQ X 1 mv 6 yr- "JM 'X my Us A I X Ni A 31 " , f fsiiwzf Y ' ' l P M' v 2' 5551 ' A 8 Q? ' it 2 z if vim Af 1' Ax. f 4 ' 7 .4 H9 , . f f . X . , 8 ,g bugs ,NS V M ,jg ,r ,MW 4 ,. 2, ,gn 5 4,,,. if ,paw A -.. LV fx , is , mg . -.X , xx ,Sgt ' W " 635' I Q Q, , - I A -, . A Q - """--b- f-"H.,.,,,. ' - -, :Anil ywkv-X , . 1, 4' ' 1 Y , w w Hourdwzv, doubling ax recepzion1'sl,r-Esperan- za Vasquez tseatedl, Emma Locklin, Sandra Vivell. Lucille Ruiz fstandingj, Annette De Ahna, Delia Felix, Elizabeth Flourie, Helene Remsburg, liileen Blankenship. CLANCY'S CALENDAR M September 11-school opened with soph- omore Claneies as Green Ties October 3-feast of class patron, St. Therese, commemorated by Holy Mass, evening celebration at a dinner and swimming party October 13-boomed first and high in yearbook drive February 15-arrival of White numerals for basketball team that scored over juniors and frosh March 9-had enthusiastic Student Body 'gfishingw for prizes, so that Irish- ers topped the high school in the Bishops' Relief Fund March 15-proved dramatic talent in Bits O' Blarney, class operetta May Z6-Senior Beach Party: sophomore tribute to graduates Iune 8-vacation: embarked for home to return next September in an up- perclass status Vlr gi 711.61 Rodce Freshman paehes Scout Villa Freshman initiation launched the beginning of a new year as seniors welcomed the Gold Ties. Quavering within their inside-out garb, the Apaches began an upside down day, but as belits true Indians, they let out no protest or plea for mercy. ln reward for their stoic silence, the freshmen celebrated that afternoon at a welcome party. With Our Lady of Fatima for class patron, freshmen celebrated her feast day with a Rosary procession and coronation of her statue. Afterward, the class enioyed a dip in the campus pool to music suitable for an evening swim. A royal repast-golden macaroni, ended the festivity. Next on the Apache list of activities proved to be a debate with the sophomores. Thanks to initiative and quick wittedness, the newcomers to high school debates argued that television had more bad than good effect on family life, thus securing fame and the ASB. banner. The Class of '54 closed their initial term in high school with the traditional graduation morning break- fast for the seniors. This final deed accomplished, the Apaches turned their sights toward a new year. Mfzrjorfc Cjllllll Sp1'1'1'luzl 1'oozw',v, folfouffng the .ljnlflle ".l" lo z'w'Ic'x una' !71If'k- Patricia Pratt llelitl. Treasurer lanet O'llara, Beatrice Sadulski. Rose- marie Gliio, Maureen McMahon. Christine lvlellado, Amber lnzunza, Ann Sharp, Linda McCarthy, Bever- ly U'Connor, Kay Cain. Center of c r o s s-b a r - Vice-president Alma Flores and President Mariorieflunn. Trails ll"fll1 f7tlffl'I'lI5 for Cf1l'I',Cll.Ll71 LI-Ullllg du. w'.x' -llzirlazlrzl Vidal flelitl. Chau'- lene Stephens, Carol Symonds, Ida liyrinltides, Madeleine Curr, Ruth Costello. 1QC'l'l.C'lt'l-71g the l"1LL.fI'S f1'cu'fzn1an c'dft1'011-Mary Alice fXL'l1CIll3llCl1 flelitl, Mzlry Therese lxlClilCfI11lll, Lupe Castro, Mary Helen Dunn, Frances Zepp, Lynn Holt, Mary lflivuluetli Hurley. .I 1110171 l'UH1l71l'lll'L' thu! nzcwnzx rfcun- l1'11c'.t.fwSylx'ia Luevano lleftj, Caru- lyn Snider, liarlmra McGowan, Flor- ence Isliino. Prudence Lane, Marie Antoinette Ruiz. fl ring a-round 0' poxfvs for lhe 0611- tw'p1'c'cc'-leaii Haile Cleftj, Socorro Reyes, Mary Egger, Marguerite Clos- son, Carol Crominelin. Alieelnzle Syl- vester, MuryRegin:1 llilrig. M vw Checking clctnils on late copy xcncla Cn-editor Iczmncttc Pcranski to thc huusc plume. llcr fellow journulim luuk confident that thix wcckk Villa will not miss thc achcflulcml rlcacllinc. Arrangcrl ulockwise from left-Barbara Tmttcr, lcanncttc. Leann Mnhuncy. Frances Lurrnour, Luis Rountrcc. Barbaras Romanuski and Graham. M2 fl Joseph Most Faithful... untiring in God's service . . . obedient to His angel in taking Iesus and Mary into Egypt . . . ever confident in Providence . . . be the guide of students so quick to discouragernent in every- day duties . . . keep before them your way of fulfilling God's will. i AND HIS MOTHER BY NIGHT: H2 U Christian Education Punvl ut left MRS. HVELYN FIQUAN, lihrairizin, dnt:-s the hooks for :ill mtuclcnts. MRS. lil.iZrXHl'i'l'll Mz1cMUl.l.liN hrightcns hcr su rctzlrial office with golden flowcrs. MISS MARILYN SHRIVER, gym instructor. keeps tally :ind time :ll llli intrzi-mural gains. livlonf MRS. IQLISE SNIDER inzikcs kiiitlcrgairtcn counting fun, with picture cards. MRS. HELEN VVELLE calls the roll of third :intl fourth graders for catch morning session. Fostcred b Faculty Under St. Joseph SISTERS OF ST. IOSEPI-I OF CARONDELET, Whose daily classes aim at "form- ing Christ Himself in those regenerated by baptism," number these faculty members: Mother William , Religion IV, Typing Sister Anne Marie , English, l.atin I Sister Iiulalia , ,, , I' Sociology Sister Iuliana ,,,,, , ,,,,, H , History, Mathematics Sister Lillian Marie, ,I Spanish Sister Marie Pierre ,, Music REV. STANISLAUS DERWINSKI, who teaches religion classes twice a week, herc counsels the Student Rody to "He Active in Your Parish." , Principal Religion l, , Civics, History, Religion III, ,, ,Music, , French, Sister Rita Francis Drama, Vocal Sistsr Rosg Louise l.atin, Science GRAMMAR GRADE Sister Ilonata Marie Grades Vll, Vlll Sister .Xnne loachim Sister Robert loseph Sister Veronica lean , Art, Religion ll, FACULTY I Y ,, Directress Y Grades III, IV Grades V, VI Grades, I, II 1- Academic standards founded upon college preparatory require- ments mark the schedule of students here. Religion and English courses extend over the four years. Three classes in history are supplemented in the senior term by a semester each of sociology and civics. To girls who take three or four years of Latin, studies in the modern languages are by choice. Whereas algebra, geo- metry, and chemistry are requisites, students may request ad- vanced algebra, physics, or biology in their last year. Other subjects round out the elective side of the high schooler's program. History comes to life through illustrated re- Besides studying principles of sociology and the ports on ancient conquerors and early Chris- status of a citizen, the senior class debates current tian knights. Freshmenl like speaker Mary affairs. ln a Thursday open discussion Mary Elizabeth Hurley, start at the beginning of Lewis fstandingj checks off editorial comments the worldls story. from .'1I7lt'I'fl'lI, as they are evaluated. Forms Sound Thinkers lunior chemists wear calm nerves :Intl protec- tive aprons its they gingerly hzintlle 1lppilI'1lILlS lor generating oxygen. Pneuinnties tal-Ling their air seriously include Vilma Martinez llelitj, Arline Ruyinontl, Carolyn Brown, ztntl lsalluel Trevino tin foregrountll. l.o11'vr right With theorems ttntl postulates liatthleen Bo- lnntl tlelitj, proves her waxy through this trif angle. Her technique in hiseeting the exterior tingle engages geometry students Lois Arnold :intl Monica llohn. "mga ' H fin gg MW . it fcfl Fatrinerettesslntliu Foneerrucltt fplztnting, ut lelitj, Annette De Alina, Bllfllllfll Afllfblll-llll ol' the biology department. plot lvehintl St. loseplils lwneli. Daily core nourishes their seienee grzttles. we E Y 4 i ya w n..i.y-,mu X .Y 1 '-5335: L N ., W 1 ' 1 f 1 si S I W Qi 5 ip ' Q . 55 .. .. W. 'V' . , X " Qs, W s ,,.,.. . , Q .Y ' ' - - A .1 211 Q' Wf- . QW 1 , X K t ' . - -, . .... I , 25:4 nv L :E , N -- -1 an ww Q ""' K 6 ' i fifgp. .,.-f5,:: ::5 A ,ww . vm: JJ e ww ix ,1 -.:.::.:-... if .,.. . . .K g. Q - , ' g.,:gg:g.,,f Wgxgjlggzf h Q Q , ,ax Y amid., L -W 3.:::.Q.s2i,. , , ' :M K Q. Qi A X xx W I .,,. ., ,, f - - -V .... . A t K SETRQQ ,..,Q Q, g:.':'l2,' 5 mb ., ' ' K ,m x gn 2. : . vm., w - 1'-...Q :-Q: Q x w ,s QQ x 1 X QE Todny's typist finds ready approval in higher education or in thc business world. Fourth-year students on the keys-licvcn ly Lcpsch flcftj, liarharzl Vines, Lynn Tliaanum. Vflll Published bi-weekly by the students of the Academy of Our Lady of Peace San Diego, California HCO-EDITORS Jeannette Peranski and Barbara Trotter ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Ernestine Barton, Linda McCarthy NEWS EDITOR: Barbara Romanoski ASSOCIATES: Florence Morzinski, Carol Crommelin, Marjorie Gunn SODALITY EDITOR: Leann Mahoney Wo r d s T r a n s c r i b e I d e a s Qifoseiaz, lci on parlc francais. La C1'01'sc1dc', current publication, challenges sight readers-Tina Otero Qlcltj, Monica Mcfiowan, Carmen Magallon. SPORTS EDITOR: Barbara Graham ASSOCIATES: Arline Raymond, Crete Nansen FEATURE EDITOR: Frances Larmour ASSOCIATES: Charlotte Lang, Carol Far- re ART EDITORS: Lois Rountree, Monica Hohn ALUMNAE REPORTER: Joan Rinks LIBRARIANS: Kathleen Boland, Louise Kole er COPY COLLECTOR: Jacqueline Bowles TYPIST: Arlene Machado BUSINESS MANAGER: Mitzi Burden ASSOCIATES: Marie Mathew, Marie La- tendresse, Janet lannus CIRCULATION MANAGER: Regina Boland ASSOCIATES: Nannette Anderson, Cer- gldine Sick, Monica McGowan, Madeleine arr Circulation manager Regina Boland Qlcftj and Arlcnc Machado begin their hi-weekly commissions lor the school paper. Mitzi Burden checks the business ledger. rixtmais nit thc Acauiciny nnnimili ilicltnlt-5 thc uimlluliglit pruccsmirm fnlluwing Nativity I'l:ix', Hcnringg l1l11t'I's. Sriuu'i'u ft1ll'I'QI!U and 'l'ingi Ott-ro lead students intl gllL'Nl5 into thc- Muntcmiir gnrclcm, to cum! in wt-lmmc tn the Infant King. A., A I ..,. I A 5-. -.W . U .- n w' ,, . V. 2. l .,. V, . ...,..,4-. -- ,V ,1 ,, . ,f f,-. , A ., 1 V,,,,,,,,, ,. ,Q ,' .,...,., I , . . ... ..., . .. ,..., . .,,. . , ., , .. .,. E. . .- , V . .. ,. . ,.. . ,, ,..., ,.-VV, ..,. . ..- ..1. .Mi ans- ..,.. -.-. ,ymg a tg- V. '. - 'V f U-., ..c J. F . ,A Tn, x A .V H X .,..1 . . . , :.f- . v 51- Vvv.,,.,,1t:,r." ,F Q. 1, - f' .. -A-fx,,-Kyla.-. Q -H - - .Jn -.Nr -,wx wt-,-.M A . . 1 . ., 'w1Vf,, V ,, .a'K. V. .V .f-., ,. won t, 5 0- u .L .gl I, 1:- .., W J 1 ,FL . - ,. J , N, N- . x EV - - , ' 4' , Q I ,A i Q ,N 'Iwi ,T at V252 ' , ' Rr". K lw tt rf y ,. lf w 4321- , ' i f Y7' V, vii 2 af' Q Model of Workmen artrsan for the Krug whose every product was a trxbute to the master Craftsman who embraced your talents as tools ln the hand of encourage young artrsts to' form, of therr endowments, a hfeprece pleasmg to the Creator the reflectron of Beauty THY NAME o LGRD 'J' Psalm xc 1. N kr l 1 ,iw TK. 3 an ' w 1. .fs ,al tr .,4 4 4 573 .5 1 NY, 1 :gf x A im 1' sig. i.a ' , V W. ESV 3, h F ' T v ' . ' ' f 1 ,y V - , ,Lb . " ' P' fu, z- . - - . 'fr ' V' 'ls , A 9, -+- , . . . , .,... . V -. ' , 'QT .f ' R K . T f P - , . .vga , Q ' 1 -. .V :F . . . . , , -n. 5 V V - , f- , :el 0 ' I , V ,, 1-' :' " J, . - 1 " x 3 V o 0 0 .' Vu ,,' C . ,Yi , I . , - fri, 9: God . . . , ' V 3 -' . 114 ' , ' ' I-5 -- . . . . Q V I 4 2--g-V, . , , - ' f. , . 'J V- . 1 , , . A V - XV-Vi-2' . . . . V " ' , .13-' 1 V - ' '. ' .nx- ,. . . in " Q " 1 3 LTL Q .123 ff, 1 V ' , A ' ff-Qtr ' ' . ' 'Z ' - -. .af 'IB V -. iw-' 1 ,V ' . .vV...fg ' - V 4 ,c--v .dw ' -LQ ' l t 1 is-' I V ' ' 'T' '-95' 'ex' '. . . it 7. , K ' 1 . , V - Bd t' -f 1 1 , - 1 ' ' 4 M' "fin , F H -- - . m,,V,' ?""' f f V - 1 1: f v I. ' 1-.Q 1 V-'HL '1 'wi "lj" ' L Af 4 'L ' 51? ' I ' ." ' Ian fy' 1 .AV- V1 , a lf 4- ,rg if f , . vt . , -- 1 y T., ff I A s 1, J J 'n N T' L V ,,,,, ,K 'i 'if' ' : - ,, 1 , 1, -CMV ' ' ' , ,SV ,, 12' V la ' W". fm., J l k l c ' L-2 , 'P ...W , ,A 5. 3 5t E: ,' . V 4 . 9 , .f"' A51 'l"m:' RS uw" gh! - .:"'1'1' 2 i',1'l.l - - , Q L -1, V 'NL 'A sr il 'rv' Y'f.Awll'Iv' 2- 3: 'V,,3w31"eA - fx-f'-.4 tv--' '-Va-Q',ft' 'f' 557 f' 'exif' V N37 -e ..-it V ' -v W, lr r ,.V -' -. aan. X. L.,f1 rr, .gm - ,:: vi 4- ,f aff' - - A' - .'ud,f'.. ., , 9 -V ' f- ' A '-f 'Sa P' ' ' su.--A ' , V, f -- at ,gVg.,V1g:f-Q3 , ' '- K .V 'fr x.".7'f "-75fV'+1f-S5 an - 4. N. , 1 -. T -iff "--1. .wi N ' ff unch ' fa-.V , ,, - 7 ' -5 -fi'-W'- ff 'ffl' .54 ' rg . A-1'-favf I em ' '-"P Q 4 :- W '51 9- 59" S, 44' if 5191-wi '4 '9'-viiffil'-S1 Na, vw 'mv i'4-GLQE-53 EMM 'Y s of t. CeciIia's Musical minutes ofthe Cecilian Club note many well-received appear- ances up to 1951. Orchestra members, in majorette hats, welcomed in the sports year and Open House, and still play along advancement way. This group and individual musicians presented the student body with a program designed for their patron, November 22. Springtime brought recitals, instrumental and vocal. Glee Club girls, nearly a hundred, have enjoyed a long schedule- from Hlohnny Morgan" of American Education Week to "Praise We the Father" of Commencement afternoon. The "Missa Hrevisv of December 8th's Cathedral Mass, choruses for the Christmas play, and the Ford Bowl Festival highlighted the seasons between. ll Il g "l,'1lrr1ji11,-' l'l'rrfr"' lane llrrsci lscalul. lrllj. Carol .Xrnold. Carolyn SI1ltl4'I'. Marx ltggci A N1.II C nol l null Marx .'xL'llCIll51lL'll, llarbara llorris. Betty Tom. Catlicrlnt' lfox lNl.Il14lll1g. lmclil. Constants lilxnn limt t 1 t on nscnd. Ht-li-ne R:-msburg. Mary McKieVnan.'mour. liarbara liiiglwee. lacquelim- liowlcw, Marion: X t .itrxl A was 'IN 5 1 Uffl1'l'l1f 'I7l'Ilw'l'I1f RIHNAX U1 11,111 Ll! ul IAIII HI I XLUXIIX s Q r KS Chnirnmn G11-tc Num ' Ls 1 Xrlnm um lL rm ulmrlu. SC'CI'L'IilI'X lurmx R mx lc w fuqmf U IL WT 11 'U V5 11 N '47 .4 lfornyllrtx lu .f1'111'rn' rz':'1'ffll1,f1,r un .Vuvv 20--Sm'm'rn Ci.lI'I'k'lNl fluftj, Yulz1ml.1 Purtillra. N1lFIIl.l Irmvs. .X 1' 1 v n r Mxlclmrln. Marjorie Glynn. . X. Lnlv lL'l'lll5 his ilmvcrs. vnclizints his gumts. for scniur production. April IX llirnugh 22 Top - - lfiithvr 1. R. Alicrnc :incl 1ini'r:itm'5 ..... Limb and the Lxiclics Brxtfnni - 7 N4iri'1itm's . . . , . irgiirx' rn-wls on N1iii5llIllllR'l'i5 lim' . . T VV. 1 K .' .gi A Ji 4 X - 1 x .L , 1 -I Nh' ,. ifii?L.47i 'wO0LiCiI1 V, Pm'ci'cllu brings Hrothcr Bird . "M1ignific4it" St. Francis lwlwscs lhmc uliniim-il git the crib DEAR BRUTUS, senior play of Academy with St. Augus- tine's, gives Iames M. Barrie's retort to the world's craving- a second chance. But the twentieth-century characters, granted their "might-have-heen" midsummer's wish in a woodland fantasy, emerge unchangedg the theme hears out Shakespeare: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, hut in ourselves, that we are underlingsf' ST. FRANCIS BRINGS ISETHLEHEM TU URECCIU, Christmas presentation of upperclass dramatists, tells the first re-creation of the Nativity scene, in the thirteenth cen- tury. VVooded hills grew up under the creative hrush of art students, and the glee cluh became San Damiano's choir --all to perfect Greccio's pageant. Stage artists-Larul Lrominelin ileltj. slesigner lane! Ullara. lienrgiana Ornzcn--siniulate the Alps with a little Yult-title snow. . . lllt' Illl lil-ll:lXc-lwellisii tl.u1ters in the "ret Players 'HXVU lltaitn mtl tartli admit lli Av! 11 5 P 7 4 ll' Prngrani cover for December IV fl y Catholic thought has a Way of inspiring and shining through the fine arts. Hence Academy programs occasion many syntheses achieved through a combination of literature, drama, music, the dance, and art itself. Iust such a panorama was housed in the auditorium, dur- ing diocesan Catholic Book Week, on Novem- ber IZ. The Arts o Liturgical symbolism, leathercraft, stenciling, and pastel work, engage art students prepar- ing exhibit pieces. 'Vilma Martinez Cleftj 9 Maureen McMahon, Mary Helen Dunn, Charlene Stephens, Mary Therese McKiernan, Patricia Pratt. Welcome to thc INN UF THE IMMORTALS beyond time and space CATHOLIC BOOK WEEK San Diego Diocese The Caiholic Revolt against a materialistic world. looks to victory under the Cross of Chris- tianity, by allegiance to the Immacu- late Heart of Mary. in this Marian Age. n Displa Kindergartencrs built, from their own blocks, counters and tables for making juvenile and adult books attractive to the Book Week audi- ence. VVhile Marsha Raymond loses herself in the life of St. Ioan, Ioyce and Tommy Peranski show dislike for the art of camera- spying. "1 5 Q A Cor 1ni.mmLQL,,, Amouc LVOL l5elloc's "'l'arantella," sung and accompanied by guitar, ist Tina Otero and danced hy Iirnestine Barton, pro- vides the setting for this inn of litterateurs-a program of interpretive readings directed hy Rev. Iohn Aherne, O.S.A. Seated next to him is Academy's Marjorie Glynn, personifying the Baroness de Hueck. Saints- Academy Verse Choir also form part ol- this inn scene. Alter re-saying the revolt opinions of great Catholic writers against Godfless modern society, Marilyn Hanneken portrays the Fatima Lady. COIHC to heal the hurts of the tronhled world. if man will listen. Sumlgxy Il1UFl1ll142'5 Mass lu-ll sn-ncls I't'Nillt'l1IN hurrying through SI. Mnrgurcfs hulls rn flzlim XYIUIL' wily, SL'I1i1!I'N in flu- tm1-gr'rrL111fl- HLIl'b.ll'.l 'llrurtur Hefty. lglfqllvlirxn' limvlu. H.l!'lHll'1l Rmngxnmki. Mary' l,uwix, Iimlilh and l'1Ill.llYt'Yl1 lflrxuric umm frum Ilia' 5L'unl1cl iluur. THOU DOST GLADDE US BY THE PROTECTIO Head of the Holy Family... father to the Mother and Son who lived in har- mony and love of God . . . custodian in the Nazareth household . . . teach these residents kindness to one another . . . look down from the Holy Family of heaven to Watch over all fami- lies this side of their eternal home. OF BLESSED JOSEPH il... Younger residents, from kindergarten to eighth grade, live upstairs in St. Catherines Hall, pictured at right. Their own dormitories and recreation room resound with laughter and games, until the older ones decide, with Sister, that itls time to see that curls, braids, and shoestrings are ready for the day ahead. Bound for Hemet, Vista, and Laguna, this sophomore trio - Glenda Brubaker fleftj. Helene Remsburg, Annette De Ahna-strides toward the Admin office, to sign out for a week end at their respective homes. Little boarders-Lois Zimmer, Michelle Watson, ' Molly Kay Dorf-play "pretend we're home" X near St. Margaret! front entrance. High school girls set up their weekday housekeeping in the private or double room and dormitories on both floors of St. Margaret's Hall. Living on the brink of the canyon that leads into Mission Valley, early risers may watch the sun colors spread over sky and water. But let not these vigilantes of beauty miss the bell for Chapel! Residents Claim Two Homes M. Mi'-VH' " y 3, JAN 1 KU. x P Jr :Q ww MQW? 'fl-HH-Q 'lm . ll ,Q , if K in QA " Y' 'Q rs mx as AW? Ja, ,J 3, X 5 4wm.,.,,,, un. 'IEE .va we Q -W ' Eiizrprise S- T:lps'eatls Weltome Not all Academy fetes are faculty-sponsored. Senior boarders traded their dignity for Halloween disguises, in early fall. Their luminous place cards and shadow-graph version of S'The Headless Horsemanl' have been etched in the memories of their fellow revelers. Again at Christmas, this foursome achieved the unexpected-a pair of talking reindeer, pulling up with the Claus Coach, as well as Santa and the Missis. Then in late Ianuary, cram-fatigued freshmen relieved the tension of semester exams with an unusual party-distracting pink whales and Simple Simon favors. How ironic! Romantic juniors slipped red hearts under pillows--their way of inviting residents to a Valentine frolic of their own designing. But the ten Irishers, near March 17, supplied the most blar- ney at a Shamrock festival in the cottage. Octoberls first-rate apple hohhers tilxe .1 tip Six lively Simons bend pink dunce caps over the waffle spread. Christine Mellado Qleftj, Frances Zcpp. Marie Antoinette Ruiz, Mary Egger. Carol Crom- nielin, Socorro Reyes. Riley- lirom senior sponsors. Mickey lamb llelt Mary Lewis, Barbara Rornanoski Freddie Between Formal Partie 'fnfv jv1'rl1w1.r Hrlrm' Illuc ulufnnlll- clfmx. lu-lu un guamling tiny 'Wvvlcrmlm-" cgmls, Wlmilc Ilwmlvr blvllfllllf llllil lilitzvn lJfm1l1r1o.rKji tall lwnpwz1IL'll l1L'lA11l'C' llwu' mmll xluvllvrs. Marilyn Imcpll gmrl Anita ilu' mlm-1' story nl' Cllrlstllms. ftlfklll' Snntal llllil .lllnl lfllrl. m flu' lHl'l'4L1I'1'llll1l. I'l'llL'XX NllIlIlIll'l' lluings .ll tlu first Cl.lll5 l7l'LWt'llI Micllrllc XVnlwl1 with ll pwlty pau' jhll'lX ful .xgaz llulliml tlwm. lllk' wiling-lxlgl1 llr Ircv lwinklu .Xl Vmllt, ulllnl' L'l.lillIll.lI grmlcrx ln1.m1lln'l':nlL'. lllU1lQI1ll1l.1Jll ilu' lmppnly lm' .lll xixtx 1'ul1lcl1ts. lllllllll ul'li-11-l.lIllL'I'I1N. Takin Time Cut Ukelele strumming, a new lvoarderly pastime, requires daylight practice helore the other girls are entertained at evening recreation. Sandra Vivell llelitl, Marie Antoinette Ruiz, Myrna Torrehlanca. l,aufe1' lafz Attired for dancing, Mary Ghidotti welcomes Edith Flourie's offer of a hoop for her pink satin formal. Upperclassmen may plan social engagements for evenings on and off campus. Racing to he dressed and packed before their names are called over the house phone, Margaret Caratan flelitj, Anita lzuel, and Marilyn loseph help one another into a weelc-end lirimming with lun. for Pla llcsulcs an lrour Ill llmc pool, lwulmy niglmt temper- atures :lllorcl lTO1lfllCfS Ll lzlslc ol' rozlstcnl wicncrs, tonstccl mnrslmmallmvs. :mul some clmrconl, in Pim- Grove. Uulzlnur L'llL'llN" .Xnncllc llc .Xlu llnrlv.u'.l 'l4rullc'r. Sm'rn'rn 'l4.lIll.l ......,.., .,., - ,-,... .... .-.,.....M...4-Q...-N,-.........., A-X..... 1.-..,....,J,: ........Q.1L.,4u. .W S.. .,....,-- .,,.,. . The world is lvcttcr or xvorfc lx-cglusc uf xvmm'11.'A lfntlu-r l'xI'LlIlCi5 KAIVCIICQ' pointed nut in the annual rn-trc.nt. After licmwlictiml of the clusing day. Smlxllity officers- l'rL-fcct Marilyn Hzlnmkvrl flvfll, Souix-tary Mary l.1-win. Viccfprcfccl LLXAIHH Mn- OIU'-iI'llL'I'SpCI'5L' thrir garden nlrull with qlnutinm. .HZ M GT H E R S HH: M'VH!XTi3C3E Spouse of the Mother of God... first to find the Lord through His Blessed Mother . . . with Iesus, founder of devotion to the Mother of God . . . Wed to the pure Maid of Nazareth . . . through obedience to her, co-redemptrix of mankind, lead all Sodal- ists to her Holy Child, the Anointed One. I fy vi l X i f' HE SHALL SAY TO THEE, DO YE: 'H Jh' S74 Our Lady' Directed hy t'lILlll'Il1LlI1 l'i,flll'hllIlC Har, ton, girls lveloiiging to the lill- ClIiXRlS'l'lC COMMl'l"l'lili re, hearse a radio skit lor 'l.llllYSlllly'.S N.,--1' Sodality meeting. Sealed in front ol' the microphone A- lfsperaiiza Vasf quez llelitl. Mary l.ou llarharger. Kathleen lioland. Lois Galvin, Carol Symonds. Nladeleine Carr thacla rowD,Monica l lohn. Charlotte Lang. Carol .Xrnold, Mary llarton, Marie l.ate11dresse. Helly llayden. fiflllclxllllg canned goods and toys lor tl1e poor, attests real missionary spirit. ln the Sodality rooi11 .XPOS lUl.lC liUNlMl'l"l'l'il". Il1L'I11l5L'fh tally the results ol' their drive. Chairf 1 1a11 Nannelte ,Xl14lt'I'SUI1 tlront row, leltj. l.l'llIll1 xl1lll0I1k'y 1vi11kii1g at tl1e teddy hear. Frances l.1lYI11Olll'. Vilma Martinez. l.i11da Mcilartliy thaclt roxvl. lleverly Uiiionnor, llisi NllI'llI1t'7 Xl'lFV llelen Dunn, lanet CYI Iara. These Inner Circle memhers form tl1e core of Mary's Sodality. From tl1is nucleus radiate prayer, example. and generous service to hind together all Academy girls in their mission to find Iesus through Mary. Linking prayer with practical application, Our Lady's volunteers enlist Blue Army memhers, fill Christmas a11d Easter hoxes. pro- mote devotion to the rosary and tl1e scapular. and en- courage First Saturday attendance. S Blue Arm Recruits Inner Circle "To Iesus through Maury" hecame the motto of the seventeen girls received into Marys Sodality on April 12. As each new sodalist spoke her Act of Consecration, she vowed in her heart to carry Our Lady's ideals always before her. Inner Circle members welcomed the new- comers into the ranks of Marys army of faithful followers. After the reception ceremony, Father Peter Mimnaugh, officiating priest, enrolled the Student Body in the scapular organization. Since the scapular has become a widespread devotion at the Academy, Inner Circle workers make plastic covered scapulars for the forces in Korea. Ilezaeending the ehoir stairs. the MIiN'I'.'Xl, I'R.XYIiR COMMIT" 'I'IfIf--KIliairman Ieannette Peranf slii Ctop. lelitl. Harluara Trottier. Marilyn Hannelaen, Mary Lewis, Marjorie Glynn, Louise Iioller llront, lelitlgpause near the statue ol' the Infant ol' Prague. ohieet of their speeial devotion. Pledges and signatures lor the Iilue .Xriny reward the e a in p a i g n launched hy OUR I..XIJY'S CCJMf MI'I"I'I'iIi. The sale of hand-molded figurines of Mary and St. Ioseph has also Imeen entrusted to these meme hers. Iiay Cain tseated, lelitl, Char, lt-ne Stephens, Monica lNIeClowan. Mary Iilizaheth Ilurley lstandingj, Marie Antoinette Garcia. Sylvia I.uef vano, Ileverly Lepfch. Iiarlvara Ar- nold, Isabel Trevino. ef tfeisffe lfaithlinl to Mary Iininaculate, one hand of Sodalists joins with the Sisters and hoarders to sing the Mass for First Saturday at an early six o'clock hour. 'l'hronghout morning and afternoon, many Acadelny girls return to offer a lloly Hour in honor of Our Lady on the day she has asked he dedicated to her. Within the Academy chapel faculty and stu- dents adore and petition Christ, present in the Holy Eucharist. Sodalists here recite the Little Office on the first Thursday of the month. On First Fridays and special feasts the Student Body assemhles to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass. And, as if to perfect the triduum, the Academy enjoys the privilege of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on First Saturdays - the day set aside hy the Blessed Mother to draw the World close to her Son. Sf! Sodalists W JM g ,.,, ,n..'k J ,nw X ' x 'K an 2 I s I SZ This Da Belongs to Holy Mass offeretl on the North Terrace begins Maryfs Day at the Academy-the occasion when the Sotlality invites stuclents anal their mothers to participate in the Living Rosary anal Coronation of Mary. Afternoon tea antl a religious tlrama close the tlay's program. Um l,.uli s vliain nl Soilalisls link tlitiiiwlxts In lui ln ivixiy- ,, ,. ll ,. .....e. .l, .... ....l, ,A fl. .-, .,-. lwrr cl1m.1x lu Ihr rmnry pm' wwiulm. l'r'm-In-cl N1AlI'llXH Han krn ' Rmgury " 'l , 4" 1 'Y . , ' V . 1 1- n"'g' - A 'nv' L lI'. Rmummrx lfux KU'I1ll'I'J llHQ'I'N1llVI!llkllll'l In Um' l..uIx whlln Mvl.1ml.1 Pmlxllu .xml Mgmlyn Il.lI1I1CkL'l1 som' Immun.: clmllclrvlm---prrrIr.lxc'4l ln l, Im that rl-v g.1rclul1 Nlmm' sI.ll1llx in spnrh-M rc.ul1m-ss im Mgurfx Mau slay. - Plalxingg lvllllnllx lux il I7lYI'lllp.1lll'5l' wvll .mu ' flvttl. Karol lulrrcll. I'llll1Cl'S l,.u'muur IH Ihl 111 Unk prvsvnlntiulm ui lfrlmn Nglglck4lr.m111liflllm1l1mai mln- WIT zlpparitimms. Q., 1 Stutlcnt limly ufficcrs t'X.lIl1ll'1t' thc mil unclcr Ll lucy iaczlmntln while deciding where tu plant their WSI .-Xrhnr Day gift---.1 pink-hloimmctl ll'pUl5pCl'I11llll1. Trauhtinn hc-gina with Vin'-prcxitlt-11t Barbara Rmnannski tlcftl. Sccrrtnry lirncstinc Barton, Prcaich-nt Mnritwie Glynn. ,IvI'CklSllFCl' Malric Mathew, THEY FOU D CTHE CHILDJ SITTI G I THE MIDST Illustrious Scion of David... man of God, of royal lineage . . . fit patriarch of the new Ierusalem . ., . unfaltering in your search, in hand with Mary . y. . who knew to find Christ in the temple, about the Father's business . . . season student activities with the zeal of Christ. Oli THE Q DOCTORS ii ou-I' Im IILIIIIIUI. Scllio mour. I1L'.lllIl M11I1oucx Wnli xi,gI11x wt tor IIHIA. NIA' . I. IIN. I.1mI . . illolilioi. I A S B s monsorcd two dclmtcs. Logical During February tic .... 'I seniors outwittcd juniors to provc thc ncgativc siclc of RL'.fU!l!C'dI ' - " - " r Il iUI1cstIouffirm Hamlet IULIS 111.f1111c. Next, rhr frwlnmn sroru 1 U ' ' ' ' ' f' 1271171 Rc'.f0f1fc'1f: The 61111 c'ffcc't.f of fC'!C'l'l.f1flII 011 the 1111113 off It ft v rfzftzffelvgfz the goo1lc'ffc'rI.c. SIl.lIiL'NINX.lIl .i1Iv1ti.ntu I mm' l'mr.1x1xki KILIIJ. I ulvun II1mill.lI1imxIxl.lI11IfvI.lI1.lIH I I'I'I1LxIII1c'II.ll!iml1. I mn Ilnrls. NUI'IIHIIlIIl'l N I..11 I I ll Il Il ix Iirrtnn lI1nI Ili I..lI1!. I'.I'l'NIlII1Q'I1" -I,imI1 It I,-IIlI'l Ilrxrrlx I tudents Var Activities Az left Flappers, clowns, sailors, and knights pour into the Academy auditorium, this Sep- temher eve. Not a circus, but close to it, the Masquerade Welcome proves the ,51 officers' ingenuity. Poor initiates, the freshmen seated on the stage, await their class' turn at entertainment. Incidentally, their television program, the tragic tale of "Freshman-Ella" and her mean senior- sisters, won the A.S.B. hanner for Gold lixcerpts from Sister Moniczfs own diary ol' the Sisters' trek to Arizona provide the facts for this scene commemorating the Tercentenary cele- hration ol' the Sisters of St. Ioseph of Carontlelet. ltinior actrcss:s and playwrights-Arline Ray- mond tlelitl. Tina Otero, Nannette Anderson, Isabel Trevino, Barbara liughee tin frontl. JK. S. B. BIARKS A FULL CALENDAR Septenilmer Ztlfwelconxe Masquerade Octolier I5a'I'ercentt-nary Celebration Carontlelet history retold in class plays Noir-inlier 3 to IZ--American liducation Week lea lor civic ollzcials Rei. lohn .'Xlierne. OSA.. lecture on adult e.lue.i- tion tlirotigli reading Ianuari 5-Cniicert hy Milo and Vartle Von Voris Ianuary 17-liric YVlielan, lnlin lecture on world travels l"ehi'uary Zo--"Our Town," tlrainatic interpretation hy Miss Mary lmllise Hickey. April tw--l.alvor tlelxate on principles of soeial itistice 'Xpr'l Iv--"l'l1ose Phinnei' Girls." iunior cotnetlv HITS O' BLARNEY float from gossoon to col- leen in the sophomore opcretta for St. Patrick's Day. Kathleen Boland Qlelitj and Glenda Bru- haker sing their way into the favor ol' llelene liemshurg, their own Patrick. .,lA 5 .V 4... ,vi , W o,,,t.,v. .., excl. Ever loyal to their colors, seniors choose "Rhapsody in Blue" as theme for the first formal dance of the year put to the step of Dick Toddls orch- estra. Blue streamers, looped across the ceil- ing, melt into silver music staffs and notes along the Walls. Snowmen guarding the entrance to the junior-sponsored "VVinter Wonderland," admitted couples wishing to be present for the Coronation of Miss U.l..P. of 1951. Decorators cleverly pinioned aloft the galaxy of balloons that crashed down just as the queen and her escort waltzed through the guard of honor tpictured in upper rightj. l 1 ' 1 - -:-r-'M' ',La1,mmx', :wma-.c:A1s..:'ux - 1 MA : .-Mu.:-fu magma!! Social Calendar lunior class officers deck liarlnara Arnold witli Ilie tokens of lier queensliip-flowered Coronet, gold medal, corsage, bouquet, and tlie tlirill ol' winning tlie Miss U.l..P. contest lvy popular vote of the Student llody. Ioan Rinks Cliront, leldtl. escort lack VVillioit, liarliara, lirances l,armour Clwack rowl, Vilma Martif nel. lsaliel Trevino. gs? - Prom memories, liowever, outsparkle all other liigli scliool socials. In tradi- tion, juniors and seniors stop enroute, at tlie Academy, to acquaint their escorts witli tlie faculty. Below, Yolanda Por- tillo leaves tlie Admin reception rooms with a view to showing off tlie campus to Lee Rountree, before tliey continue on to the La Iolla Beach and Tennis Cluli. o Q ' 1 x I if L., ,,, ff Coffee and hot apple pie refresh llr. li. I. Glynn, via his own Mariorie, mistress of ceremonies for the evening. Girls and their favorite dates twirl to a lively Mexican piece. spun in between the waltzes and fox-trots. On l7atherkDaughter Night, lanuary lo, O.l..P.'s lecture hall resounded with rollicking old songs and en- thusiastic support of a halloon-balancing contest. Un April 25 Academy Mothers renewed acquaintance in the Admin parlors, upon invitation of the faculty. Both art and music depart- ments, by way of display and selected songs, entertained the guests before afternoon tea. Senior students model- ed in an informal fashion showing -a new note on the Open House program. ln the library Mrs. Curtis Koller Cleftl greets Mrs. Robert Larmour. Barbara Vines i senior hostess, serves Mrs. Rohert U'Con- HUT. x,n qf"'sxg4'V More than a quarter of a century past, the Academy of Our Lady of Peace located at the present site in University Heights. Trees, flowers, and even huildings, have grown up since the early days in 1925. But it is more than interest in the landscape that brings old graduates and new visitors to the Academy. A continuous pattern of Catholic culture, fitted hy the Sisters of St. Ioseph of Carondelet to each incoming class-that was the over-all influence on civic officials, parents, and interested comers who were guests at American Education Week, and all the welcome-events that followed. Hosts Old and New Friends he' V' Lt. 1 fl . . 'L ' 1 " MAUMNMC SOCIALS ln t ur new lfistcr out its, alumnae time to Lllliil away the Saturday evening of April 7. Dick Todd's Nnveniher IX ,,.. . . W , Dessert card party .. . . . . . , - . , , orchestra filled the auditorium with popular melodies. April 1 Dance, with Silver luhllet- theme I U - U April 2,4 V nI,wC,.r,I,H.mgc Alumnae officers also extended invitations to their May 27 H Almunl Sq-11iip1'Hg111qL1g-I incoming niemhers, the graduating class of l95l. Kindergarten mis souncl their newest rhythm piece, in conipctition with Dickie canary :mil the pzirakeets. Marin Teresa Pincclzl. at the piano, Lois Zimmer Qleftj, Rebecca Mullins, Hurhuru Peterson, Lunelta Gates. lean Fox, Cheryl Lcc Millcn, Mary Hicklin. Ruse Anne Maxwell. COME, YOU CHILDREN, HEARKEN UNTO ME Joseph Most Pure... dear to the Sacred Heart of Him Who is Love . . . gather these children into your keeping, as you did the Christ-Child . . .brighten their days with the joy of innocence . . . let them grow up in the shadow of the Dove . . . bless them with the hand that held the little Iesus. I WILL TEACH YOU . I U I ,J 0 U YL C .l11gc'f.f, ju.-'I for f.'f11lx!r21rl,v-W Lucia lfonccrramla llclwlj, Mary Catlwrim' Iolmson, Lucincla llalc, l,ana XvL'lIL'l'. Claylc Tlucrsclm as Our Lally, Anita lZllL'l as Sl. Ioscph, lionnix' lilamlcr, Daphne Cl a I1 c y, Ywmm' Garcia. Clraclc III. 'I'f'1'fI1Vz1g Iflr' yung of ffu' fhllllf km!-I Ll cl y lfnglislm Hlrunt. ,. V . lcltl, Iam' lxlclmcy, xlllflll Qlcl Pilar Clamlanulo, if a r ul y I1 Hartman: Cirxulp- l. lXlUIllL'.l Nord llwacla, lcltl. Iuclitlm IX'- nccn, Nl1lilL'lL'lIlL' l.m'ranicl1Z Klraalc ll. l01lIlllL'lilL'lI1, Laura Rum, Lynn llutlsg Grade lll. lalft mum! lwfrnlv' rfzf- fvrff Rosy-mary lfux imp, ll-fr J, licr- nicc .Xnn Ripper, lilllllfflllk' I I c r 5 c 3, lllrarlntlc M a r y Sclrrmk, llarlwara lfllis, Maria Morales Qlmllun, ln-IU, Mar' garct flilflllllll. Patricia .Xlx'is, Rosa Ruiz, Marllua lo liimlwall, Valerie Ioan l':IllX'l150l1. 'l'a- mara licsslcr, liilccn lfarrcll. Clramlc ll. Following Diclq and lane-Walicia Ruiz fseated, leftj, Ioan Ellis, Mickey Lamb, Pilar Izuel. Renee Iohnson Cstandingj, Michele Watson. Grade I. li :nut o tntzfle Three fell flieiz' ofwizziomvc One of my favorite suhiects is religion. Religion tells about Gotl. Prayers make me stronger in my faith. When I pray well. Gotl answers my prayers. 4 Ymzme Garcm Spelling is my favorite stutly. livery Friday we have a spelling match antl test. It is fun to learn to spell. llo you like spelling? .lltzry Caflzemzr lohnfon I like arithmeticbecause it is the hartlest thing to tlo. Division is always fun, mostly when I know the answers ancl tell them to the other girls. Doing the hartlest things is what I like. l.t111r1z Rui: My favorite suhieet is linglish. When English time comes. I'm happy because I enioy cloing it. It teaches me to write well. so that when I'm in high school I can write things for the school paper. VVhat tlo you like about English? Lucia Fonccrrtlzlu Beginners Follow Aeadem Wa Ginnie One .rays of .felzoolz In school we are learning to tlo "take away" antl 'lplusn in our arithmetic books. VVe count antl color. - .lllclzelf Wcztfozz The stories about Dick. lane. Sally. antl Susan are my favorites. In one story the kitten knocketl over the sewing kit. E .llzrlqey Lamb We always begin work with at prayer. We learn how Gotl matle us antl loves us. antl about the Illessecl Mother. too. Carolyn .HlII'fl?l!llI Printing comes before writing. If we learn to print stories and our names now, then we will learn to write. I I I't1lr'1cztz Ryan Girly of GIYZIIP Two pu! their i1I'ra.v info print: I like arithmetic. Sometimes it is harcl. Some- times it is easy. I like coloring halves of things in the book best. Tzmzrlra Kessler When we say our prayers, we are praying to Gotl and Our Blessed Mother. God can see us when we say the Our Father. Blessed Mother can see us when We say the Haily Mary. i Kathleen Hcrxey We reatl antl write at school. What I like to tlo is reatl. If I knew how to write well. I would like to tlo it. When I am bigger I will write wortls very well. Rosemfzry Fox We have two birds, One of our birds is blue and one is green. They look pretty. They have two bells and sometimes they ring them. Illargaref C 4111111111 si 25535 EI W, g Y . , iv ! I K .W ,gvgg L.: li 2 -'SW' 2 5 5,3 ' - 5 3 I , k K sir' ' I, I f 1 5 X , ff M f 4' W 3,9 vs ...,, W N :MWF f SQ 5 ,n 3. - 1 ?'34SX1F? 1' M va :gm i r 5 X N" 4 E ' 5 BP 1 x y . 5, b W .. . ., .,.,,... , ........ . N, 'ff ' W ,, ...M 3 Sf' -mn, A gi -if I ZA-, World 'l'ul'4'l'.fl1111 f1ffl'1'c'11f f .lnzzfrzuy "lJn1lgc'11f" play rm Ifzf' fflzwzff-Nlalry .Xlicc Sturcr Qtrfml. lcttj. Rzlvmoml, Donna Mac Schmitz, Nancy Pc-ck. Clcrlrumlu firm-r Qlmck r mx. lcilj. Paltriciu Hrown. Sonya Salwnlyu. IQAIIIIICCII Nuff, Xlyrun lmmmkc. Carol Ricluw. Mary Ifllcn VV:1rncr. Clrqulc IV. nl' fflz' SKIITIYX ffl'cll'f-ScCrL'tzlry K41thcrim- Cflizlra Qlcftj, I'll1ll1l'OllCII1L'l1I clmirmam xlllfy Cglratzln, Pulvlicily mzmngcr Limln Snow, Cu Prcsidclmts x1ilfy.Xl"l1Ulll and Nillgllllltllll Moreno. Irm- surcr .Mm Klclrctc XXI: x. .lll' XVU 'l'.XRtilS!.XNS rln' wffmlx. lun ll'IL'1l In llnlkm' Illlx XK'.II IIN' luwl 111 N, l will' Ill fm' mln fulhrl' rvlrllllul NX mlllyl nur Il1l'k'llll"x .luunllllg lu inn' IIIIIWIIIIIX Im XM- Ilvlvl nn lun :Tlx nth-u'mvul1 lu pl.m lllt Hlikflll im' IIN' inllmvlllg 'I'I1uml.1x im .ull Wa mum fmlmh-n l':'l1l1nx nt I'I.IXLI lxl'l1Ixk' lllll Imlluruxlu M-run. XM :kung un lxlnlumm-lm'nIs .mul XIQIII .XmInl'a'lx. .XII.I Xlmllrln. vllnnlxllxu EEN Q: 922, wd,-gix tv wg-,f may Lear VIN ICS ifl.L'lS ning llxt' tnxxn: citizt-xxx ul' thx' mutt-ntlx zxml eighth grgxxlc Vxixxx Llxxlw. xxntlvx' thx' clxrxctxrxxx txt thuxx' xxltxtvxw. h.xxc xxx.,.xxxx7t'.l xx tluxxxx-xxxx hri-xgxtlt-. wh ith lxrlxxs txx kt-tp the 1 ' : . ' 'xlt-r. 'l'lxx- clgxw. xxxexxxhcxx xil txxxxxxxxx xtlxxxxl xxxtl xxx xxx lxfxth gxzxxlxw. ltpxxl thx' gx'.xxxxxxx.xx' xtlxxx-xl in thvxr rxx'xx t'.xxnxx.xxgxx. 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Pzltricizx Raye xxxtxntl lthird steph, l.ilizx Flores, Gcrzxlclixxc U'Mahoxxcy. Marie Lovraxxiclx Crop stcpj, Secretary Kathryn Fox. Treasurer Margery .Xxxxx Welle, Perfect Unions Dowcl. olds Leaders Y.XRliT'l'liS "Whtx are those girla pl.xxxxxgF" w.xr- ' ' xx wrt 1.xxxx1lx.1x wxxtvnct' tlxix yc'.xx'. lrxx' tht' Y.xx'x'tIt'x xxxxxrnxng. nn'-n. gxxxrl xxttcx' xclxxxxxl. Yu, thi, ttuxxxx lx.xil .xll tht- "whiz gxxtxl gn" gxxxy flgxss cnxxltl wixh fur lntleecl thu was xx grunt It-xxxn. nut hccxxusc nf its nut- stzxnclixxg xxl.xyex's. hut lwczxxist- nf ite grunt spirit. 'I'lxt- lhuwi.xstic claw cxxxxxxxmt-tl xx song. gxnxl piektxxl xi tcsltlt hc-xxx' fur ixxqxsuxt. l'l.xyt'xAs wxxrt' skirts ul' light pink pitxlxc xxxxcl Whitt- mttxxxx hlfxxxet-s with slxnrt alet-vtw xxxxcl l,l'lL'l l':xxx uxxll.xx's. Nix wxzxxxlrx' thx- xt-xx-ntlx xxxxxl t-iglxllx txixxxxxxxlxcxlf t,.xpt.xxxx llx xxx fx.xx'x'x:x XYLTC lxFAlk'llL'll1Q L'I1- KT lan. Ilclw. l'elw. .Xpr May Max' IYICS CI.L'll l'fXCL'RSlUNS lr' S. ll. fuax A l.lLLUh lm. Sqn ingx Hank 2f-- I-urs! N.lIlI:I1.ll lruxr .mil Saiingx Hank ul San Din n ill- -rXrclen lfarim ffm - :LllNlNlI'LlI1lI Miwinn 22 S. ll, Museum anrl Zoo Y.XRla'I"I'If.S W ll ll",Sli h.XMl'.S ligne Opponent Yoh Il St. Iolinl llei. 5 St, l5rii1iil's lien, 0 SI. lliilarus l7L's'. IZ SI. l'.lII'ii'li's l Pei, I fl Saercil l leart Zf' S. IJ, National Trim and ,II trip: Cl1e11'Iz'1' mc'n1z'1crx of lfzv Cll'lvt'.V Cvfll!1fAl,1lIl'lCl2l Miller lseateil, left D. lilinor Nlanilolli, Francesca liseutia. Marsha Keller, Katherine Irvine, Corresponding Secretary Betty Tom. Recording Secretary Paula Simpson, lileanor Skipper lstanding. leftj, .Xinlrey XVorn1utl1. President Floradsl Green. .ll bottom: Varc'Ite.v, the jzmfor Lfolfcy rhimipv-Clieer leaders Dorothea lilizxaril anil Beverly Snow lfront, left anal riglitj. Teain-l",sler Murillo lsceoncl girl, lelitj, Yolanala Contreras, Iulirtte Cummins, Captain llvya Garcia, lane Hersey, Cynthia Lorang, l",velia Garcia, Constance Glynn. J l .ee, ra...--, 4391905 X llla Mrvmvmnr N NXVIIIHHIITALQ p+mI,1l41ppl1-TI with 54-plcrlmlwrs Nl1lTLll2L1l. rcflvcts lv..fX.A. ufflcvm whu officially npcn Thr 11qu.1tic M-nwzm. XLTIL'-jH'l'3LiLK'ITl Bnrlmrn fffdhillll flcflj, 'l'l'K'2l5lll'l'I' .Xrlinv Rzlvnmml. Prcsixlsnt H2lI'L1Lll'Jl Arnulcl. Sucrvtnry LTQIITYL Rnmzakcr. THE JUST SHALL GRGW UP LIKE THE CEDAR Watchful Defender of Christ... always mindful of your sacred trust . . . guardian of the Savior . . . whose strong arms carried the Son of God . . . who paralleled earthly contests with the race to Life . . . train athletes in justice and charity . . . marshall generous youth in defense of Truth, unto victory. OF LIBANUS. ALLELUIA lior the liirst time in their high school career, Blue Ties won the volleyball intra- mural title. Their final game, replacing th: formal G.1X.A. meeting of November ll, pushed the iuniors into second place and secured the dozen sterling volleylvalls lor as many seniors. Xh'lUl'lUll5Llll1l1'Ic's. proud .ind pleased with their Il'tbjWl1it'N"lt'.lINICIIK' Veranski tfrnnt. lelitl, MarEezi'ie Glynn. Ii.irhara Armmld lst-cond rmvj. Mitzi lltirtleii. lieverly Lepscli. Iacqueline Bowles. Scetui'i'iw ciLll'I'L'lllI ttliird rmvj. lflizalveth Mela, .Xr'ene Maclia lu. lla:lv.tra Ruiiiaiiiislii tmp rowj. tT.ijvt.nn Marilxn llginneken. liarlvara Graham. Varsit Shadows deepen over the home court as O.l..P. volleys out the third game with Ro- sary High. Initiated by a lively band per- formance, this tilt ended with the Academy leading. Places in Volleyball League l.l.,Xt.Llli X'Ol,l,l".Y C Participating for the second year in the Catholic Q i.XMl Url. 26 X ulemx ill. R1-gina tml: Girls' League, Academy conceded last year's top position in the volleyball tournament to Cathedral. Academy's varsity enjoyed the sportsmanship and competition that teamed up with taking second place V xox. lx in the local league. Systematic practice at serving lines up the volleyball varsity. Captain Iacquelim liowles demonstrates a technique that combines high speed to make the ball barely visible, and a sportive countenance to intimidate opponents. VVaiting teammates-liarbara Vidal, Lucille Ruiz. Crete Nansen, Elizabeth Meza, Marilyn Hanneken. Barbara Arnold, Marjorie Glynn. liaf' lo-1 Nov. l-l l illietlral ill. .-Xeamlt v lw - ln, 21-Io. 'llll -fleaalezm ill. Rosary' lv-5' ln-IS' li o al Spectators Cheer Assembled Montemarians voice their support of the Red and Blue Varsity on all league courts, as well as at the home front. Bestreamered cars, seated to capacity, hrandish Academy pennants and harmonized school spirit all the Way to off-campus games. While feathery pom- poms direct Academy's official song, cadet-capped hand members play enthusiasm into a high pitch. .Xruhing lor "Little Red Rooster" routine. xarsity tht-er leaders--joan Rinks llt-fly. lfrances Larniour. Lois Arnold-carry along their rooting section. Sophomores and Red Ties engage in this in- tramural contest for casaba supremacy, April 3. Irish sophomores won this match, hut ranked second, after losing to Oscars seniors. Catholic Girls' liasketlwall l,L'll4LIllC Mar. I Cathedral 2-l 2-l Ffh. Zl Regina Cocli 24 56 Q -l7 27 Jxilltlblllj' Varsity scores in the upper hrackvts of I Mar. I5 i Rosary '.. IJ,-Yl'E OPPONENT O.l..P. I for Spring Hoop Season Circled in blues-just For practice--the basketball var- sity plays shoulder to shoulder toward the winners goal. Counter-clockwise from the upper right-Han bara Arnold, Arline Raymond, Captain Marilyn Han- neken, Marjorie Glynn, Lois Rountree, Iacqueline Bowles, Pura Marquez, Crete Nansen, Lucille Ruiz, Charlotte Lang, lanet U'l-lara. Shadows lengthen on the spacious court at Regina Coeli High as O.L.P.'s varsity claims the liirst league victory in basketball. Below, forward Lucille Ruiz who wears numeral "two," attracts opposing guards to the Acad- emy goal, but only in time to see the ball whisk down through the net. However, jac- queline Bowles still holds the title to high- point scorer for the season. Q 'if s lwu light-Iootcd Qirlx' Rolvin llood cttw. tl.l1111 Ill, l'u1a'rl11t' cl.1w colorx. .IIT tln- KXLIVLW L'I'1l'll . 1 l lwx .xl'llI1t' R.lNI1lUHLl. I'1'-rxputuw mtrrx 5po1'Is111t-11. l.1r111q tlitf Clllllflil Nl.ll'Q.lI'l'l lluqlly llrltl, li.lIlY.ll'.l xvlillll. Collrllc' l'.11li1'1'wxlgi. llvlvu Slum A Field Day of tournaments and exhibitions rnzidc May I5 tlic formal closing of the sports ycur. Modcling lmtliing suits and cquipugc, from sonic dzitclcss past up to prcscnt, sct spcctators ready lor play-offs in cvcry athletic division. Aftcr ll bouiitcous lunch, pickcd up at the numcrous booths, non-swimmers settled pool-sidc, to wutcli tlic aquatic mcct and acquire 11 sliude of sunburn. Bzxrlmrzl Arnold, presiding officcr, lauded ll1LllVlLlLl1llSllIlllCl1lSSCS for their succcsscs during the day. LUXINIISSIOXICRS UFSI,UR,I.S 'r1co1'111i:s ' 11,1 lxmlrvrox BXNKI-IHXII li.ll'll.lI'Ll .-Xrnold ll.I!'lHlI'.l fiI.lll.lIll Xrlmt xmo 4 WSH, WSI GAA Program Points Up Sportsmanship yu. Under wintery lirzimework ol' the l.1lgLlI1llS. pine trees, hikers high in CP.A.A. points mlzih- hle in snow architecture, with mzlteriuls that woift stay. lint construction proceenls. on Izmuziry 27, to the tune of Pura Marquez' ulielele. Snow girls-Carol Farrell lleltj, Beverly O'Connor, Pura, Limlu Mcllzlrlhy. xryxicn ' TENNIS ' vri1.Li-xBx1.L ' ifixc Po x xi Mltli liurclnn l.iequr-lim limvlex llllflilfl Ilmiix C unl Xinulnl linal Ollui 5 ZF.-Q 'kia L? pf.. 4' in .. a I x :im zs:5g::f:m5s.?- wk xx fa Q.:-4.. -nm! WY, Ng Y A... wif if Q 'fn S xg' CM l 0 F, QQ ' 135' il' LX A r SYMBOLIC COVER DESIGN Mary fmonogrumj encompassed in a calyx of peace folive hranchesj matures in sanctity through the grace of God Qripened wheat surmpunting Alpha-Omcgaj. By the overshadowing of her Spiritual Spouse Qdovej, the Prince of Peace, Christ CChi-Rhoj, comes among men - ordaining Mary truly Our Lady of Peace. 3533732 Za? 239 :iff 'i AWWA wg 4 x , f 71 if U l 'rx Qri fr zz' 1 L I I I VILLA MONTEMAR 1951 ' notes Paul Oxley of MAXWELL for live photography f ,4 9 Robert Mehl and Vincent Newcomer of METRoPoLITAN for careful engraving and valued counsel Richard W. Plummer of WATSON-IUNES far m for overseeing the press work that produced a finished book Lk 1,.,' 1 ' 1 1. K N , l A 3 ii iii U. Ir-M pw, .x-V ..

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