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mamg ,, HY 7 cg u I 1 1 1 Y 1 T , , , V. r 3 1 -. 2 r w w f 3 1 . 1 1 1 -i , 1 .i 1 Q W W f 1 V 1- fs 1. ligiggfge' , vg , ug 4 X: ,Q W. 52' 1 ' Nj 'A 'Nm 23+ , ." 4, ,,.. V -gi: 51255 Ziff 'i??Qf 535 --aw- -fx, '53 V? :EV . - f"i?51f'iA - f'v5??'sI ',,a'f5"" -Kr?-ei, ,. ,,,, an raise ff3S'I"R' .'e9"l 7ifffQ,'1 QS' ff VILLA MONTEMAR ACAD-EMY 'OF -OUR LADY OF PEACE 4860 Oregon Street San Diego 4, California We present VILLA MONTEMAR ot l948 as the outcome of the generous encouragement and service of the faculty and students. May this yearbook recall to our classmates and triends, the life and ideals ot our Academy. Above, left to right Associate Editor . . . Susan Greenlee Editor . . . Dolores Manning Business Manager . . . .loan Harris Art Editor . . . Norma Nieto yzmw, J gmac? XJFHJQIZZQ WIZZZBHZQI4 7948 In honor of the Holy Ghost, patron of the Class of I948, we dedicate this fourth annual of VILLA MONTEMAR in the treasured hope that His light may vivify us throughout the years. It has been our aim to submit our intellects and wills to His guidance, that through the practice of this confidence, we may finally merit the full- ness of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. X 'Z'-N231 ' I5-f N 137' RNS 1' ff mf f 1 A .EX Come, Ullofy .szirib flee Learld jaifkfug ana! LIILJL in fLem lfke Are of Awe. PEN-I-ECQST: ALLELUIA There is a universal truth that the human soul, created to be with God, possesses a natural longing for God-lilre beauty. A world pervaded by error defaults: whereas the prudent soul sounds the measure of beauty in a fellowship with those sainted ones who have found suc- cess, who are indeed reflective of Godly perfection. Association with beings learned in earthly inflections as well as resplendent before the Divine Throne, imparts a peace and happiness accruing from deep spiritual under- standing and the assurance of unfailing protection. Hence it is with a certain amount of confidence that we present student life at Villa Montemar under the patron- age of those to whom our Academy halls are dedicated. The organization of the year bool: marlzs a lreener realiza- tion of our Baptismal birthright-''fellow-citizens with the Saints." x ST. CATHERINE OF SIENNA-VALIANT WOMAN ST. THOMAS AQUINAS-LEARNED SCHOLAR ST. CECILIA-PATRONESS OF THE ARTS OUR LADY OF PEACE-HEAVENLY MEDIATRIX ST. MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE-CHRIST'S DEVOTEE ST. JOSEPH-MODEL OF PRAYER AND ACTION BEHOLD A GREAT PRIEST WHO IN HIS DAYS PLEASED GOD. -ECCLESIASTICUS Biarritz nf Sem Pings 1528 Qfnurth Qxhmun Sm Bugs L Galifmmia To Our Lady of Peace Graduates of I948: Congratulations! The academic honors conferred on you mark your .arrival at the second milestone on the road to Wisdo'm's Shrine. With you, we thank the Divine Benefactor and salute Our Lady of Peace who has guided you safely through her lovely portals. Your course of studies and its related activities, the important truths you made your very own, now enable you to work out your own destiny- intrinsically beautiful and perfect because it is Gods design-with assur- ance, poise and dignity. As the years swiftly advance and glide on into the past, you will come to appreciate more and more the gifts of Faith, the family fireside, the mother's tender love, the father's firm and watchful guidance, the school where you learned to read and write, the educators consecrated to your well-being, the little church where you first saw the crib of the Infant Saviour. Because these are the golden treasures of life, they form the most cherished memories. If y-ou are determined to make use of your education and let your light shine, yo-u cannot sit idly by, supinely hoping that somehow, somewhere the tyranny and terrorism of communistic .atheism may terminate. Clearly you have a duty to perform--to be a vital part of good Government, to take a vigorous stand against those degrading, false doctrines that have already boldly invaded our country, our schools .and so many homes. To the brutal policy of Soviet domination, now unmasked, nothing is sacred, neither God nor I-Iis altars, neither I-Iis Priests nor the heroic Sisters, nor home, nor father, nor mother, nor children-not even human life and its sweet consolations, its solemn duties, its holiest pinciples. Take a definite stand! Unite to protect our beloved country, your own freedom and that of generatio-ns yet unborn. Devotedly, Bishop of San Diego THE MOST REVEREND CHARLES F. BUDDY, D. D COMPANICNS IN CHR Enclosed in the secret of the Eucharist, Academy students lcneel in acknowledgement of the Real Presence of Christ. Here in the chapel their personal love actuates an alliance with the Son of the Living God that binds them to one another under the Headship of Jesus Christ. W WML fa La Vonne Montgomery stops Mar- garet Dowd and Rosemary Wase- loh at the chapel doorway to ask, "Did you notice what color vest- ments the Infant is wearing to- day?" The Seniors of '48 have a special devotion to the Infant of Prague. V Shan-.MM , is .r 'fm X' ap ww-ffiA ,- A-www ,H ?f25?'l2E"5,?'f!i4' Wifi! 1' -xnxx :ana W. , ' ah , 5 in gg Q X 1 -Nh- MW 5 gm, F -zfwwg gg QW 'ef' f' ff?fimS2i ass f g m 11 Emgsjgtzggggrf A am W 'm.f"' 4 , . , Q ?Q?ggEE' 53 ,i Mmm, .,,. , ,N , , M. M,.,,..-Wm I I E 5 2 s i E E E s I S X F It's morning! the sun a glazed ball through the mist, and the valley veiled in fog. The boarders, tor the sake ot nature's beauty, health, and perhaps even G.A.A. points, revel in a brisk morning tramp along the rim of the mile walk before the day's study. AT EASE Late afternoon shadows cast a forewarning of dinner, as Veronica Mahlmeister and Esther Barboa climb St. Catherine's steps in cheerful answer to the 5:30 summons. Mid-afternoon at the point, far above the clatter and confusion of a busy city, the Lelevier sisters, Minerva and Armida, spend a restful hour. Sally Lovelace aids a fellow boarder, Alice Dessert, with the objective a becoming new hair-style 'for the next evening's social. ,gilt T if S Ek gt EE ,.,...,r- .M i Marisu Mathew, a Sophomore, closes the door on another day's activities: and Seniors, Rita Brown, Marilyn Kelly, and Jackie Harbarger descend the school steps, homework bound. GOING AND COMING Sunday evening 'Finds the boarders returned at the end of a tleeting holiday at home. Altha Jane Mitchell, Mary Wanek, and Patricia Cullity wait at the gate, complete with baggage and wonderful stories ot the week-end fun. Bw Yi 31 as kmvw gif? ,, Wai' ,Q fm -W ,a L 'Qi VSA CCF 1 v M 3 if 'Y ,QM iq? Q 5' , it sz A wfwgfti "" ,.gTfg.'2--56: 1' 5 ' Si , YM IHZEZI 4 'kg Kg, Y 'fl gf 5 if is ' img- :Eff M wi! ' I 21 22- swf, : f My Q ,, g: F": 5 .. A , ,AA ' K "" ' ' ' ' 2: k - U .,..A e Tg I , Q Q ' M? ,,,. V - v', ff,vj V . A "" v 3 ' dai M, - QL 11 :A V , ,af r , V ,::f'L':jf.4'-:EE V: 132-'fa-'.i:,':E J-QEQE V f A 3 R ,Q J. ff A, g M 1 ' 1 " Always blue-companions in Our Lady's color, we traverse the Villa. The Seniors acclaim us rare and dazzling personalities: and due to their appreciation, we remain blue yet happy-the ring and pin of '48. When l was tirst adopted by the Seniors, the faculty heaped ironical comments on my horns. But lite has rewarded me with the love of thirty-four wonderful girls. Now everyone lmows me as Ferdinand the Bull. 1 x ,Milla My cornegnefm anclfhg Leaufg, Jef ouf, IQPOCQQKJ lorofiloerouii g anal reign. ST. CATHERINE: GRADUAL W 'T I n. 1 , 'IH .l.' lralrallmllalljllnlw W ' ' 5 eniord PATRICIA BELL undemonstrative . . . deceptiveIy demure . . . pianistic diversities 'From Bach to "Boogie." DISCIPLINARIAN, 3 GLEE CLUB, I, 2, 3 PROM COMMITTEE, 3 DRAMATICS, I, 3, 4 CLASS VOLLEYBALL, 3, 4 CLASS BASKETBALL, 2, 3 RITA BROWN charming . . . sociable . . . with a fondness for letter writing, people, and animated conversation. GLEE CLUB, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 4 DRAMATICS, 4 MARY ANN CAWTHON - casuaI . . . Ioquacious . . . confuses Physics with "Cawthon's Last Stand." GLEE CLUB, I DRAMATICS, I, 4 ART, I MARTHA CUSTADO R courteous . . . unassuming . . . dexter- ous wrelder of the tennis racquet. CLASS SECRETARY, 2 CLASS TREASURER, I GLEE CLUB, I, 2 VOLLEYBALL CAPTAIN, I, TEAM, I, 2, 3, 4 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL, 4 CLASS BASKETBALL CAPTAIN, I, TEAM, I, 2 ICORRINE DITOMASO acquiescent . . . timorous . . . spon- taneous blushes and suppressed laughter. GLEE CLUB, I DRAMATICS, I, 4 PROM COMMITTEE, 3 MARGARET DOWD gentle . . . questioning, . . . a calming influence on troubled waters. SODALITY VICE-PREFECT, 4 SODALITY SECRETARY, 3 GLEE CLUB, 2 DRAMATICS, 4 PROM COMMITTEE, 3 5 aaa of '4 II eniorfs DOLORES DURAN excitable . . . unceremonious . . . a flair for jewelry and outsize hats. SODALITY PUBLICITY COMMITTEE, 3, 4 DRAMATICS, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 4 SUSAN GREENLE-E venturesome . . . beguiling . . . pro- motor of an infallible communications system. EXTENSION REPRESENTATIVE, 4 DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 DEBATE, 3 CHAIRMAN, PROM COMMITTEE, 3 PRESIDENT. '48-49 CLUB, 4 JEAN GRIFFITH frank . . . practical . . . dependable collector ancl guardian of stage props. GLEE CLUB, I DRAMATICS, I, 3, 4 PROM COMMITTEE, 3 CLASS VOLLEYBALL, 4 JACQUELINE HARBARGER nonchalant . . . imaginative . . . weak- nesses run to poetry, horses, ancl cabins in Descanso. 'CLASS SECRETARY, 4 GLEE CLUB, I, 2, 3, 4 DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 2, 3, 4 EUCHARISTIC COMMITTEE,3,4 JOAN HARRIS positive . . . argumentative . . . pur- suer of "short cuts to learning" with carefree abandon. G-LEE CLUB, I, 2, 3, 4 DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 VOLLEYBALL CAPTAIN, 4, TEAM, 2, 3, 4 CLASS BASKETBALL, 2, 3, 4 PUBLICITY COMMITTEE, 4 MARILYN KELLY superciliously aloof . . . historically interested in Brian Boru. GLEE CLUB, I, 2, 3, 4 CLASS CHEER LEADER, 4 PROM COMMITTEE, 3 Cfcm of ,48 L eniom SALLY LOVELACE reticent . . . accommodating . . . dis- arms the faculty with I1er perpetual bewilderment. CLASS TREASURER, 2 CHAIRMAN, OUR LADY'S COMMITTEE, 4 GLEE CLUB, I, 2 DRAMATICS, 3, 4 CLASS VOLLEYBALL, I, 2 VERONICA MAHLMEISTER bustling . . . humorous . . . disturbs the Ioiterers with her I1abituaI promptness. HONOR ROLL, 2, 3 EUCHARISTIC COMMITTEE, 2, 3, 4 CLASS VOLLEYBALL, 2, 3, 4 DOLORES MANNING inteIIectuaI . . . persevering . . . com- mutes a roIIing, Iibrary in a car of un- certain vintage. 'CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT, 4 CLASS SECRETARY, 3 HONOR ROLL, I, 2, 3, 4 GLEE CLUB, I DRAMATICS, 4 DEBATE, 3 BETTY LOU MATHEW candid . . . friendly . . . ardent de- 'Fender of the Senatorial privilege of unlimited filibuster. A.S.B. SECRETARY, 4 ' CLASS PRESIDENT, 3 H RO L ONOR L, I,2, 3,4 GLEE CLUB. I DRAMATICS, 3, 4 DEBATE, 4 MARY ANITA McGOWAN diminutive . . . scholarly . . . unob- trusively dreams l1er way to the Honor Roll. HONOR ROLL, 4 GLEE CLUB, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 4 ESSAY HONORS, 4 DORIS MONTGOMERY elusive . . . ironic . . . anticipates graduation and life on a ranch. DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 ART, I, 2, 3, 4 LOST AND FOUND EXECUTIVE, 4 OUR LADY'S COMMITTEE, I, 2, 3, 4 CLASS VOLLEYBALL, 2, 3, 4 Cfaaa of '48 eniom LA VONNE MONTGOMERY quiet . . . unemotional . . . a per- sonal interest in photography. CLASS PRESIDENT, 4 CLASS SECRETARY, 3 EUCHARISTIC 'COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, 4 GLEE CLUB, I, 2, 3, 4 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL, 3. 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL, 3, 4 PATRICIA MORRISON resolute . . . observant . . . discourses sedately on psychology and drama. CLASS PRESIDENT, 2 HONOR ROLL, I GLEE CLUB, I, 2 DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 2, 3, 4 DEBATE, 4 NORMA NIETO alert . . . ,versatile . . . impromptu impersonator and creative designer. DRAMATICS. 4 VERSE CHOIR, 4 ART EDITOR, 4 PHYLLIS RAMSOUR sociable . . . adventurous . . . com- piler of a unique and mystitying vocabulary. GLEE CLUB, I DRAMATICS, I 'CLASS CHEER LEADER, 4 OUR LADY'S COMMITTEE, 3, 4 BERNADETTE REED poised. . . . serene . . . asserts her leadership with tranquility and charm- ing socialaility. SODALITY PREFECT, 4 SODALITY VICE-PREFECT, 3 A.S.B. TREASURER, 3 HONOR ROLL, 4 GLEE CLUB, 4 DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 ANNA ROSADO retrospective . . . artistic . . . staunch defender of the fundamental unit of society. HONOR ROLL, I APOSTOLIC COMMITTEE, I, 2 GLEE CLUB,. I, 2 DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 ART, 3 VERSE CHOIR, 2, 3, 4 aaa I of W8 I Q52 I EVA.. jg-Vg u l -:"' I ., eniora SUE RUDDELL eager . . . active . . . enlivens the lunch hour with humor and philos- ophy. GLEE CLUB, I, 2, 3, 4 DRAMATICS, I, 2, 3, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 2, 3 4 PEGGY ST. SURE generous . . . vivacious . . . accepts the inevitable with a martyred air. G-LEE CLUB, 2 DRAMATICS, I, 3 OUR LADY'S COMMITTEE, 3, 4 GERALDINE SMITH well-groomed . . . reserved . . . ap- proaches her social and academic pursuits with balanced poise. CLASS TREASURER, 3, 4 CLASS VOLLEYBALL, 4 OUR LADY'S COMMITTEE, 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA WALKER purposeful . . . modest . . . anticipates assignments with astonishing regu- Iarity. GLEE CLUB, I, 2, 4 DRAMATICS, I, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 4 VELMA WELCH pert . . . inflexible . . . prods the inert into athletic activity. G.A.A. PRESIDENT, 4 CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT, 3 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL, I, 2, 3, 4 CLASS VOLLEYBALL, I, 2, 3, 4 CLASS BASKETBALL, I, 2, 3, 4 EUCHARISTIC COMMITTEE, 2, 3, 4 ROSEMARY WESELOH ardent . . . intent . . . orates with the solemnity ot a bewigged judge. SODALITY VICE-PRESIDENT, 4 SODALITY TREASURER, 2 EUCHARISTIC COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, 3 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL, 4 GLEE CLUB, I, 2, 3, 4 VERSE CHOIR, 3, 4 ' L Ii aaa o '48 eniorfi BEVERLY ZIMMERMAN tacttul . . . considerate . . . conceals her studiousness with a cloud of dittidence. GLEE CLUB, 4 DRAMATICS. 4 VERSE CHOIR, 4 CECILIA ZURITA confident . . . unconcerned . . . a carefree acceptance of the unavoid- able. DRAMATICS. I, 2, 3, 4 PROM COMMITTEE, 3 GLEE CLUB, I, 3 U!" I IX Q EFA 6 argl, fm Q1 1 1 SCHOOL OPENS INITIATION BOOK WEEK SWEATER GIRLS 59 XI 7 E '55 A 41: 1 I are ll f 2 Sw X ' I I LL I ff LL UL f. all M NQEL 7 MESTER EXAMS ,SENIOR PLAY 7 I A I RETREAT' i fa 0 V X 525 , E5 15 , N l"'I I Q RECITALS FIELD DAY PROM GRADUATION Pat Arnold, A.S.B. President, circles the date chosen for Father- Daughter Night. The other pleased Student Body officers are lleftl Secretary Betty Lou Mathew, Treasurer Joan Wilhoit, and Vice-President Pat McCormick. Y me m0ufA of fAe iurif Ahafflnechfalle wiulorn unc! A 5 fongue 5Aaf!5,oeaL ST. THOMAS: GRADUAL ...vfvi 1,5 ff-,V ,W-. ff-f 1 . --.........,. ..-....,,.-,,.,,,. X ,,. ,,,., ,af -rv 'N A m The Senior sweater emblem, chosen to insure the very special guidance of Q the class patron, is the subject of spirited acclamation in a discussion among the class officers-lleftl Vice-President Dolores Manning, President La Vonne Montgomery, Treasurer Gerry Smith, and Secretary Jaclcie FOUR YEARS Recalling our years of high school, we are more than ever impressed with the worth of our training at the Villa. Education of the whole man, soul, mind, and body, has been our wonderful privilege: and likewise, has fitted us for that leadership s-o needed in today's world-the leadership of a valiant woman of Christian principle. Harbarger. In all the last minute pre-graduation rush, there is one thought which remains predominant: not so much the regret for that which we are losing, but the confidence that we will gain by the fulfillment of the trust which has been placed in us. ber, the Junior class, weighted with books, marched again through the gates ot the Academy. One of the new- comers, R o s e m a ri e Hoyt. quickly won the respect of all and was elected to lead her class through the year. News ot a death in our class brought us to deeper appreci- ation of our Catholic Faith. Indeed, Nancy O'Toole will ever be united spiritually with the 'Class of '49 through prayer in the Communion of Saints. May our patroness, Our Lady of Fatima, be a special intercessor for her and for us. The Juniors' turn to entertain the Student Body plunged the class into the excitement and nervous anticipation of With business on hand, the Junior class officers have fhgafrigalg, When guy varied work to do. At St. Margaret's Hall, Rosemarie Hoyt, ' Class President, meets her statt-all boarders-lleftl Ana 'deasd been ceiefully . . . l , sorte , T e Tryouts was Maria Cota, Vice-President, Pat Carroll, Secretary, and h , Mary Lynch' Treasurer- presented. T en, with the urge for acting in our blood, we took a second step into the Christmas play. The stage was not the only place where our talent was exhibited. The volleyball sea- son named us champions. And we talked our way into winning the Junior-Senior debate on lhe Emancipation of Women." Soon after, as if to set the final red jewel in our crowns, the class pins arrived. "Forty-niners" is not a meaningless title for us. Cake sales throughout the year and our melodrama in the spring successfully financed our way through the Prom and other social events that make up the Juniors' share in graduation activities. And as we held high our 'flowered arch 'For the approaching graduates, rightly proud were we of our part in saying "Congratulationsl" to the out-going blue ties of '48. With the coming of Septem- THE JUNIORS I HAIL THE CLASS OF FORTY-NINE SHOUT TO THE HIGHEST DOME STAND AND GIVE A CHEER ONCE AGAIN LET OUR JUNIOR CLASS BE KNOWN THEN CHEER US ON TO VICTORY THOUGH THE FOE BE HARD TO BEAT HAIL TO THE CLASS OF FORTY-NINE THAT SUFFERS NO DEFEAT. First Row, Ieft to right: Rosanne HooIr, MarIyn Stewart, Margaret Neilson, Kathleen Henehan, Mary Lou McCormicIr, Susan Bierig, Alma Stewart, Ana Maria Cota, Rosemarie Hoyt, Mary Jane Hall. Second Row: Rita Engelhart, Joan Whitcomb, Lilias Burden, Mary Lynch, Patricia McCormick, Teresa Lynch, Elizabeth Roney. Third Row: Anne Camp- bell, Dona Chandler, Lois Kirkendall, Irene Garcia, Marian Vitus, JoAnn Saleski. Fourth Row: Norma J. Scavarda, Pa- ' ' H In J Isl H d R"c V' S I ' S' I ' J Baum arten Florence Koch Jac ueline Combs, trlcra anne en, ac yn osenpu, I6 mes, yvla lncarr, oan g , , q Patricia KeIIy, Joan Ann O'Mahoney, Joan WiIhoit. Top: Patricia CarroII. '50 som-loMoREs Having survived the doubts and perils of the Freshman year, we began as Sopho- mores with countenances bright with confidence: and we spiced routine with an occasional glance downward on those newer to high school procedure. To ensure protection against any pitfalls the Sophomores might encounter, we elected St. Patrick as our spiritual patron, and class officers to attend to more earthly matters. To all campaigns sponsored by either the G.A.A., Sodality, or Student Body, we have always contributed with alacrity and interest. We remember the applause filling the auditorium after our play, "Our Lady of the Market Place," and the animated discussions incited by the debate we won. The Class of '50 was represented on the Academy varsity team, our players reflect- ing the sportsmanship and athletic ability of the Sophomore Class. With the end of the year came the customary planning which precedes the dinner in h-onor of the graduating class. All in all, our helpful friendliness has set our goal at even greater school and class spirit in our last two years at the Villa. dovich, Secretary. The Sophomore class f ficers nail up for all to see the coveted Student Body award, which will be proudly publicized by Sophomore enthusiasts during the coming week Left to right-Section l Georgia Gallucci, Secre tary: Patricia Lyon, Pres: dent: Virginia Sawaya Vice-President: Section II -Marisu Mathew, Vice President: Elisa Luna President: Marceline V Firsi Row, left to right-Elisa Luna, Joyce Warne, Rulh Shulis, Alice Desseri, Andrea Withers, Rosemary Boclen, Jeanetie Osborne, Kay Bauer, Betty Eilerman, Lonia Mae Berg, Barbara Neely, Marceline Vidovich, Mary Alice Irvine. Second Row-Joan Prevost, Barbara Buck, Ruth Zepp, Lou A. Phelps, Delia Arevalo, Yolancle de Fere, Mary Jacobs, Ellen Ryan, Marisu Mathew, Ellen Jane Findley, Jacqueline Bailey. IN FAVOR OF GREEN Firsi Row, left io right-Patricia Lyon, Doroihy Daniel, Emily Wigchert, Pauline English, Esperanza Basulto, Josephine Ruiz, Phyllis Stein, Joan Greggs, Virginia Feclerle. Second Row-Georgia Gallucci, Linda Dini, Margaret Nuff, Marcia Lattimore, Altha Jane Mifchell, Mary Reilley, Helen Locklin, Ana Maria Tamayo, Gloria Doris, Dolores Earl. , ,, .ww ,. Wm, ,, ,, M... V -.. .. v 4. ., . '51 Jeannette Peranski, Freshman class President, and Secretary Jeanne Dennis make a careful selection ot snapshots for the annual, aided by the advice ot Treasurer Lillian Fitch and Vice-President Bella Ruiz lboth standingl. Later on the pictures will make interesting reminiscences, but the question of the mo- ment is, "Will this one be good enough for the annual?" First Row, lett to right-Lourdes Lester, Maria E. Velasquez, Mary Wanek, Arlene Machado, Bella Ruiz, Amparo Perez, Hope Ruiz, Janet Steeves. Second Row-Barbara Blankenship, Lynn Thaanum, Catherine Payne, Patricia Cullity, Shirley Jagosz, Jean Stullken, Susan Peters, Elisa Martinez, Mitzi Burden, Elizabeth Meza, Third Row-Barbara Bowen, Mildred Wlecke, Katherine Sutfin, Lillian Fitch, Mary McClain, Regina Boland, Socorra -Carreno, Joanne Hugenberger. FRESHMEN At first, unaccustomed surroundings almost daunted the Freshmen who have gradu- ally come to know and love their school. Having weathered initiation, they lost just a little ot their bewildered appearance, born not unfamiliarity-which might explain their honored position as the 'First class of the year to receive the A.S.B. Banner. Most activities at the Academy bear the stamp of the Freshmen's wholehearted co-operation and enthusiasm. Boasting the largest membership in the Glee Club, the gold tie class seems to aim at setting a high mark 'For all successors. They kept the entire Student Body in laughter one afternoon with their musical play, "Donegal Fair": and proved their intellectual alertness in lively debate with the S-ophomores on the advisability of after-school jobs. The G. A. A. also, on its newly-organized Junior Varsity, owns active Freshman participation. With promising years ahead, the Class ot '5I has good reason tor success under the guidance and protection of St. Joseph. B tt Row, left to right-Patsy Crock, Marjorie Glynn, Gloria Wright, Mary Lewis, Barbara Arnold, Barbara Graham, B b V Jeannette Peranski, Veronica Buehler, Beverly Lepsch, Joan Wadlow. Second Row-Mary Anna King, Olga Flores, N J Marilyn Hanneken, Shirley Lagerfeldt. Top Row- Jeanne Dennis, Norris Doyle, Rosamond Travis, Jane Donnelly, Yo THROUGH THE DAY Miss Fleming doles out books and bus passes, answers the telephone, mimeographs test pa- pers, and executes one hundred other office essentials-all with her same gracious smile. Joe Gonzalez, architect, contractor, and up- keepman for the lnk House, refills empty bottles, while Roseann Hook replenishes her pen. Joan O'Mahoney stands by, hoping her turn will come before the class bell rings. The five minute break between classes is at- tended by the bustle and stir of hallway traffic. ALLEGIANCE The Assembly Hall is the haven of school activity. Here we daily pledge our loyalty to God and country, and here the business of Student Body and Sodality is carried on. This room knows the Wise Men of countless Christmas plays, and the nervous rustle of taffeta at a little girls' first piano recital. Even more than this, our auditorium carries memories of the enthusiastic support given to announcements and pleas concerning Academy functions. It is the hope of this year's officers that the spirit -of Villa Montemar will always keep alive that generosity which has characterized I948 at Our Lady of Peace. We say to you, the Student Body, our sincere thanks. Pat Arnold, A.S.B. President '48. -un: ua-n-u s ffm W 5, K 1' 1 A if 5 Y l fL?f2E23f i!gK '3 fw,Xft im X 5 +5 ,,f'A"f mf F N5 gi r ? X sw f w VH pf y I W. Q' , ,Z YS' xx' 8, A 'Q' ' gg X 4 w ' fn :rt v K F A A 15 E N1 im Efilifiikiif-zv., -M ..,,,,.,: as -'fi M .gig "- . "3- Fssazsg ::::.g:L:?.,:,3f-w.a':' ww -W. wk 12 ::1,j':.'., , v Qggmhsisae 1 51 f- :Q if 5 mn. Keepers of blue ties advance along the "Royal" way. ln ancient hisiory Mrs. Ma- 'l:her tells 'co fhe Freshman class ihe sfory of Rollo 'che Walker, who was . . . was . . . by the way, exactly, was ihe Keys-'che Freshmen, who, he? AFTER THE BELL Waich whai you're saying! Here in Senior rellglon class oplnlons are siraughfenecl out ancl made io fly righf-for heaven is ihe goal S. B. IN The Sophomores, in their play "0ur Lady of the Market Place," sketched a gala Mexican Christmas with the pageantry of the Posada, flower garlands, singing, ACTION Mary Jane Hall still has 99 merits to her credit. This student body standing explains why she is in line for the special pin awarded by Pat Arnold and the other A.S.B. officers. Yes, the Pepsi is sparkling and refreshing, but not more so than the gratifying results of the Pepsi-'Cola scholarship test in which Mary Anita McGowan and Pat Arnold scored high. OPEN HOUSE On January 28, the halls were filled with Academy fathers accompany- ing their proud daughters who eagerly pointed out classrooms and favorite corners. The students conducted their own hour's talent show. Man-sized refreshments were served and a dance followed. The mothers could not be ne- glected, so they were entertained with a tea on the following, Thurs- day afternoon. Faculty, parents, and Academites delighted in the new acquaintances made at these socials. W,lT,H H IS EXCELLENCY "Democracy Can Defeat Communism" argued Mary Anita McGowan in the prize winning essay. And the Most Reverend Bishop Buddy, himself, ex- pressed his approval by investing the winner in a gold medal. Susan Greenlee helped in "securing" the reward. The very shadow of St. Cecilia's Hall instills lite into the arts. Joan Harris portrays the charm ot music: in Norma Nieto, art finds interpretation: the drama encompasses fantasy and reality in Pat Morrison: and in Mary Anita McGowan is expressed the beauteous dignity of literature. lglfiilil are fge unclehgfcl in flze wa L A0 wad in fAe faw of fAe ofofcf ST. CECILIA: INTROIT ADDING CCLCJR First Row-Andrea Withers, Elizabeth Roney, Mar- jorie Glynn, Patsy Crock. Second Row-Joan Greggs, Cathering Payne, Phyllis Stein. Baclr Row- Jeannette Peranslci. With swishing brushes and fascinating ideas the art class is engrossed in stenciling. Many a result proves unusual and above all -creative. The Bishop's University Fund was one of the many activities furthered and supported by the talented art students. Doris Montgomery, lwho, incidentally, de- signed the Senior sweater embleml dis- plays her poster entry to Olga Flores, Freshman contestant. All choral groups combine tor a united pic- ture However, A.S.B. entertainment, sodality activities and the city's music 'festival draw upon the special Glee Club and other single units from these songsters. MELODY SENIOR GLEE CLUB Delia Arevalo, Pat Arnold, Kay Bauer, Pat Bell, Pat Benson, Lonia Mae Berg, Susan Bierig, Rosemary Boden, Rita Brown, Barbara Buck, Pat Carroll, Dona Chandler, Janet Cliff. Jackie Combs, Ana Maria Cota, Dorothy Daniel, Yolande de Pere. Linda Dini, Gloria Doris, Dolores Earl, Betty Eilerman, Pauline English, Virginia Federle, Ellen Jane Findley, Aurora Flores, Joan Greggs, Pat Hanneten, Jaclrie Harbarger, Joan Harris, Kathleen Henehan, Jaclrlyn Hosenpud, Rosemarie Hoyt, Mary Alice lrvine, Mary Jacobs, Marilyn Kelly, Patricia Kelly, Lois Kirlrendall, Florence Koch, Minerva Lelevier, Elisa Luna, Teresa Lynch, Patricia Lyon, Mary Lou McCormick, Patricia McCormick, Mary Anita McGowan, La Vonne Mont- ' J A O'Mahone, Moraima Peraza Bernadette Reed gomery, Barbara Neely, Margaret Neilson, Margaret Nutt, can nn y , , Mary Reilley, Elsie Roderick, Elizabeth Roney, Sue Ruddell, Josephine Ruiz, JoAnn Saleslri, Norma Jean Scavarda, Ruth Shults, Sylvia Sinclair, Phyllis Stein, Marlyn Stewart, Ana Maria Tamayo, Marian Vitus, Pat Wallrer, Rosemary Weseloh, Emily Wigchert. Joan Wilhoit, Andrea Withers. FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB Barbara Arnold, Mary C. Azcona, Regina Boland, Barbara Bowen, Veronica Buehler, Mitzi Burden, Socorro Carreno, Patsy Crock, Pat Cullity, Jane Donnelly, Olga Flores, Marjorie Glynn, Barbara Graham, Maureen Green, Marilyn Hanneten, Joanne Hugenberger, Shirley Jagosz, Norma Jones, Patricia Jost, Shirley Lagerteldt, Beverly Lepsch, Lourdes Lester, Mary Lewis, Arlene Machado, Elisa Martinez, Mary McClain, Elizabeth Meza, Catherine Payne, Jeannette Peranslri, Amparo Perez, Susan Peters, Bella Ruiz, Jean Stulllren, Janet Steves, Katherine Suttin, Lynn Thaanum, Maria E. Velasquez, Barbara Vines, Mary Wanelr, Joan Wadlow, Mildred Wleche, Delora Woodruff, Gloria Wright. Socorro Carreno captures the undivided atten- tion ot her audience with the "Ave Maria" at the University Foundation Fund Rally in Balboa Parlr. But Socorro graciously accedes to our requests on the campus, too. Sparkling melody and a flurry ot fingers entrance Ana Cota and Aurora Olmo. Our pianist, Virginia Mettee, previews the .lunior recital. Violin and piano sound in dulcet meas- ure, culminating the years' musical activities at the Senior Recital. .loan Harris accompanies Rosemary Weseloh in her interpretation ot "Romance." With the Seniors in 'Formal and the re- mainder ot the Student Body attirecl in uniform and red tie, the Christmas spirit is prolonged from the Nativity tableau through the traditional Yuletide carols. Amid crimson poinsettias and whisper- ing candle-glow, the glee club sends the soft notes of Christmas carols across the stilled terrace. lAbovel Helen loclclin, Beverly Zimmerman, Yolanda Coppel and Susan Peters are just tour of the singing procession. T0 ALICE MEYNELL M i J4. an I1 -I-If Thoracic ATTEIQ Book Weelc displays engross visitors and Academy students. Posters depict the way ot lite in religion, government, education, tine arts, and man's place in society as expressed in the lives and writing ot leaders ot the Catholic literary revival in England. The actual sale of books was a further in- ducement to the circulation of worthwhile Catholic literature. Since I948 was the centennial of Alice Meynell's birth, Father John Aherne, O.S.A., selected this poetess as the focal point of Catholic Boolc Week in San Diego. The final program, held at the Academy, featured a symposium in which the audience was invited to be present at a Sunday evening gathering in the Meynell home. Students from Catholic high schools in the city gave appropriate rea d i ngs from Alice Meynell, G. K. Chesterton, Fran- cis Thompson, Coventry Patmore, and Alfred Noyes, while Father Aherne tool: the part of narrator. The interpre- tation of this period in literature was further beautified by the Acad- emy verse choir in Ches- terton's "Lepanto" and other selections. Rehearsal for the symposium-Father Aherne lleftl, Bernadette Reed, Pat Arnold, Eileen Miclxlish, Robert Walling. ACADEMY VERSE CHOIR First Row, left to right: Kathleen Henehan, Mary Lou McCormick, Rose Marie Hoyt, Mary Jane Hall, Sylvia Sinclair, Rita Vines, Elisa Luna, Mary A. McGowan, Geraldine Smith, Susan Peters, Sue Ruddell, Joan Wilhoit, Marisu Mathew, Pat Morrison. Second Row: Marlyn Stewart, Margaret Neilson La Vonne Montgomery, Mary A. Irvine, Rosemary Weseloh, Pat Hannelren, Ellen J. Findley, Lois Kirkendall, Socorro Carreno, Sally Lovelace, Rosemary Boden, Jackie Harbarger, Dolores Manning, Margaret Dowd, Jeanette Osborne, Dolores Duran, Anna Rosado. Third Row: Beverly Zimmerman, Beverly Lepsch, Marjorie Glynn, Marilyn Hannelren, Jean- nette Peranslri Altha Jane Mitchell. IN COSTUME The drama group selected a mediaeval mystery play this Christmas. Their thoughtful study of Monsignor Benson's nativity portrayal found presentation in the reverence and simplicity of Biblical characters made to re-live in the hearts of the audience. According to the custom ot earlier centuries, all spectators were invited to become a part ot the production with a view to preparing their souls for a fitting welcome of the Christ-Child. ri ' ' Preoccupied with scratchy beards and sticlcy grease paint Q the cast ot the Christmas play hardly has time to remem- Z3 V -47.3. ber nervousness. While Mrs. Mather creates a convincing fi St. Joseph, .loan Harris tries to lceep her face straight Mi., 'l11g5f?i'B'9lZl9w T r XF55 in honor at ' X ,lv Qfhe Qativig of 3 y U Qui' tlrgd I I qu' -hq Kl7.lKensnn lf, Q9 " 4 A ul' ilwtilmdermg of F ' Qui-Igdg oilpcace 5' on qjccemhar lg, 1747 t al halt nftn' seven pm. of A e K7 ' "Magnitiquel Mag,ni'Fique!" Of course we're referring to the Senior play. The acts were alive with comedy and a host of spirited char- acters, assuring never a dull moment, either on stage or off. Perhaps our mothers recognized the beaded dresses: and the close fitting hats gave many a cast member an hilarious time. Regardless of battered scripts and make-up removable by time alone, any Senior records "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" as the best play in years. AND FOOTLIGHTS STAND BY SINKING? THE MEASLES TO BE OR NOT TO BE AN ACTRESS At Our Lady's shrine on the campus, Sodality Prefect Bernadette Reed crowns the Virgin Mary with a 'Flower wreath symbolic of the love of all Academy Sodalists. The other officers participating in the coronation are: lleftl Mary Lou McCormick, Treasurer: Margaret Dowd and Rosemary Weseloh, Vice-Prefects: and Pat Carroll, Secretary. 23 jAl"0lfl9'A M0070 A0l' of Q04 f f I AL LUAiCA luxe! Lean 0:5 I OUR LADY: GRADUAL J! L vv-fr:-Y------f-----:ff-mkw-frv--' ---- M- W --eff'-rv--1-W-I--I-rf'-'10 w- W1----+ '-"-"-f-'fr'-ffflf---vf"'--r-f ---v--'-ff-fm rv, -7-f-'-1---f-1-vw-:Wu-fav'--'rv-' 1-'rr--1--M-'vwf---effgffejfggj-r-1-,-173,54 -'-'- -11 H-ww-4-S 51.13 il K' k . ' gb A . V .fl PK.-L. , . ' . i L-fff 7 Eff" k W X 111 . '1 :df . .. .. ., , f . gn A . iv . , L. s m f qi gf ,W ,Mi if 'y sigh X ! , 7 I in aw. -. ,, fax ,,,. Q, V . .. .N -1 W ff if :+ 5 2? 2? I ' . 2 . f iff I , . sj k ff? J' 'N ' 'A, , '- ' g ' ,711 k', ' xv , ,. im, z K 'K Q M-W V k--A--A-'V - ,A . .-.MW -..,, -... ,-W.1.., . y1.,,Q J. ,-. ., .. ,.-,-l..f 1 4 ., --, ,...,..,, -X -' -1 -. . ......x,,.:.g. iz, ,gf X Y, s.. - E Q E' .. 15-fk? , ' 1 Q . i 1 .ML f ,, iii' 4 Q .ugw , , , I .8 if 4 ki V 1 4 X ,R X , x 1 , 3 ,.- , , jig. U X x ' J - ,. ,,., . V1 x A, I Q I 1 K N A , -.1 x ,, 1 ,, N ly. .. :ik 11 . .3 , 1 . . .Qi 1751 2, 3 . Ai . A . 1 'l ffl., ,KX A - f. 1 f x .... , . , , F , , 1 IJ. ,. , , f-4 1.31 , ,J A K -.1 .4 l.. ., , -. z. .V1 Q , H- ' 1 . . I fax "A 11 fir. Aw . , f K 4 '- f-fffvvw I Y ,..v , -, N-M...,, ,v , -W-,,,,..,, , ,Q.,.., 4..- Q. F. , . . ., I ,t. 15 , 1 I X. Q , . . 4 ,V . ,Q K I '. .U ,Z ,K -f..,: i, .- gi.5M,....-,.....-...---..7Q-, V, ---. - ,.-: -.f:,.M.3,1...4.p,,,.- ,..,1'e.g..-..,Q,Q..--,f. .-Ng,..,..2,-..g...7:g..4:..Mg-, .w.,'.-,.--E.' 4. 1-if 1.:.5J,-..-ww.....WQ.,ng,' ,Q gf., Vi . . L L , , bg. Q I ,V Ak 'fl Q.. 5 , X J , .,-4 ,L.. :Jim L.. A ' A Q I, IV , X EIT! .V 1- ' 5,14 -- .L,, ' I w , , '1 2- ,L V A , . , 3.1 y , , -..ffl l . "nf: Q .z , JAH 5 Q k 25 ' , ' ' , . ' .1 - 'J '. I, Q ' 1' , if Fill, ,L L5 jf' fJ ' l ,g..,f If J , , mx X .EN E , . , fy Q, i' S f .U ,A , X , U , V - - ,Y ,.,15,, f-.:.1g,1f,' f v 0,1-' ar I 7 Jag, I , rgg iy, ,K J ,.,mw. Y A ' -' Q.-X , ' I -f 4 1-gt X f- , 3: ,ai I. ,,,. , , , ,. ,. ,4- J kb Ii pl"A3""5.. I A 5,-'1fQ5i5 f ' X ily". 1 Q- , V I , Q K f " '-SER. Q h ,rm ,gf hai! A--Q-422' ' Wu f V I ' -- I - X ' ' ' -,ML:..g-p,4,,L4e...... ...,',,4,g4..g,,:g4..,L... , Q".-z. .. L.4.4:.1-A...-,..4,44J The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin ascends as a common offering by Sodalists on each first Thursday of the month. By this act of homage and devotion to Mary, an essential of the Sodality is lovingly fulfilled. LET US PRAY The Sodality's prayer life functions both on and off campus. Co-operation with other Sodal- ites in San Diego is exemplified in the celebration of the Mass of the Immaculate Conception in which the voices of Catholic students united to "call her blessed." The Holy Sacrifice was offered in the Cathedral by His Excellency, the-Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy. THE INNER CIRCLE Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and an ard-ent love of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist make up the mold for a member of the EUCHARISTIC 'CO M M IT T E E. Add true zeal for personal sancti- -fication and the sacrifice of time: the model for a sincere worker of Christ is complete. Their spirit had spurred on prog- ress in gaining families for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. These agents of the Lord are: lfront rowl Ellen Ryan, Barbara Buck, and Joyce Warne: lback, left to rightl Kay Bauer, Dolores Earl, Lonia Berg, Ellen J. Findley, Pat Hanneken, Aurora Olmo, Velma Welch, Rosemary Weseloh, Veronica Mahlmeister, Bernadette Reed, and Chairman La Vonne Montgomery. "A Poster a Week" is the theme song of the PUBLICITY COM- CITTEE, aiming to foster devotion to Our Lady and her Divine Son by coloring the Sodality bulletin board wth their many original de- signs and pictures. The Lenten season especially called on their resourcefulness to populanze the Way of the Cross: lleft to right Phyllis Ramsour Joan Harris Mary Wanek Chairman Susan Bierig, Yolanda Coppel, Helen Locklln back Ruth Shults Mary Lynch Olga Flores Dorothy Daniel, and Pat Carroll. OUR LADY'S COMMITTEE 'fosters Iove ot Mary through her Brown Scapular, the Five First Saturdays, and the Daily Family Rosary. Mary's Day finds these members bearing her statue on a flower-decked litter: Ilett to rightl Chairman Sally Lovelace, Susan Green- lee, Lynn Thaanum, Barbara Arnold, Doris Montgomery, Margaret Dowd and Pat Arnold. Spiritual reading and writing, the food ot every soul, is what each individual on the LITERATURE COMMITTEE is zealously pro- moting.,, Through reports on books and pamphlets, these Sodalists make known the philosophy of Christ and His Mother. Members chat within the shadow ot St. .Ioseph's shrine: Joan O'Mahoney, Mary Jane Hall, Chairman Florence Koch, and Ana Marie Cota. Stamp drives! sending 'Food to starving na- tions! helping the 'Foreign missions! AII ot these are the work ot our APOSTOLIC COMMITTEE aiming to love and serve God through acts ot charity. Our Sorrowful Mother is the committee patron ot: Mary Alice Irvine, Marilyn Hanneken, Beverly Lepsch, Chairman Joan Wilhoit, Norris Doyle, and Elisa Martinez. Devotees ot Our Lady are in the MENTAL PRAYER COMMITTEE, instructing members in the art of meditation and discourse with their lovely model. These ardent workers also spread devotion to the little Intant ot Prague: Kathleen Henehan, Lillian Fitch, Chairman Mary Lou McCormick, and Rosemarie Hoyt. As Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, these enthusiastic actresses hurry to the chapel for morning prayers at 5:25 A.M. A bit early for such vivacious smiles! Coffee time is accompanied with spiritual thoughts on the saint of the clay. Taking a temperature is just routine in the nurse's schedule. But this angel of mercy appears to be thrilled with her task. -W-WY , 53? To Mother, breakfast for the man of the house comes in the first round of family duties lovingly performed. Then there are the final touches before school. And of course, all three girls sport the Academy uniform. IS THE KINGDCM Vocation Week was newly significant this year. Not only did we have guest speakers from the different walks of life, but a movie of the three main vocations brought the week to a perfect climax. ...The Academy campus was the location for this production. lnner Circle Sodalists volunteered their time and talent to make this film a success.. St. Margaret's Hall was temporarily converted into a miniature hospital: while St. Catherine's dormitory became the Sisters' convent. A generous family offered its home as momentary camping ground for the "William Peytons." After prolonged anticipation, the premiere showing "Of Such Is The Kingdom" repaid the efforts of cast, Sodality Moderator, and Photographer Ralph Hosenpud. And the Academy girls were pleased to learn that they would also make their screen debut in schools in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Finally, aside from valuable experience, all Academites partaking in the production realize that the hours they gave were productive of friendship and character- formation that set the precedent for success in their actual life vocation. Jackie Hosenpud adjusts the gates that open on the title section of the Sodality movie: her brother, Ralph, prepares for "Lights! Action! Camera!" Mr. Connors, the Academy driver, opens the door for the retreat master, Father Carl, who guided the stu- dents to sit before the mir- ror of God and there eval- uate their immortal souls. Surely the counsel of this zealous Passionist priest will be instrumental to the girls in fitting their steps into the footprints of Christ. RENEWAL IN Si IRIT Father Daniel Lord, SJ., seems to be practicing his own theory of smiling his way into a happy and holy life. He and his companion Jesuit, Father Bowdern, conducted a successful and effective forum for all the Sodalists of San Diego. lLeft to rightl La Vonne Montgomery, Rosemary Weseloh, Father Bowdern, Father Lord, Bernadette Reed, Pat Arnold. Letters to Father Peyton mounted to more than a hundred from the Acad- emy. But Marilyn Hanneken was first in mailing her petition for a special visit from the priest who has dedicated his life to the furtherance of the Daily Fam- ily Rosary. Then came the answer in person on a day in March that will be remembered in the spiritual lives of our Sodalists. Above, Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., takes time to discuss his plans with our Prefect, Bernadette Reed. DEAR SODALISTS Through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, our Sodality of '48 has lived close to her Divine Son. It is with Mary's guidance that we have merited a very successful year. To the lnner Circle we are grateful for the unfailing effectiveness of prayer and generous service that brought accomplishment to our long list of activities. Decem- ber will always recall to us the beautiful Mass at the Cathedral, the privilege of those girls who received their title of Sodalist on the feast of Our Lady of Guada- lupe, and the blessedness of giving in our preparation of Christmas boxes for poor children. Already have the spiritual helps of the Sodality Convention, Vocation Week speakers, and Retreat become a part of ourselves in everyday life. Mary's Day was our special tribute of thanks to our heavenly Mother for her loving care of us. However, the sincere participation of all the Sodalists in the May events, reminded us of the filial devotion of the Academy girls who have made it a practice to give of themselves in praise of Mary. For my part, l congratulate you, girls, on the realization of your ideal as Sodalists of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sincerely in Jesus and Mary, Bernadette Reed, Sodality Prefect '48 Our younger Academites' attention is not attracted by the weighty A.S.B. and Sodality problems of the "big girls." Rather, their dancing eyes are caught by the wriggles of miniature sea creatures. Carol Ann Wrye, Justine Gagnon, and Betty Lou Galvin are second grade honor students. xk as C Ling ,oorfion Lreuer. ' I jAou arf fAe gov! ofm A ana! fAe goal fAaf id g ' ST. MARGARET: GRADUAL Q- r F P , N. P. , k , . ,YV V ., .W fr .YwY, -Y 3 .-.W v ,....f-.,m. I i s ' ' x X 1,, k I'- i i 1 I i 1 Qi . 1 f I , l -, ,. x .f , i E K .. N I , 1 . r - .mb, WW. . , VJ: 5115.-3-Qgg,', . uifwf' ,S .. fs' L2--1 ,e' .4 . X N l . W I ... , -..., AMW..- . A.. . i TA- . -W .... ,..... . Y W, ,,,,, ,,. ..,-... . . ,.. ,4,A .7..,.,...... 1 A i ' x 'f L ,'-N1 5.1. I T-,. .-.-...K , ,V .. - , R 'A ' ' ' - ,M M, ,....,-..f..4 kg, . .. ,,, ,4.,,,.. .L,.2w.,-if--1:-ds . ,Q . -,:..,,. ...Q.gQ...LgQ:-g..l.,.-.,,. - I , w M ' 'iff 2 .J fn f ,Z . .4 M., ,1 L H Af . I I E t, Q. . L I . , 1 'Q x J Lk pf.: A ' . f. AW: 1, , ,,Mf'. '- ' 'Q . .L.,. My A , Ti... ix , L 'X H: 'Wj X 5, .V , , Q J tg I Iwi 'lT!P.34QQ.' 5 f ,, . L, Q Lffsgfrasfiif,-2 .eligg 5 f f ppp, , pn W 2 , gg. 4,.:s,,f W. ,w ,, ffm Zjivifiwtp A If iiifflxii3f-,?'2:'2l?"i' X 'YT' " J:bK-ff'.i5s",QQi1b 37.92 Ji , fjsix' , X L1N,2'Jv'wffvJ'ff-Mm'1'i4'y.w,ef.' . , ,-if . , 1' . yfH.,.,:f Anil . 1 ,gg rf. 5, ax:'fffQg,5.wg,'.,,-,f,', Z gh ' -. , X , 'L 'W if 'fy ' "i ' ' H ""- z' " k,a"'Qp'w.-2" 1?,'?:g.':.s.N':, '- :1:f"awfi,w.f1'WQalf'f2M2s:mQu + , . . . 1, ,. , ,, +224-7::uf?1Xiw ,1-w'.If.mi'iQ'.fJff ff: 91,4 --my N f 25:5-4 f?f,,,,y,, N..-,,g1awQf,wfggm'f?w3?'aHWZHGA wg ' sf-'w.1nf'1.1.W "2 5 5. 2 'f f ll sf",-f.'-ew?2,w-f452442-fx' 11 5 ww 0:4 uv f.51,,r-sal-fyififegqifffiw 'nw+,',f1'. :Y dt-- H H mf. V. ' ' .' ' '. gws fix., , . .eh A V . ? ,xl V- ' .Mi-,fsQsis-,..-1.15-.l':.-1 :.5n,-' ...fag-5.w?gfgx,i:-SELL., ,.,,f..f1,,-M ' M ,'.,l.:'3Heh-fgfiy,37fMyf,1 fff ff N4 ,V , J if q if ..:g:,s"' 5-aff' 'L " 'fav' -'wggi-lpffmiir'?if1":FfJf-.i I .,y,',v:'V' 'ef-Q 'tw v Y ' lgvyfi-,HWY " -' f14fm',' . f 4 Y +1-' ''-f.1e5j,fmf1fw,-pg? 511 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' gf ,-,, ' - 5 - ffq:zg1f,y.z A. Q. ' ',,,1 X, K.:-v 1 f , Q.--1,'f-gm :Mmm f . ' Q : ' ,L'-XfE'VfiS'225.ffgLT54. 1 g1'i'Qe -:f ln., if Vi W ' , W 3g:5w,j,j.43 W f, . - -, .53 . ,lk Y Y , Q. 7.32 Q 1' is A ' 1' 5- '17 ' f 'L f " " ' ' ' :V-.f"::,1 ,iifw1r2 flzpyx ,ggmigd .4 ...Q f .aff -,'.-...-.-..--.4,...-, . ..i.-,...,- - .. I M V 2' - 1 - 1 First Row, left to right- Louise Komos, Katherine Perkins, Geraldine Sick, Frances Larmour. Second Row - Joanne Hooks, Muriel Grenfell, Gail Bow- en, Leah La Dou, Barbara Bugbee. Third Row-Marie Mathew, Vilma Martinez, Carolyn Adletinger, Patricia Haynes, Darline Koehn. Fourth Row-Gloria Herre- ra, Leann Mahoney, Ern- estine Barton, Sharon Flah- erty. .loan Rinks. Fifth Row -Constance Kane, Eliza- beth Dickson, Sally Board- man, 'Cynthia Canning, Glenna Rigg, Sixth Row- Patricia Simmons. Myrtha Thornbrook, Mary Lou Har- barger, Denise Smith, Car- olyn Brown. Seventh Row- Maureen Mc Dermott, June Kruger, lnga Klein, Joan Nye, Arline Raymond. OUR EIGHTH YEAR With the advent of our eighth grade came a new teacher and classroom, and something added to our attire-elegant pink ties to grace uniforms accustomed to childish red bows. The class Sodality became the center ot our activity and interest. The Apostolic Committee piloted us through a baby picture contest, and Our Lady's Committee inspired the daily reci- tation ofthe Rosary during October. Our own newspaper, "The Catholic Crier," was pub- lished every two weeks by the Catholic Action Committee. The Eucharistic Committee was ' " "c l'fo'Dr. Sodality work did not absorb all our energies. A ringing bell usually preceded a race to the volley and basketball courts. And studies-a thorough review of eight school years-took in a grand share ot our waking hours. However, with high school before us, one thought gives us a grain of worry: "How we dread initiation!" French is an enjoyable language 'for these vivacious stu- dents ot Mademoiselle Le Goube-Geraldine Sick, Ern- estine Barton, Patricia Haynes, Carolyn Brown, Myrtha Thornbrook, Gail Bowen. We entered Junior high ready for an exciting and glorious year, and found even more than we expected. We were received into the Sodality, which gave us a special friendship with Our Blessed Mother that will carry over into our future lives. Then the Christmas play gave us the satisfaction that comes from doing something wonderful for Our Lord. What is that huddle of girls over there? Why, it's our Camera Club! And parties! They flew by before we could even catch our breath. The class officers too: Dolores Haynes, President: Carol Silveria, Vice- President: Carol Ross, Secretary: and Barbara Wrye, Treasurer, helped school spirit. But most of all, we have our teachers to thank for such a wonderful seventh year. No, this is not a double exposure. We have two sets of twins in our Camera Club. Above-Diane and Joanne Golden: Maurine and Marion McColly. First Row, left to right-Carol Arnold, Kathleen Boland, Jill Smith, Carol Farrell, Mary Barton, Charlene Hale Second Row Simone Lombard, Sally Osborne, Betty Hayden, Kathleen Carroll, Carol Silveria, Olga Ruiz, Lois Galvin, Carmen Alverez Third Row Carol Van De Veire, Mary Truman, Maurine McColly, Carol Ross, Margaret Kruger, Mary Dwight, Loretta Gasluns Barbara Wrye Janet lannus. Fourth Row-Joan Foley, Claudia Atwater, Annette De Ahna, Ruth Graham, Carole Rick, Marion McColly Genevieve Schmidt Marcella Buono, Patricia Shea, Dolores Haynes, Shirley Scovell. THE SEVENTH GRADE FlFTH AND SlXTH First Row-Geraldine O'Mahoney, Barbara Jean Hare, Constance Glynn, Sylvia Leuvano Jane Hersey Second Row Socorro Reyes, Helen Shaw, Juliette Cummins, Marie Lovronich, Joyce Silveria, Jeannette Pelton Carole Baldauf Patricia Carpenter Janet O'Hara. Third Row-Mary O'Brien, Mary Jean Cusick, Dana Bowen, Saundra Herne Fourth Row Therese Mae Graham llvya Garcia, Linda Hope, Toni Barrymore, Katherine Seabrook, Catherine lrvrne Catherine Caldwell Jean Ann Woodruff Betty Tom, Beverly Snow, Josephine Carter, Ann Dienes, Alicemae Sylvester, Janice Powers Fifth Row Left Mary Elizabeth Hurley, Luchi Davila, Mary Ann Chapman, Carol Cesmat. Fifth Row Up--Mary Helen Dunn Ramona Wacha Karen Wilson Gail Reynolds. Sixth Row-Donna Capassa, Marion Kuphaldt, Kathryn Olson Shirley Turano Mary Gail Graham Our class in Religion has been studying what will make our person- alities more 'Christ-like. Now we know that when God gave us the Commandments, He wanted us to live His own way of life. By keeping His laws, we are proving to God that we love Him more than ourselves and what just we want to do. Our reward for serving God will be His love always, and eternal happiness in Heaven. josephine Carter Writing tells others what l think and do. Sometimes my composi- tions are stories, and other times, they are 'letters written to friends. This year l have learned to control words so that my thoughts are put down more clearly. Using synonyms has increased my vocabu- lary. No longer must l repeat myself in expressing what l mean. Thi study has made me enjoy writing, more than ever before, and l do hope my readers 'feel as l do about my compositions. Carole Baldauf The Sixth Grade started a campaign to win over decimals. Con- quering these little points was not easy at first, but by the end of the year we had each one in its place. ln addition and subtraction the decimal point stayed in the same place. Multiplication was a different story: the point marched to the left. At last, victory WGS CUTS! janet O'Hara Mary Gail Graham and Mary Sylvia Leu- vano devoutly kneel at the feet of Father Costigan, O.S.A., for the blessing of throats on Saint Blase's feast day. NOCJN REVIEW Chattering 'Friends as well as refreshment direct eighth graders to the Cafeteria. lbelow Father Francis Larkin, S.S.'C.C., gives special guidance to the Tarcisian offi- cers: ll.e'Ft to righti Mary O'Brien, Treasurer: Shirley Mae Turano, Vice-Presi- dent: Mary Elizabeth Hurley, President: Carol Baldaut, Secretary. We Tarcisians aim to imitate our patron who died protecting the Blessed Sacra- ment. In place of really giving our lives, we offer to 'Our Lord an extra Mass each weelc, Holy Communion as often as possible, a halt-hour visit at least once each weelr, and many little acts of love daily. Our favorite aspiration, "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, l love Thee. Thy Kingdom come," we say in petition for more homes to enthrone the Sacred Heart. Mary Elizabeth Hurley Tarcisian President '48 14, I like to make vi He helps me. We read stories a about them, too. On Doll Day we I: to school. Then Last year I could and make up We know lots of all like the song, whistled just the I try to be ol so that God wil Jesus I love you. Last year I to write, I We can't go to I like the "IO I like to read Atter we read a "Billy Calf" was Billy 'Found out I like hard and get to the words in the air. First Row, left to right- Linda Heine, Antionetta Malanga, Dorothy Dunn, Marilee Hare, Justine Gagnon, Molly West, Pa- tricia Lambert, Rosemary Burnet, Gretchen Gag- non. Second Row- Nancy Ryan, Mary Dougherty, G e rt r u d e Greer, Ana Maria lzuel, Marlene Davey, Carol Ann Wrye, Myrna Lemlce, Betty Lou Galvin, Lu- anna Leger. Third Row- C a r o I y n Shults, Gayle Harrell, Barbara Shep- peard, Leonor Encinas, Diane Keswick, Judith Greer, B a r is a r a Kelly, Sonya Sawaya. Fourth Row-B a r b a r a Wight, Sheila Novak, N a n c y Dunn, Susan Anderson, Linda Snow, Patricia Ah- ring, Mary Caratan, Mari- lou Gootee, Ana Marie Aldrete. ACTS QF LQ These hungry 'little misses take time out from jump rope and jacks to systematically demolish Mother's neatly-packed lunch. V J Dolls, toy horses, and sand castles are all forgotten when the "littlest girls" make their whirl on the merry-go-round, Molly West and Myrna Lemke visit the Christmas crib in chapel. Baby Jesus, I love You. I am bringing You a present. lt is a sacrifice ot giving some ot my spending money to the poor pagan babies. Dear Jesus, please give ma some of Your graces to help me get to heaven. There I can be happy with You and Your Blessed Mother and St. Joseph who toot care of You. Nancy Ryan Grade Two First Row, left to West, Ann Fowl Hernandez, Luveu Paderewski, Joan Carney, Judith S Every clay l Blessed 'Moi in. our class brought cro' of Our Lacy Mary, Our I Once in Ol Saint Vincef to the pool As the last reminder of the fun-packed, eventful strive for those coveted G.A.A. awards, Field Day concludes our athletic calendar. Otficiating at the aqua-activities are Vice-President Esther Barboa lleftl, Secretary Pat Hannelcen, President Velma Welch, and Treasurer Patricia Lyon. .7lze fudf filzafffkuridlz ELQ flue loazn free . . . in flue cou ll of ig? A0lflffe of Ulfll' QU! sr. 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'V , VVf'f':'x:ffV,V Ve ,,ff ,"'-1 ,, l-,rV2Vil, X 2 , fi, , J'V V : , ,' iflfliigfw . V 4, , - .,,,, ,Nt,-':Vg1, ,,,:gV,. A , NVg,,.,.aJn....,,,,1': , V, , ' .. 'L.l.,gg,Q::1, X Q - L, I .5 QQ! ,ij .. , V V V VVVfg,:,4 z V , V Vfzff ' V , , , . ,kink ,L , .A , , N , - V lf V V- 'V "3,Q1Q. "V jf Vim ,V V' ,V VCV, ,Q V , ' V 1V':f'I,Vg, g,.VVV K 'Q ,V ' ,V , , V QV :,. k, Vg 'V VMVFQRZ-3 WA""k"W" ' V' V'V' 7Vff':VVV:q?VVVLrVv-V V g U'+?5'fiTl??"r1JVfEfiVW" vriVSf?EJVV'V?V1-V5 ' Hfflfiyfff-29V99V'4w:1' X Q V ff lV?'Q5?f K ,N T , X ,W ., , V - ,, , , , . ,. .V 5, 5,2 , ,,., ,, , . . V -.,271'VV'f V ' R , '. V, 255 V . .Vg 1 -V ,V . V K , pg: 5 QV :I , . E T ' - . -Jeff f . ' Q ,Q 34345, , X . 1 5? ', , k f V V- .L , 1 fwfr VRV V - V . V , . V VV r'VL.V1V' .V ,' V - 'V' 9 V' V V VV V5 nw, .IV , Q , ,, kip ,ay V V Jivlif ' ' . .V 1. ,, ,K , ,V , ' ' V ' Q, :,,,,.-- ., . A 1,,, Q' g.,,V V, .,,. ' Q, V V, J IQQ' ' ,,'Q.,.,. L , 9 -SKA: g,, , V V , , , ,V . . ' VI , . V QQ! , W if QV Vg-1,532 V1 ,z,Vf,3, ,1 'VV RV. A ,. jp, xg-if V- wxqg V, Q kg X, uw . VA 1 V V ,V - 5 5, faf- -' 4.1 f V - V1 Vi, 1: Q, , , 1 V 4, QV, 5:,j.v,fV,1V,V I Vg, ,. f ug V- V VV -Q1 ,Vg , xv 1 , V f.,V,,, -f, V. VV:.,f,.V.. ,VEV , + -1g,5wf,V V-V4 . .W , Y V ..w:V',-V . ,,,,- V 4,'VVV'V V""uVSVC'V VVITJVVV. , VVV,, ,.23:,Vi, jpAf,,g.3V w 'r V, V VVV,V,l , ,,, V ,.-VV4j,, V .VJ-V, V,q'rV films V ,, Va ,'i.'VVv,1V-'VVi-,V-:i+VffV,y1V-gzwgfffz V V51-V, V V 'V ",.r?v,3lVQVsVVs-VffV , M Hr ,Vx VV. V ' -' ' V, , , 5-VV-i gg-V,VViVf, JV,-V V4 VV f5,VgVVwg::V,' 1,e':f.'f1,',' V- : Vw . V ,, , -,-,,. ,,,,, V V ,. ,, , , , , ,. 1: 'Vf , V Vs, V ,ah-V V'iQVV5YVV V ' , 1,21 A V V , Vwffa ffl' If VV , xg. V . ,V-V121--V' V , f' V VV V 2-.VV I lf fr a,2V::5V, 352: If ff' ,A i ,. Q If ,ws 1:1-VJ fi , 1'-Vs figs V, ,V V V 2. ,V V L..-., -.:..-g.,.L V .g:,.,.V -L..-... ...L.4m.4.-f VV 4-4.44 hw., f VV fm- VV ...QQ V V -.1-,--.-....--.., ..V ........,,...4,.............,..,,.-,,......2,,...........V,.A,-.,.,h..,-...,,..,,......,,-.,..,,-... - , V 9 K' ' MVE71'V3 ,,,,,., . I i , ffm lnlwmglf .iq , Avg, -, gr! -4 -fzqgig " ,V Himsa? ,QVVQVQWV 5 ' A ,,.V V1 VM ,wjrxpyiw V 5-,fitlfg ww : V3 ,, s ., VVVV?EV:X? ' 'V'fL 'FSBUS , ,,. , , Y-si 1 HERE On the Academy court, the varsity met up with the maroon and gold of San Diego Cathedral Girls' High School. vying The best of sportsmanship and a close score tied the '48 volleyball honors between the two teams. Among the activities 'for members of the G.A.A. was an outing to St. Mary's Academy in Los Angeles tor a volleyball tournament. Boarding the bus were proud students who had earned two hundred and titty points in athletics. A most gracious welcome was extended from St. Mary's by the faculty and students. Though the winning laurels went to St. Mary's, a more enjoyable time was never had, nor was more hospitality ever shown than by the girls at St. Mary's under the "chiettaincy" of their Indian mascot. Susan Bierig direct the 'Farewell to Villa Montemar as Mr. Lapp prepares to steer the varsity and "hi-point" athletes to the Los Angeles game. Cheer leaders Ana Cota and A N D T H E R E Pat Kelley tries her left-hand at one of the newer sports on cam- pus-shuffleboard. Keeping time with leader. The birdie flies deep into the opponent's court. And who put him there? Patsy Crock. Bad- minton racquet in hand, Elizabeth Meza is anxious for her turn. PLAY CN , i FIELD High spirit prevails and excited girls bespeclc the campus on gala Field Day. Torn between the dogs, pop, ice chips, and the tennis, shuffle- temptation of hot cream, and potato thrill of ping-pong, board, and badminton tourna- ments, the girls hardly stop mov- ing all day long. The championship basketball game holds the spot- light for a time on this eventful day: and later in the afternoon, somewhat wearied participants rival each other in the swimming meet. The perfect climax to a wonderful day comes when the "laurels" in recognition of all sports' winners, are announced over the mike. The Villa's blue-green pool serves refreshing recreation to champion swimmer Ellen .lane Findley. Aurora Olmo receives with ease the per- fected curve of Ana Cota's serve. Tennis bids high on the boarders' leisure time. DAY AT THE VILLA SPORTING OUR GCODS lt Marilyn l'lannel1en's aim is as good as it loolrs, she will be points ahead of her sister Pat on this round of off-campus miniature golf. The Academy is terminus for Jeanette Osborne and Marisu Mathew after a cycle tour of the valley. REMEMBER! . . . the weelrly dash to get those points down on the slips of col- ored paper . . . the birdies whose favorite roost was the rafters . . . the tricycle-mounted redslcin who grunted, "Enemy in crowd" . . . that star volleyball pla er who dented the court and her 'Foot when she tell . . . the girl "we left behind us" at 3300 W. Slau- son . . . the time when the riders almost outnumbered the mounts on. that horseback expedition . . . that "long" ping pong table . . . the speed exhibited by a Fresh- man at Balboa Part . . . that cov- eted red and white banner . . . a spirited game of baseball played in narrow slcirts . . . the groans emitted by the "ancient" Seniors after a strenuous session of exer- cises . . . that ridiculously easy quiz on volleyball . . . when the Academy rooters tried to warble, "How-de-do" . . . those pathetic speeches of farewell at the G.A.A. Banquet. Velma Welch G.A.A. President '48 ON LAND AND SEA Lacking blue slzies and fair weather, .loan Harris, Marilyn Kelly, Jean Griffith and Mary Ann Cawthon are dock- bound by conditions beyond their control. Esther Barboa calls her nine oft to the dia- mond. Who wants to caddy for Marceline Vido- vich? Shiny skates are a light burden to Ruth Zepp. Warning to Mary Alice Irvine! This is a re- stricted area. WHO GETS THE POINT? Loma Mae Berg takes careful aim Complete with worms and rod, Susan Peters awaits from the North Terrace. her fish. The ingenious method which the G.A.A. devised for combining merits with pleasure, is based on the plan that for every hour spent on a sp-ort, a member receives I0 points. ln order to be an active member of the G.A.A., the girls must have 250 points. To further encourage sport participation, a monthly reminder of the high-point class is given at the G.A.A. meeting, and the class is awarded the banner. Individuals who have done something outstanding in the sport field are also compensated. Large attendance at out-of-town games and the special excursions planned for competitors in the point system, prove its popularity. AND SO TO BED Expressing perfect balance and grace, Rufh Shults poises on the ice. Mary Jacobs and "Litfle Midge" gaze trail-ward to a companlonalole ride. Joan Whitcomb illustrates the perfeci closing to the day of a high-scoring athlete. S THER "Margie" . . . Browsing . . . Ties of friendship Up for air . . . On the rim . . . Poor Frosh . . . Stand and cheer . . . Blues off campus To the Pool. . . Madame Elise . . . Gay hearfs . . . Cafe line-up P. J. Time . . . Thanksgiving drive . . . Recipe for laughter . . . Saddle back '? Q3 W9 5? ' X , 3 5 2' M""1'5'X -Y' A' sk 'xg 8' 5 'Bras' ii Q as if ---.- ning , M572 mm 'rf .nr :WE ., 'L ', A 'S mf Q gf- xml 4' V 41 i?,4',M.:i? A i 1. X if 2, OEM AUTOGRAPHS Qgiy 23i W wif 2755? -'L' , FW f Q7 Q2 my jiifff 73 fb. 7 ,AW A ' 2 Qin jf V , ' M , Qc .Lv i f Mafia 1 fp, .," - W " , ' " ,, '. fXfvfiLZ,,,-M S5 " ," ! Q - C , M:,'E7.,fq,f if 3F ffL.fxi?f:5"i'f"'.f'Qf up wwwwiw Q 6 ,ff , wk ly fy, 7 fQW w 2mQ X aff'-Igv. gifs 4' X f?S4f. 5 QV Q, C WJ ' FQ' M, 1 4-f 3 I f , E E 1- V. E LQ. QQ2?g N., C9 Gfffq? fle'AQ fffffww WNWKQ5 W , w'My WWV if f' W SYMBOLIC COVER DESIGN Mary fmonogramj encompassed in a calyx of peace folive bmncbesj mafures in sanctity through the grace of God fripenied wheat surmounting Alpha-Omegaj, By the overshaciowing of her Spiritual Spouse fdovej, the Prince of Peace, Christ CChi-Rboj, comes among men-ordaining Mary iruly Our Lady of Peace. AWWA wg xg! 'S rc xl: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Darcy Photo and Processing Maxwell Studio Metropolitan Engravers Neyenesch Printers, Inc. Thompson Photo Service United Artcra-fters

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