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VILLA MUNTEMZXP1 A , V N iw 4 QQQ ,,. Qjgg MONTEM Mu Q A Q Af Sv 44' 5 o U3 X? OJ .,,, FUHEWUBU 49, it is the happy privilege oi the ciassgoi 1945 to compile the first.An- nuai oi the Academy oi Qur Lady oi Peace. Our aim has been to per- petuate the highlights of iour years in' this Catholic high schooi Where the spiritual vaiue is aiways of first importance. We wish that the worid couid experience the peace which permeates the atmosphere here at Viiia Montemar. Hence, what theme or patroness couid be more appropriate than Our Lady oi Peace? Here at the Academy we enjoy her protection over our shadow-patterned gardens, our sunny-wooded paths, and above aii, over our youthiui and impressive hearts. Qur prayer is that she may extend her peace across this battie-scarred worid to bring about her promise wherein the creatures of God may iive as the children oi God. Such is the harmony which we have tried to por- tray in this book. mf xt -, 4 52 - 5 - 5 rl zum: " ,-,A '- 1 1 - h -L Q. K. fi gz 3 if fa ii ,.,. Q, -21 74 L-Q, gig, 'Sf 1 E if .. E iff 2 Fx if -S V.: 22 :Q ul, 3 3 3 1 38 3 -3 E 'ii S 2 ii F Yf Qi V .9 , , . M QT ww ,v .J 1 56 ,N bl ii FS f", if-rw:m:mw.H:x-1 c. usvmzamvwrfz . mwzmwxsmmwumznumwfmXeswnauzsxnvn-iammrfnavHin-nuwwwmmuwzzaullunvnu-ms1msm'm:'P:4m4asuwatmz51fnmvm:m.msgwumvf nu's:wlenf.w1:mv::fz:fvi sa.mw1.wm.-:A-1 .Maul-,,,v,n' Lv -Q.-was . -' w.v,.'-Jw -wn4'm.1m:-zaviw' ' ii -J VILLA MUNTEM!-XH AC!-XHEMY UF UUH Lf-XIIY UF IWQAEPQ San Ilieqn, California NiI1EtEEH Hundred Prlrty-Sfevrzu Q - ..f'm.A.:...,f,,. R wg, f r. .- , ,,. FOREWORD We want this issue ot VILLA MONTEMAR to mean more than a souvenir trom I947, since we have tried to produce an annual that is not just a reminder ot classmates, events, and good times. Easily depicted are the highlights ot our years at the Villa: less easy is it to express the things which have made our days at the Academy happy ones. The solemn moments ot retreat, the deep joy ot Sodality Masses, the lcindnesses ot the Sisters, all ot these are too elusive to recapture in a yearbook. Rather then, may the spirit ot Our Lady ot Peace which if , permeates everything shine through this record l' A ' it y ot our school year. jfiif'"s11y4!zvx..f fi x tzfrtsy 'Si th 3 s f U q i 5 -' Q V. , L X! - F . -K . W in AX! PM N 7? 2 jgp' - "" iiif giti If E wX - My fi 2 I X 5 g a X x 1 Y 5 1 S u f s S 2 o Q O, 1 on' A v ,X yo cb 'in NUI' Qu' GQ J i552 'A Coat of Arms of His Holiness, Pope Pius XII Dedication To His Holiness, Pope Pius XH, this volume oi VILLA is dedi- cated. As vicar of Christss Church, he has guided it though one of the most precarious periods of aii time. The great personal sanctity of our Holy Father, his feariessness in denouncing evii, and his indiscriminating charity for the peopies of Europe have gained for him the esteem of all nations. Recognized in the political worid as an au- thority on international affairs, his opinion as a statesman is highly regarded. The Holy Father realizing the necessity of Christian education, if peace is to pre- vaii, has said, M-Phe Christian education of youth was never of more decisive or vital importance than it is today." In the dedication of this yearhooic, the theme of which is the Church and Christian Education, we wish to pay trihute to Pope Pius XII, the Pope of Peace. H fs AW af W 'J 11. V A -f H W' WA 1' .,..u... rfb QF? Q9 ' EJ 'X iyaff q J 'ff' 5, 1' v' r I 59' 1 N it M' 1 N X "1 r x' I 1 3 9 I L ,lf , ., , it S E9 t ' ' ' it ' f 4 '- ' , T . g' s ' I ,fit 4: I XA ' ' b ff , ll if , ins, XR ' ' ff' 1. X ' it , t A 'ff .J x. my iv 4 H, A , . Coat ot Arms ot His Hotiness, Pope Pius Xt Theme As the modern age has attowed itsett to dritt away from God, it has toecome immunized against the code ot Christian ethics. For tactc ot a set standard ot moratity, nations have become hattteiiietds tor the prevatent evits: war, race prejudices, and materialism. Modern inditterence and ignorance ot truth have caused this present wortd corruption. But it ignorance he the poison, Christian education is the antidote. The acquisition ot mere knowtedge is useless untess it is compte- mented by Christis principtes. Here at Vitta Montemar we have enjoyed the advantages ot a Chris- tian education. in every phase ot our schoot tite, the pattern as set down by Pope Pius Xi in his Encycticat on Hchristian Education ot Youthn is tneing ettected. in our yearhootc we shatt endeavor to show how the principles ot this system ot Christian education are heing realized in our schoot organiza- tions and activities. We hope that this theme witt express the truth that uthere can he no ideatty pertect education which is not Christian Education? HELEN KERIOZOLAS. W 'K E3 V I ay- B. .3 Q 53 ,fm X qf"1'h9 Wa, Z .-.1.:: , ,-'. , Igun'f' s W' -. 'S maui i To tha 1947 Graduates, Uur Lady df Paaca Academy The thoroughiy Christian education that distinguishes Qur Lady of Peace curriculum shaii ever he heid a cherished privilege and a precious heritage. Equipped with those fundamentals that maice progress secure, the graduates are destined to wield a salutary intiuence through many generations. Because the Catholic Church, the mother of learning, has, from the start oi her foundation hy Jesus Christ, fostered and protected the arts and sciences, it rejoices the Church oi God to note the stimulating ieaven as a ciass of graduates emerges from the ioveiy portals oi Our Ladyys Academy. Vvhat you have absorbed during these four scholastic years, in sur- roundings where sacrifice, innocence and iove are happily blended, will stand by you iorever. We salute and hiess the Ciass of 1947, praying that the good worics you have so weii begun may be crowned with eternal spiendors. Sincerely, CHARLES F. BUDDY, Bishop of San Diego. m S' L 'S Vi' xl VI? xy 'V 8 W: '35 4 'X 1 F 'S s EHAPEL EUUHT SAINT EEIIILIRS HALL 4 .4 SPRING FEVER A Merrier Huur was NQVQI Wa3h2d Then? -. , NNY 1 SAINT EATHEHINHS HALL Sky and Gardlen Shadows Woven A ill!! HllQllii!lLIi- X, Qi I xxo 0 'W i i vw xv 2 A 1. x GP if Xxxxgxi NPI!! Tx- I SE IUHS "Education consists essentially in preparing man tor what tie must be and what tie must cto here below in order to attain the sublime end tor which tie was createctu We seniors are gratetut that We have received tile benetit ot this type ot ectucation ot which Pope Pius Xt speaks in his Encycticat. T22 f'V?m,, ,mv Senior Eiass Utticefs We Sum it Up! U . . . Laguna mountains. Vvtno seconds ttie motion?u Every Ditcti Day has its serious moments: otticers: Beatrice Btizzard, treasurer fiettb, J .lane Pmaicti , president, teggy Alexander, secretary, and Bernie Ryan, vice-president. conduct ctass discussion. time seniors toot: tnacic to iast year when trom ttle side-iines in ttleir junior tormats, ttiey Watctied another ciass teave ttwe Academy. September, l943, marked ttie entrance ot trigtitened, but smiiing trestimen into time awaiting corridors ot tligtier tearning. Atter tmeing tuurdened funnecessariiy, we tiiougtiti witti a variety ot enormous tnooics We started our daity sctleduie. fjur indoctrination toiiowed immedi- atety. Vtttiougti tout iowiy trestimen we made the upperctassmen sit up and taice notice wtien we Won tile detnate and presented a deiigtittut comedy. Cjur soptiomore year tarougtit our Hgreen yearsu ottziciaity to a start as we received our ties. We ctiose St. Patricia as our patron and tuecame First row, left to right: A. Jones, L. Vereschagin, M. Lapthorne. M. Hayes. J. Nessler, D. Schroeder. J. Balch. Secorul- row: P. Wilhite, l. Rivera. L. Crivello, E. Wilhoit. D. Salmders, A. Lewis, C. Ramsay. Fhud row: M. Zaragoza. B. Davey, M. Englehart. P. Alexander, B. Blizzard. M. Roise, G. Pitts. Fourth row: M. Thompson, E. Momello, P. Tomas. C. Bilshorough, H. Keriozolas. D. Klaus. lmown as the lrish Class. Although we spent a quiet sophomore y r.9 it was highlighted with a weiner roast, a chiclcen dinner that ivve 'Este' J? the seniors, and a never to he forgotten evening swim at 'La Jollafhx ' Upper Classmen at lastl We elected Helen Keriozolas ss Ehicqt l and the '47 Club began a successful career. Our pr ntati of t e operetta "Bits O'Blarney," proved the talent of our Irish C ns. "They g A long awaited arrival of our junior pins caused everyweisx I turn A our direction. j 45 " s At lastl Lilce a loolt from the blue we reigned asf mi ulih ty s ' N ln the athletic field we carried off the championship 1' volleylaall. 'it the arrival of our sweaters many pairs of sun glass were worn tosfiield the glow. A January 27 was a hig day in our lives. Dressed for snow and sleet we mounted the yellow hus and headed for the Lagunas, while the rest ot the classes struggled with hoolcs. That we did not find either snow or sleet did not lceep us from having one fine clayl The senior play, Barter, was one of the year's outstanding events. This production un- earthed dramatic talent hitherto undiscovered and set us on a par with Academy Thespians who have gone helore. PEGGY ALEXANDER stands ior athletic, ISBN for beautiful, and MCU for charming. All describe Peggy to a AT., Digest the fact that Peg has made every lcind of team every year since she became a freshman. The team she is on is bound to winl Then the amazing iact is that she Wallis triumphantly oil the court to trip her fingers lightly along the keyboard. Those fingers also can deftly caress a piece oi material into the latest concoctions. But what we really praise Peggy for is her accuracy in counting noses. She has been the class secretary during our junior and senior years, and she has yet to mis- place one of us. A certain boy in college, recently out oi blues, is her particular subject of interest. Peg is a good salesman With a good busi- ness head, and specializes in responsibility. The best compliment we can pay her is this: When she has a job to do, she does itl we s .Q ky41xyi,x.1' z I A' ' N1 I .a Jw A up U, A RIA BALCH yd' JANE LBE W l-. ' J, . , ,fixff M' fl. Janie, The Gem of La Mesa Hillsf, ' ' iormerly hailed from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her four Ugreen yearsn of high school she has spent at the Villa. Donyt let that calm and angelic loolc fool you because under- neath is hidden an impish nature. ln her freshman year she was elected secretary of the class. The following year, since she proved her slcill in sports, she was elected treasurer of the Janie, the girl who is ualways in there pitchingf, came out the next year as vice-president of the Student Body. This year she was given the highest honor a senior class can bestow on one of its members,-she was chosen class president. Her splendid characterization as Mary Magdalen in the senior play, Barter, Won her dramatic honors. M' -f' 1 ws f " 1 up ff' f 0 L- CAROL BILSBOROUGH !.0" fp Blond C rol, dyigmo of energy and humor, joine in her junior year and quiclcly beca a sincere and cooperative helper in ll cademy projec . Her marvel- ous a ic owess, ombin with a lceen q en f the cour s.f ghe became G.A.A. rexy for our senio ' ear, and has more than proved her exe ve ability. Thanlcs to Carol, we have a new peppy G.A.A. song and many whole-hearted new G.A.A. fans. sportsma s ips oon made her Carol hails from the deserted wilderness of Escondido. She is a sincere devotee of the Sodality's Mental Prayer Committee and the science labs, where she earns those enviable "Asn jig... u. Jo, ff BEATRICE BARBARA BLIZZARD The Kay Kayser of O.L.P., "Bee Zeen dons her cap and gown, wit to let us lmow she's been a loyal member of the "Sham- roclc Seniors" for a number of unforgettable years. In fact this "Blizzard" blew into the Villa in the seventh grade, and has been "winclingn her way through various class- rooms since. Her spontaneous wit which pops out at any time and place malces a comedian's paradise of any study class. "Bee Zeeu has shownfher executive ability and Shyloclcs hand in her position as treasurer of the senior class and U47 Club. CHARITY CLARK 1 Charity, the gal with the cute name and even cuter smile, came to the Academy from Washington in her senior year. Petite and pleasant, she excels in any sort ot class- room activity. She manages, quite dexter- ously, to keep her marks up to "As, with- out hurning any midnight oil or gnashing any teeth in that charming smile. She was an Hangel tor a night" in the Christmas play. The pride of the civics class, she has talcen part in many discussions, hoth in class and at student hody meetings. Atter graduation, Charity plans on college, and hoth faculty and students lcnow that she will he an outstanding credit to the Villa. ,A f ,f P! j. ,,rf'J', ' Sl L-W' - b TXJJJQVNI I X. LH, - fs .Y ' ,r'4 . 1.NM..1 f A .. , I s x f iv- Yx '7 vt ' . Y K ,fi-.My w. KJ I - V .l' I - ,qs ' ,x ., ,L .xr . Y V g...'x4 'C ' . by q'M4,1' fx, ' QQWJ J .M V t. 1 ' Fx -v' A t i ,fT,l"-" xv' f ," - -- ,' .f , -J ' LENA CKIVEILO ' X' -N. -14.1 X -X rfk N, - 1.7.1 ,N ' A N ,kr N. N- ', J' mf , w Lena is one of the mosttfboperati-ve seniors in the class. No worlc in need ot voluntejars will find Lena ahsent whether the worlc he ditticult or easy. t The senior play drew its crowd as a result',' ot her lausiness ahilities. Because ot this the' Spanish class hecomes a riot when Lena stands up to recite Spanish-vocahulary. Her 'X usual reply when she is asked to recite is, "Sister, l can,t pronounce it, hut l can Her deslc is brimming over with pens, A beanies, rosaries etcetera, as she is the lceep-X ' er of the lost and found. Typing and shorthand will he Lena's ' chief concern at Commercial College. 4.4 ' KT, . - ' ,J --- ! gf ,, R. 1 8" ' 4-. seniors won a holida . jx, Y f spell it." X , ' i . . I7 .1 " U I 1 ff. BEVERLY ANN DAVEY A sudden Hash oi fire and a violent ring- ing of a helll Calm your nerves :it's not a fire hell hut a HFiery Belle." Bev, with her Haming tresses is lcnown around the Villa as 'sManager of Bells, lncf, and she,s always around "Jost" for a minute to Hchuclc' in a little time between rings. Small and speedy, she,s dynamite to any opponent in the world of sports which in- cludes volleyloall, cars, and pedestrians. Her athletic talents have won for her the desir- ahle position of G.A.A. treasurer this past year. . Being the owner of "The Green Clipper," a respectable little Ford, she provides the chief means of transportation and a great deal of fun for ulrishmenn only. M' 3" f' , oN1cA ENC-ELHART If If Faithfulness to all projects has made Monica an outstanding member of the class of '47. Monica came to us in her junior year and quiclcly proved herself competent and efficient in both her studies and school spirit. As chairman of the Mental Prayer Com- mittee, Monica has shown her talent for leadership. ln her senior year she main- tained the position of Secretary oi the Stu- dent Body. Dramatist unique, she can play any character with precision and under- standing. She was in numerous plays in- cluding the Sunshine Twins, presented hy the Patio Players, and Barter, senior class play. Praise cannot he too great for lVlonica,s characterization of Judas lscariot in the senior play. We are indebted to Monica for her un-- selfish interest in debating. Our debate team was victorious over the other classes for two years and this was largely due to her tireless efforts. California. it IVIIRIAM .RITA HAYES "Mimi,,' as she is known to her fellow ushamrockersf' is an Academy daughter of twelve years. For four years her soprano voice has helped to maintain the glee club In the sixth grade Miriam left this State for a short time for the less golden shores o Florida, hut she still yearned for sunny Her favorite recreations are in the form of skating, swimming, horseback riding, and dancing. She possesses a ready wit which 5- keeps the class in hilarious riot. To show that she is a firm patriot of the typing class, she will continue after gradua tion in business college, and all of us at the J - Villa will miss her smiles and wit. 1 ,' I ..f' 5 X . J I .f kv I, XZ DOROTHY ANN KLAUS If you hear a Click and are suddenly blinded hy a Hash, you know "Dorf, is somewhere nearhy. With her camera, she has become indispensable to the seniors, as chief photographer. Dorothy is just as valu- able in the field of athletics. lt would he fitting to call her the typical outdoor gal, since she participates in almost every sport. As our crystal han ioretelis she will open her own shop showing what the well- dressed varsity women are wearing. Dorothy has also developed an artistic talent for comic sketching in her twelve years of study class, at Villa Montemar. With these, her grin and sparkling humor will mark her one of the unforgettable seniors of Our Lady of Peace. 3,uDf C afwffr y X' ' gf f1ff'5"'f'4l- HELEN MAXINE KERIZOLAS This tall Grecian heauty we introduce proudly as editor of Villa Montemar. Dur- ing the weelcs preceding its puhlication, Helen turned out a prodigious amount ol worlc. Her room at St. lVlargaret's was con- verted into a veritable worlc room where, in the night hours we found her poring and nodding over write-ups. The Classical in poetry, literature, and music give her the greatest pleasure has well as the questionable music of Hoagy Car- michael. She has heen trying to originate a poem patterned on the meter of uAnahelle Leen for two years. Unsuccessful in that attempt she has contented herself with im- promptu recitations of the aforementioned poem. Helen was vice-president of her class in her freshman year and president in her junior year. Her eagerness and apprecia- tion lor learning will find outlet in college study. - l www- yYf come true. lx l i N! yy' X if S 3,9911 .9 It ' 1 ll fl I . AGN ANN JONES Ann can chalk up a superbly successful high school career at the Villa. Climaxing her stay at the Academy, she held the m portant position of Sodality Prelect. The Sodality is indehted to Ann for a brilliant year. Last year Ann was Publicity Com mittee chairman, a position she filled with capahility and we suspect her of holding the County record for malcing posters. This little lady has distinct lilies: drama first, clothes second, and college-men third A talented actress, Ann has had leads in three Academy plays and in the St. Augus tine's play, Sunshine Twins, she proved he sell a lively comedian. Ann was the Acad emy correspondent for the Southern Cross in '46 in which she proved her talent in journalism. Radio is her amhition, and that huhhling, determined personality of love ahle Htlonesyu will surely malce those dreams MARY FLORENCE LAPTHORNE Flossie's jovial personality has made her a hit in the senior class. Her good nature is a trait for which we all linow her. The success of the senior play was due in a great measure to the excellent husiness managing Florence contributed to the pro- duction. Her willingness to cooperate in all activities shows her dependability. Flossie's alto voice has loeen talcing part in glee cluh recitals and activities tor three years. If she greets you, with a 'Bon jouru it's only her Parisian accent. For two years Flo has been faithfully attending French class. The heautiful diamond on her left hand discloses her career. 1. - X' 73 ff , ff Vt Kr I- ffl V I "M Vw , L 1, kj My W f , A L ff, , 2 , ,uf ve ' J4 - 'Xp ., . A "f"V 541 j U Q J 1 sf U + . 4 fi L 'f 1 u ERNESTINE IVIONTELLO X Tina, lcnown around the campus for her tinlcling of the ivories from the classics to boogie, is one of the outstanding members near hy. of the senior class. list of movies. entertainment. She has competently filled the position of Vice-Pretect ot the Sodality and amhitious ly worlced in its projects. She has claimed the title, "the judgef, and all the Sodalists await her verdict of the Legion of Decency HDon't forget, girls, we are having a smooth danceln is our '47 Club president s way of publicizing the many dances she has planned! Vvith her motto, "The show must go on,H Tina has made certain that every Academy social event is highlighted with Whenever you hear a sigh after a recor li Y! of the voice, you may he sure Tina IS GERTRUDE IRENE PITTS MARY JOAN NESSLER Clever artistry is portrayed by Joanie's drawings of the Academy Angel. Her deftness in poetry expresses her beautiful feeling for nature. HBeaver" is the name characteristic of this vibrant lass. 'The little Beavers' summers are spent as a camp councilor. Her favorite recreations are trail- blazing and sleeping under the big dipper. The silver basketball she wears shows that she is a champion of athletics. Joanie's love for the magical notes of music made her a member of our Glee Club for four years. Joanie will continue in nursing as a career. Her ability to accomplish big things in a quiet way is one of her most admirable qualities. 1 law awww f - 5. Ever pleasant and lrghthearted is the most fitting description ot Trudy. Over- tlowing with school and class spirit, she has been true to the Uwearing of the greenn since she first trod the halls of the Villa in her sophomore year. With a slight blush when she's noticed, she'll steal your heart away with her perpetual smile of sunshine. Graceful swimming and roller slcating are two of her mastered recreations, with dancing heading her list of Hmustsln Needless to say with her good natured personality Trudy will be an outstanding success as a Ulady in white," for she has chosen the career of a nurse. CAROLYN VAUGHAN RAMSAY "Beauty and the Brainsu is the ideal title for talented Carolyn. Her nimhle, dexterous fingers are as much at home on the lieyhoard as on the slcetching pad where she produces expert painting and slcetch Worlc. She joined us in the seventh grade, and the class would he sadly incomplete without the sunny, re- sponsihle, dreamy personality that is Caro- lyn,s. She served on the Literature Commit- tee as Chairman in her senior year and was on the annual staff as literary editor, working diligently at her post. Carolyn has loeen faithful to the glee clulo as hoth soprano and accompanist since her sophomore year. She also has an adaptability tor writing as she has proved hy her clever essays and fluent poetry. Her sterful rendition of Dehussyys "CI ' de uneu has become her well- lmo n tra e mark. Her interests outside of C ural ac ievements are roller skating and I' asterirfg the art of horse-hack riding. After graduation she intends to continue in the , 3 Field of music. ,xx gglwbi ' X' "if .rs .fwfr-""f -r ' , A ,T-h. ,Mask BERNADETTE RUTH R-Y?-61 ' X il' Versatile with personality hest descrihes cheerful Bernie. Her vivacious sense of humor has made her many friends during her eight-year stay at the Academy. This irish colleen can almost always he heard tallcing her Way out of something. The Sodality hulged with money when Bernie was treasurer in her sophomore year. "Now, please he quiet, girlsf' is her theme song which she constantly sings as vice-prexy of the senior class. Bernie has her serious sides, too, though one would never lmow it. Much of her spare time is spent at devotions and doing spiritual reading. Her future is indefinite, hut it is secretly thought that she will go into husines with her father. We all feel that whatever voca- ton she does follow will lead to a pathway of SUCCESS. DOROTHY RUTH SAUNDERS A giggle and a grin with eyes that shine within, that's our Dot, vivacious and etter- vescing with energy. An athletic whiz, shels a rocket on the basketball court and a dynamo with a volley ball. Not only does she enjoy all kinds ot sports but is num- bered among those who have an obsession for dancing. With the spirit of a boarder, her jovial nature has staged many pranks, and Dot will undoubtedly be missed by her fellow boarders and schoolmates. She can always be depended nnon to startle a group of con- centrating minds into a tit of laughter when she catches on to a joke heard a Week before. Adaptability for anything marks her as a versatile gal, as shown by her ability to handle an executive job. For two years, her J W W ' kj X ll E sophomore and junior, she held the vice-M C iff" , 3' 5, Pr 'cl f th I f '47, d ' I1 I lf A " N. ' f Sf-rsioreyleglr lshe lielldatfieootlnic Etndisgiplit: 4 jjj: l MI ! l Ui arian. , M ' PJJYA , J 'K , 1 X 3 W ' flwk rffjf ff. M' , T N A j , P .37 . Sify 4 , Mu VW , W W lj! agp K7 17 ft i JW I M. Y, Py dv ji DOLORES SCHROED' Dj I J J' x y A ,I I 1 ln her two years at the Academy, Deelgvtk X'-to good use her talents. One of her fav wr? . ' positions was before the Student Body - bating heatedly over a uResolve.U W' 'ff 's An accomplished pianist, she is always ready to pick up a new sheet of music and help out any performance around school at the last minute. Her participation in the cj Glee Club as Student director comes close Hy second to her indispensability on all teams. fl ' - Her figure goes flying about the court in the X same graceful manner her fingers go flying over the keyboard. She WHS SUCC6SSfl1l in the Sunshine 1, v f Twins, a play presented by the Patio Play- ers last year. This year she added to her stage experience by her cunning and con- vincing portrayal of "Rhea, in the senior play Barter. 1 llfflfrll VN x ALICE PATRICIA TOIVIAS Pat has been crowned Queen of Sports and hears this title with a graceiuI air. She was eIected vice-president of the G.A.A. this year and she has heen ingenious in her Work in this organization. She has merited annuaI awards in swim- ming and tennis during her tweIve active years at the ViIIa. The Academy Ietter she proudIy wears is symI:JoIic of her memher- ship on the Varsity for tour years. Pat is an ideaI dress modeI and is one of the most attractively dressed seniors. Her amiaIJIe and quiet personaIity can- not hide very Iong her many abilities. Pat heId the office of treasurer of the cIass oi '47 in her sophomore year and the office of treasurer of the G.A.A. in her junior year. wi VM! ,I LORRAINE JOYCE VERESCHAGIN UIVIicIceyH who came into our midst in the eighth grade is the proud possessor of a fund ot wit with which she is Iavish. A naturaI mimic she can aIways he reIied on to repIy, HVeII," or, "You were expecting something, maybe." During her third year in high schooI she capahIy fiIIecI the office of cIass treasurer. The same year she became vice-president of the '47 cIuh. Her management in dance affairs, and her capahiIity as husiness man- ager of Villa Montemar, have made her incIispensahIe to us. She tens us that next year she wiII trudge down the Iong corridors of coIIege, hut there seems to he some douht about these plans. A J WW ' 'f mi. MMM ELLEN IVIARJ EAN WILHOIT Ellen, our responsible A.S.B. president. walked into academy iiie in her sophomore year. From there on she went in the lights. becoming secretary of the sophomore class and later on in the year was honored with the position of Sodaiity Vice-prefect. in her junior year she was publicity chairman of the Sodaiity. The Glee Club has been bettered by her alto voice. Not only has she shown capabilities as a leader, but also as an athlete on the G.A.A. team. Her dramatic capability has been shown in the Christmas play and Barter, our senior play. She is brainy, too, so the Honor Roll has her name on it in blacic and white. Ellen hovered over the campus in an atti- tude of responsibility. For her untiring worlc and interest in the Student Body we are sincerely grateful. Ellen is a sticicler tor duty, possesses true leadership, and a win- ning personality. What more could one ask? on-,qc Qbmm - MARY KAY THOMPSON The blond bombsheil is introduction enough to Mary Kay, inspiration to many side-splitting moments. As chairman oi the Apostolic Committee, she increased enthusi- asm for mission worlc among her fellow sodaiists. iViary Kay has the happy icnacic oi arousing interest in the worlc she is cloingg so as a leader in the many projects under- taicen by her committee, she inspired many helpers in her worthwhile schemes. Kayis theme is, Hi Didnit Know Vvhat Time it VVas,H which pertains mainly to her punctual appearance in Espanol. She excels in the musical field as pianist as Weil as a nightingaie deluxe. Kay loves beaching, ther bathing suit does get Weil: and her favorite recreation deals in anything con- cerned with music. This she has chosen as her career and after she is graduated from the Villa she'il continue with her music in college. wg! .J Ki Sodaiity, but also oi tile art class. Many oi n 5" W "Y it -x. N' 'V V' 5. X sv 12Q' ' ii a".-. if '. X XIV 1" PATRICIA WILHITE Q M, l ' 1 May we now present one oi tile sparkling if . ' X ersonalities oi tiie senior class? Confidenti- ft is A ly, we suspect lier oi being a near relative , gy' ' , oi Artiiur Murray. Her graceful style oi .jf dancing is admired by all. Gay, lighthearted :I K at joined us in iier junior year wiierein siie Y' -if . proved iierseli a mainstay oi tile Publicity ' yi i J q"Committee with iier novel posters and imi- JX A letin boards. in our senior year slie became V ciiairman of tilis committee, a position siie fy' 5 filled with responsibility. ' vw 7, Q' Pat is a sincere devotee, not only oi tiie 1" iier loeautiiul slcetciies adorn tile pages oi xaivxx- tiiis annual. Slie iiopes to continue in art e after graduation and, knowing Patys mag- .41 E' J . ' netic personality and talent, we iiave no , doubt slie will find success. YV' 1 . ,jjj 1' li' J ,ff KJV ky M MATILDE CONSUELO ZARGOZA M" . My ix. mf' 4' WW ,vip ,rip Virtuoso exceptional, is tiie most fitting introduction to Connie. Vvitin deep expres- sions and ciiarming boldness, Connie interprets tl'lC'WOI'liS oi time masters, enchant- ing all wlio iiear iier. Tile Glee Cluiy iias witnessed iier musical talents as siie accom- panied tiiem and added iier ricii mezzo- soprano voice to tiie ciioir. Slie proved in- valuable to time sciiool orciiestra as pianist. instantaneous entiiusiasm marlcs iier as a loyal senior, wiio iias worked wiioleiieart- edly for tile betterment oi iler school and class. Her recreational life includes any activity, from tiie cultural arts to swinging a triclcy ping-pong paddle. Vvitii iier future plans oi perfecting iler musical capabilities, Connie will achieve success. a rf psf, Q , rf!! . .' Calendar of Events Scliool Opens ........ A .................................................................................................... September 10 Initiation ............................. .......... S eptember 19 Halloween Party ................ .................. O ctolmer '51 Catliolic Boolc Weelc ..... - ........... ............. N ovemloer 5-10 Volleyball Tournament ........... ............ N ovemlmer 26 Soclality Mass .............................. ............. D ecemlmer 9 Cllristmas Play ........... ............. D ecemtzer 19 Slcating Party ........ ............. J anuary 17 Ditch Day .t...................... ............. J anuary 27 Soclality Reception ........ .................. J anuary '51 Retreat ............................................... .......... F elaruary 5-5 Heartls Hopvl ............................................. .......... F elmruary 15 Ioycus Season, Miss Hiclcey ..... -.. .............................. February 17 Saint Maryls Reception ................ .......... l .... 0 ........,................. - ..... M arcll 19 Barter ....................................................... ......... .March 50, 51, April- l Soclality Day .......................... .,..Q.Q ....................................... May l Senior-Junior Recital 7 ............. ........... M ay 10 Basketball Tournament ............ .... - ..... M ay 12 Mount Saint Maryls Tea ........... ......... Q .May 15 'Concert at Fortl Bowl ..... - ........... ........... M ay . 18 Field Day ..... 9 ................................... ........... M ay 19 Bisl1op's Breakfast ......... ........... M ay 27 G.A.A. Banquet ............ ........... M ay 27 Recollection Day ............ , .......... May 29 Alumnae Banquet ........, ........... ay 29 Prom ....................... .. ............. ........... May '50 Baccalaureate Mass ...... Fresliman Breal-ifast ........... Graduation ...................... ...........June 4 ...........June 4 ...........June 4 I iii? M' -' 4 ' 'i ,vi I of 3 K sm.. will' f E fm' i if! R 1 UI I 5 , f, 4k M113 if f M,fs1,W 1, , me SW , 6 X , Q -- .l 4 A , Y., , Fswksliwf- X . 1 x'Wffff1vfi+-Amliliw-www 2 M-M aw A Q ' NT' W M . R. , --'- 'sf X www, www mWw X ' """ ' , 'W' ., EQ:5..5::fs,-:-s,5gEe:agE:,-:g.:T2E:- www: , , .,,.,,..,. yi.: , pm 3 if ml! Ei of .EQ il. ig, - JJ Q 3, wi- I ., 1 - --N. Lifilw' - mm W.. um. W ,-4--.if fx' 'f-f-ww b. .MM Mjxw +-M14--,..,h-f..q.,,.,. W A -, WM ,H-Q... W... W. L j -,M 1-M... N., H... N., ,. ,. M M AW, , M , ,, ,.,, W WW ,W-2 A ,W M.. 212, TTT a-...."""' 'Q L-nf., f. dn., --- "J '--.-,'w. :-2 --.,,,b.-N-.,,.. -W.-1..-.. --Q, .. -Q.. Y Y -A N ' Q --H - , 6' fb' Q V . . A? ., V. 40 ..M,.f,.,.,.MfMff Qi i T, I ,J an ,A Nrwwxw-by-f 'Q q, Q x :gy , --.., in M R' V .M ,, M., ,,,, wtf" 'wfyfa-M If .,.7'M0"' A.. ix My Junior Uiiirers WY' UHF 3 :Sw 99" 'it' Vfitli a critical eye tlmsc officers: Velma Vvelcli, vice-president llcttl. Gerry Smith, treasurer, La Vonnn lvlontgomery, sm- rs-tnry, mul Hr-tty l.uu Nlattlww. president, discuss this dress as a possihle junior formal. Heminisring As the sixty ot us crept inside the tall, forbidding walls, we were coyly greeted hy liendishly smiling seniors, later lcnown as the Hthirty tyrantsf, who made our first days as ulroshn as uncomfortable as possihle, constantly reminding us ot promised lurking tortures in the near future. We emerged from the tortures or initiation, as it is com- monly lcnown, with an unusual amount of veneration for the upperclassmen. They gave us a party that afternoon to revive our wilted spirits. The year progressed without too much undue excitement. We won the volleyball championship which was quite a blow to the upperclassmen. Later on we sponsored Tag Day and then rushed on to other activities, such as Field Day, the Ban- quet. and the freshman hrealclast for the departing seniors. H10 I' E1 liirst row. in right: xintlilvw. il, ixiinning Q firuniu X Uur secionci year in high schooi was hegun with a siightiy superior attitucie, which was crushed the ciay we received our quota oi' hooics. Again we won the voiiey- hail fhampionshipg again it was a ixiow to our eiciers. The year passeci quieiciy and heiore we iinew it we were again entering the iast quarter events. Vve gave tht- seniors a iuscious ciinner the night oi, their senior piay. At iast we were in the hracicet icnown as tht- upper-Ciassmen. flur Cathoiie Pmooix Vveeic exhihit won first piaee though we ciici iose ' u on out voiieyhaii titic oi Champs. Ahout this time we imegan thinicing ahout the prom and the graduation in which we were to llliliit' it C0i0I'iIli ElpfD6'flI'2lIlC6' ill OUI' pastei iormais. 'iihen graciuation came and sad- iy we hacie iareweii to another graciuating viass. Xxivitil, . iulltgulllvry, Y. Saillmn, fi. Smith. Svrulul row: ij. xxiili taker, il, Ramsour, S. i.ovi-ian-, it. Rm-si. Y. ixlilililll4'iSil'f, ii. ixinrrisnn i 4' N "fi low: iiarivargi-r. P. lloxui, P. Arlluii R. Xvesm-ioii. S, Rumimii-ii, fy Ditonmso. lfourtii row: I. Harris, xi fi. furila, D. Duran, if. iiariuoa. i.. Y. ixinntgmm-ry, if St. Sun 2. L ! JS X? t ,X Q S, ut H Time Marches Back As we Clear time colmwelas from our minds, we recall our laeloveol fFCSllTIliiI1 year. Rememlmer lmw we tremlmlecl and slioolc at tlne tllOllg'llt of tlle clreaclecl initiation? Yet we survive-cl -you ean't lceep a goocl class down, you lcnow. CN course we would leel extremely lwurt il' anyone forgot time lreslmman-junior mlelwate. Tlle lruits ol victory are sweet. rl-lien our little songsters lnirst lortli witli a lmrancl new glee Clulm, cfomposecl entirely ol exaltecl liI'0SllII1tlIl. l.ast lmut surely not least came tlie senior lmrealclast. Tlie seemingly unending amount ol wort: suclflenly was translormecl into an amazing lmrealclast. Ancl so .lime T approaclleel and was met Witll mixecl sentiments. But on time wliole it will prolmalply lx: regarclecl as one ol time llappiest and most extraordinary years in our lllgll Sfllfllll Sfrilpllook. WSW was-1 M 5UUhUmUTElNHSS and Uffirurs llnlriain Nlmlinrlnimlx, Sums: llivlig, Klum l.ymlu, lu Ann Snlvalxi, Allman Nlnliu lqulzu, Knllllm-ll llm-lwlmll, Nl.ulLf.ul4-I Nix-leon, Alun.: Slvnnrl. l'lli7.nln-ll: Rmlvy, llulnlc-N llinlx lc-y, lflivnlulln Ylmrrumlu, Slnirlm-5 Xvaml, lwuunu-lu Ynx qua-7, Rusvllmrx llnyl, ljliue llnlnlvn, Nauru' l,4-.mlm Xlulvu-lllln, Sylvia Sinrlnir, lluirimiu Nllljmlv. fxlurx lpn xlmiqmluimlx. Nlnrlyn Sin-null. lxmvi flnll. RH.: l'.llgl4-lmli, .luml lnlsmnlr, R051-lumix Gray, l'.ul.'ici.n ll.nnnz-ln-ll, Allrom fllnm lflmfw, Slum-vnlllm Slllilll, lawn ll.nlnlQ.lIlr-ll. lrvm' flursiu, ,lmmn Km-ulxgll, lmis Kirluwulull, I'f1IIHI'N lxlury Xvilllilv, ,luull Xvil lmil. Arun-lmlu Arllnlrullgj. Rem' :xlurio llumm, .luun Ann flvxlnlmlly. Nami lxlilxlu-ll llvllx lu Xvrigjlll. lxluliull Yilue, Hmm filmlullc-r, lllnm-nm 1- Kmlu. .lAu'quvlim- fvulnlw, Nunn' flulmmlv, Nunn.: lm-.nn Smnvurxlu. 5 X mal wv Y0llll'Il0Cl lo plunge- mio th.- I f ml s l c fl s 1 ll Jrlfflllc r lmwvvvr. 4- wvrc- soplmmorvs A r nl 1 poslpom 1 I Sluclc-nl llmcly willl our vvrsion ffl r 1 J ol nun. You linow lllosv clzussirzll A 472012: df f-'fx' 01' nf A-ul 1 3 aff Q. I .lla 7 5 I"RlzSl IM.-NN SIX "l'Il DN Il First row: Pnlrifin Kniglll, Nlary Hnlrlo, AAYIIIKIRI 'mln'- vic-r, lxiinvrvu I.:-la-vin-r. SPFOIICI row: Elisa Luna, lellfll Z1-pp, Us-urgvllv Hamlin, Hvlvn I,m'Hil1. Tlnircf row: .layu- Xxynrnv, EH:-n Ryan, Ray .lvunnc Dorman, Nurnm Nixo- lunv. Fourth row: Ifllcn .lnnv Fizmcuvy, ,loam Prm-vnsl, Vvlmzu Bnrvrm, fllurin Ixllllhllil. Fiffll row: Amlrvu VX'ilIlr'rs, Frzullu-s Umjlic-l1u'lli, Nlnrisu xli'ltIN'VY. blurrv- line- X'iJOYil',l,SiX'Il row: .lvmwllv fjslmrnc-, Elsiv Rox'- 4-rirli, Aumln- Provost, Alia- Dvssvrl. Sl'I'l'llfIl row: Rullu Sflulis. :Weary Alirm- Irvine. Carol fJ'Hnm. lfiglllfl row: Hilzlu Azxrsla-HV. Lunin ylum- Bug, . . , . , Q. 1" ' A y,fj4.iK".1i'V I '. 'nfl "4 I I Q.. .' ,lf 5,1 f , If I Freshman Ufficers J I ' Planning .1 rluss Illl'1'liYlQ cluring tlw lunclx hour ran lu- fun nm' jusl ns 4-H'ic'i4-Ill. say officers: Elisa Luna, sun-lnry, Holt, Pall 5lc'Ufynn, vicr--prx-simlvrml, Elin-n Ryan, lrvausurs-r, und Lnniu NIM- Hn-rg pn-sicls-nl. A L,7,,,,,, H' A 2 Q. 3 FRESIIMAN SECTION 'T' l'irsl row, left to right: Virginia Suvvayn, Isrilrt-I Sawaya, llI1'fl'Sil Nlrfirntll, lxIIlllH'I'H ixlnloilcy, lxlnrgnrvl lla-welt, Ann lxlurin lnliiaiyo, flare: Briurlieii. ljern Nlciules, I4-fEll1l'f'S l.c-aiiclers. lvlary Reilly, ll:-len lxlillvr, Nlurcin l,zittilnure. Lori-tin Cassidy. .. N .. -. v. w . 1 . . ljatrirm l.nwlc-r. Nuoml rom: Pzitrluzx l.yon. ltliznlrelll NNlll'y, l,arnn-lme fvuarnoltu. hlominm ltr-rum. .loseplniw Ruiz. IJ.-Im l,f'l'1'Z. ljiltfifill 5ll'c'lyllll, Lillllil Dilli. cimlfgiil Gilllufi. Nlil'lliiL'la Buono, ljillllillf' English. fnrolyn tNlcEncrny, Pillriria Dear' horn, Alia- Alvarado, llmily Xvigeherl. First Memories NU'l1lClfl to all ye readersl Your close attention please. Dont overloolc us lowly treshmen. We gave a lot to this school: stamping down the stairs, chattering in the corridors, yelling in the cafeteria, scattering papers in the yard, grating on the Sisters' nerves, and what not. Yes, we were lcept husy trying to till the roomy loaters ot our predecessors'-and succeeded. Our tirst year included also a serious program. The first day ot school we were supplied with more than enough. hoolcs to lceep us occupied. We were consistently assigned daily homeworlc. Throughout the first quarter everything Went according to schedule except initiationl Yes, we too had to contend with that. The Christmas play was given in December: so, ot course, all the memhers ot the Freshman Class scouted around tor huyers ot ticlcets. We were very successtul in taringing our class a reputation tor school spirit. Then exams came, and went. and halt the treshman year was quiclcly completed. Vve had parties, movies, plays, and always ot course, interspersed with quizzes. All in all, we had a husy time ot it. Now, loolc at us. Vveyve trudged through a year ot hard lahor only to he wal:- ened up in three short months to hegin worlc again. tVVhat did Monsignor Sheen say about the thrill ot doing it again?l Qh, we,ve had a delightful tirst year in high school, and now we,ll relax and wait tor the second. , I , ww , 9 J jx W 'C' CJ? " G EEZ!! Q , ,Q f,. . E 9 V , xx B it XX-. Q 3 ...--"If v, V -4 , "ft QL! flf64J ,57- K Qi- J I, ' . ,,. 2 v 5 W1 J L W fm ' 'fd' ,. ---1-f ' 'Cz xii. ,f Q ffifcz , f ,,7,- x-.1 f "i -- 0 A .L . , D Coat ot Arms ot His Holiness, Pope Pius X , f .1 --1 I L- 1' 1 'ML ' 1 -' , X 1 - gkp I 2 41' A 2' i 4 . .1 ,.,,, . waewlfl' 1 ' , ' I BHAMMAH GRADES K'Wh0S0CV8f stiatt receive one sucti ctiitct as ttlis in My Name, receivetti Wien The Ctwurcti watcties over ttie Ctiitd trom its earliest age witti particular concern. 5 ' Q 'VJ ' M ' in "Ya Q .o- ai nu . Q Q ,H A W ., f",-Af 1" ' . "M--Musa-Y 1' aff." 'J - z'g,'K,7 -- fu. W 1 ', 4 7' , fr - .Q J, x Q C Q N t ' .Ol' 9,1 YZ wg ' ' " . 9 6 .'. 'R ' 3, . 3gfW5 f'79, 5 "' A ' 0 .v. N Q -f. .-f...----Q. ' 'vu' 9, -Qi Q, N. I ' ,, .5 2' Q vi 502. -4- Q5 5-P' , . H "L . -Q s ' ., ev ., ' H -rn, .. - .7 4 M' f ' 5 t f 'f 1 M . ff M.. Q 1 ' ' W 43" .fy - , wg, egg.:-,, ,, ., Af fm, A an .. ug, itigfm :uw :Ti 4 E, Zi U1 '55'J"f'f'fffv tif ffl Luft Eighth Eradars .Q 'Inf-frm: row. Io riyIlI: II. II. firm'Ii, BI. IXI. IInyl. I.. NIr'Zzl. II. .I. SIHIIY, NI. NIr'liInin, II, xIurlin1-1, V. Isruu-, I. New-xe-5. If lv. Iusl. I5 A. fvmlmnu, X. NI. Bur-IuIc'r, IJ. I., I'.Il'IlIlillI!ll, R. IL. xlunningj. I. NI. XVanII4m. Svrmnf rmw: XI. I. I.l'XNIh. I. NI. IIum'1Ix. I. IJPIHIIS, fr. IIIUIIIRIS, II. I-1'psc'Il, N. Irrm-5, I'ihIl, II, NisImIs, .I. frm I I N1IIllIIlI1l' I Ill: I N NluIIIull I I5 r I I Xxfl III NI I N I I v ev. . . . 4' -. . A 's. .. . . . '- . .. . nrnv. 1, .. 'Q , . . . um ru . . uc riguos. 'l'I1irrI rmv: flufpvr, fy. IDIIIIHIIIQ, I., QIVIHIIUHIIH, ,I. IIxvlgc'nIwrg4-r, iiill'Vl'll0. XvI1'r'Iw. II, fl, Amh-rsun, Rv. ll. ITilYlf, I .-R I,.xylw, fv. IxIuur4', lx, fIIIum, I.. fl. Im111sr'Imf, NI. X4-Iuzqur-1. I21. .I. ArnuIrI, I.. II. I.:-sh-r, I. II. IX1'II1'r. IQHI7. cvrvvll. KX. I,rHHM'IIy, KX. Izlgosl. XI II NIIUN!" SEVEHIITI Ufadg - ..............,...-- .. , EE' I Ifirsf row, Iufi lu riggI1l:Ifm llmrv XVAIIII-rs. Imm I'i5Iu' Ifvc-Iyn SIIIIITUT, lnlu..I,.-1 IJi4Ixsun, Ijaxlririzl Sinllnmm Nznuwllr' AmI1'rsnn, fm IEIIVKVII, QNRITHIXII AcIIIinQ1' Svr'fHIrI row: NIIIFICI fIr1'l I'Iur1'nu',IXIm I.ou I Inrlmrgn-r, fII4mri.1 I Iv rvrn. I.urnu I Iul1Ixm-nml fnllshunx 4' Kunz-. I..-.III Dull, IXInllrv1'n IXI1 Uvrnmr SIHIHYII I',IaxIn'rly. ,I'IlirrI rrlu ,Iamvl I IIIII, KklIIl4'TIIl1' IJ:- Iiins, Yilnm IXIRITIIIIUZ. Iran CIS I.llflllUlll', Illlfrl IXIVII Ilulsy AsquilI1. Ijrxurffl mu ,lililll IQIHIKI4, IAWIIIII BIHIIUIIPI fI4'ruIxIim' Si1Ix. .'XrIinm' Rm mnmI. I'1iIfIl row: Rm' Cui: fiynilniu fanning. I.ur'iII f'm'Im1-r. SnIIy IIfmrrImau SEMI! row: Ifrnvelim- Ignrlm Iuc'qm'Iim- III-1-VI1, .Iunv Krl Q4-r IImIc rum: NIyllI1 'I'ImrnIxruuIi. IJRIIFIIIRI Vynm fwnriv NIRIIIIPXV, fm- Ilnlsf-3 3Izm 1-II.. Illumm, I.urin Ijzwm-, fllnrin AI:-x.n1rIc IJ llrl in II. N f.nrnIx 1 lr 'lylN','1 1' Hmm-H. lldrlmm lim-lv-f-. F1Hh and Sbdh Grades - 1 II111 II1'.11I'1 w1'11' Illllllll Ilrsl 111111, I1'II lu r111I1l' I NIN-11, IIII11r.1, I.11vr1111I1I1, Ix I11i11 NI IXIIIIIIIIGII II I'1rIx1'1 'X11I'1 11 I' I1- I .-Xr1111I1I. I , I.111 II XI II 4. II1l1'rs1I1, KIIIIIQ1 1' . 11 1' '111 ' '11 " , 1. . 1 . ,.11x11, 11 , . 111111 51'1:1111I r1111': I11I1I11I. xI11IlI111, 5. I.11111I1.111I. 5lI11'1l.1. IIII11i1'l1, 5. I,1I1'1111111, I xrIIIx1I IIIIIII1 IIIYII XIIIHIII XIII1 I III NIIIIII I1 II I . .1 411. '1 '111': . '11J1 , .' , 51 ' , , 11 11111111. , 11,1- , . 5111 1'. .1w'1 1 I. If 11 1, I 11II1 1 11, I, I..1111-11111111, IXI, II111Irl1j111-1, I , X.111 1I4' X11i11-. I. I.1111111N, IJ II.1x111--, I. I'111x1-rx, II. II11x1I1-11, I 51111II1 I1III11 I II ISXY11 II I'1I111 NIII111I1 XI11I1I11I' In I Q1 II 11 NINI1'Il1 NI XIIIII1 1 NIR ' 111111. 1-, 1.1 .1 1, , . 1-', .' ..1111- 11 . 1-1111.1 '1 1 1111- . , 1 11 1- , , . 1 r11u1-1, I Rum, I Ix11Ix ,IIYNUIIII I. I I11I111U1-r. NI. IIx11QI1I, I, II.mI111111111, I1. I111i.11 Iuxl 11111'. I1'II I11 1'111I1l. I If11I1.11'1I11111, NI, Iil1g1'111I1I I 1.1I1I111-II, I1r11I1.1111 X. XXIIIHIHI, f.11111l1Il11, I I1.1II11111. X, 5I.11IxI1111111- X I.11111111'II S1'111111I 1'1111' ll II.1Ix1-1. I., IIJ.1iI1-N, II, 'I11111 II I'1x11111-11.1, II, III1l1.111I NI. IX1-II1-r, I111xI1-1, I XXI11111Ir11II, S1-1x'i11I11. II II11x11111111I, I. Yivn. II. II11I1 1-1I1 II'I1i11I 111111. II. S111I1v II.111x1111111-, II 5I1.11x, IJ II11w1-11, I , IlX1l11', 5, II1'l11I I.. II.111I11-11x.1Ix, 5, I.1pp1-r1I I K111'1111i11g, I' 5w.1I1 I'411111II1 111111: XI11-lx, R XXI.11I111, II. I1.1r111'11I1-1, II 411011, I II1-111-1, XI. IL111 I1111, I 51I11'11.1, 5 II1-1IIx I III-II1111, II. II.1I1I.111I, I411r.11111, IS I,1111111g11 11111: NI. XY1-111I1-I, NI, 5111111 111'r, I11.1I1.1111. III11111 II II'IXI.1I111111'x', X11 111Ii, IJ I..1p.1w.1, I XYII1- I. II1111'1I. I'.1rI1-1, .II1s1-nl XI. IIIIIII, I, IX11111111- F IIUrd and Fuurlh UradH5 1 I1 I 11y First and Second Graders Eambol on the Green Left, Imvle: A. Combs, P, Hull, J. Donnelly, Nl. Biricel, J. Greer, L. Encinas. E. Hauivrnsaic, M. Caratan, C. Pacic-rc-wsici, S 7 f Sonnc-nivurg, C. Slmlts, A. Alclrc-tr-, B. Wigiil. Nl. VYCSI. J. Kessiing, G. Greer, C. VVryc, S. Kirkpatrick, B. Kelly, G. Cas' snrios. B. Siu-pimrci. S. Anrivrson. J. Jiracok, N. Ryan, L. Heinz-, J. Capassa, C. Keller, J. Smigielski, G. Harrell. D. Her- nsuuioz. I.. IAPQIPT, F. Hovvlz-H, S. Novak, M. Davey. P. Aiiring, D. Keswirlc, K. O'i'iara, C, Vvoifc, M. Arnold. M. Gooicc Alisvnlr A. Ninriiiirlii, L. Snow, M, Van Horn. l Carol Siiveria and Carol Ann Rick en- joy the gay exhibit of books for young folic provided during Catholic Book Vfeek. H 'Sv . ':TE . -V 27 L W L iv f . 5. .iikiii 'Frfwf , . fe , -:gi ,:'LFEa: .- A -'fx S' - A -A 1 ,,. gg A . T - . .fs '- .- 1. vm ns- .- ': . 3. - M4 A ..,. ' 5 . f .Ja 7'fi- 'WWH SAQ i v ? 3 . H ik gr 1: 'Q X Y: Ysf' rf . -- -2 : . . Q' - - if x x fm. ' ' W2 '..,...,::sw?Fq: - gggi-REQ., sag.. .- ,MN fi. 5 :s lr is i 5' '5 5 5 A i . 2 K Nj? . .- . K Lv Au 48' F ti 1 2 i ' i I 1 3 t -f A ' .f , 5 , f , f f g U Q I f Q fi I , if i5 vsHf i 24 5 WZSTWMK 5, K' I I I 3 N i 5 P5 , , N, Q . ' . . 2, " 1 5 fi 1 2 ' A I 2 1 fi 2 X 4 1'12lff wA' W in Q' 5, N A p W if 5- A we Q vgx' A .- . x 1 7 wh ,y u N ' 5,53 V3 i kgi I . ,V x 3 42 EX V f' I nw" 'SY X - M a ' 'Q ' 9 v 5 3+ M51 Q x X A ' - g ni? 4 fi dl I gif -5 -'-- f ' 1 af- ' Q X - , W V in 44, 5131? I I V ' Y , 5 , A . f... .- 4 ' . , -1 5, 3 -.:..y x A jfiif M L. ., x 15" 'N Hulwzy . . ,' 1 .AI G K! x M K . , ' .ggi 'Q ' x Q ' Q 5, f f ' ' X , V F we -, - W!f.3'f 1 V- -f ' Q1 ' ' ' ' Swing nm! JIHPIIIIKI xxx- gn! . . IIN' IIIII4-Nl M1314-lx smug . . . Rmilnl lilm- ,mn lirlx' isis . . . fifnrislnms lvsliu- linux . . . Sll'iliIH'll mmm-mls In-lurv llu- nwilul . . . sung Nia rx , , . llxirrl enml lourlll Qrmle-s pirniw nl Vim- flroxv , . . Fpring gfm'Ifnr11ls nm' XUIIIIQ IJISSIVS . . . lI'l'iHIlllU il Ill1'3lNlIl'1' . 2? zft Q 'W f .f ,x 3 ' QQ ite, .-x.. - t..t::?. ' 12519 Q O Q3 FQ' O -UPU? O :iw .U '1 0 s -UZ ae FD :zz 55' -I 2 5. FD U2 71 We ,, FI' ., HWh0, for tiieir greater spirituat advancement, are grouped in spiritual sodaiities which are worthy ot praise and encouragement as most excellent and powerful aux- iliaries ot 'Catholic Action., H -1 3 emit., ., ,,Q,, A . Wx. 435,34 v.., "wf:jj.M NWN msaim - ., - -X i E -B., iw, xMwqQZQ .,MLM: M WEN E ENQQQQM v.x,'mxlf.MMA Qa.,lxlQQr x N 'W-,Q WN., my ""+a,:"W"fm,,, 'Q .ww "amN2l.,m9LN KY Nw. Fi. W we 4,6 s. iw s This Villa Soft lareeze. sigli sweetly, caress lier face: See Lacly, dawn dries tliy mantle lace. Vvllen clay lwas Hecl tliy slsiine is seen By stars wllicli crown tliee lieavenys fzlucen. Purityls blossom, Lady of Peace, Tliese arlimorecl gardens are placecl at tliy feet. Ancl in tlle eveningls twiliglit calm Your clmilolren olzfer wllisperecl psalm. God macle tliee a Villa, a place ol? His love: ,K W A 4 Tlmere mistress of peace, witli ancl Willa Dove 2,3 5 4 Vigilant, loving, ,- lcept lay tliy grace ' ' W '-1, g f f1fwfM',, NCQ R '--iv ... fi . .lp v M 52 ,Y .2 rf ,ng f miiaffiggm A ,s2f?555PH1W'if-f'W5f if-if Y "Ma f This Villa, Goclls Villa, His resting place. Carolyn Ramsay MAY FIQCJXVNING 'iiiw page-zlnlry oi lime rrowning ims mucie liiis aim-volion lo ffm' i.z1ciy il lrmiilionai iinvorile. Sw xxtxxf. A 1 . 6, A X K x , fy? fm v 11 V .2 ,KA ' X- 4 1 N 'U . vii I l lim K4 LIVING ROSARY Time first oi fiwree iiv- ing rosaries was iormeci by the Sociaiists arounci the gardens on tiieir way lo iviaryis siirine on iviay Day. After Ptetreet lwntlu-r fftvturu vtmls witty ilu- Smlnlily olwlliu-rs. Nlmulc-Ilu, lullu-r ffxlum, Iunr-N, ' X It R:-ml ,Nlunlingyf I llmwt, fxrlneirurlp. H H I Seeettd the Metten Xvm-1-My llwvlillgs ul flu- Smlulily onqicvrs mul Q P I1 all uirmem lx:-4-ps Somlulily inlvrvsl ul pvnli. L U L I U , ,,, V - IS Rm-ml llvtlt, Xxnltullm-, Xxrwn-lull, xlmlh-Hu, At lullnw, Hut NI K Ill' I Xxlltllx f R x . . . . mn mm, ,, I' ft 1'r. . .unmv imlc-H-nl film, . , I . l',llQ1'Hl.ul. I, IX:-mlglu, lx fm-x Fmlulisls sign pls-clgv lo nlmslun 'rom lllUYtl'S in llwir 1-Hurt In lun Hlnllllrwm, luluw fvnutvlu. I. xI.1l.uu-llalu. Xxlllultv. X It-NL, R ll I I Reception Father Danaher, O.S.A., trace s the Sodatity,s history in his sermon to Sodat- ists on Reception Day. Sudality Life "To Jesus through Ntaryu is the ideal ot the Academy,s Soctatity. Efficient officers and com- mittee chairmen proved their capahitities hy ptan- ning interesting and profitable meetings concern- ing everything from Lenten meditations to man- ners on dates. They provided a timely Vocation Month program for March and helped lead the fight against immorat pictures. Qur spirituat lite was refreshed and invigor- ated during the three treasured days ot retreat hy Father 0'Mara, SJ. These girls take tvtary as their advo- cate and Mother as they are admitted into the Sodatity hy Father Danaher. w al , TT lp -f u,'t1A-5' fy:-f ,Q ,Zi . Cardinal 'lien and Bishop Buddy paid a visit to the Academy. "Pioneers ul timid" Cardinal Tien We were honored when Cardinal Tien, ClllIlil.S first Cardinal, came to San Diego and to the Acad- emy ol Our Lady ol peace. juniors Hdonned the haliitu during vocation weelc to enact the historical incidents from the lives ol' seven Sisters ol' Saint Joseph of Cardonelet in their desert trelc from San Diego to Tucson in 1870. R. Vveseloh. J. Har- laarger, P. Arnold. B. lvlathew, B. Reed, P. Whittaker, V. XXIII 'lilw lillCll2lFiSliC Commilivv lms liml ilu- illlQllSl privilcgl , worliing in llw silvrisiy willl the Sill'l'iSlilIl. Vlillis commillee has lalwn lor ils moclvl 'lilw Savrecl H4-nrl ol lcsus, illlil tlirougll Him limi- promois-cl N i Ql1 l A cl o r ul i o n. Homo linllirone- llliilll. illltl Ill? HHYlCllIliilLlS ol llll' l5l0SSl'll Sill'l'illIli'lll. llmlc row. lvl! lo riglilz ll. llnlim-lu'l1. funny. ll. Klnloll, l, llmlmrgvr. li. Burg. li. Roc-ml, is Nioiilguniu-ly. I. Nilvslu. X, XX 1-lili. lirs row: Ryan. Nliulllillvlslvr, 5. lgII'l'IL2. I Kniglii. l. Xxinrliv, XXI:-sm-lull. Sudalityis 'lille Apostolic Conlmillvc-, will Mary Immaculate, Qlieerm ol Apostles HS ils palroness has encleavorecl to be 2 zealous lnrancli ol llwe Soclolily lllribllgl mission worlc. liable row, lvl! Io riglll: Xvillmil, xvainl. Buonin A, Armstrong, Xvilluoil. ljirsl row: l,. fwrivvllo. li Saxllllflvrs, Ryan, ixlonli-ilu, l. Nvsslvr. Slunmling, lllompson. Lilornluro C1 millee. on inflispvnsi- Cell ol the Somlal sponsorecl il serivs ol erary q uizzes. pulmlicizecl Currenl lmo ancl solcl Tile Cath Digest on thi- campl Sfrxmling. lvl-f lo riglif: lib. Bliq fi, Rmnsny. Soulful: lf. Rn ljinlllvy, Xirrvscllugjili Nlvfxorlnirli. IIN- IINIIINIIV Com llIIt'I'S w " INIIIIIIV is IIN- IIIIIXVIIIQ I push-rs. RIIHI IJIIIJIIVIZ' IQ IIN' Iulc-sl wurI4s IIN NNIuIisIs Iluvc- IIKTOIIIII- IIN-II. IIIINI. INII In ligglll. IINN-4, II xlllnr.-, I , KUII., I', IJ.-W-I-I ful:-II I. XXIII-x, XXIIINII-. I IXININNN-x, IJ Ijlllflll, II, IImI I num I I IIIII XI-. -. Powerhouse IIIII' Ixf'I1-nInI I,l'ilyI'I' C 0 In Ill i I I 1- c- INNI41-II up IIN- S1NIuIiIy in LIII iIs Villll- puignsIJy2N'Iiw-pm'IN'ipz1Iion.mNIwiII1 IIN- mosl imporlmnl lluing. prays-r. IIuiIy rosary, HIPCIIIIIIIOII. visils. :NNI Iiirsl Irri- 1Iuv IIIQIII EIQIOHIIIOII im- I'f'llllIl'!'iI UI :Is IllI'IllIN'l'S. N-ul:-II, In-II In IIUIII I IIIININNINIQII, I5 IInnIxI4x, I, XI4I7.NI1-, I YIIII SINNIIINII NI IIHQI-IINIII, 4 w 11 II, I N "-'--fx vi Y.. , W- ff -ZR. ' agtii. J ik? L -.C ue. Zh ' -r "En DQMQJM' 4',wfLmw.ff'bm.f QQ Q ,A .lf'2'lZ9k. if 6 ' , J . Dome of Saint Peters I STUDE T BUDY Ulncieeci ' a goocl Catholic, precisely because of his Catholic principles, makes a better citizen, attached to his country, and loyalty submissive to constituted civil author- ity in every legitimate form of govemmentf' N,ydv1 - 0MMAf Aman--uw mp-aauhulsm N-v---,M,,.,.. ,M-4--.4-awww K 1-Qnusnuauww... ww ' mx'-M W f - i-ikllw ,wwf-www At the HHIH1 Vrvsixlmll. llllvn Xvillmilg Xiu-pr4-sinlwnl. l,.ulrimi.u Jxrnnlrlg wfrvhlrx, Nluniux lingc-Hmli: llc-.num-r, Ha-vm'ml4'lh' R1-4-rl Student Bud Ufficers Plvasmxl. fair. and lmrd-worlcing ure lime be-sl adjectives for our superbly vapulmle luclvnl lmocly 0fl'iwrs. flriginniors and promote-rs of the Sllf'COSSl,lll honor syslc-m, llwy 'MINI' cle-voiecl llwir f-rxvrgifls lo ilu' lwfierliwlli of flue- sluclvnl lmtly. Q75 uh Sturxigtlt-1 AXTKQLUKX hm it 1' l cluxltllxler xovtl ,T KCMGQ Moxgf N.. 0 0 559 Student Body Cari-lui summer planning macle it possiiale for A.S.B. ollicers to put tlie stuclent government into operation on tlie liirst scllool Clay. Vvelcomc Vveelc. tlje Heartys Hop. ancl a slcaling party are init a lew ol tlsle Student Boolyis claims to social success. Vveelcly meetings included sluts, clelvates, and stuclent discussions of timely interest. . The most important accomplisimment ol tiie year was tlwe suiastitution ol the clemerit system lor time ltonor system. will H 5 i..5...s 'L 5 l H Wigfbf ' . . 'HA as -r 1- Q xi' " I A . 1 if , V K f f f ww, , M K ., Q V m e gg ' 'fi ii' s ., . :J y :Mar V I Q f "5 fi K Vg ?g ..: K ,:.N : v sx- I 7, A -itggijz x. I ,tt f 55,3 Q ' VY . ' 5 N Qiiitiit it .M 5 The Academy Celebrates ll.. l-lely A portrait ol' John Henry Newm was on exhihit during Catht Book WCCIC. Newmanls Dream of Gerontius was interpreted hy this choric speech group clur- ing the program for Catholic Boolc Vveelc with Father Aherne as Gerontius. First row: J. Balch. V. Welch. D. Sweeting. S. Greenlee. F. South, L. Vereschagin. S. Sinclair, S. Rudriell. Seconi row: C. Ramsay. K. Hcnchan. M. Stewarcl, R. Weseloh, S. Lovelace, P. Arnolcl, P. Morrison, V. Mettee, M. Engelhart, M. Neilson. Third row: J. Comh, J. Harharger, B. Reed, E. Montello, L. Kirlcenclali, F. Koch. C. Bilshorough, E. Vvilhoit, D. Manning. lfathulic Hook Week 1 A-igfiwinw 15,55 7,54 Qu 'xi Ester Barlnoa, Pat Vvliittalcer and Doris Montgomery loolc over books olisplayed in time exliilait for Catliolic Boolc Week, wliiclw won first lmonors. QLUH i A clruwingj ol fi. flwsh-rl 1 rlynnmir rlmllupioli nl fiawllmlin 1 vnu slmwn in thi- lionlx NN lx PYUQHIIII. Brilliiiiii Eipealaem lfallwr fiurclim-r. l.ilc-rm'y lfclilor ol Arnerico, in an initial visit lo Ilia' VVPSL pre'-sorllvcl liis vivvvs on llic- lopicy Hplfllilllflllg Your llhoolc llivll lvlory l.ouis1- llirlwy. solo clrnnmlisl. cle-liglilvcl us wi " " 'i ' K 1 lrnyz Q i ' 1 2 ' urry s foyous Season. lkallwr Alivriic-. flmirnmn ol. Culliolir Pmoolc W'f1fQk, mul Carolyn Rmnsny. liilerulurc Clmirnmn. Clml willi the ilu- llior ol New Vxforlrls lo live, lvliss lxflury Kivly. wlio spolce lo us on -'Your lioolislif-ll' ls N'0ll.u la Versatile Exhibits lille-rvslc-cl gopllonlorvs: PJ. .l Vxfriglit, lf-ll, Ci Vazquez, A Cola, 'clisvuss lavorile solvf' lions lroin lim pos-lry display ilu-ir vlass proviclf-rl lor Calli- ulim' igilllli XVPQ-lx. A. Xwillwrs. lc-ill, lvl. l.ynCi1 R. Crm-y iielpcclvarrangir lin C,alimlict now-ls lor time lrvsli- man f-xliilyil cl u r i n g Proulx VV:-c-lc. An inlervsling lcalurcx ol Calliolic' llnoolc XM-ck was a cliscnssion ol' Ifclrnurul flurna pion lay lfvchlyn Vvaugli in wimirfli Agnes Ann Jones fctmilvrl, Rulii Ann Keller oil Calllolic' Cirlis Higli, ancl .lolm Pmowplvn ol Saint Au- gnslinf- I-hgh SCi100i partici- palvcl. lin- group is going ow-r lim sfripl Willi lrallwr Alu-rm-, lioolc XM-014 Cliaira man. A "Music U Hath malce music ring throughout the campus. During the Christmas season they Warmezl our hea with their Carols, anol their musical haclcgrouncl lor I Ct ', V lrlstmas play tool: us hacli to Bethlehem. The Easter . . , f , a ll? sen passion play, Barter. 'lihey sang at the Cath l Q e ra , saint Charles Church, the Nlarine Base Chapel, r ltw ljorcl Bowl. tide was made glorious hy these vocal artists t lt Wflttl the rather sacl notes ol mllhe Farewell Song.. at gracluation, they lJl'0llQl1l a elose a year ol splendid musical achievement. l'iltll ,, U 'llle. l.allla lxlae lim-rg, ixlaru-line Yiclovirll. .lllyl 1' VV lllltrit ia l.y0ll, llettv l"ill4'l'IllilIl, Ali ' f D - t F Xvigel t V lllll B IN lxllc ll le l l C1 l'Oll'. lelt' to riglll: llilcla Aarslell. Rlllll SlllIllQ Flaw Atta- ln' ' HHN' Cl ussr, .IIIIV f ler e ' ' ' , , . . -nu, .' ' z -a illltltti, Ellen .lane lfimllf-y. ,l'llK'l'l'Stl Xll ratll, .lUS0llllllll' Ruiz, l.illtla Dilli, ljatriria Nlefilynn, ljauline English, ljatrieia ljititflitlftl. ljfltlflll rolll: lxllllfilllllil lleraza. llllyllis Stein, ljatritizl l.awler, Tllircl row: Ellen Ryan, .loan pn-vost. Delia Arevalo, Norma Nir' l Anl ' XV l Neeollll rlllll: fa 'lille flu ' ' ' ' ' ' o o 1 rl tl it ters. lrllll ullrllotta, lilsll Rotlrrlclx lxlarrrl l 'lttll l' tri il K ' 1 l I 41 ll0l'1'. il Fi lllgflll. ctlflflil lxllttllllil. ':lf'5l FUIIVI lxl2lfY lgtllf'l0 lrallvl-Q l.l-allllers, l'erll lxlellrles l"1lis'l lIlll'l l l' l5l'l l W ,, . ,f . . , .aeque H10 lley, ,oretta fassirly, fit-orljette llalllill, Ana Nlaria lalllyu, Klar- lret llexxetl, lxlary' Reilly. irst mul, lvl-t to ritllltz Nlklfy' Xvilllite, ixlarlvn Stewart A ' X ' 'N i ' Y , nil . Iflfll fillll. l.lllillH'lll l'zlHV'y, le0Sl'Ill2ll'y NNlf'SI'lUll, Sllhnlll Isll'TlLf. lXatlnll-ell llUll0llitIl, Sylvia Sim l'r, ixlargar-t N'-lxol Data - 1' - - i ' V l lc s l, rls Nllrorllfr, Nllollll rolll: Betty lo XX riljllt, Rnsvlllary llnyt. 4 " 1 , . lan lwessler, Shirley Xxlilfll, .lllzln Saleslii, Velllla Vvell ll fweliliw ylllit' lull llll Xxlilllltl rl l lt I Ill lxlflxt llll Ill It , z rl, i ' , 2 - ', Ill' l'flII'I Xlary l.2tpllIlll'll, Q arlllvll le2llIlStlV, l'4lUl'f'!ll'l' Kill ll l:lll'Il 't llcler l l lrll lrlu r fl lr l l l flxlll HX ll lun llltf ll V Nl I Y , , l lOl , ,I "l' 2 l " , 1 ll lsmrollgll, .lalliiv Cullllles, lllall '. l lol at llalllllv- , l 'arm , irgfinia . ettee, .loan Vvillloit, all at :SQ ai 'lhe voices ol the Glee Clula have joinecl Sulih a Charm S, ,gawifiiwgf , 1' 's mgjin, Ivfl, lxlmllvllu, D, Nlvrm-slvr, I' Clinmxing za yn-ur ol clifigr-nl pri 'cr llw music' slum X J V ' z a " ' Nulion nl usic VV1-vlx. IUYIQ, ' , , , rr .. .. .. 4-xx. . .mx . , ' , . nun ' - , 4 . 1- 1-1-, n vi. . . .. . r Ill . .. 1 ', .. urns, Al. K. Humugmnl, 1. Rum, x Prom Night xw 58916 Formallecl and corsagecl, the girls and their es- corts leave the Academy for the Prom at La Jolla Shores. :smmaaramsxrmsmw: i . fum. I f Y .q-. .,.-.,. , ,,.......m.,.....1Q--av Hearts Hop ijnlriria Arnold is Crowneci Miss flinij. by junior Class oiiiiciers: Helly i.ou Milt- tilvw anti La Vonne Niontgornery . . . Heart-Hoppers . . . Snacii-tirnc 1... Serving are .innie Biliffil anci Peggy Aiexancier . . . Just tumbling in: Jackie Harimrger nnci ifci Nc-eiey enter tilrougim time iweart at tim doorway. A or s it ini? YQ Pg it 'f W M is t s Gauss . M , sz 5 if N if X N I4 if x f f . Q 3 W- Around Hua Vviien Bev rings time iyeii. its tamiiiar buzz is accomf panied by suctcieniy congesteci PIHHS and time bustier. Beit time is traffic time. G. Pitts and D. Klaus Ciaim ttlat a senioris ecil cation entaiis some eighteen pounds ot lnootxs. Villa First row, left to rigllt: B. Dun-y, l.. Vvrvsrlmgfirl, lj. Alok ilIlll4'l', EIlLfi'lll2lft. SUCUINI FOKUS Isllllilrll, KIRIUS, lluyr-s. fi, Pills. .l. Billfll. l.. Crivvllo. Q-wha, ff - ffl , im N A ,i , in-w........w.ww4 N. iffiiiizz Vvlien the Academy iniroclucecl lyping into llme senior program ilmis yr-ur, lliose wise girls rv- sponclvcl. V 3 liveryonvls ullimalcr goall rl' li ef H021 lvl' llas unani- mously lm e Q- n voiecl the room Wiili ilu- mosl lash-. . Si, "C-I .loan Keouglm clelve-s into flue lalnyrinllm ol geo- metric langenls. circlvs, ancl llmeorefms. These Are sturdy Carol Biisborough and tier oted ior ciaiiy excursions our are n W ' ' wiicierness. ii ito I4,Sf'OlllilCl0 s idents junior Chemistry stu oi tileir ex- iiinci tile efforts , perimeut on the Ciestruetlv ciistiiiation oi wood most astounding. 1 l: D, iviunningf, P. Rmnsnur, it. tin-w, P. Xviiitlniu-r, fi. Smitiu. Nll Familiar Sights Vvhen the photographer Caught the senior English Class unaware. they were heing entertained With Z1 ver- sion oi, UAnnahei Lee." Dahhing in starch and poster paints maixes an inter- esting afternoon. These art stuctents are eihow deep in finger painting. it l 5 i Geraiciim- Donicza. sophoe more art student. paints nl CDSC s 'YQW I Ixilllll' ili'l'0SS il Vlllly IIUIAC' UhTiSiIllHS Tonight 'IIXI .I I DNN' ' 1 us rurols. yulc-llclv flu-cr. -1 f mul Izlllow Imrv: UI QIIIINIIII Rc llmuml Hanunlingj lm-nmrif-sg ye-l lllllfll morv XX s linux lo llns I 1 . . ilf "' I 0l'Il IIIIQPFOCI SOIIQA. 'ls music clm-s u lliglll prolong. ullly on um- slznr'-Hvflivcl llifflll X Iunmlrm-fl voiu-s, 'my ruruuc- llglll, uisc-cl an joyous wvlfmm- Ilylllll lo fhmclgs UVVII SON, llll' Killg 04' Illlxll. w Hmuglm lulurv fllristllmsfvurol liclm- XN .Il pn llns mm morx will fxlmlm 7. . iSS, .' ' ' ' ' '. Carolyn Rmnsny. ans' W VN. The Christmas play, Come Let Us Adore Him, was successfully staged under the direction of Mrs. Brogneaux. VEN ITE ADOREMUS A silver snow-Heclced mantle New fallen from the slcies Has settled soft on quiet ground And near the Christ lies. The mist-worn hills of David Are hent in silent prayer. The angel choir is humming low Sweet praise to Savior fair. Oh, come ye too on Christmasl Come worship Child divine. And sing celestial lullahies To Christ, Godys wondrous Signl Helen Keriozolas. Drama xxx In Focus Chosen this year tor the senior class play, Barter, hy Urban Nagle, was presented during Holy Week and its unusual story ot the betrayal ot Christ did much to put us into the spirit ot Lent. The difficult characterizations were skillfully handled hy the cast. Their diligent worlc in strong dramatic roles was enthusiastically received. gdffef Carol Bilshorough, as a Roman soldier is shown at death hed scene of Miriam played hy Anne Jones. Ins i d Q Lif H cbllr Jfillfj Or hill' OVVH ilf'f'0I'C Now liflG6lS lo VV0l'ShiIJ Ullr CIPEIYUSI IJJITI. ,Vllf'Sf' IIOIISPIIOIII CIIUYPS llliil UH SEll.S rorwvrrm Arc- lu-rs lwvzxllsc-wwf-Il. ifs jus 'IPI' turn. Vvlly, Ulm why, cfanl flml fwll jus wait? It S llilrfl Ull !J0ill'fIf"l'S VVIIU Elf! allways lnlv! AAI!! IIQTO Wi' S00 IIOVV il lJ0kil'dl'I mlm! Xvllilll Sally slruggjling will: luis lory flak-S? 'During llw clay for sulmjc-ds znlaslrusv The lilmmry fimls fx willing l'PC'lllSf' Ui a Boarder Sonic- Iikf- to Clance to ihf- latest imit, Play lwriclgjv. or oven just plain sit. ililmougfli tliis is not El neeclecl coursv Vvimt lmnrclvr woulcln I rifle El liorsv? il cfonws from over liill :incl dale. Our lavoritff will is call lor mail. At clinncfr eaclm anal all our views Arch lrooly given on latest news. illis is llow our lmonrflers lair kc-vp sucll lustrous, shining lmir. 11.111 fvimuimf. M A J. Q., , ,gif 5 is: oudnum YS Nxxuxixxx- C mm? Pu, unix XTILKYN' vs Rirxxxxuxsnn Scenes trunitlur Ehndhund Ttlese tiny lots imrrieciiy open long awaited presents at tiie tmoard- ers' Christmas party. Tile fairy land ut' maice imeiic-ve witii its Ciiarming taies oi' encilanteci woodlands ami fairy goctmotiwers iias Thea and Agnes Anne under its speii. 51,1 X- 5, Q-L K. PSM Il x Hiding Along Together Mission Valley is tlwe lrequent renclezvous for varly sunset ricles. -if f, J 'S 1 ,,. 1' x ' , I Q I rs" Xl liurclvn, l.. l'ili'l1, .l. Sl'llIlll'lllf'f, Bi?-rig, P. llnnm'lir'n, Coin, A Olnm P, Carroll K C' ll , . . nrro . rs. l'vnm'slr'r. WN' I Y v. l I n l l'llizal1etl1 Roney and lmer pal. Sailor. X Q R t ' +A 'Vx' Annual Staff Dorothy Klaus fiefti checks lighting for a picture I staff: Wiary Kay Thompson, Lorraine Vereschagin, Helen Editor .......................... ,.......... H eien Keriozolas Literary Editor ............... ................................i.........,......,...................... C aroiyn Ramsay Business Manager ................ .....r ...,..........................,.....,.................................i....... L o rraine Vereschagin Photography ,............................,....................................... Dorothy Klaus, Pat Tomas, Bernadette 'Ryan Reporters ........................ ...... A nne Jones, Ellen Vviihoit, Carol Biishorough, Monica Engeihart, Mary Kay Thompson, Beatrice Biizzarci, Jane Balch, Peggy Alexander Art ................ ....................i............................................................................. J oan Nessier, Patricia Vviihite Typists ............ .................... L ena Criveiio, Dorothy Klaus, Pat Tomas, Gertrude Pitts, Dolores Schroeder, Dorothy Saunders, Miriam Hayes I I 1 ' ' 1, .sf 1 u - 'J' Q , .1 4,-rf' - f - ff I, - 'frm' .ff-Af' . I J 1 A , f 0 'qt' Q! QA "N - W" Uv, hu 00,91 Q ,F Qj " ' x ,situ U 1 f , MM N J Qgwlfysl XI' X J ITN' T: N J 1 I G4 " -1 ' an.. E iz' fl, H , , I 1 ' ff I " 'lv In I Q4 f Q 'Q 4 . ' 9 ., 6,vcffS Coats UI Arms 0I.Popc I-eo XIII 3 f U I ' a x I, -' A I I-' I XI: :pf 4 THLETIES AKCIIFISIIHII education takes in tI1e WI1oIe aggregate of IIIIIIHHH Iife pI1ysicaI and spirituaI, ir1teIIeCtuaI QI and m0raI, individuaI, domestic an s0CiaI.H 5 D ff 4. .Aaanhvrisg 'i 3 Q I x S I-' -If-MT' I J. png, pn- - x X ,ym,.. M.,,,M,Mw was wr-mwamar' G. A. A. LeadQr5 - .l fjur pliotogfraplier raugflut tlle ollfcrrs B. Davey, P. Xvliittalu-r, fi. Bilslmorougjli, P. Tonms, unaw res as tliey enjoy an npixusc tlmt Tt'lfl'SlN'SH xlown in tile cxllcteria, Vlillis year marlxecl llle 0VCt'lliil1liIlQ ol tlle GJXA. lqy its presiclent, Carol Bilse lmorouglw. rl lirouglm steacly, persistent worlc, Carol lnas lneen able to introcluce many excellent improvements. Vvitlmout tlie loyal support of lier assisting officers Carol could never liave so effectively accomplislmecl all that slle dicl. Vve owe mucll to tlnese olllicers for their progressive campaign to maize tlte G.A.A. a vital organization on the campus. lfuu UH Field Day ,,...-M-f. . W W f s. if I ' x X ' f -1 'f4""' MM' " , 4 f . -'ft .... 1 . ' . .V tl! N M-' at K- X - 'T' ' 1 .. , X I i, . Aim, ,,, mr ,ff '- . A,-in-f" I M ' wi I wtf' 1 f ,' , ' 'M wtf' F "- ' 2 ' 1 A ' f . my A , 4 K ffm V f it ff 1-1 1 - - f-.w.:..1 -I ' A fi in ' , J , . MMM -.nr4u.,,,,,,,alN,: ,,,jE"'fqg41lP l ,mm 4 . mx M . A, A --2 Wi.,-, -i I 'Uk HMM? - :WM M ! wr U V Y Y ,X X if ' ' , . I ,,,, , . 1 .. H W . V, ...W W. M.. V it ' x f f , ' ' , ' , .,., "" fi' .' , " it 'Ji . 'wr . . .,... -ft 'W M- s. , ' tm ' . ' , ' ,f , ' v .- ' V ' B i"' . WH ,Win M f M NQHJW 'X N9 lv N Q . . we ,M jiwlwxh 1 vii W. itkwi ,Af f' A -r ' A - W, if I rfjv V . We were equipped with pom-poms, megaphones, and new gym suits to begin the year. We elected a school cheer leader to pep up things and Susan Bierig, little, dynamic and ingenious, Won the honors. Could those he fresh, spry girls limping from gym class? Those calisthenics were constantly reducing us to this state. The ufighting lrishm copped volleyloall season and won those longed-for nuggets. Owing to their victory special awards were given in the middle of the year to give them the opportunity to show off the results ol their line spirit. Field Day climaxed our athletic year, and volleylaall, tennis, ping-pong, and load- minton tournaments were played off. The G.A.A. Banquet was held on May 27 at the Grant Hotel and awards were presented to all victors in their respective sports. S Bit-rig. enthusiastic Iiulf- sophomore, aroused new scliool n our teams through her pcppy yells. QQGJU Mmm: 0 , E JXYQ, IC 00 . Carol Bilsborougll and Pat Tomas sluould liave an easy victory it all of tlieir plays are as nimloly executed. This year ttirougll tile perseverance ol G.A.A. officer, Pat Tomas, tllis small group loegan tlweir tennis ap- prenticesllip under instructor Folsom. X P . tt Li .- -ue - ,,., 3. A . . 2' A. r is , ff ws' . z A N. sf? 5359 Y 2 .- We 1? -S32 4 it TL f . . Siii' Zff2:'E25' 1 '.,:.f,:gf,-:. . 'fig '5 , S ' K' -X ' Q ,... ii B- ,gem 7 c . EF .1 .V K 5 :I 1 W aist Q f ff: f :fs V 1 1 'N K, -f Q' . 'f I - 'X -ir 'ilwg -.s. . K 5 ....., ,Q I NAL.: ..., . ilk up mi. - is si I 'A N 9 u w - i . . s o -. . W, 1 my Bl. Zarogoza Until, C, Clark. A. Cola, J. fyslvornr. A. Provost, P. Lyon, Dessert, A. fjlmo, H. Keriozolas. C. Bilslaorougli. As the favorite indoor sport c recital liall recreationalists, ping pon draws its fans from botll tlie atllletic ally inclined and otherwise HlDl6ElCl16 set. Varsity Team WQQ? f tg? Third row: Vvillloil. P. Vfllitlsnkvr, -I-OIIIZIS. Sm-fond row: J. Hnrrixclf. Ba-xrlmn, .5 X V. Xvf-Irh, P, Lyon. First row: P. Arnold, C. Bilslmrougll, D. Snundvrs b mf Sports anciom simois . . . Riding along together . . . In the swim on Fieiway Q xx 6 l,,,'gN,f! 2, 1, g, , A 4q'A1Q5,i,y:??Au'1uqrap1g'Q9gigH'G . f 55' Pg? 'Q 'N 1 ef JW' ' VA" 'aww F" , .:zg'g,4f47Q' Q AQ-,1,,y44 JJ. jawn' -4'-0-01 kfbi - -V f. ., ,' 5? ' f f , 74 7WV5fffffWaaflfff 1 ,I 1 he 55523255 Q? 55 . 4.3-.1 f ' 'T 'fe'WY'f"" -.ay .,,,..:,L,. ,. ., ,g 1 g'-,wiv 3? ' ,.i""' , Q ' 'nf' iz.. Q QAM, V- Ar 3 1 T ,J , QV" "1 .r fig. fx. ' xc ' , ' -"jig X QL -.uf :W l Q' ' A -L JQ V. ff"-X , Y 4 . ' -A" AI A. it ., xr 5. ' -vi , A , Inq fx - - , lg W I QA M -1-4.9-,"3'7y Cx A re ' . i 1 - ', . ' I W vs ,.L,t?LJLj 'J U' ' 1 V '-5 I f LL ., a , , . . ,. , 4 - , . ' x. 1 ,. xv, P "V x .fax X1 Vila-2 XB- f,L..f"" ' A f I -- Q I .gif -J I 1 I x ,, X , .Az i 'ff ff qi ' "X r 5:- s. 3. 51 , . , 4.- .x - V ' -. A 'fic ' If f V' 'Tqf f 1' 4 A., 4 XML . , ,,.,,,,.h,3E ij A, ' if ., 4 71-,M"-W , My X JW Q S- Q WML- . if W7 ivy 4 i An it E A . it k A 2 W1 W W f Y + L 'UK , 3 - ' f kE'4'n f ' 5.55 A, 3, z " 1 ,fv ,ga N3K7"5 k,J,.,,2' ff- ,rw i gif M N .A Luv" A X ily... r , ' jf ,, Autographs Qw'yM ,V 75 I V11 I If ,',X,-,A-1, tw- 2 M jf' 7 u k ,457 f f,,,1.a.l.64Af . ,,W m,U 6 ML M Awww? v--,, lE5LA!-vw-L -SKJQJ-JJ-9, G+- R1 Q.. Lal. ' Slug, v,S,-,. L.,..MSLgfK.L1'.x Z .--3' f,i4AJ56- ' t , .,,,,,,5'l ' ' I -Lpgzdv-J M- Vgiijbxg- L..4,'LW lryymy , J . f,.,,4J,-v l ,Q ,Lf vcjigg I, f4,:,,.,,?4.4L H.,4..J.'4-'Q D ,- Ziff 1 Fw -V M-- ,ii,4,c..f1J i-44-f1.f' , gg --A7941 ' ff r .J Qu... -wf-'4. 1NZU"lANf-. , - fy ' 7' . 'f 4,-f "u,1f.,o-Afit 1 '4- ffg--,,' W L, ,,4.- - 24,1 ,f - W7 W7 Y' 'HW 7' 1- V "P f 'H' 'A IU -""",J1Y 4 N1 if.-:,'k1L31.?"nw V L 1.223 f S- .55 n v V "fl , 'P' . f f - ' V.'. f" VV V .. . , law YM, V, .V .,V-sw . V ' - F W' ,, ,ff . -- A -' ' ' ,qv 'Gag ' 'Yu V . .5 I 4-"If ' ' - - f Q ,-A '3 ' .W if . W ' ' , - Lv. if Q, 1-N X ff , W ' 234' Q 4 - 1 , nu 1 1- . 4 'A i -Z5 I P V , ' Mb V .Vw 1 h 1 V. - .y . z . ' - E V YV , 5 I ' O C . I . .A a V 7 V ' A 2 -' - .ffm 1 I H s gg 1 K i z' if .. ' -5- 1 yr ., sg 'f o . 1 J ' A , 1 5 L: 9641-J Q 0 Z 76 QZ ' f Y S 4 J' . ,. 4 1 I P z 1 - . I . V fav' V . V ,Va V-bl ,CV 3 .JM , N E' V ' ill. Q ia, Q , ww I .. liiyhx-1 ' Mi .V A . 5 L if ,,g- ' ' . s . ff Q5 4 2.5 ' . I W A. . ,A . Q K H : gig-2: ' - ' 1 1 f 71- ' C B A ' ' 1 5 f ' .1 .- 'fi Vw Q ' 1 4 Q . V I -Eff iff. , . QETQ L t , K . ' , I I i V W .gg ,Vg "I D 'Milier Studio 'S .gf 34.35 V . , ' ,V F-b .gigufrx 'ff - f 1 ' , ,L , Z3 it mi: .ff -' T , 'Qs-ff-4' ' .31 wmv: ' ' V f V . - " Ti, ATT, HS, , ' ' V L1 I emi V i nd .,5,ffv.NV . 0 '-,,w..f 54 lv. V1 3 v K . . V 5512. ff .Y - ff "f75A' ' . - WJ: ' I KL xl A,. .AL . 3. . f Km, 2- . QW R ' N15 KT" 'W Vw? 1A , , , 3 -' 1 " . . ., ' . 5 .' 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