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Academy of Our Lady of Peace - Villa Montemar Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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J,..'7" "V 'rr'53",'--'ilkggfiV:.V.i-F-1:11"'-' " ' - ' 'V riff " -.V - ' ' v---. , ' , 1, . V- - " li .WI -."' V'a.f:.5VeQ3,'.-2'-.:':V.V:'.. AM , H N, 'V V., l, 4, , A W. M5 if -V .-..gLmVm..axuLa2Q2V.1.i. -9 VH- ' "-VH Vu.. VVVMVVVLVWSLL.VV,.V9'--'--V ' VILLA MCDNTEMAR .!gC0,C!8l'l'Ly O! Our 0 ,Siam ibiego, Cadhrnia JOHN HENRY CARDINAL NEWMAN This year has been a critical year in the history ot civilization, witness- ing the end oi a terrible war and the dawn ol a new era whose possibili- ties stagger the imagination. Within the Catholic Church also, we have celebrated a memorable event. This year marlis the hundredth anniversary oi the conversion of one of the Churchis most renowned Catholic leaders. Un October 8, 1845, a rainswept night, Littlemore, England, witnessed one ot the greatest events in its history. Father Dominic baptized a man whom all England had come to lcnow as a fellow ot Oriel, rector ot St. lViary's, and the leader ot the famous Oxford Movement . . . John Henry Newman. From this century-old conversion the twentieth century searcher alter truth has found comfort and the Catholic student has found in Newman's conversion the inspiration ot an absorbing love ot God, an heroic courage ot conviction, and a scholarship that begets Catholic leadership. John Henry Cardinal Newman was a hero. May this needed heroism find counterpart in us as Hi'ieart spealceth to heart." 1 x ,, r I FOREWORD lhe class ol IO46 began its high school years at Villa lvlontemar during the war- striclten year ol 1942. ln our last and most precious year Uur Lady ol' Peace has hrought world peace to lighten the pages ol our memory hoolc and malce dearer all the recollections we hold of our days spent on this beloved campus. VILLA lVloNTEMixR will be our record ot sweet memories to play again lor us the music of dear lriendships, happy alternoons on the mile-walk, picnics at Hthe pointfy evenings at the lnarhecue pit, dances in the auditorium, quiet chats with the Mas- ter in chapel. With this edition of VILLA MONTMEMAR we take our farewell ol the Academy, and the years that enlolded the happiest span ol our lives. ' WN Mi - 'QW . sa- ", fir-if 5. .if 'Y A i tv vw 'ggi Sm. 'il rv, F .4 0 Q, JP' r gfw Q 9 X , Ja. Ag .,-uf., ' ur SWA DEDICATION To Charles F. Buddy, Bishop of San Diego, we, the class of 1946, re- spectfully dedicate this volume of happy memories we have shared at Villa Montemar. We sincerely hope this hook will long remain a loving trihtite to one who has been to us a constant inspiration, staunch supporter, and loyal friend. And to us thisivolume will he a constant reminder of the years spent under the influence of a Catholic education which is so dear to the heart of our heloved Bishop. E VILLA MONTEMAR 6i7!Le Jigfzf 0!J1,w!L oz monnmenf confinuozfw ana! Alfafionarg m 4 um, Ag, , Y B' gs-A.. w lk ' if K' dw W ' , X A A. uw 'V x U A 1 J ,73 A . . ,gf M- u KK jg Sl 243435 ' n - U UM, 'XX 4 x , L an A K if QKYH ,VA ff -A K g is A Af! K A 4 M, Q? WA PA A ,A Af w A. , , Cv xx - 'ga f , A i Q, M A ., A: gwafy,,,' W ' " AA 4 3, ' , A ,KW K SW JK K .QK kKh?dKiKK?,SK5l.K K K K K KK nh KK., A uf' MAg'K1?KK jx A ,QKKWAA ARK A ,Ki iw . K 9 'K ' ' .X V' f N x f 'N' . .Aa b, ' fn ,343 ' Af. A A " .A . a, 'A A A A V A A,. gX AA . l K, bf: X, iw! , 5 A K wifi K, AWKKA vp, KK H, -. K, ,7 f .K X-A 'f F ,,,"2wiv?2gjl kA WA A? Zmjg A A Hx AA, ' ' , A A 4, A 6 M ff .ff Y , fA Aw , H . YQ' fx A, TQM 'fa x il VA gy 3 N-f5f"S 'ff 1, jak x wi f.,,w,, .. ,. A ff , A wk ,K , .w ,:- ,Q ,- W A A Av- A ,, my V ,. A . 'fi A' gyiyxz - W, K y . 5,9 f aw 5,ff5,,xgf K ,. 321' 9' 1 V v 'L JM QW! - fx x A QM 41194 T Q-f . ' AN?wi:f'g'x21wu x '50 Wag Wh .. . ' ' X. A ' 'A 'bf' x "xxx 5245? K3 N? ' wld Q' W M A ' M ' 'W Q, -QI-"I i-A' W 'K 'A 'Q , ,5 . as A .A ., X- TK gh Ji mv ,f AA- V. .. . f M.. X A 'A AFV A-"Q If ji wKg3,,W A . f ' Lkgfi Y, A 34 W'A:KK 5:4 X A N H W W-'f , , Ah 'sw A V A-2 'A ' A iq ' A ' A ' 1 'y ' -x , . ' ' ff Q5 A A Af 'Q,,, Q vi' Y AAA f'1k, , .. . K , x fum Kx KK , Y A Q , dw Ki Mgt... 5, Q.. , 5 K, -K Q, K Q K Mm. Q 1 A K3 ig,-, 'sw ff? M A S A 1- A K 4 f N , di 5, K, :Q gm ..,. K K K K V, K, N 3 -3 V -.. Q S A ' 4 Aw j w .A A ri A N 0 NM' :S 1 M KK V N KK 5 AK KKMKKK ,wh K K A KK Ki .LM A K KK. Q .- .SWT -w. 'a ,. . .W-Q A ' , Q - AA' A A 4, A 2 M . 5 K 3 fA 'afdxilia " A ff "f5 A ,H ' , Mfffii A iz U' .. 1.16. , ' iff ,,i'vi:3,,, , M A F' ? MA. ' 'um' 'A , 5 '31 ff. ' "ff . Q I J N Ax K LA ,A 3 gf! KL.'v5'f,QxQ1?gQ V, ' Q ff, EA -.1 1: - . X . ,A A, , A urn' . " W ' A-f35,,,.AA.1Q 4.-vfvqpl U X A 5 :FJ . 3 ami mr5j6Af:g Efiahgfai- K wi K gm K .S M AKA: A 1 -.M f , ,.... '- -3 A Af, X- . ,. , ,GAY ,2 , L ,W ' M, UQ, - ,Q nv- ,Qs . rf' 1 'A 14 .Ay A,A,3,'f " -, 5 Wg, A A an I K 5 K ,,g4K,,x4wfg-vt.. A. -- A KK . Q . W i AA K, A - ,wi iq .QA gg mg! A, K- V 1' , KK .v 4 it , ix. A. X A 'gawk ,K 7 K. A - , . Am, . .,g""'f41i,,f- A-:A -A 'if w, -. -7 . K LA ,yfy K KKK: 84,-K fn? Q K K, Ka KN VK K A A-QQAM KKK K., A -gm .Q ,JY Wifg .752 Sf-25133311 4. f FW 3 Xieww, ffgv W Q", ' if K nw xx -43. .fqxqgw KARQKK K A K 5, ,A K 'MVK 5 KKK if KK ,K w KK , A' -. A A- N' , N . A KKKQAKK K.?yfxKQv..4lKK,K , s , . KK KMKKKMKWKHKKKK A . -i, N j QLJMQPII "" 4 w .W rv ' . ' 'CM' ,Q Wil? A 4 Q 3A as Ai W,,,,g Q, ' , Agn...-. , 'W M A ' 'lg , .M-1A,AjKK , K K K A155 M., x.,KK, .AUUYJK ,. WF,-,,,,WK ww: 'Af A". ,M 'Mun zfl I ' X A5L""flv - 'X " T. W f 64 7 HWWQQ ggi wide! in mafbdfy, agme giued gghl ana! fo oz jffelflbfif 6!6l96ll"1f OLVLLZ FVLQWQOPV t6lAQ5 iA8l'l'L 77 ij0 AHF' CULIIQIWLJ IQMPQ OIJLL! C!86llO X From Saint Catherinds Hall-- WML JAH!!! Lear mzfwic, wili aww! 0140164 WW, , Y 7 , ,.,, ,.. ,w,,h,Wm, ,,.. ,,,. YN., 'ww mmm' N.i. . M,W,,h,,mWM,,,,m, W. -V ,.....1xLI4,'.T.W.N.,. .,,,, WESWM...,.,Q2u.,.W.WM..W,M,,,...1,Wf4yW:7wwww,.,,m.Mi- -,.-.v W NN.A , ,..., MN V ....,......,.. ,... N ., W, ,, , , WY 2 a 0. M V 2 . N m M' ' ' ' ' KJ? ' 'i- mr' S. u -, vii a ' 0 . -K ' ,mm Q.. Q WEL i , Wi' WW sh,-xx vm K 1: V I-HSTCDRY CDF TI-IE ACADEMY The Sisters of St. Joseph of Car- ondelet arrived in San Diego on Ap- ril 18, 1882, at the request ol Father Antonio Uhach, beloved pioneer- priest of San Diego, who had made urgent visits to Carondelet pleading for Sisters to open a school and to teach the Mission Indians. The little community oi four Sis- ters opened school on May 10, 1882, in a small frame house on a terrace overloolcing the hay, registering on that day twenty-eight girls and two hoys. On June I5 the first Mass was celebrated in the small chapel of the convent which was dedicated to Our Lady of Peace. ln 1887 the Academy assumed large proportions with the completion of a fully equipped huilding on Third and A Streets. The Academy on that site was for thirty-eight years an in- timate part of the moral and physical growth of San Diego. The purchase of beautiful Villa Montemar was the next step of prog- ress for the Sisters. This twenty acre estate with its seven huildings devot- ed to the finest in educational advan- tages is a compendium of heauty, a monument to the sixty-four years of tireless laloors which the Sisters of St. Joseph have devoted to Catholic education in San Diego. CAMPL SING Nw.. g'xtY 1 .f .nw V 5 w in H' :ip 24' 'Qian Qxzkfii' fl 41 ag. "Y, MA I SENIORS fion id fine alolorenficefihya Xl N, 5? 4 ,L H13 r A f W SWWM M 5 ww If xii wt gm Q iv i Q Q 2 uf f f - ,a : 5E,E. : s EE 3 : 1 A ,gf Q 5 553 if be W is 0 .1 wav-ww SENICDRS It was rather a frightening day in September. 1942, when our freshman class met for the first time. We felt our way along the new schedule establishing ourselves as typical freshmen. Qur first big move was to elect Alicia Dolan to represent us as our president. Following this came the never-to-be-forgotten three initiation days. As that was the last year three days were kept officially, we have never been able to seek our revenge iqittingly. Our production of lulius Caesar was long remembered because of the corpse which would move at unpredictable moments. Christmas found us with a Well established Yank Club fulfilling its mission with daily masses and prayers for Padre O'Mara and his men in the service. This resulted in our first attempt along musical lines when we changed uGive us some men who are stout-hearted men" to "Give us some Yanks who are hard-praying Yanksf, From this sprang the experience needed to make some reconversions on the popular iavorites of the day to praise the seniors at the breakfast we gave for them. The sophomore year took us down a notch. We lost some of the importance of being green, lost creatures. Things got a great deal more difficult: geometry proved a hard testing ground. This was probably the last year our school work got the necessary en- thusiasm to keep a large percentage in the HAH bracket. Donna Jean Conner was elected class president: through her help we managed to give the seniors a chicken-iw the-rough box lunch following their play, Daddy Longlegs. With pride and a feeling of Hat last," we took our positions as worthy juniors, elect- ing Jean Buehler our class president. Early in the year we ordered our pins, then our junior dresses. Vvhen they arrived, we knew what Hthis is worth waiting tor" meant. Toward the end of the year we revised the old tradition and gave the seniors the prom While they conceded to give the necessary labor required for the first edition of Villa Montemar. Field Day in the middle of May saw our class sporting many favorites along athletic lines. Our class showed the school the meaning of real teamwork when we re- ceived the school championship in basketball. Being upper classmen was given a new significance when class day with its prophecies and wills made its appearance. At grad- uation, which was both a happy and sad event, we proved our good taste in liormals and with pride we lifted flower entwined canes to form the arch for the seniors. ' The senior year arrived sooner than we had expected. We found that being seniors terminated a wonderful part oi our lives. Autumn found us inspired with an unusual idea for the Catholic Book Week display. The judges liked our upoetry is the Stardust of Literature" and presented us with first place. ln the Christmas play, O Holy Night, the seniors showed their dramatic ability. Qur social calendar was begun with a Weiner roast out by the swimming pool. The '46-'47 Club dances filled in week-ends frequently. Our three day retreat given by Father David Daze holds some of our most pleasant and penetrating memories. Those days spent with Christ and His Mother will be tort- resses in the days to come. February 25 was a red-letter day in every seniorss life. Ditch-day was one of those waited lor dreams-come-true. 'lille trilme boarded tlie lxus at nine oteloelc, Laguna lmound. Snow fights. llamtmurgers, and song made up our day. Un our return we stopped at Pinf Valley tor dinner. Qur day was completed wtien we toppled out ol tlie lmus at ye olde alma mater around seven. rlqlle ollwieers wlio guided us tlirouglt tliis lmappy year were: lvlarie Uzajic. treasurer: Nlary Claire Sliaw, secretaryg .laequelyn Grimm. vice president: and Slmaron lVlcNeec'e. president. Nl, Slmw, Sq-1'rc-tary: l. Grimm, Yin- l,l'1'Silli'lllZ S. xli'Nn-eu-, I,H'SiLll'lllI lxl. lJhlill','l4f1'ilSllfl'l' n N JEANETTE THERESA BARRACK New this year, Jeanette has pivoted into our midst and has showered her delightful Albuquerque personality among us. Always consulted for the newest dance steps, she is rated as one of the very best dancers here- abouts. She is one who has valiantly strug- gled through four years of Latin, but claims. Nl like it even if I don't understand itn. Vvhen the soft strains of "pomp and Cir- cumstancen have died away, she will find llgner secret ambition ttached to a pair of gold ars. , U X I fe' ' W . MARY FRA , y As our Katy Cornell, Ma ,S tresses can usually be seen any re ose to a stage: because of her drama c abi ities she was chosen to play the flighty Jehanne- ton in the outstanding production, The Vagabond King. Her flaming loclcs have graced our halls for four years and many histronic attempts have had her support, in- cluding two Saint's productions, Antic Spring and The Sunshine Twins. Two years membership in the Glee Club, a typi- cal red-headed temperament, and an ability to get all her homework done during the first period are her distinguishing characteristics. Her aspirations lean toward college and an lVl.D. alter her name. Heres hoping her fu- ture starts with Ucalling Doctor Boyd". A l MARY TERESA BREITMEYER Maryys long, graceful, sweeping dips won recognition long heiore she floated off with the title, "Queen ol? the A.S.B." Seemingly unsurmountalole difficulties do not discour- age this damsel. As right hand man of the Sodality Preiect, she has held a place of re- sponsibility and authority and has eagerly urged many Sodality schemes to comple- tion. Qne of her singular duties is bringing the Legion oi Decency lists to light. Fondest desires are wrapped up in a convertible and 4, a certain Saintsman with a Briar when Spanish, swim 'ng, and tohogganing aren't clamori g for r immediate attention. ,,, M34 W 35 I' la XNWXQIQVXHY J MDA? Qs QW, r N' YN . nm I-ij RUTH VIOLA BRENNAN Ruthie has made a name for herself through her years here hy her writing ability -which, fortunately, includes poetry: after holding position as class secretary in her jun- ior year she hecame our Southern Cross cor- respondent. Always smiling, she radiates friendship and it is not unusual to he greeted by that cheerful grin and uBon jour". One cannot, however, rememher Ruth without Peggy, for they have heen constant compan- ions since the freshman year. Ruth is also recnognized for her artistic ahility. We can well understand her amhition as a commer- cial artist, hut suspect that somewhere along the line of her career, she will he snatched into wedlock. f llxitlk- i GENEVIEVE DENIECE BUEHLER A generous, toving nature tias made Jean one ot the most popular of ttie seniors. Lend- ing tier tatents to tnotti titerary and dramatic tietds, stie wrote ttie "Marian Vvayn in ttie Southern Cross taittitutty during tyotti tier soptiomore and junior year, promoted ttie Ntentat Prayer Committee as a sincere and energetic wortcer, guided us ttirougti our jun- ior year as President, participated in ttle Ctiristmas ptay, added tier soprano wartnte to ttie Gtee, and tound time and inspiration to win ttie first prize in ttie Mental Prayer Contest. Most of att, our admiration goes to JCBH EOF t'lCI' UIISLIIIQ' wortc 0l'l the AIIHUHI BIICI tier indispensatmte assistance and cooperation in numerous undertakings. D, , QV' ff MARGARET CAROLYN C ADV A tittte on ttie stiy s de Carolyn s curty toctcs and enormous, spartcting, tmtue eyes do not permit tier to tiide from us. We searcti tier out tor tier ingenuity and for tier merry tiumor. As stie is always ready to tietp out eagerly and industriousty, it was ttirougti tier persevering ettorts ttiat ttie Mental Prayer Committee cottected tour tremendous tmoxes of food for Europe. Carolyn is an earnest memtxer ot ttie aforementioned Committee, and tias wortced ditigentty tor its success. Her idiosyncrasies invotve wattcing to sctioot, rain or stiine, and tier taitter aversion to street cars. September Witt find tier expectantty antici- pating tt1e ttiritts ot cottege tite. ALICE MARGARET CANFIELD A tervent camera fiend, Alice delights in making ghost pictures and then utterly re- ruses to explain her tantalizing technique. She has been perfecting this atrocious fthose who have been caught unaware will agree instantly, avocation for the eight years ot attendance here. Occasionally a rare gem is produced and momentarily Alice enjoys an honorary position of glory. Her willing cooperation in '46 Club attairs and other projects have made her indispen- sable to our activities. Her parlor ac- complishments consist ot a classical rendi- tion ot Chopsticlcs and ot conversation tinted with the escapades of a certain little brother, "Bunny" rp!! wtf! MW DONNA JEAN CONNER As Co-editor ot Villa Montemar, Donna has had an opportunity to utilize her literary talents and to develop her patience to the 'Ntlf degree. Her quiet, restful charm malces her a favorite with boarders and day-scholars alilce. ln retrospect of her tour years here, two ot which she claims close lcinship with those happy boarders, they have been paclc ed with gay memories. Her lovely penman- ship has been our especial pride and her nat ural poise has been an inspiration to us. With perseverance and extraordinary vir tue, she has survived the unexplored depths ot the physics lab and the ethereal heights ot Virgil. "Stars are impassive too". QJJVQVVQQ RITA TEODOSIA CUSTADO We bave been constantly amazed at Rita's various extra-curricular activities dur- ing the past four years. First it was a com- paratively mild accomplisliment, tennis, in which site longed to excellg tben slie played a trump by acquiring a new parlor triclc, fencing, guaranteed to liven any dull party sl'1e migbt attend. Seriously, and here it must be admitted that it is difficult to find Rita in a serious mood for ber spontaneous nature craves laughter, slie is destined to do grand tbings if ber past four years are indicative of future tendencies. Her level lleadedness and ber admirable worlc in time G.A.A. are cbar- acteristics to be envied. We feel sure tliat ber past record of success affirms our hopes for a lite full ol continued joys. Y .Jlf,A...r ',Q..4.J4,,,p.2n4.,7n1.,f,,4,4J - GLORIA OFELIA DAVILA As Mexicoys goodwill ambassador, Glor- ia lias endeared berself to us all. Besides ber typical Latin beauty, sbe can boast of a sense oi bumor fequal to quips in Spanisli and Englisbl and a liandsome and ambitious brotlier. About tbe latter we can add tbat be plans to be a doctor and Gloria expects to assist liim by training to be a nurse. Poetry and music top tbe list of time senorita's pet passions. Next year sbe plans to follow Flor- rie Nigl1tingale's footsteps getting ber basic training at tbe Mount. A sweet, amicable nature bas made ber one of our favorites and we lcnow that under ber care, time patients will recuperate rapidly. 76...f..,741t,Q,,, G ALICIA MARIE DOLAN Quiet? Reserved? Don't let that angelic expression mislead you. Under that calm, sober countenance lurlcs an explosive sense of humor comparable only to T.N.T. She has seven years to her credit at Villa Montemar and has held class presidency for the first three in succession. The basketball and volley ball teams have yearly claimed her as a member: and this will marlc her third year as a steadfast alto in our Glee. Alicia's secret desires run into excursions to Ireland during the summer and the culti- vation oi handsome ensigns. Z MARIE ANTOINETTE DZAJIC Lilce Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Cos- tello, Marie and IVl.T.K. are inseparable as comedians. They have been the center of numerous picnics given in the past three years, and have never ceased to provide en- tertainment and laughter for those who have been associated with them. hvioletn, lVlarie's little car, is a familiar sight to all and we have all become depend- ent on it for transportation. fhlqhough its mor- al obligation is to carry two, it is wont to carry three times as many., As capable Chairman of Our Lady's Committee, she has been influential in fos- tering more devotion to our Lady, and she has been the motivating spirit behind the scapular distributions. VVe'll miss her spicy witticisms and her clever quips. ANN TERESA EARLEY Ann's tour years at the Academy have heen Weil-rewarded in the athletic tieid. She has heen on our teams and made a name tor herself as a proticient hasicet and voiieytmait- er, And white "Human Dynamou doesntt sound tremendously complimentary, it cer- tainty helps a tot when on the gym court and when leaping tor the 7:52. Aspirations tend toward teaching Physical Education and judging from past successes Annts tai- ents are directed to the right field. M WW IVIARJGRY MARY EVANS Another tour year member ot our Student Body, Marjory, our Eucharistic Committee Chairman, has done much to foster devotion to our Eucharistic Lord. She was an insti- gator of a contest which promoted the En- thronement ot the Sacred Heart and her par- ticipation in school activities has been whole- hearted. Her Hacute perceptionitisu tor food qualities her as our class grocer and it was through her perservering ettorts that the cuti- nary end ot our picnics and parties has tween a success. Her amhition is to he a Pediatrist and as she travets down the corridor ot lite, We hope she attains the highest arches ot prosperity. PAULINE ELIZABETH FABER Pauline would like us to helieve that she is as quiet as a mouse and we shall have to grant that she is very convincing while we are loolcing, hut what accounts for the gales of laughter emitted from those who listen to her witticisms when we aren't loolcing? Shy at recitation, she lets herself go on the volley hall court and really lets Hy some stupen- dous shots. Giggling Pauline has been a hoarder for three years and the "dorm" will he at a loss without her laughter and gaiety. M 'itwfiigy jj? JW NW My lm W MARY IRENE FINDLEY Rated as "tops" hy faculty and students alilce, Mary Irene has paclced her three years at Villa Montemar with numerous accomp- lishments. Her excellent leadership as A.S.B. president steered us successfully through the school year. She has acquired singularly splendid honors in her marine activities with numerous trophies from some of the most se- vere swimming contests. Her intricate strolces and dives have been the highlights of Field Day. Possessor of a G.A.A. letter, she has sustained our team through many fierce hat- tles. For her fine perseverance and guidance of our Student Body, we Want to award our own special Distinguished Service Cross. jf? - 7"vlifjj'Nt'f IVIONA GWENDGLYN FINN Gwenie, a little on the impish side, has been seen at O.l...P. for a long time. Recog- nized by her artistic ability totten displayed on the posters in our hallsi and by her flare for dramatics. She has participated in The Man in the Bowler Hat and has por- trayed the lead in one of the Christmas plays, she has supported the Glee Club for four years with a lovely soprano voice. Gwen is short with darlc hair and strikingly elfin features, which are a contrast to her enormous store of vivacity and mile-long words. She has successfully held the posi- tions of secretary in her freshman year and treasurer in her junior year, and has pains- talcingly helped to get our annual to press. When Gwen enters college next year, she will continue to malce friends and puzzle them with her professor,s vocabulary. O ffgs we waxy Way Aa JZ.. Cesfj J' 0 jfs? wif? -w S-fy REGINA MADALINE GLEASON It must be the lrish in "Gina-Bug" that causes her to delight in the spectacular, but UGinaH is what we associate with exotic and dramatic. Which reminds us, she can chalk up parts in some prominent productions-1 The Trial of the King, Christmas plays, and many other outside pageants: the Glee Club also has her support. Driving is her chief devotion the moment she escapes the confining portals, and her chief talent is run- ning out ot gas in the middle of a teaming highway. Gina also participated in politics to the extent of holding the position of secre- tary in her sophomore year. JACQUELINE GRACE GRIMM Making her appearance in our iialls in iier junior year, Jaclcie lias firmly moulded iier place in our lnearts. Perhaps slie is best re- membered for lier constant appeal for tile Missions and for tier able handling of Chair- mansliip of time Apostolic Committee: or per- haps for l1er Bostonian accent fthe latter pre- sents an excuse for persistent teasingf. Her slenderness belies the fact tliat eating is tier favorite pastime. Modeling, Hawaii, and a pair of silver wings compose tier dreams and fulfillment seems in time offing. 'E-ov SWQDQXL O Q3 l iCsQSi2.Qg5. I Amzbv an M- JW 1617 MARY IVIAN HAGEL ive Anotlier piano prodigy Mary is rever 2 enced for lier splendid rendition ot time "VVarsaw Concerto", which is in constant demand at gatherings looasting iier presence. lVlary's china-lolue eyes, close cropped curls, and liglit-liearted gaiety mark a prize win- ning comloination. Slie is distinguished as an earnest worlcer for complete mastery of tiie pianoiorte. Fervent support of curricular and extra-curricular activities has placed Mary in a position of frequently being called upon to assist in class scliemes. Here's to our Jose lmrbi! CAROL BYRD HASELTON Carol possesses a southern drawl some- what assuaged by constant relationship with a Boston accent and two and a half years in our midst. Her assets number in this order: one twin sister, Holly, one lucious yacht Knot entirely hersl, artistic tendencies resulting in precious little angels, a gorgeous sun-bleach- ed complexion accumulated by frequent so- journs at the beach, and a lovely pair of ha- zel eyes. Carol travels across the bay daily in order to reach her destination. Plans for her future are indefinite as yet, but we expect to see her gay face at college in September absorbing higher education. QM BWMMJQAMWMK Mme Q,,,,4,6 ,419 PEGGY EMILE HEMUS Peggy can hardly be considered entirely complete without Ruth, so inseparable are these two. Both excel in literary directions. Peg has been our Academy correspondent with the Augustinian during the past year and has done a splendid job in an unpubli- cized position. Her fine alto voice has been a mainstay in the Glee Club tor the past four years. Future ambitions tend toward av- ocation as an air line stewardess. We wish her loads of luck and happy landings. MARILYN JEAN HICKS Our blonde, willowy A.S.B. vice-presi- dent abounds in surplus attributes: a drama- tic ability, to mention one, which rewarded her with parts in Antic Springg The Sun- shine Twins: the Christmas play: and a lovely soprano voice, which malces her in- dispensable to the Glee Club. Marilyn is the proud possessor of a golden basketball and our teams rely on her energetic support in those close games. Truly, Marilyn is an all- round favorite and her sincere and earnest worlc in the Student Body a d as a class oilfi- cer has been appr ciawi W W Jwff, 6"' MWM 7---ff-my MARJORIE LOUISE JACOBS First impressions are not always lasting: this is certainly true in Margie,s case for un- til you hear Marjorie play you really don,t lmow her. She more than deserves the title, "Marjorie of the lvoriesn. Without her tal- ent many of our gatherings would have lacked that certain enthusiasm that her pres- ence infuses. Membership in the Glee Club also gives an outlet for her musical inclina- tions and she is the center of many a "Jam Session". We are indebted to her for her willing cooperation and eager support of school activities and we shall surely miss her vibrant personality. -1-44745 A-neff 374 4 MARY ANN KAISER The '46 Club owes a year ot success to the capable guidance ot lvlary Ann. Since she was elected President, she has helped to make the '46 Club an active and interesting club by the unseltish giving ot her time. Her favorite topic is Ubaclc home" and her con- versation is mildly flavored with Milwaukee and snow tights and feather comforters. Atter three years in this sunny existence I thinlc we have almost convinced Mary Ann that this is the State. lVlary's friendly counte- nance, dancing ability, and her contagious laugh will win her many friends. 0,baxf swim GMM WX a JQMWQQW yi, up Helen has distinguished herself in athlet- ics and captained our Volleyball team with remarkable slxillg she has also gained tame along the line ot the culinary arts, her spec- ialty being Hsuicide colcesf' Her rollicking sense ot humor, her comical impersonations, and her absurd anecdotes have utterly cap- tivated us during her three years here. Now as we turn her out to the cruel, harsh world, we lcnow she will intrigue all with her tas- cinating personality. auf fwfr. fam. MARY THERESA KOCH When Mary T. informs you witli a sober face tliat lrer pet peeves are men and scio- lists, you see time glimmering oi wit that lras left tire class in stitclres all during lier tliree years lrere. A loyal and active memloer of time Mental Prayer Committee, slie has suin- mittcl lrer talents to time betterment of tile above mentioned and has aided in numerous ways all of tire achievements of this Com- mittee. Famed forever for lrer immortal "ite ortus Est", Mary is equally well lmown or ller serious and beautiful poetry: sire is our own, private, personal nomination for poet laureatesliip. Nlary imports lier lrumor tom Palestine and lier loyal agent's informa- tive e i tles M72 Jfff, . awww www viii XM JEAN PATRICIA MARTIN As G.A.A. president, Jean lias stimulated our atliletic activities and has assisted in sponsoring several ice slcating parties. Her aspirations include attendance at an eastern college and a trip around tile world. Dis- tinguislred as a udulcedo dicipulorumn al- ready, sine will attain lionors in time sclrolastic world. Her variable talents admit lier to time Glee Club and time volleyball team. In order to annoy Jean loeyond tire point of endur- ance, Marilyn often malces lier wait tedious- ly. Eating devours most of tier spare time and time remainder is consumed lay diligent study. SHARON EILEEN MCNEECE Here may we present one of the charming personalities of the senior class? Sharon's generous and gracious ways won our admir- ation and hence we chose her as senior class president, which office she has more than capabty fitted. As Ethel Barrymore of the Patio Players, she has taken character parts in Antic Spring and The Sunshine Twins. In her rare moments she squeezes in Debus- sey and Gtee. We are mainly obligated to this EI Centro lass for her liberal loan of the cNeece cabin on D Day fff7ff5WZ!.Q if W Zfifiixf? 'Wigs X W JUHREE E IVIULVANEY Satudosi Destined to be Mexico's Clara Barton, Juhree plans a career centered around nursing in Baja California. The tu- ture indeed promises to be brilliant, espec- , iatly it she marries the Doctor. The Senior- Sophomore debate owes much ot its success to her research and ability. Though she can only boast one year of attendance, Juhree has both embraced our Faith and firmly moulded tasting friendships and her gracious manner has won her a permanent place in our affections. Q 1, fowl Away fnulffL4Ac42! Myne GERALDINE MAE MURPHY Jovial Jerry joined us as a sophomore and since then we have never ceased to he delighted hy her hewitching laughter and wit. Jerry's amusing and clever poetry has also been a source of gaietyg her constant at- tendance at pictures has raised her to a po- sition ot authority upon the tavorahle and unfavorable attributes of movies. She is not- ed for her neatness and good taste and is al- ways spiclc 'ny span. A prominent memher of Our Ladyls Committee, she has heen a great help in promoting devotion to Our Lady through the scapular and upholding the other committee projects. Yes, we,ll miss Jerry and her goodmoming grin hecause since she came to us from Sacred Heart we have enjoyed her froliclcing spirits and mirth- ful geniality. Q-fir R +0 'Rag Fi Ao Q- is Xu-veg.-f" 5 cr Xe' QZSXTJ NATALIE HONORA NEWHART New to our halls in her senior year, Nata- lie did not talce long to "win friends and influence people". Her eccentricities run into wallets, which are in reality miniature pho- tograph alhums crammed with memories of midshipmen and June Week at Annapolis. Her amhition is Bacteriology at William and Mary, which is an unmaterialized dream as yet. Gut private, personal suspicion is that her destiny will involve more than little germ- letsg perhaps a hig, handsome Germ will conspire with Cupid and lure this fair maid into matrimony. - ifffxyt f Al? GLORIA ALICE PADILLA Another of our "four year girls", Gloria has given her taients to many fieids during her stay at the Villa. Especially known this y e a r as Sodaiity Literature Committee Chairman and dispenser of The Catholic Digest. Gioria also claims a place oi ac- icnowiedgement in our sports' parade. Twice runner-up in the Badminton championship, practicaiiy constant membership in voiiey- haii and hasicethaii teams, and an enthusi- astic interest in ice skating makes her an ali- round outdoor giri. Gioria confesses that her favorite suhject is Latin, her pet pastime is dancing, and her prize accomplishment, a character part in the Christmas piay. College awaits Gioria, and perhaps in the future a career teaching the familiar phrases -Hiaudo, iaudas, iaudatu. PATRICIA LUCILLE PERDUE Jiffy' Patis fondest inclinations run aiong the it nautical line, which is perfectly justifiable hecause she is the proud possessor of a Nav- ai family. Giten on a sunny Saturday after- noon you wiii find her daintiy puttering around on her first love, 'T.N.T.', a stariet. Ardent devotion to hoats doesn't in any way inhibit her rapidly growing addition of hiue paraiceets. Pat has ineen with us since the seventh grade and is practicaiiy a waiicing encyclo- pedia when it comes to imowing how much the Golden Gate Weighs or whether indian Paint Brushes grow more profusely in El Ca- jon or La Mesa. A staunch memher oi the Giee Ciuh, she often assists in its direction and can frequently he found escorting hymn hooks to and from St. Ceceiiais. We wish you smooth saiiing, Pat, and may ali of your dream hoats he yachtsi AMELIE JGSEPHINE READ Amelie joined us in her junior year and since the moment she entered and said, "Yes Sis-tahn, we've all been addicted to her soft southern drawl imported directly from New Orleans. VVe've all ineflectually tried to em- ulate it at some time: hut Amelie's is the gen- uine Chiclcen-every-Sunday, Mardi-gras ac- cent and inimitable. Commuting daily from Coronado also malces her something of a celebrity. A lucious tan acquired hy constant visitations to the nearby beach is Amelie's especial pride and joy and she qualifies for an all round nomination for the outdoor girl. No matter all the attractions California can offer, her heart still belongs to the deep South and here's luclc to our own special Southern Belle. 21 RN Kbmwk' MQ. ' 'JM XO' o.,4-I, C, . Q.. ,XO KV MARY JEAN REESE Mary Jean joined us quietly, but she is one of those people whose presence is al- ways welcomed. Best remembered perhaps as the "Bell Ringerf' M.J.R. also rings the hell scholastically and is recognized univers- ally as one ot the Ucerelarumsn. It is through her untiring efforts as Co-Ed- itor of the Annual that Villa Montemar had gone to Press. Her cultural accomplishments include her recitation of the "Hound of Heavenn, and she shines equally well at the piano, possessing a versatile genius only ex- ceeded in magnitude hy charming modesty QY W Or DONNA JEAN RICHARDSON Donna is one of our fixtures, having seven persevering years to her credit. We shall re- member her glorious sense of humor, which has an uniailing way of hurhling up at some unpredictable and solemn moment in class or elsewhere. Via the grapevine we hear that El Cajon hus commuters also daily enjoy her adolescent outbursts of wit. Qur Dan- iel Boone of the senior class, Donna has tri- umphantly led many excursions down the mile walk as conqueror of the wilderness. Tremendous plans for college confront her in September, hut the fervent zeal with which she has undertaken ciass projects will carry her on to greater things. ,ff f of f ,W j V! W QW if w"fjQ1f EVA MA IE ROSE RYAN Eve is another person with almost as many years here as fingers. Starting in the sixth grade with horn rims, shess blossomed into one of our very loveliest. Under accomp- lishments she can list faithful service with the Glee Club, and hoth the hasliethall and volleyball teams usually depend upon her for those last minute winning points. During this last year, Eve has collected a variety of objects which she tagged as "Lost and Found", and during her sophomore year she handled our treasury with competence. Eve's led a versatile and active life here at Villa Montemar and certainly we shall miss the spontaneous enthusiasm with which she un- dertakes school projects. .I ff N VIRGINIA ANNE SCI-IUR High aspirations prompt Virginia to ex- pIore the field of EgyptoIogy at Chicago Un- iversity. Often during the past eight years. Vg has been the victim of pIayfuI pranks and much teasing because of this unusuaI vocationaI choice. ConstantIy we are aston- ished by her outbursts of Grecian verse and extensive IcnowIecIge of ancient history. A member of the GIee CIub, Virginia has giv- en her time for its success and has added her second faItoQ voice to many of its pro- grams. MARY ANN SAUNDERS Small Mary couId weII be called our at- om bomb because her inexhaustibIe store of energy has transported our basIcetbaII and voIIeybaII to frequent victories. She has aIso been prominent in the G.A.A., hoIding titIe of Vice-president in her junior year. Saint Catherines I'IaII wiII sound odd without her infectious Iaughter and the boarders wiII miss her mischievous pranks. Because of her accompIishments there we must add she heId a strong second in GIeef and because of her exuberant nature, we can pIace a Uheaded-for-successu sign on her. wit? MIV WJ 'WM XXI ELIZABETH KATHERINE SHAPPLEY For three years Betty has shared our trials and tribulations and struggled valiantly. Now that she can claim the superior status of senior, she Ioolcs loaclc ancl reminisces over our picnics ancl initiations with a smile. Her good nature has made her the victim of many iiienclish plots, hut her characteristic grin has always won out. Aiter cleep consideration, Betty clecicies that Spanish occupies first pIace as her favorite suhject. Her post grad- uate plans feature college where she intencls to major in Spanish. Then Texas will he her home ancl amidst tumhling tumhleweecis she will assume the duties of a clomestic. ,QM J f M1 Mfg!! afiffffgia' . ' -ffywfwfwfkg' -I g ,, WG 7. W-- A y , M ff EW W' 'ffmW6i 'ff' cs MARY CLAIRE SHAW IVIary Claire, senior class secretary, leans towarcl a secretarial career and who are we to cliscourage these heginnings? After four years among us, we can perceive gleaming possihilities. Anyone who can conquer sec- onci year algehra, hold down a joh at Mercy Hospital, ancl still have time to he a real friend to everyone is someloocly in our estimation. Mary CIaire's cluties have in- cludecl recording Iast minute arrivals ancl not infrequently does she race with time to heat the hell herself. Last hut not least, she can point to her memhership in the Glee Cluh with pride. CQ! Yfiii 'agp Lllx- x H GRACE MARIE SPRINGSTEAD Glamorous Grace, whose blond tresses have always been one of our pet envies, seems destined to play the role of Portia.- that is, if dreams materialize. Her two years here have been filled with activity: the Cvlee Club can claim her as a member and she participated as Magdalena in the Christmas play. Her lovely voice and charming man- ner have endeared her to all ot us. A swift glance at her slender regal appearance does not always reveal the subtle humor that hides beneath. We have frequently been amused by her moclc poetic masterpieces and have admired her lovely art worlc. College will claim her in all probability where she will pursue the labyrinthian ways of lawyer- hood. xy 0105 rni ,buff Jl.OO21 Q,uOvmI'D sgfvws O02 '.'L??.,3P fffgaw Qhmvfif mm? Ofmlfllfofa-C9 E CD , ,f - Q cowffgamofmnk' .Dui Lug? WB R. quiet maid. Cpfcc-LU-O'QL9' x 0"' '77Z aff-3. MARY CECELIA THAYER Hsugar 'ny spice 'n' everything nice" is an ideal description of Mary. Always ready with a contagious smile and a cheerful word. she is fit we may be so epicureanl as stimu- lating and buoyant to our depression as a cup of coffee on a cold morning. For some four years of devoted service the alto section of the Glee Club owes Mary a large, gold star. We often see her guileless face bright- ening as she crosses the threshold of the art 5 room wherein lie hidden her pet passions. One does not need to be very discerning to perceive that a rosy future is in order for this mfg, off , f LORRAINE KATHERINE TIEBOUT Lorraine leads a sedate, cloistered life, at least that is what she,d like the general puio- lic to helieveg lout we aren't deceived hy out- ward appearances and weive come up against her rollicking sense of humor and have chuckled over hits oi character poetry and other suhtle wit, which owes its anony- mous authorship to a certain LT. Lorraine is also one oi the most esteemed Hjeune lille de Frances' and her slender iorm often dark- ens the entrance to Mademoiselleis studio. Many gay times are enjoyed hy the residents oi Saint Margaretis over the antics of Lor- raine and her room-mate. I V . Af to i gift' S'- 'Q s - u.sM9.S-Qui. MQ I ,- V6 .Nkfgfaalfwc Ji' MARY HELENE VALKENBURG Another talented senior passes from O. L. P. with happy memories of three years of studies, lun, and friends. Mary Van, as we call her, is well known for her music and every morning she plays a lively march while we walk to and from assembly. The Glee Cluia proudly claims her as Directress and she has more than competently filled this position. All during this year, her pleasant voice there we pause to mention that her sweet soprano has heen upholding the Glee Club since she came, has heen calling out, "Do you have any stamps?" And certainly the Missions have been enriched hy that call. VVe'll all miss Mary when the year closes and we know this lassie will carry music wherever she goes. DOROTHY ANN WALSH Hidden genius ties heneath those gotden tresses say att who tmow Dorothy. Certainly her outstanding wortc as Chairman ot the Mental Prayer Committee has set a hard-to- heat record. An earnest and devoted wortc- er, undauntect hy impossihitities and never discovered in a depressed mood, she detights us with her taugh and pixie charm. Dorothy with three years at Vitta Montemar to her credit aims to continue her Hsystematic train- ing ot the morat and intettectuat tacuttiesu at cottege next year. And it anyone can do it Wett, Miss D. Vvatsh can. Twgywlwvf MJ ,wi PATRICIA LUCILLE WARD Patricia, our pet pretect, has at one time or another heen a reat inspiration to att ot us. Her personality has endeared her to every- one. Besides her many activities in the So- datity, she has participated in the Gtee Ctuto and the Christmas ptay, and is a staunch supporter ot att schoot projects, tisting as toremost her junior dehate victory and her Catholic Boot: Vveetc review. Pat delights in reading, dancing tespeciatty the tast onesi, poputar records, and ice-skating. Popularity personitied has made her an ideat and strong teader. we U, MW BONNIE JEANNE YBARRANDO Petite, versatile Bonnie can justly he proud of her three activity-filled years at Villa Montemar. As Vice-prefect of the So- dality for one and a half years, she has heen the incentive to many of the undertakings of the Sodality. Her original plays are legend- ary ahout the campus and her acting is some- thing to he remembered. The Man in the Bowler Hat and the Christmas play pre- sented Bonnie in utterly different character- izations. Stature certainly in this instance can not he considered indicative of accomp- iishments for Bonnie's size has not in any way hindered nor retarded her long list of accomplishments. ff,.,,,7! Q wud 444-jf-rua in pdbirv !6A-W! JA, ,105-6 -fi?A3,w.!,L U .ffl '..r eg J f3??1.53 Tiffimfiia 'I ? if fiJ'fs'j f'5f9'37 af,AQf'E!7" - i l W""""'E' "T ff f M, 2 75 'Wk iW?5E5WEi'i9HiiYR!Ss 1 ,- wi L. 'x V H, ,f . ',9g,'!hwf:W, ,1,. X pn 4 u A , M Q ...R Q85 ,, , A 4 wg Q L, i. -...:-- V-I? evgggigi iv?F5'gfs 59? 'Al 0 Q, Q . -ff ' l' 1 S f.?j L , WE X 3 -V , " 54 ,Q S v ,dl ffm? - EAL? X, Q, W Qhiv A 'A 5131 V Las, ,. W 'wx ami 1. ZX S 3' if Qxrfifizx ii 3523 ' Z, 5' w ex A V 4 4 bf 5 9 f N 'Wi ir xv W I vqaffe' .. ' If ' A Q 2,-m?3f32mf WWW Q-9 J WW EPM fn VWMAS is M .A 58 QM g fe 44?"Y 2 , .fj yf TQ' X A Mk 1 L. , km 3 ix .4-'lf , X em Xk5SN 3? fy!! ,MW ' 1 12wz?Z"4T!ZW4 74 ,jjfvnwz 'J ' if QE Q bf' v 4 xiii.. W 'yfzwvf D q ATES,? 6' I M ,ffw,W4,, wgfcafzteozmi, f F like warg of agficqagne ana! Acigif. v WMM W - Vw . ,,,,,m"'9m, T wi- . X ,sa ffm. we IX' 'Qi -'K K F5 i his ' -H x A Egg, SWE! A MMMQWMXWRWMEHNWSWWWEEQL T5fmfSS',fiMz5?5!2 5555 D. Saunders, Vive Prvsidenlg H, Keriozola, President: P, Alexnmlvr, Sr'c'rc-tary: l.. Ven-- srlmgin, lr:-nstlrz-r, JLJNICDRS FRESHMAN YEAR Our freshman year was one alive with activity. That year we were admitted to the Sodalityg we also formed a cluh for the spiritual and temporal aid of servicemen, "The Fighting '47'S." To this day we are proud oi the dehate we won on Student Body Control. Vve recall also our hrealciast given tor the graduating class when we hrolie all conventions and served ice cream tor dessert, hut then We were ireshmenl K SOPHOIVIORE YEAR Most ot us rememher our sophomore year as one mainly ot study, hut we recall also our class shindigs and our delightful celehration oi St. Pat,s day. This was the year we officially adopted St. patrick as our patron. JUNIOR YEAR As our junior year rounds the hend for the hnish we lool: haclc the long stretch and see hehind us traclcs of fun and learning stamped deeply in the trail of memory. Qur operetta, Bits 0, Blarney, given for the student hody, was a smash hit and from time youngest to time eidest sage ot, tile senior ciass it was enjoyed immensely. So in time true spirit ot time green ties Saint Patricii was given due respect on iiis own Niareil IT. As time oid tradition goes. we got our tong awaited Ciass pins and inter our junior tormais wilicii made a pretty pastei tnacicground tor tire graduating ciass on Commence- ment day. Vvimen Saint Augustineis juniors joined us to torm tiie '47 Ciuim, iittie did we icnow time tun in store. This Ciutm proved itseit a success tay time wondertui parties and danees it sponsored. iiianic you,Fatt1er Aiierne and ,47 Ciub oitieers. tor a truiy enjoyatiie year ot ttun. Yes, as we tiiinic imacic on our junior year we wiii aiways rememtmer it as one ol' liie imappiest years oi our tiigti sctiooi career. I"irsi nm: Ni. I4:lljfl'iilill't, D. Siiirnemier, P. Xxiiiilttlh i., tiriveiio, ixi. idnpltuorne. i. Nessin-r, Jones, it. Dnxvx, iruie, I.. Vi-resrtiugjiu. il. Suumters, Ni. Roise. ti. Raunsny. Suomi row: xi. tiny:-s. D. Klaus. .I. Kia-pier, ti, Pills. it, K4-rioyoius. i. Riu-lu. txt. 'iinnup-on. ixiontetio. Xviiimit. i'. iiionms, fi. BiiStNH'UlIQII, .i. ifntmiu, ii. itiizvamt. t tuss I1-urin-r, Fish-r Duvuta .lost-pin. Airs:-nl: P. Ai:-xnnder. V. fireer, it. .im'ii. txt. furajjozu. , ...ww 'xt W - SGPHGMORES FRESHIVIAN YEAR Vvitim knees icnocicing time sixty of us crept into time Viiia, trying to stay ciear oi time niviost Honorabief, This attitude prevaiied untii after initiation. After ttmis, bowever. witim our spirits and courage aroused we piunged into time year witim comparatively iigimt bearts. Vve couid atiord to be iigimt timat yeari Our spirits soared wben we ciaimed time title ot voiieybaii cimamps, but were taicen down a iittie by losing time basiaetbaii cimam- pionsbip. About timis time, timougim, we were imustiirmg and bubbling over our Senior Breakfast. it was no iigimt aiiair, for we bad reaiiy become attacimed to time Miibirty-tour riiyrants oi 0.L.P.H, and witim imeavy imearts we said goodbye to a wonderful senior ciass and to a wonderful tirst year in bigim scimooi. SOPHOMORE YEAR Vve entered time gates witim spirits and noses a bit imigimer timis year. Class officers were eiected witim Patricia Ciaric as Presidentg Eiien G,Brien, Vice presidentg iviartima Cus- tado, Secretaryg and Saiiy Lovelace, Treasurer. VVitim aii time excitement came booics and studies, and our jaws ieii a iittie. Uur sopimomore year, it seemed, was to differ siigimtiyt Vve were saved by winning tbe voiieybaii cimampionsbip again, and timis year we tried iiarder for bastcetbaii. For time most part, our ciass bas been taiien up more witim imomeworic ot one sort or an- otimer, and time year bas siipped by witbout notice. At time end of anottmer unforgettabie year sopbomores wiii be seen swarming from time center ot time yearis activities into time big outside worid, and wiii be beard to mutter, uvvitim a given point as center and a giv- en distance as radius, one and oniy one circie can be drawnfy A SMA M. - 'ff U 1 hi if 5 Q X ,ef 0 fzmhgfigfvgfe' 'P f .M f fri' X' I .1- 1 Q f Q xv ,ff Zfnf' AW: iM1a.3,4xf.' mqgwk Yxg km gi W ' L L GJ AW-A Q23 'W as A ', r ' N x fi ' fig, Q A. M wif .fm .XT cw f I X HAY" . x -,, ' V K ,. ,gg gd .f ,xx , ,M '31 ik ' 352 'F '38 'Q V' 2 N K V-.4xs H H gig Rigs ,,,rx3q:?i, .. ..--. A ggyw ., , x, mmf 4 N Q H. ,FN-A is fl' x ai K M 'Q 4 5 fnsnn, ii "l?f'3,f:. 1 . ' 1 lit A 'I N if :av 'K "' ,W I 1 'Q sly 1? ,if 5, A 1- M Ij: Y' .' 9 in ,:',i',3w . ' V' aww , . i . T :W Z'QES'E5hi H- liirsl row: I.. Smith, A. AflllSlf4llllf, .l. Satoshi. R. IXIUEIIIV. E. Roney. Cola, C. Lambert, C. Ix'1l'Nl'f'l'l', .l. Vullvnltivn- burg. lf. Johnson, lf. Alfljiltflllill, D. Swec-ting, Ii South, S. Sinclair, A. Stewart, Nt. btillonzi, R. Buonn, . f .' V , ,, . . V , . bvcond row: A Uhno, P. Kelly. A. Finn. N. bolt, R. Vines. J. Hosfenpud, It Edgar. M. Ruddock. N. cJ10Ulf', D. Cawley. M. VVilhite. T. Lynch. That long anticipated, though somewhat dreaded, September day arrived and our trembling freshmen entered the portals of the Academy of Qur Lady of Peace. Like other freshmen in years past We turned pate at the mere mention of Initiation. but we survived the day accompanied by big bows, braids, one shoe, and the feeling that at last we Hbetongedu. The first glimpses of talent appeared in October when We entertained the Student Body with a radio show, mrhe Odyssey ot Punyon Jonesu. In November talent ot a different type emerged during Catholic Book Week. Our subject, biography, was attractively portrayed in the theme, "Mirrors of Christf, This year inaugurated the first all freshmen Glee Club which made its appearance several times during the year. We are particularly proud of our victory in the Junior-Frosh debate: Resolved: That the branches ot the armed torces be merged. Our freshman year has been a happy and a profitable one and We hope that the three to follow will be patterned on our First one. R w,x'yxXyi V avi 1 n-X'-K' Y -A Q1-1 Q -nu. Q V ' AVN I' -'uxvnxl M V vwgxxc. V0-v X N N' Fw" , n ' X116 X PN' NN N I . -XAGN -. ig. ' lfirwl nm: 51. Slvwuri. Al. N:-ilmn. C.. Sl:-va-ns, V. Sl1'I'Yl'S, U. SI4-ow-s, A. Niflmlus, Al. Sllhnrnski. fxl. lmmll. fl, IL,ni..l, l', XIQCLH D. Sulml, I.. flilmsun.Y.l. fxlnlm-vm-lulu. H. Aluiivr. Nl, P4-hlrsun. Kurll, R. Rolla, fi. xlinnr, ,I. fxmnlms. I.. Svlnllnunl, N, Scuxuurmlu. .l. Hanna: 1 l'fl'Il. I. fmniu. .l. IX:-uugjln. N, Nlilflwu, IW. ffvr-r. R. f'.ngf1'Ilmrl. 1 lass If-alflwr. Fish-r Sl. f Iuirv. Almsvni: V. Ixlvllvv. rw . gm-5. ' 4 . ' S 'Ja K 'Walt lilfkifwm -nwwxia-v342'LMF.Ski5i5Q'5W3Vu-Y"'f:?W'f' 'WW aff' an .I Smal if GRAMMAR GRADES 6i7!Le 5ma!L:iLl c!Lifc!ren ar nearedf fo Q4 ' fA,8 Jmdfijf Pfdnefd ale l'L8d,l"8:5f fo 5'lf1Jl'L f as 1 hw ! 1 N I 4 X' ill X S -N all FF wwwfww QW . Q X :' '. L. in ' , Q Wi . .,,, f L A MQ X .. , X V' , . if V 5 Q 2 wh 2 1 " ig sm is 3 Q, 2 K x rv S -P' 5 3' W xx -W' 'Q wi ' 4 V up xt. 3 x n -ex i pw vm Q ,. S. K , 1 ' . 1 xp V- Zi., A, Q in , , Q E M I X, Ni. 'S W ' . ' M Q -. 5 1 2 2 1: N 3,915 , sfmyk ig 51 3. A , F .. Q 1 A. M if 3 fn Tank ani: ' A ' i A W ixyigv zgvggi gif fxgj , X 4 2 is -fx , , 7 ff ff ' fy V , - I Y ug? W B 1 Qi Q if 45 N 91.2 dw ,Q V IMA-aw. Q r :W ,xnxx Q Y I X ,J . . ,aff 3 5,g,ggH Ex A 1 H I FK W w-xffkfb Y vb J' . . W 1 - f-'ww Wi .,..f,,, V1 1 ,X Mlm K Q' f , if if-ff. 1 , M ,. :Q -X mv- H' -A -' 5 f, . 1, li . K ff by f tiny , Y, .ff'f5fq , A Kgwyh t Ami? 7, I"irsI row: If. I.uc'r-ru, II, IIRIYIIPII, ly, Ilulf-. I". NIf'IltlI1lS, A. IVIoniz, I.. I.uDou, IXI. Kern, S. I.nmImnI, II. XXIi1Iu-vis, .I. SIIIIIII, A. IIaumiII I Nl nnIlI. I SUIUIII TUNI I.. IIZIIYIH, I.lHIlElllSl'll. I'-ISl'Ill'!', I.. IIilIlIN'l'lSilIi, CJSINIHIU, III. XIOIIIIQ. I.. SIIVII, IIIIUHH, .I. IRIIIIIIIS, NIIIIIIIDI NI XIf'IJl'l'llIUII, S. AIII-n, I., IDIIYIIU, II. Shen. I'-. Burns. I. KI4'in. 1 r 'I'Ilir4I ruw: IIurIvurp11-r. NI. NIQIIIFPNN, R. XXIuIh'rs, I.. SIIWI, IXI. DWIQIII, Xxvsl. I. Iluynvs. IIJ. IIIIQIH-1-, IXI. fJIrIson, Di4Ixson I IIPIIIIPI, cv. ISFUXVH, IXII KIllIlf',', AIUXZIIHIIT, IA. I'zilylllUHlI, LI. KTllQl'f, tx. IQIYSS, I':Sl7illHl, VI4Il1II'llIlflYllIxl', I,. SIIIUINIII. our-II, fl. II:-rrr-rn, IXI. V1-Iusquvz, .I. B1-rrIm f'Inss I1-nc'Iu-r, Sislvr Nlnry AmI1'Ir', AIwvnl: Z. IIuIs4-y, FI. flIIz-rlon. VVIIII IIw a1rrivnI of II1e joyous season of Christmas we Iried Io spread good will II1rougI1ouIwar-sIriCIienCounIrieswiII1 generous C0nIriIJuIions Io II1e Cross. Nol onIy cIicI we sencI IIoocI and toiIet articIes but we ransomf-:CI II1e Ilandsome sum oI' Iorly pngun ImIJics. It was cIuring II1is season. I00, that our dramatic aIJiIiIy was brought I0rIIw in UVVIIM1 CI1risImas Comesu. WIIICI1 was produced after mucI1 Inard IaIJ0r. I':arIy in IQ46 we pIeaseCI Our BIessed IVI0IIxer and Her Divine Son. II1e Sacred Hvnrl. wiII1 an Iarge reccplion of new S0cIaIisIs and Tarcisinns. I'4IrsI HIWZ IIHIISHIYVQ, IX. IIiII'I'ylllUfl', I I:ilIN'I', VII. CIHIIHIIII, ti. Irvinv, Iilfil. SUVUIHI TUXY2 Il. SUI Ily, IAN'l'k!llIf'Il, N. NXIEIIIIN f', AIllIi'k, CYISIIPII, I'. IJIVRIS. II IUIFII row: IIPSIIIII, tIHlIl2llll, Igllllvrlllilll, I,U1'illlU, SpH'l1gfi'l', AIltIL'rstlll, fiilpalslil, IIISIIIIIJIII, I.lll'Yilll1l, IIIIY I, XXITIIIT, I.. IIo ll', cv. QIIIKINYVII. I I:llIlfIIl HINYZ I,lHYl'l'S, IIPIHI, IIvrsvy. SIHJVV, tx, IIEIHIPY, CJIIISOII, ci. ISZIICIUUII, ID. I'-Ufilll, .I I,1'IIllH, SIIYGI, XNIPIHIPI VmIm. NI. RmIrigjlu-s. I C Ialss Ivm'In-r. NSI:-r RUIN-rl ln..-pl.. AIN-nl: I. Furl:-r. I.onQ, I. IIIIIIIIIQPT, IDm'iIu, IJ. IIurIM'r, IW, KIIIIIIIIICII. M? ,.. HYQQH 'Allin - First row: Biriwi, ,i. i.lll'ilS, C. pzlciercwsiii, Riciiy, ff. Kiiier, .i, Vic-ry, F. Rirharcison, Ni. Evenson, ,i. Cvrvcr, fyiiara, .I XX xrr-nes. ixi. Stoner, S. SUllIlf'l1i'?llYQ. .i. Long, A, Fowivr. P, Huii, V. Siariiiiouse. .i. Kr-ssiing, Ni. Arnoici, i.. Leriger. Sc-romi row: B. Gonsaivr-s, C. VX'oiie. P. Carney, E. Hauhensuic, P. Fitzgerald. P. Raymonci. C. Gaiiurfi, J. Kocnning, E. Zfmuciio iiutton. S. l,l't'I1l'i1'I'QiiSi. Ni. Aimirr-tc. D. He-rnanricz. S. Lippcrci. Third row: A. Coinhs. Wi. Oiiiara, .i. DiNa1paii, L. Larsen. C. Gudermutii, D. Biizzarfi, C. Howie-ti. Ni. Keiivr. iw. Silva. D. Hr-imnn C Bctzvi, P. Dishnmn, C, Jarohs, N. Counseii. S. Simmons, J, Byron, C. Baker, C. Kingshury. V, Viiiarrcai. Ciinss ir'm'iler. Sister Denis Anne. Ahsvnlz Buitz, B. Luongo. it was oniy titting anci proper that grades tive, six, seven, anci eight take time out the iast three oiays ot Fehruary to have a chat with Goat uncier the ciirection ot their retreat master, Father Thomas Ryan, O.iVi.i. Cn March 24 We gave our iong-awaited piano recitai. Gay tiowers patterneci the stage, giving acicieci beauty to the meiociies piayed hy iittie fingers. Lively dances from the Russians and Hungarians, anoi a coioriui Viennese Waitz cianceci with ropes oi Howers punctuated the recitai numioers. Aii the grades contrihuteoi gay songs to the program. This musicai aiternoon was one that We vviii iong cherish. The summary oi a year as eventiui as this can ioest he expresseoi in these Words ,- prayer, fun, anoi woric. These are the hest means oi prooiucing fine, young giris ready tor Catiioiic iiie. swan The seventh and eighth grades staged the operetta when Christmas Comes with great success The Tarcisian members of the :wird to the sixth grades are accredit- d with the enthronement of many omes in the Sacred Heart. Truly, wese ardent members live up to their ry. "The Sacred Heart for the world, 1e world for the Sacred Heartf, SCDDALITY my Queen, my ywodzer--.Q 54' enLlireQ L10 Lllwe. H 5 , is 14 si Xwe1S'fTf'zKw ,. 9 if 'P SQ. af- RX Sodality Qtticers Greet Retreat Master 'X' B. Ylmrronclo, Vice Prr-ff-rl: P. VVHHI. Pr:-fr-vl: Fl. Brvihm-yer, Vim Prvfvrl: R4-v. Dnvicf Dfw Vvscloll, Treasurer: Lvwis, Svrrrc-lnry, PLANNING THE CAMPAIGN Any 'tttlursctny atternoon atter sctloot one coutct find ttwese otticers anct Committee ctuairmen discussing ltre ways and means ot tceeping ttie Sodatity a tive organization on ttle Campus. SCDDALITY LIFE A Sodality run hy the Committees was the theme of our Sodality year. The newly ap- pointed oiliicers and six Committee Chairmen chose to undertake Our Lady,s business together. The officers were: prefect, Pat Vvardg Vice-prefect, Bonnie Yharrando and Mary Breitmeyerg Secretary, Alice Lewis: Treasurer, Rosemary Vveseloh. The Commit- tee Chairmen were: Our Ladygs Committee, Marie Dzajic: Eucharistic, Marjorie Evans: Apostolic, Jacquelyn Grimmg Mental Prayer, Dorothy Walsh: Literature, Gloria Pa- dilla: Publicity, Ellen Vvilhoit and Agnes Ann Jones. Every Thursday alter school found these faithful leaders organizing the next Sodality meeting: rating current movies according to the Legion of Decency: planning daily ros- ary, First Friday devotions, monthly Sodality Mass and recitation of the Little Qffice of the Blessed Mother, and the annual social events. ln addition to these activities the oiiic- ers decided to initiate Catholic Action Cell Groups within the Sodality. This group which hecame lcnown as the lnner Circle was organized primarily for girls who were in- terested in doing extra worlc for Ou Lady. Each Committee had exacting rules for the memloers hut these tested the metal of the generous volunteers. Aslc any memher oi Our Lady,s Committee ahout the Scapular and she will quiclcly and proudly produce it from around her neclc, explaining it in full detail. If you continue your tallc, she will prohahly convert you to the daily family rosary ranlcs, giving you many pamphlets concerning the heauty and hlessing ol the rosary, for in that direction do her interests lie. The Eucharistic Committee activities included the propagation of Night Adoration, En- thronement of the Sacred Heart in the home, and deepening love for C h r i st in the Blessed Sacrament. They sponsored an interesting inter-class contest for the most inspir- ing hulletin hoard on the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the home and they also hrought some interesting speakers to our auditorium. Primarily a spiritual committee, the Mental Prayer Committee has faithfully supplied a Weekly mental prayer for Sodality meetings. They too sponsored a Mental Prayer Contest in Fehruary which was a great success. The Winning prayer was sent to the Queenys Work. At Christmas time the six memhers sent thirty-five pounds of dehy- drated food to Europe in answer to the Pope's plea for suffering humanity. The Apostolic Committee, as the name suggests, was lousy with many things. Provid- ers ot religious articles at Christmas with their hig sale. producers ot many entertaining plays including an excellent vocation play, sponsors of the Foreign Missions stamp drive, collectors ot money for pagan hahies, they soon hecame lcnown as Hmost active". Vvho provides good Catholic reading matter? Vvho peddles Catholic Digest once a month? Vvhose main talent is giving literary quizzes? Any Socialist will tell you it,s the Literature Committee. Besides these little taslqs, they produced a very interesting and educational program and exhihit for Catholic Press Month. ln cooperation with all other committees, the talented and versatile Puhlicity Commit- tee has faithfully filled all requests for advertising Sodality doings. Many original and heautiful hulletin hoards have declced our halls as a result of their tireless efforts. The annual Halloween Party tool: place on Qctoher 50. Doughnuts dangling from streamers, spoolcy cats and craggy witches adorning the walls and a gloom of darlcness descending over the auditorium gave just the right atmosphere for a most enjoyable oc- casion. All henetits from this party were donated to the Propagation of the Faith. ln January the annual reception of all new memhers tool: place. The ceremony, coupled with that ot the Handmaids oi the Blessed Sacrament, was conducted hy Father Kiernan, 0.S.A. The girls had heen on prohation lor a month, to prove their worth and to learn the rules of the Sodality. The most important event of the year was the retreat which hegan Fehruary 12 and ended with Mass on Fehruary 15. Quiet settled over the Academy as our Jesuit retreat master. Father Dazeh hegan a series oi conferences-from death, judgment. and Hell through the sacraments, to vocations, and lastly a most loeautiful tall: on the Blessed SCDDALITY RECEPTIGN Violiwr. iiinn- was givvn 1-mir ciny Pnor inc-clilulion, spiriluni l'K'ilCIillQ. slu- iions umi visils. As l'l'iI'Pili vricif-Li. 'ilfll girl rnncic- nc-w rvsoiulions, anti frm-nh-r prolvslfllions oi' iovv. 'Hui viinmx oi lim Socizliily yvnr wus Many H. 'lillf' wiloic- clay was ,lmiic'a1lvci lo ffm' Indy. wiiil El So- xiniily ivinss on liw Norlil 'lic-rrnfv. Vinci lilo living rosary profession, ler- rninnling wilii lin- crowning oi! fjur ixuiy ul lin- gzlrcivn silrinv. Tim ai'- tc-rnoon Ionic on El social air wilii il iiusiiion simw ily lin- svniors. il le-21 im' lin- girls' inoiln-rs. and cntclrlnin- lnvnl. - -2: NH, T any ,ir 1 i rg' S A 4 Q 5 . 5 3 1 S ' 2 ii ge gl sg? 457682 Q ,Q vlwgfh NTS? ::. f as 'W' S71-gym Th 55 L T , ',,,...., . mx , a if NT Gif CHRISTMAS APCDSTQLIC Vlqlwse lmsy girls raisecl money lor loreign missions, solcl religious ar- lirlexs al Clirisimas lime, sent money lo llw ljropagfalion ol the Failli. LITERATURE CQMMITTEE M5355 The memlyers of tl1is committee, lJ0tl1 studious ancl energetic, solcl Catholic magazines, gave excellent lnoolc reports, exliilpitefl several times tlwe best ot Catholic lmoolcs and mag- azines. MENTAL PRAYER HA mental prayer a clayu was tlie motto ol tl1is committee. Tliey also louncl time for a Character Builder Campaign, mental prayer contest. campaign lor souls in purgatory, claily rosary and raising money lor war victims. MARYS DAY iviaryis Uay began wilii lime Eternal Sacrifice oi iler Son in lim iviass wilicil was 11-ic imralmi on tile Norlii Terrace. 1116 Living Rosary procession wilicii was ii0l'lll0Li liiroug illfx Qarcivns was a moving auciiimie rosary wimose Aves ferminaleci ai ffur imciyis siirinc win-rc lim rosm-s ior iwr crown imespoiie our im mortai iove. ff M, iw is Wm W ,Q Q Sllrilll' oll Cyur Lady llml sluncls nl llw mul of llw QHYKICIVI pulfl is El lmllowwl ron fb L ul ilu' inlinmvy ol our Llc-clwsl sorrows um dm-zvous. Here wv have slmrcfl with ur I ,y our mosl poignant joys. STUDENT BCDDY 6i7!Le Aedf of aff gouernmenfd ia lfAaLL f8dCA8f5 MJ fo g0l!8I"l'L Olftfffegfej. H 'ij V, :Sim OI :FILTERS liincllvy, President: ll. Arnold,Tr1'us- urer: .l. Balt-li. Vive President. Almsvnlz lxl. llirks, Secretary. The Student Body year opened with Uvvelcome Vveeku which was climaxed hy a very successlul welcome party. This gave everyone a chance to get acquainted since we had an unusually large numher ot new faces. Dehates, parties, quizzes and movies were a iew ol the varied activities that took place as the year progressed. We were very privileged this year to have secured for our entertainment many talent- ed artists and speakers. We would like to introduce some of them to you. The Academy hrightened and louhhled considerably with a visit from the distinguished poet and author, Allred Noyes. Dr. Noyes, works are quite popular ahout the Villa and the girls found our English lriend a stirring example of the modern Catholic man of let- ters. Dr. Noyes spoke oi the modern realistic view of poetry. To olzler a dashing highlight to the lecture Dr. Noyes recited his most popular poem, mldhe Highwaymanf, a lilting excerpt from his play, HSherwood,H and a short selection from the Wliorchhearersu. Reviews of hooks, hulletins, talks. and discussions topped with a Catholic Book Tea made Catholic 'Book Vveek a memoralole event. The auditorium was turned into a dis- play room with each class arranging an exhihit. The exhihits were judged for their orig- inality and information and the seniors were awarded first prize for theirs on poetry. The most successful and extensive hook week we have celehated closed with our favorite, Father Aherne, giving us a lecture on Catholic poetry. Such favorites as HQne Aloneu and "Only a Rosen were among the songs so heauti- iully sung hy Joseph Sullivan on his visit to the Villa. Mr. Sullivan is accustomed to thrilling his audience hut none could have been more receptive than the student body as he rendered an lrish lullaby as only an lrishman could. Mr. Sullivan lelt some with a tear in their eye and all with a Warm heart. Captain Kenneth Staclc, Air Force Chaplain oi the Twentieth Bomber Command, lingered an hour with us on Dec. 6, tallcing over experiences in many parts ol the world. ljatherss "geography of placesn proved to be almost incredible. Chaplain with the lia- mous PJ-QQ Bomber Group under Doolittle, Father had many revealing things to tell us about the atomic bomb, his duties in the Air Corps, and the Presidential Unit Citation conlerred upon the 20th Bomber Command. The magic hands of Marietta Huron and her fine Xylophone kept all the girls en- tranced. We felt in her presence a truly accomplished artist in an unusual Field. Miss Huron included among her numbers a medley of gems from famous operas. A short his- tory and a few iacts about her favorite instrument supplemented the program. Cln Monday, Feb. ll, the auditorium was filled to capacity. The occasion was the long anticipated visit oi Miss Mary Louise Hiclcey, solo dramatist. Miss Hiclcey has trav- eled much. malcing many appearances throughout the United States. She displayed her most unusual and superb talent by giving us her interpretation of the charming story ol lflizabeth Barrett Browning, mlihe Barrets ot Vvimpoie Streetf, Alter semester tests were recorded and retreat was a happy memory, a picnic party. Cotton Cruise, was given tor the juniors and seniors ot Cathedral Girls' High School. The student body organization also participated actively in the war bond and stamp drive and its part tor charity by supporting the March oi Dimes and the VVar Chest. We terminated a successful year which we hope will bring credit and honor to flur Lady ol Peace. S. NItNt'l'l1', ltxusim-ss Nlgr.: ixl. Re-vse. ifditor: D, fwonm-r, Editor: R. Brennan, R4-porter: fi. Finn, literary lftlitnr, Not in I lu I lim-lilf-r, Assorix'tr': lt. cilvilitlll, tvartoonistz fi, Springstr-ad, Art: lxl. lfindli-y. Reporter: ll, Vvzxul, Rvpvrtz-rg .l. Martin. R I rt ak Y i i ,sw .19 . .. N. QQ W ?' . V A 5 -s A 5 3 ::,, ' i is Q Q big x Mr H :Mic L5 Like CAL!! offorayer, Me companion of reggionfi 'iiiw Give Ciuim acicieci iiieir artistic touciw to tile Ciiristmas and Senior class plays lin- refilais, Micinigiml iviass at line Niarine Base. and U i iw iriai oi lim King . Ulu' imp pie-sl lNC'lIl0l'iPS are coupieci witii our imurs oi SOIIQ. 1, J-JE E ART STUDENTS Cl-IQRIC SPEECH CI-IQIR For llle first lime in many yc-nrs llw Ac'nc,lPn1y lqornwcl El vlworif sp:-evll group consisting of girls from all Classes. VVI11-n llw group had rnaslerecl Barrel CJTQIIIIT. UAHvrllwAl1r1l1l1- KTTHUOII... mul "'I'lw Bullzul of the Trof-s nnfl ilu- Nlaslmzn il ronlrilmulvcl lo IIN' rf-lvlmrnlion of the Catholic Book Tc-u lmy lllvir c,IvIiCi1lv and Svllsilivv rc-nclilion ol, llwsc- poems. . I: x ,X ' E i my '33 ' x , 2 S ' T V S fi.-fi T Q xr N- iff? N. A 5 Father Stack, chaplain of 20th B 0 m in e r Command, thrilled us with exciting war anecdotes. Father Aiierne captivated us with his masteriy recita- tions of poetry. Marietta Huron gave us a m a j o r musical treat with whispering wood melodies. .gm WE WE! tWI-IE -KDNORED Maw Louise Hickey dram atized the 'Barretts of Wim- pole Street" with superb skill Alfred N o y e s -1 eminent English poet, author, and es- sayist--frecitecl his magnificent poetry. This scene from Barry's Ioyous Season resulted when the juniors de- cided there was an extensive field in Catholic drama yet to he exploited hy their fellow classmen. The stu- dent hody reciprocated with great in- terest in the Catholic theatre move- ment and its playrights. sf ,fi is W3 Q 4 V 5? ar mal Newman held the place f honor commanding the approval ol every eye for the centennary cele- hratlon Numerous volumes attested mrlle Stardust of Literaturen won tbe blue ribbon lor tlme seniors. Tbeir interest in poetry grew under tbe spell ol time sparkling display. Tile Catlmolic novel, an old time lavorite, was given expression and a new zeal when time sophomores dis- played tlleir clever ideas on the sub- ject. Qbiis, .git 3' X dr O Holy Night, by Martinez, Sierra, our first peacetime Ctiristmas play since I9-40, portrayed our Blessed Mother abandoning the rich Cathedral tor the slums to luring the love ot tier Holy infant to the hearts ot time poverty-stricken anci suffering masses. Hi . SA -'KiE?Si .,13AWTQE??ii,?l ti 'Z , K CHRISTMAS i945 Once more tile Christmas bells ring out, Again the Caroiers singg Anci rounci time earth this Christmas-tide, The Prince of peace is King. Tile IJOVTIIJ-SCOFFQCI rural countryside, Now pastures lowing nerds: Across tile fields of iuattie We ilear the song of birds. Our voice we lift in giaciness, We turn from war and fear: Hloy to tile worioif' we carol,-1 Cilristgs Birthday feast is ilere. -Virginia Anne Scitur Q' JUNIOR-SENIQR SCDCIAI. SWING The second year oi the '46 Cluh underwent some traditional changes. Mary Ann Kaiser became the first Academy girl to become president of a senior high school club for a number of years. Her triumph rang the beginning oi a season of merriment for Saints and the Academy. The first major social was launched in the home of Mary Ann in the guise of a loarn dance to celebrate the shadowy escapades of Hallowelen. The '47 cluh presidency was carried well hy Art Howard. Cupidgs Cutup was the juniors' theme to entertain the ,46 Club seniors lor St. Valentines feast day. St. Patriclcgs Day dance in a hallroom exuding an air oi lilting irish laughter was a delighttul success. Nl. Kaiser. lf, Kussm-I. l.. XYi'f'C'Sl'Iliig'ill, Huwnril. YQ? .ik 5' "KWH if' 'Rvws wi, ad v Q . -59? 'D I N :- U P 4 - In ev ' . :M,,e , ,.,,, 3 V . f ,Q ff . Y I ' 'QW M 'ZA- X 1+ ' n?'f' Efnmx + M-vm 'I ' 'iffy lf W ,gym f' W if Fw sh , , ,S Q X" IW 1 5 ' I ' 2 aw :MW M 1. ,,E-v-H-w M 4 A as fs? -f if f fi 1 V Wim., N A -sum A, Q V W , 71 M ff '55 ' 'M 'K A ' Tw ' Mg Q , f 5 ' ' ai + fm ' fi 1 5,3 Q12 " Q ' f . .' ' Q A 4? Her NK 'im Q Q ', 5 . , . A f if ,Numa ,Q 1 I N Q I Z A Q ww 5 3 W 'iw x " w V Q 1 'X fc Q FIRST PROM 5 'n-to EXCERPT FROM A BQARDERS DIARY fjear tliaryz Since today was Saturday, had Mass at seven instead of s It was the last day ot my novena Sisters special intention. Uur wh dormitory has heen praying for it pressed my hlue skirt this morn and it looks nice. VVe had a picnic this afternoon the pool. Plenty of food and tl Tonight we saw a movie. The hell just rang for lights out hut rm going to visit Jane tonight even if I get caug Happy day! I just tounct out that I m going to Los Angeles for the reception Nlarch Lite can he heautitult ,, AA, ,mgaf Thad? . ,Q W gf4rZj4f?iE7Lf M,A,x7r1L4j?C !x,2pq9 'V ff 07351 -f A44 V iZ3zpf,lZElp oaa3Z??ZlyZ?Q2?j7kv7f C Goodnight. dear Diary, PEGGY ,,,,,,.x-1 ATHLETICS :filly ana! JQJVLG55 are incomloafa 3? Q Q E 'fin 74' 52 IY'R1V',i, ,+K7'lfE'7'9Sf- ww ' : Sf 4 R VV:-t ciotiies anti imruises maricect tiie imeginning oi G. A. A. activities at an ice sicating party wimicii was iieict eariy in November at Glacier Gardens. A tew sore iimias anc slutty ileacis were tiie oniy resuits ot a joytui clay. tfariy Fatt activities counteci pep raiiies as interesting events. Most ot tiiese were iieid as iiorerunners tor tiie St. Augustineis tootbaii games wiiicim tiwe giris entilusiasticaiiy sup- portect. in January anci February voiieyioaii imeict iirst piace as ti1e game oi tile montil. Spiritec interciass tournaments provicted time campus with strange new screams and yeiis tor vic- tory. Viiiie seniors and sophomores reached time tinais in Wilicii tile strong sopils cieieatec tile i1Ell'ii-Figitttllg seniors in tiiree wiict games. Pingpong. imactminton, anct tennis reigned cturing tvtarciw. t.iveiy tournaments suppiiec events tor a ctispiay oi nerve-Wracicing ciass spirit: tiwe respective classes put torttm tiieir ctiampion players tor eacii sport. Atiter mucii practice in gym ciasses, O,L.P.'s Queen of Sports, inasiictbait, reacilect its I. Nturtin. iyresirtm-nt: Saunciers. Yin- iJI'Q'FiIil'Ilil P. Xviiittuiier. Secretary: P. Vi-UIIHIS, 'turn-asurrr it U ' 'rx fciffttxji V as it X S itxkwfl? its W gy, s 5 Us 'it 'I ff-'f s . 5 Q ' s. as s ffwsafizsf 5 vi , ii Nh gb 9' sa W -:mr vga Q sw 5 is NV ..,,,, lfirst row: Nl. Custarlo, P. Arnold, .l. llnrris, E. Barlmoa. SUFOIIKJ row: V. lx'1ElIllIlII'iStPl', Castro, ll, Wllllttlkl'f, fi. xNlilllIlH'l'fj, V. Vvvlvll. climax in the annual April tournament. This contest was eagerly awaited, and the ia- vored team wallced olll proudly with its honors and gold haslcethalls. May I6 proved to he an important day in the athletic year, tor that hig red circle on the calendar meant Field Day. The playoffs of tennis, hadminton, and pingpong attracted eager attention in the morning and a rousing swimming meet in the alternoon lcept everyone on the edge ot a nervous breakdown. From' February through May we matched our volleyhall and haslcethall teams with those ot Cathedral Girls High. Each school displayed a fighting spirit and the games were enough to thrill even an uninterested oloserver. The crowning event ol the year, ol course. was the annual G.A.A. banquet held at the Parlx Manor Hotel, May 23. Gold volleyhalls and haslietlmalls. trophies, letters, pins. and rilohons were awarded to the deserving girls amid much applause and congratula- tions. Handshalcing, speeches, jolces, and entertainment all combined to malce this han- quet the perfect end to a successful sport year. Phi' ,-,fx 'NN f'N"x"'X , ,Xa .'xfw vy:,x,N,-nXrs,S"x,""g""'x 'lit gdw' Nw' 41 V 'Y . ,pw SWIMMING QUEENS M, A 'N 'AN 'X 'Ns f"x wwe" ,wg 455 5 5 whx , , fc .4 ,-,Mg--,-. V W 4 'KZZZQZQ ,sis lvm Hag? X We f Mun v v ,Q I qw hu' 3? W, . 5 262119, fm ilYF5ff'f.w f'f'SsX Q . 235: 1 Ba all M1 PING-PONG TENNIS ,A 3339 - 'Y' A . il 5' A fx 4? 3 ? 3 V .Www - ' ,LBJ wh 5, , fm Ziggy. . x 5 IK? 'QW M ww M 9 X x ' O Mg - , f Ya' X is ,ZLL 'x , ii, ,ls 5- 4 ' T, X - , , fin 'S :QQ . Ayf sr IVIIRRORED MOTHER A rose with petals tinted fair Slaetches my Virginys cheelasg The fields of goldenrod, her hair, So waxen, lovely, long it seeks Shoulders arched with dapple hlue. Her eyes T lenow are the control Of heaven and have larkspur hue. A lily perfect claims her soul. -Mary Ann K SOUVENIRS Last night T toola them out awhile Where only the stars could see, From their dark, secret hiding place T held them close to me. A miser counting all his gold Could scarcely ever he As rich in happiness as when T hold each memory. For time has left them all unchanged, No tarnish dims the shine That every loving dream of you Has made forever mine. -Peggy Hemus aiser OUR LADY'S TREES The trees of Villa Montemar Have sung a song to me, But T must leave their friendly shade For other eyes to see. They have sheltered Josephs statue, From Decemhens icy Tulastg And whispered of the Carolers That sang on Christmas, past. They have murmured in the twilight, When the Chapel lights were low, Of the beauty of the Aves Said in sanctuaryys glow. Now the future beckons me, But lilze music from afar, Tn my heart your songs l'll carry,-f Trees of Villa Montemar. ,-Virginia Anne Schur. NEVER DOES A DAY GO BY Never does a day go hy, Cloudy, gay or hlue, Never does the North Wind sigh Without its dreams of you. Never when the sunheams dance Nor when the snowflakes fall Do T forget your teasing glance And when you used to call. From deepening roots of memory, Come echoing thoughts, that bless The long lost hopes T had of thee To haunt my loneliness. The mournful dove with its sad sweet song Tortures my heart, since you have gone. -Natalie Newhart VILLA IVIONTEMAR Sun bleached columnades. Bathed in mottled shades, Courted hy the tossing trees, Soothecl and woioed Tay ocean breeze, Regally caps the hill's curved breast, A constellation in the dying West. ,-Gwen F inn THE VIGIL LIGHT Scarlet flame Within a Cup of garnet Brushes walls with hands of hallowed light Until the brave and lonely orison Glimmers, Dies, Yielding Amens in aureoles of smoke. -Mary Theresa Koch RENDEZVOUS Love may wait in a rose-lit place Hung with fancies long, perhaps it will lead you a maddening chase Like the haunting wisp of a song: Whenever you reach it, today or tomorrow, Woven in venturous schemes, Never again will your heart need borrow The subtle magic of dreams. -Peggy Hemus GODS LOVE From His hands I own the eyes To praise His singing trees, From His hands 1 have the ears To love His melodies, And from those hands, I hold a soul With sea of life, and sail, Even though I placed within Those sacred palms, the nail. -Mary Theresa Koch MY CHRISTMAS DAY l had a happy Christmas day, l saw my love once more, ,Twas not until this holy time That he came home from war. We gazed upon the Christmas bells That hung upon the tree, l saw his face reflected there, Smile again to me. I felt the joy that heaven gave When through the burning tears, We walked together all the way From Mass, since treasured years. And now that dreams have passed away, l find myself alone, For he was never really here And never will come home. -Mafy Theresa Koch. A CJ X ,rHE NEARNESS or You Q HE-255 X is The stars are doors to sacred skies K I M J- Yet nearer them is paradise, fc 1 And so as you have gone from me ' - 5 L F You are not far, eternally. J Z P Nearest to the day and night 1' I is the dawn and blue twilight, N So between us is the breath, XJ The closest thing to life, my death. I fmt H V K- ' . , G -Mary Theresa Koch fx. J gQ ' N X X' FW 2 ' 7 2 N , f X 1' V I ' , if i f X N ' S A . I B44-lfvae Fussen-nu AN f af? , if M ' ,,. asm? 'me Jumon CALENDAR OE EVENTS SCHOOL OPENS ....,.........., IN ITIATION A..,.,.....,,..,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,., .. HALLOWE EN PARTY .....A...,AA................. BOOK WEEK ......................A...........,,...,.,.,,,.,,,.,..,4A,,A. MR. CARMEL VICTORY DANCE ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,A. ,AA,,.,,,.,,. SODALITY MASS AT CATHEDRAL... CHRISTMAS PLAY ..,.........................................,............. .,.,....,,,.. CHRISTMAS VACATION ......,..................... VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT ,,,,I,,.I,.,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,., SEMESTER EXAMS ...............I......,,....,.,...,,,,, SODALITY RECEPTION ,,,,,,,,,,I,,, RETREAT .......,..........A...................,....,,..,,. ,.,..,,,.,...,..,.....,, ,,.,,,,,I,,,. CUPID S CUTUP ....I...........,..........................................,............,,.,,...... PARTY with CatI1ecIraI GirIs High ScI'1ooI ....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, DITCH DAY ..........II............I......,,....................................... ..I...,...... RECITAL ...............,..I.... SENIOR PLAY ..........,...,....,................ SOPHOMORE DINNER ............... SODALITY DAY ................,.............. ALUMNAE BANQUET ............................. MT. ST. MARY'S TEA .....,.,..........,,,..,,,,,...,,..,,,.I. SENIOR BOARDER BANQUET ................ ............. FIELD DAY ......................................................I.,.,,........ G.A.A. BANQUET .......................... PROM .........................................................,............. BACCALAUREATE MASS .............. FRESHMAN BREAKFAST ...I........................... GRADUATION .................,.........I......................................... ............. Sept. 4 Sept. 22 Oct. 50 Nov. 4-ll Nov. 25 Dec. 8 Dec. 19 Dec. 21-Jan. 7 Jan. 21 urin e! 25, 24, 25 'ann' 1 . - Jan. 22, Jan. 51 Feb. 12, 15, I4 Feb. I5 Feb. 20 Feb. 25 ApriI 5-26 May I, 2 May 2 May 8 May 7 May I5 uw osum,1ne RE:- May MISCBT QUT F' IEL-hx May 21 F May 23 May 51 June 5 4 June 5 A June 5 "0SLAR"1'hE Gem I Q I? 9 W Z F- .. ' X ' ' 'Xlgan I II 1 'an l W X VL 1 X 1 ,Q X 0 'in f 'IF .- Illli H otgeus BASKGJL Br-L5 Sens: in L-33 i X , X 1 J ox N' 'WT 'fr "'46f. . k H H I M glg f fii 'W 4 'L' f N 54" ,.- N 'R -N' Q 4 if - I . -, .. K, 0 C. sg xx gf Q + Q, i 1339 gg gi, 6 CRADLESONG ' , s K Pnesarneu ' my ,, . ' v BY 'rv-NGEENIOR, Ij gais j - KH Y Xlf xlj ? ..7 , I "'SfNl0 Ds seq -1 W 7'Q0"w Him: :.f 1 QQ Q 5 1 fm 4, 17 SQVMT W W . 1 Q-35,53 ' . ' X 2 ' d' "My7 5 ' I 'Url A L 1330 Rlewh Glusou ,qu-f N: ,, 'Q wk. , vw QQ, , ldv IN' Eva 'sv 'V wwM2QWm ig 7M AUTOCRZHET-I? 77foJNlZl44'lv - . M M jawn gt pLJMwgMf6jljLQM,j,Z43fQ,fM REX? ZUQ lwdi qf jfw-ffdf M7 ' QEEA fan! MMA aww? 40-Lvgfmdffdbmlgf. W Mggglgiig Vi? M. gl l E wf3ffWW ifj wggm fa , QE? E3 fiffffffffif, 3 it m LMWNNiw? 2x WQAWMW X R55 Qi Siyifgj gm X,wf Q S EQ? 3 M Aw af Q ,N M By- ' u. ,- ai , v fi- aif Q TJ- - 1" , i A . ' ' . 1, .qi W Jqli' , U. A 2 ,1. , - f. :,. . . ' V ' , . f , A P' X , , . ,,- -,aff 1- ww Env, 'V "T- ' " E1 ' ., l-' - 1 - - rg: , , , -, 5' 'L XP fi . M .1 , 4 4 .5 "' ' '1f- ,, ' ., .fx ', 'i" ' Q, A E' Q gg -- 5' -.W-" 'S aj" ' '5 'V V 'H+ -1. Zim..-4,....q.M: ' f 'wi 7' viii fb -fi 1 1-'34 J 'f'f1"ar . NMI' - Q 55 ik W4 145 ,M jk 1,5331 ff i ' laM.f,l"W-N25 , me In Q. ,fl 1 aaa. N A , ,Qu like riff!! air manic Lexi 14,nAear of ACKNQWLEDGMENTS Reverend John Sullivan, Q.S.A. Reverend David Ryan, O.S.A. Mr. Hai Bruclcer of Neyenesch Printers Studio on the Cliffs D'Miller Studio Valley Studio T. H. Van Vaikenburg e dome Aw owe! mourn!!! jpefg we wlmfoe G 7 77 fAa,LL Jac! LUOPCL fareweff 1 1 14121 x 1 ,Hx 1,, - 1 f- 1 F. , . -.1 1 3, - 1.,, 14.1. 'I' f 1 ' 'f '- ,. 1 .1 '13, -,-,-, . 1 1 Y 1, K , ,. 4,.,J,. 1 A J -, , :': . , ., fx, - 4 , , '. 1-,J-:' .. hgmjx r 'fy-'1..'v-11561 ' 1 6 lvl mi if 1 V. ":'?z' '3bjff-'..- :. Wiva-"1g5.9:"f' ' Q' '-Q11 ' ..,' 1, -V ,-,W , -.A,-:N ,Q . ' I, 11, 1..-. Hy: f- 21: ., f- 11.1- -1114 I--f'.' .. . V-. 1---lg, .,,. . . . .MY -. ., . "H . 1115215111 411 ' ' ' --, .'vT.T,1."'vfJ,.., ,ini - B- ff JY: .1331 1,1 k ,Tf3:'rf-Qiggg-5-j'aQzQf25"w. ,J ' . ' ,. , :.,. 1 . f 1 :.5, Li11iL,.f- ' ,Hub Y ..L-.,.,,., .N 1. ' -1.1-. Ll,-,' 11. . I' ' -:- 0 21. 1. 1:-SW ' , , ... 1' A,- , A , ,, , .1 1 .F ,, .11-1. ,I - .1' -' 1 15,1 X. , . 1 1 ' , , i 1- N, ' . 1 -"Lv ' -4 1 "'. ' 1' , 1 ': an 'Digi' '14 "A '51 ' "ff .z. ., .1 C- g.,. un' ' 'ff-1.-g, 1. " - .1-A wr 'L-12 , .15 -1.1111 :lf ' ' ' ' "J, Lfxl . K l "'l'x "1 . .,,,.1.,,..,. .. 151i-'?+-fu-g. ,515-ff?-' , ff' A ' ' v - . -- 1- 5, -- -'af 13. , . 1. f - "' .f -:JSI-rl 14 - " A 'F " ' - .3-1whw,.-ML 11'-, 'I 1 , l.,.L3t, 11.-Q.M.n1,1. . , ,y!:.,,A I 1 .3195 gt, u f,,+. .L"-551 :Z'vg,g. . .- 1 W' f..'.,'-",'r1 9 '4' .I 1 'N' if :1,.-1-F11 ggi, . - 1 E f1..f ' X 4 1 A,-v41,15:t'-33'p5gg,,.jf' 1525 ,ff Q A 1 , ,z 1.-TF 4 . p- f '1 'V "Y 'rf . X"" . H ' 'nz 5 film- ,- 1 , 1 - -7' rl .17 1 1.11-, -1 1-, V , --V - :. 1 " I . .I. " Q - 1' . 5 . , U , , - -V. ,. , 113. . L15 Z' 3 5.l.g,gaA4 , 1 -J.-'. nt - .11 ' 1 X- 511-, ,. . ., , E: Y ..3: f1 , U . 11' -, . . 1 . . . 1" - J.: ' -f 'mr ...AJ v'- ..-A.- QE. I. A, 1 . . 1 F... . .5, . -ff.: 1- .UBI 4 ' 1, 2 ' -.. 1 V A -..i"kl .. 'Q ' 'fl F. . -.. . , . 1' . v1 A ' .1211--.., 4115 'H M V I411 W K 3- .-.47-R r J. . 1. , .' ,,.f. , 1-,w -. J 1 . I 'fiixfz' " ' A -' - In .. 1 , 'x.:,'.1 .., 1 1 lf., ' . ,- vc 11: 1 ' 1 . V, . 21, " ,I '1Q11 n .'1,c. 'HU -'- , 1 ,1y 4 51. , avr ' ' ' L . ., '1' A 11, ' .' . , 1 .,1.g- ,g 1 3- A , , 5, ,,Q.,,f,, .- H -gum U ,. 1, ,T 1 . . , 3 - M545 , -. .. I. J ,5. 1 ,.- N .q.1- 5,34 wa' , :La - 11.1. ' 'H ,. - '11 .AM . , ,. ..1 .,,,1. .119 1 .1 - , A - 1 1:f'.,1-1: ' ' 'f""' -137,1 , "lf ' , "':.- - vga! ff Li: 'Q -rrmh'131f'g??'fVv'f" " " 0411-3475. . , A 4.1.... ,..1.-..a:.. ' ' umm' . ' ,' ":.:-.1.:.r.'. - 1 ..,, .Y -ug, . 1 - Tn-1 1 ' 1

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