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54 92 H4 168 Sports Academics People Advertisements Offensive coordinator, Coach David Lang, junior Lien Loung looks through the card Senior athletic supporters Bill Kelly, Steve After a Bradley game senior Chris Broadhurst md receiver Ed Cundiff observe the action on catalogue at the Peoria Public Library prepar- Maley, and Tim Frank, and non-supporter enjoys a pizza at Shakey's, one of the Sum- the field of Peoria Stadium. ing for her English III term paper. Mike King cheer the Irish against Betgan. ma's loyal advertisers. - l fx M X -' - 'T , ' 1 7 1 Q-5 fx xx 'Q A' N Q ,N X,- 'N L f M , Summa 1986 Volume 46 Academy of Our Ladyfspalding Institute 401 N.E. Madison Peoria, IL 61603 he 'X X17 As volunteers at the Red Cross blood drive, Sophomore Skip Stolz and Kate Cooper prepare the bags in which the donated blood is stored. f , W - we Senior art student Tony Murphy paints with watercolors. As part of their Economics class, juniors Jim Kelly and Char- lie Gavin decorate jars of candy for St. Patrick's Day. ,, ,i,, y WW. mi-'Wu-al' Putting th Pwces Pieces. They're what the year is made of. Grammar books and liquid paper. Almost freezing to death at a football game. :lass rings. Working until 4 A.lVl. on your 'erm paper. French fries and honey buns . . . si .1 All Mrs. Taylor watches as Senior Joe Lersch works on a Homecoming float before it is driv en to Peoria Stadium in the parade. Senior Tom Dwyer volunteers in a znd grade classroom at St. lVIarlc's School as part of Sociology. -IVF Spirit banners hanging from the windows of the Academy build- ing show the evidence of Home- coming. Senior Wendy Wilton gets a hand from Senior Jenny Stone with her flower. .. Together Forgetting your P.E. clothes. The Rainbow Raffle. Searching for the perfect prom dress. TEC. Scrihbling down class notes. O.K. Time to clean up. Look around ana pick up the garbage. Push in your chairs. nr' on IF , ,f Wpmawf Shoes line the stairs in the gym foyer during the St. Patriclcys Day dance, sponsored by the Key Club. Prior to the parade before the Homecoming game Freshman Kim Krumholz makes a sxgn. .fm ,lrsgf P I b P I It's the way the year comes together: piece piece. Throwing rolls of crepe paper truck to truck in the Homecoming pa The revival of the flat-top. Jamming Confetti's on ring day. Open centers Running through that musical number more time. Waiting in line to get your taken at Vice Versa. Retreat with Trickster. Gracluation. Our year. Freshmen Jennifer Schelp and Mike Donovan enjoy the Homecoming clance at the Pere Marquette. Lieutenant Governor George Ryan speaks at a special assembly, voicing his concern about sub- stance abuse among teenagers. I X0 ls.. ,. R Dressed up for I-lomecoming's 5o's clay, Senior Michelle Krumholz touches up Senior Julie Langan's lipstick. At the ring day ceremony, Junior Bill Ker- nan receives his newly blessed ring from Sis ter Marcia. Life in the Irish Lane A student's life doesn 't stop once he or she leaves campus for the day. Television, travel, fashion, music, food, and entertainment help fill up the remaining hours. - You're never too old for Bugs Bunny Remember when you were five or six, and you would sneak downstairs at about 6:30 A.M. to watch cartoons? It was the highlight of the week. Five straight hours of cats being hit over the head with frying pans, Superheroes saving the world from destruction, and Scooby Doo begging for Scooby-snacks. High-school students, mature young adults, would seem to be too old for car- toon-watching. They're not. What better way is there to unwind after school or to waste a Saturday morning than watching Land of the Lost? There is one significant change in the way high-school students view cartoons, as opposed to six-year- olds. No more do they get up at six o'clock in the morning. Ten o'clock is the time a mature adult gets up to watch the Saturday morning cartoons. SpaIding's Cartoon Favorites Bugs Bunny 260lo Smurfs 140lo Flintstones 1496 G.l. Joe 12010 Jetsons 1O0lo Transformers Solo Dungeons and Dragons 80lo inspector Gadget 40lo Scooby Doo 396 Spalding invades slopes Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall. Ninety-nine bottles of beer. If one of those bottles. . . The song is a sure indication that someone is having a bus trip. Two bus trips to Wisconsin ski slopes were organized by the senior senate members. One was for seniors onlyg the other was open to all classes, as long as the student could survive the five and a half hour bus ride. The bus and admission to the slope were included in the cost of the trip. Ski rental was extra. Expert skiing was extra, too. Falling down was part of the fun. Senior Tom Gor- man said, They all liked the Chinese downhill. Everybody piled up and crashed. 8 Father George Wolf does some exhibition skiing - going down the hill backwards. Senior Jeff Boundy gathers up his skis and poles after getting off of the bus. Fashion lives, despite the dress code Navy blue. Top button buttoned. Oxford cloth. Polyester plaid. Doesn't seem to leave much room for fashion statements, does it? Somehow, though, students manage to add a personal touch to the dress code. Jewelry, ties, bows, shoes, socks, coats, sweaters, and haircuts are used to spice up the fashion life at Spalding, both legal- ly and illegally. Tennis shoes, sweaters in colors other than navy, and socks in colors other than blue and white are the most common ways people ignore the dress code. lf successful, these efforts enable people to exhibit their wardrobes and to be com- fortable, as well as to defy authority. Failed attempts can result in financial loss due to confiscated sweaters and Ctopj Junior Mary Kate Riddell's hairstyle isn't tabovel A student takes advantage of the dress common, but it shows some popular features in code's flexibility on shoes by wearing spotted hair: layering and spiking. socks with flowered slippers. loss of time due to detentions. The more faint-hearted often choose to go the law-abiding way and stay within 'the code.' Jewelry is a prime area of di- versity. Earrings range from single pearls to long dangling arrangements. Thin gold chains adorn some necks: others support heavy rhinestone necklaces, recently purchased at Goodwill. Hairstyles exhibit the same difference in tastes. Buzzed heads are every- where. Even the flat-top has been re- vived. Girls wear short-short cuts, bobs, long braids, and shaved portions. At a glance, students may seem to dress exactly alike, but, whetherthe style is classic, punk, or Madonna-wear, no one is totally the same. Sophomore Michelle Peeples wears jewelry typical of fashionable students: an elaborate pin and more subdued earrings in her double-pierced ears. SpaIding's Choice 82010 LaGondola 'I 7 Ofc Battle of the Gondolas The rivalry between two Italian restau- rants, LaGondola and Spaghetti House and Avanti's, became more serious than the usual who makes the better gondo- la? question. Avanti's began a legal bat- tle to force LaGondola to stop using the name gondola for its submarine sand- wich. Eventually Avanti's won the suit, and LaGondola began calling its sand- wich the torpedo lt was also required to drop the and from its name, making it the LaGondola Spaghetti House. Avanti's came out on top in a student poll, despite the fact that it has only two locations, both in Peoria. LaGondola has locations in Peoria, East Peoria, Bartonville, Creve Coeur, and Morton. 9 Tell y'all a story 'bout a man named Jed . . . l l ' 7 ,. Do you know the theme song to The Spalding Re run Beverly Hillbillies by heart? Can you name Favorites I all the members of the Brady household, including the dog? Can you describe ten The Brady Bunch QSQ6 specific episodes of Gilligan's Island? What do the names Lumpy and Eddie Haskell mean to you? Leave It To lf you can answer these questions, you Beaver 21Qb are probably a cult follower of the after- noon re-runs. During the day you may seem intelligent, well-read, and cultured, Dynasty 1696 but when you get home after school, you regress into a more primitive state. The Munsters causes you to laugh wildly. WKRP 1Oqb I Even though you've seen the episode be- fore, you become involved in the melodra- Mork and Mindy 8136 ma of Dynasty. The dumber Mork s jokes ' are, the more you laugh. You can spend I hours talking about your favorite epi- GfllfQ3I7'S lSf8I'Id 796 H- s ss ss as sedeseFH9ream-efde-anrrie.You1:an re- s- W-sf-as as sssss As sas+s-s-++dM- peat from memory lines of dialogue from . television shows made before you were Dncferent Strokes 3qb born. Although not everyone is a cult follower The Jeffersons 3196 of afternoon re-runs, almost everyone has one favorite show. ln a school poll, stu- dents were asked to name their favorites. Dallas 396 See the chart for the results. www-A Jim Toftie, a member of the Breakfast Club morning radio team, is pictured in the WWCT 106 studios. N 10 Spalding's Radio Favorites WYE! 66 Gio WKZQZ 31 Glo Others Ofo Spalding is rockin' with the best Not the same song every time you turn on the radio. Those are the words to a commercial for WWCT 106. Their arch- rival radio station, WKZW 93, promotes itself with a flashy television commercial featuring sultry models drenched with wa- ter. In a school poll, a majority of Spalding students chose 106 as their favorite radio station. Sophomore Lori Kingery said why she prefers 106 to KZ 93: They play different songs all the time. Other radio stations named as the fa- vorites of a small number of students were WXCL, WGLO, WSWT, WBMQ, WLS, WCCI, and WBMX. Finally, something to do in Peoria There's nothing to do in Peoria. The number of teenagers saying that phrase has decreased since October of 1985. On Friday, October 18, Stage 2 celebrat- ed its grand opening. An under-21 dance club, Stage 2 filled the void left when Con- fetti's moved and discontinued its under- 2t nights. For a four dollar cover charge, teenagers can dance on one of several dance floors, watch videos on a huge screen, drink free soda, and generally en- joy the night-club atmosphere usually re- stricted to adults. Senior Tracie Setterlund takes her tree soda from Anthony Braggs, a senior and an employee of Stage 2. A large dance floor, lights flashing in the darkened room, and crowds of people make Stage 2 a popular place to be. Spalding's Cola Favorite 5530 Coke 47 Ofo Maybe l'll just have water. Coke is it. A Pepsi generation. De- spite the fierce competition that has al- ways existed between the two colas, the rivalry has always been relatively simple. One person says Coke is better. Another says Pepsi is better. Others reject both in favor of Dr. Pepper, 7-up, Sprite, or root beer. During the past year, though, the Coke-Pepsi competition has become more complicated. Coke began the changes by develop- ing a new Coke formula to replace the original Coke recipe. But the company found that messing around with the real thing wasn't a good idea. Eventually, 'old' Coke was revived as 'Classic' Coke. Meanwhile, Pepsi capitalized on Coke's changes: if Coke is the real thing, why was it changed? With new, classic, cherry flavored, caf- feine-free, sugar-free, and nutrasweet co- las to choose from, deciding on a bever- age can become time-consuming. 11 Commitment Spalding 8t Downtown: 8.S....,.a Over the years, Spalding has had a very close rela- tionship with Peoria, espe- cially the region known as downtown. Whether it is the Pere Marquette or the busi- nessmen who walk through the mall, it is not easy to forget that AOLXSI is locat- ed in the heart of Peoria's downtown. lt is a part of the city that has seen hard eco- nomic times in the recent past, and the effects can be easily seen. The Madison Theater was closed and left vacant. Bergner's depart- ment store on Adams closed. But, at the same time, good things were also hap- ' niovim block formerly occupied by Bergner's, and, combined with Sears, it may become the site of a river-front shopping complex. Throughout the trygng Q.,-R55 . it if - lf tl' vv.. . 3 lxyt S I Q - ...., , B Q K ,Q It .9 K. is W .. yggsak . 't' .:- - t A v- - area. The Civic Center was built. G. Raymond Becker constructed the Twin Towers, which contain shops and condominiums. Newly renovated, the Hotel Pere Marquette opened its doors. Another renovation project was begun on the Madison Theater. A local developer purchased the times that Peoria's down- town has seen, AOLXSI has remained constant in its commitment to the down- town area. By constructing the mall and by simply stay- ing at its long-time location, AOLISI has shown its con- fidence in the ability of Peoria's downtown to sur- vive and prosper. x -'C'-55 'il Freshman Alan Hoff approaches the corner of Madison and Main and looks to see if he has missed his bus. R' -1+ . si. Sophomore Gina Paluska emerges from the American Legion, a convenient place to buy pop and snacks after school. liiilwlil lflfz iillif im , I .M Sitting in Fulton Plaza, Sophomore Monica Hickman waits to meet a friend. One of the Twin Towers 'towers' over pedestrians and the rest of the Peoria skyline. 13 1. Q' Students ready their change and find their bus passes in order to board the Knoxville bus. Sophomores Kent DeCapp, Michael Christy, and Dan Boehm use the library as a stop-over between school and home. Time on Spalding 8t Downtown: hands The lights are much brighter there. You can for- get all your troubles, forget all your cares. So go down- town. Things'll be great when you're downtown . . . Everything's waiting for you. The words from the 1960's song by Petula Clark aren't exactly what come to mind when the average Spalding student thinks of downtown. School, tests, and studying are more likely to be asso- ciated with that section of Peoria. However, class only lasts until 2:20 P.M., and many students find that they have time on their hands. Some have to wait for a city bus, but that's only about half an hour. Others wait for their parents to get off work in order to get a ride home. Wasting time until a late basketball practice begins or until it's time for bingo keep more students down- town. Trying to use their extra time constructively, stu- dents sometimes go to the Peoria Public Library to study. However, an almost equal number go there to talk and look at the latest issues of Vogue and GO. In the winter, everyone goes there to keep warm. During more pleasant weather, students can be seen walking through the courthouse plaza and Ful- ton Plaza, buying a snack at the Nut House, eating ice cream outside World Drug, and browsing in shops in- side the Jefferson Bank building. Peoria's downtown isn't just a backdrop for Spald- ing's social and academic life. For many it is an inte- gral part of their high school years. . W-,J 1 'N V -. .gc X4-X tg- tf- In . T., , 1 M v ' YL Tit S f ...A K ,, ,td W ,J it, -, , .Q., X 4',.1 vf. T12-H P t- ' 4 3, 1 Senior Barb Klein stops near the Renovation work OH Sl- MHI'Y'S Continental Regency on her way to Cathedral began in the spring. meet her ride home. The Importance of Being Earnest -- Cast and Crew Algernon Montcrieff iMike Donovanl Lane the Butler CChris Miller! Jack Worthing CStann Weiblerb Lady Bracknell KLaurel Bergeb Gwendoline Fairfax CCyndi Lemanh Miss Prism CKathleen Schelpl Cecily Cardew QSusie Stickelmaierb Rev. Chausable KKris Whitby! Merriman CBill Grebnerl Worthing's Maid lNatalie Kirnl Producer, Director: Kathleen A. Boehm 16 Domineering stage mother Phyllis Owen lCarrie Heinzenj warns her daughter Jennifer lMissy Warnerj not lo talk back to the owner of the Surf and Sand Playhouse in Babes in Arms. Prod. Mgrs.fProgram: Stann Weibler 81 Kathleen Schelp Ass 't. Director!Stage Mgr.: Jenny Schelp Light Board Operators: Jeff Radke 81 Irene Shea Props: Kathy Boehm Val Kislner Stann Weibler Sound Effects: Marty Fredericksen Running Crew: Irene Shea Jeanne Petit Jenni Morrison Mary Lawless Val Kistner Natalie Kim Amy Kirchgessner A . 1 W Bunny lMicheIle Boosl, Susie lKim Dallavisj, Gus lStann Weiblerj, Ter- ry lJulie Kieferj, and an apprentice lGina Paluskal sing the title song, Babes in Arms. Jack Worthing lStann Weiblerj and Gwendoline Fairfax lCyndi Lemanl gaze into each other's eyes in The lm- poriance of Being Earnest. I I A Classic Season: Earnest and Babes At first there was only a bare stage, but as the season con- inued things slowly took shape. Students and teachers iuilt sets, gathered props, and sewed costumes. Actors nemorized cues, lines, and the vords to songs. The crew de- signed the lighting, practiced set changes, and made sure everything ran smoothly. Final- y, on November 8 and 9 and Jlarch 21, 22, and 23, respec- ively, The Importance ofBeing Earnest and Babes in Arms ivere presented to the public in the Academy Theater. Oscar Wild's The Impor- tance of Being Earnest re- volves around the identity of Earnest. Two men, Algernon Montcrieff and Jack Worthing, call themselves Earnest when they propose to two women, Cecily Cardew and Gwendoline Fairfax. Entertaining confusion results when the two women believe they are engaged to the same man. Action in the spring musical, Babes in Arms, takes place at the Surf and Sand Playhouse in E -ik Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The sinister Seymour Fleming is taking over Bunny Bryon's share of the theater. To her rescue come Valentine White, Susie Ward, and the appren- tices who work at the play- house. They want to stage a musical revue to raise money for Bunny to buy Fleming out, but Fleming extends the run of the current show, The Deep North. So, the apprentices have to resort to sabotage and deception to ruin The Deep North, attract the attention ofa Babes in Arms - Cast 81 Crew Press Agent KPaul-David Glorel Terry Thompson lJulie Kieferj Gus Feild CStann Weiblerb Valentine White tFtuss Apicib Susie Ward QKim Dallavish Seymour Fleming tKris Whitbyl Bunny Bryon tMichelIe Boosb Lee Calhoun tBill Grebnerl Jennifer Owen tMissy Warner! Phyllis Owen lCarrie Heinzenb Steve Edwards CJeft Carlson! Apprentices KM. Borin, C. Burton, M. Donovan, T. Dugard, K. Dunniway, R. Gathers, T. Geb- hards, A. Hoff, A. Morris, G. Pa- tClockwise from left! Seniors Stann Weibler, Kathleen Schelp, Fresh- man Bridget Riddell, and Sopho- more Robin Gathers prepare forthe performance of Babes in Arms. Babes in Arms, a musical about put- ting on a musical and a play, has an apprentice lAlan Hoffj building a set on stage. In The Importance of Being Earnest, Algernon Montcrieff tMichaeI Dono- vanj proposes to Cecily Cardew tSu- sie Stickelmaierj. famous drama critic, and save Bunny's playhouse. A musical in the most tradi- tional sense, Babes in Arms had two romantic leads, two comic leads, a villain, as well as the classic songs The Lady ls a Tramp and My Fun- ny Valentine. Classic is a good word to describe the sea- son. The lmportance of Being Earnest, a classic example of British wit, and Babes in Arms, a classic Hollywood musical. luska, B. Riddell, M.K. Riddell. Staging Dir. !Set Design. Kathleen A. Boehm Music Director: Marty Fredericksen Choreographer: Charlene Glore Accompaniast: Brenda Conroy Ass't. Dir. fStage Mgr.: Jenny Schelp Lights: Maggie Dille Spotlight: Jeff Radke Props: Jeanne Petit Make-up: Miss Kathy Boehm Ass't. Chor.: Sharene Glore Running Crew: K. Schelp, J. Schelp, J. Morrison, C. Miller, C. Link. Flute: Val Kistner 17 Students Stop to Reflect, Celebrate Class of '87 Get Rings Months and months ago, when the Class of '87 were just choosing their rings, it may have seemed that Ring Day would never come. They were preoccupied with the huge number of choices that had to be made: Gold or silver? Sapphire or amethyst or diamond? How will I come up with the money? With all the choices behind them, the juniors finally got down to the business of celebration on Septem- ber 11. After attending a couple of morning classes, they walked to St. Mary's Cathedral for the traditional mass and blessing of the rings. Then they met at Confetti's for lunch and dancing. Soon the cycle started all over again with the Class of '88. Retreat Makes Us Think What's your favorite movie? Who in your group do you most ad- mire and why? Gathered into groups of five or six, students at the retreat pulled question such as these from envelopes labeled 'safe' or 'risky.' 'Safe' questions were ba- sically superficial, but 'risky' ques- tions asked students to take a chance and share their thoughts and feelings with their group. The 'riskylsafe' questions were only a small part of the retreat run by Father Terry Diefenbach, also known as the Trickster. He mixed mime performances to such songs as Mr. Bo Jangles and Piano Man with short lectures, films, and a large amount of student participa- tion. Between standing up to state what you would do in a situation de- scribed by Fr. Terry or actually get- ting up to the microphone to say what the retreat meant to you, stu- dents had little chance to be bored. Q! Obviously, Ring Day centers around juniors receiv- ing their class rings. The rings represent years the wearer spent in high school, as well as the wear- er's accomplishments in scholarship, activities, and athletics. l Junior John Kaufman accepts his ring from Sr. Marcia during the ceremony at St. Mary's Cathedral. tClockwise from foregroundb Sophomores Amy La Hood, Matt Miller, Mark Ludolph, and Craig Link discuss a moral decision as described by Fr Terry. Fr. Terry delivers an inspirational message through a mime performance to the song Mr. Bo Janglesf' Senior Neil Slevin tells the senior class his views on the retreat as Fr. Terry looks on. ,,. x Special guest, Lieutenant Governor Ryan, describes the effects of drunk driving. Spirited freshmen join in the cheering at a pep-rally. if 5 ii i QE Members of the varsity football team, Steve Maley, Ben Shea, and Charlie Callaway, get students support for a game against Richwoods. Bradley basketball star Hersey Hawkins visits Spalding prompting students to participate in the 1986 Mayor's Food Can-a-thon. i Q' !' We Meet Again eee, Dean Lowder and Mark Lamb dress up as cheerleaders to add excitement to a pep-rally, Kathy McLaughlin informs students about the way St. Jude cares for cancer patients Q AV .- Aga t n News 25 cameraman and Spalding Alum, Lee Hall, gets a piece of the action, Garry Moore reports on the lieutenant governor's visit to school. MlU Mf1t' X 8 Y ff' ,J Hall decorators used crepe paper, bal- loons, and signs, spray-painted on butcher paper to pep up the Academy building, even the entrance to the girls' gym. Juniors won the hall decs competi- tion. Seniors placed second, followed by sophomores and freshmen. i 'IBPK3 Kim Klise 81 Chuck Meismer, portraying Chicago movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, introduced each skit. Homecoming dress-up week gave senior Phil Tallon a chance to show off his nerd fashion sense. Note these daring accessories: galoshes and taped glass- es. Hall Decked and Skits-o-phrenic! On Sunday afternoon for three hours, hall decorations went up. On Monday morning in five minutes, hall decs came down. The hall decorators let out a sigh. That's Homecom- ing. Homecoming '85 to be ex- act. Theme: At the Movies. Freshmen became Masters of the Universe for their hall. Sophomores went Back to the Future. Juniors followed the yellow-brick road and seniors transformed themselves into the 'soul men', Jake and El- wood, the Blues Brothers. Decorating the halls was only the first step in the home- coming festivities, though. Spirit days invited students to rummage through their attics and dress according to themes, including the Blues Brothers, 50's dress, nerd day, and purple-gold-and-white. At the end of the week came the variety show, titled At the Movies. Back to the Future, presented by the sophomore class kicked the evening off. ln the skit, Springfield Southeast punks Matt Buchner and Da- vid Gamache, steal Spalding's lucky football and are pursued by three Spalding students. fTony Tradd, Todd Waldsch- midt and Dawn Diekoffj By stepping on the school seal, they all go through a time warp into the 1950's and see faculty members as high schoolers. Juniors continued the show with The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy fMichelle Dentinoj and Toto fTom Gilfillanj travel to Oz only to witness the demise of the Wizard fBrent Lonteeni as he is busted by the Miami Vice duo, Crockett and Tubbs fMatt Tadie and Francisco DeLa- Cruzj. Despite its dramatic slow-motion finale, the skit lost out to the sophomores and seniors, probably due to its lack of relation to homecoming festivities. ln the senior skit, Springfield Southeast didn't take Spald- ing's lucky spirit stick or lucky Hun FW? 'fl 'MUS I 'Wi fllllillrli SUI ' 'W SKI :li THE -qs gnu ggpulz Ill I I Zllllltf whatever: they stole Coach McMahon fSteve Zerboniaj. The Blues Brothers, Jake fTom Dwyerj and Elwood tTom Pennl are responsible for re- turning him in time for the homecoming game. With such novelties as a white Ray Charles tSumner Borinj and a tandem bicycle as the Bluesmobile, the Seniors came in on top. Sophomores were second and Juniors fol- lowed them. Skits was, by no means, the end of homecoming festivities. Still to come the bonfire, pep rally, parade, game, and dance. Thugs Matt Smith and Dave Law- less guard the kidnapped Coach McMahon fSteve Zerbonial in the first place senior skit. Using the popular cartoon, He-Man, as a model, freshmen decorated the fourth floor of the Academy: the first event of their first homecoming. A f it .:. J Qi. ,L I .t N' road. Behind the scenes at skits, Father Bruce King helps Dave Herrera with his tin-man costume before the junior sets off on the yellow brick 23 High Spirits. The two words sum up the mood of homecom- ing weekend. The feeling was ignited during the skit perfor- mance Friday evening. Later that night at the pep rally, it exploded into a bonfire and a crowd of fired-up Irish fans. At the rally, amid flying sparks, the pom pon girls and cheerleaders performed, foot- ball players gave the crowd a DSO talk. and hnmnrenminrx queen Heather Hartwig was announced. As comic relief, Fr. Fudd and Fr. Wolf did a rou- tine in drag. When the crowd Psyched, Spirited, and CFinallyJ Exhausted had left, it didn't mean the homecoming spirit had gone out. Everyone had gone inside for a homecoming jam. Saturday morning prepara- tions for the parade to Peoria Stadium began behind the Academy building. Crepe pa- per, streamers, signs, and bal- loons were taped Csometimes not so firmly! to the trucks of those brave enough to haul loads of screaming students through bumper-to-bumper parade traffic. Fans, some still screaming and chanting, others already hoarse, left the trucks and streamed into the stadium to watch Spalding rout Spring- field Southeast, 47-O. At nine o'clock that night, the homecoming dance be- gan, the grand finale to home- coming week. Held at the ele- gant Pere Marquette Hotel on Main Street, the couples danced to the music of Fly- er. Some even took a roman- tic ride in the horse-drawn car- riages. Finally, a chance to re- lax after the exhilarating high spirits of Homecoming '85. l l 1985 Homecoming Court: Tony Trad, Freshman Attendant Katie Ford, Bob Kocher, Junior Attendant Angela Hennessey, Matt Drew, Queen Heather Hartwig, Senior Attendant Misty Wikoff, Todd Brooks, Sophomore Atten- 24 dant Michele Gorman, Alex Kilgo. Senior Jim Klise joins in preparing for the parade held Saturday morning be- fore the homecoming game. K ,guru-' V1- 6.4 1 i 5 ANL is 6 f re 3 c'f ji Vice Versa Court: Dawn Dickhoff, Freshman Atten- dant Robb Larson, Katie Panczak, Junior Atten- dant Bryan Tilly, King Jon Baer, Michelle Krumholz, Senior Attendant Tom Dwyer, Nancy Lee, Lisa Ad- ams, Sophomore Attendance Craig Tanner. Along For The Ride On February 28th, couples arrived at the lobby of the Civ- ic Center Theater. They came by car and limo to the Vice Versa dance. The girls paid the tab, the guys came for the ride, and everyone had fun. Most people's evenings started with a nice dinner at a restaurant such as the Ftiver Station or Jumer's. Then they went to the dance to join their friends. The couples enjoyed themselves whether they were dancing to the music of Ready, Steady, Go, having their picture taken, or riding in the lobby's glass elevator. Near the end of the evening Vice Versa King Jon Baer and his court were crowned as all watched. All too soon the dance was over and thoughts turned to next year. l i l i l I l Seniors Christopher Broadhurst, Tracie Setter- lund, Elaine Harvey, and Tom Gorman pose in the lobby of the Civic Center Theater. Q f w 1 e an wr -f, as ,, Q' J i i! J, L his J ff? V .5 3 Q .f mi , H Q I - fkfir- fy, ci L--vi 1 ,f ' n J .,W4. ., . w , AH , ' if ' 44 ,L i yww ggi 3 f a . ,,, , V 24 , hi K --i,yg L g'. 4 , Jw T 227 'A fwqeaaii Couples take time out from dancing to pose for a picture. Prom Court 1986 Cl to rl: juniors Chris Green and Maribeth Fryp seniors Andrea Klodnycky and Ben Sheag Queen Mary Lisa Muchow and Jeff Boundyg senior Wendy Wilton and Jeff Meixsellg juniors Mike Richardson and Melissa Warner. This year's prom, Forever ln My Heart, was held at Quail Meadows Country Club. It was a unique and exciting exper- ience. Most people arrived after the dance had gotten un- der way and after they had ea- ten. As people came through the front doors, it was almost like a Cinderella story. Friends seen every day had somehow transformed into someone A Cinderella Story stately. Everyone was ele- gantly dressed and in good spirits, which contributed to the festive mood. The mood for prom was set by Escape. Like most things in life, they had room for im- provement. A slower tempo would have helped, but over all they were pretty good. After everyone had their pictures taken and socialized for a bit, they broke up into smaller groups and went their own ways. Prom in many ways is the best dance of the year. One of the things that helps establish this is the fact that it gives you and your friends a chance to dress up all the way, to go out, and to lose the regular hassles and frustra- tions of closing up the school year. 28 Sr. Marcia congratulates Andrea Klodnycky for being chosen prom attendant. Bill Kelly and Tricia Zarley arrive at prom in style. Stann Wiebler and Penny Smith prepare to ride home after an extremely enjoyable evening. uatlon 1986 always plays a large part rn graduation Here Tuna Thomas poses for a fam- wlth her sister Katie In the gym foyer. 'f 'ALL 1 J Charles Callaway accepts his diploma from Bish op Edward O'Flourke. Commencement exercises were held May 16 at 8:00 P.M. inthe Spalding Gym. Jennifer Estoye hugs her boyfriend, Mike Wood, in the mall. Following the ceremony students em- braced and congratulated each other. Then, they proceeded to the attendance office to exchange their caps and gowns for their diplomas. Departmental Awards Art: Maria Navarro Business: Susan Bolton Drama: Kathleen Schelp English: Erika Dowell Home Economics: Diane Brady Languages: Chad Langford Mathematics: Mary Thomas Music: Michelle Boos Religion: Krisiopher Whitby Science: Mary Thomas Social Studies: Daniel Gordon Speech: Michelle Wokoff Mike McLaughlin Memorial Award William Kelly Beth Hopwood Memorial Award Jody Swigris American Legion Award Erik Heinzen Nancy Lee DAR Citizenship Award Heather l-lartwig National Merit Scholarship Program Letter of Commendation - Qualifying Tests Julie Beyers Christopher Broadhurst Heather Harwig Katherine Panczak Joseph Tadie Mary Thomas Jacqueline Uhll Outstanding Staffer Heather Hartwig NROTC Scholarship Joseph Tadie Sterling Merit Julie Eleyers Christopher Broadhurst Jennifer Crocker Erika Dowell Belinda Falcon Thomas Gorman Heather Hartwig Mark Horst Barb Klein Nancy Lee Mark Miohelet Katherine Panczak Thomas Penn Scott Settelmyer Mary Thomas Jacqueline Uhll Illinois State Scholars PJ Merit Recognition Scholarship Julie Beyera Jeffery Bolton Sumner Borin Diane Brady Christopher Broadhurst ' Cullen Casey Jennifer Crocker Erika Dowell ' Monique Fortune Timothy Frank Timothy Fuertges Thomas Gorman Heather l-lartwig ' Elaine Harvey Erik l-leinzen Mark Horst ' William Kelly Barbara Klein Nancy Lee Charles Meismer Mark lvliohelet Scott Osmulski Katherine Panozak ' Thomas Penn ' Scott Settelmyer Neil Slevin Matthew Smith Joseph Tadie Mary Thomas ' Jacqueline Uhll ' National Merit Scholarship Program Certificate of Merit Semi-finalist 81 Finalist Efika DDWBII Elizabeth Smariesse hugs sophomore Jill Miche- let after graduation ceremonies. Valedictorian Erika Dowell wears a nose and glasses to lighten the mood of the graduation brunch. Her speech focused on the uncertainty of the future. Sr. Frances Virginia Cholet, C.S.J., Provincial of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet, gave the commencement address. She was invited to speak in commemoration ofthe sesquicentennial of the order. After three practices during the week before graduation, the seniors were well-prepared to pro cess into the gym. Here, they wait for the signal to begin walking. Medals displaying the school seal were presented to award winners for the first time in 1986. Each was engraved on the back with the name of the award. The medals could be worn with the cap and gown in the graduation ceremony. Appointment to Glenn Most Daniel Michelle Mr. and Mrs. Tim Frank Michelle oin A Piece Gf Cake Q children about disabilities. Capturing the year in pictures. Supporting our teams The Bloodmobile's visit. Freezing nights collecting cans for the Christmas baskei Going over routines at early morning practices. Meeting deadlines. Teachin drive. They put in long hours of Work, but Irish organizations make it look like z piece of cake A magnificent array of canned goods is the result A of the student senate's annual Christmas basket drive. The pom-pon squad welcomes a new member and mascot for the Homecoming parade to Peoria Sta- dium. V--v Freshman Sarah Woolsey and Sophomore Mi- chele Maroon operate the puppets Mark and Senior Julie Lee is checked on by a Red Melody, as the characters discuss lVlark's cerebral Cross nurse. The Key Club sponsored the palsy. Bloodmobile visit. Student Senate Benefits AOLISI Students And The Community Jackie Uhll is overwhelmed by the number of food Dan Gordon stacks the boxes of cans collected during the Christmas Basket Drive. baskets filled. M ,f fa EY ,,,,,W,,.,., , g , Greg Joseph donates money to Moira Slevin and Kandice Moore for Hogfest '85. 36 Student Senate: Cfront row! Amy Shaheen, Moira Slevin, Sarah Langford, Cynthia Thomas, Chris Couri. lsecond row! David Gamache, Matt Miller, Maria La Hood, Maria Aranas, Jeff Gilfillan, Chris Cutter. fthird row! Michele Staats, Leeann Meizelis, Molly Stephens, Tami Moore, Michelle Dentino, Bob Carroll. lfourth row! Dan Gordon, Tim Frank, Chuck Meismer, Jim Klise, Tina Thomas, Laura Bouchard, Michelle Boos, Katie Panczak. ffifth rowj Matt Drew, Erik Heinzen, Tom Penn, Fr. George, Dave Heinzmann, Jackie Uhll, Joe Tadie, Michelle Staats adds a ham to one of the Christmas baskets The 1985-86 Student Senate had a suc- cessful year. The numerous activities in which they were involved not only benefitted students of AOLXSI but also the Peoria com- munity. The Senate began this year with the Big BrotherfBig Sister program, in which students already attending AOLXSI adopt- ed incoming freshmen to help them be- come familiar with the other students of AOLXSI. During the freshman Orientation, the Big Brothers and Sisters participated in a mass and had lunch with their newly ac- quired brothers and sisters. Senate also sponsored the annual back-to-school dance held in the Spalding Center. At the fall carnival, each class was repre- sented by its Senate members who worked various booths. Senate members also orga- nized all of the Homecoming events: the dance, parade, skits, hall decoration, and Spirit Week. Specific class Senators were in charge of planning school functions includ- ing the Mother!Daughter Breakfast Csopho- moresb, Ring Day and Prom Kjuniorsl, and Vice-Versa tseniorsl. Senate also organized the Christmas Basket Drive, in which cans were collected and baskets were filled and distributed to those in the Peoria area in need of food. Senate conducted Hogfest in 1985, in which each class donated money so its nominees for Ham king and queen would reign at the Hogfest Dance. The collected money was used to buy hams for Peorians who wouldn't have been able to afford a Christmas dinner. This Christmas basket, as well as all of the others, was given to a family in need of food during the Christmas season. 37 SPEC A Guide To Christian Faith SPEC CSpecial People Encounter Christi is a vo- luntary organization designed to teach the phys- ically handicapped about Christian Faith. Academy! Spalding students make up a majority of the volun- teers in this program, though anyone is welcome to share one hour a week with the affectionate students participating in this learning experience. The ses- sions are held at St. Mark's on Mondays and at St. Vincent's on Wednesdays. The resulting friendships between the volunteers and students are truly signs of God's loving presence in the Christian community. Generally, each meeting focuses upon a different aspect of Christ's teachings. After dividing into small groups, the volunteers discuss the evening's scrip- ture reading with the students, and then the students and volunteers work on an art project that reflects what they have just learned. The gathering usually ends with religious singing. Mass is sometimes cele- brated, also. The students in SPEC experience great delight at these gatherings. They look forward to each meeting because the students enjoy the attention they re- ceive from the volunteers. The students not only like to relate their experiences through the week to their teachers but also they like to be asked about them- selves. Appreciative of volunteers' patience, these people are very cooperative in group activities. Of- tentimes, the students imitate their teachers at SPEC and terribly miss teachers if they don't come. 38 Erik Heinzen shows off a finished art project given to him by a SPEC student. Before teaching, SPEC volunteers from AOLXSI find time to pose for the camera. Tracy Setterlund accompanies a SPEC student playing the piano. Volunteers Key Club Its Services Academy!Spalding's Key Club is a group organized to benefit society and the community through its services. Made up of approximately 54 students, this group volunteers its time to help with various events and projects. The members of Key Club have served at the fall sports' ban- quets, worked bingo, helped in the development office, neigh- borhood house, and blind center, and walked in the pro-life march. They have also rung bells forthe Salvation Army. Throughout the school year they have sold doughnuts, milk, and hot choco- late to the students in the cafete- ria before classes begin. This organization of dedicated members meets once a week be- fore school in the library to dis- cuss upcoming projects and ser- vices needed by the church, school, or community. Volunteer- ing its time to improve the quality of life for others, the Key Club will accept no money for its efforts. Their volunteer work reflects our irish spirit of helping others, says moderator Mrs. Taylor, and all jobs are always well done. l'm always proud to say that these are AOLXSI students. Academy!Spalding is known in the Peoria area for our students who are always ready and willing to help in any situation. The class officers include Jackie Uhll, Presidentg Dave Lawless, Vice President: Jenny Crocker, Secretary, and Dan Gordon, Treasurer. With Mrs. Taylor's help, officers Jackie Uhll and Dave Lawless conduct a Key Club meeting in the school library. Mrs. Taylor relaxes Jenny Stone before she don- ates blood. Pat Kelly bravely watches as the Fted Cross volunteer prepares him for his donation of blood. Sophomores attentively listen to the agenda discussed at one of weekly meetings. 39 i Miss Boehm applies Carrie Heinzen's make-up be- fore a performance. AOL!Sl's band participates in the downtown pa- rade. Singing Irish has been a tradition of song and dance for many years at Spalding - made up of 12-16 singers who enjoy singing and bringing joy to audi- ences throughout our civic community. The mem- bers join together, twice a week, all school year to prepare for traditional gigs of importance like the Santa Claus Parade, Catholic High Fall Festival, and all Christmas parties for the Peoria Country Club, as old English style carolers. its members include Ifront rowl Tricia Dugard, Kris Whitby, Allen Hoff, Jean Minor, Csecond row! Kim Dallavis, Mike Adler, Richie Weitzel, Julie Kiefer, fihird FOWI Carol Boyer, Jerry Evans, Sarah Woolsey, Jill Cunning- ham, Gina Paluska, MaryKate Riddell, Stann Wiebler, and Terri Gebhards. Musical And Theatrical H f,,t-me , J, tytttll , g mmm if i f 5 l 'i si H Groups Entertain vtrs. Fredericksen instructs Kathy 0'Brien and Dam Curtis of the Mixed Chorus. Kabovej E.T.C, members include Cfront row! Chris Miller, Stann Wiebler, Mike Dono- van, Laurel Berge, Natalie Kirn, Cindy Leman, fsecond FOWI Miss Boehm, Kim Dalla- vis, Valerie Kistner, Gina Paluska, April Rodde, Jenni Morrison, Amy Kirchgessner, Kathleen Schelp, fthird rowj MaryKate Riddell, Jeff Radke, Carrie Dunniway, Kris Whitby, Susan Stickelmaier, and Mary Lawless. Caboveb Members of Mixed Chorus and Freshman Chorus include Ifront row! Allen Hoff, Laura Gam- bogi, Angie Powell, Maureen Maher, Mara Garbs, Kim Clary, Diane Tran, Csecond FOWI Tim Filzen, Toby Hansen, Tina Goldsby, Robynn McGann, Nan- cy Oates, Becky Slate, Chrissy Disharoon, Andrea Sutton, Ithird row! Jenny Maison, Latrice Robinson, Lean Frezza, Sharon Willi, Bridget Riddell, Jenny Beckman, Kristen Yontz, Cfourth FOWI Jenny Tome- tioh, Kris Waller, Pam Curtis, Noelle Langfels, Mike Adler, Michelle Athen, Kandice Moore, Laura Herrin, Richie Weitzel, Pat Walker, Sarah Woolsey, lfifth row! Megan Alizapour, Nicole Noreuil, Carol Boyer, Mike Gray, MaryKate Riddell, Don Krause, and Ma- ria Cooper. Kids Cn The A New Form Of Education Kids on the Block, a recently devel- oped organization at AOLISI, begun in May 1983, is an educational program or- ganized by Easter Seals and Red Cross nationwide. This group presents puppet shows designed to educate the public about afflictions unfamiliar to most peo- ple. Some of the topics discussed at their performances are leukemia, deafness, mental retardation, blindness, spina bi- fida, child abuse, and cerebral palsy. Their unique approach to familiarize people with the symptoms of various dis- eases and afflictions has proved to be an overwhelming success. Children for whom the plays are presented are very receptive to the puppets and are comfort- able talking with the puppets and asking them questions. Through their direct ex- periences with these puppets, children readily grasp the nature of the diseases and therefore are more willing to accept those afflicted whom they encounter in everyday life. The Academy!Spalding students involved in this educational pro- gram truly carry onthe school's tradition of unselfish service. The members of Kids on the Block in- clude Russ Apici, Chad Langford, Jackie Uhll, Kris Bradshaw, Stacey Calvert, Liz Crocker, Michelle Dentino, Sheila Don- noe, Jill Draggist, Lisa LaBrush, Luanne Landuyt, Cindy Leman, Tim McCraith, Jenny Pfister, Irene Shea, Meredith Borin, Amy Bunce, Regina Clay, Bridget Riddell, Jenni Shea, Becky Slate, Andrea Sutton, Kristen Yontz, Paige Wentworth, Sarah Woolsey, Mike Donovan, Kerri Dunniway, Monica Hickman, Lori Kingery, Valerie Kistner, Maria LaHood, Michele Maroon, Janet McGrew, Nancy Oates, Maggie Paczut, Jeanne Petit, April Rodde, Jeff Schultz, and Amy Snider. The moderator is Clara McCraith. Mike Donovan and Stacey Calvert take a break from practice to pose for the camera. 42 Jackie Uhll and Russ Apici enjoy themselves as they present a puppet show. Mrs. McCraith discusses the afflictions which will be touched upon in the puppet presentation Language Clubs 2355 J ',.'.tg o-'I ' U 'rv-M, The 1985-86 French Club was moderated by Mrs. Mini. Cofficersb Julie Wagnaar, Tad Frank, Jill Pilon, Joe Ta- die, Chad Langford, Meg Ritschel, Lisa Adams. The 1985-86 German Club was moderated by Mrs. Jor- gensen. ifrontl Theresa Kaufmann, Donna Bell, Jamie Martin, Michelle Pestl, Anne English, Mary Brocksmith, Luanne Landuyt, Penny Smith, Jennie Kencke, Reenie Carroll, Tricia Dugard, Linda Myrna, Lien Dinh. isecond fowl Anita Keck, Jeff Gilfillan, Mike Christy, John Kauf- mann, Stacey DeFrance, Jim Jorgensen, Tim Greene, Martin Lee, Dave Berry, Peter Jennetten, Dan Boehm, Tim Waters. ithird rowl Chrissy Carr, Amy Palka, Chris Bullock, Susan Stickelmaier, Anji Williams, Missy Stim- pert, Molly Wright, Valerie Briggs, Julie Glubb, Christy Schepke, Lisa Selman, Susan Mencke. The 1985-86 Spanish Club was moderated by Mrs. Dob- bins. iirontl Marty Miller, Sumner Borin, Jeff Frazier, Wayne Hall, Tony McEnroe, John Thomas, Andrew Nor- euil, Steve Meiford. isecond rowj Tim McCraith, Pat Kelly, Jim Klise, Chris Broadhurst, Julie Beyers, There- sa Serangeli, Jenny Crocker, Liz Sager, David Ga- mache, Joe Maushard, Tiffany Orr, Joe Varda. Cthird rowl Julie Kiefer, Amy LaHood, Michelle Gorman, Molly Stevens, LeeAnn Meizelis, Julie Morris, Heather Fiobin- son, Janet McGrew, Diane Tran, Monica Hickman, Mi- chelle Maroon, Tuyen Dinh, Kim Bishop, Cfourth rowl Kelly Jonas, Phyllis Hanley, Amy Snider, Troy Hatter- man, Mike Murphy, Jenni Morrison, Maggie Paczut, Val Kistner, Amy Bunce, Erica Baird. 43 This year's National Honor So- ciety, advised by Brother George Searles, was composed of stu- dents excelling in scholarship, service, and character. This dis- tinguished group of students at- tended a cermony in which new members were inducted and old members were honored again. The members of this association truly exemplified the strong quali- ties and abilities for which AOL! Sl students are known. ln order to be eligible for Na- tional Honor Society, the stu- National Honor Society dents must have had a cumula- tive grade point average of 9.000 KB+J or higher. The faculty was given rating forms and an activity summary sheet on which were listed the activities in which each candidate participated. The fac- ulty members then independently and secretly rated the candi- dates. These rating forms were returned to the adviser who aver- aged the ratings and those can- didates who averaged the re- quired ratings were then select- The Spirit Of Tradition Continues ed to membership. Families of the NHS members receive communion in the induction liturgy. Several of last year's NHS members participate in the 1986 induction mass. Present members of NHS are: Carol Adams, Melinda Aranas, Julie Beyers, Diane Brady, Sarah Brick, Christopher Broadhurst, Charles Callaway, Cullen Casey, Jennifer Crocker, Erika Dowell, Jennifer Estoye, Timothy Frank, Timothy Fuertges, Karen Fulton, Daniel Gordon, Sharene Glore, Heather Hartwig, Erik Heinzen, Mark Horst, William Kelly, Glenn Kiesewetter, James Klise, Chad Lang- ford, Nancy Lee, Stacey McQueIlon, Mark Michelet, Lisa Nevitt, Katherine Panc- zak, Thomas Penn, Rebecca Schaub, Rebecca Schmitt, Scott Settlemyer, Tere- sa Serangeli, Jodi Swigris, Mary Thomas, Tina Thomas, Jacqueline Uhll, Kris- topher Whitby, Michelle Wikoff, and Nancy Wikoff. 44 l l l NHS members inducted March 9, 1986 are: Jeffrey Bolton, Sumner Borin, Lisa Bourazak, Lucy Castle, Thomas Gorman, Elaine Harvey, Paul Moore, Maria Na- varro, Matthew Smith, Rajesh Swaminathan, Joseph Tadie, Marsha Aranas, Briar Couri, Elizabeth Crocker, Sheila Donnoe, Kevin Eisfelder, Brian Flaherty, Charle Gavin, Troy Hatterman, Deborah Horst, Peter Jennetten, John Kaufman, Stev Mefford, Lee Ann Meizelis, Martin Miller, Patricia Nauman, Andrew Noreuil, Tiffany Orr, Matthew Paluska, Christian Patterson, Julie Powers, Heather Robinson, Ann Marie Schmitt, Michelle Staats, Sandra Swanson, Matthew Vignali, Phan Vu, and Andrew Wagnaar. Scholastic Team Answers To Success vtrs. Dowell, assistant coach ofthe Scholastic Team, scoffs at the competition Nhile Mrs. Krause, assured of the victory, browses through a magazine. Ehris Broadhurst takes notes on the strategy for a match discussed by Erika owell and Jim Klise, while Pat Kenny views the competition. vlrs. Krause gathers her belongings after securing new material for the Scholas- lic Team to study. OHN5 9 fain U A WK r XX' The Spalding Scholastic Team had a very impressive season this year. The team captured third place at lllini Bluffs and later a first place trophythere. Theteam tookfirst place in the consola- tion bracket at the sixty team Streator tournament. Moderated by Mrs. Krause, the members met each Thursday to quiz each other on current events. This year's Scholastic Team included: Seniors - Chris Broadhurst, Erika Dowell, Jeff Bolton, Mark Horst, Tim Fuertges, Jim Klise. Juniors - Matt Vignali, Andrew Noreuil, Kevin Eisfelder, John Kaufman, Pat Kenny. The Summa staff listens intently as the yearbook rep pro- vides helpful hints for a better yearbook. ffl ,- '. Blood, sweat and tears! A good de- scription of what it takes from a staff to put a yearbook together. Eleven months, every week, at least three days a week, and several hours a day. Pictures to take, articles to write, cap- tions to get, headlines to create spreads to design, ideas to develop coverage for groups and events, peo- ple to please. Making sure they cover the main school events in 200 pages and still try to create a picture that will remind us ten years, 20 years or 50 years from now what this year was like and how it was unique. Rising to this responsibility were SUMMA staffers Erika Dowell, Troy Hattermann, Mike Glastetter, Tiffany Orr, Kim Bishop, Janet McGrew, Jenny Morrison, Michelle Staats, Robert Es- toye, Maggie Paczut, Carrie Irwin, Chris Broadhurst, Tom Gorman, Greta Majeske, Kim Dallavis, Ingrid Dowell, Katie Cooper and adviser Mrs. Os- borne. Helping take over 2000 photos of which only about 600 will be chosen 46 are photographers Pete Jennetten, Wendy Wilton, Jenny Stone, Donna Bell, Kate Fagan, Jim Klise, Jeff Bol- ton, Suzie Dries, Chris Broadhurst, Troy Foster, Julie Lee and adviser Tom Pilat. Ingrid Dowell putting some finishing touches on a sports layout. With Erika Dowell, Chris Broadhurst dis- cusses his sports layouts. ff-7 .-arg -'fw'mo-vnswquu--- cademy Spalding Publications 8t Madison Street Journal atv Q -v, 'QQ' .,, 'x 'V , G iff YTIQQ 's F - 4 . 4 C. X ., The MSJ staff was responsible for the nine issues of the AOLXSI newspaper dis- tributed throughout the school year. The staff met once a week on Tuesdays to dis- cuss new ideas for feature stories and as- sign articles. Layout consisted of seven hours, in which ads and articles were ar- ranged and then glued on the specific pages of the newspaper. Besides writers, the MSJ staff consisted of the editor, Heather Hartwig, who conduct- ed all meetings, typed headlines, assigned articles, and headed the layoutsg copy edi- tor, Tiffany Orr, who proofread the articles before they were printed, business man- ager, Laura Bouchard, who organized the finances and made the adsg coordinating manager, Tina Thomas, who assigned peo- ple to distribute the papers, sports editors, Tom Gorman and Mike King, who were re- sponsible for assigning all sports articles, and Marty Miller, the cartoonist, who pro- vided drawings. The moderator, Mrs. Finan, attended all of the meetings and layouts. The contributing staff included Jeff Bol- ton, Pat Walker, Diane Tran, Natalie Kim, Laurel Berge, Cindy Leman, Jim Klise, Tere- sa Serangeli, Ingrid Dowell, Erica Baird, Chad Langford, Keri Heinzen, Valerie Kistner, Tobi Hansen, Mike Donovan, Kris Whitby, Eric Heinzen, Chris Kennedy, Bren- dan Williams, and Chris Burton. While Heather Hartwig crops an athletic team's pic- ture forthe center spead, Jim Klise cuts out a drawing for another page. Left: As Laura Bouchard reads an editorial, Heather Hartwig and Tina Thomas edit an article. Above: Laura Bouchard pieces together an article. 47 1. . my rw . f an 'E me f 5 'Q XS ik ,M V ' I4 Q x K N J V ? s s: Q k,..a - Q as f g S L x f. ,Sw w 5 4 ' Ke' . if ,Quai g. v I Q , S 6 , . .e Q by X, hx K Y' at sri si so Q. , QQ ig x ills I if -,-1 i HL ' k 1- 9 J' f X is 1' KY . , , ww' . ., K 1 v ,Sw -1 N ff Y ,fe 'Q f - ' 23 - fi, ,, vw Y I I., v We-If 4 ,'f ' ,, Q27 4 ,H lf' f' kin ' I cullif , f'fifCf '65 ' ,A ,. This year's pom-pon squad included Cfront rowj Tracie Setterlund, Michelle Pestl, Heather Robinson, Missy Warner, Arlene Harvey, Zenaida Falcon, Isecond row! Liz Crocker, Carol Adams, Wendy Fliecker, Raegan Dwyer, Katie Panczak, Natalie Kirn, Cthird fowl Jenny Crocker, Cheryl Stolz, Lisa LaBrush, ffourth rowj Diane Brady, Elaine Harvey, and lfifth fowl Nancy Lee. . . A om Pon Squad And Tumblers Moderated by Mrs. Young, this year's pom-pon squad has been very successful in entertaining the crowds at both football and basketball games. Certainly, the girls' enthusiasm, spirit, and dedicated practices contribute to their outstanding performances. The girls practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 until 7:30 a.m. If they feel it's necessary, they call extra practices, usually in the morn- ings. Most of the ideas for the routines come from camps they attend, and then the girls work in small groups and make up the pom-pon routines. Generally, whoever coordinates the routine decides upon the music and the outfits, usually uniforms, that they will wear. Though camp is very competitive, the girls enjoy it very much. The girls are split up in groups of four, and each group learns four routines. After three days of intense practicing, they are judged on each of the four routines. They are awarded with blue, red, or white rib- bons. The best part about camp is that the squad gets closer. What is the difference between the cheerleaders and the pom-pon squad? Cheerleaders and pom-pon girls both perform for the enjoyment of the crowd, but pom-pon involves much more dancing. This year, however, the two groups are doing many more activities together. For example, this year the cakes received by the athletes at the pep rallies were made by both the pom-pon girls and the cheer- leaders. When asked about the responses at the football and basketball games, the pom-pon girls felt they were generally the same, however, captain Nancy Lee said, I think the routines look better at football games because they are easier to see from a greater distance. Though the pom-pon squad doesn't have many fund raisers, this year it sold caramel apples at the carnival, and its member raised a lot of money by working in the Irish Shop. Also, this year the squad received money from the Rainbow raffle through the girls' great selling effort, with special thanks to Elaine Harvey and Cheryl Stolz, who were the top sellers of the school. Heather Robinson, Ftaegan Dwyer, Carol Adams, and Cheryl Stolz move in rhythm during their routine. Above left: Jenni Morrison and Jeannie Kencke lead the tum- blers in the parade. This year's tumblers included Emily Duncan, Jennie Kencke, Jenni Morrison, Terri Gebhards, Amy Snider, Jue lie Stenger, and Jenny Wilson. The pom-pon squad gets situated on the homecoming truck with an Irish bear at the front. 49 Cheerleaders Joanne Bousky, Tricia Zarley, Annie Klodnycky, Michelle Boos, Jody Swigris, and Michelle Krumholz share a laugh while decorating a truck for the homecoming parade. ,M- ! , , have 'tx ii V ur J, l X6 K 3 , 'LII ' l'ir illi LLVL Michele Gorman and Jill Brady get enthused at a football game. At a pep-rally, Meaghan Slevin and Meg Callaway show the students the cakes they baked for the football players. Ignite Enthusiasm X is s hi lt' A The J.V. Cheerleaders cheer for the freshman and sophomore boys' football and basketball. Kfrontb Amy Lahood, Missy Stimpert. Kmiddlel Kim Krumholz, Alicia Zarley, Jill Brady. tbackj Chris Ruscheinski, Michelle Gorman. Despite the cold and wind, Irish cheerleaders are in unison and aligned. tbottomb The Spirit Squad cheers for the boys' varsity soccer. tfrontb Terri Setterlund, Karen Joseph, Michelle Boos, Jenny Janovetz, Meaghan Slevin, Jill Scherer, Melinda Aranas. The Varsity cheerleaders cheer for the boys' varsity football and basketball. Qbackl Michelle Krumholz, Jody Swigris, Meg Callaway, Annie Klod- nycky, Tricia Zarley, Misty Wikoff, Joanne Bousky. Karen Joseph and Meg Callaway show their spirit. The 1985-86 Athletic Supporters, mo- derated by Mrs. Maley, was jointly found- ed by eight forefathers: Chris Broad- hurst, Charlie Callaway, Bill Kelly, Joe Tadie, Steve Maley, Ed Cundiff, Dan Gordon, and Tim Frank. Other members included Ron Dwyer, Tom Swanson, and Greg Dickerson. Begun to increase school spirit at athletic events, the Athle- tic Supporters performed at basketball games, baseball games, and school dances. The group practiced for twenty minutes every Monday, and before each game or event, they gathered in Mrs. Ma- ley's room for a two hour practice. The only qualification for membership was not to be afraid to make a fool of oneself. When asked why he felt the crowd joined Athletic Supporters in their cheers, Chris Broadhurst answered, Because we make fools of ourselves, the crowd gets a good laugh, and after we have their attention, we get them involved with dif- ferent chants. Tim Frank, Bill Kelly, Chris Broadhurst, and Steve Maley perform in firemen's hats and coats. Athletic Supporters ,,, Athletic Supporters hold up their banner during their unusual performance. 52 Raegan Dwyer supports AOL!Sl through her purchase from Laura Bouchard in Shirt Shop. The Spalding Hockey Team had a very lOL!SI-Bergan Hockey Team: ffront rowj. Tom Mazzola, John Donlan, Brian Flaherty, Sean Magher. good Season this year with 3 13-1 recgrd, second row! Coach Tim Staats, Terry Flaherty, Pat Cusack, Dan Lyons, Dave Lawless, Pat Derner, Winning the Conference and Champion, ex Kngo' Knot pmuredi Joe Lyonsy' ship tournament. Members on the team from Spalding were seniors - Captain Terry Flaherty, Alternate Captain Dan Lyons, Dave Lawless, juniors - Brian Flaherty, Joe Lyons, and sophomore - Alex Kilgo. Junior Brian Flaherty makes the save in the third period of the Bloomington Quarter Final game. . , i Seniors Terry Flaherty, Dave Lawless, and Dan Lyons are waiting for the puck to drop during the BIoomington!Spalding game, 53 The varsity football team hustles out onto the field for another game. Sophomore Jim Sharp wrestles against a Bergam- opponent in the 167-lb. weight class- A Piece Q-f Tho -Action Beating your own time. Diving in the dirt to block a goal. Striking out. The silence before a serve. Overtime. Playing out under the lights. The tension on a putting green. The tie- hreaking point. Action. Irish sports have got a lot of it. T Sophomores Miko Hobo. and Joff Gilfillan battle for the ball in an intra-squad game. The Gridiron Wars Irish Razzle-Dazzle Foes The Spalding Football team finished the season with a very respectable 9 and 2 record. The Irish were picked to finish first by pre-season coach's poll. A coach said, The team did better than we ex- pected with all the pressure put on the team to succeed. Spalding's offense was led by All Con- ference three year starter Steve Maley. He passed for 1092 yards this season and completed 55 percent of his passes. All-State and All American honorable mention Bill Kelly ran for a conference re- cord 1583 yards and a season total of 1882 yards. After regular play Bill had finished 2nd in the state and after the play-offs he 'Razzle-dazzled' us all, fin- ishing 1st in the state. Other players who didn't have great statistics contributed to the team. The Irish could not have had such a successful season with a bunch of individuals. They played as a unit. The offensive line did the job. They controlled the trenches. They made big holes for the runningbacks and became a force while protecting the quarterback. Also, the scout team got the starters ready for games by practicing like the opponents. While the offense was generating about 27 points a game, the defense was giving up only 12 per contest. The men on the line attacked and attacked until they could get through and swallow the oppos- ing quarterback. Frequently, the swarm- ing defense led by, All-conference selec- tions Mike Davidson and Michael Tucker,dropped runningbacks behindthe line and intimidated receivers. They proved to be a force with which to be reckoned. The Irish tradition continued. The sum- mer conditioning programs, the prac- tices, the prayer services, the meals be- fore the games and the pep talks all com- bined to bring the plan together. It was a good year that won't be forgotten espe- cially by the guys who wore the Irish pride, the uniforms. Front row: Ben Shea, Steve Maley, Tim Frank, Charlie Calloway, Bill Kelly, Mike Davidson, Todd Skaggs, Glenn Kieswetter, Mike Buehler, Jon Kendall, Mike Richardson. 2nd row: Gary Filzen, Mike King, Cullen Casey, Mark Michelet, Brian Couri, Jeff Carlson, John Kubitschek, Bryan Tilly, Troy Cambell, Bill Kelch, Flon Dwyer, Bill Ludolph. 3rd row: Coach J. McMahon, Marty Goble, Chris Broadhurst, Mike Tucker, Charlie Gavin, Jim Jorgensen, Chuck Tanner, Craig Slaughter, Mark Thatcher, Jim Ftediger, Chuck Meismer, Steve Fry. Back row: Coach Hifzeroth, Dick Cushing, Coach Doyle, Scott Harter, Ed Cundiff, Chris Green, Dave Heinzmann, Greg Dickerson, George Driggs, Jim Kelly, Coach Lang, Coach Larson, Coach Burk. 56 Vi rambles through the S'5g1ringfield'de- fense. V . ' SCOREBOARD Opponent Score Limestone 27- 7 Central 27-13 Woodruff 22-20 Spring. S.E. 47- O Fiichwoods 7-17 Bergan 42- 6 Pekin 35-14 Spring. High 26-22 Manual 27- O Kewanee 27-20 Geneseo 7-14 Behind the Scenes . . . Scout teams are usually com- posed of non-starting team mem- bers. These scout teams run the various offensive plays and de- fensive stunts that the coaches feel the opposing team will run against them during the game. Chris Broadhurst feels, lt was great watching the team have a successful year. l think the scout teams really helped prepare the team for what to expect on game day. l think, adds Bill Kelch, that they helped the first team out to get them physically and mentally ready. Far left: Watching the game, Dave Heinzmann and Ed Cundiff discuss a plan of action. Left: With sure footing, Charlie Calloway attempts the conver- sion while Chris Broadhurst holds the ball. Leaving Spartans 1 able mention All 'BNI, KqNy- Overall 9-2: Conference 6-1 W!L W W W W L W W W W W L 57 Attempting to leave Central in the dust, Robb Larson slashes through the defen- sive line. Sophomore Football Team - Front Flow: Earl Stolz, Joe Maushard, Joe Powers, Pat Armstrong, Alex Kilgo, Matt Pendergrass, Chuck Anthony, Bob Carignan. Second Row: Danny Hayden, Steve Baer, Chris Galietta, Mark Ludolph, Troy Skaggs, David Berry, John Thomas, Dan Behm, Craig Tanner. Third Row: Coach Doyle, lsacc Anzaldua, Jeff Fra- zier, Doug Ludolph, Mike Stone, Andy Welch, Ed Hopkins, Joe Hartwig, Anthony Broad- hurst, Jay Varda, Coach Larson. Determined Underclassmen Looking to the Future The freshman squad ended the football season with a 6-4 record. Coach Hitzer- oth described the season as fine, con- sidering the team did not have anyone over 150 pounds. The highlight of the season was being the only team to beat Central. In another contest, Bergan was ahead 14-0 at half time. Coach Hitzeroth gave them a pretty good pep talk at the half, and the Irish battled back for a thrill- ing 22-20 victory. The sophomore football team finished their season sporting a 5-3 record under the direction of Kevin Doyle. The team's record included wins over Limestone, Woodruff, Central, Bergan, and Manual. my first Coach Doyle said, I enjoyed year as coach. As for his team, We won the games we were capable of winning, and with hard work the future looks prom- Ising. ing for the Irish. Left: Protected by his offensive line, sophomore quarterback Pat Arm- strong receives the snap from center Doug Ludolph against the Bergan Trojans. Above: Freshman Ryan Maley rises to the occasion after scor- Freshman Football Team - Front row: Tim Filzen, Eric Moss, Scot Nay, Bill Joseph, Mike Riley, Tom Flenski, Chris Couri, Ed Connor, Tom Oltman, Ed Papas, Ryan Maley. Second row: Flobb Larson, Chris Dunne, Jeff DeFrance, John Newsom, Brent Ludolph, Eric Flediger, Jodie Trammell, Jake Bell, Adam Heinz, Doug Cady, Tom Grow, Doug Bowers. Third row: Coach Hitzeroth, Matt Johnston, Doug Bishop, Pat Donnelly, Greg Heller, Dave Torrey, Dave Joseph, Kurt Nelson, Dan Coyle, Greg Dugard, Mike Day, Coach Burk. 59 SCOREBOARD Opponent Score WIL Quincy High 2-0 W Quincy N.D. O-1 L Richwoods 2-1 W Central 4-1 W Sp. Lanphier 4-1 W Chatham Glen 2-O W Bergan 0-2 L Woodruff 4-O W Alton 3-4 L Washington 2-O W Springfield 2-O W Sp. Southeast 4-1 W Woodruff 5-1 W Fiichwoods 2-O W Normal 2-1 W Pekin 5-2 W Manual 5-1 W Manual 4-O W Quincy High 2-1 W Quincy N.D. O-5 L Overall 16-4: Conf. 8-1 SO Stopping an offensive attack by Man- ual, Captain Danny Gordon heads the ball away. Leading the Irish attack, All Stater Dave Herrera dribbles down the sideline during a late season game. Irish Capture Crown Soccer Team Gains State-Wide Respect The Spalding soccer team completed their year with an outstanding record of 16-4 overall and 8-1 in the Mid-State 10. The 16 victories is a new Peoria area re- cord. This year, eight seniors and a large group of talented juniors and sophomores united under the guidance of first-year coach Wayne Miller and assistant coach Mike Dixon. For the year, the Irish outscored oppo- nents 54 goals to 22. The scoring attack was led by All-State selection Dave Her- rera C19 goalsl and All-Sectional honor- able mention Paul Kenny C17 goalsl. Tony Murphy added 6 goals and 9 other players scored during the year. Paul Ken- ny and Brian Flaherty proved to be un- selfish as they passed to the open man and each recorded 9 assists. Also, Bob Kocher and Jeff Schlink were credited with 8 and 7 assists. The Spalding defense, coined U.S.S. Defense contained all opponents and helped All-Sectional honorable mention Joe Tadie shutout 7 opposing teams. Following in the varsity team's foot- steps was the JV team. This program was enhanced with the efforts of first year coach Mike Dixon. The team showed po- Varsity Team - Front row: Tom Dwyer, Dan Gordon fcaptj, Jeff Schlink, Bob Kocher, Brian Flaherty, Tony Murphy. Second row: Mike McNutt, Tom Gilfillan, Mike Schuerte, Dan Gamache, Paul Kenny, Bob Carroll, Randy Gordon, Harry Snider, Tom Gorman. Back row: Joe Tadie, Dave Petit, Dan Schaub, Pat Kenny, Tom Hanley, Andy Smith, Fran DeLaCruz, Terry Flaherty, Dave Herrera. tential for future years with an 8-3 regular season record and 9-5 overall. They won the conference title for the second time in three years. They beat three Regional Champions in Chatham, Springfield and Normal. They continued with success and hopefully the Irish dyn- asty will continue. Coach Miller chal- lenged the younger players to work hard and dedicate themselves to improving for next year. The Soccer program was aided by two good managers, Brittney Boos and Terri Waldschmidt, programs profiling the players, concessions at the games, large fan involvement and wonderful cheer- leaders. The 1985 season was a tremen- dous success. Coach Miller rallies his team between quarters and discusses strategy. JV Team - Front row: Dave Fuertges, John Knight, Joe Boley, Andy Bowton, Jeff Gilfillan, Chris Cutter, Mike Hobin. Second row: Mike Hoehn, Jim Schiefel- ing, Todd Waldschmidt, Dave Gamache, Shannon Kelly, Frank Baxter, Jeremy Englert. Back row: Coach Dixon, Tim Willi, Jason Marks, Craig Rezac, Matt Buchner, Mike Rebatzke, John Mielke, Sean O'Hanlon. 61 hun., J. V. Team -- Front Row: Gina Paluska, Michele Maroon, Kristen Yonlz, Laura Gambogi, Anna Maubach, Kristi Lahood, Dawn Diekhoff, Back Row: Manager Bridget Riddell, Amy Koegel, Amy Snyder, Ellen Eason, Jennifer Maison, Carrie lrwin, Christy Neal, Jennine Lilly, Coach Cindy Clark. Above: Before a Central serve, the varsity team crouches in readiness. Right: Monica Cundiff shows her aggressiveness by putting down this spike with authority, 62 Q Irish Bump Adversaries Dedication Pays Off Two All-Conference players, Lisa Boura- zak and Monica Cundiff, led the Fighting Irish Volleyball Team to a second place finish in the Mid-State 10 Conference. The 1985 team featured an experienced core of players whose dedication resulted in a conference record of 11-3 and an overall mark of 14-8. Balance was the key to the Academy!Spalding strong attack. This ,was reflected in the voting for the excep- tional contributions made to the team. Lisa Bourazak was named the team's Most Valuable Player for her overall play. Moni- ca Cundiff was named Best Offensive Player for her aggressive net play. Wendy Wilton received the Best Defensive award for her superior back court play. But as Miss Wilton said, We put it all together to form as one, and in Volleyball, that is the only way you can succeed. We won as a team but more importantly, continued Dawn Callan, we lost as a team. Moni- que Fortune was named Most improved. Coach Clark attributes the season's suc- cess to the girls' disciplined commitment. I ....,.. -.. fv r Front Row: Dawn Diekhoff, Heather Hartwig, Wendy Wilton, Lisa Bourazak, Dawn Callan. Back Row: Coach Clark, Sandy Swanson, Carrie Irwin, Julie Powers, Monica Cundiff, Monique Fortune, Tammy Moore, Trisha LaHood. SCOREBOARD Opponent Woodruff 15-05 15 11 Woodruff 15-04 15-02 Central 05-15 11 15 Central 15-08 15 11 Manual 17-15 15-05 Springfield 15-05 15-07 Lanphier 09-15 08 15 Washington 15-04 15 10 Bergan 15-10 15-06 Pekin 15-07 15-04 Woodruff 15-02 15 10 Q.N.D. 09-15 O6 15 Lewiston O3-15 07 15 Central 09-15 15-01 15-O2 Lanphier 12-15 O9 15 Springfield 10-15 O1 15 Manual 15-06 15-07 Richwoods 12-15 11 15 l.V.C. 15-O3 15-O0 Bergan 15-11 15-04 Pekin 10-1515-12 15-09 Regional Pekin Above: Dawn Diekhoff congratu- lates the team and gives Monica Cundiff a high five as the Irish de- stroyed Woodruff 15-04. Eyes On The Tape Cross Country Makes Its Move The team was rather small with mem- bership fluctuating around 15. Some members lasted only a few days, some weeks, and some stuck to it with determi- nation. Those that stayed gained valua- ble experience in teamwork, determina- tion, and racing. Most all members achieved a noticeable improvement in their times by the end of the season. During the season the girls competed with a full team in two races, the Canton Invitational and the Bergan dual. This is the first time Spalding has ever fielded a full team of female runners. On Septem- ber 14th, Senior Jerry Gray placed third in the 11th Annual Morton Pumpkin Run. His time of 14.54 was the 17th best time in the history of the meet. At the lHSA regional junior Andy Noreuil placed four- teenth, good enough to advance to the Sterling Sectional. As the only member of the AOLXSI team advancing to section- als, he placed 51st, By its dual record of 3-3, this season may not look very impressive, but consid- ering the number of runners, it was more commendable. Competing against schools with triple the number of runners, Spalding's team stood their ground. Our members turned in five first, four second, and two third place finishes in dual meets. ln addition to Jerry Gray's third place fin- ish in Morton, Lori Millar placed in the top ten in four major invitationals. Andy Nor- euil won the open boy's race in the Run- nin' Fled Invitational in Metamora and placed seventh in the Mid-State 10 con- ference meet. Despite injuries and sickness the team did rather well. We met one of our goals in that we placed in the top five in the conference meet, said Coach Bradle. Jerry Gray was forced to drop out of the IHSA regional due to injuries and Chris Patterson's heat stroke at Galesburg held the team back but it soon got back on its feet and proved itself. Bill Kernan strains to put forth the effort as he eyes the finish line. i. l E l ti 5 qi 64 Cross country racing takes a toll on a runner's body. Jerry Gray sits, exhausted, after a race at Detweiller. lFrontrow: Ingrid Dowell, Karen Millar, Michelle Lowe, Liz Crocker, Lauren Wright, Lori Millar. Back row: Brian Montefusco, Chris Patterson, Bill ,Kernan, Jerry Gray, Tony McEnroe, Coach Ed Bradle, Tim Waters, John lLeyland. Not pictured: Andy Noreuil, Tom Thomas, Kirk Henderson, Chuck Donahue, Eric Hoerr. wi? f Bill Kernan, Andy Noreuil and Jerry Gray find their way at the start of the Conference ra,r:.e., 1 , SCOREBOARD Pekin Dual 38-30 L Bergan Dual 22-33 W Central Dual 31-28 L Manual Dual 27-28 W Flichwoods Dual 42-17 L Woodruff Dual 15-40 W Overall 3-3 Far left: Karen from the pack and, left: Ingrid her move. l 1 65 I Ill- lrlltlsllilfl It ' I Jl1il,tlntl , I ' 'I 1id'l:',r' I I Irish Ace Rivals I . . . l I Midseason comeback revitalizes team The tennis team started off slowly this year, but did well in the Rock Island Invita- tional. Jackie Uhll and Stacy McQueIlon came in second place in the doubles bracket. Michelle Dentino and Karen Fulton also finished second in the dou- bles bracket. The Irish won six of their last seven matches to finish with a record of 8-3. For the year, Jackie Uhll was vot- ed Most Valuable Player, and Maria La- Hood voted Most Improved. l three sets in the doubles championship. In sectional play, Uhll and McQuellon placed first by defeating Pekin 6-4, 6-3. At the State tournament, they lost 6-3, 6-3 in the third round Cfield of 321 to the P51 seeded doubles team in the whole tourna-I ment. Then they won three rounds in the consolatiion bracket before falling to Elmf hurst York 6-3, 7-5. The girls represented AcademyfSpalding well by finishing as one of the top 32 doubles teams in Illinois. SCOREBOARD Opponent Scores W X L Normal 4-5 L Pekin 5-4 W Bergan 4-5 L Spring, S.E. 5-3 W Morton 7-2 W Woodruff 6-3 W Central 5-4 W Manual 7-2 W Ftichwoods 2-7 L Bloom. C.C. 7-2 W Washington 9-0 W 4th-Flock Island Invit. 4th-Mid State 10 Overall 8-3 For varsity, this is the only way to play. Michelle Den- tino, Karen Fulton, StaGyMdQuelIon, Jackie Uhll, it J- Sarah Brick. Senior Jackie llhfi showsioft'l1er powerful backhand ' and prepares to smash a return. At the Conference tournament the team placed fourth as Jackie and Stacy lost in f -.xfxzltfr-Qtgwss . A . t .napa j .J X. 6 553'-it f?1 'QT' T L N 'T' T 'lliss1m1m... f a s aa, -,. 'N -am ,, - K -s L , , .... ,f . ..,.. ,.,,., I I tisr Fronfrow: Liz Sager, Karen Brecklin, Sarah Langford, Maureen Koch, Christy Bohlmarg Middle row: Maria LaHood, Cindy Schmidt, Karen Fulton, Meg Ftitschel, Sherrie O'Brien, Michelle Dentino, Coach Dona- hueg Back row: Peggy McLaughlin, Sarah Brick, Jackie Uhll, Stacy McQueIIon. It lil I 66 Swimmers Improve 1 Steadily Experience pays off The girls' swim team enjoyed a great re- surgence of interest. Of the 18 freshmen who joined the team, many brought pre- vious swimming experience which was part of the reason for the teams' success. Led by Senior Captain Jenny Moore, the girls improved steadily through the season. The hard work paid off and the girls' teams fin- ished higher inthe conference than any of the recent years. Coach Pilat feels the larger team and greater talent and dedica- tion will make the team even more competi- tive next year. Other outstanding perform- ers this year were Pattie Nauman in the Individual Medley and Backstroke and Kris Penn in Diving and Breaststroke. Mr. Pilat said, Over the entire season the girls showed great spirit and determination. They encouraged each other all the time. Fronfrow: Maggie Dille, Maureen Maher, Cynthia Thomas, Amy Sha- heen: Middle row: Jenny Moore, Aleece Robinson, Ann Jorgensen, Twynette Petrany, Moira Slevin, Beth Shanks, Holly Frascog Back row: Jenny Efinger, Jenny Tilly, Adina Avila, Sarah Woolsey, Katie Ford, Molly Muchow, Jenny Kirchgessner, Patty Nauman. Not pic- tured: Kris Penn, Julie Newby. l SCOREBOARD Opponent Scores W!L Pekin 62-106 L Olympia 93-73 W Normal 49-34 W Ottawa 27-49 L Woodruff 82-84 L Central 66-103 L Manual 114-51 W Ottawa 97-71 W Flichwoods 50-33 W Galesburg 62-20 W Record 6-4 5th-MidState Conf. Meet Practice at the was a rigorous event which the dedicated girls put up with everyday. Senior Jenny Mouri greets the camera as she Swims by. finishing up one Of her laps. 67 Opponent Galesburg Pekin Limestone Washington Bloomington Richwoods Woodruff Bergan Central Manual ,. 1,14 ,, .i i.ii . i..i V .H M.,-d,i,1,..t SCOREBOARD Score 1791160 1961157 1701154 1711159 1791161 1821158 1631217 1721170 1841166 1631157 Records: Varsity Fresh!Soph Overall K1-91 C5-BJ Above Foster bites his mumu,1Hi,an1icg16aiiQn.3,as Brad Fulton sinks hisxkplttti,flgljftfql-Iftiitgghomore Chuck Smith shygi?gqs,ytQfiltat'fQidbd form c c e s s . Golfers Rebuild The Future Looks Promising This year was described by Miss Schallau as a rebuilding year for the golf team. It lost eight seniors from last year. Only one senior, Tom Penn, was on the team. The Irish finished with a record of 1-9 and finished eighth in the Mid-State 10. Despite this year's record. Miss Schallau is looking forward to the future. She said, I see the potential to have z good team in the next couple of years . . a really good team. Chuck Smith, a sophomore, won the award for the lowest average with a nine hole average of 41.4. Smith also cap tured the award for the most birdies witl a season total of eleven. 1 Front row: Mike Maroon, Rich Kovars, Martin Lee, Rob Abson, George Groh, Todd Callan. Middle row: Shaun Walder, Jerry Maushard, Craig Link, Brad Fulton, Troy Foster. back row: Tim Winkler, Chuck Smith, Matt Sandvos, Matt Vignali, Tom Penn , I agf,,..,,,,, Coach Tom Pilat displays lap numbers to his swimmers to let xv. them know how many laps remain. -..Q-liiligitl-t5i,.. .W . :Mufti F. .1 it wit-13.1 5 .-:on we tt .1 mt .tt it M. it Wil Nl WW 1 it 1. t. at ig it -. J It it ,T L 1 . ii . . . . 1 'its lt-'til iq.-.-3.-,+.Lr12-ff .- tr Front row: Erik Heinzen, Tom Penn, Sumner Boring Middle row: Jeff Schultz, Brett Hoerdemann, Hans Lewinski, Tim Greeng Back row: Kevin Krigbaum, Chris Kennedy, Coach Tom Pilat. Difficulties Overcome Individuals Make Steady Progress The boys swim team was not as suc- essful this year as they had hoped. The ize of the team meant they couldn't be s competitive in dual meets. The boys who did swim all season made steady rogress and the underclassmen show romise. Seniors Erik Heinzen, Sumner orin and Tom Penn led the team with heir spirit and dedication. As a result of tis hard work Tom Penn became the third swimmer in the history of Spalding to qualify for the state meet in two events. Tom set new school records in the 50 yard and 100 yard freestyle during the preliminaries. Considering the difficulties this season, the team can be proud of their individual accomplishments and look forward to a stronger showing next year. MEMS? iq ,.... -, F -L V- . , .ft .....,.. . ..., X.. iiirtiww 1 s -.rn .. .tvttttt ..i.t,t.J. it-1.1 -1: Mi it W.Q..1...u titlhlm . 1 ilslvtixtt-g1.Q.,1. 1. Senior Tom backstroke a practice at the -X 1 it -ttit 1 -1- .,', ':-em 1, SCOREBOARD 0PPonent Score WXL Pekin 44-122 L Ottawa 75-89 L Olympia 67-93 L Woodruff 47-105 L Ram Relays: Tied for 10th Central 48-120 L Manual 47-120 L Limestone 52-99 L Richwoods 40-124 L Normal 50-104 L Conference Meet 7th Place Monmouth 70-76 L Sectionals 6th Place Overall Record: 10- 1 OD all J H .1 W? LQ -Q, X tt X . ,F ., -iieaefd Building For The Future Girls' basketball team sticks with it The 1985-86 Girls' Varsity Bas- ketball team compiled an overall re- cord of 9-16 and a Midstate-10 re- cord of 3-12. Despite its losing re- cord, this year's young team gained valuable experience that can be uti- lized in the future. The major highlight of the season was an upset win over Washington in the Washington Regional by a score of 52-47. Special awards given to players were: best defensive player, Cara Williamsg best offensive player, Monica Cundiffg most improved player, Christina Leeg and most valuable player, Shelley Winkler. Coach Cindy Clark feels that with much hard work and dedication in the upcoming year that this team composed of three freshmen, five sophomores, three juniors, and one senior will be second to no-one. Varsity. Front row: Jenny Olson, Dawn Diekhoff, Cara Williams, Carol Anne Bolton, Kari Smith. 2nd row: Tonya Moredock, Tricia LaHood, Monica Cundiff, Shelly Winkler, Tami Moore, Jamie Martin, Christina Lee, Coach Cindy Clark. Junior Varsity. Front row: Jenny Beckman, Carol Anne Bolton, Amy Palka, Laura Gambogi, Paige Piokerill, Vanessa Farraher, Katie Smith. 2nd row: Niki Bainter, Tricia LaHood, Jamie Martin, Leah Frezza, Katie Ford, Lisa Boucher, Coach Mike Dixon. Sophomore Jamie Martin goes for a jumpshot over the Ftichwoods defenders. Varsity coach Cindy Clark gives team during a time-out. instructions to the SCOREBOARD 'Q-wtf 1 rw T1 2 is Opponent Score W!L Washington 43-38 L Flichwoods 55-22 L Lincoln 65-31 L Danville 65-42 L Morton 52-48 L Woodruff 54-35 L Lanphier 48-43 W Pekin 56-49 L Manual 47-24 L Limestone 57-43 L Bergan 53-44 W Southeast 49-46 L Central 51-31 L Richwoods 71-35 L Central 66-25 L Lanphier 70-40 L Pekin 36-26 L Manual 84-43 L Bergan 44-34 L Southeast 67-56 W The JV bench encourages their team as they play a home game, Monica Cundiff shoots against Ftichwoods at her home court. She was the leading scorer and re- bounder for the Irish. 71 Mike Davidson working for a pin against Rich- woods, Mike had a record of 36-3, was a MS-10 champion and was Spalding's first ever State qualifier in wrestling. Varsity Wrestling: Front row - Jon Kendall, Matt Paluska, Frank Baxter, Brian Montefusco, Jeff Boundy, Brad Pascual. Ftow 2 - Mike Richardson, Mike Paar, Chuck Anthony, Tom Grow, Brian Couri, Tim Eason, Ron Dwyer. Back row - Barry Donald, Troy Campbell, Mike Buehler, Scott Harter, George Driggs, Mike Davidson. Frosh!Soph Wrestling Team: Front row - Doug Ludolph, Matt Aaron, Chris Cutter, Jeff Gilfillan, Jeff DeFrance, Tom Grow, Bill Joseph, Ed Connor, Chris Couri, Jeremy Englert. Row 2 - Bill Brewster, Matt Buchner, Dave Ga- mache, Skip Stolz, Chuck Anthony, Ryan Maley, Mike Stone, Andy Welsh. Back row - Eric Moss, Tony McEnroe, Tom Thomas, Isaac Anzaldua, Joe Hartwig, Jim Sharp, Bob Carignan, Mike Carlsten. Doug Ludolph winning in the Pekin Sophomore Invita- ional. l Pinning a Great Year Wrestlers set school records The 1985-86 Wrestling Team finished with its most successful season in the school's history under Varsi- ty Coach Kevin Burk and his assistant, Gordon Hitzeroth. The Varsity team finished the season with a 20-3 dual- meet record while winning the city championship for the second year in a row. The team established twenty- three school records during the season and, also had the first conference champions in the history of the school in George Driggs and Mike Davidson. The team had six wres- tlers qualify for sectionals ieorge Driggs working for a pin against Rich- roods. George finished the season with a 35-2 re- ord and was a MS-10 champion. Barry Donald K34-93, Brad Pasqual 434-99, Brad Pas- qual C33-103, Troy Camp- bell t31-6J, Mike Buehler 132-11-ll, George Driggs 135-21, and Mike Davidson 436-35 and established an- other first when Mike David- son advanced to the state tournament. Mike placed in the top sixteen in the state at the heavyweight division. This team beat East Peoria 33-24forthefirsttime in Spalding Wrestling histo- ry. It beat Class A state- ranked Tremont 33-25 and pinned Ftichwoods for the city championship 30-15. SCOREBOARD Dual Meets - Varsity Conference Overall Tournaments Eureka Delavan Illini Bluffs IHSA Regional City 5-1 20-3 2nd 1st 2nd 2'td 1st 73 Spalding Surprises Many Third in conference Scott Schaumtxltttjg and Baer try to trapixwdogiruttgg guard and SCOREBOARD Opponent Score W1L Chi. Collins 54162 L Chi. Harlan 66165 W Chillicothe 62147 W Southeast 68155 W Woodruff 48158 L Manual 51178 L Centralia Tourn. 12nd Place Consolation? Benton 41161 L Salem 57144 W Chi. Hersey 52139 W Centralia 52161 L Central 43174 L Bergan 64147 W Lanphier 78166 W Pekin 46144 W Flichwoods 56160 L Bergan 65158 W East Peoria 71150 W Southeast 48139 W Springfield 45157 L Woodruff 58152 W Manual 57192 L Lanphier 43154 L Pekin 49146 W Metamora 47166 L Richwoods 45179 L F?eQi0f121l Number 52, Jon Baer, puts in two Centra' 53154 L to add to his season's 14 points Overall Record 13-13 a game average- Conf. Record 8-6 74 Jeff Bolton gets the tip-in over the Woodruff Warriors. Coach Kelly stresses the impor- tance of hustle. Charlie Gavin showing good defensive posture against guard from Wood- ruff. itll 'itil Mike Tucker goes up inside to take the lead by four against Bergan. Varsity Boys Basketball: Front row: Bryan Tilly, Doug Powers, Mike Tucker, Charlie Gavin, Jim Kelly, Scott Schaumburg, Phil Tallong Back row: Ben Shea, Darin LaHood, Jeff Bolton, Jon Baer, Don Fiddes, Chris Green, Tom Swanson. The 1985-86 Spalding Bas- ketball team, under the guid- ance of Coach Kelly, was picked in a preseason poll to finish eighth in the Mid-State 10. At the end of the season, they had surprised many by fin- ishing in third place in the con- ference. The team's finish shows all of us that a lot of hard work and dedication does pay off. The season included two hard-fought victories over a fine Pekin team, the first time this has happened in fifteen years. Spalding surprised Lanphier with a 12 point win when the Lions were ranked tenth in the state. Also the team took two from arch-rival Bergan including a 65-58 double overtime win. Jon Baer and Don Fiddes led the team with 14 points per game averages as Jeff Bolton added 10 a game. The front line of Baer, Fiddes and Bolton averaged 6 rebounds per con- test. The guard duo of Phil Tal- lon and Mike Tucker provided leadership. Sixth man, Ben Shea showed leadership and played aggressively. For the year, Spalding ended with a 13- 13 record. Finishing behind 3rd- in-State Manual and state- ranked Ftichwoods is very re- spectable. Special awards: MVP - Jon Baer, Purple Power - Don Fiddesg Mike Haley Sportsman- ship Award - Jeff Bolton and Captain - Ben Shea. Disappointing Season Improvement will bring successful future 1' The Freshmen and Sophomore Basketball teams did not have such a good year from a won-loss view- point. The freshman team which was coached by Kevin Doyle ended with a perfect record - perfect in the loss column, 0-14. The sopho- mores, coached by Jay Whalen, ended their season with 5 wins and 15 losses. The freshmen and sophomores did work as hard as anyone else, but they lacked height. The teams had some quickness and got the ball down low when they could. Here are the thoughts of two sophomore players dealing with the season. Our record was deceiving. We lost 10 games by less than 7 points in one of the best conferences in the state, Craig Tanner. I thought that our team had a lot of class! We never gave up even when we were s losing by a lot. We also tried to look ahead and not at what had already happened, Chuck Smith. l There is room for improvement ' and hopefully they will work hard to improve. If they want to be success- ful in the future they must decide to go out and practice. They need Dedication, Desire and Discipline and then the rewards will come. -1't't '5 ---- --- ----- 'T ' .,,.. Freshmen Boys Basketball: Doug Cady, Jason Marks, Dan Hopkins, Nic Maroon, Rob Larson, Mike Maroon. Row 2: Matt Johnston, Phil Baer, Paul Damerell, Doug Bishop, Dave Torrey, Kirk Henderson, John Knight, Trent Stone, John Newsom. Coach Doyle. Anthony Broadhurst shouts words ot encouragement to teammate at free throw line. 3 'Gow ,111 ..- . me .,.,k RQ., .,xkkk W Sophomore Boys Basketball: Pat Donnelly, Pat Armstrong, Mike Riley, Chris Williams, John P S eeples. Row 2: Logan Tucker, Matt Pendergrass, Greg Heller, Anthony Broadhurst, Chuck mith, Jeff Frazier, Craig Tanner, Mike Hobin. Number 12, John Peeples, get his C P hance at the free throw line against ekin. Coach Doyle rallying the team, before their game. 77 Eyeing Success Softball teams meet challenges Fielding seemingly endless ground balls, getting your glove dirty, keeping your eye on the ball, and running the bases time after time are all components of practicing and playing softball. Meeting these challenges were this year's softball teams, both varsity and frosh-soph. These two groups went forward with determination to produce a season that they could be proud of. Looking toward the future, the varsity team will be losing five seniors which makes it hard to predict next year's performance, but with a good number of returning varsity letter winners one can guess the season will reflect the team's talent and hard work. The frosh-soph is also coming up strong and is always looking for new talent. These two softball teams certainly deserve some attention. Varsity - Front Row: Monica Cundiff, Laura Gambogi, Lisa Bowers, Anne Schmitt, Cindy Schmitt, Jenny Kelly, Lisa Bourazak. Second Flow: Coach Schallau, Amy Snider, Sandy Swanson, Raegan Dwyer, Shelley Winkler, Monique Fortune, Becky Schmitt, Jenny Beckman. 78 , .,,,,, K7 5 43 F 1 Frosh-Soph - Front Row: Jenny Kelly, Paige Pickerill, Julie Stenger, Amy Snider, Michele Maroon, Donna Bell, Laura Gambogl. Second Ftow: Coach Moehring, Mi- chelle Kinney, Lisa Selman, Kris Oltman, Crissy Davidson, Ellen Eason, Jenny Beckman, Jenny Kirchgessner. X Lisa Bourazak and freshman Jenny Beckman work for an with two Limestone baserunners on the same bag. at Peo Jenny Kelly, a freshman, warms up before a game against 'ag w Q, Q xl Q- 'S . Q fe .. ,11- ,.,. , Gu , V wwf -sf ,pt 4' few K. ria Stadium. , 22,1 iff ' 5,45f'AfQf 4, 'f .,.,.i4 r .ix ',,' W' ,A -1-f'gW::M.,., Q if A 'Q ' 'fm i . -- ,III Qmilvi ' ,-.f w-4. 'W Q :QQ 4,7 ff' - ,f ,. ? 'L !'.,piiM, sc: r-Www b 'N aww , M JM Waiting for the ball at first base is senior Monique Fortune. 1 f if 1.54. ,af V Q- I' t' W., ' ,, . f f , 2' ,QW :fW,i.j:ff, .. '5Wm ,,,z:613,gg'3,,, A W- H . , , , fLWlss '3'.g v1.4.' an 'H -5,1 N ,, ,, H, 1' ' +,'-WW i,:.::-:lf ' 1-4. N f P ' 'rzzff' , 4129 ,M U., 'Mr' N., ,f an vu' m, ,H K, A 1. 4. .- 4 9 . Sophomore Michele Maroon sprints to first base alter her hit. Catcher Monica Cundiff, a sophomore, pitch in a game at the Booster Field. awaits a D Steve Maley, leader of long jumpers this year, de- scends onthe long jump sand pit. Senior Mike Tucker falls to second place in the 100m dash, but was undefeated in the 200m. Vaulting over the second high hurdle, Bac Pham runs in the 100m high hurdle. 80 I ndy Noreuil and Bill Kernan test their determi- nation in the 3200m run. Leader of the open 800m dash, Fran DeLaCruz scopes the finish line. S , 1 Renaissance Men Rebirth, rebuilding, and rewards The boys' track team was successful this year due to the fine leadership and inspiration of a talented and dedicated group of seniors. The squad once again re-established it- self with the track powers of the conference. For the first time in many years the track squad was represented in the highly prestigious Journal Star Honor Roll Meet by both a re- lay team and an individual. Highlights of the season in- clude dual meet victories over Woodruff and a rout of Bergan 127-15. On May 9, the track team's rebirth became a fact when they successfully finished ahead of perennial power Springfield Southeast, Wood- ruff and Bergan in the Mid- State 10 Conference meet. The season was capped off with the fine performances by senior Mike Tucker and the 800m relay team in the Journal Star Meet. ln a meet open to 94 area schools, Mike finished fourth in the 200m dash while the 800m relay team of Tim Frank, Jeff Carlson, Mike Tucker and Steve Maley placed fifth. With the addition of forty-six members and good talent at the underclass levels the track program has built and looks to much success' in the future. Front Row: L to R: Tim Frank, Brian Couri. Skip Stolz, Dave Torrey, Chris Broadhurst, Jeff Carlson, Doug Pow- ers, Gary Filzen, Steve Maley, Mike Tucker, Fran DeLa- Cruz, Craig Slaughter, Andy Noreuil. 2nd Row: John Ley- land, Dan Coyle, Brian Mannlein, Mike Boley, Robb Lar- son, Jeff DeFrance, Bill Kernan, Terry Flaherty, Jeff Frazier, Dave Petit, Mark Michelet, Sean O'Hanlon, Tom Ed Hopkins projects the 12 pound shot put at the Peoria Stadium. Thomas, Bac Pham, Chris Couri. Back Row: Assist. Coach Kevin Doyle, Assist. Coach Kevin Burk, Head Coach Ed Bradle, Tom Grow, Ryan Maley, Dave Tomso- vic, Chris Patterson, Greg Heller, Ed Hopkins, Terry Lind- sey, Trent Stone, Joe Armato, Bill Joseph, Tony McEnroe, Kirk Henderson, Tim Waters, Mike Stone, Andy Welsh, Dave Berry. 81 Gff and Running Girl's track pursues goals Running track without a track is something like playing tennis without the benefit of tennis courts. Proper finish lines, running on the curves, setting relay exchanges, practicing high and long jump, and several other tech- niques can never really be practiced without a propertrack. Success then, as a team, must be based upon improving individual performances throughout the season. With this criteria in mind, the girl's track team has had a most suc- cessful season. Jenny Moore, the only senior and the team's most valuable point earner, an- chored the two mile relay and was one of the area's best milers. The last two seasons Jenny has missed state qualification in the mile by less than one second. Her 5.28 mile this sea- son has earned her the right to compete in the prestigious Journal Star honor roll meet. Karen Millar, Cara Williams, and Lori Millar, the oth- Junior Michelle Pestl stretches as she prepares for a race at Peoria Stadium. Freshman Lori Millar starts her leg of a relay as Jenny Moore is seen in the background. er three legs of the two mile relay team, novl with Jenny hold the new school record in this event with one of the best times in the area Individually, Karen's mile run and Lori's 800 me- ter run have both greatly improved this season Barb Willi has increased her discus throw thi season by almost thirty feet. Lien Luong bega running the two mile this season and by sea- son's end has cut her time by almost two min- utes. Trish LaHood, now a consistent five fool jumper, has also contributed greatly to the team's total performance. Junior leaders Mi- chelle Pestl, Karen Joseph, Mary Fortune. and Jenny Hagemann in addition to contribut- ing numerous key points have provided a mucf needed spirit and morale boost essential to any successful team. With so many talented under- classmen, the girl's track team will be looking 4 forward to many future successful seasons. - l : 1 r W if J, J, ,. , , 5? 7' '-b, w Q0 -sal a ,div Y ' I Front row: Becky Slate, Jenny Moore, Jennine Lilly, Karen Millar, Lien Luong, Lori Millar, Marsha Aranas, Maria Aranas, Natalie Reiser, Jill Michelet, Camille Bentley, and Nicole Noreuil, Second row: Barb Willi, Mai Luong, Cara Williams, Val Briggs, Jenny Schelp, Top: Junior Karen Millar breaks from the starting line with opposition from both Hichwoods and Manual. Jenny Moore, the only senior, earned the most points for the team. , . i... kit' an-lag: - In ky ' A, ,i Q 2, Tricia LaHood, Sharon Willi, Regina Clay, Maggie Paczut, Michelle Pestl, Jenny Hagemann, Mary For- tune, Lisa Outlaw, Liz Crocker, Nita Carrigan, Carol Boyer, Christina Lee, and Katey Fitzanko. 83 Bill Kelly gets ready to fire his pitch at Southeast. Senior Ed Cundiff studies his grip, as he gets ready to hit against Southeast. KUQQ Kg Redhi- F ' g 'tw' 1 wil? t jf, . RH . -' M up - .. O .ll fauna .. x .Plat N1 t it -N, zrtlmitft I J mm' .fx 1 ftitete .us 1 , ,p Varsity team - Front row: Adam Abraham, Bill Lu- Cundiff. Back row: Jim Kelly, Chuck Heinz, Jeff Bol- a , dolph, Bill Kelly, Dan Gordon, Jeff Fladke. Second ton, Don Fiddes, Ben Shea. Second baseman Dan Gordon shows his fielding tech- row: Mark Thatcher' Phi' Tanon' Charlie Gavin' Ed nique by getting his glove in the dirt. 84 E Runs, Hits, Errors The 1986 Varsity Baseball team had its ups and downs. The Irish started off the season on a good note by whipping the de- fending conference champions, Central, 11-1. The Irish experienced a hitting drought towards the end of the season, losing six in a row. But they won the last two games of the regular season and went into the Regional tournament playing their best baseball all year. Spalding met Richwoods in the A season with lots of curves first game ofthe regionals. Both teams started their aces and it showed on the scoreboard. There was no score after eight innings as Don Fiddes was pitch- ing an excellent game. In the top of the ninth, Fiddes struck out the first batter but walked the next four as the Irish lost a heart- breaker, 3-O. Ed Cundiff led the team in hit- ting 03881, while Bill Kelly 1.3713 and Dan Gordon C3683 also con- tributed greatly. Cundiff also led the team in RBI's with 39. The Irish had a well-balanced pitch- ing staff. Don Fiddes had a 2.96 earned run average, while Char- lie Gavin was 5-1 with a team- leading 48 strikeouts. Adam Abraham was the relief ace for the Irish. All in all it was a successful season. Spalding finished in a tie for 5th with an 8-6 conference re- cord. They beat the three confer- ence champions at least once. Their final record was 15-16. 5 K Q Jun, .,,,,.Mf.... W.. nf f,.. f...l..,. , 4 f f 'wt .U ,, ,. K X V.L.kL SCOREBOARD Opponent Score W!L E. Moline 6-3 W E. Moline 3-9 L Peoria 11-1 W Woodruff 10-11 L Eureka 2-1 W Eureka 10-2 W Richwoods 15-5 W Morton 9-10 L Morton 7-4 W Pekin 3-5 L Manual 7-4 W E. Peoria 3-13 L Hins. Central 4-8 L Bergan 3-2 W Limestone 16-10 W Springfield 11-12 L Springfield 7-6 W Woodruff 12-2 W E. Moline 5-9 L Southeast 2-5 L Southeast 6-4 W Richwoods 5-4 W Bergan 7-3 W Limestone 1-4 L Limestone 8-9 L E. Peoria 2-5 L Pekin 0-6 L Galesburg 2-16 L E. Peoria 13-5 W Peoria 15-11 W Richwoods 0-3 L IX! his triple against Southeast. gan. Nl-----tn-Imam Junior Bill Kelly slows down after First baseman Jeff Bolton gets in his 'monkey' stance against Bef- 85 Underclass Baseball Hard work leads to great success The 1986 Sophomore Baseball Team was made up of 16 players who worked very hard throughout the year. This team showed alot of pride by not giving up or get- ting down on themselves. They became one of the better teams in the league the second half of the season. The 1986 Freshmen Baseball Team, on the other hand, had a very successful season. Their fi- nal record was 15-7. They won ten out of twelve against teams in the conference and beat every school in the city twice. Ed Papis led the team in bat- ting average C.436D and stolen bases C191 Eric Eisfelder led the Irish in RBl's with 24. The two leading pitchers were Chris Wil- liams C4-19 and Joe Sander K3- OJ. With a lot of hard work these two groups will enjoy great suc- cess in the future. Ed Papis shows his batting technique against Pekin Leader of strikeouts with 28, Eric Eisfelder winds up for the pitch Kd -f Mzffaga .,,..-P--mf . -,L va., p M.,-5, MM., . gerxffxrfrfffy .Wg-r,f,s,., .YV Y ...M ...,4.m.,.gf1-is ,.,..-.,,.. , aw ' :- nw-ss., . H-.iQk'.a. . ff -,ga-N agizsirsf ' I 6 E 3 l NX ov-'- ,4 . ' 'N-s..t ' 'fl Ar' a3+7? '7,2- ,f42,1Qf,' ' ' -.,i.5j..! .V V -,ww-: A , ,. . J fawggvf' -1 1,-gt -:Me vw. 4 -ww H-- - V.. .gn t, M. . .' ,.--W-eww -:iii :..'sf:f ffsf'ss .Jeni 'f L: fa :sl-41??e-'JSE awe- ..k,,ea.L, N .Nw , M . ,Met-?5.ff,, ' -4 :..-1. .awww A f- . M, Lf- , 'Q , -Q .., 2 V ralr ' .1 1 Q ...l if X V -' 'Im Us . . , 86 2 , 4 l l l l I W Freshmen team - Front row: Joe Sander, Adam Rebatzke, Chris Williams. Back row: MattJohnston, Joe Sanders makes the Sure twcphanded catch- Heinz, Dan Hopkins, Ed Papis, Eric Moss. Second Eric Eisfelder, Greg Dugard, Doug Bishop, Doug row: Todie Trammell, Jake Bell, Brent Ludolph, Mike Cady, Kurt Nelson, Scott Sylkaitus. Sophomore team - Front row: Brian Montefusco, Dan Behm, Craig Tanner, Anthony Broadhurst, Dave Jim Kouri, Craig Rezac, Bill Connett, Pat Armstrong, Joseph, Randy Williams, Joe Hartwig, Ron Bullock, Dave Lakin, Chuck Anthony, Steve Baer. Back row: Matt Pendergrass. Centerfielder Joe Hartwig hustles in after the third out. . llI?1zf!i5fieN lliflllww 'V 4 HHH e if ' ,W 'ta iff!-r W4 it suv we .qi f . H ,,,,, M W A ii, .,,,V H ix Y f ,fm 1 w w, ,nf if , jwiif' Craig Rezac observes closely, while ar 6: A Z m, '- keeping the scorebook. , ,i,, Craig Tanner hurls a pitch to the catch 'i-- f M er, Pat Armstrong, against Bergan. 87 Raj Swaminathan was voted Most Improved by his teammates. Here-lRai displays his most powerful weapnfl, his blistering first serve. SCOREBOARD Opponent Score WXL Washington 3-6 , L Woodruff 5-4 W Central 4-5 L Manual 7-2 W Normal U-High 3-6 L Pekin 3-6 L Flichwoods O-9 L Bergan 9-0 W Galesburg O-9 L Morton 3-6 L East Peoria 6-3 W 'A V Woodruff 8,1 W N r-f---,,.. ,..,.i1,:, ,t,., . Acing Opponents Boys' tennis shows determination The boys' tennis season began slowly, but by the end of the year the Irish had their act together. With a record of 5-7 the team fin- ished fifth in conference where David and Scott Settelmyer . were third in doubles. The team finished the year with a second place finish at section- als. Placing second in doubles the Settelmyer brothers ad- vanced to state. Scott Settelmyer was voted Most Valuable Player. He was the number one player and con- tributed enormously to the team by instructing his teammates and by being a spirited team member. Raj Swaminathan with his blister- ing first serve and overhands was voted Most Improved. Junior Muc Nguyen hits a hard backhand to his op- 88 ponent. -Sq .Ll ost Valuable Player, senior Scott Settelmyer, inishes oft apoint with an overhead smash as his rother David, a freshman, watches. Front row: Muc Nguyen, Martin Lee, Gorman, David Settelmyer, Alex Kilgo Brian Flaherty, Scott Settelmyer, Brad Raj Swaminathan, Mike King, Juan Na Fulton, Chris Goehausen, David Whi- varro, Eric Hoerr, Hans vonLewlnski teside, Pat Flaherty. Secondrow: Tom Mrs. Donahue. v v 4 Team Unity Whether offering congratula- tions or condolences, warming up or cooling down, a team works together and offers support to its members. Each individual con- tributes hard work and determi- nation and receives encourage- ment and camaraderie from the unit. This enables team members to relieve stress, feel comfort- able with one another, accept defeat, and celebrate their victo- ries. Team unity is the backbone of any team. Leftr The football team gathers in a huddle for a prayer before a game, one way a team supports its members. Below left: The varsity soccer team celebrates after an important goal, as several players share their emotion with one another. Below: A relay is one of the most obvious ways a team works together. Here Lori Millar hands the baton to Sharon Willi. Athletics is more than the 2 f -, J: f vu.-v my ww aww' N wi t, tttt t - 319.0 k W- .,,...,,,. E ,,,..,,,,. -I V ' IIIV A l 1 1 t ,tt.. , t 1E,m213a7ft -,, H ' ' ' ' z . 4 H524 wx f . ' L . 7 tttt, t t t . ' 'L t ,,..., - - N competition. lt's the . . . if support of the crowd. huddles before play. timing by the coach. watching from the sidelines. initiation. snoozes between runs. pre-game calisthenics. official time keeping. hauling of hurdles to the track. X warm-up before the game singing of the national anthem. lie: 5+-e-vii' 3, gglilv 4 1 J A .914 1 2 yu , H, ,ta . tcffm '11, if . . . -0413. ,gig ... it M 'ti 'ft - ,A I V. ,xfil A, ' QQ, ,J -f' 'ff WC - '. lf !!-vi, i f ., Q ,. ,ffa,3.., ,f 91 A Piece of Gur Minds Really being interested in a subjectj Borrowing notebook paper. Junior Meg Rirschel, Seniors Phil Viewing microscopic life. Dozing off. Cramming for a test. The R. Tillong Joes gwiiris, Ycindbi first faltering words of a speech. Getting an A. Field trips. ICC er, ara FIC , HH afo . . . 7 . Adams gather for a discussion of their Getting a D. Finally understanding. They you 11 see a piece of workbook pages in Economics, OLII' I'l'1lI'1ClS. i Dissection projects in biology included this squid. 'W '-s - W--- .i,:, , K .VKL 5 NMMA 'W 'w i M 9 J! 5? Senior Barb Klein drills for speed and accu- racy in Typing I. Mrs. Finan, assuming a typical pose, makes a point in one of her Catholic Vocations classes. Waking Up It was a chilly January morning when my alarm went offg blaring music from 106: My day usually begins at six-thirty in the morning Csometimes 7:45J. It is a special time when I can enjoy loud music blaring to wake me up with my mom join- ing in. The toughest decision is whether to eat a good breakfast or opt for junk food. I settled for a Pepsi and cold pizza. Maybe I should have stopped at McDon- ald's. Heading For School Rush, Run, Panic. Do I have every- thing? l've got to hurry if l'm going to catch the bus. Oh no, my socks don't match. There goes the bus. Now I guess l'll have to ask Dad for a ride to school. 94 Junior football players discuss Saturday's Home coming game Irish students trudge up and down the stairs be tween classes Jim Jorgenson finds the German language capti- vating. Mrs. Finan presents the issue ot male and female ste- reotyping to students in her Christian Vocations class. Best Stalls: Where is my contact? Karen We haven't said What time do we get 6 11:00 can only mean one thing . . . lunch for the up' perclassmen. .V,,,, ,. '76 3 5 ii During center, Seniors cram for their afternoon classes. but a little late. ve locker, get my it to time she was was late tor home- gave me a tardy. minutes to finish all of the l didnt do last night, be- hour. What a way to be- done room Now, l've fore l get gin a three forms to fill notes Mr. Harris was keeping us up. l from any of my friends because they were asleep too. lf Mr. lrwin wakes me up again - l'm go- ing to tell him l'm definitely not a sports fan. Ten minutes after l got to third hour, I got a note to report immediately to the dean's office. I now have eight hours of detention and l have-n't even done any- thing. tests I ly asked can't get 95 A Typical Day Continues Best Excuses In Class: Julie Carmen emerges from the Academy, confident of passing her last test. As students watch attentively, Mrs. Colgan explains various uses of verbs in her Spanish class. ese I didn't feel motivated. Anonymous 2 I only have a three subject notebook. Bill Connett I need food from Big Boy Sandwich shop. Chuck Eddy Lunch Finally! Time to relax and unwind from all my morning classes. I'm starved, where's my lunch money? Oh no, not again, I forgot it. I can't ask my friends, it's the third time this week and l'd feel so stupid borrowing again. When I get in line, I see it's another dog fight to be the first in line. Everyone goes through the line like they haven't eaten in three years. Some have compared it to the L.A. Expressway at rush hour. Center Center is supposed to be a time to re- lax and talk to friends or finish studying for an afternoon class. Not today!! I have two quizzes later and they announced for our class to go to the theater. Two more quizzes l'll have to flunk. l Gina Ford is all ears during Mr. MaIoney's biology CIBSS. iq. 4 'A' A' is Chuck Meismer grabs some shut-eye in Mr. Hit- zeroth's class. Laura Gambogi finds Don Johnson and Philip Mi- chael Thomas to be the perfect locker decor. xi Q +1.15 t Afternoon classes After climbing one thousand stairs to the top floor, I reached the typing room. While typing, my electronic typewriter started beeping and wouldn't type. What did I do now? They never told me that my fingers had to operate individually. During prayer time, the only thing going through my head is, Please God, get me through the rest of this day! Sixth hour, l had to dissect a rabbit. Now l'll smell like formal- dahide the rest of the day, l'm lucky I didn't have to do it first hour. I tried to rest 7th period, but Mr. Laird thought my face the book. Then finally minute of the day, end? WHS tOO When it's finally iam to my favorite tunes, ca and lie to my mom that my is done 97 Change of Pace STU' 9 On display in the Gallivan Media Center is Pat Fla- herty's model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Qs' Y Projects . . . give you a chance to show your individuality. Tami Moore are very educational and in- terestingf' Tonya Moreduck give us a chance to get with other people and form different ideas. Kerri Donovan Carolyn Kenny does her part by tying ribbons on candy jars sold by Gilfillan Enterprises. Mr, Hawthorne of West. III. University tells an Eco- nomics class how to choose a college. 99 do, you can stop reading right now because this paper tarticiej is for those who don't like writ- ing term papers. Writing a term paper can interrupt your social and economic life and most importantly your brain. I recently had to write a term paper and let me tell you, I hated it. I found the hardest part to be getting around to do- ing it. Lisa Bowers disagrees, she thinks the hardest part is writing it. Well that's fine Lisa, but writing it would include everything. To do my term paper, and complete it on 'time, I had to spend countless days at the library. I went through a whole tree of paper and two Paper Mate pens taking notes. I, of course, had a gallon of liquid paper on hand for the typing of my mas- terpiece. The finishing touches, or actually the whole thing, was completed the night be- fore due day. When I was finished, my paper had a few good quotes, some statistics and yes, lots of cow manure. My social life was ruined due to the time spent in the library. My savings for the month, 35.69, was spent on photo copies, liquid paper, and typing paper. My brain sustained permanent damage due to all the thinking it had to perform. I have just one good thing to say about term papers . . . well, I guess not even one. Wendy Wilton and Jennifer Skender search through the card catalogue in the school library. 100 we tm-V .rn sziffiti HFVQDEST VPQKT OF 'Y ERN WWE IK XOI O0 5 X C4 0 Q M 5 'i +0 rsitt . 1-A 7,0 IU ' 'fl .I Il t . . lc to xv , Q .... . ..,.,. . xy U wltyestx Ufagvfl-'ijQ2tQ'i2DWwY'q5j6gvQ, AOQXU KAQQU-SZEIZ-?:5UjQ7iA-QQLXTQK Why are there term papers? To prepare us for college papers. Janet McGraw So the teachers have something to grade. anonymous To expand our knowledge on specific subjects. Maggie Paczut We WX , fviiw' i-ef M WJ., N X633 --Q-ea 1. Q we M U fe Jenny Stone selects another source to use in her upcoming term paper. How do you pass a class? Study! Study! Study! Melissa Warner Study, Mrs. Hubert cured me of cheating. Mike Buehler Do the work, study hard, is- ten in class, then if all else fails, fake my way through it. Kris Whitby Lynn Cramton makes good use of her time by get- ting in some last minute cramming for a test. Mark Dwyer uses his time on some unfinished homework. ---sg? ,,,, 1 ss - : :: 102 K A+- di':' f fzfi '- at Q K .. ,V ,,.' m t , - f ,ji-'ffgi t,, During center Shelly Follis gets some last minute an swers out of her history book By the Strain of Your Brain Sometimes a break is needed from studying. Lucy Castle knows this as she shows Joe Tadie her magazine. 3-at Friends, why is it that students have to study and take tests? It all goes back to Biblical times, l tell myself. When Eve ate that forbidden fruit, the ball was set in motion. God, in His rath, stated to man, By the sweat of your brow shall you till the earth in order to get food. What most people forget is that He also said something like this to his students: By the strain of your brain shall you study in order to get a high school diploma. So it was determined, at the beginning of the earth, that students would have to study. l asked some Irish students where their favorite place to study was. Here were their answers: my room, Jill Cun- ninghamg the library, Matt Pender- grass: during center, Sean 0'Hanlong and no where, I don't like to study, Pam Curtis. l then asked them where place they've ever tried to was. I got these answers: in the Brent Loudolph: at the Karen Fultong under the Bridge, Angie Williams: Heather Hartwig. like it or not, in order to school, we'll have to study for It doesn't matter if we study in library or a whirlpool, just that we study. By reading The Old Man and the Sea, lsaac Anzal- dua relaxes during one of his classes. Katie Panczak, Rick Burns and Mike Davidson join forces while studying for an English test, 103 The Drudgery Of Tests Five minutes left. Don't write on the test paper. Keep your eyes on your own paper. These are but a few of the common phrases students hear during almost any test. lt doesn't matter what type of test it is - religion, social studies, English, or science - you can almost guess it will be a pain. Speaking of a pain - have you ever had one of those days when all your teachers plan tests for the same day? Why do they do this? Are they plotting against us? Are they conspiring to lower our grades, ruin our social lives, keep us away from television, or make us hiber- nate in our rooms at a desk? Though the answer to these questions may be yes, those kind of days can remind one of the dreadful end of a semester with those non-stop, hour long, somewhat mind- boggling exams: finals. After studying all night for a test, what goes through the mind of a person? Most students are usually confident after all-night studying the previous evening and into the morning, but others are not so sure. Some THINK they know their stuff, but two minutes into the test they go blank. When questioned by friends about why they didn't pass, their answer is, l don't know what happened. l knew it before the test! A common reply of Sure you did, often follows. Once again the mental block prevented the pu- pil from achieving the almighty A . Getting the A sometimes creates a problem: how? Frequently students re- sort to the easy way out and cheat. in a variety of Soph. Alex Kilgo awaits instructions given by Mr Wiss for the Educational Development Series Test !':' K 1 ' -1, II if 'Q T SL, ii. Ectwcclimbrwtltl Series Reeve-flepmeiwt If , W FAVES POLL ESSAY FILL-IN h How do you pass a test? M ATC l-ll N G MuLTi PLE C Notts Study and pray!! Robynn McGann 'suoizt' ANSWER Study in the class before it. Mike Maroon TRUE - FALSE Go on a 24 hr vigil before it. Mike Criss Incoming Freshman from St. Marks meet chal- lenges presented by the eighth grade placement tests. Sophomores Ed Hopkins and Bret Hoerdeman prepare themselves for an exam administered by Mr.lrwin. Unusual Testing Procedures You don't always have to sit at a desk to take a test. As a matter of fact, you could be behind the wheel of a grey automobile, or be at a table staring at a frog, knife, and dissecting pins. Or bet- ter yet, you could be ' sweating as you or right circle is broken. You could be waiting to proceed on to the next station after staring through a microscope at specimen and wondering whether it is a paramecium, diatom, or just a piece of lint. So the next time you're doing some- finish the thing extraordinary at school, or any- run in else, remember, you could be a test! to decide Kathleen Schelp files papers at Methodist Hospital for her volunteer service. Suzie Dries and Raegan Dwyer keep company with two youngsters at Mrs. Dries' Day-Care. with ser- and homes s soci- the volun- and better lt offers and Through ISI students and weak- As stated by the greatest satisfaction be a lot more we are doing. was tw t N MS' While answering the phone, Laurie Anderson, copies a schedule in Methodist HospitaI's Ambula- tory Surgery Department. While the daytime attendants are at lunch, Penny Smith watches infants at Crisis Nursery. Sociology . . . gives us students a chance to be teachers. Elaine Harvey gives me a chance to learn from other people. Jennifer Estoye fgetting to see parts of the community never seen before. Julianna Lee H At Methodist Hospital, Russ Apici cleans emer gency rooms for incoming patients. Raegan Dwyer and Matt Drew take time out to pose Nith friends at Mrs. Dries' Day-Care. Sociology stu- dents help watch 6-7 children every Tuesday and fhursday afternoon. Let's Get Fteal As all good things must end, so must our high school years. When we graduate, we will be entering the Real World. What does this real world consist of, as in job market opportunity, and how does high school help prepare us for this real world? First of all, what did some of our juniors and seniors say about the job market? Senior Dan Gordan says survival and success in the job market is concerned more with things not taught in texts. Another senior, Holly Heer, thinks the job market is a kill or be killed type of constant competition. How about the opportunity part of our real world? Kim Dalavis wrote, there are some great opportunities if you look for them. Most students agreed that the opportunities are thereg you just need to work at them. Now, do our classes prepare us for the real world? Senior Jenny Janovitz thinks that English and speech will help her. Jeff Carlson says sociology and psychology help prepare us. Matt Smith wrote, none of them, all classes expand your mind and the real prepara- tion comes through interaction with oth- ers around you. The Real World will be waiting for us when we get our diplomas. The real world is made up of tough competition and few opportunities. As to what classes prepare us, well it is up to the in- dividual. Just remember, wherever you go, there you are. 108 .dee How are you preparing for the real world? By being more independent. anonymous By taking each day, one at a time. Kari Smith Study hard, apply yourself, and understand what is going on. Kerri Donovan Wondering if she is using the right color, Maria Na- varro paints on her picture in art class. I ,..., -,slits W Bill! 4, ,,...-v- Jeff Radke and Chuck Donahue try desperately to debug a program during computer class. While Joe Lyons measures for the proper length, Dave Lawless works on completing one of many plates. Dana Galietta carefully picks the right spot to be gin her stitch in sewing class. 109 l'm preparing for college by . . . trying to keep up with the college information. Matt Sandvos going to meetings held in Peoria about the colleges. Julie Powers visiting schools to get an idea of where I want to go. Mrs. Hubert attentively listens while a parent ques- tions her child's grade. 110 Michelle Dentino Joe Tadie, Meaghan Slevin, Tom Gilfillan, and Francisco DeLaCruz browse through books at a career conference in the cafeteria. Mrs. Jorgensen discusses her students' grades with parents, Gary Filzen passes free time in economics by fill- ing out his ACT registration forms. Sr. Grace hands out report cards and teacher lists on report card night. Mr. and Mrs. Fortune discuss their ohiIdren's futures at report card night. get more Emergency Treatment lt's Hard To Wait For Lunch time Many students will testify that it's hard to wait for lunch time to roll around. lt is sheer torture to the sophomores when freshmen take over the 5a lunch spot. Many people cannot and do not wait for lunch time to eat. Chang- ing inthe locker room in P.E. is an excellent time to pull out a donut or some cookies. Some people who are not so fortunate to have P.E. before lunch are forced to eat in class. This usually means Skittles and that usually means dropping them all over the floor. Whenever you have P.E. or lunch it always seems as though you are hungry, and that always means you will go to any lengths to relieve that hunger. Jim Kelly keeps an orange on hand in case of an emergency craving for food. When You Don't Know the Answer In whatever class you're in, there will always be the chance you will be called on and you won't have an answer. To try to avoid being called on there are always the old tricks of staring past the teacher or just trying to look interested. Other people don't try to avoid being called on and just repeat, but reword, pre- vious answers. ln any case it's usually a safe bet to raise your hand with whatever answers you do have. Many teachers will skip you if you have your hand up. Dreventive Medicine 11 1 m.,m,a-1 -2. ' AOLXSI Announces . . . Top 10 1 Mat Hematics 1.25781 2 E.N. Glish 1.12501 3 RE. Ligion 1.12101 4 Socia L. Studies 1.10151 5 P. Ed Ucation 1.08981 6 S. Cience 1.08201 7 Lan Guages 1.06251 8 Homee Conomics 1.02731 9 Art 1.02341 10 Com Puter 1.01951 RE. Cordkeeping 1.01951 Tracy Setterlund frantically finishes the last pages of a typing assignment for Mrs. Fisher. BOTTOITI 1,0 Lan Guages 1.20611 E.N. Glish 1.20051 Mat Hematics 1.14761 R.E. Ligion 1.11071 S. Cience 1.09471 Socia L. Studies 1.07791 Ty Ping 1.03341 Ameri Canlistener 1.02221 P. Ed Ucation 1.01941 Fl.E. Cordkeeping 1.01941 In the picture above Chuck Donahue is studying in a school library Above Dave Lawless, af if WN K 'K Masterpieces Mrs. Fredericksen signs a pass during one of her American Listener classes. Seniors Dawn Callan, Kim Kinney, Kathleen Schelp and Caroline Haifa pose for a picture with Mrs. Cychol, dressed in full Madonna cos- tume. The clean donated her time to raise money People. We've got all kinds. Supporting staff. Teachers and students. Girls who hug each other and squeal in the hallway. Jocks. The stereo- typical freshman with a huge pile of books. Class clowns. The kind who enjoy dragging their fingernails down the chalkboard. Salvation Army chic. Tough guys in letter jackets who never seem to smile. Smart-alecks. People who never run -- no matter how late they are for class. You - no matter who you are. We're all masterpieces. for the Christmas basket drive. junior Tami Moore joins in decorating the trucks in the Homecoming parade. junior Angie Unes sits in class, looking as if the routine is getting a little old. Freshmen Moira Slevin and Jill Swigris chat with Sophomore cheerleader Michele Gorman. CAROL ADAMS -M Honor non 1,2,3,4Q Mammal Han- or Society 3.43 Koy Glub 33 Pom Pon Sqnacl 1,2,4Q WflG'S Who3 Soc. ollliiisi. Am. l-LS. Studonls. Bfeaoed Sacrament, JWCHAEL ADLER -- Football 1,23 Basketball EI Baseball 1.2: Wrestling 13 Singing irish 43 School Musical 4. Sl. Philomena. MARTHA ALLE -- Tumbling 2.3, St. Vincent do Paul ANGELA ANDERSON M SPEC 3,43 Homecoming Skite 2,3,4. Si. Philomena. LAlJRlE ANDERSON -4 Basketball 1,23 Madison Street Journal 1,23 international Club 1,23 Homecom- ing Sltits 253. St, Bernarda. J. RUSSELL APIC! -- Honor Roll 43 Swimming 3,43 Madison Street Journal 43 international Club 13 School Play 11 ETC 1,2,43 School Musical 1,2,4i Chilclrews Thoatre. St. Joseph. MELINDA ARANAS - Honor Roll 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Key Club 1.2.33 international Club 1,23 Cheerleader 2,3,4Q Homecoming Stills 2.3: Whos Who3 Soo. ol Dist. Am. l-LS. Students 4. St, Joseph TERESSA ARMATO H- Swimming 1.2: Reel Cross Club l,2,3. St. Thomas. -IGN BAER M- Basketball 1,2,S,43 Vice-Versa King 4. Sl. Bernarda. V, SUSAN BERGIA - -.ll.ll.lE BEYERS -- Honor Roll l,2,3,43 National Hon- or Society 3,43 Sterling Merit Award 44 Too Ten: illinois State Soholaf 4: Key Glubl2: Madison Street Journal 142,43 international Club 1,43 Homecoming Skills 2. Blessed Sacrament. 3 XJEFFERY aovron - normrlnnll l,2,3,4: national Honor Sooioty 43 illinois State Sonolar 4: Soholastlo Showdown, 41 Football 12 Basketball 1.23.45 Base- ball l,2,3,4: Madison Street Journal 43 Photography Club.-lc Soanlanclub 3. St. Phllomena. SUSAN BQLTGN -- Key Club 2: international Glub 1,2. Si. Pllilomena. I MICHELLE BUGS -- Honor Roll 1.23.41 Tennis 33 Volleyball 1,23 Student Senate 3,44 Cheerleader 43 Stngingtlrisll 1: School Musical 1,2,3.4: Homecom- ing Sltite 2,335 Spanish Stub 1.2. Sl. Pltllomena- BURNER BOFtlN v- Honor Roll 1,223.43 National Honor Society 43 illinois State Scholar 43 Swimming xl ,2N,4Q lnlramurals 3,43 Key Club 2: lniornalionalfblub 3.43 Homecoming Stills 2,43 Whcfs Who 43 Soo. ol Dist. Ani. l-1.8. ,Students 23,433 Math Team 3.. LAURA BOUCHARD -0 Honor Roll 12.3.43 Student Senate 43 Key Club 3,4g,Maclioon Street Journal 3,4:N Spanien Club 1,23 Homecoming Skills 43 Whoo Who 4. Blessed Sacrament. 1 l 3 . JEFFREY BOUNDY Q- Cross Country 1,233 ffraoli. 1,23 Wrestling l,2,3,2l: Intramurals 39 Key Club 233,43 lntornalional Club 253,42 Homeoonnngl Slcile 3,43 Op- timist Award. Blessed Sacrament. USA, BQURAZAK -- Honor Roll 31.23.43 lilational Honor Society 4g Volleyball 1,2,3,42 Softball 1,2,a,43 Key Clolmlig. lntornalional Club 1,2,3. Sl, Monica. JUANNE BOUSKY -7- Tlf3Gk, l,2,4: SPEC 3: Cheer- leader 12.3.43 l-lomeoomlfig Stills 2. Sig ifinoont de Paul. 1 3 l 1 DIANEBRADY -M Honor Roll 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 llllnolsstafe Scholar 4: Basketball 1: Tennis t,2,33.,lnlrarnuralsl 23 Key Club 1: SPEC 3: Pom Pon Squad 43 Whois Who 334: Soo. of Dist. Am. H.S. Students 3,4g l-lam Dance Cluoen 4. St. Thomaol ANTHGNY BRAGGS -- Football 1,2,3g Grose Coun- try 1: Track 1,23 Drnmlamzl Bugle Gorp 1,2,3,4. New Morning oral Baptist. 1 SARAH BRICK -- Honor Roll 1 ,2,-3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Tennis 1,2.3.4: lntramurals 23 SPEC 33 international Club 1,232 School nllneioal 3: Homo- oomlng Skits 2,8,4. St.. Bemarols. ' CHFNSTGPHER BROAD!-IURST y-- Honor Roll 1.2,-3,43 National Honor Sooiety 3,43 Too Ten 43 Stor- llng Merit Award 4g illinois Slate Scholar 4: Scholas- tic Showdown 43 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 13 Baseball l,2: Tracxkmlntramurals 3,43 Key Club 13 .SPEC l,2,'3,-ig SUMMA 43 Photography Club 4: inter- national Club 1,2,3,43 Wl'lo'o Who 8,45 Soc. Dist. l-LS. ,Siuclonta 223,43 Alhlolio. Supporters 3.4. Holy Family, 1 3 1 ,, l.,, ,oo om i QW if 5 Q Z f ffyfff Z4 fff ' i Carol Fl. Adams Michael A, Adler Martha R. Alle Angela M. Anderson J. Russell Apici Melinda L. Aranas Teressa B. Armato You Know You're A Senior When - l you graduate. you don't care if you get a referral. you go to the prom. you think you're smarter than all the teachers. f'you're looked up to by everyone in the school. l l l'it's your last year of high school. you don't have a bad conscience about not doing homework. Jon M. Baer Julie L. Beyers Jeffery C. Bolton Susan R. Bolton Michelle C. Boos Sumner A. Borin Laura E. Bouchard Jeffrey T. Boundy Lisa A. Bourazak Joanne E. Bousky Diane M. Brady Anthony E. Braggs Sarah l, Brick Christopher M. Broadhurst MARY BROCKSMITI-l -- Honor Roll 1.2.3,43 Photog- raphy Club 1,2.3.43 International Club l,2,43 ETC 1,25 Singing Irish 2,31 School Musical 1,2g Home- coming Skits 45 Foreign Exchange Student tC-erl 4. St. Marks. MlCl-lAEl. BUEI-ILER - Honor Roll 4: Football 1,2,3,43 Track l,2,3: Wrestling t,2,3,-ll: SPEC 1,3. St. Philomena. RICHARD BURNS - St. Bernarda. DAWN CALLAN -w Honor Roll t,2,3,4: Basketball 2,33 Volleyball 1,2,3,4. St. Thomas. CHARLES CALLAWAY -- Honor Roll t,2,3,4g Na- tional Honor Society 3,43 Football 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball tg Baseball 1,2g Track Sglntramurals 33 Key Club 23 Pep Club 4. Si. Thomas. WANDA CARSON - Homecoming Skits 2,33 Ham Queen 1. Sf. Thomas. CULLEN CASEY - Honor Roll 1,2,3.43 National Honor Society 3,43 Ill. State Scholar 43 Football 1.2,3,4g Intramurals 3,43 Key Club 2,3. St. Patricks: Lucv cnsrta M 1-loner nun i,2.e,4l rl-out ig Club 35 SPEC 3,43 Homecoming Slcits 2.3.4. Sacred Heart. DENNIS COURI -- Baseball 23 Student Senate 13 Key Club 3g School Musical 1. St. Sharbel. JOSEPH CRAMER -- Football t. Si. Marys tMeta.l JENNIFER CROCKER -- Honor Roll 1,2,3,4I Nation- al Honor Society 3,43 Ill. State Scholar 4g Tennis 1,23 Key Club 2,3,43 Liturgical Committee 3,43 SPEC 1,2,3,43 Pom Pon Squad 3,43 Who's Who 45 Soc. of Dist. Am. H.S. Students 2,3,4g Spanish Club 1,2,3,4g School Musical 1,2,3I Homecoming Skits 2,3,43 Op- timist Award. St. Vincent cle Paul, EDWARD CUNDIFF -- Football 1.2.3,-4g Baseball t,2,3,43 Pep Club 45 Athletic Supporters 3,43 TEC 3,4. St. Monicas. PAMELA CURTlS -- Key Club 3: SUMMA 1. Holy Family. I MICHAEL DAVIDSCN -- Honor Roll 4: Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball tg Wrestling 2,3,4Q Intramurals 3,4. St. Philomena. MICHELLE DAY - Homecoming Sl-rits 35 Freshmen Choir tg Spanish Club 2. St. Mary Of Lourdes. STACEY DEFRANCE - German Club 3.4. Sr. Marks. PAIGE DESJARDINS -- St. Vincent de Paul. GREGORY DICKERSON -- Football 1,3,4g Track 2,3,45 Intramurals 3,43 Pep Club 43 Athletic Support- ers, Hog Prince. St. Anthony's. CHARLES DONAHUE -- Honor Roll 2,33 Cross Country l,2,3,4g Tennis 253,43 Key Club 3. St. Ber- nerd. BARRY DONALD M Honor Roll 4: Football 12 Wres- tling 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 2,3,4g Homecoming Skits 3. Sl. Marks. ERIKA DOWELL - Honor Roll 'l,2,3,4: National Honor Society 3,41 Top Ten 4: Valedictorian 43 lll. State Scholar 43 Scholastic Showdown 2,3,43 Madi- son Si. Journal 33 SUMMA 1,2,3,43 French Club 1,2,33 Natl. Merit Semi-Finalist. St. Marks. MATTHEW DREW - Honor Roll 4g Tennis 1,23 Stu- dent Senate 3,43 Key Club 2.3: International Club 1,2,3,4g School Play 33 School Musical 33 Homecom- ing Skits 2,3,4: Vice-Versa Attendant 2. St. Marks. 118 Www Mary Beth Brocksmith Richard A. Burns Dawn M. Callan Charles W. Callaway Wanda J. Carson Cullen L. Casey Lucy E. Castle Dennis T. Couri Joseph D. Cramer Jennifer A. Crocker Edward P. Cundiff Pamela D. Curtis Michael E. Davidson Michelle L. Day Stacey C. DeFrance Paige M. DesJardins Gregory G. Dickerson Charles A. Donahue Barry M. Donald Erika J. Dowell Matthew K. Drew 119 SUZANNA DBIES -- Honor Floll l,8,43 Traok 13 ln- tramurals 4g Photography Club 43 Pep Club 4: Homo- ooming Skits 2,3,4. Sf. Marks. EMILY DUNCAN - Track 3,43 Tumbling Squad 2,3,4. Si. Thomas. CARFHE DUNNE -- Spanish Club 1,23 Homecoming Skits 2.4. St. Bernarda. MARK DWYER -- Wrestling l,2,3. Sacred Haart. RAEGAN DWYER - Softball 1,2,3,4Q Key Club 3,43 Spanish Club 23 Pom Pon Squad 3.4: Pap Club 4: Homecoming Skits 2,3,4Q Homecoming Attendant 3. St. Mary's-Kickapoo. RONALD DWYER -- Football 1,2,3,4Q Baseball l,23 Wrestling 1,2,3,4: lntrarnurals 2.3.43 Madison Street Journal 45 l-lam King 4. St. Thomas. THOMAS DWYER 0- Honor F-toll 43 lnirarnurals 83 Soccer l,2.i3,-43 Homecoming Slots 43 Vice-Versa Attendant 4. St. Marks. STAFANIE ESPOSITO -- Key Club 33 Gorman Club 1,21 Homecoming Slots 4. St. Marks. JENNIFER ESTDYE -- National Honor Society 3,43 French Club 33 Homecoming Skiis 2. Forest Hill Unir- eo' Methodist. JERRY EVANS - Freshman Chorus3 Singing irish 43 School Musical 33 Pep Band 2: Drum and Bugle Corp 2. Sacre Couar. BEUNDA FALCON - Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. Sf. Vin- conf. DON FIDDES -- Honor Holi 1,4Q Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 1,2343 Homecoming Skits 4. St. Marks. GARY FILZEN -- Honor Roll 23 Who's Who 3,41 Football l,2,3,43 Track l,2,3,43 lntranlurals 3,43 Pep Club 43 SPEC 3. Sf. Marks. MARK FILZEN W- Football 1,23 lntramurals 3,4. St, Marks. MlCHAEl. FILZEN -M Honor Roll 43 Football 23 Wrestling 1.2.33 lntramurals 3,43 Student Senate 3g Homecoming Skita 334. Sl. Marks. COLLEEN Fl'l'2SlMMONS H- Honor Roll 4g Track 2.3: Spanish Club 1,2. Sr. Edwards. TERRY FLAHERTY - Honor Fioll 43 Track 1,2.S,43 Hockey 1,2,3,4Q Soccer 12.3.43 Homecoming Skits 3. St. Philomena. MONIQUE FORTUNE -- Honor Roll 1.2.2-3,43 illinois State Scholar 43 Volleyball l,2,3,4: Softball 1,2,3,4Q SPEC SA. St. Marks. KiM FOSTER -- Honor Roll 43 German Club 1,2. St. Monicas. Tlllll FRANK -- Honor Floll 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,41 illinois State Scholar 43 Football 1,233.42 Basketball 1,2313 Track 1,2,3,4Q lntramurals 3,43 Student Senate 4: Key Club 2,33 international Club 3.4: Pep Club 4. St, Thomas. TIM FUERTGES - Honor Roll 1,2,3,4Q National Honor Society 3,43 illinois Stale Scholar 43 Scholas- tio Showdown 43 Baseball 13 Golf 1,23 lntramurals 3,43 International Club 1.2. Sr. Thomas. KAREN FULTON -- Honor Roll i.2.3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Tennis 1,2,3,4Q Key Club 23 Rod Cross Club 1,2,33 French Club 1,23 School Musical 1.2.33 Homecoming Skits 2. Sl. Marks. 20 f 'l nnuY . 'xiii Y' At, . sniff ,QP- 46' Qin' Q-sw Jil , Suzanna C. Dries Emily A. Duncan Carrie L. Dunne Mark A. Dwyer Raegan N. Dwyer Ronald P. Dwyer Thomas S. Dwyer Jennifer E. Estoye Jerry L. Evans Belinda M. Falcon Donald C. Fiddes Gary F. Filzen Mark P. Filzen Michael B. Filzen Colleen M. Fitzsimmons Terrance M. Flaherty Monique E. Fortune Kimberly A. Foster Timothy T. Frank Timothy J. Fuertges Karen S. Fulton TrnureloixS.4g Soccer 53,45 Key Club 2,33 Madison 1onnn. onLle'rfrn .a+-,fl-lfinon Rollin! key lrlorneoominooliiie 253. Sr. Marks.. i - 1. DANIELGAMAGHE -flflonor Roll 3,43 Baseball 33 Track 3: Wrestling 31 Swimming 49 Soccer 4g lrlookey 4: Singing, irish .35 Peo Band 4. Sf: Marks. A ARCHIE GARMER -- Football i.2g l-lomecomlno Suits 2. United Merhodist Charon of Dunlap. SHARENE GLDRE 4- Honor Roll l,2.3.4: National Honor Society 3,-llg E.'l'.G. 1,2,3g School Play 3: School Musical 1.2: Childrens Theatre t. Blessed Sacrament. !l8ARTlN.GOBLE -,Football 1,253.41 Baseball 11 Track 2.3: Wrestling 1. Sr. Thomas. i DANIEL GORDDN -- Honor Roll l,2.3.4: National Honor Society 3,4g Baseball 'l,2,3,4p Soccer t,2.8,4: Student Senate 4: Key Club 3.4: Peo Club 3: Opti' mistlliwnrd 4. Sl. Thames. l . l IHQMAS oonninnl -f Honor Ron 1,2,n.4g National .i-lonorl Society rig Sterling Merit Award 44 lllinoio State Scholarli4:gBeelrelbell 1,2g Tennis 2.3.15 lntraf Sireietplourneil 3,42 SDMMA41 Homecoming Sluts 4: ,Sloenlen .Glub 2.3.41 Main Team 3. Sr. Marko. l 1iK5Ei3GBAl'iGl6UGHi-e St. Bernardo, l QERALD GRAY -- Honor Roll 4: Cross Country l,2.3,4g 'Troon e'l,2l,-Bi lntrernurels 3,43 Homecoming ,Sluts 3.81. Phiiomene. i . MlGHAEiJGRAYl+- Track 1,233.45 Golf 23 lntremurf olc53,1l:'Kev Club 1,2,3.4g Red Cross Club 3,4g inter- national Club lg Singing irish 35 l-iam Kino 1. St. Thomas. Q , CAROLINE HAIFA ,- Honor Roll 12.3.45 Key Club 3. St. Snarbeis. WAYNE HALL M Baseball 2. St. Marys. KIRSTEN HARPMAN we Spanish Club 2. St. Marys of Kickapoo. HEATHER HARTWIG -M Honor Roll l.2.3,43 Nation' el Honor Society S,4g Top Ten 45 Sterling Merit Award 43 illinois State Scholar 4g Volleyball 'l,2,3,41 Whofs Who: Soc. ct Dieting. Am. l-LS. Studenteg SPEC 3.43 Madison Street Journal l,2,,4: interna- tional Club 1.2.33 School Musical 2,35 Homecoming Queen 43 DAR 41 Gptimlet Award 4. St. Marys of Lourdes. ELAINE HARVEY - Honor Roll 1,253.45 National Honor Society 43 illinois State Scholar 45 Who's Whoa Soo. of Dieting. Am. l-i.S. Studenteg Key Club i,2.3,4: international Club 12.3.45 Pom Pon Squad 3.44 Homecoming Slriis 2.3.4. St. Joseph. HOLLY HEER -M Honor Roll 23,45 Key Club 2: SPEC 29 Singing lrien lx French Club 2,3,4. Sr. Vin- cent do Paul. ERIK HEINZEN H-. Honor Roll 'l,2,3,4g National Hon- or Society 3.4: illinois State Scholar 4: Swimming 43 Wno'e Who: Student Senate i,2,3,4g Key Club 'l,2,3,4g SPEC 3,4g Madison Street Journal 4: inter- national Club 1.23 Homecoming Skiis 2.3.4: Optirniet Awgard 4. Sr. Vincent do Paul, DAVE! HEINZMANN fe Football l,2,3,4g Track i,2,-3,4g Gott 4g Swimming 43 Intramurals 3,44 Student Senetovlo Key Club 2.31 Red Cross Club 33 interna- tional Gini: 33 E.T.C. 3: Homecoming Sklts 4. St. Marys Metamora. MARK HGRST -- Honor Roll lg2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,4: Top Ten 4: illinois State Scholar 43 Scholastic Showdown 4: Basketball 23 Golf l,2,3: lniramuralo 3.4: Key Club l,2.3,4g French Club 1,2,3,4. St. Thomas. LOB! SNSKEEP. JENNIFER JANOVETZ -W Honor Roll 1.2,3,4g Vol- leybaltlz Key Club 2,3,4z Madison Street Journal 1.2.33 international Club l.2,S,4g Cheerleader 3,1-ig .Homecoming Skiis 2.3.4. St. Phllomena. 122 Yearbook Prom Senior Pictures Cap!Gown Senior Mug ClothesfShoes Announcements Memory Album School Key Charm EXIT FEE Economy Average Deluxe O 18 O 100 5 75 12 12 O O O 100 O 20 S17 S325 Dana L. Galietta Daniel Fl. Gamache Archie Fl. Garmer Sharene A. Glore Martin J. Goble Daniel P. Gordon Thomas P. Gorman Deborah M. Gough Gerald M. Gray Michael G. Gray Caroline Haifa Wayne T. Hall Kirsten Harpman Heather R. Hartwig Elaine Fl. Harvey Holly H. Heer Erik C. Heinzen David S. Heinzmann Mark R. Horst Lori A. lnskeep Jennifer M. Janovetz 123 DEBBIE JQI-INSON -A Honor Roll lg Homecoming Slots 23 Freshmen Chorus. St. Philomena. MICHELLE KAI-II.. -- Honor Roll l.2,3.4: Soltball 2: SPEC ig international Club 1.2.33 Homecoming Skits 2. Sr. Monica. J.D. KEENAN H- Honor Roll 43 Swimming 1.2.43 Key Club 1.23 Homecoming Sl-rits 2.3. Blessed Sacra- ment. WILLIAM KELCI-I -v Football 1,2,3.4: Track 23 Wrestling 2. St. Bernarda. PATRICK KELLY - Wrestling 1,23 E-.'.T.C. 13 Home- coming Skits 33 Spanish Club 4. St. Marks. WILLIAM KELLY -f Honor Roll 12.3.41 National Honor Society 3.4: illinois State Scholar 43 Football i.2.3.4g Basketball 43 Baseball 1,243.43 Wrestling 1.23 Intramurals 3.43 Athletic Supporters. St. Marys fKicRa.oooI. JENNIE KENCKE W- Track 1,21 Tennis 1,2Q Photog- raphy Club ls Tumbling Squad 41 Homecoming Sluts 3,43 German Club 4, St. Bernardo, CARDLYN KENNY A- Honor Roll 1.4: SPEC 3.4: International Club 1.2: Homecoming Skite 2.4. St. Marks. PAUL KENNY - Basketball 13 Soccer l.2..43 Li- turgical Committee 1: Homecoming Sklts 4. St. Marks. I GLENN KIESEWETTER -A Honor Holi 1.23.42 Na- tional Honor Society 3.43 Football 'I,2,3,4Q Wrestling 1.2.5-lg Key Club 3.4. Saoro Coeur. MICHAEL KING -- Honor Holt 1.3.41 Football 1.2.44 Tennis 2.3.43 Intramurals 3.43 Key Club 23 SPEC 33 Madison Street Journal 3,41 lnternational Club 33 Homecoming Slrits 3. St. Marks. KIMBERLY KINNEY -- Key Club 3. St. Marys Cs- the-dral. NATALIE KIRN M Honor Roll 1,253.45 Madison Street Journal 2.3.43 E.T.C. 4: Porn Pon 3.43 School Play 43 Homecoming Skits 2,33 Who's Who. St. Jo- soph. BARBARA KLEIN -- Honor Roll 1.2.3,-4: Illinois State Scholar 43 Key Club 2g Madison Street Journal 2.3: Homecoming Sluts 2. St. Marys-Lourdes. JAMES KLISE -- Honor Roll 1,255.41 National Honor Society 3.4: Soholastio Showdown 4: Swimming 1.2.33 Student Senate 1.3.43 Key Club t.2g SPEC 3,4Q Madison Street Journal 4: Photography Club 4g Homecoming Slots 2.3.43 Spanish Club 12.3.41 Whois Who. St. Marks. ANDREA KLQDNYCKY -H Softball tg Cheerleader 2.3.45 Homecoming Skits 2. St. Patricks. l PAULA KNALIS. PATRICIA KNDTT M- Sr. Philomena. MICHELLE KRUMHOLZ - Cheerleader 2.3.43 Tum- bling Squad 1: Homecoming Slots 2.3.43 Homecom- ing Attendant 2. Blessed Sacrament. DARIN LAHDOD -- Basketball t.2.3.4: Tennis 2.4: Intramurals 3. Holy Family. MARK LAMB -- Football 1.2: Basketball iz Base- ball 1.2: Wrestling 2. St. Pitilomena. JULIE LANGAN -M Volleyball 1.2: Key Club 2.3,4Q Madison Street Journal lg International Club 1.23 Speech Team 4: Homecoming Slots 2.3.43 Gptimist Award 4. Sr. Bernarda. CHAD LANGFORD - Honor Roll 2.3.43 National Honor Society 3.4: Fleol Gross Club Madison Street Journal 3: French Club l.2.3.4: Drama Club 1.23 E.T.C. 1.2. St. Thomas. 124 Debbie E. Johnson Michelle L. Kahl John D. Keenan William Kelch Patrick K. Kelly William P. Kelly Jennie M. Kencke Carolyn M. Kenny Paul J. Kenny Glenn A. Kiesewetter Michael A. King Kimberly L. Kinney Natalie K. Kirn Barbara S. Klein James T. Klise Andrea Fl. Klodnycky Paula M. Knaus Patricia L. Knott Michelle L. Krumholz Dirin LaHood Mark S. Lamb Julie A. Langan Chad T. Langford 125 DAVID LAWLESS -- Honor Rai! 12.3.45 Cross Geuntry 1,25Traci1 1,23 Wrestiing 151-lockey1,2,3,4g Key Club 2.3.45 Homecoming Skits 2,3,4. Hoiy Fame iiy. . JUUANNA. LEE -A Honomoii 1,2,3,45 Track 15 Phn- tography Club 45 Homecoming Skite 25 Wi1o'e Whe. Sf. Meeks. . . NANCY LEE - Honor nan 1.2.5-1.45 Marianas Henan Society 3,11-5Top Ten 45 Track 3.45 Key Ciub 23,45 SPEC 35 Mar1ieen5S1reettJeurnai 15 Pom Pen Squad 3,45 Hemecnming Skiie 35 when Whe. United Me-inf odisi., J X 1 . f IKELLEY LEMQNS -e Swimming 25 Voiieybaii 15 'Softbaii 15 Phntelgrephy Club 1,25 Pom Pon Squad 25 Schnpi Piay 15 Homeo1ominQtSkite 45 Band 1.2. JOSEPH LERSCH -- Fnotbaii 1,2: Track 25 Key Giub 3,43 SUMMA 4. Sf. Patricks. BEAN Lowoee 4- Fonnaaii 1,25 Track 1,45 intre- rnureis 3,45 tnternaticnei Giub 3.4: Pep Club 4. St. Marks. DAN LYGNS --' Cross Country 1,25 Track 1,23 Key Binh 2,3,45 Hockey 1,2.3,4. Holy Family. STEVEN MALEY -Q Feotbaii 1,2,3,4: Baskeitaaii 45 Beeebati 15 Track 2,3,45 iniramurais 3,45 Pep Ciub 45 Athietic Supporters 3.4. St. Edwards. DONALD MATHEY - Feotbai! 25 Homecoming Skits 3. St. Marks. KATHLEEN MQLAUGHUN -f- Key Stub 2.3: SPEC 35 Homecoming Skits 23,45 Homecoming Attendant. St. Phiiomena. THOMAS MGNALLY - St. Monicas. STACY NMQUELLON -- t-tener Rei! 1,2,3,45'Na1ion- ai Honnr Society 3,45 Baaketbaii 1,35 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Key Ciub '25 Homecoming Skits 2.3.4. St. Marks. CHARLES MEISMER - Honor Roi! 2,3,45 Iliinois Sia1e Sehoiar 45 Foetbaii 12.3.45 Basketbail 2,35 Intramurals 45 Student Senate 45 Key Ciub 2.3.45 Homecoming Skite 4. St. Johns. MARK MICHELET '- Honer R011 1,2,3,45 Netionat Honor Society 3,45 Sterling Merit Award 45 itiinnie State Sehniar 45 Fcoihaii 45 Track 1 ,2,3,45 Key Club 2. St. Phifomena. JEAN IMNQR 4- Veiieyhaii 15 Pam Pon Squad 15 Singing irish 3,45 Pep Band 1.2,3,4. St. Joseph -M Brimfieid. JENNfFER MOGRE -- Honor Fioii 3,45 Track 12.3.45 Swimming 1,2,3,45,Key Giub 2: SPEC- 4: Homeenming Skits 2,3,4. St. Marks. PAUL MODRE W- Hamer Roi! 1,231.45 National Honor Society 45 Track 25 tnrramurais 45 Key Stub 3. Bfe-seed Sacrament. MARY MSA. MUCHGW -f- Key Ciuh 1,2,35 SPEC 2.3.45 Sehooi Musinai 1,2235 Hemecoming Skits 2.3.4. Sr. Thomas. ANTHONY MURPHY M Beeebeii 1,2: Wreetiing 1,25 intramuraie 3.45 Soccer 1,2,3,4. St. Mary of Lourdes. AARON NAAS-- Biessed Sacrament. MAMA NAVABRG -- Honor Roi! 1,25 National Honor Society 45 Track 1,25 Voiieybati 1.2: Schoei Piay 1. 81. Marks. 126 'Z School Day Hassles Not being able to get a library pass when you need one. Tiffany Orr Studying for a test that you re going to take next hour. - Chuck Meismer Not having enough time to get ready in the morn- f 'N mg. 4' - Stacy McQuellon Making up homework after being absent a long time. - Sharene Glore Flunking a test. Anonymous Getting a referral for having your top button un- buttoned. Mike Tucker Being caught in the hall during a class without a pass. - Stann Wiebler CP-..., David E. Lawless Julianna L. Lee Nancy H. Lee Kelley A. Lemons Joseph F. Lersch Dean A. Lowder Daniel C. Lyons Steven M. Maley Donald R. Mathey Kathleen M. McLaughlin Thomas J. McNally Stacy M. McQuellon Charles H. Meismer Mark A. Michele! Jean A. Minor Jennifer S. Moore Paul M. Moore Mary Lisa Muchow Anthony D. Murphy Aaron D. Naas Maria J. Navarro 127 MICHAEL NEUHAUS -- St. Marys4Klckapoo. USA NEVITT -- Honor Roll 1,2,S,4: National Honor Sooiely.3,4g Key Club 1.2.3, Sl. Bernarda. PATBRZK .GVBRIEN -+ Football 1: Track 2. Sr. Thomas.. JAMES QNKEN -- Blessed Sacrament SCDTT 0SMULSKl -- Football 1,23 Wrestling 1.2: lnlramurals 3,4.LSf'. Marks. h KA'l'l-lERlNE PANCZAK -- Honor Roll 1,2,3.4: Na- lional Honor Society 3,43 Top Ten 43 Salutalorlan 43 Sterling Nleril Award 45 illinois Stale SGPQIBY 4: Track 2,3,43 Student Senate 3.4: Key Club 23 French Club 1,2,3,4: Pom Pon Squad 3,4g Homecoming Skils 2,3,4. Sr. Marks. DIANE PAVEK -- Volleyball l,2g Homecoming Sklts 2.. Sr. Philomena. THOMAS PENN W- Honor Holi 1.2.5-3,43 National Hon- or Sooiely 3,43 Top Ten 4: illinois State Scholar 4: Scholastic Showdown 2: Baskelball lg Golf 2.3.45 Swimming 2,3,4g lntramurals 3,4g int. Club 2:VS1udenl Senate 1,2,4g Key Ciob i,2,3,4g Flecl Cross Club 2,35 Homecoming Skits 2,3,4. Sf. Thomas. BINHAPHAM -- Si. Johns. DQUGLAS POWERS -- Basketball 1,2,3.4: Track 4. St. Bernarda. MELANIE PRITCHARD -- Key Club 3. Redeemer Lutheran. JON QUAST -- Track 13 Key Club 2,3. Sl. Joseph. JEFFREY RADKE - Honor Roll 3,4g Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1,253.45 Key Club 3g Madison Street Jour- nal 12,35 E.T.G. 41 School Play 2,3,43 School Musi- cal 2,3,4. Sr. Vincent de Paul. JGSEPH RAKESTRAW - St. Marks. JAMES REDIGER - Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2,33 Intramurals 3. WENDY RlECKER -- Pom Pon Squad 3,45 Horne- coming Skits 2.3. Sf. Marks. VERDA ROGERS -0 St. Marks. JEFFREY ROSE -- Honor Roll l,2,3,4Q Football 1,23 Baseball 1,21 Wrestling 12,33 lntramurals 3,43 Vice- Versa Attendant 3. St. Marks. MATTHEW ROSSITER -- l-loner Floll 1,2,3,4: Na- tional Honor Society 3,41 Basketball 1: Wrestling 2,31 lnlramurals 3,43 Homecoming Skills 2.3. St. Thomas. KAREN SALTSMAN -M Honor Roll 1,253.41 Volley- ball 15 Spanish Club 1. Holy Family. REBECCA SCHAUB -- Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,41 Drama Club ig E.T.C. 1. Sl. Marks. 128 1. QW-Q. V37 if. ' 713437 Michael A. Neuhaus Lisa M. Nevitt P. Thomas O'Brian James M. Onken Scott M. Osmulski Katherine A. Panczak Diana E. Pavek Thomas J. Penn Binh N. Pham Douglas M. Powers Melanie J. Pritchard Jonathan L. Quast Jeffrey S. Radke Joseph A. Rakestraw James P. Rediger Wendy K. Riecker Verda J. Rogers Jeffrey W. Rose Matthew J. Fiossiter Karen M. Saltsman Rebecca S. Schaub 129 Amrmesu SQ!-ELF Hand? R511 .gz.qmfgm5u.Q1yB 1.2Qg.4ggEj:jf.Cg '?,2.3.4g Singingflrisgg 2: ASbjhdqi,Eft5y 2,:qg4gAAA sqg1z3utAgAMp5icgf.YQ,?,S,4.155. Mgf1q5:.AA' A1 A ...Iggy sgrfsegan A egg? gyms:-srfsc. 1,2,a.w:gnpeg- AMX :Af SGHIEELING +f-47:2-pak '15 Tentiia 33iQKSy. 2,sfsPEC'2,3,4g 1.2. A A St, Marks .'ff Q, fAAfA' REBECQA SCFIMITLT +- Hpfimaevu'.1,2,S,,4:Nafianaa iil6i1k:rAgoc:iefyf3,4eA sainbau 'Hcmecbminaskit-s 2.3. -.,, St. MEHfSrKiCkahQG4 :A'f A TERESA'SEFiANGEL1'f+-'A1H25m5rSimi 1t2ls34fNsfahn4l. 'A tai. AAH9hb1j'Q?Sbci+liiy' 3.4: SPEG 15.,4gJMaS3dis6ff ' dahrnalfgigqffmieinafichal Ghibli ,2'.5Q3Q.,,5ff SCUTT 47f.!T10f1fff' .Fff? 1 fE3A13?4? Wai, ' Yiiuhgt1AHzmsr Af-' Sbcieiy 3.49. i1lirinisA,S5ai6.,Schoigrfy. Tennigsf11,2.3.AgA,,A..3:4f'.KeSr fC4115 31 iiioijtfefb canjgig 'SkiiS,5:- MgthA Tlgam ,5t.Ayfjr5cep1,8h ,,, Fafilg TE8GlEA SEr1Eag.QNn-Ag'Hpnof'13nr1.4A. 'v'axzeg1sgfa. 23' equggn, 4. saga 3,43 Pgm Pm? .Sqdid A41 Avvfgm. AAnenaahfs4Asf, Phildminsgv A ' . A A-A fsenmumf sl-:EA 'FQazba1n '1,fz.s.4. Aadsgkefhazz 1,2g:3,,4g Bbsebawa ,'2.3,'4I KiY cmd 2. Bigssea Sim rament, M A -' ' f A , MARY BHERER..-- Hdficr Roi! 3f4ff3fl Pf?flUfTl3?7H- REGINA SHULTS -+- Homecuming Skiis 25 Sr, Banf- faqs. A - - ., ' -, TQDD SKAGGS -- Football Holy Famity JENNIFER SICENDER A- Humor Ra!! 4. Pam Pan' Squad 35 Homecoming Skits 2.3. St. Marks. A NEIL SLEVIN -- Illinois State Schotar 4. Sf. Wnaent defgaul. A A AA A A A A ' A. ELIZABETH SMARJESSE -- Dfama Glgb 1: Schani Musical 1,231 Hmmecciming Skits 2. St. Marks. MATTHEW SMH' H -- Honor Ra!! 1.3.3.-45 National Honor Society 45 minuia State Sshcnar 4g Footbaii 1: Tennis 3,1 intrarnurals 3,45 Student Senate A2: Key Ctub 35 Liturgicat Commitiee 3: Red Crass Stub 22 Hamecbming Suits 2.3.4. Bisssenfs-scrament. ., veneusvs smrrn --- Anpnqfffzqza 4. E.1.o.A1gAAsing- ing irish-23'Sc:!jsool Musica! 1 ,2'1:H0mE6QmiriQ3f4ifS'4. S1.fSernaifi1S:,,Y A' A ' A 1 A - BRiAN'ASTfARLiNG f- Frgmballi 11331. -Sf.frnardsQA ,'.. CHERYLSTQLZ Q- Pfam Pon 25quad 3,4Z Tiqxfzbling' squgd 1gH6mecom5n13ASkitsff:f1,,4: Qpgimisf fkaiaftni, -,5H+2fH'Qveur.- A' AAAA 1 ,..., 3 ..., Jeumssa stuns f-'Hem-sr any N41 Asnuban 1.2.2. 19hQ?t52gF1?5i?hSZQ!3iub ami ,lnt6mafi5naiA'Cfi1bf 30 cfsming Suits-3A,4,ASt. Prffiamenag A .AAAA Q AQA A susan swAm:uA'rHA151 wagner nqggf1.2.s,4:jRsf ziQnaiA,H0qqi sammy '43 . Bsgfzefbazr if .Saginaw 115 TetiniSf 2,3.4g 'iipfijamzirals 3,-4g Keyl'Giuh.A 3.3.35 -Reel .Cru-ss' CiL:b'1Q2i Madison Asiireet -iciurnal-1.2 ,f3: Hnmesqming Skita 2.3.45 Optimiat,AAAw3fd'4. ' THDMASQSWANSGN, - HQndrARuI1'1Ag ..1A. B agkqtbaii 12,35 Basdbaii 1.2.35 lnirimuratsfA4i.,Hnm6txbming skim 4331, Jaaepfusf ' . 1.. A '.., A Vvv., Jonvvswseaxsy- Honfir api: '1'g2.s,41,.N5gisQn31 Hein-A Dr ,Society 3.4gBey Giugi 2: Chiqerleader 3.3.53 Iuka-A biing 'Aiciuad ig Hofneaohgitig Skitaf'2,3.4'.'ASf. 'Wgrqerit de Paul, AA ., A . A Kathleen M. Schelp Jill A. Scherer Amy S. Schifeling Rebecca L. Schmitt Teresa Serangeli Scott H. Settelmyer Tracie D. Setterlund Benjamin M. Shea Mary M. Sherer Regina L. Shults Brian T. Skaggs, ll Jennifer G. Skender Neil J. Slevin Elizabeth R. Smarjesse Matthew B. Smith Penelope K. Smith Cheryl M. Stolz Jennifer S. Stone Rajesh Swaminathan Thomas R. Swanson Jody L. Swigris 131 JOSEPH TADlE -- Honor Roll 'l,2,3,4g National Hon- or Society 4: illinois State Scholar 43 Baseball ly Track 2,3,4Q Tennis 4: lntramurala 3,43 Soccer l,2,3,43 Athletic Supporters 33 Student Senate 2,41 Key Club 1,2,33 Liturgical Committee 1,23 Find Crocs Club 83 SPEC 2,33 Madison Street Journal 2,33 inter- national Club t,2,3,43 iilrarna Club 3: E.'l'.C. 33 School Play 33 School Musical 33 Homecoming Slcits 2,3,4. St. Edwards. Pl-llLlP TALLON -S Basketball t,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,ft. Holy Family. MARK Tl-IATCHER --- Football 3,43 Baseball 1,2,4g Wreatling 1.2. Saoro Coeur. MARY THCMAS -- Honor Roll 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Top Ton 43 illinois State Scholar 43 Basketball lj Key Club 23,42 Pied Cross Club S3 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. Blessed Sacrament. 'UNA THOMAS --+ Honor Roll l,2,3,4g National Hon- or Society 3,43 Intramurals 13 Student Senate t,2,3,43 Key Club 3,43 SPEC 3,41 Madison Street Journal i,2,3.4, International Club 2: Whos Whog Homecoming Sklta 2,-4. Sf. Marks. MICHAEL TUCKER -- Honor Ftoll 1,2,3,-4: Football l,2,S,43 Basketball l,2,3,4: Track 1,2,3,43 interna- tional Club t,2,-3. St. Philomena. JACQUELME UHLL -- Honor Roll 1.2.3,-43 National Honor Society 3.4: ,Top Ten 4: Sterling Merit Award 4: illinois State Scholar 43 Basketball 1,33 Track 2,83 Tennis l,2,3,4: Student Senate t,2,3,43 Key Club l,2,3,4: Fld Cross Club 2,,-43 SPEC 2,32 Homecom- ing Sl-zito 2,3,4: Prom Attendant 83 Kids on the Block 1,2,3,4I Clotimiat Club Award 3. St. Marks. TERlClA WALDSCl'lMlDT -4 Honor Ftoll t,2,3,4: Volleyball 23 lntramurals 23 Kay Club 'l,2,3g Rad Croao Club lg Sohooi Musical 33 Homecoming Slrita 2,3,-il. St. Monica. PATRKIK WALKER -- Madison Street Journal 3,43 Drama Club 2: Pep Club 4: School Play 21 School Musical 2. Sr. Edwards. , BONNIE WElSBRl.lCl-l -- Honor Roll 4g Kids on the Block 3. St. Bernarda. JOSEPH WELSH W- Track 2. Blessed Sacrament. KRlSTCrPl'tER WltlTBY -- Honor Roll l,2.3,4g Na- tional Honor Society 3,43 Madison Street Journal l,2,3,4Q orama Club l,2,3,4:fE.T.C. aaa: annual Play 3,43 School Musical l,2,3,43 Homecoming Skila 43 Drum and Buqlgjlorp l,2,3. Gbrlag glijljloran. MARC Wi-tlTE -+- 'lfraok,2. Sr. Marks. 3 STANN WHEELER - Maolaon Street Journal 3,43 Drama Club l,2,3,4Q E.T.C. t,2,8,4: Slnoingrlrish l,2,3,45 School Play 3,1-lg School Musical t,2,3,4g Pao Band 1,23 Cptimist Award 4. St. Anlhonya. MICHELLE WlKCFF we Honor Roll i,2,3,43 National Honor Society,3,4g Key Club 2,352 SPEC t,2,3,43 ' international Club 1,23 Cheerleader t,2,3,4g Homa- ooming Skita 215,43 Homecoming Attendant-4. Sr. Boniface. NANCY WHCGFF -- Honor Roll 1,2,3,-43 National Honor Society 3,49 Key Club 1,23 international Club 't,2. Sf. Bernarda. WENDY WIETON - Honor Roll 43 Track ig Volley- ball t,2,3,4g Kay Club 13 SPEC 3.4L Photography Club 3,43 international Club t,2. First United Moth- oclisl. SHELLEY WINKLER ef- Basketball l.2,3,4: Tonnie 1: Softball l,2,3,4. St. Bernarda. ENC WHEEL -H St. Joseph. Still YAP -c Sr. Marks. 'l'RlCtA ZAELEY -- Track 13 Cheerleader 2,3,43 Tumbling Squad tx Homecoming Shilo 2.3. St. Vin- cent do Paul. STEVEN ZERBGNIA -- Football 3: Homecoming Skilo 4. St. Marks. 2 LATEST SOUNDS ToP TEN Music enoups John Cougar Mellencamp Bruce Springsteen Tears For Fears Mr. Mister Prince and the Revolution Simple Minds Falco Whitney Houston Duran Duran U2 -is ii f 'T Jf' Joseph L. Tadie Philip M. Tallon Mark A. Thatcher Mary A. Thomas Tina M. Thomas Michael P. Tucker Jacqueline Fl. Uhll Terecia S. Waldschmidt Patrick M. Walker Bonnie L. Weisbruch Joseph A. Welsh Kristopher R. Whitby Marc E. White Stann J. Wiebler Michelle M. Wikoff Nancy E. Wikoff Wendy L. Wilton Shelley M. Winkler Eric T. Whrel Sin Yap Tricia A. Zarley Steven T. Zerbonia 133 Adam Abraham Jody Aldridge Lisa Anderson Marsha Aranas Michelle Athen Jodi Bauers Lisa Baxter Laurel Berge Kimberly Bishop Michael Boley Lisa Bowers Carol Boyer ,W.,..a.f f f,-w w . ., e, ' ' ' MV 3' ' ,HM Z 1,14 E ummm -' ev x , 54 ff ff f ' :VV SSI Q ' ra ,M .J W t V' 3? A 1 f 5' in . if me V V y -if 4 ' 2 qw f , tx , irir if a 1- staff- , rf You Know You're A Junior When Kristine Bradshaw Lewis Brown Christopher Burk Todd Callan Margaret Callaway Stacy Calvert Troy Campbell Jeffrey Carlson Juliann Carman Robert Carroll Toby Clayton Scott Cornick Brian Couri Deborah Cramer 134 you get your class ring. - Michelle Hanley S, x You have only 2 years of high school left. - Thomas Gorman 24.5 1'm:i'ii'.t.lll':t You have too much homework. ' Q S r - Thomas McNally S is E 'J 5 . , VF you've memorized the lunch prices. Robert Estoye NK .M , rf I., Amar-ff: mg. J,-1 Q atv' vu Elizabeth Crocker Kathleen Daly Matthew Daly Melanie Davis Shannon Dawson Michelle Dentino Francisco DeLaCruz Tuyen Dinh Johanna Donahue Sheila Donnoe Kerrie Donovan Jill Draggist George Driggs Winsley Durand Jack Duvall Timothy Eason Kevin Eisfelder Anne English Christine Esposito Robert Estoye Katharine Fagan Kevin Fahey Zenaida Falcon Sylvester Fitzanko Brian Flaherty Margaret Flynn Shelley Follis Mary Fortune Maribeth Fry Kristen Furniss Brian Gallagher Charles Gavin 135 Joseph George Thomas Gilfillan Christopher Goehausen Christopher Golianis Randall Gordon Christopher Green I Timothy Green Margaret Griffin George Groh Erin Haffner Jennifer Hagemann Michelle Hanley Phyllis Hanley Thomas Hanley Robert Harris Scott Harter Arlene Harvey Joanna Hatcher '. if if .,,, , ,,'t ,--v,f, ll A 3 Troy Hattermann af Ch3I'leS HGITIZ m y ,li if: in f '11 nillli 1195: En ig . if ff, 'V Angela Hennessev ff' ',ff.f:aze1' 1' 'ff' ' David Herrera Laufa Herrin ' rr l r Christine Higgins rr rrrr ,.. Angie Highfill VV Deborah Horst Q R - tiii 136 HASSLES OF THE SCHOOL DAY Homework! -- Bill Ludolph Getting dressed in the morning. -- Veronica Farraher Testingl -- Lia Baxter Crossing the mall Allrson Matcher Staying awake in class Robert Estoye Climbing up so many stairs Jil! Pilon Classes! Noelle Langfels at A 1: ' A W ,Q 4 qi, 'aw 'Mlm -15. 'hr Peter Jennetten Robert Jinkerson James Jorgensen Karen Joseph John Kaufman Angela Keating Ng P , -.,H.1,, James Kelly Jonathan Kendall Patrick Kenny William Kernan Maureen Koch Robert Kocher Donald Kraus John Kubitschek Lisa LaBrush Luanne Landuyt Noelle Langfels Erin Leary Cinthia Leman Brent Lonteen William Ludolph Lien Luong Joseph Lyons Michelle Mahan 137 Ann Mahony Greta Majeske Matthew Mangan Robert Martin Monica Mattingly Mark Mattson Timothy McCraith Molly McLinden John McNutt Steven Mefford Lee Ann Meizelis Karen Millar Martin Miller Brian Moore Tammy Moore Tanya Moredock Julie Morris Margaret Muchow Michael Murphy Patricia Nauman Julie Newby Melinda Newsom Muc Nguyen Andrew Noreuil Kathleen O'Brien ' Joseph O'NeiII 138 'QW' Q You Know You're A Junior When 'you have to take 100 tests for College. - Joe Cramer 'you sell an elevator pass to a freshman. - Anonymous it doesn't bother you to blow off homework, - Danny Gordon you're finally an upperclassman. - Anonymous Tiffany Orr Younxiang Ou Michael Paar Matthew Paluska Samuel Pasco Bradley Pascual Christian Patterson Christina Pavek R as Michelle Peer: David Petit Matthew Petrone Jennifer Pfister Bac Pham Julie Powers Paige Powers Michelle Rebatzke Kevin Rezac Michael Richardson Mary Kate Riddell Margaret Ritschel Allen Robbins l, ,QT OW at .ff-gc . ...A Heather Robinson Colleen Ryan Elizabeth Sager -mv. Vet tt.. , l,tl Matthew Sandvos Daniel Schaub Michael Schauerte lf, 'L 1 39 l i L Scott Schaumburg Jeffrey Schlink Anne Schmitt Elizabeth Schultheis Teresa Setterlund Irene Shea Jennifer Slate Craig Slaughter Meaghan Slevin Andrew Smith Jerrick Smith Kari Smith Harold Snider Michael Speer Michele Staats Josette Starling Todd Stenger Molly Stephens Sandra Swanson Sheila Swearingen Matthew Tadie 140 an if Q V''H-tff-1ff-2f2fi2!!3!f522ii12WfitZWF , yy: . i-f-,,:f,,-wi ff,.-- ff ,,..,,,, ':.:vff2z:,s-Wim , , N f W, , , f R BON APPETIT Top Ten Restaurants CJan McDonaId's Avanti's Italian Restaurant Jumer's Castle Lodge River Station Cheddar's Hardee's Vonachen's Old Place Chi Chi's Red Lobster Stephanie's School P0lI W , ttt W ,.,ii , ,.rV,,,,, A i ' X Mwwf, H I W H .,,,..., . 2 , 55 f ,, I W7 me , ff . . 3 L Charles Tanner Katrina Taraska Christopher Thierer Bryan Tilly David Tomsovic Angela Unes Joseph Varda Veronica Vest Matthew Vignali Phan Vu Andrew Wagnaar Kevin Wahl Melissa Warner Amy Weisbruch Richard Weitzel Annette Willard Barbara Willi Erin Wiswall Ping Yap William Zeithammer Matthew Ziegler 141 Matthew Aaron Robert Abson Lisa Adams Stefanie Anderson Charles Anthony Isaac Anzaldua Maria Aranas Joseph Armato Patrick Armstrong Megan Azizpour Nicol Backer Stephen Baer , , .,:, ygwp HM -'ffzesiifi' :vffsiiijiiifiiilli f'E?'15i,f'if -532, V' - , J QM a K 3 , ., 23 , ,fy A You Know You're A Sophomore When Erica Baird Stephanie Baker Frank Baxter Daniel Behm Donna Bell Camille Bentley David Berry Kelly Bloom Carol Bolton Lisa Boucher Jill Brady Sara Brant 142 you take driver's ed. - Anonymous you're no longer the low-life of the school. Carrie Irwin you look back and laugh, look ahead and sigh. - Kimberly Dallavis the freshmen start praising you. - Jill Pilon MVN 'EQWMY Vif' 5 D ' i 'aa' - Eillfu h' fzsiiw f f' 'lfafiii iid M iz. , ,Ax Valerie Briggs Anthony Broadhurst Ross Brocksmith Matthew Buchner Christina Bullock Ronald Bullock Robert Carignan V Michael Carlsten Christine Carr Nita Carrigan Maureen Carroll Michael Christy A Christopher Collins William Connett Emily Coombes Kathryn Cooper Kendra Cooper Carla Couri Diane Cramer Stephen Cramer Lynne Cramton Monica Cundiff Jill Cunningham . Christopher Cutter Kimberly Dallavis Harold Dawson Kent DeCapp 143 Jennifer Dickerson Dawn Diekhoff Margaret Dille Lien Dinh Ingrid Dowell Patricia Dugard Kerri Dunniway Edward Durbin Charles Eddy Jennifer Efinger Heather Fahey Kenneth Fitzanko Katherine Fitzanko Kristen Fleissner William Fleming Gina Ford Tad Frank Jeffrey Frazier Steven Fry David Fuertges Brady Fulton Christian Galietta David Gamache Thomas Garske 144 Hx , Q fa my MW, .W- A Z HASSLES OF THE SCHOOL DAY Cramming For Tests Michele Gorman J Making lt To Class in Five Minutes Chris Bullock Ctass Discussions! Ann lhnken Changing Clothes in P.E. Chris Cutter The Dress Code! Stacey DeFrance Walking Between Buildings tn Bad Weather Carla Court f The Lunch Line in The Cafeteria Ananymous 1 0'-V , ,,. Y . W ' K 'Q , v,gv 2 5 i if 4 :VX wxfv it i ii were ck L 'fi ,,..,,..-.. ' - J, X fx ma .Ai ' i kv, Ryu' is M, X X ?i5 v . K -v. . ., A fa, 5 ,V 19 F- xn- ,O ,W ,G f .,,5 f ,N .X 7,4 Flobin Gathers Terri Gebhards Jeffrey Gilfillan Michael Glastetter Julie Glubb Michele Gorman Jennifer Grace Toni Harper Joseph Hartwig Michelle Hatcher Michael Heller Monica Hickman Tammy Highfill Michael Hobin Brett Hoerdemann Edward Hopkins Ann lhnken Carrie Irwin Kelly Jonas David Joseph Stephanie Kahl Theresa Kaufman Anita Keck Jacquelyn Keenan John Kelley Shannon Kelly Julie Kiefer Alexander Kilgo 145 Wayne King Lori Kingery Michelle Kinney Amy Kirchgessner Valerie Kistner Gabriel Kline Matthew Kline James Kouri Kevin Kouri Amy LaHood Tricia LaHood Maria LaHood David Lakin Mary Lawless Jennifer Leary Christina Lee Martin Lee Timothy Lefler Jennine Lilly Craig Link Douglas Ludolph Mark Ludolph Loan Luong Mai Luong Laura Maieske Michele Maroon Jamie Martin Gerald Maushard Joseph Maushard Anthony McEnroe 146 Janet McGrew Allison Melcher Jill Michelet Roger Midlam John Mielke Matthew Miller Christina Mocilan Brian Montefusco Jennifer Morrison Linda Myrna Juan Navarro Christine Neal Jeffrey Neilson Nancy Oates Sherrie O'Brlen Sean O'Hanlon Kristen Oltman Mary Onken Magdalena Paczut Amy Palka Joseph Palmer Gina Paluska Monte Parker Nicole Parker John Peeples Kayla Peeples 147 Matthew Pendergrass Kristine Penn Jeanne Petit Jill Pilon Elizabeth Pitcher Joseph Powers Roger Reeves Natalie Reiser Nicole Fieiser Craig Rezac James Richardson April Ftodde Christina Schepke James Schifeling Jennifer Schlink Lucinda Schmitt Jeffrey Schultz Mary Schweickert Lisa Selman James Sharp Elizabeth Shea Lisa Shernak Karen Shults Robin Sier Lance Skaggs 148 M iw , J i 1 1 M ,,., V 114 W Www V gy 0 5 gy , W f l f hoe,-,vf J J' P an ZH f wg-1 W i ,'- 'YY' i N Wi , tk, h lx TUBE TALK Top Ten T.V. Shows Man. 865 Cosby Show Miami Vice Moonlighting Family Ties Dynasty Cheers St. Elsewhere Days Of Our Lives Twilight Zone Equalizer School Poll ,,,,., in if gi Z1, , 4 i W-we .ps-w 24,14 If if 9 'fmt' , ,y . ln., , , 's wo will Ht YUM Charles Smith Amy Snider Tammie Spencer William Stash Susan Stickelmaier Melissa Stimpert Earl Stolz Michael Stone Angela Storm Craig Tanner Chad Taylor John Thomas Thomas Thomas Brian Tomsovic Tony Trad Jay Varda Todd Waldschmidt Timothy Waters Andrew Welsh Kristine White Timothy Willi Angela Williams Timothy Winkler Molly Wright Alicia Zarley 149 Adina Avila Phillip Baer Christina Bader Nicole Bainter Latriece Barksdale Michael Bartley Jennifer Beckman Jacob Beil David Bergevin Douglas Bishop Christina Bohlman Amanda Boley Joseph Boley Brittney Boos Meredith Borin Douglas Bowers Andrew Bowton Karen Brecklin Craig Brown Michael Brown Patrick Buehler Amy Bunch Christopher Burton Douglas Cady Luz Cisneros Kimberly Clary 150 ,O fa. You Know You're A Freshman When J you're called a frog. Lisa Baxter you trip on the stairs and your books go everywhere. - Mara Garbs . you have your tie tied before you get to school. - - Troy Hattermann f your skirt is as long as it's supposed to be. V Nt-0 X - Anonymous ' ' ,, ..,,,. tr? Vw M Q7 3 1. Q fu.- um.. ' if 17..,,T ' I ' X - twfffw t -av: , 1 Q., -f f x Sw -WV , -Qs ' Maw , x M C'-vfxf . 'A L 'e , 1' ,jf Y' p-s if i r M , . ,-.b' 7 V ' -Q-my is is 41 QB n ' I w 35 Q-X ve J XX ,.,,, L, In , fQ,6 , iirayri . f rrra r is Q, ,,,,. ,cy ,wal ' 'Ir-'-f If -7 ,i 'za zo x jg Q ik G I fin. Regina Clay Erin Conley Edward Connor Krista Cooper Maria Cooper Patrick Corey Christopher Couri Daniel Coyle Michael Criss Paul Damerell Christina Davidson Christina Daxenbichler Michael Day Jeff DeFrance Keith DeSanty Kristen Disharoon Patrick Donnelly Michael Donovan Gregory Dugard Christopher Dunne Ginny Dwyer Ellen Eason Eric Eisfelder Jeremy Englert lan Farquharson Vanessa Farraher Veronica Farraher Renee Fieffer Patrick Flaherty Kate Ford 151 Troy Foster Holly Frasco Leah Frezza Laura Gambogi Mara Garbs Paul Gillham Dennis Glore Paul David Glore Tina Goldsby William Grebner Thomas Grow Eric Haerr Jonathan Hawley Robert Hallam Mary Hanley Tobi Hansen Adam Heinz Carrie Heinzen Gregory Heller Kirk Henderson Michael Hoehm Sarah Hoelzel Allen Hoff Daniel Hopkins Eric Hunsicker Michael Jacobus Brian Johnson Matthew Johnston Anne Jorgensen Gregory Joseph William Joseph Jennifer Kelch 152 K f -fn 49' wig-'sw P N' s lsr ' , Woof J we in amy fi X 5 4' Q iw 'f 'agar' 3 We M at ,ag Q 'EQQ1' 42' . 1' li ,g ' MW 62.3 W' diy f .WZ fi Af , l 5: ' l , 2 ' mem-1 - I l NOW SHOWING Top Ten Movies Han. 86k A Nightmare on Elm Street Rocky IV Back to the Future The Breakfast Club Beverly Hills Cop Sixteen Candles Rambo White Knights The Terminator Blues Brothers School Poll 'QS msg ,,l' 0- 5? my I J A.. A HWITZ' f'L'r' 'fwcfff 1' I I iv-'fin-A Q' X- L7 Jennifer Kelly Christopher Kennedy Steve Kennedy Amy Koegel Laurie Khatter Jenny Kirchgessner Nicole Kirn John Knight Richard Kovars Kevin Krigbaum Kimberly Krumholz Kristi LaHood Deborah Langan Sarah Langford Jacquez Larson Richard Laux Christine Lewis John Leyland Terry Lindsey Crystal Loving Michele Lowe Brent Ludolph Maureen Maher Kathy Majcina Ryan Maley 153 Jennifer Maison Brian Mannlein April Mansfield Jason Marks Michael Maroon Nicholas Maroon Frank Marsh Tricia Matheny Beth Mathewson Rachel Matthews Anna Maubach Cassandra Maubach Fianee McAfee Tonya McCulIa Robynn McGann Peggy McLaughlin Brian McQuirter Susan Menke Lori Millar Christopher Miller Flay Miller Kandice Moore Amy Morris Eric Moss Julia Mounts Molly Muchow Stephen Murphy 154 ry M VW 5 MM Q qu? 6 ' , 4' if X i 'xt f S rrsp y I , . . iii i ii 7 H ' ' 3551 1 . A .w y iyx .,,L 5 g pk V V ' W ' , ,si L .. m.,.,l :ze ' VV,.,1-aye? u f n'i' ' t ,fm it ,- .- :LM - In ff . fi 355 W my gr ,E yiuryyu , if 2, 3.3 mi Yi, U lg A Q if . ,M i r u r, W ff! iff 1- 5 4 You Know You're A Freshman When . . . you don't know where your locker is. - Kent DeCapp you buyan elevator pass - Anonymous you carry a stack of books taller than you. - Marc White you get lost and walk into class late. - Anonymous 'QM G 5 My ' 2, if Qu ,S , J ffl 2 my 1, T m lj if Q1 ,. 1 K M, Deborah Myrna Scot Nay Kurt Nelson John Newsom Nicole Noreuil Mary O'Brien Jennifer Olsen Jody Oltman Thomas Oltman Lisa Outlaw Edward Papis Danya Patterson Twynette Petrany Paige Pickerill Angela Powell Amy Powers Cynthia Rath Michael Rebawke Eric Rediger Molly Renick Thomas Renski Bridget Riddell Michael Riley Aleece Robinson Diana Rose Christina Ruscheinski Joseph Sander Jennifer Schelp 155 Michelle Schwartz Sherry Schwartz David Settelmyer Amy Shaheen Kathryn Shanks Jennifer Shea Christopher Simkins Rebecca Slate Maira Slevin Jennifer Smith Katherine Smith Julie Stenger Trent Stone Andrea Sutton Jill Swigris Scott Sylkaitis Cynthia Thomas Jennifer Tilly Jennifer Tometlch David Torrey Jodie Trammell Diane Tran Matthew Urbanc Noah Vaughn Bernard Vest 156 ,limi ,,,, I f l- ,, 1, 'iw :, if H '-my -,,,,i , 'gif'-vw i ., if 7,1 4 ar , f X J, . 'Qin ia if iw as -- Jennifer Titty Cl? +11 Q' 9' T Julie Wagnaar Shaun Walder Terri Waldschmidt Jeffrey Waters Stephen Webb James Webster Paige Wentworth Ann Whalen David whiiesiae , Sharon Willi Aimee Williams in Brenden Williams 1 5? N-i Cara Williams X, wi- fx .r Christopher Williams i 6 5 V- k 1: . VV ffffi t i i A A . :J Roger Wilsdorf L 4. . - , ,.i,. :DM Jennifer Wilson HASSLES OF 'THE SCHOOL DAY ' f 'N , ' i , ' 0' -' ' Getting up in the morning ' ,x XV , iiie 2. - 1- 4 4 vi up , QKV V , Jenny Schelp ii,i Vg qv Tobi Hansen ' A When everything felis out of your locker. Christy Bohtman Going through the lunch iine. Anonymous Climbing up and down the stairs so much. i Trying to get my ,hair tool-:ing normal after gym Jody Gltman ig i i Friday night homework Matt Kline A Going to homemomi 3555 in , . 04 -v ' Sarah Woolsey Laura Wright , 'Wiki Kristen Yontz Jill Young Q. 157 You Know You're A Teacher When - you always have a five foot stack of papers to grade. - Mary Osborne you listen for bells on the weekend. - Tom Pilat f 15 you have 43 more compositions to correct at 11:30 pm. - Mary Pat Haley your mustache is older than your freshmen. - Tim Irwin you're the one that nobody listens to. - A Sports Fan AY 114 5 ..... .lf ,oe -2:71 'wma-'P' Q' it K B. 5 .- Sister Catherine Beauron, Library Sister Angela Marie Becker Support Staff Kathleen Boehm, English, Drafting Edward Bradle, Science, AD Kevin Burk, Business Cynthia Clark, Mathematics Phyllis Colgan, Languages Joan Cychol, Dean of Girls Michael Dixon, Religion Leslie Dobbins, Languages s X . 5 Z ,ov Brother George Searles, dressed for homecoming, packs to leave at the end of a long week. Pat Maley, coach for AOL1Sl faculty, prepares her team for their volley- ball match against Bergen. Enjoying a coffee break, teachers compare summer vacations at the Back-to-School lnstitute day. 159 Jean Dodd, Office Sister Rita Dooley, Support Staff Kevin Doyle, Religion, Computers Theresa Finan, Religion Beverly Fisher, Business Martha Fredericksen, Music Annette Gury, Office Mary Pat Haley, English Stanley Harris, Mathematics Sister Anna Rita Higgins, Support Staff lists 0 at 4 , ki. i X 7 as-0' Gordon Hitzeroth, Social Studies Sister Fioberta Houlihan, Counseling Eileen Hubert, English Timothy lrwin, Religion , Ann Jorgensen, Languages J' C fi .A U cr? Doris Kent, Office Robert Larson, Dean of Men Sister Barbara Marie Lin Social Studies Gerald Maloney, Science Judith Maurice, Science, Mathematics -qraczfeiiamia H ' f i:-:2:'?:f:,. if A H k iiffffiiiffi l Haley and Si break in the c SYBT opy room. 1 J Coach Bradie is at the GTB duff!! Q Development Office Staff Pat Killian, Ann Slaughter, Grace Youngman. Ronald Haley. Building a community of Christian believers and proclaiming the Good News to the young women and young men enrolled at AOL! Sl are two ofthe major goals of AOLISI. It is the goal of the Development Gffice to communicate the mission and message of the school to the school's community. Members of the school's community include current students, parents of current students, alumni, parents of alumni and faculty. Our hope is to build loyal and regular sacrificial giving by members of the school's community. ln addition to the fund development program, the Development Office is responsi- ble for alumni affairs, the school's public rela- tions and recruiting activities. 161 Clara McCraith, Counseling Jerome McMahon, P.E.!Heallh Ben Meister, Science Debra Mini, Languages Ann Moen, Library Kathleen Murray, P.E.!Health Mary Osborne, Business Thomas Pilat, Religion, Science Sister Grace Rahn, Office Joanne Schafls, Social Sludies ,af K., nf AOL 1 SI Dishwashers: special -7112 X A ., x K 'b k I F ,Z-, .l .,,.1L,,, l gf-M, -lei 3 Q H Q ,XGJ i F., , rr- -W3 162 ,,,.W-r 4 ar Mr Michaela Schallau, P.E.!Health Kathleen Schefelbein, Home Economics Sister Margaret Schulz, Office Emmy Taylor Science Linda Wilhelm Mathematics Mitchell Wiss, Counseling Dennis Woiwode, Religion Jerrye Yancy, English, Mathematics Pauline Zerkle, English Judith Ziemba, Computers S3 Teachers ,ff TOP FIVE T.V. Cosby Days of Our Lives Hill Street Blues St. Elsewhere Miami Vice TOP FlVE MOVES Out Of Africa The Color Purple Back To The Future The Natural White Nights Richard Kelly P E X Health Helen Krause English Thomas Laird English David Lang Patricia Maley r Brother George Religion Gayle Young Social Studies Searles Mathematics A t 163 4 Especially for You is a gift shop in Peoria Heights run by Mrs. I-larter. Here, she poses in the bou- tique with her son Scott Hatter a junior. gzisrefs' 3 1 'aww' CM 1 , Jill Scherer, TV Weatherman Bill Houlihan, Molly Muchow, Mary Lisa Muchow, Darin LaHood, Moira Slevin, Tom Swan- son, Charlie Callaway and jill Brady pose at Scherer Buickfpontiacflsuzu. Pieces of Eight companies. Pizza pla ces, Parents. Drug Memories and Messages. Insurance m stores. Realtors. Alu ni business people. Advertisers. Money. put a yearbook toget eight. At Scherer Buick f Pontiac f Izuzu, Senior Charlie Callaway stands before a Pon- tiac Fiero. Money. You can't ber Without pieces of 111111IuV111I ' I I I 1 , 'I llilli 1 1I. lx II I ,1f1l1!l:1Imfy'.'23.I qw 1 I1 il tml . AA'1,,A A-11AM- I Jt. 1 ,.-.f 'i' - AB I1 H it lV'v'qi is Mary Lisa Muchow - - I ' T is ji' not lm Mary Lisa, our wish for you is a life full I 1 1 - . 1 I .i.i4 II Iii, ,I M gg QQ or g of celebration, good health, loving If ea 1157! -o o o '! - oooo ' friends, and strong faith. You'll be a 1 ,N V III 1 great Berey ! Love, Mom and Dad ftft -11af-A--A--k1-1-x-xwwseaf-x-x-kr-k-x+1t-1141-rw-xafxwx ttttt Q tttttttt Katie Panczak - Tracie Setterlund - E1 1.-' V-I I LI ,J I Thanks, Katie, for the fun you've given Stay positive, set goals, and keep and I Mary Brocksmith - Mary Congratulations you ve reached another milestone on your trip through life. Remember - we re cheering you every step of the way. Love Mom Dad 81 Kids Becky Schmitt - Congratulations on your first 12. Good luck with your future. Love Mom Dad Jeff Jane Jerry Rob Cindy Josh Raisin Panther Teddi. Melanie Pritchard - Congratulations! We wish you love loyal friendships courage and joy Christ s Wisdom and Peace and wings to carry you to your dreams. Love Mom and Dad Debbie Johnson - You make our life beautiful. Your spe- cial love and smile make us happy year in and out. God love you! Mom and Dad Lucy Elizabeth Castle - Congratulations Lucy! You are God s special gift to us. Always please Him and you will please us. Mom and Dad Misty Wikoff - Warmest congratulations on your graduation from Academy!Spalding. I am so very proud of you and of your many fine accomplishments. You are the very greatest. Love Mrs. John Wi- ko Diane Brady - We are so very proud of you. May you be blessed in the days ahead. With love Dad Mom Jill and Michael Colleen Fitzsimmons - You have always been a joy in our lives we are very proud of you. Con- gratulations and good luck. Love You. Mom and Dad Jeff Rose - Jeff congratulations on your four suc- cessful years at Spalding. We wish you the best at S.l.U. and in the future. Love, Mom, Dad, Diana Diana Pavek - We love you for who you are! Mom and Dad 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 . r'1'.'-1g 'Ir'A'if'ki ki'Xi ki ki'i'1r'ki k'k'ki'i'1f'k'ki'i'i'!r'k I I I I I I I I I I I 'Ir'A''k'kkiitiikiiiririitkiikiiiirtiki' I I I 1 1 1 'k'kk'ki ki ki ki'i Iri'i'i'i'i'k'ki k'k'k'k'Iri'k'Ir'k iriii!ki''k'ki'i'ti k'A k9f'ki'k'ki k'k'k'k1rki'i't 1 1 if'ki k'ki'i'1r'k'k'A A kkic9r'k'k'ki'iri'i k9ci k'k'ki' 1 I 1 I I I I I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 us these past 18 years. We're so roud of you. All our love. Mom and P Dad -A'-k1k-kifif-Afik-A'-k-k-k-kt-kiirii-kicvevc-ktkii Kris T part topher Whitby - ake God with you as you leave this of childhood. You will accomplish everything you desire. You deserve the best. Love. Mom and Dad -A''k-A'-k-ktdrive-A-A-i-k-kiiiisri-I-I-i--xii-kv:-kt Dea I1 LOWCIGI' - Memories of all you've been, pride for all you are, hope for all you'll be and with love for always. Joe and Del Dolan -k-A--A'-k-k-kdciiak-ki:-k1ki-I--k-kxvfiir-ki:-:ravi-i Marti Alle - May your dreams come true. Be proud of y you. ourself as we always shall be of You'Il never walk alone. Mom 81 Dad, Paula 81 Michael -A'ir'k'k1k1l'1lr'k'k1ci'1r'ki kxk1li'tttk'Ir'k1k'k'k'k1rk!: Tom The G.T.0. Kid O'Brien - We who wish the very best to you in m we are well pleased. Love and support always. Mom and Dad 'Ir'kukir1'Skitk'k1lr'kt'ktkt9c'ki'9c9ri'1r1r'k1r'k9c'A k Ann Dea mUC l'I ie Klodnycky - rest Annie. You have given us h happiness and joy. Congratula- tio s and the best of everything in your future. All our love, Mom and Dad iti- Use trav son Dad Con day. -ArA-A-1kx1c1k-k-k-kizx-A-x-k-krrxkk-x-kt-A-xfk the gifts God has given you as you I through life and be the best per- you can. Love, Mom and Dad 1:1:11ici-ix-I-it-ki:-x-kxttif-A-a--x-ktxxft-k Patrick Kelly - e a 1 gratulations on your graduation We wish you the very best on this special day and always love and pray- GFS. Mom and Dad 14111111 H. .. U 'E 'SZ' ' , I eiei . . x nourish your faith! You're a special daughter and your go shine. Mom and Dad odness does -k-Af-k-k-ki:-k-A--k-ktk-k-kk'k-ktkk-A'-kt-k-kk-xx-ki Joseph A. Welsh - Joe, we hope all you desi ein your life I' V will come true and we're ery proud of you and love you very much. Love, Mom and Dad -Arik-A--k-kka:-kiri-kizirvrifirk-k-A--ktftii-k-kvft Elaine Harvey Elaine. We wish you joy, peace, and happiness. You're very special to us. Love. Mom, Dad, Arlene i'ic-k'k'k'kirtirtk-Ir-k'k'A A Ir'k'k'Ir1r1r-k-ki'1k-k1ki'ir Mary A. Thomas - Congratulations, Mary '86. Rich and Dorothy Family and Class of Thomas and if-k-A'A-if-k-Afi-ktxacdrii-i-kww-ki-it--k'kt-ki:-ki' Wendy Wilton Wendy, dear, see here, see here, Graduation day is near. Have we made ourselves clear? lT'S H you. Mom and Dad 'ki'ti A k'k'ki kA A'1lr1k1li A'i'i'i' Belinda Falcon - Belinda. I am very proud ERE! We love 'A k'k'k'k'kIri A ki' of your excel- lent behavior and Academic accom- plishments. A mother couldn't ask for more. Keep up the good work. Love, Mom 11-kif-k-1-if-kixsxdr-k1ki'-k-xxx-sei-A-r1k1f-kruraft Mark Michelet Mark. We've been so proud of you these past years - and hope to con- tinue to go on to be all you are meant to be. Mom 81 Dad 1rk'kk'k'k'Iri kir1li'1k1r'A ki'i'i'i' Jennifer Skender - xxx-kia--k1ki1cA1 We thank God for you, your courage, and the beautiful friends who've helped you through this year. You've accomplished much, and we're proud of you. Mom 81 Dad -A1rx-kxvxttararti-A-ii'-k-ktirvcvcii--kittvfvf-kv: Mark Horst - Congratulations and good luck with your studies at U of I. Love, Mom and Dad ' 'I?m2i.gg1f'-'73--- '-'-- ' Milli,-- I-Ii. 1' 11' l ,,., 1,1 ...,.,,..,.,..,,.. LW' ,..,. ' ,..,.L.f.ff..f.f.ff.fY. -... L .-1Yf--.V-Y I Y-- f- I -J -H ---- -- - - . . T'W l ' ' Tommy Swanson - Congratulations! You've completed the first 12 years. The next 4 are even more crucial. When the pressures seem too demanding, don't give up, work harder. Your Father Susan Bolton - Keep smiling, Keep shining Knowing you can always count on us. ln good time and bad times We'll be on your side forevermore. Mom and Dad Jackie Uhll - Here's to four more years with the 'Fighting lrish'. We love you. Mom and Dad Laura E. Bouchard - Be as proud of yourself as we are of you. Know that you are loved. Good luck on the road to success. Mom and Dad Michelle Kahl - We love you, Mich. May you fulfill all your dreams. Thanks for all the happi- ness you have given us. Mom and Dad Dawn Callan - You've made us very proud. Whatever you decide you want to do - go for it! Love, Mom and Dad Dave Heinzmann - Congratulations from Mom and Dad: Peg 8. Dave: Ann 8t Edd, Jane 81 Dong Barb, Chuck 8. Laure. We love you! Erik Heinzen - Erik. Congratulations on a job well done. We're proud of you! Mom and Dad, Sisters and Brothers Carrie Dunne - Nothing about Living is Easy. You have to work at it to make it worthwhile. Be yourself and love your life. Carrie, we love you. Christopher Broadhurst - God gives great gifts - He gave us you! We're very proud of you and all your achievements during these won- derful four years at Spalding. God Bless You today and all your tomor- rowsl Mom and Dad Daniel Lyons - Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors. Love, Mom and Dad Bill Kelch - Dear Bill, Congratulations on a job well done. We're very proud of you, son. Much love, Mom and Dad Tony Murphy - You have grown from little Smurf into a young man and we are proud of you as you are. Always let your light shine. We love you. Mom and Dad Jill Ann Scherer - Jill, you have given us beautiful memo- ries and your life is just beginning. We hold you close. Lovingly, Mom and Dad Natalie Kirn - Congratulations Baby Cub. We are proud of you. Your future begins now's your responsibility . . . Go for it! Love ya. Mother and Dad Dear Boze - We are very proud of you! Congratula- tions on a job well done. Mom and Dad Thomas Patrick Gorman - Tom, congratulations on your four years at Spalding. May you always achieve your goals and dreams! Don and Jane Gorman Michael King - Thanks for the memories and four good years. You did it. We're proud of you and love you. Mom and Dad Sharene Glore - lt is hard to express the pride we feel in Charlie Callaway - We didn't know when we chose you that we received the child of the uni- verse - for you have given us pure joy. Mom 8t Dad Kim Foster - We know your years at Spalding were happy ones. Graduation means you move onto the rest of your life. Good luck - We love you. Mom and Dad Danny Gordon - Congratulations on your accomplish- ments and contributions to the tradi- tion of AOL!Spalding - Leadership, integrity, Spirit, Pride. These attributes insure your future success. Mom and Dad Elizabeth Ruth Smarjesse - Congratulations, Brave Heart! May HE always be your constant companion, guiding you to a happy destination. With love and pride. Mother and Dad Karen Fulton - There will always be oatmeal kiss- es ! Love, Mom and Dad Cullen Casey - Congratulations on a job well done. We wish you the best of everything in the future. Mom and Dad Don Mathey - Don, your life has been like an accident looking for a place to happen. lt's a miracle we will see you graduate. Congratulations Love, Mom and Dad Russ Apici - Go for the stars! Congratulations on a great four years. Mom and Dad Tony Braggs - May your graduation day be the won- derful beginning of a future filled with satisfaction and happiness. Mother Kathy McLaughlin - Congratulations Kathy! We're so proud of the caring young woman you are. May the Lord keep you sweet and close to Him always. Love, Mom and Dad watching you grow. Our faith, trust and love are always behind you. Mom and Dad 1 2 3 i cw A --fl gm , H f-f.,zma1zn1Qz'i 'f M f .. 4 -f . , , H' new +14 -1 K- an g. A1 .gf 'V -f g.,,QLx.,m.msf.w, m..wwmmnwvmmmM,m,-mmmwwwmam- 4-W ,y:1,Jl-'wr A . . mil AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 81 PARTS COMPLETE CAR CARE TERRY DOYLE'S 923 N. Garfield Peoria - Phone 673-1202 Specializing in Carburationg Tune-Upg Brake Workg Exhaust Workg Air Conditioners Transmissionsg Front End Alignment BIN. MH' R BH 6 JM . U K LQ Q 2454 Washington Road! Washington, Illinois 61571 I Phone 13097 699-9565 . F vw-K1-i:iI' 1 T-P GS , nfl TTR A 1 F ' 1 3 ' W , ,E 11,1111 'f iii? ,- w if - L A M. 'IEXILI 'Jil in j F I R C 5'1 A - . - , I -11'7':l:---' ' amiy esources enter Gi Av' if ,A ,,' 411 Main Street Peoria, IL 61602 4309i637-1713 170 ,Q x I T , Thom f WYE Mfzaiw Phone-A-Feast X5 A-N 1011 w. main X . I 'T Q'3.? Uri-z:::.:'1,:',::a,1.2g'w 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday LTxx9i-11 'A -V 5 1 5-J Liff- ...-.5 ij... DAILY LUNCHEON snzcmx, ' ' - 674-1 'I 1 7 MUTUAL CONGRATULATIONS BENEFIT T Th I f, LIFE o e Cass 0 86 LARRY BROADHURST 102 SOUTH MONROE STREET PEORIA, ILLINOIS 61602 C3091I 673 0777 HIpgS fIP pIB M S fIF Ily W NEW CA PARTS - SERVICE - BODY s J LEASING 0' Gh I d MMM? 686-2500 68 4 P bq z 'e 0' WOOLSEY WILTON X: Arnold Pest! Painting 59 . Decoratmg C3 E Inc. Q .E E Q-E 244-UL. E plz. 694-2207 L X ILLI OIS UAL HOME OFFICE PEORIA, ILLINOIS GBCQEQIS' Lury ted 20ll'W. Fnrml gt n Rd. App I I r Uusllcvossivom sum my 6141366 ww-+ .. X. TI I ' I . LAUROIT BAKERY III'1Q49e--A 934 N. SECOND sT. xwp cH1LL1co'mE, IL 61523 k..' F' KATHYBJOE TELEPHONE. OWNERS 43093 274-8022 EQUIPMENT 6: SUPPLY CO. U33 'BT OLD! ffl, ILL-Ill lllll Knight 81 Tobin Drugs 1200 W. Main St. Peoria, ll 61606 OH: l LARRY CALLAN wer Qllg ow'-ef 0lIIIurinePIIIIIurIas REPAIR SERVICE FOR PROPS NEW PROPS, STRUTS AND FIUDDERS NEW SHAFTS MADE TO ORDER. - CUSTOM MACHINE WORK - 3303 N. E. ADAMS PH. I309I 685-3297 Peonm, IL 61603 173 KEVIN KELLY JEWELERS Corner of University 81 Forrest Hill MIDWEST OIL 682-5475 University at Forrest Hill 682-8226 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY . - 8-5 plamonds Kevm KeIIy We use Pennzoil 1OW4O. Fine Jewelry Maureen Kelly Jewelry Repairs Maureen Doyle The Qmiholie lf-26555 Newspaper of the Diocese of Peoria P.O. Vonachen INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 8700 N. Allen Rd. Box 3156, Peoria, IL 61614 309f692-7107 111 f SOUND IDEAS ARE OUR BUSINESS lsllil Bmw Souun Svsmas SOUND CONTRACTORS intercom - Public Address - Background Music G STAN BYERL 3MS dPd 609 W. GLEN PEORIA, ILL. S1614 Y PH, 309!692-0523 G.R. BECKER LUMBER CO. 3404 W. Farmington Peoria, lL 61604 174 .s -7. O - W, f HANLEY COMPUTER CONSULTANTS FLOWER - CUSTOM PROGRAMMING ' 0 Installation 0 T ' Emil 8 Joan Henrich 91135121-T3 2002 W. Heading O er 70 Installations in the Peor a Area 674'0o47 25 Years Experience w dd' 9 F nefai, 3. Hospital Sp ' r 1 Specializing in P.C. s and Minis FRESH FROM OUR OWN GREENHOUSES Hardware 8t Software Selection 1 ' 'Iwi' 698-9229 J .-'-.. . GENERAL CONTRACTOR P.O. BOX 1366 Peoria, Illinois 61654 cumsrnucriuwiwc. Ph. 688-0416 THOMAS J. WILLIAMS - CLASS OF 1949 2201 SW. Adams At Garden SINCE 1880 R R 1 Washburn, IL 61570 SUZANNE 82 Your Nearby Headquarters For Academy Uniforms 175 'WY ' i gs? ii? N ,:' 1: 5 if 1. H A L . -,QQ 15' HABERKORN ACE HARDWARE NISSAN JIM SMITH NISSAN, Inc 1114 W. Main Street Peoria, Illinois 61606 LAGRON-MILLER 1231 W. Main Peoria, Illinois 61606 674-5143 JOHN DILLON JIM DILLON 1211 S. WESTERN PEORIA, ILLINOIS PH. 637-8469 176 ,o. if mm aw l Scherer Buick - Pontiac - Isuzu hw Q W sc :W I Q' 1, Qu. 3. - S' - 4 ik R 177 WW gallery of Lighting OUTDOOR-INDOOR FIXTURES FOR ANY DECOR 215 W. MCCLURE C 81 H PRINTING, INC. 1025 W. Detweiller Dr. Peoria, lL 61615 METRO COPY, INC 508 NE Jefferson 676-5006 Central Fixture 688-8923 593-2363 CALL-A-TOOL George J- Building Materials Tool and Truck Rental 1200 W' Johnson Small Engine Repair Co' 4236N N Y k 6881941 M. Q. 4' an ll A CARROLL'S PHARMACY PERSONALIZED DRUG SERVICE . MERICON Patrick J. Carr ll R 9 1 red Ph 1 INDUSTRIES 1921 N. Wisconsin Tom Morrissey Peoria, IL 61603 Ph e 682-2876 Swim 1024 W. Main P ria, Illinois 61606 674-3314 SCHOOL PORTRAITS Foro good look. 80 se .0 VIDEO MOVIES 8k EQUIPMENT 682-65 1 0 CLocated in the Sterling Plazal MONDAY - SATURDAY 'IO AM-8 PM ESPECIALLY FOR YOU J Trophy 8: Plaque'Co. Cyntma Harte' S 1311 E Sam I Central Illinois Largest Awards Dealer - - - ue Peoria Heights 414. N.E..J9ffGl'SOl'l Sm 686-1828 Peoria, Illinois 61603 w,12Q,,sW6+ 674-6500 is N - e V V l 09 SAME DAY K 'O - Q9 1 get 0501 SERVICE X I-I QQQQJ 941 AVAILABLE X Q9 Ps Trophies, Ribbons, Medals, Q25 Electronic Engraved Plaques, ,XWXYSXAQS Nameplates, Name Badges, Magnetic QNX QQW 0563 Signs, Photographs, Shoe Bronzing, wmsxg' Business Incentives, Bowling Shirts, E Z Y X Banquetlfavors, Computer Typesetting and Layout AWARDS FOR EVERY OCCASION rug sS?0l'85 ix -LLA X 4 C IZZA PARLOR y X Qlmkvga 3311 N. University Peoria, Illinois si smcss Qf 'UNDER 21 , NleHT CLUB Open Every Friday 8t Saturday 7 pm-midnight Sundays 6 pm-11 pm During the Summer Months Wednesday 7 pm-midnight 3214 N. Dries l.n. Across from Landmark 688-6626 QQVAI 'N SYNC Cl YM N.-XS! U M UILUCT SPALDING'S H1 CHOICE FOR ROCK 'N ROLL . A R ,QW KIDS ON THE BLOCK O .6 inf tx , J' ' ,NE lx . , - - UC. rs , f , ' . f, L. V L ' R 5 ff ' RL ,oo E Say Good Luck J J bmq 5- 4-il ' . ' To Sensors , f H S .q, -ii ' ' Jackue Russ 81 Chad xi .X Q 'R R 2 ' X 'L' 11 Ri ' 05. f ' ' Q' BOGSTEFVS CLUB Supports Academy ! Spalding s 4 ,.l-', .I ,' ,,,,, i,, Abbb I 'ii' W .n-:f4f , izf ,,,, W ,.1f, , W ,, ,:L. p5 . ggiih dt: 4 The Booster's Club membership includes parents, alumni, and friends of AOLXSI. They are a fund raising group. Officers of the group include: Robert Schmitt, President Herman Brooks, Vice President Emma Taylor, Secretary Bob Carman, Treasurer T T A . Q fx A nm ' , ff ' . ff K ' if T V V ' A Zim? , Q nW iait ititf pp a t W' M ff M, ' ' fy -, 'BW' W Jr 4 V W ff ' WM W as i,iii f wif wr tl 7 if if , 2 gf gat QW - ff 2 ,, f' 936' hwy? ff gi 422. ,W dw ff Wm Parents' Association The purpose of the Parents Association is to de- velop programs that will involve parents in school activities with the objective to promote better com- munications and understanding between parents, faculty and students. The AOLXSI Parents Board is responsible for the following: Freshmen Parents' Night Fteceptiong 8th Grade Par- ents' Night Fteceptiong National Honor Society Re- ceptiong Teacher Appreciation Dinnerg Cocktail! Involved with students at AOLXSI Theatre Partyg Parents' Newsletterg Concession Standg Chaperonesg Alcohol Studyg Safe Home Pro- gramg Academic Awards - distributed in May tNew this yearlg 315,000 new lighting system in theatreg completed renovation of student centerg fi- nancial assistance with Self-Study and Evalua- tion g S5000 towards a new computerg and contribu- tion to the party after graduation. Members of the Board for the 1985-86 school year were: Mr.lMrs. Robert Jennetten, President: Mr.lMrs. Mi- chael Rebatzke, Vice-Presidentg Mr.!Mrs. Edward Dugard, Secretaryg Mr.lMrs. David Dunniway, Trea- surerg Mr.!Mrs. Terry Flaherty: Mr.!Mrs. Philip Mil- larg Mr.!Mrs. Ronald Dwyerg Mr.!Mrs. Steve Mef- fordg Mr.!Mrs. Patrick Killiang Mrs. Marge Wikoffg Mr.!Mrs. Larry Tadieg Mr.!Mrs. Steve Powersg Mr.! Mrs. Harry Settelmyerg Mr.!Mrs. Jack Richardsong Sister Marcia Ann, Ex-officiog Father Charles Bee- be, Ex-officio. CD o 3 to 7 na I-I' E m ':'1 o 3 cn 1' o 3 I-I' D' cn 'U na 7 co 3 I-I' mil W o on 7 to. 2 in 186 Personal Patrons Family and Friends Sr. Roberta Houlihan, C.S.J. Emma Taylor Father Wolf Sisters ef Si, Joseph Tom Pilat Brother George Ron 8. Mary Pei Haley Coach McMahon Pat Maley Bev Fisher M. Schallau Father Beebe Phyllis A, Colgan Sr. Barbara Marie Joanne Shafts Mrs, CyCh0I Dennis Woiwode Tom Smith Plumbing Ben Meister John Wikoff Dr. 8t Mrs. Heinzen 8t Family Bill 8t Mary Osborne Sr. Margaret Schulz, C.S.J. Gayle Young Jean Dodd 1-. SCHOOL BOARD J The following information was written by Mrs. Mary Ann LaHood Penn, President ofthe AOLXSI School Board, for Irish Pride. Since 1863, when the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet founded a boarding school for girls named the Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and the subsequent establishment of an in- stitution for boys named Spalding Institute, our community has been blessed with a tradition of educational leadership based in a deep Christian faith and the philosophy that each student is a unique individual - a tradition of excellence in meeting the student's needs. In Tradition and the individual Talent , T.S. Eliot writes, lt ttraditionl cannot be inherited and if you want it you must obtain it by great labor. Over a century of tradition has grown because of the labor of God and His children - a century which has brought both schools together as a coeducational institution with the continued service of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet - a century of changes pro- viding opportunities for continued growth. In 1983, the Board of Education of Academy of Our LadyfSpaIding Institute was established for the purpose of enabling the Catholic community, clergy, religious and laity to address fundamental questions about educational needs and to share responsibility for the educational mission of the Church which the high school embodies. The goals of the Board of Education have been numer- ous, but there are three which remain constant: To provide the finest academic, spiritual and ex- tra-curricular program in downstate lllinois: - During the 85186 school year the Administra- tion and Staff completed a self-study of curriculum and related areas of the entire school program. This will provide an articulation of strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for change. - The Board is conducting a comprehensive study of Academy!Spalding faculty salaries and benefits along with the internal and external factors which affect the same. The primary goal is to increase salaries and benefits. - This year marked the introduction of student academic achievement awards to be given annual- ly. - A Chemical Abuse!Dependency Advisory Council has been established to recommend ac- tion which will provide education about and preven- tion of chemical abuse. To provide a physical facility which is efficiently maintained and aesthetically pleasing: - In 1983, the Spalding building was recognized as a distinctive structure with special architectur- al significance and placed on the National Flegis- ter as an historical structure. Simultaneously, the School Board approved a five-year plan for exteri- or improvements to it and to its 1929-built sister across the mall. This year the Board has reviewed and revised that plan, while developing a plan for remodeling and redecorating the interior of the buildings. To provide a program which is economically ac- cessible to all students: - The annual operating budget of 31,500,000 re- flects a per-student cost of approximately S1,800. This is met through a tuition tCatholic studentsl of 31000, parish support of S550, with the remaining S250 per student being provided through fund rais- ing. Academy!Spalding attracts students from over 55 grade schools living in a multi-county area. This goal is one that sees increasing challenge each year. Membership on the Board for the 1985-86 school year include the following: Mrs. Mary Ann Penn, Presidentg Mr. Raymond LaHood, Vice-Presi- dentg Mr. Jimmie Moore, Secretaryg Mr. Maurice Leman, Treasurerg Mrs. Susan Boosg Mr. Michael Baerg Mrs. Elaine Beyersg Mr. Leo Jordanp Mrs. Marjorie Klisep Father Thomas Murphy, Sister Mar- cia Ann, Ex-officiog Father Charles Beebe, Ex-offi- ciop Mr. Flobert Schmitt, Ex-officiog Mr.!Mrs. Rob- ert Jennetten, Ex-officio, Mr. Timothy Donnelly, Board Accountantp Mr. Timothy Irwin, Faculty Fie- presentative. 187 SNNXLE., a QTQQIC DIQCC5 Q5 WWW 1986 This May Seem Dumb Now, But . . . . . . one day it may be interesting to look through these four pages. Time doesn't stop when you leave Spalding, and maybe the lists of songs and T.V. shows will help you remember what was popular in 1986. And if your kids ever have a hard time believing that a candy bar used to cost only forty cents, you'll have proof. Concert Qfsiffggf Top 10 Singles LP's . 1. Heart - These Dreams 45'S - 51-79 2' Qt'fQfff 33z'f.iM'gi:sgzL.LOf'S' 3514.50 ' --R.O.C.f. inthe U.S.A?' 4. Starship - Sara Stamps 95.22 5. Falco - Rock Me Amadeus 6. Elton John - Nikita 7. INXS - What You Need 8. Thompson Twins - King for a Day 9. The Bangles - Manic Monday 10. Mr. Mister - Kyrie Top Ten TV Shows March 24-30 1. The Cosby Show CNBC? 2. Family Ties CNBC! 3. Academy Awards CABCJ 4. Murder, She Wrote CCBSJ 5. Who's the Boss? CABCJ 6. Cheers CNBC? 7. Golden Girls CNBCJ 8. Perfect Strangers CABCJ 9. Movie: Mrs. Delafield CCBSJ 10. Barbara Walters CABCJ 60 Minutes CCBSJ Shopping List ground beef .................. Doritos ......................... Oreos ............... ...... bread ........................... milk ihalf gallonb ........... S1.39!Ib S2.59!Ib S2.19!Ib SO.79!Ib S1.16!Ib eggs .................... ..... S .99!doz pack of gum ..... ......... S .30 candy bar ............ ...... S .40 soft drink Cvending machinej ...... ...... S5 .50 Kool Aid ................. ....... S .19. Academy Award Winners Best Picture Out of Africa Best Actor William Hurt Kiss of the Spiderwoman Best Actress Geraldine Page The Trip to Bountiful Best Supporting Actor Don Ameche Coccoon Best Supporting Actress Anjelica Huston Prizzi's Honor Best Director Sidney Pollack Out of Africa Best Song Say You, Say Me - Lionel Richie White Nights Top 10 Music Videos I 1. Heart -- These Dreams 2. Lo erbo -- This Could, Be the Night E 3. Joh c M ii - it 'C GTS --e.2,.e1??liiZ5'ET? S3 75 4. Eiien Jenn - Nikita - 5. iNxs - what You Need 6. Marilyn Martin - Night Moves I 7. The Firm -- Gas Prlces All ine King's Horses 8. Whitney Houston -- How Will I Know? 9' Robert Palmer , i Addicted to Love regular unleaded 10. ELO - Calling America Top 10 Videocassette Sales 1. Return of the Jedi 6. Pinocchio 2. Jane Fonda 's New Workout 7. Silverado 3. Rambo: First Blood, 8. Prime Time Part ii 9. The Wizard of Oz l 4. Beverly Hills Cop 10. Gone With the Wind 5. Jane Fonda 's Workout Bus Fare Movie Rentals .60 32.00-33.00 Officials Ronald Reagan President of U.S. George Bush Vice President James Thompson Governor Jim Edgar Sec. of State Jim Maloof Mayor Bishop Edward O'Flourke Pope John Paul II Top 19 Albums 1. Sade - Promise 2. Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston 3. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms 4. Barbara Streisand - The Broadway Album 5. Heart - Heart 6. Mr. Mister - Welcome to the Real World 7. Pretty in Pink - Soundtrack 8. Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin 9. INXS - Listen Like Thieves 10. Phil Collins - No Jacket Required Bestsellers Fiction Non-Fiction 1. The Bourne Supremecy, Ludlum 1. Fit for Life, Diamond 2. The Mammoth Hunters, Auel 2. The Be-Happy Attitudes, Schuller 3. Lake Wobegon Days, Keillor 3. Callanetics, Pinckney 4. Lie Down with Lions, Follett 4. You're Only Old Oncei, Seuss 5. Home Front, Davis 5. Bus 9 to Paradise, Busgalia 6. Seasons of the Heart, Freeman 6. lacocca: An Autobiography, lacocca 7. Nerilka's Story, McCaffrey 7. Yeager: An Autobiography, Yeager 81 8. Break In, Francis 9. Texas, Michener 8. The Rice Diet Report, Moscovitz 10. Cyclops, Cussler 9. Women Who Love Too Much, Norwood 10. Wiseguy, Pileggi Janos Siilll' JR? Q. Adams, Carol: 44, 48, 49, 92, 116, 117, 199 Adler, Michael: 40, 41, 116, 117 Alle, Martha: 116, 117, 166 Anderson, Angela: 116, 117 Anderson, Laurie: 106, 116, 117 Apici, J. Russell: 17, 42, 107, 116, 117, 167 Aranas, Melinda: 44, 51, 99, 116, 117 Armato, Teressa: 116, 117 h 1 Baer, Jon: 27, 74, 75, 116, 117 Beyers, Julie: 43, 44, 116, 117 Bolton, Jeffery: 44, 74, 75, 116, 117 Bolton, Susan: 116, 117, 167 Boos, Michelle: 17, 37, 51, 108, 116, 117 Borin, Sumner: 23, 43, 44, 69, 116, 117 Bouchard, Laura: 37, 52, 116, 117, 167 Boundy, Jeffrey: 9, 29, 72, 116, 117 Bourazak, Lisa: 44, 63, 116, 117 Bousky, Joanne: 50, 51, 116, 117 Brady, Diane: 44, 48, 116, 117, 166 Braggs, Anthony: 11, 116, 117, 167 Brick, Sarah: 44, ee, 67, 92, 116, 117 Broadhurst, Christopher: 27, 43, 44, 45, 52, 56, 57,116,117,167 Brocksmith, Mary Be1h:43, 116, 117, 166 Buehler, Michael: 56, 72, 73, 102, 116 Burns, Richard: 118, 119 J IJ Callan, Dawn: 63, 118, 119, 167 Callaway, Charles: 20, 44, 52, 56, 57, 118, 119, 164, 165, 167 Carson, Wanda: 118, 119 Casey, Cullen: 44, 56, 118, 119, 167 Castle, Lucy: 44, 103, 118, 119, 166 Couri, Dennis: 118, 119 Cramer, Joseph: 118, 119, 139 Crocker, Jenniler: 39, 43, 44, 48, 118, 119 Cundiff, Edward: 52, 56, 57, 118, 119 Curtis, Pamela: 41, 103, 118, 119 GL Davidson, Michael: 56, 72, 118, 119 Day, Michelle: 118, 119 DeFrance, Stacy: 43, 106, 118, 119, 144 DesJardins, Paige: 118, 119 Dickerson, Gregory: 52, 56, 118, 119 Donahue, Charles: 65, 109, 118, 119 Donald, Barry: 72, 73, 118, 119 Dowell, Erika: 44, 45, 118, 119 Drew, Matthew: 24, 37, 106, 118, 119 Dries, Suzanna: 106, 102, 121 Duncan, Emily: 49, 120, 121 Dunne, Carrie: 102, 121, 167 Dwyer, Mark: 102, 102, 121 Dwyer, Raegan: 52, 48, 49, 106, 107, 120, 121 Dwyer, Ronald: 52, 56, 72, 102, 121 Dwyer 194 , Thomas: 3, 23, 61, 64, 120, 121 :J Esposito, Stephanie: 120 Estoye, Jennifer: 44, 106, 107, 120, 121 Evans, Jerry: 40, 120, 121 N il Falcon, Belinda: 120, 121, 167 Fiddes, Donald: 75, 120, 121 Filzen, Gary: 56, 111, 120, 121 Filzen, Mark: 120, 121 Filzen, Michael: 120, 121 Fitzsimmons, Colleen: 120, 121, 166 Flaherty, Terrance: 53, 61, 99, 106, 120, 121 Fortune, Monique: 63, 120, 121 Foster, Kimberly: 120, 121, 167 Frank, Timothy: 37, 44, 52, 56, 120, 121 Fuertges, Timothy: 44, 120, 121 Fulton, Karen: 44, 66, 95, 120, 121 J Galietta, Dana: 109, 122, 123 Gamache, Daniel: 61, 122, 123 Garmer, Archie: 122, 123 Glore, Sharene: 17, 44, 122, 123, 127, 167 Goble, Martin: 56, 122, 123 Gordon, Daniel: ae, 37, as, 44, 52, eo, 61, ioa, 122, 123, 139, 167 Gorman, Thomas: 9, 27, 44, 61, 122, 123, 134, 167 Gough, Deborah: 122, 123 Gray, Gerald: 64, 65, 122, 123 Gray, Michael: 41, 122, 123 ,L rl -I-I Haifa, Caroline: 114, 122, 123 Hall, Thomas: 43, 122, 123 Harpman, Kirsten: 122, 123 Hartwig, Heather: 24, 44, 63, 122, 123 Harvey, Elaine: 27, 44, 48, 49, 107, 122, 123, 167 Heer, Holly: 108, 113, 122, 123 Heinzen, Erik: 37, 38, 44, 69, 122, 123, 167 Heinzmann, David: 37, 56, 57, 122, 123, 167 Horst, Mark: 44, 122, 123, 167 . I :IJ -I lnskeep, Lori: 122, 123 Janovetz, Jennifer: 51, 108, 122, 123, 200 Johnson, Debbie: 124, 125, 166 Fflaijn . . if ,ll , 1 mcg 6 f A I 4 J , , ,V by ' , K .V IK .li .i Kahl, Michelle: 124, 125, 167 Keenen, John: 124, 125 Kelch, William: 56, 57, 124, 125, 167 Kelly, Patrick: 39, 43, 124, 125, 166 Kelly, William: 29, 44, 52, 56, 57, 124, 125 Kencke, Jennie: 43, 49, 124, 125 Kenny, Carolyn: 99, 124, 125 Kenny, Paul: 61, 124, 125 Kiesewetter, Glenn: 44, 56, 124, 125 King, Michael: 56, 124, 125, 167 Kinney, Kimberly: 114, 124, 125 Kirn, Natalie: 16, 41, 48, 124, 125, 167 Klein, Barbara: 15, 93, 124, 125 Kllse, James: 22, 24, 37, 43, 44, 45, 124, 125 Klodnycky, Andrea: 28, 29, 50, 51, 124, 125 Knaus, Paula: 124, 125 Knott, Patricia: 124, 125 Krumholz, Michelle: 7, 27, 50, 51, 124, 125 1 -I LaHood, Darin: 75, 124, 125, 164 Lamb, Mark: 21, 124, 125 Langan, Julie: 7, 124, 125 Lang1ord, Chad: 42, 43, 44, 124, 125 Lawless, David: 23, 39, 53, 109, 126, 127 Lee, Julianna: 35, 107, 126, 127 Lee, Nancy: 27, 44, 48, 49, 126, 127 Lemons, Kelley: 126, 127 Lersch, Joseph: 3, 126, 127 Lowder, Dean: 21, 126, 127, 166, 199 Lyons, Daniel: 53, 126, 127, 167 'rrl -I-l.l Maley, Steven: 20, 52, 56, 126, 127 Mathey, Donald: 126, 127, 167 McLaughlin, Kathleen: 21, 126, 127, 167 McNally, Thomas: 126, 127, 134 McQuelIon, Stacy: 44, 66, 67, 126, 127 Meismer, Charles: 22, 37, 56, 97, 126, 127 Michelet, Mark: 44, 56, 126, 127, 167 Minor, Jean: 40, 126, 127 Moore, Jennifer: 67, 82, 83, 126, 127 Moore, Paul: 44, 126, 127 Muchow, Mary Lisa: 29, 126, 127, 164, 166 Murphy, Anthony: 'Flea .iq Naas, Aaron: 126, 127 Navarro, Maria: 44, 109, 126, 127 Neuhaus, Michael: 128, 129 Nevitt, Lisa: 44, 128, 129 O'Brien, Thomas: 128, 129, 166 Onken, James: 128, 129 Osmulski, Scott: 128, 129, 199 ' 1' HH Panczak, Katherine: 27, 37, 44, 48, 128, 129, 166 '85' .. .J Pavek, Diana: 128, 129, 166 Penn, Thomas: 23, 37, 44, 68, 69, 128, 129 Pham, Binh: 128, 129 Powers, Douglas: 75, 128, 129, 199 Pritchard, Melanie: 128, 129, 166 Quast, Jonathan: 128, 129 'r.l -.I Radke, Jeffrey: 17, 41, 109, 128, 129 Rakestraw, Joseph: 128, 129 Rediger, James: 56, 128, 129 Riecker, Wendy: 48, 128, 129 Rogers, Verda: 128, 129 Rose, Jeffrey: 128, 129, 166 Rossiter, Matthew: 128, 129 s Saltsman, Karen: 128, 129 Schaub, Rebecca: 44, 128, 129 Schelp, Kathleen: 17,41, 106,114,130,131,198 Scherer, Jill: 51, 130, 131, 164, 169 Schifeling, Amy: 130, 131 Schmitt, Rebecca: 44, 130, 131, 166 Serangeli, Teresa: 43, 44, 130, 131 Settelmyer, Scott: 44, 130, 131 Setterlund, Tracie: 11, 27, 38, 48, 112, 113, 130, 131 Shea, Benjamin: 20, 29, 56, 75, 130, 131 Sherer, Mary: 130, 131 Shults, Regina: 130, 131 Skaggs, Brian: 56, 130, 131 Skender, Jennifer: 100, 130, 131, 167 Slevin, Neil: 19, 130, 131 Smarjesse, Elizabeth: 130, 131, 167 Smith, Matthew: 23, 44, 108, 130, 131 Smith, Penelope: 29, 43, 106, 130, 131 Starling, Brian: 130 Stolz, Cheryl: 48, 49, 130, 131 Stone, Jennifer: 4, 39, 101, 130, 131 Swaminathan, Rajesh: 44, 130, 131 Swanson, Thomas: 44, 52 63, 75, 130, 131, 164, 167 Swigris, Jody: 50, 51, 92, 130, 131 L ' I' :a ' I' I 4 id Tadie, Joseph: 37, 43, 44, 52, 61, 103, 110, 132, 133 Tallon, Philip: 22, 75, 92, 132, 133 Thatcher, Mark: 56, 132, 133 Thomas, Mary: 44, 132, 133, 167 Thomas, Tina: 37, 44, 132, 133 Tucker, Michael: 56, 75, 127, 132, 133 Uhll, Jacqueline: 36, 37, 39, 42, 44, 66, 67, 132, 133 li 'rv J Waldschmic1t,Tericia: 132, 133 Walker, Patrick: 41, 132, 133 Weisbruch, Bonnie: 132, 133 Welsh, Joseph: 132, 133, 167 Whitby, Kristopher: 17, 40, 41, 44, 102, 132, 133, 166 White, Marc: 132, 133, 154 Wiebler, Stann: 17, 29, 40, 127, 132, 133, 198 Wikoff, Michelle: 27, 44, 51, 132, 133, 166 Wikoff, Nancy: 44, 132, 133 Wilton, Wendy: 4, 29, sa, 100, 132, 133, 167 Winkler, Shelley: 70, 132, 133 Wrhel, Eric: 132, 133 W an Yap, Sin: 132, 133 Zarley, Tricia: 29, 50, 51, 132, 133 Zerbonia, Steven: 23, 132, 133 J'J'1.'J'LL'JRfi Glass ' ' ' u al -J Abraham, Adam: 134 Aldridge, Jody: 134 Anderson, Lisa: 134 Aranas, Marsha: 44, 83, 134 Athen, Michelle: 41, 134 h 1 Bauers, Jodi: 134 Baxter, Lisa: 134, 137, 150 Berge, Laurel: 40, 134 Bishop, Kimberly: 43, 134 Boley, Michael: 134 Bowers, Lisa: 100, 134 Boyer, Carol: 40, 41, 83, 134 Bradshaw, Chrissy: 42 Brown, Lewis: 134 Burk, Christopher: 134 E' J fu Callan, Todd: 68, 134 Callaway, Margaret: 50, 51, 134 Calvert, Stacy: 42, 134 Campbell, Troy: 56, 72, 73, 134 Carlson, Jeflrey: 17, 56, 108, 134 Carman, Juliannz 96, 134 Carroll, Robert: 37, 61, 134 Clayton, Toby: 134 Cornick, Scott: 134 Couri, Brian: 44, 56, 72, 134 Cramer, Deborah: 134 Crocker, Elizabeth: 42, 44, 48, 65, 83, 135 GL Daly, Kathleen: 135 Daly, Matthew: 135 Davis, Melanie: 135 Dawson, Shannon: 135 DeLaCruz, Francisco: 23, 61, 110, 135 Dentino, Michelle: 23, 37, 42, 66, 67, 116, 135 Dinh, Tuyen: 43, 135 Donahue, Johanna: 135 Donnoe, Sheila: 42, 44, 135 obnovan, Kerrie: 99, ioa, 109, 135 Draggist, Jill: 42, 135 Driggs, George: 56, 72, 73, 135 Durand, Winsley: 106, 135 Duvall, Jack: 135 N Z! Eason, Timothy: 72, 135 Eisfelder, Kevin: 44, 135 English, Anne: 43, 135 Esposito, Christine: 135 Estoye, Robert: 134, 135, 137 Fahey, Kevin: 135 Falcon, Zenaida: 48, 135 Fitzanko, Sylvester: 135 Flaherty, Brian: 44, 53, 61, 135 Flynn, Margaret: 135 Follis, Shelley: 102, 135 Fortune, Mary: 83, 135 Fry, Maribeth: 28, 135 Furniss, Kristen: 135 Gallagher, Brian: 135 Gavin, Charles: 2, 44, 56, 75, 135 George, Joseph: 136 Gilfillan, Thomas: 23, 37, 61, 110, 136 Golianis, Christopher: 136 Gordon, Randall: 61, 136 Green, Christopher: 28, 56, 75, 136 Green, Timothy: 43, 69, 136 Griffin, Margaret: 136 Groh, George: 68, 136 'rl -I-I Halfner, Erin: 136 Hagemann, Jennifer: 83, 136 Hanley, Michelle: 134, 136 Hanley, Phyllis: 43, 136 Hanley, Thomas: 61, 136 Harris, Robert: 136 Harter, Scott: 56, 72, 136, 164 Harvey, Arlene: 48, 136 Hatcher, Joanna: 136 Hattermann, Troy: 43, 44, 136, 150 Heinz, Charles: 136 Hennessey, Angela: 24, 136 Herrera, David: 23, 60, 61, 136 Herrin, Laura: 41, 136 Higgins, M, Christine: 136 Highfill, Angie: 136 Horst, Deborah: 44, 136 'N Jennetten, Peter: 43, 44, 137, 200 Jinkerson, Robert: 137 Jorgensen, James: 43, 56, 95, 137 Joseph, Karen: 51, 137 R QI-I Kaulman, John: 43, 44 Keating, Angela: 137 Kelly, James: 2, 56, 75, 113, 137 Kendall, Jonathan: 56, 72, 137 Kenny, Patrick: 45, 61, 137 Kernan, William: 7, 64, 65, 137 Koch, Maureen: 66, 137 Kocher, Robert: 24, 61, 137 Kraus, Donald: 41, 137 Kubitschek, John: 56, 137 1 -I LaBrush, Lisa: 42, 48, 137 Landuyt, Luanne: 42, 43, T37 Langfels, Noelle: 41, 137 Leary, Erin: 137 Leman, Cinthia: 17, 41, 42, 137 Lonteen, Brent: 23, 137 Ludolph, William: 56, 137 Loung, Lien: 82, 83, 137 Lyons, Joseph: 53, 109, 137 'rrl -.I-I-I Mahan, Michelle: 137 Mahony, Ann: 138 Majeske, Greta: 138 Mangan, Matthew: 138 Martin, Robert: 138 Matheis, Carol: Mattingly, Monica: 138 Mattson, Mark: 138, 200 McCraith, Timothy: 42, 43, 138 McLinden, Molly: 138 McNutt, John: 61, 99, 138 Mefford, Steven: 43, 44, 138 Meizelis, Lee Ann: 37, 43, 44 Millar, Karen: 65, 82, 83, 138 Miller, Martin: 43, 44, 138 Moore, Brian: 138 Moore, Tami: 37, 63, 70, 98, 114, 1 Moredock, Tanya: 70, 99, 138 Morris, Julie: 3, 138 Muchow, Margaret: 138 Murphy, Michael: 43, 138 'rl -I-I Nauman, Patricia: 44, 67, 138 Nee, Michael: Newby, Julie: 67, 138 Newsom, Melinda: 138 Nguyen, Muc: 138 Noreuil, Andrew: 43, 44, 65, 138 O'Brien, Kathleen: 138 O'NeiIl, Joseph: 138 Orr, Tiffany: 43, 44, 127, 139 Ou, Younxiang: 139 1 Paar, Michael: 72, 139 Paluska, Matthew: 44, 72, 139 Pasco, Samuel: 139 Pascual, F, Bradley: 72, 73, 139 Patterson, Christian: 44, 65, 139 Pestl, Michelle: 43, 48, 82, 83, 139 Petit, David: 61, 139 Petrone, Matthew: 139 Pfister, Jennifer: 42, 139 Pham, Bac: 139 Powers, Julie: 44, 63, 110, 139 Powers, Paige: 139 'f.l -I Rebatzke, Michelle: 139 Rezac, Kevin: 139 Richardson, Michael: 29, 56, 72, 139, 198 og J7 Riddell, Mary Kate: 9, 40, 41, 139 Ritschel, Margaret: 43, 66, 92, 139 Robbins, Allen: 139 Robinson, Heather: 43, 44, 48, 49, 139 Ryan, Colleen: 92, 139 s Sager, Elizabeth: 43, 66, 139 Sandvos, Matthew: 68, 110, 139 Schaub, Daniel: 61, 139 Schauerte, Michael: 61, 139 Schaumburg, Scott: 74, 75, 140 Schlink, Jeflrey: 61, 140 Schmitt, Anne: 44, 140 Schultheis, Elizabeth: 140 Setterlund, Teresa: 51, 140 Shea, lrene: 16, 42, 140 Slate, Jenniler: 140 Slaughter, Craig: 56, 140 Slevin, Meaghan: 50, 51, 110, 140 Smith, Andrew: 61, 140 Smith, Jerrick: 140 Smith, Kari: 70, 109, 140 Snider, Harold: 61, 140 Speer, Michael: 140 Staats, Michele: 37, 40, 140 Stenger, Todd: 140 Stephens, Molly: 37, 43, 140 Swanson, Sandra: 44, 140 Swearingen, Shea: 140 L 1 -I Tadie, Matthew: 23, 140 Tanner, Charles: 56, 141 Taraska, Katrina: 141 Thierer, Christopher: 141 Tilly, Bryan: 26, 56, 75, 141 Tomsovic, David: 141 'Ula-: 1 -4-I Unes, Angela: 115, 141 Varda, Joseph: 43, 95, 141 Vest, Veronica: 141 Vignali, Matthew: 44, 68, 141 Vu, Phan: 44, 141 is avr Wagnaar, Andrew: 44, 141 Wahl, Kevin: 141 Warner, Melissa: 17, 29, 48, 102, 141 Weisbruch, Amy: 141 Weitzel, Richard: 40, 41, 141 Willard, Annette: 141 Willi, Barbara: 82, 83, 141 Wiswall, Erin: 141 sez Yap, Ping: 141 Zeithammer, William: 141 Ziegler, Matthew: 141 SJZEH Q. Aaron, Matthew: 72, 142 Abson, Robert: 142 Adams, Lisa: 26, 43, 142 Anderson, Stefanie: 142 Anthony, Charles: 58, 72, 142 Anzaldua, Isaac: 58, 72, 142 Aranas, Maria: 37, 83, 142 Armato, Joseph: 142 Armstrong, Patrick: 58, 59, 76, 77, 142 Azizpour, Megan: 41, 142 I 1 Backer, Nicol: 142 Baer, Stephen: 58, 148 Baird, Erica: 43, 142 Baker, Stephanie: 142 Baxter, Frank: 61, 72, 142 Behm, Daniel: 14, 43, 58, 142 Bell, Donna: 43, 142 Bentley, Camille: 83, 142 Berry, David: 43, 58, 142 Bloom, Kelly: 113, 142 Bolton, Carol: 70, 142 Boucher, Lisa: 70, 142 Brady, Jill: 50, 51, 142, 164 Brant, Sara: 142 Briggs, Valerie: 43, 83, 143 Broadhurst, Anthony: 58, 76, 77, 143 Brocksmith, Ross: 143 Brown, Lewis Buchner, Matthew: 23, 61, 72, 143 Bullock, Christina: 43, 143, 144 Bullock, Ronald: 143 J fu Carnigan, Robert: 58, 72, 143 Carlsten, Michael: 72, 143 Carr, Christine: 43, 143 Carrigan, Nita: 83, 143 Carroll, Maureen: 43, 143 Christy, Michael: 14, 43, 143 Collins, Christopher: 143 Connett, William: 96, 143 Coombes, Emily: 143 Cooper, Kathryn: 1, 143 Cooper, Kendra: 3 Couri, Carla: 143, 144 Cramer, Diane: 143 Cramer, Stephen: 100, 143 Cramton, Lynne: 102, 143 Cundiff, Monica: 62, 63, 70, 71, 143 Cunningham, Jill: 40, 103, 143 Cutter, Christopher: 37, 61, 72, 2, 143, 144 El. Dallavis, Kimberly: 17, 40, 41, 108, 143 Dawson, Harold: 3 DeCapp, Kent: 14, 113, 143 Dickerson, Jennifer: 144 Diekhoff, Dawn: 23, 26, 62, 63, 70, 144 Dille, Margaret: 17, 67, 144 Dinh, Lien: 43, 144 Dowell, Ingrid: 65, 144 Dugard, Patricia: 17, 40, 43, 144 Dunniway, Kerri: 17, 41, 42, 144 Durbin, Edward: 144 Dwyer, Kathleen: 144 X IJ Eddy, Charles: 96, 144 Efinger, Jennifer: 67, 144 196 Jul JRL5 Glass oi '33 N il Fahey, Heather: 144 Fitzanko, Kenneth: 144 Fitzanko, Katherine: 83, 144 Fleissner, Kristen: 144 Fleming, William: 144 Ford, Gina: 96, 144 Frank, Tad: 43, 144 Frazier, Jeffrey: 43, 58, 77, 4 Fry, Steven: 56, 144 Fuertges, David: 61, 144 Fulton, Brady: 68, 144 EJ! Galietta, Christian: 58, 144 Gamache, David: 23, 37, 43, 61, 72, 144 Garske, Thomas: 144 Gathers, Robin: 17, 145 Gebhards, Terri: 17, 40, 49, 145 Gilfillan, Jeffrey: 43, 55, 61, 72, 145 Glastetter, Michael: 145 Glubb, Julie: 43, 145 Gorman, Michele: 24, 43, 50, 51, 115, 144 Grace, Jennifer: 145 gh rl -I-I Harper, Toni: 145 Hartwig, Joseph: 58, 72, 145 Hatcher, Michelle: 145 Hayden, Daniel: 58 Heller, Michael: 145 Hickman, Monica: 13, 42, 43, 145 Highfill, Tammy: 145 Hobin, Michael: 55, 61, 77, 145 Hoerdemann, Brett: 69, 105, 145 Hopkins, Edward: 58, 105, 145 iej lhnken, Ann: 144, 145 lrwin, Carrie: 62, 63, 142, 145 Jonas, Kelly: 43, 145 Joseph, David: 145 'I Q4 Kahl, Stephanie: 145 Kaufman, Theresa: 43, 145 Keck, Anita: 43, 145 Keenan, Jacquelyn: 145 Kelley, John: 145 Kelly, Shannon: 61, 145 Kiefer, Julie: 17, 40, 43, 145 Kilgo, Alexander: 14, 53, 58, 105, 145 King, Wayne: 146 Kingery, Lori: 10, 42, 146 Kinney, Michelle: 146 Kirchgessner, Amy: 16, 146 , 145 Ji Kistner, Valerie: 16, 41, 42, 43, 146 Kline, Gabriel: 146 Kline, Matthew: 146, 157 Kouri, James: 146 Kouri, Kevin: 146 1 L LaHood, Amy: 18, 43, 51, 146 LaHood, Maria: 37, 42, 66, 146 LaHood, Tricia: 63, 82, 83, 70, 146 Lakin, David: 146 Lawless, Mary: 16, 41, 146 Leary, Jennifer: 146 Lee, Christina: 70, 83, 146 Lee, Martin: 43, 68, 146 Lefler, Timothy: 6 Lilly, Jennine: 62, 83, 146 Link, Craig: 18, 68, 146 Ludolph, Douglas: 58, 59, 72, 73, 146 Ludolph, Mark: 18, 58, 146 Luong, Loan: 146 Luong, Mai: 83, 146 'rrl -I-I-I Majeske, Laura: 146 Maroon, Michele: 35, 42, 43, 62, 146 Martin, Jamie: 43, 70, 71, 146 Maushard, Gerald: 68, 146, 147 Maushard, Joseph: 43, 58, 146 McEnroe, Anthony: 43, 65, 72, 146 McGrew, Janet: 42, 43, 101, 147 Melcher, Allison: 137, 147 Michelet, Jill: 83, 147 Midlam, Roger: 147 Mielke, John: 61, 147 Miller, Matthew: 18, 37, 147 Mocilan, Christina: 147 Montefusco, Brian: 65, 72, 147 Morrison, Jennifer: 17, 41, 43, 49, 147 Myrna, Linda: 43, 147 'rlei ..i..i Navarro, Juan: 147 Neal, Christine: 25, 62, 147 Neilson, Jeffrey: 147 Oates, Nancy: 41, 42, 147 O'Brien, Sherrie: 147 O'Hanlon, Sean: 61, 103, 147 Oltornan, Kristen: 147 Onken, Mary: 147 1 Paczut, Magdalena: 42, 43, 83, 101, 147 Palka, Amy: 43, 71, 147 Palmer, Joseph: 147 Paluska, Gina: 13, 17, 40, 41, 62, 147 Parker, Monte: 147 Parker, Nicole: 147 Peeples, John: 77, 147 Peeples, Kayla: 147 Pendergrass, Matthew: 58, 77, 103, 148 Penn, Kristine: 67, 148 Petit, Jeanne: 17, 42, 148 Pilon, Jill: 43, 137, 142, 148 Pitcher, Elizabeth: 148 Powell, James Powers, Joseph: 58, 147, 148 'r.l .i Reeves, Roger: 148 Reiser, Natalie: 83, 148 Reiser, Nicole: 148 Rezac, Craig: 61, 148 Richardson, James: 148 Rodde, April: 41, 42, 147, 148 Q Schepke, Christina: 43, 148 Schifeling, James: 61, 148 Schlink, Jennifer: 148 Schmitt, Lucinda: 68, 148 Schultz, Jeffrey: 42, 69, 148 Schweickert, Mary: 148 Selman, Lisa: 43, 148 Sharp, James: 55, 72, 148 Shea, Elizabeth: 148 Shernak, Lisa: 148 Shults, Karen: 148 Sier, Robin: 148 Skaggs, Troy: 58, 148 Smith, Charles: 68, 76, 77 Snider, Amy: 42, 43, 49, 62, 148 Spencer, Tammie: 148 Stash, William: 148 Stickelmaier, Susan: 17, 41, 43, 148 Stimpert, Melissa: 43, 51, 148 Stolz, Earl: 1, 72, 58, 148 Stone, Michael: 58, 148 Storm, Angela: 148 L 1 .I Tanner, Craig: 26, 58, 76, 77, 148 Taylor, Chad: 148 Thomas, John: 43, 58, 148 Thomas, Thomas: 65, 72, 148 Tomsovic, Brian: 149 Trad, Tony: 23, 24, 149 1V Varda, Jay: 58, 149 VonLewinski, Hans Philipp: 149 i 1 v I J Waldschmidt, Todd: 23, 25, ai, 149 Waters, Timothy: 43, 65, 149 Welsh, Andrew: 58, 72, 149 While, Kristine: 149 Willi, Timothy: 61, 149 Williams, Angela: 43, 149 Winkler, Timothy: 68, 147, 149 Wright, Molly: 43, 149 J Zarley, Alicia: 51, 149 5 :..Lii:JEI1.fI.Eil.NT Glas 4 QQ '39 Q. Avila, Adina: 67, 150 h 1 Bader, Christina: 150 Bader, James: Baer, Phillip: 76, 150 Bainter, Nicole: 70, 150 Barksdale, LaTriece: 150 Bartley, Michael: 150 Beckman, Jennifer: 41, 70, 150 Beil, Jacob: 59, 150 Bergevin, David: 150 Bishop, Douglas: 59, 76, 150 Bohlman, Christina: 66, 150, 157 Boley, Amanda: 150 Boley, Joseph: 61, 150 Boos, Brittney: 61, 150 Borin, Meredith: 17, 42, 150 Bowers, Douglas: 59, 150 Bowton, Andrew: 61, 150 Brecklin, Karen: 66, 150 Brown, Craig: 27, 150 Brown, Michael: 150 Buehler, Patrick: 150 Bunce, Amy: 42, 43, 150 Burton, Christopher: 17, 150 .i fu Cady, Douglas: 59, 76, 150 Cisneros, Luz: 150 Clary, Kimberly: 41, 150 Clay, Regina: 42, 83, 150 Conley, Erin: 151 Connor, Edward: 59, 72, 151 Cooper, Krista: 151 Cooperl Maria: 41, 151 Corey, Patrick: 151 Couri, Christopher: 37, 59, 72, 151 Coyle, Daniel: 59, 151 Criss, Michael: 105, 151 QL Damerell, Paul: 76, 151 Davidson, Christina: 151 Daxenbichler, Christine: 151 Day, Michael: 59, 151 DeFrance, Jeff: 59, 72, 151 DeSanty, Keith: 151 Disharoon, Kristen: 41, 151 Donnelly, Patrick: 59, 77, 151 Donovan, Michael: 6, 17, 40, 42, 151 Dugard, Gregory: 59, 151 Dunne, Christopher: 59, 151 Dwyer, Ginny: 151 1 IJ Eason, Ellen: 62, 151 Eisfelder, Eric: 151 Englert, Jeremy: 61, 72, 151 E Q -A Farquharson, lan: 151 Farraher, Vanessa: 70, 151 Farraher, Veronica: 137, 151 Fieffer, Renee: 151 Filzen, Timothy: 41, 59 Flaherty, Patrick: 27, 98, 151 Ford, Kate: 24. 67, 70, 151 Foster, Troy: 68, 152 Frasco, Holly: 67, 152 Frezza, Leah: 41, 70, 152 Q Gambogi, Laura: 41, 62, 70, 97, 152 Garbs, Mara: 41, 150, 152 152 Gillham, Paul: 152 Glore, Dennis: 152 Glore, Paul David: 17, 152 Goldsby, Tina: 41, 152 Grebner, William: 17, 152 Grow, Thomas: 59, 152 'L rl -J-I Haerr, Eric: 152 Hawley, Jonathan: 152 Hallam, Robert: 152 Hanley, Mary: 152 Hansen, Tobi: 41, 152, 157 Heinz, Adam: 59, 152 Heinzen, Carrie: 17, 40, 152 Heller, Gregory: 59, 77, 152 Henderson, Kirk: 65, 76, 152 Hendon, Phoenicia: Hoehn, Michael: 61, 152 Hoelzel, Sarah: 152 Hoff, Allen: 13, 17, 40, 41, 152 Hopkins, Daniel: 76, 152 Hunsicker, Eric: 152 'N Jacobus, Michael: 152 Johnson, Brian: 152 Johnston, Matthew: 59, 76, 152 Jorgensen, Anne: 67, 152 Joseph, Gregory: 36, 59, 152 Joseph, William: 59, 72, 152 IK Qi.: Kelch, Jennifer: 152 Kelly, Jennifer: 153 Kennedy, Christopher: 69, 153 Kennedy, Steve: 153 Keogel, Amy: 62, 153 Khattar, Laurie: 153 Kirchgessner, Jenny: 67, 98, 153 Kirn, Nicole: 153 Knight, John: 61, 76, 153 Kovars, Richard: 68, 153 Krigbaum, Kevin: 69, 153 Krumholz, Kimberly: 5, 51, 153 1 L LaHood, Kristi: 62, 153 Langan. Deborah: 153 Langford, Sarah: 37, 66, 153 Larson, Jacques: 26, 58, 59, 68, 76, 153 Laux, Richard: 153 Lewis, Christine: 153 Leyland, John: 65, 153 Lindsey, Terry: 153 Lopez, Alma: Loving, Crystal: 153 Lowe, Michele: 65, 153 Ludolph, Brent: 59, 153 'rrl -I-I-I Maher, Maureen: 41, 67, 153 Maicina, Kathy: 153 Maley, Ryan: 59, 72, 153 Maison, Jennifer: 41, 62, 154 Mannlein, Brian: 154 Mansfield, April: 154 Marks, R. Jason: 61, 76, 154 Maroon, C. Michael: 68, 76, 105, 154 Maroon, Nicholas: 76, 154 Marsh, Frank: 154 Matheny, Tricia: 154 Mathewson, Beth: 154 Matthews, Rachel: 154 Maubach, Anna: 62, 98, 154 Maubach, Cassandra: 98, 154 McAfee, Ranee: 154 McCulla, Tonya: 154 McGann, Robynn: 41, 105, 154 McLaughlin, Peggy: 67, 154 McQuirter, Brian: 154 Menke, Susan 43, 154 Millar, Lori: 65, B2, 83, 154 Miller, Christopher: 16, 17, 41, Miller, Ray: 154 Moore, Kandice: 36, 41, 154 Morris, Amy: 17, 154 Moss, Eric: 59, 72, 154 Mounts, Julia: 154 Muchow, Molly: 67, 154, 164 Murphy, Stephen: 154 Myrna, Deborah: 155 'rl -.I-J Nay, Scot: 59, 155 Nelson, Kurt: 59, 155 Newsom, John: 59, 76, 155 Noreuil, Nicole: 41, 83, 155 O'Brien, Mary: 155 Olson, Jennifer: 50, 155 Oltman, Jody: 155, 157 Oltman, Thomas: 59, 155 Outlaw, Lisa: 27, 83, 155 I9 Papis, Edward: 59, 155 Patterson, Danya: 155 Petrany, Twynette 57, 155 Pickerill, Paige 70, 155 Portales, Ricardo: Powell, Angela: 41, 155 Powers, Amy: 155 'r.l -I Rath, Cynthia: 155 Rebatzke, Michael: 61, 155 Rediger, Eric: 59, 155 Renick, Molly: 155 Renski, Thomas: 59, 155 Riddell, Bridget: 17, 41, 42, 62, 155 Riley, Michael: 59, 77, 155 Robinson, Aleece: 41, 67, 155 Rogers, John: Rose, Diana: 155 Ruscheinski, Christine: 51, 155 C Sander, Joseph: 155 1 1 Schelp, Jennifer: 6, 17, 83, 155, 157 Schwartz, Michelle: 156 Schwartz, Sherry: 156 Settelmyer, David: 156 Shaheen, Amy: 37, 67, 156 Shanks, Kathryn: 67, 156 Shea, Jennifer: 41, 156 Simkins, Christopher: 156 Siror, Deanne: Slate, Rebecca: 41, 42, 83, 156 Slevin, Moira: 36, 37, 67, 115, l Smith, Jennifer: 156 Smith, Katherine: 70, 156 Stenger, Julie: 49, 156 Stone, Trent: 72, 76, 156 Sutton, Andrea: 41, 42, 156 Swigris, Jill: 115, 156 Sylkaitis, Scott: 156 L Q -I Thomas, Cynthia: 37, 67, 156 Tilly, Jennifer: 67, 156, 157 Tornetich, Jennifer: 41, 156 Torrey, David: 59, 76, 155 Trammell, Jodie: 59, 155 Tran, Diane: 41, 43, 104, 156 Tucker, Logan: 77 -lien we wp-I Urbana, Mallhew: 156 Vaughn Noah: 156 Vest, Bernard: 156 ri avr J Wagnaar, Julie: 43, 157 Walder, Shaun: 68, 157 Waldschmidt, Terri 61, 157 Waller, Kristina: 41, 157 Waters, Jeffrey: 157 Webb, Steven: 157 Webster, James: 157 Wentworth, Paige: 42, 157 Whalen, Ann: 157 Whiteside, David: 157 Willi, Sharon: 41, 83, 157 Williams, Aimee: 157 Williams, Brendan: 157 Williams, Cara: 70.82, 83, 157 Williams, Christopher: 77, 157 Wilsdorf, Roger: 157 Wilson, Jennifer: 49, 157 Woolsey, Sarah: 35, 40, 41, 42, Wright, Laura: 65, 157 V Yontz, Kristen: 41, 42, 62, 157 Young, Jill: 157 5 67 157 On stage nn Babes m Arms, Semors Kathleen Schelp and Stann Weibler assemble a coffee table. Mike Rxchardson recexves a pass as he warms up at Peoria Stadium. Une Piece at a Time The final pieces. Wondering if you've got a B+ average. And the finals checlule will be . . . Summer plans. Cleaning the year's accumulated garbage out if your locker. Summer vacation. For three months, the echo of the bells in lmpty halls. eniors Scott Osmulski, Sin Yap, and Carol Adams dis- l1SS a problem in Catholic Vocations. During retreat, Doug Powers and Dean Lowder participate 1 a game of Simon Says, along with their whole class. Pieced Together 3X I ewk NS J! C Senior Jennifer Janovetz and juniors Peter Jennetten and Mark Mattson decorate a truck for the Homecoming parade 200 fggbwfx, Q u 60 M KUJCL 'QUT K K Qfxbr Xe gb 753 A05 xv JQ,i,w x fix 7? fQQbbN3bp XQ x N JL X ff F Mb df 3 J NV,bxQf EVJXI ffbggfxx ff' QCQJL 'YSEQNO' qi sg bn 605055 ? 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