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ONE STEP FURTHER 1982 SUIVIIVIA Academy Of Our Lady!Spalding Institute Peoria, Illinois 61603 Volume 42 Table Of Contents FALL 11 - EVENTS . . . 14 FACULTY . . .26 SPORTS 32 WINTER 48 EVENTS 50 STUDENTS 54 SPORTS . . . 106 SPRING .1. 124 EVENTS 126' 0R6ANlZlITIONS . . . 134 SPORTS 150 SUMMER . . . 209 Q ff' 4? an 4' b if S I I . 'S A 2, 414 ll 1 Tl? 0 2 1 if! 'Q Q .i:I. 2 .,W' 1 .3 l f- A 1 - if J , , 'iw Ja. 1 vi j H ww 'IQ 3 There we were, starting another new year, a year showing promise for ex- citement and enjoyment. Hopes were held high along with index fingers. Spalding's if! It always has been, it always will be: 'God made the Irish 41' Determination and persistence were evident throughout the year in almost everything. Spalding chose to be in- volved. We were determined to do well in sports as well as extracurricular activities. Students were even deter- mined when they were having fun. Irish pray for a victory. A Step Further Jamie and Heidi smile for the camera. Cheerleaders rouse crowd enthusiasm 'ai fe if My f ' ayqgyaf a me ii-gafS,,V,M gpg , 'gli ' - my J. ,A 1 3, 1 ea :rw 3 i5,.e,L,ee?jgs erm-isfaih ' , ',1- - 2, . nf., V, . I., army , V, -. gg A M- i t I V . 1 , .ri Mary Kay creates a familiar Senior saying, QA 4 Q- Aff ' Q' 'ggi I Gu if No more pictures, please! luniors take time out from hall decorations to pose lor a picture. H V 'W Hamming it up! Kathy and Michelle enjoy the Homecoming game X A Step Further This year proved to be another step, just One Step Further in our lives. lt was one more year of high school behind us. For Seniors, it washigh school behind us, so we took hold and grabbed what we could before it slipped through our fingers. We vowed to have our wildest fun, our best grades, our greatest achievements. ln e 1 many ways, these were fulfilled. s, l -. U ,ti 14.4 f . xr s j ' 'Wg' me . ' Q 1 4 K A kwa. 1 ' ' - - fs ,.,,,. A ?,e,,g'-1-4 -,-f-Q' i 3Se::.i.3 Wev-ess 'uf A Mi was : - 1, N ' r S, ,M ,g - - - gm.. EW 1 Q e: - ' it -1. 'x,as.:- ft, 1 ., , gs' - S' - if if ,::fiW ,. V, ., ff-.wt . ,. A if , i 'Q , es-sew... Uv -s,.R'f'N gf - 4' if ' fb- ,. xt- -gxfsgg-fi.1k'1x,Vf' .4 H pix 75,3 5' be S S, . L, I :ki-' ' , Pom Pon girls do their stuff. Lily Freshmen flash foxy smiles. Steve and lim show true lrish Spirit. 'WV Finishing up the float. Leaders of Spirit Q V A 3' Dunning...- K Karen and lill work on hall decorations. Drum and Burgle Corps perform at the Homecoming game. Rowdies at the East Peoria game. . 11.919 ' 5' at 'hr' ,i 1 t . L., ' W .f .M V 9 L 5 Se , E Vi 4 5 . ywy xv' t 3 l e oaks 45 0 Sui 40 Christ is part of us. A Step Further This year was One Step Further in all of our lives. Fresh- men were initiated to high school. Sophomores suffered through Driver's Education which the Juniors looked back on and laughed at as they drove. Seniors were on top of their small isolated world for what actually was nine months but seemed more like a few short moments. Each student at AOLXSI began the fall semester of 1981 with many hopes held up for magical 1982. 4. we Q-A.. -1 In A ,, ,, My 5 ,. ,,V,,,,1 v W 'K ,--Q liar- 'er ',V vWJn..- w Jw . 51 . x 'Nil Y W W 'M , 1 'vi A A ' I J ,. 5 'M x'1 ., M Q, 7, rc' Hifi ,I 'QW 52 5' A ww H. 1.1- Nw 1 W W ig, T I ' s!,!VE!:!?i - ' V' if 1 ' A . A ik! ' 1 ' K .fif-33,13 A k N , ' W iifis'fiIlf 5 ' J 'K Lf:f!-ff? sa 52 Yi' . f 1 k if ,' - J, ' 3 Z 5 , Jifffffw 'R ' 5 3 , , 3 , S A , WAR f Kiifgf 3 -' 3 el,?iw,Q,'lw ' in 1 V A i fx' .51 ,1 3 - 'Q' mflisvxs MQ gf. , 1 VT .'-AW-.JW ff, --'V V , . . 5, W is 5. E, 4.f?:'i'31 Q I -by 2' . K X. 11,2 296 F kk 6 fi. 5. ' f N. M, .., MQ, 'R ' f 1' '54 19+ gifia' H!-' A . L?1 M W . Y N uv 35, M , 'gp r dl fb' Mak ,Qu-f , M ll , fs 0 Sophomore girls smile tor the camera. Faculty and students alike appreciate the carnival. 1 i iii? 'F1-1,55 af Q-use 'Q -. W .. ga-si : s v ' 1, . A - ---A tl Go for it! 'wx gW?ef ao, r ff' . y , W .,,.,,,, , Af vi 6 f eww . ., .,.,:,h,, V Sarah, Kevin, Mary, and Mary enjoy the cotton cand f Z 5 '9 4 F 5-az Three hard-working senate members and a friend. -u,s Carnival Capers Popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy. All of these and more forms of refreshment were enjoyed by AOLXSI students at the fall carnival. This year's carnival was held in the fall, at the suggestion of Mrs. Emma Taylor, in hopes of avoiding the rain experienced on the carnival ofthe preceding year. The senior class board worked in the summer in order to insure the success of the carnival. Their hard work and preparation was evident. Entertainment was provided in several forms. A hypnotist performed mind-boggling specta- cles with students and the movie The Champ was available for viewing. All- in-all, September 4 proved to be an enjoyable day. .,..fw ' 1 1- l M Y . ,ifgg egg 'Q-.a.a,e,.wf me-A f 'T YV f 4? . .. Y' rf' f y wi,-51P4,,eg,'2:?2ef,'3. fs 1981 yearbooks were a great part of the carnival. The hypnotist performed tricks to amaze. h X 3 l Ring Day 1981: A Time To Reflect On Wednesday, Sep- tember 23, 1981, the Junior class received their class rings under the theme of friend- ship. ln an elaborate celebration, Fr. Beebe led the students in thanksgiving for the special moments in high school and how the class ring symbol- izes these moments. After the Mass, a lunch was served at the Pink- ney Feed Co., followed by dancing at the Sec- ond Chance. The day was a success and a good time was had by all lunior girls show oft their rings outside of Pinkney Feed Co. Here's to the Junior Class of 1981! Treasures Of The Present Add To Nlemories Of The Past Jim Gustafson reflects upon the signifcance of his new ring. Junior EMS Hffef M885 Bl the Cathedral. fl Qs.. Bob Manning read petitions at Mass. Michelle Doyle Hffef YCCOTVTNE her fing- 17 H 1 Homecoming Court 198 v 1 - gn, -.-N ,LA A ,M,J Students at Spalding had a right to be proud of their Homecoming Court. The six lucky girls chosen were beautiful representatives of our school. The fresh- man attendant, Lisa Dubicki, was escorted by Chris Tallon. The sophomore attendant, Heidi Riecker, was escorted by Phil Fiddes to the game and by Jamie McLaughlin to the dance. The Junior attendant, Beth Shaw, was escorted by Kevin Valaika. There were two senior attendants. Karen Durham wasescorted by Eddie George to the game and by Toby Block to the dance. Lisa Lamm was escorted by Jeff Polonus. Our beautiful 1981 Homecoming Queen, Mary Rakes- traw, was escorted by Leland Hall. ,W What A Parade! f Rowdie seniors create atmosphere. B' . iz E.. ,N Q!-an A' . .I i Y K- je Pre-parade posing ir T M p he he 1-Isnt: iv ---' '-- '- in V 5 4' The parade begins. ik FPS il t. .JW.,.L3.,g3'g,,.sk, e .gi ,,,,,,N I gg' me 5 1 s 5 r r ' i i I A 1 .3 I f A sophomore truck waits of roll. The Homecoming Parade was a success due to hard work of the Student Senate Committee in charge. The successful parade buoyed spirits and promoted rowdiness for the game. Yes, the crowd can help a team win the game. Irish Cage Lions!! i game against Peoria Central was won 27-8. The rowdie crowd helped the team win and the game was enjoyed by everyone. The exciting Homecoming Dave Ludolph reioices in an irish touchdown. Coach instructs the team, Happily returning to the bus. Lee kicks anotherone for the Irish. i f i I i Q! QE 4 Joe rushes toward the goal. Varsity players are introduced at a Pep Rally. Catch That Homecoming Spirit! Balloons and beads, cakes and cowboys, suits and togas - these are what Homecoming Week is made of. What is more fun than Homecoming Week?. Spirit days were a blast as the student body participated with relish. Many good times were experienced and the best of these was skits. Skits this year were better than before. Sophomores took third place with their skit, a take-off of The Sword in the Stone. Juniors took second place with skit, a take-off of The Mzard Of 01 starring Amy Rakestraw. The senior skit, directed by Nancy Johnson and Mary Alice Boyle, won first prize. With its singing and dancing, the Senior skit stood out and Lisa Lamm and Harold Donnelly shone brightly in the take-off on Grease. Most of all, Homecoming should be fun. This year's definitely was! Tomega women. ' . V. ,H . Juniors get wild!!! .vv Ain't we cute? Hard at work in Mrs. Taylor's class. ff' Q M in X . i af r Laura, an original Blues-brother The MAFIA Strikes again! W 4 fur Wim' gg if 1. 'Q is '4 'QV' Q X f il.: lrish spirit is flying high! Behind the scenes at skits. I'm an old cowhand. See How They Run, a farce by Phillip King, was enjoyed by all who viewed it. The comedy was fast-paced and well-done. It won first place in State competition at the Theater Festival. AOLXSI is proud of the fine group of people which composed the cast. See How They Run Greeting one another. There is more to a play than just the performance. The entrance of the sergaent. CAST Ida ia maidj ......... ...... Miss' Skillion The Reverend Lionel Toop .... Penelope Toop fhisb Sergaeht Clive Winton ..... The lntruder CRussian Spyb . . . The Bishop of Lax .,........... The Reverend Arthur Humphery .... Officer Towers Second Officer .Anne Schaub . . .Ellie Cahill . .Mike Reams Jenifer Daniels .Mike Hatcher .Joe Solomon .Pete Nauman . .Tom Butler Dan McGowan . .Greg Donley Y . X: 1 l N . r f I x 'Q j S 'sw we g fs' yfxz .E X N fls W. ' kg . kk xxx vly J E .3 M K 5 'C X. sy 1 , a - A' ' fx Lf Z - N Rf.. Q - f 5 E A L y K. A! ry , 5 ,wx MM t QL.-U.. Q 1 i ig Dvd, - ff, t x , x 1 S Q was xal .i i R gs ' W FC 'H :,,, ,. -.. f fm- 5 . , n - ... 'iffgfge-ijgmtiii t Q S A 5' wi A power-packed scene. . A u r v J SU is , f F' J 'U 4, 'XX V N 'W v Q ' ,yr -44 S X S, 1 i l 1 s 1 L 1 r E .ml Fr 9 Q 85525 '45 Q gi I A iffy? if-2-...-..-.' ga hx 5 Q 3 1 Q. . .sit-qu. .K R M MM Wm f' I Aff S ,n ,-.,.. L an Q - van'-M an A rrlft fitrttt v Mimi Q A i 5 ,W,,,,,..,,...-H-a+-' Working Together For Us School year 1981-1982 has once again shown students and faculty alike the concern and assis- tance of the AOL!Sl administration. Education is not all that is offered, but a Christian way of life. Under the direction of Sr. Marcia Ann Daume, c.s.j. and Mr. Ed Bradle, our school has run smoothly and profitably as is traditional for the Irish. ,ff ,L f Wei ..i.,.,,,,,,M WAHM? Cross Country trophy is presented by Coach Hanula at Pep Rally Mr. Bradle and team members prepare to present Canton first place trophy to Sr. Marcia. Our faithful leader Y' .t.1e1 was Mr. Bradle coaches. WL.. One more award! Coach Bradle pushes team on. , fmt, Susan Balda: Science Sr. Marcia Ann Daume: Principal Mary Donovan: Li- brarian Michelle Fogerty: English Fr. Charles Beebe: Religion, Liturgy Committee Lisa Delicath: Math, Summa, Volleyball Theresa Fianan: Reli- gion Annette Gury: Office loan Cychol: Social Studies, Dean of Women Tim Delicath: Sci- ence, Math, Volley- ball, Softball Deanne Fleming: Fine Arts, ETC David Hanula: Math, Cross Country, Track Kihei -5 l l Prim and Proper T Q I Gotcha! Stan the businessman l lol Busted Do blondes have more lun? A Good Year For AOL Sl Faculty You're STILL loveable. Nagy' Mrs. Hubert enjoys her work. Mr. Lang speaks. Stan Harris: Math, Girls' Basketball, Boys' Tennis Gordon Hitzeroth: Social Studies, Foot- ball, Baseball Sr. Roberta Houlihan: Guidance, Math Tim Irwin: Religion, MSI Linda Kapraun: Lan- guage, Spanish Club Debra Harrison: Lan- guage, Pom Pon, French Club Susan Hitzeroth: Sci- ence, Math Ellie Hubert: English Tom Kahn: Dean of Men, Athletic Direc- tor, Football , l Doris Kent: Office Helen Krause: Eng- lish, Scholastic Showdown Clara McCraith: Guid- ZFICC Cindy 0'Flaherty: So? cial Studies, Student Senate Dan Plaag: Social Studies, Basketball fm 5 9 Y 1 Sr. Barbara Link: So- cial Studies, Religion lerry McMahon: P.E., Health, Powerlifting, Football Sandra Ohrt: English, Language, Girls' Ten- nis Sr. Grace Marie Rohn: Office Pat Maley: Art, Shirt Shop Kathy Murray: P.E., Health, Tumbling Mary Osborne: Busi- ness, Summa ff W , f If fc fi Mickey Schallau: P.E. Health, Goll, Softball Gerald Maloney: Sci- ence Sr. Margaret Murray: Office, English Tom Pilat: Religion, Science, Boys' Swim- ming, Photographers Kathy Schefelbein: Home Ec, Cheer- leaders VE as , Mr. Guthrie mourns his loss. f Mr. Pilat leads a discussion Sr. Rita nabs Marty. L is ,B Your question can wait, Harold :Q Af' P ws Br. George conducts his class. Br. George Searles: Religion Br. David Wagner: Religion - i Joanne Shafts: Sci- ence Sharon Weiss: Lan- guage, National Hon- or Society, German efif ,f ,Q 'Q rt V! f fL i sr.. ,I X 1 ,7g1rx H Susan Singer: English Mitch Wiss: Guidance Ann Slaughter: Office Vicki Youngman: Business K as Emma Taylor: Sci- ence, Key Club Pauline Zerkle: Eng- lish Club Mrs. Maley, a dedicated teacher Mrs, Youngman Taking time to share a joke ls this when I'm supposed to smile? hard at work I 1 Ill!!! lllllllil IITSXSIID ll' QI 'I iii!! Q s L .V This is what teachers do best. Irish Football: The fighting Irish football teams have done it again! All three teams have had successful and explosive seasons with the outstanding efforts of players, coaches, managers, fans and parents. The varsity team had a record of 6-3. They fin- ished second in the Mid-State 10. Head Coach Tom Kahn commented on the season. Our seniors played very well, displaying excellent leadership. We started slow, but, after the Rich- woods game, we got better and better each game. They played outstanding defense against Washing- ton and Limestone. We are at the top of the league in defense. Our seniors will leave with a winning season. They played to their potential. As for the fans, the coach feels the student body's support and conduct was fantastic. He is quoted saying, lt is the best student body in the confer- ence, in the state, make that anywhere! This is mama's little boy! lrish line up against Bergan. Dave keeps Trojans from getting another touchdown The mighty lrish offense - what a play! Second In Conference Q C Joe dives tor the tirst down. R The trials and tribulations of football. The sweet taste ot victory. ,44' 3 1 , rr, 3 , J, X- Chalk another one up for the Irish. ' K! vi X mf?- if i i if e i. t to .Q l 'F 5 . J vi' 109 Girardi is definitely 3 ten! Football players meditate on tonight's game. a-qi What's this game we're playing? Coach Kahn explains the next move. Go for it! . - s Q e . ,w ,.t,,.t., gl . S l' f , , ' , 4 as f 5 A 1 l ,,,,,, 1 F. . -Q f 9, 1 A fy 9 f' ' I, , 1: A W r A 'F .,, .fa 'f 2. 'A A 'Y V A Q EF ' fir' , 1 QL .. ,. V I 3 V U W A My QL. A itz. 5 M ' K I '19, 'h ' , V, , A .. Q .,, ,tt A swf X - 5 'P' , i ,.. xwa Viryy K 1 Jr-, fn 5 i, Q M P R . . A, , . , or -is 1 V.f f.L,QHL.J'w, -I - ' ' . ,z R arf' , tl. l Seniors - First row: Dave 0'Connell, Charlie Galland, lerry Maushard, Joe , Girardi, Mark Hopkins, Dave Ramos, Bill Carman. Second, row: lim Shea, Mark Myers, Lee Armstrong, Steve Heinz, Paul Keenan, Tye Elliot. QQ, Vince Coaches: Gordon Hitzeroth, Dave Lang, Kevin Burk, Tom Kahn, Mark Propst, Dick Kelly, and Jerry McMahon. Varsity- First row: l. Shea, M. Myers, B. Carman, C. Galland, D. 0'Connell, L. Armstrong, 1. Maushard, l. Girardi, T. Elliot, M. Hopkins, S. Heinz, P. Keenan, D. Ramos, D. VanBus- kirk. Second row: R. Marx, I. Williams, T. Morrissey, D. Tucker, M. Hawkins, P. Eason, M. Blakey, K. McLaughlin, l. Camp, G. Spinks, R. Antrim, D. Ludolph, l. Carballido, E. Shana- han, E. Palladini, M. Mulligan, S. Slaughter, C. Moehn, B. Man- ning, l. Callaway, M. McQuellon, D. Shea. Sophomores - First row: M. Buchner, R. Schmitt, K. Faley, D. White, B. Campbell, B. Athen, P. Williams, l. Maushard, J. Hanley, P. Rivera, R. Ramos, 1. Carballido. Second row: 1. Rothan, S. Daly, l. Laughland, T. Dugard, K. Heinzen, B. Leg- gett, l. McLaughlin, S. Smith, B. Osmulski, D. Lowder, T. Drew, T. Newby. Freshmen - First row: M. Schmitt, N. Becker, T. Morton, S. Farris, K. Landry, l. Manning, M. LaHood, P. Kilgo, l. Moses, B. Taylor, K. McCann. Second row: l. Fagg, G. Venzon, M. Fin- negan, M. Menke, T. Butler, P. Adlington, C. Tallon, M. Buchner, D. Epley, M. Bousky, B. Ludolph, S. Schepke, B. Gelr hards, B. Sous, T. Tucker, T. Ardis, B. Pickerill, 1. Girardi, 1. Hanley, M. Childers, 1. Ryia, M. Kurtzman, B. Elliot, B. Gorsich, T. Valaika, M. Harbers, T. David- son, M. Rossiter, K. Coyle, l. Lawless, l. Varda, l. Dwyer. Q all Garramone was a dedicated manager all tour years and doubled as the , leprechaun. Other managers were Pat Berres, Dan Semlow, and left Konvalinka. Keep On Running! inn W n we 4- Cl g 5 .1 .n Q, , g X-f cf' s k k 1 1 t K K 2:X - 6-14 ' SS. X ' i . . .' gt g. J A ,Inv e lg tgfell--' 1 Row 1 Ckneeling, left to rightj: N. Ford, T. ' 3312, if ex S . Kelly, G. Bolton, K. Hahn, 1. Redding, L. I gy , t, 1 4 Folkens. Row 2: S. Willard, J. Grow, B. P ' . C 5 2, W Larsen, s. Kelly, 1. wiiiam,il. Potts, s. . . . Lawless, C. McEnroe, T. Miller, D. Gray, S. F g 'Y G . Kernan. E. Folkens, Coach Hanula. Row 3 C 'K if 1 'se:i?..'-4.2 + g G 1. f C S ' Si Cbackjz M. Alaksiewicz, l. Sluser, H. Pitlik, S ' be L C lf T. Carrigan, M. Gray, l. Langfels, D. D'Ag- 1 , g . g . h gg . xg . . , g . . nol0, R. Hammel. or f S Irish look determined. The lrish Cross Country was very successful despite the strong 97150 dependence on underclassmen. The Irish began their season with . a fifth place showing at the Canton lvitational where 16 teams Q participated. In the dual meets, the Irish finished 6-6. Led by Juniors Dan Gray, Steve Lawless, and Kevin Potts and Senior Lee T Folkens, the Irish defeated the Manual Rams midway through the f season by one point. This was a significant upset in the confer- A ence. ,, M g, Under the guidance of Coach Dave Hanula, the Irish went on to 'C at . T 1, rfil C T place sixth in the Mid-State 10 Conference Meet. ln the IHSA C 3 fi . My ..-K' 'T - i ,. D K Boys District Meet, Dan Gray placed third and Steve Lawless gf placed twelfth. They both advanced to the Sectionals in Freeport, Ill, placing 26th and 32nd respectively. 36 Flying to victory! Nice form, Kevin. 4.5-wwww ., 'Clio ' an V wh 'IPAQ ,gt.v ll I VX :nasal si,-WIN f- ff,, ,, f, ' gf' if-' .,,'f' w -'k' Iliy Q gigeffif? , ' 1, sf 1- .. i ' in . , -1 r , N -1 3 L -', L w .',' L aw: w M -51:1 gf' ,af W, ,, f' . 'gli 'M ,i We 'Z' f if MMM ' L' im, ' 1 ' t We is 's 'fi t i t is ar Q A .mf vw Yay. rg ,, V5.9 ,, -- K .alex . YQK A., NNQKR 3 . ,iefiyka J L M . 'MI' wgfnki :ix K nib? A gt ev: i Jw. ' ffl' , ' V ,, if 3 LW, VF'EA4.,' --Z. 9' A r M5 ,N 1- . W 'fi Q , K , 441.561 ?'gw5 , ,P . A ',fiJ' V a 1 in V .2 J f 'W 1 'iff , in K L , ' Y W 'L ,,,' ' it 1 ' K- r in L 4,5 t i . fwiil 'f I isa! . KM' M n x ixvwtg- I yy fy r . fri' :Wg Q , V m ' 5 Xb f W AJ fa, wh-' M5 :ff e 1 AK - i ' Y, wa' ' V' ' ,sf ' A351 ,' tc, dh -E N A ' Irish endurance and stamina! '. .V . fs, 'Q . q1I3L 'K' . ' X , ki ' ,, 1, .. , 'Q fn W , ef - 5 1 , eff x.. tr, . A 5. it , - V aw ,wel . . ,,,x, ss, v ..ka V gmt?-.. . .1 , . , A J .,, L.t ' Spalding sportsmanship exhibited. Lawless pulls ahead Although football is still the num- ber one fall sport at Spalding, there is another, soccer, which is fast- rising in popularity. Started as a varsity sport only two years ago, Spalding's soccer team has figured prominently in Mid-State 10 com- petition. Under the leadership of Mike Wilson, assisted by Mike Buchner, the Irish started the sea- son with a 3-3 tie to central, then went on to defeat the Bergan Tro- jans on Sept. 17. The Spalding - dominated game brought a 3-1 de- cision over the team who had for- merly been undefeated in three years of conference play. Another tie with Bergan, and, finally, a 2-2 tie to Woodruff on Tues., Oct. 20, clinched -the M.S. 10 conference championship for the Irish. In the final match of the conference sea- son, the Irish lost to the Knights while plagued with injury, giving the Irish a season total of 8-1-3. In Subsectional play, the Irish eliminated Richwoods with a 2-0 verdict. ln sub-sectional finals on Saturday, Oct. 31, there was a re- match between the Irish and the Troians. Ending the game in a 0-0 tie, they played two overtimes and two five-minute sudden deaths, Bergan won in a one-to-one shoo- tout. First row - Mike Kenny, Pete Bu- shell, Dave Bartolo, Marty Buchner, Hugh Boyle, Frank Boley, Second row - Mike Brocksmith, Dan Ralph, Scott Stockman, Kevin Va- laika, lohn Kocher, Pete Katus, Tim Detroy, Brian Pilon, Mark Kurtz- man, Velea Sac, Tom Fahey, Tom Vosberg, Third row - Greg Seran- geli, Dan McComb, Dean Manlein, David Johnson, Paul Bushell, loe Kenny, Eric Crubaugh, lim Lam- mers, Tom Bingham, Chris Bankie, loe Buehler, John Pavek, Mike Reams. Regional Champs!!! lrish celebrate yet another goal. gash wilson watches his team pe' s E E Pete fights for the ball. Goalie Pete Katus shows his exceptional form. Stock socks it to 'em! Marty Buchner waits for action. L? 4. X to ,ty ,KN Paul eyes the action. ., L - 5 5 I , 7 1 A3 Khiem goes tor a goal. A i , 1 1 5 sf 1 -W ' M Pi F! Doody outplays the Knights as Frank looks on it ? no Q' 'A First Row: Patty Ehrhart, Curt LeRoy, Tim Smith, Phil Walmsley, Ted Blevins. Second Row: George McNeely, Brad Blevins, Bob Law- less, Bill Stickelmaier, Phil Harter, Tom McGrew, Coach Mickey Schallau. .3 Ml B X ' Tik i f rl? X I fi! fy! f ii V ly If I I Golfers Go For lt! Basic Golf discipline l Go for it, Tom! A look of determination. Spalding's Golf team had a very successful and impressive season. With Tom Smith and Curt LeRoy as leading seniors, the team won many titles. Their conference record was 13-5 and their overall record was 18-7. They won fourth place in the Quincy invitational Tournament. The team's first place finish in the conference tournament defied their second place conference standing. Steve Ferlmann won first place in individuals in the conference tournament. Tim Smith took third. They finished second in district, made sectionals, but missed going to state by six shots. Tim Smith had the low average. Steve Ferlmann had the most birdies. Patty Ehrhart won the Quincy Girls' invitational Tournament. Their fine season reflected Spalding's tradition in golf. l 4 'I The 1981-'82 Volleyball team, led by Seniors Stephanie Venzon CCapt.J, Sheila Widmer fCapt.J, and Alicia Tanner, got off to a good non-conference start this year. As the season progressed Volleyball Players the competition in the confer- ence got tough. In post-season play, the Irish posted an impor- tant victory over Woodruff in regionals, but lost to Central in the Championship match. At the end of the season banquet, Stephanie Venzon was named most valuable player and Kari Olsen was most improved. We're ready! I f ' Row 1: Lisa Menchaca, Alicia Tanner, Sheila Widmer. Row 2: Jeanne Klein, Stephanie ' eiti iiiii S., 'up- Venzon, Jessica Donahue, Angie Tanner, Peggy Logsdon. Power Play Enjoy Themselves Kari eyes the ball for a spike. Kneeling: Sue Conway, Heidi Selman, Susan Bowton, Trisha Hasty, Janice Hahn, Greta Selman, Lisa Dubicki. Standing: Maureen Eaton, Rebecca Moehn, Moly Trau, Tina Schlink, Marie Cunditt, Marcy Keenan, Kathy Hahn. 1. , Kathy is down 3 MW and ready. W'--nag, What a serve, Peggy! A Winning Season The 1981-82 Girls' Tennis team had a winning season. The team consisted mainly of Juniors with only two Seniors: lill Knight Captain, and lane Schmitt. The team had great hope of going to state but was stopped short in semi-finals. The team is looking forward to next year's season as there will be many returning lettermen. Kneeling: Susie Lawless, Ginny Van Buskirk, Patty Gibson, Ellen Palka, Nancy Knight, Jenny Caldwell, Ann Dougherty. Standing: Amy Donnelly, Theresa King, lane Schmitt, Kim Kelly, lill Knight, Beth Shaw, Beth Knight, Cindy Davis. .4-F Great form, Beth! Amy SGYVES 9 1 l l . Are you kidding me? That ball was in! 7 w ffi Q I 5 i 51 i , 77 fi '1:1' ,fy . if ffiv' 'Q 1 4 V, 74, gleam Zi . P' wi fl 1:5 Ginny gives it her all. is ws - XX Anne follows through Foxy Female Irish Fish In its third year, the Girls' Swim Team, coached by Sue LeMay, had a successful season with a record of 4-4. But more impressive was the Irish spirit that the girls expressed. They reflected an effort and strength known only to the Irish competitor. The Irish fish finished fourth in the Conference. And with the outstanding performances by the Freshmen, the girls' swim team looks hopeful for the future. The Freshman girls received the first place trophy at the Freshman Invitational Swim Meet at Woodruff. The team was led by tri-captains Kim Folkens, Michelle Pilon fSeniorsJ, and Susie Wittry Uuniorh. Most Valuable Swimmer went to Susie Wittry Cwho broke the record for 200-yard free-style and went to Statej and most improved Swimmer went to Nicole Orr. The girls are preparing and looking forward to another successful season in 1982. ,- ew' Agfa . Swimmers take a break from cheering. I Row 1: K. Bauwens, G. Fennell, L. Armstrong, A. Ford, M. McComb, S. Folkens. Row 2: K. Cannon, A. Pitlik, I. Johnson, I. Keating, K. Durham, V. Bolton. Row 3: E. Perry, M. Pilon, K. Folkens, C. Carrara, L. Valentine, 1. Bowton. Row 4: A. Moore, S. Wittry, E. Cahill, N. Orr. Z . W, 4 Posing for a picture? Who us? :rum Gayle and Ellie get ready to take off. LeMay gives last minute instructions. i ss : Q if ssss ssfss NN X W Q ' Carol does backstroke s111'f 131 E Nbriiials uni g 119 Manual 229 Nnrmat igh '- 63 Richwo Spalding 83 Pekin Spalding 74 Irish are ready for the rela y. yu, ABL 3 JIM -i Smiling Irish fish stick together. ' H A ' H - ' wa J, ,, W. ,1,, L ., . ,,. MW :,, . , , ,, ,gf , ,i ,1. ZK? ,ff22 ff . f ' Q 'xx ,,,,, Eg lv 4 'HE laflffia , :ai f i ei ' fam fmwf, f -fr ., f - ff' ,, ,ff, ff' fe! 321 '57 WWTE ,-'A 1 ' .,',,-f L V ,,,, , . .E , 'ff a 1 1 J, ' f i ' ,. 9 ,. ,V 'Z L, W ew ,1 T - es! - Y 1 f' :J U ge fafagi A f 'Q 'V V , ' 321, , , , Mizz-1 3 4' y . ,11 - ,,,1. , , rf fl he V nz 1 V ' nf ' Jaxx' ' 1, , -.1 f Lf ew! ,,.f, , W, 2? 4? .1 P y .,, .J . e , 'k to C so .Ek .K K Q S W A K ,sg wg 2 iQ y gk 2 . g , . as s . h Q. B Get ln The Christmas Spirit ittt 'F t 1 g K K 3 .sg A s .f- qz , - 'K . 3:5 ' '-1 NY s f p lg l if 'N sf. gs X ' V A y H Q tA.L was R 'f L t Student Senate members prepare Christmas Basket. These are just a few of the 260 boxes. Bridget and Mark: What Hams! I dropped a can on my foot! This year's basket drive can be summed up in one word: success. Hard work was evident on the part of the Student Senate members who collected a record-breaking 260 baskets. Many long hours were contributed by these and other hard-working students who suffered cold nights to collect cans. The collection for hams was run differently this year. The collectors from each class collected as a couple. The seniors were Bridget Callaway and Mark Hopkins. The juniors were Molly Goldin and Dee Tyree. The sophomores were Monica Menchaca and Pete Woodruff. The freshmen were Susie Zarley and Velea Sac. Competition was tough but the seniors came out on top. The Christmas Dance was a great way to celebrate success with Santa Claus and the River Bottom Band ,mfs ....... ,, Susie Zarley Pete Woody Woodruft Dee Tyree and Molly Goldin Bfidget Callaway and Mark Hopkins lim and friends ham it up! Mr. and Mrs. Claus take a moment to pose. Senate members put together baskets. The 'hard work of the Senior Board was evident to each cou- ple who entered the YWCA Ball- room at Lakeview by the beauti- ful decorations. The ballroom was transformed into a rainbow wonderland, following the theme of Under the Rainbow. As in the past years, a Vica Versa King and Court were elected. Couples enjoyed themselves dancing to the music of Capers, All-in-all, the magical night of Vica Versa will not be soon forgotten. I know it - l'm a stud! gg Vice Versa: l l F l l l 1 l ltica Versa King and Court: Tony Ardis and Kathy Mannlein, Susie Goble and Bob Manning, Andrew Swanson and Alicia Tanr lim Shea and Gina Venegoni, lamie McLaughlin and Heidi Riecker. A , ,,, it v QP ! 5 l 2 T l l l A 5 1331 ai ' 1 The Vica Versa King Andrew Swanson enioys a dance with ,his date. . . ......:-u F i l i 5 1 1 i Caught mes I : , if F ' i f W, , 3 if Z is? fs' A Rainbow Of Happiness Dave and Mary get romantic. Sophomores smile for the camera loe and Gina emoy themselves Bob and Susie heart for the stage. lCoupIes chat at the door. Seniors Look K l i l S 1 i Michelle R. Alberssen P. Lee Armstrong David G. Bartolo Robert R. Bauer Christine L. Bauwens 1 Amy 1. Bearce Carolyn 1. Beyers Francis D. Boley Gary F. Bolton Theresa M. Boucher i l 3 W, Jane E. Bowton Hugh G. Boyle Mary Alice Boyle Mary A. Brick Catherine M. Bridge h l Center is fun in the sun! .ir ..i.......4 Toward Tomorrow l l l Diane R. Brooks Martin P. Buchner Jennifer S. Burnett Michelle M. Burns Mary E. Bushell M. Sarah Bushell Peter J. Bushell Th0maS A. Butler Elllabelh S. Cahill Bridget A- Callaway 1 , , Milla A- Cafagllef Mary 3- Cafagllef A. Gabriella Carballido John A. Carballido William I. Carman Seniors showtheir spirit. Q 2 Sog...A,.....- A- - , .,f r.. .,- f Coleen M. Carrara Patricia R. Carter Elizabeth A.,Cashman - ' Ha! Ha! Joe, we caught you! Matthew l Castle loseph M Cheneler M0I1iC3 L Ciabattoni Q 'A' ' 4 J ' 5.3 f. . i. . ., J, ',.',',,',',f,,,i.,. ', ,,,-.,-.,,'f ,e Galynne R. Ciaccio Kevin I Clark Shelli A. Colomac Karen E. Cook Marcela Correa Lisa A. Couri gh! You guys started already! tif? is af I .sigyorflfiwf ha if . f Dancing is so fun' Are we ever going to get done? 1 l X Sharon L. Coyle Christopher l. Crusen Linda A. Davidson lohn T. Davis Elizabeth l. Delmastro Rodney L. Demeny leniler L. Daniels Peter A. del Castillo Nichola T. Dixon ff Donna M. Dodd Daniel P. Donahue lemme M, Donahue Q Kelly always told us Pete pulled her hair. Harold R. Donnelly Michael I. Donovan Marcia J. Dowdall Michael E Duncan Karen S Durham Marguerite A. Dwyer Kriss R. Edwards Bryon G. Ehrhart Tye M Elliot lulre L Evans 'fax 3 Kathryne M. Fagg Kathleen S. Filzen Kristine K. Frtzankl Bridget M Flynn Kimberly M Folkens Lee A. Folkens Nicholas B. Ford Eddie in his usual state. Cherill M. Frasco i Lisa E. Fulton ,,.. Charlie 1. Galland Manuel G. Gamez Robert F. Gaydos Consumer Ed is really interesting. Edward T. George a Joseph E. Girardi Kenneth R. Gough 1 Craig A. Grant Kathryn M. Gray Matthew B. Groh Beth A. Gusman Kenneth A. Hahn i Jennifer L. Heinz Sthephen F. Heinz Katherine M. Heinzen M. Brenda Hofer Lisa A. Honogger Mark 1. Hopkins Michael J. Hopkins Erin C. Houston Michael A. lamski Nancy L. Johnson Seniors have talent. H V l l Kathleen S. Kastl Robert V. Keegan Paul A. Keenan John R. Kella Erin K. Kelly Joseph L. Kelly Timothy B. Kelly l The serious side of Jerry. Michael P. Kenny Robert F. Kenny Mary C. Keyes Kelly A. King Janelle M. Knight Catherine A. Koetter Timothy C. Kramer Cathy L. LaBrush Steve I. Lahood Anthony-,B. Lahood es 1 'e . C - Smile, lim Lisa M. Lamm James P. Lawless Robert M. Lawless UI Philip D. LeDoux Christine M. Leggett Curtis A. LeRoy Hung T. Ly Colleen M. Maloney Jerome P. Maushard Andrew and Alicia 'wi Workers take time out for a picture. Kns entertains. Kevin 1. McCaddon losse Menchaca Mark S. Mitsuies 1 Karen M. McGann Matthew W. Menke Stephanie A. Moore Thomas E. McGrew A I Michael A. Mirande, II Alfonso Moreno lj Marguerite K. Moses Maureen E. Mounts Mark L. Myers Seniors support the Irrsh Get to work gurls' - Peter A. Nauman David E. 0'ConnelI Daniel P. Powers Mary A. Ramos Theresa M. Ringenberg Thomas l Sander Sensational Seniors Monica L Rangel John M. Redding Suzanne M. Richey Robert A. Riecker Teresa L Roecker Theresa M. Rothan Michele A. Rushing Ellen K. Rutherford Q -1 Zi Ann M Schatsiek lane E Schmitt Mary A. Shultz Anne M. Seacrist lt must have been funny! o James D. Shea Ill Sean M. Sheridan Hard W0fk0fS7 Eugene J. Sholtis, Jr. Deana M. Schults J J 1 1 J i 1 X Judith M. Sloan Cheryl L. Smith Mary Kay Smith Q The WHY I See JU Timothy 1- Smith Juanita L. Spinks Jennifer L. Steiner 66 J 2 i r i J i i ...,.d l l H i Andrew J. Swanson Kira H. Swardenski Alicia R. Tanner William E. Tarnawski Alisa D. Taylor Patrick A. Temborius Luong T. Trinh Susan M. Troy ' Valencia E. Valentine Eugenia M. Venegoni Wet and wild Get those thumbs up, Andrew! Mary R. Venegonia Stephanie A. Venzon Theresa M. Vest jill M, Vieley Don't give me that look, lane. Patricia L. Vosberg Philip G. Walmsley Kevin heads ior a pep rally. s This is a stick-up - reach for the sky! A A-wa in Cheryl spaces out in the library. ! The beauty ol Liz shining through. Carol S. Wehking 1. Patrick Weisbruch Martha S. Weisbruch , 3 I l l -li x l ' E x Q 1 Sheila M. Widmer Joseph A. Winkler Eric l. Ziegler Flashing famous smiles are Sarah and Trish. Where did all the time go? There weren't really lour years, Were there? There were countless moments H That stand out in our minds These moments can be remembered As clear, vivid pictures Capable of making us laugh or cry. All too soon it fades away. We forgot again, but Hey! Do you remember when? Mary Alice Boyle P lm f K an Y .4 . Q ig ' A K lwskig ilu . -'fl ve 55 'bil ,, J' 4' is ... B99i??f! f2l M I U O X-D ,412 ,W W. , W1 :Hg A, W w , ' 'WA' fi 38 U iv, ' QE f K' sW,'i::fSbbAfw2?TVik ,QW 2 f i. 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Mai Ha. e Steve Hagemann Jennie Gaiiagher Matt Geltmaker Molfy G-eidin Eilen Gorman if Debbie Green lim Green I, Vl 1 n n Mike Hail Dodi Hammel ,xg Amy Harbars Cathy Paul Hafter Phi? n Mike Hatcher 1 l K 1 Matt Hawkins :ky 1 9 e 1 vfzzlmazfxfef f44q::wmI1:'wf::: wzzgzw-4-444:::g:g:gwwf1izgsf:wMfwwiifizkQfzw 4:5 4.54 44 .fiigwy 3044: fygm.saifwijgmmvjgfigzwzzvf- Wiz: k J '1:fg3mgw ?t4:Wi:QmW 4m.Zfffw444W.32?'7SfmwiPf'?Vi'Q:4SZ53Qgu-wsxigm4vzgZ':wQ3S?,'?MiZG fsfwffwggme-wwgg?fgg,gwMw2vmidi? wise N ' .G -A www, 54..4.q,44.4mgigg as Q,M..H4.. 25: .W,,,i5,ff WM, U .y,W54WQ4,,mg .,..4,4q,,,.W,45gy.M,,mng4441M, ,S u,,,iw4.g45w,.4M qw Mgwpwwmgew:w,,gWg5:w,fwH4qaw,W '-1 we .:, J WU444':'Mm.4:4., rw f -4-fzg Lf4QM,M4 M., WW' M Mui- 'wm.,,. Us WWJQWU.: Us w4m.4:W.4h.4wm4 QM.-w wmqmwwsw wmmww Q, fwwwms .www 4 2: M-4.4.1 M244 .4 wk, M44.f.,,':2M4mniwm. wflw-Q444.'mg. ,ww G 3 Hgww41...,,- m4W.,g 1 'Q64M4.541.w,N.g'W2M-HWW4MQ.. MM4-44HW,,gf-wm.,U imgXwwwwwMwmwwwaiwmvmmZ,,3,?RgwgeBf2q1m.NS,,m-M. 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I ,, ' ml' i lf V I Tammy Elliot Kevin Faley Phil Fiddes Julie Finan Janine Fleissner Meagan Fortune w-1' Dave Fox lngrid Fritsch Kirk Fulton PJ. Gallietta Dan Glatt Mike Gray 1 'D' , , , ,ik . A -'.,. f , Super, Sophomores: X Y 3-am.. Casey Green Diana Green John Grow I . 17' David Haddad Katherine Hahn Rick Hammel Q Q I K Jamie and Heidi arm-in-arm. Trisha Hasty Steve Heidenblut Doug Heinz Kelly Higgins Susan Hobin Dan Hudson i 3 Sophomores enjoy themselves. S p i r i , ai.. Kim Janssen Y J' Studious .1 l ,A L, . . John Kahl Bill Keegan Marcy Keenan Judy Kelly S l I ng. Gary Gryna James Hanley 49 Kevin Heinzen Linda lerulli Dave Johnson 7 Oh, The Many loys Of Being A Sophomore! Tom Kelly l Dan Kenny Deidre Kenny Rita Kenny 45 s M 'Y 1., .W Stephen Kerran Patty Kingery Karen Kinney Chris Lamm Macho Man! S yr L il lim Lamm Mike Landryt James Langiels lefl Laughland Suzy Lawless Bill Legget Darin Lowder Kim Ludolph lKKi r Hinh Luong Kieu Luong Guong Ly Phan Ly Stunned and Stunning! 1 221 'AM-. We're excited! Sophomores enjoy their center mod. Angie Martin Jon Maushard yd . 1 Q 4 in - I he J R Me ,3 on in 1 Dan McGowan 'N Je Tara McLinden Jeff Mocilan 'Nr li M, Curt Martin Daniel McComb Diane McGrew X . Jenny Mousty Becky Moehn flee ,g B, g t l m f PQ ix I it fl: jg Stephen Mathey Mary McDonough ? Jamie McLaughlin George McNeely Molly Morrissey J! James Maurice Judy Mattson Timberly Mcleod Monica Menchaca S Michael Moses e Tim Newby Phu Nguyen Bili Nordsiek Stephanie Novy Michelle 0'Brien Kari Olsen 35 'nn . J l I e Brian Osmulski Criss Otten Gerard Palmieri lohn Pavek Dave Pendergrass Michelle Peoplis fix Their most exciting class! Buses are a drag. Suzy Homemaker! Aimee Polonus Scott Powers Chris Radke Daniel Ralph Paul Rambow Ramon Ramos Mike Reams Karen Renski Heidi Rieclier Paul Rivera Jorge Rothan loani Ryia E X. Tia Schlink Heidi Selman if f Noreen Sheridan Cf Gene Sigel Napoleon Smith i B9 Russ Starr af David Svymbersky Mike Thatcher Tuong Tran Michelle Van Pelt Sophomores' Togetherness Bill Stickelmaier 1- Q, M Anita Tangman -QS Ma Themy Hien Trang i Minh Vu Kim Stone Julie Terrell Monica Thomas Hoa Truong l Phat Vu Kristine Sullivan Phong Thai 'Xl Crystal Thompson Ning Truong Mary Waldman The study look. .ial at How much longer can this take? i E. Mike Wehking Nancy Welsch Dan White lohn Wholihan Jane Wickofi s is Lisa Williams Mary Williams Pat Mlliams Jeanie Winkler Mille Wolford , xx l . i lg ' o 1.3 f f There's always time to smile. Peter Woodruff Alphonso Wright Michelle Yalrley .lamie Young lim Ziemba e K 111 . V .e ss..:,,... , ..... ..o-:....s el.,, z:,.::. ..., X Sophomore girls goofing around in the gym. CLASS OF '85 Enters Spalding as i Matt Alaksiewicz Kathy Adler Lynette Allen Joe Alway Tina Anthony Tony Ardis Joe Baer Lisa Baker Robyn Bartozewski Nick Becker Pat Adlington Bob Anderson f Lynne Armstrong SS Chris Bankie Rob Bickelhaupt Tonya Alexander Gina Anthony e ,t ,Q ,V-r Q . X? i. are Fiji .Q E tl T I ff' Freshmen enioy classes Elaine Ashmore Shelly Bardwell Brad Blevins Vica Versa - Oh, What a Night! 33 Tom Bollinger Mike Boone Nicki Brashear Mary Brewster The studious look Lisa Brooks Ann Brooks Freshmen go to Vica Versa, too. V 'ir I . ' V f Matt Bowsky Keri Brewster Mark Buchner K a , Joe Buehler Paul Bushell Patty Boyer 4211 Maureen Bridge Mike Buckley xg Jett Bury B 1 Tim Butler ! 'M' ,f ff L. 5 - 'fans' fl' i, , ,1 5 3222 ' i?W'Mfi?'- ,, , ,, N , 25 Q- 53? f' A , . gy C l ff wah I Lisa and Chris. ..m C , -1 A ki , 5 ..hV lenny Caldwell Kim Carlton Mike Childers Paul Cleland Karen Coyle Kevin Coyle Freshmen eat free breaklast. Tom Carrigan Vilaysack Chantha Chinda Chek Chiem Van Wanda Collins Susie Conway Gina Cornick Jerry Couri Eric Crubaugh Molly Daly Darami Dam T0m D8vidS0n s 'Qu.., Elona Davis Sherrie Dawson Rob DeFrance l.0ri DelaCruz Bob Denton Andi Detroy Tam Dinh Joel Donley if X -'E s E Matt Donovan Dan Dries Richard Driggs Lisa Dubicki Go freshman soccer players, Heidi Dunniway Kent Durham Nancy Durham Jim Dwyer KN Maureen Eaton Chris Eislelder Brian Elliot Stephanie Elliot Emert Emert Daren Epley Yi fi' , let 12 if Tim Evans 5 J A Gayle Fennell f Z ff W F F 11 Q Mfr 14 za X E- Q Amy Ford Bill Gebhards nf lim Fagg Matt Finnegan Steve Franken Kathy George Patty Gibson Spirited Frogs Freshman win a tree breakfast Are you in this picture? Laura is stunned by the camera. A New Part Ol The School Richard Gibson Doug Gilomen Jerry Girardi Kelly Goldin Arnold Gonzalez Chris Goodwin Joline Gorman Brian Gorsich Freshmen enjoy their breakfast. Eric Gregorn Javier Grow Janice Hahn Carla Haifa Mark Hall 7 ? r Jack Heinz Renee Hall John Hanley Mark Harbers fra, Kelly Henry Kelly Higgins Jeff Higgins Angela Hild Matt Hopkins Monica Joseph 1 1 i ,, I Diana Ketcham i Nancy Knight Rich Hobin Debby Hoffman Ne Beth Hopwood Joni lohnson Lunch is a good time. x!' Jenny Keating Maureen Kelly Bob Kelly Joe Kenny Chris Keyes Matt Kilgo lulie Klise Tammy Klodnycky Tom Lacher Matt LaHood Tammy Lane lim Lammers Dance the night away! QQ Qi Art Lampitt Knute Landry Scott Lapping Jeff Lawless Sean Leman Jody Lenning Smile, Amy! Brian Ludolph Stephanie Ludolph Maria Madrigal i ,es lim Manning Peggy Martin Kathy escorts Tony to his crowning. x Stephanie Latham Arthur Lersch 1 Chris Maher Dean Mannlein Andrea Maushard ofa .e . . j Barb Maushard Paula Mazzukelli Susan McEnroe Kevin McGann David McGrew Anne McHugh Shelly McQueIIon Tom Menefee Mark Menlre Mark Merdian ' K Y ex :- S lr Q: SQ? M Steve Mirande lohn Mottitt Theresa Moreland Troy Morton left Moses Freshmen prepare for school Nam Nguyen Sah NgUY0 Margaret Niehaus David N0fmaI1 Pam Northrup Steve Oberle Freshman . The freshmen enjoy history. 100 M Matt Omer Pat 0'NeiiI Steve Otten Ellen Palka iw 'P Pittt P P ' 'S P Erico Perry Lien Pham Q ,. ,. of , r I , .V A 4 + ' 'P f' tx v 'eee ,r . N r N . . . . I if QE, ,3gf, .r:' 3 6 Brian Pickerill Paul Pikey 'F - VKNQ.. ,txt A Q fi' Q. N? ' - -QQ Susan Renski Mike Ringenberg Null- n Liz Onken Rasanna Palmieri Thu Pham Amy Pitiik Stephanie Richie Nicole Orr Kim Osmulski Todd Patch Linda Payton Truc Pham Mary Phelan Dave Reams John Reiman Mike Rossiter Phil Ruble New Faces, New Friends, New Year, New Fun!! Ron Ruscheinslii loe Ryia Jeri Sawyer Mike Schmitt Denise Schweickert Chris Scoby Julie Klise, deep in thought. Greta Selman Greg Serangeli Dennis Shea Laura Shoff Todd Shults lim Slusser Molly Smith Teresa Smith Bud Saus Theresa Speer Eric Staats Ed Starling Chris Tallon Brett Taylor Barbara Thomas The iamous couple! il i Ty Trac Phong Tran Monica Trau Amy Troy Tim Iuckef Tom Valaika Ginny Van Buskirk Jim Varda V 5 fir Come and get us! Paul Vargas Barb Venzon Gene Venzon Ed Vest tx Scott Vogel Tom Vosberg -Q' In the twilight zone. .. Ha Vu Troy Waldschmidt X? Aaron Warr Kristi Weisbruch nm white Steve Willard Steve Wolford Mean Young Freshman girls are S00 crazy! Soeurn Yaing Youer Yaing Susie Zarley f f , oni , - f ,,.,., .,.,..,,., ,,k,,., I V, fvrf :gr-ff-,fywgff ,1-' why Mm What did I do wrong? W 12 x.. K v Q is xx 5 X EN Cheerleaders Lift Irish Spirits The cheerleaders this year excelled in many areas. They prac- ticed hard, starting early in the summer. Their practice paid oft, they won first at camp. Individuals who placed were Stephanie Slaughter, Gina Venegoni, and Cathy Koetter. Cheerleading involves dedication, self-sacrifice, and endurance. We are proud of this beautiful group of girls who choose to serve the school in their own way. Varsity Cheerleaders - Front row: Lorrie Palladini, Bridget Callaway, Gina Cathy Koetter. Middle row: lo Venegoni, Christy Landry, Mary Quigley, Gina Off the ground with enthusiasm' Back row: Mrs. Kathy Schefelbein - moderator. Minor Sports Cheerleaders: Michelle Doyle, Ellen Gorman, Amy Rakestraw, Stephanie Slaughter, Kim Stone, Lorrie's actions are always soooo precise! Michelle 0'Brien. 1 JV. Cheerleaders: Tara McLinden, Jennifer Chase, Nancy Welch, Jeanie Winkler, Regina Schmidt, Kristi D'Arcos, Maureen Doyle, Mrs. Kathy Schefelbein - moderator. Future Fighting Irish Flip-Flopper ,fiff Wk ' Cheerleaders pertorm routine from camp. Cheerleaders tire up the crowd. W The Bird in flight! ' ...-! J' U UU Juniors prepare for homecoming. Jo and Gina boogie! pn be back in a minute! Pom Pon Girls Row 1: lill Skender, Amy Lang, Jennifer Steiner, captain, Amy Mazzuckelli, Kira Swardenski, captain, y Bartolo, lill Baker, Amy Bearce, Carol Franken, Cindy Ardis. Row 2: Miss Debbie Harrison, moderator, Kick those heels up! Kathy Dwyer, Kathy Kelly, Mary Burk, Mary Rakestraw, captain, Susie Goble, Nancy Capranica, Zarley, Dodi Hammel, Mary Kay Smith. Waiting to perform. A 1 The Pom Pon girls wait on their truck before taking off in the parade. , What a pair! Miify is QUEEN! Jennifer boogies! Pom Pon girls disperse after their routine. Senior members: Kira Swardenski, Mary Kay Smith, Mary Rakestraw, Amy Bearce, and Jennifer Steiner. Ql- ,,,,,..-ss .EL fy Pom Pon girls march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The 1981-82 Spalding Pom Pon Squad had quite a successful year leading the Irish Spirit at half-time activities of football and basketball. Under the direction of Miss Debbie Harrison and the leadership of captains Mary Rakestraw, Jennifer Steiner, and Kira Swardenski, the girls won a Sweepstakes Trophy for having the most first place routines, as well as spirit award everyday of their competition at Illinois State University. Seniors on the squad included the three captains, as well as Amy Bearce and Mary Kay Smith. In addition were fourteen iuniors who brought the squad to nineteen girls. Jennifer smiles. J 109 Tumblers - Enjoyable Entertainment The tumbling team consisted ol a group of pretty and agile girls who never ceased to amaze the crowds with their stunts. The music to which they chose to perform was also a source of pleasure for the basketball fans. The long hard hours of practice were evident in their well-timed and precise routines. Senior members Susie Troy, Theresa Ringenberg, Sarah Bushell, Lisa Honegger, Lisa Couri, and, espe- cially, Trish Vosberg will be missed greatly. Mrs. Kathy Mur- ray, their moderator, and each girl deserves our congratula- tions and a thank-you for the entertainment with which they provided us. 5 4 ee ,.......,........ Ki ss. K s i Susie Troy, Theresa Ringenberg, Trish Vosberg, Sarah Bushell, Chris Gamache, moderator- Mrs. Kathy Murray, Andrea Maushard, Beth Hopwood, Susie Zarley, and Kathy Mannlein. Not pictured are Lisa Couri and Lisa Honegger. fa A ' V . . Milf . 12 as A Lisa Honegger and Susie Troy show their stuff. f.m,....--- V fi' .ms ve Homecoming performance. -4-....., r Q2 Practice is important. lumblers perform with enthusiasm. Timing is essential. Freshman Beth Hopwood smiles at the crowd. s .. .WMM Trish Vosberg always excites the fans Some senior members share a laugh. An Impressive Season The Spalding lrish Varsity Bas- ketball team completed the 1981-82 season successfully with a 12-12 record. As the stat- istics would indicate, this was the best team the lrish have had in recent years. The team's ac- complishments include victories over super-sectional champions Manual and Peoria Central, whom the Irish had not beaten in ten years, and an overtime game with the second ranked Chicago De La Salle in the Auro- ra Christmas Tournament. Also, because of the successful sea- son, home game attendance was the best it has been since the state championship teams of the late 1960's. 15- Zd V ,Pi 'H-.. iss. -y-...., L ----........,,.... Mogo concentrates on his freothrow -sst - rc - .9 e' Q we af ,s fy- 'TT' 5 ,K ffu. fill 'X Phil goes up for a lay-up. Chip plays good defense. ,........-- X-NN yr F ms-Wm i Kevin and Andrew celebrate a victory. at Steve goes up with the ball. M-S.. si Kenny goes for two 3 Terry guards a Manual opponent. 'gms Put it through, Andrew! Varsity players are presented at the pep rally. Terry running down the court. Dick Kelly, Ed Bradle, Dan Plaag. M W r,rr 5 Terry shoots the bali. .ls Coach Bradle explains the next move. ' Tuck goes up for a rebound Varsity - Row 1: Dan Tucker Steve Leary, Jim Gustatson, Al phonso Wright, Kenny Drummond Chip Weeks, Row 2: Andrew Swan son, Phil DeDoux, Kevin Fiddes John Mercer, Jamie McLaughlin Terry Smith, Kevin McLaughlin. n Jamie McLaughlin Bill Leggett ngtels, Jim Maurice. Row 2: Al- o Wright, Dave Pendergrass, Wolford, Brian Osmulski, Gary , George Rothan, Rick Campbell, locilan. lmores - Row 1: Jim Lamm, Bill a Freshmen - Row 1: Jim Lammers, Jim Fagg, Tom Carrigan, Bill Gebhart, Eric Crubaugh, Dean Mannlein. Row 2: Tom Vosberg, Jim Manning, Knute Landry, Troy Morton, Steve Schepke, Chris Tallon, Tom Lacher, Joe Kenny, Matt Hopkins, Scott Farris, Rich Hobin, Gerry Couri. Irish Fish Improve The boys' swim team had a good season this year. if Nauman led the team with strong races all year and qualified for state competition in the buttertly l and individual medley. The most encouraging , gr news was the Frosh-Soph swimmers who finished L lj second in the conference and second in the Wood- - - , 'W i.. Y ruff Freshman Invitation. Coach Pilat expects U these successes to bolster next year's team. Q 2 Three records were set this year in the Medley relay, the Breastroke, and the individual Medley. S Front row: Pete Nauman, Gene Sholtis, Lee Folkens, Poncho Morens, Tom Miller, lim Green, Phil Eason, Rob Fennell. Row 2: Dan McComb, Dan Smith, Ted Blevins, Dan Barnes, Mike Beyers, Casey Green, Hoc Vu. Row 3: Tom Bollinger, Brad Blevins, Eric Folkens, lim Slusser. Not pictured: David Norman. The Eiffel Tower of Irish swimmers. The Eiffel Tower becomes the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The team's performance improved steadily. Pete d fa ...-d W any An Irish swimmer pushes oft the wall for a great start. Swimmers take live. QVWQ A serious Pete shows others how its done. Pete and Gene lead the Swimming Irish. Varsity: First Row: Rich Driggs, Brent Campbell, Emert Emert, Second Row Dave Ludolph, Bob Williams, Dan Van Buskrrk Steve Kelly, and Dave Shea. First Row: Mark Buchner, Jeff Mo- ses, Emert Emert Rich Driggs, Tim White. Second Row: Tim Boundy, Brian Pickerell, Pat 0'Neill, Chris Buel, Bud Sous, Brent Campbell. Third Row: Jerry Girardi, Pat Adlington, Matt Finnegan, Paul 0such. 4w ie Varsity wrestlers were lead by two juniors this year. Steve L Kelly and Dan Van Buskirk were co-most valuable. Steve's :cord was 17-55 Dan's record was 17-6. The most valuable sophomore was Brent Campbell with a record of 17-5. Bud aus had a record of 18-5. The wrestlers were coached by Kevin Burk, Jerry McMahon, and Ray Guthrie. Weightlifting Tournament Spalding finished high in the fifth and final weightlifting meet. Coach McMahon worked hard to organize this event. His work is greatly appreciated. 'fam Coach Burk and Coach Kelly discuss the weight- Coach McMahon, the organizer Iifters. at 'Y' lim Shea finished fourth. James Camp lifts. M F r if , , 0 it J, lv , lf a I lim Shea strains under the weight. Coach Lang speaks into the microphone Dave Shea lifts. 9 0 Girls Shoot For The Stars l Varsity Mr Stan Harris Ann Schatslek captain Beth Shaw Mary Rakestraw captain Mary Williams Terri Olsen Wendy Campbell Rachel Dodge Molly Smith manager Not pictured Susie Goble manager Morrissey, Jeri Sawyer, Ginny Van Buskirk Greta Selman. Second Row' Patty Gibson Becky Moehn Kim Osmulski Carrie Olsen Molly Trau Sue Conway Sherrie Dawson Mary wmiams Shoots for two' Molly Smith, manager. Not pictured' Ellen Palka, Kelly Chance Susie Goble, manager xxx-.. Ann and Mary watch for the rebound. Loyal lrish fans show their support lunior Varsity: Front Row: Linda Payton, Maureen Eaton, Patty Dwyer, Molly xii i S S s Keri and Mary are tough Irish defenders. The Irish season was one of hard work and determination. The team worked hard two hours a day for three months. Their hard work payed ofl by winning the Manual Holi- day Tournament. They received first place out of sixteen teams and Mary Williams was named to the All Tournament Team. Ending four years were co-captains Mary Rakestraw and Ann Schatsiek. Also, Cindy Noble helped the team tremendously. Adding to the team were juniors Rachel Dodge, Terri Olsen, Beth Shaw, and Wendy Campbell. Sophomore Mary Williams topped the team off with leading in rebounding and scoring. We would like to congratulate this years team on a great season. Gig -v N Mary holds tight. Girls basketball trophy is presented by Ann and Mary. QYX ,.f i is 5-4,4-s 399 K f Q, 14 2, wg a wing, .2 , . A skkvf NNN yi - -:i,: -- if ' b' V1 X ,ff x 1 6-D in-F' il ,..41 Y: A f xx x ww. n L1 A. 'WQ' f 1'ff ' .yffmm , A ...., ., , . W .Wff,f,5f 1.z , I' W, Wifilki 1 Wax, , ,,.,, H, . 13? 1 V, ,LM , M . f N X 51 4,7 iifwif i i, f 'f , Q fl' ,L 1 - , i kk 1 ,.., -ii.: 4212 iii? A ' , My V rpg ? war -'Q M W, 7? f f . , Yi- m ,, ' ' ff' Z5 ,Alun f E' A . fs. 1 1 Guys And Dolls ls A Success This year's Spring Musical, Guys and Dolls, was a great success. Ellie Cahill, a senior, deserves to be congratulated for her excellent performance as Adelaide. Her talent was evident as she shone brightly on the stage. The other stars were: Joe Solomon as Nathan Detroit, Liz Delmastro as Sarah Brown, the mission doll and left Warner as Sky Masterson. The whole cast did an outstanding job with the musical. lt was enjoyed by all who were lucky enough to see it. Adelaide and the Hot Box Girls form a chorus line. Nicely Nicely leads a prayer. Brother Abernathy tells Sarah it is all right to love Sky. Sky sings to Sarah Nicely-Nicely Johnson . . . Benny Southstreet . . . Rusty Charlie ..... Sarah Brown .... Arvide Abernathy . . Mission Band Agatha ..,. Martha . . . Priscilla .... Calvin ....... Gansters Harry the Horse . . . Angie the Ox .... Society Max A... Liver Lips Louie . . . Scranton Slim ...... Brandy Bottle Bates .... Baby Face Burro . . . Al the Ace ...... Silent Sam ..... The Greek .... Lt. Brannigan .... Nathan Detroit ..... Miss Adelaide . . . Sky Masterson .... loey Biltmore . . . Mimi ............. Gracie ................ Master of Ceremonies ........ General Matilda Cartwright .... Big lule ................... Hot Box Girls Marcia Dowdall Heidi Dunniway Laura Forcum Rita Kenny Lisa Lamm Anne McHugh Tracy Shawhan Chris Radke Adelaide talks to Nathan Anne Schaub Bridget Slevin Cuban Dancers Rob Couri Tim Drew Greg Donley Laura Forcum loni Johnson Matt LaHood Chris Radke Heidi Selman Theresa Vest CAST . . . .Mike Reams . . . . .Mike Hatcher . . . . . .Tom Butler . . . .Liz Delmastro . . . .Kiley Hixson . . . .Kathleen Mounts . .Maureen Mounts . . . .Kristi Bauwens . . . .Mike lamski ......Tim Drew . . . . .Mike Langfels .....Rob Couri . . .Matt LaHood . . . .Greg Donley . . . .Chris Maher . . . . .lerry Couri . . . . .Phil Harter . . . .Ed Onken ........lim Willis . . . . .Steve Bullock . . . .loe Soloman . . . .Ellie Cahill . . . .left Warner . . ...Tom Butler . . .Anne Schaub . . . . .Lisa Lamm . . . .Greg Donley . . . . . .Molly Goldin . . . .Mike Donovan New Yorkers Chris Maher Ed Onken Carolyn Boyer Michele Pilon Trish Boyer Michele RUShll'lg lerry Couri Bridget Slevin Rob Couri Molly Smith Cathy Crocker Theresa Donnoe Cathy Davidson Mike Donovan Kathy Hahn Tim Drew Phil Harter Theresa King Susie Hobin Matt LaHood Mike jamgki Mike Langfels loni johnson Maureen Sullivan Erin Kelly Theresa Vest lim Willis Q The famous floating CVHD game Nathan and Nicely-Nicely. Prom Is The Best Of Times Prom this year was truly the Best of Times. Held at the Redbud in Morton, couples enioyed the refreshing atmosphere and the excellent music of Captain Strobe. Everyone who attended Prom appreciated the hard work of the Junior class board. e M - Senate members Tlm Drew and Steve Feflmaflfl DSUSB to Smlle The beautrtul Prom Queen Trish Vosberg smiles with her escort Mike Mctaughlm Z The Prom Court: Cindy Ardis, lunior attendant, escorted by Tyler Smith, Ellie Cahill, Senior attendant, escorted by Mike Donovang Trish Vosberg, Prom Queen, escorted by Mike McLaughlin, Lee and Sr. Marcia - Whil 6 cute COUDICU Co Carrara, Senior attendant, escorted by loe Williamsg Theresa King, junior attendant, escorted by Ed LaHood. I Couples Enjoy Prom ,iii Left, Senior crazies have a great time at the dance and ham it up for the camera. 9 i Gina and lim get romantic. The Prom Queen and her date share a dance with some friends. Oh! The Many Faces Maile' I AM' .-Avis S' 4 3 335 Student Senate Board: Chris Crusen, Advisor, Miss 0'Flaherty, Moderator, Pendergrass, Chairman, Stephanie Venzon, Advisor. el an vu W Mark i QV X .wi i gf J CMM viz 'S as s ...est w t.. xr ii- '-I ig. Q: e S W' c' ee 19 3 S gg, c i Q' ae .J inn i Senior Class Board: Front Row: Nancy Johnson, President, Karen McGann, Vice- President, Jennifer Steiner, senator, Lorrie Palladini, Senator. Back Row: Mary Alice Boyle, Senator, Elizabeth Cashman, Senator, Harold Donnelly, Sergeant-at Arms. 1?'7 , ,, ze mf X , I N S 4. ' .P ,g, et 595' t TJ Ot Spalding Student Senate! K . . -4 I ga! 4,425.3 umor Class Board Front Row Kay Bartolo, parliamentariang Gina Farris, senator, Molly ,oldin senator Back Row Steve Ferlmann, president: Matt Geltmaker, co-chairman of iroiects Bob Manning senatorg Kevin Potts, vicefpresident. Not pictured Dan Van ophomore Class Board Tim Drew, senatorg Monica Menchaca, senatorg lonica Thomas vice president Casey Green, senator Not pictured: Brent ampbell president and Stephanie Novy, senator. ff ix ' 4- 3 l i , l i ' , ,- i Q X f ,Vw f M r nv ,4 ., Q f tk I ' l tj , TIE s . X' Zyli A .Vgr ,, litfxngv W , H U 3 K i Val K .,,, ,iiy get? ate members, excluding freshmen 4. ifrfmt The biggest change for Student Senate this year was the Student if Senate Homeroom. All Student Sen- members, had homeroom together with their wonderful moderator. I4 This was good and bad. Senior I members especially expressed the loss of their old homerooms. On the other hand, it provided the members with a chance to get to know each other better. Student Senate, this year as in all years previous, was active in various events and activities. These are the behind-the-scenes people who make things happen at A0l.!Sl. mx X -5 no' -we: f .t ia :fe hh P .,:f..y fi 3.5 H3- Freshman Class Board: Front Row: Monica Trau, senator: Ginny Van Buskirk, senatorg Tina Anthony, senator. Back Row: Nancy Knight, presidentg Patty Gibson, senator, Jerry Girardi, vice-president. Key Club Serves The Community fr W- fu , W , , mi-.1 Row 1: Kiley Hixson, John Wholihan, Bill Carmen, Lisa Lamm, Karen McGann, Phil Harter, Kevin Nickerson, Steve Lawless, John Uhll, Joe Cheneler, Carolyn Beyers, Mike Beyers, Mrs. Emma Taylor- moderator. Row 2: Judy Mattson, Julie Finan, Marie Cunditt, Kathy Hahn, Theresa Donnoe Jim Lamm, Trent Alexander, Tim Drew. Row 3: Vicki Bolton, Chris Radke,Karen Donnoe, Cathy Davidson, Rita Kenny, Amy Moore, Cathy Harmon, Mary Brick, Joanne Beyers, Angela Crowe. Row 4: Mary Sheen, Heidi Pitlik, Terri Olsen, Mary Harris, Anne Seacrist, Cathie Koetter, Tom McGrew, Mick Mirande, Cathy Bridge, Jennie Gallagher. The 1981-82 AOLXSI Key Club was involved in many service activities in the school and surrounding communities. The Key Club's main objective is to serve others. They did this by involvement in such activities as Walk for Mankind, Bingo, Spring Musical Dinner Theater, and Midstate Ten Music Festival just to mention a lew. With the help ot moderator Mrs. Taylor, they were kept busy most ot the year. This year's Key Club was headed by Anne Seacrist, Presidentg Joe Cheneler, Vice-presidentg and Tim Drew, Secretay- Treasurer. Anne Seacrist, the President K, , ,,,v 'i,,,vi,,,.,,,.e, ,,,,,,,, National Honor Society 1 g1p-7----vw V . Row 1: Beth Knight, Gina Venegoni, Jo Venegoni, Liz Valentine, Jenniler Steiner, Cathie Koetter, Amy Lang, Amy Moore, Cathy Davidson Row 2: Karen Davis, Chris Kahl, Kay Bartolo, Susie Wittry, Mary Kay Smith, Jane Schmitt, Bridget Callaway, Debbie Patterson, Mary Bushell, Mary Burk, Mona McNeely, Rob Couri, John Uhll. Row 3: Jennie Gallagher, Joanne Beyers, Karen McGann, Lisa Lamm, Jill Knight, Stephanie Venzon, Molly Goldin, Kathy Mannlein, Gina Farris, Mike Mulligan. Row 4: Sam Smith, Mary Brick, Mary Alice Boyle, Carolyn Beyers, Ed Onken, Mary Anne Naumah, Jeanne Barbieur, Cindy Ardis, Angie Tanner, Andrew Swanson. Row 5: Marla Caragher, Katie Heinzen, Kathy Gray, Cathy Bridge, Matt Groh, Chris Bolton, Mark Smith, Ed Lahood, Kevin Potts, Steve Lawless. Row 6: Jessica Donahue, Jill Vieley, Tom McGrew, Chris Crusen, Frank Boley, John Kamin, Dan Cray, Matt Geltmaker, Pete del Castillo, Bridget Slevin. Row 7: Mrs. Weiss, moderator, Teresa Powers, Anne Seacrist, Phil LeDoux, Bob Lawless, Phil Eason, Ed George, Rod Demeny, Gerry Pierson, Bob Manning, Bill Carman. Row 8: Beth Shaw, John Kocher, Jim Green, Steve Ferlmann, Joe Girardi, Kevin Nickerson, Pat Temborius, John Redding, Mike Tallon. Under the new direction of Mrs. Sharon Weiss, Spalding's National Honor Society experienced several changes. New NATIONAL members were nominated by the faculty instead of HONOR SOCIETY petitioning for themselves. As always, members were SX 2 active in service around the school, their main service being tutoring. The highlight of National Honor Society's 6 i 5 year was the ceremonial induction. 'sc l QS 9335-3 fe gg G 3 If ,, ,. S 4 -Q X -W b film.. 1 W fa IJ? K 93 ' ,A 2, if I 312 gs nf l J A h4 I . v , 'gf ... - 0' lv A I i nl. xgm Language Clubs iiiii , FRENCH CLUB - Row 1: Heidi Selman, Theresa Donnoe, Rite Kenny, Jo Venegonia, Mick Mirande, Mark Smith, Aimee Polonus, Barb Venzon, Lisa Mills, Jolien Gorman, Jodi Bearce, Jennifer Chase, Michelle Peoplis, Amy Moore, Kiley Hixson, Kathy Mannlein, Theresa King, Elizabeth Cashman. Row 2: Marie Cunditt, Chris Radke, Bob Lawless, Terry Olsen, Laura Forcum, Maureen Flynn, Deirdre Kenny, Rod Demeny, Chris Kahl, Cathy Davidson, Linda lerulli, Stephanie Slaughter. Row 3: Karen Donnoe, Kay Bartolo, Laurie Hoover, Carolyn Beyers, Mona McNeely, Amy Lang, Jenny Keating, Anne McHugh, Lisa Brooks, Lisa Lamm, Cathy Harman, Susie Wittry, Stephanie Novy, Rob Couri, Bridget Slevin. SPANISH CLUB - Row 1: Bridget Callaway, Monica Thomas, Lisa Sierra, Vicki Bolton, Angie Martin, Molly Morrissey, Amy Rakestraw, Ms. Kapraun - moderator. Row 2: Cathy Crocker, Kris Sullivan, Kathy Caldwell, Michele 0'Brien. Row 3: Cece Ciabattoni, Lori DeLaCruz, Ann Dougherty, Joanne Beyers, Michelle Aranas, Peggy Dwyer, Susan McEnroe. GERMAN CLUB - Row 1: M. Wolford, C. Green, K. Heinzen. Row 2: N. Knight, B. Stickelmaier, E. Shanahan, A. Tanner, M. Brick, B. Maushard, C. Carrara, T. Ringenberg, R. Schmidt, J. Wikoft, C. Otten, N. Sheridan, M. Waldman, J. Knight, A. Seacrist, S. Crawley, J. Johnson, H. Dunnaway, J. Baker, K. Heinzen, R. Campbell, E. Onken, Mrs. S. Weiss - moderator. Row 3: P. Gibson, L. Ruscheinski, M. Geltmaker, D. Barnes, M. Donovan, F. Boley, I. Fritsch, D. Patterson, K. Hahn, K. Higgins, M. Keenan, T. Powers, P. Walmsley, J. Dollinger, K. Kelly, C. Maher, G. Selman. Row 4: K. Coyle, M. Jamski, J. Ziemba, M. Groh, K. Nickerson, M. Smith, A. Donnelly, N. Welch, S. Lawless, N. Johnson, J. Barbieur, M. Kenny, K. Hahn, J. Redding, T. Bingham, K. Vonachen, M, Niehaus, R. Ruscheinski, K. Weisbruch. Sociology Community Service Mary Alice and IJ. Row 1: Miss C. 0'FIaherty - moderator, L. Honegger, C. Koetter, M. Quigley, S. Troy, B. Hofer, K. Folkens, C. Bridge, K. Filzen, E. Cahill, S. Coyle, 1. Daniels, M. Smith, P. Dwyer, K. Cook, L. Fulton, 1. Burnett, B. Gusman, L. Delmastro, A. Bearce, D. Brooks, S. Alberssen, M. Rangel. Row 2: l. Steiner, L. Davidson, N. Johnson, J. Evans, M. Caragher, C. Leggett, K. Fagg, L. Rambke, T. Rothan, K. Durham. Row 3: K. McGann, S. Venzon, L. Lamm, A. Seacrist, L. Folkens, C. Kell, A. Schatsiek, M. Boyle, B. Callaway, M. Rakestraw. Row 4: P. Carter, M. Burns, B. Flynn, M. Rushing, C. LaBrush, D. Dodd, S. Moore, E. Ziegler, D. Shults, T. Kelly, N. Ford, T. Butler, C. Galland, M. Myers, M. Pendergrass, S. Leary, P. Temborius, T. Powers, M. Ramos, S. Widmer, G. Venegoni, K. King, N. Dixon, K. Kastl, C. Noble, M. Pilon. Lori with some five-year-olds. Seniors at Spalding volunteer in many various agencies but, unlike Bergan's Senior Service, it is not mandatory. Seventy-eight seniors chose this year to take part in community service every Tuesday and Thursday. These students left cam- pus to visit their agencies. An agency could be anything from a day care center to an old folks' home The agencies and the seniors enjoy the program made possible by the effort and hard work ot Miss 0'Flaherty. The pictures on this page were taken at the Salvation Army Day Care Cen- The two-year-olds LOVE Kathy! Scholastic Showdown Row 1: Kevin Nickerson, Mona McNeeIy, Debbie Patterson, Carolyn Beyers. Row 2: Kevin Potts, Mrs. Helen Krause, moderator, Ed Lahood. Row 3: Tom McGrew, Bob Lawless, Mike lamski. Bob Lawless is captain of Carolyn contemplates a question. the team. The Scholastic Showdown team did very well this year in several tournaments. The purpose of the game is to obtain the most points by answering the most questions in the areas of history, current events, humanities, mathematics, sciences, sports, and many others. lt was originally formed for the WRAU-Eureka College Scholastic Showdown tele- vised tournament. The team progressed to the semifinals. They defeated Deer Creek-Mackinaw, Central Catholic, and Bergan to advance. Metamora beat them by a narrow margin in the semifinal game. The team also entered other central Illinois scholastic bowl tournaments at Wenona, Minonk, Streator, Delavan, Mt. Pulaski, Roanoke, and others. They received first place in the consolation bracket at Streator and second place at Delavan, Bob Lawless was this year's captain. He excelled in history, especially current history. This year's team had a lot of fun as well as a beneficial learning experience. Buzzer tactics. Brain food Q ak. We Love Our Senior Guys!! V-e!'1 Spalding's Musical Highlights , . The Singing Irish: First Row: Maureen Mounts, Galynne Ciaccio, Kristi Bauwens, Erica Perry, Molly Smith. Second Row: Mike lamski, Greg Donley, Joe Soloman, Mike Reams. Third Row: Dan McGowan, Kevin Nickerson. Not Kathleen Mounts, Michele Rushing. Spalding benefits greatly from these musical groups. They add to the melodies of our lives. T p Sister Ellen, the fearless leader. The Drum and Bugle Corps Cnot in any orderj: Rod Demeny, Kathleen Mounts, Tim Evans, Steve Oberle, Gina Daniels, an Maureen Mounts, Gabby Daniels, 7 2 DeWitt Tyree, Tom Carrigan, Rene Hall, ludy Sloan, Teri Weitzel, Darami Damm. Mir Drum and Bugte Corps practices for a performance. -iv., 1 gugg On the truck lor the Homecoming Parade. f ... ..- J A . 's .Q . - .... Q ,Z ' - Me- LY m c ' X l uf ,qu . ll' , .f ee R as W - , ,. 1, a f , '-4' .. as 5 . gs- -' Madison Street lournal First Row: Laurie Hoover, editor, Carolyn Beyers. Second Row: Molly Morrissey, Monica Thomas, Michele 0'Brien, Anne Seacrist, Cathy Bridge, Deirdre Kenny, Susan Hobin. Third Row: Debbie Patterson, Mark Smith, lim Ziemba, Bebe Cashman, Kelly Higgins, Renee Hall, Heidi Dunnaway. Not pictured: Karen McGann, Heidi Pitlik. The Madison Street lournal was under the direc- tion of Mr. Irwin. It survived many problems, but ended the year producing excellent papers which were enioyed by all at Academy of Our Lady- !Spalding institute. MSI .I I Wa? ...,, J fi 'fgfd' aff 'ia Super Summa Staffers -I Mary Alice Boyle, Editor Karen McGann, Editor No one could ever know the ups and downs of working on a yearbook, without experiencing them. There is a time when it seems you will never get done. As soon as one deadline is completed another one is staring you in the face. Work is end- less, but the reward is great. This year- book has been surprisingly on time, set- ting records over past years. There is a lot more to this book than simply the pictures you see and the words you read. Few people have contributed but they have poured their very selves into your Summa. Please appreciate their efforts to capture moments in time. l l Mrs. Delicath our moderator, typed most of our copy. 1, Summa Statters goot otl Photographers And Boosters Photographers - First Row: Diane Anthony, Tom Butler, Kristi Bauwens, Phil LeDoux, Sarah Bushell, Steve Bullock, Mary Bushell. Second Row: Ban Thui, Kiley Hixson, Nick Ford, Hinh Luong, Marcia Dowdall. Mr. Pilat, moderator The work ofthe photographers and the boosters is essential to the yearbook. Without pictures andfor ads, a yearbook would simply not exist. We are grateful. A r Mary Keyes, our best photographer Linda Davidson sold the most ads. ,fff my .,.,,zV,.,1+,f ,- , W-5. k,,V, .,., M Vxbr N wmv ,W ,V JL. A ,-f .. QQ u'1X K Y :Mis Si x , A g A 1- -M.. v ..,:f..35,Q ,.,..,. Lxsizssizsfssse-i 33' . Mx.. MQW. Q Q V Q Irish W n Conference!! Coach Dave Lang can be quoted as saying, This is the best team in Spalding's history of baseball! lt is difficult to even consider doubting his words. These conference champions are looking forward to regionals. Summa regrets we cannot report the results. The team was led by captains Mark Hopkins and Joe Girardi plus Mark Myers, Harold Donnelly and Tye Elliott. Mark Myers led the conference in pitching and hitting. Coach Lang admits he will miss his seniors. The team can be proud of their 13-5 conference record. as an Bill meditates about the game X 5' Harold hurls another pitch. Mark and Mike warm up i v ,af g 1 i C 2. Q K .I 6 s V s I . 5652 ' Tye gives a mean look. Joe gets set for the next pitch. Y , Mark demonstrates his batting iorm. Coach Dave Lang signals to home plate li h .......u 1 Q r a i Irish Baseball Shows Their Stuff , H 5 Terry watches the play. Kevin hits infield practice. Harold scores another run Ken comes in from the lield. Coaches Dave Lang, Gordon Hitzeroth, and Dick Kelly pose for a picture. Star Batters xSmfiSHT miss- ,h , 'T . .1 gs- , . X is-l is' B 9 'W Varsity - Row 1: Joe Girardi, Erin Shanahan, Matt Abraham, Bill Carman, Gary Palka, Kevin Clark, Tye Elliot, Bob Manning. Row 2: Mike Tallon, Pat Tembor- ius, Harold Donnelly, Terry Smith, Ken Hahn, Artie Syvmbersky, Mark Hopkins, Mark Myers. 1 Sophomores - Row 1: Ted Blevins, Bill Stickelmaier, Chris Buel, Kevin Faley, Dan Hudson, Rob Schmitt. Row 2: Mike Wolford, Dave Foy, lim Lamm, lim Maurice, Darin Lowder, Tom Dugard, George Rothan. Freshmen - Row 1: Matt Hopkins, Matt Kilgo, Steve Mirande, lim Manning, Chris Eisfelder, Bret Taylor, Knute Landry, Brad Blevins. Row 2: Brian Elliot, Brian Ludolph, Jerry Girardi, Dean Mannlein, Darin Epley, Eric Crubaugh, Tony Ardis, John Hanley, Eric Gregory. Tennis Swings Into Action This year's tennis team was led by junior, lohn Uhll, and sophomore, Gerard Palmeri. The only senior was Poncho Moreno, a foreign exchange student. The team placed first in the Morton Invitational Tournament out of eight teams. They also placed in the Pekin Invitational Tournament. The Mid-state 10 Frosh-Soph Tournament ended with Spalding in third. Varsity finished third in the district. The conference record was 11-5, overall 15-8. i . 5 1 . X. is I K I kk. K. - 154, .i Dave Svymbersky lashes out for the ball. Front Row: Mike Thatcher, Dave Svymbersky, Emert Emert, Gerard Palmeri, Dan Kenny, Second Row: Steve Bullock, Poncho Moreno, Tim Drew, Bob Anderson, lohn Uhll, x A '- 'ji A 1 J. A X . f , . 4 A A X, . I 4 A t T to T. gf fx ff ,f ,u .y , .A , , , . 1 l , V . , . T 2 I , ,. in Vs, ,. , , i 1 . n Q I 1 . , I A X 2 h V I 7 Q e I 5 ' , X . T, - 1' ' r ' A as Coach Harris approves of the play. Concentrate on that serve, John X -..i .Ill Coach Harris gives his team a pep talk. Double vision . 0 ' MV , 211' ' , M 5 'wM T --...,,. What a serve! John Uhll demonstrates his power. Ns-. Boys Make Tracks The 1982 Track team was led by head coach Dan Plaag, distance coach Dave Hanula, and field events coach Ray Guthrie. Although the team finished ninth in the conference meet, they did experience many successes. Juniors Scott Slaughter, Steve Lawless, and Dan Gray qualified for the Journal Star Honor Roll Meet. This year was truly a year for building. Without any seniors, these thirty dedicated runners, pole vaulters, shot put- ters, and discus throwers showed their Irish spirit and sportmanship at every meet. Good luck to the team next year! Coach Hanula gives a pep talk. Back Row: Coach Dan Plaag, Dan Gray, John Jumer, Kevin Potts, Rick Campbell, Tom Bingham, Steve Mathey, Scott Slaughter, John Willard, Chris McEn- roe, Dave D'Agnolo, Steve Lawless, George McNeeley, Pete Woodruff, assistant coach Dave Hanula. Front Row: Rob DeFrance, Joel Donley, Mike Rossitter, Rob Bickelhaupt, Javier Grow, Matt Donovan, Jim Dwyer, Tim Butler, Steve Willard, Steve Otten, Paul Vargas, Jeff Lawless. f ........,,,,,1 awww NN'-f-se..,. i sn 1-M lrish hurdles past Bergan. Dan Gray sets the pace. Dying of thirst Steve Lawless takes control. Kevin and Scott show teamwork. Irish runner sprints. 5 f 5 ? ul Dan Gray makes it in. rttr at t A ,,..,..-f-,...- ,,.,...,.- Practice is important im The track team as a whole did not do well, they finished eighth. Certain girls excelled: Heidi Pitlikk in the mile and two mile, Molly Morrissey and Molly Trau in the 200 yard dash, Criss Otten in hurdles and the high jump, Mary Rakestraw in the 400, and Cindy Noble in the shotput and discus. Cindy fin- ished eighth in the district. Lisa Lamm and Mary Kakestraw were captains. Girls Run For Fun First Row: Diane Anthony, Amy Pitlik, Jennifer Chase, Molly Morrissey, Susan Renski. Second Row Maureen Eaton, Amy Moore, Linda lerulli, Mary Rakestraw, Meagan Fortune, Heidi Pitlik, Lisa Cornick Tracy Shawhan. Third Row: Ingrid Fritsch, Susie Goble, Criss Otten, Cindy Noble, Nichole Orr, Lisa Lamm Molly Trau, Rachel Dodge, Linda Ruschenski. . 1 l -x 5 ...s :S z Seniors on the track team were Lisa Lamm, Mary Rakestraw, Cindy Noble, and Susie Troy Knot picturedj. 4 Fans Add To Athletics in ,JS 'M 'N sf. B mb ' K ,,,., Siiqvffx -V H .MW V. K N W QA -Sf - , ' 1 n an 1 .,,,, V ,- A A Q14-g ff Y I fx, , f f 2 f 'ff' f if , .... . '- 14 1 , ' A -, 5216- X :A-7 vgliif, . veg, , 'Q M -'Egg ,jim - 5 N '54 6.951 4 W W,,. Q, K , n . 6 .1 1 um Q ' 4 1. - P! -. 'T' ,Q . Q lr i v 'K'-'M M4 'hs' V if ' mf!! f'.3 fi -1.-.f 4- -, f Nm Img. di .. -1 fm- 1 1 ' r Q . CY' fx 24 ' x 1.3 T F 5.3 , f , X W W 3, Q' b , .- - ,Gs H , Wig x L g 'HM ' Q- . 4: '55 ,CV . , F fl Af C X 0 is , ' S J. K N ,.... . vu.-Q10 wx! FI Yi' ff. f Softball Scores This year's softball team had no seniors and only one returning starter, a iunior named Jeanne Klein. The only Junior, lead the team hitting with over .400. Coach Schallau started at least five freshmen, sometimes eight. The team finished fourth out of eight in the Delavan Tournament. Softball is definitely looking toward the future. Front Row: Stephanie Ludolph, Tina Anthony, Denise Schweickert, Gina Anthony, Jeri Sawyer. J Second Row: Kelly Chance, Greta Selman, Kim Ludolph, Jeanne Klein, Diane McGrew, Sue Conway, Coach Schallau. Back Row: Coach Delicath, Janice Hahn, Marie Cundiff, Cece Ciabattoni, Tina J Schlink, Kim Osmulski. 2 Irish batter prepares to bunt. Cece waits to steal. mm 1..- -up fi ..' 5 i 'Q Q E 3 o E 3 F 2 , Cece shows winning form! Tammy gets ready for a steal. Girls' softball shows promise Coach Of Summa has chosen Coach Dave Lang as the 1982 Coach of the Year. He coaches varsity baseball and the sophomore football. His sup- port and dedication added to Spalding's Athlet- ics is highly regarded. We are grateful and proud to name him Coach of the Year. The Year: Dave Lang Of The Year: Joe Girardi Besides being named Most Dedicated Male Athlete by the senior class, loe Giradi has been chosen by the Summa as the Athlete of the Year. He Obviously excelled as quarterback for the football team. His dedication to baseball was evident as the catcher. He also was involved in interamurals and played basketball freshmen year. Congratula- tions to loe Girardi for being an outstanding athlete. i yarr y l may H H Summa wishes to give Mark Myers honorable mention as an outstanding athlete. lVlan Of The Year Phil LeDoux Phil LeDoux received the highest honor given to a senior boy. The class of 1982 voted him as their Spalding Man of the year because of his spirit, decication, and service to the school and the commu- nity. Phil was on the honor roll all tour years and National Honor Society his junior and senior years. He served the community through the Red Cross Club and SPEC. He served the school through photography club, homecoming skits, pep band, and French club. His dedication was evident when he played basketball all four years and ran track for two years. His personality made him liked by all and a perfect candidate for the 1982 Spalding Man of the Year. l as is e Q M it aaee ' 'gg t 'ue K U ,M '--f-- -N Man Of The Year Runners Up Joe Girardi Mark Myers Mark Pendergrass Andrew Swanson Academy Girl: Nancy Johnson Q . szfrlj A im: it Y. f I te D '. ?Q's lu . .I -- ix N K 1 Qs. is . . 5 a X 3 4 Q . ss. s .3 1 Cases fe ' 3 yy . 0 X i Sxcg K S ' W .,..' t axis gi 'ts is at N 1 s Nancy Johnson was honored to be named the 1982 Academy Girl. She was chosen for her obvious lead- ership, service, spirit, and likeable personality. She was on the honor roll her iunior and senior years. She was a dedicated swimmer and enjoyed intera- murals. She served on Student Senate for two years, as the senior class president the latter year. She participated in the German Club, homecoming skits, and sociology. She was honored to be named to Who's Who Among American High School Students and as DAR. Her spirited and caring personality made her liked by all and the obvious one to be the 1982 Academy Girl. Academy Girl Runners-Up 407 Q 1' 1 , 'X Sig. l .wk 1 Carolyn Beyers Karen McGann Stephanie Venzon Trish Vosberg X 165 Top Ten Seniors Of 1982 ,jim Ai wt... tmswnwumx Top Ten: Carolyn Beyers, Frank Boley, Mary Bushell, Anne Seacrist, Theresa Ringenberg, Bob Lawless, Rod Demeny, Peter del Castillo, Mary Alice Boyle, and lane Schmitt. rrsr Bob Lawless DAR Optimist Outstanding Seniors Business: Bob Lawless Social Stuedes: Tim Kelly Engdsh: Lisa Lamm Speech: Tom Butler language: Lisa Lamm Science: Carolyn Beyers Atatlr: Carolyn Beyers Art: Khiem Nguyen and T om Butler T li Boy Most Lilreb' to Succeed' Frank Boley Girl Most Lilreb' to Succeed Carolyn Beyers Most Spirited Boy: Vince Garramone Most Spirited Girk Mary Rakestraw Mr. Congeniadty: Mark Pendergrass Wss L'ongeniality.' Ellie Cahill Most Dezdcated Male Athlete: loe Girardi Most Dedicated Female Athlete: Mary Rakestraw Class Clown: Steve LaHood Nicest Smile: Charlie Galland, Trish Vosberg Prettiest Eyes: Kevin Fiddes, lane Schmitt Funniest: Bob Keegan, Deana Shults Spaciest: Steve Leary, Gina Venegoni Recognized Valedictorian: Carolyn Beyers Salutatorian: Frank Boley Sterling Merit: Carolyn Beyers, Frank Boley, Mary Alice Boyle, Mary Brick, Cathy Bridge, Mary Bushell, Peter del Castillo, Rodney Demeny, loseph Girardi, Lisa Lamm, Bob Lawless, Mick Mirande, Kevin Nickerson, Theresa Ringenberg, Anne Seacrist, lane Schmitt, Andrew Swanson. Uptimist Award' Stephanie Venzon DAR: Nancy lohnson SAR: Bob Lawless American Legion Award' Anne Seacrist and Joe Cheneler National Merit 0ualiHer: lill Vieley Best Legs: Steve Leary, Trish Vosberg Most Photogenic.' Lee Armstrong, Bridget Callaway Biggest Gearlread' Eric Zeigler, Ann Schatsieck Most 0utspolren.' Steve LaHood, Deana Shults WaIlr.' Kevin Fidess, Gina Venegoni Lauglr: Jerry Maushard, Jennifer Steiner Baby Face: Phil Walmsley, Kathy Kastl Worst Handwriting: Mick Mirande, Cathie Koetter Best Handwriting.' Frank Boley, Lisa Lamm Most Macho: Lee Armstrong Biggest Fdrt: Cathie Koetter Person Girls Would Lilre to BE Stranded With.' Charlie Galland Person Boys Would like to Be Stranded With: Trish Vosberg 0ther Winners: Mike lamski, Dave 0'Connell, Shelly Alberssen, Sue Ryherd, loe Cheneler, Mary Quigley. W., .. Hs, gggt A .sh May 21 was a very special day for the class of 1982. It started with a Baccalau- reate Mass held at 10:30 AM at St. Mary's Cathedral. The Baccalaureate, giv- en by Fr. Beebe was highlighted by a symbolic offetory and a liturgical dance. The dancers were Jennifer Steiner, Gina Venegoni, Cathie Koetter, and Kathy Dwyer. A brunch followed at the Civic Center. There the graduates, their families, and the faculty enjoyed the opportunity of listening to the addresses of the Valedic- torian, Carolyn Beyers, and the Salutato- rian, Frank Boley. Commencement exercises were held at the gym where the diplomas were distrib- uted by the bishop to the class of 1982. The address was given by Fr. Thomas Henseler, the director of Cursillo and the Permanent Deaconate. . ft.- - n fgigza. 72,-af wiv -2411, mera, 1 ' 2 --,' V, 4 fly .i.,.,,, 1982 Graduation Joe is congratulated by the bishop. Poncho smiles as he walks into church. Carolyn gives her Valedictorian address. E 5 s 2 s 5 m S 1 rf E I asf af! S Chris and Harold lead the oifetory and prayers of the faithful. Mark moves his tassel. Frank gives his address at the brunch. i .M F Tom heads for his diploma. Steve reflects on his high school years. The Iiturgicai dancers were a spe cial part of the Baccalaureate. Merit Pom 1, 4, 2, oot- Street T.C. 2, They 2, Intra- Skits 3, Society Ameri- Bowling f 4e ei cramenl, Society Schalan Philomena 2 John, Cluh 2 Blessed BUYLE St Miark Honor Society Sterling Mer 1, 2, 3 4. EC Y , a 2, 3, 4, Editor, French Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, I-iddler on the Roof Homecom Pom Roll 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, - Student Senate 1,igSePEG,,3, 4, Madison Street - Journal 1, Cheerleader 2, SJA4, Fiddler on the .,.wv-ww LIIVDA DAVIDSON - St. Philomena, Honor Roll 4, Liturgy Committee 1, Summa 1, Mou- setrap, Winnie-the-Pooh, See How They Run, Tom Sawyen Lil' Abnen Guys and Dolls, Homecoming Skits 2, 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 3 JOHN DAWS --Soccer 2, Who's Who Among American High School Students PETER DEL CASTILLO -- St. Monica, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Top Ten, Sterling Merit, illinois State Scholar, Wrestling 2, lntramurals 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students LIZ DELMASTRO - St. Joseph, E.T.C. 2, 3, Academettes 1, Mousetrap, I-Tddler on the Root Tom Sawyen Guys and Dolls, Chil- dren's Theater 2 RODNE Y DEMHVY --St. Mary, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Top Ten, Sterling Merit, illinois State Scholar, Madison Sheet Joumal3, Pep Band 1, Drum and Buge Corps 3, French Clubs 1, 2, 3, 4 NHIKI DIXON - St. Thomas, Track, Softball 2,,Homecoming Skits 3, 4 DMWA DDDD - St. Bernard DAN DONAHUE - St. Bernard JEROME DDNAHLE -St. Mark, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Illinois State Scholar, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Swimming 1, 2, German Club 1, 2, 3, 4 HAROLD DONNEILY -- St. Bernard, Honor Roll 1, 3, 4, Football 2, Basketball 1, Base ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 1, lntramurals 3, Student Senate 1, 4, SPEC 3, Homecoming Skits 3, 4 ME DONOVN -St. Mark, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, SPEC 4, Madison Street Jownal 3, 4, German Ciub 4, Guys and Dolls ,att MARCIA DOIVDALL - St. loseph, Photogra- phy Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech Team 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, E.TQC. 2, 3, 4, Mouse- trap, lVinnie-the-Pooh, See How they Run, Fiddler on the Root Tom Sawyen Lil'Abnen Guys and Dolls, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4 KAREN DIMHAM -- St. Philomena, Track 1, 2, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 2, 3, 4, Summa, 1, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4, Home- coming Attendant 4 PEGGY DIVYER - Sacred Heart, Track 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 KRISS EDWARDS - St. Mark, Football 1, Track 2, Tennis 1, SPEC 2, 3, Lil' Abner, Homecoming Skits 2, 3 BRYON EHRHART-St. Thomas, Honor Roll 4, Weightlifting 2, Golf 1, 2, 3 TYE ELLIOTT- St. Mark, Football 1, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 3, 4, Homecoming Ski-s 2 JULIE EVANS -- St. Philomena, French Club 2, 3 KATHY FAGG --St. Bernard, E.T.C. 2, Home- coming Skits 2, German Club 2 KEVIN FIDDES -- St. Philomena, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, SPEC 1, 2 KATHY FILZEN -- St. Mark, Track 1, Swim- ming 1, Summa 4, Homecoming Skits 2, 4 KRIS FITZANKO - St. loseph, Honor Roll 1, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, E.T.C. 2 BRIDGET FLYNN - St. Mark KIM FOLKE76 - Blessed Sacrament, Track 2, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4 LEE FDLKEM' - Blessed Sacrament, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, Swimming 1, 4 NICHOLAS FORD - St. Thomas, Cross Coun- try 4, Wrestling 1, Swimming 2, 3, Photogra- phy Club 3, 4, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4 CHHILL FRASCO - St. Philomena, Cross Country 1, Track 1, Homecoming Skits 2 CHARLIE GALLAND - Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Weightlifting 3, 4, lntramurals 3, 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3 MANUEL GAME?-St. Bernard, intramural 4 VIICE GARRAMONE --St. Bernard, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 4, Madison Street Journal 1, Pep Club 4, Tom Sawyen Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4, School Mascot ROBHIT GAYDOS - Blessed Sacrament, Honor Roll 4 EDIVARD GEORGE -- St. Cecilia, Honor Roll 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4,'lllinois State Scholar, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, Track 1, Swimming 4, Student Senate 2, SPEC 3, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, Vice-Versa Attendant 1 RAUL GILES St. Monica THERESA GIOMEN - St. Edward, Honor Roll2, 3, German Club 1, 2, Pep Club 4, Homecoming Skits 4 JOEGIRARDI-St. Monica, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Sterling Merit 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 4, SPEC 4, Man of the Year Runner-up KEN GDUGH -- St.sBernard MARY GRAHAM CRAIG GRANT - St. Bernard KATHY GRAY--St.iPhiIomena, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Marhson Street Journal 1, 2, 3, Summa 1, French Club 2, 3, Tom Sawyen Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4 MATT GROH --Holy Famiiy, National Honor Society 4, Golf 1, Liturgy Committee 3, 4, SPEC 4, German 3, 4 BETH GUSMAN -- St. Thomas, Cheerleader 2, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4 KENNETHHAHN--St. Monica, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 4, lntramurals 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, 4 MONICA HARKER - St. Philomena BRUCE HEINZ -- St. lohn, Intramural 4 JENNIFER HEINZ - Sacre Coeur, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 STEVE HEAVZ - St. Mary, National Honor Society 4, lllinois State Scholar, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1,,2, Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 4 KATHERINE HLTNZEN - St. Vincent de Paul, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Liturgy Committee 1, German Club 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4 BREIWA HOFER - Blessed Sacrament, Ten- nis 2, Swimming 3, Homecoming Skits 2, 4 LISA HDNEGGER - St. Patrick, lntramurals 2, Cheerleader 2, Tumbling Squad 1, 3, 4 MARK HOPKINS -- St. Philomena, Football 1, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 3, 4 MICHAEL HOPKINS --St. Martin de Porres, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Madison Street Joumal 3, HomecomingSkits 2, 3, 4 MIKE IAMSKI -St. Thomas, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Scholastic Showdown 4, Track 1, 2, Soccer 1, 2, Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Liturgy Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, 3, 4, E.T.C. 4, Singing lrish 2, 3, 4, See How They Run, Guys and Dolls NANCY JOHNSON - St. Bernard, Honor Roll 3, 4, Swimming 1, 2, 3, lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Senate 3, 4, German Clubjl, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4,iDAR, Academy Girl, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Sociology f L TONY KARL - South Side Catholic KATHY KASTL -- St..Patrick, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Attendant 3, Spanish Club 1, 2 BOB KEEGAN-St. Mark, Track 1, lntramur! als 3, 4, Homecoming Skits 2, 3, 4 PAUL KEENAIVS- St. ,Bernard Footbrad 1, Z .Z 4, Track Z Neyhtlifthrg Z .Z Intramurals CHRISTIAN KEEL -St. Cecelia, Swimming 3, 4, SPEC 3, Madison Street Joumal, 1, 2, Fiddler on the Root Homecoming Sliits 2 JOHN KLLLA - St. Mark, Cross Country 1, -2, 3 .17 I 1-ji fnrw KELLY-4St. Mari, Liturgy commrueei de Paul, Honor Society 4, T Cheerleader 3 German Club 1 2 High School Roll 2, Honor 2, 3, 4, Key 2, 3, SPEC 4, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 4, - Sacre Coeur - St. Philomena 4, Speech Team 2, 3, Bowling 10 Champ in Oration St. Bernard --St. Bernard Attendant 4 JIM LAWLESS St. Philomena, Golf 2, lntralmurals 3, Homecoming Skits 4 ROBERT LAWLESS - St. Philomena Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Top Ten, Sterling Merit, Illinois Scholar, Scholastic Showdown 4, Golf 2, 3, 4,lntramurals 3, Madison Journal 1, Summa 1, 2, French 2, 3, sim loseph,HonofRolI 1, 2, 3, soeietyr 2, 3, 4, Sterling Track 1, 2, 4, Key Club 4, Summa Club 1, 2, 3, ,eeii 4, Speech Team Club 3, 4, E.T.C. 3, 4, Academettes and Dolls, Homecoming Skits 2, 4, 3, 2, , i m School Statistician 4, Bowling 2, Academy ner-up THOMASMc6RE W -- St. Mark, Honor .1 4, National Honor Society 4, Showdown 4, Baseball Z Golf Z .Z 4, Inga- murals 51 4, Key Club 4, Pep Band 1 JESSE MENCHACA - St. Bernard, lnttainur- 2, 3, Track 1, Wrestling 2 2 MIIMNDE-St. Anthony, 3, 4, National Honor illinois State Scholar Club 1, Manager Senate 1, Summa M00ll'E St Mark T 2, Liturgy Committee 2, Journal 2, 3, German Club 1 Skits 2 3 4 2 M0l?ENO - St. Monica, Ten MOSES - St. Mark f MUUNTS - St. Edward - 4, Mardson Street Journal 1, E.T. ' Singing lrish 4, Fiddler on the Roob Sawyen lil' llbner, Guys and Dolls, -' m and Bugle Corps 3, 4 4, spanish Club 4 4 , i V in MENKE --St. Peter, Criss Coun- 2 it Honor Roll 4, ,Liturgy Mazdson Slgeilh' 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Homectiiming Skits 2, 3, 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students, French Club 1, 2 DEBBIE PATTERSUN - St. Monica, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Scholastic Showdown 4, Basketball 1, Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 3, Key Club 4, Madison Slreel Journal 4, Pep Club 4, Home- coming Skits 4, Bowling, German Club 1, 2, 3, 4 MARK PENDERGRASS - St. Mark, Baseball 1, Track 2, Wrestling 1, Intramurals 3, 4 Student Senate 3, 4, Homecoming Skits 2, 3 4, Man of the Year Runner-up , Swimming 1, 2,.3, 4,-Summa 4, Guys an Homecoming 3, 4 St. Magtin de Porres MICHELLE PILON --St. Mark, Honor Ro .--- Football 1, 2 TERESA P WFRS -St. Bernard, Honor Roll 1, 4, National Honor Society 4, German Club 2, 3, 4, lunior Achievement 2, Who's Who 'Q Q 'lx CERAMIC TIL E'SLATEv MA RBLE ' INDUS TRIAL FLOOR S'TERRAZZO 0 O SUPQI ORTILE STERR AZZ08 . 4 SUPERIOR TILE AND TERRAZZO Congratulates T'1e Class Of 1982 And Would Like To Thank You. For Your Patiewce Durrg The Installatior Of Tre Brick Pavers In Tre Commons Area CARPET 0 RE SILIENT FLC ORINGNSHEE T VINYL ' WO OD PARQUET '?1'x?'s?'s?'w9'4'r'6'xV'x?'x?'v v v v'O'x9 v ooooooo ooo V MOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQQQQQOQOQOQOQOQQQOQOQOQOQOQOQ CDLLTQST11N131JM, COIJDLBCI KN 1311 MSTIQIPL 1,1111-,QWLQ HI IOIQY Q31 IQICDN TLICDM16 5. IQ11 ,4 40' ,4 ,4 4 CQ NY cv .4 44 Q04 v v v v v v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvv vvvvvvv PQ'47'Q'OK?'O'O'4?'if'O'OW!Qf'Qf'O'6's?'0'6'x?'x?'Qf'!.0 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AA A A A 4 -, 94 1 O4 1 1 40. 41. 1 44: - N 42: 401 1 , 1 .4 f W 40. '4 43 4 0 J 7 4 45 CD L' 43: 40. 4 04 w 43 A , X 431 3 411 4 224 3 4 1 1 ,4 V 1 11 4. 4 40 , O4 9 41 0 fo O4 ' 4.4 0 0 , 4:4 44' 3 Q: 1 43: Q04 1 14 2.3 O 1 1 8 A S'2PX'4'Z'4'S'a'SQ'6'o'6'o'8'4 8'o'6'o'o'o'o7o7o7o7o'boQoQoQQQ0QOQOQOQOQ 4 4 1 s 5 93 2 'P Q D Q O Q O Q O Q 9 Q O Q 9 2 2? Q o 2 2? Q O 2 27 Q O v Q Q O Q O Q 0 O 1 O I O I o 9 o E :P I ? I ? : 9? 9 o ' , ' 9 ' 9 ' 9 ' 9 ' 9 a 9 Q u Q 2 9? 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Gronewold R.Ph Q 1 A ,Z ,Z ,Q pi ,Z pf 6 WTR O W 3 fr In , gg 'P 'J p 4 pf ,Z O 'J p 4 'Z 'J 'J 5 4 pf rf' Pg p 4 'E Washington, IL IO: zmenk Tom 0 I4 rf' Pa I4 V4 fs V4 fs P04 O P.: v 0 Pts Ul'l'lSSe I4 1 - 94 fi and 'I' if M ' M O . el' ICU!! ' ' ' 'of Haus ' be N W mom-on r V4 V4 fi 9 OW!QWO'0's?f's?'Qr'x?'s?'x9'Qr's?'0'6's7'O'x9'Qr's?'O'x?'CQr4 Q?.9.QQQQQQQ.'b.4N2.Q.Q.fb.4h4N'b.4X9.'bJbdjsgsgsg Compliments Of ation, Lawless, Trager 84 is And Counselors At Law i 5 r is , so Q by C ax Savings Custom Senior Photography G 99-9571 my ,,if?i t m VAN VERST PHOTOGRAPHY Morton IL 266-5463 P. David Van Verst, CCP Vvvvvvvvvvvvvv 6'6'OYWO'O'0's9'w3f'6'OVWx?'s?'s?'sZf's?'Qf'0'O'0'?z'Qs7 4?+QQ2'2+2+2+Qo2Q2o2Q2QQQQfQf2Q2o2+2+2+2Q'E 'LET US REPAIR AND SERVICE ...... FOR YOU!!!!l QUE A Fro ITI 'O's9'0'x?'x?'x?'6'Qf'Q1 ooo V ANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA P v v v r PO. BOX 5007 ' 130918638-4406 f .E ADAM T. N PE?D0PaXL,ILl.INOIS 61601 I 423 QCONNOR co. . .Q J WHOLESALE PLUMBING ' HEATING 'INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 4 PUMPS C PEORlA'MApOMB'KANKAKEE'UFJBANA'L.ASALLE'AUF1ORA'MOLINE h O 4 v 44 ' 4 y 43' I Q: V 44 ' 0: P r ,4 44' ' .4 4 44' ' .1 4 v 414 MORTON FEDERAL SAVINGS G LOAN Assn. 4 4.4 418 Locust St. ' Delavan, lL 61734 ' 13091 244-7521 ' 43095 263-8406 , 4 H 9 4 4 r 4' 4 4 D 9 4 4 v 44 . 4 P 424 E Q: H 0 I 2.3 PEORIA sAvlNc.s 5 9 4 4 , 1 p 64 Z22fNWS,5Si5.Tf2T15Q SS. 2233222 F .Q 3037 N STERLING AVE PH: 685-3200 H 4' I o . 4 r o . 4 v Q0 . 4 P O 4 4 b QQ . 4 D 0 4 QQ' I Q4 I Q01 I 0: I Q04 I o 7 I 4.4 JOSEPH S RECOVERY ROOIVI I Q: I Q0 I 0' I Q01 P 01 I fo: I P '94 E vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVTVVVVV L.,03,03,93,93,24828,23,2Q,2Q,2QXOXQZQZQXOXOXOXOXOXCO' vvvvvvvvvvvVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVVV P p2X'2Q2+2Q2+2v2Q2Q2v2'QQ2+2Q2Q2Q3v2+2e2'2v2f2+21 4 P Q '4 , A S 2 N , J, p' 5 cedfiggi-sofa ,Q r R S 5 v 3 l I ' ,:i 1 F looroovenng Unlimited g.g 3 . 7.4 1 3024 N. University Peoria :Ig 3 rs S 5.4 ! rf- 5 I4 5 'I' 3 Distinctive floor fashions for the If 4 P Q H - ' 3 home or office If F P ' f Pza 5 I4 H ,Z 3 S, gi rj. : F 45 6 5.4 : if , Pa 5 Ii I fa S POQ I ,Z I it I fa S fs I ,Z S In I fa I fs I ONEILL BROS TRANSFER AND STORAGE is S I fs l fa S fs I . . . fa Q Specialists In Local Trucking ,oi H Pool Car Distribution Piggy Back fa 3 706 S.W. Commercial St. hrs 1 Peoria, lL 61602 H '4 H VS I 51 Z ff R Pty a Pl 4 F Q l 0 4 x P 'O's7's?'s9'x9'4'f'x9'x?'Q1'0 !f'6's?'O'Qf'O'6's?'O'6'x?'0'6'3f MOQOQOQQQOQOQOQOQOQOQAAOQOQOQOQAAOQOQOQQQ YPQZQP'R9'S7'?2'?2'?k'4?2'QPO'4'f'O'O'O's?'0'x?'0'0'0'0'i?f 'o .48 .4X0.0.0.4N0.0.0.0.'b.'b.4N0.'b.4X9.0 BAUIVIANN ENGINEERING 2126 N. University St Peoria, Illinois 61604 Tel. 43097 688-9727 Engineering Land Planning Surveying Lawrence L. Baumann, P.E, LS Jo Ann McCloud - Founder 49 OIT Avenue Pekin, llllnois 645511 QSOQJ 347-2455 Classical Ballel ' Poinle Classes Modern Jazz ' Tap ' Acrobalics Ballroom ' ' ' Disco Exercise Classes For Pre-School Thru Adults Dancing Supplies 0606606000006 ibm Q lurid QQQQQQQ OQ6 QQQQQQQ O 0 0 QQQQQQQQQ O 0 OQOQOQOQQQQ, V4 fs 1 V4 ..,. Q 1 1 fe 5:4 by rg LAIRD'S CUTIES E13 :EI y I 1 1 M Q: P,N P 4 4 Y 1 Sr. 4 g 1 Barbara's 'D j ' t luniors 1 M' 1 A 1 Q 4 I, 1 r ,O 1 rf: Q9 rg rg j I ,Q 1 be ,Q 1 be ,Q 1 be ,Q 1 1 ,QQ ,Q 1 V7 ,Q 1 'J ' G ' 'Qi P IVIrchaeI E. ray ,2 be D YOUR I ndep endenf II'ff gl Ha ser Agency ,S r u p lnslgggs-fs YOSSREPIT Insurance gl Insurance Agency P' il 3100 N. Knoxville, Room 211 - Peoria, IL 61603 Bus. 309!686-9090 - Res. 3091688-13358 O'O's?'O'0'O'O'O'6'Q1'6'6's9'x9'?f's?'6'6's?'6'6'0 Q0 'Nb.'b.'b.Q.fb.41.fb.'?.4.489.'bQ'?.'b.'b.4N'b.4NQ.Q.g.Q.Q 's Ill-JLIIIV lvllwnoluwl 9 I9 ,Q ro 9 I9 Q lv 1-' oom 106 lg? I? I? I? E? by I? ig? I? Pllats Freshman Homeroom Eg 'Q I? I? I? I? I? E? , rf, Room EEZ 13 ,Q V7 ,Q .9 ,Q no ,Q V, hz, 'Q V., v ' '0Y0f I0f'f0f0f0ff'Ivf01OYOYOIOYOIOYOTOYOYOYOYOf'f9f'f9f'1'9I'fQYTYIOIQIOIQIOIQ1021012123A 8.1 4 ST szq :J .4 C91 9z4 :fr 5:4 zo' :I 5:4 9 4 s:4 9,4 sa 9,4 sa 9.4 sa 9.4 sa 9.4 sa 9.4 sa 9.4 sa 9.4 sa 9.4 5 4 9.4 0 s,4 9.4 sa 9,4 5.4 9.4 5,1 9.4 sa 9.4 sa 9.4 sa 9,4 5 4 O 9,4 5.4 9,4 5 4 9z4 5 4 9:4 5 4 9.4 .3 9 4 5.4 5.4 Ai'2929292+51929292+2992+2929292f2+292+2+S1+292 'a SPALDING CYMNASIUM ' Vrnce towers over Rm 250' rvpreurrwn, ur MNAMUM Frrendly Fresh from 120 LV.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v0v.v.v.v.v.v.v,v.v.v,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v4 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV p2i+2+2.+.w.+.02f2+2vQQ2+QQ2'2v2Q2+2.+2+2'2Q2'2+2+24 v 1 f 5 t4 K Q1 5 5 Pty 34 Li, Q D if i , f ' ,Os ' 4 N4 4 4 4 A p I4 2 4 pt: '4 4 ' 4 Q f P 4 :4 g pri 54 - W P 4 s' ' 4 4 'I' 34 4 N 4 4 4 'Q' QQ .. Q, f 54 , A ' P04 54 px Q' 4 ,Oi '4 4 M up f y 4 9 '4 + ' 0 3: Q--I I. '5 ,- L If 54 vt- b4 ' ' 5 5.4 54 i 4? ,Q 54 4 J4 p04 3: D04 v gg Q J 1 70' n yi K r gi lvl I ' ' H 51 r. rwm s omeroom 305 .g. H I4 K4 pta ' 4 P 4 I4 5:4 6q X N .X L V . .,,.......-, .M 2 b Q 54 4 ki fi ' 4 E ,Q 64 4 - 4: 4 4 'Q' f If g. . 7 X M ,zz t4 4 X its 34 p 4 J 4 P 4 -4- ff 4 'z' v a 5... P Q4 , 'N' sp, fl z' 4 , -1 'I- firrh Bb' r.: g. a er ee e s ,3, ' 4 I I W N , Q Q , r Q E 5 g. Sensors njoy 4 4, , 4 ,,,, ,, 4 4 , 9 0 H1 Th I M ,. omeroo ,,: + Q f O O + 4 P 4 0 0 4 A P 4 3'3'3'3'3'3'3'3 3'3'3'3'3 V'3'U'V'3'V'3'3 3'334 NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA QQAOAOAQAOAQAOAOAQAQAOAOAOAOAQAOAOAOAQAQAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAQAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOA r 4 I 'J ,QW J g E, , K 3, 2, it QQ, E 7 43, mma s ,g f.4 ' S ' 'Q' s 4 P 4 3 . 90101 f:- stq A . sf' , . 5,4 4 r ' 'I I 7 , I Q , Q Rowdies 4. :QI I 'Q' s f F 4 af f fr- :.j 3 1 I.: 5.4 ,tl 9.4 7,4 5 4 p 4 '14 MMG , , , rf Q' LI A d F I Ed t 4. I e n ami y uca ion .g. L.: :Q :OJ :Q 'P' Family Resources Center ,tl v 4 , D 4 34 411 Main Street fa 0 O '04 5.4 ' 4 Peoria, IL 61602 'J 34 P01 ' 4 D . 4, Phone: C3095 637-1713 ,oi 34 Free loan to the community Clibrary and audio-visual aidsj 350 films, slides, filmstrips, tapes, and video-tapes - helping families to live, to love, and to ,O :OJ grow as God designed. :Q 0 O ' I ' Basic information andfor referral to available professional marriageffamily counseling and assistance. rg V 0 '01 Natural family planning classes and counseling arranged. P 34 ' Arrangements for free pregnancy tests. D: r 4 P 5. ' Many reference materials for student research on life and death issues. . 04 ,O :Oi ' Open Monday through Friday, 9:30 am till 3:30 pm. Special openings can be arranged. :za 4 P 9. ,fi 0 54 ' 4 .4 X . . 34 3 S 9 3311 N. University , 4 k . . . Q ,, Pg 5 Peoria, Illinois ' 4 34 C i4 I Z ZA ' 4 P A R L O R 94 . , . x4 lllnrlhs greatest pizza. 34 ' 4 4 Q4 ' 4 V V V V V V V V V V V v.v.v v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.V.V.VQV.V.V.V.V.7.70V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V,VOV x?'x?'4f'4r'?f'4rv'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxv 0 O THE CAR al TRUCK E SUPERMARKET 0 O O 0 0 O '4 '4 O Imports and Domestlcs, New and Used, Cars and Tmcks The Prlce Leader 3332? ??Ve'k ars ruc to choose from S l800 Washmgton Rd Washington, ILL Peona 676 I0O6 Washnngton 444 3IIl tiittittt 'o'o'o'o'o o'o o'o'o'o fo 0 fo o 0 o o Q Q o o 0 o 0 o'o'o'o'o o o 4 Q o o o o'o'o Q o Q 0 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV ANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA P ANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA r 4 D 4 Q4 Q4 4 P ' :I4 4 P ' :'4 V: '14 vie :,4 54 4 , ' S: W -12 P ri: 4? 594 P.: ' f ,Ox :Q4 7.4 9.4 y 5 4 4 , 9 4 9 4 P.. 9.4 4 y 5.4 ,eq 9.4 4 ,tg IQ: ' 4 4 v.4 934 44 o sa 'of I4 ' 1 ' ' H Pl o 1.1 Harris Homeroom Without JIII.. .gj r,4 ,M Q4 :C r 4 fi 'I' IVIr Lan 's 3 7.4 7 . V ',,,. , f I g 5 4 f p.l Q 1 Z4 ' S h '24 4. op omores 5. 5.1 p: r. 4 5 :gi From 21 :I sa 4 ,Oi r 4 , fg szq 2... Q ,R Q4 ng n we ' , .Fil f 'AA f ' ' ' F J 'W 'A 4 4444 4 , Q Q , 1 S 4 H 4 + 4 'J 4, omeroom 54 4 4 fff ' 4 J , 4 5:4 3555 1?fl Q '65 H G f off '24 S W 54 nj 504 'oz r 4 4 y 34 0 5.4 pvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 41'6'4f's?'6'0's?'4?'f? !r'4f'4r'?f's?'s7'x9'6'6'?f'6'4r'0'Qs? zo:QQ101091.:Q1Q:+1Q:'1+:.1Q:Q14:'1Q:Q:4:.14:.141.141.14:':4:.1+:Q1Q2Q2'2QA'2Q24 u f l I :Q J 4' ff! ' A P.: Y ----- s , 'Q Q ' 7 ' o Br. David S Crazles From 403 IVIrs. ' 1 Slnger s Sophs Seniors From 3 , ., 'xx f 4 X V Q xx, Z , 'oz - lo.. X f 303ozosovososozozoyQUQ30SQUQSQSQSQSQSQQQUQUQQSQ 0 ANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AoAoAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQ o o 0 0 0 Q QAQAQ o Q o Q 4 Q o 0 0 0 QAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAgo, gf 4 N :Fl 5 FQMMFWAQ? if f'f' Q' 'W -'L ' if -1' 4? 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BROTHER DAVID UND HERR WEISS s,eee seee seesees SS BRUWER GEORGE 'S A CGod'l.ove You Class of '82D SS SSSSSS S, essiee A S A SISTER? eee ROBERTA HOULIHHI, eesee eee S Y ' 115-2229 2 -, Pfff' 11 S. ,7,'.,,f SS 3 ,ff' . - T S SS SSSSS, , truth as Beauty 81 Beauty IS ru 8' MRS- t4fV'N BBSB ata . A BBSS SS HANULA - Irish No. 1 SfS :SSt' , S,,., S , SSf SSI' 'I1 s'se- aeeaaa atta eaaet f S aeaatt FATHER BEEBE e S SS ER BARBARA - SSAS SAAAS Aaa SS ' -A S' A 4 ' AS S S A A a yyhk , 'fSS ,,ff ' A A AAAS SSSSSS t'ftltet tttt W a'ft ASA SSAAS SSsS.tSaa S SSSSSASSSS Stt' MR. 8 SS SSt't S SBAAABA A S S ,AAASAA ' A if t't -vfu Sff A 2 56 gpg A A'Aa -' . ggftgggfg' 5ff!5?i3f3.i ' I V'342'fiES'i5fii15fV'i 1if. i'fff55!5ZlftfSC 'S'- f ff f Vf'1f ' V' L Sb . - 'k. SS1' W,:, 'f:,1t E ww A SSSSSS .4 ff ft ' ll' A: ' ' ' ' 'S S ' 'At' ':Z . X.,' S.-L 'SSAW A .1 ,,-,.,, S AA., Q S',SS I S.SS.,S.. 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Park ,l c ,, Pekin, IL 615 HOBIN l ,lllt To - 3 3 3 3 3 3 0vOv6v0vOv6v0vOv0vOv0v0v0vOv0v0v0v9v6v0v0 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV 49Q'iQ2Q2+2.'2+2+2'2.+2+2+2Q2'2+2'2'2Q2'2f2f2+2Q2 SPALDING BOOSTERS O . ff fr 4 f M, O .ffl , . I: V I y mv fqn f ' ' l ' 'f', ,,LI,' 2 Q Q , ff. .fi ' ' , ' . ,, 5 , ' : . f ' Tf7'7 H f .lx Wyg' I . A J I- ' Z K I f I V 61'0'O'0'0'0'Q1's?''ff's?1'0'f?r'Q'0'6'x9'41's?'6's?'Qf'0 3.6 p2'b2+2Q2+2Q2QAQ2Q2o2QAQ2'QoAv2+QQ2'2Q2+2+A+2+2q ai 1: 6' v .4 ,Q O ,4 ,4 ,4 .4 .4 'I '4 '4 Km 11162 Tobm Dru S I' I' 7 v' .1 ' rg ' 1200 W Mam 511661 tg O4 ,Q '4 0 . . . V gl A Peona, 111111015 61606 gi 0: D4 Q p P 5 Bogcrd Drug 5: 4 5' tg STores 5 P :I :E P4 ,Q P: :Q P Ag 1A6RoN-AA111ER COMPANY :I P P: YOUR FRIENDLY HOMETOWN F000 STORE 1231 W Main I: M N D FT H Peoria, 11 61606 rf. Q TP Fl A ,Od 14 674-5143 :Q 5: I SUPER Fooos I 4, b 4 E w1'n1 Mons THAN Jusr A mon STORE! II: Q wm A11 vou'REsHoPP1N6ro1u 61. 6 u Q Q P4 tg CENTRAL IllINOIS , X gtg 4 Most BEAUTIFUL, :A 5: 3 SUPERMARKET frm' 63. Q 0REN 24HOURS LQ: Q I 721 w. JACKSON, MORTONJI :If 3 'I' 4 F1 H rzs 4 bl 909909090000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO6009004 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV 5.4 N 'WAAAAAAAA AAQQQQQQ '?.4. 'b. 4 A 31 '7 IVIr Dellcath s Homeroom Funan s All TOS THE WHALE fy 4- .' xx S K J K NHRA E Junction City Af' Q A 5 s Q X X by X1 fk X- U: xi-KXJ 2 O4 X8 c I L Ny- , E P 4 P :Q '4 -fl Q1 Q p' j 133 ' 4 b' - 4 'y P: 4 42' T 35 P: ,4 ui A ss AA It as X I ' ' 4 4 A 4' '4 4 4 ? fy .4 P M A ' 4 4 in 4 4 P4 4 '4 7 4 ,L Q I4 . I I f 4 ta b Q W, ,Q 4 4 1 P , H 6 ' 7 E, l 9 4 H 'Q 5 -.S . , H . ,-1 5 ' f 4 , n T ,f f F h 5 i W . 4 P , A 5 404 5 J H Z . . W I E I bv.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,v.vQ VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV .5637 We Look Forward To Summer Q . - ., For each of us, summer means leaving school be- hind. Summer is a golden time for us, mainly be- cause we are freed from school and all it involves. Our freedom is enjoyed as individuals, so, naturally, each of us has our own way of celebrating freedom. Summer can mean sun and fun or dedicated work at a summer job. Regardless of how we spend our time, summer is a time to appreciate. x v, . 5 Qt v Others value their time spent outdoors. r' ' zw,,W'.ff 4 .zf4'f Z,'Z5 'W',m.gmvaz-Z, f Mm., ,,,, ,,,, A , , , ,,,,4W.,fa, W, .. L. 2 QM---way, MW For some, summer means summer league baseball. 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Ryher I rr Vgs,Ihenesa 64, 131 , 1 if eff VilEy,,l1ll138, 137267 1 5 ieee' voger, James 103 d as Sander Sander, Sandov, Sawyer, Schatsiek Schaub, Anne Schaub, Kim wanson, 137, 111114, 1167, 139, 167 Suardenski, Kira 67, 108, White, Miami 137, 153 Sigel, Eugene 2, 12, 13, 1 2 62 154, 155 Timothy o n 35 81 Patrick Robert Wmelnger, Winkler Susan Naomi Brophy Rosie Frazier Gladys Alexander HS. ROSS 1 ' . 5 li W M r I li! N ,h , M , ..,,,r A ..rr Kitchen Crew: Rosemary Zeller, Mildred Kelly, Joan Schaumberg, Lorene Harroun, D. Taylor, and lean Donahue. Karen Davis participates in horseback riding. J ,T i 1 Art Drummond and lunior Carter New teachers: Miss Boehm and Mr. Rejek In Memory Of Mike Sherer We realize the loss the class of 1982 suffered when we lost our friend, Mike Sherer. In fact, the whole school lost with his tragic death on lune 14, 1979. We have all missed his friendly smile and happy laugh. It seems unfair to think of our last three years as being without Mike, because in actuality, his spirit has been right there beside us the whole time. We will always love him and we will never forget him. We would like to dedicate this Summa, our high- est, to Mike. All of our many hours of work we offer in his memory. 216!Ad A Step Further Another step has been taken in our livesg the year is over. Much time has passed, even though it seems like just a moment or two. How can it be that it is over? Weren't we writing Home- coming skits yesterday? Wait a minute. There were many mo- ments to be remembered since Home- coming. Each of us has those times. Think back on your favorite class for your worstj, your funniest moment Cthere had to be quite a fewj, your craziest night out, that goal you worked for - be it a play, a swim- ming time, winning a game, placing in a competition, making money on a fundraiser, finishing that yearbook, finishing that year - how it seemed like you would never reach your goal. Then, remember the exhilaration the moment you did. Keep that smile on your face. Time it was And what a time it was lt was A time of innocence A time of confidences. Long ago - it must be, I have a photograph. Perserve your memories, They're what's left you. s k i 'Nw lt s t mi N fs.- ,ff E R W' afgffi Ni F ws! -7- v ,,,, .,,,,,.,.,,,,,- A -, ---' T- - W , , 6 'H W A A ,ww , .5 ,,, L ,' A + f F ,. A Step Further There was a time when we couldn't see to the end ol this year. We couldn't wait lor it to get here. High School seemed at once endless and useless. Now the end is here. It doesn't seem possible. We look ahead to the future enthusiasticallyg there will be more good times. We look back on this school year reluctantlyg we don't want to leave the good times. Here, in your Summa, we have attempted to preserve memories. We have tried to achieve the impossible: create frozen moments of time. Please use this book to remember. Mary Alice Boyle and Karen McGann, Editors Q i 1 5 1 -Q.. E ..:. ., .sin es.. -...s Q S 'Wav' v s .cb hx X ' -1 Y- 11? a Although our moments will be close to never, And the miles between us will grow, I'll always remember the fun we've shared, And the you l've come to know. Times we've hugged, argued, laughed, and cared I should have realized from the start . . . How much I'll really miss you, When in our future we drift apart. Steve LaHood Josrsus Ar!-ERIQN Y:AU!OOC comauv

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