Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL)

 - Class of 1959

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Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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H,,,.-I-:,v7.., ,, vm. VUE 1, ...J T , . . . ,X .,,.,A...?LQA,'5,:g,wJ,L'i:,P3,1 5' .4 , - g ' r' -1 ' -- ' W IH 3 , MN. w-if fc ff ,v A lv F' X ' xi xx I ini: : ' 1 n .-Q- q vii' :gk 2 'mu ."1zf:': ' gm ' ax ,,.af ,, k.,.f +6 M 3 I gay :B " fail 59' 1212? gifs i seq ,Q gifs, Sz!! m!Q 3, xr 1 x J ,X N 1, . , 3 ?3 hi ig 32513 .Q if 5 QMQWQ b in Pi i-L? f 51-THE! 2 , MM Mel -f--...,,,,N, , SQ Q if R h fi VM M... A . A - . ,.,.. , , em WMM ' i f' "" f'f'ffQ-1'125f5?i- V K N 4 " 'if PSS Though we are +wo dls'hnc1' 'J' schools, we are unl+ecl In our ideals and oblechves B FIBW COI'1VeI'1 O Th 1' f fhe Sisfers of S+ Joseph was complef ed during 'Phe sum- mer monfhs of I958 Q. '- us. -,H .- 4 x' 1 i Ng, l i' 1 5 5 1 L ,HA WJ' WI S. if 'zz 1 fa an x AEN, if X f L TT 1 r l J 3 Q . 1 6 1 SpirH'ually unifed Hwrough +he Mass, sacramen+s, and prayer, we have become closer +o God in our every endeavor. ,l if, X ,J al Q 5l?5?'H!9lPEw'S5 w-qw. ,Ma Through the Finer Arts We uni1'e in +he pursui+ + + PVY V of Perfeci' Beau'ry-God, Who is +he essence of perfecfion. Pars Moore fhe Academfs exchange sfudenr, i'eHs J' H an of her many expe' ' G r -,f. M'l K d B d f S 'h dl'- ' f f l fh A Y. P 1 ncenlrale helps Mary Ann Eynallen. Cl1ris+ian ecluc:a+ion develops: Knowledge +hrougl1 'rhe in'I'ellec'I', Love +hrough 1'l1e emofions, Service +l1rougl1 'rhe will. Preparing us for: 5 5' 5' ww ,LV TD CS PU ' 1' r Q 'UL wff, msc. .,1 ,.r,. Lwd, P KMC? VACLi'1"i' 4 nr, ' Y L, Mar S ' SVwk mo WI: A ,rm pp r , b v d School life is no+ made up en+irely of books and +es+s. The bonds of friend- ship ex'renol beyond 'rhe rou+ine of 'rhe school clay and enhance our carefree hours. Sornefhing o h qhf F d G g fyp flea fhe anxm the a++en1ion of J y K 1 d T y Q 1 g his daie 12 Barb O'CcnneU 1h y out " ff V1 U, ai 's W X Q4 H ,Q K W ilfe H 5 fx J: iz 1 ,X 5. , ig, f 5633 L :i,e,,gV A x M36 3' 1' 5 .,,..WL, af sf -Vfw N ' fl-m,'.,5i-A9 3 Q Z4 55 K . E ' 'TTI .,..hs "1 " ' ' lv--'fm V , 3, iw, , X ,Q-N ,IVR v r- N. 315' Jr J .A , W-rf fwfr 'X ,fl-1 'ii' ,,--fg?"1:..Li--,' W1 'F A . mg' N, f f W- I V .V ,, -I in W g 4:QLxM:? ,Q Mig: Q A my f-Q -. 95332 f' 3 1 S ff v. ' ' DEDICATION We dedicate this 1959 SUMMA to you, the students of Spalding Institute and the Academy of Our Lady who have shared our loys and achievements We leave to you every familiar room and stair all our teachers whose self sacrificing work have endeared them to us We entrust to you the honor of our schools with the hope that you will guard and cherish it during your years here 14 . 1 . r . . . . . . . . . A fin-af ff H ' Jlistifl E ci gifre-.faq if 9:05 each vw ing. l l I X F H X gt P in 2 cn 3' m 4 co U1 3" m 7 rn Q. , Xi four loyful years of our llves, we now prepare +o walk lnl'O 1'l1e world. unllecl In our desire 'ro face 11's challenges l'rue 'ro 'l'l1e principles we have learneol. 16 sal? llwe exlslmq ull Q ll ld l wuslraled by llw J l" Joyce and Rosa V TABLE OF CONTENTS CLASSES Page I8 ACTIVITIES Page 76 ORGANIZATIONS Page 96 SPORTS Page 'I24 ADVERTISEMENTS Page 150 If fsfx .W 6 Q 9 1 WV M SSX 4-...f i CLASSES Since we first entered high school as freshmen, until our graduation day, we have been imbibing wisdom, faith, and loyalty. Our Catholic education has pre- pared us to accept our responsibilities as citizens. Enqrossed in scwemmc research P t Dougherty, Jean Palmer, Fred R ky 13 and Terry Shea. v , 3 ........b x.,J"+ ,. . ' , 3 .k X lx Nu, X xg ig NNN Wx .. Y '54 1 Q- , in x we X t us' Q, A O Nr lnwj JM... 1. , .,g,?!r' unmann- Uv- ss, js 'SM MRS. WOODS Secrol 'M 'Hx Cffwmlf fw S: 3729 C .. REV, CHARLES R. WILLIAMS, C.S.V., PHD SLO3'-f' 3' fclp x' REV. NORBERT BIBEAULT C.S.V., B.A. XACNAHCEC A :Ecu Pruz I ..,-.--""""' . REV. M. P. LOUGHRAN, C.S.V., M.A. Guidance Direcior Reiigion, Spanish . , .,...-- Spalding lns+i+u1'e FacuHy I lu.. REV. EDWARD G. HEITJAN, C.S.V., A.B., M.A Dean of Siudies, Moderaior Senior Ciass, Naiionai Honor Socieiy Triqonornefry, Soiid Geomefry, Plane Geomeiry, Driver Training -qu--f' REV. JAMES F. CRILLY, C.S.V. BRO. LEO COOPER, C.S.V., B.S. BRO. JOHN M. DUNDAS, C.S.V. BRO. JOHN ECK, C.S.V. B.S. Genera Marcefnaiics Business B.S. Afgeora Reiqion Moderaior Sfndenr Council Maiinema"cs, Reiiqon Assiyani Gjdance Direc+or Co-nfioderaior Science Ciub Admission O55 Cnernisiry, Gerierai Science 21 REV. LEO M. WEILAND, C.S.V.. A.B., M.A., LHIH Ri- 3 ' Bw, Ng and Red Crcsi NiGef.1'o". REV. THOMAS E. WISE, C.S.V., B.A., Ssdmoqv Gm-3f'wem1 S3643 In Midi-fare. SISTER AMATA, O.S.B,, B.A. Band av: Eand CJQ Mscefdfof. SISTER GERALDINE, O.S.B., B.Ed. B.A.L.S., Loraraf aft: -mam CJIJ IVIfIdE'5'DV. SISTER IMELDA, O.S.B., B.A.. M.A., Ewg 'sd SISTER M. FLORENCE, O.S.B.. B.S., Ed. 0312? Pri? :Q Recoro Kee-plng T.o'ng. MR. EDWARD MURPHY, B.A-. M.A., I-I's'2w Pmsfa Educafior He-ad Ecvsa Ifacr fo G05 Coach MR. FRANK DUCHON, B.A., M.A., Pmz ca EC1L,Cii'A2' Aish'- Qf' Eivrzff Bameww Baaebd Coca? MR. JAMES G. SMARJESSE, B.S.. M.A., 3'f"E'fI Bmffels and Bus?- nefs Li.-.' I-Inc Elixir: emo Bye-cz Ci If E'-. '-'Y 1" E I' Ea C .2132 MR. CHARLES T. CALLOW, B.S., Speecf UQISI' SCCECR :mo DVGIYN C .IU M13dirf""' CO' Mfkd' rw ,v C'-fn C Th REV. PAUL F. GILGALLON, C.S.V., A.B., Rehgicn. Enghsh, Hisfory Chorus Direcfor, Fresh- man Moderafor. REV.. EDWARD W. GORMAN, C.S.V., A.B., Lahn Reiqion. REV. JOHN J LANE, C.S.V., M.A., Erughsh, Rehqion, Bock Sfore Manager, REV. DONALD F. LUND, C.S.V., B.A., Arrverkan Hlsrory. Key Cwb Moderafcr. REV. MICHAEL J. MALLEY, C.S.V., B.A., M.A., Journahsm, Enqhsh Reiqlon, "THE INST!- TUTEH Moderafor. BRO. RONALD J. MARCOTTE, C.S.V., A.B., Rehglorr, Hisrory. Co-Moderakur Chess Club. REV. RAYMUND C. NOVACEK, C.S.V., M.S., Rehgfon DFGIWUQ Driver Tra7rw5ng SUMMA Moder- aror. BRO. JEROME ORBAN, C.S.V., B.S., Re IQEOH, Graphic Ar's Drlver Edacarlon THE ENSTNTUTE Moderafcr Graphic Arrs Cub Moderaior. BRO. T. M. TRELA, C.S.V., B.S., M. Ed., Reriqlon, Bcokkeepirwq Merchanchsmg. BRO. DONALD WEHNERT, C.S.V., B.A., Rehgion. 'vw 'W' Academy of Our Lady Faculty SISER M. THOMASINE, C.S.I., Principal SISTER M. URBANA, C.S.I., Religion, Commercial SISTER M. CLARITA, C.S.I., Religion, Spanish, Mathematics, Moderator National Honor Society SISTER CASIIVIIR IOSEPH, C.S.I., Religion, Family Living, Sodality Moderator SISTER ANNE LOYOLA, C.S.I., Music. Glee Club SISTER MAUREEN IOSEPH, C.S.I., Religion. Social Studies SISTER M. LIDWINA, C.S.I., Religion, Commercial MISS PATRICIA MISS ELIZABETH MISS SUZANNE RICHMOND RENO GREGG Soc al Studies, History, Physical Education, Enqlislw, Student Pep Club Moderator Drivers Training Council Moderator SISTER MARY ELLEN, C.S.I., Religion, English SISTER RITA CATHERINE, C.S.I., Religion, French, Latin SISTER M. DOMINIC, C.S.I., Religion, Mathematics SISTER ST. BERNARD, C.S.I., Religion, English. Speech, Drama SISTER RUTH MARGARET, C.S.I., Religion, Science, Sodality Moderator SISTER M. VICTORIA, C.S.I., Religion, Latin, Alumnae Moderator SISTER ANNETTE MARIE, C.S.I., Religion, English, Art, Compact Adviser rt, Q1 '53 MISS DOROTHY MRS. DALE MISS MARY McMANUS McCAMMON TIPPETT I-l me Economics First Aid, Mother and Ottice Secretary Baby Care 24 SISTER IEANNE ALICE, C.S.I., Religion, Mathematics SISTER M. MARCIA, C.S.I., Religion Library SISTER LOUISE GERARD, C.S.I., Religion, Science, C.S.M.C. Moderator SISTER VICTOR MARIE, C.S.I., Religion, Commercial, Iunior-Senior Prom SISTER IOAN OF ARC, C.S.I., Religion, Latin, English, Red Cross Moderator SISTER MARY CARMEN, C.S.I., Religion, English, Summa Adviser The lay iacufy pause in The oifice for a piclure. Sealed: Miss McManus and Miss Gregg. Standing: Miss Reno, Miss Richmond, and Miss Tippefl. Religion lns+ruc'rors FATHER LIVINGSTON Senior Religion f-sf-S FATHER MEANS FATHER MULLEN Juliior Religion Junior Religion -....,,H? ,M iw" FATHER MACKESSY FATHER WESTERMAN Sophomore Religion Sophomore Religion FATHER GRAY FATHER BUSH Freshman Re 'glen Freshman Re igoi V,- -z-ef :H :4-12 -,. Y 15 S A, kgs fy J Q13 ,,,..,f' M1 'L fp fl I 'V XM 5 5.1, aff 5 NH ,.,,. EVENTS TO REMEMBER Back To School Dance Retreats Homecoming "Snowball" Christmas Concerts Semester Exams Basketball Season Proms Field Day C.Y.C. Dances Spring Concerts Graduation Graduates ot I959 Tom Ohlemiller and Kevin Heyd, Co-Valedictorh ans, and Jerry Bresnahan, Salutatorian, have main- tained a high scholastic average throughout their tour years at Spalding. Joan Stepzinslci, Valedictorian, and Judy May, Salutatorian, have reached the top through long hours ot study and hard work. JOAN ALIG Mary, Meramcra, Pep C'ub '56, '57, Spanish Cub Sr. '58. '59' Civics Cub '56, '57, Red Cross Rep. '57. ROBERT ANDERSON Sr. J '58. ohn, Basebn. '56, '57, '58. '59, ln,rarnura's '56, '57 LARRY GENE ANDREWS Ceceiia, Honor RoTi TTT, Ciass Sec.-Treas. '56, CTass Sr, Vice-Pres. '57' Sfudenr Counci' Rep. '57, FooTba'i '56, '57, '58, Track '56 '57, '58, Baseba '56, '57 '59, Infra- murais '56 '57 '58, Bovvhnq '57, '59, 'Song of Berna- defrem '58. Sf. RICHARD LEON ANDREWS Ceceiia, Bowiinq '58, '59, Camera Ciub '58, '59, ln- +ramuraTs '58, '59. MARY CHARLOTTE APPLEBY S+. Pafrick, Honor Roii HT, Cass Treas. '59, Civics Ciub '56, Bioioqy CTub '57, Camera CTub '57, Fuuiure nurses Club '57, Pep CTub '57 58 '59, Variefy Show '57 '58. MICHAEL BABROWSKI Sr, Thomas, Honor ROTT IZT, Sodaiiiy '58, '59, Foo+baTl 56 57 6 '57 , ' , lnframurais '5 The Seniors of Spalding These friends of S+, Jude have an A average for rheir four years af The academy. Seafedz Corinne Kennedy, Linda Mchariane Sue Graber, Margar- ef Schmirr, Connie Lonfeen, Judy Evererrs, Chris- fine Kapraun, Joan Sfepzinski. Srandingz Eiinore Davis, Jean Donahue Erin Theiie, and Judy May. "ff JAMES LEO BARRY Sr. Thomas, lnrramurais '56, '57, ROBERT BART Sr. Ceceha, Band '56, '57, '58, Band Ciub Viice-Pres. '59, Speech Ciub '58, Bowiinq '58. MARCIA BENZ Sacred Hearf, Honor Roh TZT, Spanish Cub '58, Civics J up ' . .. BONITA BERTAUX S'.TAOVYTE1Sf Honor Ro i6T, Transfer from Triniry Hiqh. Oak Park hh Narionffi Honor Socie-'y '59, Srudenf orc' ep. '59, Spanish Ciub '58, '59, Spanish Cub Frei, '58, Speech Cub '58, Compacf Sraf, 59. SCHERRIE B!ANCO S'. Mark' Mission C up Sec. '58, Mission C up Pres. '59, Rea Cross Rep, '56' Soda 'Ty '56' Debafe C up '58, '59, Gee C up '57, '58, '59' French Cup '59' Speech Ciub 'EE' Debare C'ub Pres. '58, Sramp Rep. '57, Sf. Louis. ve Crusader Mission fxhard '59. JANET BIEDERBECK S+. Thomas, Fufure Nurses CTub '56, Pep Cfub '56, '57, '58, '59, BioToqy C up '57, Civics Ciub '56, Cheedeader '57, '59, Opereffa '56, Variery Show '57, and Ihe Academy Indjging in some deep reading are Keyin Heyd and Tom Ohiern' er, The Mo seniors wI+h srraighf A's 'liv- CHARLENE BOWERS Sr. Bernard, Summa Bus. Manager '59, Summa Boosfer '58 '59' Debare CIub Sec. '58: Pep Ciub '57, '58, '59, Variefy Show '57, '58, Fuiure Nurses '57 '58 '59, Bi- ooqy Ciub '57, Camera Ciub '57, Speech Ciub '58. HUGH JACKSON BRATTON Sf. Marv, Fooibaii '56' Voca'ion C up '57, GERALD FRANCIS BRESNAHAN Sf. Joseph, PeIc'n, Sa oraforian, Honor Roi Nihon- a Honor Sociery '58 '59 Pres. '59' Sroudenr Counoi Corres. Sec. '59' Ciass Sec. Treas. '56, Key Cub '58 '59, Soda ify '58 '59' Speech Club '59' Band '56 '5 '58' Inrrarnurais '56 '57, Tracie '56 '57 '55 '59' I:ooIbaI '56 '57' 'Bro'her Crchdu '59 KAREN BRISSETTE S2 Mark- Honor Ro III, M'ssi:n C up '58 '59' Speech Cub '58' Biology Cup '57' Civics Cub '56, Opereffa '56, Ve-"e+y Show '57 '58, Pep Cub '57 '58, '59. KATHLEEN BROPHY Si Pa+r'cIc, Sodaily '57. '58 '59, Mission C'ub '58 M7ssion Rep. '58' Furuure Nurses Cub '57, Sec. Treas. '58, G.A.A. '57' Pep C up '57j Vafeiy Show '57, '58. AUSTIN BROWN S+. Ceceiia, Sodaiiry '59, Vocarion Ciub '59, Speech Ciub '58 '59, ViQefPres. '58, Chess Ciub '59, Track '58, '59, lnfrarnurai '57, '58. JUDY BELDSOE SI. John, Spanish Ciub '58, '55 BARBARA BLENDER Sr. Phiiomena, Honor Roh I3j, Sfudeni' Counci Rep '58, Sfudenf Councii Vice-Pres. '59, Summa Stan '59, Summa Boosrer '58 '59' Bio'oqy Ciub Vice-Pres. '57, French Ciub '59, Larin Ciub '58, Variety Show '58' Furure Teachers CIub '59' Fufure Nurses Ciub '56 '57 '58 '59' Peo Ciub '56, '57, '58 '59, Camera Ciur: '57, Civ'cs CIub '56. NANETTE BLONTS S+. John, S+amp Rep. '58' G.A.A. '58' C'v'cs C J: 5 KATHLEEN BOURNE Sr. Phiiomena, Honor Roi IZJ, Nariona Honor Soc'e',' '59' Soda ify '56 '57, '58 '59, Sodaiify Sec. '57' Gee Cup '57, '58 '59, Giee CIub Pres. '59, Sfamp Reo. '57, Ewure Nurses '56 '57, '58, Larin Ciup '58' French Cub '58 '59, Bioioqy Club '57, Pep CIub '58, '59, Varfeff Show '56 '57, '58, Mission CIub '56 '57, Operena 50 '57, Cfyics Ciulo '56, Eufure Teachers '59, DENNIS CARL BOURSCHEIDT Sf. Mark, Eoofbah '56 THOMAS .BOUTON Sr. Pr-Vorhena, Baseba' '56 '57, '58, '59' Basle 5 '56, 57. 58. 'Qual THOMAS FRANCIS BRUEMMER S2 Bernard. BONNIE BUEHLER St Mark' C'-Wcs C .6 '56, Camera Ciub '58. JOSEPH BUSH Fegsed Sricipfnenr, Ercfher O'ch'd" '59, ALAN JEFFERY CAMPBELL SH Boniface' Honor Rei 15" iJa'ionaI Hone' Scifew '58 '59, Summa Sporfs Ediicr '59' Science C ab Sec. 58 '59' Inirarnuras '56 '57 '58' Baskefbaii '56, '57 58, Ecving inrrarnura s '56, Track 56 '57. HERBERT J. CHOWANIAK How Farniiy' Key Club '58, '59, Vocation Cub '56. JOHN P. COFFEY Sf. Phiornena, Siuderf Coisnci '58, Sodaiify '57, 58, Vice-Prefeci '58, Insiiiufe '57, Feamre Edifor '58' Kew Club '57 '58 '59, Vocarion Club '56, Speech Ciub '58, '59' Drama Ciub '58 '59, Iniramurals 56 '57 '58, V3- caricn Ciab '56, Soir' '59i:.8asebaii Manager '56. look back Bishop C:i.s'ns addresses 'ke siudenf body during Cafho ic Yomh NVeek. The qir's cherish the mem- O, ' " as' Prf-'fcrc' "' 'Y Qin? OCGNS SQ da -:fav F JAMES JOSEPH COLOMAC Sf. Cecelia, Sodaiiiy '58 '59' irvrafnurais VICTORIA COLWELL ST. Mark, Mission Ciub '57, '58 '59, Bioiogy Ciub '57, Opereifa '56' Pep Ciub '57, '58 '59, Civics Ciub '56, French Ciub '59. JOAN CONLEY ST. Phiiornenat Honor Rcii Sodaiiiy '57 '58, '59, Soiaiiiy Rep. '58, '59, Mission Ciub '57, Civics Ciub '56, Lafin Ciub '56 '57, Speech Ciub '58, Fifmre Teachers '59' GIee Ciub '58, '59, Variery Show '57, '58, Peo Cub '56, '57, Opereffa '56. MARY LYNN CONWAY ST. Phiiomena' S+amp Reo. '56, '57' Red Cross Rep. '58, G.A.A. '56 '57' Bioiogv C ub '57' Mission C mb '56 '57' Gee Cub '56 '57 '58, Pep C ob 57, Operefra '56 '57, C'-.fics CLD 56' Red Cross 57 58. JOHN T. COONEY JR. ST. Ceceiia' Insfifufe S'a5: '58 '59' Fomba '56' Baskev ba' '56, Track '56' In'rafnura's 56 '57' Sc'ence Cao '57 58. PATRICIA COREY S+. Mark, Honor Roi iii, Red Cross Rep. '57, '58 Civfcs Ciub Pres. '56 '57' Bio'oqv CMI: '56 '57, Fuiufe Nurses Chib '57, '58, Opereiia '56, 30 93 on four years . Vererarrg fre PW'S3"J' CVJC""f 5' Farrar Lefelre U l V A I are: Frank Perirrc Crwck Dfsci Ref S2955 and r" ". JI' r'C'i7.I'.A,W .'lZf.',Pl Rw Sdrierer LUCILLE COVERT Sr. Mcrfca' Fdurwe INLVSGF 57 '58' Pez: Cdr: '5 BERNARD JOSEPH CRILLY Sr, B2rr'ird' Irrrrfrwrya . .A MARY DANEHY X yur' Rh'-f ALEXANDRIA DODDS 'NWA Sh PM 'mrrwerra' Compacf '56' M'5sIorz Ri-C. '59' C ie Irews. '56' Civics C ,Ib '56' G.A.A. '56' OoereIm '56 Hrdre Nurses '57' Bhroqy' C 60 '57' Carrera Club '55 Speflcrr C nb '58' Fumre Ieacre-ra '59' Vafew Sha.-, '56 '57 'ES' PSD Cub '56 '57, 'EB '59 ,Q in ELINORE DAVIS r Mark orror R0 1 Rei C oss ro C 5 5 r orgy C bIreas 57 Mr r oe Crm are 58 G Oc erm THOMAS DEEB C Ins1'r+u e MARIANNE DEZELICK Dose-Cu 6 r S J GAA 0 5 S2 Berrrard' I-rorror R5 Summa Ecover '59' Rec Cross Rep. '59' Ckffcs CJI5 '56' Ooerefra '56' BIO og. C-o 57' Camera Cm: 5r 58' Peo Cub '57i Speecr C' '55 S:n'I1C I:'5Q '5' .AO V' :VNS ,. X, 7. PATRICK JAMES DONAHUE SY Ber ard' Sxderr Fifi? '56 '59' Ins+i+u'fe Eearm ' E '7' 'co v Ea for 592 C als Prem 56' C as? Sez. Trees. 'mr' A-3 'Fd JEAN M, DONOHUE 52 Mark' r'I:':r Ro I7 ' Narrcra Hove' Scdery '55 '59 Pres. '59' Soda", '56 '57. '55 '59 Trees. '58, Rem. '56 '57' Compaci S'a55 '59' Mfssbrw Res. '56, '57- B5 Qgy C,s '57' 6.A.A, '56 '57 '58' Oo-ererra '56' Vaferv Srroff '57 55' E319 Nwsee '56 '57 '5S' Frencr C,b '591Gre5- Cub '57 '58 '59' S06-ec" C 52: '58' Per: C pb '55. PATRICIA DOUGHERTY HA, I:1z"r',' CNC' C Jn '56' N'fv'f', 553,-, ':6t G.A.A. '56 '57' E3 ig. CJ: 57. LINDA DOZARD n Si Dgvrfc-' V!:,r"'1 ," fffi. C55 '57' PSD CMIT '55 '57' Sq.-fi' C .C ff' Red Crt? '57, '55 L MARTHA ANNE DRAY S1 Mxurbn' CIE: C ,.C 56: Soarfr CLE '55, '59, 31 fa, Q-cf' J, 4,49 CHARLES DRISCOLL Sr. JOM' Smdenr Ccmdf '59' Soda Wy '56, '57, '58, '59 four sI1or+, Sue Graber dns We Juror Red Cross badge on Jo Arm He?5rc'r as A-e1andr7a Dodds recekfes Ler pm 'rom Mrs. McCa""'wcn. Par Debbom is ready For the me-I gradenr. Pres. '59' Im'rarv'.,ra '56 '577 Speecrx C'ub '59, Camera C ab 56. ,, JAMES PATRICK DUNNE Sf. JOEY' I-Ions' R: LSI' Na'c'a' I-Icmor Sozfefy 56-Q. Treas. '59' Ee,-f Q' ' 7 'Q ' api '59' BCA? C as Sec. Treas. "59' In"a"w ' ' ,' 7 ere? a S'af'5":'arr '5'-7. DONALD LEO DURBIN 5T. Cetea' Hzdcr R3 2" Na Crwa' I-Izrwor Soclely '55 '59' Ir'raN..'a' '56 57, 55. ELLIOT DURBIN S+. Jcseor PeIc'rr' I-Is '567 Eccrbaf '56. JANET DWYER nor RQI Insfifuie '58, Ban -J 5 'gr' ' ' G.A.A. '57, Fufure Sr. Maw K'cI:accc7 C' C C D 56 Nprses 57 58. MARY EISFELDER S+. Eerrrardi Peo C ,IJ '58. .arf gif 'int ifiasw I OWEN D. ENGLISH S2 Marv 'Iramier fro-ww Sr. Bcdev 5Cda"f 53 594 Summa flower '58 '59' BT-w "Q '55 '59 Vie-Peg, 59' I"'rfr'm,rf1 '58, '59' 50955 C ab '58 59. SUZANNE MARIE ESME ST. Edward,CP?IIrQo'I'1e'M7ss'5r1 C 1.b'56 Rio, 55' Rid Criss 56: C7625 Chia 56: ODere'fa 56' C7.A,A. '56 '57, Pep Cab 66. '57, JUDITH EVERETTS 52 Pefer' Honor Ro'I 56' Lrbrfarv Cub 57, '57, '5S. I6-I, Civhcs Cub '56: LaLEn Cub Ilwure Nwses '587 Varafy 553W MARIANNE EYNATTEN 5'. Mark' I-Ioniwr R01 '5I7 La"w C,b V4CE-D'i3. of Mkefww C Lb '58 '59' Ckfcs C ab '56' Ooe'e"a 56' Er- Qbgq C55 '57' Gee CLI: '57g Pep C56 '58 59? Faure Teaders C lb 59. R: IZI' Nafcna I-I:':' 5::'e'f JUDITH FITCH 5'. Etmface' Hamm Sic. '59, Sudev' Cimc' Rep. ' ' 56' Msscrr Cac :7 La"1 Cdb Pras. '58r C'v'cs CMU '56' Operena 56: 'S' q Cub '57 FIA ' ' re Nqre-ea 56 57. JAMES FLANIGON 5+. PH'cmena: Summa SMII '58 '59' Insiifufe '58, '59' 5GdaIII,f '597 Red Cross '57, '584 Track '57, '59' Speech dub '58, '59, Drama Curb '58, 59: Irrrrarm,ra's '58, GQII '59, ' I3roIImer OrcI'rid" '59. 32 happy years Ouch," screams Mel Heinz as he Fred Gear e Q and John Cccney receive Their TB. shors. x 3 PATRICIA GILMAN Sl. Edward' Civics C ub '56, Library C'ub '56, '57, Treas '57, Pep C,ub '58, Eulure Nurses Club '56, '57, '58. MARGARET GILTNER Sl. John. JANICE GIRDZUS Sr. Boniface, Band '56' Eurure Nurses '56, Civics Club '56, Variely Shaw '56, '57, '58, Lalin Club '56 57, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, '59, Speech Cub '58, Bblcgy C'ub '57, Q'.A.A. '57, '59. THOMAS WALTER GLEASON Sr. Trornas, lnfrarnura s. ROBERT GQRMAN Sr. Bermace, Boi,-.Vng '56, 57, lr, Mares '56, '57, '58. SUZANNE GRABER Sr. Boniface' Honor Roi l7', Narfanaf Hencr Scc'e?f '58, '59, Compacf C5 Ed'f:f '59' Soda if. '58, '59' ME- s'on Cub '59, Red Cross '56, '57, 58, '59 Rep. '56, '59, Sec. '57, Pres. '58, Operefla '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Cheerleader '57, Civics Club '56, Biology Club '57, Glee Club '57, '58, Variely Show '57, '58' Speech C15 '58. 33 -an xr YIM? eau., PATRICIA FOLEY Sr. Palriclc, Washinglon. STEPHEN G. FUERTGES Sl. Bernard, Transfer from S+. Bede, Eoolball '57, '58 '59, Bowling '58. '59, Baslcelball lnrrarnural Champs '57, '58, Vocation Club '58. KATHRYN FULL Blessed Sacrament Morlon' Mission Rep. '57, Trea. '58, Red Cross Rep. '57, Operella '56, Civics Club '56, Pep Club '57, Biology Cub '57, Fulure Nurses Club '56, '57, G.A.A. '57, Spanish Ciub '58, '59, Speech Ciub '58. RITA GEDVILLE Sl. Mark, Transler irorn Holy Family Academy, Spanish Club '58, '59, Pep Club '59. ALICE GEIER Sr. Monica, Summa Sraii '59, Summa Boosler '59, Com- pacf Stall' '57, '58 '59, Sodalily '57, Mission Club '57, '58, Slamp Rep. '58, Operella '56, Pep Club 56, '57, '58, '59, Carriera Club '56, '57, '58, Variely Shaw '57, '58, G.A.A. '56, '57 '58, '59, Swimming '58, Voleybal Champs '59. FRED JOSEPH GEORGE JR. Sr. Palriclcz Sodalily '57, '58, '59, Sec. Treas. '58, Speech Sec. Treas. '58, Foolball '56, '57, Erolher Orchid" '59, Operella '58. sd' WILLIAM EARL GRAHAM S+. Joseph: Honor Ro" III: Swdenf CounciI '58, '59g Gxee Cho '56, '57: Band Vice-Pres. '57, '58, Pres. '59, Red Cross '56, '57 Pres. '58 Viice-Pres. '59: Track '56, '58, '59, Drurn Mafor '59' Library CIM: 57, '58. MARGARET GREEN Sr. Mary: Pep Club '57 '58 SANDRA JEAN GREENE Sacred Heart? BIO ogy Cub '57' Speech Cub '58. GARY EMIL GRIMLER Sr. Phfromena' Insfhure '55 Circu erfcn Manager '59: Sodaliw '57, '55 59- Key Cub '57 '55, 59: Football '56: In?rarnuraIs '57. GERALD MICHAEL GROW S+. John: Honor ROI I3I: Summa Sporfs Sfaff '597 Srudenr CounciI Treas. '58, Pres. '59: Panlarnenrarlan of Mid-Srare EIghI: CIass Treas. '58 Pres. '59: Foofba I '56, '57, '58 Co-Capr. '59' Baske+baII '56. '57 '58, '597 Base- I:a', '56, '57, '58, '59: Key Club '57, '58, '597 Inframura's MARY GURY S+, Bernard: Summa Boosrer '58 '59, CEvIcs Cub '56? Mfsson C cb. filled wi+I-1 Jim D.,nne hghrs The a'rar candies In preparanon for Benedlcrion In The sfudenrs' chape. +-'v BETTY ANN HADDIGAN S2 Bernard' Horor Ro II,g Cyics CLE '567 Debare '5BI Spanfsh C cb '58. '59' Pep C mb '59, MARGIE HAGEMANN Sr. Bonnface' Honor Ro Sruderzr CocncII '59t Compacf Feamre Edifor '59' Sodahfy '57, '59: CIass Pres. '57, Treas. '58: Mission Rep. '567 CIvIcs CIub Vlcee Pres. '56: Fufure Nurses '57' Bloioqy Ciub '57: Fufure Teachers '59' French Ciub '59' Pep Cub '56, '577 D.A.R. '59: Prom Arfendanr '58. 9 JAMES ROBERT HANAMEAN Q Sr. Mary: Sodahfy '56, '59t Bowling Capt '58, '593 Foo?- ,N baII '56: BasIceIba'I '56' Inrramaras '56, '57, 58: Vocarion CIub '5'-7. I . RONALD MARK HANNON Sr. Bernard' Trarsfer From SY Be-dey Ba5eI'Ja'I '561 Infra- r'mraIS '58. PAUL HAPPACH SY Maryg Honor R: Ili: Poofoaf '56. SANDRA HAPPACH S1 Mark' C'v':3 Cub '56' Opereifa '56, Biofogy Cub '57' Pip Cob 55, '57, '59. 34 ioyous memories . . . Teo' Pcwsrf Karen Er'55e1'e ff Rc' Mary Denerw and MYCI 5cI'epxe rev7 rome.'.crIc be' fore casscs I:eq'n. LINDA HENNING SI. PI1I'orne-na' Hcncrr Row' IIIq MI55'On CIUID '57t SIa'r'p Rep. '57' C'v'cs Cop '56' Operewa '56' BIO og, Cup '57t Spaosn Cob 58' Speed' C56 '58' Var7e'-V 5L:.rf KEVIN HEYD Sr, PI1Icrnena' Va ec1'cYor'a"A Honcr R51 L7I' Narcnaf Honor Sooery '58 '59' ey Cub '57. '58 '59, Sec. '597 5cEence C up '59' I'vrarnura's '56' I.S.S.C. I-Icncfarf 5cI'ro'arsV7p. JUDITH HICKEY St THor'1as' CJc5 C ob 56' Peo C op '57, 53. ROBERT WILLIAM HIGGINS Sr. PI,Iomenag Here' Ro' II,' Sade". '56 '5" Gee C'uI3 '57 '55, '59j Ras-eca '57t Ir"'a"'-ra S '56 57,551 Key C up 59. TERRY W. HINDS Sr. Bernard: Honor RoI Soda 'f, 56' Baskerbazl '56. STEVEN LESTER HIPPEN Sacred I-Iearrt Srudenr Cpanel '59' Lbrary Cab Pres. '59: Chorus '591 BasebaII '56g Foofba. '56: I3asIcerbaII '56, '57. '5E3 InIramcuraIs '56, '57, '58. 35 .ef v- wpw W"""WM' M ,aMv""'7 ' " JOAN MARIE HARRIS S+. Cecelia' M?ssIon Cab '56' C'v7cs C166 56: Fufure Nurses Cub 56 577 pep CJIQ 56 57, 58. MARILYN HASSLER S+, Haryq Clvics CIub '56, Camera CIub: Pep CIab '56 '57. SUSAN HECHT SI. TInornes: Honor RCI Sodafw Rep. '56 '57, '58 Vice-Prefecf '59' MIs5ion C ob '56g C ass Pres. '56' C?vIcs CIM: '56t Operefra '56' B?oIoqy Cub '57: Glee Cab '57, '59' Speeci Cub '58' VarIe-ry 5I1ow'577G.A.A. '56 '57, '58, Vice-Pres. '58' Frencn C up '59: Winner of Te De-um Speecn ConIesI7 I Speak for Democracy. JO ANN HEFFRON 5r. CeceIIa: Sodaliy '56, '57, '58, '59, Rep. '59t Operer- Ia '56, '57: Gee C'ub '57, '59t VarIe'ry Snow '58 Camera CIuIo 558. CAROLYN HEINZ S+. Bernard: Srarnp Rep. '56t C'v7cs Cub Treas. '56 Opererfa '567 C7Iee C cb '587 Fmare Teacrrers Club '59 Frencn C ab '55. MELVIN JOSEPH HEINZ b SI. CeceIIa: Honor RoII IZIQ Soda Wy '587 5-dence C'u '58: Key CIUID '58, '59, Invarnurais '56, '57. 'lil . ,: - MARILYN HOFFER SY Monica: Honor Ro,I III: Mission CIub '58, '59 Civics CIub '56: Band '56 '57: Pep CIub '56, '57 Variefy Show '56: G.A.A. '57: Fufure Nurses CIub '59 JUDITH HOLLIS SY Bernard: Civics Cub 56: Camera CIub '57, '58 GAA '59. THOMAS LEE HOWE Hoy FamiIy: Inframura's. KATHLEEN HUGHES SZ Bernard: Pep Cub '57: Futre Nurses Ciub '59, MARY SHARON IOERGER Sf. Mary, Lourdes. PAUL H. JACHMAN 52 Mary: Honor Ro' I75- Na?'oriaI Honor Socieiy '58 '5?: Sruden? Counci '59' Summa Co-Ediror '59, Phoiog rapher '58, '59: Insiifufe '58 '59' Key Ciub '58, '59 5:'ence Ciub '58, Vice-Pres. '59: Camera CIub '56: In Irar'nuraIs '56, '57, '58: "Bro+I1er Orchid" '59. of wonderful Bri Cvranarr supev az Der Durbn draw L. Pie icor p an is 1 -3' W iw 35" ,...---"' W ,gif ,2f'-1 X jp" 'QW -0 -Q-"""" RICHARD LYLE JOHNSON Y Sf. Bonvace: Bowunq 56' In'rar'ara,s '56, '57, '58. MARIE JOSEPH 51 Mark' Summa Booyer '55, '59g Mission CIub '59' 5:'e':e Cue '57' Pep C at '55. JOHN JOYCE Hz. Fam' Ay" Sudan? Courfcf '59' Key Ciub '57, '58 '59 Vee-Pres. '58, Lieuf. Gov. '59: Bowing '56: Baskeroa '56 'EE' Soence C ui: '55' Crime '56, '57, '58: 'Brorrier C':r'o' '59 EILEEN JUDD S1 Phi omena: Pep C ub '56 '57, '58, '59f Maioreffe '56j Camera CIub '57: GAA. '57. LAWRENCE PAUL JU RICK S1 Bernard: Inrrarnura S '56, '57, '58, MILTON LEON KANE ST. Bernard: Camera Cub '56: Band '56, 57. '58, '59: IniramaraIs '56, '57, 36 school days . . . Sisrer Lidwina's business sfudenIs: Margarer VoIIc, Janice Refers. Joan Harris, and Mary ZeIencIa, pracfice Iheir business sIriIIs under SisIer's wafch- IuI eye. CHRISTINA KAPRAUN SI. Mary, Henry: Honor RoII I7I, NaIionaI Honor So- ciefy '58, '59, Compacf '59, 6.A.A. '56, '57, '59, Speech Cfub '58, Sfamp Rep. '58. CHARLES DANIEL KARPOWICZ SI. Peferr Honor RoII III, CIass Pres. '58, SIudenI Counci' '58, '59, Speech CIub '58, Foo'rbaII '56, '57, '58. '59, BasiceIbaII '56 '57, '58, '59, BaseIoaII '56, '57, '58. '59, Trwck '56, GOI? '58, Inframurafs '56, '57, CIass Vice! pres. '59, Variery Show '57, '58. NANCY KELLY S+. John, Honor RoII 52,1 Sfarnp Rep. '56, CheerIeader '57, '58, Cap+ain '59, Civics CILIID '567 OpereIIa '56, Gv'ee CIub '57- Pep CIub '57, '58 '59, Pumre Teachers Cob '59, Var7eIy Show '57, '58, Prom Aiiendanf '59. PAULA KELLY Ho'y Famiv' Honor RoiI III, NaIionaI Honor Socfeiy '59, S+udcnI Cop,nciI Rep. '58, Sec. '59, LaIin CILIIJ Trees. '58, Civics CIub '56, GIee CIub '57 Pep CIUIJ '57, Mission C'ub '56. CORINNE KENNEDY S+. Mary, Honor RoII I7I, NaIionaI Honor SocieIy '58, '59, Mission CIUID '56, '57, Rep. '58, '59, BioIogy CIub '57' Civics Chip '56, Pep Ciub '57, '58, '59. SHARON KIBLER SI. Ceceha, Honor RoII I4I, Mission CIub '59, Sfarnp Rep. '59, Summa 8oosIer '59, Civics CIUID '56, Pep CIub JOHN PATRICK KING SI. Bernard, FooIbaII '56, Baskeibafl '56, Track '56. ROSE KIRCHGESSNER Hoiy FamiIy, Library Cub '56' Science CIub '56, Pep CIuIJ '57, '58, '59, Fufure Nurses '56. GERALD E. KISSEL Sr. Joseph, Pekin, Honor Ro'f I4I, Insfiiufe '58, Science Club '58, '59, Speech C ob '59, Inrramurais '56, '57, '58, JOHN DAVID KLARICH SI. Phifomena, Honor Ro,i I3I, Beseba.I '56, '59, Science CIub '58, '59, Speech Cfub '59, "8roIher Orchid" '59, lnIramura's '56, '57, '58. JOAN KNAPP Sr. Boniface, Sodaiiry '57, '58, '59. DAVID KONVALINKA S+. Bernard. 'S JAMES KRONENBERG Sr. Thomas: Honor Rol Inlramuras. WILLIAM LESTER LABRUSH Sf. Bernard' Band '56 '57' C-:V '58, Speech Ciub '57, '58, Vlceapres. '59. ROSEMARY LADD Sr. Edward Chilicof e ra er from Chi? 'colhe '59, Honor Ro'l I3l. WALTER LANGENBERG Sl. Mark' Honor Ro Ill, Key Cub '57, '58 '59, InsH+u'Ie '58' Tracie '56' Focvba' '56 '57' Inlrarrmras '56, '57, '58' 'Brother Orchid" '59, Varely Show '58. SUSAN LANGTON Sr. Phiorriena' Summa Srali '59' Summa Eoosler '58 '59- Sodaiilv '56 '58 '59' Ari Cub '56' Mfsion Cub '58 Rep. '59' Camera Cub '57, Pep Club '57, '58 '59, Varieiy Show '57. ROBERT LLOYD LAPPING Blessed Sacramen' Morlon' Honor Ro Ill, Speech C ub '59' Bowling C ub '56, '57' Library C ub '56, Inirae r'iura's '56 '57. of helpful, Ari Roof, r Tcrr Naumann. and Tom Brumme' dreac " 'ne unch pared end. BARBARA LAROSCHE Sl. Philomenag Honor Ro IZI, Operefla '56' L7brarv Club Sec. '57, Mission Cub '56, '57, Sodalily '58, '59' Pep Club '58, Speech Club '58, Compacf '58, '59. SHARON LASHER Sl. Cece'ia, Summa Slalf '59, Summa Boosler '58, '59' Pep Club '56, '57, Camera Club '57, Fulure Nurses Club '57, '58 '59, Mission Club '59. MARY KAY LETOURNEAU S+. Thomas, Fufure Nurses Club '56 '57 '58, '59, Pep Club '57, '58, '59, Biology Club '57, Fulure Teachers Club '59, Civics Club '56' Variely Show '57, '58' Prom Queen '59. CONSTANCE LONTEEN S+. Cecelia, Honor Roll I6i' Naiiona' Honor Soceiy '58 '59, Sodalily '57, '58, '59, Compacf Co-edilor '59, Red Cross Rep. '58, '59, Summa Boosler '58, Operefla '56' Biology Club '57, Speech Club '58, Lalin C'ub '58, Glee Club '57 '59, Fufure Teachers '59, Variely Show '56, '53, JOHN L. LOTTMAN Sl, Bernard, Inlramurals '56 '57, '58. ROBERT FRANCIS LUBY ST. Phiiorneha, Sodalily Sec. '56, '59, Key Club '58, '59j Library Club '56, Glee Cub '58, Inlramuras '58' Variely Show '56, '59. encouraging feachers, Par Gdman, Mariiyn Hoffer and Ka, E, ff. Their SRU as ihe homemakers C' Tomorrow ,af KATHLEEN MARONEY Sacred Hear" Scleace C ob '57: Ffure Norse: C ,ka 58. GARY EDWARD MARTIN Sf. Marv Kckapoo' Hcrcr Rc HT: Eoorca '56 57, '58, '59' Baseba '56 '57' Tmramaras. SANDRA MATTLIN S+. Thomas' Pep Crab '56 '57 '58: Camera CUB '57' Spamsh C ao '58' C'v7cs Cub '56: GAA. '56. FREDRIC JOSEPH MATTSON Sr. Monica: fransfer from Easr Peoria High Schooi '57, JUDITH MAY Sr. Thomas: Sa uraToriar1:Horwor Ro!! HT: Nariorva' Hon- or Sociefy '58, Sec. '59: Sfuderwf Councd Rep. '58, '59' Sodahfy '59: Fmure Nurses CTub '56, '57, '58: Furure Teachers Cab Vice-Pres. '59' Bo ogy Club '57' Debare Cwb '58: Pep Cub '58, '59: Opereffa '5b: Compaci' '57: Berry Cracker Award '59, THOMAS PATRICK McCLERNON ST. Bernard: rrarwsfer :rom Cyhedraf H7qh Schocr Sprhghefd '561 Trwfrarmra s '57, '58, 'Vw .4-1 ...l..--p- 'lim CHARLES HENRY LUDOLPH S'. Mary, K ckapao: Horror Ro YH '5B. KAREN LULAY Sr. Thomas' Science C .5 '57' Sp Club '56. '57, ROBERT FREDERICK LUMLEY Sf. Joseph, Pekm: Bow 'fo '57 '53, KATHLEEN MALONE S+, Mark: Horror Ro!! Bfoloqy LO Fran rr C'ub '59' Fwure Teachers Cab '59 Pep Cu '59: Crv7cs Club '56t 'Swee+hearrs 5 Vare y ow '57, '58, SUSAN MANNSCHOTT Sf. Phdomerwa: Honor ROW TIT: Sfudermr Cow r e '56. '57, Treas. '58, Pres. '597 Sodar 5 Civics C'ub 56: BioToqv C nb 57: Speech C up 58 Pep CTub '57' Varrery Show '56 '57, '58 Fufure Nurses up '56. '57, '58, '59: GTee C'ub '57: Operefra BETTEANNE MARKEY Sr, Mark- fransfer from Academy of Our Ladv Chrcaqo Honor Roh 141: Compacf News for 5 Eumre Teachers C ub Pres. 59: Soda My 58 59 Law rw '58: Vdrfefy Show '58, of games . . . Geo ar 'ves a or of parrrng advice rc an C nm ard Goo SWPH as Ve, prepare rc- ' "1 585 ?fi PS3 . ,A E ' A :fm . ..., A 5' " ., T?Q,3l5'S5S3.2l Y A iafjgggsii 5 S 1 ,,,,,, . f K E 'Ps a-w' Q, F ., Pk .,.. -- I EE.: 5 -7 R r 2 , X3 ' I ri 3 5 5,1 , , -12' 1,1 'I ' 1 W DONALD M. MEISMER S+. Bernard, Honor RON QZQ, Summa Sfarr '59, Chorus '59, lnrramurals '56, '57, '58, Basebarr '56, '57, MARY ANN MOCILAN Sf. Philomena, G.A.A. '56 '57, Sramp Crub '57, Furure Nurses Club '58, Speech Ciub '58. JOANN MONTEFUSCO 5r. Phrlomenat Pufure Nurses Crub '56, '57, Mission Club '57, '58, Pep Crub '59, Sree Crub '59, Varrefy Snow '57, '58, Fufure Teachers C'ub '59. PATSY MOORE Sf. Bernard, Honor Roi Nafranar Honor Socrery '58, '59, Soda iff Rep. '56 '57, '58, Red Cross Rep. '56 '57, Vice-Pres. '58, Pres. 59, Baogy Club '57' Pep Crub '57, '58, Gee C7ub '57' Future Nurses Club '57, '58, Opererra '56' Speecrw Crup '58, Exrensron Teen Ediror '58, APS. Excfange Srudenf Germany '59, SANDRA MOREDOCK Sr. Trwcrnasf Honor Row KZI, G.A.A. '56. CAROLE MORROW Sf. Joseph, Pelon, Honor Ro, IH, Library Crub '56, Band '56, '57, Furure Nurses Ciub '58, Speech Crub '58, Mission Club '59, Pep Crub '59, 5 40 Iosl and won Rosemary Ocis is enioing lke allenlion ol: Sandy Greene, Kallwleen Maroney, and Sue Esrne, under llfe direclion ol Mrs. McCarnrnon. Gil-.null ui' Aviv' ROSEMARY OCHS Sl. Mark, Honor Rol BARBARA O'CONNEL!. Sl. Mary, Honor Ro'l Mission Rep. '58, '59 Summa Slall '59, Summa Boosler '58 '59' Pe Club '57, I I I3 '58, '59, GAA. '56, Operella '56. MICHAEL O'CONNELL Sl. Pliilornenat Soda ily '59, Bowino '56, '57, '58, '59, Inlramurals '56, '57, '59. 7 PAUL O'DONNELL Sl. Mark, lwrarnuras '56 '57 '58 THOMAS OHLEMILLER Sl. Cecelia, Valedicloriant Honor Rall I7I, Nalional Honor Sociely '57, '58, '59, Summa Slall '59, Science Club '58, '59, Treas. '57, Ponlilical Crew '56, '57, '58, Captain '59, Glee C uk: '56, '57 '58, '59, Inlramurals '56. JO OHLMAN Sl. Markj Frenclri Club Vice-Pres. '59, G.A.A. '56, '57, '58, '59, Camera Club '57, '58, Speech Club '58, Op- erella '56, Civics Club '56. 41 JAMES MOTSETT Sl. Mark' Honor Roll IZI, Sluclenl Council '56 '59 Class Vice-Pres. '56, Summa Business Manager '59 Inslilule '58' Sodally '57, '58, '59, Key Club '57, '58 '59, Inlrarnurals '56 '57, '58, Bowling '58, '59' Baskel ba'l Manager '56, '57, Baseba'l Manager 56, Foolbal Manager '56, UBFOTIWSF Orchid" '59, Var'ely Snow '57 '58, JOHN MICHAEL MURPHY Sl. Cece fa' Foolkna' '59' Inlrarnurals '56 '57, '58 THOMAS A. NORWOOD Sl. Cece-Ia' Vocalion Cluk: Sec. '57' Gee Cui: '57 '55 '59, Science Club '58, lnlramura s '56, '57, Boy, 'ng '56 ARTHUR LOUIS OATES Sl. Joseok Pekin' Speecll Cub '57, '58 FRANKLIN LEO O'BRIEN Sl. Mark. WILLIAM EDWIN O'BRIEN Sl. Mark, Sludenl Counci '59, Key Cul.: '59, Sodalily 5?, Baskeibal 50' Goll 58' ape-ecr Ciuo 57, Pres. 59, 'Song of U6VVI6'JGTTE-" '58' Red Cross Vice-Pres. '58, Te Deum Speecn Confesl '58. ,,..-1-can .N-... 50" Wand? THOMAS FRANCIS NAUMAN Sr. PV onwerta' 'fansier :fern S2 Bede '59. JOSEPH R. O'N EIL Si Uernardi Honor Ro' Qi ' Fpyba 56 '57 '59 Cfapmin '58' Paskcrblii '56 '57 '58, '59s Basebaf '56 '57 '58, '59. JO ONESBY Sacre Coeur' n 'er Worn Forman Conoomrtffy Heh Schcoi '59, JOHN FRANCIS PALLADINI Sr. Boniface' Honor Roi! 14,7 Nariona Honcr Sooe' '59' Bowiinq '56' Srudenr Councii '59 Sec. '58' Band '56 '57 Pres. '58: insrimre '58 Sporrs Ediror '59 Science C-up '59' Speech Cob '58' Fcorpa! '57: Base- bafl '56 '57. JEANNE PALMER ST. Ceceiia: Ciass Vice-Pres. '57, '58: Spanish Ciao Vice-Pres. '58, Pres. '59: Pep C up '57 '58 '59' Bioioqv Ciub '57: Civics Cub '56' Speech Ciub '58' GAA '59 Variery Show '57, '587 Operefra '56, 'Red Mriri '56. JOHN D. PARES Sacred Heart: lnsiiiufe Circciarion manager '58, '59 Speech Cicb '58, '59, Camera Ciub '56, '57, '58. '59, of lively, Sisfer Vic'or Marie and Mrs. Ccnev discuss Jo5n's reporr ar fhe Pareor-Teachers Ccrverence. GERALYNN PAULI Sf. Ceceifa' Honor Ro' Ui: Civics Club Treas. 56: Mission Rep, '56' Spanish Chip Treas. '58 Sec. '59t GAA '56' Pep C up '57 '58, '59, Variety Show '57 '58, Homecoming Pvfenclanr '58. JOHN KIRK PEAVLER Sr, Phiiornena' fransfer frorn Sr. Bede '58: Speech Cup '59: Sodaiiry '59: Choras '59. FRANK A. PERINO Sr. Mark: Honor Roli 1517 Sodariry '58, '59t Qaerbes Club '56' Science Ciub '58, Foorbai '56, lnrrarnurais '56, '57, Variefy Show '59. JANICE PETERS Sacre Coeur' Honor Ro" i6j: Pep Cab '57, '58 '59g Sodaliry '57 '58' Giee Cub '56, '587 Bioioqv C sb '57: Speech Cub '58' Opere'ra '56. JO ANN PETERS 42 S'. Bernard' Honor Rc' iii' Spanish Cab '58 '59' E' :Coy Cao 57' Rep Ccb '57 '58 Pres. '59' Cfcs Ccb '56' Speech Cap '58 Variery Show '57, '58. DANIEL PFLEIGER Sr. Mark' Focfpa '564 Canwera CJD '577 Soda ".' '58, '59' Speech C sp 58 '59' Red Crcss '58' Gee C JE: '59. fun-filled affairs. Way Iooks pacoy cr as P75 pare-mrs Mr, and Mm. Ear Lancjenberq Tak To I:aII1er GIIIgaIIon. W' PHYLLIS REBHOLZ ST. Mary Henry' Sodany '57 '58 '59- Femme Teachers Cub '59' Library C ab '59' MIss?on C Lb '59, Pep CIub '56, '58, '59' CTVICS C pb '56. JUDITH REITER Sr. Mark' Opererra '56' Soence Cd: '57, GAA '56' Pep Club '57, '58. PATRICK W. RENDER Sr. Bernard: Honor Ro 131, Summa CovEdIfor '59: GIee Club '58 '597 Infrarnurae '56, '57j "Bro'rI'1er Orchid" '59. NAN RICHMOND S+. Mark' Honor Ro I3I: 5oda'fry '57, '58 '59: MIssion CIub '58 '59' French CIub Sec.-Tre-as. '59, Speech CIub '58: Opererra '56' BI9'oqy C Jh '57, Pep Ciab '58 '59, Fufure Te-acI1ers Cub '59, GERALD WILLIAM RIEBLING Sr. Mark' Soda IIy '58 '59' Speecn Cub '58, '59: Base-ba'I '56' BaskeIba'I '56' Foorba '56, Varery Show FREDERICK RICKEY Sr. Bernard: Honor Ro IZI I3oo'ba '56 '57, '58, '59 Track '57, Scfence C ab '58, '59, Inrfarmrafs. GERALD T. PILON Sr. Thomas: Voca+Ion Cab '56 '57 '58' Ivrarnura 5 '56 '57 '58' Baskefba Manager' Var'e'y SIWQM' '58 JOHN ALBERT PIO Sr. Josep5' Inrramarae '56 '57 '55 PHILIP A. POLONUS Sr. Mark' Honor Rc III' Banc '56 '57 '58' Soda 'fu '59' Vocafon CLIC '56 '57 '58' Scferce CLI: '56 '57 '58 MARY ELLEN POWERS Sr. PI'IiIor'nena' Honor Ro GAA '56 '57' Bo ogy Club '57' CIVICS CIUIQ '56, Span7s5 C ab '58 '59' Oper- erra '56: Varieiy' Skof. '57' Fxfe Nmses '56 '57' Pep Cub 57, 58, 59. WILLIAM DENNIS POWERS Sr. Mary: Baskefbal '56, '57t I3oo'ba' '56' Inrrarnqra '56, '57. THOMAS R. POWERS Sr. Thomas' Honor Ro I7I' Nafona Honor Sooem '57 '58 '59' SrJden+ Coanc' '57 '58 V'ce-Pres. '59' Key Cab '57 '58 Pres. '59' Insfifufe '57 '58 Ed'fo' '59: 'BroTIver Orc5'o" '59' Base-ba 56' Track '57' lnIrarnuraIs '56 '57 '58 VarTe", 555,-f '58' Fooroa '56 '57 '58 '59, TERESA MARY ROGER 52 Mark, Iransfer from Nazarerh Academy '58' Com- paci' Business Manager '59' Sedans '58 '59, VarIeIy Show '58, French Cwup '59' Speecn C cb '58' Gee C ab 58, '59, Pep Club '58 '59, JOHN STEPHEN RODGERS Si Cece fa, Camera C Lb '57. ARTHUR J. ROHMAN SY Phiornena' Honor Ii: ISI' INa"ona Hcntr SocIeIy '57 '58 '59' Scence Cao '58 '59, Cawwera Cub '56, Summa Staff '59, Ir'rafv'..ra 5 '56, 58, PATRICIA ANN ROLL SY Phhornena, II'i:VTS'EV :fem Swcfcd I'IearI AcaCIe'n,f HempsIead N. Y.. '59' Pep Cab '59. DORIS ROTH Sf. PhIIornena, Honor Rc I4" N'm'7ona' Honor SocIeIy '58, Sec. '59, Summa sIa55 '59' Summa Boosfer '58, '59, Soda My '57, '58 '59, GAA '56 '57' Speech CIub Vice- Pres. '5t Gee CIub '57. '58 '59' CIv7cs Cub Sec. '56, Opereffa '56, Pep CIr.b '57, '58 591 Junior Prom AI- iendanr '58, MIssion Cup '58 Rep. '57, Srare Speech Confesf 2nd pIace. MARILYN ROTH Sr. Mark, Honor ROII Sfamp Rep. '57, '58, Opereiia '56, Sodahfy '57, '58, Pep CIIJIJ '57, '58, '59, MIssion Cfub '58, French CIub '59, Now, as 'Ihey prepare Terry Hinds and John Cooney make a 'aS+.minu+e check oI Ihe proIecTs They prepared Ior Fafher HeIIIan's qeornerry cIass. ,. 1, . . .. ..L..A - GEORGE ROTHAN S+. Mark' Honor Ro1I I7I, Sfudenf Councn '57, '58, CIass Pres. '57 Vice Pres, '58, Key C up '56 '57, '58. '59, Sodaliry '59, Foorbax '56 57, '58, '59, Baseba '56, '57, '58, '58, I3aske'pa1I '56' BowIInq '59' 'Erarher OrchRd" '59, Infrarnura 5 '56 57, '58, KATHLEEN RUSSELL S+. Thomas, Red Cross Rep. '56, '57 '58, '59, GAA '56, '57, Treas. '58' French Cub Pres. '59, Opererfa '56, Variefy Show '57, '58, 5IoIogy C up '57, Civics Cub '56, Pep CIub '57 '59, Compad S'a?I '59' Speech CIub 58: Ubrary CIub 56, Fufure Teachers CIub '59, Hcmecommg Queen '59. RONALD JOSEPH SAAL SI. PhI'ornena, InIramuraIs '56, '57, SILVIA SAJNOVIC ST. Bomface, GAA '59, MARGARET SCHAUB SI. Mary, K7ckapoog GAA '57, C?v'cs CLI3 '56. VINCENT V. SCHAUB S+. Mark. 44 +o Ieave . . . .elm 'Thef's my Ins' :Ny cerlsf' covwpfains Corinne Kennedy as she buys a SpaId5ncg Boosrer pin from Me' Heinz and Herb Chou-fanIa A351 T VIOLET ANN SCHAUB Sf. Mary KIcIcapoo, CIvIcs CILII3 '56. RONALD GLEN SCHEIRER ub '56, Sodanfy '58' Vice-Pres. '59, Key Cu Show '58. DENNIS MICHAEL SCHEPKE S+. Mark' Honor ROII III- Speech CIUIJ '58' Vocahon CI I L: '50 ooIbaI' '56, '57, InIrarnuraIs '56, '57, '58, '59, VerIeIv Sr. Boniface, Srudenr CouncII '59, Insfifuie '58, Edifor '59, Key CIub '59' Speech CIub '59' Bowhno '56, Infra- muraIs '56 '57, '5s- vane, Show Se. 5 ROBERT CHARLES SCHMITT Sf. Mary Kckapoo' Inrrernwes '56 '57, '58, Foorba '58 ROBERT PAUL SCHMITZ SY Phiornenar Boy-, 'rg '55, Insfifufe '58, Foofbaf' Man- aoer '57' Eafeba '57, WILLIAM DELBERT SCHU ELY S. ,on 2,1 rren., 55, 5' 5 SHIRLEY SCHUH ' eief, F531 o" - -rr ,. ,Z:7T-: .. I EET SP IV C 565 cCo57Oprra '56, Variety Srou-s '58, Pep Cob '57, '58, '59, Summa Bossier '59, MICHAEL SCHWERER Sr. Sonfece, Band Cob '57, '58, '59, In+ramura's '56, '57, Varlery Show '5S. LYNN SCOTT Speech CIUID '58. 45 EMMET THOMAS SCHLEICH SI. Mark' Iloofba '56' Inrrar'nura's '56 '57, '55 '59. MARGARET SCHMITT SI. Ceceria, Honor Rol I7I, NaIionaI Honor Soci '58 '59, Sodahfy Rep. '56 '57, '53 '59, CIVICS CEU ' MIss'ons '56, Fumre Teachers Cob 59, Lehn Cu ' E"V 556 658 Variefy Show '57 '58' Bio ogy CIoID '57' GAA '56, '59' Gee Cub '57 '58, V?ce-Pres. '59' Opererra ' French Cob '59' Pep Cub '57, '58, '59. SUSAN SCHMITT 56' Sr. Mark' Honor Ro Nafiona' Honor Soc'eIy '55 '59, French Cub '59' Mesfor' CILJI3 '55 '59' C7v'C5 C LC '56, Pep Cub '57, '58 '59' BIo'ogy Cub 57, Speech Cas Cub '5S' ' 5 Sec. '58. '-05 '-Quill" DAVID H. SENDELBACH Bessed Sacramenft Honor ro, III, Speech C'ub '57, 58, Inirarnurais '56, '57, '58. MARY SUE SHANK Sr. PhiIornena, Mission Cub '56, '57 '58, Rep. '59, Summa Sfaii '59, Summa Boosfer '58 '59, Civics Cub '56, Varieiy Show '57 '58, Bioiogy Ciub '57, GAA '56, Pep Ciub '57, '58, '59' Purure Nurses '56, '57, '58, Carnera CIub '57, Speech C ub '58, Opereria 56. TERRENCE WALTER SHEA S+. Mary, Meiarnora, Hcnor RON I6I, Na+ionaI Honor Sociery '57, '58, VicefPres. '59' Science CIub '59, Track '56, '57, lnTramuraIs, Summa Sfaff '59, JOHN FRANCIS SHEA ST. Ceceiia, Honor Roii IZI, Srudeni CounciI '57, '58, Giee CIub '56, Vocafion C-ub Pres. '57, '58, Sodailiy '56' Inirarnurais '56 '57 '58' Science CIub '58, GEORGE J. SHIELDS ST. Joseph, Pekin, Honor Roi III, Vocarion CIub '56, '57, '58, Sodaiiry '56 '57 '58 '59, Key CIub '58, '59, Intramurals '58, Basebail '56, '57, Baskerbali '56, '57. CONSTANCE SLAVENS Sr. Thomas, Mission Club '56, '57 '58, '59, Pep Ciub '59' Spanish '58, '59, Fcrure Nurses Ciub '56, '57, '58, Science CIub '57, '58, Variery Show '58, H' is +I1eir an Donahue waifs her 'urn as Connie Lonieen s her c'ass ring b'essed by Fa'her Livingsion. BARBARA SMITH S+, Mary Mefamora, Honor Roii I4I, Nafona Honor Sociefy '59, Pep CIub '57, '58, '59' Purure Teachers Ciub '59' Summa Boosfer '59' GAA '56 '57 '58, Pres. '59, VoiIeybaI' Champs '59, Bioiogy Ciub '57' Opereria '56' Speech C ub Pres. '58, Civics Ciub '56. BERNADETTE SMITH SI. Thomas' Honor Roii I4-I, GAA '56, '57, Pep Ciub '57, '58 '59' Mission CIub '59: Fuiure Nurses Ciub '56. '57, '58 '59' Civics Czub '56, Varieiy Show 58. BETTY J EAN SMITH Sr. Mary' Fuiure Nurses CIub '57, '58, Pep C'ub '57, '58, Library CIub '58. .. CAROLYN SMITH Opere-Ha '56, Fuiure Nurses CIub '56, Pep Ciub '57, '59 Sec,-Treas. '58' Homecoming Aiiendani '57. DANIEL J. SMITH ST. Thorras, Inrrarnurafs '56, '57, '58. MARY JOSEPHINE SMITH SI. Mary, Srarnp Rep. '56, '57, '58, Gee CIub '57 Science Ciub '57, Fuiure Nurses '56, '57, '58, GAA '56 Opereiia '56, '57, Spanish Ckub '58, '59, Sodaiify '56 '57, '58, '59, Varieiy Show '56. '57, '58. S+. PhiIorneria, Mission Club '56, '57, Civics Ciub '56' uni'recI hope . . . BI' O'8rren and Jerry Breznahan aId Nancy KeIIy and Mar Ka Le Tourneau in so Wno a corn Iicaf- Y Y . P ed eIqebra problem. mai' RONALD WILLIAM STEVENSON S+. Mark' lns+HuI'e '58' Carhera CLb '56. '57, Eoorba '56 '57, Inrramurafs '56 '57. '58, Speech CIub '59, Rec Cross '58, Soda3FW '58 59, Summa Sfair '58' Bowbng Cub '58. JAMES WILLIAM STEWART Sr. Mary. MARGUERITE STEWART Sr. Ceceha' Honor Ro'. Pep Club '56. RICHARD ALAN STICKELMAIER Si Bonface' Bow. 'rg '56, InIrarn,ra's '56, '57, '58, TIBOR STOLI. Si Mary, I-Ieror Ro. Insfifufe '56, '57. '58 BLS'- ness Manager '59, Gee Club '56, '57, '58, '59, Scfence Cub '58f Track '56 '57, Rei Croas '56, '57, Vice-Pres. '58 Pres, '59, Ke: CQE: '57, 58. '59, Speech Cab '57, '58' Oprirdia '57. ' KENNETH GEORGE STREIDER Sr. Mary, Mefamora, Iranefer from Merarwora '56, Infra- rnpra '57, '58, Bowling '59, InsIHuIe '58, '59. 47 DONALD SPECK SI. Pafrrck, Band '56, '57, '58, '59, InIrarnura's '56 '57 Querbes CIub '57. RONALD SPECK SI. Rarrick' Honor Roh III, InIramura's '56 '57 '58 Band '56, '57, '58, '59, Que-rbes CIub '56, '57, '58 Speech Cmb. STEPHEN D. STAATS SI, Thomas, Transfer SI. Bede '58. ROBERT JOHN STAMBAUGH Sacre Coeur, Iransher SI. Bede '57. HERBERT STEINHART Sr. Bernard' Gee Ciub '59. JOAN STEPZINSKI SI, Mark' Va edfcrorfan, Honor Ro" I7I7 Nahona' I-Ion or Sodery '58 '59' Sudenr Co,ncI Rep, '57 '58 '59 Euwre Teachers Cub '59' Opererra '56, BIOIOQV Cal: '57' GAA 56, '57 '58 '59, Vo'IevbaI Charnos '59 Gee Club 57' Lahn Crab '58, French Cub '59. WILLIAM ARTHUR STROTHER Sf. Mark: Honor RoII III: In+ramuraIs '56, '57, '58. DANIEL B. SULLIVAN Sr, Parrick: Key C ub '58' Summa Shar? '58: Fooibail '567 InIran'iura!s '56, '57, '58. PHILIP J. SWANSON Sh Mark: Honor RoiI III: Soda iey '57, '58, Treas. '5C?: PVT CIub '56, '57 '58 '58: Bom ing '567 Inirdnnures '56, '57 '58: Speech Ciub '58, '59: Goff '56. ERIN THEILE SI. Bernard: Honor RoII I7i' NaIionaI Honor SoeieIy '58 '59: Summa 5Ia9I: '59: Summa 8oosI'er '58, '59: Varieiy Show '57, '58: I3ioIogy' Cub '57: French CIuID '59' Speech Ceo '58: FuIure Teachers CIub '59: Lahn C ub '58' Pep C ub '58, '59: See Cub Sec. '59. MARGARET A. THOENNES Sr. Joseph: rransfer from Trevvyn Jr. High Schoo' '57: 5io'ogy CIub '57' Library CIub '57: Worid History CIub sv- Pep one iso, JOAN TIDABACK S+. Mary: Mission CIub '58: Pep CIuIo '58: Civics Ciub '56: Fuiure Nurses CIub '57, Ihai' fu+ure classes Iris Wiies and Ron McMurray have found a Iavoriie Io enioy on Faiher LivingsIon's new cre- afion. NR : Ei ."'f'5 2 22f FRANCES LOUISE VACHON Sacre Coeur: Summa 5re1'I '59: Summa Boosier '58, '59': Varieiy Show '56, '57, '58: Speech Cub '58: Debafe CIub '58: Puiure Nurses CIub '59: Pep Cub '577 Gdee Ciub '57: OpereIIa '56 '57, ROSALIE ANN VACHON SI. Mark' Nahonai Honor Soefehy: Crass Pres. '59: Red Cross Rep. '57, '53, '59: Civics CILI3 Pres. '56: 8ioIcqy Ciub Sec. '57: FuIure Nurses '57, '58, '59' Pep CIub '57, '58, '59' GAA '57: OoereIIa '56, Varieiy Show '57 '58' French Cub '59: Speeeh Ciub '58: Gee CIub '57, '58: Mission CIuL: '57, '58' Sodaliiy '57, '58, '59. JOYCE VANASSE Sr. PI'iIomena: Iransfer from PauI Schuire High Soho-QI, 'W Terre Hauie, Ind., '58: Pep CIub '58, '59: VarieIy Show 58: Missions 58, 59. EUGENE A. VENZON SI. John' I:oo+I3aII '56 '57, '58, '597 InsIiI'u+e '58 '59: Track '57: Inirarnuras '56, '57, '58, '597 I30vw'Iing '58, '59. CHARLOTTE VOGEL 5r. Monea' Siarnp Rio. '58, '597 Soda i?f '57 '59, '59: Laifn C sIo '58, ENRIQUE TERRAZAS VIRRUETA SI. Phi iniena: Iransier :rom La Paz. Eofvia, Souih Pwn- iI"'1 48 will cherish Jerry K?sseI and E'IIoI DurI:7n sfcp io char WIIII Serb Sm7+I'w on The-Ir way I'1c'r1e from scI1ocI PATRICIA WEERS Sr. Ceceh' Honor RQI III' SodaIIfI,f '58 Rep. '56 '57, '597 Pep Cub '57' Camera Cub '57, '5S' Red Crtzs Ren. '59' Operenfr '56' Vefew S'C-'. '57 '55, MARY ANN WEISBRUCH Si Bermurd' GAA 55 '57 59' Nurses CLC 56' Czmcre C,b '57' Pep C,b '57 '58, '59' Summa E:3sIer '59. MARY ANNE WELSH S'. MINI' 'rarier 'Crew Mercuemc "Lge SCPCC Ona-sa '55 Soeec' Cec 55' Pen C,c 58, '59' Pexre Fmrses C -C '58 59' Gee Ceo '55 '59' Ver'e'y Sr:.,' '55 GAA 59' C :is Sec, 59' La'4n C Lb 53. JAMES ANTHONY WHALEN S'. Eerrward' 55rd '57 '55 IM' 'W' 1 '56, '57. CHRISTY WHAN Sr. PIwIIomena: Hcnsr Ro III: Hire TeacPers Cub '59, GAA '57: CIVICS CIub '56Z Eh iqy Cub '57f Pep C eb '57, '58, '59' Vf:rIeIy SLCN '57: C ess Vee-Pres. '59. IRIS WILES Si. Bernard' Pep Cub '57 '58 '59: Fdure N,rses CQI3 '56 '57, VarIeIy SFCW '57, '58I GAA '567 C'v7Cs Cub '56g FuIure Teachers CIub '59, 49 QN- urina- 73 -Ja 'TTTP E WALTER HUBERT VOGEL Sr. Thomas: Fcofbin: '57 fI"er OrcI"id" '59' ArI C eb '59' CI'Iess C eb '59' SDeecI'1 CLD '59' Irwrimurrss 56 '57, '58, '55 Powwrwq '56 '57' Bre- BEVERLY JEAN VOGES SI. Joseph, Pekm: Civics CIJID '56, GeneraI Sderwce CIuIJ '57, MARGARET VOLK Sr, PaIrIcIc Washingfcv' I-Iorwor RQIE ISI, Band '56 '57' CIv?cs CIub '567 Science CLI: '55. SUSAN VONACHEN Sr, PIwIIomerra: Pep Cub '57 '58 V7ce-Pres, '59: Fwure Nurses CIub '56, '57 '59, V?ce-Pres. '58' Summa SIGII '59: Summa Boosfer '58, '59' VarIe+y Skow '57, '5SZ I3IoIOqy CIub '57: Camera Cub '57, CSvIcs Chb '567 GAA '567 Speech CI.o '58. OSCAR CHRISTIAN WEBER SI. Bernard' Inharrwra s '56, '57 '5B. JOHN C. WELLS SI. PaIrIcIc: VocaIIor1 C'ub '56, '57, Poo'baII '56, Inrrae muraIs '56 '57, '58. 'Q i , Q' I I JANE ELLEN WILLKIE Sf. Cecelia, Compacf '56, Civics Club '56, GAA '56. '57, Sodaliiy a'56. '57, Mission Club '58, '59, Pufure Teachers Club '59, Pep Club '58, '59, MARY ANNE WOODS S+. Philomena, GAA '56, Pep Club '56, '59, Fuiure Nurses Club '56, '57, Variely Show '58, Operella '56, Mission Club '57, '59, Fulure Teachers '59, Summa Boosl- er '59. DOLORES ZANT Sl. Boniface, Pep Club '57, '58, Civics Club '56. SHARON ZARA Sr. John, Honor Roll lll, Nalional Honor Sociefy '59, Summa Co-Edilor '59, Academy Girl '59, Girls Slafe '58, Spalding Junior Prom Queen '58, Summa Boosler '58, '59, Class Pres. '58, Biology Club Pres. '57, Debafe Club '58, Vice-Pres. '59, Mission Club '56, '57, '58, '59, Glee Club '57, '58, Sodalily 58, '59, Pep Club '57, '58, '59, Civics Club '56, Varieiy Show '57, '58, GAA '56, '57, Operella '56, Speech Club '58. MARY JOANNE ZELENDA S+. Philomena, Honor Roll lil, Sodalily '56, '57, Civics Club '56, Mission Club '59, P ep Club '59, Fulfure Nurses Club '59. .. TERRENCE KURT ZELLER Sf. Mary, lnlramurals '56, '57, '58, Eoolball '56. 50 lheir herilage. Ausiin Brown and Barb Larosche discuss plans for lhe coming weekend on this pleasanl Friday morning. ""-Q., BARBARA ELAINE ZOMBRO Sl. Boniface, Civics Club '56, Pep Club '57, 'SBI Mis- sion Club '57, Fulure Nurses Club '57, '58. DIANE ZOSKY Sl. Marlc, Honor Roll l5l, Nafional Honor Sociely, Sodalify '57, '58, '59, Pep Club '57, '58, '59, Civics Club '56, Class Treas. '57, Biology Club '57, French Club '59, Fufure Teachers Club '59, Mission Rep. '56. '57, '58, VicefPres. '59, Prom Aifendanl '59. Mike Grow and Margie Hageman. oursiaridrq ieaders 'n Tbeir respective scroois. were chosen 'o receive We DAR. Good Ciiizenslwip Award on fre basis of scrioiarshio. character dependabiiify and Dafriorism. S's+er Casrfr JTJSECL' proudwf iasfens We Eeriy Crocker pa on Judy May viro wori if as a resuif i: ber Mob score on 'be Homemaker of Tomore 'ow Tesi. Superior rafirig was worm by Wi 'y Graram for ris drum so'o af the Iiiinois Distric? Music Fesrivai, in five liifnois Disrricr Music Fesfivai Marierie Srepheris was awarded a superior rafinq in voice. I 'Q' Awards Winner oi The Faq Essay C:r'esf was Par Moore. Ray Wo Ham, James McGee, Srepiieri Sroii, Mi'- fori Kane, Wa rer Didescri and Thomas Scaniari receved superior raving in ire brass sexier groups. if X 6+ x is 1 J' 5 . 1 I lm 'Urn QQWEBG :EQ y ' if Par Adams Mary Jane Bauer Diane Brophy Jo Ann Caioway Thomas A'exander Genda BTaclc Andrew Brown Anqeja Cafdweil r 5 Suzanne AT good Sharon Arkins John Baker Kennerh Bale Chares Barnes Judith Bar+h Brian Banc Suzanne Bobeck Carol Bonn Marrha Boone James Brad:ord Sfephen Brady Richard Bruqger WiTTiam Bryanr Wl3TIam Buckler Richard Bu qer Deane Burk Dav7d Burson Joyce CampbeJ Gloria Capranica James Carpenrer Francis Carr Gera d?ne Casfe Anne ChandTer 0 The Juniors look forward s mv'-ff N Susan SuThvan and Rose Ann Danrone rnasnfarned a sfraiqhr A average and enfoyed doing I+. 52 pd' ,Ah HW' Thomas Claes James C ark Joe Co' as Marf ,fn Consranfw ,o Barbara Cundiff Thomas Cosack Rose Ann Danfone Karen DeBafes HeTen Donovan Mary Donovan Thomas Dorsey Vlaranne Dov-fmnq T29 H61 'X . N ww? Jill Barfholomew Edward Barfolo Thomas Breese Richard Brienen Janice Boller Joseph Caflerly Virl Chapin Mary Alice Ciqnarilli , is wi+h earnes+ hope Michael Conver Charles Cooney Pal Debboul Mary Dempsey James Dullield Mary Dulce ffqn Marylyn Cooper Linda Delrempe Clarence Durbin ' .- -A.- .- X 15 -JL Y .f Sherrill Cornicli Pafricia Dezelic Gerfrude Durbi Q .9 . X f.,.p'-Q Sherill Cornick, Treasurer: Jean Vespa Vice- Presidenlq Marilyn Consranlino, Presidenl: and Pal Debboul, Secrerary, sludy a catalogue ol Prom bids. Gerald Couri Judy Crahan James Criss Julius Crocker lc Dolores Diclcerson Waller Didesch Lawrence Dolan Terrence Donahue n Palricia Dusenberry Karen Eaglesfon Beverly Ehrinqer Nancy Elser me 4 si os ss M N nl. X r ar .. L xi S L Mx 53 H? -6? Q HO' -.1 -.a -,,. lk O4 r -'f A ' "if ..,,f g -.N Y ., f t Xi l"' Q? L. -VAP , -V VA' ,, Q, , M ,1 Q ' 1--x W ' : - ,Q7-J' K WM:-fx uv - 'K-?,:..r5'fX W NTU, ' -Q-MMM, Q. , W W Q X W. N ' 4 1 1. K E . W.. ,. 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W i i sg J W A A V f.. f L, M M is, ,gm fklfw X N5 M A , in Rameia Newion Pa+rick O'Neii Judifh Osborn A berf Perry Gary Reeves Cafherine Reisinq David Reising James Rezac David Ruhaak Auqusfine Ruiz Sandra Rvia John Ryneii ,W FX' Q.,-r afcera Sa e fo 5 Samrn Scfrceow 0 ao SCP aed r we Cl' Lux d Sn X d 5 fr' Cr-K mc Q Sfercer QGVVWS S eo e ep' E nfl 59,1011 TV? 'Chnl MDW' Q' eo: y Sarde C Q bo epf Sdwere L e 9 5 C- Sf poard 'Kia Az '- c' '-F me 0 r Cave a .J qw arc Ma ane 5 v re e VY1 5 D Q M 5 MCM e L r' JC Lf 18 if S re TFee'm f Mfr ,v WaNccx rw of .1 arm Vvfh SVZE' f"" "' Nvw-V hiv? Nl'-l Sw 8 Mgfiiw ww ,,,,...fp s wa I A10 'Q' ,Q -dl --si' -4... Sd e ws O Ava 'VCV True + elr pri V' 7 K, 1 WHS 53' MU' ans 'T' ,""..'Z' 5 Sl , , V N 'V' , uv .J S Aw x ,N get I. 4' as ,Sa 1 M ' Q f S ,' ,TF X V I 4 1 VX W ks ' ,X X 1. X X 9 ww 'f m f if M '.,-5 .. 'li' Q ' .. , 1 A I W 1 T V s X X A . X' I , I ir I' ' 3 . 9 Q wx Q. K Sh ' Q in. JCM' Sack B 'X N ' JGT5 ,cr ff 4 'f f 'Vyvas S an an JSP' S V51 r:7'E'ii SC"e'e' T 'e Cave ' ' - fe' ' f e Dr! S wav: Jes r 'v1nwSf-a Cafe' 'C Ja, S':f.e'x C5:"'C'fi SS 7' V ,def Dc. 'F S 'U e' pf 1 lf! Spa'd"q GQ", Sp' aw, Q11 'e Scmfsx' 5 Jifive S'e' Ss Ev. Std , S f' J I ' L fs M5fe'e S' efs L ' ST 'T .1 S' cv, "MQ wfcfffas Smal V12 F" Sp W fame' S,. ' Dee' S' h o +0 Sue S S..M'v5r CHE". , A f T warg Dwfd T' 41 Qfwfn fl '1 ' JL.d"' Wfufiyew Ffifz-S f We Oli' ' 'S e 're Shwgn W'feM Me"Va W' I Li.-fs W' Y .. , 'I 40" ,S K I Sf .P , M K4 .3 5 f It B .. 7 ,... V . V -1 .A-.. 5 ' -. 2 A .., Q ..,. V ,W 1, W ., Q , ,, , W A v ' 1 " , J E, fem . , M m 'o F3r'.CC f. J gk W " Eine' .dz I 'H CMS' a ':',c'5 Mr' 'e S" ' awe QP C 52 ' .Q 'ev H . WW, V 5 ,.., U X In V ,, T.. vga I 75 35 , J -...-4' ?. S H... 'M' , I MES? Dean S'O"E' and Jwm RW? rake Mme od af W hear fo bpv re5resI1mer1's 'row I.7'vcia De Tr-amp and Mar iamne Downing. ALC? Eu. 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C"'5"i .en Roby' C af-c 'Dfwm C 5' Tlww cf C" ,f E'EE'W Cfeww Kev? ee' Cfiafan D,fiVV3 C' EMC' Rice-f' Cfin r Eeck: fm, Deffk Dz. 2 Jw-is Dfesw Vw 1 Eff m ' -7' cud' M ,. 1, -v wx ' , ov 'VV f . . -4 ' Q- v --,f -f ,-r ,Af -4 Q ,. 5,4 1 , f ' X L X 1 S? A ,Q,,,. ,IZ '23 5 A? J Q? H 'Z 49 4 QA Q A,,"fj,j,5 ' gig 1 1 J- :A W' , 'wwf' ' w-A " Mig Q ,Wx ,sk Q X -41-4' qglx ff! QV..-1 L wr., ...,, 'if ...Q-1 23 X' 'f -. .Aq- , f' B K ,4 ,ia yy 41' W"'f Harold Alexander David Barcy Kirsy Blanc Jackie Bufier Q -erfffyz Richard Alig Paul Barker Tonda Blaylock Vince Cain ix James Anderson Gerald Barry Kennerlw Blum Lawrence Calian Q , 3 r Y Q 0 1 . Carol Anselme Da e Barrli Karen Bonikowski Roger Campbell encouraged by +l1e example . . . 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'N' 'fi-.?7' 'Q -JM 'w-Mg' Rx 6 E X A 12 r ' 1 .. ,4 xv 9 'W .,,., ai? .MJ ANN Q --M3 all - .mf -f ,a, b:a':1 Vzgs 5526 'fa F 1 Neifaa a' M H 1 -wp ga G If fsfx 9 1 Q ACTIVITIES 4, X W The students always manage to find time for fun in spite of heavy schedules. Now as they are preparing to leave, they look back on the many happy hours of enioyment spent in these past four years. D75Qus:'ng the GSH event ft 5? hffwzzcm duno' wi: Pm 'YV- Jnfhrvxm, PM Randy. and A7 gi it Rom Scheirer leads the Rosary omlng a s sort c the Junior-Senior retreat. .QD We Apcstoic Eessrg is oe-stowed upor' the stu dent bcdf by pf. Wdwe at the case c' 'te re treat. To begin the school year with the proper intentions and attitudes, Spalding held its annual retreat, given by the Rev. M. C. Kid! well S. T. The conferences given by Father contributed rnuch to the spiritual enlightrnent of each student. Fr. Kidwell stressed the irn- portance of, and the benefits acquired from a nightly examination of conscience. The irn- portance ot the iOne step torward tor Christ" was illustrated to all. The entire student body is grateful tor the privilege of being able to partake in this re- treat and for the opportunity of acquiring the rnany graces which it offered. T8 ssl 3 z MR. wil .nf i K 1 Fr. Klovve ofeefva Jerw Kfsse and F'3'Tll Peffz 3 coo, C: 'N'g", Evafv"'af'ofw Q5 Cowscienc-Q." F sierw- Fgk Mase was 'Z:TVCV6d YU We San dfg G,f'wfa,','V F Fees' af Sim Viafof. Fr, WeIand was :PQ ce eofan' 'mo Ve asskred by Fr, Ma ey and Fr. Lane. Brother WeFwef+ has Masf CEVSVWUF-ES and acoyres were BroTY'ers Hfbuce awe Marccve r ff, "',1G. . I O 1 3- I 2, -5 ij Us-3 Q 3 If Q L: 2 V A , 2 A X f of ,i A - 3 ii ww . sf Y 1 ' ' Q 69,35 , ., 1-'WMV ,ow fav, ef' 1 5 LM ',.,S,Q After weeks of preparation the long awaited day had finally arrived. The queen and her attendants were chosen and finishing touches had been applied to the floats. Homecoming activities were corn- menced on October 24, with a bonfire in Glen Oak Park. The queen and her attendants were presented and then the ceremony was climaxed with the burning of a Manual Ram. On Octo- ber 25, at 7:00 a parade left from the front of Spalding gym with the queen, her attendants and the floats highf lighting the colorful event. The follow' ing evening the Homecoming Dance was held in the Spalding gym with dancing to Ray Conniff and many other favorites. Local disc-jockey I-larry Harrison added a spark of life during the intermission. Homecoming l958 will be long ree membered by all taking part and will hold happy memories for students in 'fears to come. avnecoming weekend was brought vo a climax wth c dence efoyed but Geri Peiui and Larry An- rewgt Penn: Rosse and Gene Verizor' Jean Donahue and Mflce O'Connei . .NX Jerry Brcsnshan brings the he t-time cere 'riches to e c ose as the Oueen Pefinv Rus :Q 1 eesived 'fan 're Dif'OV"'A oi, Dec Karoe f' ueen and Her Couri- 'qw wwf ,, ,,, .f,.,E,,,:,:-E.: y - 515 'W 1? M 1.134 Queen, Penny Russell, and her courf, Terry McMorrow, Judy Sneppard, and E4'en Gibbons rneef fo make We Fine! preparafions for Homecoming. Qgf ika 4 i 4,-'Qs ff H,-W W af 1 'lim' Q' 'hz if lx 'nm-rx ax 4, V 11 T Choral Club Dramatics The deyi Sue Hecht, is turious at being outwitted by a cat' Karen Brissette as Mary Anne Welsh Joan Conley and Mary Danehy loolc on. I Dramatic activities at the Academy have been in full swing since the beginning oi the year When the members of the Drama Class presented 'Parade at the Devil's Bridge." At Christmas, the Glee Club pre- sented the lovely story of the Nativity. The Debate team, not to be outdone, capably disputed the question, "Was Edgar Allen Poe insane?" 84 5 ,as Q' " A W, ,,,, . , YN' . ' ' - an-V 3 'L . A multitude ot angels appear to tell ot the birth ot the little Christ Child in a rnanger. Elinore Manias introduces an unexpected witneSS. the ghost ot Edgar Allen Poe Judy Fisher. while Mary Dulce and Mary Catherine prepare to debate on his sanity. In the rand fnaeoi the Christmas Cantara Q he-perds and v-fsernen a'ilce ccnte to pay tribute to their new-born King. f uf? 'ffl' M553 I, W HIS X H, 3 5 ' xx in . " AN piww 'Nic Q "QW ...ff A' """ KW .. W. ..,.,.'.-..-...,...f...,., ,Y J J N ' """"" Q X A . t X Q4 xiigx , imnlww Ngwmxgw Z 'KJ I Q ig " H W f ,,. -A Q I L f "" ..--' 49- x A Q 4 is A fm m'M g"'g'm"""'i"x L"""9d2':':""""""""""H I s gr . 1 1 ,M , gf L 45. X, - gf .1 Z l 5 Q -A ""' had . A A ga 3534 x S . W .. , . B ,whq 54 I- Mrs. Roth pours tor: Rosalie Vachon, Mrs. Vachon, Alexandria Dodds, and Mrs. Dodds. as daughter, Martyn looks on. THQ? .1::""" The annual Father-Daughter banquet was rated a "big success" again this year. Mr. Richard Roll, well-known news commentator and the father of Pat Roll, was the speaker. Mr. Roll captured the attention of all present as he talked about his trip to Russia. Alter a delicious meal, the dads and daughters en- gaged in a social hour, which included visiting and dancing The was this Held on tion ot festivity, tood, and friendship proved to be a memorable occasion. in the student center. Silver Tea, another enjoyable event in 1959, time attended by the mothers and daughters. February 9, the Silver Tea with its combina- Mrs. Vachon serves the honored guests seated at the speakers' table: Rosalie Vachori Margo Vach- on Mr. Vachon Father Livingston Pat Roll, Mr. Ro. Mr. Sheppard Judy Sheppard Connie Shep- pard, Mrs. Giitner. Father Mullen, and Mr. Atkins. 1'-N.. be 3"f 1, Wm., ' N., gh! W, 87 D U 3 u ,..". . N.. 'Q if Q ' , :MH Q A ' I ,A ' 55.-Q-,.-1 'i A B X, - gucci' lk A, is " fu . i D fix' , ,.,., . Hanafng "e memory of Fr. Queroes oy receving 3 esseci Sacrament are 'Fefe Spa dfnq ancients and 'neir Sd'SVT+S. Fr. Me ev is time aistrirzfjf 75 we HM E ftamg. of oo . Spalding students observe the Centennial of the .... The year i959 marks the one-hiindredth anniverf sary ot the death ot Fr. Louis Querbes, founder of the Clerics of St. Viator. During the year, special recognition and devotion has been aiven to Fr. Querbes. ln an attempt to familiarize the entire student both with the lite and deeds ot this man, a number ot organizations ot the school have sponsored various projects and events. ln addition, the prayer tor his aloritication was recited daily by the student body. During this centennial year, it is the special desire ot eteryone to promote the cause of this saintly man from Lyons for canonization. dea+h of Fr. Louis J. Querbes C.S.V. Fr. Maley, Bro. Otban and Tom pit'-C'3 QYCHVYNVT the 'fst copy Q5 the Febmiry Issue U5 the INSTI TUTE stat: as A' rf: 5 O55 tina press. Tne INSTITUTE stat: dedicated tnts issue to acqmnting 'ne st dent cody wltn tne We of Fr, Querces. Rc-acing 1 nw at on t' '5-3 of Fr, Qnetbes be- tut-r u ,mdenv atzi-'nh . we Jenn K ifcn and Jin' Students ano tt-str oarents attend the annua, Corn- tmlnlon Breakfast Ir the cafeteria. This yeans breakfast was dedlcated to recognition 05 Ft, Querbes. 'hy Vve . Lapcerikxxq and Barb Bender sence 'Q We f'ms7c of BM! Hmdezfy and V i CVCP'6?,'Fl af Spaldhqi Smden? A' M Dvfp X,,,, - 5,6 Sabi' .UM H-rewlaf Efar f Vccj' wc N' me 55:73, 46d nw evevfn 5'-5'-'Q 5' Sca Qing 5 Seca "V Dance 90 Social Sicleliglfrs E 6 O 2 -li Q 1, ::s,' 1 5 , 5 . MN V. ,gy ,gui Aa gf.. . - .s. .. 5 Q xg-A ,key '13-.1 Q -11 Q j:. .. ? .j' : E f':. " ' ' n I, ,...., 4 ' - " ' "" - . 4 ,,,,,, A 5' A. V Aww, Q ,ff . mv V r ?'XyLf, , A Azsiiif-. R I L The radiant queen, Mary Kay LeTourneeu and her escort Den Sullivan are about to lead the Grand March. April 24, l959, was truly an Nlinchanted Evening." The Academy Iunior-Senior Prom, planned and pre- pared by the class ot l9BU, was a spectacular event, enjoyed by all who attended. Happy couples danced to the music ot Bill Hardesty and His Orchestra at the Peoria Country Club from 8130 to ll:3O. The flower-scented ballroom presented an atmos- phere of gaiety and set the mood tor enchantment, Bay windows provided a beautiful view ot the terrace which overlooked the lllinois River and valley below. The excitement ot this fun-filled evening reached its climax as the Iunior Class President, Marilyn Con- stantino, placed the crown on our lovely queen, Mary Kay LeTourneau. The girls in their pretty spring tormals and the boys in their white dinner jackets eagerly watched the Queen and her court during the crowning cere- mony. W X, ,..v-w..,.,..-.--f..W..A...W.f. . ' 3, 3 5 5 4 A .QV E Q miw fi Academy Glrl IS the hlghest honor that can be bestowed on any sensor The Academy Glrl of 1959 Sharon Zara IS truly a respected and outstanding leader in her class. if f-six -, X , WV ORGANIZATIONS In our endeavor to develop our char- acters for future success, we find that organizations help us to use our abilities in acquiring initiatve, responsibility, and leadership. 04 altldfw iadczf' Sm. M ll and Muir-9 Grow, arc' 'me gm D 96 tue Celiac attic 5 Summa After the initiai meeting in September, staff members started on the tedious job ot obtaining ads in order to finance the year- book. Pictures were then scheduled atter school and on tree days to bring the school a complete and tinai summary of activities that occured during the year. There is a gleam on the faces of everyone as the iong awaited day arrives tor the dis- tributing ot the yearbooks. For the Summa statt satistaction ot a job well done is the reward tor long hours ot Work and rushing to meet the final deadline. The editors and statt worked untiringiy under the direction ot the faculty advisors, Sister Mary Carmen and Father Novacek, throughout the year. Jim Vrsett and C'arene Ba,-were Tre basress managers sm' e w"r satisfaction over an ad ayout. Avfcas eatofs pa, uachman Sharon Zara Lrda Mctzarare and pa R def pox over the "dma- nw" in an attemp' 75 so ve the pfsb em c: the moment. Thfcag 'fe e55'f', C C1 fi M., Grow 3'C1 Aan Camo: tr: ob'a c the Wt sfaisfcs of a s "c program' S+aH Ron McMurray. Barb Blender, Sharon Lasher, Ar+hur Rohman, Sue Vonachen, Frances Vachon, and Jim Flaniqon, busi- ness sfaff members, look for new ideas for ad piclures. The edirorial slalf, Alice Geier, Erin Theile, Tom Ohlemiller, Don Meismer, Doris Rolh, Terry Shea, Susie Lanqlon, Mary Sue Shank, Willy Graham, Dan Sullivan, and Barb O'Connell, meer The oncoming deadline. Honor Socie'ries 'suv Fei Members of fine Nafional Honor Sociery are: Boffomz Rosaiie Vacrion Sinaron Zara Karnieen Bourne Susie Graber, Connie Lonreen, Dee Rofh. Row 2: Bonnie Berfaux Pauia Keiiy Sue Scrirnrr Corinne Kennedy, Margi Schmirr. Cnris Kapraun. Roy 3: Eiinor Davis, Barb Smirn, Arin Thie, Diane Zosky Jean Donahue. Row 4: Judy Fifch, Joan Srepzinski, Judy May. Cnecking receni' correspondence are 'fine orficers of Hue Narionai Honor Sociery. Seafed: Judy Fifch, Corresponding Secrefaryg Jean Donahue, President Sfanding: Marqarer Suiiivan, Treasurer: Joan Gir- ardof, Vice Presidenfg Dee Roin, Recording Secre- fary. x 100 Jer me-,, v Bvcsnahen Przsdeni- Jim Dunne Secretary- esurer' and Ter". Snea Vice-Presfdent review fn'rx.'es C' 'L-fr est meefnq. Spalding and the Academy chapters of the National Honor Society have as their objectives: to foster enthusiasm for good scholarship through- out the two schoolsg to encourage the students to render service to their schools and their communityg to aid the students in a sell-evaluation ot the poten- tial gualities of leadership Within him, to stimulate the members to observe and practice those acts that develop strength ot character, and to encour- age him to continue his learning and his education. When the above stated objectives are energeti- cally promoted, the National Honor Society makes its presence telt as a constructive force in the school, The practice of these qualities develops the standards ot character, service, leadership, and scholarship upon which the society is based. Members pledge themselves to uphold the high purpose ot the society, to be true to the principles tor which it stands, and to be loyal to their school. elated are 'ire members of Sofildings National Honor Society: John Palladini, Ron Mclvturrav Alan Campbell Art Rohfnann Torn Powers, Kevin Hevd Torn Olfenii-er Don Durbin, and Paul Jachman. Academy Student Council Scsan Mannschott Student Council presclen' i seated with Miss Gregg the moderator. Standing are: Pau a Kel y Barbara Bender and Cecile P1 on. Staden' Coancl representatives are seated: Joanne l-lechf Judy May Joan S'epzinslri Margie Hagernann, Bonnie Beftaax Pat Debbout' standing, Jaav Pernay Jean Boyce Jo-Lane Obere Mar, Crarofte Carrol, Maureen Grow Maureen Ma onev ooan Girardot, Sue VV2e-5, lse Steurer Maf- garet Sc Tyan, Barb Moretto Par Dutfey and Pau a Lancers. The STUDENT COUNCIL of the Academy of Our Lady is an organization through which the members Work with the faculty for the good of the school. One girl represents each homeroom of the four classes, and Miss Gregg is the faculty advisor. Its purpose is to develop citizenship and to promote better student-teacher relations. Various assemblies and campaigns are held to help stimulate their aims. This year the Council sponsored a movie, the annual magazine drive, and a safety campaign. A dance Was held jointly with Spalding to raise money for the Polio Fund. The Student Council Dance in May climaxed their activities. The proceeds of these affairs provide scholar- ships and aid in sponsoring a foreign exchange student. 102 Spalding Student' Council -'af Representing the entire student body are Student Como members: Jim Motseft, Paul Jachfnan rv1ickSche-pke Dan Kefpowicz Pat Donahue. Second Row: Dan Horan Ron Mctvlurray Chuck Drisco Bill O'Brie-ri, John Joyce, Steve Hippen and Tibar Stal. Third Row: Will Graham, Tom Robe! 5 Steve Powers Dick Wetzler and Gene Abraham. Discussing ci new matter are Student Counci' ot- ticers: Torn Powers Vice-Pfesidentt Tom Cusack, Treasurer Jeff, Eresrahen Corresponding Secre- tary' Mle Hufncffe, Recofairg Secre'ef,' and The STUDENT COUNCIL is composed ot the officers ot each class and a representative ot each recognized organization in the school. Under the capable direction ot Father Crilly, the members attempt to promote, turther, and improve the spirit- ual, educational, cultural, and social activities at the students and to actively cooperate with the faculty and administration in student Welfare. To attain this purpose, the Student Council has sponsored social activities, notably, the Home- coming Weekend, has actively participated in char- ity drives, such as the Christmas Collection tor the Orphans, and the March ot Dimes, and has pre- sented the pep rallies during football and basket- ball season. Mike Grow Presdent. 103 Sister Annette Marie, Bonnie Bertaux, and Geri Pauli check the circulation list. The COMPACT acguired a new look this year. Published by the journalism class, the paper has a tloating nameplate and an informal and streamlined layout. Under the guidance ot Sister Annette Marie, the stall has gained experience in all phases ot news- paper worlc, The girls have given a complete account of the school and social lite ot the students. A job well done is the praise merited by these tireless news- women. The Compact' Comparing the I929 and 1959 Compacts are: Betteanne Marlrey, News-editor Alice Ceier, Pho- tographer: and Margie I-iagennann, Feature-editor Checking over a la-,f-out are: Connie Lonteen, Co-editor: Christina Kapraun, Make-up and art: Terri Roger, Business Manager: Susan Graber, Co-editor: and Barb Larosche Business Manager. lg' Q A .W .,..,.. .Q ..,..,. . 2? 104 The Institute Se-ting so the press are Roger Powers, Milc Sch eich Jim Co emefw Bob McPhetters Mike Chtticli Robert Happach and Dean Stone. Editor Tom Powers hands out assignments to his statt: standing, Mick Scheplce, Ken Streider, Pet Donahue Jim Lowy Jim Siwiche Don Nose-hert. Dicli Bulger. Tom Scanlan, David Rehn, Jim Ritt. Bi' Bl!-J uqhes and Jim Maioot Laying out the next issue are M. Remeiey, T. May, J, Doiling, J. Sronce, D. Sommer. G. Verizon, G. Grimler. J. Peres and T. Stoii. The Institute is the newspaper issued monthly during the school year to emphasize the scholastic and extra-curricular activities ot Spalding. It is written and edited entirely by a student statt under the direc- tion ot Father Malley. Besides contributing to the spirit and acclaim ot the school, the members of the statt acquire valuable experience in the journalistic arts. A unique teature ot the Institute is that it is printed by the students on the statt using the facilities of the Graphic Arts print shop, under the direction ot Brother Orban. I-i n Webster and Paul Jachmen. Kneeling are: Jim Lewis, Nick Vespa il. i A F. 105 44 .2 'Q Scdalifv members and pr:l:e"cnef5 fcrcr 3 'v7ng Sodeiw E.'t'tl'Dl6V"t before -3 gathering held in Soft d7nq Gmrnef' mi. Soclality of Our Lady The Scott cf5'ce-'f: V ,v, Cmvcfve Hnddiqfm ecreteff El7nor Davis Pre-if-ct: Jud. Planer, Treas- rer' ada Sue Hecht V'ce-presides" consult Wit? Sister Ryh Margaret. The SODALITY OF OUR LADY OF GOOD COUN- SEL is a religious organization approved by the Holy See and placed under Our Lady's name to cultivate in its members a deep devotion, reverence, and filial love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Under the patronage of the Mother of God, Sodali- ties throughout the world aim at making their mem- bers outstanding Catholics who give themselves whole- heartedly to their sanctification in their own state of life, strenuously endeavor to save and sanctify others, and defend the Church of lesus Christ against the attacks of the enemy. During the school year the Sodality sponsored a movie, a dance, and the pamphlet rack on the third floor. The officers acted as ushers at the student Masses at the Catheral. The year's activities were brought to a fitting close by the beautiful ceremony of the May Crowning. Elinor Davis, prefect, crowned the Blessed Mother, assisted by the other officers of the Sodality. Sue Heciif and E inor Davis ass'a+ Faflwer Livingaion as fhe new Scdafsfe receive fnef medais. 5 Soda? ac+'v?+ies wefe dosed b We sdennn Y Y crowning 0? 'ne Vey Queen in Sp-aiding Gymna- sium. Judy Ciinch, Peggy Anfonacci, and Joan convey bring fneir Cinrisfmas offerings for ine poor To Judy Faiwer. F gn-rf Spalding Spiritual Activities lrrpcn Ma toeeSp o f' c mfs e r c tcm re Sodaky . ,. . . CTTlC6'SZ M ke Langfov, Nice-Pre'ec' Jifn Ansfett Fre'ect and Jolrn Cass, Secretary-Treasurer. F M, LJ Dso aving flee Soda -ry oanner are Senior Cvicer rck D c Pln o r e rig 3 Prefegt i Swans n T eesi Ron Sclreirer Vice-Prefect and Bch Luo-,f Treas- UVEY. Posting an important notice are Freshman Sodality Officers: Bernard Joseoh Prefect, Gene Cam Vice-Pretect and Seth Ostrander, Secretary-Treas' urer. The primary purpose of th SODALITY is most aptly summar ized in its first precept, i'Tl'1 Sodality is a religious bod which aims at fostering in it members an ardent devotio reverence, and filial love towar the Blessed Virgin Mary." Through this devotion and Wit the protection of so good 4 Mother, it seeks to make the fait ful gathered together under h name good, Worthy Catholics, t save and sanctify their neighbor and to defend the Church. The Pontifical Crew, the Bi hop's "right hand men" are sele ted from among the student bod They are always on hand t assist him at ordinations, Chris mas Midnight Mass, Holy Wee Services and Easter Mass. Assisting l'lis Excellency the Bishop are: ln for ground, lvlsgr. Peters, Charles Sell, Jerry Newma Torn Ohlerniller, Franlt Re-Zoc, Daniel Ohlemill and Terry l-linds. ln the background are Bri Blanc, Ken Bale, Michael Schaab, Ed Bowers, Til: Stoll, Dennis l-lirstein, Steve Tacheuchi, and Jo Mathers. N' f 1 am- 3 E 1 A s EI! Q z S 5 0 E F , ymfw- E 5 r K ww 2 Q. . 343 fx" xv ffwgiw W 2, 22: 1 M 11 3315, 2' ' 1 . 1 , f a , X li f,zv:i'3WEQw- L52 ,. , 25-1 QQ ' '1 35 , , 251.9-,.,,.': 'H Q W ,.: V, .,., , . . ,..v X ,V A ' r ,N ,, ,, . X A X ., , Y, , mmf X , sir! ' :wap X ' 'ii yi Q' 9112 HQ 2:7 hr sf W f, ' ' 'Q ,V R, ,, is . fg' 35 ,- ww f H V 'I 1 A -izfxpl ' ww sqgy ' I nik , Una m sl 6 M- gy, ft wg 6, -A an ,Q ' , ' PM lik, ' ' L f . ' 19 W ' -X, . VL wmiyjf v. 2, w W' A A 1'3 " F fe' Q -'fa' '-" - "H' I 2: , :: V 1, .K K ,- ' A " W. 1 A fgmqmx. A 1 1 53.26 X gang , Q Q, i., I3 7312 Fafwww Wg an QE k. sf.. 2 W' 1 . 5: n A gig wi 5 'fi-as if K P M Z3 - Y 235: Y.XfW',s -,,'Psf42f ww!-fa,'l - A1 Mu H f. g nw .W ' Q Academy C. S. M. S. 9.2-Eng ccdves 'Q be ieif 'Q 'Fe Missbns we 47656 ambiffous repfeseniafives: Mary Danehy, Sqe Fin' SFeRa O'DcmcqHue Cofffne Kennedy Serb O'CcnnexN, Sue Suwivam Suse Brubeck Kiffy Sa vin S.s'e L?fw'z Dame Devi Judy MVer Carol Schuh, Marce a Bacwer Kafhy Dewmfh CMES Grimm Margafe' Ma one and Mary Sue Siarwk. C' The Academy Unit of the C.S.M.C. has been extremely successful in the numerous projects it has undertaken during the year which include: the elec- tion of a Valentine Queen, the purchasing of medical kits, and the Senior-All-Star basketball game. The members of this organization are aware of the diffi- culties confronting today's missionaries, and they are constantly striving to diminish them. With the addi- tion of the Spiritual Treasury, students may make deposits of prayers and sacrifices offered for the Mis- sions. Representatives have been faithful throughout the year in their weekly collections, and in their appeals for rosaries, stamps, and Catholic literature. The Active Mission Club, which is comprised of stu- dents Who Wish to do extra work for the Missions, then prepare these articles to be sent to needy mis- sions at home and abroad. This year the Discussion Club was organized, with a view to study the existing evils of Communism. Those who recognize the danger that Communism presents will be able to spread this knowledge as they go out into different fields of life, Queen, Diane Davis, is enthroned in tront of the baby pictures that entitled her and her court: Carol Schurtz, Jean White, and Diane Zoslcy, to reign tor a day. Sister Louise Gerard and members ot the Discus- sion Cub: Phyllis lvlclviurray, Margo Vachon, Mary Kay Sheridan, Pat Davis, Vicky Haungs. Gayiene l-larson, Jo Ann Hecht Mary Kay Kelly, Roseanne Tillman. Vivian Maloot, Kathy Giunta Karen Boni- lcowski. Mary Char otte Carrol Teri O'l-tern Mar- ceua Bacher, Co' ette Sack, and Louise Eynatteri are studying the Phiiosoohv ct Communism with a film strip depicting tlne history trom its be- ginnir-g up to the present time. The torce behind the Mission proiects are these perseverinq otticers: Sue Bobeck, Spiritual Treasur- er: Mary Kay Hancock. Secretary? Jean White. Treasurer: Diane Zoslcy Vice-President' and Scher- rie Bianco, President i 111 Marge Wake enioys playng for Jill Bartholomew and Judy Maher as they prepare for the spring festival. Academy Glee Club Members of the Academy Glee Club are, Row I: M. J. Heinz, M. A. Welsh, L. Mclfarlane J. Conley, M. Cooper, M. E. Schmitt, C. Rolling, M. Schmitt, S. Berniger, C. Gilles, S. Brinkley, S. Karcher, M. C. Carroll, K. Bourne, C. Pilon, M. Stephens, P. Antonacci. Row 2: C. Hadank, J. Maher, M. Wake, J. Donahue, K. Keller. D. Matarelli, T. McMorrow, T. Roger, J. Montefusco, J. McMahon, P. Landers, G. Durbin, J Vogel, Pat Hopkins M. A. Stull M. A. Cignarelli, S. Ryia, J. Heffron, A. Chandler. Row 3: S. Bionco, M. Shea, P. Da- vis, M. Willi, M. Bachier, V. Loeb, D. Roth. E. Theile, N. Gensler, B. Moretto, M. Duke, M. K. Kelley, C. Heinz, Carol Stenger, S. Rodgers, T. Michael, J. L. Oberle, S. Allgood, C. Lonteen. Row 4: M. B. McDonald, S. Bobeck, K. DeMuth, M. C. Haddigan, J. Fischer, M. D. Rothan J. Vespa. C. Galvin, D. McMillian, M. Schmitt, E. Davis, J. May, P. Deb- bout, J. Girardot, K. Bubnick, V. Haungs S. Grimm, M. A. Carney, M. C. O'Hern, Donna Hardng, M. Colgan, S. Sum' mer. 112 The activities of the GLEE CLUB were varied and numerous under the direction of Sister Anne Loyola. Their first per- formance Was for the school on St. Ceci- lia's day, presenting an excellent and Well prepared program. At this program the Madrigal singers made their initial appearance, delighting all With their beautiful singing and costumes. The traditional Christmas concert, preceded by a candlight procession, in- cluded the vocal presentation of the Christmas story. In the Mid-State Eight Music Festival, superior ratings were earned by individ- ual members and the Madrigal singers. The Madrigal group appeared as guest performers in the Peoria Amateur Musical Club in the Academy auditorium. The Maorfga' group appearing a' a schoo, as- sefvby are seafedz Sue Eobeclc Gerrrude Durbin and Judv Murrary. S+anding, eff fo fighrz Mary McDcnaid Judy Fischer Mary Carherine Haddi- qarr Margaref Schmiif 5arbara Morefio, Joan Girardof Sherriii Cornish Sueieri Summers Ceiie Piion, Jiii Barrhoiomew, and Mar ene Sfephens. Checking ticker reiurns For ihe Christ mas Can+a+a are: Suzanne Ailqood, Treasurer: Erin Theiie, Secrefary: Mar- qaref Schmiif, Vice-President' and seaf- ed Kafhieeri Bourne, Presiderir fi Y if if Q V 4 A, , , KI N... :sail 3,3 041 w "i.,fi?j X ik kia are me , 4 1, it 'Xin W 'hd , 2 1 ' df' wh ir ia A 1 vi lg. Q ' if K xi A H. 15, 1? 4' 44 5 'll -1. L 'W' 'ii K is -if 'Ka ' i ' 5 X5 . ff ii 3, l 41 X als .W .J sr' Coronelsz R. Woltrern J, McGee R. Monfeya. T. Knaus, B. Bert. ll. Carr L. Zant, D. Hirstein C. Meier, G. Demmann. J. lrons. T. James R. Campbell: Clarinefsz K. l-leyd. D. Speck R. Speck J. Klein J. McManis B. Pavlons, S. Scafise' Tromloones: T, Scanlan D. O'Russa L. Kissel. Saxophones: B. Fisher S. Moreaock, F. Muhich' Baritone Saxophone: D. Kobarf Tenor Saxophone: E. Savant J. Terrell: Bass Clarinet: J. Ricci' Baritone: W. Didesch, C. Tierks' Bass: M. Kane, P. Reising J. Gi trier Percussion: W. Graham, M. Schverer B. Carr J. Scanlan S. Ross J. Wostenhom, D. Hartman' Bells: M. Dugardg French Horn: S. Stov' String Bass: G. Sanders. it Sister Arneta seems overjoyed as "her boys" glide through a difficult number. Spalding Band From the sounding of the Whistle to begin the first show on the gridiron until the last note of the spring concert echoed through Spalding gym, the forty-five piece Spalding Band has proven itself to be a most capable unit. its snappy cadences and stimulating music have given a spirited atmosphere to many athletic events. The band has shown itself to be a priceless boon, not only to the spirit and morale of the fans, but to the players on the team as well. In addition, hundreds of Peorians have been treated to displays of excellent music in the several concerts presented by this active organization. Our sincere thanks go out to Sister Amata, Gene Farris, and the members of the band for their invaluable contributions to our school spirit and for the pleasure they have afforded us. ---...........,m,o.w.. ,W , fag I K. ij F j v S . ,J My G v .A if Q .lv Looking over some new music are Band Club otii- cers Bob Bart, Vice-President Will Graham Pres'- dent Ray Woltrfirn Secretary ind Rcqer Cfirno be ' Treasurer. This year's Spalding Chorus, which has the largest membership to date, has outdone itself in excellent performances. Under the capable direcf tion ot Father Gilgallon, they have performed at their own Chiistmas and Spring Concerts, at the Mid-State Eight Choral Festival, and at an exe change assembly at Pekin High School. Special mention must be given to their outstanding per- formance in the operetta, Student Prince. Menwoers of fre Sree C rr: are: Firsf Row: l-l. Stelnlmrt J. Perefs S.Yelw.1 F. Teuscner D. Joseph D. Melsmef M. Rernelev M. l-luguenard S. Brady. J, Coleman M. Stieber J. Weirekamp. Second row: J. Pefsveler, T. Sto' S. Takeuclwi. B. O'Neill, M. Langton M. Coleman, T. Rose, R, Pearls. E. Jaclcsor R. Knapp, J. Boyer C. Low G. Carnp W. Carpenter L. Mann. Third Row: D. Stone D. Sornrner J. Favaro, B. Higgens, T. Ohlerniller P. Render, J. Levfs J, Trcfnas L. Gillis D. Naschert, S. Hlppen C. Moher, T Dolsey T May, B. Blanc D. Berson, K. B um. '53 ig. al. D. " ' E. 2' ' ' T ', . if ' 5 ii it T 2 f if 1 ' . if 2 ,. J F Q Q ' l l Q Q fi ot l 5 Q O 'gk .N Q 30 :L 'T ...ff J. if-3 0, L'-1 ..,..f...' ti' El , E . Members 25 'ne LIBRARY CLUB: Jace Coovey Vkfldn M . not Agnes Carrie, Sl"'ir'ir Elie' E en Huber Rlli Li,."v1ri Sl "TP drinkin Kfi",' D' Mmlw ,ru 5 Lf.-P C " 1,7 , 'cd S-' 'writ 3, q ..., - V-fx-Gy 'rise 2" :fra 2' 're SPEECH CLUB: Mar. A Ace C qnareii Pfesrderv' ,Loy Purhag Vice- Y Pfesiderv' Martha Willi, Treas- urer: and Joyce Carnpbel Secretary are on their way to fre ibrsry +3 do some re- ,Mffls ,nfl Checking or- the results of their enrolment drive with Sister Joan ot Arc are the officers ot the RED CROSS CLUB: Cynthia Marinschott Secretaryq Pat Delobout. act- ing president in the absence ot Pat Moore: and Valerie Loeb Treasurer. gs i ff., Small Club Groups be a priceless aid in years to come if - sissy seam Human-1: on g i f ps 3:f3HQRCfL.LE.D ' ,l,,. L ,. fi i f + gy.: , , Although the LIBRARY CLUB is seldom the oblect ot recognition or renown, it performs daily a service highly useful to the school. Through their assistance in maintaining the excellent condition of the library the members of this organization lend a valuable hand not only to the librarian and the school but to themselves as Well. The experience and knowledge gained by these students under the guidance of Sister M. Marcia, CSI, and Sister Geraldine OSB will Checking the card catalogue are LIBRARY CLUB Otticers, Steve Hip-pen President: Steve Whitney. Vice-President: and Mike Stieber, Secretary- Treasurer, Academy's DEBATE CLUB and the SPEECH CLUB have had a goal of improving the student's ability in public speaking. Mr, Callow and Sister St. Bernard, as moderators, helped the members prepare tor the MidfState Eight Diocesan, and Bradley Speech Festi- vals. At the close of a busy year, the students have earned hearty congratulations. Both Spalding and the Academy are active in the IUNIOB BED CBOSS program. Although the two schools have separate chapters, both maintain the same high aims designed for service at home and abroad, and training for effective adult leadership. Sister Ioan of Arc and Father Weiland, moderators, aid the students in carrying out the various phases ot lunior Bed Cross Work. Dewionstrating the proper way to make a speech is SPEECH CLUB President Bi' O'Brien. Looking an ere: Vice-President Bii Labrush and Secretary- Treesurer Bob Lepping. Discussing nneens concerning membership in the RED CROSS are: Wii Graham, Vice-Presideritg Ti- tor Stoll, Presicenr' Dave Be-ison. lreasurerq and Dave Sommer Se-cretar, 117 The SCIENCE CLUBS oi Spalding and the Aca- demy, under the guidance ot Father Bibeault, Father Crilly, and Sister Louise Gerard, have had as their primary aim the construction of various scientific proe jects for display in the Illinois Science Fair. Through their Work, the students hope to gain a deeper under- standing ot the wisdom and love God manifests in His creation ot plants and animals. Sister Dominic is moderator ot the ACADEMY MATH CLUB Whose purpose is to develop sound scholarship, create lceener interest in, and promote greater enjoyment ot mathematics. Monthly meetings ot LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS pro- mote the culture ot France and her people, create an interest in the current attairs of France, and foster an interest in a foreign language. Sister Rita Catherine is moderator for this group. Co efte Stacia, Ann Armitage, and Marv Kev Sheridan make plans with Sister Dominic tor the next MATH CLUB meeting. FRENCH CLUB otticere: Jo Oh man. Vice-l:'resi- dent: Penny Russell. Preeidert' and Nan Richmond Secretary-Treasurer, Search tor ideas tor their btfletin board. 118 Sister Louise Gerard andthe otticers ot the BIOLOGY CLUB: Mary Charlotte Carroll, Mar- cella Bachler, Terri Michael show that Science can be tun. Sister Clarita guides the SPANISH CLUB whose main objective is to foster a better understanding of the culture, customs, and language of the Spanish speaking peoples throughout the world. The sophomore LATIN CLUB, "Friends of Caesar," conducts its monthly meetings during a class period. Moderated by Sister Victoria, programs are planned which help the students in their study ot Latin, religion, and English. Working on an inieresring ney. prcl ec'r are SCIENCE CLUB oificers .Iirn Rir' Treasurer' Ron McMurra President' A Carnpbe Secretarf and Pau' Jifclnrmir Vice-Presidev. Moderators Famer Bibeau' and Father Cri ,', veeo cose wa cn :cr re-su S. The otticers at the SPANISH CLUB: Geri Pauli, Secretary' Linda De- Trempe, Treasurer' Jeali Pa mer Prese ident: and Tracy Leualen, Vice- Presidentg display sorne of the ar ticles that lend to the atmosphere ot Spain. Searching tor material for the LATIN CLUB meeting are: Joanne Hecht, President: Henrietta Kyle, Secretang Sally Berniger, Vice-President: and Anne Srn7tI1, Treasurer. The atticers o: 'he FUTURE TEACH- ERS' CLUB ook over a book about Careers rw tee teachlriq fied betore the rneefrrg. Jody May ViceAPresi- dem Betteanne Marlcey President Kathy Kewer Secretary and Peqqy Anforiaccf Treasurer. The o'r'cers oi the ACADEMY GUILD are: Seated: Mrs. Downing, Recording Secretary Mrs. Schmitt Presfdent' and Mrs. Lintz Vice Presif dent. Standing: Mrs. White, Cor- responding Secretary and Mrs. Shep- pard Treasurer. P.armir1g events tor the coming year are the A.O.L. ALUMNAE otticers Mfss Catherine O'l-learn, Treasurer Mfss Margaret Ann Caldwell, Vice- Presldenty Miss Barbara Ramp, Sec- retary: and Mrs. Fred l-ladarrk, Pres- iderit. 120 Spaldings KEY CLUB and the newly organized FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB ot the Academy strive to cultivate qualities ot leadership, scholarship, and good citizenship among the students through service to their school and community. The object oi the ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION ol the Academy, a member ot the International Federaf tion ot Catholic Alumnae, is to maintain a spirit ot loyalty and friendship among its members toward their school in its ettorts in behalf of Catholic educa- tion. An open house to show the new convent, a card party, and a day ot recollection were some ot their many activities. Reading the newest issue ot the "Keynoter" are the KEY CLUB otficers: Ron McMurray, Treasurer Torn Powers President, Bill VVebster, Vice Presis dent, and Kevin Heyd Secretary. Spalding MOTHERS CLUB otticers are: Mrs. E. C. Seal President, Mrs. Lyle Alexander, Vic:e-Presi- dent Mrs. Bernard Hageman Recording Secre- tary and Mrs. Walter Vogel. Corresponding Sec- retary. Standing are: Mrs. John Murphy Financial Secretary and Mrs. John Grow Treasurer, Monthly Guild meetings, the annual Silver Tea, the Father-Daughter banquet, and other activities keep the Academy MOTHERS' GUILD busy through- out the year. The Guild cooperates in all projects promoted by the school, SPALDING MENS' CLUB and MOTHERS' CLUB also have as their main objective, to help the school in any Way possible. Through their ettorts, the school has obtained valuable equipment and improvements. Seater: are the officers ot Spalding! MEN'S CLUB: Mr, William Powers Vice President, Mr. Frank Scherer, President, Mr. l-ladanlc, Secretary and Mr. lNillTar': Cottev Treasurer. 121 Tlwe officers of flue PEP CLUB of flwe Academy are: Mary Becker, Treasurer: Joann Perers Presi- denr: Sue Vonaclrien Vice Presi- denrg and Einor Manias Secre- rary. Academy of Our Lady C-3. A. A. and Pep Club 122 Exciled speclalors clieer flue leam on as lrwey liope for rlwal all imporranl baslcer. Tlne G.A.A. ollicers qer roqerlier ro plan rlie seasons baslcelball sclvedule: Slanding: Mary Bern McDonald, Vice Presidenr' Marqarel Swliyan. Sec- relaryg Mary Lewis Treasurer. Sealed: Barb Srnirn, Presidenf. C ' E v A , ...b ,Z I... . K1 K Z gi 3 Q - 3 Q5 JY" af mf H -of fx Qv 417 Q QW if gy 5 W N X, " M "1 i W it . , N wx' Y Q, 4 1 at 0 ggi? Q15 G b 3' iw- 7 , v if , if is ai ff-' , Fx x,aI,it ggi ,Elf !.agghlLw in ff Qfgfffp "" f 4 55 9 ,,Gg QQ 4 w' 1: ,g 5 Q t-"' 5? 55,5 as-1fg,fh?m5L,", ga11,.'v in Y?-1-'!9-fig-" Sfmt 2"A4.43,1Q?'.f 'SI'- f??v??r,g , ,r".fI5"- gf: ' As it is necessary to train our bodies to work together as a unit, so it is neces- sary to train ourselves to work together as a team. 'wsu-ggi neg-'ww' ..,.. -'15s-awww?-1 -i'WlF""1"NFlF1 ue., 4, ...-,. 'io :sf-neg,-,ng ,1-AW' Ras! yn! X. its - 'W wmminiiiif .4 -7-iii: W .gm 'km .x 1 an Qu a... 4 I v-...fM,,. -Q. .I -fn HMS-u iw-Q 'QOL 'JS 'X .- un.. M?ff4"i'ns1 ms... 4. '-'h 'M N- N15 .g.,:w 1. 'i"iiQ 4-v -...,w H.. 'kwin ""' M N 1, i 1 3, 4 NM 3.1, -,Q iiifgf-7'..., - 'f is WM is A km. nu- + -.J . .n,. vs. . x h i 758: N' W - - mv- - P. 14- ,- M 4 he , v ... . , . bf, -., ss 3851 .31 Y an 'K W, , , wx 'W ", 5 , - K A. as " 'Y 'WK L 9 X if 'MQ 1, 1 "sf X Nancy Kelly Judith Morris Jill Bartholomew Barbara Hanley 'I Patricia Dusenberry -q,i I U f. ii- Q5 Q, 4 1 x? " ww. 5? ,lf ni x Y , 4 E dar. sl: ni . 5 D Y Q' K 1 5 2 F " L Q, W x ,gs k Q 4 , A -4, fm - v Mx ,gQ,k,zfffi 'fy ?f,5fa,,g'EQixg'i5ESf N, K, ,Jr ' A f . , 3' H f ' ag YH X Q 7" 5 ifqfpggi 'Rfk ,Q A i Ai J , gary' i 3 55 K 5 4 V 4,1 ,QQ uw , fin gg, Q ,. L N ,Aw .5,,,.?x X A Rf A R 1 V 1 i.,p if ln the second encounter of the season, the Irish continued to show a powerful offense. Scoring 20 points in the first half and l9 in the second they rip- ped the Little Giants, from Canton. Limiting the Little Giants to only 4 first downs, and 40 net yards, Spalding linernen continued to bottle up their oppcnf ents backs. Spalding, riding a two-game winning streak, were beaten by Richwoods, 3243. The half-time score was 7-6 in favor of the Irish but Richwoods scored 25 points in the second half to gain the victory. Spald- ing fans received a thrill late in the fourth quarter when senior quarterback, Mike Grow, forced to des- peration passing, threw a 7l-yard touchdown pass to end, Rich Waldschrnidt. Spalding received another setback when they were tied by a determined Central eleven. The lrish scored -with lightning speed on the first series of plays when quarterback, Mike Grow, tossed a 56-yard touchdown pass to end, Rich 'Waldschrnidt Central also scored on a long touchdown pass in the third guarter and as the final gun sounded the score was: Central 7 f Spalding 7. 128 ' :lx 51' 3 may 5 ff' X229 091 , W 19 ,. V.. ,px I min Q.,-A ' 'SQ' We . F5 fir 5 - QQ, l .ff v mfs 1 W W . u a if -Q 1 K g 'M-4' 4 V , 0 1, In the second city game of the IQS8 season, the Irish again led at the end of the first twenty-tour minutes of play: 7-U. I-Iowever, in the second half. the Woodruff team out-scored the Irish 27-O and Spalding received its second loss of the year. Manual leading 20-U at half-time, came from the dressing room to find an inspired Irish team. With co-captains Ioe O'Neill and Mike Grow running and senior taclclers Gene Venzon and Gary Martin block- ing, Spalding scored twice in the last half. The Irish, however, were unable to overcome Manual's twenty point lead. Fumbles and wet ground spoiled the Irish homes coming as East Peoria turn back the Madison street cre i.-.' by a score of 27-l3. Sophomores Gene Abra- ham, Dick Wetzler, and Ron Dwyer, stood out in de- feat for the Irish. I dx J ., xi H ' n Qg' eh H 'figigflu Yi? 1 K 'elk ', if x I xx ,au . qs M Irish offense shows 'R' 5 ARY MARTIN FRED RICKEY G Senor Tackle Le'terman. Senor Guard Letterm tf' is X' 'iii K IA, ,.A- xx 1 ' I ' S,?Q vi 51" H ff--'1 -Jmqq 'ff 'f rv yf " W c1f.."" du. ' ' -, eq,-favs, Aw A Q , m L A 1, ' fwxr' ff' 3 X ' 'J ,M max Q' Q Fvwxik W VK qt 4' KFg:'5QaF'i?x A-ti xxiv, m fine display of hard running. 5, Q E l TOM POWERS GENE VENZON CHUCK STEIMLE DAVE SNYDER JOE SCHWERER S rw if Qwrd Lf,"-,fmfm Suw nf Tuck Q Le-f'er'w':m J if Gmifd Lc"ff'rfmm JJ 'iz' Efd. .Jn if L43 'Duck 131 One ot the Fighting Irish cases in on e Manual beck. Spalding received another defeat at Pekin. Scoring twice in the tinal quarter, Pekin received the victory by a score of l3-6. The only lrish touchdown carne on a tine pass from quarterback Gene Abraham to Spalding's excellent junior end Rich Waldscmidt. The Irish played stub- born detense but were unable to hold the Chinks in the tinal quarter. Irish defense proves tough RIC!-4 WALDSCHMHJT DICK BULGER BRUFIE MORGAN ENN HORN-J FRED TUERK throughout the season. The final game was played far from home. The team made an over-night trip to Chicago to play Notre Dame of Niles. loe O'Neill, Irish fullback, scored in the last hall to gain a 6-E5 tie. Though the Irish ened the season with a 2-5-2 record, many of the starting eleven were sophomores or juniors. With these boys back next year, the 1959 season should prove successful. ln Mid-State Eight play, statistics show that the Irish gained 72 first downs to their opponents 47, and picked up 1369 yard to ll92 for the opposition. Even though the team's record was not real good, the players always took wins and losses as Spalding gentlemen. Irish detenders. Joe O'- Neill Chuck Stirnle. and Rich Wieldschmidf surround Manual back. Back row, lett to right: L, Milos. B. Grittiths, M. Schaaln, W. Augustine R. Harding G. Gebhards T. Roberts, E. Bowers W We dschrnidt D Scheplce. Middle row: S. Rose T Atkins, J. Doolan S. Powers. B. Lu dolpti, D, Wrath, J. Hanley. J. Bueler, B. Miller, B. Mcpheoters Buerk, B. Schaub. Front row: M. Stirnle, R. Inskeep, T. Knaus, J. Ke y M. Shea, R, Montoya, D. Driscoll, R. Rath, B. Paolous, B. Galvin. ED TUERK Junior Center Letterman R K Kneeling, varsivy manager 'Tiqerw Fowey. Sl? Hng, feif To MQW: F. Tuefk D, Kafpow-.Icz M McGrafb, J, Newmar J. Mabrwe J. S'ra+kJ Sfanding, J. O'NeiH M.Gfow M. Sciwep E. Tuerk G. Abfalxam J. Low-. S. MLMDV' M. Humphrey, R. Dwver. C"QVY'J'-? , eefead-:vs up 'J QC" P' fu Mfek, S. ?41'P"'Qi' D, fN41':VL? ' N. L Hg 'J S Lhrz 134 P' Spalding Irish lni+ia're I958-59 Baske+ball Season Irish Cagers Provide Many Thrills Throughout the Season SEASON RECORD R? E. Spalding 47 Tflftill' Spalding 3? Limestone Spalding SU East Peoria Spalding 49 Vlfaslfiingtoi Spalding 47 Woodriitt Spalding 44 Manual Spalding 55 Rlffl1'f.'OOiflS Spalding ol Corpus Cnrist Spalding so Central Spalding o4 Washington Spalding of Rekzin Spalding 4l Lirtiestorie Spalding 53 East Peoria Spalding 35 Canton Spalding 75 Woodr'gtt Spalding 4o Manual Spalding 54 Ricliwooas Spalding U5 Central Spalding 55 Pekin Spalding 53 Canton FARMINGTON TOURNAMENT Spalding 39 Ke '.'.' anee Spaldina 53 Farmington REORIA DTOCESAN TOURNAMENT Spalding 64 Marquette Spalding 52 St. Bede Spalding 44 Sclilarrnan REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Spalding 47 Cliillicotlie Spalding 59 Ricliwoods 136 :wwf Wm Y kgggxv . 355 WA V,Qp WM :fl,3Sx?'Zh?K,'? , -Ny f's,'m,'fL:, Sivflii' SAW 'Q gf 5. 1 W www . Wim Qfgydgigj 5 ., ,Qw., 4 Mmm ,Q ww., V mm, N may mm ww NM, , k Fiflw Mb ,Q Q. -. ,Mk - H. .N-wgg K' WM W., ,. ,-whim aff S 1 4 1 A lf 1' 1 is . it mum- fwlilw M1-iv, Each Game Provides Exciting Momenis and Fine All-Around Play Spalding's first appearance on the basket- ball court, during the 58459 season, was a successful one as they downed Trinity of Bloomington for the first win of the year. The success of the lrish was short lived, however, as they dropped their next three appearances to Limestone, East Peoria, and Washington. Spalding then split two city games as they beat Woodruff at home and lost to Manual. During the Christmas holidays the lrish went to Farmington for the annual Christmas tournament. ln the first game Spalding battled a rugged Kewanee five into an overtime, but came out on the short end of the score. The following night the lrish met Farmington in a battle for third place. Coach Smarjesse's crew came out on top and the lrish came home with a trophy. Spalding then faced Richwoods and Corpus Christi. With consecutive wins over these two ball clubs, the lrish record was brought to an even SOO percent with five wins and five losses. Coach Smariesse diagrams one of his excelent bas :Jai patterns on the board. Sophomore basketball team, under thecapable direction of Coach Duchon showed spirited play throughout the year Kneelin left to ri ht: J Haun s, B Kell . Standing, S. Sto'l, M. Powers G. - 9- Q - Q - Y Abraham, T. Richmond, S. Murphy T. l'-lausam, manager T. Biclcrrian. .y Q lx N F2 P Lf ' x xm R ,lull fQ Throughoui' 'rhe Year 'rhe Irish Season Was High-Lighfecl by . Hus+le, Desire, and Deierminaiion sX r iw IE? ifv I 2' Y Hgrwxf-. :':a5 'f "e-- cf Fronf Row, fag' T N 5. F K , A Middle Row: T L, J M:G'1"' H R. 'fre-31: W F - S. Q' R M Wf Hai ' . Bock Raw: I Q E E. -t E. B ' ' vi 7. 1 F-" v. ,.r',, i"4 ' D." r. X MMM ff i 5 L, -.1113 ' V A 2 'Q 2 5 . 7 ., I 'r I 3 Q fry? 2 1 ' Q Iam. 1 05? 4 kr E i ' Vili , Vw Track Improving every meet, Spoldings trock squad Mlke Mcgraw gamers polms for We mb in me hlgll lump seems to be destined for the future, showing promise both in the field ond cinder events. The Irish have one of the finest shot put men in the greg in the person of Rich Woldschmidt. Rich is throwing the shot we.l over 40 feetg he hos not been beoten this yeor. Spoid- ing olso hos two fine dctshrnen in seniors lerry Bresno- hcrn ond Willie Grcfhcim. Desire ond the will to win continue to be the polving stones for future victories. Pat Sullivan goes up and over 1 l l Members ofthe I959 track team are, left to right. Front Row: P. Sullivan, J. McGrath, D. Snyder J. Couri, M McGrath. S. l-lippen, J. Bresnahan, M. Schleiglw, C. Barnes. Middle Row: C. Romanus, M. Steimle, J Ladd. J. Anstett W. Graham, R. Waldschmidt, M. Routzan. D. Gasper, J. Malone, S. Stoll. Third Row: B. Morgan, C Steimle B. Koeing, R. Kilmer, T. Hafner, D. Vogel G. Gebhards. T. Roberts, E. Bowers, W. Rashid. S Ross, A. Smutzer, Coach Murphy. 42 Golf The golf team under the direction of Coach Mur- phy is looking forward to a good season. Although a bit green, the Irish squad appears to be in fine shape. With the many matches, golfers are kept busy on the local courses in an attempt to lower their scores. Sund and Mazzuekelli have led the Irish on this season. The future also looks bright as many underclassmen compose this year's squad, 1' Um:-v' Front row: T, Porfitf J. Mazzukeli F. Sund. Back row: L. Leibef C Se J Fisch r W La r l. Hannon. Members oi 're N759 bowlna team are ei? 'Q righl Firsi row: J. Ws'ers T. Porrir 'I. Caes. S. Scalise. Second row: B. Warers J. Case T. W' iams. P. O'Ne?- B Bank L. Andrews S. Fu-erfges K. Sfrieder S. Efidy J. Grawey. Third row: J. Mofser' J, V-igfefvefm Ffrhu Nfeamd J. Dave V. f Eno U' R. Ardfews, Keeomq ere: Cv. 3 X, .fm O. Bowling 're ailars of Tre oowimg 'earn E'Vf:-Qi" en Emqdgn vice pfesidenfi Jiff Merger' oreeiderb Jim Dmne secferary-rreasaref. With Venzon and lqeglers had a very su tion oi Father Wielan ers showed niuoh in Dunne leading the way the Irish ooessiul season. Under the direc- d, The new moderator, the bowl- iprovement. The Cubs" broke the standing three aorne record by bowlina 279l. The top bowlers who will receive on S" are: Gene Ven- zon, Iini Dunne, Sieve Brody, Larry Andrews, Tom Claes. and Skip Spalding. 14-L VVM d ,WK ,Q V , X 'hlocklt ,215 qv- W Jw r 1 .fiL, erd 5 o 'zen 'eff ' P. E. ln+ramurals With the words. 'Wrestle" trom Coach Duchon Pat Drohin and Jim Anderson strain their muscles. PE. squads went through various activities this David snvdef and Rkhafd Wdldwhfnidt year under the able direction ot Coach Duchon. intra- mural bo ing and Wrestling seemed to be the high- have a simultaneous Taste of 'eather the championship match. lighted favorites oi the boys in the classes. Basketball, scooter football, and volleyball followed. Calisthenics, an important part ot PE., was not at the top of the list in popularity. "T"5"L..VC1 O "' ' If C- fa Times: First row, er' 'C "QM: J Rezac J, Sam D. Esffe. Middle row: J. Ha'- J.Iv1 cCav't+. S. Spa arg. Last row: V. Ei'ec nydef E. lark. 5 Front row, lett to right manager T. Beckman T. Bouton B. Anderson D. Wetzler J. Rynell J, Wetz- er R Dwyer J. Anderson G. Abraham J, Kuzel. Back row, 'ett to right: J. O'Neill M. Grow E. erlc B, Kelly D. Karoowicz J. Newman G. Rothan B. Kennedy F. Tuerk, S. Murphy Coach Smar- lrish have strong hopes for Mid-State Eight title. When the Summa Went to press, the Irish were in the thick of the race for the Mid-State Eight title. Having played only eight games because of adverse Weather conditions, the lrish are currently second in Mid-State Eight play with a record of 5-2. Spalding combines strong defense With timely hitting and all out hustle to Win ball games. We sincerely hope the Irish Will continue their fine play and bring Spalding its first Mid-State Eight title. Fronf row, lett to riqht: S. Powers, J. Buehter, R. Dixon, L. Swenger B. Schmidt R. Montoya, B. Wald- schrnidt, P. Heinz. Back row, lett to right: B. Cusack, 6. Ross, G. Gebhards, L. Milas, T. Atkins, M. Kuhns lmanagerl, T. Unruh. L s Mike Grow, Irish caicher crouches low in prepara- fiom. 3 -un Joe O'Neiil kicks his leg high before firing blazing fasi baii. 15.7, .if 1 XE' Bob Anderson, senior oufiieider, scoops ground baii before firing George Rofhan, ieff-handed Slugger, sfreiches far fc make a pufouf Dan Karpowicz and Tom Boufon dispiay Their fine doubie-play raienfs. I . L ii! 61 Q Snr A f ' 'f M ' if? an .2 nyc iw -, ,Aix ls 5 , . :L aff 3, Q 2 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ot the Academy, directed by Miss Reno, has had another successful year. Volleyball, basketball, bowling, archery, and tumbling are some ot the varied activities in which the students participated. The Senior class team in the tournament held be- fore Christmas won the volleyball championship. At the conclusion of a winning season, the Iuniors re- ceived the basketball trophy. Durina March the GAA. sponsored the annual Senior All-Star basketball aarne for the Bishops Relief Fund. The All-Star team managed to outscore the Seniors to win the game. Saiy Bm or Jackie Dutton, and Judy Perlway tr wer have at Qvcltcry dming an active gym C6155 Tne 'orc' Sencrs me 're creme :nsfo vo e-,ba capers e' 're fxCdOE"',Z First row: Judy Ma, Ears Sm7'r Abe Geief Janfce Grdzds eva Jean Famer. Second row: Jud l-lc tis E 'nor Davis Joan Stepziriski, Jc Oh man Erin The? e and Margaret Schmttf. if 1-s1'X h y 4, X ADVERTISEMENTS ,,,, , V' ,,,, ,r . The students of the Academy and Spalding are preparing to take their places in the business world. The interest of Peoria's business men and industrialists in the development of today's youth is evident in the following pages. . y . I . . Serious roolcunq rzuswess managers. Jim Morserr and Clwarrcme Bowers, make contacrs for a asf-minute ed. gf? 3 'SSS Summa Boosfers Tb if rv' ang 11" 'S-1' X f"'P Q' QIF' gr Y'-1 152 JUNIOR-SENIOR SUMMA BOOSTERS arc: Boffom Row: Auv1':1rVa Ditch Rvva Engger S HUQVLS Dig" SHN and Mex DME. Second Row: r fa C1orfm':, Q A171 Syv-wi? Ka wr.: N Ann Wktids rd BY Ki-Moi. Third Row: N' 1r"f'-:- H' V SMH' C""'zk QM Ca'- :ffmr ff: Sffe, S215 Fourfh Row: Jim G md-v M 'w 941' Efrh Sm" .t'Cl E-.A G cscrf Fiffh Row: E,'qT.VE Mflms JV' RW, Irv, f Qffqg-f ,Lick '-,' rx -'J Dub, Rid Sixfh Row: M ".,f,, Nz". V'4ldC'fQ:' G6CVQi Sfeld Jim Rri- mc Spf- S. ,ad gm. CQMPLIMENTS OF THE NEWMAN AND ULLMAN COMPANY Z - ll 1 l 1 7 PEORIA CAMERA SHOP SALES REPAIRS RENTALS M Op P Off COMPLIMENTS OF VACHON BRAKE SERVICE AND PARTS I dldb Vh BbOC QJIMQAA-s d ' W Q, we my Q cANAnA DRY N DI-gun BRADY BROS AND MCELWEE Inc 1215 N Ad S .-. Ter Sh F ancis ac ll f .- q I D - Sheri an Vil 539 Qin St. Peoria, I11. 2: ""- . . Q. I 1 I I1 I 0 . nc. Compliment GRAWEY G L A S S HEDIGER 81 MYERS INSURANCE C0 STOLLER 84 OVEREND WOODWARD Inc d W1lTl W I 5 3551 HEROLDE PHONE DOIIUTE 2 732' THE BEST N.. K J K ' ' Drapes Sheri an Village Furniture Ceramic a i e The Individual Look In Fashi Floor Cgveri S' 5 15 d 8 18 612 . ackson M Ill' ' Ph - ' Q I 1 5 X f f x X X Q f Y X 1 N X X ' X N N X xx N NX X Vonachen s Junction Knoxville at Prospect L R NELSON MFG CO ALBERT E HOFFER Excavating and Gradmg of All Kmds 20 Years Experience 1725 S W Adams Manufacture and Install Concrete Sept1c Tanks and CISLGIHS Also Sewer T1le F1e1dS F1lter Beds Phone 5 0751 and Water D1tCh1I'l.Q' Call Peona 9 2146 2580 Morton Rd E Peor1a I11 I ' E we... 1 CAMPBELL BEHRENS CO BRAKES 6. ALIGNMENT 1200 S Iefferson Phone 3 8508 BUD O CONNELL PLUMBING 6 HEATING COMPANY New Installahons Water Heaters Water Sofieners Gas Burners General Repalr Work Ph 31252 603 N MGd1SOH Ave Peorlcr I11 UNDERWOOD S FURNITURE GALLERIES L T D 2417 N Umversxty Street Phone 2 8711 Peorla Ill INTERIOR DECORATIONS FURNITURE OBIECTS OF ART WALLCOVERING CARPETS DRAPERIES JOHN P PEARL AND ASSOCIATES INSURANCE 1025 Iefferson Bulldmg Peorlcr I1l1no1s Phone 6 2181 '3UY'vkfV9 I 'V Loyal to the Ethlcs of Pharmacy BOGARD DRUGS Inc 1129 W McClure 2311 W Glen PEORIA ILLINOIS BEST WISHES CARVER LUMBER CO 603 E Wcn' Memonctl Dr1ve Peonct I1l1no1s COMPLIIVIENTS OF GENES TAP ROOM LIQUCR STORE 1911 W Lmcoln Phone 6 9994 K N u summ na .Q pm gg, vsoam. lnuuols MASON CONTRACTORS Thomas L Heinz BORN PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS M O P E N 18 HOURS EVERY DAY GOODWIN DRUG 600 N P Ph 6 9015 COMPLIMENTS OF MAC HY MARKET OPEN 24 HOURS PEORIA CREVE COEUR COMPLIMENTS OF MOUTIER CARPET 84 LINOLEUM MART 2619 N U e:' ?? f Beautiful Mxdwests Most Outstandmg COMPLIMENTS OF T JOSEPH CARROLL Moron Loose AGENCY 1505 North Knoxvllle Avenue Clty 150 Peorlct Ill Phone 8 3621 Near the Heart of the Clty PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE Rooms and Accomodatlons Apartments For 1 2 3 G 4 LL MOLLECK 81 SON D OWNTOWN MOTEL Phone 5 9873 Clty U S Route 150 PEORIA HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS P1'10I1e 4 6135 COURI BROS Compliments of the Kof C 1101 S Iefferson S+. Jude Council Quality Meats and Groceries FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 6 9329 ' g . 5' .i-. I Bl N,,.-gb?- 1 PLUMBING APPIJMIGES f LW Z PEORIA ILLINOIS LINCOLN ILLINOIS 1437 S W Iefferson Ave 414 So K1ckc1poo Phone 4 2145 Phone 1107 Ge+ 'rhe Bes'r . . Sei' Seal+es+ Peoria Area s Largest Sellmg Ml k an Ice Cream ' LANGTON AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK BUILDING PHONE 4 5159 PEORIA ILL COMPLIMENTS OF STAR MODEL BEER COMPLIMENTS OF SVENDSEN d n 712D byS Pk Ill COMPLIMENTS OF PIZZA I I I - :' -- - - - -i -l I I I i- - -- --- ARMATO'S Buil ers Supply and Mi work r . ein Crawford Shoe Stores EXCIUSIVG DISIIZDUIOIS for 32 Natlonally Famous Brands Men Women Chlldren Shoe Salon Fam1ly Store I1m Crawford Mgr W I Crawford Mgr 340 Fulton St 2013 S Iefferson Outlet Store V-V111 C C awford Mgr 227 Ma n St QUALITY FURNITURE 2428 Knoxvllle at McClure Drexel Kllng Century Wllleft Icrmestown Ame ICC!!! Kent Coffey Huntley Grand Rcrplds Flexsteel Modden Berne Pullman Phones 4 2479 and 4 0324 Ray s Cleaning Service, Inc RAY SAMP Free Plckup and De11very Remember It Pays To Send To RAYS 712 N Un1vers1ty Peorla Ill1no1s Earn a Preferred Return on Savmgs FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF PEORIA 11 N Iefferson Ave Phone 6 0811 e Place for Savmgs Wlshmg will not Savings WI Ioxn Your Frlends Who Bank at the COMMON SENSE BANK SOUTH SIDE TRUST 81 SAVINGS BANK Member FDIC . . . I . . - U T .1 I I , . . . , . - , I H 1 11 1 I . I I I . . . . . - 1 '.1 . . 3 - - 1 3 1 - 1 1 i 1 .l 1' I 1 1 1 1 1 :' . . . h NXT - 1, 1 1 Q 1 1 11 I I l 1l l I l 1 55 1 1 1 I ' 'Hu 5 l BELMONT MUSIC CO 108 Knoxv11le Avenue Peona Ill1no1s D1rect by Maxl Advertlslng Commercial Le'Her Service 512 Commerclal Bank Bldg Peor1a Ill1no1s Lucllle We1sbruch Owner Phones Ofhce 4 2247 Resldence 2 5638 SCOTT SUPER SERVICE 2022 N WISCOHSID Ave Phone 5 9857 Peona Ill1no1s Browns Peoria School of Business 240 South Iefierson Avenue Telephone 3 1256 The only school 1n Peor1a speclahzmg xn quah fymg young men cmd Women for busmess pos1t1ons of all k1nds Spaldmg and Aca demy graduates are 1nv1ted to 1nqu1re about our college level buslness courses Wr1te Telephone or VISII the Scho POTTER 81 ANDERSON IEWELERS 6. SILVERSMITHS Worthy of Your Confzdence 334 Fulton Street COMPLIIVIENTS OF ST FRANCIS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING LAGRON MILLER RELIGIOUS SUPPLIES 228 S Iefferson Phone 6 3482 I CHRIS HOERR 81 SON CO 1321 S W Washlngton St Phone 3 9151 Peor1a, Ill1no1s I . . I . O I O O I ' I , , .. . . - . , , ol. - I 1 - I - - - - - - Q - - - - - l - - - - Q - - - - Q Z - - - - - - - - - - - - O O 415 Mcun Street PGOIICI I111no1s Sport Goods for Good Sports COMPLIMENTS OF ll 5117.51 School Sweaters School Jackets For Spaldmg or A O L Letters and Monograms Sewn On Free 1 ll ,I 'I' E 0 ., ' f rlolu IDIIIOI .,,. ,- lf,f',,' , hmm of 111: time 7 Mlcldlefons Food Mar+ 1319 W Garden St fAcross from Szolds I Hours Dally Mon Thurs 9 am 6 pm Fnday Saturday 9 am 9 pm Thompsons Food Basket 646 W Iackson Morton Ill1no1s L W Roach O D Hess DICKS SHELL SERVICE LOUCKS 61 MCCLURE Motor Tune Up Lubncatlon Brake Servlce Phone 2 7522 Peorla Il11no1s BELL and NELSON RADIO 6. TV SALES 6. SERVICE 2433 Knoxvllle Phone 5 7334 Peor1a I1l1no1s l DRIES BROS PLUMBING WHIRLPOOL WASHERS AND DRYERS 23U1 W Glen Ave Phone 3 4733 Claus Lauterbach LUMBER COMPANY West Garfleld Avenue Bartonv1l1e Ill1no1s Phone 7 3585 SHADY OAKS 5125 W Farnungton Rd County Dmmg at IIS best BANQUETS PARTIES Phone 3 1481 Phone 6 6360 Aushn Engmeermg Co CIVIL ENGINEERS 115 S Ieiferson Peona Ill Zae ?afu. Sufrs Clojrh Coa+s Dresses Sporlrswear Mlllmery CCDIVIPLIMENTS SZOLD S 2201 S h Ad C 731 w. MAIN sr., Psonm - PHoNE 4-9415 CD F I DALE B CORNICK DOUBET CONCRETE PRODUCTS Wuyllte Insulatlng Blocks Cement Blocks Pre Cast Lmtels 6707 N Sherldan Rd Alummum and Steel Wmdows Peorla I111no1s Phone 6 1184 13th and Derby Pek1n I111no1s Phone 5 5242 SPEED SERVICE 4301 Prospect Road COmmUnIlY Developers Peonq Helghts lst National Bank Bldg TEXACO PRODUCTS Phone 4 4523 Sports Hobbies Peor1a I111no1s Toys Phone 5 0514 TQBIAS KELI-OGG CQ lVleClICal 81 Surgucal Lehmann Bu1ld1ng Peona I111no1s HQUSQ our 61st Year lAcross from St Franc1s Hosp1ta1j 537 North Glen Oak GENERAL INSURANCE Paul W Slavens Peorla 1l11no1s Phone 5 0514 16 7 O u - u 0 a 1 1 - 1 i O . . , ' 1 1 I O - O 1 - 1 COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OF PEORIA They re Saving My Bank S O 1 Y Y BOURSCHEIDT ELECTRIC COMPANY S 1918 I A+ ll Posed B : Mary Sue h k d To h '11 Adams at Liberty - Member FDI Corp. "All ou Require When ou Wire" ince Defrempe Pamhng 8: Decorallng Company COMPLIMENTS or Roy L DeTrempe Owner Kravlsky Family 3224 N Avalon Pl Phone 2 2076 COMPLIMENTS OF The Cln'+wood In Morlon Servmg the Fmest of Food Ross Adverhsmg Ala Carte Pnvate Parues Banquets Quik Carroll Hardware COMPLIMENTS OF Phone 3 5862 Local Joint Execuhve Board Hardware for every purpose Cooks Walters and Waltresses Umon 327 Pamt for every surface Bartenders Umon 286 ZUS N Mmm Street Creve Coeur Hotel Service Employees Umon 744 Prospec+ Nahonal Bank Nehn Bo'Hlmg Co 3429 PFOSPGCY ROCIC1 Bottlers of Nehl Flavors Royal Crown Cola P90110 111111015 and Froshe Root Beer Open Frxday Nlghts unt1l 8 pm 111 W Mam St 1 HORIZONS unlzmlted . Look in any direction . . . look north . . . south . . . east . . . west. Anywhere . . . everywhere, thereis an opportunity. You can set your siffhts on any goal you choose, and pursue it as diligently as you wish. This is your heritage because you are an American. You are one who can freely seek . . . and whose opportunity it is to find . . . your fortune. This is your priceless birth- right. What you do with it is up to you. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO COMPLIMENTS OF C R BECKER LUMBER CO Phone 6 7811 1817 Farrmngton Rd Peorla Ilhnors CREVE COEUR REALTY 81 INSURANCE Ilm Harms Steve Vlnovlch 210 N Maln St Creve Coeur Phone 4 9511 ROECKER PAINT STUDIO 3315 Prospect Road Phone 2 6674 SHAHEEN HARDWARE 2001 N WISCOHSIH Ave Phone 2 6511 General Hardware Plttsburg Pamts Glass Appllances Guttermg Housewares Power Mowers JACKS FOOD MARKET GROCERIES MEATS W1scons1n at Rav1ne Hoffer Consfruchon Co, Inc P O Box 2006 Phone 9 1611 Ofhce End of Kenwood Ave EAST PEORIA ILLINOIS SMITH S DRUG STORES 2502 KNOXVILLE 114 STRATFORD DRIVE 4609 PROSPECT ROAD Phone 4 3322 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Ace Ambulance and Oxygen Service RENTAL 6. SALE OF HOSPITAL BEDS WHEEL CHAIRS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT 923 Knoxvllle Ave Peorla, I111no1s L 1 1 I O O 1 i - 1 1 i 1 1 7 i l i 1 I I I I O O I . . - . , 1 ' 1 Palace GIH' and Art Gallerles 424 Fulton Street DRINK ROYAL CROWN COLA Sheridan Vlllage State Bank 4125 N Sherxdan Phone 5 7668 Member Federal Deposxt Insurance Corp Deposrts Insured to S10 000 00 BANKING HOURS: Monday - 10:00 - 2:30 - 5:00 - 8:00 Tuesday - 10:00 - 2:30 Wednesday - 10:00 - 2:30 - 5:00 - 8:00 Thursday - 10:00 - 2:30 Friday - 10:00 - 2:30 - 5:00 - 8:00 Saturday - 10:00 - 3:00 Meadow Brook Dalry Inc F M Foster Pres H M Foster V Pres C F Foster Secretary Treasurer Telephone 2 1923 ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS M R No 161 Peorla Ill1no1s Opal Hall Shoppe Mrlmery Purses Iewelry Sportswear Coats Suits 244 S W Ietferson Peorla Ill1no1s Ed Dunne Standard Service 314 S Western Phone 6 9258 Peorla Ill1no1s We GIVE S andH Green Stamps COMPLIMENTS OF Haddad s Super Market' x'Store of Quality Foods" 1911 Wisconsin St. Open 7 Days Around The Clock LAUNDROMAT 2421 N Atlantlc fat McClurej Open 24 Hours We Never Close Congratulatlons to the Class of 59 COMPLIMENTS OF FRED HERMAN GENERAL CONTRACTOR Fred Donald and Romeo Phone Morton 5 9901 Route No 1 Morton Illmoxs WRIQHT and SALMQN The Hollyhock Gnft Shop 1227 W Maln Street 202 N Mad1son Avenue Peo,-la Hhnols Peor1a lll1no1s 308 S Cap1ta1 Phone 6 3404 Pekm Ill1no1s Day and Evemng Classes Grits Supphes Custom Fxnng Porcelam and Cermamlc Greenware Bull Fishers Standard Service Atlas Tues Battenes Accessones Corner of Wayne and Perry Streets We GIVG S CS H Green Stamps COMPLIMENTS OF Hmes Oul Company 1101 Derby Street Pekxn 111111015 BLUM S FURNITURE For the Fmesf ln Home Furmshmgs I ' I 1 1 I Q - I . . Craig Ceramic Studio 1 1 n I Q., pil ll" Yr mtmqvss SIE AND GEORGE PHUNE 35015 Quill" ll' Alf," Flsh Served on Fnday ra : na., 0,0 Nu O B' III O R' CD I3 U2 0 v-1 4 0 Q.- "fl I3 D- Q '4 U! Q F0 5 v-1 Q- Q '4 Q 5 CL U! C2 U D- Q '4 Complumenlrs e 5:1119 Kofc SANDWICHES AT ALL TIMES COMPLIMENTS OF J. T. BOWER MOTORS. Inc. 'n,,'."',,, ,uzrqn,,,,nl:0p,,,,,,1lla-a A. 75 I . Nuxy - 1 5 ' . s . 5 ' IMI' 7541? 'dx . : f -9 S - I P - ' 2, f 3 Q I V , 2: ,Q 5 s. 5 I 8 'I V I 1, ,o . 3 I . 3 If ,V , ' l I 4 1 5 I . 2 3 . 3 Q 5 5 ' Burg 5 1. f- - ' g IV" ' nunvvn n I 0 ,,o' I o 3- , O -O-1 I Q 828 Mcnn Street "Your Buick Dealer ERVICE UPERIOR FOUNDRY ATISFACTION 151 W. Herschel Street East Peoria Illinois Brass 6. Aluminum Castmgs of All F1n1shed MGCh1ne Castmgs Bronze Memonal Plaques PEORIA BOWL 229 N Ietferson Phone 4 9513 CO. COMPLIMENTS OF Kinds PTC COMPLIMENTS OF DOYLES SHELL SERVICE 803 W Maxn St 14 LANES LUNcHEoNE:1'1'E. Phone 9 9919 sem Anmversary 1873 1959 CITIZEN S Worklngmen s REAL ESTATE CO Savings 81 Loan Association Ben' Wemswm fRe'11'0'P 129 S Ietferson Ave Peor1a Il11no1s Jon-IN s BAR B Q 719 N Monson Street Phone 4 8805 We Delwer Closed Monday Davld B Slmons CRealtorD Phone 3 8161 225 Mam St Peor1a Il11no1s A 81 J LUMBER COMPANY 114 Voss Street Peor1a He1ghts 4 lll Telephone 8 3638 , so o . .. . . I - . I T .- ' I o 0 oo . . . . 1 . . .. - 1 I -- T ,. . MaHhews Muslc Company YOUR COMPLETE MUSIC STORE ALL ABOARD ALL A BORDEN s BORDEN S MILK Modern Alr CO1'l.d1L101'19d Instructlon Studlos Lowery Organs an Lovm Vls+a Pharmacy Gale at W Forrest H111 Phone 8 2021 ICE CREAM Complete Prescnptlon Servlce Hours 9 am to 10 pm Dcnly Prescnphon Dellvery Servlce d . . N .-. . Television Sales 6. Service Public Address Systems Rental Amplification Commercial and Industrial Electronics R W COURT RADIO ELECTRONICS 11S cr Sound Case take 1t to Court Phone 6 0867 LENS 84 CAMERA SHOP 135 South Iefferson Street PGOTICI Ill1no1s Phone 6 1321 229 S Washlngton St Peona Ill1no1s COMPLIMENTS OF Paint Supply Center lsollna Downtown Motel 2610 N Shendan Rd Phone 6 1188 DEVOE PAINTS Routes 9 and 29 Pekin Ill1no1s lust A Shade Bette' S COMPLIMENTS OF Fresh Meat Company 107 9 Mcun St Phones 3 2581 6 7804 FRIEND Peona Ill1no1s COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS Asts MORTUARY BuC"'eYS 5th and pmt Phone 61474 Modern Home Servlce 923 So 2nd Street Pekin, Ill1no1s Pekin, Ill1no1s 17 7 If . . Isolina Rossi - Alfred Rossi - Italo Rossi phone 2-3559 I I The Un1vers1ty has SIX colleges and three schools Colleges Busmess Admnustrahon Llberal Arts and Sc1ences Eng1neermg Bennett Ilndustnal Arts Educatmon Peorla CPre professlonal and two year programsj Schools of Mus1c Horology Bradley Umversxty 1S a small medium S1Zed fully accredlted un1vers1ty offer 1ng both undergraduate cmd graduate Work Bradley was founded n 1897 by Mrs Lydla Moss Bradley to help prepare students for hte and earnlng - - I . " J Art ... I - ... ll ' ' 71 a l1v1ng BRADLEY UNIVERSITY The Unlverslty has served many Spaldlng and Academy graduates' For further mformatlon contact the Dean of Admxsslon Bradley Unlverslty Peona IIl1no1s Phone 6 7611 Extens1on 324 Two Convenlently Located Stores To Serve Your Every Food Needs More Efhcxently ALWAN BROS SUPER MARKETS MEAT F SH POULTRY GROCERY PRODUCE AND PACKAGE LIQUORS The Meat You Love To Eat Is Our Speclallty Open Dally 8 am to 9 pm Includmg Sundays and Holldays 701 E WAR MEMORIAL DRIVE PHONE Z 3194 300 SOUTH SHERIDAN PHONE 4 2214 COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE AT "A BANK YOU'LL LIKE" JEFFERSON BANK 123 SOUTH JEFFERSON JEFFERSON TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK OF PEORIA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP S10000 Mcxxlmum Insurance For Each Deposnor F W HAWK INSURANCE AGENCY ALL FORMS OF Phone 3 6371 1034 1040 Iefferson Bldg Peoncz Il11no1s 'BQ ,Q Q Newest Fashions Guaranteed m Every Way .l I I 1..- R U 1' I Ilbv 1 N' :J -1 I N s u R A N c E iffi L-- RW I - HII I f 'A4- " Q - , I . I . . I Logs THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK PEORIA S FIRST BANK 96th Year Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp , o x7'5 'Q oq' 1, A' 1 z E 3 O Q, Q f N . 1 5 MURPHY CLARK . IMPERIAL Fmest expresslon of the Forward Look . CHRYSLER M1ght1er than ever ' PLYMOUTH Bullds great cars SELECTED USED CARS DIAL MURPHY CLARK CO DIAL 4 6101 4 6101 FRANKLIN AT 4th STREET THE CENTERS PLEASIN IN EVERY SEASON CUATTHE CYC DAVIDSCN SALES SERVICE AGENCY 103 W Fourth Ave Phone 6 6642 CHARTER BUSES OUR SPECIALITY MODERN EQUIPMENT RELIABLE COURTEOUS DRIVERS Walter W Wlnkler Prop D1a1 6 2916 Peorla Char+er Coach Co 401 HAMILTON 1 l l T l 1 i l I 1 I . I I - , I l 1 l l l l l l , v 0 A Y, I fe ,- wfeugf-.,, I Qi 7 X . 1 i 0 Y , l l l 1 l l l I 1 n ll 0 O I , O COMPLIMENTS GEORGE O PASQUEL AND PETER J. PASQUEL JOHN E WALSH 81 CO W J MOTSETT. lnc W McI1n St Peona I1l1no1s PLUMBING 6- HEATING CENTRAL ILLmoIs MOST 1738 N Shendqn Road COMPLETE LINE or MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT L E O G O B CLOTHING HATS FURNISHINGS SHEET METAL CONTRACTOR Andreen Nordwall Co 118 N Sterhng Avenue MENS SHOP Phone 4 8780 Peorlcx I1l1no1s 127 S Iefferson Phone 3 2553 COMPLIMENTS OF CARRIGAN 84 YOUNG PRINTERS Dr John A Callahan D D S Complew Lme ' Wedd1ng Announcements Letterheads 301 MEDICAL ARTS BLDG Envelopes Statements Involces c Personallzecl Chnstmas Cards B II PHONE 3 9289 PEORIA ILL Edges Nap ms Rlbbons 506 S Charlton St Phone 3 5031 MCGANN S MARKET Charles F Cremer Gnocnmas and MEA1-s INSURANCE AGENCY Open Sundays Free Dehvery GENERAL INSURANCE 301 I1l1no1s Ave Phone 2 7147 Phone 3 8559 Res Phone 8 6016 Mrs Charles F Cremer Charles F Cremer ' ' soo . ' . ', ' ' I .. - - l - - - - - -I I - - ' -EI. I 0 . . - . ,Ir. Peoria Plamng Mull Co Wane of 0pm Weaud Edmcaal 6-zodwq HIGH GRADE INTERIOR woonwonx 69 QTAGECQ C 9 1: I I Fhjjwiffp SCSI II II ODD MILLWORK A SPECIALITY ,ZW fb sl 'Q Ani? 'Z' ONE OF THE MIDWEST S FINE RESTAURANTS Dune In the delnghtful atmosphere ofthe Old West Phone 4 3647 Open daily 4 00 P M tIII mldmght except Tuesday Open Sunday I 00 P M to I0 00 P M RT 88 MT HAWLEY AIRPORT PEORIA PHONES 9268 2716 2722 S Wctshmgton St JIM 81 LEE'S STANDARD SERVICE 601 W MAIN STREET SERVICE CALLS FLATS FIXED FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE PHONE 6 9282 PEORIA, ILL - - O C O O 9 . I I O I 9 : - A fa Q 6' M' L4 1 : gp f f in P iT , 5 . l r - 1 -' Q '7-fjlffxwvrq ' N ..1.---n- , pf' ,. " -355 1 . I ,fl I I I . . I ' I , 1 , . , - ' 1 - Z - - - - - - - - BEST OF LUCK TO THE "IRISH" BRADLEY SPORT SHOP l235 W Main Peoria Illinois PEORIA SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Smce 1889 Big Enough To Serve You Small Enough To Know You 107 So Iefierson Ave AUGUST H. SCHMITZ DESIGNER PAINTING DECORATING 0 ECCLESIASTICAL 0 RESIDENTIAL 0 COMMERCIAL COMPLETE CREATIVE DECORATING FOR YOUR HOME OFFICE AND CHURCH MURALS WALLPAPERING 4405 University Rd Peoria Phone 5 5803 COMPLIMEN TS OF TUNE UP BRAKE SERVICE Ray DAIfonso s Phllllps 66 5831 N Knoxville Free Pick Up and Delivery Kramers Drlve In 81 Resiaurani' CThe Nicest Place In Townl Hours 1130 am to 1200 pm Closed Monday Western at Moss Phone 4 9434 Across from Vonachen s Iunction We Give S 6. H Green Stamps CONGRATULATIONS TO The Class of 59 I I O O Peoria, Illinois Phone 5-5167 I I I I EDWARD A C McLAUGHLlN and CO INCORPORATED INSURANCE BROKERS AND ENGINEERS JEFFERSON BUILDING PEORIA ILLINOIS PEORIA 0 NEW YORK 0 RICHMOND 0 SCRANTON B111 S Ierry CROWLEY BROS Inc 1310 N Knoxvllle Ave PLUMBING HEATING Phone 8 2461 B111 I Ierome DENTINO DANCE STUDIO Class or Pnvate Instruct1on ln All Types I Danclng for Chlldren and Adults 127 N Sherldan Rd Phone 4 4828 Resldence Phone 4 0203 Pekxn Stud1o 204 Court St Pek1n 6 7383 COMPI-IMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS or-' FRIEND G R BECKER LUMBER CO Peor1a Ill1no1s GEORGE W SOMMER PHOTOGRAPHER 1109 N Bourland Phone 6 9036 Peona Ill1no1s Industnal COHVSHIIOHS Aenal Groups Weddmgs Legal Color Advertlsmg IRIONS OUALITY CONCRETE CO SAVINGS BUILDING 121 N E Jefferson Ave Office Telephone 4 2408 Plant Telephone 2 2858 EASTERN BEEF CO HORMEL GOOD FOODS GET YOUR BALANCED MEALS LUNCHES 6. SNACKS SPALDING CAFETERIA 7 ' , r. O 0 . . . O I I . . ' . r. - v 1 Phone 6-7811 3404 Farmington Rd. AT 1 1851 1852 ,, 1838 1845 18-18 1855 1860 FAILED m busmcss DEFhATI:D for Lcglslature DEFEATED for clector DEFEATED for Congress DEFEATED for Senate DEFEATED for V1ce Presndent A good example 0 zz bat mu be fzrfomplislsed under the Azlzerzmn sjstem 0 llldllldllfll mztzatzze A Lmcoln 18091865 Central 111111015 Llght Coznpany Complnmenfs FRIEND 'I 'I ELECTED President of the United Smeg ' I . .gg - - Q5 ' - Dramonds and Mount1ngs Bulova Elgin Wadsworth Omega WATCHES Reparnng All Makes BREMER JEWELRY CO Regrstered Ieweler Amencan Gem Socxety Phone 6 2684 209 S Ietferson Ave Peoria 1111no1s S 84 S BUILDERS HARDWARE CO 1025 N Sherldcm Peorlcr Il11no1s Crawford Shoe Stores Exclusive D1SfI1bU1OIS for 32 Ncmoncrlly Famous Brands Men Women Chlldren Shoe Salon Famrly Store I1rn Crawford Mgr W I Crawford Mgr 340 Fulton St 2013 S Iefferson Outlet Store Wm C Crawford Mgr 222 Marn St WAUGH 81 HADLEY FROZEN FOOD COMPANY 1314 South Adams Phone 6 0748 DUST ALL MFG CO COMP!-IMENTS OF MANUFACTURER AND IOBBER BANK of LYONS Lyons I111no1s ELMER F GURY ATTORNEY AT LAW 22 Northeast Madison Ave Peoria, Ilhnors Phone 4 2164 Sanitary Chemrcal Industnal Instrtutronal Iamtor Supplies and Equrpment 125 127 S Water St Peoria Illinois Phone 4 2338 Slnce 1890 LIGHTING FIXTURES and FIREPLACE FIXTURES E I Maushard K D Hatter Central Plating and Fixture Company 708 Marn St Peorra, Ill Phone 6-0828 Peoria, Illinois Purchczsmg Serv1ce For Cathohc Inst1tut1ons Volume Buymg Earns Addmonal Dlscounts SUPPLIER EOR ALL NEEDS O INSTITUTIONAL O BECTORIES O SCHOOLS O CONVENTS We are proud to have fumlshed many of the new WRITE OR CALL S BUCKMAN FURNITURE a SUPPLY co SPRING VALLEY ILL PHONE 6351 schools, rectories, and Convents in the Peoria Diocese. I - - - - WALZ AND WIECKHOFF J F U R n L SALES SERVICE 'X-n COMPLIMENTS THE BOLAND MORTUARY Morton Ilhnols 66 Years of Fcuthful SSIVICS COMPLIMENTS TOBIN BROS 731 S Adams Peorxcl Il11no1s Phone 3 3755 BONN S COIN OPERATED LAUNDROMAT 30 Washers 8 Dryers No Wcntmg CLEANING SHIRT SERVICE WE NEVER CLOSE 3016 N UHIVSTSIIY frearl matter 1f your hcur IS long or short you wrll look prettler lf you VISII one of Beetler Servlce Salons located at Klein s Shendcrn Vlllage Grayson's 104 S. Adams Brady's 1600 Sheridan Helene 126 S Madlson WM BEETLER OWNER UF so Buy Your FORD In Morton l or f No . . . . ' I There's A "Hint oi a G1int" In Our Wearing Apparel for men for women Serving the Peoria Area for Over 100 Years for boys I 854 59 COMPLIMENTS OF KENNY S MARKET 3837 N Shendcrn Rd DIXON FISHERIES Peorlas Modern Seafood Market All Varmes of Fresh Frsh cmd Frosted Sea Foods Foot of Lrberty St Phone 6 1391 JACK WEINSTEIN 1231 E Grit Phone 5 4300 Pmntmg and Decorahng lntenor Extenor 0 - I9 A .. . FRIEND BESZRVCTHES P R O D U C E R S Mr and Mrs Davld C Glrardot D A I P R Q D U C T S Best BO WHELAN OIL CO Icrckson cmd Perry Sts ILLINOIS Peortct Ill1no1s it as Peoria Office Machines, Inc 208 Mcnn Street Phone 6 2457 prlnger ur an O Peom 111111015 WHOLESALE CONFECTIONS Underwood Standard Portable Electric Typewrlters Adders MCIIH Street Ph01'19 3 Norelco 35 Dlctatmg Equlpment S BkIclC THE T SQUARE COMPLIMENTS Artist Matencxls Plcture Frammg S V CAIN Ing 1110 West Mum sr Phone 4 1311 Helen Rltter RICHARD M KINSELLA PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 1319 SMITH ST FOR PRINTING AT ITS BEST CALL 4 3148 OR SEE DICK ESTEP 906 N KNOXVILLE AVE PEORIA ILLINOIS PUBLISHERS PRINTERS OFFSET LETTER PRESS SCHE Servlce 98 E State St S1nce 1921 Peona Illmols Conf' Scotches Bourbons Fme Wmes Llquors Beer Phone Z 6656 215 W McClure Ave COMPLIMENTS OF BEN SCHWARTZ LENS and CAMERA CO 135 South Iefferson Street The store w1th everythmg IS hner foods peona mmols Ben Schwartz Peonct Ilhnols COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF I Academy's Class Of Academy's Class Of E I I H61ll ' H6 2ll I 195 i WE RE NEW AND PROMISING TOO WE RE SPALDING S CLASS OF XX 6 2 ll GREAT IN SPORTS GREAT IN FUN SPALDINGS CLASS OF WE ARG NI Q NEA1' 7 Amo NH-'TY J5- 1 S I C E 345 X ' if fix gx l , 7 3 4- 7 ' Q Majafl ,ie W6'RE Tl-46 CLASS its 4 ifyic- f vb svL:.",7. A'-78-xA" On 198 lTglIK N55 'ip - W i . .M 6 Q Q GO LIKE Spalding s Class of l960 0 0 ' I ACADEMY OF CUR LADY CLA SPALDING INSTITUTE T I uJ rsnr S L Imm H79 COITIBYBUI r 4 ld V f b 3l s s. ieffersnn, Eenria, 5 lino Phones-ans Rex Rex Rev Rev Rev Rex Rev Rev Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex AF Patrxck B Brennan Edward Bush Wm C Feeney J A Gorden Gould Paul Heddmger H1gg1I1S H Hoffman J Lesmak C Lrvmgston Dennrs Mackessy John Mahoney Rlchard L Mullen J Naab E A OConnor Bernard Rank Msgr J P Reldy R E Reynolds Cyr1l Schlarman E H Westerman r1end A Fr1end Academy Alumnae Ahce and Ray Mrs Antoma Agatuccl and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Personal Pafrons L A Blanc Wm Blender Jr C E Bowers Wrlbur G Burk J W Bushell Bernard E Brophy and Mrs and Mrs DeLoz1er and Mrs E M Do and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Paul Fat1n1 Mr and Mrs Dom1n1c Capranlca Jullus Crocker J E Dodds rre Paul Dougherty F M Duke James F Dunne John F Eynatten John Foley Mlchael D Foley Mr and Mrs W J Heyd Hoffman Market Lor1 Houlahan Mr and Mrs Joseph Jachman Mr and Mrs Janoxetz Arber Johnson Mr and Mrs George Johnson Peter Joseph and Mrs R H Kuhns and Mrs Lergrof and Mrs L J Lrtterest and Mrs E F Ludolph r and Mrs Dale Mannmg and Mrs J A Malone Ray and Mlke Maroon Mr and Mrs Ansel Mathers Adolph J Mayer and Mrs Merle Melsmer Dr J S Anderson Mr and Mrs O E Baker John B Bannon Mr and Mrs Joseph R Bartley Jr Lvnne Bernmger Veronlca Blggms ADVANCE TV SERVICE 2913 W Starr St AGATUCCI PIZZA 2607 N Un1xers1ty ALUMA WALL COMPANY 3406 N Adams BECK S FLORIST Wash1ngton St E Peorla BOWLAIRO LANES 126 W Washrngton E Peorla BUD SCHMITT S TEXACO 140 N Ma1n E Peor1a CAPRANICA S MARKET 2341 W Grlnnell CARDINAL S MARKET 701 E Thrush CARPENTER COACH SALES 2021 S Washlngton CHIPPER CARTAGE CO 1327 NE Bond St CREVE COEUR FURNITURE 116 Mam Crexe Coeur DAISY ICE CREAM CO 909 S Jefferson DALE STEIN AUTO SALES 3106 N Adams DAVISON FUNERAL HOME 813 S Western Ave D E HORAN CO 4800 S Adams MIDLAND BAKERIES 600 S W Jefferson St Frrends Mr and Mrs F George Mr Wllllam Glbbons Mr and Mrs C Grden Jr Dr Edward P Glover Mrss Margaret Gorman Dr and Mrs E J Gumta Mr Lew1s Grlffrths Mr and Mrs Fred J Hadank Albert F Hagemann Mr Carl F Harsch Helght s Hardware Mr and Mrs Urban Hemz Mr and Mrs R D Henderson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs K W Moran Mr and Mrs Edward L Menges A B Mllas Thomas McFarlane C F Merle Roy Monroe Val Montoya Wm J Motsett Ray Nehl and Mrs Arthurl Oates and Mrs R J Obern and Mrs F J Ohlemlller and Mrs E ONe1l and Mrs James Par1s Margaret Pegg Busmess Patrons DIXON 66 Serxxce 425 N Western DR WILLIAM GRIFFIN 4436 Knoxvllle EARL F BRAY INS CO 1102 Jefferson Bldg FERNWOOD GROCERY 4817 W Farmmgton Rd THE FLOWER BOX 4701 N Prospect FRED E REINDFLEISCH INS 805 Comm Natl Bank Bldg GLEN OAK DRIVE IN SHIRT LAUNDRY 833 N Glen Oak GUM SALES CO 1321 S Adams GURY BROS INC 811 S Adams 14th STREET HARDWARE 420 S 14th Peqm HECHT S BONNY SHOP 114 SW Adams HEINZ DRUG STORE 201 N Marn, Creve Coeur HELEN'S DRESS SHOP 1618 Mam, Crexe Coeur HOWARD AUTO SUPPLY 520 SW Jefferson AL RUPRECHTT Sexton Food Phone 3 1881 PEORIA PRODUCE 112 S W Globe St HOWARD S DRIVE IN SHOE REPAIR 2100 SW Adams H S BEENEY 106 Maln St JOSEPH BROS 501 Hurlburt St KANE DRUG 1245 'VIa1n LINCOLN CLEANERS 3915 N Sher1dan LINDSEY SOFT WATER 2609 W Malone LOCAL JOINT EXECUTIVES BOARD 400 IN Jefferson LUTHY BROS 111 NE Water MAIN STREET FLOWER SHOP 409 INIHIII St MCCARTNEY SUPER SERVICE 400 Rushe Crexe Coeur MIDDLETON S FOODMART 1319 W Garden MILLER HARDWARE 3024 N UHIVGTSIIQ' MOHR'S HARDWARE 1321 W Lmcoln NEW SARATOGA BILLIARDS 114 S Monroe St CAMEO ENGRAVING 413 N E Adams Mr and Mrs J E Peavler John Paclone Mr and Mrs E J Re1s1ng Mr and Mrs John Rezac Rlsen Jevx elry Wllllam C R1tt Mr and Mrs A J Rohman and Mrs Robert Rynell Alex John Sarron and Mrs V Savansk1 and Mrs E C Saxant R W Schaab James G Scherer Dr Edward J Schlrcksup Mrs Wllllam Schmltt and Mrs Walter Shea and Mrs Don Smlth and Mrs F Stlckelmarer T1bor G Stoll and Mrs E O Stone and Mrs E A Sulhvan and Mrs Leo Takeuch1 Mabel H Tauscher Mr and Mrs A R Thompson Mary L Trapp Charles W Tuerk Mr and Mrs Robert Vonachen Atty F M Wanless Dr C V Ward Dr and Mrs Edward J Ward Mr and Mrs W W West Mr and Mrs Bernard Whalen Katherlne W1lly Mr and Mrs A J Woods Mr Talbert Yerbv NEYLON S CARPETING 130 SW Madlson OPAL BEAUTY SHOP 115 E McClure PEORIA PLANING MILL CO 2116 22 S Washlngton PETERS SUPER SHELL 900 Hamllton PROSPECT PACKAGE LIQUOR 3113 Prospect Rd RUDD 8: CHRISMAN SHELL SERVICE 1301 IN Jefferson SCHIERER DAIRY 3530 NE Adams SCHWAB S DAIRY 908 S Western STAFFORD S MILK 6326 W Farmlngton STONE gl HAVEL FURRIERS 2506 Knoxvllle TIMBER LAKE COUNTRY CLUB 4000 Farmlngton Rd TRUCK EQUIPMENT CO 2021 S Washmgton VAUBEL'S PHARMACY 1100 S Western EDWARD J WARD, MD 431 N Western DOOLEY BROS 1201 S W Washmgton 203 '. Dr. . . . I I . . . Mr. . ' . . . I ' ' . Mr. . . . . . Y I I I . R. . Mr. . - gf- ' '. T. . ' Dr. ' Mr. . . . . '. R. . ' ' Mr. . . . M13 I ' Mr' ' ' . r. . . . ' 7. Dr. . . Dr. ' I I ' Y Mr- . Mr. . . . ' ' '. ' . Mr. . . . M - ' I '. . Mr. . . Mr' ' ' I I ' I I r . . Mr. . I' ' ' ' .' ' I - Mr. . . J. ' ' I' Mr' - - Mr. . 4. . ' ' ' ' ' - Mr- M . - ' - Dr. .. . . ' Rex-I Joseph Zube George Getz Mr. I. Mr I - - Mr. . . I - . . ' Mr. . ' I I I I O I ' St. ' . . CO. 1 - ' 2 APPRECIATION The members of the 1959 Summa Staff of the Academy and Spaldrng wlsh to acknowledge therr gratrtude to all who have helped 1n any way to edrt thrs book Specral apprecratron IS gfven to those who have been out standrng rn therr assrstance and cooperatfon The faculty and student body for therr hearty support Our patrons and advertrsers for therr frnancral ass1stance PLANNING AND ADVICE Reverend Raymond Novacek CSV and Srster Mary Carmen CS faculty advrsors Mr I L Sronce yearbook consultant for the Peorra Engravlng Co Nrthout Whose constant help advfce and plannrng th1s book would not be a reallty PICTURES Mr Eugene Voss of Eabry Studros who gave many hours of hts t1me takmg p1ctures for our drvrsron pages faculty and group prctures Mr Dan Woodley of Eabry Studlos Academy and Spaldrng error plctures Mr Roger lngle underclassmen prctures The Peorra Iournal Star football prctures Reverend Robert Lrvmgston use of C Y C ENGRAVING Peorra Enaravng Company PRINTING Mr Rlchard Frnfgeld Mr Irm Henderson and the staff of the Henry News Repubhcan COVERS Mr Wlllram Snell personal cover counselor for S K Smrth Co Chl ago Ill1no1s BINDING Mr I-Ienry A Pfrsterer of the Peona Book Brndery I I I - - -f I - -lv . . . , ., f I V I - I I 1 f . 7 S I I - I ' 4' I 1' , . ., 1 1 , , . , ' I - 1 - - 'I " ,N . V I 1 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS X13 r , w T 7 'X ULNUX V W1 LL! Lp! . Q-,lj Ml. .X LV P A' 51 A fx AUTOGRAPHS I AUTOGRAPHS , I f fi ' , z.- N . 1 , I f JM" 5:11 I 1,,.. ., :ff I. luyk 9 1 ,g f'I 171' I p 4, I N 1' X 1 PK, L, nfl'-m V., ,, 4, T 1.,,.,.f " T"' , ,. A , M . . ' ,' ' V - -, , ,. - in .,,k . --, ,. V,-,, .M Wpixiuv, J N I M W J -I Y. ' W J A W--.X-,... ,.....NV1,-...,.-,.......f,-,Y- .. Y .,. H, W - I ' f v r ,-1 . J. .. .M-ff., A .,J.-Q 1, ff- A 4,f .., if 1 , ,N , , , , s , VVNN L 4, . --n,,i,, . .T 4 V W A :Y W M f A g ,gy ., - X . A A , ., -v . l, ,Q N, me X 1 ,, ,, J -1 xx Q Y, f 41, X f W " V -' .. k , WA, ,W w,,...,, MJ E.. ww. , """"""A"""'"""""'-"'-W A' ---- ' --w-va--LN ff 1- H ., - 4,41 ,' 'Lrg ,, ,. :, . . A, , , ' ' "' ' " """"" A'-M'-----4-11-----' "L-fL-L-.-4-L ' ge.g-i.EQL,gQ-, 1: Jig-H .D 4L.:LL1Ea1d,.i.-,My ' 'f r Vx. ' ' a, . - gx , .dr ' if-, 11-af. ' x 12, QL, , -' ' ,f' E4 -V ' v--A I , 'S' v - 4 , 34, .1 ' , , 5 . 7 A T2 -11 y 5 Q 1 QW , as , 1 ' 1 1 +5 Y 4 f F w- m Q UL 'S 1' 1 :fx f - 1 . ?5fsf?k , A -vi,-Q W ' v, . 1 'fi Y Y 5 A, 5.5 ' ' 2 1" ff? V ' Sie" . , Ar . - 4 1: ' QE' ,L v .4 , 5? , 4.2.3 1 532' ' ' Hifi , f fl u, - -1:1 r 5i'ii?l gn! ' ' '- - N - '?1 , - 'A 53? ' . ' ' ' if Q J iw if - . 51.7, gif? , - lil! , 12:2 fx gflfx - W wr- V V . V V . , .. r . 4 - ,A ff,S3?Q3'Z:M!f5f1f'5,f4V5bQ1Wi'Sm'fQ?7i5xQ'3N57?g?fQj??fRQfbEqg51gQgn1a m5,F5m,F,f,,Eimg,i,m,g5A?sMaMg3u.,EMM W , AA 5 dx in-I A Q my V W M i ww. ' ' ' ' " f ' Kfmfv f-V, 1-V- mf Q - ,www wwmwf-5,4 SAENBMHL ' ' ' k fl ' - K .M 'V w V, -1.9Q'iA?. ,Q ,, -

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