Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL)

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Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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ff!! l' i W,-f"",: E ':f1': 3 is QQQ ia FM i,,..f""" n,,..d-"""' 2 29, 'i ,K if ei 5 if , fig iii! Q 3 155 Mi ., M5 lil ll I 9 5 8 MARY IN ouk SOCIAL LIFE.. Marys lnlluence on the lives ot all at the Academy ot Our Lady and at Spalding lnsti- tate is retlected in the pages ot this book. ln this centenary year ot Our Lady ot Lourdes, S U M M A Marys children sing: Immaculate Mary, Qur hearts are on tire, That titles so wondrous Fills all our desires! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria, Ave, Ave, Maria ACADEMY OF OUR LADY SPALDING INSTITUTE Peoria, Illinois ,, iw, -5 QQ Q A gg 3 V- W E 3 , . 53 if . Q 5 ees Q Q 3 ' E w gi I 1 5 l -Q: , ' , V ,V .., ,W ,, ,,,,, .,,A, , ,,,, WW ,,,,, ,LM ,, ,,.,, , ,,,,,,,,,,A , , , H4 , ,W ,,.m.m.o.m...,L.:.mmx:w xx To our parish priests We dedicate this l958 edition ot the SUMMA. Under the leadership ot our beloved Bis- hop Cousins, our priests have encouraged and directed us along the Ways ot God. lt was they Who made us children ot God through the waters ol baptism. lt was they who brought Christ into our hearts on our First Communion Day. lt was their friendship that helped us know that, in our small Way, We can contribute to a better parish, a better home, and a better World. They continued through these high school years to give us their priestly help. We are grateful tor the blessings that come to us through our parish priests. Most Rev. William E. Cousins, D.D. Bishop of Peoria COMPARING NOTES AROUND OUR IAD1 Kathy Heinz, Ed Duke, Caye McFa lane D Skcnder, Iudy Gunther, :md Ch L MCDO ald CQNTENTS Student Life Administration Classes . Activities . Organizations Athletics Advertising Ave Mar 5-13 16-21 22-67 68-83 84-109 110-135 136-190 3 :TX W L 1 1'- KQV i P 4 mu- .WCW '53 Q ,Q Q! gg .UW ,gi 'ki 82 We participate in an atmosphere ot close union with God. Daily corn! rnunion, Holy Hours, and visits to the chapel are part oi our every day life. Under the spiritual guidance ot our teachers We develop staunch Christian Ideals which are necessary tor a strong foundation upon which we will build our future life. AT THE CLOSE OP DAY-SPAl,ll ING CHAPEL: Father l.uml. Terry fVlcUrath, Dick Martin. -XI lHE BTCIINNIINCI UF DAY - H S C -XTHIQDR.-XI.: lfzulu-r xugston 5 J eiivr, john N1uNlz1- 11 Ciml llls ind Ami Baumann Q 3 wimswwr' Gmfmzlwi WHAT A PROBLEM! Kathy Sammon and Gordon Cundiff. We study in many Ways. At home we relax. Between phone calls and snacks our studies are somewhat slighted. However, We meet our obli- gations. The honors We have received prove this. ' fi' .J . X gd J f 'umm , ,, N ,,, , j x f -'Wm ! ww 'TN ,N H53 W ,A YQ Kwikim, Alix ,WA Q, mg. .. 4 xx C Spalding proudly displays Regional, Sectional and State Trophies-won by 1958 basketball team. 7 As--.f 1 '3 We, the students ot the Academy oi Our Lady and Spalding Institute, play an all important role in the spirit that characterizes our school life. The past year has been one of plans, pro- jects and excitement. We entered each activity with a desire to do the best that we could towards its success. We followed our athletic teams with vigor and zest. We inspired our Fighting Irish to gain victory on the gridiron, the hardwood, and the diamond. A BIG SEND OFF 1 . , 95 ,A I A 4 . . 2 F-?'Yf2F'i'ff Xfffx jsws af Q- 1- v vkrtw ff-fr g -if 5' vk-5 v vin' v Q fx-I, .ny 5 a- Q- ffkvv - -fig gfvij if'4??wf3ff'5,..J?QP,Sffw,g+G3fi'l9Aff..+Qi?f'Swiffsalig K5l,14f2f'h.4f+,+Z?QE+.w3?Sw2'Sw2'EQf?'s Q sggwalv QM? Q 152.gif ismfle nfx.,?,sf 34,51 'ff H-J' ff 13,531 xiivk QIQMQ5-1 -sf.,,?'w J,,,,,'3f 5 2 ax-if Aw ,ff A, Q, ,Q g 749 A , ff .M af fu A 4, J' M Af A42 ,sv-A ' Q Aw. me ,:1f,L-xeffm gm, ,Jia 'sl' flu -amy is p ,-1. xv.. Kfvwflw ,fa .vp .Ln ,-'LH A-'iff uw., bf 'M if .sf f Q FN M zf Y H ' A K A 3 1 Y 5 TY Axmfk? gi 5 5 A if E E ,b ix V 1 ' 'ff' 5 '. Ei 1 A K ' , 5 K 4 W, -3145 WWE if 1 Z 3 s gg R., Q Q,,,,.,,f5 ,, W, 4. an .-...M ' Q 4, A 'W -" LL Ti-52. 'Y HN X58 a 2 gi 53 is 5: ii L3 AGP Fil XX X4 or ,r wi ll We look forward to the final step by which We received our just and de- serving reward. While our hearts are filled With joy upon receiving this diploma, there is a sentiment for mem- ories that are gone. We thank our teachers and our parents tor the help they gave in directing us toward this accomplishment. PON-TOO SOON! Chuck Hecr, is Billmeyer, Brian Scully and Iolene mme' THE LONG WHITE LINE. Nw ...W -. ..12..a, Q, Close olaservatiunf Pat Anderson, Ioan Mitchell. Torn Nlcylurrziy and Bob Lee. I, Wisdom, Dwell In Counsel and am present in learned thoughts. Governing our lives, directing them in the ways ot virtue, holding out her hand to her children, the Wisdom and counsel of Mary have manifested themselves in many Ways through these tour years. ln our classrooms, our teachers, our friendships, our chapel, our preparations for our future livesiher hidden action is ever imperceptiloly operating. REV. CHARLES R. WILLIAMS, C.S.V., PH.D., Superior, Principal, Golf Coach REV. MANUAL LAUCHRAN, C.S.V., M.A., Director of Guidance, Director of Chorus Spalding Institute Fclculty REV. EDVVARD IIEITIAN, C.S.V., M. A. Geomctry, Plane and Solid. 'i11'igO110tT16T1'Y, Driver Educa- tion, Dcau ol' Studios, Senior Class Moderator, National Honor Society Moderator .N ... M BRO. GEORGE I. PICHE. C.S.V., AB., Religion. English BRO. JOHN W. RODEMS, C.S.V.. B.S.. lVlathemz1tics, Business REV. NORBERT BIBEAULT C.S.V., BS., Physics. lireslimzin .-Xlgelmi, Iunior Algebra. Science Club Moderator REV. IAMES E. CRll,l.Y. C.S.V.. BS.. Cheinistry. General Science, Science Club Moderator, Sophomore Class Moderator REV. lf. E. WILLIAMS. C.S.V.. NI. l Religion. English. Iunior Moderator, Trezisurci BRO, VICTOR E. BERTRAND CSV.. BA.. History Religion BRO. ROBERT I. SCllUl5FfVl.-KN. C.S.V.. D.V.lVl., MS.. Biology, Athletic Director, Ticket Manager BRO. GERALD l.. BRISTOW CSV.. .'X.B.. English. Religion Co-Nlozlcwzitoi' 'flu' Inslilulc BRO. IOIIN Nl. lll,lNl3AS. C.S.V.. BS.. xlssisizint Cuiclzinc' Director. Admission Ollice rex' ,iffy ' I Q lf' T.. ."v4 ,W-.1-av Starting the day off right . . . 18 BRO, IEROME ORBAN, C.S.V., B. S. Graphic Arts REV. RAYMUND NOVACEK, C.S.V., M.S. Drafting, Art, Driver Education, Camera Club, SUMMA Moderator REV. PAUL F. GILGALON, C.S.V., A. B. English, Latin REV. TIMOTHY E. IUDD, C.S.V., B. A. Religion, Civics, Mathematics, Sodality and Querbes Club Moderator REV. THOMAS WISE, C.S.V., B. A. Religion, History, Freshman Class Moderator REV. SIMON-PETER LEFEBVRE, C.S.V., B. A. Latin, Spanish, Religion, Student Council Moderator REV. DONALD A. LUND, C.S.V., B. A. American History, Key Club Moderator BRO. IAMES P. McGROCAN, C.S.V., Records Clerk REV. MICHAEL MALLEY, C.S.V., B. A. English, Religion, The Institute Moderator REV. IOHN LANE, C.S.V., M. A. Freshman Religion, Consumer Econo- mics, Book Rental REV. IOHN MONAHAN, C.S.V., M.A., Latin, Religion, Red Cross, Bowling Club REV. WILLIAM MAYER, C.S.V., M. A. Religion, Sociology SR. GERALDINE, O. S. B., B. A. L. S. Librarian, Library Club Moderator SR. ESTELLE, O.S.B., M. A. Typing, Record Keeping, Office Prac- tice SR. AMATA, O.S.B., B. A., Band MR. CALLOW, B.S., Speech, English, Moderator Speech and Drama Club MR. EDWARD MURPHY, MA., Head Football, Track Coach, Physical Education MR. FRANK DUCHON, B. S., Assistant Football, Baseball, Basketball Coach, Physical Education MR. JAMES G. SMARIESSE, M. A., Business Mathematics, General Busi- ness, Bookkeeping, Coach Frosh Foot- ball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Base- ball MISS MONICA KAPRAUN Secretary . xy ,W px 'wg L 5 M ,. My v wl- H M if A Uv- In-Q S k A '52 if 1 A ' ,Nw W? 'Y' we 'E Q -1-mr Em... Y ww 'Ins ,I+ 3 2. 1- YQQWLS f 2. Y av iii if Qi W. 'WM fi' Wy, 1 as if v': 1 5513" ' ' . Academy Of Our Lacly Faculty REV. ROBERT LIVINGSTON Senior Religion REV. RICHARD MEANS REV. EDWARD BUSH Iunior Religion Tumor Religion REV. HAROLD MOONEY REV. CHARLES FOCARTY REV. WILLIAM CRAY REV. ROBERT HOFFMAN Sophomore Religion Sophomore Religion Freshman Religion Freshman Religion SISTER M. THOMASINE. C.S.I. Principal SISTER ANN THOMAS, C.S.l. Music, Glee Club SISTER CASIMIR IOSEPH, C.S.I. Religion, Home Economics, Soslaliiy SISTER M. CLARITA, C.S.I. Religion, Spanish, Mathematics, Moglcrator-National Honor Society SISTER NI. DOMINIC, C,S.I. Religion, Mathematics SISTER IEANNE ALICE, C.S.ll. Religion, Mathematics SISTER IOAN OF ARC, C.S.I. Religion, Latin, English, Moderator-Red Cross 20 SISTER M. LIDVVINA, C.S.I. Religion, Commercial SISTER LOUISE GERARD, C.S.I. Religion, Science, Moglerator-CSM C SISTER M. MARCIA, C.S.I. Religion, Library SISTER MARY HELEN, C.S.l. Religion, English SISTER MAUREEN JOSEPH, C.S.I. Religion, English, Social Studies SISTER M. OLIVIA, C.S.l. Religion, English, Iunior-Senior Prom I SISTER RITA CATHERINE, C.S.I. Religion, French, Latin SISTER ROSE EDWARD, C.S.I. Religion, English, Speech, Drama, SUMMA-Adviser SISTER RUTH MARGARET, C.S.I. Religion, Science, Moderator-Sodality SISTER M. URBANA, C.S.I. Religion, Commercial SISTER Religion, English, Adviser-COMPACT URSULA MARIE, C.S.I. SISTER Religion, English, Commercial, School Publicity VICTOR MARIE, c.s.1. SISTER Religion, M. VICTORIA, C.S.I. Latin, Moderator-Alumnae our hope, 1, ka lx .f MRS. R. E. CEDEROTI-I History, World Problems MISS ELIZABETH RENO Physical Education, Drivers Training MISS PATRICIA RICHMOND MISS MARILYN SITTON MRS. DALE MCCAMMON Social Studies, Family Living Home Economics Fi1'Sf Aid, M0ThG1f filld Baby Cafe A careful study before another day be- gins-Iudy Hageman. Carole Benzli. In Thee is our way, our ioy rw 2 MISS MARY TIPPETT Office Secretary As the sands of time sift through . . We have Written, with reluctance, the final chapter of our high school career. lt has been a chapter colored With Wonderful memories of activities We shared. ln reminis- cing We see-the triumphant trips to "state," the gay Variety Shows, the colorful home- comings, and the fun-filled prorns. We have been close together as a class and We acquir- ed life-long friendships. We realize the important effect of these high school years on our future success and We are very grateful to the faculties of the Academy of Our Lady and Spalding Institute for the Wise guidance they have given us. THE SENIOR CLASS ACADEMY SENIOR OFFICERS The final plans are drawn up hy:-Patricia Brinkley, Secre- 1 taryg Judy Dunne, Treasurerg Mergaret Hughes, Presidentg Pat O'Connell, Vice-Presi- dent. 22 of 1958 SPALDING OFFICERS lay Vonachen, Secretary-Treasurerg Dave My-Clann, Presiglentg 'I om Ioyce, Vice-President. PATRICIA CRAIVIER, Salutatorian, and LYNN IVIACOWAY, Valedictorian, attain highest honor. The Class of l958 is extreme- ly proud of their honor students. ROBERT PFEIFER and IAMES BRUNCE have attained the goals of Valedictorian and Salutatorian respectively. Bob averaged 3.97 and lim followed with 3.75. Besides their scholastic achievements they were very active in the school affairs and organizations. Spalding is justly proud of these young men. 23 GLORIA IEAN ALEXANDER St. Bernard, transfer from East Peoria Com- munity High School, Pep Club '56, '57. NORMA JEAN ALIG St. Mary, Metamora, transfer from Metamora High School, Spech Club '57, Drama Club '58, Pep Club '57, Poetry Award QQ! '57. MOLLIE ALIANICH St. Bernard, Latin Club '56, Operetta '55, Biology Club '56, Civics Club '55, Pep Club '56, '57, Drama Club '58, Speech Club '57, COMPACT '56, '57, Swimming '57, Poetry Award Va- riety Show '56, Class Play '58 SHIRLEY ALWAN St. Patrick, Honor Roll 413, Biology Club '56, Variety Show '56, '57, Mission Rep. '58, Style Show '57, Pep Club '56, WILLIAM ALWAN Holy Family. PATRICIA ANDERSON St. Philomena, Sodality '55, '56, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Variety Show '55, '56, '57, Operetta '55, Music Festival '57, COMPACT MARY ANN ANTONACCI St. Thomas, Civics Club '55, G,A.A. '55, Operetta '55, Biology Club '56, Latin Club '56, Pep Club '56. '57, Poetry Award '57, Swimming '57, Style Show '57, SUMMA Booster '58, JOSEPH ARMENTROUT St. Philomena, Football '55, '56, Sodality '56, Glee Club '56, '57, '58, RITA ARMITAGE St. Mark, Civics Club '55, Operetta '55, G.A.A. '55, Cheerleader '56, '57, '58, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Variety Show '55, '56, '57, Spanish Club '57, Speech Club '57, Pep Club '57, Poetry Award '57, Slogan Winner '58. 24 Four years ago we started our climb Spalding "menu rnake straight A . . , Left to right: Robert Hinds, Michael Cusack, Robert Pfeifer, Mark Harter, and Edward Duke. Standing: Peter Pasquel, John Zeitz, and Thgmag McMurray. at RUSSELL ARNOLD St. Mary, Football '55, 56, Basketball '55, Intra- murals '56, '57, TE RRANCE BAKER Sacred Heart, Football '55, Basketball '55, Intra- murals '56, '57. JOHN BANIQUED St. Thomas, Camera Club '56, Speech Club '58, "Twelve Angry Men." ANN MARIE BAUMANN St, Boniface, Honor Roll 472, Civics Club '55, Biology Club '56, Sodality '55, '56, '57, '58, Rep. '58, Operetta '55, Library Club 55, Glee Club '56, '57, '58, Variety Show '55, '57, Latin Club '56, G.A.A. '55, '56, Red Cross '57, 58, Spanish Club '57, '58, Pep Club '57, '58, National Honor Society '58. CAROLE BENZLI St. Bernard, Honor Roll 141, Mission Rep. '56, '57, Mission Club '58, Operetta '55, Speech Club '57, Variety Show '56, Biology '56, Swimming '57, Civics Club '55, Pep Club '56, Latin Cluo '56, Compact '58. WILLIAM BETSON St. Mary, Honor Roll ill, Footbal '55, '56, '57, Basketball '55, '56, Intramurals '55, '56, '57, Class President '56, Student Council '56, SUMMA Staff '58, Spech Contest '57, Pontifical Crew '55, KATHY BICKERMAN St. Thomas, Honor Roll C6v, National Honor So ciety, Secretary '58, Variety Show '55, '56, '57, Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Biology Club '56, Latin Club '56, Latin Club, President '57, Sodal- ity '56, '57, SUMMA Booster '57, '58, SUMMA, Business Manager '58, Swimming '57, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, French Club Student Council, Rep. '55, '58, Homecoming Queen '58, LOIS BILLMEYER St. Monica, East Peoria, Honor Roll i6h, Civics Club, President '55, French Club, Pres. '58, Latin Club, President '56, G.A.A.. Pres. '58, G.A.A. '55, '56, '57, '58, Operetta '55, Biology Club '56, SUMMA Booster '58, Bowling '56, '58, National Honor Society '58, KAREN BOGNER St. Mary, Henry, Ill., Honor Roll f4l, transfer from Villa de Chantal '55, '56, Pep Club '57, '58: Mission Club '58, Sodality IUDITI-I ANN BOLEY St. Mary: Civics Club '55, Operetta '55, Glee Club '56, Biology Club '56, G,A.A. '57: Style Show '57, Latin Club '56, Music Festival '56, Swimming '57. CAROL BOURSCHEIDT St. Philomena, Sodality '55, '56, Pep Club '57, Operetta '55, Swimming '57. PATRICIA ANN BRINKLEY Sacre Coeur, transfer from East Peoria Com- munity High School, Biology '56, Pep Club '56, Junior Prom Attendant '57, Class Secretary '58, BARBARA BROWN St. Mary, transfer from Metamora High: Sodality '57, Glee Club '56, '57, '58, Biology Club '56, Swimming '57, Camera Club '56, Mission Club '58, Variety Show '57, Drama Club, Vice-Presi- dent '58, French Club '58, Pep Club '563 Speech Club '57, "Red Mill" '56, Class Play '58, EDVVARD BRUEN St. Joseph, Intramurals '55, Vocation Club '57, Library Club '57, JAMES BUNCE St. Thomas, transfer from Macomb High, Hon- or Roll f7b, Salutatorian, National Honor Society, Co-Editor SUMMA 58, Band '57, '58, Student Council '58, Speech Club '58, Golf '58Z "Twelve Angry Men", '58, 25 -am' LW by ajeuundpf' 'Rimes IEAN BURK St. John, Style Show '57, Library Club '56, Science Club '56, Poetry Award '57, IUDITH CADY St. Edward's, Chillicothe, Honor Roll 133, Latin Club. Pres. '56, Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Biology Club '56, Style Show '57, Red Cross '58. DANIEL CAIN St. lXIark's, Football '55, '56, '57, '58, Basketball '55, Track '55, '56, Class Vice-President '57, Student Council '57, Key Club '57, '58, RAYMOND CALAWAY St, Boniface, Football '55, Basketball '57, Base- ball '56, Track '55, Intramurals '57, Science Club '57, "Sweethearts" '57, MARGARET CASE St. Cecelia's, Red Cross, Sec, '58, Treas. '57, Drama Club, Pres. '58, Sodality '56, '57, Civics Club '55, Glee Club '56, '57, '58, Latin Club '56, French Club '58, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Operetta '55, Variety Show '55, Glee Club Ac- companist '57, '58, RUTH CASH St. Joseph, Pekin, Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, G.A.A. '56, Biology Club '56, Speech Club '57, Sodality '57, '58, Drama Club '58, Glee Club '58, "Song of Bernadette" '58, HELENE CICCIARELLI St. Thomas, Honor Roll f6b, Glee Club '56, '57, Treas, '57, "Red Mill" '56, "Sweethearts" '57, Class Play 58, Student Council, Vice-Pres. '58, Sodality '55, '56, '57, '58, S.S,C.A, '57, Civics Club '55, Latin Club, Sec. '56, Spech Club, Vice-Pres, '57, SUMMA Booster, '57, Pep Club '57, '58, Drama Club '58, French Club '583 Swimming '57. WILLIAM CLINCH St. Thomas, Key Club '56, '57, '58, Speech Club '58, Diocesan Speech, Bradley Speech Festival, American Legion Contest, Democracy Contet, Glee Club '56, '57, Bowling Team '55, '56, '57I Pontifical Crew '55, '56, '57, '58, Science Club '57, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, "Red Mill" '57, SHARON COLOMAC St, Cecelia, Honor Roll 13v, National Honor So- ciety, Glee Club '56, '58, Speech Club '57, Latin Club '55, '57, Variety Show '56, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, "Sweethearts" '57, Red Cross Rep. '55, '56, Operetta '55, Biology Club '56, Civics Club '55, SUMMA Booster SUMMA Staff '58, Glee Club Treas. '58, MICHAE L CONLON St. Thomas, Speech and Drama Club '57, '58, "Twelve Angry Men," '58, Diocesan Speech '57, Glee Club '55, Honor Roll. PATRICIA CRAMER St. Mary's, Kickapoo, Salutatorian, National Honor Society, Honor Roll f7P, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Biology '56, French Library '56, '57, Teen Rep. for EXTENSION Magazine '57, IOHN CRAMER St, Mark's, Football '55, Camera Club '55, MONICA CRILLY St, Bernard's, Operetta '55, Pep Club '56, Science Club '56, Style Show '57, JUDY CRONAN St. Mark's, Operetta '55, Latin Club '56, G.A.A. '56, Civics Club '55, Variety Show Pep Club '57, '58, Swimming '57, Style Show '57, Biology Club '56, GORDON CUNDIFF St, Mary: Football '55, '56, '57, '58, Track '55 '56, 458, Baseball 56: Art Club '55, '56, 26 To heights unknown in our mind Academy seniors combine hard work with play-four years of "A" average: Helene Cieciarelli, Patricia Cramer, Beverly DeRoehe, Kathy Bickerman, Kay Morrissey, Christine Iacobs, Mar- garet Hughes, Lynn Maekoway, Mari- lyn Weber, Ieanne Hofer, and Iudy Reeves. MICHAEL CUSACK St. Bernard, Honor Roll Cir, Football '56, '57, '58, Basketball '55, '57, Baseball "55. '56, '57, '58, SUMMA '58, Science Club '58, Speech Club '58, Diocesan Speech Festival '5T. GERALD CUSHING St, Mark, Hirsch High '57, "Song of Bernadette" '58, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Library Club '56, Track '56, SHARON DAVIS St. Mark, Civics Club '55, Glee Club '56, Library Club '56, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Op- eretta DIANE DE LOZIER Sf- Th0m21SZ Honor Roll 43.1, Mission Club '56, Treasurer '57, Music Festival '57, Speech '57, Variety Show '55, '56, Operetta '55, "Sweet, hearts" '57, Glee Club '57, '58, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, French Club '58, Swimming '57, SUMMA Booster '58, SUMMA Business Staff '58, Pep Club '56, '57, Glee Club '57, VIRGINIA DE MUTH St. Cecelia, Honor Roll 12ml transfer from Bishop Muldoon High School, Rockford, Ill., Orchestra, '55, '56, Operetta '55, '56, G.A.A. '55, Band '57, Swimming '57, Sodality '57, '58. BEVERLY DE ROCHE St, Mark: Honor Roll VTI, Biology '56: Glce Club '56, '57, '58, Swimming '57, Sodality '55, '56, Treasurer '57, Camera Club '56, French Club '58, Speech Club '57, "Song of Bernadette" '58, Mis- sion Club '58, Drama Club '58, Operetta '55, Va- riety Show '56, Prom Queen '56, Civics Club '55: Pep Club '56, '57, DANIEL DONAHUE St. Peter: Football '55, INSTITUTE '58, SUMMA '58, Intramurals '55, '57. MARGARET MARY DON OVAN St. Bernard, Honor Roll Cir Operetta '55, Latin Club '56, Civics Club '55, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Slogan Award '57, Variety Show 57, Glee Club '55, '56, '57. WAYNE DOWNING St, Thomas, Honor Roll 14mg Football, '55, '56, '57, '58, Track '55, '56, Intramurals '55, '56, '57: Boxing Champ '56, Democracy Contest '57Z INSTITUTE '55, Class President '57, Class Vice-President '56, Student Council '56. '57, Vice-President '57, Key Club '57, '58, 27 MARGARET DuBOIS St. Philomena, Civics Club '55, Pep Club '57, Library Club '56, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56,, Operetta '55, Style Show '57, COMPACT Business Staff '57, National Poetry Award '57 EDWARD DUKE St. Bernard, Honor Roll t3J, National Honor So- ciety Vice Pres. Science Club '57, Basketball '55, Baseball '55, '56, '57, '58, Intramurals '55, '56, '57. DENISE DUMMER St. Bernard, Honor Roll 125, National Honor So- ciety, SUMMA Co-Editor '58, Speech Club, Pres. '57, Latin Club, Scc. '57, Class Play '58, Speech Award '57, Mission Rcp. '55, Operetta '55, COM- PACT '56, Variety Show '56, '57, G.A.A. '55, '56, Volleyball '55, '56, Swimming '57, Active Mission Club '58, Drama Club '58, French Club '58, Bi- ology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Stamp Rep. '56, '57, Civics '55, IOLENE DUNNE St. Mary, Sodality '55, '56, Latin Club '56, Bi- ology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Variety Show '56, '57, Operetta '55, Cheerleading '56, Civics Club '55, G.A.A. '55, '56, '57, '58, Speech Club '57, JUDITH DUNNE St. Patrick, Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Homecoming Attend- ant '56, Speech Club '57, Pep Club '56, 57, '58, Cheerleading '58, Variety Show '55, '56, '57, Poetry Award '57, SUMMA Staff SUMMA Booster '58, IOHN EATON St. Mark, Camera Club '56, '57, Bowling '56, '57, '58, Intramurals '56, '57, Baseball '57. ROBERT EAGLE STON St. Cecelia, Honor Roll 115: INSTITUTE '56, '57, '58, Science Club '57, '58, Speech Club Dioc- esan Speech Festival '57, "Twelve Angry Men", Caterpillar C0-Op Program. CAROL ELLIS St. Bernard, Honor Roll C235 Civics Club '55, Latin '55, '56, French Club, Vice-President '58, 57. Pep Club '56, '57, Operetta '55, Variety Show . , Biology Club '57, Sodality '58. JACKIE ENGRISSEI St. Bernard, Science Club '56, Sodality '56, Variety Show '57, Freshman Operetta '55, Speech Club '57, Pep Club '56. 28 WILLIAM FAHEY St, Cecelia, Football '55, '56, '57, '58, Track '56, '57, Intramurals '55, '56, '57, Science Club '58, ALL CITY Football '57, '58, WEEK TV ALL STAR Football '58, SUSAN FERRIS St, Joseph, SUMMA Booster '57, SUMMA Business Staff '58, Biology Club '56, Latin Club '56, Civics Club '55, Active Mission Club '58, Pep Club '57, Style Show '57, National Poetry Award '57, TONY FERRIS St. Joseph, Intramurals '55, '57. VJILLIAM FISHER St, Ifhilomena, Honor Roll 121, Bowling '55, '57, '58, Sodality Track '55, MARTIN FLAHERTY St, Philomena, Honor Roll ill, Sodality '55, '56, '58, Vocation Club '55, '56, INSTITUTE Staff '58, SUMMA Staff '58, "Twelve Angry Men" Speech Club '58, St. Thomas Military Academy '57 ROBERT FLANAGAN St, Cecelia, Glee Club '56, '57, Intramurals '55, GAIL FRANCES FLYNN St, Bernard, Honor Roll CSU: National Honcr So- ciety, Sodality '56, '57, '58, Speech Club '57Z Sj:a.nsh Club '57, Speech Festival '57, Latin Club '56: Glee Club '56, Biology Club '56, Operetta '55, Civics Club GERALD FOLEY St, Patrick, Washington. MARY FORTUNE St, Mark, Honor Roll ill, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, '57, Glee Club '55, '57, '58, Class Sec. '55, Class Vice-Pres, '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Operetta '55, "Red Mill" '56, "Sweethearts" '57, Red Cross Rep. '55, '56, '57, '58, French Club '58, Mission Club '58, Variety Show '56, '57. MARY FRANKEN St, Joseph, Honor Roll ill, Sodality '56, '57, '58, Sodality Rep. '58, Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Biology Club '56, Latin Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Variety Show '56, '57, Swimming '57, G.A,A. '55, '56, Camera Club '56, '58. JUDY FRASCO St, Mary, Operetta '55, Science Club '56, Latin Club Pep Club '56, '57, Glee Club '57, G.A,A, '55, Variety Show JAMES FURSTOSS St, Cecelia, Honor Roll 131, National Honor So- ciety, Golf '58, Bowling '58, Sodality '58, Science Club '57, Intramurals '55, '56, '57, Camera Club '55, '56, Vocation Club '55, CAROL GENSLER St. Mary. Kickapoo, Honor Roll Cir, National Honor Society, Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, Style Show '57. MARGARET GIENOW St. Boniface, Science Club '56, G.A,A. '56, '57, Pep Club '56, Style Show '57, ELEANORE GILMAN St, Patrick: Band '55, '56, Library Club '55, '57 Pres, '58, Spanish Club 57, '58, Latin Club '56, Speech Club '57. 29 W, 'wzellvv-f ia ERNEST GILOMEN St. Thomas, Track '55, Intramurals '57. WILLIAM GORMAN St. Mark, Honor Roll 115: Camera Club '55, '56, '57, '58, Vocation Club 56, '57, Speech Club '58, SUMMA '57, '58, INSTITUTE '56, '57, '58, Red Cross '58, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Diocesan Speech Festival '57, Spalding Speech Contest '57, SHARON GRAWEY St. Thomas, Spanish Club '58, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Speech Club '57, Essay Awards '57, Poetry Awards '57, Variety Show '55, '56, '57, SUMMA Staff '58, SUMMA Booster '58, Operetta '55, C.S.M.C. '56. ANTHONY GROW St. John: Honor Roll Ill Football '57, Science Club '57, Intramurals '57. JUDY GUNTHER St. Boniface, Operetta Civics Club '55, Glee Club '56, '57, Vice-Pres. '58, Pep Club '56, '57, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Speech Club '57, Slogan Award '57, Swimming '57, Red Cross '57, Drama Club '58, Active Mission Club '58, Class Play '58, JUDY HAGEMANN St, Thomas, Honor Roll 121, Sodality '58, Mis- sion Rep. '57, '58, Stamp Rep. '55, Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Variety Show '56, Poetry Award '55, '57, Swimming '57, ALLEN HAHN St. John, Basketball '55, Baseball '56. MICHAEL HALEY St. Patrick, Basketball '55, '56, '57, '58, Intra' murals '56, Football '55. MARTHA HANEY St. Mark, G.A.A. '56, Science Cub '56, Pep Club '57, Operetta '55, Style Show REGIS HANOUT St. Bernard, Glee Club '58, Exchange Student from France. DONNA HANSEN St. Bernard, Pep Club '56, Opcretta '55, Style Show '57, Swimming '57, G.A.A. '55, '56, MARK HARTER St. Cecelia, Honor Roll f7P, Intramurals '55, '56. '57, Science Club '56, Statistidan '58, Caterpillar Co-Op, '55, Bowling '57, Vice President Bowling League '58, IOHN HEER St. Philomena, Football '55, Baseball '56, Sodal- ity '57, '58, Sodality Secretary '57, '58, Golf '57, '58, Science Club 57, Bowling JOHN HEIDEWALD St. Mark: Football '55. '56, '57, '58, Basketball '56, Baseball '56, Track '55, '56. FRED HEINZ St. Mary, Kickapoo, Honor Roll l2l, Intramurals '56, 30 But what we gained more than enough? Under Sister Casimir Ioseph's guidance our future homemakers can smile over sewing projects: Peggy Case, Carol Wiltz, Pat O'Connell. JAMES HEINZ Saere Coeur: Football Manager '57: Camera Club '56. CATHLEEN HEINZ St. Bernard: French Club, Sec. '58: Sodality '55: Pep Club '56, '57: G.A.A. '55, '56: Latin Club Biology Club '55: Variety Show '55, '5T: Opcretta '55: Junior Prom Attendant. GEORGE HESSLING St. Bernard: Honor Roll ill: Football '57: Track '55: Intramurals '55, '56, '57: Science '57: Caterpillar Co-Op '58 TERRY HICKEY St. Philomena: Swimming '57: Latin Club '56, Pep Club '57, Speech Club '57: Poetry Award '57: Biology Club ROBERT HINDS St. Bernard: Honor Roll 471: Baseball '56, '5S: Basketball '55, '56. '57: Golf '58: Intramurals '55. '56, '57: Caterpillar Co-Op '58: National Honor Society. MARY HINRICHS St, John: Operetta '55: Science Club '56: G.A.A. '55: Pep Club '56: Style Show '5T: Poetry Award '57. SUSAN HOBIN St. Philomenaz Operetta '55: Speech Club '57: Spanish Club, Treasurer '57: Variety Show '56, '57: COMPACT Staff '57, '58: Pep Club '56, '57: Pep Club Vice-President '58. EVELYN HOEHNE St. Mark: G.A.A. '55, '56: Variety Show '55: Style Show '57: Science Club '56: Swimming '57, Operetta '55, COMPACT Staff '56, '57, '58: Pep Club '56, '57, '58, LEO HOERDEMANN St. Mark: Football '55, '56, '5T: Track '55: ln- tramurals '55, '56, '57. 31 MARTIN HOERDEMANN St. Mark, Football '56, '57, '58, Sodality '55, '56, Democracy Contest '57, Bradley Speech Contest '57, Diocesan Speech Festival '57, Te Deum Speech Contest '57, Bowling '55, Baseball IEANNE HOFER St. Mark, Honor Roll t7J, National Honor So- ciety, Vice-President, G.A.A. '55, '56, G.A.A. Basketball Champs, '56, Civics Club '55, Latin Club, Secretary '56, French Club '58, Diocesan Speech Festival '57, I Speak for Democracy Con- test '57, Operetta '55, Speech Club '57, G.P.S.C. Publicity Chairman '58, Pep Club '56, D.A.R. Winner '58. BETTY LOU HOFFER Blessed Sacrament, Honor Roll 113, Operetta '55, G.A.A. '55, Science Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Swimming '57, Style Show '57, COMPACT '53, Library Club '56, Camera Club '56. RICHARD HOLZINGER St. Philomena, Honor Roll 629, Intramurals '55, Bowling '56, '57, '58, Bradley Speech Contest '57Z Diocesan Speech Festival '57, Spalding Speech Contest '57. DONALD HUBERT St. Bernard, Intramurals '57, Military Academy '55, '56. MARGARET HUGHES St. Bernard, Honor Roll 657, Class President '56, '57, '58, Mission Rep. '55, COMPACT Staff '55, '56, G.A.A. '55, '56, '57, Operetta '55, Latin Club, Pres. '56, Pep Club '57. French Club '58, Speech Club '57, Voice of Democracy '57, Glee Club '56, Prom Committee '56, '57, Latin Merit Award '55. CHRISTINE JACOBS St. Bernard, Honor Roll 167, National Honor S9- ciety, Stamp Rep. '57, Latin Club, Pres. '56, Pep Club '57, '58, Class Secretary '57, G.A.A. '55, '56, SUMMA Staff '5S: Latin Award '55, French Club '58, Variety Show '55, '56, Swim- ming '57, Glee Club '56, '57, Operetta '55, Prom Committee '57, Latin Club '56, '57. GERALD IANOVETZ St. Boniface, Honor Roll 135, Basketball '55, Baseball '55, Intramurals '56. KENNETH IOHNSON St. Boniface, Glee Club 58, Red Cross '57, Bowling '57. 32 wr-,Si qi-'Wei Proms attended with friends iusf great . . . Getting their tardy slips from Brother Dundas at the new admission office are: Bob Eagleston and Ioe Meizelis. bf mails aww, msassmmwnmmearacsfmml r MARY JOHNSON St. Thomas: Honor Roll 121: Band '55: Stamp representative '55: Civics Club '55: Latin Club '56: Biology Club '56: Pep Club Club '56, '57I G.A.A. '56: Speech Club '57: Swimming '57: Drama '58: SUMMA Stall' '583 SUMMA Booster '58: Class Play '58: Betty Crocker Award '58. GERALD JONES Sacre Coeur: Honor Roll GJ: Football '55: Track '55, '56, '57, '5S: Library Club '56, '57, JEANNINE JOST St. Philomena: Honor Roll CSI: Transfer from Notre Dame, St. Louis: Latin Award '55: Latin Club 256: Glee Club '56, '57: Shorthand Award '57: Biology Club '56: Swimming '57: Irish Con- cert '56. THOMAS JOYCE St. Philomena: Basketball '55: Football '55: Golf '57, '58: Bowling '55, '56: Class Vice-Presi- dent '58: Key Club '56, Vice-President '57, Presi- dent '58: Sodality Vice-Protect '57: Prefect '5541 Glee Club '55, '56, '57, '58: Student Council '58: "Red Mill" '56. ANITA KAMIN St. Boniface: Latin Club '56: Biology Club '56: Civics Club '55: Swimming '57: Shorthand Award '57g Pep Club '5?5: Operetta COLLEEN KEENAN St, Bernard: Variety Show '55, '56: Glee Club '55: Librarian '56: COMPACT Staff '55: Red Cross '57: Pep Club '56, '57: Swimming '57: G.A.A. '55, '56: Civic Club '55: SUMMA Booster '57: Prom Com- mittee '56: Class Play Stage Crew '5S. BARBARA KELLEY St. Patrick. Washington: Science Club '56: Speech Club '57. MICHAEL KELLY St. Mark: Basketball '55, '56: Baseball '56. '57, '58: Sodality '58: Intramurals '55, '56, '57: SUM- MA '58, JOYCE KERKER St. Patrick: Mission Rep. '56: Biology Club '56: Swimming '57. NANCY KITLAN St. Patrick: Latin Club '55: Freshman Operetta '55: Biology Club '56: Civics Club '55: Library Staff '56: Slogan Winner '5S. MARY LORETTA KRIPPLE St. Mark: Operetta '55: Civics Club Sec. '55: Bi- ology Club '56: Latin Club '56: Sodality Rep. '55, '56, '57: Vice-Prefect '58: Glee Club '56: Pep Club '57, '58: Variety Show '56: COMPACT Staff '58: Camera Club '56, JAMES KSYCKI St. Boniface: Football '55: Intramurals '55, '56, '57. EDWIN KUHLMAN St. Philomena: Honor Roll f6J3 Bowling '55, '56, '57: Intramurals '55, '56, '57: Science Club '57. RICHARD LGHOOD St. Patrick: Honor Roll 117: Intramurals '55, '56, '57: Sodality '57, '58: SUMMA '58. MOLLIE LANGTON St. Philomena: Latin Club '56, '57: Sodality '55, '56: Swimming '57: French Club '58: Pep Club '56: Civics Club '55: Biology Club '56: SUMMA Staff '58. 33 W 5 -I " 'it Wi ,. ""' 5. .t 5 it D, ,, 2 gr "" ' it w...,,:v, BARBARA JEAN LEARY St. Philomena, Transfer from Central, Sodality '57, '58, Mission Club '57, '58, "Sweethearts" '57, Class Play 58, Glee Club '57, '58, Drama Club 58, Speech '57, Christmas Concert '57, ROBERT LEE St. Philomena, Honor Roll 157, Intramurals '55, '57, "Sweethearts" '57, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Speech Club '58, Glee Club '55, Student Council '58, INSTITUTE '56, Associate Editor '57, Co-Editor '58, Key Club '56, Board of Directors '57, '58, Historian '58, National Honor Society, Sec.-Treasurer, JEANNINE LENNON St. Philomena, Honor Roll 121, Transfer from Marywood High, Chicago, Drama Club '58, Class Play '58, French Club '58, Mission Club '58, CHARLES JOHN LEWIS St. Mark, Honor Roll 155, Key Club '57, '58, Science Club '56, '57, Sodality '57, Glee Club '56, '57, SUMMA '58, INSTITUTE '56, Sports Editor '57. '58, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Junior Achievement '56, President, Student Council '57, MARY JO LINTZ St. Bernard, Civics Club 55, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Latin Club '56, Operetta '55, G,A.A. '56, '57, Swimming '57, Sodality '58, Variety Show '55, '56, '57, Essay Award '57, Poem Award '58, Cheerleader '56, '57, Cap- tain '58, Homecoming Attendant '57, LYNNE LIONBERGER St, Mark, Transfer from Piper City High, Mis- sion Club '57, '58, Speech Club '57, Drama Club '58, G.A.A. '58, Sodality '58, Pep Club '58, Swimming '57, JOYCE LITTERST St. Philomena, Civics Club '55, Camera Club '55, '56 Pep Club '56, '57, Latin Club '56, Sodality '56, '57, '58, Biology Club 56, Spanish Club '57, '58, Art Club '55, '56, ROBERT LONTEEN St. Mary, St. Mary's Albuquerque '55, '56, '57, ARLENE LUDOLPH St, Mary. Kickapoo, Honor Roll 1455 Lilfifl Club '56, Latin Award '55, Poem Award '55, Operetta '55, Biology Club '56. KAREN ANN LUEDTKE St. Monica, East Peoria, Science Club '56, S0- dality '56, '57, '58, Library Club '56, '57, Drama Club '58, Operetta '55, Speech Club '57, Class Play '58, SUSAN JEANNE LYON St. Mark, Freshman Operetta '55, Pep Club '56, '57, G.A.A. '56, Civics Club '55, Biology Club '56, Essay Award '57, Poem Award '57, Red Cross '56, KAREN ANN MACKOWAI St, Mark, Honor Roll 131, Mission Club Sec. '57, Rep. '56, '57, Stamp Rep. '58, Latin Club '56, Civics Club '55, Pep Club '56, '57, Operetta '55, Variety Show '55, Biology Club '56, LYNN MACKOWAY St. John, Valedictorian, Honor Roll 171 National Honor Society, Latin Club '56, '57, Latin Award '55, Sec. Spanish Club '57, President '58, Camera Club '57, Operetta '55, Biology Club '56, Poem Award '55, '57, Civics Club JOHN MADDOX St. Patrick, Football '55, Track '55, Bowling '56, Camera Club '55, '56, President '57, Glee Club '57, INSTITUTE '57, SUMMA '57, JOHN MALONE St. Philomena, Bowling '56, '57, Intramurals '55, '56, '57, INSTITUTE '56, '58, SUMMA '58, So- daliay '57, '58, Speech Club Pres. '58, Student Council '58, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Bradley Speech Contest. Plans for floats and trips to state Seniors Tom VVratli and Mark Harter show their might to Roger Wolsehlag, ll! """"'Nm ,C ' " RICHARD MARTIN Sl, Pbilomena: 'frzit-k '57, '58, Int1'umurals'57: Sodulily '57, '5B, Glee Club JOLINE MATARELLI Sl, i'utl'ic'k: Tizxns.ei' Il1,ITl Roosevelt: Class V,ee- Pres, '57: Red Cross Rep, '57, Biology Club '56: Swimming '57: Speteb Club '57, ELIZABETH MATHERS Si. ifbilomenaz National Honor Society, Honor Holl till: Opereita '55, Civics Club '55, S.S.C.A, Convention '56, '5S: Lzilin Club '35, Glee Club '56, '57: "Red Mill" '5li: Biology Club '56: Sodalily Rep, '55, '56, See, '57, Prefeet '5S: French Club 'ABQ Swimming '57, Speech Club '5T: SUIYIMA Booster' '57, TN: lfep Club '57, '5:4: Variety Show J , SI-IELIA IO MCCOY Si, lllzirkz Stump Ren, '55: Mission Rep, '55, '56, '57, Pres. '5?3: Operettzi '55, Civics Club '55, Glee Club '56, '57, '5S: Glee Club See, '57, Latin Club '56: Biology Club 'iliz Red Cross '57: Prvetry Award '57, Speevb Club '57: Swimming '57, Variety Show '57, Drzimu Club '59, Cfziss Play '58, CHARLES MCDONALD St. lilzirkz Intramurzils '55, '56, '57, Bowling '57, '54, Golf '57: Czimeru Club 'fliz Science Club '57, '58, SCNIEXIA '58, Yoefztion Club '55, '56, Honor Roll IQP. CATHERINE MCFARLANE St, Bernzird, Mission Club '57: Stump Rep, '57, 'THQ ,zitin Club '56, Civics Club '55, Biology Club 'BG' Pep Club '56, '57, '5B: Sp'-eeb Club '57, Opel'-:ilu '55, Yziriely Show '57, MARY SHEILA MCGRATH Sl, Mzirk, Honor Roll 4351: Uperetlzi '55, Civivs Club '55, Latin Club '56, G.A.A. '55, '56, '57, G,A.A. Basketball Champs '56: Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Pres, '58, Yziriely Show '55, '56Z Biology Club '56: Swimming '57: Student Couneil Rep. '55, Spalding Junior l'i-om Queen '57, Spunisb Club '57, '55, Glen' Club '5N. MICHELE MCGRATH Si. l1er'nz1z'd: Amiclemy Girl '5B: Honor Roll fill, See, ol Student Counr-il '5S, Studenl Council Rep. 'T,7: Civivs Club '55, Biology Club '56, Speech Club '57: Drzimzi Club '58, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Glee Club 58: Upereltzi '55, Variety Show '56, '57, Speeeli Feslivzil '57, G,A,A. '55, '56, '57, See. '53, Clziss Play '58, TERRY MCGRATH St, Mark: Intruniurzils '55, '56, '57, Sodality '57, See, '58, SUBIMA '57, Business Stull' '58, INSTI- TUTE Business Stuff '5S: Auditor '58, Vocation Club '56, '57, 35 IOHN MCMAHON St. Mark, Honor Roll f2w, Intramurals '55, '56. '57, Sodality '55, '56, '57, Glee Club '55, '56, '57. '58, Science Club '58, Speech Club '58, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Vocation Club '55. DAVE MCGANN St. Bernard, Honor Roll f2v, Football '55, '5G. '57, Baseball '55, '56, '57. '58, Basketball '55, '56, '57, '58, Key Club '56, '57. '58, Class President '55,Student Council Pres. '58, Treasur- er Greater Peoria Student Council, Class Vic:- President '55, Diocesan Speech '57. THOMAS MCMURRAY St. Patrick, Honor Roll f6v, Intramurals '55, '56, '57, Key Club '58, SUIVIMA '58, Science Club '57, '58, Library Club '55, Vocation Club '55, "Song ol' Bernadette" '58, Caterpillar Co-Op, Diocesan Speech Festival '57, National Honor Society. JOSEPH MEIZELIS St. Thomas: Honor Roll 411, SUMMA '58, Golf '58, Bowling '57. '58, Science Club '57, Sec. '58, Intramurals '55, '56, '57, KATHRYN MEIZELIS ,.,- St. Thomas, Honor Roll 13-P, Civics Club 55: Freshman Operetta '55, Future Nurses Club '55, Latin Club '56, Variety Show '56, Speech Club '57, Drama Club '58, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, Class Play '58, FRANCES METTS St. Mark, Bowling '55, Biology '56, Latin Club '56, Freshman Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Poem Awards i551 G,A,A. '55, '56, Pep Club '57. DAVID MYERS St. Cecelia, Intramurals '55, '56, '57. CAROLYN MILLER St. Mark, Honor Roll 111, Transfer from Acad- emy ol Our Lady, Chicago, Spanish Club '57, '58, Camera Club '58, Pep Club '57, Vice-Pres. of Spanish Club '58. MARY MILLER St. Thomas, Honor Roll 633, Sodality '55, '56, '57, '58, Sodality Rep. '58, Freshman Operetta '55, G.A.A. '55, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Latin Club '56, Biology '56, Glee Club '56, '57, '58, Variety Show '56, '57, Civics Club '55, Latin Award '55, Swimming '57, 36 JOAN MITCHELL St. Mary: Honor Roll Hit: Freshman Uperetta '55: Red Cross Rep. '55, '56, '57, Red Cross Sec. '572 Pep Club '56, '57, Stamp Rep. '56, Latin Club '56, Sodality '55, '56, Civics Club '55, Variety Show '56, Biology '56, C.M,S.C. Conv, '56, Poem Award '57 DONALD MOLITOR St. Bernard, Basketball '55, '56, '57, '58, Goll' '58 MARY ROSE MONTEFUSCO St. Patrick, Latin '55 Biology '56, Sodality '55 Pep Club '56, '57, Civics Club '55, Uperetta '55, KATHRYN MORRISSEY St. Bernard, Honor Roll f7l: National Honor So- ciety, G.A.A, '55, '56, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Glee Club '56, Operetta '55, Class Sec. '56, Stamp Rep. '56, Civics Club '55, Biology Club '56, Camera Club '57, Treas. '57, Spanish Club vice- pres. '57, SUIVIMA Staff '58, SUMMA Booster '58, Variety Show '56, '57, Latin Club '56, Speech Club '57. EILEEN MOUNTS St. Boniface, Latin Club '56, Civics Club '55, Bi- ology Club '56, Swimming '57, Poem Awards '57, EDWARD MULLOWNEY St. Philomena, Science Club '57, '58, Football '55 '56, '57. JUDITH ANN 0'BRIEN St. Philomena, Honor Roll !2r, Glee Club '56, '57, Latin Club '56, Operetta '55, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '57, '58, Variety Show '57, Civics Club '55, Speech Club '57, Mission Club '56, Stu- dent Council Rep. '58, Junior Prom Attendant '58, French Club '58, PATRICIA ANN O'CONNELL St. Mary, Honor Roll !6l, National Honor Society '58, President '58, SUIVIMA Co-Editor '58, SUM- MA Booster '57, '58, Glee Club '56, Latin Club '56, G.A.A, '55. '56, '57, '58, Bowling '56t All- Star '56, '57, '58, Operetta '55, Class Treas- urer '56, '57, Class Vice-Pres. '58, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Variety Show '55, Civics Club '55, Spech Club '57, Prom Attend- ant '58. JOSEPH O'DONNELL St. Mark, Intramurals '57. JOAN OHLMAN St. Thomas, Honor Roll f4l, Latin Club '56, Spanish Club '57, '58, Essay Award '57, JUNE OSBORN Sacre Coeur, Transfer from East Peoria High School, Pep Club '56. '57, Mission Club '58, Bi- ology Club '56, Style Show '57, PAUL PALMER St. Cecelia, Football '55, '56, '57, '58, Intramur- als '57, Track '58, Bowling '58, Science Club '57, WEEK-TV All Star Football '58, PETER PASQUEL St. Philomena, Honor Roll fill, National Honor Society, Glee Club '55, '56, Key Club '57, '58, Bowling '55, '56, '58, Vocation Club '56, INSTITUTE '57, PATRICIA PEGG St. Bernard, Civics Club '55, Operetta '55, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Camera Club, Vice-Pres. '57, Speech Club '57, Camera Club '58, Drama Club '58, Class Play '58, ROBERT PFEIFER St, Philomenaz Valedictorian, Honor Roll f7v, Intramurals '55, Student Council Vice-Pres. '58, Pontifical Crew '55, '56, '57, Captain '58, Track '58, Science Club '56, '57, Vice-Pres, '58Z Red Cross '56, Key Club '56, '57, '58, INSTITUTE '56. Feature Editor '57, Co-Editor '58, 37 HELEN ANN PETERS St, Bernard, Honor Roll 131, Band '55, '56, '57, Librarian '56, Treas. '57, Operetta '55, Pep Club '56, '57, General Science Club '56, Latin Club '56, Civics Club '55, Latin Award '55. MARIANNE PHILLIPS St. Cecelia, Sodality '55, '56, '57, '58, Pep Club '57. '58, Speech '57, Latin Club '56, Biology '56, G.A.A. '55, Glee Club '56, '57, '58, Opcretta '55, Variety Show '56, '57, Poetry Award '57, CHERYL POTTER St. Mark, Honor Roll i6P, National Honor So- ciety, Operetta '55, Variety Show '55, '56, '57, Latin Club '56, Mission Club '56, Student Coun- cil '56, Pep Club '56, '58, Biology Club '56, Class Play '58, Swimming '57, '58, "Sweethearts" '57, SUMMA Booster '57, '58: SUMMA Staff '58, Speech Club '57, Drama Club '58, French Club '58, Red Cross Rep. '58, RICHARD POWERS St. Philomena, Football '55, '56, Basketball '55. ELEANOR FRANCES QUINN St. Bernard, Transfer from Woodruff High School, Glee Club '58, G.A.A. '57, Speech Club '57, Spanish Club '57, Pep Club '57, '58, Variety Show '57, Stamp Rep. THERESA JEAN RAFOOL St. Philomena, Class Treas. '55, G.A.A. '55, '56, '57, '58, Sodality '56, '57, '58, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Glee Club '58, COMPACT Business Manager '58, Camera Club '56, Drama Club '58, Speech Club '57, Science Club '56, Operetta '55, Class Play '58, Latin Club '56. JUDY RAPPE St. Mary, Style Show '57, Pep Club '57, Swim- ming '57, Art '55, Science Club '56. MARGARET REED St. Mary, Civics Club '55, Sodality '55, Biologp Club '56, Variety Show '56, '57, Pep Club '56, '58, Speech Club '57, Drama Club '58, Glee Club '58, JUDY REEVES St. Mark, Honor Roll f5r, National Honor So- ciety, Transfer From Woodruff High School, Latin Club '56, Latin Award '56, Speech Club '57, Shorthand Award '57, Drama Club, Secretary- Treasurer '58, COMPACT Editor '58, Class Play '5S. ROBERT REHM St. Mark, Basketball '55, '56, Football '55, '56, '57, Track '57, Intramurals '56, "Song of Berna- dette" '58, SHARON RIEBLING St. Mark, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Swimming '57, Sodality '55, '57, Pep Club '56, Sigseech Club '57, Civics Club '55, Camera Club '5 , '57, MARILYN RELLIHAN St. Patrick, Biology Club '56, Speech Club '57, Variety Show '57, Civics Club '55, Pep Club '56. RAYMOND RICE Sacre Couer. WILLIAM REMINGTON St. Patrick, Transfer from St. Michael, Hoban Heights, Pa., Football '55. MARY RIECKER St. Mary, Science Club '56, G.A.A. '55, '56, Op- eretta '55. EDWARD RILEY Sacred Heart, MICHAEL RITSCHEL St. Philomena, Honor Roll 1251, National Honor Society, Intramurals '55, '57, Key Club '56, '57, '58, Sodality '57, '58, SUMMA Co-Editor '58, Bowling '57, Glee Club '55, '56, '57, '58, DONALD ROLING St. Thomas, Track '56, '57, Baseball '58, Football Manager '58, Intramurals '57, Gloe Club '55, '56, Sodality '55, Vocation Club '57, Bradley Speech Contest '57. IANICE RUSSEL St. Peter: Honor Roll Ill, Library '55, Latin 7 1 b Award '55, G.A.A. '55, '77, '58, Glue Cu '55, '56, '57, '58, Civics Club '55, Biology '56, Camera Club '57, Latin Club '56, '57, Red Cross Rep. '58, KATHLEEN SAMMON St. Bernard, G.A.A. '55, Pep Club '56, '57, Civics Club '55, Variety Show '56, '57, Mission Club '56, BARBARA ANN SANDS Holy Family, Honor Roll IQI, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Spanish Club '57, '58, Trcas. '58, Biology Club '56, Latin Award '55, SUSAN ELLEN SAUER St. Patrick, Washington, Transfer from Washing-A ton High, G.A.A. '57, GEORGE SCHAUB St. Mary, Kickapoo, Honor Roll 613. BARBARA SCHEPKE St, Boniface, Latin Club '56, Civics '55, Biology Club '56, Swimming '57. 39 SALLIE ANNE SCHLEHUBER St. Mark: G,A,A, '55: Art Club '55, '56: Civics Club '55: Student Council '55: Latin Club '56Z Biology Club '56: Spech Club '57: Style Show '57: Library '55: Swimming '57. IOHN SCHLENKER St. John. THOMAS SCHMITT St. Mary: Honor Roll Cir: Key Club '56, '57, 258: INSTITUTE '58: Sodality '57, '58. BERNICE SCHNEIDER St. Mary: Mission Rep. '55: Stamp Rep. '56, '57: Latin Club '56: Science Club '56: Civics Club '55: Operetta '55: Style Show '57, WAYNE SCHNEIDER St. Thomas: Vocation Club '55, '56, BARBARA SCHUELY St. Boniface: Science Club '56: Band '55: Junior Prom Attendant '57. BONNIE SHELLCROSSLEE St, Mark: Cheerleader '56g Science Club '56: Op- eretta '55: Pep Club '56: Swimming '57. DAVID SCOTT St. Philomena: Football '55, '56: Intramurals '57: Sodality '57, '58: Spech Club '58: Track '55. BRIAN SCULLY St. Peter: Bowling '57: Speech Club '58: Camera Club '57: Science Club '58: Glee Club '57, '58: Vocation Club '57: Bradley Speech Contest '57: Diocesan Contest '57, 40 Ancl now our graduation has come . . .so soon--too soon! Rebearsing a scene from the one-act play, "Men Folk" are: Sheila McCoy, Denise Dummer, and Mollie Aljanich. MARY SHEPPARD St. John, Operetta Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Pep Club '56, Sodality '56, Style Show '57, Biology Club '56. THOMAS SHIELDS St. Joseph, Pekin, INSTITUTE '57, Football '56, '57, Football Manager '58. KENNETH SIEKS St. Patrick, Football '55, Baseball '56, Basket- ball '55, '56, '57, '58, Key Club '56, Vocation Club Treas. '55, '56, Vice-President '57. MARIA TE RESA SIRITO St. Bernard, Foreign Exchange Student through American Field Service, Genoa, Italy, Living with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moore, St. Bernard. DAVID SKENDER St, John, Baseball '56, '57, '58, Football '55, '56, '57, '58, Basketball '55, '56, '58, Track '55, JAMES SNELL Sacre Coeur, Intramurals '55, '56, Science Club '58. DAVID SULLINS St. Joseph, Track '55, Camera Club '57, Bowling '57, '58, Intramurals '56. RUTH SULLIVAN St, Mary, General Science Club '56, G.A.A, '55 '56, Style Show '57, Volleyball '55, '56. CATHERINE SUNDERLAND St. John, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Pep Club '56, Biology Club '56, Style Show '57, Freshman Operetta '55. JAMES SU'I"I'ER St. Mary, Bowling '55, '56, '57, '58, Intramurals '57. CAROL TELLKAMP St. Thomas, Latin Award '55, Civics Club '55 Latin Club '56, Style Show '57. KHALIL THOMAS , St. Patrick, Honor Roll fll, Vocation Club '55 '56, Sodality '57, '58, Intramurals '56. RICHARD THOME St. Patrick, Washington, Football '55, '56, '57, Track '55, '56, '57, '58, Soclality '56, '57, Bowling '58, Speech Club '58, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Bradley Speech Contest '57, ARTHUR TILLMAN St. Thomas, Honor Roll 117. TERRANCE TULLY St. Bernard, Honor Roll ill, Camera Club '56i Bowling '58. 41 BARBARA TURNER St. Joseph, G.A.A. '55, '56, '57, '58, Sodality '57, Speech Club '57, Drama Club '58, Class Play '58, Civics Club '55. JAY TYLER St. Bernard, Intramurals '55, '56, '57. ANDREA VAUGHN St. Cecelia, Honor Roll ill, Civics Club Pres. '55, Mission Club Vice-Pres. Red Cross Rep. '55, '56, '57, Sodality '56, '57, G.A.A. '55, '56, '57, '58, Pep Club '56, '57, Glee Club '56, '57, '58... JOAN VOGEL St. Monica, East Peoria: Library '55 '56, '57. '58, Latin Club '56, '57, Sodality '57, '58, MICHAEL JOHN VOLZ St. Patrick: Honor Roll 131, Band '55, '56, '57, '5S. JAY VONACHEN St, Philomena, Honor Roll f6l, National Honor Society, Intramurals '56, '57, Key Club '57, '58, SUMMA '58, Class Secretary-Treasurer '58. HELEN WADE St. Bernard, Honor Roll 111, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Glee Club '56, '57, Pres. '58, Operetta '55, Speech Club '57, Drama Club '58, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Music Festival '56, '57' Swimming '57, Class Play '58, Variety Show '56 '57 DENNIS WALDECK St. Mark, Diocesan Speech Festival '57, '58, Speech Club '58, "Twelve Angry lVlcn" '58, INSTITUTE '57, Business Manager '58, Sodality '57, Key Club '58. JUDY ANN WATSON St. Cecelia, Honor Roll f4r, Student Council Pres. '58, Red Cross Pres. '57, Student Council Rep. '56, '57, Red Cross Rep. '56, Civics Club '55, Freshman Operetta '55, Variety Show '55, '56, G.A.A '55, '56, Latin Club '56, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Biology Club '56, "Sweethearts" '57, French Club '58, Sodality '56, '57, '58, Poetry Awards 421 '57, Glee Club '58. HERMAN WEBER St. Bernard, Honor Roll f3r, Football '57, '58, Track '57, Intramurals '55, '56, '57, SUMMA Sports Editor '58. MARILYN WEBER St. Patrick, Honor Roll 177, National Honor S0- ciety, Civics Club '55, G.A.A. '55, Freshman Op- eretta '55, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '56, Speech Club '57, Speech Festival '57, Variety Show '57, Poetry Award '57, Sodality '55, '56, '57, '58, Sodality Rep. '55, '56, '57, '58, Future Nurses '57, '58, Rep. '57, '58, Spanish Club '57, '58, Pep Club '57, '58, Glee Club '58, COMPACT Co-Editor JOHN WEISBRUCH St. Mark, Speech Club '58, Diocesan Speech Contest '57, Science Club '58, Bowling '55, '56, '57, SUMMA '58, Sodality '56, '57, '58, Football '5T5 Track '55. THOMAS WEISBRUCH St. Bernard, Intramurals '57, Bowling '56. BARBARA WE NZEL St. Thomas, Student Council Rep. '58, COMPACT Feature Editor '58, Latin Club '56, Civics Club '55, Freshman Operetta '55, Pep Club '56, Style Show '57, Biology Club '56, Poetry Award '57, Essay Award '57, WILLIAM WESTLAKE St. Patrick, Honor Roll 613, Vocation Club 55, In- tramurals '56, '57, Sodality '57, '58, SUMMA '58, Science Club '56, '57, Football '55, Cater- pillar Co-Op '58. 42. W t S X ,,, ,., .Ep ,ws JOSEPH WHALEN St, Bernard, Football '55, Intramurals '57, Glee Club '57, 58, "Twelve Angry Men' JOHN WHITE JH. St. Joseph, Loda, Civics Club '55, Volleyball '56, Biology Award '56, Latin Club '56, Future Nurses '56, Swimming '57, Speech Club '57, Spanish Club '57, '58, Freshman O JAMES WICK peretta '55, St. Patrick, Football '55, '56, Track 5.1, 56. MARGARETTA WICK St. Patrick, Washington, Freshman Operetta '55, Volleyball '55, '56, Basketball '55, '56, Future Nurses '55, Science Club '56, CAROL ANN WILTZ St. Cecelia: Honor Roll ftiv, Nation al Honor SQ- cietyi Civics Club '55, Freshman Operetta 55. G,A,A. '55, Latin Club '56, Glee Club '56, 51, '58, Pep Club '56, '57, '58, Mission '58, Biology Club '56, Speech Club Rep. '56, '57, '57Z 'Sweet- hearts" '57, French Club '58, News Editor of COMPACT ws. BARBARA WINKELMANN St. Philomena, Freshman Operetta '55, Civics Club '55, Latin Club '56, Pep Club '56, Swimming '57, Style Show '57, THOMAS WRATH St. Bernard, Honor Roll fill, Intramurals '55, '56, Key Club '56, '57, '58, Sodality '58, National Honor Society, Science Club '57, '58, "Twelve Angry Men" '58, Track '55 '58, Caterpillar Co-Op '57, SHARON YOUNG St, Boniface, Freshman Operetta Club '56, Style Show '57, MARGARET ZANT St. Bernard, Freshman Operetta '55 '55, Latin Club '56, Biology Club '5 '57, Pep Club '56, Sodality '55, '56 57. JOHN ZE ITZ SUMMA '58, , Speech Club 55, Science : Civics Club 6: Glee Club I Style Show St, Mary, Honor Roll f7l: Key Club '57, Treas- urer '58, Football '55, '56, '57, Intl '57, Science Club Treas, '57, Pres. 'amurals '56, '58, SUMMA Business Manager '58, INSTITUTE Business Man- ager '55, '56, '58, Class Treasurer '56, '57, Nat- ional Honor Society, Student Council '58, Dioces- an Speech Festival '57, "Song of Bernadette" '58, "Sweethearts" '57, Caterpillar Co-Op '58, Jr. Acd. ol' Science lst Place '57. FRANCES ZIMMERMAN St. Bernard, Civics Club '55, Art '56, SISTER GAUDENTIA, O.S.F. Hannover, Germany, St. Francis Hos SISTER M. JOSEPHINE, O.S.F. pital, Peoria. Fulda, Germany, St. Francis Hospital, Peoria. NICHOLAS RASHFORD St. John, President of Red Cross '57, al delegate on Red Cross Tour '56, '56, Speech Club '57, Now studyi priesthood at Viatorian novitiate. Internation- Sodality '55, ng for the 43 Juniors forge ahead . . Pausing before Our Lady of Good Counsel: Sister Victor Marie, Susan Schmitt, secretaryg Sharon Zara, presi- dent. ClVIissing: jean Palmer, vicc-presi- dentg and Marge Hagemann, treasurcrj Joan Alig 11 - I "Q Robert Anderson in Larry Andrews s.., b is gi f an-iff. Richard Andrews 'E V 552 K A 1 "-' .5 5 4' Mary Appleby 1' 'f 1,1 A 'W if Saul Ausejus , Q V... 5 "': 3 1 .Q W3 lu. 1.1 i .1 if 'su Michael Babrowski If I . ' Walter Barden M' 5? '11 I James Barry ff Robert Bart :.: ggi G51 A H ' jig: 51 EL is 4 f A 'A -' M Marcia Benz 13" ii V W no In 1 Bonita Bertaux r Q' lllvq lvblbl -' T M -if 5 " if 3 A eflgaw , K : Q E5,::: H 'S' I VF 1 2 :ww ..'- 1 -',1-. 1 5 '1' '.,, if A l ffaagim . 1 ' 1 1 1 ,:.t.- A W 1 11,1 1 A Gary Bessler .1 ,Q Scherrie Bianco " 11,1 -if 1 Theodore Bianco '-. 1 --" :..' ' ' 'f""" Janet Biederbeck 52 5255 gf? A 1 1 W Judith Bledsoe L W J, J 2' '-':. N ,:,. 1 ir- I 1 1- 1 1 2 if '31 .Zf1.1'1 Bafbafa Blender J ":i :., ' 1, 1 lllii A Nanette Blonts 1.1. 1 . V " ' . A Kathleen Bourne 1 1231 15 :-:' 'M ,.,, DQYUUS B0ufSCh9id'f 1713? .:,. 1 ."': -- 11 1 1 - " 'Sl , ,.1,., 551 11 ,Q -we '. .1 Eii rfff-2'1 Thomas Bouton f,, K' .1 2 " - A ' W Charlene Bowers ' '- 1 H55 T552 We g 712, ' Q V 11 :E 'irffvf Hugh Bram 1--1-1- . W1,f ' 1.,11 1 QQ ,.,.1-" 45. ',., 1 '---1l1 2 '-2-' 1 5 rg ., , Lfygvelrtygvjtixkklzr ,,., ........ 4 Z --::5vel.,:. , Q Q We I 1 1 AL 1 i 1 1 44 s fgzf, "'- 5 1, if "': Im: A xi I M 59 1 if f T Qi, gy 1 f 1, iw' fi i'hP -: ,buf IE" -:Q N if ...Q H s l. 3 it Pia? sk ggwca Svc r a ack. :V- sw , ' I ltl- .. ..5g -::. -:::,. ,. h .. ., is EI.. ' ' 5' 7 'RK ,gg f -I , 5 D .X NE: 4 3' , if 5, .,.:: IW ik wwf? if . 4' Q be J, gs E 1 if an 2 ' if -rang, .,.. i ::.,, 5 M , I A A -I "Aff iw, " A g il, A tl: L -,. -,,,Q, ,:.-' E W A, 1 .,r-f V H ., .,.. ' is gil W , 1 4. ,xx A ia ...I..l- H W " 12... zflilgggv I ,, 2 xx 1 yr - -:v i .:.. :-,. A -is M me X, xiii if , V.,.,. W 5: 5 - X Gerald Bresnahan Karen Brisette Cathleen Brophy Austin Brown Robert Brown Thomas Bruemmer Bonnie Buehler Joseph Bush Alan Campbell Herbert Chowaniak John Peter Coffey James Colomac Victoria Colwell Joan Conley Mary Lynn Conway John Cooney Patricia Corey Lucille Covert Bernard Crilly Mary Evelyn Danehy Elinor Davis Thomas Deeb Marianne Dezelick Alexandria Dodds Patrick Donahue Jean Donahue Patricia Dougherty Linda Dozard Martha Anne Dray Charles Driscoll James Dunne Donald Durbin Elliot Durbin Janet Dwyer Mary Frances Eisfelder Owen English Judith Everetts Marianne Eynatten Patrick Fay Judith Fitch James Flanigon Arder Mae Flatt Patricia Foley Stephen Fuertges Kathryn Full David Gaffney Peter Gaul Rita Gedville Alice Geier John Genovese Fred George Patricia Gilman Maragaret Giltner Janice Girdzus Thomas Gleason Robert Gorman Suzanne Graber William Graham Margaret Green Sandra Greene Gary Grimler Michael Grow Mary Frances Gury Betty Anne Haddigan Margaret Hagemann James Hanamean Ronald Hannon Paul Happach Sandra Happach Joan Marie Harris Marilyn Hassler Susan Anne Hecht 46 3? their goal Preparing to meet Looking into the future are the junior officers: Mike Grow, Vice-Presidentg George Rothan, Secretary-Treasurerg Dan Karpowicz, President. ' .. .:.. 3 G -,.' . 2 :.. , yi.. V 5: 1 ...,-- 5 gy, .V I: .fr ..,, ,.:..,. in A ' I:" i Ni 4' V.,. 4 'l"' :Q 2--' B E - Q . . ,--,, fl .:" 3 'I ' if "Z s if .i ff .n fr X s ae A r a rr a ar rsa A a M ' isr t r S ' ' s ,:. X ,r:, ,7 . zrf . 3 "5 , U - ly 1, J .: .:.. iw : u .. its-,. 5 Er:Q5Q::.,,.... 3, . ,E S A . 23 jg I I buuu . , , 'A-:' " s zr., r t.:. we ,.--' " are - '--' V v.-- 1 - :-EZ., ,,:' 1 ., J it 4- L --:--- by , . a ., mi 5. A W r I I its i 4' 6' X Q 1 1 ,A I L Jo Ann Heffron Carolyn Sue Heinz Melvin Heinz Linda Elaine Henning Kevin Heyd Judith Hickey Robert Higgins Terry Hinds Steven Hippen Marilyn Hoffer Judith Hollis Joan Howe Thomas Howe Kathleen Hughes Mary Sharon Ioerger Paul Jachman Barry Johnson Richard Lyle Johnson Marie Joseph John Michael Joyce Eileen Judd Lawrence Jurick Milton Kane Christine Kapraun Daniel Karpowicz Nancy Kelly Paula Kelly Corinne Kennedy Sharon Kibler John King Rose Ellen Kirshgessner Gerald Kissel John Klarich Joan Knapp David Konvalinka James Kronenberg Jerry Kuhns William Labrush Jerry LaHood Walter Langenberg Susan Langton Robert Lapping Barb Larosche Sharon Ann Lasher Mary Kay LeTourneau Connie Lonteen John Lottman Robert Luby 5- af-QI' J Q if ,gg J 'EQ 'X .L , J LQ- i' x 5 I im- ..: hair, A e Q X g et -+V W ,q .Q...f 1 , r ':'- f Y, r, ix li 1 Ni li - 5 gf? f m 'E7 N, 6 E3 55 .y., ,. , .,,,, --V. - , ga ,... m , ' w .. I F I .. 'Q 1',: ,Q 1 i ' A, , ,,.,,, is A T' 'V I ' -:... 'L , if - ill.:-rw, Q ,fi i .. we-is ,. w'JJ-ii 'F an is ---2 " -12' "' S Rise ref i QWJS .v.-'. Z game 4 3 . .4 4 . is 1 f QQIQI K - r -A is-:Q , , ..-,.. I -Q ri ,X u i if J i q i mnid ' V' - iv - if "-. ii-Z' J . Q I, X5-. N. ,.,: Q ,Q Y J X - -"": ,gtg . 'K 'rv' , iv, nk I f , as L ff' 1 9 d"A 1 + ' J if ' f i 5? ,am 3 r K f ' H A ai " 'T -:- ,,.. .. ww wwi we i i A 'A 5 Q A i N - if.. :E " -- J 1 lill 1 - 5' s r r 2" V2 ..': E 1 L , 7 .ggi gf? :V 55372 ,.,,.- if ..,,, zfjgl x .--- A Y ,aa 'Sw Q 9 ' - sl Q X ' afar? Lfwf ia - fiif' igfe' Qwief Vulv' 1 5 A.,.: V S N V n I ill, 5,5 Q ,. v":"' ' 'if ' X N , , V , iii nn. Vx X 1 .a J 22 47 Charles Ludolph Karen Lulay Robert Lumley Kathleen Malone David Manning Susan Mannschott Betteanne Markey Kathleen Maroney Gary Martin Carlos Martinez Sandee Mattlin Fredric Mattson Judy May Richard McAllister Thomas McClernon John McCurdy Linda McFarlane Steve McGrath Robert Mclntyre Ronald McMurray James Meisenbach Donald Meismer Sandra Miller Mary Ann Mocilan 48 S f is S img ?5f "':'i::-s ,W , is am M Q 7 .... A Z ii ,.,..,,,. elf A, f Eg.: In I: .,,. : , E I 3 ff: r 'f 2 E aww' r J iq i , ik Qi r 55 : F V F in mul tiff' 5 ,st Q W vifgg.. l iii.. it l Accepting the challenge Through their untiring efforts these girls have maintained a Straight 'SAB average. FIRST ROWV: Connie Lon- teen, Eleanore Davis, Erin Theile, and lean Donohue. SECOND ROW: Iudy May, Ioan Stepzinski, Christine Kap- . raun, and Margaret Schmitt. file S li i is ' .:,, ,r,, ,.,t , J r,,.. . J ,,r: , ,1,... ,. lll ' r W TE, ky A I 4, 4 an lllllllll U .,,1 .,4,. Q ,,.' " 2f1 --:- ':'i l ,jzlwrffiwiis J Q35 ,luyliv bi E A 2 3 'lil J 1 L. '.,,2 J ew .,--"' V ,.., , if J 'ff J t ix Cynthia Monahan Jo Ann Montefusco Teresa Montefusco Patsy Moore Sandra Moredock Carole Morrow Jim Motsett Michael Murphy Thomas Norwood Arthur Oates Franklin O'Brien William O'Brien Rosemary Ochs Barbara O'Connell Michael O'Connell Paul O'Donnell Thomas Ohlemiller Jo Ohlman Cecelia Ohnemus Joseph O'Neil Judie Osborne John Palladini Jean Palmer John Pares Geri Pauli Willard Payne Frank Perino Janice Peters Jo Ann Peters Daniel Pfleiger Gerald Pilon John Pio Phillip Polonus Mary Powell Mary Ellen Powers Thomas Powers Dennis Powers Phyllis Rebholz Judy Reiter Patrick Render Nan Richmond Frederick Rickey Gerald Riebling Philip Ritschcl John Rodgers Terri Roger Arthur Rohman Dee Roth ,,,.j is rrllip 3? wi J Avlilli A m7Xl. 'uzuiu N L is s E J rg ' ? I J N f iz . Awww rr ' K 'W' 'W : , MW wig? ral. " ' .,f2 31- 5 if-f',x 3 -2 wr, ' .ij ..,,.,..,,, M: ff ur, if ITE ima W JEEL P . Efiff P X 3 ,S SQ Q is awe s rr Qga sZ if? rf R' s ive arf rrrcrlil Qi? at who Ee! kv .:,, A-::E, 5 Y fP gg , ?.!E??TL1 .sm 532 M ,.5: 0 L it X is Nu L x T Q' rr i 3 of g.. jQ '1"j 2'2 3 X ' V I K J X a T J J Zz' "l: . J J,., I E zizvn ' gt 5 '-1'Q: z ':" :,. m p 2 ' ":li 5 Q ,, I F eg f - - 1 :" if "' W -:,'. V . 'IE ,.:,., -E rl r oh 35 Q, pyy Q, 5 it p f it ,i . , :,E:E, Wy Marilyn Roth George Rothan Kathleen Russell Ronald Saal Margaret Schaub Vincent Schaub Violet Schaub Ronald Scheirer Dennis Schepke Emmet Schleich Harold Schlis Margaret Sch nitt Susan Schmitt Robert Schmitt Robert Schmitz William Schuely Shirley Schuh Michael Schwerer Lynn Scott David Sendelbach Mary Sue Shank John Shea Terry Shea Earl Sheets George Shields Fred Sieks Connie Slavens Barbara Smith Bernadette Smith Mary Jo Smith 50 The last plateau Preparing themselves for the years to come by maintaining a straight UA" average are: Thomas Ohlemiller, Kevin Heyd and Gerald Bresnahan. Di 1 1 X as X X 5 ASK f t rt ,,. . X I, ,... ., A ., A- ' 9 'r1r-.1 A rf J' ' r--: '.r, M rg? ,RM Al iylz :g::::iE2 '52.EE::a:f ,., 5 Est z if . 4 is.. -,--, 'P izzlrv 2" ' .,i-.. 2 fr 5 V- ,,:. Q '--"r if ,. - F " ' 'afar fi L l A Y . r,,r, , ..,1: ,.r., 5 3 will ' at .:., ,.,. 1 M - a fr , lg? 5 -li W 2 R .,yy: , X W X qu It P A W-WRQ f V-.- It '1-.., H 1-, --" 1-' if X I, A: 1 V .....,.,......... X .,,.:... E K X K . 5 in Betty Jean Smith Carolyn Smith Daniel Smith Donald Speck Ronald Speck Mary Helen Sronce John Stambaugh Joan Stepzinski Ronald Stevenson James Stewart Marguerite Stewart Richard Stickelmaier Tihor Stoll William Strother Kenneth Streider Daniel Sullivan William Swanson Erin Theile Margaret Thoennes Joan Tidaback Jeanne Tull Frances Vachon Rosalie Vachon Joyce Vanasse Genc Venzon Charlotte Vogel Walter Vogel Beverly Voges Margaret Volk Susan Vonachen Oscar Weber Patricia Weers Mary Ann Weisbruch John Wells Mary Ann Welsh James Whalen Christy Whan Iris Wiles Larry Williams Jane Ellen Willkie Mary Ann Woods Delores Zant Sharon Zara Mary Zelenda Terry Zeller Barbara Zombro Dianc Zosky .f 'ii '.,.. .-,' Z 'V E: Q iAW E i MY Q A 1 X uuzi, . Q M E ' t N x .1 'iggi if . ".. u,,,..t ..-f - -' Q ,,yyl5. a:,,J1,,. Qt riz . . V- ,. 'E55: ij.. S! . , I., .y,. . .. Ef f:-V .....' t :EM ages Q r J wir I wi 5: '44, fb-f"E:. 'iff "" 2 S gr 9 2:35 ".. ' X M it H IIAISZII i -V .WWC .:" MWF aids .",. ri'-: . . V-.., .. . , . ' .... .. ..:... I Ex Q E tta to 9 U wlislttl . ":::? :ll ,Lg N , s 55g th. Clif EMM f a f at IA X J F' WI ' A i, lggg .Q i iii ' A ,J 1 s. x E.g l A MT Q Mm? .K .V N M-E: '-,. E z , is 1 .. . 'ea 5,-5 me EF' .RW ntl la! Si. J tc a..y S . it 'W-S .- iy -r- 'I I K rrryr lk J A 'NNA D x E .,., W3 me , X. ,. Qty W! 6 '33 f , vs P ,fy .lr--.P 45, aw., 4 fu ww Q. -L., si sv. ,Q 4 fa 532' is V'-.:: 1- , -Q K W A ,g ag fi , 'wa 'wtf Y X, .Saw i S , , I f??'.:,n ,NZ , 7 , ljlgaggggy Q. x wr' 'tg 5 1 Q f Qvwm 3 2 fi gg- ? 3 g t i bkil A ffl.. xr t he' It Pa seth 3 sig -5. A 1. an A 3 --" ,,, 5 f 'ik :E '- -f 1 Ky 2 . K R . by-'Q H, M iii , , .1 3 a v Y gi ':':-' rig. Q X? 'ja X ,,.g3I,..,,. t- 21.55 1 ' , , T5 -Q-.-F f . M, . .ky X 3:55 f if - - Q , r .. Q1 fig 1 Mm sd w4'5Q- ri' vii we 5 '-" 6 3 4 - as V .,:1 it h k f lk A ,Qt a ys ,M A.,.5 b A .,,., . , 5 ir ., , gl: J Ng, 'mf' it li ,gi V' 30" 5m 'fi .... W 8 'x 5 1 5, A QW! J X I X AWK 52A at :'. I ww ' 2 3 3 .A 'vm f s' I., xy ' ' zi' Z' i X at Kwai ' ex w it la .afx fWf'xwf ,Jia A ATV' A 24? if i ..,.. I A .. vi-A 'E K , , : bz.. 1:2 5 Mrl,i Q "" 4--... fk-if: 5 S A K S :HV - ,im-9 i Q ix A L.. Q Q - N M ,S div, .J . , are if 1 K ff KYIWSL - J e If 5333 J : Q ,xgsg 21 Q 4' , 'za ., na. -0-f Q - -. fi ww fs .Jig z. vffgffiiir W , jf:.Ji:ff, 1 ,Z 'fE5f2.s 5? 2: if Ziff, , s :Ig:fs,:.' is . . 52 . G1 f -'-i!,r.r' ,e:'- Qw M , . . :..sgg3iaia: -5 ' - ' j if :J .,1. A - . Q I.: ' Q ' -1. 7 3- 2 'iii' 'ff' ? 'WW 5 -Y-:is , ' J :' ,.r A Ezfwi Q ei, -R ' 3 ' ez .rm 'N' ,QTY ,. Ks Lf in 5 ,+ :: 5 e sgwav' Patricia Adams Thomas Alexander Suzanne Allgood Sharon Atkins John Baker Kenneth Bale Charles Barnes Annette Bartolo Edward Bartolo Jill Bartholomew Mary Jane Bauer Glenda Black Brian Blanc William Blender Suzanne Bobeck Merrill Bolar Carol Bonn Martha Sharon Boone Dianne Bour James Bradford Stephen Brady Mary Ann Braun Thomas Breese Richard Brienen Diane Brophy Andrew Brown Richard Brugger William Bryant Bill Buckler Richard Bulger Robert Bulock Duane Burk David Burson Janice Butler Michael Cafferty Sheila Cain Jo Ann Calaway Angela Caldwell Joyce Campbell James Carpenter Gloria Capranica Anthony Carr Eloise Carter Geraldine Castle Mary Alice Cignarelli James Clark Thomas Claes Marilyn Constantine Michael Conver Charles Cooney Marilyn Kathleen Cooper Sherrill Cornick Gerald Couri James Criss Sophomores follow the path Planning sophomore activities: Ioan Girardot. trcasurerg Indy Morris. secre- taryg Mary louise Zcvnik, x'ice-prcsi- dentg and Sherrill Cfornick, president. i M e if "i: J -i f? W l, ig. if ' 2 ' Q- J fc? ,eq W -:,, f A E ' ' 5. rrr Q Wk i A.. J A 2.x 5' R 'X fr .aw if eff? F if-HE:-P"' fi E K it ., 15 l ,.i,.g q i r,i, , -,,A, .Q I " ' af ii i if' 5 .E ,.i.,,,., :,.i,, q , E:,2:?::E,: E Zql i?i"Te ' r. . i 3 V F L if if i ,fl R , r :.: M '2iiq-: , H 4 Q ig 4 ' by J, ., . ,, Q E 'r. J gm .J V. . c 1,-+- J if 4.4 J .,,. .ff :'H2 ii we ,Q lavrl 4 J -: I- li P 5 J' iV':z1 1 t ,ZW L--3a i 3' 3 fm' f in :Z Wm xflffs ' A'nn!igt :U my 'lf' ,, Julius Crocker Barbara Cundiff Thomas Cusack Rose Ann Dantone Karen De-Bates Patricia Debbout Mary Dempsey Linda DeTrempe Patricia Dezelick Dolores Dickerson Walter Didosch Lawrence Dolan Terrence Donahue Helen Elizabeth Donovan Mary Donovan Thomas Dorsey Marlianne Downing James Duffield Mary Duke Sandra Jean Dunne Clarence Durbin Gertrude Ann Durbin Patricia Dusenberry Karen Eagelston Beverly Ann Ehringer Nancy Diane Elser Michael Emmett Donald Ennis Vernon Eustice Henry Eynatten E 53 ex N my wiv W X Q -.ww QW 3 Q ,fi F is r Qi K vi L 5 tar hike " ' 'Q 'ff 'mf ':-f 2: J ,.,, H ax J NA EX? .3 l -Q : it - A ' L H ,Q:.- :Z -"- , K R x I . f Q J f 2 ..,: .,,.::. ' . 9 agar -'bfi F - 'f A f x 2, are l L. f " 'figs G' X f west 5 5 kg 5 Xb, ., ,...,,... e b . ..,.. ..,:,.:. E x 'hw I 75? wr- fg' '--' K , il I: ,' 4 . is My .6- lf 'W Egffjmf f , ,J W r i rr J a are fa- W 'N 4, nm A , s Q 'K Q f 555. X X X Joyce Agnes Farrelly Thomas Fahey John Fatini Joseph Favaro Robert Ferris Eugene Ferguson Thomas Fiorentino Jerry Fischer Judy Ann Fischer Sandra Kay Fitch Margo Ann Fogg James Foley Ernestynne Jayne Ford Mike Fortune Orville Frank Mary Jo Frasco Robert Fritscher William Gaffney Catherine Galvin Michael Gardiner Rosa Mary Genovese Nancy Jean Gensler Ellen Virginia Gibbons Carol Sue Gilles Judith Gilles Nancy Carol Gilles Judith Anne Giltner Joan Girardot Katherine Guinta Mary Alice Glore Kenneth Grebner Roger Gregory Alan Griffin Karen Ann Grimm John Guilfoyle Susan Gury Carol Ann Hadank Fred Hadank Mary Catherine Haddigan Nancy Irene Halsted Mary Kathleen Hancock Barbara Hanley Barbara Happach Donna Harding Sharon Kay Harvey Margaret Hausam Raymond Hayes Karen Heathman Daniel Heinz George Heinz Richard Herber Mary Jane Hermacinski David Hessling Kathleen Ann Hines be g al The upper class men have set . . . 'What now?, seems to be thc question asked by the sophomore officers who are: Bill Gaffney, secretary-treasurerg Tom Cusak, presidentg Dan Horan, vice-president. l 5' 'ws , :ge .,,, we I .....e.. Al s r 4 f nd? ea i h w K in it V f R .A L.. 1 ,- me N ir ,rq fef l4g? X S 2? W E ,. , Q-ff 5 - x as N .,,. -4 se ,. 4 X qnvy ,I A L? ,M 3 ,Q 1 H 5 Q-K. ef sa f z:. Mlm 5 .' -T Tefsff S 4 , 5544 'S fm 2:9 "'3.'Z1':5 :e We ' f f"'?f.'27? W fer 4 R: a, , - Q M ,it 'J r gg? rs NX I 1 I Mm f 4 Patricia Hinrichs Kathleen Hobin Marjorie Hoffer Jerome Holm Stephen Houston Daniel Horan Josephine Honings Sheila Howard Susie Hughes Karen Humphrey Michael Humphrey Richard Humphrey Juanita Hundemer Leland loerger James Irons Johanna Jaeth Thomas James Karen Sue Johnson Jacqueline Kamin Sandra Karcher John Karpowicz Lawrence Kazense Kathryn Keller Jeanne Kelley Ann Kelly Michael Kelley Geraldine Kelsch William Kempe Susan Kettering '51-1, ,.'- Z .325 sgrf ,' Susan Kerr ,fi tg D N f' B 55 L J t Q yy .,.:f J ,, .,V:. .QA M wi J Q li -' Y ' . EW iv, ,N , sf H L Y K I wt h it 3 H IE: A' , ITN E' x 1 ms. 5 A 'F E2 iz. .-., f ZEIE if f rg, .,., . ,., I ..: je. If V I J iff ,.,, if U' ff . ., 1 .,' XX 56 - - f :Egg sf .. 'fs Z M.. A ,Rig Q N .,... . -V Hi 3 4-aw-"il J. t Q ga, M if - -+ 5 at 5 A we xiii: lv' .3 sf , may H 5 -Eiga-.5 'fg:g,-'f:'::3:I::'.,. 4 V Q Q Jr Y l- A ,U .X ,, Jn 8 "'- S ..: :, fr r tm Wk i I 29 iw, , ra k,.-k N' , av. it aw , Av- ,, ""' J jg J ..x. L ,J i wa Q Exam Egg? 1 Q 'QW W Na. Q ' am 5 w Q., Xia ,L 74541 2 X ,infra x I arn- . Q I M '- ',f""'.. ' I 5- ., Q x S 2 531-if: 519' 9 ? xx' 'RL-:ff .a s L .L ,i Q e - M A Via 0 H 1 I ' 5 X, 2 1 N3 if W was ' M. nfl' out 'WW 'bk M. :E ,Pdf lf Wh "7 2. , -- 'QI -. Q if N' 5 ' .A,.,. 4 .W 5. it lk M Xt J S 52 .2-I-we H in Vw . ik ,. ,K 'L 7 4 fbi Gerald King Dennis Knox Kathryn Koenig Christine Ann Kramm Charlotte Kravisky Gloria Jean Kucavik Edward Lackey Mary Catherine Lacher Carol Ann La Hood Paula Landers William Langan James Langen Michael Laux Tracy Leuallen Mary Lewis Kenneth Lotts Clayton Low James Lowy Susan Mackoway Judith Maher Joy Lynne Mahoney James Maloof Vivian Maloof Elinor Manias Jo Anne Martinez Joe Mazzuckelli Richard McCarthy Mary Beth McDonald Bernard McFarden Patrick McFarlin James McGee Michael McGrath Michael McLinden Judith McMahon Mary McNamara Joan Michael , Q , X X I 15 1' ,W . "1 W I A' -gg-vfgi Q, ,,.,. , .,,. Vg I ' if ,Y ' We .... , Q' Terry Middleton Judith Miller Jean Mittal Roger Moon Patrick Mooney John Moore John S. Moore Kenneth Moran Farrell Moredock Barbara Jean Moretto Bruce Morgan Judith Morris Charlotte Motsett Sue Ann Mueller A Judith Murray Kathleen Murrin Helen Nauman S X E 4 R z if F ag J :gre :I .... F ,.- , - ' ,l,. , 3 K' P to , I t is ,hm Y- 43 A Q 4 .Q , "" sf Janet Nauman li To overcome all obstacles Success comes to these Sophomores through hard study. Row l: Kathryn Keller, Susan Gury, Mary Duke, Mar- tha Willi. Row 2: Mary Louise Zev- nik. Sherrill Cornik. Ioan Girardot. ROW3: Susan Sullivan, Mary Alice Cignarelli, Mary Catherine Haddigan. , Virginia Nauman 9, i .rr 3 AK "5 Marilyn Nelson W , ' fm fl' P- xl M' Linda Newell gf A ' P 'QQ ' Pamela Nr-wton it :ii J - g Robert N01-bits fi 3 N Patrick O'Neil P ta gg Z I . H. 5 5 ' I ' ' W fl ' Judith Osborn K i f i MQW H A V Albert Perry V W W I 559' 'W' " " " lvll :jf Q my Daniel Peters V " W -,. Y r . ' V rf Ronald Pfeiffer ' ww: Q -:fi . L g Cecile Pilon l W5 " wr, H512 Robert Poehls X A .55 A L it l "'- M a J ' " Shirleen Powell ,H A? Lk 121. I Shirly Powell M fig ..,. 'if it ' Virgil Powell -' 5 gy f lzll J qlll- ' Thomas Quinn f, Ali' 3' Gordon Rafool - get ag'fT"-i f .:,.: I David Rahn ,N s ,. K X X " 9 .z.g, - Patricia Reed Gary Reeves 5 'W I: ie " Catherine R4-ising gy gg rf David Raising '63 14" J i gfifgjf 'WV James Rezae 5 V H is Robert Riecker ll f 4 I K l :tm ., it ",, 3 James Ritt E- ' ii' '--, Michael Roberts it ta W f 1 3.1, -' -Q, 'Q . ' I George Robertson 5 Q , ' mg M ' gil gf ' V ' ' XM 5 ' Sharon Rodgers :EE :QQ V 'jul' L EZ- xl w QE -l::v- ww :E , vxzfiy Irvin Roger l Q ff of 3 I ' L Thomas ROSS' , i A Tb :V -lll I ., ., . .dy f. ik r if IZ: ,:.. ....., fl ff 1 J 1, t lr K L 3 . su- ,X Q ima 3 1 fwfr it ' Qgfgwsv rw -'Qi K Q 1? S we X ,. ii W Qt, Kiwi. 5. wp-fr are me .N i. AQ, 'E . N J kwa 3 I I1 . , UW l my w....,,. . E 9, L fir 5. - . ,ga i .,,,r w e if 1 2 ig vifn T ,J r ,. 2,33 V, x X XE Q, ..A g ., " ...Q J ., K, 1 N Y-M fa lwfwgi 5 r if it if 5 e " 1 ft r i " rr ' ' .299 Q-1' w as -- QS 5 Li th 9 Xia S Lila .lx r N .v1, t .,Q.. P usvl b J ,.:.,,,,, ' ' V' ---' ' " Mzgifiiyt 3 wr K ASW? wifi. E Q Q, .W 3 4" X E 3 'lk 1 vv4'N '71 ., ini-wfx ,, if Jill-Q-if . at WJHFA ' 5 2 E 6. '4 sw 53 hi 'X fm' .' "Yr"-"':"I QWQ - J. Y :jf J wif 'x , . ffl, ,YW 'eff 42 QE I gm ,,1 , f.-,IM kjgrwfjy Q at QE V X i K ii L 'A 1- f : :+""er rw, . - ' a s gig. -ww ,: . Si ,. it W3 i 9 A ,ST Q "-Q .1 I li 5 :st if T I 5 N ' it S' "ffl rf f . ,, M, A, are ti 1? tr- .H ws., E-in S -Qs K5 ' 11-:E I is Y' 'fr' ff Mfg' Kyra , ! v-lags' Ct ' E 5. i. r 2 with .g,c 2 ti James Ross Dave Ruhaak Leo Ruiz Sandra Ryia John Rynell John Sack Barbara Salerno James Sammon Gregory Sander Thomas Scanlan John Schaub Gerald Schierer Michael Schleich Regina Schlenker James Schmitt Donna Schraeder Gerald Schraeder Jeanette Schultz Duane Schwartz Joe Schwerer Mary Shea Constance Sheppard Reed Shipman Joy Ann Showalter Patricia Sieks James Siwicke Spalding Slevin Mary Ann Smith David Snyder David Sommer Gloria Spillane Rosalie Marie Sovanski Frank Spalding Thomas Stack Jerry Statkus Gary Stedman Charles Steimle Patricia Ann Stenger Sandra Kay Stenger Jerry Stephens Marlene Stephens Linda Anne Stewart Julia Stickelmaier Dean Stone Mary Ann Stull Gloria Ann Sullins Margaret Lee Sullivan Susan Sullivan Suellen Summer Robert Terlap Christine Mary Thena Sue Thomas Carl Tiarks David Tillman Which might be met Those sophomores have taken a step in the right direction hy maintaining an "A" average. Left to right: Iamcs Hitt, Thomas Claes, David Rahn, Rich- ard Bulger, and Kenneth Grebncr. 9 if .5 51 5 Q .. . ,Q :: mg ,A - E. w " f , ti Kv '52 f -: ilil .. ,. ili -'-' 1 w if E: ,, A! . x .,:5:E:.,., q:gV.E . , I XM . , 3 Q x 1 is i?5Xi?i'Rf'Q 'J rig , x gs, ' 5 I- L ,.,.,, 5 :-: .A 3 M ,- QF, , la.. .... , l 1 an Q t 1 i sw ,mars E M. , .y .,:a 5 l v In Via ala' 'j,,: 3 Ti I af' ' ---. ,.. , -.v- xt.. i x 'ii W 1 li M Ei'-1 ..j .'v.,.. . H K 'vlgg gf :: ,QE A .,...., MM V W- A 6 L: I V ii E . Q xt 1 9 t f 5 f - P yy., W QV ., . ' if 5 7? ..,: 5 :,' " i iw k g f, L 3 t K Yi 'Q fi," "" I5 ..,,-, '::. - H1237 ' .1 'V .. M r 3,6 3 P 23' if X Edward Tuerk Fred Tuerk Keith Vala Dick Vanlfiruwaene Mary Jane Veatch Jean Vespa Jacqueline Ann Vogel Eleanor Ann Vogt Sharon Sue Vollmer Marjorie Wake Richard Waldschmidt Marilyn Walloch Judith Ann Walraven Mary Frances Wamsley Charles Waters William Webster John Weinstein Patrick Weitzel Jacqueline Ann Wenzel Marianne Wcrtz James Wetzler Robert Whan Lewis Whetzel Jeanne Ellen White Sharon Wilhelm Martha Willi Robert Williamson Thomas Willkie James Windsor Raymond Wolfram Roger Wolschlag James Zang Louis Zant Mary Louise Zevnik Albert Abraham H Margaret Adams Robert Adkinson 1311, 'I "--- I Herold Alexander 2 '-.V Richard Alig James Anderson H, William Anderson Carole Anselme .2 V A James Anstett Peggy Antonacci XM Ann Armitage I Kathleen Atkinson "" A z 5:1351 rm Freshmen begun their climb . . . These happy freshmen learn responsi- bility: Connie Roling, presidentg Louise Eynatten, vice-presidentg Terri O,Hern, secretaryg Marcella Bachler, treasurer. r '-' . ' Mfg f .-l A rrir' .Iii -V 1- i l I: 5- J ' 1 ' I , , ,. r w . 2:2122 3 if '52 - www ' -: ' I ' E , LLEB. il 'irs 2 px -M Karen Atterberry " 5552 - ,X Marcella Bachler .-" fi? 1 i... . E 1': 'fl Kathleen Backes ...,, 'E ' 2 ""l"" 'Z' fi. Q Diane Baker :Zi rf: 2'-', E " H. :ir f .,: .i Film ? -' Paul Baker '-'- ' 3 1? "Jr Carolyn Barnett 2.2 22'2 Gerald Barry ., 1 . , Eg Dale Barth 1 ,H - E... , -"' f 1, ,. - Mary LOLUSG BGCMG1 2'2.'.- fe ":' ' '-" ' Mary BGCKQT - , 'fi 1" - 5' B' H it 5 is Timothy Beckman 45 lE" 3' 'fill' It "2' - Alexi e 'H Peggy Beharelle '53 -, fQ'f2g2:s ,,.,' '-:F p 1' "'-' , Q 2 are ' 1,r', r ,Q K 1 Q A 5 3 2 . Eifigf-g::,s5r,5: ..-- E ,M 3 K Anne Behrens I ,g Virginia Berkey A,, Z , I ij" EE Sally Bemigef .- i .. ,..., -':.'.-:- .,,., .. Lewis Betts uazl 2',. Q . -5552 1 ' gl i W ji? We M -1' Q j A David Bianchi f ' if 1- H' 4 125555 5-if-2 5 A 'gg gf u SUSHH Biedefbeck ' " ,,,,, A l'V' A ' fwlsi : ,..,, V.: ,,,. -I 2., ig .. .,2. ,i Q.:-ii: -,.:,:,,. W' 5 - gf 2- 5, 50 f 1555, A Kathleen Blanc Tonda Blaylock Kenneth Blum Karen Bonikowski Brian Bour Betty Lou Bozarth Sandra Brinkley Barbara Brown Kay Bubnick Gerald Buckman Sharon Bullock Judy Burson Jacqueline Butler Sidney Cain Lawrence Callan Roger Campbell Mary Jo Capitani Mary Ann Capshaw Judy Carman Mary Agnes Carney Colleen Carr Mary Char Carroll Thomas Carroll John Case Elizabeth Cassidy Judy Christiansen David Clark Robert Clark Daniel Clift Michael Coleman Thomas Coffey Maureen Colgan James Conley Martha Jane Conner Eileen Cook Lawrence Cooksey Shirley Anne Cooley Patricia Cooper Wilbur Corbin Raymond Corey Eileen Clare Crahan Kathleen Teresa Crahan Robert Crambleth Bernard Cramer Diane Marie Cramer Robert Cramer Martin Crowley John Cusack Ramon D'Alfonso Donald Davenport Patricia Ann Davis Jerrold Dediach Carol Deeb Kathleen Angela DeMuth Rose Marie Dickerson Elaine Douglas Beth Lynne Downing Dennis Doyle James Dozard James Drewitz Patrick Drohoon Virginia Cecilia Dubois Patricia Anne Duffey M, ..., ,4. , A if ,'t' T: ,,y: 'Q i,, C s z ,..:,, if TEQ V, W .i..., ,D 5.: K .rf Q I X . ..... X , x - V ! F .544 XA 5 Bits f 555225 ':.'i :'i,, -V 2 ,nl , 65 'C 1 1-: 1 M Q "':'2 5 .. A V "Z C it k r llllvd mn 3 -a -:-V----:- 3 "" .... s 4: B . , ' 5 ' .," - J xi Q ,i" 1 'jf'f'. C arr 1 Q . 3 J 'fr' -::,. 'gi' P 'Q it r'r-'- ",-2 .., J is H A xi n fy in " W -1-rir:, i 11-+-- 'L i A w ,Ig K K Q W 5 ii ? S iv ii, sv f 5 ali riiag ,fi - X 'V 351644 ,.:: My ulpuq H XM V I, Y . E , Q .r f t 4 . 71f: a-- yi 1 Iglvr ,- : 5 fi Ls f its 'I Cl ug... i R I . .1ae, 1 if 5235 i Q N ,,,..5:..,.. 5 ei .re U s 1 253:-::? ur X 5 A 5 2: .:,,A:- lpt. f Q . K ff .:: ::',.. -vlv ' - I ' 5 I i f f , g ,:E,. .V H In f ' . f V ft J .V,.i:1 ' B I , 1 5' Z., fi K' :,, A J- .lzi f rr n ew r r r r s err at aara , .,,. 3 E : El- In ::, 253 -lnb I If 'twig J ., V Q X? E X 1.12 II, 5 , J ' , V V .5 H -:a-' ' 7 V, tj' .,., IZZ: i . , , ..,., . .,:::,, ,,,:, M. A 9 X C Cizxn Z in ':': 5 if '-r' if-5 Q ,.., p lllp In , w I V,,,V In A 11 - ,i. J rr.yea. -r' PLJJ we .,...,g2 ., , Hi ...f 5 3. m .::' I U,,M.s- , J X Gi Confident of Michael Dugard Gerald Duke Carol Theresa Durbin Richard Dwyer Ronald Dwyer Thomas Eckley Sharon Ruth Elliott Owen Enright Mary Kathleen Eppel Louise Marie Eynatten Janet Ferris Ellen Catherine Fidler Suellen Fifield Margo Ann Fisher Terrance Flaherty Carmen Flores Suzan Marie Frazee Judith Ann Furstoss Julia Ann Gual Robert Gavin Carl Giden Mary Elizabeth Gienow Carolyn Jean Gilles Larry Gilles Ronald Gilles David Gilomen Peter Glass Gerald Glore Konneen Grimm Kathleen Mary Grimm 62 gr tl , S l 1 X lf' K 'Q Agre f V . ,K , Q JE, 3 'E Q in Q, 'ear fs i MQ ' 9 1 r 3 ,vt X SUCCESS Looking over the accomplishments of the past year are the freshman officers: Pat O,Neil, vice-president, Gene Abra- ham, president, Steve Murphy, secre- tary-treasurer. . ,. ,gg i P.: i. uf I Vi if .. ,.,.A, A f -I E 7 5 , wr, - J Qt uzia E I 1' fl s it ...LZ " ' "" y f h if 5 ' S "21 12-"-r E- 5 ""'l' if 4-'13 I fe :,.,.. gn if ,AHZ wif J :-' , ','rE1 354 ..rr -fs l "i' ,, ,.' z12:a:s2:...',r:2-'.5:E':::,::.':.:- A WG J X B. In g t IE: -'-:. 'W ifgr :EI I .5 , r ",.,:', ,Q ,,, Sylvia Marie Grimm Marie Paulette Grogg Thomas Gront Karen Guilfoyle Joseph Hagemann David Hanley Gayline Hansen Kathleen Happack Phyllis Anne Harvey James Haungs Victoria Haungs Thomas Hausem James Haynal Thomas Hayen Joanne Hecht John Heffron Mary Jean Heinz Sharon Ann Heinz Terry Heitzman Donald Henderson Thomas Hennessey Barbara Herold Vivian Irene Hoenselaar Linn Howe Ellen Ann Huber Jean Hufendick William Hughes Barry Irwion Jacqueline Ishmiel Edward Jackson Benjamin Jenkins Sharon Jenkins Francis Johnigle William Johnson Barbara Johnston Carroll Johnston Jo Ann Johnston David Joseph Susan Judge Helena Kelch Mary Kay Kelly Colleen Kelly Robert Kelly William Kennedy Richard Koepple Kathleen Keye John Kenny Gerald Kirchgessner Robert Knapp Robert Knott William Kominski Barbara Krause James Krause Joseph Krippel Henrietta Kyle Douglas Lackey Sharon LaFaber Anthony LaHood Mary Ann LaHood Michael LaHood Mary Ann Langton Michael Langton James Lawless ,ts L ff .1 ri.. r 4 .J ' A J an .,,: 1-:q" -,.. 5 at Q5 laac i i A- f V W 5 i W vitae-4 ,J L ' , b .b.,,, , . ,,.' '- 'E l it fa- X 5 ' T .. " :Jc T ' W ' f M ' 'W x EZQZ: inln Q.,Eff,If i l x :g .. 14 I : ,-V. V ' K gk is Qltl Z jfQ1E5?5?: ?: V, 3: S -, ,. T X V, I 3 at f E l 45 , t . 1 s W Q ,.., 1 1 -. .,,, . ,-.K E J - J f if it ti,,l . -Lr1:-2 f X J E sv .-41 'C Z L 'R "-. 'M 11555: L, Uv life 'f 5? 2. gf' ::.' si gal-'fig Q, V ' ia tx QE' W' WN . ,.:,' 5 -W: S S J 1 l 4 I 4 5 A E.. H V K i- ' i,, -' -. ' F 7 , T .. 4 .,.. W : S R 'A V fi A tx E 3 I K Eli 'f', J :F 5 . rf' ,. we 'ff' 4 " r ' -A .. asa an g ':- , 4 I, :I W. V W J-E, I: VJ: W VI:-.,,....I? S , ,. I , ,Q .: W . M :I ff F" 5' 4, WY 'guy 1 A , g D " 'Spf iff' my -www' 9 -:E-:I , - ff " 'WV' ',-I-':5 'wg4-rf '. ' , -1 W f i - Q -il -1:.. 5 if gel" ' I if-" , tc,. , XV A K W ' '1 X t 1 we 2 J t if t it t ci , an 4 ,li' 1 N tzzl 5 c M pg if 1 -R T 9 if 0, 3 :L : ..',..- J Z uf 7 ' J ' J i 5 X B' 1 J ' Q A it 2 my "1V -::, - 63 at 5? Lonney Leibel Lawrence Lennon Karen Leskanich Lawrence LeTourneau Patricia Anne Lindsay Susan Dorothy Lintz Lawrence Litterest Valerie Loeb Sharon Lokowich Tom Lottman Julie Luken Patricia Lyng John Mackoway Charles Maher Cynthia Mannschott Lawrence Marliere Alice Martin Diane Matarelli James Matheny John Matheny John Mathers Joseph Mattingly Carol McCarthy James McCavith 64 W s Trying all the time These freshmen finished the first semester with a straight "Ai, average: Virginia DuBois, Indy Gaul, Diane Mc- Millan, Io-Lane Oberle, Teresa Mc- Morrow, Ann Smith, Kay Bubnick, Ioann Iohnson, Marcella Bachler, and Julie Luken. LM 4 iz: 2 "r' at m y-f ' , - it- H 1 it W3 I " rf , 4 ' ' "" ' -Q If ' ii" 'V "J -2: H V. : -,gg , , --'--:-2: f its ' ,J 'A 5 -,.:jf,.. Q ' 4 553 S J I -I 523 fi 4 I an A i SN. A 3 A .... 5- x 'F 1:-- H 2 J Q r A . Ini 1 if ' "'i: 'V ' j " I 8 ,yah .. T NYT ,,.,.., N GE R: gk as A 8 3 5 , A f ykx gt 3 rrrr f zlu . we I-QQ M a, J ,M ,Q f X Wi :': r X 555 t X " Si i it 2 . F .ei 'rrs is M1 'is s iz H .a Lawrence MeEnroe Barbara McFarlin Thomas McGrath James McManis Diane McMillian Teresa McMorroW Phyllis McMurray William McQuellon 'Thomas McRcynolds Michael McSWeeney Alma Meeks Frank Meizelis Robert Meizelis Jesse Menchacas Robert Merrill Clarence Meyer Theresa Michael William Michaelson Kathleen Miller Judith Mitchell Ann Montgomery Charlene Moore Thomas Moore Jeffrey Morse George Moye Barbara Mueller David Mullen Stephen Murphy Mary Kay Murray Ronald Nader Donald Naschert Margaret Nehl Jerry Newman Jo-Lane Oberle Nicholas O'Donnell Patrick O'Donnell Sheila O'Donoghue Mary Carol O'Hern Teresa O'Hern Lou Ann Ohlman Mary Ohnemus Kathryn Olson Patrick O'Neil XVilliam O'Neil Richard O'Russa Mary Ellen Otten Rita Palladini Gregory Pauli Peter Peters Ronald Pitcher Marianne Poehles Thomas Porritt Michael Powers Lonnie Ramon Patricia Rebholz Walter Reed Donald Reuder John Ricci Timothy Richmond Linda Riebling Sandra Rinderer Robert Ripper Michael Roark f 1 "' J lx J wr as 'Saas H ' L . 'Q T V . -1. ,. X 3 5 -3 A - .. ? ww-33 rg: f -V fvtffsg is .r... is M' Q ,rf 6' , r X XE? U , WK ..+i'Y X i i f L A K aux? 39" .-.' vi, J 2 -Q if xt, x f fx Zxiieg - :Qi r. r J 23. if'53"' H ix rm, . ,EV rx . Q wx 4' "JI ' H? :fr M rm rr War FX 1 . E fy! Q at ,,, 'ir eeal c ,i i E A 'i t J v' Q 5 S rt in w 90 ,K f f 'Q,f"'W j r g x Mi sg ,Pg Q : :lzk 'A 552. ' ff 5 - 3: -'-- Q- lj rg if ,r,,, fs..., .'W r is-M' weft .,. IQ? Flaw, 'Qu S' W E . Ere L it ff fs W 3 ir, J J zi. .t 'ikfiilw' rl D1 .,, Q as 1- W 4 i P XA 9 1 V, gg ,. W l 1' x I 'IIE Aznnnnl M H I t R R ' ' --gl , r , if A::.:. - 1 -lgl :.,. I :v,,.- I A -If an A , . .rigfrw Q :asia li i.,. W E.: Ik V :I :Q -vzf Q KY f, ?- of I IV.: :N 4 X X it V S A 3 QA - la J X i ' ' Q ' .. Ii.. . 1 A at r oo M l k r AIRA lnvln I A"': n - f K 2 fe,r, , Z is ' ""A..: up ,.,. . V In 1, gy ,. ., .-:,g T' ' if f': '-ff 5 V , .vtlb . ...., ,Zi Tr: Q 1 -:-: 52 ,35-. .,1:, rvn ..,.:. . er r, ,,:l Q Q' .Zin .ig-.V , 5 .N ,f K .,,g .. .,.g.,- Q J . ::, .,.:: E :Q A--v K X A 1 ' ' f - E gym X f N Q - .1-: W A051 r ' I zl' A.,.:, 5: xt QV ' A H, I X 65 Margaret Robison Patricia Rogers Constance Rolling Mary Jo Rothan John Ruggles Robert Ruhoak William Ruhoak Penelope Ruland Michael Rynell David Sagner Margared St. Andre Edward Savant Salvatore Scalise Kathleen Scheirer Judy Scherer Carol Ann Schierer Marilyn Jane Schmitt Mary Ellen Schmitt Darlene Marie Schneider Lois Jean Schultz Carol Ann Schurtz Joann Schvverer Sandra Catherine Seabeck Charles Sell 66 To do their level best . . . Oil to a good start are these freshmen, who have maintained an "A" average for the first semester of their high school days. Standing, left to right: Ed Zempel, Peter Glass. Sitting, left to right: Michael Dugard, Michael Stieber. II., , in is 'X 5 . : llll I - In , J, L -if-V V .1 .'v-- Z gg QQ- j: 2 " 'fi .."" lf' "'i ' j wr? 1'1Q-: ..i. 2 I A E,. .... Q , . ..,. J J J J f li M le t ei' ii 4' J .,,s J, oi fl X f I .lf g g S it Xi. M Wastes? site my L ..,.-, , t-i' ' but " -'-- it ltvlt A f V ' " , ' V. ':" 'Z g A ,.:..., , J J . 2 ,"' ,H J J 2 .i,:, J J Q ,,:,.i 5 1- i t -,.- ' 'i': ' t'i: .". M ii ilzi f P- f J ere' ff- f Q ,J J ':"J' fig, JJJJ, L f Eel fi Y.. the V. Je Diane Sendelbach Ann Theresa Shea Mary Kay Sheridan Larry Sieks Theresa Ann Singer Jerome Skova Ann Mary Smith David Smith Sharon Smith Stephen Smith Mary Catherine Snedden Carl Sorrentino John Sronce Colette Ann Stack Jon Stacy Carol Ann Stenger Judith Stevenson Michael Stieber Stephen Stoll James Stone Jacqueline Stover Alfred Suarez Fred Sund Stephen Takeuchi Richard Theile Clarence Tinsely James Thomas John Thomason John Thompson Roseanne Tilman Sharon Ann Tobin James Tucker David Urbanc Margo Mary Vachon Nicholas Vespa Steven Vicary Marsha Voegele Dennis Vogel Ronald Vogel Kathleen Waiker Veronica Marie Walloch Laurel Ann Wascher Kathryn Weakley Major Weers Joseph Weitekamp Gerald Wenmacher Anita Louise Wertz Philip Westlake John Wetzler Catherine Whalen Kathryn Juanita Wheeler Thelma Whetzel Glen Whitehurst Stephen Whitney Margaret Sue Wiles Paul Willi Kitty Williams Linda Ann Willkie Joseph Workman Carol Olivia Wort Anthony Young Joseph Young Edward Zempel s, it 4 GTQ1 J ws F9 it A I gift , 7253 ,,,,, ..,,.., .- j. ., s rrr if I SLT? QR, Q .,:::i g 55. , .,E: SEQ. gy ? Str' SEE gi' rr' :- A ffj 4 if Us tax .F 1 4 'MW sr jig' fi Z ez '-i 'SE' if it RX, 1. - "mi , p ,,r,,..., Evp E 1 V - "'-' r , :,' A "" S ---- , fi f "'r ,',. sg X - -2t-" 5 Y kill C. R 1. rr- iaa rhL ',.: : '..,. 4 , :lvl S .W -'-.:.:.-. Af , A r.,,,..i. f -Q ' " ,..' Q gjf ifjlz SWE :Q ' Q W ET' '5 ...V 'fi S: A ff" M Z H' i n 3 je J six is 55 jffr z .sa,f,,, """"r 'i.p f '-'1 V-2- 1 -A " W if'?f"f"f "i':.'f1"'r? 525 Q ,-,- : .5 New A SJ ,.,....,,.. K we - ' W: --.- .. -h ' 225 .2211-3. r EE --If.-E if s ,swf ,- A 5 ,jg gag ,.. "S"""J ,Z ,p.., I ,,.,, .,,.. - . V :....a S' 1 Y . "'1'2 ' w af:::.:.,.. : ' l gg JZ X, It ex.A.1s'z.L 1 ,. zzzuv, E P H Q L -2r- 1 '2" ' C A przyr J J 5 A214 v::EZ::" 'i gfiigm., AW I: J il: ,..,. .-.- ' Q? Sting, 5 A 2 -.1. 5 5 :..,:......... , A W ,.., ,. '.,.. I 2,3 1,5 . Y, y 2 Q R Yi gr is If zz: I:-, rl ' V I wwf' W' "',i I Qg .:,:13'5'1 "".'. I "" " ' , 'is x 'S -A V ,.., H J . lpl, A gi: , f-ga : i'-f fi E Ml J ' . J "" K as ri of-rf 1 A 3 67 ww Wm WMV' WW ma is Q s 2 z 5 A wmwww , . .. ,mmm-.335 E ww Y V ...... WNMWW: Mmm -- H HAVE A GOOD TIME: Sharon Grawey, Leo Hoerdeman, Mrs. Grawey ACTIVITIES Mary ls The Image Of All Goodness. Her invisible influence permeates the extra-curricular activities, and through them is created a spirit ot self-reliance, a Well-rounded Christ- ian personality and a proper sense ot valuesfso necessary to a Christian society. 69 E iz is KE 37 5. si 1 35 M .4,,-msmmiw -1,7 ,N.,,,:,-www 7 -, , , -- we W . We had fun . . . "Back to School Danceu in Spalding Cafeteria-Tibor Stoll and Donald Rolling hide their partners. With the opening at classes in September many familiar scenes began to make their appearance at the Academy at Our Lady and Spalding Insti- tute. The many new faces and ideas helped the school year oft to an enthusiastic start. The Academy of Our Lady participates annually in the "Decency in Reaclingv program sponsored by the Catholic Digcst. Barbara O'Connell is pointing to the goal, which was accomplished by the Academy, while Mollie Aljanich, Mary Fortune, and Kathleen Malone look on. The Academy girls have been Downstatc Champs for the past four years. The incredible shrinking corner. 71 The burning of the Manual Ram can be seen in the background of this Homecoming Pep Rally held at Glen Oak Park. This years Homecoming was one which will be re- membered always. The festivities, Which began on Thurs- day, October 17, were marked by something new in our Homecoming history. A huge bonfire was built on the ball diamond in Glen Oak Park, and the ceremony was highlighted by the burning of a huge Manual Ram. The next day the excitement and tension mounted, as last minute preparations were being made tor the big parade, which preceded the all-important gridiron clash with Manual in the evening. Following the game, the Home- coming dance was held at Spalding gym to the tune of Zeke Sanders orchestra. The dance, attended by many students, provided a fitting climax to a Wonderful Home- coming. Iunior's float, nlrish Shake-Em, Split-Fm, Lick-Emf' The Vxfinning Float, the Sophomores, 'ilrish Trim Rams Seniofs Float, "Irish Add 4th Satellitcf' Freshman float, "Irish Tramplc Rams." A K if A Happy Queen with Her Court At halftime, Kalhy Bickerman was Crowned Queen of the 1958 Home- coming festivities. JUNIOR ATTENDANT SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Geri Pauli Marlianne Downing Susan Linfz H II Song of Bernadette The Drama Class, with Spalding boys, gave honor to Our Lady ot Lourdes in the production ot the senior class play, t'The Song ol Bernadette." The cast and crew were rewarded atter Weeks ot hard Work by a most successful performance. "We loved the play," agreed the cast. The story of Our Lady oi Lourdes became so close to us as we lived again the lite at Bernadette. We too now can follow in spirit the fervent pilgrims Who sing, 'iAve, Ave, Ave, Marie." We enjoyed theatre craft, Especially was this so when We could make-up. Vanity? No. Noi i GARDEN SCENE lelt to right: Lynn Lionherger, Helene Cicciarelli, Barbara Tur- Bernadette, accused ol lying, has been called to the house ol' Dean ner, Terry Rafael, Beverly DeRoche, Cheryl Porter, Ruth Ann Peyrnarale fljred Georgej for questioning. Here she is shown Cash, Bill O7Brien, Karen Luedtke, Judy Reeves, Jeannine Len- heing supported by friends and neighbors. Identifying characters: non, Mollie Aljanieh, Tihor Stoll, and Fregl George. CASTEROT HOUSE Later in the year We gave three one-act plays: Speech Festival at Rock Island. There it was rated "Alice Blue Gown," "The Maker of Dreams," and Excellent and Denise Dummer rated Supeuor Actor "Men Folk." The last play we took to the Diocesan APPARITION The Blessed Virgin fPat Peggj makes her first appearance to Bernadette Qleannine Lennonj while her friend, Ieanne QBeVerly DeRoChej and her sister, Marie QHelene Cicciarellij, not seeing Our Lady, scoff in scorn and disbelief. Contrary to the opinion ot Bernadette's parents, Bernade Casterot, aunt of Bernadette, urges the child to comply with the wishes of Our Lady. Identifying, left to right: Helene CiQciarelli- Marie, Ieanninc Lennon-Bernadette, Tihor Stoll -Bernadettds father, Mollie Aljanich-Bernardo Casterotg and Iudy Reeves-Bernadettek mother. MAKE-UP Part of the last-minute prepartion before open ing night: Mary Fortune makes-up Helene Cie ciarellig Beverly DeRoche is her own artist. i r Callow points out some basic fundamentals to cast mem- bers Marty Flaherty and Dick Thome. The camera catches the cast in a moment of suspense. Members are, left to right: Mike Conlon, Chuck Lewis, Tom Wrath, Bob Eagleston, lack Malone, Bill Clinch, Dennis Waldeck, Brain Scully, Bob Lee, John Baniqued, jim Bunce. Twelve Angry Men A precedent was set this year at Spalding When the senior class, gave their production of i'TWelVe Angry Men." The play, under the direction ot Mr. Callow, was held at the Peoria Player's Little Theatre, and was a tremendous success. A standing-room-only crowd Watched the suspense and excitement, as the tate of a boy on trial tor murder was decided. It was the iirst time that Spalding had presented a senior class play, and its success has paved the way tor many more plays in the tuture. C Tempers Flare! Mothers' Guild SITTING: Mrs. I.. C. De I.ozicr, President, and Mrs. A. I. Woods, Vice-President. STANDING: Mrs. john E. Dodds, Treasurer. Mrs. P. Dusenberry, Recording Secretary, and Mrs. P. Farrel.y, Corresponding Secretary. A bis: night out with Dad was the Father-Daughter Banquet. Football Banquet fil.i'i A . ,WQLQ . .gy .I 4. Mt-Cann Valuable Silver Tea were 5 I .A .6,b.,5'4,.lw'8?'wk.3'lii'?E im . is 'E I ' in 5 ii- .5 'ax ., wi Mrs. l.intz pours tea as Mary lo Lintz, Ieannine Iost, and Mrs. lost look on. Q X .25-ai' receives Most 9 .. , . - Ilayer Father Daug ter Banquet TT Denise Dummer rated Superior Actor in Men Folk at the Diocesan Speech Festival in Rock Islandg Doris Roth went to State in the Speech Contest of Illinois Speech Association. High Achievements Bob Pfeiler was chosen as the recipient of the Tom McAnn Award and was judged winner of the local journalism contest sponsored by the Peoria journal Star. Bob was one of 145 teen-age journalists who attended the National Teen-Age Press Conference held in Detroit. The Class ol '58 chose Dave McCann to receive the D. A. R. Award. Dave is a senior who has been outstanding in the fields of leadership, dependability, and service. He is president of the Senior Class and Student Council, and is treasurer of the Greater-Peoria Student Council Organization. 78 Mary johnson, our Betty Crocker winner, shows her pin to Ieanne Hofer. The faculty and Senior Class elected Ieanne to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Award. SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY are seated: Diane DeLozicr, Betty Mathers, Kathy Bickerman, Pat O'Con- nell, Carol Gensler, Chris Iacobs, Standing: Lois Billmeyer, Denise Dummer, Gail Flynn, Sharon Colomae, Lynn Maelcoway, Ann Bau- mann, Helene Cicciarelli, Sheryl Potter, Pat Cramer, Kay Morrissey, Marilyn Weber, Carol Wiltz, and Iudy Reeves. fMissing: Iean Hofer.J NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY are seated: Edward Duke, Robert Pfeifer, Robert Leeg Standing: Iohn Zeitz, james Bunce, Iames Furstoss, Thomas McMurry, Thomas Wrath, Iay Vonachen, George Hessling, Peter Pasquel, Mike Ritschel, Robert Hinds. Honor Societies 1- , ,,N4l5,,,,,,ggy,g,,,m f f ,Agg,g,2g,,Qgfgw,2,,y,,5.r,,4,gg,1,5urq'f' f, QM:ft,MfmwM,Wa,rr1a Nf A change in seasons necessitates a change in dance styles. Our Fall-fling was the Broomstick Bop, complete With an eerie l-lalloWe'en decoration. Spring brings a shower ot dances for Aca- demy and Spalding students. These eagerly anticipated proms highlight a year ot many activities, looth scholas- tically and socially. A scene from the Senior Class dance "Broomstick Bopf' Seated is Dave McCann talk- ing over plans for the Senior Prom with Torn Ioyce and lay Vonachen. 80 Smiling happily are Helene Cicciarelli and Ted Becker who reigned over the Academy Iunior-Senior Prom. I Could Have Dcmced All Night! ,,.,m,:'wW- f"I Sz ' 'L www 5 Q S Q E 2 5 2 2 3 3. fam ., Nmap- -ww ,, ..... .,gN1y .AW ,mmm 5 wi' M Ye! W ? ,Q as ,y S , V , 1 4 'R in 1 2 '51 1 Q fi :'2:::2-:ma l 'Q -'2,'2.21aa: E' , 29" Q 'iw fw-fr Q -lf" ..,...... , , S 5 aff ,galil . ,M W ff Vi M ww? M 'Z155-2'2" 6 . QM 3.?3yM,,,4,,,,,,,, .,.., I 2 ,,. MTw,W5JH,.?,,,:,.,re,1 ...,. , ,,.,,. Q ,.. :iff , P ' A L J ,M V EE f ' , 2 'ffIs2iI' :E , . 1 wi v QI, 'L . K4 .,., i ' .,?i'i.L?f5375 I ysimsimzs -' M t::.:ff:t4:::r ' M,,wm,,r',g, ,, ., ,, W.W,, ya. ,Wgs ---- i ,. sgMz:5:4 fg?f'U', U .,r,.w.,,, W. 3?5'!?ZiiM"r+ "W--'w w ww sw r 4 Q , yfil rw - W 5 5. Z E, Z .K 'QQLH ., f LW W yyy syyy i Q a y ii Q Mchele McGrath received the highest honor Which can be bestowed on any senior, that Ot being chosen by her fellow classmates as the Academy Girl. This choice acknowledeges th at Michele stands tor integrity, leadership and moral stability, scholastic achievements, and a triendly spiritnrall qualities that a stu- dent oi the Academy ot our Lady should acquire. Congratf ulations, Michele, from the Graduating Class at l958l Ll' ,2- A if V 4 'c .f fi ii 23 X Q rf if Q Y, i 5 1 .f ' ,, , xr.. .ig Chuck Lewis introduccs Regis PIEIYIOLII flfrancei and Tea Sirito Qltalyi whu were our forvign exe-liznige studs-nts this ye-ai. ORGANIZATIONS Let Mankind Proclaim Your Wondrous Deeds, O M In light of g spiritual counselor, Cui Lddy of Divine Providence, We hgve been supplied with the assist' dnce enabling us to achieve the bind- ing virtues of Co-operation dnd service, required of C111 orggnizgtions, ary! i So Explaining sell'-improvmntznt week are the Student Council oliicers: Michele McGrath. secretary, Susie Mannschott, treasurer, lLlIl5' Vxfzitson, president, and Helene Ciccimelli, vice-president. Student The Student Council ot the Academy ot Our Lady is an organiza- tion whose main job is to serve the student body which it represents. Two outstanding projects ot this year's Council were the maga- zine drive and the selling ot candy bars to provide the money tor our foreign exchange student. The Council is composed ot one representative trom each home- room. it aims to promote student leadership, preparation tor living under a democracy, and better relationship between student and faculty. f,rMNi"r M. ,V fm :uwwmvzw:f"wn:.u aww at yin, feta: C,'f':,sap:ra wuz, A J , , 1' ,.,, L A . x ..,,.,g.f rm, any M M.-W,,,.,,..Mv4x.LwvmWwm.M ww-mffwm.wfwf,+w , ww-wvgte-sw,--Q Behind many ot the important school activities stands the Student Council. Since it is composed ot representatives ot the recognized organizations, it has sponsored most success- fully all types ot activities. This group gives to the student body the needed leadership. Under the guidance of Fr. Lefebvre, CSV., the Student Council has put together the pep rally for the Regional Tournament, which was so well done and received by the student body. Calling thc liirst Stuciviit Count-il inact- ing to order ami: Milan' Grow, ll'L'21SL1FO!'Q Daw Mt-Cziiiti, presitlt-ntg lfzitlifr l.e-lW-- lvvrv. inoilerzitorg Boli l7luil'Qi', x'it-v-pri-si-- dc-ntg :ind john Pnllzrlini, sem-i'c'tz1i'y. Councils x A VA' Our Student Council rcpresotitzitives are. lirst roxx: M. Sullivan, I. Bartholomew, B. VVenzf-l. K, Bit-kerman. P. Kelly. May, S. Wiles, and P. Diilley. Second row: I. Cirardot. U. Kticavik, C. Pilon, I, Holer. I. O,Bricn, B. Blender, I. Stepziriski, Hot-ht. Biedei'hct-lc. and I. Oherle. Sitting: Dam Karpowicz, john Zcitz, jim Bunn-P. Tom loyce luck Nlulonu, Boh Lev. Standing: Gene Ahrzihzini Tom Ctisztk, Dan Horan. lurk Mt-Nltihon. john Colley 87 Q Looking over sonic of the page layouts are the SUNINI.-X co-Editors: jim Bunce, Denisc Duni- mer. Mike Ritsclicl, Pat Oflonncll, and Sports Editor, llcrman Wcrbei'. Summa Staff This yeor's SUMMA stottt Worked throughout the yeor to produce the best possible yeorboolc. Denise Dum- rner ond Port O'Connell begon in the hot August clolys when they Went to Chicogo to ottenol the Convention of the Notionol Scholostic Press Associo- tion. From the tirst stoltt meeting until the tinol deoolline dote the Stott mern- bers trom the Acoclerny of Our Loioly onol those trom Spololing Institute Worked diligently to combine oll efforts to rnolfe CI corniolete story ot the yeor's otctivities ot both schools. In charge of the financial part of the SUMMA are the Business Editors: Kathy Biclcerrnan and Iohn Zcitz. Busy at their work of typing and iden- tifying pictures are staff members seated, Susie Ferris and Iudy Dunne standing. john Malone. Molly Langtoni and Torn Wrath. Planning their next "shot" are the SVNTNIA pltfmtmuzipltvrs: Kay Morris- sey. Mary jolmson, Paul lat-liman, and Bill Gorman. Members ol the sports stall' are: Mike Cusack, Iohn We-ishruch, Tom Schmitt. anal Chuck lieu is. Combining their thoughts and ideas are: seated, Sharon Grawey, Christine Jacobs, Bill Westlake, C h e r y l Potter, Marty Flaherty, Diane De- Lozier, S h at r rv n Colomacg standing, Iay Vonachen, Bill Betson, Dan Donahue. and Tom McMurray. Front Bow, left to right: Martin Flaherty, Pat O'Donnell, Terry McGrath, lack Malone, Mike Sehleich. Back Row, left to right: Paul Iachman, Torn Deeb, Brother Bristow, co-moderator, Dan Donahue. The official monthly newspaper publication of Spalding, the INSTITUTE, accomplished the task of providing the student body, faculty, and other readers with news, features, and sports throughout the year. Thanks to the establishment of the Graphic Arts Department at Spalding, the magazine-style INSTITUTE was printed at the school this year for the first time in the papers history. This year, the lNSTlTUTE staff spent many hours doing the make-up of the paper. ln the past, the printer has performed this task. A complete coverage of student life was made by the INSTTTUTE staff under the direction of Bob Lee and Bob Pfeifer, Editors-infchief, C h u c k Lewis, Sports Editor, directed the sports department, and Dennis Waldeck, Business Manager, directed the Busi- ness staff in the vital task of obtaining advertising. Father Malley, CSV., and Brother Bristow, C.S.V,, faculty moder- ators, gave the staff invaluable help. Brother Orban, CSV., head of the Graphic Arts Department, printed the INSTITUTE. Reporters working on the staff are, front row, left to right: Ierry Kuhns, Iim McGee, Ken Strie- der, lim Motsett, Phil Polonus, Bill Hughesg back row, left to right: Tom Scanlon, Mike Schepke, Wally' Langenburg, Bob Schmitt, Iohn Palladini, john Pares, Don Naschert, Elliott Durbin, Gary Grimler, Iames Thomas. The Institute Preparing the next edition are: Father Malley, moderator, john Coffeyg Dennis Waldeckg Bob Pfeifer, Co-Editor, Brother Orbang Bob Lee Co- Editorg Chuck Lewis, Bill Gorman. Throughout the year the COMPACT statt has endeavored to spot- light news pertaining to the school and social lite ot the students. New features such as sports, senior silhouettes, and current pop artists have been added this year to give the paper extra zest. The long hours of hard work were evident as each issue finally Went to press. The Compact Prool' reading the first issue of the COMPACT: Judy Reeves. editor, with Terry Rafool, business ezlitorg Marilyn Weber, associate editorg and Barbara Wenzel, feature editor. Working busily on the next issue ol' the COM- PACT are: seated, lelt to right: Evelyn Hoehne. Ann Baumann. and Betty Hofer. Standing. lelt to right: BarlJa1'a Larost-he, Carol VViltz. Susan Hobin. Linda Henning, Mary Charlotte Carroll. and Marilyn Schmitt. l l l 4 l Sodalists standing in the lorm of an HM" to show their devotion to Mary are lelt to right: I. Stickelimaier, T. Ralool, B. Marliey, I. Heffron, I. Keller, M. Stull, H. Ciceiarelli, M. Miller, M. Duke, S. Mannschott, E. Vespa, P. Moore, M. Phillips, D. Roth, A. Baumann, I. Miller, I. Fisher, K. Brophy, NI. Willi, I. Donohue, M. Haddigan, C. Flynn, M. Kripple, M. Roth, C. Lonteen, V. Maloof, C. Galvin, T. Rogers, M. Schmitt, P. Dcbhout, P. Corey, K. Bourne, B. Mathers, I. Watson, 1. Girardot, P. Rebholz, K. Eagleston, R. Cash, L. Lionberger, K. Luedtlie, I. Conley, M. Shea, M. WCbCl', K. Bogner, P. Lan- ders. E. Davis. M. Smith, C. Monahan. Nl. Zevnili, I. Vogel, M. Hancock, li. Cuinta, P. Wee1's, and I. Murray. SODAI ITX OFFICER9 lvithy Bourne Secretarx Nlaiietta Kripple Vlce Prclect Bettx VI ithers Piefcet Iean Donahue Treasurer Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality Probationers are, first row: Phyllis McMurray, Mary C. Carroll, Sharon Rogers, Rosalie Vachon, Connie Rolling, and Margo Vachon. Second row: Susan Lintz, Suzanne Graber, Judy McMahon, and Mary Kay Sheridan. Third row: Sandra Karcher, Marcella Bauhler. Gertrude Durbin. and Colette Stack. Fourth ron: loanne Hecht. Mary Lewis, Nlary Beth Mt-Donald, and Carol Ellis. Sodality The Sodality ot Our Lady intensities spiritual training to pro m ote personal sanctitication and the exercise of apostolic work, which are the aims of this group. As a means ot personal sanctitication, sodalists endeavor to defend the Church in all Her principles. By faithfully incorporating the rules Within themselves, sodalists will attain habits of action that will be of value to them at all times. As lay apostles, sodalists are concerned with the spiritual and mater- ial Wants Ol those with Whom they Come in Preparing Christmas baskets that will bring help and chceer to Contact at l'101'1'19, school and in social lite. the poor are: lean Donahue and Kathy Bourne. Each Sodalist tries in a special Way to imitate the Blessed Virgin and consecrate her lite to Mary. Am. wamw,-w'f , .1 . The Querhes Club officers stzinding in front nl their patron, Father Querhes, sire: Iohn Shea, president, Franklin Spalding, treasurer, and Richard Brugger, secretary. Father Judd and his Sodatity officers: Fred George, treasurer, Iohn Coffey, vice-preleetg Tom Ioyee, prefeetg and Terry McGrath, seere- tary. These sodalists reciting the Little Gffiee are: Mike Kelly, Fritz VVeisl'Jrueh, Tom Ioyee, Gordon Cundiff, and lim Furstoss. SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIE Querbes and Sodality Under the direction ot Father ludd, CSV., the Querbes Club has again taken up the responsibility ot praying tor the right vocations tor every member ot the student body. This club, which takes its name trorn the tounder ot the Viatorian Order, Father Louis Querbes, has only the spiritual Welfare ot the student body as its sole project. The Sodality is closely linked with the Querbes Club as it has vocations as part ot its project. The Sodality is also led by Father ludd, CSV. and has its toundation based on devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. i. ef+ +1 1 ie, xT SPALDING Ponfifical Crew One might spegk ot the Pontiticol Crew os the Bishops "right hornd men". At oll ot the importont Church functions ot which the Bishop presides, these young men con be seen helping him ond the other priests. A greoit deofl ol time is spent in prgctice, gs Well gs otctuol service to mointoin g position in this select group. The Pontifical Crew assists Bishop Cousins. The members of the Pontifical Crew arc, first row: D. Barth, S. Takeuchi, I. Perry, K. Balc, B. Blank, Duke, and Cf, Sell. SQL-'md row: 'l'. Uhle- millvr. B. Pfcilvr. li. Hinds, T. Stoll. I. Newman, and Va-ry ROV. Msgr. R. G. ljvtvrs. director. 95 Mission Representatives discuss ways and means to further the work of C.S.M.C., lelt to right: I. Kelly, M. Hancock, C. Wiltz, S. O,Donoghue, K. McFarlane, S. Lintz, D. Zosky, M. Bachler, C. Kennedy, B. O'Connell, K. Brophy, K. DeMuth, I. Miller, C. Shurtz. The officers plan the Mission Book Drive. Left to right: K. Full, treasurer: S. Bianco. secre- taryg S. McCoy, presidentg A. Vaughn, vice-president. The Mission Representatives pre- sent a skit at the C.S.M.C. Christmas Assembly. Left to right: S. Lintz, K. DeMuth, S. Alwan, K. McFarlane, C. Shurtz, S. Bianco, S. O,Donoghue. C. S. M. C Stamp Representatives busily count stamps hoping their home room will win the 'Stamp Bug" for the month Left to right M I Smith K Eagleston C Kapraun, L. Lionherger, M. Fisher P McMurray A Ceier M Vachon L Billmeyer, M. Roth, M. Fortune M L Zevnlk M Holter R A Dantone Academy Unit The Active Mission Club prepares religious articles for the children ot the missions. Seated: K. Guinta, I. Girardot, K. Bogner, Nfl. Montgomery, K. Eppel, B. I.. Holler, M. C. Caroll, M. A. Eynatten, S. Schmitt, N. Richmond, R. Vachon, V. Caldwell, C. Benzli, B. DeRoche, B. Brown, D. Dumrner, V. Malool. Standing: C. Slavens, Montefusco, S. Karcher, M. C. Haddigzin, M. K. Sheridan, B. Downing, M. Shea, C. Stack, I. Gunther, K. Brisette. As in past years, the members oi the C.S,M.C. gave their Whole hearted support to the various activities promoted during the year, the book drive for the Iesuit missions, Hearts tor Iapan tor the Iapanese missions of the Sisters ot St. Ioseph, the benetit basketball game tor the Bishops' Relief Fund. The spiritual needs ot mission Work was stressed at all assemblies. The representatives Worked hard in their respective homerooms to encourage and to continue the generous help given by the students to advance Gods King- dom. 97 ROW l: T. Ralool, M. Zevenk, M. Cooper, M. Welch, S. Graber, S. Gury, G. Durbin, P. Lan- ders, I. Morris, M. Hancock, S. Ryia, M. Stoll, S. Rodgers, I. Mahoney. ROW 2: M. Weber, C. Wiltz, S. Bianco, L. McFarlane, I. Conley, I. McMahon, M. Miller, S. Colomac, E. Ford, G. Capranica, E. Gibbons, M. Duke, K. Galvin, S. Karcher, T. Rodgers, K. Bourne, I. Murray. ROW 3: H. Cicciarelli, B. Brown, G. Kucavik, C. Ha- dank, I. Donahue, S. Harvey, I. Stickelmaier, M. McNamara, M. Smith, I. Girardot, I. Vespa, E. Carter, E. Theile, E. Davis, M. Shea, D. Roth, C. Kramm. ROW 4: M. Willi, I. Fisher, V. Maloof, M. McGrath, C. Motsett, K. Keller, S. Mueller, R. Cash, B. DeRoche, M. Fortune, P. Debbout, M. Schmitt, I. May, M. Phillips, A. Caldwell, l. Vogel, C. Pilon, K. Murrin, I. Bartholomew. ROW 5: M. McDonald, P. Case, I. Gunther, K. Iohnson, M. Wallack, I. Butler, M. Downing, M. Haddigan, I. Watson, A. Bau- man, H. Wade, S. Boeck, C. Theena, I. Hon- ings, M. Constantino, E. Manias, S. McGrath, S. Sommers. A. O. L. Glee Club The Academy Glee Club, under the direc- tion of Sister Anna Thomas, has had a very busy year. The vocal students and various ensembles prepared a St. Cecilia's Program for the student body. During the Christmas season the Glee Club presented a Christmas concert, which did a repeat performance at the State Hospital. We made recordings for radio station WIRL, and appeared on two T.V. programs, entertained Mother's at Metamora and sang at the Knights of Columbus. St. Valentine's Day brought the successful Glee Club dance, "Sweethearts," ln March, We were one of the eight schools represented in the Mid-State Eight Musical Festival. Two sophomore ensembles and tive vocal solos came back from the state contest with superior ratings. The Academy Glee Club and soloist brought home superior ratings from St. Louis, where they participated in the Music Festival sponsored by Fontbonne College. 98 Sister Anna Thomas strikes a melody with her Glee Club officers: Sharon Colomac, secretary, Helen Wade, president, Iudy Gunther, vice- presidentg and Doris Roth, treasurer. A selection from the St. Coq-ilia's day program: M. Zcvnila. M. Hzulcligzin, lVl. Coopcr, T. Durbin, B. lVlcD0nald, S. Mueller, V. Malool, S. Graber, I. Fish! er, and M. Boone. 2 A scene from ilic Christmas progruni: M. Miller, T Rulkml, Cl. Vxfiltx, S. Ciloirxnuxc, ll. Brfmn, li. llcillrulilie, Il. Cicciarelli, M. lfortunc, R. Cash, Russell, D. De- Lozier, D. Antonini, M. Phillips, ll. Wade, S, Mc-Grath I. Gunther, S. McCoy, Weber, A. Vaughn, I. Wat son, M. McGrath, and A. Bzuunanu. Watching attentively as Sister Amata marks the concert music are, left to right, Bill Gra- ham, Vice-President, Iohn Palladini, Presi- dent, Louie Zant, Quartermaster, and Iim Bunce, Secretary- Treasurer. Spalding Band and . . . BAND MEMBERS, back row: R. Campbell, C. Tiarks, M. Dugard, I. Whalen, R. Pitcher, M. Schwerer, K. Heys, B. Graham, I. Irons, St. Stoll, W. Didesch. SECOND ROW: D. Biachi, G. Sander, P. Polonus, B. Bart, I. Bresnahan, M. Kane, I. Bunce, T. Scanlan, I. Palladini, I. McGee, L. Zant, I. Ross. FRONT ROW: I. McManus, S. Scalise, R. O,Russa, lim Criss, D. Speck, R. Speck, L. Ramos, I. Ricci, T. James, E. Savant, R. Wolfram, T. Carr, I. Morse. QMissing from picture: M. Volz.j , ,, ,, .... uw.. vumnwM wsmmm-. Glee Club Spalding Band One ot the most active organizations at Spalding during the past year has been the Spalding band. Under the direction ot Sister Amata OSB., the band has constantly, throughout the year, contributed to the spirit of the school. ln addition to the fine Christ- mas and Spring concerts, the band was active at tootball and basketball games, and took part in the many district music iestivals. Congratulations band, tor a job Well done! Spalding Glee Club This year, the size ot the Spalding Glee Club was increased to forty stout-hearted men. With the able and enthusiastic director, Father Manual Loughran, Spaloling's Glee Club kept the tradition ot excellent music, both in the liturgical as Well as secular. The Glee Club participated in the new Big Eight Confer- ence, the annual Christmas Concert, and the Spring Music Festival. 'I ttrt tt t tint i,, ,, 9 i i 4... tytti W g T . t i it . 5 I, Q ' f . K g . 5 5 1 if ' - T? S ' I A, If . t TOP RCJW: D. Urbana, D. Naschert, R. Higgins, T. Ohlemiilcr, G. Crimlcr, R. Martin, P. Render, T. Norvvoo.l, B. 5,1-.illy. SECOND ROVV: I. Armentrout, hung, I. Whzilcn, T. Ioycc, K. Iohnson, D. Storms, E. Jackson, I. fl homas, T. Dorsey. THIRD ROW: S. Takeuchi, M. Coleman, R. Hanout, G. Vxfhitchurst, R. Luby, M. Langton. C. Maher, R. Knapp. M. Ritschel. FOURTH ROVV: P. Peters, D. loseph. S. Braly. B. Blanc. R. Herber, T. Fcaris. QNIISSINGJ: D. B.ll'j10l'l, T. Fiorentinu, D. Gallncy, I. loyce, R. Km-ppel, C. Kuhns, T. Rose, D. Sommer. T. Stoll, I. McMahon. 101 Checking that camera arc: john Pares, Ken Blum, Richard Andrews, and john Sronce. l Looking over the reports of their various projects are: john Zeitz, Treasurerg Tom Ioyce, Presidentg john Ioyce, Vice-Presidentg Mike Ritschel, Secretary. Key Club Considered by many as the most competent organization in the school, the Spalding Key Club has just completed its most successful year. Besides building better citizens, the Key Club raised over a thousand dollars in its various projects. lt thereby gained a high ranking place in the Illinois-lowa Dis- trict of Key Club lnternational. The Key Club profits helped purchase the new basketball uniforms, a hi-fi set and held a closed social and made possible pro- grams at all home sports events. Besides the school projects undertaken by the organization, the Key Club was host to the District Key Club convention held in Peoria. At this conven- tion our Vice-President, john Ioyce, was elected Dis- trict Lieutenant Governor. The Key Club owes much of its success to Fr. Lund, its moderator, who has given much of his time to making it a top notch organization. 102 Camera Club The Camera Club is composed of students who wish to learn more about the taking of pictures and the processing of film. These future photographers have made known their usefulness by their assistance to the Institute and Summa in the tedious job of de- veloping the many pictures. Under the direction of Father Novacek, these boys learn the many techniques and skills of photography. Grouped around Father Monahan are: Willy Graham, presidentg Bill Gorman, secretary-treasurerg Tibor Stoll, and Bill O'Brien, vice- president. Red Cross Designed to operate in their neighborhood, the junior Red Cross works for the Community, Nation, and the World. Under the direction of Fr. Monahan it has held drives for the regular Red Cross to aid it in its disaster relief wherever its help is needed, whether it be here or abroad. The members of the Red Cross have the opportunity to take part in first aid classes given by the local Red Cross. Library Club The library is a busy place where students and faculty make good use of material between the covers of books. There from the printed page, pleasure, knowledge and culture are acquired. The services of Sister Marcia and the student librarians are invaluable to all at the Academy. Preparing to be future librarians are: Pat Stenger, treasurerg Gloria Sullins, secretaryg Mary Louise Zevnik, vice-presidentg and Eleanore Gilman, president. Speech Club The speech students come to the close of a busy year. They placed in District, Section, and State, of the Illinois Speech Association Contests. They came home from the Diocesan Speech Festival with five Superior and fourteen Excellent ratings. They orga- nized a Debate Club this year. The lnvitational Speech Festival at Bradley is the last activity in which they will test their powers as future voices of America. Red Cross Iessie IAROCOL, a lively little octopus, has long encouraged the Academy girls to participate in the American Iunior Red Cross program. As the symbol of service and sacrifice, she incites her members to perform various acts of charity, such as parties at hospitals, old folks homes, and orphanages, the blood program, and first aid classes. Members of IAROCOL are leaders of kindness and follow closely in the footsteps of Christ. Discussing their Symbol with Sister Ioan of Arc, the Red Cross officers are: Patsy Moore, vice-president, Eleanor Davis, treasurer, Susie Garber, president, and lean Vespa, secretary. "I speak for dernocracyi' seems to be the expression of these Speech Club officers: Bonnie Berteaux, secretary-treasurer, Barb Smith, presi- dent, and Doris Roth, vice-president. 103 Looking over debate topics the Speech Club officers are: Fred George, secretary-treasurerg lack Malone, presidentg and Austin Brown, vice-president. Observing patterns on the oscilloscope are, left to right: Father Bibeault and Father Crilly, Science Club Moderatorsg lohn Zeitz, Pres.g Bob Pfeifer, V. Pres.g Ioe Meizelis, Secretaryg and Tom Ohle- miller, Treasurer. Science Club Keeping in line with the aims of its constitution the Spalding Science Club continued Hto foster an ine crease of scientific knowledge among its members." Membership is limited mainly to those showing a de- sire to increase their scientific knowledge by building a project suitable for Illinois lr. Academy of Science competition. ln keeping with the spirit of the club and the age, a number of the club members have devoted a great deal of time to testing rocket fuels with the eventual goal of building a workable rocket. Capable assistance has been given in all projects by Father Bibeault and Father Crilly, moderators. 104 Speech Club This year the newly organized Speech and Drama club, under the direction of Mr. Callow, established a very commendable record of achievements, Besides the production of "Twelve Angry Men," members of the club took part in the District, Diocesan, and the Bradley speech festivals, and in each undertaking the club proved itself to be a highly competent and well- directed organization. These Spalding students are making good use of their library with the help of Sister Geraldine. Library Club The Library Club this year, as in the past, has played a vital role in the upkeep and order of our fine library. They have been a constant aid to Sister Geraldine throughout the year in the sorting of books, magazines, and other library materials which we use for our school work and reading pleasure. Civics Club In civics class, the freshmen carry on informative discussions about world problems under the able direction of Sister Maureen loseph. They prepare themselves for good citizenship by advancing their knowledge of our government. lnformation and data on civic plans are gathered and studied by these students. Wondering what will be Nasser's next move are: Teresa McMorrow, Virginia DuBois, Sister Maureen Ioseph, Susie Lintz, and Sheila OlDonaghue. Drama Club In its first year at the Academy, the drama club, "Our Lady's Players," has met with much success. Its first presentation this year was The Song of Berna- dette. This was followed by a series of one-act plays, Alice's Blue Gown, The Maker of Dreams, and Men Folk. Men Folk was chosen to go to the Diocesan Speech Festival held this year at Alleman High School, Rock lsland. With the profits received from these plays a new projector was given to the school. Thanks to the untiring efforts of Sister Rose Edward and the co-operation of all the students our first year was a very successful one. We worked hard, but we had a lot of fun doing it. Reading over a drama selection are: Iudy Reeves, secretary-treasurerg Peggy Case, presidentg and Barb Brown, vice-president. Camera Club Under the direction of Sister Ruth Margaret, the Camera Club has been very active this year. At the meetings held every Thursday after school, the girls learned the tricks of taking better pictures and the intricacies of developing film and making prints. Our nshutter-bugsl' under the guidance of Sister Ruth Margaret are: B. Buehler, A. Dodds, P. Weers, K. Morrissey, I. Hollis, I. A. Hef- fron, C. Miller, I. Ohlman, A. Geier, I. Miller, and K. Guinta. Shown. with their moderator, Sister Louise Gerard and Bubsey are the olficers ol the Biology Club: Mary Catherine Haddigran, presi- dent, Mary Lewis, secretary, and Iudy Murray, vice-president. Sitting: Gail Flynn, Lynn Mackoway, president, and Kay Morrissey. Standing: Elcanore Cilmann, Ioan White, Ioan Ohlman, Carolyn Miller, vice-presidentg Barb Sands, treasurerg Sheila McGrath, Sharon Crawey, secretaryg Marilyn Weber, and Ann Baumann. Spanish Club Here the girls are admiring the different articles which they have collected. The Senior Spanish Club under the direction of Sister Clarita, C.S.l., has accom- plished much in the past year. This club is not only interested in the language of the Spanish people, but also in the different cultural aspects of the country such as dress, pottery and lace-making. 106 ., ,L Biology Club Meeting twice a month, a group of about fifty sophomores try to further their knowledge of Biology by taking part in the 'XC-C" Club, With Sister Louise Gerard as moderator. A field trip to Rocky Glen, a trip to the Northern Research Laboratory, together with the regular meet- ings keep the girls busy. They also discuss various topics and enjoy several movies during the year. Carol Ellis, vice-president, Lois Billmeyer, president: and Cathy Heinz, program chairman. French Club Ule vous salut, Marie, plein de grace . . . " opens each monthly meeting of the French Club moderated by Sister Rita Catherine. The members participate in games and hear reports on the French people-their customs and their country. One of the members, ludy Watson, took a trip to Paris. She returned and related many interesting facts and stories about this country. Latin Club On the first Wednesday of every month the Ad- vanced Latin Club held meetings to discuss primarily the life and works of Rome's greatest orator, Cicero, and at the same time, to encourage underclasses to continue the study of Latin. Sister Victoria acted as club moderator. Latin Club officers are: Margaret Schmitt, secretary, Iudy Fitch, presidentg Marianne Eynatten, vice-presidentg Paula Kelly, treasurer. Men's Club The chief accomplishment of the Men's Club was to provide the necessary things for the school for which the school budget does not allow. Spalding's well-rounded athletic program owes a great deal of its success to the Men's Club. Such things as the new equipment for the football team and the very valuable printing equipment, which is constantly used, have been made possible by the Men's Club. Mothers' Club Through their card party and regular meetings the Mothers have provided scholarships and given many gifts to the school. By their active interest in the school the Mothers not only provided for their children at home, but in school also in a definite material way. Mrs. L. Calloway, Corresponding Secretaryg Mrs. Scheirer, Treasurer, Mrs. W. Heyd, Vice-President, Mrs. George McCann, President, Mrs. William Rett, Recording Secretary, and Mrs. Stanley Meizelis, Financial Secretary. Left to right: William Powers, Vice-President, William Coffey, Secretary, Frank Scherer, President, Fred Hadaank, Treasurer. 107 Loyal Irish Fans CHEER, CHEER tor old Spalding High! Our alma mater Will do or die, Fighting lrish is our narne, Purple and White have brought us tame, What though the odds be great or small, Old Spalding High will Win over all, While our loyal sons go marching, Onward to Victory. Rah! Rah! WE'VE GOT THE WHOLE TEAM IN OUR HANDS .... G. A. A. A familiar club at the Academy is the G.A.A. This year it Was reorganized and elected a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, Who directed the different activities. Chief among these are basket- ball, volleyball, bowling, tumbling, and cookeouts. The senior class team Won first place in the basketball and volleyball tournaments. The biggest project of the G.A.A. is the Senior-All Star Game which was held on March 20. The pro- ceeds from this went to the Missions. 109 Pep Club An active club during the athletic season is the AOL. Pep Club. Under the direction of Miss Patricia Richmond they have introduced many new cheers with their card section. The spirit they have added to our team has brought home many Irish victories, Pep Club officers are: Carolyn Smith, SQCYCLHI5'-T1'OilSLIl'C1'g Shelia McGrath. presidcntg and Susie Hobin, vice-president. CLAA. olticcrs arc: Lois Billmeyer, presidentg Miss Reno, modcmtorg Penny Russell, treasurerg and Susie Hecht, vice-president. 3 3 ii bi 5 5 5 l. H- xs,z2mmefmxxzmWf::awxv ,Mmm wanna, m,wm.A N wzzwwwiww ,fwwvwxvwwssfxawen phmwesfw: 'W """""'A"" 'mzz ' e ww-awk sw .wr f mmamvv 'Awww -'www vw sms ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FIELD We Praise Mary in the exaltation of victory and invoke her in the desolation of defeat. Mary, the Mirror ot Iustice, shows us the spirit of fair play and unity as athlete and spectator Work together. We learn that Christian unity in all We do, al- ways makes a Winning team. g .'-2: ':' 252:552:22EI2:?2Zf'E2hE, ,. Mi' .. 2"?ifa'ZF wi if 'K ,Qs-4 44 fm' L 1 '13 'Z' , Q fazg? E ggs: 2225 K :W 2 L H wwgfmf .. ,gggzgiszsf-H-f wazmw 4- : 1 , q may .Ad CHEERLEADERS: ftopj first row, left to right Nancy Kelly, Teresa Monte- tusco Rita Armitage. Second row, Mary Io Lintz Iudy Dunne. Irish Footballers End Season With A 5 3 l Record Climaxing the three year football building program of Coach Murphy and Coach Duchon, the Spalding Irish com- pleted the i957 football season With a commendable, Well earned record of five Wins, three losses, and one tie. With only fair size and little experience, the lrish employed fiery agressiveness, constant hussle, and undying desire to win throughout the entire season. ln the season opener against Limestone, the lrish used a devastating ground attack to shut out the Rockets, 30-U. Skender scored three touchdowns and McGann Went over to score twice. Spalding grabbed win number two by romping over the Canton Little Giants, 33-13. McGann tallied four times, and Grow once. The next Spalding victim was East Peoria. Scoring all fourteen points in the final 90 seconds, the Irish Won the thriller l5-7. ln meeting their arch-rival Central, the lrishrnen out ran, and out played the Lions, Brother Robert Schoffman, C.S.V., athletic director and ticket manager, has had the heavy responsibility of arranging athletic schedules and distributing tickets. Coach Murphy gives guiding words to McCann. CHEERI FADERS, left to right: Teresa Montefu to Iudy Dunne, Mary Io lmtz Rita Armitage, Nancy Kelly. 113 Carry Three Victories Before Tying Central l 957 FOOTBALL SCORES Spalding Limestone U Spalding Canton l3 Spalding East Peoria 7 Spalding Central U Spalding Woodruff 27 Spalding Manual Zl Spalding St. Bede 6 Spalding Alleman 27 Spalding Richwoods U Varsity Football Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Mgr. Mike McGrath, Tom Palmer, Iohn Heidewald, Wayne Downing, Dave Skender, Iim Fahey, Dave McGann, Martin Hoerdeman, Herman Weber, Mike Cusack, Gordon Cunaliflf, Mgr. Dick Thorne, SECOND ROW: Mgr. Ierry Statkus Stephen Fuertgcs, Fred Rickey, George Rothan, Dan Karpowicz, Mike Grow, Ioe O,Neil, Tom Powers, Gary Martin, Willie Payne, Gene Venzon, Mike Bahrowski, Coach Ed Murphy. THIRD ROW: Coach Frank Duchon, Greg Sander, Dennis Knox, Dan Horan Bill Buckler, Ioe Schwerer, Dave Rahn, Roger Gregory, Torn Cusack, lim Malool, Tom Fahey, Mike Fortune, Dick Waldschmidt. FOURTH ROW: Gary Reeves, Dave Sommer, Ed Tuerk, Reed Shipman, Dick Bolger, Ierry Fischer, Fred Tuerk, Tom Wilke, lim Lowy. Mcilarm options lor extra yardage but couldn't score. For that matter, neither the game ended a U-O deadloclc. Spaldings tirst loss came at the hands rutt team, 27-l2, The lrish scored all their quarter, a McGann to Rothan aerial and Skender. Manual couldn't co-operate with about homecoming football, and the Rams 2lfl3. McGann and Grow scored tor the the St. Bede Bruins, l4f6, Skender had a gi it my my ' N .way ave McCainii-Qzizirtcrhauk could Central and ot a tough Wood- points in the last a short romp by Spaldings ideas dumped the lrish lrish. ln beating field day as he lim lfal1eyfCltiard Irish Met Tough Opposition Way'n0 Downing-Guard rl"..5 i d 5 ., ,.0w,,N 5 xssgwsi. . t ,a Mtg or - 'V mm WH S3 'B-C -We vi if " fm .W -,.:. , .4 A55 .2 M ,SS may , if A 1 mg? if i.,l 'E 4 wiifii Dave Slxenzlcr-Fullluzick -it ' t Flom Palmer-Guard W 115 Z? .V gg' 1 ,.. , , , I .,.. nn. . f.. A ,... - ii ,, get S?3E'f",f, V, , ., V 1' . ggi? X, ., Martin Hoerdemarm-Tackle Y fi w 'ix X xv 1 A ' 9' 'N L P . ' Qi.' W vi , ty SWG 4 ' W .11 like umxa 191, -,w iv Log, it . ,, ., A . if ' pw Lifx ix A t v kv KQXQQLQQ f emtewr - wx , mm,- , X -gwm QQYKQQHJSQXQSX ' , LXTKMVG' Ott 1f Jil? eww - ,516 ext ai E. X R. fmswxee gf ' ',1g3,3TQg .. if ' Gordon Cundiff-End ,gy X Q Mike Cusack-End Skender finds an opening in the defense with a key block. 116 Spaldingis defense closes in on St. Bedeis ball carrier Irish Substitute Speed and Desire for Size x 21: .T .- bf, - ' .Q . is " Y A,,,., mf, .:'-:. Herman Weber-Guard Willie Payne-Tackle ,,, 5 eiri ,,. , , , l X W ,E as Iohn Heidewald-Fullback t Daniel Cain-Left Halfback scored all l4 of Spalding's points. The game was more of a rout than the score indicates, as the Irish rolled up 324 yards from scrimmage, more than twice the total yards gained by St. Bede, Rock lsland Alleman stopped the lrish 27-l4. Mc- Gann went 59 yards for one score and he hit Slcender with a pass for the other lrish tally. Spalding closed out the l957 season by beating Richwoods, 6-O. ln the freezing weather, McGann turned on the heat to score in the first period. ln a game which was not on the regular season schedule, the lrish lunior-Varsity tromped the Manual lV'ers 32-6, giving the future football hopes of Spalding, a new glitter. Kar- powicz scored twice, and Grow scored once. MQ lt yjV,,,,,,, Ioe O'Neil-Center Ground Attack Was Main Offensive Karpowicz breaks through Manual Secondary to Score. Dan Karpowicz-Lelt Halfbaek Q? . gil' i WW M, . W Q we ', ,,., X X iv G e Mike Groy-Right Halfbaek ww gan... Wgsw , Q-ey? I ,H y Wiifaif' V' H - Q 'f:.zfaMi'ftff ' .Q " , -A-'A 4 - Q. A W 5 I- tr-: . "" ' I QQ - ll Q i5?2f1f'ff VL, 53 if HQ , George Rothan-End - -I K .: j" " Q 5 5 . . ,. , ff:: ffususf iffiifiglffgfgllgggiggve ' . " - .. ZSif::ew5:fQa5t:rw??1'55'f2 .. .- ,, :gee 5 -:- , W mfsggfazfgfmggggm, fy . g s A 35351353555 J w .wiziim m33gme'???' if . Z -' V - Vrwwiiim tUrr,gg.i'M41.' 'f 1 H- I wilfzsryagsggejie .. .,... A E3 A ' rfU:5izEEE?P" ' - z 4 S egg , . eglgasgggf ftfsfgx i hifiiifkfi' . - ff:i':53ITi'vffhfmfiif . V rfgpr- ,w w S V Dan Horan-Right I-Ialfback Gary Martin-Tackle Gene Venzon-Tackle Freshman Football Team Woodruff stopped by Irish line. FIRST ROW, left to right: Iim Haynel, lim Beckman, lim Drewitz, Dan Clift, Bill Anderson, Larry Lennon, Raymond Corey, Denny Doyle. SECOND ROW: Dave Clark, Major VVeers, Thomas Hau- sem, Bill Kennedy, Robert Ryipes, Iesse Menchaeas, Iohn Mather, Mike Powers, Gene Abraham, Ron Dwyer, Tim Richman. THIRD ROW: David Hanley, Iohn Wetyle, Steve Stoll, Pat O'Neil, Ierry Glore, Steve Hickey, lim Tucker, Ron Pitcher, Steve Murphy, Ioe Kripple, Mgr. Iohn Kenny. Experience Gained by if mf. lk X, .ei ,ep . rg e re it V HEH: I If: 5 If, "'1-f isa 3 52 , fi ef? -ere I ,W ::. . - .t--I r u . , are IIB vm ga 335, sa ,gig 5, agar wwf Sf vi rw Twwg, Wiggle M in 118 IM 'fe' Er. Wwe eff-zig,,, ,T fe, ,L ..a,f,. ai 4553 ii? Ts ,. f V. . - ..,, , , 5 .law ,x 5-'gg::y.E,-,. M M- A M Y y a, N ' , -"- ' ':':::':"" 'I . , ' ' JI: 3: 1 - .f " -"-' 6 ei S 5 "U" 'iff-ze 'Z2'2:: -551:-szisfi-1 - M'-1 :Q .'g.,. .: - , -e va: , .X-1 -Y - .... - gtg.: Ht, --.t-.W ---- . vt., at-..ff1. .Y -g mt. ...f...,..,.-tr. ..,.,..,,. Aa J, :. if M . ,Q - 1 1 at -'2 'Q fffv:-f-z -'- : ' za :rf-' - ., -r .V ' -I " M' :":' .ZfH5?'f:iI 1-2'-' -:f:-a'2' g3S:' .5'3,5.5- -:ig 5I5gI5'Z:"j"-' -'-"fe I gag -:I we-.:t..::,'i:'E2.i1r'fFI,'.zt.'-i'.ig: Y-'::,.'r:':"::Ix2"P?-ff2'-1-'-Wf:15L.E .... ':::1f':.,:5.5-.2e5,'fIf S:. -. . ' .. " Cusack and Downing move in to hold St. Bede's offense. McCann lowers head for impact. the Players Will Prove Valuable in the Years to Come ,ww f .iw if-A M, . E -s a 81 . le Post-season honors Went to McGann who was selected quarterback ot the ALLACITY teamg Fahey nailed down a guard slotg and Grow was voted to a defensive haltloack position. Second team ALL-CITY honors Went to Rothan and Payne. Cusack, Down- ing, Hoerclernan, O'Neil, Karpowicz, and Slcender, all received honorable mention. Doctor P. A. Cusack keeps a watchful eye during the Irish grid games. 119 ' i Dun Kurpoxxivx, junior llfJI'XYI1l'Cl-L'Cl'llC1', 6-ll, licld goal Url., 396. ln-0 throw put., 504. Don Molitor Q53j, senior center, 6-llu, 1cam's leading rolnoundcr, Yield goal pct., 436, lrcv throw pct., .3-lb. lien Siokfs, senior l-Ol'VV2lTll, 5-lll, liclcl goal pc 333, lrvc Iluow pct., .-1013. Irish Defy Pre-Season Forecasts Beginning the basketball season, the Spalding lrish had only three lettermen returning from last year's sguad and not a player on the Whole team over the six foot - two inch mark. By the end of the basketball season, Spalding's basketball history books had be rewritten. ln copping third in the state tournament, the irish ot Coach Smarjesse had advanced further in state tournament play than any other Catholic high school in the state ot lllinois. Also, by virtue ot their brillant 286 record, the lrish finished the season with the best record ever compiled by a Spalding team. Willie Payne C55j, junior forward, 6-M, field goal pct., 430, free throw pct., .3l0. D if if V? , 44 N A get ig? 5768 BASKETBALL SCORES Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding 82 DePue , 54 , ,, 58 Trinity ,, H, M46 , ,, 62 Woodruff ,,,,,, H44 , 57 Central ,, ,,,, H43 , ,,,,, 41 ,, 59 Richwoods ,,,,,,,60 Limestone, FARMINGTON TOURNAMENT , ,46 Spalding , ,,,,, 6l Farmington ,,,,, H49 Spalding ,,,, 62 Abingdon ,,,,,, ,48 Spalding , ,,,,,, 61 Manual ,, ,,,,,, 52 Spalding , 43 Central , ,,,,,,, H43 Spalding ,,,,,,, 70 Corpus Christi ,,,,, H39 Spalding , 58 Limestone , 43 Spalding 57 Normal , , 54 Spalding 51 East Peoria ,,,, ,,,, 5 7 Spalding ,,,,,, 70 Washington ,,,,,,,, 50 Spalding ,,,,,, 59 Ricliwoods , 57 DIOCESAN TOURNAMENT Spalding , ,,,,,,,,,, 64 St. Paul ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,. ,45 Spalding , , ,,,,,,,, 63 Schlarman , .,.,,,, .54 Spalding , .,,,, 5l Alleman , ,, ,,,,,,,,, N58 Spalding , ,,,,,,,, 80 Canton , ,, ,, ,,,,,,, M68 Spalding , , 60 Woodruff ,, ,, ,,,, ,,,,.,,58 Spalding , ,, ,,,, 58 Pekin ,,,,,,, N ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 65 Spalding 40 Manual , , ,,,,,,,, H42 QDoublc Overtimej Spalding , ,, 7l East Peoria , ,,,, O59 Spalding , 57 Canton ,,,,, 67 PEKIN TOURNAMENT Spalding ,, ,,,, 64 Deeniak , , ,, ,, 50 Spalding , , 65 Minier , ,,,, , 5l Spalding , 42 Morton , , , 4l CANTON TOURNAMENT Spalding , ,, 65 Central , 52 Spalding ,,,,, 46 Kcwancc ,,,,,, ,44 STATE TOURNAMENT Spalgling , 49 Ottawa , 44 Spalding 53 Highland , ,49 Spalding , 59 Rock Falls , H66 Spalding , 09 West Aurora ,,,, 53 SECOND ROW, lelt to right: Managers Gerald Pilon and Steve Brady: players, Mike Humphrey, Ioe O'Neill, Mike MeCrath, Alan Campbell, john Ioyce, Steve Hippen, Tom Bouton, Mike Haley, Manager Tiger Foley, Coach lim Smargesseg FIRST ROW: Dave McCann, Mike Crow, Dan Karpowicz, Don Molitor, Willie Payne, Ken Sieks, Dave Skender. Sophomore Basketball Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Iohn Rynell, Mike Caflerly, Dave Ruhaak, Don Hor- an, SECOND ROW: Ed Tuerk, Tom Cusack, Mike McGrath, Mike Humph- rey, Fred Tuerk. Varsity Basketball Team Freshman Basketball Team FIRST ROVV. left to right: Cene Abraham, Dick Wetzler, Joe Hageman, Iohn Mathers, Mike Powers, Ron Dwyer, Steve Mur- phy. SECOND ROW: Tim Richmond, Dave Urhanc, Steve Stoll, William Kennedy, Bob Kelly, Mike Rynell, lim Tucker. THIRD ROW: Coach Frank Duchon, Frank Meizclis, Ioe Cripple, jerry Newman, Iim Haungs, Ron Pilcher, Roger Campbell, Mgr. Tim Beckman. l 1 23 2 3 2 i 5 2 S ai 5 E 2 Q 5 5 S E Q 3 14 nw' .,qr:afx :mvwr .. X1 1 ,A , f f x , 4,-,Q.n Xxx, 5.smm,w.x:z Wm. M-513.2 1, 'N ,- W 1 M.. . :A ,, , ,, . , ,ty ,:41wmmawfAfQ 3 vm4w4fiN gfzqcw. ag? o 1 4 i The sophomore cheerleaders go through one ol their rou- tines: Left to right, Barh Hanley. Pat Uusenherry, Iill Bartholomew, Margaret Hau- sam. Iudy Morris. Irish To State In '58 At Champaign, Spalding dumped High- land to become one ot the tour teams remainf ing in the state. ln the semi-finals, highly touted Rock Falls had a rough time in beating Spalding, 65-59. With the pressure ott, the Spalding lrish easily beat West Aurora in the consolation game to win third place in the i958 illinois State Basketball Tournament. The lirst step - - - Victorious Irish display their joy alter winning the Pekin regional. Yi WJ Suspense mounts as the team is super-sectional hound. The final rewaill - - - Harry l:liZl'lLl2.Il1 ol' the l.lI.S.A. presents to the team the trophy lor third place in the state ol Illinois. 1127 Baseball In spite of a late start in the baseball season due to the rewarding trip to Champaign, the Spalding base- ballers emerged victorious in three of their first five games. In fact, the Irish spent only two days in the batter's cage before they met their first diamond foe. Returning lettermen from last year's team includei infielders Ed Duke, Tom Bouton, Dave McGann, and Ken Sieksg outfielders George Rothan, and Mike Cusackg catcher Al I-lahng and pitchers Mike Kelley and Dave Skender. With the combined pitching of Kelly and Skender, the Irish won their first two games by beating Richwoods and Pekin. I-Iowever, the Irish followed up their early victories with a duo of losses to Manual to even their record at two wins and two defeats. Varsity Baseball Team THE VARSITY SQUAD, BACK ROW, left to right: Ioe O,Neill, Mike Grow, Bill Gaffney, Al Hahn, George Rofham, Dave Skender, Ed Duke, Dave McCann, Ken Seiks, Coach Smarjesse. FRONT ROW: Mike McLinden, Dick Wetzler, Iohn Rynell, Mike Kelly, Mike Cusack, Tom Cusack, Tom Dorsey, Bob Anderson, Tom Boulon. Freshman Baseball Team FRESHMAN TEAM, FIRST ROW, left to right: Iini Anderson, Bill Anderson, Major Weers, Tim Beckman, Io h n Mathers, Cene Ab- raham, Terry Ileights- man, Coach Frank Duch- on. SECOND ROW: Ioe Cripple, Steve Murphy, Ron Dwyer, Bill Kennedy, Boh Kelly, Bill Clark, Jer- ry Newman, 128 The powerful wrists of Dave Skender snap for a home run Mike Kelly and Dave Skender, senior pitchers. Ed Duke and Dave McCann, senior infielders. Mike Cusak, senior center fielder Ken Sieks, senior left fielder Al Hahn, senior catcher k m Track With few exceptions the entire track squad has returned, and with another year's experience is proving to be a Iorm of stiff competition for all corners. In the early season, with the capable Coach Murphy at the helm, the team has made a very excellent showing. With Martin, Pieiter, Graham, and Andrews running the sprints, and with Weber, Bolger, and Brown running distance, the Irish have very capable cindermen. Iones handles the pole vaul- ting chores. Waldschmidt and Payne are proving to be promising weight men. Getting set, Payne gathers lorm for throw. jones is up - - - and oxer FIRST ROW, left to right: Austin Brown, Gerald Bresnahan Willie Graham Willie Payne, Dick Martin, Larry Andrews, Bob Pleifer, Ierry Iones, Herman Weber SECOND ROW Dick Herber, Bernard McFarden, Gerry Couri, Dick Waldschmidt Mike McGrath Torn Rose Iim Ritt, Chuck Cooney. THIRD ROW: Coach Ed Murphy Tom Scanlan lim Haungs lim Tucker, Chuck Steimle, Dave Snyder, Bruce Morgan, Ken Lotts Tony Ferris manager hr STANDING. lclt to right: Dick Andrews, Dax 0 Myers. lim Sutter, lfzxthcr Monahan, Cf.S.V., Dick Thorne, loc: Nleizelis, john Eaton, Mark Harter. SEATFD: Daw Sullins. lim Motsett. lim Furstoss, Pete Gaul, Terry Tully. Pete Pasquel. Via-tor Fisher. lim Dunno, Owen English, Ron Hollinger. , , lim Motsett tries to pick up that spare. Displaying gootl lorm, Daw Sullins tries to im- prow his 139. Bowling Numbering titty bowlers, the 1957-58 irish bowling team was the largest in the history of Spalding. Under the direc- tion oi their moderator, Father lohn Monahan, C.S.V., the keglers participated in both the City-Wide High School Bowls ing Tournament and Various intramural contests. ln the High School Tournament the "3UU's" and the 'lGutterdusters" won second and third places respectively, The following is a list ol the top ten bowlers on the squad: 1. Pete Pasquel 0 3. Bill Clinch -1. Bill Fisher ,, .'. Dave Sullins 6. lim Dunne Aw f.. lohn Eaton , 152 1-17 146 141 139 135 Steve Brzicly B010 Riecker Mark Hartcr Ioe Meixelis Ron Hollinger 137 130 130 129 1253 VVz1u-liing as Father Vlonzihan. CI.S.V,. Q-oniD1lO5 the ?Ul'l'i1Q95 HFC 11115 YGHIJS howling ollii-ers: lim Sutter, x'icc-president, john Eaton, sccrcmry-treasurer, and Mark llzirter, president. 131 Y Iirn Furstoss has the green in mind as he blasts out ol a sand trap. 132 Golf The czimerzi catches Don Nlolitor ready to powder the hall doxxn the fairway. Watc'h that slant! Boh Hinds careful- ly lines up a putt. BACK ROW, left to right: Clayton Low, Bill O'Brien, Peter Gaul, Bob Hinds, Don lVIolitor, lim Furstoss, Ierry Fischer. Ion Mazzuehelli. FRONT ROVV: Fred Hadanla, Bill Labrush, Dave Connelly, Chuck Sell, Mike Sehleieh, Dave Ruhaak. Nkuxr up The l958 Spalding golf squad, under the coaching of Father C. R. Williams, CSV., finished the season with a commendable record. Although their record of Wins and losses Was not sensational, nevertheless, their determination and will to Win made them a team to be feared by all their opponents. With only one member back from last year's squad, the team faced a tough schedule of fourteen matches, and they have handled their job in very fine fashion. With the addition of many fine golfers to the squad, the future of the Spalding linksters looks very bright. One-two-one-tixo-P. E. class builds thc-ir muscles. jim Vvlindsor, Rin-liurd johnson slug it out. Ron Stevenson shows the camera his lorm, P. E. Intramurals Under the direction oi Coaches Duchon and Murphy, the members ot this years PE. classes have been given the opportunity to participate in a well-rounded schedule ot intramural sports. The annual boxing tournament drew its usual share ol excitement and enthusiasm as the student body watched the tinalists punch their way to intramural tame, Besides the basketball, scooter football, and volleyball contests, the new swimming meet proved to be a tine success. INTRAMURAI, BOXING CHAMPS: lc-lt to right: Cari Martin, licrivyiu-igrlitg Boh Schmitt W5 lbs. Larry .-Xmlri-xxs, l6ll lbs.: lvrry l.2lHfJ43d. l-17 lhs.g Ron Sclicircir. V33 lbsg Rin-hurt Iohnson, l26 lbs.g lim Hainel. ll8 lbs.g Tom Quinn. llll lhs.g Dick Herlvor. lliil lhs. vt INTR.-XNIUR.-Xl. BgXSKETBAl.l, CllAYlPS. L n 0 0 l i n gi Larry VVilliams. Gcrwgc Shields, Tom Mt-Clernon. S'l'ANlDING: Src-ve lfuertges, George Rothan, Toni Powers. 1 .L Senior Basketball Champs admiring their trophy are, lront: Vlary Io Lintz, Terry Rafool, and Iolene Dunne, Back: Pat O'Con- neil, Michele Mt-Grath. Barh Turner, and Lois Billmeyer. Freshmen in tumbling lormations are, kneeling: Sharon Lalcowit-lt, Kathleen Keye, Kathy Scheirer. and Sandra Renderer. Second Row: Valerie Loeb, and Diane Baker. Formation: Ann Shea, Mary lean Heinz, Cynthia Mannschott, Ellen Fidler, and Nlarilyn Schmitt. Getting ready lor a game of cage ball are, left to right: Mary Lewis, Connie Grimm, Margaret Sullivan, Mary Beth McDonald, Mary Louise Zevnilc, Susan Sullivan, Vivian Malool. Paula Landers, and Mary Schmitt. Academy of Our Lady G.A.A. Senior Volleihall Champs: Kneeling: Mary Io Lintz, Terry Ralool, and Jolene Dunne. Standing: Pat Offonnell, Michele McGrath, Barb Turner, and Lois Billmeyer. 134 S' MV' , , ETS 3 QS, EIMS Sport Goods Sport Goods P 5 MEETING THE DEADLINE-Dan Donahue and Denise Duminer. Ellir' Behold The Lord Has Entrusted All Things To Me Even in our business associations We included Mary as a model and heavenly adviser, tor she illustrates X perfection in all aspects of living. c:'Vi' 35251-ffm ,r 137 Senior Summa Boosters FIRST IROW: Sharon Cmlmmrc. Denise' Dummor, Kathy Bin-kerman, Diane DcI.ozier, Betty Mat- hers. SECOND ROVV: Cheryl Potter, Betty Hol- fer, Kay Morrissey, Sharon Grawcy. THIRD ROW: Susan Ferris, Pat O'Crmnell, Mary Iohn- son. FOURTH ROVV: Molly Laugron, Barlozxm Brown. Lois Billmeyer. Missing from pil-tu1'e: Iudy Dunne. COURI BROS. SUPERMARKET BEST WISH-E5 IIOI S, Ielferson Quality Meats and Groceries FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 6-9329 CLI-ISS OF '53 A. 0. L Junior Summcl Boosters FIRST ROW: Doris Roth. Iirzlmcs XIZICIIOU, Barb O'Crmnell, Mary Sue Shawls. Sharron Zara. SECOND ROW: Sharon Ann l.ashcr. Liuzla Nh-Ifurlani, Barb Blr-mler. THIRD ROVV: C011- nic Ifmtccn, Clmrle-no Bowers, Erin Tha-ile. 138 O. FRANK HEINZ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY PEORIII, ILLINOIS Builders of SISTERS OI' ST. IOSEPH CONVENT ST. IOSEPH HOME FOR THE IIGED 1, ' 1437 South Jefferson Below MacArthur Hwy Ph0l1e 4 2145 1 e2 e- 1e' e f e i 2 1 ge. Il- s 1 ffff :ff fll -f l : P2-1-f:1:f-1: :f::1:1e-:-:-: 1 :-:-1--W: 1 A oeeo AMES . e o o o , eeeee eee COMPLIMENTSWOF TH 5 a ff mlm noun roman offinl ,Publiralfouffof "Ihr Dim-ar. 'f p""i" CONGRATULATIONS . . . to the Class of '58 from your schcol's favorite Potato Chip . . . L. W. Roach O. D. Hess OFFICIAL SERVICE A A A DICK'S SHELL SERVICE LOUCKS fx MCCLURE 'wolf M 1 T -U C 1 1 B k s ' 0 or une P Lubricatgbcillp 9 e YG e e1'V1C9 Phone 2-7522 Peoria, Illinois 3 2 5 lm ' ,, our 'P COMPLIMENTSUOF f W if U 1 BUY , lf HH-IOYCE MHC-HY MARKET f comes "'n""""" n AGAIN in ,fanny B'14,llIb UNDERWOOD'S FURNITURE GALLERIES, L.T.D. 2417 N. University Street Phone 2-8711 Peoria, Illinois INTERIOR DECORATIONS - OBIECTS OF ART FURNITURE - WALLCOVERING CARPETS - DRAPERIES WALTER A. IOOS TRUCKING 6. EXCAVATING 3435 Farmington Road Phone 3-7766 Peoria, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OI' STAR MODEL BEER ED DUNNE STANDARD SERVICE 314 S. Western Phone 6-9256 PEORIA, ILLINOIS We Give S and H Green Stamps 141 SPORTSWEIIR Modeled by: Diane DeLoz1er Mike Ritschel, and Tom Wrath. from - QJRCI Mllilfs Downtown - Sheridan Village ALL YOU REQUIRE WHEN YOU WIRE BOURSCHEIDT ELECTRIC COMPANY SINCE 1918 601 W. HANSSLER PL PHONE 5 4322 MAIL ADDRESS P O BOX 265 Earn a Preierred Return on Savings FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF PEORIA III N. Ielterson Ave. Phone 6-0811 i'The Place for Savings" TOBIAS-KELLOGG CO. Lehmann Building Peoria, Illinois - Our 50th Year A GENERAL INSURANCE BUD O'CONNELL PLUMBING 61 HEATING COMPANY - New Installations - COMPLIMENTS OF G. R. BECKER LUMBER CO. Water Heaters - Water Sotteners - Gas Burners Phone 6-7811 1817 Farmington Rd' -- General Repair Work - Ph. 3-1252 - B03 N. Madison Ave. - Peoria, Ill. PEORIA, ILLINOIS if-., ' ' ' C o M P L I M E N T s o F -., , 0 0111 Ilrv Q - Z CARPET and LINOLEUM MART ..., I'f' Y :'t ff -'ii:: I 'I Q 0 Q-EEff?57if Q 2 . .," 5 f' ii I 2619 N. University ,S f rri. ... "'i:" Phone 8-3649 ALTPETER-MILLER Phone 6-5360 AUCTIONEERS ' 'OBBERS AUSTIN ENGINEERING CO. 5001 War Memorial Drive - Peoria, Illinois CIVIL ENGINEERS Auction Every Tuesday 6. Friday Evening - 7:30 115 S- Iefferson Peoria! Illinois W. I. 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Tomorrow. . .even more education and training will be needed! Such preparation today . . . can mean much to your success tomorrow. the man who knows . . . gets ahead! CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO. X fwf"v- KV Knowledge . . . the key to your future! COMPLIMENTS OF HADDAD'S SUPER MARKET 'Store ot Quality Foods" 1911 Wisconsin St. Open 7 Days It Makes A Whale of A Dillerence When It's Cleaned By . . . WHALEN CLEANERS 1331 Knoxville Phone 5-5251 COMPLIMENTS OF SHAHEEN HARDWARE 2001 N. Wisconsin Ave. Phone 2-6511 515 S' Western Ave- General Hardware - Pittsburg Paints Glass - Appliances - Guttering Phone 63531 Housewares - Power Mowers p Congratulations to the Class oi '58 R WRIGHT and SALMON IVIOIIIIIIIIIY 205 202 N. Madison Avenue PEORIA, ILLINOIS Peoria's Only Store Devoted Exclusively To Supplying Artists Run by Artists -f for Artists PEORIA, ILLINOIS Phones 4-2479 and 4-0324 III-IY's CLEANING SERVICE, INC. HAR0'-D I- Pl-ACK AGENCY RAY SAMP Free Pickup and Delivery l'HemembeI It Pays To Send To RAY'S" 712 N. University Peoria, Illinois ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 112 S. Monroe Ave. Phone 4-8168 Peoria, Illinois 'Es Compliments of SZOLD'S COMPLIMENTS OF NEHI BOTTLING CO. Bottlers of Nehl Flavors Royal Crown Colo and Frost1e Root Beer 111 W. MAIN ST. 9 HIL u N. Sheridan Rd. at Lake St PEORIA, ILLINOIS PEORIA CAMERA SHOP SALES - REPAIRS - RENTALS 539 Main St. Peoria. 111 Opposite Post Office When It's Through It's Like NEW 3-MINIT 'CAR WASH 816 Main st. Dial 6-9176 Each a Specialty . . . SIMONIZE - UNDERCOATING SEAT COVERS - WASH Hours: Mon. - Thur. -- 8:l5c1.m. - 5:15 pm. Fri. - Sat. - 8:15 am. - 5:36 p.m. Sunday -- 9:00 c1.m. - 5:30 p.m. COURI'S FOOD TOWN East Peoria's Finest SUPER MARKET Open 7 Days A Week - 9 c1.m. - 9 p.m. We Central National Bank a1za'Z'e'1Jt Mcxin 61 Adams C O M P L I M E N T S O F THE BOLAND MORTUARY 66 Years of Faithful Service Compliments ot HOWARD HELLER SHOP Pere Marquette Hotel Compliments WM. E. SMITH IDEAL PLUMBING 6. HEATING" PHONE 4 6431 - MCARTHUR HWY. AT SMITH ST COMMERCIAL LETTER SERVICE 512 Commercial Bank Bldg. Quality Furniture Affordingly Priced I Direct-BY-Mail Advemsmg I Peoria, Illinois Lucille Weisbruch, Owner 2428 Knoxville at Mcclufe Phone 24744 PHONES: Office 4-2247 - Residence 2-5638 BI-IGLEY BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY TOHN E- WA'-SH 4 C0- Gordon T. Bagley Gerald B. Bagley PLUMBING 5 HEATING 820 CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK BLDG. PhOI'19 FIRE - LIFE - LIABILITY - AUTO - BURGLARY BONDS - COMPENSATION CUMMINGS and EMEBSON WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 424-26 S. Washington St. Peoria, Illinois FOR THAT OLD WORLD FLAVOR I r 3. ee -I M T-24 Arimfo' H O M E M A D E They're wonderful for dinner or for Cl quick TV snack. Try one today! You'll find them - frozen - at your favorite grocers. - 149 KEENAN Sport Goods "Sport Goods tor Good Sports" 514 Main Street Peoria 2, Illinois School Sweaters School Jackets For Spalding or A. 0. L. Letters and Monograms Sewn on Free KEENAN Sport Goods x'Sport Goods tor Good Sportsf' 514 Main Street Peoria 2, Illinois llWhere you buy" is just ds importomt ots iiWhdt you buy" Serving the Peoria Area for Over 100 Years 0 0 1854 - 1958 Wearing Apparel For Men. Women. Boys G R A B E R ' S Congratulations .... SHELL SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories Lubrication and Car Wash Lake at Knoxville Phone 5-9806 SMITH'S DRUG STORES 2502 KNOXVILLE 114 STRATFORD DRIVE 4609 PROSPECT ROAD to the Seniors .... For all your school supplies remember . . I A C Q U I N ' S 321 Main Street Phone 6-0841 COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I EN D SHEL-CELLO BI-IG CO. MANUFACTURERS OF' CELLOPHANE :S POLYETHELENE BAGS 105 Goodwin St. Phone 3-4103 Peoria, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS FROM DR. CLIFF BECHERER DENTIST 223 E. Washington St. - E. Peoria, Illinois IEFFERSON INVESMENT CORP. Suite 221 - First National Bank Peoria, Illinois uWe Buy All Types ot Real Estate for Investment Purposes" PHONE 6-7228 B1-IXTER-ROTH 81 ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 3100 KNOXVILLE PHONE 8-2474 I---I - .......l Compliments Compliments HEDIGER 8. MYERS INSUR1-INCE CO. Of Th K. of UC. uVVishing Will Not, Savings Will" Ioin Your Friends Who Bank At The 'COMMON SENSE BANK' SOUTH SIDE TRUST 81 SAVINGS BIINK Member FDIC COMPLIMENTS STURM FREIGHTWAYS 3705 SOUTH ADAMS STREET PEORIA, ILLINOIS pri' I 'l 0 'On' cfpnll' "'l:l" """" "2 -Q ' 1 t Xf ' I, I YDS ' Q is - is ' .Q fm 1 5 . a Q .- " 1 1' W 1 I , E ,l xrgx is E E xx fklx p - E E V I' K. ,X-,iv-2? Q.: S 5 E sl: mn GEORGE E 5 Pnonf 3-sms E a,.,,,':ro,,,gl """',,gl""""0u, Fish Served on Friday ' Chicken Served on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 5 till 9 SANDWICHES AT ALL TIMES i'Loya1 to the Ethics of Pharmacy" BOGARD DRUGS, Inc. 1129 W. McClure 2311 W. PEORIA, ILLINOIS Glen Scotches - Bourbons - Fine Wines - Liquors - Beer Phone 2-6656 215 W. 1VIcC1ure Ave. BEN SCHWARTZ FOOD MART, INC. UThe store with everything in finer foods" Ben Schwartz Peoria, Illinois CARROLL HARDWARE Phone 3-5 86 2 HOFFER CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. P. O. Box 2006 Phone 9-1611 Hardware for every purpose Office End of Kenwood Ave. Paint for every surface. 205 N. Main Creve Coeur, 111. EAST PEORIA' ILLINOIS 15 N. THEY'RE SAVING AT "MY BANK POSED BY AND I COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OF PEORIA ADAMS cxt LIBERTY -- MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP All Aboard! All A -Q Borden 's Borden 's 'CAMPBELL-BEHRENS CO. BRAKES 6 ALIGNMENT 1200 S. Iefferson Phone 3-8508 -I Browns Peoria School of Business 240 South Iefferson Avenue Telephone 3-1256 The only school in Peoria specializing in qualifying young men and Women for business positions of all kinds. - Spalding and Academy graduates are invited to inquire about our college-level business courses Write, Telephone, or Visit the School. COMPLIMENTS OF LOEWENSTEIN'S FURNITURE CO. LIGHTING FIXTURES and FIREPLACE FIXTURES E. I. MAUSHARD K. D. HARTER CENTRAL FIXTIIRE COMPANY 708 Main St. Peoria, Ill. FLOWER BOX 4707 N. Prospect Phone 2-5571 "Everything in Flowers" IACK KNEER. Proprietor SPEED SERVICE 4301 Prospect Road Peoria Heights TEXACO PRODUCTS Sports Hobbies Toys WOODWARD, INC. SHERIDAN VILLAGE HARRY ALWAN FOODMARKET THE UNUSUAL IN LADIES' APPAREL 319 50- Teffefson PhOHe4'2689 sizes 5 to 15 6. 8 to 18 PEORIA' IU-- 155 3 L Lum H19 CGITI I W l P LUUMETS sis s. ieff-erson,p II Phones-572 WEBER'S FOOD MARKET 3035 N. Wisconsin Avenue GROCERIES - MEATS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES " """"'Tl THE PATIO Cocktail Lounge G Dining Room Open from 12 Noon Phone 5-9824 3604 N. University l DENTINO DANCE STUDIO Class or Private Instruction in All Types of Dancing for Children and Adults POTTER 8 ANDERSON I IEWELERS 6. SILVERSMITHS 127 North Sheridan Rd. Phone 4-4828 Residence Phone 4-0203 Worthy of Your Confidence Pekin Studio - Pekin 6-7383 334 Fulton Street 204 Court St. A E 4 as ma ZLWLSQIIIH Pronliim PRON TOWEL SUPPLY COMPLETE LINEN SERVICE 701 Hurlburt St. Phone 4-1221 MOORE'S IEWELERS 81 SILVERSMITHS 436 Main St. Peoria, Ill. BILL FISHER'S STANDARD SERVICE ATLAS TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Corner of Wayne and Perry Streets We Give S and H Green Stamps No matter if your hair is long or short you will look prettier if you visit one of Beetler Service Salons located at Klein's Sheridan Village Grayson's 104 S. Adams Brady's 1600 Sheridan Helene 126 S. Madison 1 WM. BEETLER, OWNER 157 PEORIA 0 NEW YORK 0 RICHMOND 0 SCRANTON EDWARD A. C. McLAUGI'ILIN and CO. INCORPORATED INSURANCE BROKERS AND ENGINEERS IEFFERSON BUILDING PEORIA ILLINOIS 6 COMPLIMENTS OF D- SCHAFFER PETER I. NAUGHTON CO. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE lst NATIONAL BANK BUILDING I phone 3,3815 132 So. Ieilerson I FINE FURS 0 COATS 0 SUITS SPORTS WEAR 0 DRESSES Realtors Multiple Listing Service PEORIA' ILLINOIS ADAMS ST. SUPER MARKET I COMPUMENTS OF 4023-33 50, ADAMS ST. "We Never Close" AND PARTS, Inc. si '55 8. COMPLIMENTS all aluminum FRIEND AWIIIIIGS Allied Aluminum Assoc. FACTORY DISTRIBUTOR CENTRAL ILINOIS FOR FREE ESTIMATES PHONE PEORIA 9-4762 " " ' 159 i, x f mfg? ENGRAVING CO. 415 N. ADAMS st PEORIA, nu. PH O N E 6'6984 COMPLIMENTS or W. A. LIIIDLIIW WIRE CO. MANUFACTURER OF FLYSWAITERS AND WIRE SPECIALITIES Walt Danley Realty Insurance EVCLUSIVE AGENT FOR IDYLLBROOK SUBDIVISION. Peoria's Finest, Most Beautiful, Fastest Selling Area ol Restricted Home Sites, Located North ol Glen Avenue Off Route 150. Phone 5-9697 CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS HAPPINESS TO YOU BECK'S FLORIST PEORIA EAST PEORIA 312 E. Corrington 105 E. Washington 1212 W. Main PEKIN 1300 N. Second OLYMPIA 'I'YPEWRITER SHEAFFER PEN and PENCIL SETS PEORIA TYPEWRITER CO. 420 LIBERTY ST. Peoria, Illinois BEST WISHES CARVER LUMBER CO. 603 E. War Memorial Dr. Peoria, Illinois BELMONT MUSIC CO. 108 Knoxville Avenue Peoria, Illinois I.ARRY'S MARKET 2003 N. Wisconsin Ierry's East Bluff Pharmacy McClure at Prospect Avenue U. S. POSTAL STATION FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Henry Fox. R.P.H. William Lyman, R.P.H. Ph 2-4739 One ,f Ierry GALLES, R.P.I'I., Owner "Registered Pharmacist on duty at all times." - - 161 COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE AT A Bank You'1I Llke IEFFERSON BANK 'V 123 S. IEFFERSON Iefferson Trust and Savings Bank of Peoria MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP S1U,00U Maximum Insurance For Each Depos1tor COMPLIIVIENTS OF DOYI.E'S SHELL SERVICE 803 W. MAIN ST PHONE 6 9919 0 COMPCIQIIBIVIENTS 'SPDRY DAN IIECIIT u...- DOWNTOWN CHEVROLET BRADY BROS. 319 M P III AND MCELWEE, Inc. 1215 No. Adams 1 if in IOHN P. PEARL AND ASSOCIATES fphillips INSURANCE I 1025 Ieiferson Building P III Ph S 2181 PHONE 4-3322 I 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 50514 RCE HMBULHNCE and Medical 6 Surgical Supply House fAcross from St. Francis Hospitcxlj RENTAL 5. SALE OI' HOSPITAL BEDS 537 North Glen Oak u ' I WHEEL CHAIRS, OXYGEN EQUIPMENT Paul W' Slqvens P la' H1 O15 923 Knoxvill A Peor Ill PHONE 5 0514 Purchasing Service For Catholic Institutions Volume Buying Earns Additional Discounts SUPPLIER FOR ALL NEEDS O INSTITUTIONAL O RECTORIES O SCHOOLS O CONVENTS We are proud to have furnished many of the new schools, rectories and convents in the Peoria Diocese. Write or Call S. BUCKMAN FURNILTURE an SUPPLY co. SPRING VALLEY, ILL. PHONE 6351 EARHARTS IG A 1901 N. Sheridan Road 2 5466 P Ill PHILLIP'S 66 SERVICE BILL MOLLECK 81 SON PROSPECT cmd LAKE Ph 5 9873 PEORIA HEIGHTS ILLINOIS 'C R E V E C 0 E U R REALTY 6. INSURANCE I Harms Steve Vinov I1 210 N M ' S -C C Phone 4-9511 COMPLIMENTS OF DOOLEY BROS. 1201 S. WASHINGTON ST PEORIA, ILLINOIS VONACHEN'S IUNCTION Posed by: Kay Morrissey and George Hessling GRAWEY ' GLASS CO. COMPLIMENTS BOSWELL 8 BOSWELL OF 'Your Every Insurance Need" ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL 1830 S Griswold scHooL or NURSING Ph 77784 E 7 5351 COMPLIMENTS DRIES BROS. PLUMBING OF WHIRL Pool. WASHERS AND DRYERS O'DEA'S CLEANERS 3207 N. Prospect Rd. 2301 W. Glen Ave. PIIOIIG 3-4733 COMPLIMENTS OF , KENNY's MARKET TI'IE ACADEMY OI' 3837 N. Sheridan Rd. OUR LADY GUILD BONN'S COIN-OPERATED COMPLIMENTS OF LAUNDROIVIAT 30 Washers - 8 Dryers OF ' N0 Waiting ' A 5. P TEA co CLEANING SHIRT SERVICE ' - WE NEVER CLOSE - 1109 Main P Ill 3016 N. U ersity frecxrj HERol.D'.i' 2 , P255 Nf X1 I THLEEST Q-sh XQ5 X X N XX X ,J X -Nxixf . A x f T. IOSEPH CARROLL INSURANCE AGENCY AWAY FROM THE CROWDED DOWNTOWN PARKING AREA 1410 North Adams Street CHARTER Bum ALBERT E.HOFFER "OUR SPECIALTY" Excavating and Grading of All Kinds MODERN EQUIPMENT , - 17 Years Experience - RELIABLE - COURTEOUS DRIVERS Walter W. Winkler, P p ' ' ' , Manufacture and I t 11 D1G16'2916 C ncrete Septic Tank d C t Al Sewer, Tile Fields Flt B d and Water Ditch g PEORIA CHARTER CO1-ICH CO. , Call Peona 9 2146 401 HAMILTON 2580 Morton Rd. E P I11 COMPLIIVIENTS OF MURPHY - CLARK.INC. FRANHJN 6. FOURTH PHONE 4-E101 ALWAN BROS. UTHE MEATS THAT YOU LIKE TO EAT IS OUR SPECIALTY" POULTRY - PRODUCE - GROCERIES For your convenience call us for free delivery. OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. UNTIL 8 P.M. HOLIDAYS AND SUNDAYS UNTIL NOON 300 S. Sheridan 701 War Memorial Dr Phone 4-2214 Phone 3-2194 COMPLIMENTS OF I.I1'I'I'IY 8: LDCHER LEO G. O'BRIEN SHEET METAL CONTRACTOR 118 N. Sterling Avenue Phone 4-8780 Peoricr, Illinois ITSCHE Service ..:ili::..,:', L Since . 98 E. State St. 1921 I 1 5 Peoria, Illinois COAL9 -S I . - ,X Y. DI-ILE B. CORNICK CONCRETE PRODUCTS Wcrylite Insulating Blocks Cement Blocks Pre-Cast Lintels Aluminum and Steel Windows EGOLF MOTDRS, INC. THIRTY-NINE YEARS YOUR DLDSMOBILE DEALER SAFETY TESTED USED CARS 512 W. Main Phone 3-5137 Phone 6-1184 13th and Derby Pekin, Illinois react eentrccl INSURANCE COMPANY Home oFF1cE PEORIA, ILLINOIS HOLD UP - BURGLARY - FIRE 90" Us N4- Q, 3 1 .sf 4 'oo eo 'T PAQKM' -- LIABILITY IAMES S. FLANIGON. Pres. ELMO G. KUECKS, Secy-Trecxs. 1851 . . . FAILED in business. 1852 . . . DEFEATED for Legislature. Z 1858 . . . DEFEATED for elector. 1843 . . . DEFEATED for Congress. 1848 . . . DEFEATED for Senate. 1855 . . . DEFEATED for Vice President. 1860 . . . ELECTED President of the United States A good exanzple of what can be accolziplisbed under the Americmz system of izzcfividzml izzitializfe . . . A. Lincoln 1809-1865 Central Illinois 'Light Coinpany COMPLIMENTS OF E. F. SCOTT CO. TAILORS 139 SOUTH IEFFERSON AVE. IF IT'S A SOUND CASE TAKE IT TO COURT W. I. IVIOTSETT, INC. W. Main St. Peo CENTRAL ILLINOIS MOST COMPLETE LINE OF MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT ric, SHERIDAN VILLAGE STATE BANK OPEN DAILY 10:00 A.M. TO 2:30 P.M. MON., WED. ci FRI. 10:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M. SATURDAY MEMBER F. D. I. C. BLUM CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "58" FURNITURE COMPANY SCHUTTHUFER 2105-7 South Adams Phone 3-3894 PEORIA, ILLINOIS 'CONSTRUCTION COMPANY PEORIA, ILLINOIS RESIDENT 6. COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Fred I. Schotthofer - Class of "42" ay, Q YQ fx W0 SB 6 BEST OF LUCK Bill. Sr. Ierry TO THE 'CROWLEY BROS. INC. U I R I S H " 1310 N. Knoxville Ave. BRADLEY SPORT SHOP PLUMBING - HEATING Phone 8-2461 1235 W. Main Peoricx, Illinois Bill, Ir. Ierome OLYMPIA TYPEWRITER - SHEAFFER PEN 6. PENCIL SETS GROCERIES cmd MEATS Co- OPEN SUNDAYS FREE DELIVERY 407 Liberty St. I 301 Illinois Ave. Phone 2-7147 PEORIA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF CCMPLLMENTS KEN-MAR PRODUCTS O F 1523 South Adcxrns St. A Peoria, Illinois F R I E N D CADILLAC SALES A SERVICE CLOTHING - HATS - FURNISHINGS TRAVIS HNDREEN NORDWI-ILL co. CADILLAC PONTIAC co. MEN.. SHOP 826 W. Main Phone 3-3777 127 S. Iefferson Phone 3-2553 COMPLIMENTS GEORGE 0. PRSQUEL PETER I. PRSQUE1.. SENIOR F. W. HAWK INSURANCE AGENCY ALLFORMSOF INSURANCE Phone 3-6371 lU34-lU4U Iefferson Bldg Peorioi, Illinois iw.. E 37 A , la " 3.3 x " , ,,..f. 2 b. Wm WW. Newest Fashions Guaranteed in Every Way 1 CITIZEN'S REAL ESTATE CO. CoMPL1MENTs OF GENES TAP ROOM Ben. I. Weinstein fRealtorJ 6' LIQUOR STORE Phone 3-8161 225 Main St- Peoria mn l9ll W. Lincoln Phone 6-9994 CQMQLIMENTS GET YOUR BALANCED OF MEALS, LUNCHES :S SNACKS A AT FRIEND SPHLDING CHFETERII-l WATCH US IN THE YEARS T0 COME -m SPALDING'S CLASS OF GEORGE W. SOIVIMER PHOTOGRAPHER MEADOW GOLD 1109 N. Bourland Phone 6-9036 MHIK 6 ICE CREAM Peoria 5, Illinois Industrial - Conventions - Aerial Groups Weddings - Legal - Color - Advertising PHONE 6-6464 ONE DAY SERVICE ON REQUEST S G S RITBWAY CLEANERS BUILDERS HARDWARE CO. 0 DRY CLEANING . REPAIR 1025 N. SHERIDAN PEORIA, ILLINOIS 0 GARMENT STORAGE 605 N. Monroe St. Phone 6-0828 BULOVA - ELGIN - WADSWORTH OMEGA WATCHES COMPLIMENTS of' 0 Repairing All Makes 0 D' d 6. M ' I , IJQQQQ gesmggmmgs IVIID-WEST SALES CO. 301 ALEXANDER BREMER IEWELRY COMPANY Registered Ieweler American Gem Society Phone 2-6553 209 Southwest Ietterson Ave. Peoria, Ill. CRAWFORD'S STANDARD SERVICE LANKTON - ZIEGELE - TERRY Hamilton and Iefterson Phone 63369 ARCHITECTS - ENGINEERS Phone 8-3686 LUBRICATION - WASHING 1100 Main Street ATLAS TIRES and BATTERIES Peoria, Illinois Phone 5-5296 f I f I A-MRA A -T14 If ,I I H I II U I I .. J I 1 X' ff0n4.olac wousnm svmms X N I . 1 I "Ml IQ!" ' 'LT' N541 Vfll-'KL - NN xsxwx 'nh K - - ' O -kx:,N NY N - ' I-11.-f: - - C - - S4119-.N M., - ,.- ,. T - ' ' kg., I onachen Industrial Supplies 3921 NORTH SHERIDAN ROAD ' PEORIA, ILLINOIS EASTERN REEE Eco. COMPHMENTS OF SPIILDING MEN'S CLUB HORMEL GOOD FOODS COMPLIMENTS OF W A T S 0 N ENGINEERING COMPANY DT- Iohn A- Callahan, D. D. S. LATHING AND PLASTERING 301 MEDICAL ARTS BLDG. ACOUSTICAL ENGINEERS PHONE 3-9289 PEORIAI ILL. 319 Ist Ncrtloncxl Bank Bldg. Box No. 853 Phone 3-1562 PEORIA, ILLINOIS H. D.THO1VIIIS MEHLENBECK BROS' MANUFACTURING IEWELERS CONTRACTORS Phone 6-3524 BILL - ART - IIM 644 Iefferson Bldg. PEORIA, ILLINOIS I CARRIGAN 81 YOUNG omplete Line - Wedding Announceme etterheads - Envelopes em - Involces - . I' d Ch islm C cl dg - N pk' - R'bb Ch 1 S Ph 3 5031 GOOD LUCK TO GRADUATES LAGRON MILLER RELIGIOUS SUPPLIES S. Iefferson Phone 5-3482 IACK'S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES fs MEATS Wisconsin at Ravine Qhelank PA I N T S AT I5 COMPLETE PAINT DEPARTMENTS IN THE PEORIA AREA BORN PAINT 8- THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OI' PEORIA NINETY-SIXTH YEAR CO- Member Fed ID p I C p WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS 823 M ' S Bradley Universit is a small medium sized full accredited universit offering Y Y Y both undergraduate and graduate work. Bradley was founded in 1897 by Mrs. The University has six colleges and three schools Colleges: Business Administration Liberal Arts and Sciences Engineering Bennett flndustrial Artsl Education Peoria CPre-professional and two year programsl Schools ot: Music Art Horology Lydia Moss Bradl y to help prepare students "for life and earning a living." BRADLEY UNIVERSITY The University has served many Spalding and Academy graduates! For further information contact the Dean oi Admission. Bradley University, Peoria. Illinois - Phone 6-7611 Extension 324 THE CENTER'S PLEASIN IN EVERY SEASON C. U. AT THE C. Y. C. DAVIDSON SALES 81 SERVICE AGENCY 103 W. Fourth Ave. Phone 5-6642 PRODUCERS DAIRY PRODUCTS BEST IN ILLINOIS PEORIA BOWL 229 N. IEFFERSON Phone 4-9513 I 4 LANES LUN CHEONETTE PEORIA PLANING MILL CO. HIGH GRADE INTERIOR WOODWORK ODD MILLWORK A SPECIALITY Phone 4-3647 2716-2722 S. Washington Si. MUTUAL REAL ESTATE CO. Licensed Brokers COMMERCIAL 6. RESIDEN TAL LUCKY AUTO SEAT COVER STORE 416 N. Iefierson MITCHELL I. M ALOOF FREE PARKING FREE INSTALLATION MUFFLERS INSTALLED FREE Phone 3-4559 416 Hamilton St. CONVERTIBLE TOPS - UPHOLSTERY REPAIR Peoria, Illinois SEAT COVERS INSTALLED IN 30 MINUTES EDWARD K. CRAIG, PROP. OPEN!!! I I LENS 6. CAMERA SHOP 18 HOURS EVERYDAY I . 7 A.M. TO 1 A.M. GOODWIN DRUG 600 N. Perry Phone 6-9015 135 S. Iefiersoxi Peoria, Illinois Phone 6-1321 CHARLES F. CREMER GENERAL AGENT GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 3-8559 Res. Phone 5-3944 CHAS. F. CREMER, IR., ASSOCIATE COMPLIMENTS OF SPALDING MOTHERS' CLUB 1 Zig ?6ne NG.-'S CLASS O - MEADOW-BROOK DAIRY mc. CRAWFORD SR0R STORES I Exclusive Distributors for F. M. Foster, President H. M. Poster, V. President 32 NUUOUGUY Famous NTCU'1dS C. F. Foster, Secretary-Treasurer Men - Women '- Chlldrgn Shoe Salon Family Store I' C td,M. VV.I.C tcl,M. Telephone 24923 lm 3ll0wP1ijlIton Sill- 201-3 Elvilecllersongr ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Outlet Store C. M. R, No. 161 Peoria, Illinois Wm' gizclblagfiofgf Mgr' I KRI-llVIER'S DRIVE-IN 8: WAUGH 81 HADLEY I RESTAURANT FROZEN Foon co. fThe Nicest Place In Town, 1314 South Adams Western at Moss Phone 6-0748 Phone 4-9434 Peoria, Illinois ILLINOIS BLUEPRINT 61 AUGUST H. SCHMITZ PHOTOCOPY C0. DESIGNER 720 N. Knoxville Peoria, Illinois PAINTING I Phones 3-6624 6. 3-6695 DECORATING I ' ' 0 ECCLESIASTICAL The store with lots of wonderful things . . . . RESIDENTIAL I for lots of wonderful people . . . ' COMMERCIAL with Smiles, Service 6 Savings, too. I COMPLETE CREATIVE DECORATING I I FOR YOUR HOME, OFFICE, AND CHURCH I 8, GIFT SHOP MURALS WALLPAPERING 2613 N- Sheridan lNeCf1' L01-lcksi 4405 University Road, Peoria Phone 5-5803 l I I 1 1 l U I 3 1 1 i l 1 l - 1 1 I Z S IVIEMO: To The Class of '58 "May God grant me the grace to ac cept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the dlfference MIDLAND BAKERY COMPANY Compliments of I. T. BOWER MOTORS. INC. 828 Main Street YOUR BUICK DEALER CONGRATULATIONS TO SPALDING'S CLASS OF '58 FROM GEORGE WELLS GREEN'S DRUG STORE HAGER'S STAGE COACH INN Route 88, Mt. Hawley Airport Peoria, Illinois Banquets 0 Special Parties For Reservation Call 5-9268 C. E. Green, R. Ph. W. E. Maher, R. Ph. 1921 W. Wisconsin Peoriq, Illinois Compliments of the S 81 S MARKET 2510 Sheridan Rd. CONGRATULATIONS osenmnnnsn O R Zlaeaszizzfzzc TO 725 WEST MAIN STREET PEORIA. ILLINOIS I QUALIFIED CONTRACTORS FOR - S O NEW HOMES 0 HOME REWIRING 9 OFFICES 0 FACTORIES OF 0 FIRE AND BUGLAR ALARM SYSTEM '58 'lSatis1'action, is the result of experience "Experience is the basis of our business I 185 i I I Compliments I O NEWMAN AND ULLMAN CANDLES gr X I S WELCIJDIE . . . to shop "First with the new" . . . so you will always want to loolc lirst at your Bloclc 8: Kuhl Store Everything for you! Everything for your home! our purpose Y ' our pledge to please you our guarantee , YVELCUME . . . to wvork Opportunities in every field: buying advertising dl9PlGY merchandising selling food services trallic ollice functions P9fS0f1n6l store management Q operations WL accounting ' interior decorating 6977, W U9 .'f"""-. J," - P 1. 'mu U-Mm 5, N :U , 'I 'l ll l rm' " ill' l ll llllllllllil l it l GENERAL OFFICES: . .1 Qll 124 S. Adams St., Peoria, lll. will I l ll ll lllll l.- 20 Stores georia ganville gilt-ef ltytoline' Hess Bros. Cllocklordl ecatur ttawo gm 'e9P0f 0 0 o ' ' R li l l d D , l ln Cltles Eslisreugg xgglyfiticda Dldciavilleagtore for Homes Bniilsigplgii, lgrzlg Q55 Sf fs QS' 463: Most Rev. William E. Cousins, D.D. Rt. Rev. Msgr. George A. Carton Rt. Rev. Msgr. R. G. Peters Very Rev. Msgr. M. V. Haas Rev. Edward Bush Rev. Iames Cambell Rev. Iohn Dea Rev. Iohn Die Rev. Wm. C. Rev. I. M. Fit ne tzen F eeney zgerald Franciscan Fathers Rev. I. A. Gordon Rev. E. Higgins Rev. Robert Hoffman Rev. Francis Kura Rev. T. I. Lesniak Rev. R. C. Livingston Rev. Dennis Mackessy Rev. Iohn Mahony Rev. D. R. Maloy Rev. A. L. Ma Y Rev. Harold Mooney Rev. Iohn Naab Rev. E. A. O'Connor Rev. Bernard Rank Rev. Iames D. Shaughnessy Viatorian Clerics Rev. Edward Westerman Sisters of Saint Ioseph A Friend Iess Allen Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Bart Dr. and Mrs. T. A. Blanc R. I. Bickerman Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Blender Mrs. Ruth Blum ACME RADIO 81 T.V. 4009 S. Adams AGATUCCI PIZZA 2607 N. Uuniversity BOB BECHTEL'S COIN SHOP 223-25 W. Seventh GRANDVIEW LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS 113 Sciota S Bill Bond Ioan Bourscheidt Mr. and Mrs. Iames Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bucklar, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Bunce Mrs. C. L. Case Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cicciarelli Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cusack Miss Margaret Dalton Dr. and Mrs. L. C. DeLozier Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Devore A1 Dernmin Mr. and Mrs. Walter Didesch E. M. Dorre, M.D. R. A. Dooley Edwin Drewitz Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Duke Mr. and Mrs. Ianies Dunne Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Fauaro Mrs. Gertude Flaherty Terry Flaherty Iames S. Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Foley Mr. and Mrs. Carl Giden Dr. and Mrs. Giunta Mr. Norbert Glash Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Glass Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Grawey Dr .Wm. DeGriffin Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hadank Albert Hagemann Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hajnal Charles K. Hausam Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Heidewald Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Heyd R. D. Henderson D. E. Horan Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Ienilli GLEN OAK DRIVE-IN SHIRT LAUNDRY 833 N. Glen Oak IOHN' BAR-B-Q 719 N. Monson IOSEPH BROS. 501 W. Hulbert KANE DRUGS STORE 1245 W. Main Street Pahowi Butch Iackson Mr. Dale Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ioseph Lucille Iohnson Iones Sign Co. Mr. and Mrs. Iames Iuleon Monica Kapraun Mr. and Mrs. Frank Karpowicz Mrs. I. W. Kennedy Mr. R. Kovarik Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Krippel Miss Mary Lanidaen Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Langton Mr. and Mrs. Vern E. Lewis T. I. Litterest, M.D. Henry Lotz Dr. Howard A. Lowy Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Mathers Mr. and Mrs. George McManus Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell McMurray Mrs. E. L. Menges Kenneth W. Moran Valerian Molitor Mr. and Mrs. Morrve Mrs. Mary Murphy Virginia Neschert Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Oates, Sr. Leonard M. Ossziwski Iohn I. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. O'Neil, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. O'Russa Ioanne O'RusSa Iohn Pacione Edward Palumbo Peoria Office Machines, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Pfeifer Dr. and Mrs. I. R. Powers pahomt GWEN LIVENGOOD 115 E. McClure LOVE-LEE CLEANERS lll S. Main, Creve Coeur MAC-HY NIKT. 419 MacArthur MAC'S TAVERN R. R. No. 1, Washington E. A. CANTERBURY, M.D. 2511 Knoxville Avenue CARVER LUMBER 603 E. War Memorial WALT COLGAN MOTOR SALES 518 W. Main Street COMESKEY APPLIANCE 132 Court St. CREVE COEUR FURNITURE 116 N. Main, Creve Coeur DIXON,S PHILLIP 66 SERVICE Calendar St Western Avenue KEY MOTORS, INC. 804 W. Main Street KISCO SOFT WATER CO. 1718 N. Broadway 4 SAM LaHOOD'S RESTAURANT 00 Rushes Cmve Coeur MAGIC TOUCH BEAUTY SALON 1311 E. Frye Avenue MCCARTN EY SUPER SERVICE 1412 S. W. Iefferson Ave. MID STATE TERRAZO LANGTON AUTO SUPPLY Co. FLOOR CO- 213 Commercial National 1025 N' E' Monroe Bank Building NEYLON'S CARPET LEE'S CLEANERS AND LINOLEUM 1107 S. Iefferson 130 S' Madison LINCOLN CLEANERS PROSPECT BAKERY 3915 N. Sheridan Road 3211 N. Prospect Road Iohn A. Regan Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Render Elizabeth Reno Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. Rezac Irving Rogers Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Rohrnan Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Savant Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Seanlan Mr. and Mrs. Schrai Mr. and Mrs. Ioe Schuh Mr. and Mrs. W. Sell Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shea Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sickes Willard Sillis Carl Sorrientino Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Spalding Dr. Stoll Students from Metamora Sweetnam Hwd. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Takuchi Stanley F. Thomas Mary Trapp Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tull Vaugh's 66 Service Station Village Pharmacy Dr. and Mrs. Edw. I. Ward Robert M. Weers B. R. Westlake Family Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Whalen Bo Whalen Katherine Willy Mr. Talbot Yearby Russel Zant Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Zant Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zeitz PRUDENTIAL INS. CO. Washington, Illinois SCOTT-MYERS AND CO. INSURANCE 827 W. Main SCOTT S SUPER SERVICE 2022 N. Wisconsin SOUTH SIDE PLUMBING ST. BONIFACE MEN'S CLUB Peoria, Illinois TILTON BAKERY 607 VV. Lake 1924 N. VVisconsin TONEMASTER MANUFACTURING CO. 128 N. Monroe St. WILSON STANDARD SERVICE McClure and Prospect F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 113 S. Adams St. 189 Meizelis, joseph, 32, 36, 104, 131 Alexander, Gloria, 24 Alig, Norma, 24 Aljanich, Mollie, 24, 40, 71, 74, 75 Alwan, Shirley Ann, 24, 96 Alwan, William, 24 Anderson, Patricia, 14, 24 Antonacci, Mary, 24 Armentrout, Ioseph, 24, 101 Armitage, Rita, 24, 28, 112 Arnold, Russell, 25 Baker, Terrance, 25 Baniqued, Iohn, 25, 39, 76 Baumann, Ann, 6, 25, 79, 91, 92, 98, 99, 106 Benzli, Carole, 21, 25, 97 Betson, William, 25, 81, 89 Bickerman, Kathy, 25, 27, 73, 79, 87, 88, 138 Billmeyer, Lois, 12, 25, 79, 96, 106, 109, 134, 138 Bogner, Karen, 25, 92, 97 Boley, Iudith, 25 Bourscheidt, Carol, 25 Brinkley, Patricia, 22, 25 Brown, Barbara, 25, 97, 98, 99, 105, 138 Bruen, Edward, 25 Bunce, Iames, 23, 25, 76, 79, 81, 87, 88, 100 Burk, lean, 26 Cady, Iudith, 26 Cain, Daniel, 26, 117 Calaway, Raymond, 26 Case, Margaret, 26, 31, 98, 105 Cash, Ruth Ann, 26, 74, 92, 98, 99 Cicciarelli, Helene, 26, 27, 74, 75, 79, 80, 86, 92, 98, 99 Clinch, William, 26, 76 Colomac, Sharon, 26, 79, 89, 98, 99, 138, Conlon, Michael, 26, 76 Cramer, Iohn, 26 Cramer, Patricia, 23, 26, 27, 79 Crilly, Monica, 26 Cronan, Iudith, 26 Cundiff, Gordon, 9, 26, 94, 114, 116 Cusack, Michael, 24, 27, 89, 114, 116, 128 Cushing, Gerald, 27 Davis, Sharon, 27 DeLozier, Diane, 27, 79, 89, 99, 138 DeMuth, Virginia, 27 DeRoche, Beverly, 27, 74, 75, 97, 98, 99 Donahue Donovan Downing, , Daniel, 27, 89, 90, 136 , Margaret Mary, 27 wayne, 27, 28, 114, 115 DuBois, Margaret, 28 Duke, Edward, 5, 24, 28, 79, 128 Dummer, Denise, 28, 40, 78, 79, 88, 97, 136, 138 Dunne, Iolene, 12, 28, 134 Dunne, Iudy, 28, 22, 89, 112 Eagelston, Robert, 28, 32, 76 Eaton, Iohn, 28, 131 Ellis, Carol, 6, 28, 93, 106 Engrissei, Iackie, 28 Fahey, William, 29, 114, 115 Ferris, Susan, 29, 89, 138 190 S ' facdm Ferris, Tony, 29 Fisher, William, 29, 131 Flaherty, Martin, 29, 76, 89, 90 Flanagan, Robert, 29 Flynn, Gail Frances, 29, 79, 92, 106 Foley, Gerald, 29 Fortune, Mary, 29, 71, 75, 96, 98, 99 Franken, Mary, 29 Frasco, Iudy, 29 Furstoss, Iames, 29, 79, 94, 131, 132 Gensler, Carol, 29, 79 Gienow, Margaret, 29 Gilman, Eleanore, 29, 103, 106 Gilomen, Ernest, 30 Gorman, William, 30, 89, 90, 102 Grawey, Sharon, 30, 68, 89, 106, 138 Grow, Anthony, 30 Gunther, Iudy, 5, 30, 97, 98, 99 Hagemann, Iudy, 21, 30 Hahn, Allen, 30, 128 Haig? Michael, 30, 123, 125, 126, Haney, Martha, 30 Hanout, Regis, 30, 84, 101 Hansen, Donna, 30 Harter, Mark, 24, 30, 35, 131 Heer, Iohn 12, 30 Heidewald, Iohn, 30, 114, 117 Heinz, Cathleen, 5, 31, 106 Heinz, Fred, 30 Heinz, Iames, 31 Hessling, George, 31, 79 Hickey, Terry, 31 Hinds, Robert, 24, 31, 79, 132 Hinrichs, Mary, 31 Hobin, Susan, 31, 91, 109 Hochne, Evelyn, 31, 91 Hoerdemann, Leo, 31, 68 Hoerdemann, Martin, 32, 114, 116 Holer, Ieanne, 27, 32, 78, 87 Hoffer, Betty Lou, 32, 91, 138 Holzinger, I. Richard, 32, 131 Hubert, Donald, 32 Hughes, Margaret Ann, 22, 27, 32 Iacobs, Christine, 27, 32, 79, 89 Ianovetz, Gerald, 32 Iobnson, Kenneth, 32, 101 Iohnson, Mary, 33, 78, 89, 138 Iones, Gerald, 33, 130 lost, Jeannine Mary, 33, 77 Ioyce, Thomas, 22, 33,, 80, 87, 94, 101, 102 Kamin, Anita, 33 Keenan, Colleen, 33 Kelley, Barbara, 33 Kelly, Michael, 33, 94, 128 Kerker, Ioyce, 33 Kitlan, Nancy, 33 Krippel, Mary Loretta, 33, 92 Ksycki, Iames, 33 Kuhlman, Edwin, 33 LaHood, Richard, 33 Langton, Mollie, 33, 89, 138 Leary, Barbara Iean, 34 Lee, Robert, 14, 34, 76, 79, 87, 90 Lennon, Ieannine, 34, 74, 75 Lewis, Charles, 34, 76, 84, 89, 90 Lintz, Mary Io, 34, 77, 112, 134 Lionberger, Lynne, 34, 74, 92, 96 Litterst, Ioyce, 34 Lonteen, Robert, 34 Ludolph, Arlene, 34 Luedtke, Karen, 34, 74, 92 Lyon, Susan Ieanne, 34 Mackowai, Karen Ann, 34 Mackoway, Lynne, 23, 27, 34, 79, 106 Maddox, Iohn, 34 Malone, Iohn, 34, 76, 89, 90, 104 Martin, Richard, 7, 35, 101, 130 Matarelli, Ioline, 35 Mathers, Elizabeth, 35, 79, 82, 92, 138 McCoy, Sheila, 35, 40, 96, 99 McDonald, Charles, 5, 35 McFarlane, Catherine, 5, 35, 96 McGann, David, 22, 36, 77, 78, 80, 113, 114, 115, 123, 125, 127, McGrath, Michele, 35, 83, 86, 98, 99, 109, 134 McGrath, Shelia, 35, 98, 99, 106, 109 McGrath, Terry, 7, 35, 90, 94 McMahon, Iohn, 6, 36, 87 Mglgflurray, Thomas, 14, 24, 36, 79, Meizelis, Kathryn, 36 Metts, Frances, 36 Miller, Carolyn, 36, 105, 106 Miller, Mary, 36, 92, 99 Mitchell, Ioan, 14, 37 Molitor, Donald, 37, 121, 123, 126, 127, 132 Montefusco, Mary Rose, 37 Morrissey, Kathryn, 27, 37, 79, 89, 105, 106, 138 Mounts, Eileen, 37 Mullowney, Edward, 37 Myers, David, 36, 131 O'Brien, Iudith Anne, 28, 37, 87 O'Connell, Patricia Ann, 22, 31, 37, 79, 81, 88, 134, 138 O'Donnell, Ioseph, 37 Ohlman, Ioan, 37, 106 Osborn, Iune, 37 Quinn, Eleanor, 38 Palmer, Paul, 28, 37, 114, 115 Pasquel, Peter, 24, 37, 79, 131 Pegg, Patricia, 37, 75 Peters, Helen, 38 Pfeifer, Robert, 6, 23, 24, 37, 78, 79, 87, 90, 95, 104, 130 Phillips Marianne, 38, 92, 98, 99 Potter, Cheryl, 38, 74, 79, 89, 138 Powers, Richard, 38 Rafool, Terry, 38, 74, 91, 92, 98, 99, 134 Rappe, Iudith, 38 Reed, Peggy, 38 Reeves, Iudy, 27, 38, 74, 75, 79, 91, 105 Rehrn, Robert, 38 Rellihan, Marilyn, 38 Remington, William, 38 Rice, Raymond, 38 Riebling, Sharon, 38 Riecker, Mary, 36, 38 Riley, Edward, 39 Ritschel, Michael, 39, 79, 81, 88, 101, 102 Roling, Donald, 39, 71 Russell, Ianice, 39, 99 Sammon, Kathleen, 9, 39 Sands, Barbara, 39 Sauer, Susan, 39 Schaub, George, 39 Schepke, Barbara, 39 Schlehuber, Sallie, 40 Schlenker, Iohn, 40 Schmitt, Thomas, 40, 89 Schneider, Bernice, 40 Schneider, Wayne, 39, 40 Schuely, Barbara, 40 Scott, David, 40 Scully, Brian, 12, 40, 76, 101 Shellcrosslee, Bonnie, 40 Sheppard, Mary, 41 Shields, Thomas, 41 Sieks, Kenneth, 41, 121, 123, 127, 128 Sirito, Maria Teresa, 41, 84 Skender, David, 5, 41, 112, 115, 120 123, 127, 128 Snell, Iames, 41 Sullins, David, 41, 131 Sullivan, Ruth, 36, 41 Sunderland, Catherine, 41 Sutter, Iames, 41, 131 Telkamp, Carol, 41 Thomas, Khalil, 41 Thome, Richard, 41, 76, 114, 131 Tillman, Arthur, 41 Tully, Terrence, 41, 131 Turner, Barbara, 42, 74, 134 Tyler, lay, 42 Vaughn, Andrea, 42, 96, 99 Vogel, Ioan, 42, 92, 98 Volz, Michael, 42 Vonachen, lay, 22, 42, 79, 80, 89 Wade, Helen, 42, 98, 99 Waldeck, Dennis, 18, 42, 76, 90 Watson, Iudy, 42, 86, 92, 98, 99 Weber, Herman, 42, 88, 114, 130 Weber, Marilyn, 27, 42, 79, 91, 92, 98, 99, 106 Weisbruch, Iohn, 42, 94 Weisbruch, Thomas, 42, 89 Wenzel, Barbara, 42, 87, 91 Westlake, William, 42, 89 Whalen, joseph, 43, 101 White, Ioan. 43, 106 Wick, Iames, 43 Wick, Margaretta, 43 Wiltz, Carol, 36, 43, 79, 91, 96, 98, 99 Winkleman, Barbara, 43 Wrath, Thomas, 35, 43, 76, 79, 89 Young, Sharon, 36, 43 Zant, Margaret, 43 zertz, John, 24, 43, 79, sr, ss, 102, 104 Zimmerman, Frances, 43 Robert Fletcher Early last summer Spalding students and faculty mourned the death of Bob Fletcher, a mem- ber of the Class of '58 Bob died after a short ill- ness from incurable lukernia. Conducting himself at all times as a young Catholic youth, Bob was regarded by all his classmates as a boy of the highest caliber. Combining his friendly smile with his knack for knowing when to speak and when to remain silent, Bob received admiration from all who knew him. He was a boy who Worked for what he Wanted and co-operated to the best of his ability to give others what they desired from him. Al- though his time on earth was short, Bob has had a greater opportunity than any other member of his class. He has had a chance to reach the goal for Which We spend our time on earth seeking, the opportunity of enjoying the inconceivable magni ficence of eternal happiness in heaven. 1 Jin il'IHvmnrtz11n Charlotte Kravisky Charlotte Kravisky, a member of the Sophomore Class, was called to her eternal reward on March l4, l958. Her death, sudden and tragic, was mourned not only by the Sophomore Class, but by the entire school. Her teachers and classmates have missed her cheerful and smiling face, and her kindly and courteous manner. Her death reminded all of us of our goal in life and our proximity to Eternity. We pray that she has reached this goal, and shares eternal union with her Creator. Appreciation The members ot the l958 Summa Staff ot the Academy and Spalding Wish to acknowledge their gratitude to all who have helped in any way to edit this book. Special appreciation is given to those who have been out- standing in their assistance and coperation. The taculty and student body for their hearty support, Our patrons and advertisers tor their financial assistance, PLANNING AND ADVICE: Reverend Raymond Novacek, C.S.V., and Sister Rose Edward, C.S.I.- faculty advisers,- Mr. I. L. Sronce, yearbook consultant for the Peoria Engraving Co., with- out Whose constant help, advice, and planning this book would not be a reality, PICTURES: Mr. Eugene Voss oi Eabry Studios, who gave many hours of his time taking pictures for our division pages, faculty, and group pictures. Mr. Dan Woodley ot Fabry studios-Academy and Spalding senior pictures, and the use of the pictures of Bishop Cousins,- Mr. Roger lngle-underclassmen pictures,- The Peoria journal-Starftootball pictures,- Pekin Daily Times-Sports pictures,- Reverend Robert Livingstonfuse of C.Y.C.,- EN GRAVING: Peoria Engraving Company,- PRINTING: Mr. Richard Fintgeld, Mr. Iim Henderson, and the staff of the Henry News- Republican,- COVERS: Mr. William Snell, personal cover counselor for S. K. Smith Co., Chicago, Illinois,- BINDING: Mr. Henry A. Piisterer ot the Peoria Book Bindery. l I I l i i i E I P l 5 I

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