Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL)

 - Class of 1956

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Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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.- J .v J'-. :1 f J .- 11 I 47.- . V My . 1.1. . T- Vf ' ' , EVM- I .. 1-. , In ' . . . I-13 V..II I I I I ,I I V . IV Vt., I V ' , 9 VV -H ' '. V V ,- .V 'r - V - . - 1 V - V 7 .4 . ' ' ' ' C ,. . ., S- 'g V x - ' V " ' V: ' - 1 . ' K- '. : '- ' ' 'L . , ' V - 44 V . - . . A VI., ' -' 5. , - .4 ' I f V ' '-'-A F ' 9 -V V . . - ' f' ,- I ' '11-V I ,V-. I II. 1 I 1.II y 4 YIII 4 - . I . I V .. VI I V I I - II V .V , V 4 . .4 II .II II .II I I., V .. - ' ' . I' I I ,. V ,' . 'I qv- . 4 ,V j ' II: . V IfV V . - -f I V.: - -V V I II I I 4 4 . I , m 9 ,, I I 4 I 4 V II I II , a ' I Q- 1. if ' - ' -, V -.p., I .' , ,. . ' V ', ,4 . I , ,q ' - .449 ' - ' V ..' V, . , f K ' '. ' ' V4 I ' - H' ' .4 . . rf ' . . - V ' 4 'V I. I I . I . ,I I I V I I .II I I I. I , . I I , . II I .I , . I I III I I. I I I . - A ,I ,I I,- - I in . . I4 - ' r f I I, ' . , I. 4 , ' I .. n, ' , I ' ' -V.. . I V ' . . . ' ' V , ' . F VA , ' - - VV- ' V A . . . . V - V . V - V . - Vw"iw-....-- ia-f . ' - ,I 1 V' I - , V ' V . . QV I V' u - , . , - , ,- - , V , ,145 ' ' .- I, , V I I . -. ,Q . V . V - . .I ' ' -' ' '- ' 1 .- ' .' . ' . V ', ' . . I -Vg. . A V' - , - . ' - , - ' X . ' . .119 I , . I. . A ..' . .I -,-... I -I V . I . -,.. , ,V I II V ' I I I Q-V ' I II , I , VV: 4 - If II II V .. - . x-1 . -. V V - V , ' V s..'.' L III, II I . . . I . ,. f. I ,I ,I I I . ,.Iz-. II -. A ' . -K 111.11512 I l l By the unfurled flags of the United States and of the Catholic Church, we have chosen to illustrate the ideals of loyalty to God and count Ey, courage to stand up for our convictions, and purity of mind d body. These are the high principles to which youth must aspire, and which represent all of- those ideals xivhich are the theme of this edition of the SUMli1A. l I COI1'l'el1'l'S . . . Organizations ,, Activities Classes Sports ri Advertisements ' A riff? t N Y 1 A L .Q-ef' 1 N wr Qhgngzvn page 60 page 11U fig? page 14 page 86 page 132 3 l Our Spiritual Leader Most Rev. William E. Cousins. D.D. Bishop of Peoria We. the Seniors ol Spalding and the Academy, would like to give special honor in this, the 1956 edition oi the SUMMA, lo our spirilual leader. Bishop William E. Cousins, and in doing so thank him for the personal interest he has taken in our spiritual, intellec- lual, and social formation. We, as Catholic teenagers. acknowledge our allegiance to our Bishop and our Church. and we promise lo do our best as adults io bring lhis part of the world into one lold under one Shepherd. dedication Our First Teachers Our Parents Throughout our four years in high school, we have been under the guidance and supervision of our teachers, who have instilled in our minds our Catholic education, character forma- tion. and religious training. However it is to our parents that goes the inexpressible thanks and gratitude for making this training possible. It is to our parents that we dedicate the SUMMA of 1956-to our parents, who have continued this training in our homes by maintaining the requisites needed to make a perfect Catholic lamily flourish-respect, love. and obedience. Academy of Our Lady Spalding Institute Bev. Manuel Loughrcn. C.S.V.. MA. Director of Guidance, Spanish, Director of Chorus Spalding Institute Faculty Rev. Charles R. Williams, C.S.V.. Ph. D. Superior, Principal Rev. Philip M. Clifford. C.S.V.. M.A. Treasurer. Business Law Rev. Maurice Dailey. C.S.V., MA. Head of English Department. Moderator of Student Council Brother Iohn M. Dundas. C.S.V. Assistant Guidance Director, Business Office. Religion Brother Kenneth Fagaruson. C.S.V.. B.S. Physics. General Science. Algebra, General Math, Moderator of Science Club Brother Donald I. Fltzsimmons. C.S.V.. B.A. Religion, Algebra Brother Robert Foster. C.S.V.. B.S. English. Institute Moderator, Moderator oi Junior Class Rev. Edward I-Ieitian. C.S.V.. A.B. Math, Driver Training, Moderator of Senior Class, Vocation Club, and National Honor Society. Brother Thomas Langenield. C.S.V.. BJL Political Science, History, Geometry Rev. Gerald Leahy. C.S.V.. B.S.C.. M.A. Book Rental Manager. Religion. Office Practice. General Business. Consumer Economics, Business Law Rav. Donald Lund. C.S.V.. BA. Rc-ligion, American History. World History, Moderator of Key Club and Sodality. Rev. E. Mierxwinski. C.S.V.. B.A.. S.T.!.. Religion, Latin. Modcrntor ot Freshmen, and Band Brother Daniel I. Mirahelli. C.S.V.. B.A. History und Religion Rev. Iohn Monahan. C.S.V. M.A. Latin, Moderator of Junior Red Cross and Bowling League Ii -me I K' Rev. Raymond Nevacek. C.S.V.. M.A. Mechanical Drawing, Art. Religion, Driver Training, Moderator of Summa, Art and Camera Clubs. Brother Daniel Reardon. C.S.V.. B.S. General Health. Chemistry, General Science. Sophomore Class Moderator Brother Robert Schaltrnan. C.S.V.. D.V.M.. M.S. Biology, Health. Athletic Director, Ticket Manager Brother Richard Terretto. C-S.V.. AJ. English, Math Brother Euqene Weitzel, C.S.V., M.A. English, Religion Sister M. Estelle. O.S.B.. M. Ed. Typing Sister M. Geraldine. 0 S.B.. B. Ed.. B.A. L.5. Librarian Mr. l-'rank Duchon. B.S Assistant Football. Basketball. Baseball Coach. Physical Education Mr. Edward Murphy. A.l3. Head Football and Track Coach. History. P. E. Lecture Mr. Iumes G. Smuriesse. ILS. Head Basketball and Baseball, Freshman Football Coach, General Business, Bookkeeping. Arithmetic, P. E. Lecture Mr. Walker Band Miss Mary Ann Brennan Secretary 10 Academy of Our Lady Faculty Sisler Mary Lucilla, C.S.l. Principal. French, Moderalor of Sodalily and Student Council K? Rev. Charles Fogarty Bev. William Gray Rev. Robert C. Livingsion Junior Religion Freshman Religion Sophomore Religion Rev. Ioseph B. Mackowlak Senior Religion 11 Sister Mary Arthur. C.S.I. Religion. Music, Glue Club. Modermor of Pup Club and Cheerleaders Sister Casimir loseph. C.S.I. Religion, Family Living. Moderator of Sndality Probationers and Red Cross Sister Clare Edmond. C.S.I. Religion, Science, Algebra. Summa Adviser Sister Mary Clarita. C.S.I. Religion, Mathematics. Spanish Sister Mary Cletus. C.S,1. Religion, Biology. C.S.M.C, Moderator Sister Mary Dominic. C.S.1. Religion, Mathematics Sister Mary Doretta, C.S.J. Cafeteria Sister Fulqentia Ioseph. c.s.y. Religion. Speech. Government, Sister Helen Irene. C.5.I. Religion, Latin Sister Mary Iulla. C.S.I. Religion, Business, C.S.M.C. Moderator Sister Maureen Ivoseph. C.S.I. Religion, English, History Sister Mary Olivia, C.S.I. English 12 Sister Mary Paul. C.S,I. Religion. Library Sister Rita Catherine. C.S.I Religion, French, Latin Sister Mary Romana. C.S.1 Religion, English. Study Skills Sister Mary Urbana. C.S.I. Reli ion Business Re istrar, Z . - g Compact Business Adviser Sisier Ursula Marie. C.S.I. Religion. English. Art, Compact Editorial Adviser Sisler Mary Valeria, C.S.I. Mathematics Religion. Science Miss Patricia Norton History Mrs. Marjorie lager Clothing, Family Living Miss Mildred Knobloch Physical Education Miss Mary Tippett Secretary X 'hom Sas momem v as qw 'mack ire-sh domed our caps cnc Kecahef S cmd fmt wx xx-5 WWW A, zftff A. ia 1, .gg ffjifl Q 15?-wifi 1 413' Q3 eg'-w5yA,, w.y. 'JESS' ff-W., , ,.,mg:.rmggg?3i.:aug1,.,f-'" 2,3 - My - g ' xmzrae 45 .2 a.:a:3w1f,, mg "EWQifssfw-?2 ,fff3raffQ1fff 1 n3b2i1:h?3:5?' f5f1"Wf"" ' 'K Q 1 X ksdfiigh schoo we MX doy ,Hour cxssocicnions des have Xusmed 1 i I Seniors- The Class of '56 I Seated-Barbara Venzon, Vice-President: Nancy Tyler, President: Ioanne Kinney, Treasurer: Ianet Ohlemiller, Secretary. Made up of a collection of memories, this never-to-be forgotten year is coming to its conclusion. Among those is listed the big event: Mass and reception of Holy Communion on First Fridays. We'll miss you. C. Y. C.. and all the dance sessions and gab fests we've held within your walls. You'll never be forgotten, four Homecomings, for even though we've carried off the trophy for the best float but once. each year Mary lane Tedtord, Valedlctorian: Cecilia Ksycki. Salutatorian. 16 The ten Seniors having the highest average for the first semester are: front row-Rosemary Cicciarelli. Ianet Ohlemiller, Barbara Liven- good: back row-Janice Heinz. Iudy Sprinqston. Cecilia Ksycki. I-ayce Cvensler. Mary Motsett: missing-Mary Ann Mcltllistar, Mary lane Tedford. has been a more enjoyable experience than the one preced- ing it. Yes, and even though, right at this moment. we think w'e'll be glad to forget about the Latin. Geometry, Shorthand. and Chemistry, these memories will he first to creep back in years to come. Years from now, We will look back and treasure these and many other memories. The three seniors who had an A average for the first semester ure: Mike Davis. Iohn Szentes, and lack Lintz. Toni Suluto. Valedictorian: Mike Davis, Iohn Szentas. Sulututorians. Patrick Nash. Vice-President: Steve 0'Donnall. President: War- ren Murray, Secretary-Treasurer. IT She can't dictate too fast for them SUSAN ALLEN Sl. Bcmard: Honur' Roll GDI Red Cross REP. '53I Glec Club 'Sli Future Nurses '53, '54: Biology '5-lp Lntln '53. '541 G.A.A, '53i Clvlcs '537 Class Trous. 'MZ linskcllmll 'filiq Vurlllly Shim' '53, '5-I: Summa 'Miz General Science Club Pres, '5I.i: Operettu '53 llnadi. ALAN AARON PATRICIA A'REARN fulhvdrult AH. Cluh 'SIL PWS. CAROL ANDERSON RONALD BAINTER ROBERT BARGER st. Phlhwmcnng Mission mp. 'rm se. rmmmt-nm nunm- mm cm: sz. ct-cum: um-nr R911 Glec cum '54, '55, '56, Fixture Intramurals '54, Llbrury cum 5391-1 .Honnr Sztctc-ly '54, Nurses '51, Lnlln '54, Speech '56, '54, '55, '56, Library cum 1-rvs, -w: hes' Club 5.1: Shmcnl Vnrlvly Show 'fi-l. '55: Slllhliw PGP Clllh '5G. '5GI '56, Sec. '5S: Vovullun Club '55 Cross Pros. '553 Llhrnry. Vice 'SGI Sdenvc Cluh '3-4: lnslilulu porter '53, '5-I. 'mi Rowling Inlrnmurnls '51, '5-I, '55, '5G. x I THOMAS BIANCO RAYMOND BITNER LOUIS BLANC DAVID DWYER st, Phllnmt-nn: Kg-y cum '55, st, John: Intramurals '55, '54, sl, Phllomcna: Glec cum '54, st. Mary. Kickapoo: st-at-new Club '55: vurlt-my shun- '55, '56, '55, '56, Sclencc Club '56, su- '52, '55, I-mskctllall '54, '59, Fm-nmll '53, '5-1: danny '55, '5u: institute nt-pam-r '5s: lnlrumurnls '5-1, 1j'nrkn'55, '56, Inlrmnumxs '55, '56, Truck '56, lnmgnuruls 54, 55, su. 18 .ug .mst-phmum Seminary 55. ALIG MICHAEL ALIANICH Sl, Bernard: Nailnnlll Humor Sn- clcly '55, '56, Key Cluh '55, '56, Vlwllllnn Clulr '55: Srlunrl' Clull '55: Vrlrlely Show '33, '5-li lnsll- lulc '53, '54: Illlrilmuruls '53, '55, '56, -- .K .x They are learning to balance the books for the future. 1 1 1 .1 5 lANlEL BAHTHELL KENNETH BASS sl, Mark, Nnllonnl Honor snclely sc, John: Honor Roll 451, Sclencv 15, '56, Key Club 'sap lnsll' Club '55, '56, lnlmmul-als lm- '56, Rnwlinz '55, '56: Inlrn- 'rl-2. '55, llllrllls '33, '5-L IOYCE BECKER sc. Phllnmnna: Student councll Rep. 'ml 1-'ulurv Nurses '54, slump Commlm-e 's'l: Chem- lslry '56, Clvlrs Club '53: Vnlluy- ball '54, 'nag Baskellmll '53, '54, vnrlely Show 'ssz summn 'asa Pep Club 'ssl cm-erlellcler 'rug mls or Blarney wx: Summa Booster. LYNN!-I BERNINGER Sl. Bernard: Honor Roll Ml: Su- dallly '53, Rep, '54, '55, Unit Lvudcr '56, Glm' Club '5-I, '55, Tmns. '5G: Camera '5-It Rlnlully 'ISM Library '53: Ar! 'SGZ Lxlllll '53, '5-XI Spevch '5G: G.A,A. '53, '51l: Volleyball '53: Bllskvlhllll '53, Trl: Vnrlcly Show '53, '54, '55p Pep Club '55: Bits of Blnrncy '53: Red 'Mlll '56, Summa! HOOSICY, lm-nay 'sal BOUR IOHN BOYCE spew, 'sm l-up sl, lusepn: sum '53, '55, Clull 'S-I: BHS of 56: Sod!-lllly '53, VAll'll:ly Shnvl' '53, '54, 'Thi lnlrnmurnls '53, Pl-IYLLIS BRUGGER Sl. llmrk: Sodnllty '53, 'sez Red Cross '53, '55, 'sez l-mum Nurses '54, '55, '56, slul-my '5-lg Lmln chemlslry 'mp slump Committee '56s Pep Club '56, Band '53: Speech 'Sm Blls -ll Blarney '53, BERNARD CAHAGHER SL Thomas: Glen Cluh '53, 'fri' 'M, '56: Varlcly Show '33, '54, 19 AAL-. It's a pretty tight squeeze. MARY HELEN CLANCY GARY CLARK ROBERT CLEARY DANIEL COAKE St, Bernard: Future Nurses '53, 'au sp.-wh -ss: su-mp cnmmmev '33: Pup Club 'ilii Blls of I!lm'm'5' 'msg Summa snow-1-. MICHAEL DAVIS ss. Mark: Honnr nun me Nm- xmml llunur sum-my 'nm vm Pres, 'aug Snluhxlurinnt my Club 'ssz 'sm sm-u-nn Cuunvll 'slag xnwmmn mul, 'nag Gm- cm- 's:x. '54, 'sm sec. '5G: Science Club Pm. 'ssc xuwxvxy show '54, '5s. 20 BARBARA CARROLL NANCY CAVANAUGH sm. Bernard: sauaxuy '55, uma sf. Lmdm- once cm, '34, -54: shun Future Nursvs 'Slit Hlnlngy '5-l: AFL 'SBI Slwcrh '5S: I"l'0m'h 'EGL W-I G.A,A. 'sm vuneylmlu 'sm vm-my 'sez Show '53, '54Z Cnmlmd Smfl '551 Club Summn Slull 56: Pup Clulx '56: BHS BHS of Blllrnvy 'wp Rvd Mill 'IASZ' 01. Clvlrs Clllll '53. A R QI Bcrnurd Xzlrlvlx Qlmxx Lllxlllrx 16 SL B0nlfnC0 hlllnmll Hunur Sn ev fm as rw, Club and x ya hm ru Sudllllh x x6 Xilrlrb Alum -I A lnslllutc lx Inlrumlll Ill '53. Sl NIHU S El Pain llnnnr Rull 171 Student Collntfll Treas X: bleu Club '53 14 Blind 'I U rf L: .xi suns:-my 1,4 nl ch Slum 'fl 1 Instl luke '5-1: Summn Stn!! 'SGI Class Pres. '54: Inlramurnls '53, "'4. new .saw l N MARY IANE DeSM'ET KATHERINE DONOI-IUE MICHAEL DOYLE sn. Euwnm, cmxm-mm-1 momgy sm. An-rk: Hunor non 42-: Null 'sm Arm 'sm Speurh 'rm Connmrl lnnul H1-nur sammy: smnnny 'sez 'seq my clun -ss: Summa sm-su-r. sveeeh Ts: G,A.A, '5-1: Cnemxsxry 'san Bnskellvull Swlmmlng ummgy -54: Bus uf nm:-nay 53. N CENTERS Q Qlfpgffl R Q, CAROL DRAEGER Sr. Tm-mms: Honor Roll uv: sl,- dmny '51, Rep, 'ma snmem cnunrn mp. -561 su- umgy umn 'sm n-em-h 56: G.A.A, '51, '54: Chemistry '56, will-ylmnl '51, '54: uaskemnll 'sap rep Club 'ssz summa- summer. ROSEMARY CICCIARELLI sz. Thomas: Honnr mm mu: N1-unmn nm-or sammy: Sodnllly '54, Ren. '55, '56, Glen' cum 'm:Bxn1nzs"54: Latln 'sm sm-urn club r-res. 'sm n-men 'am c.A.A, 's4: Chomlslry Club sr-Q. '56, vom-ymnl 'alla vm-n-my Slmw 'mn Summa -ss, rep club 'sm Summa mmm-r. r g3fQg,a,..,w 54 Q' l , GEORGE CRAMER sm. Mary, Kickapoo: Honor non uw. 3 'iwfz I 653 E' HELEN DUBOIS sl. mm-y. Melamnrn: 411: nmmgy 'sm Latln Cnmmlllee '31, '54: Freshman OP- oretln smyne Shaw 'sm Sum- ma Bnosler, llunnl' llnll '5-1: Stamp xjgar, f n -f MARY ELLEN CRAMER Sl, Mary, Klckawn: Honor Roll IGH: National Honor Smtlclyi Fu. lure Nurses '53: Biology '5-1: Latin '5-1: Spl:l'Ch '55: G.A.A. '53, '5-I. '5S: Buwllnl '55I Vnlleyball '53, '54, '55, Baskvllmll '53, '54i Varlely Show 53: Summa '56: Stamp Committee '53: Pep Club '56: Freshman Operettu '53: Brad- ley Specch Festival '55: Summa Bunslef, "l :- Q 3 Q1 O -. 97 :x O ... :- 2 Q.- Q7 'F IUDITH CRAWFORD Cathedral: Future Nurses '54, 'Sz Blology '54: Speech ' L? Q Q. 5? lc 92 Q EQ 'Q 252 '55, '56: Band Club '54, '55, '5G. - ' f CLAUDETTE DURBIN Sl. Joseph, l'0kln: 'Hunul' Rall HV: Glvc Club '54, '55, '5G: Blain- gy '5-I7 Lalln '5-lt Sllverh '56Z Prennh 'SGI G.A.A. '51, '56: Chum- lslry '56: Vullliyball '54, '5G: BRS- kelball '545 Varlely Show '54, 'KN Slam!! Commlllcc '53, 'MI Pep Club '5G: Freshman Opvrclla '53: Red Mlll '56. PATRICK ENGRISSEI Sl. Bernard: Gloo Club '53: Vnr- iely Show '55, lnLrnmurals '53, '5-1. 21 DAVID ESME GLEN EVERETTS Sl, Edward. Cllllllvolhu: KPN Sl. Pelvr: Glvt' Clllh Til: Club 'SSI Rvd Crnss 'Hit Glvc Clull hull '53: lnlrllmurnls 'FPL '55. 'Sli Sclvnce Club '5G: lnlrumurnls '53. '55. '5G. Panels in Religion class discuss teen-age problems. MICHAEL FARRAHER LARRY PARRELLEY EUGENE FARRIS BERNARD FILZEN Sl.. Pnlrlck: Band 'XL '54, '55. St. John: Vncallon Club G57 Sn- 'ssc Sodallly '55, Camera cum aamy vim-rn-cm 'sa SL Pnlrlckl Honor Roll I-ll: Key Club '56: Student Counvll Trvas. Sl. Bonllrlrvi Band '52, Sndnllly '54, '51 'EL '54: Vurlnly Show '53, '5-I, 'SGI Glvtvt Club Acrompnnlsl '53, '55, '56: Band '53, '51, 'Nu 'SGC Sndalliy 'HL '5-1: Vice-l"l'l:lebl '55. Trcns. '56: Camera Club '53! Variety Show '53. '54, '55, '5G. Music Dlrcciori Bowllng 'N. BENTE FROST Mission hens. ni: Glcc club '54, '55, '56I Camera Club '5-1: Bl- nlvgy '5-li Library '54, Sec. '55, Pres. 'ZSGZ Speech '55: French 'SGI Varlnly Show '54p Dpcrclla as. 22 PATR!CK GALLAG-HER Czllhvilrnl: Inlramurzlls '53, 'FL '55, '3S. PATRICK GALVIN Sl. Joseph: Honor Roll till: Stu- dont Cnuncll '55, '55! Varlvly Show 'HI Inslllull' Sports Edllol' '5G: Summn '31, '56: Baseball '53, 'S-I: Bnsketbull 'SBI Bowllng '53, '5-l. '55, '55s Intramurals '53. '54, '56, FRANCES GARDNER sa. mrmli-az sudinny '54-li Fl.llUl'0 NUISPS '54 1-rl-as, uiniuuy 's-in suv-:cu 'mn G.A.A. 'sm vice-vm. 'sap Vulleylmll kcthull 'sm mp cum S EVERETTS Pen-r: Howling '51l: Intru- 'x4, '5s: G4-lr AS.- if' I QW 1 JEAN rmcl-I Sl. Mllrki Ar! '56, DONALD l-'AHERTY Sacred Heart: mm-lr nun 15m Key Club GG: sm-mme Club Sodnlllb' Cumera Club 53: Vnrlvly Show G51 Imra- murals 53. FRANK FINNEGAN Sl. Bernard: Honor Roll Nnllnmll Honor Soclcly '55, '5l5: Class Sec. '53I Fimllmll '53, '54, P '55, '56: Baselmll '54, '55, 'SGI Buskotball '53, '54, 'M, '56, God's help is needed in any undertakmg KATHLEEN FLANIGON IOHN I-'RASCO lm: Sl. Phllumunn: Red Cross '34: St. Patrick: Vurlely Shaw '53 lilnlngy '54, Spunlsh '55, '56: Clnxs '54, 'SGI Fnnllmll '53I linskullmll ws. '55: Vollcylmll '55: Pup '33, '54, 'KL 'W: lnlrnmurnls 'SL Club '56, IOYCE GENSLER sl. Mm-y. Klrkupu-1: Honor Roll un. Nnllunnl Honor sm-my: mls- shun ul-p. 'sm ammgy 'sm Lmmry 'Mn Lulln '54: Spvcch slump Cnmmlllvc DONNA GILLES sl, Mary. Ku-kllp-mg Lulln 'ma sp,-1-ch s.A.A. -55. 'ssz newl- Ing 'sig vmleymnl General sm-me club 'mg Frm-shman Op- ,-mm 'aaa Summn summer. DAVID GIRARDOT Sl. Mark? Key Club '55, '56 Vllrlvly Show '56, Track '55 Bowling ms. 'sag Inu-amurals 'szxf '54, '55, 'Mil Golf '56. EDWARD GOETT Sl, Thomas: Foulbull '53Z Intrih murals '53, '54, '55, 'M. 23 The crowd catches up on the news during the lunch period. PEGGY GUNTHER Sl. Phllomena: Honor Roll H12 Nntlunnl Honor Suclrlyl Glul: Clulx '55, '56: Future Nurses '54, Vlro- Prts. '55: 'Blolugy '54: Spanish '55: Lntln '54: Class Sec. '55, Vurlcty Show '541 Summit '5liZ Stump Cum- mlltcc '54, 552 P017 Club '5G. FHED HRDDAD St. Bbrhilhli Key Club '55. '561 SCl!'l1C0 Club '55i Cllhlfrll Club '54Z Intramurals '54, DONNA GOFF St. Thomas: Rvd Cross '5G: Fu- ture Nurses '53, SGC.-T:'czls. '54, Pres. '55, '56, Blulogy '54: Lutln ' ai n un: G.A.A. '::, Tr. 'msg cm-mmry Club 'rr-ms. 'sm x'.-ln-y- :mn '53, '54, 'TvG: :mul-ulmll '53, '5-1, vurmy sxmw '5-1, 'SSI Cumpncl 'SGZ Pup Cluh '5li: Gcnvrnl Sclencc Cluh Vlrv- PFCS. 'SGI l'YEShmnn Oprl'r:llu 'Sill Summa Bonslvr. l TIM GORMAN .QQ CHARLES HAPPACH Cnlhoclrnl: H0n0!' Roll 151: Key Club Vlrl'-Prvs. '53, '563 Glen' Club '53. '5-I: Vllrlvty Show '55: lnsll- tull! '552 Football '53Z Bnskvtlmll 'Sli lnlrllmuruls '51 'FMC Pllnllfl- Pnl Crew '53, '5-l, '55, '3G. IUDITH HRINAL St. Btrnllrllt liluluily '5-fl: '54Z Chl3ml5tI'y '552 POW Club Gehltral Science Clull '5A". MARIOHIE HARRIS Llbmry 53: Art '53, spur-rn '56, French '53, Bowling '55, Husker- lmll vnrxely Show -54: G.A.A. '53: Orem-sam-Pm-s. 'ma G,-norm Science Club 'S-1: Elective Music '53. 24 MARY HATZENBUHLER St. Bernard: Rx-d Cross '53, Camera '5-I: Fllturl' Nurslrs '53Z Bl- ology 'S-1: Lnlln N: Chr-mlsmry '55C Vurltly Shnu' 'RL '54, 551019- erelta '53. mme: nsmz Sl. l.lurn1ll'd: Honor Rnll IGH Nullnnul nmmr sm-my: s--runny '54, '55, '5G: GIGI: Club '33, TTA-zls. vm--Pres, mmuw Numa-s '5-I: Llllrnry '5-li SDUQFII 'SGZ Fronrll Ki. 'SGS G.A.A. 'SIL 'R-l. '55: Vnlloybull '53, '5-l, '51 Hus- kvtlmll '53, '54, '55: VJ-ll'lCly Slmw '54, 'sag compact lhlslncss Manager '56, Pep Club 'sez mn- ggguxlc '55, '56, Float Committee r IAMES HEINZ sl. Mnrk: my Club 'M Science Cluh '5-1, 'sm vu-my snow '?,'x, '54, RS: lnslltuu- TH: Summa Foollmll '53, 'Tv-I: fh'ux'k '56, Imrumurnls '53, 'Ml '56. ROBERT GRENIER sl. rnlmmeml: :mn-lr Hull mu: Key Cum ass. 'mix umm '54. 'sm Qc-lonvc Club '55, 'sm vm-my Qlww 'mg Umm-mlml lllpzh. rhlengo. '53, GRAWEY lx num ws sl-nnml mm-u Pc clun Qummx Isl-neu-r 1? . F". Lunchtime - not much time for talk here AY I-IALPIN PHYLLIS HANLEY MARIANNE HARDING IUDY HARRIS -. - . - .-, , ..,A .. HM.,-. .-.n,,..M,. sl Jwnhr mum- Num-S -sa: sm. cu-um: lulsslons 'ssl seam, MARY IOY I-IEROLD ANNE HICKEY sl. Tlmmus: Gln-Q club '54, sl. Pmrlrkp Blnluny 'Su Lntln 'mag Lulln -541 xx-111-yxmll 'S-lp vu- 'ssl G.A.A, Tn. '54, 'mg rl:-ly Show 'mg --an nr umrm-y" mm-llng Vollvylmll Tux. '54, 'Bag "Red Mm" Ri: Pep Cluh '56 MIKE HOUSTON SL Mark: Honor Roll Gill Nnl- lonal nnnur Society Pres. 56: Key Club '53, '5G: Student Council '562 Vncallon Club Pres. '55, '56t VH- rlety Show '5, '56: Class Treasur- er '53: Basketball 'SIR Track '55, '5Sg Intramurals '53, '54, '56: Gulf 'E. DONALD HOVIOUS St. Bomnrd: Key Club '55, '5G: Glue Club '55, '56l Sdence Club 'SSI Vllrldy Show '53. 'SIC Fun!- llllll 'KL '5-1: Bnsvtlmll 'SIU HASKQK- hull '53, '5-12 Inlrnmurllls '53, 'S-lg "Red Nlll" '56. 25 They can hardly wait to sample Betty Crockcr's brownies. yum' IANOVETZ sl. sl-nlrane: Honor Roll um: Glcc cum '54, '55, 'sez Lmrm' 'sn see. of Art Club 'msg Pu-nrh G.A.A. 'sm vm-my sn.-w '5-1: Make-up Eldlnr or cum- mwm 'map slump Conxmltlu' 'sm nop club 'sez "ln-fl min" 'ssz sum- Speech c-mmm 'am .Iunlur Ensn-mhlc FORREST IO!-INSON Sodallty 'asg Arm Club '53, DOROTHY KITLAN IAMES KNECHT xr --x GERALD IOHNSON SK. Bnnllacci GIED Club '53, '5-IJ St. Pnlrlrki Vntllllun Club '55: Cnmcru Cluh 53: Fnnllmll '53, 'S-I 'Hawk '55: lnlrnmurllls '5I'l. EUGENE HOWARD KATHRYN HURST Sl. Hnnlfxlrvi Glen' Club '53, '5'lI Sl. Cccllln: Mlsslun Bnnd '53, '5li: Vnrmly Show '51l. '56: Mlsilnn Hull. 'MJ '54. '54. '55: Gln' Club VICE Lllllh '5-ll G.A.A. 'Nil Homecoming Auemmm may snow 'nm rn-p "RHS of Rlnrnvyn 'fifli Bnosler, EILEEN IOSEPH sz. Pmrxck: soumny '54, 'sez snamny mp. '55, Spvcch 'seq G.A.A. '54, 'mg Class rm. '5-1: voneylmll '54, m-skmmnl 'fm vm-my srmw wx, 'mr Compact rep cum, 'mn Illnjorolh' '54, '55, Summn ummm-. 'SIL CAROL KOORS SL Pnlrlck: Lilln 'Sli Spcvrh St. Phllnmvnn: Bllhd 'FEL '54, '55, W Sl. l'l:llQlAlC.Slutll'nf- C0u.m'il 'Sill T63 Pvp Club '56: "Kills uf Blur- 56: Varluly Show '53, '5-L bpeurll LM: h.A.A. .HZ Nnllvylmll nl-y' 'XL 26 'mp vm-my snow '53, 'rm rep Cluh 'sm Chncrlcnder '53, 'rx-1. fo. 'sep "ans ur Blurncy" 'xs. NANCY KOORS sl. cecum: xmssu-n R.-p. 'sm Future Nurses Speech G. A.A. 'S-1: Ynlloylrull 'mg Vnrlcty snow 'su Pup cum 'su' Bnnd '13, 'sn '-sims 1-r xxlm-m-5-" IACOBS Honor Rull KZSU Soclcly '55, '5G7 '5G: Vocnllun Cluh Club '551 Basvhnll .1552 Intramurals IEANETTE IACOVICH Sl. Bernard: Future Nurses '53, 'Mia Lnlln '54: Slwcclx '56: Chemis- KTF Clulu Pres. '5G: CIYIOS '5II: Ens- kvllmll '53, '5-1? Vnrlcly Shuw '54, '51 Compact '5G: Pep Club '56: Frvsltmnn Cheerleader: Flom Cnm- mlllcr '54, JOSEPH Q: Mark: Mission see. 'ssz Mus- Rep '5G: smmmy '54, '51 Ialln '5-1: Spccrh '56: G.A.A. Baskcthnll '5-I: variety shnw rummwl slump Commit .ur lap Club Sz, mc or Blur I ,..,, I ' .mu CAROL KEARNEY SL Mnl'5"s El P21503 Sndnllly '5-4: Fuluru Nurses '56I LIbI'8l'y '545 Lnlln '5-4: cnemxmy 'sag vnlloy- lmll '5-I: Basketball '5'lZ Vnrlcly Slmu I BIN nl Blllrncy 5, Fhml Committee Q4 b Here are our homebuilclers of tomorrow ELIZABETH KELLY sz. Boniface: spn-eh 'ssz volley- mlu '55, 'sep Cnmpnct '56, rep Club Gem-ml sen-nee Cmh '54. IORNNE KINNEY Si. BQl"nnl'di IKIISSIOIX Rep. '51I3 1-'umm Nurses '52, 'aug Llhrnry 'S-I: Speech '56: Chemistry '5Gg Clllss SEC. '5Gi VOIIt'YhuII '53, '54, 5.3 Buskclbnll '53, '54, '555 Vn- Shnw '54, '55: Compact '55, 1-my Stump Committee '55: Pep Club . 'z' ., "Gigi I ' :L imsff f I - I-Z.. KAREN KRONENBERG Sl, Thnnmsi Spllnlsh '5-1: AFL '5-IJ Varlvly Show '54, 'Bl CECILIA KSYCKI Sl. Bonllnce: Honor Roll C615 Snlutntorlan: Nallonal Honor Su- mey, sodamy '55, '5s: sm- drnt Cmmcll RBD. '54, '55, '56: Lnlln '5-17 Speech '56: Bnskclhnll 235: Vurloly Show '51, '55: Pop Club '56. IOSEPH KSYCKI Sl. Bonlfxwvi Fnollmll 'KL at WILLIAM LAI-'EBER Sl. Phllomvnnl I-'oolbnll '53, '54, '55, Baseball Manager imm- murnls '53, '5-I, '5G. 27 al Recordings bring to life the tragedy of "Macbeth," GARY LAMM MARY ANNE LEFMAN Sl. lxlul'5":4: Honor Roll itil: Nul- lnnnl Honor Soclely Truus. '55, 'Mig Gln' Club 53: Baskulbull 'Bill In- lrnlnurnls '53, '5-l. '55, '56, BARBARA LIVENGOOD Sl. Phllnmunu: Hunnr Roll lib: Missions '55: Cnmoru 'Nh Lnlln '54, '56, Speech '55, Clmmlslry '5li: Vurlely Show '54, '55, Cum- pnrl '55: Slamp Cnmmlllm: 'KH l'vp Club 'SGJ Spvcch Fcstlvul '55I "BHS of BlllI'I'IL'y" '53, DICK LOCHER BARBARA MADDOX St. Thumus: Intramurals '54, '55, Sl. Pulrlrk: Future Nurses 'Sh ,W W., ,, .. Spun-h Je. Pep cum .vsp mms nr nun-m-y" 'sm AMELIA MARTINEZ sr. Joseph: sndulny '53, '54, 55. 'SG7 Llbrufb' '54, '51, '562 Llhrxlry Club VIC? Prfs. 'Nh Spnnlsh '55, '5G: Clvlcs '53: Compact '561 Pop Club '5G: "Bus ut Blurlwyn '53, ,N ROBERT MCGANN sz. Pnlrlrkc Glen cum 'sup mme PHILIP McGRATI-I st. Mark: vm-my slmw ii: '53, '54, TG: Yurlcly Slum' '53, '34, Football 'SIL '54, '55, '5G: Baseball '55, lnslllulc '53, lnlrumurnls '55, '3ZlZ Bnskclbull Til: Trurk '55, 'FEI '58, Inlramllrzlls 'RL '54, 'Tn Lniln Club '5-4. 25 MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN Sl. Mark: I-'ulurc Nurses '33, 'B-l. '55: Lnlln '5-12 V0llL'ylulll '33, '5-l. '55, '5fi: Basketball '53, '5-I, '52 Y-urivly Slluu' '33, '54L Pup Club '56: "BUS uf Rl:lrn95"' 'KL MICHAEL MCNAMARA SK. Pllllumvnu: llnnnr Roll KSU: Nullunul Honor Surlvly '55, Sludunl Cnunvil '56, Vncullnn Club '54, 'SGI Ulm: Club '33, '56: Sclence Club Trvus. '55: Science Club Cllnirknun '56Z Slulnllly '53, '5-I, '55, '5Gi Smlnllly Prvfvrl 'SGI Sodullly Suv. 'SSI Cnmcru Club Vice Pres. '55, 'SGI Varlely Show '53, '51, '55: Summu '5G: Intru- muruls '5-I: Scnlor Class Operrlln '56, Te Dcum Speech Winncr '55. ED LINGO sm. Ceellla: uunm- Roll 161: Nm- kmal Honor snemy '5s: Key Club m, -ss: vmmnn cum -rn: rgenve cm, Inu-umm-,ns '5:1. D . IOHN' LINTZ Sl.. Bernard: Hnnor Rnll HH Natl:-Anal Honor Sutlrly '56: Key Club Svc. '55, '55l Sllldvnl Cnunfil 'W, '5431 Vlll'10!y Show '55: CIIISS Trl-as. '53, '55I Buicbnll '53, '5-1. '5G: Basketball '53. '54, '55, '56, Truck '56. KUSS MARIE Sn. Mark: Truck '55, '5G: lnlrn- nurals ma. IEHRY MAUSHARD Sl. Ceclllm Sllldcnl Cnuncll '5G: Glare Club '53, '54, '55, 'SGI Glen' Club Pres.: Camera Club '53: Va- rl:-ty Show '54, 'sm Intramurals '53, 'S-1, '55, '5G: "Evil Mlll" '5G. The physics class tries to show that Hero's engme wlll n oxl, MARY ANN MCALLISTER Sl. Ceclllal Honor Roll 16lF Nal- lmixll Honor Society '56: Glee Clllll '5-1. '55, '56: Spec-ch '56: French 'SGI Chemlslry 'SEZ Class Vitr- Prcs. '54Z Vmululy Show '54, '55: Summa C0-Edlhlr '56I Pep Club '56: Clu-crlendczs '53, '54, '55, '56: 'god Mill" '56: Summa Booster IOHN' MCFAHLRNE St. Bernard: Band '56: Vnrlely Show '55: Fnotlmll '53, '54, '55, '56: Bilskclbllll llinnhkbr '537 Ar! Club '55, '56, Blind Clllb TFC-118. '56, 'KAREN IO MYERS Sl. Cvvllln: Spimlsh Pres. '55, '5S: Latln Pres. '54, '55: Spevvll Pres. '55: CILISS Treks. '55: Vul- leyball 'Sill VuI'l0l5' Show '54l Cnlnpllvt '53, '5-I, '54-3: Com- pncl Fvululrs Edllur '56, Pep Club '5G: Clvlvs Club '537 "Red Nlll" '5G: Band '53, '54, '55. IUDITH MITTAL sr. Bcrnnrd: Missmn mp. Future Nurses 'snr -5-1. '56, 'Sm cm-mmry 'sm wxleyblllx '53, '54, -aw: varlemy srmw -54, Stamp Cnmmlllelr '53. '54, '55, 562 Pep cm, -ss: cwies emu wa. 'SGZ Lnlln PAUL MOLLOY Sl, .luhn'S: Glcv Club 'Sill lnLl'a- murllls '55 RUTH MONAHAN St. Mlll'k7 Honor Roll 1175 Sudal- lly '55, '5Gi Rnd Cl'0sR '55, '5GC Camera '54: Latin '54: Spoech '55: French Chemistry '5G: Com- pact 'am Variety Show 'am rep Club '56. 29 The single line to the right isn't usually so perfect. ' PATRICIA MURPHY St. Ccclllu: Student Cuuncll '53, 'SIL '5f:. Trens, '55: Future Nursvs '53, 'Miz Lulln '54: Speech 'mil Clwmlsiry '5B: Vnllcylmll 'Mt VII- rlL'lY Slmw '54, 'SSS Sumnul 'SGI Pep Club '56: Summa Bnnslcr '56, WARREN MURRAY Sl. Mark: Class VIN:-PN's. '511Z Football '56: I'lusm'lxull '5Fa: In- lramurnls '53, '5'l. '55, '56, i Yi PATRICK NASH sl. Bm-umm: Key Club Trans. '55, 'SGI Glue Club 'SSI Class I'rL's. Til: Clllxs Vivo Prvs. '5-l, '56, Fuullbnll '53, '54, '55, 561 'Frjwk '55, lnlrumurnlx '53, '5-l. 5.1. 56, MARY MOTSETT sl. mm-k, Honnr mu un lonnl H-mor sunny: Sndaxlll lmun '55, -5-1, Speech lu-,mm clmn-mlm value,-umnx ru-ly sumw '55, cnmpm-1 'r '55, sumnm '55, Stump Cununlllva' '54, '55, ru-p cum SUZANNE NASH Sl. COCIHAII RDI! Crass RPD. '53, '541 Fulllrt Nllrsvs 'BIKE Lnlln '5-li Suresh '56: Volloyhull '53, '54, '55, Smmp Cummlllcc '55, Summa 'SGI Pep Club '56, Chbvrlbudvr '5llZ Summa Booster. STEVE O'DONNELL SL Bernard? Hnnol' Roll Hill Sludunl Cnunril PWS. '567 lnsll- lule '53, '54Z Summa Business Munullcr '56, Class Prvs. '55, '55L llxlsvbnll '53, '562 lnlrnmurllls 'HL '54, '55, '5G: D.A.R. NVlnnL'r '3G. 30 JANET OHLEMILLER Sl. Cvvlllxlt Hnnnr R011 Gig Nall- hxnal Hnmu' Snwlvlyi Glvv Club Ar- nomplmlsl '53, '54, '55, 'SGZ Speech '55: Chlss Trunks. '5S: Vulw lEyh:lIl '551 Valrlvty Show '5-Ii Cnmpzwl Cu-Edllnr 'SSI Spun-ch Fvsllvnl 'SEZ Fllull Cummlllvc 'SGI "Red Mill" '56: Summa Booslur '5G. ANNE OLSON sm. cn-enum: Honor Run 12-, sc,- mnny '54, '55, Smlnllly 1-mm. '55, vnu--Pn-S. '55, Rep. '54, I-'umm-Q Nurses '55, 'sez sv,-ul-n '55, cm-mnsu-y vm-my snmv '55, Pep Club n-xl-masmp am '54, Summa Bnnstcr '51a, PAT O'NEII.L sz. nmnmee: mmm- Rull raw: G.A.A, '54, '55: mm,-mmglz Qu,-an Cnrnlvnl Queen um, G.A.A, '5-1. '55: vurlcu- srmw '54, sump Commun-e Pcp cum -56: Hmm '5-2. '55, xm,1.,reuu '51, '54, '55, -56: Bm-nd Club '55, 'Msn Summa mms:- CP. GARY MUELLER Nu 'il Bernmd lnunmmaxs MULLOWNEY sl i I Club Al Blur- S, f. .N Af KATHLEEN MURPHY Sl. Mark: Glue Club 'S-l, '5, '5li: Slinnlsh '55, '56, Llllln YN: Spvwh '55: Vlll'l0ly Show '51, '551 POD Club '5G: lllls of Blllrlwy '53, "REG Mill" '5G. Silence is the principle virtue of the library HOMAS NELSON IANET NOLL IO!-IN NORMAN JOYCE OCI-IS sm. Bi-1-nm-ug Honor nun 111: si. Marys. M1-mmm-ii: Blology su, nmmrd: Key cum '55, vu- sm. im,-xg smif-gy '54, A,-1 'am vim src. wx. '54, nnskewull 's:i. -541 Lalln '54, mis nr Blarney new Shnw 'sag r-'winmin -ss, num- Llllln wa, 'n-1: vm-my show '53, 54, fs, '5s, '53, murals '51, '55, '54, Banu '53, '54, 'auz uns or nmrnvy 'am RANK PALLADINI sl. u-mimue: Honor H011 usa Clvntc Club Sodnllly TNS: ln- llule 'SGL Summa Sta!! 'SGC Bust'- mll 'Mig 'Pnxllk '55: Huwllng '55, 56, Intramurals '53, '5G. BARBARA PALMER SL Ceclllni Mission Rep. '54, 55: Glrle Club '54, '55Z Latin '5-1: Speech '56: French '561 G.A,A. 'YN Chemlslry 'In Spllldlng Prom Queen Vnrlcly Show '54, Summa Edllol' '50: Pep Clllb '56: Summa Bonslcr. BARBARA POLONUS Sl. Mm-kg Sndality '54, 'sax Glue Cluh '54, Ts, 'seg Future Nurses 'aa umm 'sm speech '56: G.A.A, '55, in-lui-ylmll Yum-my Shnu' '5-1: In-p Club Bus nr alarm-y 'su "ln--1 Mill" WALTER PEPLOW SK. Mark: Nnilnmll llunur So '55, 'mi Honor Roll KG!! Koy '55, E363 Student Cuuncll 'Skip Gallon Club '55, Vice-Pres. Summa Co-Editor '5li: Truck duly Club Vo- 'Mig .n, '36, Bowling '55, 'Slip Gull '56, ln- lrumurnls '53, '54, 31 The class of '56 gets WILLIAM PETERS ROBERT PFEIFI-'EH sl. Bernard: vm-n-ly show '54, sm. .mxmg Honor nun ul, murm lnlrnmuruls '53, '54, cum, '55, measured for Iune 5. MICHAEL READDY CAROL REEL AGNES REMINGTON PATIHCIA RIECKER Sl. Bernard: Inlrumurnls '53, '34. Sl. Bernard: Student Cuuncll Sl. John: Speech '55, G.A.A. '53, Cathedral: Biolagy '5-lp Speec Rvp. '55, SBC. '5GISp1lllisl1 '55, '56: '54, '55, '56: Vollvylmll '53, '54, '55, Volleylmll '54, '55, '56 Spbvcll '5G: Bnskclhall Trl: Vn- '55, '5l3: Basketball '53, '54, '55, Basketball '53, '54, '55, '56, rlcty shuw -545 P,-p Club '56, "ans '5s. of Blnrnvy" lox-m RYAN sm, comm: cm cnn, '54, vlmely show '54, 1-'u,,l1,m1 'S-l, '55, '5S: lnlrzlmurals '53, '11-I '55, '56, All Club '53, '5-ll '55, '56 32 MARY ANN SRCCENTI Calhedrnl: Sodallly '53, '5-l: Lillirl 'E-l: l?1'i'nCh 'Nil G.A,A. '53, '54I Vullleylmll '53, 'ill Buskcllvall '53, 'S-I. TON! SALUTO St. Phllnmena: Humor llnll LT' Vlllvdlclurlaln: Nullunnl llunnl' Su- rlely '5S: Vovullnn Club '55J Glvv Club '53, '5-1: Srlence Club '55, Ylru Pres. 'SGI Sndnllly '53, '56: Truck '55, 'M. is l E F 5 5 nsanm smmsn Sl. Mark: Hunur Roll 111: Nal lnmll Honor Sncldlyl SKllKlEhl CUUI vll Rep. 'sez Biology 'mn Lau '53, '54: Spuvvh '567 Chvmlslry 'SI Variety Show '55: Pap Club 'Sl Carnlvul Queen '54, "Bits of Blau ncy" '53. PILON MRRIORIE PRICE Sl. Bernard: Sodallly 'SGI Stu- dvnl Council Rep. '53: Speech '55S Vllrlvly '54, '55J Pep Club '561 "BHS of Blarney." Hard work and study is the quickest way to learn ARLEEN nonnms NANCY nocanns mcmxnn nocsn umnv nosrsrrsn EANETTE SANDERSON WILLIAM SCHAUB FRANCES SCHAUB MARY ELLEN SCI-IAUB sz. Thomas: Rod cross Rep. 'sin sc. Mnry's, Ku-knpom Baseball sl. :mu-y's. Kickapoo: Nmlnmll sl. M:u'y's. Klelmpou: Mlsslun ,lee cum '54, lmwllng 'aag lnlmmumls '53, '56, Hnnm- Snrltlyp chemlslry '54g Sndallly 'Blk Spanlsll Wi: 56: vnlluylu-ll '55p Vnrlciy Show Halls nr Blarney" '53. Bowling '54g "mls nr Blarnvy" '53, 54. 33 Iuke-box fans try out the latest. YVONNE SCHEERER Cath:-drnl: Glce Club '53, '5-I. 'MZ Lalln '5Hl: Vlll'lL'1y Shnw '53. '5fl: SCIQHCD Clull '5-1: "RHS nf Blarney" 'Si W v' W f IAMES sclunnsn ' SL. Mary. Metamora: Vario! Qlgllv '5'l. 65: lntrllmurals '54, 'SN l 41 l . RICHARD SCHNEIDER ROSE MARIE SCHNEIDER BARBARA SCHUBERT SHARON SCHUH sr. rlmmnsq Honor lmll ml: Key cnllll-flml: Latin 'sag Volloyhull sl. Pall-mlcs. wllshlngmn: Lllull sl, l-mr: Blnlugy 'mg Lllllll 's club 'mal szuacm cnuncll 'ssz '5-lp vllrlnly slmw ms. 'sl 'ssl '54, vlee l-res. 'ssl clwmlslry '55, Vnlleylvull 's-lg "mls or Blarnej Vucallon clllll '55, 'seg summil smmp cl-mmlllw 'ssl mme 's:l. lmwllng 'mg Busketbnll '53, '54, 'mr cu-Ealmr 'sap Intramurals '53, 'sl '54, '55, 'sm sec. 'ssz "ans ol 'ml vlllleylmll vllrlely Blarney." snow 'ssz Gem-ml Sclvncc Club vga ms. 'ssl --mls ol lalllmer' 's THOMAS SINGER ALICE MROZEK sl. 'l-lu-mlls: F-mlbllll 'all lnlrll- sl. :lm-pll. lwklll. sl-dllllly ' lmlrllls '54, 'am 'waz Lllmll-y '55, is. cllmml 'mz slulm- l.llllll '54, 'ml GAA. 's4. Pep Club '56i "BHS UI ncy". 3-1 54 l 4 1 s 5-I Vollvyhnll '54, '531 Bnskvlhnll ' Blur- PAUI. SLAVENS Sl. 'l-lmmas: ulmul- Roll ual: Kel' clull rm. 'sm slllllml culm- dl '55, V180 PFCS. 'SGI Vuvnlllln Club 'ssl neu cl-oss 'ssl Intramur- uls 53: Cnllhlln Pnnllflmll Crow '54, '56. DUANE SOLDATI St. Markl Hnnur Roll C211 V Hell' Shun' '55: lnstltuic '5 Fooihnll 'S-I. '55: Rliselmll '5 Bowling '51, '54: lnlrllmurals 'E Clull 'SGI "Bits Lvl Blarney" '53: SCHLIS Cup- "Red Clvlus G.A.A. '33, '5-'l. 'M. '53, '54, '55, '56, 54 'M, '56: Va- DORIS SCHMITT sz. Marys. Kickapoo: Honor nun 141, National Honor sppmy: An -m: Lnlln '54, Speech G.A.A. Vnllvylmll 'aug Baskellmll -54, -56: Va+ rim-ty shpw 's:x. -54, 'ssc Accpran- fm Bnnd '53, '54, 'sag mga, cm mr nmgnzmne nm-e 'sa ,rf 3 W, . V SEIDENSTICKER KENNETH SELBURG St. Pull'lCk: Honor Rnll 1553 Key Club '53, '56: Vucnllon Clulx Vlce- PFQS. '55, Fnullmll 'FAIL '5-I: Bail'- hall '53: Inlrnmurals 'SL '54, '56: Ar! Club 55: Llhrary Club SEQ. '5G. Many willing hands helped to build the umnlng float MARY ANN SEMICK Sl. Patrick: S0dnllly '53, 'SM Glei' Club '5-4. 'M. '55: Speech '55: VnllL'yhHll '54: Vnrlely Show '54Z "Rud Nlll" '53, DELIA SHEA Sl, C0l'llluI Mlsslun Rep. '5-1: Sodullty '53, '54, '55, 1-mum Nurses -sa: Lnun -54: spam, 'sez G,A.A. '54, vplxpynalx -54: Stamp Commlllec '54, Pen cm. -se: Clvlcs Club '53: Summa Bnnsllrr. UDY SPRINGSTON MARY STEIMLE Cllllwtlrnl: Honor Roll 167: Nut- St. B0l'nul'd: Honur Roll ill: Sw 1-mxl Hunor Society: Student Cnun- dullty '56: Fulurc Nurses 'RL '54: Cll Vlcv-Pl'E3, '56, Rep. '54: Llbrnfy Lnlln '54, '55, G.A.A. 'XL '5-43 cum '54, Latin '54: Spree-h Chrmlslry cum 'ssz vp-lleyball '53, G.A.A. '53: Vnllcylmll '52l: BHS- 'S-l: Baskvlhnll '53, '5-l: Varicly kcllmll '53I Vnrlvly Show '5-l. 55: Show '53, '5-l, '55, Compact '56, cm-ppm Fashion manor -ss: Pep Pep clux, ss. 'Red NUI" '56, PHIL STEWART sa. ucrnnrdg K1-y cum, mme '59, '5-l. '55, 'SGI Sodxlllly '55, '5G: Curnorn Clull 'ilk Vurluly Show '53, '54l: Instllulc '53, 'SGC "Rod Mill" '56, CAHOLE STICKELMAIER sm. spnimpe: nussmn Rep. 'asp sodplny '55, Lmln 'an Speech '56, n.A.A. 'mn Volloylmll '54: compact 'sm Pep Club '56, "Bus pr Blame-y" '5a: Summa Boom-r. 35 College Day representatives help seniors make their decision. DONNA TATE sm. Phllumemu: I-'umm Nurses '54: -56: Lnun '54, '56, Chem- islry Compact '56, rep Club 'W. ix RAYMOND VAN BHUWAENE Cathedral: Fnollmll '53, 'ms Buseboll '53, '54, 'Huck '55, 'SGI Inlrumuruls '53, '54, '5, 'SGI Punllflrul Crew '53, '5-I, '55, '56, MARY IANE TEDFORD Si. Mark: Honor llnll KSX: Nal- ional Honor Society: Valedlclorlanl Sodallly '53, 'S-I. '55, '55, Rep '53, '54, I'l'CIn'Cl. '5S2 Spllnlsll Cllll! Pres. '55, '56: Speech '55: Class: SCC. '543 Bnskethnll 'SH Vurlety Show '54, '55, Compact '54, '55, '56: Pep Club 'SGQ Dlreclor or "Red Mill" '56i Summa Hoosier. DANIEL STULL si. nr-mare, my crm, '55, . , vnenu-in cm, '54, 'sm Giec cm, nw, vnm-my snow '56, 1-',mn,,,11 vu, 'a-1, . . Bzxskelhull 'xi as, -ss, 'ri-Mk . '56, 56. 'ws' MARY ALICE TELLKAMP Sl. Thumlls: Future Nurses '54, latin 'SH Speech '5-1: Gen. Science '56, Volleyball '54, '55, 'asp Pep club '5e. DAVID SWANSON SL lKlul'k'S: Ehud '53, '54 Vnrlely Show 54: um-1,1111 Howllng '53, '5-I. '55, T263 Gulf 'wa WILLIAM THILI. Clllhedrnl: Vnrll'l5' Show '55 ll'umuI'illS '53, '5-I, '15, '56, BARBARA VENZON Sl. Peter: Honor Roll UH So- dallly '54, '53, '56, RED. 'WAI Cnmern '5fl: Specrh 'Mia Cluss Vlre Pros, T162 Volleylmll '53, '54, 'M, '56l Basketball '53, 'S-l, '55, '5l5l Vnrlcty Show '54, '55: Compact 'BSI Summit Buslness MIHIHEEI' 'SGC Pep Club '56: Academy Glrl '5G: Summa Booster. MARY ALICE VERBEKE Sl. Bernard: Mission Rep. '54, Future Nurses '537 Llitln 3-13 ix- Chemlstry '55: Vollcyhnll '55I rlety Show '54: Compact '56: Slnmp Cummlllee '5-1: "BHS of Blarney" '53: Snmmn Booster. VERONICA VOGEI. SK. Blunlrlll hllln '5-II Rep. '56: Stump Committee SWIGRIS mmlruuv: llnnor ann me '53, '5-1. 'sm vnm-my slum' 34: Fnnllxnll '53, lnlrnmurnls IOHN SZENTES Sl. John? llunux' Roll 1713 Nation- ul Hunol' Society 'SGI Slilxllnloriaui Sluilonl, Cuunrll '55, 'SGI Vntallon Club '31, '55: Glvc Cluh '53, '54, '35, '5G: Glvb Cluh Ullrurlnn '55, '5G: Sl'll'hK'f' Clulv '54, '55, '5Gl Sflvnm' Club Suv. 'SUI Smlullly '53, '54, '5G: Climcrn Club '53, '54, '55. 'SGC Cunwru Club PYQS. '5452 Vu- rlely Show '54, '56, lnsll- tutc Phomgmpxm- '55, Summa Phnmgraphcr '55, 'am "Red Mill'- '56, 're Duum Speech comes: '56, THOME RALPH TOMLIN wnshnngwn: my sr, nm-num, l-lcmur non cm: vu- Gllblt Clull '53, '51-ll Cullum Club '55, '56: llnnd '53, '5-l. T4: lnsmulc '55, Vnriuty Show '53, '54, Inslllulu 'Sill Summu 'SGI Bowling! 'S-l: Basketball '53, '53, 'SL '55, '56: Buwllng Sec. Sr 55, '36: Intramurals Trvus. '56: lnlramurnls '53, '56, The "Countess" THOMAS TULLY Sl. Pulrlck. Washlnglun: Key Club Suvlnl Servlcc Dlrvclul' '55, 'SGC Vurlvly Show '55: Summa 'BSI lnlrumurnls '53, '5-l. dramatizes her lines for "The Red Mill" NANCY TYLER St. Bcrnnrdi Sodnllty '55, 'SGI Red Cross Rep. '54: F'uf.ul'e Nurses. 'SQLI Llllln '53, '54: G.A.A. '53, '5-I. '55, '56: Chi-mlslry '55I Clflss Vlcc Pres. '55: Clnss Pres, '5S: Vurlcly Show '541 Cnmpuct News Ed. 'SGZ Pep Club '5G: Bradley Speech Con- lesl '54, '51 I0 VORIS IAMES WADE RICHARD WAGNER S . du'nl'!l, Chllllvullwl Vuwl' llon Club '551 Glue Club '532 Truck '55, 'Sli Sl. Phllnmbhui Track '55, BARBARA WALLOCH sn. r-mmmenn: mee Club '54, '55, '56: Speech 'SGI G.A.A. '55! Volleyball '55: Bnskelbllll '55l V3- rlcly Show '5-l, '55: POP Club '55: Ensemble '54, '55: Science Club '54: Summa Buostcr. 37 It takes many hands to push the car over the ruts MARY WILE5 Sl, Bernard: Future Nurses '53, '56: Latin '53, '549 G,A.A. '542 Chnmlstry Club Prugrnm Chatr- man '56: Homecoming Attendant '55C Varietb' Show '5-I. 55: Sum- ma '56: Pep Club '56: Compact '5G: Dance Committee '5-1: Ctvlcs Club '53. 38 IUDITH WILLINGHAM St. John: Sodallty '5-1. '55, 'Hit GEORGE YINGST St. John: Student Future Nurses '54, '56: Speech '5Ii: Band '53, '54, '55, Pep Club '56: Science Club '54: Band '56: Dunne Band 'BGJ Camera Club sn w 'sa 'al "- 0 . . oo? 'SGI Institute Editor Summa Booster '56. In Memoriam . . . On September 3. 1955, Larry Ferris. one oi Spalding's fine young sons was called to meet his Creator. Victim oi an accident. he was called sud- denly and swiltly to answer for his liie on earth. Those who knew Larry gave him their high- est respect, for he was a most outstanding example ot a Catholic Gentleman. Larry was a friend to everyone. with his warm smile and silent word you could sense the outstanding c h a r a c t e r he possessed, which everyone praised and desired. Although his lite on earth was short. we pray that he has reached his greatest goal. the one for which we all strive. that being eternal happiness. Bob Knight, Secretary-Treasurer: Lou Gaffney, President: Ion Sander. Vice-President. Iuniors At last full-fledged upperclassxnen . . . the loot- ball season . . . wonderful Homecoming game, in spite of defeat and rain . . . plans for glorious lun- ior-Senior proms . . . measurement for class rings . . . departure of a lew privileged Iuniors on a thrilling week in the East . . . anticipation grows as the year comes to a close for we are nearly realizing our ul- timate rolef-that of a senior. However, this year will certainly be treasured in our memories as an important and eventful one, 39 Ioyca mnanana Susan nannaxan-ew Jan Blank Henry CumP Gerald conseanuna rxaxne nanan-ann nonaxa nanuna -10 yacan :ma Inna nanaxn wanna anew: naman canan Mary craig janet Danehy mea naaa mann Alwcn nance. :mama laaepn naaxnn rnynu Castle may cmnmm Leanara annum Mxenaen nanavan MurY Amhroxch Ranaxa Berg Dennis Brown nanaue cinelarelli Nancy Creme! Carol Dempsey sxmeaa nasasn Iannes Anderson nayrnanu lerqevln Chulles Bllcklul' Murqllelile Clues MUYY Ann Ctcrk Mullin Denkind Ieanetle Dltkerso Patricia Atkinson Margie sm Iumex sauu cam Closen Nancy lain vngxnla mne- Nancy :mn cnanu Conley English students cram for the big test. 1 gn-an -r Y mem n-me Iohn Dunne mulnusenn-my sem-ml uwyef 'atritkl Evelelli Bllfbdld Evoy Mdlilyh Tulle! Luuricz- PGH!! mum Gem sham- Gauge Thomas George Stephen cmmn Shtltoll Gximm H7611 Gllilloyle Terry Guru Iudy Huddnk Behold how the juniors love homework, ' vu.-Q ' EMI. Walter Eiibll canmlne requ Arlene Hoslllla Eugene Ioseph I cmmin clues Hsieh Helm Holnmek e noben Ebel Annwny rem: Nancy Gilles snmey Hdlsled Mm-gum Heinz Lorena Houluhun 1-when Johnson 'nmy :isfemer Pulllclu Fillerl Ann Gitscll 1-my Hunley Iennne umm Fred HDWG Richard Yohnson Gerald Ennis Patricia Fllzdell vnqmm Gm:-H s-Mn Hunley cnmes Hickey cmmes uuunaxek Bsveily Iohllslwn - Muxgaxet Enulcun Louis GdHl'leY Michael Gray Margaret Huppach Patricia Hoenselvmr Pulriclu lnskeep sham. xm-pawn: 41 Edmund Kelly Charlene mm Kenlgun Kelsth lellY Kelfllli 'fumes Xlnq Edwafd Xtrchqeasne Iulleanne Kennedy name: xmckerbocnerrwben Knlghl Michael KeBn2dY Mary xenvulnnm Domes :mum suxmme Klempp Adele lnyckl lisvexly Ln:-reed William Lmnpreem Iacqueune Landuyl cum! Luugennerq lemxa Lee 'rum-nas Lemolne Duane Maloney Dbnald Malibu Helen Mann Mlchael Mansfield Kennelh Maxchulones Diane McCaI!hy Sharon Mcinroe Sieve Mcllzloe lame: Mclntyre Cara! McKee Iolhln Meyet Nant? Mile! Mkllael Mllle! Shalon Miller Sondra Miller I ,, 4 ggmy .35 y . .3 ' .ax gp : H3 1.1 tif? ?ff3 .fs ' fs! I . .g Ia' E' ,M . ..,5r,.,f'. ' -4, ggsfk' :Q5 ,QI my '5' ' fri - y 3 'Qu ,5., .Q E .ani , , , ' 6 ,- in I .gr f 5. cr., y 1 y 'fi l y 7 'fz5xS3i .52 Lf .Fifi l f nffrl :fa y 3 'tif . ' 555' . f ff: M-1222211 usm V :f1s:z::w:a' .',' r" , , . t. vf A, 35 9 my . 5534,,g:L4:3,f3 . - , . ff ri A J.. ' " f r " , :fffeil 'l ' ' Ci. i - -W fig ' "QMS iv lfnfi 25.35 535' JE ff-, . , f ,av as , 1 2: -- sg., K gizv 1-V LN Qgg, fig 5 Q w, , - W 11. E: 195 Q , 231' fx , 5 :L - 1 -. 555' " , Sl :ES 'fx fl :t . 4 G . : V .1- ?y Q ig L Q 'f :el f W 1? .5 Maggy A , 'f .P m . '- rfsrfesfa ' . . W f Ny 1 gg, 5353: g- mfg, - Egggmzl , wr' ::. Q,-" V iw 9:ff5fif1"' ' HQ?" " ' , 7 . 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Barbara Lellallen Malvln Martin Anita Melani: Sandra Mehr wt , fl 7 Ge-ff' 153 Theresa Lewis Ara Ann Maul! lumpy Menqe: lame: Moz-:Issey Q55 T Ns' .. A 1 , V ,.,W xxxnvw f.f.ff1 ' if wwggwfy :I ' lemme Ludolp wnuam Mm-k Monica Mm Ioyca mm. gl , ITM. yi Q 1 I 22 'lf K fig- ' :L L ... Egg? ' N wg' H if Hg? 9 X Eff fl ' 'Li S 5 '5 2 4 5 x I ., , , fl in 9 , 639 Q- X. a an 255 M 2 ggi F r Q E M 2 A K '-ff ,, 2' ,, 31 Q 9. ' S. ,F , ff. X , Q K 6: N w .2 Eu il ' lf' 2 I I I I yi ET' 5 sw M, 'I gf' ,Q rr 1 , - if I 1 3 f Y N f Q? ki E S mi . I . ' 1 , ' M i is 3 'f 6 Ely' ' as Q Q f G I s 9 5 1 W V' 1 4 .Pl V i . .9 L, ., ti 4 -. fs, " 4' f F ,,yl n y . .. nf ,y,. . - ,. ,,.Q,.,. ,,,.,: -J 5 if 5155 Y ,?:zg?g?!f11f. - f ' W K k ,, , W, . 9, V K , , , y ix . ' 1 S I , 2' f .Q 1253 " P5 " ,fjgg fig :fag .M ' l " 'Elf' i f f: 1, gf - 'Mn ..l. 1' n 2 ,EE :Q J 1, F 1 .15 Af V- -- :nm ' 4 f -" 3 al 5 ?:: 1 ' MQ: f '3 ,i"'j ' X 225.5 ,K 3. 5 fl 3-:ffl-ff k'Wl 'WL - , 1 -fs' lillzwf' L K 1 ' , Lx' L ' Future businessmen pound the keys to success. lrha lla Mltha Sand! Thomas Monk Donald Nauma mm owmn Peg mm Donna Rogan Helen schnun lame: sem-pp Michael Muna-1 vmm ommfm nam.. own: numu mmm mmm nuqqxu Iolm smuunq Ind? sawn Iuenh Naam' Therese! Ohnemlll HGIIY Pnelow Carole Heck Sharon Ryan Marianne Schlh rm sfmqqnu I0 Pntllriu Snider limes Slltkelmnier Do Murllyll Sllellclusslee lemme Snider fumes unu Lwulie Webet Robert Wllllums Dunltl Wifi Thomtls Zuni 44 1 Richard Wennmdcher Iocm Whelan Thomas shields :ummh Sullivan Joseph vneqex. wanna wnne lame: Mary Ann Sullivan Burbunl Wade Pdlriclu Whllesldt shawn Evelyn Pulrick. llobulm Tomorrow's chemists put their principles into action m.....,:11' . Wayne Downing. Vice-President: Bill Betson, President: Iohn Zeitz. Secretary-Treasurer. - 2, 4' 'f'eg',.. in to gg: , r r at : 1. ..:a:.eiE.,'ft. a TQ V' n ' 5. 31 "wif 1, Y W fe M .ff 2 ,,-2 fl.. ' H i . . -A V . . B. .S -,:':.'q... 0- ' ' A it r "1 a X . - iw-' 2T1'gQf. : S' Q11 nf!" E " e - U Q., .. 'ffiftfk ifiiiiafftflitixf M41 if f W ,Mu .s?,K '. .e new LVft"!:'T'?5 V eififrfii-ft kg Ka- ' ff 1.-:ff .5 ,,. Sf lft ith-263' :1if5Sa1.1l .i Y. .eezft nzfhfiitw- Q2S, ..'u:r' ,.,,s,t...e5 s .,...,.t,,,i., - --, ,wie?2?Mi wi: Sophomores Up one more step on the ladder to gradua- tion . . . cm "in-between" time . , . Geometry. our downfall . . . dissecting frogs and worms . . . the penetrating smell of formaldehyde . . . football games . . . almost a second trip to State . . . the feeling of at least having someone look up to us . . . the "excruciating" pain of our T. B. shots . . . the Center and Hunt's now our "home away from home" . . . as the year closes. uppermost in our minds is the thought of being upperclassmen next year. 45: Pat O'C'onnell. Treasurer: Margie Hughes, President: Kay Morrissey. Secretary: Mary Fortune. Vice-President. The ten sophomores having the highest averages for the first semester are: Kay Morrissey. Christine Jacobs. Lynne Mack- oway, Patricia Cramer. Iudy Watson. Katherine Bickermun, Hel- ene Cicciaxelli. Judy Reeves. Beverly Delloche: missing-Margie Hughes. The sophomore who had an A average for the iirst semester is Robert Pfeiffer. Indy Abraham Pntrldtl Arnold Indy Haley hmm Bucher mmm cnqny Mlrhuel Conlon Mmm crmy 46 Glorld lun Alexander Russell Arnold mmm andere: mm lurk Helene Cltclurelll Ieromc Connor yuanu amm- Moma Auumr Terry Baker Kathryn Bongnrtx Dnls Burllnll Nubuk Claude There!!! CQUKSBY Suzanne Crutcher snmey Alwan mm sm-uquea cam lourscheldt 1-ram. caay wnum cunn- lohn cram: Gordon c-mam Wllllnm llwun Ann Bllurndnn Pnlrlcln lrlnlzleY 'Dnnlel Call: Sharon Culomal: Pnkrltln Cramer Mlchnel Clltnck ummm naman Mnry Antouuccl Carole lenxll Wulltrm Ballon Enrol Brower Barbara Brown -one Cclcrway Margaux can Ioreph Armemmue mm Armitage Kathryn llckermurx Lol-I Illlmlyar Dill Brophy Edward lruen Robert Ctrlh Rulh Ann Cul "But Sister, I don't understand how to find the subject." -s, rmy caamag 1-naman cy: dwdld Duke Delllie Dimmu ed roger Susan Farris Mary ram-aa Mary naaken Sharon Davis yalaaa nunaa Sandra Fllield ludlm Fresco ff. 1 . . 1 ,- , ,,,. 4, ,, fb ,,,, .L,:.. L: D ills DQLOZIH Indy Dunne wmxam rum: rams Furness ,..I:...,... -W .,. , 5 , ,L M V, , navany Denaena naman :agamaa Mama rxanarey fame! 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Patricia Moore, Su- san Graber, Nancy Evans: second raw: Miriam Harrison. Diane Zosky. Corinne Kennedy: third row: Iudy Osborne, Ioan Step- rinski, Iudith May. Larry Andrews, Secretary-Treasurer: Pat Donahue, President: Ilm Motsett. Vice-President. Freshmen Gruelling gym sessions . . , Freshman operetta . . . uniforms and ties . , . C.Y.C .... changing classes . . . the complexities of Latin and Algebra . . . midnight oil . . . school spirit . . . Homecoming . . . new acquain- tances . . . various clubs . . . ball games . . . hard work, Freshman year was a dizzy conglomeration of all of these and the great jolt of passing from the condition of "big" eighth-graders to that of "little" freshmen. We scurried between classes, dressed up for the Silver Tea, grew hoarse at the games, and tried to absorb the etlorts of the Priests, Brothers and Sisters to help us grow "in wisdom and grace before God and man." 52 Allq Robe!! 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Third row: Sharon Hubbs, Betty jane Code, Barbara Roth, Iean Heier. Academy Student Council The most important purpose oi the student council is to promote better relations between the faculty and students. They also endeavor to further observance of school rules by super- vising the halls and lounge during the noon periods. Various assemblies and campaigns were held to stimulate the courtesy and good conduct that are expected ol an Academy girl. Among these were the personal clean-up cam- paign and the magazine drive which iostered better reading among the students. In the au- tumn they sponsored a dance. and during Lent, "The Keys oi the Kingdom" to raise money for kneeling benches for the auditorium. 62 Going over some matters connected with the Student Council are its officers: Carol Reel. Secretary: Iudy Springston. Vice-President: Pat A'Hearn, President: and Ieanine Iockman. Treasurer. Officers ot the Spalding Student Council are: Gene Farris, Treas- urer: Paul Slavens, Vice-President: Steve 0'Donnell, President: Bob Burger. Secretary. Spalding Student Council The Student Council is relatively new at Spalding. It is comprised ot representatives from the various organizations at Spalding. picked basicly because ot their excellent traits ot sound character and leadership. The Student Council helps to enforce the rules and regulations of the school. It also acts as the voice ot the student body under the capable guidance ot its moderator. Father Dailey, Council members strive by their ex- ample first, to make the men better soldiers ot Christ and second, to develop well rounded students both mentally and physically. Besides these duties the council took com- plete charge ot the annual "Irish Concert" which was a tremendous success. Members ot the Student Council are: Buck to camera. Paul Slavens, Gene Farris: seated, left to right--Mike Davis, Mike Houston. Iolm Szentes. Ierry Maushard. lack Lintz. Walter Pepluw, Pat Galvin. Bill Betson. Wayne Downing, Mike Macrlamara. Standing is the Moderator Father Maurice Dailey. A Salute to Our Top-Notch Students Students of the Academy of Our Lady and Spald- ing who possess the tour characteristics which are Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service are honored each year by their respective schools by be- ing selected for enrollment in the National Honor So- ciety. The first characteristic to be upheld is excellent scholarship. These students must rank high in their class. Leadership. the next factor. is the hardest of the tour requirements to obtain. Good example and being a friend to all is necessary to meet this outstanding characteristic. Irreproachable character, the third of these re- quirements means that in no way must students fall back in their Christian ideals. G-l Last, but by no means least, is service. These stu- dents must be generous and unselfish at all times. As members of the National Honor Society they possess all of these qualities at a maximum and are a tribute to the Catholic youth of today. The D. A. R. and Iournal-Star awards are given to the students of each school who are outstanding in good citizenship and moral character and show prom- ise of being leaders ot tomorrow. The Betty Crocker Homemaking award is given to the senior in each participating school who. on the results of a test, shows that she has the attitudes as well as the skills essential for family life. Academy D.A.R. and Journal- Star award. winner. Mary Iane Tedford. Academy National Honor Society - Klfirst rowj Mary Iane Tedford, Mary Ann McAllister, Mary Ellen Cramer, Mary Motsett, Ianice Heinz, Frances Schaub. fsecand rowl Rosemary Ciclarelll. Indy Sprlngskon. Peggy Gunthner. Nancy Cavanaugh. Doris Schmitt, Katherine Donahue. Ianet Ohlemiller. Cecilia Ksycki. Ioyce Gensler. Missing. Regina Sander. Spalding National Honor Society - fl-'irst rowy Michael Davis. Michael Houston. Gary Laxnm. fSecond row! Ted Lingo. Tony Salute. Tim Gorman. Michael Aliantch, Tom Jacobs. QThird row! Michael McNamara. Iohn Szentes, Daniel Barthell, lack Llntz, Frank Finnegan, Walt Peplow. RCGKBMY Future Homemaker award win- Spalding Iournal-Star and D.A.R. award winners ner Kay Halpln. Robert Burger and Steve 0'Donnell. J, Summa Staff Sports Editor - Bob Cleary Co-Editors Walter Peplow. Richard Schneider, Barbara Palmer. and Mary Ann McAllister Qupper leftl spent days planning many trips to consult the engraver and photogra- pher to give the students the story of the school year. But to put plans into execution requires the cooperation of the entire staff. flower lettl Mary Mottset, Peggy Gunthur. Mary Mullow- ney and Mary Ellen Cramer tseatedj and Rosemary Cicciarel- li and Barbara Carroll lstandingl take time out from copy writing to enjoy some pictures. Spalding's business stalt works on their ads: Tim Gorman, lim Heinz, Ralph Tomlin, and Torn Tully firontj Pai Galvin, Frank Balladini, lbackl. Carole Anderson. Pat Murphy, Sue Allen. Business Managers-Barbara Venzon and Steve O'Donnell. Photographers-Mike McNamara, Iohn Slentes. Sophomores Marietta Krippel. Celeste Montoya - Mary Wiles tseatedj: Joyce Becker, Sue Ioyce Litterest. Barbara Brown help in the darkroom to Nash Qstandingl. produce pictures for the Summa. BaSkeib ,W VOX X NH XX Ten Honor seeming Tm X A Humming hom , , tor and dtiicors .ati mpg wwvs wt. ' atdlob Glea'n!.ktrenguxe1 W5 WMM , ' ' K , ,IWW 0 HYSK SCHN. """"A'f T , ' '. , 1 mmngu mm mm ww STUDENT 1 m x LA-us Us Hx kg Mmnnxv cm-wx mm,-11. mmm Th Acad MIRRORS Acfxm my 0 H' Y' DLR X ADX, . my Compo: THE -AC5P?YfX.E1RL W W'WEY5Q?f?5f ff ,AA,, , , Q ' Q ' 6?i3XiibLf"xx,1.x:4o ,, L , ax nhuvv :Wux- mm supvrvisiou of kms Ku sw 'r 'Y CEl-EB hc l'0gWUbvut ,wa.1.fmy uf RA' H ' Home V Donc , Ahxvu! 'hot LUN ' wx- wp. ntw.: Om- is som . m-mm xxmsuu. mmm wmz, Nm-mm Hynzxtwn. v may :umm has yum' nwmh, Chrxskina my-mm. umm ww-wmv gn ,ww fxsm-um' W ,MW Fwgv Wm, .mmm muy, wmv-in :mmm xvmxm-, who f.- hp imwxd W a di GS szmum Mfmxgwk. Aww- Ofk-om. pm.-S Mr. Tvs! 'm-aw. ww uqwmq of Nwhs MXMMO, Mzny mum xmwrs, B:u'kmra mf Umlud sm-Q M- Fm-m. X m.nnwm grmmg, Mm Why! 1 VNV x H Y4,.4, ""'fPQF"mff' ,ln-'wry mms. 1-1.4. A. W-'S-ff! L 1 A, an iw.-xy L-mms 4 I "j g fa, I yrml ww.-5 mv mwxrm. ' 2wMM,,,-I vm- man-mu.n smdvm, mn .Man wmv wchnul mucus u-5 , lcnnn-inumms. V Publishing News of the Schools K " YZVQZ' - traps M wus mv fxi K general '- fatty toni-vf:9"P7 H "W teak din-,zi,f5,:.t tit-t-on!lft34'.,'eQii,j . ,timer-tli1f.,'?g1.g3fA t ming at Dwmntxit'-:55i.,m ix ewnl-'Dlx A ,tn1ttltSl9',s?53-:A thx. gauze. 3 band YNY l umm :tml QT, .mus1s2'l'FQ'lQ' ,Hi-g 1 'SXWQHE fill' .-f TW The school papers of both the Academy and Spalding require many hours oi work by the editors and members of the staff. Editor ot the Institute George Yingst and Associate Editor Mauro Dentino go over copy with Bro- ther Poster. C.S.V.. their moderator. fupper leftl. Co-editors of the Compact Ianet Ohle- miller and Nancy Cavcxnaugh, discuss pro- blems of publication Qleit centerj, Institute bu- siness and feature stati are flower leitj Bob Barger. Bob Egleston, Bob Pfiefier, and Bob Lee fseatedl. and Terry Gura and Iohn Zeitz fstandingj. Compact business staff: lower right are Carol Stickelmier. Ianice Heinz fsea- tedl, and Mary Io Voris and Eileen Ioseph lstandingj. K, wsuyilifi " I rtzilxuwdbuu ' .. f it--:rests l The Sports Stati of the Institute which includes Pat Galvin, Sports Editor, and Frank Palladini lseatedj and Tom Shields fstund- ingl. Senior feature editors Barbara Cmroli. Mary Motsett. and Iudy Ianovetz plan their cartoons l for the next issue. I gt Smit -ts .. :init onions TF sums V mt- GUNS' Tfmd ut- 'nmny hour? cllssus. Al' .vm-it of tn-wwauy mutt- . wt-.N ,, ,Q tm 012- 'nm' lllthftdng 5 pi-mud in V .hm 11 :nu I The .-Mon ntl strc?-of thu frnstuu:-1: , .,. A ,. "'9:mq ,tm of me f'I"m.t .firm t K mm. at tlw tmwlml h urfmxl- :.S an mowed tu: t limtnon-2 , ., .mint SIM" Compact femme wgiqe,-S in. The news stair of the Institute. which includes Iohn dude Denise pummey, Inq,-me Q'. Szentes. Phil Stewart, Louis Bianc qseutedj. and Larry Host Russa, Sharon Miller. and Sharon 'ef and Nick Rashfleld ismndmgl- Sleeth. G0 N 533,35 ggi, , R 'fgiiffs 5533 ga M ,gwg Q ,,.,, ' , . ' ..., F U 1 l t 1 ' . i Q A and Thursday. and two campaigns designed to inspire us to show respect and to use better language. cleverly illustrated by various pos- ters throughout the school. They have also kept up the practice oi distributing Christmas baskets to the needy. volunteer Work at the T.B. center and Neighborhood House, and a style show of modest. Mary-like clothes. The Sodality also sponsors a movie to finance May Day. Representatives consult the Queen's Work for ideas. The Probationers open their meeting with a prayer to Mary. their Queen. lst row. L. to R.: T. Rafool. I. Whelan, P. Happach, P. Moore. S. Mans- chott. 2nd row. L. to R.: M. Schmitt. K. Boume. I. I-Ieiiron. M. I. Smith. I. Donahue. 3rd row, L. to R.: M. Steimle. M. A. Letman. I. Sheppard. A. Menges. M. Franken. -tth row. I.. to R.: I. Iochrnan. S. Bartholo- mew. M. Metz. I. Hollis. P. Koars. I. Lltterest. Sth row, l.. to R.: D. Ozella. M. Price. C. Kelsch. I. Wat- son. P. Case. Unit leaders display the Sodality banner before their groups. L. to R.. front to back: A. Olson. R. Monahan, D. Shea, E. Ioseph. C. Closen. E. Dammann. I. Sheridan. B. Roth. I. Guilfoyle: L. Beminger. I. Moore. I. Mey- er, I. Hanley. I. O'Russa. S. Miller, R. Read: I. Heinz. B. Mathers. H. Cicciarelli, P, Zant. P, Anderson. M. Langton, I. Engressei. I. Mitchell. A. Baumann: D. Pilon. M. Miller. C. Bourscheldt. B. Dekoche. M. Krippel. M. A. Phillips. G, Flynn: B. Venzon. C. Roberts. A. Mrozek, F. Gardner. C. Cox. C. Draeger: B, Carroll. A. Martinez. R. Cicciarelli, M. I. Voris. lst row. L. to R.: Diane Pilon. Louise Weber. Elaine Dam- mann. Sherri Miller. 2nd row. I., to R.: Beverly Deltoche. Marietta Krippel. Eileen Ioseph. Marilyn Weber. 3rd row. L. to R.: Ioan Gullfoyle. Betty Mathers. Rosie Cicciarelll. Standing, L. to R.: Sue Hecht, Margaret Schmitt, Patsy Moore. . . . . Throughout The School Marguerite Claes and Iudy Sheridan put the finishing touches to the Christmas baskets. The Sedality officers-Anne Olson. Vice-prefect: Mary Iane Tedford. Prefect: Iudy Hunley. Treasurer: and Ioann 0'Hussa, Secretary-place flowers before their model. The Pontificcrl Crew ' ' The Poniificul Crew is cr group composed oi approxi- Servlng Chrlst at the Altar mately sixteen studenis from Spalding. under the di- reciion oi Mgsr. Peters, which crssisis at all main Pon- and in school tiiiccl ceremonies in which the Bishop oificiates. During the yecrr the Crew has assisted at Christ mas midnight Mass. Palm Sunday, Holy Week. Ears ier, and ordincriions to ihe priesthood. Standing in order: L. Sheets. H. Weukley. D. Wenmucher. C. I-luppuch. R. Piiefer, B. Zum, I. Lee, N, Rashford. L. Deloziex, L. Marchelones. W. Clinch, R. Vunmuwuene. T. Ohlemiller, P. Slcrvens. D. Ochs. Vocation Club Under the devoted guidance of Father Heit- jan and the profound interest of its members. the Vocation Club enjoyed a very successful year. The purpose of this club is to pray that through the grace of God, we. the members. and the entire student body, will choose the right vocation so that we might live a happier and holier life in this world and also the world to come. Sodality The sodality, with its motto, "To Jesus Through Mary," is an organization with the spiritual well being of its members in mind. By means of the weekly meetings. Father Lund, Sodality moderator, instructs the members in problems arising from everyday school living. Through these instructions we learn the prac- tical application oi our religion to lite. By var- ious activities, the Sodality tormulates its social agenda. With prayer. serious thinking. and recreation, the Sodality is teaching. showing, and helping its members to the eternal goal. 1 Mission club members spent many hours preparing religious articles for lar-flung missions Front M L Conway K Bourne M.Schmltt N Cremer E. DuBois, C. l'less1ing.S. Hecht, P. Fredell. I. Bucher. Back-I Powell S Grimm P Kelly C Potter Sister M Cletus K Mackowui. E. Davis. B. Schneider. Academy Missionar1es Spread Enthusiastic support of a variety of projects marked the activities of the C.S.M.C. Valentines for Our Lady brought a sizable amount tor the new mission to be opened in Iapan by the Sisters of St. Ioseph. Then there was help sent to the tornado-stricken in British Honduras, religious articles and Catechisins to the Mexican children in Texas, the benefit basketball game for the Bishop's Relief Fund and many others. The spiritual phase ot mission work was stressed at the monthly all-school assemblies. ln October. Monsig- nor Haas talked on the apostolate of prayer and ex- ample. At other times. students presented skits on the differences between education in our country and in those behind the iron and Bamboo curtains. and the development ot a Religious Vocation. Lnurlce Farris. Wanda White. Pot Filson. and Dlone De- Omcefs A5515 KSYCH' Kqfhnln Hmm- fmd 70Y'e fund' Loxier put Sacred Heart badges in attractive plastic cases. ham loud the car with magazines tor hospnuls and pnsons. Christ's Kingdom Representatives count the weekly mission collection from their home-rooms hoping that scon they will be able to buy their Medical Kit, the diocesan mission project lor high schools, Left to right- I. Moore, C. Monahan. G. Pauli. I. Kerker. K. Mackuwai. P. Fxedell. D. Zoskv, P. Snider. M. Hugemonn C. Wilt: I. Gensler. F. joseph. V. Vogel. M. Best. The stump representatives smile happily ot the piles of stamps to he cut and sorted. Lett to right-K, Morrissey. I. Osborne. N. Cremer, M. L. Conway. C. Hessllng. D. Dummer. C. Benxli. M. I. Smith. V. Vogel. T5 The Christmas Cantata opened with the first songs by candlelight. Glee Club With a song in their hearts the Academy of Our Lady Glee Club has given enjoyment to many people. All types ol music-from classics to folk songs make up the many pro- grams given by the group. The St. Cecilia's Concert, the im- pressive Christmas Cantata, the trips io the hospital to bring happiness to the old and sick. the appearance on radio and television, and this year acting as host to the Diocesan Music Festival, April 23-these and many other performances keep the Glee Club busy from September to Iune. First row: I. Moore. I. Meyer, I. Abraham. I. Powell. M. A. Semick. C. Closen. M. Wiles. B. Kempt, M, Miller, S. McCoy. P. Donovan. B. Defloche. M. Fortune. I. Cramblett. M. Lenaway: second row: D. Pil-on, B. Swank, C. Iacobs. L. Farris, D. Bohlund- er. S. Colomuc. R. Cicciarelli. C. Anderson. I. Kerrigan, I, Clem- ens, C. Wiltz, L. l-loulahan, P. O'Connell P. Gunthnor, N. Mila P. A'l'Iearn: third row I. Iost. I. Russell. B. Brown. P. Koors. M. Centers. E, Dammann, I. Boley. E. Murphy. A. Girsch. L. Webs S. Davis, I. Hadank. I. Iochmdn, S. McGrath. S. Mciriroe. Morrissey: fourth row: Lynne Bernlnger. H. Clcciarelll, S. Onyu X . I I Q First row: Mike Hitschel. Kenny Marchulones. Tom Ohlemiller, Len De1.ozier. Bill Troy. Ierry Kuhns. John Shea. Second row: Bill Clinch. Tom Ioyce. Pat Walker. Dave Ochs. Peter Pasquel. Dan Ochs. Third row: Don Hovious, Ioe Arrnentrout. Bill Graham. Mike Donovan. Gene Farris. Louie Blanc. Fourth row: Mauro Dentino, Leroy Marliere, Iim Wise. Ierry Maushard. Ian Blank. Fifth row: Mike Davis. Bob Flanagan. Iohn Mc- Mahon. Iohn Ioyce. Iim Anderson. Sixth row: Mike McNamara. Chuck Lewis. Iohn Ryan, Iohn Szentes. Missing: Paul Dusenberry, Peter . Gaul. Tibor Stoll. 5. Diane Pil-on. pres.. Lynne Berninger, treas.. lance Heinz. -pres.. Joanne Meyer, secretary. enjoy some good music. P. Bledsoe. M. 0'Donnell. S. Bartholomew. M. Phillips. P. Case. A. Vaughn. I. Gunther, I. Bartolo. M. Metz, B. I. Code, A. Mauk, P. Brinkley. M. Krippel: fifth row: G. Flynn. C. Keenan. I. 0'Brien. M. I. I-lerold. S. Sleeth. C. Durbin, I. Heinz. I. Ianovetz. I. Ohlemiller. C. Langenberg. M. Claes. B. Frost. I, Wilson. B. Walloch. I. Guilfoyle. r wr. , if i YQ. H q . W I' gf 'i ,C Q N 1 ,.,, x.1' 3 1, , ..' f , -...wt .ta , , 4' Spalding Singers Under the able direction of Father Lough- ran, the Spalding Singers participated in a well balanced program of liturgical and secu- lar music. Included among their appearances were the Christmas Concert. radio pericrman- ces at Christmas and Easter, a performance in Chicago stadium, and the diocesan music les- tival. They closed a successful year with the Spring Concert. Peggy Gunthner. who has played the organ for the performances oi the Glee Club at the Cathedral, practices in the convent chapel. TT The Band ottlcers are: Anita Melonis, Historian: Donna Rogers. Librarian: Gene Farris, Quartermas- ter: Gear e Yingst. President: ohn McFarlane. Tren- surer: usd Rose Marie Schneider. Secretary. Academy - Spalding Band Maiorettes are Eileen Iudd. Pat O'Neill. and Ei- leen Ioseph. As the rhythmic pulsation of the drums set up a cadence, lorty-live red and blue clad members of the Spalding-Academy Band mmched to the center ot the football field to begin the fourth year ot music. They performed admirably at the home football games and then sparked enthusiasm at basketball games and pep rallies. Also they gave line performances at the Christmas Concert and in many of Peoria's civic par- ades. - W W, , .,,,.,...,, H- ,,., .. W W.. ,.,,.1, ....,.,g,...,.., Gives Us Pep and Rhythm On February lourth the Band traveled to Chicago to pertorm in the Chicago Auditorium at hall time during the Notre Dame-Loyola basketball game. The organization returned Sunday the titth, a tired but happy group knowing that they had spread the good name of Spalding and the Academy to the "windy city." The purpose ol the Spalding-Academy Band is not just to teach music but to have a representative group from Spalding and the Academy which can perform well and be a credit to the two schools. The unit is composed ol many diiterent instruments and each has its own section. There are the clarinets. the flutes, the oboe, the saxophone, the basoon. the trumpets, trombones, trench horns. the baritones. the basses. and last but not least the drums. One section is just as important as the other ior each is responsible for part of the wonderful music for which the band is noted. The hand goes through one of its formations during hal!-time BAN D MEMBERS l-'LUTES-Joyce Ochs, Nora Wamsley. OBOE-Donna Rogers. BASSOON-Ierry Bresnohon. ALTO CLARINET-Elliot Durbin. BASS CLARINET-Bob Carroll. CLARINETS-Phil Stewmt, Ralph Tomlin. Judy Craw- ford, Pat Fredell. Iudy Sheridan, Eleanore Gilman. Ron- ald Speck. Donald Speck, Marilyn Hatter. Carol Morrow, Margaret Volk. Bill I.eBrush. SAXOPHONES'-Richard Roger, Barbara Grawey. Ther- esa Lewis. Mary Craig. Marilyn Fahey, Helen Peters. CORONETS-Mike Farraher. Gene Howard. Lorenzo Bertetto. Larry Williams, Ronnie Kash. Bob Bart. TROMBONES-Iohn McFarlane. Charles Spalding. Mike Volx. Paul Dusenberry, Bemard Zant, Helen lleising. Iohn Pallaclini. BARITONES-Bernard Carragher. Irene Melonis. FRENCH I-IORNS-Pat O'Netl. Rose Marlo Schneider. Ianice Girdzus, Marianne Delelick. BASSES-George Yingst. Milton Kane. PERCUSSION-Jack Boyce, Iim Knecht. Gene Farris. Anita Melonis, Elizabeth Sullivan, Cynthia Monahan. BARITONE SAX--Larry Durbin. '79 Key Club The Key Club is a group ol young citizens, exclusively selected lrom the Sophmore. Iunior. and Senior Classes and united together to compose one oi the major organizations here at Spalding. The objects of the Key Club are many. such as the development ol initiative and leadership, service to the school and commun- ity and many other worth-while projects. The officers of the Key Club are: Pat Nash. Treasurerg lack Lintz. Secretary: Paul Slavens, Presidentp Charles Happach, Vice-President: and Father Lund, Moderator. Qwest W-msg! Camera Club The purpose of the Camera Club is to train the students in the use ot the camera. By showing movies, slides. and in general lec- turing we hope to give them a foundation for taking good pictures. Actually we have a dual purpose. The first is the training and the second is to obtain the better photography for Summa and Insti- tute work. Officers are: Mike McNamara. Vice Presi- dent: Bill Gorman. Secretary-Treasurer: Iohn Szentes, President. Red Cross The Iunior Red Cross here at Spalding is concerned mainly with service. to school and community. We accomplish this aim of service in many ways. One of these ways is enrollment oi the whole student body in the Red Cross, thus gain- ing more funds and volunteers lor our work. Another is helping in community projects and still another is promoting the blood program. Members ol the Red Cross are: leit to right, Brooks Iohnsong Tibor Stollg Bob Ptieiier. Robert Barger, President: Father Monahon, Moderator: Dave Esme. Secre- tary: lim Uhllg Nick Rashford. Red Cross Government Club Members of the Government Club strive to prepare themselves for good citizen- ship by deepening their knowledge of the workings of our government. To help those who may be thinking of government as a career, Mr. H. Vance, a Civil Ser- vice employee at the Peoria district of the Chicago region, spoke to the group, March 27. Pictured are the officers: first row. S, Bianco, P. Corey. P. Coffey, M. Hagemarm, P. Seffer, G. Pauli, S. Zara: second row, D. Roth. M. Danehy. C. Heinz, R. Vachon. G. Barrath. Library Club Of great value to the students of the Academy are the student librarians. who are trained for their work hy Sister M. Paul. Not only do they help others but they also strive to become better ac- quainted with books for their own satis- faction. Taking care of the circulation are: front. left to right, M. I. Tull, S. Halsted, B. Frost, I. Vogel: back row, I. Bonderer, A. Martinez. Opportunity for participation in the community affairs is furnished by the Iunior Red Cross through programs and campaigns, such as collecting comic strips for children in the hospital and ma- king handkerchief holders for the aged. Iunior Red Cross members at left are left to right: M. Fortune, I. Mitchell, N. Evans. S. Graber, Standingg I. Moore, A. Vaughn, I. Iacovich, I. Dickerson, P. Russell. ' 81 Spalding Science Club The aims of the Spalding Science Club are three-fold, "To foster an increase ot scientific knowledge among its members: to provide oc- casion for the companionship of others'having similar interestg and to assist in the formation oi that responsible, well-rounded personality characteristic ot a true student of Spalding." The club is under the direction of Brother Fag- arason. Ofiicers are: Louis Blanc, Publicity Chair- mang M. McNamara. Activities Chairman, Toni Saluto, Vice-President: Mike Davis. President: lohn Szentes, Secretary: and Mauro Dentino, Treasurer. 82 Art Club A chance for the development of their God given skills is given to the members of Spal- ding's Art Club, under the guidance ot the C1ub's Moderator, Father Novacek. With the well equipped Art Room at their disposal, members work with pencil, char- coal, Pastels, oils, ceramics, and water co- lors. The two budding artists are P. G. Swan- son and D. Burtnett. General Science Club At their meetings, many oi which were in the form of radio quiz programs, the members ci the General Science Club have told of their scientific hobbies. discussed recent scientific discoveries. and during Lent studied the scien- tific investigations on the Holy Shroud. Pic- tured are the officers setting up apparatus for water distillation. Kay Halpin, Donna Golf, Sue Allen. Marianne Harding, and Barbara Shu- bert. Art Club Under the direction ol Sister Ursula Marie, the Art Club executed many pro- jects throughout the yearp some oi these Wore Christmas cards and decorations for the state hospital cmd a Christmas mural plasecl in the second floor hall at school. They also did posters for many civic drives and the Internationa1Art Exchange sponsored by the Red Cross. At right. M. Wurzer and M. Best use the press to pre- pare their linoleum block prints. Chemistry Club Consisting of twenty-three members. the chemistry club is aptly named the 23 cc's. They increased their practical know- ledge of chemistry through movies on atomic energy, speakers on scientific ca- reers, and a tour through the Northern Regional Laboratory. Pictures are the of- ficers and program chairmen: C. Ro- berts, M. Wiles. Pres. I. Iacovich, Vice- President F. Gardner, Secretory R. Cicci- arelli. R. Monahan, B. Livengood, A. Ol- son, and B. Palmer. Speech Club Speech students had many opportun- ities to c o m p e t e with those in other schools oi the state. Among the activities in which A. O. L. was well represented were "The Voice of Democracy," the State Speech Tournament. the Diocesan Speech Festival, and the Bradley Speech Festival. Preparing properties for their prize-winning United Nations Day assem- bly are the officers: I. Ianovetz, M. Claes. B. LaHoocl, M. A. MCI-Xllister. R. Cicciarel- li, B. Venzon, I. Hadanlc. F. Beckfeld. B. Carroll, and M. Motsett. 83 French Club Eager to learn about the history and cus- toms of the French people, are these members of the French club. In this, they find the paper, "La Croisade." an invaluable help and its puzzles make the vocabulary study interesting. At the right, Iudy Ianovetz works out a puzzle with the help of enthusiastic fellow-members: standing M. A. McAllister, I. Heinz, C. Draeger, R. Cicciarellip seated,--leit, C. Durbin. B. Frost, R. Monahan, right, M. A. Saccenti, B. Carroll, B. Palmer. 84 Spanish Club Puedo usted romperla? Can you break it? Ask these Senoritas as Amelia Martinez takes her turn with the cane, in the tradition- al game "Pinnata," which is a favorite at all birthday parties and Christmas celef brations. As members of the Pan-American Federation the girls attended the conven- tion which was held in Peoria, April 21. Pictures are K. Murphy, M.A. Centers, C. Reel, M. I. Tedford, B. Grawey. R. Schauh, K. Flanigon, A. Martinez. Latin Club The Advanced Latin Club put their Latin to use in a live and meaningful situation. Their meetings this year centered around Rorne's great orator and statesmen, Cicero, and around the very modern political problems of his day. In them they found much that has a direct bearing on our Western civilization and its sources in Roman culture. Pictured are the officers I. Moore, K. Myers, and L. Weber starting off the meeting for: first row, I. Scovil, I. Iochman, P. Ward, V. Graber, S. Halstedp second row, I. Danehy, B. Livengood, D. Tate, E. Murphy. l- Herber. The Spalding Men's Club The Men's Club helped make the book rental system a success in its inaugural year at Spalding. They also aided the Sports Department ol the school with money to purchase new equipment for the different sports and also lor the P. E. Department. Officers of the Men's Club are: Mr. Del Shea, Treasurer, Mr. George McGann. President, Mr. Ioseph Voegele, Vice-Pre- sidentg Mr. Art Kniep. Secretary. Academy Guild The Academy oi Our Lady Guild is very active in assisting A. O. L. financially and creating a better understanding between mo- thers and teachers. They sponsor such activi- ties as the Card Party, the Silver Tea, the Christmas Party. and the Mother-Daughter Banquet. The officers are: seated Mrs. Wm. Riehling, Secretary and Mrs. L. C. McAllister. President, fstandingl Mrs. R. B. Tellkamp, Pub' licityg Mrs. loseph Fortune, Publicity, Mrs. Io- seph Abraham. Treasurer, Mrs. A. L. Danehy. Vice-President: and Mrs. G. A. Watson, Call- ing. Spalding Mothers' Club We would like to thank the Mothers' Club for the benefits we gain from the card parties and other social events they sponsor. Ollicers of the Spalding Mothers' Club are. left to right seated: Mrs. George Clinch, Cor- respondence Secretaryg Mrs. Earl Langenberg, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Cyril I. McNamara, President: Mrs. Clifford Iohnson. Treasurer: Mrs. Glenn Walker, Financial Secretary, and standing, Mrs. E. W. Lingo, Vice President. QSQ??QfSQ?QriQf mes oi pfxrticiwg -A' mg: if?Qf115 'QYYf3 5? i perks, eiiher We Neem, we 'rx oi cfmetic xx Kor Xhe quci- wk 'efbdwmmffw With fair size and better than average speed, the Irish of Spalding turned into a most aggressive squad al- though experiencing a poor season in the won and lost column. Guided by former Loras College star Ed Murphy and his fine assistant Frank Duchon. Spalding completed the season with only one win while losing eight. Frank Finnegan. Tom George. Phil McGrath, Dan Stull and Iohn McFarlane represented the Irish as letterwinners ol the previous year, Varsity Football l-'xrst row fleft to rightj: P. Mitsules. B. Second row: W. I-'aahey E Mullowney I. Third row G Hesshn Murray. D. Stull. B. Theme, P. McGrath, F. Hoercleman, M. Markevxtch I Shea M Nash M Hoerdeman T Palm Finnegan, I. McFarland. P. Nash. I. Norman. Dentlno. I. Sanders, T. Shields I. Sheets T T Persrch W Betson D Cain D I Ryan. M. Doyle. George, B. Ricci. T McGann An Irishman stnrggles for yardage. Woodruff Warrior attempting to evade a crushing Butler brings down a lion. tackle by Finnegan. Fourth row: I. Butler. H. Camp, R. Pow- ers. C. Conley, I. Seitx. T. McLaughlin. M. Cusack. B. Zant, I, Heidewald. T. Skender and Coach Murphy. S9 In their opening encounter. the Irish ran up against a very spirited Limestone eleven, as the Rockets dedicated their new football field. Plagued with fumbleitis and bad breaks. Spalding came out on the short end of a 26-5 score. The next game gave the Irish a 20 to 19 win over Canton as the Murray to Finnegan passing combination began io click. A week later the Irish were outlasted by the East Peoria Raiders. 19-12, in a well-played ball game. Following a 33-U loss to scrappy Central, the Irish got set for unbeaten. unscored upon Woodruff. Spalding. an un- derdog by at least four touchdowns. held the mighty War- riors to a 7-7 deadlock as the first half ended by means of a brilliant 96 yd. opening kickoff touchdown return by Finn- egan. Then. as the second half opened Woodruff unleashed Coaches Murphy and Duchon plan iheir next strategy. e as WV: .. Y? Mx QA.: gnu my Q5 X ,W 5' 'i ww M , ?5i '? ivy? L , ' '3 K wmmmmoa mx naw: noun FRANK FINNEGAN WARREN MURRAY Co-Captain: Senior I-lalthuck Senior Quarterback its power in all its raging fury as they downed the gallant first half lrish 40-7. After a 26-6 loss to unbeaten Manual with the continuation of Finnegan's offensive and defensive heroics, the Irish suffered a 13-7 Homecoming defeat to St. Bedes and a 27-13 lacing at the hands of the Pekin Chinks. The 1955 Irish gridders put the lid on a dismal sea- DAN STULL TOM GEORGE Senior Center Senior Fullhack IOHN NORMAN UM BUTLER Senior End Iunior Tackle son with a 34-7 shellacking by a big and strong Alleman eleven. Miracles seldom happen overnight, Spal- ding rooters didn't look for a championship club from the new coaches in their first year. Likewise they didn't promise one. Spalding's football efforts for 1955 may be summed up by saying "they may have been beaten, but they were never outhustled nor outfoughtl' PHIL MCGRATH PAT NASH Senior I-laltbuck Senior Haltbnck CHARLES BUCKLAR PAUL MITSULES Iunior End Senior Tackle 91 A gcalwnrd glance by Ricci ns the Bruins close in. SPALDING FOOTBALL RECORD - 1955 Spalding The future varsity of Spalding. the fresh- Spalding men, under lim Sinariesse suffered and foiled SPC1ldln9 with only one purpose in mind: fo provide can- if-lgigfng non fodder for the varsify and for Coaches Sgal Murphy and Duchon. Spalding Spalding Spalding 6 ....,........,...,................ 7 ..... ..,..... 7 ..... ........ G ..... ........ 7 ..... ....... Limestone 20 ..... ........ C anion 12 ..... ........ E . Peoria U ..... ....,,.. C entral Woodruff Manual Sf. Bedes Pekin Alleman PAUL DUSENBERRY 1 MIKE DOYLE MAURO DENTINO IACK RYAN BOB THOME Iunior Halfbuck Senior End Senior End Senior End 92 FN Vg 'e-K' Q3 . x 2 e A Q .5 Varsity Basketball Peoria's State Tournament entry of 1955. Spalding. opened its season against Mason City Nov. 29 with a new coach and tive lettermen irom the state finals squad. The new coach was lim Smarjesse, who guided Routt High School ot Iacksonville to the sectional iinals last year. The letter winners were Frank Finnegan, Iohn Lintz. lack Frasco, Ron Berg. and Ioe Vogele. Playing the lirst semester without the advantage ot Ron Berg's 6-4 height, the Irish lacked some oi the rebounding power that Coach Smarjesse desired. How- ever Dcrve Dwyer. a much improved Irishman teamed up with Iack Frasco to form a smooth rebounding com- 94 bination. To round out the effective five there was the cool. floor general Iunior Finnegang Ioe Voegele an extremely accurate outshooterg and lack Lintz. cr defensive whiz. The Irish opened the season with tour consecutive victories including City toe Woodruff. The Central Lions quickly removed the rose color from Spalding's glasses by a nip and tuck 67-80 victory. Following wins over Corpus Christi, Limestone, East Peoria and Man- ual. the Canton Little Giants threw a clinker in the high flying Irish machine when they upset the Irish First row Cleft to rlghtj: lim Shea-manager. Mike Miranda. Tom Nelson. lee Voegele. Bill Ricci, Frank Finnegan, lack Lintx. Bernie Dwyer. lim Motsett-rnanag- er. Second row: Head Coach Smarlesse. Dan Stull. Jim Butler. lack Frasoo. Ron Berg, Dave Dwyer, Louie Gaffney. and Assistant Coach Duchen. spewing msn Champions IACK FRASCO Senior Center ..- with a 60-49 win. After cr convincing 79-64 win over Limestone, Berg returned to the lineup and helped his teammates with wins over East Peoria and state- ranked Washington, 71-55. Spalding dropped a "sec- ond" heartbreaker to Central 61-55 and avenged an earlier defeat by turning back Canton G2-52. Continu- ing their attack by means ot balanced scoring. tre- mendous rebounding, sharp passing and especially cr firm desire to win, the Fighting Irish finished the re- gular season with six more wins. 1956 Farmington Regional FRANK FINNEGRN Senior Forward 1Acx Lmrz Senior Guard A study in suspense. THE IRISH BASKETBALL RECORD Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding 96 1955-SB Mason City Woodruff DePue Mt. Pulaski Central Corpus Christi Limestone East Peoria Manual Canton Limestone Trinity East Peoria Spalding 71 Washington Spalding 55 Central Spalding 62 Canton Spalding 65 Woodruff Spalding 71 Corpus Christi Spalding 92 Trinity Spalding 74 Pekin Spalding 83 Henry Spalding 74 Manual FARMINGTON REGIONAL Spalding 95 Elmwood Spalding 69 Cuba Spalding 91 Lewistown PEORIA REGIONAL Spalding 58 Central lovtj - 31229 ,. Wg x L9 ar. . 'Qu ix 11 My K .b--Oxfam K :xi-2 'Y U4W:1,'iL. J t LH' ' ." ZR- I 239 J, ,Ak 1 K A ,, LL I 21 , -1 K A FB B b J x v ivv M .11 ,FP gi Q R f W .. W 1 KA hh? f,:af,.3ig J. ., .5 X ., - 'vi X 1 J a 'wi 2 Q 6: ,T 3, ii? r .x 5 I,.. , va 'A 1+ fQM5T ', Q .2431 fm- .A 3 4 jig! .. W A' - L R39 hr 'k NAME Ron Berg lim Butler Bernie Dwyer Dave Dwyer Frank Finnegan lack Frasco Louie Gaffney Charles Hickey lack Lintz Mike Mirande Tom Nelson Bill Ricci Dan Stull Ioe Voegele SHOTS M m 59 77 10 22 11 19 22 33 142 199 163 155 3 6 3 6 132 180 6 10 13 21 21 33 8 16 126 168 Average '55 701 300 611 644 640 719 333 711 666 928 610 750 600 FREE THROWS SA M m 57 41 16 20 8 14 18 11 7 45 29 16 89 57 32 164 118 46 6 2 4 0 0 0 111 79 32 6 4 2 14 13 1 13 8 5 . 12 9 3 . 80 48 32 Average . SA-Shots attempted M-Shots made m-Shots mis C70-Percentage Varsity Cheerleaders: Theresa Ohnemus, Donna Schlis. Iudy Hunley. S83 sed I-'ROSH - SOPH CHEERLEADERS Lett to right: Mary Io Lintx. Io- lene Dunne. Bonnie Shelicrosslee. Rita Armitage. DAN ST ULL Senior Center TOM N E LSON Senior Gum-d 99 Frosh-soph basketball: First row: I. Motsett imanagerj. T. Bouton. M. Kelly, D. McGann. K. Seiks. M. Haley. T. Persich. W. Betson. I. 0'Neil. Second row: M. Cusack. I. Heldewald. D. Skender. A. Campbell. W. Payne. M. Rheim, D. Mollitor, D. Karpowicz. G. Rothan. Coach Duchon. The frosh-soph basketball team. under the expert coaching of Frank Duchon, showed a bright future lor Spalding on the skills of the hardcourt as they rolled to a very impressive 18 won and 4 lost record. The freshman team, also coached by Mr. Duchon. displayed some tall members. This team never gave up even if they were behind. Their record was 7 won and 7 lost. Freshman b a s k e tball team: First row: G. Shields. M. Grow. I. O'- Nell. T. Benton. D. Pew- ers: Second row: G. Ro- than. I. Dutton, D. Koch. P. King. D. Kcnpowicl: Third row: Coach Duchon. R. Hippen. B. O'Brien. W. Payne. Camp. A. Campbell. B. Varsity Cheerl aders Clopl: Car- l Koors QBottomj Mary Ann Mc- llxster Mary Ann Schllss Sue 101 Baseball After a lapse of one year baseball resumed at Spalding. Iim Smarjesse took the head coaching reins and welcomed a good turnout for varsity berths. Many had played on the team representing Spalding in the Iournal-Star Summer League but Coach Smal-jesse gave a big cry tor pitchers as only junior Bernie Dwy- er had any experience so to speak. FRANK FINNEGAN STEVE O'DONNEI.L Shortstop and Pitcher First Base However. as this is being written, sophomore Dave Skender and senior Frank Finnegan have proved very capable on the mound. Finnegan, who plays shortstop when not needed as a hurler. and tirst sacker Steve O'Donnell currently lead the Irish in batting with aver- ages of :47S and .469 respectively. As this book goes to press, Spalding owns a 6-3 record with eight more games to play before entering the district. ,L . IACK LXNTZ Second Base Outtield Murray. Top right: Lint: betting a fast curve. PAT GALVIN Bottom left: Dave Dwyer swings trom his heels as he connects. ' Bottom right: Finnegan watches a 'pitch out.' 102 Top left: A high one about to ride by .'.. L .KN " 'WN ,,, , ' , .K 3 X 1 HV 5 K2 Mgt. . . . , . I , ' K.. I , l 4 'H' l '3 a I IA-ifxTf'a?f' xy' I Q' V , , -X K Q '- S .,.f' ff . w , I 4, -X' , I 5, 1 A ff N 31 N 34 " 'A f Ni' " 5. .f W e , I ' Y ' YW V 'Q' is ' 'C xx ' . -4 n , : f' Y M It xv X' KA . 1 if 'vi ' -V n' .rx X V' f u X iff. ,I BNN Lv Q xx' nk V 1 ' - 1 k 4 A ' ly V mx , A A V , A ,X ' A .3 . W-5 W - " "" ' .-1m,2.,.-.,....,.,,. - 8 f. 5 I 3 . ' 'F' f ff . ,Q ' .,. .5 . , W' ,U ' A . ,. v f , , , . W9 X. ,. , -. , ,, 4 , .- , ' S I X I Y ,JW K Q QW' .-Q fl 1, s o t , 1 v 5 f I . 5 . ' . u is 'r ' 1 U , X , , -4 ga 0- . '- . ..Q, f jf. f , x ' '- .f,, '- f ' . JS-.. f, Q V- Q I :Q A ,N :Q . I5 X -N , . gh xx x 'jig , W,.,,-- X .5 .N . Il, mx 2256-'57 ., ,W -V 13, sg All Ll M L :gA,.L,..AV,. iL1i2a:!13H ifi.1' ...zu ' 'A 'Z'-:ni'I"" . f First row: M. Houston. M. Doyle. B. Thorne. L. Blanc. P. McGrath. T. Suluto. M. Grey. I. Wade. B. Williams. I. Butler: Second row: L. Gaffney. M. Dentino. T. Guru. W. Fahey. T. Bresnahan, D. Cain. B. Wick. I. Jones. L. Sheets. Couch Murphy: Third row: I. Cooney lmanugerj. T. Stoll. l.. An- drews. W. Graham. B. Camp. D. Karpowicx. I. Shea. P. Gaul. Track Showing much more experience and skill than last year. the 1956 Irish track team, in their second year proved lo sports fans that Spalding is capable oi fielding as good a track team as any school, With Coach Murphy guiding them, the Irish perform to the best oi their ability on the cinders and in field evenls. Wade goes up and over. Sheets and Guru exchange McGrath tums on steam as he Williams all alone at 220 finish. Grey and Stoll start long the baton neors the tape. trek of mile run. The 1955-56 bowling season. under the gui- dance of Father Monahan, has been the larg- est, most successiul in the history ot the school. Not only has it increased in number but in abil- ity as well, as all three Spalding teams partici- pating in the National Tournament won tro- phies, placing in the upper 170. School letters were awarded to top tive bowlers: Ierry Constantino. Dave Swanson. Frank Palladini, lim Shupp, and Walter Pep- low. Various other trophies were awarded to team champions and individual title holders. Top lett: Dave Gtraxdot. Top right: Frank Palludini. Bottom left: Bob Burger. Bottom right: Bill Clinch. 105 Bowling First row: V. Appelt. P. Donahue. B. Clinch. P. Pasquel, W. Eaton. Second row: I. Hol- brock. C. Morse. R Tomlin. W. Peplow. Third row: T. Zant D. Swanson. Fr. Monu- hun fmoderatorl. D Girardot. I. Sutter. I Schupp. Tim Gorman finds trouble in u sand trap. Dave Swanson tees oil. Waller Peplow putts. 106 Golf l Kneeling: T. Everetts. W. Peplow. T. Gorman. D. Swanson. Standing: W. Vogel. M. Mansfield. I. Holbxock. I. Shupp. T. Ioyce. P. Swanson. This spring of 1956 Spalding resumed golf activity after a layoff of one year. With a schedule of ten matches and two tournaments, the linksmen are being kept quite busy on the local courses. Although the team is green for the most part. they make a respectable showing and already have defeated the more experienced clubs from our rival schools. With several underclassmen pushing hard for the top live slots. the future looks bright lor the coming teams from Spalding. l Tom Everetts :hir P. E. Intramurals P. E. basketball champs: Kneeling: B. Murray, I. Wade: Action in the semi-finals ot the intramural bas- Standing: I. Norman, R. Tomlin. R. Vanliruane, I. Ryan, Coach kethall tournament. Nash. The l955-56 physical education classes. under the direction of Brother Flanagan the first semester and Coach Duchon. the second semester. participated in a well-activated program. This included ca- listhenics, scooter football. basketball. and lastly the innauguration ol boxing matches by Coach Duchon. Each boy par- ticipated in these lights. They were divi- ded into their own weight classes with a single elimination type ol tournament. Mike Sack about to win a decision Mike Houston follows through with as 'ret' Smarjesse watches closely. a right cross to 'Macs' jaw. The unrlerclass championship game. Murray of the senior division gets a shot attempt blocked by Arnold ol the sophmores in the champion- ship game. Action tast and furious with iumors during the "Duchon Bouts." e a-asv-tam.: M f ' 1. ,-4, Y... X---ew f 1 I 1 X ffm I A5 the year prog! WQCICXYX new dcxivixy I cover thctbeside ' grown in S Q 51. , - ecxgerky cwoixed :mg buck, we S155 pkacxsure. wgkxavg L 1 , D 109 Acaderny's I r e s h rn a n choral group entertains at State Hospit- al. In Tune With the Festive Season Spalding and Academy hand and Spalding singers gave us the Christmas spirit in a pre-holiday concert. Attracting the passers-by was Spalding's beautiful out-door crib. Helping the less fortunate shows the Christmas spirit portrayed by the Advent wreath. "Gloria In Excelsis Deo" is sung by millions the world over at this. the most gloriously happy time oi the year. Spalding and the Academy echo the Glories oi the World with their Christmas cribs. Advent wreaths, concerts, and baskets tor the poor, Their eitorts have been a truly lit- ting tribute of "Glory To God In the Highest." -may-, zmszifgtgialq Fllllll STAB ATTIMUTIUI ns success DEFEND5 ON Fame' 510931911 5375055 has G !Yi9l'ldlY lime The whole hearted singing ot the girls dunng chat with a tew ot the girls at the close ot the high mass was inspiring during retreat. retreat. Seniors seek guidance ei retreat masters Father Luke Connolly. C.P. and Father Michael Bresnahan. C.P. Father Lund celebrates Mass on the opening ol our three day re- treat. 111 Spiritual Enlightenment Our school year would never be complete if our an- nual retreat were not held, This special privilege is offered to us for our spiritual enlightenment and there can never be anything to replace the wonderful feeling which accompanies the spending ol these days in an advan- tageous manner. Both the Academy and Spalding will certainly always be grateful for this opportunity which affords many special graces. Our Schools and Our Parents Parents "come to school" too. It may be to talk to Iohnny's teachers about his grades, to see daughter's class in session. or to enjoy a social aiiair with their teen-age sons and daugh- ters. Whatever the occasion, these can be a poweriul factor in helping home and school to make happy, successful men and women out of today's high school students. A gala dress-up affair is the annual Silver Dads and Daughters are dates at Tea sponsored by the Academy Guild. the pre-Thanksgiving banquet. Pment-teacher relationships are hettered Open House gives parents u look behind the at the semi-annual report card meetings. scenes ut the Academy. 112 he Irish Hg" The "Irish" celebrate St. Pattick's Day with the color- ful "Irish Concert." St. Patrick's Day St. Pcxtrick's Day is ci traditional time for all the Irish, real or otherwise, to show their singing and dancing ability, as well as to give cx "bit oi the blcxrney." Spulding's annucxl Irish concert proves that name belongs to more than the team. It is u season. also. for the Acudemy's Mgreen freshmen" to show that they are not so "green" where drcx- mcrtic talent is concerned. The freshmen present "Bits at Blarney." All the boys are wild about Peggy. The Senior float is begun-The result is a giant green telephone. Homecoming-The Climax of a Week Not to be deterred by the cold autumn drizzle. the Spalding fans lined up their cars and floats to begin the Homecoming Day parade. On a muddy field, Spalding met with defeat at the hands of the St. Bede squad. The seniors, after tolling night after night on their float. a giant green telephone, were convinced that this was the "best ever" and they were right for at half-time the Senior Class was awarded the coveted trophy, Despite defeat and bad weather the seniors considered this Homecoming a huge success. During half-time ceremonies. queen Pat 0'Nelll and her attendants were es- corted to the platform where Pat was officially crowned by Steve 0'Donnell as "Queen of Homecoming l955." ' yy W . ' Q -Y Q- xc. 13 .. W 'Y f.:S""x.. fri! ' 'A us xv H. 5 1 . ,J . Xa L HR, Qz -f I, 1' 4,,sxi,xi ,tm s Bw: 1.52 ' ' we 1'2" H pi Q T 3 R 551 , ' ' '55-3 M Q " ,Mb sw : U 5 tw x amp .Q Q , f f wfffi Mg H gf 'N 331 X f if , 341' fin. Q iX5f:.uH' -A 'Q -:M 'L 5' I 4 iff-fa? '- W , . ,avg -A 1 5325 .ci arf , HV X?., ,. ,,, sc .,,, ,y I, ,:1.Qgg Si lg A Q S Music . . Sher-ie Bianco pins houton- niere on her date for the freshman sock hop. Johnny Joyce. Freshmen begin their high school social life at u get-acquainted dance. Whether at a casual dance. where socks are "the thing" or at the most formal prom, the guys and gals from Spalding cmd the Academy enjoy trying the latest steps. Giving a real school atmosphere to some of the dances were the "Spalding Institootersn who provided the music for the dancers. It is easy to see by the happy faces on these two pages that the students and their friends are having a "bal1." The dances throughout the year have had various locations, ranging from the Aca- demy Gym to the Peoria Country Club where the Academy Iunior Prom will be held. Many informal dances sponsored by Father Livingson were held in the C.Y.C. Iudging from the months. September through May, no one can truthfully say there was a lack of dances for this school year. Merriment . . . Memories Science Clubbers enioy themselves at their dinner dance ln the organization room. Gary Clark sings at the Spalding C-lee Club Dance. tumn In New York." 117 Between numbers ai the Acade- my student council dance. "Au- Q Gretchen sings "Moonbeums" as Franz relaxes his guard. Eed ' As the strains of "In Old New York" drifted through the Academy auditorium at the last performance of "The Red Mill" the thoughts ol the cast were cen- tered on happy memories that would stay with them for many years, Gretchen, played by Diane Pilon. will remember singing the beautiful "Moonbeams" perched uncertainly on a ladder that she was sure would tall at the most crucial moment. But, of course it didn't as can be testified to by the rest of the cast: Karl Van Damm-Don Hovious. Willem- Sherlnck Holmes and Doctor Watson arrest Franz with the help ot Willem and the Burgornaster. 553123 Mary lane Tedford. who is Preiect oi the Sodality this year. has the honor of crowning the Blessed Mother. Father Fogarty gives the Sermon on May Dey. 1955. - , mummm1m-mrwnum May Queen Towards the end of May ihe Acade- my holds their annual May Crowning. This is a day on which the Preieci of the Sodality crowns Mary as Our Mo- ther and Queen of Heaven. The Seniors take port in the Living Rosary. a ser- mon is given, and ihe siudenk body renews their Consecration to Mary. The even! is closed with Benediciion oi the Blessed Sacrament. Academy Girl One of the highest honors that may me bestowed upon a senior girl is hat oi Academy Girl. She is a girl iked and respected by all, with out- ianding school spirit, and a true Ca- holic. We feel that these requiremenis :re indeed possessed by Barbara Ven- on. our choice for Academy Girl in his graduating class of 1956. Bmbara Venzon. Academy Girl 7.1m.u.u..w-.uvi- The seniors honor M a r y with the living rosary. .8413 .,,,,1f Mm'- Q 'rf -"F-1-.1--ig: ' I-1, -if ', U A J 'Z ,V I g,:75?2 1xf. , 5 NPC., mv x ,.. , W ,,,,mwf,f,ww + x E E , Y EV WH i W -wmv. f R . V. u--W flaws, kg? V.. ,f- A few waving hands and eager faces show ihut a few hislory stu- denls know the cm- swer. ax ag I ,,. ,-. .fi K a Profitable Tomorrow ll musl be realized, loo, lhal sports. social life, and school organizations are made more meaningful and enjoyable by the knowledge and principles we derive from the hours spent in the classroom. Sister Valerla explains the use of the slide rule to Iuliu Dartolo and Mary Ann Schlls. 123 Working hard to increase their typing speed are Sue Krempp Mary Amhrosch. Betty Rogers. and Diane Bohlunder. X. ,, '55 'fa ., v " ai Nl, 5 ' 1 ,. 54, , A ljaqm? 95' B, ,gf lfaf !-'owl ' 1: , . . ., xx' rf!! P' Mfg, . . . W 5 K if -iff -' . ,'.3.,W I, gr, , , V194 e . fffsfg Q ' , 'f' f v, v . X- , fi , Mi-YQ? Q f , ,A .4 .sig , :iii , 5,3 l -:J ,gfirig lk GLM 4' 3'-f 5' I is , ' J1 S ffl V V Q ' - : kk . , K M ,,m1ls'f' A , ,iw -1.1 va T' 5? x 6 ' 0' 2' N ' W 7 ' W i f ' V f a K Q , , .9 . - ' QL 4, 'si EN P V+ X .- X5 ' AX ,ai "'h:.fc"Q .....,.- 1 Mgr , A if 1? f :gg,vs1.vieswQe1s3,g 5:4 .3'!.'2'5:'gfwii-PL,f"5Q 'fc , ici! Wx :4-. ff 4-v. sux M1 ghifv ' iryvi' r- L A'--is gui If-F"-' iff fmt!! -42 -i je- -5 .wig K Qglvi ufw. V ,aw Q GN -L' .. any , FIS?-A ,HI ,., ,ssqw .:,xNX3,Kz' 't?6j?Q'b. 'lb " 'U' ,- 'RY kia M Jimi We. f v -in 1,1 'SN' I, 0 gl., HS ff , ,QQBRQ9 ' vykmaf W, f 6f.?sfQw . Tliygj A' - W y , g W Q 'f-4'l5ff9i?' ,fsy,Af" ,t - A itftllgfb. ixiigixi-Mfg aw: . we xl 3,-A. ga , 3 EV ., . A 1 . 'ffA.Ef5f .flg?'f" ,, rw fn xv , t1'. gf S I i ' 'U if I 4? 1 Q X .K -W , x ' Sli Ll ix Xi'-A H., ,bf if Q-K, L QQ as , , ,lilly I Officially. the Academy and Spalding are separate schools, but the boys and girls find plenty of opportunities to work and play together. It there is hammering or painting to be done for a play or dance a strong man is handy to have around. and the enthusi- asm ol the girls pep rallies helps to put light into the team's stalwarts lor the big game. And any day. rain or shine, the Cor- ner of Madison and Iackson provides a "mutual campus" until that 8:25 bell an- nounces the start ol another school day. A tense moment at the CYC Field Day. The boys wonder about the phrase "the weaker sex" as they watch this tug of war. Mary Knovallnku and Loretta I-Ioulahan take their gym outfits from the now baskets in the shower room. The Senior-All Star game was n tight to the finish with over-time play resulting in a 47-45 victory tor the All Stars. Players tlnd badminton a fast game. 128 Girl Sport Enthusiasts Enjoy Hours of Fun in After-School Games G. A. A. is one ol the largest organizations at the Academy. It's activities include basketball and volley- ball tournaments plus baseball. aerial tennis and sev- eral tield events. G, A. A. also sponsors the annual Senior-All Star Game which shares the limelight with the annual field day, as being the outstanding athletic events of the year. Q, 4' W5 Sz 5 inbx Q ig! 'QF Y , g SN --.,.. .... ,... ...... -..... ,.-.... ... the District Solo Music Contest. Huh place winner in the ul speak for De- mocracy" Contest was Michael Davis while Louis Blanc won third place. Marlene Wurxer and Ioanne Bucher work on their prize- winning posters for the Symphony Concert and Brotherhood Awards Lynne Mackoway. Ioanne Meyer. Ccnol wCloson and Ianice ll: sell proudly display the trophy won in the National Latin Exa Week respectively. 130 Proudly holding the certlt- icates o! acceptance by the National High School Essay Association and Poetry Asso- ciation tor their poems and essays are Uront rowj Ther- esa Monteiusco. Barbara Swank. Roberta Witney: Csecond rowy Marianne Sch- lls. Indy Schupp, Iacqueline Wilson. Doris Schmitt. ination. Mary Ann McAllister. tirst place district winner in original oratory. Carol Anderson. first place win- ner in the "Voice o! Democracy." 1 5 .I -.-.. QQ' 27:23, Av' ,-7 'T xg -augur: Jxx TF' b A6 - .J-rv ' Hfliqu ,M E57 . , f XA ' vlrzii ff Q nf' A X"' 2 n Q' Q if ' N 2 J Lf? . ' Q g 5 23:7 Q n . - ....f F ' g1111.?N'7- ' gh 02.6. f 2 xy v2 X J. X. Q I fffd if xx X ERB X? 'tx ,tx X Most Very Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Fran Rev, Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Barbara Summa Patrons Rev. William E. Cousins, D.D Rev. Msgr. Robert G. Peters Ralph Aldrich Peter Bolerasky A. A. Cunningham John J. Dietzen James Fay William Feeney Joseph H. Fennen J. M. Fitzgerald Charles Fogarty ciscan Fathers, Sacred lleart Joseph Gerber William Gray E. L, Grzybowski T. J, Lesniak Robert C. Livingston Joseph Mackowiak August Mey Harold T. Mooney E. A. 0'Connor Bernard Rank James D. Shaughnessy Martin J. Spalding George Wuellner Bain Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Barthell Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Berninger Dr. and Mrs. Ray Bickerman Earl J. Bray Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Caragher Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cicclarclli Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Clancy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cramer Dale Dixon Mr. and Mrs, Elmer DuBois A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Farris Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Grawey Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Gunthner Fred Haddad Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heinz Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Helnz Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Hubert N. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. L. J. Litterest Mr. and Mrs. Phil J. McGrath Miss Thelma Miller Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Nash Ethel Noll Mr. and Mrs. John P. O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Ohlemiller Mr. and Mrs. George L. Olson Mr. and Mrsp William 0'Neill Mr. John F, O'Neill, Sr. Leota Oppe Dr. and Mrs. Paul Palmer Carol Schaub Delia Shea Mr. and Mrs. James D. Shea Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Stlckelmaler Mr. and Mrs, Carl J. Szentes Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Tedford Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tomlin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wallock Miss Katherine Willy Mr. and Mrs. George W. Yingst BUSINESS PATRONS Haley Transfer Company Peoria. Ill. Heinz Drug Store Creve Coeur. Ill. Sam Joseph Super Market First at McArthur Highway Kelly Realty Company 805 Lehman Bldg, Luthy Brothers Market 111 N. Water St. Ross Advertising Company 95 North University Speed Service 4301 Prospect Rd. at Lake St, S. 81 S. Sandwich Shop 613 Spencer St. Wyzlles Place 1400 Garden St. 3 Chscgvet were not Wo work ness was miresi added to om cmd 'Y W :OX and business he iocx thai busi- schook yearbook JK NW Vwdwwf. Compliments of Il FRIEND , fdwqyitwdv Wx -WN - RIlY'S SHELL SERVICE University and Loucks Peoria, Illinois Phone 5-9900 We Give 4 Star Stamps C. Ii. POWLEY Excavating Contractor Peoria. Illinois GARRIGAN 81 YOUNG . . . Iob Printing Q Complete line-Wedding Announcements Q Letterheads-Envelopes Q Statements-Invoices-etc. Q Personalized Christmas Cards Q Badges-Napkins-Ribbons 506 So. Charlton Street Diol 3-5031 PEORIA Q NEW YORK Q RICHMOND Q SCRANTON Edward A. C. McLaughlin and Co. INCORPORATED INSURANCE BROKERS AND ENGINEERS IEFFERSON BUILDING PEORIA, ILLINOIS 13 0 Compliments of NEWMHN HND ULLMAN Compliments GEORGE 0. PASQUEL PETER I. PASQUEL. SOPH Complimenis of 0. FRANK HEINZ ,Compliments of RELIGIOUS supmss H I B S E I1 A 6. W ROOT BEER 228 S, Iefferson Phone 5-3482 3618 North Universiiy Complimenis of PEKIN RADIO TELEVISION DOCTORS McDOUGAl. - HIIRTMIINN CO. ENGNEERS - CONTRACTORS Motorola TV Sales 6 Service 3101 N. Adams Phone 55284-5-S 348 Ann Elizcx Sl. Pekin, Ill. , , , Peonu, Illmols Phone 3321-I M U H R A Y ' S smcuxm ssnvrcz 1525 xc I1 A 5 seas MEN AND BOYS cLo'r1-:ING SHIPPER 5: BLOCK ICO. D y Goods Ready-To-Wear P k Ill Ph 6 9256 BEST WISHES GRAWEY GLASS CO. 901 S Ad 4 5313 Compliments of KEN-MAR PRODUCTS 1523 Souih Adams St. P Ill 7 3 8 Kansas GREEN'S DRUG STORE Ave. Peoria Ill M. S. CRRVER LUMBER CO. 706 Reserve' B1 d War Memorial D ' PHONE 2-6609 FOR THE FINEST IN LUMBER 0' X5 I I XVELCIDME . . . to shop I "First with the new" . . . so you will always want to loolc lirst at your Bloclc 81 Kulwl Store Everything for you! Everything for your home! our purpose our pledge to please you our guarantee WVELCIIME . . . to wo Opportunities in every field: rk buying advertising display merchandising selling ioocl services traffic office functions Personnel store management Q operations qw accounting ' interior decorating wmlmq -to ,-4"'-..,,N 1 I j X Q 'K ' h' Z I g -. . r T' :WMM-E ' El' f ' .- .."'."--"s S--..- ll i., it ' I I P' q 4 -H:- ' ill - it W , - ,J-.. I. , ' e u Nr pm' -- Q r GENERAL OFFICES: X .W 124 S. Adams St., Peoria, lll. ..-ur R xl in . A , ll ' ' ' ' M l' H B -lR kl dl 20 Smeg ggggfu, gm: 533: k 5.215 d 5r::a.zaf?.7:.1d:: rom, A I DC an CVBH CY, OWU ill cities Eecllrimsrltlrlg Rciiililgrdu Danville Store for Homes Burlinglion, Iowa 1-l0 T All aboard! All a-Borden's! Zyafam' 1-1 M. H. EQUIPIVIENT, INC. MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT 2312 S. Adams St, Peoria. Illinois Phone 4-5128 V5 MILK - 'gunman cnffsf FIRST IN FLAVOR FIRST IN FRESHNESS FIRST AGAIN AT THE ILLINOIS STATE FAIR Compliments of the BEVERLY BARBER SHOP KNOLLIIIRE FLOWERS 3205 N, Sheridan Congrahxlctes THE CLASS OF 1956 Marcy Voegele Stenoish mos Knoxville Phone 2-3416 Class of '33 pfd , f B ,Ja ' ROOT BEER n1.u1zmmaoN Foons U " 'IM 'BAR-B-Q AND 4 . CONES V AMI-1RICA'S cup comma f D Q Hor Docs U1 THE OIIKI-'ORD CO. ' KIRKIE'S Konmzn Ri. 150 and Glen Ave. Peoria. Illinois 2 R. I. HEINZ GENERAL CONTRACTOR 1105 N thcrest Avenue T 1 ph 2 5835 P 4 111 PEORI11 HPRON AND TOWEL SUPPLY COMPLETE LINEN SERVICE 401 H lb 1 St. Ph 41221 COURI BROS. SUPERMARKET 1101 S. Ieiferson c1.oTHmG - HATS - FURNISHINGS ANDREEN NORDWALL CO. Quality Meats G G MENS SHOP FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 127 S. Iefferson Ph 3 2553 B O B Ph 8-1205 Peori 111 Ccmplimenis of DOYLE'S DRUG STORE I B44 N- Sheridan M DOYLE s SHELL SERVICE Sherida A N h k 1600 Main Edward 1. may Doyle R PH P D 1 ry TERRY MIKE Comphmenis of GOLDEN RULE SHOE STORE 334 Pekin, Illinoi POTTER 8. ANDERSON 1EWELERS 6. SILVERSMITHS WORTHY OF YOUR CONFIDENCE F 1 S reet BRADLEY UNIVERSITY Bradley University is one ol the nation's strong medium-sized universities. Bradley University is large enough to offer a wide variety of courses and activities-small enough to be friendly and personal. Bradley University maintains the highest accreditation, a distinguished Iac- ulty, and a broad curriculum with more than sixty major lields of study. Bradley University has more than a hundred clubs. sororities. and fraternities. offering a wide range oi activities and interests. Bradley University possesses an excellent Air Force ROTC unit, Bradley University has a cosmopolitan student body, personal student-faculty associations. and a highly cultural free lecture-arts program. Bradley University has a place for you. SUMMER SESSIONS. 1956 For additional information: FALL TERM BEGINS Iune ll - Iuly I6 DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS September 17, 1956 Iuly I6 - Aug. 18 Bradley University Peoria. Illinois AUGUST H. SCHMITZ DESIGNER PAINTING DECORATING Q ECCLESIASTICAI. Q RESIDENTIAL Q COMMERCIAL COMPLETE CREATIVE DECORATING FOR YOUR HOME. OFFICE, AND CHURCH MURALS WALLPAPERING 4405 University Road. Peoria Phone 5-5803 Cpltf ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL School of Nursing c pl 1 f IOHN E. WALSH HND C0 Compliments oi SZOLD'S 2201 I X I KEENAN 2221 "Sport Goods for Good Sports" 514 Main Street Peoria 2, Illinois School Sweaters School Jackets For Spalding or A. 0. L. Letters and Monograms Sewn on Free Sport A oods I "Sport Goods for Good Sports" 514 Main Street Peoria 2, Illinois QL Central National Bank M1505 wildly gffeanfz MAIN AND ADAMS I BAUMANN HARDWARE 1724 KNOXVILLE PEORI.-X, ILLINOIS PAINT TOOLS CUTLERY ESTABLISHED 1907 PHONE 2-0121 EARN A PREFERRED RETURN ON SAVINGS! FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF PEORIA lll North Jefferson Ave. Phone 6-0811 "The Place for Savings" RELIABLE PLUMBING 61 HEATING C0 Maurice 81 Frank Cicciarelli, Props. 5807 Prospect Rd. Peoria, III. Phones 2-0212 or 2-l222 Compliments of L. R. NELSON MFG. CIO. "Where you buy" is just cms importcmt as "Whc1t you buy" Serving the Peoria area for over 100 years Q 1854 - 1956 Wearing apparel for men, women, boys I I M C A R V E R ' S STANDARD SERVICE 629 Knoxville Ale. Peoria, Illinois! Phone 5-9943 I We give 'TOP VALUE STAMPS' Compliments of BOGARD'S DRUG STORE NO. 2 1615 Prospect Rd. Phone 5-7636 Best Wishes to the Graduates THOMAS L. I-IEINZ - LARRY - Mason Contractor 420 Peoria Ave. w Peoria, Ill Telephone 5-5674 MULLI-ZR INSURANCE "We insure everything but the Hereafteru 624 Main St. Phone 4-9186 Peoria 2, Ill. Complete Banking Service at "A Bank You'l1 Like" IEFFERSONJ BANK Jefferson Trust and Savings Bank of Peoria Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , Sl0.000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositer , x Compliments of HEDIGER 6. MYERS INSURANCE CO. No matter if your hair is long or short you will look prettier if you visit one of Bcctlcr Service Klciu's Grayson I5r:uly's Helene WM 'Q . Salons located at Sheridan Village 104 S. .-Xclams 1600 Sheridan 126 S. Madison BEETLER, OWNER Compliments of MAIESTIC CLEANERS IIND LIIUNDERETTE 120 Garden Plionc -I-4167 Compliments of G. R. BECKER LUMBER CO. ISI7 Farmington Road IR-oria, Illinois Phone 6-7811 Complimunts of 'TRI-MEE Potato Chips French Fried Popcorn Chili "Ready to Serve" Made in Peoria-By Union Employees H. J. Hart R. L. Watkins Compliments of Illinois Valley GLIISS IIND IVIIRROR CO., INC. 614 Knoxville Peoria, Ill. Phone 2-6603 W. I. MOTSETT INC. MATERIAL HANDLING AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT BUDI1 LIFT TRUCKS PEORIA, ILLINOIS PHONE 4-S111 322 SO. VV.-XSI'IINIi'1'ON sT N 1' 5 OLDE i QV: SP0 0 'Y ,,, 4- i A 7- 1 I 3 2 J N Ci, b 'War No-I1 i i THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PEORIA Ninety-Third Year W . . Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation i Complimcntsi of iHADDAD'S supnn Q MARKET "Store of Quality Hoods" S09 Wisconsin St. 4 W Open 7 days Scnrl it to . . . B I E H I. ' S Cleaning and Dyeing Service Tcluplnmc 6-6156 706 Main bt Peoria's Mqster Cleaner and Dyer COMPLIMENTS OF T A i FRIEND SCOTT'S SUPER SERVICE Motor tune-up with Sundiagnosis equipment Carburetor Repair - Complete Brake Service Phillips 66 We give S 81. H Green Stamps 616 XYiscunsin Ave. . NS ' rx. sages f I I I 1437 South Jefferson Q, , l1 I l x I ,, A - i Below MacArthur Hwy. rlumalnenn-pnvrllnnczsI Riee I I Phone 4-2145 CRAWFORD'S STANDARD SERVICE Ilumiltmi :mil jefferson Plmnc 6-9369 Lubrication - Washing Atlas Tires and -Batteries A' 205 MAIN sr. SUPPUES PEORIA, ILLINOIS I'cin'i:1's Only Store Dcvntccl Exclusively Tu Supplying Artists Run by Artists - for Artists LIGHTING FIXTURES And Fireplace Fixtures li. -I. Ill.XUSH.'XRD CENTRAL FIXTIIRE COMPANY 703 Malin Street Pvnriu, Illinois TOASTMASTER BREAD Used exclusively in the Academy of Our Lady Cafeteria i i W Compliments of w THE 0 i f :Aim N w N I BOURQCHEIDT ELECTRIC All You Require f- When You Wire ' Since 1918 N Ligihting Fixtures and Small Appliances i I 810 N. Sheridan I Phone 5-4322 i i Visit Our Store i Compliments of NEHI BOTTLING CO. Bottlers of Nehi Flavors, Royal Crown Cola and Frostie Root Beer 2010 Main St. THERE EXISTS NO BETTER EX- AMPLE OF WHAT CAN BE ACCOM- PLISHED UNDER THE AMERICAN SYSTEM OF INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE THAN THAT WHICH IS CONTAINED IN THE LIFE AND WORK OF THOMAS ALVA EDISON. Thomas A. EllISON 1847 - 1931 Central Illinois 'Light Coznpany Y i I Lmm HIP Cam I lUDMEf5 3.,,.iErr efsnn ,P ll I fb onea l r I V 4 I FIRST WITH THE BEST . . . IN INSURANCE AND SERVICE BURGLARY Q HOLD-UI' LIABILITY Q FIRE reat eentral 3 - I . INSURANCE COMPANY ' A s'rocx coMPANv PEORIA, ILLINOIS JAMES S. FLANIGON, President ELMO G. GUECKS, Secrvmry-Treasurer OPAL 244 South jefferson .-Xvcmu: HALL SHOPPE Millinery Q Hand Bags Skirts Q Sweaters Blouses Q Jewelry Perfumes Q Hosiery Peoria's S martcst Plmnc 4-5322 24 Hour .Xmlxulnncc Service ACE AMBULANCE G' OXYGEN SERVICE Rental 8: Sale of Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Oxygen Equipment 515 Knoxville Ave. Puuriu 4, Illinois BILL I"ISHER'S STANDARD SERVICE Atlas Tires Q Batteries Q Accessories Curncr nf XV:xync :md Perry Streets We Give S Ed H Green Stamps CRAWFORD SHOE STORES Exclusive Distributors for 32 Nationally Famous Brands for Men - Women - Children Shoe Salon Family Store -lim Crzlwford, Mgr. W. AI. Crzlwfurd, Mgr. 340 Fultun St. 201-5 S. -Icffcrson Outlet Store XVm. C. CYIIIYI-UI'kl. Mgr, 209-ll Fulum St. loo They're saving at "My Bank" Fused by: Steve O'Dnnnell and Barbara Palmer Commercial National Bank of Peoria Adams and Liberty W Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp LIUIHIUIIIIICIIIS of I 1 vnNzoN HEATING 5. LARRY S MARKET AIR CONDITIONING L- B- HITPAS Bob '45 W Louie '47 JOIN! '50 , Jim '55 603 Wisconsin Ave. Dad ? I Phone 2-47 '59 , AnT's , HOT TA MALES DRUGS - PREscRlP'l'loNs , I muon: -nu vnosncv "nl wxmuagum I DUST llI.I. MANUFACTURING CO. sinceI890 Sanitary, Chemical and Janitorial Supplies Iewclcrs and Silversmiths for Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Homes Corner Main and Madison 127 S. Water St. -- Peoria, Ill. Phone 4-2333 TED HONNESS Phillips 66 Service Complete Service for your car Leave it while you shop ILLINOIS FRUIT 6 VEGETABLE MARKET Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Daily 533 Main 3,062 We make fruit baskets to order 3 5th and Franklin Phone 6-9998 Peoria, Illinois S. U Q, .y, l :fez 5'5" """-1,--. A NX ,N I- tl' -w. s+H"""""'-"'-.-.......a.-....,..' iw 'uf .9 QT oo f 9 X94 Your Teen Togs ' ' ,gb From Q0 Qhqkhiis N It Makes A Whale of A Difference When lt's , Cleaned By 1 WHRLEN CLEANERS 617 Knoxville A Plwnc 5-5251 Swv? N THE GREATEST PACKARD OF THEM ALL FOR 1956 ' BUCHER 81 SRUER 1804 Main SLN W Phone 4-4549 lVIELVIN'S BAKERY "Pastries That Plr-asc" 2605 North Sheridan OPEN SUNDAYS PHONE 2-1603 158 Let's all go out to Hunt's Poscd by Paul Slavens, Carol Draeger, Tom Bianco, Nancy Cavanaugh Congratulations to the Class of '56 WRIGHT and SALMON MORTUHRY 202 N. Madison Avenue Peoria, Illinois GAMBLES 'The Friendly Storel' Hardware - Auto Supplies - Paints Household Needs 3108 Prospect, Peoria Heights Q rr's 'mvua T0 ' Mm: lPlx" 'JH Compliments of E gafp h -l WE sournslnn Youn CHOICE BEN FRANKLIN STORE CHRIS HOERR 8- SON CO. Coffee Roasters - Importers - Wholesale Grocers Peoria, Illinois Adams St. at Garden N Q N 1 PROVING GROUND! Turn back the pages of history to the boyhood story of almost any American leader today and you'11 find him just a boy in worn jeans and T-shirt . . . playing sandlot baseball. Today, America's leaders are engaged in the biggest game on earth and applying the lessons they leamed while playing with the neighborhood team: It's not size, or the dolor of a iellow's hair that makes a winner . . . it takes brains and spirit. It takes teamwork, too . . . one man can't win single-handed. Be a good winner . . . and if you can't win, be a good loser. , Keep going when the odds are against you . . . sticking to it pays off. The spirit of sportsmanship has helped produce the kind ol leaders that have made America great. I ., up N . f it it i 0' y X sf i l x tv ii 3' 5 lg? y gf' hi?-' A QW' X Ax i "HJ Qi' f:. N1 1 7 x Scores of Caterpillar folks have joined with others F I, to give leadership to community affairs. As we I, ,..... M A J play the game together , . . and we play according X I X to the rules . . . we'll build our community I if ever stronger. ' 'h .9 l ' Q I "1 K Q f rl . ..,. I X A Q X . 4 CATERPILLAR 1'nAc'ron co. 'W , .I r . 5 fd , -A y .! - Y llimmiiilli N K qt N gl X it Q EF? ess 1. - ' -st so .a - .- ....hhXsst,,illl,N- '- XVQ M- Q71 XXxx,, x? vi-'er x tt-rl ' is 4 'RN V,-I,-I-,,', ve, V, ,ANW , .-J l - - XaS'exeNs-lNlN...X.- - ff fffljfdpljzztff s.,,. f Xl ' x . xii? 5:12 ' f o l l Compliments of BSS' Oi Luck To The ALS. ITALO ROSSI "IRISH" CENTRAL HOUSE BRADLEY sPon'r snop Pekin- Illinois 2122 Main sn. Pe 111 Compliments of Compliments of IEROME HEINZ KANE DRUGS CONSTRUCTION CO. PHESCRIPTIONS 510 15: R p bl Ph 51579 2128 M Ph 3 4593 McGANN'S MARKET 3 5' 5 GROCERIESGMEHTS BUILDERS HARDWARE CO. OPEN SUNDAYS FREE DELIVERY A 1506 Main St. Peoria, Illi 301 Illi ' A Phone 2-7147 Ph 60828 Compliments of W. S. IBILLI HEINZ lU7 W. McClure Peori Ill Compliments ol A FRIEND KENNEDY CLEANER 6 LAUNDRY N SAVE IOM ON CASH 6. CARRY X PICK UP AND DELIVER N 603 Iackson 1 Ph 6 6162 N N N T1 11 e 4-9513 KRAMEITS DRIVE-IN 51 N PEORIA BOWL, INC. RESTAURANT 14 ALLEYS COCKTAIL LOUNGE fThe Nicest Plcxce In 'Ncwnf 229 N' Iefferso A Western At Mosl Peoria' In Ph e 4-9434 N "BOB" METZ N N CADILLAC SALES G SERVICE SMITH CORONA TYPEWHITER VICTOR ADDING IVIACHINES TRAVIS VAN'S TYPEWRITER co. CADILLAC PONTIAC CO. 1701 Main N 407 I-'b YY Si Ph N 3 3777 P 111 N N N Ph 5 5296 'SET'-X ff- Sw. T f M- E61-1',fQf75N Hi' S- wil fxw 4 S W onachen Industrial Supplies 3921 NORTH SHERIDAN ROAD ' PEORIA, ILLINOIS THE CENTER'S PLEASIN IN EVERY SEASON C. U. HT THE , AT 15 COMPLETE PAINT 'C. Y. C. DEPARTMENTS IN THE PEORIA AREA Compliments of I. T. BOWER MOTORS INC 828 Main Sireet "YOUR BUICK DEALER" HERQLDS' P , Pgfmf THQST N l Q! CQ xt Je 53501 f 1 xxx X X 61 , xx bf X fN Compliments of WEBER'S FOOD MARKET Cpl t 3035 N, Wisconsin Ave. HERMAN I. WEBER. Proprietor A FRIEND I. C. DILLON PLUMBING CO. Complete Plumbing 6 Heating Service Free Estimates 713 Western Av 6 B637 Phone 7 3314 VONACHENS IUNCTION Knoxville at Prospect Phone 8 2481 Midwest's Finest Re urant C pl t f LUTHY 8: LOCHER MULLER PRODUCE COMPANY Foot of Fayette St. R.I. Freight House Ph 3 3676 P Ill FRESH FRUIT 6. PRODUCE Frozen Food. Oyster F h P l I I A Enjoying Ice cream as only Shaliesi makes it ure. lei! to right: Mary Muliowney. Iqanne Kinney. Mary Ann McAllister, Mary Wiles. I 6ET THE BEST. . . GET BRIGHT SMILI-IS FOR 54624: For happy smiles-cmd health- QI s m il e s - serve Sealiesil Made with fresh. whole milk from the Iincst farms in Peoricx's countryside. Sealtsst dairy pro- ducts are unequalled for Ila- vor, freshness, purity and nu- lrition. MILK 81 ICE CREAM I I Best Vlfislles from I IRIONS' CONCRETE BLOCK CO. Make Saving u Habit! It Is Common Sense and i Use the Many Services of IRIONS' QUIILITY CONCRETE CO. THE COMMON SENSE BANK i Concrete cmd Light-weighi brrilding uniis 6 Ready Mixed Concnele I MEMBER OF BANK FDIC Phone-Peoria 4-2408-Chiliicoihe 112 IGI SEE YOU LATER H58HER -SPALDING'S CLASS OF '58 y Appreciation The members ol the 1958 Summa Statt of the Academy and Spalding wish to acknowledge their gratitude to all who have helped in any way to edit this book. Special appreciation is given to those who have been outstand- ing in their assistance and cooperation. The faculty and student body for their hearty support. Our patrons and advertisers for their financial assistance. PLANNING AND snvrcs Reverend Raymond Novacek, C.S.V. and Sister Clare Edmond, C.S.I.- iaculty advisers. Mr. I. L. Srorlce, yearbook consultant ior the Peoria Engraving Co., without whose constant help. advice, and planning this book would not be a reality. Prcrmmss p Mr. Eugene Voss ot Fabry studios, who gave many hours of his time taking pictures for our division pages, faculty and group pictures. Mr. Dan Woodley ot Fabry studios-Academy and Spalding senior pic- tures, and the use ot the pictures of Bishop Cousins and the Academy building. Mr. Thomas Prechel-Underclassmen pictures. The Peoria Iournal and the Peoria Star-sports pictures especially pic- tures of tournament games. The Peoria Register for the use of the UN Assembly picture. ENGRAVING W Peoria Engraiiing Company. PRINTING Mr. Richard Pintgeld. Mr. lim Henderson, and the statt of the Henry News-Republican. COVERS W S. K. Smith Company, Chicago. Illinois. l BINDING Mr. Henry A. iPfisterer of the Peoria Book Bindery. l T, an ,,2?f,fd 4.. n-,-vf-1 ff-.F -,:., 1 fl if P f15j:d:'.-I--yyiy, 4. 'x " J' "" "' "' 'VV 4'1" 'ali' If -uf'-sig:-,:'e1 ,'v1:r.,.....- ,r-A F'-. 1'- Q-

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