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Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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The senior class ot 1955 of the Academy of Our Lady and Spalding Institute. Peoria. Illinois. proudly presents the . -- ' 3 .-I n f . .. . .'..,.4 ... . ,I . ., ,.- , .I I... .:I...... ,-.,I .I I .- ..-I....I.. .I. . ,.-- f I N, I I I Y M 42.54. .QQ 'iziiif fv'ff?2ifb2.i.H..Sz:F.'..E2'1f3.?H:'f5r frfiks..-:igf2'1. . '11 " -.:e1 Qc.:-2. I- II "-":'::-,--gig, ...,l,'-g,.' "...s: 'wx' :Z-7--?e,?1Qi1i':f5v2f.?? " ' -'. Ng.-Q. . .. . .. .. .. .....Q.... .-.....,,,..., V sf? t - .. .z.JJ.L'1,,..5R1.,?.. X ... .. . I - fav, .- Zinn Q A -A 1 . .w 1-pf - P-7 . lk .,.,- '1..L:- ""-,sir t t,II -A M 'LQ ' 55125-..--1' i6g7l75'L:1:. N Ay '- A " -' xi an 'u.::.,.,,'..q ,af 1.41: - u , Jw II Q, -I.fI.7 . .- I . I H- .r:s.f..rz1,. ...M--f., . , I .Aviva ...-...-,,....Tm I .- N -... ...-r ' 1.----T...--rv---.-p .I.,. tt.-J. ' .. g.:-..' ' W.. . , - "".fj-3 .x:1::3211... I QI, .f.II.I I. .I 5. .rx . Q. I.g'q:1g1:45.:.ji41, ,y5Q'.3fI'.'. Q-.I-.jg ' I.L,iI..I,IgfrIE 5. I1.7....II3,I Ifqra-, I.,,.I. .:..y,?- ' , ,, .g A FEI ,, L ,I J. Q. 1.5 'Q : , t -...,..g.'...,.,.4 I I . .x-1. . .,. .. ,. ,,, ... . . r-..-.M--W---'H . . .J . .'."fi.wI' A :L.-95 -.r'-- ---JI: wb: 'lv--I - I Ja. Q "fn:-'fl .sg .cm ' - -3 h + " ' , ww 'ir.:ETi'.. " I N TC?--"':. . 1 F I-"gl l X ' - -:air 'I-..Ifgr 1 ' .. ' Lg '25 but . ' ' 'fr '41 ll 1' ' I' snr U . I .551 Tw K k ' 1. J .- - ,I , v ' W Q ' ' 'hx F., . .,. " lun 'P Q 1 1 . .-'.'. --231 J . . .11IJ.gQi:gi-g:.I,I1If 1' . wk.. .' .Iggy I-I .I. .fr I .I., . - "Er':Qsf 1 "-.'.f.'-:ff- .1-f. :- .. .. ,.- ..-4--'g-I'I 1 if-116635 51' . ... ,Nga . ,t,.r:f.I... .. III.f.l-.'- ":::z1 .,, ,.., 1 : a-x,L . fix -.-.'-..- bl ' l n.- 'cl"::. ' .f....::' . .1 ..,:I.III . .. ,,..f, .. QF... '-.':'-655015 . ' .' .. . "Lf ' 2 'f.:+1. . '. .L'f., .LII I I . ' I : . I. ' T ' ' .iz ,' ' "Xi"-'..'. 55. .- . ' .. ,-.:.t.....,I' dwg, H' :pri .. .' ' .-'ii .. .w ' - ::"'- .-'ffl-f"+..D ' "rf-" 4, un I ,..5I 4,.. . I of-,J ...I .I 5-.1 - -...- .I,.IIs.m... ,fuk .,.,..I..,. . .tiff .pn ""' '5.i""'1u5 vm. -fzzx ":..: I I. Roig: . " ,:?"' . -- w'5i'2L"'Li:U"' 1. A -.1"1 ...N---"' Wa- JP."-'.v ' A '. . '. "If ' WIQJILIII? -' . if .I , ' -N. ff-I , -A I ' II 4, L'.g.I'.g..IZ I.. -'II f Q 3?-1,1-I v.,.,.f,I.c.-. - .h. .. .. . .4 . -- - V '.:.41.:e ' 'I 1:41. .I..g:I,I..: I IIIII I gII.I :TI . 5 .,I ,I Y ww.. LII -1: I ..,I, ...L M' I., .I .. I I I . IIIIIII L-.:r.,r.z f " . fit-1+:.:A.f:....'.......,..4.....4azasa1..,..Xa..5.....L5f.1'' ' 25'-hu. .g:.- . . g..::.. .. ' 1 : .. . -...U -k 4.. .. , . . . - -1 -,.. .-' ' .1-,h., 5 .Iggy .' egg f ' I ',j' jIIgx.hJxnzwhr..rvLI1."..r1.g1,r ,I Vigil . .I.,,, .I . . ,...,...:-....M-a.,...-,,.,n.u-...hs Msn:- X- ,. k.'- ' 'ii' mt it ' ' ,:,.I..Q3' ui -. . . vi! . ."'.::.'-'i- " ' . f 1 5 . 1 1. . 79: 435?E'i.- '- :Viz .1 ... .- utr.. f . -ga. B I P I :tw . ' 5 ' f ' -H 4 in wg.. , X' is I ' ,,fSl" " 5'.:,:1'5 ' , 1 w .. . IT.. . .JH . . . .. .-:nm,I. .X 2 ,.'...- . atv'-A A ' i I - h . . .44 A f I P I Nik. K . ' I -.1 X414 N ,, ffl 9 . A ' xfjgim' ' n A sl: WI M 'st 1 Cr' ' 5' A? - .. .... - i fb..--if fi 5115, ..:.zwff:.:asa..:.....-. .A fs.. -Li.g':gg.." ye--H nc. .yp ' . y . xx u A :YV .. "' 1' "" I A,V. I . .I ..I . . . ..,, . I L j,'EI.:II: .- I- . '. 'II iii? I H .fri Wit? I G . ff' lm"'1ff""'Ii 653355 "EW WW ff' g-X s. .1 'R '-ff2f'lK'.: . ' 1 : 4. in J 1 . '. ' 1 I.- . .Q ' I . - .z - . . . 4.v..n . Q.: ' I . . . II..I-.. ' 1. , . . H . I , IIT I 3 . .. . . ,. 4 e - X ff' - ., 'Q' 1 . . ,v' 11' -'- -: 1 . .a ' 4. .4 ...QC ' . yi' 'f- '. " . , ., ..u.3uf ., 1, . :I- . 1' 3 - , I . I v . . ' 4 .. ' " if-:I'. T ' :.i, -. '- ..., '. 2 - .1 I I, 'v I -. --. .. : ,. . Try! II I, .TNQ V.II.,II. , ,. I .- I,,-- . . - - .3 - .W ' ' ' tl LN ' -v'- Af. '- A. IE... If ... .1'i".- i I... N .Jw WI . . 5... . -. ..... -Q. Cf-. -' . 2 n':i-'P'f1.- V- bas: Ji.. X ' " I.' i "S: nv..- . ..II . SVU. .,..., . .. ..' - . .- - .- -'... -1-V-. 'M : - - .- . I,.,e... .-. ..:.i . V.. II .I . .I -I . .. .... .,-,,I. , .. .. ,. tv R s-:LQ u 1 r .-.. . . . .- .1-'-ff-H...-...... - -. . , . .. .--. ..-.. V ,.. .-N-' ' vii I . I.,.I I.- -., :l my , - . - ..--.. .- --,., .,. , I . .. ...- -. I I M - ,.-9,- ..-W... W... .1 -. .. -. Ii -II , ?.. . -.:?"""7"""", LI.,..II -I . .-.--:-1-.1-,j .-I -. . . md. -. 1 . .- , . . 1: xg' 29. .pf .'2' ,T f .- Llrf I. 1- I. . .. I -..,... . . 1.-.Q -.-Ir..-:Inf , . .. . ...I. V. .. - .....4x....I.I,.,I. . .I -.I .. II. .., . .. .. .-In .. . :.... . . I ..,. f . ,. -, - .--.'. 1.2 -.. ., . xI I ,:,. " ...' .. 'I 4' . .-. .1 ' -. , '. - -.' - -I ':..I. . . ...'f'.-fm w-" .f . ...,... .. -- v 1.5 ... .,. ..... .g-. L :'- ' r ffl I . ' -' 1 '- 'L N --I III 'Q J... - vs ,.. . -4.-,4. '.-....IZ....'."'.' -. in ,.'. 'I "'-'irixii '55 if-..?.'?. v- . U -vvlvwl .zu xeg ' ''2"' ' ..-.-5. .. -f Q ...IQ .... . - .-df . r.. . . .I - N.. Which depicts their Christian environment . . . l 1 . Im I I II 6' 4 .-M' :- .13 'S me . EQ ff' . -s Xlfr.. 'rf ,, 4' if' ., 1 V -x ' I :fi I L li - 4 Y N I III I 8 I I U: , 1: A li I 5 'B' 4' 1 Ag , X it I 191 .IPL n xqgiagx 11, fI. : IfI JI 4: I II .X . . . 1 ' 2 . , , xt ,Ik X H ig " It H ig-J II-1 -.1 all: A I if 3 -2-ink' 4 -'14 1' ., sh X 'f' N " x 1- s 4 A 1 1 IH- . il u H1 1' N AF bk 1 I.: . .5 I WAI: I Iyb rf . nw. III M M, Q Ig, ' M511 4' . H ffl lil. J.. F -mfs-"" In W 1 .R H 5 .Q r. 1, U. v s... ,. .- :jx .. ,. .H .,,- . .V , fs v 1 .N nl Ii . U 1 lp J t X u v 1' A 9 l xr .- . W ltf:5"- 'l' ' .W 'W " ,f X' l 7' I.. 1- I., , EMM. Sit II , .II... Ii AI,-N. f II. fi ,, J . wx K ' Ju" I I lj: 4 K C III. ,I:,I-. .IIN-. T21 ,. . I I II 11 I , 2 n II I ,, IIIJE gl 4 V' fl .- I I 3, I .. II. .fLf.I, 1. in gp 4 . if -. l Ml. I . if I ' f. , I r 1 1 - " . - 1. . . tr V I I , ,. .., I II 1 I II I 4 . L gf. .r 41. ...f .1 fy .. ,. - . ., 'gg if, 4 . . I . ."e.I:,'-:. ,1 J : ...J L .fu -.. K - , .. .1 .I I I' . GN , :I R '.1iITf:IfZ.'.'.:'.Q"""'?'.:'- .ji '15 . ' 5 gg. .4 II ,: ' I , 1, -,QI-I 11- : f b- u rf ., Rf- 2.-.Q 1 17- nga - 4 ' fs 51.1 f - 1 f Ss " Q: X fi' N 'T W "S" Q 'l5'.."'l' '1 1 19.6 .1443 . 415 X fi" ' S 1. 'Q 'M f- 31 AI A .1r"tl. I' 4. ' . X' rs Ivl . fl 1 ' I 2 ' R .La HU 1 1 f -' x X M .W 'rl ' 'lf if l ' ' m ' x "' .4 ,i12. -' 'M 'FQIXAIQ 9' rxizl Ivzlt I. I ::II,.II IIIIII-IIIIII:mv:gIIIII I iI ,II.' .AI I . I ..II 1 I 1.36. I.I.I,I. I .II.I I. ig I. . -'.1q?7J5tfEf.'A,fT-" ' -' 52443. E 5' .' f ' 1. - ' KX' W :' ll ' lx, A i, ' Pt 1.. -.. ...- ,.,,,,, ..', 1... . .- - . 2 ... . . . . - .. . . .. It r aft.. - 1 X.. ff .1 . K. .r at i'1ii"2': . T.. .ff 'fq wg .f-f 1 fi 35' -,Q ' At ef ' , 1 wif 3 L ' .. ww. -4 4 1... 1 X. -1 .V gI..r' 1 Q ' "Q 'f I .11 fx Qt ku- X Ll S: 1. .2 x 'f 1, V' tg I I I . . ,III,.IS.I2 NNI- . . z-II . IIIIB X II II q il II Hr '.-5'-xr. .. ' EJ Q. " ' . QS. 1 '. " ' ' I. 2... .. 4' .. 'ya' if X 1' ' 1. 5 ' , f 'iii 1 .',, M 'f' 1 ff .v . 1 Ll wx' .i 4' 1 .' .-:ji-1' 'tl-"A, Nw- - . ' v HL f ' f 1 W ,QI f i FW . . 2' 2.21 T' ' t.. . x .'?f,ca','..' Q.-1fRl'.5.t:' ' -.f .Q tv fy '11 '2, V Q. 'e . .--4-Ig: Zh? .. .- I....I3g--1,-.V 1 I 1 I, .III I It I J 1, 1, 55.5. -1-. -. g X . ggL',,f:'::'a:5?2f .' ' H- , . Q5 ,L 3 1 'pf ...V . ...SILK-...,I.. .. 7 .,.,, . ,X r 4 1 J , -..:If.' ' 'I : .. . A mag ' . I - .31 I 1 ,. -I.I ' I . 4 . 4 2.1 " r.'.'2?:.zf .2 2... '. , . ' it 2. 't If .tr 'f II I .I . . III I .I.I:I 4 IIA-S I II xIIi6II. EI-III I ' . 5' I-' ' x"- ' lg. 'Q mix Y 2 wk .1 I l I l l 8 . 7 A nh f . . . s . . - . -fm v .- 1 . . A r .. . - . . v 3' where 1 wisdom, cfge a IW " W REVEREND ROBERT C. LIVINGSTON Diocesan Youth Director "Where the Catholic Youth of Peoria grow in wisdom, age, and grace before God and man"-this is the theme ofthe Catholic Youth Center. It is herc that our friends, the good times we have had, and thc activities of our school life have become memories-here we have learned to know Father Livingston not only as our director but also as a very dear friend. To Father Livingston we dedicate the SUMMA of 1955-our way of saying, "Thank you, Father, for your inter- est in us." under the gu1ding influence of their advisors. MZ? School Life so NMS Faculty 40 Students 46 Ogcmizcrtions 84 Sports 106 Advertisements 126 This is our Story . . . The memories o of the Academy of Ouf Lad 'Y Y students Spalding Institute Most Reverend WILLIAM E COUSINS, D. D. Bishop o Peoria ,nuff . : LY l sl. f is M, . , ,4 .g.i!'55'f , Since his arrival at Peoria in l952, Bishop Cousins has done a great deal in promoting the spiritual welfare of people of his diocese. Under his splendid Christlike leadership this corner of Christ's Kingdom continues to produce fearless militant Catholics, and to expand its magnificent heritage everywhere. He is our spiritual Father, a staunch defender of the Faith. He has taken a personal interest in our spiritual, intellectual, and social formation. I-Ie has worked and prayed and sacrificed that we might become better young Catholic men and women, He commands our respectg he merits our love. Therefore, we, the Seniors of the Academy of Our Lady and Spalding Institute, profess our allegiance to our Church and its representative here on earth, our Bishop, and with this pledge of fealty and devotion, we promise to God to aid His Church, through our Bishop, in its mission of bringing all men into one flock under one Shepherd. of the Diocese of Peoria. .Aqv A, 'Tif- Bewilderedl we came back to We came back, back once more to the open doors and the halls of knowledge and good. We weren't too sure of our future, but we came back to learn and live. Back to no more leisurel Back to mad rushing, hewildering schedules, confusion-back to old friends, joy- ous reunionsg to new friends - new experienc- es - to quick cokes at the center, scurrying down to help Father clean the center, to a hurl ried visit to the chapel between classes, to the unending parade of girls in blue and white uniforms and boys in ties - the school year had truly begun. The weather was still warm, The sun was glorious as it filtered through the Here we are again Bigger and Better Ones ' -' ' L'v.L :A'1,.. 5 ,1'A1..' xlH.l i"d1lVIHlllIfI 1 l HP ui l 1 111' f1!l'A"ili 4E! fm 'jg giijliil. f III' .-x-Q Kg, A Dance to start things oft with or bang The Spalding Mothefs Club launched the social life of the students this year by sponsor- ing a Mixer Dance in the Spalding Cafeteria. The Academy girls got all dressed up when the Mothefs Club gave a Silver Tea in Octob- er at which the entertainment was provided by the students. More space was made available by holding the tea in the Spalding gym and cafeteria .... In November, alter the Student Council Dance, the Academy had Open House and all the parents "learned" what their girls could do in class. The last thing that the par- ents shared with their daughters' school life was the Father and Daughter Banquet, which turned out to be quite successful, especially As the year' advanced, various activities A Silver Ten to be fancy Open House to let the iolks see what we can do ' Dads and Daughters get togethi l l Dads buck up the sports programs at pmldmg were sponsored by our parents Academy Mothers make plans for future activities when the fathers proved that they could out- danee their girls ,... The Spalding Men's Club had a very successful year in '55. Their he'p has aided the Athletic Department and the school in general over many economic difficulties. They are going to stand the in- itial expense of thc book rental system that will take effect at Spalding next year. The members of the Men's Club have also helped with programs and tickets at the school sport- ing events. Mothers make plans lor their boys l3 Spalding celebrated the Feast of St. Viator . . . Celebrating St. Viutofs Day by Mass Father Beatty points out how we could imitate the young saint Mass in honor oi their patron saint The student body received Communion i. i N 14 These figures are fascinating classes went on during autumn days . . . School is lun too Nothing like u "quie!" library Homecoming brought high spirits Will ii rellly "f1Odi"? A pep mlly wiih pep by ull Mixing success. Cheer. cheer for old Spalding High 16 Belles of Homecoming Homecoming Queen, Pat Heyd The exciting homecoming ceremonies took place this year during the halftime of the Spalding-Springfield game. Senior, Pat Heyd, was crowned homecoming queen, as she and her court consisting of Iunior, Dobbs Wiles, Sophomore, Mary Konvalinka, and Freshman, Lolli Morrissey, were presented to the many Spalding fans. Following this the judges announced the results of the float decorations with the Sophomores winning the coveted prize. and loads of fun Sophomore Candidate. Mary Konvalinka 17 Freshman Candidate. Lolli Morrissey Iunior Candidate. Dobbs Wiles 'The Story of Christmas" The Wise Men and the Shepherds came This year the "Story of Christmasu was magnificently presented by the Academy of Our Lady Glee club. Under the direction of Sister Mary Arthur and Sister Electa Marie the inspiring Birth of Christ was enacted. The in- cidents leading up to the birth of Christ, such as the prophecies, and thc jealous hatred of Herod, were portrayed in song. While the angel choir sang the K'Gloria in Excelsisf' the Shepherds and the Magi adored the New-Born Child. A "snowy ballet was presented be- tween acts which added variety to the Cantata. The Cantata ended with the singing of "O Come All Ye Faithful" by the entire cast. The Christmas cantata was a great success because it left the cast and the audience with the true spirit of Christmas. A repeat performance of the "Story of Christmas' was given at the State hospital. soon Christmas plays and preparations And all the angels sang To bring Christmas joy to others The true spirit of Christmas was displayed by the filling of 3 baskets to give to the Catho- lic Charities for distribution to needy families . . . . Advent wreath in the Academy hall .... Girls in the clothing classes put hurried finishing touches on their ward- robes for activities of the Yuletide season. Meantime delicious aromas of baking cookies floated out of the Foods Lab as the senior cul- inary experts measured, mixed and decorated . . . . Spalding and the Academy pre- sented Fred W8flUg,S "The Story of Christ- mas." The second part of the concert, the "Song of Christmas," was given by the Pales- trina Choral Society. put us in the holiday mood . I made it myself. Mom doesn't do it that way. 19 I Qhink !hat's Ihe answer. Examinations! What Fun! gy'-...,,... ' " , K Mm CA. ., 1 then - exams and TB shots This't laugh serum, it's n T.B. test shot. Think, boys. then write it down followed by Retreat This year at the Academy the annual Retreat was separated into two parts. On the first two days of the week the Freshman and Sopho- more classes participated under the direction of Father John Dietzen, while the Iunior and Senior Classes had their retreat under Father john Leies, S.lVl. The idea of separate retreats proved to be quite successful. The Spalding retreat was held April 4, 5, 6. The retreat master, Father Hugh Calkins, held four con- ferences a day. The retreat was one of the best ever given at Spalding. We really enjoyed the Father Leiesl Father Hugh Calkins. Spalding Retreat Master A Retreat is serious business Retreat. Father Dietzen brings Christ to the underclassmen -na, Q, , ,, 175 sf ,J , X-df? N 3 i x A yn' W' ' 1 , .W N-1 . 1 .3-nf 4' . f 9 s .A , af wx? 5 Q M' wgalilfr' ' 4? F fe E1 A 'gg 1-5 V151 .'1f'f,! , 3 . .1 Queen of the Carnival, Pat O'Neill and the Senior Carnival . Are you sure it's only u dime? With many hours of hard work, and much help from the other students, the seniors transformed the Academy Gym into a fun-land of fantasy for the annual Senior Class Carnival. Using the up-to- date theme of TV programs, the girls decorated the many booths with multiple color schemes. Climaxing the evening, and a month of friendly rivalry between the classes, was the announcement of the Iunior candidate as Carnival Queen. 23 " 'Hahn qaswva Whufs fun? Cooking is! Hey kids. this is easy Whafs u Cumivul without food? il ' 'mliflift CE cum Y Hip Couch gets a lift utter winning the Sectional ON TO CHAMPAIGN. For the first time ix five years the Irish made it to the State. To mak- it they beat some ol the best teams in the state Central, Woodruff, Canton. Every tension-packe: moment of these games supplied excitement for th fans. There was a great time at S. I. the day befor St. Patrick's Day as students of both schools gather ed in the street for a gigantic pep rally. Camer men from the TV studio were on hand to record th event. After the team returned from the State the were feted at a colossal banquet where Frank Fin negan was named most improved player of the yea the two co-captains Karpowicz and Coughlon r ceived the principal's sportsmanship award. the Irish were "Too-oo Tuff" 2-1 Gene rises lor ex shot SECTIONAL CHAMPS. Victory sends Sullivunmen to State The Sweetsixteeners hii the road and we went to the Sweet Sixteen Cheerleaders whoop it up ui Coach Sullivan on his way DePdul's Ray Meyer guest at Banquet 25 ,,.,..-V I pep rally . , Daily Mass-part of school day early spring brought Lent, Lent is a time of stepped-up spiritual awareness at both schools. Most of the stu- dents are seen at daily Mass and Communion -and at all hours of the school day, boys and girls are found in the chapel .... On March l7, St. Patriclis Day, everyone takes "time off" as las as Lenten resolutions are concerned. Spalding and the Academy com- bine talents and present an Irish Concert- the Academy Freshmen gave their school El l -and noon-hour Way oi the Cross "It's a great day lor the Irish" K I I Tv .' I Skip to my Loul "Irish eyes are smiling" when Kathleen is crowned by Prince Larry of Killarney St. Patrick's Day and our Easter dance real treat by presenting "Kathleen," their an- nual St. Patrick's Day Operetta .... Holy Week san' the Spalding boys making their annual retreat .... Easter Monday brought out enthusiastic dancers for the CYC's annual "Bunny Hop" in the Spalding Gym .... After Easter, Academy juniors and Seniors traveled to Washington and New York .... May found Spalding Iuniors taking the same tour. 1 Do the "Bunny Hop" hop, hop, hop Mary Lou Iones entertains Rochestefs house guests with a lovely ballet. Accompanist. Carol Philipp. Iane welcomes her childhood nurse, Bessie. Mrs. Fairfax, Adelle and Nora enjoy the nxeeiing the seniors presented lane Eyre .... Rochester explains the possible enteriainment of a bona fide Gypsy Dr. Carter examines Mason's iniury as lane Eyre, Lady Mary, Sir Lynn. Lady Blanche, Dowage Lady Ingram Rochester. and Grace await his verdict and Dr. Carter 'F ,ssy 's"l f' FQ- Q w e w We Q Dr. Carter and Lady Blanche leave Lady Mary with Zita. Sir Lynn resents Zita's exclusion of the men fi-We "ide T ef S22- fax v"L'- ff? Q- A JANE EYRE. n governess .......,.................,.......,,..,.. Barham Buckley MRS. FAIRFAX, housekeeper of Thornficld Hull . Judy Wiltsc ADELE VARENS, Roclu-ster's adopted child ,.., Dianne Wallbcclr NORA. an Irish servant girl .... ,......,.,.,....... .... ..... ............... ...,. P n L H e yd GRACE POOLE, a servant ................,..................,......,.... - .,.,.,. Pat Pio BESSIE LEAVEN, Jnne's one-time nurse-maid ..,,........ Joan Hibser BERTHA .........,,..............,..,.........,...,.........,..,.,......................., Donna Hurst, DOWAGER LADY INGRAM ..............................................., Sue Cusack LADY MARY, her daughter .,........ LADY BLANCHE, Mary's sister ,,....,...,..,....... ....... R obin Bartholomew . ..........,,, Kilty Snninicl' ZITA, an old Gypsy .....,,.......................,,,,............,,...,..., Karen Whalen EDWARD ROCHESTER, master of Thnrnfielrl Hull ...,..,,,,,, . ........................................,....,....,,...,....................... Phil .Kronenborg DR. CARTER .... ,...,,,........,,.,,,........,,,......,.................,,.. .... ...... J 1 n 1 Milchnn SIR WILFRED LYNN, in love with Blanche ...... ....,. R ick Grimlvr RICHARD MASON ........,.,....,.....,......,.,............,...,............ Jim Mnslerson MR. JOHN RIVERS ,,..,.....,... .................................................... J ack Znng Directed by Sister Elccla Mario and special honors One of the highest , honors that can come i to a Senior student is to be chosen Academy Girl. This year the honor was bestowed on Peggy Brophy. chosen by the seniors because of her co- operation and willingness to help others. Her friend- ly ways, her leadership, her sportsmanship, and her religious and moral character have indeed merited for her the honor of Our Academy Girl. Barbara Buckley. May Queen Peggy Brophy. Acddemy Girl were given A child of Mary indeed is Barbara Buckley, our May Queen. As prefect of the Sodality, she has the privi- lege of crowning Our Lady on May Day. Barb has been an active Sodalist for four years and has sup- ported the projects of the So- dality to the best of her ability. Her leadership and good character are also re- Hected in her membership in the National Honor So- ciety. 20 to the two highest members of each senior class The Valedictorian and Salutatorian for Spalding are Richard Grimler and Iohn O'Neill, respectively. These boys, aside from their scholastic achievements, find time to participate in various school activities. Rick Grimler is treasurer of the senior class and also held the office in his junior year. He is a member of the Student Council and the National Honor Society, Sports Editor of the "Institute" and Business Manager of the "Summa" Iohn O'Neill is a very active member of the Science Club and also is enrolled in the National Honor Society. Spalding is very proud of these young men. 30 Marilyn Gibbons, Valedictox-ian, cmd Marilyn Buchler. Sulutatorian Richard Grimler, Vuledictorian. and Iohn O'Neill, Salututoriun The highest scholastic honor attainable by any student of the Academy of Our Lady, that of Valedictorian, was achieved by Marilyn Gibbons. Marilyn also found time to serve as vice-prefect of the Sodality, play in the Band and participate in speech meets. The second highest award, the Salutatorian, was obtained by Marilyn Bach- ler. Besides the hard and serious work necessary for this, Marilyn was also managing editor of the Compact, Stu- dent Council representative, and participated in many speech and musical activities. The class of '55 is justly proud of their class leaders. '1 he qualifications necessary for admission to the Nation- al Honor Society- Character, Scholarship, Service, Leadership - are symbolized on the pins which the members receive. This year eighteen girls were elected to the Academy branch which was begun in 1943. The Spalding unit initiated new members at a banquet April 3, for the inductees, their pastors, and parents. The money for this dinner, as well as the two hundred and nity dollars which the organization gave to the chapel fund, was earned by the members themselves by ushering for the wrestling matches and the parochial league bas- ketball tournament. Left to right, hack row: Audrey Bride. Fern Znborac, Nancy Genzel Marilyn Baehler Betss Pcplou Front nm Marilyn Gibbons, Roxanne Conlc. Gail Geisler, Jane! While, Bernadine Re-:sing Joann Urbanc Ming Walsh Judy Wlltse Barbara Buckley, Robin Bartholomew, Cece Beckfeld, Pnl Girdzus. Missing Diane Wallbcck a The qualification for an honor student at Spalding is that the boy attain an "A" average for his semes- ter grade. These students contribute greatly to the atmosphere in the class room. By bestowing this re- ward for scholastic endeavor we wish to stimulate a sincere effort on the part of the student to work and study more intently. The senior class which is the smallest class in the school, is greatly pleased to see that they have the highest percentage of honor students. This might be partly due to the fact that most of the seniors realize the necessity of a good education to help them in further study or work. We hope the remaining classes will follow their ex- ample. Seniors, seated, left to right: Bob Wombacher, Phil Kronen- berg, Joe Miller, John O'Neill, Warren Holey, Jack Kocher. Standing, left to right: Jim Masterson, Jim Molchan, Riclc Grimler to the highest scholastically Iuniors, standing, left to right: Ted Peplow, John Szentes, Sophomores, seated, left to right: James Sehupp, LaRoy Mar Mike Davis, Frank Pnlladini, Tony Snluto liere, Joe Halbrock, Leonard De Lozier, Mauro Dr-ntino. Zant, Gerald Janovelz 32 Freshmen. Seated, left to right: Maris Iln er, Robert Pfeifer, Charles Lewis Berne At the end of the first semester of each school year, the ten students in each class who have main- tained the highest averages are determined. Because of the stiff competition, a real scholastic -ability is needed to maintain an average high enough to be one ol' thc top ten. Besides having a high scholastic rating. these students are also very active in extra-curricular activi- ties, such as the Student Council, Sodality, Mission Club and G.A.A. Certainly they deserve the honors that are bestowed on them, for they are a credit to their class, their school, and their church. With this thought in mind we congratulate the Honor Students of 1955. niors. left to right: standing, Barb Buckley and Cece Beckfelcl ated, front row: Pat Girdzus and Robin Bartholomew cond row: Marilyn Gibbons, Marilyn Bachler, Diane Wallbcck ird row: Bt-nsy Peplow, Joanne Urbanc, Audrey Bride in each class Iuniors, first row. left to right: Mary McAllister, Nancy Cava- Sophomores. first row, left to right: Joanne O'Russa, Elaine mlllgh Dammann, Audrey Mengcs Second row: Janet Ohlemiller, Catherine Donahue, Mary Jane Second row: Audrey Cleary, Margeruite Cleas, Betty Jane Code, Tedford, Judy Springston Rosalie Cicciarelli. Third row: Cece Ksycki, Peggy Gunthncr, Karen Myers, Rose- Third row: Carol Langcnburg. Judy Hadank, Joanne Meyer mary Cicciart-lli Freshmen. kneeling, left to right: Ann Bau- mann, Beverly Dclioche, Jean Hoffcr Sitting. left to right: Helen Peters, Joan Mit- chell, Margaret Hughes, Lynn Mackoway, Pat Cramer, Kay Morrissey Kneeling, left to right: Chcryl Potter, Pat Mur- Dhy 33 ' A 'Q , s s 'i te J i i xx and tr Selected because of their abilities and all-around partici- pation in the life of the school, Gene Coughlon of Spal- ding and Barbara Buckley of the Academy received the award given by the D.A.R. to the outstanding student of each school in the Peoria area. Both are members of the National Honor Society. Gene is president of his class, star basketball player and winner of a sportsmanship award. Barbara is prefect of the Sodalily and active in speech and athletics. Donna Laurie, was Academy win- ner ol the Betty Crocker examination sponsored in the high schools of the nation by General Foods, Inc., to dis- cover the Future Homemakers of America. Donna Laurie. The AOL's Future Homemaker 34 Gene Coughlon is congratulated by Father Williams Barbara Buckley. winner of DJLH. award r We are proud of our fellow-students who have achieved distinction in a variety of fields- speech, art, writing-.They have brought dis- tinction to themselves and to their school. Te Deum speakers from the Academy-Pat Girdxus. standing: Cece Beckteld and Audrey Bride. seated. Iohn 0'Neill. winner of essay on Dan Stull, Register Essay Winner "Juvenile Delinquency" of outstanding achievement Mary lane Tedford. second place in "I Speak for Democracy" and in Am- Donna Hurst and Doris Schmitt. hon- erican Legion Speech Contest. orahle mention for Register es:a:y. Michael Pence and Marguerite Claes. winners in senior division ot poster contest. show their work to Gordon Cundiff, junior divilion winner. Participants in Diocesan Speech Festival: back row, Ianet Ohlemiller. Roseanne Cushf ing, Karen Myers: second row. Barbara Liv- engood. Delores Matranga. Pat Haley: first row, Mary lane Tedtord, Kitty Sommer. Indy Springston. 35 My, our girls are uthleticl Not a worry in the world X Graduation is near when you get measured for cup and gown May brought the last events oi cr year which Mcmfs Day is when she is crowned as our Queen 36 Wd f I 'Y 4 . K ' -1 , uf A-. . . u. ,-vu . 4--y. -.4 p., ,KJ - VI vi Q H. r - Q , ,. -.Xi " Ili: jig W xx fx, R ,V ,. Q5 M., -I , fx -W M' lf- H 'T ily., '24 4, , " idk? its , fa x Vw., N V. W- 1. s , ff 1 , SR 3 E . T559 . V .wv?V, ' V t f1v":."!XZm,-5 new MQW- x .g:f5:'.2i'7S2.z?f ' 3, . MW..-wg! am, a ms pi, 3 L.: 1 f'.1'i N Wggm- .w 'iwil - ' HIL AE Q ... pb' 10- uf., ' .2x'f,,:ff Niigfv-1 vw-vlxef,i4iJt:..,A. x,175:'if45-Q .gas .A K f,l,a.,.x.n .A V. .W .,:..,, Nm, ., v2,?:5,:,-LJ,1Lkxl,. .,3kvy -.,- - -. . ,WLM , ..,. - -. . w-31 rw f..,.4.,-v,,? . rw f. -.-- .ww AML. aivmgg. M.. ,, .,. .. WM.. .,A...f...,, fwyn x.,z'.l..:...,-...W wrfxwfet gi mad' Fx I.,w,q.Wf m.nmlssw.mn1nn4,u:, REV. CHARLES R. WILLIAMS, C.S.V., Ph.D Superior. Principal, Athletic Director Our teachers WMM? cz REV. IOSEPH H. SUM, C.S.V.. M.A. Assistant Principal rmcl Assistant Superior Dean of Discipline and Studies Mathematics REV. PHILIP M. CLIFFORD, C.S.V., M.A. Treasurer, Bookkeeping, Religion -10 ,Q L9 fir: mf Brother Robert Schoiimcm. Brother Daniel Merabelli. Sister M. Estelle, O.S.B., Sister M. Geraldine, 0.S.B., Mr. Donald Sullivan. M.lL C.S.V.. D.V.M.. M.S. C.S.V.. A.B. M. Ed, 3- Ed, Head Baskgtballv Biology History, Religion Typing, B.A.L.S. Librarian Track Coach Health Kr Hygiene, Business Mathematics Ticket Manager Mr. Edward Uranlch. B.A. Mr. Theodore Trapp. B.A. Miss Mary Ann Brennan Physical Education, Band Director Secretary I-lend Football Coach to guide us Maintenance-Bill and Junior Cooks-Mrs. Cappitelli, Mrs. Munock Missing-Mrs. O'Ne-il l4ccwlemq 4666 i 7 Y SISTER MARY LUc1LLA,c.s.1. Principal, French. Sodnlily Moderator with patience and understanding Rev. Charles Fogarty 43' Rev. William Gray Rev. Robert C. Livingston Rev. Cyril Schlarman 43 Sister Mary Arthur. C.S.l. Sister Clare Edmond. C.S.I. Sister Mary Clarita. C.S.I. Sister Mary Cletus. C.SJ. Sister Mary Dominic. C.! Religion, Music, Glee Club Religion, Biology, Summa Religion, Mathematics Religion, Biology, Social Religion, Mathematics Adviser Studies, C.S.M.C. Programs Sister Mary Marcia. C.S.I. Sister Mary Olivia, C.S.l'. Sister Rita Catherine. C.S.I. Sister Mary Robert. C.S.I. Sister Rose Philiapine. C.E Religion, English, Librarian English, Spanish Religion, Latin, French English Study Halls Sister Mary Urbana, C.S.I. Sister Ursula Marie. C.S.I. Sister Mary Valeria, C.S.I. Mrs. Iohn Cychol Mrs. Rita Grawey Religion, Business, Registrar, Religion, English, Art, Religion, Science, Social Studies Clothing Compact Business Adviser Compact Editorial Adviser Mathematics I toward mental 4r Sisier Mary Doreltu C SI Sisier Eleciu Marie, C.S.I. Sister Helen Irene. C.S.I. Sister Joseph Mane. C SI Sister Mary Iulia C S I Cafeteria Religion English, Speech, Religion, Latin Religion, Family Llvmg Religion Business CSMC Student Council Morlerzitor Red Cross Moderator Modemtor and spiritual maturity. Sister M. Lucilla is shown receiving from student court eil officers, lilies and El spiritual bouquet, the gift of the stu dents to the Sisters for the Feast of St. Ioseph, March 19. ANDERSON. GERALD SK. Murkl Basketball '52 "He who has llved qlllelly and obscure-ly, has llved well." ARMES. NANCY IEAN sz. comm, Hmmm' non 135: sn- muny '55, Blnnugy 'sm spamsh '54, '55: Lalln '53: Speech '54: Chem- lslry '55: Swlmmlng '54, '551 VA- rlcty Show '54: Compact '52: Slam!! ggmmlttee '55s Sollhommre Stunt nw, -'Laugh and me worm laughs wlth you." ARMITAGE. DAVID Sl. Mark: Honor Rnll lil: Class Treas. 'Sill Vive-Pres. '53: Vhtc- Pres, '5-I: lnlramurnls '52, '53, '5-13 Football '52. '53, '54, '5x3g Bllschull '52, '53, "Bravery ncvcr goes out uf Insh- lon." Martha Da-vis. senior class president. outlines plans for their can-rival with Laur- ice Ioseph. treasurer: Mary Poppen, secretary: Iudy Willse, vice-president. BRCHLER. MARILYN SL Bornlllili Honor Roll ITV: Sal- llhllolianl Nallonal Honor S0t'l0!y: S!udCn! Coundl '52, '55: Biology '53: Speech Club '5-1: Speech Con- lesls '53,'5-1: Cht-mlslry '55: Btvwl- lng Til: Swlmlmng '5-1. '55: Com- pact Mannglng Edllnr '55: Soph- omore Sluni Show. "I-'ull of fun and knuwlL'dl!0, lou." 5 2, Bl-IIN. BARBARA sm. Mm-y, Klckapcc: Blnlogy ' An. 'am 'sm Swlmmlng ' varxely Show -54. -'carefree and sumlrmungx' 1 E 3 S iw BECKER. ROBERT sl. Mark. '-Benner me umn new-." BECKFELD. CECILIA sl. Mary: Hunor Roll mg tlunal Honur Soclcty: Stuck-nlCu ml wee-Pres, '55: mee cum nmlugy 'rm Lalln Club Pres. ' Speech 'sac G,A.A. 'sm Valley' 'xxp vum-my shew '53, '54, sw. hearts 'sez Summa cuvndu Suez-eh Conn-sus '54: sr shnw 'am Summa Hummer. "Hn-r ulm ls not to keep up lu surpass," 46 ' The Semors ROLEY. WARREN BOYLE, PATRICK Sl. Mary: Hnnur llull 1711 Nil' Sl. Mark: Intramurals '52, tional Honor Soclvlyl Inlrllmuraxns '54, '55: Science Club '55, '551 Science Cluh '55. "XVII and Wlsdom GEC horn v '-Tlmughv. ls deeper than ull 11 man," speech," Ailcndkml Slllnl Slum' In rupsule form." VEE ELLEN BARTH. FRED BARTHOLOMEW. ROBIN . 'mz sm. Mark, sm. sm-nnrn, Hmm non lm: Igg- '5-4,L.,1. tlnnzxl mmf sm-new soamny um: volwvmun "A man of POIWI 'mfnlnfl A-Hd swam comm: wx: G11-e cum 'F-2, 54: Gym., 1nmmleduwu4m." -5, mi m,,,,,,,y -531 gpm-1, BERNARD BERRY, SHEILA Club '52 '54: Rvd ls snueter than speech." ROBERT Ruskcllmll I: hind," Pvkln: Honor Roll 51 lnlruumrllls '32, Sl. Phllomenn: Red Crnss Rell. '5-I3 Blolhgy '543 SllBl1lSh '54, '55: Lnlln '53: Speech '55: Chemlstfb' '55: Vurlety Show '53. "Simplicity wllh nn elfln much." Fvsllvnl '5-I: I-'ranch Club '552 llnmctnmlnpl Allvndllnl T121 Vi1l'll'l3' Shun' '52, '53, '54, 'SSI Swccl- llvnrls '52C Sllmmll Bmvslcr. "The nhgvls llslen while slu' slugs." BARTOLOMUCCI. MARY Sl. Thumns: Honor Rull X311 LM- In '55: Rowllhl 'iii Adverllslng Man- lwr MR Cumlmcl '55: Slllnl Shnw 'Sli Summa Bnuslvr. cum '52, 'mg Vullcyball 'r-4. "r-'mn-ily. su-L-nm. and nm-nys nuturul.' ' BEST, MARY Sl. Bcrnnrd: Hnnor Roll l4lI M15- slnn Svc. '54: Mlsslon Vlce-Pres. '551 Sndullly '53, 'FAI Sndallty Rep. '55: Glve Club '53, '5-ll Sliknlsh Vice-Pres. '54: Spnnlsh Pres. Lulln Trcus. '53: G.A.A. '54, 'Sui Prom Mnld at Honor 234: Varlciy Show 'SL '54. "Known and loved by all." ,1 ff -...4 BLEDSOE. VIRGINIA Sl. John: Future Nurses '53: Vul- xl-yhall '52, Stamp Commllteu "A graccfull slnccrlly dwells In n mcrry heart," BRIDE. AUDREY Sl. lllxlry. Nvlnmurn: Hnnol' Roll Nil! Nllllnmll Hnnm' Slwlrly: Sn- dnllly 'FSL '31, '35: Red Cross Scr- Trvlls. '533 C100 Club '53, '54, '55i Llbrary '52, '53, '54. 35: Llllln '53, 'SL '52 Spccrh Fcsllvnl 'IMI G.A.A. '52, 'KL 54: Vnrlclb' Show 'FEL 'fl-l: Slllmp Cnmlnlllvv '51 "Raven hall' nnd Ilnshlhil L'5'I:S." BROADDUS, DONALD St. Thomas: Intramurals '55: Sq- unce Cluh '55: Sndnllty '54, nu. Clwerlumlicr '5-11 Chapel Crow '55. "'l'hC mlltlcsl manner Will! lllv brnvesl. mlnd." oi the Academy , ii, u - K s. Q52 K. fl. M.-ann. F " ' ,' BROPHY, PEGGY Sl. Plllrlrk: I-Tllurv NUYSES 'SHI Rlulngy '53: G.A.A. '55: Chcmlsiry 'RSI Vllrlfly Show 'FHL '5-I: llrllllilr- vllc 'SL '54, '55I Cllrnlvlll C0111- mlllev 'SSI Summa Bnuslvr. "Hur smile ls lwr rl:f0rQncc." BAUMANN. LAWRENCE Sl. Bunlfacel Honor Roll slltule '55: Varlcly Show 125: ln '53, '54: Glee Club '52, 'N, '5-I. '5: Sblence Club '55: Sodallty '55. "He also serves who lm Rnd Walls." lb' Bland s K , 'W 2' "ag ', Yiliigi. 1 BROPHY. PATRICIA Sl. Pntrlfk: Mlsslnrl Rv!! '55: Fu- lure- Nurses '53, 'Mi Blnlolll' 'Kit G.A.A. '5-3: Chcmlslli' '52 V0llL'l" bnll 'mi Vnrlely Show '53, '54l: Mlljul'L'llL' '53. '54, '55: Slunl Slum' '53I Summa Btmslvr. "SmlllnH lrlsh Eyrsf' BUCKLEY, BARBARA, sn. Joseph. In-km: Honor nun :su Nmxnm-1 H.-nur snfnvxy: Sndallly '52, '54, 'sm sw. nr sndnlm' Prch-rl nr sumnm' 'sap Glue club 'fry 'sag menu. cum '54, 'am c.A.A. 'W Vnrluly snuw 'sn srm-mm-urls 'sea Bradley sum-fn c.-mm 'xr '54, 'saz All Amv.-rmm Reumy Queen 'mg DAR Winner '55, "rr-ssl-mn.: mr- pulse and grace nr ar queen." BURNS. LAURENCE D. sc. sm-nam. "wh-r wr-11 llves. nvvs long." CALDWELL. DONALD Culhedral: lnlrllmurllls '55: Ar! Club '553 Slagl! Crvw '55. "LIlllC lhlngs nrv grmll ln llllle mon." "Ohl the problems of the senior prom." lim Masterson, vice-president: Rick Grimler, secretary-treasurer: Gene Coughlan. president. 1 4S ? rffxgw , . f,,.., CAHNEY. HITA Sacred Hr-urn: Glvv lure Nurses 'gn Latin '52: spur-an Variety snnw 'xxz suylo "Nm too sub.-r. mm nm COOGAN. PHILLIP Sl. Bernard: Hunul' Roll IT!! P11155 FITS. '52, '5-I: Cu-I-lllllur Summa: lnslilulvt Slufl '52, '53, '5-1: Vurllbly Slmw '53, '5-li Punllflvall Fruw '52, '53, '54, '55, Glu' Clull T122 Prvs. Nullunxll llunux' Surlvly: PTUS. Sludenl Counrll '55Z lnlrll- murals '53, 'ml Srlvnrv Clull '55Z Sodlllill' '51. "A mlm lo lhu cull. ll I1l:lh nl mon." DAY, CAROLE JEAN sn. mm: rm. .fr Mlsslnns 'asa COUGHLON Pres. '54 ln '53 '55 '51 "llc wurv lllS lll!hIl5'." DE ROCHE nlrnm ra mlm.-n mp. '54: Arm Tmrs. 'azz cnrc GAA 's2. '53, 'S-4. 'sm cm-mmry H N 1 'mp vnrlr-xy Show '54: rn-S. sm- 'UW DUNN FUN- Dhvl' Club 'NI Prom Cnmmlllvv '5-L "Eh0l'gY Slrvnglhvnvd by j0lllly." and Spalding ANN Bernard: Glue Clull 55: Future Nurses '5:l: 'T-ll Sfticnrv Club Cllcmislry '55: Stiplmmurc Stunt '53Z Spanish Club TIEHS. '5-1: VB- gny and nfllvcf' Conn, DONNA cons, ROXANA co1.aAN, IAYNE coax KATHLEEN Sl. nrrnal-al llunnr Roll uv, lvlls- sl. Philomcna: l-lllrmr lzoll wal, sl. lllnl-lr: Hllrmr Roll ul: sn- el lxlrlrk Fulurl Nurwex vw .fl sum -rms. 'mr Glue Club 's-ll Nnllunnl llmlor Society: Glu- Club dl1llly'52, '54, Glen clull -sl. ll sr Chemlslrx ,4 sl,,,,,Sl,,,,, '55, Biology 'sag splmlsh '54, t5i1L gilrluly Si:1nu'S':53i Shaw: Slyle Shnw '54. Ptly Show '53: Sophomore Slum. Spevllh '551 GAA '54, '55, Varldy T U ki .' V v 'r 3 -A . -r rr lm Ll sunn as 5, r mu 1 lm quam of gold and persunumy s mr snuu Qs, ml. ll y le 5 es plus." "she works qulelly, llul wall." --sllr muglls-lrll nf nur mls ll good um." PHILLIP CRILLY, HOSEANN CUSACK. SUSAN Sl. Bernard: Future Nurses '52, Sl. Bernard: Glen Club 'SL '54, '53, '54, '552 Ar! '53, '54, Chem- '553 Future Nurses '52, '53, Blnlugy Istry 'air Stunt Show '53. '53, Junior Pmm Attendant '54: N ,, Stunt Show '53: Bradley spevrll Graff in "'0""W """'s- Comes: 'an slyle show '54. immortal-I know ll? " "Charming ways, n winnlllg smllc, and lnls or style." DAVIS. MARTHA LOU SL Thomas: Misilnn RED- '53I Glen Club '53, '54, '552 GAA '51 '53, '54, '55, Class Ptles, 'SFU Buwl. lng waz. '55, varlrly Show '53, '54, cnmpllel Business Manager 'sm sump cnmmlnur '51 '54, cur- nlvul Committee 'M: Style Slum- 'KZL '54: Fltml Cummlllct '5-I, T51 Prom Cnmmlllco '54, "She is lhe most Ilelplul in ull things." ' "l.mlllly npunll-." - "': W" W "" " "' Ir. cllevmlel nlmsrlr, "They ure truly gn-,ll who lm- 53' 94' S"df""f 'A truly gmac' --nlllrenre ls lm- mmm- or lznml ful-mum." look over the last year DUSCH, MARLENE Sl. Tlwmnsi Red Cross '55 Fllluru Nulslrs '52, '53. '5-fl. '53 Lulln 'Fill Chvmlslry 55: Bowl lng '55 '-smnu pam-1 ur gum: nu- Lure," FAGAN. PEGGY : SL Mark: Sodallly 'm: Blolugy I '53: Lnlln '52: Speech '55: Class - Olllcvr 'MII G.A.A. '52, '54. 55: Varlely Show 'Mi Compact '55. "Her humur bubbles llkn R faun- mln." FAIRFIELD. RICHARD FAULKNER, DONALD FISCHER, IOYCE sa. Thomas: Insmum vu- sz. Thomas: Intramurals '52, '5a. rlety Show '5-4: Glu- Club '52. '541 I-'omhnll '54, '55. wa: Science cum '55: An Club 253: U Red Cross -54: swam, -53' -55, 'rue muscles of his hnxwny arms Cheerleading .51 .FBI .MA nre strong us lron bands." "Full or lun ln Irlcndly ways." "Snmellmes Kimvts smiling. Preparing for a secretary's job 50 recalling FRI-SY, MARY FUSSNER. DONALD also cum 'san Fumun- Nursvs sz. Phllumena: Glct Club 'am 'ma Biology 's4: Speech 'su Art Club '52, 'am Chemlslry '55Z Vxlrlvly Shnw 'XL "LGI ull lhlngs bl' dnnc "As nice u girl als one could Cvnlly und In order." ml'l'!. ' ' GIBSON S. MARILYN Sl. Jklhhi Hunnr Hull VU: Nllllnmll Hnnnr Sublclyi V1ll0dlClnl1nn: Smlul- My '52, '53, 55: Sorlnllly VIN' Pres. 'MQ Rvd Cross '5'2: Biology 53: Lalln '52, '53, '54: Speech Fes- llVnl '13-1: Bllsklrllltlll '5'.Z: VI-lrlcly Show '53, '3-I: Band '53, '54, "Fur her, gaxlely und gcnlus sprll success." GIENOW. ALBERT "Br0Vlly is U12 SULII of LANAGAN, MARGARET POSTER, HERBERT sm. Cectlln: ammgymgsperrn su. Boniface: Honor nun mg nn- 41 Chemistry 'sa stllule 'ssz Intramurals 'sz '-new-t-ern and qnxr-1 ls snr." '-smnny ls n dreary lhlng." FOX, LOIS st. Mnrk: Student Council '51, '55: student Cuuncll sec. '5s: Glen Club '53, 'ssz Future Nurses 'szg sm1ogy'5a: Lnlln '52, 'ma G.A.A. '52, '54: vnrlety Show 's3. '54: Sweethearts '51 --ur-r nnnnn ls runtngmus, nrr rr- lTlBl"kS DlIlI"BgE0llS." FRANKEN. IOSEPH PRASCO PATRICIA St. Jnscpll: Glee Club '52: lnlra- Sl Marg Glen' Club xl F umrals '52, '53, '54, TQ: Basketball turn Nurscw I 2 n2, .1-1, nn. Bowllng 03, 54. A hem! with room mr nu, "The world knows nutlllhg ul' lls In greatest men." BENIAMIN Mark. ln llmlvs. ln judg- rm GARRETT. GLENNA Sl. Cedllhl Sudllllly '52, '53. '55: Llllln '52, '531 Bowling '55Z Vnrlclb' Show '53, 54: Sclvnre Club '5-1: B-und '53. '54, 'Sai Arfordltvn Bimd '53, 'S-L '55. "MUSIC IS lwr destiny," GEISLEH. GAIL se. aan-nr-1. cnunrnme: Hrrnur nun wr Natlonnl Honor society: Student Council 'sm Glec Club '51, 'su nlnnnry 'sag Lnun '52, 'an speurn -54: vnrmy show -xi, sa: Sweethearts 'sap Cnmmwt 'm, 'sm Speuch r-'eruvm '53, '54, "G00dnl'ss ls hor Dllsswurdf' GENZEL, NANCY sz, Pnllurnenag Honor neu mst: Nallunnl Honor society: Mission nap. '54s Glee Club '53, '54, 'rm Biology 'sag Laun '52, 'saz Volley- bn11'54: vnrnemy snnn- '51, '5rI: Sweethearts '52: Stump Committee 'aw spur-ru Pram-nl '53, '54, "Pun, ltumtlr, und Vllullly," rw PATRICIA conquers dllllculllcs DY an attempt," GORMAN, MARCELLA Sl. Bonll'2lC0: Future Nurses '557 Lniln '5fZ: Speech '54: Varlely Show '55: Stump Cnmmlllcc '52: Summa Booster. -'spanning eyes wnn mischief brewing," GRAHAM. ANN St, Maury: Glec Club 'SSL Llhrury 'sz. '53, '54, 'sm G,A.A. '53, 'sw Cnmpnct 'sau sznrnp Committee 'sm '55. "Y0llrnl!ll! for knowledge." the pleasant thoughts GREGORY. PEGGY inure! Hunrtz Blololly '5!l: Spvcuh 'BL . --nanny cnt-L-ks. an-nnknng 4-yrs." GRIMLER. RICHARD Sl. Philumcna: Valcdiclnrlan: Hnnur Roll 171: Class Treas. '54, Clllss SGC.-Tleas. '55: Sum- ma Buslncss Munnrwr '55: In' slllulu '54, '55: Nnlinnnl Hunnl' Society RS: Sludcnl Counrll Suclvlury Inlrnmurnls '53, '54, 'NL Slagc Crew '54, Sn- llllllly "HIS build Is rnudy and wlll- lngf' Gnrlvllvl. MARY l St. Cecilia, Honor Roll MH Glu' Club '54, '55: Biology '533 Latin 'FII Chcmlstry -557 Volleyball '54, vll- rleiy Show '53J Sweethearts '52: Summa Bollsler '55: Summll '55, "Charming ways. a wlnnlng smile." HADDIGAN, IAMES St. Bernard: Hnnnr Roll 4153 ln- slllllfb '53. '54, 'HSI Inslilute Busl- DOSS Mnnllgcr '53, '54, T152 Glvu Club '52, '53: Camvrn Club '52: S0- dzlllly '54, '55, Sodnllty VlCc-l"l'v- IDN. '55: Vocallon Club '55, "The great und in llfe IS nn! knowledge but action," HAEGE, ARTHUR Sl. Mark: lnlrnrnurnls '52, '56, '54, '55: Fonlbull '52, '53, '54, '55I Hllsclmll '52, '53, '54, '55, "HIS Dnumlus shall llck lhc dusl." HAGEMANN. IAMES Sl. Thomas: Honor Roll 13 Summn '55: Vurlvly Show 'E Glcle Club '52, '53, '54, '557 N lllmnl llnnor Sociely: lnlrelml als '55, Sclencc Clulz '55: E dality 'a5. "l-lc well knows when slwnk und when to be sllcnl Drawing their plans for the future E 5 I :T 52 of things Sl. Bernard: Glei' Club '52, '53, Intramurals '52, 'HL '5-l. 'NSC Bus- knlball '52, Bowling '52, ' 53, .1-l, '55L Goll '52, '53, '5-I: Rell Crnss '53 "Every mlln lo llls luslu." HENNING, TIMOTHY ' l Sl. Monlcal: Glue Club 'E '54: Cnfclerla Worker 'E '53, '54, '55: Sludcnt Managl "lfle's u worker, nu! lx dren Cf." l l l 5 5 rc E 3 2 3 1 I-IERBSTRITH. DAVID sl. l-llllllmemll l-Umlllclll cl-ew sl. 'rlmmllsp camel-ll clull ': 'sz '53, '54, 'sm lnlrnmurnls '52, ful: cllrml-lll '52, ll 'B' --A llglll ll.-nl-l llvcs lung." 'lnlwllys llllsy mlndlng llls own lJLlSln0SS." AGEMANN. MARY IOYCE Sl. Bnnllnrv: Honor Roll 1252 lvl: Clulm '5.'l: Blology '5-l: Ll- nry 'Ffh Lfllln '531 Vnrlvly mw "SH: Sumllul '55: Courtesy lrl 52: Sululhu Bnnslftr. "SWeul und Snfl Sldnkvh-" HALEY. PATRICIA Sl. Palrlck: Sudlllllb' 'MZ Glvu Clull '53, Fulllrc Nurses '52. 'Jill Blnloky 'Hit Llbrllry '5-li Llllln '5-il Specvh '55: Clmnulstrl' '55: Svnldimt mmm Queen 'sn vollsymnl 'sm Swlmmlng 54: Yurlcly Show '3-I: Slump Cnmmlltco '53. '5-I: Chncrlvudcr '52, '53, 'SEI Prom Cummltlee '5-1. "Full lvl' llfe, lull of wil." HALL. ELEANOR sl. Edward. cmlncmhe: Hnnur Rnll 121: Fulurc Nurses 'Ku rsmlngy 'mg G.A.A, '54, Volley- ball '54, '55: Summn Hooslvr. "She lx uvurynnvfs l'rlrnd." HANAHAN, IANET Sl. Mark: Glvlr Club '54, 'SSI Fu- ture Nursvs '52: Biology '33: Span- lih '5-I. '55: Spanish VIN'-Prvs. '55: Lalln 'fill Slivurll '54I G.A.A. 'SBI Chvmlslry '52 Vurluly Slmw '51 -'Laws .ms mg mm-m--mm-,,unu." EILEEN Panrlvk: Glcc Club '5:x. 65: xml-my 'Kaz Lulln '52, vnllvvlmll "4 ' D 1 x mm,- s makes nm- mess. A, MARGARET mm-sz nm cr-,ss 'sm nl- Vlm: spm-sh 's-1: spanish nf g-ml and pu:-smmx. plus." they HEINZ. DEANNE sn, Bernard: Hfmm- non mp owe Club 'ssq 1-'mum Nurses 'mg nlmuszx mlm 253: Variety sh-,w '5-1: Summer '55: Summn mmsm-. mnwm-s mlm-r tu mnku mm- rrlsmmsf' . y iff-4 . 4 f - HESSLING, CHRISTINE on 'I rl and xi vnvrul Sdenve JI. Sl. Burhllrdl Llllln '53: Vnrlvly Sh ' Tn., 'T : B 'T', '54, '55l G 'S "l'vrsunullly cm-lrrlcd by laugh- KCF. ' ' have learned HEINZ, IOYCE Sl. Bernard: Sudnllly '54, 'fbi Blnlugy 'film Speech '54: Stump Cnmmlllee '52, '55. "A smlll' Im' One llnd ull," 1-xsvn, PATRICIA Sl. Bvrnardi Sndnllly '52, '55: Glee Cluh '53, '54, '55l Fulurl' - ---f lg, mum Nul'S0:s J... 53. Bllblv ' . , PTOS. TN: Class S00. '5-1: Homecom- lng Queen '553 G.A.A. Vnrlely Slmw '54, '52, '54, '53C Swv:0lh0lll'lx '52: Summa '55: Stump Commlllcv '5'.Z: Clmurleader '52, Prom Cummlllcc '5-li er. '53, '54, 'SBI Summa Bunsl- "WhurvX'cr shx' ls. fun is burn." HEINZ. WANDA Sl. Cvrlllui Hunur Club 'KL '54, '52, '53: lilnlngf '53: Lulin '527 Chcmlslry '55 Vollnylmll '5-IC Vn- rlely Show '53, '5-II Summa Huoslcr. Roll 1-U: Glun' Fulurv Nulses Summn 'SSI -'us-mg qulvt x,,,l-Qs nw.-." 1-usssx. JEAN sf. Phllnmenn: ns-u cmss nw: lure Nurses -sz, 'sm Hmmm- vam- Pres. 'rsnm-neu 'mp G.A.A. '5:x, 'am Chemistry '55, w,11eyu,s11 'ssz Summa '55, Varlely slmw fm Fu, Hnmlml and 1,0 mmsry, man,- mmqs hut mms." HANLON, MARY ELLEN ss. mm-y. Klcknpuu: An 'szxg Vullvyhall '52: Variety Show 'NL '51, Bllllll '53, '54, '55. "A Rlrl wllh n smllc ln lwr lwnl'l." , A HARDING, SANDRA sm. Mury: llnnor mm me llllsslon Rep. '53, 'Sill lllulugy T532 l-Allln 'SKI Swlmmlnll '55: Summa '55: Summa Bn0s1Cr. "Thr spark ui lift ls In her." 53 HOERDEMANN, HAROLD sn. Mark: varmy show '54 lnlrumurflls '52, '53, '5'l: l"u:xl4 lmll '52, "Hide und watch." lx 5 'Q HOFFMAN, IOANNE sm. Bnnxmec: Mlsslun RGD- 'rm . : 1-- Blnlngy '54: Speech '55: Volleyball '54, '557 Football '52, '53: Smile '-H. Em. HOULIHAN, ROBERT HUBER. I. CARROLL Sl. Ccdlln: Hnnnr Roll 1255: lnsll- lule '54, Glen: Club '52: lnlm- murals '53, '54. '533 Buskvllmll 'Bill Huselmll '5'2. '53. '54, 'm. Sl Pllllumvnu Inlrllnulrnls 'T' Crew '51 -'Thou nz li an er than all '-can wc have tau much or A n . - -P spcccn.-' I J Three o clock rush --For we who llvc to pmlsv mum pk-use ln nw." guud thing?" KEELEY, ELAINE Sl. Thomas: Glow Club '53, 'SM Rlnlugy '53: Arl '521 Lnlln '53, 'B-IC u.A.,x, 54: Chumlslry fn: v.-nwyl mm '52, 'sm '54. '-smnferny mms my sucmss- 54 .RN l KOMARIANSKI. XRENE Sl, John: Librurinn 'RL '5ll. 'Km Cllurllfsy Girl '52, "ln her munnnr thorn: ls rlmrlnl' of fun HURST, DONNA "Her charms are sue never fads." KEENAN. Mnnchnm' sm. Bel-mml: Gm 55: Future Nurses ology 'in Lnun 68: cnnsums Qucen 'xxz '54g xmm-my shm- gwmnenrls 'sez Summa -'sxmpw s0phmnemmn:- KONVALIN KA Hull '-Luwmlc, peme, and su-L-ee," DHNSON, SHIRLEY sz. Mary: lllulngy 'rin 1.1- 'nry 'xxg Lalln '31, spel-on 4, Swfulhonrls '52, "'rh.,ux:mru1 friendliness," Jenny U10 lvss ll l"llXlh." .nz Inirnmur- I um A Pinus man, IONES. MARY LOU sl. mx-ry: smnuxu- 'sm nm Cruss '523 BIOIURY '53Z Llllln '52, '5ll: sp,-,ch 54: Hum.-Q,-mms Amend- nnv, '54, vmeu- Shun' '54, "1n1-Hermann uf pulse and mn, Hun." KELTON. CONSTANCE Sl, .lusvphi Sudulllb' '54, '553 Slu- Alunl Cnuncll Pres. '53: RMI Cross RDP. '5-li Spflnlsh '54, '55: Varlclb' Slmw, '5-I3 Bund '52, '53, '54, 'Ei Elslmp Llllls Hlgh. Kansas Clly, Mn., '52, '53, --sm-yllwing wun ll vnu,-ku-." 22: IOSEPH, LAURICE St, Joseph: Mission Rcp, '52: So- dallly '52, '53, '54- '5?1: Slurlvnl Councll '53, '5-1. '55I Glee Club '53, '54, '55: Blnluily '53C Lfllln '531 Class Trfuzr. '52 Vnllbyllull '5-ll Vu- rlely Show '53, 'fill Slllmp Ctlmmll- lee '52, 'KL "A pcrsunlllllb' surpassed hy none." KARPOWICZ. FRANK su. ml-r, Hn:-or nun 121, unsu- xmmon, Iorm Sl. Phllomenn Honor Roll lull' '557 Football '52, '53, '55: KU. Bnskclhnll '52, '53, 'S-1, '55: Ruse- lulll '52, '53, '5-l, '55, "Tull In Sllllurv, wllh grunl ulyll- HN." K1-IMP. HYLEE Sl. Thlvmllsl Hllnhl' Roll 1152 Val- rlrly Shim' '53, '5-I: Glec Club '52I lnlrnmuruls '5L!. '53, '54: Football '52: Slagc' Crew '52, '53, '54: Bowl- ing '53, 'sl -'vmmmm he Is and luv,-S no Juke ns well." 1um'rH n.-mly ls laughing." KHIPPEL. ELIZABETH Sl., Mark: Honor Rnll 1-ll! ny '52, wa. '54, sludvm Cuuncn '52: Gluck' Clull '53, '5-33 '553 Hlulogy '533 Llllln 'Sit G,A.A. 'illz Chem- lslry '52 Swlrnmlng '53, 'B-l: Va- rlety Shnw '53, '54, Compact Sudul- "SmlllnE fare, laulhlml l'5'L's." they have had KHONENBERG. PHILIP Sl. Thornnsi Hunan' Roll 163: Sum- ma '55: lnSl.llUl,0 Cuvvdllur '53, '54, '55: Vnrlcty Show '5-I: Glen Clull 'Hi Nnllunlll Honor Society '55: Vin: Prvsltlfnl Sludvhl Council '52 Cnmuru Cluh '52: lrvnsurer. '53, '54, '35, l"!'0SldMll. Svlvnco Club 'Ml Rvd Cross '32, '53, '5-l. 'SSZ Sodallly '5-I: Chrlslmns Play '54, "He hull! glllnvd II nnmc in our Hall of Fum0," KOCHEH. IOHN Sl, Jnsvpll: Nntlonlll llnmll' Srl- Clely T52 Intramurals '52, '53, '54, '55: Baselmll '52, '53, '5-l. '55I Sdcnre Club T151 Siulllllly '5-I. "HA"d stop Sl. l'0l0r's roll Pull ln nsk n nucsllunf' LRURIE. DONNA Sl, Thomas: Llllrnry '55: Futura' Hnrncmaker 'M: East l":-orln Hlgh '52, 'Ik'l. '54. "A hclplhl ll-And. ll lrlvnslly Smiles." 55 '-Nun-ang ls lmpwunu- lhc willing lwlkrl LEARY, IEHRY LEE, MARY sl. Mary: Glue clllll '52, 'sap sl, mary: sllllllgy 'Eli Arm 54: lu-us. voculllm Club ullln 'ssl P5-lm Allvnfllgll "lr l ran help ll, l will mm- Varmy Show "L S""'m" nn' ln' unhnpvyx- 'mlmorl--nv's nrzlslf' Future voters studying their laws 31 LOLLI. LINDA SL Phllumcnnz Glee Club '53, '5-I: Fulurv Nulxus '52: BKOIOIZY 'Sill Lulln '5Zl. '54l: Spevch Chomls- lry 'Xiz Vnrlvly Show '53: Cllndl- dmv mr svnlur cllmlvfll Queen 'al "A dnrllmz lrlrl with hnlr ut E0 ." ld 56 of friends LONG, MARGARET LDVELI., IUANITA sl. Patrick: Bmlllgy 'sag Speech '5-1: Stump Commllloc UNC-nl and swm-l from lll-lm lo mul." Mncxxs, nouun Sl, Th0h11lSl IhlI'lKn!Ul'IUS 1521 Camera Club '52. '53: Bnwllllg '51 '53, '54, '55: Gulf Tcnm '52, "He lhnl has ll lnnilull ln IIIS mnulh can find his waxy nnywhcrvf' MONTEFUSCO. ANTHONY Sl. Pnlrlrk: Hlmul' Roll ill: Intru- murllls '53L Slngl' Crew '5-L "ll's feared hc'lI dlu nl :Nur- work." "Nvvcr rnmlilulnihg. 21 Smllv." Mnsrsnson. :AMES Class Edllnr linmll na. .,4. slldallly "Ll-L us nm mm- llfc sl-rlllugly." .1 ' 1 -, MORRIS, MARIORIE SL Pllllnnlvllllt Sludvnl dl 'SFU GREG Club '53. G.A.A. 'XL '5-I: Yllrlvly '53. '54: Stump Clhmmlllvv Checrleadl-r '52, '5-I. Science Virv-l'rus. '51 -'Always lesllng. klnd. ern -uss H v MAUREEN MCGRATH. IOHN MCLAUGHLIN. IAMES uid: llunui' Roll 1L!Ig Sl. Mark. Sl. lllnrk: lnU'LlmUrxlls '52, 'Sill '33, Future Num-S .. . . , ,, F-mmm-11 wx, '54, '551 msn-umll .7 :- .Sai Bh,mm.4.53. :uv must fm m nw und llu lu .52 ,ml 54: Baseball .51 ,SSI An ,ffl fl! Flwmlfw' 'I' ' crux. wa. '55, smgv Crvw '5-xg Va- M- ,l""0PPl4" .:"l- may shun- 'B-li Caron-rm vw. '55, w ww .m.l. .v-ll lvnls HFC of ilu' Sl- ul' Ill "A mil!! nf Stud." Mc!.AUGHl.lN, MARY sm. Illnrk: Honor Run un: Futun- Nursl-S '52, '54: G.A,A. '52. '53, wa. Ass: cm-mlsrry '5-xg Bowling: 'azlz vm-my Shaw '53, '54, "Athletic, sn-A-ex and generous." NANCY mmm- mm D Glvf cull. ML Clwju- Sxmun- mu mn In TIMOTHY Glu' Clms T. . roms' ln him. wllu MATTHEWS. IANICE Sl. Tluumzxst Honor Rnll IU: Glue Club '53, '3-l, 'BSI Lnlln Til: G.A,A. '51 '53, '5-l. '55Z Howling '52, '5Il: Vnrloly Show 53. '54: Cumpuvl '52, 'ESJ Slnmp Clvmlnlllvv '51 Til, 'B-li Prnm Commlklec '5-X: Svnlur Cnrnl- Vill Cummillcl' '55, "Hur mlenls am- many. llul music lwl' rzxll." Mxunn. losnm-1 SLI'l1llnlm'ml: llunnr Rull till Insllllllc '51, '55: C0-Etlllur 55: Sludcnl Council 'Pri-nsurer 55: ln- lramuruls '52, 'NL '54I Funtlmll '52, "Sul'll Al nm' ls lx hzllurnl philo- gopher." MOLCHAN, IAMES sl. lllurk: llunur Rnll 171: Summa '55, lnslltulc 'am vnrmy Show '5-1:Nnllnnal Hunur snowy sm-ll-nl cmmrn -ss: mn-nmumls '52, vu. 'aa Cnmcru club '55, srl.-nw club 'ar Golf Tl-nm -5-1: xmmlgl-am cum '-'rl-mm-raw ns soon vnnugh nu- HIP." MURRAY. GEORGE Sl. Mark: lltmul' Rull KGH Vllrlcly Slmw 'SRI Nrlllnnul Hullrr Suclvly 'BEL lnlTilmLll'nlS '52, '53, 'S-L 'SSI Svlcnvc' Club '53, Prom Cununlllee 'S-l. '55, wun-y is an L-nl-my ln nr.-. NAUER. DAVID O'CONNELL, PATRICK Sl. l'hllulnv.'luA: llunnr Rnll till: St. Cvvllla: lnl.l':lnulx'nls '5'.!: Foul- Buwllni! Til: Gull' Tmlm '52, HE rlcrks llls forlune wllh HIS lrlvndly deeds. they have made lmll '523 llnskvllmll '52, '53, '51l: liuwllhg '55, "Thu blush ls lwcnullhll Hu! Sunw- llmvs lnCnlWs'nlL'nl." ,L. Q 'lf' ' 1K'Q"7?Ei'lf3i14 '- MCMANIS, IULIRNA Sl. Phllomcnui Future Nurses '52, '53, '5-I. 'SZ Bhllugy 'FBI Llxlln '5J: Clwmlslry '5-I: Vol- leyball '5-11 Swlmmlllk '5Ii: Va- rlcly Show '53, '5-1: Band '53, '54, '55. "Small ln slnluruflxlg nl heart." :JT OHNEMUS. BARBARA Sarrc Coeur: Volleyball ' '53, '5-L T152 Bilskelhnll '52, '53 '54, '55: Klulolly '53l Lntln. 'F' spec.-n GAA. ws. "A num charm." 0'NEI!.I.. IOHN ' Sl. Bunllatei Salulatnrlllhi Honnl' Roll 1711 Nllllunal Hdnill' SOClel.y '55L lnsllhlle Rvpnrlvr '55: Va- rlcty Shaw 'F-4: lnlrnmurnls '52. Red Cross '53, . --lnnusmry conquers everything." ':K?: Sulence H552 Stage Crew '5-1: OPPE, LEOTA Sl. MBPY, Kickapoo: Future Nurs- vs '53: Blolnlly '53. "Nut u worry ln lhe wurld." PEPLOW, ELIZABETH sm. mm-kg Hunnx' R011 as-: Nnunn. al Honor sucmyp smminy 'sm nw. sz. 'sag cm Club -54, 'saz Llhrarian 'azz class ms. Future Nursus as: m. 01.-gy 'mg sp.-1-rn sec. 'aan French '54, '55Z G. A. A. '52, '53, '54, '55I Variety Shnw 'sm Hsween- Iw1Irls" '521 CumPl'lL'l '55C Slalnp Cnmmittee 'sm Stunt snow 'mn Summit Bnuslvli "A mum- nr annum.: merri- ment." PERKINS. PATRICIA sl. 'rn-mms: Bl-wnng vu 'iw Bu- lvylmll. '51 '5Il. 'SNL kullrall '52. '53, pact '55Z Stump Com X555 emi ll lillee '51 Lalln '51 G.A.A. '55. "Bl'ighl lmlr and Smilv. ' ' After-school leisure n llrilll 5 Q REED. IAMES REISING, BERNADINE Sl. MBrY'S CAllh9dl'lllJ ll'llTZll'l1LlZ'- Sl. Joseph, l"0klh2 lHUl'l0l',R4. B15 '52, '53, '54: Bnwllng '53, '54, f3!1 Nllllflmll HDMI? Suvlcfj Cnmpamt Ednnr -aw: Rn-port. "Rcst,roslpcrluxl1udlnlnd." -54: I,-uhm. Nurses -52: L lrrury '51 '53. 'SL 'EEL Lnl ' '53, '5-1, '55: Summa Bm:s!.vl'. "And in hm' mlnd the wise hunks. " F8 with both boys and girls HUGGLES, RICHARD sl. Thomas: Honor Roll mp vu- ricty snmv 'ma Intramurals '5:x. 'Sw Funtlmll -52: Glu- Club '51 'sm mum '5-1. "Lion among lAHlivS," SAUER. IOHN "TlmUl!h wllhzll llt?'s IIFOFF. VANDA sl, l-llllemenll: sasllelnell 'au .A.A. 'mg Latin 'xr Future ursvs '51 --cel-ll ll-eras and need .eugllls make e Hood em." PHILIPP, CAROL ANN Sl. Peter: Hunor llnll lll: Sodlll- lly '55I Class Vlce-Pres. '5-li Vil- rlvly Show '54: Blnlngy '53: Speech 03. "Her vnirc ls Elly, her Gyvs ure llrlfllilf' Pl0. PATRICIA Sl. Juscllhz Glce Club '53, Cnmorn 'S-1: Future Nurses '52: Bl- ology' 'Hin Llllln Speech Sec. 'Sing Chemlslry '55Z Volleyball '52. '54, 'SZ Basketball '52, '53, '54. '55: Vnrlrly Shaw '53, '5-I: "SWOClhl!llr!s" '52: Cnrnpncl Sllllf. '54: Slllmp Clbmmlllve '53, "Joker wllh ll serious side," POPPEN, MARY LOU Sl. mllrkg Class see. 'sae Student Cuunz-ll '5'l: Glen Club Pres. 'Mi ulelegy 'ml Spanish -511 speeell 'sm velleylmll -all varlely Shnw '53, 'sm cempnel Prom Com- mllloc -5-la Fleel celmmuee ' 54. -as. "Always ln a pleasant slnlc nl mlnd," RICHARD Tlmmus: Gull' Tvllm '54: Fnnllxall '55, mv hllvc men nlmul me urs' of brlmd lmlld." ROACH. IAMES Sl. Bernard: Inlramurllls '52, 'SHI Football '54: Slllge Crew '547 Howl- lm! '53, '5-11 Gulf Tcnm '52, 'XL '55: Red Cross '53, '5-li Slu- llllllly '5-I: Blllrk lllll Pnssllm Pllly "I wlsh I was n l'lgllrvllr:." ROGERS, MICHAEL Sl. Phllumunu: Honor Roll mu lnslllule '54, T151 Vnrlltly Show '54 'EH Nnllnnul Honor Socllrly 'M Sclvncc' Club 'Mi Sndullly '5-L -'mel-yene lm-es e lever." ROSS. DONALD Sl. Bvrhllrdi Honor Rnll ID: ln- lrnmurllls '52. 'm. '54, '53: Foul- lllllI'52.'53. '54, Rllskclhllll '52: Baseball '52, '533 Slug!! Crew 'Sli Monogram Club '55, "A mun lhlxl blushes ls not qullc ll hrule. RXCHARD SCHLEICH. JOHN SCHMITT, GERALD mllny. Kleknplm: lllmel- sl. Mark: Inu-llmurllls '52, 'saz sl. Mllryq lnlrnmurallls '52, -5.1 lm, slage Crew '5-l. '54, '5s. ls nn concern nl mlnv." "l.luhl-henrll-ll llul not llghl- "l nm und lvlll be tree." helldedf' SCHUBERT, MARIORIE Sl. Pntrlrk, Wllslllnglun: l-'ulure Nurxes '52, 'rag Biology 'Fill Llllln '52: Chemlslry '5-1: Bowling '51, "Serenity wllh a smlln- ul mmm." who will be forgotten POWERS, THOMAS IOSEPH St. Bernard: lnlmmurllls '53, '54, '-55: Football '52. "Who Cures ll lhe wurld dllvs stop," 59 SEMLOW. DAVID Sl. Bernard: Homll' Roll 121: Inll'nmul'alS '53, '54, 55: Fun!- lvull 52: Buskulhnll '52, 'SKC Srluntc Club '53: Bnwllng '5-I1 Hunwfullling Flon! Cummlllvt' '5-I. 'Sl "llu's wise und uzlrv: nn snmrpm- Swv: mn wmfrem- In-ur." fy. SHERIDAN, IOYCE Sl. BvI'nill'll: RMI Cross Rvp. 'XXI Glue Club '53, '54, '55, Fuluru Nurses '52, 'HL '5-I. '55: Bioltlgb' '53: Spanish '54, '55: Lillhl '52, '53: Spvcth '5-I: Chumlslfb' 'SSI Bowling '52: Vullcyllull '51 '5-I, '55: Bhskcl- hull '52, '53, '54: Vllrlciy Show '53, 'S-I. -'ssnm-0, wma-nmu.-eng H jolly Saul." Helping others in time of need SITZMOHE, PEGGY ANN Sl. Juhll, Glvc Club '5-1: Pulurc Nurses '532 Lulln 532 Chemlslry '53: Bnskvllmll 'SIL "IFS plrvul lo hu nlivcl' G0 l as they go SLONIKER, A. IOSEPH SMITH. WILLIAM Cnlhvdmlz Humax' Ron 11-Q Gm- s1.Bv.-mlrd. mm" '-mupw nm- p.-Upxe :uw "Auumx0n." rn'-" STEIMLE, THOMAS Sl. Hurnard: Honor Rllll tlib: Nnl- lnnul Honor Sucivty: lnlrnmurnls '52. '53, '54, "I SCIENCE Club '55I Gnll' '5-I. "I lvuvv not H11 I Hrlhih lllli full' Klum." STENGER, MARY ANN sm. John: Glu' cluh 'xx. -5 'sm Futurv Nm-svs '52, Lslln 'sua Cm-mm,-y 'ssc v. leyball '54, sam-m1,a1l 'sm v risly sn.-w 14: Swca-them 's-. "Gum: things mm- mn ww pack,-uns." f...," "' TIPPETT. MARY sl. mwm-11. Clllllimllw: I.lh:'m'y '51 '53, 'sw vice-l'r4-S. 'sr-z G.A,A. '53, '54. '55, Vullv:!'hull TROY. IAMES sm. mm-ka llunur run 1,1 Class In-vssnvnm '52, In-mu. '51 233: Hnskvmmn '52, '53, 'I Tn. 's4. 'sm swnmming 'sag slump '55, Bnselmll '52, 's:a. '54, 'E C""'m""'u nn' "won In-1.-wa and Inmili "Gcntlennss pl-rsunirlvu." was nu." St. Patrick: Intramurals '55 NIDER. MARLENE lsr. John: -Glee- cull, -sa: lA.A. 's2. HH. l"QuIcL und shy-poliln and -ear." sol.nA'r1, GARY Sl. Mark: Hnllnr Roll FEI: Insll- iulc '53, '5'l: Varlely Show 'Sh Glcl' Club '52, '53, '54, Sludlml Cuuncll 255: Ill'.l"Dll1lll'DlS '52, '53, '54, -ss, Svlenftv Club 'sm rnnllmll '52, smmllly sen. -xx, Prvfecl '55, s,-nl-,r cms Pllly, Drama Club 'cm Vocation Club '55. --l-le gave wltll ll an-sm um: he gm-Q ms n,-Sl." SOMMER, KATHLEEN St. Bernard: Honor Roll l2l: Sn- dallty '52: Glue Club '53, '54, '55, Biology Club Treasurer '53, Laun Club Vice-Pres. T131 SDv.'QCh Club Vlccllfms. 'ML Bradley Speech Cun- lesz '53, Vnlleybllll 'saz Vnrlety Show '53, '5-I: Compact '55, Sum- ma Cu-Edlhlvl Prrrm Commlltev 'RHI Awnrdlun Blind '53, '54, 'NL "Humor uncovered in every- ming." l. cenlllll. Immmurllls '52, sl. lmlrlek, wnslllngmn, lll.: sl. Cccllla. : lmwllng '55, Eureka lugh School '52, '53: Chem- -,Crm and bw- it H nl me world sup. we shall 'Sm' "L" ' ' 'er' he yuunew- -'Easy ln remember. hard lo fm-- get." STAUFFER, RICHARD Sacred Heart: llnnnr Roll Gil: Class Sec. 'M, '54, Varlely Show '53, '54, '55I Glcle Club '52, '53, '54, '55, lnlrllmurnls '52, '33, '54, '51, Flmtllall '52, '53, '54, '55. Buse- llnll '52, '53, '54, '5,'lI Sudllllly '5-1. "PHS Chrsl WMS IJlllvDl'IUl IIS A lrlllltk- Sl'rlllh'S bellows," BANC, IOANNE .l. B-lnlface: Hunnl' rznu ml: llnmll Honor sln-ll-ly, small, ' 'sl 'mg sluavnl emm- lzup. '54, Blology 'nag Ll- ary '34, '55, Latin 'sm Speech :Q-x-res. vl-llnylmll 63: 'lmmil-ls! 'Nz Vnrlcls' Shnw lg Speech Contest '53, '5-43 nd '53. "A Dnlsbd lrlKlll'idl1Ill." VACHON, SUSAN sam- clwur: sau,-ll-nz cmmfll '52, nm cms, mp. '52, mlm-Q Nurses '52: VBl'lcly Show '53, '5-L -'Pulse In princess lm-m." VENZON, IAMES St. Peter: Summa Slelflz Inslllute VAICHULIS, EUGENE '53, '54, 5511 Bowllllg Manager '52, ' "The only Intramurals '52, '53, Sclenee Club '55. '55: Smiallly '53, '5-lg way tn have ll rrleml ls 10 llc one." their separate ways 53, C,,,m,,,,, -554 -'sum waters run deep." STEDMAN, PATRICIA St. Phllomena: Mlssion Rep. '55, Chimlstry 'Eng "A frlonfl to alll who have need." 61 VOGT. ELIZABETH Sl, Br:rnux'rl: Honor Hull 121: Gluv Club '53, '54, 'SSI FulUl'0 Nuwvs '35, '5-lt Bhllnly 'Sli Lulln 'fill Prnm Allvndnhl '5-It Volleyball '541 Vnrlvlb' Show '53, 'S-L "lndvp0ndL'IlCc rluukvd ln SID" nossf' WALLBECK. DIANE SL. Tlmnus: Honor Roll 131: N214 lunlll Hdnul' Society: Sndnlily '52, '53, '54, '55, Rvp. Gleu Cluh '53, '5-I. '51Z Lnlln 'RSI Vnlleylmll '5l. '552 Vnrlvly Slum' '5-I: "Sweethearts" '52L Summa Staff: Prom Cummlllve '5-I: FIBA! Commll- lvc '5-1. "Hur VOD' Smllc Llrlvvs Blount away." WALLENFANG, RACHEL su. H.-mn-up sumnny '52, '5-1. 'ssg Rod cr-ws Rep. '52: Glw Cluh '53. mg Puxure Nurses '52, 'an sm- nlogy 'rm 1,1-un 'azz speccn 'mg nw-nm. 'mp Vollc-ylmll 'am Variety shmv '51 '-A prolly muldvn, mu and slun- avr." Weighing the odds for success or failure G2 WALSH. MARY Sl. Mark: Hnnnr Rnll MI: Nu- llnnnl Honor Snvlulyz Sndnllly '32, '53, '54, '55: Rvpl'vsvnIlllh'u '5-ll Glu' Club '53, '54, 'SEI Future Nurscs Hlolugy '51l: Lulln '5-it Spnvch Chfmlslry' '55, Vullcy- hull '531 Bzlskcllmll '5'2I Swimming 'san Vuriesy Shun' wx. "Hrr ways are mn-use uf plmmnm- ness." WEISENBERGER. RICHA Sl. Thomas: Honor Hull 1' GIEC Clulu '55. "A man or suunu and eu pusud mind." WILES. HOWARD St. Bernard: I-Iunnr Roll KLM: Clams Trvas. 'Kit Varlvly Show '543 Nnl- lumll Hnnor Snrlvlyi lnlrnmurllls '52, '58, '54, 235: Bowling '53, '5-l. '55, Sudulily '53, '5'I. "Fur why Jin mud Wilh Sllldlbs ull -my?" I WILLARD, DONALD Sl. Tlulmhsi Glvc Club 55: I lrumurnls '52, 'KL '5-li Fm ball '523 Sndnllly 'E Chccrlumlvr '54, AIBDBLZLT 'E Cllfelcrhl '52, '53, '54, 'wi Y Caliun Clulv. "I-Ie's u very merry lad." WORT. DONALD Sl. Blmlfntvi Hnnol Hull lTll ln- lrumllrllls '52, '53, '54, '55I Vllrluly Slluw '53, '5-li llnwllng '52, '53. '54, '55: Golf '54i Sndnllly '34C lnslllutl' '54, '55Z lialntl l"rl'S.: Bxlwllng I'l'0s, lk Svc: Summa! '54, "The deed 1 mmm xs um-1 mu as yn-L 1 know nm wlmlf' seeking their vocations WOULFE. WILLIAM Sl. lulm: Glu' Cluh '52, 'F InlI'2lmul'nlS 'SSI Svlcnru Cl '553 Ari. Club '52, '53: Sndlll '5-L '55: Chupvl Crow '5-I. 'I "VVIml il strung? lhlhg man." ENNMACHER, DONALD WESTBERGER. BEVERLY L. Berlulrd: Honor Roll ill. SL. Cecllln: Mission Rep. '52: iodnlll '32 '53 "4 "' F lure -S of '55 "Just ns nlre as she ls plcasllnlf' WHELAN. KAREN St. Bernnlvl: Honor Roll 141: Glue Clun '53, 54, '55Z Tl'2BSurel' '5-ll Blolngy Pres, Lnlln 'sm Speech 'rl-mr. 'ssz volleylmll 'su Vnrlely Show '5-li Compact -'A plmnnl lllllc way nhnul her," DONALD Bils- wllu does WILTSE. IUDITH Sl. Phllomenlx: National Honor So- Cleiy: Honor Roll 173: Student Councll Rep. '53: Glue Club '53, '54: Blolngy '5Cl: Latin 'SBI Speech '54I Chemlslry Vlc2'Pr0s. '55: Class Vlrt' Pres, '55: Slvcelhenrls T122 Vn- rlely Show '54: Sulnmn Stall '5: Stump Cnmmlllee '52, "The personlllrallnn of persnnnl- My-.. WOMBACHER. ROBERT Sl. Pllllwncnai Honor Roll l7lI Nnllonal Honor Soclely: Varlety Show '5-1: lnlrnmurnls '55: Science Club '55. WHITE. IANET Sl. Phllunxonu: Nllllunul Honor Society: Honor Roll K-ll: Glee Club. '51, '5-1: Blology '5Zl: Spanish Pres. '54, '55: Lnlln 'wi Vnrlely Show '51 "Siudl0lls and rnlschievnlls by turn," ss.1oAnns Sl. Cerllhl: sudrnlly ru- r Nm-ser 'am spunlsll -54, : clwmlrlry 'sm swlmmlnz -'swr-el .rr smlle and plerrsrml knuW." ZABORAC. FERN sl. Mark: Nallonal Honor sal cluly: H1-nor Roll 45:1 llllsslml 's3. 'S-lg sodnllly '52, '53, '5-1. 's5: Bl- olupzy '531 Library Trens. '54: Vlcc Pres, Lmln 'saz Bnwllng 'sag Baskulbnll '52: Compact 'sm Sum- mn smrr '55p c. s. M, C. 'sag Careers Cnlllng 'mg Summa Boost- CY. Hcunclrness spiced wllll humor." zum. Joan ssnnozn, Ioan Sl. Pllllolnennl Honor Roll Ml: St. Mark: Football '52, '53, '54 Vnrlely Show '5-I: In!l'amlll"als '54, '55. '55C Sclencc Club '55L Stage Crew .54: Sammy .Mn --l-ns wlsnes lengthen as me sun "We're loyal lo you, llllnulsu' in life. goes down." WICK, BERNARD SL Palrlck, Wllshlngloh. Ill.. Fonlhall '52. 53. "The good ln men wlll keep growing steadily. 63 rem ll! Vdnlllllll lm!! M 1: :umm 1 cmwma n cm-,mug M uvh M y nesmez x noun:-me 1 nwley M oyle c nmeqe: H :mmm c Durbin yu Imllblf P. Engllllei Petri! B. Ylllell . Gamer I. Genslar Grenler M. Glmihller . :rm G. :vmm r. Finnegan x. Flanlgon . cum n. csmnm r. Haddad 1. Hulnal T. Evers!!! y. num. . can . Halpln n. raneny L. nmuey M. runner E. rum. B. Front P. Gallagher C. Galvin F. Gardner E. Geek N. Goodman T. Gorman B- Grlrwey P. Hunley C. l-lappach M. Harding I. Harris . l-larrls M. Hauer-mumer 1. Hem: 1. Heh!! . 1. Hema A. Hickey 2. newnn x. num numb: y. Jueovmu l. Ianovetx r. yonnwn - look Comlng "How much is left in the class treasury?" the officers inquire: Iolm Llntz, secretmy and treasurer: Steve O'Donnell, presidem: Put Nash vice-president. G5 5 R 53 E . ! se I! I. Johnson 1. Knecht G. Lamm A. Martine! r:. Joseph c. A. xc.:-nu . A. Letman . Mqmmgq r. yonpn v. xguer r. xnppex c. Keen zz. mga 1. um G. Muuslluid M. A. MEAIHSQQI' Learning short cuts Kelth Xeon n. Lxveng-wa I. Merumme 66 n. nny N. Km.: 1. Kinney n. itlun K. xmnmmg c. xqcxi 1. Ksyckl w umm n. menu n. Maddox xx. Mun. y. nanny R. M:G1:mn P. MCGHIIDI M. Mtluughlln M. Vl:Numur if 51- 'Kgs a 15:33 al" ' , , Q? if 5' . F ai' N iw .. az 1 , - rf 'Y 4, . e-if? v ,, .1 'wi' Eg' -Eg. -1. au' ie Milf' 33 .Q .,.,, If Q1 , .VH ' JAM? 3 Kr, 4 S 9 ,Qu 1 filiififktk , 'W :AZN L X f- . M Mxizii w W A , . Affifiaiz Eg, , x 1: U, 1 F . 4 N595 xr. ' 1 1 'M ' if " 'fa-.mi g i 'Li X rj... . N ., .4 ' V- . a . -. fi-.51 1 3! , x :',. .ff Ek- . 5 ' '1 dw E, 535, :eg at 2 H. , ,.. Q- .,f. ra- .. , "e" ,Q i ...Q ---. sr- ,, 1 , , g '35 .w g V ge. . .. 4, . ' if .. - 215' , E Y Y Y :gg M -, I , -f -.ul ,RA . . .rg V fg, A zf. 1,5 455 j-gf 1-gi. :Q ,Q is ,gg x , f 4- 1,,.: "" ' 5. A . an V -i Le. ...M igqgig ,. g S zz'-'Y " .' 133:21 w N. 1' 'Ba' ., ." -, ' ' 'A K f.- Mg' f ,fs I R. Mondhdll P. Mlisllles I. Mill!!! K. Molun ll. Morgan P. Mon!!! M. Motleii A. Mtolek G. Mueuex M. Mullowney x. Murpny P, Muxpny with eager anticipati on Murray x. 1. Mm. r. mm. Oth: S. O'D0l'lnell K. Uhlemillet . Peplow w. Peter: n. rum.: nemmqmn P. mink.: n. mmm: S. Nash M. Naughton T. Nelson I. Noll I. Norman . Olloll P. 0'NQill X. Chen F. Pllllddlni B. Palmer . Pllon B. Polollus I- Power: M. Price M. RedddY C. Rubens R. Huqer M. E. Roger: N. Rowell T. Rogers 0'Bllel1 Pull! Reel L. HOIKQNQI' Ryln M. R. Sitcenll R. Sllulu R. Sdndbl Suhdeliun F. Slhllllb M. E. Sthuuh U. Stlldllb . Slheeier I. SEND!!! D. Stlllll D. Schmik of becoming the Chemists in the making N G7 I. Schmlk 1- Sbhrniil M. Semltk D. Shtd M. Sielmle P. Slevin!! M. A. Tllll!G'mP W. Thlll ll . Slihnslder P. Slcnenx C. Sklcklllrmief H. Thorne . M. Schneider slymu . Stull . Tomlin scmmm s. snmn smm. w. smm. swmucn n. swxqn. Tully N. Tyler R. Scevil C. Seldensticker K. Siburq D. soluun 1. spnnqmn M. s anley 1. smug. n. 'me M. 1 Teama 11. vm. nmwae-me 5, venmu M. A. Good time for all V. Vogel B. Wullnth 68 M. 1. vm. 1. wane n. w S. Wahl M. Wlles I. W' R. Wullldm G. Ylngsl E. Yi :gner leaders of their school. Abraham z. Adam: nqnmxomw I. annum sump v. anne: -r. nun nw 1. Ang 1. Alwun M. nmbmen 7. Anaemm v. Appel: lv. munmm N. num N. nw: r. :mana c. lennell n. aug n. Bergevln 1.. ammo M. nm 1. mm-lk P. uname 1. umm n. noun-mer n. lowlon n. nmwn n. nmwn lhluuoughs r. Butler N. cum H. cm-np n. canon P. came c. Conley gif 9 3- 4' " 'W QEWQEVFXQ' 5- , aw Clcrlllelll M Clues Clompltt cnmn I elm comm-:ina A I :muy 1 cnmnu ceases 1 cmmm cmnmm N creme: Ef ggf V ., K ' Ei f fl - . i , jjj, Q- it- G 13... ....... ffm! ...Law 22 . -"- . . . ' 1+ 531 . . If K fri. l my f W Q -MN . 2 5 1" M2773 "' ' f L ,ilu-Qrw--'9'z 5 :gg i gfsgf.. i g 5 , , fl ll 'fe' A ' 9 L. 1.5-, "yr ll 1 , . A. . C. I.. . . G. 1. . l l Mecmwhlle the Sophomores Hopefully counting the votes io: the sophomore candidate for Carnival Queen :md planning new tactics ure: Judy Hanley, treusuxer: Shcnon Gximm. vice-president: Carol Lungenberg, president: Sharon Sleeth. secretary. 69 E 5 s K 'E : 5 5 ! 2 I M. A. cmker 2. Dummnnn 1. Dummy D. uecm-ner 1.. nenmer c. A. Dempsey M. nenuno n. marina 1. nlekmon n. n-me M. Donovan n. Doyle 2. nunun s. mme 1. Dunne P. Dusernm-ry n. Dwyer w. :axon R. Ebel A. :menu G. :mn M. .lznmeiun n. nveren P. rzhrens l. :way M. runny z.. nm: c. nge: T. rem: P. rum- P. ruam x.. Gurney I 1 2 5 5 1. Geier s. merge T. George s. Girbcrson A. Gilles N. cum A. cinch v. Ginn M. amy 1. Grieser s. cm-mn 1. dumoyxe sensin the accom lishment Looking over the outline of their next project ure: Michael Miranda. g p president: Michael Gray, vice-president: Ioseph. Sander. secretary and treasurer. 70 cum 1. 1-menu n. 1-mexe s. named Heinz M. neun 1. Herne: c. Hickey Hows c. Huiendlck xv. nnueep 1. Iockman Keeney E. Kelly c. lemme rx. Kemp! 1. um-:ey s. Hunley a. H4-.rnnen M. neppmen P. Hoenxeluur 1. 1-mnmek P. Home 1.. Houlnhun H. lohmon n. mmm-A B. lor-men s. xarpewsu 1. Kennedy M. xemeeay y. xemgm 1. lung ee ,- 'e 5 , fx. gl., , M ., ' fa? e' be ..,.. 4 .ii nv' wg ,ge Q e .A ' X ' A Knlcl etlwckei ll Knight Konvnllnku Kllthgellne Inline Klyckl l.uHood Llmplethl Lenauyc Lengeemefg I Lee M Lenaway Dissecting joint-legged creatures -.?335"A" , 5i3s5'E?f7' 6 ' . 21 '41, v " ' ' Ek ? :Sag e ' 5 e ' 4, M ' 'ii I M WF QM e G r I. : . M. R. l. W. C. . . of the upper classmen Q Q Leuullen T. l-Qwil Mlrcllulunns L. Murliele Mtlnloe A. Mcfullulle Miller S. Miller Y. Ludolnh . Munm . A. Mexee . Miller 3 az , 1, 2. Mmm- n. Maloney n. Mummy v. Mal-on H. lmann . Mmm A. A. Mmm w. Manu n. Mccanny s. Henman . Mm-.un A. Me-nge: M. Mm 1. A. Mayer N. une, . Mm-mae s. Mom 1. Munn 1. M-:runny 1. Mm-mf.-y Success in the making 2 c. Mane G. Muses A, Mumm s. Muxpny M. Murray I. Nuuer D. mmm-m 5. cmnnneu M. 0'Donnell v. omn-fm 'r. Ohnernus 1. owmu hope to establish a mark o-yu.. POl'llll nuq sam.: I. D'HLllllI D. Olelld M. PQIICQ W. Pelllllll I. Powell P. 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'it Q fikjiilif gggezfsfiszzf Q- Tzgzsfsy ' -- Qmfs.-111219311 . f .. if .A fzi??T7 '-af-Q, -1 1 Sgt' H rf' Mffeahv' sf ' 25.512 f I . 'img 1 , :fig Q , W ,Seq-Q, '55 . . , .. 1 .. .. f 4 Y . A ' 5. - f 2 , Qt ? ,, . ' 11 f., 1. ,A lvl. Fcilllll M- Fldnkeh 1. Galbraith C. Gavin M. Gienow E.GilmUlZ their initial year 5. Ddvll E. Duke I. Ehlllliel G. Flyrm .gag A Q L 03.21. 1 ggi :QUE .Q 3 as f ' I. Fresco C. Gillsler E. Gllvmen , Gorman Human Hein! Hlnlltlll Glcwey I. Grow 1. Gunther I. Huqemunn A. Hahn M. Haley . Hlllmdnn M. Hilfe! A. Hlllhiek I. Hee! Y. Helden I. Heidewlld I. Hein! T. Helalll R. Hermudlukl C. Hauling G. Helsllnq T. Hickey Hobill I. Hoehlle D. Hoetdamnll I.. Hoerdemnlln M. Hoeldemclnll I. Hole! ..--.,,m.y A. Hum.. n. 1-rum.. w. nyxana mum. c. mmm 1. lanovetz rc. xonmmn of high school H . Htlnafy K. Heinz R. Hinds B. I.. HDH8! Knit one - Purl one M. lnhnsan I. lone: T. Joyce M. Kell! B. Kelicll N. Kfflnli E. Kllhlmun H. LIICBY B. Lafeber 1. umm c. Lowe A. Ludolpn Magnetizing the audience . Xlrmin U- Koehler R. LIIHDOG C- Llledtke I .1 H. mm, s. zeuy c. :mmm -r. :mm N. Koen P. Koen M. Kxlppel I. Ksycki M. Lungton R. Lee c. Lawn M. r. um: s. Lyon s. Mccoy c. Mcnomnu c. Mn-mums SQ5'293iW'w"1' g ir ,3, Qf?5?f:":5 qe M35 sm' v M 2 ' " :ff,..M.- ' Jak? A 5 3' si? ' : . .:fzf'g, ., Mfg -gi gig' .e,:EE Swv 'fi if M 2 :Fa :Si '1' - . 'f:::f": --., 1 A, ' 3' 2553 ,. .L ef 7,33 .fs gag.. aifggg l-9. " ' ',5 fgig 4. 'J g - lifjffi' l' sfezzi' -I t, I, , W' f ' '55, " ffrifib ' A ' D-gg . 5,5753-Q t 4: ' - e.-12" Su: 5, :Fai-' vw? :surf 5 -'- .255 Zim.-4 .w :H-1 F ziggy sz: , 41. 'za W :' 53: sw' A 4 ' . L ' , 3:af:f "f ffifiif. 1 i.j,.:ff'f?'.T., ' K'-i i: f fl: Puig, Al ... I I M 5555 .2553 is mais ' . - . " ?r '-S-' 45525: if' -.4-. -6,529 . -. e-gain: cg ffygz. 35535. p-35: ...T ' : 'Aw vf: 5 r-t...11' .mf Qi: :ff V' " 'f 'SW 4. "P'?2.::3 :-Qzigfzn , , , .L P 4 , 'Q '- 'gg w. ' ,. nw: 1' "fn -'L egg., , . ,," w 1 'een " 1, , 1 .1 .wb .. ,H .ar - -:fp 22155, 5 R651 S235 W 1 W - , X-,f'f.g': " e:e.:ez:. 1 ,- zen- f2LA21 ,1.i w . +V : ew fsgfxgnx L-..:-1.5 , Wig: fx, :i::'f5'i,g: " f"T ?i3??,i5wfff' ' 335212. If "i ' A ' 'W 5 S9263 L Em? ' - D. MEGGDH T. MCGYGQII S. MCGXGCII M. MCGlI!h 1-. Mfnqugnnxn 1. Memmwn M. 1. McManus -r. Mummy xc. Mucuowux 1.. Mackowuy 1. Maddox 5. M-none has been filled Maloney M. Mmuevnch y. Munn 1. Muroon Mem 1. Mm. M. Mme: J. Mncneu Mu.-msw :. Mmm. 2. Mullowney P. Murphy 0'lrlen 1. o'm-xen D. oem P. 0'Connell Pegg -r. ramen H. mms n. rum.: Philhower u. rump. M. A. Pnuup. a. rum. nu.: rl. rvwm 1. qmgney 1. Rulool with new experiences- I. Muiherl D. Mulller . Murray 0'Cormer I. Mellelis . Myer: K. Meizelis G. Merrick . Montoya M. R. Monielusco K. Morrissey n. nun I. Needham P. Palmer P. Parque! I. Ohlnmn Keeping posted on the Latin Language i 1. H. I. I. nuppe mee nmmx sums: M. L. Rutltk N- Ruhlord Z. RUBY M- Rlhtllel K. Summon I. Sands S. Schlehubsr I. Schlenker Waiti11g for the bell P. Reed S. Roach . Sthmlh T. Schlnkt H- Rehm Z. Robertson G. Sthulxb W. Schneider Eii.iLi55fWiff" ...1.., 5, zmgz, -for 2122917 f?:.i.eiSS'5 emi.: Fx 53 z 25' v H Q A .A N- -4 ' m 3 E 1-AS 4 ' 3 'iff-'I I SjZQ?ET:::!1f.E:i"2?iW .. Jsg.'gxqg ,Q ..,, ,Q W .EE222'ia-3 Q' " 1334 gg? J' W 5, gr.:- 525 ' " 37 fm Qmwmil f x 1 gn x "4 if fi Us , fl W aw Q s - ' Sf 5 u 2' 'ff' g Q Lx J' P319 N11 9 r 5 Q 5: M ... M. Se-idellilltkel M. sneppmu Y- Snell S- llieblllll M. Rlecke! M. elllhun A. momma v. nanny P. .u l. Schepke D. Shea M. fchearex L Schneider B. Stlluely 17. S alt -534' - 9221? J 3112" 15532 iff? 1 W - My V .. asa ,f :ai ".l..I-- V "1 Er f A ffifffv ' 'E x "ff 1 ffl.. .W if 21- P' V-,TW X , -I ... -wx 111,41 - L. Alf, '-9-fm' v 'of-A wal"-ear . - 1 - 'A L 41 - . , W . 1 faism- r' W . ei -zlgal ' 4. si' 'T -W . , TQ . " . Q,-.W W. - qw . V .ww 't.:Wl,:?f ,ng . '. Sheets 1 Skender '. Steele . Shllll K. Slelli R. Slmib EgTQf..'2fE.i:?1'.3::. qmgm :QW 1 F X E W W. mm ' :H 5524... - Linz? B- S1181 10551 M.Smlh E- SKB - K new friends- 4 1, 2, W.. M -f X'-ga ,J-12: , ' fr' 3:1 .ga gzgyifi - . Q11 ' WL ' 25 v ss lmfiii ' 3 5, J' sm , . I1 yff lgxt., - ua-h., If +. vx 3 f " T51 N332 my 'P Q4 4-2. --ge: : ., . 52' 'z2Q,::, ' fm , we 34 gif, M 4 5442 RW.: 6 x My ' ESQ. S! :if -'V fe. "" ' giwgsz 'f- ' Ls WX5? I V aw .iii A F W A -is K jul 5: n ,' t 155' n Y A tl 'Q' 'Q 2552-eq-.' 2 D 11 XM. , Q ' 1- i ' qi 1 uw 1 Sk I lg' Q, SEQ' aim 'Qi S W , 1 ' zggq is , ., w , in-'S ' E ei' X , ,Q V 1 , s U, Q 'lgf g S i' 1 Q m J f 1 mu: im.. A' 1 S3 ' . 1 n x W D h I' ln! R. Sllllhtln Cf Sundbrlund em 1. Tucker T. Tully nchen H. Wade L Wahl er I. Wellbluth T- Wsllbluth . Sutllck 1. Sutter C. Tellkump T. Samuel R. Thema n. Turner 1. 'nm A. vuugxm 1. vow M. von B. wack n. wqmeez L. wqxaon r. wauan M. wane: xr. Wenzel w. wnuaxa r. wnalm r. wma. M. wack C. Will: lb Wlnthellar B. Wlnkelmulm h I. Wwlillger S. Wynn S. Young I Y- Zuni I, Zllil F. Zimmerman and dreams of the future. Refreshment after a long day ,.-. 8255-3 5 I J 21:5 , A in . .. ..., ,- 'lf KH Both the Church and our school orgaruzahons ,,,,A . 4 w tf " X 'if Y af 9 N. fl. to r.l Gene Coughlon, recording secretary: Joe Miller, treasur- erg Phil Kronenbr-rg, vice-president: Rick Grimler, corresponding sec- retaryg Phil Coogan, president. The l954-55 Student Council, operating for the first time here at Spalding Institute, is composed of the presidents of various organi- zations and clubs and the president and vice- president of the four classes. The officers of the council are selected by a vote of the mem- bers. The constitution of this organization was drawn up by the members themselves. The Student Council's purpose is to promote school spirit, sponsor social functions, encour- age extra-curricular activities, and to create a better relationship between the student body and the faculty. Through student leadership tl. to r.J Standing: Rick Grimler, Mike Gray, Gary Solrlnlli, Seated: Joe Miller, Phil Kronenberg, Jim Molchan, Gene Steve O'Donnell. Dave McGann, Miko Mirandc. Coughlon, Jim Masterson, Phil Coogan. 54 The Student Council of the Academy of Our Lady is an organization whose first job is to serve the student body which it represents. It aims also to promote student leadership. preparation for living under a democracy, and better faculty-student relationship. The Coun- cil, which is composed of one representative from each home room, meets weekly under the supervision of Sister Electa Marie. Events sponsored by the Student Council included: a drive to promote Catholic Litera- ture, a dance, a movie, and monthly assem- blies to discuss problems with the entire stu- dent body. This year the Student Council adopted a Board of Advisors which is composed of a rep- resentative from each organization in thc school. At their monthly meeting, a Girl-of- the-Month is chosen. Student Council officers: Pat Murphy, treasurer: Lois Fox secre- tary: Connie Kelton. president: Cece Beckfeld, vice-president, are working on the revision of the A.O.L. Constitution. and school organizations The Student Council representatives and advisory board tatives. Standing: C. Day, C. Langenberg, B. Buckley, M are seated: P. Ni-ienrn, B. J. Code, J. Jochmnn, R. Sander, K. Poppen, M. Davis, B. Reising, J. Hoifer, P. Brophy, G. Garrett Bickerman, J. Scovil, S. McGrath. S. Schlehuber, C. Ksycki, C. K. Sommer, and P. Heyd, advisory board. Reel, J. Meyer, M. Morris, L. Joseph, and M. Bachler. represen- Back Row: Louie Sheets, Tim Henning, Nick Rashfurd, Father DeLozier, Charlie Happach, Billy Clinch, Bob Pfeifer, Paul Robert Peters, Phil Coogan, Dick Wennmacher, Jerry Lee, Leo Slavens, Rich Lee, Bernie Zant, Ken Mm-chulones. we learn to know The purpose of the Pontifical crew is to assist the Bishop in all the pontifical ceremonies at the Cathedral. These in- clude Christmas, Holy Week and the annual conferring of Holy Orders. The members are under the excellent leader- ship of Monsignor Robert Peters. S6 VOCATION CLUB Don Roling, Tom Znnl, Tony Eisfelrler, Mnrtin Flaherty. Carl Morse. Jim Schupp, Nick Rashford, Pete Pasquel, Dale Burnett. John Szentes, Joe Sander, Terry Guru, Ken St-iks, Mike Houston, Walt Peplow. Mike McNamara, Jere Winn, John Mc- Mahon, Jerry Pilon, Tom McMurry, Jim Furstoss. Mike Davis, LeRoy Marliere, Ken Mar- chulones, Sam Thomas, Bob Barger, Ted Lingo. Ralph Tomlin, Ken Sclburg, Don Wil- lard, Gary Soldali, Jim Hadcligan, Rev. Edward Heiljan. C.S.V. Jerry Leary, president: Al Westlake, Jim Donahue. Jerry Johnson, Dan Stull, Dick Snyder. The Sodalxty of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an association for all Catholics who desire to follow Christ more closely within their own state of life. Personal sanctification and apostolic work fulfill the double purpose of the Sodality. Each Sodality worls within its own sphereg Spalding Institute is the sphere for the school's sodality, the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception. The Sodality has regular meetings conducted by the elected officers. These are: Gary Soldati, prefectg lim Haddigan, viceapre- fectg Mike McNamara, secretaryg and Jerry Kelly, treasurer. The Sodality takes care of many projects, one being the clean- ing and maintenance of the school chapel. The moderator of the Sodality this year was Father Heitjan. Row 1: Jim Hagemnnn, Don Wort, Don Faherty, Nick Rosford, Marty Flaherty. SODALITY Michael Farraher. Row 2: Bill Woulfe, .lim Donahue, Larry Baumann, Louie Blanc, Phil Steward. Christ better, Row 3: John Szentes, Don Broaddus, Le- Roy Marliere, John McMahon, Tony Salute, Gary Clark, Row 4: Mike McNamara, Jim Haddigan, Father Heitjan, C.S.V., Gary Soldatl, Gene Farris. develop our spiritual , -x ak ,r if As Barb Buckley, prefect, lends a crilieal eye, Anne Olson, treasurer. and Marilyn Gibbons, vice-prefect. put the finishing touches on one of the many displays the Sodality arranged this year, Missing is Mary Jane Tediord, secretary, The Soclality of Our Lady at the Academy has two aims: personal holiness for its members and the sanetilieation of others. To reach the first aim the Socialists try to keep the rules of the sodality very faithfully as these are the means to attain personal holiness. It is only alter they have kept these rules that they can hope to help in the sanetilication of their neighbor. Being lay apostles, they are con- cerned with the spiritual and material Wants of all those with whom they come in contact. at home, at school, at work, in their social life. Organized ef- forts are made to help the entire student body by means of campaigns such as decent literature driv- es, campaigns against gossip and uncharitablc talk. friendship campaigns, etc. 3 The prohntioners seriously anticipate their reception into the Sodality. Left side, first row: D. I-Ioerdeman, J. Dunne, B. , Swank: second row: B. Mathers, N. Armes, P. Zant: third row: J. A. Bucher, P. Anderson, S. Crutcher: fourth row: A. Hartnett, C. Bourscheidt, J. Engressei: fifth row: C. Stickulmaier, J. Wyss. C. Phillipp: aisle: C. Closen, P. Case: E. Dammann, M. J. Voris, S. Wyss, J, Mitchell, S, Reibling, G. Flynn. B. Itoth, N. Rogers, ll. Bartholomew. Right. side, first row: P. Haley, M. Miller: second row: N, Mathers, P. Reed, P. Egan: third row: P. Koors, M. L. Jones: fourth row: M. Phillips, M. Weber: fifth row: B. DeRoche, M. Krlppel. The active members of the Sodality watch attentively as pretect Barb Buckley points out an interesting article in the Catholic Digest. First row: M. Gibbons, J. Ur- hanc. L. Joseph, B. Krippel. M. Bt-sl: second row: G. Garrett, P. Girdzus, J. Lovell, C. Kel- ton, B, Peplnw: third row: J. Meyer J. Heinz, R. Wallenfang, D. Wallbeck, E. Joseph: fourth row: D. Pilon, A. Olson, C. Ksycki, C Roberts, F. Joseph: fifth row: J. Hanley, A. Cleary. F. Gardner, B. Venzon, A. Martinez: sixth row: J. Moore, N, Cain, ll. Cicciarclli. S. Miller. M, Best: seventh row: L. lierninger, C, Draeger, J. O'Russa. ideals. Shown preparing the altar for Mass are representatives Donna Hurst. Barb Venzon. Judy Hanley, Eileen Joseph, Mary Best, Audrey Cleary, Diane Pilon, Louise Weber, Betsy Pc-plow, Beverly Dc-Roche, and Jo- anne O'Russa. . Unit. lenders Marilyn Gibbons, Barb Venzon, Anne Olson and Donna Hurst listen as Mary Jane Tedford discusses the unit project for the month. 89 4 Shown here after an assembly on different missionaries of the world are, sented: Carol Day, Mary Best, Barbara Livengood, Pat Brophy, Margie Best, Robin Bartholomew. Standing: Virginia Graber, Vee Ellen Baniqued, Maureen 0'Donnell, Jenn Hibser, Carol Reck, Loretta Iioulahan, Ann Ol- son, Mary Hatzenbuhler, Karen Kronenberg, Judy Janovetz, Jean- ine Jochman. Twenty-two excited delegates set out for Notre Dame to represent the Academy at the C.S.M.C. convention late last August with Sister Cletus, Sister Dominic, and Sister Rita Catherine. The C.S.M.'ers are very proud of the trophy which they won as the result of a stamp contest, sponsored by St. Louis Univer- sity. A very important project of the missions is the saving of Catholic literature. Piles of magazines and papers were sent to the many missionaries abroad and also to the Pontiac and Ioliet penitentiaries. During Lent, each home room sends to the mission of its own choice the money representing the sacrifices which they have made. An outstanding mis- sion speaker of the year was Father Leon Sulli- van, who told of his dealings with the Chinese Communists, which was climaxed by his trial and expulsion from the country. and help to advance Shown sorting and collecting stamps for the missions abroad are these members of the stamp committee. They are Carol Dny. president, outlines mission goals for the year for left to right: Judy Hagemann, Ann Graham, Nancy Armes Bente Frost, treasurer, Frances Joseph, secretary, and Mary Nancy Cremer, Jackie Powell, Pat O'Neill, Mary Ann Sullivan Best, vice-president. Mary Tippett., Sheila McCoy, Rita Armitage, 90 A fn--w , vm. . ay. A 5'3fi 1 3' fi -if x X ' 5 My V 5 x, J 15 '1'- 'Q gf , -3 5. E - A J -if ".. ,, V X N A ' 1 -n ' 'W ' . ,.., ., . an . 'Q' 2-1 R4 A f . 1 A Q . at N A X 'F 1 N 11103 1 1 3 ,. w Q . I g q QS., - 42 ,1 H -- ,gr 5 ,L f:5.5:1:q ' , 5- 1 L H i ' 'J ' wilt 9' ' ,f f f v ""' ' . . f h 3 ' ',, f 449' I ' fa, - ,uw . Q., iv - 'va 'ffl ' ,9-,,t,N LW. f ,fu p -v 1-' , , wa. vl- , ,W .,.,.. , X 'A L. . . . ,gy - , ,Eel F! -,, i E lnsLHx5Qj' "LJ T' 4 K-5:5 gn 53, 1 wr .,2Q"'?,"N Q df: -.N' -1 Q V, ' QV Among the Clubs at the Academy, the Glee Club is one of the most active of all. They have been in the choir loft at the Cathedral every First Friday to sing the Proper of the Mass. On Saint Ceceliais Day the Club gave a very enjoyable and varied concert for the entertainment of the entire student body. On December 16 they presented a Christmas concert, which also did a repeat performance at the state hospital. Glee Club members were guests of the Knights of Columbus Club, on April 24, where they sang for a banquet at the Hotel Pere Marquette. Then to round the year out on April 25 they joined all the schools in the Peoria area in the Annual Diocesan Music Festival at Spalding Gym. Their final per- formance was the annual Spring concert, May 5. Sister Mary Arthur is the director. Melodious voices The Spalding Glee Club, under the direc- tion of Father Loughran, has had a very suc- cessful year. In their programs they have blended Gregorian chant and popular musing they also sang in Chicago Stadium and the Chicago Civic Opera House. Father Louqhmn-Director Buck, leftlto right: Jim Hageman, Don Hnvius, Dun Stull, Larry Baumann, John Gura, Jerry- Leary, Mike McNamara,?Mike Davis ,Jnhn.Szentes, Russ Scovil, John Ryan, Louie Blanc, Bob Berry, Ray Bergevln, Dick Staufier, Jan'Blank, Leonard DeLozier, Jerry Maushnrd, Jere Winn, Don Willard, Jim Wise, Pat Walker, LeRoy Marliere, Pete Pnsquel. Ken Marchulones, Jack Pilon, Mike Donovan, Mike' Ritchell, Tom Joyce, Don Rolling, Bill Troy. .E :- .. ,rf . i' . . ,I . , -..- Top row: J. Oltcn, R. Cushing, L. Bernlnger, F. Beckfold, E, Vogt M Po en C Ian enber J Jonovelz B Pe lou J Ohle ..m1..1g zz., - miller, J. Sheridan, B. Walloch, B. Krxppei B. Buckley, K. Whelan, and M. Wnlsh. Second row: M. A. Centers, E, Dammann, l'. Heyd, R, Bartho- lomew, M. E. Rogers, N. Genzcl, M. Grimm, S. Cusack, J. Heinz, M. Heinz, M. Davis, A. Bride, J. Colgan, B. Polonus, P, Gunthncr Third row: J. Moore, J. Sanderson, M. J. Herald, S. Onyun, W. Heinz, M. Keenan, L. Fox, J, Hanahan, B. Frost, J. Matthews B. Lcuallen, D. Heinz, J. Jochman. J. Hndank, B. Palmer, P , ways, to W 'H A .,... . yr " g A'Hearn, M. Lenaway. Fourth row: B. Swank, M. A. Stenger, M. McAllister, Bartholomew, D. Matranga, K. Hurst, M. O'Donnell, A. Girsch, . McEnroei, D. Donovan, D, Konvallnka, K. Sommer, A. Chapin, . Morris, D. Walbeck. Fifth row: J. Meyer, D. Pilon, M. A, Semlck, K. Murphy. . Scheerer, A. Graham, R. Cicciarelli, C. Anderson, C. Closen, J. Kerrigan, L. Joseph, E. Heiden. L. Houlahan, M. Metz, J. Bartolo, B, Kempf. gmy: P4 raised in song Shown tuning up are the Junior ensemble: accompanist P. Gunther, D. Pilon, M. J. Her- olrl B. Polonus, C. Durbin, J. Heinz. J. Ohlc- millcr, B. Wnlloch, and B. Venzon. The Glec Club ofticers Janice Heinz, treas- urer: Katie Hurst. vice-president, Mary Poppen, president: Nancy Genzol, secretary, are busy trying out new songs. 93 Practicing for one of the many programs they have presented are the members of the Spalding and Academy band. Director, Mr. Ted Trapp. Left, clarinets: Donald Wort. Phil Stewart, Marilyn. Gibbons, Joanne O'Russa, Christine Hessling, Ralph Tom- lin, Duane Maloney, Kenneth Johnson, Judy Crawford, Patricia Fredell, Mary Ellen Hanlon, and Michael Scott. Center, bass clarinets: Elizabeth Sullivan, Robert Car- roll: French horn: Rosemary Schneider, Patricia O'Neill: cornets: Eugene Howard, Michael Farraher, Donald Unes, Lorenza Bertteo, Daniel Witt, Gary Clark, Bob Cleary, Bry- an Houstan imissingi, and Robert Paul: baritone: Bern- ard Carrager: bass horns: Robert Grenier, George Yingst, Edward Swigris: bells: Glenna Garrett: bass drum: Eu- gene Farris: drums: Ronald Dentino, James Knecht, Ed- ward Kelly, Robert McGann. and Jack Boyce: Right, flutes: Pat Girdzus, Barbara Schuely, Julia Mc- Manus, Nora Wamsley, and Joyce Ochs tmissingl: oboe: Donna Rogers: saxophones: Richard Rogers, Allan Hous- ton, Barbara Grawey, Mary Craig, and Constance Kelton fmissingi: trombones: Paul Dusenberry, John McFarlane. Michael Voltz, Neal Goodman, Helen. Reising, David Swan- son tmissingi, Charles Spalding tmissingl, and Bernard Zant Cmissingl. Composing the Band Club, those planning to use music when they graduate are: First row: Juliana McManis, Glenna Garrett, Pa- tricia 0'Neill, Judy Crawford, Joanne O'Russa, Barbara Grawey, and director, Mr. Ted Trapp. Second row: Donald Wort, George' Yingst, Gary Clark, Ralph Tomlin, Eugene Farris, and Phil 94 Stewart. Playing a favorite number i' of ours are those members of the band: Kenneth Johnson. Judy Crawford, Patricia Fre- dell, Joanne O'Russa, Chris- tine Hessling, Ralph Tomlin. Duane Maloney, Donald Wort, and Phil Stewart. Eugene Howard, Michael Farraher, Donald Unes, Eliza- beth Sullivan, Eugene Farris, James Knecht, Edward Kelly. Jack Boyce, Robert McGann, Donna Rogers, Norma Warns' ley, Juliana ItlcManis, Bar- bara Schuc ly, Fat Girdzus, and Mary Craig. Richard Rogers, Allan Houston, Paul Dusenberry, Bernard Zant, John McFar- lane, Neal Goodman, and Helen Reising. rhythms oi The red-and-blue uniformed band of the Academy and Spalding consisting of 56 members has added to the pep and color of the games and provided the schools with many delightful programs, as they took part in the Christmas concert and the Irish concert. The big event of the year was a weekend trip to Chi- cago where they played in the Civic Auditorium to a crowd of 4500. The next day the band had the thrill of playing in the Chicago Stadium during half-time of the Illinois-Loyola game. M1 i E J , QCV L t 1 , 1 SCIENCE CLUB Bro. Joseph Paradiso, C.S.V.: John O'Neill, vice- presidentg Phil Krnnenberg, president: Tim Mounts, secretary: Mike McNamera, treasurer. Eugene Vaichulis, John Szenles, Toni Saluto, Don Wort, Larry Baumann, Jim Molchnn. James Sieks, Mike Davis, Louie Blanc, Jackie Kocher, Tom Steimle, Warren lioley, Norman De- Rnehe, Put Boyle, Jim Uhill, Jack Zang, Gary Soldati, Bob Wom- hacher, Jim Hugemann, Bob Burger. Leonard DeLozier, Ken Marchulones, Mike Algan- ieh. Joel Dunne, Larry Rosteter. Test tube. lens, and brush- CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club is onc of Spalding's more active organizations. Its purpose is to create a hobby for the students and to prepare the photographers for work on school publica- tions. The club has a new darkroom that is a great improvement over its predecessor. Most of the progress in the club can be accredited to its moderator, Father Novacek. Jim Molchan, president: Phil Kronenberg, vice-presidentg John Szentes, secretary: Jere Winn, treasurer: John Maddox, Jim Furs- toss, Chuck McDonald, Jim Cramer, Bill Gorman. ART CLUB The Art Club, under the ever watch- ful eye of Father Novacek, has been in operation here at Spalding for four years. The Art Club meetings are held after school hours and it gives to its members a wonderful and interest- ing pastime. These talented young men got a chance to show their ability this year when they contributed much to the success of the basketball team by making posters and signs. The club this year has been given a new room to meet and has given Spalding a club to be proud of. 96 By contributing to the Iunior Red Cross any student may become a member of that organization. Volunteers help at the Red Cross Center preparing for the campaign fund drive. and also pack school supplies, games and medicines for shipment overseas. A group presented a program at the State Hospital in the spring. Iosephine Alig, Academy I.R.C. president, attended the Red Cross summer camp. Preparing mailing lists are: at type- writer, Ruth Monahan, Margaret Herrera, Nancy Rogers, Jeanette Iacovich, and standing are Andrea Vaughn, Ioan Mitchell, Sharon Colomac, Mary Fortune, and Rita Reed. Doing their bit for Red Cross services to the needy our social duties- Studying the Illinois Blue Book. For our future nurses, chemists, and scientists, the Chemistry Club has a great attraction. Meetings are held hy the Tri-B's and SO-Fels every month. First business is discussed, then enter- tainment pertaining to science is given by the class. Interesting field trips to the Greater Peoria Airport and the Water Works were taken by the clubs. intrigued in an experiment the officers are, left to right: Iudy Wiltse, Linda Lolli, Sister Valeria, Donna Goff, Wanda Heinz, Mary Grimm, lean Hibser, and Pat Haley. HT Each of the Freshman Civics classes has organized a Civics Club. Each clay the president appoints one girl to re- port on a current topic. They also take charge of raising the flag. On March 16. a speech was given by Mr. D. Du- melle, administrative assistant of Pe- oria. He spoke about Peoria and after the talk a vote was taken to name the new bridge the Fulton Sheen Bridge. Pictured are Carol Wiltz, Molly Alja- nich, Diane DeLozier, Lois Billmeyer, Andrea Vaughn, Marietta Krippel, and Coleen Keenan. Sister Vcrlerizx keeps u wutchiul eye on her futuxe scientists They'll help you find a good beak. Invaluable to students in their reference work and to the faculty members as well, are the services of Sister Marcia and the student li- brarians. The girls who have given up their time before and after school and also their study periods are: Audrey Bride, Mary Tippett, Ianice Russell, Amelia Martinez, Irene Komar- ianski, Ann Graham, Ann Baumann, Sally Schlehuber, Donna Laurie, Bente Frost, and Iacqueline Engressei. These girls prepare at- tractive book displays, interesting bulletin boards, and keep the books repaired and available for circulation. and the culture of the world- The art class started the year with still-life drawings, using chalk as their medium. For- getting real appearances, they next used these same drawings as 'ipoints of departure" for abstract ones. The falling leaves inspired some papcr sculpture for which water colors, mingl- ing freely, were used for color effects, Christ- mas posters using the "Put Christ Back into Christmasn theme, were made for Father Whelan and used in Macomb, Ill. Spring activities included large picture maps of the United States. Good speakers are an asset in any gathering. Nichole Kibler practices life-drawing with Barbara Bain as model Pat Pio, Betsy Peplow. 98 The Speech Club at the Academy is composed of members of the Speech classes. Officers are elected in Sep tember. The Club sponsors entertain ments, a one-act play at Christmas radio programs, American Legion Contest, "I Speak for Democracy," the Catholic Speech Tournament held this year at Odell, Debate Tournament at Pekin, and the Bradley Speech Festlv al, and they also appeared on TV Senior officers are, left to right: Pat Haley, Kitty Sommer, Ioanne Urbanc A lesson in modern French A monthly event for the French II class, La Cercle Francaise, is the reading of the La Croisade, a French paper which tells in French, of the customs and ways of the French people. At the meetings the members sing in French, and have races doing exercises at the boardg an account of a special feast which is near is a regular feature. Betsy Peplow is shown writing popular song titles in French while Barbara Buckley, Iean Hibser, Berna- dine Reising and Robin Bartholomew show Sister Lucilla their skill at translating. complete our education. Friends oi the Roman writers Senorita Roxanna Coale tells the story of the Mexican Hat Dance to these inter- ested second-year students of Spanish whose motto is "Las Amigasf' meaning Friends. Their meeting is taken up by interesting movies about the Spanish people and their customs. Costumes such as the girls are wearing illustrate the na- tive dress. Seated, left to right, are: Nancy Armes, Mary Poppen, Sheila Berry, Roxanna Coale, janet Hanahan, and Ioyce Sheridan. Standing are janet White, Mary Best and Margaret Herrera. 99 With the motto "Per aspera ad astra' fthrough bolts and bars, up to the starsj the advanced Latin Club who call themselves "Discipulae Latinae Mariae" fLatin Students of Maryj are very active at the A.O.L. Shown from left to right are: Audrey Bride, Barbara Schubert and Ann Hickey, who are writing Latin jingles on the board. Throughout the year the club has many activities-during the Christmas season they picked some of their favorite carols and translated them into Latin. They have monthly meetings where they translate poems into Latin, and make up little iingles in that language. They are a hard- working group who live up to their name, "Latin Students of Mary." A Spanish story. With words cmd pictures Summa Editors: lim Mastersan, Kitty Summers. Cece Beckteld. Phil Coogan Artists: Irene Komarionski and Mary Lee The Summa Staff of '55 had their first meeting last September. It was then that they realized what a job the publishing of a year- book was. There were pictures to be taken and ads to be obtained to finance the annual. The glamor and novelty of the job was rapidly diminishing. There was much more tedious and repetitious work than they had planned. Getting ads was the first major taskg both business managers did a splendid job and the required number was finally obtained. The editors had meetings with the engraver and were slowly learning what his technical terms meant. Then there were the photographers who worked many days after school with usu- ally uncooperative subjects. The entire staff gained much in the way of learning to work together. The faculty advisers coordinated the different branches of the staff and sometimes "built a fire" under some members when they needed it. lf it were not for their effort and interest there would be no Summa this year. Photographers: Phil Kronenberq and Iirn Molchcxn 3 100 the diary of '55 Sports Editor: Tim Mounts Business Staff: seated, left to right-Bob Bresnahan and Iim Business managers: Rick Grimler and Pat Girdzus Hcrgemcmn. Standing-lim Venxon. Business Staiis Dee Konvalinka, Diane Wallbeck, lean Hibser. Business Stuff: Mary Grimm. Margi Keenan, Deanne Heinz. Pat I-Ieyd. Sandy Harding, and Iudy Wiltse Mary Joyce Hagemcmn: standing, Wanda Heinz, Fern Zaborac i 101 and the news 74' 13212. iEm6nli'PuTmT6'n me mae of spewing lnmmr. :j,',::'f' "7'?'f. ,, E ' Q j:.,7k, Milly' .saii v . .. t a Q 1 :V Q ' M L .' i ' ' W .. ,W ............. , 102 of games. groups. Lett to right: Phil Kronen- berq, lim Huddigan, Ioe Miller. Lett to right: Tim Gor- man, Put Galvin. Iim Venzon, Charlie Hap- pcrch. Herb Foster. The INSTITUTE is the official newspaper published nine times this year by and in the interest of the students of Spalding Institute. A noticeable change was made in the form of this year's paper as the page size was lessened. Another change gave the INSTITUTE eight pages. This yearis eo-editors, Ioe Miller and Phil Kronenberg, have done an excellent job in giving the paper's numerous readers "all the Spalding news that is fit to print." The INSTITUTE is not only an instru- ment Which provides thc students with news, gosip, features, and important announcements, but it gives to its large staff rr splendid oppor- tunity of gaining experience in writing. Lett to right: Phil Kronenberg, Jim Molchun Many changes were made in the Academy Compact this year. New features were incorporat- ed while several of the old favorites remained. A capable staff headed by Bernadine Reising. editor- in-chief, Marilyn Bachler, managing editor, Martha Davis, business manager, and Sister Ursula Marie and Sister Mary Urbana, as faculty and business advisors, respectively worked untiringly to meet tliir deadlines. Many hours of diligent work were needed to prepare new features, including pictures of classes in action and various student activities. Their efforts were very much in evidence as an im- proved and more interesting Compact was present- ed. Business rnanaqer Martha Davis writes some important notes. as she and the other members of the business staff tl. to r.j: Ioycs Fisher. Gail Geisler, Betty Krippel, Pat Pio, and Mary Louise Bartolomucci, hurry to meet a dead- line. and persons was written. Editor-in-chlel. Bernadine Reising. watches closely as managing editor Mari- lyn Bachler types some s news for the next edition. ,r5a'Ae3as5Qyfc3fSi5aQf . Q-river' "'iifa':9Eim f.f,LgQ lB!i!YM:s!5i.'N',5P9T'J25 Capable senior staff members U. to ny: Karen Whelan, Mary Lou 5- in! Poppen. Peggy Fagan. and Don- ' -33 na Hurst Qstandinql. discuss some gfiQ234.,.gigQ' new features with their co-workers W' W A il. to nb: Betsy Peplow. Ann Gra- ham, Beverly Westberger fat win- is 4' 'Yiiffzi dowj, Pat Perkins, md lanice 35225521,iiififgjgefzbff 3. Matthews. a Photographer Ruth Monahan receives a helping hand from Colleen Keenan as she takes a picture of the stait oi under- classmen columnist. istanding. I. to r.J: Iudy Springston and Mary lane Tedtord. QSeated. l. to r.J Nancy Cavannaugh. Rosie Cushing. Ioanna O'Russa, and Sheri Miller. 103 3,2- sw., Our meet, with the Spirit df ChriStiai'i warfig5i54 Q. . .... um 52?-?3fT'5'?fN'fif QIQSEHYYSWFE 'Q O' Father Williams, in his initial year at Spalding, took on the task of conducting the business of both school, as Principal, and of the Athletic department, as its Director. Even with the many duties which he had to per- form in connection with scholastic life he did not slack off in managing athletic life at school. Under his guiding hand a good attendance at all athletic events was assured at a savings to the fans through the student pass. His handling of the tickets to both the Sectional and State final tourneys was very commendable. With his direction every student at school was able to attend the game at Champaign. Recalling the number of tickets available. we can realize what a tremendous job this was. Despite this burden he proved to be an able administrator and a guiding light in forming the Athletic policy. Mickey McAllister This spirit is fostered Father Williams tuiks things over with Couch Sullivan 106 Carol Koors Donna Schlis Margie Morris Pat I-leyd. Captain Vee Ellen Bzmiqued by our instructors and directors Through the year the most consistent and faithful fans were these seven girls. These official representatives from the AOL to the athletic teams led the fans in rousing cheers, building the morale during a losing season in football, and through a winning one in basketball right up to Champaign and the State Finale. ln many cases the girls had to supply their own trans- portation to the out-of-town games, but they were in attend- ance at even our most-distant games. All of these fair dam- sels deserve a lot of praise for their loyalty. MONOGRAM WINNERS Front row, left to right: D. Armitage iFootbal1J, D. Stauffer lFooLbalI5, A. Ross lliootballi. A. I-Iaege tFootba1l?, J. McLaughlin tFootba1lJ. F. Karpowia Woot- tialll, L. Gaffney Uiaseballl, T. Mounts 4FootbalD, C. Huber iBaseballJ P. Mc- Grath flfootballl, F. Finnegan ilfootballt, Middel row, same order: J. Troy iBa,se- bulll, D. Stull flfootballl, D. Wort 4BowlingJ, J. Molchan fGolfl, G. Coughlan 1Basketba1ll, J. McFarlane tFootballl, P. Mitsules llfootbalh, T. Doyle 1Foot- balll. T. Corey llfootballl. Back row, same order: J. Lintz CBaseballl, E. Young iliootballb, B. Ricci 1Baseballi, J. Hannon Kliowlingl. Put Haley -E - .4 kyk 'y , K- AI i :L 415, BMQL - F , '..x3,,V snub, - X fa ,Ev . 5. .S , up 5!'iQ'. - 1 ' ' ' ' 5 -'uf' 5 ,U 5 55 , .- 4 V . ' if A ' ' .f , -Q f imffffifi Ax 1 I TN , , gf ,ffl-, I W ' - " ' ' , P . .53 V., I , 7 A K W ' ' ' f 5 'W- ' ' as W A ' , ' 7. . , Q up , K 1 A N I . A v . Wx W .ff ' , 1 !"'i 1 7' 5 . . V W - t Q.: 'QQ 4, 1 - , r - x A ,- ,rw X, p 1 u ., Ku ,,, .1 4 'Qi f 1 -' 5 X , - R "K M ' - .-nl. , .. ww, ,- -X uf? 'Wi .1 l 55. f rw? 'Llfwgiv Lf ' 'V rj Q 5 -'QW' ' if ' 3' - 'f' af: ' A L 'Ig ,L,, ' J ' Q L Q A fsfi' . M E , Y Q, A'. ,gn I l 6, N -f-4 .E . 5 J 3 , I t - , 1 'I J I f'1:VQ5iQ Q, ' . A - ' . . 'if H- - ' , K x Y ng' ' I 'I Y' -. I , f MW! wg, fe if 5' Wiwiifw JJMM f.-mg ':5Me.g 1 rv?-5 ,Wy fl 5,3-Ei gif -ww H72 5 wa, x x .J M A V.-.K , 'in -73 0335- A Q' .mtv fl . -+ is and practice time at Peru, and 13-0 at the end of three quarters, fought back to within one point, 13-12, and a final drive fell short at the gun. Our offense which had been poor the whole year finally got moving at the Alleman game but it was not good enough as the Pioneers took the decision 36-21. The Pekin game was complete misery as the Chinks walked to a 32-0 victory. After a season-long famine of wins, except for the first game, it was in- deed a welcome decision over Cathedral 47-0 in the Homecoming game. Front row, left to right: Manager M. Shea, J. Shea, P. Dusen- berry, J. Lee, C. Buckler, M. Dentino, L. Gaffney, R. Berg, J. San- ders. B. Ricci, L. Sheets, Manager P. Hollis. Middle row, same order: T. Mounts, T. George, P. Nash, K. Selberg, J. McFarlane, J. Butler, J. Botian, P. Mitsules, D. Soldatl M. Doyle. Back row, same order: Coxvch E. Uranich, D. Stull, T. Corey, J. MacLaughlin, D. Armitage, F. Karpowicz, A. Ross, D. Stauffer, A. Haege, T. Doyle, P. McGrath, F, Finnegan, E. Young. DAVE ARMITAGE Sr.. Captain, Haliback. tMost Valuable Back.l FRANK KARPOWICZ Sr.. Quarterback, Honorary Captain. Starting Irish. front row, left to right: T. Corey, J. McLaughlin, J. McFarlane, D. Stull, D. Stauffer, A. Haege, E. Young. Bac-k row, same order, D. Armitage, A. Ross, F. Karpowicz P. McGrath, 109 1954 Season aided by the team's Spalding , Schlarman fDanvillej .. 6 Spalding . ,. ,, . ,. East Peoria ,,,, ..,,.,2l Spalding ., Central .,.,,., ...2S Spalding .. . . . Woodruff ,... M21 Spalding . , Manual ,.., ,,,,. . J18 Spalding , St. Bede's , ,, ,,,..,, ,l'3 Spalding ,, Alleman .. ,,,. ,36 Spalding Pekin ,, , H32 Spalding , Cathedral QSpringfieldJ .. . Mm: kicks as Iunlor holds TERRY DOYLE TOM COHEY Sr., Captain, Guard, JIM MC!-HUGH!-ON Jr., Captain, End, Most Valuable Lim-man. Most Sportsmanlike Player Sr., Captain, Tackle Most Improved Player l 10 M4 Q ,if 0 '25 :fe-1 .f""9' ' V k r' K ' 5 57 an Q: 3 Mira f?Q"' 'T I: , 15 . . 'w ' "ix '- i x if if 52 .rag t: Q v I 'F 'W 5 M ur 1 A. 4 4 s, oz ff' W, , If Y'??2!S' nm, ii 3 - AG. Q I 'K N. 4' lj iii., i f 5, , rl"-aw W, L .gf -4- .W I, 1 2 WA I 5357? '.As'f . ,,,f. 1,!P'f.."'5' 1 4 Tiff ' ' 'jlffi one can learn to meet AL ROSS TIM MOUNTS EHNIE YOUNG FRANK FINNEGRN Sr,, Captain, Fullback. Sr., Defensive I-Ialfback. Jr., End. Jr., Captain, Quarterback DAN STULI. IO!-IN MCFARLANE Jr., Center Jr,, Lim-backer A desperation tackle catches Ross 113 THE FIGHTING IRISH Front iou left to right J Lintz T Nclson J Voegele, D. Dwyer, B. Ricci, P. Couri, J. Franken, F. Finnegan. Back IUVH same order F Knrpouicz G Coughlan, J, Fraseo, Coach D. Sullivan, R. Berg, T. Troy, D. Stull. the realities of life: VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Don Sullivan deserves a lot of praise lor the job he did with the Fighting Irish this year. In his first season at the Institute he did what only one other Coach has done in the ten years since Spalding entered the I.H.S.A., that is, he took the team down to the State Championship. It was a tremendous feat and a very unexpected one, as Spalding, at the beginning of the year wasn't even given a chance to go. The Irish opened the season with close victories over Mason City, 69-67, Woodruff, 54-52. and DePue, 79-73. The following game was a breather for the fans after the exciting ones which preceecled it as we walked by I-Ienry, 65-44. The next two were close victories as the squad defeated Central 61-57, and then Corpus Christi, 66-64, in an overtime. The Washington game was billed the game of the the ones who gain A FROSH - SOPH BASKETBALL First row. left to right: D. Skcndor, U. Jackson, D. Crank, C. Hickey, R. Br.-rg, L. Gnffnoy, J. Bullor. Second row, same order: D. Cain, T. Pcrsich, K. Sikns-. M. Hnlcy, C. Gavin, J. Janovetz, D, McCann Third row same order: D. Mnlitor, R. Arnold, T, Joyce, A. Hahn, T. Baker, J. Hidewnld. 7Uf Q ' l X! . I J x! S1 Jlvf 71 Geno snakes in for rx layup. I-'rasco s att les for a jump hall. 115 undefeated. both teams having identical recordsg with fight and real spirit the team defeated the taller Panth- ers by three points. The Irishmen then scored successive victories over Greater Peoria rivals, East Peoria, Manual and Limestone, were upset by tough Alleman and then came back with wins over Limestone, Trinity, and East Peoria. It was here that the crew hit a slump, losing games to Central and Alleman by two points apiece and to Woodruff in the worst game of the year 72-58. The Irish came back the following night and ran up one of the highest totals ever scored in the new gym by beating Corpus Christi, 94-49. The Trinity contest was sort of slow as the team was looking toward the Pekin game- the final score, 66-54. The long-awaited clash between the titan and the giant killer of the Peoria Area was a good battle with the titan, Pekin, winning by a slim two points. They wrapped up the season with victories over Henry and Manual by comfortable margins and headed for the Regional at Trewyn with a l7-5 record. Karp jumps for a one-hander. the most of this spirit GENE COUGHLON Fo rw u rd, F.T. PC1.. Mt-nt ion, Player. 116 Co-Cnplnin, F.G, Pct. .459, .746, All-Stole, Special Co-Most Sportsmnnlike FRANK KAHPOWICZ Forward, Co-Captain, F.G, Pct. 431, F.T. Pct. 642, Sectional All-Stal' Team, Co-Most Sporlsnmnlike Player, FRANK FINNEGAN IACK l-'RBSCO Guard, F.G. Pct. 404, F.T. Pct. 710, Center, F.G. Pct. 399, F.T Most Improved Player. State tournament team Ilon RON BEHG IACK LINTZ nter, F.G. Pct. 559, F.T. Pct, 582, Guard, F.G. Pct. .337, F.T. Pet.. TOE VUEGE7-5 HM TROY Sectional All-Star team. .783, Free throw trophy winner. Guard, FG. Pct, .295, F.T. Pct. 1345. Center, F.G. Pct. .333, F.T. Pct 611 East Peoria tails to stop Karpy are best able The Manual Regional, considered one of the tough- est in the state, had Spalding opening against Chilli- cothe. The game was surprisingly easy for a regional game as Chilli was soundly trounced El-47. The next two games weren't so easy though. We slipped by Wood- ruff by one point and squeaked to a welcome victory over Central on a last-seconcl basket by Ron Berg, 54-53. The Sectional which sent the team to the state wasn't as hard as the Regional had been, as they coasted to 62-47 and 64-45 wins over Normal and Canton respectively. After a gigantic send-off to Champaign, the team had a little lapse in the first game and lost 54-52 to Lincoln. Through the entire season the Varsity showed that old Fighting Irish spirit which had been lacking in teams of recent years. Under the tutelage of Coach Sullivan they turned out to be a great team and developed many worth-while characteristics to aid them in future years. 117 IOE FRANKEN Gunrd, FG. Pct. .545, F.T. Pct. .333 TOM NELSON Guard. F.G. Pct. 350, F.T. Pct, L000. PHIL COURI Guard, F,G. Pct. .300, F.T. Pct, .OOO. '54-'55 RECORD Spalding ...... ..,..... 6 9 Mason City ............ G7 Spalding ..,... .,,,.... 5 4 Woodruff ,...., .....,. 5 2 Spalding ...... .. ...... 79 De-pue . ..,..... ..... . .73 Spalding ...... .,...... 6 5 Henry .,.,.,...... ,...... 4 1 Spalding .,.... .....,.. 6 1 Central ......,.,,......,.., 57 Spalding ...... ...,,.,, G 6 Corpus Christi .....,.. 64 Spalding ...... ,,...... 6 9 Washinglon ............ G6 Spalding ...... ,....... 6 9 East Peoria .......,,,.. 58 Spalding . ...,. ........ 6 1 Manual ,..,...... ...,... G O Spalding ...... .....,.. 7 8 Limestone ........ ....., 6 El Spalding ...... ........ 5 0 Alleman ,... . .......... 59 Spalding ...... ........ 4 T Limestone ,.,. ,,... . .44 Spalding .,.... ,,...,.. Spalding ...... ........ Spalding 61 69 Spnlding ...... ........ G 2 53 58 Trinity ...................... East Peoria ,........... Central ..,,,.......,....... Allemnn .,................ 53 58 G4 55 Spalding ...... ....,... W oodruff ..............,, 72 Spalding ....... ..,.,,,. 9 4 Corpus Christi ........ 49 Spalding .,.,... ........ 6 6 Trinity ...... ........,.. , .,.. 5 4 Spalding .,...,. ........ 6 S Pekin .,,.... ,.... ..... 7 0 Spalding ,. ,..,,... ........ 9 0 Henry ......... ....,..... - 47 Spalding ........... 78 Manual ....,...,........ ...62 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Spalding .......,,...,..... S1 Chillicothe .............. 47 Spalding .................. 62 Woodruff ........ ..G1 Spalding ..............,... 54 Central ....,,..,........... 53 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Spalding ....,............. 62 Normal C.H.S. ,......, -17 Spalding ................ M64 Canton ..,. ., .......l...... 45 STATE HN ALS DAVE DWYEB Forward, FG. Pct. .000 FT. Pct. .666 118 Spalding . ...... ......., 5 2 Lincoln ....... , ...... 54 to face difficulties. Top, Iunior's special jump Bottom, Couri lays one in S A 5 Front row, left to right: Blll Fisher. Jerry Constantine, Jim Hun' non, Joe Wiles. Vic Appr-lt, Pnl, O'Conneil, Ralph Tomlin, Henry Stickelmuier, Back row, left to right: Dan Bur- thell, Tom Zant, Frank Pnlladini. Dave Swanson, Pat Galvin, Don Wort, Jim Venzon, Duane Soldnli. WValt Peplow, Bernie Zuni, Ready to Bowl Down the lane Brother Schofiman, Ticket Manager is not wasted This year the Bowling Team at Spalding showed its domin- ance over the city by defeating both Manual and Woodruff in meets. The team, which was separated into four squads, was led by Ieiry Constantine and Don Wort, members of the Little Varipapas . . . Brother Sehoffman proved himself a very able administrator during the year, handling the sale of tickets at all school events and distribut- ing the tickets to the Sectional and State Final Tourneys .... This year's varsity football and basketball teams were ably aided dur- ing the season by Steve O'Donnell, official scorer, Tim Mounts, offi- cial statistician and by jim Shea who did a great job as manager of the team. These boys deserve a lot of thanks. Managers Standing: Steve O'Donnell and Tim Mounts Kneeling: lim Shea 120 Intramural Basketball Champs Kneeling-Bill Woulfe and George Murray. Standing. left to right-Tim Mounts, Jack Zeng, Jim lVIaslerson, Put. Boyle, Phil Coogan. This year, as in the past, the student body was supplied with a well-rounded source of physical ac- tivity. The intramural Program provided those pupils unable to participate in varsity athletics a chance to play in competitive contests. Basketball, volleyball, pushball, track and soccer are some of the sports which were available. These, which were under the direction of Coaches Uranich and Sullivan, were en- joyed greatly by the students. In the fall and spring the P. E. classes worked out at Morton Square in the fresh air. as athletics help a student "and away we go" lTopl "They're off" fTopj "Run, Run" fBottomJ "Smash that ball" Bottom! "Where's the ball?" 121 J A x i .A R , I ., X : 5 EM bf I if fit U Q' f' 6 E ,...n-"T" , ! ii I Q E 5555 Most Rev. William E. Cousins. DD. Bishop of Peoria Rt. Rev. Msgr. George A. Carton Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick O'C. Culleton Rt. Rev. Msgr. Maurice P. Sammnn Very Rev. Msgr. Gill Middleton Very Rev. Msgr. R. G. Peters Rev. Ralph Aldrich Rev. Hienc Clesielski Rc-v. Michael Coffey Rev. A. A. Cunningham Rev. James J. Fay Rev. Wllllam Feeney Rev. James Fitzgerald Rev, Charles Fogarty Franciscan Fathers of St. Boniface Rev. Joseph Gordon Rev. E. L. Gosybowski Rev. E. J. Hettlnger Rev. Edward E. Kusch Rev. Robert C. Livingston Rev. C. D. Martin Rev. A. L. Mey Rev. Bernard Rank Rev. Nicodemus Russo Rev. Martin J. Spalding Rev. George E. Wuellner A friend A friend l 24 pcwzana Mr. and Mrs. Peter Banlquerl Beck's Florist Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bertetto Dr. and Mrs. George D. Best Drs. P. B. Bianco and Paul R. Blough R. J. Bickerman, M.D. Ann Bourscheidt Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Bray Mr. l. J. Bride Wllllam T. Brophy Mr, and Mrs. Edward E. Cashman Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cassidy Morris H. Cohen, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Colgan Mr. and Mrs. E, V. Coughlon Anthony Cuurl Mrs. John J. Cychol, Jr. John Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Giunta Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Grawey Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Grimler Elmer Gury Kathleen l-lagemann Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Hagemann Joseph L. Hecht Mr. and Mrs. George llelnz O. Frank Heinz Construction Co. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Heinz Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Heyd Dr. W. H. Holbrook Della Houllhan Mrs. Paul Jones Mrs. Ernest S. Kaylor Karmclkorn Co. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Konvalinkn Juanita Lovell Mr, and Mrs. Ray Mackie Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Manning Eleanor Mauser Dr. and Mrs. Phlllp R. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Phil McGrath Academy Mothers' Guild Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Peplow Mr. and Mrs. George Reising Mrs. Dorothy Reynolds Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Rogers W. J. Roche. M. D. Geo. J. St. Germain St. Joseph's Sodality St. Viator Chapter, National Honor Society Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Sander Schierer's Dairy Fred Schotthofer, Jr. Academy Senior A Academy Senior B Academy Senior C Sheridan Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sommer Academy Student Council Dr. Ralph S. Sullivan Tobler Transfer Co. Dr. Clarence V. Ward Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Ward Dr. Charles H, Williams Wilma Zaborac With Christ blessesioxir i1s peopSl6 , W el Q N x.x:W,- N X x NN X N .- ,R 1437 south lefferson X X 5 . N WMQX Below MacArthur Hwy SN 4 i 4 Q2 ' . ' . 4 Phone 4-2145 EARL GRIMM FOOD MARKET 324 Bradley Avenue Pcurin, IllinuisQ Compliments of 0. FRANK HEINZ Construction Co. Compliments nf THE HENRY NEWS-REPUBLICAN Henry. Illinois 26 BEST WISHES fdnhn fdarnha Svtuhin Smf'?7adeI's MILK and ICE CREAM GOOD CITIZEN?" Q! CONSTITUTE3 BEING A Hou' would you answer this question? It came from an eigbtl: grade student as a part of a class citizenship project. IIERE'S THE WAY A CATERPILLAR EXECUTIVE ANSWERED IT: "To describe a good citizen in a few words is most difficult-much like try- ing to describe our great country in a few words. However, some qualifications of a good citizen certainly would be: 0 A fundamental belief in God. 0 A deep sense of honesty and integrity. 0 Moral character above reproach-the result of personal convictions rather than fear of public opinion. I An interest in one's community cou- pled with a willingness to work long and hard for its betterment. 0 A true sense of value, recognizing that CATERPILLAR TR there is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything we achieve, every- thing we get, must be earned. 0 A love of the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and a willingness to protect these freedoms. 0 A desire to search for and find the truth and not be swayed by the emotions of others. 0 A sense of duty when it comes to ex- ercising our great American privilege of voting, based on thoughtful considera- tion of the issue or office involved-and the same sense of duty when jury, mili- tary or public office responsibilities should be met. 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Bradley University has more than a hundred clubs, sororities, and fraterni- ties, offering a wide range of activities and interests. Bradley University possesses an excellent Air Force ROTC unit. Bradley University has a cosmopolitan student body, personal student- faculty associations, and a highly cultural free lecture-arts program. Bradley University has a place for you. SUMMER SESSIONS, 1955 FALL TERM BEGINS June B - JuIy 14 September 12, 1955 July 14 - August 18 For zidditirmzxl information: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Bradley University Peoria, Illinois "PHOTOGRAPHY IS FUN" CAMERAS 0 PROJECTORS 0 SCREENS DARKROOM SUPPLIES 0 RENTALS 0 CUSTOM PHOTO FINISHING 0 PEORIA CAMERA SHOP Plume 4-6126 5.19 Main. Uppusitv Imst Officu Hulwcr Sammis Pcurizn, III. ,Inc Iiiltun M. S. CARVER LUMBER CO. 706 Iicsurvuir Illvd. - On IVzu' Mcmuriul llliu I'lmnc 2-6609 fur the Ifinust in Lumber CLOTHING - HATS - FURNISHINGS ANDREEN NORDWALL CO. 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All You Require - When You Wire Since 1918 601 Hanssler Place Phone 5-4322 Dairy Foods as only Sealtest makes them... I-'rom earliest childhood on throughout lite. dairy foods give us happy eating for good health. And. always. Sealtest dairy foods are unequalled for treshnoss. lla- vor, purity and nutrition. get the best .... get n xx g S s Cr nm n gh! Wa da H u 0 an A n Hlb r n E jo,"n onltc l Ice 0 rv- lcft to ri , n cinz, P l B ylu, J1' n so , Di no Watlbeck, Jim Hnnnon, Dun Brnncl- M I L K 8 I C E C R E A M dus and Tvrry Doyle. They're saving at --MY., Bank Posml by: John Espinoza and Dolorvs Kunvnlinka Commercial National Bank of Peoria Adams and Liberty Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 11 CUIIIIJIIIYICIIIS ul PERE MARQUETTE MOTORS, INC Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer SIS Alain Street 6-4671 LARRY'S MARKET L. B. Hilpas 60.5 lViscnnsin .Xvcnuc l'hunc 2-4739 Congratulations to the Class of '55 DENTINO BROS. SUI lfirsl .Kun Plume 4-S7311 Quality Groceries and Meats for 37 Years L-UlllIllill'lClllS of SIDNEY HARRISON COMPANY OPAL HALL SHOPPE 244 South vlcffcrsmm .Xvcnuc Millinery 0 Sweaters Skirts 0 Jewelry Blouses 0 Hand Bags Perfumes 0 Hosiery Peorirfs Smartest RUSS FISCHER SHELL SERVICE 324 Pruspcct Ruud Serving Peoria Motorists Since 1933 Service ls Our Business Compliments of Di. E . H O R A N BILL FISHER'S STANDARD SERVICE Atlas Tires 0 Batteries 0 Accesories Corner ni Ilhyiic and Perry Streets We Give S Ev' H Green Stamps Phone 4-3322 ACE AMBULANCE 81 OXYGEN SERVICE 24 Hour Ambulance Service IIS Kimxvillu Ave. l'co1'ia 4, Illinois Y lT'S TIME T0- xx 1 MAKE Compliments of UM! E EEE fluuinunm P- ' A EUFF IEI EE A J Q-I-. ...,.., .n.... -f, NN, ..... .:.1:':::... ., fi YOUR CHOICE FRIEND CHRIS HOERR :S SON CO. Coffee Roasters - Importers - Wholesale Grocers l'curi:i. lllinuis KNOW YOUR A B C's Of Home Living with Electrical Ease Add-a-wire-lilcctricsil Wiring llrought up to llzitc qkilclitioxizil Outlets Sz Special Circuitsj Best Way-To Save lilunuy -Get ,-XII tlw Pnwur You Pay Fur correct-lintrzmcciService K XVc-uk Wires Double Safety-Prcvcm Accidents and Electrical-F i rcs Freedom-From Xliurry BEST ELECTRIC l'lmnc 2-0922 Qualified Electrical Contractor Compliments of HEDIGER 6 MYERS INSURANCE CO. 15 'lWhere you buy" is just os important os "What you buy" Se1'ving the Peoria area for over 100 years I 1854 - 1955 Wearing apparel for men, women, boys olzqmfufafiozzs Q L If x 6 X Q Face tlre future with confidence, granlu- X 9 ates. America offers you tlxe lzcst clmance I in tl1e world to succeell. Your fine H educational lxaclzgrouncl llas prepared 4 you io slmoulcler wlxatcver burdens you J 1 meet. You can plan your life tlxe way A lg' you want it... and your sucf::ss zlcpencls - Known' almost entirely upon your own iuiliativc 8 and efforts. w N Gelzzfraf gffizzois .Eiqfnf 'v Go 1 JLLI C 1 Mi w UNITED RADIO SERVICE f"I""L'MENT5 707 Main Sl. IIIIUIIC 6-S741 OF THE RCA - VICTOR PHILCO BOWL MOR LANES RADIOS '- TELEVISION 2618 N. UNIVERSITY Hi - Fi EQUIPMENT 11110.10 2-1239 Tcleplwnc 4-9513 I SMITH-CORONA TYPEWRITERS VICTOR ADDING MACHINES 14 ALLEYS + COCKTAIL LOUNGE co- Z29 N. ,lcffcrsmm JNVCIIIIK' 407 Lilverty St. PEORIA, ILLINOIS P1501-1.11, ILL. JOHN METZ "Bos" METZ I AUGUST H. SCHMITZ DESIGNER PAINTING DECORATING O RESIDENTIAL O ECCLESIASTICIII. O COMMERCIAL COMPLETE CREATIVE DECORATING FOR YOUR HOME, OFFICE AND CHURCH MURALS WALLPAPERIN G 4405 University Ruud, Peoria IIIIUIIC S-5805 COMPLIMENTS OF Gustave Schmit General Contractor PEORIA ILL LMI S3 PHONE 7-2232 Phone 5-5296 ,-,f,. .- -fVi' Y flux' i H g U O.: 3-55.5.35 W onachen Industrial Supplies 3921 NORTH SHERIDAN ROAD ' PEORIA. ILLINOIS ,Nw .wx E X A A f h""' ,kx X,, , Q' S i- -f' KNEE wi if nmmrunfnn if ? if ff M Q MMWWQ ggzsrnmq X Q If Q "" f I' ' ..b. -A FXNSM, ' W 'K S U KV. XS I X is SX x I X ' Sf x NX R ,f X XX xi Q M H " Sf if 5 Y ' x gr S f X Q . S N 2 X RX Q six Sl S01 ' K z NS xx Pj S M - X qx ls QQ . S 5 Oikg 4 Xxlx Wg? I ., . . , I 1gi,g" ' 55,ZiS . A ex 1 I :fs .xx-...QS- 2-" ' Q S-www.: E 3. SE. 10. X N 2- il RQ fix Q 335, 55 . V f',El1y.s3 3 X Nil Q -X I .- N-.. -Y-'bam--, , ,sf M - . Hmm-gxfw 5 3 W. if N . f ,il H A ,... I. .... ..5..X.. X .. x X Q3 ' N I FOR 75 YERRS .... Your DEPENDABLE PLACE T0 BUY HOME FURNISHINGS STORES IN PEORIII AND PEKIN A COM PLI M ENTS O F BOYLE'S GRILL BOB JOHNNY commmrzwrs OF DOYLE'S SHELL SERVICE 1600 Mm sf, TERRY MIKE MIIRYCREST COLLEGE lJ.'XVlfNl'OliT, IOXVX Four-Year Liberal Arts College for Women .XPPLY TO Tllli SEClll':'l'1XRY L'OMI'LlMliNTS or B0 WHALEN OIL COMPANY JACKSON .X'1' PER KY coMl'L1MuN'fs 014' BOLHND MORTUARY soo N. Perry lliznl 3-5541 GREEN'S DRUG STORE C. E. GREEN, R. PH. - E.. J. DOYLE, R. PH. 738 Kansa lb Pllllllli 2-2876 158 SPORT GOODS Acnoss mom THE counmousla PORTMIIN SPORT GOODS I I HADDAD's SUpER MARKET LAUNDRY nm cumunc 50, my ,,,, Sh, MC. PI-RUCK'S PROGRESS LAUNDRY II 2 4 0 ben M1 .i.1 st. fH1,.,. IC 6-0879 KITCHEN MADE J- W-:X I Ii."I II ISIII-S FRESH "ms DW GRAWEY GLASS co. SERVING - RESTAURANTS - GROCERS INSTITUTIONS - PARTIES - BANQUETS Jm , H WEDDINGS 4 F313 Il-I I 40 2 DeKROYFT-METZ 81 CO., INC. PHYSICIANS' SUPPLIES Q PRESCRIPTIONS 126 N. Adams Street . 1'eurin, Iliinnis All Phones 3-3741 COURI'S FOOD TOWN EAST PEORIA'S NEWEST and MOST MODERN SUPER MARKET Open 7 Days -- 9 to 9 CO M PLI 111 ENTS OF FRED SIEKS SHELL SERVICE 1st .-Xl Mznc.Xrthur MCDOUGIIL R- HIIRTMIINN CO. ENGINEERS - CONTRACTORS 1500 N. .-Xdznns Street Phnne 3-3642 I'1iO1iI,X, ILLINOIS CADILLAC SALES 8: SERVICE TRAVIS CIIDILLIIC PONTIIIC CO. 1701 Main eoMP1.1mENTs ov '1'lI1i BEVERLY BARBER SHOP mmm 3-3777 1805 Knoxville I'hnne 2-S410 COW WW OF IOSEPH Bnos. SUPER MARKET I A Y 1 S GROCERIES, MEATS AND VEGETABLES 550 South :Xdzxms St. ALL KINDS OF POULTRY Plume 4-9295 Phones 4-9255 - 4-9254 101 Ilulbert 1 LII funds the door open Block 8 lsuhl Co """'f . l t . ' ou will lincl all oi tiiesc aucl many more at Bionic E' Kulil Co.. wilere IO stored ami a Central Buying Olllice arc rearly to siiow you wiiy tlicre are a greater variety oi opportunities in time retail fielcl tiian any otller. Yes. tile door is opcn to all wlio are interested in a clepartment store career. and "opportunity" is lcnoclcing every clay. Blocic 5 Kuial is growing. and you can grow with it. Wviiy clonit you "compare notes" witim time Personnel Director. and see il Block 5' Kuiil Co. doesnt lnave to olier just what you are looking lor in a career? You are always welcome! , , Block 8 Kuhl Co. Peoria, Illinois C Stores in Prom oruwzt wmwsnoi Mauna . . oscirun cuessunc Rocxronu mxvsmponr IA. M0111 OHICGS, ggizwocfa TgmlEt1tvtEE ggggpgggs. suRLmcTori,1A. Central Distribution, 801 S. Washington St. DANVILLE mein Rock xsumu DAiiiiiiLiiEMSgsi7RE 161 11- q I I, Y X 'W""1"v'-U11 wk . EASY y vFAsT ssnvlc: 111-reaa. 'wanna-,m,r -,v: Posed. hy: Bob Womhacher, Mary Grimm. Pat Boyle, Kitty Sommer. THE ORIGINAL MURPHY'S 5720 Knuxvillc Avenue Sole owners-George and Lucille Murphy . Finest in Foods 0 Cocktail Lounge C1lIll17lill'll!lltS of KEENBN 514,516 Main St. 4-9165 APPRECIATION The members of the 1955 Summa Staff of the Academy and Spalding wish to acknowledge their gratitute to all who have helped in any way to edit this book. Special appreciation is given to those who have been out- standing in their assistance and cooperation. The faculty and student body for their hearty support. Our patrons and advertisers for their financial assistance. PLANNING AND ADVICE Reverend Raymond Novacek, C.S.V, and Sister Clare Edmond, C.S.I.-- faculty advisers. Mr. 1. L. Sronce, yearbook consultant for the Peoria Engraving Co.. without whose constant help, advice, and planning this book would not be a reality. PICTURES Mr. Eugene Voss of Fabry studios, who gave many hours of his time tak- ing pictures for our division pages and the Academy group pictures. Mr. Dan VVoodIey of Fabry studios-Academy senior pictures, and the use of the pictures of Bishop Cousins and the Academy building. Iohn Iacobs Studio-Spalding senior pictures and various group pictures. Mr. Thomas Prechel-Underclassmen pictures. The Peoria Iournal and the Peoria Star--sports pictures especially pic- tures of tournament games. Reverend R. C. Livingston-Use of the CYC. ENGRAVING Peoria Engraving Company. PRINTING Mr. Richard Finfgeld, Mr. jim Henderson, and the staff of the Henry News-Republican. COVERS S. K. Smith Company, Chicago, Illinois. BINDING Mr. Henry A. Pfisterer ol the Peoria Book Bindery.

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