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Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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ff-2' 1' Q K ,, -Z-fi. "' srl X ? 5, 5 95 113 X A 4- -, 'Q W y' "' N , "' Ex DING WM QP fvfgpvfiaipgifgw we My , M, M if EE ' Vygdfffcgf -THQ ,RJ 'Q E2 2225 , 3 Wim, M 2 E Q22 5 UEHWEW F555 5g5gH ig? lim? EMM NMYAELLM ,V gvyjvsl miss ,Xb Mgfyv-fM'!'7J fpgwjmlfg E Evaxaxmzmagu 5 ES E W , EE N ea 'W asses l M U EQEE 'EAHUKAHESWXUEE1 i 5 Mm E X11 WI WF 1 uwxiaxwwe wwwg M354 1 52 ,L-5,23 1 Q w V ' V l 5 0 , . A, if 2 My I Q K , 4 t' - A . K . K -J X K if-' "' U ' , - ' " ' ', f 4 - a ' . QI. W - 5 ? cf A A 9 wx ,M,.,m.d1f? , y x li 2 ' ' ' , +V ' f7"'i"g',f . . 22 I - 1 , ' " A.... my 'Wy :iff Q J 1 ' , A W - . 'iv 5 ' ' ' K 'f FQ? 'fi 7227 " ' ':!'b?1-'J"?7E?'a'.. J 7 f ' , N uT3',"g' - ML-jj I N-, Vf. ij3'1I'g'i5i3,5ff,.,,5, K' ' , ' 77 W1 'lf' f if . g...- 4 V ki N , 5 I . 'I ' if -., gg sinh f 4 I -2 Q' X 1 ' f , , ll , 1 , - ' 3 . K ll ' -X f J- ,f" 'LgiEf!Vfu- ,, K, x : , I IIS: I If X-. J M 5 f . y L F J I f f I , Q: ' K y A . . rx! If , . A 1 . , 'Q -5:17 f if-V' K E . Q ' f' -Sf 57 HSE 'B V' ' ' t m'5 - if :vi . 1 , f 0 Q - ' '1"" fc' .2-'f' Ny, ff- J' , .' K 1 4:4 gg , if . , 4 f J ,' f ' I M K V ' . V k A ' S , V ' '9 N A .. ' - I 1 o M ' , , K A L 6- , , 1 71? . 9 , , , A 3 . ,Q 4 .. 1 s A , , Q ,:,,-' A of N b 9 , ' ' Q ,. , I . ' f x , ,il mal' if K 3 . Q Ai , I 0 K6 ' 2 X, -E ,, , Q:-:...j - rf ,. f P Y 4' -f " f' f . jj' in I ' f f H-I V ' ' -- T E1 : 1, Ylf, an L ,wff . FWII E vp f ' - T' f- -' A 1 " f 5 L .Q -1 -, ,.,. X 1 3 Z A HV- ' i 751Pf"A F31 7' 51 ' ' 'f N KA ' 4 WT' :I m nz N ,fn -ip " 1.-'S-X Li' 'Z' fivgwagi, N ' , 11 -' ? k -- if x - W A . sf Q1 L , E f: 52 my I X' gig v IW I5 Q L, 4 f fffwly 1 ,f .f if ' IT' JM. Vw, ,Y PM Mr E fi U- -'fl V x --v gi -ff f- " ,i,. ggQ-.., f f Q fi E1 f'f'ggf 'd --" W H " F -' I gr W fjvljfi-ba ,, 0' Il' f H ,17gj:?- "mf fi ' 7 :It 2 LMHM , F "' 1 1 sw 113 5 45 E is fi f-5 --H ff, ff '7 E: I l ' I :iq 2, : EL I3 -f-11 'l 'Lf' T E1 5 Z , li ff'f ' ' 'Z A , 1 i ' f Q YJ f b X X 1 N i il 'Q '- -J I y I 'lf lx .0 f -:fi .4 Fgfl if . I ,- . - -- - Y! 5 P pf-174 I I 4 EQ 2 :lx il Y ' 4 dz' -Q ,, - ..' 1 X Q, 1 .-1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 , - f N? 1' -1 1 T 6 ta! if ,, 21 ll ,i-5 y '-f' -3 "' ' L22 li 5 if "L ,pl ,A , K y , , a The 1953 SUMMA ll '7 'fi fe.. The Senior Class of Spalding Institute and the Academy of Qur Lady proudly presents the SUMMA at the year nineteen hundred and titty-three. 'Q 5 '? ? 5 KE, J' s .1 9 lg! it 'in 3 , Q' i . xii' 'umAN"" ,wwf kaNW,,..mN . if"!"'M FMA f 4 ,Q 1 MZMW r .. A 'Siva' ""' 5, V x Q W ,galllib Y, -m swm"em. XY-N.. Q: t ""w..,'S,,N'SNNwm if MN' e t . games' -s . X 2 vi i X if J' ef' ,ww t, , pgs, w if , 3- Thus it has been our choice for this SUM- MA to use, as a theme, these traditional ob- jects that are left behind and symbolic of the group who relinquished them. We have fur- thermore made it our ideal, in presenting this SUMMA, to give to the student body a com- plete pictorial narrative of the year. and to portray, most vividly, those elements which form our schools and its vibrant student life. We earnestly hope that we have succeeded in this aspectg and, that the SUMMA will be, to the students, a complete record of the year nineteen hundred and fifty-three. -The Editors . ii bwaafgw 5,,,m.s-www 1 -eww His Excellency The Most Reverend William E. Cousins, D.D., Bishop of Peoria ON THE occasion of the Diamond Iubilee of the Diocese of Peoria, we, the seniors of the Academy of Our Lady and Spalding Institute, lovingly dedi- cate the 1953 Summa to our be- loved Right Reverend Bishop William E. Cousins, D.D., its Chief Shepherd. Under his splen- did Christlike leadership may this corner of Christ's Kingdom con- tinue to produce fearless militant Catholics, and to expand its mag- nificent heritage everywhere. The class of l953, as the first graduates to receive their diplo- mas from Bishop Cousins, seals the privilege with a pledge of fealty and devotion to him in the Work of his grand and noble apostolate. GRADUATES-Page 13 UNDERCLHSSMEN-Page 41 ADVERTISEMENTS-Page 12 1 ATHLETICS-Page B3 ACTIVITIES-Page 81 V1ccrr of the Pr1nce of Peace WMWW I-IIS HOLINESS POPE PIUS YH yglqqg SPALDING FACULTY Rev. Iohn E, Williams, C.S.V., Ph.D. Superior. Director. Religion, U.S. History Through his quiet and reserved ways Father John E. Williams has become well-liked and respec- ted by students and faculty alikt in his one year here as Supe11o1 Father XV1ll1ams was introduced to the student bodv for the first time at an assembly previous to the East Peoria football game It did not take the students long to realize how fortunate they were in having for a Director Father Williams Due to his wonderful personality and splendid education we feel certain that the name of Spalding Institute will become more renowned under the guidance of Father Williams Wm ""1...-. 4-1-.:.... Rev Iohn Shxels CSV MS Principal Religion After his tlllld year 'it Spdldlng tu 1 ale ytry few who art not famrllar with our p 1nc1p'1l Father John Shlels During his first year 'it Spalding Fathfi was dean of Studies only in 1991 following the departure o Father Shipman did ht bccom principal ln this term besidcs fulfilling th man blndlng duties of his office ht tiught CIEIUISITX religion and trlgonomttry This xvtr becdust nf the ever lncrtaslng iesponslhllitits of his position hc 11m1ted his t aching to itligion Father Shitls will alw ass be rtmemb red fo hrs pdtltnct x ithout which ht would not hiye bten fiblt to do tht ctllt nt ob he has 7 ...d"""' Rev. Iulius Kirchgessner, C.S.V., M.A. Dean of Discipline Rvligiwn, TI'lglJIlUIllL'll'j', Sulicl Ge1wnivli'y . .r W ,Egg Rev' Joseph Caneuu' C's'V' Rev. Lawrence White. C.S.V. M.A. Rvligimm' Spanish. Acliviliws Diwwlui' Rev. Raymond Novacek, C.S.V. B.A. Rvligiun. English, Art, Bli-chanical Dl'21XYlllL.f. Religious Diiwclm' 8 M.A.. M.Ed. Rvligicm, History, Soflalily Rev. Patrick Durkin. C.S.V. M.S. Ri-ligion, Chl-mistry, .-Xdveincs-fl Algvlira. Freshman Fimthall Coach 'is sn.,- Rev Harold Thompson. C.S.V. Rev. Cusm:'APcxul. C.S.V. ' M.A. Religion, English, Athletic Director Rev. Edward Heitian. C.S.V. B.A. Algc-bra, Ge-onivtry, Gun:-ral Mathematics .gi Rm-ligion. Frvnch. English Rev. Maurice Dailey, C.S.V. M.A. Rm-ligion, English, Glvv Club XX Bro. Leo Ryan, C.S.V. M.S. Tl't'ZlSk1I'l,'1'. CUI1lD1l'l'Cl' ii! Nasir' mv Rev. Iohn Monahan. C.S.V. M.A. Religion, Latin -wie:-, , , 'al 4Y""S:alnsO Bro. Ioseph Drolet, C.S.V. B. Mus., B.A. Ba n rl Sister M. Estelle, O.S.B. B.S., M.Ed. Typing Bro. Robert Schofiman. C.S.V. D.V.M., M.S. Biology, Genvral Sciwnct- Mr. Iohn Errion, B.S. Ilusinvss, Physical Education, Ht-ad Football, Basketball, and Basvhall Coach , -..--. ,.. - ' . .gi .- - .uv ff 'Nix ,A 41,7 .abr fu I A ? 3 Mr. Edward Urcmich, B.A. History, Physical Education Assistant Coach Sister M. Geraldine, O.S.B. B.Ed., B.A.L.S. Librarian A welcome pause after the mornings work Bro. Robert Cooney, C.S.V. 1' Bro. Raymond McGee. C.S.V. Q i..,. .Tx,:.. -A 3 S' ,. - xg , R2 ig 'Y' , -ww Bro. Iames Boose. C.S.V. B.A. Bm. Richard Dcukas. c.s.v. A-B- B-5- . BI h' 1 " , Ph ' ' '. vvm-ld History M' Bffvkksevmg SU?l1iHi:1q6gIilUI'?t 5552, English, Latin, Institute Gini Coach Mother Mary Lucllla CSI Prmclpal French Sodahty ACADEMY FACULTY '53 PROVES RECORD YEAR September 3 The Academx optned lts doors to th llrgtst studtnt body m ts tlghtx stvcn xt r hlstorx Thr nlntts flu Stfllfllb one hundud 'ind twtntx Jumors one hundltd and t n sophomorts 'ind ont hundred 'Ind forts fue freshman rtpre sented tlghtten parlshts IH Pto 13 East Pcorla Kickapoo Crut Coeur Metamora Ch1Il1cothe La con and P km To accomodate tht lncreased en rollment the NIus1c and Arts bulldlng for several wars tht homc of the CYC was complttelv rtmod 1 td Th stcond floor IQ Oqulpptd for INUQIC vuth '1 bwxutlfulls 'ippolnttd studlo two IJI"1Ct1f.t rooms 'ind a Iargt sound proof room for choral groups A largt brlght studlo and rooms for tht Summa and Compact staff occupx the f1rst floor Rev I D Shaughnessy Rev R C LlVlTlgSt0I'l Rev E I Phelan Rev C SChlGl'mCm 9? gt .f Relxglon Latm Secretarlal S't'eD' M',C.S.. Sister Mary Norbert, C.S.I. ls I emse une I Sister Gerard Ioseph, C.S.I. Biology English Prefsct of Disciplinv History, Sociology, S1 ter Mary Horte'1s1a CSI Student Council Sister Mmam C S Sister Mary Dorettct C SI H1St0fY Spamsh Latm Cafeterla CLASS MODERATORS Sister Mary Robert, C.S.I. Sister Mary Carlos CSI Szster Rose Cecrlxa C SI Sxster Mary Harold C SI Slster Electu Mane C 51 Sclence Re11g1on Engllsh R911g10I1 Home Economlcs Rthglon English Smith Speech Red Cross 11 Slste Guam Md? 1' Mary Vlcfonq C SI Slstel' MGIY Urbana C S I Slster Mary Cletus C SI S R l S t l lfgZ13emLy'1tE1gmEZr1il1sh Rehgmn Clues Bmlogx e lglcm ecu alla cuncc Slster Clare Edmond C SI Sister Mary Arthur CSI Rellglon Chemlstry Rellgmn Muslc Glen Club Mathematlcs Summa Sister Mary Iulm CSI Slster Mary Plczcld CSI S1 ter Mary Marcla CSI Rellglon Mathematlcs Rrllglon Iltm Sodfrllty Secretalal SCILHCL CSMC 12 Rcllglon Engllsh Llbmllan Mrs Dorothy Reynolds Mlss Rita McL1nden Phg SICHI Educatxon Hump Economlcs Sister M DOHIIHIC C SI Re llgmn NI 11114 maucs Slster Mary Agnetta C SI lgltlll All l nf., IS W' -'Vw' 5 . . I' "' ' I I -.I I . -I, ..- , Re"',r', ' .. .. . ,1"' 'A ,-'Y ,.' 1 1 ,,f Y - L. fy ' ll' I lun: ..' . y I' Y r' X x . A v 4 A I , 1 ' , I.. .r , 42 , 1 RM" , ','1Yl','h . . C l x rl l X ' Y , in I I v. . i . f. XX 2 x ix s E X V sg .xg x in 'Qin SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS At The Academy Laureen Hlbser Treasurer Pat Crrlly V1ce President Jane Hanley Presldc nt Sue Stewart Secretary At Spaldmg Seated Jerry Murphy Presldent John Slevln V1ce Presldent Standlng Jim Cusack Secretary Art Johnson Treasur CLASS OF 1953 The class of .J3 although separated 1n two dlffercnt schools IS closely umted rn class Splflt Rlght after the opemng of school tht blggcst evf nt on the agenda the elcctlon of class offlcers was held by both groups Spald mg clected Jerry Murphy John Slevin Jamts Cusack and Arthur Johnson to govern thenr senior affalrs The Academy chose Jane Han lay Suzanne Stevs art Patr1c1a Lrrlly and Laurctn Hlbser Closely followmg the opemng of the school ye ar was the commencmg of a hlghlv succr ss ful football season Spaldmg had an lIlVlIlClblL team but above all the team won a terrxflc Iomecommg game for the graduates Susan McLaughl1n was elected Homecomlng Queen and relgned over the dance wlth the football kmg Dan Uranlch The f1ght1ng Ir1sh cl1 maxed Its 8 and 2 season by Wlflnlng the clty Champlonshlp for the frrst time slnce 1947 f om Woodruff m the Turkey Day game Football season was no soontr ovtr than lrtskrtball starttd Partlcularly stlmulatlng at tht Spaldmg concert and at all functlons throughout tht war was thc muslc provlded by the new .spaldmg and Acadtmy band Highlighting the holiday vacation was the Senior Christmas dance, the "Holly Hop." Freddy Stevens serenaded the attendants in the Blue Room of the Pere Marquette Hotel. Spalding class president, Jerry Murphy, escort- ed and crowned the Queen of the dance, Mar- garet Keenan, and for the first time in the his- tory of the dance, favors were given to all the girls. Probably the biggest event of the year as far as the class of 1953 and the rest of the student body is concerned was the opening of the Spalding Gymnasium The three quar ter of a million dollar building 1S exquisitely designed in every detail from the combined auditorium gymnasium to the cafrtc r1'1 and youth center The dedication cerrmony was given its final touch when Spaldings basket ball team avenged Alleman in the first game in the new gym Another first this year was the Penny Carnival given by the seniors of the Academy. Besides providing entertainment for many, enough profit was realized to refurnish the Academy reception room. Three other notable things were accom- plished by the senior class. The Spalding sen- iors had fresh flowers put before the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary every week throughout the school yearg gains were also made in the field of journalism. The size of the Institute was increased from four to six pages and the page size of the yearbook was increased Following the Easter vacation the more thcatrically minded presented the comedy Meet Mc in St Louis at the Academy Commencement exercises for the Acad emy June 2 and for Spalding June 3 brings to a close a memorable four years in the lives of the class of 53 H1gheSt Honors At The Academy Valedzctorian Mary Fran ces Hunt Salutatorzan Patricia McDonald argl? 'MHZ' H1gh9St Honors At Spaldlng Valedzctorian Robert Fox Salutatorum Lawrence Tadie We-9" ii H - . . . . . i . . X ' , y Y ' x y . . - . x g X .C ,, ? x . I . ',, . X l ' l . - N x ' - . . . . , x - i , , Y , v y . X . . . - , I 2. n I . I ' Y . f 'fig' , . .mi . I fm f Rgtgk V, ' . F J S. u n - " . S .,-1' ABEL TERRENCE St. Joseph: Summa Stuff 'SZSZ Insti 7 4310 C' lute Stzifl' '53, Czimerzi Club 'BL 'SIL Oh, to be intelligent "HL-'s our earwdiii eliekerf' 41 -63 i if"""x. ,gg FEI si f Wiz' emi "J A? S B 5 A 5 , ' A ARMENTROUT, IDA BARBIER, THOMAS BARTH, HENRY BARTOSIK. MILDRED St. Philomenu: Compziet Staff all St. Ceeiliu: Institute Staff '5IS: Soeizil St, Bernzird. St. Peter: Clubs: Speech '32, Fuluie Active Sorlzility '51, 'SIM Mission Rep. Committee '53: Bowling '31, 'Tvilz -.W .. .,- , , -, ,A 4, . -- Nurses '32, Cain-ei's Calling '53, Month- '5:i, summii Stuff: Clulisz elim-l-i-S emi' Ill1I'2lTTlUI'2llS '50, '51, '53, '5:sq mil' ni. "Ik H Nl' Um' 15 Mun t" Nm' ly 1Iurs"s Dan' 'Sli ing. Monthly Mziifs Daly, '52, '53, --A Cm.l.,., Ch0,-ui,--- "Youthful wisdom, and maturity." "XVit makes its own welcome." 1- "'- ' W 5 - K 'ira2as,'ga -'-- , Hi si, L H fa? , ,, Q 1101-'K A l , 'M ii K .. 23,1-v 2 .:. A ,f 0 , if ::.2i5Z,1,,1g3f: -i....- BIETH. RICHARD BERGEVIN, BARBARA BERRY, LINDA BEST, ALLEN St, Philomena: Bowling '53, St, Mziry: Clubs: Monthly Mary' Szieiecl Henri: Sodality Rep. '32, Ae- St. Bernard: Honor Roll 111: Inixui- Uzealmus but mmdostr-i Dub' '53, Speech '52, Civics '30 iixlil Soflfilit?Lg"vl,c'32. '53:cCiiA,A. '50, murals '32, '53, -- -. V I L -i- - 1 . ,i , .12 .111 'zirrers 'za ing '533 -. ,Z , , 1 , Quill nut i liithlu Pal Clubs: Gund Counsel '50, Spvwh ,EL ingTLlukl1 x:lillfiiiil, lo ilisiim nolli 16 "Guy of ln-aii'L and lmgrlil of KA' A gf ji ,f ,1 . 5 gi, A . 'ivffh . ifiigw ' " - .- AGAN, ARLENE ALIG, RITA ANDERSON, IOSEPH ANGEL, IOANNE St. Philomena: Honor Roll l1l: Mis St, Mary, Metamora: Honor Roll 12m St. Mark: Honor Roll 47M Bowling St. Mary: Artive Sodalily Q51, '32Z sion President '5Ii: Mission Rep. '50, Student Couneil Rep. '52: National Hon- '50. Stimm511Stag: gl1uI'lmaytG1rl0'.m2-:1OpgE- National Honor Soeiety '53g Clulms: or Soriety '5Iig G.A.A. '51, '52, '53 ., X Vh ., S 1. G d dk, t eta ':1.-'5':- PLL U71 '-1. 'D. 'JS Tennis '5o. Monthly Mary's Day '53, Clubs: Spanish '52, '5:s, Library '50 Omg' fxeffdslflc' "F " me S no G.A.A '50, '51, '52, '54, Careers Calling. Ion '51 "A quiet bundle of energy." BASSETT, ANN St. Mark: Red Cross Rep. '50, '51s "On the basketball floor a whiz! BECKER, EDMUND St. Philomena: Football '51, '52g In- Glee Club '50, '51I Clubs: Bios '53 tramurals '50, '51, '52, '5J5. Monthly Mary's Day '5:s. Freneh 'L7' '53, Careers Calling. 52, "Lovely hair and personality to match." BIEDERBECK. DANIEL S-t. Philomena: Honor Roll 14': So- "A worker not a dreamer." X ' QQ rj- ' at sg, Mp. - 1 H qi' 4 E BIGGINS, CHARLES . . Bernard: Honor Roll 11I: Football St iality H131 Glee Club '51, '52, '53: Na- '71, '51Z: Baseball '52, '5Ilg Intramurals 1 '30 '51 'T' 'Tl ltional Honor Society T33 Intramurals 50. '5I. 4 'tif the in-ar: is run of lim-, are is 'AAs man thinks in his heart. so is he " full ol' joy," 17 "Laughter and gayety hide many a serious thought." S E N I O R C L A S S Oh Darling! You say the sweetest things! 05.5 'QW an '22 If you elect me president , '55, f Q ' ' ' f BULLOCK, DAVID St, Patrick: Honor Roll 171: Nation- al Honor Society '52. '53: Summa Staff '53: Intramurals '53g Sodality '52: Glce Club '52, '53: Tennis '50, 52: Social Committee. t'l"olite-ness is the f' 2 3 a child of love," CLEARY. IAMES St, Mary. El Paso: Honor Roll 171 Summa Staff 53: Institute Staff '53 Soflality '53: Intramurals '51, '53 "It ls htttti to it th ct-ix'e." 13 1 X' g'x'- an to S N 'N re- BURK, KENNETH St. John: Honor Roll 121: Intramure als '53, 'They who have the best insight are highly favored. ' ' COMERFORD, PATRICIA KAY St, Patrick: Clubs: Speech '52: Bios '31: Civics '5Il: Careers '53: Monthly Mary Day '53, "When run is brewing, count on lxay, BUSHELL. ANTHONY St, Mark: Honor Roll t5v: Summa Staff 53: Class Officer '52: Quill and Scroll '531 Football '51, '523 Intramur- als '50, '51, '52, '53, "A Fred Astaire in the making." CONLEY. BARBARA ANN St, Philomena: Prom Attendant 512: Active Sodality '52, '53: G,A,A '50, '51, '52, 53: Clubs: Career '53: Monthly Mary Day '53, "Sweet as honey with plenty of heausf' ps.. . -. 6..- , BLEDSOE, EDITH ISL gchnz Courtesy Girl '5lC Clubs Bios 03: Careers 53: Marv Dax' 'Ti Speech 'BBQ Civirs '50, "As natural as a floxxt-I sut-et." CAIN, MAUREEN St. Mark: Student Counri G,A.A. '50, '51 '512Z Glee Cluhs: Speech '5J!: Caivt-rs ly Mary Day '53, mln the midst of mischie there." ff, COREY, MARY IANE St, Mark: Circulation 14, she'll mtl ust Manager Compact '53: Mission Rep. '.w4J: Cluh Career 53: Bios '53: Spt-t-eli '5 Monthly Mary Day' 514. "A warm heart i't't'lec'tt'cl in a SUN! disposition." .gvvwwwx HI. A -. X uw-fixings, """'ao0' f ' , H , 6 M Y E, I . -: , . : 3" I ,ll I 5 Q- 1-we J - : gi 32 - W fezs: 'Gyn I f W 1 . ,' .fri 3 A ' if if ,. V 3- K v 3. 3 A ' .35 A ' '55 i Qld .. X BOUR, RICHARD BOYER. EUGENE BOYLE, GERALDINE BUCKLEY, IOHN St, Boniface: I'onVifi4'z1l Crew '50, '51, St. Bernzxrdg Inlrumuxzils '51, '52. St. Mark: Sorlulity Rep. '54l: Red S. Joseph, Pekin: Honor Roll 1513 GIQ:l, lalgfglnulumuruls "The Hood in men will keep growing Qllflrcglitngl' QS? Wasketllilll '52' '53' Smliul Committee . , ...g ' ,.., .,, .ii J, J, 5-3 :Z J :.g J., "The highest natures are the most buddy' Fmnch ,533 Cmlvm' '53' "He who aims ul high things is responsive." "If life were il howl of Ger1'ys" hiyund fm- succggg, SENIOR CLASS Wh0'5 got the key? CAMP, DAWN CLARK. MARILYN Operetta '51: Cluhs: Art '5U. '51. '52, St. Bonifzxee: Drum Mzljorelte: Cluhs: '5f2: B os '5S5: Czireel' '5I5: Monthly Bios '51: Speeeh '5Slg Careers 2333 Mary Day '51i. ..Iwn'hly Mary Daly '53, "Flowing huh' und duneing feet." "Exe:ls as il mzijoxv,-tie." COURI, BETTY ANN COWIN, IOHN St. Putriek: Business Manzlgez' f f St. Joss-oh: Hi-nor Roll lTf: Intri- Swmma '51-1: Compact Reporter '50: murals '50, -' ,i- "" ' ' -" - 1 1 vs "W, V A Clul'f',SpUfllw ,B1,'lT, 'll' Gino' DU' 4'Beware of the silent IIJI' he alone AI fn 11.5 31.115 Dng 55. knows uhm he thinks." "Never lou busy In smile." 19 CRAMER. DARLENE St. Ceeilia: Mikado Scenery '5 Summa Staff: G.A.A. '50, '51: Canta '51, Clubs: Art '50, '51, '52. '53. "Painting herself a rosy future." All right, you mean boysg let my dear little angels alone. CUSHING, DAVID Sl. Mark: Honor Roll til: Summa Staff: Instituto Staff: Football '51: In- tramurals '50, '51, '52, '53: Glee Club '51. "I may regret my speech but never my silence." DONLAN. IOHN St. Bernard: Honor Roll lllvg Baseball '51, '52, '53: Intramurals '51, '52, '5Il: Institute Staff '52, '53. "There is no formula for thc dis- covery of truth." 20 ,.. 1 3 V 'vvv Q lsr A -fm 1, 'V 4 , -as at I ll U1 DAWSON. PHYLLIS DELANEY, RICHARD DERSCH. HENRY St T-lark: Civics '5ll: Speerh '52: Si. Cecilia: lifvvsling '51: Intramurals St. Cecilia: Honor Roll :Tv Careers Calling '5Jl: Monthly Mary Day '51: Glee Club '51, '52, '52l: Social murals '50, '51: Summa Staff. '53, Committee '52, l-Bill' Stall- '52, '515v: -Pontifieal "Honest and sincere." "Sometimes serious. sometimes smil- 'll' ,-'ll' 332' 53: 5f'l"'ni',l H"n"' ing, always friendly." 0191? Qulll and 50" "Still water runs deep." DOOLEY. KATHLEEN DOUGHERTY, GERALD DOWNING. IO ANN St. Philemena: Summa Staff: Alon'h- St. Mark: Intramurals '5rl. '51, '52, St, Joseph: Glen- Club '5ll. '51, '52 ly Mary Day '53: Clubs: Biology '5llg '53, G.A,A. '5ll. '51Z: Clubs: Spvveli '51, '52 Speeeh '511 Career Calling '53, ..-I-U ,in ,',-wk Um, IUYUS is in M, help' Civirs "ll: Career Calling '53, Monthly "Barrels of laughter. . . tricks ga- pg." Mary Day 5.4. lore." "Carefree and gay. just plain J. D,' , L 5 Vi f Q ' , N Q Q5 Sv 1. X , 'Wi 1 1 CRILLY, PATRICIA CRUTCHER, IOHN CURRO. IOSEPHINE CUSACK, IAMES St. Pvtvr: SI. 15:1-mlan. New York St, Cecilia: wt. 191-dv Aram-niy '50, St. Bernard: Clubs: Bius'5l:Sp0u1'li Sl. Hi-rnard: llunor Roll 171: 1-'mils 1'i.y fill: Svniur Class S1'c'i'i'1al'5': Smlal- llvin-ir Roll 131: Summa Stall' '5I1: In- '52: Carvvr '5Zl3 Mary Day '53, ball '50, '51, '5L2: liaskcilrall '51, ily lli'pl'oscn1zi1iYv '51: Avlivc Sudalily stilulc Staff '5Jl: Quill anfl Srrull '5JS: "A kn1H'k fur willy 1-,immfksy '52, '5Sl: Baseball '50, '51, '51 '555Z '51, '52, '5Z43 Troasurcr Nurse-s Club Intramurals '50, '51, '52, '5ii: Buwling ' Summa Sta1f'51S: Xv1l'l'1'l'l'S1I1l'Y'l1 0I'N21- S4'c'rvlai'y '5I5: Clubs: G.A,A, '51, '51, 511, '53, liunal Honor Suvivly '52, '5Il: Class '52, '5Zl: lawns '512: Spanish '52, 5515 --mvus mum. tht. um-ld gn l.Hund.-- U1'1ici'r '52, '53, Mary Day 5.4. "Always a Clover Cumohavk. 9? ,f' V ,.,. ,.,.. v 2 ,E rv --'- Q, ,I ,S ' , Y h 5 :5 , 'i ' an 'SS' -'K Um H' V 42-.455 DICKERSON. IOHN DOLAN, MARY AGNES Sl. H1lF1l1'1lL'1'I liuwlinpg '51, '52, '53, Clubs: Civirs '51l: Bins '51: Spvvvli Intramurals '52, '53, '5D: Caron-r '5J4: Mary Day '53, "Bust liappinvss is livaltli ul' liuarl "Hur smile rings a musival nu1c." ami mimi." as , TQ fm Q Y? 9 ff' DOYLE, ROBERT DUKE, MARGARET ANN St, Patrirk lllvo Cluli '52: Baml '53, St, Hornarili Mission l1s-p:'vscnta11x'i- .. , .- . , . . 'f ' " ' ' -- 'f"' Clulisi A pull- and simplv hi-all rlianxfv-s fn' ,ffm ,4'-'mfnfukf A I I ,,,,, ml.-S pulsuns into m0, sp.-1-1 li ml. Lalovx 5.1, 31.115 Day 5.1, "l'nisv :xml pzillviivv lu lvuinf' .., ...i "An alhlulic hurric'anu." SENIOR CLASS llflio said chivalry is dead? Tune in tomorrow-Will Iohn marry Marcia? FARRELLY, IAMES St. John: Honor Roll 4T': Summa Staff '5Z3: Instituto Stall' '5I4: Social '5U: Compact Staff '51: G.A.A. '5U: Commitlcv '52, '5Z4: Class Ufficor '52: Clubs: Glev Club '50, '51: Future Intramurals '5ll. '51, '52, '5Z4: National Nursus '5LZ. '5Ji: Monthly AIary's Day Honor Sorivty '52, 'Sli 'fill "The thinker is never lonely," "Quiet charm you can't resist." St. Mark: Student Council Trt-asurcr if A 3 , x DUNNE. GERALD Sl. Patrick: Honor Roll IGI, "Thurc is no higzlwr qua ' Q lim-ss." FEENEY, SHARON FINNEGAN, DONALD St. Bernard: Honor Roll 171: Summa Staff '53: Instituto Staff '52, '53: Pon- tifical Crow '50. '51, '52. '53, National Honor Soviety Se0I'etary '52, '53: Social- 7 ity Prefcvt '51i: Glu' Cluli '51.. '53, "A true thought outweighs a for- tune." FISCHER. SHIRLEY St. Thomas: Artivv Sotlality '52, '53Z Summa Staff '52-1: Stamp Committvc '5Jl: Cluhs: Puturt- Nursvs '53s Bit-loqy '5Il: Monthly Maly Day '5Zl: G.A.A. 551. "Nh-rry as thc month ol' Flay," Q 1' ff-4 'R FRANKEN, IOANNE GARDNER, LUCILLE GEIER, LOUIS GILTNER, IMELDA St. .lost-ph: Upvrutta '51. '52: G.A.A. St. Bt-rnard: Honor Roll 131: Nation- St. Monic-a: lI'l1I'ill'TlLlI'i1lS '52, '53, Si, .lohnz Clubs: Gloo Clul: '5o. "vi '5Zi: Clubs: Cl00Clul1 '51, '52: Monthly al Honor Soriety '53, Cood Counsel -A V ., ind, --11 ik, Q' Symcvrli '52: Spanish '7... 'TI Mary Day '5?l: Cart-L-rs Calling '53, 1,413 Mission flop, '52: iumma Stall' DSI E:?gl'5:,miifW:lIff1 ml L Nm LMI L-Hlllng '5Z5: Monthly Mary Day "Dimp1eg and cherry Qhsggkgf' 'Q33 S'flilllf5' RUP- .533 AFUW-' fUfl2illlY "Spt'f'lal to many . . , .A fricntl it nn. '52, 21:41 cam- Club. no, nz, 1,113- Till. "A fzrarvful sinrerity dwolls in u merry heart." -wi DUNNE, RICHARD EASLAND, KAY S2 Patrirkz Bowling '52, '555: Intra- St. Bernard: Intramurals murals '54l, '51, '52. '5Il, '53, 'Top notch on any list." "Virtue is like at raro sta plain set." 3 EVERETTS, MARY ANN '50, '5l. St. Peter: XX'ooflrul'f high school '5lJg Clubs: Caron-rs Calling '55l: Monthly mc, host Mary Day "I-Ivvryday tasks slit- muvts gm-ntlo way." I gl ' K' 1 asia FOLEY, FRANCIS FOX. ROBERT St. Patrirk. Washington: Honor Roll St. Bvrnarrl: llonor Roll l7+: Valwliv- till: Rowling '52, '52l: Intramurals '51, torian: Sfirial Committvv S5152 East-hall "Good things roms- in small parlv V341 Ifllufnlurfflf "I" "li M'tl"n4ll ugvs-'Y llonor bovis-ty 5.5. "Knowlvclgt- is thc lliglivst powcrf' form ol' if 'Ae -476 2 , ,Q it ,R 5? GOANE, IOHN GRIMM, IOANN St. Vhilomona: Intramurals '50, '5l. Sam-rvd Ht-art: Clulvs: llistory 5.3: '52, '533 Institutv Stall' '5Ii: Bowling Spa-rrli '5Jl: Cart-t-rs Ca ' ' .i.', Al. --fu! "Tho svr'rs't ol' style' is llw high thought aml purv lvl-ling." 0, quit-t. and rlcw-r." .4 FARRAHER. FRANCES St. Patrirk: Honor Roll 15m National ll-inor Sorit-ty '5Il: Artivu Smlality '52. '513: Band '5Z4: Red Cross Rmp. '533 in A tj,fx,A.g'50, '51: Cluhs: Ions '52g Latin JL., '5I. SENIOR CLASS Witli all those books, whom are you trying to ool K 4 0 1 Exam day. rw N is HAGEMANN, KATHLEEN 'ft R'vnl1'u"r-: Glen Cluh Style Show '50: Clubs: Biongx Spvvrh '53, "Soma-limus q u i ol , lv u moody." K. HESSLING, CHARLES HESSLING, SUZANNE HEYD, CHARLES HEYL, HARRY St, Bernard. St, Josvph: Glu Club '51, '512: Clubs: Sl, Bernard: Honor Roll VTP: Football St. Mark: Honor Roll 'TH Glu L H Y V , A. I Chemistry 53: Biulngy 'ggi puma. 'my' '31, '52: Imramurals 50. '51, '33, '523 Instituto Staff '51, 'BZZQ Quill md mucxf, "ho knows hlmwlf' kmms Nurses '5:a. jx, Glclgbclub '52, '53, Sumnla srflrf sf-1-U11 '52, azz, ' '33 p"mlf'f'a1 CNW 00- 51- 'UQ' 'J-5' "Truth cruslwzl to L-4:1111 xxlll :sm "Best foot forward. ' ' Nzltionul Honor Suri:-ty '53. 'AA true son of tho gridiron," ' gfzr me-r-f ugzlin. " ls KA . HOERDEMAN, CHARLENE HOLLIS, MARY ANN HOULIHAN. IAMES HUNT, MARY FRANCES St. Ccriliu: Mission Rep, 'Blu Rc-rl Sv, IR-1-lliu' Stylc Show 'Blk Christ- 521. Vllilomvnzxz Bowling '50, 'Sip SI.Thomz1sg llunoI'Rl1ll1TI X lluln Cross Rep. '52: "Blum-lmu:'zl" 'Twflz masPlz1y '3L2: Sp:-of-h Clull '52, ln11':umumls'5ll. '51, to1',:1ng Nzltionnl llonor Socntx SUV' Shml' '51 --A Sgr-11 girl U, knuwj- --Happy iw luvkv.-v S'VIl2llltj' PI'C'l,l'f'l full: Sl'll2llll3 Ntllt "Always a helping hand to lend," V . 53, N.m-l-Jmflzlliib' 'N' 53. fl Nils slon Rep. ':11: Compuvl Stuff M ul Library Asst. '51: Clubs: Lzxtln m ui Art '52: I.ilxrnry 'Sli "Ions "ln wit zulull . . , humilllx lcnlml HANLEY, IANE St. Mark: Honor Roll 1413 Svniur I C.z1s,: lrosiflt-nl: Junior Cizxss Offim-z': Rt-tl Cross llvjv. 'Bill Glcc Cluh fill, Q13 G.A.A. 'Bog Future Nurses Clulm .l,'. '4Shc'i1 liztvu suvccss in all sho tries." HIBSER, LAUREEN St. Fhilomcnat: Honor Roll fir: Troo- surcr of Sc-nior Class: Prom Cttvt-n -- . ,, , - Altcnflzint '5LI: Busincss Mztnziggr of ,l.l,3om'U' mul not M MIM I" "V Compact 'msg s-,utility Rt-p. 'Bop stu- A ' ' flont Coumvil Rc-p. '513: Clubs: Futun- Nursrs '52, 'BSL "Likvzihlc :incl lovclyf' IRELAND, MARGARET MARY St. Burnurd: Honor Roll Ili: Sumzvu Swift' 'BILL Avtivo Sodality '51. '52, 'Fnflg Mission Svvrotzirv '32: Sfudtnt Coun ll Svr'rt-tary '51: Mission Rep, '53, HSXK'L'0t, smart, und stylish." HARRMANN. CAROLYN HARTNETT. DAVID St. Moniva: Clubs: Spc-och '523 Biol- St. Ccriliu: Honor Roll 131g Footlmll ogy :fill Futurt- Nursvs 523 "Blues '523 Baseball '52, '33, 'Mfd -333 Chmfmfls may 023 Style "Without suvrificc, noble life is im- Show '.i1. possible' -- 4'Lots of fun in evvry way." .. HOBIN, GERALD St. Philomenu, -H10 X IACOBS. DONALD St. Bcrnard: Honor Roll :Sag Intra- nuxxils 'Stl '51. '5Il: Institute Siufi 'Bl 'BIL 4'l,f-vc of tru'h is tht- lmsis ot' chair- zivtt-t'." 25 f' HEINZ. DAVID St. Mary. Kickapoo: Honor Roll l6v '4Fzimv hovvrs over the brow of those who look bvyond how." SENIOR CLASS The snake pit. Looks Hkc the person I used to date 'GST Qc' 44 Q 56. . . 'K K 1oHNsoN,ARTHUR St. Philomena: Honor Roll 471: Sum- ma C0-Editor: Institute Staff '51, '52 '5Z5: National Honor Society '51l: Quill ' anrl Scroll '52, '53: Class Offirvr '531 Suclality Treas. '5Z5: Glee Cluh '5LZ. '53, Intramurals '50, '51, '52, '53, "lf the mind is rivh. tht- man is rich." wwf KELLY, IOANN KENNEDY, THOMAS KENNY, FRANCIS KES!-INER. EARL V- St, Patrivk:v Clul1s:HSp0t-C11 '522: Bins St. Mary: Intramurals '51, '52, '53, St, Patric'k:,Instjtutv Staff '5JS: Intra- Honor Roll 471. "V I'Utu"0 Nurses 92' "Half won is match well made." murals 31' ng' 'M' "Tho best men are matic by hard "A laugh is the same in any lan- "Thvre- is nu jay but in ht-ing uso- xx-ark." guage." ful." .f A. -,-,, .... , W,-'Y rr:-'v-' ., Vw x 1, 'Q KOEHLER, ROBERT KOERNER. PHYLLIS St. Mary. Sl, Mary: Compact Fe-ature Editor UTM, lruumo ig Small, thi, 1-un is '5IS: Bowling '5IlZ Clubs: Bir1s'51: His- gu,m--- ' ' ' ' tory '52, A quiet worker, " KOEPPEL, IAMES KSYCKI, ROSEMARY St. Bfmnifarv: Orrhvstra '50, '51: Art Si. B'1n1'at'e: Cumnaut Rt-pwrtcr '5!g Club '51 '53, Compact Mako-up Edilm' '5Il: Clubs: -ATI . ,t.mi.,l muah. mm,QU.0 -1 Futurv Nurses '5JS: Gund Cuunsvl 'Bug it J 1 . , , . , It Iunrz DJ. "Shu makt-s l'rit-mls in hor mvn quict way." A .. 1' IOHNSON. WALTER St. .Ioscph 'tllc walks as it' llc trolls upon 4-gigs." IONES. NANCY St. Mary: Sodality Hcp. 'Blk Activt 7 :lotlality '31, '31., Twfl: Clubs: Bios '3l: French 'SICQ Good Counscl '5tlg G.A.A, '50, '51, '31 Htln hand whcn good timcs arc cook- ing." KNIGHT, CAROLE KOCHER, KENNETH St. llcrnavrlz Rcll Cross Rep. 'Blk St, Joseph: Honor Roll 12t. Iiaskt-1. Clubs: Ifuturc Nurscs '52, '33 Prcs.: hall '53, spew" ""Z BMS 'U' 'Fair xxottls ncvur hurt thc tongut-." "Dancing cycs and fricndly fca- turcsf' W r X W X LAFEBER, GERALD LAHOOD, EUGENE St. Vllilornt-nal Football '51. 'SEL In- Sl. Jost-ph: Camera Club '52, '31 l"f'nH'V:"S ""' '71' "L 'M' "Thc hcst way to kt-cp good acts 'AA smflc may lac full ol' cncouragc- mcmory if. to .1-t'ra-sl' them," mcnt. tllligcncc. anti lovcf' .,-- ..l in If t 2 5 ' VIS KAYLOR. IUDITH KEEFE, KATHRYN St. Philomcna: Honor Roll ttvz Stu- St, Bt-rnarci: Mission Hcp. img Rt-ti tlcnt Council Rvp. 'Twill Chccrlcadcr 31. Cross Hcp. 'Eli Glcc Clulw '31, 'T-12: tlpcr- '12, '5Il: Accordion Band '5IS: Flulms: 4-lla 'SLZQ Stylc Show '5l: Spt-4-ch Clull Spccch '52l: Ions 'EIGL Carccrs 'BSL '33, "Pep in a small packagt-," "l'hal'min7,: and tlainty on hcr tous." SENIOR CLASS Oh happyday! 'GYM ' .f , '55, ff it f . M, - v Y 5, , 3. if ti x tl LAROSCHE, CARL St, Philomc-na: Intramurals '50, '51 Hlloncst lalmr hears a lovely faccf It looked extremely "rocky" .... K-. LEUALLEN, HARRY Sacred Heart: Honor Roll 42l: In- tramurals '50, '51, '52: Bowling '5H: Glcc Clulm '51 "Not a man of iron, but of live oak," LYLE, WILLIAM MCCLUHAN, IOHN MCDONALD, PATRICIA St. Thomas: Intramurals '50, '51, St. Edward, Chillicothe, St. Joseph. Pekin: Honor Roll 4tlv: Sa- '51J: Rowling '30, '51, .JI-he men of amion must tmwm. lulatorian: Nationalkllonor4Socic1y 'TV31 i'What should a man do but he tm-mselves into the full stream of Q"'E'!l1"V,5F1mmfl "A: "5ft'W',.f"'if'!l'y merry-vw href- 11. n'2. ,MZ Qpcrctla .u1. .w..: hlcc Cluli '50, '51, '02, H1241 lvllllllil G.A,A, 11: French '33, "Smart as can he and just as frienrl- MCQUELLON, NANCY MALONE, MARY KAY MANNING, MAUREEN MARINI, MARLENE St. QIax'y:Style5how'50, '51, Clubs: St, Philomena: Honor Roll 171: St. Patrick: Honor Roll 13m Na- St. Edward, Chillicotht-: filet- Clulx Bios 212: Nurses 'nl Natiwnal Honor Society 'Blix Man- tional Honor Society '52S: Compact '50, '51, 'SLEL Bowling 'Bit Compact --Makes all Smile w1-,Qney,s.,- S1155 aging Editor of Compact '33: Sodality Editor '32i: Sodality Representative '51, '31: Clul---: Nurses 'Biz Rios 'fiiig So- aroundf' llepresentativc '50: Red Cross Repro- 52: Compact Reporter '32, ciology '33, W,n'?lI'W "V Pfam Amxnmllt V231 "Business not-S hand in hand with 'tlww of humor :Iwi ol' urzlumt-nt." XIHZSIUTI Treasurer JLJ1 Cluhs: Bios '.w1: fun and mugmvr H Latin Till: Nurses '32, 'Sill Chemistry ' 'BSL Z8 "A friendly manner and a pleasant XY 21 X M '::.sf .jf f I . .. 95 445. li-I ,Q 'W 5- Q 4 I . 4. S. .. r xi A vi, 4 .:.:, Q ' 5 1 if 1 Q Q ' Q Y F 5 E ' .,... , . fa 23' S I' I' LARSON, LAWRENCE LARSON, LOUIS LEE. DIXIE LONG, IOHN Sl. U-f'll1.lg llllnll: Rwll 43.3 lzllxxllmg SI. L1-4-illglg llflnlwl' Hull ll': llmxqng SI. Many Slyll- Slum 'Tulg Klum: Sl. l'.lll'l4'k1 I-'lv-llll.nIl Tal. 2'-3. lnlm' 'SL 'ELL 'Tu.Z. 'T-l. 32: lnlrzulmnzlls full, Tvl. '32, full. lllslury' 'fill limlnggy 'SIL murzxlx Tull. 'SIL "Km-vp jlllll' In-ml :ami XULII' lu-.ul ulll AVI Um' 'M' "l'vIi1v m I'lj.flll't'. slylnll in mlrcw. "llL1p1m- HI bully :xml lu-nr'l." lu-vp yllu. MCGRAT " "Ili s XIIIIIPH un' l'zl1'n- lrul nut ll-xx. H, COLLEEN MCLAUGHLIN, SUZANNE SY. Nlzlzlc. Sl-nlzllxlx 'T-H1 Ulm- Clulv Sl. C1-1'1l 11: lrlrmwxlllv lllgxr v'l1v-I' 'l . fm: Clullf: Spzmlflx 'Tv1. "ull: l'l'll"l'Yll14'. Ill. 'Twill H1lI11L'4'HlIIlU5l QUK'-'ll Swm-'ll 233. lli-xlHl'5 53: lllwlHI15 ful. 'TwL': Clulms: l-'utlvxv Mum-s ALJ. 'full . ., - ,- 'f-:V : . - '5-v 'jjq "l,mw llln- :lull llvvx ll xxvll. l""1"l'5 "M Illmll H' ' MARME, "A sum-I luv full ul' lsluglllul' .lull lun." iii . M. BERNADINE MARSH. ROSEMARY S' lla-rnzml: Stullwnl f'HL1ll1'll livpxv- Sl. lS4lx1iI'm'm-: S1310 Slum 31. fllllwl -1-'l'..l1xv 'SH Kllvv Clull full, ful. 312: m.lN Vwrwn-11 "wl. Clulvx: flwul l'ul1:l--l "Kl1k:l:lu" '31, "Sxu-rllwzllly' "ml: 'img Syn-4-vll Tll: lllfw 'fvfl 'VN' INN 'll "HV llllll- Fmlull. llul xvly l.ux'gv lvl "llglpp5 gl, luvliy .nl xxllrlq I nl lx:-1111" plzlyf' 221 SENIOR CLASS Hc1lbr'rt's having a ball. ' 1 ,A MARTIN TERRENCE 5:4 'Alt is seldom that virtue and , l g? A sr. Mark. H f 1 ness settle on one man," Watch out for splinters. MILLOY, WILMA LOU St. Boniface: Projection Crew 52: Biology '53. "Always anxious to share with others. ' ' ' 5 'f it i ' " . 5- 5: . '- fig Q' X 9 A ' L3 it fm 'lx H ifi.-2 lf. .a 1 its ,V MURPHY, LAWRENCE St. Mark. "A man of sound and composed mind." r'f"' zg:,:.f.. 3: :,5g:::',g5, if . sw? Q 3 5 X P Q ..-.. MIRANDE. IOSEPH MITCHELL. ANTHONY MORRIS, IEANNE '?t.v..lohg11 klflofioa Roll gl: Football St. Maryf Intramurals '51. St. Philomena: Clubs: Future Nurses 'J , fl.: 'gs e-in . , '5:sp Base- on is only in solitude a man belongs '5:sq Biology '31, 'fall 'll' 32' 335 National Honor SO' to himself." "Hurd work is allways l'uwzi:'do1l." cicty '53. "The Cyuno 01' the athletic squads." MYATT, IOHN NAHAS, IOHN NAUMAN. MARY ANN St, Philomena: Bowling '52, '53: St. Mary: Tennis 232: Intramur- St. Fhilomena: Prom Queen 52: Civ- G-'lf '51: Glee Club '51. '52, '539 Sum- als '50, '51, '52: Glee Club '52, '53: ics '51: Biology '51: Speech '52: G,A.A ma Staff '53: Social Committee. Sjimmji Staff '5Q: Institute Staff '51, '50, '51: American History '52 --self truth is the first secret of '02 '031 Band 00- f-Quick. friendly. and nom," success." "A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck." ,Q .. r A - Jr t , 5 A 2 st Mm , I , Q, K I P Zi E f Ml-IUSHARD, ROBERT MECI-IAM. IANE MEISENHEIMER, MARLENE METZ, IUDITH ANN St. Cccilia, St. Philomena: Sodality '51: Glee St. Joseph: Summa Staff '5Ii: Com- St. Philomona: Compact Staff '51g --L01 an things 1,0 dune dwcntly Club '31, '52: Clubs: Clothing '51g pact Staff '50: Glco Club '31, '511: Glen- Club '50, '31, 512: Clubs: Spanish ,md in ,,m,,.r-H Spanish Trcas. '52: Spanish 53. Operetta"5'1, 532: Clubs: Spanish '5L5: '32, '5Il: Bios 'Sli History '52, --Full of glmd cheer-H lice-presldentW'.n2g Bios .mfg Opurctla -.Small but active in every way-., if ' if MOUNTS, WILLIAM St, Patrick: Honor Roll 121: Football '51, '523 IHIHIITIUIZIIS '50, '31, '52, 'SIL The licart we bcar within us makes us man." S215 1' 'Qi NEWCOMER. GEORGE St. Mary. "Thc fincst edge is made with the blunt whutstonef' 03: Speech 02: History JZ. "Her eyes tell a story of love, life, and fun." f St K 5. A, 53' , 'fill' ' MURPHY, IERMIAH St, Philomcna: Institute Staff '51, '32: Editor '53: Summa Staff '53: National Honor Society '53, Quill and Scroll '52, '33: Class Officer '533 Social Committee 'tHe never thinks himsclf apart from his fellow men." , ww-1 NORMAN, THEODORE St. Bernard: Honor Roll 1513 Bowling: "The superior man is slow in work and honest in Conduct." Methinks we need a 'fponyn SENIOR CLASS Where lasting friends are made Home coolcirf? O'BRIEN. IOHN St, Bernard: Honor Rull 411 '51, Intramurals '52, "ll.xppinc-ss is a pleasure une never need repent." 5 s PILON, ESTELLE PIO, YVONNE St. Thumas: Sudality '51, '52, '53, St, Joseph: Glee Cluh '51, '512g Oper- Qlee Club '50, '51, '52, '51S3 Opervtta Utta '51: Bins '5I4. 51, ,will Gmail Sfuunscl Club 'Wi "Niro tn he natural, when one's G,A,A. '50, '51, '52. "She sings as sweetly as an angel." D RISCHAR. CHARLES St. Thomas: Hunur Rull till: Intra- murals '50, '51, "He who has lived quietly and ull svurt-ly has lived well." naturally nice." POWERS, MARY ANN St. Philumena: St. Marys Academy, RAHN, ROBERT St. Mary, Kiekzapuug Hiiniwr N21UVU1t- ill, 50- '51IWS0diiliiy '53 '533 "Simple thought is his utmust skill. Humeenming Queen 52: Summa Staff '5Z4: Clubs: Latin Pres, '52: Speech '53, "A cheerful face shows a happy heart." w S Q f Q. ROBERTS, IOAN RYAN, IAMES ST. GERMAIN, IAMES St, Mark, St. Philumenag lflonrn' Roll 4A2u: ln- St. Philiimi-nh: Intramurals '51, .Laughing Clwtwulncss throws sun- stitute Sta,tf"51, '52, '53.:'If1m'lvlI1g '5243 Bmvling '50, '51, '5L!. light on all the paths of lite." B,?'lbu11 DJ' Immmumls JU' "L "-3' "Tis' immortality tu miie aspiring. Du. "Show me what thou readeth su l may know thee." O'NEII.. IOI-IN xx 51 5111. 111,11 2' is 1 S ff' Q ORTH, RICHARD 1111 1'2lIT1U1'i11S 'vll' is l1w, 1111 lam' ST, l'l11111m1-nu: 111111v11' 111111 12111 In- Si, 121-1'11111'11: 1-7111111111 'WI' "11 "1"' 11'i1l11L1I'1l1S 511, 'T11, '52, 'BIS1 Instituu- 11z1sk1-1114111 '51, '52, 511111 'f11, '30, '51, '52, '33, "xV11l'11 work 1111s 111-11111111 :1 11111111 "Il1- wl111 111 111IT15 1-no is 11151 witlv-ut i1.." 11.1111 111- m-1-fi," RASHID, AMELINE RINGNESS, THOMAS St, .l11s1111l13 111111111 H1111 121: N111iv11111l St, B1-1'n111'rl, Ilonur 111111 1151: l-'-1111- lI11n111' 511111-ly 'iiiz A1-11111-1115' tTl1'l: 1.1-11 111111 'I'11. T121 1n11'a1m111':1ls Tn, '51, '31, i'1'11ss l':'1-xiclont 'Ritz lla-11 Cruss R1-111'c- '3Zl: 51117117121 S1:11'1' '11, A1f.1s..111t 1111-,117 s1-n1:11iv1- 'SIL '31, fl: 111-c l'l11l1 '30 1111111 F11111l:11ll 01:11-11, -'1-H31 U11l'l'1'1T4l -11- -,fi 1"'f'm AY' "A 111-11l111y 1111111 111 11 111-1111115 wnllnnv 7112: 11111111 C11u11s1-1 T101 Klum: 151115 '52, "1,ux'1-ly 111 111411: 111: 111-11g.'111I'111 111 11'1'1v.', " RJR SAUER, MARY LOU SI, NI:11'k: 11IDI'14P1' 111111 111: l'1111'11.11'2 1111115'," 11 ,I 3 12135911 N., 5 M1 SCHAUB, THOMAS S2 IX1:11'5', Ki1'1ca1y1f111: 11'1n1' 111111 111, 1 'T1I1: Avliu- S1-11211111 711. '51, 'TMI 1 XA 111 11 1' 111111 I1 111 ,,, 4 ,,., .nm :1, 41-11- '31-1: 12111111 l'11unsL'l 'T1Il: 111-IS 'f11: 1.1- l11'111'5' '51, "ll1-1' 1'l11-1-111'uln1-sf lx 11111sI:1111l111g." "1 11111 111111-1111-11 1'111' 11'1Yi1111 14111111 11'IlK'11i'I.. 111111 ,g.11111 1'1'1k'Y1 5 FI ' j , ff' OVERBECK, SHIRLEE PERKINS, DAVID Sl, t'1'1'11i:1: S111111'11l f'1lllI11'l1 Ro111'1-- S1, 'I'11c1m:1s: Honor H1111 4131: In11"1- :1'n1:1lix'1- '5111 51111111111 Stull' 'f1I1: G11-v murals '50, '51, '52, 'Slip Glu' Clul1 Clul. 'Mi Cluns: Civir' '71Hg Bins 'Sly '32, '53, 5p"""'1 'M' "T1101'1' is nothing ill 111211, F2111 dwoll "I-In1.:z1y,:ing as am Ulf." SENIOR CLASS Sure is interesting, huh jack? Look out, l'f1fIf'S 1c1tZc'11i11g, ,vp .Jo if W .fm , 1 SCHEMMEL, MARY St. Philomenrtz Wausau Senior High School '51, '51Z: Carnival Queen At- tendant '5I3: Clubs: Speech '53, "Deep in voice --V light in heart." Doing a rushing business? ,Ar 'WSW titer... SCI-IMIDT, Ioszrn "I leave not till I finish this lair quest," SCHULTZ, IEAN pact '53: Glec Club '50: Clubs: Span- ish '51, '5fZ: Speech '52: Bios '51, "Horses 4 her favorite pastime." St. John: Active Sodality '51, '53: Advertising Manager of the Coin- SCULLY. CONSTANCE St, Thomas: Honor Roll 1-ll: Summa Co-Editor: Vice President of Student Council: National Honor Society '5I3: Active Social-ty '51, '52: Clubs: Speech '5,5: Bios '51: Latin '52: G,A.A. '52: SCHURTZ, FLORENCE St, Thomas: Compact '53: Junior Class President '52: Active Sodality '52: Glee Club '51: Mission Rpresenta- tive '51: Student Council '5tl: G.A.A. '52, HEX-CI-Vi,1,m--5 fl-icmij' Career '53: Projection Crevv '52, "Makes many friends and keeps them." S SHEA, PATRICIA ANNE SIMCOX, DONNA SLEVIN, IOHN SMITH, BEVERLY ANN St. Mark: G.A,A. '50. '51: Glee Club St. Cecilia: Sodalitv Representative St, Mark: Honor Roll ltirg Football St, Marv: Clubs: Bios '5!: Glee L '51, '52, '5IS: .lunior Class Officer 512: '51: Artive Sodality '51: Red Cross '50, '52: Intramuials '50, '51, '53, '51lg '50, '51, President of Speech Club '523 President Rep, '52: C,A,A. '50, '51, Summa Stall Co-Editor '53: President -- -. . . .. - ,. H .. of Glu- Cluly '335 Cipel-Q-1121 '51, '5133 .,ClM,0I,ngSS in mpsulk, 1-mm H National Honor Society '52, '5Zlg Quill Quilt Ami sh? WMM Ami Mull' Library Club '52, '55, ' and Scroll '5Ii: Class Officer '52, '5l3: "The center of mirth," 34 Assistant Freshman Football Coach, "Few things are imposible to dili- gence and skill." fl . .11 -1 , 11 K 1 A1 11 E 1 x fi m. 118 11" 'I 15 ,iff 7, R 11' 5 Q' 4 M E 11 1.1 1 ' Y 1 ,.,. ..,. - - 11, ,..,.. , .1 ,.. 1 1' 1 1 1 1 , 11? 111 11? ' ,Y 12 SCHIERER, DELBERT SCHIFELING. RICHARD SCHLEHUBER. CLARENCE SCHLINK. MARGERY S1, 1'1111111111-11115 1l111ilIT'1LlI1115 '50 '51, S1 111-1'11.11'11: l1111'z1111L11'111x '52, '5I1, S1, John: 111111111' 111111 1311: Ir111'11:1iL11- 51, 111-111:11'11: 111111111' 111111 1211 5111- '52. '5Z1, "111- 1, 11,l.Hlk,I. mlm Um. kn,M11.,111k. 111s '51l, '51, '52, '5J1: A121I11l!l1'I' 7111, 1111111 l'1111111'11 1'1'1-511111111 'f1I1:1111r11111'1'1a15s UHUHUI, MVS In hnmwi mil--1 Mr mm.-1" " '51, Y11'1-1'1'1-511111111 '521 8111111-111 01111111-11 "'I'111' mam 111.11 11111511115 lx 11111 1111111- fjf"Y"'T11l'5' -12: N:1111111:11' 1111n111' 5111-11-15 41,1-uw!-' .1.I: 1.11-v 111111 .11: 111111s: Art .122 1.111111 '52, 111115 '512 N11151-5 '5Z1, "Thu 1ll'1'S1'1111.l1'll111111 111' 111-1'51111z11111." ina ' . ' Y 5' V Clmrlcy K m y llllfllll :- ' 5' 11 SHAFER, ROBERT 51, 11x'1'I1il1'11. I11111111' 111111 171 1'.111111' X111--1'1111'1'1'1 'Sill 1.211111 N'1'111l ,1,13 111 N111 L111' 811111 '52, 51111111111 S1:11'I' '1"' I1111"111111"1Is "11 1 .-i. 111111-, .411- 11111 521: 52. 111 1111-:1w ls 111 111ll1i1' 11111-N141 .1-'11'11v Or SHANAHAN, PHILIP 51, 111111112 111111111' 111111 1211: 1111171111111- .1I-L '541 ,111111 5111111-N15 Ii 1111- 111's1 1'X1111'r11'1' 111 s1'11N1'." IWW wr' YW SMITH, LAWRENCE SMITH, REGINA SI, '1'111'11:1N: 1111941-1111111 ',1,, 1 S1 1'1'1'11:.1, Y.11111n,1g 111111111 S111'1u15' 1711111111111 '52, '51, 1'1111'1.1"T '32 "HY: ,X1-1"11'111--11 11.1311 "1,1-' 11111 11-111':1 111 x1-1- 111111 N 11x 553- I'1'1,11g'11-111 VT '1" - 'Y 3' f'11111f'5P.f31"'11 11,1111 A,-,..-' 1' 111111111 '111: F1' 1111 1, H121 111111 1,1, "1'11-11511111 14111111-11115. 111111 1121111- 11111'k111g," 135 an ., www. A-nas.,..,-.W X Q Nigga-wsu ai Ss .,i r ,SHO fun! 'VG ,V C' ,Q 1, gs' Q is J' 4 xf:""'f X SNEDDEN, IUDITI-I St. Bernard : Sehuol. parte: 53: Snanirh '52, '5Ji: Bios '53: Calling. "Always ready to have a laugh." ' 1 I STREITMILLER, RITA SULLIVAN, IOHN SULLIVAN. MICHAEL St. Bernard: Summa Staff '53: Su- St, Cecilia: Honor Roll 1113 Bowling St. Clement. Dunlap: Intramurals fanny '51, '52.:531H1x11s510n vaep. '52, '31, '52, '31, G21 Band '53, 'Lg' Fi'9e,Qub 'Io' 'nl '32'.-'?'g' UPU" "l'he soul is its own best teacher." "Lien nt few words are the hest etta .x1, JJ: French Cluh 0.3. monk-- "Ever willing to lend a helping hand." E , ,:,:Zff3E5E3"'7"' I ggi, , ,aa TENNANT, BETTY ANN THILL. CLARA IEAN TROMPETER, WILLIAM Creve Cm-'ii Mxziunr Cui1i'ttxy Girl St, Mary: SufialityRep, '5ll2Sr1dzilii5' St. Cecilia: Hrvnnr Rull 411: Intra- '3L2: Glee Clulm '51: G,A.A. '31, '52, '31, '52, '5fl: :1udalityTreas, '52: Vi:-e murals 'Ill '31, 'ELL '33, '5Il: Clubs: Future Nurses '32, '3Il: llreleet 4vl'Sudali1y 33: Glee Cluh 'ELL .-Thu Uwuml, is small: tm, I-un is may ni: Chemml-y '52, '31. '52 g,.,.my "Small but mighty," "She always has a eheery wu1'cl fur 1-vei'yone." 36 .af SVYMBERSKY, THOMAS St, Cecilia: Intramurals '30, '51, 'SSSQ Bowling '53, ,TN "A soft answer turns away wrath URANICH. DANIEL If St. Bernard: Fnuthall '51, '51 lnlii murals 'SIL '31, '52, "There is nu great smuke but th must he some fire." KIL STENGER, ANDREW St, Mary. Kirkapoo, .1 'tlie valiant, but not too yenturousf' I i 3 l f' 'd 5 STEPHENS, MARION STEWART, SUZANNE STICKLING. MARY IANE St. Thomas: Summa Staff '53: Sodal- St, Philomena: Senior Class Vive- Si. llernarilg Honor Roll tlvg Stu- ity '32, 'Sill Give Club '512: G.A.A, '52, President 'Sit Red Cross Rep. 'SUQ ilent Council Hep, 'Sly Glee Club '511 --Shi, finds summmng guild in every- Clubs: Bios '51: Spec-eh '53, G.A,A, '51, 'Slip Latin Club '52, one." "A rhurkle or two she can rustle "livery ounce a good sport." for you." S E NI O R C L A S S Things are mighty confusing. SZENTES. CARL TADIE. LAWRENCE St .It-lm: Honor Roll t5w: Bowling St. Patrick: Saliratorian, lion'-r Roll '3l: Glee Club '31 '5Ji: Summa Stall' 17mg Tennis '52: Intramurals '31, '32, 'BTL Institute Staff '3Zi: Camera Club '51i: Glee Club '312. '3Ii: Summa Staff 'H , '52, '53, '57 ' ' "Only llif' :reiitest m' -Viz i . .1.: National Honor Society Treasurer ,-.. ,-. I mils git itly in 7 13 lll'1'YH'0 US-" "Reason is God's most noble gilt." in 4 VACHON, DAVID VAN BRUWAENE. NANCY St. Pliilomena: llonor Roll t1r: ln- St. Mary: Mission Vice-President '5L5: tramurals '51, '31 '33, Glee Club '51, Sorlaiity .313 Sodality Rep, '51: Bios 'iiiz Summa Staff '33: Sodaliiy Club '5iZ: Operetta '51, '52: G.A,A. '50, Wil- '-Always kind and thinking of oin- "Tliose are only truly great who are ers," truly gooill The Blue Roo m. 37 -V "'f-L VONACHEN, THOMAS IIA s a sure rartlf' The pause that refreshes! WAHL. GEORGANA St, Mark: Spanish Club Pres. 151: National llunur Siwrivty: Glvt' Cluh "all, 'Tvli ti,A.A, 'SIL '3l: Fluhs: Bins '51, Spanish '32, 'SIL "Sparkling uyvs and ai t'ht-L'rt'u1 self." 'N 'z WRIGHTHOUSE, ROSEMARY St. Mary: Summa Stall' '5JS: Missinn Ri-p, 'Eng Bmvlin: Tvam 'Bug Style Shmx 'Sli Clubs: Gmrtl Ciiunsvl 'Fmtrz Spt-st-li '5L2: Bio, 4314: Futurt- Nurses '31 '4'l'lit-ri-'s alwa5s a smilu on ht-r 1'a1'u." .38 r WALZ, RICHARD WESTLAKE, CAROL WHITESIDE, FRED St, Thomas: Ililnwr Roll 47vp Fmmtliall St. Patrim-k: ll-tn:-r lt:-ll ill: Smlal- St, l'l11lilmvna: Sm-ial t'tnnmi1tt-t- '50, '51, '3L2: Iiaskvthzill '31, '52, 'RL ity lit-p, ill: Sf-alallty '32, 'SIR-: tilt-if L-Yuunu I-1.11,ms um M. ynuml '4ThL'y art- wisest when art' rnust Um, -'YU' 'l".-g'f1fl""S1 Mlm jf? Ions," h,,m.St." lhris al: Inns .-.Ii lluturt- Nurses 1.2. "A quit-l girl and stucliuus tau," A r : til? q WISE, THERESA YORK, BARBARA ZERWER, RAMON St. Ccrilia: Honor Roll 11:3 Clubs: Sl. l34.n1l'at'e3 Suutli Puzicx' High St, Mary: Glu- Clulu '32, '33, Bins '33, St-lttml, Hritiah C1-lwmhla, Fzxnatla 'Sth --Tm, hl,,h,.NI ,M ix in iwin., uw .- .-. . , - ., , - --V, P - - - ' I- ' ..Nt,N, A hmxh mwd I-M. Hmunlu- Ji, JJ, Futuu Nuuts tlull .w,., "t1I'tt'n fmillng - st-lil-wrn sad." St Mary: Intramurals full, Til. '5 IK Iul 5111 mrmnriann .... It was hard to believe that a girl as young and as full of life as Donna Hoenselaar should be called to meet her Creator so early in life. Yet, those of us who knew her well, realize that she was completely resigned to the will of God. This gave her a knowledge of life's purpose that some living for a much longer time might never attain. We may say of Donnais life that it was short, if measured in earthly time, but, as it is now measured in eternal time, we pray it is filled with everlasting happiness and bliss. Our final tribute to Donna is that given by all who knew her- She was everyones riend. Donna I-Ioenselcxclr We beseech Thee O Lord by Thy lovmg kmdness have mercy on the soul of Thy handmald Donna and now that she IS released from the contaglon of thls mortal Thme eternal salvatlon Collect frmm the Mass for the Dead If ! f ,D . - . Y to - y , ,.,,,wvS g ll flesh, to give her part in 1 I SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS The honor students pictured here are the ten girls with the highest grades for their first semester of the senior year. This means they have an average of ninety percent or above. In checking back through the pictures in past yearbooks, it was found that Frances Farraher, C0n- nie Scully, Mary Kay Malone, Mary Frances Hunt, Margery Schlink, Maureen Manning, and Pat McDonald have been honor students since their Sophomore year. All of these girls are among the most active members participating in school activities, and most of them have held, or do hold a responsible office in at least one of the various school organizations. The senior honor students of Spalding Institute are those who have maintained an A average throughout the first semester. For some, the work might have come easy. but for most of them this distinction of being honor stu- dent is the fruit of long hours of study and work. The top ten students of the senior class of 1953 are as follows: 1. Robert Fox, 2. Lawrence Tadie, 3. James Cusack, 4. Don- ald Finnegan, 5. James Farrelly, 6. Henry Dersch, 7. David Bullock, James Cleary, and Earl Keshner, 10. Arthur John- son, and Robert Schafer. Congratulations are due to these students and let's hope that they do as well in college as they did in high school. At the Academy First Row: Rita Alig, Patricia Mc- Donald, Mary Frances Ilunt, Arlene Agan. Second Row: Connie Scully, Fran- ces Farraher, Mary Kay Malone, Maureen Manning, Margie Schlink, Georgana Wahl. At Spalding First Row: Jack Crutcher, .lack Cowin, Henry Dersch and Jim Fai'- relly. Second Row: Larry Tadie, Dave llullock, Joe Anderson and Bob Fox. fl L1 .,v-wax , azmqifidy .K 559. E551 , 4, Q Sf lions:-nf Q M e ,Y ,X as D Q . A ., . . ' -'L-.ik M. K 4 nzmngf WM . .M kfais 1 X iff Q-t j., 7 'G 5 f B Q' 'EIa.,. t wfff 5 ..., - , A eg x a gm dl . vwwifxhigg , A gn-..... Q x E A 'grit awk .. .vw , fm, M3559 wp! t Underflasf n Class of 1954 In the early part of November the Spalding junior class had its first activity, a "smoker" which consisted of cards, entertainment, and refreshments. On December 19, the Academy juniors surprised the faculty and students with their very professional "Variety Show" entirely written and directed by members of the class. Their next activity was the annual Junior-Senior Prom, held at the Pere Mar- quette Hotel, May 1, with Dick Raymond's orchestra providing the music. The Grand March was led by Clarys Cleary, queen, and her escort Les Lawless. Freddie Stevens played for the Spalding Prom, which was also at the Pere Marquette, May 29. Jim Heid, junior class president, and his date, Joann Petty, led the Grand March. Twenty-eight juniors, ac- companied by Fathers White and Heitjan, visited Washington, D.C. and New York the week of March 2. Thirty-eight juniors and eighteen seniors of the Academy with Sister Gerard Joseph and other facul- ty members made the same tour from May 4 to 9. 42 Iunior Class Officers Pat Long, secretary Janice Hurst, vice-president Janice Best, treasurer Carole Knox, president Seated: Jim Heid, president Bob Murrin, vice-president Standing: Ed LaHood, secretary Bob Myers, treasurer W-M -r"" iii' Honor Students At Spcrlchng Tht Junlor cl'1ss just llkm any othtr class at Spalding h'1s lts smftrt members Thls ytar nuns UHIOIS m'1dc the A honor ro tt tht st mestt r btSldfS hung out standing ln the cxtr'1 currltulfu fltlds M'1nv of tht m are taklng ovtr tht Journalism of Sp'1ld1ng ncvt Xtill whllt others wlll carry tht purple and whlts colors on the athletic flelds Flrst Row Robert Render Denms Kennedy Pat Nelson Robert Mvers Sc cond Row John Jackson Robert Remm Frank Ohlemlller Jerry Cashman Ed LaHood Flrst Row Barbara Rothan Clarys Clt arv Patr1c1'1 Ireland Dlanna De nt1no A d Second ROW Wllma Zaborac Janet Best Beth Kemp Janice Best Anlta BTCKQHZIQ e Mary Clare Costello Among those ten junlors havmg the hxghest averigts all above tel ar four Janet Best J'1I1lCt Bt st Anna NIcKenz1e and Barbara Rothan who hiv earned thls d1S ctlon f thfe mars Clarss Clt an P'1t11u 1 In land and Wllma Za one xuu 'lmong tht honor dtnts ln no also A studs thtst nlmes shows that most of the tnn h'1xe hun pltlllllflinl 'tlso fxtm C'L1IllCUl1l lCllXltliS sua as tht Sodtlltx C'1thol1c Students Nlxsslon Clusadc Glu Club 'lth lttlcs and Studtnt Council 43 l I I I , ' ' C.. ' . ' , I f I C s. . C .-1 K I x x'. 'A l ' 4 u ' .S I , xnn i xsx x Vu u' x lv - If I l ' H' c- I' 1' .1 . C x l . l x . . K ' xl rl ' 'x . ' u x ' x A 7' ' . . , , , 1. : V v X U .,c X ' . X . V A . . . . l l I , . ,,,, . X ' 2 C -. . ninety per cent, for the first semes- ' e ', 1 ,, t'1 x'v ' A x .H'c ' ' ' cfm A ' x I' I- tin ' or 1't . j 11 t 'tc , ' tb 1 - stu X " 'f'- . . A' of x C' xx ' . x C ' in 1- ra '-h .. - 1 ' - l'-' - C my rr ' K - , . Class of 54 'El W-F' 1""""Y f'-w 5,--of -las 44 -was Emi? 'rm' IAM 'Nm Y-if "TT A sl v if Q' edffdl 'tsl' Al :KN 'Wu A --aww --r nl...- 3.- ,if 'B' Bourschexdt Ann Bracken Jerome Bratton Mary Jo Brmger Joyce Bnnger Judy Bnssetie Robert Burns John Buschbom Darlene Buysee Edxth Caldwell John Carmody Ichn Cashman Gerald finite Y vi ,ww 10" 'Bi W 'fd -surf' Albrecht Norma Armato Diana Arnold Richard Barker Robert Berg Palrxcxa Berry Patrxcxa Best Janet Best Jamce Branchx Elame Bxederbeck Mary Bonn Paul Bour Charles ,- 'X- -J--Q -r .-4 E Q Claspell Jud y Cleary Clarys Cobb Gxllxan Cole Marxlyn Comeriord Kenneih Cook Rosalyn Cook Wxlllam Cooper M chael Corlett Margaret Costello Mary Clare Crcvner Dorothy Cremer Molly Crilly Marxlyn Davis Joanna Davis Wrllxam DeCremer Carol Delinskl Rita Dentino Dianna Dentino Richard Dolen Rose Mane Donlan Robert Draeqer Donna DuBois Myra Dunne Roger X 1 I ""' uw we 121' 'aye A,?L. E .1 f- J :- L. .EE Gaa Sandra Galbrarth Sue Galvm Joseph Gensler Barbara Grubisxch Thomas Gxberson John Gibson Patrick Goddard Myles Goet! Joseph Gollner, Dolores Hahn. Robert 1-lajnal. Harold X I Dunne Joanna V' 'fl' Dwyer John fm Eaton Erleen 'WV Emhoff Jeanette Ent ncan Bert Entrmger Pete Evans Barbara Everett Earlene Faxrheld David. l-'lamgon Nancy Frasco Gerald Frasco William IAN. lf'-W ,ffl-an 0.- '36, NN! ' ' as ,ag Class of 54 ,Pia iw 11 4:1 Class of '54 S , 31 ,931 ,pa-n.-1 4" gm? ,aan Num-f Kill' ,nur gsd 20' Nd" ,-. nw-an 'G' :QSM 'mmm WU' inn- ,,,,.,..- Horan Maureen 1-luchtons Elizabeth Hulen Danxel Hurst Iamce Huston Sandra lreland Patrxcxa Iachman Iohn Iescky Eumce Ixbben Joseph Joseph Keeley Lowell Leon Maurice Gerald 'GRN'-1 'Ur 'FR 'Bras w-QM '55 '11-5 .film 'Q' Im Halpin. Mary Hammond. Richard Hanley. Kenneth Happach, Iames Harding. Robert Hartmann. Ierome Hartnett Rodney Held james Heinz Richard Hoier Charles Hoffman Suzanne Hoerdeman Charlot 51 vvvvvdvlf-"" -?c 'LDL' Y Keenan Mlke Kelch Albert Kelly IoCele Kemp Mary Beth Kennedy Dennxs Kennedy Kathleen Kennedy Robe t Keyster Gilbert Kmg Sally Knox Carole Koehler Mary Ellen Lafeber Ioseph LaHood Edward Larosche Edward Lawless Iohn Lawrence Iohn Leach Pat Lenaway Iohn Lenhausen I-'rankln Little Thomas Long Patncxa Ludolph Helen Lyle Marxlyn Maggie Carol Z 'Q 0 g M Kenzle Amta McMachan Sally M:Quellon Marxanne Meyer Nancy Mlchael Theresa Mxles Mary Ann Mxtsules Carolme Molloy Gerald Morrissey Michael Mungoven Danxel Murphy Wxlllam Murnn Robert 1Q 1 ' Z, V! .1 Mahoney Carol Ann Mann Eleanor Markevnch Edward Martm Ioan Martln Phlllp Mauser Eleanore McCarthy Mary McC1uhan Ioan McFarland Ioseph McDonald Ierry McDonald Lawrence McGrath Karen ww 'WW 'Q-'wr desi' rl f- ev 'fn -sw N-eff :D-Q' ""9" ,d'f"As. 015' Class of 54 96 RQ, rv QSC? if -.Jw W Mfr anilw 'mf' mf 47 I I . F -v-. -3-Z? .,., 3 in . v v .. F ee 5 5 5 ' 2 1 ' ' ".,S.i 2- 4 ' . " 'L E Q k 5, X m W x MN ' , i .,r. J , - , lu- ,Fa K X bm -,', , . 5 l . x M RX ' 'H Q K Q f . . f X . ig' K Q L , my ,L n.r.1 M f"2?Q LP 'Q ,LA X af s 'A ' . - L- "" 1 . ,W ,V - XR9 41 ' I J f :ll ':": :g5i i L I W : 'M 3 ag! . ' ,.n.,, H4 if 'E h N ,, n ' L 1 X s Xb A ' "1 Aw he E A - L 4 .t Nui f' .1 1 4 1, C ' fery p is rr Q. L we A I' X ar. 1' kb A l I. X' ,-gh: ,.v- - Class of '54 5' V "6" 'W' " 1' J fl-ffl f -LQ fl 5 nn., 'W s was ,5 wwf R 1 Xi 3 NE 3 'fd' ww I 'N dr 9 80- lm an Q-nr 5 fe F 5 M:-0 'B' if 5 SEQ? S .4 S 4 c. A 'fm 3? -yn-lf Pate Iessle Pearce Iames Pernlles Iacquelmp Peters Robert Peterson Vxrglnla Petty Io Ann Phster Rosemary Phxllrps Vxrglnla Plccolx Mary Lou Reddy Shirley Rellxhan Iohn Re'nm Robert -iWfQ1g hw 3' Gavins lam? 48 x' if 855 Myers. Robert Nauman, Ioan Nauman. Shirley Nelson, Donna Nelson. Patrick 0'Brien, Sally O'Connell. Kathleen 0'Donnell, Sue Orr Linda Ohlemlller I-'rancls Oh'1emus Patrlcxa Oto Robert li'X gf .l Render Robert Rice Rxta Rlecker Franc s Rxngness James Roberts Rosc Ann Romanek Shxrley Rostetter Mary Ellen Rothan Barbara Ryan Thomas Schaeler Helen Schaub Carolena Schlehube Susan Schmidt Aloyslus Schwerer Rua Scoby Io Ann Scovrl Norma Sell Rosemary Shelton james Singer Leo Skender John Smith Dellamae Smith Iames Smith Michael Snyder Richard cg 228 Vogel Eugema Vonachen Marta Welsenherger Betsy Welcherding David Wennmacher Mary wheldll BGIDGIG Whnte. David Willard, Ierome Zaborac, Wilma Zarones Nancy Zerwer, Roger in-1 E' vf-P A R Spamhower Nancy Speck Ioan dw Stull Patncxa YZ!" Svymbersky Gerald Taylor Wayne Thompson Dolores Tomlm Patsy Trompeter Iohn Truxt L Regma Velde Paul Venzon Mary Ann Vlcary Patrxcxa 1.122 wi 'sw 34" is -we 'Q F09 'Q' Wi-f X Class of 54 K' In Nh., 'U' if v-M... NM ,aw "S""" Rin 'lie A 'ah-. nan van. 1 W::'4'7 wx wana.. ,. TT Audrey Bride, Mary Walsh, ifBarbara Buckley, fCecilia Beckfeld, Fern Zaborac, Patricia Girdzus, ftMarilyn Bachler, ffMarilyn Gibbons, :Uoanne Urbanc, and Uudy Wiltse. Having learned the art of mastery over the bugbear, geometry, these sophomores have maintained an average of over ninety per cent for the first semester of the school year, When they were little green fresh- men the girls whose names are marked with asterisks in the picture, made their first appearance as Honor Students by triumphing over the mysterious realm of Latin and algebra. Maybe this is why they had so "little" trouble with geometry this year. The main event on the sophomore calen- dar was the delightful task of initiating the freshmen! But horrors! at the last min- ute they turned soft-hearted, called off the gruesome plots, and sponsored a movie instead. flncidentally, the freshmen loved them for it.J SOPHOMORE HONOR STUDENTS The Sophomores have the distinction of being the class with the largest number of Honor Students. The requirements for be- longing to this elite group is to have an "A" average for the first semester. Early in the fall the second-year men met for the election of officers. Their choices were: president, James Troy, vice president, David Armitageg secretary, Rich- ard Staufferg and treasurer, Joseph Wiles. With the close of the year the sophomores were glad to have finished their last yr-ar as underclassmen. 50 First Row: George Murray, Phil Coogan, Rick Grimler, and Ed Winchester Second Row: Mike Rogers, Jack Kocher, John O'Neill, Jim Masterson, Stewart Schramko, and Warren Boley. Anderson Gerald Angel Franklin Armes Nancy Armitage David Bachler Marilyn Bain Barbara Banxqued Vee Ellen Barber Donald Barth Frederick Bartholomew George Bartholomew Rohm Bartolornuccx MaryL Baumann Lawrence Becker Robert Beckteld Cecilia Beebe Bernard Berry Shexla Bes t Mary Bledsoe Vrrglma Boers Howard Boley Warren Bowton John Boyer Cecxl Bresnahan Robert Breymexer Davld Bride Audrey Broaddus Donald Brophy Patricia Brophy Peggy Buckley Barbara Burns Laurence Caldwell Damel Carney Rita Chapin Ann Cooke Donna Coale Roxanna Lolgan Iayne Coogan Phxllxp Cook Kathleen Coughlm Terry Coughlon Eugene ,, wean in fo--, if-, 271-Fi? -an no 'J' ,gg 154 E' S 1 Lt Class of '55 afwk sv? Sw '3 .1 "" N, un. GEONETRY Qt 'Q' ?"'.r -.-f W' 4 A N... 'fm' 'sf nr 'X' an M YZF' ,Wa kr 'P if-we -10' 90 Nw' - lr fx- -Q-1 Mar -9-1 51 E ' My QWNU C Q I YQ' E' f 1-ejijjjg I J A M ff' 1 an A il, V' j 1 ' 5 'fl' Q: R' A ' 1 X fl . ,nit at tg- "' ot.. Q :" ....,.. q, ,, my .Q or , A . .' ' ' .A A ,, .,--":" A 5' Y N , "': T A E 4 Q 1 - A 1, N .znz '-., B' B"lB" fr A . . Vx ,,:: .:::2.5 a K wllnn. 4 ,. ik- 'k y 'B ! . . .f X 1 ' - Boyle. rumen -' - :..,: . 55 H h "" -V,""' I gp W - x., C Q 1 5 , I-ii: , i A 1, 'QA 5 ,- ' .1 - . ' ' ' aooto n aaoe B A . I '4-ne . 5 ,-'o:' A A A ,A ' . . -..b il . zz w lvll 5 b 35 .1 t.,, 1 -if " - A 'A '.- . ----: '- ' -"' .Q F 0 "--- I T EE? '- ' ' A I , 4 32 --,.,, Q W in 2 3222 f A t ' 1 - 9' 1B': ' 4 ' 5 l4'l ' 'f , ',,:.A i ' 1 - . 1 A N- ' t sv f W' of' B ,. ' . ye we 1 B , E Z A W 2 ' 3' "N '- 2':' 2155 ' I In 1 QIAIV ,,,. 2 , ty , giv R , ':' ' '21 ,2" 'fig f-' ' ki' t fr " :5 f 2' 2:A if 5 Q L2 . AAN, 1 I gg 5 z-, Q: .::: ..- X L- Class of '55 41:7 S5 'Q raglan D3 xagix ,Q. rw? . lm Q 'D-mv mai vga rm .-ml' 'hp' 'Stas' " WV fw F' In A 5- nfa Wk LY, 'W 'i 'W .af--1 'ram 4' fu? 9' --M 'T' 1114 MM 21" M if l Coun Phillip Crxlly Roseann Cusack Susan Davrs Martha Day Carole Delloche Norman Doheny Rosemary Donohue Iames Donovan Donna Doyle Terrance Duke Michael Dunne Ioel Dusch Marlene Espinoza Iohn Fagan Peggy I-'airfield Richard Faulkner Donald Ferrell Evelyn Fischer Ioyce Foster Herbert Fox Lois Franken Joseph Frasco Patricxa Frey Mary Fussner Donald Galbraith Benjamin Garrett Glenna Gelsler Gall Genzel Nancy Grbbons Marilyn Glenow Albert Grrdzus Patricia Graham Ann Gray Sharon Grlmler Rrchard Grlmm Mary Haddigarl Iames Haege Arthur Hagemann Iames Hageman Mary I Haley Patncla Hall Eleanor Hanaharl Ianet Hanlon Mary Ellen f np .,, A ,sg by V I . . Q ' 3. W 4 ,f:- 5 A ' ' f' ' A -,.- W, ,Q 1 v I H Ms x 1 W' F .-1 , I m I I -3, an , I. H ka ' We E5 S- uyu M .Q o . -. 1 ' W' . N X , N r rn M 1 9 , E -1 1 - A .--' 13' ,.-,- A-MA li nj., y n -' A EE :Q ' 1 l ' f . ' . F q '.'. ' ' , gr A M TM F x .:-:V:V" QT ' :Ski x 1 ,rj if I' y F K- lx. M J ly I T-Q A zu bl v ix H' ' e lf ll c r F o H R or - -Q uu o I ' I E I Tr I . ..:,.::,v I., , .lun , 4 nyllv V I :-'r X H ,.:. A":' A ' r H 'H .Q H orrn, 4 J ff H . -' :':- ' ,r., -' 2 H rw - I "l' -:fa2f ..,r, 4 ,oe. 1 xr f' 'YAH K Q I i lm, A 1 Hannaon Iames Hardxng Sandra Harrmann Wlllxam Helden Eileen Hemz Deanne Hexnz Joyce Hemz Wanda Hennrng Timothy Herbstnth David Hernandez Samuel Hessllng Christine Heyd Patricia Hrbser lean Ann Hopkins Mary Houhhan Robert Huber Carrol Hurst Donna Hunt Robert Iohnson Shxrley jones Mary Lou Ioseph Launce Karpowxcz Frank Kaylor Iohn Keenan Margaret Kelly Gerald Kemp Hylee Kmg Anthony Kmg Frank Kocher lack Komarjanskl Irene Konvalxnka Delores Kramer Iudy Krlppel Betty Kronenberg Phrlllp Lescll Margaret Lollx Linda Long Margaret Lovell Iuamta Lulay Iohn McCann. Iames McGrath. Iohn McGrath, Mauren McKee. Sally jane McLaughlin. Iames wx Q 'Kan 'C""' .-N 'ow ?"'S' I Qu 'wt wr C'? 691 'Ei 'HD vii' QS, Snr' A ,- 1 e , Vb',. 3 ."'. 'VII ",.g H xiii? ww fin ...ff Q5 Kr' Class of 55 WIN um-... 'G' 1 3' S2 ,vm Nu. M ,fi 't""7 ll.. W' xy-., 'gp' LW -Nw . 'Q --.f K , 53 Class of 55 il? 6' '67 'Fin 5'-ut YN? ,fm as Q1 va? 3, ILS: miata 1, 2 wp Q 415 Swag al Q 'mr -nm z .ww rin 'air 'Si-4 is Q 'GH' have if' wget yr 'Q SEX Q 4'-4 uf,- l... flll We 4361 .5 'K ldv vnu v'-My Nu-an-e -no 'af' uw -vs. mv, X X f J ' 'K 'B Qi EQ fx fx 5 EM mlm ff A E .hw f 'W' ...lm R 2 2 at , Sung., 1 W W l K A l r I 'I If eg X A sew I , ,..A ,A.. . - fV2.2',g . ' -M " ':"':" '- J 5 . .5 - .. . .4,,4. : -,-, .-.- ' ' 'lll 4q-1 I h Y 4 'f2f-:--4- Q W 3.3.5 1.,. .- :.,.5 .- I as ,NEA 'K , v . if V 4xW 4 Q n A"L f 'A" R lv S ,-A-' S! ' A ,:., ' V- ' h I ' ".". :-12? - " I 4' -3:1 ,. - Q . N. lzqi 2 L? ,.4.h I: V.AV .41 M ... A .Z 1.1 F .3 .2 .llzll .V E ...., 4V4.V..V In . ,.,., S., , I 7 A F .A.. ,M A..- . , ,A. J' 1. A , if 4' ,n,h , .I fz- ., i' . Q -- 4 " AN. '."'i HAAH llnznh 4 1 Q I x .Z llql -I ..,.,... : Q, ..,..v: E :vig :,. I -4-- V .:--- . It . .. , V "". Q 1 if f it Q S 4, S -., an R ,, ' .ig J . S 1 R 55 S S R r ' . G G ' 'S 1 R . S S . S N J a Q f',A . Q A, X. , . , -f ' J . f 2' 1 ' ' el ' 4 S ' 3? A.,- , A ' -:-. . -' R as S J . H Q J 51. . ,. - .' - '5 . 'v-..,. " - ---' ' of -x.4 Q . '-..., , Q iffy. ' ' .f,h ' , if :-- 4. .. .E .:.w ,I . A V .IZ 7 .,V,A4: Q ,,,.2 A J AVh4 U V M V 'A4""h' .N , X I ' x 'I I ""' 'A -L .,,.,.,:f- 2 2 .:,. 2. -hhl I fs .I L ' ' ' "" ' ' ' - f 1 " 'e ' '.-vi:-iz v-4:. VV -V 4- Y, . -4... , .4 jg- - 3 -4 N w 3 - -E:, V A H 4 x ... ! U V A . . . ' J e I 9' 1 JL L ar -... , .. McLaughl1n Mary McManus Iuhana Mackxe Ronald Masterson James Materelll Mlchael Mathers Nancy Matthews Jamce Mxller Joseph Molchan James Mor ns Margie Monteiusco Anthony Mounts Timothy Murray George Nasser Harry Nauer David O Connell Patrick 0 Nexll John Ohnemus Barbara Oppe Leota Peplow I-Ilxzaheth Perkins Patncla Pio!! Vanda Phxllxpps Carol Pro Patrxcxa Poppen Mary Lou Powers Thomas Reed James Relsmg Bernadmv- Rnschar Rxchard Roach James Rogers Mxchael Rolof! Judy Ross Donald Ruggles Richard Sauer John Schleich John Schubert Maryorxe Schmxtt Gerald Sherxdan Joyce Schramko Stewart Scotmclu George Semlow Lawrence Seller Damel Sltzmore Peggy Slyman Robert Smith Wxllxam Snider Marlene Soldatl Gary Sommer Kathleen Stautier Richard Steimle Thomas Sienger Mary Ann Siickelmaier Henry Svymbersky Charle Thema l-lerma Tlppett Mary Troy Iames Trultt Charles Vachon Susan Urbanc Ioanne Venzon james Vogl Ellzabeth Wallbeck Dlane Wallenfang Rachel Walsh Mary Wamboldt l.aVern Westberger Beverly Wexsenberger R Wennmacher Donald Westlake Alfred Whelan Karen White lane! Wxck Bernard Wlles Howard Wlllard Donald Wilson Donald Wrltse Iudy Winchester Edward Wollram Robert Wombacher. Robert Woolhiser. Vernette Wort. Donald Woulie. Henry Zaborac. Fern Zanq. Iohn nuns. '1v""1v' no Class of 55 -Quai QM were x i 533 wi f"P K 'lm --an 'Us -'P' Gino 'Qi VD!- Q91 'Nav' mf iz -ss' "5" Aa 'Pm ""'w-4'-up -am xg? 6? .umm 51" 'CI' a W . ,L al ,f 5,-1.12.1 1,- F1rst Row Peter Jacobs Anthony Saluto Bob Cleary Second Row Charles Gavm Mlke Dav1s Tom Everetts W1th tht clost of tht school yrar tht freshmen had many pleasant memorxes to look back on Oru of thr h1ghl1ghts was the prrwlege of belng Spaldlng s flrst fresh man class to be able to elect offlcers These were Pat Nash presrdent Butch Murray vice presldent Frank Flnnegan secretary and Mlkp Houston treasurer For those freshmen students who had an A average for the flrst semester came the dlstlnctlon of belng the flrst honor students of thelr class Th se are the men p1ctured on th1s page FRESHMEN HONOR STUDENTS In Stptembtr 144 new freshmen ent red our doors to become students at the Acad emy At f1rst thc road was rough because of the m1stakts of gomg to the wrong rooms but after a f w wuks tht freshmen wart old hands at fmdlng thelr way around the halls The Academy IS proud of tha actlve m1ss1on spmt of tht class of Q6 On St Patrlcks Day the freshmen shone agaln wlth thelr operetta Blts of Blarney It was a QUYPTISL to the other classes to fmd that there were so many colleens the freshmen class Food luck to the freshmen 1n thelr futurt vtars at AOL 06 Fnrst Row Mary Jane Tedford Mary Ann McAll1ster Peggy Gunthner Mary P1tt man Judy Sprlngston Stcond Rov Jamce HGIHZ Cec1l1a Ksyckl Nancy Cavanaugh Mary Ellen Cremtr Reglna Sander Aaron Alan Aaron Paul Adams Howard Agan Leo A Hearn Patricia Almone Eleanor Ahg Iosephlne Aljanxch Michael Allen Susanne Ande son Carole Ashbaker Sheri Bass Sam Balmer Ronnls Barqer Robert Barthell Daniel Becker Ioyce Becker Sharon Bermnger Lynne Berry Robert Blanco Thomas Bxtner Raymond Blumenshlne Ken Blumenshine Ierry Boers Donald Bolton George Bour Kathryn Brown Ierry Boyce Iohn Brown Patncla Brugger Phyllis Capes Donald Burke Paul Caragher Bernard Carroll Barbara Cash Mary Lou Cassidy Owen Cavanaugh Nancy Centers Mary Ann Clancy Mary Helen Cleary Robert Clark Gary Coake Roy Comxskey Robert Cox Carol Cramer Mary Ellen Crawford Iudith Kay "',:9f Qs msn- up sz' as .1 QRS www J-.1 --...,. xv "4 Class Xl A 'sf '7""Y 'fain my SW if 'rr ,..... 'fu-..-of mi P 50' Yi Wim H Q15 fha ., l 'W' .. ref Curry Iesse W, Cushlng Rosanne wr? LIN - mm ,356 ""' wx! X 1 ?.0x I5 of '56 'QW 4---nr NA Q ,rp-"" av- Han Davis Michael Deeb Mary Devlin Rita Lou Donohue Kay Dooley James Doyle Michael Draeger Carol Draher Richard di. J DuBois Helen Dunne David Durbin Claudette Q-9 Emhoti IoAnn Engressei Patrick Esme David 5' M Everett Mary K 'NOW Everetts Glenn Everetts Thomas Faherty Donald Farraher Michael Farrelly Lawrence Feger Margaret L Farris Eugene Fe ns Lawrence Filzen Bernard Finnegan Frank I Flan gon Kathleen W, ' V- " Flocken, Bernard E , Forbis. Nellie ' I' Frasco. Iohn It 'eg r 3 K ,gh V K Q wx EA ff . if ig Q Frisch, Iohn Gallagher, Patrick Galvin. Charles Gardner. Frances Gasper, Margie ti Gensler, Ioyce .- Gilles. Donna Gilman. Edward Gerardot. David Gott, Donna Q Gorman. Timothy N- -4 Gournan, Lois Grawey, Barbara Goodman. Neal Goett. Edward ' 1 Class oi 56 'Q' 'Q :., ' uqlu V . l -f - :', ' Q, yr -J X, M A I ' N ki f g ' , ,... 4 I M V. r.-V- 'A"""' ' i t ,.q., V . X lbvl X . . H 1': J F F F Q i ' ' 'I ? sg is 15 3 ll si if ' 4, e-E32 1 K W .f Y. 5 ' E 1 X ' ' , 5 f ' ' sz: , Q it 'W + Y , , ,F ,W X X iw Y r N I ff Q 5 1 Gunthner. Margaret Haddad. Fred Hajnal. Iudy Halpin. Kay Hanley. Phyllis Hanley. Sharon Happach. Charles Harding. Marianne Harmon. Iudith Harper. Ioseph Harris. Iudy Hatzenbuhler. Mary Frances Heiden. Frederick Heinz. Iames Heinz. Ianice Herath. Edward Herold. Mary Ioy Hickey. Anne Hilt. Regina Hollis. Lela Mae Hooste, Lee Ann Houston. Phillip Hovious. Donald Howard. Eugene Hurst, Kathryn Iackson. Donald Ia zobs. Thomas Iacovich. Ieannette Ianovetz. Iudy r r 5 1 T sf in ,. 3 'HH - .me- , .: xl. 1 N S si , WS' . D are .- Qs.. fi N- I, ,X i l MA A . .,.., 2 W . .X . w Class of"56 'li- M' " '- . hh: Q, . M... . ,f I s"' : t " ':" WWF? "Z, ' Ai- LLB K F ' . . V1 in Wig N-' F 1' 'Of f W t -'si' -,-' '15 Q ' ' ' ' 'QS A- A 1- .,'. I .... . 1 Q... -ax .4 9 3'-'P' fi-To ui l -.Q ., -Lx. ,-ff'-.1 A -21 3 H .ue ,si 'Q' "ff 'A 17 A M W , ' ..... .if K K , 2 K as X . 3 . ,,,7., X MQ ,.,.,A J N' " ag 'S E -4- f ng .HE we A I . 2. F " , ,W iw Q-9 H fi' -'15-f ,Q vm 'Wei Q ' Qi v, ..,.,,,., . ,.,. , . , 3 in K3 W i fa-:haf K ' . , A fi F 1 Iohnson. Forrest I I 1 lv-7 E Tohnson. Gerald ' ff "":' ' 1 The A' N we I ' -if 1 Ioseph. Eileen W ' fun -122, Y 2.5 Ioseph, Frances nw., .... , . "2' ph 4 F f f ' "jg-' Kaiser, Vincent MW 5 I , D f U 4 N Q ' A ,, V X fy.: 4 lx Q rx, rl I 1 I Ksafney. Carol Ann Q' ,, ' . wr V K Kelch. Barbara A Za ,. g W7 A'-A 'A' Kibler. Nicole ws-Eff wil , V, N by M ' Kinney. IoAnn i 1 'A 4.-rw W- 'W f Killan. Dorothy xi V 'S ,,,, gy 2 gf A Ns 3 me 't X ff, K, y I . , ,Q 4 5 3 , Q 3 AN E? I i 1 E 3 A cb. wr r A 7- Q Q H ,. Knecht, Iames nw J. I Koehler. Carol Ann Koors. Carol Sue 4 ""'f9f-, -1 f 1 1 Koors. Nancy Lou f"kL' 1 RIMM, '4 , Kreiger. Gerry ' gs Y' f -nn is.. 59 Class of '56 of re5 n'ZlM SQ Q ul-G fd 30 fl 1.5 1-R 60 vw" yf as ann, sv '02 'SH K '09 A-4 U' -.f Nu! Ksyckl Cecilia Ksycki Ioseph Lateber Wxlllam Lamm Gary Leach Wxlllam Lefman Mary Anne Lmgo Ted Lmtz Iohn Lxvmgood Barbara Locker Richard Lulay Russell Maddox Barbara Ma ne Russ Martin Lawrence Martmez Amelia McAll ster Mary Ann McFarland John MCG-ann Robert McGrath Phxhp McLaughlin M Monahan Ruth Maushard Gerald Matranga Davld Mxchael Harold Mltsules Paul Mlttal Iudy 32, '45 'TWT fv- "1-f :arts 4'.,.':F 'av od. df, 43 4"""' w..-fr le 45 4-vs -..?, 'K' 15' QPU v-1 WM an ,Z 'Qs YT..." 'ind' Win: w-fr I the 1-ww JW! WE po., ve- Moran Kathleen Moran Patrxcla Morgan Richard Morgan Iacquellne Motsett Mary Matranga Dolores Mueller Gary Mullowney Mary Murphy Kathleen Murphy Iohn Murphy Patncla Murray Benjamin Myers Karen Nash Patrick Nash Susan Naughton Maureen Nelson Thomas Noll janet Norman Iohn OBnen Thomas Ochs Ioyce ODonnell Steve Ohlemxller Ianet x N L2 y E l' 5 l l "" ' ' 21' 22' 15: my ' "1-1 'nl. Q Q ,avsd ,. - ,F X R A ou, - 1 . Z, : '.,,, . ji- I I I X X H 1 -in ,,t-' :"' A A . - e rw d . n. .q..:,. as 1 fvl, f ' 4 ,1 .,.f- g e vi Q' ' N Qi A g is 4 A ' . I . y af' M o may 2 s 457 1 ' .A ' - ' ff Z f . -fl . M' N I . "" N :L ' GP- Z '. 2 3 Eb, , Q A :nb 'L Q I X Q . I I J my 1 1 . 6 5 gk ,I . 4 'WQQE A V, MOIIOY. Paul K ,uf e of Jw 1 -- figf J ..-yg Zf. 3 v :E ry A ,N 5 as . ,,- ,W ,, f . . N"-'F-'f we s 'ef' 5 g A- as 7' N N9 e ' ff 2e", 'ef Q , , ' -'--" 1 ,ik V f k Q l N EA' .I '. D ' EW 4 9- 6 1 119 T, I ff i H 1, 5 . ' ww fl ' '4 , K .5 4 'EQ' 'Q x M ' y ' -Q lv.. xv ' 'E 5 M V. 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Robert fW ww L-P 'fc' 'R 'i T. .,..:' . e 'WI Class of 56 am ns- lk oth., X .Q M 11' WN! wa-mx We r- I-s f'-W ' Oi 'af lima QW' sem was .S-, jhfg 'Z' 'wtf' r -wav 'N F' Gil' Kwai ' , " Hb ., 'V' R' i"'5?' an , ,eg 25 1' if , 1 - f N 'ov ' if-iii! Q if N if 'Y as 'J , " , V' F. , i. "" "N 313 '13 Vs- YJ -nu. 'ef .- : ,:pg,.,., ,, . -wk ' ' it . - P I E W J I rg 4 A 63:41. 61 Class oi 56 -Xfe ffsffii' 'df 4-an as 'Wm NJ NIS., V+ ye! ,y--up ,-. .9-av few- Y"""D ,.. guna. new .f. 62 l . l fi fum 7 -1. .,...... 355- 'Q' J W" 'N17' usa' ' 2 Nr i 'G' 2 'UE 1: .fn 'map- Nd . . I-if 'v-'nf H? uv- -A.A Scovil Russell Scully Dennis Serb Robert Seldenshcker Coleen Selburg Kenneth Semlck Mary Ann Shea Delia Mane Singer Thomas Slavens Paul Smith Richard Smith Maragret Smith Robert Smith Wimfred Soldatx Duane Spnnqston Iudy Steele Charles Steimle Mary Steiner Mary Kay Stewart Philip Stxckelmaler Carole Stull Damel Swanson David Swxgns Edward Szentes Iohn Tate Donna Tediord Mary lane Thill William Thome Robert Tomlin Ralph Tully, Thomas Tyler. Nancy Van Bruwaene. Ray Van Ermen. Kathleen Venzon. Barbara Ann Verbeke, Mary Alice Vogel. Veronica lane Voris, Mary Io Wade, Iames Wagner. Richard Wahl, Stephen Walloch, Barbara Wiles. Mary E. Willingham, Iudith Yingst. George Young. Earnest Zillion. Ioseph ATHLETIC Administration For as far back as Spalding has had athletic squads the student body, alumni, and the fans could all be justly proud of the Irish teamiwin, lose, or draw. This year was no exception. Pictured on this page are the men responsible for giving Spalding that distinction. Father Casmir Paul, as Athletic Director, is con- stantly giving invaluable aid to the school con- cerning the sports program. Besides his work with varsity sports, he is in charge of the intra-mural program throughout the winter months and helps the parochial grade school basketball league. Mr. Iack Errion, Head Coach Fr. Casmir Paul, Athletic Director For head coach Jack Errion, class of '43, there was probably no bigger thrill in his sports-filled life than leading the Spalding football team to their first City Championship since 1947. Jack Errion came to Spalding as coach directly from St. Arn- brose College. ln 1950 Mr. Errion took over the head coaching job in basketball at Spalding and soon showed fans the Irish were not to be lacking on the hardwoods. The next year, Mr. Errion took over the position of head coach of all three sports. Any follower of Spalding's sports during the past two years is familiar with Mr. Uranich. He, like Mr. Errion, is a graduate of Spalding and St. Ambrose. Before coming to Spalding, Mr. Uranich was the line coach at Cathedral High in Spring- field. Rounding out the Athletic Board, the position of Assistant Athletic Director is ably filled by Brother Robert Schoffman and that of freshman coach by Father Patrick Durkin. Mr. Ed Uranich, Assistant Coach Fr, Patrick Durkin, Freshman Football Coach Bro. Robert Schoffman, Ticket Manager First Row ll to ri: Tom Ringness, Rich Walz, Charley Ileyd, Dan Third Row: Bill Murphy, Vince Aiello, Bob Donlan, Bob Harding Uranich, Jerry Lafeber, Bill Mounts, Chuck Biggins, John Long, Dick Jerry McDonald, Jim Cusack, Bus Meyers. Oflh- Gimp Slevin- Fourth Row: Dave Armitage, Dick Stauffer, Tim Mounts Herb Second Row fl to rl: Jim Heid, Oley Turner, Jim Ryan, Spike Mir- FOSUFT. Jim Madaaughlmv Jlm Smlth' ande, Tony Bushell, Hal Smith, Ken Hanley, Jim Ilappach, Don Fifth Row: Jack Lulay, John Espinoza, Les Lawless, Art Haege Willard, Manager. Coach Uranich, Jerry Cashman, Frank Karpowicz, Coach Errion SPALDINGFS 1953 CITY FOOTBALL CHAMPS Spalding's 1952 football team rolled moments of glory and greatness into a season of high interest nl. as the Irish battled to the city championship and a record of 8 wins and only 2 losses. From the opening kickoff against Mattoon to the final gun against Woodruff, the team magnificently displayed its courage, experience, and that indomitable Irish spirit. Under the direction of Coach Errion and Coach Uranich the boys fought through a seven game win- ning streak, never gave up in two successive defeats, and rebounded to an opportunist victory over Wood- ruff to achieve the highest pinnacle of Peoria foot- ball, the City Championshhip. i" CHARLEY HEYD, T, Most Valuable Lineman 1951-1952, Most Valuable Player, All-City. Co-Captain BILL MOUNTS, G. Honorary Captain, All City, Co-Captain THE FIGHTING IRISH With 15 returning lettermen, Coach Sent a prt pared team into the field at Peoria Stadium against Mattoon. Using a pulverizing ground attack, Spald- ing with Jimmy Heid leading the way, scored in the second period. Taking over after a Green Wave punt, Spalding brought the ball to the 17 from where Heid again scored. Dan Uranich missed both conversions to make the score 12-O. In the third period Cusack scored from the one, ending a 53-yeard drive. Jim McLaughlin converted. The final touch- down for Spalding came on a Turner plunge. A Mat- toon pass and a conversion made the final score 25-7. A brilliant Spalding line' led by Mounts and Uranich, held Mattoon to a ll yards on the ground. Spalding next journeyed to Danville to battle Schlarman High. The first drive was finally climaxed with a five yard plunge by Cusack. McLaughlin then kicked his first of two extra points. The second half saw Tony Bushell hit Dick Orth and Dick 'Walz with touchdown passes. Spalding's defense led by Mounts, Uranich and Heyd, held the Hilltoppers to a net or 27 yards gained. Returning to the Peoria Stadium, Spalding met with an "up" East Peoria team. Except for two quick touchdowns, the lrish were held scoreless. Cu- sack intercepted a desperation pass on the 50 and scored unmolested. McLaughlin's conversion failed. Then lleid climaxed a 65-yard drive by scoring from the 2. This time "Mac" converted and the Irish won 13-0. This was the third straight Spalding victory, as many as they had won in two previous years com- bined. Dick finds the pigskin slippery. HAL SMITH. HB, DAN URANICH G Co-Captain All-City, Co-Captain TONY BUSHELL, QB. IOE MIRANDE, QB Co-Captain Co-Captain Heid hits paydirt against Lions. ,, .-5341, ,Y 1 . 1, as MMR KN'-5 'nw A q 1 rr 'wi wx. 5.4 gm VTP Liy 'M ,Kgfm W ,wi V za-sr 'Q '5 f i'Y'3ff.m '. A af 5. THE FIGHTING IRISH In Spalding's next outing the Irish ended Man- ual's domination over City football by a 12-6 victory. George Taylor scored from the one for Manual to start the scoring. In the second period the Irish scored from the one foot line. The winning touch- down trek covered 76 yards with Ollie Turner lead- ing the way. Spalding journeyed to St. Bede next and there ruined the Bruin homecoming with a 27-7 win, their seventh straight. The only scoring in the first half was Smith's plunge from the two, McLaughlin con- verted. In the second half, Ollie Turner scored first and then St. Bede's marched 75 yards to score and kick the extra point, The Irish then scored two touchdowns to ice the game at 27-7. IIM HEID, HB, Most Valuable Back, 1952 Juv: RYAN. HB, mcx ORTH. E, HM HAPPACH T Co-Captam Co-Captain IERRY MCDONALD, HB, BOB HARDING. C IIM MGCLAUGHLIN IIM CUSACK. FB, Most Valuable Back 1951, Co-Captain THE FIGHTING IRISH A very fast Pekin team handed Spalding its first setback of the season by a 12-6 score. After a scoreless first quarter, Pekin took over and brought the ball to paydirt in 10 plays. Soon after that, Wat- son snuck over for a second score. Spalding came back to score when Ollie Turner crashed over from the nine to knot the count. After the half, Hill scored from 11 yards out to win the game. Powerful Alleman High outlasted a game Irish team 12-0 at Rick Island. It was Gene Oliver, who scored all of the Pioneers' points. Taking over on its own 46, Alleman mached to a touchdown, Oliver's placement was good. The Pioneers passed and ran to their second touchdown as Oliver again powered over. Ilappach blocked the conversion. KEN HANLEY, G. BOB DONLAN, QB. OLEY TURNER, HB. VINCE AIELLO, T. MIKE SMITH, C. BUS MEYERS. FB. ,mf if 'fH'iiwii"' QMissingj t ED BECKER. HB. Co-Captain ess' n ,iejawwil 7 if 2 3, in rig! Turner streaks around Chink's end. Hal Smith outruns would-be Bruin tacklers. Iim Heid speeds past Pekin defense. Spike Mirande deceives on-charging Hilltoppers. 1 " gf . T an is tiff' 9 C I 3 fl, X WWII: 70 Q Q ,fe Iohn Slevin and Tom Ring- ness, honorary captains. hold City Championship trophy. y :9. 3 g .. ..., 'WA'-at Spalding won the City championship on Thanks- givmg Day by defeating a stubborn Woodruff team 20-19. Again Jim McLaugh1in's extra points were the difference. Spalding exploded on the first play of the game when Ollie Turner raced through tackle 54 yards for a touchdown. Mac converted. A while later Woodruff broke through the middle for a touchdown, The conversion failed. Spalding scored again as Mirande sliced off tackle from the 3 for a 13-6 advantage. Mac again converted. In the third period Draper returned a punt to paydirt. Utley's conversion attempt failed. Spalding iced the game when Heid scored from the five. In the fourth quart- er, Sutter scored a futile touchdowng Spalding was City Charnp, F RESHMAN FOOTBALL lf measured in games won and lost the freshman football season could not be called highly sucessfulg yet, if measured by experience gained for future years on the varsity, the campaign was successful. Father Patrick Durkin was head coach of the young eleven and his able assistants were Tom Ringness for the line and John Slevin for the backfield. Both are seniors and had Won the covet- ed monogram in previous seasons. The team itself, showed great possibilities of devel- oping into another City Championship squad, lt is true they were lacking in experience, still, it could not be said they did not possess that spirit which is prevalent in all Spalding teams-the spirit to do their best, win, lose, or draw. The team is, clockwise: Pat Nash, Ernie Young, John McFarland, Tom Cory, Don Hovious, Dan Stull, Paul Mit- sules, John Frasco, Ray Van Bruwaene, Frank Finnegan, Bob Berry and Don Boers. Two of the captains for the year, Chuck Steele and Butch Murray, were unable to be present when the pic- ture was taken. Butch, one of the brightest prospects on the team, suffered a fractured leg and ankle shortly after the close of the season. We know, however, that you can't keep a good man down and Butch will be, before long, in there again, for the Irish. X. it ". w xyxk. "" N xxx' First Row 11 to rl: Dave Hartnett, Ed LaHood, Jack Buckley, Jim Cusack, Rich Walz, Joe Mirande, Les Lawless, Bob Meyers. Second Row: Coach Errion, Sam Hernandez, Frank Karpowicz, Ken Kocher, Frank Ohlemiller, Jerry McDonald, Bob Donlan, and Fr Paul THE 1952-53 SPALDING BASKETBALL TEAM Team getting ready for game in new lockers. 72 Spalding's '52-'53 basketball season was one of mediocre results as the Irish captured the new Diocesan crown but were low in the City and Greater Peoria race. Coach built the team around the two high scorers, Jim Cusack and Joe Mirande. The other four veterans were Dick Walz, Hal Smith, Jack Buckley, and Ken Kocher. After one day of practice the team journeyed to Tremont for the season opener. Ragged play was much in evidence as Mirande led the victorious Irish with seventeen points. Cusack and Walz fol- lowed, each with 14 points. With a week's practice to iron out difficulties the Irish opened the city race with a typical Spald- ing-Woodruff battle. In the final stanza the Irish pulled away to a 51-40 lead and it looked like it was in the bag, but Woodruf came back, giving the Irish a narrow 53-52 victory. B Lawless drives down the middle. ob Don Nr ard- yan. G' Ed Lal-Iood, Forward At Corpus Christi, Mirande continued to breez- the nets and collected 24 points. Cusack and Walz led the rebounders. Central was the next foe, and the Irish ran into a cold night. The final score ended 56-47 in Central's favor. During Christmas vacation they dropped Henry at Roosevelt, and then bowed to St. Theresa's of Decatur by a score of 75 to 65. St. The-resa's was one of the top teams in the state. Next the Irish crossed the river where they met and conquered the Red Raiders of East Peoria. With a sizzling first quarter, the triumvirate of Cusack, Mirande, and Walz again led the Irish attack. Spalding then met Manual at Trewyn, where after giving the hot-stooting Rams a battle in the first quarter, they fell behind and never caught up. Take it easy, Ioe. Ioe Mxrcmde Guard, All Xa! 'xr bs Rich Walz, Center Co-Captain I got it: you guys stay away. The following week the Irish took to the road and traveled to Rock Island, where they met the always tough Pioneers of Alleman High. The lead changed hands many times. and with a few seconds left, a substitute came in and sank two free throws to win the game for Alleman. The following week the Irish thumped the Friars of Corpus Christi in their second meeting of the year, 50-62. Then they smashed a strong St. Ambrose quintet. Trinity was easily beaten by a red hot. Irish team. Jimmy Cusack ran up his highest total of points this year, as he jump-shot his way to 32 points. In their next outing they downed East Peoria, 69-66 at Roosevelt. Ed LaHood joined the old stand- bys, Jim and Joe, to lead the attack. Then they journeyed to Mason City and downed them handily, T5-65. On February 6 at Roosevelt, 2,000 overcrowded fans witnessed one of the best high school bas- ketball games played here in Peoria this year. The final score read Central 86, Spalding 73. Jim Cusack scored 3.1 points. but he was eclipsed by lliles Stout who scored 48 points to establish a new city record. The following Sunday Spalding Irish helped to dedicate the new 8750.000 gymnasium by playing Alleman High of Rock Island. Spalding eked out a victory, 61-56 to cinch the Diocesan title. In the following three games the Irish lost to Woodruff, Trinity. and Pekin in succession. The Pekin contest was the second game in the new gym. and red hot Norm Hill hit for -10 points. lim Cusack, Forward, Co-Captain, All-City, Most Valuable Player Dave Hartnett, Guard Les Lawless. Guard O QB ' iv .J X 0 ' 1 nmgw, ,QQQW sei QW.- fl . ku , x- 2 H ? F stw j -W-1 l .u S X 'ir' G Q V1 'L X. . J , im' A I Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding 60 Tremont 54 Woodruff 58 Corpus Christi 47 Central 64 Henry 65 St. Theresa 1D 67 East Peoria 58 Manual 61 Alleman 80 Corpus Christi 67 Sl. Ambrose 80 Trinity It's up and in. My gosh! What shall I do now' IRISH RECORD C'C2ll UTP Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding 69 76 73 61 68 56 59 80 60 72 53 Regional East Peoria Mason City Central Alleman Woodruff Trinity Pekin Henry Manual Tournament Chillicothe Central F RESH-SOPH BASKETBALL Seated, First Row: Coach Uranich, .lean Huber, Ron Schafstall, George Scotnicki, Pat O'Connell Gene Coughlon Jack Lulay, Jim Troy, Bob Bresnahan, and Frank Finnegan. Second Row: Paul Mitsules. Charles Galvin, Ken Ricci, Tom Nelson, Dan Stull, Don Jackson, Mike Doyle Don Hovious Bob Thome, and Jack Lintz. CHEERLEADERS Margie Morris Pat Heyd Pat Haley Judy Kaylor Vee Ellen Baniqued Rich Fairfield Dick Bour These peppy youngsters are the ones who keep up the morale of the team by leading the spectators in cheers. That originality and precision you admire is the result of long hours of practice after school in going over their old routines and learning new ones. When the spirits of the Irish players and that of their supporters was low, it was the cheerleaders who roused the crowd and brought back the fighting spirit. So-flet's cheer the cheerleaders! Pat Rogers, Don Willard, and John McFarland MANAGERS These are the men behind the men. These are the unheralded members of the fighting Irish's teams. They work for long hours to keep the squad properly outfitted in workable equipment. Without their invaluable assistance precious time would be wasted by the players and smoothness of the ma- chine would be hampered, We would like to take lliis opportunity to show our gratitude for their deep hearted interest and loyal work for and among the spirited Irish teams of '52-'53, Ixm Cusack Inheld S cond Highest Hlttmg Average lack Donlan Inheld Hxghest Hrttmg Average ef' N293 1953 BASEBALL From the flrst pltch agamst Manual 1n the openmg game to the scorlng of the game Wlflnlllg run by Notre Dame m the sectxonal tournament Spaldlngs 1952 base ball team fought hard every pltch of every game After battlmg through a schedule of tough foes IH the regular season 1n whlch they lost many heartbreakers 1n compllmg a falr recold the Ir1sh caught flre 1n the tournament They rolled through the four game sub d1str1ct at Prmce vrlle defeated Canton there for the d1str1ct txtle and then succumbed 1n the nlnth 1nn1ng to Notre Dame of Qumcy Thls year the Ir1sh are expected to be a good ball club wlth n1ne returmng lettermen Led by Jack Donlan and Jlm Cusack last years top team hltters the Ir1sh 1nf1eld promlses to be one of the best 1n the c1ty Speedy Joe Mxrande and Dave Hartnett f1ll out the veteran rnfleld In the outfleld Dlck Orth Bob Myers and Chuck Blggms saw enough actlon to provlde an experrenced outer garden thls year .hm Held returns as catcher and Bob Donlan IS the lone returmng pltcher who saw actlon last year Bob also plays outfleld when he 1snt p1tch1ng fl to rl Seated .hm Smlth Ken Hanley Jlm Held Bob Donlan Jlm Cusack Dlck Orth Jack Donlan Dan Uranlch Joe Mlrande Standlng Coach nrrlon .hm Agatucc1 Jerry McDonald Chuck B1gg1ns Bob Meyers Bob Fox Ken Kocher B111 Trompeter Dave Hartnett and Fr Paul . . . , , ,Y . . . 1 6 'Q . . . . "" J ' 1 . ' z ' ' ur-may . . . . . YXZANLV 1 y 1 I ', N A . . . . . A 3 . .. v . ' 1 ! Y . . , . . 1 -' I . . . 1 u - ' Y Y 'V , , . , . . l ,, . . . ' v v Y . . ' , Y . y BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1 9 5 3 March 27-At Tremont March 30-At Manual April 9-At Canton April 10-Princeville April 14-f-Woodruff April 16 fWashington April 17- fAt Pekin April 20-At Princeville April 21'--Central April 23 -Pekin April 25--At Trinity April 28-Manual April 29-fAt Central April 30fAt Washington May 1-At East Peoria May 5-At Woodruff May May 8-East Peoria 11-15 - fTournament lim Heid, Catcher Bob Donlan, Pitcher Bob Meyers, Outfield Dick Orth, Outfield Chuck Biggins. Outfield Dave Hartnett, Infield Ioe Mircmde, Infield GOLF At the start of the 11253 campaign the golf team had not one of last year's first five. The squad got oft to an early start, however, as they were able to practice in the old gym due to the fact that the basketball team moved into the new one. With the early spring it was not long before they were out on the links getting themselves in shape for a tough season. One brighter aspect is the returning of many juniors to form the nucleus of next year's team Among these are: tl to rt First Row: Ed Markevitch, Bill Murphy, Tom Grubisich. Second Row: Dick Bour, Tom Barbier. T0m Little. BOWLING The 1952-1953 bowling season was und-ur the direction of Father Kirchgressner. Those partici- pating had a great incentive as there was, for the first time, an opportunity for the five highest bowlers to enter the American Bowling Congress Tournament in Chicago with all expenses paid. The nine high bowlers, with Fr. Kirchgcssner. are tl to rt: First Row: John Dickerson, Dave Perkins, Fr. Kirchgessner, Dave Fairfield, Don Wort. Sacond Row: Frank Foley. Joi- Franken, Tom Svymberskjvy Tom Barhier, and Dave Swanson, Early season golf practice in old gym. Tom Barbier on his way to a strike. - mf? N, Q 4,i.5,,w,5A?i9:gz:,:l,15xk ,T5i5:'H1QF' , . ., 1, N,-iffy V, J-J f - -Eff il' we ,ans f f A Nw G .2 I E Q- mf' TQ 1 5 512.82554 4 .41 X . X mv I .'.2'"Q.'12.,.E,i'kw:!e:-2IP-:Q-5:21 ,. 'Af mf 5 'NZ' V5 'iimkfm Q .wiv ,ge Q jgwmxfi in 4 f b .. ,Q B xxx Kd Q. lg H im Q -iw +4 Q bb 1-if Q k Q ,Q . as yt 1, ' w i. 'Swigiii-273 1 'Mak wr X ' ,,- ' . . .,,,.. ri 2 ,wg ' k I . my is 5,5 . I K Zi.. f ..,, Ez,-1, x E w lr J Kiwi .zfu Q 5' K? H fixw A I 9 x ky ' L ' 'Ti-:A . , , - 4 Qrz.:fLg yi E 4 W . xv X Mt Q x i if ' ' 'T J . , 5 4 . ' X Qquw , ' 5, 'K I H ta.-.sur I ,, ' 'WN RX I sg 51 "fi-QQ lf- ' ' w ..,, .fu Q.-nz.: , M A 1...-W , ,E , H! Q A NN- I , 5, - N.. A"' if fb. M , .I ..,, M s.. , ,J I N., X XA . wg, I 1. wi . " , nw ' , A 3 ' I Q ss, ' i f Y R . maiilf. U 'K ' ,E V N ,,.,. ,Fm . N in Q 4 If 1 z" at V7 -. 4 if . -.,, I .,f.x .. wir, X AM E . R i. xg'- ,I ,O X 0 Z . flea I W1 I Iohn Slevin Ari Iohnson Editors Connie Scully Pat McDonald Tho staff ht-ads 2ll'l'I sf-att-tl. Kathi:-on lloolt-y ff-atures and artg Bt-tty Couri, husint-ssg standing: Ht,-nry D1-rsch, feature-s and art: Don Finnt-gan, gon oral managt-rg and Tony liusht-ll. husinf-ss. Sta!! Heads The Summa In Sept:-mh--r, '52, a group of seniors was c-host-n from hoth tht- Acaflvniy and Spalding to produce- the- SUMMA3 this group was hc-ad:-fl hy four co-t-ditors Connit- Scully, Pat Mt'Donalrl, Art Johnson, ancl John Sli-vin. While- tht- :editorial and ft-aturt-s staffs spy,-nt days and nights planning' writing. vrlit- ing, doing layouts. and tht- other proce-ssc-s that go into tht- making of an annual, thn- husine-ss staff wt-nt to work soliciting the- arl- vt-rtising that a volume- likt- tht- SUINIIXIA rv- quire-s. Many husint-ssl-s in tht- Pt-oria vicinity and surrounding conimunitit-s wt-rv approac-ht-fl and r--niinrit-rl that tht-ir arls would makt- at he-tte-r hook for us and he-ttt-r husinc-ss for the-ni. The- photography work was he-gun in Octo- ht-r with tht- taking of st-nior and unflorclass- int-n portraits. Th--raaftt-r, it was ll rart- wt-1-lr that somt- onf- or some- group rlicl not haw- at flatt- with tht- c-amorarnan. Along with tht- xvritle-n account of tht- sc-hool yt-ar, wr- lizlvw- trivd to givt- a cornple-tv pictorial history of tht- year, Anoth:-r change- from pre-Vious yvars is that we- haw- comhint-cl tht- activity soc- tions of hoth schools so as to make- tht- hook mort- unificd. l I L I C7 X., S? Ill N 655 5335: , 5 k 2931 ....., Q 323,33 2553 , 3573 H mf me wwmvw-L 336 'ii- 5 Q is xg .M E 45 ' x ' - -S5 f fi 1 .X f ifww Q3 - -ilisi A gs-X 3 E A H 2 ' ,532 5 Q 5 Qfiza 1 nf .. ff 'cfwza 'QE gl :H W? 4 Y 1 x 4 :IDL x 4 ' . P W QQEQ QQEQEW l ::5.:::': l ::. if A V. l i 121- U Y ' .A gk' ,W Q 574 -v-, 1 t 'mg Wi 'NM 1 , ,4 mfr -WWW ' 'gkygfs' H ng 4 giiw H 4 N LZ Q, , an asians. on vrf.-up-n.rnrsr ru. -wvmfxvn-aura: 'ffm 5 4,. T. 'Q' , v TNS? 3 Qlfwf ! The Academy Compact The- Academy Compact, issut-fl e-ight limi-s 21 yt-ur by tht- stud:-nts. us picture-fl in its nzinit- plzitv. niirrurs tht- Avzult-rny girl. lt publish:-5 tht- nt-ws ut' the- nc-tivitie-s uf tht- stude-nts and faculty and spvc- inl ft-ature-s including "As We Like It," "As Wt- Don't Like It." "Can You Imagin:-," "Senior Por- traits." "Fashion Nt-ws." Lite-rary Lights." "Birth- days," "Dz1t4-hunk," and "From tht- Music Corn:-r." Thr- 1-rliturs try to giw- 1-qua! publicity tn 4-etch studt-nt. ln thc- picturt- to the le-ft bt-lim' arf- tstandingmz Mary Jani- Corey. circulation manage-rg Rose-mary Ksycki. make--up 1-rliturg Rt-gina Smith, nm-ws 1-ditorg l,ilLlI'f'1'Yl Hihs:-r, husint-ss mziriugt-r. 'st-zttt-dr: Phyllis Km-rn:-rg t'1-z1tL11't- 4-clitorg Je-an Schultz, adve-rtising manager. Re-pmte-1's in tht- picture- to the- right below art- ist-zttt-flv: Nlzirgzit- Schlink, Dulort-5 Gullnm-r, Joanna Dunnt-3 fstanclingb: Pat Pio, France-s Farruhm-r, Mary Lou Sauer. W1 it A lj' om 911.5 'YY' sealing oftfveli S 005 1195 ' he ut 95 hd' 955.91 at Andi fm! ,So tsofiqqo 992' wcowmo W1 an 1 lie Ywptzcia 0 a xo 96005 at be 0 all I of D 0 5159 Our' ,ab 9 o rm- 596 ' hf like 'omni-.olfl betgtilli L L1 h ' crwtiot- ' sf oc ul 1 rt-U 5. 5-fa' 05 ' ,Sb ueb , ,mf 1 vt her' axe 899 ,539 A pci nh E . ug 668. O Q Ygoii- W ,Ure-P wld! ' b P3395 Q 'ive SV .' 's 99' Q 92 X ABA S has 15 1 0,14-2 Cecxva e ' ,oi '30 xl 1 6031115 to G0 0 fl' 51. Q Am' Q he V' -kg? auf' -V99 ,wi osf- Q, ' U 16 P ,xqxi xigil Ct,--""J 6509 Xt M 9 E 'fill We.-f'lJo1s Y-tai? :X V' ' 09x af' 15 X X, 3 . Q eQ 3. x P,0 Yvbni 5936 9 tm.,fEvx . a 5?5..u got five gif? olschogl wx 0 The Institute The INSTITUTE is the official newspaper published eight times a year by and in the interest of the students of Spalding Institute. It has the motto: "All the Spalding news that is fit, to print." This year the paper was increased to six pages, which is the first change in its format for some time. Some of the outstanding features of The Institute are the articles on the faculty, the "Vicious Cycle," "On the Side," and "The lnquiring Reporter." This year's editor. Jerry Murphy, has been working in the field of journalism along with being able to stay on the semester Honor Rolls all four years at Spalding. He has combined his journalistic work with various other activities while at Spalding, Such as the Sodality and intramural basketball. In his senior year he reached the pinnacle of Spalding journalism, namely, editor of The Institute. Pictured below to the righteGeneral Staff tl to rl: Jim Haddi- gan, Art Johnson, John Nahas, Dave Cushing, Jim Farrelly, Henry Dersch, Jim Cleary, Tom Barbier, Jim Ryan. Pictured below to the left-Staff Heads tl to ri: Don Finnegan, features editorg Bob Shafer, sports editor, Jack Crutcher, business manager. it S Wepdlwag Ge SPAJDIKVQ IA I t . - c ltu fe En ti czasfbnfol iz 2' ss Bs Ha U11 265-A ,gary I fo 1:4 11, D913 429,110 wg 1 in First Row: Frances Farraher, Rita Alig, Mary Frances Hunt, Lucille Gardner, Regina Smith, Maur- een Manning, Mary Kay Malone, Pat McDonald. Second Row: Arlene Agan, Margie Schlink. Georgana Wahl. Connie Scully, Amt-line Rashid. National Honor Society Honor, Scholarship, Service, and Leadership. These are the virtues which may be found symboliz- ed on the shield of the National Honor Society. The Academy chapter of this national organiza- tion was begun in 1943 and is an honorary group chosen in February of each year. The Spalding chapter, which is three years old. has Father Thompson as moderator. Officers are John Slevin, president, Jim Cusack, vice-president, Don Finnegan, secretary, Larry Tadie, treasurer, Dave Bullock and Jim Farrelly, social committee. The chief function of the Spalding N.H.S. is the ushering for Mass on First Fridays. They also have the inglorious privilege of putting away chairs after student assemblies. Highlights of the year were the initiation of new members and ushering at the dedication of the Spalding gym. First Row: Dan Biederbeck, Don Finnegan, George Rennn, l.zi1ry'l'adie, John Slevin. Second Row: Henry Dersch, Art Johnson. Jim Cusack, Jerry Murphy. Third Row: Dave Bullock, Charles Heyd. Joe Mirande, llob Fox. new 'ivv' dw' 'md' is First Row: Jerry Murphy, Harry Heyl, Art Johnson, Tony Bushell. Second Row: Henry Dersch, Bob Shafer, Don Finnegan, John Slevin, Jack Crutcher. Quill and Scroll The Quill and Scroll, an international society for high school journalists, was initiated at Spalding in January of 1951. The requisite for membership in this organization is superior journalistic work on the Institute or Summa staffs. The officers for '52-'53 are Harry Heyl, presidentg Jerry Murphy, vice-presi- dent, and Arthur Johnson, secretary-treasurer. Pontificctl Crew As one would infer from the name the Pontifical crew is that group which assists the Bishop in all pontifical ceremonies at the Cathedral. These in- clude Christmas and Holy Week services, the con- ferring of Holy Orders and an occasional funeral. The members are under the excellent leadership of Monsignor Robert Peters. Besides the honor of serving the Bishop, the crew is rewarded for its services by a delicious chicken dinner. This treat at the end of the school year is always anticipated by the members, First Row: tl. to r.i Rodney Hartnett, Paul Slavens, Henry Dersch. PhilKoepple, Ray Van Bruwaene. Second Row: Bob Murrin, Bob Render, Charles Heyd, Dick Bour. Terry Abel, Phil Coogan. Third Row: Msgr. Peters, Tim Henning, Frank Ohlcmiller, John Jackman. i 4 1 i lC"ff' A tense moment in an intramural game The royal order of mermaids G.A.A. A well-rounded sports program of bowling, swimming, basketball, volley ball' and tumb- ling is offered to athletic-minded AOl.'ers un der the most capable direction of the PE. in structor, Mrs. Reynolds. Friday night finds some of our top bowlers fRita Alig, Janice Matthews, and Betty Ten- nant-frolling up some striking scores at the Peoria Bowl, VVith swimming new on this year's agenda, a number of the girls decided to trade in their feet for a pair of Swim fins at least during the instruction classes, held two nights a week. Iuniors Capture Cage Title Of course basketball competition is always stiff, and this year it was stimulated by the entry of eight intramural teams. The juniors battled their way to the viCt0r's Circle, only after they had defeated a hard-fighting senior team that lost to them by but four points. The tension mounted for the thrilling Senior- All-star duel, and at its conclusion many stu- dents found their fingernails gnawed to the bone and rightfully so. The lead see-sawed back and forth during the thrilling first three quarters, Then in the last quarter the All-stars racked up a commanding lead, only to have Aiming for a stnke 1 f, I!! Nm 3 Ei Y' xv , an f dy? ? N xx, i ffm Q N. S ebb First Row tl to rl: Larry Ferris, Don Faherty, Mike Farraher, Maurice Joseph, Bert Entrican. Second Row: Phil Kronenberg, John Szentes, Carl Szentes, and Gene LaHood. AOL Library Club Spalding Camera Club All of the 23 members of the AOL Library Club, which is under the guidance of Sister M, Marcia, are enthusiastic book lovers and their lively interest has done much to make the library one of the most pleasant rooms in the school, Officers are: president, Bernadine Reisingg vice-president, Audrey Brideg secretary, Margie Corlettg treasurer, Fern Zaborac. Two members work in the library during each period stamping and shelving books, assisting in the cata- loging and repairing of books and locating reference material. Interest-arousing displays of new books are prepared by the bulletin board committee, One of the new organizations begun under the Viatorian administration is the camera club, With Brother Boose as the adviser, the S.C.C. has come far in its three years herei With its purpose of creat- ing a hobby for the students and preparing photo- graphers for the Summa Staff, it has shown the boys that a good time can be had with a camera. The only requirement for entering the club is the ownership of a camerag no darkroom knowledge is needed. The highlights of the year were the taking ot pictures at the Christmas Dance and Junior Prom. The club was also in charge of concessions during the parochial league basketball games. Preparing books for circulation are: seated Shirley Johnson, Margaret Corlett, Judy Janovetz. Standing: Barbara Ohnemus, Audrey Bride. Ann Graham. Lynn Beininger, Fern Zaborac, Pat Long, Mary Tippett. Making decorations for the Sodality dance are: Gwenn Ruhland, Kay Van Ermen, Delores Rischar, Joyce Ochs, Nicole Kibler, Susan Roberts, Sharon Becker. The Art Club of Spalding is a group of students which meets in room 26 every Tuesday and Thursday after school. It is composed of any one who wishes to advance his knowledge of the finer arts of paint- ing and sculpturing, Members of the club may work in any field of their choice, which includes charcoal sketching, oil, pastels, and water color painting, and ceramics. Their endeavors are under the supervision of Father Novacek. The club has at its disposal the use of ri good- looking mOdl'l. It is, however, to their disappoint- ment, only a statue, yet' it gives the students an opportunity of drawing from a three dimensional object. The hard work of the art club may be seen by their excellent exhibits of craftsmanship which they have periodically displayed in the library. AR The facilities of the Academy's art department have been increased with a new studio occupying an entire side of the first floor in the music and art building, Two beginning classes and an advanc- ed division were taught.. Beginning students strove to acquire proficiency in the use of pencil, pen and ink, poster paint. tex- tile paint, conte' crayon and fresco in varied projects such as lettering, all-over designs, posters. luncheon cloths, and still-life studies. Advanced students continued their study of art appreciation with emphasis on the history of archi- tecture and art in the home. The field of paper sculp- ture was explored. Another new medium was that of scratchboard in which each student executed a work with a religious theme. First Row: Don Capes, Richard Fairfield, Jim McLaughlin. Second Row: Paul Aaron, Henry Woulfe, Alan Aaron. Dances and customs of old Spain are studied by these senoritas. French Club To gain a little more knowledge of their adopted people is the purpose of the French ll Club which meets every other Friday. Meetings are opened with the Salu- tation Angelique. Four of the members are in charge of each program, which consists of reports on the customs and activities of the French people, To increase the ability of the members to speak the language, games and songs are done in French. Mother M. Lucilla is moderator of the club. The members in the picture are: M.L, Sauer,, A. Bas- sett, K. Keefe, S. McLaughlin, G. Boyle, C. Hoerdemann, L. Gardner, R. Smith, P. McDonald, R. Streitmiller, Latin can be fun as well as work. 43.55 L? an- Spanish Club The Spanish II Club is named the "Claretians" in honor of the religious community killed during the Spanish Civil War. Meetings conducted in Spanish are held month- ly usually on some Spanish feast. As part of the program. stories are told about the life of the person being honored and the way in which the Spanish celebrate the occasion. Sister M, Hortensia is moderator of the Club. Members pictured are, first row: G. Wahl. J. Metz, J. Snedden, P. lrelandg second row: V. Woolhiser, l. Giltner, J. Angel, J. Mecham, M. Meisenheimer, C. McGrath, R. Alig, P. Crilly. st dt The porsecutions of the French Revolution are of special interest to these "jeunes fil1es." Latin Club The purpose of the "Inter Nos" Club is to familiarize the students of Latin with ancient cus- toms and ways of the Romans. For each of the monthly m -etings, one of the members acts as chair- man. Discussions, book reports, crossword puzzles, and games constitute the program, But the Latin students are firm believers in play as well as work so parties are in order also. Pictured as they carry on an informal discussion arei C. Cleary, M. Cremer, F. Farraher, S. Feeney, M. Horan, Sister M. Miriam is moderator. U12 Chemistry Club Thv Ions Club, compose-d of tht- mt-mbvrs of th-1 Chvmistry class, holds monthly mt-1-tings during thr- second semester. Each meeting was arranged by one of the chairmen Sally O'Brie-n. Rossfmary Ksycki, Clarys Cleary and Both Kr-mp. Topics of tho meetings for '53 we-rv Women in Science-, Careers in Chemistry, Catholic Scif-ntists, and a farvwz-ll party for the sc-niors, Demonstrations and che-mistry stunts formi-d a part of each program. Watching thc- progross of an expr-rinit-nt art-2 Kathlovn Kon- nedy, Rost-mary Still, Donna Di'aog1'i', Both K1-mp. and Dolores Thompson. Frogs, flies cmd flickers provide hours of work in library and lab. Sociology Club , ln Novi-mb:-r, tht- Sociology group he-ld at mock 4-lt-ction with Republican and Di-mocratic' c'hairmt-n. Porstvrs. pamphle-ts' buttons and spvvclivs spurrvri on tho students during the ww-k pivot-fling tht' vlvc- tion, Two weekly papers, tho "Pvo:'ia Rvgistf-r" and "Our Times." give the- club m -mbr-rs a basis for their talks and debatfis. Examining tho world nt-ws map arf-: kneeling -Blargi Dukt-, Shirlt-y Fischt-rg stand- ing Suzannf- Ili-ssling. Sharon Fm-nt-y, Math-no Niarini. Mary Janv Cort-yy Joan Morris. Judy Metz. Josophint- Curro. Chemistry students "react" to u reaction. Biology Club During the yvar tht' Biology departmi-nt has .icquirvd sou-ral inte,-rvsting new items. Somv ot' the-sv arf- the modc-ls of the human brain and ros- pirzitory systfim, a balanced aquarium. and a canary. Tho flll-f4'l't'I'll groups havo been very ac-tivo in turning in projs-cts on fish, birds, insects, mam- mals, and food, Ono of tht- most intorvsting projects was tlif' pro1mi':itioii of 21 pzipvi' mzinnvkin' thv parts ol' whivh wt-1-ti labvlt-d. r-olorod and asse-mblvd to illus- trzito tht- structure- of tho human body. Picturf-d as they s-xamino a frog are: Edith lllodsow, Norma Allure-cht. Jayne- Colgan, Joan Ann Hibsvr. Kart-n VVhr'lan, Rosemary Pfister. The News of the World charts their future. :N u ... ri ... . it . 9' Members of the Family Living class select pamphlets. Speech Club Skits, pantomines, impersonations, plays, and the study of speech fundamentals compose the work of this active organization, Their first task was to provide the entertainment for the Mothers' Guild Tea-songs, dance numbers, humorous read- ings, and a play entitled "B1uebeard." Christmas was remembered by the play, "The Littlest Angel," given over the public address system, but the play scheduled for St. Valentine's Day never was quite fitted into the busy February calendar. Makeup artistry is also a phase of the club's work. Demon- strating their skill are, seated: Margi Duke, Mary Ann Powers, Kathy O'Connellg standing: Pat Crilly. Mary Schemmel, Susie Stewart. Representatives proudly display their shield. Family Living This year the Family Living classes have found a new way of learning-by means of pamphlets on such topics as bringing up Christian children, mar- riage, and budgeting. Another part of the course was a unit on Home Nursing and Mother and Child Care given by Mrs. McCammon, a Red Cross Nurse. Looking over the pamphlets on Christian Family Living are: Carolyn Harrmann, Betty Jean Tennant, Ann Bassett, Kathleen Hagemann, Gerry Boyle, Mary Jane Stickling. Learning stage make-up is fun. Iunior Red Cross The function of the Junior Red Cross is to sup- port the Senior Red Cross in all its many activities. Each evening two or more of the Academy girls have donated their time to do filing at the blood center. Each Saturday several gave their time to preparing the tubes, labels. and bottles used for blood donations. During the Thanksgiving holidays they presented a program for the polio ward at St. Francis hospital. The representatives as pic- tured are' first row: Jane Hanley, Joyce Sheridan, Susanne Allen, Jeanette Sanderson, Susie Nash, Audrey Bride, Barbara Gensler, Frances Farraherq second row: Joan McCluhan, Dolores Konvalinka. Ameline Rashid, Rita Rice. 94 The Gleo Club contributes to Homecoming Festivities. The popular Spalding Glee Club has developed to a great extent under the able direction of Father Maurice Dailey. lt is composed of a good representation of boys from all four classes who want and like to sing. The highlights of the Glee Club were the Homecoming Concert, the Christmas Concert, and the St. Patrick's Day Concert. The season was climaxed at the Annual Diocesan Music Festival, which, this year was held in the new gymnasium of Spalding. Each program was entirely different. Classical, semi-classi- cal, and light songs were included in each, so as to satisfy the various tastes of the many followers and admirers of the club. Spalding Glee Club Father Dailey directs the Christmas Carols Bottom row, l. to r.: J. Sze-nies, G. Lamb, P. Engressei, Fourth row: E. Goett, D. Perkins, B. Entrican, R. Zerwer, E Howard, J, Maushard, P. Molloy, J. Wade, J. Koeppel, D. P. Neuson, D. Delvaney, J. Haddigan, J. Ringness. Boer. Fifth row: J. Crutcher, D. Vachon, J. Keeley, R. Hartnett, Second row: B. Davis, J. Giberson, J. Willard, B. Smith, H' Dsrsch' B' Cook' J' Myatt' C' Heyd' M Cwper, D. Esmcy D' Stauffer B, Becker. Sixth rovy: R. Zerwrer, D. Snyder, C. Szentes, E, LaHood, R. ' Dunne, D. Hienz, D. Finnegan. Third row: M. Davis, B. Harrmann, J. Hagemann, L. Bau- Seventh row: D. Hammond, B, Peters, F. Ohlemiller, J. mann, E. Winchester, F. Johnson, H. Woulfe, T. Barbier, Jachman, D. Fairfield, D. Bullock, D. Goddard. MUSIC AT AOL l ki ,Ni g .1-A 3 ff Q ru 5' XXXNEF Mf"ls-E .-4 Garrett Scheerer Regma Smlth larly mterested 1n Slllglllg Freshmen General Music class prachces for then operettu C Hoerdeman Accompamst Flrst Row E Pllon N Mathers N Mnycrs R CO'lll J Whlte D Donovan M Best Second Row E Mauser P Pro P Ireland W Hemz G Gelsler M Cole C Magg1O Thxrd Row P Heyd C Beckfeld M Keenan R Strextmlller L Fox J Kramer S Huston 'iw T2 Accordlon Band members swmq xnto cz tune Flrst Row Rose Maru Dolan Dolls Schmxlt Kltty Sommer C,lznn'1 Second Row Janlcc Bcst Barbara Gramm Judv Kfulor Yvonnt The Academy Glee Club under the d1I'QCl1OI1 of Sxsttr Mars Arthur conslsts of sophomorts Jumors and se nlors who art partlcu Fourth Rovs P McD0nl'1 E Bl'lDChl R Bar tholomtvs J Wlltst M J Frty S Gras D Hurst L Iollx S Cusack Flfth Row M Sung r R Carney T Coughlln E Vogt J Matthews E Mann R Wallenfang M J llagemann Y . Z X . I w J . ' . Y i ' - l K ,. ' x- , , , . m 3 - J , N n V C , I J 1 a 7 x ' A ' ' 1 ' 1 . 1 ' '7 , . . 5 - ' h Q ' , . . ' , . 'z . R ., 4. L , . - . ' D x Y i x Y ' x X ' - - , . , . , - V . . . . , . l , . , - c 'y . J, . , . x . A " ' . x' ' ' I . l 9 , . ', . 1 , . , . 1 , . ' - . . 7 - - . . , . , 4 . 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . . , . , , . . , . . . K f ta lf W. . is Q , 'uf , K J 5, , W . in - fe. My 'M' M, Ll I ' ' ' 3 " W ' ' ' 'W -M " 'V' 'Z f - J. ' R Y ' w x f - r J f' ' as . -Q .,,. J , , 25. 3? "' P fb f an 4 :rf 3 K 1 X. .aw 3 g 'S X A AWE J az -f ' Q' A 1 3" Office-rs aret Pat Shea, preside-nt, Janet Bm-st. secrvtaryg Janice Bt-st, trt-asurc-rg Patsy Ire-land and Betsy Pt-plow, librarians, Carol Mahoney, Lucille- Gardnt-r. Pat McDonald. and Rita Strt-itmillt-r, ward- robe. During the year rt-vt-rsible blur- and gold stoles were purchased. The Glf-0 Club opt-nt-d its season with a pro- gram for Saint Cecilia's Day, at which a group of sophomore-s made the-ir first appt-aranco as an vn- se-mblc. Prt-ce-ding Christmas, groups pri-st-nt:-rl programs at tht- Elks Club and tht- Knights of Columbus Hall, climaxing tht-ir holiday activities was an inspiring Christmas concert in the Academy auditorium, Other appearances included tht- Holy Hour for the Diamond Jubilee of thc- Diocese, the- Diocesan Music Festival, and a Spring concert. The Glee- Club also sang the Propz-r of the Mass and special hymns for all thc- High Massa-s in the auditorium as well as alternating with the Spalding Glue Club for tho First Friday Masses at tht- Catho- dral, Scenes from the Christmas Concert FirSl ROWS J- Best- L- Jvseph- M- Lyle. V- Phillips. Fourth Row: s. O'Donnell, N. Ge-nzel, J. Best, D- WHUDGCK- V- E- Baflillllid- M- SI1id9I' M. Walsh, M. A. Hopkins. A. Bride, M. Davis, J. Second Row: E. Busyee, L. Gardner, P. Tomlin, Bringer. M. Morris, P. Shea, M. C. Costello, P. Haley, Third Row: J. Petty, K. Sommer, D. Konvalinka, Fifth Row: B. Peplow, J. Sheridan, E. Hutchons, K. Whelan, B. Rothan, C. Mahoney, R. Pfister, A. P. Vicary. M. Horan, R. Doht-ny, B. Buckley, J. Bring- Chapin, er, J. Hurst. '-Q f if A-,if M2- X, . 5 Z- f WW l I Academy-Spalding Band fb -1 5 X ',, , Z ' I X H l l I if 17 in Front Row: Marilyn Clark, drum majoretteg Pat Brophy, Eileen Joseph, Peggy Brophy, Pat Vicary. Back Row: Mary Biederbeck, Maureen Horan, Pat O'Neill, The hopes and dreams of Spalding and Academy students became a reality when the newly organized Spalding-Academy band marched onto the field on Homecoming Day, The warm reception given them spurred on the band members under their very capable director, Brother Joseph Drolet, C.S,V., to an even greater effort for their part in the Christmas Concert, Dec. 21, '52, On Feb, 8, '53, the band played to a full house at the dedication of the Spalding gym. April 30, saw the band combining with the other bands of the diocese to participate in the Diocesan Music Festival. The work of the year was con- cluded with the presentation of the all-school Variety Show to obtain funds for band uniforms. 1f'f""""i Practice Sessions Members of the band are Farraher Glrdzus 'VIcMan1S Brown Crawford Farms G1bbons Hanlon He sslmg RQ nder Ste wart Tomlln Urhanc Wort Hopklns D03 le Enlrlcan Q arrett Koi ppel Roge r Ruggles Otto Clark Clearv Farrahu Joseph NIcGann Relllhan RICCI O1NL1ll NI Schnmlr 1 Dontlno Joseph Caraghml I Sulhvan SV!1g8lS Ymgst J Bovca D Jlbbcn 'NI Lvlc A begmners group workmg hard rn pr puratlon for future publxc appearances 99 Spalding Sodality The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an association for all Catholics who desire to follow Christ more closely within their own state of life. Personal sanctity and apostolic work fulfill the double purpose of the sodality. Each sodality works within its own sphereg Spalding Institute itself is the sphere for the schoo1's sodality, the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception. The sodality has regular meetings conducted by its elected officers. These are Donald Finnegan, prefectg Robert Shafer and Richard Hammond, vice- prefectsg David Fairfield, secretaryg and Arthur Johnson, treasurer. The association promoted several activities this year such as handling the Christmas crib project. but its main objective was to get well established as a foundation for the coming years. Counseling this project has been the task borne by the advisor. Father White. First Row Jtrrv Murphy Art Johnson Bob Shaf Second Row: Harold Hajnal, Lowell Jibben Bob er Don Finnegan Dick Hammond Dave Fairfield Murrin, Bob Peters, Pat Nelson, Jim Cleary, and Dan Biederbeck. V si .iii 4 A at 2 Y . . -v':2 ::1 gi.. . iizu i , , ,. . ,,,A,.,AV,.,, . January 21, 22, and 23 Spalding held its annual retreat con- ducted by the Rev. John Whalen, chaplain at Joliet State Prison, and a graduate of Spalding. The Rev. James Gallagher, C.S.V., gave the retreat at the Academy from January 28 to 30. Each day began with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The rest of the day was occupied with thought-provoking conferences, spiritual reading, mental prayer, the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament closed the activities each afternoon, Retreats . . . The Most Important Days of the Year Spa1ding's retreat was closed with Benediction by Father Whalen. Father Gallagher gives Benediction during the retreat at the Academy. Reception of Holy Communion is a vital part of the retreat days for Academy students P2 The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary The Sodality of the Blcsst-d Virgin Mary has as its aim pe-rsonal sanctity and tht-n tht- holint-ss of otht-rs. Its mt-mht-rs strivt- to achit-vo this goal by attending Mass and rt-ct-iving Holy Communion at lt-ast three- times a wt-ck, daily rt-citation of tht- Rosaryv fiftt-en minutt-s of mt-ntal prayt-r t-vt-ry day. tht- saying of tht- Morning Offt-ring, Acts of Faith. Hopt-, and Charity, thrt-e Hail Marys. an Act of Const-cration upon arising, and a nightly examina- tion of conscicnct- and Act of Contrition. Ont- of tht- Sodalist's dutit-s is to pc-rform apos- tolic work. Among thc various projt-cts was tht- tak- ing of orphan childrt-n into our homt-s for one day of normal family life-. Many non-sodalists participatt-d in this projt-ct, and all havt- plt-asant mt-morit-s of tht- day. On Novi-mbt,-r 11, thc Re-vt-rt-nd Fatht-r Carra- hint-, S.J.' conductt-d tht- annual dioce-san Sodality Day attt-ndt-d hy Sodalists from all tht- Catholic high schools in the dioct-st-. As an outcomt- of this mt-t-ting. it was dt-cidt-d to start a SDS moyt-mt-nt at AOL. "Supply tht- dt-- mand for tht- supply' is our motto in obtaining mod- cst dress, formal and informal. Plans wcrt- made for a style show in tht- spring. As Christmas approacht-d. t-ach aftt-rnoon saw St-Vt-ral girls hurrying to tht- Nt-ighhorhood Housf- to help hand out toys. and otht-rs digging into toy cht-sts and food ct-llars to find goods for tht- bas- kt-ts for tht- nt-t-dy faniilit-s. During tht- wt-ck of January 11, Socialists could ht- found handing out pamphli-ts tt-lling the- story of Our Lady of Fatima at tht- showing ol' that moyit- at tht- Rialto 'l'ht-att-lg Tht- tht-mo of Wintt-1' Wondt-rland st-t tht- mood as AOL't-rs and tht-ir gut-sts danct-d to tht- strains of Paul Wir--man's hand at tht- Sodality-sponsort-d dance, January 16. Pat Ireland. treasurt-rg Mary Franet-s llunt, pre- ft-ctg Clara Jt-an Thill. vit-t--prt-ft-ctg Charlottt- Hoer- tlt-man' st-Crt-tary. On l"t-hruary 17 tht- stutlt-nts and tht-ir gut-sts t-n- joyt-tl tht- movie. "Night Song," starring Mt-rle Oht-ron, Dana Andrews. Tht- mont-y maclt- on this movit- was ust-tl to pay for the ht-autiful flowt-rs ust-cl on May Day, ont- of tht- main evt-nts of tht- yt-ar. Otht-r projects wt-re to havt- tht- Rt-v, Etlwartl Pht-lan to spt-ak at the Ft-hruary gt-nt-ral mt-t-ting on tht- nt-ct-ssity of having Catholic literaturt- in our homt-s antl of rt-atling it. Rt-v. John Ht-cht gave 21 monthly lloly llour in tht- convt-nt chapt-l for the Socialists and mt-mht-rs of tht- stuflt-nt hotly who cart-rl to atlt-ntl. A lloly llour was also ht-ltl on Nt-w Yt-ar's Iivt- from six to st-vt-n o'clock to niakt- reparation for tht- sins that woulrl ht- committed that night. March 3, Sevt-rltt,-t-n prohationt-rs Wert- rt-civt-cl into tht- Soflality by Father Ht-cht and Wt-re givt-n tht-ir mt-tlals. Sinct- September they had stutlit-tl antl lt-arned tht- rult-s and tried out tht- way of life prt-scriht-tl for Soflalists. Finally they had to pass a writtt-n examina- tion antl promise to livt- up to the rules of tht- Sotlality, Tht- Sodalists also conducted some vt-ry interest- ing discussions at tht- weekly meetings on such topics as "charity in the home," "going steady," and "ht-haflior while on dates." Sotlality representatives: Lucille Gartint-r, Nant-y Jones, Carol Westlake, Janice Best, Marilyn l.ylt-. Virginia Phillips, Barbara Rothan, Barbara Buckley. Betty Krippt,-l, Diane Walheck, Carol Draegt-1, Judy Harris, Anne Olson, Mary Jant- Tetlfortl. -ai K M7 4' mf Probationers receive their medals from Father Hecht The CSMC convention at the Uni- versity of Notre Dame was an un- forgettahle experience for these AOL'ers. Seated: Lucille Gardner. Dolores Gollner, Marta Vonachen. mentrout, Nancy Van Bruwaene. Peggy Ireland, Rita Streitmiller, Nancy Zarones, Patty Berg, Wilma borac. Catholic Students Mission Crusade Mission efforts at the Academy got off to a flying start when 20 students accompanied hy Sisters Mary Julia and Rose Cecilia attended the national convention of the Catholic Students Mission Crusade at the University of Notre Dame. August 21 to 24. There 2,000 students and missionaries from all over the world met to unite in forming a program of action to spread the Catholic Faith. Catholic action will be achieved through their resolu- tions. The main ones are: To urge vocations for war-devastated areas. To encourage financial help for poverty-stricken missions, To study the problems of foreign countries, and corres- pond with its people. Occupying a prominent place in CSMC activities, is the collection of cancelled stamps. Competing with nearly a hundred schools, AOL placed seventh in the stamp contest sponsored by St. Louis Univer- sity in '52 and is the proud possessor of a traveling trophy. The mission bureau at the university sells the stamps to col- lectors and uses the proceeds to spread the Kingdom of Christ in the Jesuit missions throughout the world. In early spring of '53, the Academy had more than doubled its total of last year by some 20,000 points, with -1C leading in stiff inter-room competition, Mission representatives always find plenty of work to he done and fun to he had in the doing. l.. to r.: Joanne Kinney, Josephine Alig, Rita Streitmiller, Sandra Harding, Ida Armentrout, Peggy Ireland, Martha Davis, Dolores Gollner. Marta Vonachen, Fern Za- horac, Clarys Cleary. Shirley Nau- man. 101 Clarys Cleary. Standing: lda Ar- Zahorac, Shirley Nauman, Fern Za- Academy zeal in missionary wark is inspired by meetings held once a month for the entire student body, Mission officers, and representatives selected from each homeroom, with the advice of Sister Julia and Sister Rose Cecilia, encourage other students to respond to the plea of the Missions. Skits are prepared for the majority of meetings. "The Glowing Window," presented by speech classes, appealed to the students to give a worthy Christ- mas present to the Christ Child a donation to the Missions for His poor, Their donations succeeded in making the Nativity Window glow after all other gifts failed. The story of "Juan Mateo," a Maryknoll mission movie shown at the November meeting, stressed the work of the missioners in Central America and es- pecially the growth of native vocations, Inspiring talks encouraged the students to splen- did achievements for the following purposes: Ransoming of pagan babies. Sale of Christmas seals. Spiritual bouquets for missionaries, donations to Bishop's Relief Fund, and to the Propagation of the Faith. The World for the Sacred Heart Above: The story of the glowing window is told bv Sistc Berry! to distinguished bearers of gifts to the Christ Child played by Kay Keefe. Margie Schlink, and Joanne Petty. Below: The window lights up when poor childrr n plant d bx Maureen Cain and Shirley Nauman, present the gifts of AOL studtnts Patty Berg. secretaryg Nancy Van Bruwaene, vice presidentg Arlene Agan, presidentg Janet Best, treasurer Representatives: Joyce Becker, Pat Vicary, Carol De- Judy Wiltse, Shirley Overbeck, Carol Koors, Mary Kay Cromer, Sandra Huston, Judy Kaylor, Robin Bartholomew, Steiner, Pat Murphy, Student Council AW The Student Council is a special type of service organi- zation. Its services are donated to the students, to the faculty tin the field of administrationb, and to the com- munity. First and foremost it serves the student body, which it represents. The Student Council brings together mem- bers of all the classes in a common group, which is united to promote the aims, ideas, and goals of the entire school. Student government encourages participation and an active interest in the social life and spirit of the school. It develops in the students a sense of pride and responsi- bility toward their school. Secondly, the Council deals with the rules, regula- tions, and restrictions pertaining to student life, which are necessary to keep things running smoothly. Lastly, through helping to foster in the student body the qualities of industry, courtesy, and co-operation, the Student Council is molding better future citizens. They will he prepared to assume a responsible position in society, and be of greater service to the country and community. Connie Scully, vice-president: Carol Mahoney, sec- retaryg Margie Schlink, president, Laurice Joseph. treas- urer. Mothers and Fathers Clubs .-.,q-1.- 13,3 - . ,ur Officers of the Academy Guild, an ac- tive group of mothers of the students, are: Mrs. Robert Sommer, president: Mrs. Frank Evans, vice president, Mrs. Paul Spainhower, secretary, Mrs. E, F. Best. treasurer: Mrs. R. F. Whelan, pub- licity, Mrs. T. J. Hanahan, program. The activities of the guild for '52-'53 included a silver tea, a Christmas party, a card party for the benefit of the school, and a Mother and Daughter breakfast. Serving at the Silver Tea are Mrs. P. Spainhower, Mrs. T. J. Hana- han, Mrs. P. Bringer, Mrs, F. Evans, Mrs. R. Sommer, Mrs. H, Ireland. The Mothers Club of Spalding is a rela- tively new organization, lt was established in the early part of this year. The mothers of the seniors made the initial plans and then presented them to the mothers of the entire student body. One of the main events of the club this year was the sponsoring of a mixer dance, held in the new Spalding gym, We are sure that the Mothers Club is a welcome or- ganization at Spalding and will do much for the improvement of the School. The Fathers Club is one of the old stand- bys of Spalding and a friend of all the stu- dents. It has many activities throughout the entire year consisting of: the Quarterback Meetings, Stag Fish Frys, Athletic Dinners, and many others. It is the members of the Men's Club that help out at all the social and ath- letic events held by Spalding. This helpful group also provides financial assistance for the athletic teams. The students of Spalding truly appreciate this outstanding and generous group of men who devote much of their time and energy for the betterment of Spalding. l tl to rl Mr. McGann, Mr, Happach, Mr, Ham- i mond, president, Mr. Ruhaak, and Mr. Stauffer. l tl to rw Mrs. M. J. Kelly, Mrs. L. O. Boyle, Mrs. F. A. Haddigan, Mrs. Il Dersch, president, Mrs. H. F. Boers, and Mrs, J. Heid. Spaldmg Homecom1ng 1952 SUE MCLAUGHLIN Queen Semor Candldate ROSE MARIE DOLAN Iumor Candidate X' asv -fre 1-'17 rf' " ,r J , ' L7 f, S new 1 t -A.,,j,-v' . ' t MARY MULLOWNEY Freshman Candidate 108 DONNA HURST Sophomore Candidate Homecom1ng Spaldmgs thlrd ohstrx lnct ot homtcommg ctrt momes that of 1952 11 is a crovxmng succc ss A stream of dtcorated automoblles formed an rmpressrve and norsy parad on hO1'l1tCOI'1llI'lg day Sunday Oct 14 The candrdates for Pomtcommg Queen WhlCh were chosen bw the Academy and than voted on by Spaldlng were Mary 'Vlullowney freshmin Donna Hurst Sophomore At tht h'1lfth1 girls xurt driven lround tht track m convtrtlhlts to tm Chttrs of tht studmnts Follovung thus semor cllss vlce prtsldtnt John S11 vln 'mnounctd that Sue Vllclftughlm was tht Quecn Sur VVIS then crovxnt d hy tht 1JTtSldt nt of the st mor clfxss .lc rry Murphy 'ind was prtscnttd with '1 bouquet ot flown rs H1ghl1ghts That nlght a glant get together for the Spaldmg alumnl and thclr frlends was held 1n the lower gum ot Spaldlng at wrhch thc mens club served vac lltnt rt freshments to the hungry guests The Spaldmg Academy Band under Brother Drolet and Fr Darleys Glee Club provlded entertalnment for the group The students were not to be left out of the proceedlngs however as the Hall Tha Homtcommg Quttn Sur M'1cI aughlm rtlso rtlgntd 0Vtl tht Vlctory dance 'xt tht close of the footh'1ll season Hart the students tlcctfd as thc football klng Dan Uramch 109 l l I ' ' ' ' ' A f 1 - vi 1 ' 1 ' 1 1- I ' ' , 1 1 ' J ' 1 ' ' ' ' , A1 V 1 fx x 3- A e X ' , , . . , - , ' - j L 1 1 ' Rose Marie Dolan, juniorq and Sue MacI.aughlin, senior. senior classes of both schools held a party in the V.F.W. 1 C 1 ' B- 1 1 1 -' 3 1 ' V X ' U K ' ' ' ' ', ' ' l . V. ' X . , I X 1 ' c 1 I 1 c ' ' ' ' ' - -5' - , 1 ' , t - 1' 1 1- 1 ' 1 K 1 C I 1 L 5 gn 'l v 1 1 1 D 1 vc 1 L O 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 x 1 ' 1 5 1 ' C 'Y 1 V Y A . c ' 1 1 1 'A C 1 ' 1 ' ll 03 lt sucnis a most fitting and bvautiful idua for us, as childrt-n of Mary, to crown Hs-r the Quewn of our ht-urls and of thu May. Mary Francais Hunt was chosf-n to rt-ign as May Quven. May IT, Last your sho crownvd :XIZ1I'j'3131'lt', who in turn placed a crown of flowers upon tho brow of our Blessed Lady. The- Sodality reprt-st-nlatives, drvssvd altvrnutvly in hluv and in white- formals, Our I,arly's colors, fornied tho court on the stops of the- school. Mefnibe-rs of tht- st-nior class prvswnted a lovely picturc in pastvl shadvd tormals to form the living Rosary. Tho cvwrnonivs we-rv L'lHSl'fl with livne-diction of Ihr- Iiltlsst-cl Szicwzxme-nt. MARY FRANCES HUNT May Queen May Day- 1952 SS rr ll l 5 X 3 52" v X U . 4 1 few U. ACADEMY GIRL Amcline Rashid The faculty and upporclassmvn selectud Amvline Rashid as Academy girl bc-cause tht-y ' who best exemplifivs considered her the semor ' . ruligious and moral character, leadership for good, sorvicv to others, Q-arm-stncss as a stu dent, and desirable ualitics of personality. fl 111 Nz Qi? 5 'L 2 is 9' 5355? 112 X ef -- , in . 3 , ' el f, 1 55: e tlfilgf Q If 5 59890 iff H , ii i? j :fe if me EXW - ' if Y. ' 1 fr , ig fps .ff at 1- F ' 4. t mga Sri ii "fit"-i ' e,,,.W, s 1 'TW be , 'fn N :S ' rfvzgif, ,A ff, A t ,V - yt' f. wmv . wi - 1,154 fe- . V , ..f'g.wi,- hy, 1 5 4 -Q-E1 , -,sp y . iffxf 1 t 'Ji e ,Q , ,,., K 5 'Qui if , 4? Hg r iiii X52 2 ' - -. Xxx LaSalle Diamond Iubilee Pageant A f 5 1, asf 2' .far 3 ' 1 ff? t f fr 3 I1 F 'J 11 0 tRichard Fairfieldy of the Illinois country. dreams of the conquest Tonti and Marquette tlohn Leneway and Iim Ringnessj study a map of the territory around Peoria. Q.,- Indian dancer tDiane Dentinoy performs at festival in honor of the god oi Spring. To celebrate the diamond jubilee of the founding of the Peoria Diocese, the American history classes of Spalding and the Academy presented a documentary pageant, "Harvest Festival," under the direction of Father White and Sister Gerard Joseph. In three parts, the first depicts the "Vineyard," the In- dian tribes holding their festivals in honor of the god of Spring, From there, we are taken to the seminaries of Paris and the missions of Quebec. It is from these that come Marquette, Joliet, LaSalle, and the others to plant the Faith for the "seed Time." As the result of their labors the new diocese of Peoria is formed. In this scene, "Springtime of the Diocese." Bishop Spalding calls Priests and Sisters to help in his labors. Now, after seventy-five years, the harvest is being reaped, and so the Spirit of Catholicity points with pride to the flourishing Catholic schools and institutions in the diocese, as well as to its militant lay Catholic organiza- tions. Colonial women display their costumes. Ianet Best, Delores Gollner, Darlene Buschbom, and Ioanna Dunne. rpg, Behind the scene Workers are: Florence Schurtz, props: Kathleen Hagemann, lights: Ameline Rashid, costumes, Kathleen Dooley, tickets: and Margie Schlink, music. A practice session is attended by: Bernie Marnie, Agnes: John Slevin, grandpa: Arlene Agan, Ester: Barbara York, the maid: Pat Crilly, Mrs. Wczhoughp: Art Johnson, Fred: Pat Shea, Mrs. Smith: Judy Kaylor, Tootie: Shirley Overbeck, Tootie: Margie Duke, Lucille: John Nahas, Lon: Georgana Wahl, Rose: and Jim Cusack, Mr. Smith. Miss- ing from the picture are Henry Dersch, Iohn: Charlie Heyd, Mr. Dodge: Jack Crutcher, Mr. Duffy: and Rich Walz, grandpa. 1 ll Meet Me In St. Louis The three act comedy, "Meet Me in St. Louis," directed by Sister Rose Cecilia, was the choice for the senior class play. It was pre- sented, April 15 and 16, in the Academy audi- torium at 8:15 p.m. The leads were held by Academy and Spalding seniors. This gay pro- duction put you back in the spirit of the early 1900's with the old-fashioned costumes, danc- ing, and songs. Supervising is done by Connie Scully, assistant, directory and Mary Schemmel, stage manager, 3 ' ' 1 Culu1'fuIlx' rlvL'm'z11vrl hmmllw in lhw gvm un IN-lw1'Llz1l'x' ll Ll! mzxxvci 'XV4'1'kQUf fun us lhv sm-ninrs wmlin-c-tlwri zmrl XYI'21I1lJ0-KI prix lmzmmmvrvri. nzlilf-ci, pinnvd, hukm-ri, zmrl vui. Thv 2lllI14JLll1l'L'lN!Ill ui' :YI2lL1l't'1'Il Hman as Czlmivzxl Quwn 1-mimi tin- intvnsw cu pvliiirmn among thc- classvs in suliciling llUI1I1j'YKl11'S1U put H14 II Czlndifialw fm 1114- thrunv. Some of Rudolph's admirers try to collect their candy kisses. AOL Iunior Variety Show Whispered conspiracies on the part of the juniors were brought to the front with a surprise Christmas variety show on December 19, under the direction of Virginia Phillips. The opening number was a group of girls dressed as elves warning two little tots . . you'd better watch out . . . Santa Claus is coming to town." Some of the other features were: the acting out of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth," a ballet dance and ballroom dancing to "Winter Wonderland," a poem entitled "Little Jesus." The highlight of the program was Rudolph, the Red- Noscd Reindeer, who came down the middle aisle throw- ing candy kisses to the girls, . . He knows it you've been had or good, so be good for goodness sake." We'll Be Waltzing in a Winter Wonderland Q A W ,MM A Wwwzz, , -vim, Y-wuwq, mm wfwzw, 'tim A NW ,W X, 'Mfg L+, + , M . is ,fyggv A Af .fy W ygfix' ik " It K Q X yr: 9 ,T .1 kv I K ' Q K fxi , W S' A Y fi h h., f " ' 5 x .f L In , . 'P 5 ,,3. xi 'I ' ' 'gig V 7 v a .4 x ,"' 'iv ""' 8 I Q' ' I:-:,. T, ' w , G , K 1 yi ,Q we if JAR sq, ,f ,- - Q J , Q , ' V i bf ai , ' iw-f .f U . LV W fi, if E.1, ' J Y , ::.5.- .,,. , 5 N3 Em , --,' Ei :253g .: V i v.: Ai A . X -B Q1 . Amzrns , Fw Argus- Q ' Florence Schurtz questions Barb Conley at a Careers Calling meeting Style Show As a result of the SDS meeting held previously in the year, the Sodality invited Mrs. Rosemary Russell, buyer at Bride's House, to give a showing of her spring formals at the Academy on March 10. Modeling these lovely formals of various styles and materials in pastel shades were Clara Jean Thill, Mary Lou Sauer, Janice Best. Charlotte Hoerdeman, Donna Hurst, and Betty Krippel. They all met the SDS requirement of modesty. Afterwards Mrs. Russell very willing- ly answered any questions that the girls had to ask her in regard to accessories, colors, materials, and styles. Careers Calling Once a month, Bob Holben and his crew from WMBD, together with au- thorities in various occupations open to women, came to the Academy to record "Careers Calling," a radio pro- gram sponsored by the R, G. LeTour- neau Company. For each broadcast, a senior with a roving microphone, acted as master of ceremonies and in- troduced each inquisitive AOL'er. Sis- ter Mary Carlos organized the stu- dents wishing to participate. The careers discussed and their respective M.C.'s were: Nurse, Pat Crillyg Airline Hostess, Mary Frances Hunt, Social Worker, Florence Schurtzg Telephone Service, Rita Aligg TV and Radio, Pat McDonald, Teach- er, Margie Schlinkg Homemaker, Ar- lene Agan. KJ f Donna Hurst, Clara lean Thill, Charlotte Hoerdeman. tabovej Betty Krippel, and Mary Lou Sauer model form- als shown at the style show. 117 Contest Winners -1-...Q ., -. :fl ,5?::,, mv "" .Q , 55 ' . , 5222 i- - ist QQ ,-., 6 Margi Duke fabovej was awarded a radio for third place in the "Voice of Democracy" contest. Upper left: Art Iohnson and lim Farrelly receiv- ed first and second place respectively in the Peoria area chemistry essay contest. Lower left: Mr. Clarence Mugge presents Sharon Feeney with a scholarship to Bradley, the first prize award for the advertising essay contest. Bottom left: lack Crutcher and Mary Frances Hunt discuss various points of their winning speech- es in the Te Deum Speech Contest. Bottom right: Maureen Horan, Gerry Boyle, and Pat Crilly talk of the outcome of the regional speech contest held at Woodruff in which they participated and won places in the different divisions. 'WWW qi.. bgvut W Father Livingston, Director of the C.Y.C. Catholic Youth Center That Cathulic Youth Cvntvr was startvd 1-ight yvars ago by the Vvry Rt-v. M. V. Hass tu give! tht- Catholic youth 21 placm- to 11-cn-atv. On its Q-ighth birthday it muvvd into its nt-w quartt-rs in tht- Spalding Gym. Thf- Academy and Spalding studvnts have spm-nt many vnjnyahlv hours at thu "Ct-ntt-r." tt gf' J , S! 4 5 . , A .Maw-me W4 3.1 T. .i'. . 64 . qg. 'Ul- swzmdh- Q23 M413 was E 'iffy' sq-1,35 W I M 10-ww, ' '-' -f The New Spaldmg Gymnasmm ..-1 Eiga? 2 221 L 5- Ag: Jima. 2 SUMMA Most Rev W11l1am E Cousrns Blshop of Peorla v B Reldy Rev P OC Culleton Rev Gahlman Rev P Sammon Very Rev F B Blecke Very Rev M V Haas Very Rev G Mlddleton Vt ry Rev R G Peters Rc v Rm v Rs v Re v Rf v Rex Rev Rex Rev Rev Anthonv BIFIBSIUS Ceorge Carton M A Coffey A A Cunmngham John Deane Bernard Dempsey James Fay W1ll1am Feeney J H Fennen J M Fltzgerald Franc1scan Fathers of St Bomface Francxscan Fathers of Sacred Heart Rex Rf x Re x Rev Re v Rev Rex Rev Rev Rev Rev Pev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rex Rf V Rev R1 v Rm x Charles Fogerty J I Gerber Wllllam Gray John C He Chl C J Hcttlnger D W Kratz John A Kwak Edward M Krtvxer Robert C IlVlY'lgSf0I'l C D Martln August Mey Wlllnam OBr1tn E A OConnor Edward J Phelan R E Prendergast Bernard Rank J D Shaughnessy C Qchramm M J Spaldlng John J Swetnrv Thomas H Wlddcl and Mrs J R Armentrout and Mrs Leo J Barbrer PATRONS Mr and Mrs W W Bassett Wllllam J Baumann Dr George J Best MD Mr and Mrs W L Blederbeck Mr and Mrs Charles Blggrns Jr Paul F Bourscherdt Mr and Mrs L O Boxle Earl F Bray Mr and Mrs Rox E Bullock Geraldlnc Bushtll RN Mr and Mrs J W Bushcll Mr and Mrs Robtrt L Bushtll Carver and Traub Mr and Mrs Mrs Paul M and r and r and and and r and Darlene Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs D1n1 Michael J Clearx Coogan Jerome B Conlogue John Corex W R Crovxlex Stanlev W Crutcher L E Cushmg John C Decker Dr and Mrs William F Dlxon Mr and l orramc Mr and Mr and Mr and Mrs J E Dooley Dugard Mrs Mrs Mrs Rita Fagan Mr and Mrs and Mrs r and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs E J Glunta Ito H Duke Janus F Dunne Rax mond Dunnt T S Farraher Patrick ll Fmn John Foley Clarence FISCIILI' George Fox C A Gardner Mrs Ellzabeth Goebel 'Vlr and Mrs Mxlcs Goddard Hovxard J Gorman Mr 'md Harry J Mr 'md Mr ind Mr and Mrs leo J llagcmrtnn HaJn'1l md Famlly Mrs John H mlty Mrs W W Harrmann Mrs Bunarrl HLIHZ Marx Hermt s . ' ' . ' ,D.D. , , , , Rt. Re . J, . ' . . A , . . Rt. . . ' . A Rt. .F. . l Rt. . . M, . U x V J . . . x ' x x , , . . 1 . J . D , A . . J u. J l . - . X ' c , , Y. i Dr. . . - . ' M . . g , Y. ' ' M. . . . r 5 ' ' ' Mr. . , . ' M. . . 1 V U ' x , , 7 l , - . J. l ' I Mr. . 1 . ' ' ' M . . f ' Dr. . ' " 1 L I . . , .i Mr. . . V X . . n.,. C . K . A . x 1 ' ' ' . j . ' . z ' ' ' . 1 . 2 X ' " ' ' . 1 . . . Mr. . . . , , -- V Mr. . . ' A 1 X ' 2 SUMMA Ilerold s Donut Shop Mr and Mrs W C Heyd Mr and Mrs Carl J Hoerdeman Edward M Horan PATRONS Mrs Harry W Myatt Mr and Mrs Francls Nauman Thomas O Connor Mr and Mrs George L Olson Mr and Mrs and Mrs and and and 'md and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs L Cullen Hunt H J Ireland Fred E Jacobs Iuclan B J'1cqu1n E H Janovetz Paul R Jones A P Johnson Rlchard J Kavanagh Ernest S Kaylor and Mrs James E Keefe and Mrs Joseph Kelly Kmgslands K and W Market Ellnor Klrchgessner and Mrs Art Krenllng Dr and and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs James Knight M H Kronenberg John W Llttle Leo McDonald P R McGrath Ph1lJ McGrath John A Malone James J Manmng George P Marme Mrss Anne Martm and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Joseph M Mane Stephen Marsh J G Metz Michael Mlrande J E Murphy RussellJ Myatt Mr and Mrs Joseph Orth Mrs Gladys Overbeck Mr F M Rashid Anna C Rrmmgton Dr David Ryan Margaret Ryan Mr and Mrs T A Schlmk Mr and Mrs Fred Schotthoefer Mr and Mrs Chase Scully Jr Senror A at AOL Senlor B at AO L Senror C at AO L and and and and Mrs Spaldlng Slevm Clarence W Smrth W J Smlth Mrs Mrs Mrs Russell E Snedden Harry Sonnemaker and and and and Stephen Mrs R J Stewart Mrs Edward Stlcklmg Mrs N F Strertmrller Mrs Carl J Szentes Tadre Magazlne Servlce Mrs P F Ternus Eugene Tucker Mr and Mrs Raymond F Walz Jerry WIIIOH s Men s Wear Susan Ward Theresa Wrse A Frlend of AOL George Zosky SPECIAL PATRONS Dr Arthur Baker I W Bushell and Hooters and Tmners Carr and Iohnston Co 121 S Washington St Great Central Insurance Hold up Burglary and Llablhty Dr I F Murray 703 Lehmann Bldg Producers Darry 1000 N Umversxty Francis Hatool M D Western Tap Room 3217 Western Ave Benham H Wngley Zaborac Coal Co Norwood Park Peona Dr. . . . , , Mr. . 2 , , , , ' Mr. . . ' . . ' , ' ' Mr. . . . , ' Mr. 1 . . . . , Mr. . ' . 1 1 l , A ' Jr Mr. . ' , , , ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr' - A Mr. . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ksycki Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . I Mr. . Dr. . . . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . Mr. , , Mr. . - , ' Mr. . - . ' ' ' Mr. . . , ' Mr. . , . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . . Co. ' - - - .. ' , Ill. TO THE CLASS OF 53 CONGRATULATIONS CUHEN FURNITURE C0 for 74 Years Your Dependable Place To Buy Home Furnlshmgs ff I 5 FURNITURIBII ai? wlfifh 5981892 I W I RN saw mm I .I IF YOU DONT KNOW FURNITURE KNOW YOUR FURNITURE DEALER MEADOW BROOK DAIRY INC Ice Cream and Dazry Products I 0 H N S T 0 N S STANDARD SERVICE C M R 95 Peorla III GRAWEY GLASS C0 901 So Adams St Compllments IOOSTEN PIANO CO "Peorza's Oldest Muszc Store" 629 Maln Phone 4 4306 I Q V I :-: '-1512: :" 'S-555' ., III. af' 7 3 'f .,., ,.I.,A I I , F FF 'TFRF I I ' H I EVN is I...-.-- ff f.fgfQfiIf3iEQE I5 'Il Ji lg? jg N eg. ,.,,. I - f.i222'?fI5iii2 I ?i5f55 'f,.:fIf::'1 X ,ze fi sf "" '5zfz2?f2z+, 3? -K 2 'X . 45?-' I 'ef f NN Xie-. ii af 2. 'g5.15.agsgsgz,1,-,sg .gg ',., "" T' I "tx'2e.f,g E 2 I T Ei , 11 21:55 -,f f2s' Ef"a::. , I -153222 'I , 'NIE . 555 ii V E-f1'f?'55?25' - 515:33 QW '," ' " .2 . A J 5 wi r,. 3 S V I f'g:'5r--11 ' --Q 'I'NfiI1eTi4f2wff'Q3?2"1W:3"M2"l'iN-14-ff:-:ij.lREm3fAU+f'n- flmfifi 55 5 x 'IVV I I .,' - I-JI, '7 H AQ. " F""f-I-v A--..,. --'EWG if -nen I ft' ' If Iizfiiififlliiilfffjwf 551' , .,.,..., ., ,P .1 Fig'-:g j Sf " A ' ' Qi. .,,,. ..4. ...I.A,::Q33553E:5:55:,:53:51iz.:155555E55E5gi555i.5j5.:1r5:.E:.::1Q- ,. F U I T U R E C 0. nc 1 Pronm-ms Alum, H . v:xm-u4covm - l 1 . . . , . I of I I CROWLEY BROTHERS INCORPORATED Plumbing - Heating - Kitchens 3 N in M d Congratulatzons rom THE IEFFERSON HOTEL A Smorgasbord every Sunday SPRLDING Congratulat1ons to the graduatlng class ol Spaldmg Instltute MORE HOMES FOR SALE A3447 MORE HOMES sou: EVERYDAY R l E t t TRADERS REALTY CORPORA T When You Buy When You Sell Traders I-lre The Folks To Tell' TRI-lDERS REALTY CORPOR1-lTION 606 M P 4 183 12 or a ison Avenue Peoria, Ill' ' f z conr. Th me respected in Peoria ea . - TION h t bl' h d putation b d p mpt ser ' . . . g ' d ' t g' y th quickest actio h y b y h y ll. Th' h p t d d more folk t t t d R lty C 1 - l' . I , ain hone -3 126 LU mor S Ifllm H19 COITIBFGOI ld ' f h 3I 9 s. jefferson, Pgeoria, i Iino Phones-ana Compl1ments of The Sen1or Mechan1ca1 Draw1ng Class b Buggy Bugasxons Bxggms Half Breed Boyer Irm Farrelly Frank Foley Bob Koehler Louie Larson Ted Norman Iohn OBnen Carl Szentes Larry Hot Tod Tadxe Andy Stenger Drck Sclufelmg Ioe Spike Mrrande Iohn Beast Long Lefty Goane Bob Fox lack Coach Donlan Dave Bullock Ierry Dunne Dxck Dunne Corky Kenny Earl Klshner Tony Mxtchell Bob Shafer Wxlhe Poncho Trompeter Iohn Gxmper Slevm Esq Dave Vachon Tom Duke Schaub Tom Barbxer Don Fmnegan Dave Cushmg Iohn Dickerson Ierry the Monk Laleber Robert Hahn Charles Rrschar Crazy Dan Uranxch Esq Ramon I-'led Zerwer Matt Dersch Bud Schlehuber Iohn McCluhan Harry Leuallen Iack Buck Buckley Richard Bour Ken Burk Ilm Cleary Dave Hartnett Charlie Hesslxng Dave Perklns Mike Sullivan Bill Lyle Ioe Schmxtt - - - I V- .. - ,. - -A .. ., , . . .. .. - .. .. .. - ., - .. H U ., .. ., , .. ., . . ,, "Wild Bill Mounts 1 -ZA HM- - - .. 1. H - ,. - , . .. .. .. ., ll ll ' , . .. H .. .. 1 H FRIEND OF H. 0. L. Tradltlon Flfty years before the frrst automoblle e Schradzkl Co was knovwn for ILS ? falr deahng and hlgh st ndards "K pleasmg hlgh school men and women J, These hlgh standards have been malntarned 4' 3' for almost 100 years 1. RUSS FISCHER SHELL SERVICE COMPLETE CHR CIIRE INCLUDING TUNE UP and GENERATOR SERVICE CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB MEMBER 324 Prospect Road 213 215 So Adams MURPHY CLARK CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Driver Tramlng Instructions Guaranteed Used Cars 433 Irranklrn btrcet Peorxa, Ilhnors - l I 1 M 1 - - M - I I I l l l ' . . . th ig -5511 Q - - D - Q adm- 6 " 3 feil .. 3-8' 1" " fi-1.1 ...- fx , ' . -as it Qi? 55 ' 5, in ' ' mg! .',.. 1 :1?' .1E:2:.1,1 .,EE: .4 32 1 fi Q Z . r " " H ' ' 15. ,,,4 Q...522agai2552252523592322222211-1 . '-1:e121ga21g1gig1g::f-.-.- .::::EEE:MF' 1:2121 211:-1-5C3':L::':W '4-, M' Q ww e I WW U . ..-.. '-!i:E:15:Eg':"-:ia 'LQ' si35:f':a 'e. N 'fi jf' I I 5:Q::.,, 4 """ 119:25 0 ---' j 5, ' . I I I I I X 1 I . . . . A DILLAR A DOLLAR I A I-'AST SAVING SCHOLAR! You don t have to be a math whlz to know that a defmlte amoum sax ed here every week means a mee sum ln the future SAVINGS NOW MEANS COLLEGE LATER R CIA I. Nahonal Bank , P I 0 R I A mfg' Memzn saozuu. nuosn msuuncu con Q, Congratulatlons to the Clase of 53 fa A 1, DENTINO Bnos I Quallty Grocenes 8r Meats for over 34 years DEL S DAIRY 131 I 0 C ' 1 A "vo N , o I 11' r X. 474+ Q, l 1 1 1 1 ,--11LSg:-,.- X ' cc sa WL--',f"' ' 3 ul s I S . ,.5EzE:':' 5 a -.-. "' Jr I . -.-- el"Z3'u F ,l f af. .9 - 'if' ' ,.-, 5 I 'ere reer e 'eae I 801 Fife Ave- Phone 4-8729 I I I Compllments Your Frrendly Nelghborhood Theatre vlc Ann RALPH nAscHm's C R T 5 T T H T A T R T Ideal Food Market 823 N Jzffnrson Patronxze Your Independent Merchant Truly A Frzend Ln Your Commumty 3117 ProSp ct Road Peorla Hexghts 11l1no1s Clarence F Curv Mgr Cornphments Earn cr Preferred Return on Savmgs' PEOPLES FEDERAL SAVINGS S N 2 And Loan Assoclatxon of Peorxa 1515 PTOSPQCY Rd 111 INorth Jefferson Avenue Phone 6 0811 Phone 5 7636 The Place for Savmgs Comphments LINCOLN CLEANERS 3307 Sherldan Rd 1917 Main SI Best Wrshes to Our Grads From BOYLE S GRILL Home of the Boyleburger 108 So Unlverslty at Mam PEORIII UNDERCOIITING CO NEWMIIN HND ULLMIIN INC 'CANDY MINIT MAN CAR WASH . CIGARS SEAT COVERS and UPHOLSTERING ' CONFECTIONS 816 Main Phone G 9116 210 S Washlngton St PQOFIH I111no1s - of . . . l' 1 D T . I . 1 ,T . - - of I 0. Y - - I I ' T cc 51 - - 2 I , . . A . . . A T - - M O O R E Iewelers and Sllversmlths Corner Mam 'md Madlson Send It to BlEHL'S Cleaning And Dyelng Service Tel G 6156 Maln St Peona s Ma ier Cleaner and Dyer Compllments of B111 Everly s BRADLEY SPORT SHOP 2122 Maln Peorma 111 1613 PROSPECT ROAD Phone 2 2260 YOUR SHOPPING CENTER FOR Teent1mer Or1g1nal Dresses SKIRTS BLOUSES SWEATERS BUSTER BROWN BOBBY SOCKS OPEN DAILY O am to 9 pm Ample Free Parklng Space GERALD T KELSCH Insurance Agency 2410 Western Avo Peorxa Ill GRADUATES O1-' 1953 Have Your Diploma and Class Picture Framed at HELEN GALLAGHER gigs 413 Fulton Street or Pere Marquette Arcade Always Send a Gxft for Remembrance Comphments of PEORIA SPRING COMPANY 21.9 Knoxvlllm Au nue Paorm Illmols Phone 3 3831 Comphments DOOLEY BROS -U-U . 'l 9 -J , ' 1 11' 'S lc ' .- 706 ' I BUDGET F1-xsH1oNs I CONGRATULATIONS of Tollllof You GOOD LUCK and GOOD HEALTH 922 Central National Bank The Bank with the "Weatherstick" Compllments THE COOGHN FAMILY SMITH DRUG STORE f Compliments of 1800 Kuuxvillc ul Mcflurc Prescription Specialists GOOD MERTS BOB POPPEN S MARKET E T McQUELLON Plumblng and Heatmg General Electnc Ilppllances 11471 SCHIERER S DAIRY PRODUCTS e Pho 5 2172 Plant at Meta lll I ,' ' l AX " T-1 11 :ow R-T4 H ' . 9503 2-164i 3-Q63 1437 Su. .lL'ffcr5+ .X' I 55311 X. lXflZllll5 lO8 hlunctiwu. East l'eur Home D livery - . mora, . Compllments of ROBERT HAUSAMS MARKET 3111 S AD XNIS 14428 Comphments of MULLER PRODUCE INC WHOLESALE FRESH 81 FROZEN FOOD F tlrue C 3 016 LUND 66 SERVICE 9931 1815 P Osp I Rd LUBRICATION WASHING ACCESSORIES We gv SGH g e stamps Compllments PURITY TENDER TEX The bread Ln the orange wrapper P ty Bak g 0 S IOHN R WHALEN CO General Contractors Buzlders of Edmund Dunne Hall 1929 Pho 9202 ACE AMBULANCE 8. OXYGEN SERVICE 24 Hour Ambulance Servzce ll lxu xxllle we r 14 Candy Cigars SPRINGER BURKLAND CO Wholesale Only 607 Al 1111 Strut IC 3 5 H Notions Fountain Supplies ILLINOIS FRUIT 8. VEGETABLE MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Dally Nl 3 162 3 We make ruzt baskets to order I I I I I . Q. . Q 1 I t. u' 'JU' ,tt Phone "- I K3 f'- I I ' I Phone 5- r ec . I s 1 , i e r en I Pick Up 5 Delivery service url ln C . 105 0. SIIQFICIZIH ne I 1 5 Y rn' " A' . VCU il , Illinois I I Q I ' I - I I A 2' 5' ., 5.3.31 :Liu I-K . Plmr . -fllf Comphments of SPALDING COUNCIL No 427 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS SOUTH SIDE PLUMBING Ed Wmdsor Master Plumber Otto Bianchi 11 In O11 Nltkll 1 All work fully guaranteed 1111 me 11141 I ep ll ll 3 Fa dyA 71113 MILO S PARK N SHOP C000 FOODS LAWRENCE BROS MARKET xulln r 1 5111111 11 End IX Nlgsllfl c P TOASTMASTER BREAD Used ercluswely m the ca eterzas Spaldmg Instztute and the Academy of Our Lady PEORIA NEWS STAND Fmer Creetm Q Cards For FU 1y Occasion 500 Mam St Quallty Coals P1 ompt Service SOUTH SIDE COAL CO S J C Buckley Mgr HR E I JI K11113 1' 1 at U1 ringtuu ' llnily 8:30 :1.111. W- 6:30 1.111. u rj 7'z,11"f J-1 .111. 911.111, I I I - I Y c o I I NL' ' St:1ll:1ti1111s 1' .'1"'1lt' , , , - . f of I R' ulxlingz Q fri g 17 rz1a1'v0.---- If no answer call - - - Res. 7-2437 I 351111 N. s11Qf1f11m 1111. 'S " 1 2- A ' J 0' " ' :1 n ' . I I I I " Y . , 8 1 N . . R X R I I . . - . 'iii X 921 ,11. 21111 bt., IICIQIII, Ill. ,,,f W : 1 'T Q . . , . M W I ' 1 . I 1 - 'I X -N mn, A --1 1 , I ' A-413. f .1 Um 1 A Bank Youll Llke X- :FY 2 f if nnucs Pnsscmrrlons .Q ,X lag, M cl.un: urnosrscv -xxx' QQ: Q-ie, ve .Die wi. IEFFERSON BANK Jefferson Trust and Savings Bank of Peoria Peora Ill1no1s Member Federal Deposnt Insu ance Corporatlon S10 000 Max mum Insurance fo Each Deposxtor Compllments ol EDWARD I WARD MD JO I h mnn Bunldmg, COURIS FOOD TOWN East Peomas Newest and Most Modern Super Market Open 7 davs 9 to 9 GREENS DRUG STORE Personalized Drug Service I Ph n 2 2876 WISCOHS n Sz K'1nsas Pcoua Ill nol TERMIIIIX '?ondzd fnaadi 'TE msuui 25th Year TERMINIX C0 8 Man Pcorla Ill TERMITE INSPECTIONS FREE 0 BRIEN IOBST The Mens Stor 0 Peorza Clothlers l-latters Furmshers l L ltlll 1 Varsxty Town Clothes Ours Exclusively m Peoria tl nfs ll I I ll 9 L ' 9 A ff S-Q I7 ' le PS. is " A i ' 'S 4 C M f ,B '7,. A-.g S C 1. fs K" ' ' f me -9 -4 'K ff I lt-fa I . - 'ge Pkg . , . . . , E T ,mx n' ' ' ' X iv . . . Y . . i ,. r ' A A ci 141. um-1 , le. Ph. 12. J. mym- 0 0 ' . 1 ' i L Y- i 's '. e f ' 7' ' . 694, X0 ' - - 'i1 gg 25 i , ' ' , -. . . . Compllments D E H RAN BEETLER BEAUTY SERVICE I-'Ive Locatxons Helene 196 S Mfidxson Gravsons 104 S Adams Brooks 291 S Adams Brady S 1600 Sherldan St Francls Hospltal Wm Beetler Owner LIGHTING FIXTURES new "' 5 r fl Int Oltuc E J IVIAUSHARD A R T 102 S MONROE Pcorxas, Only Store Dexoted Excluslvely 708 Mann Street P orxa IIl1no1s To Supplying Artists Run by Artzsts or Arfzsts FRASCO BROS MARKET 1-lv Hut n Xunun P114 nn 7 6111 Meats and Grocerles Itallan Foods GREAT CENTRAL INSURANCE C0 S mlx Q 'N Nharulm S 1+1In1 IH 1 lxuu 5 Prnsulent Scgx 'Irons THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS Co PeorIas Wallpaper and PaInt Hdq 32 S X111 5 of ' ' L ' Y - ,'.,' I'1. Fo H Inc - F: I wry -f- v "'.A. 'f o Q01 1 1 ' ' Q8 f. .f Im' I ' 1'c 1 'I , 111. LX ,ft " 111.5 3015 f. ,' ' ' I licl. I .l2lI11L'S.1. 'I 'ga lilmo 2. ' "lv BOURSCHEIDT ELECTRIC C0 19 8 01 Compllments oi SZOLD S All You Require - When You Wire S' e 1 H l 'Pl I for CATERPILLA your hands . . . It s a b1g w1de wonderful world and we g1ve It to you w1th our blesslngs Our fathers gave lt to us a generatlon ago They told us lt would be what we chose to make of lt They made It very plaln that an educatlon dldn t ent1t'e us to any more of th1s world than anyone else merely that Wlth an educatlon we d be better equlpped to face It meet 1ts challenges Our fathers told us we d stand a better chance w1th an educat1on and And then as though sensmg an unspoken thought our fathel s added another word of cautlon N 01 IS an educatlon a substltute for hard work they sm1led It s Just a great help 1n that work We offer you the same words as those we recelved We offer you the same world sllghtly changed but essentlally mtact Its for youl hands to lmprove . . . . , . I that we'd get more out of life. It was true then, and it's still true now. funds the door open Block St Kuhl Co Tra e mg Buying Drsptay Personne Operatzons Ccountmg Advertrsmg Food Servzces Merchandzszng O :ce Functzons tnterzor Decoratlng ou will find all ot t ese an many more at Block C Kutxl Co where s ore ttmere are a greater variety ot opportunltles m ttne retail trelct than any other Yes the cloor is open to an who are lnterestecl m a department store career and opportumty IS lmoctcmg every day Block E Kutrt s growing a you can grow wlttl It Why clont you compare notes wlttr the Personnel Director an Bl tc 6 K hl Co doesnt awe to otter lust what you are S66 I OC IOOIKIIIQ tor III 8 CHFCPF? You HFC always WGICOITICI Block 8: Kllhl Co., Peorla, Illlll0lS Mann Offices, Central Distribution, 801 S Washington St Stores an PEORIA OTTAWA WINNETKA NIOLINE DECATUR GALESBURG ROCKFORD DAVENPORT IA QUINCY KEWANEE HESS BROS BURLINGTON IA AURORA JOLIET FREEPORT DANVILLE STORE DANVILLE ELGIN ROCK ISLAND FOR HOMES at ffiv 1 y tt, S tt' U t ' to t . I, y I 1 t ' A ' I I 4 tt H. . ' ' h d H ., I9 t s and a Central Buying Office are ready to show you wtmy , ' C " . 'Y . . 1 F i . y nd . . . ' '- 1' . . ' cl 4, I Comp11ments of THE REGISTER 5 fflclal PllbllC3tl0I1 of the DIOCCSE of Peoua THE BEST IN BEVERAGES 11 lth and Happmess 'too ft INYOUR FAVORITE: FLAVOR N. CRo 64 com W B557 HY TASTI 7557 ,4 r , 1 E A f, J 4 1 Y A , 1 14. . . ' Q ' . 7"'L ., P 40 rf 'I l w Q 1 Q I 1 I . ' g ..snnv..,, W . l 4 ,, 0 . . 1 - ' n:l,v.s.rA1'.orr. GRADUATES fx 3 5 R L IM RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE 90 A k b dt byy g yh dylttl fl 9 O RKf GOOD LUCK' C tral Illmol Light Company Compliments of X Q GARBERS SUPER MARKET Nt 12815 Compliments of I FREDERICK N FRANK Sewer Contractors f ld I I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PEORIA 90th Year Membe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 144 - Cong ' X Exile' ,- . ,' u .i i I X n - 1 I ff 45 ll I ll Ex . Q 4 1 As you ta e those first confident steps on the road road of life, you'll soon fin hat A Kilowatt is a mi ht a T 1 ' A ,o have our side. The magic of modern ele t' 'ty has W'- dened pportunities for work and play. A today's graduate, you can look f ward ' t ra of comfortable and profitable living. w I l I I l I - I X Q Ae amora, Illinois N X Phone ' . , NC. r ' ' ' Je ferson Bui ing Peoria, Illinois For the unusual n formals MILLER S HORSEMAN S PARADISE Shop at f-EMAM I MA N STR IA 2 Ill For the Best ln RIDING HORSES and HAY RIDES On M116 West fE1V1sta on H k Ro'1d Bride S House I 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 L 1 1 l 1 2 IND ' ,-I 1 I A , r v L1 - C - ' ' .. Q ' '3 . hh ' I . I ' " ' I Y I . V ' . I C I KD I ' I - u C I -. A I . I 1 l 1 - 1 1 1 1 UI p-4 v- I ,-' INA 5 sf - ,U -1 V V f-. Q33 ' - . ' , , P14 '-' .C ,... T :' . '-' ff . A H -4 .. , . IL 1 '4 fl - ' ' 5" I m 1 - .o - , 'I u . . " 1 ' , I . -P. I - ' sl 1 - g E , s ' el. ' . - I . '.4 . - I . ., . .- P"'1 Z . , H., " :A 1: , ,-a - - , , 3 . va ' Z .. F -,. 1 ,A -P ' . , I N ' A 1,4 Z- O9 A W CL ' ,. I l l l - 1 1 ' i I . Phon 2 7008 floes' euerythmg beautzfully DUST ALL MANUFACTURING CO smcc 1890 Compliments of Samtary Chemlcal and Janltorlal Supplies O FRANK HEINZ 0' CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Schools Hospitals Factories Homes SXlt Comphments MATTHEW S MUSIC COMPANY 79 XI un t Corn Ulm BROOK S 2 S X4l1msSt1 t Peorla IIIIHOIS Band Instrument TV and Record Dept wlth Adams Music Co Qualzty Apparel For The Entzre Famzly at the Most Reasonable Przces CJ0mPl1ments of Compllments of F R I E N D S SIDNEY HARRISON co 14 J 'llIlllll' 4 "0 t O, ZCOLOR o Q. uf" mv? """" JUU11HHL sms -I Compllments 1 S P 0 RT E Goons 514 516 Mam Street Phone 4 9165 ,.-'.1"f Q : 0, 415 5: Q , ,.-"" l A Y S ' L .-'I "E 6 - E .- 1. : I - .,..,. f. 4.-. . n ,,- ,M-' I : yy .5 - E fi " "fl r 3 LQ.. 1' .dig g Q , ,1,aff.Z':"'. a ..w-FQZZZ'-5" 41 Q -+""1':":?? i X Z 1, 1 I 4 -'J-' i aff' . 4 Q , 5 s .AO Z . x , V 1 1, . , B . ' I F ., J 31- I 1 -rl . ' J A . - 1 1 aj ' ' . A X W A Y K h 1 5 Y , f I , N . , , , , I ' 1 O I . 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Ill' he 'Q-'U fu ur success rs here U Ili Y Kl.ln1 Bradley as one of Amerrca s strong medxum srzed unl versrtles combrnes the advantages of the very large un1 verslty wrth the personal attentlon provrded by smaller colleges The chref of the d1v1s1on of hlgher educatlon Natronal Educatlon Assocratlon recently stated Bradley has the hrghest accredlted ratmg that an 1nst1tut1on can aChl6VG 1n the Unrttd States Bradley Unrverslty offers over 800 courses IH over 50 areas of study Its free lecture 'lrts serles IS not surpassed ln any unrverslty ID the Umted States The Unlverslty IS ace edltrd by all major 'rccredrtlng agenclcs Under the new Bradl y Plan a student IS glven the opportumty to combine hrs regular colle ge education Wlth mllltary trammg ln the unlversltys Arr ROTC If hrs collage and mrlrtary work IS credltable he has a chance for deferment unt1l graduatron and for garnrng a reserve commlssnon upon graduatron as a ground forces offlcer ln the Arr Force Regrster now' Summer sessions June 11 July 17, - August 20 1953 Fall term begins September 14, 1953 July 16 1953 For further l11fUl'lll'ltlUllI Stcretwry uf .Xclmissimls Sonrstock 'L Brwdley University ori't 5 Illint' 15 O NATIONAL BRAND SHOES Stock By Us ln a Complete Range of Sizes and Wldths for WOMEN for MEN for CHILDREN Mademolsellr Kolth Hlghlandvrs American Jumors Naturahn rs Walkovor scout iBoy 8: Gxrlb Walkovors Aust, ps Frf 1 man Chlld Ilfe Cantllr vc rs Com-Ormql Joh ne I lfc Strldc Romeo Conformal Pl dv ln Orthopedic Busta r Brow n Trrmfoot Selby Sty oez Strmtmasters Rohm Hood CRAWFORD SHOE STORES 321 Fulton St W J Crawford Mgr Outlet Store 211 Fulton Wm C Crawford Mgr Shoe Salon 340 Fulton 323 Court St Pekm lllmoxs John Crawford Mg i Compllments PRODUCERS DAIRY The mzlk that LS zrst m freshness MARCY cmd TED STENOISH KNOLLAIRE FLOWERS For The FINEST In Stylmg 3205 North Sllefldiill Road Peoria Ill Flon erphone 2 66-Is Open Evenings Tll 8 pm Its smart to have good brakes V A C H0 N BRAKE SERVICE a PARTS mc 14' S Inttuson Xu - - . x . . . . 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'- 1'1 11 1 -f - - Peoria, 111. . , . G K2-1, Iqllllclll Aflrl. Q. 1 1'1: . "1 1 'llx'-. XX'z1s11i11g.g't1111, I11. - CO. 171111116 S-E115 ,E A 2' Q - - - Y3 11nL2 .FULTGN IIND GESKEY G A M B L E S POULTRY MARKET The Fmest an Dressed Poultry 4571 624 Ixnoxullc The Frzendly Store HARDWARE AUTO SUPPLIES PAINTS HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Ir msput 111111 1111 Comp11me11ts F R I E N D Custom Fltted Awnmgs Canopies and Venetlan Blmds ILLINOIS VALLEY IIWNING and TENT C0 1l6N XX 111131 1 1 IOSEPH BROS SUPER MIIRKET Grocerles Meats 8: Vegetables All Kmds of Poultry 11k s 4 9231 4 92s-1 11u1burt Best Wlshes to the Graduatmg Class of THE ACADEMY OF OUR LADY an SPALDING INSTITUTE rom your rzendly LIIKIS GROCERY 1 N 1V11c11s 1 111 R186 W I MOTSETT INC Maternal Handlmg Industrial Equxpment S XXL P11111 I11 .34 My ,fr '1 WP JM IIGRON MILLER C0 Rellglous Artlcles M' 226 S 16-ficrs 11 16111 11L 6 S482 Y' I . I ' fl ' 91 SP1 I I '1 H 3108 11: H, " 1'.2 -'ghts of A I 114- 1'. 12151. "11l.l'c11Y1Zl,I11. 13110110 646116 . , d 11111 -' If f - I 101 311' . 1 'Q1111 P111 rt' . 1 1 . . , . M D, My ' h ' S11 324 'z Sl11l1g'tU11 1 X -- 'U U A Q "Q, . MARYCREST COLLEGE 1111 Lxuohr 1011 1 Four Year College Fo Women 11111111 X181 1 St XI111J11SC M1110 L CONDUCTED BY THE SISTERS 0 the HUMILITY OF MARY cus U1 XIJMISSIC N Buslness Adm1n1strat1on Courses 14 xx rs wap ll 1 115111 IIIIIIISLT 1t1u11 '11 un 111 L 1 43,6 C L L11 1 11 11u11QssL11t su111ut 1111111111 For mformatlon adzlress A R Beard Manager BROWNS PEORIA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Our SPVULL6 Males Us Grow CARRIGAN and YOUNG Printers I 11 st ur1 1 CARTYS STANDARD SERVICE A ass 11 Wastcru Lubrlcatlon Washmg Atlas Tires and Batterles 11111111 6 919-1 RAY MIKE MAROON STANDARD SERVICE 1 S11 When drlvlng your car Remember you A B C s Always Be Careful Always Be Courteous Always Be Cautlou Clothmg Hats Furmshmgs ANDREEN NORDWALL CO MENS SHOP S Litus 11111111 37113 Qompllments of BEVERLY BARBER SHOP 18111 1x1111x11111 1'11u11c Z 1-116 , , , ,, . my I .Q Di ,sim if . 4' . Qhu 1,-311 '11s rvffv 5 t1 -1 2-yn-111' Courses '1 3 css A I I 'A I ' ' ,-X11 A 1 ' . 1 2 'f11cf -grad 'll C C C witl 1 1 1111 Q V' -' s 1' A zterl. 1 . , f , , , - i' 'A' i' - .X111".'s t111' 1J11Q1'X4'1'O1Q 7 . ' 7N,' 2-111 . .1cffu1's1111 NVQ. 1'111111c .1-1256 I l I ' I 11 1 - I 501 f": Ave. PC '1,I11. I A 1 "E I I ' 1 . - u- . . I 711 111111 lX11111.'11 St. I . . , Y ' ' ' 127 .1 'A.'4.'Ul1 I I , i - -- I l 1 . l Compllments of SPALDING'S FRIFND GEORGE McGANN O BUlCK'S GREATEST CARS IN 50 GREAT YEARS THE RICH VERVE Or POADMASTI-.R INTILRIORS comes from the striking beauty of decorator fabrics and tum in superb harmonv mth each other and trous nylon silkv broadcloth and supple l ather are in abundant evidence Foam rubber bas d Roxpoint nylon carpetmg adds to the regal richness of Road masters beautifully hushed interiors BOWER MOTORS INC 828 Nl un St Your Buick Dealer E S with smartly fashioned fittings and finish. Lus- f ' 9 I l l H ' 9! 1 1 1 l S The Whole Fam11y Bowls At P E 0 R I I-1 B 0 W L 14 Modern Lanes Bowlmg Instructlons Cocktall Lounge Luncheonette 4213 Phollc -C5 . jefferson ' d F' 5' tt 59 wf STUDIO 1521 Main Street ITS BEEN A PLEASURE TAKING THE PORT RAITS OI SPALDING CRADUATING CLASS N '1 1, 5 g 5 5 19 .-X Q fb A , . , A 5 E ' ' ,Li Le f f ' Sl Appreclcftion The members ol the 1953 Summa Stall of Spaldmg and the Academy Qratefully atknowledge thelr indebtedness to all who IH any w ay helped to make thls book a reallty To the followmg for thelr outstandlng asslst ance md splendld to operatlon speual frppreclltlon I9 here glxen The fatultx and student body for thelr lnterest and eo operation Our patrons and adwertlsers fo1 their fmanclal asslstance PLANNINC AND ADVICE Mr I L Sronce yearbook Lonsultant fol the Peorla FHQIHVIUD Co wlth out whose Constant help aduee and planmng this book would not hate been 1 lCllltX Brother lames Boose C S V and Slster Clare Fdmond C SI farultx adxlsers PICTURES senior poxtralts and roup mttures respectlxely lohn Iacobs Studlo Spalding semor portralts Mr Thomas Sldes underrlassmen pictures The Peorla Journal and The PCOYIH Star sports pletures The Reglster actmts pxctures Brother Boose the Spaldln Camerl Club and members ol the Atade my Summa St iff dlX15lOI1 pa es Spalding group and sport ple tures and mformals ENCRAVINC Peorlr En raxlng C ompany PRINTINC Mr R1Ql'1'llLl l1nlg,eld 'ind the staff of the Henry News Repubhean COVERS AND BINDING Mr H C Pflstex . .. . I I pl 7 I . . l . ' I A s v -. - ' - ' 0- Y' -. . . . . . I . R ., ' ' . z ' z 3 h , . , J. . . I If I 4 4 , . . . i l dl Y. Mr. Dan Woodley and Mr. Eugene Voss of Fabry studios - Academy . A . U .X .Y V . Z, A ., S , . . ' .1 I .l ' I 1 I A . I , A X. Q ' g if T 2 A Q 1 5 l - - 7 A Z - .f.w. g , I . A . - 1 1 , 'z g' I ' f. 1 . ' ' c A :Q lr 1 f ' N , 1 .' I lf' . " . 1-I W' 6 elf' Fifi 44,1 .B un X wi Jia QEEH Avi 'fagi-YM kg W EX E gr E r .ag XX in 1 H 1 V ff gg si "1 H. 3 Q fff,.Q-'ZLN 2 Xi gn Z-Z g fl K ZZ- 2' '?- vo :wmv e N svaw' ,,4uAq. 4' l f 'Env X 'wi 'I f, 55" L, 'Q vr Q MQ! ff Mff2f2'5Q91 A-- " x 1 .J ff T il Q ftatgimgvzl jf J' M 1 1,2 I jfdzlz gf sq gat, f gl f y, f 14' IZ I ggi? 5523.9 AQ 1, V 'E 4 h, 1:7- 4-1932 ALB 'Q 'NC' GYMN ' 'Ag gie .-, -3. EV r" lm? 1 NSN Nlffx, 4 ,., ,, C . ., h 5 A ML. W 'Z 355' 3' ' 1 Jw W Vwfg Q Ek . :kj iii P- ,Q XV f lk VSV 4 , A . 55' W fi ff' X 45" H f f 2' V ff! .7-I kg 41 'K' ff? jr Mg, A ,VM vb fx ,sv ,f fin., ,E 7, X55 K , If , x Xgwm x i':Q'iS0 'X 'IWSKAEXE 7 W , fr I Q'x'?'g FY W' V JI F 2, .f- 1 If M - Q Y XI A Y 1 2 A 2927 2 xi' I , .X it 1VI:!D,.,v ,, I ., A HR I R. f- ,if K4 I C Q fd X Kxffiiniirq 7 A -,,V Lf? . 1 E1 g if , , V 1 1 1Mff' . A , if mg Q'1 lg 1 , Q 1' Q - rv. 11' 412' 32-1 L -131 ff - ' I QQEE1'-1ff'1L,2,J1'Q' , ' A, ' ..,' ' I f ' ' , ,Q- . liz g 1 L4 51 Ei 5 N . 1: E 2 5:1 , , if . 2 1 f A Efzf-ffgffvig, A 3 ' ml I A .2 1 . fd " E x x x, -15 i -' 9 f N XXX 9x Kg X i,-c-"",gfgg'xy,fL ki 1 15 ,' X - 1" Q' E Q E , QM '23 . ' .7 " 'L , q 5 5 E a f L + ' ," . 'Q-Q1 - ' - fx "T, If 1 ' wx 1 f 1 4'- f "F , 1 - W N f ' L 5' 5' 9 fd ? Q M A A Y E W I ,,,-P 1-ff' Q fd Qlfkv K ,, xx QXPH R I ' f V . f ' K-2 My M , f ' ei' w f W sl' 5 ' , 'wk ,as ff ' ' 55 EA . AA J, f - X 1 ll y K ll 5 '- N f ff 1. . .4 I S ,M - K 1 N W I, N, . 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Suggestions in the Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) collection:

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