Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL)

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Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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published by the Senior Class ai the Academy ai Qui Lady and Spalding lnstituie Peoria, Illinois l 9 5 2 FEBRUARY 23, 1879-NOVEMBER 10, 1951 NYC, the Semwr Class of the Neztclemy uf Our Lzuly zmrl Spalding Institute, dedicate this 1952 erlitiim uf tlie SL'MlXl,X to the luving memory uf the Must lievereiirl -loscpli ll. Selilzirmzm, Rislinp uf Peoria. He was our spiritual lfzitlier. at stztuiieli rlefeiiclei' tif tlie Fziitlig lie wm'kec,l :mil prztyeml :mel S2lCl'llilCL'fl that we might lmeervme lmettei' yutiiig' Czttlmlie men :mcl wflmen. He ewmmzmclecl nur respect: lie meriteil nur luxe. His example ul. 1111 entire, selfless life fm' liml lizis left EL mzirlq fill :fur souls, 21 mzirlc tlizit will ffvrevei' presei-x'e the memfiry of llislmp Selilztrmzul. Table of Contents O Faculty Page 7 l1,Seniors Page 13 C Underclassmen Page 45 I Activities Page 69 I Athletics Page 103 C Patrons Page 120 I Advertisements Page 121 ---Foreword-n Since their advent during the "Roaring Twentiesf' yearboolfs have bc- come a definite part of the American scene. Student editors and their staffs have each year spent months devising themes for the annuals. They have stretched imaginations to the breaking point by picturing' school life as a three-ring circus. a Shakespearean drama, or a land of make-believe. Essentially, the theme is littlc more than a device to give a yearbook some continuity, an attempt to hold the annual together. llc feel that the yearbook should first mirror the life and activity of the student, and then lie a lnmoli of memories, recalling the days that were the happiest in our lives. lVe are students, and the school is our life. It is around the student and the school that we have xvoven the 1952 SUMIXIA. Business Seated: Joel Yerby, Michael MCAIISIEI Standing: Edward Murphy Francis Cicciarelh Editors John Mecham and Gerald McConnell Features and Art Seated: Gary Bullock, Don Stenstrom. Standing: Norbert Meissne August Schmitz. Herman Ober, Joe Franzgrote, 1. Carl Franzgrote. 4 Business Seated: Marty Bic-derbeck, Norma Barrett. Standing: Peggy Hurst, Olivia Armato. Ruth A. Rogers, Janet Grimm. Editors 557227 A! Teresa Molitor and Virginia Coogan. Features and Art Seated: Janet Berninger, Joann Heinz, Anno Cleary. Standing: Sue Konvalinka, Mary Jo Metz, Virginia Matarelli, Sue Brady. Vicar of the Prince of Peace "The education of Christian youth never had It more decisive or vital im- portzmce, faced, as it is today, by the disconcerting errors of iizlturalism :mil materialism which, in precipitating thc world into an appalling war, givc Cruel proof of the fzxlsity of El philosophy bziscri on csscntizilly human founf dationsf'-eHIS HOLINESS POPE PIUS XII Q Rev. R-obert Hopkins. C.S.V. Treasurer Bookkeeping, Law Rev. Iohn Shiels, C.S.V. Principal, Dean of Studies, Chemistry Rev. Thomas Kinney, C.S.V. Bro. Robert Schoffmcm. C.S.V. F Us is Nr Nmum, Rev. Cctsmir Paul. C.S.V. Religion. English. Athletic Director Rev. Ioseph Tremonti, C.S.V. Dean of Discipline, Biol0gy, General Science Physics, Mathematics Religion, English 7 a Religion, Social Studies, Latin, Freshmen Advisor BW- William MUYQL C-S-V- Bm. Edward Boland, c.s.v. Bro. Robert Cooney. c.s.v. Religion, Latin, English World History Sister M. Geraldine, O.S.B. Sister M- Esteqlel OISIBI Librarian Business Mathematics, Typing Mr. Iohn Errion Business, Physical Education. Head Football, Basketball, and Baseball Coach 8 Rev. Lawrence Whitle, C.S.V. Religion, History, Religious Director, Junior Advisor I 'ft --,, it B A llt' ,l3EQ5?'l,3slE.i :ff . i ffg, . e , ,, , B .lll Mr. Edward Urcnich History, Physical Education Assistant Coach l Rev. Maurice Dailey, C.S.V. Rev- Raymond Novccek' Bro. James Boose. C.S.V. C.S.V. Mathematics, Summa, Camera Club. Golf Loach Religion, English, Glee Club Religion. English, Art, Mechanical Drawing Sophomore Advisor Rev. Joseph Canella, C.S.V. Religion, Spanish, English Activities Director Rev. Harold Thompson, C.S.V. Br-o. Icxmes Todd, C.S.V. I Superior Religion, English, Nfathgmaticg Religion. English, French, Institute, Senior Advisor 9 14 Sister Mary Lucilla, C.S.I. Principal French, Sodality f Sister Mary Norbert, C.S.1'. Prcfect of Discipline Sister Mary Robert, C.S.I. English 10 0 l'I.o . Sister Denise Marie, C.S.1'. Biology Sister Gerard Joseph, C.S.I. History, Sociology Sister Miriam, C.S.I. Sister Mary Doretta, C.S.I. Laiirl Cafeteria 52, Y. Vew Rev' Msgf' M' V' Haas Very Rev- Msgr- R' G- Peters Rev. R. Livingston Rev. I. Hecht Religion Instructors . . . "-26" Sister Mary Carlos, C.S.I. Religion, Latin, Secretarial Science , ' .V , Sister Mary Hortensia. C.S.I. Religion, History. Spanish . . . Class "GUY Sister Helen Marie. C.S.I. Religion and English' Sister Mary Victoria. C.S.I. Religion, Latin, English. Academy Compact Moderators Sister Rose Cecilia, C.S.1'. Religion, English. Speech A i . ,4 Sister Mary Urbana. C.S.I. Religion, Secretarial Science Sister M. Dominic. C.S.I. Religion, Mathematics Sister Mary Iulia. C.S.I. Religion, Mathematics, Secretarial Science, C.S.M.C. . ,,,, Al Sister Anne Loyola. C.S.I. Sister Mary Harold. C.S.I. Sister Clare Edmond. C.S.I. i . - Religion, Home Economics, Religion, Chemistry, Rehglon' MUSIC' Glee Club Red Cross Mathematics A Sister Mary Marcia, C.s.I. SiSfer MUYY Plflcidel C-S-I- Sister Mary Aqrveffdf C-S-L Religion, English, Librarian Religilmf Latin. Religmn, Aff, E1'1g1iSh, Student COUI'1Cil Summa l 12 Mrs. Dorothy Reynolds Miss Rita McLinden Physical Education Home Economics 4 3-A Highest Honors Virginia Coogan, Salutatoriang Norma Barren, Valedictorian Co-Valedictoriansz Edward Ferre and George Remm. Senior Class Officers Pat Kee-nan, President Marty Biederbeck, Betty Santo, Rosemary Kelly. Bill Bertolero, Francis Cicciarelli, President Jerry Spaeth, Carl Franzgrote Senior Honor Students First Row: Betty Santo, Pat Keenan, Virginia Matarelli, Joann Heinz, Sue Brady Mary Jo Met Z. Second Row: Virginia Coogan, Norma Barrett. Missing: Shixlej: Everett, Frederica Otto. IG Bottom Row: George Remrn, Harold Alwan, Joel Yerby, Robert Martin. Second Row: Larry Devlin. Gerald Nibbelin, Robert Denton, Francis Cicciarelli. Top Row: Charles Donohue, Michael McAlister, Edward Ferre. Gerald Spaeth. its X gl wi A'HEARN. EILEEN St. Cecilia's1 Student Council Rep. '49: Sodality Rep. 2525 Active Sodality ,51, '523 Operetta '513 Glee Club '51, '523 Biology '50: Spanish '50, '51: G.A.A, '49, '51, '52. "An eye that twinkles like a star," . 1 si ALIG. CARINA St. Mary's, Metamora: Librarian '50. '51, '52g Clubs: Biology '501 Speech '52g G.A.A. '51, "The good are hcaven's particular care." ANTHONY, DELORES St. Monica's: Honor Roll 611: Student Council Rep. '51: Compact Staff '52: Librarian 'E-0: Clubs: Biology '50g Spanish '51, '52: G.A.A. '49, '51, '52, "Many small make a great." "So round, so firm. so fully packed" ALWAN. HAROLD St. Patrick's3 Honor Roll KTM National Honor Society '51, '521 Institute Staff '51, '52: Intramural Basketball '49. "All wisdom's armory this man could wield." ARMATO. OLIVIA St. Mark'sg Honor Roll 4215 Summa Staff: Clubs: Biology '50g French '51, '52g Spanish '51. "Sometimes serious, sometimes smiling, always friendly." ANDERSON. DONALD St. Bcrnard's: Honor Roll 123: Bowling '51, '52p Institute Staff '51, '52g Intra- mural Basketball '51, '52. "As innocent as a new-laid egg." ARMITAGE. ARLENE St. Mark's: Compact Staff '51, '52g Clubs: Biology '51g French '52g Good Counsel '49, "A comrade neither glum nor merry." 17 BAER, MICHAEL St. Bonifacds, Honor Roll C313 Pontifi- cal Crew '49, '50, '51, '52, Intramural Basketball '49, '51, "As merry as the day is long." 5, BARRETT, NORMA St. Mark's, Honor Roll 673, Student Council Pres.: Student Council Rep. '50, Summa Staff, Compact Staff '51, Clubs: Biology '50, Spanish '51, '52, Good Counsel '49. "Wisdom sits alone topmost in Heaven." BAYLOR. NANCY BEHRENS, ROLAND St. Monica's: Honor R011 411: Librarian st. Boniface's, Football '52, Intramural 122, jig, clubs: Biology '50, G.A.A. Basketball '50, '51, '52 -11 -J , . "Nature fits all her children with "Not much talk-a great sweet silence." something to do." , V 3454 x 5 BASSETT. MARTHA St. Mark's, Honor Roll 445 1 Compact Editor '52, Clubs: Biology '50, French '52. "Her eye is bright, a well of life, a spring of light." l IBERNINGER. IANET St. Bernard's, Honor Roll 427, Sodallty Rep, '50, Sodallty Sec. '51, Active So- dality '51, '52, Summa Staff, Operetta '51, Glee Club '51, '52, Biology '50, Speech '52, Latin '51, Good Counsel '50, G.A.A. '49, '50, '51. "And a heart all fixed upon Heaven." "Clean as cr whistle" 18 BERTOLERO, WILLIAM St. Monica's, Honor Roll 413, Basket- ball '51, Treasurer '51, Secretary '52. "Love me little, love me long." . g 1 BIEDERBECK, MARTHA St. Thomas': Honor Roll f2I: Summa Staff: Senior Class Prcs.g Clubs: Biology '503 Art '51, '52. "Fragments of her mighty voice come rolling with the wind," ':., .2 BOfJ BARBARA St. Boniface's: Clubs: Biology '51. "Of a modest manner, sweet and un- affected." BRATTON. SHIRLEY St. Mary's Cathedral: St. Joseph's Junior High School, Bowling Green, Ky. '49: Honor Roll 411: Student Council Rep. '523 Red Cross Rep. '51p Compact Staff '52g Clubs: Biology '51. "In youth, beauty and wisdom is but rare." "She's happy, sh'e's healthy" BOYER. WAYNE St. Bernard'sg Bowling '52: Intramural Basketball '52. "The first in the fight and every graceful deed." ts BRIGGS, ROSE St. Patrick's: Active Sodality '52g Clubs: Biology '51: Speech '52. "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." BRADY, SUZANNE St. Philomcna'sg Honor Roll f4l: Mis sion Rep. Summa Staffg Clubs Biology '51g Spanish '51, '52, "So sweet a face, such angel grace." BULGER, SUZANNE St. Mark's: Mission Rep. '49p Clubs Biology '50g Speech '51g Spanish '51, '52 "Sunshine fills her mind." 19 "Look for me. I'll be waiting for you" CAIN. RICHARD St. Mark's, Golf '52, Bowling '31, '52, Intramural Basketball '51, '52. "Men may live fools, but fools they cannot die." CICCIARELLI, FRANCIS St. Thomas, Honor Roll f7l, Summa Staff, Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52, Treasurer '52. "A mighty hunter is he.' 20 CALDWELL, MARY St. Mary's Cathedral, Active Sodality '52, Clubs: Biology '50, Speech '51, "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye." CLEARY, ANNE I St. Mary's, El Paso, Sodality Rep. '51, Red Cross Rep, '50, Active Sodality '51, Summa Staff, Prom Queen '51, Clubs: Biology '50, French '52. "She is good as she is fair." BULLOCK, GARY St. Patrick's, Honor Roll 171, Institute Stall '51, Editor '52, Pontifical Crew '49, '50, '51, '52, National Honor Society '51, '52, Quill and Scroll '51, '52, Glee Club '51, '52, Science Club '5l. "I never knew so young a body with so old a head." CARMODY, DAVID St. Cecilizrs. "Bi-evity is the soul of wit." CONNOLLY. PATRICIA St. Mark's, Compact Staff '52, Clubs: Biology '51, Speech '52. "A Sunbeam on a dreary day." 5 3 CONWAY, FRANCIS Sacred Heart: Honor Roll 613: Intra- mural Basketball '50, '51, '52, "He doth nothing but talk of his ear." CRAMER, MARIORIE St. Mark'sg Clulls: Biology '51, "Her silcnvv is more musical than any song." COOGAN. VIRGINIA St. Bernard's: Honor Roll C653 Red Cross Rep. '49: C0-editor of Surnmag Junior Class Treas.3 Clubs: Biology '50, Ions '52: Speech '51, Spanish '51, '52. "She sings away sorrow, casts away care." CUSACK. DOLORES St. Bernard's: Sodality Rep. '49, Clubs: Biology '50: Art '49, French '51, "With sparkling eye and lilting laugh." DENTON, ROBERT St. Mark's: Honor Roll 679: National Honor Society '52: Golf '51, '52g Intra- " 'I mural Basketball '49, '50, '51. Icy' IOY "A healthy hatred of scoundrelsf' CORLETT, PATRICIA St. Mark'sg Librarian '52g Clubs: Biology '52. "The greater the woman the greater courtesy." J Q Lgi2'f?'.l ' DEMPSEY. IAMES St. Mark's: Institute Staff '51: Bowling '51g Intramural Baskelllall '49, '50, '51, '52, "The king of terrors." 21 DEVLIN. LAWRENCE St. Mary's: Honor Roll C253 Instituto DINI. DARLENE St. Joscph's, Peking Glcc Club '50, Biolo- Staff '52, Qlee- Club '51, '52g Pontifical gy '5Og Latin '51, Crew 49, 00, 211. A "Whose little body lodg'd a mighty 'A man of polite learning and a mind," liberal education. " DONOHUE. CHARLES DUGARD, EDWARD St. Mark'sp Honor Roll 1253 Basketball St. Bernard's: Intramural Basketball '50, '51, '52, '49, '50, '51, '52, "The great end of life is not know. "Fools rush in Where angels fear to ledge but action." tF0Hd-" "Surprise in every package" 22 DOLAN. IOSEPH St. Mary's: Basketball '51, '52, Golf '51, '52g Pontitical Crew '50, '51, '52, Orchestra '49, '5tJ. "The man of culture is the apostle of equality." EBEL. MARY ALICE St. Bernard'sg Clubs: Biology '50, Speenh '51. "As entrancing as a mystery." EISELE. CAROL St. Joseph'sg Mission Rep. '507 Junior Class Pres., Clubs: Spanish '51, '52. "Her wit makes others witty." ESPINOZA, LOUISE sr. Mark'sg Woodruff High School '49, Operetta '51, Glee Club '51, '52, Ions ..Come away with me' Lucille.. "One's eyes are what one is, 0ne's mouth what one becomes." i EVANS, CHRISTINE EVERETT, SHIRLEY ANN sr. Philomena's: Compact Staff '51, Bifftl,509QffT'QSLe?fnff1 R011 W' Clubs: Clubs: Biology '50: Speech '51g Spanish A E' ' ' 'D ' ' M '51, '52: G'A.A- '49A 'Honest labour hears a lovely face. "Ready for work, ready for fun, she lives content, envies none." FERRE, EDWARD St. Patrick's3 Honor Roll 4713 mural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '5 tional Honor Soviety '51, '52, 'Diligenco is the mother of go tune." Intra- Qg Na- od f or FLYNN, IAMES FRANZGROTE- CARI- FRANZGROTE, IOSEPH St. Mi1l'k'SC Intfiimural B21Sk9tba11 '49, WSF' 1'1f1fk'SvH0n"fIf1'11 qj'.F0Uth?11,51' St, Mark's: Honor Roll 425: Institute '50, '51, '52, Glcc Club '51, Bowling '52. glvk fg1fT1f'1195F35f,551f 02' Imfdmufal staff '52: Summa starr, Glee Club '51. "Do good by stealth and blush to find as Q d ' 'J ' ' ' "He is thu very pine-apple ol polite it famcy "The wrong way always seems the ness.,- morc reasonable." 23 "Say it with flowers" GIBSON, DAVID St. Joseph's, Intramural Basketball '49, '50, Bowling '51, '52. "The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on." iw ' GOLLNER, MADLYN St. Monica's, Glee Club '52, Spanish '51, '52, Biology '50. "A human heart, a human hand, a mighty soul." 24 GASPER, IOSEPH St. Mark's, Football '51, '52, Intra- mural Basketball '51, '52, Vice-President '51. "His is as true as steel." GILLES, BERNARD St. Mary's, Kickapoo, Baseball '50, '51, '52, "His enemies shall lick the dust." GRAWEY, DONALD St. Boniface, Honor Roll ill: Bowling '51, '52, Intramural Basketball '49. "All men think all men mortal but themselves." GILLES, QUENTIN St. Mary's, Kickapoo. "I am immortal! I know it! I feel it!" GREENWAY, DELORES St. Thomas', Librarian '49, '50, '51, Clubs: Biology '50, Speech '51, G,A.A. '49, '50, "Her secret of happiness is wide in- terests." 1 GREIL, BETTY IANE St. Mark's: Honor Roll C453 Mission Rep. '51g Prom attendant '51: Clubs: Biology '50, Art '49, Spanish '51, '52g Good Counsel '50. "Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined." x GRIMM. PHYLLIS St. Joseph's: Compact Staff '52: Clubs: Biology '51: Speech '52. "Her hair shall be of what color it pleases God." HALL. ANNA MAE Sacred Heart: Trinity High School, GRIMM. JANET St. Philomc-na's: Summa Staff: Clubs: Biology '50, Ions '52. "Discreet in her replies she was always." R HAGAN. SHIRLEY St. Patrick's: Red Cross Rep. '52g Clubs: Biology '50. "That which is good is always beauti- ful." GRIMM. NANCY St. Cecilia'sg Glee Club '50, '51, '52g Compact Staff '49, Clubs: Spanish '51, '52. "One grand sweet song." 5 ff HAGEMANN, CLAIRE St. Thomas'g Honor Roll 611: Compact Staff '52: Active Sodality '52: Operetta '51g Glee Club '50, '51, '52: Biology '50g G.A.A. '49. "As upright as a cedar." Bloomington, Ill., '49, '50, '51, "Tig-ne iq fe-tire" "A childlike smile." 25 +A HANAMEAN, BARBARA St. Mary's Cathedral: Operetta '51: Glee Club '51, '52: Biology '52: Speech '51: G.A.A. '52. "Her conversation is fresh and crisp." HARNEY, MARTIN St. Monica: Honor Roll 621: Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52: Football '52 "All things come to him who will but wait." HANLON, GERALD St. Mary's Kickapoo: Orchestra '50: Glee Club '51: Camera Club '51. "No reason now for calm familiar talk," HEINZ, ICANN St. Mark's: Honor Roll 613: Summa Staff '52: Red Cross Rep. '50g Glee Club '50, '51: Vice-Pres. '52: Operetta '51: Art '49, '52: French '50, '51: Bios '52g His- tory '5O. "The soul of music slumbers in the shell till waked and kindled by the Mas- tc'r's spell." "Ye Olde Time Spirit" 26 I-IARDING, WILLIAM St. Mark's: Bowling '51: Institute Staff '51: Golf '52: Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52. "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart," 5 if HIETTER. MARILYN St. Bernard'sg Student Council Rep. '49: Clubs: Speech '51: Bios '52: Art '49g G.A.A. '51. t'She showed the proper sense of mod- eration." HOERDEMANN, ERNEST St. Moniea's: Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52: Camera Club '51, '52: In- stitute Staff '51. "As large as life and twice as natural." y Q ' A ' f 533. I QW f f . 5 23, J V 5 3 HOERDEMANN. ROSALIE St. Mark's: Sodality Rep. '49p Red Cross Rep. '52g French '51, "So gay a little doll." if HOERR, BARBARA St. Boniface'sg Bios '51. "Calm as a blue sea lying asleep in the summer." HUMPHREY, GERALD St. Patrick'sg Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52. "Great men are not always wlse." . f like -, "The pause that refreshes" xg HOULAHAN. HELEN St. Bernard's3 Clubs: Bios '50q Speech '51g G,A.A. '49, '50. "She plants memories wherever she goes." HURST, MARGARET St. Cecilia'sg Honor Roll f2bg Summa Staff '52: Junior Class Secretary: Stu- dent Council Rep. '503 Active Sodality '51, '52: Good Counsel '50: Vice Prefect of Sodallty '52g Prom Attendant '51g Operetta '51g Glee Club '50, '51p French '51, '52p G.A.A. '49. "A woman of refinement." HUGUENARD. WILLIAM St. Mark's. " 'Tis but a part we see and not the whole." s HURST. MARY St. Mark's: Honor Roll 433: Active So- dailty nal, '52g Sodality Rep. '50, '513 Homecoming Queen '51g Clubs: Spanish '51, '52: Bios '5O: Good Counsel '50g G.A.A. '49, "High beauty dwells in her unspoiled pride." 27 "More biounce to the ounce" i 1 i l KARPOWICZ, FRANCES St. Pcter's3 Active Sodality '52g Clubs: Bios '50g Ions '52g Speech '51, G.A.A. '51. "She is swift to hear and slow to speak." KELLY, MARY ANN St. Bernard's7 Honor R011 133: Compact '50, '52, Mission Rep. '49g Red Cross Rep. '50, Clubs: Bios '50g Ions '52g Art '49. "A lovely lady, garmented in light from her own beauty." 28 fl KEEFE, MARY LEAH St. Bernard'sg Glee Club '50, '51, '523 Bios '50, "ln her manner there is charm." KELLY, PATRICIA A St. Patrick'sg Honor Roll C133 Junior Class Vice-Pres.g Operetta '51, Glee Club '51g Spanish '51, '52g G.A.A. '50. "A fair exterior is a silent recommen- dationf' IOSEPH. IULIETTE St. Joseph's: Clubs: Good Counsel '50, Bios '50. "Many are her deeds of kindness," KEENAN, PATRICIA St. Bernard'sg Honor Roll 165: Senior Class Secretaryg Active Sodality '51, '52g Mission Rep. '50, Good Counsel '50g Opcretta '51: Glee Club '51, Secretary '52g Latin '51g Bios '50g G.A.A. '49. "So openly that nothing could she hide." KELLY. RAYMOND St. Peter'sg Honor Roll 113. "Silence is sweeter than speech." 9? Q fi fi if S. ' Q 3 - ' Y . , f SEV' KELLY, ROSEMARY St. Patrick'sg Honor Roll 123: Senior Class Treasurer, Maid of Hf-nor at Junior Prom '51, Operetta '51: Glee Club '51, Treasurer '52, Spanish '51, '52, "Tho very pink of perfection." KOCSOBAN. MARLENE St. Bernard's: Active Sodality '52: Glee Club '50: Bios '50: Speech '51g G.A.A, '51. "Her kindness colors life as the sun colors flowers." KOTELES, IOAN St. Philomena'sg Glee Club '50: Bios '50, Speech '51: G.A.A. '49. '50, '51. "She does all things decently and in order." KIMMEL, IAMES St. Bernard's3 Honor Roll f1P: Intra- mural Basketball '49, '51, '52, "Man wants but little, nor that little long." KOLOWSKI. IEANETTE St, Cecilia's: LaSalle-Peru Township High School, LaSalle, Ill,, '49: Active So- dality '52g Clubs: Speech '52: Spanish '51: Bios '50. "Kindness gives birth to kindness." S t K KITLAN. IEANNE ST.. Patrick's, Clubs: Bios '52, Spcech '51. "Her opcn eycs desire thc truth." KONVALINKA. SUZANNE St. Bernard's: Honor Roll C233 Active Sodality '52, Summa Staff '52: Sodality Rep. '50g Clubs: Bios '50: French '51, '52. "Happiness ran through her like a streak." "Snap. crackle, and pop" 29 KRAMER, KATHERINE St. Monica's, St. Francis Academy, Joliet, Ill., '49, Joliet Township High School, Joliet, I11,, '50, '51, Mission Rep. '52. "If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being." LEARY, JOHN St. Mal'y'S. "Secret and self-contained and ,solitary as an oyster." LAWLESS, ANTHONY St. Patrick's, Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52. "Virtue alone outbuilds the Pyramids." LEIGHTON, HAROLD St. Mary's, Honor Roll 413, Bowling '51, Glee Club '51. "The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those who feel." "Be happy. go lucky" 30 LAWRENCE, IOAN St. Mark's, Clubs: Bios '50, Art '49, French '51, G.A.A, '50. "Her hair is long, her feet are light and her eyes are wide." LEECH, MARCIA St. Thomas', Active Sodality '52, Clubs: Bios '51, Speech '52, Spanish '51. "Her word is of truth and sobernessf' MACKOWAI. IOAN St. Mark's, Compact Staff '51, '52, Mis- sion Rep. '50, Clubs: Bios '50, Spanish '51, "She is a. queen, a rose, a star." MALONE. RICHARD St. Mark's: Bowling '51, '527 Camera Cluh '51g Institute Staff '51. "Variety is the spice of life." MANNING. ANN St. Mark's: Student Council '51: Good Counsel '50g Red Cross Rep. '5Og Clubs: Bios '523 Spanish '51, "The mildest manners, and the gentlest heart." MASTERS. PATRICIA St. Mary's Cathedral: Compact Staff '52: Llhrary '50, '523 Operetta '51: Glee Club '50, '51, '52g Latin '51, Bios '52g G.A,A. '52. "Blushing is the color of virtue." "Thut's dll folks" a MARTIN, GEORGE St. Thomas: Honor Roll Wa, "Silence gives consent," MARIE, MARY St. Mark's: Sodality Prefcct '52g So- dality Treasurer '51g Student Council Rep. '50g Active Sodality '51, '52: Cheerleader '51, '52: Clubs: Bios '50, Latin '51g Speech '51g G.A.A. '50, '51, '52, "Beloved and fair with goodness sancti- fied." Wg. 2 va 2. MAUSHARD, THOMAS St. Ce-ci1ia's: Institute Staff '51: Bowl- MATARELLI, VIRGINIA St. Philomena's: Peoria High School '4EJg 4 , .V ,- , , , Honor Roll 1211 Summa starr '52, Clubs: Intramural Basketball 49' Bios '50: Spanish '51, '52, ' ' HSM smiles into the sullen Sky and gOOg'h:3y're only truly great who are truly makes lt glad again." 31 lu ,-.. - 'Km fr-Q Mk "Smoke rings bring smoke dreams" MCALISTER, MICHAEL St. I'atrick'sg Honor Roll f7lg Football '52, Intramural Basketball '51, '52: Glee Club '51, '52, Institute Staff '52: Summa Staff: National Honor Society '52, "Our wishes lengthen as our sun de- c1ines." MCGRATH, MARGARET MARY St. Mark's: Good Counsel '50g Bios '50g Spanish '51, '52. "Her voir-e was over soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman." 32 MAYBANKS. RAYMOND St. Philomena's: Basketball '51, '52g Glee Club '51g Institute Staff '52, "Better to love amiss than nothing to have loved." MCCONNELL, GERALD St. Bcrnard's, Institute Staff '51, '52, Glee Club '51: Pontifical Crew '49, '50, '51, '52, Summa Co-Editor: Quill 8: Scroll '52, "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins: the soul." MCKINNIE. RUSSELL St. Joseph's3 Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51. '52g Bowling '51, '52. "A proper man as one shall see in a summer's day." MCGAVA. BEVERLY St. Mary's, Kickapoo: Honor Roll C233 Librarian '51, Bios '52: French '50, '51. "Live always in the best company when you read." MECHAM. IOHN St. Philomenalsp Golf '51, '523 Glee Club '52g Quill and Scroll '52g Summa Co-Editorg Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52. "The endearing elegance of female friendship " MEISSNER. NORBERT St. Thomas, Honor Roll flv, Glee Club '52, Camera Club '52, Summa Staff. "As head strong as an allegory on the banks of the Nile." fs 5-2557. gs . 1 ,gun 1 f METZ. MARY IO St Philomena's, Honor Roll f4'l, Sum- ma Staff '52, Compact Staff '51, Mission Rep. '51, Aetive Sodality '52, Homecom- ing Attendant '52, Operetta '51, Glee Club '50, '51, President '52, Spanish '51, '52, Bios '50, G.A.A. '49. "Without music life would be a mis- take." MENKE, MARIAN St. Joseph's, Honor Roll f1r, Compavt Staff '50, Clubs: Bios '51, French '51, '52, G.A.A. '50, '51, "Her speech was always womanly and plain, she was agile as a nymph." MEYER. EILEEN St. Cet'ilia's, Honor Roll 121, Compact Staff Photographer '51. '52: Good Coun- sel '50, Student Council Rep. '52, Aetive Sodality '51, '52, Cheerleader '52, Oper- etta '51, Glee Club '50. '51, '52, Ions '50, French '51, '52, G.A.A. '52. "The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed." ' S53 1 V X MERRILL. IOAN St. Bernard's: Clubs: Bios '51, G.A.A. '51, '51 "The woman of power, beauty and delight." MEYER. WAYNE St. Peter's, Honor Roll 161. "I was never less alone than when by myself." MOLITOR. TERESA M , St. Bernard's, Honor Roll f63, Summa ,, Co-Editor '52, Active Sodality '51, '52, Eventudlly, Why Clubs: Bios '50, G.A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, "She attains what she pursues." not now?" .43 MURPHY, EDWARD St. Mark'sg Honor Roll fll: Summa Staff, Football '51, '52g Intramural Bas- ketball '51, '52, . . "I have often regretted my speech, never my silence." MURPHY. MARY St. Patricldsg Clubs: Bios '50: G.A.A. 'fr' '50 "Her mind was gay and bright, as a, spring day," 5 5 3 3 5 MURRAY, SUZANNE NAUER, MARTIN St. Mark'sg Sodality Rep. '52: Active St. Philomena's3 Honor Roll VIP: Intra- Sodality '51, '52g Bios '513 Ions Club '52, mural Easketball '50, Bowling '51, '52. "A fair face, a fair soul." "Bravery never goes out of fashion." "It takes your breath away" 34 MURRAY, 'IOANN St. Mark'S: Good Counsel '50: Glec Club 'FO '52, Bios '50, Speech '52, G.A.A. '49. "Let thy words be few." NAUMAN. IOHN St. Mary's, Kickapoo: Honor Roll fir. "He is a little chimney and heated hot in a moment." gvfr si NELAN, DORA St. Mary's: Clubs: Glee Club '50g Span- ish '51g Clothing '51g G.A.A. '49, '51, '52. "Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful." x NELSON. GAYLE St. Philomemfsg Compact Staff '52, Sllfubsz Biology '52: French '51, '52, G,A.A. --How sparkling can You be?" "With black locks combed with ele- gancef' NELSON, RICHARD NIBBELIN, GERALD St Bernard's: Honor Roll 16:3 Intra- Stl PL'10V'SS HOHOI' R011 f7+: Glee Club mural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52, A513 CIHSS Pf6SiCl0nt '513 Bowling 50. '51, '52: Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '31, "VVel1 timed silenve hath more elo- quence than speech." '52: National Honor Society '52, "Tradition wears a snowy beard, ro- mance is always young." OBER, HERMAN O'NEIL, MARY COLLEEN gt phjlomunaisz Institute Staff 51: St, BlZlI'k'SQ Clubs: Biology '503 Span- Summa Staff: Glee Club '51, '52, iSh '51: Glee Club '50, G.A.A. '49, '50, '51, Mum Wen nf Wit is truth itseu-'H "Happy as the daisies that dance on her way." z NORTON, DONALD St, Berna1'd's: Football '51: Intra- '7 mural Basketball '49, '30, '51, '5... "Toil is the true man's pastime," 'Q' ORTH, ROSEMARY St, Bc-rnard's: Clubs: Biology '51 French '51: G.A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, "Courage and gaiety fill her quie mind." 35 "Good to the lust drop" PEGG. SHARON St. Bernard'sg Clubs: Biology '52 Speech '51g G.A.A. '5O. "A sweet maid both good and clever." POTTER, MARY ANN St. Monir-a's3 Active Sodality '5Z2g Clubs: Biology '50g Spanish '51, '52. "She who tells you plainly what is true." , 36 l PETERSON, MARGARET St. Bernard's: Honor Roll C213 Clubs: Biology '50: French '51, "The quiet mind is richer than a crown." S i POWELL, IOANNE St. iXIZlI'k'SQ Honor Roll tlig Compact Staff 'Elly Red Cross Pres. '52, Good Counsel '50, Clubs: Biology '50, Spanish '51, '52, Glee Club '51, G.A.A. '49. "A still small voice of gratitude." OTTO, FHEDERICA St. Bernard's: Lancaster Catholic High School, Lancaster, Pennsylvania '49, '50, '31, Glec Club '52, "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." POPPEN, ROBERT St. Mark's: Honor Roll KSH: Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52, lnstitute Staff '51g Secretary '51, "What a strange thing is man!" il POWERS, DENNIS St. Ti1omas': Honor Roll 0153 Football '51, '52, Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52. "For too much rest itself becomes a pain." RAHN, DONNA RAMP, BARBARA MMM' GEORGE C St. Patric'k's: Honor Roll KTM Glee . 'f' H ' R11 123 ilu: HB ' "1 lla: ' LA. , , - , , . Clighirzjqggtc S Umm O P C U JS vqgt S C U is Bmlogy C A Club '01, 'o2: Science Club 211: National ' ' ' ' ' ll ' '?1, 'T2g l .'t't t St ff "Nothing is impossible to u willing "Her heart is warm with the friends y51in0?524S0cle1y j ,J ns l u e a heart." she makes." ' ' "Hope travels through, nur quits us when we die." ,SL DIIHFKS: ,Clubs Biology '591 Slzffeffl St' Phil"mena'55 Summa Staff ,523 SO' St. Marv's Canton' Honor Roll IRL 52: Spanish E115 G.A,A. '49, '51, '::2. dality Rep. '49: Active Sodality '51, '52g MA l.V.' d . 'b tt th I d d "He: eve-yy grin so merry," Good Counsel '50g Red Cross Officer 'T-U5 lion L I mg Og IS e er an A ea Clubs: Biology '50: Ions '52, "OI surpassing beauty and in the blmnm of youth." f-J' ,W 5' g X RUSCIOLELLI EDWARD St. Mary's: Honor Roll i213 Intra- mural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52. "VVe must eat to live and live to eat." --Throat Hot?" 37 SI-XLTER, IEAN SANDERSON, PATRICIA . . , ,, , St. Thomas? Compact Staff '52: Good John S' Clubs' B10l0g5 31' Speech Counsel '50, Mission Rep. '49: Glee Club ... W., .3 ,3 . Y- . , rh .51 "Her soul is with the saints." .1, 12, Operetta 01, Spams . , "Good, sweet, and clever." SCHAIPER. BERNARD St. Boniface, Football '51, '52, Intra- mural Basketball '50, '51, '52 "A fair exterior is a silent recommen- dation." SCHIEREB, EUGENE St. Philomena's, Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52, "A youth of frolics, an old age of cards." 38 "Soft as silk" SANTO. ELIZABETH St. Cecilia's: Honor Roll f3l Mission Secretary '51, Student Council Rep., Sec- retary '50, Senior Class Vice-Pres. '52, Glee Club '51, '52, Operetta '51, Ions '50, French '51, '52, G.A.A. '49, '50, '52. "And so she sings her fill." SCHMIDT, IOSEPH Sacred Heart. "Can we have too muvh of a good thing," SCHMITZ, AUGUST St. Philomena's, Honor Roll tllg Insti- tute Staff '51, Summa Staff, Art Club '52 "Always tell the truth then you have nothing to remember." ... SCHREIBER, SHIRLEY St. Thomas'3 Red Cross Rep. '49, Glee Club '50g Biology '52s Speech '51: Art '51, '52: G.A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52, "Simplicity of character." K SCHWARTZ. MARY ANN St. Mar'k's3 Glee Club '50: Biology '50, Speech "Earth sounds her wisdom, high heaven her fame." SHIELDS. MARY KAYE St. J0seph's, Peking Clubs: Biology '50, Ions '52: Speech '51, "Full of sweet dreams, health and quiet breathing." "D::cxm girl, dream girl" SCI-IWERER. MARIANNE St. Boniface's3 Honor Roll fling Compact Staff '50g Clubs: Art '49, Biology '51, G.A.A. '49, '50, '51. "Her speech: music of angels." 2-f"'1"'f..,,,,.,f ' i M459 wie-if' SKOTNICKI. CAROLYN St. Philomcnafsg Clubs: Biology '52. "To be honest, to be kind. has forti- tude and delicacy." SHANAHAN, THOMAS St. .lohn's. "The mildest manners with the brav- cst mind." Q. fif Q SMITH, MARY ANNE St. Cecilia's5 Mission Rep. '51, '52, 51 Active Sodality '52, Glee Club '50, ' 3 Opcretta '50, Biology '50, Speech '52, G.A.A. 1157. "Modest and frail as a lily." 39 if 1 4 +1- "Everybody's doing it" SPECK, CATHERINE St. Patr'ick's: Clubs: Biology '52, Speech '51: G.A.A. '49. "She is not difficult to please." SPAETH, GERALD St. Bernard's: Honor Roll f6Jg Foot- hall '51, '52, Basketball '51, Baseball '-19. '50, '31, '52, National Honor Society '51, '522 Class President '52, "As if the world and he were hand and glove." SPECK. IAMES St. Philomena's: Honor Roll C537 Intra- mural Basketball '50. '51, '52, Bowling '52, Science Cluh '51. "He has nothing and yet possesses all things." STENSTROM, DONALD St. Thomas: Honor Roll 1213 Summa Staff: Quill and Scroll '52. "He is ever precise in promise keeping." STEPHENS. MURIEL STUMBORG, MICHAEL SULLIVAN. JOHN St. Thomas'g Honor Roll ill: Clubs: St, Bernard'sg Honor Roll 117. Si. Clemcnfs. Dunlap? 1f1tFaml1I'Iil Bas- Biolugy '52: Ari '491 G-A-A '52- "None but himself can be his parallel." ketbau '51' '52 Glee Club '51- "Pel'fect simplicity is unconsciously "NU lf-'EHCY is S0 1'iCh 35 h01'!0StY-" audacious." 40 W Y rages , , TAYLOR, ANNA MARIE Qt Iose h's Mission Vice Pres 52: .. . . , p ,: .. . : Student Council Rep. '51: Glee Club '52 Biology '523 G.A.A. '49, '50, '51, '52. "The world belongs to the enthusiast." TYLER, DAVID St. Bernard'sg Honor Roll flkli Intra- mural Baskethall '51, '52. "Thought alone is eternal." lags, ' 2 , VITITOW. DIANE St. Jnhn's: Clubs: Spanish '50: Art '49. "The beauty of woman is in her hair.' I .,.1 , ,l. li'- llls TEDFORD, IAMES St. Mark's3 Honor Roll ffiw: Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '51 "The Frenchman' s friend. " ,ii lk Ei? Q.- VACHON. LEONCE St. Mark's1 Honor Roll 131: Red Cross Rep, V193 Sodality Rep. '5O: Mission Treasurer '51: Mission Pres. '52g Attend- ant to Prom Queen '51: Active Sodality '52: Clubs: Biology '50: Ions '521 French 252: Good Counsel '50g G.A.A. '49. HA. rhapsody of words." I ? 1.-Q, TROMPETER, NORMAN St. CeCiliu's: Intramural Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52p Bowling '51. "llc -"ho persevures until the end :shall succeed." t , I 5 VACHON, NANCY St. Philomena's: Honor Roll f2v: Red Cross Pres. '51: Active Sodality '51, '52: G'ee Club '5O3 French 52: Good Counsel '50. "In her tongue is the law of kindness." fWlIi iw' "Not a second to 1ose" 41 "A Treat instead of . ? e-A io 'yd 'mfg y 3 wAr.Lo::H, IUANITA VOGEL, MARY IEAN St. Thomas': Honor Roll f2hg Mission Rep. '49: Clubs: Speech '51, Library '49, '50: Library Vice-Pres. '51, 'Arguments out of a pretty mouth are ununswerablef' '503 Speech '52. "Patience possesses her soul." St. Philomena's3 Glee Club '50, Biology I Q i Q WARD. SUSAN St. Cecilizrsg Compact Staff '52: Stu- dent Council Rep. '49g Mission Rep. '50, Sodality Rep. '51, '52g Active Sodality '51, '52g Good Counsel '5Og Glee Club '50, '51, Operetta '51g Biology '50, Spanish '51, '52g G.A.A. '49, "Winter wears on her smiling face U. dream of spring." 21 ""' WEERSI DIANE WHALEN. IOHN R. St Cecmaw G1 C1 b -1 O Lt St. Patrick's: Orchestra '49, 250. - .2 ee 11 'rm 3 pere a .. , 4 , ,515 French ,my ,521 GAA. 50. devgis Stgugh-tough is J. R., tough and "Her little voice, so soft and kind," 42 3 t . . . A Treatment." WHALENI MARY KAY WHELAN, MARILYN WILL, THERESA St Bemardis. Compact Staff -51. Ac- St. Bernard's: Compact Staff '51: Clubs: Qt. Patr'ick'sg Clubs: Biology '50: Ions - ' Y . , , . ,- , .fn tive Sodality '52q Clubs: Biology '50g Bmlggy 49' Spamsh 01' 52- U- French '52: Spanish '51. "Ah! you flavor everything: you are "He: silence gives consent." .met her be: She is happy... ihg vanilla of society." WILLIAMS, GERALD - WILLIAMS, IHCQUELINE St. PatI'iCk'S1 Honor Roll f6P3 Intramural SL, B9rnard'5g Sodality Rep. '49g Clubs: Basketball '49, '50, '51, '52, Speech '51g Library '49, '50, '51: G.A.A. "For we that live to please must '50- Please 10 live-H "The breath of life." 43 WILSON, ROLLAND St. Monica'sg Orchestra '49, '5O. "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches." 44 "Say it again" WOULFE. CYNTHIA St. John'sg Roosevelt Junior High '49 Student Council Vice-Pres. '52: Clubs Biology '51g Library '52, G.A.A. '51, "Her humor bubbles like a fountain." ZERBONIA, ANGELO St. Juhn'sg Honor Roll i413 Baseball '51, '52g Intramural Basketball '50, '52. "No one smarts so little as a fool." 8 YERBY. IOEL St. Bernard'sg Honor Roll 473, Golf '51 '52, Science Club '51: Summa Staff: In: stitute Staff '51, '52: Intramural Basket- ball '49, '50, '51, Quill and Scroll '52 Glee Club '51, '52, "Who well lives, long lives." SXT .QQ Iunior Class Officers Seated: James Farrelley, James Cusack, president. Standing: Jehn Slevin, Anthony Bushell, 51 My AM saga Left to right: Jane Hanley, Margie Schiink, President Florence Schurtz, Pat Shea Iunior Honor Students vw an Qs w,yX Vit' First Row: John Slcvin, Ht-nry D6-rsch, Arthur Johnson, Earl Keshncr. Second Row: Donald Finnz-gan, Jcmrs Cusack, Joseph Anderson, Davicl Bullock. James Farrelley. First row, lvft to right: Lucille Gardnffr, Patricia McDonald. Mauwcn Manning Mary Kay Malone-, Second row: Frances Farrahcr, Connie Scully, Mary Franca-s Hunt, Mary Lou Sauer Jane Hanley, Margie Schlink. 3 : ""' Q 5 , , T. Abel A. A9611 li r 'W K 1 5 ' " was E f 1 gn if S1431 fa aw , H. Alig .2 .fa , ,rj-'-zz., if . N5 " wi S . . '72 ,... 2 3 S M I. Anderson .- r .,A, ,, n : Zn-, ... . .:, x ,355-5 v . -. A I . 1, Bm-ber T. Barbie: H. Barth Ni. Bflffosik 3533 R ' I ' ' ZW. ' 'E .. W ' , n ,Q W' . 2- -ff' V 1 . ' 3 1 4.2 . ,... 'W ' f 1, if Y 'ww-nu " I lfifffi - . ww' e i.5.E w , Y ,DQHHIIHH ,.,,.,.... L , . ' g .Ili-fgl , B- Bergevin L, Be,-,Y A, Best D. Biederbeck LLSLELFNA , . """ ' "" . """' A - R. Bour G. Boyer G. BOYIS '5 ': .3 ' 3 - ' V ' :f.E. k f ff ' xiii? f' .., ' ,vgzggig 'fl.F": .- ' -' f Nga ff 48 K. Burk at Y 5225 Q sf: 5559 ' ----- I. Angel . R A. Bassett ff- 1 .JWQW Q' Q C. Biggins ,S vw? ' 1 rnqfil' .E:f':I" ff 2 5-wifi 3. Buckley Q 1435 my ,.. f Q '1 2 sf 71-f TI A. Bushell - 1 V' , mi i . ,, W3 ' :II ' Liz: 'MP' .. ww V D. Camp 1 I. Armentrout sf 433: W ..,, f .,,..: ...,.,.. 355' l an , Wa.: gi E. Becker x Y .- f xi KE x. 1 9 M sf . 9 NWN .. E. Bledsoe ,. . 31 'dim 4 . D. Bullock 'ffflij N we ' fi" W 6 We szjf .fi N X a J 12 f i r M. Cain was :ww 1 ' x f on ,Z A , , 4 W . ,. " 1- Lf -JVM M. Clark r QQ.. 'W' 'W-2? H 'SH ,ww ,, W.. .fif . .1 I. Cleary nf-R eg A 0 . ff . , so of '-:,:.1 . ak " 1 A., R S 4 D. Cramer SW my la xl' F U. Cushing F32 ffxsf 1 :QV some QM I. Donlan , ... AQ A ' " 4? . M. Duke fi 4 gg. Q ww ig 2 .........- . A 533' M' K. Easland A'?"'fF IC. Comerford "'5.,x,- L 'W .1 'QQ' 'T Q W 1 I P. Crilly ., ' 5, W E . P. Dawson ZZ-3-fl. ,WG V H ,ff K. Dooley n . ..,. a I we 5 ,Zvi ' 11 G. Dunne ' it 'f l e ' A M. A. Evereits fy Y l i 'l .fxjgaf i ,Q B. Conley M. I. Corey rin. ' l N V' , , , lg 1 ,QM . o-,Kb f X 'MWA' I. Crutcher V. Curran . PJ g X ww Q 3? 3 vw 41" if V Y A . or .sggfe l R. Delaney 'Qi' 4 7 'VS' x E www ,LX I. Dougherty H. Dunne H. Dersch I. Downing V f477f1V770I '1 MD Hhs If your overdue X Y book ILS rx 3 mf fm 1 . if-W-f . D g . .o A B. A. Couri T. Cowirt ""?l . - ll! ' f Q , W 'Q , ""' ' 2 I ...V 1 """""" 1' D I. Curro I. Cusack : - .,,, 3 . .,,.,. .. 1 'fl' V -ws f .W ,,,.,,, K fusleff ""' RL . gg. ..,.., In . . Q . I. Dickerson 'vm R. Doyle f'cZ'ul-neo, i L ?f0Jay J E M. A. Dolan ,-. 1, 49 , , 4, - Q- ,ire . 4 4 i F. Farraher , R. SMX V. 'QA V .. 53 Q , F. Foley 3 ' 4 4 . A ,K . we- - 2, Ls WV' f -. , A ' ,. WW, N . Y , W i A H. Gleason 298 face ,df Jane , F' .44 ' A oUi.40ul'.', QP J J I ty QQ ell if' p T ., 4 .1 v I H 'W-14. NSW .,,. -- .YJ 1444 W-1 33155 ,sk I. Farrelly S. Feeney .gg Q , 'bf IN! ' J-.,,f-,.. -fe R. Fox I. Franken J ew 1? ' i 'Qlihx "-'-:rw - ...Y-ff -5- I. Goane D. Hartnett its -155 E? eg I 'wif ,, H mg ? . y 1 5 I G'-.7 'i '-2 -. M iff- -ny, W D. Finnegan . 4 var? R new Q . L. Gardner M, f,,fq 4 ,gpg aryq, .4 4:g, ,.:. 4 5 L I. Grimm K. Hagemann Q... ---, if Q4 4 - 3-wvu-wfbf 3.235 r ' ' - C. Hessling S. Hessling ' ' ,, " QL -. X' in L. Hibser N., , 34 af r eq ,, 4' '42 M, Wf Z I S. Fischer X- I L. Geier 4 'wa I4 we B 13 I. Hanley C. Heyd 4 f Y ,k ea ' 1 .wr 'W V ,.., fm . G. Hohin C. Hoerdeman :.,,' 1 .-Qwia. f . 3 fy 5 A ' x K. Fogarty ' - .244 f f I. Giltner -mf Ii- ""v: 4, -, iy, 4 -. All A ki C. Hartmann ' , 525 N23 f .,.. - gi ' V' L37 ' -...J f 1 - 1 I-R. Heyl W ' - if - 5 FS f if fx D. Hoenselaar L I. Houlihan li 3 QQ .l M. F. Hunt A Q5 .r L xg' 5: ,,, iv X .1 X' L.. I. Kaylor km X .. " f' ga' .' 'X . .,, J ,,,, Y c. Knight V 3 fl G. La?-aber giiwwee L :5: I Wg D. Lee D. Lonteen -13 P. Ireland .1 . - K. Keeie K. Kocher E. Lal-Iood 3, I ? ,, V ., r , W .,,.. ., Way-fy. 432 t 1 533' - ., H. Leuallen ' bi .Q T 4 N33 i f W. Lyle , Q3 V -2-" -3 ' fs , "Va" fi 35Q. 1,,, f . if Ax i 1 is D, jqgobs A. Iohnson W. Iohnston N. jones ' 4 f is '-' , Q ., . l if A W n . , A , .J y, Kelly T. Kennedy F. Kenny E. Keshner A mdk ' -:-- M 2 "ix by l. 4, -' K-ggi? M ,,,' 0,.- . Zgi A . - R, Koehler 1, Koeppel F. Koemer R. Ksycki A 2 ,35 e :'h Q in ' 4 441' -L L sf Q .uf .5 'wr F ' af! C. Lafiosche L. Larson L- Larson :ie ' L . .if o , 'K ui .: V - y 1 ..,, . . I X 4 I. Long L 1-T1"" ' Y n,, I 2- .- 1 C , 1 ll wx i 1 0. - 5 ,. ' I 51 W S 5 - ,.,.g::A ' xi ES E 1 X' . ' fi . . W W, , Ram A SA 5 f xii? , . . 4 xi if x X3 Q Y .Q fr fr M. K. Malone , 5. gg . .. ..... . 3 ss. S, Hg: , -"""iQQki fri. .lv gjE5::v?: A rggggg. gf' I gg gy I. McCluhcm 557 1 522 ii. if a "' - .41 M. Meisenheimer as " w I a ,.,,.., A . Manninzg K Zag, H., ,X Af WW." . .. ...Mir 4 .Z ,, wg P. McDonald K M. Marini . r 1. if 'f . .. Q 51' Q - ,... I , x ff r - . 1... C. McGrath ' 'ff 1 K . .. ,, ,. , a X A , T- Metz W. Milloy .,. M g . 5, .J J ' V -,-,, ' 4J'Q'v5'1' .Z , W. Mounts I. Murphy 5 iff thlbl tht We Oq Z' 6 f . 'fo "3 Rvn-airy 'o s Y L S. E . r 5:4 Z ' ' wx 4 W W ik f 2. A ,. 3 A. B. Marme .4 . 5: Y 5' 5. . if-42 fggggi ,. 2 . V XT . Q F , S. McLaughlin ? i Q V.: , V :- V' 'f ifiggi, IL- '1 '35 2 ,El ......,.. 23332 Q If I. Mirande QQ. .75 if i fl 1.7 , ..,. f - 5:2?II : - ' r:. L. Murphy K! 2 ef fffie- " . , ., f " -,., . .. U55 'rf ' C 1 253 I. Nahas ak f. iffy Y fa f M 3 Q is Q Q. fr K 5 W if VA. Xys W. : ' . ., hi Z af. - R. Marsh if " ,sr :fra ,M 3 1 if? 17:12. 'W W.- , . np Gaze? 1 N. McQue1lon E'- 9 fi' " 'Aw im: ,fi fir L. We W if .ff 33- 3. :-ga, l M A. Mitchell E E sf . . -- fi 1 Wk if 2' H 3 5 V 4 wx ,. , -..Q-A w .W ' ' Q 4 1 fr .ff wa . W RA 1 'Q Q , -' ' I. Myati M QQ Q Q 4 X Pk'-"': 1:57 1.1 'fl 1 .ffffflf ff 32... Z Q f. Xml? .... . " 5' -- M . ..,.. ,M 352. i , 2 ' ,. ' 'Af' -- M ef -.,1:1gffr' . R. Maushard gg? j V " 3, - 1 ' . 'Ezj . Vw' ,3 . S- 'V ' ff ' f? .. ' 3 ' :L L Z? is .V,., .,,.....,:L , Z fy.. j. Mecham I 'H , 5 , ,M A Q: -' I 2.421 ' .. y . if A . q AIA... ,..,..,.. , . es., ,k - ag :ff ? , f - , , Ms .fa if I. Morris F' ff .2 Q5 ma an Q 2 r 'R f 2 hp .ar L 1. C ,ya 1: ml.. .1 Q iv: X .1 M 1:2 W Q 3 x v f s.. 1 ia-.-, M. A. Naumann 'Ravi' r ,. .2 . , - ,, - wwex-1 ifilrri, 1 H f., rpggefsssg gary ' fi A fi A . ' E. .... Z 51" r f f mf . Eg ' fr L I 5137, " iE??2'-5' ' f , ivxz .. 5553 fifsr sp T, . r I I ' L if , V ,... . . ,. ,I -:,::,:-1.1. -. X M3.f1.Qu.f G. Newcomer T. Norman ' ' . H L , L i " 1123: - ' ri' .HE 4 5 a 3? I-- :iii A ,gi z3:ewE' : 5 1 C Wiia? M, .,,., Y E 'E - ' . .,.. .. ,,'?'fwf...:'. - - . :-- I. O'Brien I. O'Neil S 13 - K - Y S' .Q F ... O -1 ,- B' 6 If rags 1 'E .22 if . 3 2' We 5?- ' :., , 1 , 5 X N V? pr- Y . 5 1, 4x1 K 'X E .4 L K A. Rashid M. I.. Sauer B. Schoen ii 'X f 1 Nu 2.23 yi VA -'UL ifg fg' K f 1 R. Shafer s r K, . 1 12 A 5 it ?' f I . , w iw ,M -r N ,aff 5 . D. Simcox , S. Overbeck , . 'MVP K. T. Ringness . f. W . 1 X-SAV 1 'WEEE QE , ? -, gy .asf Q T. Schauh 'P Q gt 5 5 1 '05 ff 2255 f 155 EFL E? . 1. Schultz gi I-'. Shanahan if 2. , xg a . ,gif 5 ' 'HMV , 2 ji' f ' A33 wwe. kv' I. Slevin Nd? ml ........, ,. . . ' If S '-3 ax , ,S D. Perkins C. Rischar M rw 5 n .2 I D. Schierer as W 'Q' RQ 1 fi f f F. Schurtz IW if if I fr? L ia wflxf ' KW ., r ,, I I-'. Shea -1 ,',. Wim .A M. A. Powers A Ryan 'WW J E 3 ,, f ,..,. 5 " gag f" H 1 '. www? .4 hu! . C. Schlehuher M. Schlink J -Y SNS 41 Q W I' 5 . , 5 ft K B. Smith '35-. ..,a.:. it f i' W t 4 A Nia 5 KK S. Stewart C. Szentes w-ag' ,., K. D. Vachon X 1 as .. 2 5-UQ K if 49? fi, f 'fa -: .. M . .25 ' F. Whiteside R. Wrighthouse 54 1 f WH M f 'iv 'A 1 .96 . , . fi 7 0 LYNX Yiiii. 5 . ? . ,.,. f""""9 - V K V9 -. 5. L. Smith z , . H l N. M. I. Stickling i .... 1 ...Q .,.- ...Z.:..3.g, , 1 ' if ,MY . M i f if-:'.?Q? ,V at ft ' 1.. 'rudie -i .bei-'E-512:-I gift qx N. Van Bruwaene R. Smith ,t R. A. Streitmiller . fe? 4 Q.. fm B. I. Tennant P MH 'Z A T. Vonachen S W .1 : - f .- . I ' ' . , 1 . - E fmt Q fs X . ., , 5 - X 179111 I. Sneclden 'iv Q . ..... 22:23. " I. Sullivan fe. ,- XA , , E W 3. C. I. Thill :if-. ,.. ,wg tw QQ ,Q -5 .I . Ml? ig . H .is G. Wahl M. Stephens , ..I,. . ..,,,. . H. ,..,. .5 X M. Sullivan W. Trompeter 6 f , ,di .. 4 63, Z. 1' ' lux , J, ii' 2:- . 7 ' LA ,, ' R. Walz I. St. Germain Af" ? .E- . E' T. Svymbersky K W. Q ff: -.-'-'A' ' U lg' " 5 S X. . 3 D. Uranich we . . , -tsl K A. g gl C. Westlake , ' " x - R Af J: ,Y , nr 4 W nr 1 L T. Wise v- i . ' ' AWG WS .,."' X ' walt.. ? H L I ! ,,.,, , ,V K -D .7 R. Zerwer Left to Right Eugenia Vogel, Anita McKenzie. Janet Best, Janice Bc-st, Bar'bar'u Ruthan Virginia Phillips. Sally O'BI'icn, Patsy Ireland. PatI'ic'izl Lung. Wilma Zaborac. Sophomore Honor Students f r I-'iI'St Rum I John Le'nz1xxz1y. 'l'lwmiur0 Ulm. Thomas Littlv. .lusi-ph Gzilvln. linger' Zerws-r. Sl-L-und Row: lhlln-1't Rcnlior. Frzinvis Uhls-millvr' liulu-1't Rvmm, .luhn Jklfklllllll, I'1ltric'k Nols-ln. Missingi Edu ard I.zxll1mmi Gt'I'1illl Czisliniun llulwrt Ml-ya-l's. 4 X6 ,O Et ' A Ne B 5 . ' h Mr Nl 1 V A -W 51 , ' QU ft lf' lx 1.193 Berry Best Best Bianchi Biederbeck Bonn Bour Bourscheidt Bruck en I. Bratton Bringer Bringer Brissette Bunnemeyer Buschbom Buysse Caldwell Curmody I if Miva! Barker Barrett Berg Berry I Agatucci Albrecht Alello Armcrto Arnold Baker 'L 1 fr QQWNQ 3 4,-fp Cashman Clrrspell Cleary Cobb Cole Comeriord -1 L ,. 5. 1'-F9 5 fl 'W' 4 if-4 E. Everett D. Fairfield N. Flcmigon M. I-'luegel G. Frasco W. Fmsco R. Cook W. Cook M. Cooper M. Corlett M. C. Costello Cramer Creme! Crilly Cupi Davis . Davis DeCremer I Delinski Dentino Dentino Donlan Donnelly R . Dolan 'S-'-T Droege! DuBois Dunne -was Dunne Dwyer Emhoff Enlncan Entnnger Evans Eaton I if NI 'G Ji!" Wa' 54 ir X - X f 9 6 , it - f X Q x 7? 2 - 1 'Il .- ,1 af' 'Q , Nr X ' P G'bs Z M. SNES.. I G I g D. Giailrler 58 T. R. H. M R. K. H. I. R. I. I. R. R. C. C. S. M M E. D. I. D. P. I. Grubisich Hahn Haj nal Halpin Hammond Hanley Harding Hartman Hartnett Happach Heid Heinz Hinkleman Hoerdeman Hofer Hoffman A. Hollis Horan Huchtons Hulen Hurst Huston Ireland Iackman is .Q . Freres Gaa Galbraith Galvin B . Gensler Giberson -wr' 1... ,W EA... Q.. vii Iescky Iihben Johnson Iohnson Ioseph Joseph Keeley Keenan Kelch Kelly B. Kemp Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Keysier King Knox E. Koehl Koeppel Lal-'eber Lal-lood Luflosche Lawless Lawrence Mahi? Tkjgll M-"xii S X 9-A N f 1 "' 10 F""T3 f Qu 1 C. Mahoney E. Mann E. Markevitch vi I. Martin P. Martin lm E. Mauser I-L3 .....X Nm McCarthy McCluhan McDonald McDonald X F' Q R , . f' I V ps- 1 3 'VW up 5 4 K N ' - 5 1 f 1' 4 I Q --- , - - .. I , M. -1 : I' I FT I- ... 5 ,- L. -? McFarland McGrath McKenzie McMachan A. McQuellon Meyer Meyers Michael A. Miles Mitsules Molloy Morrissey Mungoven Murrin Murphy Nachtrieb Nauman Nauman Nelson Nelson Newman 0'Brien O'Conne1l 0'Donnell Z 4 5 R. Ohlemiller P. Ohnemus L. Orr R. Otio I. Pate I. Pearce I. Perrilles R. Peters V. Peterson I. A. Peity R. Pfister V. Phillips - M. L. Piccoli 2 G. Polonus S. Reddy . .1 I. Regan H 1. Rellihan R. Remm R. Render R. Rice R. Riecker I. Ringness R. A. Roberts R. Rogy S. Romanek M. E. Rostetter - , B. Rothan X " N 'r. Ryan R H. Schaefer c. schuub i Q W s. scmehuber X. 'sd 0 U' f N? 0 W , I 4 1. 5 . . Tale XZ 0 11 f K . A. Schmidt f of X 1 R. Schwerer 6 n .N Q I. A. Scoby ' ' - Q 5 -it. Q S Z 2 X Q 0' i Q 61 N. Scovil R. Sell I. Shelton G. Simons L. Singer E. Sipple I. Skender D. Smith 1. Smith M. Smith R. Snyder N. Spuinhower I. Speck P. Stull G. Svymbersky P. Tuuscher W. Taylor D. Thompson P. Tomlin I. Trompeter R. Truitt O. Turner P. Vuchon P. Velde M. A. Venzon P. Vicury E. Vogel M. Vonachen B. Weisenbexger A. Wennmucher B. Whelan D. While I. Willard W. Zaborcxc N. Zurones R. Zerwer V62 5 fx 3 , V in fa Q fi -f 1- gf . 531 :4?5'.f'ZiFw4i?. 'WN 4 'GHG ,ww 41011 1-an Vw i"'f.lQ" " . E +V 1 ' 'f ,411 P' -. EET- " 'LTP' .Eff Y gf ly A 'R 21 Y V I 1 ...Jai 5 X Z1 Lf! vi ' if ,A '1 ,W i Q55 E -12 'sv . I ,- I 1 ' f - Svatod: Jozmnc- Urhunr, Javqum-line Burn: Ccviliu Berkfc-ld. Marilyn Gibbons, Standing: Marilyn Barhle-r. Rnsclnury Doha-n Bar'hz1I'z1 Buvklvy. Rubin Barthulumvw, Judy Wiltsv. Joann Cobcttu. Freshman Honor Students xrd, V, mx .viifwn an we .mauv- .we Av ,, 6 .3 1 ff' arm' Firm Rfm: Jzmkiv Kovhvx' .mm-pu xx llva, Riwllzmi Grimlm-I' SL-murui Ruw: 1-Llxxzml XVir1c'?u-ste! Jnlm tl'Nr'il. JQIIUUS Nlaslurmuxx 63 Agatucci Anderson Angel I. Armes Armitage Bachler Bain E . Baniqued Barber Barnard Barnewolt Barth Bartholomew Bartholomew Bartolomucci Baumann Becker Beckfeld Beebe Best Bledsoe Blumenshine Boer Boley Boyer Boyle Bresnahan Breymeier Bride Broaddus Brophy Brophy Buckley Burns Caldwell Cantrall Carney Chapin Coake Coale Cobelto N 1 f 3 Qffff , o y W. swi an l 4 use wa 1 ..... Mao N . .Ll-wf.J31.2l Q L, 7 , lsr ,rw-any . We Q '06 N903 xi'- ...- of g A ,av 2 av? W +1--1, f,-4 .ww i-new 'ff' Qum- JY? -PQ Colgan Colson Coogan Cook Coughlin Coughlon Couri Crilly 64 ,GO -1? .-l..... Wy..-..... ...- ff - , my fm,-A .nr wi '17 -,wr me :uma -on Cusack Daniels Davis De Roche Diveley Doheny Donahue Donovan Doyle Draher Duke Dunne Dusch Erwin Espinoza Fagan Fairfield Faulkner Fischer Flara Foster Fox Franken Frasco Frey Fussner Galbraith Garreil Geier Geisler Genzel Gibbons Gienon Girdz us Gorman Graham Gray Gregory Grimler Grimm Guldhrandse Haddigan Haege Hag emann Hagemann Haley Hall Hanahan E . Hanlon 65 2 er fl Z V ,df-' , ' 4. f f X - ' Hannon Harding Harrmann Heiden Heinz Heinz Heinz Henning Herbs trith Hernandez Hessling Heyd Hibser Hoerderman Hoffman Hopkins Houlihan Huber Hurst Iohnson I.. Iones joseph Karpowicz Kaylor Keenan Kelly Kemp Keyster King King Koch Kocher Komari anski Konvalinka Kramer Krippel Kronenberg Leary Lesch Lolli Long Lonteen Lovell Lulay Mackie Malooly Manning Masterson . Matereilli 66 ll. ag 5' ' I N I. I. M S. I. M I. I. I. A. M .- 4. G. H D. P. R. B. O. I. L. S. E. P. V F M M C. T. I. B. M R. I. I. M D. I. T. R. R. I. G. S. M G. D. Mathers Mailhews McGann McGrath McKee McLaughlin McLaughlin McMcmis Miller Molchun Montetusco Morris Mounts Murray Nasser Ncxuer O'Connell Ohlman Ohnemus O'Neal 0'Neill Oppe Pasco Pcplow Perkins Pio!! Pio Polk Poppen Powell Powers Reed Reising Reisinq Rischar Roach Rogers Rogers Ross Roloif Rossmun Ruggles Ruhnak Schleich Schmitt Schramko Schubert Scotnicki Seiler 67 Semlow Shaw Shellcrosslee Sheridan Sitzmore Slymun Smith Snider Soldati Sommer Stuuiier Steimle Stella A. Stenge Stickelmaier Svymbersky Thomas Tippeti Troy Truitt Urbana: Uribe Vachon Venzon Vogt Wallbeck Wallenfcxng Walsh Wamboldt Weisenberqer Wennmucher Westberger Westlake Whelan White Wick Wiles Willard Wilson Wiltse Winchester Wolfram Wombacher Wort Woulfe A. Young Zaborac Zeng , y 1 1 x X '11 4 , ,'l'v,'k' 4 1 f E 1 I The Sodality emblem is com- posed of the Greek letters XP-- Which are the ancient Christian symbols for the name of Christ'-V and secondly of the Greek letter M-the age-old symbol for thc- name of Mary, Mother of God. Joined in the combination, they express perfectly the Sodality ob- jective, summed up in its motto Ad Iesum per Mariam "To Iiesus Through Mary." The Queen's Teens Sodality Union Day was conducted this year on November 18, by Rev. T. Shinners, S.J., for 250 Sodalists of the Peoria diocese. Sc:nta's Helpers Peggy Ireland and Susan Ward check the overflowing baskets prepared by the students for needy families at Christmas time. 70 1VIary's Messenge IS i F i These officers and representatives carry the Sodality message to their homerooms. Bottom row: M. F. Hunt. secretaryg M. Marie, prefectg P. Hurst, vice pre fectg C. J. Thill, treasurerg M. Manning. Second row: C. Hoerdemann, P. Heyd, V. Phillips, B. Peplow, B, Buckley, J. Best. Top row: S. Ward, E. A'Hearn, D. Hurst, N. Spainhower. N. Van Bruwaene. Missing: S. Murray and L. Berry. At their meetings each Wednesday these Active Socialists discuss ways and mean to make their lives more Mary-like. s 71 The Best Three Days Oi The Year Dec. 5, 6, 7 Rev. Joseph T. Shinners, S.J., re- treat master, admires the Advent Wreath pointed out by Sister Pla- cide, Peggy Hurst, vice-prefect, and Mary Marie, prefect of the Sodality. The entire student body listens to one of the many interesting conferences given by Father Shinners during the retreat. 72 5 V V 0 , Mm amrs 11:Ilne: ,4laefaj.da-:an-ug mamma J J- Business Staff Phyllis Grimm, Delores Anthony, Patricia Sanderson. Editorial Staii Proudly looking over this finishvd product arc: Claire Hagvmann, Mary Ann Kelly, Marina Bassett, Susan Ward and Gayle Nelson. 73 -fm- 1 If -T553-". 1, ...M 1 .f...::' wt :ti-f jf ":A1'E'lE :fiigai-' 1: ' g e-5:1 f ' is 2 zf5:.......-M if ' i A 'x ,, EZMWQ is In 3 , fk ' ms... 4.. Family Living C. Speck, A. Manning, M. J. Vogel, and J, Walloch observe the behavior of their younger sisters and brothers as N. Vachon con- ducts a story hour. .. Mfg- 4 .f .1 . 1 Q pdffwbmm miiwnms 'filf Q Clothing B. Conley, M. Cole, P. Berg, J. Metz, and P, Berry are busy at work as J. Bringer pins a hem for C. Maggio. ffl Q 1 - .. A-i C7 paw' ' jg 531 - +- U 5 Home Problems Enjoying dessert served by B. Peplow and M. Best are M. Hop- kins, J. Barnard, J. Keyster and P. Haley fclockwiseb. 74 Bios Using the new bioscope are J. Best, S. Reddy, E. Vogel, C. DeCremer, J. Best and N. McQuellon, members of the biology class. 75 f u I -ik., 54.1, Ions Ch:-mists F. Karpowicz, J. Grimm, V. Coogan, B. J. Ten- nant, F. Schurtz, R. Alig, P. Crilly. F. Farrahvr. S. Hess- ling, T. Will, I.. Vachon, M. K. Shields, R. A, Rogcrs, S. Murray. and M. A. Kelly are seen during a lab period. Studen Librarians Projection Crew Thesv girls, R. Smith. R. Ksycki, and B. Kemp generously give their study time to operatf' tho movir- projector. li? 3990, 4Left sidoh P. Long, A. Bride, D. Gollner, M. Tippett and S. Hoffman, fright sidvb P. Masters, P. Corletl, F. FZ11'1'E1hQl', C. Alig, J. McCIuhan, and J. Rogan inspect tho magazine rack during Catholic Pri-ss Month. Le Cercle Francais Listening to rvcords of French convvrsation are thvsw members of the French uh: E. Mcfye-i', A. Cleary, S. Konvalinka, O. Axmato, NI. K. Whalen, N. Vachon, M. Bassntt, D. Vv'l-.-rs, M. Bivnkw, I.. Vachun, P, Hurst, and B. Santo. La Rositcts St. Rosl- of Lima has he-wn chusvn as patron--ss of thi- Spanish I Cluh which in- Clurlvs J. Mecham, J. Schultz, C. McGrath, J. Metz, J. Snvdden, R. Alig, D. lmiiivvzi. J. Xngwl, H. Glvason, P. Ireland, P. Cupi, I. Gillnvr, and M. Blgiserihviiner. A:SL Mcnibcflrs of the 1:30 typing class strive for speed and accuracy in transcribing their shorthand notes Quo Vadis Club Proving their belief in that maxim "All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl" arc thcsc Latin lll students: C. Westlake. M. F. Hunt, F. Farraher, M. A. Powers, S. Fccriey, M. K. Malone. M. J. Stickling, C. Scully tuppcr leftl, and M. Schlink tuppcr rightl. T8 "Whose Zoo" Putting tho finishing touchcs on papivi'-macho animals which they made for the childr0n's ward at St. Francis Hospital ant several nwmhf-rs of thv art club: Presirlfsnt M. Bieclvrbe-ck, D. Nelson, J. Heinz, A. Again, and C. Knox. "The Footlightersu Invt-stigating the niysterivs of the light-control pant-l are thvse officvrs of thw spew-ch cluh: M. A. Smith. D. Vititow, J. Bwrningffr, and presirlvnt, P. Shea, Rice af Stamps --are More Stamps The Mission Officers: Peggy Ireland. secretaryg Leonce Vachon. presidentg Anna Marie Taylor. vice presidentg and Mary Kay Malone, treasurer. demonstrate how can- celled stamps mean rice to the missionaries in faraway lands. Stamp Committee Energetic members of the stamp committee arf.-1 Seated- P. Heyd. N. Flanigon. P B4-rg. J. Cobettu. B. Weisenberger. N. Zarones, T. Coughlin. Standing M. Fagan. A. Graham. P. Perkins, M. Bartolomucci. M. Cramer. R. Wall- vnfang. R. Doheny. R. Bartholomew, J. Barnard, M. Davis, D. Konvalinka. and J Matthews. "Cognoscetis Veritatem" The motto of the C.S.M.C., "You shall know the truth." was exemplified during Catholic Press Month by these Mission representatives. Bottom Row: M. A. Smith, C. Mahoney, R. Streitmiller, and L. Joseph. Second Row: L. Gardner, M. J. Corey, B. Westberger, W. Heinz. M. Best and C. Mitsules. Top Row: S. Brady. J. Best. K. Kramer. and R. Sell. "Betty Carries The Shield" 115.235 3, xt,- During Catholic Press Month Senior C presented a short skit showing the value of the Shield. the official C.S.M.C. magazine. Participants were tback row! M. Whelan, M. K. Whalen, M. Peterson, P. Sanderson, N. Vachon, S. Ritchell, ton the floor? J. Powell, R. A. Rogers, S. Pegg. S. Ward, and B. Santo. 81 stud siiiigiiim -I 32.25, 4. 'K 1 5... : nl 2. N 7 ' 1. pax, W Q A , ,. ' '. . S f Shirfqy BTG Han SA, . V MM... .X.,-wmv. V V MH .. 4 -3, my . Q ..,. v ,. ..k. i Q' ' ff '- -1 ,Ngg WFZAN - 3 , Mraz:-1 rw... . Q Y. 7 4 Qi 5 V f 5 'W .Qs-f Q K , Q v ' 'a S ..,:,.. M ff 3. .1 vw , " s.-. .Laurrcn f77i5.ifr EMM, A UN., , , WH: H .inf ' f 5 M, ,Q Ev 1 Li U ,. E H, lm Q 9- gh we A W I 2-is -, ,il .15 14 if " My rr 5 ,A Gaif Geigfar 5 I, ' 1 G nf I..,, . , . - .'.:2' wk 35:22:55 542:Z'92Ri'ifj:fsf 82 ,.'A' 111.1 ar Q-F211-S6551 iff fw V 1 gm W . Q Q iii X 2 5 , we A-sl .4 Q iff gg ge ...ivgffj Y M5 V- -5.iw.,g. ,337 Hifi? gf? "" mf PM ..,..z- - ,153 5 5 Norma Harwrtff M rxsflzuwvv- A . f.. .,',.. -f --- - A, .4 .w wf ., . .wtll -,S Margie Schfink X I A janiceffursf secfzsnmv .QQ 5 rnsnsuzzfa Cynfhfawoulfd vzcr- PRE5 weyr The jouvfno.-so o the Student Council is to clevelof Sfudznt' rc5'ponsibilif:j',initfi'-+ afive, lzadzrshif, and School ridaz 3 to fromote time wei-' are o the 54-l1ool,4 to imfrove citizenslzijv ffxroujlz Profs? czpuitly ' 5 fadent relationslmilo. Mazy 5. Costa Zio 5uzMfO'Don1:Q Mfmal aiaorqc X . , gif ., -... 1 ,,V, ,. f I ay r f 3 V rfhg ff.-. . f C1 I Q . yt - W, Q' .5 W mg, . f 3:37 Egdfgisgk by .... . .q i EEIEGH Miydf , ,,:,f m 23153 022 f' .: s if Vt. 5 'E Xi 4 2fi2iz?'f1" , ag nm A225 f -:fi g-:g:.j:i. , , A H: giifijzn A A Maz'Ifyn8ac1xler -'-A' - gigs? .. , vii? W - - -,A- M ry Puffin National Honor Society Membership in the National Honor Society is based on character, scholarship, leadership, and service. This honor was conferred by the faculty upon the following students: Top row: Martha Bassett, Marianne Schwerer. Middle row: Janet, Berninger, Nancy Vachon, Norma Barrett, Teresa Molitor. Mary Hurst. Mary Jo Metz, Betty Santo, Virginia Coogan. Bottom Row: Mary Marie. Eileen Meywr. Marty Biedt-rheck, Mary Ann Kelly. Sue Brady, Joann Heinz, Leonce Vachon. Courtesy Girls Their exemplary conduct, friendly attitude, and co-operative spirit won for tht-se studnts the title of Courtesy hlrls. Top row: Carole Knox. Rosemary Orth, Pat Corlett, Mary Joyce Hagemann, Joanne Angel. lrene Kornarjanski. Bottom row: Donna Nelson, Wilma Zahorae, Marilyn Cole, Mary Frances Hunt, Betty Jean Tennant, Joann Cobt-tto, Mary Walsh. B3 May Queen One of the highest honors which can be conferred on any Senior is that of being chosen to reign as Ma Y Queen. Mary Marie has proven to her classmates that she possesses the characteristics of a true child of Mary Courtesy Queen Q ,512 K. . .. 1: is 1 5 er Folluwing gt wurtesy campaign cunductvfi by the Student Count-il. '1'vresu Mulitm' was mmwd Courte- Qn. Ilvr t'1'ivr1dy and i'UL1I'lk'tJL1S manner well XN'Hl'I'2U'ltS he,-1' this title. . AA,. A W . A t I .fi Ann Nauman fcenterl, queen of the Junior Prom held on May 9 Mary by Barbara Conley, Maid of Honor Mary Kay Malone, Ameline Rashid, and E r A Cwmgf at the Pere Marquette Hotel, was attended Laureen Hihser. E, . .X .. These officers of the Academy Guild served at the Silver Tea, Entertainment was provided by members January 29: Mrs. H. A. Giltner, sec'yg Mrs. E. F. Best, treas.g Mrs. R. of each class. Shown above are seniors R. Sommer, program chairmang Mrs. T. A. Schlink, pres., and Mrs. W. Hoerdeman, P. Hurst, A. Cleary, and M. Hurst. W. Bassett, vice-pres. 86 Red Cross Red Cross reprc-sm-nlativc-s arc: J, Powell. G. Boylan E. Sipple. J. Barnard, M. Gih buns, P. Long, S. Vachon. M. Flue-gel. J. Bringe-r. and C. Hl0Ul'fl6'DlElI'l. Blood Bank filgiiwa, mm. Sup:-rvising the labeling of hotllm-s which will latvr be fills-d with blood arv Marilyn Fluvgel. Elizabvlh Sipple. and Sul- Schlvhuber, who generously givv their time as vul- unhfer workers at thc- Peoria Blood Ccntvr. A zffcadlemg Q. 6 , ,,, .. , . Y my . ' ,F . 1: A R 3 Y ! 4' N ' 'ff . ' , ' . N - lane' in M B 3 of 3 'CE we 3 1 .A J .f , , an A t' "M ' 'I C 'f A B, . . if - rg km e . I A i f ' C X 5, 5 m 6 2 5 Top Row: M. Leary, C. Knox, E. Huchtons, E. Mann, P. Berry, H. Lowe, R. Cook, J. Downing, J. Murray, B. Evans, Fourth Row: J. Hurst, J. Bringer, P. Vicary, S. Huston, B. Rothan. C. J. Thill, S. O'Donnel1, A. Rashid. R. Truitt, M. E. Third Row: E. Buysse, J. Berninger, R. Pfister, B. Santo, J. Heinz, C. Hagemann, J. Mecharn, M. Stephens, B. Marine, Second Row: C. Mahoney, P. Tomlin, V. Phillips, E. A'Hearn, E. Mauser, Albrecht, C. Maggio, R. Delinski. Bottom Row: E. Meyer, G. Boyle, M. Lyle, M. C. Costello, J. Petty, A. M. Taylor, N. Meyer, P. Ireland, R. Streitmilier, The Academy Glee Club, under the direction of Sister Anne Loy- ola, opened its musical year with a St. Cecilia's Day program No- vember 22. "The Story of Christmas," a Cantata by H. A. Matthews, was pre- sented December 19. we Na N 39' ' 'M .. ei.. ' 5 .H A A B rf V' , A . . 1 y,,am i .- , -1 -A 2 i . x 'Q I ii 2 f r J is .fav f'fl:E.ZE iii 5 i W 1 , M M is . J- rife 2 Q Q 1 ' gf' 2 , I 3. -Y .31 :V A 57 1 gi . , 1 ra 1' in f f 4 . L . '1 V Ti- if i - f -' ' ig- v J W sv. in 5? : X5fV" 3. , Q ' 2 . im- 5 . my In .. I H f fig QQ, 'ca 3 Q "-'- . . 'r-ff' We 6+ it 1 ff 2 1 2 A 1 '0 at EA F Q22 'aj ,f fi Q , Qi.: '. , p A " ..-f - A A ,H t -' 'SJ' 31, ' JE .fr 1-Q i - .':: . . .. r K P ' 'W f mf . . . I 5 4 - -M L " 57 . sf A" 'ri - A' 7 'v if . 1 ' 'lk A . . an iff , 5. , .i . Q., .af I: Qi' X ,Vi W. in ri K gg- gr. ' ,.. 'fx A, x f . . ...4 ,.,.,w tg I :gr y. a g . Q: L 'Z ,B J me 'F Q 8 .- - A , 7 ft Q sf ' S ' ' K ms I uf P. f Q I i Qi ff e K' 5 , J. Franken. J. Hanley, J. Angel, M. J, Metz, B. Hanamean, K. Keefe, M. L. Keefe. Koehler, P. Shea, M. Meisenheimer, R Kelly, Van Bruwaene, P. MCDO J. Barber, C. Westlake, J. Claspell, E. Eaton, E. Bianchi, A. McKenzie. Gardner, M. Cole, S. Hessling. P. Keenan, J. Metz, K. O'Connell. Marini, E. Pilon, L. Espinoza, C. Hoerdeman. L. M. In April, the girls participated in the Diocesan Music Festival held in Ottawa. The Victor Herbert operetta, "Sweethearts," presented April 27. 29, and 30, was received with great enthusiasm and climaxed a highly successful year. nald, P. Masters. kbxyvh, 'lg ICO, Ill! I f - , ' i X 3b'x ,4L I ! ,D sly!! S9 Ballet Dancers: P. Masters, E. Mauser, C. Beckfeld. Soldiers: R. Doheny, E. Mann, B. Buckley. weetdeafz Lt. Karl fCarole Knox? meets with rebuff from Liane 4Elaine Bianchil. YXQYXY West amean, Zilckley' W TOD fjarlsf an rx, ' A ' Cr' W-'J iaxeY5'- B' E. Man aid' S. Nga. J' flame 50 CYWOQS' B01 9Ssjj' Ffilnkx Q W E.Hx1 4711 Clom ro Hg. 6111, P Gstlak Maggf' COS: W" L ' M000 G 0, G 61110, - FOX N . Ffepesc C6112 . Oney: E1 Dutch Children: E. Pilon, L. Gardner, E. Laundresses: E. Meyer, N. Van Bruwaene Buysse, M. Lyle, N. Meyer. P. Keenan, and M. Keenan give Mikel QV 90 .. . . Phillips? their nlcest Curtsy. tudents To Tour Washington YL at the y ml! have Wtlkl tour TIUBRE fl' IW, YVASHINGTUN. D, lf. Tim!! What! WO in 10- ing for an week starting Arm! Si 'Isnt 'It thrilhng' F!!! th , I . y rn sfznum me jxxnmra mf new ,mzdgmy nf our may will nuke the mp blamed, Xen sq rfguf, are Margaret Bchlink, Naam' Vumon and Mary Frances Hum, Iam-mg 'rn me ian rnnp ua stun-ilng. Iwfl to right Mary Ivan Voge' EIMS' Inu Sauer M 'il Wfhll ,, , . APE' In vb. Yntricin 3fcDonaJfl and Uekorea Anthony,-Sta!! photo. 3 1 fgggs: ,'-,,k if zz I A -,VA, talkin! Ak-k' V- -mfmkgl,:fl7,r,5:A.xI ffm 1 I 1 w Cunlvy. C Scully, M. Schlink, C. Thlll A Dolan NI K. INIz1lom', S. Slvwart, funnd Hmm P 'lr d I 1 I I 1 4 , I-nwzxy, R. S!x'ffilmilI+91'. P Connollx 'I' Molllur D Rahn C Haumann C Klilghl E. Blvdsuv, F. FE1l'l'2lhPl'. un! Row 'NI W mnll B. Ramp. XXI, Gullnvr, 'NI Dukm I Hlhser R Xkfllghlhllubt' NI Nlanf L s own If axmg Im' an exciting wr-vk's tour 4Apr11 P1265 of Washlngtnn D C and XlC1I'lllW hlgh lighted by a st'-anwr Trip down Chfiapoakf Bax The group xx lx fhap. mnffi hx Sistm' CxPl'21I'd Jusvph. Sxsler Mary Hurtensld and Mxs R 91 Champs Despite stiff opposition this sen- ior team remained undefeated throughout the entire intramural basketball season. Standing: Teresa Molitor, Marian Menke, Barbara Hanamean, and Joan Merrill. Kneeling: Eileen A'Hearn, Captain Betty Santo, and Anna Marie Tay- lor. Top bowler of the year was Rita Alig with an 154-point average for Strike three games. All-around aihlelo Eileen NI-.H hvre dvmrinstrflles hm' ability 1-2-3-4 BulVs-Eye Limhwring up during Ihf- 2:13 gym period aw: Back Row: N. Barrvlf, J. Be-rninger. J. Ang:-I M. J. Mvtz. Middli- Row: J. Han- lwy. N. Vain Bruwainf- P. Sh'-ei. Fmiii Row: ii. A'- I'I+-ui'ii. J. Frzuiki-ii. NI. HL1l'5l. K NATIONAL l'loNoR Socmrr l , lt x The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholar- ship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to en- courage the development of character in students. On the basis of the above stand- ards the following were elected to the Spalding Chapter of the National Honor Society. First row: Gerald Spaeth, George Remm, Edward Ferre, Gary Bullock. Second row: Lawrence Tadie. James Farrelley, Harold Alwan, Robert Denton, John Slevin. Third row: Donald Finnegan, David Bullock, Michael McAlister, James Cusack, Gerald Nibbelin The Insnfure I ",f'-"'3' 'f-.':3r ""L -. --'in.u'u..1 -' ..-... ll. - 1 fl-ily? "All the Spalding News Fit to Print." An Official nvwspupvr publish lfl eight Linn-s a your hy, and in tha- iiileiwsis of. this stud:-nts of Spalding Instituto, Pwnria, Illinois. Editorial Staii lp il 'Q-WFP First Row: Don Finni-gan. Jvrry Murphy, Gary Bullock, Gem-gfg R+,-mm. Svcond Row: Joe Franzgrolv.Je1'ryl1Villiams. Mikv MCAlister, Ed Fv1'rv, Harold Alwan. Reporters Business Staii First Row: Ray Mayhanlcs, J,'l'l'Y McConnell, Dim First row: Erl Rusciulvlli. Ari Johnson, Hzirry llvyl Amlefsfm- Svconrl Huw: l.ilI'1'j."i'ildlP, John Nzlhas. Sclcund Row: Marty Naui-r. Dun Stvnslrom, DUN Jacobs, Jmfl Yvrhy. 95 Science Club C. Franzgrote, E. Murphy, J. Franzgrote, B. Harding, J. Tedford, D. Powers, B. Poppen, F. Cicciarelli. Pat Kelly, Kay Kramer. 96 Float ,yi Mary Hurst, Rosie Hoerdemann, Diane Weers, Suzy Konvalinka, Science Club One of the most resourceful organizations at Spalding was the Science Club. directed by Father Ioseph Tremonti. C.S.V. With material collected from many sources, members contribut- ed much to school spirit and prestige with their unusual creations. For Homecomng they contributed a huge. amusing float containing over 15.000 paper nap- kins. Their next project was a Christmas Creche. which ma'erialized as one of the most tasteful and realistic cribs ever seen in the city. The highly successful Glee Club St. Patrick's Day concert owed a good measure of its success to the large, sturdy stage constructed by the Science Club members. The achievements of the organization under Father Tremonti are a good example of that co-operation between students and faculty where many things of lasting value can be accom- plished. Spalding Glee Club Front row--left to right: J. Mecham, L. Jibben, J. Willard, R. Stauffer, J. Huber. H. Woulfe, R. Becker, M. Rellihan. Second row: P. Coogan, T. Mounts, L. Baumann, J. Haddigan, W. Harrman, E. Winchester, G. Soldoti, Rev. Maurice Dailey, Director. Third row: R. Fairfield, A. Johnson. H. Heyl, D. Biederbeck. J. Hageman, R. Heinz, R. Doyle, H. Dersch. Fourth row: G. Remm, R. Delaney, J. Yerby, D. Perkins, L. Tadie, H. Leuallen. D. Vachon. Fifth row: R. Dentino, C. He-yd, J. Lafeber, T. Ringness, J. Nahas, C. Szentes, D. Fairfield. Sixth row: H. Ober, G. Bullock, D. Erwin, M. McAlister, D. Bullock, L. Devlin, R. Hammond. The Spalding Glee Club, directed by Father Maurice Dailey, C.S.V., had a very successful season. Organized two years ago in 1950 by Father Dailey. the Glee Club rapidly improved, reaching new heights in 1952. Of the twelve concerts of the 1951-1952 season, the most outstanding were the Homecoming, Christmas, and Saint Patrick's Day presentations. Some idea of the Glee Club's excellence may be gained from the fact, that the Saint Patrick's Day concert drew an unprecedented crowd of over 600 persons. With the proceeds Father Dailey was able to purchase new choir gowns and stoles for the Glee Club. The Homecoming program featured many nostalgic songs of bygone days, inter- woven with some modern selections. Equally well-balanced was the Christmas concert. providing all the beloved hymns and carols. Besides the numerous presentations in Peoria, the Glee Club also sang in Chilli- cothe, Penfield, and Washington, all in Illinois. The season was climaxed with the trip to Ottawa for the Annual Diocesan Music Festival. 97 Quill and Scroll INTERNATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR HIGH SCHOOL IOURNALISTS First Row: Jerry McConnell, Gary Bullock, Jack Mecham, Joel Yerby. Second Row: Don Stenstroni, Art Johnson, Jerry Murphy, Harry Heyl. Bowlers C 38 252, im S R refill WF First Row: Marty Nauer, Dick Cain, Tom Maushard, Tom Barbier. Second Row: Jerry Nibbelin, Don Grawey, Dick Malone, Lou Larson. Third Row: Jack Dickerson, Bill Harding. Jim Speck, Don AHfl4'l'S4JH. Retreat The most outstanding religious event of the school year was the Annual Student Retreat, held January 23 through 25. Shown above during one of his conferences is the Retreat Master, Father Charles Riedel, C.S.V., who applied his many years of experience in the armed forces chaplain corps to present-day student problems. The scope of religious activities was this year enlarged by Father Lawrence White, C.S.V., Spalding Director of Religious Activities. The daily Sacrifice of the Mass was assigned to specific classes: Seniors ..,.,,,.,,............. ,...... M onday Juniors ..,,,,,,. .....,... T uesday Sophomores .,,.. .,..... W ednesday Freshmen ..,........, ........ T hursday Athletic Teams ,,..,...,,,,,,,,.........,...,...,....,,,,.,,,.,..,,,,....,.....,,..,,,.,........,.......... Friday Confessions, besides being heard by all the priests before each First Friday, were heard: . Before school each morning. . During both lunch periods. . . . . After school each day. Every day a student group said the Rosary in the chapel for Peace: perhaps they would rather carry a rosary than a gun. New statues of Saint Viator, the Sacred Heart. and the Blessed Virgin were added. Before the latter the Junior Class kept fresh roses as a special tribute. Pe-ws and kneelers became a permanent part in the life of the average Spalding student. Camera Club K fbrrfgwi V .ff O FiPSl FOWZ Terry Abel fSergeant-at-Armsb. Second row: Burt Entrican, 'Vice-Pres.b Don Goddard, Joseph, tPres.J Third row: Eugene LaHood, Maurice Joseph, Gerald Malloy, Phil Kronenberg. Fourth Dick Heinz, Bob Peters, Ted Otto, Jim Herbstrith. Fifth row: Carl Szentes, Norbert Meissner. 100 ly 5 ' s iq L ii r 'K fSec.-Treas.J Leon row: Dick Dentino, Pontiiicczl Crew First Row: Henry Evrsch, Bob Murrin, Rod Hartnett, Tim Hr-nning. TQ-rry Abel. Second Row: Joe- Dolan, Charlie Hcyd. Bob Rr-ndvr, Gary Bullock, Larry Devlin. Third Row: Jerry McConnell. Davw Bullock. Miko BELT, John Jackman. Msgr. Pe-ters. Missing: Dick Buur, Dun Finnegan, Phil Coogan, Francis Ohlemlllvr. in if Homecoming CARL FRANZGROTE Homecoming King MARY ANN POWERS Homecoming Queen NEALSW-N 5 , 1 M G. YJ i f f if Vx 3 MARY JO M1-:TZ ip V X N 1 Lin 3 BUD MURPHY DIANNE DENTINO 102 BERNIE SCHAIPER ROBIN BARTHOLOMEW JERRY SPAETH W ,- W . . ' , L, 1' fl A 1, M' ,, f V 'S My .. ,Q , .ii -. - ' . -S-. . .ff WK ,, H: --,f4--,H-,-- -f --.. .W Y- t . I .,.4 vt way' u Monogram Winners I First row: B. Gilles lbaseballi, J. Slevin ffootballb, A.Bushell tfootballk, J. Mecham Cgolfj, O. Turner Cfootballi. Second row: A. Zerbonia fbaseballb, C. Biggins ffootballb D. Uranich ffootballb, J. Dolan fbasketball, golfb, R. May- banks fbasketballb, D. Hartnett ffootballl. Third row: T. Little tgolfb, J. Mirande lbaseball, iootballb, basketba1li,E, Murphy ffootballb, C. Franzgrote ffoot- ballb, B. Bertolero fbasketballb. Fourth row: D. Walz Cbasketball, footballh, D. Cushing ffootbally, D. Powers ffootballb, B. Denton fgolfb, R. Beh- rens Cfootballb. Fifth IOWZ J- Heid ff0O'Eb211l7, J- Yefby Cgolfl, J. Lafeber mfootballb, C, Heyd bfootballl, D. Orth Ifootball, baseballh, B. Schaiper Cfootballb, C. Donohue Cbasketballb. Sixth row: J. Gasper Cfootballl, J. Long Cfootballi, M. McAlister ffoothallb, T. Ringness ffoothalli, J. Cusack Kfoot- ball, basketball, baseballb, J. Spaeth ffootball basketball, bageballl, 104 Frosh Pal Haley. Vee Ellen BE1I'llQllf'fl, Pat, Heyd, Jackie Barnard, Margie Morris, Rich Fairfield. Cheerleaders .ii f xsmfi X. 'HW' Varsity Divk Heinz. Eil.-.ln Nil-yw, Put Iiwilzuid, Jurly Kziyloig Chuck Emir, Dim-li D--rilinw. CARL FRANZGROTE Honorary Captain SPALDING 7-MATTOON 6 Playing their first game under Coach Iack Errion. Spalding heat a good Mattoon team 7-6. Sophomore Iim Heid's eleven y-ard skirt around right end, early in the second quarter, gave the Irish their only touch- down. Spaeth's conversion was perfect and the Irish led at halftime, 7-0. Spa1ding's opening backfield of Spaeth. Cusack, Franz- grote and Murphy threatened early in the third canto but a fumble ended the threat on the Green Wave 3. Mattoon's only score came midway in the last period when a Mattoon guard recovered Cusack's fumble in the end zone. The aggressive Irish line-blocked the kick and the game ended with the Irish winning 7-6. 106 SEASON 1951 I-'rom the opening win at Mattoon to the closing defeat to Peoria Woodruff, the 1951 edition of the Spalding Irish fought every inch of the way. Some 63 prospective gridders showed up for their first lesson from head coach lack Errion and new assistant Ed Uranich with 12 lettermen among them. Uranich had seven veterans to work with in the forward wall while Coach Errion had five left over for hackfield duty. With a well- conditioned team the '51 Irish took the field at Mattoon and showed the fans that they were the "Fighting Irish" with a 7-6 victory. But with underclassmen leading the way. the inexperienced Spalding crew lost many a close game. Still what the Irish lacked in skill they made up in enthusiasm. They lost close games to such fine teams as Schlarman of Danville, Manual, Central, St. Bede's and Woodruff. Even though they lost eight games the Irish never gave up and they finished up strong with a win over Allernan and a heart-breaking defeat to highly touted Woodruff. One bright light during the dark season was the ability showed by the underclassmen. Great things are expected in the near future from these boys. Iuniors Charlie Heyd and Iim Cusack were chosen most valuable lineman and back respectively, while Carl Franzgrote. a student on defense. was named honorary captain by the players. SPALDING 13-SCHLARMAN 27 The vaunted Irish defense lapsed enough to let Dick l-Iend ricks score three touchdowns and pass for the other as he led Schlarman to a Z7-13 victory. A six yard plunge by Iim Cusack and a 35 yard pass from Ierry Spaeth to end Dick Orth gave Spalding a 13 13 tie at halftime, but Hendricks provided the winning punch early in the fourth quarter. Numerous fumbles and untimely penalties hindered the Spalding attack and kept the Irish between the 30 yard lines for most of the second half. Spaeth, Orth and Iim Cusack stood out on offense for Spalding while the whole team played well on defense except for a few costly mistakes. B. MURPHY Back 1 J. CUSACK Captain E. BECKER Back J. SPAETH Captain SPALDING 6-EAST PEORIA 28 Spalding saw their dreams of victory go down the drain as East Peoria's Red Raiders started like lightning and before the Irish could run for cover the Raiders were leading 21-D. Iim Cusack's one-yard plunge made it 21-6 at the half. The second half showed little more luck for the Irish as the mud bogged down both offensive attacks. A short pass to Raider, Terry Olmstead, gave East Peoria its last tally and the final score stood at 28-6 in favor of East Peoria. Even in defeat, the Irish showed promise of things to come as sopho- mores. Ollie Turner and Iohn Hanley gave fine performances. J. HEID Back D. POWERS Captain SPALDING 0-CENTRAL 7 With a near capacity crowd at Peoria Stadium. the Irish went out to tame the Central Lions but they forgot to reckon with substitute halfback Dick Harrison who scored on an eight yard plunge to give the Lions their third straight win and the Irish their third straight loss. The game was played between the 30-yard stripes with the exception of Central's score, and Spalding's lone threat in the fourth quarter which ended with a fourth down pass in- completion on the Central nine-yard line. The Irish were "up" for this one holding the Lion's to only 68 yards rushing but again inexperience and a few costly penalties meant defeat. 107 D. URANICH Captain C. BIGGINS Captain .ff D. WALZ End amass . Q55 ' Va.. -' 'S -,, 5:35 EQ - gi ., C C' t Q W ,fs 4 ' i J. GASPER z: f Captain it SPALDING 6-IOLIET 41 Ioliet Catholic played keep-away with Spalding's pass de- fense: when it was all over Ioliet had scored six times on four long passes and two long runs. Quarterback Tom Russell completed 10 of 13 passes for three touchdowns and substitute Roger Bertonia added insult to injury in the waning seconds with a 48-yard flip to end Ioliet's scoring. Meanwhile the Irish scored only once when Ierry Spaeth threw a strike to Dick Orth in the end zone from l8 yards out. Murphy and Cusack led Spalding's somewhat sluggish of- fensive punch with 1l0 of Spalding's 140 yards on the ground. One of the high-lights of the game was the superb punting of Tony Bushell. One boot carried 76 yards and rolled to a stop on the opponent's 2-inch line. 108 D. ORTH End V 29 C. HEYD Captain SPALDING 0-MANUAL 12 Still licking their wounds. the Irish went into the fray with the strong Manual Rams as the decided underdog. After Woosley and Lowder scored on short runs in the first half, the Fighting Irish lived up to their name in the second half by outplaying Manual's undefeated eleven. Spalding had two fine scoring chances during the last quarter but Iim Heid was stopped short of a first down on Manual's three early in the third canto and with little more than a minute left in the game. the Irish found themselves on the Ram's six-yard line but Ioe Mirande's pass. intended for Dick Walz, fell short of the mark and Manual played out the clock for the hard-earned victory. lt was a bitter defeat for the Errion crew that played well enough to win. Praise went to all ot the Irish. J. LAFEBER J. LONG Line Line L, SMITH O. TURNER Back Back J. MIRANDE T. BUSHELL Back Back SPALDING U-ST. BEDE'S 12 Before a huge homecoming throng. the Irish lost to St. Bede's. 12-0. Led by All-Staters. Iim Finnegan and Bob Philetic. the Bedeans rolled to two quick touchdowns in the first quarter. The remainder of the game was played on even terms, Spalding getting inside the opponents 20-yard line only once. as their heavier line proved too much for our lighter linemen. Even though we lost, the Irish showed their fans a tight- ing spirit that could not be equaled. The homecoming queen was crowned at the halftime cere- monies. and after the game a light lunch was held tor the alumni. SPALDING 6-PEKIN 39 The powerful Pekin Chinks were held to one touchdown during the first halt but our smaller line couldn't cope with the boys from the Celestial City during a third quarter in which they scored tour times. The only Irish score came in the last minute when Ioe Mirande pitched to end Dick Wal: in the end zone for the score. Carl I-'ranzgrote stood out on defense. while Spalding could muster little offensive power in receiving their seventh loss of the season. 109 . B. MOUNTS Line D. CUSHIN G Line T. RINGNESS Line M. MCALISTER Line SPALDING 13-ALLEMAN 12 With Fr. Syl predicting victory. an Alleman team from 'Rock lsland came to town expecting a set-up. To their chagrin the Irish played their hearts out and it was easy to see that an upset was in the making. The first quarter was played on even terms and no one scored. Alleman surprised the Irish with a quick score in the second canto when Plariz went 17 yards around right end for six points. The P. A. T. was wide. and Alleman led G-0 at the half. Spalding quickly went ahead in the third quarter through the running of "Tank" Cusack. He finally scored from the four. The extra-point by Spaeth was good and Spalding led 7-6. The fourth quarter was three minutes old when the score was changed. Alleman changed it. The touchdown came on a 28-yard pass on a fourth down. The extra point again failed but they led 12-7. This score still stood on the scoreboard with two minutes left. Spaeth hit Orth with a pass on the Alleman 30 and the Irish were on their way. Cusack went to the 22 in two tries and Turner made a first down on the 17. Spaeth hit Walz for another first-down on the six and Mirandi came in long enough to pitch to Cusack for the victory. 110 B. SCHAIPER Line R. BEHRENS Line SPALDING 13-WOODHUFF 21 A group of determined boys took the field wearing the "ole green and gold" for the Irish of Spalding. The Woodruff Warriors were heavy favorites because of pre-game showings. but the boys from Spalding showed that they must be reck- oned with when they held the Warriors to no first downs in the first quarter. The second quarter showed more offense but neither team scored. Woodruff was held on the Irish l-foot line as the half ended. Woodruff started fast as the second half opened, scoring on a 45-yard pass to end Dick Cowell in the end zone. After our Irish were held on downs, Bushell kicked to the Warrior 5-yard line and Smith scampered 65 yards for the score. The final quarter started with the score reading 14-0. It was with seven minutes left in the game that Ierry Spaeth entered the game. Two minutes later the Irish had scored on a pass 19. Cusack. Woodruff came back with another touchdown-and led 21-7. Superlative Spaeth then fired rx strike to Walz for the final score of the season. Spalding Frosh Football Squad Front row: Sitting-T. Doyle, J. Houlihan. D. Wilson, D. Erwin, D. Barber, J. Miller, R. Stauffer, A. Gienow, G. Coughlon. Second row: T. Mounts, H. Nasser, F. Karpowicz, J. Lulay, S. Hernandez, G. Stella H. Boers. Third row: H. Foster. R. Ruggles, G. Scotnicki, A. Ross, R. Espinoza, D. Armitage P. O'Connell. Fourth row: B. Wick, D. Faulkner, D. Willard, A. Haege, R. Slyman, P. Couri, R Daniels, J. Troy, D. Breymeyer, Coach Uranich. Missing when picture was taken: L. Semlow, J. McLoughlin. FROSH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1951 Spalding. 26: Chillicothe Sophs, 0. Spalding. 7: Woodruff Sophs, 20. Spalding, 6: East Peoria Sophs, 6. Spalding, 7: Roosevelt, 26. Spalding. 20: Central Frosh. 6. Spalding, U: Pekin Sophs, 45. Spalding Frosh Basketball Schedule Spalding. 38 Trewyn. 29. Spalding Chillicothe Sophs, 31. Spalding 44 Woodruff, 26. Spalding. Central, 45. Spalding 31: Central. 32. Spalding, Woodruff, 38. Spalding 47: Roosevelt. 31. Spalding, East Peoria, 54. Spalding, 57, Washington Sophs, 36. Spalding, Central. 37. Spalding. 45, Trewyn. 30. Spalding Roosevelt, 32. Spalding 43 Roosevelt. 44. Left, to right4first. row: L. Lawless, J. McDonald, B. Donlan, J. Cashman, J. Heid, E. La- Hood. B. Myers. Second row: C. Powell, D. Wilson. F. Karpowicz, D. Semlow, J. McLaughlin, D. Ross, J. Lulay, G. Coughlin. Third row: J. Troy, P. Couri, G. Scotnicki, S. Hernandez, F. King, H. Nasser, B. Slyman. Intramural Champs "A" DIVISION "B" DIVISION 5 .. .... First row: D. Powers, E. Murphy, B. Poppen. First row: O. Turner, J. Lawrence, M. Smith Second row: J. Sullivan, C. Franzgrote, J. Second row: T. Little, B. Harding, E. Mar- Dempsey. kevitch, T. Ryan. 112 i 515 i Spalding Spalding .. . Spalding... .. Spalding Spalding Spalding, Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding HCJNURARY CAPTAIN ' THE RECORD H50 .57 ,......70 . . 68 East St. Louis ..,..,..56 ....,,45 , .. V56 . .. ,.59 H49 ......50 ..,...73 Tremont Woodruff .. Marimion Central . . Tournament East St. Louis Mason City . Gillespie . East P80116 Alleman .. . Manual ,,,,,, ,,.,. Corpus Christi Marquette H45 ,, ..58' .. .48 . .63 Sl .. ....., . .. 48 57' 2nd Place . .59' .......:i3 . ,.,.. 44 .......49 . .. .54 52 Spalding started its 1951-52 season with a combi- nation of tried and proven veterans like Jimmy Cusack, Charlie Donahue, Joe Dolan, and Jerry Spaeth. and a crew of eager underclassmen like .Toe Mirande, Dick Walz, Ken Kocher and Jack Buckley. With the veterans and the underclassmen com- ing through, the Irish swept, to second place in the highly-respected East St. Louis Holiday Tournament. The starting line-up of Cusack, Donahue, Walz, Do- lan and Mirande performed with enough early sea- son class to gain state-wide recognition. They start- ed fast with six straight wins until they were beat- en by St. Ambrose of Iowa. They finally finished out the season with a 14-ll record against the best teams the state had to offer. Spalding swept through the East Peoria Regional until bowing to Woodruff by two points. Jinimjv Cusack was the team's high scorer while he and Donahue formed the best "one-two" com- bination in the city. All praise to the Irish of '52. Spalding ........ . .... 58 Trinity ....... . ..... M32 Spalding.. .. U46 St. Ambrose .7S' Spalding ...... . .... East Peoria ........65' Spalding ....... ,....56 Corpus Christi . ..... ..... . ...58' Spalding Trinity ...... .AB Spalding ..... .. H42 Central ,..,... ..... . ...45' Spalding Spalding .... , .... . .. Spalding ...,..,, .,....... Spalding. .,.. ..,..... . Spalding .... . . ....... ............ . . Spalding ....., ,.................... ..... 7 4 Spalding ........ ......... 5 9 Loss ' Woodmtt ..... . Allemarn .... Pekin .. Henry .. Manual .,....... . . East Peoria Regional 'tournament Eureka ..................... ........ Woodruli .. Won 14. Lost ll ........72' 67' 34 73' 31 Sl' 113 1 Na -vw' QAY MAYEANKS HALBEFET SMITH ggi an ,E 4 'flip 115 RIPH WALZ Baseball When the Spalding Irish took the field this season they had a veteran ball club. They had lettermen at nearly every position. The letter winners were: first baseman, Jim Cusack, second baseman, Jack Donlong shortstop, Joe Mirandeg third sacker, Bernie Gillesg pitch- er-outfielders, Jerry Spaeth and Bob Donlan and outer gardeners, Dick Orth and Angelo Zerbonia. Of these lettermen, three are seniors, four juniors, and one sophomore. This marks the first time the Irish have been handled by coach Jack Errion. Mr. Errion feels that he has a fair hitting and fielding aggregation and if he gets some pitching support for Jerry Spaeth that the ball club will go a long way. The Irish had two regulars who hit better than .300. They were Bob Donlan. who hit .313, and Jim Cusack, who led the city with a powerful .453 batting average. These two, along with Gilles, who hit .450 in the summer league, are counted on to carry the brunt of the Irish attack. Last season's averages are listed below: Pitching IP W L So Bb R H Jerry Spaeth ............ 38 4 2 40 8 4 21 Bob Donlan ........ 15241 1 0 22 11 13 13 Bob Fox .,.....,.............. 2 1 0 0 Bill Trompeter ........ 8 1 4 5 1952 Schedule PLAY BALL! ! March 31--Manual .... April 3-Pekin ....... April 6fCanton April 8- April 10-Pekin .,,.......... ....... H ere April 15-East Peoria April 18-Woodruff . April 20--Princeville April 23fCentral ..... April 24eeWashington April 26-Alleman April 29-Manual .,.. May 1-- Washington May 24Princeville . May Gf Canton ....... May 7fW0odruff .. ............Tom May 9-East Peoria May 12-- 118 Central ...... ..........Here ........There ......Here .......Here Here ,....,.. There ......,. There ,..,.,..'I'herc .There Here ,...,...There .......Here ....,.....Here ...............There ctliineinrieid ,,,.,,........There District Tournament. Dick Walz .,.,............ D. Hartnett Olie Turner ........,.., Chas. Heyd .,... ...... Jim Cusack A. Zerbonia Dick Orth ..... ,,..,, Bob Donlan Jerry Spaeth Joe Mirande Bernie Gilles .Iack Donlan 0 BATTING Ah R H 2b 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 I 0 1 0 64 15 29 5 17 1 5 0 22 4 6 0 33 4 9 2 40 9 10 2 52 13 11 2 41 9 6 0 13 3 1 0 Ave 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 .453 .294 .273 .273 .250 .212 .144 .077 Golf Team First Row: Jack Mvcham. Bob Denton, Joel Yurby. Second Row: Jim Tvdford, Toni Little. Jim Speck. Daw- Berry, Joe- Dolan. Inviting You T0 . 2425 North lfnix crsity' I 11:1 Rt. Rt. Rt. Rev. Rt. Z9 Rev. J. B. Reidy, P.A. Rev. P. O'C. Culleton F. Gahlman Rev. M. P. Sammon Very Rev. F. Very Rev. M Very Rev. G. Very Rev. R. B. Blecke V. Haas Middleton G. Peters Rev. George Carton Rev. C. W. Clifford Rev Rev Rev . M. A. Coffey . A. A. Cunningham . Bernard Dempsey Rev. Francis Druehe Rev. J. Fay Rev. William Feeney Rev. J. H. Fennen Rev. J. M. Fitzgerald Franciscan Fathers of St. Boniface Franciscan Fathers of Sacred Heart Rev. J. I. Gerber Rev. William Gray Rev. John C. Hecht Rev. D. W. Kratz Rev. John A. Kwak Rev. Robert C. Livingston Rev. C. D. Martin Rev. August Mey Rev. William O'Brien Rev. E. A. O'Connor Rev. Robert Prendergast Rev Rev . Bernard Rank . James D. Shaughnessy Rev. M. J. Spalding Rev Rev . John J. Sweeney . Thomas H. Widdel Academy of Our Lady Alumnae Mr. Frank Agatucci Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Allman Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Gene Antonini Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Armato Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Armitage Mr. and Mrs. Cecil G. Baer Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Baker Mr. and Mrs. Norman Barrett Miss Joyce Barrow Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bassett Mr. and Mrs. S. Bauman Mr. and Mrs. D. Baylor Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Bertolero Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Biederbeck Blum's Furniture Store Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bourscheidt Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brady Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bratton Bubnick's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bulger Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Bullock Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bushell Mr, and Mrs. C. L. Caldwell John Callahan, D.D.S. Carroll Coal Co., East Peoria Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Sam Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coogan Mr. and Mrs. John W. Cramer Dr. and Mrs. P. A. Cusack Mr. and Mrs. Al Danehy Davis Shoe Store Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Denton Mr. and Mrs. B. Dolon Miss Lorraine Dugard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duggins Mr. and Mrs. Leo C. Ebel Mr. and Mrs. F. Evans, Jr. Miss Rita Fagan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Franzgrote Mr. and Mrs. Henry Franzgrote Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Franzgrote A Friend of A.O.L. J. A. Fritch and Son, Sheetmetal G. G. Food Mart Mr. and Mrs. Myles Goddard Mrs. Elizabeth Goebel Mr. and Mrs. Fred V. Grawey Miss Joanne M. Grawey Mrs. G. Greenway Mr. and Mrs. Earl Grimm Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Grimm Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hagan Raymond Harney Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Heinz Miss Marilyn Hessling Miss Marilyn Hietter Mrs. Hugo Hoerdemann Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Horan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hugenard Mr. and Mrs. C. Arthur Hurst Illini Audio-Visual Education Service Jack's Food Market Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Keefe Miss Pat Keenan Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kendricks Miss Marlene Kocsoban Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Konvalinka Mr. and Mrs. John C, Koteles ... pafvzcwza William W. Kumpf Mr. C. T. Lawrence John W. Little Howard O. Lowy, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Mackowai Mr. and Mrs. E, J. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Russell Manning Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Marie A. Matarelli, Grocery and Meats Mr. and Mrs. William E. Matarelli H. L. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Maybanks Dr. and Mrs. Philip McGrath Miss Rita McLinden Margaret E. McNamara Theresa F. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. John Mecham Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Menke Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metz Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Meyer Mid-Continent Lumber Company Mike, Joe, Dan, Dope, Punch Mrs. Joseph Milner Mr. and Mrs. John Prozzo Mrs. Dorothy Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ritschel Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Rogers H. E. Rose, Plumbing and Heating George Rothan CO.. Millwork-Lumber St. Joseph Sodality Mr. and Mrs. A. Santo Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Schlink August H. Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Smith Mr. W. J. Smith Mrs. Agnes Speck Mrs. E. Stephens R. S. Sullivan, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Szentes Stephen Tadie Magazine Service Mr. and Mrs. Lee Tarvin Mr. and Mrs. James Tedford Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Vachon Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Vachon Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Vogel Mr. and Mrs. Valerian F. Molitor Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vogt Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy Dr. and Mrs. M. Wagmeister 81 Son Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Murray Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Walloch Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Nauer Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Nelson Alderman and Mrs. Milo W. Nelson Henry P, Ward Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ward Robert M. Weers Mr. and Mrs. John Norton Mr. and Mrs. H. Whalen M. W. Nugen Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Whelan Mr. and Mrs. John M. O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Will Mrs. Margaret O'Neil Mr. and Mrs. L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orth Mr. and Mrs. Omer Williams Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Otto Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wombacher Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Talbert G. Yerby Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zaborac Prim Skating Rink Louis S, Zang U J In sincere appreciation for the advice and effort expended on the 1952 Summa, we wish to thank all those who assisted us in any way, with special gratitude to the following: The faculty and student body for their interest and co-operation, Messrs. James Henderson, Alan Heiderscheit, and Richard Finfgeld, of the Henry News-Republican for their fine work in printing the book. Art Craft Engraving Company, for its cuts, Mr. H. C. Pfister for the excellent job accomplished in binding the book and the speedy production of the covers. Our advertisers and patrons whose financial assistance helped make this book possible. The photo departments of the "Register," the "Peoria Star," and the "Peoria Journal." The studios of Walden S. Fabry and Eleanor Burkart, for their excellent work. The various photographers whose work appears in this book, Brother Boose for the division pic- tures, Mr. Thomas Sides, for the underclassmen photographsg Mr. Oscar Moeller, and Mrs. Burkart, for their senior portraits. Mr Oscar Moeller and Brother Boose for the Spalding group pictures, Mr. Eugene Voss, for his Academy group picturesg Mr. Dan Woodley, for Acadenty portraits. Sister M. Agnetta, Father Patrick Hayes, and Brother James Boose for their invaluable assistance and direction without which this book could not have been produced. 122 f ,W X Lum Mm I V umldm BI 9 s. ieffersump Phones-an ' Y y Hx, Ease 255 tl J, ' 'exp r R f' STORE MANAGEMENT Home Offices l'-'J 2 1 EI ' Peoria, Illinois My p DECATUR 1 -- 9' ROCKFORD 51 Ai f Hess Bros. PERSONNEL AURGRA ' JOLIET 2 W MOLINE ,v m A QUINCY f T' my DANVILLE Z V - ELGIN J KEVR-'ANEE MERCHANDISINC: ROCK ISLAND WINNETKA Q32 GALESBURG W F7 OTTAWA If DAVENPORT, IOWA :ff If BURLINGTON " ' FREEPORT DANVILLE SEI-I-ING Danville Home Store 775 'ty l ' ' d 1' ppo um Un zmzte . . . F01 You Q J, -5: ln department store retailing ' E' G- 31,3 'Er S A :vii Q 1 4' a xii: I , SECRETARIAL F A I J' P at . t, b 1' Want excitement? VVant to meet people? Want a good job, re- ipz Y? i gardless of your training or talents? Then get into department, 0 7 , store retailing! Few careers offer more to those with patience, bility and Will. This is particularly true of Block 81 Kuhl CO. D TRIB TION a 'A ' IS U Progressing from one store, in 1879, into a Statewide, 330,000,000 b ' ' ' A J Y , ' I Zilwmj' V usiness yvith nlnetetnstores Block Kuhl hasconslstently held 5 531' ljf I to the policy of promotion from Within. Key positions throughout W 'ig " ' the Company are held by persons who have come "up through 1 'f' fx " t f A H , ,X 114 the ranks. 'Lim M 115: As we continue to grow, We continue to need men and women BUYING Iii: , who are interested in earning While they learn any of the 'ft specialized fields that comprise the complex operation of a ,' A department store. X U !" : Won't you write us, or come in? Our personnel director will be I I 'h f ' ' h happy to acquaint you with the details, benefits and opportuni- I' atb . ties that await you at Block gl Kuhl's. DISPLAY ' , 'f', F .-j'ff,s- , . 1: --A L, , . , 5 ,lj ,Hal V . TALENT " " ' 124 ig ni 5 A,,5,,,?W 3 fy Yigmgfgw HGSWTAL KANSAS CRY rm: cawzsfsf To A 215. nee:-was ns GRANTQNG A 1 I ST. JOSE? of Nursing uf BLVEIL, -2 . x x inn--.-1 Posed by Pat Connolly and Gail Geisler. 26 swam Posed by Carl Franzgrotl- and Marty Bivdvrbeck. 125 There ls N0 Substitute For Experience R. E. lVlcCONNEl.l.. CO. 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Poultry Fruits Gr'mm,5 Famous Peoria's Leading Store for Everything to Eat Vegetables Sausage U20 M aiu Street Plifniv 3 3671 GREEN'S DRUG STORE C. E. GREEN, R. Ph. E. I. DOYLE, R. Ph. Phone 2-2876 XVisC-nnsin K Kansas W Peoria, Illinois CARRIGAN Sz YOUNG PRINTERS Our Service Makes Us G1-ow 301 First Ave. Phone 3-5031 J ACK'S FOOD MARKET Groceries and Meats 236 Wisconsin THE LENS 8z CAMERA SHOP "Everything in Fine Photo Equipment" 114 So. Jefferson St. Peoria, Illinois PEORIA NEWS STAND Sill Main Firm-I Good Meats 3 Bon POPPEN'S MARKET DRUGS- PRESCRIPTIONS McCLUHE and PROSPECT 1002 l,im'wln AVPINIG' JOSEPH L. HECHT '34 HALEY'S CONFECTIONERY Mus, li .XlQl. ll.Xl.IQY INSURANCE AGENCY 525 PPOSPPP1 ROM 805 cinnwnw-vial Nanfmal Bank Bldg. 11+-mia, Illirwis Vlwm' C1 f-IN4 l'e-mix: Z, lllinwia Compliments -of- P. M. COOGHN ST. HMBROSE COLLEGE Davenport, Iowa Congratulates the Spalding Class of 1952 and Invites Your Consideration When Choosing A College Some of the many Spalding graduates now attending St. Ambrose are pictured above as they relax be-tween classes in the lounge. Left to right, are Tom J. Tully, Spai- ding '49, Washington, Ill., James A. DeCremer, '50, 107 Behrends, Peoria, Don C. Ander- son, '51, 317 North Underhill, Bob Flanagan, '47, 206 Ellis, and Gerald T. Vaughn, '49, 109 Armstrong Place. We also invite the seniors of The Academy of Our Lady to investigate our new Division of Nursing. 14 GEORGE 0. PHSQUEL CO. INSTITUTIONAL FOOD SUPPLIES MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE l4l6 S. Adams Street Phone 3-4589 Peoria, Illinois 9 "U ml Q K R X raw 1 J "VM RIGHT BY YUUR SIUE" ,,- Q' 5 As you take those first confidcnt stops on the broad roatl of lift-, you'll soon finfl that R1-tltly Kilowatt is a mighty handy little ff-llow .ni A to have by your side. The magiv of modarrn -1 elcvtrivity has wident-rd opportunitics j A 'N for work and play. As today's gzraduatv, . V X I you 1-an look forward to an era of is ' comfortable and profitable electrical living. ' ' GOOD LUCK! CENTRAL ILLINDIS LIGHT 00. National Brand SHOES Stock By Us in a Complete SAM JOSEPH SUPER MARKET Range of Sizes and Widths First at MacArthur Highway for WOMEN for MEN for CHILDREN Mademoiselle Keith Highlande-rAmerican Juniors Phone 9881 Natufauzers Walkover Scout tBoy 8: Girlb I Vlfalkovefs Arch Preserver Child Life Airsteps F O h d, I Cantilevers reeman rt ope ic Jolene Conformal Buster Brown Life Stride Roblee T ' f Conformal Pedwin um Cot Streetmasters Robin Hood I Selby Sty-eez I CRAWFORD SHOE STORES 321 Fulton St.-W. J. Crawford, Mgr. Compliments of Outlet Store-211 Fulton Wm. C. Crawford, Mgr. 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Adams Street Peoria, Illinois LIGHTING FIXTURES For Home - Factory - Office E. I. Mziushnrd CENTRAL FIXTURE C0. 708 Main Street Peoria, Illinois DIXIE CAFE West Glen at U. S. 150 Breakfast - Dinner - Sandwiches Closed Tuesdays The Whole Family Bowls Ht PEORIA BOWL. INC. 14 Modern Lanes Q Bowling Instructions Cocktail Lounge O Luncheonette Phone 4-9513 jefferson and Fayette Compliments of HENRY NEWS-REPUBLICAN Coinniercial Printers - Henry, Illinois Printers of the Coinpact, the Institute, and The Sunnna if i' 'A' BEST HOMES Sales Division 28 XY. Lake St. - Phone 5-5284 4 4 4 Your Friendly Theatre CREST THEATRE 3117 Prospect, Road Peoria Heights, Illinois Cl-.-XR ENCE F. IQURY, Mgr ROXY'S RESTAURANT Across from Szold's PhOI1e 3-5346 CKIIIHJHIIICIIYS of DR. P. B. BIANCO Compliments Ut' B0 WHALEN OIL CO. Jackson and Perry M ?i5fffBEil!iP?fY K A iS F138 Pl! 2 BIB SH 9 P V -' ji?" 'N QQ"-jQ.:l:555Effi52EfEQ2f::gjf2 -4.1:51325155Eg::-1:55537--1,5:5.-12:2Sir::S:::f::qZfSfi5f1 " - 1 s ' ' I. fillIHlJiiIUL'IllS ol' Mayor Ioseph 0. Malone immaplizwiciits ul. SWORDS-MCDOUGAL Co. at Wewfl Contractors Lubrication - Washing 1500 N. Adams Sm--11 Atlas Tires and Batteries Peoria. Illinois Phone 6-9794 I P l : t'.BR0S.A 1-Nc.rf 24-Hour Emergency Service PLUMBING and HEATING PhOI1e 3-3737 I I-I Y ' S Your Headquarters for O Latest "Pop" and Western Records Q Favorite classical Selections I All Your Phonoqraph Needs After 6:00 p'm' Phone 24362-9578 Central Illinois' Largest Record Department 530 S. Adams Street - Phone 4-9293 BGR helans PA 1 N fr s PAINT 6 WALLPAPER CU., Inc. FULTON AT MONROE STREETS, PEORIA, ILLINOIS Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of The Academy of Our Lady and Spalding Institute From Your FRIENDLY LAKIS MARKET 316 N. Madison Phone 8786 RELIABLE PLUMBING Sz HEATING CO. 4609 Prospect Rd. fgwgvtdlf 74 5 ' Tops With the Classroom Crowd BERGNER'S Q LAZY BONES Q SANDLER Q SPALDING Q FREEMAN CHURCH DECORIITING INTERIOR DESIGN PRINTING DECORATING Women's Sh Men's Sho Th' d. Fl St 'tFl EGOLI' MOTORS Your Oldsmobile Dealer In Peoria for 33 Years 1313 M Sl I Ph 3 1'3 C mpliments of R. D. McDougal J P fi t H. W. Hartmann, Vi P d t M. H. CONSTRUCTION CO. 1500 N. Ad Peori ' SCHIERER'S I DAIRY PRODUCTS I 2 30 N. Ad ms ams Street 108 J L E t P Ill' 'Op PAGES lCOLOR Vllllll i Xb gy A. ,O "qu As" "Ullllllll W Jqunnnl -sm:-2 Everything to a TEEN'S TASTE . whether it,s a classroom classic or A snwfqth date outfit . . yQu'll like it better from BERGNER'S i Irzmnr Lfhxrkart Svtuhin ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHERS 420 Main Street Peoria 2, Illino s Posed by: J. Mecham, J. McConnell. ii HW H W I ll Xi-4 U nun ' K . ew' ' In I ll IE X X W ,,N, Z :AVT Q I HF: X ' 1 fl,RQ.t.. Ri J - -,-:. .Q A 4- .J HOME OF BARGAINS ""' 2,,, Posed by Ha kms auto sale employc Mmhael McA11ster Janet Grlmm Joo1Yerby Come In and Let Jlm The Smlllng' Iushman Plead Your Case Wlth GBOI ge The Growlmg Syrlan

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