Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL)

 - Class of 1949

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Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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f J I 1 1 4 .1 E Q A - 1 51111111121 published by the Senior class of the Academy of Cut Lady and Spalding Institute Peoria, Illinois 09 we 09 X' w fs-1 w rm W N, Evhiratinn Our yearbook is called "Summa". This word means "the highest" or "the best". Is it not fitting then, that in dedicat- ing our yearbook to a woman, We choose the one who in our eyes IS "the bestv? XiVe have chosen that one. We have chosen a simple maiden. As a young girl she whispered "Fiat" to an angel of find. She lmore a Song her Son was God. XVe have chosen a queen. Her domain is heaven and earth, her colors are those of the heavens themselves. XYe have Chosen a mother. She gave man a redeemer, her Divine Son. Dying, that Son gave her lo us forever as our heavenly mother. XVe have chosen the one we uphold as our model for pur- ity and humilityg we have chosen her hefore whom Satan tremlwles in fear and angels how in awe and love. From all the women ever Created, we have wicked "the l highest" and "the best". We, the Senior Class of the Academy of Our Lady and Spalding lnstitute, dedicate this, our l949 edition of the "Summa" to Marv, our Mother, the Mother of God. TABLE OF CONTENTS Golden Iubilee Fotculty Seniors Underciossrnen Activities Sports Potrons Advertisements EDITORS Thecla Aaron and Theresa Iohnigk FEATURES AND ART Ann, Hoerdeimanm Dorothy Opdycke, Diane Kinney, Pat Murphy, Barbara Nauer, Joanne Grawey, and Rita Pegg. R. vo- 'Yi' 3 Aff 5 P z- f . QNX, X35-1 mm ,- vi 4f'Ai"..4'!I ' JJ!! F' J' Xl Mil a z' ma' f A' Q21-' I Q4 Y lla .Sir . W 5 .5 L 3 , if .ga gg ff' , 4-L ' ff-as-Q f Y-!:'.,- v :R mg'-'N :aa 'ff A-Q IE- ,X . x, . K lr ciygfh 3 rg 'vb , Wlfvji'-V' Wg,--'ji , ' ASQ 'yn' .A -' .' ,g,,f-6? - ,' W zz" ,lil r TIN, V,.f5g?. VSxlS1: J s V. -,rf+1f:?1XN l' r s A Q "W f f ?-I W 1 -.I H154 ' 54 ' , . f i .1121 , ' -'iff , ,f E . r i 1' 9 U ffm rg f- ,42 4 'VL 'W' F 4 w 1 if 1 af -4 ' 1 gy W! ,fu H. I.: A .V -- h . LXY! - A , ,i :!iJM?:r',x' A' ' Q Ag:-' Y ---"" I .f .,,, -y H, ,,,, 1, , , .1 JVM ' "I" lkfaj "W ,- li -"f - -3.94 df n-5, . lllggrmd f -lwumld fm BUSINESS Mamian Lamb, Mary A. Venzin, Sally Whelan Pat Murray, Virginia Fahel, Lyndell Grawey and Pat Sullivan. EDITORS . W! BUSINESS AND SPORTS Ioseph Kelly and Iames Keefe FEATURES AND ART Ierry Vaughn, Bob Clancy. lack Heeg. Tony Cichoke, lack Rupert, and Charles Karl. ,vi Me? 4 I fix f .ffff I 0 1 ff f A Q W 'J F I U r Seated: Ray Peleas. Ed Fox. and Ed Dries. . - X' qf'91R' T' ' N Standing: Danny Ketchmark, Don Grimm, Ed Pollxtt. B111 Green. and Bob Kumph. 7 , NK' , . f . MQ, ' .P f ""' L . ' Wifi ff M1 if wt- WW .wi fffw' 'AFX ff' 1 -gf . ' gf " W ,, y .aff W ' J 'Ny A SW Q SIDS,'Q5'2:b,.llE:,.i'35" X' MIX' L1 IJ! I ul ilk WW, , X .,, -1 nl 54?i2f'?.iQf lf. I NIQQ f3lfk5f.EfV:ff.s f ln A: A ,-5' -. r P Q H? MQ-ji . Lx. ' ' SCHLARMAN ANNEX The Schlarman Annex, an imposing three-story edifice facing Madison Ave- nue, is the newest addition to the rap- ily developing Spalding educational pro- gram. The building itself, which is shown above, is built in a modern style of architecture and is equipped with all the latest improvements in lighting and heating to make it easier for the stu- dents to further their studies. It in- cludes two science laboratories and science lecture rooms, as well as seven other classrooms. The building was dedicated by Bishop Schlarman on Octo- ber 30, 1946, and has been in use since September, 1947. The Faculty Residence, shown at right, is a two-story brick building in the colonial style of architecture sit- uated at the corner of Madison and Bryan Streets. The building was do- nated by Bishop Schlarman in 1944 and greatly enlarged the living facilities of the faculty. It also houses a beautiful chapel which includes choir stalls for the chanting of the divine office. FACULTY RESIDENCE THE MOST REV. JOHN LANCASTER SPALDING, D. D., BISHOP OF PEORIA Let there be then American Catholic schools, 'twhere our young men in the atmosphere of faith and purity, of high thinking and plain living, shall become more intimately conscious of the truth ol' their religion and of the genius of their countryg where they shall learn the repose and dignity which belong to their ancient Catholic descent, and yet not lose the fire which glows in the blood ol' a new peopleg to which from every part of the land our eyes may turn for guidance and encouragement, seeking light and self-Confidence from men in whom intellectual power is not sepa- rate from moral purpose, who look to God and His universe from hending knees of prayer." MAIN BUILDING OF SPALDING INSTITUTE The Main Building of Spalding Institute presents an inspiring pic- ture with it's spires and niches styled in Gothic architecture. Because of his interest in Catholic education, Bishop Spalding decided Peoria needed a Catholic high school, and as a result Spald ng Instituto was founded in 1898. The building includes among its many features eleven classrooms, a large well-equipped library, an auditorium and a student chapel. This chapel is one of the finest spiritual improve- ments made at Spalding and shows that Spalding is always striving for the spiritual advancement of the student as well as the scholas- tic. The building also houses the modern, recently redecorated cafe- teria and the business office. The bookstore, operated solely for the convenience of Spalding students, is another welcome sight, every morning to students in need of supplies. Since its foundation, Spalding has indeed progressed greatly. From a total enrollment of not more than 30 students in its initial years, it has grown to a splendid education establishment of almost 4011 and is still growing. lt takes its place as one of the finest insti- tutions of its kind in the country. THE MOST REV. EDMUND M. DUNNE, D. D., BISHOP OF PEORIA "The more general and the higher the average education of the peo- ple, the more urgent is the need of thoroughly cultivated and en- lightened minds to lead them wisely. The standard of our in- tellectual and professional education is still lowg and neither from the press nor the pulpit nor legislative halls do we hear highest wisdom rightly uttered. To be an intellectual foice in this age one must know - must know much and know thoroughlyg for now in many places there are a few, at least, who are acquainted with the whole history of thought and discovery, who are familiar with the best thinking of the noblest minds that have ever livedg and to imagine that a sciolist, a half-educated person, can have anything new or important to impart is to delude one's self." 1-I.. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING The Administration Building, a three-story edifice facing Bryan street was once used as a school building, but is now used as a secondary faculty residence and a business office. The building was originally situated Where the Schlarman Annex now stands but Was moved to its present position to make loom for the new addition. Among its special features besides the faculty residence rooms, are a fully equipped photographic dark rooni with a modern enlarger and efficient developing and drying facilities and an adequate workshop, com- prised solely of electrically-operated tools. The building was erected and dedicated by Bishop Dunne himself and was first put into use in 1928. It is a lasting monument to his interest in Spalding and the educational program it provides for Peoria's youth. I If Z1 1.3 THE RT. REV. LAWRENCE VOHS, O.S.B., D. D. PRESIDENT OF SPALDING INSTITUTE Progress is betterment of life. The accumulation of discoveries, the multiplication of inventions, the improvement of the means of com- fort, the extension of instruction, and the perfecting of methods, are valuable in the degree in which they contribute to this end. The characteristic of progress is increase of spiritual force. In material progress even, the intellectual and moral ele- ment is the value-giving factor. Progress begets beliel' in progress. As we grow in worth and Wisdom, our faith in knowledge and conduct is developed and confirm- ed, and with more willing hearts we make our- selves the servants of righteousness and love, for in the degree in which religion and culture prevail within us, co-operation for life tends to supersede the struggle for life, which if not the dominant law, is at least, the the general course of things when left to Nature's sway." t 7 .."!,4 . xo Wg , t,.g'g,'. P pg Quilt. . lv .-,- X 4 .hx U -----L. else c mfg- Lil-5-T VM, 4 Ji' --- -- -- -a-. . ihii- " ' ' "1-aua"'w " ' "" "i"1"':'n--1 'N ' t '52 '-"' ""P S. .. 1. mt. am Ax J? F!!! fi bf' fb pllll Tlllf S .Q an till tl!! i1l'l"l limi ' ' 'ii ' lille if 1 mt mn attlt ill! fl!!! it ' 1- - i i 1 ,S .,.,' - l ,, it -E "W W2 - tm tm lm is lm' lm! ' till mt tml - li si l-M - S- lllll Illl, , t emi' 'im ' H "Q f' o" " ' E ' 4 52.9 . . n . - . , .. .V X A -. uiinvnw I . . 7.. 1 M mn A L--. 7. ' we .4 , W, i, ,,,i-5v,g: asf, 1-rf, T-"Wife ef ,, Q.-i ARCHITECT'S SKETCI-I OF THE PROPOSED SPALDING GYMNASIUM The proposed Spalding Gymnasium as it is pictured in the above architectural sketch will be the next addition to Spalding lnstitute. It will be similar in design to the present Schlarman Annex and will be joined to the two older buildings by a long corridor ex- tending through all three buildings. It will have a permanent seating capacity of about 5,000 There will be one large basketball floor which can be subdivided into two smaller courts for intramural play. To provide for those stu- dents who wish to take woodworking, shops will be installed in the basement, thus making Spalding a school of liberal arts in every sense of the words. On the uppepr floor there will be light gym cqupiment practice rooms and large music and speech halls The erection of the gym- nasium is now being furthered by the Spalding Men's Club. 15 Rev. Theodore Fuertges, Rev. George lung, O.S.B. Rev. Leonard Brisch. O.S.B. O-S-PM Religion, Latin, Religion, Mathematics, Principal, German Stationery History, English Rev. Bede Russell. O.S.B. Religion, Sociology, English 16 Prior, Religion, Latin Rev. Peter Zurek. O.S.B. Rev. Thomas Carmody. O.S.B. Religion, Biology, Mathematics B' Rev. Sylvester Palacz, O.S.B. Religion, Mathematics, Baseball Coach v. Fabian Revell. O.S.B. Religion, English, History Rev. Eugene Lauer. O.S.B. On Leave of Absence Sr. M. Camilla. O.S.B. Religion, History Rev. Benedict Schlimm. O.S.B. Religion, Typing, Matheniatif-s Rev. Stephan Souse. O.S.B. Secretary, Typing Rev. Muurus Bernabei, O.S.B. Religion, Spanish Rev. Conrad Bertsche. O.S.B Religion, Science, Mathematics, Cafeteria Rev. Matthew Brady. O.S.B. Religion, Civics, English Spalhing illarultg 43" Sister M. Clcrice, O.S.B. Mr. Ennio Arboit Mr. Iohn Gooncm Mr. Ioseph Fitton English Football Coach, History Basketball Coat-h, History Business Science 17 Rev. M. Haas Rev. R. Peters Rev. R. Livingston Rev- L Martin Religion Religion Religion Religion Sister M. Anselm, C.S.I. Religion, Home Economics l8 Sister Rose Adele, C.S.I. Religion, Secreiarial Science inf 1 .f k ,Q Sister M. Vera, C.S.I. Religion, Social Sc-iencc, Spanish Sister M. Victoria, C.S.I. Religion, English, Latin, History, Newspaper Sister M. Marcia Religion, English, Librarian Sister M. Carlos, C.S.1'. Religion, Secretarial Science, Latin Sister Teresa Martin, C.S.I Principal, English Sister Helen Marie, C.S.I. Religion, English sister M. Ricarda, c.s.1. Religion, Mathematics, Science, French Fliarultg Sister Clare Edmund, C.S.1'. Sister Denise Marie. C.S.1'. Sister M. Roscxiia, C.S.I. Sister M. Doretta. C.S.I. Religion, Mathematics, Science History Di9fiCiHI1 Science I9 Sister Harriet Ieanne, C.S.I Religion, Music 1 Sister M. Iuliu, C.S.I. Religion, Mathematics, Typing Sisfter Agnes Bernard. C.S.I. Religion, English, Speech, Year Book L ,, , W, Sister M. de'Chcmta1, C.S.I. Religion, Latin, French Misls Elizabeth Tracy Physical Education, Mrs. CGIIHOI1. PGL11 Social Science Art 20 I 1:q'q , 1 NJ' 1 f , fx Q Q5 mf in Q 3 fm Highest Honors FROM SPALDING: IOSEPH KELLY. Salutatoricm. IAMES KEEFE, Valedictoriun AT THE. ACADEMY OF OUR LADY: MARY IANE COOPER, Salututoriun. SALLIE WHELAN, Valedictoricxn. .22 Seated: B. McLaughlin, President. N. Meehan, Vice-President. Standing : L. Grawey, Treasurer. K. O'Neill, Secretary. I!! Senior Class Officers QJHEYAA-ldlbiflalill iii!! I Seated Z J. Kelly, President. R. Kumpf, Vice-President Standing : J. Carrigan, Secretary. A. Bartolo, Treasurer. Senior Honor Students First Row: M. J. Cooper, P. Murray, P. Murphy, M. Closen. Second Row: C. Baumgardner, N. Bollinger, S, Kemp, P. A. Mur- ray, P. Sullivan. Third Row: D. Opdyke, T. Aaron, T. Johnigk, B. Nauor, J. Grawey First Row: B. Karl, T. Cichoke, E. Pollit. Second Row: J. Cramer, B. Kumpf, J. Winkelmann, T. Tully. Third Row: J. Keefe, R. Clancy, J. Kelly, J. Heeg. AARON, THECLA ADAMS, IOHN St. C-4-ili:1's3 In1i'z1mur'ziI Bziskolbull '47 '48, 'flflg Boxing 'f1Tg Glcc Club '46, ' '48 "His vbvsi was :is puwor'l'ul us a blzivk- szmiilfs ln-llmx's." AFFOLTER, MARY DOLORES St. Jnsc-ph's3 Honor' Roll ling Ilislnry 218: Glue Club '-183 Latin Club '47, "Sinn-i'ity is the must mmmpvmlious Wisdom." Czilh edmlg Ilunor Roll fTlg Summa Staff Cu-editor 5153: Opvrvttzi V192 Speech l l S N Class I'r'n-sifli-nt, 'UQ Unnpiir-I .'l:il'l' '-163 Sudulity Ri-11. 216. "Her actions nro ull, like boi' spvcwh, I'IlI'I'OK'T." "Keep The Home Fires Burning" BABCOCK. CAROLE Cathedral: Honor Hull fiirg Compnvl, Siziff V191 llporultz' '-lil: Suflulity Rob. 1153 L1lmI'z1I'y XYil'l'-I,I'K'SidL'Tl1 '-183 R011 Cross Rcp, '47. "Hel ievc tlmt, you have ii, :md you have it." ARNOLD, MARY ANN Czxtlioiliuil: O 0114141 '-193 film- Club WS: D French Club NIH. "Smilr-s speak." ' 'iii AIMONE, LORRAINE St. .lusn-plfs, Pckin: Spccch Club '49g Histury Club '48, '49: Glue Club V185 Latin Club '1l7g Opercttzl '49. "Swi-i-lnvss and pulse gn lizmrl in hzimlf' 25 BARTOLO. LORETTA St. Bernard's, Operetta '49, Speech Club '49, Caloric Club '49, Glcc Club '48, History Club '47, '48. "Women give away nothing so liberally as their advice." BARTOLO, ADAM Cathedral, Intramural Basketball '49, Football '49, Class Tre-asurer '49, Ponti- fical Crew '47, '48, '49, Golf '46, "Calm hc is and gentle at night." WW BAKER, LOUISE SL. EdWa1'd's Chillicothe, Honor Roll i2l, Speech Club '49, Gleo Club '48, History Club '48, Spanish Club, '47, '48. Good Counsel Club '47. "Here care- was never to offend." g f t 3... 4 BAUMGARDNER, CONSTANCE St. Be1'nar'd's, Honor Roll f6l, Sodality Rep, '49, Give Club '48, Ions Club '4b4i Good Counsel Club '48, 'Steadinvss is the foundation of all virtue." 26 "I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good" BECK, DONALD St. Bernaril's, Football '49, Intramuml Basketball '49, Pontil'i4-al Crew '47, '48, '49, Boxing '47, '48, Golf '46. "Behold the man." BENISCH. IOHN Cathedral, intramural Basketball '491 l Baseball '48, "Naturally frank and simple." V, BERRY, IOHN St. I'atr'i4'k's: liuxing '4T. "A guod, jolly I'1-lluwf' BIBO, WILLIAM St, Vhilums-m1's3 Ilumn' Roll Grp Intra- mural lizlskvllmull V195 Bowling '48, '49. .lA mam ol' silonm- is il mam ul' sc-nsv. BIGGINS, JOAN St. Ha-1'n:11'cl'sg Civivs Club V195 Spn-1-vlm Club -19: Clothing Club '-193 Hisiury Club '47, '-IS: llulin Club '-lil, 'fl7. "Her 1-u11x'cx'szxtiur1 spslrlclod likv A mclzxcluw bruulcf' "Somebody Stole My Gul" CARRIGAN. IOHN St. .lohn's: Clzxss SOC1'ctzu'y UID: Intra- mural Basketball 'flT. '48, '-IFJ. "What, a dm-lighlful thing: rust is." BURKHARDT, IOHN St. Cv:-ili:1'sg Ruxim! "IT, VIH: Inlranmuml Hzlskvlbzlll '-lil. '-IT. "Slum-lllirxg X' v n I u 1' 1- cl, slum-Ilmlng grfnir lmlf' ,G BOLLINGER, NORMA Sl. lll2ll'lilSQ lhmm' Roll 171: Fronvlm Club 'flN. '-lil: film-v Club 'lH: Slurloul t'num'il '46, '-IT: Civivs Club '-16. HHN' l'UJ1Q1lI'1lI'l2 is :ls 1-lvur' and :lm-finite' 41: lhzxl nl' lTl3ll'l0l11Ellll'S.'l 27 CLANCY, ROBERT St. Bernard's, Honor Roll CTI, Glee Clufn '49, Summa Stall' '49, Intramural Bas- ketball '49, Institute Stall' '48, '49, Speech Club '48, '49. "An animal which can laugh." CLASPELL. IOANNE St. lVlarlc'sg Speevli Club '40, Latin Club '49, History Club '48, Civies Club '48, Bios Club '47, "As delicate as il flower bending ho- fore tho wind." 28 CICHOKE. ANTHONY St. Philomena's, Honor Roll Cui, Insti- tute Staff '49, Summa Staff '49, Speech Club '49, Football '48, Boxing '47, '48, '49. "His ready speech flows fair and free." CHENELER, LEE Cathedral, Boxing '47, '48 "Best things come in small parkagesf' "When Clancy Lowered the Boom" CLOSEN, MARILYN St. Philomena's, Honor Roll f61, Glce Club '48, Good Counsel Club '47, '48, Latin Club '46, '47, History Club '46, '47, "A delirate Woman, as timid and friend- ly as n squirrel." COMERFORD. EDWARD St. Patri0k's, Boxing '48, Band '46, '47, Manager '46, Intramural Basketball '46, "Pleasant is his disposition in the eyes of all." CORLETT, AUDREY Si. Mz1rk's: Clnthing Cluli '49, Bios '4RC Glen- Cluh '48, "God's blessings fall, impzirtinlly upon 'ill " COOPER. MARY IANE St. l'atrick'sg llunur Roll 1715 Student. Council Rep. '45lg Mission Rep. '46. "Her lips were suft and mml as flower petals." "Underneath the Arches" CROWLEY, MARGARET Cathedral: Vice-Prefect of Suclnlity '49, Compact Stall' '49, Red Cruss SOCI'Cfi1I'Y '42-4: Mission Suvretury '4H: Glce Clulm '48, "More lovely virtue in a lovely form." tl CRAMER. JAMES Si. Mzu'k's: llmmui' Roll GI, Speech Club Hz-r "What will ho, will be," COSTELLO, MARICHRIE Si. lVIark'sg Ilonol' Roll img Operetla '45lg Compact. Steiff '48, '49, Latin Club '47, '48, LihI'u1'izin '47. "A Sunbeam on il sullen sea." Q M M, ' .A CRAIG. WILLIAM St. C0ciliz1's: Orrhestra '49, Institute Slzifl' '49, Bzmfl '46, '47, '48, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, '4S: Cheerluairlol' '46, '47. "Upholdcr ol' honor." 20 DELGADILLO, FERNANDO St. Patriek's. "Here and there and everywhere." DAVIS. IAMES St. lX'Iark's3 Intramural Basketball '49: Boxing '47, '48, Band '46, "He hastens slowly." CULLEN, GORDON St. Bernard'sg Intramural Basketball '4SJ: Football '49, Boxing '48, Basket- ball '46. l "He who eannot do as he would, will do the best he Can." DIETSCH, ROSEMARY St. Bernard's: Operetta V193 Compaet Staff '493 Student Council Rep. '48, Good Counsel Club '47, '48, Mission Rep. '47. "Calm as a blue sea lying asleep in the summer." 30 "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" DOERING. GERALD St. lVIary's, Kiekapoog Honor Roll fill. "If a man is worth knowing at all, he is worth knowing well." DOERING. HAROLD St. Mary's Kickapoo, Honor Roll 131. "He had a witty mirth which could be acquired by no one." DONNE'LLY. ROSEMARY St, Bern:ml's: Honur' Roll Grp Sodality Pre-feet V195 Ops-rt-tta '493 Compar-t Stuff '40, Glee Club '48, Gmail Counsel Club '47, WIS. "She sings like si lurk in full sunshine." DRIES, EDWARD St. Ct-c'ili:1's, Summa Staff '49: Institute Staff '49, Glen- Club '48, '49g Spcevh Club '45, '46, '47, '48g Boxing '47. "An evvcllent flamrer who was taught by St. Vitusf' "I Got Pllenty of Nothin"' EWING, ELIZABETH St. Cecilizfsgg Clothing Club '49, Bios '48, Glen- Club '48, History Club '48, "All is pt-:we within." EVERETT, PHYLLIS St. Ber'n:1rd's: Bins 'ftillg Ilistury Club 'ftflg Clothing.: Club '47, Frenvh Club '47: Cul- rmrie Club '46. "Her hand was as fair :incl fine us a flower." DURNIN. IOHN St. B1-rnard'sg Intramural Basketball '49: Football '49, Bowling '48, '49g Box- ing '47, '48: Band '46, t'Noble und bold." EILERS, THOMAS St. Ct-0ilia's3 Institute Sturt' '493 Intra- mural Basketball '48, '49: Speech Club '48, '49, Glee Club '46, '47, '4S. "God'Q gift to women." 31 FERGUSON, PHYLLIS St. John's3 Clothing Club V193 Glee Club '483 History Club '483 Latin Club V173 Civics Club Vlfi. "Her lair hziir gleumvfl like molten gold." FAHEI-, VIRGINIA St. Joseph's: Summa Stuff '493 Clothing Club V183 Glee Club '4S3 History Club '47, '483 Lzitin Club '46, '47. "She attains whatever she pursues." FAGAN, PATRICIA St. lNIark's3 Honor Roll fflll Operetta V193 Compact. Stafl' V193 Speech Club V193 Cluss 'l'rvzisur'e:' '483 Glee Club VIS. "Luveliness needs not the aid of orna- ment." FLOCKEN. RONALD St. Rernz1rd's3 Intramural Hzisketbnll V193 Football V19. "His pliunt musrles are like cords of steel." 32 5 'N u I FLYNN. MARY KAY St. Ceeiliz1's3 Compnrt Stuff V193 Ops-- relta '493 Spun-rli Club V193 Glee Club V183 Bios '47, 'lHer eyes twinkled like stars." "WHISPERING" FOSTER, CHARLOTTE St. BQ1'I1lll'Cl'SQ Bios V193 History Club '483 French Club V173 Sewing 'Club '473 Foods '4G. "She wats fragile, fresh, and flower like," 3 4 , ,-J, ,.-L' ........4 FOX, EDWARD Sl. Thumns', Ilonor Roll ISN, Glee Club '48, '49, Football '48, Summa Staff '49, Boxing '46, '47. "His voice is steady, low, and deep." "At the ' Candlelight FRANZGROTE, CHARLOTTE St. .lll!4l'Dh'SQ Operetta '49, Speech Club '49, Good Counsel Club '48, Clothing Club '47, Librarian '47. "Thv good are h0av0n's particular' Care." Cafe" GIFFORD. ROBERT St. Mark's, "Like unto Foutball '47, '49. an ox in strength. lv FUCHS, MARY ANN Guardian Angel, Speech Club '49, Bins Club '49, Clothing Club '48. "Nothing is useless to a person of sense." GIFFORD, MARY St- Mark's, Operctta '49, Spevvh Club '49, Gli-Q Club '48, F. H, A. Club '48, uL2lLlf.IhI0l', not sighs, seams trouble away." GEIER, BETTY St. Mark's, Bios '49, Glce Club '4S: Clothing Club '47, Civirs Club '47, "Patient ol' soul, Serena- amid alarms." 33 GILLIS, MARK Sl., Mary's, Kickapoo. "Truth gives wings to Sll'L'l'lKIh.H GILTNER. VIRGINIA St. Joscph's3 Honor Roll fill: Opcrclla '49Q Mission Hop. '493 Compavl Stall '493 Librarian '47, '48, '493 Glcc Club '48. L'Sh0 is all gcfnilvnvss, all gayotyf' 3. --wil: if GRAWEY, IOANNE St. Thomas! Honor Roll f7l3 Summa Staff '493 Oporctla '493 Speech Club '493 Sociology Treasurer '493 Latin Ciun '47, '48. l'He1' ways arm- bm-aut,il'ul ways :incl :nil hcl' paths arc- p0ar'oalilc." 34 GILBERT, DOLORES St. B6I'l"lZll'Il'SQ SL-wing Club '4R3 History Cluh '483 Latin Club '47. "She was agile as a nymph. "After The Bull Was Over" GRAWEY, LYNDELL Sl. Bonifacc-3 Honor Roll filg Summa Stall' V193 Class Sem'0lary '493 Operctta '493 Mission Rep. H183 Glu- Club "lin-V laughter sparkloml like Cham- pagncf' GREEN. WILLIAM St. Patriclds, Camp GFUVQQ Summa Staff '491 Football '4H3 Boxing '483 C1100 Club '47. "In all vmvrgcncics, he plays the man." l l l i 1 GRIMM. DONALD St. l'hilumcna's: Summzi Stzitl' H193 In- trzimurzil Basketball ',l7. '-195 Howling '48, Hill: Gulf '47, "Mun, liko bullets, get l'zii'tlwst whvn they 1lI'l' smoothest." GRIMM, PATRICIA St. .lust-1ili'sg Opt-Votta '49g Spvz-c'h Club 'flilz Gln-0 Club WS: Clothing Club '47: Latin Club '-'16, '47, "On hcl' toot :is light as ei treble ton:-." "Time On My Hands" HEEG, IOHN St. lNIzu'k'sg Honor Roll 1-ll: Summa Stnfl' '-195 Institute Staff '48, 'itflg Speech Club '48, V193 GICO Club '46, '48, V195 Bowl- ing '4x, '49, "I mnkt' no suppositions, I clcal with t'zic'ts." HATFIELD, WILLIAM St. lNlonic':i's3 I,iln'ui'y V175 Latin Club '4ti. "A t'1'it-ml tu thi- people." HAFELE, PATRICIA St. Tlifimash Opt-i'4-ttzi 'ilflg Libr 1 lun VIH, '4Sl: Bios '47g Inns Club 48 S ish Uub 46, 41. "Tu zisk is to learn." W' HAMAS, EUGENE St. Mzil'y's, Kickapoo. "Custom is the liiw nt t'1mlS HEIDEWALD. CHARLES St, DI3,1'k'S1 Intrzimurzxl Basketball '48, '49: Glee Cluh '47, '48. i'Witli a giant stride." HEINZ. DUANE St. Ceeilizfsq Intramural Basketball. "He well knuws when to speak, and when to he silent," HEID, IOHN St. Pliil0mena'sg Honor Roll 1113 Bas kethall '49, "Man of very contemplative mood." HERR, PATRICIA Cathedral: Hmmm' Roll f2lg Compact Staff '49g Operettzi '49g Cliernistry Clur: Treasurerg Speer-h Cluhg Library Club. "Czu'efree as :1 murning in spring time." HEYD. MARY ANN St. Bernard'sg Operetta '49g Compact Staff '4i9p Sufluliiy Treasuiei' '4N1 Good Counsel Club '47, V183 Mission Rep. '46. "When she passed it seemed like the Ceasing of exquisite music." 36 "Three O'clock lump" HIGGINS, IOSEPH St. Patrick's. "Hunger is the best sauce." N i HIGGINS, PETER Si. T'z1tr'i0k's. "l'i'ulits, nm prophets I'ur'f'tr-ll tho futun-." HOBIN. SHEILA St. l'liilnmcnz1's: Opvreltzi '-193 Gln-0 Club '43, Clothing Club '-'lT: llistory Club '-li Lzilin Club '47. "Of joyous zippvzimnm-." HOERDEMANN, ANN Si. Mzu'k's: Summa Stull' '493 Opercttzi V192 Spa-cvh Club '49: Art Club '48, Latin Club '46, 'lllci' Change nl' mind is as quick as a swuIl0w's turn." iiik-255, 3 "We'l1 Rest At The End Of The Trail" HUGUENARD, IOHN St, Mu1'k's: Intramural Basketball '49: Boxing '47, '48. "His rosponsu was prompt, us an onlin." HUGHES, GERALD Sl. l'zitI'ivk's: Hunul' Rnll HI: Rowling 1 '46, '47, '48, VU. "l'Ivvi'y mnn has his l':iuli, ziml honvsty is his." HOEDERMANN. FRITZ St. lvlunimfsg Intrnmuml Buskvtball '43 '46, '47, '48: Buwling '17, '-153 Nlilllilgt-'I '46, '47g Band '46, '47, '48, "I.ouclly, openly." 37 IOHNIGK, THERESA St, Boniface: Honor Roll itil, Summa Stull' Co-Editor '49, Sodality Rep. '49L Operctta '49, Chemistry Club '49, Crim- puct, staff '48, "Her humor bubbles like fl i'uuntain," SST? IOHNSON. IOAN Sl. Mark's: f71JCZ'61.l,2l '49, llislriry Club '49, Rims '48, Sodziliiy Rep, '47, "Shin ol' ihv fail' ways," 38 IESCKY, ADRIENNE Cuthcdrailg Honor Roll ill, Compact Stuff '49, Glee Cluh '48, Lziiin Club '4G: Civics Club '46, "Sho looks as cle-:ir as :i bud l'ri-shlfi rtovered with dow," Vi .,,..... . .... ,,,,, ,. JACQUIN, THOMAS SL. lWill'k'SI Ilrinor Roll KTM lnstiiuin- Stall' '48, '49: Spccrh Club '48, '49, Bowling '47, '-152: Inirzimurail llzisketbnll '47, "Ho wus burn wiih :i silvm' simon in his mouth," KARL, CHARLES Cuihodrzilg Honor Roll ITU: Summa Stall' '49, Instituto Stull' '48, '49, Spoi-rh Club '48, '49, Cliocrlozirlc-r '47, '48, Glvr- Club '4ii. '47, '48, 'Alle was ai blimfl hziirml l'c-llriw: supplv. rc-vkless, but wzii'y," "After Graduation Day., KEEFE. IAMES Si. Ili-rmircl's, Honor Roll i711 Summa Stall' Cu-Editor '49: Speech Club '48, '49, Institute Stuff '48, '49, Intramural Rziskutball '49, Glcc Club '46, '47, '48, "His brain is like an engine pounding :it high pressure. " KELCH. DOLORES St. Murk's: I-Iistury Club '-19g Biology Club '48, Clothing Club '471Civir',: Club '47, "Better lute than neve-11' KEMMER, PATRICIA Cathedral: Operettai '493 Clnss Viee- President '48: Sueiulogy Sei-retary '49 Speech Club '49, F. H. A. Club '49, "As crisp us her short curly hair." KELCH. THERESA St. I':1triek's: History Club '49g Glee Club '483 Clothing Club '47, "She has a head as sweet as zi dull." "SHINE" KELLY MARY I St. Ma1rk's: Honor Roll f4bg Operettn '49: History Club '49: Soclolugy Vice- Presinlent '49: Glee Club '48, "Tu knuw everything is to understand everything." KELLY, DANIEL Huly Innocence. I'ittsbuI'f,:h3 Football '47, '48, "He rules audiences like an uncrowned king." KELLY, IOSEPH St. Patric-k's: Humor Roll rT': Summa Staff Co-Editor 'flflg Institute Staff '47, '48, '49, Class President '49g Speech Club '48, '493 Intrzimurzil llairsketball '47, '48, '49, "More Irish than the Irish themselves." 50 KENNY. NANCY St. Patrick'sg Honor Roll f3l: History Club '48g Glce Club '48, Mission Rep. '47, Latin Club '47. "Modest and frail as a lily." KETICI-IMARK, DANIEL St. John's3 Honor Roll fllg Summa Staff '49: Institute Staff '49g Speech Club '49g Symposium '49: Intramurzil Basketball '47, '49, "Danny Boy." KEMP, SHIRLEY St. Thomas': Honor Roll UW: Operctia ,493 Compact Staff '49: Spanish Club '48, '49, Glec Club '4?4g Chemistry Club '4'8. "She moves like a leaf in the Wind." KINNEY, DIANE Cathedral, Summa Staff '49, Operettzi '49, Sociology Chairman V195 Compari Staff '45-E: Class Treasurer '4G. "You laugh, I grunt, but I kill myself laughing." 4C l "I'l1 Be Seeing You" KINNEY, IAMES St. Patrick'sg Intramural Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49. "Every man to his taste." KITLAN. IACQUELINE St. Mary's, Kickapoo, Speech Club '1l9: Glee Club '48g Latin Club ,46. "Happiness ran thru her like a streak." 1 , more than must luivc INJI' his ilj.ZL',H l i i KNAPP, IAMES St. John's. "Si'1'ir1usn4':::: is nfti-li IMT :i mzwlc lui' sinc'vr'ily." KNIGHT. JAMES St. Bn-r'n:1I'ci'Q: Inlr'zimur'z1l Bzisslu-l,lmll '49 Howling '48, '4EH. "His invo is sole-nm :is si l't'flllil'IT'l. ' "Show Me The Way To Go Home" KUMPF, ROBERT St. Bonilzu-4-1 Hmmm' Roll fTl: Sllmmil Stull' '49, Foutllzill "iii, '-IT, '-lS1 Bux- kf,-tlmall '46, '47, 318: llzifwliaill '45, 3113. '47, '48: Bzmcl '45, '46, '47, H18. "lic has his hcalth, mid nmplc- stil-nglli, KRATZERT, DELORES i'I'C'll1l. '41 HA woman nl rc-l'inc-mPnt." St. M:ir'k's: Honor Roll fir: Bios 'flfli I.ibm1'y '48, '493 Spanish Club '43, '4flg L KOEPPLE. RUDOLPH SL. M:1r'k's: Bookshop. "That is no convcrn ol mine." v.. Q , V 1-'ui , Q-I KOTELES. IOHN St. Iii-rnurd's: Bowling '48, 49. "He is as mnstzint us: the northern star." 41 LAMB. MARIAN St. lVlurk's: Honor Roll fill: Summa: Stall' '49: Bios H193 Glcc Club '483 LibVzu'iz1n '47, '4Sg Latin Club VIS. '47. "A pleasant. companion." LAHOOD, MARGARET Sl., Joscph's: Glee Club '483 llistory Club '49. "You muy rely on hor good scnsof' LAHOOD, KATHRYN SL. l'z1tri0lc's: Honor Roll flag Mission Run.: Glee Club 'Lilly History Club WT: Se-wing Club '47: Latin Club '1l6. "'Li1llf' things hnvc thc-lr value," MCCARTHY, MARY ELLEN Sl.. Put,rirk'sg Bios '49g Hislory Club '4fJ: Clothing Club WT. HSM- spc-ziks low, though poll-nl worflsfi 42 "Your Feet's Too Big" MCGANN, IOANNE St, .lohn'sg Ions Club '493 History Club '49: Glcc Club V183 Clothing Club '47, "l'l0r tvnclcr smilv was radizml. us the dawn." MCGANN, MARY LOU St, Mark's: Honor Roll Wig Operctta '49: Clothing Club '-193 History Club 48, 493 Ions Club '4Sg Library Club '46, '47. "As true as the dial to thc sun." i-.1 MCLAUGHLIN, ELIZABETH Sl. l3v1'na11'cl's: Honor Roll Ml: Class l'r'v':rll'n', '-lflg R4-ll Cross Hop. '4ki, V191 Mission Rep. '-1543 Glow Club '48, Hllvr' skin was as suI'l :md llllll' as Fl blusb 1-use." MCGRAUGH. GERALD Sl. MuI'k's. "Bravo :ns il dragon was bis sm-vr'l1." "This Is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening" MEEI-IAN. NANCY St. Ma1'k's3 Honor' Roll 111: Opera-11:1 493 Class Vice-P11-sirlent '-lil: Chl'lNl?4- try Club H183 Frunvb Club '-lrl. "We know ll bird by its song." MARME. ELEANOR Sl. lil-I'n:11'rl's3 fJI!Ol'l'llll 'flfli Flslnpnvl N Inns Club '-IT. "Ill-1' lnwellinl-ss vnlolfls A-N'v1'yIlling." M 4 St-1l'l': Rims VIH: Class T1'v:1,'L11'.-I' 217: MCMURRAY. ELIZABETH Sl. Pulrir-l:'s: Il:-nzn' Roll r2I: Histor Clubg Sowing Club 'lT: Lallin Club 'flli 'live rm-x':'ily. vllvc-1'l'ully." MANNING, ROBERT Sl. BQ-l'n:1I'sl's: Fmmlllzlll "IN, 2153: Bus: bull WIT. YH, '-123: lizxsakvllmll '48, 'lil llmvling 'TNQ lnlrzlmurrxl lluskc-1b:1ll 'lli, '4'l. "llv wulv bis I'z1mv ligllilyfx , w 4x , .-., MEYER. DONALD St. Boniluvcg Spvvvli Club '40, Orches- tra '49g Bmvling 1154: Glu- Club V181 Band '46, '47, '48, "In life, as in chess, l'urcihuughI wins. " MERNA, ELEANOR Cathedral: History Club '49g Glen' Club '48, F. II. A. Club '48, "To do good rather than bo conspicu- ous." MENKE, TEROME St, .loscph's: Basketball 'fl9. "His bouts mime bumping along the pussczign likv boxes." "Ain't Doin' Bad Doin' Nothin' " MILLER, EARL St. Joscph's, Howling '48, '-153. HZPIIIIIIIS, yet mode-st," 44 MORRISSEY, MARIORIE Sacred Ha-art: Honor Roll til: History Club '49, Glce Club '48, Spanish Club '47, '48, "Cum0ly zmiions-nrmlilv thoughisf' MORRISSEY, TERRANCE Cztthcdralp II1ti'llIT1Lll1l1l Basketball '4S7g Buske-tbzill '49, Pontificzil Crew '46, '47, '48, '49. "I am, and will be, free," MURRAY, PATRICIA St. Thomask Honor Roll fiil: Operettu '-'I'J: Spin-ch Clula '493 Summa Stull' '493 Claw l'I'esLdent V473 Stull:-nt, Counclil Rep. "Kimi words are the music of the world." MURPHY, PATRICIA MURRAY. PATRICIA ANN St. J0sepli's, Pekin: llunor Roll 1752 Com Club pact Stull' V193 lons Club '-193 Glee 4.8: History Cluli 215: Sotlzility llep. 4l. "Sensibility is natures celestial spring." Czttlieclrzzlz Honoi' Roll f7I: Summa Stuff V191 Sudulity llep. '4f4: Glee Clulm VIH: History Clulm '-48: Civics Club '46, 'Brought up vt-ry 1.1-r1rlv1'lp,' " OBER, RUDOLPH "A Little Bird Told Me" . .. -gf H41 . 2 am- St. INlark's. "They were in his hands, like so mum' grains of sand. " NORMAN, CLIFFORD St. Hern:u'd's: Football '48, '46l: Class Sc-c'1'etz11'y '48: liziselmll '47, '48, '4El1 Boxing '-17. 118. ii.-.twiki .. My A . Wwrfwggg uw... NAUER. BARBARA St. Pnilomenzfsg Honor Roll KTM Summa Stuff 119: Operettsr, 'lflz Spc-'wil t'!ul: 'iii-JZ Student Council l'i't-sitlent V191 Glee 'flu Clulm "Nor soul is like zu lu-:tw-nly rost-5 om- tlizlt mn ns-vvr' will or flux" "Ile is: ns: 1-zilm 11:4 the winds of a wild i winter," 45 CYLAUGHLIN, MARY IANE St. Ceeilia':s: Operetta i-ifil Compuel Stull' 119: Spanish Club '-l53: Glee Club WIS: Latin Club '46, '47. "Her eyes were enchanted by zi lovely black cloak. " ml .. gli' .1Q,'f4'-fggggfn.. , . exams! O'NEILL, KATHERINE St. Pzitriek'sg Senior Class Trezisurer '49: Glee Club 2183 Inns Club llrig Calorie Club '4Tg National Scienee Club of America '46. "A sueeossful wrumnn is nm :1 remnrla- nhle lhingf' 46 O'CONNOR. CAROL St. Bernz1rd's: Honor Roll 1113 Chemis- try Vice-President '49: Operellu '-195 Bins '4S3 Spanish Club V183 Lulin Club '46, '47. "Fortune helps the dziringf' . . o'BR1EN. IOHN St. PutriCk's. "His expression nl' thought and feeling wus free from sel1'-eonsc'im1sness.'' "Don't Get Around Much Any More" OPDYCKE. DOROTHY St. Ceeilizfs: Honor Roll fTl: Summa Staff '49g Seeretary of Bios Club '473 Glee Club '48g Chemistry Club '4H3 National Seience Club ol' Ameriezx. '46, "There she isp fresh us the morning." PARSON, DONALD Sl. Jryhn'S3 Ilnnm' '48, '49. "The desire and l void as eternity." Roll fling Bowling ongings nf men are PEG-G, RITA St. I!ernurd's: Summa Stull' M191 Prom Queen Attendant H183 Glue- Club V182 llius '48, Opvrt-ttu '49, "She sprcacl Irish em-hfmtmont ubuut hm' likc- 0. l'I'ili.ZI'2lHC'U." PELELAS. RAY St. Just-pli's: Hmmm' Roll IQP: Summa Stull' '-153: Institute Stull' V195 Rvri Cross Ravi. '-lil: Gln-0 Club EIS: Spa-vvli Club "ISL 'Alle who lmth loves :mtl lives musin' has ai touch on earth ziml lu-ziveri." "Don't Blame Me" POWERS, IOHN St. Thumus': llunm' Roll 121: lnlrxi- murzil Baskolbzill '-16. '47, '-15, '-19: BHK' ing '47, '48g liiiwling '-IH. "It becomes il young main tri bv modest. " POWELL, IAMES St. Kl21l'k'SI Honor' Rimll film: Intramural Hzisketlmiill '-16. '-17. "IN, '-19: Boxing '47, H183 linwling '-18. "His 4-yn-s guvv F1 spark like lightning." PFEIFFER. WILLIAM St. B1-I'n:u'd's. "Ho is as eager' ns L1 greyhound on his quest." ,R A ,venus ., ,..ixi?l!""-,Q tug' 8554.1 Q new 'V' 'fl POLLITT, EDWARD St. HL-rnard's: Hunni' Roll 1413 Summa Stuff '493 Band '46, '47, '48, '4fl. "A miin nl' sound ainzl miinpimsi-cl mimi," 47 RANUM, LUCILLE St. Jose-ph's, Peking History Club '4S3. luns Club '49. "A quiet friend, a steady friend." RAY, EMILY ANN St. C1-0ilia's: Honor Roll fir: Compuel Staff '49g History Club '493 Glee Club '483 French Club '483 Chemistry Club '48, "It musl. be she, the unolfending Emily." PRATT, VALERIA St. M:1ry's. Kickapoo: Clulhing Club '49 Glue Club V483 Caloric Club '4G. '4The sudden brightness ul' her 1':1c-e is W like at sunburslf' ,sg "Come Yeout" ROGERS, SHIRLEY Cathedral: History Club '483 Glen Club '48 "A person ol' uncommon silence :md reserve." RICCA, MAR St. John's3 Honor Roll flu Sodality Rep. '49g Chemistry Club V193 Sewing Club '48g Latin Club '46, V173 National Science Club '47, '48, "As L'Nll'ill1K'lI1gZ :is a mystery." 3 46 RITSCHEL. IOFI-IN St.. Marks: Institute Staff '49g Speech Club '48, '45Jg Glee Club '46, '48, '49g Boxing 'flbig Int1'amuI'z1l Basketball '49. "His trieks of allitvrzxtiun stiek out like so many bristles." l,,,.,, , RUPERT, IACK St. Kllmicu's: llunnr Roll lil: Intru- muml lluslcotluxll '-19: Summa Stall' '-IEP Glu- Club VW' ., lluwling VIS. '-lil. 'lA knight ul' lmlusLI'y." Rowrs. IOHN St. Mark's: Boxing '4S: Intramural Ras- ketlmall '-18. 'AA man laugh." will allways gwl along ll lu' um SCHLICKSUP. IACK Sl. Th0mas': Football '-IN. '49, 'Quick llOllL'VL'I'S rxccrl nu lmmrl shoul- dvrs. ' "They Go Wild. Simply Wild Over Me" - QQ SCHAUB. MARY ELIZABETH Sl. NIz1:'y's. liickzmpmm: Glvo Clulm '49 I,.1lin Clulv '-119. "A wnmunly 4-1'v:1l111'o, plm-:lszml In I-will llprxllf' SAINZ, ANA Sl. Bc-:'11zml's: Chvmislry Clulm '-'lt lllry Cluh Vlti. li HiS "Win-11 shi- is1n't Iziughing, flu- is smil- ing-H AAIQ SAYLOR, DELORES Czitlwclml, Srwiulllggy Clulw ijlula "IW: I,.1li.1 Clulv Vlli. "Light nn hcl' Ik-c-1, light Il1Wl'l'l.H Ill Glm hisllv- lst fl ,...,..- . W, , SCHMIDT. DONNA St. John'sg Gmini Counsc-l Cluli '4Sg Bios '48g Operuttzi '493 Glen- Clulm '4S3 Li- lmrziry Club '48, "Not a tluy without ei kind llefoclf' SCHLOSSER, INLIA Cathedral: Opcretta '49: Bios V193 Gm:- Club '4Sg French Club V183 F. II. A Club '48 "Let her be, she is happy." l mf' SCHLINK, DAVID St. Hern:i1'fl'sg Intmmurail Bnslcetlmll 'flllg Fnotbzill Vlfl. Uls bc-tim' In lu- luvky than wise." "Life Sure Gets Te' Ious. Don't It?" SCHMITT, VERNON St. MaI'k's. "X':iloi' cuiirliit-i':s fill." ill SCOONES, RITA Cathedral: Opcrctta 'flflg Cleo Cluh '4Sg Smlality Rep. '46: Spvccli Clulr '4Elp Class Pre-sirlont '48. "Tho blush is lmeautfiul, hut nftcn in- convenient." SEBOLD, RUTH l'hilnim-luis: Opcrc-ttu 1153: Cnmpzwt Stuffg History Cluh '47, 'Mig Glce Club V183 Spamirzh Clulm '47. "Vi1'tuuus :incl fair, royal :incl gruciou':." A ,.lE?W A ,-,, ..N..f Ai. . -W..4...4 SEIZ, RITA ANN St, Be1'nurd's1 Compurl Slzlfl' 119: Upvc-c'l1 Clulm '49p Opvrvtla '4lEH: Glcc Clulr 'EIS' Class Scc':'cLm'y '48, "U sleep lt is :1 genlln thing , . SHAMBAUGH. DANIEL St. C0c'ilia's. "I'll luke up my place in the rear," "Tee For Two" SHORT. ROSEMARIE St. John's: Honor Roll flri Opc-Pcliu '-493 Mission Rep. V193 Glco Club Ylta. Sowing Clull '47: Gmail Counsol Clulm '47, '4S. "A goml m-url against furlum-," SMITH. BETTY St. Cecilizrs: Opera-ttu '49: Bins '-19: Glce Club V433 Latin Club '46, '47, "Common lay name, unmmmnn lmy nature." SLOAN. IAMES Sl. Municzfs: Intramural Rnskvthall V192 Bowling '48, '49, "The lust shall he first," SILBER, ROBERT St, Joscplfs. 'ZX wurfl in Ihr' wise is 5,ul'l'ir'ir-nl," 51 STENOISH. THEODORE Cathedral. "He felt himsell' too exhausted to drag his Weary bones any l'urtlier." STENGER, RAYMOND St. Mury's, Kickapoo. "The silent hear no Witness against themselves." ri .,.. , .. ST GERMAIN ROBERT St Philomrnas Honm Roll C41 Instl lute Stall 49 Bowling, 48, Glee Club ' ' ' S, '4 , 483 Speuvh Club ' S. 'He h'1s the faculty ot' speech whirh displays his power ol' persuasion. ' E., 'It's a Great Day For The Irish" 4-5- STRUBEN, RICHARD St. J0seph'sg Intramural Basketball '4SZ Boxing '48g Bowling '49. t'Hunger will bra-uk through stone walls." 52 SULLIVAN, PATRICIA Catlin-rlml: Honor Roll 1713 Summa Staff '493 Sudulity Rep. '4Sg Gloc Club '483 History Club ,485 Civics Club '46, "They also serve who only stand and take it on the f'hin." TEDFORD, IOANNE St. lViark'sg Honor Roll lily Frenrh Club '48, 49: Compact Staff '4S3 Chemistry Club '48: Class Vive-President '47. K'Help thyself, and heaven will help thee," TOMBLIN, EILEEN Si. ,lIZlll1'SQ Honor' Roll fiirg Opera-tin 'flflp Glue Club '483 Ilislury Club '48g Lzilin Club '46, "Hvx' rlay's wurlc will lic- duno in si day." TULLY, THOMAS SL Be1'nm':l's: Honor Roll Cul: Insliiulv Stuff '493 Class Presirlunt '-153 Baskvi- bzill '49: Il'll,I'illTlLll'ill Baiskolbzill. "A master' ul' wit." "Everybody Has Their Laughing Place" VENZON, MARY ANGELA Cutlivclralg Summa Staff 'Lilly Student C.iu.1c'il Vic-4--l'i'a-sirlent V193 Bins 1193 I". Il, A. I':'csi1lunl '48g Glvv Club '4?'i. "Cum hands. wzirm lioartf' VAUGHN. GERALD St. BeI'nar'd's, llnncir Roll 15415 lnsiiiuic- Stull' '49: Summa Stull V191 Bowling Pri-sidcnt '45!p l'untific'zil Uri-W '48, 'fiffg Howling '4S. "Hope is tlir- rlronm ni' mam awake." URANICH. IAMES Guardian Amin-lg Football '48, '49 "The ladivs flutter zirounzl his C 1 like humming birds. " ii- 21, 'ii f' VAN PELT, DORIS Si. Mrirk'sg Honor Roll Will: Opcic i '49g Sociology l'i'L-siflvnl. H193 Bins v Ions Club '47, "Her joys how keen. bm-1' cures 1 fi-W. " 5.3 WASSMUTH. MARY IO St. Bc-rnurrl's: Glee Club '-183 Clothing Club '48g Foods Club '47. "She danced as airily as ai flower on the wind." WARD, MARY ANN St, Philomx-na's: Operetta '49g Compact Staff '49g Speech Club '45Jg Spanish Club '48g Glee Club '48. "She plants memories wherever she goes." +,zs,,v-5,-, Eu H. . . , C ,f 'f 11 f::'::iEf:Sie51f 1" ' . 2?fs.,.., g i l' . '-'ff' i ' VERBEKE, PATRICIA St. Bernai'd's: Honor Roll C213 Bins '49: History Club '48: French Club '48, V195 Calorie Club '46. "A diseriminating person." "Annie, Get Your Gun" WEISS. ALICE St. Be1'nard'sg Honor Roll 1295 Compziet Stuff '493 Missions Vive-President '49g Chemistry Club Vice-President 'flflg French Club '48 "A queen just stepping from ai throne." 54 WHALEN, GERALD St. Patri0k'sg Institute Stall '49g Speech Club '493 Intramural Basketball '47, '48, '45Jg Bowling '48, '49, "His vision was that of a poet." WHELAN. SALLY St. Marldsg Honor Roll 1413 Summa Staff '49: Operetta '493 Speech Class '49g Student Council Rep. '47g Class Secretary '46. "Her voice was like an cchn of song." WHITE. GERALD St, Cn-c'ilizi.'s. "Few invii :irv mlmirvd lay thi-ii' sez'- mints." WINKELMANN, IACK St. Bci'nzi1'd's: Honor Roll WTI: Instituto l Stuff '47, '-lil: In1i'zimui'zil Baskcilmll '493 Howling '48, '49p Speech Clul: '49. "His solo pu-oc'cupzi1ions orc fooil. fo- mzilos' :incl l'ii:litin,g." Irlfi WHITE. MARIORIE SI. ll.IaI'k's: Ops-VL-lla Vlfl: Bios '-173 Gim- Clulr '-IN: F. H. A, Clulv '48, '-191 Lziiih Club '46. "Hn-1' coloring is like llizit 01' ei rose." "Eight Ball Blues" WILTZ, ANNE St. Rernzii'cl'sg Uporoiizi V191 Glcw Club '-lrip Clothing Clulr '47. Ulli-1' rlainving is :is light :is :i z0pl1yi'." WHITE. MARY ANN SL. HOI'naI'rl's: Honor Roll 42rg Compuvl Stull' Editor' '45lg Ions Club 'Mig Glci Cluli '4Hg Bios Clulr '47, "Shu cziuscs it to lic duno." WILLIAMS. THOMAS St. Pzitrick's3 Honor' Roll f2l3 I-'ootlmll '493 Boxing lnl,l'aimui'zil Baisketlizill T185 Bowling '-IS, '-19. "NL-xl to cwvllz-nw is iliv zippiw-viziiion ol' il." 55 "It Takes Time" WISSING, DONNA ZERBONIA. CARMELA St. M21I'k'SZ ODGFGUII '49Z SDOPCH Club St. John'sg Latin Club '4Gg Speech Club '49g French Club '48, '49, '49, "Her mind was gay and bright as a "Her black eyes flashed like diamonds." spring day," 56 "When You Wore a Tu1ip" F 'K Q, sag ,g ,fs 4 xhff' fl K Y 3 2, f 'i Y ik. Iunior Class Officers Mary' Lou Gaul, Mary Agnes Mcxybanks, Colette Kirwan, Mary D. Iordan Robert Iudd, Roland Koeppel, Lee Hammond. and' Dave Roche Iunior Honor Students Rita Peterson and Maureen Murphy lst Row: A. Speck, D. Roche, T. Hatzenbuhler, J. Powell, E. Ryan. 2nd Row: E. Morrissey, J. Michael, R. Hard, R. Jacobs, J. Hanahan. 3rd Row: G. Shurtz, W. Bassett, H. Hazelhurst, P. Manning, P. Sullivan K. Olson. 4th Row: J. Miller, P. Lawless, L. Hammond, J. Manias, W. Cashman . Q 5 l ,. . n I D. Rlianxs 1" Adams -N' Milli? ' Q' A -.,Ql.f.u, is Q El I. Buckes B. Barlhell R. Bishop L Bland .Y -in l "'f vw W A y . .il R' Bom' M. Bourzak ' 1"m"1.g: -- 7 : . A, 5 n Q 24' "' 1631555 5 ' t. H . i f E .I ,.,-, -"- M. Boyle R. Brundis Qui , f A 1 4' L . X N M. Brennan E. M. Brinkman ,M W A , 1.m2v.m: -f f .-,MYLW V- - 2,51 ,ff f wg.. - - - I, A .QV ' Q Q 5 E' f?: .Zig ' , A 5 'SL , f , Sis? ff ' iff'-af3:i.::'....f , ' K 1, M" . ' 7 'P ,L fi ' s V 2f5f55?L X B, Alig 1. Angel N. Antonini D' Peters x I . ...x ,A V- ln. I ,X .. . W. Bassett M. A. Beckfield P. Bender 'f ' Xi, ,E Xi Y . , 2 f . 5 als 5 , T .3 -A +31 1 f S X li 4 ' x . if 4i'J11f' , ggjw M . . 2 .. Yr! .K-A B. Burch Y.. e 2 ' f1.Q,' ' . 4 'lf 223545 .Q rl R. Caldwell ' l f f l l .X I. Bugler IE. Cannon Q 8 A. Bruns "iv . -' 2' 'SW , ,ii ..,.. , mil we g g . 1 H l P. Caniy i. I Tfg"'!r .2 3, I ., . 1 -l f . R. Closen , W. Cushman .Q..x. A, A L.-. A. Chrlsmim , J ,. ax AA Ii VT l 4, p. 1 Qai' ' ,,., Yi, 5552125 ' A , ,.,. . Og Code F. Connolly 1, Coogan S. Coogan M- Couri W ,., Z, VZL V n i -f , N., "QQff"' 75.51 ' ju- 2, 53 Ak,,g.' 2 , R- Cramer I- CUYISY G. Cusack C. Dammann A VA. . A L . K wg L 3, . ' ",- N' Eaton I.. Delinski 1 . Ig 5 X , v. Everett M. Echterllng W ,M if K I M. P. Donahue '1'. I-'arraher xo, 4- . 'v :, , - -52ff.f1'.m::w.f5:gQ.z1 M, f 4. 'lr' .0-4v'W"" vb' Perlman .Jw M. Franzgrote 'I I' I. Fatini I. Flores m 1.2 ai 4 Aw 1 ig K 3 Q f. of x A I. Crahan 5 F . .Q x 1 my 5 ,Q .N S .. as i 4 x I. DeCremer I Y nr 'Q J' 4 , S. Dolen J' M. Donahue .ff ,fs-ye. S1 ..,.FgM ' "TIF , 1 I. Donlcm M. Donovan Y t 34 kv A Z , , V' Q 5 , 5 Q E. Drllcoll I. Eaton 61 . grvfwfg-W TA up wa 'ki' f Lg .- L gt: -fi ali.: 1 1 M. L. Gaul A., W 'R 'ZR' gl 'W .in S , 1. D. Goane , . file? , , A we - SS' . h is., lea.. - H 71, . ,szQsEi?aae G. Geier 3 KH . , , . ,-...,.,. '- '2 2:3I-2Q' A .nie .-. . ..- 1.1 ,.. -H: by .,. .M , .. .. rl., X 2 .SEQ , +33 , Q x. W 2 'gp' 5 M PSS '41- fs? L .5 Gibson Q, f Wi? X5 , M. G1-ube A. M. Gunthner L. Hammond L Hmmm-m r .V iiraiil. 1 . , 'Q f 2- 'GY 5 V - A' R. Hard . , , 1. 1- 2 H5551 J D. Harmon gi f , ..,, .,k., ML., . , . 5-V my 1 1 mf , F Q5 .1 ii 2 if V 1s..-- :L ' -s h , g:ji .1g3a.,Zj1. .jig-i,3 N. Harker ' xx ifflii :iff -'5'1E' ., V- f . I. D. Gilhula C. Gilles f gf .QM , if N4 K-fm A' wwf: 4:1 -gs. 1 .fi . Mis ' Ni sci f gl - U R,-f 2-,?'jg! -. ' A , Q.-. 1 5.. Q ' -' ., ' I.. Hahn D. Hall I , z 2 I . - 1 w s! 'V Q X X K N 1 K A, , fzlili' Sig J' 4 S 1 K . ' . Heidewald L. Heinz K " 7 -:.5z:.1. R . Hellngel n P. Wise ,..... 1 ,gg ' 33? ---. M wx W Km WL ,fy 2 -' 55' .sf 5' fffiff' 1' ME" nz 5 1'. Hclzelhurst D . Harris Mm W if ..,, . ef. ., 1. M. Hessling f K- I. Hurnett T. Hortzenbuhler L' Heffon 62 I. Hernandez . WWW 5 B. Herold . . 1 Q W 'Q' if K! Q R A I? . I. Hiqgens nnnn . S A., ., P . M aw., - . , Q S Q gf: ws.-Y nf... SE brim Q M. H kg" Sw. .. 1 K 5 3. 1 W6 ' if A M. 5 Gm 'I'. Hinricks XL D. Hinricks Heintzrnun - my Q fl 'vl , K. . nn. .. , K n Qt .My W. I. Hughes K. Hunter I- Ing.-,ld T E 15, H. Keogle K J KAKI. E D. Kirchgessner fi M. Kirwan X mm Km. B. Knox . H, , 5 , . I i C. Kirwan 'A A V . - . i' ' A ..',, A A A y ' 5 M. A. Koch 53315 'ff ' f K . fn T. Knee: R. Koepple R . Houlihdn .. -r K ,... n K K V . K - - K ffl 5 , .. xg 9: x W ' 5 E. Jacobs . -off M. D. Jordon wwxr G. Joseph M. Kurpowicz 1 1 1 . W W. Keenan 3. D . l-Ioulihcxn H. Ienrclth W 51. .. 2... 'A . .. L. Jordon ri I S ,kL.' R. Judd .,. , A M. Keeley . . 1. Kelch 63 B . Ksycki fzigi .., l h T. Lescxge . ug.. 1 1 s - W g: '5 742 75 - D. Martin 5-5 ' ,' 1 V iii' . sf' K . , I. Massengule . asf! f ls VY'-'CHQ . fi 3 sfwfnv f mix 5 55 X rf., . if Q L 4' -1 . ., J S. I D. Mathews G. Mellon 64 .7 . A .iff ",-. Q1 ,Q lwgezw ' 9 , V. l C. Lcrnduyl N. McCracken gi ..: : . . ,.,. ..V. ,K W F? H. Mdffin 2 I. Mustori x E . X M. A. Mcxybcrnks r .L mann' :JW swf .v 'f ' V 'l.'2f5:lff:il5ii5I- I. Michael -mm , ' " .iii 2 23 ' g .1 .fr A -'i W ' fi. ,4 A 1, Q I. Larlgton Bi , ef i f MQW X , X Af? 1.33 f -N ss .sg ' S R. MCFolling I. Lurosche x. i Q L 'gf ,., 4 + 53 ,-A P. Manning , , 1 . , 4 .fkiwzfgvig 1:3 I ' .gagfgiusfgia mf V .. ,ififf ,X P. Lawless islvfgs 3-J 47 in H: gi - , 3.4 4 . iii? I n . - 4. Em... fi E. Mczrcille fi? 1 Q' ix 1. 5-Y Q , , 6? . , . AA 5 4 W .af 3 I. Manias I. Miller I. Morrissey M. Miner I. Monroe Q 'Wax-F ' K , V , X 1. , if iiii L A V .5 A f is rg- M. Moran 'f M 'r. Mon-is 4 , .Q-if' W ,WVV , V Q. Nader T. Murray M. Murphy 5 ' L L 2 55 .,-'g 19 D. Nelson e, ,, . 1 Li .- ,I 4' .'fwFf'i-:fY:5l:3. :,,f, 4 A 7' .fs l ang, f . P. Newman f if Ugly 2:1 kf'- .g i 'M T G. Powell 4 ., ...W 45 . ' 2 iw .g f 'kv ,5 E54 fl , X 'QQ' . D. F SMH E .,, . +5 Siem, ,Q l . 552.4 .. 1 K X Qqsfs ,Q . I A M. O'Connell K. Olson wg A 9 -qi, n f, 7.1 J - . P. Powell P. Powers .1 H. SUPP ,Y ,, if K S. K. Neil www, , L. Schuub Q I. Seei N. Scott 'Win 'fi R. 'W A Sim L Schierer ?,,,, . ' L... .Lt , K Q, 53:51, V I. Schohberger M. Scurry D. O'Neill Lt. Peterson " lf' . 4 'S' lx M. Rohn F. Rettig f',s-fm2-e...2- --Qu-vw 'E-:.,,-fi rf ". A , M. D. Roche E. Haydn 'sl la. , P. Page R. Pretty '4iJ I S. Reising .,: . ,. Y .STE sf' . Ee . . , . Rt 1 H L -f fl' Y L. Rischur l .4-A ,fir n , lui. - . I. Rossmun D. Sanderson 65 W " 1.,- , M, , ,U K S , 'n .. i S M' .,, . S ,, , L i - swf? . if ' fi' 'S In P. M. P. Shanahan . 30 444' .. S f-HW: 3, , L . ff' , 52, , M. Smith I. Stuckel X B. Sutter ff L K -' "5:. "f?-"i . xiii' " : vain I. Svymbersky T. Shryock TQ? .v K1 ' HWHQJQ . six' N t 1. 'S Tk 9 S Q X of Lf. . R. Smith ,Q ' ii ,gg 4 9 WK 'Q , . 55116 L I X B f .,. 1 Y file A33 + K. L Lf? iz Q Q. K, 'ir J 323 P. Sullivan R. Svendsen 'l'. Trapp . - , ' ,I ' 15322222 f Euhseli. . -lu ff, 2.2:-. , , i ,. ,,, . 5, N ,V . LA ! QMQQXW iii , ts. 3 A, k .,..: -. ff f V I. VCDZOII L vogi 66 G. Shurtz . Q' , x 13 5 . ab f L E , . -' we S Y 1, 'iff' Gi li" '1'. Smith E. SICIIIE 'Y fi l - 2 . . . S 1 . Q. V . E S W , 4,4 11. iw 'il iii J .11 J ...da ., - ' "VL ' 'F Jlvifiyig-1".x.' A. Speck 1A1.'f?M? . .,.,m ig F511 ' 5 1 . K l S Q Q, it f ,QS S ,K W f45E5ff?iJ?fg. i fvili' if . 91, C. E. Webber 2. A 1 ' sl . Q! 4f 4? .1 . . g --gs, f M ff A' x, J, . .L , R. Weitaeli A B. Williams L. Smith . IF. fuk. '22 1 , W Mm .gk V I .. x ' 2 J . Spindle! D. Waugh B. Wesllake , . . 5 . M ' ,- B. Willard M. Volz ..- wf in - . p ,FI 7, A- 'K W?W'i A3f'7 , T 'F r :gi :F f Q 5 i 2 Z ri 1 3 1 f. -K' ' 5 P3 an In B. Westlake C. White Sophomore Honor Students Ioyce Best, Dolores Pfister, Nancy Mcxceiield, and Ioanne O Nexll lst Row: G. Sutter, C. Raschid, D. Magness, J. Murray. 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Row: R0 w Ro W R ow Freres, R. Haddigan, M. Kenny, G. Lamprechl. Ferre, J. Kimmel, R. Meisenheimer, K. Benisch . Cromer, A. Rashid, B. Geier, E. Byrne. . Mauser, J. Fulton. 1 Ol - if 5 ll s a ll. Sophomores If '.v:z Y L Z zi' l B , V " ' Z E, '2A':i 5 J B If ' -,,i K V Y V Vyykl " i l A k rk zzls, i-w' W. ,, 2. . 'V A fx" A7 ,. K: , F! 'B I N K K kr ,X .4 in l .i,. K If x , V I I ff.,. I . ,, N , A .Ati :X fu . f . ,,f..,.1 Q P. Agutucci M. A'I-learn I. Anderson I. mais A ,F by R ,Q- M fl' an 'iff' ,. X , s . L,.Vi W., Xi-' K W 1 fx ,H l k QA ' ' . . W, . V,Q , My B n . tA,L, - , ' lf' H ysm sl e f B mea - B y .lll 1 '- D' Argus V 3 B 4"l ,flliiyj D. Buckes K . ,lr .. 1. .. M. Bailey l- Burrow M. Bartholomew I. Becker I 5 .V VV .A R 'L . V V , ".7 ,. QQ!! -5 M. K. I. I. I. Win I' A Af- jfx-3 Jn 'LJ' fi: .Q 'V Inu 1 1 N -Q 5 xx C. Bell Benlsch Berninger Berry Best 42. rf.: I 1... . gnc' 'lf L Q .QB if Q. 'M - .9 .s L. Best M. Bienemcn I. Birdoes B. Bishop I. Bledsoe X W P7 68 f Yfiiffq "ii ,.'. K , . Win , f , - .53 H . JM. fg J' ,, 1 W .i , B "7-'P'l..' ,a I f we 1. Y, . 4:1 R. Bollinger I. Bourscheidt M. Brennan R. Bresnahun H. Brushwiller S, , ll, , I 5 nr in B fl- .,,,. ,, ' B il.. A T ,af 1 ei . B3 M' " ,f.av-- fm' fi- . , . 4 4 f 5A W T 25 4 .t-423. A P I Qlv, fy 1. . Kofi 4 B 57 bfi ,, ,V .W , , " , ' t Q 92: kv Q5 5? 'T' Q- I yggw . f f, 43 ll, . M. Buslcley E. Byrne I. Curr C. Currigan T. Cassidy if W 1 M .ww W f: L: 21 ' ke, Hifia, ' if V t A. Cerre Coyle . Cremer Cronan L. Cushing 11, Z sm T. Dwyer 1,- S0ph0m01'BS M L .ar g Q L X A L D I 'J if , W if' iv I ata? y 2 1 'A E 1 .- .si -. L fl sh P 9 .. ca L 1 5 i - ' F ff-fi" 5 'if . .Ii ,g H 1 S' "Q" A in F-f 1. 1 NLE. A 22 '.S.:,j -' Ll 'F' 4 ' ':""' , K' 3,5 .pr - , f, . K Y Ne- K , .. j Q f -fe ' A :. ""' V mga 'H' - qw- 'L A' QM S' fe- F.. cg, 4 F . , L D W r 1, A -igj L' S I 2 an "' Z ' S+ D K r ,g f - L 5 L W .LiQC"' R . , . f FE 'S' Mbir. F W i D L Q A q ' or -- .- -r F fi? 'Vi' ,gf ' F. f . - ., L-si ' igxfrf Mfr.. , , L . . Q G, 'S . 1 lk 6 Lmh L 5 I 1 l fn' -3 'B , B. Dodd D- Dellofh , W . P Deh -inf 1. , . I- Dolen - m X L x 14- ' I. Donnelly C- Deflflntl SW , ' A L A , W . D ' ,fl L -W - I nes W. Donnelly R- D91'SCh . K 4: I. Driscoll 1 W., - F 5? L- Dugdrd L , n. . f . Q. ' ' K e I. Dunne w'Wa mfmv QmvqW.Mw l'll gf' ,rf F A N - gwgigl... ., . 4 R ,, 46, . S. All F 1 W wa . gg. 3 Il. l-lappach M. Hermes B. lflessling 1. Heyd B. Houlihan f .fi-x wr:-'G IQ- 1 .. rm 1 1 if' J 'F mm' K f if 4' .Sn R. Haddigan M. Hagan I. Hahn I. I. Hanley I. R. Hanley I. Feres I. Fulton B. Geier I. Godar M. Goetz R. Fagan M. Farris M. Feeney ll. Ferre D. Firmand S. Entringer L. Evans M. Ewing I. Fagan ff-f 2 Y EAR5 L l V SENnoRvn.n.E .ny 1 I 69 lf X l , .- Sophomores K EQ W, L 5 L 2 A K -- ' 4' , ...A , V M , "'k 5' K P A f l 'k . 5 "' 'W . - A k.,, 3: K , . , f i , . g S. 'V ' . A in IS F P -- 'LL,.. . . ' sigff 'i K ' 1 K :' A , K , - . I- 7 ky ':5. ,A jliww z 1 If . .-gags ' M , L,.i f H ' L'.L fi 'X K I K f if Q K A . . , y W 'L F .-if . . , K fi , Wm" fi i - r ,. X 4 k fl A i hi ' I L ' A V . K . 1 3 - ' 1 ,KW 4 K1 .252 WS. I. Hurley Z .. In .f,x'L"".,, 'Mi D Keenan ff e ij I. Hurley ' ' Y' - I- Ionian R. Kelly - l fa In Ioseph M. Kemmer P. Kennedy T 7' 1, X ,E f -2. 673' l .X. M. Kenny M. Kenny M. Kerwin A. Kettenring I. Kimmel I. King E. Kirchgessner S. Klein B. Knox f J Tj , ,. rm- . . ., ,- .. . 'M 51? K .,-XA j f - ,-'k - Q .h . we wa Q A ,,.K, , ii ' k Xa'-x f 35.5 nf' -, " 'iiwiifri' In V . - , 5 . V fl' :wi 'i l ' f ' A TL ww 'U' as di 'Q ,,..Z,. - . '25 1"- if 12 . - If f . s ' "ii : - .f w ie B. Kocher R' Lenewuy N. LuBarr D Lewis H' Lummd H. Lindgren G. Lumprecht L. Lord M- I:""9"" E. Lyle L I A dl.-3. yu lrfeiiffge- l 1 ",' ir ,'?7'1::" . . .c I A I A fziif A :ef ff , . A 1 3 i, . . Q--M. K f ge: 1- nn. 1. 1 if , J - s L .Q f 1 Ms 52 3 AB V, A Till " ""4U"S. L3eif7.i: " 'fm , x 'as - nw 5' 2 1 , , ' -sf -, . . ' y wsffii .23 ' ' . 1 fi H 'S " -if5,Z'35' - W 2" H S575::?'fJ -1 wii ? it R. Lyon D. McGurek P. McCormick I. McLaughlin P. McFarlane C- MCMUTH-IS " W. McGcu'ry N. Maceiield -X I 1 H ff T 70 I. McGuire I- MUg9i0 if, , Ai is f I 1 ,A W1, 8.45.- K'-+x,ffs.-. X r is.-sf. 'xf,.. "' v J IJ V ' ' WMI' I H Iii I '- E .. I J x 5 qimigf, 53. 65, , ,, Q I Q GL .3 h' . , A ' 'Q iff' I ' ... , s S 1 ' - Mads ,, .V X , ' I V' H ' "M 1 WI J I 3 im? Ag ii N... f ' 1 .f l . 'W we re Pzfl -:-+ , A-my x xja- 6, I, , K 'fi ' I ' t L H ' l , ., ,wx Q . .--n i f-Q I Is I M -' I E ,. , . Q- ,I-if is A 1 I .zf 'S I he I ' I -5' K I jk I X L W. Manning i .5 f i? D' Mmkle .V V',- gy :mg - R Meisenheimer M. A. Mau ' ' 'JS B' Metz Ii. Mauser We A? I, E 1 I . Michael , , I Q ,L,LL - E. Michels W., K . 3, , rin A ., 'H I - ima , " . f 7- . . f' ' Vi I .1-is ' 1 E LI I , 1111. I Q. S A A I xx. Mncneu ' V D. Mohr ' 1 D. Menu I Ailn JI M .,- C. Rashid 1. Rlans I. Rlcxns P. Richmond R. Ritschel I. Pinkham M. Pinneo M. Powell L. Hahn M. I. Rakestruw E. 0'Connor I. 0'Neill I. Page M. Peplow M D. Pfister M L. Murray Nachtrieb Nevin Newcomer M. Oakley R. Mounts M. Muller O LL f ge' tr... . .2 gf. . L.. Ll-I 'S , -.X e. ,. w M .wu- 325 is efejfg , A N Q V. . .gave 'L 46- Yk -Q is 'R' 'fwfr g , D. I. P. P. Magness Mahoney Mallicoat Munn , .J .W '5 -x Q 1 it . if f Sophomores fw ' , , GJ' 7 :'l3:if: Q I 1 . Ag"-" ' , P V we Y C f' w We . -,114 W l . . S I 'k'V K I ,E .QSM ig fyk, :i . 2. 1 ' . ,k-. K ' . 514' i ,'L,, 7 522255 '.,'. . -", . ,,... W, Y R ., if f,ZV ,T Vz, , V K .V , .:..v -. . A ll K M . ' - Ak '1 iw .3 ., -f X " f N m" ' ' D' ROQY M. Schlosser L1 !" T K, Y' in T "k K K fi G- Ryfm c. Schmid: ' 'Q' ' . . L- Sain! M. E. shea . Jfefif E' . 1. AZIA A jf? T.Sch1ehuber G. shemas . , S l m, f 3 ' . - js 52,35 1 W' . f ",, ' L,:A M, , 'm'k S -K S' Shephard M. Spulnhower K i J E. Shosie W- Smmm Q if 59 B' smith w. seein Smith X' K' I' C. Stenger . '. , ' I. Spuinhower I. Sunderland J Vx M X 'W I . .W lx , X Q5 1 U . , I QD 1 72 G. Sutter C. Vanscxghi B. Svymbersky I. Vespa C, Tfqcy I. Vonuchen R. Tracy R- Waugh M. Trinder 1 , N Pictures not available f A. Rashid ' l , I. Reising 1-. A '7-f.. , . .. - n l . . .. ... 1 Q 1, ,.. g W --:, igg X x i 511 .. N V,k V ,A V, A .A E Q ..... . m ,.... A H X 1 A -. P. Weghorst L. Wilson P. Whalen P. Winkelmann R. Whalen I. Yunkouski V. Wiesemunn S. Zcmg Freshmen Honor Students Virginia Coogan. Marty Biefderbeck, Eileen Meyer, Norma Barrett, Leonce Vachon, and Patricia Keenan lst Row: J. Tedford, R. Denton, R. Nelson, F. Cicciarelli, D. Tyler J. Yerby, E. Rusciolelli. 2nd Row: G. Martin, M. Nauer, A. Zeibonia, M. Harney, G. Rennn H. Alvan, G. Williams. fird Row: D. Grawey, J. Kimmell, D. Powers, W. Meyer, D. Stenstrom E. Ferre, L. Devlin. 4th Row: P. Bourdereaux, M. McAli51Q1-, R, Poppen, R, Geier, 5th Row: G. Bullock, J. Speck, G. Spaeth, G. Nibbelin, E. Murphy M. Baer. w'37i'5i1i?i wg ...N K I 1 X X J .2 r i f 9 'W as f""'w- Clas of '52 QW my Nff S X 'w rw mg? 'PNK W5 ww., L EQ X I KYZWQ 'lf' " x we we lst row 2nd row E. A'l-learn C. Alig M. Bailey S. Ball I. Berninger W. Bertolero W Boyer S. Brady G. Bullock B. Byrne A. Cleary P. Connolly I. Dempsey B. Denton 74 3rd row 4th row 5th row 6th row 7th row Alvarado H. Alwan D. Anthony . Armata Armitage Barrett R. Barth N. Bassett . Basso Baylor Cain V. Coogan M. Biederbeck Birmingham Bour F. Conway D. Dini P. Corlett . Briggs Brown Devlin I. Dolan . Cramer Caldwell . Duggard Cicciarelli Ebel 8th row M. Baer R. Behrens P. Bourdereaux S. Bulger R. Curley D. Cusack C. Eisele -11- -ve lst Row C. Evans I. Yranzgrote M. Gollner P. Grimm W. Harding M. Hietter G. Humphery Y-N., mf M 2nd Row Everett I-'rericks Grawey Hagegnann Harney Hoerdemann Hurst -Q 3rd Row E. Ferre I. Gccsper 11. Greenway R. Hoerdemann M. Hurst Class of '52 we hm fw 5' F 3 1653 G. 4 47 vnu w-N., 4th Row Ferrius Gaul Greil Hoerr Iohnson il NS. I A 3 A Sth Row 1 Flynn R. Geier N. Hoffman I. Ioseph Sth Row Forke Gibson Harris Hagan Kurpowicz 7lh Row Frakes Gilles Grimm Hanczmecm Heinz Houlahun Kasky Sth Row Franzgrote Gilles Grimm Hanlon Hansel Huguencrrd Keenan l 75 lst Row M. L. Keefe M. A. Klammes M. Lesch I. Mackowai M. Marie I. Maynard T. Molitor 76 .pu-.R fi' 2nd Row Kelly Konvalinka McA1ister Malone Martin Me-chan Murphy Class of '52 fx.. 3rd Row Kelly Koscoban P. Masters Milton Murphy ,.. to if 'X ,1- L 4th Row R. Kelly I. Kcteles M. Menlce I. Murray 5th Row R. Kelly A. Lawless G. McConnell 1. Merrill S. Murray Sth Row M. Kelso I. Lawrence B. McGava A. Manning M. I. Metz I. Nau I. I. M G. T. E. M. 7th Row Kimmel Leary McGrath Maras Maushard Meyer Nauer I. H. R. E R. W I. Sth Row Kitlan Leighton McKinnie Marcille Maybanks Meyer Nauman ' aff 'A M wwf -,wi an fm? . tml .1 N ,Q 5 1 R Class of '52 fgggg 7 ... . - S ' " e ' - .. Ll 4' , l W S N i if - 54 ' i g 4-J ap.. l ' 'TF 'wf -- K . ' , . f :Q- . I .. i 1 ,F 7 , . :wk-uri ' . ' -, ' " t, tl Ev!-. is ' 1: 11" ' s l ' ' is Qbigsi . we-Wi x lE w.- '15 an 335155 .1I, .m mik S y t ' A , ','- tl' ' -iriff 1 ' ' ' ' . st- , - d lQ?EruFgg?!j:h if it "'L ' N 9 3 ' W P 7ki5E-it- .QQS5 "f' 7 ,, J ii" Q'ffQQ?2i-f i: f :Fi , A 2 ' at . gl. , f ' f 1 . 'W R, ' if ,. ' P. it , Y if Y . X ' i 1 1 L S .HH .4 up to F ..- k ,W H 'Q-T..".:"' lst Row D. Nelan P. Paris . Powell . Rodriguez P. Sanderson P. Shater E. Sheridan We Q X f as sly -N 0 M 'dnl Row Nelson Pegg Powers Rogers Santo Schmitt Shields at '59-me 'fffi-:fx 359' , tw ki syggtgy 5 Q51 5 :E?iEgq. ' .y gm of f S l 1. ?!,i 5 -,?HLwTugwA 3 i gg'-qi ,K fs "4 A l , Al l I nv J l - .. 3rd ltow 4th Row 5.h Row 6th Row . Nelson G. Nibhelin D. Norton M O'Nei1 . Pelz D. Peters M. Peterson B. Phillips . Hahn B. Ramp M. Schwartz A Sanzotta . Schmitz S. Schreiber D. Smith P. Swartz . Simms C. Skotnicki G Smith 1-N--we meg ,Q . sg, -S sr: S , A A 415' -if J - ,fm ' 2 nnns 52:51. S S W swf- f'... Q iilsi l , M... , .4 S, g G ,gf 1 P M . 3 W ,E 7th Row R. Orth R. Poppen G. Remm E. Husciolelli B. Schaiper M. Schwerer M. Smith I. M M I. E. T. G. 8th Row Osborn Potter Ritschel Salter Schierer Shanahan Spaeth 77 Class of '52 'VRF ww CV we-ra-Q fa, r'7 5' ITN. 249 W ' x f x f lst Row Speck Tedford Wallach Whalen Williams 78 2nd Row I. Speck N. Trompeter M. Wamholdt M. K. Whalen I. Williams 3rd Row 4th Row Sth Row Sth Row 7th Row I. Speener B. Stanfeld D. Stenstrom M. Slephens M. Stumborg I. Truitt D. Tyler N. Vachon L. Vachon D. Vititow R. Wilson S. Ward D. Weers W. Weicherding M. Whelan C. Widmer I. Yerby w--V 8th Row A. M. Taylor . Vogel . Weitzel Will A. Zerbonia Si -If f- QL, Wei' Q I . 9 Q . .. Q 1 .N ' Z' 1 ii.-.W . i T . 9 ' .I . X 1 W.. .. avsraranr 11915-'Q 1 2Y"f"Y f gga..wgQf. ' H I I .5 + M? 1. ig ' 4 sum 1 , ...,.,., K A . .WSL f , .M...m,,..V, l W. . ,. I .L T .. E75 'ifzz .xg va . . 1 S I ,Q 3. sw AW IWW 1 0 ,A . .. V E 'A 2 Q . J wi , . , .s 1 1 -menu wigs Jnvnsauf -W'-A .ei Y ,wesfzmllli I mf 155,55 r 4-Mr . gf,- ,E -swf S Retreat Rev. I. McCarthy Rev. Godfrey Pocrge, C.P 's Q-.Ns Retreat Conterencef With Father Poage At The Academy THE ACADEMY OIVIPHCT Each nionth this diligent, stall' publishes THE ACAD- EMY COMPACT, a paper which truly mirrors the Acad- emy girl. .si- l J P . 1' f-. l Qi 1 ' 'Z' ig. fl A A 0 1' X .. ,WMM um EDITORIAL STAFF X X hh" Seated: E. A. Ray, Alice Weiss, Managing Editor, Mary Ann dl White, Editor-in-Chief, M. Crowley, R. Donnelly. Standing: D. Saylor, J. Tedford, P. Heir, J. Tomhlin, Margie Cos- tello, Associate Editor: R. Dietsch, C. Babcock. S2 BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Rita Seiz, Adrienne Jescky, Eleanor Marme, Busi- ness Manager. Standing: Virginia Giltner, Patricia A. Murray, Mary Ann Heyd, Pat Fagan, Mary J. O'Laughlin, Mary Ann VVard, Circulation Manager, Mary K. Flynn, Advertising Man- ager. ,QQ ew R, Qzgwiz 6arba.ta, .Nauet rnzsmnr M mfg -vim Q , " " q r nF1?.1:X I 5: M , , V Marilyn x0 Joan 1 ' Jflfilsnj at geminjcf g ' X f ' 7 Haviqjd learned new ways off ' f ,pfvpdgafirlgi school spirif and STU- :A?" . 4 ' M-wa1,,, dem' leadership by fheir aftendance M A ' : M Aeim' 31 sfafe STudenT Councif conven' emi., qw A V Q J , ,.. W ' 'Q' as 5' 'F E 'Q bug A Qs 2 sux by spearheadm school dnves and tions, fhcsc garfs excmplcfzedfex Sfudenf governmervl' af The Academy by supervssm hailway traffnc and other adrsvmes -9 Donnci Peters fulnng .wxafsc 7 Kcttcnrinj .!alcen.ffllevfva 2 I ' Dolores Pfister 83 15 1 The Art Class is busy making posters to advertise the Operetta. Principals for the second cast, in the Operetta are: tforegroundh- MARY ANN HEYD, Frederick, ROSIE DONNELLY, Mabel, MARY KAY FLYNN, Major General, NANCY MEEHAN, Pirate King. tBaCkgroundJ SHIRLEY KFJMP, Ruth, LORRAINE AIMONE and JOANNE GRAWEY, Edith. Engrossed in a Card game are the Pirates - Lyndell Grawey tforegroundh, Doris Van Pelt, Betty Smith, Rita Seiz, Joan Johnson, Pat Murray. Standing: Carol O'Connor, Sallie Whelan, Rita Pegg, Ruth Sehold, Rita Scoones. ",,'1'X so ,Q , .ta 'N- as 550: cz 4 E, B "Yes, Forward On The Foe," shout the vigilant policemen. Left to Right: Barbara Nauer4Sergeant Police, Judy Tomblin, Joanne Tedford, Do- lores Kratzert, Donna Schmidt, Rosemarie Short, Theresa Johnigk, Mary Lou MCGann, Pat Herr, Pat Hafele. H5 Principals for the first Cast, are: Fore- groundl--Therla Aaron-Frederic-k, Carol Babcock-ff-Ruth, Eleanor Marme - Pirate King, Diane Kinney-Mabel, Mary Jane O'l.aughlinf-'Major General, Lyndell Gra- wey Sam. General Slanley's lovely daughters were played by: Front Row, left to right: Margie Costello, Emily Ann Ray, Mary Ann Ward, Ann Hoerdemann, Margie White. Back Row: Patsy Fagan, Sheila Hobin, Virginia Giltner, Charlotte Franzgrote, Mary K. Gifford, Mary Kelly, Pat Grimm, Rosie Dietsch. Home Economics 'AA stitch in time saves nine!" is the thought of these busy seanistresses - J. Big- gens, B. Ewing, M. Morrissey, M. A. Fuchs, M. Karpowicz, and P. Ferguson. S6 A scene from the Home Economics kitchen. Left to Right: J. Powell, N. Barrett, N. Vachon, M. Hurst, S. Everett, and S. Brady. SewingfC1ass I-lud1oV1sual Displaying their posters for CATHOLIC PRESS MONTH are the following Art, stu- dents: E. A. Ray, B. J. Greil, N. Bollingcr, D. Petvrs, D. Cu- szlvk, M, A. Si'llEV0l'PI'. S7 MISSION REPRESENTATIVES Getting together c a n n e rl goods to make Christmas bas- kets sent by the Catholic Chali- ties are the Mission Represen- tatives: lst Row: M. Powell, R. Short. 2nd Row: M. A. Bccklielrl, S. Bulger, T. Shryock, N. Harker, M. J. Vogel, K. Lallood. 3rd Row: M. A. Kelly, P. San' derson, J. Heyd, V. Giltner, and R. Fagan. The Missions "The Sacred Heart for the Worldg The World for the Sacred Heart." With his motto to spur them on, the students of the Academy take an active part in the Missions. This Mission spirit is especially manifested through the generous contributions in the ransorning ot' pagan babies and in the selling of Christmas seals. Meetings are held for the entire student body to inspire missionaries to continue their work in the winning of souls for Christ. MISSION OFFICERS The Mission officers are delighted to get Father Poage's autograph on his own pamphlets. They are Dolores Peters, treasurerg secretaryg Connie Heidewald, Alice Weiss, vice-presidentg and Mary Ann Heyd, presi- dent. S8 t Poiltificalffrew lst Row: T. Murray, P. Bourderaux, E. Russiolelli, J. Ardis, J. Kinnnel, J. Von aah en. 2nd Row: T. Cassidy, J. Mollon, J. MOConnOll, K, Olson, Rvv, R. Pfxlors, J. Vaughn, J. Ferlman, and R. Caldwell. 'Q Mary Kelly is talking over the Public- Addrvss Sysioin und:-r tho supervision ol' Sister Agnes Bernard. The Public: Address System was installed through the as- sistanve ol' the Mothers' Guild and also from the pro- ceeds of tho Operolla and the magazinv drivv. SU lVIother's Page . "" 1 " YA S 'f . 1: Rctg W 12 lr EWR' " J . 53.5 Officers of the Mothers' Guild are Mrs. W. Kratzert, Mrs. W. Sul- lix in, Mrs. J. Buckley, and Mrs. R. Murphy, Some of the Mothers and Daughters at the Silver Tea are: Seated: Mrs. J. Giltner, Mrs. M. MCGann. Standing: Pat Verbecke, Mrs. H. Donnelly, Mrs. H. Franzgrote, Joanne Claspell, Betty Geier, Mrs. F. Grawey, Mrs. A. J. Wissing, Mary Lou MOGann. iff! illff. H' -39, Mfg' 5 nip ly ff YW 7' lf y J lin, 'il lwlfff"M 5 1? 1 " a ' ,S 5. X.: mr' lf y Much appreciated is Club which has chosen Address System. Their covered dish luncheons, Recollection, as Well as ers and Daughters. ll. the Work of the Mothers' as their project, the Public many activities include the card parties, and the Day ol' the banquets for both Moth- Sociology Club A GROUP OF SENIORS CAROLING FOR THE SISTERS ON CHRISTMAS EVE Guadalupe Club "Some Like lt, High .... " J. Johnson, D. VanPelt, T. Morris, P. Murphy, P. Sullivan, M. Rahn, R. Bishop, J. Crahan, D. Saylor, M. Kirwan, R. Sapp, M. J. O'Laughlin, R. Sebold, P. Kemmer, J. Grawey, S. Whelan, D. Kinney, M. L. McGann, P. Murray, S. Kemp, M. A. Heyd, M. Karpowicz, M. A. Ward, M. Kelly, D. Kelvh. ish works. Sitting: S. Kemp, M Smith, R. Bour, G. Baer non, and E, Slane. Standing: J. Seei, M Donahue, B. Burthell, B Metz, J. Rossmun, A. M Gunthner, P. Weiss, D Kratzert, J. Monroe, M Vollz, M. Rahn, R. Svhrler P. Connolly. The Spanish Club is ad- miring the various Span- M. Coch, J. Bulger, E. Can- I Al Al TEN HIGH BowLEns 1st Row: T. Aaron, M. Kerwin, R. Sebold, J. Grawey, P. Kenimer. 2nd Row: J. Best, M. Ricca, J, McCann, B. Ksycki, and J. Eaton. '92 Circling around Joan Berninger to find out High-point Players are: J. Best., E. Kirchgessner, C. Dammann, M. Healing, M. A. Franzgrote, and J. O'Neil. Listening to instructions given by the gym teacher, Miss Tracy, are: iclockwisei J. Dunne, R. Bresnahan, L. Dugard, M. A. Buckley, B. Hessling, and E. Kirchgessner. is Q5 H? W NationalHonor Society NATIONAL L 44 HONOR SOCIETY Q it N V P- -..., Q- 1 x 1, wx Y' ' 5 Membership in the NZIHOUZII Honor Society, based upon out- standing scholzlrship, C'llZll'8.f'T6l', leadership and service has been con- ferred by the Fnc'ult,y ol' the Awiderny ol' Our Lady upon the follow- ing girls: 'C lst, Row: R. Donnelly, D. Opdyc-ke, C. Baumgardner, M. I.. MCGann, 2nd Row: M. A. White, S. Kemp, P. A. Murray, S. Whalen. 3rd Row: N. Bollinger, B. Nziuer, J. Grnwey, P. Murray, M. J. Coo- per, T. Johnigk, C. Babcock. In my lie w J May Queen L 1 l 1 H in c Q , yffvsexa- , 1 ifiagqzg, :1 1, sm. V , 'F Y xiii ' We me - r fa , ai' sm :swf 5323559 .ge-L, f ..,-:n. HQ , W A -SSLQET K7? -iw? K 7 " r, y,gj it 524' f,,aQff.w Wi , , . f ,. Ni., - :12f.LE',gffff1LJi Zi at , ivggiim. -:s.i..,,f W : ,J RB - " , . ERI' it ,ff gl i, 1215 ' .L Q -, g: sy - .f ' '- i , E e ,vll 5?,5EE. ,,A, -'FL Q ff 5 1 7- X' -f , , . inf- -.1 - WILA: Ie: .:sa215f.E:v IZ 3, it milk' - if' 'ifffziif 2 'i i - Ji i if v if rm Q ' if R i 1 gi fi .V :M :X -vim , wi!-Y : , , .-. Us z Q .,. 4.1.1-1 -.J M 11 - ,gvffgffil Q ' 1 HE:-11, ff i s ' ' fl?f'g2Q"3,f UQ' 1 75- 'TQHELW1 'I ' u"'?N' L i" :s-f-,:,p',Ji1:ii.. fslhllfw ,fiiif 53 T ' H 'f" A'1z':2" ' , ,jg5SW,,g fl , , ,- .. A 151239, ,li I . " Yiwiiihf, I- ' if Q, V ' ' ,j3j'.'f'- '. 1 ,'s"?5"7"? One of the highest honors which can be conferred on any Senior is that oi being chosen to reign as May Queen. Showing herself as a possessor of those characteristics of a true child of Mary, ROSEMARY DONNELLY, because of her spirituality, kindness, and simplicity, has been chosen Lo '74 crown our Blessed Lady on May Day. Academy Girl M i t-if X jx E? axial M iw M ,w"- f elt t "' 5 T '-riiifffiir ft i by students and A high honox indeed is the esteem of one's fellow students. The highest rating Faculty ol' the Avadeniy in loyalty, leadership, personality, cooperation, and spiritual qualities deter- mines the vhoice of the Academy Girl. MARY ANN HEYD is the deserving revipient ot' this outstand- ing award. w May Queen I-lnd Court Seated: R. Rogers, R. Hoerdemann, Connie Baumgardner. Queen: R. Donnelly, Prefect. Standing: H. Martin, Sec'y., C. Londuyt, P. Bender, J. Williams, J. John- son, M. Crawley, Vice Pref., M. A. Buckley, M. Franzgrote, Treas., M. Murphy, D. Cusack, M. Ricca, S. Klein, M. Trinder. P r o m s ACADEMY SPALDING Ianet Bulger and Gerald Cusack Barbara Williams and Lee Hammond R,-rf Mwrtwmx CHRISTMAS PAGEANT ln a portrayal of the ever-delightful story of the Nativity, we find Eleanor Mai-me as Mary and Alice Weiss in the role of Joseph. HOMEMAKING Trying their "home - making" skill on Mrs. Paul's little children are Carol O'Connor and Rita Scoones. SHUTTERBUGS Interested in the outcome of the pictures they are developing are the officers of the Photography Club: Lyndell Grawey, secretaryg Barbara Nauer, presidentg Mary Angela Venzon, treasurerg Theresa Johnigk, vice-president. RED CROSS Joanne MC'GZ1HH, Maureen Mui'- phy, and Betty McLaughlin are listening to the Red Cross repre- sentative explain tho plans for the fllxlrilwution nl' Red Cross posters. SCHOLA This Group Sings The Proper of the Mass Every First Friday lst Row: I.. Beal, D. Dvllolli, D. Kev- nan. 2nd Row: G. Dentino, M. A. Feeney, M. H01'z1s, M. Barllmloinrwv, A. M. Kel- tunring. 3rd Row: J. Dunn, M. A. Biononiann, J. Barrow, J. Best., N. l.uBux1'. 4th Row: J, Jordon, M. Ewing, S. Klein, J. Berninger, R. Bresnahan. 5th Row: B. Km-her, P. Mc'Cormic-k, J. Smith, P. Kennedy, I.. Duguro. 6111 Row: G. Baer, M. A. Buckley, P. Aggalum-Oi, M. Kirwan, H. Bushweiler. FRENCH CLUB Looking in on an eager French Class we seo N. Bollinger, J. Tedford, T, Aaron, C. B11 lm cor' lc. End Row: M. A. Arnold, M. Hvssling, A. NVviss, :md D. Wissing. 'lfl Peoria's Voice of Democracy' "Home Was Never Like This," a delightful comedy, was presented in the Acad- emy Auditorium the last week in April. Members of the cast are: tFront Row? Joe Kelly, Joanne Grawey, Marikaye Flynn, Tony Cichoke. tSecond Row! Jack Wink- elmann, Mary Ann Ward, Bob Clancy, Carole Babcock. tThird Row? Judy Tomblin, Alice Weiss, Jack Adams, Sallie Whelan. tllast Row? Thecla Aaron, Jack Ritschel, Fritz Hoerde- mann, Eleanore Marme. Tom Tully was not present when the picture was taken. IUU Alice Weiss, winner of the "I Speak For Democracy" contest, records her speech on the "Recordio," recently purchased for re- cording purposes in academy speech classes. Interested members of the Speech class in the background are Mary K. Gifford, Judy Tomblin and Pat Herr. Senior Class Play ga if . it '73T"u'7Ci 'W 'K ' iT,f""?i' ' ""' ,gi I A 5.-Q .LV -9 .Z , . , I W . . TQ ' . ' ' .Li LIBRARY OFFICERS T. Slirync-k, Sc-Crotmy C. Dnmmunn, Treasuier D. Kmtzt-it, Vice-Pros. S. Raising, Preiiidvnt IUNIOR MISS AMERICANS Picft ured a b 0 V 0 before lf-:wing on Z1 must Onjoyulmlo tiip to St. Louis ure: Ii. Svhuuh, Ii. Smith, E. Mernu, Doivn, J. Coogan, M. Donu- van, D. Kim-Iigessneiy J. Svoi, M. FI'2lf1ZgI'0i,G, D. Adams, R. Peterson, L. Herron, Reis- ing, N. Antunini, T. Sliryoc-la. In the bus arv: R. Sc'hiQi'm', P. Wisv, C. Kirwan, J. Bulger, :md E. Sianv. Lihrarizins who assist Sis- ter iX'iz1i'c-izt, iihrarizin, ure: P. Hn.f01:', E. Ray, P. Hvrr, C. D5iuniga1'c1nei'. dan, D. Monti, N. lvlucotiold, M. Pepluw, NI. Bum-klc-y, A Weiss, J. Smith, M. Koeley V. Giit,nf'r, and J. Rvrninger. itll Sc.-ated: L. Best, M. White, Standing: R. Fagan, J. Jor- SpeechClub lst Row: C. Karl, T. Tully, D. Meyer, J. Cramer, K. Olson, J. Kelly, J. Keefe, G. Vaughn. 2nd Row: R. Pelelas, P. Sullivan, A. Cichoke, D. Ketehmark, D. Hard, T. Hazelhursl, J. Winkelmann, G. Whalen, W. Craig, J. Heeg, E. Dries, W. Keenan. Speaking: R. Clancy. lst Row: W. Craig, R. Pelelas J. Koteles, G. Whalen, J. Kelly 2nd Row: C. Karl, R. Kumpf, A. Clchoke, D. Ketchmark. 3rd Row: D. Grimm, W. Green J. Adams, E. Dries. 4th Row: D. Meyer, J. Heeg D. Schlink, R. Clancy, J. Keefe 5th Row: J. Vaughn, J. Rupert W. Keenan, J. Powers. 103 1 1 G1eelC1ub Institute Staii Seated: G. Whalen, T. Jacquin, D. Ketchmark, J. Kelly, Co-Editor J. Keefe, Co-Editor, E. Dries, B. Karl, R. Pelelas. Standing: J. Winkelmann, R. Clancy, R. St. Germain, J. Heeg G. Vaughn, W. Craig, J. Ritschel, T. Tully, T. Eilers. Spalding Dance Orchestra lst Row: J. Weitzel, R. Wilson, E. Pollitt, J. Flores. 2nd Row: T. Trapp, R. Km-ppel, T. Farraher, J. Dolan, W. Craig, G. Hughes, D. Meyer. 3rd Row: J. HC-eg. 103 IOANNE HEINZ if Won First Place for her own composition, "Modern Sonata." Two Excellent Superior Rat- ings for playing at the National Federation of Music Clubs. MAUREEN MURPHY First Place in the Central Illinois Womcn's Ping-Pong Tournament. I I PAT MANN First Place Award for Essay on Vandalism-All-expense-paid trip to Chicago. 104 ERS ALICE WEISS 'F First Place Winner ol' the Pe-- oria "I Speak for Democracy" con- test. ii Highest Rating of all Players at a Nation-wide Contest at which she played the electric Hawaiian guitar. EILEEN MEYER at First Place Winner in the Jun- ior Division Ice Skating Contest. S Second Place Award for Essay on Conservation. K 1 3 ,g 3: K Q' 1 1 iw Mb. 22.31 Z ,, Q. Q - Q XL my :E W A U. QM F, 5 Z 5 'X in V 45 Si? iv ' -M., NMS. .Mu s, mg S: f w1,iv ' The A hlletis om: Sitting: R. Maurus, Ft. Thomas. Standing: Mr. Ennio Atboit, Fr. Sylvester, Mr. John Goonen. lX'l1'. Cilooncn, Z1 ncwcoinor to tht' coaching stuff :tlso couch ul. golf, which is lmccoining an increas- tucl fztculty of Spzilcliug, hails from thc class rooms ingly populzu' sport livrc :tt Slrztlcling. ot' Notre Dztmtt :tt South llcutl, lutl. While ztttcntl- K . ing' Notrc ljlllllt' hc hclcl 11 ptotuiucut position on In flu' Illlmllluml lciiliiillw',lmskdball ,WHS fh- tht' Notrc llzunt' lmztslqctlxtll stluztcl. llis athletic Iifictefl bf' lil' SNIWSYCI' :mfl Lffilfll Arlmlt' wllllc tlutics :tt Spztlcliug :uv exclusively lmztslcctlmztll. This lizltllw i'U'l'9-Q lwftflefl thc l'l'Wl'll5l' Mflsllsi is his first yt-:tr :tt lmotli toztcliiug :mtl coaching. tyltlml- tvctcl-'S tasliy HS Axthltxtic t3irQCU,,- dur- Qpztlcliug' is cxccptioiiztlly proutl of its ucw Cozlvli 11155 thy H1451 lmlf gf flux 'IIS-'49 Smsmqy was VCI-5 lmcczutsc he lcrl thc lr'sh into thc tiuztls of thc sccf 1-funincinorztlllc ztucl the lllilllj' clccisions put lmcfore llfJllIll,ZLlCl1tl'Zl1'Clj'Z1CCtJlllPllSllCtlIli Spztltling. l'uf hiiu were wiscly clertlt with. XVQ are confitlcnt l tlvt' the future gttirlztncc of Mr. flooncu, Spztlcliug' that without lts Cfforts, Spztlrliug' tczuus woulcl not tt-:uns will uucloulmtt-clly he :ts QVCZLI in lnztslcctlmztll hztvc het-u :tlmltx to out on tht- tint- showings which tg thot, 2l1'Qi11ftjtbtlj11ll, thcy clitl. 'l'ht- svconcl st-tucstci' of :tthlctics was Q i , , unclot' thc tlitccftiou of lfzttluli' Thomas, who hzts lfztthci' S5'lvt'sttfr,:1 typiciztl cxzuuplt' of Spztlcliiigg' dimct Uluzllh, WCM at this difficult Post. voxtcliiug, lecl his lmoys into that stzntc lwztsclnztll finztls. ' lfor thc lcngth ot' time that lrztsclmztll has lmccu Il MV- -Vlfffll Slilfflffl UWC litmflfflll 5Qfl9f'U Wllll 3 lllll-ltxl' sport at Strztlcliug, lit. Sj'lx't'stCi' hits intlcccl Sifllllllgill' 5l'l'9'Cll mum lllltlg H5 USUN- llmshml Wlth M.C,,lm,1iS1M.ft much. :tu Qiivutlwlc rt-coiitl 21llCl.2l ttuc stluzul. Thc- utlitlooli was at lmit unccrtzt n at tuna-s lmut the splentlul Spztlcl- lluring thc pztst suztson, l'lZl,tl'lt'l' Mztttrus, ztitlt-cl init- Spit-it that Img nlwgttg lit-t-11 typical tif jxflbtblt- lly VV. S5'lVCSf0I', WHl'liCll l1?ll'1l U1 Hilllit' the l'll'CHll' Coztchccl tc-:uns was cvcr prcsviit tlirougliout the gullli t'ootl'm:tll tczuu 21 success. lfnthcr Mzturus wits season. ltl6 Fighting Irish oi '49 1st Row: R. Happach, R. Manning, R. Willard, G. Cusack, J. Hanahan, C, Norman, A. Bartold, R. Pretty, R. Judd, J. Donlan, C. Vansaghi, E Jacobs, manager. 2nd Row: E. Morrissey, Mgr., E. Fox, J. Uran- ich, J. Ingold, A. Cichoke, P. Manning, J. g i Schlicksup, W. Green, R. Kumpf, R. Flocken, P. Lawless, J. Yonkouski, J. Spindler. 3rd Row: L. Hammond, F. Rettig, R. Gifford, J. Donnelly, D. Schlink, W. Cashman, J. D6Cl'9lll6l', G. Cullen, D. Beck, J. Durnin, T, Williams, D. Mathews, Coach Ennio Arboit. Spalding Football Greeting Coach Ennio Arboit at the start of the football season last fall were five returning lettcrmen and a large turn- out ol unseasoned prospects. Losing 16 lettermen by gradua- tion and tackle Dan Kelly by ineligibilitv. Coach Arboit had a great amount of work ahead of him. Even though they were inexperienced and outweighed every game. the boys made up for it with their fighting spirit. Although their re:ord was not quite the usual Spalding standard as in recent years, it is still a credit to the boys and their coach that they should finish the season with such a fine re:ord of 5 - 3 - 1. At the end of the season Bob Manning was elected Honor- ary Caotain and Cliff Norman was elected Most Valuable Player by their teammates. Manning was also named as quar- terback and Norman as guard on the All-City first team. Mak- ing the second tean were: on the line. Junior Center Lee Hammond, Tackle Bill Green and End lack Schlicksup, in the baclctield. Iunior Halfback Bobby Iudd and Fullback Bob Kumpt. 107 W ,... is 4 Eid. Bob Iudd Is Pulled Down By a Trinity Tackler Bob Kumpf Starts a Long End Run Against as Bob Kumpf 1803 and lim Uranich look on the Trinity Saints Adam Bartolo fCa:pt.j Y iw! , Q A mi. W MQW' Spalding Crushes Trinity In Opener, 35 To 7 Starting slowly. but picking up speed as the game progressed. Spald- ing's Irish rolled to an impressive victory over Trinity of Bloomington in its opener at the stadium. Although their passing attack was entirely impotent, Spalding rolled along the ground for 428 yards. 13 first downs and tive touchdowns. Most of Spalding's attack was carried by the starting backfield of Bob Iudd. lim Uranich, Bob Kumpt and reserve halfback lack Ingold, who scored two touchdowns during the final period. Spalding's extra-point kicker. Cliff Norman. converted five out of five. After Bob Iudd scored from the 7-yard line in the first quarter. Trin- ity struck hack with sudden fury when in the second period. a perfectly timed pass from halfback Tom Brennan settled into the arms of end Tom Downey yards behind the Irish defense. The pass covered 35 yards and Downey went the remaining 38 yards for the score. Kraft added the ex- tra point for the Saints to knot the score at 7 - 7. Throughout the second quarter, Spalding backs showed their superior- ity. They retained the ball to such an extent that Trinity could not launch a scoring march. while Iudd scored a T-D on a spectacular 40-yard run oft right tackle. Uranich annexed the third marker, scoring from seven Yards out, after a steady march to the shadows of the goal posts. Completion of only one pass out of eight attempts was far below the usual Spalding standard. Defensive standards were: on the line, Cliff Norman, "Abbie" Bartolo, Bill Green, and in the backfield, haltback Iim Uranich. backer-up Bob Kumpf, and safety-man Bob Iudd. NZ ii' f-ati V, i . W, ,f-: ,. W V -we ts fwfr-l,15 -JL ,Q f - -n it , 'fe ,W , 108 gi . V 'r A I ..... W V' " 'Vt' A 4 Y F7 Ib, TOHY Cichoke Wally Cashman Bob Iudd., Fleety Irish Halfback, Slips By An East Bob Kumpf Intercepts a Raider Pass and Itaces Down Peoria Tqckler, as Bob Manning Watches the Play Field as Ronny Flocken Rushes Over to Offer Assistance Spalding Irish Smother Red Raiders, 19 To 0 The luck oi the Irish held true as East Peoria fumbles paved the Wal for a Spalding victory over the Red Raiders in their second outing of the season. Although fumbles gave them the opportunities, the Irish of Spald- ing never failed to capitalize on the breaks, as is the usual Spfllding CU5' tom. There was sloppy ball-handling and a poor display of passing by both teams a-1 rlie Raiders fumbled seven times and the Irish tour. The Raiders completed only one out of eight forward passes, compared t0 three out of eighteen for the Irish. After Cliff Norman's attempted field goal midway in the second period went wide of its mark, The Raiders took over on their own twenty. Par Manning recovered a Raider fumble on the 16 and two p.ays later Bob Iudd streaked oft-tackle to give Spalding a 6 -0 lead. The conversion was wide. Still later in the second quarter. Bob Kuxnpi. who played an outstanding game as a line-backer. intercepted lim Kazenze's pass in the right flat and scampered the remaining 25 yards to the end-zone. Nor- man converted the extra point to make it 13 - 0. Midway in the third quarter, after an exchange of punts and the recovery of a fumble on the Raider 36-yard line, the Irish capitalized on another opportunity. Uranich, who shared ball-carrying duties on a fairly even basis with Kumpf and Iudd. hit the line for one yard. Bob Kumpt made it a first down with a 17-yard smash to the 13. lack Ingold picked up three yards, but another Spalding otfside on the next play put the ball on the 15. However, on the next play, Iunior Quarterback Dick Pretty hit Don Mathews on the ten with a pass in the flat and Mathews ran the remaining distance to finish the scoring for the game. It was not until the last quarter that East Peoria got a real drive under way as the Raiders toolc the kick-off on their oxxn ten anfl returnerl it to their thirty. With big Chuck Allison and Jim Kaeenze carrying the ball through the Irish line the Raiders rolled to the 29-yard line of Spald- ing hefore end lack Schlicksup recovered his second tumble ot the night - to stop the scoring threat. Belore the gun went off the Irish had driven Inn Decremer to the Raider 17. where the hall was lost on a iunible. ,.., M, ,,.,,,t . . S ,,, is ,si Q' . ,. 1 ' I vlfgsr ,sv Li, - .tg--:"?t'1v.. ,- ,. , 1 I .Af ..E1iz,lgff,,,g,1:gfu IW' , - -.S -'fg11s.M,i,,, it D ' fl! i H48 .t,,E,,g,g4 . V . f?"?w,, ' age' lg. not ! 7 lx V X 7 ' fi r, - x WWA .5 .. .WLM M . 'sf .si ' 1 "Jai Iack Schlicksup CCapt.5 lack Dumin 109 Bob Iudd Surrounded by a Host of Central Tacklers Iohn Ingold 1413 and Bob Kumpf Break Up a Lion Drive Cliff Norman 1Capt.J Mosmt Valuable Player :HM-lf' Ronnie Flocken 110 Irish Rally T0 Top Lions, 18 T0 13 Battling fiercely against keyed-up Central and the clock, a fighting Spalding team that didn't know when to quit. punched over two last quar- ter touchdowns to tum back the Lions' bid for a stunning upset, 18 - 13. The unbeaten Irish marched 65 and 72 yards to drive from behind in the closing seconds after a break on the second half kick-off became the spark that set Central afire to score twice within eight minutes of the third period of the city game. The Irish were behind, 13 to 6, going into the last quarter and then rolled 65 yards in eight plays to pull within striking distance. Bob Manning fired 32 yards to End lack Schlicksup and 25 yards to Walt Cashman, another wingman, as the two passes ate up most of the distance to a first down on the Central seven. Fullback Bob Kumpf powered to the two in a pair of running plays and Bob Judd slipped over left guard to score with 3:40 gone in the period. However, Spalding was still a point short as Norman's attempt was wide. The next time the Irish took possesiorx, with 5:25 left in the game, they went all the way from their own Z8 to score. Uranich and Iudd al- ternated running to set up Schlicksup's 17-yard end-around jaunt. it-ir a first down. Manning's pass to Iudd for 19 yards made it another first down on the 16. Three line smashes carried to the fourth first down of the march to the five yard line, and Kumpf bulled over center for the climax touchdown with a minute and 15 seconds left in the game. The Irish provided the spark for Central's offensive explosion, stand- ing around no Centra1's Bill Miller pounce on the second half kick- off, a free ball, on the Spalding ZS. Three plays later the Lions had the-lr first touchdown of the season and tied the game at G- 6. The Lions, looking for their first win of the season and their first win over the Irish in eight years, jumped ahead the next time they got their hands on the ball, scoring on a 49-yard march led by Haley and Ilobcrtson, who played an outstanding game. Robertson plunged for the extra point. W 5 A o .1 TAME 1 -Q ' . li Robert Iudd Bob Manning, Irish Quarterback, Attempts to 1 1 , i Knock a Manual Pass Rams Defeat Irish, 14 To 0 Before an over-capacity crowd of almost 9,000 people, the MUHUGI Rams pushed over two touchdowns in the second half to down a fighting Spalding squad 14 - 0. On both occasions it was Dave Shelton, a twisting, hard-running back, who slipped off-tackle for both scores. Iim Philbee Manmng and Vansaighi Take Action Against converted after both touchdowns. This was the first time in five years that the Rams had defeated the Irish. This avenging defeat for the Rams broke a three game winning streak of the Irish. Spalding's defending city champions threatened seriously only once, driving to the Manual 12 after the secondehalf kick-off, before the Rams stiffened to take over on downs. Bob Iudd returned the kick-of! 41 yards on a beautiful sideline play before the last man pushed him ouf-of- bounds. With Bch Iudd and Bob Kumpf alternating, the Irish picked up three first downs to the 12 where the push died. The first half was evenly matched with the Irish controlling the ball the first quarter and the Rams dominating the ball the second. The Rams kicked out-of-bounds on the Irish 33 early in the second period as Philbee, stopped on end runs by the Irish, bettered Iim Uranich in a punting duel. With the wind at their back the Irish decided to quick-kick as Bob Kumpf got off a 53-yard boot to pull the Irish out of a hole. Early in the second half, Manual's end, lean Wolstenholm, recovered Bob Kumpf's fumble on the Irish 31. Streaking through a hole at right tackle, just four plays after the fumble, Shelton cut for the left side- line and went 24 yards for the score. In their second touchdown march, Shelton and Philbee alternated to take the Rams from their 18 to the Irish 35, from where Quarterback Keith Holloway passed over center to Dick Echard for eight yards on a daring fourth-down gamble. Shelton went nine to the 18 and Bob Howerter squirmed 13 yards to the five and set up Shelton's scoring plunge. Nm c V0 0 .P W 'r' ill, A ,x 3 ."i f I 't tix, 0 gil, fi LM' .tix Mt " tm 1 . .5 K 'Q Q at it I' ,P-,Z ' Lia , . wwf f we - , vLf,,,,iLA iv., 1' 1 4 tx ' is I I? N Q PM 53 xl! i - Q 1 ,2-2 W g 1. .3 .1 Iohn Ingold f' ' ' 1 Jr-w ,,,gisg5gM,,' was A 0 arg, 2955555 -5,35 Me 'Y A Chuck Vansaghi and Bob Iudd Break Up a Bruin Drive Bob Judd is Aided BY the Blocking 0-f Bob M4II1I1i119 in a Drive Around Enwdi as Iim Uranich C425 Com-els Up From Behind Spalding Bows To St. Bede, 12 To 0 Before a homecoming crowd of nearly 5,500 fans, the St. Bede Bruins outscored, but not out-fought the Irish of Spalding, I2 - D. St. Bede, potentially one of the best teams in the state at the beginning of the year not once outclassed the fighting team from Peoria. Although out- weighed 30 pounds per man, the Irish line actually pushed the big Bruin line all around the field in the second half. If the Irish could have started rolling a little earlier they could have pulled the biggest upset of the current season. The Bruins, striking with sudden fury, rolled to a 6 - 0 lead earlY in the first quarter when End Don Kane circled the right side of his line on an end-around for the score. No sooner had the Irish got their hands on the ball than the alert Bruin half-back, Don Smith intercepted a pass in the right flat and raced the remaining distance for the score. Twice more in the first half the Bruins scored only to have the ball called back for infraction of the rules. The second half, however, was a different story, with the lrish con- trolling the ball completely. After receiving the kick-off, the Irish caught fire as little Bobby Iudd. on a reverse, raced 58 yards to the St. Bede's five only to have the ball called hack on an off-side play. Exchanging punts, me Irish again gained control of the ball. Flashing a series of spinning handoffs, Kumpf and Iudd carried the ball to the Bruin ten where a costly fumble on an end-around halted the march. The Irish started another march in the last quarter when Iack Schliclrsup recovered a fumble by Kissel on the St. Bede 12. Kumpf drove to the nine. but on the next play the Bruins intercepted another pass to end the last serious threat. Lee Hammond Offensively the Irish were led by Iudd and Kumpf, while on defen- sive the standouts were Schlink, Green, Gifford and Norman. ovreo v A Il 'Wi e 1. . is t.,::,3:..'x H E lm ff? ' 'ilh1:1:"'1i?-Sire ' If ff -'S',,,.'jI5" ht, f 1, 5 16:3 xx 5 11,44 - 'N ' ' I 4,:4.'m. " . Y , gf,,..,,.4.f4:v, . naw .!'Qf7f7f? .a"' 717' ,f N J, 1.4-. . I -. ey 4 .I - "7 I- " ' 1 ,Iv fr v.-, li f v 9 N Q ' x I X 5 'X Mx 4 , 4 'V' B ii 'gum' -cf." lim Hanahan lim Ufankh CCUPAY-J 112 Spalding' Beaten By Chinks, 13 To 6 Playing in the new Pekin Stadium before 8.000 people, the Irish un- corked a first period offensive for a 6 - 0 lead. but the lead faded in the second half. The Irish gave notice of their intentions to win the game for their Coach Ennio Arboit, getting away to a one touchdown lead shortly after the outset. From the opening kick-off they dominated the first period and marched 53 yards before relinquishing the hall on downs on Pekin's 27. Two plays later when Bill Green recovered Herb Raab's fumble on the Chink 29. Spa1ding's offense moved goalward. Bobb Iudd and Chuck Vansaghi, figuring prominently in Spalding's offensive all evening. knifed off the principal gains to Pekin's one yard line and Boh Manning went over on a quarterback sneak. Cliff Norman's kick for the point was blocked by Raab. Striking hack with vengeance. the Chinks rolled 50 yards to Spald- ing's 17 but a 15-yard penalty and MannLng's recovery of a fumble spoiled this chance. Pekin regained possession three plays later, how- ever, on Dick Tendall's recovery of tx bobble on the Irish 36. 'I'his time they produced that scoring punch with Bob Watson scooting across from the one. His extra-point kick was low and the half ended in a G - 6 tie. A long return on the second half kick-off provided Pekin with the extra spark for another thrust that brought Pekin's victory points. Start- ing from the Irish 45 the Chinks marched on to the goal line to tallv the score at 13-8. Pekin again pushed to Spalding's 11 and 7-yard lines but the Irish alert pass defense thwarted one threat and a fumble spoiled the other. When the game ended the Chinks were in Irish territory but were making little progress. The high standard of Spalding's offense was Vansaghi, while Cichol-ce, Schlicksup, and Bartolo stood out on defense. upheld by Iudd and N Iohn Ingold Looks On as Chuck Vansaghi is Pulled Vqnsqghi Races Afgund End Aided By Center Down by Pekin Tacklers Lee Hammond With lack Schlicksup Coming Up On the Inside Bob Gifford fCapt.J g 1,1 Q' xiii' . . .zizw QQ- -V Q : 4 .I LM, , - f rf .32-,gtg Q' ' Q ' - x 'Sr - flgfisgl :QL 'Qin' . - . t ., A I m X A t-. t 2 , . to . fiiiitiiillt , .1 -'g -v A- r K 1 - . E. .5 tjs,-3-KJ, F 75 it X mfr W ' H' 'N' gg , 1 M Vi,e. 'f'. . fZ1fQ.133tf'5 1 ..v?Z 1,4ig'M X or ' , . Don Mathews PUT Manning 113 r Bob Kumpf Draws First Blood Against Notre Dame Cashman 1523, Rettig 1851, and Mathews 1403, Look on Us Norman C7771 Hammond 48431 and as a Spalding Ball Carrier Falls Short of Pay Dirt DeCremer 1873 'Look on Spalding Explodes, Routs Notre Dame, 22 to 0 Flashing a collection of scoring weapons with drastic effect, once on ct grinding plunge, on a brilliant run. and once on a looping pass, Spald- ing knocked off a high-riding Notre Dame of Ouincy team, Z2 - 0. as the Irish snapped a three-game losing streak. Bob Iudd and Chuck Vansaghi sparked a first-period Spalding march to the Raider one. but a five yard penalty pushed the Irish back and the attack failed. A fumble ruined the second threat on the Raider 12. Three plays later the Irish got their third chance, taking over on the 22 on a return fumble that was recovered by tackle I-'red Rettig. Vansaghi skirted left end for I2 yards on the first play after the fumble. Kumpf and Uranich carried it to the two-yard line to set up Bob Kumpf's scoring plunge. Cliff Norman's placement was good to give the Irish a halt- tirne lead of 7 - 0. Iudd put the game on ice when he returned the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown. Grabhing the hall on the 2U, Iudd rocketed straight down the right sideline for the score. Norman's conversion was blocked. Six plays later, after tackle Bill Green had recovered a Notre Dame fumble for Spalding, they made it 19-U when Bon Manning heaved a 29-yard touchdown pass to end Don Beck. Nor- man's kick made it 20-0. Notre Dame launched their only sustained drive of the afternoon late in the third period when they marched down to the Irish 30-yard line. 'I'he Irish held, however, and the invading team didn't threaten again. In the last period Raider halfback Don Henke was cut down in the end zone by the whole Spalding line while attempting to kick and that safety gave Spalding their 22-0 margin. It was two Iuniors who led Spalding to its victory. Bob Iudd and Chuck Vansaghi both made huge gains through the Raider line. The Spalding line played an exceptionally fine game. It opened up holes in the opposing line for the offense, and stiffened magnificently on defense. Dave Schlink WN 4 ,,., . ' 1 ,Q V y. , : Z tfg gigzvv-Q WVV. I V . .. ., T I , , - ss: kym xv L -eggyw I Y . f P . 64 ' A NE 1 ,es ,I 07725 2 A 1 if ,QANE .su Gordon Cullen DOH Beck Bob Iudd Breaks Away From a Ioliet Tackler -mmm .syn A sm-- .. .lb as Iim Uranich Follows Up the Play Joliet Catholic Surprises Spalding Riding on spirit and the clever quarterbacking of smooth Ioe Mc- Carthy. lightly-regarded Ioliet Catholic battled Spalding to a 12-12 standoff. rebounding from an early deficit to force the favored Irish to fight from behind for the tie. Spalding pulled even with an 80-yard drive early in the fourth period and then struck for what appeared to be the winning touch- down with l:l5 left in the game, only to have the 49-yard pass Pl!-'KY called back when receiver Don Mathews illegally pushed his Ioliet guard to shake loose for the catch. Spalding started impressively with Fullback Bob Kumpf racing 67 yards to the llilltopper 23 on the first Irish play from scrimmage, but the threat died on the 19. The next time they handled the ball the Irish marched 52 yards in eight plays. A pass from Bob Manning to End Don Beck covered the 25 yards. From there Kumpf and Iudd alternated on the ground before Iudd crashed over from three yards out. After getting their hands on the ball the Hilltoppers drove 43 yards on a sustained drive, climaxed by McCarthy scoring on a one-yard quarterback sneak. The conversion was wild. McCarthy returned a punt 15 yards to the Spalding 39 to set up the Hilltoppers' second touchdown march the first time they handled the ball in the second half, and McCarthy took Ioliet most of the way with his passing and running. The clincher play was a seven-yard pass to End Gus Turk. The Irish stormed 80 yards with the return kickoff to tie the score. knotting the score with two and a half minutes of the last quarter gone. Manning and Kumpf took Spalding from the 20 to the 37, Mathews swept 25 yards around the left side on an end around, and Manning fired 22 yards to Beck on the Ioliet l6., An exchange of penalties resulted with the Irish having a first down on the Ioliet 19. Manning picked up two and Kumpf drove ten yards to another first down on the seven. Three plays later Iudd sliced off right tackle from the one to score, but Norman's hurried conversion went astray. QWW JW J y" f .tm -'DLIET F Klub, og U L x ,ii ' - f'-f fi' M " .' ,tt'!-- Dick Pretty M F44 Bob Manning, Spalding Quarterback. Looks Downfield For a Pass Receiver Early in the Ioliet Game Bill Green lCapt.J Fred Rettig 1 'V 'Q ia- ' f if if if MH is W' 55 -I H ff 4, V 4 Q . W - 'Q iw 'A' Q W Q -t -1 2 'A' r,e I r rp 1' . I on . Q:'1 Y f s,r r or p . is s r ' A , is I K s. br. . 1 .1 , ir . ,-1. N 4 wr . . ' . , if 'gr P' N ,. r . M.. .mi : - -3 'err ' - , SQ., Hwy'-A .f : 5 i f , , ' ' ' ,-si -3.4,-I. M., , -H f,g3,,5,gg,s. 3 fl farm .pgs - rf. .-., . of .gm rl- , , - is gg,-W-,sg raison H .4 Fi SS S K tiff' 514- .'w9"f'k.,'VL-..-':A1x??'N-V 311- 1. 5.4 11 f W7 m l , if Y' ...Mr-, -be kff?fyzfltViL. ,A ill e r,,K..3iV f dnl-KLa .ff.idfspi' . . . Q, - 1- , A -, -W. ww wx ., f ffm f.- 1-5,4 1 . 5-ffl-v:i,ss',..w.,e , Us - is n 2- - ' . we r we ., W i ,si -5,5 . ,A . . .5 ,..,.., . . , , 1 We K, 1- 21-nki . -ew ' 5 L. e . 'ws ,,r.s .. st. .W ,- Ns., Q -ef. if 1 r a ff Chuck Vansaghi Is Brought Down Don Mathews Blocks as Bob Manning Tries to By a Woodruff Warrior Shake Off a Warrior Tackler Spalding Surprises Woodruff, 7 To 6 Spalding's Fighting Irish, playing inspired football during the third period of their game with the Woodruff Warriors, punched over a touch- down and added an extra point to down the Warriors. 7-6. Trailing 6-0 in the third Canto and unable to pick up a single first down by air or on the ground up to that time, the Irish of Coach Ennio Arboit suddenly clicked for three straight first downs and a touchdown followed by Cliff Norman's neat placement for the extra point and the game. Woodruff's first touchdown came with almost ridiculous ease. After Spalding could get nowhere with the kickoff and the Irish were forced to kick. Woodruff took over on the Spalding 49-yard line. Little Max Morre promptly went around left end for 28 yards to the Spalding 21. Honne- gar and Monroe alternated on ball carrying assignments to the one-foot line from where Honnegar went over, Monroe's pass for their extra point intended for End Leo Davis. was short of the receiver. Once again Woodruff kicked off and after Bob Manning had carried the ball to the Spalding 38, Bob Krumpf hit center for three yards. but on the next play Chuck Vansaghi fumbled and Woodruff recovered on the Irish 40. Monroe and McNulty alternated to take the Warriors to the Irish seven. Morre rammed left guard to the five but fumbled and lack Ingold drop- ped on the pigskin for the Irish. Manning practically escorted the Irish to the victory door. Playing left-half while Pretty played quarterback, Manning flipped a pass to lack Schlicksup good for 20 yards and Spalding's first first down of the day on the Warrior 35. Manning and Kumpf drove the ball to the 23. Manning completed another pass to Schlicksup, who was pushed out of bounds on the four-yard line. A penalty against Woodruff placed it on the one-yard line and Spalding smashed center three more times, Kumpf. Pretty and Kumpf. before the latter smashed over for the score. Cliff Norman fol- Bob Manning lowed with his kick for the extra point and that was the ball game. The game was remarkably clean in spite of the vicious blocking and Honorary Captain' tackling. Standouts for Spalding were the IRISH! b -55' ' VN if li I WWQQ PE! 9 f fl lg f.f""e-. -tts .I t"f 'f Ak rv' ' in ' X , ' ll . 1: flf' V, 60 .1 I - -"f X I xg I r f -ff-4-af-7 ,. ,Gia fy f 0 .. , .Lv--.-.s-mg. 1 WAY, 5 , I, Ag? 'N-' f f " A.. A v -' X ' , A ' X in ,-,lv ZIV ugh V s ' f '-2::?'kf"X .lf , A .ei .., ., ,af T0m WilliC1mS ' Chuck Vansaghi Fresh - Soph Football 'E flex ' lst Row: J. Vonachen, T. McQuire, J. Birdoes, J. Donnelly, R. Happach, E. Byrne, J. Reising. 2nd Row: D. Powers, D. Lewis, H. Lindgren, I.. F1',Maurug,C0aQh, Cushing, J. Yonkouski, J. Coyle, R. Meisenheimer, J. Godar, T. Cassidy, E. Murphy. ' x 2 - X 6 Central 0 East Peoria , ' 7' D Roosevelt f ! 5 Pekin 1 3 Woodruff N if X-N. .5 Won: Z Sv NX -'f. ' ' .. X'-nfl iff T Kaine . if A Tj,-J KWSN I ,. Wx.. ,, xx, Fresh-Soph Football Schedule Tied: 1 3rd Row: R. Happach, P. Mallicoat, R. Simms C. Cremer, R. Behrens, W. Boyer, J. Murray, J. J Hanley, J. Birminch, M. R. Basso, E. Rusciolelli 4th Row: F. Melton, B, Schaiper, G. Spaeth, M McAlister, D. Norton, J. Dolan, and J. P. Hanley. Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Lost: 2 6 6 13 7 12 lst row: T. Tully, R. Pretty, J. Donlan, R. Judd. Powers, D. Hall. D. Mathews, J. Heid. Varsity Basketball 3rd Row: J. Menke, J. Reising, T. Morrissey. 2nd Row: Coach John Goonen, J. Yonkouski, J. 1 . Langton, J. Manias, P. Lawless, W. Cashman, J. Front' R' Manmng' VARSITY BASKETBALL Spalding .... Spalding Spalding .... Spalding .... Spalding Spalding .... Spalding .... Spalding Spalding .... Spalding Spalding .... Spalding ,... Spalding .... Spalding .... Spalding ..'.. Spalding .... Spalding .... Spalding .... Spalding .... Spalding .... 60 Tremont ........... 42 Corpuw Christi 34 Woodruff ......,,. 39 Washington ,.... 45 Central ,...... 48 ' ' .. Pekin .. 41 East Peoria ,..,. 36 " Trinity ........ 39 Manual . ....... . 57 Washington 57 Chillicothe .... 56 ' ' Trinity ..,.,..... 51 East Peoric: ..,. 35 Central ....... 43 Woodruif .... . 45 Princeton ..,,..,..... 70 Joliet Catholic 51 Pekin .,.........,, . 49 Corpus Christi 53 Manual .......... REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Spalding ..., Spalding . Spalding .........,. ...... . .. 13 Wins and 10 Losses. '-Losses. if-Forfeit. llS 44 Manual .. ..... ., 52 Easi Peoria 30 Woodruff 59 .. as ,, .. 48-Af 45 ' 59 ' 59 ' 39 29 52 44 38 36 50 43 42 61 " 75 ' 57 ' 44 Q 67 43 48 47 ' fs Z fa., 4 9 Kiss.. U' Fil tml. X uv Basketball Season Over a schedule which held its share oi well-earned victor- ies and unglamorous defeats. the Spalding Irish emerged on the long end of a 13 - llJ record at the end of the season. Alter playing mediocre basketball for the bulk of the sea- son the Irish came into their own during the last few weeks and really looked as if they would be very tough to beat in the coming Regional Tournament. As it turned out they did just that as they shattered the hopes of Manual and East Pe- oria in brilliant games before losing to Woodruff in the finals. The individual scoring for the team was paced by Juniors Don Mathews and Bobby Judd. Wally Cashman, Dick Pretty. and Phil Lawless rounded into form as the season progressed and turned in commendable performances, as did John Manias and Jimmy Donlan. Jack Langton joined the squad from the intramural league, and coupled with Joe Ycnkouski, the only sophomore on the squad, gained valuable experience for next year's campaign. Bobby Manning, the team's captain for the majority of the games. continually came through with fine floor games, and held the less experienced juniors together with his cool leadership. Jack Powers, Jerry Menke, Jack Heid, Terry Morrissey, and Tom Tully were the remaining seniors on the squad, who took a back seat to the more promising junior team mid-way in the season. . This was the first season as a coach for Mr. Goonen and it is the general opinion of all that he did a fine job, and from all appearances his team next year will not only atone for the tough games they dropped this year. but set a few records for the teams of the future to shoot at. X iz 'ses ll. ll.. 1.-'-'YEL ir txt falt- ii-,fit ',I J. . fill ., djt .-3 ,.l.:,m itll. in bg, L-65.6. , 4 ' Mitre? V' 1 fp f '.-' -7 4" 1 5- :X 1 . XWQ' X. f'15..."l ' Zffff ' " WV Riff L. '?, 'fi,. 'nf' "5 - f" 0 401. .ZQ7 1. '21 " 'Q-'T ' ' 4-".L." , 1,3 Q, ,., S W ' ,i wi ' .K if A 1.- '. W 't 620 . t , T7 4, f 5 'ww' Q 1 M, ,, 5"'7i, , i , is ,f . . M 5 -gmnumlm Tom Tully " es, V-'Wi -"fn - I 'Y ' .J ' f 42 u Q Sf ' i T , J - 71 Z ,.WA , , Q , , it ,V 5 x 2 T: 1? , Ierome Menke . 53 . ' Q Y 'P 5 1 I 5 lack Powers Don Mathews, Star Irish Forward, Attempts to Set Up cr Play as Iohn Manias 1173, Bob Iudd 135 and Dick Pretty fPartially Hiddenj Assist Bob Manning Honorary Captain ,.. is ,, K , ,M . - . , ,ei 5 A ew, 2 3 Iacl.: Ileid Q ' sims, . is if-Qi.g,2,s,,v,g :i f Q 1 ' -. . Bu K W . Q ., ,ig :f r Terry Morrissey' 119 1 I L f, . i Bob Iudd P Q l .2 ii it M ,.-'. , , ' L K T -mimi Q. S- 3 Phil 'Lawless Don Mathews Goes Up For Two Points as Wally Cashman 4125 and Dave Hall U15 Watch for a Re- bound. 120 Iohn Manias is Tied Up as Phil Lawless Comes to His Assistance in an East Peoria Tilt. - M. ,A ' f ' E .... , N. 'V N5 ' iffifff X f 2 'W Don Mathews E ' Most Valuable Player K .W if 93 fx L ' N i 4 l 5 at digg 5 :ME 'Q J '144 P Dick Pretty mi Lf 1515 ,LM .G . :,lH,',vl'fL ' W 'NV - ,Q R. P 7S3Y!ifa??f: E 5 A ,J 5 f X 2 LM ..,. ,, is V W-W Wally Cashman Dave Hall Goes High for cz Shot as Don Mathews Q61 cmd Bob Man- ning Close In Under the Bucket. is gfmxl 5 K ' RL-M Mg' V, Iim Donlan ,A f K, 1 I ' A i..f 4 Dave Hull ,emo 4. 5, ftffg . if 4 LVAg iw! il! Iohn Manias Ioe Yonkouski Q - E , X J Q 5 John Lcmgton Bob Iudd 135 and Don Mathews! 163 Look on as Phil Lawless Fights for the Ball. i 121 Fresh - Soph Basketball lst Row: R. Maybanks, J. Futon, R. Fagan, J. Coyle, P. Mallicoat, T. Cassidy, H. Lindgren, M. Harney. A. Zerbonia, R. Simms, R. Behrens, J. Dolan, D. Norton. 3rd Row: G, Spaeth, A. Lawless, M. McA1isier, 2nd Row: W. Bertolero, C. Franzgrote, E. Murphy, Record of Fresh - J. Gasper, J. Speck, G. Nibhelin. , Soph Basketball Spalding . .... ........,.... . .. ......,.. .. .... . 34 Tregnont ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,... 36 ' Spalding ........ 19 Corpus Christi . .... 30 ' Spalding . ........ 23 Woodruff ,,.,,, M.. . . 53 ' Spalding ,, . ,....... 21 Washington .. ..... . 42 ' Spalding .... ...,... 43 Roosevelt ........ .. 30 Spalding . ........ Z9 Central ......... 37 ' Spalding ..,,..., .. ..... 37 Pekin ...,,.,. . 53 ' Spalding ........ .... 24 East Peoria . ....... .. 25 X Spalding .. . ........ 38 Trinity .............,. 37 Spalding ........ ........ 2 8 Manual ................ ......... 5 2 ' Spalding ........ ...... 3 I Washington ........ ......... l 9 Spalding .,,..... ........ 4 4 Chillicothe ...,.... , 26 Spalding .... ........ 3 7 Trinity ..... ........ ....... . . 30 Spalding ..i. .. 33 East Peoria .,.. 38 ' Spalding .. ..... ........ 4 4 Central .... Z5 Spalding ......., ....... Z Z Woodruff ,.....,. .. 43 S' Spalding . ...... ........ 4 8 Roosevelt .......... . . .. .. 31 Spalding .......... ....,............... ........ 3 4 Pekin ........................ ......... 5 2 ' Spalding ..........r....,.........,,..,..., ,,...... ' 41 Corpus Christi ,,,,.. ,..,,,.,, 3 9 Spalding ........................i.............. .....,.. 3 5 Manual ................ ......... 5 3 ' Won 8 and Lost 12. '-Losses. INTRAMURAL CHAMPS "A" DIVISION "B" DIVISION lst Row: G. Powell, J. Michael, J. Powell. lst Row: E. Rusciolelli, D. Pelz, R. McKinnie. 2nd ROW: R. Ober, J. Carrigan, J. Held, J. Kinney. 2nd Row: W. Harding, R. Cain, M. Baer, J. Murray, 122 W. Weicherding. BASEBALL lst Row: C. Norman, J. Yonkouski, E. 3rd Row: Fr. Sylvester, R. Manning, D. Morrissey, Mgr., R. Pretty, R. Mahr. DeVriese, J. Fagan, R. Judd, J. Mahoney, 2nd Row: P. Cusack, H. Cravens, E. R- Kllmpf, E- H09l'd9ma1'm- Storey, D. Kelly. ' ' Spalding Goes T0 State Tournament After enioying a fairly successful season, Spalding's Irish, always a strong tournament team, fought their way through a sub-district, district and sectional tournaments to become one of the eight honored teams in the finals. Entering the sub-district with a record of l0 wins and 7 losses the Irish were underdogs from the beginning. They smacked Woodruff in their first game, 9 to 4, and the following day they walloped Princeville 7 to l to enter the Canton District. Travelling to Canton they hammered a good Canton Team, 10 to 0. They then advanced to the Canton Sectional still underdogs. In the tightly played first contest, Spalding emerged victors over Rock Island by a 3 to I score. The next afternoon they whipped a strong Jacksonville club 13 to 3 for the sectional trophy and the privilege of being the first Spalding team to enter the State Tournament. SPALDING HAMMERS DANVILLE, 12 T0 3. Spalding got to two Danville pitchers for a dozen hits while rolling up the biggest margin of victory the first day of the tournament, 12 to 3. The constant batting power of Cravens, Cusack, Manning, Norman, Kumpf, and DeVrlese could not be checked by the Danville nine. In the last half of the fifth, Spalding shelled Grzesiek to put the game away with a four run outburst on singles by Manning and Norman, Craven's double and successive hits by Cusack, Kumpf and DeVriese. The Irish heaped three more runs on the woe of an already-beaten Danville club in the sixth inning, climaxing a three run blast with Norman's insulting theft of home. Spalding advanced to the Semi-finals and was to meet the powerful New Athens hall club, which had looked impressive in their first game. SPALDING BOWS TO NEW ATHENS, G TO 4. A had start eliminated Spalding's State Title hopes as New Athens scored six runs in the first two innings to down the Irish in the Semi-finals G to Ll." The Yellow Iackets shelled Ed Storey with a four-run outburst in the first inning and added two more off reliefer Pat Cusack in the second. Cusack, a three-hit victor over Danville in the first round recovered to hold the Yellow Iackets hitless after the second inning, but Vic Loesche checked the Irish in return. Spalding placed three players cn All-State first team and one on the second team. Pat Cusack, Harry Cravens and Cliff Norman were named on the first team due to their outstanding play during the tournament. Second-baseman Dan Kelly was named on the second team. Spalding's Irish had the highest batting average of the tournament with a .317 average. Spalding elected teammates Ed Storey and Pat Cusack, Honorary Captain and Most Valuable player respectively. Q 123 U.: Il ,-I 412 ee 4 .dd 'sf .ff 1 1 j if' ,Q Q' Jifxjif' i 'Htl xt to V., iffy ff ff' v -Z, ,,,. iff, W1 . Q cl X A, is we .J i .. ffl! 'L .. 3 " I ,,,,,:f A, :""Q VJ W Q':,'ff6'i:'v I '- 2.7! ti ,A ,I 51.11, xii. . if- I g ',,Qf'1'?n'5 . ,wr .f-4l5'7,f: lk '1,,1:f.' Y-:I1?:,fjL,l-5WJ.. ai: , jg" A A ftfiff ,.':i",, x W .aw 'fi"f'.- ifif J'i2Mzf, I I,-f-QM ',5':'h. -"' ' -it-5.19 M ,f t e ...ia-12 5 -eg- 1 i fir" ,, 53- I .e!5fg.f,j A .5. 5 . , .., .1 fggggwl-j..: VM iii. hx si s H. if Y' Q- ' 5 ,V .7 1.5 1 V , 1 4 ' 6 4 o s 5 n 0 ' 8 1 ' s 3 '13 4 4 '10 ' 4 4 l D l 3 3 ' s f Trophies Fr. Sylvester and Fr. Thomas admire trophies won by the baseball team ol' '48. They are the distlict championship trophy. BASEBALL RECORD Pekin , Manual ,,,,,,,. Glasford ,,,,,, Tremont ., Central , ,, Central ,,,,,. ,, Princeville ,,..,, Tremont ,,,,,,,,,,,, East Peoria Kewanee ,, ,, Canton ,, ,,,, ,, Woodruff ,,,, Pekin ,,,.,,,,, East Peoria Glasford ,, Princeville ,,,, , Pekin ,,,.,, Woodruff ,,., Princeville ,. Canton . ,, Rock Island Jacksonville Danville , ,,,,, , New Athens -Losses. WON ,.... 124 SUB-DISTRICT DISTRICT SECTIONAL FINALS .. 15: LOST Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding 8 the trophy presented to Fr. Sylvester by the team members, and the Sectional Championship trophy. ff' f f :ru if X fry f ii S ' I s, 'i f f X ix? xix frfv W iw ix' 5 1 ' X :wma Lit i .uni .2 rv X M 157 511445, I wr ,Y iw K4 twxx wt-ef ij 'ir 'f X 9 x XX xt. , N f xii?-"fd -S it v XC, NX Q f Milf'-Se 4V W! X ,f I 1 5 IW 1 S tix it l mfs: X fl f js ' Y., . Ag - ,fi W l 76' f 'ffalu 1' ' ff 'Diff ki -P ., , ,Q I -if 'Q -if V Q, :',f":6- - if i.::ff1',ifll J' g t 5 ' , Q, V, X X J Vw?" H , .f.,g9j5.E " " 1. J - ' P-'l iiief 1 z. g -5 .V "mx '?I 1,, i.g1gL--X'-Z: i rf ' all, V41 gl if ,, ex-, , 11 5- - ' .-,,,g,, Rjz.-" " . cf. 'X ': ,.- ff.. . ' 1 , V Tlx ' S' SC! .-52' -' A 'T' R . x .T V- K 7' f iff 4, , X , ,. ,.f 4 A, Qs.. lr-Ex I-ix-2 -,X , xl I rj ,. ,ty ,f -N '-til 'A V 1 f fl' 1? "?g"f ' ff ' ' ,I . ' ' , fr l ' ' ' 4 f ll A . X . l l I - X 5 t , .1 Kneeling: Joe Dolan, Don Grimm. Standing: J 21 C k Adams, Jack Powers, Tom Eilers. GOLF High Ten Bowlers lst Row: J, Sloan. 2nd Row: G. Vaughn T. Jacquin. 3rd Row: J. Heeg, J Adams, J. Rupext. 4th Row: R. Kumpf E. Miller, D. Parson D. Nelson. 125 Managers- Cheerleaders a, This Yecxr's Cheerleading Staff Consists of Eddie Rusiciolellir, Dale Mgiginess, Buddy Karl, and Bob Clan-cy. I. Ardis, E. Morrissey, E. Iacohs Monogram Winners lst ROW: R. Manning, A. Bartolo, C. Norman, J. Yonkouski, J. Powell, T. Tully, D. Schlink. Ritschel, W. Green, R. Kumpf, A. Cichoke, J. Durnin, 4th ROW. G. Cullen, F. Remgy W. Cashman, C J- Hflnhan- R- Pfelfy- Heidewald, R. Judd, J. Powers, J. schucksup. 2nd Row: J. Uranich, J. Donlon, J. Davis, J. De- 5th ROW: J. Menke' J. Langmn D. Hall R Cfemef- P- Manning, D- MHUWGWS, D- Beffk- Flocken, T. Morrissey, J. lngold, J. Manias, L 3rd Row: J. Heid, J. Burkhardt, P. Lawless, J. Hammond. 126 if K S . 'E I .MJ-ne-wi Mwus, .uu- . AND MRS. GEORGE M. HEFNER THE THE THE THE THE Patrons MOST REVEREND JOSEPH H. SCHLARMAN QBISHOP OF PEORIAJ VERY REVEREND MSGR. MURRAY V. HAAS VERY REVEREND MSGR. J. REIDY RT. REV. MSGR. F. GAHLMAN RT. REV. MSGR. PATRICK O'CULLETON THE RT. REV. MSGR. M. P. SAMMON THE REV. WILL BOUCHER THE REV. GEORGE CARTON 'TI-IE REV. CHARLES W. CLIFFORD THE TI-IE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE REV. GEORGE CODY REV. M. J. COLGAN REV. JOHN COLGAN REV. BERNARD W. DEMPSEY REV. JAMES FAYE REV. JOHN C. FENNEN REV. J. M. FITZGERALD FRANCISCAN FATHERS, ST. BONIFACE FRANCISCAN FATHERS, SACRED HEART REV. J. I. GERBER REV. WILLIAM K. GRAY REV. GEORGE HERBACH REV. C. J. HETTINGER THE REV. EDWARD M. KREWER THE REV. ROBERT C. LIVINGSTON THE REV. JAMES MARTIN THE REV. RICHARD J. MORAN THE REV. WILLIAM O'BRIEN THE THE REV. E. T. O'CONNOR REV. BERNARD RANK THE REV. JAMES D. SHAUGHNESSY THE REV. M. J. SPALDING THE REV. T. H. WIDDELL MR. AND MRS. FRED AARON MR. AND MRS. J. E. ABEL ACADEMY OF OUR LADY GUILD MRS. MARIE L. ADAMS MR. AND MRS. W. G. ADAMS MR. AND MRS. HERMAN AFFOLTER MR. AND MRS. JOHN C. ANDERSON MR. AND MRS. GENE ANTONINI MR. AND MRS. CHARLES ANTHONY MR. AND MRS. R. C. ARNOLD MR. AND MRS. FRANK ATKINS MR. AND MRS. R. B. BABCOCK MR. AND MRS. RALPH BAKER MR. AND MRS. R. H. BARTHELL MR. AND MRS. ADAM BARTOLO DR. AND MRS. A. K. BAUMGARDNER MISS SHIRLEY BERTOLERO MR. NORBERT J. BIBO MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. BIRDOES MR. AND MRS. BIRMINGHAM MR. AND MRS. JOHN BUCKLEY MR. AND MRS. JAMES M. BURCH MR. AND MRS. JOHN BURKHARDT MR. THOMAS CALLAHAN MISS JUNETTA CARRIGAN MR. AND MRS. J. A. CARRIGAN MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. CASSIDY CATHOLIC YOUTH CENTER MRS, NINA CHENELER DR. AND MRS. A. J. CICHOKE MR. AND MRS. HAROLD E. CLANCY MR. AND MRS. D. M. COSTELLO MR. AND MRS. B. E. CRAHAN MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. CRAIG MR. AND MRS. CHARLES F. CRAMER JOHN CREMER MR. AND MRS. MISS ANGELA CROWLEY MR. AND MRS. F. J. CULLEN MRS. S, H. CUMMINGS DR. AND MRS. P. A. CUSACK MR. AND MRS. G. H. DAMMANN MR. AND MRS. HAROLD E. DAVIS MR. AND MRS. ALBERT F. DeCREMER MR. AND MRS. STANLEY DELINSKI MRS. WILLIAM DIETSCH 128 MR. AND MRS. BEN DOERING JR. . AND MRS. T. E. DONLAN . AND MRS. HAROLD DONNELLY . JOHN K. DURNIN MR MR MR. AND MRS. D. W. DRIES MR MR . AND MRS. THOMAS DWYER MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH H. EILERS JR. MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS FAGAN MIS-S JOAN FA MR. RICHARD MR. AND MRS. TINI FINFGELD HAROLD A. FLOCKEN MR. AND MRS. JAMES FLYNN MR. AND MRS. RALPH FOSTER MR. AND MRS. EDWARD A. FOX MR. AND MRS. C. FRANZGROTE MR . AND MRS. HENRY FRANZGROTE FRASCO BROTHERS' GROCERY MR. AND MRS. R. E. GAUL MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH W. GEIER MR. AND MRS. MISS MARGIE MRS. J. P. GOEBEL MR . AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. AND MRS. MR. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. HAUSAM'S MARKET MR MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. G. C. GILHULA GILLING FRED GRAWEY ELMER GRIMM CARL HAFELE B. HAPPACH RICHARD HARD ABRAM HATFIELD JOHN C. HEEG JOHN HEID WILLIAM L. HEIDEWALD GEORGE W. HEINZ LUCAS HEINZ MR. EDWARD HELLSTERN MRS. ELIZABETH HERMES MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MRS. HUGO I-I MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. W. C. HEYD V. A. HOBIN EWALD J. HOERDEMANN OERDEMANN DANIEL G. HORTON JOHN HUGENARD MISS DOMENICA MARGIE IRRERA MR. AND MRS. MRS. REGINA MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. H. S. JACQUIN JESCKY FRED JOHNIGK GEORGE JOHNSON SAM JOSEPH CHARLES JUDD MRS. CHARLES KARL MISS KATHERINE KARPOWICZ MR. AND MRS. JAMES E. KEEFE MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY KELLY MR. AND MRS. MARTIN J. KELLY MR. AND MRS. FRED H. KEMP KENNEDY JEWELERS MR. AND MRS. GORDON KERR MRS. J. M, KINNEY MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. GEORGE B. KIRCHGESSNER FRED KNAPP MR. AND MRS. JAMES O. KNIGHT KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS AND MRS. ROLLAND F. KOEPPLE MR. MR. AND MRS. MR WILLIAM H. KOEPPLE . AND MRS. JOHN C. KOTELES MR. AND MRS. W. KRATZERT MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM W. KUMPF . AND MRS. CHARLES LaHOOD . AND MRS . AND MRS. R E LAMB LINDGREN MR MR . . . MR. FRANK W. LENHAUSEN MR MR . AND MRS. EARL F. LYLE MR. AND MRS. MR J. M. MCCARTHY . AND MRS. J. MCLAUGHLIN AND MRS. J. W. MCGANN MR. DR. PHILIP R. MCGRATH Appreciation The Summa staff of 1949 wishes to express its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all who have contributed to the production of this book. With your help and interest we Were able to make the plans of the Summa become a reality. Sincerest appreciation to the advisers, Father Fabian Revell and Sister Agnes Bernard for their untiring efforts and assistance. Also Father Theo- dore Fuertges who was working with us before he was promoted to principal of Spalding Institute. The Faculty of both The Academy of Our Lady and Spalding Institute for their full cooperation. Mr. Ralph Winn who has given so generously of his time and patience for his magnificent photog- raphy. The studios of Walden S. Fabry and Eleanor Burkhart who supplied us with very excellent photos. The patronage of the Patrons and Advertisers which has helped immeasurably in making the Summa a Success. Patrons MR. AND MRS. CHARLES B. MCGRAUGH MR. AND MRS. FRED E. SCHERTZ DR. AND MRS. THOMAS K. MCMORROW MR. AND MRS. FRANK SCHLEHUBER MISS MARGARET MCNAMARA MR. AND MRS. CHARLES C. SCHLINK SR. MR. AND MRS. J. J. MAGGIO MR. AND MRS. E. C. SCIILOSSER MR. AND MRS. JOHN MANIAS MR. AND MRS. M. R. SCHWARTZ MR. AND MRS. JAMES J. MANNING MRS. LAURA SCOONES MR. AND MRS. GEORGE P. MARME MR. AND MRS. CHARLES SEBOLD MR. AND MRS. MAUSER MR. AND MRS. GEORGE W. SEIz MR. AND MRS. R. E. MAYBANKS MR. AND MRS. WARD J. SHAMRAUGH MR. AND MRS. W. J. MEEHAN MR. AND MRS. CHARLES A. SHANAHAN MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM R. MERNA MR. AND MRS. SHERIDAN MR. AND MRS. HARRY P. MEYER MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM SHORT MR. AND MRS. NILES A. MILLER MR. AND MRS. HENRY W. SILRER MR. AND MRS. JAMES L. MORRISSEY MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR SMITH MR. AND MRS. PAT L, MORRISSEY MR. AND MRS. EDWARD J. SMITH MR. AND MRS. ALFRED P. MULLER MR. AND MRS. II. J. SPINDLER MR. AND MRS. FRANK MURPHY MR. AND MRS. A. E. STENOISH MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND M. MURPHY MR. AND MRS. GEORGE J. ST. GERMAIN DR. AND MRS. JOHN J. MURRAY MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM SULLIVAN MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH J. NAUER TAYLOR IIARDWARE COMPANY MR. AND MRS. MILO NELSON MR. AND MRS. J. M. TE-DFORD MR. AND MRS. C. C. NEWMAN MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM P. TULLY MR. AND MRS. HOWARD E. NORMAN MR AND MRS F C VACHON MR- AND MRS- C- L- 0'RRJEN MR. AND MRS. L. L. VACHON MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. O'BRIEN MR. AND MRS. W. E- VAUGHN MR. AND MRS. J. M. O'CONNOR MR' AND MRS. A. A. VENZON MR- AND MRS- E- 0'J-AUGHJ-IN MR. AND MRS. CYRIEL VERBEKE MR. AND MRS. GEORGE L. OLSON MR. AND MRS' VAL VESPA MR. AND MRS. DONALD A. PARSON DR. AND MRS. HAROLD VONACHEN Mg' AIN? MINE' AIN PEGG DR. AND MRS. CLARENCE WARD ' ' A UAL PELELAS MR AND MRS RALPH WARD PEPSI COLA ROTTLING COMPANY MR' AND MRS' FRANCIS WEISS MR. AND MRS. JAMES D. POLLITT MR' AND MRS' JOHN M WHALEN gig' A153 MVN? JJARMEEVIQNQQWELL MR. AND MRS. RALPH F. WHELAN MN E PRATT ' ' MR. AND MRS. JAMES WHITE ' ' MR. AND MRS, MAURICE WHITE MR- AND MRS- J- M- RAY MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM WHITE DR- AND MRS- W- J- ROCHE MR. AND MRS. A. L. WILTZ MR- LAWRENCE RODGERS MR. AND MRS. J. E. WINKLEMAN DR- AND MRS- E- J- ROGERS MR. AND MRS. A. J. WISSING JSNEPIMESGISLND SAINZ MR. AND MRS. TALBOT G. YERRY MR. AND MRS' F. S- SAYLOR YOUNG PEO-PLES CLUB, METAMORA MR. AND MRS. FRED T. SCHAUB MR. THOMAS ZOSKY 129 Grawey Auto Electric Company WILLARD BATTERIES DISTRIBUTORS OF PENNZOIL MOTOR OIL 405 Smith ,lcffcrson 4Xx'c1iue SCHWIND'S MARKET 3014 North Madison Phone 5-1217 Groceries And Meats High Quality .:. Low Pric FREE DELIVERY BS Quality Products Paper S. V. CAIN, INC. SOS South Adams, Peoria BROWN'S Peoria School of Business Cordiaily Invites Academy Graduates to Qualify for the Choicest Office and Secretarial Positions Address: A. R. BEARD, Principal Compliments of PEORIA RUG Sz CARPET CLEANERS 112 E. Armstrong fmnplimcnts of LEE ROSS FOOD SHOP 2813 North Adams Phone 5-9871 C'omplimcnts uf LA FEBER MARKET 417 Galena Road Choice Qualities of Groceries and Meats Phone 2-5774 GOODWIN 'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions Specialist And Snack Bar 503 North Perry Avenue Phone 4-6709 Peoria, Illinois ELMER H. LUTHY 5519 S. Adams, Bartonville, Illinois Phone 3-5307 General Insurance Including L i f e HAUSAM'S BAKERY 8z FOOD MARKET Complete Food Market Meats - Bakery Department - Icc Cream Selected Fruits cmd Vegetables FREE DELIVERY 3111 South Adams 3-4428 Peoria, Illinois 3-4429 FOR FOOT COMFORT GET lVliller's Foot - Defender Shoes For XYIHNQ11 MYERS 8: MYERS 340 Fulton Street - Peoria AVON THEATRE Garden and Adams Streets Phone 4-3036 JEWELRY FROM HERE LASTS A LIFETIME! 311 Main Street The House of lielmed -QS,-...u.-fllfflff q Left. to right: Robert Guinnee, T. Johnigk, P. Murphy, T. Aaron, P. Sullivan, Vincent Kaiser and Mrs. Eunice Kennedy 132 S - Candy Cigars Phone 2-9101. I Beautiful Homes For Your Very Own I ' I . I Xl'l1olvs:1lc Only B' F07 M . St 1 General Contractor I nm ree Phone 3-5115 CALL FOR ESTIIVIATES Notions Fountain Supplies S04 Wiseonsin Ave, Peoria, Illinois Portman Portman S J. Sz J. MARKET QUALITY SPORT GOODS Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Sllltxi' INUZ F01 North Pe ry Avenue On Adams Across from the Court House T I Phone 0043 Peoria, Ill. Portman Portman I l I ACME PAINT And WALLPAPER CO. O . . cllllIllllIIll'lItS ul B. P. S. Paints And Pan-American Wallpaper River Forest, Illinois Corner 2300 S. Jefferson and Tynxz Streel Phone G-35401 R O X Y ' S MIDWEST PHOTO SERVICE Quality Snapshots "Where Quality Rules" 315 Main Street QQOQVQ South Adams Peflfia, Illinois I 133 CT mmptimchts of PEORIA PLANING MILL CO. 2716-22 South Washington Stroot I P ia 2, Ill' ' Ph fl 'XF47 Compliments PARAMOUNT NEWS STAND George Ryia, Prop t 422 South Al H. W E R N E R Cut Price Market Groceries, Poultry and Fish 2037 - 2039 South Adams Street. P Ill MARQUETTE PAINT And WALLPAPER COMPANY 12 Liberty St 1 Compliments of A FRIEND 'o Posed by: M. White, P. Murray, P. Fagan, M, Crowley NOW ON DISPLAY - BUICK 1949 BOWER BUICK, INC. 824-32 Main Street Phone 7lIB Pc-m'iz1's Only Authorim-cl Buick Dealer Service - Parts - Accessories When Better Cars Are Built Buick Will Build The-m 135 We 1 gxwv -.ap 7' 3 1,1545 .fvfii '1 . 7 W V , . . H VV Vg Y A Ifsu, 544:63 P375 1 if 'f "" V .V V -'V . . VV - V Va, V .5V :vfgzgt NVQ: E.:,V,V . VFQVVIFV 42'-Sb, , . V . V 1-.,.. ,.- .,.,fqi',fA.fya-Q34-,zgi pf-Qi5g'g"'f: -1 r ' ggfqf 'gm-f. . 7 'flffq ,L - fV5,,r"I'l-H75 5f?i.22gFi?'f'W-'sf.f?fv5-g'ifg2-4'L "J, .514-'I-'23j'i?9"" -'Q QYQYF V K' 4 3- . 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"1:"g"lfg'i',fi:s,-52' ' -V - ifl'ff:fil:i1'f.'i'1'rf'.f-.f' - f . 'fv .Y-',5,'r.if2'.'.1'5ff4i' f ' - Posed by: Bill Chandler, and George Chandler. X up , -ek Xxx. X xx Mary A. Venzon, Charles Karl, Ray Pelelas, Barbara Nauer, Cmhplimcnts of WHITE HUT SANDWICH SHOP W. bl. Perl-ig-few Phone 4-6225 41532 Ha lilton U QiOlNllllIUCl1tS of JOHN MALLOW Shoe Repairing - Cleaning And Dyeing 2114 Main Street Phone 4-1816 DALE E. MANNING For Better Meats Phone 4-1414 FREE DELIVERY OPAL BEAUTY SHOP Personalized Service Ten Experienced Operators 115 E. McClure Monica Hinkle Phone 2-4519 -1 -A Y, MX PROSPECTX BAKERY DR. JOHN J. MURRAY 1909 P1-aspen-1vRoad 0Pt0m'-mist Phone 2-5722 suite 901-902 Jefferson Building Open Sunday -. Closed Monday Phonv 3-4327 Peoria, llli MAX EDLIN 1-1,ml,,i,m,,m ,,,4 Clothing And Shoe Store BO NVHALEN OIL Dry Goods And Notions Pl TIF' 3-5752 G02-fl-6 N, Adil Compliments of SZOLD'S X . 1 1 , your diploma V i a WM j That precious piece of parchment certifying that you have completed your course of study is more than a diploma. It signifies that you can apply yourselff can learnf can respect duly vested authorityf can get along with your associates can practice tolerance of ideas and beliefs. Your diploma is a symbol that you have exercised an American's privilege of bettering himself. Your diploma forecasts to you and your community that you can become a useful citizen - and will succeed according CAT RP LLAH 'l'liAC'l'0li U0., mr, ILLINOIS 1 W ! 1 I Posed by Caro I iTHE SCHRADSKI 00. d Rita Pegg N A I L O N CORPORATION Plumbing And Heating Supplies 108 Liberty Street Phone 4-0193 SAM JOSEPH First and lX1ac.'Xrthur Highway MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Reuling and Williamson, General Agents Sixth Floor, Lehman Building Peoria, Illinois Phone 8131 141 FOR STUDENT FI-TSHIONS at their smartest . . V B "Pe01'1a'rs Quallty Store" 'ui 5 x South Adams at Fulton Street H - FI-KRRRR BROS. ZIPPER MARKET 'ASI lm' TO M'USTCf" .xr cm uf In-.H-am lfimrsf INDEPENDENT SUPER MARKETS VOM I'l.1i'I'lf SIQLIV SliIQX'TC'IC Groceries - Meats - Produce - Frozen Foods Ice Cream --- Flsh Upc I1 I x ninggs 811111111-X ml lloliflzlys BILL . ....... GEORGE Dial 4-1303 1 110 Norih Jefferson Ax DITLTVERY SERVICE Compliments of LEE ROSS FOOD SHOP 2813 North Adam Pl 5-9971 S NEST XVIS H L. D. TIN THOFF ALEXANDER UPHOLSTERING 113 Wagn er Drive 4 rvvc- 1 om-111' Pl 4 'VO M A Y H A L L 715 JXtIZl11til' Phone 2-5461 Peoria, Illin ' C'om1mIim0nts of MR. AND MRS. CHARLES RYIA KATZ The CLEANER We Clean And Dye For You PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE 2116 Main Street 2062 Prospect Road 9221 5-19778 Compliments of SPALDIN G COUNCIL N0. 427 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS W WALT'S ICE CREAM STORE 1525 Main Fountain Service OPEN THE YEAR ROUND cw1lIiiI5IiINC'I1tS uf LAHOOD APPLIANCE COMPANY Gifts - Household Wares DENTINO SCHOOL OF DANCING All APPIIPIUCCS 607 qpenpmh mmm 1007-09 MacArthur Hiway Ph 1 4-4914 -- IIm'1'y Lallood, P00 l'fmipiii1iv111's ul! VOGEL'S P. B. BIANCO, M. D. MODERN FOOD SERVICE C. E. MOON. M. D. 1,44 Pekin, Iliinois ALLEN'S Drugs Prescriptions McClure and Prospect Tcilcliliom' l -l Tvlcplioiic 241923 MEADOWBROOK FARMS DAIRY W. N. Foster Sz Sons R. R. No. 2, Pooria, illinois Compliments of JOLLY SI BROWN -114 South Adams FLETCHER LANKTON JOHN N. ZIEGELE AND ASSOCIATES Architects And Engineers H00 Main Strom Peoria 5, Illinois LOUSIG - NONT'S BEAUTY SALON l's'ori:i, Illinois R13 Fulton Phono S' E. T. McQUELLON PLUMBING CO. 1437 S. .IofI'm'son Avent Phon Il fl-5AI7l A FRIEND of I-L O. L, IOIOIOIIIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI O l I S 6 . 4 A 1 I i Q1 l M ,' I ' QKMMWM l :A Yeaxggg soggy- .. 0 V 456 ' f i 5,5 Q I f The fashion wise teenager looks fair? ' 353, KJ ,,1"N -F31 X N Ki to our . " Third Floor Junior Shop I O I C . ......... BERGNEWS ....... . . if U A li X Simi :xml ljlllllll'-X' for Ifvm'y l'11i'1n WWSTERN COAL AND FUEL CO. Stokers Oil And Gas Furnaces Complete Heating Service and Air Conditioning Kalamazoo Home General Appliances li'l1'IVlI1lIll"l 'Plfl Uffirv: 624 lllillll Ysnwli Zfmfll lel S Xilrims Sl, Q In Q X' NF' Y X5 KEENAN SPORTING GOODS CO. Headquarters for School Sweaters and Jackets 514-516 Main Street Peoria, Illinois Phone 4-9166 ARMATO'S MARKET We Specialize In Quality Meats, Fruits and Fresh Vegetables WE DELIVER Phi 2 Z C Cp dFd Applicators of EAGLE PICHER-HOME- CONDITIONING PRODUCTS Mineral Rock Wool Insulation .Kuhn A. Glalllulymi, BBS. 705 - 705A Lehman Building Aluminum-Combination Storm Sash 81 Screen Air Changers 112 Court St. - Pekin, Ill. J. C. BUCKLEY, Representative V legit, D L ldv C900 U00 I .-6 Q J I 9 , Q GRADS CDF 49 We will continue to "LIGHT" your way to success and happiness in what- V I ever fielcl of stucly or worlc you may 3 6 choose to pursue. I CE 'lil I AL ILLI 0l LIGHT CUMPA Y L'mnplimcnts uf FRANK I. ATKINS Mason Contractor 1027 Dvvhman Avflnue Phone 2-2272 JAY'S RECORD DEPARTMENT Q First With the Latest Q All Your Favorite Artists Q Comfortable Listening Booths Q Free Parking - Bus to the Door QCome in and Browse Around J A Y ' S 530 South Adams Fine Meals Groveries Poultry fIININ'S F Fruits amous Sausagr G R I M M Peoria's Leading Store Vf-gf-tables BRDS. for Everything to Eat Telephone I3-S3671 620 Main Siren! tiglllllllu 4' "" 0 I 2 PAGES "' v 5 0 ,. 0 e ..-5':i-""g"ii' E 1 h ..-5457 ,F - i ' .-1-:ii:'3'3:W I .11-"" . . exif-" I ff ll l .-'2 "' ,.-ff" P A , .. 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Cnmpliments uf P E O R I A WATER WORKS COMPANY 109 South Monroe Street Peolia, Ulinrwis THE TIES THAT BI II .... eiqhlenn cities in a sinre There Is The Bond Of Trust I to build Block and Kuhl Stores that will be a credit tothe communi- ties which they serve There Is The Bond Of Friendship O to foster a fine relationship between our stores, our custorfers, co-workers and vendors There Is The Bond Of Service O to measure our success only by the service which our stores are able to render customers There Is The Bond Of Good Will 0 to consider no transaction closed until the article purchased has rendered complete satisfaction There Is The Bond Of Integrity O to maintain sound Block and Kuhl policies, the quality of our mer- chandise, the fairness of our prices ::....-... FOUNDED 1879 See your local master plumber for AMERICAN-STANDARD HEATING-PLUMBING Serving the IlIll,l0ll7S health and comfort HZ lxlillll Firm-1 l'1'111'1:1, lllinfwis the YOU111 Like 0 MILK gl'l1XX'Ill1vS Nlillsin 1l1c1111w ll:1111ly' S1111:11'1- 11l:1ss llwlllv XV A L L P A P E R S l44l1llC1llS Yisibla- Xl X11111' 111'111'1-1' 111' 1111' II111111- llC'llXlIX l,'lk'l'l'1l lm- Q I'i'Zl1l1 01111-1's 1 8110611 1 x w -an :sw BURN AUTO FINISHES B O R N Paint And Wallpaper Company Fulton at Monroe! Phone 3-3719 I5 O'BRIEN - J OBST The Men's Store of Peoria Cloithiers - Hatters - Furnishers GOLDSTEIN JEWELRY Co. 113 Sm1'hJPff0"S0'1 211 Floilfh Adams Sfroei "Peoria's Leading Jewelers" The name GOLDSTEIN on the box adds Prestige to the Gift but nothing to the Cost." MAIN STREET FLOWER SHOP COURTS ll, QXT,i.ENI!,XC'l I 409 Main Street - Peoria, Illinois Phone 9109 f4flINIJH1NC'll'fS uf GIPPS BREWING CORPORATION I'01n'i:1, illinois ttnigi':it11l:ut1tniS lim Spzilmling' On llien' Filth .XlllllVt'l'S1il'j' WARE - ANDREEN CO. lVIen's Shop C. ll. .XNIPIQICFN .X. NOlQlJXV.Xl.l l27 S. Jefferson Phone 3-2553 UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC CO. XYlitilcs:1lc Only KARL BOGGESS, Mgr. Peoria, Illinois tk nnplinicnts uf YVESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY 412 South Washington St. Peoria, lllinois CREST THEATRE 3117 Piospect Road Peoria Heights Clare-nee F. Gury, Mgr. Clmnpliincnts of H E C H T ' S BONNY SHOP 225 South Adams Street Peoria, Illinois fllllt1TZltlllZltifHlS on Siizilflingk Slltli .Xnniverszlry CUMMINGS Sz EMERSON Esrablishe-dt 1867 MACHINE SHOP SERVICE Automobile - Truck - Tractor Parts and Supplies LAGRON - MILLER COMPANY REl.ItiICll'S XlQTlC'l.FS 228 S. Jefferson Phone 7653 r D FRI-INKLIN +C. IIIICKSHIIW, INC. DESOTO - PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE "Satisfaction With Every Transaction" 'GQ-514 S. Washington Q1 Peoria, Illinoi. CARTY'S STANDARD SERVICE Moss at Western Ph one 4-6794 Cl vmplimc-nts of W. HELLER 81 SON, INC Compliments of MIKE COURI Xz SONS Compliments of VIC And JOE ANTHONY FAMILY M O O R E ' S JEWELERS And SILVERSMITHS 436 Main UII: B R 0 S. I N C. i' 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Plumbing and Heating Phone 3-3737 After 6:00 P.M. Phone 2-1362-9578 Multigraphing, Typing, Mimeographing 6. Mailingv LETTER "SERVICE" COMPANY R. N. BRONS, Manager Phone 6-6081 1146 Jefferson Bldg. Peoria, Ill. LIGHTING FIXTURES For Home A Office - Factory E. J. MAUSHARD CENTRAL FIXTURE CO. 708 Main Street Peoria, Ill. R E - J O Y C E Foods And Coffee for every festive occasim n Make Re-Joyce Your Choice IT'S FLAVOR-FAMOUS C CHRIS HOERR 81 SON CO. Wholesale Grocers -Importers and Coffee Roasters 157 . .,.. -..,, . THE SHERWIN - WILLIAMS CO. Paints, Vmnishes, Lacquers, Leads, Oils, Enarnels Brushes and Painters' Specialties 328 S, Adams Street Peoria 2, 111. Phone 4-3117 ROSY'S MARKET GROCERIES, BAKERY GOODS FRUITS AND FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS Phone 8247 614 Spring St. MODEL CLEANERS AND TAILORS Our Work is in Quality-not Quantity Expert Workmanship - Try Us 2112 S. Adams St. Peoria, Illinois Phone 4-0503 c ' -F':'f'g. . CENTRAL ILLINOIS' LARGEST HOME FURNISHINGS STORE 70 YEAR F " ' S 0 M A I PROGRESS ,W T 55 I - ff- -.-:rf Peoria ' 5 7 5 5 .,, Pekin W' '- 5:5:"f1 'g1f:E155z5:f :1:I:I:1:2: , ' 5 ,. A 5:rE'- -5: ':E:5- "42fri-F15r5555Ez3ES55E5ErI'PM -1 521-. ' lzf --I 211-'f':':f:5''Is-'2512:1:1:I:2:r3E:::1:1:-: :- .1-" 1' ' . vs, .-.., . ' 52:5 4 22952 ' . ,-Z-I 'If'.'.'.-.'.'.','9.'.'.'.' IN . , -3 :::,: 5:55 : 'f-.:5:5. 4.5:32:1:5:1:2:1g:g5:5:5:5:1: ,. -gg., 3' ,,,,. 131:1,5.3.1i,ZiZ2j'fWg,.,.. ai 'SL 5 . 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Murkari Sfllhill ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHERS 420 Main Street Peoria 2, Illinois Posed by: Edw. Diies and Cmiipliniviits of DRIES BRUSH PLUMBING CO. 1401 Wisconsin Avenue Peoria, Ill. Phone 2-4733 159 PEORIA UNDERCOATING CO., CIl1CUl'IJtlYZ1tL'liJ F endix Undercoating Minit-Man Car Wash Standard Lubrication Jim Kelly, Manager National Brand SHOES Stocked By Us In A Complete Range of Sizes and Widths for Men Walkover Arch Preserver Freeman Conformal Roblee Redwin Johnsonian for Women for Children Airsteps fBoy and Girl Selby Styl-EEZ Scout Shoes? Cantilevers Buster Brown Jolene Child Life Life Stride Orthopedic Conformal Brown-Bilt Walkover Trimfoot Robin Hood X-RAY FITTED . . . CONVENIENT CREDIT CRAWFORD SHOE STORES 321 Fulton St. Outlet Store - 206 liberty 323 Court Street - Pekin N EWMAN Sz ULLMAN Wholesale Distributors of Cigarettes, Cigars and Candies 210 South Washington Street Peoria, Illinois Phone 4-0121 Sodas .:. Sundaes .:. Banana Split DEVORE'S Ice Cream Store 401 South Jefferson BULK ICE CREAM Serving Swift's Ice Cream Phone 6-7811 'rv ' ' A' " THE PATHWAY Your SUCCESS HERE Zgraillrg Hniurraitg .X strunff medium-sized university. Uver 0 A free Lecture - Arts program of 150 events each year. Includes many inter- tiunally famous people. 1,000 courses from which tu climisc, Xeeredited ln' 'mll l11'l.1lI' 'leereditine' ae'- . ' ,. .J . 5 ,, . encies. More than 100 clubs, fraternities, sumri- ties, to meet the needs of all. Over 40 PHlJ.'s added to faculty in last two years. .X traditiun uf persunal attentiun tu stu- ' dent needs. EnroH Now SUMMER SESSIONS FALL SEMESTER June 15 - July 21 Registration . . . September 21 July 22 - August 25 Classes Begin . . . October 4 FOSUHRELECTRKUCOMPANY 312 Fayette TOASTMASTER BREAD .q 1 '1'i:: Used Exclusively in the Cflfvtefiw of Spalding Institute and the 1 l': : :Q E f ig rge iqr 3 .. 9 :,:.l :1 ssss sss 5 --if : "' --. ..',.. ,g,g.,., - -V'V::- , : sic 'zizfz 2 V-", FEE fzfi w e Es? . u Q ei? H 5 , ::::f I 9 MILK AND ICE CREAM ,'6,-', I If Posed by: Pat Ann Murray, Ed. Fox, Doro- thy Opdycke, and Bill Green. Everyone enjoys delicious Roszell Sealtest Dairy Foods. Penny for penny, one of the greatest food values, too! SLABKF5 you ' where nil I'-wrln ulmpn 5 SPORTSWEAR, THIRD FLOOR You clothes to authority, and Compliments ot' NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COD 124 North Adams St. Phone 3-4557 NOW WERE MAKING HGLAMOUR PORTRAITSH In Our Newly Equipped, Modern! Studio ALL OI" OUR PORTRAITS MUST PLEASE OR YOUR MONEY WILL BFI REFUNDICID We Handle All Kinds of Fine Photographic Equipment: Cameras-Projectors-Film--Albums. When You IIz1ve Your Kodak Film Finishod f Spec-ify Hex Pano! Art Prints -W 1.zn'j:1 Prints R E X STUDIO and CAMERA sHoPs 329 South Adams .:. 403 Main St. Peoria's Oldest Photographic Stores Compliments of BLUE STAR POTATO CHIPS Distributed by McArthur Distributing Co. 4307 South Adams St. qi, Q c r J. You're Paying For 'Q 4.3223 it INSULATION ck was Why Not Have It! ROCK WOOL .... BLOWN IN ROWE INSULATION SERVICE Phone 3-4777 616 Ardmoio Plum- 163 THE WHOLE FAMILY BCDWLS AT PEORIA BOWL INC. 14 MODERN LANES Bowlingl t t Cockt l L g L h tt Pl 40 1 S .' 2' H ,- -1 "Y .1 ii 1 335 315 -R 55 : .:f5 .:.5s:s2 5. -' -:-: " - ' "2 .-:':f: r-- : 15 " sv' .::. mf- . -H g.. ,s , .. 5 - ' ,5 5:2 .:: is' 1 55: - 5 ,.::g5355255.Z555g5 -. 5 ::r:r:::2:1:1:1::f '- :- W. cI:5:1:F:5:2:Z' if -. . 5252. ' ' ::-. I. r, . .. 5555555 5:2 :Er E255 15351: EJ . .. .1 .M -gn, - :+:-: g:1: - 1'.i.:.i' 1,3 5'-:E r ' - :f:r:5 5 35: 5 5:' :3:5:5 : an 53 555.53 :':2:E:S:2 :gg '55?5r: . .f1 :25 if. . Ez5?f fg'fss. -:-:- .:.-15555.-:-:-:.' ' - ' -:-:-:-: . 3 . I' 2 1 , s . 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L. O'BRIEN COMPANY Plumbing and Heating Contractors 213 State Street Phone 4-3878 QlflI'llI7lllll0lltS of BLUE STAR POTATO CHIPS Distributed by McArthur Distributing Co. 4307 South Adams Street ENGRAVING CO. DEPENDABLE SERVICE ARTISTS DESIGNERS D A L RETOUC HERS HALT TONES ZINC ETc HINGS PRO cEss COEOR PLATES BEN DAY PLATES IID N, MADISON AVE. PEORIH-ILLINOIS NU - WAY MARKET Groceries .:. Meats .:. Vegetables 812 State Street - Phone 3-1086 Carl F. Speck, Prop. Compliments of BECKERS FLORIST 612 Knoxville Avenue Phone 2-5733 Chas. J. Becker, Prop. JOHN BARTH GROCERY Wliolcszllc - Retail Groceries .:. Meats .:. Vegetables 501 Fourth St. - Phone G-4717 FlQlCEM.XN SHOPS XVHTII XN'ith Pride by Millioiis WELANDER BROS. 426 Main Street Peoria Illinois A BASHFUL FRIEND W. G. BEST Factory Built Homes X 630 West Lake Street 1 Peoria Illinois 'ABEST BUILT HOMES" C1 mmplim ents of Wm. Kumpi i 167 AUTOGRAPHS 1

Suggestions in the Academy of Our Lady / Spalding Institute - Summa Yearbook (Peoria, IL) collection:

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