Academy of the Visitation - Crescent Yearbook (St Louis, MO)

 - Class of 1936

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Academy of the Visitation - Crescent Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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. ' lv Q. 1-1 1 ."' 2 Q ' W' P- QL- : TI 1"3f'1 :ar . 'z b 'fx ?"'7Z'Q' :-1- .- .- K- 454. . - .P 'vw ,, - . ' 1, 1- ' sv :--' ,M-V, ,,..,-,,,- -gf A' ,H -v,,- ,X Vg, 'H 1 1 ' f' I, ' .Cx .f,LZT'z 4 The ACADEMY YEAR BUCK QF THE ACADEMY of the VISITATICDN SAINT LCDUIS MISSGUIQI PUBLISHED BV TI-IE CLASS OF T936 CRESCENT THE FOREWORD Tlial 'llie IQ36 Annual will be clierislw always, is flue wisli ol The Crescenf Slawfl a memory book Viz girls will TABLE OF CONTENTS THE DEDICATION TH FACULTY TH SENIORS THE ORGANIZATIONS THE FEATURES OUR PATRONS OUR ADVERTISERS E E THE CLASSES DEDICATION To fhe Vusufahon Alumnae and +0 Hue Ladies Sodallfy whose loyalfy IS 'rhe msplraflon of Hue sfudenf body, 'rhe Class of I936 dedlcafes HWIS Issue of fhe Crescenf V ll .., 1 7Tf.CLLlfLOlZ e 'nemoer 01 1hc awe GI fu 1he A111nn A5soC1a1o ave d vo1ed 'henw5e1ve 5o wno h ar1eo1y 1o 1 r1her1ng 1ne b S1 1n1eres1 o1 ou Academy +ha WG 1ee1 1 15 number o The Crescenf wh1ch 5 e Ca eo o fhern S o111o Con1e n SJC W ro Q w11 rnake Jrhern rea11ze h gener v 15 V1"OS1'9V'61G1U1f rernernb reo Th uon Under seoa a1e ovrechor 1 e wo groom have o ferqe a co rnon rnernb sh1h ha have mad a e o11o sen he-1r1no v1d C r e ch 5 A1 X 1nes1sma1I a11o11or1L1rn r1 f Q 1 1 o eo 1o fherh 1or vrrf 1113511111111 er n erefhnc We qyrnnasmr ear nr 1 in mo1 r ev1dL Thr r 1n1e rv oo Wnenever we V51 1 e 5 rlnc 1 e qro11o 1110 ra ores one 1he rni we r nn ded o1 1h 1hoLoh11111neSs o1 1heSe good 1r1eno who we no+ noh+ nf o 111rn1sh +he e p1afes o1 devohon 'nmf fears ago bm hav redecorareo 1hern as heeo c11c1a1eo The or nmng 1oun1a1n 111rn1sh1ng o1 he Cafe era dona1on of loooks rrvaqazunes anc bookcas 5 or +he 1DVo f scnoo equuomenf of many knob and sc vv nwgn go on nde11n11e-Iy wer we To 11enn1ze eac 1 BU1' over and above 'rhe5e I'TW51'6FI61 lo nehfs sp1enc11d as lhey are Treasure rhosf The so1r'r wh1ch promcfed 1'he donors May 'rhey share WI11' us 1ha1 oesf of 5111 g11+s 1he1r 1oya11y 'ro VlS11'd 1on f c , 1 1hf- 1 gi 1 i 1. Q' :N Sod 1'1y wr 1nf1e 1 ' 1' r h E31 1 r 1 3 1 e 1 J ' ' e ' 5 F r 1, ' 11 -A n' 1 ' 1 I 1 C1 C11- 1 Q L h 1 1 1 h o '3 S 1" 1 ' 1 e1r , os" ' f 11 2 e '. o J' fr " ' h 1 Q N 5 ' rn er Q L W we e no 17 rn ara'e 1 !"N I ' ..a1 31115 1o n 5 .oo1. Beaoe' e 15 1-151, one o1 'he 1' f' 1 " ' 2 1n 1he V1 y, we Jf'24T1CE11,1 1 A 31 Q 'f h1nY 3 11 'r' wh1Ch hae ena131ed us 'o Carry out a we11-rounoed a1h1o11Q proqfam. A Four' ye 5cho1 shy gre fed 1n perpe11111y 15 f he , ' woe of ' 11 ' res' 1 1he sch 1. 1, , 1" 1h,, h ' QS, hr . 1, o 1 1 , ,. 'f -' QL.e1, are e. Ir e 1J' A 5 re e 1e f ' S , ' 1' 1 1 . . . fhe ' ' L Q 1 1 . . . 1 S F , ' 1 e 1 1' ,rj . . , 1 1 1 ' . . . 5 1e"' e ' ' hq'11, ' Q ' 1 I . , Vi? 1 , ' - ' ' ' 1' . REVERENJD LHAPLES B O DONNELI. Our Chaplam and Comessor Who Has served us wlfb ed1fyunq fldellfy These pa f fem years Tlwaf ilwe Sacred H if demf of Vlsrfaf on ' I' ' ' ' ' ' ' S . e ' of Jesus wil! reward His devoied servani is Hue Hearifelf prayer of every Sisfer and stu- Our Secular FacuH'y X-'XvNfX V' CLANN SANIK nm O JU-JY M TARR M 'L 14 XX4 V RLY I1 I mt ll Phx xml bdmuln 1 K 1 In Y ' EY Dux' ll. lf.v1v'cM1.,-,1 ifX3'l MH 1 PR In fzulwf zu cjlIz'W1K!r'f' '- Lf-. lhmymvlg A 11 11153-U mi ' ,QU if L, fx W 'ln W V w ' N ' THE CHAPEL ufo'zLy 4. fz 1.111 Q As snexperlenced Freshmen way baclc IH 9 ' our class began To malce hlsTory when Tour oT our member made The school baskeTball Tea AnoTher sTep uo The ladder and we were worldly wuse Sophomores Musslon PageanT Soloho mores won The BaslceTball Tournamenl' Junlors a llTTle cynucal perhaps The proceeds oT our Cake sale Tor The Mnssrons surpassed Those OT any oTher class Valenhnes Day' Seniors enTer The bug evenT OT The year Junior Senior BanqueT AT lasT May Day and In courTly splendor Jane was crowned ueen The Teshve spnnT reached lTs heughT IH The graceful Maypole dance Care worn and sweeTly superuor Sensors Gracuously assushng aT The Alumnae Tea Tormal parTy Tor The .lunuors Teasers of higher educahon gnven us by promanenT local colleges Thus year as guesTs we saT aT The Tormal banqueT gnven by The Junuors soTT lnghTs sweeT musuc And Then graduahon broughT To an end The happy years aT our beloved VusuTaTuon Pu tum: J4'- wf fa Cf f '36 T 4 ' l ' I 3L, S T ml . . . Talned us ln.The' cleverly dlsguisecl playroom . . . "'- H H . . 3 all gc' ' l' f!XjLf..LU I XL! 4 7 147 r L AVS r 1 JC N vHN 1 J nxw A CTBT L 'N WAHI UWSE HY A P ANC S N C V MA 'H-A XA W pfX4rAN'x A 4 HYNES A WA OE NS NA Y M WAN 7 ' 7 7 ' Ufza wif' ffl: C7 1- Lf Qi C "fG'X:Y SUE Aff AAT! ,QUSE CQA5X,:fN FF73 C' K fi LV TJAZY Egg NCQ? CNY 3 A AQNE QLY IANE pf'-AFSEXT YXJQ JNE I.FSJAiV,1NS A513114 QE V610 AU. 3Ef ,,5kNSCQ,L CAP'fNl PE ,'l ' A ' ,H VVV TFY Cx U LUTH PUFWE' 'f' LC SE QAVNE ' ELAFQXQ-E KELY M 3'Y 3 E V ACEQQLJEQEP 3 Lf? V EE?-ff-.N HELEAJ fE1SER T DY LCUSE FVCQQSI FDAMCZQ , .Q . F. ZAEZ' -JLMA Tuul E?'TY 5 ,EY CA75C,Q 9 1 CN , 3 3.7-QEAL E SFEZWTJAW TP-EJAA STNTEQ CQ: S ' AE L-Fi ,AWE fgL,Y F UNN NGHAM A U r UNJ6 FIC NM YNIHANI 3 P L III tau fi 'M' mg1fiigg,.,Aw sf wg? PATRICIA COSTELLO Ll1w1C1l Loume LIASN X me IHIENILILHX I 1 1l1tw L zu! M 1-,11'1t11111 tI1I111c 91141111111 uku sknl 11 L l'1LIx N1 1111 11111155 LI11 I 1111t1s1111, X 111 1 1 MARY LOUISE I-IYDE 1 K 0111 lm 4111 uc IIIIX L gll1IIt'llIS SlIl1ltll'lI L o1111c1l 6 11ml Lr11111L1I l 1 L7 II lslIl1l01T AIIIILIIL MLv1111tm11 ULILU IS Ltll IglNCIlI R1cI111g L 111 1 1111, 11 ILttL1111Q11 L 11 Page fourteen OFFICERS OF THE 'vm 7 I !H.,,W 5 ' A if: I' -' K' Clznswiczl ' 'sc - , 1 ij L'I1:11'lcr M1-111Iuc1' nt' Llnsf 'Q . I L'I1,, Presidl '53 '54 '35 'Sn M' Zi., S I: T. S. NI. L'. I .Il1'1'I11mf of l'1' its 1141? X ' ' " - f ' - 1 V . A,'L in li 1 -Q, Ii: , k - I z II, : .' 1 II. , . vm ..": '- 'I'1'z1uk. 'l'c1111is 'I 011r11:1111e11t. 1 I ' I '-I3 '34 '35 '3": ' ' 'I I, ' 111' 1 CI 11. ,- A- 1 'S -7 .9115 V " .1 ' Y f,,' 'I I ,W I . .gg-:Q . 'K iw: :VK ,V W I flif , 1 Sul: ',', '. S. M. L'. ,Il1'V1'l11 ' I '1'ui1'1' A Y','. " A 1' ": 1 : - .' A II1- ' lg1l."'ICII. Il:1.'1-Im:1II, A T-. --, 'ss 214 115: Q 1" - . A . . I Q A I ' -' ' ,If :lg '11 TI11- I i V I ' A W1 ' U-1xv1-1-111 'Do QI" A V , A I ,x""l'V'.q""s 15119 MARTHA LEE MEEHAN tr NKKW M. ,H ml A ll w fill! L IN ITQI' M AIU -,haw L rr MARY ELEANORE PUNNING-HAM nlmn -Xt at X ouztmn npkex L 1 ,4 W ,4 My lc mms l'uurnune11t WWNJKGW M M ,wmiiw 4' if L CLASS OF 1936 Page jxjzecn f1L'llCl'l1I t'wl1rfv I flfln ft-'m'IZ1X'j' '34 '35 'Sh Sf lznllly. L'. S, NI. Lf Nl 'IIN4 S1 AIIVIIII LV' Q11 '30 A U w'rfmHf ff! Iwuxlzru , Yiximxi--11 ,XII 1 -xiv .xxwruznlflx : It Q Ilwk--'. r:,1Nkm,f111. lam-mul, V if ' '35 434 '33 'Fm 'l'1':xck, '34 I ffm' K sxr.'rr! Shxff ff, V, , Y , I . llcluwzxl K' 'se ' Claw 'I'r-:xl - '35 '36 ,, Sf lzl' C. S, Bl. C. Z K Q' , w ' .U 'f rllufzl nj II' fm' lfal ,V 4,4 W ' Q Yixiti ' . hl - ic J sa "2 ' I ' x W" H ' W' ., V Il ' ' 5, Mask -tl all '33 '34 2 I , , , pw M, ' : '53 '54 I I ' '," ' 4 ,, '35 'Q Tir ' CvVU.YL'L'lIf Staff '36 wr:-wr' f ., :fn X wa., W" '0"' 1 ' A - QW "H-4' M MARY LOUISE CLARKSON u Q01 A1 xlny INIITUUII Athhtu -Xwoualxmum mlxu Kuhn K r NL mol Oullc-tm AH1'1f6!lll' Hom 'Niww : it PEGGY SUE ADAMS nu 1 in lc m xx p, I 1 1 X -uf row -QQ' SN., 'Hifi Wi iw! Y Page uxteen V ,AL 'X AA' WW, ,, llm1m':ll fs rw ,, , 11 'H-fmuf ,If umm mm' X isilzxliwu .'Xll1'l ' .-Xxx 'mlm ' A 'll-nuns 'l'-mrlmzum-111 '33 A R111 1' Kluh A M V ' SCI mul R1-citxnl 'X4 '55 An :nm-111 llf uw' r ' " 'ff..,w 1 ' 'l , , ,Q ' , If ,, w , -my A A T fQ0!l"2l! A ll'SC A H Sr lz ' ', LIVS. Bl. C. I ,lfuf'L'l14l1nzi nj Vuglzrc I I ky A if Il '33 134: v yi 'hd 1 ww w A ' " f " N V E? A . ' I K - f'::S 3ew,:,,. ,V ' t ANN. 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AUDQEY DRISCOLL 011 x I 1 ILM -, LH! x llc nl 1 N mlmluk CAROL H Ac LIIIN ll 1 Q my mku ku lx Illlll ELLRUNG HIL PICK Page nmeteen RUTH HUNTER Ml 1 L 1111 N X1 11 1111111 Mlm 11 'X N1 DOROTHY GHIO f 1111111 QUUISL ll lSlllL! 11 11113 L 111 1111 111 INII lllflll Athletm Avon 1t1u11 Ilmku ll ISI-xLtT1'lll lhsdlall lr Lk 8151111 1111115 L ull Page twenty C WYNES I X ,gy ff, MW , , an My Wf 4 7 'W' fZjT?3Q?v2g 04 Q, MW W ZWV My W f ,X AQ 7 , ,Z V Zffffdv Wifi 5740 7,754 2 f 1 'Qi' fda? ' BLANCHE KIELY Q L A kuu S Il I 1 1 ltll ll ll 'lil HIUII IL my Hnskg 11 xml-x 1 1 mg Klub Iettermgn 3 Llub Page twentv one AHF . tw' M111 L'm1r'x1- 5+1:U1l5. Rf 5. Nl K ' Vg . "mel M 'VW' ' ' , I Ylxlmlifwxw .Ml Min .Xxx wlzmwv: ' "L' 'W Ai W k Il.-1-H-5. lim-lv '7-:,!'. Huw Imll. IVLIKH'-N .Xlzuwx '. 'f' , K x ,. 'V X -,w QW. ' 5' 4" W e 5 I " - Nh,' "L , 'V 5 VM I. -11 -rx l ' V. c Q ' V ljfjfrww if N lflizy, LI 5 M, C. ' I Ji- ' - .Uv 'flu uf uf Vmliu' Q? 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St: ti '36 if r" ' " 'W' ' "" 'W 1 Gum-ml l'uL11'fL- V' Ch: V1 '1' M - ? 1 f flaw I Sf lr ' ', C. M, C. , ,Un 'ffm uf lvtlzzlk' I " Ylxilzmiun .Xlhlctlc J N, ": : II " 2 ', I5'skA 1. ll, '53 'S-13 "' '7 'V ' 1 ANI V54 '55 L, , V' 1 ' 3 1 ELIZABETH POLLMANN - K un N Tl T mlnms r v xml In 1nlL xmlnh up ax Ll sal 'Wm , ll ll! x I -.,,,,4s.... Nx BETTY RILEY l HS L 1 L NN L 5 m "llllN ulullw N111 fu I I lLTll IT Ngx 1 LI 1 1 mlxu uxmx ll une 111 1x1 K1 1 k v L T 1 Plge Lu entx four M 441119- if J A M SHEPIU N CARROLL ROBINSON nm m 14 1 N ua ll L 11 IL -X souxtmu f x r lk fm-M ,wg Mmmw, ww fuk lll LYNX Ll I I Cm-m-ml k'wLl1'w Q, L'I1:n'tq-1' Xl- Im- uf Vlzlfs S1 lulity. C. S. NI. C. ' f4,f In l-ul? Sy- 'mml funn-il 'Sw A Tlwvfilzlzl nf !'.'1l1' 1' . , Yiximtimx .XIIIAIV . Xi "L ' , 3 'l'vL-aw. 141: Iizxxk'-IT ull '35 'H Q5 433 YW: Ilwclwy '33 '54 '35: , . liufg-lmll '35 '3-5: 'l'1':'k 'FJ . N 1:3 .114 PHY ROS 'VV A 54' 121 vu-1:11 Vwxv-1 ' Swlnllly. K' S. Xl kt. Wwmfruryf .-f J'.'r...' ff' YiNl':ni4m .XIN4-Irs .XX-wvixxll-mi llmlxn-3. Iizk-Ll-'M:1Il. '33 IH! X ITJVVW-AU. 'I'::wX. 'l'mxt1- 'I'w1rrm:::vi2 4.33 , W 'Wiliam DAPIS MAE WALSH al THLLMA SINGER QT xi 'L' fll 'LX ,yuan iivw CWIQQKQ' Q Q75 L 1 5 5. 43 N' raw 1 xl H K'-:tru 111 K' S. Nl Lf I ',' 3.01-,,.' L Vw VW ,NNE -.Iv ' ' I -I ?,f'! . , V' , A MN if j ,T page mm, ugh. The GROTTO ,Lv 4.1 ,. ' '14 , , g, ,Q alfa' ,ees Q , A- 'K' if ' T4 ' . 5. , ,l 1, H sforbly of f 1111 0 Under Jrhe vwgulanl lalelage of The Sophomores we made our Freshmen debul an halr rnbbons gym U15 and dads s oes Calce sale lor Jrhe lvlrssuons lncly lwo dollarsl Musslon Pageanl As Sophomores several gurls made lhe school baslcelball leam Show for Jrhe lvlussuons revealed hwdden Jralen Advancing lo Junior year our represenlahon on 'rhe school hoclcey and baslcel ball Jreams wncreased Hyde Sanders and l-wclc shrnmg slars Al lhe Gamma Kappa Lambda mahon J nel learned how lo eal a crac lqe a a Largely due lo lhe ellorls or Marla ullan Vlrgmra Sheehan Marv Doclcery Mary Tracy Rulh legerholl Dol Callahan Ann Webb Be++y Graham and Annora Kelledy our engagenoenr books were well llled durmng lhe Chrxslmas hlolldays lfddue Duchrn was pu? an Jrhe lnmelughl by Valerre un The V A A Amaleur Conlesl Comblnal on Bonnel Raffle and Cake gale successlaly awded lhe Missions l-learl and Flowers lhe Valenhne Parly lo you given lo us Dy lhe Sensor Of course we can? brag abom lhe oanguel we gave lhern buf Jusr wall urhl we have The lasl row IU The STU 5 l-lalll PJ c tlnrtx em- - ' 145 gr - f s dr, ' ll' h . . . l ln? 4 an h - lcer "nr ldyl' . .. s s ' . A l i ' l ' h I Wy .I . . rr C r 1 1 ' s . . . H N D . N. . df Class Officers WAN! FRANCES HYDE on? BETIY LA BARS-E Presrdem fary MAQY SANDEQS USF 1012 'T' SZ 41. "' vi IBA Page thzrtxl IC C , . I A ,. i A A ., , 5 A E uul, ,.A , :H ' ' 5 ' - 3-J 2 Pfesfd '. K l -:'- f f-"Z .. s s s s s s H Vice- ' 4 mu E MARY DOCKERY SWS H Z., f sw I n H Trees ' A I - ,Aii uv DOROTHY AYLOR JANE BRAUN VALERTE BRINKMAN MILDRED BLAIR BUSCH DOROTHY CALLAHAN MARY DOCKERY NELL DOZIER EILEEN M. EAGAN JANET PICK CATHERINE FLYNN BETTY JANE GRAHAM JANE FRANCES HYDE Page thirtyftwo C"""7"l . is , ,. ..:.: , CN WO ,f 53, . ,xl B w but ' T Q J u Q Q ' f ' ANNORA KELLEDY BETTY LA BARGE JULIE OCONNELL BETTE PRIESMEYER MARIA QUILLIAN MARY SANDERS VIRGINIA SI-IEEI-IAN MARY ELLEN SULLIVAN RUTI-I MARIE TEGETI-IOFF MARY ELIZABETI-I TRACY ANN VJEBB EDNA WEBER I I Page lI1lTly'IIlfCd NOX I' 71, LfLY cf K fl CH NL , X , , Y I vlfl- mf of ffl: Cfgi U fx X1,1' .' .. ': 1" ply, :m:"Q', H ' 1 Swiriffgi' "ww .' 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J . , , Class Officers DORIS SELSQR Pr slrlen BETTY NODMAIN Pwsdem BETTY JANE RUDOLHH M PY LQUVS WHTH Q Ci if Pun tu xr 1 If Q 1 A .Ai i 2' M 4' f . Vice- , ,.. , ,.,,,1 x V ..-f' " 5 + A 11,. J fe-c'e,a'y ,sw 3' X A .,,,, P llviz FN F E .l Ei Tr' :Jer I fir" ESTELLE BLUMEYER MARY JANE BRADY MARY JANE BRADY SUZANNE M BUCKNER HELEN CALLAHAN I-IELEN CAREY ANN REVELL CHADEAYNE VIRGINIA LEE DALY ANN FRANCES DOWLING I-IELEN BEE DOWLING NANCY KAY GAVIN PATRICIA OILL KATHLEEN JO ANNA JORDAN DOROTHY KIE' ROSE MARIE KONERSMAN DATRICIA MAI-IONY JOSEPHINE MICELI PDQ 'rv' -' uni 'Q"'!' 'J M, '79 It LE W fs 4' uri, 3 in W ML 4' 44 'L yn WM' ...Ng 1- L. F9 F' Q nw-7 SUSAN MONTI ELIZABETH MOORE CATHERINE MORAN ANN FARRIS MUDD MARY LOUISE MULLEN MARY ANN MURPHY MIRIAM NEAF BETTY NORMAN MARTHA O CONNOR MARY 'OUISE REITHER I IANIE RUDOLPH ORIS SELSOR MARY ELIZABETH SHORT IARY LOU STITH B TT SI-CECKFUS PNE JCVICD TUPPEP a,,L rrrtx 0 ' .T- , 3-4 . :. A A 2: ,,-' - k 4 A ..-V ' , I ' 1 fI'V I I L I I " ' I E 3 6 V , K - A--VA.,, .4 H 'Wa T I 4 ' T .mf I 1 I 3 I A 3' 9, ,S M, . ' ,Q LM 5 - f T"2 ,YYAV V,V, , A E f Y "AI f j V ' I ww S . , 'I.II ' H I A Q? 1 Lgy , V i 5 4 -1 Y lf ' A I"I l ' I E A I ' , I I I A ,AI I I Z f J LfnL f ff S HTFN lm W., sm ur c ew ffcif Nm V: C. Jmur C? rlsfmfm C U1 wvo' fammrx an ff c Ou f r C' 1 1 Fl , ' ' 1' A 1 -Lfi L'! of fl: cfm-- of 40 Y-L, HM. r,1L7VMf1.:X', if lm, MI PMP :Qld fini 'V XXV-1."'f': , . . Xv'V'ff-w4Hw ',vm11iafq , 3+ Q1 52' f rw' ' 4- fe '- V""Q'k :H H MPI' C-'airy 'gin wma Q' .elf 'sgull qfww xx f4"' 'iw S0vz':'W"w 5' f Um f1.f'f' f,ix.r'mq 51- V1 ' H x' Pyu . Ur'-Nwz ,ru Aww wf.J1:ip'- 1 all HM- form fflfls EJ ww . . . C0r'Qw1MrM' 'LX' w ,nl ' .... How dm ur gl N ,g Q, 51 tm TENT Rm J' ' f, Rc "rmf7 . YW' 1 ju.'1f'vr' 51x.5fLf'Q ,... VVO me' O" flwz -yhcnn . . . rr,c,f,'ffi dam :Vi . . . , 1"lQ'1'fs,, FE Fr : Q" Cv. -,.. Vf1r,a"q5A 511 lasf im: Haypiwf i nj HR' ' f"lX'1fw1 Class Offucers B TTY JANE EMMONS ST MARY K LEN CULLTNAN F' CU L LOPFS QLJINTAN LZAB TH KELL DY u 'KP' Enfamwm my Q? Pu 5 urtx Il 2 T Jar' Fw lclemf ' 4 iw 1 ' Q W1 V xvvcjpsigd + in .,-' I if , IZ: 1-Af A EeCr'!far,' T E L T I T QW wefh 'Qf -V 'i ' ,1-7: 12, , A '3 A - ix .TK J g f A I ee RUTH BECKER LUCILLE BIGLEY DORIS CHASE CATHERINE CLEARY MARY EILEEN CULLINAN BETTY JANE EMMONS ELIZABETH KELLEDY MARGARET KINGSLAND SHIRLEY KLOSTERMAN LOUISE LA BARGE Page ff'TlX'fOlLT K. ,. 7 - I 4 3 K , W J I " I "7 MX F6 i- Q.. E ,0-Q 41 dp N I Mr' 49" ,iw fl r""h RQ 1 Y? AWA. ,rum 15 RUTH LE CRONE ELA!N NOWAK JEAN NUG-ENT JANE CLARE PORTER DOLORES QUINLAN FRANCES REA REGINA SOKOLIK ANN STRANQUIST JEANNE STRECKFUS ANN SULLIVAN Pa c ynrzx ve 4 Liu 0 uf ' G I+ I cas Tm FIFO STG! F G CH DG wwe L JCM VX 1 me F W ff' I J rw Uma' Joan Aer wfey en oveo + e va afwom VM f Weer' a Qefmeder aw F C 6 cn IVWCI e I if I rw e 0 avwa foo-4 Q e over be SOON I wer ' 'O PO Ib one omwseo z IIIII Gmane vo me T I ef OL e Su Im' we or four ar fence Qearme e f Pa r H and Mary eg eew O Q m xfwa e 0 dxf eremf Q evo f mem a IIwe end I M were Iwred as asf Sevemh afa f Inc eve war 0 new Veer f ge IIWSI Comes WMM O01 Pre ed 'Lyla 1 J f ffze LIL -- off 41 I-'Ve ,JI IrwI1,f Ie. Idg, "5V-TNQ I j en I A ggggmd leer, ' I ying od Ggff "we IQEO 5 II Hel "ee " I fQIwYIdf',m V31 'O x-JUIQ . . . fIy 'Vi icvneome a LS Inf' sccce w II, be A ,G cv our SIM S7 . . . Tfwee cl vers I 5 I p, fy, VW-9 ' , Ihe bes' yef . , . F35 , ' Lim Vi, , I Iee, Vee Ya I Lfe f C: ee ' I ' , je ,Ie rfavjl 'Ie,If, g I ' Id- ? ' ...Vhea I I5 'I , ,e by , V I N'-EfE1Qf I 84 ' I 85I . . . Freffy 7 e III f SMI' If 'ATTIL we I X C O 'IL ff C ,..I IP III, QHILI. W. ew, A , ' , md ::aakI,I'aII ' ya ' 'ec Sc e yi . . . ' Grid ' . We Can Iw 5 JII H . . . bb I Q aI, I okfq IQ" d 4 I , I e I vfpf ' Q 'vI'e . ' ' Y If 4 fff We S ,QI4'y I- . Img! -HHN' xix Class Officers JEANNE CUNNINGHAM Pr ardent JOAN SANDERS V f esndemf PAY CODPOLNNO T0 'H Y LARANN POLLNOW Page nrrx sum v Q . . ' it,-P' ' ' 'QE Sec ,L ' A ' C Tfeisufer ia . f f ., PATRICIA ANNE BAKER MARY ELLEN BOGC-BIANO A' YCE JANE CHASE MIRIANA CHRNTY PAY CORrOLNNO JEANNE CUNNINGHAM DORONHY DEAN DOROTHY FORD ARABELLA ANN FUNK PJ e tmtx ugllt , X A M an Q--1' ""1!" 1 i A 1 1 i 4 - ..,. , 21 Vlali I '-'A"" ' -i 1 A""E ,,.A D M i I. 1:2- " ',,. ,...' Z A Q 'lif il' A A 1 ,- Y . ,gi A We fx, A .1",' , ' ' 1 -' '12 -.AV tiff Wd '54 """'? rw 'sf VW' WENDOLYN HOLDER ETA MAY HUMMEL FLORENCE JACOBSMEYER AVMEE KF OEDELSEDER VLARANN POLLNOW VALERIA RAVARINO PATRICIA REA OAN SANDERS VFRGINIA SOLARI Page ortxnme M 'WHT 'fx Q A:..,E, AE' , ...L 4' A 1 A Q 25 -Eff A If A ,W V-,. T J. I if A I"V ,,,,, , f ' Oratory of the Sacred Heart 'Ilia bifutferzfsi iyzivlfluzli Cuuucif N i X K Hull Knlnnsmi. llvllx Rilux Nlwrx I-ru!-1' llvnlv l Ili l ll I ll w 1 'i I 1 N I XI ' llfilx. l 'im' IM-will-sw 'mil Xl'i1'll1'l Iii- Um-lx'in fifgzy Bda LRLL 'Z l'.guli1lIyluwf Through lhe ellorls ol lhe Sludenlsl Spirilual Council and lhe loyal co-operalion ol lhe sludenl body, lhe Sodalily has been made lhe mosl oulslanding organizalion al Visilalion. Qne has only lo glance lhrough lhe calendar lo see how large a parl ol lhe lives ol lhe sludenls is made up ol lhe Sodalily's lradilional aclivilies: Rosary Drive . . . Procession ol Roses . . . l-lalloween parly . . . Chrislnwas caroling . . . lhe Relreal . . . Vocalion Week . ..lV1ay Day and lhe crowning ol Blessed Lady. OFFICERS FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR I935-36 Rrelecl. . . . , Jane Dempsey Firsl Assislanl and Chairman ol lhe Eucharislic Cornrnilleef Aline Daly Second fxssislanl and Chairman ol Our Ladyls Covnnfiillee- Mary Louise l-lyde Secrelary and Chairman ol Rublicily Comrnillee- lvlarlha Lee Meehan Chairman ol Calholic Lileralure Commillee- Carroll Robinson Chairman of lhe Aposlolic and Social Lile Cornrnillee-- Belly Riley Wilhin Jrhe Sodaiify is a group known as 'rhe Handmaids of 'rhe Blessed Sacramen+ whose purpose is fo srirnulare grearer reverence and devofion lo our Eucharisfic King. These girls pledge Themselves 'ro receive Chrisl in l-loly Communion al leasl once a weelc, lo show every marlc of respecl when in His Presence, and lo encourage olhers +o honor lhe Blessed Sac- ramenr. "l.ef us offer lhis hour fo 'rhe Sacred l-learr ol Jesus in union wilh lhe Principaliries for lhe agonizing and The sick. "Le-r us love and praise 'rhe l-learl of Jesus for rhose who do nol love and praise lr, 'lQur Lady of The Sacred l-learr, prolecl lhe Guard of Honor." l-low familiar fo every Visifalion girl is The nine o'cloclc ollere ing! As members of 'rhe Guard of Honor rhey offer rhe occupalions of each hour in a spirir of reparalion ro lhe Sacred Hearr. ln addi+ion, each member chcoses one hour a day during which she fries lo console lhe Hearl of Chris? by in- creasing rhe number of her aspirafions and "ac+s." 31.1015 1 l lu.'zgu'zsf i l lLl.'Z!.l 6 1 wif of .il-fcuzaflrzuiafi Page fztityftlurec Cum: :llinimz g:fX1sf1'zs1.frzhzfiv:1 run! Hia Qlfylicau of bfi: Li ji. Ci Si l J l ' l wilisiixmcr. Xlzirx' lum- IJ l L X 11- lilmlilunzizi. Xlzirx' I,nmsc XI ll I ll l pl I i X lvlluly. l,l11,ili4lli I:illm.i..11. l Xl l in Klnrlssii 5"lUllT H Willw a one lnundred per cenl membersliip, llwe Visilalion Unil ol rlie Carlwolic Sludenls Mission Crusade has spons sored one successful proiecl aller anollrier: llwe punch-card drive, ilie Clwrislmas play, and lime filling ol llwe Clwrislmas slockings lor llwe poor. lls February meelinq, devoled lo llwe discussion olCa+l'1olic Press Monrlw under lime palronaqe ol our Sainlr Francis de Sales. was llirown open lo repre- senlalives of Mission Unils lkirouglnoul llwe cily. Daily ine Crusaders remember llie Mission inlenlions in llweir prayers, ilwus making llwe 'three-lold obiecr ol llwe Crusade-prayer, work, and sacrifice-fa yilal parl' ol every sludenl"s life. OFFICERS FOR l935-36 Presidenl . , Vice-Presidenl, Twelllli Grade Eleyenlln Grade Tenllw Grade Ninlln Grade Figlwllw Grade Sevenlli Grade ... .Elizabellw Pollmann Class Represenlaiivesz Mary .mlvla ...Ma Annora Kelledy Louise Clarkson Valerie Brinkman ry Jane Dowling ry Louise Mullen Lucille Bigley A Florence Jacobsmeyer NA . . "The Sacred Hearf for all fhe world, The whole world for fhe Sacred Heari' The Sodalils who are members of lhe Archconlralernily fulfill Their obligalion by an annual Communion ol Reparalion and by repealing daily lhe aspiralions: "My Jesus, mercyll' and "May lhe Sacred l-learl oi Jesus be everywhere loyedlil By lhis acl oi piely lhey share noi' only in lhe Holy Communions and aspiralions offered by all lhe lay members, bul also in lhe lhousands upon lhousands of Masses ol Reparalion which are said annually by The Priesl'-members in which Jrhere is always a special memenlo for lhe living and ihe deceased members of lhe Archconfralernily. Page fifzg- fill' F125 :5cfz0ol Cinuzcili S1 uiiny: Alina Daly. Juno Frances Hyde. Doris Sclsnr, H1415 hlzmn- Iininmns. jenn Cunninghani S Iwi: Alum' llc-ml fy Xlzxry Llmisn- llymlv, lflizulu-th l'zillm:mn if Z0 CZOOZP O LU Q Page fifzyfsix Composed of lhe presidenls of 'rhe classes and Jrhe major .clwool organizalions, The School Council acls as an advisory hoard lo The sludenf body, and as an inlermecliary belween rho lacully and lhe girls. ROSTER OF THE SCHOOL COUNCIL FOR THE I935-36 SCHOOL YEAR Prefecl ol +he Sodalily, , . ..... . . .. Jane Dempsey Chairman of 'rhe Sludenl Body. . .,..... Mary Louise Hyde Presidenl ol lhe Alhlelic fxssocialion. ...... Aline Daly Presidenl ol lhe Visifalion Mission Unil. . . Elizabelh Pollmann Publicalions. , ..... . . A . Mary Frances Knoedelseder Presidenl ol lhe Class ol I937 , A ,.,.. Jane Frances Hyde Presidenl ol lhe Class of l938 Presidenl ol Jrhe Class of I939 . , . . , Presidenl ol lhe Class of l94O .... A Belly Jane Emmons Presidenl ol The Class ol: I94l A ,. .Jeanne Cunningham . Mary Jane Dennis , Doris Selsor I lil! Q Eyes M1 y Ml ch STAFF Edi+or Carroll Robinson Associafe Edifors Aline Daly, Elizabelh Pollmann, Valerie Brinlcman, Maria Quillian, Mary Ellen Davis, Marjorie Kinsella Reporlers Mary Rosalie Sheridan, Mildred Busch, Jane Frances Hyde, Dorofhy Calla han, Ann Webb, Helene Prendergasl, Mary Jane Dennis, Lucy aingler. Ann Dowling V. A's EYES V. A's Eyes, 'rhe school paper, which carries news of lhe social, alhlelic and curricular aclivilies of 'rhe girls, is ediled and published quar'rerly by 'rhe sludenls. ln each issue lhe aims and accomplishmenfs of Our Lady's Sodalily are enumeraled lo show lhal lhe Children of Mary are 'rruly carrying oul lhe work ol Calholic Aclion. Allenlion is lhen called 'ro The slcill and sporlsmanship of lhe school leam and lhe class leams which parficipale in lhe various lournamenls of lhe seasons. Our readers are given lhe opporlunily To see Visilalion lhrough a keyhole-our Gossip Column. Thus lhe paper realizes ils purposes by giving a view of Visilalion life ihrough lhe eyes of ils girls. Page fffZy'.9E1.'t'71 nd rg U65 C7'z:1c.51zZ' STAFF Fdilor Mary Frances Knoeoelseder Business Comrnillee Jane l'1,nes,Aline Daly, Marv Fleanore Cunningllam Pxoverlisinq Commillee Fa'r'cia Cos'ello. lvlarlna Lee Meelwan, Angelo DeVolo Kodalc Commillee Yvonne Des Jardfns. Belly Riley, Mary Rosalie Slweridan Make-Up Commillee Doris Mae Xflfalslw, Peggy Sue Adams, l-lelen lvleiser Arl Commillee Audrey Driscoll, Jane Kelly -l-ypevvriting Committee Beuy Riley, Dorollwy Glwio, Blanclme Kiely. Belle Rriesmeyer, Angela De Volo Doris Mae Walslw Class Re presenlalives Juniors lvlaria Quillian, Dorollwy Callalnan Sopllornores Mary Ellen Davis, Helene Rrenderqasl Freshmen Belly Jane Rudolplri, Helen Carey, Nancy K. Gavin Figlillw Grade Ann Slranquisl, Belly Jane Emmons Sevenllw Grade loan Sanders, Florence Jacobsmeyer Page lzlzxfszqlit U65 Czzsicanf AlThough publishing The CrescenT has necessiTaTed hard work and sacriTice on The parT oT The enTire sTaTT, iT has never- fheless been a wonderTul experience. Because we have loved working on This yearbook, waTching our ideas slowly emerge inTo realiTies, we Teel The Trials, Tears, and disappoinTmenTs have been more Than balanced by The pleasures, ioys, and happy memories. Shall we ever TorgeT Those SaTurday sessions amid a liTTer oT papers, and The hours spenT in The Press Room lSpan- ish Rooml where Topics Tar Trom The subiecT oT a 'yearbook were conTinually cropping up? The generous advice and assisTance oT The TaculTy have, indeed, been one oT The mosT imporTanT TacTors in The publishing oT This annual. The sTudenT body has co-operaTed generously in so- liciTing adverTisemenTs and in Turning in picTures. We Teel The eTTorTs oT The Kodak CommiTTee have made ThaT sec- Tion oT The book an especially aTTracTive one. IT, in reading These pages, you gaTher some knowledge oT The ideals, acTiviTies, and TradiTions oT This, our beloved Visi- TaTion, we shall consider our Time well spenT. Pun' rx miq Uusifu 54. 54. Ek.'5CLLfl:L'S 1'3cm-TJ D125 Uliw .fs alan U55 clfcvcgay .Squad Kwsifafion cqffifsfic cqssociafiofz ATTer an exarninaTion and a rnoclc iniTiaTion in November, The V. A. A. admiTTed TorTy-Tive enThusiasTic new members. The spiriTed business meeTing which Tollowed encouraged The associaTion To underTalce a new venTure, an AmaTeur l-Tour. Twelve oT our "STars oT Tornorrowl' Toolc parT, Valerie Brinkman winning The silver loving cup Tor her imiTaTion oT Eddy Duchin. The inTer-class l-loclcey TournarnenT resulTed in a Tie beTween The Seniors and Sophomores. The play-oTT proved To be noThing shorT oT a Tug-o-wary The score Tavored The Seniors. The members oT The class hockey Teams are: Seniors: J. Dempsey, E. Pollmann, B. Riley, A. Driscoll, C. Robinson, lvl. L. Hyde, A. Daly, A. DeVoTo, D. Ghio, D. lvl. Walsh, B. Kiely, lvl. L. Meehan. Puge NIXI5' Juniors: M. F. Sanders, M. E. Sullivan, E. Eagan, J. Fick, R. Tegeihoff, B. A. LaBarge, A. Kelledy, J. F. Hyde, M. F. Tracy, A. Webb, D. Callahan, M. Quillian, M. Dockery. Sophomores: M. Clarkson, M. J. Dennis, M. Finke, H. Lane, M. LeCrone, M. MacFadden, L. Sfuarl, P. Tucci, M. Woods, J. Guyof, M. F. Davis, B. O'Neill, J. Miceli, M. M. Gibbons. Freshman: B. Norman, S. Buckner, M. L. Slilh, V. Daly, P. Mahoney, R. Konnersman, H. Carey, H. Dowling, A. Dowling, S. Monii, J. Brady, N. K. Gavin, D. Kiely, M. Neal, L. Singler. The Maryville Freshmen challenged us lo a hockey game which resulfed in a lie: 3-3. The members of Jrhe hockey ieam are: E. Pollmann, M. F. Sanders, F. Fagan, M. Lecrone, J. Dempsey, B. Riley, M. F. Davis, H. Lane, B. Nor- man, B. A. LaBarge, A. Daly, M. L. Hyde, D. Ghio, D. M. Walsh, J. F. Hyde, L. Sfuarl, M. L. Meehan, A. DeVo+o, B. Kiely. Having defeafed Jrhe Alumnae in lhe firsl baskelball game of ifhe sea- son, I6-I5, Jrhe school Jream swepl on i+s irresisrable course annexing viclories over Maryville Freshman, 24-II, Sl. Flizabe'fh's, 35-2l3 and Nerinx, 40-IB. ln The relurn games lhe opponenls were again vanquished, and 'rhe baskefball season was broughl +o a close wi+hou'r one deleai for Viz. 715. l Baiggfflufzl 31111411 ygsfc-3.5511 5'-fulivfs Ulfg I l.iH'.5'znz rz Page xixtx rue The members oT The baskeTball Team are M L Hyde E Pollmann J F Hyde C Fuck A K lledy M E Tracy B Kuely M L Meehan A Daly B Ruley C Robunson L STuarT M J Dennus M E Davus B ONeull B A LaBarge M E Sanders V Daly B Norman M MacFadden For The Thurd successuve year The Class OT 36 maunTauned uTs supremacy over The oTher hugh school classes uru The BaskeTball Tournamenl' The members oT The class baskeTball Teams are Senuors B Ruley A Daly A Druscoll P CosTeulo M R Sheru an A DeVoTo M L Hyde B Kuely M L Meehan E Pollmann D M Walsh C Fuck C Robunson Junuors R TegeThoTT A Webb D Callahan B A LaBarge M E San ers A Kelledy M l: Tracy K Flynn M llan J F Hyd M E Sulluvan E Eagan J Fuck M Dockery Sophomores M E Davus M J Dennus M MacFadden L STuarT M LeCrone J GuyoT H Lane M Clarkson M J Dowlurug M Funke M Freshman B Norman A Dowlung R Konnersman D Selsor S Buck r D y C a eayne unger ay K Gavun E meyer A Dowlung P Mahoney M L Mullen On Fueld Day whurn Took place May 22 The annual Track MeeT was held and The Tunals oT The Baseball and Tennus TournarruenTs were played AT The banqueT whuch broughT The aThleTuc year To a close numerals and leTTers were awardeo To Those who had obTauned The requured number OT pounTs and a lovung cup was presenTed To The Grad who had The mosT ouTsTandung record Tor Tour years Ulla CLA AT The weekly Wednesday meeTung oT Th Rudung Club The would be horse women are guven unsTrucTuons aT The Mussouru STables prevuous To Theur rude Through The park Every SaTurday morruung weaThe permuTTung The members oT The Hukung Club sTarT on Theur Ten mule uourney whuch us unTerrupTed Tor lunch ln boTh The Rudung and Hukung Clubs aTTer one has aTTended Ten meeT ungs she us guven one hundred pounTs Toward a leTTer The Swummung Club made up of experTs as well as an awkward squad meeTs every SaTurday mornung durung The Sprung monThs aT The ST Louus UnuversuTy Gym Those who have meruTed one Thousand pounTs whuch enTuTle Them To a V are members oT The LeTTer Club The gurls Then work Tor STaTe leTTers whuch requure an adduTuonal Thousand pounTs AT The close OT Thus year Tour gurls receuved STaTe l TTers Mary Louuse Hyde BeTTy La Barge Annora Kelledy and Mary Sanders Page suxtx two ' : . ' . . . . ' . . D ' , . . 'd , d , .' ' , . ' , . ' ', .Quili ', 1 . ef 1 I Gibbons., J.. Miceli, IB. C'Neill', P..Tuccl. I ' . I t I T ne, .kueu,'A.'R'. uw-d' ',L.S"I.,V.DI,lNl. '. ",..BIu- 7 Qicznznzu Imlflllcl ,fiznzlrcfu l935-36 CALENDAR Oct I9-A lea al lhe Foresl' Parlc l-lolel opened 'rhe l935 Fall "Rush Season." Ocl. 26-Brealclasl al lhe Busy Bee. Nov. 9-"Rushees'l pledged al a sleepless slumber parly al Peggy Sue Adams. Nov. I6---Bridge luncheon al The Town Club. Nov. 24-The members were guesls ol honor al a bullel sup- per given by lho pleoges al lhe home of Jane Frances l-lyde. Dzc. bklnirialion al Carol Ficlcls house. l-lorrors-Blood curdling lhoughlslll Dec. I3--Formal dinner dance al lhe l-lolel Chase. Feb. 22-Anolher lea al lhe Foresl Parlc l-lolel opened lhe semi-annual "Rush Season." Feb. 29-Luncheon al lhe Colonial Tea Room for rhe Rushees. March 6-A Scavenger l-lunl. Musl have lhoughl our escorls belonged io lhe Brain lrusl. March 22-The semi-annual pledging look place al Eileen Eagans, who lives 'way down "+har." May I6-A formal dinner dance al Meadowbrook Counlry Club broughl lhe season lo a Close. MEMBERS Palrigia Cosfcllo Mary Eleanore Cunningham Dowrhy Calahan Nell Dozier Yvonne Des Jardins Audrey Driscoll Mary Jane Dowling Eileen Eagan Carol Ficlr ,loner Fisk Ruth Hunler Mary Louise Hyde Jane Fwnces Hyde Annora Ke-lledy Marlha Lee Meehan Josephine Miceli Belly Ann La Barge Elizabefh Pollmann Helene Prendergasf Carroll Robinson Mary Ellen Sullivan Mary Efizabelh Sanders Mary Elizabefh Tracy .Jean Maccallum Marian Vlfoocls Ann Webb Page sixzyfthrec Uk CMC Cf Z Thouoh ,usT organlzed Thls year The Junlor l-hgh Glee Club has been unusually suCCessTul Suncwng an The opereTTa Bluebeard whlch was parT oT The Halloween oarTy The lzreshles caused The older qnrs To svT up and Talce nonce ln The ChrlsTn'1as play Too The clubs rendlTlon oT numerous carols Turn shed a nnosT approprlaTe prologue Durlnq The ChrnsTrnas hon days The olee club Too barT ID a program Tor The Sa nT Louls ChrusTrnas Carols AssoclaT on aT he ArTlsTs Gulld and Concernlng Thenr berwcorrnance SrsTer Ann lvlarle recerved several very cornpllmenTary leTTers We ara, ConTndenT he school year IQE6 37 wlll Tlnd The mosT obTlmlsTlC predlchons oT The club s adm r rs have become real Tues mi LCQC4 ful As :T en ered lTs Thlrd year The VT nTaTnon CrchesTra s oleaslng reberlrolre o casslcaw sel Tons and school s ngs ound an assured place aT all sc ool assembles 'lne rwemoers Tor The IQ36 season were Valene Brlnlcrnan l-lelen Carey Ma x Loulse Clarkson Mary Dockery BeTTy STreclcTus Jean QTreclc us Maw e STreC us Valerue Brurkrnan l-lelen Carey Mary Doclcery BeTTy sffackfus Jean STrecl4Tus lvlaysue STreclcTus Pa 5 wx! lnsTrumenTs PIGUO Vnolun Vlolun Trombone CorneT Vuolln 2 If ' ' U. T ., J. , T , , - ', I , I l . . . . ,. l . 4' J ,I, k V . E . . . . L . . . . . s , T T , le . s ' . T V,. - T l -' r eo! ' o T h ,.. , . . . V , , I . rg A . ,. f , - , - f T , and jul. lcT . lvlary Loulse Clarkson . .. . . . . .. . .. ...Violin I . . Au ..' vluzar ,wa9' my ,Huh N53 hu., 44555: AAJP cali? .gym 'Qi 'P !e is , , I 1' ' I ,M fi ll! .f" ....u, 14- 1 QR: -aww 4 ,fw- 353952 WY, Q , ' , 1, 1 , 7, , 1 f Y f T Q 'E D125 ALI: Eizfzarzcs Sepfember IO-lmpafienf pupils clamor for admission. l'l'wo on fime.l Sepfember I I-Mass of 'fhe Holy Ghosh Sepfember I5-Visifafion sodalisfs are hosfesses fo fhe So- dalify Officers of all fhe schools forming fhe Sf. Louis Sodalify Union who spend a Day of Recollecfion af fhe Academy. Sepfember I8-Orchesfra begins fo pracfice: school is dis- missed for fhe day. Sepfember 23-Seniors fhrilled, Mr. Miller scared, as Chem- isfry class affempfs ifs firsf experimenf. Sepfernber 23-Legion comes 'ro fown. Holiday of necessify -no pupils. Sepfember 26-lnsfallafion of Sodalify Officers. Here's fo fheir success! CLKEIZCQL 'Z lie Ocfober 2-Esfelle Blumeyer invesfs in a permanenf. Ocfober 3-Seniors have a weenie roasf: sale of Tums in- creases. Ocfober 5-All ouf for V. P. Parade. Since fhe Prophef can'f swim, fhe parade is posfponed. Ocfober I7-Feasf of Sf. Margaref Mary-Sfudenf Body is baffled by Grads' rendifion of Panqe Lingua. Ocfober 30-Hallowe'en parfy signifies free calces and cookies as well as high falufin' enferfainmenf. Congrafulafions, Junior High Glee Club! Your opereffa, Bluebeard, was a splendid success! November I-Fafher O'Donnell's Tenfh Anniversary as Chaplain af Viz. November 5-A "coke" freaf! They "wenf down and around" and came up af four o'cloclc. November 8-Forfy Hours' Devofions begin. Came The dawn, and wifh if fhe Seniors for Mass af six-fhirfy. November IO-Closing of fhe Forfy Hours'. Novedmber I3-lf may mean nofhing fo you buf fhis calendar is geffinq me own. QC SEUCTI tyfl LUN THE CALENDAR November I5-"They say" The enieriainmenf The Ii'r+le girls gave in honor of Sisler M. S'ranislaus's diamond jubilee was very line. Afler we sang High Mass af nine o'cloclc if was a case of "Business as usual" for us. Bul in rhe aflernoon . . . "Accoun+s" . . . and reporf cards . . . "Where am I November 22-Do+'s, Blanche's, and lv1oclcie's Rhyfhm proves 'ro be a +o1'al Q-, buf ofherwise lhe Musical was voled a success by lhe Siudenl Body, a number of fond mofhers, and 'rhree proud papas. November 25-Virlue, l-lonor, and Wisdom lcnolled around lhe Grads' fingers. ?.. November 26--Major Bowes invades Viz as V. A. A. siages Amaieur l-lour. November 27-Dreams of 'lurlcey and cranberry sauce crowd all oiher ihoughls of lesser imporlance from lhe minds of hungry s+uden'rs. November 28-Jane Hynes finds anolher excuse +o leave English Class- Jrhe Year Book. December 8-Unfair lo "organized labor." Feasf ol: ihe lmmaculaie Con- cepfion falls on Sunday. December I3-I4-Primaries presenl' annual Chrislmas play "Through Chrisf- mas Windows." December I8-Girls placed in dog house by Faiher Clarke, who places boys on a pedesial. December 20-"San'ra Claus is Coming 'fo Town." lNow don? disillusion us.l January 6-Cleaners' business is boos+ed3 Academy's appearance admired luniformsl. January IO-Proofs arrive from Sardou's. Much murmuring, "Please 'fell me l don"r loolc like +hal'." C7125 ' .qlzocssiion --- qsaii of 4-Siainf cmczgazab eiimg., Page seventyfthree ZLfl.I.ff4.7li'E ,dll gjclify 'THE CALENDAR January I5-Someone spills can ol pepper in spaghelliy hol lime is had by all. January 22-The alurnnae cerlainly can play baskelballlll The school leam was nol able lo gel ahead unlil lhe very lasl minule, and lhen lhe score was only one poinl in our lavor: Alumnae I57 Viz I6. January 23-Mary Louise Moresi leans againsl a radialor-calches a bad cold. January 26-Jane Dempsey has some lancy hemslilching done over al Sl. John's l-lospilal. January 29-Choir rings oul luslily lo honor Sainl Francis de Sales. Reason: Examinalion lisl read oul subsequenlly. January 301 January 3I lSemesler Examinalions-Holidays or hellidays? February 31 February I-Alumnae Tea-l-lave no lear, Belly Priesmeyer doesn'l miss oul. February 4, 5, 6-Falher lvlanion, S. J.. waxes eloquenl! February 7-Relreal closes. Whal! no holiday? NO l l l Jane Hynes lakes one and almosl misses lhe lrain lo Chicago. February IO-Second semesler begins. Boarding school does a rushing business. February II-The Academy acls as hosless lo lhe Sl. Louis Mission Unils. February I2-Pupils celebrale Lincoln's birlhday by seeking eagerly lor knowledge. Nol lheir own laull, lhough. February I3-Thirleen musl be our lucky number or were lhe lriclcy new suils lhe learn wore lhe reason we delealed lhe Maryville Freshmen 24-I I? Quile a crowd wilnessed lhe game, some ol lhe molhers being inleresled enough lo brave lhe bad wealher. and one lalher willing and inleresled enough lo brave more lhan lhe wealher. Page seventyffnur 'THE CALENDAR February I9-Fafher Slevenson, S. J., 'roolc us inlo fhe "bush counlryu of Brilish Honduras. Allhough we enioyed his rallc and his movies from 'rhe s'rar'r, fhe reels he showed us from len-lhirly lo elevenelifleen seemed exlra fine. February 22-Salurday . . . legal holiday . . . srill we go lo school and follow lhe candid cameraman from floor 'ro floor. If only he could have "sho+" fhe Freshies as lhe bed gave way and lhey fried 'ro acl nonchalanl. February 24-They're lrving lo malce Hsmoolhiesu of Jrhe Seniors. Sisler reads Emily Posl lo lhe English class. February I9-The school learn chalks up anolher viclory al' The lhird big game of lhe season. Score: S+. Elizabelh 2I, Viz 35. February 25-Al Freshmen parly digniliedl?l Seniors play "Going lo Jerus- alem"-resl of lhe S+uden+ Body walches. The lalesl in paper cup hal fashions are displayed by Freshies. February 25-Shrovo Tuesday-l-lunler rnulilales Di1f'1CGl4GS in an endeavor lo find a ring-resull-lwo bullonsll February 29-No decrease in pupils-lhalls righff, lhey didn? lalce advan- lage ol lhe leap year opporlunilies. llvlary Eleanore does all righl, Jrhough, Al leasl she has a new dress.l March l-Mary Frances Knoedelseder slarls on a diel. Thahs The lourlh lime since Lenl began. l':ntr1rm Rush-lln, hlzuu- K lly .Xngi-lu llc Yuto, lluris Maw VY ll Page S6'I.'67lfy'f-11'C Cqliurrzrzcza 1 3561. NI 1 l nre Cunnin ham, Martha Lee BICSJIHII, ,lane Hynes, H IJ nthea llym-s, jane lxclly, Peggy Nic Adams 'THE CALENDAR March 5-Viz is broughl lo The foreground ai Symphony Concerr when Jean Nugenr, Miriam Chrisly, and Doroihy Jane Campbell win prizes. March 6-Mary Louise Moresi did nor chew min+s in class Today. March 9-Visi+aiion's nigh? ai' S'l'orm-Tossed, Falher Lord's newesr play. March Il-Edna Weber has sniffles and a headache-hears Jrhere is an epidemic of flu-goes home 'ro make her will-Belly Riley Jrells her i+'s only fhe linf in her lungs 'from chewing fhe rag. March I6, I7, I8--Ladies' Relreai-Third floor classes generally disfurbed. March I8-Jane Frances Hyde is elecied preieci for '36-'37-"Call me early, Mofher, 'For l'm io be Queen of The May." March 23-Edna Weber has sniffles and a headache-hears ihere is ar epidemic of flu-goes home 'io make her will-Belly Riley iells i+'s only fhe lin'r in her lungs from chewing +he rag. March 24-ln a beaulriful recepfion ceremony Mariha Dempsey and Sally O'Conner, members of 'rhe class of '35, received +he holy habif. They are now Sisfer Jane Marie and Sisier Frances Marie. March 25-Following his Jrallc on Perfec+ion in Any Sphere of Life, Fa+her Dowling, S. J., answered +he various queries placed by s'ruden'rs in The Vocafion Weelc Queslion Boy. March 25-Docror Claud Smifh brings Davy Croclcefl +o life in a mos+ inieresiing reading. March 26-A moclc radio program was presenied in Alexis l-lall by some sfudenrs of fhe School for +he Blind. March 27-Faiher Slcaer broughf Vocalion Weelc 'ro a close wi'rh his con- ference on Marriage. April I-April Fool-oh yes!-official opening of lasr quarfer wailing begins. April 2-Snow sform ourside-inside-Business Manager on verge of a hear? ailaclc when she discovers 'rhe calendar is lost Page seventyfsix 'THE CALENDAR April 3-ln English IV: "BeTTy lRileyl, please read louder." BeTTy conTinued To read where she l-ad leTT oTT, "Yes, old girl-" lBelieve iT or noT, ThaT was in The poernl. April 4-Press ConvenTion aT SainT Louis UniversiTy. Three days aTTer our annual wenT To The prinTer's we learned how To ediT a year boolc. April 7-BeTTy Riley was elecTed VisiTaTion represenTaTive aT C. B. C. Mili Tary Ball April 8-VacaTion-resT-EasTer-parTies-headaches-reTurn To school To caTch up on losT sleep. April 9-RuTh eaTs an orange in The Caf-squirTs iT norTh, souTh, easT, and wesT--she insisTs on qeTTing in The public eye. April 20-Miss Murphy is-om FonTbonne Tilled us wiTh high ambiTions Tor a college educaTion. April Zl-600 drop Trom yesTerday's TemperaTure-Spring rnusT be around The proverbial corner. Try To Tind iT. April 25-The Alumna Hour-Local TalenT: A-I-I r-i-g-h-T!!! April 27-Prom goers compare noTes: BeTTy had hysTerics, PaT rneT The milkrnan, Mary Frances losT her shoes, and Priesmeyers new name is ErnesTine. April 28-Peggy Sue, Valerie, and Aline Tilled The hall wiTh Their musical noTes. April 29-CelebraTed The solemniTy oT SainT Joseph wiTh Holy Mass and School. May l-WiTh a beauTiTul wreaTh oT gardenias and lilies, Our Lady was crowded in The TradiTional ceremony in The chapel. May 6-The Junior-Senior Banquet T-ladn'T The Virgil class prophesied pinlc decoraTions? The Juniors did us up righT. U65 denim :6l:c'z.5ufLur1 cAjoonz , . Qlzzishrzui, 1 Q55 Page Cl IIN c1."'1 i i llnly, Mary Frrulcvs Kl1Ut'1lCl5i'1ll'1'. fnstvllu, llrirutlly filliu, lin-tty Rllry. Xlnyuilizui. fair-rl lfick. Ruth Humvr 'THE CALENDAR May 8-The eighfh grade ransoms ifs fenfh liffle pagan baby, as ifs mission offerings cross fhe one hundred dollar mark. May 9-Visifafion wins a silver loving cup af fhe frack meef sponsored by Websfer College. May 9-Firsf Communion and Confirmafion wifh fhe Seniors acfing as sponsors. May I2-One of Viz Mold girls" refurns fo fell fhe Seniors all abouf Websfer College. May I3-Dress Rehearsal-and fhe worsf fears of Sisfer Claude Agnes and Mrs. Sankey were realized May I5, I6-Merchanf of Venice--fhe ushers were wonderful. May I8-Mary Louise lvloresi was almosf franfic before an English fesf frying fo find ouf who wrofe Franklin's Aufobiography. May 2 I-Ascension Thursday, a holy day of obligafion. We have fo depend on Mofher Church for our holidays. May 22-Field Day-colors clashed . . . banners flew . . . and fhe V.A.A. came info ifs own. May 27-Seniors' sample bouquefs arrive. Graduafion in fhe offing. May 29-May Day. Jane Frances is crowned our Queen of fhe May. June 2-Grade School Closing. Two Seniors hurf in a mad dash for fhe swings, merry-go-round, slide, and sand-box. Five suffer hearl affacks when fhe exempfion lisf is posfed June 3, 4, 5-EXAMS again, and fhe enemy fook greaf delighf in poking one lasf iab af our poor remaining hulks. Exams are one fhing +he Seniors do nof gef senfimenfal abouf June 8, 9-Pracfice for Commencemenf wifh fhose fhree chords: Affenfion, Sfand, and Turn, ringing in our ears. June IO-Graduafion Day. Sweefesf memory among our souvenirs. June Il-The Boaf Ride. Four holidays on Safurday, and fhe boaf ride affer school has closed. Whose idea was fhis anyway? June I3-The Alumnae Banguef. The "old girls" welcome fhe Class of '36 info fheir Associafion. Page seventyfeight .1 llauziifgczl Jlhccfifcvtilalrz Allendance al The Sludenl' Concerls ol 'rhe Sainl Louis Symphony Qrcheslra has become one ol lhe lradilions al Visilalion, and lhe lzourleenlh Season iound lhe girls as ap- precialive as ever. As usual lhe "regulars" signed up early lor choice sea+s1 and as usual, anolher group applied lor season lickels as soon as il was announced lhe concerl-goers were excused from lhe allernoon sludy period. These laller always furnish amusemenl for lhe "old-limersfl lor no maller how super- ficial lheir inleresl al lirsl, by lhe lime lhe January concerl is held fhey are so enlhusiaslic lhal lhey adverlise lhe sym- phony in season and oul. As in former years, Visilalion girls won prizes lor crealive work in lhe Proiecl Con'es+. Jean Nuqenl, Miriam Chrisfy, and Dorolhy Jane Campbell were lhe luclcy ones. Con- gralulalionsl Pugu wc1'c'-zty-nil: JANE FRANCES HYDE Loan cfefizirzg .Queen May Day brings +o lhe Sodalily Prefecl diem :Huy .Queen To be elecled Prelecl ol lhe Children ol Mary is lo receive lhe highesl honor Visilalion has lo give 'ro one ol her girls, This privilege is beslowed only upon a so- dalisl who is in every way lrue 'ro Visilalion ideals. Whenv fherelore, she is crowned Queen of lhe May, 'rhe prelecl-elecl pledges anew her loyally lo Visilalion. JANE DEMPSFY lhe sweelesl privilege of The year-The crowning of Blessed Lady. Wilh Jrhe chap- lel ol flowers she offers Our Lady The homage ol all Visilalion sodalisls. And when al lhe close of Mary's monlh she places a wrealh on lhe head of her suc- cessor, lhe prelecl-elect her lasl official acl insures 'ro our Blessed lvlolher lhe leally ol nexl year's sludenl body. Page eighty' oaiaf .fifa As far as lhe Juniors and ihe Grads are concerned lhe chief social lunclions held al school are lhe Valenfine parly and 'rhe Junior-Senior banquef. For weelcs before each affair lhe members ol The various commilfees in charge feel duly-bound lo lanlalize lhe whole sfudenf body wilh lheir everlasling whisperings, lcnowing loolcs, and numberless conferences. Ol course, inviolafe secrecy prevails. Thai lhe whole school walches 'rhe Seniors leave lhe sfudio wilh red paper hearls four feel high, sfancls aside while lhe Juniors carry armluls of peach blossoms inlo The playroom, and gapes as decoraling commillees pose for yearboolr picfures, is nolhing af all. Tradilion diclales lhal' lhe guesis regisler surprise and delighl al 'rhe proper lime--and fhey always do! The Junior-Senior banquel' of l936 made hislory. From 'rheir liirsl glimpse of 'the candle-lil Table To fhe las? encore, The Seniors voled fhe parfy "perfect" The real sur- prise ol lhe evening came when Aline Daly was chosen Queen of fhe Peach Blossoms. ln her honor 'the hosfesses and quesfs formed a grand procession, leading her fo 'rhe especially erecfed fhrone where lillle Kalhleen Sanders and Jeanne Callahan alfended Her Maiesly. And lruly fhe playroom had been Transformed info a bower lovely enough for a queen. There were myriacls of peach blossoms everywhere-a linkling founlain se? in a nes? of ferns, a ruslic well, garden lurnilure. and dare we menlion il, a "wel painf" sign, The exquisihe liflle while and gold vanifies The Grads received as favors will recall one of fhe pleasanlesf evenings spenf al' Visilalion. Page eighty-one 5 cqflazc ani' o C amos Three weeks OT 1nTens1ve prachce were broughT To a clumax by The selechon oT a well chosen casT Then The grand began For Two monThs The nnTerpreTers oT The MerchanT of Venice sTrode dramahcally To and Tro across The sTage Three Thousand ducaTs The qualuTy oT mercy IS noT sTra1ned would be heard IH The mosT unexpecTed oT places May ThurTeenTh came and w1Th T The lasT TesT The dress rehearsal Bui no noTuce was Taken Then OT The characTer parTs lT was The elecTrfc1an s day WnThouT regard Tor The sp1rnT oT The scene and w1ThouT apology The sTar oT The day would shouT Use The blue lnghTs Try :T wuThouT border lrghTs Fmally The desired eTTecTs were aTTanned and The casT ds mnssed ATTer a much needed resT The nervous and raTher anxrous casT assembled Frrday May 15 The TrrsT scene showed ThaT The hard work had noT been nn vaun Tor everyone Took her parT well and The generous applause of an appreclahve audlence was all ThaT anyone could ask Even Mrs Sankey and S1sTer Claude Agnes were pleased Need we say more7 THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Wlllnam Shakespeare DRAMATIS PERSONAE Duke oT Venuce Mary Frances Knoedelseder Prnnce oT Morocco su:Tor To Porha EluzabeTh Pollmann AnTonuo a merchanT oT Venrce Mary Louise Hyde Bassanso hrs Trrend suaTor To Porna Alnne Daly Salanlo Audrey Drnscoll Salaruno MarTha Lee Meehan Grahano Yvonne Des Jarduns Salerro Jane Dempsey Lorenzo In love wrTh Jes rca Mary Eleanore Cunmngham Shylock a ruch Jew l-lelen Melser Tubal a Jew his Trrend RuTh l'lunTer LaunceloT Gobbo The clown servanT To Shylock Thelma Srnger Old Gobbo TaTher To LaunceloT DoroThy Ghlo Porha a rnch henress Jane T-lynes Nernssa her wamng maud Peggy Sue Adams Jessnca daughTer To Shylock Carroll Robnnson The Clerk Mary Louise Moresu Page Frances Moynnhan Scene ParTly aT Venuce and parTly aT BelmonT The seaT oT Porha on The ConTrnenT D:recTed by Anna McClain Sankey Scenery desfgned by Harry McCla1n CosTumes MargareT Breen Muslc Teresa Flnn AsslsTanT STage Manager Jane Kelly Pu e EILTIIX tu T. ., .. . . . T, . , 1 , . . ' 1- . . . ll ll .. . . C. . , . , , . .. ..,.. , , .. , .. ,.,.,,,..,,.,..... , .... ..., .,.....,...... . I , I . . . cr 'I ',. ,-. , llrtb U ll Q, 3 .-"v 910 , -vw ff gi? We lhe Class ol 36 benng ol sound mnnd and proper dns posnlzon do hereby bequealh lo our rughllul helrs and lawlul successors lhose lhungs whuch have daslunguushed us as a class and as Individuals On lhe Class ol 37 we reluclanlly conler lhe loremosl ol all our possessions our dusllngurshed lille ol Sensors Among our olher lreasures our speclal pews In lhe Chapel and lhe good vuew lhal accompanles lhem Our honorary seals an lhe rear ol lhe Sludy l-lall especially lhose behznd lhe posls Qur grealesl lalenl spealcmg I :son re ull no one underslood Our Spanush room conlerences Salurday lrnps aller school meelzngs lllung boxes and noleboolcs adverlusnng blanks charls colored pencnls and all lhungs connecled wnlh lhe Year Boolc To our successors we sadly bequealh our oeloved Grads room wllh lhe pnclures ol lormer sludenls ollerung amole opporlunuly lor dlslracllon Individually we will lhe lollowung I Jane Dempsey sadly beslow my rollncklng Illlle lcnnder garlners upon Valerne Brxnlcman To Dorolhy Aylor I Peggy Sue Adams beguealh my un lorlunale poslluon as lhe larsl one IH lhe larsl row IH every cass I Mary Louise Hyde sadly rellnguush lo my slsler Jane Frances my luncheon engagemenls wnlh Publlus Vurgululus Maro I Palrucua Coslello wall lo Belly Ann LaBarge my Thursday nnghl shampoos Wulh lhe grealesl deleclnon I Yvonne Des Jardlns wll lo Marla u Ilwan my early morning sprlnls lo lhe car lnne I. , ' 'n un' - s - K .I I If 1 l . l - I. I . . Q W3 . .I l . .I ll I Mary Lourse Moresr cede 'ro Belly Prnesmeyer Ihe Calelerla To my slsler Janel I Carol Elclc rmparl my habnlual care ID removing e rosy Iunls from my lngernall I Belly Rlley sorrowlully relnnqunsh my demure ways fo Edna Weber To Julie OConneII we Marrha Lee Meehan Blanche Klely and Doro 'rhy Ghuo wlll our Monday and Thursday Rhylhm Class hopnng you wlll carry on Ihe Vnsnlahon Rnylhm Wrlh greal sorrow I Jane Kelly unwrllrngly leave my hours spenl In lhe Irlrle room opposule lhe Calelerua ro Euleen Egan To Belly Graham I Mary Frances Knoedelseder solemnly bequealh my execuhve abrl ry I Rufh I-Iunrer wall 'ro Mary Elnzabelh Sanders my excesslve pep and VIQOI' To Dororhy Callahan I Jane I-lynes leave my perlecled Iechmque of superclluously rarsung my eyebrows I Alune Daly wrll Io Ann Webb my dlscovery of lhe secrel ol Baslmel ba 7 To Rulh Marne Tegerholl I Carroll Robrnson bequeafh my fascrnahng To Calherune I-lynn I Ellzabelh Pollmann sorrowlully will my anrmal complex I Helen Melser bequealh Io Mary Jane Braun my love for all Gross Things To Mary Doclmery we Audrey Driscoll and Mary Louise Clarlcson leave our muslcal Ialenl I Mary Rosalie Sherldan relnnquvsh Io Mildred Bush my golf mrndedness I Angela De Volo wrll ro Mary Ellzabelh Tracy my colorful colleclron ol hair r bbons To Annora Kelledy I Doris Mae Walsh leave my envlable habll' I belng Ihe Iasr one ro le ve 'rhe Calererra I Erances Moymhan leave my personally assrgneo seal' In lh Imbrary Io Mary Ellen Sulluvan To Vnrgunra Sheehan I Thelma Sanger sorrowlully rmparl my super Ioguacrousness I Mary Eleanore Cunnlngham bequealh Io Nell Dozler my upllffmg d esnre Io be an elevalor glrl In ex lxlx I1 Ih ' 5 'S. I. . .Z ' I I I II. ' ' W Engllsh accenl. I I I I 1 . I . A V - 1 . . O a ' . 7 115 Q 1-,- Snow on Hue ground, fur coafs . . . if musi be summer." Monde ssoiwri or Ducriim, Mary Louise?" I fold you Hue radio wouldn'+ work." "And +r1ey call if bridge." Smiling? . . . Then rhose couidrfr be repor+s 'Universiiy News . . . I-Vmmm wi'1a+'sTl'1e ir1+eres+?" Page eigiznyfxnx "You knew you weren'+ supposed +o look up, Mary Louise." "Sis+er, Can You Spare a Dime? . . . sorry, nol' even a mill." Algebra Class . . . Here il is Februar Yi Freslirnen are slill looking for X.' and llne 'Bul wliafs 'flue Sevenllw Grade looking lor?" "Sunday niglwl' af six." Page e1glz!x'fse1'cn "Anal Mr. Mlliens la+e." The Soufh Dakofa Indians are brouqhf in prominence on Hne bullefin board." "JUST a couple of idle boardersf' "l'd Ra+her Lead A Band." "And Jrhe unknowns are SHII unknown." Page eighty' sight UQOWQ in for Hgher educaion, DOW . . . Silence on 'rlwe sfairs, girls 'The Yearbook Sfaff gefs We qongf em was We Hrs? Lo promo We Cefd E-nd-ef. Page uzglgryflx S453 5 1 AXXUVV Ii0lIISP C IHFIQSUII .xxnflislv May 2O, I9-46. My dear Sisler Claude Agnes, Dorolhy Ghio slopped in Io see me roday. Since Ihe nndger of our dass hasrnarded rhe Pdfon giant she E nor in SI. Louk ofren, and I was so glad Io see her. DOI had iusl corne from Belly RiIey's receplrion a+ Carmel. Our former chssmale E now ShIerIAary Ehzabelh. NVhHe we were gov siping aboul Viz Carol Ficlc happened in. I-Iaving finished her sedes oflechnes on pubhc speabng she wasloohng around For anolher audience. Afler charhng for a coupie of houm we decided we werenr keeping hack oflhe gidslhe way we should. Accordingly we senl oul a Iaalch of Tele-grams and wnhhian hourrephes began pounng 'm Knovdng how knew esleo in Ihe girls you are, I arn encIos'ng Iheir messages wilh Ihis nore. Maybe you can pul ihern in Ihe ne-XI' Visifalion Record. Love MARY LOUISE NEW YORK CITY HAVE JUST COMPLETED TOUR WITH METROPOLITAN OPERA STOP EVERYTHING IS GRAND PEGGY SUE ADAMS ONE OF MY HORSES ELLBEEDEE JUST WON THE KENTUCKY DERBY ELIZABETH POLLMANN RADIO CITY NEW YORK BROADCASTING OVER N B C STOP LISTEN IN ON MY "BUNNY BEDTIME STORIES" JANE HYNES AFRICA HAVING WONDERFUL TIME HUNTING BIG GAME IN THE WILDS OF TANGANYIKA ALINE DALY KANSAS CITY MO FOR YOUR THREE V' S VIM VIGOR AND VITALITY TRY MY NEW MEDICINE "PEP" P 1 MARY LOUI SE MORES I Nb F I I. OJ ' I FI C3 QF 'fi 2 R' 'n 'J Qisj LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY ClLA.SS q'RlO1'PIEfC Y I SAN FRANCISCO CALIF AM SELLING NVANITY FAIR BEAUTY CREAMN STOP RESTORE THAT VIZ GIRL COMPLEXION HELEN MEISER ST LOUIS MO COME HOME TO SEE WORLD SERIES STOP I'M THE CARDINAL S NEW MANAGER ANGELA DE VOTO PHILADELPHIA PENN HAVE COMPLETED BOOK ON SELF CONTROL UWHEN SOUP GOES DOWN YOUR BACKN STOP UPON REQUEST WILL SEND FREE COPY TO OLD FRIENDS CARROLL ROBINSON PLANET OF MARS WE'VE INVENTED A NEW TRANS PLANET ROCKET IN WHICH ONE CAN SLEEP LIKE A KITTEN WHILE TRAVELING THROUGH SPACE BLANCHE KIELY AND MARTHA LEE MEEHAN THE BRONX NEW YORK SELLING MAGAZINES ON THE STREFT CORNER HAS BECOME MY LIFE'S WORK STOP MY WONDERFUL EX PERIENCE SELLING PAMPHLETS AT SCHOOL WAS ALL I NEEDED JANE KELLY TEACHING FRENCH TO THE DIONNE QUINTS IS LOTS OF FUN JANE DEMPSEY HAMBURG GERMANY JUST WON INTERNATIONAL PRIZE AS NON STOP CONVERSATIONALIST MARY FRANCES KNOEDELSEDER JEFF CITY MO MAKING A CAREER FOR MYSELF AS SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY MARY ELEANORE CUNNINGHAM P g, t CALENDAR ONTARIO CfLflSS TIQC7PI1ElfY WASHINGTON D C ENJOYING LIFE AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WITH MY HUSBAND WHO IS SECRE- TARY OF WAR MARY ROSALIE SHERIDAN NEW YORK CITY HEADLINING IN ONE OF BROADWAY'S LATEST SHOWS AS TOE-DANCER AUDREY DRISCOLL MIAMI FLORIDA JOINED THE NBN AND nBn CIRCUS LAST MONTH STOP STARRING AS THE GIRL ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE MARY LOU HYDE SAN DIEGO CALIF GLENN CUNNINGHAM HAS BEEN TRAINING ME EVERY DAY IN PREPARATION FOR THE OLYMPICS IN PARIS RUTH HUNTER DALLAS TEXAS FATE BROUGHT ME THE JOB OF TEACHING CHEM ISTRY MY OLD HOBBY FRANCES MOYNIHAN ST LOUIS M0 HERE I.AM A BEAUTY SHOP OPERATOR MAKING WOMEN GLAMOUROUS THELMA SINGER ANNAPOLIS MD AM SEEING THE WORLD STOP'I MARRIED A NAVY MAN DORRIS MAE WALSH SOUTH POLE WE ARE AMONG THE FIRST PIONEERS OF LITTLE AMERICA EXCEPT FOR A SLIGHT FROST EVERYTHING IS SUNNY YVONNE DES JARDINS NEW YORK CITY ADVERTISING MANAGER FOR NESKIMO SUN TAN POWDERW ISN'T AS FRUITLESS A JOB AS SOLICITING FOR THE CRESCENT I ' PATRICIA COSTELLO Page niw1ec3"tLL'u en We Were Very Young Wa QQ QV I If - I-.- 3 tfviej . -"l QA f ' g Q, ,X 5 EL... , T4 e I-X, X , Vlsulahon Bells fx lk ,gig 5,457 AFQI On If 1 Rflilwyfxzm vxfy XXX ,IM was gala we 'lil' Cecilia I go Io Ihe Vasulallon lo school My aunl' comes here loo My aunls name us Ceculna We have a record named Cecllua Some olher Illlle glrls have Ihls record sloellmg Ioecause I gel IOO Spe Ing IS my lavorlle s+udy Rulh Maru Iegelholl Grade I My Home There are sux al my home counl Ing mysell Daddy and Molher make Iwo and lhe lour chsldren make sux The childrens names are Emmet Mary, Junior ano Vrrgunua My name as Vurglnla and Junnor's name ns Waller Jun nor and Daddy have The same name I Izve al 6I92 Weslmnns +er II I saw SI Joseph and Page nmetx' fou Blessed Lady when lhey could In no room In The Inn I wo d Ia e Them IH I would give e Iullle Infanl my bed and I would sleep on Ihe 'lloor Vnrglma Sheehan Grade I My Doll Marne Louis I-Iyde IS my slsler She as IU Ihe second grade Marne Louise wears glasses bul I do nol wear glasses I have Iwo brolh ers They are David John I-Iyde and Jlmmle I-Iyde Sanla Claus was good To m l'le Ioroughl me a mamma doll I Iulce my doll I play wllh my doll when I go home I like Io come Io school, loo Jane Frances Hyde, Grade I I v:-A- 1 and F :xifQl,?'jf I4 -fifyiz V , ff . is f 'F ' K K 1 ' "1' II X T - IV-'xx ,L ff , 'I-I gy fl.-1 GRI: if V Qdiaaix ts ly FK KF, 4 L1 I X is H i MI We ,I Ialsawif will IV I 'f ' Q I off' ' IIr M155 .lin mix 7 'I X ' S v ggi in hyghrl ,.-A X ily 1-W. ly I FHWA I UDQNIIIIIR ILIIQIIIIIIIJIJ I Mug ICI In so -T I d ' ' , ul ' ' ' . ' I4 ' . ' ' Ih I like ' ' ' In II. II' ' ' --li ' .I ' ' I I e.. Aboul Grandmolher and Me Grandmolher Io es me d I love Grandmolher When I was snclc Grandmolher read slorues lo me and I read slornes lo Grand molher Some s y 'lhal I loolc lvlce y A nl Adele who lives Cal ornua ers lell lhal' loo Illce Aunl Edllh Some lell me lhal I looln lllce Molher Mary Frances Knoedelseder Grade I 8 I played house on Washung lon s burlhday wulh my cousun and Bobby and Dan Bobby and Dan are brolhers Bobby and Dan lnve nexl door lo me Sanla Claus broughl me a ced ar chesl I Ivlce my cedar c esl' besl ol all my Chruslmas presenls I gol Iols ol Chruslmas gulls Rulh Carroll Robinson Gra e I Everybody was glad lo see me bac al school Today I was ab sen because I was sclc Now I am well Belore Chrlslmas w gave a play The play was lor lhe Mus sions was In e ll was called The Nlghl Belore Ghrlsl mas The pnece lhal I sald was I saved a calce lor Sanla Claus One Chrrslmas eve al 'rea For rudung makes one hungry l'Iow hungry he musl' be I pul nl on lhe chimney shell Where hell be sure lo go I Ihnnlc nl does a person good To be remembered so When everyone was lasl asleep Everyone bul me I Imp Ioed unlo Mamma s room A shll as shll coud e Frances Moynnhan Grade The Parly My Inllle brolher Davids blrlh day IS on February lhe esghlh Molher always gnves us a parly on our burlhdays So 'rhls year Valenllne Parly lor Davnd and Iel me nnvlle my cIass7 And she sand I mu hl We all had a lovely parly We drew lor The Valenhnes played games and lhen some ol lhe gurls reculed The lable was decoraled ID red hearls And Davads calce whnch had on Hr red hearls and lour candles was IO lhe cenler ol The abl Everyone gol a real baslcel and paper hals lrnm med an red Molher had prizes lor lhe games and we had Ice cream and calce and candy Mary Louuse I-lyde Gra e II Pu e ll lelx v an . I a ' m ' u ' In I- I ' . Orh me I k . . . 4 - I I - I I s ' ' I b ' - ' 1. P 'I I I said, "Mo'rher, .will you give a . . ' ' 'Q . a' . ' . ' y I . - I I . ' I I . + 1 6 . Q .. ' I. I ' Th play. - ' ' : d I . Q 1 1 -'ffitc TLLLZOH4 M AND MRS A B ADAMS S M LIE ALB E E AY MISS ELLA V BAUER MR AND MRS WM BECKER MR J LOUIS BOEHI MISS DMEE BOKERN MR JOHN MANININO BCWLIN MRS L A BOWIIN MI S NORA B AINY MISS ANINE C BRALY MISS QEORGIA M BRINKMAN MRS M J BUSHNE MRS IOI-IN CARLETON M E T CHALMERS MISS ALYCE JANE CHASE MRS E W CI-IASE TI-IE MISSES CIARKSON MR AND MRS IAMES E LARKSON WM CLARKSON AND SONS AND MRS TIM E CLEARY MR IOSEPI-I A CONLON AND FAMILY RA AND MRS R CORROLINO AND MRS r B CULLINAN AND MRS AL R DALY ATTORNEY GEORGE DARMSTATTLR L DAVIS MR AND MRS D MRSEY MR AND MRS V C DQVOTO MRS SAM DORCI-IESTER MR AND MRS JOI-IN J OW' ING III c nmzlx c II! MR AND MRS R J DRISCOLL MR AND MRS LEO DUROCI-IER MR AND MRS B EMMONS MISS EVELYN EAI-IEY MR AND MRS FRANKLIN J PICK AND MRS L C E M A W EI KE MRS JOHN T EITZSIMMONS MR AND MRS O E PUNK DR ROBERT D ELIRLONG MISS JULA CSAVIN MISS KATHERINE GAVIN MRS R UARTON AND MRS E J GE MR AND MRS JACK GERBER MRS WIL'IAM C OI-IIO MRS L D C-RAI-IAM AND MRS C A GUYOT AND MRS OHN G HELLRUNGI AND MRS S L I-IUN R AND MRS DAVID J HYDE JAMES P I-IYDE MISS JULIA KEANE R AND MRS JOSEPH KELLEDY AND MRS JAMES A KINSELLA AND MRS W J KLOSTERMAN AND MRS CI-IARLES KNOEDELSEDER M AND MRS J P LA E MRS L C LECI-ITENBERG MR AND MRS B K LQCRONE R. R. . . , U, , MIS 5 I I IETZ , . MRS. L. . LOR . , I . . L MR. . . . ICR C L I R RS. . . N . . . LL . F ., MR. . . . ERIE . . . R MRS, E. A. GILL . .S ,Q MR. J . . . ' . , MR. .J . MR, . , L MR. . . . TE .S . . MR. . . MR. . IR. , . MR. ,i. . M . . MR. . . I MR. . . ' I E MR. . . . MR, J. . MR. . . .J. J. DE . . . . . R. . . . N VN . I ,, , ., I! CD .f ufiolzi LEPPERT ROOS F-UR CO A D MRS JAMES J LTT J MACCALLUM AND MRS W R Ma EADDEN CARL J MANGAN MRS CLAUDE B MARTIN MRS RUTH SHERIDAN MAROUETTE AND MRS Y J MASSA JOE MEDWICK CORN ELI US COSTELLO MEEHAN AND MRS J L MEEHAN MRS ELIZABETH MEISER ERANR MICELI MR AND MRS C S MOYNIHAN AND MRS HENRY RANDOLPH MUDD AND MRS O MR AND MRS LARRY MULLEN MRS PIELEN I1 NOWAK MISS VERA JEAN NUOENT MR B O REGAIN REGOY MARGUE ITE BEAUTY SHOP? MR A S ROBINSON MISS MARY E ROBINSON MRS EDWARD H ROBINSON MR AND MRS HARRY W SANJL MR AND MRS J SANOUINETTE MR JOHN SHEEHAN JR NA J B SHERI N I J A SING R ER U S SH RT MR AND MRS E SIN MISS THELMA RUTH SINGER MR AND MRS EON O SMITH MR AND MRS H SOKOLIK ER AND MRS E A STRANOUIST CART AND MRS J L STRECKEUS CART AND MRS J N STRECREUS MISS MAY STRECKEUS NR AND MRS CHARIES E STUART M A B SULLIY N MRS W L SULLIVAN I-I B SURKAMP O MISS DOROIHY TARR MRS MATIII A ROLLMANIN MR OINEN TILL Y MISS CLARANN ROLLNO 'V AND MRS ERANCISJ VQLLDI W AND MRS G WALDEN PORTER AND MRS IH W ANV MRS r- C AND MRS JOHN MR JI-N J OUIN FREN JERQAST QI SMEYER UIN MRS S C TRACY MRS R TUCCI MB J lv' VAN ASTDI' VISITATION ATHIETIC ASSO IATIJN M L A NALDBART Iv PATRICK WAISI-I IX S O W B3 T W ST Hmwe CDMCNQ I H QEITM DWS If ME Pac MR. N . . I I 4 MR. . . , MR. . . . C S , A , X I Wi MR. . . , , V I RS, . , R DA ' MR. . . . AR. . . LE MRI I . . . Q MR. Q I . .J . GER MR. ... . Y 5 MR. , L I U 4 MR. I . . A W I A MR. A . .J. MULIJ. JR. I ' ' ' I S 'A R. . . A . I -3 I MR. AND MRS. W, H. TEGETHOPP MR. . A I, A LI O ' ' ' ' MR. ' . . . . I ' ' Q rs. . I. fu MP. 'I . J. . . f . L A , MR, J . l. .AEI L. qu Q 'I MR. . L A. C LAN 2 W L I LS. W 1 . LAN N . . E Mp, Tw Ap' L I MIS. L. . 5 MCM MQS. 1 . .L "ER Ml. ASI -J P. JL RING Q 7ll7'LKlf"7ll'l OUR ADVERTISERS The Sfaff fakes This oppor+um+y fo ihamk The adverflsers and pafrons whose generous co operaflon has made possible The publncafuon of Hwus yearbook Page our ,IlUIdTL'Ai 346' 5 sc- few? za-fi me ease an -S1 lbs i Www Q u likiinlu '-mms, The New lvlrllron Dollar S S P R E S I D E N T Wo lds Funesl Excursion Sleamer The splendid new Slreclofus Sleamer PRESIDENT b ll al a cosf ol Sl OOO OOO rs inner lasler and larger Jrhan any ofher passenger boal on The lvllsslssnppl Belng bumll lrlce a skyscraper all sleel from hull lo pulol house rl rs absolulely rrgld and Tree from all vubrahon The beauly of :ls decorahons challenge l'he amagnnahon The spacious ballroom lwo decks hugh IS lnghled by lhe rngenuous rainbow shadow box syslem which produces more lhan 80 dlllerenl combmnahons of beauhfully colored lrgh+ Four delnghlfully lenmmne Powder Rooms each dlslrnc hvely named and decoraled are a+ lhe service of mnlady passengers The PRESlDENTS luxurlous appolnlmenrs Hrs pro vnsnons for your dnversnon and comiorl :ls grganhc proporlnons wulh open declcs breeze swepl from end 'ro end wrll amaze and delrghl you Come down and enloy l T is T A fi g l , in oztxf U ?'1 T 'MS T 'l i Jams ' 1. 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Mo I 4 Phones: FOresI 4 - FOresI 955- oo e ow Avenue 22 e venue Aban I86 . . FOres 205 . I I mm IHA Ar+I1ur J Donnelly FUNERAL PARLORS 3840 Lmdell Boulevard NEws+ead I 000 Brands I'I1a'I AccenI'uaI'e Qualify 1oPMOsr P I IT AEK Amerlcantkdg TOPMOST or AMERICAN ST JOHN S HOSPITAL Unll of Ilwe ST LOUIS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING LADY FOODS 307 SOUTH EUCLID AVENUE ,ff Q1 GENERAL GROCER COMPANY Sf. Louis, Mo. ug.. ,1 .1 ..,,-...Ig-.M1 11n:giW,,:1 ,1 gl 11 ,1 nl 1,-.. 1 1 .. ,.... 1:1 1,1 ,1 1 gi 1m ul- I-1-I- - -I - .- -..- -'-,'I-'II-- - I-I ..,I..I-, ---- I1-I --I .. -.I -I --...--In I+ BEST WISI-IES TO CLASS OE I936 Warner-Walsh Chevrolef Co. COMPLIIVIENTS ...OE... DENNIS BROS I4 COT 8297.1 PrencIergas+ Leo Iv1onck+on Lumber Co EVERYTHING IN LUMBER COMPLIMENTS OE THE STERLING BEAUTY SHOPPE J OC 2 4 S II KANSAS CITY OUIS CI-IICAC-O ST PAUL MILWAUKEE MINNEAIDOLIS DETROIT Mound Cnfy Forwardlng Co sr Louis CHICAGO 2227 3I CARR ST IOII I3 N LINCOLN ST Q CH, Inu 460 I ex - A4 ard ww.- Ninih and Cass Avenue Wm. . ' onnor 9I u ivan Ave. ST. L 0 c 5 -. 0 CHesInuI 4240 ARmIIage I644 .HTii.-,,,,..,,,,1H.,-:I 1 I1 ... .. Him... kiwi Renls Collegled Nolary Public FOresI 2284 Haake ReaH'y Co. Real Eslale - Loans - Insurance 26I8 N. Kingshighway Blvd. E0resI I 860 Waller T. Miessler Prescriplion Druggisl S. E. Corner Delmar and Union SI. Louis Missouri CEnIraI 3500 William J Chrisfy REAL ESTATE SALES Real Eslale Deparhnenl Mercanhle Commerce Bank and Trusf Co Sain? Louis COMPLIMENTS OF Marlin L Neaf Assessor SI Louis Counly CLAYTON Mo We Invnfe You +o Inspecf Our Unique Shop Unusual Enqagemenr Gills Wedding Gills CLIVISIWBS Glifs Trousseaus a Spe rally Our French I-land Laundry Deparfmenl is worlhy of your palronaqe Fred C Bagley, Inc LINEN IMPORTER5 CLEANERS 4535 Olive Sfreei ROsedaIe 4555 ROsedaIe 4555 I-Illand 9493 IRENE La Casa Beau+y Shoppe or Womans Charms and Beauhful Silky Permanenf Waves Irene F Wilce Mgr 6700 Claylon Road C-3 C REED Drugglsl Inc Cmssny 5050 CAI3any 5051 740i Pershing Avenue Jordan s Merkel' GROCERIE5 MEATS FRUIT5 and VEGETABLES 5624 Page Blvd Cor Temple Delivery Service 2 30 p Las rn Phones MUII:erry 2600 260I I I 2 I - ,FL I II II ' ...Ii I . I , - . I . -I - I Isl Delivery 9:30 a. m.: 2nd II a. rn. D 3rd : .m.q I4-p. . CARL A WESSEL BAKERY GOODS OE Tl-IE BETTER KIND Ladies Home Baking Co bhd CAbyO298 al9 5860 Delmar Blvd 5509 Pershing Ave W Sp BAKING AND ECORATTNG WED ING AND BTRTHDAY CAKES W T Flynn Oil Co d C' Y, Eli+e Beau+y Shoppe Furnace Oils 9 vi wvd 05,00 PERMANENT WAVING 99i3 Cusrom BUILT Livime Room sums Eggeril' Carroll Empire Furni+ure Co Schroeder AQSHCY E + GENERAL UNDERWRITERS Complele Home Furnishers AND Aovigoias A K Who Wouldni' Rave Aboui' Bech+s THRIFTY SERVICE All flair worlc washed and ironed Soflr collars and handkerchiefs ironed wifhouf addilional charge Wearing apparel relrurned damp ready lo iron SHIRTS I0c Each Phone JEfferson 04I4 C H T 3lS6Al lill 'glellJAve 0 0 J Q Esla lis e l890 an ROse ae 927 -----444 e eciaizein --4-4444-N D O , ' Mrs. Geo. Schrader ROse ale 799 . Cla on Road Maralhon Gasoline, Oils and '248 N- Union Boulevard . Cor. Union 8: Pa e Car Line Scecializirq in Ali T efhods of own EVQ-vfgirenn I U . ,Q 5956 as on Avenue Aaron Smith Ted Srnifh il inds of Good lnsura I u ,,1m.- 1 ..:m- ,,--m..,m..,,,1m--I.-.m-fm- V141 vim- ,-.--,1 I-. ,...,.I1m,...:..I1 .. I..-gl, ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH SCHOOL and INSTITUTIONAL BONDS HAWES 84 CO 320 NORTH FOURTH ST. ST. LOUIS MO. ...COIVIPLIIVIENTS OI: . .. Sunfreze Ice Cream JEf'ferson 2522 4424 W PAPIN PARENTS Wh fd I y87 Q I Say H Wn+h Flowers Killarney Rose Shop ST LOUIS LIGHTNING l925 N UNION BOULEVARD Ernes+C Rea Sdney D KreIze +I 8:Rg COMPLIMENTS OF Hess and Culberfson Jewelry Co I 0 , ho ave been foresi he , and Ihouqh fu MUICGFI 35 and who have profecfed fheir own home aqalnsf Liqh ming Danger wiII be graHIied " ' ll Io Imcw Ihat we have made Ihe VisiIafIom Convenf "LiqhIninq Proof." There is no cause for worry over Ihe safefy of The chiI ' dren durlng a Ihundersmrm while Ihev are in schooI. I . - I . r CEn ra 0I87 I3+h uf er Sfreef 0 H., 1 -Ju.-r,.,1,.,.1uutm.1.u.-II...41.1, ... im MUCKLER TypeseHing Co. .-z Linorype Composilion Rule Worlc - Malce-Up I906 PINE STREET FI?anLlin I879 FRanl:lin 3583 May Young Designer and Maker of SCHOOL UNIFORMS GRADUATION-COMMUNION DRESSES . d VEILS 4532 OAKLAND AVE. SAINT LOUIS Ben Tucker GROCERIES and MEATS 6006 PERSHING AVENUE C y 55 EO I 90 SPM BRIDAL BOUOUETS FUNERAL DESIGNS PLANTS CarI+on Flower Shop d I-I 'I' I-IES II23 UNION BLVD ST LOUIS MO D HawI'I'1orn Coal Co 682 ARCADE BLDG W J MILLER MA 3050 5 L WlIIlam Ryan, Jr WHOLESALE MEATS 7336 SHAFTSBU RY PA Ii 2489 Freund Iv1oI'or Co 3806 SOUTH KINGSHIGHWAY CHEVROLET SALES 81 SERVICE J M BUCKNER Wedding Invnlaruons Calling Cards Announcemenls Parry Invlrallons Monogrammed Slallonery WILL ECKER 81 CO 4l4 NorI'I1 Twellllw Blvd SI Louis an res O5 Open Evenings To 9 Oblock - Sun. Io , . Clwolce -- 'We elegrapn Flowers" F. an . . PEN Ab no , 'I ' '. ' an We elnver ro All Perla of Ilwe Crfy . I . . Cornplirnenls of in I. ouis, Mo. PI"0VI'3 V VIEW FLa'ders I47O- I47I i x . E in 3 5 . , "'i1:ra:'+I ' . . SI. Louls, Mo. ' ilu...-In-.ru1rr1-,1, 1 1 .-nl--uu1uu1rnn--ul ,1,...1,1,1f.-,111 141,111-1-111 151111111 1 1 1 1 1 1,1,1,l, CEnI'raI 7480 CEnfraI 7481 I FISCHER MEAT COMPANY 33-34-57-58 New Union Marker "America's Fines'r Beef" DeLUXE HAMS AND BACON BUY ONLY U S GOVERNMENT INSPECTED MEATS COMPLIMENTS OF Rude for Pleasure Maryville RIde for I-IeaIII1 Rude for Recreahon Co ege CORPORATE COLLEGE OP ST LOUIS UNIVERSITY MERAMEC d NEBRASKA Mlssourl Sfables 5200 BERTHO'-D AVE The Leading Arf SuppIy I-Iouse of IIwe SouIIuwesI I-Iorses Bearded Trained and Renfed S SPECIAL CLASSES FOR SCI-IOOLS III2 LOCUST STREET ST LOUIS MO , . , , , af . . . 0 0 an Sain? Louis JC ' I Ridlnd InsIrucIIons by Con'IpeIenI Insfrucfo I W-Im- - - - - 1- - ,- - ,- 4- - - - - - .....,....,.-..,,......-...I-..,:-. - -...I-.. q. FRawInn SISO F9fgrI'-n 3l5 FeI1renbach's Wm. Clarkson 8: Sons BETTER FOODS CHURCH LINENS 84 LACES Albs Surpluces News+ead and Gibson Aves Alrar Boys Cassoclcs Veslmenls and Veslmenl Ivlalerrals 6l2 6I4 FRANKLIN AVENUE ST LOUIS O ST LOUIS MO Allend Dodson School 5337 CABANNE QOMPLIMENTS f , ALL GRADES HIGH SCHOOL S Rungs Pans Charms Medals Troolnes Invnlaluons Personal Cards Monh Jewelry Co 724 CHESTNUT ST ST LOUIS MO fl ,Q . , M . . , . Summer Sesslon June To Sep ernbef, 936 OF Small Groups : Privaie Tuioring Refffnrnendeo LD, VI3'faITon Academy I ...DISTINCTIVE... ' . FonI'bonne College CwrI"wIi C 'i":'-- Collwr ST. Lfum Lf ff: 1 -fh 7.1 f"odI'a-II Cf-'Me A-ofIa'I: Cow-io' vw ,I-tfrofa'-. Sifww and L' ' A " 'fr ' A'-H-"fir U'T"f'TSII-E' frzfz' rl :I"f' BIG BEND AND WYDOWN ST, LTUS MO COMPLIMENTS OF Greyhound Bus Lines UNION MARKET BUILDING BROADWAY and DELMAR CENA' 7500 Si Lijs Mi. Ime Is PORTER HARDING ADJUSTMENT COMPANY Co pIrnenIs I HamaII'on Ho'reI Beau'ry Shop HARRISON COMPANY ENGRAVERS I I0 PINE STREET Sami' Louis Missouri Engravers The Crescenf 9 Cornoi n oI m I O I 3 6 1 1 ,,1 1-,1,,1I 1 1 1 .1, 1,.,..'.n1 1 1",1ii1i1 1 ,1 1f1ii1,,.1,.1ii1,,1 ,1,1,,,,1.,,1 ,1 ,1 1 W1 ,1 .1 1 ,.1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF E. L. Sleppan Candy Co. Rlverside 3626 Disfribulors for - Jol1ns+on's Chocolal-es FLa-rders 6222 calaany 4847 P J Driscoll PLUMBING CONTRACTOR 76 s e s s e l lVllLl.llNlERY IMPORTER 4 COMPLI MENTS OF Jerome McHenry Meal' Co Once You Try Us Youl Sliclc by U Village Marlcel, l c doll 8 NhC Clyl BARBAKOS D Tl-l FINEST IN HOMEMADE Edi+h Whaley Beau+y Salon WE SPECIALIZE IN l-lflxll? DRESSING dl 9 B'rA . . i Alleralions - Remodeling - Repairing SOI oellme Ave. Sf. Louis 55 lifnil a , sf. louis, m I 'l ' 5 ' n Q Rlaxn ol, SO l 34 or+ enlral a on, M . 5B9I elmar E ' Feafuring lime La'esl in Macnineless Perm nerr Wa-finfj Scalp Trealrnenrs, Mafcelli and Finger Walfingelnlair Tinliwg Conlour l-laircullinq Delmar af Hamilfon ROse a e 8874 25 el ven ..1,.1 1 1,1 1 141 1,1 1 1 11 1 1 ,1,,,,1.m1un..m,.-.,.,..1u.11.1.1 1 1 11 FROM YOUR FRIEND .Nl W. F. B. CO. American Refrigerafor Transi+ Co. ,SC A I-Iome IncIus'rry Pa+ronize II ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Wm. J. Srudi' Insurance Agency GA4' Id 0843 Bdg S L J C Norman YAL CORD U S TIRE SERV CE 322 w I. gf Ho+eI Gibson saaa E agm A RESIDENTIAL I-IOTEL FOR DISCRIMINATING GUESTS COMPLIMENTS Ravarmo Freschl, I A COMPLETE STOCK OF NEW AND USED CARS ON OF TI-IE FINEST EOUIPPED SI-IOPS IN TI-IE CITY RoIoer'I's Chevrolei' Company 5877 Delmar Boulevard CAbany 4300 S+ Louns Mo nr I6 Bank of Commerce I . Mrs, J, M, Peery, Mgr, I. ouis, Mo. R O S . . . OF . . . . . I 0 I 9 as in on - TeIepIwone .IEIIerson 2055 VI I I . ' I I fl' "1'-"'11"'I-11111-vw-Il'iw- 1 114.1 I1 1- -111 1 1--11 I1nl,-lm1mI-.In-IHI1 .P 1.1-. 1 1 111 1 1..1 1.1.11 .1 1 1 1,1 1 1,1 1.1-11 1,1u1wi B a r r y Corse+s e+ Lingerie 905 Locusl' Sfreel' CEn+ral 729I ST. LOUIS UW' 3466 9-Ver 9799 o mos an mefcan Lady oo s ones: lerson 997 - Jlffferson 997i Nu Way Cleaners Usselman s Merkel' CHOICE MEATS - FANCY GROCERIES 81 Lq Wilson Land 8: Lumber Co Easfon and Bell Avenues TAI LUMB dl sTLoulsMo Will Docler Meal Co Union Marlcef Cl-leslnul 5905 5906 Ab D ll y S i T P f d A I F d PF JE f O - I Fresh Vegefabies - Wines i uors 6005 Kingsbury Prompf Delivery Spring and Laclede s o R E L E R ROse a e 0720 , I , 0 - 0 I 4- -'-'--1-':-N-'r-i'- - -r-i-'--l- -1-m-:- - - -- ---- M-A----in -1- JEIIer'son I992 erson 9 Fufzsnmmons Coal Co Bes'r Grades of Hard and SOH Coal 4I6 Sou+I'1 Compfon Avenue Saln+ Louls M Geo Kllgen 8: Son Bogglano Bros Prmhng Co BUILDERS , , PIPE ORGANS Prmfers X4 SIaIuoners E 0968 4 N ih U S L 297OI S SL SI' Louis Band J L Boehl Says PAY YOUR I-IOME LOAN MONTHLY JUST LIKE RENT AMERICAN HOME BLDG a LOAN ASSN Rosah Kam Band X4 OrcI1esIra V1su+a+sor1 Bend 84 Orchesfra 3542 G MEADOW GOLD MILK ICE CREAM BUTTER JEII I9 3 o 0 0 . . I 0 O 0 Incorporafed ' . 0 P 1 . Service , Saks J IIerson OI6 or nion +. ouis, Mo. 2 ive L I. ouis, Mo Q . D 3 I I C U ' 0 III3 Olive Sheer S . . No Commisdons Y No Renewals ami' Louis Organizers of ' I . LOUIS F. Yeckel, Pres. X1 Gen'I CounseY and of I I ' ravois, Jusf Eas+ of Grand I I 4. .-....- ---- I- I- - I- , ------ I ----- I... 1- - ,- --...I-I .5- .1iui1 1 1 11.1.1 1 1 1,1,.1-1,1 1 1 1,1i1,:1..1 111,11 1..,1, COMPLIMENTS Foresr Cify Mfg Co I L - 8 Herman H Kaesserl 0 D J'..i .Scheeffer OPTOMETRIST I48 Hd A Groceries Meafs 84 Vegeiables MUb y 7970 5 Sk k E F Houghron 81 Co OWUMWS N h S L A Friend F2 d 28 Dorr 8: Zeller Cafering Co WEDDINGS TEAS and RECEPTIONS SERVED ON SHORT NOTICE DeBaliviere and Waferman Avenues Sam'r Louis OE o o o Have Your Eyes Examined Qfxbqmy 4311 I I2 l I D Q . I Nahon Wide Service Grocers 3 o iamonf Avenue I eff S+- Louis- MO- 44 in er Sf. Louis, Mo. O I 5 fx M1 1 . . . TE . . . ,NZ i F T 4I8 orfh T ird Sfreei T f. ouis, Missouri I I Use aio O0 0 0 I .5 ..-. -. -.,- .. -i.-,.- ,-,.,.-....i..,-,.,...,...,.i-..-. -. .-.,-. -.i.-i.-..,... -,..-... 4. iii... ,,..,... 1 1 .-,.I..m-.miHim,In1uI1:n..w1-.n..- U- 1 1 1 1 1 1 COM PLI M ENTS OF Recorder of Deeds Office John P. English RECORDER Gregory Moore Chief Depufy JOHN T. VERLIN Concessions LAMBERT ST LOUIS MUNICIPAL FLYING FIELD OrleH'l Company Wolf s Bake Shop UALITY and SERVICE I-land Made Knll Wear Q Q 4 SKghghy COM PLIMENTS OF Robbins Jewelry Co Third Floor Arcade Bldg 8'rh and Olive S+ Louis Mos+ Popular Jewelry Sfore ' I Dainty Crocheled Froclrs for Lillle Tols oi Ori inal Design Telephone Flianlclin 5 47 5639 . in si wa Blvd. 4373 Delmar Blvd. S+. Louis, Mo. FLanders 4398 0 0 n -u 9 I I-W- I-.r,.-.-1 1 1 1,11 --mil,--.. 1 I-.,,141,,.-,i,14,,1r1 -1:-, 1. 1 .. im... COMPLIMENTS OF The Peerless Mussourl Co Plumbing and Heahng Goods me ,I oo cms yooso O Regan s Merkel' WalI'er M SI' Cyr -7-9 D Groceries Meals X4 Veqelables CONTINENTAL AUTO SUPPLY CO. N fh K Goodyear Tnres Exnde Balrerues 9222 GA I 3759 E Becker Furnlrure Co veryllmng In Flowers FURNITURE STOVES RUSS ENEVIEVE KILCULLEN asse N SL Ld s SL JOE GARAVELLI 570I De Glvervllle R C Q T I O N 0 0 0 Manufaciurers and Dnsfrubufors of I ' an I4 an ' l 5835 elmar Boulevard , , 2620 or ingshighway l - ROSQGHIQ . , 1 You'll Like Trading af -1 I' lela . . 2 , Linoleurns - Eledrlc Washers 65 Eaeclrlc Relriqeralors 3533- . rand Boulevard 6I4 orlh Broadway I. ouis Acle e 568 + ouis Mo' . . A I - N D I E D 1.1,,1a1-.1 1 ,1.1.1,1-11,1---1g1g 1 1,111-1 1 111 1 1 1,111,111 WASHABLE KALSOMI I: Painters everywhere are boosting Reardon s Washable Kalsomine because It can be washed and kep clean without trouble af a trifling cost Its self sx mg one coat alon does the work It prevents ugly cracks lr plaster It comes In 8 oasten shades and white Franklin J Fuck u r n 1 t u HELLRUNG 81 GRIMM 904 06 08 WASHINGTON AVENUE JETT 8: MAUTZ BlLL MAUTZ Mgr Ou Specially Aulomobile Radialor Fender and l-lood Repairing Work C lied for a d D l er one JE 2488 2 ears J 2739 LOCUaT ST ST LOUIS MO FoR sooo COAL J M McBurney Hawll-morn Coal Co MAH- 3050 Mississippi Valley Conslruchon Company 0 Q F ' r e f JZ All a rw e-iv oo Ph . - l Y In B' simess G lt gives finish of lasting beautg A 4 V Cali . h I 9 . . . 0 0 o 0 0 4. ....... ,.--...-....-,.--4--T---------:---N-I -1- GREETINGS and BEST WISI-IES From YOUR NEIGI-IBOR -invas- WinsI'on Churchill Aparfmenfs 5475 Cabarme Avenue J fe SCHWANKHAUS M COMPLIMENTS ...OE . .. JZ Mr J G CALLAHAN MPLIMENTS F BO Balduccl s Buffef WINES and LIOUORS CompIlmen+s of C y 9l4I 5897 DELMAR JOHN NOOTER BOILER WORKS - n 0 o , I . ' anaog C O Q E I . . Y D 'I O Arkeuzr,-'K-Bmfh Bee' fm Dwmr' 'e.fiQ 5 S rfd.fiIm. Aban 1111.111 1 1 1 1-,.,1m.1im1,,.,1:iu1m,1:,,,1,ii1mi1m.1..,1,...1--.1..,,1i,,1,,,,1,!1 1,1 an Welosfer College The College Where SPIRIT Counfs A Spiril of Leadership Ihal will Iasl Ihrough life. Failh Devolion and Calholic Aclion dorninaling all. I-Iigh Scholarship ioined wilh line Social Life. Beaulilul buildings sel in a resllul suburb wilrh The Iacililies ol S+. Louis Ihirly minules away. A Corporale College of SI. Louis Universily. Fully Accrediled. Conducled by The Sislers of Lorellro. The RecE'rar, Webs+c?CoIIege Webs+er Groves Mo IM:-ioi.z ,TS ' .- Forsy-I-he Marke+ OUR LIST Includes PrOperly Suilable for Any Requiremenl 7 8 F " Cornel' 81 Zeibio ly Cfy M Ch I MA 4560 COMPLIMENTS OF McAuIey Prlnhng Co QUALITY d SERVICE F OTTO SANDER P p Sander s Bloom Box N N e f ia me CA Y N023 Wagoner Insurance Agency All Forms of Insurance 304 Pierce Building Sami' Louis I Fo. Cafalog, address 0 , . Ove. 0 Yea s of Success P ofif by Our Expeiuence 35 orsy+ e . . Universi i , o. I 7I9 es nuf in I . C . an Publicalions, I-louse Organs, Circulars. ro olders, Calalogs, Boolclels, ' ' Commercial Prinfing 8I5 orfh infh . D I I Sli' In Ar ie Sainf Louis, Mo. ban e mar 5 In er When in Need of Thoroughly Trained Office Help . . Secrelaries, Boolclceepers, Slenoqrephers, Typisfs, Clerks, or General Office Assislenls Telephone FOres+ 3900 - LAclede 0440 's erv'ce 's ren ere w' ou c ar e o us'ness men an o our ra ua es Ruhlc-am Busmess School 493I-33 DELMAR BOULEVARD 3469 75 S GRAND BOULEVARD 9 MA os7s 3Io SOUTH MICHIGAN F J MULLIGAN I800 06 WashIng+on Avenue PRESIDENT JAS MULLIGAN PRTG AND PUB CO .-II sr LOUIS Mo Thl S I I d d Ifh f h g f b I d l' g d l o 0 S A l N T L O U I S Chica o Office Telephone in Telephone, HArrison 933I a o Establishe S65 . , . .. 11,.,-..,..,1I.n1'...-ml..nn1-II.-,,,,1,..,1lm.-.,,..-- i, iwiwuilm-.m1,n::1I,,,-:,.,-.I..--.,Kiwi-,,I1I,, Coun+y Meai' 8: Pasadena Beau+y Vegefable Co. Shop E, I-IEINEMAN, Mgr. 7520 Florissanf Rd. Pr. Ie Khlwocd 2040-204I'2042 EVf'z1n: P 9309 I07 W. Argonne Drive LUCILLE WILLIAMS E A 6 L E PETROLEUM COMPANY 4464 Duncan Avenue Sami' Louls COMPLIMENTS OF FOMPLIMENTS OF BIG LU Armour 81 Company Soda Wa+er CO I . O 2423 ass Avenue 2030 Clark Avenue CEVIIVGI 'UIQ I 4, -.---.---1 .--:-.-- ---- ---f-- vl- I fL.Mf'ZLl X fain ljqufft f 'ff lj' ',! A. 4 fv ff If X 'lf' V I 1 -, , X f v, .f4'.1 W1-A if -,Vg--gf-,5..:.,.,,,-m ',..' - W - 15- - -,Hx V - - V-.--W-WA...-vf.vp-ig-q', 1, .,1.-,4z,,,- .1 X 'Q' ,I I -, ,V ., ., . , ,N -4 1 .. -H ' .v-1 ' - -- A 5, -.1-3 '

Suggestions in the Academy of the Visitation - Crescent Yearbook (St Louis, MO) collection:

Academy of the Visitation - Crescent Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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