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.La-:f ',. ..,'-.-gqzz- .,',-.-..Q,-':,:,-,5',.-,-'.'.:,-1:7--'nv'-H.: -jx:-v n H Q 2 9 Crescenzf l K,-M. W Magnlicat amma mea Dommum , 0 BZSPAA , 'XX ,... 5 ' L f 1 Lf4' V Q f i o 3 ' ' f ' ., i' 0 5 i 0 ' I A 0 f I Y 5 gfkrfhxevyggy vescmi V015 12 Year' Book v1S1fdJl1OU Academy Qa?1 gQ Q, w V 0 ll ' 3 3 s ,x -N i , 0 0 0 ST. LOUIS NIISSOURI o ' J , Porewozd Happy hou1s of Work thoughtful hours of p18VC1 Joy ous houls of a thnsn are t M md DICUIIL Whlfh WL ham gamurud to1 lhlS Ycax Book our ueas um housg of Memory pl BT 1 3 1 3 gems, gleaming in word I XBI L OI LUN I LN IS ,ftf IIDINC SIL I IHI XL XIDEXIH IO xm IIN IxILx AKIID N Y BCI , I I' 3 ., if 'ION SEEN ,las kIL'fI,3I1S Sulfiiwr-.mai s IIIQE-,5IIXIIzX fXSSCDQjIfX'I'IONS ONE., 'rzwlnjnxs . X'l'2ii,ff: ww I TIg.V' 'IFES A4,.xm m' Im Ll . IZXIH' Cimxias 'NEKQSW Dedzcatzon pure as the srlver of her Jub1lee Year her chrl dren ded1cate fh1S Cres cent to the hvmg eX presslon of the spurt of the VISIYQIIOH Mother Mary Raphael Kelly 0 With an afection as To Mother B II'Xl 'VlCCKRf'1 9 years To us that ue mlght know Hrs boundless love And non we consetrate to you the hours The happy hours ut spent wrthxn these walls Our schoolgxrl fantasles our spark lmg dreams Our youthful hopes and more than all of these We grve to you our grateful lovlng hearts Dear 'Vlother Xxffgjl , .N C C p- t , . ' X4 4 O 1 s . . E' p . - 4 Q :A ,Q X . , ' 3 3 to ' . ii H I 1 , f . :n ' l .. . , Q , 5 , 9- .- 1 .4 ' ' l D4 lu S I , ,U , - ' 2. f ' . Q 3 f I J H ' L f a E K ...t ., A. A A ' Q Faq-121090 Qusctnl ANNECY l 610 The last rays of the scttlng sun peermg through the wmdows of the tmy chapel of the h1stor1c Chateau de Sales fell like a warm benedlctron upon the figure of a man rapt 1n an ecstasy of prayer Thxs ecstasy was to be most frurtful for the glory of the Church for of that mystrc unron of the loung heart of the sarntly Francrs de Sales and the meffable love of the Heart of God was concerved the relrglous Order of the VIS 1tat1on This Order the Benjamm of My affectrons as Our Lord Hlmself desrgnated If to Hrs Servant Margaret Mary and whlch later was to be entrusted wlth the m1ss1on of renewmg ln the world the knowledge of the love of the Sacred Heart for men was founded June srxth 1610 rn Annecy a l1t tle town of Savoy by St Francls de Sales and St Ieanne Francrs de Chantal GEORGETOWN D C 1816 For two hundred years the Order grew and spread over Europe carryrng on rts splendrd work for the Church formmg young grrls who were sent 1nto the world to be as stars set for the regeneratron of many and spreadmg far and wrde the knowledge of the love of the Heart of Chrlst But there were other countrles that needed rts beneficent mfluences and mto the heart of an emled JCSUII prlest God sent Hrs 1n sprratron to found the Order 1n the Umted States Vklrth three women natlves of Ire land th1S prrest Pr Neale now Brshop of Georgetown began hrs work After herorc struggles agarnst poverty and opposrtron from al sides the Order was at last firmly establxshed ln 1816 when BlShOp Neale S J became Archbrshop of Baltrmore KASKASKIA ILLINOIS 1833 In Aprrl 1833 the now flourrshxng Con vent at Georgetown felt rtself strong enough Paae Ten ZvQiSfYQzfLJs.r, G 19.29 Qrcsctni to spare a few Srsters for an establlshment 1n the almost unknown West Accordmgly a band of elght nobly resolved to spread therr glorrous m1ss1on of devotlon to the Sacred Heart 1n the far western country set out for Kaskaskra In thrs town once the Parrs of the West but now a poverty strncken ham let the Srsters had a hard struggle agamst poverty but Wlth the ard of a few mfluen t1al frrends they managed to establnsh therr school and were even begrnnmg to catch gllmpses of a brlght future ln the month of June 1844 therr hopes were forever dashed The M1SS1SS1pp1 Rrver rose and de stroyed the whole marnland of Illrnoxs mak 5435 fl My dear FTW? ,Q fn M3 mmm LE. ww. .4 fre ..-we TSM ,f if mf mg a t1ny 1sland of the d1str1ct of Kaskaskra The Srsters were obllged to be taken from therr Convent rn boats and proceeded to rejom a small foundatron sent from thexr Convent to St LOUIS but a short trme prevr ously ST LOUIS 1844 The first band of Srsters from Kaskaskra had taken a small house on Srxth Street Thrs was too small to accommodate the second band so they accepted from a frrend a house on Frfth Street Here they establrshed a school In 1846 the two bands reunrted and after on Nrnth Street they bu11t for themselves a Convent and Academy on Cass Avenue whrch they thought would be a permanent home Here were spent those thrxllmg years of the C1v1l War perrod After the War changes came The C1ty flourrshed and grew raprdly westward Therr patrons followed and called for the Sxsters The Srsters answered first by establrshmg a day school on Washrngton Avenue August 17 1887 Later the whole communlty removed to a handsome Convent and Academy whlch was burlt on the corner of Cabanne and Belt Avenues Here they have smce carrled on therr sprrrtual and Academlc work Paqe Eleven twelve years rn a dwelllng house K , . - Y L ' Q I I 1 . , ' v if 1 e ,, . . N, 'E ' - - , f A, 3 '- , I i . rm? .. 3 h , gm., , N l A- . 4, . --- Wa.. fs , 4 'W 'T 1 '21 'ut ' . . . 'MJ' Q- '11-V -41141 rt? ' W ' ra SJ 4-1 V 3 V - ' ' ' ' - 'f' i , .A ,,...: , A AQ ,kiwi , . f fp A -Mr , .-.L in . . . - w,, fx,-ff . - f r :V QW, I G . , we L k was . ' - 4 . ,f.-E551 1 V . 1 qw, i .qflq -1 . . . . . 1 1 - ,.,gg1,q.5:f ' y - . , 'ii , ' he 1 ' 5 p .5 ., U V N' y ' - .. 'i 3, J ' .- ' Pffffl.Ei 4- , Q - , - .4 355- -1 L, w f-Bald A ' , , as ' 3 'j3,:,t - 417. 2:- ww 1' 121 W- Q ....,..- A' 4' Q'-'M -We ' M,-. M. ,, , 1 1' Rf. v . nswgf - y . fm. A ,-51.11 1 'E Q se 1' im. - - ,s f -.H-,.,.,.w-K ' - 14.-. ' fo -'C e f a'::5if'v?wff-a ' - 3,4 .,-,1 -.1 -1 , ,, Li: ,z -55-,ir - 4- -'zo fx. 'iii - 2-ze-'14 aff.:,i:5::f W: ,.ffgfg,!.,kNa.ff .. - -- - ' ' ST-ftfxf -. . .1..'.J-... .. ,R'..-- ,V 3353 - . -Q we ' .Q 4-- 445 5 , V ' I :ff -W . , , , . , ST ATUE OE THE SACRED HEART THE CHAPEL THE GROTTO WY w '1 1-.1 'I s if J.-a SAINT ANN'S SHRINE 11111 N 0111 I1 1 ll X 1 1111718 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 N .1111 1 X111 1111 1311 ,, 1 '11Q.'p 1 1 YUU1' w1tu11.:.-11 1x'.111x Q1 X'1x11.111111t, N 111' 1m'111g 1.11. 11.1 1.'11 ' 11111111111 11111115 110 g 1111- 11.1111 111 1.'.11'11111g 111 11111 11u.11'1x 113 'c 111sl111vL1 111s 111'gc 111' 1111716 11111 51 U s11111111g x'.111'1'. A1111 111' 1111111 desde lo 113111 L19 111 11111 '.111ii111.'c 111 '11s 31. 1' 1 1111 YUKII' 11111: vnu 11.1151 i11.111 .111 v111'111.1J1, C1 s111111111.'11115 x11x'u1 Qwllw 11' 1111- .11v' X111 1111111 1111141111111 .111 11115. xxx x1:.11l11v1:1w11.1 .1111 1.11 111L'I11 .11 XV111 'scl 111.1 .111tii N1.11.'1' The Academq G12 1029 Qffcscmi Vzsztatzon Alumnae Assoczatzon Born in a year of unusual activity 1904 the year of the great world s fair in Saint Louis something of the spirit of that great enterprise entered into the organization of the Alumnae Association of the Visitation and endowed it with the gifts of hearty co operation and generous service so that its twenty live years have been Hlled with good works The Hrst thought of these loyal daughters of the Visitation that made up its membership was their Alma Mater and their first act even before their formal organization was to make of the Chapel a worthy home for the Blessed Sacrament a home where they and their children and their children s children might kneel and pray and receive their First Holy Communion After this they turned their attention to another pressing need of the Academy an entertainment hall So vast an undertaking seemed impossible for so young an organization but by 1912 they began the building of our dramatic productions of which Visitation is so justly proud and which stands as a magnificent tribute of the affection of the children of the Visitation for their community This was not enough however their generosity must reach further and in 1927 a scholarship fund of five thousand dollars was given to the Academy This gift was followed in 1928 by a Jubilee gift of six hundred dollars for the laying of a new hardwood floor in the community Chapel Their mterest in education has stretched beyond the convent walls In 1926 the Association became a Founder Association of the Missouri Chapter s S10 000 scholarship for the SISICIS of the Missouri Chapter whose Alumnae ASSOCIBIIOHS are affiliated with the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae Surely with works like these to their credit and there are many others less outstanding the members of the Alumnae of Visitation may justly feel proud of their well filled twenty live years They may truly feel worthy of the praise and congratulations that were showered upon them and their generous work when the silver jubilee of the Association was celebrated last year with a record breaking attendance of its five hundred members Page N meteen beautiful Alexis Hall-a building which has made possible the excellent CE 1999 Qrcsccnl Chzldren of Mary Sodalzty The flourishing Association of the Children of Mary of the Visitation has grown from a small school sodality founded in 1887 at the St de Chantal Academy of the Visitation then located at 4012 Washington Avenue Some of the former pupils of the Academy having begged to join the students the membership soon grew too great for the tiny parlor chapel and in 1892 the Sodality was transferred to the large Academy at Cabanne Here for twenty years under the direction of the beloved Sister Mary Paula Peters the organiza tion grew amazmgly and entered upon its life of varied and useful activity The most important of the good works undertaken and one which has grown to such proportions that a special organization has been necessary to care for it IS the sewing for poor churches This work was originated through the zeal of Mrs Julius S Walsh Another work is the visiting of the sick poor often in company with the Sisters of the Little Helpers of the Holy Souls Besides this the Sodality collects books and magazines for institutions helps to teach catechism in the poor parishes and in institutions gives generous aid in Catholic social settlement work and is always among the first to help in To the generosity of the Sodality and to individual members the Convent owes many of the beautiful thmgs in the chapel and throughout the house Among these gifts are a handsome set of white and gold vestments generous donations which made possible the erection of the beautiful marble altar statues an altar railing and an electric chandelier The latest addition to its long list of benefactions is the magnificent gold monstrance presented in Novem ber 1928 to Mother Raphael as a jubilee gift the lacquering and burnishing of the sanctuary lamp credence table censers and numerous other articles in use for the Divine Services the two chalices a ciborlum monstrance com munion plate and missal stand repaired and gold plated while gifts were made of six new sets of vestments a preaching stole Benediction Burse a banner a complete repository outfit for Holy Thursday and a double altar bread cutter The Sodality is blessed w1th many spiritual privileges an annual retreat and numerous Holy Masses for the intentions of the members many of them offered through the gratitude of the priests and missionaries who have experi enced their bountiful generosity The deceased are remembered with two Masses and a general Communion at the time of death with a monthly Mass and a Requiem High Mass in November Paae Twenty -KJ ,. I I 2 I g B - f-. J time of public calamity. if-9. 1 S M N1 Tau Sigma Z8 V A A Class I'r+.asurv.r JPAWNITf? B0 L Page Tu em.: ILL o I Lfbbpjl . A A . 1 J, Liv X + f x , A I x V f Sodauty. K1 ' ' C,x1 . C, f h H,. . B. S. ' A , t , T Q' - - '2C.'2T. Pace Tu entq Ihree MARION BROKAW Sodalxty Sodalnry Prefect 29 Sodallty Delegate 28 Z9 S 'Vl C M B S Tau Sngma 28 V A A as etball Z6 Z7 8 Baseball 26 Z7 8 Soccer Z9 ClassPres1dent 26 27 28 29 i C. .. . . H. . . . S. S. C. C. I, I.. Orchestra '26, '27, '28. Bk ','.'2,'29. ' . ' .'2 . '29. Sodwlm N H M BN ctball 6 Soccer 29 MARCUERITE CANNON Paqe Tmenrq four ,t L , XR C. S. .f'I, C. . . .B. S. D. A, D. '28, V. A, A. ..k 'Z . '27, '28, '29 Page Tummu the MARY NIINA CHANs1 OR bodalm SM MB A asketball Z7 28 Baseball 77 28 Soccer Z9 Rss! Qchool Record Edrtor Crescent C. . .C H. r . .S, Tnu Sigma '28, V. .A. B ' . ' . '29. '- .' .'Z9. Sodalxty S M C M B A D A A Bas etball Z6 77 Baseball 26 28 MARHQ CHASE Pace TLL?P1J sr r Q i ' 1 J 'I 'I 'H .1 -. C. . . . ' . H. . .s. C.I.I,. D. . wzs. v, . . k ' .'-,'zs. PHC? Tuentu s Len DOROTHH CORMNS Sodallty S Vi B Tau Slgma N A A Basketball 7 8 Sm er 79 C. , M. C. H. . , .S. C. I, L. A '28, V. , . 'Z . 'Z Sodahtx 'VI N B A D Bas etball 26 28 Baszbxll 26 28 Rosr MAIZY CORI YY w w Paae Tu. enty exch! . . W W C. s. . .Q H. 1. .s. xi A. A. D. . . '28, k . V. Page Tuenry nine JANF DALY Sodalrty C S M C 'Vl B V A A as etball Z6 7 aseball 26 27 Soccer 29 Basketball Class Captaxn Z7 28 29 Basketball School Captain 78 Soccer Capram 29 V A A Treasurer 28 29 Athletnc Editor Crescent 29 l l ,V , l f. ,lf l :Alf , , ll x -K V' ,N 1 . . . , H.., .S. C. I. l.. f Tau Sigma '28, - B-lo l' .'Z,'Z8,'29. B. ' .' .'Z8, '29, Sodahu M D D MARX Doxx LING Page Thzrty C, S. . C. H. M. B. S. V. A. A. . A. . '28. Page Thzrfu one ROQFMARY FLAINIGAW Sodallty C S M Tau Sngma 28 V A A as etball Z6 27 28 Baseball Z6 27 Qocccr 29 w I., -, V X x ,A A Q. , X7 . . .C. H. M. B. S. C. I. L. B k ' .' ,' ' ,' , '28, '29 Qodalntx 9 'X 'I mu S1 mn askglball :bull 8 Sona 29 School Record fdltor Cas en M XLRFI NI Jr XNINGS Pau Thfrfq IL L fy ,L A 4, D I . - V. 7 ' C. ., .1. C. - - H. x. P, 5. , ,f C I. I. N f si s. cg. ix, 20. X - .' '11 tg '18, N Y, A. A. 4 B - y 'zu '28, '20, I Bw. '2 . 20. ' .., ' . A-Z 1 x i A ,C ww. A I , VL Pace Flhzrru three MARGARET KEANEX Sodahtx S I N B S Bxsketball 7 Baseball 77 Qocxal Edxtor Cruscent 29 w C. ,N. C. H. .1. .S. S. .C D. A. D. '28, V. A. A. . 'Z . '- . '29. Sudllllx X C1 N1 Inu Sngma 28 X A A sketball 26 27 Bxscball 26 27 Socccr Z9 Mmm LOLISE LL BBE Pug: Thzrlu I :ur Y N 1 CSJ1. ,. H. . . B. S, C. I. I.. V. . . I Ba ' ,' ,'28. . ' , ' , '28. Puae Thzrlq HL 6 BETTYE MCCARTY Sodallty M M B V A Assxstanr Ldmr Crescent C. S. . C. H. . . S. C. I. L. D. A. D. '28. . . A. xx? , 1 fl v 1-ff f f 1 f 4, ,r fr 1 f f . , ka' I ff I ,-k4 Sodallly S 'Vl M B V A A Basketball 26 Z8 Baseball Z6 C. .1 , C. H. . ,S. D. A, D. 'Z8. l Page Thrrlu seuen ELIZABETH MCDONALD Sodalnv M A A Basketball 78 29 Baseball 28 29 Soccer 29 Class Treasurer 28 29 Edxror Crescent f A I C. s. . C. H. M. B. s. D. A. D. 'zs. v. . . Prom Nixx BFRRH Sodallty S M 4, M B ,, Q QSM D bn' llrst Assistant Sodalntx 79 QL QNX A A A Secretarv AN'-k Ss 'Uk ms, af- V A A Vlce Presndcnt 8 V A A Presldent Z9 Basketball Class Captain Z6 X Basketball Team Captaxn 0 30-AA aswball 26 27 XN'-Ms NM-K NX QL' Baseball Class Captaln 29 it a Soccer 29 the , S25 lx' Class Vxce Presxdcnt 77 Z8 'S AQAXLV Class Secretary 26 Q 5 Assr Athletic Edxtor Crescent 70 Ox AQ l5'lu 5'N- Paqe Thlflll elaht H. , .s. ' at ' f Biskeibali '26, '27, ilil. '29, Ogg WQMAQ-M Q-.WS SC... 3 5-C..Es,.,Yll,..5l-'LX'-1 A - -29. ' M- - 0 B . ' , ' .'2.8,,'Z9. 1 ' - H ' - 1 '2 , ' , '20, h . ul . . ,h v K X' .' Puue Thzrtu mne MADONNA READEX Sodalxtx S VI NI B Tau Sngma 28 Nhssxon Representatmxe asketball 2 6 Bascb ull Z 6 C. .1 .C. H.. . .S. V. A. A. B ' . '27, '28 20 . ' .'27, '28 Z9 MARGARET RILEY Yew M1 4.1 'Lf L -'U 1,14 Sodalxty 1-Lrp-C dv M B S A A D Basketball 26 27 Baseball Z6 27 Soccer 29 B A Page Forty l l fx A ,l A ff N l m 5 , f 'lr ' ' A 'Y A A A V .. f 1 f IL - l . ., A , a..,,' .Q 3 Ylhx v A I, I C.s.M.c. V A X I A H, . . . I .X 6 'ffl' - 1 1 ' 'X v. . . g A 'MN - ' - .. D, A. .'28. -+ I ' . . 1. C. Page Forty one MARGARET ROGERS Sodallty H M B V A A Basketball 29 Basebail 29 Soccer 29 N 'N .'k' ,x rx Ax? C. S. M. C. .. . .S. Sodalm C S 'VI H M B V A A Bas etball 2 7 Z 8 9 Baseball Z7 Z8 Soccer Z9 ALICIA SADS. Page forty two .. .. .C . . .S. Tau Sigma 'Z8. k ' , ' , 'Z , ' , ' ,'Z9. f Pace forlu Ihree ELLZABFTH SCHNIIDT S M Tau Sigma 28 V A A Baseball Z9 Soccer 79 N - I ,I M , ,ff :IU 1 fl P Af! xkz, J, ,..l' C. . .C Sodallty S M H M B S Tau Slgmm 28 as etball 26 7 8 Basketball Captam 28 Baseball Z6 27 Soccer 29 V A A Secretary 29 Class Secretary 28 29 Joke Edxtor Crescent Z9 VIRGINIA SLATTERY Pride Forty four i a Y C. . 1. C. -X 'V . . . . , C. 1a 1.. V. A. A.. ' ' Bk '.'2,'Z.'29, ' . ' , '28, '29. Page Forty the EUGENIA SMITH Sodalxu S H VI B -X msketball Bnnball 7 6 C, .M. C. . . , .S. D. A. D, '28, V. . . A. B. 'Z6. '28 Sodalltx N1 N B S D cer I cadcr Z7 Z8 as crball 26 2 Baseball Z6 27 9 Adwertlsmg Manager Crescent PECGY SULLIVAN Page Form szx A W 1 . C S. . .C. H. .1. . . D. A. .'28. V. A. A. Ch . ' .' .'29. B k ' ,' 7. '29. ' .' ,'2 . Page Forly sm. on MARJORIF VOGFL Sodalmty S M C D D C. . . H. M. B. S. V. A A. . A. . ' wwf! 19 LLFI1 II Axm RSON VIARCARI 1 BARVH FRMYCIAE BL-ffL Fiifxxggii Bx Rvis' SL!-xxxl CHxxxAxc Lf I 1 x CHQPN IAI C I AIBORM Ur1 C MW Lf Pam 11111 I L i + 1 X Y ' v - - -.1 A 1 . 3 l ' ,,1- I 1 'l 'I f ,5 .. it l LA ' I !if Y stflfkitw' IM ' 4 A K ll' I' 4: !'.4 1 9 4 4 ill . f.4. 44 L1 - I A ' 1 fl A Wx! I, A . 'A X V yr' ,. ' f C14 A L, , vi, P- Y h. LI' CMS L- gy-. K , ' D k,v QV .Uv VL F 3 - , 4 6 x ,I 1 . . . A , tsv -K sq Y Kr Y .Q Y R' X 5- yu A, ,Nr X if X 1, Af ' F 'J ' v -, ' C' 5 N . - N N X N N , J V3 I . V 2 N , . 3 ,ff N sl' 1 K X FHI EI N1 DALE Hr 1 EN DOWLINC LZ, Ixrg F UCI RAID J V37 4142762121-v,.,.w,,.,,,s,7 CAROLXNI GRAY do IWTHFRINE GROVER VZ! PECCX HAMMER f jf if Q-E X 1Rc31x1A Hmm QQ 'SK lcfttu X .1 W. I J f 'pk L W ,K N I ww N' f' . fi ' 5 'I,,',,,QLL' .1 1' ,I . W ,dv .4 f, X. if X A , Cox' ul Q! fav .J X, le, Q ALL 4 ,. T-4 v r V A I ' 1 ,f -N' 1 A 1 Q11 4 , wifi JL fy 'o- L 1 I Z . fg'J' ' W xx X. A X 4 1 , , y , ij jug J 5- ,YZ A ,mafia fl 1, 1 K ,171 1-44,9 OIXQLFLQLX- :HY J - . t ffL4,f ' 1 F l:.A1 Q ' X . Z L ' If fs'X L N I I A ,. 1 ' ' 5 .11 . . A gf ' A A 4' NPYX A -i 31 ,Fig V A . U 1 I .lxf is F , 2 1, Q 1 , V. 'ug 'zu -one ' ,I 1 ' 1 'S . Q, 45 X ex 4 . ' N. MAGDALENE HEALY CHRISTINE HELLMUTH ,.w6'x ILCILIE I-ILJGER ff' MK Q wwf RL FH KARCH LM w4J4-7 IUELD1, KRIL Rosrwxkx LANE DOROTHX LEAHY XYARY I ITTLE 4. S Pace Imu mo Ks 'fc 5' K. SX r- I.. M ww L N 0 . : , 1 ,Owuf V 4. 4 4 4 xrkpxh XFN . , . S R J 1 N- - 'Si b .. Q . xx 'I - , .lE.,, : -1-- LM . N KK N,vJf,'x X I . Y X wk Lvxxf KAP., N7-I K ' MARX FRANC MATTIQ I-IELEx MLDD JAxE MYERS VIADELINE PERKINSON VIARX AGNIES RLILLPY' Fmxcis RILEX VIARY ELIZABETH R Nsoxl JLLIA ROGERS Page Fzfty three Ox. fr f DQRO1 HX Rox AI Josf PHIXI QANQLINI ALICE bCHATLx1AN HFLFN SCOTT 25 'fix . .'2'I' . fy ' ,. , A ,P 5 v 1, ,K ' 'f' K 4 ,r . f we ' 1, X 2- .VFA 1 4 . 1 ' 'r' f LK if pf A' , ! 'l ' 'T 5 . if ' n AL K ,. f h. I ,A , 1' 7 ROSENLAR'SHAL'G INESSY ' . . QYWN 'rx B' 'X-bfv ,1 ' ' A VA' Nh.f'7 'l ,,q-- , C A , Q I A - .-, v -A Jfxff , ' V, O.. . f H ' 'lc J J E 2 if N . 2- J ! , Ak V.. j FL I NJ ' , N5 1' A Cx V, , , .,,, ,,V, n J ,IH A K E L 9 Pun 1 -A1 ur A - 'T 1 .1-H7 OLAP STROH R Qu Il SIL wr C LI GI THOII f' f 41 Ifltu In MARY TRIGC. IESSIE WINTERS CHF: 1929 Qfwzscenl THE RAINBOW BETTYE MCCARTY 29 The sky was beaut1ful vuth Heecy clouds God s mxghty covenant of peace Wlth men A rambow brldges o er the mfimte blue A symbol of the lxfe of all of us FIFSI dawns the soft warm plnk of babyhood Of happmess of Mother s tender care Advances to the orange of play days spent In happy homes and laughlng comradeshlp Then comes the vahant hlgh sp1r1t of youth That seeks for hfe and finds 1t 1n the Joy Of love and then the radlant motherhood At last after the blue of m1ddle age RISCS the lavender symbol of sweet old days Of hallowed memones and Journey s end Thus formed our budge we buxlt and we step o er And fmd thereln the Pot of Gold and God Page Frfty five 5 'ww-Q LOL HI Amm RSON El 1mm IH BOI mu Z Mcpmf fx BRINML xx Ex Eu NI BL RKY RQSP BL 11 uno LLc IX CHXXIBERI xlx Bmw DIFRILI S ua Izllu Lf 1 2 . ZR ff' f L f-Q. c' - x ' 'yr L, f iw P., -f if JGEQRQJA INKMAN P N , I Q L PATRICIA DOII F HFLENI FISCHER JANIF FLAVENI MARX ALICE GRAHAxI FRANCIS HALLORANI CI AIRL HI LLNICTH RUIII HI STI R MARY X IRCINIIA I-IoLLAxD Paqe fzftu nme ffl! 3 S? X5 L A AA A JJ I' . C Vxi, .-1' 5 X IR I Y I I X .1 A ,' v c .5 .. . K xx? gf. I I S IS Iii I 1 5 . ,FZ Q A Q - A V f, . ,- tv fi A f F 6 QM.. rf ,- nvlxh ' Mah dw LMADEI YN mga 74 Jw. ANL H 5 CORNFL Fmwchs KEANIEX ,f 3 DOLORES MCCAR PHX WM M WMV' 1 V All HPLEN JosI2PHIxI MILLER MARI LOUIQI' Muse VIRQ INIA SHARIXEY Page Szxtq . 'UB AN a Al f V 5 ff , , ' 1 ' JI ww, I I n Vi! Ly pf' f 1, f LA -P, G V, 7 ,No gl!-'I I VIRGINIA NEWBISRRY , CQ 5 H' I 'F' S2 fig A V' 1 IS 4 i 'i Q ff N 6 1 C-' Etc 1? Q ,' f df Q, K Cf' LK' Q I 0 G12 1929 Qesceni. K - 2 FLORENCE SHAUGHNESSY MARY SI-IEA MADELINE VINIANO '1 WE X 2' IK, LOU E ANDERSON VIRGINA Nfl Page Srxty one .,1i-Ri 9NJ.C.N5 1 f NL: ' 4 ' , 1 1 , 'ahh U 3, . ., ' ' ' V- I ' ' P' .Vi ' 'K' . ' 1 X ' .4 ii gs Y, J - at-51 'A 1 I ' 2 rug, b ' Em? f' 1 I , .51 V 4-3,1 : f , 'NP' - L, A' , H 5:1 3' 1' ' 6 M ,ff . . .Q S' Ji ' fuk. l ,J Fu, j j? -.A J xx V V Iifrjfvxfzgt S., V I r fi' 1 ,H ' :gf ,-' 'L A f 1' -- M . fy ,, , ,,, V ,A U - -fl, ' f, ., . f T .sic I 1 , f J l ' - . ' 'ir A w- fugv E Axlilf Of-' E. ff' AV Al NVV if 41 1wgi5'f .f 7 IZLIIABFTH BARDI NIHE IFR DORIS Binh ff v MARX C KTHFRINII BRENN. w Mum A1 101 CASH MARGARFT CHAXIBLRLAIN MARION Comms JOSHJHINL Com ISH SARINIA COPPOI INO lace Szxtu four ll 5. . , Af X, if Q11 ,LX Al' xf , V. .vw L . K ALAA 1 . 3 L' , , A . .. . - . , I , ,' -. Aoxrs CL xxxuxs Brin HALL CI I xu NTINE HOFFMAN Axc.r1A HLGFR Ivx JFNNIINGS MARX MARGARET KELLLHER JANE MARIP KING BERNICE LA GLERRIER Puae S1XfU Hue f 5 , 1 41 A' .J J T , ,,..-Av-, I .4 , v , ' 1-.4 fe ',',.,Lf.-.pfk f'f44 'auf' , Q 1 X I 17 .IL 'af V., 1- . A 1. 1 f '1 L , . . A 1 1 w fy Y' V V 1 1 . ,, ,' S ,, I .iw . ' V 1 ,L '15 f . ff ,'?:v'x 1 025 MARX JANE LEVI VIRGINIA LO PICCOLO LOUISE Lou ELL M ARI MEAL LIEEE AINNI DOLORFS MCNAXIARA LCLIQV MUNQCH EI IfAIsI III SCHXIITT Pace Suctu wr ' Y I 'I I if . 1: Yjfg, GIQNIQYIIWIE PENNY wr' f , I , A HENRX ET YA Scum E1zER HELEN SHAL1 FR VIURIII SOMUFRS MARIE STUART ZFLLA VAN RATL GERAI DINF VIXIANO .7 L. ! ll 1 2, . 1 ROSIEMARY STOCKE . V ' Page Sl.X'II:f-St'L'L'V7 Associahons G12 10.29 Qfesceni Dramatzcs 'XEQ' VISITATION IM POR You ELIYABFTH MCDONALD 2 9 For a month the Grads had been acting mysterlously Everyone knew that they were going to g1VB a play and everyone knew that that play had been wr1tten by MAC otherwise known as Vlfglnla McCarthy VISIIB tion 27 and that she was both author and d1rector But nobody knew what the play was about Then overn1ght posters appeared bear1ng such 1nscr1p t1ons as Come and sympath1ze with M1gs Dor1s how could you? Ready for the R1ver Meet Sue and Lou V1s1tat1on Im For You You and Me Both Deane Ah the plot th1ckened' Curioslty stood on t1p toe' And finally the day for the performance December 18th arr1ved of VIZ 1ntang1ble and h1therto unexpressed now l1v1ng 1n every word uttered on the stage There were songs-clever apt songs There were chorus ensembles of real VIZ girls There was a basketball game And there was Audrey and her crowd superciliously puzzled at all fhlS V121ness unt1l one of them Doris resentful of the athlet1c super1or1ty of the forward tripped fh1S star player Then startled 1nto shamed real1zat1on of her pett1 ness and suddenly 1mbued with the VIZ Splflt she rushed 1nto the gap she herself had made and won the game' Then came the essay contest Why loyalty to VIZ as typ1fied by the song VISITATION I M FOR YOU when Audrey too caught the Splflf and won the contest and Dor1s fessed up before the whole school and became a real V12 g1rl All these 1nc1dents delighted and thrilled the spectators But best of all there was the pep and fun and loyalty to VIZ WhlCh an actual real VIZ g1r1 carrled 1n her heart the V12 sp1r1t wh1ch Vlfglnla McCarthy has brought home to every one of the students And when every one had clapped and everyone was searching madly for the author and director she had sl1pped out' Page Seventy one .,aGSE1V'.,aQN5 u ' fy - - - What a performance that was! Every Viz girl saw before her the real spirit ' ' ' ' KI If ll Y 1 1 TT A MIDSUMMER NlGH'l S DREAM WILI IAM SHAKLSI hARE CHARACTERS Theseus Duke of Athens Bettye McCarty Demetrrus hrs rrval Helen McCauley Egeus father of Hermla Jane Daly lxhllostrate Master of the Revels Margaret Rrley Nrck Bottom the Weaver Eugenla Smlth Pa tg! l bv 1 ' J D . Lysander, in love with Hermia at D at or Maureen Jennings J ' y , Y 1 ' a, e Seven - wo ulnce the Carpenter Marlon Brokaw Snug the Jomer Rose Mary Corley Flute the Bellows mender Peggy Newberry Starvllng the Tallor Vxrgrnra Slattery Mar1e Chase l Soldrer Elxzabeth Schmxdt Hlppolyta Queen of the Amazons Margaret Rogers Hermla ln loxe wx 1th Lysander Margaret Keaney q mr Snout, the Tinker at M at elfeggy Sullivan Page Seven K - hree Helena rn love wxth Demetrlus Madonna Readey Oberon Krng of Falry Land Mary Lourse Lubbe Tltanra h1s ueen Dorothy Corklns Puck or Robln Goodfellou Elrzabeth McDonald Peas Blossom Mary Nma Chanslor Moth Marguerlte Cannon Mustard Seed Marjorle Vogel Cobweb Vlary Dow lmg Dorothy Aylor Teresa Bardenheler Mary Jane Braun Mlldred COfklHS Mary Ellen Dans Su7onne Buckner Annabelle Geekre Jeannette Bentley Indxan Boy ACTI Scene Scene ll Small Fumes Sc nes Jane Frances Hyde Rosemary Langdale Patr1c1a Reussenzehn Betty Rrley Ruth Carroll ROb1HSOH Marx Elxzabeth Sanders Ruth Marle Tegethoff Elleen Perkmson Nancy Dodd Theseus Palace A Roadu ay I S ' iiiii i iii 7 Y- Y I , , WW W , We, , Q to e to at ette at S I 7 . ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , H , l ' ' . Y 'A J 3 I l I 'D 'I I 'A V H Y ' 1 1 I 'I 3 1 ' 11 v E? e . , I x s X , , V 'luv .I-tu-rvltffmtrr' 0121050 Qusccni ACT II A Woodland ACT HI A Woodland Dxrected by Mrs Anna McCla1n Sankey Dances Courtesy of MISS Dorothy Tarr Costumrng MISS Margaret B Breen Orchestra Drrected by Mr Wm Oberkrrcher AROUND THE CLOCK WITH CLAIRE ELIZABETH MCDONALD 79 On February 10 and ll the Seconds and Thlrds gave Round the Clock wrth Clarre one of Father Lord s well llked plays for the benefit of the Mrssrons The gnls chosen to take part rn the performance were the most talented of the two classes and needless to say thelr portrayals of the respec trve characters were excellent Speclal laurels must be awarded to Ruth Hester as the spec1al1y appomted demon of Clalre CDorothy Royall Her demo nlacal laughter and sly temptatlons made of her a most convmcmgly mlschlevous but yet a tremendously amusmg lmp And may we say that 1f we hadn t already the best mother rn exlstence we d want Frances Byrnes for ours? Clalre herself was perfectly portrayed but then that s the thlng to expect from Doro thy Royal she excelled rn Dramatlcs even 1n grade school And Genre well we re glad Mary Lourse Mugg 1sn t our l1ttle slster she gave an entlrelv too realrstlc representatlon of how awful such a one can be Page Seventy five ' xi ll ACT IVE cccc,,.,,rce,ee,.,c,.....,,rc,ee,.ccc,cc..,.,,ece,t.,c, C,. Theseus' Palace Gi 1929 Qcsccni X A 1 AIR CASTLES RosE MARY CORLEY 29 When dawn has come I see a httle bark start on 1ts way Across the sllvery water of a bay I see xt sa1l for some far dlstant shore That If must reach before the day IS o er The roughness of the vsay lf must o ercome When dawn has come I see the graduate prepared for str1fe Start out upon the stormy sea of l1fe I see her turn wlthout the least delay Where hlgh ldeals polnt out the safest way Then when her troubles come as such thlngs do She ll rrse above and Wm t1ll she IS through When dusk has come When dawn has come 2 Page Seventy srx By steadfast work, before the journey's done- SODAMY M1 hlYllIlh '21-'Q 5 fr NX Q n P4 s .L 5 I-f 1-'sb WN'-11 ' 1 5 , 'A ' A I I1 ,g iw M1050 Qluttlll CSMC MADONNA READEY We know that zt s true we ll be repaza' for all we do Our Mzsszons' We re loyal to you Stra1ns of IhlS song and other s1m1lar ones are constantly Hoatmg through the halls of VIZ It IS one of the many l1ttle th1ngs that show the MISSIOH p1r1t here BCS1d6S these peppy songs to rem1nd us there IS ln every class room a m1te box for all stray penn1es At the end of each week the boxes are empt1ed and the wmner for the week IS declared The lucky class IS rewarded by the pr1v1lege of keep1ng the C S M C banner m IIS class room for the followmg week A keen compet1t1ve Splflt 1S always ast1r keep1ng h1gh the weekly sum to go to the m1ss1ons The Second and Th1rd AC3d6m1CS greatly boosted the lVl1ss1on cause by the1r del1ghtful play Round the Clock w1th Cla1re by Damel A Lord S J They cleared for the MISSIOHS about three hundred dollars be 1des g1v1ng a great deal of enterta1nment to the1r schoolmates and many outs1ders Father Carroll who generally comes 1n the begmnmg of the year to pep up the m1ss1on work d1d not arrlve unt1l early 1n March and to h1S del1ght he found the work well advanced We had been helped 1n keep1ng up a good Splflt by many f8SClI'18I1I1g lectures on our home m1ss1ons and those ln Indla Ph1l1pp1ne Islands and other fore1gn lands A b1g feature of our extens1ve m1ss1on field IS the teachmg of catech1sm About fifteen of our glrls glVC up the1r prec1cus recreat1on tlme to teach the Word of Cwod to those unfortunate chlldren who are 1gnorant of the1r Heavenly Father and H1s Spouse They have made the work a great success and the VISIIHYIOH center IS Sald to be one of the finest 1n the c1ty In MISSION work Vzz can always be depended upon to do her share Page Seventy erght .,,..J K, s 1 qsxsN V A.. S Q Q Q Q ! f ., , . . . ,, S . 1, - 1 . . ,, . . ,, . , , . , . . 1, S 1 1 f 1 1 1 . , . at rw Wes? Our Sodalzty The slogan of our Sodalrty BECAUSE WE WANT TO rrghtly expresses the spmt of the glrls at V1S1t8f1OH Durrng the last week of May 1928 we elected our offlcers for the comlng year The result of the votmg was Prefecr MARION BROKAVN Fzrst Asszstant PEGGY NEWBERRY Second Asszstant MARGARET BARTH Secretary SUZANNE CHASSAING Chazrman of the Lzterature Commzttee MARGARET KEANEY Chazrman of the Soczal Lzfe Commzttee MAUREEN JENNINGS Chazrman of the Aposrolzc Commzttee ALICE SCHATZMAN Delegate MARION BROKAW We started th1s year Wrth hlgh hopes of 3Cl'll9V11'1g great thrngs Every Wednesday from three to three thrrty oclock IS set asxde for the Sodalrty Twlce a month we reclte the Offrce of the Blessed Vlfgln and on the two remammg days we have busmess meetmgs Sewlng lmens for poor prlests mstructmg lxttle chlldren ln the Cathollc Falth I'3lS1I1g b1g sums of money for the m1ss1ons enrollmg many g1rls m the Assoclatron of the Handmards of the Blessed Sacrament spreadmg a more l1vely devotxon to the Blessed Sacrament and to cur Blessed Lady are some of the works 1n whxch our Sodallty has been mterested thls year Our Bulletm Board Cl1Spl3YlI'lg many art1st1c posters mterestmg artrcles et cetera helps to keep the grrls mformed and to enkmdle rn them a real Sodallty spmt One of the Sodallty customs we love best IS the crownmg of our Blessed Vrrgln as Queen of May a ceremony too beautlful and 1nsp1rat1onal ever to be forgotten We can truly feel our Sodallty has been a success WHY NOT? Page Seventy mne E .,. 8 , Lu' , . ,, 11 - , 1 . 1 . . 1 Y . , . . . 1 - Y ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . 4. ' Y 11 4.4 Qhc 1059 Qusctnt Sodalzty Publzcatzons MARY LOUISE LUBBE 29 l:very orgamzatxon advertrses 1n some way or another by perrodrcals ads and the lrke V A s Eyes serves the purpose of advertlsmg our Sodalrty Th1s l1ttle paper IS publxshed several trmes a year usually on Blessed Lady s feast days It rs meant to be a mrrror ln whxch are reflected the hlghest 1deals of our Sodallty a chronrcle of the works that have been accomplrshed and a spur to the accomplrshment of greater thrngs Another snappy paper IS the Sodallty Chrmes To leave rt out would be to leave out a very lmportant xtem Each week when the Sodalxsts meet for a busrness or spxrltual meetrng thrs paper was eagerly wartrng to pour out IIS contents for us for papers are l1m1ted ln space wh1le the Board could be changed at any tlme We had an rnterestrng competrtrve Mxssron Poster Contest between the four classes and really the posters were all so clever and attractrve that If was almost lmpOSSlblQ to decrde upon the wrnners The Catholzc Students Leadershzp Conuentzon The last words of Father Lord s openlng address had echoed through the hall he stepped from the stage amld a record breaklng applause struck the Hrst chords of Beautmful Lady Waltz on old falthful Cthe pranoj and l 200 vorces rang forth voxces of boys and grrls IH beautxful harmony and carrxed the tune wrth the lnsprrmg Words of that famous parody whlch we have sung so often thrs year The frrst Catholrc Students Leadershlp Conventron had begun Glrls and boys had arrrved from thlrty drfferent states and sxxty schools were repre sented The asphalt of Lrndell Boulevard was soft and strcky to the heel after a week of unusual heat Thermometers were boxlmg and the streets were deserted by all those who could possrbly find a place sheltered from the sun s blrsterlng beams But d1d thrs rnterfere w1th the attendance of the dele Page Exghty ,XJ ,. s q 5 - s I T M Perhaps, however, the Bulletin Board was the easiest way to spread news, . , . . . , . . , . G 1929 Qffesceni gates? Evndently not for at the stroke of eleven on the openmg mornmg l 200 student delegates took thexr places m the St Louls Unlverslty Audn torlum Have you ever attended a natlonal conventxon? That s just what thxs was a natxonal conventlon Poles and placards d1v1ded the audltornum 1nto thlrty d1fferent states and each state mto dxfferent schools What a thrxll lf was to enter the hall and wonder m what dnrectxon your state and school had been placed For the first t1me ln the hlstory of the Catholxc Church a conventlon of thls kmd was bemg held It was a purely spmtual conventlon ready to d1scuss subjects that no other body except perhaps a chapter meetmg of monks ever dxscussed before The chxef and only topxc of the conventron may be brlefly summed up 1n the words of one of the delegates Our own souls and the souls of others what we can do for them how we can do lf and why we ought to The conventxon lasted three days and ended wrth a banquet Cmmus speechesj on Sunday evenmg m the gymnaslum Was lt a success? Why not? It was a r1p roarmg success Because everybody wanted to' Three cheers for the 1928 Sodallty Convention may the next one be as successful rn every way' TO BLESSED LADY MARGARET RocERs 29 In the month of our dearest of Mothers It seems as though all natur tr1es To gnve to her honor and glory Our beautlful Queen of the Sknes The sky IS as blue as her mantle Fragrant the flowers as her grace The clouds as whlte as her smless soul The sun shmes as brxght as her face So prompted by nature her chlldren Llft up thexr hearts every day And pledge thexr true love to their Mother Our heavenly Queen of the May Page Exghly one 1 ., - . . . P U - . . , . . , . , . , . , v . - I as . .. Y Y ' , . , , 9 - . v . , . . THE CRESCENT STAFF Edzror E1 IYABETH Us DUN KI D Asimtcznr fdzioz BLT TY E NI! C XRTH Cm SL 1 X1 Dx A 4 CKE 'XI szvw 7 ' QCIXIX S Joh RC xl x 5761111 unx IINXIN SMOIR orl' NTXRX 'NINX C x C I 9 bww! TORT fzfr Iuzmr Icfzt 1 1 fm sz ' - E ' 1 T . Y. ,, A 7 Y 1 1, 7 PI- 1 3 ' .N I I IVAN .'T1fL'vr!z'sz'ri51 ,xIiJVNl,IUI' IAQ .A ix , zhilzfu Aim P15 , 3 ' N X.H.' NRM' Af. TI ,-Xrhluzzf lfhmr 'II Qi, ,EIU-K'I I'1fRY E 1' w MA QI '1 Krfxu' E E E 1 ' j Efl' NM 'Q has E ac A Ifdwr Q 'N 'fI?.v'NSU.'Q fXf5:'..zf1 zz Qu 1 Rr A gif - Nl 'I WIQFS5 Qtustllll GYMNASIUM Athletlcs V A A On September 20th we Orgamzed the V A A for 1928 29 The results of the electlon presIded over by Josephme Flamgan Of Z8 were as follows Preszdent PEGGY NEWBERRY Vzce Preszdent HARRIETTE COSTIGAN Secrerary VIRGINIA SLATTERY Treasurer JANE DALY 1 M ELIZABETH ROBINSON In Charge of Tenms Courts MARION BROKAW In Charge of Baseball DIamond MARY AGNES REILLEY Cheer Leaders S PEGGY SULLIVAN Z Basketball Basketball trammg began shortly after the Thanksgwmg holxdays but lt was not untIl the end of February that the school squad was rounded up and formed A squad of nmeteen gIrls was plCk2d from the Hlgh School and they then settled down to hard practlce Page Ezghty four J xl I gym s i ,, X 4 ' A - H ,w I If . . ' ' .lf iw: ,-1,5 ,A , V A .V 4 -ef - ,. , 1 ,- . O O O . . . . , v I Y . , On Nlarch 7th a game was played yy 1th Ursulme Academy ln our won dertul gym Eyldentlyf too much self confidence rumed our chances to wln for although at the end of the Hrst half X712 was heudmg by a score of 16 12 Ursulrne flghtlng an uphlll game overcame our lead and defeated us 29 27 Our next outslde game was played Wrth Nermx xn the Webster College gym Playmg ln true form and haylng tasted defeat revenge was ours and ue yyon 49 42 THE SUBS Vvlhat greater praxse could be gryen the Subs than to say that although they drd not make the team or hear the spectators shoutrng and cheerlng for them they made the team yy hat rt vxas lt was thelr faxthfulness rn com1ng doyyn to practlce nlght after nlght that brcught yxctory at last to X ll And so for the Subs three rouslng cheers SQUAD BASKETBALL 'I EAM Guards Margaret Rogers Madonna Readey Centers Rosalle Stuart Nlarncn Brokaw forte ards Jane Daly Peggy New berry lCapt11nn SUB BASKET BALL TEAM Guards l'l1rr1ette COSIIQTU Vlrgxnla Slattery and l ucllle An le SO'l Ccnler Elizabeth lVlcDe nald lorteurds l eln Chopm Nlary Agnes Rexlley I ll I1 . , , , f - - A e,5f 4 ,, 1 S V y . , Z? J . xa E I X. V 1 V V1 1 V . A L1 C V H V V 3 3- i Ai i ' I . . 3 'X ' 'A I 1 C - 1 1 1 1 1 - V V V . V1 1 1 1 1 V V V V V1 V 1 V 1 1 Y 3 ' 4 V 3- D K . . . . ,, . U, 'I 31 'AW 'Y' 1 1V .. . . ..,,. . .. . . V e ,' , ,l 1 ' . - V 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 V V L . . , Q .3 X , . . . i Y . i V I xv . e . t . e . e . , ' 1 . ,,.. , .. ...... . 2 ' T 7 . .' V V 1 . .V , , ., - e , l g . 1 , 7 , w c.e . Ukfa-Het Basketball PEGFH NEW BFRRX Capzam FIGHTING, PFC mlght be a good name for her Peggy startles an audl ence by the Way she catches passes and scores ponnts She serxes her team ln a marxelous manner as Captain Anoxwx READY! Thrs posmon held by drfferent glrls throucfh glfllil I-larrrette and Lucllle substl tutmg at dlfferent trmes lVl1don na showed such wonderful tech n1que that she merlted the posl tlon MARION BROKAXX Changed from Jumpvng to runnlng center th1s year She has the great asset coolness and she steadled the other play ers at all tunes Page Ezahtef szx I V v 1 1' ' l ' 1 Y '- e , i . I 'I Y! 5 M 1 V-, . . . B ' I - O out the season: Madonna. XIII'- , - , , A. ROSALIF STUART Played her Hrst season as a regular Last year she was a sub and made the regular center Work hard for her pos1t1on She has one more year to fight for VIZ MARGARET ROGERS Many g1rls thought that If would be almost preposterous to even th1nk of tak 1ng Katherme Bussman s pos1t1on at guard but M1Ck9y was r1ght on the job and f1lled the place JANE DALY Her name has been added to the 11st of V12 s famous forwards and for the last two years she has been one of the star players on the team VIZ w1ll cer ta1nly m1ss her 1n the future Page Eighty-seven Soccer Smce Scccer football IS the nat1on al athletlc sport of England and of many other fore1gn countrxes and as 1t IS becomlng popular here 1n the Umted States many schools and col leges are adoptmg If and organlzlng teams In the fall of 28 for he first t1me we started our school year wxth thls sport As It was a brand new game for us a large number from all the classes turned out and ccmpetltlon ran hxgh to try to make thc team A challenge game with Umverslty C1ty l-llgh was arranged for Novem ber l2th Vxz put up a good ight but the exper1ence and superlorlty of he U C team was proved by the final score U C 3 VISIIHIIOH O The followmg week an xnterclass tournament was started w1th the fol lowmg results Thlrds vs FIYSIS Seconds vs FIFSIS Thlrds vs Seconds Curads vs Seconds Grads vs Thxrds 3 SOCCER TEAM Fcrccards Jane Daly fCapta1nJ Vlrglnla Slattcry El17abeth Mc Donald Dorothy Corkms Har rlctte Costlgan Halfback Marlon Brokaw Ivy Jcnmngs and Peggy Newberry Fullbacks Maureen Jennlngs Lella Chop1n Goalkeeper Rosalle Stuart K . . , I . . ' , t f Grads vs. Firsts 3-1 ' . ' 2-2 . ' l-0 ' . l-0 . 5-0 .I ' -O PcgeEiqhty-eight Baseball mouqh L w L m KK is ,L 1 ' L x xxL nn m L Ll mL LmLm Xxklt U r L mmm N ur IM urls Irxmg to bfk , vL R lbs rLLLwrLi lun IL1 L L L own 1LrsLlI I L 0 L 1 ui s most xaluwbh plume I uL11I HKLFSOYI md Xlwrx Xqms RL1IlLx two ot thL most LYLIISITULIIHQ buurs mL QLhL KXUQL SPLLIIIOFS 0 new II tbL1r sLnmt1Lm1 plum 1r1L tuxrl 1 Inshmm holLs hlglnsl bwttmg uLr1gL oi nr tk m 1 Li Dlx xxx I prom xxh1LhrL1m QL L xLs L L v I mm 1 thL ChCiIT1plOI1SUl5 or LII rr I- f ,f f Fzeld Day 11111 la 11 11111 N1 L 111 t111D1x xx IQ stt or 'V11x Sth 1uthtt111st 01 TTI u11tx11t1tte1 x1s1t rom D RIYC1 W11N11R X18 1 11011tc1 1111111 t 7 Thtn dw 111 mt ptsx11111st1t tr011a111Qs01S0111t 111111 D1x d1xx 11111 15I'lU1UK '1I1L1L1L1I' 'lI1C1OI11X A IYIF1 911DDLfX Bx 9 E0 dtt0r1t10r1s xxtrt up 1141 txtrxom 100kxd f0rxx11d I0 1 1110 c 1x Th t11x C51 1111 hwan xvxth 1 11r0ttSQ1011 'IYOLIHC1 tht QI'OUI'll1i chttrmff an Q111v111U 101 dur 01d zz R11, Rungs rtttrttd tht 111011111121 games xx1th tr1C1ltSQ ptp and tmwx lunth xx IS scrxtd 1 1111 0111119 IH tu 1fttrr100r1 xx tn xtrx nX 1t1r1v XVt xx 1r1t t0 th111 Wr Grmt 1nd 'x1r S1111th for thur t1111c1x rtftrtun Basketball TH1110s x Q 11111 1 s 111 01 tht ptppx 111011111111 f11111ts xx1Q bttxx 1111 th Th1r11s 11111 tht Flrsts t1 tt1111s xx 1r1ttc1 IO xx111 but I1 xx1 nt tra st1r tht r111lI'CS 11111110 1x 1 mort 7 'IIIIRIDS FIRSIS 'Vlarx Avnts R1c11tx Gent Ptnnx T00ts Chopm Dgmq Bltk R0s111t Stuart 'Xf1ar1e Qtlllff HLIL11 Xludd Bettx H111 H3fFlLIIu COSIIQHU Rgqfngfx Sfgtkt 1 ut111t Andtrson Ixx JL1111111gs GRAD? V9 SECONDS Tht Stc011dS put up a dandx hght but tht Quptnor p11x111g 0f tht Gruis was t00 much for them The Grads xv011 42 1 1 J ,1 D I '20 Petzl D . '11 'I 'ttf 'QU M011 ' . A ' if If xx? 111st 1 th1 01st. 1 ip 1 ' CL ' , ,D 1 I 11- L ' ,- vnu it xv, V . N. vg- ' L 'P 1g d X' D' D ,K V V' L, 1. K , , ,. , K , At 110011 there was a Wild rush for thc Catctcria xvhcrc A ticlightful picnic T10 11.1 D. 1 ' 11 1 1 '1 1 '1 j ' D. 1 '. L 14 ' 1 D . , 4 .. .. 1501 1. i 1 1 ' as 0 1 SlL1x'C1 vm thc f L 1, 1 ' ' 1.1 W1 b1jt.' 1-1-2. . j 'b 1 ' . , , R. F 1 1 If - . . L. F '. '- . '1 . J. C 1 ' ., 1 1 1 . . R. C , 1 . - 1 1 ,.. L. G , . 1 ' 1 ' J 2 1 X v - x .' L V' , L F, Camps lane Daly Peggy Neve berry Marlon Brokaw Llllabeth McDonald Margaret Rogers Madonna Readey 000071 SECONDS l OUIQC Anderson Mary Vrrglna Holland lucla Chamberlatn Ruth Hester Vtrglnta Newberry Cornella Hunt ea :U an U CD 4 U3 -1 E 2: U .D Th1s yeas the most exerting game of the day The yy hole year the two teams had been Hghtlng for the champ onshtp The Thtrds who had never yy on the cup yyere ametous to get rt vehlle the Grads veho had yyon If twtce before were determtned to keep rt At the end of the half the Grads tx ere ahead and although the Thlrds redoubled thelr efforts 1n the last half they veere defeated by the yy onderful team work of the oppostng team by a score 24 I5 Gmps I lil eps lane Daly Peggy Neve berry MHTIOD Brokaw l l17abeth McDonald Margaret Rogers Madonna Readey Mary Agnes Rlellty Tools Chopm Rosalte Qtuart Helen Mudd Harrlette Costtgan Lucllle Anderson lhe preltmmary games were played before lnleld Day lhe Thnels e eated the Grads 74 lli The FIFQIS beat the Seconds IO 9 The na game betve een the rl hlrds and Freshtes for the cup was played off the afternoon of lnleld Day The result of the game yeas quxte a surprtse to eyeryene for ve hen the Thtrds kept the lead up to the ntnth tnntng eyeryone thought the game yeas veon But the Preshxes comrng tn for the last half of the mnth not only tted the score but scored tvyo extra runs rlhe fnnal score veas l-l lZ Keep lt up Freshtes THIRDS T1RsTs Rosalle Stuart Haxrlette Costlgan 'Vlary Agnes Rlelley Helen Scott lranees Byrne Dorothy Leahy Mary Frances Matt1s Lucxlle Anderson Imelda Krxegshauser Luellle Huger RF loulse l ove ell Ann Dolores 'VlcNamara lvy elenntngs Berntce l aQ1uerr1er Lltzabeth Bardenheter Dorts Blek Agnes Cummxns Marre Stuart Margaret Chamberlaln Margaret Mary Kelleher 1 A A A RF ' ' ' 7 7 1 ' J . x . L . -.... . , ' 4 K .', , R QA 1 - R ' 1 1 1 ki L ., . - I H' L , t . e ' 7 r'. V. 7 Y V7 1 1 ' 1. . ' 1 1n- 1' A t 1 'H C 1 1 1 ' 5 113 L 1 I 1 1' m ' sy yum 1 s 1 a - x ' m - E . e l. .L .'..... ..... R.F A ' H s 1 11 s v ' ' JC 3' a- RQ as ' RG ' t ' LG It 'T 7 1- I Q Y Al 1A 11 L71 1 1 4.1 Ky. Ti 1 I-A d-f-. X ' . - - . 1 '. 'e ' ' ., -. A 1 fl el 3 I X11 1 T ' A 1 V 1 1 e et e e --1 Y T 1 1 1 V -1 41 1Y1 'N 1 A y. e e e e 1 Y 7 I K 5 I ' I HY! Y N 1 , K 11 1 ' s s e 1 , 7 A3 V ' T 7 1 Y V, .. - - 1, s , . e 1' A X' ,e ge p '.l e e e 1-I' ' PB , ' t Q H ' T sn 1 - '- N - '- lf ' x . . . T.B. . , 7' ' ' 1 u ' '- 1 ' ss 1 'Q Features 512 19.20 Qfwsceni Class Hzstory FIRST Two YEARS It all came about so surprlsmglyl Here we were standing on the stage all nice and whrte and starchy and being handed diplomas and being told that we had finished the Eighth Grade and feellng like we owned the world and then suddenly somethmg took all the a1r out of us and left us poor for lorn bewildered little Freshlesl We found what It meant to go from the highest to the lowest and that there is a lot more ln High School than thang mg to a charr deskll We were lost But we didnt stay that way long No Slreel In the first place just oodles and oodles of new girls came to aug ment our number and we had to get acquamted That didn t take long and weve had gorgeous times ever SIHCC for everybody s a real Viz grrl now And then to darken our lives came the Slough of Despair in the person of Lamb s Tales Many of us may have thought they were somethmg like lamb chops when we started but by the trme we finished we found that they were as tough as shoe leather Then came Field Day All We Freshres turned out in red and black skull caps good old colors and certamly strutted our stuff Now rn a good picture show the hero IS always the poor struggling young boy at college a Freshman and 1n the brggest game of the year he is put m at the last minute and runs sixty yards and makes a touchdown and wms the game for dear old Colton rah rah and the girl for himself That IS exactly what we did not one but a whole team full and not a football game horrors but a basketball game and a baseball game and mstead of the girl we won recognrtxon and a reputation whrch meant more in our case anyway And then all at once we were Seconds that is we started out Seconds We were by this trme firmly established in our positron even though rt was made rather shaky by the Napoleonic Wars and the square of the hypote nuse of etc And who was the girl who almost famted when she heard that an elective was not a vegetable? And now IS the time for the conven tional phrase about the woes of Latm and the little red book etc but rt will not appear It shall not You ask why? Our books were blue a new edrtxon We stlll kept up our athletic reputation and exclted the grads pardon me Senrors to rivalry and finally after a hard fought game on Field Day they won After that we became Sophomores-even though it is a hard word to spell BETTYE MCCARTY 29 Page Nmtey Eve K I -1 .' V V . Y 1 1 Y 1 r 1 1 . . . . , 1 . ' . . , . 1 1 - - u 1 ' - 11 , . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 Y h 1 ' ax , - 11 - 0 1 fl 1 , 1 1 ' - , 1 1 Q12 1050 Qcsccnt THIRD YEAR As soon as school opened there was a mad rush for the Chemlstry class The boarders and our Kxrkwoodran sexzed thrs opportunrty for v1ew1ng a MAN' Such creatures do not exrst w1th1n the confines of a boardrng school nor judgrng from appearances rn Kxrkwood elther The rest of us delve 1nto the deep dark mysterles of the mclmed plane And at last our ambrtlons were fulfilled we were mtroduced to Mr Crcero dellghtful gentleman M CICCIO though some may not agree Then a calamrty befell the tornado swept through the CIIY but we remalned untouched In fact we drdn t even know lf was a tornado unt1l after s hool After long long years of wartrng we were the honored guests at the Valentrne party grven by the Grads It was some party absolument pos1t1vement et comment' And then rn turn we gave the Grads a banquet No one of our classmates w1ll ever forget the agonles of makmg roses but at any rate we all regarded ourselves as Burbanks the roses resembled no other known specles A blow fell we were told we would not have to board as Grads Weeprng and wa1l1ng followed However to console ourselves we gave us a p1cn1c out at Eugenras cottage on Blg Rrver Asrde from a few punctures and breakdowns we had a scrumptrous t1me Then vacatlon came and we contemplated wrth awe the fact that next year we would be Grads' FOURTH YEAR We recelved the appellatlon of Grads and our heads swelled to rmmense proportrons Twelve grrls came to board anyway and we entered upon our relgn ln the second floor dorm and ln the front pew 1n the chapel But no ooner were we boarders than our greatest Joy 1n lrfe was the week ends when we could go home The cafeter1a was opened to the boarders and there was a decrded 1ncrease 1n er werght Seven checks are entrrely too many to consume at one srttxng and retarn a grrlrsh frgure Ssh the Grads were mysterr ously gettlng ready for a play and soon we treated the whole school to a wonderful Slght VISIIBIIOH Im For You It went over wlth a bang thanks to Vlfglnla McCarthy who wrote and dlrected the play In February vxe gave a party to the Thxrds The Senxor Playroom was transformed rnto a nxght club and we made boom boom untll the scandalous hour of erght The next thmg on the program was the Grads play Mrdsummer Nrght s Dream After glvrng Mrs Sankey nervous prostratron and drlvrng Slster Claude Agnes mad we proceeded to show the world what we could do 1n the l1ne of dramatrcs We out Greeked the Greeks In May the ladres recerved us 1nto therr Sodalxty It surely must have hurt thelr consclence but we were on cur good behavlor that day We drdn t say k1d or youse even once' And now we contemplate 1n fear and tremblmg Cwe might trrp on those starrsj but w1th Joy too The Dau GRADUATION DAYY ELIZABETH MCDONALD Page Ninety six S 4.1 , ' 1 if 1.1,- J , . . 1 Y 7 Y ' , . T . T , l'. , . L . . . , 1 - 1 C . , 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . 1 . . . , . Y i - 1 1 Y ' Y I , . c ' ' - U Y - 1 1 1 11 - - - 1 11 - ' 1 - 1 1 - 1 I V ' 1 - 1 14 - - 1 1 ,, . . . . . . . . , V . - 1 ' ' Y ll ' Y! ll YY ' 4 Q 1 1 1 qi' - G12 1929 Qjesceni Class Wzl I Tzme Many years later Place A dark gloomy room the walls draped ln heavy black crepe lnghted only by several fllckermg candles On twenty seven respectxve deathbeds repose the Grads of 29 chantmg dxsmally Chorus Dld you ever thmk when you came to school That you and I must some day dle Jane Cmterruptlngj No' You re all mxxed up' It goes lrke th1s she breaks off 1n consternatlon as the funeral march sounds wxthoutb Alas' Alas' To thxnk that I should ever come to thxsl Chorus Clmpresslvelyj What HAS happened CAN happen to YOUU fThe musxc grows louderj The tlme has come for us to go CThe Lord says YES though the DEVIL says NOD And as our doom we contemplate These propertxes do we estate Unto the class just underneath So llsten close wh1le we bequeath CDramat1c pausel Our Bell 333 It rmgs To tell of Joys Cand woeful thmgslb We leave our t1tle Graduates Our Prxvlleges CPD nxghtly fetes Our chapel seats fthe foremost pewj And last but not least CAhl too true' Our sklrts twelve mches from the floor CNet sometlmes less or sometlmes morelj CAnother pause for breath etc J And now pay heed unto the rest Each md1v1dual bequest Page N mety seven 5 .. 1 QQ 1090 Qmsccnl Jeanette Bowe frushmg forward dramatxcallyj In sorrow and tears I bequeath my pleasmg plumpness to Ruth Karch and my voxce to Mary Agnes Rellley Mary Nma Chanslor Cdabbmg damtlly at ner eyes wlth a postage stamp hank1ej Alas I must leave my petlteness to Frances Rxley and Chrlstme Hellmuth CAnd so far on mto the ntght-each nn her own manner J Dorothy Corkzns Wxth due reflectlon I w1ll my champlonshlp tltles Ask any Gradj to Francme Bull Rosemary Flanzgan To Mary Tngg and Carolyn Gray I leave my pro ficlency ln forengn languages Mary Lzttle R3VlShlI'lgIY heartbroken I bequeath my Greta Garbo figure to Kathleen Daly Helen McCauley To Margaret Barth I leave my sophlstlcatlon whlle to Lucllle Anderson I leave my love of Art for Art s sake Madonna Readey Wlth all due tears and dramatxcs I leave my rad1at1on to Josephine Sangumet Alzcza Sada I must wlll my Irlsh brogue to Cecella Tegethoff and my whoopee and boom boom makmg properties to Madelme Perklnson Eugenza Smzth To Rosemary Lane I leave my asmme ab1l1ty and to Rose mary Shaughnessy Nlls Asther Marjorze Vogel I bequeath my happy boardmg school days Cfor enllghten ment read Elsre at Boardmg School J to Helen Scott and Magdelena Healey Vxrgxnza Slattery I w1ll my ablllty of pouring water Cat the tablej to Imelda Krleghauser and my nightly promenades Cm the doml to Dorothy Royal Margaret Rogers In my quxet manner I leave my poetry to Jane Myers and sweet dxsposxtxon to Frances Byrne Peggy Newberry Alas and alack' I w1ll my many youthful admirers to Rosalie Stuart Page Nmely ezgh! I' tw 4 5. .. 5 .' , 3 t , . - , : , C I , ' . , . 5 , , - , I , f , 5 v 1 ' , . .4 - - ,, , . I . . G11 1920 Qffescenl Margaret Keaney I leave my nonchalance regardmg study to Vlrg ma Hayes and Lelxa Chopln Mary Dowlzng I after due cons1derat1on leave my aversxon to all men but one and that one to Mary Francls Mattxs Rose Mary Corley To Mary Ehzabeth Roblnson I bequeath my maxdenly blush Marguerzte Cannon In th1s sad hour I leave my schoolgxrl glggle to Suzanne Chassamg Marlon Brokaw After solemn forethought and long sleepless nlghts I have declded to w1ll my nlghtly dates and company oh thls 1S too much to Inez Fltzgerald Marte Chase To Dorothy Leahy I leave my sk1ll 1n basketball Jane Daly In sorrow I w1ll my pxcture to Helen Dowlmg t1e that holds If on to Alxce Schatzman and my pony to Peggy Hammer fAHlm3l Crackers D Mary Louise Lubbe To Helen Mudd I leave my h1stor1cal knowledge and audacxty ln hrstory class Elzzabeth McDonald I bequeath my brother to Pat Clalbourne W1ll that do Margaret Rzley I w1ll my d1mples to Katherlne Grover and Lucllle Huger COne to each D Elzzabeth Schmzdt In sorrow and tears and Wlfh much weepmng and wallxng I leave my nxghtgown to Harrlette Costlgan Peggy Sullzuan Cw1ld wxth grrefl To Ohve Stroh I leave my xntense love of Shakespeare and Mxlton CThe mus1c 1S now at the very door of the room The Grads shrxek as the reallze that the t1me has come J Chorus Alas' It IS the hour Page Ninety nme Maureen Jennings: I bequeath my green male, together with the middle . D . . ? Qhc 10 90 Q1 cscml Bettye McCarty Clate as usual and wxldly brushlng back her passls crlnxbusj To Helen Fusz l leave my memorles of Bobble and h1s nlghtly VISIIS Now l go to jom hlm Cfrantxcallyj and the pretzels to Cforus Alas Alas' fThe muslc swells and grows louder at the very door The door opens D Bobble darlmg We comel we come' Good byeeeeeeee Forevah CEnter Donnelly and SONJ CURTAIN Page One Hundred 5'- xr 1 Q Q v 'ip I S 4 ! W. . : . Y 1 . . . - -YI! 2 GR 1929 Qresceni As If It Were Only Yesterday .IOSEPHINE SANGUINET 30 Scene I A drawmg room m the home of Mrs Reeds Tzme May of 1940 Mrs Reeds Marjone thrs IS so unexpected When you called up thls morn mg and sa1d that you were to be 1n New York for only three days I farrly gasped I thought that on th1s last trxp back from Europe you would spend at least a week wlth me Marjorle Why Dorothea Huber Reeds If msn t my fault I only wlsh that I could stay that long but busmess just won t let me Mrs Reeds No I suppose you must be 1n St Louls next week to dlsplay your wares at the Art Exh1b1t1on to be held there work 1n Parls It s so much more mterestlng to be a fashlon artlst ln the c1ty where the fashxons orlgmate than here Mrs Reeds Well as long as It IS only to be a short VISII let s enjoy II by celebratlng w1th a real old fashloned talk Cbhe produces a 1929 Year Book and together they turn the pages and exchange remarks about therr former classmates J Marjorxe Oh there s Jeanette Bowe I saw her whxle I was away and she IS makmg a wonderful name for herself w1th a French opera company Mrs Reeds Here 1S Margaret Keaney Do you remember how she loved express1on back at V17? She has her degree now and IS teachmg expres slon at VISIIBIIOH and Fontbonne and coachmg plays too Marjorle So many from our old class have become teachers I suppose you know that Mary Nxna Chanslor taught trlgonometry unt1l her recent Page One Hundred and One , , . y , K .. J I S Marjorie- That's just it, Dorothea, and I am truly satisfied with my month's Qlt 1950 Qt tsttnl marriage and Eugenia Smith is still teaching languages at Webster College where her students fairly wonder at her knowledge of the Romance tongues Mrs Reeds No I hadn t heard that but are you not surprised to learn that Madonna Readey 1S a Judge in the Supreme Court of Missouri? Marjorie Well I should hope I am Where did you lind that out? Mrs Reeds Rose Mary Corley who is married and living in Los Angeles wrote and told me almost a year ago Rose Mary has four little boys but she explained when she sent their pictures that they are not quite as angelic as they look Marjorie Do you know anything about Jane Daly and Peggy Newberry? Mrs Reeds Why yes Marge they run a camp for girls up in Wisconsin and 1n basketball and soccer I am going to send Madeline there when she is old enough Marjorie Virginia Slattery has a conservatory of muslc in Paris now but when I saw her she was thinking of coming home and of opening one here with Maureen Jennings Maureen is such an accomplished pianist and I am sure they would do well in St Louis Mrs Reeds Dorothy Corkins has certainly done well with her dancing school there Besides keeping up her school she IS dolng professional work also and IS very well liked dress but when her husband who IS an offlcer IS not servlng on the Coast Guard they live in New Jersey Do you know who told me that? My Marjorie Margaret Riley is married to a Marlne and has no definite ad 2 husband he IS a Marine too Mrs Reeds Marge since when have you had a husband? Marjorie Dorothea since two months ago and next week ends my career as a professional artist Page One Hundred and Two rf' 1 A -X A 1 ya s 'N v Wu j x A YY I I think Peggy is teaching swimming and riding and Jane coaches the girls ' YY 65: 1929 Qcsccni Mrs Reeds I can hardly belleve lt and Marge doesnt lt seem as lf rt were only yesterday that we were all gxrls back at VIZ Wlth not a thought 1n the world but scrence or Caesar or fun? Marjone In spxte of all that has mtervened rt does seem as lf rt were only yesterday Scene Z The small West Parlor at Vlsrtatlon Tzme May of 1940 Srster Robert Why Bettye I am so glad to see you agam and you are strll Bettye McCarty 1n splte of all the beautlful poems and all the fame as a playwrlght Bettye And you are stlll Marlon Brokaw even though I am to call you Srster Robert Slster Robert Betty xt was very k1nd of you to come out today and I am just wondering lf you wont read one of your plays for the glrls some day next week Bettye I should be glad to but make xt any day exceptmg Thursday please On Thursday I am 1nv1ted to VISII Peggy Sullwan s new studro down on Grand Avenue and she has made some wonderful new parntmgs that I slmply must see Sxster Robert My stars when I th1nk of all the fame that has arrsen out of the class of 29 rt almost startles me Only yesterday I-Ielen McCauley And dxd you know that Marne Chase IS domg soclal work rn the trme that she spares from her own household and s1nce she has only one llttle daughter I suppose there IS plenty of spare trme E was here to see us and she has become a wonderful and noted physlcran Bettye I drdn t know about Marle but Elxzabeth McDonald and Marguerrte Cannon came over to my house one mght last week to celebrate the publr catron of Elrzabeth s fifth novel Elrzabeth has been so successful and Marguerlte IS just wrapped up IH her twms Joseph and Jane Page One Hundred and Three I .f - F '- J ,, . . , . . . - i v - fy . . ,, . . . . . H . ,, . . 1 Y V o - H ,, . . . A V H . ,, . . -. i y . . . , . fr .. - - ' v , . . . . . . , . - fy . U , . M. ' , . , . Y - - H v . , . ,, , , . . . '- ' y . . , . . . . . . ,, , . l1cl0l0Q1tsctnl S1ster Robert At the last alumnae meet1ng we got a lot of news about the class of 29 from Mar1e Lou1se Lubbe as she lS a reporter for the soc1al news 1tems for the Post and naturally hears a great deal about the g1rls She told us that Margaret Rogers IS 1n charge of the des1gn1ng department at Jaccard s and that she IS allowed three months of travel each year to collect new 1d23S Bettye How 1nterest1ng d1d she tell you about Mered1th Shaple1ghP S1ster Robert No what about her? Bettye Mered1th IS an 1nter1or decorator for Vandervoort s and she Sp6C13llZ2S 1n des1gn1ng and plann1ng for SUIIES of rooms 1n fash1onable homes and new hotels S1ster Robert I rece1ved a letter th1S mornmg from Mary Dowl1ng tell1ng Chlna She IS work1ng on a m1ss1on there as a Maryknoll S1ster Al1C13 Sada saw her several years ago when she was trax el1ng 1n the Or1ent w1th her husband Mary sa1d that Al1Cl3 IS just wa1t1ng for the t1me when she can send her l1ttle daughter to VISIIBIIOH Bettye Heavens S1ster but you do have the news I suppose then that you know what a wonderful French mterpreter Ehzabeth Schmldt IS and that she 1S work1ng 1n the Scenar1o Department of the Fox Fllm Company Speak1ng of films d1dn t If surpr1se you to learn that Rosemary Flamgan had g1ven up a br1ll1ant career as an actress to enter the Good Shepherd Convent? as 1f lt were only yesterday that we were all together as happy Grads here at VIZ s1ng1ng VISIIBIIOH I m for You and leadlng a gay l1fe S1ster Robert I don t know that lf d1d Bettye I only know that lf seems Z Bettye Yes through all the events of the past ten years 1t seems as 1f It were only yesterday The End Page One Hundred and Four bfaiafnezfass - ,,,. , , 1, 1 x 4 s .., i 4 -, X 4 me how happy she is converting her little heathen over in French Indo- , . . . . CIR 1929 Qffesceui TO MY CLASS QThe E ghth Grade of 19250 BETTYE IVICCARTY 29 WE HAVE MADE THE GRADEH the And I hope we wxll all some day Reach the very top of the H111 of Fame And spread happmess all the way Together we ve seen many pleasant days And some of us a few blue Just enough to make a rambow gay And to make our hearts more true We would not want L1fe all sunshme Wlth never a cloud from above We want our lxves to be strong and brave W1th trrals and tests and much love To boast wlthout hesxtatlon When we hear of some famous woman She was IH my class at Vlsxtatlon So th1s IS my wlsh for you gurls todav Let us always keep alne The Sp1r1t of Love and Kmdlmess In th1s Class of TWENTY FIVE Page One Hundred and Fzue Erghth I mean i , . KA YI Won't it be fine in the years to come I Y Z- X S 'WJ nf 27' , mf-5 ' 113 Qfx3'7Lkf1? ': ,--7 l llllll l - ' K 1 ' , EM M' ff r .., WNW MW? 'EF' KW' Q Sin frbdfx' -JZ ...5 ..-.L N-.1 THE COLLEGIATE FORD Om httle door PLYIIOUQIQ hmgud And oh those colors VJ1th VKh1Ch It wus tmgcd S1gns Giloru On front and b1ck Sa1d a llttlc Happcr XVh1t a darlmg back fgur Hu uns No 512,11 of 1 hghl bud in old mald 3 uint 1 frlg it But sud lhg ovxmr Vx hat do I care Thxs oh xx aqon bun gms nu thug B11 IH V BICCAR1 x Pam Orff Hum1'nLl' ana Su K A -- - - ' 4- 1 A ,- 1, ff, 0 -fry'-3 T I - n. f ' 34 . , -' il f ' X5 ?6d, 1 ' ' 45 4' 1- X V - v N - , 0 - fe -P: I f - 1 4 , A I ,A F J- -1. . .f 1 -1,-:ff 1' IH A 7 ff ' I , l ,, -- Q I' Xk,.,,,-M . qnyiqn, ,J I, , S- Q 4 f - Q' xx'-ws Q Mya, 0 :V - E al ' r I l- 4, f f,,,uq!c,: A, Q 4 x --H ' ' Q - , , o W- - 4 3 ' f '49 W ,f ., . -' .env i ----V i J 6 N 'fff' . h - ' - w ,.f-o '- .. -- - 4 4 'xl f- -5 s -W' 2 ' X 3 . w I V . 3 y , . V , . . , V L c . H L 1 , 4. - ,yy 4 . , 4 . Y .1 1 .Y . L L Al . ' C . l . A. V. . 1 Y 3 , L f .. v 3, . X V X X 1 1 3 1 .y 1 1 f -' 29 4. CAFETERIA wmVS C Q! P .0 Q1 1' Nw 14, Page Om' H'zm1'red amz' E1J't If L , L . fl 3, -. . 3' . V ' ., :Q ' W A ,f f , , , W K f U I, ul HLA rx. SW., Iyllili' Om Hundred aml Nim 'x OIATLL fpf ,J XML SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT SEPT OCT Qtr 1090 Q csccnl School Record MAUREEN JENNINGS 29 MARY NINA CHANSLOR 29 Flrst Day of School T The grrls srck of vacat1on are crymg for classes to startv? School all day Gosh' what a bad begmnmg Everyone suffermg wlth the heat Str1ke declared for half day school Strlke successfull' Qlf you know what we mean'D New unlformsl Freshxes look uncomfortable Our new Cafetena opened' Only three were crushed ln the rush First V A A meetlng of the year offlcers elected Freshxes feel hurt because they were barred Grads Hrst week end out Ah h' We found out that Margaret Ixeaney llkes dates Cwhat kmd?j At least that s what she sa1d rn I-llstory Class Everybodys staff' Physlcal Torture er Physlcal Ed classes have started' CPardon the break j No wonder the FIISIS break so many rules they d1dn t show when the Rules were read thxs afternoonl Cafeterla opened to Boarders Goodbye grrlxsh figures ' Maureen transgressed the rules V There goes her whrte rlbbonll Page One H ndred and Ten ZvQiSfM9s.., x -' . ll. ' YYY. ' , ' ' , ' . 12. ! . ' ' . . 13. ' ' . ' . 14. ' .ffl . - . 17. ' . ' . . 18. ' . ' . SEPT. 19. Installation of Sodality officers. . 20. ' . . . ' - ' . ' . 21. - ffl . 24. - . ' ' . 25. ' ' . ' - - ' . . 26. ' - ' ' up OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT 29 OCT 30 OCT 31 flu: 1059 Qffesceni Lecture on Ind1an MISSIOHS by two Jesurts to be V P Every body home to see h1s Royal H1ghness Hurrah P1cture show For benefit of Sodal1tv Two lucky grads went to the Ball' CAll tne rest of us retlred at n1ne to dream of belng queen D Dorothea must have been stranded at ball because she d1dn t get back today Mar1on at least came to school even though she 1S l1mp1ng pa1nfully around Looks bad' The D1scovery of Amer1ca certalnly was a lucky break for us be cause we got a half hol1day Three cheers for Columbus Saturday Sunday Nuff sa1d St1ll a holrday' 'I he Archblshop got k1nd hearted on h1S twenty fifth ann1versary and let us play a day longer' Feast of Sarnt Margaret Mary We dldn t have a hohday but we drd get out of HISIOIY to go to Mass School Tragedy 1n three acts Act l In the mad rush to the cafeter1a J1nny faw down and go boom rlght ln front of the D1rectress Act Z L1ke a t1dal wx ave the g1rls rushed r1ght over her and only turned to laugh Act 3 The D1rectress came to the rescue srnce no one else would FIISI game of soccer tournament' Grads 3 PIISCS 1 WhOOp16l S1ster sprung a Latm test on unsuspect1ng Grads for would unprepared be betterj Loud groans VISIOHS of zeroes Wotta l1fel Second game of soccer tournament Th1rds 2 Seconds O Blg Hallowe en Party' Spooks' W1tCh6S Lots of Whooplel Page One Hundred and Eleven .,4G1fCsYa.GN5 , 3. 1 ' 1 Q, . 4. ' ' . 12. ' ' ' - . 13. , . . 14. ' . 15. ' ' . ' ' ' - ' - . 17. ' . . . ' ' ' , . 18. I ' . Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov N oy Noy Nov Nov Nov ..,,,., he 1050 Qxutmt Hol1day' All Samts Day B1g rush for HOME W1nter un1forms put 1n thelr appearance Everybody gets su denly 1lChY School soccer team chosen' Sodalxty party' Jane Dot and L1b sprang a new way of 1ntro ducmg songs DZHCIHQ 1ce cream cake' Yum yum ' Mar1on celebrates her b1rthdav by treatmg the boarders to ICC cream and cake What we mean lt was good' VIZ played IIS first Cand lastj outs1de soccer game at U C1ty The less Sald about It the better Frrst pract1ce for Grad s sodallty play Mac hunts around for prospect1ve Ethel Barrymores Father MOIIISOH spoke to the sodallty H1s jokes overcame our sodalrty d1gn1ty and we laughed As the Accres 1n the study hall were dozmg over the1r books IhlS afternoon suddenly BOOM' BOOM' BOOM Cten of emj broke the unusual st1llness CIICS of help' murder' pol1ce' After much research detect1ve Chanslor solved the mystery It was only the clock beatlng IIS own tlme ' Mother Raphael s s11ver jubllee The Preps and Jun1ors gave a play 1n her honor The S1lver Sl1ppers B1g soccer game Grads 3 Th1rds 0 We re Champeens Afterwards the Th1rds played the FIYSIS lt ended ln a O 0 fl R9dUCIlOH week' The corpulent Grads try to lose avo1rdupo1s We gotta make room for the extra Thanksg1v1ng calor1es Last nlght someone started a bonfire 1n the apartments next door' Peggy crawled out of her warm bed sat sh1ver1ng at her w1ndow and watched the people ln the apartment jump out of the1r warm beds 1nto the warmer fire P S Peggy slept all through Mass th1S morn1ng Paqe One Hundred and Twelve Cf52F9xo 'Lt '1.:., 1 . 1. ' . ' ' 1 ' . , . 5. ' u ' . ' ' . d- . . A .l-. . N . . 12. ' V' 'Q ' . ' . . 13. ' ' ' ' . . 14. I ' 'u ' . 1 ' G 20. . . . . l . . 26. ' .' - ' . ' 1 . . -Q. . - .d . 27. ' ' . 'P Nov DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC J AN JAN flu 1920 Qlcscmi Thanksgrvlng Holldays' ' Back agam Basketball starts CWe dont know why but we have strong susprcrons that the athletlc board thmks we look too fat 5 A movlng p1cture lecture on the Eucharrstlc Congress ln Australxa Very 1nstruct1ve but we can t llve on TALK New grrls recexved IIIIO Sodalrty whrch kept the Grads from havmg a dreaded Hrstory test three cheers for Father O Donnell' The grrls celebrated the Immaculate Concept1on by comlng to school for Mass Thats the ol X712 sp1r1t' Afterwards Grads practlce for the plav V1S1t3tlOH Im for You All freeze rn the brg hall Beau Geste was shown after supper Ahcra and Bettye sup phed the waterworks Our rmgs came at f1fteen and a half mmutes to three Everyone pronounced them darlmg preclous' slmply gorgeous' Begmnrng of Forty Hours Adoratlon Grads have the honor of carrymg the candles Blg dress rehearsal' We wonder why Jeannette wasn t presentn? At last V1s1tat1on I m for You Of course the curtam would refuse to work ' But we re satrsfred the play WAS a suc cess' Bettye celebrated the event and treated the Grads to 1ce cream and cake at supper Out for holldays ' Grads powder therr noses and rush home Back at school agam Most dlStI'6SSlI'lg Dear dear what IS that dreadful no1se7 a v1s1tor was heard to exclalm Oh that s just the last of the New Year s Resolutrons breaklng sand the wrse Senlors Page One Hundred and Thzrleen VQQGQQYQQQQS . 28. ' .r. . 3. ' 1 . . ' - p 4. . -. . . . .C . 7. ' ' ' . 11. ' ' 1 S . 14. ' ' ' . . 16. ' . ' . 10. - ' , ' ' . 21. ' 1. . . . 7. ' 11 ' ' . JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN F1313 FEB FEB FEB he 1090 Qmttni Bzg day I ecture by Father Lyons 1n the morn1ng CThe glrls are st1ll wondermg what a nun looks lxke on horseback J ln the afternoon the Publxcxty Comm1ttee gave thelr p1cture show The Muslc Master Great stuffl After supper a brldge party three prrzesl Everybody happy Swlmmlng at Samt Lou1s Umversrty Gym starts Oh Brother QNo one drowned 3 Boarders starvlng as usual' Sweet rolls for breakfast' Ponles very much 1n evldence regular quarterly crammlng starts Poor Grads We got some of our test papers backll 27 'I h1rds and Seconds chased Around the Clock w1th Cla1re for the benef1t of the MISSIODS We hope Margaret found out what was trumps The Grads like Shakespeare so much U1 that they are gomg to g1V9 one of h1s plavs A Mldsummer Nlght s Dream St Frances de Sales Feast Everybody came to Mass The school held afternoon SCSSIOH at the Ambassador Alumnae Tea Grads serve CPD or rather try to Sxster Wlnfred funds out that the Grads have taklng ways at least where carnat1ons are concerned Parts asslgned for the play Now the Grads have an excuse for actlng llke loons l They can say they are PRACTISING MISS Gannon starts her Parllamentary Law course Is she a Dem ocrat P Now don I ask foolrsh quest1ons A l1vely contest to chose our MISSION representatlve to Fontbonne Bettye s 1t' Page One Hundred and Fourteen ZvQiSfYcvQs-c, S - . 12. ' ' ' ' ' ' -. , 1 A . 16. ' - . . 17. . . 18. A ' ' -. ' . . 21. . .. . 26, . ' ' 1' ' ' . 28. ' 1 . '. . 29. . . , . A . 2 .... ' ' . 4. ' f. . 5. ' ' . - FEB FEB FEB FEB FEB FEB FEB FEB MAR MAR 6 MAR 7 G12 1929 Qrescenl Grads glV2 the Thlrds a Gmgham Inn Party Lots of fun For further partlculars ask the THIRDS The Mornlng After the Nrght Before Everyone looked sleepy at Mass Bettye won first place 1n the contest at Fontbonne At s the glr 'T Pancake mght Gee' they certamly do go fast Retreat begms Father Seonn S J Retreat Master All the Grads board Cnot boredlb and 15 SILENCE Retreat ends--everybody tests vocal chords The nuns d2ClC16 they are as strong as ever correspond wxth Mary Dowhng She has finally concluded that It IS a remedy for teeth hard to whlten What s IhlS? what s thlsp A JUICY b1t for scandal lovers Some one pos1t1vely asserted that she saw Harrlette commg to school w1th Mr Mlller thrs mornrng What 15 the world comlng to? Father Th1ll s representat1ve gave us a talk on the M1ss1ons W do love MISSIOHS talks-especrally when they get us out of Frenchll The sweetest l1ttle mouse serenaded Bettye durrng sleep VIZ Ursullne game' Everybody turned out for If fdesprte the quarter entrance feelj We re not saylng who won but anyway after the game the squads bounced down to the cafeterla for a feed We re st1ll wonderlng how V1rg1n1a and Maureen rated those two 1ce cream conesl' Page One Hundred and Ffteen 5 . 10. ' . ' ' lt. . 12. ' . . ' ' . . 13, ' . , . ., . . 14 . . . 16. . ' 5 PEB. 23. What is Halitosis????? Anyone who can answer this please . 27. ' ' . ' ' . ' ' ' - Y . 5. ' ' ' ' ' . e MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR MAR APRIL 3 APRIL 9 APRIL 15 QR 10 50 Qrcsccnl ThlS tlme the mouse paxd a call on Mary Lrttle Bettye s terrlbly jealous Father Carroll' No wonder he s so popular' He comes durmg class hours' Game wlth Nermx The game was rrp snortm ' VIZ won At last Mr Spauldmg' He gave us two plays thrs year The Vrolm Maker of Cremona and The Young Klng They were well even better than rce cream and cake' They ve drscovered It What? Why the mousre s name' It s Bobbre He s a nlghtly vrsrtor now Jumpxng Jup1ter' The scales out of commlssron' W drdnt know we had anyone that slze m the school Alack' Alack BObblE has been murdered and hrs body consxned to the ash pxt O cruel world' Bettye and Mary appeared ln correct mournmg costume Thanks to Maureen the Grads have bunnles Clce cream ones Whoopee' Glrls all reluctantly leave school for the Easter holldays' W can t see why they znszst on sendmg us home Back agam Who mvented exams anyway? asks the over worked student We ve heard of eatrng hard tack but when rt comes to bemg served downrlght NAILS we rebel' At least that s what Jane did when she found one ln her pre' W11l mrracles never cease? Alxcra knew her hrstory today Page One Hundred and Yrrteen 'cfiffbxo . 12. . ' . ' . 13. ' ' . ' ' '. ' Y' . 14. . ' . ' , 15. ' ' 'I . , . ' . 19. ' ' . ' ' . e ' ' . 21. . Y ' ' ' . 26. , ' I .D . 27. ' ' . e APRIL 20 APRIL 29 AY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY J UNE JUNE Page One Hu G12 1929 Qrescmi 21 At last' Mxdsummer Nlght s Dream' We wonder what Ole B111 Shakespeare thought of us We have our susplclons' Glnny and Lucllle Anderson gave thexr recltal Oh h h lt was gorgeous' Crownmg of Blessed Lady After all these years the Grads become ladles' We ve reached the peak of perfectlon the Ladles Soda11ty recexved us' Jeannette Bowe s recltal We wouldn t be surprlsed to see her end up IH Grand Opera Freld Day' V12 entertalns Junlor Hmgh and the ne1ghborhood free of charge' FIYSI Communlon' Grads are Sponsors We do feel rmportant Grads ' Mane Chase gave us a dellghtful hour of muslc Orat1ons Page Mr C1cero Gee that feast dnd taste grand' Grads sleep through Mass th1s morn1ng ' We wonder why' Reducmg again' We want our graduatlon dresses to nt' Thlrd s annual banquet' Grads put on the1r glad rags and turn out en masse for the blg feed Oh boy' Long l1ve the Thlrds' Graduatlon The sobbmg of the Grads was qulte unmuslcal But you can t blame us we hate to leave dear old VIZ ndred and Seventeen ,4GwKQY,aGxf5 M 1. ' . 2. ' . ' 7. ' ' . ' ' A ll. ' ' . . ' . S MAY 14. Another recital!! We didn't know we had so many smart 15. ' .. . ' 21. , ' . 22. ' ' t . 27. ' ' . ' . . 12. ' . ' ' ' . ' 41' an K Ona Humlnd and E1Agl7tvur7 5 gfufpfpvvf nabalvrl Pgo Had dX 527: WW mzifv., Q2 1950 Qzcsctni Soczals BOARDERS HALLOWE EN PARTY MARGARET KFANEY 29 At VIZ a wonderful slght was seen On the spooky eve of Hallowe en All costumed round the fire place sat Mldst unseen ghost and black wmged bat After eatmg there some games were played I thlnk ln general whoopxe was made But ln SPIKE of mlrth and laughter gay Welrd splrxts seemed not far away A tlme when folks were better w1th1n When all was over and the house was stlll One g1rl saw a wltch on her wmdow s1ll Another ghosts dancmg round the moon Whose llght now flooded the great dom room These tales were told I belleve them true So you see what a Hallowe en party can do LIB S BRIDGE PARTY MARGARET KEANEY 29 One that the Grads won t forget to remember The whole twenty SIX of us all were there Wmth brand new dresses and curled up ha1r We really had all sorts ot fun And m three hours felt If had but begun At live we found that we must homeward go And thls belleve me was qulte a blow We donned our hats and approached the door Hoplng we would get to come back some more Lxb gave a party the last of December 2 Page One Hundred and Twenty f1J 6 Q A , A.,- X A The night was dark, for the moon shone dim- 1 612 1929 Qffesceni JANE AND PEGGY S TEA MARGARET KEANEY 29 I ve shockmg news to tell Saxd old M159 Grouch one day You ve heard I know full well Naught worse than I ve to say A tea was gxven by Peggy and Jane I tell you Mxss Crab I blush for shame Those wxcked g1rls of VISIIZIIOH Invxted boys that were no relat1on I knew you d almost famt my dear One moment I ll pull an arm chan' near They ate they talked they laughed they smxled Twas enough to drrve a pat1ent soul wlld They re comxng now I ll see you alone I ve left you I know shocked to the bone THE VALENTINE PARTY MARQARET KEANEY 29 The Grads gave a party on Valentme s nlght The Th1rds Sald on ent rmg Oh my' What a slghtl For the playroom was changed to a mght club so wlld Twas really no place for man woman or chlld To th1nk that Vxs tatlon to thas thmg should falll Red candles my dear provlded the llght I sa1d when I saw lt Now thxs 1sn t rnghtl The nuns served the food twas dehcxous t1s true But the whole 1dea was entxrely too new My Man was sung and another wxld song I was just bout to go but I murmured Ah m I must remam st1ll that the worst I may see For there on the floor were young ladxes so bold Thls next I belxeve would be better untold For a danclng contest was bout to beglnl In my day such thmgs were consldered a slnl The party contmued tlll half after elghtl There s no good 1n a party that breaks up so late I departed whlle saylng Alas' there s no room For myself the world noted dlstxngulshed Nlxss Glooml S I sa1d to myself Somethlng s radlc ly wrong Page One Hundred and Twenty one 5 1- J 7 , , 1 Y. ll ' 11 ' I ' 14 . ' YY 1 l - ' V The tables and chairs were placed close to the wall. ' ll , ' Y ' I ' '17 ' ' , , ' , el ' ' . . . . y, Qi 1929 Qwsctnt MARY S SURPRISE PARTY MARGARET KEANEY 29 Some one had a brlght ldea In the mlddle of the nlght But knew full well to tell lt then Would surely not be rlght So she warted t1ll the morning Then she drew a crowd about And whxspered somethmg softly Wh1ch was followed by a shout A plan was up to celebrate Llttle Mary s date of blrth A grand occasion lt would be Accompanled wrth mlrth The day dawned farr the glrls arrlved At Peg s house quxte unknown Where has every one flown? But she had not long to wonder For she must to Peggy s go To spend the day or so she thought C Twas fore arranged you knowj The doorbell rang and everyone To the b1g bedroom tore Then Peggy nonchalantly Opened her parlor door A calm exchange of greetmgs Then Mary must powder her nose So very unsuspectmgly She to the bedroom goes Happy Bxrthday shouted all Loud nough to wake the dead Mary s knees were wobblmg fast She felt dlzzy 1n her head But qulckly she recovered All had a perfect tlme To put It more Oflg nally Cdeep thoughtj Alas' Ive lost my rlmel I U it 1 9 2 To Mary, who was won'dring Y Page One Hundred and Twenty two Page One Hundred GR 1929 Qffvzsceni ALUMNAE TEA MARGARET KEANEY 29 My dear I wouldn t know you And Do you remember the day? These words lndeed were frequent At the Alumnae tea so gay For all the Grads of years gone by And the Grads of twenty nme Came back to V12 and had rn truth A most dellghtful trme The old Grads talked of tlmes lon Of fun had here at school Where joys far more than counteract The strlctness of the rule Thrs made us thmk of the sad day But we hadn t tlme to worry much We were far too happy for woe TO BE MARGARET KEANEY 29 The Thlrds t1s whlspered are gomg A banquet of some sort Or so I hear and as I l1ve I hope lt s a true report They say that Marjorle s to gxve a And also I ve heard That there s a chance That there wlll be a brldge rn June That won t I know be a bxt too soon passed to gxve HCC Oh' there s gomg to be lots happemng here At the end of thls Jovful happy year and Twenty Ihree I I 44 11 Al YY Y ' 2 When we from Viz must go: , . , , da qs 1020 Qmsctnl The Mzdrzzght Vzsztor Wnh Apologres to Edgar Allan Poej Once upon a mldnlght dreary whrle I pondered weak and weary Over days of cur ous happ nlngs days of long forgotten lore Whrle I nodded nearly sleeplng suddenly there came a squeakmg As of someone gently creepmg creepmg to my bedroom door TIS some cra7y glrl I muttered creepmg to my bedroom door Only fhlS and nothmg more Oh drstlnctly I remember rt was rn the bleak December And each separate swaylng shadow wrought 1ts ghost upon the floor Eagerly I wlshed the morrow vaxnly had I sought to borrow From my cedar chest of sorrow sorrow caused by Crumley s store Where were rare and longed for darntres from the corner grocery store Nameless here forevermore But the sxlken sad uncertaln rustlmg of each wrndow curtam Thrrlled me fnlled me w1th fantastrc terrors never felt before So that now to st1ll the beatnng of my heart I stood repeat1ng TIS some crazy glrl seeklng entrance at my bedroom door Some wakeful g1rl entreatmg entrance at my bedroom door Thrs rt xs and nothmg more Presently my soul grew stronger hesxtatmg then no longer Glrl sard I or Srster truly your forgxveness I lmplore But the fact lS I was sleepmg and so gently you came creeprng And so falntly you came creepmg-creeprng to my bedroom door That I scarce was sure I heard you here I opened wxde the door Darkness there and nothxng more Back mto the chamber turnmg all my soul wlthm me burmng Soon agam I heard a squeaknng somewhat louder than before Surely sard I surely that lS somethmg at my preclous chest Let me see then what rt could be and thxs mystery explore TIS the wlnd and nothxng more Here I flung far back the 11d then w1th norse of slxp and skld Out there stepped a brazen mousre mousle of the days of yore Not the least obe sance made he not an lnstant stopped or stayed he But w1th mlen of truant schoolboy hastened out my bedroom door Perched upon my downy bed then facmg rum on the floor Though too late I swore most firmly Ah nevermore' ' xl S 5 rx 'i 'O . . - V ... , , , . I., - - H l. - 4 I Y T- - - H Y , , Y , - 11 9 , , - : , H. - - - , , ll - ,, - U - - - , , . , . Y . , , . , . .. H - .. A . . - , - - - ,. , .. - H - , . . , - , , , , .. ,, , , 1 Page One Hundred and Twenty four Qu 1050 Queen! Clzppzng from THE ST LOUIS POST DISPATCH MAY 3 1945 In its overwhelm1ng victory over a prejud1ced state superintendent of schools who was attempting to revoke the charter of one of the oldest and most prominent academies of the west on the grounds of rt s not bemg an A No l school the Academy of VISIIZIIOH IS to be congratulated Among many promment alumnae the class of 31 had the largest and most consplcuous group of witnesses Th1S class has establlshed a generally good record in varrous lmes of endeavor smce IIS graduatron fifteen years ago and has sent its members to all parts of the contment where each IS champlonxng her Alma Mater s cause 1n her responslble and promxnent field Its record was the conclusive proof of the value of thelr scholastic trammg in the final hearmg today A brief survey of the present status of the members of th1s class of 31 is as follows Rose Buzzanga the present Mother Superlor Scholastlca of the Academy of the Vlsitatxon Lucia Chamberlam promment lecturer and professor of Socrology at Columbia Umversxty Loulse Anderson wlfe of Senator Cecxl Moore of New York Jane Woods Scenarmo wrrter of Fox Productlons Inc Georgia Brmkman lllustrator and cover artlst of Conde Nast Publlcatlons Cornella Hunt present Edltor of Frrlls and Fashions the Womans Weekly Helen Fischer noted lecturer of the Women s Real Estate League Operators Frances Halloran matron of Home for Veteran Radlo Announcers V1rg1n1a Nevs berry renowned owner of the Cham System of Rooms to Le Incxdentally Mlss Newberry vsas one of the star witnesses havmg been a pupil of the academy for fourteen years Ruth Hester leading lady ln the present musical comedy success N body s Busmess Mary Loulse Mugg owner and operator of the Gypsy Tea Rooms Inc Dolores McCarthy and Helen Josephine Mlller are Joint owners and opera tors of The McCarthy Miller Textrle Industrles Two other alumnae who returned to the c1ty purposely for the occasion are the two professional marathon runners Betty Dierkes and V1rg1n1a Sharkey One of the most outstandmg testlmomes was given by Mrss Patrlcla Doyle at present an instructor of College Latm at an eastern college She vouched for the firm foundation glven her 1n that subject at the academy Another loyal testimony was given by the well known amateur golf champlon of the West Mlss Ehzabeth Boehmer Page One Hundred and Twenty szx Tv' xi , l Q 4 ! . . . ' 1 1 ' . . . , . , . . , . 1 1 . . . . , . . , . 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 . . . U . . , 1 1 11 - 1 , , . , . . . . . ,, Y - - 1 ,, . . 7 . f. , , . . . ,, 1 1 0' 1 - 11 ' 11 11 1 1 - U - - - 11 1 1 1 l . , . G 1920 Qffestenl AIICE OHare and Clare Hellmuth two other wxtnesses from the same class are the promrnent heads of the famous Kindergarten for Boys of thrs CII Frnally the Mrsses Mary Alrce Graham Jane Flaven and Florence Shaughnessy all nuns of varlous relrglous orders sent thelr staunch protesta txons of loyalty and esteem rn letters which were read publrcly rn court Mary V1rg1n1a Holland Assocnated Press Correspondent and another member of the famous Class of 31 The Vzz Alphabet LUCIA CHAMBERLAIN 31 IS for the Academy of the V1Slt3t1OH IS for the Boys who create such a sensatron Ol' OI' OI' OI' Ol' OI' Ol' or or or or or or or or or or or or or or for or I 9 e e e the their Hair so hard to keep neat Courts where we all llke to play Dreams comrnff true some day Elevator that creaks and shakes Falls we ll get when xt breaks Cnrls so charmlng and sweet e Inflrmary where the mjured ones cry e e e e e e e e e e e e the Krcks at our brg soccer games Lost LlpSt1Ck whlch nobody clarms Monastery so far yet so near Nuns who are numerous here Offrce where we dread to be sent Prayers whrch are longer rn l ent uestrons we don r ask rn Latrn Roses on our cheeks of Satln Sk1rts wnose length IS drsputed TEAM and the balls that are booted Umforms dark as the nrght Vrctrola the gym s great delrght Whrsperxng done on the quret Sr Franc1s Xavrer who breaks up our dret the Yells when the last bell rmgs the Zeal we show rn all thmgs Page One Hundred and Twenty seven 5 B - 2 .y' A. .. . Y B' ' . Cf h ' , Df th 'D .. Ef th , Ff th ' ' . Gf ' ' ', Hf ' ' . If th , J for the Juniors who love apple pie. Kf th ' ' , Lf th ' ' ' ' . Mf th - , Nf th . Of th ' , Pf th ' ' , . Qf th Q ' ' ' I Rf th '. Sf th ' ' ' ' , Tf th . Uf th ' ' , Vf th ' , ' ' . Wf . . ,Y Xf . ' ' ' Y ' , Zf ' ' . Qxc 10 90 Q1 CQCIIIII It s a Fresbze BETTY HALL 32 and GENEVIEVF PENNY 32 If when walking down the street Some queer creature you should meet Wxth monstrous hands and great blg feet It s a freshxe If 1ts halr IS long and stralght If 1ts clothes are out of date You can tell as sure as fate Its a freshle If by others rt s abused Insulted and 111 used If 1ts books are unperused Its a freshxe Yes lf may be funny It may be queer But you ll be surprlsed next year When If w1lI get respect and fear From the new freshxe MARION COLLINS 3 2 PARODY Tune My Angelme Z O Freshles dear O please don t fear Well sure pull through Freshmenl They treat us mean And yet lf s keen To be 1n teens If they do say green Freshmen' We know the time IS long That leads to Sen1or year But wlth that old V12 spmt We ll have our fun And the year ll be done Before we know lf Then we ll long for Freshman year agam Page One Hundred and Twenty ezgh! Zfzffbsscuffaso Q-J xJ - ' 5 , lu, s K, S. 4 1 Y - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 U - 11 1 1 1 1 rr - 11 - 1 V 1 Y 1 1 1 U 1 11 1 '- 1 , . . 1 H - 11 itll,- - U - 11 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 11 1 11 1 14 1 11 1 . U . . . ,, 1 1 1 1 1 , . V I . GT: 1929 Qffesceni Whats zn a Name Is Alla Dream DoLoREs MCCARTHY 31 Last nxght I had a dream tu as very clear Of all of my companlons here I saw Cornella Hunt b1g game In the Woods that belong to Jane And Alrce who was chasmg A Hare Flnally shot If after a great scare Now dont be shocked when I tell you about Frances s actually Halloran out Let s r1de 1n Mary s one horse Shay She s drlvmg to Evelyn Burke s farm for hay Soon all were m the rlg off for a r1de Wlth some of the huntmg dogs runnmg long sxde Flyxng from here in the Graf Zeppelxn I reached the place of Chlntxn Here s where Lucla met the young Chamberlam Whxle Frances Keaney flyj sought the prnnce Georgle and Mome the Brmkman mlsses My dreams then turned to Florence Shaughn at s e And Vxrglnxa holdrng a Sharkye Ruth Hester became I-Iesterlcal Fearlng the monster would eat us all But all the excrtement we took calmly When we heard that twas a pet of Mlss Sharkey Thxs made me stlr and as I turned around What a grand surprlse I found Here was Rose all a Buzz an go To set the table she hurried so Patrlcxa s Doyl es to place w1th care Neath Julxa s srlver plates of Rogers ware Louxse And her son who served lced tea Began teaslng Helen Marle Who was dressed llke a Fnscher maxden And her basket wlth fish was laden Mary Vlrgmla ln Holland costume Caused much laughter 1n smglng a Dutch tune Page One Hundred and Twenty mne E 1 ' ' , K 1- Z Y , S , l . , Y . , ' ll YY ' l , 7 Y , ' V AA Y! , - 1 , , , 7 ' I ll ' 11 ' Cl Y! ' ' ' - u - n ' . , , Were pamtmg the portraxt of the prlncess. Al YY - - V ll ii IA ' 17 , , Al 11. Z . ' ' Y ll YY ' - - Y 1 , . , u - a 1 5' yy . , . 6121970 QI utllll Clalre was wearmg her doughboy s Helmet And actrng s1lly she sa1d Taste Jane s cake Why lf has no Plavorm Let s us have somethrng else xnstead Mary Allce passed the Graham mufflns Yum yum they were filled w1th nuts and ra1s1nsY And to say the truth 1f xt must be told Each one of us made so bold As to eat of Vlfglnla s New berry pre More than one pxece Wrth a slgh Elxzabeth Boehmer sa1d confesslng Twas Betty s salad w1th Dxerkes dressmg Drank a toast to Dolores McCarthy It was then that they broke Mary L s Mug Sprllrng the root beer on a new rug Dancmg gally they sang thls new thrxller Helen Josephlne s 1n Love Wlfh the Mlller When back from the shores of Dreamland I tossed I found I had vsaked to find my frrends lost And rnstead of huntlng and partles and company I was back at the dear old VIZ Academy Where of dreams xn the daytlme they do not allow But mstead there are studxes to wrmkle the brow M y Dreamland BETTXE MCCARTX 29 And my dreams they are wonderful too For some are red w1th the flame of youth And others are soft and blue Oh some are pure and sweet and whxte Lrke a love that never dles And some are p1nk l1ke a baby s laugh And fluffy llke bables SlghS And all are woven wlth srlver thread That was spun when the moon was new Oh the land of my dreams IS a wonderful land And my dreams they are wonderful too' Oh the land of my dreams IS a wonderful land Z Page One Hundred and Thzrty XJ , 5 QSQ 5 . n-u,' Q J S. 4 ' ' Y ll U7 , : ' AA I1 , , ' ' ' Y ll !Y ' ' r Y 7 Now the crowd, enjoylng the party, Y K6 K if . , 7 O Y , V , , , , , , . Y 7 1 , , . V - , , , : , . , , . if' my Ll' -er? Av .f V151 x .I m o-x-a.. 'mia Om Hum1'nJ um! Ilwrw nm' , ' ' V , V 1557 Z, , A V 73056. . VM, I , V , V ' ' A H 5 x Vi 5 . 'Q 'L in ,,.JV.23.,:g it-5,47 V. ,, xg . ,Q ' xg r . ' ' '11, . ' . -, . f -,' ' ,- ,,gL'?2l:' 3: . ' Q , . HV . ,, . ---Iwi' , L W Q -. -?:'Tf,4,l . A ,K ,An , K, , . iq, ' -f' , V ' 'Sf ' M 1,15 5L , !!u ' X Q ' -- , V5 1 - Q V 4 . W ' ' f . .' Ja ry. I ' ,. 1 ' ' 1 ,, , 4' ' ,V . . pt I f . 1k ' HV W ' , A , , . 4, 9 ' migm ,, V I L ,K . , A. ,V. ,V Q-VV 1 up Q .. ,f :fa V ' ,Af E h .Y As, ,v 3. 1-, . V f. 1-,QQV1 '34 - ' , gvjf., A A ' U I V U K ,, ' V , ' , . X, . ' A .V vb , - , lg ,V ' 1! ' . 1- ' I , V' A ' - D Q11 V V, ,, V , t 3 A f I . GR 19 90 Qrcscrn! For Mothers Day' BETTYE MCCARTY 29 Oh Columblne has donned a gown of gllstemng sllver sheen Wrth dlamonds llke small dewdrops all a sh1n1ng m between And she IWIHCS a wee pmk rcsebud ln her golden haxr so pale And flmgs a wxsp of moonbeams soft around her as a yell And Cleopatra scans her mlrror and palnts her lxps brlght red And puts a crown of rubles r1ch and pearls upon her head She lles upon her golden couch and waves her peacock fan And watches 1n the purple dusk a desert caravan Oh CIICC slts upon a rock nor heeds the sun s brlght glare And w1th a sapphlre comb she smooths her shmmg copper halr I-Ier two l1ps are a passlon flower her eyes are l1ke the sea Oh happy are her captlves and they do not w1sh them free Oh lt s line to be a Clrce and comb your copper haxr And 1t s grand to be the ruler of the land of Egvpt falr It s sweet to be a Columblne ln s1lver moonlxght drest But I d rather be a Mother for a Mother IS the best' A Mother s seen the real of lxfe she knows the ups and dovs ns She has the power to coax a smlle and send away a frown She helps the stumblxng llttle feet and guldes them to the Star Of all God s work a Mother s the most beautxful by far A Mother s arms are opened w1de a haven of sure bl1SS Her smxle IS l1ke an angel s and her lrps vsere made to k1ss Her eyes are l1ke two b1g brlght stars wrth love11ght sh1n1ng through Oh I d rather be a Mother for a Mother IS just You TO MOTHER ON HER SILVER JUBILEE BETTYE MCCARTY 29 You have la1 Upon the altar of God s Love A sacrltice of five and twenty years Oh sxlver years are these spent followmg The radrance of the shlnmg Star of Falth These years of love and adoratlon gleam Lxke silver altar steps whlch mountlng hlgh Lead to perfectron and a jewelled monstrance Holdlng God' E Page One Hundred and Thxrty two xv , C 'lu' , . S4 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ., 1 1 1 1 1 . . , Y. 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ., . . 1 1 1, .. I 1 , . . . . , . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - , . . 1 1 . . . , . . 'r 1 1 y T , . .. 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 CE: 1929 Qesceni Nmo s rdea of the laz1est man rn college IS the man who says Moon beams Krss Her for Me Callahan demanded the Judge why d1d you dump your hod of brlcks on your frrend McIntyre? It was th1s way Judge explalned the offender I wonst tole McIntyre that lf he was hard up for money to come to the bu11d1ng where I was work mg and Id do hmm a favor and when I saw hlm comm down the street dead broke I dropped the brxcks down on h1s head knowm he had an accldent pol1cy Inqursmve What ns the greatest water power known to man? Clearer Woman s tears Slster Translate Haec rn Galha Il est opportuna Gmny I-Irke 1nto Gaul It IS lmportant Hubby Im afrard we re on the road to the poor house W1fey Well rf we are then a lot of other people around here are too Hubby Maybe but we re passlng them on the road We can get any statron we want on the radxo It depends on the wmdow we open When a fellow Jumps off a brldge 1ts probably because he IS a pedestrran People who lrve ln glass houses shouldn t throw partres Nurse You re not 111 your pulse IS as regular as a clock Pauent Yes? You re holdlng my wrrst watch When televlsron comes m there won t be so many dates made over the w1re Srster Mary have you had any experlence wxth etchmgs? Mary Well not smce I had eczema Page One Hundred and Thxrty three r,,4G,XfQNJ4GN5 1 . J 1 1 1 ' 1 - D 14 - 11 Y Y Y u 11 - 14 - 1 1 ' . . ,, 14 - 11 - 44 1 1 1 - . , . . . , 1 1 . . . , . 1 - 11 Y Y Y 1 - 1 t 44 - 11 . 44 1 11 Y Y Y - l 4: 1 - - 1 11 . , . . 4 G U . . . 4 ,, Y Y Y 1 u 1 - 1 11 - l 44 - 1. . , , . Q 44 . 1 . 11 . , . Y Y Y Y Y Y . . . , . 1 Y Y Y . 4 1 - Y Y Y . 44 1 - ' 11 . , . - ' 44 1 ' - 11 Y 7 7 . . . , . 1 ' - Y Y Y - . 44 . . - 11 - 1 . . 44 1 11 - 1 1 . Qi 1990 Qtcscent he unsung my hh BETTYE MCCARTY 29 QA Story of Predestmea' Louel I saw Bobby only once 1n my llfel And yet I feel that he lS as much a part of my exlstence as my home and pretzels and llpstrck I feel too that 1n a way he belongs to me h1s memory belongs to the ages' I-Ie first came 1nto my l1fe on a stormy n1ght 1n December Outs1de the whlrllng snowflakes velled the world 1ns1de all was qulet The dom slumbered I had just dropped mto a ntful sleep when suddenly there came a strange scratchxng no1se under my bed My heart stood st1ll I d1ved under the covers and malned there untxl suddenly I reahzed The next hear h1s l1ttle feet patter over the floor such a llght qulck step you could tell that he was a gentleman And then one who tt was And so enter Bobby n1ght he came agam I loved to UDV? V n1ght there came a sudden loud thump IH the midst of h1s v1s1t and he vanlshed Mary Lou my next door nelghbor had gracefully a1med her shoe at the radxator and Bobble That was the last I save of h1m for many months and how Imlssed hmm And then one lovely Spring eve nlng Bobble came back more swag ger than ever And at the same ttme came Bobbette and although she was t1n she was very beauufull It was a case of love at first sxght Oh how happy they were ln those few days how they delighted 1n Sprmg and 1n love and 1n each other And then one n1ght Bobbette went to v1s1t the monastery The next morn mg she did not return A day went by two days a week Bobbre was frantlc And as the t1me passed came the great fear tnat she had taken the ve1l He was no longer the same h1s footsteps lagged he lost h1s sleekness and he turned to eat Page One Hundred and Thrrty four f k KJ ,- I od, g , J X 4 .J O I ll L ' 1 re- ll A ' . . i 1-I X., ,zip 1 ' Qsgflv XT! YT I I I 1 . Y . . . . . QQ 5 jg, - . Q I 1 t ' r - 1- . . F ' 1 G 1929 Q CSC9Tll mg sweets Where most men turn to dnnk Bobble chose peanuts as hrs way of forgettmg And they proved hrs downfall One n 1 g h t Bobbette returned as pretty and as much rn love as ever She had been delayed and the first thmg she thought of was seeing Bobble She warted and wanted at the radxator their old meetmg place but he d1d not come and finally she fell asleep The next mornmg a loud cry awak ened the dom Bobbie s dead' He was caught m a trap Bobble s dead' Dead' Bobbette gasped And just then Alrcxa ran an carrying Bobble ln a trap He had gone rn her room death' Bobbette famted' And so exlt Bobble Today we all mlss hrm terrxbly at mghts we awake crymg longmg for hrm' As for Bobbette 1 1 ws.-tJ3 No flowers are strewn around your 1er Oh how I yearn to have you near To know your presence share your slgh But rt was DOI to be my dear Bobble darlmg oh goodbye' Page One Hundred and Thirty tive 1 422-HQ she IS brokenhearted and ts pre parmg to return to the monastery for good' She has grven me thxs It rsn t much but she saxd she must preserve hls memory For she wxll always love htm' And love rs llke that' I never dreamed I never thought That xt would come to thxs my sweet My nxghts are empty now and ong I mlss your patterlng llttle feet They speak your name xn doubt ln shame You have no mourners not a tear The swlrlmg waters mark your grave N506 .,xC?x9 . ' ' ff ' . rpg, . . . 1:5 . . . - V ,nf . . , ' . V I A .A '0 89' Some Peanuts-'and me' h'5 little poem-she wrote it-to him. 1' I ii, . 'K ' 1. ., A x..-' . 1 - A F , . . g b' . U ' 'Al ,S.,.,,... MJZLMJ U? OQnfu:f2 772154 W JQWWM, CQLULM QSMQQL A3,.,,.,AJZW.iL -04. Q' ' .o ' A rf ' ff J A v ' Q2 , May Day ROSEMARE SHAUGHNESSH 3 0 'On Mother s Day the Sodality Union had a May Day Celebration on our grounds The space between St Ann s Grotto and the Sacred Heart Shrine was the scene and pretty as this spot always IS it seemed transformed that afternoon just the place for a pretty spring scene At the end near the Grotto was a throne draped in green velvet for the May Queen opposite was a white statue of the Blessed Virgin on a pedestal in the center of a nature stage was a Maypole with rose and silver ribbons off to one side was the band The program began when the Queen dressed in white with a long tram took her place on the throne She was attended by two tiny flower girls two Maids of Honor one in pink and one in blue and by sixteen attendants three boys and thirteen girls The girls were lovely in spring dresses and each carried a bouquet and attached to it was a spiritual bouquet Marion Brokaw our prefect was the attendant who represented VISITATION After the crowning of the Queen our Freshmen did a Maypole dance fall dressed in pretty old fashioned costumesj in which rose and silver ribbons were woven about the Maypole Then the Queen taking off her own crown crowned the statue of the statue. there too were placed the Splritual Bouquet made by all the Sodalists for their mothers in honor of the Blessed Mother The May Queen made the Act of Consecration to Our Lady and everyone Joined in the slnglng of the hymn The Blessed Sacrament was carried from the chapel to the Shrine It was an impressive ceremony first the procession Father ODonnell carrying the monstrance the tinkling of the bells the acolytes in red cassocks and sur plices and the S S C of our Sodality dressed in white and throwing flowers before the Blessed Sacrament then Benediction at the Shrine the band playing the hymns 'Ihe vxhole celebration was planned and carried out by Father Gerad Donnelly S J the director of the Sodality Union of Samt Louis All the schools in the Union were represented among the spectators as well as their families 'Lvcn though out of place we were delighted to find a space in which to write up our men impressne Mothers Day celebration which occurred long after our Crescent had gone to print Paar One Hundred and Thrrtu euqht Blessed Virgin and the attendants placed their bouquets at the foot of the , I , Y . Farewell MARX NMA Cmwsi OR 29 Goodbxc dear pals of old V11 daws Vw surely can t forget Tlx joxs 'md sorrows that han pissed Smcg thc day whm first xu mit Q all shwll go our d1ffLl'tIlI xx ix s Sent out wuh blnssmgs dur 0 hu our Mus as xu thmk bat Qprmdmg jox and chur ut afur long md many wars 'No marur xx hue we an m sure that nom: w111 Q er forg t Dur X zz our guxdmg star Paac Um Hmdred and Thlffl r'1r'e 1, ' . I V v 1 YW 5 xy. ,, ,, . s 5 I I v xx , L . B . 1 vs , Y N Y 'H V H A . I N ' c , I, . - . ' .' L. ' . . 1-1. Geo. Kriegslmauser, President Geo. W. Kriegshauser, Vice-President Herman Kriegsluauser, Secretary-Treas. Larry Kriegshauser, Assistant Unequaled Service at No Extra Cost Kriegshauser Undertaking Co. Funeral Homes Beautiful 4228 S. Kingshighway Blvd. Rlverside 6360-636l 4104 Manchester Ave C-Rand 04 I 7 04l8 COMPLIIVIENTS OF A FRIEND CEntral 4 l 00 St Louls Seed Co 41 l 13 Washington Ave S l OUIS Mo Cardin Seed Flower heed Lawn Send Bulbs Shrubs Plants Canary Supplles Dog Supplles 6 BUTT 5 l C D' f'-.Zim ER in XX! ff '-'- Zim M WHITE ROSE BUTTER bold t lndependent Groceries XX rite or Call for Free Catalo ue Plne ., .f-, 1-,ff i. 1 , - ' ' '-1:71 -ig 555' , 4 ' .-xl CRE 4 N f 6 QQ. H x W 1 Q,,,:'Q N --an N . . - Wu ,1-ia' -ff , , ' 'Coma rv,-,M -' ' 1 4-0479, 'll ' ' ,f 23 r. E A . . h. i N O De Coursey Creamery Co V ' K, n ffgkiw gf NAHONAL G E ST I AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE 3820 WASHINGTON BLVD JEH 1067 F .I.ou1s.M,oL CYSOH .- CHARLES F. STUART UNDERTAKER FOreat 7000-700I-7002 JULIUS SCHAEF F ER BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS 822 Olive CAMP HALCYON FOR GIRLS P O Holland Much ISOA M A t k Dlrector M1mxH Garesche JOS P FUNK 81 CO GREASE at CRACKLINGS 1024 N Mann sn 3622WtP Bo C,12f,9 T Eff 5882 S L . ., , ' . cres of Primeval Forest on Lake ichigan All civitien Hombac Riding Booklet . ' . ea ine ulevnrd En ,H 3 el.: j eraon r. ouia, Mo. The World Toda Don t Let Ignorance Hmzdzca Your Daughter HE rise of women s opportunities during the last twenty sears has made it necessary for every young ww oman to have a college education With a trained mind and heart your daughter can obtain unlimited success The educated xx oman may go any Where meet anyone with perfect poise and assurance If your daughter has done well in high school don t deny hcr the privilege of a college education under Catholic auspices FQOWTEQEHE Four year Courses leading to the Degrees A B , B S , and Ph B Conducted by the Szrterr of St jofepb af Caromielet fo: Rtlfldffllf and N011 Retrzdent Sruzlezzti Music Art Expression, jour- Riding, Golf, Tennis Hockey nahsm Home Economics Archery Completely equipped Gymnasium and Swimming Pool DOJ For further infarmatiafz uddrefr THE REGISTRAR, FONTBONNE COLLEGE, Wydown and Big Bend, St. Louis, Mo. Demands Educated omen ! ' P First Partner: 'lln what position does your son wish to enter the business? Second Partner: VJell. so far as I can make out, he wants to start near the top and loaf afterwards, 1 1 1 I never was arrested in my' life. the long-whiskered gentleman declared indignantlyf. I don't drive a car. either, agreed the fat man. 1 1 1 An officer was showing an old lady' over the battleship. 'AThis, said he. pointing to an inscribed plate upon the deck. is where our gallant captain fell, No wonder, replied the old lady, 'AI nearly' slipped on it myself, The time will come shouted the speaker yy hen women vxill get men s yy ages Yes said the man in the corner next friday night Teacher XVill1e where is Toronto? Vyillie Right between Davenport and Pittsburgh Teacher Vylhere did you Get that ansve er XX 1ll1e On our radio set I'or Rent Loyely furnished room in piiyate family with bath on ear ine The secretary of the bar association yy as busy and yery cross one alter neon yy hen his telephone rang Xvell what is it he snapped ls this the city gas works? asked 1 yyoman s soft yoice No madam roared the secretary this is the Bar Association ot we City of Oakland Au in the syyeetest of tones l didnt miss it se far after all id Exasperated Traffic Cop Say lady do you knovy how to driye 1 car Fair Motorist XVhy yes I think so XVhat 1S it you wish to know 1 1 1 . , 1 1 1 , Q e ' v s ye 9 . A g . . 1 1 1 - ' v v I X . 'IV u I v I '- 1 1 1 w x 1 v u ' ' v V v v s ' w , , , . , Y .. la. my ' .. . . . . x d. I,,, , . s , , , . 1 1 1 e , , , ' v 1 V YT1 . A - Y I V - , SCHOOL of COMMERCE and FINANCE ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY A School of National Reputation Day and Evening Sessions Open to Men and Women Regular Four Year Courses BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING MARKETING ECONOMICS FINANCE BANKING CREDITS ETC A TWO YEAR S SECRETARIAL COURSE For Academy and Hugh School Graduates Offerlng young women advanced tfallllllg ln the Iarger and more lmportant dutles of executlve and correspondence secretarxes Evemng sessxons onIy All courses conducted by UHIVCTSILY men of wlde experxence This course should mean a fine POSltl0l1 some day Day Sesslons Begin Sept I6 Evening Sesslons Begin Oct Is Send for CataIogue CALL OR ADDRESS SECRETARY SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE ST LOUIS LNIVERSITY GRAND AND WEST PINE BLVDS ' ln 1 3 Llndell 3739 Llndell 2882 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CALLAHAN COAL co. sofa rxgw A ,-F F' WV 3918 Duncan Avenue fa H GN xx fuuuoenmmsns SERVICES N We Handle All Good Grades 429 NORTH eucuo Avewue I of Coal and Deliver to All 2 : Parts of City and County. ST' LOUIS' Mo' Family Trade Solicited JamesE Callahan J J Rogles Agent Dont you xx ant your offlce furmshxngs lnsured agalnst theft? Vlanager Yes all ekCept the cloek Exerybody xx atches that A Scotch trax ehng salesman neld up 1n the Orkney Islands by a bad storm telegray hed to hxs firm IH Aberdeen Marooned here bx storm xx 1re mstrueuons The reply eame Start summer xacatlon IS from yesterday Falth Mrs O Hara how d ye tlll thxm txvms apart? Axx F15 3lSy I stxcks me finger ln DIHHIS mouth an lf he bxtes I knoxx xt s NIOIRL An IflSl1ITl3I'l who xx as rather too fond of strong drlnk xx as asked by the parlsh prlest My son hoxx do you ex er expect to get to heaxen Shure and thats alsy When I get to the gates of heaxen I ll open the door and shut the door and open the door and shut the door and keep on domg that t1ll St Peter gets lmpatlent and says For goodness sakes Nllke e1ther come ln or stay out' l. 1 . . . . . ,, j r r , 1 ' H mf 1 x - rx r v v x 'V I . , . . . , . 7 1 V 1 r a 3 s s as - f w u 1 s v r s . . ,, ' - l. - H s x v - s' m v 1 x 1 . . e . Y 1 f .. - v v 1 - - ye , - , - .. V - . . . . . , ,. . v v 1 v , . . 1 3. Y Y Y 1 m r 1 v 1 Y H V r r wrw x Q 1 x v PM I .. . . v x V w H V v 1 v - v x x 1 m 1 x ' ' . . v ,e . ' - v vv 1 INTEGRITY EFFICIENCY SECURITY BEN A. LANGAN FIREPROOF STORAGE COMPANY 5201 DELMAR BOULEVARD Expert Handlers of Household Qoods Removals Storage Packmg and Shlppmg LI d ll 5766 LI d II 4128 ELLIOTT 8: BARRY ENGINEERING CO HEATING ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS 4060 WEST PINE BOULEVARD ST LOUIS . . 1 9 7 O 1 Jeannette requested a music salesman to order for her A'Rosemary, the theme song of Abie's lrish Rose. since he did not seem to have it. He scribbled it down upon a piece of paper and handed it to Jeannette to make sure he had it correct-and this is what she read. A' ARosemary,l theme song of Baby's Irish Nose. 1 Y 1 Peggy: How did you get that big bump on your head? Jane: Oh, that's where a thought struck me. 1 1 1 Mrs, Sankey: Didnt you ever speak before a large audience before, Margaret? Micky: l'Yes, l did oncef' Mrs. Sankey: XVhat did you say? Klicky: A'Not guilty. Helen I-low yy as swimming inyented Toots Toots A Scotchman came to a toll bridge Loye is blind except when a co ed sees a yeyyeled fraternity pm Sister NVhy don t you yyash your faee Gene l can See what you had for breakfast this morning Gene NVhat yy as it? Sister Eggs Gene NVrong Sister that yyas yesterday Slo lye just had my face li te X oung She Nonsense yylao d steal such a thing? licia What eel a lost o le 'Xlary Ola that s a ylace yy here a Scotchman fills his fountain pen Nick Yep l had a beard like yours once and vyhen l realized how it made me look l cut it off Nack Vvlell l had a face like yours once and when l realized l couldnt cut it off l greyy this beard 1 1 1 x 1 .. V . . . H ,,,, 1 1 1 . , Y Y Y Y Y Y Old ' 'f d 7 nn v ' YY Y Y Y ,. I ,A , I A HV- ,,, A . . . it e. , v- ' - 1 s s ' ' s i' 1 L . 1 K e L JL L L e L . Y Y Y . . ' ' AA 'I I 1 V 1 I v , e Hupmobile 1 l-lupmobile I i A l Sixes l Eights ROY L. NEWBERRY Represents the Hupmobile WEBER IMPL. 8: AUTO CO. Hupmobile Distributors Since I 9 I 4 19th 8: Locust Sts. St. Louis, Mo. CEntral 8420 Re d nce 3653 Clemens Ave P Xrkv 7491 You'll Enjoy Our Coffee me Restaurant 5 8 92 DELMAR om DAYAND NIGHT THE TXXWO BEST PLACES TO EAT HOME AND HERE Special Night Dinners of Excellent Quality at Reasonable Prices Unexcelled Servlce CINS Us a Trlal and Become a Regular Telephone lVlAin 2309 Herman J Naunhelm Attorney at Law 716 Rialto Blclg Fourth and Ouve Sts St Louis Mo Established IS74 CEntral I232 2929 APPLES AND POTATOES A SPECIALTY Jacob Stocke Produce Co Shippers ancl Xvholesale Dealers 1n Fruits Produce etc 806 North Third St St Louis Mo or Service Call CEntral 2530 or 2J3l FOR SULLIVAN PAINTS AND VARNISHES 2100 Pine Sl Deliver to Any Part of the Clty CAl::any 2834 Night PAfkVleW l580j The Little Flower Shoppe Flowers for All Occasions 950 Goodfellow Ave Mary Everfoad si e .- iew.. '-,I -, - n a . , V' 1 Y ' ., . . , . . , . F . ,- . . y . o . . . HUDSON Super Six Northwest Motor Car ESSEX Super Six Co. 5220 Natural Bridge Ave. O. N. B. Organized I 865 Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia Walter L. Michener, General Agent 945 Boatmen's Bank Building St. Louis, Missouri ,lan'y, l928, Assets 3,204,160,394 FOR 37 YEARS Rubicam Business School has been trammg young men and young women for business life and placmg them ln the best secretarial stenographic and bookkeeping positions in St Louis Rublcam Can Do the Same For You DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Wrlte or Phone Today for Catalog RUBICAM BUSINESS SCHOOL 4931 33 DELMAR BOULEVARD 3469 75 s GRAND BOULEVARD Forest 0099 LAcledc 0440 ' ergreen Low Rates Large Dividends P Y I Forest 0 l 9 l Belt Avenue Pharmacy OSCAR L. QRUMLY 923 Belt Avenue St. Louis Compliments of R. L. RUCHE F. Armin Schmidt HAIR SHOP AND PERFUMERY 5610 Delmar Blvd Becker-Curran Drug C0 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS N W Cor Marcus8zSt Louis Aves S L CO 7706 7707 PINE LAWN CLEANERS 8: DYERS 6159 Natural Bridge r fA1Kd bn Compliments HARRY V S GROVER OKAY GROCER CO fy 6670 Delmar Blvd CA y 4 I 58 20 S Central Ave WYd n 1045 yt WE DELIVER Krummenacher s UNION AVENUE DRUG STORE The REXALL Store Union Avenue at Hodlamont Tracks Phone Forest 0400 0420 3904 . t. ouis of Pine Lawn, Mo. ' ' ' Al erations o l in s Cla on' Mo' Lee Su le e, Mgr. . 9 Our Name Signifies Our Quali Phone: ban Phone: ow ' Cla on, Mo. 4'Betty's fathers familiar with many tongues. Quite a linguist, eh? UNO, a physician. Y Y Y Jn Motorist: XVhat time is it. Farmer: Twelve o'clock. Motorist: Is that all? Farmer: Never gits any more hereabouts-after that we begin with one again. Y Y Y Vy7hat do you think of our new little sister. darling? Vy7ell, she's sure a dandy ad for pyorrhealn 1 1 Y Book Store Owner' A'Aren't you worrying about the ten dollars you oyye us Student Heck no What s the use of both of us yyorrying about tt? Prof In yy hich of his battles yy as King Gustay us Adolphus killed Sleepy Frosh I think it was the last one The Lady I play the piano just to kill ttmt 'I he Gent Xou certainly lldye 1 good weapon 'Vlother Jimmy did you get that loaf of bread I sent you for Jimmy lNo The store yy as closed Nlother What closed at this hour of the day ? Jimmy Sure There yy as a sign on the door that said Home Baking lVlr Pevy ee Vy hy did you ge' me sueh big shirts' T hese ire tour sizes too large for me His Wife 'I hey cost just the same as your 5l7L and I wasnt going to et a strange clerk knoyy I married such 1 little shrimp as you Agent ho lady this train goes to Baltimore Boston and points east Just Graduated XVell I yy ant a train to Cleyeland and I dont care which way it points s Y Y ,H m ' U u ' ' 1 r vi I H I I A ,, . . . , H ' Y Y V 7 9 Y . 4. - - H Y Y Y T 1 5 ' A4 7 x ' V vy x lv . e t . 1 Y 1 U - 4 , y ,. , Y , , V P' . y . ' fi ., Y. T , , , i. - ,Y ' V - it - - . . 'D V N Y Y Y ,, , . . . . . . . ,ssl f L , , M , . k . 4.x ., L y. I I 3' A. T T7 ' I 1 l Y '- 7 I I . . L ., . i lx 1 i Y 's ' s ' v t . . Y Y Y .. V . , . - H . f s , . . I, , . i. t y s - 3 V sys sr. Louis UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW F, H, WEBER CLASS A Member of Association of American Law Schooh Large and Carefully Selected Law Taylor and Olive Library, with Duplicate or Multiple Copies of lmportant Reference Works St. Louis 3642 Lindell Boulevard DE 0989 S L EASTON TAYLOR TRUST CO EASTON AVENUE AT TAYLOR Member Federal Reserve System Member St Louis Clearing House Ass n United States Government Depository SAFETY SERVICE john R Lanigan President Phone lmar t. ouis, Missouri ' 1 Q o 9 . . . . 66 9, - f -.unnuM.:::::::::::::............. .... ....................... ........................:::e:a::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::EEiE5SEEEEEEEESEESSEEEEEEEEEEEEE5EEEiEiEEESESEEEESEm:3::3:I12333::m5:':3:5:3m3:33:::3::3::::::::::m:: All-EW ense T u r IffI,IIf RAD' One cost covers all necessary expenses. Sec the wondcrlands of the great scenic states, Colorado and Utah Illustrated booklets and further information may be had at the Cztv Txcket Office 318 N Broad may QMAIII 10005 or from W F MILLER Dxv Pass Agent MISSOURI PACIFIC R R CO 1600 MISSOUFI Pacxfic Bldg St Louls Mo PACIFIC T' LINES A Serwce I nshtuhon COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Llndell 0929 HERMAN P SAUSSELE QUALITY BAKERY Fresh Goods Twnce Da1ly 3850 Olnve qt St Louxs Mo CAbany 2 5 5 5 McNamara Plumbmg Company 6236 Delmar Avenue St Louis E HEIL FLORAL CO 6338 Clayton Rd at DeMun Funeral Desxgns Bouquets Plants Hllancl 9980 .L 4, , ' ' . 5 A-' 46 , i 5 . ' I - ,lf 3 ' 5 gf' ,ff ' - 441 'H' Nz LJ. .. . . , . . I- - 7,,, 1 53 llIl T l . I I ' ' ' .5 ll:-I,, , ' N - - - n O ' 0 . COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OF L. G. F INK EVergreen 8334 Visitors Welconie Mrs. Rose K. MaIoney's Yanke, emade Kennels REGISTERED 2423 UNION BLVD DOGS AND CATS BOARDED S Ad: Q Richard Fitzgibbon Phone Forest 3588 Killarney Rose Shop Wedding Bouquets - Funeral Design C c l 1925 North Union Boulevard S y It W th Fl EV 9665 Lubrlte Cas Station OIL AND LUBRICATION COODFELLOW 81 NATURAL BR.DGE W d Life Insurance PERCY STONE 38Y th B P NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO OF VERMONT C p y 8 O 745 Boalmen s Bank Bldg t 1 3 CA 8343 KIENLEN MARKET 1715 Kienlen Ave x I xv H D P P COMPLIMENTS ZELLER BROS ' Plants - u Fowers No iclc Animals mi ted a i owen Ou side Runs Incloor Housing . O ears in e usiness Re resenting I My om an 0 Years ld r Lewis al ron Jr., Prop. CH 939 . es nu . OF Vells on, Mo. . . oman, ro . Maureen says the easiest way to tell the population of a town in Scotland is to roll a penny down the street. 1 1 1 Lost Balloonist: 'AAhoy. where am I? Farmer: Heh, heh. you can't fool me. by gum. Yer right up there in that little basket. 1 1 1 Young Chap: A'XVhat's the matter, uncle, you look dejected? Old Chap: A'Times is terriblef Here l spent two years learning how to read and now they're having these here talking pictures. lt ain't fair. 1 1 1 Angry Motorist: Some of you pedestrians walk along as though you owned the streets. lrate Pedestrian: Yes and some of you motorists drive around just as though you owned the car Hollywood Queen Why did you buy a p arl handled gun' H ou can t cut notches in pearl A lady ran away from her husband to liye in a hotel After sey eral days she yy ent back to him She sud she couldn t stand looking at the sign on th hotel door eyery time she yy ent out it troubled her eonscienee FI he sign read Think haye you left any thing Hevyitt You don t know enough to go in yy hen it rains Well what s the use the roof leaks Nit Where are you going to dump that load of dirt? XXIII' Oh I guess we ll dig a hole somewhere to put it in Dot Do you believe in the hereafter? Vlarian Of course Dot How about a little food then that s yy hat lm here after Any body who demands a tooth for a tooth will never get any satisfaction out of grandpa , YY Y 3 1 1 1 ' e 1 1 1 Y 71 D V Y 1 YT V 4 I YU . ' 3 1 ' ,B 'H 1 B I 5 ' 1 1 1 V ' H V D O . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V Y 3 COMPLIMENTS OF TI-IE CLASS OF 1931 P p f 9 5 Permanent Wave S5 00 ELIZABETH GENE BEAUTY SHOPPE 3602 Shenandoah Ask for Black Jeff Coal E B Houlle 5881 Easton Ave Mltchell Coal and Maternal Co 4769 Easton Ave Overland Coal Co Overland Mo Wellston Fuel Co Wellston Mo Kelghtley Bros I6l6 So 39th St Connor Egan Grocer Co Page and Unlon Avenues FO t 0615 0602 0603 0605 Delmar and Leland Avenues Ph PA k l040l04I 104210431044 When ln Need of Glasses ee FISHER OPTICAL CO 915 Locust St 510 N Grand Blvd Ros ec 92 . . . . . , . . u y . . - , ' 5 Phones, res - - - ' . and ones - . . r VICW CAbany 8847 C. F. DlECKMAN PHOTOGRAPHER 329 DeBaliviere Avenue St. Louis, Mo. Waterman Pharmacy H. H. PEPMOELLER Cor. Waterman 8: DeBaliviere Aves. St. Louis Phones: CAbany SSH-5810 S A N D E R S FLOWERS 623 Clara Avenue CAB y OI96 OI97 Good Plumbing Means Good Health C S MOYNIHAN 4974 Northland Ave Compliments GEO A POHLE 945 Goodfellow FO t 8775 d E y ADAM DECK BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY 2612 N Kmgshlghway Blvd S L NELSON S lce Cream of Flne Quallty DCllClOUS Bakery Goods and Candles CATERING SERVICE 440 DeBal1v1ere Avenue CAE y W Dl CA y som 6590 IID yD DALY 8z McCABE REAL ESTATE co 801 Chestnut St REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE RENT COLLECTOR CHrr0 I . an - l Phone: res Wed in and Part Cakes Made to Order of U . t. ouis 7 Char es . aly, Harr .McCz-xbe. President Vice-President . - Saint Louis an e eiver ban es nu 453 if ii. - -t . vv v - ... -. .. -EGF, n ri,-A v ii V ii? 1 1 Q I P :STI e a' 'Y' A v A9 Lx, 2 --129. 'Q' Qi aa 'T eglr 93.2 L M 4,1 '.i ,Cl X 1 ' 4 viii' F I, .4 . D1 St11lCtlOl'l Dlsbnchie zafeas ln annuals' are a prime facfor hz a successifzl bool' ofa ourse servzce and quably can nof Le overlooked Vine szgn offhe zlravfe mark means Enqraxhnq Senhce Plus Close Cb operahon belnleen J'faffandJnnualDeparlmenf Central W - ' COMPANY CALUNIET BUILDING BT LOUIS B41 SSOURI COI-LW' AINV B RS UF AMIRICA F' - - La- 603' . T..-5' .l W - .-1-1 X , ft-6 Q- -Xe' -sf l 1 SL .Q . ,--'V' 40, nf to:- sd 663 -GOD if X' ega- of I- vg . '- if shi ' 557 .1462 if-'PE l Q?A- 2.. E W, - ?' E ' . . . Q - 1: . 59.55 ' ' ' ' sly? E . 3? g L3 o ' - ' . s ' BQ N N H EGGS? if E L E Q-5 4 a 2+-'05 - .L -W, Manager fTo obstinate theater-goerj: 'AYour tickets are not for Row M. XVi1l you kindly vacate these seats and go to L? Y Y Y Young Lady Cpurchasing train ticket! 2 Could you tell me if the moon- light is more romantic at Lake VV7auhopek or at Lake lVliahinamosa? Y Y Y An Irish recruit in one of the military' riding schools had the misfortune to part company with his horse. According to custom. the sergeant strode up to him and demanded: Did you receive orders to dismount?'l I did, sorrf' From what quarters? From hindquarters. yer honor, said Paddy with a grin. XVell Pat I see you have a small garden X es sir answered Pat XVhat are you going to set in it for next season 'Nlothing sir I set it with potatoes last year and not one of them came up Thats strange how do you explain it? XVell sir the man next door to me set his garden full of onions XVell had that any thing to do with your potatoes not growing Hes sir Bedad them onions w as that strong that my potatoes couldn see to grow for their ey es watering Oh what a strange looking cow ' exclaimed the sweet young thing from the city But why hasnt it any horns XVell you see explained the farmer some cows is born without horns and neyer has any and others shed theirs and some we dehorn and some breeds ain t supposed to have horns at all There s lots of reasons w hy some cows am t got horns but the big reason why that cow aint got horns is because she ain t a cow She s a horse Did the fisherman haye frog s legs Bridget? Sure I cculdnt see mum he had his pants on Y Y Y Night Watclanaan Ito employ erj Got to haye oyertime for last night s werk boss I oyerslept and didnt leave the job till 9 30 V- VV V V e V . .. V - VV ,. . V . ., V V V V V 7 All N 'I '1 3 V . e V. V VV .. V . . ., - V l 1 3 X 1 X V V t , .. 7 Y V V V I 3, .. V . . V V V V I V V V . V e I 5 ' v . ,I s V ' V ' V su V I V V L L V C , Y. L . - .. . . ,, V V V V , J V V Vs VV ' V V V 'A V ' V V , , , L V . . V3 Y W B H- 3 X x 4 V V V 4 V, V V V V V V . V V V V I V 3 Y V - V V VV V V V s .. - V - VV V VV V V 4 V V . ., V . VV VV - V V V , , 1 e . - V V. - - V V - V V 1 4 . 4 . , . . ,, V V . V . I . . OUR 7 7th YEAR John l'l. McCarthy Monument Co. 4642 West Florissant Ave. St. Louis MORGENTHALER'S CLEANERS AND DYERS CE.ntral 5092 F. C. Smith Pharmacy 2602 N. Kingshighway Blvd. PROMPT DELIVERY Forest aeo4 ssos Branson's Service Station Phillip 66 and Benzo-Cas Mobile, Pennsylvania and Phillip Oil Expert Battery, Tire and Creasing Service Phone FOrest 9336 5580 Easton Ave St LOUIS Mo Compliments Arctic Ice Cream Co MHYIOH Vlrglnla Reynolds, nc F LORIST 5653 Delmar Boulevard St Louis Mo Cut Flowers Artistic Floral Designs Bridal Bouqu ts and Decorations Rapp's Quallty Market Groceries Meats Vegetables Poultry in Season 922 Belt Ave Forest 4447 58l8 FOrest 5 I 64 Prompt Service Cady Cleanmg 8: Dyeing Company F Cady Manager Ladies and Cents Garments Cleaned Dyed Repalred Relmed and Altered Portleres Draperies and Hats Cleaned Work Called For and DCllVCl'EL 5378 Easton Ave . , . . . .. l . of . . ' .. ., . C . . . . , . . . GArfield IS43 CEntraI 3992-L JOHN FROST PLUMBING CO. 1515 CHESTNUT STREET ST LOUIS MO P.A.rIcview 1600-I-2-3 Dorr 8z Zeller Catering Company Weddings, Receptions and Teas Supplied on Short Notice DeBaIiviere 8: Waterman Avenues St L C C V CARTAN 81 CO REALTORS REAL ESTATE AND LOANS Itrat ILf I 722CI1 tutstet :S StL 0590 t 059I 9 OC Bridal Bouquets Funeral Designs Plants Tlgpll o Carlton Flower Shop F 6: I-I T I-'IESPEN 1123 UNION BLVD ST LOUIS M0 W d I ll P f zh r F emberg 8: Jones Real Estate Co , In Iplm K F In ht REALTORS E LOANS INSURANCE RENT COLLECTIONS-NOTARY 2914 Union Blvd EV rg 8762 DAD S COOKIE CO DAD S ORIGINAL SCOTCH OATMEAL COOKIES 959 Goodfellow Avenue CAL, ny 2303 sf L i ' i . ouis L. V. artan L. C. artan FOreS1 FOYCS Open Evening In ' lock L Sundays to 6 . U . . We ee rl FI wen 306 n e n ions i e Bui ding ea n r e ' ' ' . . , . CI-Iestnu 760 . ouis, Mo. e e iver to A arts 0 e Ci y ' 1 . ' c' Sole Manufacturers of Ado . ein erg, Preside , See Us for West End Real stale e ,een Phone a . ouis, Mo. We are happy to again have had the privilegefor the fifth successive year, of printing h Grescent If we can be of ser v1ee to you OH any pr1ht1hg requ1re ments just call CEntral I 3 3 I .9 O P St Louzs T15 e QI' A B Deunes Printing 81 Stationerq Co 'n me at Twentyfsecond Forest 7l75 Forest 1325 Qyrofz fadejf f QM. ' F7 LII I 'fir . Opp ,, 8 I O I U W V .4 'feggw G 'RTN' FLC ERS Aw Anything in Flowers 2604 06 N Kmgshlghway Blvd Ashen Brenner Garret Studlo PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER 820 North Grand Boulevard E s n 5 65 Sr Louis Phone CEntraI 7520 A 81 E GOODWIN P R I N T I N G COMPANY Opera! d by Asa and Emmet C-oodwm OFFSET PRINTING fphoto Type Process ADVERTISING CIRCULARS BOOKLETS BROADSIDES CALENDARS CATALOGS LAUNDRY LISTS OFFICE FORMS SHOW CARDS 1909 Locust St St Louxs Mo I e . I J ffer o 3 55 .IIIIZZIIZII122212231322122112212332222252111222221:23:22:I:I:IZIZI2ZIZ:5Z!:ZZZI :!Z11122IIIZIIZZZIZZIIZZZ!!!ZZZZIZZIIISZZZZZIZIIIII22212221212ZIZIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIZZIIZ CArEeld I40Z A? MUSIC co. A .-:rt , :':::'s::r:ssLsn,. ST' LOUIS - 'EJf'5 fr'1+ 'GHQ9 . , . COSTUME co. Qsseawygmfmauas 3 fi - im rsr If BEQQRQ5 PMNOS Theatrical Costumers and Wig Makers . Largest Stock of Domestic and Foreign Sheet Music in the West FRANK HERBERS, Cen'l Mgr. Musical Instruments of the Better Grades 0rth0ph0hlC Vlctrolas Radlolas Brunswick Panatropes S' LOUIS All Makes of Phonograpb Records WEBSTER COLLEGE Corporate College of St Louis Unlverslty STRICTLY COLLEGIATE Conducted by the Sisters of Loretto A Member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and of the Assocnatlon of American Colleges On the list of Stan dard Colleges of the Cathollc Educatlonal Association also m the American Councll on Education Affiliated to the Catholic Umversrty of America and a Corporate College of St Louis University TEACHERS STATE CERTIFICATE The Conservatory of Music offers Courses leading to a degree Teachers Certificate Professors from Kenflck Senilnary Conduct clas es ln Social Science History Religion and Scrxpture Department of Expression and Household Economics Buildings New and Thoroughly Flreproof For Catalogue Address THE REGISTRAR WEBSTER COLLEGE WEBSTER GROVES MO Suburb of St Louis l 1 - ' . , I . ' . ' or . . S. . ' , . .. . . 9 . , . . An old Irishman who had recently recovered from a severe attack of sickness. chanced to naeet his parish priest. who had been summoned during his illness to administer the rites ol the church to the dying. as he was consid- ered to be near deaths door. and the lollowing conversation took place: HAh, Pat. I see you out again. XVe thought you were gone sure. You had a pretty serious time of it. Yis, yer riverence. indade I did. Wlaen you were so near death's door. were you not afraid to meet your God, your Maker? UNO. indade, your riverence. lt was the other gintleminf' Y 1 1 E hraim: A'XVhat you all call it when a irl ets married three times- , pw, , Q 2 bigotry? Rastus: Laws', boy, you suttenl' am an ignoramus, XVhy', when a , n y 1 , , 1 5 e , H gal gtts married two times. dat am bigotry: but when she gets married de third time. dat am trigonomentryf' A colored preacher yy as trying to explain tlae fury of lell to h s con gregation You all hab seen naolten iror runnin out ob de furnaee aint you he asked rl lae congregation said it had Vyle the preaclaer continued dey uses dat stufl lor lee cream in d place yy hat I m talking about elergynaan s little boy yy as pending the atteinomn yyith th bishop s c at dren At tae reelory sate t ae aum a e neat aer s son e Xe a that lays an egg eyery day ooa said the bishop s boy lather a leundation stone enee 1 yyeek C RAXINIAT ICAII X CORREC T ae ladies that lst see y an fee an mer niece r nieee is rather good looking Don t say knees is say knees are COOD HUIXTINC tudent And pot r Harry yy as kill d by a reyolying erane I ngltsh NVoi'ntn 'Xly yy ord Vylhat laeree birds yeu haye in Pemeriea 1 1 1 e , ' V e ' , Y 1, i , , s N X X 4 I I I L 1 1 , ' ' j 1 1 1 l'l ', l' 'c 5'i l'l ll-In-l-'rf , w 'agote hen . '. e ' K ' P l. ei ' my I a lays f f Y 3 Q i - . ' , f Tl ' e . ji, pas, rl y'ere Nlrs. .lol. Ixw . el l ' l'Ie Ai I ' V A 33 I V A Bl 3' .' 1 1 1 I 1 1 S ' 1 : t I' 'e FITZGERALD 8: ROBERTS ROOFING CO. SLATE AND TILE ROOFERS PAYkVlCW 29 I 6 6625 Delmar Hanson s Servlce Statlon C H Goodfellow and Page Aves ALI.. TEXACO PRODUCTS Il th T th Cl G Id Texaco Dry Ga p r u CAL, y 7383 CHAS J SUTTER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR DEALER ENGINEER 1303 Pune Street yth g El ct 7 C 0 I Q Olrver . anson, Proprietor F C It S ' R fi ' o, e ea 0'I S E. Al 'te Lubricati g S ' A ' ' I ' C t S ' ' hn Dowling, Pres. The Savings Trust Co. Delmar at Euclid Equal Courtesy to All MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE . C. Dowling, Pres. Midland Savings Bank Page Blvd. 8: Hodiamont Tracks A Friendly Bank MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE Phone, WYdown 0666, 0768 The Ball Lumber Co Wholesale and Retail Lumber Millwork and Roofing Materials Ladue Road 8: Terminal Tracks St Lou s B x 45 Clayto St 8 WE. SELL BIRDS ROOFS Th Y A Different l-lat for Every Dress -is easily accomplished when on matches them at Marie Mac's Hat Shop! Marie Mac Hat Shop 317 N Tenth F H Q s p G R E E T I N C S Winston Churchill Apts J A Lynch Plumbmg Co 1618 Chestnut St Saint Louis The ive Dollar a ho . i f o n aj H. Lon , Manager e ears Prove Them Best ' 0 0 Q Q . o o SHEET METAL WORK SINCE 1891 Powers 8: Boyd Cornice and Roofing Co. 3614 Laclede Avenue JEfferson 03 5 3 QUALITY DAIRY Quallty Mllk None Better COlfax 6000 600l A New Modern Way Of Sellmg Freshly Caught Flsh Ask for Nordic Flllets of Haddock m Packages The Tenderlolns of the Haddock wlthout heads tails skins or bones ust the very finest partievery bit edxble and all ready to cook Not a hxt of odor exther How is this pos s1hle3 A wonderful new refrlgeratlng process IS used on these fish when they re dressed at the dock and keeps them fresh tlll you cook them Ask for NORDIC FILLETS OF HAD DOCK This new way of huylng fish IS no mussler than getting a can f beans Remember the NORDIC name No other process ns lxke nt edlwfisz 4630 WEST FLORISSANT f Jwvrlaffff H' 822 North Broadway Everything m Oysters Flsh and Sea Foods u g Jew yy . COMPLIMENTS OF MARY BERG Comvhmenfs of the WEAR GUERDAN HATS PINE LAWN BANK 3,5 00 AND UP 6149 Natural Bridge The Guerdan l-lat Co 914 Olxve St 13 S Broadway M mlzaer Federal RCSCYVF Bank . ' ' 55255555555ffEEE5ff5if5ff5EE55555555555525555555555555555552EEEEEEEEEESQEEEEE55555ffl52if55552E555555255555225Efffffffffffifffiffffffffffflfffflfffffffiffffff MAX MANNE, President K. A. CLARK, Treasu THE ARTISTIC FURNITURE CO. Manufacturers of High Grade Stationary and Bed-Davenport Suites FACTORY AND SHOW ROOMS ST LOUIS DETROIT PITTSBURG CINCINNATI DALLAS A G CLARK H R CLARK t Clark Palfltlflg Co Painters and Decorators 1957 Arlington Ave EV 0381 S L MRS VOGELS 8f80 MOON Wlaat's the difference between a handsome young man and a white horse? I don't know. How many dates have you had with a white horse? f 1 'Y Traveler: Porter, I want to be called at five o'clock in the morning. Porter: Boss, Ah guess you-all isn't acquainted with dis heah modden 'nventions See dis heah button, heah? Well, when you-all wants to be called, you jest presses dat button. an' we comes an' calls you, Y Y 1 Sed-cntary' work, said the professor, tends to lessen the endurance. In other words, butted in a smart student, the more one sits, the less one can stand. Exactly, replied the professor, and if one lies a great deal, one's stand- ing is lost completely. Y 1 Y ACCORDING TO THE COOK BOOK Please ma am said Norah the new cook hoyy yiill I be af knowin whin the puddin s cooked Stick a knife into it said the mistress remembering the instructions in the cook book If the knife comes out clean then the pudding is cooked Yis mi am Oh and Norah 'I he mistress had 1n afterthought It the knife does come out clean you might stick in all the rest of the kntyes COLLEGL BRED College certainly has made my boy oyer You can hardly fLCOgH17C him now hp No he hardly recogn17es me 'I HE HIGH COST OP MAT RIMONY But lady 1 marriage license clerk cicpluned to 1 moyic actress wpplt cant the layy compels me to record all preyious mirriages before I 1S5Lle the license Good Lord exclaimed her prosp ctiye husband And Iye got 1 taxi Waiting Football Coach Wlmat experience haye you hadl Freshman XVell last summer I yy as hit by tu o autos and a truck .. I -y - .. . - 3 , . . 3 , HH ' ' 3 ICI' . , . . , X J., ' I I 3 X K 5 1 3 , . , . 7 , .A X ! 3 i 3 H ' I ' 5 II v C . .. ,., - , . 3 L L - 3 ., 5 3 I -,I xi . . . . . ,,, 1 s v s s s mf 1 1 1 il h I X I V H Y Y V3 .I e e . H X . ', C 4. , H s v x 3 Y 1 Y M , , H v 'I I e 'Am u ef A u s ' x '- . . e e e e f. AA 3 ' 3 1' 1 MV- L I D' h 1 A ' 1 3 , ,. 3 .. ,,. N . l 3 D -Y, .. ,D . . e . e - - ,,, Y Y 1 E - H mf 1 Im Ax vm ' I' .. I .V - s - s , 1 Y - A HENRY P. HESS ARCHITECT Cllntral l07O 1001 Ambassador Bldg. Plans for Schools, Hospitals, Churches and lnstltutlons Compliments of Joseph Garavelli DeBaliviere and DeGiverville S L z :O C t0 2 Morrls Aach Realty Co Really Great m Real Estate MONEY TO LOAN RENTS INSURANCE R E A L T O R S 826 Chestnut Street S L Compllments CHAS l.. GERAGHTY ROLWES MARKET GRocER1Es AND MEATS A v g f zeos 10 N Kmgshlghwsy l' FO t0763 FO t6830 CA yzels Goz Tallorlng Gentlemen s Suits Made to Order P Y 8 5807 Suburban Tracks ' . t. ouis, Mo. Clrles nu 452 Hestnu 47 I lnc. of . I t. ouis, Mo. Quality Courtesy ban I . l. Co. , . Also Fruits an e e ables in Seaso at Ref-'Unable rice' . l Cleaning, D ein , Pressing and Repairin ' ' of Ladies' and Centlemen's Garments l el. res , res HOTEL SAUM APARTMENTS 1919 S. Grand Blvd. 2 to 6 ROOM EFFICIENCY APMTS. Furnished and Unfurnished Rinderer's Drug Store N. W. Corner Natural Bridge 8: Newstead Phone Us Your Wants COlfax 050l-2930-2950-0498 St. Louis, Mo. EV. 9695 R. G. Fuchs, Prop. IF lT'S HARDWARE-WE HAVE IT Pine Lawn Hardware Builders' Hardware, Pipe Fittings, Tools Paints and Class NVE DELIVER 6223 Natural Bridge Rd St Louis Selsor's Quality Grocery Everything Good for the Table 3227 N Newstead Table Service Noonday Lunches 50c uallty F d Special Sunday Table D Hote Dinner Sl Co lctail Complete to De s Garden Service Evening Dinner 60C Excellent Se vice Delmar Garden Cafe 6535 Delniar Blvd CAlJany 8585 C M McDonald Real Estate Co I l l l Chestnut St Realtor Thirty nlne Years Sales Rents Loans lnsurance Appraisals Compliments F D HEALY 4516 Olive St Compliments of Mound Clty Trust Co Union Blvd at St Louis Ave St Louis Mo 7 ' 0 . L y -.. Q ' 00 . . T . , . . , I C 1 ser! . A-1 . , S' - . r' . . . . of . I I O . . . . . . . . , . Managed by Phone: ANTONIO SANSONE CAbany 8977 IZ Years on Delmar PArkview 0689 6046 Delmar SANSONE FRUIT CO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL VEGETABLES AND FRUITS ENJOY THE BEST IF IT GROWS-WE HAVE IT We Deliver R. E. STARKEY SPECIALTY SHOP Froclcs - Gowns - Coats - Millinery Bags - Scarfs - Sportswear Costume jewelry 4398 Olive Street Saint Louis Dodson School of Private Tutoring 5337 Cabanne Avenue CI'Iestnut 6788 JOHN GILMORE PLUMBING COMPANY Steam and Hot Water Heating I3 NOTH TENTH ST St I.. THE BALDWIN PIANO COMPANY lllIOl1ve St 0348 IRWIN TILE CO 7131f2 Chestnut St SL Stl. Ph y Cerny Floral Company COMPLIMENTS TW o sromzs 344 S Klrkwood Rd d OFA K 11 d 916 122 E Lockwood Ave r FRIEND bt 290 5 C I . , ouis, Mo. CH. ' l t. ouis, Mo. . ouis, Mo. Member Florists Telegra Deliver Association 5 ' l KITkWOO , Mo. Phone, ir woo Webs er Groves. Mo. Phone, We s er 5 av i wi h Flowers 455 fr? J 0 Wg .oCP J .fe ,, Y Ii Q :af Ao: I W THE rf Y wi 1 N- .f Cf A i 1 1' ' ' ' fi g 4 Fr E llgw . -It - JY? 5633 'lk ' I' f Y 1 -.1 X 4' H , 71 -mf ' X we ,M ' N Jf jpg. E 1 1 ,V 1' ' AVL-A1 Nr Uk ...?3 '1:o swf Wig MH ' v ' N Illnlik Jfwrw X , , x X ,N , QQQLAL 'ixlif . , if ,P X. - 5 1

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