Academy of the Visitation - Crescent Yearbook (St Louis, MO)

 - Class of 1927

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Academy of the Visitation - Crescent Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Cover

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,Jn H 927 Czrescenzf Q G .ij gikyif 5335 63. A QWEBQITESCCCQHW YIM AR BOOK KA? VOL 3 Nfffflf fby ffl N :nor V1 bITATlONf38.L KDEMY 1 , xiii , .,,,,,.. fif'Af2'x 1 9 2 7 ' W F' JH. L! 'AS L-f' I i ,,Z'l l - Zyfar-6-1' .r :zip ' .,fvCx. uf , 30-f 'Uri .. .N . ,I vw .4 A f f' W' 'A YA X. v A JN SIQHR Jaxx Fkxxc IQ Hxxxh OLIX DIRIC1RFSS GLR H XCHIR OLR DIXOIID IRIIND THIS IH? XINITIIN HLNDRED XND X XIX SIXEN CRISCIN OXINC H DIDIC-X imlmf 1 U i f N , , DEDIQZBXTION I if if Z N 1 5 A A I B X S I I l II 1 NHL xx lX'g 1 5 X !","A xx lf' ENTRANCE PARLOR UDI'IURIL'M W, N 'I' m-mw?'Wm"m ls--5 LIBRARY PX XDI K F'QT?5V Q ,. , Q QU LW? N Ns s M-AV . '4 , iq .:.M..! ' ' f ' if I GRADUATES Id BUY XND 'rrl 1 mx Page Exghteen x Puqe Nzmlun HLLL NI BRI:CIx rf :L bu uirqmn ns one us I sk tb 11 w ns. all "1 urs, ffuur. .md full uf fug km rn .md Iwu-.i Sodqhzy, P. R. D. S.. V. A, A.. Glcc Club. Prfsidc M 1 .. lfly' Src. '25, 5.1 e 5 '--3. '26, 'Z H 'b '14, 'l6. '27. BRI Jlx lhun Iumlw 'ANN' I 'A '- 1 H '- X- xx mbnlwi ' l I? Xr,.If'.Hf IJ age Twenly one MKRL ARI I DONINLI 1 1 N 11h rr 11 1r1 x xulh ffn1r1luI1r 1 111 11111 n nr 1.1 nknbu I Bus bm 1 nn Bnslutbmll 4 X 1 3 . 3. .' " ' 1u!'1'Ir11L'1 1. nw-11. 1 '1 1.'f." S 1. V. 1 11 A-.1 11 R. D. S.. xi A. A,. 111.-1 lb Glas Cklub. 41111 Pres. '14, '15, '10, '11 14. 1 .1 1+ 11, 10. '11 1 .11 '14, '15, '16. 1'. mp1. 1 . '1 , '15, '16, 1 x 1 if ,M 1X W1 ,QW lam Flu. nm lu fg U f Page Twenty three B1 RNICI Ex1IxLx JI tx Xssl m x X rum. v Lf 1 X- f, I Y - , X ' J. s e I J v . , V v 1, 1 A 1 . '. ,jx hffrv lxrm at fuwlcr Lutf' QL' n',:"kz'1.1: rf? Irfuxiwffzfu MY. K X Q xi Kruk." SJ .1: '. P. R. D, S.. Y. 5. A., Glas 1lu2W. .' ' , yy' L Sch ul Pccwrd Idzlfr C1 ""nr. f' . V, 4 'Y fx ff , J f av y, TI RI SX I-AI CHI RO I SKI Dux r H I Push I J Page Twenty four Cyn: mul um! uwlul Ir' .111 xh. dv-.I HII. W1 am! 'I't Ldv- I If dn any Smiqlnrv In Mu Fung: I' R. IT S, Y, .'1..X. lu' Klub. Idmwr 1 run-nl IIA .hull lr: '1' . v II Zh. 'l'. Page Twenty hun IIOIUNLI fObIIR If mmbul I Cu'uk1 'XX'Ir.11 11. ..::' .np L :.- in zlmr gf- Q fm x ru. Lu' um." 5u.i.11m'. If R. IW. S.. Y. A. A.. Cine .1 h Rv. v ix1l1'l-3.15. 1' H. b .1 Z-6. 'l5. I l C A Paws' 'I umm slr Y f 1 1 L 40 !f'fL XJ lj!! f A L 9 h ill- AN'I'OINl'I'I'i- ixmw-R V, 1 N L I 1 .1 ,ff-fikhllf Nh. ,fm .111-.Hr 1. I.. 1 ,Lf I , 4? V x,,.,i ,, . V YM L I ff , Pace Tu enry slum NIARX HRX! Q U K uf pr: L nlm S ssl me ub Mcntmn Nnssmnx 'nik lhul W5 NM Y Y Y A "1 xwful us fu!! f unwrrfr ui tml JG." Sul '. l,! A, .1 P. R. U. SM Y. A. AH Cl' Cl.."'.'.'l' ll. f.l'2-l'.'25. Rl Puqe Twmtq muh! 3 Nr Y, K .1 QI! III Hl'N'Il-IQ I Paw Iumty mm XX hu I mx N RXKIN 1 m n zx pr x I LI -I v xx ls 111 In 2 R kx J L bf' m 1 -an . .xg . " ' 'J' Un' my mv th.: th rzflv .11 L 'rfuzl uwu ulun' rr jwuf " N Sw.i.xlltV P. R. IW. S.. Y. .N A.. llcc Klub. .1 l. - 'J EJ1IwrkruccnI, Bxkc LH I-W '15, IS. -kmll 14. 'li K X, fix 1 .0-W' ' SZ xx N ,VX K X. , xx, .4 1 4 ' 1 . x.. 2.4 Page Thfrly Pam Thzrrq om lLCILI I- MCDoxA1 D ff LL U xox as ll 1 6 Baicbnll "l'hu fn:.J fha! fullmrv 1rvI.'H'!. cm: 4115 'L'-2" Sodnlxlv. PY R. I7. SM Y, A. A., Cmlcc flub. Ass! PJ! llrciicnl, fi Tlx' b.II 414. '15, 41 . . '26, 'l', X I ddr Ihrlu IPLU V X XII-.-MEIN-R ,x .A .X XXL, I , ' K , Y , . Iam TI rm Ihr 'VIE ur 1 N I 4 , X ' x , X. -LJ Iflmlu-Ncil-. 'files "lv :Fw Mg.. I xl. "1"-fr J: IX .w.1If'u.1m.' ' xx-.1..:m 1' Ii :N s xy .x, A, f,1..f:..1, rm.-gm, My ff.-mmf I'r.N 14 5 11, m,mm1s1N A.-fm: QT gh Ii.:xk.r!w11 1+ 15 :fy '1' raw , 1-.11 Q1 li gf 31 K . I - W' , ,1 Page Thlrfg-luur Pam ThlFlU HL 1 J ., R XL L IJHUISI f ' H 1 'www 1-. :' 1 1 L N -'rn 5.1.rxl.1" I' Ii IH, N X N X X1 Q' X. .. 'zlw NWI XH 1,L1Ju I7 mu szx VE N NI?.XI'1IlwIi Pam TFIFIU stun S Il RII X HI'I,I'N .KI 9 'DAX' l.,.v .. Uv 5 Euf' :lun w.1a.f.' 1 NL1!"'V'4Fi. l Su.l.1hr', V. Ii IW N Y. xx, X fn K T r Idzwr I nmum lwkkrluf. Q3 HX IM 'w W I x L11 rf: 'Xxixxem I1'.'x1 '11 'Thr I1-L' awww eq:-'rz+'+f' 'Hi .SK EE CLASS HISTORY BARBARA TEMM MARIE A GROVER FLORENCE MYERS Durmg all our years at V12 we have known nothlng but good trmes We are twenty one strong CUn1ted we standj Our class has seemed to thmk that 1ts members are qurte talented rn dramatlc art for rn each year we have appeared before the publrc rn varlous forms of entertamments some of whrch were The Beautlful Prmcess al fresco productron and The Sun Goddess our exghth grade graduatmon play Thls wrll ne er be forgotten for durlng the dress rehearsal the cherry blossoms trees fences brlcks etc came tumbllng down rn thr1ll1ng fashlon More fun Thls graduatxon day was rather an unusual and memorable event as we were the first erghth grade class to recelve our drplomas rn the aud1tor1um and to have class r1ngs We consldered ourselves qulte grown up for our CXQFCISCS were practrcally the same style as those of the I-llgh School ls t rt a wonder that no one 1n her excxtement trrpoed on her long skrrts and hxgh heels? ln the first Dart of our Senlor year we gave The Farce a one act play wrltten composed and produced by ourselves After two performances admns sron of ten cents Qand we gct ltj the flourrshmg season closed but the curtams I Y f' 57' E 1 1 dzd not After Easter we presented our masterplece Betty s Ancestors Havlng labored mornrng noon and mght for many weeks we were rexs arded by the result Three guessesw? As a whole we have always loved to go to p1CI1lCS They started on the campus and ended on the banks of the Mrssourx no further They always were sort o jolly affalrs all rounded out by marshmallows franks and mustard Take notrcell The storles of our plcmcs are told by the snap shots of us on haystacks on qulcksands on rocks rn mrd ocean rn trees on threshmg machmes water wagons and rn the arr Great sport ln Athletics we have always been very much mterested ln the lower grades we played Captaln Ball and Volley Ball and rt was the herght of our ambltron to be on the team Vkfe atta1ned th1s p1nnacle of glory rn our flrst basketball year when two of our fellow classmen were chosen for the sehool team Rah Team' Rah Rah Team Team Durmg the four years we have played constantly and have had many good tlmes Our class has had for rts oatroness Our Blessed Lady to whom we have had great devotron We honored Our Blessed Mother durlng 'Vlay by an altar 1n our classroom whrch we keot decorated wlth flowers ln our Semor year each grrl wore her medal and drd all she could to 1m1t1te her Blessed Model 1n every way Snnglng and talk1ng seemed to have been our mam occupatrons not always slnglng the latest hrts but such favorltes as "School Days "Wear1ng of the Green," and 'Polly Noodle Doodle' Recogn171ng our vocal abllrty we organxzed a Glee Club better known as the "Twenty one Gay Glee ers " In debatlng and orator1cal work we came out on top Three cheers" Far too soon, and much to our regret, came our graduatron day Through sad but happy tears, we bade farewell to our dear Alma Mater and promlsed throughout the comrng years we would always remaln true to the red and whlte and to keep the same AAVIZH Splflf 'f"""'VT"'W' Pave Thzrly mne . V--f gf, ' . 1 .,f1frm11rsnor,1-9 1. :rs , - fr -is f --'u..u' . g1,..V. 55 Amt,-.fafrs-f 'ya V, ., ',.W ,maljv S I k- I 4 .. 4 F F V , ' S f' B in r, 2 V , -g - ' 1 'A 1- A , .'wL..... -.,,,-, ... .-...,... .,. ,, ..,-,-..-.....,---.....--,..,... --.....-.,,-,s, M-.. ra, ,, a.. , . ' 1 ' 7 A ' V .r - VV - - l 1 , l ' . . . . x . . 1 V ' - - tr ' - VV il ' V V V 2111 fa .VV . H ,, . x . Sq V V A 4 . . , . 1 j - V gli V ' Y ' ' S S S "W . u A 1 1 . , S S 9 . . . I . X . . , . . n , e 1 - lr VV V D V - 1 Y Y 7 ' ' r , V - tl V X VV - , . ' I V 3 X Y 1 7 T Q V V V S I . . 1 . .1 1 , Y W V . e , . . . . . . y 3 . . H . ,, . , V Y V - V 4 Y 3 . . . . , , V L . . . 1 . . 1 3 , . . x . . . . . , x . S S S S S v ' ' v ' v S ' ' ' S S 1 T . ' 5 3 - V V S I V S J r ,- V V , . . . . ACADEMICS THIRD ACADEMICS Nv VIXRX LUC-Kg BLLL 'Xlluzus prompr ll BL! 11 zz Lrf lm I mu x BL ssxmx I I N C I Thu! nd haired curl Id CXIHI RIXI DX -Q-A A QLWXQ' Q URI TTU DXH Our fuzr 1 rn I IRIN? . .V lumix-" A ' :Uwuys ruudu tw uiwlfgzr. - .. -,,,' -'-'I luuuhur muhu th uwrld .Jw round fh Iumz hm OJV.-Q PCIUL' Iuflll-ILL'1J THIRD ACADEMICS JUS! PHINI I I ANIMANI 1 rv J HI L IQ 01.41 lui um and all RX' IJINI QRUNI R nnmluv nuzlzlulzov I XXOR HAII Shun but sunt XIXRH HI AIX fu urnstc XURXIX Hmm! RER Borsa and sunnu ANNA XMI IOSTRAXD Spual I OL ISI IXARSI ts rm Io be natural LLl7t!7 Lfou un naturally nzcc KI I AXOR KI RSTINIC -It pure lull: thi uorlcl Pugh lorly Ihru Bj- vial' 'Y' fi THIRD ACADE VIICS 'NIXRTIIK JXHNI I IINART7 IcrSor7aI1IU Xl XRX NIFDI RXXOI T 4 dnmmr of Inamx X U W R Iubh N1 XRCY I I A XIIDICOXII Strll u.uur runs deep VIXRC XRI I' VILC -Uuuua ml II X mgrxlx MLRN XNIE Q zr I C XIfIN1fUX 11 m Ir1 X mc INIX INOOIWN A 1097 mazden m mor X :lar I lp fun Puqc' I ortq four Doxzolm P1 UKIXII R Ju! HU LINI Just Pnur IXIXTIIRXV R1CF A kzml uord for 111ru1me xr IRQIXIA ROTHERXTICH fl LLlf7dU dau 'VIKR1 SCHX1 LXI-XX EII!ABlTHQ1CHX1IDI Our chauffeur VIARL ARE1 SXINXI R 'X IS for Verru S X111 D121 D Sx1xD I hm lu 1 Ulla re Paar lwrlu m1 THIRD ACADEMICS 1SfUf Suut I . M.. ' 1.0 ' J f RII5I,I,I-Y "I c11n'I. 1'L'L' tl 111110 III 3:30." 1l.' 1' ' . . " 1 " 15' 1 I -d. I TH RD ACADEMICS lj 1 I I 'I IINL s M Ilss S 31 sl Ihrw wh lin ufmrs! Hu mfs smzlrmf X zdzuusm ss pl rsomm 17411 qlzmrm rs Pace I Offlj szx ll 1 J .Hjxv , f Q Cl" IPRIN 7 ST K .' AUT: .lx xnuwl uh .xhu IL nr. lfl,X1IRI- V q 5. QON "She svn lhu ln' I , fxI:'x7ifP' XVIIER.'XCfHI' i' 'ANP 'I XYIUFIQ Ozzsm. .Inf ww: wp." Cl! l,i 5-'l l- k.ffRl'Gx'X SIL . . inf. CZ lSS HISIORB Ol 8 X lxl IX L L WLQIII L UF LIFLLI' IS L L5 L t5lIllLL N xt 1 11L itoxt l7LLX 111L fXL'1ClLITl L Slit Ltl L L L 1 t U lfb I LX I1 tus 1 t lll L L L L L 1 t ius usurp our LWIIL hon L Q, X W L Lt L L l II' LLL! IL XL XXX Nt 1 I L S 7 L L L L L L t XL lS7 X L L LL rx L LIIFLL 1 'L LN 1 T i ' L ll llLL U lS L t L L1tL1 it 1 1 L L LW L U 3 1 W Y x L ' LXX 1 tr lixston s Jtttl L NLL ' 1 L XL L L wkk L Lt HIL L INS 5 S V 1 L MINS X XX IS XX XX L L XL O L 7 lt' 1 UL 1 Ll ION LJ L L Lk L L it l11 wi h1ppLn n W lL prophd IIISIL L 1 histtrx 1111 orlw Mu ,. I, T ,, .l,1't111t1't'XlLl'1-V. '28 .'Xw. j l1t1clL. or so it wcnis. though it w.1s only thru' X'L'.1I'S Ago. St'ptt'111l1.'t'. llll-lr, wc, thuLQl.1ssot 18, l 1 1 " lligh S ho l stud'nts in .1 L'lt1sL "L ' 'l ot' 1'L't1rt'sL't1t.1tiVcs Irot11 nmnx' dillcrcnt gmdc s:hLolS gmttcd upon tht' X'i'tt1tionl't'L't1stl1ttlIt l ' ' "1 ' '. ' ics. XX" J 1 't' out with IlOSlliHiI1Sl stars nor any gr'.1tdistit1'ti1i1s, saw' that 'Y' t'orn1L'd thc lurbcst class of l' 't Kas. Bu "Q l " 1'1.1rlL st WL ' its in Ll woti stL'.1l lor only .1 vc.1r, for wh'n wc l1'ct1t11c Svonds, thu lollowinst glass wax l.lIAQCf still, .nd l Q J cd ' or. lt was in our Hrst mar th.1t. with thc wiht ot' our ncw' digftitx' ug ot' tax. w' drcw up our constitution hy which wc plctlgul ottrsqlxms to liv' .ix l.'ixit.1tiot1 g'rls, Ot Q" t l V".1l'l llt, ' y'.1dl1' wt' rct.1lit1tL'd upt n the 1'v.' 'lrt' l iw' tot' thu indignitics tht1t had hL"n l1'.1pffi upon us thc pr'x'i wus t'L'.11'f 1-X'1d. ol1. .t'h.1t .1 !Lt7l1KJIlLWI1 wc did l1uild up lllfll f'.1rf ll tfl ' Dt' yt u .Ill r"111L't:il1L't' wh'n .1 s"ot1Ll hoo' ww t1hsolutt'lX' r'q ' 'l LL L't .1 l.t1tin l"st I1 .' Do vou t'L'L.tll thu girl wht t1nt1ounLuLlLxuitptllx' ons d.1X'. A'NlX' l'.1tl1L't' is 34111114 td l1t'it11.1 :11L' .1 ponv tonight." 'Allttl1f"L'x'lft 'l tht- iL'.1l us lA't't1L'rs, "hut You dont tidy it. l5u it scL'n1S xl1' rods quiL'tlv .Ill l ' ugh tht' ytptr. not 11 t't1ll vttw. l lL'.11' wt' shunt tht' yc.1r l11'L't1lLit1g. nt. not it1tcntiot1t1llX', tht' rultw ot tht' in xtitution th.1t w' httd so Iit'n1lX' r's lvul tt lwct inviol.l1lx', lt1 thc n1L'.1t1t1111L' tut' ql.1s roll XMAS lllflultylhklkl hx' tht' t'lLlLlillOI1 ol Sonic .1' ' 111L'n1l1t'i's. Xl.1t": L'.1tl1L'i'it1t', NL rn1.1 .1nd Nl.l!'X' Mac. Qt X' '1'i still clung to ui and wt' l',1 ' l tht' Xlission l3t1t.n'rtoi'tl1-.'g1'L'.1tL'rt1.1rt ol' tht' ".1r. 'lht' X'L'.1r w'nt hi' 11nd w' l '11t11L' lhirds. dignilicl .luni rs. SL 1 ' II 'w g1t'ol1lL' ' lI'L"L'.l'L'l tl ' QL'l LS. Ont' Xffllli ' LXIII l powihlx' gct to class 111 Si l 5 twict' .1 'L'L'lL? 'l'L1 h' sur' Sotnc, .1 lbw, ha " n t X'L'tSolV'Lltl1L' trohlcnt. L71 cl.1ss hai Lrown until wc now I1l1INl'I' thirty-Six. hy thu .dliti l lfst'llL', l.ot"ttt1, lQlL't1t1or. Xl.1r"lli1 .1l1Ll l.ouis'. whom ws wclL'ot11L'd gl.11llt' to thc Clam ol' '28 .'Xnl ' .t 'll 1 ' owf lo tcll that ould 1' "y ' S '.1 Ll' 1 'tai' -"Hn SECOND ACADEMICS HI I I N AIIRI NS Thf dass annul ANNI ITI Bowl Our Przmu Donna XI XRIOX BROKAXX Yhm murine! LLIII nou, Omg tx omhr Mmm CHASI Chase from Boston 'I ht quul cannon or Canon XIXRH NINA CHANSI I R Tin zluss Suulluurl DORO1 HX CORIXIINS Oh how she can dana ' ROSI' MARX CORI I H Gmtlermn pretnr 1n7 Pam Forty mm Jr2..'.'f"'2 Q A 1 .I ' I " ' V' " L " ' lg ' 1 IVIARQGUERITL1 CANNON SFCOND ACADEMICS P IANI DAI H Pm mul LILIWIIQITUV pr mr hlom ns NUM Domi lm. N11 Ll Suu 1 mr I LCA D1 'NIINI Our Babe Rulh B11 l XI EDWARDS Thur Q uhu lhm Cupric! rs al Jafar sun Glu Rn Sl xx ma FI Axln AN Our I-nmh Cxlussmatg u 1 mf K Ixumus LCN Axx H 7 Llilnl L fUl77lH'fOLL YLORNNFI: HORXIX DJ Jm u rw Lfour Hzstwru 10. II . .'5 .' "HD .' 'mr ua' inf" 'l.s. .Lf . !h'r '."' . ' N' QA .V- WN xx I N . .' ' ' L I' VIARY.IfI.IZ:XIiI'TH HIfS'IkIiIi .X ,L1 PL Vuxf ll? V ml. ,, Q, 'i NLIAN ,j 'l'n 1 L Im n'fmu-- f ' D A .13 j X, .'1'1' N IIUR Dzqnliu abou ull D ROIIII X HLIBI R I In Iurl frund NIII DRI D .II CIXI INI Oh lur l'nuLIn 9 wha MALRI INI .II NNJIN 5 I I MARC ARI T KEANII I Our exprfsszu rlassnmle IVIAFI LITIIE Szlent bu! SLLHI IVIARX LOUISE LUBBII Dol s shadow BETTH MCCARTX e s not dumb Pagt Ixlty om SECOND ACADEMICS HI-I.I'.' 'mx ,. Q 'VS' 0 " 1, ' - ' '. in i.'I HG' "The Dreamer fxlL'tlf2L'SH-Llbiilll 3 C 7, II' . ff VI , , l I f I WWI ' v -' of Sh ' . Q SECOND ACA EMICS Xq-rw-:Q-I IIN VFCAL LEY ISIIAL lu mc: Q XFX IXI Vlfhf- N y pu LLX 'NI XXHI ANNA QI ARI 'NOBII l 'Xiwwxx X R1 wx L I MARIAH Romsixi H do Ihxlf t1'1JLL uns sum ' GU U zlh enuui froun or Glory Llllll z P I. n rn ANLLL Wadrld Page Fzrly two , f N . f X' , sk . f X H1-. - ' Ari.. lf 'I VNU. - E M3-'z 'L V03 ,I-PM pf :uh-r :rf klzrl. PI 11'.v' ' :RRY .-UV: "'I lvq, g RT' NNN CYFIQUUI If I lmu ,'m1I-Izuu, Er":.1Nu 71.311311 In 1 an! fu. X1.'X'Qv :XIQI I Rll IX XX'lD.rLw1' Nh. JIMLL x., xLL'u'1,' ., YU V ,z V A SECOND ACADEMICS RI I :Ich ul Ll nn 1 umm RL XRI I SI IIBOI mm Ibm U Ihr r s not Rfnnn but Alum VIRL IYIA SI A I Gmnq or 514119 Sin II umuir In zfhzr 'MARC ARI I SUI I IX AN Our carloonxsf 'YI-XRIORII VCX II -I rea! old fushzumd gzrl Page Fzfry thru I MI -111111 Sum I,IfItlII r "XVI ' rm :mu IVICXIAIIII rmfn, f- - NIA 1, .11 If - "Cin uf - H IIT- 3. , , 'I'I'I5RY ' L' ' .I l I . . 2 13. K III 1 vna.. rn vnu Q NC 'T ,A B lQwL'1fI,LfQ1vf L4 Lnld WIIH IATH1:R IIIIE LI NINI N Lib, DR XXI X I IS PLRSOIN XI u.u.Lh fl lbxllli IW' III II N I XIX SIIIF SI WI IIIIIIX X R L I SL I 'VVYLd. 1 I mu I s I YUOIII HMFKLL O I Sl III kxrk S IIIII mums Im IITITIIITISI Im I KI LILY IIIK nur ISS rIIIIr I N our mm Q In III thu mu I I 1sI Im IIII SLLOIIL QIII Nou Iuurrx 7110 XX IIII rIIIIUI IIK I I IIIIII I I U N I I I IU -. K ul 'IN I 'III II I ,J ,land If I X I ,A X sI.I I Imur X Im Ifk I IOIIIL IS II TIL xxwou I I IIIIII nom IwIIIwIIs IImt1II1Ing XXILIIIIIL IH Iormmtum IoIIIrnIm1 III Iumtorx I Iss Iliff! 64-ILL 11111 KIA iI:lI1N IIINI' I' 'JU sh: M5 IA 22191 fi i I - I , I ' ' EIII 1 IIW1 III IIIIIc1I. IIIQII ' -Tj VI . 'mff ' 1 . I l III IIII' I 'Q I I A I I' X'I'II1IiII III. I- ' L ' , I I mm: 'I---IJ . NI I 'I ' - I, Www Q73 ff. . ' I I:.'I'I! II I IIIII'I1x -II IIIIIg'IIII: I III -I I'.IIIIuI I IIIII 1 """lj A Qin XI-. My 'II. IIIII I. I1 I , , . I VX II .25 II7I1Iu.I' Ir, I 4. XX I' I. mx' CIIIILIYCII. IIII IS I ,II III- --I I I III- Yi 'II 'IIII fy ,, IQCQ I I I ' L47 I' I . I , V 07 X yt. IIILJJ' 5 I'I'. " HQ 'A ' II L. A xXgLI', SIJIII I" I I C,IIfi ' IIs,' iw' I Ifr. I 'mu I I II. In ' ' I ' I- X L' fmt! IIIXI III'cI ". ' I 'II. ' L ' ' 'V I lm.. up. Iur I XXIII QI 'I YIIII IIIII3' one day III I In I gI.'I " III ,I I XIII. MMI I'I I x' I MMV- 'ff,,,,4 IIII' II w III II IIIIII IIIIW' IIIII IIIIIIIIIIII III 'alfa I 1 I"III IIIIHIIIII' .IIIII III IIf'IIII'IIII: Hliygtl f' X IIII' IIIIIIIIH' Inn! I iIIgI'IIII'I 'I IIIIIII. Rfk - Q 3 7 I W NYJ g I ILI. I'IIIIII'I' I IIIIk'- IP I-MII I 1' Iw I I II 'I I IL DI .. III IIIIIIII xIIx xxIVIIII.I, II ft I ,g:'11 XA pk. III" IN .III I I -. I .IIN IIIII gIIII'II III III I 1 II, RY' T III'x'II'I- II IIIIII III,1I:IiIz14 :IVR I IIIII l f N -Q fm IX III II'IIi4'fI'II!'I'I X I IDI' IxIII' r,I !I'I'I'!IIII: xx ,ILL ,LA .IIII IIII I.II. I..II III .IIII III IIIIIIIII III 7 I III I - ' 1 I 'II I Nw III I II" I I "I" INN IICVK X L-Q .I I I. . I ,,. I IIII.rI I .I . gl K' ' I I I ' 'I I J H ,, 3 II ' II 'U '. IITTL '- Q' Im ll fa Sl I XII II, xt ft I., I f V X Q 6 ,Lf .'I VIII: ,XI'I:: IIJZIUII Izvu I IIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIII N fi IV' I - 'Zh ' XII. NI, "2 IIIII I. l'V'IIIg I I I , ' , ff I I MI- ' ,IIIIIIIII fi II III-II I sf,! Q' V ' ' i I V 'I I Q' - Q,g+,,1lL,,L,,g I I ' I" K I ' . ' III IPI' II IIIIU IIIIII' I Wouldn t that make you peevxsh? To thmk Old Father Tlme gave us only one day to look through all those huge books But T1me warts for no man and ccrtalnly not for gnrls Me It s lucky we had sense enough to with the records of the more recent and leave the early years for an day Lets see What are these about? CTak1ng a red loose leaf the wagon J Gnrls passed success bcgm years other notes from fully ln all the1r exammatxons I wonder lf that can posslbly be correct In all Were promoted to the Exghth Grade And here Class learnt a lot about the of water Myself Cwho had caught up another loose leaf D L1sten to th1s The class was swelled What do they thxnk the class IS? A balloon? by many new arr1vals The new grrls reglstered therr own names ages parents names fathers occupatlon etc As Freshles they were th prnde of the1r parentsl They studzed Latln and Algebra CAttent1on Fresh me'1 of l926 271 Nle lscannlng some Jottmgsj Here are some more of those valuable phrases Popular referendum Lfor further refererce on th1s questlon ask members of class lf Modern Hrstory or Napoleonj The cl1ss was exceedmgly mce and agreeable because everyth1ng came 1ts way The members attended Fxeld Day decked out ln red and black skull caps qulte orrgmal oh yes and electrified the school by carrylng off all the cups for all the games They were able to hlgh hat thc communlty at large and they mere Frcshles I See 1f you two can t find note book Number 66 Myself fafter rummagmg around rn the p1le of booksj Here lt IS What does If say? Page Fzfly five ff Ruff 1 QQA line w-jf? Sff nfff 711,001- T FL 57,3 at elf? 'lik JJJWL Qarc.,-JlwMfQT? f His MQ! 56.15 M 'ruuug 2 du. OA mah CIWQ 3 7 G,-, E? Tvmqqq A ' T T s - " ' ff atgcwsgg,gf.gfff A ' : 4 ' I ' 1 xx- I S A , , . - , Mun V4 'ny d gl V ' - ,-3' 1 3'. - , l , ' l " - " " P C - p , t T lat , - . . 1 , -,, Q ' ' , H ln - , H l .H Fin! -- La.. , H fur '5'E'?5 7: 41... I s. bacteria that it drinks with every glass im? WU? L. LAW ,, ,, . . ,, U 52- , J - '-' - , up - g A Q fe, . , . , uf" ., c ,, ' f X, I . . V AMN' Q, . . . 1 . T R ' ' ' A lf .. . ,, , . ',,' Y ,Tn ,Gay 1 " 2,2 . ' , I . .I 4-W ff gg X 1 ,X H IH 4.gLffVI ,104 N., CMJ '-41 l l 'fr uni QS ,1 XM f 1,- ,- ,NDP " 1' Jl xx .ffx , ,, ,I 1 4...,...lM 'Yi' 5 x f . - . 5 A A . 4- a ' 7'1 LTJVI '-Anqr-.Q 1. . HAR X f ' ,,?.Q,,-15 --4 Z Ku 111.3 X , V. ' A. ,A XV' A' 4'x'lw11' ,5 H "' f ' A K , .a, HW U- I' Q2 4.113 Q , ,af Xmn v 'X 'Xxx Www ' .. . ' V 5 A ,, Qr 1 ' In 7 INA VI' - ' A Mt' YH' ff!-4 4 , V N. Y wi I lv. 1 ' N Lf 5, N L! A KQ A T I! xxfy? Aff .XIV V. , A ,jf , 1 f ff' I 1' 4, A M r 'K If . 1 4 1 I 1 A 54, .V 4 , X xx F 2- W x, g- . If ' - if ' MH. . . , ' f..,.,.g, 'Um Q ' 4 1 X ' ff l ll 3'- AIU N 'LMI w ,N The fitld of s1lcsm1r1ship is Hclcn s sphcrt Shc sptnds hcr timc xxithin an uppcr bcrth A stcrtt1rx r1rc is sxvttt Miss Pmoxxc XX ho boosts thc f'1I11OLl9 C1rd n1l PLHUIHI XV1nntrs And Nlll' on Broluw is thc prcsidcnt Ot 1ll tht llomcs for rl irtd 1nd T1ttcrcd nl inncrs litcitclxcd with ycxxtls 'lflll xplcndid purplt robcs Our xllfglftl C 1nnon SlllI'LS 1 I'Oy1lIl'lI'OI1 ln horntlx cott1qt xxith 1 f1t old t1bbx And Dlfflll Nllfy Nin1 dxxtllx 1lont lNoxx Nluic C hisc s plmc but l1tt inxcntcd H1s pcnttr1ttd l1r thc Arctic cold lt took M1ric to provt th1t tht North Pt t XX 1s not lrom POl'lflLl but 1 pitcc ol xx ood Lpon thc st1qt in f1r 1xx 1y XIILHIII Dot Corkins loxcd of 1ll 1nd uccn ol D1nct lNoxx rciqntst WlJllL in ixx xx 1llt.Cl Cllltclll Rost C orlcx rulcs hcr lord ot lrmct lhc xx tll dcscrxcd laurtl trophx h1s XVhilc Lu dt Mint with hcr dc1r suophont ls popuhrlx Llllttl Thc Uuctn ot Y111 In xx cll stcludcd p1rsonagc doxxn south l ix ts Nl1rx Doxxling with htr pruchtr s son Flht goxtrnor is Billxc Pclxv1rds noxx 'ihc knoxxs hoxx things ol st1tt should bt xx on lt sttms th1t Miss Fl1n1g1n to liimbuttoo A br1xc cxplortr lc1ds hcr scouting band Alas poor Inlorcntt 1 t1rmtr s xvift Dtx otcs htrsclt to tilling ot thc 11nd Bx Goldfish Bw thcrt dxxclls 1 sailor s xxitc XX l1o oncc xx 18 l-lclcn llorton NX nlc on thc From North Atl1nt1c to P1c1fic South ls tound 1 flowing unixcrsitx Conductcd by Miss Dorothm llubcr 'XVho xx ritcs from timc to timc to Sistcr XVho oncc xv1s nonc but Lucy llog1n Noxx l1mous for htr s1nctitx A circus n11n1gtr is Vl1urtcn Jcnninqs. XVl1ilc in htr shoxx, Mtht grmtcst of tht t, o cf' ls Nlildrcd Jccklin. famous d1ring rider. Rcspltndunt in htr pink 1nd sp1nQlcd rob . An llULlCI'l1l'KCf'S 1id is lVl1rg1rct Kc1nx'. SLT Hcr drtss is blvkfyou stc, tis quitc becoming. And Vxl1itct111r1'S OI'CllCSfI'1 is mldc morc f1lNOUS Pax' Xl. l-, l.ucbbc's most ctltsti1l drumming. A millintrx shop c1llcd 'l'l1xc-1-H1t" ls oxvncd by B. McC1rtx'-lx'l1d1n1c Cf But H. McC1ulcx is thc brilli1nt ont XVho xx rott thc famous HOdc to History." ln Chin1 is 1 l1dy mission1rx, And Gcntvicxc lVlcKcon's hcr xx orldlx I'11IT1L. Conlinuccl' on Pagt 1- Path firm s un PROPHECY OF THL' SECOND ACADEMICS OR THE Cl ASS OF N? ki 3 X X V . 1 V. b H x . jx- 1 L 1 L s X- -x 'K - y-Q C 1 A 4. A ,L 1. X L A i 4. i L 'tl ' 'til ' L x in A. x .I t 1 x 44 x sw x N' I D I! Vi L A' 3 1 H 3 ' i lv at A Y' L L L lv L y A L V L Vx .A 1, A. u X 1 Q 1 .4 ' ' L '. , 1 . A ,l, 1.4 1 L xx' V . . I A ., . , - ' ' : L Jane Daly, from thc last Olympic Camcs. C 1 s fx - 1 x vs s lv 6 -. . u A. lv K 1 ' 5 x ' ' 5 - . ' vs - y ' ' L 1 - x ' Q 7 Yi 'L ' V1 I L L' 'I y 3 vs v I - A 51 L , S , v ' LAX' A L 4. 4 L . L r I . 1. vu 4' X y 'L 3 L A A 1 i x 'I . x ' . H M Y in v L I I ' 1 g I IV L 3 3 Y! 5' L k ' V 7.-H 1 , ,LS , , Y . 71' . 1 B-.L L I C L N- . L . L L 4 V. Y' " 4. 5 A Y ' L . i v AL . - x .L - I Iv. 4 4 ' 1 4 " ' k , , . ,C , ,I b, - - L . c L L L L A AL x N lk- 11 Y I V , L L L A L H V H A Y L L L 3 L L 4. C Y 'A H YI X 3 Y V C A' 1 1 'O FIRST ACADEMICS If LISI ANDERSON! VIXRQ -XRIT BRRTH Imzbu fn IR-KNCINI BLII Annu RXNCFS Bs RNL Szxlnr Claude Aumi C XI R nz Izslk H Bolo Xml 4 L 'SLXXXNI CHXSS-XXC' Oh Rmulu Wu ha r looks Ierrzble Shadow Paae fzrtu ezuht I . .- 1. 2 . , . . 4 L'. xx -7 r f V V " V J V . .' if ' .vi K Iiuxfua f TH- ATA ' , Ilwlfu 1 CUN'II11.XN Q A v M lzll-' . ' rl , ., 'Y,.' .vAv ' , I x'.N. Av! X I I IA CHOPIN Cuule' DOROIHX COOPI R Our blushzna rom KAI'Hl Y PN DALX Rmducma, I-I 1 N Dem NC Tcl rt to the Marmcs' Dorothu C S rzcul J nf IXI L VITZGLRAI D Oh those we lashes CAROLHTN GRAX That unfazlma appetzte Pace Ixfty mne FIRST ACADEMICS J, J . 1, .1 hd, , , lm- J' ' ,df yi EL? '.. 1 HELEN FUSZ L , 4 Nfl 'J 1 , FIRS7 ACADE VIICS --an yi'-LN. ,J on KATI'H:RIXF GROX ER Fur n zrlhlul Irrlbu IL Q H HAXIXH FLCIUUS VIRLINI-X HAH 9 Our bold hruza n f774lIt X XQDXL! X Oh Inn J m ho ur sumlzlu rzsmu Q11 spolun class an wr J ua LLhO IS Page Sxxly I nr - - rf Ifl.SllL NIAY HALL A 69 ' I X v . VV 1 4 ww 'N V 17 5 ll' . , :R MI, 1- Y if. E. r -, , L .A 1 - fm S A if H . ,.'NI' H1-I LY f:HRIN'I'INI HYI I XIL'TII KK'fm:.' .1.1Ym1Ivl. wlvfww I,L'4i1i.I.L HL'lHI'R it Ieusr fy 4 sp I 7 1 ' ' J, -.'.,., . 'pl I X I DA IXRII C SIIAUSI R Our urld lrzsh rm SL QOI I IX I 1 Hu nnxmlu R081 XIARH I ANI R081 NIARX VIC COOI I fha qrrl Lurh Ihr ,mrnmmvt LLIILL Rom XIARH MCGINN and I qu! thi hwms! rush .IXNL IVIXLRS Oh 1!.s fullznq HEI I XI IVIUDD Such crust I. II' . r I If .1 5 .' ll L. ,I IUOI H ' 'XIIY "My Iuudsf' .I f. ' I i . Q Page Sixly-one FIRST ACADEMICS 'T Xlxm 1 INI PI Rhlxwx Our pnrngl lluppgr xv JXNI Quxx -Uuuus nmlu Luth cs Ads s IR XNCI S RAX XRINO IV V7 N 1:19 4 IG fha! rn 11 r I N HA SULXNN1- RUBISINS "lt was tc-rr1'IJl0." I' V' u Snappy unsulr mplf non P11410 S1'.x'Iy-Iw. K IX ROCI RS Ihr umlunv wrpaws all LDOROI HX IQOX XI lhn chzld prodzqu H Il SCOI I Vu uurd MAIil1XN SCHXLI I: ALICI SCHXIIKIAN lim Boy JOSI PHINY SXNLJUIVI I W hun d you ue! than L c ROM NVXRH SHALLHNI SSY Oh and you knou, wha! Pane Slxly Ihre FIRS1 ACADEMICS .I Yl. f 13 Q li . iN J .f f I 1'2R 1 A hz-ad m Ihe big race. M f . .' b 5 V, ,Hwy ' 1. . ' 5 'E f ' ' 'i' , :tm FIRST ACADEMICS AMI? IN X QIIINI I: So s uuur U!! war' X lznulg hnpprr I1 II'vruL1dhl1M XXIII SIL :slr :slr Oh LL Szsur C I 5414 I Lnfx -Xxx Roux, lust our Ann Pagn Szxtu tour AS'-1 mf 1 Uhr 1 enl WE THE PRESENT FRESHMEN ROSEMARY SHAUGPINFQSY '50 Freshmen are so lxke sprmg so fresh and green th1nks everyone But really Freshmen do have 1 terrlble txme We are so bewxldered by the entlrely new Setting that we know not what to do As a result we do the most out landlsh thmgs posslble And then those upper classmen say Aren t the ldreshles the funnlest thmgs you ever saw' And laugh be ause they have forgotten how lf fe ls Conslder but a few of our many problems We twenty old glrls cvne back ln September to find twenty two strange g1rls besldes sux xx ho had skxpped the Exghth Grade At first we were overwhelmed md a blt resentful at he mtruders But gradually we began to appreclate our numbers and would not have had thlngs otherwrse lt was fun to count so many llkable and lovable g1rls as part of our class Among the new or seml new faces we dlscovered our old classmate of the Slxth Grade Helen Dowlmg She could not stay away longer The seven gurls from St Rose s were not altogether strangers Several had older slsters ln the school or enrolled ln the Alumnae Tootsle Chopln Sue and Joe Robbms Allce Schatzman Helen Mudd Magdalme Healy and Katherme Grover We recexved splendxd addltlons to our Athletlc group It looked as though we were to have a b1gger and better showmg for our teams and membershxp m the Assoclatlon than any other class We p1cked out Marron Schaeffer 1mmed1ately for our Basketball Manager and Arm Young for our Baseball Manager Well after our first dazed week of 1n1t1at1on we donned the somber umforms and the new gxrls became just Fxrsts lxke the old g1rls Then came the real class work' Of th1s the least saxd the better Nothmg was fam1l1ar everythmg was new and so drfferent from anything we had ever experrenced before Oh that never to be forgotten FIISI Quarter' And nt took all of that Derlod and more to stralghten out the tangled threads of our Grammar School studles to connect them up wlth our new branches lt was at thxs confused perlod also that the faculty declded that our class must be d1v1ded It was too large they sald Hence another rent 1n the group that was just beg1nn1ng to feel comfortable together We were dxvrded lnto A D1v1s1on and mto B Drvxslon accordlng to alphabetlcal order Never theless we managed to keep tab on what IS golng on m the other group and we st1ll hold our meetmgs together Do you wonder that we merlted the descrlptlve t1tle Funny Freshmen' I marvel that we kept our balance as well as we drd Nevertheless our class IS an unusual class 1n fact lt IS unxoue and th1s for many reasons It takes all sorts of girls to make an all around class and we certa1nly have a varlety We have tall gxrls and short ones dlgnlfled glrls and teasers studlous glrls and frlvolous g1rls pr1m g1rl1sh gxrls and real athletes But each one IS a real glrl and proud of her class and her school We love VISIIQIIOH and are serlously resolved to make her proud of us fmally We know the foundat1on IS berng lald and though If IS tedxous at trmes we are wxllmg glad to suffer for the good cause l. .. Page Szxty five .., I1 11-.. x 1 1 If , 5 ' . ' 'A 1 .te , F36 - - 11 11 - If 1 1 1 I 4 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 gk 1 4 . '11, . ,1 1 1 1 1 1 , fr. . . . ' 1, , 1. lx 1 1 1 1 .', I e . -c 1 , . . . . .1 ,L . 1 1 1 1 1 H 1 1 1 1, . 1 1 -i 1 ' 11 ' , 1 .1 LH., I X H 5 X 1 AA ,I 1 . 1 e1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 e 1 1 1 1 1 ' . e I . ,, . 1 1 1 1 4 I 1 1 1 1 . 1. . ,, . 1, . 1 1 , 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . . . ,, .., 1 1 1 L 1 , . C . 1 1 - - - 11 - 11 - 11 1 11 , . . , . 1 Q 1 - - - . 1 - 1 1 Q 1 1 . 1 - 1 1, . .. ,, . ,, , .. ,, . . V ' 1 11 11 - - - 1 1 1 - - 11 11 , . 1 1 1 - 1 1 - v . 1 ,, ,, . 1 . . . ,, . . ,, , 1 1 1 1. 11 - . , . 1, .. . ,, . - 1 1 1 - ACADEMIC SPECIALS ELI NA ARI:I I KNO IVhzre hearts an Irul nw :Lords Lull do EI IA ARI IIANIO To knou, her' IS lou r MARIA ANAXA Vzramza s shadou, GI ORGIA BRINKNIAN ln creatzu art docs she exul MOMCA BR1NM1Ax Reprodultzu url u.1ll lu her farm B1 RINICI Du OTI Suu! cunlla Bama ruth a plnusunt smzlc for all a QISIXIU sn r Q '... I' 4A 1 1 1 1 RJ ' . I I " ' to "he." yn I - -- , I x . - nw I I Y ,l I' v'J Q I' I gg , ,. , .i . - 'ul V 1 1 ' . -I E ' 2 5' q' I -:I-we ACADEM1 rf! C SPECIALS ISIHI R HFRRI Rfk ltlllklh uml' lhk uorld lauqhs uzlh Uill X If AI JXNI P1 NDXI UN Slum but sun 1 'K R -X rmk of palmnu X I f RI SITHIH lm! dna! XS m ul X IIJIK X Jun! bu! Oh mu N H141 Szxlu-v1 ht A .4-its-3 A A ff' W' KNKN ll mm I ACTIVITIES . ' Z f N I t 'fx T. .T. If DRAM- , Lf, SECIAL N N ATHI-ETuL X I I' ' Ik 'JI 5' X. . . f 1 ORGANIZATIONS OUR SODALITY T1 RFSA FALcHFRo 27 Hovy sweet ll lS to have as confldantc tht QFJCIOUQ Vlfgln Mary W1tl1 yy hat tender loyt IS each Qlfl drayyn close to that mother s heart there to pour out thc ovetfloyymg Joys the glad cyultat1on oytr her successes all those g1rl1 h tmot1ons that setm at t1mts too btg to be kept 1n1pr1soned 1n her youthful heart Nlary dclwhts 1n th1s She sm1lcshtr loytly sympathy 1t tht rush of ch1ld l1kt cnthust asn Gently soltly 1d1TlOH1SlllHg an oytr CO"llIlUkUfLl'lllf.Zl1lkI Such IS 'Xlary tht sharcr Ml J k U L l XX TLT LS YUXX llllll, lllk K N Ltsct htr thrttttnmg to oycryyhtlm 1tr cn to ary st: sue 1 ts lht ht 78 Xltthtr yy ho rtyottts 111 her ch1ld s dehghts t cn L let' SIFOD er gent er Ill gloomy days loy1ngly she l1fts her slender hand and lo the darkest cloud breaks and tht glow of loyt and truth 1tself appears I IS the sunshmt of an everlast1ng fa1th 1 he ch1ld s sad heart IS cheered by the sunshtnt of tht Mothers sn11lc She l1fts her tcar stamtd face CYCl3lI'T1lUg How br1ght II lS She grows happy and strong tgam 1n the Mother s love and w1th rcntvycd energy btgms aga1n her struggle closer to her Son Hts ask my ch1ld of Mary IlIh1s l1ttlt dtstr1pt1on she yy1ll tell you 18 but tht fatnttst ghmpst of yy hat that Mother s ttndtr tart means to her that l11thful loyt that IS hers alyy ays for tht asktng Part1cularly docs she exper1cnct th1s yyhtn yyc are all gathered at her feet nn tht l1ttlc Oratory yyc haye learned to loyt so yytll Ilhert Mary purest X1rg1n and 'Vlother IS surrounded by hcaytnly blue strcvyn yy1th stlytr stars At her r1ght stands Qt Agnes the chastt and youthful patroness ol our ot1l1ty yt t t 1 1t1 solt 1rms ta trutt X101 vcd t t t yst y t kn yy o 'lIlQLllL thtruhs t 1 X IS I1 g1rls hayc lo11t Cl t tl t b ll 1 l 1ttlt Offnt ol our Blts c tnd to smg the p1a1sts ol hcr y1rtuts lylay brmgs round that happy day yyhtn tytry ch1ld of 'Vlary TJISLQ her heart am1dst floyy ers and stra1ns of heaytnly mustc and procla1ms yy1th great solemn1ty Mary her ueen and her Vlother Ah IVVICL happy daughter 'Vlary cher1shes these prayers of loye and hymns of pra1se She carr1es them all to the throne of her D1v1ne Son Then He the gentle Savtor and H15 Blessed Mother together Vylth all the Satnts and Angels of Heaven look down IH lov1ng k1ndness upon these youthful ch1ldren of the1r ueen and plan all manner of happ1ness for these dear ch1ldren of Mary s heart when they at last shall have yotned them 1n the1r eternal bl1ss Pace Seuentq two g g g gglyt Lltwseettftw W b R Y 1 1 V1 I I I Y i 3 I 'S ' 'A 3 3 1' YI I Y v JA' I Vl X A 3 H I 1 3 I I H I D V H I I! sI 1 - I v L I I vw , . g , . V, t 's .- I ' V, V s s of our 5 y'sf XVI e" tht eager child llnds life H01 gltte sv hrlght, 'l '1 skit' are I ' I tt. 1 l tla11g1e:'s. so1'1'oyt's difli 'tlltles ol every' orl ss., . V .L . ' .. , . 1 .M- thx Xl. j 5 Ill xl ' go". 'I ' tpg I' A A7 s- - ..I I-sp I 1 - I I- - Ik -' is 'vt sw 'e ' , g' , ' lt . f the a v rm I t I I I 3 Y I 1 u m I I m I s A, K I I J I I 1 3 Yi 5 3 Y 3 I I K. Maryfs smile brightens in heaven for she has drawn one more beloved child - , '. Q A V ' jj ' ' , ' ' l s V' 1 I. ' s I -, I ft y C s I s s 1 s s s ' c I I ' Y3 I 1 Y Y 1 I I ' 'AA 5 V ID 5 I Y 'I YX 3 K H .13 I 7 I I ' Yi t Y N YS x YI 0 Y 3 'g i 1 ,7I I K A u V I a v 1 vy v y A 1 1 VI I rv k C K. Al I I L 1 , Q I I. I I ,ee I S l. ' L Tl ' l.lttle Flower yf .l'sus hearing in l " 5 I . 6 le c "hed Sa 'I ' on .1 lu ol ros's is stationttl at h'r lelt. Ciltft tt. Xlarvs ltet eel 1 ' . t t I' ' ' l1.1eh week yy'- gather here. as lor years and years 'Iyita tio K J . '- t 2 to re t' 1' eatt'ftl , t ':s'd lady' 1 A I IcII'. I I YI II. it I Y I I I Y! Y I ' " I I YI I 5- ' Y V , 1 I j ' , V s' I I . 3 Y ' Y I . I V. . ni i . . 1 L, s Kris stent E PLURIBUS UNUM MARY HAYES 27 The great mterest of the Holy Father 1n the m1ss1ons has been plamly manlfestcd by h1s havmg chosen a spccxal day for Mlsslon Day thu. second last Sunday ln October IS thus to be celebrated throughout the world rlhls IS to be 1 day of prayer and m1ss1on propa ganda 1 day on WhlCh every one who re CCIVLQ Holy Communlon and prays for th convcrslon of the mfidtls may gam 1 plenary lndulgcncc No less great ns the mttrcst shown by the VISIIJIIOH M1ss1on Umt one of the largest of the school unlts whlch Work for the Mlsslons The organlzatlon of the fourth year of the umt took place on October 12 under the SUPQIVISIOH of our spxrltual d1rec tor Reverend Mark K Carroll On of the features was the electxon of offxcers whxch resulted as follows Helen Breck Preszdent The Class Representatlves were Margaret Sklnner Thzrds Betty McCarty Seconds Helen Scott Fzrsts lt IS the duty of these Class Offxcers to see that the flnanclal actxvltxes are carrled on by means of the mlte boxes also to see that the splrxtual act1v1t1es are not neglected A paper IS placed ln each classroom eve y week and each day the students note down IH the place asslgned what prayers and good Works they have performed for the good of the MISSION The Preps very commendable presentauon of The Knave of Hearts 1n February alded by the co operatxon of thelr fellow students and thexr relatlves realxzed the sum of about three hundred and fifty dollars for the MISSIOH fund It can be readlly seen from an exammatxon of the records of the past four years of the VISIIBIIOH M1ss1on Unlt that both sp1r1tual and temporal ald IS heartxly glven When the cry for Crusaders IS heard the VISIIBIIOH Unlt wlll ever be ready wlth the wholehearted response HERE WE ARE' Page Seventy three - he .. .. . I h 1 I I 1 1. , . ' 1 L L t ' . '. , , - X I D. 5 I H . . .. l 'S 3 X 5 , 5 . 1 1 7 , , Mary Hayes, . .........,....., Secretary . r , , - - , , . , , ATHLETICS .L I 'Bl 11 1', . f ' W . Qllsx l'CSCCXll Y 3 ENTRANCE TO GYMNASIUM VISITA FION ATHLETIC ASSOCIAIION VIRCINIA 'VICCARTIH The first and only V A A meetmg of the year vsas held September Zl or he purpose of electrng offrcers The results were as folloves Preszdenz Vmcmm McCAR1 Hx ree Ireszdent I oush Rate H Irfusurfr Je sr PHINI P1 xxxoax The enrollment ol members tor thrs xear exceeded that of any prexlous xear E1I'lfl7USldSI'Il and excxtement prexaxleel throughout the asso xatlon lor at last the dream ol the X A A grrls xx as to eome true 1 new gx m The basketball and baseball teams started practxce nnmedxately under the efflclent drrectlon of our new coach MISS Dubuque But wlth the commg of the cold weather all athletlc 1ct1v1t1es came to an end lt was too cold to play outdoors and the posts rn the gym made ll too dangerous to play there rlhe glrls slgned up for hockey and had a few practlces but the ground vsas too wet and that was soon called off Nothing else happened untxl m January Jack Frost took pxty on us and converted the whole back yard mto a verltable falry 1ce palace Out came skates heavy sweaters caps mufflers woolen socks and gloves The grrls Went Slldlng Slipping and sarlmg over the hard ICC from one end of the yard to the other Page Seuentu szx . -1 W K' 'li F , eu ...., ' w FY -Q 4 . A l , 1 f J 'mfr , .f ,Q N , 'T ' ft ' . ' . . ' N' .1,. ,e , . , Q v ' 0 0: - T1 7 . Y -c , l , . r ' l J A Z a t . . , If , i 'f ,V . ', ' ' ' Q . a f V ' t ' e. - 3 A A R A , v . y I T' l r h , ' . . Q i -I . 4 , V . a I - , 1 . , , , ' 1 .F C ' - . . Y . ,w , g J . .. . .' 'Ut . 31 A - . 'Eg A ,A ' Q iw 4 ell 1 x-1 V "L ' . , - '-4 " X1 l .,xv,Q'.': v ea ' - 51,1 - -A 5: . . . " . V A . . ' V fm -1 1- :' x l . i , a ,V D Z , , ...4 , h 1' rw ' ' " . V- . h . r - J T' ' . , . Q- 21.7 l. Clic Llircsccut SOUTH SIDE OF GYMNASIUM But soon the ice melted away as ice IS apt to do and there seemed to be no hopes of any more act1v1ty until the warm weather would come or until the new gym would be finished But everyone was anxious to start basketball again so in answer to our petitions we were allowed to play in the old gym adopting as our slogan Look out for the posts We had many good practices and finally the teams were picked Then came the challenges Much such cute class songs and cheers as have been heard this year The first game was between the Thlrds and the Seconds Both teams played hard but in the end the Seconds were victorious The Seniors and Seconds played the next game Both teams put up a hard fight but again the Seconds won The last game was played by the Seconds and Firsts It was the Firsts 1n1t1al game and they played exceedingly well but they too were defeated by the Seconds Soon everyone began looking forward to Field- Day and possibly a game in the new gym Alas for our hopes Rain rain rain and then a little more ram till finally all ideas of having the floor of the new gym down in time for a game had to be given up Even our hopes for a bright sunny Field Day seemed impossible of fulnllment but nnally our prayers were answered one day before Field Day the ground was dry enough to use and everyone went to bed that night happily singing Page Seventy seven A , RX f -9 I fi pep and school spirit were displayed at all these games.. There have never been . , . , . . .45 . V .,i,,.g,1f F I 1 .-,.-:QL,.., .Q 1 ,, - .. ..,. ., 1 .. I A 1 1 X 'x 1 5 BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS It am t gonna ram no mo no It am 1 gonna ram no mo For P10161 Dax IS on IIS xx ax And 11 am t gonn1 r11r1 no 1110 FIELD DAX Brr F111d Dax d1w111d br1g111 and 111.1r 11111 10111 But 1111 p1p 1nd LI1I17L1Sl'lSI'U 01 0111 11111 111 soon xx 1rm1c1 up 1111 :11111oxp111r1 and LX 1.rx OHL 10011111 111rxx 1rd to 1 b1g c11x Afur 111 1111 t1kCOI"iIlOTl9 xx LTL up 11111 1.x1rx 11111111 xx 19 S11 1111 PIOCLSSIOD s11r11d doxx I1 11111 11110 1111 111xx 11x111 XX 1 111ar1111.d 110111111 111 1r111x 11 1 1111 O1r1s xx 111 1111111 up 1rou111 ll s xx1 stood t111r1 11S11r111111 1111111 111us11111 1111 rs 1111 X 1s11111o11 1311111 D1x 91Q11r 15111111111 'V11sQ D111111q111 111 1 1 IIS 1 X1 IIIN 1U 1 I Q, I L x 1Ll1lf1 1 1 1111111s 11111111 IX 1xx 311111111111 11111 D 11111111 11111 r 1 11111111 111 xx 111 LES Xl 111 1111 11 1 1101111 111 1 r 1 1 111111 111 11111111 1 xx 1 1 xx 1111 111 1111 110011 suf11r1rQ T111 H1111 ganna p1:1x1d 111 1111 211111110011 xx1r1 x1rx 1111111110 X111 S1111111 1nd 1X1r Grmt d1d 11111111 to help 1111 Splflf 01 111 f11r1s bx thur dandx 111111.11110 A111.r 1111 1121 gam1 1x1rxon1 xx as qu111 xx om out M1110 boardms 1ns11r1c11x11x 11LL1C1LL1 for thc dorm and Dx seven mmt of 1111111 rndx for b1d Q11 1ro11nd 111k111g oxcr 1111 cunts of 1111 xx ond1rf111 d1x ""' WW 'cu ,,, , I " 7' P1141 S1L1rIu 111117 1 V VL 1 1 " 53 I 1 if 1 K 1 i .1 , 113 1 1 X 1 1. ' ' ' Y mo! X . . . , , 4 . Y . . Y V M 1 1 . Y 1 ,. 1 , 52 '11 . . ' V, , . ,L 1 1, 1? '1 1' 11.11 1b 1 1 1 1 . Ai '1 .' 1 13' is 5 K . 1 1 1 .I - L . . 1 1 . 1 ., 1. 'VS' .11111 1111' 111111 gx'111 xx'1' 11'11 11131 111111'1 111111 N1FI'11'1111I1Q 111.11 xxx' 13111 .1 5'71':.. ., R11 ' 11111 1111'1111g11 11111 x'111:1x .1111 1: 1 -.115 g1111'5 11x 11'1'1111g .11 11151 11111154 111L'1-x 1 1'111'1'11111g .11111 N11TQ1!1fl 1111 111'.11'11111 X'1f .11111 11111x1'111 LIN xx'1111 xx'1'1'11 x111111 111 111.1x'1 1k'11 .1 11111111111' i1I11'x111r1 11'1'1 11A1. ,'X11c1 1x111"1111g .11111 s.1x'111g1 .1 111xx' p1'nx"1's xx'1' rl . . K' 111.1" - lull 111 I111' 1111111 ..1111 11111 1. 5. . 11' 1 1 . 1' 1 1 13.1 ' I'L'1C 111111 .11 115 '1111 -1 11135 'g ' . 1 1 11. A1 1 11111 5.11.15 11311 111111 appu111cs duc 111 111cir cxcrcisu 11111 111 11111 1 11111. 111511 A111 .11111 1135111111 111 111c 11111 gym 111 3c1 1' ur, 1 1 ' H1115 '11 '11'1J v1 lv R11 ' C' A I ' L A 4 K ' A a ' ' A C W cw' ' 1' ' H-H 33' Ab, A 7 3 ix 1 H VH v 3 'Y . H v J - f I D fl 1 'J K1 ,,,,,1, 1' v ' v' ' " ' 1- DK' D' C he LV ff sccul BASEBALL CHAMPIONS SENIORS vs THIRDS One of the peppy mormng games was that played by the Senlors and Thlrds Both of the teams were anxxous to get ln the finals but the Senlors came out far ahead Wlfh a 27 7 score due to the fine playmg of thelr forwards SENIORS C27j THIRDS C73 M Donnelly R Forward M L Rlelley Rauch L Forward M Fettxg Vlvers J Center E Smlth Brokaw R Center E Collum Qin--ma McCarthy L Guard M Sklnner SENIORS SUBS xs THIRD SUBS The Subs game was just as lnterestmg as any of the games They played a close game but the Semors won wxth a 6 Z score SECONDS vs FIRSTS The FIISIS put up a dandy flght but the superlor Dlaymg of the Seconds was too much for them The Seconds won wlth a 28 8 score SECONDS C285 EIRSTS f8J R Forward M Schaeffer L Forvtard L Chopm J Center A Schatzman S Center H Cost1g1n R Guard L Anderson I Guard S Robblns Newberry Daly Edwards DeM1nt Slattery VI L Lubbe P175 n 'V ,A 'ISC ye PSFDUFHTU 'E ms- . f: - Os Q P- s - 3 ' S , . " Q-. N-. 1 5 thi. ' 237. ' T' I1 'u ' 'I -, Q-44 'Iii Qigiiii . Qiip :1.j1i ., , O I - .4 gg . JA , - Q N F' fi - I G' .I , 'iiii , -F ' ' Qiij' 1,1 ., . . . . . .WAV A l C. V3 ..,, . .' 3. ' -. , dm .. . Z, , fy, 'fx I L Che Llfrcsccut 71 7 5-2 All ., lfll .L .wr FINALS SECONDS SUBS vs FIRST SUBS The Seconds sub team followed wxth the example of the1r Flrst Team and conquered the Flrsts ll 4 SENIORS vs SECONDS Thls was the most excltlng game of the day The Seconds who had won the cup last ycar were anxlous to wln lf agam and played wxth everythmg m them The Semors were just as determlned to w1n hovx ever and put forth thexr yery best playlng At the end of the nrst half the Seconds were ahead but IH the last half the Senlors redoubled thexr efforts and by the wonderful team work and the fine playmg of thelr forvx ards they defeated the Seconds vuth 1 score of I9 l2 and yy on thc bisketball cup SFNIORS 1 l9J SECONDS H25 M Donnelly R Forward P Newberry L Rauch L Forward J Dalv Myers J Center B Edwards Brokaw S Center L DelVl1nt Boland R Guard V Slattery McCarthy L Guard Nl L Lubbe Nl Brokavs SENIORS SUBS vs SECONDS SUBS The Subs certamly d1d themselves credxt They played fine games The Senxors won the game 8 2 and also a l1ttle smlver cup Page E ghty xA. 5 , . - 1 5' . .. . . . . 1 . .I . . .Q V Y T 7 . ' . . . Y V. . Y A Y. L X ' V TL . Y A. .. ,.... 1 ,. . ' M. ,, l.,... , . .. , , . Y V. .... .,.... . . ..,,.. .. ,. ' V . ,', : I "9'if?5fF 5' .Q-,L 4-, X5 x Che Llfrc scent CHEER LEADERS Rah Subsl SENIORS C85 SECONDS C25 Temm R Forward M Jecklln McDonald L Forward M N Chanslor Pendleton J Center M Ready Foster S Center B McCarty Sherxdan R Guard E Hall Falchero M A Grover L Guard M Brokaw D Corkms BASEBALL The prellmmary games had been played before Fleld Day The Semors had beaten the Thxrds 35 5 and the Seconds had beaten the Fnrsts 13 12 The Senlors and Seconds played thexr iinal game on Fneld Day It was also a close game but the Seconds got the lead 1n the begmnmg and kept lt unt1l the end They won w1th a score 6 3 SECONDS C63 SENIORS GD F Meyers L Rauch mwqumrg ov '1 O PF' N 2 M Donnelly M Boland A Brokaw H Hunter B Temm V McCarthy T Falchero L McDonald Edwards Daly Slattery Newberry Ha M N Chanslor M L Lubbe L A Hogan Page E ghty one N B, 4 ,,.,..4.....,l, . ...,,l........,, .. ' L. ..,....,. ,.... . .,.t.,,.a... . . J. .......... .l..., . ..,....4......... , . F. a......,4..,....ll.. . ,...,,.al,a..... .. H. ' ,.a,...,...,4l... . ..,.l...,.l.,.e.,., ,. T, ,.. ..,.l. . .,.., .. . ,. ' . .,4....,...,..a..,., C ...l.,...,.,......c.. . .DeMint .....,,.........,.., P ..l,....,............. . . H aa..... ....,.,l P B .,,..,.,,.a..... ,.. . .............. ....,,. s B ....l.,l .a,.4....,.. . . ..,. .,.,,. ,.a.e,.l T B ..,,.,.,.,.l.ll4... . . .. ..,.. .,.,.l A ass .....,.,..,.,.. . ll ..,,,.l.,la... ..4l,,,l L F ..ll....4.....,,..,, . .. .al, .. .,..,.. CF .l,..... ..l.,. . .. ..... .a.. R F ..,,,,.l.,...l.,.. ,. X .. l,,.. ....l. BS ....l.l.a..., . Y H Y W Y lubxxlIlWY W ii Y - THE SENIORS GLEE CLUB VIRQ IXIX MCCAR1 HH 7x l suppos Lurx dns has 1 parucular propmsux lor somlthmg or othgr ours hm ulwns bun for song XVhcmxcr xou slr a tux bumors toqathgr xou rl surl to hlar Qoomr or lltlr thclr YOICLS rusnd ID Qonq At Ihr x7'ilLY1IlI'lL pun Xu gun to tha Th1rdS om of the most Lnjoy abls. tnrurrs vsas our alur dmmr Qmqmg Somr hlrthdus Lmn llohv brmfgmq lu Lrmm md mlm md mon Hur dmmr mrlodus m mormnv Khan Brolmu l of our llunr Sumors urx xo wllx nd IIIT sw r X him hun SIl1ilNlHS1 hw l7l9IOI'X SI 0 L I xx L UL1 c 1 I S1 xmmlnxs mu Ulu IIIOIIMIIL suou L ur nlom umm Ulm X lfglllll Nld 1rL mx CllfLxlOI' thu our umlorms should lu uhm. INlLldll.S l I md c ual Nd xx nu ups IDL but oi Ill thu ul xx ould smg it thu mx! 'Xluslu 1 lt H15 usx though to clrucll to ippgar m publxc hut grtlmg rmdx for our hrsl uppmrancr was not so rasx VM. practrcld School Daw unrrl WL xurl so dl7LX from su axmg bark and forth to the chorus that wr had to Sll dow n and sung VW Need Sy mpathy Contmund on page IZO Page Ewhlu zum l , l , SH. , ' ', Q' L' AQ x YH lv f C ' L I 5 4 ,Y . L i I 3 I K- LL K C V HH A . XY Y X3 A3 Y ii ' D 1 ' fv V 5 H X . K I L 3 I I Y A H L' 3 A A L. X 8 X I X L ' VX K YH X I A' 7 1 I V i -YL 3 V 1 1 . . X .V k. . W x I C rv QL x L G ' X' Q PN' l 'L L L N L 1 K Q 5 A I H x 'HS' O' AD, l '.Of1' ' A fl " I' 'i. j in- glix K . and who. AI thc ' 10 il ould call' . " " ' ' , ' . '. .mm umul IU hm' lullow SL'IllUI'N that thu' should lorm A blur Clluh. ll took ru, .lh L11 luv- mi wrt' no clvirlu mlm! wc W lli th.l All thc XlUl1lkl hv ' ":l. Xl."'.'X "fl lll'." Ig l ' .. l' " 1 . ' ' Q J x ' ' ' ru ws, . mr " .1 Y 3 Y l i'4 X 3 b 1 3 I H V Q C 1 I . . . I L .S X v 5- a lv. 7x m " Iv, x Yi 3 ' I 1' Y Y Y' A 1 V g 1 I Y A 'A 3 I Y 'f' I 3 FEATURES EVENTS X X QlIflfll'Itl uf xlllllh mimi L uv: ' THI1 APT mi-xff 'Vs m'11 D ff" '1 g Rxxtxli-giN:Enst1x llfxgm- Bless: gt. IN Us ri Sccngix I? ,, Q STAFF OF 1926 ' I Y Editor 1 MARY DAVENPORT Aiszsfant Edztors GRACE MADDFN EI IZABETH GOSTIGAN Buszmss Iwunuqsm AI ICE GAEEERA I A MARJORIE CHOPIN School Record Edztors BONNIE BILI MAN EUGI NIA O HAI I ORAN Snap Shot Edztors GRACE VIVIAINO DORO I HY CORI EX Alhlefzc Edztors VIRGINIA MCDONALD EDVJINA DALY Joke Edztors HELEN KELI EI-IER NORA MCELROY A-732 N-,NV W cf z"""X Pace E Ghlu seu n fgif- vc-ov-L,k ,.,f'-f' D.g61fw -f+"'ZfL,..,.. gray, fi all I -r K, 5 j 9' 12 12' - A? 3451925 ' . l A A A. , K A I ,X A , ' ' ' I u -4 A' f ' I 1 3 2? I1 ' M, 511 an W I - -I - If 1 , U I I J O Lt K, Qfga ' Y I . ' , fit' - ' 4 j 1 . C- In-7 -'51 I 1 I I., :fn In 4 ,wg ,O N b :qxxx XXX X N IK K-51 5 42' xx ON K x 1 4 I I I . 1 3 I H If I Y' 'I 1 9 x I ' lx Q X I A Il' '. Nm ' s fx x I 'Aw I 'I I AAI X fx Q I ' ' 4 1 W' vf x ? qw V,- L 1 Lrlezexlll A. Unlverse from the Creatxon of the Heavens to the Last Judgment The Angel ln the trlangular pendetlve represents the Synagogue and IS twenty seven feet ln hexght The ambulatory IS supported by sxx monollthlc columns of Verona marble The soace above the arches IS de orated ln mosalcs representlng the Elght Beatntudes There are five Jewel l1ke Chapels each of whlch was conse crateel by an Archblshop ls If any wonder our Archbxshop rece1ve.l so mu h pras aft r havlng dlrected for twenty three years our dxo ese and has so wisely fllldtd and ruled nts destlny' Quotmg Archbxshop Dowllng may we say here IH thls flournsh unc elxo LS O1 the hundxeelth annlversary of nts es tbl shmert IH thls great Cathedral we may read the lnspxrlng prophecy of the church s future ln thls country O1 ours Back of nt lll IS the tlreless vlgor and the fine cour age of that devoted prelate who for nearly a quirter of the century we are commemorat 1n0 has been the lxfe and the Splfll of the church s mamfold a t1v1t1es ln thls great ar hello ese We lxke to thmk of h1m 1n the devot on of h1s servlce to the church ln the mode ty of hls clarms for personal recognl tlon and ln the ch erful gayety of h1s thought as a type of our Amerlcan epxs o pate young courageous falthful 5gW . X S The ceremony of the Consecratlon tooe place on June 29 1927 preslded over by our beloxed Archblshop Most Rev John J Glennon DD the v1s1t1ng prelates were the Papal legate John Cardmal Bonzano Cardlnal ODonnell of Ireland Cardmal Paulhaber of Mumch Cardinal Hayes of New York fifteen Archb1shops one hundred and twenty B1shops and hundreds of prxests brothers sem1nar1ans and acolytes Concludmg the servlce on the Consecra t1on Day whlch was awe mspmng and mag nxncent 1n 1ts rel1g1ous pomp and splendor was the nxghts pro esslon and Bened1ct on of the Blessed Sacrament Tens of thousands vrewed the three separate Bened1ct1ons The flfSf took place 1n the Cathedral the second at a flood llghted altar one block west at Lmdell and Taylor Ave nues w1th the lawn of Archblshop Glennon s res1dence as the chancel Leavlng the Cathedral the processlcn moved through a fifteen foot lane IH the street Page Ezqhtq nine ,-.4 . A ' ' T K A I 9 4' ' . - r , . , - . .4 1 U .4 J fl O r- a l .43 1 1 ' 4 , I . V " V' r Y . 1 A V h If I rf: - .4 ,, .4 U ' . .4 1 ' . 4 'I - . - f . , . i L.. 4 1 .v N . . , . . Q a . . Q X ' . , , .4 . - , . , , v .4 , . . U . , I - ' . ' 1 I . . J . l lm Q V W 4 K .4 . ' v ' ' 1 ' - , . l . . h . ' - 4 T ' -4 u ' 1 v . A . 1 . V V . H , . A - ' B r J L ' - V1 is ' . . ' ' Q . - - ' 1, .4 ' I " . D - . . -4 . . . ' n I , K - . ' 1 ' I 4 .-- ' rm ' .4 . ' 4 ' ' 4 ' ' n I e, .4 U n 1 . , 4 I I , Q .4 X a . . . . ' , .. . 1 I .4 ' 'l ,.. - ra - , J 4- . ' - Y I QD . i J I I l Yr . '. N 4 - .4-'+ 4 5 fc mud bx 1 mais nf puplw. 1bout ughtx tut dup an 11t1us.r sxd-. i111 Qudlrnl 11g1t1 nrrxmg th1 yux 11111 OSt1n9L,r1um Lomunmg th. Suur md 1 lqht of ths. Vknrld moud our 1 xx 11111 c1rp1ttot111 15L1Llll1Ll1OL1lC1kk r 11Ur H1 plimd buwun 1 lm. Qt our X lilllllkn Cnrle IU XKIIIIL xuth long f1L vunq mils 4.1111 111 cmq p11mS md 111x1s 'N-.ur 511111 aur glrls tnrgu 1151 Qputul mr tnxr pr1x111Q1 ot b11rQ1m1ud u 11141 pirt m So uuquit 1 11r1m1nx IS 1111 Consurx P11111 'Xzmfu . V - .N . . V .. .. - . . - . . 7 1 1 1 1 1 , , . 1 1 . . A V . . V.. . 1 - . V - . 1 . 1 . , 1 1 I 1 ,L v Vi Yx vx v 1 u 1 u xx x N , , 1 1 1 ,, 1 1, 1,. . . . -. ,7 . V . V . V V. . - 1 . 1 1 . 1 A . 1 . .. , . . . V .1 , .V. 1 - . . . .- -. . . , K 1 .1 ,. 1 1 , . , , 1 L, f V . . . V . . . -.. - V - . -.- 4 M .S f 1 1 , 1 K . 1 V 1. . 1 1 txon of our great Cnhedral The processlon then proceeded through the dense. crowd to the Sacred Heart Conwcnt where the thlrd Benedlctron vms gum Truly wws the ceremony of the Consccratxon of the Cithcdral 1 renewal of thc solemnlty of old world splendor May ChflSf evcr be the lr ht of Our World l l Page Ninety one i 1 "1 .f I f 1 ' i ffl . , , "2 . A F C, X ,X ,Q H 4 , . , V, V , 1 l UQ X f- I ., '1 . 7, V., 1 - 'T V u jf: .4 f, 'a ..- rf . '- QQ I J Y , I f . - 5,4 , V TY I 'X ryy. V, 1- V , ',5ff'Vf 1 . . . f' I 1 uh! xlll FEBRUARY FIFTH lhe annual Alumnae Tea was glven February Hfth ACCOfdlHg to the custom the Senxors served whlle memorles of by gone days were dxscussed by our former graduates over the tea cups FEBRUARY FIFTEENTH My Everyone IS rushmg to and fro and no one seems to have a mrnute to sparc What ms the occaslon? asked an 1nno ent bystandcr Why don t you know' The Senlors are preparlng for thexr Valentme Party Thcy are tntertammg the Thlrds thxs evcmng Drnner was served at s1x 0 clo k and when we escorted our guests to the refectory numerous Ohs and Ahs were heard as they stepped over the threshold of that artxstlcally decorated banquet hall The del1c1ous dmner was served amld the cheery envrronment of St Valent1ne After dmner we sat around the table and beneath the glow of the candlellght sang old fashloned songs Thrs xndeed put everyone mto a good d1spos1t1on and by the txme we began the Grand March joy and h1lar1ty were 1n full swlng at the party Thxs good feel1ng prevaxled t1ll the very end of the evenlng and even then we could our beds we were aware of the fact that we had had qulte an exceptxonally fine tlme lf wearlness could be the cr1ter1on MAY TWENTY FIRST On the morn1ng of the twenty flrst of May twenty one hale and hearty Senxors yelled All aboard for the Rxver They donned thexr new sweat sh1rts and red and whrte caps the three machmes were soon filled and were ararm to go wlth the laughmg Senrors when suddenly If was dns ox ered that one of the cohort was mlssmg Tony who never on tlme came rushmg down the steps w1th her balloon CThey re offl J After two hours the Senlors arrived stxll jolly but hungry That nlght a barn dance was held a mxle away and the Grads all attended stxll clad 1n un1 form Returnmg from the dance the glrls tlred but st1ll full of sp1r1t flred pxllows from all corners of the cottage untxl the wee hours of the mornmg Monday mornmg the school wltnessed the Class of 27 arrlvmg at ten o clock for a nxne o clock class Several statxons have been broadcastmg rumors lately about some dances to be grven to celebrate our graduatnon from thas Illustrrous Instltutlon of Learnmg Here s hoplng the statlc d1d not prevent us from hear1ng correctly There was a famt message wh1ch as nearly as we could 1nterpret lt ran IH thus straln The Thlrds are makmg elaborate plans for a banquet to be glven 1n the V1Slt3t1On Banouet Hall on or about the thlrty flrst of May 1n honor of the Class of 27 Page Nmety three Y I X Ll C 2 'csc N g 'xl .. . . , u I , . J A, , . . . X A1 . V" - 4 , v not realize our happy time was over. I am sure. however, when we reached - u P yn Y - - U . ,, . . V . . . Q ' , c f . , "V ' 1 f f V ' 44 ' Il I I 1 I YY T - DRAMATICS THE PAGEANT Lucrr rr McDoXmr D Avo Hu r NI SHFR1DA's1 27 One of the greatest pleasures of the year was presented to us rn the form of The Grant Krller a brrllrant pageant composed and drrected by Father Danrel A Lord SJ 'I he story rs burlt upon the old farry tale Jack the Grant Krller ln thrs modern age there rs another terrrble grant whose shadow rs spread over two thrrds of the world Thrs grant rs Paganrsm But we also have a Jack who rs determrned that thrs grant shall fall before hrm as that other grant fell before that other Jack He rs a Crusader a new grant krller Many hundreds of our young Catholrc students respond darly to the call of thrs new Crusader Therr enthusrasm was aroused when asked to co operate wrth Father Lord rn the productron of hrs pageant Many of therr Page Nznety szx , X . N Oi . " : ' -I . .--. - r . r .,. , r. 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 I V x 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r .- 1 ltlsurc hours yytrc chccrtully glycn up to practlcc and tbclr cfforts yycrc rcyyardtd by thc stuptndous succcss of thc tntcrpnsc A great dcal of thc bcauty and color of tht Pagtant yy as produced by thc cffcctxyc clanccs furnlshcd by thc gxrls of our Convcnt schools Gur own school Vxsrtatxon dlstrngmshtd mtsclf ln thc part of thc g1ant s ylctrms who vxcrc rcs ucd by Jack After thcrr relcasc tbcy cxprcssed thtxr bappmcss IH a btautlful dancc Thc Pr1mar1cs ulso took 1 promlncnt part as thc gay plgmlts yy bo prc parcd thc G1antS mcals T ht tltycrncis 111th ykluch thcy acttd made thcrr b1t ont of thc most attractlyc 1mong thc numcrous and elaboratc sccncs of tht pag-,ant At thc cnd of tb1s grcat procluctton yu all fclt conymccd that we togcthcr yymth hundrccls of otbcr studcnts had accompllshcd a rcally succcssful mls monary cntcrpnsc Puqt 'Nxmiq stttr 1 1 1 v1 1 11 v v1 - 1 1 1 v1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v v 1 1 1 v1 1 1 v 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 v v V1 1 1 - 1 r 1 1 1 1v 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 v 1, 1. 1. L 1 1 1 1 -1v1 1 v r 1' 1 1 1 1 v1 1 1 1 1 1 c 1 1 11 1 v1 1 v 1 v 1 Y 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 , v 1 11 1 ,1.1. BK1 T N S ANCI VI ORS LI Xlzzrucz 4 x ,ln , x fefrc,-' L Is mfs Sk sill THE SENIORS PLAY Betty s Ancestors was presented by the Class of 27 of VISIIBIIOH Academy on Aprll 23rd and 24th rn Alexls Hall The annual play was glven for the beneflt of The Crescent Betty s Ancestors was a modern one act comedy The scene was lard C., n the h1stor1c mansion of the Wlnslow Famlly Bettina Wlnslow wxth her housekeeper Deborah kept xt up Wlth a1d of the State Hxstorxc Soclety The fun and laughter of the story was furnlshed by the ludlcrous people who vlsxted the mansron The characters were from all walks 1n l1fe from the worst old mald to two mlschlevous tw1ns Through the play ran a sweet l1ttle love story The play was acclalmed a great success by Srsters and frxends It would have been hard to find a happler crowd of girls than the twenty one Senlors the nlght of the 74th They had worked hard and they knew that Betty s Ancestors had been ONE GLORIOUS SUCCESS' X x l S Ivy I Page Nmety mne ll at A B 's p A T 5.4 Q .Y 1 .U ,V .. X at -T a I l S l ACADEMY LIFE X N' 0 y' ,wh 3159 ,n 54 +0 5 fm ,X F G' -el, 'Y Y: bln- :5"'1 1-2-75? ,Wi IQ ' V ' KV? ' ff , " ji fflf 1131 + 11 , y , W e m ' 1 1 4.1 'hir LA fm nf 22 0 3 :1225 A T w f f E11 il 5 Qiflf 5 i f ' 1- 'iw ,J , -wwf! " , C J ' 'W ', . X Su, nr ft 253- 'W' K ',,w!74 In ff I ' A: Qt I ' ,Y 3 ' Q Q-X X f'l xfx x f X I ,QR 'X Vw-K L I' l,, 5,1 ki 1'! I 105, J, XFX! lk !A , f .V XL f ' 1-,H K fl L A , 41 , 1 I4 X-I x' XA'-Q pl ,lf I 'f if ' i ' 'X Q J ff ,V 4 , xy , I ni in Yi X K Wnvi Lf! mf X ., gg fx' V 4 ' A ,, ' ' ' 1: 'J , . ' ,. Y ' 4 YS xx 1 MB. A "ll 9 J ? A1 f,"'1!', A xf ' " - ' J I ' - f ,fm-fr ' i - ,ff ar .A , , ZA A YR ,ff f ,Jiffy Q ,X XX J, ll 'Xa J X- gill I X , xg X L. if A Ax A JM v Y ,' , ' 'J 'Q 'Hg' i 7 N X N X N X , V Ma X XXX '13 lp Whql 4, x 'Xiu A Nxt J X ,-jit L. . - 'Q ' Ol V - 1 If 9'N' in VR? Y i '. f Qs f ' Q 4' 1 - in I " 'WX A L , Y -f .57 Kgs- ,v XX XX A X K R. V L xx? U N xo I X 4, my WTC! . ' X 1 1 - X N: v .. f f 7 f f We ,V H 1 ns " NK X XJ X Xxx fwfljwyii Lf kk? N W ' E IN NIQHT f K xf ig " l f, f-K V"4'jV Li J? ' .N X WX. jx ! fl 'U X PSM!" 'f uf f' 1 X XL .iv X, ,1 X . 1 "af A ,Y I 'fx' Y . , X .i X N. '1 'E WD , I 5 L 3 ' " EJ HZ f' W W ' g q 2 ,w wf l M V '. 1 1 X 'Q' E If 6 Q S . 1 ' X , . W X XX X51 f X X X ,Q Xl'f?3'L5 'I My fy I f A U U ,,,--ig mlm ,X , .H W I w N 1 C 1i X ,W W ,.,... Rl "' au.: Page Om' Hundred and Four S-.Sl K ll krlyrexll A TYPICAL EVENING AT VIZ FRANCES SHAPLLIGI1 2 Supper 15 just oyer The boarders are mlmg out of the refectory Some are runnmg others yy alkmg 1n d1gn16ed fashton to the play room yyhere the SISIGI 1n charge earnestly keeps guard oyer the W1C and IIS feyy me yyorn records Pl e e ase e e play Antomette XX ont you? Come on That from the Grads Tl1ey alyy1ys get there first and alyyays yyant 1 dance An to1nettc yy1111ng1y offers herself martyr to the cause of 111ye a vood t1m1 to her 1nsp1r1nq 1171 tunes the d1nc1 begms The X11 s e ye eleyer 1t 11 111 the neyy steps but LXLFX noyy 1nd 1en yy 1111 yy1 d1sl1es DHS 1n1 1 11111111 XX 11 1 er 111111 11 y yy 1 y 11 111 5 111 y 11 1 1 1 11 111 steppm 1 1ny loneer get togethe 11 1n 1y11t1ne e1n11 ot 11r11lee Xl1N me II s less l3l'lClj,L th1n eoxslp oyer 111111 last perfeetly ador1b1e yyeek end ec L ery n yy and t11en a r drops out of s1ght Nobody not1ces mucl1 but S1ster yt ho IS on the yy atch for just such sudden d1sappearances Generally the nomads 1re d1scoyered haymg a pr1yate fe1st 1n some out of the yy ay corner Of course these 1re only a fevy of the eycnmg adyentures that may b fall 1 Q1r1d 1ny eyenmg 1n the play room XVl11t usullly caps the Cllmlly of 1hr1lls IS the bell that summons 1 5,1r1 tor some thr1l11ng telephone chat a stray y1s1tor-or maybe a b1tter r1111on1ng for some yy1cked deed of her not yery d1stant past th1t has been unearthed by some yyatehful guard1an of the peace .f' ..ff l , tx Then the study bell the call to duty lN one yyould m1nd 11 ll neglected 1lS duty onee 1n a yyhl A REFECTORY ESCAPADE XN11 3 1 111 h Lise n1or1 1 1 y than 1n11 1er o ne 11 seene 11 queer 1 1lTlDOSSll7lt 111pp1n1ng,s that 111111 18 the releetory The most l'ldlClllOUS thtng oceurred on 1 1ert11n 1 r1d1y of 1027 1111s lb the one d1y of all the yyeely yy hen the Grads are usually f1m1she11 nd sp1re nothmg 1n t11e 11ne of food so that yy hen occas1onal1y yye haye some eyttra good thmg, doughnuts for tnstance there 19 a regular r1ot The rate at yyh ch they d1sappear IS really qu1te shockmg Th1s ntght happened to be one of those del1ghtful doughnut nxghts Just to be d1fTer ent a few of the elass d6C1dLd to make 1 collect1on Eyeryone generously contrlbuted to the yy orthy cause After the feyy had put as many 1nto the1r pockets as poss1b1e the next QUQSIIOU yy as yy hat to do yytth the rest A rare udea rose to the surfaee of some ferttle bra1n Sleeyes They should be the Darkmg place for extra doughnuts The bell sounded There yy as a sudden rush at the door The doughnuts gaye way They lost the nut and became only dough A terr1ble burst of laughter from all the Grads 1n chorus when they realtzed the s1tuat1on Then lf vyasn t so funny The prec1ous dessert yyas lost' Th1s fearful loss made a deep 1mpress1on hoyyeyer for to fhlS day no more such collect1ons haye been taken up and the Grads haye dectded that all Frtday Spec1als taste better tn the1r proper place if Page One Hundred and Srx C V V L is . 1 . . e 1 V G ' A f-. 1 ' , X 1 r A H 7 . . . . ' . 'Y V . . ' ' v U ' , l A' C, . , , , V. 4 u y' I 1 , . , V f, Hy V 'I V ' 1 X- 1 x 4 A Y . 1 1 " K 'sr Ab 4 M K A - , and x , 5 . , V k cle, "' 1-. 1 L 1 1 ' I 71 V girl. ar really' ' ry' ' ' " 1 ding ll' a " ' '1"nd" 1' .,t 1 1 'y" ' ' 'l 1 fsn' s111'1' 11' 1111- 11 A ins " 1111 p. 11111 111 111' 11 lllllll th1' 1l.1115s1'1 is 1.181 S111 ' 111 1111- fllll yy'll11 l1.1y'1' 11.11111-11 5 ' um' quit' 'n'.p.ll' 111 , ' ' g IV, N liy"ly' . j j' , 1' ' 'r ver . ' j 1. ' ' ' 1'. 1 1 '1' t . ly' j To ' pai f l l v ' 1 u xl' A ' vu V' C- 1 . - 1 .1 lo ' ' U ' . 1111.11 l 15 S11A1l.1ilG11. '17 1t't11er'1s 111111l."111tl11' o 'llle'l' , tl ' t 1' tl' ' f 1' .n11 ' 1 x les. 1 Q' 1' N ' in Al. , I I 1' I Q 3 1 5 s 1 ' ' . ' sl ' l A V , ' Av 1, 1. 1 ,A A ' ,. A. L, UsI'sSxxt1l DOMESTIC SCIENCE fe LYDR IXERXXINI 21 AND BERNICE EMKEN 27 Down rn the kxtchen ln a wee llttle nook Elght well meanxng Semors Procecded to cook They labored and toxltd Each dolng her best Wlth the food they all struggled And hoped twould dlgcst The one event of whlch exery Domest1c Sclence class IS proud IS the annual dxnner glwen at Th1nksg1v1ng S v eral days before the great day we began to plan our d1nner The first thlng to be prepared was the essent1al cranberrles Four unfortunate senlors a late found the door lo ked and ln tears returned to the study hall for they knew they would have to take therr Thanksglvlng repast w1thout the much des1red add1t1on to thelr feast The day before Thanksgxv 1ng three sturdy ploneers a lusty deslre for adventure went out ln the back yard and shot a flfteen pound turkey CBravol It took courage to do that J The unlucky fowl was brought mto the kltchen and strrpped of hls fine feathers Marre Antomette ln her haste to out rn a b1d for the leg of the turkey forgot to put salt mto the dressmg whlch we drscovered just before puttmg lf 1nto the oven and the mlstake was remedled The salad and other del1cac1es were at last prepared Everythmg was rn readmess for the followmg day At the appomted hour ffive oclockl everyone came over rn her best attrre The dlstmgulshed guests belng Sarah and Amerxta wards of Mlsses VlcCarthy and Grover After an enjoyable dmner everyone happy and contented left the kxtchen lookmg forward to our May luncheon Page One Hundred and Seven The 1 t ' ' me Q' ,K ' XJ , , - . , 4 A A V A A L' 1 . . J ,J m ' m V " ' , ,Q X riving on the scene a little too ! Q y l y 1 s . . ' l y 7 C.. 'Nngg uju On- Hun.fruI'ur7dEfL1hI ?.'Iv'jvfE".d'5",4v".Jf::u'.4v,?"..Z-r'.a-,'2v25f!w ,.w'f2v""'..f' .5-f,'f.7:f'JmSv" -fm- P+-1 J Ill i x Q-...'mf:--1-sm.. Nwwwrgxxi 51" NM N U.1'QsQQxxi .5 i 1- 5 E, . - K Yh"' N" ' :fi E 11: ' "' h" "' -'----l,A r ,Q A- Ki if . , tq I I R .sl I . 11 ' 5 , ' I : N' A A 1 V ' 294 1 1 1 ff 5 ' L' MF. ' t W fi ' .5452 ff L..-. -x . I i W 9 ai ' '. I i ii A 5 ' 1 31 i if i 1 . 5 1 gg a N' .a.. -Q. .... W ---fff .. .... 3 I gnc... Y- V -W'Y" ' ig, - f Lfvlf ' 'I 5.1 ' 2 3 I 'Q X Y . . 4 ':.,.,,,, ,,,. ..,., ',.v,7 ,,, ,V A Q . , ,,,AA ,V ,,,,, g g f.. l A. . -av . I ' ..... W ...... : ' ' fr ll- sv . , ' T' 1' M-W 53 3, h A . A E. "', . 4 :V - , ' ' '.,' lf 5 33 , . , , 1 2 - , .3 Ei- , Q I 5 . A t 4- Q ,, L-,r , V k jx V, V , . . P N Ak Y 'A ,V K!- ! . WM VE- Q --4 tim- ,S M J I 4 N I H . V A A V . I 5 . 1 F l , I H Q inn tlooog W, K '---'-"'-f if '-""""'-"""' Page O " v . . ' I L Ure Suu! SCHOOL RECORD Contmued Nov 18 In Domestnc Sclence Class absent mmded student puts washing powder xnto the muf fans nstead of cornmeal Antoxnette eats one nough sud Now. Z0 Station T U R K E Y broadcasts that Domestic Scxence Class puplls are guests of honor at 1 Thanksgxvmg dmner They them sclxes prepare the dmner Fortunatelv there are no scrnous results due to the prayers of their en nous though most fearful chssmates Nos Zl Gf1d9 prctures come Miny Ohs Ohs md Gxmmes are heard Nox Z3 uarterly exams for unfortuntte students Not Z-I' All out for Thanksgnmg holrdmysl D c 3 N17 mght at the Pageantl xvlfh the Arthblshop present and 1 full house we 1ll dmced our dxrndest to show the good results of our many hours 'Ind recreatnons of practrce Dec D After first trlal Alrce heartxly recom mends F17 for txred tender feet Dec 8 Donnelly gets a musxcal streak and amldst the nolse and laughter of the plly room she dashes off Aeogonaxse her faxorlte pxece then calmly ex ts amld the shouts of her enraptured audxence D c I3 Florence gets nerwous prostratxon from xx mtchlng Bom fluttermg along the wlndow s1ll after llghts Ire out of dtI1ClOI.lS cookxes for the Mxssxons D c I7 The Chrxstmas Bells came out D c I8 Our rmgs come Three glrls go crazy trxmg to End the 1977 Frances lS un1ble to Hnd thc Crescent Muy Hakes pomnts out to her the corners protrucl ng from the bush on whxch the owl IS srttmg Dec Z0 NVe Ill fill Chrrstmas stockmgs' De Zl Grads haxe ChflSIm1S boxl More fun Fxery one IS Chrxstmas shoppmg trunk pack Inv gums, presents hustlmg bustlmg md of course dome, lots of studung D c Z Semors smg Chr stmas hymns durmg Latnn class Tears begm to How at the thought of lenmg In June KNO kxddlnj Chrxstmas holx dmys begm Dec Z-I Teresa and LOUISE spend Chf1Sfm3S Exe at school LOUISE has been ln for more week ends that she s been out That looks bad Lou1se Marg Flo Bom and Martha Javne dlstrlbuted Chr stm1s gxfts to the poor D c Z7 Z8 Donnellys and Helen Sherldan s brldge luncheons Helen Breck says her good txme was enhanced by the cute prizes O mercenary xsoman Jan 6 Lonesome Grads umte at Busy Bee for lunch and eagerly discuss the return to school Page One Hundred and Elecen fxhzf fn x.fT' fx 8834 I 1 3' ll' Q I, In 1 ll' 'Q We I If 7 -I? .0 I I f . Aff C' ' A. 'lf I ' -I I -I I, -1: .I I1 -c I alf I ' 1' "4 ' ' Q ' I V V. I - ' f I I I I I -1 ' - ' . ' . I J I Nl IW . Q 1 I I ,I , ' I I I I I - I -I . I 1 I I O f . . -' . Vg , ' - , ' ' rr . , . u . ,, I ' --I I' I I E . I . I A. ': I I I I I , , I XX foe . ' I f , 'tiff I 'Chef XXI . my my X I ff, " --sl 'T ink? fw-f 'x I I W I --M 1 TNC ,X V 0 'I -. If I "' II I ' I' I Vit ' I XTI cr,-,.-Q ' if X J ey Ir,-M,, I 5 , I In 'u "'5'L"iQ'3:.. S D L 'T V 7 klxbxxlx SCHOOL RECORD Contznued F b 9 Grads much exctted oxer the prospect of comertrng the school 1nto .1 floating UHHCISIIY F b 10 The last say of Mlss Cannons Par lnmentary law Class and our mock conventron Senitor from Utmh dxstxngulshes herself by her zeal for the Mexican cmuse The Sennor from N Y CIYYILS the House however and ts chosen as our delegate to Washington t 14 Vxlentrnes Day O HUKILFIHQ ln e hurts bt stlll t l Crmds gut Vxlentmne Party to e llnrds Hmmm Salul ns the brggtst surprnst of the ewcnmg, The after dxnner songs go over 1 ws llorentt woutl sxy md ueryom IS gobs of fun ltb Z0 Mr Pmuldmg grvts one of has own plus 'lht Wommn s Hour 'Vlarthx Jayne nearly has fits 1nd hysterrcs before tt rs over feb ZZ Wmshnngtons birthday All out I b 23 We all go down town to have stamp prctures taken for the Year Book Some Grads xx under through the bemutlful constrvrtor ts or others txred from shopping rest rn the hugh our stuffed chalrs rn the ellborate receptlon room whale uantmg their turns feb 2-l Vxrgmxa Emng drsappomts the m pmtrentlv awaxttng mobs when she falls to brmg out her soap at noon Feb 25 Bolands Ltsternne bottle gets a bug rush after the Hoopers Club xndulges rn tts faxorrte repast of llmburger and onrons Feb 26 Donnelly gets a fmt at supper and starts yelllng Frlet mtgnon fllet mlgnon The sergeant at arms remowes her from the reftttory Feb Z8 Slats IS fmally persuaded to put on unrform stocklngs M r l Shrove Tuesday Collecttons of rmgs medals and buttons much excrtement oxer the pancakes McCarthy swallows the button rather than be an old mand Mar Z Our Retreat begms Father Cooke S J Retreat Master Mar 5 Retreat closes Everyone ts so used to keepmg sxlence that no one talks at breakfast 'Vl r 7 The Btg Four beng from Mxssourr get up at 5 30 A M every mormng thxs ueek to see whether tt IS true that All the World ls XVSII mg for the Sunrtse Mar 8 Margaret Mary ts bapttzed wrth all due solemnlty and accordmg to all the usual rttes Mmlster Anne Young performs the ceremony Allce Schatzman 15 the godfather Mar 9 A close and excltmg challenge game between the Znds and Brds The Znds are vxc torrous Mar 10 A Dead letter day A nap waffles and xce cream The usual mtense heat rn the radla tors 15 somewhat reduced so that our daredevrl Bernus bravely approaches to Wlfhlll seven and one half feet from one and returns wrth only a few sllght blxsters Page One Hundred and Thrrretn .ix xflf fh- 1 X ,fu x .Y-.... ...LU 1 ...L-...-.xXx ,ff X 1 I x.2f 1 'WY 12' 12 a : 'arf' ' T212 . Q JJ. 4. , Jw F.-lig1,f's.' ff . g V I 1 1 - T avi. F H A sn :fi 'I U ll 1 -I nal I I lg' .I I ,Al -A ll ,j. fig'-,-, AI I .. . . E Q' ' 'f' .j n sf 'Q 3,1 Z l 'F - A is r ' tl 'N' 'A ' X XX J, i -lug: v 1 XX Ax Y I 'X gin "MlllTQvA3 ,' XX. T' in T X jjg i ft. 1 'frefesgf y f gil? 4 rf , Q - ls, T . C ,f T f 1 , il fi, ,Alix A 13:1 .e XJ-T. 1 . S tt L, I UTIK :null Aprtl 2 Semors agam lunch at Busy Bee and then go to look at Graduatxon dresses Tears tn order Donnelly and Mac lndulge ln suspenders Aprtl 4 Etve slightly hurt three fatally jured 1n mad rush to the press outstde the Study H 1K 10 0 Aprtl 5 The grass ts comtng up beauttfully beneath the wtndows on Windermere stde due to the thoughtfulness of the gtrls who watered tt all wmtcr Aprtl 6 A spmt of restlessness seems to have taken posscsston of many of the gtrls Durtng the study pertod they wander from the back fence to the cupola md some exet tbsent mtndedly str1y out the front door Aprtl 7 Eager class students persuade Stster to come oxer durmg ntght recreatton for class Aprtl l3 Glee Club gxves Arbor Day celebra tton Easter holxdays begtn Aprtl Z4 Seniors Play Bettys Ancestors Jane Meagher makes even the crabbtest old pesstmtst laugh when she recttes The Wreck of the Hes perus Mty 3 Playful Sentor tosses a bottle of mk at a classmate O me O my' May 7 Three cartons of tce cream one Dxxte playroom and no one to clatm them There IS 1 Santa Claus May 10 Crownmg of Blessed Lady M y 15 Eloquence of the orators cause Dan tel XVtbstcr to turn oxer tn hrs grave N y l7 Vocal puptls gtve a recttal to the boardmg school The Glee Club stngs the clostng number May Z0 A gms leak ts dtscovered m the D S tn ttme to prexent any sertous results The class IS sent to the Study Hall but seems unable however to reach lts dasttnwtton May 23 As the end draws near we are able to say that we have oxercome all temptattons durmg the year to wash tn the Iav May '50 Senlors unantmously agree that thetr dresses are cnttrely too short and would look scan dalous from the audtence They send a commtttee to Sister to ask that the 12 mch rule be wtthdrawn and that they may be permttted to lengthen thenr sktrts May 31 Juntors gtve banquet to Seniors A glorlous success' June 2 Receptton mto the Ladtes Sodaltty June 4 Alumnae Banquet June 9 THE END OE A PERFECT YEAR laJe Om Hundred and fzftccn fxc ,mm X-Lk!-X L7 GAP A ..ClJ.lLJ.l is 'Sf X l O9 o E o o :N so tu o o so U o O P. 5 E Q.. J 'qt cg, - T , g' lf V V, fl 0 ,t - . 5 ' . 3. l . l ' .LT La U-7 ' - ' ' L- - . I , ' ' 3 f - ' Ill: jr lyl lla gli' ,,l".l :nl I . i . 1 . 1-1 " an . ' I . - . . A P 'Q ' ' N ' ' 1 . - . . :s . , - . . ' Q' '. 1 ' ' . ' ' 'D' ' : , p . I . . fi A . . ' Q 1 . . H - ' ' - 'U J . ' ' ' 3 ' 'f U g ' . F . . h Q on l , . - . Q '. . ' . . . 5',' . "1 t . ' 1 .ol A AML- I kgfNQl2?k ink! P f K - E 't 3 . ,"T""Qg. 1 ' , A ,tw-,J,,-. - M. ' Z' P- C, gy Y A Ki- :xg g ,FX fly 'K' X NSU! KX 4 tx fc Nic, dxf' ' -2 t 5 . t M ft, ste t se tt t e Xxx. I , . 3, K I In m X f 3-4-' M U' Z J Jr' mir l3' l z 1 ' xix:sx u,.'Q..x:Q."i',.w-A:fu:+.,x':e 3334 J., 2 Q xl LF - -- f -1 5 , V A , I , . , .lf:Wfqi'i f612 .L . A A N V K A , , 4 lx '- MXN' X . x , X . 'HX ' ff, T . . 'A JAX I . N I L V i , ,Xxx V V-A 11, C-Q y-X Y Q ' Xixg k I, VV f ' ' NP. ' . Q11 F4 1, f N' , X :VN ff " ' Q 'N II 'iig I - , ,..- ' 7 . , s s Q 1 l V 1311 ! I F , .,..'f 3 , . HX L' V, VV,," ,'L 1 K Q, I -"ly . A 1 f ' ,x ' Y Q , l' Y Q rx K i , fi W XXX f fy ' ! yx 4.'4 2 L ff f 4 Kg kkxl- VIH A YL"L: K V .. . .4 ' '7? Page One Hundrcd and Seucnlcen v. i OUR DOM ALICE BROKM. 27 r1dS C rlds LNLFN xxlnrm X ou n um nx LL nc rx p 'I and 1 L N mu n com IN un'm .L ll sunlx 1 nm L L IRI U HI H1 wx '11 1 W ML Ig .I lxN W S n LI ' I 1 IUINN mqhr urs L s uns. In Sunh md N1xrg1rctlX11rx Now nk x mu xou .ur lnar 0 115, nun xmr old glfli plumg xx dolls x do Ibn nmmds mn dom f mul nlumn oklmk our Slumlurs xun dlxlurbgd hx Llggltb ID ohs uhm Vlmrgunt 'Xian lllmd orlh 1 mx Nix Nh. hid ughl HOISN urls IO qulkl bxSldk5 nr do 'Ibn Qruust prxdu of our dom I9 Turn molmlln 5 md 0 AL I C Q ur ilu Cum s 5 ur ln loulh xuth thu. unc L world II'I1'1S.,lI'lx xl TIM musu Irom Simons hNlOX md lxSD pups us up md xl umm xu nun dm.. OHILUHMS ll Illjlhl nn 1 r nd nu L No g SIIILIUQ wm. Ixmulnr nr Hn xou L I NX XX 1 umm lun lm mm LS 'N 1. smgmnq s k K on . u mdx um n 1 S u 7 v. IMO . x . 1 Xnd thm xv. hu. our rr1.nd5 ilu mln Mun AHIOIHLIIL just Ions them Sh. clums to hun spml su. hours om mghl Jumpmg .rom her bkd to hu drcssu trxmg to cuch om Sh. must be somg Jummr Our und1d oomxon 18 that 1f thcrc cxcr vx IS A mouse m hu room she xx 1s too scmnd to rnou And so thc YIL rmdm dolls mme gulxsh laughur and songs ure the dcarcst thmgs m our sLhoo1 IIXLS XVL clnllnngg myons. to End us 1 place where twenty cnc pcppy V17 Gnds cm have more rml fun lhm m our dom Page One Hundred and Ezahteen 1 1 it K X -ma, ' -Y N A Y W -A A g YK. my . Y , if 3.7 , ,, . 5 . ,F ' '. y W 4 ,Q E5 , J C i Vi. AQ,h"X 1. .. 1. ' NY ' ll sc' tl ' A ' ph" A i cw ' Iggy, Q-Q sc.. I' ' .Il uv'r thc I uilding: but if 1 4 .if bv :Im " tl' "i " ' . 'I-vi. 7 ' ' vu lll J ' ' fnd .lln ' cv Xrv grad '14 " I -1-. XVPW' It's cnsv lu lcll N 'Tghix our xi m hm .mv Qu? cl . II IK'r'I.1M:hr1.w11 H-.xr wi us 33' xv 11 En xr: Um. N rmwn p.'r.E,.wi .xn fl IW .3 wuz : I.Mi1.lIl'I .ur llIljQ 1.x 3.1 ' thu 1.1 'z :.a,',' 1.11 , xu lu ,ax Yluggluxx' ef -51 BI v xr OT Ii 'Rx' 1 XYVLI bl U. 'L OKI ' Ar' vi iv Q M. "5 L I 'ou. HH. " j X d f A .' ,I .. V Y ,- t 6 .- .ith 'Q XX" . " . ' ' ' ' of the night Mac slept out in nbc " Xl ' ' " " ' I' -"MU ...'.-nm." . ' . ll, y I h ' lal' ho of 32:0 P, Nl.. ' Y' .df . nf'l7 . c' ' " X "Vk'd A A i fi S X ' ' . ' . W1 x .ll is V da k .1 I iw, we hear .1 ' i'c i is low lhu'1"A hmgh .ami llrn i '. 'crs, :Sl 4 but wc nrcnl .11 All .l. ' 'i 'xl " wc 1. ' ilk 111 ."l.' ' L hcr- ' sell' lu glwp. XX" m .1 . xli'k ur ' hv. icr Ihr .wv'rs. .mi IIN' I.- l"g I1 xlm '.x.lsnI in nh. s.u1.'Immr'x' ' .wt hu m. uw mlglu IIIIUXN .1 pil . In wr .1 slap wr .11 hm. 5 a . N ' k h . H A . , . .1 , Y Q ' 1 . 'N ' gf 5. . , . A . . A , , , il, 5: ylm Ute scent tl PRIVATE ROOM MARGARFT MARY DONNELLX 27 Many are the adyantmcs of the prix 1tc room too numerous per lnps to mention all Yet smcc we Ire lctylng school tt would indeed bc most selfish for us not to duyulgc 1 few of the r1rc dclnghts lm c tspttnlly wxth those pray nc abodcs snumttd on nt umquc stcc n tony oycrlookmg, the Conytnt yxrd the fire escape lust lI'T'l1y,lI'lL the thrill of climbing, out your yymdow on so FOIUIITIIL 1 structure to promc nude nt you yynsh ulnlc cnloymg the nnyngorttlng eytnlny., nr or the chtrm of scttxng yourself on tht uxndoyy slll to pttr mbout ln the rmthtr spooky nmosphcre of the dlmly lxghted Nlonxstcry md Actdemy yard or the dclnght of stmply slttmq there to star gut or moon look KXK htlt lm shall xlso gnc hmts uhcn uc think them necessary so thmt tht forbxddcn frults may not be p1rt1kcn of too rascnously 5 Hmt Number l Do not prome nude on satd btlcony lmentroned mboxel too early lhls often proyes xcrv dxsastrous lor 1 tlmmd nexqh bor frequently enters mto a crrttcal SIIIL of hystern on 'account of h ar mg queer noxscs etc outsmde her chtmber yymdow Hunt Number ll XVhcn tempted to frolxc about your aplrtmtnt ffor further mformatlons ste Vylallaces book on Dally Donn lqrolxcs D kmdly remember the golden rule XVL haye rmparted some of the adyantages hue glyen some hunts and noyy let us enumerate smce there are two sldcs to cyery storyl some of the drawbacks to haylnq a balcony boudoxr Chlef and fore most IS thts the amd that IS gtyen to our perslstent four footed furry brethern fsqutrrels mall clous black cats etc 5 to loot our apartments Wheneyer the opportunlty presents ttself Indeed It behooves one resldmg m such a dom cnle to be most cxrcumspect m recexymg such callers Let us now turn to the East l mean east slde of the house My what advantages that srde has lmagme haymg real machxne motor all hours of the nxght and early morn mg too Then the lovelv rattle about three o clock ln the mormng of mxlk bottles fReally lf this nonse IS not elrmmated l thmk next year s class w1ll have to speak to the Mayor and urge hlm to persuade mxlkmen to dellyer the mtlk rn 1ce cream cartons J l-low lnconsnderate thos mnlkmen can bel Utterly regardless of sleepmg crvxlxzatxon and espec1ally of a school gurl s much chernshed beauty naps Oh I almost forgot the farthful old lamp post CYes Samt Lous IS noted for xts famous antlque gas jetsj whxch stands guard as lt were every nlght outslde the Convent fence to let us know although we retire at an early hour that other human beings are actually stlrrmg about the c1ty streets gu1ded by just such torches Really we must not dtvulge any more secrets I fear we haye already entered too deeply mto mmute detatls So goodbye good luck to the next year s occupants of these rooms May they have thrlce as much EXClTElVlENT'l Page One Hundred and Nmeteen X J "QL 'FX -is 'f 3 ""' Q57 v 9 1 s' X--Q Y lg ' l' ll' " 4-W it -'f11.a,qe.? ogg. . r , ' 4 x - f -1 , . , ' ' ' . , f a ' ' ' V . 5, f' -' V ' i," F' ' . h . UQ, - ' ' , y .13 M - " ,J 5' -5 3 ' ' . ' l I ' V 1 l lf .Vi r 4' r '. . . A N . , QT n . 1 I , H ,Z . . V, Q 1 .. 5 4 .ul K' -.. I , . ' -f . j ' a h. A2 ,y ' '- , ' ' I Q -A . -' A , 4 . -f ' , -' , ' ' . " ' ' ". 'IL - . , ' - -. R, ' . I ' . l . , . ' 72 '- 4 .' I . y 1 ' 1 " 4 1 . sf-S ' A -4 . f I ' 14 4 - J4 - V -. . 1 . :A i . r-1 4 '- fs . -J - - 2 . v .Q ' . H ',' , ' , f ' ' ' ra .,' .l - ' ,- '- - ' -f r' . f . . 5 . , L r : Q , n . ' . I 4 mn N a .I a I"C-1 I , 1 I . I I I' V . . 0 . . , , . I .- . , , .V l ' -4 . I ' A I .. . gg I . Q I. :Ji ' ff 1 1 ., L, , il slsiix . X X lx:-3 1 u'IxSxs11l THE JAZZ ORCHESTRA ALICE BROKAW 77 Contmued It happened thxs way Two or three of V12 s offlclal musxcal leaders determmed to organlze a second orchestra They gaxned permlsslon to do so and McCarthy was appolnted to conduct 1t Now th1s mlght have been funny but If wasn t One Erxday evemng Mac summoned her muslclans to the playroom and started the makmg of one dandy orchestra The gurls were They dld Now on thls Erlday mght we were havlng studmes All was qulet The alr of study prevaxled I always does on Erxday nnght But If dldnt prevall long on thus nlght for the none too soft stralns of our just beglnnxng 5aLz orchestra reached our ears Everyone dropped her books We could have cheered rlght there but we dxdn t All we could do was stop SCllClYlI1g and grxn Thus our jazz orchestra came 1nto bemg keyed up eager to make xt a success May we all here extend thanks to th1s worthy crowd of grrls and thelr leader for the peppxest partxes and the very best tlmes we have had th1s year WE THANK YOU Helen of Troy So thls IS Pans? Davld The blgger they are the harder they fall Samson lt floats Cleopatra You re an easy Mark Anthony Nero Hot stuff keep the home Hres burmng Methusalah The Hrst hundred years are the hardest The tea her was explaxnlng the mystenes of subtractlon to her class of wrlgglers In order to subtract thlngs must be of the same d nomlnatron You couldn t take three pears from ten cats could you, Up shot a small hand Couldn t you take three quarts or mxlk from two cows? Conductor Csomewhat xrrltated after stumblmg over obstacle ln the 3lSl2l Madam you must remove your val1se from the a1sle Colored Lady Fo de Lawd sake Mlstah Conductah dat a1n t no val1se Dat s my foot Don t worry lf your job IS small and your rewards are few Remember that the mlghty oak was once a nut l1ke you A Page One Hundred and Twenty one 'K - C16 5 .. .. Qu. a 5 I ff f 4 1 b . l l . . ' 4' . I Q FAMOUS SAYINGS OE FAMOUS PEOPLE 5 h Y Y Y , ' Y Y Y 7 . . Y Y Y A ' lv 4 1 g, ..,w f . V ABL Aw-p-' A ' , . m . - , ,A . G .1 .1 .1 A h I h FV cg . V J J - J : : : : : : 1 E - v .' Q 5 . ' - C- . .1 " ., - ' . ' . V ' . U I . A - ' ' ' 4 L 1 .4 . . . ' Q - j - V . . i V 1 , - I V ' ' Q ' - , f, -A Q -s 'Q -s 'Q - Q ' 1 , ' ' - ' - ' - ' Q - ' , ' , V l -x -A -x -x fx - Z i 1 i I 1 . . . Q , - 1 . Q I ' 1 I Q ,Q 1 - . . A . . . 1 1 . 1 . - 1 . V -'-- in -x -Q -x i -x fx I 4 p , , , h , . n 1 l I l V I ,: , - 4 -.,.. , A , - A l - A I . I , - -.A-A , A . h . ' ' - - '- , , . . - . 1 1 1 1 V 1 i . 1 I ' - 2 - I . - 1 A 3 . . . 1 1 A i . - 2 . - ,- Q 1 - V . 6 . ,, J v F . . . ? - O . ' PT' -fl P as . . E V , I1 Lrx CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CLASS OF 27 MARX BOLAIND 27 Vlost Popular Vlost Pollte Most Dependable Vlost IVIISCITILVOLIS Vlost Demure 'Vlost Sedate Best Dressed Best Ewcecuttve Best Athlete Best Warbler Best Worker Steadlest Smcerest Smallest Wrttrest Darntlest Quretest Cutest Nleatest Tallest Do you know what I heard? No what? I herd cattle V1rg1n1a McCarthy Barbara Temm Teresa Falchero Marne Antolnette Grover Frances Shaplelgh Bernice Ifmken Lycia Kerwm Margaret Donnelly Louxse Rauch Helen Breck Mary Hayes Luclle McDonald Florence Myers Florence Foster Jane Meagher V1fglHl3 Emlg Helen Sherrdan I-Iarrlette Hunter Evelyn Parker Mary Boland Barbaras motto Thlnk before you speak and then talk to yourself Hrstory may repeat rtself but not durlng exammatlons Its hard to drmk knowledge out of a dry book If thxs country IS level why does South Bend? I am behlnd 1n my studles rn order that I may pursue them Page One Hundred and Twenty three Q55 . ii S In I!! fievz-7zvzi1zv2e',124:z'll TS'i'9xTlN5lt I Llu Um t st cnt Lady rn confess1onal Father I haven t commltted any sms srnce my last confesslon Prxest All rlght that s one now thxnk of something else Donnelly refers any one who questrons the number of baths she takes daxly to her clean record Snster m I-Ilstory Class In what State must a man be who rs elected to the Senate? Frances absent mxndedly In the state of grace Otto Ach Im sleepy I sat up all mght m1t a corpse Pat Sure an what was 1t? A wake? Otto Avake? Nern you fool It vas dead s Say yelled the trafflc offncer What do you mean by speedmg along llke a madman? You ll klll somebody Why dont you use your noodle Noodle gasped the new car owner where rn the heck IS the noodle? I pushed and pulled and uggered every darn thmg on the dashboard and I couldnt stop her Is she a loyal VISIIZIIOH Curl? Loyal They tell me she even refused a Carnegle Llfe Savlng Medal Why would a woman lose her rel1g1on rf she changed her sex? She would be a he then Cheathenj Slster entermg Mane Antolnette s room Dld you open both your wm dows last nlght dear? Mane Antomette No Slster I only have one wmdow so I opened xt twxce Wlse You d better keep your eyes open tomorrow Crack Why? WISE Because you can t see wlth them shut Slster Can any one tell me what a volcano IS? Dorothy Cthe br1ght chxldj A hugh mounta1n that keeps on rnter ruptmg Professor What do you mean by saymg Benedrct Arnold was a Jamtor? Fresh Student The book says that after eX1le he spent the rest of h1s llfe ln abasement nun Paae One Hundred and Twenty sewn t .. . ft. 'X x . ,. - I X, - 1 Q y 'W 1 ' 1 1 1 K . 1 ' ' 1 1 1 A . A C-""? ' ' rl vy 'Q , - . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , . , . , . ,.. 1 1 1 u y q - - ' ry 1 1 1 A . N 1 1 1 f N Z AA Y I . f 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 ' 71 . 1 1 1 1 1 V in-sll""'v-i J mf J H , ' ' . 1 :4 " 4 f ,--' - 4 - --W V 1 'ya g k- W4-X,,.., N I - Q5-REQ fi ,,iaE:,?j .-Ab F 3.5 - Hg pf' , it .4 x r ! ' .1 '39 fit f D ,, V Sw! ? 41 slffiss H, :Yr wr' 1 " . Lwmm 'r V N 771 i -.Q J '-1' i..1..i.1i W A "' k NME iff '.'M....l 75 A um f E ,E fn 1! I ffl! If I I fflffn Things to Remember lVl1ilv I W215 There SCHOOL of CO MERCE and FINANCE ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY H111 'XHTI-I'::' ':l'I"T'II" Ili" INN MINI T IIIx'II'1"1' IN -W "-' ' ,". .I.. 'I.I.. Regular Four Year Coux ses ln I LNINI SN XIDIXIINISIRXIION X COINI 'Nt XI XRINI ' NL, I L ONOXIIC H I IN XXL I3 XNRINLI ID A TWO YEARS SECRETARIAL COURSE m Academy and Hugh School Graduates XJIDRI N I I INN QRXNI X S Ifmf-Qf,Q ,J IL" f."I'1 Qijlfx L' .', ' , Il ' I' ' LRIQ IIS I-Q'IL'. v Ff I - ' ' A.: 'lf 1 Im, rum -1f'.1zI4f'-i't,.111:rz, 1: 'f,f Izijri -.IIIII 1 5.111 III II. 1 I1 III' "UI 'HU'--11 I::If'.1 - I' 'I 'Ili' ' I I . SIQVRI I RRS St IIUIJI ul 1'HNIXI'SRI I NNI I- I Nc I I I JXXIJXXISI I'INI,HI ID. For 35 Years Rubicam Business School has been training young men and young women for business life and placing them in the best stenographic and bookkeeping positions in Saint Louis. Rubicam Can Do the Same For You Day and Evening Classes Write or Phone Today for Catalog RUBICAM BUSINESS SCHOOL 493l-33 DELIVIAR BOULEVARD 3469-75 S. GRAND BOULEVARD lTOrest 0099 LAclede 0440 GLORIOUS DAYS IN CONGENIAL COMPANY MODEST EXPENSE TOuPlSt Cabin, 110 00 Round Trip to Europe Will l travel with nice people? Will l have a comfortable tateroom and ood meals3 Will there be plenty of deck pace so that l may have room to exercise in the ocean air or a place to relax in solid comfort in my deck chalrl Will there be social gatherings that will make my voyage live long in pleasant memory3 This is what you are prob ably a king yourself will they furnish for this low price To all these questions we answer Yes Low cost tours offered m connection with all of our TOURIST sallmgs Write for Full Particulars CUNARD STEAM SHIP COMPANY LIMITED 1135 oLlvE STREET ST Louis Mo AT . . H. . S . s g S , .. 9 ' 1 Price of the J. M. Electric Tempera- ture Regulator lnstalled Com- plete, in St. Louis and Suburbs S30 00 Guaranteed for 2 Years Easy Terms If deslfed Let J M serve as your engineer and earn money for you LIG HT SOCKET KEEP COMFORTABLE WHILE YOU SAVE COAL Room THERMOSTAT . TO THERMOS TAT Th Nl Tlectrit Temperature Regulator save fuel because it count: racts forgetfulncss A night the ohjec is to retain a fire and not particularly to l-ceep the r th daytlm: open windows and doors let in cold air One has o b avoid sudden and txtreme changes in temperature lnstall the -I M lator as thc engineer of your heating requirements lt Nlll watch and will counteract your forgetfulness and save coal for you With the Regulator on the job you do not need to keep your mind constantly The J lVl Electric Temperature Regulator has been designed tested the name implies an accurate regulator of the temperature in the from the highest grades of material made assembled and tested in The J. M. Electric Tempera- ture Regulator Consists of l Electric Motor I Room Thermo- stat ,-'Xll necessary Xvires, Chains. Blocks and Pul- leys to Complete lnstallahon Make your Grav ity Oil Burner operate auto matically Save the full cost the first heatin season plus the comfort and con venience The J M Electric Temperature Regulator will do it for you or S30 00 ooms up to 70 degrees l constantly on the Natch to Electric Temperature Regu control the temperature It Nl Electric Temperatur on the fire and proven to be just what home It is manufactured our own factory Ir carries the well known two year guarantee of the D 6: T Manufacturing Company lt has no supe riors for accuracy and durability The installation IS very simple D 8x T MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers of The J M Electric Temperature Regulator 3001 3009 LaSalle Street St Louis, Missouri , , W ' ' O ! -1- 1 3 E . 5 . . i .. i - I . ' i '51 7. . ' f '.-J, .i A + A - 5 ' - - my 1 f- i ', F 'l A i. ' t cf' . ' , .1 . T . . g . , . O I LI d ll 5766 LI dll 4128 ELLIOTT 8: BARRY ENGINEERING CO. Heating Engineers and Contractors 4030 WEST PINE BOULEVARD SAINT LOUIS One FLCUR E91 evely fioul pulpose Guin MEDAL Ftuun - QUALITY ERVICE CASCADE WET WASH LAUNDRY t t 0 4708 9 W d 0 W P d 0 and E - Q 2 - . C Q . Vic or Street a hio Avenue V' - -I0 I I - - - Wet ash, .06 per Poun 1 Minimu 51.2 Wet ash with Flat Work Ironed .08 o 5 Minimum. 5I.6 . 3 0 - -W ' I -f 4 N onlie' E ff W . ,Ll tg 5 . . -4-we FONTBONNE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN your Ol' ll Nao. SL Louk Q. 3 5-4 OJ A -H 2 'En :2 :s 1 5 .2 W5 .D .LE 5 if Q M Q- zn C0 " i GJ . 5 Q .5 U 5 - 55 'cv 2 . :J E .G ,H O ,cn CQ 1 1 ,t ' I 'g . 42 E ff ng R Qifwq EO Y uf -7 ' - '. A CQ . . it X Q E FU -,,,2': E v , m A5311 Q , .l A 3 O M -J 9, VAXI3.-XNY H84- C. F. DIECKMAN 3.29 De BHIIVISFE Avenue bt Louis N10 I. , w - V I . . -. , ,V ' w M AR M 0 N WYDOWN 0170-0461 N A S H H RRYV S GRO ER P e d St LOUIS County Automoblle Company Clayton Mo C Q r si ent . , , . FITZGERALD 8a ROBERTS ROOFING CO. SLATE AND TILE ROOFERS P.-Xrkview 2916 6625 Delmar HEBMCHE X 50X S VEST wwf' d -X XQAYRYXYA z A Ig An S D as mmmwmn RLMEW C0 x N HDD Bhg A ytblt 0 kRl adAhs WH OWEN CO 6,0784 W H o Ol' SERVICE LINCOLN SALES AND SERVICE f ' A , , , 2 Banish hes ache ff 5227 ' quickly wi h 1 ' or ' nti- am- ni T blet . 0 0 o , , .-ff' Alsosto other 2 g2:53:3'f7f, I pains and re- f I s M, :wa 3, L V2 lieveins mnia mf ,QLQJ -'A f ' - ' - f and ner us- - , f Jblg neae. Ready f ' ff relief f m f' - ri e, ld , l -V fever,Women'spai , etc. 25 millions used annually. ' e enuine have 4K on ever a e. I I 1 nic e ief from Pains n c e MARYVILLE COLLEGE OF THE SACRED HEART Meramec 'and Nebraska Ave ST LOUIS IOL R HI AI 9 COURSE LEADINC Tu B A md B S DEQ REES KOTNDL LTI D BH THE RFI IGIOUS UI TI il S xLRED HI XRT Compliments of The VISITATIO BELLS Grades I VIII Seml-Annual Magazine 1 ., . :' 'J w -- , A . ' '.k . I. . 1 , . , 1 . -v -'J , : : 1-' . . . Q Q 4 i O I Phone. CAbany 089 7 f l liill WALKER ,s,gg,i ,!. I CLEANING AND DYEING V M iw, , I ,X ii.W:1h,tl:,i-M-:M ii I ,M ii., tm ' iii i. i W' Iiiit'll'II'x"II"lIlIIimIF' Film III iw WH wi 'wIIiiii4w1Ivi ,IW i 'miiiiiiill""'1,iwii M I i .I - 9 iinii'm""""'M I1l'liIlL W IM, ,,,, I SVQMIGI1iIFI:ii:iIQ2q!IIaTfI .ig':'.,!, . ' i "1,11:EfiiiliigIiii3,-1 Li , l I6fIE,,:iii-1-f,,,.- FQdrmfuigillgmuiiiiigggml All Kinds of Alterahons , H, ' "I qgiiw-"' I' Wi--I .iii Wliil' Il' iii Wiiiiiri'gig'ii+1gjiii',i ii If ". Ii ii Juni 'i,,liiiiiiii15Iil11:tw'fj,, Iiilii mu i ii ii' inn IwilliiIIIIIiIIIliii.'Ii I 'iii N2 'Wliii ' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII4 ,U , H, iiliriiill i.iwI. II Wy I5 iii Iiim ll4ill4IIII!liii."' W, ,iv ii 41 ' 'W 2 I ull' itil I I uw Im It I',i,g.i::iulm' I '",i'1"iw- it I - N' ii:iIi ,"'i 919 Hamlltcn Avenue it I ill, i iQw'Ei!'i Wil R- C- Walker up I ii: igi-is ,I'2v'.i1' LW 'l im il i I.. 1. IW YI-:l1tiQ.,ii?3IiI1liiI"iIIfI'II'l'l'l iiiiiieiff-wi-it EVERY c:H11.1rs GARDEN - An N E L S O N ' S Ideal Gift for Catholic Children. The Truthsof Rcligionin simpleverseand adequate picture. Strongly and daint- ily bound in blue and gold. Sold only OF FINER QUALITY by mail. Przve 600 QP0stpaidi DELICIQUS Remittance Must An-rompany Order FEGISTER YOUR LETTEP BAKERY coooq AND CANDIES THE N514 HOPE CATERING SERVICE 419 VINE ST SCRANTON C-Xbanv We Deliver CAbany 5 0 I 6 6 5 9 0 440 DeBal1v1ere Avenue INTEGRITY EFFICIENCY SECURITY BEN A LANGAN FIREPROOF STORAGE COMPANY 5201 Delmar Boulevard EXPERT HANDLERS OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS REMOVALS STORAGE PACKING AND SHIPPING X X . E . . lv- y I - . ,PA. - . 1 9 CHARLES F. STUART UNDERTAKER FOREST 7000-7001-7002 I t CALLAHAN COAL CO CH J 3918 Duncan Avenue XX Ilandlv X11 QKUCDD XDI S uc ELECTRICAL un CONTRACTOR DEALER ENGINEER 1303 Plne Qtleet ANYTHING ELECTRICAL Klllarney Rose Shop aa g B Pl r C t Fl 1925 North Umon Boulevard S y In W th Fl I,InrIv-II 47 50 I.InrIf-II 288 Who esale and Re nil . O Ur ' . I L, , LQIQ if of Coal 21 I DQ-Iiwfr to ,XII Parts of i City and CX: ty T Family Trade Solifiied ' VHVI on '-.WRX nf' 'Ml Ric Ixnrr! I'11lgg1IJIvo11 IIUQI1 IVIc'5Ii1I1xU2lI1 I'I1onv: Iforwnt 3588 IVe in ouquets Funeral Designs an s :: u owers a vi owers WE no SHEET METAL WORK of Any Character for Institutions and Private Homes ALL WORK GUARANTEED POWERS 8: BOYD CORNICE AND ROOFING CO. 3614-16 LACLEDE AVENUE 0353 Etblhdl l6789 WM CLARKSON 8: SONS Serges Vellmgs L 1 n e n s E t c 402 404 MORGAN STREET ST LOUIS MO Compliments of A Frlend Jefferson sa is e 856 CEntra 7 , . XX M Sixty-first Anniversary Our Record is Your Guarantee The' school lvuilt likf- pianos- Grzincl, Upright, :incl Square-, BROWN'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 5652 Easton and 5858 Delmar H 5 i'nf ,rl N 9' Jr' 1 5 7 1 C Xl xny 61 80 MURMANN PI-IONOGRAPH CO Distributors of Washburn Highest Quality Musical Instruments Plm Accessories l..xtr-st K olumluizx Rc-corfls Sh:-vt Music 1: Player Rolls I1ULfI'ilpl1S illlll ljl1lIl0S lgQ'pIlll'f'!l lay 5546-48 Easton Avenue C r t 73 1 E x UMQUAM ALTIOR The Class of '28 VL. .. bd orml, l in. .-X. Q. . f,.l1ru4lwr,l' in. uv :mf 1-21 an ll i. 72 or V 7 -'W 66 79 H Bf H CO PL EN S OF THE SECOND ACADEMIC CLASS Edison. with all his inventions. was a piker compared to the ambitious young photographer who advertised: UYour baby, if you have one, can be enlarged, tinted. and framed for S8.79."-Jack o'Lantern. Y Y Y Miss Bond: "Do you know APoe's Raven?' " Marjorie: "No, what's he mad about?" Y Y Y Foreman: "Murphy, how about carrying some more brick?" Murphy: "l ain't feelin' well, Governor. l'm trembling all over." Foreman: "NVell, then. get busy with the sieve."-'Ilit-Bits, Y Y Y Housewife: "Did you mail those two letters I gave you. Norah?" Norah: 'AYes'm. l mailed them at the Post Office. But I noticed that y'ou'd put the two-cent stamp on the foreign letter and the live-cent stamp on the city one." Housewife: i'Oh, my, what a blunder." Norah: "But I fixed it all right. ma'am. I just changed the address on the envelopes." Teacher Willie wh1t was it Sir Walter Raleigh said when he placed hrs cloak on the muddy road for the beautiful queen to walk on? W1 ie Step on it kid Honey I wish you wouldnt knit at meals I cant tell where m spaghetti leayes off or where your sweater begins Nlr and 'Nlrs Cohen standing in the swimming pool with water to their thine Nfly goodness Iz7y where is the baby l71y He s all right I got him by the hand Bobby came home late one day 1fter s hool His mother asked him XVhere were you so long Bobby msyy ered To a deyll s funer1l His mother s11d To 1 devil s funer1l Hoyt eome Bobby replied As I w1s coming home 1fter school I saw 1 funer1l p1ss by 1nd there xx 1s 1 man standing on the eorner He spoke 1loud then he s11e The poor Devil lle was sick only 1 yy eek The sloyy suttor 1sked Elizabeth would you like to h1ye a puppy? Oh Edu ard the girl gushed How delightfully humble of you Yes de1rest I 1ceept Scme one was telling me we are to hiye a new brick Gym this F111 aeh the alumnae h1s decided to use their heads NVhat 1re your initials M1dam? But I thought your name w1s Nlo e lt s Adaline Vlore Y Y Y . ,, . . Y . . x j. . V . , c . - ., s m ss H . . ., . , . Y Y Y ,. - e - Y sv V v y - - H - s 1 -s s 1 Y Y Y lf 1 1 ' . l Y 1 ' - A - " v y y x x ' s v?" . I I , . , . .. - - A H f fy e v 1 Y Y Y v 1 H X 1 V I 'K' I 1 ' Q e e . , " s x e s 1 V' tt A e ., 1 - vs s - sv s e . e . x - D ..f 5 4 . x J Y - xy, . e . e e . . I' ? ' I e ' e ' I . ' e ? e e rv C x X 'lei L e I X A e I e X C v I 1 - ..f - - ve - e s e - fee ee . . e . Y Y Y ? . I . I e ? I U : ". ' , I ' e " .H .. V ., - x .. X- - x Y , C me 1 L -I v Y Y Y A. 3 5 I . I 'A Y! M I y I ', . e . e , .4 f ' ' nv s . s s s e , 1. . Y Y Y ,I X Y A. . . I H e , e . i. H ' 4. I t'. 1.. ' I '. i,'V'UMPl,lMENT9 CLASS OF 1930 VINCET QU1 SE VINCET CLASS OF 1927 '-'li' Academy of the Visitation Cabanne and Belt Avenues ST. LOUIS, MO. Primary, Preparatory and Academlc Departments The e1ght guides of Cxldmmdl School plepue the pupll fo1 Hlgh School The AC ADEMIC DEPARTNIENT compueew the foul we IIN of Hlgh School and 05918 1 choice of thlee College Plepal ltoxx COUISQS D91J11ilIlGlltS of lVll1SlL -Mt Dome t1c QCIQHCQ COIHHTQICI xl B1 mche Reslcleht md Daw Pupll Aclclle The DIIQCUQ Ph FO t ll-41 . . 'I Y T1 ll 1 ' I 1 I . - c . ' . x . 1 1 I. 1 N V lA A- L . . . - . -v f --1 . 7 c K . c e . I I 4 tl I Y I1 1 . c L t. . Z ' Q .' ', A ' , S k , ' 2 'Z S. Q 2 ' .' S. - ' XSS: ' ' SS. V 'Y one, ree Quality Courtesy ROLWES MARKET Groceries and Meats Also Fruits and Vegetables in Season T.-1.1-Urflszwfsi Forest 6830 2608 IO N Kingshlghway PINES AUTOMATIC W I N T E R F R O N T Opens Itself when your motor needs cool air. Closes Itself when your motor needs heat. Automatically keeps your mo- tor at the correct temperature for highest operating efficiency -Xt 60 Fahrenheit Your Nlotor Needs ,Xutoniatic Winterfrrvnt Protection Models for All Cars, priced 522.50 to 530.00 For Sale at Louis County Automobile Company Harry V S Grover Pres Clayton Missouri BRENNAN S Good Things to Eat Pure Virgin NEW EAGLE BRAND OLIVE OIL C roun incl x ltecl L nflt Nunnx W x Xlctor 0229 Cllanci H299 RAVARINO 8: FRESCHI Importers and Manufacturers Kmgshighway and Shaw Blvd St. ' ' 1 1 ' i IDE I' ' I AI rhf- . Y ul ltzxly ' 11 R11l1ILzl'Ulf'IlDUt'h Nm llnnrllv 1it',.i1L . L, 1' . . C ,- WM H LEAHY Compliments of REAL ESTATE 801 Chestnut THOMAS L. QUINN Plumbing Contractor 5511 Easton Avenue FOrest I 561 MARMON SERIES 75 NEW EXPERIENCES AWAIT You M A R M O N a versatlllty of performance never before experlencecl xn a large luxurxous motor car Series 75 MORE AUTOMOBILE COMPANY 2805 Locust Street E ANSON MORE P ST LOUIS COUNTY AUTO CO y V jOHN T BROWN t JEROME F P CASEY GEORGE M OTOOLE ST LOUIS CONTRACTING COMPANY Concrete Work Stone Masonry Cut Qtone and Granite Work 4425 CLAYTON AVE 1 I Compliments A FRIEND O ' Fores 540 ', , res. Harr . S. Grover, Pres. of Al on, lll. THE Geller, Ward 8a Hasner Hardware Company Distributors M A N S F I E L D TIRES AND TUBES Tennis Golf Baseball Goods 41 0-1 2-14 N. Fourth St. REMEMBER- WH XT YOU BUY FROM LS IS GOOD WEST ST. LOUIS TRUST COMPANY Easton Avenue at Sarah Street SA VE-DONT SPEND II' .-XLI- F de a e System FIVE MINUTES WALK FROM NEW CATHEDRAL YOU LL LIKE THE NEW FAIR MOUNT FOR MANY REASONS S125 FAIRMONT HOTEL MARYLAND AND EUCLID JUSTIN T FLINT WANTS TO DO YOUR WASHING He relieves you of the added worry of Wash Wash Wash 6c 8c 9c 15C per Ib JUSTIN T FLINT LAUNDRY COMPANY dllf F P F t Member e r I Reserv r .- 9 Ihr- Ing, Ilght and vonufnrtzxblf- ruouxs fx: w- riv- uh! :I gg kwrfe Lal M. rx 'I umm' ' XI: V. '. 1: . f. r I I xx,--fm----2' mn, -1. xr . vw: : ' -I 'V' -grftwl 1 . fl r H -.kf., .Ds 1 as ' ' y 1 1 - I, 'I - , L5 I '5' Il' ' , 75 I .'. . Lln e -370 European :: American ive hones if een Trucks HORAN EXPRESS CO. Light and Heavy H A U L l N G Auto Trucks for Hire 5355 EASTON AVENUE B ll Ph C. M. McDONALD REAL ESTATE CO. Realtor 38 Years S A L E S R E N T S INSURANCE APPRAISALS ESTATES MANAGED 1 1 1 1 CHESTNUT STREET Compliments of A Friend T 1 ph MA 2309 Herman J Naunhelm Attorney at Law 302 Rialto Bldg Fourth and Ollve s St Louis Mo Kroeger School of Music KE R KROEGER D J s II I-I gh r N f All d All Branches of Music Taught MUSICAL ART BUILDING OLIVE AND BOYLE LINDELL B326 S df C t l Q e one e e one, in Q O ., St . . , . n . . . , irector "The c ool of i est Sandardsn Member of ational Association of School o Music and ie Arts ' en or a a ox melting in the refrig- erator not only cools the air but also circulates and purlfies the atmos phere A WELL ICED REFRIGERATOR KEEPS FOOD IN PRIME CONDITION Jfxg GROSS CHANDELIER COMPANY I ' L ' I A 0 m St. Louis, Mo. I l 07 Locust Street 2036 Morgan StreeI E SETI S3 U3 'I-l?Q.? ii l ' LIGHTING EQUIPMENT p S urh ho Hsptas t nlBulcl l XRTIXL IIST OI INST XLLXTIONS Q S Sl t SIL r x ell L.-X H ld 886: M 5134 JOHN CONCANNON REALTOR Loans Rentals Insurance 720 Wainwright Bldg LINDELL PHARMACY X San er Pharmacist Ct Louis Avenue and Sarah Street Sl Loul Mo by2 I GOZ TAILORING CO GENTLEMEN S SUITS MADE TO ORDER At Rea P ce Clea Ing Dyeing P es Ing cl Rep d Gentl Car 5807 Suburban Tracks P CI-IAS D TEMM DRUGS 4700 Easton Avenue ho Y u Want IO IO J u n 7 Q Q VV' N M Q Salesr o Factory rf F f A I lJ'X E 3 INXFI "W, 1 ,Nm Wi De I er nd Man f cturers of l ll 1 "' A I l 7 Il ' lu ' 'I-- I- If . . . . I 3 K 'WR If f I Ch c es, Sc o ls, o I l, and lnstl utlo a I ings "' . St. jon- h Qc-IIIIIIIIry. Hinsdale. lll, Sf Louis Lniverxity NI-w Gymnzxsiul I I -A I I .-Q' 4 St. Louis L'IIIx'e-rsity llipzh School Qt . .Inislnus SQ-Ininzxry Q g' ' V XVI-zdvrrm Catholic Union Blfiu.. Quincy. llls. ' ' - St. Francis Xavier Cihurfh, S . Louis. N10 f l.un-ilu fcxllf-ge. XXX-lusts-r Groves, Mo, Frmntbonne- Ciollc-Irv, , . Guia, Mo. If If Communicate with T. Cradc-n Lil! -. Clin ral l0f:0 Clfntral l06I Clin ral l062 Clin ra 063 S. r e 4 Ain J. f . g . ' ' ' - .. '. 5, . CHX an ' 6 I 3 u Q n n sonahle ri s n' , ' , r a' an airing of Ladies' an emen's ments E ne o r s ' res 2'0 CCSEE77 C. ROBERT WOLFF HE ADDS GREATER CHARM EVEN TO THE LOVELIEST FACES WOLFF-WILSON DRUG STORES Seventh and Washington Grand and Olive 408 Washington Avenue Compliments of A Friend ,hom-: l7Or4-st l9I5 Hannibal Ambulance Co. INC. Private Ambulance Service Exclusively DAY AND NICHT O flu wo GXR xci 5l65 DELMAR BOULEV XRD ST LOUIS MO 114 ST LOUIS SEED CO 4lI I3 WASHINGTON AVE ST Louis Mo Garden Seed Flower Seecl Lawn Seed Bulbs Shrubs Plants Canary Supplies Do Supplies Wt Cllf e 1 ST LOUIS COSTUME CO Theatrical Costumers and Wig Makers H l 507 North Broadway St Louis Mo lf: A- .- .f CEU ra '00 N..-Xin I lOl . ' g Frank erbers, Gen' Mgr. ri e or a or Free Catalogu - . , . WEBSTER COLLEGE Corporate College of St. Louis University Strictly Collegiate Conducted by the Sisters of Loretto A Member of the North Central Asso- ciation of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and of the Association of American Colleges. On the list of Standard Colleges of the Catholic Educational Association. also in the American Council on Education, Af- filiated to the Catholic University of America and a Corporate College of St. Louis University. TEACHERS' STATE CERTIFICATE: illiv- ions:-rxzitnrjv fit 'Nlusii uric-rs 1 our -s lf-.ailing lu in fir-gif-,-1-y l--.ii li +-rs kertiticutr- l'r-:fm-s-.urs from Kenrirk Semlnurx runduxt vlusses in llhilnsoplix. Sotial Srienm-, llistorv. Religion .1 Scripture. Department of Expression and Household Economics Buildings New and Thoroughly Flreproof For Catalogue Address THE REGISTRAR WEBSTER COLLEGE WEBSTER GROVES MO Suburb of St Louis n l DALY 8a McCABE REAL ESTATE CO. 801 CHESTNUT STREET ST. LOUIS R e a l E s t a. t e Loans, Insurance Rent Collector G-Xrfield 0453 TYler l l29 J F CORRIGAN Contractor of TVIODFRN HIGH GR XDP PLLWBINC RWD DRAIN-XCR 2501 W St Louis Ave No Job too large or too small Repairing Done Promptly GArField IB43 CEntral 3992 L JOHN FROST PLUMBING CO 1515 CHESTNUT STREET sr Louis, Mo , . , . . o o O V - V F . L. . I I .' . . . . . . . CArfield 0729 MAin O68I CONSUMERS FUEL CO. 1824 Railway Exchange Bldg. Dealers ln ALL GRADES OF COAL AND COKE Let us supply your requirements our service is efficient and courteous ALL RESPONSIBILITY is assumed by us in arranging funeral details. Nothing is over- looked in relieving the family of all unneressary worry. That is part of our Service. It is what can always be expectefl of us. Kriegshauser Undertaking Company GEO. KRIEGHAUSER, Pres. Office and Chapel 4104 06 Manchester Avenue A GR d04I7 0427 EAT SWITZER S BUTTERMELS BEST CANDY MADE CAbany 3900 30l3 T D Florist an D 4 74 5 -4 I 1 Y' o i M an VI SP fr xv Z9 ass L fs X Q ::: , 1 I- ,X 1 t I 7 ye , 1 ass I i I ::: I S 555 0 r Q 4 ry f ig 1 at 5t 13' ' K 1 '11 W L' 1 A M ' 5 ... x 1 ,f EEE . ' - qf Lf ' SSSSDELHARBWD Sanur Louis Mo E STEIDLE Pr s is . , 5 . . -I .. . , , 6 :Q-7 1 fa 4 il I 1, . 152 1 g 1 5 'W iw, I ii , 9? F """ x M193 1 V . V ., 1715 5 I Q44 54- , z --4-v in gn? 'STL i 1 .D ' , 4 ......, A ,, J . - X I . k , h P '4' D , . bm .gf-fi 1 if 1 - 4- - --- l' 95 X- 4' . ,Q . Q 4 ' I: It ' k V, '- Ax ' . , , 1 A , 3' . G , Q Q ,:1"f" "ali, 'Q' f ' Q 1""'f- ' 3 - - I OL.: -..-2: , X , . ' I . 'K , a -0' Q W I 1 W Q . , ' ' i ,, V , A 3 ,-.' Q 1 . , A L - . ,- ,, ,. . . W, , 1 - --M -f-in PIGGLY WIGGLY TI-IE. PANTRY :: OF THE :: T I-I RIF T Y HOUSEWIFE 107 Self-Serve Sanitary Stores in St. Louis and Nearby Towns All Owned by St Louis People JOS. A. MATTER L. A. MATTER JOS. A. MATTER 8: SON FLORISTS AND DECORATORS LANDSCAPE ARTISTS Choice Trees, Shrubs, Bulbs, Etc. Nurseries: Telephone, WYdown 024I--I R. F. D. Box 228, Clayton, Mo. Walton and Olive Street Road Clayton Mo A W r Compliments of QUALITY DAIRY QUALITY MILK NONE BETTER COII 6000 600I PRENDERGAST LUMBER COMPANY ALL KINDS OF L U M B E R MILLWORK MOULDINGS ROOFING AND BUILDING PAPER WALL BOARD WIRE FENCE ETC O I'i cl Y cl Ninth Street and Cass Avenue Saint Louis TYI 820 t I 4 , . J. . a son, General Sales Manager Dealer in f ce an ar s: ax - . . er Clin ra 3 I A. T. GRECO WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ERUITS AND VEGETABLES 5865 Delmar Blvd. E , av ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW Class A Member of Association of American Law Schools Large and Carefully Selected Law Library. with duplicate or multiple copies of imporf taint r'r'tcfre-new xx fwrlcs 3642 LINDHLL BOULEVARD ST LOLIS MISSOURI ICE SKATIN An Enjoyable and Health ful Recreation for Young and Old Try lt at the WINTER GARDEN DI: BALIVIERE AVENUE NEAR DEI MAR C5700 W tj SESSIONS V rllb1J0 Season November to April THI- LOVER FOR THF CRI SCI Nl W XS Nl XDI' AND IHI BINDING DONE BY BECKTOLD CO M PAN Y Edition Binders 210 PINE STREET ST LOUIS MO CA. an ' I -20 . f .l . . i es ' ' llaily-.Alta-rnoons, 2301 Evenings. 5:ll1r Saturday, iunrlay anrl llolidau Nlornings a : . , , jOHN j. COLLINS V. D. ROSSMAN. Pre-sirle-nt Sf-vrvt: ry MODERN HEATING COMPANY 3935 Olive Street Steam Heating Engineers Hot Water Heating Experts N n in cerl ff dflvic o h t in hy St xx llot Wit r or h t ing, hy th Fan System we would h pl asecl to serve ou HENRY P. HESS ARCHITECT DElmar 5648 1237 N. Taylor Ave. Buildings Designed By Us and Under Our Supervision During Construction ST. l-.NGlQl.lilCR'l"S l'llLfRk'll Sl, l.rxuis. Nlo. t'l-Il-Il.I'X'S tilllflilill St. Louis. Nlo. ST. 'l'lfRES.X'S St'llOlJl,, St. Louis. NTU. INTNIXCLLXII CONLIFTIUN CHLRKII IOSL IS HOSIITXL HLILD K V. FRXNIPXL QORNIT STTHS CX EASTON TAYLOR TRUST CO "UMR K WW R Easton and Taylor Aves The Resources Over S2 OOO OOO O0 Cornet Casey Cornpany Bankm ln All lts Branches INCORPORATED REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Safe Deposit Box S3 00 per Year Supervlsmg Constructors Member Federal Reserve Telephone M-Mn I202 Nlember St Louis Clearing House United States Depository John R Lanxgxn President 1623 26 Chemical Building St Louis, Mo Kflllt' A H' 1 ' iw- n Fil- lt: -'A - A--.1,- A' X ' - i gg ' .3 vi n, 2 Q- va - Nldplewoml. Mo. ' " O ' ' ' sr. 5 3 -'Pr 3 1 ' .V . ' IN 1 C tl ' ' P y ' llu Springs, .-Xrk. -A .A .' ' '. fi' jO,' i ' Sl Y I C7 TJ . y l INSIST ON YOUR UNDERTAKER B FURNISHINGA NORWALK CONCRETE BURIAL VAULT THE ONLY WATERPROOF VAULT SOLD "As Lasting as the Pyramids" eII, Forest 5206 I WALL COPING J. W. BRADSHAW 52- TUCK POINTING Z' CHIMNEY TOPPINC. and BRICK ,IOBBING CLEA GOOD CLEANING WINS GOOD WILL CLEANXNG COMPANY h d Call Lmdell 8780 for Good Cleanmg 4223 33 West Easton Avenue 5378 Easton Avenue Iy 5408 Ea t Ave We Call for and Dehver Everywhere and Are Always as Near as Your Phone 0 ho FO e t 5164 Venetlan Mosalc 8: Txle Company MOSAIC TILE AND TERRAZZO 4448 Easton Avenue St Louls Mo DE 0036 Wlll 8: Baumer Candle Co mc E tnbl h d 1855 Syracuse N Y CANDLES OF QUALITY Louis Branch 405 N Mam Street Send It To WEGNER LAUNDRY A pI te S 2491 FO t2654 I 3000 Unlon Boulevard St Louis Mo DE LUXE ICE CREAM The Nourishing Delncacy The Cxtles Dalrles Company 4218 Laclede Avenue L d Il 86l0 , t ' n ' ' Former l on nu ffslablns 6 1900 . - ur P ne is r s I . . . . I . john Bernardon, Managef s is e Contractors of Ill . , . Imar Sf. ' I . ' Com e ervice Phones: Forest - res 1600 Belt Avenue nl NING STAINING CADY CLEANING at DYEING co. CAbany 8842 Notary Public H. B. SURKAMP CO. REALTORS Loans and Insurance 6331 Easton Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 'Hlilk- fhfslz eveyf day!- 5offler!121 Me fbzzmfgf ST. LDUI 5 DAIRY CD. 202' GPINE STS. Compliments of A FRIEND MARYLAND MARKET CHOICE MEATS, FRUITS VEGETABLES ETC 306 308 North Euclid Avenue DE I DE 3062 DODSON SCHOOL OF PRIVATE TUTORING 5337 Cabanne Avenue KH d B dl Spl dd Tea Th r Intensive Work Telllng Results k thy Cpbl gh fh t h ghlyl d g FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WELLSTON 6203 Easton Avenue Wellston St Louis Old t N t C unty Capital Surplus and Profits S319 000 Total Resources S3 900 000 . y - Imar 306 -Phones- Imar o iamont and Union Iv . , . Twelve en i chers offer ell' se VICC5 The es a ional Bank . . in Saint Louis o Ma e your summer count. Catch up in those con- ditioned subjects and go on wi our class. , , , a a e and industrious stud ts. whose class aver- age is hi and who have th sanction 0 t eir in- t uctors, can make up a grade fnot skip it, but I , , learn i t orou urin the summer. Forest I 093 A. G. SCHAEFERING DRY GOODS, LADIES' AND MEN'S FURNISHINGS 2845 Union Avenue St. Louis, Mo. Recl .Arrow Storm' Eagle Stamps FofeSt5s77 VERNON M. HUFF Jeweler WATCHES zz DIAMONDS JEWELRY Union Blvd. and St. Louis Ave. SANDERS Flowers 623 Clara Avenue C X 0 Prompt Deliveries Quality and Servic IIII.I:n: N4 71' IIIIIIINI ISI" MOORLAND MARKET Mr' ws VEGI-'T mms FRLITS .md CROL ERII s Big Bend and Clayton Road l ll L 5i plilrp Compliments FRIEND SCULLIN S MARKET LIROCERII S XII I XND X I LIFT XR ES 5530 Ea ton Avenue RL UL L N JOHN J DOWLING The Savings Trust Co St L us M F I-I WEBER SI IOLIS D 11 89 bany U1Q6, '96 lic moncl ll:-ijlits, .N . Louis County jose . arisi 7 of I A for . if . .' ' 7. N ,. I LE-, RI-QSUL' ,Ib If 'R NIIl.I-I LI , 'I XYI OR .-XNI7 OI.IX'If Xvicr--llrvsiclent H h . lJl'lOl"lf'I Elmar 9 I . o 1 , o. FO tI2Z FOrest 7175 FOrest l325 THE VIOLET SHOPPE Flowers "Anything in Flowers" 2606 N. Kingshighway Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. G.-Xrfh-ld I I 67 JOSEPH A. GALLI Mutual Life Insurance of Baltlmore 411 Ollve Street St Louis o L. V. Czxrtan L, C. Cartan L. V. CARTAN 8: CO. REALTORS REAL ESTATE AND LOANS 306 International Llfe Building 722 Chestnut Street H ld 5760 ST LOUIS NIO Compliments Noble Express Transfer Company t 3504 M C COLLEY CAS OIL TIRES ACCESSORIES LUBRITE GASOLINE 2619 N Kmgshlghway Blvd 0 t G C REED DRUGGIST 4901 Easton Avenue sf Louls Mo t 23 NORTHLAND MARKET GROCFRIES IVIEATS FRUITS and VEGETABLES Kmgshlghway and Northland Avenue FO t 4207 W D I . - . v M - C.-Kr e . . l:Ores of ' L Crank Case Service Free Open from 6:3 o I0 0 . , I ' . res 8 Fores I8 Phone' res e e ivef DELMAR 6700 DELMAR 6701 DELMAR 6702 JOS. WITEK Florist 4732 IVICPI-IERSON AVE. ST. LOUIS, MO. J. W. BARBAKAS Candies "None Better" Three Stores: Seventh and Locust 719 Washington 5899 Delmar Klfxldany 2555 Ch-Xlwany i880 McNamara Plumbing Co. Sanitary Engineers 6236 DELMAR AVE ST LOUIS I-IUNLETH MUSIC CO. COMPLETE MUSIC I IOUSE 514-516 LOCUST ST. ST. LOUIS, MO. LARGEST STOCK OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN SHEET MUSIC IN THE WEST Musical Instruments of the Better Grades ORTHOPHONIC VICTROLAS RADIOLAS BRUNSWICK PANATROPES A.IIMk gp E d by The Moritz Method Q pt t d If MORITZ OPTICAL CO 609 v BRO XDW W RX X DWYER BROS GROCERY AND MARKET 2716 N SARAH STREET PA k H100 Dorr 8x Zeller Catering Company WEDDINGS RECEPTIONS AND TEAS SUPPLIED ON SHORT NOTICE De Bahviere and Waterman Avenues Saint Louis DE 2929 HENRY MOORE 8x SON Plumbers 4478 DELMAR HENRX Moons, joux B MOORE a es of Phono ra h Records Your yes Examine . . Includes the Oculis , the O ometris an Optician Consul a ion Free U IVWRNI. XNXFIIINCTKIN X AI. ' -' A f -I-2-3 I' gli NN C . CAbany 700 7 FOR SERVICE Vernon-Goodfellow Service Station Geo, A. Polile. Prop. Llnclell 2303-3372 jlifferson 5942 University Drug Store First Floor, University Club Bldg. 609 N. Grand Blvd. Gilbert Spieldocll Compliments of CHAMP SPRING C0 CN B CHAMPJ SINGER'S MARKET Meats, Vegetables and Groceries ALL KINDS OF POULTRY Northwest Corner Hodlamont Tracks and Ella Avenue For Classy Footwear VlSlt The PRINCESS SHOE SHOP ln Our New Home 5938 Easton Avenue We Carry AAA to E Width Phon Cfixbany 2082 Bridal Bouquets Funeral Designs Plants FO rest 0990 FO rest 0591 Open Ev nxngs to 9 O Clock Sundays to 6 Carlton Flower Shop F 61 H T HESPEN 1123 Union Boulevard, St Louls, Mo We Dellv r to All Parts of the City Forest 2799 All Work Guaranteed ELITE BEAUTY SHOP Mrs G orge Sclxracler Permanent Wave Hours Daily 830AM to600PM 1248 Union Boulevard Cor Union and Pa e Car Line Compliments JOSEPH GARAVELLI De Ballvlere and De Glvervllle St Louls, Mo . . e . . . . . . . e, I e , of . C I I I I C . . , ' u ' 0 0 T. JOHN R. EVANS 81 CO. 1604 Locust Street St. Louis Nlaximus Patent Leather Glazed Kid in Black and Colors Compliments of Greenfield Brothers MARIE MAC S5 00 HAT SHOP 317 North Tenth Street P Smart Xuthentlc Styles Daily from New York MISS M-XRIE MAC F 1yfG dL cl MII yopt No Hat Above S5 00 GEO E BAILEY Cinematographer 4831 Sacramento Ave Qt Louis, Mo . I . ... Op osite X"anCIervoort's . f 1 v Under Personal IVIQ-xnagement of ormer o ran ea er i iner e . . ... . . Compliments of A Friend UNIVERSITY CITY PHARMACY Big Bend Boulevard at University Car Loop Phones: CAbany 0286 CAbany 0287 CAbany lB60 GERBER MEAT CO. 5625 DELMAR BLVD FH Y Ifstalwlxslme-rl 1874 Cigntral IZSZAZQZQ Jacob Stocke Produce Co. SHIPPERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Frults, Produce, Etc 806 N Thlrd Street St Louis, Mo Compliments of A Frlend G Hldl74 GXfildI Geo H Zollmann Frult and Produce Co 833 N Third Street 828 N Fourth St St Louls Mo RXII XX XH XXX RX ll XX 4 K XB NX SAM RIFKIN MARKET Meats Groceries Frults and Vegetables PROMPT DELIVERIES 5705 O7 Delmar Blvd St Louls Mo For Quality Flowers See Your Florist JULIUS SCHAEFFER 822 OLIVE CX6 d343O T C.X6ld343l For erly at SIS Xxfalnut St eet fXr e 2 r r e 275 Q . 0 - u ' . . , . IXR' '. V 'I4 lf. nj ' FXR I 2 FI I X' mlb: Y I Y . ' ' - . y - .e r el elephones .- r P BELT AVENUE P HAR M A C Y 923 Belt Avenue Forest 0 I 90 Phones: Forest 0 l 9l Forest 0 I 92 Oscar L. Crumly, Prop. Henry E. Garthoffner S. E. Cor. Laclede and Newstead Pharmacist and Prescription Specialist We allow only Pharmacy Graduates to dispense medi- cines. We call for and cle- liver prescriptions Llnclell 0893-0308-3539 Resiclence, Forest 465l For Appointment Call Permanent Waving cmxbany B675 Mary Crane Beauty Shop 754 Hamilton Ave. TRY OUR LEMUR PERMANENT WAVE Expe t Marcelli g Scalp Treatment Shampooing Water Waving A FRIEND Chas L Geraghty 8: Son Undertaker and Funeral Directors CHAPEL LlNDELL AT BOYLE DElmar 2102 4822 Easton Avenue St Louis DElmar 0763 MAE BELLE SHOPPE 2406 Union Avenue EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE Come ln and See Our Stock Reasonable lf You Want to Look Classy in LADIES READY TO WEAR GARMENTS and MILLINERY Visit yag F ashlon Shoppe 2135 Noam uNxoN Visitation Glrlsl If you want Shoes that are becoming to you you had better be coming to us Robinson Shoe Store 2733 Union Blvd r 'n u . , . . ' - . . . C I U ' 0 , l . . . r-.,,,, , X. , , X1 Engravlng Servlce Plus " E An-nual Sta s turn to us or advice and lwelp ln preparing flwexr Annuals We start at flme lvegmn ng to x or out plans creatmg new ana ongmal 1 eas Many costly mlstalces ca e avr-ldecl rough our close co oper non ns laemg a p rt o our servlce PLUS first qual1tx7 engravmgs Central Engravmg Company Calumet Buxlclmg Samt Louls MISSOUFI ,ff l .f l S Q ' 5 11: lg A . . . l fh . Q j , N CTR. . .6 f ' , i i V i I 1 For "q'Q' I A Y gig ff Elf J Pj :,7Ugt W A . XJ . Y few f Tw L if , 1 T1 29 Q U El 1 t y of fo' M! 1 - - N .2 A -fx lg!! , rmtmg ffff wflfbwlf f S --, O L6 .L Ca f A :L Q f Tx fqxwxx y CEHIFEII K ! Qx N RRVSXK 1331 x SX A k Dewes A NE About Przntmg YOU WONT BE SORRY YOU DID HONEST' FACT IS THERE ARE DOLLARS DRIFTING AWAY EVERY DAY YOU DELAY B Dewes Prmtlng 8: Stationery Co Corner 797211 and Pzm' Sm Sz' ,Conn ff ' V lgx M ESS ' ipu ff ' ' ' DK F' -A I I V ' lx Y X A . 1- rg 1 744 N I f w, , , 49' 4 y AIX if xx ,7 3 5, Rl. ' X f A wir f MS f 1' I U 'X if EX! 'Q TNXXX SX 1 , rw, A XQTPLQEXX xx X' N xx N ,Wg tk . A x ' ga mx ww AN A T we X D55 Q . Q . . . . Q . . ' ,,,,, 1 ' . . ' . . I ARTHUR J. DONNELLY MARIE ANTOINETTE GROVER FIIQRENCI3 FOSTER LUIIISE RAUCII I,LIc:II.I.I5 Mu DONALD III3I4I3N BRIQQR MARcsARIa'I l7CDNNf2l,l.Y IfIIcuRI3NcfE AIYIQRS MARY ROI AND PIERINICI IwIRI NI IIARRIEI IF IIUNTICR I x DA KERXVIN VIRGINIA FMIC EVELXN PARKFR MAIQX IIAYFQ IRANCIA QIIAPI FICII BARBARA IPMM IANE MIACIIIQR TLIQLQA IAI c HERO IIII IN SHERIIJAN VIRCINIA Mfc ARTHY OX ' I3 il ' EI , J 1 .1 7 -4 I I Y ly ' . I .1 I I I 1 , . 3 Q I . :L 1 4 ij . 1 , 1 . l , , AIIf1IQ BR Iii W, '27 fui-it THE END A A . ,,.A E 'TWO '..'.f sm. . "li . 5? ' ,QV FF "

Suggestions in the Academy of the Visitation - Crescent Yearbook (St Louis, MO) collection:

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