Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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'fi V W' 5, fl.: gg vi, ffxfafkfig ??"xfT N mi L ,P 341 5 fl Yiffz il. 1 ' 5 Q! f 1 1 gfa-gf 1 i -1 ,L wvvfwfhmbffi q -3 J X qi ag 51516: as if 5 x af, . 4-1--Q f?o4,i?T kj. affair 5 Y gf rf! A 15, 33" I f, ri K Q G 1 X ,ff 5' ,I 11 is .N 4 -if ' ,YI 'f'i4llSgrQ'm'A K, 'mg' if ,J r W :QM A 'xi QYSQL A X JR. . gif 1 gg au fu iwiw. f is I s I f K L . i I u I E E I 5 K vu - X 1.0 Mmm. mu.-mlm, up , ,K - wwf Q . ww - , J S, C wwf M46 x Yxfffv 5:Q'.L+,L , mx E . , vw . f " . , X ,- ,ij A ic J .I w .1 I . m fg-m -Q' A an ,V 'W 5 , f . A ' ' M - ' ' K w mf -Uiwgfv'-'L vf'Q',.'i. 1- ,. .1 x f + V. - -, I fw,4L-DJiH,'-f1xrfv', A -F fs ff' ' 4 ' ., Y .. ,Q . ,,-xfvi-,X H P - A , ,W .- , A ' . . L ,- gg , I M K - "f21w+f-'fwz ' V W H' - w I 4 what ' 'lf .V-sk ,f ' ,' , . V- ' , X' A V, ' ' ' . F" Q 1 " xfj?' ' 1 2 ' If Q fa. ws. lf L . f 'W . Z 4 ' W' 5 x . f ' Nga fgFf7vf,4qf:L,giw S . H 'K ' 2 ,Av , fg - - x .f . 5 ' Q ' ' ,, Qfqkw iw 'JI F 'W , .V - A ' ' 5 -Q 5.34 5 ,3 M I a 1 is f fqpw. 5 S Mtg 1 . 4 ,rf w' ,." ' f E .,. , ' V , ' W, :V g gif:-4 ,' .' . ' ,Q .ye 1 AM igw 3 fi",,i3Es,Qx ,ALL- , , , V, X M QLD" ' ' ' Q K 1 ww ' 1 1 W X' L A A W M1 -W" Q-KJ 'eq,1. ,xwxx 3 f ' , ,,,-f5,lE::' ,-,' V 5 433, 5 " "" '1l35':1:"1,53l,5l3'?? WS' ' i il ,12 1 , M, , :L v " 'E ugh M, Published 1 H ,, ,,Q'fi,:If ,, Q In X :515g,33g,g,, QA Y Q1E1i:v,':u' 1, ' class +l W- sux "":5wH::1,:,1z,f ,gl ,, ..... Wifh sincere graiilucle for The ioy and privilege fhaf has been ours in +he pas'r four years 'ro wall: in ihe brighfness of The "LiHle Lamp" 'firsf kindled by Molher Anne +o enlighlen young girls, we dedicafe 'rhe I952 Our Marygrove 'ro our dear Molher Mary Eleanora who held This lamp ever before us guiding our days af Marygrove and nurfuring wilhin our hearis ifs flame of 'rruih and failh 'rhar will illumine 'rhe way before us even un+o Lighl Efernal. Per tuas semitas Duc nos quo tendimus Ad lucem quam inhabitas Adafi, with T111 lovin L' Son, 6'!el,.l,. IAS' each . and every one in se-mg 6 N57- Q an 'Gsm' A as ,, if WAS gdb' NWNW'-um, x FX W., Wm.. ,M . wp Qflw vs" ' " 5 ww QNYA W if f' M-.Knwm A Mm 535' W ,fmfv 5 wma. "' 'Www I Q .,,, A S N M A I V ' ' 'V . 2.22 ':::- -L ,. : sa "t' , ' " '.gh A A "Ag j Q Q' :-:1 ' ,,f.S1.ff 0 ls ' M 'Q , M T M i ,"' f Y + J? W ,eaiiaqgfmiik WW' 7' ,.-3 ",- E gm 'WL 24.1-i Nia W? , '.vf , My 'F 1 1 L L, A Z ,- w"fs.,. Q ,ff . ' HY 5 -' 5 i A wxf ., X N 4 w if , Q 1119 '-Q Ss NMNA J' 415 BU-S1503 GER? ASSISTANT QQ, ,Leaf AI? BTDITURS Eb! J"" '0+v, BQ4, Nxf' 'We' 'Q-:Cv L sf TDR TBWQKXHRNW' fu , -. Q V - Marie Therese O'Reilly Veronica Coniglio .loan DeCicco Mary Anne Mooney Mary Bradley Eileen Conway Catherine Gormley First Senior President Treasurer Vice President President ot Student Council Secretary Third Senior President Second Senior Preside A leading light travels surely along the right path and beckons others to follow in its ray. That is the role ot the Student Council at Marygrove where the light ot leadership is seven-told. Following their class otticers the students keep the tire ot unity atlame, warming school lite with the homey glow ot St. Ursula's tamily spirit. t6T 4 it .A ,V Es ' - i New ' Qi gp sew 1 '-Ham. 'A , RM 44,. - NMW V NNNQ. . .kv mx D fv R, , 3 flighligh the Qssertyiord ,,- ,Sw 1 uv ' , ZX 1 Eg A 4 is 33 Z il--1 I' if QQ MARY ANNE MOONEY f E. de M. I9 8 - l952 QW ll"P0flv .Air will ISI it ls Mary vo' l 5 O X Oh if is Mary, Mary, i Dear as any girl can be! And we elecfed her as Presidenf For we agree Thai' she is gracious, vivaclous Leading us in loyaliy. We Seniors all declare Beyond compare ls our own Mary. O wi+h our daunfless Mary If 'rhere were a hurricane Why, she would s+iIl announce "S Yes, all 'rhe same - Oh for a leader +o exceed her We would loolc around in vain We sing wH'h one loud voice "We like our choice Of our own Mary." odalify Jus-. 96. 9 9' 0 4 'n X "" ! - JOAN DE CICCO E. de M. , 1946 - I952 f' "flaws 7" 'Cf . ?JQ Af' Our Vice-president our Joanie Q QQ Lives righl near us. She can always look righf ou+ a+ S. U. A. If you lisfen +o us. Joanie. you will hear us Sing our serenacle and This is wha'r we say: "You're a favorile in our class And we all like you. We appreciaie 'rhe 'rhings +ha'r you have done - You have loroughi many ioys +o your classma+es - Your good spirit how we cheer it 1 We will see Thai you slay in our memory. You'll be as close +o us as you are 'ro S. U." ffl' '55 g T J "' U01 i QNL, MARY BRADLEY sE. de lvl. l948 - l952 xii i l i 1 , l l l 5 s l iw W xx O X f V Rock O Will you look who's here! One who brings us cheer Every single day lhroughoul The year, As secrelary she is busy as a bee ln Sodalily. ln our plays she's grand, Always gels a hand From a s+epmo+her's worlcl lo a dwarfie And aller school i+'s lare When she goes +hrough 'rhe gale Thafs our own Mary. Whenever Jrhere is some work lo do Upon her word of honor She'll always do if lhrough ancl lhrough No maH'er wha+'s pui upon her. Oh, she'll hold 'rhe lcey fo our memory, There's a special place for our Mary B. May all her plans worlc righl' And be successful quife As in S. U. A. lan 110 Girl of our hear+s, so bonniel Porr Ewen lass, 1'ha+'s Vonnie: Each morn we wair 'Til she'll relale Cares like organ, s+ore, and Bobbie She coun+s worries as a hobby. Our Treasurer we Treasure. We pay our dues wilh pleasure: We'd like +0 say, Vonnie, you'll slay ln our hearls. Tinkling rhe keys! who's befler? Those harmonies! Op'reH'a! Melodies sweel Thai we'll repearl We could never do wi'rhou'r her. She has rhylhm all abouf her. Von has a wif +ha'r cheers us, We always like her near us, Need we explain why she'll remain In our hearfs. F' Q l 2-I FP 9 ' C "ffN"'ftl'v ,gf LLC O ' llllll . O ll 'G- k . Y O .oo ' . ---- - 9' 0 I Q 0' "-U'- I . I -- .uf . ' " I I 0 0 0 0 4.0 I '- ' ' 0.0 0.9 5 X . " Otof s.g 8 o.- 0.4 VERONICA CONIGLIO E. de lvl. A y QE I952 LMA., x. V ' , 3 Qlx-,IIQ-r. 'LW lp fl . . J, .larval ,Q tmfyfls .lffx 9' , ' S 'jfrvpl fx, liz..-3 :""'frCf'-fr' 'fa -.l 75 ,"':"i - , . jf' ,fy:frx,4. -L - 11 IES E Q 'lhlrl H: rexasioia Xl. JACQUELINE ANN AMATO E. de M. I948 - l952 12 h, The Red- kiwi geindeer u N056 Le+ us presenf our Jackie. Dear is she from head +o +oes. And when she's in our classroom You would almosf say if glows. She makes our days so merry: All our friendships she has won: Somefimes we 'rhink she's "Jerry" 'Cause she brings us so much fun. She's been way down +o Sou+h Bend And we've,heard her say Tha+ she's leff America Madeher way +o Africa! Jackie, we'd like 'ro 'l'ell you Even if you plan +o roam. You've go+ a Iasfing dwelling: You can call our hearfs your home. I 64' LP ELIZABETH ANN BRUCK E de M A 'X l x i. 0 diff-J VM UV' ,af . 4 We s .pf Ol Will you look! Belly Ann Bruck! She is llwe caplain ol our learn, l-ler playing keeps il on llle beam. Sl1e's one ol our besl, Sl1e'll pass every lesl, We'll doll our llals lo you, Belly Ann ol '52. For her kind ways We'll sing her praise. In sludies, loo, sl1e's quile llwe slar, Her skill will bring her very lar. O our Belly Ann, Whalever you plan You'll lake our love along For our lailll in you is slrong. Us 141 OOOO O00 CA: JOAN MARY BRUNO E. de M. I948 - l952 2 i 2 Clock we ffx Q VU, fn ,- If we could wrile a poem of The girl whose piclure you see up above, We know fhal' if would surely please. She has so many qualifies. Whenever 'rhere is work +o do. l+'s Joanie who comes righl' info our view In helping our she'll pass lhe fesf She really is one of our besf. ln lyping she can hi'r The keys, As all +he Seniors will say. She gels lhe copy off wifh ease. And we make our deadline +ha+ way. Oh. we could go righl' on all day, Abou+ our Joanie fhere is much 'ro say. Shefll win more friends in college days Wifh her delighhful, happy ways. r Q CAROL CONWAY E. de M. I948 - I952 ,Ja-hal Jduuv Q I W9-Wwffvz I I165f3,0! M 8 . , fp 15, X . Q2- 7, Carol, Carol, we really fhinlc if's righf To sing your praises fills us wifh greaf delighf. You're shyness is - Oh so winning. Your smile from fhe beginning Has broughf you success If shows your finesse And has won many friends for you Carol, Carol, give us your promise, do, Don'+ forgef fhe Seniors of '52, As sfraighf ahead you go gliding Deep in your hearf abiding The happy eighfeen Will surely be seen As a memory dear fo you. dnt' ,holfhfffwffvl wi - 1 ed Lute Who has been af Marygrove Since Kindergarfen days? Whom has Marygrove loved well For all her qenfle ways? We fhinlc she's friendly, and fo add 'ro her fame Abouf her fhe whole school feels 'fhe same, Jusf lisfen and we'll fell you her name - I+'s Carol, our Carol Cordfs! Who is versafile in all Our opereffa shows? Who can guard upon fhe courf And conquer all our foes? She is so helpful - for you she'd walk a mile, This Senior, we fhinlc she's so worfh while Who is she who keeps a smile in sfyle? lf's Carol, our Carol Cordfsl sig? as ,, .1 ,mu , , . l.N'1Qb66,! O iusi look Jig? Who has come info view X A 'G' l T Q '32 ' f in i W W v 4 Q Dwyifjijwl FW X Q Wifh her lrish blue eyes And smile, loo. She is pleasan+ 'ro see Winsome as one can be Yes, we'lI always remember Our own Alice D. l+'s a nurse's while cap she will wear While her pa+ien+s receive +he besi care. I'r's success we wish +o you, We Seniors who knew you, Our clear Alice of '52. ALICE DANAHY E. de M. I948-I 52 uvlf Ml' if- l ' f S' 17 'QP 4 xl.: ' is I PATRICIA GILLIGAN E. de lvl. I948- 1952 QM uvfli . yvvvfl l WM wg WW owl 'Y , Q. j VOL A V NX3 JN ' W5 Q05 ,cvfw VW 0 6 X OPa+ricia, X181 Our arlisl, Palricia, You're a favori+e of our whole class. We'd lilce lo add, loo, Everylhing fhal you do Has l'he wil of a good lrish lass. There is much lhaf we wish you, Palricia, And may all of our wishes come Jrrue Your success will rise high, May if reach lo lhe sky, Yes, only 'rhe besl for you. . . : ,. ,- A -vis-sf,,,.s7-fi---H 55323 . 4-1211 sf lx-fikff 6192 Y if if - ,Ls ,,.: W,.., f Jsfiizeifjfiyj X :c,sQ.ii-W ,f Q- K 4 ffarbor lf " 0 And Jrhis is our Arlene Jusl like a li++le mouse she's quiet Bur if is plainly seen She-'s worlh so very much. She does all Thoroughly, There's norhing hard bul' she will fry if, And all succeeds quile well Because of Arlene's louch. ln baslcelball she gave her all To help us win, And on 'rhe honor roll you'll see Her name has been. She has a pleasanl smile From early morn unl'il she leave We'll miss her all 'rhe while For she is our Arlene. S US, 366, Q Qin' GP il ARLENE GRANQUIST E. de M. l948 - i952 Jw sr X YW fiifw - 1 -8:00 AM. " AT 5.0. A, J SM f U9 f Q? N'fe a. 4 A LORETTA HOFFAY E. de M. XM l948 - IQQQV, 0-,uf r"3"J'vf ovlwl' 455' zoj 55355555f??WzZsDz.?f.Q- ,af hm 'mfwafleylifflrllii ,.s.,.w5,. , M. .1 . mer' s Holiday DYQU. A - Lv - ""' M! J Now The sfory of Lorefia we will 'fell 'ro you: She has love for S. U. A. and S. U. loves her, loo, Wi+h her pleasanl humor she would cheer each passing day ln her very genlle way. As a glee clulo member she sang out wi'rh all her heart Wilh her brush and palelle she was very good al arf, ln our Senior doings her aclivily was keen, This was always plainly seen. She always was elzlicienf, She always had a smile, We couldn'+ say sulzlicienf - I+ would 'lake foo long a while. We wish you lols of happiness. We know you'll have i'r, foo. As long as you're Lorella, you'll be always smiling Through, We of '52 have shown Thal you have made +he grade, By our liHle serenade. 0 ig OW fo u 4 ta e All 'rhe seniors knew when Sookie was near Her smile and laughler kepl us happy all year ln marks and siudies she ranked wilh 'rhe besf Wi+h flying colors she came +hrough each lesl Her magne+ic personali+y broughl her crowds of friends each day Through her winning way. So on lhrough college she will pass wilh success Wilh Seniors wishing her rhe besf happiness l-ler lalenls far reaching Will help in her 'reaching Sookie, we know will succeed. J '-'E A I v gf QQ AGATHA MILLER E. cle M. I948 - I952 f21 221 M' ld nn Q 1 1 f dwg J . ,j- 'J f f 2 1 U J 'N YOLANDA MODICA E. cle M. I948 - l952 grill! W xy O , you ear a vonce srngnng Down Marygrove way You'll lcnow i'r's Yolanda Who's merry and gay. She's fhoughlful and helpful And we Seniors say We wish her +he bes+ As she goes on her way. Tra la la dee dle li di dee There's so much 'ro say She's loyal and she's friendly And she "parlays" frangais Tra la la deedle le dee dee Elle aime chanfer, Bon voyage 'ro Yolanda Bonne chance on your way. FL .s' il .JF 07? .55 W YFffslFbs'Z6' , 'gvfyxxx Q l-lere's a happy Miss, we'd like +o lisf, She's from Rhode lsland. ll"s lhe smallesl' slale - we lhink i+'s grealr M. F.'s Rhode Island. We would like lo say lhis Miss is gay And always smilin' Why lo help is her aim, We're glad fha? she came To be wilh us al S. U. A. Killen on lhe keys. she works 'ro please On her piano. Clever al The arl righl from ihe slarf Why she does grand - Oh When you calch The slreamline To Providence And homeward you make your way. Don'+ forger us here and have no fear We won'+ forqef you. JI I 7 MARY FRANCES o'HALLoRAN 89:0 P oV14l"nw 'w if f 'Wifi E. de M. I947-I952 ,9,, I. I7 . "'4.'V- -f711"!J 5.1 fe' , vt",-'if' .,,1tg,'i,Aj, N' rug-,ff .jgfah lx! lplif, 1 I I, A 1 ' X.. 1 ' '4 ' -1 J-L., ,JIT E231 I. WHATKS TI-1:5 if X ,LJ-N ,Z .. J X... lll ll fl' M ANN MARIE ROACH E. de M. I948-I95I 8440 C0461 lA0,4wt:7Ag4,,,4.,.vzb-4-..7i4., 6406, 55,5 4: , - 3744-14,-4j6'Q'Q kv Bal X X, - , i241 If you've ever been There when fhe curlain rises On any ol ihe plays ai dear S. U., You were sure +o have The besf of all surprises As soon as acfress Ann came info view. We shall ne'er lorger her as she played dear Vinnie Or Charlie, or +he ieslrer very gay - We are sure +ha+ she will be iusf as successful As she has been in every single play. O we'll miss her friendly smile and-Irish laughler And everyrhing she did +o make life gay. O, 'rhe besr success in college life and af+er To you, dear Ann, from all al' S. U. A. Og! as-X 0 S1lfe0ZLQ 5 We knew fhaf you would be Iii! A friend of ours When firsf we saw you On our campus green. And since fhen we have passed Some happy hours And on each day her genfle way We've seen. We've heard your fingers playing O'er fhe keys, We've wafched your skill in arf class Grow each clay. Welve found ouf all your ple-asanf qualifies The loesf of all is your nice willing way. A PHYLLIS STANLEY E. de M. I948 - l952 32.421 .AJ-0541 A ' f . s 71 j-Ly,-fc., 611,-ff-r ani- fdjlf v f' V1 AIA, ya 10,417 Q 41,47 7,'I.f . J 1 'vu ..,-N, ,Aug lb '3,.7iLz L25 J ,si Sf' ,ff , 1, 30-7 ' . 17 fit -or r 0. Q! 905 'Zvi q CATHERINE TRIOLO E. de M. l949 - 1952 Vy"',y Km 3,2 fy ' 0 X Wonfleml 0' C' 43 Wondef E261 Someone has been coming in from Saugerlies, Someone has been braving Jrhal long rrip wilh ease, And il you'd like lo know lhis girl who aims +o please, ll's Calherine, l+'s Calherine, O yes, il's happy Calherine She porlrayed a baby bear upon our slage And when she did we +ell you she was all 'rhe rage To wrile down all her qualilies would lake a page. O Calherine, O Calherine, O yes, i+'s happy Calherine. We liked her merry company Cause she was always full of glee O Seniors, lei us give +his girl a greal big cheer For all fhe happiness she broughl fo us each year. We know you'll be successful when you go from here. O Calherine, O Calherine, we wish 'rhe besl for you. 'Q Q QNX? ' --------- ,.,.. ,,..... W -,QQ Mrm-www aw, -Q . Wm... ., V . .Q..,:.:vW:'Q135 MW W - A ,QQ M Q , QQQQQQ.W,. ., W, Q QQ... W., ,QQ -L-- Q Q WQQQQ.. QQQQ xxQ,,.yQ..QQQQQQ gm w iwgQQQ.QQ.-Q QQQQGQQQQEW ,QQiQQQQ.fyQg,Qigghg?F, Wm? ........ E ....... p 34. 3 ., Q V NQQNTNW W M-Mlyq? Qr mmwwggiggi ,,,, LVWKQ waamQ.Q-Qwvgsgggggwixgig EE Q, wi Q. A - ffW'ft:l2QQ5' 'YQ Q W QQ '- ' A ' Q -i.:::"::::..s.r:r:' aw? Wiwifitfl ws QS39fS'3:'fffmf ww w ? K ' W . - ::::fr' ::.s1.2f: fx K' QQQQQQ M QQ Q 2QQQsarQQfQ.5Q5.QQg3QQQg, . QQ ,Q 1QQQgg5QQQ m .Q5m J ggiifg iiimg gf LSE " QA vf +3 - A Q, Q W Q Q Q Q Q . Q ,,, Q, . 35ifYsgZ:EZ', fig? ZTZQQEQSESSEQNTXHA fi-W, W QQQGQ Q2 A wswiwg " as S A -H - .Q Q 1 - " 'X L W 5 X R R Q. 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Cazhie R e6P5 the Juniors fi on WP' El Wen 01710, our llllef Prom 8 lic P05 nge B ny in mme U E iseakblg of angels X behold, 9611, loan and Lorie! ' W , - lzaz s a lzllle .mow ,Ima 4 '18 friends 'Z-9,1 and '54 Pat none the worse f0V the snow-dlzckinll fter nur favorite IJ8l'19d- Leisure tzme m 2 e CT f00"1- ll ,M 071 1190661 ' 'Oof r-"'N, F ? e Gormley g I fl s, U11 by , X f ' hfuerysiic corner. . Xf 4 V 1 - x s , if Q i ff 4 it I Must be the Teutonic Ter , N I Q- M., I 'er' " ' A V ifyv P .f gf vv I3 ' .-uv L ,I Vfinfnf 44' .,,P7'fl 'A -1 -' ' . " . D' ' A ,. N , I , A " 1' ,Q A , rar" Angie's holding. Christmas in the Freshman Class - , ' '7 v I Kathleen, Terry and Sondra admire , , ' Peggy Sill's drawing. 5 Rejusil ff-W' When we were very young-Afggm tb'Rgill3l'5 3igglg,Iyli,-ghday, M N xg 1 "IL v 'finder ,She spreading chestnzn tree. ,ii 5 fe 1' I " 55" ' , V' ..n':r F A 1 9 W Q' ' x H I ,, 5 ,.1 m f?IAVL,4g1 Hold it a second, Liz! , ' . -Gp Q WT Santaigood to yall, Phebe? Well, Peggy? .gf 1 Q l Q Q Pat evidently likes the view X- lram the second story. W ,, rr X w,Y yuHQ" X rw H if 'b a ff lpn Ny, I Front Row left to right Veronrca Conrqtuo Ann J Amato Caro! Cordts Second Row Cathornc L 'X Trroto Mary Frances O Hartoran Loretta Hattay Mary Anna Mooney Ann Marne Roach Third Row anda Modrca Ptwyfrs Stantey Agatha Mtter can De lcco Standing oam L Arona Granqurst AMC8 Denahy Efuzabeth Ann Brufk Patrrcra Grllrqan Caro! Conway ATO RIC AWARD n Clay wail: flue gourilz y y el'll0I'J M In our Studio '-rr . " I , . YM '. ' ', of . N X. ' 'r t xx K, , "' VIA' . . . , -- 5 iii ' . r f an fab U V Congratulations Nous sommes gales a Pans! E331 Ann! x en LOI' 1 nu M-'fy Faith lights the Adv Art in the cause of relrgr Ave, Marce u . ent Wfeafh- Eileen's masterpiece for history class. First Row, left to right: Rosalie Cecaia, Mariiyn Kinkade, Joan Wood, Eiien Netter. Second Row: Mary Catherine Cassidy, Mary Faith Miiier, Jane Crosby, Patricia Young. Third Row: Agnes Young, Annette Dussol, Caroiann Raichle, Irene Grimes. Fourth Row: Eilen Koenig, Ciara Lewis, Bernadette Smith, Myra Bared. Standing: Eiieen Conway, Cathieen O'Reilly, Joan Crosby, Catherine Juhl, Caroi Zeidler. , fi Q., 4 U55 iii' ' in 1 r i ...Q HISTORY GM - war, ,ef 'i V C I 1 3 3 ' , 1 Alfa efff eniord ' ' ' eC0lTl. I 4 - 1 , -1 ce' if 4' s n . N s v0Yd9eOns en Fra Qu 1 , L, 1 I - 4-1 Front Row, lefi fo right: Erfeen Steftz, ,lane Lowe, Carof Wfnafen, Drfrres Brad: Margaret Hcfffay. Second Row: Barbara Starter, Joyce Haffcran, Patrrcra Mc- Caffrey, Joan Snyder, Mary Jane Medve. Third Row: Margaret Gfennon, Efszabefn McCord, Erfa May Menng, Efrzabefn Lawrence, Bernrce Grecrorrs. Fourih Row: Ann Drffrnar, Genevieve Rrefa, Catnerrne Gerrnfey, Patrfcra O'RerfJy. Standing: Dofores Sanford, Cornefa Roach, Pafrrcra Henry, Mary Cafnerrne Eicfby, Mary Jane McSprrf, Jean Peaccck, Maureen Marnes, Carer' Tnornton, Jeannsne Ryan, Kainleen Grbbons, Josephine Tecce, Margaret Gormley. s ,'i' -J 'ifftfj W1 'ff' 1 'fieybfk' " ' rp ru A ,l.-'tml JV ll this. I4t's as 0557 as a 72550 ' 1' L hi the treasures of th' pas Sedfc ng I I1. In time wiih the Churc 4 1 53-SJ . Ml v,,,V lLl'141'1V 'N"" ' ' 9 fx ..-1 . -4. e ff-V6 ,wi 't ' ., ' , l'll0I'j .4515 .M ' 'J . ',' u 3 l'fyl4Jti?,!f.j -Af . , W ' "ll rl, , .77f"' First Row, Neik to right: Margaret lordarr, Catherrne Jaqqer, Mary Ann Schauer, Pxhce Mary Ambgfgrgbvv D Second Row: Marrryn Barrey, Pakrrcra Schoonrnaker, Caroryn Corburn, Mary S, Ehlabeth Carr. Thfrab owf 'I Marre Therese O'Re'rhy, Margaret Vogt, Sharon Gcrrnrey, Phebe Rohan. Fourih Row: Pxnqeha We'rss, ' hdown, Kathreen Mayer, Margaret Srh, Kathreen Barry. gy, K raag Sondra A5 In O ur global studies! Pe99Y ad d s a touch of Christmas ' I vi 4' T S yt ir '3- W - asus NY --f .. 6 ' f M. ,,.. W.. ef ' K 1 D .-Q 445 Q3 1 ff fvfl! 1-1 lf, fam gg X fum, - Q Qi Q zvs 'Q , . 3 f' 5' , I Q K 1 . A 3 ' . Q-.wk --V A--' 41. T51 ...K - ' r ,, E' .3-fF,xw'+""'3 --X g LL'L-L .. ' 'k'k - K ,kkr Q-ff QL: J: nf ' K K A ,Ni as E381 Catholic Press Month at Maryqrove uWithou,t the constant reading of Catholic Literaturf' there ' 1' I2 1 ' IS ittf hope that our adolescents will have dis- criminating and informed minds, or that zeal to spread Christ's Kingdom in the hearts of men which is born of the appreciation of the opinion of the churchf' Plus XII. Uur Sfarfeid II39 OMC Yvo. ,,Lo.ff-nl-0 WQXW-L W M01 ur gourflz funiord ANN THOMAS "And none has quite escaped her smile? mwnll Lgxrl- SIMONE BUSH 4'0n lzer lips is laughterg in her hear! delight? JOAN DONAHUE 'SA quiet nature under which bubbles a sparkling spiritf, M!LDRED ROTI-IERY "Grace was in all her steps, In every gesture, dignityf' JOAN AMBROSE HA sunshine heart and a soul of songf' Vo -bvb NATALIE O'RElLLY "All her ways are pleasant ways." fmuqwldlmf 541 e into OUT cyaggroohn fm too. c0m our work, .-nn Won'i You In between times. Ive a man's worlr to do. Clustered together. Joan and Anne wifi-, Christmas smiles PE B W xi? Z C Q X Irs like a happy S. 'f' .. fi , . V? A' ' JM Ax M A iz., 'Hifi' Q 3.95-15' ' + ESM -,. " Q :-A , i ' , f 41 F vt'33ff:'-x- 'K '-HW- - fm W , A wiv F . Q ,, "Q", ,. +fQ Y HV' its ,ii .,fg,.Q mfff, ar if .. - Q54 . , 4 mv., Lv -ar I .., iv " 3. Msn ' .,- 2-4.5, 'H an A - at ,. . 4' ' 'A '-iiimbgx Jw .fy ,V . . rzw. A W 1 jsuglzt ' Wi' ff J 1 ', W? J .fx. D M-W ...Q 1 ABQ! VT. 'A ' N- ' F1 - x,k. -si 'Xu f.m f A ,,f9'.,-'Kiwi' im, . , 4 335- 'PW f M ' .7 'X' a fl ., i xifagvwuf-Qi" , I Q, ah ., ,, .1 I ' 1 A' 1 0 ' . aw Q 5 - Q A ,N My 5 N x , .. '. . K A iw! Wig - Q., la' it in .,. k -, Q 'L ' -wal V '-.' wg, . ' , ap 1 Z9 9?i'QLQ. nw -:ggi 'L gin ff? - Civ! .Q V jig-h'f-fi x . fyiryiti U ix K X 54.1.-t ow., . J X -. 4 v 1 , Q W 3' js xx is li "' 4 ' ,J QA f 1 ' ' ix 1. , J J Q 1 , 'ng -. as i 'P 5 'Q 0 .' e ,, - 4 1. 553. a 5 s " A Aff., ' 4 -fy 1 .M Q , I F if r wg. Q "!',is 4 Q .1 Q rj . Q I . P .1 D 1- a . '- ,. 'Q 'Q g A 5 A - t ' ff. . ff!!- 'N fl' 1 .Q .fx A . ' X' vs . b.- ' i 5 Af , 5 7-'A '9',-ba' ,i 49 w it h ,gr it-f.: ,. I ,S V vw ,Ma PKR' 'ai if I' Front Row, Seated, left to right: Sharon Peterman, Michelle Gibbons, Jelilrey Davis, Second Row: Edwin O'Reilly, Charles Hoflstatter, John Bruclc. Third Row: Geraldine Fischer, Josephine Cecala, Karen Polk. Standing: Susan Boyd, Dale Malcolm, Louise Stoclr, Diane Smith, Clare Prosser. School work is sheer delight. n our girdl grade Diane and Karen lcnow their lesson. O Little Town ot Bethlehem How still we see thee lie. Jo at ease E45 This is the way we are in school! fanclergarten ayd Jon and Richard trim their tree. Our corner library. And Oh, the Harmony! Rosemary and Nancy learn about the Three KiI19S. Watching Cinderella. Artists in the making. 5 'I .. mmg -ink A M 22, Q . 4 gy! . gum L, Q, ,,'23' W a 'S-'Pr 7 WJ 'IR-.. A M f A xy U x . r'- 'AJ ...f U Q, f K , , . h MLK 3 X637 ijt j Vwfi, QM-2,22 V1 6393. ' , Lktx ,fff- . ,-"w..f4.,-.W 'L-av! X 1 On Sl. Ursula! On Sl. Ursula! 'K . 5X Q X Q S S 0 -xx 0 6 Our varsity to a "T" xg' 00 Dolores Bruclr, Beity Ann Bruclc, Ellen Koenig X X Joan DeCicco 5 5 Mary Elizabeih Carr O Joan Snyder y 4, ,I I: H A4 K How could we win williout them. ll, Hit 'em hard! 40" XO ok! ua!" ear fhose +om+oms' Bernie and Carol in the war dance! Carol calling signals! x 9. v0"e S uw Ann snaps it up! W' We X055 5 On S. U A I X . S. 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L . -' ' yi Y' , K A K , Q"'-sig n -Q1 wg . . 1 1 ' L A an f , - 'K X """ if ' J M 'N M, """'f' '5C,Jkr 1 ' i323ffif?f"v"' ' 'k,,. k 1-if L-" V K ' ' " V ' 'W xx M.. fl' W' X V- A in t " A -Q' R, "' Sk sf X A L33 - X, 4 Q 5 f X. 2' H, g X f,,.,,wW" tw! ,MJ Ar xt s s formatio r. ,r .Kr Johnnie Watson and May Par- cher discuss their youthtul dreams. By the sands of the sea She will always be .lust Milady to me. Willie and Johnnie serenade "Lola Pratt, sweet Lola Pratt." Ne Q X C ty, t 1 4. Z2 Ea even teen "More, More! Do it again, iclcle- boy-Baxter!" Genesis startles Mrs. Baxter's guests. Mrs. Baxter urges Genesis to go to the second hand man's store at once. Mrs. Baxter listens to Jane's account of Willie's doings. Wallie, Mary, George, Lola, May and Jo plan an automobile ride. 5325? wa if ik , X X Q S i E 2 Q 2 E s 2 5 5 E E 5 X v x .-www-up --Lfymmn-1-n umm-uk-,wwmmwf.wmmm,mmmxwm1m5-Qfsmmz, - 1. f A f -f-. n-f,Lv.v-. . , my -M-JQMN X-fx-- W. ,Q-ammmm Q: V ,fs rif. lf-'2"A-Zips .vga "1 Kfgf 42,1 will 5 ri 'lil N "'y1,i.r K 3 y, It Wil LU is t,f..,fl'uLAv3 f - lllx yr- i-.5 r ll Hansel and Gretel sing "Good-by" to Wifchie. Beautiful, beautiful big ears! -:S sg www BY XR N m u QE!! fx K-f 'Slip . Sleeping Beauty under the witch's spell vxl.- 5:55 begins her sleep. it-f ,. ,.-l. Q NQNNQJ QE' 7 'gvi l've come to save Snow White 'For you. Cinderella and l1er Prince Charming. Wake up, walre up, wake up . . She had tried out every chair ----- We are seven little men WN r N ff 'H 1 lm V! I' kluleuil, ,. M W2- Q fN vf f 7, im Q if 4 U Nj Q f 3 Li ,,, f ff , ilu! f sw Iv My 1 O bury me not on the lone prairie! D K-5, iltlymiln ji! :QD xmfibi gs-4L,' lll TXNl l l V! W A ll li lilly A yrgny, XMIKMQ fr' Ri X :IQ 'li limi? X in i' X" Rf ri i f W ll- i l,'f L- xl you only had our cloihes We, the Seniors, had a surprise and pretfy faces! For all your eyes. Sun- , -Lnbuutwl wb un. -we S-UA. P4-502222, A litfle cooperaiion, please! And am I cold! One big happy family! when it Jnouu, arg Am I having fun! H ow do we look from way up thar! All the world's a sfage - 2 f 5 ff +-1 1 ' X - ., J Q . 'X ' Iliff" ' " 5 4 - ' Qfwil gi- ' ' ' E 'NJ K5 -vi .,-is " . T J 5, :Vi -.. 4 ' ,if - iz,-Mi 'Ti grove if a fa ily grove K Our obliging phoiographer ca 3164' 641 Affe' the fea was Ove' " All aboard for N. D. C. S iclefiglzid When we were only Juniors! Christmas en famille. The Cardinal Farley Walfl. Pleasant interlude. Are we happy? Well, I guess! A pause in ihe music. res 661 My lady goes lightly along. Good 'co the last drop. OUR CHAPERONS Left io right: Mr. and Mrs. John N. Cordts, Mr, and Mrs, Bernard Roach, Brother William B, Dowl- ing, Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Danahy. Over the punch cups. Sometimes we gei fancy. In the muddle of a laugh Dancing in khe darlr. x nn ng 4 The first waltz. ,nw E673 x f gi - s 5 X , -Q mf-1 X Maw Q. F, jivfivzg Z S , , .vw E ig , -2 ' 4 t f' 15 K M ,q.,, L Xf1K I 5 4 , . .. N 3. N N x . ' ws as S, Q , R 5. W rf 5333 5 2 dike is Retreat To every girl lhere openelh a way, and ways, and a way. The high soul climbs lhe high way and +he low soul gropes lhe low, And in belween, on lhe misly llals, lhe resl drill +0 and lro. Bur lo every girl There openelh a high way and a low, And every girl olecidelh which way her soul shall go. Three days apart with Our Lord. Good-by Father Rooney, and please come back! After our spiritual "tune-up". HP' 'S , 5' . uw fg L if 2 A , si W, 'Q Ek: I y tgl f Q 2 I Q9 ,,, , S -n k M' X J J." - K , f ,, L 'N 'iff' 1 'SL X ,by Sid. 4 'Sf 'YXZK MS ' ax ' ..1 .. k ya: X V sa' , J?':5,, 0 xi ?3'9 7? fi - L ?,4gf':,-VV YQ. k 5:4 'Q A L L WWW, :K Q NET'--N .2 ff? Nz, .5 Wk s K x Mx. flvff' 5 1 it if 1 f . as-A' 4 Q33 352 QQ fs. is :Q 3 U A. ip 77" ,N I.- il . S up cz O c K fl UW C 'U C 'U +1 V3 EJ 2 Q cn 4 L QL ,U 2 Q1 'U qw X T5 rn w Lu 'ci T7 fu U5 1 H. ,ly L2 4 ,r ,J U 2 mx c Q O nn ll ci, m LJ C fn U i OJ 2 Q E, 'U K fn 5 L Wu Cv U c G1 CU 0 .if 5 G. K ,U CL! ,D E au Ln Q qw Ll ,U f , ul , 1 'U Q1 +1 'U 02 L0 Rx 0 Q U To Ax U7 Q X , IQ .. V 3 M ickey's Beauty Salon John A. Olivet Budinedd fa fraud Alcon, Family Shoe Store American Cleaners and Dyers Brown's Florist Burgevin's Florist Max Brugman Colonial Bookshop Connelly and Connelly, Attorneys Connor's Funeral Home De Luca, Cleaners and Dyers Elston's Sport Shop A Friend Flanagan's Wall Street French Dye Works J. 81 A. Roofing Co. Judie's Junior Deb Shop Kalamazoo Stores l.eherb's Ray Le Fever Lyle's Lou's Cleaners London's Junior Bazaar Xi Youth Center Montano's Shoes, Saugerties Organtine's Liquor Store Perry's Taxi H. Gallop, Jewelry and Appliances Potter Bros. Hudson Bay Fur Storage Hoppey's A. Hymes, Shoes Rt. Rev. Msgr. Martin J. Drury Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen P. Connelly Reverend James A. Dunnigan Reverend Edward l. Farrelly Reverend John A. Flaherty Reverend Joseph A. Geis Reverend Thomas F. Gaffney Reverend James P. Keating Reverend John F. Kelly Reverend Theodore J. Schulz Reverend John Simmons Mayor and Mrs. Oscar V. Newkirk Regina's Dress Shop M. Reina Rosendale Theatre ocial fa trend Mr. and Mrs. David P. Conway Dr, and Mrs. William J. Cranston Mr, and Mrs. Michael De Cicco Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dempsey Mr. Francis Dougherty The Honorable and Mrs. Roscoe V. Elsworth Mr. and Mrs. William Eselby Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Falvey Miss Rosemarie Feeney A Friend Mr. and Mrs. John Glennon Rose's Super Market Rossi's Music Shop Sea Grill Shultz's Paint Company Walter Smith, Battery and Welding Service Sterly's Fur Storage Sue's Beauty Parlor Sunnyside Grill Sylvan Shop Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Donald Abernathy Frank Amato Vincent P. Amatrano Michael Ambrose Roland Augustine Allen A. Baker Luis Bared Miss Helen M. Barry Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs William P. Barry Harold Bell Hamilton Boyd Charles Brocco Henry J. Bruck Joseph N. Bruck Michael Bruno William S. Bush Vincent Cahill Frederick S. Carr Reynolds B. Carr Daniel F. Cassidy Mrs. John N. Cordts, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John N. Cordts Joseph W. Colburn Benjamin Coniglio Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gormley Eugene B. Gormley Gerald Gormley Mr. Robert Guldy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Joseph A. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. F. Daniel Halloran Robert J. Henry John J. Heybruck Joseph Hill Grover S. Hottay Lloyd Hotfstatter Jacobson Frank Jagger Philip Kelly Charles Kinkade Emil Lambiase W. P. Leher Dr. Jack Lehner Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Lewis Doctors Samuel and Habeeb Maroon Mr. and Mrs. John Mayer Miss Kathryn McCaffrey Mrs. Martha McCaffrey Captain Edward E. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Frank McSpirit Tony's Pizzeria Vogel's Dairy Weber's Pharmacy Wiltwyck Motors Zeeh's Bottling Works Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs The Noonan Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs.. Joseph Medve C. F. C. Mehlig Salvatore Modica John J. Mooney George Moore Frank L. Moran Andrew Murphy Edward J. Noonan Family Francis E. O'Connor William T. O'Halloran Charles O'Reilly William J. O'Reilly John W. Peacock William Polk Vernon Prosser E. Prusack Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Raichle Mrs. Margaret Redling Mrs. Josephine Ricciardi Mr. Joseph Riela Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Roach Charles Roach Thomas Roach Peter C. Rohan Charles Ryan Andrew J. Savage William H. Sill Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stock Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. John l. Snyder John Vigna John Whalen Mrs. Sadie Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wood Mr. and Mrs. Francis Young Much C A 5 I I I I Ill I IiI1'II lwlltllwllwlwlll I Iillilllllilrlllilll I I I I CATHOLIC ACTION: JUST WHAT IS MEANT BY THIS TERM, AND WHAT IS EACH ONE OF US DOING IN LINE. WITH OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE SAME? Catholic Action Much Catholic Action may be ac- complished through the practice of the Corporal Works of Mercy- Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Harbor the Homeless, Visit the Sick, Bury the Dead. These and many other works of mercy are performed by Kingston Council, Knights of Columbus, through its Charity Fund. Hospital beds are provided for the sick, Christmas Cheer for the kiddies, and in many ways the burdens of life are made more bear- able. All our charity work is done in a true Catholic spirit: "Let not thy right hand know what thy left hand doth." Even the general member- ship of the Council knows not who receives. Kingston Council's Catholic Action Committee has sponsored ads call- ing attention to broadcasts on the Catholic Hour. They have written newspaper articles explaining the Church's position in regard to Planned Parenthood. Encouraged the sending at Christmas time of only greeting cards as refer to the Birth of Christ. Recommended daily attendance at Mass during Lent. Provided Catholic magazines for our own library and Catholic books for both our library and the Kings- ton Public Library. They have given talks on current topics, giving the Catholic viewpoint. They also have made protest against the showing of immoral pictures in our city. KINGSTON COUNCIL, KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, PRESENTLY IS SPONS ORING THE SACRED HEARTPROGRAM OVER RADIO STATION W K NY - 9:00 - 9:15 MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. We invite all to listen in. BE LOYAL TO YOUR SPIRITUAL LEADERS In all our 'lCatl1olic Actionl' we must SEEK THE ADVICE OF AND WORK UNDER THE GUIDANCE AND IN COOPERATION WITH OUR SPIRITUAL LEADERS. All anti-Catholic propaganda tries to drive a wedge between the people and their spiritual lead- ers. Their argument is that they are not opposed to Catholics worshipping as they wishg they only are opposed to what they term the political activity of the clergy and hierarchy. Christ said: 6'Thou art Peter, and on this rock I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.', And He also said: NAS thc Father hath Sent Me I also Send YOU- He that heareth you heareth Me." So, there can be no separation of clergy and people. fnugt bg Ong. VOiCQ of thc bishops IH all IHZIIIICTS of faith and ITIOTZIS is the voice of God. Sponsored by KINGSTON COUNCIL. NO. 275 KNIGHTS or COLUMBUS I I I I I I I I IiIllIllIilIllIllIllIllIllIllIllllll I IHI3IHIMIllIllIlllillillllllllllllllli I 1 vvivll'I1lIllIllIllIlI I I l73l tlwllulml 'I E741 BE ST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1952 MOTHERS' ASSOCIATION ADIRCDNDACK TRAILWAYS EXPRESS SERVICE . . . toandfrom . . TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK CITY 495 Broadway Telephone 744 rm U51 ROACH BROTHERS KINGSTON, NEW YORK LEATHER AND SHOE FINDING ELECTROL INCORPORATED 85 GRAND STREET KINGSTON, NEW YORK L-IM BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1952 BRUNSWICK RUBBER COMPANY NEW BRUNSWICK NEW JERSEY 4, 2 A COLONIAL CITY CARPET COMPANY 134 North Front Street A FRIEND Kingston, New York Tcl. 6261 CARPET SPECIALISTS 17511 ROHANCREST FARMS COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY PRODUCTS POUGHKEEPSIE, N, Y. AUTOMOBILE DEALERS Peter C. Rohan Cream St. CORPORATION Phone 5538-W 1 "WHERE GOOD SPORTS MEET" TOMMY MAINES SPORT SHOP SPORTING Gooos WILLlAM'S LAKE HOTEL Toys - Stationery - School Supplies 351 Broadway Kingston, N. Y. ROSENDALE, N' Y' Phone 6039 V 0 ' COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE ULSTER COUNTY SAVINGS INSTITUTION WONDERLY CO. 280 Wall street Kingston, N. Y. YIHIUIHI WIHINlNlUlHlMli?INll1l U91 BEST WISHES OF PHALEN AND CAHILL FUEL DEALERS NEKO'S STATIONERY OFFICE EQUIPMENT BUSINESS MACHINES O'RElLLY'S 611 Broadway 38 John Street 1801 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1952 HAROLD W. O'1CONNOR LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER 451 Albany Avenue Kingston, N. Y. Phone 5759 COMPLIMENTS OF KINGSTON SAVINGS BANK M I R O N LUMBER MILLWORK PLYWOOD Ready Mixed Concrete Aluminum Combinations Doors and Windows Kingston 6000 PASSWELL FOOD PRODUCTS CO., INC. Importers and Packers of Spanish Maid and Kinc-Stone Products Spanish Olives, Olive Oil and Cherries 438-440 Hasbrouck Avenue Kingston, New York Tel. 1157 I I I IlIlllllllllllilllllfllll I KINGSTON LUMBER CORPORATION JAMES M. MURPHY LIGHT'S RADIO 8: TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE All Popular Makes and Models in stock We service any make Radio and Television All types of Television Antennas Installed and Repaired Authorized Service Station for Philco W Motorola - General Electric Port Ewen, N. Y. Ph. Kingston 2616 Ask about our FREE Television Test EDWARD F. REYNOLDS MODERN PLUMBING AND HEATING 39 E. Strand Phone 1808 I I I I I I lliIol'llllllll"lU l31l CONWAY PLUMBING co., INC. CONTRACTORS I-IAMBURGER PARADISE COMPLIMENTS OF FULLER SHIRT CO., INC. AND SKYLINE MANUFACTURING COMPANY l32l FLEMl'NG'S DRESS SHCPPE 257 FAIR STREET KINGSTON, NEW YORK PHONE 3099 The Leading Furniture Lines are AT KAPLAN'S Drexel Cushman Maple Kroehler Living Room Suites Simmons Bedding G. E. Appliances Bigelow - Broadlooms Caloric Gas Ranges . Armstrong Linoleums Daystrom Dinettes Weiman j , , Mcrsman D Occasional Furniture KAPLAN FURNITURE CO., INC. 66-68 NO. Front street Kingston, New York I ,I.iIuINIwaliilvlulrllxilwllw,I.uImINl1'IuI llllllllllllvllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll I I I I WI. I I 'I iliilwlwl.. I I Illlllllllllllllllllll'll ll-ll I I l'l1lNlllillllllllVlw-I RONDOUT WOODSTOCK OIL CO. 8: CORP. North Front Street BEST WISHES FRED REIS WALT LONG FUEL OILS Come in and browse around at our headquarters for all your school supplies at real down-to-earth prices. BEN SKLON'S 456 Broadway Opp. Tel. Bldg. Phone 4570 COMPLIMENTS OF SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 267 Wall Street Kingston, New York COMPLIMEN TS OF PRICE QUALITY SERVICE ROSENDALE FLORIST Louis and Agnes DeFelicis, Props. WEDDING BOUQUETS - CORSAGES FLORAL PIECES Main Street Kingston, N. Y. Rosendale, N. Y. 362 Broadway Phone: 4291 Phone: 6468 SCHNEIDER'S JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS 290 Wall Street Kingston, New York DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE SCHULTZ TAXI SERVICE Phone 3476 - 1232 599 Delaware Avenue Special Rates for Weddings and Funerals Also two 7-passenger limousines BEST WISHES THE STATE or NEW YORK NATIONAL BANK OF THE 301 Wall Street Kingston, N. Y. U P T O D A T E l83l llIIIIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll RAYMOND CAUNITZ Contractor PLUMBING - HEATING - TINNING 130 Ten Broeck Avenue Kingston, N. Y. CORNELL BOAT 81 LUMBER CO., INC. MILL woRK or ALL KINDS A Complete Line of BUILDING MATERIALS Manufacturers of Aluminum Screen and Storm Sash 330 Abeel St. Phone 4051 DEDRICK'S DRUG STORE For Cosmetics ESSO STANDARD OIL CO. 207 East Strand Kingston, New:York 1 fi. T g, FUEL OIL OIL BURNERS Kingston, N. Y. Telephone 153 Q D E A N I E ' S DWYER BROS. Dealers in E S P O S I T O FOOTWEAR SERVICE P A I N T S 162 Broadway Phone 4799 Kingston, New York Dr. Scholl,s Shoes and Foot Comfort 20 West Strand Appliances and Weather Bird Shoes for Growing Feet Rebuilding - Repairing - Accessories I I IllIlIIllIllIllIllIllI I I I I I I I I 1 IllIlIIlVIllIllI'lIllI!4IllIllIll IIllI1lIHIllIllIllIllIllIllI I I Illllllll IIIIIIIIII I' 'Illllllll I I I I I I f Q I DESIGNERS AND S I PUBLISHERS OF ' ,, A ,' ' ' I I ,am scnoot a. cones: "'t'ff"i' f 'W' ' ml , ANNUALS ' 'O I LEVEN COLVIN 1, ENUE PHONE 2-440I I ALBAN 5, NEW YORK 'T' fg x I .-nu umnmwngf ,,--em-,-.N -mn. Wm..-pmf. nn-.wnu.+wf.v,, qw,-.11 J A -QQ mm, mmm 'uv 2 i15-wi? :iff L., M mi ' , : 11+ K L e " A 'R by-if' J K -K R1 - J ww , 4, N: -5:31 Q "af 5 M M 4 gy 3, gif Sf' iff' M 'fff"2f?fg'r1 2. . fi 'fy V 3 , ,gW1,:,.,Q2'5fgf4"2 u .. - 515564 . - K 3? ,W iff AQ' 'N' --Slff? i. ' X TAA .yxyfb if fl. A 'isa iffy' V' P' ml Y A X - M513 - M , - . 1 Qw3,23?' 5 " X' fx 5 ty js 'W - JW f' '30 Q iii? , 2 " A ws! . Q2 ix 1. if H154 K Vg i 1 , Q ff! f -2 1 fi iii ,X x f 1, '13 x2'4f'V.-1 W2 L, -Q 'YS a Sf' '2 iff N.

Suggestions in the Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) collection:

Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 89

1952, pg 89

Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 40

1952, pg 40

Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 61

1952, pg 61

Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 7

1952, pg 7

Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 39

1952, pg 39

Academy of St Ursula - Marygrove Yearbook (Kingston, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 60

1952, pg 60

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