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kite b ad NEE eke ascarid ALS PSST RED oF beeen “NN in the pines 1973 vol. 44 academy of saint joseph brentwood new york eR My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an everlasting vision of an everchanging view, a wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold, a tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold. TAPESTRY by Carole King Copyright 1971 by COLGEMS MUSIC GORE: All Rights Reserved Used by Permission LASER SEG LEA ACADEMY ee oe ‘ST. JOSEPH Contents Familiarities IPOSTIM GS Bie OU Secale Onenismeneeeen ee 02 SCMIO“S teh es Le NACKE wat ces ee 194 Acknowledgements ie = i ot CONCISE EN x ¢ aT Tapestries Bits and pieces of experience entwine to form the tapestries of our lives. Woven together are many fibers of contrasting hues. Changing scenes are reflected and our growth is recorded. Each new day, each new encounter and each new dream add to our unique tapestries. Our times here are only a small part of an uncompleted whole. Captured here are some of the threads that combine to create the essence of our lives. Stitching away, in rythym with time, every- day patterns form the bases for our tapestries. The endless tapestry Ofsli{Cmme “Ms. Servidea, Ms. Servidea, uh, MS. SERVIDEA! Angela Massengale. entitle “And they tell me these are the best years of my Seniors at breakfast, Joanne Valva, Maureen Davis, Marianne Murray, Phyllis Jahn, life?”’ Phyllis Vilkaitis. Valerie Liotta. ““One more word and out you go!’’ Caren Cooke, Lenora Reynolds, “12th mod? You’re kidding!”’ Linda Tate, Jolene Iversen. Mary Beth Michel. VV “ “ - 7 . 4 4 . + . . “This weekend I’m going to get a name stamp.” Fran “Y ou’re giving me $4.75 in pennies?” Jeanne Strockbine, Sharon Cunningham. Erale. O.K. Mary, what do you and Linda know that we don’t? Mary Cudahy, Linda Boos. unwinds around each day. Boards and erasers again? Sister Beth Johnson, Pat Cascio. Freshmen exploring new ideas at a class meeting. Suzette Vaz- quez, Ellen Park, Mary McCarthy, Kerri Gilmartin, Angela DiTucci. Jean Teutonico shows her true self. A prayer for peace. Sheila Coates. Sophomores are talking things over. Peggy Razbornik, Mary Ellen Koci- szewski, Linda Tate. “I just don’t understand.”’ Cathy Pinto, Cathy Nadal, B- Beth Pelkowski. Early morning meetings mo arr rrmmmesnommemnun nme NED TEE ub The school unites in prayer for Nicaragua. The pictures tell our story. — el ee Councilman John Bellport “tells it like it is” to the American Studies class. ‘“ Hi! My name is Miss Musselman.” ‘Well, you see, our bus had three flat tires.” Linda Martucci, Ann Gage, Sister Alonzo. 14 “So that’s what you did Saturday night!”’ Lisa Pogue, Liz Daly, Linda Triola, Donna Ferrante. ““Come to mother!”’ Sister Joan Larkin. ‘The devil made me do it!”” Debbie McAndrews. “Would you believe it’s Monday morning?”’ Diane Gen- tle, Kerr Marrera. i Gilmartin, Janet Osso, Pat O’Neill, Mara “I wonder what I’ll be doing this weekend?” Mara Marrera, Phyllis Fields, Diane Gentle, Debbie Coard. ‘““Watch where you're pointing that thing!” Mary Beth Mero. ‘Do you know what I mean?” Claire Mori, Corrine Faicco. “Once upon atime ...”’ Sister Mary Ryan Creativity in motion Decisions and more decisions. Rosemary McMahon, Joan McNally, Susan Saladino, Lucretia Fierro “Tm all for the Spirit Plaque, or was it for going off my diet?”” Gina Lambert Different points of view — : Za : “| wish the coffee would boil — I have a class in five minutes!” Doreen Whal- en, T.C. Ross, Diane Manley “IT must think of the calories!”’ Sister Lorna Sister St. Patrick, Mr. — : Finn , A sneak peek in a Freshmen Humanities Class. ease “Tl hope the girls enjoy this too.”” Mrs. McGoldrick “Don’t you dare tell me that you missed your bus again!”’ Sister Alice Z ee a Marie “Just think, only three more years of this.”” Lucretia Fierro “One piece for you, two for me!”” Michele Liguori adele! Hats on for the girls who brought in the most money for yearbook. Sheila Coates, Kathy Lutz Smile pretty for the camera, Sister. Sister St. Eugene Sister Ambrose, our audio-visual expert. ““With my help, even girls can learn to drive.”’ Mr. Tagle I wish I knew shorthand. Mary Anne Code Always learning “Y ou laugh now but wait ’til I get you after class.”’ Miss Callahan If you are waiting for an answer ... over here! Chris Pizzolato, Laura Sweeney, Mary “‘Now where did I put that paper?’’ Sister Helen Pat Lotito, Donna Murray Margaret Sister Dolores Katzenberger helps Merideth McArdle “Turn to page soixante-dix-huit.”” Lynn Acquaviva, Rosie Lanaro The process of learning is filled with variety. Sister Mary Dennis gives Grace Gallagher a hand. “Not again!” Debbie Seagriff What could be so fascinating? Kathy Venturella, Carol Zegers, Shauna Reynolds “T still don’t get it.’ Sister Lucille, Jeanne Brett, Terri Cangemi Significant events ‘““As soon as you finish that, we can go to lunch.” Kathy Delaney “Hurry up, kid, I can’t hold this pose forever!” Mary Su Smith occur every day. It’s really a comic book. Rose Culhane Taking a break from American Studies. Eileen Sullivan, Jeannie Ryan, Elaine Ryan, “It’s so good I can’t put it down.”” Maureen Casey Ann VanWinkle, Laura Grey «é “ oe Sister Rose Matthew and Sister Cynthia with pre-speech jitters. | “Oh boy, peanut butter ... again.”” Lyn McLaughlin Sister Rose Matthew accompanies the Junior practice. Ei- nia. La, Basia Louisiana.” Jody Breitfeller, Lucy Link, Eileen Bottcher, Pat leen Gould, Pat Cregg Park, Janet Kinney Sharon Cunningham portrays “Tall Tom” Jeffer- son on his whirligig. The chorus finds “Tall Tom” quite funny. A very extraordinary man “And for today’s lesson . . oes Sister Maureen Montgomery explains the technique of the ripple tank. ‘ten aretene eeenesesa ia ee aii mieacucome “Follow me girls.” Mrs. Snyder . Mary Wieland, Mary Sanial — A en Is it possible to develop a migraine at 15? Pat Harrer “These bills will keep me busy for a while.”’ Sister Agnes Tere- Sd “You expect me to believe THAT?” Judy Branche, Andrea Wenz, Susan Saladino “Tm only a freshman. I’m not worrying about college yet.’’ Maria Colavito, Mrs. Borzello “Ohhh . .. it’s not here.” Sharon Toomey Con tinu OUS 2'TO W th “That should really shake them up.”’ Sister Thomas Sister Dolores Maria offers help to Rose Nadal, a French student. Patricia Michelle Cassidy shows Peggy McDonough how to make transparencies with the new “I never knew Great Expectations was so funny.” Adele machine in the library. Wysocki Hard (?) at work in the history resource center. Pat Morales, Grace Levesque Someone sure writes funny dittos. Sister Frances Hagan 30 Our “Wanna hear a scary babysitting story?”’ Annie Kline, Kathy Conklin, Diane La Porte in ferac tion The front of the room was never so interesting. Bernadette Foray, Kathy Guarino, Ange- la Massengale, Kerri Gilmartin, Carolyn Pizzuto Nancy reads a story to the class. Anita LeBrun, Clarice Schulz, Nancy Dionisio, Cathi McNamara, Diana Ruiz, Cindy DiTucci “I want all those with exact change.”’ Sister Honora “Ya know what I think?” Marian Ramaikas, Pat Grant, Pat White, Pat O'Neill, Mary Middlemiss, Dawn San Pedro “Wait ’til she reads this.” Cathy Walsh A moment of thought. Diana Muratore Sister Catherine Weil does her homework. Learning while involving ourselves with others. ““No, we don’t have any classes now.’’ Shauna Reynolds, Vicky Shires. EWrhat? Youexpeet me to believe that?” Diane Allison. Sister Winifred checks the attendance while Mary Conwell checks her typing assignment. ia cahs Sita NES RC sone ® —g — az Viare.S 4 ’ This class looks pretty interesting. Elaine Ariki- an, Pat Cusack. ‘ Are you sure there are no questions?’ Sister Maureen Skinner. “I find that hard to believe.”’ Corrine Faicco,Peggy Ewart, Ary Lens. 34 i aatiocss, ssa Sister Lalande and Sister Virginia talk things over. Future philosophers Vicki Kline and Lorraine Schultz. I never knew algebra could be so much fun. Laura Perrotta, Peggy Razbornik. Our fibers are joined. Greetings from Sister Afra. Talk about moron’s delight! Christine Bottcher. Gabrielle tries to concentrate. Helen Waldvogel, Gabrielle Monte. Fitting the pieces together ... ““Y ou’re kidding!” Marie Donadio. + aa Bins « » j “Honey ... ”’ Sister Joan Patricia. My safety glasses are fogging up. Maureen O’Gara. Ms. Servidea’s English class plays the parts o1 famous journalists. Linda Sheridan, ““Maybe if I don’t look at it, it will go away.” Sister | Ann Smith, Camille Pucci, Regina Zellen, Candy Kelly. Consuela. | Sister Mary Robert explains child psychology to her class. The “Spirits of ’74.” “If I don’t make this shot, boy, will I be embarrassed.” Miss Walsh. Eileen Vilbig tries to get the ball back from the faculty. 38 ““B-E-A-T”? Gabrielle Monte, Phyllis Vilkaitis, Maureen Casey, ““Racey Gracie” takes a break. Ms. Servidea, Sister Maureen Montgomery, Nancy Warren. Sister Beth Johnson, Sister Frances Hagan, Mrs. Cronin. Twist and shout! Sister Lucille L’Episcopo. ‘““Come on you guys; I want it.”” Jeanne Strockbine, Miss Walsh, Patti McNamara. 39 En C O re: After the assembly, “‘Images of Dance’’, Patti McNamara chats with the stars of the show. “Oh that sun!’ (Class Day, 1972) Donna Brotherton, Karen Semente, Rose Nadal, Lucy Link, Regina O’Donnell, Marylynn Somelofski. Racial injustice is the subject of this dramatic presentation. Being a nun isn’t too bad, as long as you can kick the habit later. Marie Busch. 40 . In October, many local political leaders came to A.S.J. John Cochrane (Rep.) Suzushi Hanayagi gives us insight into Japa- nese dance interpretation. = Hay eR ; 3 i 4 4 ; i 4 $ ; 2 Fusako Yoshida demonstrates her skill on the koto. 4] Innovations in education This past December was an extraordinary month. We called it “Enrichment Period.” Regular classes were suspended. In- stead, over a hundred “‘mini-courses”’ were offered, as well as daily programs of lectures and movies. These were offered by faculty, students, parents and friends and could be attended by anyone. The planning committee, and especially Sister Joan Larkin spent many hours working on this and are to be com- mended for a job well done. “] don’t think the computer likes me!’’ Carolyn Mao, Susan Bush. There’s no place like the Home Ec Room. Eileen Bottcher. ‘“‘How much are you charging for this?” Joanne Gajdek, Linda Martucci, Mary Pat Ryan. +e oe a ee NP Ne, 7 FP a Mi i Fi. VG An enriching class in genetics. Sister Marie Ross, Phyllis Fields. - Hilary Fritz, Camille Pucci, Jeanne Brett and Nancy Higgins working in the lab. A new addition to the science lab — fetal pigs. How to change your car’s shoes. Mr. Breitfeller. Francis gives a lecture on journalism. Family and friends get a chance to view the accomplishments of the Enrichment Period. Diane Fitzsimmons’ little brother likes this part best. Working diligently. Evelyn Fitzsimmons, Mary McCarthy, Barbara Wil- son, Linda Taffuri. ‘This is cake decorating?’ Annie Ryan, B-Beth Pelkowski. A day in the ‘Big City.”’ Waiting anxiously for the opening of the theatre doors for S euth. Bar- Maryanne asks for last minute directions before going to the theatre! bara Wilson, Ellen Park. Maryanne Gherardi, Joanne Gajdek. Anna Simonetti says a quick prayer that this is the right bus. “Let me see. I think we could arrange seating you together.’’ Sister Lorna, Eileen Bottcher, Regina O’ Donnell, Michelle Margas. 47 ‘| hear something ticking.’ Evelyn Fitzsimmons. It was one of those days. ““What would you do if I pushed your books off the table?’’ Leonora “I-can’t believe it’s Friday.” Sue Butler. Reynolds. Getting ready for the big exodus. Claire Mori “Hey! Wait for me!”” Donna-Murray Roseann Ferrara heads for home. “Ha, ha, your bus just left.’’ Neris Franco Homeward bound Pastimes, when woven into te paiter our tapestries, provide opportunities for s expression, the exploration of interests and the development of talents. These happy times re- sult in a sense of fulfillment, as well as many fond memories. ‘ nS pare hae: elf- ... by the S fu den [Ss ’ and for Sorry girls, but everyday can’t be a party day. Rita Teutonico, Mary Privitera, Lori Thungs- trom, Linda Taffuri, Corrine Faicco the students ... The officers call the Student Council to order? Kathy Ho- gan, Carol Somers, Vicki Kline, Regina Lambert ““Sometimes these meetings just kill me!’’ Claire Parella, Jeanne Teutonico The Student Council gets down to business. 52 Angela Hartmann offers her suggestions. —————————————————————— “T think she’s gone bananas!”’ Melissa Lopez and Nancy Wittler at an Activities Council meeting. “Aw, come on, Sister, pretty please ... ’’ Sr. Mary Lou, Colleen To- Janet Kinney, Melissa Lopez and Sue Pierse listen to the subject of the day bin — the pros and cons of the Spirit Plaque. 53 Different melodies become harmonized. Heidi Mueller checks her ears. “‘Is that really the Glee Club?” Front Row: Ann Marie Lombardo, Joan Mc- Goldrick, Sue Butler. Back Row: Veronica King, Heidi Mueller, Lorraine Cleary, Caroline Mao The Glee Club hopes to attract a bigger audience next time. Front Row: Jody Breitfeller, Kathy Reilly, Marie Carmenati, Patricia Bruen, Pat Cascio, Karen Bill. Back Row: Celeste Radgowski, Hilary Fritz, Neris Franco, Sue Saladino, Chris Rogan, Vicki Brust ““Louder!”’ Sister Cynthia Parrett The sopranos are highly recommended. Front Row: Debbie McAndrews, Caren Cooke, Suzette Vazquez, Rosemary Reyes. Back Row: Mary Beth Michel, Leo- nora Reynolds “And a one, and a two, ... ” Laura Heinzman, Cathy Diamond, Cathy Mullee Thursdays, 3 to 5. Karen Semente, Ellen Park iit. m s A little review before the show. Kathy Kinney, Vicki Kline, Sue McGrath, Ellen Park, Pat Cregg, Nancy Wittler, Amy Campbell A struggle for 196 meaningful pages Picture 2001, 2002 ... Eileen Sullivan Who said creativity comes easily? Sharon Cunningham In the Pines on the drawing board. Ms. Servidea, Maureen Healy The loyal staff at work. Candi Schaefer, Mary Su Smith, Michelle Margas “No! I can’t write that!” Pat Reilly Extra! Extra! Michelle Margas proofreads an article. ‘““Nah let’s play a game now.” .. . Susan McGrath, Cathy Fetcho ‘And then the wolf blew the house in!’ Barbara Smiegel ‘‘Hey man! Everything’s upside down!”’ Melissa Lopez “Let’s try it once more — O.K.?” Rita Teutonico Lending a helping hand “I do not like green eggs and ham ... ” Aurelia Lens Through Pronto, Camille Pucci finds fulfillment in teachigg. Magic markers do the trick every time. Cathy Fetcho Robin Pierce teaches in a colorful manner. Behind the scenes Stage manager Kathy Carty paints a set. The dancers take a break. Nancy Bonta, Laureen Thumser, Hilary Fritz ‘ : “Simon says ... Pat Carlson, Pat Ewart, Elaine Arikian, Debbie ‘Louder. They have to hear you in the back.’”’ Front Row: Debbie Mc- Coard. Ann Smith. Barbara Giardino, Maria Smith Andrews, Debbie von Rekowsky, Debbie Bukunt. Back Row: Robin Rey- ; i : nolds, Jayne Levesque, Leonora Reynolds, Kathleen Kinney, Kathy Reil- ly, Janet Kinney ; Today's listeners, tomorrow S leaders Ms. Coates tells of her leadership role in the Three Village School District. “Carol, you’re ruining my pretty picture!”’ Julie Doodling can provide insight into Maria Smith’s and Mary Wieland’s characters. O'Reilly, Carol Somers Ronnie King, Debbie McAndrews, Gabrielle Keenan, Robin Reynolds, Caren Cooke, Jean Pelkowski Creativity through the art of dance. Limbering up exercises. Karen Bill ““Come on, let me catch my breath.” Mary Vitale The Dance Club’s presentation — a great success. “My nose to the floor?’ Nancy Wittler Communication through music ‘Jody — you're not plugged in!”’ Sue Pierse, Jody Breitfeller, Nancy Wittler, Joanne Saladino. The Folk Group gets it all together. Karen Killeen, Kathleen Carty, Brust, Karen Bill, Sue Pierse “IT think my foot’s asleep!’ Karen Semente Fostering G O Ad) vl Uu n 1Ca [ 10 nh “Finally, we have everyone together!” Mr. and Mrs. Uruburu, as members of the Student-Parent-Faculty Forum, make plans for a Mass. Kate O’Keefe and Angela DiTucci listen attentively as the Student- Faculty Forum meeting gets underway. Evaluation — an important function al eo tnncnegsenen ne ““So then what happened?’’ Debbie Bukunt Kye ves Sanat Batt “Hey, get a load of this one!”” Mrs. Cronin, Mr. Lawlor Karen Bill, Kathy Carty and Mary Sheehan tally the results of a student questionnaire for the School and Community Committee. 65 @ Bars | Fostering COM Wr u nh 1Ca [ 1O n “Finally, we have everyone together!” Kate O’Keefe and Angela DiTucci listen attentively as the Student- Mr. and Mrs. Uruburu, as members of the Student-Parent-Faculty Forum, Faculty Forum meeting gets underway. make plans for a Mass. Evaluation — an important function “ ““So then what happened?’ Debbie : ; ‘ : : ae pat Bukunt The Curriculum Committee views all sides. Dianne Fitzsimmons, Mary Clark, Renee Palmieri “Hey, get a load of this one!” Mrs. Cronin, Mr. Lawlor Karen Bill, Kathy Carty and Mary Sheehan tally the results of a student questionnaire for the School and Community Committee. The Varsity basketball team is presented with a trophy for an outstanding season. All eyes are glued to the court as St. Joe’s triumphs again. ‘‘What do you mean ‘freeze’?”” Maria Yes, it was a very good year! Smith “Who says I can’t play with cramped fingers?” Maggie Pelkowski 66 No one could be prouder. “And finally girls, kill ‘em!’ Heidi Mueller, Miss Walsh, Maria Smith, Jeanne Flaherty, Maggie Pelkowski Kathleen Healy sinks one in. 67 ee ‘“‘And from you, I want at least a double.”” Kathy Hogan, Jean Pelkowski, Colleen Tobin, Lorraine Schultz, Jeanne Flaherty, Kathy Lutz, E leen Vilbig “Ge-et tha-at jump-ball!”’ % “Batter up!” Get em team! 68 “Our team brushes with Crest.”” Kathy McGuane, Kathy Delaney, Laurie Thungstrom, Linda Taf- “It’s follow the captain time, girls!’ Kathy furi, Eileen Brigaitis, Barbara Giardino, Mary Privitera, Pauline Huneault Mostkiewicz V for Victory! Peggy Ewart, Renee Palmieri, Kathy Mostkiewicz, Gabrielle Monte, Candy Frost 69 Typical sideline criticism. The volleyball team in action. “I’m the coach around here!”” Miss Walsh “Stop the action. I just swallowed the ball!’ Lorraine Schultz Diana Hull gets ready for a backhand shot. ext stop: Forest Hills ““Whaddaya mean ‘Is this how you serve?” Jeannie Ryan Anne Ryan and Elaine Ryan watch in horror as their opponent gets ready to smash it. Heidi Mueller and Jean Pelkowski discuss their tactics before a match. Hi ho, Silver! The bus arrives to bring the girls in Riding Club to the Babylon Riding Phyllis Vilkaitis is puzzled; her horse is going in the wrong Academy direction. “Whaddya mean we’re four laps behind?” Siobhan Fraser “O.K., ’'m on. What next?” Peggy Bonapace Discussing plans for the future of the National Honor Society. Jean Pelkowski, Heidi Mueller Recognition for jobs well done A meeting of Christian Courtesy girls always brings smiles. Claire Parella, Ann Kline a a ¢ Fa BF ae Bg BS ee — } a : —, — 2 —— . = - = aT -- bt ‘. Fs ji ihe | ay Lending a helping hand | The Mission Club plans a trip to the Ross Nursing Home. Bea Basso, Angela Hartmann sey? 1”? ° Reviewing the results of the Nicaragua drive. Mary Sheehan, I've got a great ideal Cathy and Flees alice Rosie Lanaro, Sheila Coates, Cathy Mullee F.N.A. members have just received their pins. Anne Marie Bartscherer, Pat Cusack, Gabrielle Keenan ‘And the next girl to receive her pinis .. . ” Joan Panico, Sister D amian An F.N.A. discussion on sickle cell anemia. Eleanor Leslie F.T.A. members Kathy Carty, Bea Basso and Angela Hartmann take time out to relax. “Am I cutting it good enough?” Pat Carlson “Oh, just don’t tell me!”’ Helen Basso “Can I have one of these too?”’ Susan Marin | | Preparing for future roles With Sister Lorraine helping, putting in a sleeve isn’t that difficult. Maryann F.H.A. makes plans for decorating the Student Faculty lounge. Gherardi RoseAnn Lo Frisco, Mary Heston Ms. Martha Mobley gives an informative talk on the changing role of — women in society. “Don’t make me feel guilty, I'll start my diet tomorrow. Kathy Lutz Investigation through experimentation “Mary, Ill trade ya my crystal for yours.” Carol Somers, Mary Wieland “Hurry up, Linda, you hog!” Candy Kelly, Susan Calvello, Linda Tate “I don’t know what it is but it sure makes pretty colors.” Patty Ewart, Rose- mary Mehl ““Oohh! They’ re fighting in there!”’ Caryl Calvello y i } 4 ; f The lighter side of Math Team. Karen Schelling Hard at work for a positive score. Kahty Sanial US, JASAFS A = I think I finally got the right spin on it. Connie Saavedra, Sister Carletta Sé habla espanol a. 7 I hear a lot more than the Ocean! Colleen Tobin The Spanish Club gets international news. Lupe Crespo, Rita Estevez, Diana Hull, Colleen Tohin. Sister Carletta, Diana Ruiz Something is moving up there. Griselda Bruno, Rita Estevez is tat ae: shaacunenmaennenaim Working for a “And if we collect all our fines, invest i banners.” Carol Marston, Si b lib RO ooo all our fines, we can invest in some new banners.” Carol Marston, Sister e [ fer l rary. The bi-weekly Library Club meeting is now in session; shhh! Frances Striegl, Gabrielle Keenan, Carol Marston, Colleen O’Connell. “Gotcha!” Colleen O’Connell. The more exciting side of Library Club. Frances Striegl. Saving memories and hoping for things to come is spectacular. Some of these moments are more extraordinary than others. Yet, they are colorful threads which create more interesting designs. Happiness and accomplishment. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”’ Kathy Lough, Griselda Bruno, Lisa Pogue. : ; : ete . Cathy Brown receives her ring from Sister Virginia “Congratulations, Candi. Love, Dad.” Candi Schaeffer | (March 19, 1972). : “21 times, or was that 22?” Stacie Flint. Ring Night and the Junior-Senior Supper The Juniors’ first official time on Senior Stairs. After the ring ceremony, the Juniors meet with parents and faculty in the foyer. “And then...” Diana Ruiz. You are cordially invited to attend ... “fl THidsummer Pight’s Bream” | | | to be held at Smithtown Landing Country Club on. Friday, Hay twelfth Tlineteen hundred and seventy-two from p-m. I am. “Come on, Patti; how ’bout a smile?” Patti Bruen, Billy Maritato. Kathy and Craig are looking forward to having a good time. Craig Dan- forth, Kathy Sanial. “IT told you we’d be late, Mike!” Linda Fer- reri, Michael Legendre. “Prepare yourself. It’s the bill!’ Sister Mary Lou, Cathy Brown. Gina, is that your good side? Regina Lambert. The Field Day that almost wasn t = “Don’t just stand there, do something!” Diane La Porte, Diana Mura- f f : : tore, Paula Uruburu. 2 a) “ 5 F Our own Gloria and Meathead. Sister Marie Collins, Miss 8, 4 bi Mussleman. oF (A ; - = - - A 7 ss Sie... and the ditto says “Sister Joan Patricia’! “Hey everybody, it’s Miss Margaret time!” Donna Ferrante, Patti Mc Namara, Kathy Forker, Cathi McNamara, Mari Buch. “Sock it to me!” Renee Palmieri. -» =e) Up, up, and away! Kathy Sanial. She likes it; she loves it; and she’s not so sure. Vicky Brust, Vicki Kline, Karen Bill. “That's home plate!” Colleen Tobin, Maggie Pelkowski. Finger lickin’ good — the S.P.F. family picnic. “Things go better with 7-Up, ice cream, ... ” Karen Schelling, Sally Soccoli, Marie Donadio. “Tll take this one, and that, and all those.”’ Sister Marie Collins, Mr. Mueller. “I could have danced all night!’”” Mr. and Mrs. Pucci. It’s obvious that Mr. and Mrs. Napoli haven’t lost the knack. ALLE Ai Oe tii iia Giving and sharing Songs of thanks in the chapel. Debbie McAndrews, Christine Rogan, Debbie Von Rekowsky, Deidre McLoughlin. The Mission Club prepares baskets for the needy. Sister Marie “Let us offer each other the sign of peace.”’ Joanne Vereline, Claire Parella, Joan Collins, Eileen Gould. McGoldrick. it “It’s not funny Joanne; I have only two days to finish this.” Eileen Doheny, Joanne Toomey. Strockbine. - “Every time I throw this tinsel to the top, it falls back “Hey Jeanne, that’s the 12th card he sent you!’’ Donna Brotherton, Jeanne down!”’ Joanne Vereline. | | 93 Santa gets into the act. ““You’re close up!”’ Sue and Mr. Legendre. ’ ““Look!”” My Dad is actually dancing.’ Cangemi. Monica Walters, Teri LI) ‘““Cheese!”’ Lori Thungstrum, Mr. Thungstrum. Daddy's little girl tes A big smile seems to run in the Cleary family, Lorraine and Mr. Cleary. ‘‘Hey Dad, look what I have!” Mr. Uruburu and Paula. “Which way did he go?” Nancy Warren, Kathleen Healy. ae 5 se Whatever you do, don’t let go! Caren Cooke. Blow in her ear and she’ll follow you anywhere. Claire Parella. “Oh, that’s very interesting .. . ’’ Santa DiMatteo, Mary McCarthy. 96 Rockin around the clock { | i i MANN | 4 ‘How do you get out of here?”” Kathy Mostkiewicz, Marie Riley Marie Donadio and Janet Kinney chill the sodas before the Junior’s Battle of the Bands. Caroline Mao and Jack Flanagan move away from the crowd. The young virtuoso demonstrates her skills. Diana Ruiz pre eae “71, witha, a® ihhh prbt rae 4 7s wearers 1%, weber? 4 4 “Where did the music go?”’ Lucy Jones “Hit it!” Sister Rose Matthew, Eileen Mullee, Annie Kline, Nancy Wittler 98 The Glee Club, ready and waiting for their cue. Se: Last minute rehearsal before the big show. Ann Spina, Eileen Gould A ‘Lower altos, lower.”’ Debbie von Rekowsky, Maureen Davis, Debbie McAndrews, Sister Cynthia 99 “I always smile after a good breakfast.” Cathy Diamond at the Junior Pancake Breakfast The Juniors spark spirit. Cathy dances away on Dress Down Day in the Student Faculty Lounge. Cathy Na- dal, Johanna Wiegand We ve got the spirit so let's hear it! I always knew youwere a ham, but a moose? Patty McLellan [LLANE LIT RENE SE TIT 102 ‘It’s so hard to decide.” Marie Riley Thinking things out. Renee and Mrs. Palmieri Father Peter opens the Junior Day of Recollection. Special events for Johanna prepares to attack from behind. Johanna Wiegand, B-Beth FEELS Ou r b en efit Receiving some handball tips from Olympic players. “Would you believe it’s frozen open?”” Amy Campbell - IY Sm iy ww) A) i] WHOS 0, B's ‘A y se =: : DK : ant’ iy 103 igadoon The wonder of Br einen TI ee, piers See we «ahi i OTE RITES The Lundies explain the secret of Brigadoon. Bill Mulrooney, Peter Brust, Deidre McLoughlin, Vicky Brust, Tim Tango A village lassie wonders. Jody Breitfeller Karen Bill gathers the village children for a story. Poe a prsesmmecitimm tomes xr ce Cette 104 ‘ ... And I promise you the world ... ”’ Bill Mulrooney, Vicky Brust A town gathering of lads and lassies. ie si las to sleep. Pattie McLellan, Tim Tango The first dance after the wedding goes to the bride and groom. Sue Baie ONE ee arena 7 ae 8 Massina, Peter Brust seg! ¥ Si fe eee So salle bebop: ee, eee tans ® Gloria Thumser and Regina Zellen do a traditional Scottish dance at a village celebration. Fiona sings of Brigadoon while Meg listens attentively. Vicky Brust, Patti McLellan ilk Village girls going to the fair. Kathy Pinto, Ann Krevis, Corrinne Faicco, Doreen Heller “Were you a good girl this year?” Jocelyn Maitre, Sister Happiness is exchanging Christmas presents. Alina Wright, Debbie Bukunt Virginia “Where should I put it?” Lorri Acker, Siobhan Fraser “I know my gift is here!” Liz Daly, Susan Ruiz ‘Is anyone in the shower?” Connie Saavedra Life after five “Did you say something?”’ Antoinette Napolitano, Liz Daly, Debbie Bukunt “I beg your pardon!” Karen Killen “‘Let’s jive to some music.’’ Ary Lenz, Mara Marrera, Lulu Cataldo Angela De Freitas and Mary Ellen Kociszewski dress up for “Cheese!”? Caroline Mao, Jocelyn Maitre, Liz Daly, Griselda Bruno, Lupe Crespo, the evening. Anna Simonetti, Donna Ferrante ‘ OO OO , ied . , Susan Ruiz keeps busy by sewing. Kathy Guarino and Janet Osso play a duet. Many residents are involved in after school activities. Griselda Bruno and Lisa Pogue are working on yearbook layouts. Be ie “It’s between P J.’s and Scooter Pies.” Ary Lens, Mara Marrera A family of friends “i ee Woes Some of the girls handpaint their masterpieces in Ceramics Club. Griselda Bruno, Lisa “I can’t sleep without my teddy bear.” Diana Ruiz, . Pogue, Donna Ferrante, Lulu Cataldo Caroline Mao — , | i : » “iw . e PO ae “Fe : Pet 7 3 I : . ; . ow “ j . . es a ae ae ‘ - L . “ he, . - . » ¢ wae’ ; : ay , . : ‘ as Pad - Ne s » . r xs a dw wy a“ - : s x - ‘oa : , ™ . ‘ oe - . ; a il «. . . , A e ne et e . y . ae ain Py | Basin fill: Sire of ourtapestrt ‘ - ¥e% $e i ; : eae ep id completed. Good tinies, new 7a data t Mo Pood. a3 Oa ale is , J F ‘ ‘ ee y thoughts, special friends have been — one ite mee ‘ nef ; woven together 2) produce an Ce lo iat =e : a ene table four . years. 4 | : ws gt ty a vty 2 ; a ) : : . 7 ; 2 . ae . - 5 -. ° ¥- + oe: Dear Sister Virginia and Sister Lalande, We have spent four years together; you began as administrators when we entered as freshman. We, the Class of 1973, would like to thank you for your guidance and understanding, and for making our high school experience a very impor- tant part of our growth. Thank you. Love, the Seniors 114 7 eae decreas rhe j i Smiling, laughing, crying ... ft ‘ ¥ ote a Di ae YE EUN = Si eae he ae SS onan! a Was wns DCRR Dt Pre eats eo elias ee Mi ree i SN} SS S rH 8 80 i Y n oma elias oe “a pee r se : oo oe omen = eee tat dex ¥ . - FI te: » ry Se tei ee tay: “sivlae Rea: that Sie eee iw Ny Le Peas on Ae Sten ee ‘ we ont a : me Lie 9: ae oe 2 “ay aOR RAE sf eae ews yi ran, aa , aN eee wake bn ae ea ae : . e : ss . - F . per Re Mand seal Fre a oe = tee ee selva Opes Cire in ol = eH Sage Lae tint. A ay Sa lee ape EY) Sd all ay Bris Ae ae rey : e Jot st ' . Pe Ne fel ae Pa pie . gh wae : , 1 Ae hee: eRe eae SY. ee bet iy ie We at ¢ “ahs es | ” we sf YK: Re 4 ‘ S Pitan WIPE Secs | i : : -. 7 pS, res Hard days were made easier with help from our friends. | Merienne, heanre, Phynis , Jane 120 . er wettteay es he. wrettey as wines o reat re bacirtes a 122 Concern: a | Our lives have become interwoven. Together, we made individual patterns. ‘Ra aera 130 ne aot ee =} hae Lad if ' ’ iN PPARs a ea 131 2 | | NS Ye The tapestry of life ANNE MARIE BARTSCHERER THERESE ANNE BARRETT AWILDA ALVAREZ VERONICA LYNN BEACHAM HELEN BEATRICE BASSO ANNE ELIZABETH BOYLE PATRICIA EILEEN BRUEN THERESA BROSNIHAN CATHERINE MARY BROWN GRISELDA E. BRUNO 133 MARIA ANTONIA BUCH RIBAS AMY CALISI Love is a great bond PATRICIA LOUISE BUBLA MARY ELLEN CANNON NINA MARIE CANONICO 134 PATRICIA MARIE CASCIO we found among us. MARY THERESA CONWELL CRISTA CECELIA COLE MARY COLLIER PEGGY ANNE COREY 135 Communication Y ANN MARIE ELIZABETH COYLE STEPHANIE CORNELIUS LUPE CRESPO MARY JANE CULLEN ELIZABETH ANNE DALY 136 MAUREEN ANN DAVIS NANCYANN DIONISIO love. LUCINDA ANN DiTUCCI JANE MARIE DOHENY PATRICIA H. DONOHUE SA We have friends RITA ESTEVEZ DONNA MARIE FERRANTE LINDA DIANE FERRERI MAUREEN FINN DIANE MARIE FITZSIMMONS 138 : we won t forget. MARY STACIE FLINT JEANNE FLAHERTY DIANNE MARIE GRAYSON KATHLEEN MARY GOLDSTEIN KATHLEEN ANNE FORKER iste, 2eigetavbe JO-ANNE STEPHANIE HANNITY MAUREEN CECILIA HEALY We have moments MARY LYNN HESTON LORRAINE ELIZABETH HYLAND KATHLEEN MARIE HOGAN 140 VICTORIA CHAPMAN KLINE eat LUCY ANN JONES we will remember. PHYLLIS ANN JAHN LEANNE MARIE LaBORNE MARY REGINA LAMBERT SUSAN MARIE LEGENDRE Thank you for ANITA M. LeBRUN VALERIE LIOTTA CAROL ANNE LIZZO ROSEANN LoFRISCO 142 KATHRYN MARY LoPRESTI KATHLEEN ANN FRANCIS LUTZ working with me. JOCELYNE MAITRE PATRICIA ELIZABETH MANN CAROLINE CHIN-YU MAO 143 - KATHLEEN ELLEN MARIN CATHLEEN ANN McNAMARA Thank you for PATRICIA ANN McNAMARA KATHLEEN MOSTKIEWICZ JANET T. MROZOWSKI 144 HEIDI MARIE MUELLER EILEEN ELIZABETH MULLEE sharing yourself. JOANNE MURPHY MARIANNE MURRAY ANNE LOUISE NEAGLE 145 Thank you for letting JEAN ELIZABETH PELKOWSKI JOAN THERESA PANICO JULIEANN O'REILLY LISA SARAH POGUE MARGARET MARY PELKOWSKI a nF i ee me be myself, CAROL ANN RAMAIKAS IRMA DIANA RUIZ ELIZABETH MARY RYAN KATHLEEN FRANCES SANIAL CANDACE M. SCHAEFER 147 LORRAINE ANN SCHULTZ CLARICE MARIE SCHULZ MARGARET MARY SERA MARY THERESA SHEEHAN ANNA MARIE SIMONETTI We're approaching the new CAROL ANN SOMERS ANN LYDIA SPINA DEBRA ANN SORCI NANCY MARIE STAPLETON PATRICIA JANE STACHE with the old as our guide. 149 COLLEEN ANNE TOBIN JOANNE PATRICIA VALVA 150 LINDA TRIOLA ARLENE THERESA TONTI JOANNE MARY VERELINE EILEEN MARIE VILBIG EILEEN VERONICA ANN VORHEES ) | We are no longer separate threads; we have become a tapestry. MARY KIM WARREN DOREEN WHALEN Ilse! AWILDA ALVAREZ (10-28) 181 West Plum Street Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 TERRY BARRETT (6-18) 200 Kohr Road Kings Park, N.Y. 11754 ANNE MARIE BARTSCHERER (5-18) 982 Montauk Avenue Islip Terrace, N.Y. 11752 HELEN BASSO (7-6) 906 Manor Lane Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 VERONICA BEACHAM (3-20) 184 Ocean Avenue Massapequa Park, N.Y. 11762 ANNE ELIZABETH BOYLE{(1-7} 200 Foster Avenue Savville, N.Y. 11782 THERESA BROSNIHAN (10-19) 166 Westwood Drive Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 CATHERINE MARY BROWN (9-22) 23 Churchill Drive Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 PATRICIA BRUEN (3-25) 37 Harrison Drive Northport, N.Y. 11768 GRISELDA E. BRUNO(9-3) Calle 15 oeste 13-35 Panama Republica de Panama, 3 PAT BUBLA (6-22) 22 Huntting Lane East Islip, N.Y. 11730 MARI BUCH (11-7) [11 Bryan Avenue Amityville, N.Y. 11701 AMY CALISI (3-7) 4 Bayview A venue Blue Point, N.Y. 11715 MARY ELLEN CANNON (6-13) 55 Columbus A venue Brentwood, N.¥. 11717 NINA CA NONICO (7-29) 204 Violet Street Massapequa Park, N.Y. 11762 PATRICIA CASCIO (I1-1) 79 Scotchpine Drive Central Islip, N.Y. 11722 U “ft Senior Directory CRISTA COLE (5-2) 41 Talcot Drive East Northport, N.Y.11731 MARY COLLIER {7-19} 12 South Penataquit Avenue Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 MARY CONWELL (7-7) 525 Old Country Road Deer Park, N.¥. 11729 PEGGY ANNE COREY (3-20) 242 Pierce Street Centerport, N.Y. 11721 ANN MARIE COYLE(9-12) 12 Janet Lane Commack, N.Y. 11725 LUPE CRESPO(9-1) Apartment X, Village Knoll Apartments Deep River, Conn. 06417 MARY JANE CULLEN (5-29) 41 Dolphin Lane Northport, N.¥. 1 1768 ELIZABETH DALY {11-7) 35 Deerpath Lane Syosset, Ne¥. 11791 MAUREEN DAVIS (2-20) 5 Bell Place Massapequa, N.Y. 11758 NANCY DIONISIO (3-31) 101 Copeland Place Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735 LUCINDA ANN DiTUCCI (6- 4) 418 Silver Street North Babylon, N.Y. 11704 JANE M. DOHENY (9-16) 9 Teapot Lane Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 PATRICIA DONOHUE (12-18) 1396 Ackerson Boulevard Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 RITA ESTEVEZ (10-8) 12 Margaret Drive Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y. 11779 DONNA M. FERRANTE(10-10) 213-45 33 Avenue Bayside, N.Y. 11361 LINDA FERRERI (9-28) 52 Washington Drive Kings Park, N.Y. 11754 MAUREEN FINN (8-25) P.O. Box 208 Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 DIANE MARIE FITZSIMMONS (6-10) 59 Pawnee Drive Commack, N.Ye11725 JEANNE FLAHERTY (1-22) 24 Ridgely Road Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 STACIE FLINT (8-29) 11 Ridgeway Boulevard Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 KATHLEEN ANNE FORKER (9-26) 5 Woodhollow Road Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 KATHY GOLDSTEIN (1-2) 47 McKinley Street Saint James, N.Y. 11780 DIANNE MARIE GRAYSON (8-18) 993 Connetquot Avenue North Great River, N.Y. 11722 JO-ANNE HANNITY (12-26) 898 Oaks Drive Franklin Square, N.Y. 11010 MAUREEN HEALY (8-7) 80 Shore Lane Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 MARY HESTON (2-19) 86 Harbor Lane Massapequa Park, N:¥.11762 KATHLEEN HOGAN (9-11) 204 Roosevelt Avenue Massapequa Park, N.Y. 11762 LORRAINE HYLAND (12-17) 434 Madison Avenue Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 PHYLLIS JAHN (11-2) 54 Sunset Boulevard Massapequa, N.Y. 11758 LUCY ANN JONES (4-14) 11 Brian Drive East Islip, N.Y. 11730 VICKI KLINE (4-19) 7 Dogwood Drive Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 LEANNE LaBORNE (4-8) 125 Avon Place Amityville, N.Y. 11701 MARY REGINA LAMBERT (10-20) 147 South Windsor A venue Brightwaters, N.Y. 11718 dn Beaty See Seth ng RRS tags tale ma ine Be tiene ANITA LeBRUN (10-5) 63 Johnson Lane Bay Shore, Ne¥. 11706 SUSAN LEGENDRE(9-1) 185 East Drive North Massapequa, N:Y. 11758 VALERIE LIOTTA (6-29) 38 Rugby Street Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 CAROL ANNE LIZZO (7-28) 180 Spring Road Huntington, N.Y. 11743 ROSEANN LO FRISCO (4-2) 1053 Wilson Boulevard Central Islip, N.Y. 11722 KATHRYN LOPREST]I (2-25) 215-33 23rd Road Bayside, N.Y. 11360 KATHLEEN LUTZ (4-26) 360 Park Avenue Babylon, N.Y. 11702 JOCELYNE MAITRE (5-5) Avenue Boyer Nos 23 Port-au-Prince, Haiti PATRICIA MANN (2-6) 72 Morris Street Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 CAROLINE CHIN-YU MAO(7-20) 97-05 Horace Harding Expressway, Apt. 16C Carona, N.Y. 11368 KATHI MARIN (11-14) 44 Colonial Road Old Bethpage, N.Y. 11804 CATHLEEN McNAMARA (3-22) 69 South Penataquit Avenue Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 PATRICIA McNAMARA (3-22) 69 South Penataquit Avenue Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 KATHY MOSTKIEWICZ (7-19) 359 Whipple Street Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 JANET MROZOWSK!1 (4-10) 1583 August Road North Babylon, N.Y. 11703 HEIDI MUELLER (12-24) 3902 William Street Seaford, N.Y. 11783 EILEEN MULLEE (3-8) 71 Saddle Rock Road East Setauket, N.Y. 11733 JOANNE MURPHY (2-9) 80 Massapequa Avenue Massapequa, N.Y. 11758 MARIANNE MURRAY (3-22) 3386 Homestead Avenue Wantagh, N.Y. 11793 ANNE NEAGLE (3-16) 1428 Ackerson Boulevard Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 JULIE O REILLY (11-11) 132 Ocean Avenue Amityville, N.Y. 11701 JOAN PANICO(?7-11} 14 Richmond Place Commack, N.Y. 11725 JEAN E. PELKOWSK!I (5-3) 367 Commack Road Commack, N.Y. 11725 MARGARET PELKOWSK1 (9-14) 11 British Colony Road Fort Salonga, N.Y. 11768 LISA S. POGUE (8-27) 100 Beekman Street, Apt. 2C New York, N.Y. 10038 STEPHANIE CORNELIUS PSZYBYLSKI (4-25) 39 Gary Street Lindenhurst, N.Y. 11757 CAROL ANN RAMAIKAS (5-2) 12 Four Winds Road Strongs Neck, Setauket, N.Y. 11733 IRMA DIANA RUIZ (6-23) 120-21C Elgar Place Bronx, N.Y. 10475 BETH RYAN(5-9) 136 West Bayberry Road Islip, N.Y. 11751 KATHLEEN SANIAL (11-25) Caleb Brewster Road, P.O. Box 145 East Setauket, N.Y. 11733 CANDACE M. SCHAEFER (11-13) 212 Greenwich Avenue Massapequa Park, N.Y. 11762 LORRAINE ANN SCHULTZ (6-18) 17 Ashlon Lane Commack, N.Y. 11725 CLARICE SCHULZ (11-4) 20 Alton Road Babylon, N.Y. 11702 PEGGY SERA (8-27) 1379 August Road North Babylon, N.Y. 11703 MARY THERESA SHEEHAN (1-27) 34 Delaware Avenue Commack, N.Y. 11725 ANNA MARIE SIMONETTI (12-2) 702 East 78 Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236 CAROL SOMERS (3-10) 4 Newbrook Lane East Northport, N.Y. 11731 DEBRA SORCI (6-26) Stone Gate Saint James, N.Y. 11780 ANN SPINA (7-30) 334 Plymouth Avenue Brightwaters, N.Y. 11718 JANE STACHE(10-7) 2701 Beatrice Lane North Bellmore, N.Y. 11710 NANCY STAPLETON (10-28) 9 Archer Lane Kings Park, N.Y. 11754 COLLEEN TOBIN (9-2) 70 Van Cedar Street Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 ARLENE TONTI (9-23) 15 Stacey Lane East Northport, N.¥. 11731 LINDA TRIOLA (3-18) 155 West Plum Street Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 JOANNE VALVA (4-25) ! Birchwood Drive Great River, N.Y. 11739 JOANNE VERELINFE (1-24) 425 Irving Street Ceutral Islip, N.Y. 11722 EILEEN-M. VILBIG(3-12) 43 Seminole Drive Commack, .N. ¥Y8T1725 EILEEN VOORHEES (10-14) 3940 Hudson A venue Seaford, N.¥. 11783 KIM WARREN (8-25) 50 Gillette A venue Bayport, N..Y.11705 DOREEN WHALEN (1-4) 9 Putnam Court Commack, N.Y. 11725 TERRY BARRETT C.C.D. Club 9,10,11; President, 11; Pronto 10; Christian Courtesy 1 1. HELEN BASSO Future Teachers 10,11,12; President, 12; In the Pines, 10,11,12; Mission Club 11, 12: Leadership 11,12; Activity Council 12. THERESA BROSNIHAN Candy Striping 9; Campanile 12; Future Homemakers 12. CATHERINE BROWN Glee Club 9,10,11,12; Campanile 11,12; Leadership 11,12; In the Pines 11,12; Student Council 12. PATTI BRUEN Glee Club 9,10,11,12; President, 12; Fu- ture Teachers 10,11; C.C D. Club 10,11; A.S.J. Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Volley- ball 12; Christian Courtesy 10,11. PATRICIA BUBLA In the Pines 11; J.V. Cheering 10; Varsity Cheering 11,12; Mission Club 11; Future Teachers 10,11,12. MARIANTONIA BUCH Glee Club 9; Library Club 9; Future Teachers 10,11; Softball 11; Volleyball 12; Athletic Association 12; In the Pines 11,12; Future Homemakers 12. PATRICIA CASCIO Glee Club 9,10,11,12; Vice-President, 12; Leadership 11,12; Communication Workshop 11; Experience Day 12; In the Pines 12; Enrichment Period Committee 12; Father-Daughter Dance Committee 12. MARY CONWELL Glee Club 10. 154 Senior Activities PEGGY COREY Riding Club 9; Twirling Team 10; In the Pines 10,11,12; Leadership 10,11,12; President, 11; Retreat Committee 11; Prom Committee Chairman 11; Liturgy Committee 12; Guitar Club 12. ANN MARIE COYLE Candystriping 9; C.C.D. Club 9; Pronto 9; Orchestra 9; Future Teachers 10; Twirling Team 10; Mission Club 10; Campanile 11,12; Prom Committee 11, i LUPE CRESPO Pronto 11,12; Library Club 11; Spanish Club 11,12; Experience Day 12. JANE DOHENY Candystriping 10; Riding Club 10; In the Pines 11,12; J.V. Cheering 11; Varsity Cheering 12. DONNA FERRANTE Spanish Club 9,11; Cheerleading 10; Pronto 11; In the Pines 12; Ceramics 12. LINDA FERRERI Track 9; C.C.D. Club 9,10,11; Vice Pres- ident, 11; Pronto 10. MAUREEN FINN Candystriping 9,10; Glee Club 9; Pronto 10; J. V. Cheering 11. DIANE FITZSIMMONS Orchestra 9,10,11,12; Candystriping 9, 10; Campanile 11,12; Science Club 12. JEANNE FLAHERTY Math Team 11,12; Campanile 12; Ath- letic Association 12; Softball 11; Experi- ence Day 12. KATHY GOLDSTEIN Library Club 9; Future Teachers 10; Leadership 12. MAUREEN HEALY In the Pines 11,12; Editor, 12; Student Faculty Forum 11; Human Relations 9, 10,11; Basketball 10,11; Leadership 10, 11,12; Pronto 10; Christian Courtesy 9; Student Council 10; Activity Council 12; Glee Club 9. MARY HESTON Candystriping 10; In the Pines 11,12; Future Homemakers 12; Vice President, 12. KATHY HOGAN Library Club 9,10; Treasurer, 10; Can- dystriping 10; JV. Basketball 11; Stu- dent Council 12; Campanile 12; Enrich- ment Period Committee 12; In the Pines 11. LUCY JONES Glee Club 9; Orchestra 10,11,12; Presi- dent, 12; In the Pines 11; Father Daugh- ter Dance Committee 12; Enrichment Period Committee 12. VICTORIA KLINE Orchestra 9,10,11,12; J.V. Field Hockey 9; Christian Courtesy 10; Student Coun- cil 10,11,12; Pronto 10; Prom Committee 11,12; Yearbook 12; Leadership 10,11, 2; REGINA LAMBERT Glee Club 9; Riding Club 9; Pronto 10, 11,12; Student Council 10,11,12; Presi- dent, 12; Leadership 10,11,12; Human Relations 10,11; In the Pines 11,12. SUSAN LEGENDRE Track 9; C.C.D. Club 9; J.V. Cheering 10; Varsity Cheering 11,12. ROSE ANN LO FRISCO Future Homemakers 12; President, 12; Father Daughter Dance Committee 11, 12 KATHY LUTZ Orchestra 9; Athletic Association 9,12; Vice President, 12. Varsity Basketball 9; Varsity Softball 11; Varsity Volleyball 11,12; Campanile 1 1, 12; Leadership 11; Future Homemakers 12; Enrichment Period Committee 12; Father Daughter Dance Committee 12. JOCELY N MAITRE Pronto 9,10; Cheering 11; In the Pines 12; Future Nurses 12. PATMANN Pep Squad 9,10. CAROLINE MAO Glee Club 12. KATHI MARIN in the Pines 11; Future Teachers 10, 1, 12; Leadership 11,12; Pronto 10; Stu- dent-Facuity-Parent Forum 11; Prom Committee 11. KATHY MOSTKIEWICZ Candystriping 9,10; Student Council 9, 11; President of Freshman Three; Pep Squad 10; Varsity Cheering 11,12; Cap- tain 12. HEIDI MUELLER Glee Club 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11, 12; Softball 9; Tennis 12; Parent-Stu- dent-Faculty 11; Student Council 10; Christian Courtesy 9,10,11,12. EILEEN MULLEE Student Council 11,12; Christian Courte- $y 10,11,12; Mission Club 10,11,12; Vice President, 12; Glee Club 9; Orchest ra 11, 12; Campanile 11; Softball 10; Basket- ball 11; Co-Captain, 11; Future Teachers 10; Leadership 11,12. ANNE NEAGLE Softball 9; Future Teachers 10; Leader- ship 12. JOAN PANICO Future Nurses 9,10,11,12; President, 12; Regina Teens 9,10,11,12; Track 9; Rid- ing Club 9; Prom Committee 11,12; Chairman, 12; Father Daughter Dance li J2. JEAN PELKOWSKI Science Club 9; Math Team 10; Pronto 10; Campanile 11,12; Leadership 11,12; Christian Courtesy 12; A.S.J. Honor Society 9,10,11,12; National Honor So- ciety 11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Soft- ball 9,10,11,12, Volleyball 11,12; Tennis 12; Athletic Association 10,11,12; Presi- dent, 12; Activities Council 12, MAGGIE PELKOWSKI Field Hockey 9; Basketball 9.10,11,12; Softball 9,11; Pronto 10; Gymnastics 10; Tennis 11; Student Council 11,12; In the Pines 12; Leadership 12. LISA POGUE Oil Painting 9,10; Resident Council 10; Spanish Club 11; Yearbook 12; Ceramics 12; Volleyball 10. CAROL ANN RAMAIKAS Glee Club 9,10. KATHLEEN SANIAL Orchestra 10,11,12; Glee Club 9; Library Club 9,10,11; President, 11; Leadership 11,12; Math Team 10,11,12; Campanile 11,12; Activity Council 11, National Honor Society 11; A.S.J. Honor Society 9,10,11; Tennis ?2, CANDACESCHAEFER Math Team 9,10,11,12; Library Club 10; Gymnastics 11; In the Pines 12; Drama Club 12. LORRAINESCHULIZ Pronto 9; Volleyvbali 9,10,11,12; Math Team 10; Mission Club 10,11,12; Trea- surer, 12; Future Teachers 10,11,12; Sec- retary, 11,12; Science Club 10,11; Secre- tary, 11; Student-Faculty Forum 10; In the Pines 12; Candystriping 12. MARY SHEEHAN Student Council 12; National Honor Society 11,12; A.S.J. Honor Society 9, 10, 1,12; Glee Club 9,11, 2; Basketball 10,11,12; Christian Courtesy 11,12; Pres- ident, 12; Mission Club 12; Math Team 10,11, Future Nurses 12; Candystriping 10, Athletic Association 10. ANNA SIMONETITI Resident Council 9,10,11; Student-Fac- ulty Forum 10,12; Volleyball 12; Leader- ship 12; Riding Club 9. CAROL SOMERS Science Club 9,10,11,12; Vice President, 11; Mission Club 9,10,11,12; Math Team 9,10,11; Future Teachers 9,10,11; Volley- ball 9,10; Co-Captain, 10; A.S.J. Honor Society 9,10,11; Softball 9,10; Christian Courtesy 11,12; Leadership 11,12; Stu- dent Council 12; National Honor Society be DEBBIE SORCI Softball 9; Volleyball 9; Basketball 9. COLLEEN TOBIN Field Hockey 9; Basketball 10; Softball 911,12; Track 9; Student Council 12; Activity Council 12; President, 12; Dra- ma Club 10,11; Secretary, 11; National Honor Society 11,12; President, 12; Leadership 11,12; Math Team 10,11,12; Campanile 11,12; Mission Club 10,11,12; In the Pines 12; Spanish Club, 12; A.S.J. Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Parent-Stu- dent-Faculty Forum 11; Communication Workshop 11; Volleyball 11,12. JOANNE VERELINE Glee Club 9,10,11,12; Math Team 10,11, 12; Father Daughter Dance Committee 11,12; In the Pines 12; Experience Day 12; Enrichment Period Committee 12; Student-Parent-Faculty Forum 12. EILEEN VILBIG Science Club 9; Softball 9,10,11; Pronto 10; Baskethall 10,11; Third Order 10,11, 12; Athletic Association 11,12; Volley- ball 11,12. KIM WARREN Orchestra 9,10; In the Pines 11,12; Ten- nis Team 12; Student Faculty Forum 12. 155 S. M. AFRA Receptionist MRS. EDNA ALEXANDER School Nurse S. ALONZO Attendance Secretary S. AMBROSE Audio-Visual Coordinator S. MARY BASIL English MRS. GERALDINE BORZELLO Guidance, Chm. MISS NANCY CALLAHAN Spanish S. M. CARLETTA Spanish, Chm. Foreign Student Coordinator Academic Council Advisor Pronto Latin American Club Assembly Committee S. MARIE COLLINS Religion Advisor Mission Club LaSalle Liason Early Graduation Committee . Student-Faculty Forum MRS. MARY CRONIN Science Textbook Secretary Advisor S. MARY DAMIAN School Nurse Faculty and Staff S. CONSUELA De BIASE French School Evaluation Coordinator Advisor Leadership Group Honor and Grading Committee S. HELEN DEEGAN Spanish Rescource C enter S. MARY DENNIS English S. ST. EUGENE Administrative Secretary S. FRANCES HAGEN Religion, Chm. Resident Coordinator Academic Council Calendar Committee S. ELIZABETH JOHNSON Religion Advisor Christian Courtesy Handbook Updating Committee Student-Faculty Forum S. TERESA JOSEPHINE Guidance Department Secretary S. DOLORES KATZENBERGER English Advisor Admissions Committee S. MARIE LALANDE Assistant Principal Scheduling Director School Evaluation Coordinator Student-Faculty Forum S. JOAN LARKIN Mathematics Advisor Coordinator of Enrichment Mini-mester Coordinator of Data Processing MR. JAMES LAWLOR Art, Chm. Humanities 20 American Studies Academie Council Honors and Grading Committee Shee | LLEL'EPISCGrO Mathematics, Chm. Advisor Academic Council Ee. Honors and Grading Committee New Faculty Orientation Committee MRS. JOANNE LOWENBERG Physical Education Athletic Association Cheerleaders S. HELEN MARGARET Registrar S DEVOTA MARIA Music Resource Center S. DOLORES MARIA French Resource Center S. WINIFRED MARIA Personal Typing, Chm. Academic Council S. ALICE MARIE Transportation Secretary S.ROSE MATTHEW Music, Chm. Fine Arts Coordinator Humanities 20 American Studies Academic Council Orchestra = “ Sertiseesteerneyiert . errs FOE: : P a¥ a Phe ke. he “Cee to esterdetabins waranty ia ks MRS. JOAN McGOLDRICK Library S. LORRAINE MEININGER Home Economics, Chm. Advisor Academic Council New Faculty Orientation Committee S. PATRICIA MELLEY History and Social Studies Humanities 20 Coordinator Advisor Academic Council Junior Class Coordinator Campanile Assembly Committee S. MAUREEN MONTGOMERY Science, Chm. Academic Council Sophomore Class Coordinator Early Graduation Committee Science Club MISS KATHRYN MUSSELMAN Art Humanities 10 American Studies Advisor Pronto Art Club Independent Study Evaluation Comm. Student-Faculty Forum S.CYNTHIA PARRET7 Music - Humanities 10 Coordinator American Studies Advisor Glee Club Resident Coordinator S. JOAN PATRICIA Language Coordinator French Admissions Director Academic Council Freshman Class Coordinator S. THOMAS PATRICIA Spanish Sisters of St. Joseph Guild Representa- tive School Evaluation Secretary MISS PAMELA POOLE Guidance, Chm. Academic Council Early Graduation Committee S. MARY ROBERT History and Social Studies S. MARIE ROSS Science Senior Class Coordinator Riding Club New Faculty Orientation Committee S. MARY E. RYAN English Humanities 10 Advisor Honor Societies In the Pines S. MARGARET SECOUR Library, Chm. Academic Council Library Club Assembly Committee MS. GRACE SERVIDEA English Humanities 20 Advisor In the Pines New Faculty Orientation Committee Student-Faculty Forum S. MAUREEN SKINNER Mathematics Advisor Textbook Secretary Student-Faculty Forum MRS. DAURICE SNYDER Physical Education — Dance S. LORNA STRACHAN English, Chm. American Studies In the Pines Academic Council Early Graduation Committee S. AGNES TERESA Financial Secretary S. VIRGINIA THERESE Principal S. MARY LOU TWEEDY History and Social Studies, Chm. American Studies Coordinator Academic Council Advisor Student Council Independent Study Evaluation Commit- tee S. LORETTO VIRGINIA Registrar MISS MAUREEN WALSH Physical Education, Chm. Academic Council Athletic Association S. CATHERINE WEIL History and Social Studies Humanities 10 Advisor Admissions Committee Parent-Student-Faculty Forum Student-Faculty Forum 157 Our Last Wills and Testaments I, TERRY BARRETT, being of sound mind and body, leave to all those on Bus 39, Mr. Ryan, Elizabeth, Regina, Caroline and Denise Seus, and hope that you can maintain you r sanity. And to all the Faculty, many thanks. I, HELEN BASSO, being in full control of all my senses, leave: to my sister Beatrice all my old uniforms and a prayer, ‘cause she'll need it; to my Junior sister Cathy, all our memories in hope that they will continue; to my Freshman sister Susan, the hope that someday she may become F.T.A. president: and to all my friends the good times. I, THERESA BROSNIHAN, leave to my Junior sister Regina, one happy senior year atA.S.J. I, CATHERINE BROWN, being of sound mind and body hereby leave to Sister Maureen Montgomery an evacuated dining room on Fri- day mornings (so that she may conduct her class meetings without the presence of seniors). I leave to Sister Winifred Maria the correct posi- tions for first, second and third place vowels and all the shortforms I could never remember in shorthand, but most of all, | want to thank her for all her patience, understanding and guidance. To my Junior sisters, Debbie and Patti, the hope that they will have a happy senior year along with all our great memories. And to my freshman sister Diane, all the happiness I had at my four years at A.S.J. I, PATTI BRUEN, leave to all my close fr iends, especially Anne, all the fun times and terrific memories. To all my little friends on the bus I leave all the bumps and holes in the road. To Rosanne, I leave a pot of coffee. And finally to Sister Cynthia, Sister Rose Matthew and all my fellow Glee Club members I leave many more years of wonderful concerts. I, PAT BUBLA, bequeath to my Junior sister Nancy my great knowl- edge of Spanish, and memories of the ski trip. Also, to anyone who may have Sister Lorna, don’t ever wear colored shirts, chew gum and beware of Thursdays. I, MARI BUCH, leave my locker, softball sneakers and much love to my Sophomore sister Paula Uruburu. To Gabrielle Keenan I leave 100 burned hamburgers and a smile. To Sister Consuela I leave a bunch of mispronounced Que’s. To Sister Joan I leave the unwashed boards in our homeroom. To Sister Lorna I leave all my grammatical errors and my badly typed index cards from the English Resource Center file. To everyone I leave all. my love, all my talking and my warm thanks for many happy times. : I, PEGGY COREY, do hereby leave: to my Junior sister Santa, an- other year of room 212 at 8:15 a.m. and a large supply of attendence slips; to Sister Consuela, I leave my entire collection of late passes and the memory of our first three years of Leadership complete with a free pass to McDonald’s; to Jodi, my wrinkled sheet music; to Cathy Nadal, my well worn copy of ‘‘We Shall Overcome” to be read and enjoyed in the library (Good Luck!); to the Phys. Ed. Department some joy and a prayer — they need it; to Pat, Nancy and Helen, I leave a smile and a thank you. Finally, I leave — hoping to give whatever I can to whomever I can. 1. ANN MARIE COYLE, being of sound mind and no body, hereby leave: to baby. all the cute guys at H.F.: to Goldstein a happy marriage: to Joceyln. what she wants most; to Liz, revenge at J.D.: to George. the hope that she never gets fatigued: to Mrs. Synder. a can of Lysol: to the gym, the hope that we'll someday see the showers: to anyone who takes slimnastics, Ben-Gay: to any French students, my best of luck and a Strong stomach: to the Mothers. a hope that they always enjoy life: to Christa. a clean locker: to Joan, a Corvette: to the nuns, good luck: to Sophie, many good memories: and to Ed. all my love. Also, I hereby leave finally. (It's certainly about time). I. NANCY DIONISIO, being of sound mind and body leave to the school “‘one bird’s parking space”; I leave to “ that Linda” memories of Brooklyn, concerts and all the other hippy outings, but most of all, to you Linda, I leave a scholarship to a swimming college, so that you will major in the breast stroke. I leave to Lisa Pogue the courage to practice what she preaches! To Carol and Mary I leave memories of ‘Laughing at all the faces.” And the students and faculty I leave behind. I, JANE DOHENY, leave: to Sharon, Joanne, Vera, Mary Lynn, Linda, Marie and Eileen all the memories of our crazy times at A.S.J. and the best of luck in their senior year; to Miss Servidea the bulletin boards of 220 which were almost, but not quite finished; to Mr. Lawlor ‘my interesting, but hopeless sculptures. 1, PATTI DONOHUE, leave to my friends Kaydrom, Valeria, Telly- bird, Moify, Phillmore, Muzzy, Jonathin, Jo-Jo, Davis, Steph, and Val- vo, our getaway car, minus one radio and a broken muffler. To my pal Archie Tawlor, I leave a year’s supply of styrofoam coffee cups. I, DONNA FERRANTE, leave my crocheting needle to Robin Pierce, my wonderful Junior sister: I leave the rest of the student body my deepest sympathy and the ability to endure the hardships of the Academy. And to Sister Carletta I leave all my love and gratitude for all she’s done for me. I, LINDA FERRERI, leave to my Junior sister Vera, good luck and B.S. in her Senior year. To my sister Ellen, all my Biology and Chemis- try notebooks and much, much happiness. And to Sister Maureen, just thanks. I, MAUREEN FINN, leave to Vera Pinto, all my art projects; to El- len Legendre, I leave 1000 “ smarties”; to Eileen Doheny. I leave my collection of Justin E. Doheny pens, and to the rest of the school, I leave . my father. 1, DIANE FITZSIMMONS, being of sound mind, do hereby leave to Evelyn, Joanne, Linda and Mary, four empty coke bottles and a bill for room service. To my Junior sisters; Joanne my violin; Angy, my bus pass. To Sister Lucille, I leave three perfect flow charts and a promise. To Sister Mary Lou, I dedicate my book Everything I’ve Always Want- ed To Know About History, But Was Afraid To Ask, and to Sister Joan Larkin, I leave my thanks. To everyone, I leave my best wishes, and hope that your years here are as great as mine were. I, JEANNE FLAHERTY, leave one frazzled computer and a flus- tered sine function. To Janet, I leave an open door, and to the Juniors, I leave the sunrise and daisies and my best wishes. I. KATHY GOLDSTEIN, being of questionable sanity, do hereby leave to the following: to Sister Luciana (oops! Lucille) a permanent maid to keep her classroom immaculately clean: to Sister Joan Larkin, remembrances of my attitude. my “love” of Math, and her classes. (Come to Mother!): to my Sophomore sister Candy, six pink roses, and they should be given to her when she gets her ring: to my Junior sister Nancy. I leave memories of our bus, Harvey. and the good times: to Christa, I leave a one-way ticket to Fla.; to Amie, a surprise in thanks for her wisdom”™ and help through all my problems. Good luck to you and E.A.F. and don’t forget my invitation come four years from now: to Vicki, a private phone number: to the girls on my bus. a new bus driver: to Sue, Annie, and Diana. the back seats and strong nerves: to the girls in my advisor station — good luck; and to all my friends — Don’t Forget the Good Times! I. DIANNE GRAYSON. soon to be going “My Way”. do leave the following: to Sister Beth — “Smiling Faces”: to Sister St. Edwin — A.P. assignments completed “Day by Day : to Sister Margaret Secour — a generation to appreciate the “Sounds of Silence”: to the Student Body — Beethoven's “Ninth Symphony — 4th movement”: to the faculty — the prayer that God will “Bless the Beasts and the Children”. I. MAUREEN HEALY. leave to my sister, Kathleen, 8:10 every | morning and a plea to listen to what I’ve been telling her for two years; to Mary Sue, Room F in the chapel arcade and a million unmatched nega- tives; to Sharon, the caption counting for the Field Day layout and many memories of Bobby Beagle; to Jeannie, greasers and proof for 21; to Mary Pat, sick jokes and a license; to S. Joan Larkin, a dashing commut- er and a frustrated computer; to Ms. Servidea, orders from der Fithrer; to S. Lorna, thanks, and the hope that someone, someday, will finally get your last name right. I, MARY HESTON, being of partially sound mind and body do here- by leave: to my Junior sister, Mary Sue, a pocket size instamatic camera, a partially finished photography mini course, my messy locker that is half painted, and last but not least, Senior Stairs (!); to Monica, my Sophomore sister, anything in my messy locker she wants and needs (if she can find it); to Paula, Donna, Suzy, Beth and Pat, an old, broken down Morley bus that doesn’t have heat in the winter and windows that are sealed in the summer. I, LUCY JONES, leave: to Jeanne Teutonico, all my music and half a piano bench — may she enjoy her senior year at St. Joseph; to Pat Craig, my lock from my locker so she can keep all her books in one place. | I, VICKI KLINE, leave: to my sister, Anne, a lot of luck, lunch mon- . ey and 2 more great years; to Janet Mrozowski, a red cape and my very | organized scheduling book; to the sophomores on the Smithtown bus | (Diana, Annie and Susan), the last seats; to Nancy and Kathy, one more | year of fun in orchestra; to Annie Gage, one free trip to Villanova; final- ly, to all my friends, the Peelty and the Senior class, my thanks for 4 great years. To Sister jon Larkin I leave every rotten math book in creation and every ‘‘extra help” math class; To Sister St. Ed win I leave my history homework excuses and free Wednesday afternoons; To Jeannie Ryan | leave Butch and Slotch in the bar, a stack of Golden Oldies, an “over 20” list, lots of Friday nights cruisin’ and groovin’, and the hope that you don’t forget to be an Academy Girl over the summer — and Jean ... | PLandT’s. To Mary Pat Ryan I leave a collection of sick puns, the 45 ‘“‘Ronnie’’, lots of sibling rivalry and a foot brake on your side of the car. Hang in there, M.P. Bye. Love, GINA. I, SUSAN LEGENDRE, do hereby leave: to my sister Ellen, a rotten banana to put in someone else’s locker, and much luck for another three years here; to my little sister Jayne Levesque, much love and many thanks for being such a great sister; to my sophomore sister Diane Oliv- eri, an empty seat on a smoky bus; to my Junior sister Eileen Doheny, senior stairs, and a hopeless football team at LaSalle; to Sister Consuela, much thanks for being a great advisor, and carrying that out in every sense of the word; est of the school, I leave the rest of the NUNS — Se Luck I, ROSEANN RIS co, being of sound. mind and unsound body, | do hereby bequeath: to Miss Walsh, one over worked:heart that will never be the same after 4 mods of basketball on Mondays; to the next chair- man of the Father-Daughter Dance, one slightly used pass. to the nearest mental hospital, to Sister Lorraine, a grant-in-aid application, a Future Homemakers of America club that does not know exactly what it’s doing, and finally, a big THANK YOU; to the next president of Future Homemakers of America, a kindergarten class on Thursday afternoons, and a tape recording of people snickering; to my friends, one line I | wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, and lots of thanks, love and happi- | ness; to Eileen, one more year in our “fun” homeroom, and much happi- ness in her senior year: to the school, seven of the most wonderful years of my life; and to everyone, I leave love, happiness, peace and quiet (now that I’m leaving), and while I have the chance, I hereby leave. We, the former Mafia of St. Joe’s, leave to the Nuns, boring, quiet, uneventful days in the years to come; also, we leave the retreats, the gaze- bos, the ladder to the bell tower, the afternoon dips in the pool, and all our extra late Passes (stamped). Finally, we leave the Moose Room and Gail... ; 1, PAT MANN, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave: to Sister Beth Johnson, all my late passes; to James, a clean piece of paper; to Sister Margaret Secour, all my passes to the T.V.; and last of all, I leave this. yy with a lot of great memories. I, CAROLINE MAO, leave my tea pot to my Sophomore sister Lori Acker; I leave all my worries of finding a college to my Junior sister Nancy W.; to Sister St. Edwin, I leave three Chinese needles; and I leave many happy memories and many thanks to Sister Mary Denis. I, KATHI MARIN, being of sound mind and body, leave: to my Ju- nior sister Laura, the memory of the summer of ’72; to my sophomore sisters Regina and Colleen, all the records we used over the summer, and more to add to the collection; to my freshman sister Doreen, all my late excuses; to Sister Mary Ryan, a thank you for everything, especially for being there when I came in at 8:40; finally, to my sister Susan, I leave all the hope that she will have friendships and 4 years as great as mine. I, CATHI MCNAMARA, leave: to Gail Atch, Vera Beacham’s school ring at the bottom of faculty pool; the image of a perfect young lady to Sister Joan Larkin; long conversations with Sister Afra. And finally, to Gage, Manley, and Atch I leave a year’s supply of “strike anywhere, all- weather, never-go-out matches’. 1, PATTI McNAMARA, leave: all the “‘Peers” to Sister Mary Rob- ert; all the “Friends” to Sister Rose Matthew; all the ‘‘Incidentallys” to Sister Catherine Weil; all the “Big, fat juicys” to Sister Joan; all the as- semblies to Sister Pat Melley; all the late essays to Sister Lorna; and to Sister Mary Elizabeth Ryan, I leave Gail with love. And finally, I leave to Sister Consuela, Ocean Beach and “Play it Again, Sam”. I, KATHY MOSTKIEWICZ, leave: to my baby sister Ellen, my locker, and all its treasured contents, including my red rain hat; to baby sis Gina, all the games LaSalle should have won, but never did. As for my Jr. sisters, to Michelle I leave my seat in the back of the bus and the Long Island Expressway. To Vera I leave a year’s supply of fortune cookies (with good fortunes). I leave much love and thanks to all my baby sisters and friends, and to the faculty, a joyful farewell. I wish Elaine all the happiness and fun in her last year at St. Jo- seph’s; To Maggie I leave my old Trig. notebook and 10 required pro- grams; and I leave Beth a one-way ticket to Puerto Rico. To Ms. Servi- dea I leave the Best Mentor of the Year A ward, and to Joanne, Anne and Maureen all the memories of every groovy concert (especially Chami- nade), and the name Hildy. Lovingly, HEIDI. I, EILEEN MULLEE, leave best wishes for the next 2 years to my sophomore sisters MaryJane and Sue. To my junior sister, Jeanne, I leave all my lateness excuses to Health classes; may she use them well. To my other junior sister, Sue, I leave 2 tons of computer tape to be burned and the ashes given to Sister Luciana. To Sister St. Edwin (or Mary Lou?), I leave 300 sheets of blank loose leaf paper. To my sister Cathy, I leave my ‘“‘How to Drive a Car” handbook and much love. And to all my senior sisters I leave a grateful thanks for the greatest four years. May you have peace and happiness always! 1, ANNIE NEAGLE, leave to my Junior sister, Linda Martucci, my famous gym bloomers and to Jeannie Ryan, I leave all my letters from typing class, which she enjoyed reading so thoroughly. Also, I leave my typing class and Regina Kirby to find someone else to help her. And, fi- nally, I leave to all the Juniors a word of advice: Make as few visits to the beauty parlor as possible. I, JOAN PANICO, being of sound mind and positive attitude, do hereby leave A.S.J. two years of French tests that are still unsigned, and to Linda and Mike, Ann Marie and Ed, all the marriage manuals in the Religion Resource Center. To Terry, may you always have the patience you have now; and to the Sisters of St. Joseph’s I leave a roll of air mail stamps for sending my Alumnae notices to Clear Water Beach, Tampa, Florida; to Sister Mary Ryan, many thanks for your sincerity; it will always be remembered. To my remaining teammates, I, JEAN PELKOWSKI, do leave: my half of the slightly wobbly ping-pong table, one worn out first aid kit (X- Rays extra), and approximately 100 tennis balls that were swallowed by the “‘hungry green ivy”. I, MAGGIE PELKOWSKI, leave to my sister B-Beth the problem of getting herself out of bed in the morning; to my friend, Jeannie Ryan, ———— ———— — S = 2 ee SE a | 5 Ba SNS our Friday night discussions at Lambert's, hoping she will make good use of them; to Andy, our bus driver, one box of Band-Aids for his head; and finally to the Junior Class I leave an apple and something to polish it with. I, LISA POGUE, being of sound mind and body, leave to Saint Jo- seph’s all of my memories, and now that I’m gone, I leave to Judy Branch a successful high school experience. I leave to all Saint Joseph boarders a strong stomach. To all my friends I leave a thank-you for being my friends and making my high school years good ones. To the faculty who have had me I leave the hope that someone like me comes here into your classes. Most of all I leave, being healthy and quite sane. We, CAROL and MARI, leave laughing, and we wish many happy memories, fun together and happiness to Linda and Nanci. To Sister Joan Larkin’s Geometry Class we leave two illegal absences from class; to Sister St. Edwin, ‘‘one day of complete silence”; and to our Junior sis- ters, Marie and Renee, a wish for as much fun and happiness as we've had. I, KATHLEEN SANIAL, leave to my sister, Mary, all my math notebooks; to My Junior sister, Jeanne Teutonico, my shelf in the music cabinet: my computer tapes I leave to the next class; and my locker, complete with all old papers, to anyone who wants it. I, CANDI SCHAEFER, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave happiness and love to all my friends and I wish them the best of luck. I also give much thanks to Sister Maureen who has been my good friend through the last three years. I, LORRAINE SCHULTZ, leave to my Junior sister, Karen, and to all the people I have shared my four years with, my thanks and undying friendship. I, RESE SCHULZ, leave: to Cindy, our night out on the town and an Austin Healey and our friend at the delicatessen; to Cathi, all our good times together; though few, we had good times. Remember Gertz’s and the time I didn’t sleep over and the parties. (B.B., S.O.S.); to Gail, a very special friendship, the Lone Ranger, good memories and someone you can always talk to; to Nina, Arnold, Fritz’s and a whole truckload of Burger King hamburgers. (Remember the prom.): to Vera, $50 and all the happiness she wants; to Patti, the Tchaikovsky records, peanut butter and Jimmy Morrell: to my bus, I leave; to Sister Dolores, a new me, and thanks for your patience. To all my other friends | leave many happy times and a lot of luck in future years. I, MARY SHEEHAN, leave a decent burial for my 11 unfinished programs and 13 miles of computer tape; 8th mod lunch; a key to 211 for Diane; and to my Senior sisters, all the luck and happiness in this new world we are about to find. I, ANNA SIMONETTI, would like to thank the Senior class and fac- ulty, who have helped me grow in wisdom and knowledge. To Sister Mary Lou Tweedy I leave my love and thanks for all she has done for me! I, CAROL SOMERS, leave to St. Joes’s memories of a wonderful four years and my thanks to all the people who made it possible. | would also like to leave Pat Carlson, my Junior sister, and all her ‘“‘little” friends (especially Sue Pierse), a box of super deluxe brownies. To Lor- raine and Cathy, I leave the best of luck always. I, DEBBIE SORCT, leave: to my good friend Vera, one elevator, to be used as transportation to and from the art room; to Michelle, a year’s supply of macrame string; to my little sister, Ellen, the STRENGTH, COURAGE and DESIRE to carry out three more years; to Anne Kline, one extremely large McGovern button; to Susan, one copy of The Essen- tials and Fundamentals of Sarcasm; to Diana, one six-foot B.G. poster, complete with a pair of binoculars; to Marie, one powerful megaphone; to Vicky, Kathy and Kathy, much thanks for all the good laughs we shared; to Mary Jane and Kathy, a free lifetime enrollment in my favor- ite class (and may you always be highly active pupils); to my understand- ing advisor, the hope that she will LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. To all of my other friends, to my great advisor, and to all of the great kids a A.S.J. who have influenced me in any way, | leave you the biggest thank- you in existence. I love you all. I, NANCY STAPLETON, leave the Academy sadly, as I begin my long journey into life. I wish everyone peace, love, Wayne Newton rec- ords, tye-dye, sit ins, nonfilter cigarettes and all those groovy things that enriched my life. I, COLLEEN TOBIN, (Toby), leave my half of the slightly wobbly ping-pong table; 8 pairs of glasses; the A.S.J. record for typing — nega- tive two words per minute; 3,983 sheets of rejected colored loose leaf: Oscar’s garbage can; 27 “‘secret’”’ dogs, cats, and other various livestock, (now you know who lets them in); the first computer ever to be driven insane; my private “thinking” spot by the horse ring for future mad philosophers; many happy memories, and much, much, love. I, ARLENE TONTI, leave to my Sophomore sister, Meredith, all past experiences and my memories. To the freshmen (Laurie, Claire, Rosanne, Lou) on my bus I leave laughter and bumpy roads. To my Ju- nior sister I leave a smile. I, LINDA TRIOLA, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave to THAT Nancy Ann one scholarship to Eden’s School of Physical De- velopment; to Lisa Pogue, a lifetime reservation on the 4th floor Acade- my Suite; and to Sister Consuela, all the late passes and absent notes she never got. I, JOANNE VERELINE, leave to my Junior sister, Debbie, my lock- er, half decorated. To my Sophomore sister, Gloria, I leave all my happy memories at St. Joe’s and very successful years to come. To my other Sophomore sister, Robin, I leave the B flat minor scale. To my freshman sister, Peggyanne, I leave slippery seats on the bus and success in her next three years at St. Joe’s. To Sister Joan Larkin I leave all the attendance slips and Enrichment papers to enhance your culture and development. To Sister Mary Lou I bequeath my Advanced Placement essays. Finally, to Nancy Wittler, I leave success in her Senior year and another year with Sister Joan in the advisor station. I, KATHLEEN HOGAN, being of very sound mind and slightly sound body, do hereby leave to: S. Lorna, an organized briefcase and a study of American newspapers. Enjoy!; S. Mary Lou, my opinions of the American Past; S. Joan Larkin, a painting of the Crusades with the in- scription “Onward Christian Soldiers!”; Chris Nurge, my junior sister, many happy memories and also Senior year — good luck with it; Paula Urubura, Morley’s back seat, because you’re the only Morleyite who can handle it; next year’s Student Council, $, $, $; my classmates, every intel- lectual word I have ever used, including ‘‘one’’; my school, the best years of my life and the hope that every Academy graduate will remember her years with the happiness that I will. And, on that note, I leave. 161 Five Most Spirited Seniors Best Athlete Prettiest Smile Most Easygoing Funniest Most Daring Happiest Senior Poll Vicki Kline Gina Lambert Eileen Mullee Maggie Pelkowski Carol Somers Jean Pelkowski Caroline Mao Terry Brosnihan Jocelyne Maitre Cathi and Patti McNamara Joanne Murphy Most Talented Friendliest Wittiest Class Chatterbox Most Sincere . Most Individualistic Best Storyteller Most ‘Behind the Scenes” Ka Ves Meier) 55 ose ahaa Most Attractive ......... Best Athlete Ann Spina Mary Sheehan Kathy Hogan Mari Buch Mary Sheehan Maureen Healy Liz Daly Janet Mrozowski Awilda Alvarez Heidi Mueller . Miss Walsh These polls were compiled by the Senior Class. Faculty Poll Best Organizer Sister Joan Larkin Most Easygoing .. Sister Mary Ryan Wittiest Sister Lorna Friendliest Sister Maureen Montgomery Most Sincere . Sister Mary Ryan Most Absent-minded Sister Lorna Most Optimistic . Sister Frances Hagan Most Individualistic .......... Mr. Lawlor Most Dramatic . Sister Catherine Weil Faculty Chatterbox Sister Margaret Secour congratulations to the class of ‘73 Shrine of Saint Anne Council No. 4757 Knights od Columbus Brentwood NY. 11717 Senior Families Rey. Peter L. Altman Mr. and Mrs. José W. Alvarez and Family Mr. and Mrs. Philip Basso and Family Mr. and Mrs. William Beacham Mrs. Robert Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bruen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Bubla The Buch Family Mr. and Mrs. Silvio Canonico Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Cascio Mr. and Mrs. Irving P. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Conwell — Mary '73, Joseph, Thomas, Patricia, and Christopher Mr. William M. Corey Mr. and Mrs. Luis Crespo Mr. and Mrs. William Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Davis and Family Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Dionisio Mr. and Mrs. G. DiTucci, Angela ’76 Dr. and Mrs. Justin E. Doheny and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Estevez ‘Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Finn Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fitzsimmons The Flaherty Family Stacie Flint Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Forker, Jr. Frank Franza Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grayson Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hannity Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Heston Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hogan ™ Mrs. Elizabeth Hyland and Family Mr. and Mrs. Philip Jahn Dr. and Mrs. James LaBorne Mr. and Mrs. George P. Le Brun Mr. and Mrs. Henry Legendre The Liotta Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lizzo - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LoFrisco Mr. and Mrs. Frank LoPresti The Lutz Family Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Mahoney Mr. Thomas F. Mahoney, Sr. Jocelyne Maitre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elois Maitre Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mann Caroline Mao Mr. and Mrs. Emmett F. McNamara Cathi and Patti McNamara Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Mostkiewicz Mary Mrozowski Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murray Mr.and Mrs. William E. Neagle, Jr. Mrs. Catherine O'Reilly Beverly S. Pogue William F. Pogue Robert, Stephanie, and Debbie Pszybylski Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ramaikas — Carol Ann ‘73, Marian, Michael Mrs. Thomas Sanial and Mary Jane Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schultz Theodore and Theresa Sera Carlton Seymour Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Spina Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stapleton Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tonti Mr. and Mrs. A. Triola Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Valva Mom, Debbie, Cathy, Terry, Geri, and Joey Vereline Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Voorhees Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whalen Ye Ber Consratulations to our daughter, hathi, and the class of 1973 Mr and Mrs. William W Marin Patricia Marin Fried 69 Pamela ‘70 Susan °96 congratulations to our daughter Nancy and the class of ‘73 Mr.and Mrs. Vincent Dionisio congratulations to Donna Marie Jove, Grandma and Grandpa ferrante 167 Raines Cadillac Co. Inc. Nesconset Highway Smithtown, NY. 11787 (S1G)724 4700 Harold Morrell Ray Raines Peter Murray a I a '@ ALY Zon FIN ts ‘Succes IS compliments of Island Ford Tractor Sales eal OF Leisure Living A-FR YOU CAN BUILD YOUR nat UE OWN LINDAL LEISURE HOME OR WE WILL fame 111 | att | SN BUILD IT FOR YOU SFI THE AINTREE © COMPETITIVE IN COST e SIMPLE TO BUILD Be it a permanent home, a retirement home an ‘‘A”’ frame or a Mountain Chalet. the most exciting thing in Housing in Lindal Solid Cedar Homes. Built of beautiful Canadian Red Cedar, they are built to last indefinitely with mini- mum maintenance costs, and most important minimum building costs. Yet every room is finished in real Cedar pan- eling. Available in 80 different plans from small one-room cabins to large multi-room country homes. They suit the desert, the mountains, the lake or beach and also the country hideaway or suburban retreat. Rural Cedar Homes model site 6160 Sunrise Hwy. Bayport (516) 567-1150 475-4988 U7 best wishes to t he e senior class of 73 | from Mp and Mes. P Di Matteo Santa Re gina 11% grade Patricia Enrica 8% orade Michael J. Grant F uneral Home Ine. 71 Suffolk Avenue Brentwood, NY. 11717 173 congratulations to the class of 1973 from The Alumnae Association compliments of ( Central] @) Federal! Savings 1800 Brentwood Road bd @ irst in Interest afef n the Community aFriend 176 } congratulations to Kathi Marin and the class of 1973 SG Kenney Trucking Corporation Garden City, NY. 11530 L77 ge oe ie poe i oe a laatrs metiers rae ee 4 oe ae : an RUE LE a é Sue ae ae ia ae Walric Foe er 1200 Sunrise Hiohwa Bay ore, NY WALt er Frame, RiChard frame 665 3338 congratulations to the class of “73 compliments of MK. Lacey and Co., Inc. Electrical Contractors Bay Shore, NY. 11706 LS ...With TEAC’s 3340 4-Chan- nel Simul-Sync™ Tape Deck. Make your lead singer, guitar, bass, and harmonica come to- gether beautifully before you head for the night’s stand, and then listen to the applause get louder once you’re there. You record with a different in- strument or arrangement on separate tracks for individual practice, then playback. Result — you hear the strengths and weaknesses in perfect mix. Add the optional AX-20 Mix- down Panel, too, for dubbing from 4-track to regular stereo or mono demos. With 10% inch studio-style reels, three-motor design, 15 7%ips, wide ex- cursion VU meters and %-track, ¥2-track, full-track capability. maxell The answer to all your tape needs. mex WS YZ +7 os AN TFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVES (516) 293-8888-8889 HELEN O’CONNOR (516) 293-8888-8889 BILL O'CONNOR ASSOCIATES BILL O’CONNOR BILL O'CONNOR ASSOCIATES 3 WILLOW PaRK CENTER MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVES FARMINGDALE, N.Y. 11735 PARENTS OF RONNIE KING “75” DOSsp . THE NAME FOR PRACTICAL TAPE STORAGE compliments of Edward C.Mcilhone Brentwood funeral Home Inc. 121 Third Avenue Brentwood, NY. 11717 516)273 7455 Suffolk Avenue Brentwood, N.Y. 182 congratulations to Kathi and the class of 1973 Marin lord Truck Sales, Inc. F armingdale, N.Y. 11735 (516)298-3200 © L piness to -and Mrs. the graduates Roger V. Healy | | | . | | | Page Sponsors Sincere appreciation to — the Sisters of St. Joseph and Best Wishes to the Class of 1973 MR. AND MRS. S. W. BUKUNT AND DEBBIE 1974 GARDEN CITY CIAly Se RCE, INC 254 Nassau Blvd. Garden City South, N.Y 11530 GALTANOLIMCNCELL 41 KREGEL, ANTHONY TAFFURI Compliments of MR AND MRS J MILEFREDHCLL AND DAUGHTERS Congratulations to the Class of 73 THELAMBERIS MASTER SI RUCTURAL CONCRETE, INC. 100 Marine Street East Farmingdale, N.Y: 11735 Compliments of MR ANDMRS. EDWARDL. RYAN AND FAMILY SEAMAN AND EISEMANN, INC. 167 Broadway, Hicksville, N.Y. 11802 Personal, Business, and School Insurance WE 1-0600 Sponsoring the activities divider page STAHLMAN AND WARREN, INC. Manufacturer's Representatives 142 Peconic Ave. Medford, N.Y. 11763 185 Special Benefactors ATHERTON CADILLAC, INC. 555 Sunrise Highway West Islip, N.Y. 11795 587-6800 Congratulations to our daughter ANNE MARIE and the Class of '73 MR. MRS. ALOYSIUS BARTSCHERER Compliments of BIRCH CHEMISTS BIRCH DRUG AND SURGICAL CO., |X 467 Jericho Hicksville Road Jericho, N. Y. WE8 -9400 WE8-9401 Congratulations to our daughter TERRY and the Class of '73 THE BROSNIHAN FAMILY Congratulations to CATHERINE MARY and the Class of ‘73 Sincere Appreciation to the Sisters of Saint Joseph MR. MRS. JAMES BROWN FAMILY Compliments of ED BUTURLA ‘‘To be a woman is to have interests and duties raying out in all directions; The pattern of our lives is circular.” Best Wishes — THE BUTLER FAMILY Dear Mom and Dad ; Thank you for four great years. Love, AMY Congratulations to CRISTA and the Class of '73 MR. AND MRS. JOHN F. COLE, JR. Compliments of J. C. DABREAU MAINTENANCE SERVICE CORP. Hempstead, N.Y. 11551 Appreciation to the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Congratulations to our Pashier ELIZABETH ANNE and the Class of 73. MR. AND MRS. JOHN M. DALY Mom and Dad, Thank you for all of your under- standing and for the confidence you had for me in these past four years. Love, “MEATBALL” Congratulations and Happiness to CINDY and the Class of '73 MRS. P. DITUCCI., MR. AND MRS. JOHN PAGNONE. PoC ean | ER, MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM DI TUCCI, JILL '76 Best Wishes to ROSEA NN and the Graduating Class of ‘73 MR. AND MRS. ALEX B. ERALE Francesca’75 Virginia ‘81 Best Wishes to the Class of 73 MR. AND MRS. M. GAJDEK Joanne ’'74 Karen’'79 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. GEORGE HERRELL { q INCOME REPORTING SERVICE 4 Tax Prep. — Accounting Service j 64-06 Myrtle Avenue Glendale, N.Y. 11227 - Best Wishes from THE KELLY’S 1 MICHAEL — Notre Dame University '74 KIMBERLY — ElizabethSeton © College '73, CA NDACE — Academy of St. Joseph ’75 Congratulations to VICTORIA THE KLINE FAMILY Compliments of LA GRANGEINN RESTAURANT West Islip, N.Y. M 09-0765 | LAKESIDE HOMES, INC. Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. Compliments of LEMAC BUS CORP. Bay Shore, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of '73 LOPEZ Melissa ‘74 LURKER! TILE quarry, slate, ceramic commercial and residential Parcnogne N.Y. 11772 475-5787 retin SS Lots of Luck to our niece MICHELLE ‘74 EILEEN MR. AND MRS. GERARD F. | UNCLE STASH AND AUNT MARINE MIDLAND TINKER NATIONAL BANK East Setauket, N. Y. 11733 Congratulations REGINA LAMBERT MR. AND MRS. CHARLES A. MARTENS Compliments of REV. FRANCIS S. MIDURA Church of St. Bernard 3100 Hempstead Turnpike Levittown, N.Y. 11756 F. DANIEL MOLONEY LAKE FUNERAL HOME 132 Ronkonkoma Avenue Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. JU8-1515 Consideration for the Family's Wishes Good luck in the future to HEIDI and the Senior Class MR. AND MRS. CONRAD M. MUELLER Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks so much! Lots of love, EILEGN MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH MURATORE — FILEEN Dear, Congratulations to you and your classmates. Keep that wonderful smile and spirit. Thanks for a job well done! Love always, MOM AND DAD MR. AND MRS. JOHN P. NICHOLSON Bryan, Kathleen 68, Nancy 74, John Jr., and Joan Marie '78 REV. MSGR. PETER L. NOLAN Church of St. Joseph Babylon, N. Y. O'NEILL AND KELLY PAWNBROKING CO., INC. 32 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217 Congratulations to our daughter JOAN and the Class of '73 MR. AND MRS. RALPH PANICO Tom, Russ, and Rich Congratulations to the Seniors DR. AND MRS. FRED E. PARK Patricia ‘74, Ellen ’76, Joan ’78, Fred Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shores. THE ALEX J. PELKOWSKI FAMILY 187 PERKINS INN West Main Street Riverhead, N. Y. PA7-1000 THE RILEY FAMILY J.J. Hart's RIVERHEAD FORD Route 58 (Cor.) Osborne Avenue Riverhead, N.Y. 11901 369-2000 Congratulations to the Sisters of St. Joseph for putting up with our daughters Beth '73 and Elaine ‘74 DR. AND MRS. B. J. RYAN MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR J. SANIAL Mom and Dad, Thank you for the understanding during my four years. Love, RESE SMITHTOWN CONCRETE PRODUCTS CORP. Manufacturers of Quality Block Concrete — Waylite — Pumice Jericho Turnpike Smithtown, N. Y. 11787 AN 5-1815 and the encouragement you gave me Compliments of SMITHTOWN REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE 265-3007 Nicholas Barbato, Chairman SOUTH BAY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. 288 Medford Avenue Patchogue, N.Y. 11772 475-4260 Congratulations to our daughter JANE and the Class of ‘73 DR. AND MRS. E. GERARD STACHE Jo-Ellen 66, Gerard, Robert, Paul STONY BROOK BEVERAGE CO. 710 Route 25A Setauket, N.Y. 11733 941-4545 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS STRIEGL AND FAMILY SUFFOLK COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Number One in Suffolk 180 West Main Street Babylon, N.Y. 11702 Compliments of DR. AND MRS. JOSEPH VITALE Congratulations to the Class of ‘73 MR. AND MRS. VON REKOWSKY Debbie '74, Robby WATERMILLINN Smithtown By-pass Smithtown, N.Y. 724-3242 WESCHE OIL COMPANY Ivan H. Wesche Home Heating Oils Bayport, N.Y. HR-1620 YE GOLDEN LION INN 549 §. Broadway Hicksville, N.Y. 931-9608 i { | eS Dear Mom and Dad, Nothing I can say or do will express my gratitude. Love, Mary Ellen Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Clark Congratulations to the Seniors Excello Technical Development Corp. Congratulations to our Granddaughter Eileen and the Class of ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fox Congratulations to the Class of ‘73 and our daughter Lucy Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Jones, Sr. Red and Larry Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for the past four years. I will always cherish the memories. Love, Tricia Congratulations to Kathi Marin Love and Happiness, Laura and Michelle — '74 Regina and Colleen — ’75 Doreen, Susan, and Carolyn — ’76 Congratulations to the Class of ‘73 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Martocci Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Massina Congratulations to the Class of '73 Mr. and Mrs. George E. McAndrews Debbie '74, Robert, Caroline ’79, Chris Dear Eileen, Best wishes and congratulations. Love, Cathy ’75, Joe, Margee '77, Maryellen ‘79, Tricia ’8 Congratulations and Best of Luck to Maggie and classmates. Love, Mom, Maureen '72, B-Beth '75 Stash, Helene, Tish Business Patrons Congratulations to our daughter Anna and the Class of '73 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Simonetti Process Finishing Co. Inc. Congratulations, Graduates Mr. and Mrs. John J. Somers Frances 68, Kathleen ’69, Eileen’7] Carol ’73, Mary ’80 Good Luck, Suzette! I hope you benefit from St. Joseph's even more than I did. Love, Lourdes Congratulations and God Bless Our Daughter Eileen and the Class of '73 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vilbig Best Wishes to the Senior Class 1973 The Waldvogel Family Congratulations to the Class of ’73 Mr. and Mrs. G. Walters Compliments of The Wilson Family Barbara’76, Jean 80, Suzanne ‘81 AMITYVILLE Compliments of Trihy Reality Amityville, N.Y. 842-2398 BABYLON Babylon Ford, Inc. Montauk Highway Babylon, N. ¥. 11702 O’Shea Bros. Prime Meats and Poultry Wholesale and Retail 85 Deer Park Ave. Babylon, N, Y. 11702 MO9-0612 BAY SHORE Congratulations Class of 1973 H.A. Kalt 37 E. Main Street Bay Shore, N.Y. Home of Bass Weejuns Lake Motors 1321 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, N. ¥.11706 665-1425 Luanne’s Card and Party Center South Shore Mall Bay Shore,N.Y. 11706 M0OS5-6360 Montauk Pontiac, Inc. Authorized Sales and Service 1345 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 Newins Bay Shore Ford, Inc. 219 West Main Street Bay Shore,N.Y. 11706 M0O5-1300 BRENTWOOD Brentwood Pharmacy 761 Suffolk Avenue Brentwood, N. Y. 11717 Campbell’s Bake Shop 794 Suffolk Avenue Brentwood, N.Y. 11717 273-7959 Carvel Ice Cream Supermarket No. 760 Serving Parties, Clubs, Churches, ete. Featuring Decorated Ice Cream Cakes 330 Washington Ave. Brentwood, N. Y. 273-9427 Coronado Flowers and Gifts, Inc. Brentwood Plaza 231-9777 Flowers for all occasions Unusual Imported Gifts Harel Jewelers 777 Suffolk A venue Brentwood, N. Y. 11717 Town and Country Dry Cleaners and Shirt Launderers The finest in Dry Cleaning and Laundering 717 Suffolk Av. Brentwood, N. Y. 273-9824 189 True Value Hardware Stores 136 Heyward Street Brentwood. . } 9717 9 Compliments of Washington Delicatessen and Meat Market 328 W ashing ic nm Avenue -. — Brentwood. N.Y. !1-: 273-4112 Wood's Men's and Boy's W ear. Inc. Gym suits, Work clothes, Sneakers Lew 's — Lee's — Wrangler ; 727 Suffolk Avenue Brentwood. N. } 273-0212 CENTEREACH Steinway Hardware Paint — Plumbing — Electrical Supplies — Tool Rental 2505 Middle Country Road Centereach, N.Y. 11720 JU3-8060 CENTERPORT Centerport, NOY. 4 Fests — rreeé imspecuion 6 Ridgewood Ave. Central isip Lenny s Service Center — Getty ; 22en Specialists eral Auto Repairs and Service 1651 Islip Ave. Central Islip 234-9826 Thomas P. Walsh Funeral Home. Inc: COMMACK Comma ‘ 725 543-1188 North Porn: Pharma in 568 Commack Road and L.LE So. C ma 725 864-$! EAST ISLIP East Islip Tele-Radio Service Co., Inc. li Carleton A venue FLUSHING Breitfeller Motors, Inc. 191-20 Northern Blvd. lushing, N.Y. 11358 Eastislip, N. 11730 = ©3581-2550 , Union Bivd. and Carletor East Islip. N.} 11730 =58l EAST SETAUKET HAUPPAUGE $ -2209 Learning Foundations Complete tutorial programs. Reading, Math, English, Study Skills at all levels. 496 Smithtown Bypass, Hauppauge 724-5445 Wallpapers by Corbeck Corbeck Contracting Corp. 276 Main Street East Setauket, N. } Flagpoles and Flags 6) American Flagpole East Setauket, N. } 941-4650 Setauket Quality Meat £4 Vain Street East Setauket, N }¥ Sextant 268 Main Street East Setauket. VY 751 FARMINGDALE A and G Auto Body Wo 1042 Fulton Sireet yw Good Wishes Atlas Die Casting Inc 150 Florida Street Farmingdale, N ¥ Route 109 East Farmingdale, N John Santa Marie 293-5854 Rose Nielsen, Inc. 294 Main Sireet Farmingdale, N Y Dresses — Sports wea 120 Marine Street Farmingdale. N.Y. !1 Pal Pools, Inc. Copper — Bearing Galvanized Steel Pools Veteran's Hwy. and Nesconset — Port Jefferson Hwy. Hauppauge, N. Y. Sales Office 265-0700 Plant 724-2222 me HICKSVILLE Suburban Propane ; 309 New South Road aed Hicksville, N.Y. 11801 931-0140 KINGS PARK ee Compliments of John Whelan, Wines and Liquors 88 Main Street ‘ Kings Park, N.Y. 11754 269-6815 Farmingdale. N Y¥- ! I 735 LAKE RONKONK OMA Frank De Fresco and Fred Gresser Compliments of Agnew and Taylor Inc. 501 Hawkins Ave. Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y : Paint, Hardware, Garden Supplies 1173: Conklin’s Pharmacy Discount Health and Beauty Aids 466 Hawkins A venue Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. 588-2099 Holiday Floors Inc. for fine carpets 280 Portion Road Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. 11779 Lake Heros 519 Hawkins A venue Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. 588-9704 A large variety of delicious heros — eacha 735 meal in itself S wu LEVITTOWN Venezia’s Pizzeria and Hero Den 3709 Hempstead Turnpike Levittown, N Y. 735-1849 LINDENHURST Pedigree Pet Products, Inc. 180 West Sunrise Highway Lindenhurst, N.Y. 884-2006 Wholesale Vitamins MELVILLE McGovern Sod Farm Pinelawn Road Melville, N.Y. 249-3610 NORTH BABYLON Samar Painters and Decorators Inc. Residential Free Estimates 564 Middle Street North Babylon, N.Y. 11703 586-4585 NORTHPORT Bowman’s Sporting Goods Co. 50 Main Street Northport, N.Y. 11768 Robert Culhane Insurance East Northport, N.Y. 368-2110 Northport 5 10 Northport Toy Mart 87 Main Street Northport, N Y. PATCHOGUE Erhardt Plumbing and Heathing, Inc. Box 656 Patchogue, N.Y. 11772 PORT JEFFERSON Giles Chevrolet Sales, Inc. Port Jefferson, N.Y. 11777 SAINT JAMES Germaine and Danny French Cleaners 617 Lake Avenue St. James, N.Y. 11780 SMITHTOWN Artisan Furniture Service Inc. 97 Oakside Drive Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 Bernard Hairstylists 52 North Country Road Smithtown, N.Y. ANS-8770 Branch Real Estate 145 West Main Street Smithtown, N.Y. 724-5460 Brown Chevrolet Co., Inc. Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 Colonial Furniture Shop, Inc. 127 East Main Street Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 Suffolk 265-1400, Nassau 433-2616 James Cress Florists, Ltd. “The unusual rather than the usual” in floral arrangements. 115 E. Main Street Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 724-0333 Great Hollow Pharmacy Smithtown Blvd. Smithtown, N.Y. 724-2858 Helen Ann 161 East Main Street Smithtown, N Y. Leo Rost Associates, Inc. Let color tell your story. Offset — Printers — Letterpress Social — Commercial — Publication 196 W. Main St.,Smithtown 265-1089 Smithtown Auto Body 24 hour towing service 157 W. Main Street Smithtown, N.Y. AN5-09110 Smithtown Lincoln — Mercury East Jericho Turnpike Smithtown, N.Y. 11780 265-2770 Smithtown Optical Plan Inc. 2 Miller Place Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 Angelo D'Alessandro Smithwest Service Center, Inc. Route 111 and Maple Avenue Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 ANS-9885 Travel Scouts Inc. 86 W. Main St. Smithtown, N.Y. 11787 724-1400 Daniel T. Stek SOUTHAMPTON Southampton Restaurant c o Bogdan Kociszewski 268 Elm Street Southampton, N Y. STATEN ISLAND Page Printing and Mailing Inc. Al Venturella, President 971 Rossville Avenue Staten Island, N.Y. 10309 356-5746 WEST BABYLON Johnson and Johnson Agency, Inc. “West Babylon's First Insurance Agency” 393 N. Little East Neck Road (Rt. 109 West Babylon, N.Y. MO9-0104 WEST ISLIP Captree Motors, Inc. Sales and Service Montauk Hwy. and McCall Ave. West Islip, N.Y. 11795 MO1-5342, 5282, 5326 O A and F Auto Service A and J. Hardware Supply, Inc., Deer Park Mr. and Mrs. Harold Acker Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Adams Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Andreacci Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Arikian B and B Deli, Farmingdale Bak and Vogel Paints, Lindenhurst Mr. and Mrs. Philip Basso Mr. and Mrs. Berntsen Best Five and Ten, Deer Park Mr. and Mrs. George R. Bill Billy Blake, Islip Blue Bell Beer Distributors, Inc., Greenlawn Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boening Mr. and Mrs. Al Bogdan Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Bonapace Mr. and Mrs. George Bonta Linda Boos Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bottcher Rudy Bouse Mrs. Ted Bowman Claude R. Boyd Funeral Home, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James Boyrer Brentwood Florist, Bonnie Griesback Stuart Bresalier Mr.and Mrs. B. Brett The Brigaitis Family Mr. and Mrs. William Brotherton Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brown The Brust Family Mr. Robert Bures John H. Burke Alice Burns Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bush and Susan Sue Butler Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Calvello and Family The Calvello Family Mr. and Mr s. Peter Cangemi Ralph Cario Social Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Carlson The Carlson 6 Mr. and Mrs. J. Carmenati Carvel, Central Islip Carvel, Commack Carvel Store 819, Smithtown Evelyn M. Case Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Casey Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Cermak A Friend of A.S.J. J. Christophersen Jeannette and Robert Coane Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Coates and Family The Code Family Mr. and Mrs. John Coffey Mr. and Mrs. C. Colavito Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cole Competition Imports, Inc., Smithtown Conforti Liquors, Patchogue Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooke Thomas M. Corey and Helen Waldvogel Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cornelius Mr. and Mrs. John Cusack Dale Drugs, Farmingdale Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. D'Amico and Family Mrs. D’Avanzo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Donadio Mr. Andrew Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duke Ed and Artie’s Hair Stylists, Commack Engert’s Bake Shop, Central Islip Eppig Gardens Mrs. P. A. Ewart Patty '74, Peggy ‘76, and James Ewart Faber and Wilkens Automobile Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Ferrara Ferrara Jewelers, Bay Shore Ferraro Liquors Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferreri Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fitzsimmons Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Foray Reverend Joseph Fox Dr. and Mrs. Frank Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fritz and Family Mr. J. S. T. Gallagher Geney and Eddie Maryann Gherardi Dr. and Mrs. Roy F. Gherardi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gould W. T. Grant Company, Brentwood The Grauer Family Bernadette and Arthur Grey Miss Mary Grott Mr. James Guastella The William Hamm Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Harney Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hartmann Maureen Healy Mr. ND Mrs. G. T. Heinzman The Higgins Family Mrs. W. Holtgrave Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Holzapfel Mr. and Mrs. George A. Horton Island Stuff, Bayport Islip Bowl The Iversen Family Jerry Lewis Cinema, Lake Ronkonkoma Mr. Jibber Drive-In Cleaners, Inc., Lake Ronkonkoma Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Keenan Candy Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly lie Rose and Susan Kelly Janet Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Eug ene Kirby Marion and Robert Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Krevis Ann, Meg, Kathy, Ted, and Beth Krevis Ms. Florence Lanaro Mr. and Mrs. Bernard La Porte and Family Mr. and Mrs. Henry Legendre Mrs. Demetrio Liguori Mr. and Mrs. Charles Liotta Mrs. Ann H. Littlefield Mr. and Mrs. M. Lombardo Pat Longo Sandro Longo Mr. and Mrs. H. Lotito and Family Mrs. Anthony Maganzini, Sr. Margaret Maher Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mahoney Michelle Margas Mrs. Hilda Marrero The Marsella Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marston The David Massengale Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McArdle Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. McCarthy and Girls Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. McCusker The McDermott’s Mr. and Mrs. John P. McGoldrick Mr. Owen P. McGoldrick Dr. and Mrs. Edmund McGrath James J. McLoughlin Electrical Contractor, Central Islip The McMahon Family Mr. and Mrs. James P. Mehl Mr. and Mrs. George H. Mero Michael's Deli, Lake Ronkonkoma Mr. and Mrs. John Michel and Family Karen L. Mitar Mr. and Mrs. Frank Monroe Mr. and Mrs. N. Monte Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moran and Sharon ’76 The Mori Family Dr. and Mrs. Raphael Muojo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Murray Dr. and Mrs. Miguel Nadal and Family Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Nadal Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Napoli Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Napolitano Norman Oldsmobile Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Nurge Mr. and Mrs. John Nulty Mr. and Mrs. J. O' Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’ Gara Mr. and Mrs. John O’ Hara Dianne Oliveri ’75 Dr. and Mrs. James A. Papa and Family Mr.and Mrs. J. A. Parrella E. Peragello Mr. and Mrs. Frank Perrotta The Pierse Family Mr. and Mrs. John Pizzuto Dr. and Mrs. John Privitera Mr. and Mrs. Pat Pucci The Radgowski's Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ramaikas Ray Lane Gulf Station Mr. and Mrs. Walter Razbornik Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reilly Kathy Reilly Resi and Mary’s Inc., Farmingdale Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Reyes Mrs. Janet Reynolds and Family Coraluisa Ribas Robins Hardware Store, Lake Ronkonkoma Frank Rodeu Mr. and Mrs. William Rohde R.S.V.P. Formal Wear, Inc., Bay Shore Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Saladino Joanne, Susan, John, and Mary Ann Saladino Mary Jane Sanial Mr. and Mrs. John Schelling Mr. and Mrs. Edward Seagriff Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Seger Mr. and Mrs. A. Semente Warren Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. John Sheridan and Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sitler Mr. and Mrs. John Skinnon Mr. and Mrs. Gerard F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Smith Smithtown’s Hi-Signs, Inc. Smithtown Toyota Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Somelofske South Bay Fish Market, Patchogue Jeanne Strockbine Suffolk Pet Shop Surrey House of Suffolk, Inc., East Islip Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney Alice E. Tanguilig Darwin Tanguilig The Tate Family Tera Mar’s Fashions Inc., Lake Ronkonkoma Dr. and Mrs. Louis Teutonico The Thumser Family The Tire Center, Inc., Smithtown Jo Ann Toomey Town Line Jewelers Mrs. M. Uruburu, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Uruburu A Friend Howard and John Van Allen Peter and Philomena Vilkaitis Gino Villa Village Barber Shop, Brentwood Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Walsh Johanna Wiegand Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wieland Winslow Personnel Agency Mrs. George Wittler, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George Wittler Mr. and Mrs. S. Wysocki Mr. and Mrs. J. Zegers and Family Mrs. Anita Zellen 193 Acker, Lori Acquaviva, Lynn ACTIVITIES COUNCIL Adams, Jolene S. Afra Mrs. Alexander Allison, Diane S. Alonzo Alvarez, Awilda S. Ambrose Arikian, Elaine ASSEMBLIES Barrett, Theresa Bartscherer, Anne Marie S. M. Basil Basso, Bea Basso, Helen Beacham, Vera Bill, Karen Bogdan, Donna Bonapace, Peggy Bonta, Nancy Boos, Linda Mrs. Borzello Bottcher, Christine Bottcher, Eileen Boyle, Anne Branche, Judy Breitfeller, Jody Mr. Breitfeller Brett, Jeanne BRIGADOON Brigaitis, Eileen Brosnihan, Theresa Brotherton, Donna Brown, Catherine Bruen, Patricia Bruno, Griselda Brust, Vicky Bubla, Patricia Buch, Mari Bukunt, Debbie Busch, Marie Bush, Susan Butler, Sue Mr. and Mrs. Butler Calavito, Marie Calisi, Amy Miss Nancy Callahan Calvello, Caryl Calvello, Susan CAMPANILE Campbell, Amy Cangemi, Terri Cannon, Mary Ellen Canonico, Nina S. Carletta Carlson, Pat Carmenati, Marie Carty, Kathy Cascio, Patricia Casey, Maureen Cassidy, Michele Cataldo, Lulu CHRISTIAN COURTESY CHRISTMAS Clark, Mary Cleary, Lorraine Mr. Cleary Coard, Debbie Ms. Coates Coates, Sheila Cochrane, John Code, Mary Anne Colavito, Maria Cole, Crista COLLEGE NIGHT Collier, Mary S. Marie Collins CONCERT Conklin, Kathy S. Consuela Conwell, Mary Cooke, Caren Corey, Peggy Cornelius, Stephanie Coyle, Ann Marie Cregg, Pat Crespo, Lupe Te) rs 20 34, 44, 60, 73 4041 119, 132 75, 132 28 74, 76 76, 117, 132 132 54, 62, 63, 65, 89, 104 13 7 6 11 29 36 26, 42, 47 133 28 26, 4, 63, 104 43 23, 43 104-106 69 124, 133 40, 93 84, 87, 133 54, 86, 120, 133 80, 84, 109, 110, 111, 115, 123, 133 54, 63, 89, 104, 105, 106 116, 134 88, 117, 134 60, 65, 107, 108 40 42 48, 54,90 91 ae) 115, 127, 134 21 78 78 55, 103 23, 94 45, 116, 134 134 80 60, 76 54 60, 63, 65, 76 11, 54, 124, 135 ; 25,39 30 109, 111 73 93 65 54, 95 95 16, 60 61 12, 20, 74 41 20 29 116, 135 103 118, 135 88, 90, 92 98, 99 31 37 33, 119, 135 10, 54, 61, 96 63, 116, 135 136 87, 125, 136 26, 55 80, 109, 115, 131, 136 Index Mrs. Cronin Cudahy, Mary Culhane, Rose Cullen, Mary Jane Cunningham, Sharon Cusack, Pat Daly, Liz S. Damian DANCE CLUB DANCES Danforth, Craig Davis, Maureen DeFreitas, Angela Delaney, Kathy S. Mary Dennis Diamond, Cathy DiMatteo, Santa Dionisio, Nancy DiTucci, Angela DiTucci, Cindy Doheny, Eileen Doheny, Jane Donadio. Marie Donohue, Patricia DRAMA CLUB Duke, Kathy ENRICHMENT PERIOD Erale, Fran Estevez, Rita S. Saint Eugene Ewart, Pat Ewart, Peggy Faicco, Corrine FAMILY PICNIC FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE Ferrante, Donna Ferrara, Roseann Ferreri, Linda Fetcho, Cathy FIELD DAY Fields, Phyllis Fierro, Lucretia Finn, Maureen Mr. Finn Fitzsimmons, Diane Fitzsimmons, Evelyn Flaherty, Jeanne Flanagan, Jack Flint, Stacie FOLK GROUP Foray, Bernadette Ford, Ed Forker, Kathleen Francis Franco, Neris Fraser, Siobhan Fritz, Hilary Frost, Candy FUTURE HOMEMAKERS FUTURE NURSES FUTURE TEACHERS Gage, Ann Gajdek, Joanne Gallagher, Grace Gentle, Diane Gherardi, Maryann Giardino, Barbara Gilmartin, Kerri GLEECLUB Goldstein, Kathleen Gould, Eileen Grant, Pat Grayson, Dianne Grey, Laura Guarino, Kathy S. Frances Hagen Hanayagi, Suzushi Hannity, Jo Ann Harrer, Pat Hartmann, Angela Healy, Kathleen Healy, Maureen Heller, Doreen Heinzman, Laura Heston, Mary Higgins, Nancy Hogan, Kathleen S. Honora Hull, Diana Huneault, Pauline 39, 45, 65 11 24 119, 136 11, 26, 56 34, 75 15, 107, 108, 109, 127, 136 77 «75 a @ 96, 97 86 10, 99, 130, 137 109 24, 69 23 55, 73, 100 96 31, 121, 137 12, 64 31, 137 93 129, 137 36, 90, 97 137 60 67 4247 11 80, 131, 138 20 60, 78 34, 69 16, 34, 52, 106 90 94-95 15, 88, 109, 111, 127, 138 49 86, 119, 138 58, 59 88-89 16, 42 17, 19 129, 138 18 46, 65, 123, 138 46, 48 67, 79, 128, 139 97 84, 127, 139 63 31 87 88, 139 43 49, 59 72, 107, 110 43, 54,0 69 77 75 76 14 42, 47, 55 23 15, 16 38, 44, 77 60, 69 12, 15, 31 55 125, 139 26, 92, 99 32 126, 139 25, 38 31, 110 30, 39 41 140 28 74, 76 67,95 56, 122, 140 106 55 77, 115, 118, 140 43,90 52, 68, 119, 140 31 71, 80 69 Hyland, Lorraine IN THE PINES Iversen, Jolene Jahn, Phyllis S. Beth Johnson Jones, Lucy JUNIOR PROM JUNIOR-SENIOR SUPPER S. Dolores Katzenberger Keenan, Gabrielle Kelly, Candy Killeen, Karen King, Veronica Kinney, Kathy Kinney, Jane t Kline, Anne Kline, Vicki Kociszewski, Mary Ellen Konklin, Cathy Krevis, Ann Krevis, Meg LaBorne, Leanne S. Marie Lalande Lambert, Regina Lanaro, Rosie La Porte, Diane S. Joan Larkin Mr. Lawlor LEADERSHIP LeBrun, Anita Mr. Legendre Legendre, Michael Legendre, Susan Lens, Ary S. Lucille L’Episcopo Leslie, Eleanor Levesque, Grace Levesque, Jayne LIBRARY CLUB Liguori, Michele Link, Lucy Liotta, Valerie Lizzo, Carol LoFrisco, Rose Ann Lombardo, Ann Marie Lopez, Melissa LoPresti, Kathryn Lotito, Mary Pat Lough, Kathy Mrs. Lowenberg Lutz, Kathy Maher, Mike Maitre, Jocelyne Manley, Diane Mann, Patricia Mao, Caroline S. Helen Margaret Margas, Michelle S. Dolores Maria S. Alice Marie Marin, Kathi Marin, Susan Maritato, Billy Marrera, Mara Marston, Carol Martocci, Jean Marie Martucci, Linda Massengale, Angela Massina, Susan MATH TEAM S. Rose Matthew McAndrews, Debbie McArdle, Meridith McCarthy, Mary McDonald, Jo Ann McDonough, Peggy McGoldrick, Joan Mrs. McGoldrick McGrath, Susan McGuane, Kathy McLellan, Pattie McLaughlin, Deidre McLaughlin, Lyn McMahon, Rosemary McNally, Joan McNamara, Cathi McNamara, Patti Mehl, Rosemary S. Patricia Melley Mero, Mary Beth 4 2 Be 115, 125, 140 56 10 10, 120, 141 11,39 98, 117, 141 86-87 84, 85 22 61, 75, 81 37, 78 63, 108 34, 61 55, 60 26, 53, 97 31, 73, 98 35. 52. 55. 89. 115. 117, 141 12, 109 31 57, 106 57 115, 120, 141 35, 64, 114 17, 52, 87, 115, 121, 141 22, 74 31, 88 15 65 61 31, 118, 142 94 86 94, 128, 142 34, 59, 109, 110 23, 39 75 30 0 81 19 26, 40 10, 142 142 77, 115, 124, 142 «4 53, 58 115, 131, 143 21 aS 24 20, 68, 77, 124, 143 87 107, 109, 116, 143 18 143 , 97, 109, 111, 115, 128, 143 21 22, 47, 56, 57 29 19 129, 144 76 86 15, 16, 109, 110 81 45 14, 42 10, 31 105 79 25, 26, 98 15, 54, 60, 61, 92 22 12, 46, 96 27 30 54, 92 19 55, 58 69 101, 105, 106 92, 104 25 17 17 31, 88, 125, 144 39, 40, 88, 125, 144 46, 78 aa 16 : Michel, Mary Beth 10, 54 Pucci, Camille Middlemiss, Mary 32 Mr. and Mrs. Pucci MIDDLE STATES COMMITTEES 65 Radgowski, Celeste MISSION CLUB 74 Ramaikas, Carol Ms. Martha Mobley 77 Ramaikas, Marian Monte, Gabrielle : 36, 69 Razbornik, Peggy S.Maureen Montgomery - 27, 39 Reilly, Kathy Morales, Pat 30 Reilly, Pat Mr. Morgan 91 RESIDENTS Mori, Claire 16, 49 Reyes, Rosemary Mostkiewicz, Kathleen 69, 97, 131, 144 Reynolds, Leonora : Mrozowski, Janet ; 117, 144 Reynolds, Robin ) Mueller, Heidi 54, 67, 71, 73, 122, 145 Reynolds, Shauna : Mr. Mueller 90 RIDING CLUB Mullee, Cathy 44, 55, 74 Riley, Marie ; Mullee, Eileen 74, 98, 122, 145 RING NIGHT Muratore, Diana 23, 32, 88 S. Mary Robert Murphy, JoAnne 129, 145 Rogan, Christine 1 Murray, Donna 21 S: Marie Ross Murray, Marianne 10, 120, 145 Ross, T.C. Miss Musselman 14, 64, 88 Ruiz, Diana Nadal, Cathy 13, 101 Ruiz, Susan Nadal, Rose : 29, 40 Ryan, Annie Napoli, Lorraine 45 Ryan, Elaine Mr. and Mrs. Napoli 91 Ryan, Elizabeth Napolitano, Antoinette 108 Ryan, Jeannie NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 73 S. Mary Ryan Neagle, Anne 115, 124, 145 Ryan, Mary Pat Nicholson, Nancy 44 Saavedra, Connie O'Connell, Colleen 81 Saladino, Joanne O'Donnell, Regina 40, 47 Saladino, Susan O’Gara, Maureen 37 Sanial, Kathy O’ Keefe, Kate 64 Sanial, Mary Oliveri, Diane 44 San Pedro, Dawn O'Neill, Pat 15, 32 Schaefer, Candy ORCHESTRA 4 Schelling, Karen | O'Reilly, Julie 61, 119, 146 Schultz, Lorraine | Osso, Janet 15,110 Schulz, Clarice ! Mrs. Palmieri 102 SCIENCE CLUB Palmieri, Renee 65, 69, 89, 102 Seagriff, Debbie Panico, Joan 75, 119, 146 S. Margaret Secour Parella, Claire 52, 73, 92, 96 Seger, Sally Park, Ellen 12, 47, 55 Semente, Karen Park, Pat 26 Mr. Semente S. Cynthia Parrett 25 Sera, Margaret S. Joan Patricia 36 Ms. Servidea S. Thomas Patricia 29 Sheehan, Mary S. St. Patrick 18 Sheridan, Linda Pelkowski, B-Beth 13, 46, 103 Shires, Vicky Pelkowski, Jean Pelkowski, Maggie 61, 67, 71, 73, 128, 146 66, 67, 89, 115, 124, 146 Simonetti, Anna S. Maureen Skinner PEP RALLY 38, 39 Smiegel, Barbara Perrotta, Laura 35 Smith, Ann Father Peter 102 Smith, Maria Pierce, Robin 59 Smith, Mary Su Pierse, Sue 53, 63 Mrs. Snyder | Pinto, Kathy 13, 106 Soccoli, Sally | Pinto, Vera 38 Somelofski, Marylynn Pizzolato, Chris 2! Somers, Carol Pizzuto, Caroline 31 Sorci, Debbie Pogue, Lisa : 15, 84, 109, 110, 111, 123, 146 SPANISH CLUB Miss Pamela Poole 21 S.P.F. DANCE | Privitera, Mary 52, 69 Spina, Ann ] PRONTO 58-59 SPIRIT WEEK In the Pines, 1973 would like to thank: our hard-work- ing moderator, Ms. Servidea, who, in her first year as moderator, helped with every aspect of this book: Sister Lorna for getting this book off the ground and for her photography, advice and assistance; Sister Mary Ryan, who took care of all the finances; the students, parents, faculty and businesses who supported the drive; Frank Ball, Jr. and Josten’s American Yearbook Company, the printers of this book; Macy’s Photography Studio and Mrs. Tiger for the Senior formals; Michael Kulak, who was responsible for the Senior informals; Carole King and Colgems Music Corp. for permission to print the song i “Tapestry”; all those who helped and encouraged this book in any way; and finally, the editors and staff, without whom this book would not be: Maureen Healy, Editor-in- 37, 43, 59 9] 54 119, 147 32 12, 35, 44 54, 60 57 107-111 54, 108 10, 48, 54, 60 60, 61 23, 33 72 97, 102 84-85 37 54, 92 42 18 31, 80, 85, 98, 111, 129, 147 107, 110 46, 71 25,71 120, 147 25, 71 17 42, 56 80, 108 63 17, 54 79, 86, 89, 126, 147 27 32 56, 79, 84, 118, 147 79, 90 35, 67, 70, 130, 148 31, 87, 125, 148 78 23 81 13 40, 55, 63 91 126, 148 10, 39, 59, 64 65, 74, 126, 148 33 47, 109, 119, 148 34 58 37, 60 60, 61, 66, 67 24, 56 27 73, 79, 90 40) 52, 61, 78, 130, 149 149 80 91 99, 149 100, 101 Acknowledgments SPORTS 66-71 Stache, Jane 120, 149 Stapleton, Nancy 118, 149 S. Lorna Strachan 18, 47 Striegl, Frances 81 Strockbine, Jeanne 11, 39, 93 STUDENT COUNCIL 52 STUDENT-FACULTY FORUM 64 STUDENT-PARENT-FACULTY FORUM 64 Sullivan, Eileen 25, 56 Sweeney, Laura 21 Taffuri, Linda 46, 52, 69 Mr. Tagle 20 TALL TOM JEFFERSON 26 Tate, Linda 10, 12, 45, 73, 78 S. Agnes Teresa 28 S. Virginia Terese 35, 84, 107, 114 Teutonico, Jeanne 12, 52 Teutonico, Rita 52, 58 THANKSGIVING o4 Thumser, Gloria 106 Thumser, Laureen 60 Thungstrom, Lori 52, 69, 94 Mr. Thungstrom 94 Tobin, Colleen 53, 68, 80, 89, 115, 122, 150 Tonti, Arlene 117, 150 Toomey, Joanne 93 Toomey, Sharon 29 Triola, Linda 15, 121, 150 S. Mary Lou Tweedy 16, 87 Mr. Urubura 64, 95 Urubura, Mr. and Mrs. 64 Urubura, Paula 57, 73, 88, 95 Valva, Joanne 10, 150 Van Winkle, Ann 25 Vazquez, Suzette 12, 54 Venturella, Kathy 23 Vereline, Joanne 92, 93, 124, 150 Vilbig, Eileen 38, 68,, 128, 151 Vilkaitis, Phyllis 10, 39, 72 Vitale, Mary 62 Vogel, Donna 22 Von Rekowsky, Debbie 33, 60, 92, 99 Voorhees, Eileen 121, 151 Waldvogel, Helen 36 Walsh, Cathy 32 Miss Maureen Walsh 38, 39, 67, 70 Walters, Monica 94 Warren, Kim 56, 126, 151 Warren, Nancy 39, 95 S. Catherine Weil 32 Wenz, Andrea 28 Whalen, Doreen 118, 151, 158 White, Pat 32 Wiegand, Johanna 101, 103 Wieland, Mary 27, 61, 78 Wilson, Barbara 46, 47 S. Winifred Maria 33 Wittler, Nancy 53, 55, 62, 63, 98 Wright, Alina 107 Wysocki, Adele 30 Yoshida, Fusako 41 Zegers, Carol 23,44 Zellen, Regina 106 Chief; Kim Warren, Layout Editor; Mary Su Smith, Pho- tography Editor; Rosie Lanaro, Layout Editor; Stacie Flint and JoAnne Murphy, Art Editors; Janet Mrozows- ki, Business Editor; Cathy Brown and Mari Buch, Copy Editors; Sheila Coates, Gina Lambert, Sharon Cunning- ham, Paula Uruburu, Eileen Sullivan, Michelle Margas, Mary Pat Ryan, Donna Ferrante, Candace Schaefer, Lisa Pogue, Griselda Bruno, Nancy Warren, Sue Butler, Nan- cy Higgins,Nancy Nicholson, Elaine Ryan, Angela Hart- mann, Linda Martucci, Linda Tate, Candace Kelly, Kath- leen Healy, Maggie Pelkowski, Jane Doheny, Jeannie Ryan, Jocelyne Maitre, Jeanne Strockbine, Bea Basso, Helen Basso, Santa DiMatteo, Robin Pierce, Barbara Wilson, Laura Perrotta, Carolyn Cermack. ... and the outcome of it all is a tapestry. en aut , tae Se Spay eee eres cts ee ie Tors Se oh eng: © ae SO Spe te gO SR ee FS PIS eee Se nee Bie ice: Pipi p eee Se = ease Se SRE : aed ost, es : See ots orn Se Se Ge ener I Learn BS Sou = = a ? na ae FR eS LOLI Pee SHae : Severe ax a ears pas . Se CR nt OPPO = ao ed : Nee Sees = — . : as: ae

Suggestions in the Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) collection:

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 141

1973, pg 141

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 93

1973, pg 93

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 131

1973, pg 131

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 109

1973, pg 109

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