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Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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..,.,...,.. -in-U-V --.--- Q ... Arr Vim' ,um My or SMN r -lun ru Blarruwuun, Lum. Iamxn ----ufgsqirpprg-w jf - - -.fs-.1 W, .1 . V' -1 XM? ffl! Q60 .Q . 1 ' s wa SAINT CHAliI.l-1S HALL . . . SAINT JOSEPH HALL . . . SACRED HIiAR'f CHAI-1 Amid xuvb X1lfV'0lll1lI'i!1gX wc fouml lifv uml luuglofwr . . . a lJdfJfIil1f'.U lbrougb our xflmol -wars fha! shall makc' our Al'ddl'llIj7 a l'ZJl'fiNhl'll nwmory. BliIl 'llllllllllilg It means pine-scented airg and fluffy, snowy clouds in an azure sky. The blue-gold dome of the campanile glistening in noonday sunshine: Creamy dogwood and festoons of fragrant wistaria. Shell-pink apple-blossoms taking the place of golden forsythia. Corn-stacks and autumn brilliance. Icicled pines and snow-covered walks. Brilliant dawns and gorgeous sunsets. Brisk walks around "the bend". Our own "minute man" significantly flying with "Old Gloryn. The arrival of welcomed mail. The military aspect of morning inspection. Ash Wednesday and our annual Retreat. Welcoming distinguished and inspiring visitors. ,Parliamentary law and speech classes, with the contests. The "Tea Dance", with pretty prints and dress uniforms. Distributing Christmas baskets from the trailer. Summer reunions at the S. S. C. A. Preparing attractive shrines for our Lady. Brentwood traditions and ideals. The joy of becoming a "child of Mary". The long-awaited joys of Commencement. Honors and speaking parts. Holy Mass in the early morning and visits to the chapel now and then. The sacred solemnity of Benediction. Health and happiness. Winning and losing on Field Day. Pleasant companionship and lifelong friendships. Comprehensive and efficient training for the long, useful years ahead. Love and loyalty. Devotion and inspiration. Cherished memories. Peace and contentment. Our belowed Alma Mater, Saint Ioseplolv In-the Pines! QW- K K-QQQ We are pleased to presenb H N Q ull' REQ E9 9135 1944 Yem' funk, PUBLISHED BY THE OF TH i , Jr. V M ga' ii d L 9 . ' fyfk, , V, E N-..5j ?a.'f w .,,, Q 13' a 1 .q g Wa K a L 4 5 ginffk- A ' W ' f,. ,gg I' ,Q 'I all I N 'ge-X. QI. 'fjT'?"" -1 if 1, iiiff-V , ' ': if W ?'l',55-V F, ,K : ., -au- Mz .vm-' 1 L". W is Q15 "L 'r v gl, " 1 'wr V! f fe, lf ,, 4? bl 5 fa, -,',: Z .. 'iv W Y ex . - Bpfgg, V6 my '-'wa' ,,.: 4 L 'J f ' ' -7' 4 " 'E A 3 ' "Q ff ?5i4.j 'K Q' ff an 5515 1 iv fvw We P1,M r. Ouasm,vf.s UNDIZR PROTECMON ov THE SACRED HEAR'T We Smc, HYMNS To Gun LADH' f, 11 n I 'n 's.:n :s,.s:. . s,.sAl- 1 n,,.. Ns 'in vs' ,N Q...- i' 's' ' 1 S XI M -C Im DEDICATION 'F TO THOSE VALIANT HEROES WHO ARE SACRIFICING TO CONTINUE OUR DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE, AMERICA,S ARMED FORCES, WE GRATEFULLY DEDICATE "In The Piney" qc 1944 Z 2 4' DX L ff 1 ll0l' X Today the entire world is sadd px bloody war of all times. Yet th 7 f A ost-war lans, is bein most widel I P P 8 Y the restoration of universal peace, We K can come only through the Divine Prince if intercession of our Immaculate Mother. Wil S O our victorious forces have returned, and to d theme of our Year Book, 'fthat Christ, through H 'X 1 A . i . T' J , V 0 rd KSJJJK 's the most devastating and most K :t of peace after victory, as well as X l. As we fervently pray and hope for AN hat true and lasting tranquillity of order Ze, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the 1 and thorough determination to carry on until X utmost for the cause of peace, we offer as the x ' 'J , Pope Pius XII, be represented at the Peace Table." "To all those whose task it is to promote agreement and harmony for peace . . . do not disturb or impede the desires of peoples' for peace by actions which, in- stead of encouraging confidence, rather inflame, hatreds anew and strengthen determination to resist. Give all nations a justified hope of worthy peace which does not clash with their right to live and their sense of honor. Let it be clearly seen that there is a loyal accord between your principles and your decisions, be- tween statements of a just peace and facts." POPE PIUS XII 'If 'If 'B POPE PIUS XII AT THE PEACE TABLE HAT the Holy Spirit shall soon bring peace to this war-torn world, and that the guiding hand of Christ the King shall prevail at the next peace conference: that is the earnest prayer and confident hope of the Class of Nineteen Forty-four, graduates of the Academy of Saint Joseph, Brentwood, New York. As we leave "the Pinesn, we carry with us our promise for peace. Gur Catholic training has taught us the true meaning of peace. It has made us realize that Almighty God is the only source of real peace. For His moral law is the firm foundation for just and lasting peace. The sons of America, with trust in God, are fighting and even dying, that we may be free from paralyzing fear and ruthless oppression. They are making the supreme sacrifice that tyranny and pagan principles may be obliterated from the world of tomorrow. The loss of our young men, the living embodiment of American ideals, is a terrible price for freedomg it is a price that must not be paid in vain. Since the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor we have regretfully, yet proudly, watched fathers, brothers, relatives and friends answer the call-to go to the service of God and country. We would not have it otherwise, for America,s future was challenged, her freedom, so dearly bought, was imperiled. P14 1' n f f"'--X, W , V V. A b V x imggy M ' 5 'A Q' "H -f.,f -f H i? I A Q, N A. 54 H Sfnf' His Ilmlxlsx l'ul'l Puls Xll lf! HN wlvfllffw HI IAIlVN1'fI1'N ffm' xfur I I nf fun fl! in fwfff lIlIl'Xl'lI1'N Vmnfq In uflfufmnllw ullff rf I .mil nm fmmfx ujlrr lfu' mmf rx!f'r1v11', fflxlxlmlf nuff lffnmly t1Ifnl1ljXIl1 uf all fwxlnrq, lu l'44ll!1N lm from ffm' jufw nf H1AIf1'l'lAll mmf Hmm! IHHIN 1 1 HXIIAIYf!lr'ffIlll1!X1lf-ffl!! lfn :fy fwfr IllHH1'l1lHl fum. v Daily we ask our Lady of Victory and of Peace to protect and watch over our valiant men and women in the armed forces. This awful conflict had its origin in forgetfulness of God, as the failure of the Versailles Treaty was due to the exclusion of God. Hatred and tyranny will not cease until man makes God's law the foundation- stone of his life. Godlessness, with all its evil implications, has naturally led to materialism, which makes might, right, and utterly disregards justice. Totalitarianism, racism, and international distrust have followed in the wake of materialism. And, as a natural consequence, the lack of charity and mutual regard, in these "isms," has brought about the social and economic evils of the modern world. These present-day evils-such as Godless education, divorce, the unjust demands of the state regarding the education of children, denial of the rights of private property, disregard for the individual in the state, the unjust distribution of wealth - have long been recognized by our Sovereign Pontiff, Pius XII. For these evils he has offered salutary remedies, closely allied with peace. His conception of peace harmonizes with democratic principles, and implies condemnation of totalitarian policies. No man living is better equipped than is our Holy Father for dealing with these modern evils. As linguist, world-traveler, vicar of Christ and Father of Christendom, he possesses all necessary knowledge, insight and experience. The fearless champion of the interests of every religion, race and nation, he loves all without partialityg and is vigilantly anxious for their welfare. Filled with the spirit of Christianity, he not only sees and hears of tragic miseries, but he has personally met victims of the modern world's awful cataclysm. 'I+ His EXCELLENCY THE MosT RliVIiRIiNI1 THOMAS C. MOLLOY, S.T.D rfwllill' zznbfflirf wbirh arrays ifsvlf against God, flu' Rufvr of Ihr' 1lIIil'l'VSc", is fbf- must dungvrons l'II!'HIwY of u ww rmlvr llmf would lu' jmf, on ilu' ollwr band, l'1'!'l'j' man who lzzflizwvx in God ix n11n1l11'rnl amaugxl lwix purfisunx and jmladinsf' POPE FIUS XII Since Pope Pius XII is keenly interested in every one of his three hundred sixty-five million children, as Well as those outside the Church, on the side of enemy and of friend, he should be present at the next peace conference. He would be an ideal representative of che Omnipotent and Divine Law-Giver. Desiring no prestige or aggrandizement for himself or the Catholic Church, he would plead the cause of true and lasting peace, with charity and justice. It has been suggested that representa- tives of all other Christian denominations, as well as a representative of the Jewish people, also occupy places at the peace-table. In fact, the proposal has been made that one-tenth of those who plan the rebuilding of the world should represent religion. Christ's presence at the confer- ence, in the person of His vicar on earth, is necessary, for His guid- ance would insure Christian principles in the reconstruction of our broken world. In his Five Points for Permanent Peace, our Holy Father includes the "four freedoms," the Eight Points of the Atlantic Charter, and also the Seven Points of the recent "Declaration of World Peace," prepared by American Catholics, Protestants and Jews. Pius XII insists that the law of God, the Moral Order, is the only foundation of peace. He reit- erates that triumph over hate is essential to permanent peace, that dis- trust among nations must be conquered through justice, truth and fair dealing. He condemns the false principles: that might makes right, and that utility is a basis of right. Economic rivalry, he holds, must be tempered by due regard for justice, and cold egoism or selfishness should not govern national policy. Following the lead of our Sovereign Pontiff, who made twenty- eight appeals for peace in 1940 alone, who has dedicated his life to the PB E 5 Q z SACRED HEART CHAPEL - FACADE AND CAMPANILE "Gita all nafions a juxfifvd hofrf' of worfhy pvarc' which zfors no! flash with lbvir rigbl fo lim' and fbrir srnsr' of honor. Lvl it be clearly seen that ihrrf ix a loyal afford bcfwrffn your prinriplvs ana' your darisions, befwren sfafemenls about a just pearl' and facts." POPE PIUS XII cause of peace, and who is now making every effort to indicate the way to true and lasting peace, we shall strive for peace. Meanwhile we pray that the day will soon come when swords shall be exchanged for plow- sharesg and spears for sickles. We beg the Prince of Peace that before another year has passed peace with victory-peace with charity and justice-will triumph. As Catholic women-mothers of the future- we shall do all in our power to promote universal peace, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Prince of Peace, and the intercession of our Immaculate Mother. And we shall not neglect to pray that our own United States may continue a beacon of liberty, and a safe haven where men may live in harmony and peace through faithful observance of God's two-fold law of love. -P "Have no doubt: Christ is always with you. Imagine you see Him in the places of your work, passing among you, noting your toil, listening to your conversations, consoling your hearts, composing your disagree- ments, and you shall see the workshop changed into the sanctuary of Nazarethg and there will reign among you, too, that trust, that order, that concord, which are a reflection of V the blessing of Heaven which increases here below and conserves justice and good - will among men who are steadfast in faith, in hope, in the lore of God." POPE PIU5 XII 'B Sfxcmlulm H1-Am' CIlAPl'l,-TWAVI, ANI! Alum "l3fvxsr'f1' lu' lfmxr ufm I't'cllfi-L' ffnll grail :work for 41 uric' uml jllxf nr11'f'1' ix Hof jmxxifvlr' IIIIIVXX lfwir c'j'r'.v urn' fiflmf fo fluff, kr'f'jn'r umf onlflillrr' of aff hlllllllll f'l4l'HfN, iniliul .m111'm', .QIltII'tlfLlll am! lll'1'IlXl'l' of all jlzxfiu' tllltf rig fri. " POPE PIUS Xll "The call of the moment is not for lamentation hut action: not lamentation over what has heen, hut recon- struction of what is to arise and must arise for the good of society. It is for the memhers of the Christian family, filled with the enthusiasm of Crusaders, to unite in the spirit of truth, justice and love to the call: God wills it, ready to serve, to sacrifice themselves, like the Crusaders of old." if "May it please the Divine Redeemer from whose lips came the words 'Blessed he the peacemalaersf' to en- lighten the powerful and leaders of peoples, inspire their thoughts, their feelings and their deliberations, make them spiritually and materially vigorous and firm against obstacles, mistrust and perils which obstruct the path toward preparation and settlement of a just and lasting peace." Q L L , ' p-,,,L. j EMILY ROSINA BURCH CATHERINE HAMILTON DAILY Q A is GRADUATES-Nineteen Forty-four JMW1 of JV I M f M!! fwfr ,pdf IN U' K V J 'xrf N M if" M e MJ7- .M - 1. , H.. ., 22-J- J D K I ,GLM pesky ,L-..J LJ 2 T4 Af 1.7,-FJ V' .Avg AJ,--079, 'Khakis , Alf f" VIRGINIA MARIE DUFFY MARY ELIZABETH DIGAN w "7"7ffT41 Q A Q GRADUATES-Niucfteen Forty-four 1 r ,4,oo.1-LfQe W Q ww' "J, A A 0-uf ,M Qi Y' ' Sl.. fab--v ' r 1, . , k,,"h,-l V, sag? .Ii fffff-' --1' ' ' J E - - - MARY ALICE FAUST A, , I JEANNE FRANCES FETT fd cfs. -'LP ,ti-ZQALJ l uf t fs 'Q pl Go Lsg,K1fCs '.-Al Ir' .1 "5 "' Mx' W.: ' sw- s L I "W -Ls ,:.,rs'-MN Nl ..gVI-!'V'j--S Al'ddFlllfjf of SAINT JOSEPH is Q Q 1 to i r re-I 4 j i A I -- i 1 n, " . Q . u s ,lf 4. . ,gp ,ALJ Q , J I . 7 ,,..f :A af Y ' ' ' ,V,l.+ ' l-If 3 - v I M 1 - - af if r J., K, ' X, Lt' -,V , I I . J my Rr6l0'17'JJ ' ,VL . in 'L I ' 'A ' . Y JOAN CLAIRE FITZGERALD kt A+' ELFRIEDAY c:HR1si'iNiE GOCiCiLICK - ""' ,L ,,u-ubl J -0445 ' Ly t' A I 1 if ' N fvklib ,4.,uu... - ' Nu' ,,,,u-nrt. wi . , V . I , f ' Y I Q A Q GRADUATES4Nineteen Fwy-four' 0-A MYRIAM ALICIA GOMEZ BARBARA ANN HUMPHREYS ACHLIUIII-jf of SAINT JOSEPH gb A Q M ELLE fffffg 6 Q A is GRADUATES N 11 f Jw W ,MW - . V' -' 'A MU ' wvyfyf IJUULDJ ' 'UW .VL , uf' . we ?'w"" x "lu M Mba, ' "fa . ,Aw L JOAN THERESE UEPISCOPO SUZANNE RUTH LEWIS Acudeflzy of SAINT JOSEPH gb A gb My ' ww fw' , Cfmwffmfdw M N N W M BARBARA THE RESE M455 4 Nw- W W ,fy ,WOM at f'fQ,yW,f?'IM4f"wW Q A Q WH? GRADUATES-N wjwgw S. 4 ,Q gf M5608 ,ffwmyffq gyffwgiwfx f',f7f""f5ff 9? QwQi'3f73QQfHg5f! Q TQQMQ W My , WEEL ES A CIA CECELIA McAVOY ,wffif ,W xy mmyof SAINT Josigg, Q A Q ELLEN MARIE MCGEADY DORIS ELIZABETH MOSER ' l Q A gb GRADUATES-Nineteen Forty-four AGATHA CARMEN MUNOZ EILEEN CLAIRE O'MARA Academy Of SAINT JOSEPH Q A Q MAR JORIE CECILIA 0'SULLIVAN - GRADUATES W, my gffw JW IRENE ELEANOR SMITH - - Z'-271 "4"'Zf .zwfwlndnz af-4 RENEE YERG efmgwwwwfe ..d-w,,a.v-w,4,u4eZ.,Zf-M "7'u'f'?'W'Wf'gf1?'Z Ifwffww-ffm p cgi! W W'51'fZ':.T'L SODALITY OFFICERS IRENE SMITH BARBARA HUMPHREYS ,IUNE KRAFT EMILY BURCI-I We have often been entertained by Emily's play- ing on piano and harpq charmed by her sudden and spontaneous humorg and won by her gener- osity and sincerity. Our Emily is an experienced equestrienne, an avid reader and a talker indefa- tigable. She has been elected "most intellectual." We do not need to wish her luck. Une who gives so much to life as Emily is naturally on the "success list." CATHERINE DAILY The most striking thing about "Mitzie" is her soft flaxen hair: the next, her "forget-me-not-blue eyes." Whether she is gracefully ascending the Golden Stairs, reading French or driving her car, Catherine is her individual, poised self. We like her pleasant musical voice and easy flow of con- versation. An intelligent student, Catherine as- pires to be a nurse. We know that she will make an excellent one. n MARY ELIZABETH DIGAN Mary Elizabeth has made herself an indispensable member of the Senior Class of '44. She has a unique way of combining the qualities that make a fine classmate. Whether the project is a party, homework, or a class meeting, she cooperates wholeheartedly with gay enthusiasm. No matter what life-path Mary Elizabeth may choose, her dependable, energetic disposition and ready smile will carry her through to happiness. VIRGINIA DUFFY Ginny's originality and style have made her per- fect Chairman of the Social Committee. Our wonderful entertainments are due to her charm and careful management. At a prom she is gra- cious and stunningg at school she is honest and unaffected. In her own way she tries to make the world happier for everyone. Ginny is going to get along well because in any cloud, she can al- ways see a silver lining. - ALICE FAUST Alice's traits of character are trulv amazing. She is persevering and diligent, artistic and musical. Her interests in varied subjects are the combined result of her world-wide travels and ten Vears training at Brentwood. Telling jokes, sketching, and playing the piano are three of her manv hob- bies. Alice is conscientious about her school work and attentive to her duties. Her strong character will prove an asset at college. JEANNE FRANCES FETT ln appearance and personality Jeanne is undoubt- edly the "cutest" member of the Class of '44, Rosebud lips and sunny smile are typical of this "little lady.', Our social day-student, who hails from Brightwaters, is a ready listener to thc tales of Brentwood Seniors. Jeanne, who is skillful with her hands, finds knitting a favorite pastime. She and her mother will keep the home fires burning L'I1IIl Doctor liett comes home from the battlefront. JOAN FITZGERALD "Fitzie" always has a joke to tell. If she does not know one, she creates it spontaneously. When vour radio won't play she can always tell you why. For four years she has shown her dependability by her work on the Mission Committee. Most familiar characteristics to us are her cleverness in l'math," her truthfulness, and her Irish smile. .Ioan her- self has said, "In future years you will find me at aeronauticsf' ELFRIEDA GOGOLICK Her title, "Class Optimistf' is a just tribute to Freddie, the genius of '44. She is most generous with her time and with her packages of delicious food that arrive so often from home. Definite proofs of Elfrieda's many outstanding talents are her accomplishments as Editor-in-Chief of "Cam- panile" and Chairman of the Poster Committee. We know that her genuine unselfishness will con- tinue through life. MYRIAM GOMEZ Myriam's black hair and fair complexion make her our most striking Spanish Senior. She has mastered several languages, and willingly helps the girls who rush to her with their lfrench and Spanish difficulties. We shall miss her earnest in- terest in learning, and her unselfish manner, by which she has won our hearts. We know Myriam has helped our Pan-American Policy greatly by her stay at dear Brentwood-imthe-Pines. BARBARA HUMPHREYS She talks, she sings, she laughs, she understands! She shows understanding in her deep brown eyes. Her sympathy we all found and appreciated when she was our Class President and Prefect. Bobbie becomes inspired with the opportunities and capa- bilities of youth. She is a dynamic example of Catholic girlhood: eager, she is prepared to meet the challenge of the future. And, best of all, she is always smiling. JOAN UEPISCOPO Joan is destined for greatness! To the Seniors of '44 she has been the embodiment of class spirit, and the constant provider of those unforgettable chocolate cakes. As President of the Student Council, her conscientious work has been heroic. Our popular and "best-dressedn Senior spends many free moments in the kindergarten with her favorite friends, little children. Her goal in life is to be a child specialist. SUZANNE LEWIS For nine years, unpredictable Suzie has flashed her laughing blue eyes on the Brentwood pines. She has learned to take the ups and downs of life at A. S.J. with calmness and charm. Our attractive socialite can express her opinion with that warm, winning manner. In future years, fun-loving Suzie will wear a nurse's cap. Our white angel of mercy is aiming high, and she has the courage to "make it." JOAN KENNEDY "Michelle" is our vivacious and all-American Senior. She is frank, sensible, and easy to get along with. We find her pet peeve, freckles, one of her attractive features. Her unaffected, happy-go- lucky air takes her through rough spots with her chin up. She is a pleasant companion, because she is always in a lively mood. We know that in the Cadet Nurse Corps, Joan's energy and ability will bring Victory nearer. JUNE KRAFT Smile, personality, sweet humor! These plus a jovial disposition and genuine loveliness have won for June the title, "the ITIOSI congenial of '44." Her fun-loving spirit and jollity have kept us smiling through! Many happy memories will re- call June as class oflicer in her Junior class, as ollicer of the Sodality this year, and as a dear friend. We are pleased to recommend her to the world. BARBARA MAGEE The Arcade daily resounds with the pitter-patter of Barbara's dancing feet as she makes use of every minute. "Magee" is one of our liveliest and most conscientious Seniors. She may be depended upon to make a success of whatever she begins. Her cute expressions and mannerisms have made her "one of us" in the three years she has been with us. We know petite, gracious Barbara will continue to succeed. MARGARITA MARTINEZ We have quickly made friends with Margarita, our "fair Senorita" from Cuba. She charms us with the music of her native songs, which she sweetly plays on her guitar. She lives that zealous Spanish faith of old, with sincere innocence. Attending Brentwood for but one year, she has readily adapted herself to American studies. Her dimples and laughing eyes will long remain in our memories. ISABEL MASCARO On the dance-floor and on the hockey field, Isabel is always superlative. For the past year, she has been the active and efficient President of the Athletic Association. At Brentwood, she has made history with her famous remark on Aggie's voice, "You sing like a Cannery Ccanaryjf' We wish Isabel every possible success. PATRICIA McEVOY "Sunshine," as Pat has been nicknamed for four years, perfectly describes the character and per- sonality of our lovely "bit of Erinf' The gleam of her Irish eyes, as well as her bell-like voice, has brightened our life at A. S. J. Pat,s love for music, we feel certain, will carry her high into the realms of success. ELLEN McGEADY If the Class of '44 were to present a Distinguished Service Medal, it would be given, by unanimous vote, to Ellen. Through her untiring generosity, she has proved herself a true graduate of St. Anne's. Riding her bicycle down McGeady Hill transforms her from an Academy pupil to a little home-maker,whose hobby is baking surprise dishes. DORIS MOSER Like a subtle summer wind, Doris "breezed" into Brentwood quietly and unobtrusively this autumn. In one year we have found that behind reticent manner is a fund of understanding, a treasure of adventures, and an ocean of dry wit. We all envy her distinctive taste in clothes and her unique manner of expression. AGATHA MUNOZ Aggie is the prima donna of our class. She is a happy-go-lucky girl. Where you hear laughing or fun, you may be sure Aggie is there. Her main ambition is to sing in the Metropolitan Opera House. There is no question in our minds that she will attain her objective. Besides possessing a most beautiful voice. Agatha also has big brown eyes. EILEEN O'MARA liileen is full of fun. Her blonde curls, which have won for her the name "Fluff," make a strik- ing contrast with her sharp, brown eyes. Her unforgettable expression, "tout de suite,' is typi- cal of her amazing sense of humor. She has an unusual way of working herself into an impossible situation, and laughing her way out. MARJORIE O'SULLIVAN Every girl at Brentwood has a word of praise for good-natured "O'Sull." Marjorie is a grand sport, she is brimming over with wholesome, lrish humor. Her famous snap-shot album is filled with pictures. Margie is going to live the "Catholic way": that will keep alive the memory of her valiant brother, Donald. IRENE SMITH It is a great deal of fun to know "Smithie." Her name is synonymous with a hearty laugh and a cheerful story. She loves "little things," like bak- ing cakes, writing letters and especially receiving them. Her shiny blonde hair is the envy of all. Irenels ability to see the good in everyone makes her an unforgetable friend. RENEE YERG Renee is one of the gayest members of the Senior Class. Her happy disposition and cheerfulness are known to all. However, she undertakes all tasks with earnestness and determination. Renee loves music and is happiest when dancing, singing or playing the piano. She is exceptionally partial to delicious desserts and her home state, New Jersey. Tina CAA As SICIJN mom 'rn CONVIiN'l GARDICN '14 1l' Winter Scenes aL, 731'6lZfLU006ll Tuna dl Rosh Cimunam l3l,ANmf'l'lfn IN Smmw rl-4 i i ,...,....f 5 I STUDENTS L OO Sc: H vm HIGH U- u' f- N., ,- F 7 .- ff Cf LL P X. v 3 La f - fl QE BRENTVVOOD MUSICIIANS READY VOR Tllli RIQCZITAI VOCIA'I'ION Wxiuk PRO-llilfl' iN 'rnla LIBRARY 5+ ' wc 1,0 X 40 X W5 X . xv XX we qs- O '00 . . 1 , wo ,ox as ' ww XXL . S0 b A Ax' ' ,, W -4- U . V ,xv ' 1 t 1 ,xt Q9 X L - 5 YQ. iox Y , , . N ' ' 40 . x ' 69 SX .F I if A xclxdxlv 809 I 'isp' X 506 Q15 Qcbq SS L" Q9 QX 'xi ' -5.0 'Oc' Avi cixx 1 sb 5 .Qgllgo Xoboiv . Q Qomxqd. NN -idx! 006, . 600 X30 vu' 'QB' Q0 563' , xqxxl rf' N or Q, 390 , Kgs Gig? Q59 new 0' i QXCV ,195 S Qc' 'Q ' XSS io oxdg 56? sg XQGO X QQ ' fx vi 50 . 0 X O 959g Swv .569 oqfoxxo Q5 V0 ei' L, 0, .ce XX0 .QV Nw W A5 QP Q5 ggi sbix0ci7 tx 8,9 R806 ss ' 6 S3 gf X Q33 ,SSW N, t v, od. .1 Ei Class Troplaecy joan Fitzgerald as a hobby will fly, Wfhen the lid to success she will pry. P561 Elfrieda Gogolick to Italy will gog She'll have a grand time, we all know. X51 Myriam Gomez in the U. S. will lingcrg Then home shc will go with a ring on her finger. Db 44 5 In history Barbara Humphreys a Ph.D. will gain, And inspire her pupils to do the same. P544 joan Kennedy will earn a nursc's white Patching up every paticnt's mishap. 57 'fi June Kraft will have C1 lot of fun W'hen her Brentwood days are done. C3 Class '?roplaecy XVe know that success will surely reach her, For Ellen MeGeady's aim is to be L1 teacher. D761 Doris Moser hopes to be an interior decoratorg We'll find her surrounded with furniture galore we lfrom Agatha Munoz's throat golden notes will Will give to the world another Grace Moore. we lfileen O'M.1ra surely will wed, And blushing to the altar she'll be led. PG Margie O'SuIlivan hopes to be a big reporter, If she remembers all that was taught her. ,wc Irene Smith :lima to be a dancer, Until she meets n good romnncer. DK Renee Yerg in radio will make Ll name: Give her time and she'll attain fame. ' Q2 I . c IJ! 'GC r 'V o -if. ' 2 I 11,86 AQ!! io! 4120. - I - al MllZ Q at ramatics . . . An Inlfgfzzl Pam' of Our J, 1 i Amzvfjiivy af Brefziwoovf Training in speech and dramatics Ends adequate expression in an important event of our senior year-the Christmas Play. As shepherds and angels, Roman soldiers or inn-keepers, carollers or Magi, we lovingly portray the ever-ancient, ever-new advent of the dear Christ Child. The I-Iallowe'en Play, the performance of December 8, as well as our traditional Nativity Play, assist in preparing participants for the Bishop's various Speech Contests. Barbara Humphreys and Kathleen Novosel were respectively winner and runner-up in the Zone Contest. Barbara will, therefore, represent the Zone in the Final Contest on May 21. "l'N51 ag - w---r wu- -I U N lox Cl-ASS-NlNliTElEN FORTY-Flvr RMU, sk ' W"'3l!?f Www-f Q xg k Y' .Aa .im 5 SOPHOMORE Cl.ASS-NINli'I'l'lliN FORTY-Six it vw 'L , Fxuasn MA N C1.Ass-N1N15'r1aliN FORTY-Sxavlz N CLASS AiGRAlJUA'I'I,iS or' Hl,IiMliN'l'ARY Sciuool .. . A I Hr f " . 1' ., L, S ' Q ,Q CLASS B-l':l.liMliN'l'ARY Sciuool z K . . .S .5 . CLASS C-E1,m11aN'1'ARY Scguoox CLASS Db-ELEMENTARY . . AND KINl3IilKCiAli'l'l1',N OUR ToTs A-STROLLING Go Wheru Competitiom Is Keen.J Tmmxs vm Doubles in Action FIELD HOCKEY Squaring OH BASKETBALL Shooting a Basket L, IL.: I-Iaplbefzecl ml, 'ig7'6IZfll!00d . Our Rink liccrcation on tlic Icc XVorking for tlic Red Cross Class "IV in a Happy Mood Cllirisrmas Packagcs Help for the Needy Menu Covers for Red Cross Christmas Play-I3arba1'a Mission Sunday Un tlic Outside Looking ln We Pose on thc Slcps Class "C" at Altcntion Alokc Books for "Our Boys lJ.lI1Cll1g0I1lllClCC 'Mid Springtime Blosso ITIS .iv E ' i. - .g:.g- -wi: .,- .,. M779 Q ,V W Ny., x , A! -yps X ii16x.it4H'3 'Af 6,.xCl4?.LVQ6 x C' -.P M . A of:-w , ' A-,QNX web . wi .1 N 1 U' X' R ",! 51' "5 ,Q A y,f,.., f ,. + wx " . ' 25 XXV' 3 b ww 3 1 "',,.1' X XY va wi NN x bi g, X5 X 7 010' 3 X M WX1 0834 X931 X vf ns L S019 . Q 1' vggx 1 xx vc Q . we QNNQVX 4 . K X56 xi Ciwbixoqxgxxx Yum Lfox x . v , .915 LNM. xxgcxxcgxof xxgsi X X, Nx X Y , ' KX 5' Nxoxx Ndf-5 iw: ,Xcwk C :-A059 K ' 'Re' 'Sow ,Q ooigxxxgq A X930 x' , qswiw. NXOHY 5 ' Sow -QU, V oxesx H N A L 15655 Exim. ' h Qivggb wxsib, ,x dgvxwl W9 C WPQWYQ fgkbfww' Q ,b "LOW: NXOSK 10 V Qskpg gs xeQC'W'x Nwi ' SQOYK , y ww X ' - x . W Q - . W9 K XXXXQOQQ- YW Xxxcc YQO5 QX355 - I A Aw cg 0050. NXQQJC5 , Ngosx J Qjyxw X - yo X Y k X 1 -sg Sioxx' 'NNOSY QQQXYNQ-w YLX .NN Q5 ' 1 -ww ' 1 . O x 5 , Xa. Q Q NW A 4005 V U' ' xkogi Ax QQCW- K 0095 X ' U Nkos xx mms - XX 6 oc 9,355 W. ' . ' 4 I . , 5 ' wx Q0XXiZ'Qf5u' . A , - CN' HX NNQSC-966 NKQSY ' ,- ' ' L ' ' X509 ' 301 'NW Nw W 1 1' ' A g ' , . t ' 09-6 A -gww ww , ' 'swim 9 , Nkgsk ?W . WNXQ -- ' A H .. H " A' X030 K' , 5, , X uhm. is A xxosw Vw -C, OW55 x Z xx ., -' - YSXQSY xiii pflxoos b ' A A BN09' xxxq 'Yo 50'3C'?'e NKOSY XA K' ' if Q 'xi ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,...............---.----- Vim My -' Sh' , I Coulilrgigsklollr fl le , Thi 5 Arlns ep A Wfink I G amc Ol , . i Wait SIXPCHL: St0"Y ,, YO , fof Me I ull Nev ' Mary I1 the M Cr Kno .. Q A L 00d W A 0 1 Sundlfely Wiay As ya N10 fo Spen S Time G Uday O d seak L Ocg By r AIN 'hat . OW- IMI 0 X10 ...,,,,,, Sljew Swevr EDO in :H N I P1 Bah ol! lx c We gf, Sleep fi! Sn t Say ,,,,.. , .,GoOd., b aff' 0797 62513 A. Exams Ifnglish Books History 3:15 P. M. Late for Classes termediiue Algebra Gym Class Asleep . Homework . c,H'iCi1li Weekend Library Morning Inspection Desserts Third Period P. M. . june 'l . v ' we Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories E2E?32E2E?E?E?E?R W QF F Q W my W M W 65656565 iiigigii W W W W W W W M W W W Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories A Sincere Vote of Gratitude and Appreciation To Our Zealous Chaplains, Reverend Hugh Graham and Reverend Robert Charpentier To Our Kind Friends, Monsignor Belford and Reverend Edward Donovan To Our Generous Reverend Mother Jane Frances To Our Devoted Directress, Sister Saint Edward To Sister Maria Francis, Sisters and Teachers To Our Self-Sacriiicing Parents and Guardians To Our Faithful Printer, Mr. Leo B. Guelpa fof Electric Pressj To Our Photographer, Anne Donahue To Our Advertisers, Subscribers, and Boosters To Our Fellow-Students and all others who have assisted us We Wish to Express Our Deepest Gratitude and Appreciation For Making Possible the Publication of This Year Book PLEASE, DEAR READERS, PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS AND PATRONS 1 t R. ' " 7 ' . ' ' N SACRED HEART SEMINARY Private Day School for Boys and Girls Complete Course of Study for the Regents State Board of Education PM 95 FULTON STREET tg HEMPSTEAD, L. 1. Telephone: Hempstead 412 ZCSmms4?i1vww!Xmxs4P?Q4wFKmwxs4?Yf4z1w!Kmmw5?5Pew15mss4?9Qw!3R V A T 4 A Y 7 P r W E?E?E?E?E?E?E R . S l r igigigigiiigigig by S M xg u va N if 1 I sw Nd I Q' Best Wishes Of Birectress and ihcultg B414 M44 ,fA, - . . RXNGPWQMJFXWQWMFNSPWQMFXNWSQMFXMWWMFK Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5w! 5Q1zA! 4kwJ!im9?9Qw!5mxs9? Best W b aww U F 3 Q- S if 2- zx -S D' PU F' -EF 'U O IWQSPWSJWQS Xmm9f?5'fe.wFXmwS4?i2'eQw!5ms'5? Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ST. JOHN'S LONG ISLAND CITY HOSPITAL Jackson Avenue and Twelfth Street, Long Island City Telephone STil1wel1 4-8800 Conducted by the Sisters of Saint Joseph SCHOOL OF NURSING INSTITUTE OF PATHOLOGY, MEDICAL SOCIAL SERVICE Privafr A rn bulunce' 2K9Q.wFKmxv?5m9?5?12m!Kmxs5?5?e4M!XwS4?9QwFKxmxs4?9zwF3R W E?EEE?E?E?E?E?3?K U VI igigigii igigigig H M W THE MARY LOUIS ACADEMY N EEJWQTWSIQNWWWQRSJS-QX JVVWQSJQWX S F P-I Q: of 257 93' Z ,E UD 29 5 SE ggi-Tizmnclj Q?5w59.,,w 1625553200 'N fifzii 98 Fccxgfmm gc 1 ZQ wif " W EA Ea -I ge If Q' Q 5 R i WWWWWWEWWWWWWWWWR M W WSWSWSWSWSWSWSWS W W W W O W M W W W WIWMJSKIWMJSWRJWQSJQWSIWMJGMKIWQIQWK St. Joseph's College for Women 245 CLINTON AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. NK Courses in Arts, Pure Science and Social Science Leading to A.B. and B.S. Degrees N14 FOR INFORMATION WRITE TO REGISTRAR iK5mmv?9w1w1Xms4?9wmFYmxs4P9'eaAFWw9?9feadAkw5?9QzeA!3R yESYK2fRSYN2MENYN2M35E?N5E3ESY?2fN5!NZZN3vMqg W W W W W W W W M gxigN!QgN6wgN6wgNgQgN6wgEigN K M E?E2E?E?E?E?3?E? D I M L M igigigigiiiiigigx W 3?E2E?E?E?3 23?K 5656565656565 W H W 'mfg W W Tim W M W W M WJVWSANWRJWQLQWRJWQSJQWWSIWQSPWSJFWRIVWS J! SAINT AGNES SEMINARY 2201-2221 AVENUE R, BROOKLYN, N. Y. Telephone: ESplanade 6-2817 B514 ELEMENTARY DEPARTMENT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE PREPARATORY FOR GIRLS Affiliated with the University of the State of New York CONDUCTED BY THE SISTERS OF SAINT JOSEPH Bus Service Cafeteria Service Accessible To All Parts of Brooklyn and Long Island FOR BOOKLET, ADDRESS THE DIRECTRESS NK 66th ANNUAL SESSION OPENS SEPTEMBER 11, 1944 RXmxv?9Qw15Mu5'9QwFXmms4?9QwFXkm5?9QwFXw?5QaAF3S VMEWEWEWEWE W a W W W M W W BM W W M W W W WAWSWSWSWSESWSWSWS R SliW"?S4 SiW7b5665WRiW'b5dF5WRlVWb5JSSVNRiVWQSb6WWR3! ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL PARMENTIER MEMORIAL 342-348 Bridge Street 375 Pearl Street Brooklyn' N' Y' ACK FOUR-YEAR ACADEMIC-COMMERCIAL Approved by the Regents of the University of the State of New York Regents Business High School Diploma and Entrance to College Courses Leading to B. S. in Business Administration Under the Direction of Sisters of Saint Joseph An Annex for the Catholic Girls in the Bay Ridge and nearby sections, at the direction of thc Most Reverend Bishop, is located in St. John Evangelist School, 21st Street, near Sixth Avenue. The girls who begin their work at this school will be trans- ferred later to the Main Building on Bridge Street. Work at the Annex, as well as at the Main Building, will be under the Regents of the University of the State of New York. EVENING CLASSES IN ACADEMIC AND BUSINESS SUBJECTS IN THE BRIDGE STREET BUILDING Registrations in the Main Building-First Week of September Telephone TRiangle 5-4588 ZCSmw5?9QawAms4?' SQMJFXNQQQMFK W E?E?E?E?E23y?E2E2K d n a L M igigigigigigigig M lm VM W W MiVWb56WSiWQS6QWRiWm55YWRiWM 6NRM ACADEMY OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIER 697-710 CARROLL STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. Telephone STerling 8-8971 A124 HIGH SCHOOL if COLLEGE PREPARATORY FOR GIRLS 5 Affiliated with the University. of the State of New York Q 3. Conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph FOR BOOKLET - ADDRESS THE DIRECTRES5 E ZK?fem4fXws4?XmS?5?e1wfXmwS?5?eyw1Km9?4QmAmmS?9f1v4mF3R W 52E ?E?E?E ?E?m igiiigiiiiigigig W M M W MIVWQSCGWSIWMSWRIWQSAQWRIWQSRWXFWSIWQM FONTBONNE HALL Shore Road at Ninety-ninth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 3124 A COLLEGE PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS X24 Conducted by THE SISTERS OF SAINT JOSEPH OF BROOKLYN iEXm9?9QmFSmms4PWzmfMmsf?91f1m1Xmv?9Qw15mw?9QmF3R E?3?E?E?E?E2E?E?R W M 1 W R ND M IWMAQWZWACQWSJWQFWRJWZSQSWRJWQSJSWRM C OI N D R E H A L L On Huntington Harbor, Huntington, New York BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS IN GRADES 3A to SB Conducted by the Brothers of The Sacred Heart Umlvr lfn' Azlsjlirvs of His Excellency, ,Iilfilf Mos'r R1av1a1uiNu Tuomfxs Ii. Mol.1,oY, I 1 BISHOP or BROOKLYN 6 an Camp Coindre Hall PCR BOYS 8 TO 12 YEARS-JULY 9 TO AUGUST 19 76 52amAFXm,s1?kmts5?5?aM!krmxs9?W4nA?Xms9?5?e4eMXmw5?5?eAwF3K YiWWs4QNSiWb5 6WSiW05!9WRiWQ6WSM DID YOU KNOW THAT - You can spiritually assist- Your boy in the service, Your parents and loved onesg Your friends and enemies- All those for Whom you ought to pray, or to whom you owe a debt of gratitude, Whether they be living or dead, by enrolling them in THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH 15 ,000 Masses are offered every year for all those in the United States who are enrolled as members. M4 CONSULT YOUR DIOCESAN DIRECTOR Very Reverend John Boardman 75 GREENE AVENUE, BROOKLYN, N. Y. Telephone STerling 3-2470 ZKS?ew.4FYmwe?Xmxs4?5?aw!Kmss4P5?ezzM3mss4??s41zA!5mwv??Qw!3i MZWMFWKZWQSFWRIWZSJQWSZWQLWXIWVMRWRY Telephone BEekman 3 -2 S 9 3 -4 Founded 18 64 JOHN RANDLES, Inc. Wholesale Grocers 208-210 WATER STREET NEW YORK CITY Specializing in FOOD PRODUCTS Laundry and Cleaning Supplies to Hospitals, Homes, Convents, Schools and Other Institutions WILLIAM F. FENLEY, Manager K5QW15E?i ? 9Qw!5 ?5QuJFim9WwFK W G n I E?3?E?3?E?E?E2E W W W W W W W W ,6N,gN6wgNWgQ mgNg6wgNEQ!gNW6wmNE SZiWf?eStSSmNRiW'?aS6QmVW7?aS!SSSWRiW7QSA6mRiWWP4S46VNR3R LA SALLE MILITARY ACADEMY 1885 1944 RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS Oakdale, Long Island, New York Comiucfed bg Thr Brothers of the Chrisfian Schools THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MILITARY ACADEMY IN AMERICA A Junior and Senior Boarding High School. One hundredififty-six acres overlook- ing Great South Bay. Chartered by the University of the State of New York. Accredited by the Association of Col- leges and High Schools of the Middle Atlantic States and Maryland. Magnificent facilities for spiritual, intellectual and physical development. L. S. M. A. takes a boy and makes a man - cultured Christian Catholic gentleman. Graduates matriculated at Manhattan, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Fordham, Holy Cross, Catholic University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mas- sachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia, Cornell, Colgate, Hamilton, Brown, Pennsylvania Military College, New York University, University of Pennsylvania. Ag VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME For Cu '41 01,110 Address Rvgislnzr SKXmmse?YQuwFKmms4?5?4amAme5?9feaWKmms4??feau!Mms4?9QoywF3S W E ? E2E 25?K iiigigiiiii 65 DW W CE GU W N my W CAN mm W L5 L E S S U R W 3CiWb5c6NRiWb5c45'WRiWf-?eSL4SSWKiW?4Sl9VNR66VNRiWb5M bt. Ziubrfs Ulinihersitp BROOKLYN LEWIS AND WILLOUGHBY AVENUES Conducted by the Priests of the Congregation of the Mission Chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York On the approved lists of the Catholic Educational Association, 1 and Association of American Colleges TEACHERS COLLEGE COURSES LEADING TO THE DEGREE OF B A AND TO THE DEGREE OF B S in Laboratory Science Social Science Library Science Education COURSES OPEN TO MEN AND WOMEN 'f LECTURE AND LABORATORY PERIODS From 4 to 6 Saturdays from 9 A M to 3 P M al- Q ., ii For Catalogue and Further Information Address Wi REGISTRAR OF TEACHERS COLLEGE 75 LEWIS AVENUE Telephone Fo-9-1100 , 5m9?WwF5m9?WwF5m9?WwF5mWWmFK XZJVWf?-i5lSSNRiWf?aSJSSmN'miW7b.S6'5WR,ZW?2S if-SWW3! COOPERATIVE As one of its fundamental policies, Kings County Trust Company particularly emphasizes full co- operation with all who seek its services. Our executives meet you in a friendly atmosphere, appraise your problems carefully and counsel you with all the Wisdom of their long years of experience. Have you a trust or banking matter you would like to consult us about? We shall be glad to be of service. Capital S500,000-Surplus 56,500,000 KINGS COUNTY TRUST CO. Chester A. Allen Philip A Benson Edward C. Blum Arthur W. Clement 342 FULTON STREET Cin the Heart of the Boro Hall Districtb Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Big OFFICERS William J. Wason, Jr. ..... ..,. ...... ....... P r esident Chester A. Allen ..,,,, .... . .. . ,... . Vice-President Carl J. Mehldau ......,,. ..., V ite-President Albert I. Tabor ...... ,,.... ,..... , ..... S e cretary William N. Boyle ...... .. .. ..,,.. Assistant Secretary Richard C. Cumbers . .. Assistant Secretary Leonard D. O'Brien . Assistant Secretary William Tunis .,,,,, ,... . . Comptroller ELK TRUs'rEEs Robert A. Drysdale Kerwin H. Fulton John V. Jewell, Jr. Michael C. O'Brien , Jr. Thomas H. Roulston William J. Wason r Nelson H. Wray iKNxms4?9Qw1imss4?5?QawFXxmxs5?5QyJ!Kws4?i?eaA1Xmm9?9QaJF3R w 323232 ?E?E? G h W W .SW W Mmm BM L L E E S S A U R mi SiSiSiSi S SCiW7b5JSSVNRiW9'5A6WNiVWf?5JSmNiWW4SL6WNR465WRiWb53! THOMAS J. HOGAN General Insurance N14 Farjeon, Ballin 86 Co. 116 john Street New York City R3mQQmF XwgS?WwFim9?Ww!5md?4baAFK KZWQSJSNRWQSJQWRJWQSJQWRJWWFWRFNRJWQSM MUSIOZ ac Co. Exporters - Converters - Hosiery - Underwear - Blankets Established January 1922 SPANISH AMERICA-WEST INDIES-AFRICA ICELAND-NEW ZEALAND, Etc. N24 200 CHURCH STREET C132 NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. iK5w?9Qw!5msS4?YQwF5mx9??wAFXXm9?9WmF5Mx9?9QaJ!3X XCiVWb565mSiWW256QmRiW7?2.S6SmRiVWb5c65mRiWWb5L6YWS3! Compliments of COLLEGIATE OUTFITTING CO. 1 WEST 52nd STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. N14 RXmQWmFSm9? 9w1Xmm9?WmFKm9?5QaWK WZWMl9WSiWM6WNXiWb546WXiWM d6WSY Telephones Seld n 1782-J-1 R k k 9872 WENDELL S. STILL BROILERS BABY CHICKS, FEED, PEAT MOSS, .FUEL, GIL AND KEROSENE SELDEN, L. I., N. Y. NK zcxwsrwmmwvwwmwvwumwwwfwwrfwffm W E?E?EEE?E?E?E?E?NM igigigig 65556565 W WM W M W W W W M W W M W W W W W W W W W WWNlSNJgQ,SNJgQ4SN!gQA1SNWWvASNWWNEEW6NNENfWNKEN MIWQPWRZWMAQNRZWQSJSNRIWMJQWKIWMFWSM SO h 8 9 Joseph G. Duify NK M ORTI CIAN BAY RIDGE CHAPEL 237 9th STREET 7703 Sth Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. KKm9? 5QMFN9?9wM5w9?WwF5mm9f5QaA!R SSiWb566VNRiWWb5bQmSiW'b56QWRifWb565WSiW7b566mNU! WITH BEST WISHES OF THE SOPHOMORES iKXMm9?9QaMF5mx9?kf1zA15mxS4?9wJw!5mx'9?kaMF5MwS'5?5QAF3X XZiW?iS66VNKiW7rb5JSQmSiWfb5JQmRiVWf?SI5SmNXiWZ5l9gmR3! OUR BUSINESS PATRONS NA Samuel Lewis Company, Inc.-Hotel Sc Institution Supplies-73 Barclay Street, New York, N. Y. William Christie, D.D.S.-469 Main Street, Islip, L. I. Small Animal Hospital-C. T. Fake, D.V.M. 8t L. B. Fake, V.M.D., D.V.M.-202 Main Street, Bay Shore, L. I. Nassau Seed Company-P. O. Box 337-Hicksville, L. I. Fink Shoe Company-Fink Arch-built Shoes-318 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Andrew C. Roesch, Inc.--Church Candles and Altar Supplies-179-181 Powers Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. QCatherine L. Roesch, Presidentj Novitiate of Los Gatos Wines, Inc.-2 Barclay Street, New York, N. Y. Compliments of Rudolph F. Bogen. W. E. Magee, Inc.-Real Estate 81 Insurance Broker--Deer Park Avenue, Babylon, L. I. Henning Agency-Real Estate 85 Insurance-84 E. Main Street, Bayshore, L. I. Anton Hren-Landscape-Florist, Nurseries-Jericho Turnpike near Park Avenue, Huntington Station, L. I. Robert Emmett Tirrell, 22 Park Place, New York, N. Y. Rene Lorrain et Cie, Church Goods, 19 Park Place, New York, N. Y. iKXmxs4?SfeyJ!imws5?5?ew!Xmm9?5QyJ!Kmss4?5QyJF5mxs9?SQfyM!3R SZZVW?35645WWiW7b5JSQmRiW'f4s5fmRJW'?4SQS5mXiW?i566WKD! FRANK BROS. COAL co. 364 "GULF" Products FUEL OIL - KEROSENE - MOTOR OIL "ORANGE DISC" ANT HRACITE COAL - COKE - FIREPLACE WOOD A514 For Fuel on . . . can BAY SHORE 142 F c 1, coke, Etc. . can BAY sl-Ions 2245 NK Coal Yard: Oil Plan Orinoco Drive, Brightw 7 Belford Ave., Bay Sh iKXmw5?9vuAFXmmxs4?iwm!Xms4?9feawFXws4?9Qyw15kms4?9femP3R 5?E23? E?E?E?R W W igigigigiiigigii T W W WZWMAQWXIWMSFWRZWVQSFWR V K. Beetar, Inc. Established 1902 Incorporated 1926 Cable Address: Kabeetar, N. Y. Telephones: BArclay 7-1997-1998 X24 Importers of Church Goods Religious Articles - Mission Goods - Replating of Sacred Vessels Altars - Statuary Stained Glass Mosaic - Metal Sc Wood - Church Furnishings - Mural Decorating -- Memorials - Tablets 53 Barclay Street, New York Compliments of Ronay Operated Hotels Hotel Alamac Hotel Sulgrave Hotel Belmont Plaza Hotel Walton Hotel Capitol Hotel Woodward ' Hotel Madison Square Hotel America , Hotel Salisbury Hotel Brighton, Atlantic City Direction: EMIL H. RONAY it '9w1wFXm9?5w1WXws4?5wmF5m9?i'Qwl3S W W M igigigigigiiigig W W I d W W M 3fiWm5 Ki 5l Xi7Wb546mKiWWb5 66mwSy ST. JOSEPH SECRETARIAL INSTITUTE PARMEN TIER MEMORIAL AHA Courses in Business Administration and Office Manage- ment for Catholic Graduates of approved four-year high schools, under the Direction of Sisters of St. joseph. For information apply to 342 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, New York. FOR CATHOLIC LIFE AND THOUGHT INTERPRETED IN ART AND LETTERS Books reflecting current trends in Catholic though and feeling . . . A helpful selection of prayer books and devotional aids . . . Unusual religious art . . . Fast day and greeting cards of distinction and appeal. VISIT THE GUILD STUDIOS 148 West 22nd Street, New York City S S LiiaHijuART5Siii2oiiiSSXEEQSSSSQESSELSSSSSRNSSVESTMENTSS S ZCSxms4?SQywFWxxS4?5m1Kmm95QywFXws4?5S'euAF'1mw9?9?e11AF3i YIWMFWSIWQSJSWSZWQSFWSZWQSFWRIWQSPWSM Since 18 89 mm tl vllnl lmml 1 II II lllllll llflll um ll 4, AV p I 1 !Y5',.f Qian? 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FRIEDMAN 86 SONS MANUFACTURERS Food Service, Equipment and Supplies for Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants DISTRIBUTERS CHINA - GLASS - SILVERWARE DINING ROOM FURNITURE 30 Cooper Square, New York We specialize in the planning and layout of your new kitchen or dining room. Our Designers and Engineers will gladly co-operate with you in this matter. The benefit of 55 years of experience is at your Service. VISIT OUR SHOWROOMS U S A A C CU. S. ARMY AMBULANCE CORPSJ EMERGENCY CORPS Columbus Hospital Unit New York 19, N. Y. VOLUNTEER WORKING WITH NIGHT AMEULANGE AMERICAN RED CROSS DRIVERS A' W' V' S' GRamercy S-2400 CAPT. R. W. ALLISON A. COHEN R. LAZARUS LT. F. J- CATALANO G. FEINBERG s. L. RABNEY H. TILLIS N. SGHLEESTEIN LT. H. KURZMAN H. EELSTEIN M. GEEEEN MXSGT. J. HEIMAN J. s. REMENY E. SWEZEY N. STEINHARDT A. SAJET SGT. J. WALTON s. A. GOLDSTEIN L. A. SCHWABE M. SELINGER A. LEWIN J- SCHIFF H. M. RHODES R. SAUNDER SGT. A. E. GANAVAN I. TRASTER L. R. SCHMIDT S. REDLICH RYNWYQAMFYNWSMMFYNS? SQMFXNSPWMM' WWRSLQWRJWWSZQWRJWWQSFWRIWWSIQWKFWXIVWQSM Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Juan V. Gomez B Best Wishes of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Faust zcxmwqwmwvwwmwvkfwfmssfwlwsmwwyiems WZWMJQWRIWWSSWRZVWQSZQWRJVWQSQQNRZVWZSQNWM Compliments of Frank H. Zwissler Pediforme Shoe Company, Inc. PEDIFORME STORES: 36 West 36th Street, New York, N. Y. 322 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 843 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 241 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, N. Y. 545 North Avenue, New Rochelle, N. Y. 29 Washington Place, East Orange, N. J. 290 Main Street, Hackensack, N. J. IC l Kmms5?SQwAFXms5?9f4yJ1Xkmsf5?5'faw!5w9?9feyW3X MIWMNWXIVWQSJQNXJWAZQWRWWAQQNRZSWWRWWMM The Bishop Litho Company Incorporated 148 Lafayette Street New York, N. Y. as-mxzffffasesmx O 9 'Q E 5 gf R 5 iK5?41M!Nm9f?Xms5?5?ewJ?Xmss4?5?e1wf Kmm995?'411A!Nwxv'?'5wJw13R MiWm56WRWib5 l5NXiWbb46WSRiWQS6WXRM H. L. Terry 86 Sons, jewelers 31 Years in ISLIP 1 Year in BAY SHORE S5 Years in SAYVILLE Watches - Diamonds - Repairing Evans-Amityville Dairy, Inc. 47 Wellington Place Amityville, N. Y. RXmS?9wAFXm9?5QwfKm9?5wmF5w9 Ww!R YWQSIQMRZWWSLNSRIWQSFWRWPZSAWRWWQSFWXV Telephone: Brentwood 7800 Butler Grocery Store THOMAS KELLY, Prop. GROCERIES, FRUI TS AND VEGETABLES BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS BORDEN'S ICE CREAM B94 BRENTWOOD ROAD AND Sth AVENUE BRENTWOOD, L. I. Brentwood Pharmacy O. KRAUCH, Proprietor SODA FOUNTAIN - LUNCHEONETTE BREYERS ICE CREAM Drugs-Prescriptions-Sick Room Supplies RK Suffolk Avenue PHONE 7643 WE DELIVER RXmm5?9QmFKmmv?SQwiY ?9QwFXms9?9QwF5kwv?9Qm!3R ntacrnlc nnvnu MILL STONY BROOK SHBDS D. T. BAY!-ES 8: SON' Pour JEFFERSON sronn Est. 1843 stony snoox sroxa STONY BROOK, L. I. LUMBER CUSTOM MILLWORK COAL ' PAINTS HARDWARE MASON NEEDS 75 Years and More our Friends and Patrons have held a most courteous welcome to visit our establishment. That invitation stands today and continues on. If at all interested, whether or not you purchase, your visit is just as welcome. Our Institution is a storehouse of most valuable Catholic interests. Look over our Book Department. Meet there old, as well as new friends. You will be delighted. A complete and varied stock of Religious Articles, Prayer- books, Metalware, Statues, etc. In fact every possible item for Catholic Church, Home or Personal use. THE OLD RELIABLE HOUSE Frederick Pustet Company, Inc. 14 BARCLAY STREET NEW YORK CITY 7KKxm9?'5?e.wFXms5?5?44w?Kme9?5?4AmFXmxs5?5?4Md!Kws5?5QzzAf3X SQiWWfa566VNRiW'?R5d95mSiW"?SL6mNSiW'QS645WRiVWbblSQmS3! T lephone EVergreen 8 2600 Trunz, Inc. PORK PROD UC TS A414 General Offices and Plant 25 to 45 LOMBARDY STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND A514 iC75m6?9feaAFXmLv?S?eau!Xmxs5?WwA!Xmm9??QywFYm9?5kfywF3S WIWDQSJSQWRIWQSJQWRIWTQSJQWRWVQSSWRWWSJSQWXM SLATE TILE ASBESTOS ASPHALT ROOFS BARRETT BONDED FLAT ROOFS 3524 South Shore Roofing Co., Inc. 183 E. Main Street, Bay Shore, L. I. Telephone: Bay Shore 1688 Sexton Service Offers You 0 The only nationally adver- tised brand of foods prepared exclusively for the institutional market. 0 The security of endorsement by all the leading trade associa tions in the institutional field in the United States. 0 The facilities of the only wholesale grocery company oper- ating plants in the two principal American markets-Chicago and New York. 0 As rendered by America's largest distributors of number ten canned foods, a distinctive service on a complete assortment of quality foods packed in this institutional size container. 9 Home recipe pickles, relishes and conservcs from Sexton Sunshine Kitchens-delicious and appetizing. 0 Carefully selected coffees-blends re- sulting from years of careful study- roasted fresh daily at Chicago and Brooklyn, esnsusnn ms Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers 0 A selection of your needs from the largest inventory ever assembled for C H I C A G O 1 B R 0 O K the particular needs of those who feed many people each day. -' '- B U R ZKSQ4u!Xmmse?Xmss9?SQw!Xtms4?9Q.m4!imsvf?5PeyA!Kmws5?SwJJF3R iWb5b6VNRiW'?a5ZSSmRa1WfPe5iSSEFWR,JW'?aSlSSmRiW?2566VWK3! 1'- -. A : , I I I lllllllll MMI-IVV . .UQ ....!'.... fi: DISTINGUISHED FOR FINE FLAVORS AND SMOOTH CREAMY TEXTURE ZALDO Y MART1'NEz, s.A., FERTILIZER MIXERS AND MACHINERY IMPORTERS Mercaderes 24, Havana, Cuba ACME FIRE ALARM CO., Inc. 36 West 15th Street, New York, N. Y. W. C. Plenge, Vice-President C. W. Mitchell, President BRAMHALL DEANE COMPANY 51 East 21st Street, New York, N. Y. Manufacturers KITCHEN EQUIPMENT - STERILIZING APPARATUS Factory: 20 Keap Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. ZKXmsv?9QaAFimsw5?9QyAFXmss4?5Q4m?5kmv?5QmF5mm9?SvwJ!5S YZVWQSQSWRWWSQSWXWWSNWIWWSSWRWQSIQWSV WITH BEST WISHES CHARLES TRAUTMAN COMPANY AMBROSE J. SHAUGHNESSY Mason Confracfor Bay Shore, N. Y. BEST WISHES OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL BEST WISI-IES OF GLENDALE FABRICS COMPANY Wesley J. Cort iKXmmxv?5?aJwFKmms99?41w!Mws5?9Q1wFKms4?5QzzA?Xms4??eyl!5R WiWb566mRi7Wb5!9'mwSi79m5J5mRZWQSJ5mXiWQ5L5miy ST. ANGELA HALL ACADEMY 282-292 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE PREPARATORY AND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS Conducted by Sisters of Saint Joseph Affiliated with the University of the State of New York Courses in Music, Piano, Violin, Harp, Theory, Harmony For particulars address the Directress-Bus Service C. WALTER SEE DISPENSING OPTICIANS SINCE 1902 Professional Building, Hempstead, N. Y. 3 5 9 3 -7 9 00 Telephone CAnal 6-5945-6-7-9 SUPERIOR LINEN COMPANY, Inc. Importers, Exporters and Mill Agcnfs SUPPLIES FOR HOTELS, HOSPITALS, INSTITUTIONS, STEAMSHIPS AND RAILROADS 410 Broadway, New York, N. Y. I P. J. KENEDY 86 SONS CATHOLIC BOOKS--PRAYER BOOKS-MISSALS 12 Barclay Street, New York, N. Y. ZKMmxs5??w!5mws'4?9-4fwfYmv'P?5Qm1imms4?5PeuAFISmx9?9eaAF3Yx XZffWbszsQNMiWWast6msiW?eestsQmvWees19WRaW7ees1sQNs3! COLLEGE or MOUNT SAINT VINCENT Mount St. Vincent-on-Hudson, New York 63, N. Y. Comlucled by the Sisters of Charity Offers A. B. and B. S. Degrees Courses in Nursing, Commerce Education and Pedagogy Approved by the Association of American Universities Extensive campus bordering Hudson River-Twelve miles from Grand Central Station, New York City For Particulars Address Registrar i Telephone HEmpstead 4055 Night Telephone HEmpstead 7605 CASSIDY'S WELDING CO. ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Portable Equipment--Boilers Retubed and Repaired 198 Jackson Street, Hempstead, N. Y. A. V. Cassidy DIEGES 85 CLUST MANUFACTURERS OF JEWELRY FOR THE CLASS OF 1944 17 John Street, New York, N. Y. INDIAN WALK SHOES 25 Bond Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. B34 iKx !xQ5 Zx !x S !x ? !K EZiW'5556qWKiW7b5665mRiVW'?S66VNRiW'?e56mRiW0b5L6xWR3Z SCHWARTZ, KIRWIN ac FAUSS JEWELERS, Inc. "If We Made It for Gold, I-t's Goldl' Reliable Manufacturers of Class, College and Fraternity Pins, Rings, Medals, Prizes for Games, Etc. 30 Park Place, New York City MAX STALLER Wholesale Fruit 86 Produce Exchange, Inc. Eastern Parkway 86 Oakview Avenue Farmingdale, New York Compliments of A FRIEND 2414 BEHRER - NASON - COMPANY, Inc. PIPE - VALVES - FITTINGS PLUMBING - STEAM MATERIALS 77-81 Beekman Street, New York, N. Y. RXmQ 5Qw!Xms9?5QuA!Kmm9?9QwFXmS?iwm!K XQifWZ:56QmRiWW2S!S9mVW?456QmKiVWb5dSQmRiW7fR5!:5WXJ! Telephone ISlip 830-465 WILLIAM EGELMAN PHARMACY SURGICAL SUPPLIES-DISPENSING oPT1c1ANs THE REXALL STORE-PRESCRIPTIONS 585 Main Street, Islip, L. I., N. Y. Telephone COrtlandt 7-7171 PATRICK B. FITZGERALD Special Agent HARTFORD ACCIDENT AND INDEMNITY CO. 110 William Street, New York Compliments of LOUIS SHERRY 300 Park Avenue, New York City Complimenfs of EDWARD O'TOOLE CO. 65 Barclay Street, New York ZKKmsvf?5QM!Xms5?9Qw!YSmx9?5?ew!XmsS5?9Qzef!3mms95?4zMF3i Capt. D. F. O'Sullivan fR.I.P.J Rev. Edward L. Curran, Ph.D. Commander Edwin Fisher Cdr. and Mrs. R. G. Vaughan Major W. Clark Capt. R. S. Clark Capt. Martin H. Kilmann Joseph Kenny, U.S.M.R. Bernard Shanahan, S.2fc Lawrence J. Maxwell, U.S.N. A. S. R. J. Morgenweck, U. S. Air Crew Albert Morgenweck, S.M.3fc Pvt. E. J. Heenan Misses M. and E. Shea SPONSORS AND BOOSTERS fi' Katherine Dyer Dr. and Mrs. William T. Doran William P. Burch Brigida Burch Aline Maguire Mrs. Lillian Nixon Josephine Menendez Alice E. Conway Anna May Kaiser Mary Downs Monica Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Thos. E. Kennedy James Kennedy A Thomas Kennedy, Aviation Cdt. Lorraine Dickerson Mrs. Mrs. G. E. Mail' Joseph Hartcorn Mrs. Dennis O'Sullivan Miss Rosemary F. Murray Mrs. Harold Haughey Mrs. Joseph Burns Mrs. Francis Shea Mrs. Mary Cronin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mattera Mr. and Mrs. Charlese Hafeli Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Sehreier Helen Kennedy Antoinette Casaldo Bettina Dickerson Yvonne Diaz Anne Marie Henderson Patricia Maher Donna Perez Jane Hannigan Helen Hannigan Genevieve Roche Nellie F. McCann T. Gunzenhauser Richard Merz John Maxwell Mrs. John Maxwell Pvt. Frank Sulima Mrs. L. F. Dickinson Helen M. Quinn Lillian M. Young Ruth M. Nelmes Mrs. M. T. Dickinson Inspector Harold R. King Mary Jewel Dickinson Mr. H. S. Mosher M. Dowe-Millinery Spivak's Jewelry Store Morris Freedman New Men's Shop Whistler Shop Juanita Cano Caroline Drosilin Kathryn Repsher Katherine Kneer Charles Edelman Robert Burns Bettel Edlund Paul Branca Casiliggi Family Joseph O'Donnell Mrs. F. Bullard VV. Bergin Mrs. W. Bergin Mrs. Joseph Donovan Mrs. Frank Ragan Mrs. P. Iannucci Mrs. Thomas Lupo Joan M. Lane J. Marchesani Anne Kovira Patricia Meady Mrs. Mary Grado Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Hannigan Mrs. Robert Cox Elizabeth Dyer Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan Mrs. John McQuade Catherine McCarthy, LL.B. Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan Eunice Diamond Marilyn Kennedy Elin Bolles Mary Lou Mallin Antoinette Brachocki In Memory of Frank Garretson Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hogan Joan Lane Catherine McCarthy Joan McQuade Ellen Coles Bernice Beck Benjamin Million Catherine Taormina Ellen Coles Clare Godsell Carol Borges Betty Byrne Emily Beck Patricia Drcssel Ethel Castellano Eleanor Eagan Anita Flandina Mrs. Warren Rover Mrs. Persy Glover Joyce Neidinger Mr. and Mrs. C. Raymond Daily Mabel Newton Wilma Hanlick Margaret Cozzens Mrs. Richard Hamilton Mrs. Stephen Hamilton Mrs. Stephen Hamilton, Jr. Mary Delaney Mary Hamilton E Patrick Fitzpatrick Mrs. Dick Plate Bay Shore Textile Store T. Drosilin Freedman's Department Store Mary Lawler Joan Lawler Regina Leahy Mrs. A. M. Anderson Joseph Darcy, Jr. Virginia Darcy Mrs. J. White Mrs. K. Egan Mrs. S. Carter Mrs. E. Carter J. Lewis Clare Hart Betty Bergin John Conry Martin Brown Mrs. E. J. Heenan Abraham Spiro Bernard Spiro Sgt. H. Eddy Mrs. A. W. Turney John Brown L. Godsell Mrs. H. Godsell Mrs. M. F. Conry Mrs. Lyle S. Freeman John C. Newton Frederick W. Thomann Otto Weinmann George Pappas Mary Ferrarini Paula Cohen Jeanne Greenwald John T. Cobrick Bernard Beck Miguel Barrera Jack Ulloa Jeanette Levy Mrs. Schwindt Linda Stevens Walter L. Wright Robert Story Carl Paterson Virginia Aragona Mrs. Schwindt John Aragona Rachel Aragona Linda Stevens Rose Marie Aragona Joan Aragona Mrs. A. M. Siudzinski Joan Lee Mrs. Sclleedel Patricia Kane Robert Merz Winifred Browley Frances Fanning Doris Hanley Pat Fitzgerald Mrs. Helen Farr Evelyn Marshall Mrs. Mary Kiss HE ELECTRIC PRESS Congratulates the Nineteen forty-four Graduates of the Academy of Saint joseph Brentwood, Long Island And takes this opportunity To express its gratitude Upon being chosen Printer of their Yea rhoolz-"I ii - the-Pines" ' 353-I '.5!ZHUrM!4?EKxI-5S11Tf5L!5'.J's 55569318 llIIi193N'..A." , Air Vivw ACAlJliMX' 01' SAINT josum-1 BRLNTWQOD, LONG ISLAND -Q ,- i - f? i BF iyfx 'ggi 5 W. , ?- JU' ! k i J D- 9 I I ik - ' ' , x .J A lr 1 ga 'y ' ' , 1 'af 1,5404 CR QW ' X ' 5 5 4 'fix ,g A -gil, f' :' V: wi' fx? i, r f: N ,,, ,. 1 IZEIX Qi L X QQ JA' gf' ,VWKK "f"'XN. . , ,ff ---- xx an fm , 1 f- 'Wav i'41a'f'iz'4- X. ' - f 9 A avian ' if jfs '13f7'Wf274U . :vs f' L' . 5 s Q ,Q X! JAY, f. ,W Z wx 473 k M6 -V ff 1' If :Lui 5- 1,f55'ffg 'qi QM!" -'- :JA .. ' ff' Vigil - - A i l .- .1

Suggestions in the Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) collection:

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 93

1944, pg 93

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 113

1944, pg 113

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 53

1944, pg 53

Academy of St Joseph - In The Pines Yearbook (Brentwood, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 20

1944, pg 20

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