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fa-. ' 14-. M. Z' f W" ' V, JA :rf - . ,Y - JJ, e'-:Lil QED tk -... ....w, W7-31: -' A ,Q -.ln ' Li- - Q, .z......Ah..1X..'a in at The Senior Class of presents..., S A C R E, COEUR ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART Hoboken New Jersey :+A M A Eff M 1 K 1 . A V M -f 'Q-.wo 1 'W 4 'L MW 7 1' ' SISTER RUTH CLARE CHRISTINA BURKE 'NOR HUDAK MARITA O'G Moderator Editor usiness Manager Art Edifo I f Dedication to... Mother Elizabeth Ann Bagley Seton 41774 - 1821 I EOUNDRESS OE THE SISTERS OE CHARITY IN THE UNITED STATES OE AMERICA Our Saint to bel Could you but drive us to the height Your valiant heart from childhood had aspired- 7 To think that from your patronage a Selfless love of God may be acquired! Child, Debutante, Society's Toast, Wife, Mother, Nun, Tabernacle of the Host- Pray for us. The door of life opens wide before us, What are we to do, In this hopeless rushing flood, O humans striving to the top? Lest we be lost in the maze of travelers on the wide road of regret, We now attempt with clumsy, youthful hand, To set our lives in parallel with yours. Accept this humble work of love we dedicate to theet Beg God's blessing on our lives, To give us the key Of I-leaven's gate. Then let us paint for you in our own words and design- Your life and ours-along the narrow path to Paradise Which all of us must climb. And when we meet in Heaven, After journeying Iife's short road, You may long to hear us spin again The tale we now unfold . . . CHRISTINA BURKE .llotlwr Seton is ri brilliant type of the truest .4l110TilYll1iSl1lfllSil1tLf the word in its lofty llllll patriotic sense. . . . She brought ll 11011' irlval into x1l11I'Tll'f1ll lifvftho ideal of Il 11111111 of ll'0IIll'll 1I!'I,70lf'l1 tn tlw rare of tlwir iwiglilmrs, fIll'0ll42'll the same Clllllll1,0l so it-1-Il lfllltlttll in our 01171 day: f'llllf'flfi0ll of the rlzilrlrvll, 11.ey111111s for the OTIJIUIIIS, llllfl liospituls for tl11' sick. l'ic'1+1R Gl,Ii.ii.ixY, Ph. D. HIS EXCELLENCY The Most Reverend Thomas J Walsh S T D J C D ARCHB ISHOP OF NEWARK 7L,Zfff!f dfwlgl KL? THE MOST REVEREND John Carroll DD ARCHBISHOP OF BALTIMORE l808 T824 10 tu t duty 0 educrt 0 Inch u ll a d mu t long be your p 1 cpa and ll luays b you part: l employment LETTERS ARCHBISHOP CARROLL . , . . ., . . ff gr, J, V Z 4, X 1 - . " . ..tl1eim1 r n ' f , ri u' ' 'i n s ' r'n- ,i l wi ll f e r 'a WAWWW Academy ofthe Sacred Heart FOUNDED 1868 ,,,.....-.qummsvw-v'-""""':' .dn- E sw X The qzstvrs tool. pnssesszon ,lulx 30 1809 thx Stun II m th :ruffle of Uothvr gfton 5 lfilllllllllllly BID N' , . ' 'M' L,..e V K V. N ,NV X . V , i A X f it Q li-bl h jf - . .4 .1 ' W M- ' ,-4 ,, ' Y ,,, , -W 3 4 X-Q 1--M ..,. ,..,., we ,.,A Y mv ' ,,, A .....M-,-k, r ... ,. .- ,- Q I ,..,. Q , .. ,.: Q , I 'V - po. , I - - -ef E " s , V 5,5 ,, ,V j . 'Q E " R ,Q 'Y I . . N- N, M i ' f ,, i 'K X N 1 b ' m I . ' . ' If , , , of I 'HN 1 ' r sv," 1' ' 1 A . , '1 . ' , I A . V . "Mother REVEREND MOTHER MARY BENITA ff Faculty SISTER RUTH CLARE, Principal English SISTER RITA AGNES Mathematics SISTER GRACE DE LOURDES Religion, French, Algebra SISTER MARIA ALEXANDRINE Commercial Subjects SISTER GABRIEL THERESE Religion, History SISTER JOSEPH DOLORES Latin, Religion Problems of American Democracy SISTER MARIE AMBROSE Science, Geometry, Religion Grammar School SISTER ELLENICE, Principal SISTER M. MONINA Third and Fourth Grades SISTER M. LOIS Seventh and Eighth Grades ,r SISTER AGNES BERTRAND Fifth and Sixth Grades Mother Seton had excellent assistants who took charge of the regular daily curriculum, while she sutperintended the school, visited the classes, encouraged or reproved, and in every way incited both pupils and mistresses to a lively zeal and ready performance of their dutyg in fact she established then what is now called the "practice" or "model" school. HISTORY OF MOTHER SETON,S DAUGHTERS, VOL. 1, NICCANN. Many Daughters MOTHER MARY XAVIER H857 - l9I5J MARY FRANCES HIGGINS Dramatics Recognizing her uncommon graces of person and her deep intelligence, her father en- ELIZABETH pA5C0E deavored to enhance the one and Nuffifion to enlarge the other by a broad and solid cultivation of heart and mind. HISTORY or MOTHER SETON,S DAUGHTERS VOL. 1. ELIZABETH P. KORN 9 Y E. SIODLOWSKI FREDRIC KOLB Home Nursing 6 Musical Director U Seated Dorothy O Bnen Marnlyn McAnerney Geraldune Scotts Jeanne Gallagher Eleanor Hudak Chrlstma Burke Marita OGrady Joan Cella Standlng Alice Bloom Ann Donovan Joan Poggl Angelina Crlsmale Joan Manlno Marne Kudera Allce Andruketls Kathleen Repetto Anne Talty Mary Boyle Edltor In Chief CHRISTINA BURKE Assvstant Edntors MARIE KUDERA ALICE ANDRUKITIS Busuness Manager ELEANOR HUDAK Assustant Buslness Manager JOAN MANINO Art Editor MARITA O GRADY Assistant Art Editor JOAN CELLA Llterary Editors MARILYN MCANERNEY KATHLEEN REPETTO EILEEN MURPHY Class Poet DOROTHY O BRIEN Asslstant Poet AL I CE BLOOM Circulation Manager ANNE TALTY Order must be the oundatwn o all the good we can hope to do MOTHER SETON s LETTERS Yearbook Sta Assistant Cnrculatuon Managers MARY BOYLE ANGELINA CRISMALE JEANNE GALLAGHER Chlet Typist GERALDI N E SCOTTI Assistant Typlsts ANN DONOVAN JOAN POGGI 7 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 0 f'f 9 - Graduates' Prayer The sparkling stars in the sky, The rolling waves on the surf- All have an endless work to do. But pray! What is mine on earth? Be with me Lord, help me choose The task that You made for me. Whether l be veiled in black or capped in white, Faithful I will be. Guide me o'er the pitfalls That loom along life's way. Shelter me safely, Lord, ln your Sacred Heart always. DOROTHY O'BRlEN l 2 l J I I K ' l .. "God bless you, my beloved ehilrl, remember ' ,Qi . Mothefs first and lust lesson to you: f- seek Cod , l f 3 in all things. In all your actions submit your motives to this unerring test: --f- Will this be A l approved of by His all seeing Eye? If you do L this, you will live in His presence and will pre- serve the graces of your First Communion.', LETTERS or' NIOTHER SETON Q25 SE IORS Elizabeth was small in stature, a model of slenderness and grace. Her features were finely cut, and her eyes a brilliant dark-brown. Her hair was abundant and went naturally into curls. A touch of French vivacity set off delightfully her English reserve. BIOTHER SETON, LEONARD FEENEY, SJ. Being a chtld o old New York could not deprive Elizabeth of a healthy outdoor life Imp, Alice Anne Andrulzitis ALL SAINTS, JERSEY CITY, N. J, A maiden, modest and yet self-possessed Youthful, and beautiful, and simply dressed ILONGFELLOWJ Sodality I, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit I, Z, 3, 4, Representative 3 Needlework Guild I, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4 Athletics I, 2, 3, 4 Art 2 Spotlight Staff, Assistant Business Manager Sacre Coeur, Assistant Editor Class Secretary I, 2 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene I Prom Committee 4 ILIRATING We wish we could know in its entirety AIice's formula tor success. Not only would we print it here, but common sense would compel us to follow its rule. The popularity Alice enjoys in the Academy is due largely to one innate factor which cannot be acquired-good breeding. This trait of dignity together with a refreshing simplicity elicits a glow ot radiance which cannot be ignored. Her lite is the exemplification of the tradi- tional "Sugar and spice and everything nice." nnusv' lef- ,io gg-u-v -1.r"""' A genuine atmosphere surrounds this fetching lass. Dear to all our hearts, Alice is ever ready to oblige. She is a real sports enthusiast with ability that is limitless, whether it comes to singing Irish tunes or staunchly de- fending her team on the basketball court. Her increasing supply of patience and pixy smile are truly God-sent, while reveling in happiness and contentment, she remains sweetness personified. Alice's warm heart will win her countless friends. Alice Muriel Bloom ST. MARY'S, JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more. f REILLYJ Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Mission l, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Guild l, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff 3, Sports Editor Sacre Coeur, Assistant Poet 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4, Captain LOVA i 3 i E937 fr,.f Y ' ."k ,cf 55, Q' X- ,- "sz Elizabeth grew into books naturally, and was an inveterrrtv reader. "fu IBID. 1-sg" V A S .XA Mary Ellen Boyle SACRED HEART, JERSEY ClTY, N. J. en, V New Street is II11' girl lllrzt lvallrvllz there, S00 Ihr' blurlr rfirelis in her lmir? lwwILDEl Soclality l, 2, 3, -4 14 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Gullcl l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Art 2 Spotlight Staff, lnguirtng Reporter 3 Sacre Coeur, Assistant Circulation Manager 4 Science Club 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l , SAGACIOUS 'gi What a discerning bundle ot mischief we have herel Behind her laugh' ing eyes is buried a mind of purpose, one which weighs actions and forms opinions in a quiet but meaningful way. Mary is a girl who says little but belies her feelings in, perhaps, one solitary glance. Here is the maiden who makes her words count, and thinks before she acts. With a wisdom like hers, there is no alternative. She must experience a life sprinkled with tew mistakes and much happiness. Christina Bridget Burke ST. JOSEPH'S, JERSEY CITY, N. J. Nor in the future couldst thou find, A maiden fairer or more kind. Sodality I, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4, Representative 4 Science Club 4 Needlework Guild T, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff 3, Editor Sacre Coeur 4, Editor Art 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l President 3 I5 M This velvet stemmed rose with virtues of gentleness, love and generosity has left an indelible imprint on our hearts. As this precious flower grows in grace and kindness, her sterling refinement penetrates the innermost caverns of our love-bound hearts beguiling them all with sincerity as fresh as spring rain. This charming miss will always have a niche at the top of the list of those we call friend. About the bud of a rose the petals grow-and so with Chris as our center we have waxed in wisdom and grace with God and man, Yours for a rosy futurel PERFECTI 'lls xm f f ' 'sw , 2- Kg- Q' fe:-. Y.-., . y ox. i a - -Qs ,, n 3 ,., At eighteen passionate wishes that there were such places where people if could be shut up rom the world and pray, and always be good. H-- Iam. ,f xl' .,f Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Art 2 Hygiene l E Vice President l - at Secretary 3 Student Council 4 Vice President ,0- VERSATILE Some people are fortunate enough to be adaptable to almost any project or idea. Such is Joan. Capable of a poised performance in any phase of activity, she may be noted as well for her scholarship as for her stage characterizations. Artistically inclined, her sketches and water colors have deservedly won praise. With her various accomplishments we pre- dict bright horizons for Joan. I6 Joan Marie Cella ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART, HOBOKEN, N J With smile like the rose 0 summer That shines through the ram o spring Mission Unit l, 2, 3 Needlework Guild l 2 3 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 Science Club, Vice President 4 Sacre Coeur, Assistant Art Editor 4 rf' is ,...-. fr We've never had to ask, even to suggest a proposition to Angelina. She has offered assistance from the goodness of her own heart. ln the midst ot the fun, always, she is never too preoccupied to help another. Hers is the attitude of giving without thought ot return. lt is this quality in AngehnathathaswonhertnendsinschoolHteandiNHlconHnuetodoso in the future. Angelina Marie Crismale OUR lADY OF GRACE, HOBOKEN, N. J. All beneath the white rose tree Walks a lady fair to see. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Needlework Guild l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff, Class Reporter 3 Sacre Coeur, Circulation Manager 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 Art 2 GENER4 iv ggllxlxx While still in her teens, she was the belle of society and was courted pfofusely. 9 U, ' BID. 7 ' tix' Ally' cl l f ii ,,..1-v-4 A Ann Theresa Donovan SACRED HEART, JERSEY CITY, N. J. In all that's best of dark and bright, She walks in beauty like the night. fWORDSWORTHJ Sodality I, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit I, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Guild I, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4 Athletics I, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff, Reporter 3 Sacre Coeur, Typist 4 Art 2 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing I, 2, 3, 4 Hygiene I Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4 NSOME In every class there is a beauty, one who is the soul of refinement, whose touch is indispensible to the success of any enterprise. Ann's winning ways are merely the reflection ofthe good humor, which as her tool, dis- poses of the doleful, and leaves sunlight in its stead. The memory of Ann's merry smile and gentle manner will ever be cherished. As a part- ing word, her class has only this musical line of advice to offer: "Lovely, I8 never, never change." M X WZ , ww x P "Cx,,,,, L... Jeanne Patnckz Ga sr. PAUL or THE ciaoss, JERSEY Sweet, be not proud of those two eyes Whlkh starlike sparkle in the skies. Sodality 4 Mission Unit 4 Dramatics 4 Glee Club 4 Athletics 4 Red Cross 4 Home Nursing 4 Sacre Coeur, Assi I9 The glad heart is the sign of the happy person, who leads a full life, has plenty of friends, and is never bored. Jeannie is the type of girl who makes her own fun, is whimsical, and bubbles over with joy, almost lit- erally. Her studies are entered into with the same zest, thus explaining the thoroughness of her knowledge. A typical charmer, Jeannie is sure to capture hearts and honors with her ettervescent personality and scho- lastical prowess. Hagher stant Circulation Manager 4 if EXUBERANT On January 25 1794 Elizabeth gave her heart in its entirety to William Seton. Ima. 4 Science Club 4 Basketball 3, 4 Art 2 Hygiene l Home Nursing 4 Red Cross l, 2, 3 Vice President 2 'ISCIENTIOUS l l Her knack for speedy and efficient organization is the asset which has enabled her to accomplish all the undertakings she has attempted. We might call her the hub of perpetual motion, what with her spontaneous wit and inimitable ability to start the ball rolling. She is vitality itself. Never at a loss tor words, she meets every situation with an air of genial- ity. With a disposition such as Eleanor's, we are sure she'll always come "Smilin' Thru." Eleanor Anna Hudak SAINT PETER'S, JERSEY ClTY NEW JERSE Blue are her eyes as the fatry lax Her cheeks like the dawn of day Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2 3 4 Needlework Guild l 2 3 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff, Business Manager 3 Sacre Coeur, Business Manager 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3 4 1 fx xx ss. Exceptional is the term which is duly conferred on one of our most charm- ing classmates. Brimming with cheer, her obliging nature has forged the links of a lasting chain of friendship. We often wonder how Marie has managed to preserve her unaffected air, while steadily increasing in our regard. The combination of her intellectual genius plus her even tem- perament provide a well-rounded recipe for a successful future. Marie Elaine Kudera ST, PAUl.'S, JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY The smile that wins, the tints that glow, A mind with peace with all below. fLOWELLl Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Science Club, President 4 Needlework Guild l. 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, Z, 3, 4 Art 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l Vice President 3 President 4 Spotlight Staff, Assistant Editor 3 Sacre Coeur, Assistant Editor 4 EXCEPTIONAL 2l ff' i ff 5 In the course 0 the years, their union was blessed with five children. I Iam. Q nf, P' "-lfvflg- Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Art 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l Treasurer 3, 4 Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 AMBITIOUS The girl with many worlds at her hand, our Joan has but to choose and she can readily find herself a career. Though quiet and thoughtful, she has a mischievous spark which is set off at the least impulse. Her serene beauty combined with the grace of a Grecian goddess, is but a subter- fuge for the knowledge and ambitions that stir behind the jet of those magnetic eyes. Tact has guided her through difficult situations bringing to light her gracious manner. May these superb qualities always lead to the realization of her life's dreams. A .loan Ann Manino OUR LADY OF GRACE HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY Where rivulets dance their wayward round And beauty born of murmuring sound Science Club 4, Treasurer Needlework Guild l, 2, 3 4 Spotlight Staff 3, Fashion Editor Sacre Coeur, Assistant Business Manager 4 ... lla , "Mac," as we lovingly term her, is our ideal. lnfused with a fighting spint,she exhibns a Hchin up"atHtude even in the face ot severe dis- appoinhnent. Underthe guwe ofnonchalance,she adnntsto no pang of anxiety but continues to contribute wholeheartedly to the pleasure of all of us. Her complete honesty and candid observations leave no room for doubt as to her view on any matter, I-ler's is the casual approach, the in- comparable ease which typities the debonair, There will ever be a place in the foremost ranks for Marilyn. Marilyn Anne McAnerney SACRED HEART, JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY Laughed the brook for my delight Through the day and through the night. fWHITTlER J Sodality l, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Guild l, 2 ,3, 4 Science Club 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, C0-Captain 4 Art 2 Hygiene l Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 . Spotlight Staff, Assistant Editor 3 Sacre Coeur, Literary Editor 4 Class Treasurer 2 Class Secretary 4 NONCHALANT 23 ? The small boat tossing, the Leghorn carried Elizabeth and William and their eldest daughter to Italy. Iam. ,I ,, , i 'elrfflyh 'af H .I+ , Sll lil 'Ml' ' 'MIL 7 ,,.f-- , Murphy Outwarll sunshine. inward joy The world to her is but ll toy Soclality l, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4, President Science Club 4 Needlework Guild l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 1 xl Spotlight Staff, lnquiring Reporte Sacre Coeur, Literary Editor 4 ,Q lli- Art 2 X I Glee Club i,2, 3,4 ' A Home Nursing 4 15 f,' . is Hygiene l Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 Class President l all i , THOUGHTFULNESS Please tell your problems to Eileen, for hers is the understanding heart. Constantly aware of the feelings of others, she has endeared herself to us with the kindness which is so much a part of her. A word of comfort or encouragement from her lips is not unusual, but characteristic. Be- cause of that very warmth of person, Eileen is not only loved but held in 24 esteem by her friends. Eileen Bridget SACRED HEART, JERSEY ClTY, NEW JERSEY s Y ,.-..--- ---Lv-i. 11 ,-1-: , --f" "Yami- Dorothy teels in each activity a certain seriousness about the step which she is to take. For her the smallest things must bear with them a certain something, which if absent, would brand them as detective. Though her heart is a light one, she remains in character steadfastly intent. Her determination to overcome every obstacle, to lead unrivaled, is her call- ing card to fame. When she leaves it at the door of opportunity, we know she'll find admittance to success. Dorothy Helen 0'Brien ST. PATRlCK'S, JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY Nor be you proud that you can see All hearts your captiresg yours yet free. CHERMCKJ sodsmy i, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Guild l, Z, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Dramatic Club, President l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, Manager 4 Spotlight Staff, Assistant Sports Editor 3 Art 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 Sacre Coeur, Class Poet 4 t"'5l?iQi INTENSE 25 Despite the warnings of her American friends, the young widow "went over to Rome March 24, 1805. illllll . Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Art 2 Hygiene l Prom Committee 4 CREATIVE When a brush is thrust into her talented fingers, it no longer remains a piece of lifeless wood, but under Marita's subtle guidance it turns into a fairy wand, bringing with it magical enchantment and beauty. We know that if it were not for her exquisite taste and expert manipulation of the drawing pen, our entire school lives ltogether with the yearbookl would be barren, dull, somehow unfinished. Our little artist has always come through, never exhausting the storehouse of inspiration she simply re- fers to as "my little brain." The door of success is open wide to accept the brilliant future she has commenced to paint for herself. Marita Angela O'Gmdy ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY Like the winds in summer sighing Her voice is low and sweet. fUNKNOW'NJ Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Prefect 4 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Guild l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing l, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff, Art Editor 3 Sacre Coeur, Art Editor 4 -- -- lll llillll This atomic young lady has walked into our lives and made a lasting im- pression. Wherever she goes Joan leaves excitement in her path. oHer eloquence in the field of dramatics has been the source of unending amusement and enjoyment. Her every expression is but a mirror of the surging emotion within her. We look for great things in Joan, for hers is a truly bright outlook with plenty of reason for optimism. Joan Ann Poggi ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY ., Her sweet speech, and lender air Dark eyes, and skin so fair. iSwinburneJ Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Guild l, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Art 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3,4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l Spotlight Staff, Assistant Editor 3 1 ' at sodamy i, 2, 3, 4 g ,C 13, A Sacre Coeur, Assistant Typist 4 Prom Committee 4 ,J President 2 Student Council, President 4 DYNAMIC 27 From widow's black to the garb of nun was no great transition for Elizabeth Seton. X-.X Is:-s ly X . QQ, g-- t 1 Kathleen Mary Repetto ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART, HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY No sweeter voice was ever heard, Uri springtime from the humming bird. KWORDSWORTHJ Sodality I, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit I, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Guild I, 2, 3, 4 Science Club, Secretary 4 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4 Athletics I, 2, 3, 4 Art 2 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Hygiene I Spotlight Staff, Alumnae Editor Sacre Coeur, Literary Editor Prom Committee, Chairman 4 Vice President 4 Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 f ,iff XM VNACIOUS Up and doing, the life of her class, and everybody's pal-that is Kath- leen. Without her keen wit and friendship, we would be completely lost. She is one person who is privileged in maintaining an air of sophistica- tion, while being completely down to earth. Music means more to her than could possibly be explained here. Gifted with the voice of a skylark, 28 the echoes of her refrains will remain in our hearts forever and a day. - Geraldine Carole Scotti THOMAS EDISON UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY A fave thafs best by its own beauty drest, And can alone commend the rest. Sodality I, 2, 3, 4 Mission Unit I, 2, Science Club 4 Needlework Guild I, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4 Athletics I, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff, Assistant Fashion Editor 3 Sacre Coeur, Chief Typist 4 Basketball Team 3, Art 2 eiee Club i,2, 3,4 I-lome Nursing 4 Hygiene I Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer I 29 3" It is Geraldine's desire to strike out and do something ditterent. For this we admire her. Gerry was not meant to be a tintype of a million other girls. She, in her own way, has ever formed and pursued her own opin- ions. For some to attempt originality is a hopelessly clumsy feat, for others it is as natural as the air they breathe. Knowing her, we foresee a career that will merit the Master's "Well done." ll Carxsimwl 4 INDIVIDUAL "If your father could receive additional comfort, it is at this moment when his daughter writes that she is happy. But calm that W glowing of the soul, that warmth of spiritsg impressions will then be less readily admitted, but they will last longerf' LETTER OF RICHARD BAILEY T0 His DAUGHTER. 4 ' f 5 nne Kathryn Taffy ACADEMY OE THE SACRED HEART, HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY She is a pretty picture, full of grace- The slender form, the delicate, thin face Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Sodality Prefect 3 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Needlework Guild l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Staff, Typist 3 Sacre Coeur, Circulation Manager 4 Art 2 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Hygiene l Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 A GREGARIOUS Playful as a kitten, and goodness knows much cuter, is the darling pic- tured above. She is one Anne Talty, so fond of pets that at one time she was practically running a small menagerie, so fond of people that her welcome mat is well trodden. What she possesses is yours for the asking. She can't be selfish--such a term is completely foreign to her. "Open 30 house" of heart and mind amply describe our treasure, Anne. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President MARIE KUDERA Treasurer JOAN MANINO I'II Remember After graduation I ll be thlnkung of you all Of the times we had In class and those rough games of ball Of runnlng out early coming In late And of our dearest pleasures and untreasured hate I II remember January exams and how we used to cram And of Frlday afternoon lunches conslstlng of bread and jam Of the cold wlnter months when we used to freeze And of that gurl In the last row who always had to sneeze I II remember my uniform of maroon and tan The janltor hale and hearty What a manl The wooden desks the stairs too uncomfortable for words But then came sprung and the endless sunglng of the birds I II remember too the Senuor prom one December day And the hour we went trottlng home lets say the break of day Of the wonderful boatrnde with all excltlng rldes And how our Academy nearly lost nineteen precious Ilves But graduation day IS the memory I II hold nearest For all my days to follow seem nothnng but the dearest I II remember you my classmates each and everyone Tall we meet agaln may God s wlll be done DOROTHY O BRIEN Vice Presldent ..., KATHLEEN REPETTO Secretary ...... MARILYN MCANERNEY Hrstory of the Class of l949 FRESHMEN n THE l7th day of September In the memorable year of l94'5 the Academy opened wrde nts portals to us a group of gurls who four years hence would become proud mem bers of the Alumnae of the Sacred Heart A tall red brlck structure lwrth who knew what lurkrng rnsrde?l stood rn our path that morning Trmrdly we entered and glanced about A krnd looking nun who Introduced her self as Srster Rose Beatrrce the Prrncrpal gave us a reassurrng smile and ushered us unto what was later to be termed the Bug Hall The whrrlrng of heads and the nervous conversatron which ensued soon came to a halt when Srster took command of the sltuatlon rntrdglucrng the faculty and assigning us to our rndrvrdual classrooms Here safe from the drrzz Ing fog outside we embarked upon a new adventure with a moderator as newly acquaint Xwuth the school as ourselves Srster Ruth Clare wanted with worldly wisdom andrmmmmmwii QQ!Q r the back seats lof which there were three out of twenty frvel 5 that mgilimenltsgn Mend her class of greenhorns learned the ropes together We soon became well aggwalnteldl wtthltlte 'f3r:tZtllt'WtW'fUf ttwrefdlttllrlsfs to say wrth the upper classmen as our bubblrng Uetrsmhalrtres coutld hardly be rgnoredl ti' was upon the discovery of our genralrty that Sister Put Clare decrded lt was high trme that we jolly Freshmen make frrends and mayhap rrfflu e people Wlbh Yhiimtedttom ln mrnd shut proceeded one brrght October morning to rd us onto the U L Z3 W for' Qtrrp to Convent Station The outing was more than success l rn our eyes fatr Academlcrans that we Were' ln fact after examln Ing everythung from thewfe gqurrrels to the hen houses, Mfg found It drfflcult to leave The tapplng of our dancing t' stroll re echoed from the Gtegk Theatre Upon departnng Sl OOO teakwood charrs and Cilmtmttifkltflg the lgggle Qtfethpfqqlr-wwkd we say more' It was shortly after thus that we became itil? ftleged- membets of the Academy upon our rnrtratnon by the Sophomores what a pscttuye wtespamted patradlng down Washington Street srngrng How Dry I Am wrtlfl half out ltlmfit tnplrtx Eqotrfstrandsft other half looking luke lump spaghettrl We were rewarded fog? our sfnbrtgwsrs- sparitggpatlmgwn y a gala party grven for us by the Juniors our bag srsters We presented a play thatyaggr emtrrlgd Hittmw too? Ei which Chrrstrna Burke s dra matrc abrllty blossomed forth as an unewiwlgcted Si' S? Chrrstmas came and with tt a yo tWanlrveneqgQy the presentatuon A Christmas Bell lt was as the Sprrrt of Chrrstmas that Alnce B oortn moved the fashion world by appearrng rn red anklets wrth jrnglrng sleigh bells attached to the toes Examinations rose and fell an rhythm wrth our blood pressure After getting back to normal we modernized Lochlnvar Joan Manrno made an rmpresslve hero savrng has wrfe Anne Talty from worldly dangers In February we gave ourselves a class brrthday party We stall can t decade which was better the cake or the cookre bottom A real treat followed when the Junrors sponsored the rousing Sprung Frolnc whrch pro vrded the Freshmen wxth a lrttle nrght llfe and dancing Nonetheless excltlng was the athletic contest staged out IH the backyard a thrrll packed sports classic that lasted from 2 l5 to 6 OO We wonder rf that softball game with the Sophomores will ever fade from memory' Holy Week approached with an unsprrrng retreat given by Father Weaver C P The pass Ing of Easter holidays brought us back to earth and rn readiness for our debut rn the annual concert presented under the drstungurshrng touch of Mass Margaret Sullrvan As June became evident we drd our best for the Sensors by glvrng them a farewell luncheon complete with hot dogs puckles and approprrate decorations We were assured of nts success by the srmultaneous expressions of approval vorced by our guests 32 I - , . a I . - I I I I ' I I I ,X ,XX we J ' ,fy ,XX .. X at T X.LXX . X AX t Ytl 1 1 1 1 - X, :X X ,MX I N ' Riff 'wittgk 'l A W :lt l twmw lycr :X -X at st-X XXJQXQX ttwttrtlf XXXX Xmas M S f. - - '.pXw,XX Xw. A 'X.X' ' mu wh ' . X X . . X XX? . W XXQXXX . 1 X MX: A X A XXW0Y't ' . . . X. XXX X . ' . at . use wr Xu, . V +5 X W X V me X 4 X X KX W X X :L 3 j . . kwa pig Nw rl It Q ti -swf? . 1+ . ' . ' 'll lt W W M25 .X lf tw . ' . ' rXX sgw A XX fX. X M - - - XX' X4 s . . X f . XX ' . . . , wt M XX X XX Xa us XX 'XX ,f Xl X r X 1 ,x li My . however, we recerved the heiltirgit famwellswtram a l .Xmohomthgd-after pouncrng on those . Wt . X . ' X T ' Xlvf ' 'X' XXXlr7XX3is.t-My ,Xasasawf Mi - Y ll' ' Xl Xl V A -1 Xa-ll3l"QlX fl X 1 . . . . X! X X X XXX, X, XX Xxx .X N X, XX XX . . Xb f WX' U' X l . X 5? X X' f X XX X . . ,, ,, . ft N VXXXX g W aj tied XTR? 5 X'XX:tX . . . . I '32 55- 1XsXXwmWXW:' XXw:QtflX X AM I , I la , ' X. wa W X Xl X Xt MX :wh 1 l l EXXX XXXXXssXXoXlX,XXXXXXm .wg ,X FX, LXXVXM1 5 t?1EXXg,XX-y,my+X,XuXXXXWXXWQQQ I hx IAQ' X v way-X'XAXXX-.w+XXw't+l.tX-WQQXAQ yogi XXXHXXXX .XX-wXXfX4 ,XX X -Xu fXesXrfXwlXXXwXWLXXXQXA1wma! twuWfnXwfmXrXgyXwm3:llt3X 'W r l 91 am ft 'll X it I' A '- - - ' I 5 X XX l - we XX m XX . X - tu 4 ' . . vt . X- . . ,, . ' l ' M f . XXXX WXXAX II II - - - rr 1 f X XX Xa - - j l - j 1 1 . sl . u . ' I I , . . . , . . - - 11 - - 11 - I - I ' ' - I I I I I ' We attended the boat rIde sponsored by St Peter s Prep then threw ourselves whole heartedly INTO plans for the graduatIon program and Into crammmg for exams The Sunday of graduatIon fIlled us wIth a great surge of prIde as wIth roses arched hIgh above the heads of the graduates we took part In the ImpressIve ceremony Our Freshman year was over and although we looked forward to summer vacatIon we were even more anxIous for the comIng of September when we would be WISE old Sophomores SOPHOMORES September came and we were Sophomores We were dIsappoInted to dIscover that SIster Rose BeatrIce had left us although we felt sure that our new prIncIpal SIster Agnes CyrIl would become our fast frIend SIster MonIna our new moderator guIded us through the TIQOFS of a new language Our rendItIon of Because In French waS the peak of musIcal perfectIon though French wIthout musIc was somewhat of a trIal ny tImes the dIsmIssal bell at two fIfteen had seemed to forget the poor lonefy Sophss, gIlftIn In that dreary lIttle top floor room wIth nothIng before them but work We were also, pmvIfeged In ng an Amen Corner peopled wIth such notables as Anne Talty Matting Q'fGrady ind Angte CrIsmale sharIng rIngsIde seats for good l??l behavIor ln the months that followed yyy Hwed tha had stayed at home Instead of run nIng off to fnght Whether he twenty twenty mIles remaIns a mystery to lnItIatIng the Fres men w s e re Q We ha themmctyapg for mercy Happy dayl' What ere' md df5lb.of those darlIng lIttle cut up frogs left over from BIol gy at Ittle e erIme occa ned the one day that MarIta dIdnt order French frIes and thleen c touch r I ersxurst sandwIch Poor DottIe never dId get used to those s stools a d that ckled s evaweriiproved her downfall The talk of the year was Q IgSpanI Bice hIch wintkver Aywth a bang' lOr should we stay stampede?l ThIs gay egltraxiaganza was onlfpart offthe play t on by the SenIors our bIg SISTBFS In whIch the Soph Ord ThespIan abIlIt was reserift by Eleanor Hudak who stole the show In the role v polhceman j iw! 591 The holIdays breeze by them a eason s fu ams proved an Interest Ing topIc especIally sInce d Incl e Kud a a m lmmedIately after tha ry perIod ID es we res ed our typIcal lIghthearted ness and a few pIercIng stnon ' ha ver happene n Joan Poggn s French lan guage book? Where dId at IuIcy rIpe tomat land? Shucks nn Donovan mIssed agaIn' The fIre escape Idea was I nted our own t tle madc s Joan Cella and MarIlyn McAnerney LIttle Mary Bo as ore or less left ut In th cold as a result FIendIsh lIttle demons weren t they? French was not the only mystery In the class Can you remember the day when we started out wIth seven students and wound up wIth eIghteen? lThe closet held more than the classroom l A sIght of wonder to be added to the orIgInal seven came Into lIght In the person of Chns Burke seated In a gym SUIT and bobby sox oblIvIous to the unIform a Ceffaln Ann Donovan had hIdden In the closet Ah well all In a day s fun Easter was upon us In no tIme and our fIrst meetIng wIth the popular Professor Kolb took place Our concert followed and It was here that we experIenced the harsh FBZZIHQ of the spectators after beIng laughed off the stage followIng our much publIcIzed RussIan dance whIch was perfomed In flowIng evenIng gowns But our choral work receIved ready applause and once agaIn our heads could be held hrgh WIth the commg of June we looked forward to JunIordom and promIsIng each other to correspond steadIly durIng the summer months we parted 33 . I , . I , I . . I ' I I . . I . . , . , . . . I I W . . 1 . . ,, ,, . s llcc . . i . r Q I I ' . ' I arf' . Q if ,, ,, I Y' 'gggj SIESQQ H 1, I 3 gif . . . '. , I A 1 I Vrhk LEW I i -H fe 1 . B ' this day. Geometry carne alongjtoltro Q2 , e sti K can't Qgsaiv a trapesoid. ,aw L , I,, ,,N, 2 MEF ' 3- ' " W I ,,.- A sf' I H . . -- .I.. .,,, ..,I , ,..r., f' ISF ' I . - 1 . . I E A"s . m . . H "" eil ' QW I I - ' V- I -Ti A W ' - . .I . , Q I. jg' an r, I '19 ! . . I i E . . V . . I . . - ' ' r ' - ' ' - 1 1 . "" ' It " - . . . in my I' i . - 6 I . . ' - 1 " ' 11 -:V . A If H . . . l F v A ' 'V ll ' I , 1 - . 5 , I , I - - . . . . . . . , . , . . I . . . 1 - I , . . .t I I , I t t , . JUNIORS Upperclassmenl What a sensatlonl We were doubly pleased for our Freshman Class moderator Sister Ruth Clare was now prrncupal of the Academy French came In to keep us company brrngang wuth It Sister Grace de Lourdes Thus was the year that our basketball team was formed We played our one and only game score 56 I9 las you Shylocks should have surmused we dldnt ment the 56 polntsll That was all there wasnt anymore as far as other schools were concerned We were rntra school champs though If that made up for It Basketballs weren t the only thang we bounced Practrcung Bombs Away with coke bottles on the dumbwanter durlng one of our more sedate luncheons Improved our accuracy Studies and plenty of homework were always headaches Our French class was a great concern to us Embarrassment was widespread when we translated horse back rldlng as to take a walk with a horse lldeal companronshup we must say l The splrntual side of us showed through In our portrayal of the Life of Sister Mlrlam Teresa an which the curtarn opened and closed ten tnmes although rt was only a one act play Name and fame spread to the Academy when Joan Poggu walked off with top honors ln the Seton Forensrc League Contest and came home with a beautiful plaque whrch shall forever proclaim the preemlnence of our English Department The Sensor play proved a great success and ofcourse our rendltlon of Because You re You and ln Old New York were tremendous assets to the productuon Christmas was upon us and It couldn t be complete without one of our colossal stage offerings Geraldine Scott: dlsplayed her pranlstrc talents by accompanylng our drama wlth the melody Beautiful Lady and thus Mama Lnghts a Candle was launched In the bug hall for the beneflt of the school Never to be forgotten was the part where Dotty proceeded to light the candles without matches However Marffar O Grady saved the day by crawling out on the stage with the llttle fare makers between her teeth' As to the classroom somethlng new had beffm added to our tree angel harr Eileen provided her own evergreen a pine bougls hanging oufof the flag holder ln the course of overall decorating the S64 question was raised Who tore down my posters? One of the many thungs we learned was not to put lrpstsck on In school At the time of our lesson a solutron of lye water was to ourtender mouths at :nk eradlcator IS to a test paper Far from berng soured on artrfucral ands to beauty, we 564' Mt In our best bnbs and tuckers to Sarnt Peter s Church for the weddrng of E eahor s bftbther W1 were all rnvrted and laying siege to the reception hall we had ourselva a thigh meld time mcomplrance with the wlshes of our charmnng host and hostess These happenrngs were only uncudentgl for rt Wa leam of newly acquired class rings on our fingers that really set gif? hw? 5 7 mpln 5 Our school publucatlon the Spagwryght was Ee blgge 'li n of the year slnce lt was the first school paper that the Academy? ml"Pa!!lff'W5'd IH years to the pataence and the generosity of Sister Ruth Clare and Slster Alexandrlne we again p bvedlitrhat our merry group would always turn up with the best In the Sprrng the Bunny Hop was given by us In St Peter s Hall graciously gnven by the prrnce of prlests Father Vuncent J Hart SJ The response was overwhelming and the proceeds were sent to the massrons Seat changing was a common occurence whale we remembered to keep our drawers shut an rmperatrve rule as someone could easnly trap on the way down the arsle and break a kneecap May arrived and our annual concert was apprecuatlvely received Our toast of the eve nrng was Victor Herbert and some of hrs most beautiful melodies wnnged theur way unto the hearts of the auduence that evening Including the ltallan Street Song by Kathleen Repetto Along came June and at the Class Day given rn honor of the Sensors we crred almost as hard as they drd As we bud sad adreu to the gurls unto whose shoes we were about to step our vonces were ransed ln such tear jerking songs as Haul to Thee Our Alma Mater and the Whrffenpoof Song wrth lyrrcs to flt the mood Nevertheless between last sobs we managed to grve Sister Ruth Clare a combination whup and whistle with which to keep us her future seniors rn lane Then once again graduation day was upon us 34 . . I 1 1 - I . . l . , . . I 1 . 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 . . . . , , . . . . , , . . . . . , . - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Q f , . . 1 K f ' . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 - - 1 . I . I kr , 1:r5L,,j: I I I I ' , f. Ji I I If ll ' f 3' 5 I WV 5 I l ' f 7 in , ' - - - 11 I - II 1 , 1 K- A - r ,g A l J 1 J QQ . . ,-wwf' 'rf fl an . .af 2 Q - ' X L 'Q . . 1 1 are . . . . I W I , ' ' , l . wa, WV , . r . I . , , , , . . 1 . . - 1 , . I . . 1 1 1 . . . . , , . 1 1 1 1 ' - I I - 1 1 - - . . . . . , , . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - - - 1 - 1 1 1 1 - I 1 ' SENIORS Stately Senuors' Brulluant scholars' Head class' Well thats enough malarkey let s get down to brass tacks Welcome addutuons to our class were Suster Gabruel Therese moder ator who left the sunny sands of Long Branch just to teach us and Jeannue Gallagher who proved to be our gaun and St Al s loss Both entered unto the spurut of thungs wuth great vum and vugor Our class offucers had been elected prevuously but the best was yet to come when at the furst Scuence Club meetung twenty gurls turned un suxty votes for offucers They also turned un two dollars for breakage fee, whuch Marulyn McAnerney wull be unable to col lect at the end of the year and mught possubly have to compensate The thurd week of school was just gettung under way when we started on our well paved road of mustakes For example how could those fuve gurls have had theur puctures taken by the wrong photographer? Tryouts for our play and rehearsals proved to be great fun leven though Maruta Anne Dottue and Mac had the scenery fall on theml The auduence was enraptured by the per formance of Luttle Women Fortunately the confusuon prevalent on the stage was vusuble only to the players Unsought comedy was untfoduced unto the death scene when Aluce Bloom sauntered through the French wundouws not realuzung that the door was only a few unches away Twun huts of the evenung were Aluce Andrukutus and Joan Manuno who made very dash ung suutors Joan Poggu Joan Cella Manta Offurady and Dorothy O Bruen were the Luttle Women but all of us gave a truly stupendous explout of our talents After the play another surpruse was un store for us The school movue projector had ar ruved and we spent many hulafruous hours vuewung the stars of today un but parts of yesterday Not that the movues were ancient that us We came un touch wuth the st e once more when Chrustuna Burke gave her best un the Holy Name Contest The Catholuc ay of Lufe Followung our Chrustmas party held un the Lubrary amud the hularuty and the happy go lucky sensatuon whuch usually accompanues the furst respute of the year murth was extrava gently dustrubuted by us the Senuof Class and our well wlshers the faculty Wull we ever learn to wuggle our toes luke Suster Joseph Dolores un her rendutuon of Shortnun Bread l We wush we could go on Smulun Through Chernustry as Suster Ambrose dud to the melody of the same name The gurls un the other classes were lookung forward to Chrustmas whule the bug day for the Senuors came four days later Although ut was raunung ut fauled to dampen our spuruts when on the arm of our best beau and un the latest creatuons we stepped out of our cars and unto the Cotulluon Room of the Hotel Puerre The musuc was duvune and there wasn t a gurl who dudn t have a cunderella evenung After thus fruvoluty the thought of havung to come back to school after havung a mar velous vacatuon was traguc A pleasant unterlude to all thus braun rackung work of last munute crammung for the pop ular you know what was a senuor play on Communusm whuch we presented durung a Sodaluty meetung lt was meant to be a dramahc but turrued out to be a comedy wuth Kathleen tryung un vaun to pronounce Madame Kasenkuna and then puttung the Russuans behund the orange unstead of the uron curtaun The Seton Forensuc League agaun started a new pet expressuon Let s Charter a Bus Jeanne Gallagher excelled herself un oratory Atheustuc Communusm was much clearer to all who heard her Dotty O Bruen proved to be an able alternate March blustered un luke a luon unauguratung our Sprung Festuval of plays and Aprul went out luke a lamb takung wuth ut the memory of that truumphant evenung and the completuon of our tradutuonal retreat Thus year also occasioned the twentueth annuversary of our beloved Suster Ruta Agnes Say lt Wuth Musuc as the theme for Our concert wuth Dorothy O Bruen as dancer and Kathleen Repetto as soloust The curtauns not only closed on our unspurung performance but also on our last appearance for the Academy No debutante ever experuences the whurl of partues that we enjoyed before our farewell On the more stayed sude of our actuvutues we were honored by a testumonual dunner and Com munuon Breakfast Walkung under the unspurung arch of roses we realuzed that these four years spent at the Academy of the Sacred Heart were truly the best years of our luves We now bud farewell to these happuest years Susters and schoolmates classes and classrooms all are of the past only One remauns ever present He has blessed us wuth all the lught and grace of these joy ful four years After lufe s journey may we all meet agaun un Hus Sacred Heart' 35 . . . 1 1 . . . , T . , ' 1 1 1 . , . . . . . - 1 I . , . . Q I I A f ' ,, 1 1 , ' 1 , u ' ,, . ,, . . . - , . . . . . . ' . 1. I . 11 . ' 1 1 . - 11 - ' u - 1 J , ' .3 . ' . 1 ' u . ,. F' f- , Q ' 1 . A ' , . 1 Y f ' ff 5 , I ' 17 u , K, 1 ' . . . , . . .f -u . . ,jf . , H . 11 - -fl 1 ' 11 - u f - , - . , . . 5 , ,. 1 V I ' , . , - I . I . . u . . . ' Q' - '- ' ll 1 11 I - I . 1 V. . 1 . . . . . . Il - - 11 r r - 1 - u 5 F, K 1 . 1 . 1 , . ' 1 1 1 . , . . . . E V1-svvfv J ,rain I I W I rw MQ Class Prophecy NCE out of my taxI I made my way through the dense crowds Into the lobby of the MaIestIc Theater where I was to wltness the fIrst showIng on Broadway of CarnIvaI the latest muslcal comedy wrItten by the well known playwrIght Marne Kudera How surprIsed I was to see that my old classmate Ann Dono van the fIrst lady of the soclal set recognIzed me after all these years' Ann asked me to IoIn her at a party gIven after the show by New York s Number I Debutante Anne Talty After gratefully acceptIng I settled down to enjoy myself You can well ImagIne the astonIshed look on my face to fInd Joan PoggI a second Sarah Bernhardt co starrIng wIth AIIce Bloom even more amazed to see Dorothy O BrIen a modern Terpshncere also under the same bIllIng Durlng IntermIssIon I spoke to ChrIstIna Burke edItor In Chlef of the New York TImes who Informed me that she was also goIng to the party WhIIe Walflng for the second curtaIn I notIced that MarIta O Grady had desIgned all the costumes for the play In the course of the second IntermIssIon I met EIleen Murphy and AlIce Andru kItIs and was later Informed that EIIeen was In town for the Demo CFBIIC ConventIon and was New Jersey s candIdate for Congress Aluce I knew was AmerIca s leadIng woman executIve lmmedIately after the funale MarIe the authoress Introduced a very famous ceIebrIty Kathleen Repetto star of the ChIcago Theater of the AIr After leavlng the show I saw Marulyn McAnerney standlng In the lobby MarIlyn had recently receIved the PuIItzer PFIZE for LIterature Among the royal guests were the Duke and Duchess of AloysIa The Duchess was Jeanne Gallagher formally Once InsIde the Talty mansIon I recognIzed many of my old fnends Among them was Joan Cella the celebrated woman sur geon of SaInt Mary s HospItal Who were those two taIkIng In the corner? Of course' Eleanor Hudak head nurse at SaInt FrancIs HospItal and Joan MBHIHO head buyer for BonwIt Teller Only three more and the class of 49 would be complete There they werel Standmg by the orchestral AngeIIna Cnsmale Geraldlne SCOIII and Mary Boyle Angellna IS a leadIng candy magnet Geraldme IS a noted woman scIentIst and Mary now Slster Mary Kathleen IS prIncIpal of our old Alma Mater' Lucky me after all these years to meet all my old classmates and fInd that wIth the grace of God they all had done so welll w X' U' aft ,Cs 7 Ng QL Gm QB:-A Iv In II owl D y N .I QL II 4 'I I Il I ly I II I II" I I X B I " N , 1 I 7 ,rv 'I ' -X I., I ,lv 04, I N 1. X B I " 'X If -I' ' I I4 " . fn. g 1 'mx 0 . . I I I 11 -I II I ' SS' o-06' , I . . ' ' 'I CB, ' , ' I . I Q I I . ' ' ' . . . ' IX lN.'l. Nelson Eddy's latest leading lady, inthe superb showg but' I was " 0 " llm sl . . f ' ' . I . ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' X1 . I I I I I ' Q I Isl' . ' . . . I I . -I 6 I l 1 I , I . I I D I . I 1 I I . O I 0 , s J - Q 4 f Class Will WE, The Class of I949, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath and promulgate this our last will and testament: To the Faculty, we leave: A vacant homeroom with each desk holding fond memories of its former occupants. To the Junior class: The Seniors leave the hope that they will be as strongly united in their last year as we have been in all four. To Marta Cerabino: Alice Andrukitis' willowy figure. To Joan Scotti: Alice Bloom's athletic ability. To Marilyn Carrol: Mary Boyle's "petite" stature. To Patricia Norton: Christina Burke'S "titian locks." To Dolores Sauer: Joan Cella's contagious smile. To Florence Walsh: Angelina Chrismale's algebraic comprehension. Joan Herald Ann Donovan s expressive eyes Mary Jane Paproth Jeanne Gallagher s dimples Marie Dunne Eleanor Hudaks influence with the faculty Nancy Kudera Maria Kudera s meticulously preserved uniform Pat Kennedy Joan Manino s seat in the Senior room Marita Haggerty Marilyn McAnerney s battered set of test tubes Janet Kennedy Eileen Murphy s empty lunch bags Kathleen Timmoney Dorothy O Brien s dancing feet To Marjorie Bruder Marita O Grady s artistic ability To Pat Ferris Joan Poggi s eloquent speech To Ann McGorty Kathleen Repetto s impromtu remarks To Jean Fiore Geraldine Scotts s ham sandwiches To Kathleen Ward Anne Talty s bottle of peroxide flak 1164 uf 61 ,ZZ Ill? 62177617 -Q' To : ' ' . To : ' ' , To ' : ' ' ' . To 1 ' ' ' ' . To 1 ' ' ' ' ' . To ' 1 ' ' . To 1 ' ' . To . , , . , . . . V . , , . . . . . v ., . I ' . , . ., . . f ' if . L A1 rl ' f f L 4 . 162 , H X X Orchids To AI For your hearty laugh gl Nw! To Alice To Mary Chns To Cel For your perserverlng nature For your sweet dlsposltlon or your loving ways For your ambltuous nature we ol. To Angle To Ann To Jeannie To EI For your g0rl0rOuS afflfude For your jolly atmosphere For your untnrmg energy For your bubbling personality "ZZ . 1 r KX: I Q 0 O l'f 1- A' . To . To Deedee For your creative genlus To Marne For your jovual temperment ln To Mac For your helpful manner To Murph For your happiness personlfned l X OU To Dothe For your STII'TlUlBfIVE character ff ...aa ,.,M.-- To Joan For your somber elegance To Peg To Kathy To Gerry To Talf For your ovcrwlnelrnlng arnblhons FOV your queenly traits For your personallty plus For your sfrlklng habits , "L Y" X xi -Nb Xl , , ffl O 9 O t 0 ll K ll, rn! W g N v , f 5 3-1 K . xrj.Q',w ' A e,r4.7:.- .J A I ,. , W ffirrlrg M 'W ' ,' S ,, .'l . 'TT ' - w-W-Mr' ,... f I f .lg A Q U y s lf 7 ' , Q . U A , . l 4 Q 4' ' u i , Q' I A 0 5 . Q , f 'i ACADEM rmud QD 7 Y OF THE SACRED HEART 0 ulvz CV' KU! ENT GRAMMAR DEPARTM lvvxvw umm f MAY tuxsrvfw YXNW U WN 15110 AM 5' Umm ll' N1 5 Long, Long Ago B Karhfgy SHOW GRADES 1 A CCF! Pepeffo J AND 2 Joan Call Om poggl An a Mama O Gradyne Talry T would seem nmpossnble that some of these baby faces belong to graduates of l949 Try to ldentlty some ot these Stars of l937 Then compare wnth the plcture below 'CB' l 5 Front Row Joan Cella Anne Talty Back Row Manta O Grady Joan Poggu Kathleen Repetto Y' MN ACADEMICIANS ALL HE fnve young ladies pvctured above are truly representatnve of the Academy sprrut havlng spent all thenr school laves wuthm the walls ot thus llttle edrtlce on Washington Street Now that they are to leave let us hope that they will carry wlth them unto the fu ture the very excellent tradltlons which wlth they have been en gendered at the Academy of the Sacred l-leart O ll' X I l - W all 5 ' asf 9 JT . , 1 ' s NN Q X .1 Q in ' 5 1 ,v uh' A I , vr ' V l . ' 'fl A' 3' ' f- 'Y 'inn f X " l M 1. f .. r .1 H1 , ll Nxxwxucn lhmds-cd an -k l 1 C ' ll iw Um f f f l 4 , ' V 4 A' Lufstsfff' ll! . ,U 'l'v,,. ljw,,11m!,.l ,,ua Nl, L ,L ,- fa. ,. Q V J h, A ' Il H The. mu.Lx Y, CNY' ANS . l TL . 1 ll f i - ' ' :YJ I lf ' - A L 4' 11 A H CD 2' 5 lk 9 I I ' K if Mfws ' ,Y ,,1t,g1fQ tt,, t "'+Q'lf:,QQ 3: 2. 1 . , . 4 KI R7 I r I l f u X6 U DERCLASSME "I mn suy, zrillzozzt nny Ilff'-fIlllil'f' in tlwir furor, Ilml Ilu'-x' ara' ns lnrulrlv rllilflrvll in tlwir I'0lllIfl'l1lIlIl'4'. nmnrwrs, mul rlisposilions as any l7l0flll'l'.S llvurt 11111111 lll'.SiI'1'.-R Lvllvrs of ,Uotlwr Svton. NI0'l'Hmc Sr1'rox's I.r1'l"1'1cus . - .1 WY' nd 2 , -fr Mn Dfw " 'R I I gig! Q. Nikki- ' 5 S51 " g2i:sa1.u.', 1? U ,M W, .QM ,Q .L f,-mf:--f. V we :H - mx 9? . 5333252 , . .44- s .0 it '52 ,ef , A? f!5.a51Q21f " ,- x L. wqw X w. wg, 'F P f EL. lx -4 U QPF, 5 wx Qs v - Q - 5 f v 7 -1, 'Ai' pl J qw .o '4YE 1 Qs .1 .f f 13,5 W. Q ,A SL ! ' g, I V Mzi, .f 5 I 4 M 2 x . e , 'W ,av ,fffi .. , iw Y K L ld A tw oh, S X Q ,,,.,, . ' Q 5 , " ' 2 ' ra g 5 , 2 m""m-up QQ 3 Y 1'-Y' ,K I Y Q Y Ma .I U, X m 'fa ii , , X F 1 5 R X he is N' ,Q X Q 45 ' 5 . 1 X Q ' x 'N . 1 . X. ,1-5 Nm 0 lx .I 4 5- Y Y ,le an 3: W ' J!! sky 1 I C I ACTIVITIES f 111 "I L' I I EIIx"'1g5' Lliz11I11'1I1 111111 Il IIIPIISIIIQI L'o11'0, lIfllll'0lI 11-vll 111111 possvsswl II 11111111 relish for lit1'r11111r1'. X 11' 1u0'l'llliR SIc'l'0N BY LEONARIJ Fl-lI+lNl'1Y, S.,I ff i , X j rn j Ck LL I 'I ITE Q I , 6 1, I I K4 ,N J ,. 1 ' .1 ,Ja I 3 I' '. -QQ V fy I ' Y I I qi y K 5 ki. Programme ' Women" N I. e W m ,, 9 H "Lift e 1 swim .11 '49 Pvesmud CAS I M15 Ib me-1 yu, mf vI.w,.gr.r sm., nrt r..r..,fun,,fr Amy, nw .nm vm mlm, mm ,Irma ml Mum, nm. mlm mr., ml. Mum, fl nm Au... M nmrr. mlm. uh. . I W., my .mumm Mr Larrrem, xml., vm rl um muk, Ll Arm mr 1 l mmm .mu mm. ef rr lf, ny ur rmyucmas IUAN LEHA ' rr-As mum MMIII A O C-RADY nmwrnv mmm PIIPIN MIIVIIY IILILI BLOUM , KIIRIVI INA HL KKK. 1-rrmua ur one KATUIITIN RY,I'F'I'TO ALI! I- I-NI7IlIiKI1I: rum MANANU -mm. man: rcuurm mmf nm-f DQNK M AN ANGYI INA KJKISMALI' FANNI MAI I AGYIIK I I IA Ynlluwr Bluu a M ml N..,,r.b,... ml uma, 'k 51-ZQTTI ANN .' I' ' vp Mrmrrmm' r cmurrznfr mm noni ramm sxsuvsls or scar-its nw mmf .rrm ul rr., pm rar.. pl...f rr, me our I. I wa.. ul me M-ur. mm. .B cmmd. Mm Am' om: Q..,.U.lrl, Mb- mm ww mum ,QM nr, ummm. ur. .vw ww chmrnux ,mg rm. chmrm., rv., mr Wu mv, om sim . V , ..- rrme smur I. I lm. mmm wr fungi sm, rw...... .lu 'mn A vm mf. rm, rp E E X l 1 Th G e urls Joan Cella Meg DO th Mama Org Y O Bnen A rady Beth my Joan P0991 Jo af Cast' Kath . e'j05,ipggg05iC:,Qsrina Burke Joan M f l'I 3 Ofgradgl A- arlino J , I f Dan C Il :ce Bloom, Eleanorel-TGd2iV0EE1I:3i?fBAZlen, Alice And k 1 n Urphy. ru ins, H Flnale Ge raldme Scott' Anne Ta' ty Ma"Y Bo We Angell C na rlsmale Marllyn MCAne rneV Ann Don Ovan Kathleen R epetto, Eleanor Hudak JO C an ella AIIC e Bloom Joa fl Mamno E IICen Mur phY Joan po QQ: Marie Kude fa, Doroth O Y Brien Alice Andrukms SISTER MIRIAM TERESA PLAY Cast Joan Cella Allce Andrukltns Eleanor Hudak Euleen Murphy Mary Boyle Ann Donovan Kathleen Repetto Seated Marulyn McAnerney Joan Poggl MIMI LIGHTS A CANDLE Mlmls mother returns to spend Christmas wnth her llttle daughter after many years of absence Slttmg Eleanor Huclak Dorothy O Brlen Standnng Geraldnne Scott: Mary Boyle and Anne Talty Characters Snttmg Joan Cella Standlng Joan Manuno Ann Donovan Marilyn McAnerney 47 I ,l 'W Q 1 I f , , , I l 1 . : , . 0 UC N 1 J tv?" c . v of - I I , l -- . ' . ' - 1 . , I , Marilyn McAnerney and Robert T Kathleen Repetto and Louis Tern Geraldine Scotti and Alfred A I Prom Time . . . Marie Kudera and George Beekman Mary Boyle and Joseph Coffey Jeanne Gallagher and Robert Burke Dorothy O Brien and Thomas Turnbull Alice Anclrukitis and Rick Ronan Joan Poggi and Gene Lieve Angelina Crismale and Francis Bianca . . . Dance Time Alice Bloom and Patrick Ryan Eleanor Hudak and Francis Culloo Marita O'Gracly and Paul l-larclesty Anne Talty and Alfred Zitani Joan Manino and Paul Cavalli Joan Cella and Ernest Badarraco Eileen Murphy and Robert Black SYO 1 .. S am f - - ' 1 - - ' H 'e DET? G RLS Il D N ' OPEN LET 'LR ro SISTER RWH ii, ACA Y I HOL A CE A 6 The girls of the Academy Dear Sister Ruth, of the sacred Heart held We, the girls of the their annral Hanybody Academy: the school can gon dance, once again you and the Pest Of in saint Pete-vs Hall faculty haV9 worked hard Grand Street, Jersey dity. to make the Wonderful The most prominent dance thet it is Wi5h to seemed to be the Domino the Polka. Clf you can't do it, get one of the Freshmen to teach youllll We might say thot all the girls who attended reall L y turned out in their best feathers... Our thanks and appreciation go to Sister Ruth Cldre, Father Hart and our chaperons I 1 I!! Little :Bit 'Q N0thihf'--- The . ary 5 Hosoital held A a brzafar in the C""'-1 'l Guild of St M ' of Our Larl' "H K C9 Wash" M3339 THE 5 POT LIGHT I Bruden Flesh Standinghoney, ago arlofle an SCO Kathleerf A ,El J an Hefoxd' TAQGOQYQ ?e0O9gY'QgerTY1EdxtOr fl r 1' 1 HKS, O -yor, Arm ef, a ma 3 KL V J if da Pa' Fe' ran' Edl QXOYQS Sw uredl Ma -5171 C me ' I Y ' meal Seam A595 rd D K Wd ' f ' a 'T Kennedvixeen Wa moth. ND ulster Ruth has kind- f ,I If V 1 OWQI Fiore, Kat rY jane Pap ly offered to donate 35.00 , ' can I M3 V 3 toward ihC.A,HiE. lfiijkage, 4 1 I re. we e g r s w ge 021,32 Ms depend? upon ' the other+f1ve..- g ,P V 4, 4 7- ur thoughtfulness kind- 1 IS the -1 X 4 i ness, and understanding. Xl ' ' X Bl! with all these things ' 5, how can we help but QVZ' ' WN Q I -X '. the top,as it 'f xx All " l X fx-N ' ff"'NN4f "ll t.. ' Q' Tn OLII' vr A perfect 1 - And make The cuiitu., -.l,r:tg re emphasis is 'ferjnlu' rluced- the nrinfinr'-not dcfaiced, ll B poet fri" the mist , 'fe us fluent vs-ite Z1 4.. J rs all, ori W irvimr to instruct in the lore of' stories tallg 1 our staff will frf'l" be .. .v ' work and pray, Vou see. so vou , see we meet 'he tfst calls for ' rturendoue fr", e Succeed, mxeain without sa cryg For what we reall" have ir "em NX OfGradY' . and this it all that'F in the be-rt. anKrNO. ' .. in H A 1-aww!-M .upslwith us. ar ' 1. Ce . K . . Burke' A Jesuit nays n Visit I I V t th C' on December 3, 1-'rather Clnri-f, a L:-fu-I When I WH- in hollywood, enough? Jesuit from fit. T":ter's, visi- B f-Ae mer were at W feet' N unner: Yes, but if I had ted the Acufie:::'. "e curve of Tom: The only men you eve? hw a larger pair, I wr duties in the world todnw' M' ffmu' feet were chiropodlsw- Could cover more ani nrfed us to nrepare For our ground at the same positions ig. li.'e. 'le also rate of speedllll found nr H ' , three vocations ,Don I to worzezl alfun' lxf'e':s 1.1 lxwny. STUDENT COUNCM Marian Pnnyuh, Dolores Clrnicata, Kathleen Ward, Sister Ruth Clare lprincipall, Joan Poggi lprcsidenfl, Joan Celia lvice presndentl, Carolyn Dischler, Marne Kelleher, Dolores Sauer. GLEE CLUB Pat Ferris, Ann McGorty, Kathleen Repetto lat pianol, Janet Kennedy, Christina Burke, Alice Bloom, .Joan Herold, Dolores Sauer, Marjorie Bruder, Marta Cerabino, Seated: Florence Walsh, Joan Scotti. From his noble example she imbibvd a tenderness for suffering, a care for those in affliction, and a stern adher- ence to duty, all of which lnoulded hor character for the great mission Cod was preparing for her. Inna. 51 GRATORY Jeanne Gallagher, Christina Burke Joan Poggi. IWOVWE SCENE In the library, an educational movie one of the various types we view, holds our attention. SODAUTY PREFECTS Freshman FRANCES GOSIK Senior MARITA O'GRADY Sophomore BERN ICE KLI NCK Junior JANET KENNEDY S3 X 4- X QPU Senior Class Directory ALICE ANNE ANDRUKITIS . . ALICE MURIEL BLOOM . . . MARY ELLEN BOYLE .... CHRISTINA BRIDGET BURKE . JOAN MARIE CELLA .... ANGELINA MARIE CRISMALE ANN THERESA DONOVAN JEANNE PATRICIA GALLAGHER ELEANOR ANNA HUDAK MARIE ELAINE KUDERA JOAN ANN MANINO MARILYN ANN MCANERNERY EILEEN BRIDGET MURPHY DOROTHY HELEN O BRIEN MARITA ANGELA OGRADY JOAN ANN POGGI KATHLEEN MARY REPETTO GERALDINE CAROL SCOTTI ANNE KATHRYN TALTY n949 0 54 I97 Woodward Street, Jersey City, . 249 Second Street, Jersey City, . I39 Stegman Street, Jersey City, . 54 Magnolia Avenue, Jersey City, . . IZO8 Park Avenue, Hoboken, 529 Wnllow Avenue Hoboken 279 Jackson Avenue Jersey Cnty 409 Central Avenue Jersey Cnty 215 Warren Street Jersey Cnty 42 McAdoo Avenue Jersey Cnty IOO4 Bloomfneld Street Hoboken 2I I BndweII Avenue Jersey Cnty I4I Bndwell Avenue Jersey Cnty ZI37 Hudson Boulevard Jersey Cnty IIO4 Bloomfneld Street Hoboken IO28 Bloonnfneld Street Hoboken II Elysnan Park Hoboken I33 Madnson Street Hoboken 935 Washnngton Street Hoboken New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey Jersey 7' ,fa , , f- v - . - --41,4 rv VG- 1. .QQ Q .1-x cX'E'1u H I 'Q of F f I N QQ fl I , , W 2 I ' s ,vw Our Hopefuls v ' C 9 X . if ' i X 4 A 7 1 .N IO X W X "That 0110 rlvfzr pvrsrm IFIIOIIE thvy had IIUUPI' clrftoctffrl in ll single injustice or a simplf' insim'1'rity: tlwir lll0fll07'.,, X Tun AMm:lc,xN XVONIAN . 4 LEONARD FIEENEY, SJ. Q in I Y 6 W , ,hh K eh 11' , e 5' .. f"" h ' w ' a-A X N ?' We 'se e ee h ' if i , . ' 2? L H Seventh and Eighth Grades h .""' fi' . FA f 1 , h.- .,. , 11. ig A ykykh A: . , warg! ywvgiw 4 ' V ' . r , he 'zh c ,.f NL Y V u F Y ykhyr K Y . 0 ! V V A , We J 1 A Q M y ie W l mf S K ly Wg ff A v , e. ' . Q " if A e I ig, egg I . ax ' Q N he W '-- W h e h ee h he 1 L V 1 fgf,ggg'h.h 835: ig 1' e 7 hhh I, qc ,,,, ,Y VQA, if an of i :mu S . N . ,- k :W ji Vzkk NM, ... v ,Q -nw, x ,,,, , if QQ 'EZJJA-,A Q' V ..-vu-1" Q k 'W' 'N f ,,,"" A i 1' 5 A f ' E x . . Q , ,::, , A I my y Q - X N , G 'R W , x I i i 5. ' Q ' .. ..,, I' .L V ' X 'V ' V . 'O W A .' I K -- XX Q , F K wg? K ,a i gl . ,q"K,,, . - J X 1 fa I 4 I I :ug xr K 1 ri-tar JN I W y A-,, Z ' , I 25 L fs an 1 lqkin, - -49 Qs 51 W. AND MRS PAUL ANDRUKITIS JOSEPH BLOOM AND AND AND AND DeSAPlO FAMILY AND MRS JOHN DONOVAN WALTER L DYER AND MRS JAMES P GALLAGHER LOUIS J GARIBALDI AND MRS FRANCIS F HAGGERTY MRS JAMES BOYLE MRS PATRICK BURKE MRS GEORGE J CELLA MRS VITO CRISMALE PATRONS AND AND AND AND AND AND M B J AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS ANDREW HUDAK SR ANDREW KUDERA ANGELO MANINO WILLIAM MCANERNEY JOSEPH MURPHY JAMES J OBRIEN O GRADY MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS BOOSTERS Mass Mrss Miss Mnss Mnss Miss Mass Mlss Mlss Mlss Mass Mass Allce Andrukltls Geraldnne Becker Alnce Bloom Mary Boyle Margorle Bruder Chrlstxna Burke Marianne Calugulre Janet Canary Marilyn Carroll Barbara Cella Joan Cella Marta Cerablno Mr and Mrs F Chappell Mass Mass Mass Mnss Mxss Mass Mlss Mass Mass Mrs Miss Mass Mass Mass Mass Mlss Muss Mass Mnss Mnss Mnss Mass Mass Rosemary Chappell Rose Cuccollella Dolores Clmncata Anne Cooke Angellna Crlsrnale Duane DeSapuo Carolyn Duschler Ann Donovan Ann Doyle L Droste Mane Dunne Barbara Erlenberg Eleanor Farrelly Ann May Fergus Patrlcla Ferns Jean Fnore Glona Fnore Dorothy Fitzgerald Jeanne Gallagher Frances Goslk Frances Grlmes Ann Marne Grlmley Carmela Guerrnn Mlss Manta Haggerty Mass Patrlcla Havlnck Mass Joan Herold Mass Dolores Hogan Mnss Nancy Holland Mass Anna Hopper Muss Eleanor Hudak Mr Stephen Hudak Mass Marllyn Jennlngs Mlss Geraldlne Johanns Mass Eleanor Jungerman Mlss Clare Kerlns Miss Marie Keller Mass Janet Kennedy Mnss Patrlcna Kennedy Mass Bernuce Klnnck Mass Barbara Kowalskn Mr A Kranzow Mrs A Kranzow Miss Mane Kudera Mass Nancy Kudera Miss Barbara Llmung Mass Joan Lowacku Mass Agnes Lucnana Mass Erleen Lyman Mnss Joan Manuno Miss Laetltla Marlnaro Mass Mary Mnlano Muss Shenla Muller Mnss Dolores Moersdorf Miss Ann Moore Mnss Jane Moore Mlss Isabelle Mueller Muss Elleen Murphy Mlss Marilyn McAnerney Mlss Ann McGorty CHARLES POGGI JOHN J REPETTO FRANK G SCHLOSSER JAMES SCOTTI J C TALTY Mass Dorothy McGovern Mass Arlene McGowan Mass Margaret Norton Mass Patrucua Norton Muss Agnes Oakley Mass Dorothy O Brlen Mass Marlta O Grady Mess Ellen O Leary Mnss Margaret O Leary Muss Rosemary O Mara Mxss Kathleen O Toole Mass Mary Jane Paproth Mnss Marlan Pnnyuh Mass Joan Poggl Mlss Allce Quulter Miss Isabelle Raxne Mass Jean Rehbeln Mxss Kathleen Repetto Mass Ruta Rhode Mass Bernice Rocloppl Muss Meta Rosenberg Mass Dolores Sauer Mass Louise Schlosser F J Schlosser Mass Geraldine Scott: Muss Joan Scott: Mass Joan Smith Mnss Cathernne Sokol Mass Anne Talty Mass Dons Tnmoney Mrs Miss Kathleen Tlmoney Muss Ann Toohey Mass Bernice Tytus Mass Florence Walsh Mnss Kathleen Ward Muss Dorothy Warnnke . MR. . , . MR, . . MR. . . MR. . , . MR. . . MR. . . ' RS. . . ' . MR. . . MR. . . . . MR. . . . MR. . . . DR. . . . 58 Congratulations to the CLASS OF l949 from THE MOTHERS GUILD The officers and members of the Mothers Guxld extend greetings and best wishes to the graduates ofthe Class of l949 Yours has been an outstandnng educatlon In Catholnc Ideas morally mentally and socually May you reap the joys of accomplsshment toward which you are working and IH future years may you too propagate the splendnd work of the Mothers Guild . , . . I I , . I . , , .f g , , 3 'K Q W R ' rt ' 9 . Y V , - r 9 Q.. W ,,,gTj , , COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT HUGHES On the way to the Typmg Room 'NW-N. St Mary s Hospltal School of NUISIHQ HOBOKEN NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS FRESHMAN CLASS 1952 COLLEGIATE OUTFITTING COMPANY vi E A , 1 ? QM Q E V4 - 5 I in K4 5 I M- E ' ,. fi ,gf ' , - ' 'W E' ' 4 A' V A 'Q N 1 . . I OF OF OF 6 COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY GRATTON STUDIO Phone DEIaware 3 8066 WALTER S DELICATESSEN CATERING TO ALL OCCASIONS HORS DOEUVRES FANCY SANDWICHES CANAPES I25 MONTICELLO AVENUE JERSEY CITY 4 NEW JERSEY FRANK FLAHERTY Director CALL DELAWARE 3 5506 2743 Boulevard Jersey Cnty N 2 Blocks South of Journal Square J Moloneys Meat Market 627 Newark Avenue Jersey Cnty N Ilvento s Restaurant PRIVATE BANQUET HALLS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I925 West Sude Avenue Jersey Cnty N CALL BERGEN 4 9687 J 5' V5 '36 Residence: DEIaware 2-7160 School of Music 1 I A , . J I 62 f f ff ff Z X Q .X Wwe WWI' f X A I ffx 1 1 X Q ff Z ,f ,f X . ' X X 2 X N' 1 J 3 , fl Autograph Pmmfea by rngmwmne muora C TY s raw Nw PR1NT1ML.LUML'A I N 1 Lar- .man f 4 . .1 7.1 Jo----agr -g--A ' -5-15221 f.-9-, sag. f-- 4- -D L- YAC: . VP ' - 'K 'Tuff - , -4-

Suggestions in the Academy of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur Yearbook (Hoboken, NJ) collection:

Academy of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur Yearbook (Hoboken, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 64

1949, pg 64

Academy of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur Yearbook (Hoboken, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 29

1949, pg 29

Academy of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur Yearbook (Hoboken, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 53

1949, pg 53

Academy of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur Yearbook (Hoboken, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 56

1949, pg 56

Academy of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur Yearbook (Hoboken, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 42

1949, pg 42

Academy of the Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur Yearbook (Hoboken, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 36

1949, pg 36

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