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Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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I 2" x 5 .. 1 x 5' its-'RYE ag Q -we . , 'S qt' wi s "if Q .A i A, .gy ,v M., .A 'Q . , . . Msg 1 I 0 R II J vu 3. J' 1 wiv' Q S 1 5 nk ,ff u-nl A.: A :jg '-uw., ,,r,w'- ,, N . , , L ., , w:'jm,v, '-,gf M 5'l' , . ' - I , ' M' -1- . -i'5S+wsf,.'7' Wi. vw 1 . ' u.. A .. Qgi-.1,-, -., new , E 'za .:N,,t.:- of - t ,.ef,f"fc,,m,'-rff- I -s t ffy gf , ,L-1 , L4 , Q A ' 1 ' .. - 1 " wt! ' -- .3123 -L' f ' 1- " 14' F , W' i . I if vi- ,, w 1+ ,bw 1 , ' -Q 1,5 4, ,Q . fsrq-g.,,, 1 . y- ,- -L W,3xf4ff f. L. fi . fx.:-i, .. 1- ' - it-f"U"1-7 -, ' fi ' " -::'t",:':s: , ,L-:.'.i.W'+"ie" 'K SGW zu -sal Cgaofe of ontents Administration and Faculty Organizations Activities .. The Underclasses The Senior Class A Supporters A .. 99 OfQWOf "Down the fair-chambered corridor of years, The quiet shutting, one by one, of doors." - Hagedorn The years of life render themselves to form the treasured volumes of daily acts and deeds, lined along the shelves of memory. Bound by forgetfulness, they stand like closed doors, until sweet recollection opens them, and scenes of days past reappear. So, too, as you laid aside this cover, the door of entry to rich, full years spent at Lauralton Hall has been re- leased and stands ajar. Time hesitates, but will move, as the leaves of this book, like so many days, are turned. Through the casement, you will see those eager to learn, seeking daily, with determination and a spirit of challenge, the clarification of the old, and the penetration of the new. You will watch the places where those happy hearts meet, to accept, the incentive of assigned duties, and note how compan- ionship, fun, and loving competition mingle in a way peculiar to youth alone, in those who "with breathless anticipation hurry toward shadowy arches . . . where, though all things differ, all agree." A finely-woven spirit of loyalty, which hinders selfish independence, supports generous individuality in those who, in contributing to the whole, find that honest effort is its own reward. The beautiful gift of delightful friendships is gently bestowed upon them, unsuspectingly, until they find its need, its warmth, or its call. He - Donor of all, Patron of all, the Ideal Friend, Father of Friendship, Aide, Scholar, Director - is there, everywhere, penetrating, unseen, silent and constant. As you look on in this incorporation of thoughts, facts, and lives, see how He and that spirit of loyalty and that gift of friendship permeate all, contributing to the climax of a year, our year, a phase of youth, or of youth itself. The cover eventually comes to be closed, the door of memory latched in the wake of new horizons, but return is not limited to thought alone. He Who gave us behind the doors of Lauralton Hall the opportunity to write our script, and to act our part, will surely guide our steps back to that familiar door. So, too, when "down the fair-chambered corri- dor of years, the quiet shutting, one by one, of doors" has finally ceased, may He guide our steps through one last Open Door. THE AUXILIARY BISHOP His Excellency Most Reverend .golm Hackett, THE ARCHBISHOP His Excellency Most Reverend Henry vmQVQI'Ql'lC! Gdflkg CSylQI'QI' CHAPLAIN Senior Religion Teacher FATHER'S F REQUENT REMINDER : "Ir is not enough for a Christian simply to share His lifeg she must live His lifeg she must think and love even as Christ." csjister Qartlzofonzew Cbecflcation To you, Sister Mary Bartholomew, the portress of our fledgling days at Lauralton we gratefully and lovingly dedicate the LAURALTON of 1959. We have truly appreciated the sincere interest and enthusiasm, the wit and wisdom, and the tireless effort with which you helped us to emerge as seniors. That you have won o h ' ' ' ' ur earts in the educating and developing process, this book is testimony. In four short years, the door has swung wide open and already we begin to look b ack and we want to express to you all that has been left unsaid For th h . e appiness of humor, for the inspiration of goodness, for your cheerful striving to help us to know ourselves and God - our love and gratitude always. My Kose THE TABERNACLE DOGR "He . . . is there . . . silent and constant." eZJmz'nz'stratz'on and Jaculty SISTER M. NATALIE Principal ACADEMY OF OUR LADY OF MERCY Lauralton Hall Milford, Connecticut Dear Graduates, For you, undoubtedly the most interestin s ' , g ections of this Yearbook are its array of varied ictures and its multiforms of auto ra hed reetin s. P 8 E arise as you gaze and re-gaze at The Laumlton, 1959. Memories will constantly Woven with these memories will be thoughts of a former Pri ' l ncipa - yours for three years. May you ever uphold the standard h' s w ich Sister Mary Bartholomew set before you, often recalling one of her directions, "Be yourself - at your best." My personal wish for each of you is for successful living. Successful, in that you may joyously follow the Lord's will in whatever way it may be presented to you. Such living will bring true happiness both in this life and in the next. Sincerely yours in Christ, ,dgazes W Olwllvieef Sister M. Natalie SISTER AGNES MARIE R Superior MOTHER M. RINALDO Councillor xSER'C0le QS' an or '25 'fo 4' I , X5 f al 6' nuts awww! YQ Zo S V oouszounun mn Rf! r 5 Y R R Y' E 2 u E a 1. 12 V V ff 'if .Y 5' SISTER M. PATRICIUS 49,3 35-444 ,sfo Bursar - I9 ' rgcfministration SISTER M. VINCENT de PAUL Assistant Librarian ,-.....r.NY fx i MISS CATHERINE DONNELLY, R.N. SISTER M. ELVIRA Administrative Assistant Directress of Missions SISTER MARIA BEATRICE Librarian, English Sister M. Patricius and Sister M. Corona confer on a business matter Cggaculty acuity SISTER M. CORONA Religion, Business MRS. ELIZABETH MARX Administrative Assistant SISTER M. ANNINA Religion, Biology SISTER EDNA MARIE in SISTER M. AMANDA Religion, Chemistry Music acuity SISTER M. FRANCIS RAPHAEL English Mrs. Starrett and Sister Maria Beatrice consult lists for the inclusion of new books for required reading. MRS. DOROTHY STARRETI' English MISS NANCY LaROCHE English, History SISTER PETER MARIE Religion, English aculty AQ A A - 'MY SISTER CLARE MARIE Religion, Mathematics M1- invn s s . gf at A Q' ' , g 5, f Miss MARGARET FOGARTY l -.9--:N I Mathematics 6. MRS. MARY ANN FERRO Mathematics it SISTER MARTIN MARIE Religion, Mathematics leaf through a Spanish magazine. Mother M. Rinaldo and Sister M. Therese acuity viiss McKinley, Miss Maznicki, Miss Conroy, Miss Fogarty relax n the teachers' lounge. Knitting helps to solve knotty problems. SISTER M. THERESE Religion, Spanish Ceramics, Arr 4 MISS CHRISTINE MAZNICKI History, Democracy I MISS CATHERINE McKlNLEY French, Democracy . MRS. MURIEL McDONALD French SISTER M. CORITA Religion, Latin IST fly A MAGDALEN eligion, I-Iomemaking MISS S! , MARIE COSTANTINI Physical Education if 2 ii MISS MARIETTA CONROY Latin MISS JOAN COLEMAN Administrative Assistant acuity I5 - vw: rt. a-s...r,,MQwh fl memorzam June 19, 1958 SISTER MARY EDMUND who, as Principal of Lauralton Hall, guided the destinies of our school from 1938 to 1952. During our sophomore year, in the confusing world of Euclid, we found and loved the gentle kindness and deep concern for our welfare that lay just beneath the dignified and somewhat stern exterior of Sister Mary Edmund. How her firm hands often steadied ours in our shaky attempts to manipulate the blackboard compass! There were flashes of wit in her remarks and an obvious devotion to duty in her teaching. But she taught us more than geometry, for she epitomized the valiant woman of whom the Bible says, "Strength and Beauty are her clothing . . . let her works praise her!" Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. 4 s s i 5 i lil if I'tgCH11ZClf1OI'lS . . companionship, fun and loving competition mingle in 21 way peculiar to youth alone." I8 Cgiocfality Lauralton's Sodality is not simply an organizationg it is a way of life. As such it holds a key position at Lauralton and only students who have completed a probationary period of one year may be admitted. Weekly meetings help the members to live more fully the Sodality way of life which consists of per- sonal sanctification, devotion to Mary, and defense of the Church. The Apostolic, Marian, Eucharistic, and Publicity Committees plan several meetings during the year in order to acquaint the other Sodalists with their proj- ects. Among these are devotion to the family rosary, keeping Christ in Christmas, and promoting interest in good literature. The May crowning climaxes the Sodality year at Lauralton. Although Sodalists cannot entirely fulfill their role as defenders of the Church while they are yet students, they are given the basis for future endeavors and a promise of privileges, indulgences, and other special graces throughout their membership in the Sodality, their way of life. Q-tl Prefect Margaret O'Neill talks over Sodality plans with assistants, Maureen Reardon and Ellen Dunleavy. .ms Seniors voice enthusiasm as they chat with Sister Maria Magdalen after a meeting. Standing: Maureen Reardon, Sharon Thaler. Seated: Rosemary Green, Sandra Gadus. fzrcisians Early in the year newcomers to Lauralton are introduced to the Tarcisians. Everyone participates in this activity by being a Christ-bearer, as the name implies. The main objec- tive is apostolicity - to foster devotion to the Sacred Heart, in school, at home, and in the country. Each year an enthronement in every classroom and in chapel helps to bring the apostles of the Social Reign closer to the Sacred Heart. Monthly, the Tarcisians spend their "Half- hour with jesus," their purpose being reparation for the sins of mankind and increase of Catholic Action. Other Tarcisian practices are the daily renewal of the Act of Consecration and frequent aspirations to the Sacred Heart. Perhaps the most important phase of Tarcisian activity is their extensive work to urge enthronement in their own homes, and the homes of others. All is done "To win more hearts to love Thee." 1 Q ttti "Yes, Thou must reign, the Sovereign King of nations." "We . . . consecrate our school, our work, our future . . St "Bless Thou our homes, where Thou dost reign as King." L. to R.: Anne, Mrs. Reardon, Maureen '59 fco-editor of Higbligbttj, Sheila, Tom, Paul, Mr. Thomas ,Reardon. 5 1 Tie. 1 S is ex As Senior Mission Representatives Mary-Bridget Lenihan, Carole Freeman, Maureen Trent and Sally Duggan cut and package cancelled stamps with Sister M. Elvira, they perform a "labor of love." 1.5 S 1.0418 Lauralton students, at the urging of their Mission Representatives, spend some of their spare time collecting stamps, holy pictures, etc. This missionary spirit also finds all-out expression on Mission Day, when the girls assume the roles of clerks, cooks, seamstresses and carni- val barkers. About a month before the big day, students are accosted by eager-eyed pals extolling the merits of "john Henry," a Perry Como album or a stucly lamp. On Mission Day itself, booths are set up where all types of merchandise are sold. Excitement reaches a high pitch shortly after three when the names for door prizes and raffles are drawn. Many a lucky girl goes home with a cooked ham, a center- piece, or a floppy-eared stuffed animal half as big as herself. 20 Csjpflnfsh Gfub You will find amid pepita seeds, castanets, and vividly colored Indian blankets, the members of the Span- ish Club. In this setting, under the direction of Mother M. Rinaldo, the organization endeavors to gain fuller understanding of the customs and the way of life of our Spanish-speak- ing neighbors. By this remote association with Spain, members of the club have come to know and appreciate the outstanding hgures, the cultural achievements, and the historical grandeur of Spain. 06.98 96171 OFSQIIQS "On patle Francais ici," is the unofficial motto of the Lauralton French Club. At the monthly meet- ings, members get a chance to try out in real con- versations all those irregular verbs that they have been struggling with. Interest in France, her people, her customs, and her culture is continually stimulated through songs, games, records, and an occasional dra- matic production by its members. Q? "Nosotros, Alumnas de pafiol -" Judy Homorsl Karen Kleinhagen - O1 cers of the Spanish Club. "Nous, les etudiants de fran- cais," Lorraine Jarusinsky, Maureen Moriarity, and Gail Sullivan - Officers of the French Club. Cqdufure cgeacfzers of Ellerlicfl The future holds much for the prospective "What we learn today, we teach tomorrow." Peggy O'Neil, Eleanor Russo, Sharon Thaler - Officers of the Future Teachers of America Club. teachers from Lauralton Hall. These girls are being prepared, through their club, for the pro- fession which they have chosen to follow. Miss McKinley has assisted the girls in learn- ing classroom techniques and in using audio-visual skills, in choosing teachers' colleges, and in clari- fying the principles of the teacher-student rela- tionship. Further plans for the F.T.A. include actual demonstration of prepared lessons by the mem- bers, and possible aid to the faculty in various capacities. F.T.A. is a new club at Lauralton, but we hope it will prove its worth both now and in the future. hl 1 Baan ltssewci 'W Leno, LET me vmrue of Thy Holy Spinit descend on these books 3 let' Ltfpurzify, bless, and sanctify them eeee Sweetly enlcglxten the beams' of those who stead. them, imp-anti their: time sense to them. Grunt' us also to be faithful to the-' prcecepts emanating fiom Thy Lighcj Ln accomplishing them by good wonks, acconcling to Th-y Will Library Blessing I'Cl fy Our library, a repository of knowledge and culture, is a highly valued and much frequented spot. Due to the concentrated efforts of the Library Club, the walls are lined with well-chosen books, neatly organ- ized and easy to find. Their efforts toward order are well rewarded by the relieved countenances of girls discovering how rela- tively uncomplicated research can be at Lauralton. Films and slides also fall under the club's jurisdiction, for as the library itself expands, the activities of its club increase, thus allow- ing every student to exercise her privilege of using her library "for delight, for ornament, and for ability." Pamphlets, Periodicals, Papers, Perseverance find the answer to the question for Denise Hutchison, ' ' ' 'tl d b Sister Maria Beatrice. Pat Gaffney and Bom Carbonc, an e y A S Ordering pamphlets are Ann Deroy and Judy Pinto, while Pat Muratori prcpares LIBRARY Frances Tynan '60 Barbara Cagincllo Sandra Pickett '62 Joyce Callahan '6l CLUB OFFICERS obatm plans Qnponsor um Psyche prepares to go forth to her mysterious husband's home, while her parents and sisters grieve. L. to R.: Carleen Gunther, Klara Kronenberger, Mary Trautman, Mary Mi- haley, Maureen Moriarty. Psyche CCarleen Guntherj awakens Cupid QGail Sul1ivan.j Dance of the butterflies, as Psyche is transported to the realm of the gods. L. to R.: Kathy Coviello, Maryella Treadwell, Kathy Kiasky, Chris Deliee, Marguerite Ryan, Rosa DeLauro, Gail Mario, Patricia Wedemeyer, Jane Novey. Standing in back: Gail Sullivan, Carleen Gunther. oLatm 'Week Roman banquet - Cleansing be- fore the Jerunda mema. Slave , Lorna Bosses. Guests, L. to R.: Car- leen Gunther, Marguerite Ryan Maureen Doran, Kathy Coviello Sandy Matis, Bonnie Dubinsky. v Fashion Show - The morning of the wedding. The bride goes forth to meet the groom L. to R.: Kathy Coviello, Patricia Rapp, Elizabeth Morgan, Elise Soderberg Sue Mullen Marguerite Ryan, Deborah McKay, Rosa DeLauro, Maureen Doran. Who says Latin is a dead language? Activities of Lauralton's Latin Clubs prove otherwise. Monthly meetings include dramatizations, games and lectures, all centered about the culture of ancient Rome. The year is appropriately climaxed by Latin Week which gives club members the opportunity to "do as the Romans do" through participation in a play, a fashion show and a banquet, all in true Roman style. 'nv Y was-in Nik .A Ai c M- I " Mr' ,.............--v MW gaussian .iw :PW yr-W WE W3 N"""N-fs..-.a Sophomore year we sang of Bernadette . . . Principals: Sandra Gatlus Carole Freeman, Sheila Callahan, Virginia Lane, Frances DeLuca, Ellen Tristine, Carol Lombardi. "Our voices keep tune . . . "Equally adept at singing and at administration are Donna Toczko, Kathy Ogrien, and Sfifldfa Gadus - S2Ili0f Choral Club Senior year we sang of the Nativity. Portraying the O . ' ' " cers Blessed Virgin, Patricia Murphyg St. joseph, Eleanor Russog Angel Gabriel, Donna Toczko. Lauralettes in the background. -num ::aQa1-u- t st wa I v fx- ""'Y "Work fascinates usg we can look at it for hours." Laumlton Literary Stat? - standing, L. to R.: Liz Schaefer, Cathy Downey Cco-editorj, Amy Dudek, Marguerite Dunigan, Martha Sullivan, Karen Kleinhagen, Ronnie Loughlin, Barbara Kennedy. Seated: Mary Anne Tynan, Maureen O'Brien Cco-editorj, Maureen Reardon, Lorraine jarusinsky. iabsent when picture was taken, ' Donna Toczkoj C7118 Oazfazrczlton OUR ART STAFF - Gerry Foucault, Helen Kisiel, Beth Lomazzo CArt Editorj and Gay Ryan - consider possible cover designs for the Laumlton. Pat Maher, Maureen O'Brien, Beth Lomazzo, Mary Sue Car- roll are ready to leave for the yearbook meeting at Storrs. Mr. Maher, Pat's father, was the competent chauffeur. BUSINESS STAFF in action, L. to R., Seated: Adele Zelich, Mary Sue Carroll Cco-editorj, Cathy P 1 . atty Maher Cco editorj, Kathy DeMar, Carole Freeman, Frances DeLuca. Callahan. Standing: 'Wx "Business before pleasure." Lanralfon Typing Staff, L. to R.: Marion Onorato, Teresa Teodosio, Diane Szabo, Frances Lukas. l What does THE LAURALTON mean to you? We, the members of THE LAURALTON staff, have tried to make it a chronicle, sparkling with the memories of your years here. You and your friends, your clubs and activities, all have a special place in this book because they all have a special place in your heart. To us, THE LAURALTON means ideas accepted and re- jected, lay-outs planned, deadlines met or not met, rendezvous with Mr. Preim, ads procured, bills typed, and free periods given over to the job of deciphering the often illegible handwriting of the literary staff. It means the delightful sense of accomplish- ment that comes from having worked well with our fellow students. Here is the finished product - the publication of the year. We hope we have succeeded in our task and have given you a yearbook whose pages you will enjoy turning, now and in the years to come. yo- Q 2 ax ifhcers of the Dramatic Club meet to discuss plans for the ear. L. to R.: Ellen Dunleavy, Carleen Gunther, Donna oczko, Rosemary Green. PARADE AT DEVIL'S BRIDGE. The Peddler: "Come on, now, pretty one . . .With me, you don't risk falling." Ellen Dunleavy, Linda Peck, Pat Horvath. ur ofacllgfs esters Father Kado fCathy Callahanjz "If I build this bridge, I shall be the Hrst to pass over it." The Cat fCarleen Guntherbz "A droll idea, sir." The bit of Bernhardt that is found in many a Lauralton lady is given an opportunity for expression through the dramatic club. "Our Lady's Jesters" also have a bright array of behind-the-sceners working to make a presentation perfect in its costumes and stage settings. "Our Lady's jesters" also have a bright array At least twice a year, usually at Christmas and during the spring, the blue curtain of Claven Auditorium rises on dramatic pres- entations. Nineteen-fifty-nine's presentation was a three-act play, "The Smallest of All," which boasted an innovation - male drama- tis personae! Although the jesters may never make a hit on Broadway, or even in New Haven, they certainly have captured the spirit of show business and have lived up to their motto: "For the glory of God and the joy of His creatures." ffua ,.,. f Jim gaglzllgfzts Editorial Board admires finished product at last! Seated, L. to R.: Maureen Reardon, Klara Kronenberger, Frances DeLuca, Roberta Gallagher, Sharon Thaler. Standing, L. to R.: Kathy O'Brien, Lorraine jarusinsky, Cathy Downey, Mary Anne Tynan, Martha Brown, Karen Kleinhagen, Gail Sullivan, Celine Malisek. "You have to give a little, take a little . . Co-Editors Roberta Gallagher and Maureen Reardon with Mrs. Dorothy Starrett, advisor. I keep six honest serving-men, They taught me all I knew, Their names are "what" and "why" and "when" And "how" and "where" and "who" Higloliglazr staff strives to incorporate the five w's and the h into all "the news that's fit to print." The reporters who gather the news, the editors who shape it, the copy staff who correct it, the typists who ready it for the printer - all are vital in making Highlights. There may be sticky fingers from Elmer's glue, or galleys printed upside down, but nothing mars the joy of a Higbliglozr girl when she sees the final edition. Higloliglazr, a quarterly, is published at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Graduation. It belongs to three press associations: The Catholic, The Connecticut Scho- lastic, and The Quill and Scroll. Sure we know. It's a press con- ference at Storrs. Highlights staff members, L. to R.: Maureen Reardon, Cathy Downey, Rob- erta Gallagher, Kathy O'Brien, Klara Kronenberger, Mrs. Dor- , othy Starrett. tMissing when ' picture was taken, Mary Anne Tynanj . p , , ,mwsnmsv 31 At Lauralton, the Student Council is a big organ- ization. It covers many areas, but its purpose can best be explained briefly by the Preamble in the handbook: "to promote the best interests of our school and to instill the highest spirit of loyalty in the student body." A blue and white armband signifies that the wearer is a student council representative. She is a girl whom freshmen fear, sophomores envy, juniors obey and seniors have learned to respect. But these "reps" are more than proctors in an orderly studyg they are more than competent trafiic ofificersg they are the bass notes of a song supplement- ing and enriching the harmony of the school. And as an added high note in this harmony, they sponsor an annual dance, which makes the song doubly en- joyable both for themselves and for the juniors and sophomores. The Student Council's finest - comrades in leadership. Mary Weldon, Sharon Thaler, Barbara Kennedy, Celine Malisek. Our Student Council Representatives stand at attention. L. to R.: Michele Mark, Sandy Harkins, Wendy Ross, Marie Lupoli, Ellen Dunleavy, Veronica Loughlin, Karen Kleinhagen, Ellen Tris- tine, Joyce Calovine, Barbara Vincent, Kathy Lally, Marjorie Coughlin. Jim Student ounci "Goodness! That sounds serious!" is what these senior "reps" seem to be thinking. I.. to R., Second Row: Ellen Dunleavey, Maureen Gleason, Ellen Tristine, Miss Christine Maznicki, Sister Mary Natalie. L. to R., First Row: Karen Kleinhagen, Veronica Loughlin, Sharon Thaler. Standing: President, Barbara Kennedy. 1 Gary Minie, Gail Gallagher, Lori Gartlner, johnny Shall. Ellen Tristine, Tim Gay Ryan, jerry Barrett, Marguerite Fetlerowicz, jimmy Strauss, Sandra Gadus, Kenny Camarro, Marguerite Dunigan, Glenn Barber. 2orge Schilling, Maureen Lynch, Josephine Tucci, Charles Luciano, tricia Muratori, Gary Phillips, Judy Pinto, Paul Caple. I Q UPLJS CGIDCWS Ryan, Kathleen Dc-Mar, Peter Fox, Frances DeI.uca, jack Maher john Poussner, Donna Toczko, Elena Lawton, Charles Brooker Allen. 33 I Every student at Lauralton Hall is a member of our Athletic Asso- ciation. It presents to us a well- rounded program of sports during the year. In the fall speed' ball reignsg winter brings volleyball, calisthenics, and basketball, while spring heralds the approach of ten- nis and softball. The AA arranges intramural games, Blue-White games, tennis and badminton tournaments and the popular Faculty-Varsity games. Through its activities, the asso- ciation strives to instill in all mem- bers a true Christian spirit of fair play, sportsmanship and co-opera- tion. AA OFFICERS- Seated: McGee Ryan, Secretary, Patty Maher, Vice-President. Standing h l d Miss Mari Maggie Dunigan, White Captain, Marion Onorato, Co-Captain of C eer ea ers, .. Costantini, Advisor, Rosemary Green, President, Gail DeMarco, Co-Captain of Cheerleader Boni Carbone, Blue Captaing Joanne Puccio, Treasurer. jqtlzletlc Standing: Co-Captains - Marion Onorato and Gail DeMarco. Seated: Mary Lou Dinan. Mona Kamykowski, Judy Cholko, Virginia Noia, Sue McEnerney, Pat Scherer, Alyce Harkin, Barbara Kennedy, Denise Hutchison, Sandy Matis. CHEERLEADERS rallies, Adding pep, color, spirit and vocal support to the varsity games and pep our cheerleaders are an especially school-spirited group. We owe them a debt of grati- . . . . . . . iris tude for their unselfish, untiring efforts in rallying school spirit and cheering our g 34 on to victory. :mm ysslrfutsav .I HOCKEY VARSITY Kneeling: Kathy Coviello, Manager, Ellen Dunleavey, Mary Ellen Healy, Rosemary Green, Bonnie Dubinsky, Lorna Bosses, Louise Garafalo, Carleen Gunther, Sue Burk, Peggy O'Neill, Manager. Standing: Eleanor Russo, Kathy Lally, Rosa De- ssocrirztzion Lauro, Marleen Matyszewski, Sue Nowicki, Mary Trautman, Co-Captains Maggie Dunigan and Sharon Thaler, Elise Soder- berg, Judy McKeon, Patty Maher, Maureen Lynch, McGee Ryan, MaryLou Tarasovic. VARSITIES The top of the athletic tree at Lauralton is mem- bership on a varsity team. Our varsity program is twofold, with held hockey and basketball as the inter- scholastic competitive sports. The members of the varsity are selected by our coach, Miss Costantini, after a series of tryouts. Members devote two nights a week to practice and improvement of the skills of the game. The varsities give their all to bring honor and glory to God and to Lauralton on the hockey field and the basketball court. BASKETBALL VARSITY Kneeling' Louise Garafalo Elise Soderberg Wend Ro S . , , y ss, ue Carroll, MaryLou Tarasovic, McGee Ryan, Sue Nowicki Andrea Sanraniello, Cathy Callahan and Rosemary Green, Mary Trautman, Agnes Semple, Sandy Pickett, Sue Seleski Co-captainsg Carleen Gunther, Sue Burk, Mary Nelson Stand Eleanor Russo Mar Weld M Ell . - , y on, ary en Healy, Manager ing: Barbara Vincent, Manager, Marleen Matyszewski, Mary + Q . "A bird in the hand Ceramics club olhcers are Barbara Neary, Kathy Turner, Barbara Vincent, Joanne Tucci. Er! An easel and a paint brush are the trademarks of an art club member. At a quick glance around the room, one discovers the hidden "masterpieces" which reside in this art gallery. With its aim to foster the latent talent of l.auralton's budding artists, the club encourages girls to "take a pencil and draw with me." GRN! Nl i'CS GA! 6 Deep in the cutacombr we Find the treasure trove of the Ceramics Club, It is here that Margies, Santas and platters are shaped, scraped, colored, glazed and fired until they take on a luster almost life-like. Here they wait upon the shelves of the room until they are finally taken home by some proud "creator" who has watched their evolution from crude plaster to cherished things of beauty. Fine Arts Club Officers: Martha Brown, Gerry Foucault, Pat Yablonicky. History Glad Innovations are always welcome! The stimulating new LAURALTON HISTORY CLUB is Fine evidence of this. Under the guidance of Miss Maznicl-ai, students delve more deeply into the controversial matters of years past. Inquiring minds are encouraged to find the answers, the why's and wherefore's of the most interesting, most thought-provoking questions in history. The club's monthly meetings are anticipated with due eagerness. The girls are pleasantly surprised that their research and dis- cussion often uncover the real story of what happened when - or the fascinating details the textbook omitted. All in all, the L.H. History Club has helped to make an interesting subject doubly enjoyable. Miss Maznicki and Mary Ann Tynan decide on program for next meeting. , 5 2 Ct!-Uflitlbsf . . a finely woven spirit of loyalty Cagginello. 'The class that prays together tays together." Seniors are orming for rosary with the 'etreat father. 38 enior efreat Senior year came upon us quickly, quietly, catching us unawares. ln the rush of back-to-school days we had little time to think ahead, to ponder over what our lives would be after commencement. Then came the tranquillity of our retreat, a time to empty ourselves of all else to make room for God. In His presence we saw more clearly than before what God, in His goodness, had chosen for us. For three days we talked with Him, sometimes alone, and sometimes with Mary. We listened to His suggestions, and with His guidance made decisions. lt was a time of closer union with God, for it was our last retreat at Lauralton, perhaps our last retreat anywhere. Strengthened and enlightened by our retreat, we took away with us this promise of loving help: "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life." Father Kelly's joke is appreci ated by these smiling seniors L. to R.: Maureen Trent, Mary Ellen Healy, Pat Maher Pat Muratori, Judy Pinto, Barbara Sister M. Amanda, Mother M. Rinaldo, Sister Agnes Marie, Sister M. Corona. melzigzion Qfjeaclzers The sisters who teach religion also act as guidance counsellors and faculty advisers. Sister Clare Marie, Sister M. Annina, Sister M. Corita, Sister Martin Marie. Sister M. Patricius, Sister Peter Marie, Sister Maria Magdalen, Sister M. Therese. 39 Poised for a take-off at 100 words per minute are the Business Club ofhcers - Gail DeMarco, Denise Hutchison, Maureen Trent and Frances Lukas - with Sister M. Corona at the controls. xxx Bookkeeping! will it ever balance? L. to R.: Denise Hutchison, Maur- een Trent, Connie Koons. Back Row: Ellen Tristine, Barbara Naylor, Mary Jean Buckley. usiness The third floor houses a very important department at Lauralton, the Business Department. Here, the future secretaries learn the skills which will make them an asset to the business world. Besides shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, and filing, the girls learn secretarial training. This art of handling people and situations requires as much skill as the manipulation of the mimeograph, the dictaphone, the comptometer, and the electric typewriter. Versatility is the word for the modern secretary. The teletrainer teaches the business girls that there is a technique in- volved even in answering the tele- phone. Barbara Brady, Geraldine Foucault, Mary jane Gotsch, Mar- lene Bonitatibus, Gail DeMarco, Frances Lukas. In the guise of the homemaking depart- ment, Lauralton Hall has certainly been in- vaded by the Betty Crocker spirit. This year, gleaming kitchen units, which might aptly "We may live without friendsg we ma' live without booksg but civilized man ma' not live without cooks," and so Sister Mari, Magdalen encourages Judy Vitello ani Marcia Tarasovic in the useful att of cook mg. ome conomlcs These sophomores prepare for a transformation ro rival Better Homer and Garden: L. to R.: Gretchen Lane, Betty Spodnick, Barbara Buckman, Pat Murphy. be called an answer to any womans prayer, are gracing the newly decorated culinary quarters. From the kitchen ovens releasing dis- tractingly delicious aromas, to the rooms under re-decoration, to the hum of sewing machines fashioning styles which threaten to rival Fifth Avenue creations, Lauralton abounds with evidences of the "home ec" enthusiasm. The Finished Product - Kathy Lally fright, puts finishing touches on the bed while jean Audisio Cleftj puts finishing touches on herself. Joyce Corriveau Clefrj approves o the transformation, Susan Seleski Kback, looks for further ideas. 41 F .......:""'r CZSS 'LA ilit S "More men are killed by overwork than the im- portance of the work justifies." But Sandra Gadus, Cathy Duignan and Ann Deroy do not agree. They are looking for more work as they study the English IV assignments on the bulletin board. "So you say T. S. Eliot wrote 'O world, I cannot hold thee close enough?" asks Sister Peter Marie, aghast. Sophomores paraphrase Shakespeare and "thereby hangs a tale" - Mrs. Starrett, Renee Melillo, Carol Czaplinski, Sandy Harkins. Seated: Joy Williams, Mona Kamykowski. irrvmwsw rf' . rn ,., ..J "O Rome! My country' City of my soul' are the yoyous words of Rosa DeLauro Elise Soderburg Agnes Semple, Miss Conroy Klara Kronenberger and Gail Sullivan Miss Conroy is responsible for their enthusiasm i . - i fs ei gas "Q: "France has more need of me than I of France." Napoleon's opinion is not shared by Karen Edwards, Miss McKinley, Sue Casey or Linda Peck. "By listening to this record, girls we can learn the 'jarabe Tapatio',' Mother Rinaldo tells Pat Sherer Sue Nowicki, Mary Ella Treadwell Experiment - the life blood of cience. Sister M. Amanda watches Say Ryan, Sandra Gadus, jean- :tte Soares, and Martha Brown. Glass We re really getting quite professional about this think Fran Teodosio Fran Tynan Elaine Rutkow sky Babs Wardell Wendy Ross Carolyn Dzurka Millicent Meunrer as they offer contributions to the terrarium "There is no royal road to geometry," say Euclid, Sister Martin Marie, and sophomores, Barbara Blohm and Heather Scott. "That if right, isn't it?" asks Gail Molloy of Miss Fogarty as Adele Zelich, Marianne Dolan, and Rosa DeLauro view the process. A good Catholic is a good citizen. So Lauralton's historians learn the facts about their candidates from Miss Maznicki. Miss LaRoche remarks "Just because you never heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist." lib- rgbm. To see is to believe, so Freshmen through balance learn the truth of equations in Algebra I class. Marilyn Quilty, Diane Mario, Michele Iorillo and Debbie Boyle. Sister Maria Beatrice helps Patricia Nardi improve he reading speed with the new SRA Reading Accelemtov ri fl, GSS 45 Christmas trees, snow lakes, and elves . . . U1 Peter Fasold, Rosemary Green, Maureen Lynch, Roger Carroll. lx r"" Bob Wendell, Nancy Jennings, Cathy Duignan, Jerry Barrett, Agnes Scanlon, Michael Culhane. The receiving line: Dick Peckham, Mr. and Mrs. Lawton, Elena Lawton, Mike Melody, Marianne Dolan, Kenny lngraham, Mr. and Mrs. Gleason. Seated: Lorraine Pell, john Ricci, Judy Mar, tin, Fred Ferrace, Shirley Rauson. Standing: Bob Sobolewski, Don Brunetto, Mary Ann Salce, Pat Yablonicky, Bob Federowicz. U1 a' a cl arty resses, ates, an music . .. Cathy Callahan and Bob Cleary visit the Crib before the Christmas Dance. .s ,. n ' if , Hz. George Gomperts, Maureen O'Brien, Maureen Reardon, Pete Seaholm. Beth Lomazzo, Kenny Ingraham, Marianne Dolan, Tony Unger, Elke Bonn, Marshall Bas- sick, Rosann Cacace, Ralph Jensen, and Ronnie Loughlin. Cathy Callahan, Bob Cleary, Mary Ellen Healy, Mike Hayes, Rosemary Green, Pete Fasold, Mary Lou Tarasovic, Bob Holmgren, Maureen Lynch, Roger Carroll, Ellen Dunleavey, jim Clabby. 48 66 55 gtk agtc! lt's Magic" was the theme - and t war magic as the memory of our Ihristmas dance found its way into he hearts of starry-eyed seniors. Connie Ahern, Mary Sue Carroll, Tom Pascal, Carole Freeman, Jerry Scully, Helen Kisiel. John Lesko, Ginny Stroh, Cathy Callahan, Bob Cleary, Peggy O'Neill, Charles Murphy. Seated: Mary-Bridget Lenihan and George Connelly. 4 l Lee Kuckro, Sharon Thaler, Judy Homorsky, Warren Hyer. , johnny Grimes, Kathy Scott, Ginny Bonney, Bob Lymar 5 Marleen Matszewslci, Bob Popp. 5.2 X it K x Nj Blessing of the rings -- "O God, by whose word all things are made holy, pour down Thy blessing on these rings . . ing ai! Could it be true? Had our class rings really arrived? The long-awaited day had come and we were attentively, yet anxiously, listening to Father Sherer's reminder that our beautiful school ring was "the symbol not of our loyalty to the school, but rather to the principles that the school teaches." And then Father called each senior's name, and we knelt at the altar rail, our student council ofhcers placed the rings on our lingers and we returned - some smiling, some serious, and a few with unexpected tears - to out places in the chapel. Here we knelt, bound together by a golden band of loyalty, friendship and sincere joy. Yes, we were finally the senior class - the class of '59! Seniors smile cheerfully, some tearfully, over a blessed symbol of accomplishment - their rings! 8 L. to R.: Ellen Tristine, Frances DeLuca, Barbara Naylor, Dorothy Murray, Donna Toczko, Mar- 49 uerite Federowicz. ln sophomore year these eleven First put this uniform on . . , larbara Kennedy, Beth Lomazzo, Ronnie Loughlin, Maureen Reardon, 'eresa Teodosio, Marleen Matyszcwski, Gerry Foucault, Kathy DeMar, irances Lukas, Fran DcLuca. CMissing from picture, Betty Abhottj. i New London to Milford 2 65 miles X 2 trips per day D X 180 days a year X 4 years 1 93,600 miles 1 Carol Sullivan's thirst for education! did meet. Boni Carbone, Marion Onorato, Maureen Gleason - Easton, Beth Lomazzo - Weston. 1 0 1'i"a Qf tgnterest to enriors In junior year came another seven, And in senior year came Elke Bonn! Cathy Connelly, Elke Bonn, Amy Dudek, Martha Sullivan, Pat Gaffney, Diane Szabo, Judi Perislcy, Mary-Bridget Lenihan. SOMETHING OLD . . . CDonna Toczko in old uniform.J lg: SOMETHING BORROWED . . . fWe'rc' sorry to see her go, but in August, Germany will claim our exchange student, Elke Bonn.J ' Q -4 ei I 1 - wif' .I V 24 I ' 1 I I f ,L . TS I Q - 5 2 is -E ,,,A . f ? . rj- ne r SOMETHING NEW . . . CSaddle shoes and lipstick replace oxfords and anemic lips.Q SOMETHING BLUE . . . fRosann Cacacc, a blue girl in a blue uniform, casts "one longing, lingering look behind."j 51 SIL-W orizons "Highlights covers everything from club meet- ings to hula-hooping at pajama parties," says Maureen Reardon. Seniors look through catalogs in the Career Room. Seated: Helen Kisiel, Carole Freeman, Shirly Rauson. Standing: Martha Sullivan, Judy Homorsky, Joyce Santorelli. 504' fig! 7.-zz With parents by our side, we entered the audi- torium, and then . . . foreshadowing the future, we left them to take our separate places. The auditorium was divided - students up frontg parents apart, fac- ing us. The future loomed in the minds of both parents and students! Then we spoke, and they listened. With full hearts, we tried to tell them of our thanks. Along with thanksgiving, other feelings well up - unex- pressed emotions of "growing up," "facing new hori- zons," "making decisions - alone." Our new thoughts formed on Senior-Parent Night were to last the year long. This night was the be- ginning of the end of our high school years. As the year progressed, these feelings turned to ideas, ideas to plans, plans to action. Action directed us first to the chapel for an earnest prayer for guidance, then to the career room. Motivated by the nearness of our future, we spent odd moments there with college cata- logs and scholarship programs as our companions. What to do? Where to go? We, whose biggest problem had been "What to wear on Saturday night," were now plotting the course for our future. In the quietness of the career room, Life unfolded its many promises. We have traveled down one path, another is ahead. It's not too far away. Yet all the hope and excitement cannot quite extinguish a pain of loss of something very precious. e X 'Xia Y 1' Wig Ky ujuuh in .Q JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS L. to R.: Elise Soderberg, Louise Garofalo, Barbara Carroll, Marie Piccolo. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS L. to R: Gale Dolney, Margaret O'Neil, jean Audisio, Susan Burk. 54 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS L. to R.: Sharon Kopchik, Patricia Nardi Sandra Corris, Marie Michucla. Jim IPS' llllflll Gfrzss ., M.. - W .. avr-uiuqw 'sw L. to R., First Row: Marilyn Quilty, Loyola Welsh, Patricia Nartli, Pamela Sherwood, Carole Wise. Second Row: Donna Oddie, Patricia Poster, Sylvia Zunin, Kathleen McMahon. Third Row: Beverly McCarthy, Roberta Wojcicki, Phyllis Murphy, Margo von Elling. L. to R., Back Row: joan Savage, Mary Lou Serrirella, Caroleann Metz, Alma Munson, Mary-Ann Laydon, Roberta Mark, Sandra Pickett. Front Row: Lois Sur- galis, Heather Sweet, Barbara Wilson, Sheila Moran, Patricia Moher Kon floorl. L. to R., First Row: Janet Warzocha, Noreen Serritella, Joyce Picard, Mary Ann Szymborski, Donna Santo. Second Row: Patricia Obaza, Lee Potter, Marianne Verrell, Julie Spang, Nancy O'Brien. Standing: Jill Steigler, Leslie Richards. L. to R., Front Row: Marilyn Agro, Patricia Lamb, janet Interrante, Mary Ellen Bonlenca, Michele lorillo, Christine Healy. Back Row: Lintla Curries, Deborah Boyle, Frances Dwyer, Diana Mario, Sheila Arp, Tetla Marie Lane. aww f9j'0SlIllIflII GAISS' L. to R., Front Row: Mary Dora Donnelly, Stephanie Bofia, Laurene D'Amico, Phyllis Cholko. Center Row: Virginia Cnlvclli, Helene Colby, Lorraine Bissonnette, Theresa Kisiel, Marie Ellen Michutla, Mary Lynn Nelson, Judith Maher. Standing: Sharon Moriarity. L. to R, Front Row: 'lane Fowler, Lintlil Frilttnlone, Cheryl Hubbell, Sharon Giannonc. Back Rowi -Ioyce Gallio, lN1uurecn Clilioril, janet Girlla, Bonnie Beryuin, Deb- orah Dinan, Piluln Dolan, Eileen Carleton. Li l SKA -.L f,...,, if af-X L. to R., First Row: Katherine Brostrom, Martha Laurent, Mary Ann Burke, Sharon Kopchik. Second Row: Kathleen Bosley, Barbara Brennan, Sandra Corris, Patricia Gardner. Third Row: Joan Marie Durl-tin, Paula George, Karen Duggan. E faa azz ...kj ...W C766 NU: QZPSMIIIIZCIFL Gia SS L. to R., Sitting: Diane Surenlco, Carol Ozarowski, Loretta Hvizdo, Leslie Roy. Back Row: Valerie Martin, Susan Sreelman, Linda jacquelyn Lambert, Carol Reiling. Shashinska, Doreen Zahornacky, I.. to R., First Row: Jean Audisio, Marcia Fodor, Susan Burk, Barbara Cipcer, Michele Daviau. Second Row: Barbara Dwyer, Maureen Caldwell, Patricia Altieri, Barbara Blohm, Joyce Callahan, Elizabeth Daca, Gail Dolney. C7119 CSDOPIIOHIOTQ GSS L. to R., First Row: Carollee jans, Mary McElrath, Patricia Aurilio. Second Row: Blossom Morris, Jane Irving, Katherine Lally. Third Row: joan Grottole, Shirley Horvath, Susan Mihaley, Diane Brown, Joyce Corriveau, joan Barry. L. to R., First Row: Barbara Buckman, Linda Hebert. Second Row: Rosemary Ianniello, Norma Harkins, Patricia Daly, Carol Coviello, Virginia Fagan, Mona Kamykowski. Third Row: Jane Kennedy, Anne Denning, Margaret Domey, Kathleen Connolly. Fourth Row: Carol Czaplinslci, Barbara Gaetano. She CS3OfJllOI7I OFC' 61088 , to R., First Row: Suzanne Mc- ncrney, Barbara Ulizio, Eliza- :Ih Roche. Second Row: Kath- en McElroy, Gretchen Lane, largaret Smith, Joy Williams. 'arcia King, Pate Leone. Third ow: -lean Kocznk, Winifretl MC- xughlin, Renee Melillo, Eliza- zth Spodnick. L. to R., First Row: Elizabeth Faccuito, Margaret Hayes, Virginia juliano, Connie Barbiero, ay Kay Matson. Second Row. judrth Kohanski, Mariorie Coughlin, Lugene Eriquezzo, Dolette Boreiko, Judy Le May, Diane Birdsall. Third Row: Vennie Lee Mangiaracina, Maureen Donovan, Sally Gallian. 5 5119 CSjO,UlLOI7'LOI'Q Glass L. to R., Front Row: Eileen Starbranch, Margaret O'Neill, Heather Scott. Second Row: Ann Marie O'Hara, Ermine Le Donne, Cheryl Uccellini, Cath- erine Neary, Michele Mark, Patricia McCreery. Third Row: Mary Malumphy, Eleanor Russo, Geraldine Menn, Virginia Zunin, Patricia Voelkl. gh? CSEOIIDIIOITLOFQ GSS L. to R., Seated: Mary Niedermeier, Alice McGee, Kathleen McCoy, Marcia Tarasovic Estherann Samoska, Nancy Naylor, Marilyn Scalesse. L. to R., Standing: Elizabeth Peclet Judith Vitello, Phyllis Yranski, Donna Prentice, Diane McPadden, Patricia Murphy, Sharon Pender. ....-...sian-vc-fa-u....,-..w.+.a,... W W, ,. L. to R., First Row: Catherine Zachariewicz, Judith Siekierski, Louise Sciubba, Mary Whelan. Second Row: Angela Rubino, Gertrude Thaler, Mary Weldon, Mary Jane Pearson, Joanne Puc- cio. Third Row: Diane Trautman, Anne Skidd, Susan Saleski. L. to R., First Row: Deborah McKay, Martha Pistey, Gail Sullivan, Concetta Lupariello, Carol Ann Masrry. Second Row: Agnes Semple, Mary Ann Audisio, Carol Skowron- ski, Beverly Tanner, Eleanor Collimore. Cglze kqunior Class L. to R., First Row: Mari lyn Palinkas, Linda Polverari Maureen Doran, Louise Gara- falo. Second Row: Leslie Mil- ler, Anne Cassidy, Susan No- . k. wic i, Mary Grace Nucera Barbara Anne Carroll. Y 63 L. to R.: Barbara Secllock, Barbara Warclell, Patricia Vender, Eliza- beth Morgan, Frances Teodosio. cghe gunaior Gfass W, 64 L. to R., Top: Lorna Bosses, Susan Donahue, Kathleen Kiasky, Eileen Cormier, Gail Mario, Susan Casey. Beverly Mackin. L. to R., First Row: Carolyn Nicotra, Patricia Scherer, Barbara Mallozzi. Second Row: Maureen O'l-lara, Alyce Harkin, Sharon Toothill. Third Row: Carolyn Dzurka, Lorraine Knablein, Patricia Kalipir, Mary Trautman, Carleen Gunther, Mary- Ellen Quinlan. L to R First Row: Rosita Sciottino, jane Novey, Patricia Duch, Frances Tynan, Joyce Calovine Marie Lupoli. Second Row: Linda Peck, Karen Edwards, Ellen Flynn, Margaret Healy Georgia Dzvileski, Millicent Meunier. I.. to R., First Row: Margaret Assenza, ,Iudy McKeon, Rosa De- Lauro. Second FRow: Christine Deliee, Andrea Santaniello, Gail Molloy, Patricia Wedcmeyer, Car- ol Anne Shannon, Susan Mullen, Mary Sullivan, Geraldine Gamble. UI'llOI' CZSS JA? LHIIOI' GlClSS L. to R., Front Row: Celine Malisek, Kathy O'Brien, Leila Boyle, Barbara Vincent, Elise Soder- berg, Marie Piccolo. Back Row: Maureen Mori- arty, Teri Wilkinson, Klara Kronenberger, Mary Mihaley, Dolores Hvizdo, Patricia Rapp. L to R., First Row: Marguerite Ryan, Kathryn Coviello, Bonnie Dubinsky. Second Row: Susan Dolan, Mary Lou Dinan, Sandra Maris, Cecil Pud- vah, Irene Schwartz, Wendy Ross, jutly Choll-zo Kathleen Turner. ummm mxmnaassmm a11 :mm.w4, asses-az:-ngunzv:1nr Nr, 1 lv 4. K 5 V E E is I .'. l N S :fr 'Y x .Aw ' 'Q , . . S V g. ' K X X :ez . . k ' X,,.L an Q' . . L. -1155 x ,,.X if ,Z . . Q 5 G ,KMA x 'Vi N . ,Maz- x V A . .gh g I. .Raw v X ak .1 'ff Iggy? M QP +5 X X X N31 5 X A . x x A 1 -K 2- 'Nbyww I , I Q ,,, i E 2 X .1 wk Q W Q 5 5 xv f ' 515 X QI? M K tx ,V X ,, ' W K Am, AN . 'bv-1 wise 'N K E wfg iFQf 4 1 vii if' S f Q g ! 3 5 . t fi Q 5 U X K . 1- Eva N . ll ,N F ive:-' 4:5 ELIZABETH ANN ABBOTT A quiet determination is the basis of Betty's many and varied successes. In her polite, self- reliant way, she delivers a point and stands firm in her convictions. Extra effort and consideration for others have won many friendshipsg such qualities will guarantee their permanence. "Win-R I: V BARBARA MARIE BAKO Barbara has a vital enthusiasm and an obvious ability to enjoy life to its fullest. She seems just happy to be alive and appreciates any amusing incident. We are pleased indeed to have Barbara in our class, and she will certainly be fondly remembered. MARLENE LORETTA BONITATIBUS In her relations with her fellow students, R ADELE MARIE BEVVINO Adele is characterized by her big smile and cheery "hello," She seems never to be without a good word for everyone, and is ever willing to give her aid. We will never forget her unfailing loyalty and friendship, and we wish success and happiness to her always. Marlene is mild and affable, and her unfeigned sincerity works hand in hand with a well-balanced personality. Marlene's admirable common sense will be an asset in the career she choses for the future! '59 ELKE MARIA BONN Senior year brought to us our junior ambas- sador from Germany. As though she had always been a member of our class, Elke became a true Lauraltonite in no time at all. She may always be found surrounded by a laughing group, for wherever Elke is, laughter is rampant. 11' fl BARBARA ANN BRADY Our blonde, blue-eyed senior has tastes which stem from Italy - pizza. But her interests do not center on food, people are her main concern. In practice, her open sincerity and straightforward manner have invited many conlidences. Barbara's lovable and dependable ways have endeared her to us. 'ml' VIRGINIA MAE BONNEY Although she appears quiet and reserved, Ginny possesses an innate inclination for merri- ment and laughter. We have discovered many line qualities in her, among them sincerity and loyalty, both to Lauralton and to her friends. We, her classmates, wish her every success. MARTHA AGNES BROWN Well-groomed and assured, Martha portrays a buoyant and pleasing personality. A girl of broad interests strengthened by a pliant spirit, Martha adapts herself easily to all situations. May happiness be ever hers. -'M MARY JEAN BUCKLEY An air of calmness surrounds Mary jean. She travels through the day quietly, being helpful and kind to those she meets. For her there is a time to work and a time to play. Maintaining her lady- like manner, Mary jean will always be admired by Lauralton and the Class of '59, BARBARA ANN CAGGINELLO Who can resist her lovely smile? We can't. Who can match "Caggie's" spontaneity and charm? We can't. Who can help being grateful for having known her? We can't. But we, her classmates, are proud and glad to have had Barbara as our friend. ROSANN CACACE A notably active mind and a discerning judg- ment have placed Rosann in a "To Be Remem- bered" section of her classmates' hearts. Her de- votion to study and faithful cooperation in class activities reveal much of her ability. CATHERINE MARIA CALLAHAN A truly outstanding personality smiles through the gentle countenance of our popular Cathy. Sin- cerity, friendliness, diligence - she combines the three and then adds something more to produce a model student. But perhaps '59 will remember Cathy most for her willingness to help others. BARBARA ROSE CANDELORA Although at first glance you may be fooled by SHEILA MARIE CALLAHAN A warm, vibrant personality radiates from Sheila's shy exterior. Her day is a busy whirl during which she affords much merriment for her companions. Her pronounced interest in litera- ture of all types may be the clue to her future plans. BONITA LOUISE CARBONE Barbara's reserve and quiet exterior, her love of the humorous and the unusual cannot be long suppressed. To many she is a friend, faithful and sympathetic, generous with advice and comfort. Until we meet again, we, her classmates, wish her complete success and happiness. "It takes life to love life," and if anyone has life it is Boni. Be it playing basketball, planning entertainment, or taking part in classroom discus- sion, Boni is there with a brilliant smile and a "get-up-and-go" attitude. Of this we are sure - Boni will never lack friends. MARY SUSAN CARROLL Twinkling eyes, infectious laughter, perpetual neatness and a devotion to yellow convertibles tell of Mary. A fun-loving person, her friendliness and wit make everyone about her feel at ease. She is a conscientious worker, and when she sees where something needs doing she sets about to do it. KATHLEEN MARY CONNELLY It is a delight to know Kathleen for she is a valued member of our class. She has the rare power of making one feel completely at ease. Her capacity for "just being nice" is sure to bring success in her world. fa-me MARY ELIZABETH CURTIS Individuality and frankness highlight Mari- beth's personality. On the exterior she appears to be aloof, but this characteristic simply over- shadows the hidden humor well-known to her closest friends. The senior social room will long re-echo the sound of her laughter. Happy landing, Maribeth! FRANCES LOUISE DeLUCA my What a delightful personality! Franny is such a warm-hearted girl that no one can resist her. Her bright and breezy outlook on life is indeed refreshing and her total unawareness of self and sincere concern for others have won her a lasting place in the hearts of her classmates. ' x DAWN MARY DAVIDSON In her quiet way, Dawn will always be a part of our Lauralton memories. We, her classmates, are sure her efficient manner will help her to attain sucess and acclaim in the business world. KATHLEEN DeMAR Kathy, our starry-eyed senior, is the possessor of an inquisitive, sincere nature. Her Warm interest in others makes her ever-willing to lend a helping hand, and ever-grateful for a recurring one. The individuality, amusing naivete, and genuine comradeship of Kathy will, no doubt, help her achieve her fondest ambition. as E mi, we N5,-TGXIC I YILL X- ll'v:-J2- 'ff-JENNIJX, mwah W, ANN CATHERINE DEROY Quiet, softspoken Ann enjoys good reading and good conversation. A lady to her fingertips, Ann has proved to be of invaluable service in the library. But make no mistake, she is not all seriousness. Her quiet sense of humor and loyalty make her a good friend to have. Xl ,Wit Q it mt GAIL G. DeMARCO Gail, an energetic co-captain of our cheering squad, possesses the vigor and exuberant spirit that have often led our teams to victory. When- ever they needed fire and animation, she was there urging them on to score that goal or make that basket. We will remember her, joking and serious by turns, as a staunch and loyal supporter both of Lauralton and Oklahoma. MARIANNE ELIZABETH DOLAN "To know her is to love her." These words describe Marianne, our alert and friendly senior class vice-president. Whether she is taking part in an animated class discussion or in a spirited conversation, Miss Dolan offers ideas worth listen- ing to. Marianne is as honest as she is sincere and we are proud to be her classmates. U .. a.q,,KLL,g st ami A lYlKLaMVV'L 'tau-41 VI-N CATHERINE DOWNEY An inner warmth which endears her to everyone bespeaks Cathy. A conscientious stu- dent and capable co-editor of the Laurallon, she has proved herself an asset to her school and to her class. We wish Cathy success and we are sure that she will attain it. SALLY ELIZABETH DUGGAN AMY CARR DUDEK Amy joined us during our junior year and has already claimed the admiration of her classmates. Her conscientious classroom manner and her versatile writing point to assured success in future endeavotsg while her witty conversations and amiable nature indicate a vast abundance of friends for this college-bound miss. Sally's impassive calmness in the face of the daily calamities which plague the lives of students has always awed her classmates, just as her dry, subtle wit attracts their immediate interest. Her consideration for others and het amiable manner will win for her the sincere friendships of many. X v CATHERINE ELIZABETH DUIGNAN Cathy is a rare combination of gentleness and pep. Her potential energy may elude observation, but het grace attracts instantly. Her friendship is valued for its characteristic sincerity, and her companionship is much sought. Cathy's constant example of feminine graces makes her a lady worthy of the title. FRANCES MARIE FALK I t MARGUERITE MARIE DUNIGAN If ever you have need of a person with original ideas be sure to call upon "Maggie" Everything about Marguerite is bright and alertg she lights her way with her sunny disposition. She is a great asset to our class and with grateful hearts we thank her for her unlimited help. SUSAN ELIZABETH EARLY ELLEN LOUISE DUNLEAVY Ellen is the ideal Lauralton lady, adapting well to her interests in the theatre. She has a sparkling personality and a warm sense of humor. She is a friend to all and we are proud to have been associated with her. We are certain that life holds a great future for Ellen. Her serenity is born of earnest, conscientious endeavor plus a genuinely happy heart. Because of her staunch character, genial and warming smile earnest scholarship and even-tempered dis- 1 position, we predict a successful future for Sue. A glance at Fran reveals a slim, sedate, and impeccably neat senior. In conversation with her you find that an active participation in C.Y.O. is one of her favorite pastimes. Her interest and concern for others will one day help her to the realization of a long-awaited dream - Frances Falk, R.N. MARGUERITE CAROL FEDEROWICZ With sophistication and dignity - keynotes of her appearance - Marguerite surprises one with her humorous quips and witty remarks. Her optimism never fails to give a boost. D0n't be surprised someday if you find her in Vogue, for there is a unique quality in her flair for dressing well. GERALDIN E ANNE FOUCAULT Petite and energetic, Geri has brought an unusual spirit to Lauralton. Her animated con- versations and humorous anecdotes have kept us chuckling. Artistic talent, ability in French, and an interest in science are all found in this gay personality making us realize that she is truly a gifted Lauraltonite. SANDRA SUE ELLEN GADUS To know Sandra, even casually, is to admire her wholeheartedly. Her classmates especially have found this true. Her manner is gentle, her mind determined, but most of all, her spirit is bright and genial. With a song on her lips and in her heart, Sandra is sure to make harmony the keynote of her life. as t .W 'ww CAROLE ANN FREEMAN Carole is a rare girl indeed in that she is able to participate actively in so many of our clubs and be a valuable asset to each of them. Though very interested in the serious things of life, she is always Capable of fun and mischief. Good luck to one of 59's finest. a-gm 5 , V is VV., ,wh I ' N ,K PATRICIA CARROLL GAFFNEY During junior year we welcomed this wee Irish lass with red-gold hair. In her eyes dance mischievous little leprechauns. And if you count all the freckles on her face and multiply by 100, you will arrive at only half the amount of good- ness and cheer she brings with her. lllixfilku ry bean, Gygax' win 1 QQBJL two NKCCAYS, Elle. gfxqryg have UQ idle 2505 N-LKQVX bn W ktbur Quifuvetkeciro Nwcuaa if vcd Q ROBERTA SHARON GALLAGHER Newspaper work and Queen Elizabeth II find common ground in Roberta, for they are the two loves of her life. Original and ambitious, once Roberta cites her goal she pursues it with a tenacity that assures its acquisition. She is surely a true "Highlights" girl. GAIL RUTH GALLAGHER Blend a warm personality, a pleasing appear- ance and a dash of wit. Sprinkle freely with sincerity and you have Gail Gallagher. Because of her complete earnestness and consistent cheer, Gail makes friends easily. We wish for her the brightest of futures. LOREEN MARY GARDNER If some day we should hear a deep-toned voice from behind saying "Hi," we shall know immediately that it is I.ori's. Once you know her, you see that sincerity and loyalty are two of her prized possessions. A smile and a blush are her acknowledged trademarks. Luck and love, Lori! I6- SQ' 502 5309 Qs - Yo wlkigjq, MAUREEN G. GLEASON Eyes a-sparkle with mischief, a casual air, a subtle sense of humor, and a flair for the artistic identify Maureen. As we gradually came to know her, we realized to our delight, that Maureen was blessed with many hidden potentials. These resources, one day fully developed, will help her transform her most longed-for dreams into reality. GERALDINE E. GLAZEWSKI Bright as a button and twice as useful, Gerry reflects the aura of gaiety surrounding her. just having her around has brightened many a dark moment. Ger1y's future is sure to be bright for she diifuses a contagious type of cheerfulness wherever she goes. MARY JANE GOTSCH A cheery smile and a gay "Hello!" introduced us to Mary jane. As we became better acquainted, we found her a willing and dependable worker. Mary Jane has a winning way and a sunny nature that have won her many steadfast friends here at Lauralton. ROSEMARY EDNA GREEN Rosemary, our Athletic Association president, has winning ways that have brought her a wealth of loyal friends. She is always ready to share her wonderful sense of humor and vivacity with others. Her good sportsmanship and unselfishness will surely carry her far. V ELLEN MARIE HAAS Stateliness coupled with a gracious manner MARCIA ANN GRUCE By winning awards in both Latin and French competitions, Marcia has proved that it pays to study. Her ability to concentrate and her pleasing personality have earned her the respect and affec- tion of her classmates. An assiduous worker and a most considerate individual, Marcia has gained her place on our "honor ro1l." ELIZABETH HAYES Neatness and preparedness are Betsy's domi- nating assets. Lovely eyes and well-kept hair key- note a most pleasing appearance. Her ready-for- anything attitude bespeaks a calm and determined nature. We wish her much happiness. M' so E or if depict Ellen. A friendly nature, silver-lined by "dry humor," has been appreciated by those around her. Her unruflled disposition, sincerity, and firm convictions will shine as a guiding light on whatever path Ellen may choose to follow. Aw: JM4 i MARY ELLEN HEALY A sincere love of laughter sparks Mary Ellen's "personality plus" nature, which her smile completely ignites. To utilize her surplus energy, this amusing and unpredictable miss requires barely a hint that an activity needs planning, and to the enjoyment of all, Mary Ellen lends her cooperation and willing support. SANDRA JOAN HEGYI A selfless spirit is the keynote of Sandy's per- sonality. Ever-generous in thought and word, Sandy is endowed with a love for children. Her Sunday-School teaching is now preparing her to sit on the other side of the desk where, without doubt, she will be an inspiration to all her pupils. JUDITH ANN HOMORSKY Judy bespeaks an innate sense of responsi- bility. It might be said of her "What faith desires she attains," for nothing can daunt her determina- tion to maintain her own high standards. Yet Judy is not all seriousness. Her bouyant spirit can lend itself quite easily to spreading warmth and IOY- LORRAINE FRANCES JARUSINSKY DENISE ANNE HUTCHISON Denise can be called the "prima ballerina" of our class. Being a lithe and inspiring dancer, she has glided her way right into our hearts, with her boundless capacity for fun coupled with a very real interest in everyone about her. The warming phrase spoken, the perfect touch rendered, the helping hand offered are the kind- nesses which abound in Lorraine. Her smile will always be remembered and we feel sure the con- fidence and dignity of her manner will lead her through life's uncertainties with head held high. CATHERINE ANNE JENNINGS Sweetness, kindness, lighted by a cheery smile - this is Nancy's description. She is a gracious helper and a sympathetic friend. All who know her, and all who come to know her, will be happy to have Nancy among them to enrich their lives with her gentle grace. ,Qs ,itll-?L'f' .ft Her love of life, willingness to help, and out- standing leadership qualities have made Barbara an integral part of Lauralton. A sparkling smile lights her way into our hearts. Whether it's pre- siding over a Student Council meeting or cheering the team on to victory, Barbara is a fine example of a Lauralton lady. KAREN ANN KLEINHAGEN HELEN ANN KISIEL A sensible and serious girl, Helen believes in a time for work and a time for play. Het loyalty to her school is obvious in her willingness to help cheerfully whenever there is a job to be done. Her future as a teacher is sure to be rewarding both to her pupils and to herself. The poet laureate of Lauralton, Karen, has delighted many with her verses. Fun finds her a ready partner. A true friend to all, she is a valued member of our class. Karen, as a future Florence Nightingale, will cheer many patients and speed them to recovery. aaa: VIRGINIA ANN LANE I CON STANCE DOROTHY KOONS Conny is primarily a woman of action and activity, believing in efficient and effective work- manship. With an inquisitive mind and a manner airy and invigorating, she represents the essence of energy. Good luck, Conny, though we feel you'll make your own. PATRICIA ANN LAVERY Gentility and Ginny - they go together. Her sparkling blue eyes tell us of her "joie de vivre" while her steadfastness and dependability have made Ginny a valued member of our class. A true friend to all, she carries high the standards of a real Lauraltonite. Humor is Pat's. Always ready with a punch line, Miss Lavery has brightened up many a blue Monday for the Class of '59. Though she looks on the bright side of any situation, she is also ready to meet her problems head-on with frank determination. "Oh, Hon," - good luck! MARIA ELENA LAWTON Elena is the personification of graciousness and cordiality. A penetrating mind, coupled with the vigor of a radiant personality, has earned for her respect and friendship, evidenced in her posi- tion as class president. She herself is drawn to the fascinating, the unusual, and the ultra-col- legiate. BARBARA ANN LEE Barb exemplifies neatness and sincerity. Be- neath a reserved exterior are hidden the treasures of a sterling character crowned by thoughtful understanding. Her wit affords much laughter for those who have known her as the "quiet riot." Barb, one of 59's nicest girls, has earned an hon- ored place in the rolls of our class. MARABETH ANNE LOMAZZO We will always remember the dancing brown MARY-BRIDGET ELIZABETH LENIHAN Mary-Bridget cultivates helpfulness, but more important, she puts such warmth and purpose into it, that the virtue becomes doubly apprecia- ted. She is a cooperative, efficient and friendly worker. Her rare talent for finishing the job she starts will surely prove its worth in her future. X K .5-N i or Ulfim - ,w'e:st. we 'Ya v' 'J U OM fl C. , X ,f A gp ' rv. yn N N Nz ,pb ,X we wN,?5Q.f fl eyes, turned-up nose, and the sparkling smile of our Laumlton art editor. She seems ever-ready to listen to the dilemma of a friend and to offer a frank solution. Equally adept at equations or the latest omelet, Beth's versatility will assure her success. X. Ll 4, SE. X CAROL ANN LOMBARDI If we were in England, I"Tally ho" might be a favorite expression of Carol's, but since we're not, "I just love horses," will suffice. A refreshing smile and dark curly hair are characteristics of Miss Lombardi. If she will remain ready to enter- tain with her melodious voice, Carol has a guarantee for lasting friendships. VERONICA RITA LOUGHLIN Those who know Ronnie are acquainted with a generous and capable person, possessing a most inquisitive mind. She has searching, serious eyes and a vivacious fun-to-be-with personality. With these assets, Ronnie will surely find success in whatever career she chooses. 11. FRANCES MARY LUKAS Long blond tresses and a pensive manner pro- vide a fitting picture of this L. H. Milfordite who came to us from the Bronx. Loyalty to what is right and a deep-rooted sense of responsiuility will prove great assets in the future for Fran who aspires to a secretarial career. PATRICIA MARY MAHER A winning smile and a willing heart describe BX? 'ww MAUREEN ANN LYNCH Perpetually smiling eyes, an infectious laugh, an indomitable spirit of determinationg there we have Maureen. She combines work and play well, and the result is a most pleasing personality. An enthusiastic mathematics student, she intends to pursue a future in that held. We shall surely find Maureen in the "plus" department. Patty. In class she is an interested and interesting student. Otherwise Pat is a mirthful person who has an avid interest in sports. Her quiet insight into situations and her careful decisions will make her as invaluable to her future friends as she has been to us. MARY LOUISE MANDANICI "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Mary Lou sweetly personifies this cliche with her ine character, arduous study habits, and quiet humor. Her interests are varied. We feel sure that suc- cess lies ahead for her. M ., '- ,,I'-I .qignf . JUDITH ANN MARTIN Ever ready to have fun, Judy can be found wherever gaiety reigns. Her humor and friend- liness complemented by an abundant share of mental ability will always make Judy a good friend and a fine companion. PATRICIA JUDITH MURATORI MARLEEN DORIS MATYSZEWSKI Her warm golden hair and equally sunny disposition make Marleen an attractive personal- ity. Cheerfulness and good sportsmanship have won for her the affection of all about her. These most obvious qualities plus the many less evident, will make Marleen a long - remembered Laural- ton lady. Pat is a bundle of surprises. She is a loyal friend and a responsible worker. Behind a demure exterior she hides a delightful sense of humor, a quick wit, and the ability to "take a joke" perfectly. Perseverance and dependability are Part of Pat's trademark. BARBARA ANN NAYLOR l DOROTHY CECILIA MURRAY Dottie is gentleness wrapped in an attractive package. She is ever a Lauralton lady, whether beneath these lofty towers, riding the train, or cheering at a football game. Whenever we see that dark shining hair or those luminous eyes, we'll think of the fun and thoughtfulness that we always found with Dottie. BARBARA ANN NEARY If you are ever in need of a sweet girl with an ear for everyone's problem, be sure to call upon Barbara. Her diligence and sympathy are sure to endear her as much to her future associates as they have endeared her to us. No matter where the place may be if Barbara is there a quality of friendliness prevails. Stately and dignified, she is identified by innate gracious- ness. These qualities assure Barbara a rich and full future. VIRGINIA CAROL NOIA There's a lot of pep in the petite young miss we speak of here. From the top of her curly head to those feet that often Hy in the execution of a school cheer, Chicky displays the most "enduring young charms." The world is brighter for having Virginia in it. 5 5 MAUREEN O'BRIEN A joy that comes from within seems always to be with Maureen inspiring her with a smile for all. In her activities, including the co-editor- ship of the Laumlton, she has proved herself to be generous, eflicient and talented. She is a credit to her school and a delight to those who know her. MARION CATHERINE ONORATO MARGARET MARY O'NEILL Characterized by gentle .and warm manner: isms, Peggy has smiled her way into the hearts of her classmates. With a willingness to work and with faculties to succeed, Peggy will surely be content and happy in the future. Marion's flair for neatness is evinced by her well-groomed appearance. Her vivacity is ever evident in the luster of her dark hair and the sparkle of her brown eyes. May all the pep and energy which she has shown in her cheerleading be with her through life. 'lt w'-sg: X ar' ELIZABETH MARY PAGLIARO Sweet and charming is Bette, and a definite asset to the class of '59. She is keen-minded and witty, and enjoys the affection and respect of all her friends. Ansonia's contribution to Lauralton Hall will be long and fondly remembered. LORAINE MARIE PELL Beneath a most gracious exterior, Loraine conceals a rare effervescence and wit. Blessed with a true sense of values, she is both calmly efiicient and quietly responsible. Being so, Lor- aine will surely find success and happiness. JUDITH ANN PERISKY A spontaneous grin and lyrical laugh best display that warm inner quality so much a part of Judi. Attentive to everyone and everything, in her relaxed, unassuming way, she has proved to be a valuable addition to the class. Her gen- erosity, well-known, is well-loved. DIANE EDWINNA PLUCINSKI JUDITH ANN PINTO "Full of fun" aptly describes Judi. Whether it's working in the library or cheering at a hockey game, she does it whole heartedly. Known to all her friends for her thoughtfulness and honesty, the memory of Judi and her "car" will be cherished by many of her classmates. A simplicity of soul and a gentleness of nature account for Diane's genuine friendliness. An ever-cheerful disposition is mirrored in her twink- ling blue eyes. For Diane we see a successful and bright future because we are sure she will make it so. 7 s SHIRLEY ELAINE RAUSON Be it discussion or social room session, Shirley's presence invites interesting develop- ments. Her discernment earns for her admiration and gives import ro her well-thought out opinions and suggestions. A warm interest in her class- mates is, in the estimation of many, her most valued asset. SHEILA ANNE REIDY This is Sheila - the one who kept our spirits at the "top o' the mornin'." With a swing of a golden pony tail, and a smile in her eyes, she made her Irish ancestry evident. Her warm laughter, sparkling wir, and exuberant heart are those of Sheila's qualities which will longest endure in our memory. if 4 Q NWXMAUREEN MARGARET REARDON "Success through cooperation" may very well be the favorite maxim of this busy girl, but whatever her formula, boundless achievements are testimony to its soundness. Minor calamities may occasionally intrude upon her ordered daily life, but calm, poised, and soft-spoken, she meets the most provoking situation with that enchant- ing smile. GAY RYAN Large smiling eyes, plus neat, shiny hair, plus a sweet personality equal Gay. Warm laughter often animates this seemingly quiet girl. Her humble manner frequently turns the spotlight from herself, causing her accomplishments to go unlauded. But we have noticed, and we will re- member, too. ET, 31 1k,. MARY ANN SALCE An innate love for life dwells within this sensible girl. But you don't think she's all seriousness, do you? Oh, no! A love of merri- ment, a gentle humor, and a winning smile are a deep-rooted part of Mary Ann. With her air of dignity and respectability, she has won a place in the hearts of her classmates. JOYCE EDNA SANTORELLI Pleasantness and a ready smile constitute a JUDITH ANN SALMINI Judy seems to have discovered the formula for pure enjoyment. She has a sincere desire to live each moment to its fullest. She soon amazes onlookers with her boundless energy. We wish all happiness to Judy. part of J0yce's amiable personality. She is an assiduous worker and a sincere person. Musically talented, scholastically apt, and helpfully disposed - we might say that Joyce and success are synonymous. AGNES BROOKS SCANLON It is Agnes' good fortune to have allied within her an ableness of mind and a strength of charac- ter. Ever calmly consistent, she remains unruffled in the face of everyday "calamities" We wish for her luck and happiness. si E ELIZABETH ANN SCHAEEER just to know Liz is to feel the effect of her sparkling personality. Her sense of humor is unique and her dependability is heartening. With this combination, the only possible product is success. PATRICIA R. SEBASTIAN A mischievous twinkle in her eye and a KATHLEEN ANNE SCOTT With a laugh that's genuinely happy, Kathy keeps those around her in like mood. Those dusty brown tresses top a personality that is both confi- dent and friendly. She is a loyal Fairfield fan and faithful Lauralton lady. We wish Kathy all possi- ble happiness. wholesome laugh are Pat's trademarks. She is an enjoyable companion, always helpful, and can stand by her decisions. Speaking of decisions, ours is this: wherever Pat may be, happiness will be right along with her. .n"""'- 'iaaif ,gs - Lf' v' Alt t 'll't Q JEANNETTE ANN SOARES It's no wonder that everyone likes Jeannette. I-Ier refined grace and steadfast determination allied with spontaneous gaiety endear her to all her friends. A fine Lauralton girl now - she will be a fine Lauralton lady alwayr. SANDRA KATHLEEN SPARLING What Father - Daughter Night would be complete without Sandi's famous laugh? In ad- dition to her fondness for acting, she is a fan of modern music and is sure to be found where there's a radio, Her happy-go-lucky nature shows us her optimistic outlook on life. ,ML -fi'-JL MM ,411 C, ,4-5401, jq-1'--v..Lf WJ QM . AQ, 4,-A-Xdflf CAROL ANNE SULLIVAN Carol, remarkable for her sparkling eyes and vivacious personality, commuted for four years from New London. She lends fun to any group, and looks at all tasks with a certain optimism. To use her own terminology, we think Carol is "sharp, real sharp." page u.fSa,...Ql' QNMLQV a.,,,JJ 4. f 'Lf'4'lZ 14-ft, sffffvaasi 93 7 fm? VIRGINIA ANN STROH We will remember our attractive classmate "Ginny" as the epitome of cheer, merriment and kindness. She takes every occurrence in stride, ever looking on the pleasanter side of things. "Stay as sweet as you are." This line was written for Ginny. MARTHA JOANNA SULLIVAN Thoughtfulness, a good disposition, and a quick sense of humor have won many friends for this newcomer, Mardy. She does well in every- thing she undertakes, but her special talent is writing. Her sweet manner and productive effi- ciency are sure to bring future success for Mardy. DIANE LOIS SZABO Diane always has something interesting to say. Her happy disposition and musical ability spell good times when she is on the scene. Al though a newcomer in her junior year, her ability to adapt readily to Lauralton has given her an enduring niche in our memories. ...J ,Q t TERESA B. TEODOSIO A charming smile and big brown eyes are Teresa's trademarks. Never bored, she manages to bring a spirit of hilarity with her wherever she goes. But if you look deeper, you know that she has serious ideas which make her an interesting person, and hers a valuable friendship. wwf iw C. ll so! i Wi MARY LOUISE TARASOVIC Mary Lou is a girl you can rely upon. Her efficiency, courtesy, and common sense keep her calm in any situation. The cheerfulness she emanates is refreshing to come upon, as those who know her best can readily testify. A true friend and amusing companion, Mary Lou is sure to find success. SHARON ANN THALER Sharon will remain a most unforgettable member of our class. As evidenced by the num- erous ollices she held, "Tweetie" stands as one of '59's most popular girls. She constantly gives of herself to help a friend or to fulfill a responsi- bility, never seeking praise for herself, but in- evitably gaining affection and respect from her fellow classmates. ...squirt f . D., g . . Q tv " -' . m V V V 71 .,.' . , fmzi, ' ' ' Rf , M . 2-st 'Fiery H Twist! DONNA ALYCE TOCZKO Whether it's the latest trapeze or the newest pocketbook, Donna adds her individual touch. Her art work has graced many a Lauralton affair. She aspires to be a journalist, and in her writing she shows that love for the beautiful and the un- usual so apparent in her everyday life. ELLEN AGNES TRISTINE Ellen's manner is quiet, but she herself is the soul of sociability. Keenly observant, she is at- tracted to the interesting, the unusual, and "what looks like fun." Her humor, as constantly cap- tivating as her quick smile, radiates from the warm, agreeable personality attractive to so many. MAUREEN ELAINE TRENT A glowing spirit and a ready wit are Maureen's most outstanding characteristics. En- dowed with a gracious manner, her ready smile can brighten the darkest moment. Best of luck, Maureen, and may your future be as radiant as your smile. +60 60 , l 1 1' if 1' xx " r x ,- v 'Z X, al I 4 .1 I 0 xt w 5 .X O 9 A A ,f,!' 4771 , rf MARY ANNE TYNAN An analytical mind gives substance to all Mary Anne's endeavors. Her natural poise and JOSEPHINE ANNE TUCCI Jo is one vivacious member of our class who is sure to be remembered. A bubble of laughter, those characteristic dimples, and a personality and outlook abounding in wit and cheer are her tokens, her trademarks. A loyal friend and amusing companion, jo leaves L. H. to enter a promising future. ihtlggo al me I I i 940 1' 11 2. V X 5 7 A r In 2 N al A fl .Lx ,, w .tx in '77, ': 1' I S-',.., X JAX Jyrsmwh JMX Qrzovv Elsie je keen determination to follow through receive the attention and admiration which they demand. Unforgettable are her droll satires on the com- muter problem, and just as unforgettable is her laughter so delightful in its abundance. 0lD,wJx"Wl I 3 smarty ,pu QQNL is WQJUQQWNQ W 0-Dffbl-OC W SHARON LEE WASILEWSKI Formerly a resident of these hallowed halls, Sharon now commutes from Wallingford. On our first meeting she seemed quiet, almost shy, but after we had broken through her reserved exterior, we found her not only fun to be with but also an avid Democrat. SJLM PATRICIA YABLONICKY Pat views the world through the appreciative eyes of an aspiring artist. Her talented brushes and equally gifted pen have given us paintings and poetry we will long remember. This love of the beautiful will assure her happiness in the years to come. ADELE ANNA ZELICH One of Ade1e's foremost qualities is her thoughtfulness which has gained for her many friends who consider her a "good sport." Fun- loving and fun-provoking, she fits well into any group. A prize won for a biology project is one proof of the scientific ability of this future science major. MARY ANN YONEY Neatness is Mary Ann. From the top of her shiny blonde head to the tips of her toes she is neatness personified. In everything Mary Ann is a perfectionist. Along with this, her friendship will be treasured by those who know her best. 'gau ze , 'O 1, 'x Y, , Y, i no F I f 1 I 2 ll rl Q A X .1 I 'W ff 6' 501 'X 1 Q'-1' "I -fill' If j 'L ' , fl L L, L L Q5 L MV" '4 Siriw' w ' Il Q L I U , Y ,Xi W, M, K W K X 1 A AA? .f fLLM.j if A 6 M I , 3, . 1 A Q ' , L A,i,g, .. .. I Q " mL . 2 bm A ff -i , X L s 5 7 fi , Q' ' ' Q L Q Q . ,X - , M . K 5 .ya 1 ML Lam. it L FMA. , ,, L , ,,.. f . , , . .M . V 4 ,M A ,. V ah , Sw, ,371 an A ,V GW 2-Q ..,.. W L L Lw' 2 1 M , L' ,. WL , 33' .wggwf ' - L"-L LQ - ' L ,- .1 'km-L 1 Q - L W9 . - Q L. '4 . ., .I , U .,.'L L LW 235.5115 3 1' L L ML A Q as M-wp As' . LL if , ' 'wif L ., sg? 'll A Q 31, X Q, 5 w 3 ,r gf 's ,f ffj , K i is i 4',-,, , ' .iyk K K 1 3 Q ,Vx :im my I EEE fl S w igygv A N ' .f, . .,,A,, ,Www V, Q 'wr' fa. 3 , ,315 f M --g. firbff 522 L. A K, few" 7 QW: K 6 -.'P"0: ' 155251 LQ" A I Y AL 1- ff ' 1 u 1: K' ai, .-. gh, k fy., K f , 4 ,MQ my-vm, qw 13, SENIOR DIRECTORY ELIZABETH ANN ABBOTT 107 Plvmouth Ave., Trumbull Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association: Clubs: Biology 3, Ceram- ics 3, 4, Treasurer 3. BARBARA MARIE BAKO 175 Robert Treat Pkwy., Milford Tarcisians, Athletic Association, Blue and White Hockey 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain of Speedball 4, Hockey Intramurals 4, Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, Choral 1, 4, French 3, Latin 2, Library 2. ADELE MARIE BEVVINO 58 Emmett Ave., Derby Sodality 2, 3, Tarcisian Representative 2, 3, Missions, Student Council Representative 3, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 2, 4, Choral, Latin 2. MARLENE LORETTA BONITATIBUS 63 Inwood Rd., Trumbull Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Business 4. ELKE MARIA BONN Hermuelheim bei Koeln, Krankenhausstrasse 93, Germany Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. VIRGINIA MAE BONNEY 69 S. Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield Tarcisians, Missions, Highlight: Copy Staff 3, Advertising Stal? 4, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, 3, 4, Lauralettes 4, Dramatic 2, 3, 4, Latin 2. BARBARA ANN BRADY 19 Stiles St., Stratford Tarcisians, Mission Representative 1, Highlight: News Reporter 1, Athletic Association, Blue and White Basketball 3, Intramural Hockey 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Business 4, Ceramics 1, Choral 1, 2, 3, Latin 2. MARTHA AGNES BROWN 205 Washington Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Highlight: Photography Editor 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 2, 3, 4, Choral 1, Fine Arts 4, French 3, Latin 2, Photography 3, 4. MARY JEAN BUCKLEY 645 Pine st., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Highlight: News Staff 2, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Business 4, Ceramics 1, Fine Arts 1. ROSANN CACACE 1802 Park Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 1, Debating 33 Latin 2, 3, Spanish 2, 3. BARBARA ANN CAGGINELLO 59 Dover St., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Student Council, High- light: Circulation Staff 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 1, French 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Latin 2, Library President 4. CATHERINE MARIE CALLAHAN 11 Elm Terr., Stratford Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Blue-White Speedball 4, Volleyball Varsity 3, Highlight: Typing Staff 4, Business Staff 3, The Lauralton Business Staff. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 2, 3, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Latin 2, Library 1, 2. SHEILA MARIE CALLAHAN Barn Hill Rd., Monroe Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Student Council Rep- resentative 2, Highlight: Copy Staff 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 2, Choral 2, History 4, Latin 2, Library 2. BARBARA ROSE CANDELORA 64 Oak Ridge Rd., Trumbull Tarcisians, Athletic Association, Highlight: Copy Staff. Clubs: Bi- ology 3, Ceramics 1, 2, Latin 2, Library Treasurer 2, Spanish 2, 3. BONITA LOUISE CARBONE Sport Hill Rd., Easton Tarcisians, Missions, Student Council Representative 3, Athletic Association, Captain of Blue Team 4, Blue and White Hockey, Speedball, Softball, Intra-mural Hockey. Clubs: Biology 3. MARY SUSAN CARROLL 652 Wayne St., Bridgeport Sodality 2, Tarcisians, The Lauralton Business Co-Editor, Athletic Association, Highlight: News Staff 2, Typing Staff 4, Speedball Blue and White leam 4. Clubs: Biology 33 Choral 1, 2, Ceramics 3, 4, Debating 3, Latin 2, Spanish 3, Dramatic 4. KATHLEEN MARY CONNELLY 6 Glen Spring Dr., Trumbull Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Spanish 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH CURTIS 271 Vine St., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Blue and White Hockey Intra-murals 1. Clubs: Choral 1, 2, Ceramics 2, Spanish 2, 3, Latin 2, Biology 3, Secretary. DAWN MARY DAVIDSON 71 Vineyard Rd., North Haven Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intramurals 1, 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 3, Latin 2, Spanish 2. FRANCES LOUISE DeLUCA 86 Placid Ave., Stratford Tarcisians, Missions, The Lauralton Business Staff, Highlight: Busi- ness Staff 3, Business Editor 4, Athletic Association, Intramurals 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, 3, 4, Lauralettes 3, 4, Debating 3: Latin 2, Spanish 3. KATHLEEN DeMAR 270 Curtis Ave., Stratford Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, The bzuralton Business Staff. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, Fine Arts 3: Latin 2, Library 2, Spanish 2, 3. GAIL G. DeMARCO 221 Birdseye Rd., Shelton Tarcisians, Mission Representative 2, 3, Athletic Association, Blue and White Softball, Cheerleading 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. Clubs: Busi- ness, Vice-President Ceram.cs 2, 3, Latin 2, Spanish 2, 3. ANN CATHERINE DEROY 38 Prospect St., Wallingford Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Li- brary Historian 35 History 4. MARIANNE ELIZABETH DOLAN Lower Whitfield St., Guilford Tarcisians, Mission Representative 1, Student Council Representa- tive 3, Class Vice-President 4, Highlight: Copy Staff 2, Feature Staff 3, 4, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, Laural- ettes 3, Debating 3: French 3, Latin 3. CATHERINE DOWNEY 1 Byrd Rd., Norwalk Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Highlight: News Staff 2, News Editor 3, Feature Co-Editor 4, The Laumlton Co-Editor. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, Choral 1, 3, 4, Spanish 2, 3. AMY CARR DUDEK 160 Cedarhill Rd., Milford Missions, The Lauralton Literary Staff, Athletic Association, Blue and White Speedball 4, Intra-mural Hockey 4, Class Secretary 4. Clubs: French 3, 4. SALLY ELIZABETH DUGGAN 56 Meadow View Dr., Trumbull Sodality 2, 3, Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biologl' 35 Ceramics 1, 2, 3, 4, History 4, Spanish 2, 3. CATHERINE ELIZABETH DUIGNAN 45 Chelsea St., Fairfield Tarcisians, Athletic Association, Missions. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 1, 2, 3, 4, Lauralettes 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2. MARGUERITE MARIE DUNIGAN 548 Huntington Rd., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Student Council Representative 1, The Lauralton Literary Staff, Highlight: Copy Staff 3, Athletic Asso- ciation, White Team Captain, Hockey Varsity Co-Captain 4, Bas- ketball Varsity 3, Blue and White Hockey 2, Speedball 3. Clubs: Biology 3, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Latin 2. ELLEN LOUISE DUNLEAVEY 9 Rusling Pl., Bridgeport Tarcisians,- Missions, Athletic Association, Hockey Varsity 4, Stu- dent Council Representative 4, Sodality 2, 3, First Assistant 4. Clubs: Biology Treasurer 3, Ceramics 1, 2, Dramatics 2, 3, Presi- dent 4. SUSAN ELIZABETH EARLY 41 New Haven Ave., Woodmont Sodality 2, 3, Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Bio.ogy 3, Spanish 4. FRANCES MARIE FALK 272 Housatonic Dr., Devon Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Latin 2, French 3. MARGUERITE CAROL FEDEROWICZ 150 Edna Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2. GERALDINE ANNE FOUCAULT 15 North St., Wallingford Tarcisians, Mission Representative 3, The Lauralton Art Staff, Ath- letic Association. Clubs: Business 4, Debating 3, Fine Arts Secre- tary 3, 4. CAROLE ANN FREEMAN 360 Alpine St., Bridgeport Sodality 2, 3, 4, Tarcisian Representative 2, Mission Representative 1, The Lauralton Business Staff, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biol- ogy 3, Choral 2, 3, French 3, 4, Future Teachers 3, 4, Latin 2, Dramatic 4. SANDRA SUE ELLEN GADUS 2710 East Main St., Bridgeport Sodality 2, 3, 4, Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Choral 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Lauralettes 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2. PATRICIA CARROLL GAFFNEY 22 Colonial Pl., New Haven Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Choral 3, 4, Lauralettes 4, French 3, 4, Future Teachers 3, 4. GAIL RUTH GALLAGHER 131 Rosewood Pl., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Representative 4, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 1, Latin 2, Spanish 3, 4. ROBERTA SHARON GALLAGHER 153 Eastlawn St., Fairfield Sodality 2, 3: Tarcisians: Missions: Highlight: News Staff 1, Fea- ture Staff 2, Feature Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4: Athletic Associa- tion. Clubs: Biology 3: Ceramics 1, 2, 4: Choral 1, 2, 3: Lauralettes 3: Dramatic 2, 3: Footlight: Editor 3: Library 3: President 2: Spanish 3. LOREEN MARY GARDNER 55 Ann St., Fairfield Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Blue and White Hockey: Baseball. Clubs: Biology 3, Secretary: Ceramics 1, 2: Latin 2: Spanish 2, 3. GERALDINE E. GLAZEWSKI 41 Fairfax Ave., Meriden Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association. Clubs: Ceramics 3: Future Teachers 3: Spanish 3. MAUREEN G. GLEASON 32 Blanchard Rd., Easton Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Blue and White Hockey: Baseball: Class Treasurer 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Choral 1: Latin 2: Spanish 2, 3, 4. MARY JANE GOTSCH 1509 North Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians: Mission Representative 1, 2: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: Business 4: Ceramics 2: Spanish 2. ROSEMARY EDNA GREEN 380 Toll House La., Fairfield Sodality 2, 3, 4: Tarcisians: Mission Representative 1: Athletic Association, Secretary 3, President 4: Blue and White Basketball and Softball 2, 3: Intra-murals 4: Hockey Varsity 4: Basketball Varsity 4, Manager 3. Clubs: Biology 3, President: Ceramics 1, 2: Dramatics 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: French 3: Latin 2. MARCIA ANN GRUCE 104 Doreen Dr., Bridgeport Tarcisians: Athletic Association. Clubs: Choral 3, 4: Future Teach- ers 3, 4: Latin 2, 3. ELLEN MARIE HAAS 65 Underhill Rd., Hamden Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Intra-murals l, 2: Vol- leyball Varsity 2: Student Council Representative 1. Clubs: Biology 3: Ceramics 2: Fine Arts 2, 3: Latin 2. ELIZABETH HAYES 33 Plattsville Ave., Norwalk Tarcisians: Representative 4: Missions: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: Ceramics 1, 2. MARY ELLEN HEALY 24 Dandy St., Bridgeport Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Hockey Varsity 4: Bas- ketball Varsity 4: Hockey Intra-murals 2, 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Choral 1: Fine Arts 2: Latin 2, Representative: Spanish 2, 3. SANDRA JOAN HEGYI 61 Cowles St., Devon Tarcisian Representative 1: Missions: Student Council Representa- tive 2: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: Debating 2: His- tory 4. IUDITH ANN HOMORSKY 27 Deerfield St., South Norwalk Tarcisians: Student Council Representative 1: Athletic Association: Volley Varsity 2. Clubs: Choral 1: Latin 3: Library 3, Secretary: Spanish 2, 3, Secretary 4. DENISE ANNE HUTCHISON 19 Cherry Sr., Ansonia Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Cheerleading 3, 4: Highlight: News Staff 1. Clubs: Biology 3: Business Secretary 4: Choral Vice-President 1: Fine Arts 2: Latin 2. LORRAINE FRANCES JARUSINSKY 97 Barnum Terr., Stratford Sodality 2, 3, 4: Tarcisians, Representative 3: Missions: The Uumlton Literary Staff: Highlightr 3, 4, Typing Editor 4: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: French 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Future Teachers 3, 4: History 4: Latin 2, 3. CATHERINE ANNE JENNINGS 112 Old Mill Rd., Fairfield Tarcisians: Missions: At 'letic Association. Clubs: Choral 4: Laural- ettes: Fine Arts 2: Highlight: Circulation and Exchange Staff 4: Latin 2: Spanish 2. BARBARA ANNE KENNEDY 77 Park Ave., Hamden Sodality 2, 3, 4: Tarcisians: Missions: Student Council President 4: Highlight: 3, 4: Laurallon Literary Staff: Cheerleader 3, 4: Ath- letic Association: Blue and White Basketball Team 2: Softball 2, 3: Class President 3. Clubs: Biology 3, President: Choral 2, 3: Lauralettes 3: Latin 2, 3, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3: French 3. HELEN ANN KISIEL 402 French St., Bridgeport Sodality 2: Tarcisians: Representative 1, 3: Mission Representative 2: The Lauralton Art Staff: Athletic Association: Blue and White Stzeedball 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Secretary: Ceramics 3, 4: Choral 1, 2: Future Teachers 3, 4: Latin 2: Spanish 3, President 1. KAREN ANN KLEINHAGEN 3143 Main St., Bridgeport Sodality 2, 3, 4: Tarcisians: Missions: Student Council Representa- tive 4: Athletic Association: The Laurulton Literary Staff: High- light: 2, 3, Feature Editor 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Choral 1, 2: De- bating 3, Treasurer: Fine Arts 3, Latin 2: Spanish 3, 4, President 4. CONSTANCE DOROTHY KOONS 43 Garnet Rd., Nichols Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Hockey Intramurals 1, 2: Hockey Varsity 2, 3: Basketball Intramurals 1, 2. Clubs: Busi- ness 4: Choral 2, 3, 4: Latin 2: Spanish 1, 2. VIRGINIA ANN LANE 179 West Rocks Rd., Norwalk Sodality 2, 3, 4: Tarcisians: Student Council Representative 2: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: Choral 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN LAVERY 229 Eastfield Dr., Fairfield Tarcisians: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: Ceramics 1: French 1, 2: Latin 2. MARIA ELENA LAWTON 1150 Ridge Rd., Hamden Sodality 2, 3, 4: Tarcisians: Missions: Representative 1: Secre- tary 3, President of Class 4: Highlight: News Staff 1, Feature Staff 2: Athletic Association. Clubs: Choral Club 1, President 2: Lauralettes 2, 3: Biology: French 2, 3, 4: Latin 2. BARBARA ANN LEE 520 Clark St., Bridgeport Sodality 2, 3, 4: Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: High- light: Typing Staff 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Choral 2: French 3, 4: Latin 2: Future Teachers 3, 4. MARY-BRIDGET ELIZABETH LENIHAN 58 Central Ave., Hamden Sodality 3: Tarcisians 3, 4: Athletic Association: Intra-murals: Hockey 4. Clubs: French 3. Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Assocation: Highlight: Art Staff. Clubs: Art 2, 3: Biology 3: Latin 2, 4: Spanish 3, President. MARABETH ANN LOMAZZO Newton Turnpike. Weston Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Highlight: Art StaE. Clubs: Art 2, 3: Biology 3: Latin 2, 4: Spanish 3, President. CAROL ANN LOMBARDI 212 Soundview Ave., Shelton Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: Choral 1, 2, 3, 4: Lauralettes 3, 4: Spanish 3, 4: History 4. VERONICA RITA LOUGHLIN Taunton Ridge Rd., Newtown Tarcisians: Missions: Student Council Representative 4: The Lauralton Literary StaH: Highlight: Copy Staff 2: Athletic Associa- tion: Volleyball Varsity 2. Clubs: Biology 3: Ceramics 4: Choral 2, 3, 4: French 3: Latin 2. FRANCES MARY LUKAS 24 Springdale St., Milford Tarcisians: Athletic Association: Missions: Highlights Typing StaE 4: The Lauralton Typing Staff 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Business Presi- dent 4: Choral 2, 3: Latin 3: Spanish 2. MAUREEN ANN LYNCH 426 Ocean Ave., Stratford Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Hockey Varsity 4: Intra- murals 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Latin 3: Spanish 3. PATRICIA MARY MAHER 36 Brewster Rd., Woodmont Tarcisians: Missions: The Laumlton Business Co-Editor: Athletic Association, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 4: Hockey Varsity 4, Man- ager 3: Blue and White Hockey 1, 2: Softball 1, 2: Speedball 3: Intra-murals 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Choral 1, 2: Lauralettes 3: Latin 2. MARY LOU MANDANICI 276 Funston Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians: Missions: Highlight: Business Staff 4: Athletic Associa- tion: Blue and White Basketball 2: Hockey Intra-murals 4. Clubs: Biology 3: Debating 3: Future Teachers 3, 4: Latin 2: Library 4. JUDITH ANN MARTIN 123 Ridge Rd., Stratford Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association. Clubs: Bi0l0gY 33 Ce- ramics 1, 2, 3, 4: Fine Arts 1: Latin 2: Spanish 3, 4, Vice- President 3. MARLEEN DORIS MATYSZEWSKI 34 Glenwood Dr., Trumbull Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Hockey Varsity 4: Bas- ketball: Highlight: Typing Staff. Clubs: Biology 3, President: Ce- ramics 2: Fine Arts 3: Latin 2: Spanish 3. PATRICIA JUDITH MURATORI 1093 Capitol Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association: Hockey Intramurals 1, 2. Clubs: Choral 1, 2: Future Teachers 3, 4: Latin 2, 3, 4: Library 2, 3, 4: Spanish 3, 4. DOROTHY CECILIA MURRAY Newtown Ave., Norwalk Sodality 3, 4: Tarcisians: Missions: Student Council Treasurer 2, Secretary 3: Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3: Ceramics: Spanish 3. BARBARA ANN NAYLOR 28 School St., Bridgeport Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association. Clubs: Business 4: Ce- ramics 1, 2: Choral 4: Latin 2: Spanish 2, 3. BARBARA ANN NEARY 190 Whitney Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians: Missions: Athletic Association. Clubs: Ceramics 1, 3, 4: Library 2, 3, 4: Spanish 2, 4. VIRGINIA CAROL NOIA 1509 Stratford Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 2, Choral 1, French 3, Latin 2. MAUREEN O'BRIEN 139 Winter St., Stratford Sodality 2, 3, Tarcisians, Mission Representative 2, The Laumlton Co-Editor, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, 3, Lauralettes 3, Latin 2, Library 3, Vice-President, Spanish 2, 3, 4. MARGARET MARY O'NEILL 186 West Liberty St., Bridgeport Sodality 2, 3, Prefect 4, Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Hockey Varsity Manager 4, Hockey Intra-murals 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Future Teachers Vice-President 3, 4, Latin 2, Library 3, Spanish 2, 3. MARION CATHERINE ONORATO 14 Virginia Dr., Easton Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Cheerleader 2, 3, Co- Captain 4, Blue and White Speedball 4, Hockey Intra-murals 2, 3, Basketball Intra-murals 1, 2, 3. Clubs: Biology, President 3, Ceramics 1, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 4, Secretary 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2. ELIZABETH MARY PAGLIARO 177 Howard Ave., Ansonia Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 4, Choral 2, 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2. LORAINE MARY PELL 206 Marilyn Dr., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intra-murals 1, 2, 3. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 4, Choral 1, Spanish 2, 4. JUDITH ANN PERISKY 11 Glenarden Dr., Fairfield Tarcisian Representative 4, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, French Treasurer 3. JUDITH ANN PINTO 133 Quince St., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, lntra-mural Basketball 1, 2, Hockey 1, 2, 4, Softball 1, 2, Captain 1. Clubs: Biology 3, Vice-President, Ceramics 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers 4, Highlight: Copy Staff 4. DIANNE EDWINNA PLUCINSKI 866 Merritt St., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Ceramics 2, 3, Latin 2, Biology 3, Future Teachers 4. SHIRLEY ELAINE RAUSON 127 Stiles St., Stratford Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Highlight: 3. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 2, 4, Choral I, 2, Fine Arts 1, French 3, Latin 2. MAUREEN MARGARET REARDON 110 Richmond Hill Ave., Stamford Tarcisians, Missions, Student Council Publicity Committee 2, Rep- resentative 3, Sodality 2, 3, Second Assistant 4, Highlight: Copy Staff 2, Associate Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, The Laumlton Lit- erary Staif, Athletic Association, Volleyball Varsity 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, Future Teachers 3, 4, History 4, Latin Treas- urer 2, Spanish 2, 3. SHEILA ANNE REIDY 66 Hanford Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intra-murals 1, 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Secretary, Choral 1, Fine Arts 1, 2, Latin 2, Vice- President. GAY RYAN 16 Allan Dr., Trumbull Sodality 2, 3, Tarcisians, Representative 1, 3, Missions, Athletic Association, The Lauralton Art Staff 4, Class Secretary 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 2, 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2. MARY ANN SALCE 97 Vincellette St., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intra-murals 1, 2, 3. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 4, Choral 1, Spanish 2, 4, Dramatic 4. JUDITH ANN SALMINI 6255 Maine St., Stratford Tarcisians, Representative 4, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology, Vice-President 3, Ceramics 1, 2, Latin 2. IOYCE EDNA SANTORELLI 106 Colony Ave., Trumbull Tarcisians, Representative 2, Athletic Association, Class Treasurer 1. Clubs: Choral 1, 2, 3, Spanish 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Dra- matic 2, 3, 4, Highlight: 3, Latin 2, 3. AGNES BROOKS SCANLON R.F.D. K4 North Sylvan Rd., Westport Tarcisians, Athletic Association, Highlightr News Staff 3. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 2, Choral 3, 4. ELIZABETH ANN SCHAEFER 42 Newton St., Fairfield Tarcisians, Missions, The Lauralton Literary Staff, Highlightr Fea- ture StaH 4, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 2, Choral 4, Lauralettes 3, Fine Arts 1, History 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2, 3. KATHLEEN ANNE SCOTT 20 Denise Terr., Fairheld Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intra-murals Hockey 1, Basketball 2, Highlight: Copy Staff 3, News Staff 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 1, 2, Dramatic 4, Lauralettes 3, 4, Library 2. PATRICIA R. SEBASTIAN 25 Hurd St., Fairfield Sodality 1, 2, Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intra- murals 1, 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Fine Arts 1, Future Teachers 3, Latin 2. JEANETTE ANN SOARES 37 Ford Pl., Bridgeport Sodality 1, Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Spanish 4. SANDRA KATHLEEN SPARLING 356 Horace St., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Dra- matics 2, 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2, 4. VIRGINIA ANN STROH 246 Woodside Ave., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Blue and White Soft- ball. Clubs: Business 4, Choral 1, Fine Arts Vice-President 2, Spanish 2, 3. CAROL ANNE SULLIVAN 268 Montauk Ave., New London Sodality 2, 3, 4, .Tarcisians, Mission Representative 1, Athletic Association, Varsity Intra-murals 1, 2, Class President 2, Vice- President 1, Highiightr 2, 3. Clubs: Biology Vice-President 3, Ceramics 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers, Latin 2. MARTHA JOANNA SULLIVAN 72 Colony Rd., New Haven Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, The Laumlton Literary Staff. Clubs: French 3, Vice-President, Latin 3. DIANE LOIS SZABO 179 Pemburn Dr., Fairfield Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, The Laumlton Typing Staff. Clubs: Biology' 33 Choral 4. MARY LOUISE TARASOVIC 123 Church Hill Rd., Trumbull Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Field Hockey Varsity 4, Intramurals 4. Clubs: Biology' 32 Ceramics 2, 3, 4, Dramatic 4, Fine Arts 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Latin 2, Spanish 2, President. TERESA B. TEODOSIO 60 Rolling Ridge Rd., Orange Tarcisians, Missions Representative 3, The Lauralton Typing Staff 4, Athletic Association, Volley Ball Varsity 3. Clubs: Ceramics 2, 4, Future Teachers 3, 4, Latin 2, 3, 4, Spanish 2, 3, 4. SHARON ANNE THALER Old Stratfleld Rd., Fairfield Sodality 2, 3, 4, Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Hockey Varsity 3, Co-Captain 4, Blue and White Softball 2, 3, Highlight: Circulation and Exchange Editor. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 3, Future Teachers 3, President 4, Library 3. DONNA ALYCE TOCZKO 109 Orange St., Stamford Tarcisians, Missions, Highlight: 2, 3, The Lauralton Literary StaH, Athletic Association, Blue and White Speedball 3, Class Treasurer 3. Clubs: Ceramics 1, Secretary 2, Latin 2, 3, Biology 3, President, Choral 4, Secretary, Dramatic 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Art Director 4. MAUREEN ELAINE TRENT 94 Plymouth St., Stratford Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Busi- ness 4, Librarian, Ceramics 1, Choral 1, 2, Dramatic 2, 3, 4, Latin 2, Library 1, 2. ELLEN AGNES TRISTINE 241 First Ave., Stratford Sodality 3, Tarcisians, Student Council Representative 4, Athletic Association, Intra-murals 4. Clubs: Biology 3, Business 4, Ceram- ics I, 2, Choral 2, 3, 4, Lauralettes 4, Dramatic 4, Fine Arts 1, French 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, History 4, Latin 2, Library 2. JOSEPHINE ANNE TUCCI 61 Washington Pl., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Ce- ramics 1, 2, 3, 4, French 4, Latin 2, 3, Library 2, 3, 4. MARY ANNE TYNAN Meriden Ave., Southington Sodality 2, 3, Tarcisians, Missions, Student Council Representative 2, Athletic Association, Highlight: 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, News Editor 4, The Laumlton Literary Staff. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating 3, Secretary, History 4, Chairman, Latin 2, President. SHARON LEE WASILEWSKI 182 Long Hill Rd., Wallingford Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intra-murals 1, 2. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceramics 1, 2, 3, Latin 2, Spanish 2. PATRICIA YABLONICKY 492 Villa Ave., Fairfield Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association, Intra-murals 4. Clubs: Art 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Biology 3, Choral 1, Debating 3, French 2, Latin 2. MARY ANN YONEY 160 Eaton St., Bridgeport Tarcisians, Missions, Athletic Association. Clubs: Biology 3, Ceram- ics 1, 2, 4, Choral 1, 2, 3, Latin 2, Library 2. ADELE ANNA ZELICH 397 Curtis Ave., Stratford Tarcisians, Representative, Missions, Athletic Association, Hockey Blue and White 2, Speedball 3, Hockey Intramurals 4, The Laurallon Business Staff. Clubs: Biology 3, Choral 1, 2, 3, 4, Lauralettes 3, 4, President 4, French 2, 3, Latin 2. Alyce Harkin .......,......., ........ 5 5 Lucy Avenue, West Haven Margaret Assenza ...... JUNIOR DIRECTORY 73 Gravel Street, Meriden Mary Ann Audisio ..,... ...... 1 15 East Main Street, Wallingford Lorna Bosses ......,... Leila Boyle ......,.. Joyce Calovine ......, Barbara Carroll .,,.,, Sue Casey ........... Ann Cassidy .....,.... 6 Apple Orchard Lane, Nichols 24 Edgewood Avenue, Milford 111 Colony Street, Stratford 84 Sorghum Road, Shelton 40 Darina Place, Milford 120 Wake Street, Bridgeport Judith Cholko .,,.....,...............,......... 280 East Avenue, Bridgeport Eleanor Collimore ........,........,.......... 21 Old Field Road, Fairfield Eileen Cormier ....,.... .., Bldg. 64 Apt. 162 Success Park, Bridgeport Kathryn Coviello ...............,.,.......,,. 133 Marion Street, Bridgeport Rosa Louise DeLauro .,..,, ,..... . .. 352 Greene Street, New Haven Christine Deliee ...,....... Mary Lou Dinan .....,. Susan Dolan .,..,. . Sue Donahue ...... Maureen Doran ...,. 30 Cedar Street, South Norwalk 1896 Huntington Turnpike, Nichols Booth Hill, Monroe 472 Whitney Avenue, New Haven 196 Charlton Street, Stratford Bonnie Dubinsky ................,.......,. 729 Shelton Street, Bridgeport Patricia Duch . ............. 489 No. Summerfield Avenue, Bridgeport Carolyn Dzurka ..........................,... 692 Dewey Street, Bridgeport Georgia Dzvileski ..... Karen Edwards ...... Ellen Flynn .................. Geraldine Gamble .....,.. Louise Garofalo ..,..... Carleen Gunther ....... 94 Camden Street, Devon 42 Rocky Ridge Drive, Trumbull 53 Hackett Avenue, Devon 241 York Street, West Haven 65 Hilltop Drive, Southport 5555 Main Street, Trumbull Margaret Mary Healy ...... ,. .,... 95 Wentworth Street, Bridgeport Dolores Hvizdo .....,.,,.,. ....... 4 94 East Main Street, Bridgeport Pat Kalapir ................ Kathleen Kiasky ...,....... ...,. 105 Woodrow Avenue, Southport 95 Beachside Avenue, Greens Farms Lorraine Knablein ....,... ....,,,. 3 1 Independence Road, Milford Klara Kronenberger ..... Connie Lupariello ..... Marie Lupoli ..,,.,,.. Beverly Mackin ..... Celine Malisek ...,.., Barbara Mallozzi ...... 25 Darina Place, Milford 77 Elliott Road, Trumbull .. 125 New Haven Avenue, Orange . ,....., 199 Rivercliff Drive, Devon 30 Forest Road, Monroe 344 Edison Road, Long Hill Gail Mario .....,.......,.,... ......,.........,. 6 5 Benson Place, Fairfield Carol Ann Mastry ...,.,.. .,,.... 1 58 Garfield Avenue, Bridgeport Sandra Maris ............. Deborah McKay .....,.. Judy McKeon ............... Millicent Meunier .,..,.......... Mary Dolores Mihaley Patricia Altieri ......, Jean Audisio ....,. Patricia Aurilio ...... Connie Barbiero ........ Joan Barry ..........,. Dianne Birdsall ..... Diane Brown ..... Joyce Callahan ....... Joyce Corriveau ,,... Bobbie Coughlin ...... Carol Coviello ....... 56 Sherman Street, Bridgeport 48 Rose Street, Bridgeport 54 Bedford Avenue, Hamden 438 Midland Street, Bridgeport 1432 Main Street, Stratford Leslie Miller ......... Gail Molloy ............. Elizabeth Morgan .. Maureen Moriarty . Susan Mullen .........,. ........ Carolyn Nicotra ...... Jane Novey ........,. Susan Nowicki ,.... Grayce Nucera ..,... Kathy O'Brien ...... Maureen O'Hara ...... Marilyn Palinkas Linda Peck ....,... Marie Piccolo ...,.,, Margo Pistey ............ . Linda Polverari ....., Cecil Anne Pudvah Mary Ellen Quinlan Patricia Rapp ............,. Wendy Ross .,,.......... Elaine Rutkosky ....... Marguerite Ryan Andrea Santaniello Pat Scherer ........... Irene Schwartz ...,.. Rosita Scortino ..... Barbara Sedlock ...., Agnes Semple ....... Carol Shannon ..,..., Carol Skowronski .. Elise Soderberg ...,..,, Judy Stauss ........... Gail Sullivan ..... Mary Sullivan ........ Beverly Tanner ......,. . Fran Teodosio . ...... Sharon Toothill ...,... Mary Trautman ....,.. Maryella Treadwell Kathleen Turner .... Frances Tynan ...... Patricia Vender .,...,.. Barbara Vincent ....... Barbara Wardell Patricia Wedemeyer Teri Wilkinson ..... SOPHOMORE DIRECTORY 195 Garfield Avenue, Bridgeport 115 East Main Street, Wallingford , ...... ,. 752 William Street, Bridgeport 400 Ogden Street, Bridgeport 85 Grove Street, Yalesville 1000 North Street, Milford 19 Knobb Hill Road, Milford Barnhill Road, Stevenson 15 Christian Street, Wallingford 450 Ocean Avenue, Lordship 900 Riverton Terrace, Stratford Patt Daly .............. Michele Daviau ..... Ann Denning ,...... Gale Dolney ...,...... Maureen Donovan . Barbara Dwyer ....,. Lugene Eriquezzo .. Betty Facciuto ....... . Virginia Fagan ..... Marcia Fodor ........ Kathy Flynn ...... 489 North Street, Milford 8 Michael Road, Ansonia ,t .,,. 12 Woodmont Road, West Haven 240 Old Mill Road, Fairfield 93 Point Lookout, Milford 286 Benham Hill Road, West Haven 80 Margherita Lawn, Lordship 710 North Street, Milford 61 Woodland Road, Fairfield 208 Pond Point Avenue, Milford 1'75 Wayne Street, Bridgeport 24 Taylor Ave., South Norwalk 76 Rivercliif Drive, Devon 200 Newfield Avenue, Bridgeport 255 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport 112 Sylvan Avenue, New Haven The Choate School, Wallingford 240 Lombard Street, New Haven 557 Wakelee Avenue, Ansonia Chestnut Hill, Wilton 307 Willow Street, Bridgeport 14 Hill Street, Milford North Taylor Ave., West Norwalk 17 Foy Street, West Haven 357 Stratford Road, Lordship R.F.D. 9142 Broadway Road, Trumbull ......,... 364 Frenchtown Road, Bridgeport Old Saugatuck Road, East Norwalk 504 Park Boulevard, Stratford 400 Hawthorne Avenue, Derby 62 Fenway North, Milford Cypress Pond Road, Westport 2 Grove Street, South Norwalk 1240 Post Road, Fairfield Capricorn Drive, Seymour 60 Rolling Ridge Road, Orange ,.... 3998 Main Street, Stratford 5367 Main Street, Trumbull Eleven O'Clock Road, Weston Sebec Street, Hamden Meriden Avenue, Southington 75 Federal Street, Stratford 44 Ralston Avenue, Hamden Long Rotis Road, Westport 24 Maplewood Avenue, Westport 325 South Main Street, Wallingford 132 Cardinal Street, Fairfield 68 Atwater Street, Milford 31 Brushy Hill Road, Darien 187 Sherman Street, Stratford 308 Park Street, West Haven Shingle Hill Road, West Haven 42 Bouton Street, South 87 Woodlawn Street, . 225 Washington Parkway, 1949 Main Street, 8 Hudson Street, Norwalk Hamden Stratford Stratford Norwalk Barbara Gaetano .....,.. Joan Grottole .,........ Sandy Harkins ..... Margaret Hayes ..,... Shirley Horvath .......... Rosemary Ianniello ....... Jane Irving .....,....,...... Virginia Juliano ...,. Jane Kennedy ...... Marcia King .,....... Judith Kohanski ,..... Kathy Lally ...... Judy Le May .................. Susan Lomazzo ...............,.. Mary Cecelia Malumphy ...... Vennie Lee Mangiaracina Michele Mark .................... Pat McCreevy ...... Mary McElrath ........ Alice McGee ........ Gerry Menn ............ Susan B. Mihaley .....,.... Blossom Gay Morris ...,. Sheila Arp .....,.,.....,.... . Bonnie Bergin ..,.....,...... Mary Ellen Bordenca ...... Kathleen Bosley ......,.,... Debbie Boyle ...........,.. Barbara Brennan ........ Mary Anne Burke ...... Phyllis Cholko ........ Maureen Clifford ....,.. Helene Colby ...,,..... Linda Cordes ........ Sandra Corris .,..... Virginia Cubelli ,..... Laurene D'Amico ......, . Paula Dolan .........,...,. Mary Dora Donnelly ....., Joan Durkin ...,......,... Frances Dwyer ......... Jane Fowler ....,,... Linda Frattalone ...,. Janet Galla ......, Joyce Gallio ......... Pat Gardner ............ Sharon Giannone ......, Christine Healy .,..... Cheryl Hubbell ....... Loretta Hvizdo .........,. Janet Interrante ,...,.....,.. Michele Marie Iorillo ..... Mary Lou Kieran ........... Theresa Kisiel ,..,.,,...,. Sharon Kopchik ...,., .,.. Patti Lamb ......... 1 .... Teda Lane .,................ . Mary Ann Laydon ...... Diana Mario ........... 485 Lambert Road, Orange 12 Kelsey Court, West Haven 148 Everit Street, New Haven 86 Bridgeport Avenue, Devon 121 Maltby Street, Shelton 495 Shelton Street, Bridgeport 87 Indian River Road, Milford 301 Artic Street, Bridgeport 51 Kneeland Road, New Haven 109 Pinewood Trail, Trumbull 556 Shelton Street, Bridgeport 111 North Whittlesey, Wallingford Longmeadow Road, Orange Newtown Turnpike, Weston 179 Howard Avenue, Ansonia 53 Sylvan Avenue, Meriden 3 Ocean Avenue, Milford 13 Moorland Road, Trumbull ,. ,...... . ..,,,.... 8 East Trail, Darien 66 Sutton Drve, Stamford 321 Reeds Lane, Stratford 1432 Main Street, Stratford 130 Ford Street, Milford Mary Niedermeier ....... Ann Marie O'Hara ...,.. Mary Jane Pearson ..... , 10 Ridgeview Avenue, Trumbull 2 Fitch Street, East Norwalk 289 Hawthorne Avenue, Derby 842 Lindley Street, Bridgeport Elizabeth Peclet ...,.......,.,.............. Sharon Lee Pender .... B ld Joanne Puccio .........,......, Angela Rubino ........., . Eleanor Russo .......,,..... Esther Ann Samoska ....... Marilyn Scalesse .......,.. Louise Sciubba ...... Judy Siekierski ...... Anne Skidd ........... Marcia Tarasovic ....,. Trudy Thaler ......,. Diane Trautman .....,. Judi Vitello ........... Patricia Voelkl ,..... Beth Walsh ....... Mary Weldon ......,....,.. Phyllis Yranski , ............ .. Catherine Zachariewicz FRESHMAN DIRECTORY 146 North Orchard St., Wallingford ..,. 577 Pond Point Avenue, Milford 1 Melwood Lane, Westport 97 Savoy St., Bridgeport 24 Edgewood Avenue, Milford 4980 Main Street, Stratford 27 Page Street, Milford 280 East Avenue, Bridgeport 72 North State Street, Ansonia 27 Freemont Avenue, Milford 131 Cedar Hill Road, Milford 357 East Avenue, Bridgeport 120 Terry Place, Bridgeport 70 Hill Avenue, Yalesville 1896 Huntington Turnpike, Nichols Debbie Dinan ...,..... ...... 251 Cedarhurst Lane, Milford 40 Tavern Rock Road, Stratford 41 Cowles Street, Devon Shingle Hill Road, West Haven 27 Bayberry Lane, Milford 65 Platt Street, Ansonia 72 Bunnell Street, Bridgeport 19 Central Avenue, Woodmont Newtown Avenue, Norwalk 73 Garden Street, Ansonia 98 Sixth Avenue, Milford 416 North Street, Milford , ....,. 494mEast Main Street, Bridgeport 204 West Main Street, Milford 35 Joyce Court, Milford Linden Woods Road, Norwalk 402 French Street, Bridgeport 5 West Road, Ansonia 4 Rock Ridge Drive, South Norwalk 236 Pine Wood Terrace, Trumbull 80' Hope Street, Bridgeport 65 Benson Place, Fairfield Kathy McMahon ....,, g. 49, Apt. 367 Success Park, Bridgeport 75 Calhoun Avenue, Trumbull 10 Paradise Street, South Norwalk 153 Maplewood Avenue, Milford 81 Manners Avenue, Naugatuck 294 Kneeland Road,,New Haven 42 Plymouth Avenue, Norwalk 5 Mayflower Place, Milford 5 Overlook Road, Norwalk 123 Church Hill Road, Trumbull Old Stratfield Road, Fairfield 5367 Main Street, Trumbull 337 Brooks Street, Bridgeport Kettle Creek Road, Weston 27 Washington Avenue, Westport 8 Myrtle Avenue, East Norwalk 11 Northfield Road, Fairfield .......,.,. 10 Sixth Street, Derby 80 Nichols Street, Fairfield 249 Old Dam Road, Fairfield Caroleann Metz .,.........,... Marie Ellen Michuda ...,................ 649 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport Patricia Moher ...........,.. .. Sheila Moran ......... Sharon Moriarty .,.,... Alma Munson ....... Phyllis Murphy ..... Mary Nelson ,...., . ..,. .. Patricia Ann Obaza ...... Linden Avenue, Indian-Neck, Branford 28 Woodside Drive, Orange Nancy O'Brien .....,..,....... Donna Jeannie Oddie Carol Ozarowski .....,.... Joyce Picard ..,.,..........., Patricia Poster ....,.. Lee Ellen Potter ......, Carol Reiling ,.........,. Leslie Ann Richards ....... Joan Savage ................. Mary Lou Serritella ..... Noreen Serritella ..... Linda Shashinka ......, Pamela Sherwood ......,. ulie Spang .,............ 13 Chaucer Court, Woodmont 9 Pearl Hill Street, Milford 59 Belden Avenue, Norwalk 75 Elizabeth Terrace, Stratford 1648 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport 208 Pond Point Avenue, Milford . ....... New Canaan Avenue, Norwalk 18 Bilyard Street, Devon 144 Mary Avenue, Stratford 220 Huntington Road, Bridgeport 31 Pearl Hill Street, Milford 37 Bilyard Street, Devon 28 Home Acres Avenue, Milford 973 Naugatuck Avenue, Milford 165 Hollister Avenue, Bridgeport 1043 East Main Street, Stratford 36 Highland Terrace, Ansonia 12 Nostrum Road, Norwalk Susan Steelman .,..,. .,,. Jill Steigler ........ Lois Surgalis .......,.... Heather Sweet ...........,,... Mary Ann Szymborski .,.. Christine Travis .....,...,.,., Marianne Verrell ., ...... . Margo von Elling .,...... Janet Warzocha ....... Loyola Welsh ....... Barbara Wilson .....,.. Roberta Woicicki ........ Doreen Zahornacky ...,. Sylvia Zunxn .,,.,......, 58 Templeton Street, West Haven 110 New Haven Avenue, Woodmont 2 Anchorage Drive, Milford 34 Peck Street, Milford 100 Elder Street, Milford ...... ,...., 8 2 Underhill Road, Milford 62 Melbourne Road, Norwalk 120 Ocean Avenue, Milford 266 Melba Street, Milford North Farms Road, Wallingford 359 Stratford Road, Stratford 64 Indian River Road, Milford 43 Avon Street, Stratford 32 Judson Place, Devon 50 Cherry Street, Milford FRIENDS OF LAURALTON Jack Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Abbott Mr. joseph Andrews Arcade Dress Shop, Inc. Arrow Floor Covering Co. Atthur's Youth Center, Inc. Beneficio Pharmacy, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bevvino, Sr Henry Harrison Blagden, III Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. James Brown Burnett's Plumbing and Heating Service Dr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Cacace Mr. and Mrs. Sal Cagginello Mr. and Mrs. Norman Callahan Carl's Pharmacy CBridgeportJ Carl's Pharmacy CTrLunbullJ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carroll Casa Baroni Char-Ral Stylists Connecticut Photo Blue Co. Right Reverend Monsignor William David's jewelers Del Corte-Sons Self Service Market Del-Ray's Salon of Beauty Mr. Albert Demirjian Devon Esso Servicenter Devon Texaco Service Center Dorsey's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Dudek Mrs. Edwin Duggan Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Duignan Mr. J. Joseph Dunigan Mrs. M. S. Dunigan Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dunigan Dutch of the Nine Brothers Edith's Beauty Salon J. Daly N. W. England 6: Sons Ethical Pharmacy, Inc. Mrs. Alma Federowicz Fiorito's Super Service Morris Fishbien Mrs. Gertrude G. Fitzgerald Flair Beauty Studio Mr. Edmond P. Foucault Frank's Market Fulton Clothiers Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gadus Gadus Spirit Shop Mr. and Mrs. R. james Gallagher Mr. Lawrence A. Gardner Gem Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaffney Gene Lee Greeting Cards Ginny-Lynn Beauty Salon Golden's Pharmacy Goldstein's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. john M. Gotsch Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Gruce Hausman's Pharmacy Mr. Brendan Healy Howe's Drug Store Jackie's Foot Long Hot Dog Stand Mr. and Mrs. John B. Jarusinsky jennie's Pizzeria joe's Tailor Shop johnny's Super Service just Rite Cleaners Kascak's Calso Myrna and Billy Kiner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kisiel Kunkel's Market Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Lane, jr. FRIENDS OF LAURALTON Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lenihan Little Folks Shop Long Hill Food Market Long Hill Pharmacy Mr. Louis J. Gardella Lynch's Marcia-Anne Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. William J. Maher Mr. and Mrs. john C. Mandanici Maria's Religious Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Martin Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Matyszewski Mr. and Mrs. Donald McConaughy, jr. Mr. and Mrs. James J. McDonnell William B. Meyer, Inc. Michael's One-Hour Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Muratori National Cleaners and Tailors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Neary Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Noia Nyden's, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pagliaro Dr. and Mrs. joseph J. Pagliaro Mr. Albert T. Parker Pcolka's Garage Phil's Sugar Bowl Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pinto Professional Pharmacy Puritan Market Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Quatrano Racine's Sunoco Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Rauson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Regan Reichelt's Florists Dr. joseph Reingold Larry Ribak P. C. Riley, Real Estate Roby's Provision Company Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Rubino Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rugg Mr. and Mrs. Jack Santorelli Sarno Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. james A. Scott Scully Machine Company Sellas' Package Store Shelton Hosiery Mills, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Skidd Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Soderstrom Mr. and Mrs. Sal Spadaccino Spada's Blue Goose Mr. Nelson B. Starbranch Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Stroh The Sullivan Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Sullivan Sylvia's Beauty Salon Mr. Steve Szabo Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tarasovic Tom's Restaurant Trumbull Barber Shop Mr. john Tucci Victor and Ricky Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vizzo Walco Spa White Walk Market Mr. and Mrs. Stuart White, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Wood Wyrd's Wailway Wyders Honorable and Mrs. Kenneth j. Zarrilli Zelich's Live Poultry, Inc. Compliments of Friends IN BRIDGEPORT Ben's Cities Service Station 325 Boston Ave. Ceil Borgman 1666 Park Avenue BUSINESS PATRONS IN NEW HAVEN Community Laundry, Inc. 606 Ferry Street Edwards Beauty Salon 256 College Street Michael D'Andrea Religious Supplies 1056 Main Street Dinardo Bros., Inc. fCars, T IN STRATFORD 325 North Avenue H. I.. Green Company, Inc. 1158 Main Street I.. B. Tire Exchange, Inc. 1500 State Street Maier's Service Station 560 Dewey Street Jim Macauda's Appliances 1527 East Main Street Master Electric Supply Co. 645 Pine Street Modernized Cleaners 4100 Main Street Nineteenth Hole Restauran 650 Brooklawn Avenue I Mario J. Ferro, Public Accountant 246 Church Street rucksj Ed Sheehan Tire and Battery Company 596 John Street Toothill Pharmacy 582 Pembroke Street Van Dyk 915 Main Street IN DERBY Kyle's Howe and Bridge Street Murphy Motors, Inc. 266 Synin Avenue IN FAIRFIELD Boback Excavating 127 Blue Ridge Road F. W. Carroll and Son 1898 Post Road Fairfield Inn Post Road IN MILFORD Bruder's Bake Shop 227 Bridgeport Ave. Ann Cleto Beauty Salon 26 Cherry Street College Inn Restaurant Boston Post Road Donahoe's Store River Street 8: Darina Place Harrison 8: Gould, Inc. 36 Broad Street john Hebert, jeweler 45 River Street IN NEW TOWN E. Miller Shopping Centre IN SO. NORWALK S 8: W Metalcraft Co., Inc. Testa Place Norwalk Optical Co. 47 West Avenue IN SOUTHPORT Harris Hardware Co. 350 Pequot Avenue The C. O. Jelliff Mfg. Corp. Pequot Avenue I.. B. Switzer, Inc. Pequot Avenue IN STAMFORD Greenberg's 450 Atlantic Street Mr. E. Accardi - Builder 115 Yukon Street Blake Drug Co. 5565 Main Street Cellar's Repair Service 2342 Barnum Avenue Community Pharmacy 350 Stratford Road Bea Don Court - Piano 8: Organ Laurel Street Millers Stratford Provision Co. 15 70 Barnum Avenue Mr. 8: Mrs. E. M. O'Brien 139 Winter Street O'Connor 8: Gazley, Inc. 1660 Barnum Ave. The E. 8: W. Texaco Service Co., Inc 1455 Stratford Road IN WALLINGFORD Killen's Amoco Service 315 North Colony Street Hin Top Bar .st Grill Tip Top Restaurant 338-342 Bridgeport Ave. North Main Stieff Milford Camera Shop 7 River Street IN WESTON Westport Development 8: Manufacturing Co., Inc. John Lomazzo 8: Sons, Inc. 545 Boston Post Road Weston Road 107 ja yy! QW mjdf j,7"Vjb MUrray Hill 9-0250 fx WE BUY OUR UNIFORMS FROM COLLEGIATE CUTFITTING COMPANY, INC. Q X f X , 25JQQi37bZS3iQQQ5X Q CS? X w C gxigb gif nw! 505 Q EQ Q , X 0505 GG V QQXQXUBW N ffigw S QQ X Q QQYJRQ .ffm do N XUQQ 6 5? X? WSJ Q3 Q1 Qfwff xg f R QS N? ax Us W 3 FQ Q W NG ,X , f WN LN 43 YQ QQ QQ P 587 FQILBKTH EXZENILS K, 5 U FS' bxffwvu R Q, R 5Qq1g?xf29if34Q mwy. 4551 X? Q , Q? 55 Xk DQ. W if FM NN? WY NO fyw C3 QSXW CXQXQ A rj? 'X SX xy . N ' KJ X 5 ig M -.. Qgcfk Y Q Lx X X Q we X3 R19 r' Lf sbs 1 .1 fy q M of yus R TEEN ACCOUNT fl U 7 at , L A l -. I df LJ QLD A My we W CCII'CI fhoef Compliments of g A " al' ara 5 SUB-TEENS 8: TEENS A F R I E N D 1eo MAIN s1'REE'r VI 71716 NonwAl.K Foreign and Domestic Travel EDison 3-5395 VACATION LANDS, INCORPORATED 2779 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT Across from St. Vincenfs Hospital Frank Murphy-James Kiely 109 o more fire worries now-- ARMSTRONG TIRES las! U an Y how' 5- , , G eb d . KX W 55,3 I 55.9 , W L1.J U:Y!vm4IgJ.NL: ARMSTRONG Lvlfhag our next victim?" Gay Byan.and Ronnie oug 'nn consult the seventh perxod picture assxgn- WEST HAVEN ment hst. CORDO CHEMICAL CORPORATION NORWALK, CONNECTICUT Tloermoplaxtic and Tbermosetting Plastic Rexin Formulations CordoglaJ -Armor for Boatx C orafolzonaf - Special Adhesive! Corafopreg and Mobaloy Polyexzer lmpregnated Filareglau Special Vinyl Formalalon to the Trade Local Indaftry-World Wide Ufage Technical Comultants Available 110 Bus 415 Leo Saraf Gene Willmms Barbara Brady Barbara Cagginello Judy Martin Maureen O'Brien Shirley Rauson Judy Salmini Jeanette Soares Maureen Trent Joyce Calovine Barbara Carroll Ann Cassidy Judy Cholko Eileen Cormier Maureen Doran Linda Peck Maigo Pistey Elaine Rutkosky Sharon Toothill Par Vender Barbara Blohm Carol Coviello Carol Czaplinski Gale Dolney Margaret Hayes Rosemary lonniello Judith Kohanski Kathy McElroy Gerry Menn 5 Judy Vitello Phyllis Cholko Sandra Corris Mary Dora Donnelly Valerie Martin Mary Nelson Patricia Ann Obaza Norreen Serritella Celine Malisek Betty Spodnick Pat Duch Esther Samoska Bonnie Dubinsky Sharon Pender 111 A 1 A iff uf.-f Mx' N v . 1 1 ,Lt 1-' I fr' I -X I A if IA vfligiy , MX xr ly OM! f A Q11 M e I R E SERVICE C yime . My MI VL 34 PRI osE DRIVE W A ' NICHOLS MJ U A DRexel 8-4328 Managers and Ierks CALL ANY TIME Day or Night NEAl'S DRUG STORE RICHARD E. NEAL, Ph.G., Reg. Pbar. 1 WOOD END ROAD CCorner Birdseye Streetb STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT Telephone ED 7-7860 The Prescription Store THE PAGE MOTOR COMPANY - BRIDGEPORT AVENUE at Schoolhouse Road MILFORD, CONNECTICUT CHEVROLET - CADILLAC X. X K, Lure' on G sx' RE Nu. 2 FRANK QARIEL Ph.G., . Pharm?-' 312 ALN S ET 9 Cvnmy 'D Q BRIDGEPORT, CONNEC UT X x ck 54 Y xg Specializing in Complete Imtallatiom 248 BROAD STREET XX Lv mt'0f0rJ gfjggllen Genterg gnc. X 2 5 F IN ISHES Free Pliznrzmg and Extimating Wood and Steel TR 4-6719 TR 4-6710 N. MILFORD, CONNECTICUT X R I Over 30 Years Professional Seg "THE WOMAN'S DRUGSTOR " 1278 FAIRFIELD AVENUE BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Delivery Service Tel. ED 4-2214 I Ki? QR Ck xl 113 C C omplimentr of PATERSON STEEL 81 FORGE CO. 'k STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT joan Lukas, Susan Lomazzo, Geri Sutton, and Kathy Dunn, where were you when the group pictures were taken? "The clock is new and so are we," say Judy Stauss, Leslie Miller and Elaine Rutkosky of the junior class. A. J. MONGILLOI INC. Plumbing and Heating Contractorf if NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT YABLONICKY DRUGS Pre: criptioml S JOSEPH YABLONICKY Ply.G., Reg. Pla. TES 2319 POST ROAD FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Phone CL 9-2853 .- I -..e.-mngn Y' W- Q Loans:-nr Fuel. SERVICE KWILLIAMB SERVICE CENTER! ED. 7-9088 ED. 7-6805 BTRATFD RD, UD N N. Congmtulatiom to lbe LAURALTON CLASS OF 1959 Mr. and Mrs. PETER R. SEBASTIAN 25 HURD STREET FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT 'I15 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 19 5 9 MR. and MRS. ALFRED C. ONORATG ak 14 VIRGINIA DRIVE EASTON, CONNECTICUT 'I6 I C X, , X ,M1 1 no ,, , I AMP kk QA ,Msg X ' dvjlxf I ' A 1 Luffy! , xl L ,NJU LD ,Vffyl f A 3. mm' gig my NI Pl-hQvlNC. ' 4 A f 3 T .5 T, NT J ' ,io . 1754 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT O EDison 5-2177 Congratulations to THE CLASS OF '59 Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH F. MUSANTE C omplimentx of MAGIC WATER COMPANY Manufacturer! of Bleaching Water - Bluing Ammonia - S oap Cbipx - Starch Floor Wax Phone ED 5-6346 160 TAFT AVENUE BRIDGEPORT 6, CONNECTICUT THE PAINT BARN 'A' WOOD AVENUE BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT 7 KEN x84 X, ,gil Y Y , ' ml ' ' 'L XX I n. J Y! 8 . ' . ' r ' y M, E , N, 7 , I 'I fl! , . Q'-A A F -. "zlfif LFP! 4 1 .'xf7'f,J' N' 88 "'! I :Af L Q' . it w ' 4 .w 1 .17-3' A' LL , - . ATV. -'HL L lu? ,' 4, 'X , f ,,Ulij'J' fm r I' L LL Q f ' U9 L jf 'ff "' K ,I if I , 1 ,f . L-ff W F ,C QHQFJ K' ,WL i,9if7'C0mpltme71tJ of A' ' I X ?rI A Clffompltmentx , ff My 771 A , I ,vu M V L f F ,F f U Lit HIV" ' 1"HU , A ,fe X K,fLut,47L' f A FRIEND 1 41-13 FRANK POLKE and SON Funeral Service wiv, A Q F wwf F W Www ' ' AN-TL D oi w NE A Em' X M W VQQTW FF F F ' it f c 1' f ts Ag M Y amp zmentx 0 K N .iff Swlwt-6, spu iziugi L ' choice Suburban Executive Proper ' -C A F Rl N D DRexe1 8-6188 EDison 7-1909 118 LITTLE STONE HOUSE GIFT SHOP WHITFIELD STREET GUILFORD, CONNECTICUT Giftr of Divination Perronal-And for the Home Season: May lsr until early October MARJORIE ARNOLD-Telephone: GLendale 3-9444 Debbie McKay, Cecil Puclvah, Sister Peter Marie, Lorna Bosses and Elise Soclerburg engage in campus commerce. Good Luck to THE CLASS OF 1959 from THE SILVER CITY FURNACE COMPANY M-ERIDEN, coNNEcT1cUT I'I9 FRANKIE'S RESTAURANT Choice of 25 ITALIAN DISHES DAILY 9 ' ' Hot Food Table Meals a la carte Dinnen Made to Take Home 485 CHAPEL STREET NEW HAVEN UNiversity 5-9365 120 gm fa Gomphments of i P 5 xii acc RQ H2 2-3 Xff Exif , Q QQ ifizlq MR. and MRS. TIMOTHY J. LOUGHLIN HALL BENEDICT DRUG COMPANY, INC. 767 ORANGE STREET NEW HAVEN 11, CONNECTICUT Pharmacists Since 1870 INDUSTRIAL HEAT TREATING CO. Heat Treating in all it: Pbaxex 67 MINERVA STREET DERBY, CONNECTICUT Lunch period is our favorite class," say Adele Zelich, Diane Szabo, Amy Dudek, Carol Lombardi and Frances Falk to Sister Mary Elvira. N J. 1 lx J", 'x"'X lf - .J M' - x , .'l. r-1 ' N -.f "IA 1 , . , - 'S 4 I 'J I - Compliments of I NK X -I r I ' J K , . . x N .1 wx X K' y G. H. OLSON STEEL COMPANY 711 STATE STREET Ext. FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT 122 WV 'NK yn iv 5 -UL! gb N X 1 J P IVV Jw 341 Q5 I V . yy If gf ' I I N I F .f I1 W NDN C5 I7 wg! JW x1 UMW 52155 E no! M Xm P. I Q! Compliment: to CLD H A Q O fu '- P ,690 D ft THE CLASS OF 1959 10611, 'J 27 RIV,IEQ!S'I'REET . f ,, C 366 I QXLIIILFORJD? CONNECTICUT ,WLM Mr. and Mrs. CARI. H. GUNTHER Phone TR 4-9765 .lERRY'S APIZZA Specializing in Taxty Tomato Piex SEATING OVER 100 Phone ED 5-9361 181-187 PEQUONNOCK STREET BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT MEL HART Televirion and Appliance: FOrest 8-1882 1624 MAIN STREET Bridgeport, Connecticut 123 Qftfftfwflffit MM M W ff ef we fjwftf-Qjmy J' S9 ' we J 0 M921 tiff? 50" 7 bfefff W ...,...L5-,l ?:fa..E ' e zcsour tea J - Sea Food t ' Served in a Re i g Atmoxpbere ' Diso 7-9182 OVERL G LONG IS S U - 14 B CH RIV S A a J- d Chips Italian ds CHAS. ROEDER and SONS, INC. Sheet Metal Contractor: BRID M an V55 it P , ,M M 7 vmwjbfppwi WW 52 , ARBRKTOGEIREST HOME X - f YA Q ,,,,,-.--- ' Q 65 WEST My CHESHIE, CONNECTICUT lxl?JJ1XI!E4T.A9ij'fIiTA.TKNAGAN , R N rf 5 5 1 Qfww R J BR 2-6545 4 T 7 M 1 O . f VO C , ff wwf Www T' X1 TJ ,fy fx: in yi' I xg 1, f Ii A 'N' f 3? ff? . xufncongratul t T , "fi t y if T 'H if 'i W. J f R, THE CLASS OF 1959 ,y' - x K if XY . X -' 0 X' 'V , ,V mf J T Q J i Yr ,I f, I 4 A, 'T JAMES M. BROWN I . K 1 , . - V f Tr' A',f J I l i,J J j lm ERI z AND HAWLEY, INCORPORATED j T F Opticians Photographic J -T f' A r A 'TJ BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT C ongmtulatiom to the CLASS OF 1959 WIRETEX MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INCORPORATED 10 MASON STREET BRIDGEPORT 5, CONNECTICUT -177 "Four score and seven ads ago, Invcould quote the Gettysburg Address," seems to be the attitude of Ellen Tristine, Patty Maher and Amy Dudek. ,1'-' f in ,, N, STRATFORD SPIRIT sHoP . A , .I I4 1216 BARNUM AVENUE v ,N STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT ' I 4 , 126 5 Q fx V 'I N-'f Q 1 r V A v f . . ' 1 , -za ' . CAPITQI. -ELECTRIC CO.. 1 I. " I CRANE co. Electrical Contractor C I K' .' - "The Preferred Plumbing" Industrial Wiring a Specialty Commercial - Rexidential 1525 RAILROAD AVE. ZOLTON J. PERISKY Maxter Electrician BRIDGEPORT, CONN. FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Phone EDison 6-1891 CLearwater 9-8418 CASA MARIA RESTAURANT "The Finext Italian Cui1ine" Steak! - Chop! -- Seafood Ample Parking Thomas LoPiano Phone Stamford DA 3-1365 680 Boston Post Rd Prop. Stamford, Conn. For Your Dining Pleature VISIT THE bntciieactal Luncheon: - Dinner: 11:45-2330 P.M. 5:00-10230 P.M. Air Conditioned- Cloxed Sunday! FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT CONN. TPKE. Exit 44-BLACK ROCK Member - Dinerx' Club 'I27 I W xi 1, B m mi, X f I fJ ry' QV ' 'r K, Clin 41 V, " .af I .-, 1, " K- Q ' 'Qi' f' mi' if .C 4 ' ' fl ,G- zqaf ff! 9 jgziz , A - Compliments of W x I ,, Afmw A FRIEND JP?-fJ?41'lfgv6fL. M2dJ'7f0L1f., J Civ rjgafwcl we fbggewfff 511326 fmlfmff if MCM N7514,4l7MLef YIQWC fm LAWJQ W me um.: STONE House GUILFORD, CONNECTICUT Serving Luncheon 12:00-5:00 P.M. C Dinner 12:00-8:30 P.M. Lani f , j 'Q!CL'fl7Qj 112137715 '777f4-41, 9212, Mondgyi in 'QV 'Wig 5 A ju 1 gig!-54 I 4 f X jf , m C , ,J , M671 Qgvyzlf , out L1-f djw 2225 I Compliment: of 9'4?77Ze7WL?L McDONAI.D DRIVING SCHOOL 128 X Q x Congmtultztionx to LAURALTON HALL GRADUA ' mgan gewelers 2 ' Q ' Fine Diamonds- Watches A X.: Sterling Silver JOHN MARIO 2 .' Graduate Gemologixt R .. 1000 MAIN STREET Corner Wall 2406 MAIN STREE ' Bridgeport Stratford Cente C 'L jx if, O ,K I. T THE SALCE It CONSTRUCTION COMPANY,lNC.M' A I 'k 120 BANK STREET BRIDGEPORT 3, CONNECTICUT 129 I, K Buy Americzix Bert Brand: A from Herb Gilbert and John La Sala T' GUILFORD FOOD CENIRE vu . no 'I "Q 0 A an A H ., x I I ,X A 77 WHITFJELD STREET GUILFORD, CONNECTICUT "Oh say, we brought in mints and mints through ads," boast Marion Onorato, Mary Carroll, and Maribeth Curtis. lj W CW WLC My j Q, Wyl'.lC5,xRDNEWELKECTRIC COMPANY VLIIJJ V 3 'dv MJQM W LJ U lxh l Vu M4 ,UU jf VI 4 ,tv X . , f NL VJ Il J PM ,ffl 'l I 'U 'AWWXWK I A UAIJ xl is L0 L4 J JUN , ,, ,., X ,I lib ' .J u To I J, , FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT C f Apu lbw ll' 7' WJ I I L, fl l 130 lx' Y f ' 7' , 0 , x Vx. M X 1 1' X if I I Qt 4 , . a 51, f A - f , o , ,Y f v ,' If , , ' X , , I I, v 7,1 f 'X 1 .-V ,- , x 1 f V, L AME 1 Sid if V VV al' WJ, if PM nw Jn! mkvffkx J .1 I U V f 1Uw,f'McJAfVL0m 1 V K X All X , f 1 , W J nik. ,Q ,V XI .IJ Congratulationx to the 1959 GRADUATING CLASS 'x 5 9 Q- 11 -E Ft X S5795 I .X TX- x X .3 -X X ' x 3 . YB SQ X1 . :EJ MR. and MRS. JOSEPH P. YONEY .5 Q 3. I TN Q 1 M q XX .2-TQ ,M xNX - X ' 1 LOMBARDI ENGINEERING COMPANY Manufacturer! of Precision Metal Product: 67 MINERVA STREET DERBY, CONNECTICUT ,-, ' lf. . DX! l 5 fffyf 776 fwfr afar" J. D. JOHNSON CO., INC. WHOLESALERS Plumbing, Heating and Induxtrial Suppliex 277-281 WATER STREET BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Telephone ED 4-4160 or ED 4-4169 131 ., ESTABLISHED I 888 Local and Long Distance Moving Packing - Shipping - Crafing VOSBURGH COMPANY INCORPORATED --- STORAGE --- ANY POINT IN THE UNITED STATES GEORGE HAAS, Manager Phone WEst 4-2666 g 6.18 CAMPBELL AVENUE WEST HANEN, CONNECTICUT 0 ai, R., Q Ng' 1 S 4 I D155 2' f ' 132 1 a . S, , 1. , : v , ,. f- . XL- LWB ryfqfku ,Q f?,i 1 5 7 U K ,' all 11114, 1 7 ' ' 7 ILT!! l N All JOSEPH J. DAMATO 715 WHITE PLAINS ROAD TRUMBULL, CONNECTICUT Commercial, Reridential, and Wiring Electrical Contractor Bert Wifbef to CLASS OF 1959 THOMAS S. ELLSWORTH Insurance-Real Extate 2992 FAIRFIELD AVE. BRIDGEPORT, CONN' These seven plus one had lots of fun, Selling ads for the book at which you now look. Clockwise, from the bottom: Maureen O'Brien, Carole Freeman, Frances DeLuca, Marleen Matyszewski, Elena Lawton, Amy Dudek, Sharon Wasilewski, Barbara Cagginello. Q O e tment 1499 POST ROAD FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Telephone Clearwater 9-5289 133 px CV'J Q5 f ,V pf' mm, .5 of I .J I It Q N, mx J F fb fweef A I 52 W N I IRI 'X I X1 A-.X I-X ,A X fy V1 x X E ,KL f AT UTRATHELD PHARMACY ,SU xxxy 1 If SFU '51 If Q4 J 1244 STRATFIELD ROAD I ,J V ' I QV , P ,pry X X, I Cy I fix QQBRIDGEPORT 4, CONNECTICUT Pk tty, V V! ,iw Univ lyk U AQ M In MQ .' ,fb 1 f Prercriptiom Delivered EF JH JUJJ! V , yy ,U P,V W I TM J C,,,,,p1,,,,e,,,, of BENEDICT 81 COMPANY, Inc O C A L L A H A N ' S GARDEN CENTER 135 TEMPLE STREET NEW HAVEN, CONN. w O STRATFORD, CQNN. Oil Burnen-Fuel Oil: AERONAUTICAI. MACHINISTS INC. "2O YEARS OF SERVICE" to the AIRFRAME INDUSTRY M. KUZIAK - Prexident ARTHUR J. GLEASON- Vice Prerident BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT 134 u, FJ ' '-' .ls E QE X SE X 675' Tb C-f3Q Eg 'T 'if 'ff 1, qi gi Lf ml. . Congmtulatiom to the Q ik Je' 1 R CLASS OF '59 CD in 1 C ,,,,, J. P. SALMINI CO., INC. DECEJL . r 101 GULF STREET MILFORD, CONNECTICUT M fc . CCCC ' iff M jf E7 li f 1 , , RIN I exce en E W QM Pls: desigl t Pdlyuj F NM I skilled n ,Q E 5 'UW O OW me Zlafxmanshnp 6 - ZSANFHZEEZJ I qlgligf k K nolmlls I : - mf C QQGWQQZP Youn CLASS Jswnsn X 4 A mwmxuow Ljxpyqfm IEGESKCLUST Q Q nosrou 226 Pusuc smear, rnovmzucs, R. I. New Yonx MANUFACTURING .IEWELERS 135 INTER NOW J P My - xo if I K IJ L WA I QJQKPVP7 Lib amino PHARMACY, lNc. 0 jkxzie' , ,L A X' A. JACOBSON, Reg. Pb., Mgr. AYQXI ' 666 BROOKLAWN AVENUE BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Delivery Service Phone EDison 5-4556 Ill!! F 1' I-II! v nu: wr I-QQ!!! icl:'sAlmq.Y I "What! Is George running again?" asks bewildered Beverly Tanner. FAIRWAY RESTAURANT 2536 EAST MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT EDison 5-5430 FRITZ MENN, Manager FAIRFIELD SCRAP IRON and METAL CO. Connecticut Turnpike Exit 25 FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT FO 7-6608 136 A ,f XV , ,- A MV JI To ti Mft W I XM C3144 2 N V, if J ,LUV yi QFJXXJKKUK V Oi: U A QQ! 7.1 -' kg O 'HC' QW fy K to OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for THE LAURALTON ' 1959 'A' 478 Newfield Ave. Stamford, Connecticut Telephone: Stamford DA 3-5064 F ' ' jd' if 'I' E U R P R E S S Y. ' and Commercial Printery 10 COMMER s ' J NORWALK, c ECTICUT K , If , 056-6854 xo K' SM -- McDERMOTT DAIRY Q f 9 f ,yy Ml Q WIN W1 U I K M LEILMID COQINIISILECTICUT QI We llwjlll, If I MQW ww 'QQME W JJ' 'Ad V CITY SAVINGS BANK J I Tb W dvi, I. " e Family Bank" 562 1. S 8 H 4 ! :win J- ome-,Mortgagef--Life Imuranc MTSU LK Member Federal Depoxit Imurance Corporatz 948 MAIN STREET - BRIDGEPORT 3621 MAIN STREET - STRATFORD 138 To The Class of 1959 . ,K . . . . our y best wishes for the future. Your pl f the future vary. Whatever they are, may yo achieve full success. That is our sincerekggh for every f N W N mr VW , , - ' JL N' jQfyf1iW5'fffj fjp,fQ,5yffE SW ytgrwygwtnffw WW wjfyjlwfy mmf ' 'ATHE FRIENDLY BANK" Cor. Main and Bank Sts., Bridgeport I, Conn., FOrest 63251 All DEPUSITS GUARANTEED IN Fllll, BY THE SAVINGS BANKS' UEPUSIT GIIARANTY FUND UF CONN. T L - "Be sociableg look smart," sing Judi Perisky, Diane Szabo, Elizabeth Pagliaro, Theresa Teod Ellen Tristine. ill ly ' N l , K E lb X W fp! THE E. 81 F. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Builderf BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT 140 join Our Friendly Crowd dl PARK CITY SKATELAND 1035 STATE STREET BRIDGEPORT, CONN. Open Evening: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 8: Sunday 8 - ll Afternoon: Saturday and Sunday 1:30 - 4:50 Religion: Article: - Church Good: CATHOLIC SUPPLY COMPANY and Catholic Information Center Phone EDison 3-7272 917 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT, CONN. wbglie' em e lMnce: I ,ein 7 . ,W ,Dial i ffmcfljabe Plum 2 STR 1 f' , . 4 ffiln onAs WW APPLIANCES wwf we Authorized Dealer 067 BARNUM AVENUE Phone EDison 7-1896 Compliment: of A. Gl.ORlA'S FARM MARKET BOSTON POST ROAD MILFORD, CONN. Quality Fruit: and Vegetable: bing and Heating Contractor ATFORD, CONNECTICUT lrwiririlfyf Wirlff ily ,Il Q, U5 ' ' from 'IL ,Congratulations and Good Luck REMINGTON RAND ELECTRIC SHAVER Diririon of Sperry Rand Corporation 60 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Congratulations on your being graduated from Lauralton Hall. It's a wonderful feeling to have reached this milestone and we hope you take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. Whatever your chosen field, may you be a source of pride to your parents, teachers and com- munity. MARY ROBERTS FASHION LANE 3582 MAIN STREET STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT WILLIAM R. MCDONALD FUNERAL HOME i' 2591 MAIN STREET STRATFORD 142 LWM' ff W? fp W 55955557 W V THE CHEVROLET DEALER THE COCHRANE CHEVROLET COMPANY 'Ir bill , SUTRATFQRD V A U ooo CENTE R 1' ,fl V J s HMAIN STREET and wooDEND ROAD , ,ll h , N lShannon Buildingj T T 'ui l . ' N COMPLETE Foon srone A EMBER OF THE CROWN FOOD STORES, INCORPORATED 5 I One of Connecficuf's Largesf Food Disfribufors X, Selling Nafionally Known Merchandise Direcf To You af fhe Lowesf Prevailing Prices s-Q Telephone DR 8-0341 OFF STREET PARKING FOR T00 CARS Open Thursday and Friday Nighfs Unfil 9:00 p.m. NEWLY AIR-CONDITIONED 144 1 'in - A. P1 .- ,. .,r - w' f -3 - " 'f' ' -' -. W . :. , ' '. '- '-2 1-. , w -' II , 3.41 I y. ,, L .Q '- " .Q . 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Suggestions in the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) collection:

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 55

1959, pg 55

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 25

1959, pg 25

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Yearbook (Milford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 120

1959, pg 120

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