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Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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,Syfeffa 1116, fl 1959 ZX A , 0 JJ, cfm JJ .1-.1--0-.J--0--AIliff.:-lla-.f-1-.lf-.rg-If-.f.4-.1-1-1 ITPQCLQTPGJ Jubilate Deo! Sing joyfully to God! Such is the hymn of gratitude which springs from our hearts, as we glimpse at the ten years that have elapsed since the Openlng of the Academy of Our Lady of Grace In a new breath of vislon, we glance back at a decade of progress durlng which the grace of God has met scholar ship Every moment of these years has been dedicated to the Sacred Heart through Mary's lovlng mediation. We the graduates of 1959 are the beneflclaries of the exper1erce of our predecessors who have taken the f1PSt steps toward the Eternal Commencement from the portals of our school Now we leave our Alma Mater, but not comoletely for we shall take w1th us m8mOT16S of most preclous days, a fund op learn1ng, noble ideals and lofty aspiratlons We are leaving but leavlng our hearts here 1n the keeplng of Our Lady of Grace Take the rlght steps through God's good grace, L1fe wlth 1ts way before us lles, Christ 18 the goal and Chrlst the prlze . l 'I I A ' O . . X . Lift up thine eyes, and seek His Faceg , . .1-fel!-lil!-ll-1-l--l--I--.l-.1-.1-.1-.1-.1-,,-.,s.1-,1-,,-,,-,-,- ,1- me LCClfl0ll We, the class of 1959, fondly Parents May they experlence the happlness of seelng us live up to thelr expectations as staunch C8thO11CS loyal to God, to home and to country gl C dedicate this Stella to our ii Hn Holnzcu P0174 Iofm XXIII REVEREND ALBERT GAGNON REVEREND ALBERT BmAUSOLEIL Chaplain. Pastor and Sodality Director. SCL00 q- -- ,4 f 1959 FIND .AA if wad - af' 'I 1 xt PM Q 411 1 ffm if iii gf? .W ,.1 ,. . ,,M , 4 X l , -W mi' - f se iff!!! is 5,11 3 If f' v M- gnroffmenf I 1959 1953 59 Grade 241 H1gh School 1957 58 Grade High School 1955 57 Grade Hlgh School 1955 55 1949 195555 NS,,f' Grade High School 20 I 1955 54 Grade 144 High Scnool 19 1952 55 Grade 1 08 High School 25 1951 52 Grade 1950 51 Guide 80 H 6 9 Hlgh Schogl 19 1 h 1949 50 S School 15 .,ss Grade 8 1 Hi gb Scho o1 9 7 1 - -. . 51 4 - 198 -- 52 . I ' - 195 - ' 24 4 - Grade 168 - High School 26 e ' le g 155 - f ,Mg agzlzoof gn roffmenf 199 Front row Paquette, L Moran Prehemo, P Ward Back row Lavlgne, R Bourassa, Thibeault, M Hebert Absent LaCasSe Front row D Beloln, L Damour, E Boisseau, L Couture, M Lambert, G Grandmalson, Rlendeau, B Plante, J LaPerle, J Winning Second row G Nadeau, M Laurence, L Lavallee, J Beloln, L VHTQUIS, F Belan er, J Tnibeault, C Laurence, P Lav1gne, G Couture,S Marquls, Thlrd row E Faylor, F Marcotte, C Hebert, Y Paquette,G Champalgn, A St Taurent, L St Plerre, I Poglny, L Caouette, Y Damour,D Newton, B Romero, J Beloln Fourth row N Belanger, S Belanger, G Caouette, A Wendoza, L DeB1o1s, R D6BlO1S, R Lambert, C Bouthllller, F Cornell, G Routh1er, C Beau do11, D Wear : S. . , R. . , 2 Jo . 0 L. . . : D. . 2 To D c o u o Q . ' Po . Q o o o 2 o . o o 0 . 0 A l 0 g o 1 0 0 . I 0 . 0 J. Snay, O. Damour. -b . Z 0 - 0 o o o .0 . Q-.4 'o s- ' I-o ' o Q o ix o o ' n M M -----2 o o n or o . an . c o . . Q o . o - 'L . . . ell! Sew Cifoaer 0 Goal N W ---... Qvfgfx HEI!! E' Marian Pi lgri-mage 3 Marlan Year Priceles s Moments with Many R t 6 rea A SPi1'1tua1 0116 , Q t I1 GSHS-rates Action Neerer to Thee M-V God 'Quai' 1 + - I i : tl i 2 -I I ! , i i Com emorating the ' xt-- fx - , g Milest F 1 xi 1 On First Fridays the students assist at Mass and receive com union at St. Brendan's Church. eZ1l'EU' fo jlwe y Goff May the heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament be praised, adored and loved in all the tabernacles of the world even to the end of time C Hebert and Y Damour meditating on the lessons of the crib XR ' I ,i i a e,.ffwtK , , r 3 ', ghuilff I ' 3 - r uw' In a pensive mood, J. Thibeault gui fA enerafea ,x4cfion locates Jerusalem. F Belanger, C Beaudoln, and B R mero put 'Firlshlng touchesn on symbols of Ble sed Trlnity Fr Beausole1l's TG1ig1OD clas es are so Whlle G Caouette Posts hls practlcal' iii..- M N Fr Boucher presldes over the Peart 1n our new classrooms I O . . Q L I S . . 0 . i J ' flf A W I eh t f th S d Glory and Honor to the Sacred Heart! En rovemen O e acr? Relaxlng after a day of prayer at St Bernadette's Retreat House in St Johns, Quebec L Lavallee spendlng a few m1nutes in spiritual readlng Posing with Father Paul after our annual high school retreat. Rffeaf -X4 .S?0U'LtLLa A6f0I1 0 Pausing in Father Howard's lecture room A few seniors renewing their bapti mal vows. I I 0 w 92 ' , .1 . A .Q v , , I 0 . . 3, Iii! 'B ,r-"L, -231 A ' ' v e Q . 3 0 Q e , v' r rice e155 omenfa wiflz 6l M Belisle as the Presentation Virgin reditating on Mary's virtues during a Sodality meet1ng L MHTQUIB crowning Our Lady Catechist, L Lavallee, on the Job 'Hail Mary ' prays S Marquis W Q I 1' ' EL vfgf o K ' .'. ' '1o o loo oooo 1 ' , o Ev' ' o ' ? 1 it ,,'i: f ', ' f , , ' 1 o 8' W x . 4 ? I , L 'E ommemorafing ar ian ear BernadettefN Gagnonj arriving at the Grotto 1n the Oratorio BernadetteKL Marquisj vis1ting Father Peyramale qs Belanger 1n his garden in 'The Song of Bernadette' Bernadette asking the beautiful Another scene fr m 1adyfJ Rouleau her name Have mercy on us, O Lord' Belng cross examlred by the Chief of Police, JacometCE Savage ew x I . 5 . 5 0 'The Song of Bernadette'. . 'p. 6U'iCU'l lgifgrim agea 1 - - 5+ After a V1S1t to the Blessed Sacrament Meditating on the Myster1es of the at the Shrine chapel Rosary before the beautiful monwments at the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Aboard the ferry Wlth Father Boucher on our way to tHE Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape ' 'I ll i WS 1 YE - 1 I fa? Q A 3 ' if b 55 ' f x f. .5 A 524, C9 orwar 5 f ' n SAO adhc ,fdckieuemenld I I Vw I I -- ,III I--5.-. E1 ghth Grade Classes Music Leads to God Secretaries at Work FOI' God and Country Cul ture Through Lang'-1 ages X Toward Bett 5' CI' speec eadiw Penetrating th e My3ter 163 f, F-ihdin 0 h an? S316 -5 the U no x..J 6 n1fn0.,,, I x IE. I I I In I I I fb I l Future Z F Cornell and A Mendoza reviewlng for Natlonal Merit Scholarship .inalmg e Mn nown I'11 solve tnis trig problem yet, determlnes E Bolsseau P. Riendeau and M. Lambert profit by teamwork in algebra. S. Belanger locates the eight required points. A group of biology students dissecting grasshoppers f' . 2-L ' Qiifiiqzfss Atoms the bricks of the universe D Newton and Y Paquette use the electron theory to expla1n metals and nonmetals l?l1L?ffZltil1g? Me Wyaferzea CIEUQCI? The general science pupils experiment with optical instruments W111 G Beloin and F Cornell bec me botanists? R DeBlois and C Damour master sentence diagramlng QDLDKZI' 6ZGg:?tl2U' -.ES290!HZZL till!!! lzgaedltigllgi Is this a book on careers Sr Mary of Nativity is showinv Y Paquette' An English test is scheduled for tomorrow E Taylor searches for information on Catholic Book Week No, it's not Bernadette, but Y Damour as Lady Macbeth O Q O . I O . Q0 0 O at O O l I O French II pupils, G Grandmaison and G Couture, study the map of France D Rear and C Damour translate sentences in French I class Cjuffure -jiy, lWDLlg? Clllgilltl E25 I The Latin II pupils, F Cornell Y Paquette, N Beloin portraying a Roman famlly Mhmk 7 IX mn "?""' In Latin III C Laurence makes a synopsis of the verb, 'audire', whlle J Winning looks on Ri. Latin I pupils struggle through a lesson es 9,2 C I . I . W '9 , ,G cf I' ,cn 5 Ei ' seg, W L ' 9 C U I - I gm Q, c. W fl 2555 n f f n I . , MK..,.,. , pvc 5 - 33? 15 K a 0 - .4- . ,. F .U X . 1 ,I Q S , e335 f I 1 I 1 O 1 I . I O Ol' go 61 6106! 60ll,l'lfl'y Pledging to the Cruc1f1x Honoring our C Bouth1111er in World History class Engoying weekly news f11mstrips Learnlng more about the 'Good Old U S A ' 1 Q c . . . . C O ,MN 'fb vi! ,xl 53'w5 . 'xx 1 C I I LLtitl1? e1?I1?ft1l'b?d I 1F'N dlh M Laurence L Damour E Taylor, J LaPer1e close their bookkeeping records E Taylor, F Cornell, Y Paquette J LaPer1e and S Marquis, strive for speed and accuracy I 'Practice makes perfect,' say Marie finds the adding machine J LaPer1e and S Marquis convenient X a mr ' 9 use s i . R' e 1 udic algae!! fo Q 1 n Front rowg 1 LaPerle, N Beloin, E Boisseau, D ilnv, J LaPerle, V LaPerle, H Polrler, F L oureux, L Damour, J Wlnnlnv Second row H Belanger, L Couture, G Grandmaison, D Belanger, J Carrler, C Derour, 1 Nadeau, Y R1endeau, L Lavallee, P R1endeau, J Snaj, L Qeer, R Campbell, V Laurence, B Plante Third row S erquls, S Phlloctete, J Beloin, Y Costello, C Laurence, E Taylor, G CHaLnaigne, F Varcotte, F Belanger, P Lavlgne, J Th1beau1t, L MBTGUIS, T Beloln, G Couture, M Lambert Fourth row B Romero, D Newton, V Paquette, A Wendoza, M rovlny, A St 'aurent, C Beaudoln, L DeB1o1s, F Cornell, L St P1erre, D Belanger, F Roy, L Caouette, C Hebert Sr M Relne exp1e1ns to E nolsseau and to F ,,arcoLte how to flnd tetr F Marcotte Hours of practlce are Cnords ln Scales requlred before one can render a pmece llllll7l' 6U1ll7f' Cld Front row L Dauour, T Beloln, 1 Laurence, S Warquls, C Leulence, J Thlbeault, J Beloln, J Wlnnlng, L Lavallee, J LaPer1e Back row C Hebert, Y Paquette, A Iendo a, F Cornell, Y Damour, D Newton, E Taylor l1k5 l7l6lll ..fgImf7,Sl7l1ll7l1? 12355 Front row E Boisseau, B Plante, P Rlendeau, G Couture, C Bouth111ier, G Gaouette, S Belanger, G Nadeau, G Grandmaison, N Lambert, L Couture Second row: C. Damour, J. Snay, F. Belanger, D. Rear, G. Routh1er, R. DeB1o1s, R. Lambert, P. Lavigne, L. Marquis, G. Beloin. Third row: F. Marcotte, L. Caouette, N. Belanger, G. Champaigne, C. Beaudoin, L. DeB1ois, A. St.-Laurent, L. St.-Pierre, M. Poginy, B. Romero. ' - ' 5 2 ' L1 : . ' R. ' Y. . g ' . - K ...Z of L, Q , V: V dflglal, grade Front row: D King, L Rear, G Gosselin, N Baillargeon, Y Lambert M Tremblay, H Po1rier, M LaPer1e Second row D Belanger, F Lamoureux, M Belanger, D de la Bruere Y Riendeau, R Campb 11, V LaPerle Third row J Carr1er, S Philootete, F Roy, Y Costello, T Beloin Absent Y Marquis, M Campbell m 'P'20 'Literature is fun,' say D Belanger, M Tremblay and G GOSS811n J Carrier, L Rear and R Campbell demonstrate their 'ho emade telegraph are fee sgielag of an 0 Sl EEEEEL Here and There Leisure Moments FTeshm Favorlt Chrlg an In e Pastimes has BanouetX ltiation Fellowes, Time Out p of Dram xN.,f CJ f ,Af J 9 my XYWL 3 W' f gl . 5 LITZE? liz, 4, l11l7l6l nGlad to know you, Mr Johnson,' S Belangerl, says ErnieCC1aude Bolthillierj in a scene from the slay, Charity Ball 'A cowbell makes less noise than four dr ms', says Mrs Johnson QP Lavignej while PeterQDanie1 Rear looks on FrancesfJ Winning consoles Mrs Manning O Laurence in 'Enjoying Poor Health' 'I remember, just before my operat1on', repeats Bertha F Cornell B. Gosselin, N. Baillargeon, and 'Gloria in EX0919i9 D00'- S. Belanger in 'Merry Christmas, Mr. Snowman'. ' u Ar . y , 0 K . 5 . 4 . 3 . C - 5- The freshmen on Initiation Day awalt orders from their upper classmen Who H111 eat more L Couture or L Deblois7 l1k5 l1l6lll llLtl6l!llZfl Llll Cl 175602271 Everyone 18 enjoying hlmself watching the green Freshmen, G Caouette, perform h1S stunt The boarders, impersonating famous Clark CA Mendoza is Q strac ou characters, are on their way to the while Saca3aweafC Laurence po'nts Halloween Party out the way 571m N Ghriafmad anciuef n err I wonder who chose my name? Father Gagnon, assisted by N Beloin, distributes the Christmas gifts The girls move nimbly about J Thi-b0aU1f J 301031, and N The Pastor and the Chaplain carve Beloin peek with pride in the the turkeys oven 1 w s . Q 'f v ' , ., gs f , . . , 0 O y o U 6ll7C7l1itE? 6l:5fil114?J N Belanger and F Roy are ready Hit it! Father Beausoleil to take o f - . It's 4 o'c1ock fun for J Yinnlng G Nadeau and A St Laurent agree and C Laurence that skiing is great fun L St Pierre, L Deblois and J Snay play shuffleboard Qld UIQ 0 l'l'l2l'l fa Skillful fingers at work J Thlbeault, Y Demour, C Hebert revievung English a pleasant way A Mendoza glancing through an album How we enjoyed ourselves at the Mardi Gras Party! 6712 Clllbl 6712 0 L G A participates 1n the Memorial Day Program L Couture and G Champaigne gaze at the bulletin board It's bazaar time again 'Manners make the gentleman', th1nks G Routhler as he opens a door for G Beloin We're opf to the Senlor Play in Newport! Didn't we enjoy our Sodallty out1ng9 1 QA X """""' U n o 0 c . A o Q O . 0 u 1-4. C A - , Sepping app,-f gf C7lll6ll11! tiEz7l7ll?1A?llCl?l7l6U1 I !!!.!. J Thibeault Conslderation L Lavallee Dependabillty C Hebert--Courtesy Y Damour P erseverance eloin Devotedness sew-ton H O 1' Pa quet te Pi eloin S endljness gy cholar Shl n 'r ' N ! Y 1 ii . : f X ! 1 : f 2 1 i 1 E! ' I M. Laurence--Kindness C9 if ' " . x-S J. B -- XT ,, A -, um u Y. N. B NF NICOLE BELOIN 'From a little spark may burst a mighty flame ' A bundle of enthusiasm,N1cole motivates her classmates to work She 18 the target for teasing because she is such a good sport Her studies have been marked with brilliant accompllshments he 1S helpful, tlreless, and aids whoever needs assistance In her leisure time Nicole lores to dance and read Vivacious, 1nte1ligent, StHd1OR8,N1CO18 19 sure to succeed May Our Lady share her wisdom with her DONNA NEWTON 'Always laugnlnv, full of fun, gets along w1th everyone Friendly and smiling, Donna always contributes an amusing com ent t any conversation Her identification 18 silky blonde ha1r With her classmates she is modest, cordial, pleasant and cooperative Loved by a11,she is always pollte and consid erate Donna received the Betty Crocker Future Homemaker's Award She is the senior most likely to succeed in that field May the Immaculate Mother draw her ever closer to Her Divine Son YOLANDE PAQUETTE 'It's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice Her brown eyes sparkle and add a sweet essence to her charmlng personality Yolande is 1ntel11 gent, understandlng, carefree, and unpretentious She 18 ardent sports fan and enjoys dancing i her lelsure hours She ranks high in popularity with everyone in her class May God be w1th her U o O ' . S I Y xl, ' s I Nl . . . . X . , we j g 5 , ,V . O gr' . . Q , - gl A . ' an V- n . . U ' A O . . . ' I I 0 O . U I in I I I 3 U JEANNINE BELOIN . . .. ,S 'Neatness is the crowning grace of' womanhood." Jeannine is esteemed by her class- mates for her sense of responsibi- lity. Whenever there is a social event, she is always appointed head of the food com lttee She is operat1ve, cheerful, energetlc, l1able and generous Her schoohmates rely on her because she has always been a tremendous help to them She has a keen sense of organization and can hastily prepare tasty lunch sons Jeann1ne 18 al o an amateur photographer May the Dlvine Master help her alwaws YVETTE DAMOUR 'Listen to advice but make your own decisions. Yvette is envied by all her classmates for her unique personal W' ity and fluent vocabulary The orig inal ideas of th1s conscientious student are always welcomed She is business l1ke, industr1ous, schol arly, capable, and ind1vidual1stic St1ck to it-iveness marks all the tasks undertaken by Yvette May she be inspired by God in her future career CLAIRE HEBERl 'A cheerful heart, a smlling face, M puts sunshine in the darkest place Claire is a restless, attractive girl with a betwitching smile impul sive, unpredictable, and humorous Whenever her classmates want advice on styles, Clalre is consulted because of her extraordinary good taste he 18 profic1ent in sports, an she excels in bowling Wlth her charm and grace, Cla1re 18 sure to top the ladder of success May Jesus shower her w1th H1s blesslngs X ' . co- g ' ' re- , , I - 1 ' 1 . ' ' s . . A .Jr ' - W 2' V K , .,, I 1 i 5- - ip, Hg, il - " ffl d9,,, e ' lt as " . . ' O O I - . n fist f 7' :- V V - ' n d 'A . 0 A : on , R . S . . d , e . AN O O . A A ' I MARIE LAUREICE 'A pleasant sm1le SOm6th1Hg worth whlle ' Marie is gentle, pious, calm, res +ra1ned Her relatlonshl w1th her famlly is marked with generoslty, self sacr1fice, and deep affection Her venu1ne sense of humor an ab1l1ty to cooperate with othershave always made her welcome in any act1v1ty Durlng her spare t1me, Marie 1S usually found knlttlng or CHtCh1TU up on the latest songs of the Hit Parade We hope she will be successful 1n the business world May God's llght always sh1ne upon a i5fs her JEANNINE THIBEAULT LUCILLE LAVALLEE 'It's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends An expert typist, Lucille is often on demand to typewrite a paper or a test This brown haired girl always has an amus1ng adventure to relate Luc1lle loves the countryside, and all sports She is energetic, pretty, and talkative We hope she will engoy her work as a cosmetologist May the Sacred Heart keep her in His love 'A finer frmend you'll never flnd, Emil W with 1n1t1ative and wisdom both oomb1ned ' As class president, Jeannine is a valuable member of the class and possesses a great deal of prestige Predominant is her cahm, patient manner and the sound advice she gives to her frlends Jeannlne is a friend to all She is char1tab1e and kind. She never talks malic1ously of any one, and is discreet. At this school her achievements have been nu erous. May the blue mantle of Our Lady cover her with its gracious folds and keep her safe. I f ' 11,3 . . I .- . . . . u o 13 . . . .. A . ' d D c K, 'if . . . . l . . . to . . O . . 1 U ., h I I , -. . O . I . . I O ' ' 'fs S . . . 'Q . O O . Q ' f ' . ' . . QIZ? Cllltif lijagflfe 1L4D!'flL 2' EVQLCIP5 Students Dractlce hymns L Lavallee r1HgS the I Beloln deeerves to have 'Thagk You for YOU? COOPBTQ period bell her name on Merit Plaque tlon v Says J Thibeaulf I J. Beloin collects cancelled stamps D- N9Wt0U Shows her Betty Crocker from Grade VI. Award to N. Beloin and C. Hebert. ' ill ' L ' l l Q X - . V .X . 0 . , qu ' .. ' s . f' 1 a . ' ' . W x l . X 1 The crowning of Mary was dear to all the graduates 'STM 1 K l M Marquls thanks parents and teachera The Class of '58 say 'Adieu' to the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace I9l1ll7l211Cl?l1lQ1lt 1958 N Gagnon, Valedlctorian, addresses T818t1V6S and fr1ends Parents and graduates cqat at the Co munlon Brea1fast :U YQ 1 ' 9 ,Q 1' 1' O l I i Q Q 4 g -X . I f . I fi j 5 If V m 'tl A , ' 'mt'-'--Q X I . . ' V I - L, K S A 'MM 19 S- . 5' , ., 9- K Q7 -f A., . . n I ' 5 . O pw , ., U , f of-mel' Q'a6!u05fe4 '. 14' , 1 L ,J . 4' 1 1 S tease-tfj D Rasa-nt J qulgne. .J mm Yu, -"'4 ,I1'Po.q.usU-L Q gfvt gt fsgyqg, gg gums? s. c Q-48,1-,Q 'gn 3f1,0UN'IOuri'Q "V YL X1 'La .Mg It huw 5 q,S0us1-glen v"""' 0" 3 ,an fu Www' 42 ilk fgbwndnt 'W 5 fagutfn. Sb Fifa xr bald-wb 56 61QutQi.ltsO1- .ff g Q,-,qgsfg ffm 5 Lvl! fl H, Qtguqnqf fl I aulg use 1. 56 M gtoux .5 4'5" xliizjvl'-vu4-'v mngw F3"5'7"'2 5 J-uc alfe. ss I L " I 1 'N ,A i- ,s-4. 5'- , 7' f LA, K- 8 ' . N 'ff 1 ' , A 1 . gg- . : f, Q . R , - . N . 7, ,. 'Ltl , M M-'He W A I 4- H A - ax I sh v' L5 . i F f .- R f". M' im- S M -'H iff ,Q jr,:41g,11y ,Q ,x.,0-- ,,' I.: f - W 3 V ig, . A , .X ik. 5 ff . ,H "5--Q we . 5 in I , Al My K ,V . - , -. . . lil? , . 31, 'sf'-ff K klliif . if 'W ' ' , ' w ,W IJ' Lyw. Q " A .o '- ,lv ' wg, A J 6.1 Q I' ' "' v . . .. ' K I O ' , ' V , 'A - A 'fu Ib, , ' , A , . gg ww , - Q.. fffff ' - f .-f' b I - Y - gif ' 1 3 Q7 4 K3 ' - ' A .iff Q5 A I ,, K 14,5315-A 32,7 K A . 1 '71, A 1 'lcv if . VA ,,,, ji? ,f I ,. , -lu ,rd 1 ,U .4 I 1 KAW' i I A x K Q 1 - . , f. at ' A .- - 4 .' , . 1 us. I I 2. Q 3 . - K 5"' 5,4 :'.1X,Am- , , . , , "ht J , ,f . A ,WMM 0 W V Hv bk L 7, . 1 R ' if X , . .X fr' ' , . Q -8' '.5's. 'I' I I L 'sa' ' F 5 ' Q V , n , I A xl ff L H v, ' I . 5 W . . A?f'lfUL1 3 .SD Cf P 1er a Qixanu aeturmg Urperetlon JK 1' f' X I I7 I Beecher fall Xermont fwwww e5 id ed o fue enior au 'J E2 lj L , J amz acfarers 0 ffecroom and Ccasloncz Qllrnzfure Telephone 55 'Canaan Vermont 5, nice VERNON f'-"lv 60lnPADleIllJ of ,ma f .14 pa fiona 14? CU1 mmm JJ gf! ,f Win W Q ws X CHL r 'grig , r , W. Q. O ' ' . 1' or , . K Xffx'5p4f'p A X ,, , js! Hs" Q o e roo , CONGRAIULAIIONS 1ND BFS! IVISHILS Io the L' 4 fauaence Z 004-npanq 7ac Candle Manufacturers NOR THBOROUGH MASS 42 Whitney Street Telephone EXeter 5 2042 f Z SENIORS ON THEM GR,-1DUf11'1oN U I , , QIUQ I E N D L Y S E R V I THE BRIDGE OF TIHE is a one way bridge that leads only forward into the future There is no turning back As you come to the end of your school year, and look ahead into the future, we take the opportunity to pause in our daily work, to wish you success over the long road ahead COLEBROOK NATIONAL BANK EAAMAJVW 595.gif L 'Que'-' if AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW A Savings Account started while you are still in school, and kept growing by regular deposits, may prove to be the rainbow at the end of which you'll find your 'pot of gold W Deposits fully protected by the Savings Banks Association of New Hampshire COLEBROOK GUARANTY SAVINuS BANK Colebrook, N H F R c E O K' NSU 4' ::: A N ' '11 COMPLIMENTS ranlfe ,gafe Mneer n 771A.S?f! J! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS gwooc! !Q0oclucf5 c 77fA.S?1ff WJ! OF 0 , C Of fa !Ol'l 71 . , Jin OI' fd for Congratulalions and Bvs! Wfisbcfs fo fbv Swziors on Tbvir Graduafion X9 5,4 ,SAW K Lll'I'l QI' mpany WJ! D . C ' 0 llfljegif .942 wa rfifown Comphmentx F X MAREDTTE BRD 81 CD QUALITY FURNITURE Emma IBBB 32 LE M E T E E G5 NUGENT MOTOR C0 COLEBROOK N H Phone l2'l 'I22 DODGE PLYMOUTH Sales and Service DODGE TRUCKS WILLYS Sales and Service Wholesale and Retail Parts for ALL MAKES Cars and Trucks MAIN STREET SHELL STATION OPEN 24 HOURS Shell Distributor Fuel Kerosene Dleselene and Gasolene Homegas Bottled Gas Mobile Homes COMPLETE AUTO BODY SERVICE Bear Wheel Alinement and Balancing 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Auto Glass Cut to Order and Installed Radiators Cleaned Boiled, and Repaired S 8: H GREEN STAMPS given on Parts, Labor. Bottled Gas and Shell Prod. BACK-HOE and BULLDOZING ...of... . . ., . l . . "' 1 9 . 9 SECOND GREATEST Boox ON EARTH xqsi And give it the same good care I A X that you can expect from it in case there' e an emergency. K BOOK Interest at 52. Your account X WA, is also N X X i X Q nsured START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT ATTHE RMERS an NATION NSU and BA LEBROOK HAHPSHI Y"lI I v-os!Qv' 170,-fLem CML,-f mote! MI I NIB TREPFLE HEIERT P IYO ONE MILE SOUTH OF' COLEBROOK N H o X N X if X rn. 4 TaAnEas Az. , SAVINGS mx co NEW as N M A "N "': . . .ROPRI Il L.egB COMPANY Class Rings and Pins rd ment Invitations Diplomas Personal Ca s Commence Club Insignia - ledals 8 Trophies Donald B Tupper Box 244, Cape Cottage Branch Portlena 9 , laine D E YOUNG COIIPLIIIENTS 0P'1!llE'1'RIST EXTENDS BEST WISHES LEGION ' S RESTAURANT Colebrook, New Hampshire colhorookf N" Hampshire BRIDEAU BUILDING SUPPLY, Inc Berlm New H mpshxre Doors and Windows Shmgles and Roofmg Pamts and Hardware Insulatnon Board Floor Tile Rock Wool Exchange Street Telephone 2006 2007 of LIJMBER BEST WISHES Compliments o TO THE SENIORS new spodal MOBIL GAS FILLING STATION mon Youn LOCAL comrmcron G,,,,,f1D',Qf?,Daff:om,'fQ:g,,o,,,, Telephones Staiion 135-4 Residence 44-I3 Albert Marquis Te 89 2 Oolebrook, N H Colebrook N. H. RADIOS REFRIGERATORS Hughes Radio 81 Electric Shop I G A SUPER MARKET LEON LAPERLE ZENITH TV SETS Te 550 2 A L B E G U L BRIGHTOIN GARAGE Teleuhone 125 ISLAND FUND V ERJOIIT f 1. - ' ' 1. - Tol.22I-2 C0"bf00'ffN-H- 26 Colby Street Colebrook, N. H. R T G E T Ben Wubex 0 Contmued Sucre!! MORRIS FRIE STUDIO CAT IC ATI Your Photograph as a Guft Only You Can Rev Albert Gagnon , Illilil I gplii 22 Pearl Street BARRE VERMONT Phone GRannte 6 4405 For God an Country Gve TOUSSAINT BAKING COMPANY Wholesalers BREAD PASTRY o cn. SCHOOL. WILLARD and oluuvrrs s-rnssrs BERLIN, N. H Telephony 631-631 fr A ND --- OF HOL EDUC ON ' ' ' sw' .ann i ".Y n 'r- d Comphmenfd 0 BELANGER'S GARAGE we 7!7ew5 AUTO REPAIRS an TELEPHONE 321 26PARSDNSTREET coLEBRooK NEW HAMPSHIRE enhne N I E L B E PLUMBING 8: HEATING Frigidaire SaJee and Service Sheet letal lork General Repairs later Systems Oil Burners Ventilation .nl ""w COLEBROOK, N H ' .4 TELEPHONE 151. J 5 ' ! .gnu I Q 5 .... E .El - - B I 79, 5 'A' Q ' 'Ir 5 . Q I -.-E Orleans Candy Company, Inc. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS raurrs, VEGETABLES, BEVERAG1-:s Mmurs Mun PRODUCTS mn Fnozmw rooms " C"""" SW' smas smvrcr: NEWPORT VERMONT Tcl. A31 C C CUIIINGS OOLEBRDOK, lil HAI SHIRE Complnments Of E F ROYAL CO Colebrook Bad1o Q Electric Shop mms rnuns Ann nucv cnocsmss THE STORE OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Arnold Boucher Colebrook N H Box 393 Phone 173 Colebrook, N H COMPLIMENTS o Frederlck Thompson ALBERT G SPALLDING Repregentatlvo THB PRUDENTI AL R I Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Colebrook New Hampsh1re I o o . 9, . i I l o , . . 0 O url msumncz - SICKNESS 5 ACCIDENT rncvrzcrxoxv Auxurrms - on nlsuluucn - n E s . . v ' Aon-ur . RIBIDIN l: Q LIMINGTON. V . gg. 12-4 msvnnacs co. or AMERICA Wzth all good wsshes C o sr: auron or our on noouc1s Diesel Fuels and Heating Oils coLsanooK. N H Tel 117 Congratulations and Be st W1she s J. lf Poirier, 711 fb. Of A 1.6 H ,. 0 COLEIROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE Complzments fif Eofefroog 5070000 COLEBROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE COMPLIMENTS DUBOIS APPLIANCE STORE CANAAN VERMONT Phono CANAAN 82 Qu,-,Lazer ff?5c'J.f?,fQL, Q. Compliment: VANCORE My jwekf wad Wg? A GOOD PLACE T0 BUY S HARDWARE LUM BER PAINT APPLIANCES an DISHES COLEBROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE '--1 5-I RED' S SUPER MARKET Clothing lent. A Groceries BEECHER FALLS, VT Tel 103-2 CADILLAC PONTIAC RAMBLER LABAR AUTO CO SALES and SERVICE Couasnoox N H PHONI 250 BEST WISHES--SENIORS MOHAWK CLEANERS Academy St Co.Lebrook, N H Tel 27 ll f OF Q " ,ww '14 P.A.HICKS6o oNs ...of... d Guns anal Ammunilion 1 FisI'1in8TacLle N by T .K A COMPLIMENTS MR + MRS R R JENKINS COLEBROOK N H BEST WISHES BRIAIIT' S STORE lain Street. Colebrook, lol Hampshire Celebroelc Freezer Locker Curing ond Smoking ef Perl: Producto Fresh end Frozen Feeds Home end Fonn Freezers Lew Temperature Storage gt lrldgo Sheet Telephone D0 COLEBROOK. N I-I. QUALITY Clofhlng Furmshnngs Foofwear an Luggage since I9I4 GEO. H. CUMMINGS 'Q' 4' 'O' Compl :ments Of ELLINGWOOD S For Mon end leye COLIIROOK. N!W HAMPSI-llll Compliments of' COLEBROOK PLUMBING E HEATING Armand Carrier, Prop. COLEBROOK, N. H. Tel. 91+-5 Plumbing, heating refri- geration do Utility gas service. OF , e o I I ,V - , , .:?,'." 1 ' ',,.5,2 ', . ,..i:i:t L O M .. 'Q' 4' 'li J - 'U' f 'D' d Q 'U' DORA LAMOUREUX OWN' D""n" L PARKHURST 81 SONS The Shop of Distinctive Fashions Complete Line of Ladies' Clothing 5 Accessor1es Mlln rid COLEBROOK N H Q Sl- fb. EBANNBJILL. LJJBAEBEJ BARBARA'S BEAUTY SHOP Te no Barbara H Shallow Pleasant St Colebrook, N H Sp6C1a11StB Ha1r Shaping, Styllng and Wavlng BUILDING SUPPUES CDLEBRQDK N H AA ewqmmmq X Z coLEBaooK COUNCIL ERNEST E-'E' EL N 028 BAQBER SHOP KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS BLOOMFIELD Colebrook, New Hampshire LAMBERT S comnry Style Dimmu Dune: Furnlturo, Shoot, Clothing, Infant Wear, Toys Taols, Glfh Mohawk Road Colebrook,H.H. 7 9 of' ' Sf , .. 1'l. 2 " P Compliments nj . V X 1: 5 .IX A . 0. 3 ' VT. SIIMS IDDAIIIRY PASTFIIRIZED and HWOGENIZED IILK and CREAI cou-:BROOK N H 'rel 495 Beaver Falls Garage Acetylene and Electric Welding hall 5 Batchf-ldu Tel 143 Colebrook N H Amiga we COLEBROOK N H COMPLIMENTS Colebrook O11 Company COLEBROOK N H PHONE 261 2 ROBERT WILSON Mill Work guna..-g Flnlgh Glen and Glazing COLEIROOK N H SAVAGV' ' S CALSO STATION Raymond A Savage, Prop Tel 142 2 Ti re s- Batteries Tubes- Accessories Kitchen Appliances North Stratford, IZ. LI. 75 , . . v H.: I 1: ---55 f..'w.ln. :Que '--4-In-Qvos--...-.......h ...vw ,,,., , , l- ,.,,,, ' - v- 1,-. nffw. -X -5.45 51'a.g,!, RECAPPING and VULCANIZING i3' iqi,f.gf5 155 ' Q-ia! ' ' i f A :, - " 77. , ,. t Xu ' - " 4 , . K 1 , , . . I , . . C 9 Q 0 2 ' H . U , .. BEST IIEHES EDNUS VARIETY SHOP lest Stewartstoln, I H Solomon s Store Joseph Solomon, Proprietor Something for Everybody' 'WhitEMewmrunown,lNew'lhunpohhe Congrafufafiona lo the Graduates FREDERICK J HARRIGAN THOMAS M WALSH Colebrook, New Hampshire RAINVILLI-:'s INC w RAINVILLE, PROP 54.99 QUALITY GIDZEIIES COMPLETE SELF SERVICE QUALITY AT ITS BEST RED 6 WHITE FOOD STORES COMPLIMENTS H DICKSON, D I Colebrook N H RAY'S STORE INC General Merchandise E R Y T H I FOR THE NORTHERN TRAVELER Canaan Vt Tel 86 Q Ro o . Q OF Jg vf' "' ' I 9 Fe 0 0 'D' O X I E V N G COLEBROOK AUTO BODY SERVICE Park Street Tel 2,6 Colebrook, N H Body Repa1r1ng Glass Replacement Newman Funeral Sefvlce Daintlng wielding COLEBROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE ODIP Chill! t5 0 erfru cle .Zennu orn .4 116199710119 95 Co A mag -H Best Wushes FULLER BROTHERS HEATING VENTILATING Semor Class PLUMBING MILL SUPPLY COLEBROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE TELEPHONE use Compliments of ANNE' o BEAUTY SHOPPE comanoox u a 'rouvs BARBER suor ' nl 260 lain Street Colebrook, B H C P 77? lb. L , 77 . 1 W comumsurs BOBS MARKET NORTH STRATFORD, N H OIPII7 linen fa AARON STEVENS NORTH STRATFORD THIS SUM ER you will bet CAMPING FISHING BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE HUNTING Forests Are The North Country's Greatest Wealth KEEP OUR STATE GREEN ST REGB PAPER COMPANY West Stewartstown New Hampshire ALNDREW R GEORGE I N S U R A N C E Your Home Town Agent SERVES YOU BEST MAIN STREET 712 CCLEBROOK N H COLEBROOK FEED STORE R G Jacques, Prop Bui1d1ng Mater1a1s Fertilizers Cement Coal Te 51 Colebrook, N LAVIGNE'S GULF SERVICE STATION Ernest Lavigne, Prop. GENERAL REPAIRS Tel. 275 commoox, u.u. or 4---- 9 C' F ' 0 I- I - N. H. . 1. 5 . H. POUTRE'S HARDWARE and APPLIANCE Radio and Miniature T V Telelevieion Sales and Service Paint, Electric Appliances Building Materials Beecher Falls, Vt Tel 103-1+ Compliments o BEECHER FALLS CAFE Home Cooking Beechers Falls, Vt Te 512 THE SPA RESTAURANT Prop Armand Q Romeo Duranleau Full meals Light lunches Gas Station Service lest Stewartstown Wzth all good wsshes NORMAN BRUNGOT Veterinarian Colebrook New Hampshire J P COUTURE POWER SAVIS SALES AND SERVICE Gas Station Service Calso Gas WESTSTEWARTSTOWN N H Phone 1 Everything to wear for W Earle Fuller COLEIROOK, N H Wllllam J Cochenei Electrncal Co1trachng and Supplies COLEBROOK N H DICKSON S PHARMACY The Rexall Store COLEBROOK N H f 5 , e 12 N. H. uomeurs .. nccuu.ocH - Plousea Lldi-95 and cm-ldran , . . 19 Compl imenfs Of A. J. k E. A. DE BANVILLE 1 G A sToRE BLooMF1ELn, TEL COM PLIMENTS OF Y O U NORTH STRATFORD, N H COIPLIIENTS HOIARD' 6 RESTAURANT lain Street Colebrook CCMPLIMENTS STICKNEY'S PHARMACY MAIN STREET Tel 225 CGNIPLETE PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT COMPLIMENTS WILLIS F MEISNER, SHOEMAKER COLBY STREET COLEBROOK, N H HILL b DEPARIIENT STORES Goods House Wares Tel 11,2 2 Tel 142 3 PARSONS STREET Cobb k. N H. NORTHLAND HOTEL Hot Showers and Bath Full Meals Proprletob--Edward Biron Canaan , Vt Bext Wube: Publlc SCTVICQ Company o New Hampshlre I. G. N G VT. . 14 OF OP Colebrook, N.H. 7 w O F 0 Dry BEAR MOUNTAIN MOTEL W ,g Mg x,,r', fs r. '. A ' I GJ'-e ' ww: -' ,ff,,--- ' -'f - rf 'ix-,.7w,f:1 .' .Mr -N. ,uf A A r, - ,W vig: what 31' Y Restaurant Mode in Every Det Brunswick, Vt Pa adlse f r' Hunters a J F lu FINE FOODS VER 1l0XTI10SPITAfITY P O Address North Stratford N H x? Y Paquette, J Beloln, IN Beloin check the list of' patrons before leavlng to sol1c1t ads We most heartily thank all the patronizera and friends who have helped us make this yearbook a successful project- b247CX 'rn nil . . ' T. . . . I' ' 0 n is ermen ' . Y v I u I I . 5 I W X Q -0 M - T DE T OGRAPHS 14.414, PLL L7h,4lfL'lfL fail. Rfk I Y. ,MLA A If Cs-J I If 1,714 Tiwwf zz fm A5 4 WM Alvtfff y 4-flv'-Kfkla 4, 1 .gif wcfuf 40 wdlfjff uc!! off if A JJ as Zffgffic ,pn law !,y4n,J JCL 74" FV -Q' 144 L I1 .1 ' . r f , 11 ff 1. A 1 , , - fx V 5 " J' 1- V' Kf'lf'xl-f i I , Al ' I ' ' , L f X. . fx' ,' 7 V . -' U " "' "W g' -- f ' ,,f V f x . rl. I V L' Ui'L 4 'I Shao . .' . . Q, V - f 5 , , lx X I M ,' 4 A 1, , 11,14 6 ' Lffkw 'ffl' fre, Q HT 'Q' , ' 7 x ' " ,J 1 L Al , ,fm , ,n -A,-2 041,44 W' f , U ' f 1 ' , 1 , f . 1, ' 'jd g f,f w,L-:? -' . 1 . Lf, , . , f - -41 I .J .- -f H K I W' Q JA-' , , 'ri' , 1 - 'v, g 1 'A-1 ul 4 A ,, ' ,. I , A' ' f ., 1 f 1 ,V A ,LX . 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Suggestions in the Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) collection:

Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 18

1959, pg 18

Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 44

1959, pg 44

Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 55

1959, pg 55

Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 46

1959, pg 46

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