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Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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PAKLJB, 57 3 f I,-fx J, 0 1.1, CHL JJ E335 OP? lfUOI" In Fra , in Canada, in the United State , 1n Afrlca in the kltchen or the sewing room, the classroom, the hospltal, the mlsslons, from the ch1ld to the young glrl, f'em the SICK to the dying, from the babe in the to the patlent ln the hospital, from th o r to the poor of Sacred Heart of Jesus oes er wa glvlng herself to all Her one ambitl n to be a nwltness to Christn, and to repeat b Q may of llVlHg WO SACRED HEART, THX KING COMEN' As educators, lt is in the splrit of Our Lord's COmm18BlOH to the first Apostles nGo ye, teach all nationsn, that the Daughters of the Charlty of the Sacred Heart endeavor to treln staunch Catholics ann loyal cltizens as a prelude to eternal happiness To Reverend Mother Gabrlel of Jesus and to her Daughters, thls yearbook, STELLA, is respectfully dedlcated as a toxen of gratitude for thelr devotion to the work of Educatlon t Eiaai . . 2 NX '-ne i Q I 1 Sill the street, the tie mof Charity of the ob v fr I yy . . Respectueux et Filial Hom age h la Sup6rieure G6n6rale des Filles de la Charit6 du Sacr6-Coeur de Jisus R6v6rende Hire Gabriel de Jisus E l'occasion de ses Noces d'0r de vie religieuse HOST REVEREND IIATTHEI F. BRAD! Bishop of lanchester HIS EXCELLENCY Reverend Albert Beausoleil, O M I CACIIJZCIUI Sz -di 3 X How wonderful to have as frlends, Prxests of God, who share wlth us our Joys and sorrows' 'be ali ber 72 Qghoa -'12, to K. ..,, R0v -fu me lau9A fem of me 644114113 fl -Sjafflfl ,jJearf o cJuJ 5 9l?aI'J C 011011011 fx! 5 . QYSCY 0 8X gXy .P 7? p0UR Uw- TOUT If DI NIU fax. JA X I f s o lx f I ,, Q1 b1.tLn5 tie agea f 00" Hifi! 4000! 31 fin 75 dnpfl' l 0177 f fl CQJHFIPDZ playa I e ff,,5fmL ft' N Nw' Nlmble fingers -mr' rw-' 0 H if N A 6 SM fz QFD ff '7 lhqlfir' M Pdf C ,,1dIf"y nel? se mme c.Lass "So1et, 1: of lp - , ,f J, in U R I ' fo ' S Q 5 8c91v'XS ggbqxog S , , Q Q' PCQY gvglb Mqogwq . i -l A n u ,ia A C5 cgadfgfci 1 . N- 's .. .,... , ...Sf DV Ablwdgf 5 X z "2- 2 2 ff ev' Q "' Nr, X fff EW N 5 f -' ': . , N ' -.-if--' fv tt 5 S' 'K -i-'.--'-. J. 2 K If xy X Dua my 7 X 61 10,19 -?:' ' Q24 f , W , W :hs J ji! U He . ,, ,. ,,v,.,,, , in . ,, ZZ, if ll, J , 4 A J OZ ,A fx , r Z 19 7 1- ' L . 8 10- I Y I M' a ivneas i 'S narf1...f' NYM Preparing a tasty meal Thanks for the clean clothes , ivl ----5 v. 'V The good sisters keeping our clothes in good condition. Rose Giet, when asked if she would be willing to be co foundress of the D C Q H , humbly answered nFather, I am only capable of being the handmaid of the others ' Today, many of her daughters, inspired by her example, gladly devote their lives to Him by serving Him in His children In the Lord's vineyard all tasks are noble and the reward the same, for, dia He not say 'Ver1ly, I say unto you, what- soever you do to the least of mine you do unto Me U ,gum It isn't that bad! ouf lJ0lll' 9 Olfl Q leu Retour sur le passe f'r Y--. fx .1 Octobre 1905 Tristes, mals "" M resolues, quatre Filles de la Charlte X W A- du Secre Coeur de Jesus .,u1tte1ent pour 'mme k la premlere fols la France ou leur zele 'A Q ,Mm --N rencontralt mule entraves et franchls 'ILM 5 H ter leur Congregation en Amer one 'fide -'G ,4- Le petlte vllle de Newport, Vermont leur f1t un accuell sympathlgue Et pourtant les debuts ne manquerent pas d'epreuves la CP01X n'es+ elle pas, depuis la mort du Chrlst, le sceau des oeuvres appelees e une grande fecondite! Peu a peu, les dlfflcultes furent surmontees, le classes se rempllrent et auJourd'hui c'est plus de 700 eleves qul se pres ent en cette mal on transformee, agrand1e et dotee d'un florlssant 'h1gh schooln En cette annee 1955, les Religleuses de Newport celebrent le Jublle d'Or de l'arr1vee des quatre prem1eres Filles de la Charite du Sacre Coeur en Amerlque Soeur Aline de Sa1nt Laurent, Soeur Saint Edgarn, Soeur Salnt Fernand et Soeur Gerard Magella Trols d'entre elles reposent a l'ombre de la crolx d'un cimetiere Elles remplissent la, selon le not du Cardlnal Villeneuve, leur vocatlon de Fondatrlces 'Votre vocation a vous Mission nalres, c'est d'aller mourlr quelque part, afln que sur vos tombes germent des chretlente ' C'est un doux devoir de PGCODHBISSSDCB et de Just1ce de Jolndre leur souvenlr a celu1 de Soeur Gerard Magella, qul elle, est presente pour re pondre a l'appel des fetes Jub1la1res du Couvent de Newport Delicatesse du Sacre- Coeur, qul agoute une note de JOIE au Jublle d'Or de 'Sacred Heartn, car qul ne se regoulralt de la presence de cette Pionniere qu1 depuls 50 ans, a Newport meme, trsce blen droit le chemln du devoir Ad multos annos' Que les Rel1g1euses et les Eleves de 'Sacred Heart' veulllent blen trouver iC1 l'expression des SIUCEFSS et effectueuses fellcltations d'une 'ecole Soeur", l'Acedemie Notre Dame de Grices. Nous nous unlssons E1 leur 'Te Deum' de grati tude et de bonheur. f 3 fa ' cl I Y A x'-' Y - A-A fi on Q X ' - f : , Q l f - --'C' "' ' r 'W' I 0 Q U u 0 Q I I L I M . f f H 3 f f ,. - - , fffi' - - 1 "Q 4,,' 1 . x . N x ,vf f, 11 . - . . V . mis, "NW, Im' Q A-n - ,Q "Intl saient l'0cean, dans l'espoir d'implan- - Y ,s 1'--- Q-i,f5Ff'1E:L ' il' . ' . . V . -. . . I . f Y I fx 0 . I U JS- I I N I f 5 Q 1 l I 1- . ' ' N ' ,T ,A Q , 0 K. I o f Q r LJ Q I , I X , I A f :N I f . l 0 . . . C I , . X A- O . x , x , . O I I u N 9 1 C . . . l L I 0 I S- : 5 l I A s o I I N A O 0 Q Q o I u x . . . x A s I I. I ' 0 Christ! Greatest of Teachers! in whose Heart are found all the treasures of I18d0m and of knowledge, help us to go around in Your fold, doing Your work, in Your way THY KINGDOM COAL' D' ladeleine Dumoulin Tall serene courteous, appeallng shyness deep thoughtful brown eyes reflective moods consc1ent1ous and determined excellent student elncere frlend looks forward to a career as a flying stewardess Jeannlne Dumont Winsome little mlss trlm and neat enchanting and lOV1Dg personality friendly unaffected frankness twlnkllng dark eyes good student future beautLc1an 'iqwp'-,,...o-un-5 . f'NA ' 0 C I Q . 0 Q Q :9 O Q O O f ep e' ,N K Lf,-4 fm. A - 0- a ff 0 I I U Q Q hnV, Q I I Q U 0 . I . C . U . If gI'a!Lll.ltl'J ral el' When tne sun s nm behlnd the Monldnocg and dusk crept upon the earth, when the chapel became deserted and onlv the vaclllating llght of the sanc tuary lamp threw 1tS mjsterluus and peaceful light around the chapel then, dear Mother, you would lure me gently and tenderly but inslstently to for same a group of friends, to throw down an lnterestlng book or to interrupt an asslvnnent, to cone and chat w1tn you For four years, I have cone, dear Lady, to tell you the happenfngs of my shorthand notes how my Latln words got mlxed up wlth my French ones how I liaed the geometry exam, but d1dn't care for sclence Dear Mother, when 1n the d11H6SS of the vigil lamp, I'd loom up, I felt sure I could see your eyes full of understandlng and your lips seemed to utter NDear chlld, do not worry so Do not get overnervous, for I shall, like at Cana, tell my Son ' What a rellef that loom gave me and how peace fully, I'd go up to bed assured that the morrow wouldn't be too dark Could you count, dear Motmer, tne number of tlmes I came durlng these years praylng, begglng, thanklng you, but often t116S crying' Yes, crying for I feared the future, feared the insecur1ty everywhere, feared the fasc1nat1on of tne world feared most of all to be unfalthful to you and to jour Jesus Then, with motherly love, you would answer 'Fear not my child, those who nestle neath my mantle can never go astray ' Tonlght, dear Motner, is my farewell VlS1t My heart is heavy with apprehens1on My eyes overflow wlth the sorrow of blddlng you good bye Tomorrow, when, I leave the Academy, there w1ll stretch before me three highways leadlng to the Palace of the King of Kings Which of these, dear Motner, does your Son want me to travel? Has He maraeo me as one who must rlde alone by devotion to others, but not bound by the sweet t1es of human love, nor by bonds of fraternal love in rellgion? Or has He w1lled that another human hand and heart be my companion on one of these h1ghways9 Or, again, has He chosen me to travel in His own car, as His brlde givlng my all to Him, fearless of the road trustlng Him at the wheel? Oh, dear Mother, I do so w1sh not to be a disappointment to your Son' Here at your feet I want to repeat after you in all humllity the lesson for fave taught me 'Behold the Handmald of the Lord ' Q 7 74 ' I9 , e if each day--how in history we had had a review--how I had been able to re-read .Sin ions fi QC? T27 -xff r TTT' ugus J Dumont, M Dumoulin UIIIOFJ tl so QI? V3 Front row, left to rlghta I J Duverglas, G Lamoureux, L Marquis, C Bolduc Standing C Prehemo, S Paquette, G York dEgQgw,,,,,Rn--,, 01"- if .Soir 10m orej nr- C7 C Le Perle, G Bouthillier P05 lflell ,..4n--W" mv .tiii WK A 1'7l"'f' W WM 2 C. Grond1n, S. Sullivan, P. Sylvestre, M. Marquis, I. Frechette, M. Belsnger, N. Gagnon. ci ence 'lil' 9 L NTnere 15 no roya roiid to Geometry Ladd fo 0 f ml Sc Hog 1 crosc nqtl WO1vld Oplc ng tue ls! Fha are QQQQ QOOYJ' 40 6g 30 logo F nta5Y Haiti is Ei s memOY1zed' vmmuwn-iryw-www.-.a-usa ff f 551 Xie Gif' . f , Q3 , ' , ff, I , ,L 5127.4 1 ah 9 U in V .2 3 gfy,rf,51wf. 16. ' Z 'fxifx 'ffmfi 5 ,iw-fp - ,r,,5fl.4?y,j5g3y X 5 V .Q f Lf 4 4 4,18 'NJ ' ,im X' 4 X . Ask -M . W ul fmhfw iw 2,31 V, 6 MZ, ',: gf' WU 4 I ef fig nyr, . i in , , 'V f, Nvkk. ,, ! i Wim, 4' K f Na' ,, W T77 " w ,www . gwwg 1 Qgwwfl if ,fx- ,f :Q 1 'F X' 5 A CQ , 9,v'f'.'i7,1 'ffwfw -Q Q J' The Sodallly of Qur Lady On November 27, 1953, feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, oernisslon to 1naugurate the Sodality in our Academy was requested from H1s Excellency Mathew F Brady This perm1ssion w s granted on the First Frlday, December 3, and Reverend Albert Gagnon was appointed Dlrector How grateful we were that we could organize our Sodality durlng the Marian Year' The first official m68t1Dg was held March 25, 1954 Was it not a symbolical day9 The Sodalist has to share in Mary's 'Drk But what lS the work that Mary had to do? That of the Annunclatlon bring Christ into herself in order to brlng Chrlst to others After studylng the need and the lmportance of Cathollc Action, fifteen of us presented ourselves as candldates on December 8, 1954 Affiliated with the Prlma Primarla, our Sodality is erected under the tltle and invocation of the Immaculate Conceptlon of tne Blessed Virgln Mary and under the patranage of Salnt larxa Gorettl May all of us learn always to go 'To Jesus Through Mary ' Front row G York, L Marquis, S Qullivan, P Qylvestre Second row M J Duverglas, I Frechette, C LaPerle, N Gagnon, J Dumont Standing I Belanger, M Dumoulin, M Marquls, Reverend Albert Gagnon, C Grondln, G Bouthilller, G Lamoureux AD JESUN i I W . . L . . '- Q 0 G. '. ' . o f 0 Q 0 1 , 0 0 0 . o O - . o - . . . . . 0 . . . - . - . . . - A 1 - O :iv 4 , - g O O 0 lv 0 I- 0 Q A 1 Q 0 0 I U O . n O C O O 0 - O O I O Reverend Albert Gagnon, December 8, presenting the Sodality probationists with the rule books After the ceremony L larquls, C Bolouc, G York, S Sullivan, and I larquls discuss1ng a catechetlcal prob- lem while waiting for their release time pupils G Bouthillier, C LaPerle and M Marquis at a EuCh8PlSt1C Commlttee meeting mtl' A RET R etrec HEAT ing o E IS. . ne's yei f lgefrea Llcl ,lil steps over ng future p T hiflk Sm chfl t0 31' near Time T off' the past ossi bili ties . ing seriously of the go R esolving to do o E arnes Sl of ne's fly P A life best. raying to God and Our Lady. cknowledging the necessity of urning a new leaf. grace. for serious thinking at wtrem Q81 han was a ii' Tru it th Fam 11 ia iff! C 05Ll'lg fAQ CU"l6ll'l QCCI' an-an ni it Mitt QS I Father Beausolell presenting the door prlze to Mrs. Luc1en Carrier. .la VU'- f , V4 2-if Q. f'Z"..., fm,f"? 2 Louise Marquis as Our Helene Poirier as the Lady of Fatima in the young Virgin in the pageant. Temple. Cell 0.5 lk Nq- VOIP! ,LU Afllll' O ! I'l1Ce Young and old at the Calvary Praying to Mary Praying at the Fifth Joyful llystery 1 "BACK"ing up the world Near christ in the tomb. 'iw our Prayers- it 5' fly ' 5, D W ., g ,gli fAe gl'aJOJ THE FIRST GRADERS ENJOY THEIR PHONICS fr THANK T H E E L O R D V WSuffer the little ones to come to me ' These words the D C S H have ever tried to realize by g1ving thelr best to those entrusted to then The atmosphere of the class room is made more like home, the idea of the presence of God is instilled into the hearts of the children, that each chlld has equal rights at work and at play is stressed In so dolng, the Communlty feels it is 8CCOmpllSh1Dg both for God and for country, a worn of supreme importance MVQQWW, fwfzrwym Second graders WOPkl g on Father Beausoleil at the their Thanksgiving progect f1TSt Boy Saviour l88t1Dg ! fx A if . QF K 2 on A t " ll "'l"'4h41,-. C ' . I .Q I L- O 4 x ' 4 'U' A b 'wr ' N F ,Mr ...... - X kv - s . . I 1 C i . . . . . C Q I . . Q Q Q I W E We eff 12 s I " , fe ff z o 5 x f P , I '.A . Q . . I Happy youngsters, on Holy Childhood Day, receivlng rewards for selling Christ- mas Seals 'We are the music makers Light fade YI! C7 W7 Front row A D'Anjou, J Beloin, N Lamoureux Standing R Rodrigue, R Riendeau, H lador . o . L 1 nie gf I '-5 our 1:79 ,fn 'fs Tl' : 0 Q o n 3 0 o o o X9 eaaanf emorzea Just pals Under the campus lll8CQ Out for a stroll. Aiming straight. if f Knee deep 1n mlschief A well known road Poslng after e game of b8dmlDtOW P hlgh perch ae Lake Nellie tif' Axis. who Eet5 the 5PPle9 Around the campfire ? Bgmh Nm R Kbtlng st Packing. ZA: cafion Leaving. Waiting. J Dumont and G Lamoureux th1nk it is fine to ride to school 3 9 Goins to 4. we Chrigtmas Par?-Y Prayer at beat M ile fans' Knit- Yuzszle ' 'pearl . 1 . 'ggffi' ,, V I 51 Y, W KZ Fifa 'M 2 x . f V, I -5' 5? - 1 if ' W 1 f? .1 A T -2 h-gg F 5 , :X . ,. If an A A ' I '. , 4 k -x ' :I -.. I :Q VA 4 T ' ,f , ,ga fr K' ,Y f .-wwf S5 ,, r QQ? I . , I Ja W f Q: I, Ai Q 'X , , on D , y ' ,. 1 1 , f,' men ce men! . pm ,Jw Om xr' gf Hb f A F Grfdustifm -se, gy Class Ivllght Breakfast WW "' 2 Scene wwff ak,-av-" i S Lafond .Lf ew ...qw Paquette T. Laurence M Thomas and thelr page g1rlG Grhduutes recezvlng dlpioxnas. Leaving the cnapel. 9 5 4 1 V ' 4 ,gi L 1 'Y 4:4 J ,fm A , ,QT , if f '.A Vf' 'T d Q 1 ,, J I, .' H K l ,A ef v V , Zz ' A . W H ,fa 1? f - ' f sh 1 . 1- A " Q ' Wu , 4 f-.r ' ' W4 . 3 " f F1 , . . ' 4 - 3 'i , f ' J a 1- Y.. ' In 4 an .. ai TJ h A 71, L ,, , vw 4- gil A .,. h. ,Jig . , Xiang ' "2 .P IM ' A ff'-9, g f. I ' Mt" him V' Q A 1 lp A .,, 5 Q ' 'f ' y I, fi: Q 53,3 N . S, A Vn,Q,,?,b ,W ' 'jp , - lui ' -- , 2 K' 1 2 .. ., P, , Ev 3 A 4 H A ,, A g M ' ' Q f'w?x 1 3fq,T f, ,, ,V,,,,,,V . ., I . ,Q -. ,,.-1- ' . . .- Pldflhdd Clif? . . Gagnon and G York The Christmas party had a speclal feature this year Besides the usual games and always welcomed lunch, an adaptetlon of lg ,QQ1 of lg QQ by O Henry was enjoyed by all Goldie York Jim D Young, and Nlcole Gagnon as Della, were a perfect cast for the self' sacrlficlng couple Sheila Sullivan acted as clerk ln -S Sullivan and N Gagnon the added scene of' the glft shop Enjoying it. Cutting the Party Cake- ye 4 o ' ei? f No ' ' N . , . , as F 0 .. , 0 5 . . . 1 . l O IGQCZCL uen fa The Parochial School float in the N H F A A v1s1t to the Blessed S8CPh1SUt durlng the Centennial Parade at lanchester Presentation of Mary Ceremony November 21. May Crowning scene at the Shrmne - 'A 1' '."f1.w , Bishop Mabathoana, O.M.I. of Basutoland, So. Africa visits us. Forty Hours National Children's Day November 2. gf-.. May Our Lacy 1ntercede for those whose gen erosity has maae our yearbook, STELLA, possible P mmm JJ gy J Wav CfL77JJ ,Q C001 Aniefl-td of Marjorie parfionri , ann! ' ' . L' or , . o egroo , , , X1-x I E N D L Y S E R V I THE BRIDGE OF TIIE is a one way bridge that leads only forward into the future There is no turning back As you come to the end of your school year, and look ahead 1nto the future, we take the opportunity to pause in our daily work, to wish you success over the long road ahead COLEBROOK NATIONAL BANK aanwrdfgf ,QM Hemel' 9 AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW A Savings Account started while you are still in school, and kept growing by regular deposits, may prove to be the rainbow at the end of which you'll find your 'pot of gold W Deposits fully protected by the Savings Banks Association of New Hampshire COLEBROOK GUARANTY SAVINuS BANK Colebrook, N H F R C E WSU A Q 2 5 Z?f?fUAf 3 ,SD Cf 7 lc '1 s Xanu mtur1nQ mpomt Ijur,1erralIe.Xmn1on ffl?-Maw ea id ed 0 A u f Q 0lll0I' an L E1 C 1 I Mf m A , ,1 , ,, ,, 51, ,, , AW, , ,,,,-,,,,, f7AI!l!If,flCflll'6'l',S' of .'f1JI'Cfl'00lll and Uumz.-'1'01141! .'fhl'lIlfllf'P Tdephone 55 f Camaan,Vermomt 1 2 xl A - V m 1 T rho: VERNON ww ,hu Corzgmfulafzons and Bu! Wzvbcs fo fbi SIIIIOVY on Tbur Gracfzzaflon X9 92.4 gore Q K Cuff! el' OH! any 1""k-B KI ""K-:..,i-1 z W JE West Stewartstown, New Hampshire I I . ,x 'x x K . . . P F , NN ,W ' 5? if V W , M - ' A. . gs " X ' , 8 . A, N.,. ii H A I 'V tv- , , , I K I ' A ,Z 1 i 535 , . 4 3 5, .sh ' K 'i ,-,,4, ...,,,,,,, . w:agf..QfH,, , CONCfR4lLLI11ONS 1NDBl'Slll1SH1'S 21 VVh1tn ey Street to flu SILINIORS ON I'IlI'lR CR ID! IIION Z 4 .B Candle Manufacturers NORTHBOROUGH MASS Telephone 242 ,N ,yy ,V y. Y .,,. v 1 .. , , , A L 1 A ll 1A ll l Al , 1- v 1 rf Q v v " 7 A A 1 4 I 1 1 A I I , , IBEZILE. 532.551 PLUMBING 8: HEATING Frigidaire Sales and Service Sheet letal lork General Repairs Water Systems Oil Burners Ventilation comanoox, N H 'rELEPHoNE 154 KD! BRIDEAU BUILDING SUPPLY, Inc LUMBER Doors and Wmdows Shingles and Roofmg Pamts and Hardware lnsulahon Board Floor Tnle Rock Wool Exchange Street Telephone 2006 2007 Berlin, New Hampshire comPL1uEu'rs C .I LEWIS onsrn amos or GULF ou. Puooucrs 3Li!i?aSTzQE4z 5 KE diana 3.1! k Q coLeaRooK N H Tel 117 Colebrook, New Hampshire 'roussnnm' Orleans nnxmc cournnr Candy Cvmpanv, Inc Eabllhd 858 IHOLESALE DISTRIBUNRS Wholesalers BREAD PASTRY FRUITS, VEGETABLES, BXVERAGES cn. scuool.. wzufuw md oluwrrs nnsm 30 Coventry Shoot H NEWPORT, VERMONT Telephones 63:-63.1 Tol 437 . . of W ., 11. f Mei ' QNX -:fir WN ., 0 MJ' ,V , msg? y : A A in . X Q 1535 gl A Q " ' . . . u , Q I l 3 . .. Newman Funeral Service William P. Newman COLEBROOK, NEW HAMPSHIRE Ambulance Servlce Day or Nlght Felephone 95 25199 I ft lowers 1 ff 5-781 , 1 it THE BLOSSOII SHOP 'FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION' Tel 61 9 Colebrook, N H WEDDING FLOWERS FUNERAL DESIGNS CORSAGES lay each graduate have loads of SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS in their future undertakings eq, 1 TONY'S BARBER SHOP lain Street Colebrook, N DODGE PLYMOUTH Sales Servxce Parts ACCCSSOTICS THE NUGENT MOTOR COMPANY WILLARD F NUGENT Pnovmsron DISTRIBUTORS OF SHELL OIL PRODUCTS Range Gasolme Fuel Colebrook N H ,. ,' fs- 1' q I . . - .1 Telephone 121 - 122 '37 W I - . - .H . Comphments of Uur Best Wishes RAYW' QTORE INC from NORTHLAND HOTEL General Merchandise Hot Showers and Bath EVERYTHI F'ullMealS Proprletor Edward Biron for E R Y B O Canam Vt Ter 86 C t 1 t Ollgfatll atl0I1-5 fo ongrisda Ions Best W1shes th' Graduates to the Graduates IORRIS STUDIOS IR FREDERICK HARRIGAN Creators of Distinguished Portraits Colebrook, New Hampshire Cglgbrook, N H Tel 279 4 Q L. Q N G E V 1 D Y Canaan, Vt. 6 f - e The EAST ANGIIS BRICK 8 TILE REG'D. CATHOLIC "O"EN'S Brique et Tuile East Angus, Ear. CLUB EAST ANGUS QUE Take Plfaszzre in Wislairzg fha' Senior' Class qgozfm Good Luck Colebr ok New Hampshire Box 553 Tel 140 Beef Thmqs In Lrfe cm M00 awu. ooh K 15-15 Q ar uv v Account 'S ne Farm-us ad iraders Nahonal and Suanngs Bank Colebrf ek New Hampshire Mem! rw' FDIC O , g Q O 0 0 U I a , 5 -V ml Ea!! if .F E I ,. W ia. 9 5,.,'l 5. UAT.- 1: ,Af - - . , 'T W Z' LQ 7 f-, " ' , , L' ' I I If PT 4 V pl h ' QQLLQ ,i,f.J,Q.!..-Q, ,, , -5' yn X - , 2 . " H I , .' - ,. ' 0.1. " ,V fl at A J. el ln?-as fax .i. f'Fl U . , V.: - uf LL l .3 5. - 5 ' Q Everything to wear for Ladies and children W Earle Fuller Wllllam J Cochenei Telephone 116-12 Electrical Contracting and Supplies COLEBROOK N H G nf LLSIE M ANNIQ Dr Insurance and Bonds Colebroo COIPLIIIENTS COLEBROOK NEW HAMPSHIRE DICKSON S PHARMACY The Rexall Store COLEBROOK N H Wzlh all good wzshes NORMAN BRUNGAT Veterinarian Colebrook New Hampshire IIOHAHK CLEANERS Tel 27 ll H N IARSH SALES SERVICE Colobrook, N H Acadenqr St. Coiebrook, N k, N. H. OF ,Le ip 0 a SALES SERVICE C C CUHHINGS COLEBROOK, REI HAMPSHIRE 1 A GOOD PLACE TO BUY if 2 A HICKS 8: SONS HARDWARE LUHBER PAINT COLEBROOK HEI HAMPSHIRE SENTINEL PUBLISHING COIPANY Owner Editor Print1ng of the Better Kind Publishers of THE NEWS and SENTINEL Colebrook New Hampshire ALWAYS COURTEOUS SERVICE X W viii. IJ tw AN DREW R GEORGE INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE ADJ STREET 712 COLEBROOK N H ' tl T - V Harry C. Hikel A H, F - 6' J f L l . . x T - M l . . . ' Q RED'S IARKET Clothing leat 8: Groceries BEECHER FALLS, VT e 103-2 D E YOUNG OPTOIIETHI ST EXTENDS BEST WISHES Colebrook, New Hampshire C omplzmentf VANCQRE Me flllfklf RADIOS REFRIGERATORS Hughes Radio 81 Electric Shop Elecfrncal Wmng Supplies 22 b I Compl :ments Of E F ROYAL CO Mens rnuns AND mcv Gnocsmss THE STORE OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Colebrook N H Best Wishes Sensor Class J L POIRIER, M lain Street Colebrook, N H Complzments 0 M bu spade: MOBIL GAS FILLING STATION znwsnn nmom Pr p General Repcnrs Accessones Telephones Station 135-4 Residence 44 13 Colebrook, N H Solomon s Store Joseph Solomon Proprietor Somethmg for Everybody West Stewartstown, New Hampshire ' 0 0 . T 1. ...0f... j o I ,V x I I il 0 ALSO DEALER IN T.L I-2 I N. H- Guns oncl Ammunifion - f:isl1in3-I-acIQIe I0 ' ' 0 O Do ' f Q o 9 . 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OF ICI AM GENE ALICEC EAM Con on o E A COSSELIN Complnments of DU BOIb APPLIANCE QTOHL Your Pyrofax Distributor Canaan, Vermont The Beecher Falls CAFE Full Meals and Lunches Open from 8 lc D Chapdelalne, Prop F O U R C O M P A Commencement Invltatlons Class H1328 and Pins Diplomas Donald B Tupper x 244, Cape Cottage Branch Portland 9, lalne POUTHE'S HARDWARE and APPLIANCE Televlbicn Sales and Service Palnt, Electrlc Appliances Bu1ld1ng Mate ials Beecher Falls, Vt Tel lO3 4 CDMPLIMENTS DF YOUNG'S PHARMACY West Stewartstown, N Tel 21 3 CDMPLIMENTS DF BOB'S MARKET Meet, Grocerles and Beverages Beecher Falls, Vt Tel 88 R MARNAGER P ' ' B NIH . , U 4 , I . - A Tel. 82 B A L ' N Y . . I, Bo h ' ' ' 7 :Hs . 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COLIIROO Goanpumeali of UNITED FARMERS NEW ENGLAND FELIJUS BARBER SHOP lain Street Canaan, Vt Come in and see me I will try to please you THE DAUGHTERS OF ISABELLA St Bernadette Circle H58 Colebrook, R H CDMPLIMENTB DF JAX THEATRE Colebrook, Il B. PAQUETTE'S LUNCH Owned by Henry Lachance Beecher Falls, Vt. 1 W1 1 41 J11 J IA I O O N ll 4 I . I I - , . J: 1 nu ' 'W I . e 0 O O O C LAPLRLL'S SERVICE Chalnsaw laulle and Homelite Tel 119 West Stewartstown THE SPA RESTAURANT Prop Armand Q Romeo Duranleau Full meals Light lunches Summer entertainment Norton Drive in Theafer Gas Station Service lest Stewartstown COMPLIMINTS LEGION'S RESTAURANT Colebrook, New Hampshire POUTRE'S HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE Television installation Q sales Paint, Electrlc Appliances, Cement BEECHER FALLS, VT Te 103 A BEST WISHES EDNA'S VARIETY SHOP lest Stewartstown, N. H. the bookshelf books gifts - greeting cards farmers and traders bank building colehrook, new hampshire Congratulations PARKER'S SERVICE STATION lest Stewartstown, N. H. GEORGE'S SERVICE Tires--Accessories Batteries 24 Hour Road Service AUTO PARTS George Bouchard Proprietor Beecher Ihlle, Vt. SALE and TV SERVICE at of q le " Complim fnz: vf DEPARHEIIT STORES COLEBROOK COUNCIL Dry Goods House lures Tel. 142-2 Tel. 11,2-3 No. 3028 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS masons sum comma, N. in Colebrook, New Hampshire Complzments THE CANAAN GARAGE John Deere Tractors Farm Implements PAUL" RESTAURANT Weldlng Sc General Repail ing C A Woodrow, Prop Canaan Vermont Phone Colebrook It was a pleasure for Goldie York and Madeleine Dumoulzm, as well as for others, to sollcit ads from patrons who proved so cooperative ...0f... 25 N.H.

Suggestions in the Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) collection:

Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 23

1955, pg 23

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Academy of Our Lady of Grace - Stella Yearbook (Colebrook, NH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 27

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