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Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Muslc IS our theme because more t story of our days at Good Counsel Our school llfe began as Freshmen when we sang Come, Holy Ghost' at the openmg Mass ll wlll close wlth this Semor year when as d , gra uates, we walk down the alsle leavlng the dear Chapel for the last tlme, slngmg from full hearts Our Lady of Good Counsel In vears to come a straln of muslc we used to smg wlll brmg back memorles G han anythmg else, lt tells the complete re orlan chant as Professor Bo atto taught xt to us Happy Bar h day to You or Congratulatlons sung so often to a celebrating classmate a Chapel tower strlkmg the Angelus Chrxstmas carols, sung nowhere so joyously as at Alma Mater the Star Spangled Banner of so many Assemblles one of those daxly hymns after mornmg prayers "Stand up and Cheer at some ball ame b g ess songs we never tlred of smgmg on our school outlngs the catchy refram of music chorused m our Glee Club o even the musxc of school bells, or the rhythmxc beatmg of feet recalllng our Columbus day parades r at one of the Stepmac plays We wonder now when we wxll hear these thlngs Wxll our chxldren be attending GC A brlngmg nostalgic tears to ou pound out the Alma Mater on our home piano? Or wxll we be so far away that only ln memory we can rellve the dear scenes of our g1rlhood" Muslc IS an lnternatlonal language Wltness the unlon of heart wlth heart at Lourdes as fervent volces soar ln the chorus of Immacu 1 ate Mary the words vary wxth the nations but the muslc lS one M wlth one another Wh r eyes as thev uslc has been our means of communicating en we felt strongly and were unably to put our emotlons lnto words we sang the more loudly and found expres slon And so the 1958 Al muslc We hope you will llke the words we have chosen but whether certam of this the muslc IS beautlfull oysmn has been set to you do or not we are 9 I .5 9 . , . u 66 99 . . . g ' g ' . . . " ' t - ', C6 ' 97 ' ' G6 99 " g . . . a us full of young people singing the a el ' ' ' ' . . . . c . l l I O 0, I ' 'N ' - ss - 99. - - 9 ' CG ' 99 o 0 7 7 V1 ei , N4 af YQ, s. " if-' s tw-fx-s ' ,,. -. .5 . - .rjy p Q, 'anlyjl' all' 'V it I - , . " , , ,nn an . , - k V I 0 I ,x ' ' t 4 ' - , ' .3 V, , . K A. V' ' ' . A M N. I U. A, V ' I ,p 1 1 , 'K N ".-. 1, .' ' , ,,:' ' ."' ' 2- ,' 1 ' . 1 ,fy a 'ln ' Q. - r s Q, Q V - . - qv . 'l -' P- . gl' uv- -, Q a-"L r if - - T If '1 'Agp' ,. xl. T' O 4 t , PS? ff ,.' .Q 1 159 -.' Z' I 05: ' . .4 a.',.z la ,iff .954 - X- ff 5' xv .' ' 5 - ll' 1 6 -. H ' 1? .K 0 1 , F Q 53.5 1' ffwgn 5, ' L Ni ,. '- ' Q mf . , 1, - . Y, v a H .twxjri .fx ls I K A 1:5 'ff Q Q D A ad, an xx :Y "XX ,at N ' Q 'gr' 0- ,Q .-L' 'Q' 3 . 25.3 in ul: .gn r ,, x ' ' T'-" ' QW: ! Q B4 : Q 4 1 ' I' 4. -,"g' L Q . in Q 'rx is 0 Q 5 ' I Q A sr 1 S h I 7 D' 1' r I' L, "' '51, fl. "' " '7 s Q A P H . M Q. 0 1" 'Y 1 2, I' .L il I 45, ' Q 4 K 4 'N 'I fu 1' Zag S, .vw pa- I 1 3 sw, ivy j 33, , .Q - f Q V , A I- 'f L' f .s't T 4 my-sul: Vx 'S . 5 4 Q 13 . Y , v. YS ' ,2 -Q, . Q QWXX :A 1: s,. N. .Q '-as f 1 155-..c. ,, Q 1 af" '45 W" 5.6 .,.. I '34 4"af 'vh ' : '- :QQ 9, . of-ip ,f - ,. 'Af' . 0' . H .Z 'W-gs , Q . , . 15 -- ' .7 1' f I-9 Q1 -'gn -A", I 1 5, ,v" , 1" V? W" , ' , - "' ' ' -4' '5 If-' Afif . 1 fg "wg , Q m H' 1 O' 'Q ' .. L 4 f 4 " , gif" , A 'fix 1, .. s- ' 4 kk 1 A - 5 ,K - - ,MW-w V ' "' rn t 3,4 .. I . LE LA af f -' a. , ' ff A -, . . I M 5: 532 5' six Q ' W" ,jig . I I Vlnf M iwkutlh .g . A Y V. we ' ,, . - . ,. u 1 ' - W . ,, Uf. i l f:,'f5ifQ?, g 33" 5 4. ,J ,gf I , , 48. -A V ' U x '.wW" ' f' 5' 5 ' I 'K A" ,WM 14 1- pw ' HQ! is 3, , .'. h My if? ,: W f Qfqzfi vm, .A , A 1 1.61 I mx' Ea. v h t k -n X , ' wr Q ' ' fy , ff, '7 ' .UQ A ,TQ . ,MM- X H ' f,Q: --xx , ' k.,,,,,,,-one-'P' oh! Published by the seniur class or The Academy at llur 'lr' Q, I' 1 -4,6 'sf liar- . is . 55, QF' 5 - 1 ' ' " - ." ' 1 1 Q' ff3 v-1---2' 'f V . . 'a aff?-if 'iff- . in , if 01,4 1' ' . ,Q , 'IW . , . 14 lv .fn V nba. , - ...Q .':', . "- "2'll - . I I.. V 3.6 1 dgimtbfxi' ,' '. ' 'f,Q f,4 1' 4 ':o ' , - 1 Tv! 'Q f 7 ' 9'.al"'f5-' ' . 'fi af' '. , ' T ,N . , 1 ,Q V P ' .22 .Q1 -QMS- , . , , , 'Zl- .:-',,, f ' 52 North lirnaalway ff1gaig'g ,L.ady ni Gund Cunnsel whine Plains, New vm Q e.,.4...,z.44.,,..e...,.4M.. ' A fill F0lll'll1lI'Y ll. 1858, in a little town in southern France, the Mother of God stepped down from lleaven. smiled at a child named Bernadette Soulnirous. only two or three years younger than most of the girls in our class. and entrusted to her the miracle that is Lourdes. A hundred years have passed. Sixty-six girls are graduating froln an Academy dedicated to Uur Lady, and in the fullness of our love are dedicating to her the story of the most important year of our lives. We sincerely feel that our class has her very special protection. We graduated from grammar school in the Marian Year, the Centenary of the Proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. We are finishing our course during the Centennial of her Apparition at Lourdes where she told her favored protegee that she was indeed "L'Immaculee Conception." In our Alma Mater we invoke her as "Lovely lady dressed in blue." Now. Mary is truly very feminine for she never appears in the same robe. ln the miraculous picture of Uur Lady of Good Counsel the colors she wears are rich and deep. At Guadaloupc again we find her in colorful dress. But at Lourdes she came just as our song describes her, dressed simply in blue and white and gold. our school colors! Bernadette says, "She appears to be a young girl of sixteen or seventeen. She is dressed in a white robe, girdled at the waist with a blue ribbon, which flows down all along her dress. She wears upon her head a veil which is also whiteg this veil gives just a glimpse of her hair, and then falls down at the hack below her waist. Her feet are bare, but covered by the folds of her robe, except at a point where a golden rose shines upon each of them. She holds on her right arm a rosary of white beads with a chain of gold shining like the two roses at her feet." The artist who was chosen to make the statue at the Shrine tried to follow Bernadctte's description in every detail, but when she saw it, shc said, "lt's very beautiful, but it is not my Lady." v Qs -I f"TjTT'f"if-far, 'amz ' A' V, A X ., Ju . Dedicated to . . . ' if Exe We have not been favored as Saint Bernadette was, but we have been blessed in other ways. Bernadette saw Our Lady eighteen times between February 11 and July 16, but she would not be seeing her forevermore in Heaven, as she is now, had she not imitated her. W'e have been taught at the Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel not only to be ladylike, but to be Lady-like. We have been reminded constantly of the debt we owe to our beloved parents who have made so many sacrifices that we might receive the priceless benefits of Catholic education. We have been trained in self-knowledge and self-discipline so that in every event of our lives we might sec God's will, recognize His dominion over us, and say "Fiat" as Mary did. This, too, is the greatest miracle of Lourdes. Thousands upon thousands from all countries of the world have sought Our Blessed Mother's aid at the healing water of her Shrine. Not all have been answered according to their own wills, but millions have gone from Lourdes strengthened in soul, glorifying God, and saying "Fiat" to His adorable will. Dearest Mother, though we may not visit your Shrine in this the Centenary of your visit to earth, you are forevermore enshrined in our hearts. Deign to accept this tribute of love and praise, our 1958 ALOY- SIANJ hear our voices joining the triumphant chorus across the waters, "Ave, Ave, Ave, Mariaf' Receive us as your children and protect us through life, so that like Bernadette we too may see you one day, O Beau- tiful Lady! ,.f'l, 25' is L Our revered Holy Father Pope Pius XII. Special Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes composed by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII Hecding your voice, 0 Immaculate Virgin of Lourdes, we hasten to your feet at the humble grotto where you deigned to appear to show the way of prayer and penitence to those astray, and to dispense to the stricken the graces and wonders of your unsurpassed kindness. Receive, 0 Merciful Queen, the praises and supplications which peoples and nations, op- pressed by bitterness and anxiety, trustfully raise to you. 0 fair vision of paradise, banish the darkness of error from our minds with the light of faith! O Mystical Rose, relieve crushed souls with the heavenly fragrance of hope! 0 inexhaustible source of healing waters, revive barren hearts with the flow of divine love! Grant that all of us, your sons and daughters, comforted by you in our sorrows, protected in our dangers and aided in our struggles, may love and serve your gentle Jesus, and merit eternal happiness near your Heavenly throne. "We fytdy foe. avid. Wicca, Gull- qalfzm in flame." ,s1's 0.75 3-'cs fsf":9"mwf WX ks.-..,..-.J 5 5 9 xqjfi' -diff p x n :rv-Q 1' Q I 1 '- '- T is 74 -., who 'rf 2 ti 'fi--fei gig-9' it PIUS XII POPE Seniors listen to the radio as Our Holy Father speaks to the children of America at the begin- ning of Lent, appealing to them, as their father, to make generous sacrifices for their suffering brothers and sisters all over the world. The openmg of our Semor year was marked by the Sxlver Jubllee of Hts Emmence Francls Cardxnal Spell man when the thousands who flocked to the Yankee Stadium ln hls honor san werse after verse of the Lourdes hvmn the thought must have come to manv Surely Our Lady has speclal love for thls great man of God whose celebratlon C0lIlCldCS so closely with Her own' I shall dedxcate mysel ln every possible uay to the wel are o chzldren the hope o the uture Hls Ennnence Franels Cardmal Spellman on the occaslon of hls BCCCSSIOH to the Church of New York May 1939 In the years that followed hls accesslon Cardinal Spell man has more than fulfilled thus pledge Under hxs leadershlp many modern well equipped schools have been huxlt The Cathollc Youth Or amzatlon was lntro duced to provlde properly organlzed sports and soclal actlvltles for lelsure tlme To show our appreexatlon for h1S fatherly lnterest ln our splrltual and educatlonal well belng we feel hon ored to devote this page to Hrs Eminence We jom wlth hmm m celebratmff the Twenty fifth Anmversarv of hrs Fpxscopal Consecratlon and we sincerely hope that God wlll spare our Cardinal to us that he may eontmue ln h1s good offices for many years to come Q' F Xi-. Fr-1 Has Eminence Francns Cardinal Spellman Honored guest at Good Counsel 7Uep4aqfaa0mMaMm z'he0!w4c!awpanea1u'!a 27,53 Q M W!! 10 pyaresy iugxf " hI H1 Nil N Y' ' v ll IU' 1 As a Bishop, I-Ins Excellency Francis J. Spellman Puoro nr Bmnlucn S ,Q 'I C29 - A-' ffl: ' , 'fn'- . . -EA 1,.i,,'- ' Appr, 1 . . . U Y r : ' ge at ' 9 , , - - ' on 9, ,, . I . V . . V I - , 4 .99 k f f f f 1 . . . - - A53 si ' ' f . I 1 g . 4 1 - sg' I K k, . . . fy, .. H X N ,, . . . A . . . i 1, s A ix . . . . . . opt' irx xx .. ki Q l o - J , u I - lv nl' 1: . 5 -fx 'Q' . . . . , .-5. .f. h - 7f1f.3 F ' 1 , ,, , s' . , - . , . 1 , I J I 7 J-'l'J.:x ,lot YY 0. ' .Q . v n V , , E X "' lr' , I ll in C Av 1 0. ' o F Q' 6 1' 'iii 11, fnfieamqdhuchfaeaflheh liaeiwefxaaeieaa akincfaf ifzlzl ' To Reverend Mother Mary Ethelhurge, Superior General of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion. our debt of gratitude is very great. The warmth of her motherly interest in us was manifested in il hundred ways, and for It ewerv Senior IS deeplv grateful To our PYIHCIIJZI, tireless m her efforts to make II good Catholic students-and happy ones and to even Sister of the Divine COIIIPHSSIOH whom we have heen privileged to know we sav, Thank von, S1ster"' But thanks alone could never repay them for all they have done, all they have sacnficed for as May God to W hom their ln es are dedicated reward them from Hts infinite bounty NIM W1111F1N11Na Fame our Plll will Cilllfil non te1fh1r 111d teim roleh ha devoted her r 1 1 V11 llllltllftl lllll good l111111or he l11 l1ught u the ummm of mms pon 1nd the pr1n111e of good port man lllll Whse Ronrnrx CIRRX new th1 war to he 1 mms te1 IQ peeih to the Jumor and NGIIIOI' t1 lIlIlxf.IOIlIl1 of I'dlll0 an rouluas sxperunm 1 fl1rl'N rtnllrlxl I f of IIIIIPNIIIIIIII 1t11l1111 produam n of om: out tant fmhlx prop.r11 SISTER MARY ALBERTA Principal Student Council, Mathematics, Legion of Mary SISTER MARY ANGELICA Freshman B Class Relxgxon Latm Glee Club SISTER MARY CLEMENT Semor Class Relngxon, Socml Studnes, Peg-0, Red Cross SISTER MARY DE LOURDES .lumor A Class Relngxon Engllsh, French, Aloysum Caedmon Chapter Les Amixcames Francazses Church Music SISTER MARY FRANCISCA Sophomore A Relxgxon Enghsh, Music Mlsslons K . . . . S ' x ,,., v - f s 4 D v . . H . C Y . . l L T , . , . . S .x 3 , . . L , -k,i- 5 ' . . 5 . . , . . U . ., . . '. , ' 'S U' 1 t 'Z of ' . .fr A -11 1- -', acl N s ' . ' Q 5, 'J' la ' s. Wil .1 af" l ' fl , ' - rr ll 1 ', " "' '4'. ll'-s I Us - 1 'zllr talent amd high oltllltlilfllr 1 ' ' 'l ' have . 1-ol " 1-d to the ' ' ' 1 f ' - l- I, . ', mg 11s-1 ,' f zur. A lf, I 4 1 yt , I if V , V i , we-lf to den-loping 011 :thleliv ,k'll:. " h nl' - - gp- 'sa ' "Ile ,ffwfazlfwflw X 0-Ile Www . 0 . 1 Q . .-,rf W , SISTER MARY GAUDENTIA mg' Sodality of Our Lady, Chemistry :QQ-31,1 A W, 1 JE F hmSls1LElElMAl.:xYlPF0NIgi'?Al . NIH. Sl-ZRXFINO BOCXTTO with romnienduble ms an .561 elslonf 'tics' pntierivv .mil liturgical lH'llHlt'Il hui taught us Prabanon 501101121 Gr:-gnrinn Chant during tha'-v four years. WX' llllllllx him for inxlilling in in ll lun- for th.,- ln-auitiful mu-iv of the' Llhurvh. SISTER MARY PIERRE Sophomore B Class. Religion, Science, Athletics SISTER MARY JOANNES :iff if ' i M Q Junior B Clan, Religion, English, Spanish V chu crm, m cimio, Luis de wo. is ' p , s gl, 'a- I . 'O ' 9 in i 4... ff' V MHS. NI xxlow BLRNS. our llllfllfiilll. is fincerely intcrefu-il in the welfarm- of the Acaislmxiy girl4 Alssnp- l'llt't'l'fllllY milling to help u- uw the lilirury. yln- :il-0 fnuml timer to of Ni-lling.: livlijllflll' zirtii-If--. MR. FREDERIC Josmv has ably directed our Clm- Club for runny years Ili- fkill ai a dire-vtor and hix inmgin.ilixP prograim airrangv- mv-nt hun- 4-nmliim-il tu prmlure highly -uv- fw---ful lilm- lllulv 1-nm-urb during our jciir .it b.L..X. Sins Eirzimm Km.:-iiiipiz. mlm lmwlie- 1-hi-nmixtry .ind ge-ni-rail wie-rim-, jnim-il nur fuvully lam- in Urlulrer. N lbI'illl.llIl lll'hl'4lIlll'l" In th.- lvnrli- lllg llI'Uff"'l0Il. Ninn lx:-lf-he-r lm- llvligllh-il ll- ill with h r fre-sh .ipprmin-li In rl.1--ruuni pru- re-mlurv-. .xml null in imp.irting lkIlUhl!'ligt'. tukv rhairge Mr .lo lyn ln moment of relaxation all 6060 'Noon hour m the library Mrs Cro s and Mrs Burn S.. 1' One mmute before Mr Bogatto Gregorian Class Table of Golitents FOREWORD DEn1cATloN FACLLTY SCENES GRADUATES SENIOR CLASSFS I 1wnERcLAssxlEw ACTIVITIFS Sodalxtv Nllsslons Le lon of Nlarv Student Councll Seruce Squad DF8Ill3tlC Club Clee Club Spam ll Club Frenvh Club Yearbook School Paper Journall m Club Red Cro s Sport PATRONS I 410381071 photo raphs bw the Ham ch studxo 'M ff- Dnuler art throu h the courte w of Ruth Fur xucle ' ...,,................................ 1 ' ............t..,..,.,............,..... 8 G I . . ..,........,......,.....,.............. 11 . YA' . , ...,..,............,..,........ ' .M ,.................,.....,..,,... 57 ' .1 ..,..,......,....................... 65 'I ......,....,.,..,........,.......,.,. 66 4" ' ...........4...,..,.......,...,...... 68 g' A U. .,,.....,,....,.,.,....4... .69 1' ' ' - . s . ' ..4..,.......,...,.......,... .70 S " . .,......,..................... 71 3? W 'S ..,..,....,......,........,.,. 72 E' , .........,..............,.......... 74 'S . .......,.,..... .........4..... 7 6 S .,,..,.........,...,,..,.,....... 78 L, , ' .,..,.. ...,t....,,,.,.,..,......,,. 8 0 M' .,,.....,...........,...,.....,. 81 Y 7 's ..,....,.,,....,..,....,..... 82 s .. .,... ,. ,.,.,..,... .. 4.t. ....83 s. ..,.......,,...,..........,....,.,... 85 I .,.....,.,.....,...,......,.... ....,.. 9 3 E ,Lf wt. A nb' in g S., g. 'Q Z,,..'-"5 Scene! TTS J ,J ,J JM! X pf ,l I J LJ X5 is ,7 f Z! fff W1 Y I If T Jr" - Fi Q .x ? , O is'i..'Q- , pg, v- .L -c. Q Ja 5 x," ' 4-5-.r ' ., w ,,1,,. "N-xi "vm- .I 'as' 1' ' f is r I r ,, An 2 3 v,...,,..-..4l-wav'-. x, 1 .--, JM., ..w9""5" its 'B Y . Q Q U S I IX. , Nw 51? 1, an 4 - Q ...nd .0252 7' 5" ls QW Sai -.W .91 A ,tk "f-XA bfi - 4' QT "' gem Y .... W In .- M 11- S.. 1 K --A-.-, 'Q .b1.""4 F -:bfi ts..f t , W . 'fx s -.- . A 'T' 'W .tg ' , ,. N 'lr " .. A- 1, qs' xiii if ' 4 R Q M ' ff 1 lp ' Mar--+ I .' I A, 4 M QV-Pr-Q if.. 3 4 . f .- '5- 4, 3' :Q t 1 Ad 5 O -' ff -Pl 5 1 11' ,gp 13a 7fu31a3iou4canca.Z'f1.alfwfne'aewefsauefneaacl74eafmu4ic 4.x The auditorium, which doubles as a gym, is the scene of social events as well as athletics. Side view of the Academy building cnc! that am alma! when we fzaue fennel, am-any Gllnm Iffuwfd, Zo allen aaa Salem Zane, anal Me mf! mufunua of Zfuen paaqeu mu Za Gaz! like a melnclq . . . ancf Me wazfez gala muucallq ffzom life fountain in the gaulen all line niqlnti and The garden as seen from the lab 4 Y 1135 vaeowcnapezczocklzmvmzae luxua- aml Zire mum! of awning feel clown fl:-e fx-ails inclicafu fha! iii Mmqezwamzfufzea. "And the old chapel clock strikes the hour" Our campus has a pastoral atmoa phere. 'vu 0,1 1 N, ni' Ir" Y' ,id Q, S- 1" l no , ,, 1 i GM , R P' 'L 'Vid' dy. r ., . . .U 4, 1 4 ' Q1 .:...,:Q pax. s h L. ,, ..' ' 1, U ,vt ..f fwfr h 1: 1 f f M ,1- , J , -, s if .Vw - Q. sz Q , 1 Mg, ' , . 5 'Y ff fx ., W gg , fm A. ,f in -at 'FQ' 'gg' fx! 5 4 Q 17 ,"' 4", ' .K . . Ar- ..-- V-A 'Q - 3 'Sw - 1 ,sf in -' ' Q. -, 6? -,A . 'e ' Q ' ak r,v S 'I G A if .gc X , , Z , I -f'-"""g 9 AY 4 sig X e 1 M " 45 A , I I -I - .' 4 if I E Downgmde to the gym room Moonlxt Shrxne But where IS the parkmg lol? gang auifmul Zlfoach v Chapel ln the snow New fallen snow the chapel entrance N NRS' V1 f xx A 5? HG Q-if-' ...Q-11 . ' L f ,., X 'X 1' W N DL va Q X W? v K , K . 1, n -1 A , 5 4. . V, AM f I , 1 s. , if V A P , V g ' , x , R V ' lf ' 5 ' ,y 1 . ,, W X . .Q - , 'J , F '4 I ' M " ' X, 1, ,, 3- F..- I rif f by ff S71 iv fy' YA zz. is , I. f J", X, 441221 'fl V- .p'v:-In 43,4 , X i "W A . .ff ' .Nm-A ,- ' ff rv f ' ', 1 , Q ', . 1- - . , A, , ' . .A ff 'ff f V we .fi 1 .Q .- 5. x . V, , , X if -. ef- , .X f , "1 ' . -, 3 I . "- , N '. . " 555- ' x '-wbs7 .,, f ,Y ' ' ,gf -.N 7" YL L'-1-al' W' , '73 .. ' x lf Zlvhu ' ff , .Nw 'lu' f 'I ' , -. ' :.3tq'- Vw- all-if xxx- A . ff ,I A M7 -' 1 '- 'Q 7 AI" -ffj. A , 64' V " V " ' .' A - ,- 4 1' .r ,.. X' Q , r ,W ,inf X , ,, K. Z., givfjf--..ff"L SFXLSYY A . Q-l.:.x W ,A ' Y W I . , X 4 . , X , 4 Itfitf? 'a ' - -i 'rf' 44, f ' in-in ' , " I ? 4 K s pc "" ,, V, , " -SQ' r A '-v ' I . .' " . ' ' ' V,..m,u -A V Vi ' f' l, li H 2 4 X iv? 5 .,........-5 M Y -. - - -- ' ' ,. A n '1'x.'.'1T.... - ,.------ -'gi' XY Sefuafut Kg 'qigx bf H I j 1 'Nx Www V-2? 'K 14 w i ! Tl f C ,,4LfNX ff R ' 4. fi Wig K 0 K' gf- Jyiil f , , l I 1 ll , ' 5 X I X D ,, X . , A I Q 5 , -X ff, Q0 ' l W ,,,, Lv- SKY i iii After Mass, which he celebrated in the Chapel on Octo- her 3, the Reverend Thomas Colden blessed the senior rings. This was the first ceremony of its kind held at Good Counsel. "0 Mafia, fell me wfnaljaml'acfa!" Ring Ceremony Father Colden reminded the seniors of the meaning of the seal on their rings. The shield is tinetured in Uur Lady's colors and displays the "morning stari' in the shield within the shield. The larger shield hears two horizontal liars, taken from the coat of arms of Monsignor Preston, founder of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion. The cross and other elements in the upper part are symbols of this teaching Community so closely assoeiated with the Pas- sion of Our Lord. The motto Auspice Maria- "under the inspiration of Maryu-is a reminder to every girl who wears the ring that Our Lady is indeed the heart of Alma Mater. pk JL Ale ff M ffjw W. J l 1 flaw? llfwz fpllflzi 5 My! MW gmf f ff, 44451117 NM-41, Lo 7,4 'like' CV ZA Minn c7Yfarze iBelanger Qodalltx of Our Lady 2 3 1 Peg0 3 1 flee Club I 2 3 4 les Amerzcaznes fIl1llQdlSCS 2 '3 C1112 Chat News Fdltor 3 Caednzon Chapter 3 1 Secretary 1 Serv me Squad 1 ANN Sincere cheerful neat make frlends ea lly llke people IH eneral and bables ln particular enjoys all sports smmmm most of all e72fCa1'y 'Denise iBcgley Peg0 3 4 Treasurer 4 Glee Club 3 4 Les Amerlcaznes Frangazses 4 Servxce Squad 4 DFNISL enthuslastnc full of fun lovely VOILC con rderable dra mane talent excellent dancer ffm 'FUR in ' In a 'S 1 5 , 5 ilu., .. . " ... S' - Y Q X n I - x 'M , 1- , U , - - Q ' xx A 'N . ... Q , r Vfa- .-. it ,rxl-A.,-Q H .,.,1,. 1, 1 4 . , eg 4' -I f-'C ,... - , .141 'J ,.--..J . H ,1 ,,,s..f1-ov' " I Q , ,AM Ml f,.r.1.' ,r,. , . . -4 j' ' , A,-wx.. ,L - .,.' r 4,,' -1 I 5 XM- 3' .19-Q -, 4 A-Q ' X"f. 1 i W L .r , , ,.-' Q A ,IJ . A ' 0.--lx -, . Y' .hw A It .1 , 0171.11 ' px, ,'..'s-0,4 A j TV .j flf ' 1' - J'rz"f'Jl UV' l fl, 5 A' 7 rw la r ,U 'J 1 J . ' f rmjigf A 1 ffb U ' !'Zf L' a' I I - . 'F ' ' - , 1' K, f 1 t' L I, , J , J' 1 U4--' , f 'gf x,fl"V, ,X . ffl A V M, -A A, . 74 X- , f ff! ' 1 'ff' X N, - f - ' . 'lyblxf A 7 1 J fx J ,,, ' A4 5 f J' will 5, , K ' .iv 1 'Q ' 1 x ll I , , , -. 1, . . ' r ..g ' ' , rg A- l,,7 - '. Ll. .... 'l ' . . . ' . . . ... S ' . S' ... ' S . U I . . . D , , . . . . U Y. .U ,- - f- rw Ann and Denise eagerly await the good news that Maura and Joan are sharing. C? Joan CC'5raw.'is iBende'r Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 11, Legion of Mary 2g lil Circulo Luis de Leon 2, 3, 4, Caefinzon Chapter fl JOAN . . . dimpled, with dancing blue eyes . . . freckles . . . unassuming manner . . . has exuberance plus . . . wears any- thing well . . . blue ribbon swimmer emazara 'Dean iBi'rd Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Legion of Mary 2, 3, El Circulo Luis de Leon 2, 3, 1: Chit Chat Photography Editor 3, Caednzon Chapter lg Class Secretary 3 NlAURA . . . genial . . . popular . . . co- operative . . . cheerful . . . loves Vermont, tennis, and bowling . . . nursing lies ahead Q -f. V, 7 Q 9 Q- Xjefvvz' 'Agia Gegvof fda ,J .-Ar 5.11-7rA,L:f QPZQ !,,r-Qvfo ,QQ fog !,, Yann frvti fafytf nflf .fic Cuthie, Mary-Lou, Audrey, and Marion take time out for "the pause that refreshes." Coke is still the favorite even though C.C.A. now has it fascinating milk-chocolate-orangeude vendor. 'F ve." -J' .J s-Y' .V 7 T 0 W ' - fi 5 g by J YY F, -" + Y 2 -if rf Ny .,, I Qt ig' .lrji'- O ,M-M , . 'Q if , 4.1 We tri ,J , ,J fum v- ff.,-cr 14" V457 """f'-' 4,11 ..,7ac, fined-nof1f9 :bf ..v c v0 9107 Jo c0"A 1.4.91 1-Argo 4410 , 1 -'f ffl Joggoh. C-4149 ceogud G 15644 fa-zuyfpc, lid y 19:46 7' 4, f in nafg04-5 if buf, -jxrftf 396 GQ,-oaf' f fe affuzzdg-5 dludrey cyflnn 8Ol'llCTl Sodality of Our Lady 2. 3. 4: Clee Clulm l: El Circulo Luis de Lecin 2, 3. le: Criezlnzon Chapter 3, ll Class President 2, 3, l Atiniiilx' . . . smiling . . . a leader . . . witty . . . a favorite with all . . . likes white slietlund sweaters . . . aspires to a teaclling career 20 s-.7 1 Q, ff Qatlierine Quinlan iBr0u'n Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3. 1 CATIIII-I . . . petite . . . lilonde haired . . . sweet . . . quiet . . . willing to help . . . at graceful dancer . . . is thinking of nursing I Q CMGTtO71 CGIICTCSG f,Burkc Smlality of Our Lady 2. 3. 1. Representa- tixf' 3: Clef- Club l. 2. 13. l. Librarian 'll Lvs .'1lIl65fiCI1iIlf'S frmzqaiscs 2. 3: Chit Clint Copy Editor 25: Cuerlnion Chapter 3. l. Trvasiirvr I: Sc-twice' Squad -1 Nl,-URION . . . rvsorwci . . . gentle . . . au-tivv in svimul and t"itl'il-l'lll'l'il'lliill' activities . . . il fins- iw- skutvr . . . iiistorv. he-1' favorite subject . . . plans to teacli fb, ST, i!U7!f I 72 1fL'4'5 4,00 ' J+f'fb"cQ fic wi it iff fi to 95959 W if N7 L fyftffv rw 'Q 'So fx A ,gh Li P4 All jill arf GMLIW Lou Mlnm iBurit iiitx ur lads 1 Clw L L11 1 on IH I quiz t lik llile llllll 4 Ill 1 lim I t - I, 1 l jp N 1 0 Q 6 , 1 ,V ,. fo ' 1 , ,I ' ljqlf I 5 f' 5 I I 1 va 7 fn Y p V t S0112 of 0 .' I' V: 1 f 'li 2. 3 rw? X 1: Iii liirvulu Luis le Le" l if , " , . 'P . . ' ' It I Nix '- All' . . . ' . . . 'z 1 . . . has A X Q, f , r'Xpi'vssiw f-it-s . . . ai fomirwss for swim ' - g. Olhls fbilf-s. and iw- ska ' gr . . -, Q , u futi rc in industrial ti -signing Vw,j:e' ,4 J ,V Y UF' V V6 , A .1 W ff ,H ,W sf ,swf vl J? L ,y-jr MY .N LJ Lf f J L, . ,. 'Q fljatricia Qybffarie Gawlcy Sodulity of Our Lady 2, 3. fl-3 Missions llc-p1'ese11tutiw 3: Legion of Mary 2, 3, l: Les ,f1r11f9rz'f'air1es Frczrzgaises 2, 3g Service Squad 1 PAT . . . sweet . . . generous and polite . . . friendly . . . likes to knit . . . her on n seamstress 131 L ' L ' W i J-:JL -,Ji QM AY Eluna, Put, and Susan are intrigued lay the ronstruvtion work living done on tht- new Thrlmuy. lWill we over forge-t those daily giant blastsfl Tara Jane Qhenoweth Sodality of Our Lady 43 Clee Club 4g Les Ameiricnines Frangaises 4- TARA...anewgirl...sweet... friendly . . . a doll 60llector . . . inter- ested in dramatics and music . . . a tennis fan V v Vik My H, yu f CIW x 9 L V I , 5 '-44 Vg JJ ef 1' ,Q J. if B dl, i1fLM W , V I JM wil H , V UW , v 22 -ff-fl! Q L u XX V A. r 1 , " 7' ,, V A-.1 I K i f Elana Glaire Gooney Les Americaines Frangaises 2g Service Squad 4 ELANA . . . blonde and blue-eyed . . . enjoys modeling . . . poised and graceful . . . likes poetry and still life Tara, Susan, and Pal have done their par! in decorating the Senior class- room. . Q . V "'x. Susan Gjnclb' Gostcl Clee Cluli l. 2. Il. el-: Les ,ffnzericaines Franqafses 2. 3. l. Seeretary 1: Chit Chat C0-art editor 3: Semin-e Squad 1 SUSAN . . . a talented and versatile pianist . . . once lived in Paris . . . independent . . interested in many things 374 i t , , Q' Qarol Julia Grystlc Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Legion of Mary 2, Les .AII1f:ftCl1l:IlCS Franqaises 2, 3, -1-3 Aloysian lfditor -lg Chit Chat C0- editor 33 Caerlnmn Chapter 3, 1, Vice- president -l CAROI .... energetic . . . known for her wide vocabulary . . . intelligent . . . likes history and good music . . . sports fan . . . an accomplished swimmer . . . reliable fp 4 J 'V L if I d 1-0 1 nj I , J faf.. -,4f5, 22' VU? ff if , ff ,,. . A - fe -.we f K :Vx Q' r rf ff jg K7! Y 0 t w 1 "" It rf .J I 5 ' 1.7- 7 Minn GIICTESCL ffunningham Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Les Ameri- caines Framgaises 2, 3, 45 Caedmon Chap- ter 4g Basketball Team 2, 3, 4g Class Secretary lg Treasurer 2, Vice-president 3, 4, Service Squad 4 ANN . . . popular . . . witty and enthusi- astic . . . interested in everything . . . winner of the individual Field Day Cup Carol, Ginny, and Bertha are fasci- nated by Ann's Cross through which one can read the Our Father. iBLrtha GMCITIC cle lwo Qmdxlm of Our Iwds 2 Pl ClI'Clll0 Luzs Q95 P011 Z 5 Tre l ure V HHKTIIA emufl for her teen gtucle lnker but not for her parlun tlckets likable humorous x n au0uQ talkatnc Lute and frlendly lv' fu ff-f L0 0' ' ' 'Urrgmza Johanna 'Du zcco Sodallty of Our Lady 2 3 1 Treasurer 4 Peg0 2 3 1 Qeeretary 1 Glee Club 4 El Clrculo Iuzs de leon 2 '3 1 CIINNX posed frlendly neat a touch of opln llLdtl0Il enjou drlvmg red conxertlbles llkei muQ1c and West POIIII an and TN watcher ' ' KK 8 .1 1 .L U' 2 1 ' ' .mm 161' '.f.-: .ass "LS, m " I I L Cl rl 3 . . . . g . .- 1 " gl l' . . . . . xx A 2 -2 1' e 2 ,f 'ff' 2 2 rv" 2 Y' , u J 3 YJ, f .IL J A .f ' 1 A' Vvfjl . Ll' W 1 x, ' 1 YL .J - ' , ii' ,I vu iv ,lt VJ' ti . , V -I I M A J X-. ,aw ,A VL 'xr' , F L, I J. . A Ly '-- if J LU U . f ja Q ,l Lf' 1 1 .lv ,A f , Q I L 1 V X. le - ' , ' fl ff ' X l'f?,J""'f 'N -if I A- - I' ,Lf if ,U I L 91 1 f 1 - 7 ' 1 - r, i, 1 , 9 9 9 ' fg - , Q. V . - ' Q -3 g . . , ', K ,Y . Q. , V fir N?- Mm, Jean Minn Emcmuellz Sodallty of Our Lady 2 Clee Club 2 3 1 Pl llrculo Luis de leon 2 'S 4 Cla '5t1I9lZ1ly l XICC president 2 Student Council Repre entahye 5 Student Coun ul X ue pre ldent 1 EAN an out tanding, leader petite friendly bri ht eyed efficient a good conyersatlonall t a ranch enthusiaet enjoys bowlmg horseback riding and mmlature olf Geraldine Cfffheresa 6Di Napoli Sodalily of Our Lady 2, 3g Clee Club 3 -I: Les Americaines Franqaises 2, 3 Caerlnmn Chapter fllg Service Squad 11 GI-IIKRY . . . brown haired, dark eyed . . ready wil . . . an avid Red Sox fan . . entlmsiastic and spirited . . . enjoys play ing the piano and bowling X I Mal' N li 'fm 1 V' L L JJ , , 01 , T F ' L 3 LJ fl 2.1 ' yl p 7 J fl K5 U lwnwffv Wm JM .dw m fY" 1 Lgf ul N ' .1 L" . 1 i fr - ,N-- ,ff ' C K U A. A V f K MX X. , . A' 1 I ff K . 'f r 9 , , , -g . . 'r , , ., 3 ss lx.. - Y Y' , 5-' 1 - ' I I. S .I :Q . - T. I S. Y ,I 5 f - v Q u - Y u . 1 'U ' if 9 - . . ,ul v - f ' 'T '. M, 'A ,' . . . . 'V i , ' ' kg . . . . U VV: ,, Z. ,I 7 Jean and Gerry watch Molly playing maid to the President! I I rg Gmclb' Joanne gallon Soclality of Our Lady 2. 3, lg Clee Club 1. 2. 3, -1: Les Americuines FITIIIQIIIASFS 2g Athletics Representative 23 Team Score- keeper l: Cheerleading: 2, 3. -1-g Class President 3g Student Council President -1 JUANNE . . . "uve foot two, eyes of lilueii . . . personality plus . . . ai real leader . . . full of Nllll and vigor . . . enjoys sports and counselling at u summer camp "SUP 'if' cyflrnczliu Janet cg'ClTC1lLl1ClT Sodality of Our Lady -lg El Circulo Luis cle Leon 2 NIOLLY . . . quiet . . . friendly . . . con- srienlious . . . prefers mathematics . . . has a green thumb . . . loves animals, too Linda, Rae, and Joan need no second i."ZiI?5':I.' .t.i":.,,?5:::,,ff'i" wilt , X .qW ? vW 1 M M it lt f y lfylfit tktfidlf x I" Iii Y emam Lynn Cgleming Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4g El Circulo Luis de Leon -l: Caerlmon Chapter 43 Cheerleading 2, 3, -1, Captain -Lg Service Squad -1 Bl.-XRY LYNN . . . brown-eyed . . . attractive . . . spirited . . . enjoys life . . . is especially interested in football games and the latest fashions . . . accident and flat tire prone Rte Qelicitas Cyweedson Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4g Peg-0 3, 43 Clee Club 2, 3, 4: Les Americaines Fran- Qaises 2, 3, -lg Aloysian Assistant Editor -'lg Chit Chat Feature Editor 3g Caedmon Chapter 3, 1, President -13 Service Squad 4- RAI-1 . . . vivacious and sweet . . . accom- plished accordionist . . . amateur pho- tographer . . . active . . . likes Proms and chemistry . . . noted for her unex- pected comments Joan Gurol qrrcy Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4g El Circulo Luis de Lecin 2, 3. ig Caedmon Chapter -1: Student Council Representative 1, 2g Service Squad -1 JOAN . smiling . . . genial . . . a Capable leader . . . fun-loving and fun to be with . . . energetic . . . sultry voiced Linda Susan Qalcmlz Qodality of Our Lady 2 3 1 Le ion of Mary 2 les Anzerzcaznes Franqazses 2 3 Faedmon Chapter 1 Clleerleadin tarw 2 Student Counul Secretary li LINDA lntelll ent sincere persewrln nnlln and friendly pl in to ln tl nurse speualizln pediatrus , ' . 1 . U' M 1 9 Q 9 5 ff h , , . , . . 1 . Vw 1 1 4 - 5 . 3 , ' ' V 3 A ' g 1, 2, 3, -1: Class X we-president 1, 3g Secre- . J- 'S L . . - Q V . .U . ' . . . 1 1 - ' , . ' g ln xx 30 S u C u f A Iulle e9YCa'rze Qzlmore Sodallty of Our Lady 2 3 JULIE se we enjoys fun and lnu hter does r work thoroughly 1 plans a IlUfSl ee QQKXXBQNXJ JX.Dx XX ta ,XX K QQNEQ? N JWQVQ if NVXJ Q 'Eileen Qrances Gallagher 1 A Sodality of Uur Lady 3, ,Peg-0 3, 4, President 4g Clee Club 32 4g Les ,Ameri- caines Frangaises 3g Service ,Squad fl-, Captain -1 . EILEEN . flovelyu. . . gracious . . . witty . . . a melodious soprano . . . talented actress an expert on Irish legends and fo,lk lore W . X :Zim x K i 1 , . 5 i Sw ' . . HQ, ' . dv . lg . . . -' W la Q I gs. . Q X p. 'X br R X x r X x A X XX 1-X t ' xv YN, A Ks.. . Y .yxx I R my 'XV X X K X ' xx x xg? X S5 f x X rw xx PM my xx mms ,XV up o -W ix s xx ' K N . t5J 'X we t K N , Xi. 'Patricia rlQJse Ggfanifer Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Prefect 43 Legion of Mary 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-treasurer fl-5 El Circulo Luis de Leon 2, 3g Class Secretary 3, 4, Student Council Member -1 PATSIE . . . poised and pleasant . . . cute . . . dislikes freckles, math, and diets . . . an aspiring nurse , . . ellicient and orderly . . . always Lady-like GS 31-I. f QV.. at " tel efffargarct cyflnne Cgfowcs Sodulity of Our Lady 2. 3, 43 Cleo Club 3, 4: Chi! Chat Assistant Copy lfditor Sig Servive Squad 1- MARQLI-3 . . . blonde' and lilue-eyed . . musical . . . plays both violin and piano . . . a talented but unrecognized poetess It's a treat for Eileen, Julie, and Pat to go over to the music rooms where Marge can accompany their singing. Q. my ll 'Ir'J!Lf7d TJ VIPMJJ L ,Z i r M W 4? J' ,QQ 5 3, 442 J or iffftf J V P M7 jwflt 7 - x if V lnxfijj L A 1 A ifv Vox Jn -E: il jjjj'7fWVj,, cf fs K -ie an cflngcla Qarol 'Improta Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 445 El Circulo Luis ale Leon -lg Service Squad fl- ANC!-ILA . . . lively . . . we-ll travelled at home and ulwroad . . . has an unpredictable sense of humor and a contagious laugh . . . noted for kindness and tllouglltfulness e9YCaryann Q7XCargaret Jakiel Sodality of Our Lady 4g El Circulo Luis de Le6n 3, 4- MARYANN . . . quiet . . . reserved . . . friendly . . . likes dancing and roller- skating . . . a pleasant companion . . . considerate On a visit to the Infant of Prague with Maryann, Helen, and Angela, Rosemary lights n candle for a special intention. gfelen ,Sigue Johnson fm 7 ye El Circulo Luis de Leon 2 ill! NA HELEN . . . blue-eyed. earnest, and sincere I VNV' gl . . . '1 Columbia fan . . . collects Ivy I , . Lei ue sk1rtQ YA Ll .I 't if OSCYTICUN LJOHISC LGT Sodalxty of Our Ladw 2 3 4 Secretary 4 les Amerzcames Franqazses 2 Chit Chat Copy Ednor 3 beruee Squ u 1 ROSEMARY eneroub smeere puts heart and oul Into all he does dependable lowes pxzza spaghettl and all Italian food an Irlslmman to her fingertnps Ns-.W e7ZfCamznnc Qrunccs Lo mo Sodalltx of Our Ladx 2 Q El Clrculo Squad 1 Mfmuwxi 4 dark ey ed Pd er to plea c enthusia tin about Spanish lows to bliop for new clothes e7bTczry Noel Lichtman Sodality of Our Lady 2. 3, -13 Les Ameiri- caines l"rangaiscs 2. 3: Lvgion of Mary 2, 3g Class 'I'l'1?ilS1lI'0l' IS NOI-ll .... a little gzirl with a big smile . . . generous and lwlpful . . . drivvs hor own car . . . hops-s to lwconic a nurse aru- 'UH 1 i I Y V 11' 1 V V ' Luis du Lenin 2, 3, 4, Secretary lg Service i ' . ..1'3...t'lI... J g sf . . . , s " w . 1 s 4 V fl 1 7 "This will make a nice present," Barb assures Mary as Noel gives Marianne her change. C ,ff 56.4-,A rf faziff' MLQELZYM-Q ,czau-.Jaffyrf , in C14 eXS.Jv,a,o7 ,lv i- 'Eid'-1 zaaaczsfz' 241 2 zfgf 5 fee, aim 0414, L'-U-jg, 1? f44,lA,Z! yum, JM R Maw 1- iBarba'ra cflnne Uffarkert Sodalitv of Our Lady 2, 3. 4, Representa- tive 3. Yice-prefect 1: Clee Club 4: El Circulo Luis de Leon 2. 3, -1, President el-: Chix Cha! Headline Editor 3: Caedmon Chapter 1: Class Treasurer 51: Service Squad 4 BARB . . . with long. shiny hair . . . enthusiastic . . . a good friend . . . bubbling with laughter . . . a real lady . . . Science in her veins MOL! .. WW Q7fCar5' cr4gnes eyffaroni Soclalitv of Our Lady 2. 3. 4: Athletics Representative 1: Basketball Team 1, 2, 3. 1. Captain 3, el Nl.-RRY . . . sincere . . . loyal . . . a sympa- thetic friend . . . enjoys athletics, espe- cially basketball and softball . . . likes to drive "Comes a pause in the day's occupa- tion" for Eileen, Irene. Mary, and Janet. 1 ...A 1,-sv. KY HQ ,Q l qrenc e7XCc1rie e7b'Caruzzclla Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4g Service Squad 4- IRENE . . . friendly . . . helpful . . . owns a silver Chevy conxertible . . . favorite pastime-swimming, especially in her own pool .fv- f e7BTa'ry Qfranccs Uffayell Sodality of 0ur Lady 2, 3g Missions Representative 23 Peg-0 2, 3, 4g Service Squad -'1 NlARY . . . blonde and attractive . . . driving enthusiast . . . enjoys dancing, bowling, and swimming Janet Gjyccllttfdtl eJ'7YCcQonc1glc Sodalitv of Our Lady 2, 3, '15 Service Squad 11. JANET . . . quiet . . . humorous . . . expert 1-ook . . . envied for her senior driver's livense . . . prefers the Hutchinson Park- M ily JJ :AM I VELGJNA UJQXSQMQANA MVN evdrgtmluwfgp XCQL ffmfp Qlxif -inc! UZ L, L 'Uh 4' I QVLX ffm ,Zum Ezltcn cvflnn JYCcQove1n Sodalits of Our Ladv 2 3 Le ion of Nliry 1 les lnzerzcames I'f!IllQl1lSES Caeclmon ihapter 3 1 Red Crow Loun ul 3 1 bernne bqudd 1 l' II LLN under lilhdlll un loun In h eyes enjox football funeb ind brownie di tin uimhcd plausrl ht as of this Lhristml 1 1 f LLJ N if fr , I . A' VVf I, if j,LL u ' 9 l , ,' N-" 'P if f,7 ' 4 !,,,,7f X I .77 Q - , . U. L ' r.'. . w. U' .1 ' 3 , ,, . lg , ,, 3 " - 5 'g...f - "g 's 1' 'g.' a 's'g" K. is X ,nw G 'x 1' N x i i n 1 UMM fl 38 RI My X cyflbigial Kgltlicryn GMCGTCCUN Sodality of Our Lady 3, 4-g Legion of Mary 2. 3, 43 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Team Timekeeper 2, 3, 43 Team Assistant Man- ager al-3 Service Squad bla ABBIE . . . ever on the spot with a willing hand . . . lovely complexion . . . abounds in school spirit . . . travels far to G.C.A. . . . looks forward to nursing as a career , jeff' ,MW ff W C2759 Linda Mlnne Q7fCCL,ean Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 45 Les Ameri- caines Frangaises 4, Caedmon Chapter 4 LINDA . . . sweet . . . affable . . . un- assuming . . . lively imagination . . . budding author . . . enjoys music and good reading if is l!""P f NJ , iBarbara Minn e7Kistretta Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, El Circulo Luis de Lean 3, 4, Vice-president fl-1 Aloysian Assistant Busi- ness Manager 43 Chi! Chat Business Man- ager 3, Caedmon Chapter 3, 43 Red Cross Council l, 2, 3, 1, President 33 Team Scorekeeper 2, 3, 4, Team Manager 3, fl, Service Squad -1 BARBARA . , . our reliable bell ringer . . . generous . . . team manager, scorer, and fan . . . likes pizza "It must be nice to live on campus," says Barbara, and Pat, Abbie, and Linda agree after paying a visit to Kathy's lovely home. '-j' Q I J A' fl! -' lr B, X gl ,, J X1 S 1 l 1 flputriciu Cllvristinc efffunnclly Soclalitv of Our l.adv 2. 3. ll, Missions Representative 2. 3, Ig lms flrzlfiricnines I'lI'll71L,'Ill-SPS 2, 3. l: .'llUj'Sl'lIll Business Manager 1: Chit Chat Co-editor 3: Cried- nzon Chapter -1: Class Yice-president lg Servive Squad all PAT . . . outstanding: . . . eflicient . . . friendly . . . experienced in collecting missions dues . , . vlever . . . dependable . . . Lin ideal C.C.A. girl l ,I 1 Yu rl if .-ae" Lucille eyffarguerite 9NQlan Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, il: Clee Club 2. 3. fl-1 El Circulo Luis :Ie Lerin 2g Cneflnzmz Chapter 44 Service Squad el- l.L' . . . gay and friendly . . . fasvinaled ln lilue Fords . . . cheerful . , . will make il fine nurse . . . a friend to 1-xeryone Jacqueline 'Rise 'Mzzo Sodality of Our Lady 2, 4g Missions Rep- resentative lg Legion of Mary 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 'lg Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Les Americaines Frangaises 2, 3, 43 Chit Chat Literary Editor 3: Service Squad 4 JACKIE . . . amiable . . . has humor and charm . . . fun to work with . . . always ready with a joke . . . a sympathetic listener "I wish there'were another swing." says Lucille. But no, she has to push Amy, Jackie, and See Bee! cyflmelza 'Mia Sasso Sodallty of Our Lady 2 3 4 El Clrculo Q .5 Luzs de Leon 1 SCFVICC Squad 4- AMH unassumm retlcent wlllmg to lend a helpmo hand njoy a pleasm, melody an lee skater GMGU cyflnn jebul I fi Sodallty of Our Lady 2 3 El Clrculo Luis de Leon 4 Red Cross Council 3 4 SEE BEE known for her 1IlfPCtl0US glbgle and m1 eluevous mile lkPS dancing has a speeml fondness for convertlbles ' ' , , 9 ' , 5 L f Y . . , 'S' ' nr U . . . e 's il fr n 1 u ' ' a u J K likes movies and basketball games Q, JV 5 n V I Y . , Q . S - a 'U 'S' ' ' s ' I. . . l' , . . . . 3 V' xg fl- K 3, . xt' P Q Y X . it-e W tl tl K yy LK W 1 Q Nfl? r x lwa cyflprzl ousa Sodallty of Our lady 2 '3 El Clrculo lied L10 Council 5 SU X IA ori mal soft spoken re used fun loun enjosb drn take: pleasure in gardenin c9XCarilyn Susan ,Seibcrt Sodality of Our Lady 3, 4g Peg-0 2, 3, 4: Class President lg Student Council llepresentalive 2g Class Treasurer 3g Service Squad -1 NIARILYN . . . talented and clever . . . relialmle and eflicient . . . helpful . . . enjoys lmowlingr, ice skating, and watching u good football game X-tr Y"-'r A 1 . fb v . . 'V A I W V 5,1 n ' 5 1 a 1 XR . ' , ' , . g 'X Luis de Ltrfin lg Chit Cha! Representative Xi -1: l' -' I, 4 - if v 1 n V it ing . . . ' ' ' g , L ai fbi' VQVWKQ I. WJ' iffy Cathy urges Sylvia to turn up the radio. 1Marilyn and Angela don't mind because Pat Boone is singing!! Q WWW 2f'gwf'y if ,M WMV kyle wil 'XA gb T, 12, ,YL , if if W2 if ff, J' f ' We L cflngela CJrances Spina Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Les Ameri- caines Frangaises 2, 3, 4 ANGIE . . . well dressed and neat . . . intelligent . . . has a winning smile . . . it quiet but interested member of every group Qatherine Ioan Tffaitzner CATHY . . . unaffected . . . friendly cheerful . . . a sports enthusiast . enjoys horseback riding Again Monique has confused Fran- cine, Elaine, and Clara with her Q, rapid French. IJ J, yy! 6 t ow Luv ,JUL ' ,U F Qi C QLM it -M74 jyfifi' 1 A QQQDV fy L, ivyet ph GA if yi i x v EV ,bt L 'M of AIM! 'llviliiil i -4' 1,901 'i it r We it if ff v 1 M J X fj j ki M , o tw UW DWWG' Glam Elizabeth Cgedesco Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 43 El Circulo Luis de Leon 3, 4g Chit Chat Sports Editor 3g Caedmon Chapter 3. -1: Basket- ball Team 2, 3, 4-g Service Squad 4 TEDDI . . . kind . . . understanding . . . a skilled athlete . . . plays forward or guard with equal ability . . . excels in tennis and softball . . . an avid television fan . . . plans to become a physical education teacher qmncine Ulancy GOTTCS Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, fig Clee Club 2, 3, il, Les Americaines Frangaises 2, 3g Caeflnmn Chapter 41-3 Cheerleading l, 2, IS. Vi: Service Squad at TWIN . . . HA good thing III a small package" . . . always smiling . . . enjoys sports, especially tennis and ice skating i ,I GMfJ7ll41llC fPic1'1'cttc CGv'oadec ZAC! Les .4IlI6I'lAl'lll'llt'S Frnnguises 2. 3, -1. Presi- dent sl: Athletics Representative 1: Cheer leading 2. 3. I: Class Treasurer 2 - lf I . . I . KIONIQII-I . . . Ll rule niudeinoiselle . . L4 petite and lll'0Wll-t'f't'd . . . Nivaeiotts vheer- leuler . . .iff-ahle peisonality . hert ! ' in lviulugy . . . on her way to 21 nursing af career 'fy ,X 'Sv Q 1- 2 Eltum CHKCITV CGMLO bodalitx f Our Lady 2 3 Clee Club 5 1 Cuerlmon Chapter 1 Serine Squad I x fIltINllS 'ind fun lmin it tm :Y inluu tn in ennis ntnnmn .in lttjhlllt . , , si l 0 a ' , . 1 1 Q . . 1 1 f : . ' ' ' 1 ,, l M s li..-lNli... n. - likes ull inusim' . . . prefers white von- R wrtilmles with red set ' 'ers . . . z it , 'S l'un...-jYst- '.',s' 'g, ' d , 'V F Joanne fgrances Uccz Sodalxty of Our Lady 2 3 El Clrculo Luts de Leon 2 Athletlcs Representative 3 4 Basketball Team 2 3 4 Servlce Squad 4 JOANNE an athlete loquaclous as a bubbllng brook never a dull moment wlth her agile on the basket ball court breezy and bouncy Ivy League dresser L J eiffarvlzn e7XCzchelle Unger Sodallty of Our Lady 3 4 Peg'0 3 4 Vlce presldent 4 les Amencaznes Fran qazses 2 S 4 Aloystan Art photography K Edltor 4 Chu Chat Co art Edltor 3 Caedmon Chapter 4 Student Councll Representatlve 3 Seruce Squad 4 MARYLIN polsed and attractlve wntty glfted artlsttc ou standmg ln school spmt has a Buffalo accent the hfe of the party thoughtful I C 1 l ' I . r 4 , 3 ' u n 3 1 . fy 9 9 5 5 , lr . I -H 15' X 11,4 .V Y ,If A ' 4 S , 4 , e , ff A reall J , Lit , , L" I Z , v fl '7 . -I 1, ff j 1, 5 . 'V if 1 f 5 4 , ill!-161 ' ' atb ntl H H! ,M 4 tar L ,we f ,L l 6141 f ,jf , , 1 L A .. f . - . 'xii v if F if ik, lf L J T' , A ' 4 . .1 4 1 1-I 1 .L If ' -1 .- I I' 'Ld ' . ' I V - - ff' gpx 1, H ,f LI A' fx" lc J 5961? x YI I M2 L Y, Q fl., fl' L1 I . . j b M ' A . 1 , 5: 4 I . ' ,. Q, , 1 1 f V flflff , , ' 1 l . , 'ga n , ,V ' . 3 I ' - 4 L . 'a , l, 4 ' ' - . 'L ' 'l . it Z ' .Z A J' 5 . Q T. V1 , by ' A y X! , U O I 1 I W, fn If L V. ., --til ob 65 ' . . I 99 9' lx lllrlilvl 4 5' , V fp gi K' Q MX f L 1' V X J 5' ' 9 I ' Z1 c7D'Cary oflnn 'Uan 'Dorn Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3g Athletics Representative 35 Basketball Team 2, 3, 4 M.ARY ANN . . . apparently quiet and timid, really mischievous and happy-go- lucky . . . a gifted athlete ,tl fx L 'abrdfbfctdel i ne icfihejjcscl ,fUcmorio , 1 , 1 ' ' L V ' LServicefSquatl 4 , l A ' 'f' ,l .sT'i5RRY . . . fun-loving with reacly smile . L n If . . f . . J LY, V. willing .yand coopenatlyef . . . a giilt 4 ,L Q C L, ifiogiart and ilesignf. an accomplished L ,, 1,7 hdrsewoman i , y 5 21 ' lv!!! . f, 5 J VV L , . it V me mtv, ' wb , 2 w 'X ji' fl I I 1 f , 1 fu I2 of V fy., v 1 fp ' ff, 1 V- f If V J ff' lqiuif '- !' ,1 yy" ' f . J' ,f The picture before the picture . . . Joanne, Mary Ann, Marylin, and Terry are waiting for the photogra- pher to take their picture in this lovely setting. 'Q' NJ UXQUICS' fptttricicl UC17'1'Cl7'O Les A-11l1f51'1'cf11'11es Franqjaises 2g Service Squad I Num' . , . pretty. sparkling 4-yes . . . flf3lll'l'UllS . . . friendly . . . il C.C.A. girl sinrw- the fire! gritln' f'1x'orite mstimes . . , . . . I +l'l'ilCllIlfI und singing 3 Q Grace e7XCarie 'Uernon Sodality of Our Lady 3, 45 Les Am6ri- caines Frangaises 2, 3. 43 Aloysian Assist- ant Art-photography Editor bl: Caedmon Chapter Ii, Ali: Basketball Team 3, ll-g Service Squad V1 GRACE . . . enthusiastic . . . efhcient . . generous with time and typewriter . . . likes sports, Jane Froman, and semi- classical music hinny and Nairn-y look an little vmioii- an Peggy :intl flruvv ta-ll of tht- fun they haul ul the l'op'a Hop. -1 ll, WH Ht !I!ll emfargclret Uffavv 'waters Sodallt of Our Lad 2 3 4 ElC1rculo Iuzs dd, Leon 2 3 4y Aloyszan Recordmg Edltor 1 Chit Cha! Asslstant Copy Edltor 3 Red Cross Counclll 2 3 4 Caedmon Chapter 4 SCTVICC Squad 4 PI-:CCY efficlent studlous Deneroua lowes knlttlno pet peeve wearmo a hat 'pf' 4? 'QW A49 UN 9 fn, L, 'Ulrgznza e7bTa'rgue'rztc 'Ulm Sodallty of Our Lady 2 3 4 Peg0 4 Clee Club 2 3 4 Seruce Squad 1 GINNY a pony tailed package of fun cheery has lotf of school splrlt versallle a IIl6lOdl0US NOILC poppmg wxth xdeas UA ve L44 .1 ' , , 4 4 s v 'Z ' 31 3 9 9 9 3 ' 'S 4 , . . Af cr x 1 o a v I . G u I I L ' nr . 4 ix 1 I I, x f LW b1u.4.+ . ,. , .. 1 Q2 , ' 1 A A Y . . . . . . . 1 ' s 1 Q ' 39 Z als Z ' ' O D g Q v v Q .- c c n in I . ., -I . 'J xc- 4 I ff aflfifl' .44--'J 'J I f t Judy and Marie pay a visit to St. J0seph's Shrine on the way to the music rooms. f X,--'I ,Nw .h ,, 1, , , , 1 ,Vx .. N, tw ,' .N ' . Y .r it ' xx K 1 5 i ji! f 1 C' fi f xo, - x 'QF' Judith iBlciise 'Whalen Sodality of Our Lady 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 JUDY . . . pleasant . . . has a fine sense of humor and an active imagination . . . easy-going . . . artistic I , 1 X Retreat Good Counsel's annual retreat was held the W'ednesday., Thursday, and Friday of Passion Week. The Reverend Edward Dunn, SJ.. conducted the exer- cises, and the girls were enthusiastic about his conferences long after the triduum was ovcr. On the closing day of the retreat, the feast of Our Lady of Divine Compassion, the students sang the Mass. A new schedule was oh- served this year: on all three days Mass was held at eleven o'clock. The girls liked this arrangement because all could receive Holy Communion. Questions come up so often in first period reli- gion classl Here Francine has a problem. Abigail, Maryann, Eileen, and Clara are behind heri Judy, Grace, and Ann, in the foreground. ate,-V wx . Evfgf ' z ft. Ann Belanger and Angela Improta study a speciman of a composite Hower. Linda Calardi, Cathie Brown, Pat Hanifer, and Audrey Bohlen stop to consider it for their lab report. The Reverend John Lyons N 'Hr O O Pat Hanifer chats with Father Dunn. The Reverend John Lyons. senior religion teacher of Stepinae High School. enriched our second semester religion course with weekly , talks on Catholic answers to modern prohlems. Father Lyons was also -of 'V .,.,.r Q. 'QE the retreat mastcr for thc Senior closed retreat, held at the Convent of 0 the Sacred Heart in Connecticut. .. Zuma whoa! Jeff wi!!! WG . -5 l A i 3-.f xf Elana Cooney, Ioan Bender, Some memhers of the music class: Mary Ann Van Dorn, Marge Howes, Joanne Fallon, Marie W'right, Rosemary Kear, Marianne Lofaro, Sylvia Sousa, and Eileen M1-Govern browse through Sister M. Francisczfs record collection. "QW-Qi" camel cal' ance a clay faa 'GZGJJJ Susan Cofta, Helen Johnson, Eileen Gallagher, Mary Lynn Fleming, and Judy Whalen puzzle over a difficult assignment while ,lean Eman- uelli and Clara Tedesco consult reference books. Noel Lichtman, .loan Frey, and Nancy Varvaro are in- trigued by Maura Bird's demonstration of the bright flames and heavy smoke produced by burning phos- phorus. S T' i ,Al Barbara Harkvrt llcscrilrcs in Spanish the picture' luring llisplaycd hy Ginny Di Cicco and Barbara Mistretta to sonic other lncmlrcrs of their class: Peggy Waters, Bertha De Ruvo and Mary Ann Sc-lvcil. aecaachalia aeaiiiqiocuw I u I 4 1 Freed-on. Many are the c-avesdroppers on Denise Beg- itjlr fascinating French conxersationl Menlhers c French III class arc: Milos. Trnadcc. l'ngcr, Ycrnon, Munm-lly, Cunningham, and Francine Torres and Linda Mc-Lean hclp Sister M. de Lourdes show .wacbeth to the' English IV class. Janet xIl'f:0lliig,It', Marilyn Sm-iln-rt, Ginny WK-is, Jaclsic Rizzo and Joannc Ll'l'I arc fasci- nated by thc exccllent por- trayal of Maurice Evans and Judith Anderson in the lead- ing roles. Ginny W'eis returns change to two hungry Sophomores while Francine Torres arranges the pastries for selling in the cafeteria during first lunch period. what . 'Q 4, f 1-.W i'f':,?'i :I . 'KM - ff 1.1, 49 sffk After two lunch periods Marie has quite a job on her hands, but she does it smilingly. MwAa4wlawG.G.A., Mau 'z'aame.m.f Barbara checks her watch to make sure the bell is rung promptly at a quarter to nine. ff' Janet McConagle, Carol Crystle, Marylin Unger, Irene Maruzzella, Judy Whalen, Helen Johnson and Cathy Brown in the foreground, and Cathy Taitzner, Abbie McGreevy, Maryann Jakiel, Elaine Turco, Gerry DiNapoli and Mary Maroni in the background chat during their lunch period. It is only two ol-lock on a Wednesday, and Marion Burke, Mary-Lou Burke, Julie Gilmore, and Molly Farquhar wave good-by to rather jealous underclassmen. Use of the front door is another Senior privilege. Maile Time out for Ann, Pat, and Irene C I 'f , .t , "..'v,' p'.i"X r,k.,i. 4 'kr' 0.1: Pat Father Flannery awards our playwright Eileen for her play which was presented at Saint Bernard's Christmas celelrrationg Sylvia congratulates her friend. Ne., Noel Sylwia and Eileen or is Studious Mary-Lou i '74 1 i ,.f it Eileen and Sylvia? The "0utig0es" and Ann Maurnia nurse's aid Marilyn, Angela, Ginny, Pat, kwff ul fxk ff! Q5 QQ Z4 x Qu-4' CNY M pq? W ? X - ,nag if KXXW RX X 5zf'f nfyz. C154 1,525 q Q" 1 Z x -, ff 5 x - Q IK!!! 'X ff z I In 22237 hx X , A Vi I ' f J If Q M . QQ' 'ff 122. v 'T Zh, fm 9-f if If fx: ' V5 . w + pf - w X A X 7 N 1 f X if X I K A ,f-""' X 2 Good Counsel's Honored Fivew Mary Lou Hyland, Kathleen Hernon, Carol Lombardi, Helene Dwyer, and Joan Osterlind were admitted this year to membership in the National Honor tociety. At its affiliation with this organization in January, 1958. the Academy chose the name of the Mother M. Veronica Chapter in honor of the Foundress of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion. A new and important event was inaugurated at A W C.C..-X. this year. A Day of Prizes was held during the week hefore the Regents. The students assemhled in the auditorium and those who excelled in any subject M ' ' or endeavor were privileged to receive from the hands ' of Reverend Nlother Nlary lfthelhurge a gold medal of achievement. Reverend Mother treated the entire Academy to a Lawn Fete after the ceremony. Underclassmen taking part in the Christmas tableau: Joanne Keating, Faith Carroll, Frances Kilgus, Johanna Muccigrosso, Pat Mt-Donald, Blanche Kinsley, Dagmar Binge. Mary Mercer. Maureen 0'Neil, Shirley Young. Margaret Keenan. Susan Kennedy, Franees Kadela, Lucy Matarese, Kathy Crowley, Janet Meehan, Marianne De M h"a dd'h ll330Ad "l Milio, ,lo Ann Delta, Vivian Risi, and Nancy Sharak me P mrs Ire nee 8 W en a ca em, gn S are present at one time in the chapel. Helpers are: Nancy Brennan, Cloey Marini, Pat Harmon, Karen Wvalters, 404 Me Fre lumen Margaret Costello President CQ Front row: Susan Becker, Rhodie Ann Renz, Kathleen Quin, Teresita Hammond, Barbara Blakeley, Karen Bucher, Jaye McNally, Paula Patterson. Second row: Theresa Spiridigliozzi, Livia de Nicola, Ceneviene Shanahan, Pamela Masters, Marilyn Grey, Mary Ann Johanson, Margaret Stahl, Mary Lou Briccetti. Third row: Regina Curran, Carol M1-Call, Una Do:-kery, Diane Franzese, Patricia Price, Marilynn Towson, Kathleen Moynahan, Maryann Wintermeyer. Fourth row: Lois Moccio, Vivian Crasso, Mary Ann Bonnell. Mary de Giacomo, Mary Ann Romanello, Joan Carr, Catherine Warwyck, Barbara Bantz. Kathleen Rooney. Back row: Ellen Oster- mann, Margot Thornton, Carol Gardner, Kathleen Schultz, Margaret Costello, Sandra Lalli, Virginia Malin, Mary Ann Schmidlein, Diane Hoffman. Karen Bucher Margaret Stahl Susan Becker Vice-president Secretary Treasurer 'XC-v I ff ' va- T-Mfr, i L 3 Lf? 47 Elaine Salerno Camellia DeLuca Grace Gordon Margaret Criiiin President V ice-president Secretary Treasurer 9,,zf,eSuphomore,mz1,mw,e made Front row: Catherine Curnen, Nancy Nethercott, Teresa D'Ambrosia, Adele Brown, Patricia Sheridan, Susan Lalli. Second row: Jeanette Crillo, Elaine Salerno, Pamela Chalmers, Helen Roethling, Suzanne Ford, Crace Joyce, Carole Marini, Janet Matura, Sandra McGuinness, Patricia La Sala. Third row: Barbara Ciccone, Roberta Aufiero, Nancy Hunt, Carol Albonetli, Lucie Toedtman, Helen Schmitz, Susan Conley, Anne Habermann, Margaret Griilin, Geraldine Casperino, Helen Bambace. Fourth row: Barbara Sebeil, Melinda Bove, Camellia De Luca, Joanne Peloso, Linda Riso, Joan Wilson, Danielle Dugan, Mary Lou Verlangieri, Cecelia Murphy, Lillian La Monica. Back row: Clare Barth, Julie Hogan, Grace Gordon, Joan Francisco, Margaret Hinnen, Barbara La Sala, Lindann Saconne, Virginia Fee. .1 ll, 1 Front row: Barbara Urell, Wendy de Ruvo, Patricia McNulty, Catherine Kelehan, Carol Stahl, Lucille Rae. Second row: Rozanne Brady, Isabel Antonelli, Carolyn Gazzini, Barbara Palatta, Eleanor Tracy, Dona Lovelett, Virginia Baker, Jean Rahilly, Carol Jordan. Third row: Elizabeth Peyer, Margaret Colbert, Mary 0'Neill, Frances Mr-Mullen, Patricia Stephens, Mary Jane Deodati, Gail Getz, Lynne Kuhn, Dona Bova. Mary Patricia Kenlon. Fourth row: Carol Maher, Josephine Matra, Virginia Yans, Shiel Masterson, athleen Watson, Winifred Gleeson, Carol Lanza, Theresa Tori, Anitaglfengini. ack row: Rosemary Rath, .loan Rigney, Dorothy Marbach, Margar . n, n Wells, Janet Creifelds, Irene Poremski, Virginia Krause. b x 2 , .V ,i, 4 1, l IJ if U - . L, V! I r X, M W UV W Wa Aarg' et Colbj l Mary Pat Kenlon Mary .lane Deodati Pr sident Vice-president Secretary I x ancflffrelifteme Barbara Palatta Treasurer 'D Front row: Maureen O'Neil, Mary Cay, Mary Ann Cagliardi, Frances Cafford, Joan Osterlind. Second row: Frances Kadela, Jeanne Bender, Joyce Gardner, Anne Sinnott, Teresa Russo, Ann MaeAdam, Barbara Blake, Carol Lombardi, Kathleen Hernon, Helene Dwyer. Third row: Anne O'Melia, Antonia Venuti, Marianne de Milio, Susan Kennedy, Rosemary Patteraon, Anne Brennan, Clotilda Marini, Jeanne Vercsi, ad Virginia Cercon, Patricia Harmon Fourth row: Gertrude Aiello, Gail Arrasate, Karen W'alters. Eileen Kiernan, Susan Cenheimer, Anne Daly, Jeannette La Monica, Mary Ellen Conroy. Bark row: Kathleen Kiely, Adelaide Trainor, June Hughes, Carolyn Geoghegan, Denise Lynch, Lorraine Cohane, Joan Larkin, Patricia Donovan, Mar Y m Katherine Crossley. F 15 do , 4 ALMLKLLDLD 717 J ' 4z,4,.J A41 ll "fall JC , 'Lg bfxfecldj 414-,l,,,4,47'! 176 X X f sf 1446 cu C16 ,fafif du 7 J v.,M,n.L,Lz ' Z4 C. do 1 A , , pf,-M. f aww XA' M, ,aw Mfrecu ,Gee-ffff 'W it to 7!4.A.,A4-4,-4-f -f ' " C,-ffwfn' 4 f ala , 24144.-1-'.4f00 Virginia Ceccon Mary Cay Kathleen Kiely Clotilda Marini President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer fb -3 350' 3 ' 4 . Cf' ' M3 Lou Hylarsdyf J 1 Elizabeth Maher Dagmar Ringe Nancy Shawl'- X kkbwesidenwx my YW? Vice-preslklent Secretary Treasurer I V I .X ji V" wt' ' V Nb ,Qfl hui Mlrlyff GN Orilzrfil Nqr 7 R 17' if' V my nf! ' if Q., ,rf ar c - ya Junior ,D ww My VZUQLVA an gem it ' ,X Front row: Rosemary Schultz, Mavin Renz, Mary Lou Hyland, Shirley Young, Janet Meehan. Second row: Sheila Brennan, Bonnie Bell, Patricia Peppard, Mary Mercer, Johanna Muccigrosso, Madeline Russell, Margaret 0'Neill, Patricia Mauriello. Third row: Marie Mack, Susan Larsen, Linda Daley, Frances Kilgus, Dagmar Ringe, Elizabeth Maher, Vivian Risi, Patricia Licursi, Mary Jane Kane Fourth row: Mary Spiegel, Maureen Neary, Margurite Keenan, .lean Desnoyers, Patricia McDonald, Nancy Sharak, Patricia Campion, Lucy Matarese, Blanche Kinsley. Back row: Rosemary Troster, Judy Douglas, Sheila Joyce, Rosemarie Karl, Faith Carroll, Beverly Yannantuono, Joanne Keating, Judith Lambert. 1-9 . Q R f .ai NW vi' nv fi, 3.-'31 -LL ,Sv fs ,, A V, my 5 M454 2 E gi? -lzfhif , f W Xxx fryrl ,, J! .f " f X ,f ! f' fs? f"- 'WW l XXX X f- A E XX N .XX X xk 1 ,ff fi Q ff 1 if jf! W lf! J x 1 f fx f f 7 , I: ' ,f - xx w f x ,fi LJ! J. If, M, A f, J if V .. I f' I 4' 'I A xtlk 531.6- Ns- '91 Tllhmr R Ch Una f 1 w 2 f z 1 ix. N .' s sr- sfwiv . w...n , 2 ai 3 Always 0 X, f'!. K.. all """' "'f! fs. '4 K I And the score goes up another notch X lb' Q ! R. ,kg 1 F 5 1 hey go the medalnts av' fl Enght Bxggest Angels ' Sodality Reception fmmaculale lffafuf, VWXCE 91 DADDY Him M XUPF7 "My daddy bops," quips Peggy 0'Neill, mistress of ceremonies at the Pop's Hop. Angela, Pat, and Ann decide to make it a triple date for the Hop. Sodality officers Virginia DiCicco, Treasurerg Barbara Markert, Vice- Prefeclg Patricia Hanifer, Prefectg and Rosemary Kear Secretar dis- ' ya cuss plans for the -Sodality Reception. pl X s .3 Unit leaders Francine Torres, Joan Osterlind, Barbara Blake, Rae Freedson, Lucille Nilan, Marylin Unger, Kathleen Hernon, Rosemary Kear, Eileen Gallagher, Carol Lombardi, Joann Detta, and Barbara Markert report to Pat on the results of their last unit meetings. Um me an The Sodality's program got underway early with the highly successful Father-Daughter dance in October. Familiar faces were well disguised later in the month, when, as Yul Brynnerv, Caesar and Cicero. and nursery rhyme characters, they ap- peared at the traditional Hallowe'en party. ' Important as the social program is. the Sodality is primarily a religious organization. The foremost project of the Sodality was the promotion of the Blue Army of Our Lady, a world- wide organization formed to eomhat Communism hy spiritual means. The great day of the Sodality year was the celebration of the Centenary of Our Lady of Lourdes on February 11, 1958. The Reverend ,lohn l.yons of Stepinae was celehrant of the High Nlass Virli Ciritalem which the girls sang from hearts full of love for Uur Lady. The Uflertory was "Immaculata." New Sodalists were accepted at a ceremony held shortly after Easter. and the annual Sodality Communion Breakfast brought the year to a close. flyer a thousand participated in the traditional candle-light ceremony in Nlay. After the procession. during which the Hfteen mysteries were recited. there was an inspiring sermon on Our Blessed Nlother. after which Solemn Benedietion was given at a lieautiful temporary altar under the stars. - ffl After Easter, Juniors and Seniors were received into the Sodality for the coming year. A , -.' '. -:f5"Ti9: 5' Q' 5't4lff'Zx-'- Qf 5 0, 1 4 ..:v...s. .. Uwe ,may fad ,zona ' . . ." Missions Representatives Patricia Munnelly, Joan Osterlind, Sally Improta, Ann Martini, Barbara Seheil, and Una Dockery sort stamps collected by the Academy for the foreign missions. Through the activities of its Mission Society, Good Counsel plays a very real part in spreading the Catholic faith. l'scd stamps are collected, donations are sent to help educate a native priest in India, and an intense campaign is carried on during Lent to support the Bishops' Fund Appeal. Un the feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, patroness of the missions, the Reverend Thomas Colden. a Nlarvlcnoll missionary, Celebrated Hass in the chapel, lrlessed the Senior rings, and gave an inspiring talk on the missions. During November the Reverend Lawrence Cahill, of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, spoke to the students, urging them to assist the missionaries in their work. The Reverend Lawrence Cahill after his talk on the missions The Reverend Thomas P. Colden talks about his mission in Chile with Missions Representa- tives Patricia Munnelly, Joan Osterlind, and Barbara Sebeil. ' ' iffzbf-ef, U ' 'wi?i.'Qm. "nu ' 1 llvque, 400, we Noe, lffaaial r 'ir 'Hu S. ja hhsw' -fr -A ll OK fr . ' 'if "Jr Z . V xr -I v I -" .vi 'Kees' ,Qt A . .3 lf, Gm! ,Af The Legion at work-"And she's your mother, too," Abigail explains to the children at Cardinal McCloskey home. The members of the Legion of Mary are engaged in a lay apostolate. At weekly meetings members report on their experiences wherever they have been assigned to work. The girls rotate among four places-Burke Foundation and Rosary Hill Cancer Home, where they bring cheer to shut-insg Cardinal McCloskey Home, where they help the Sisters in caring for the cllildreng and the Orthopedic Ward of Saint Agnes Hospital. Wherever she goes, the Legionary tries to bring religion and love of God to those whom she meets. Mr. Caskin President of the Legion Legionaries Pat Cawley, Abigail McGreevy, Jeanne Bender, Pat Licursi, Nancy Sharak, Rose- mary Schultz, Frances Kadela, Pat Campion, Pat McDonald, Maureen 0'Neil, Faith Carroll, Madeline Russell, and Sheila Joyce f' " '. weekly meeting. Lucy Malerese and Mary Jane Kane are not shown. 1 fa fs' f ,Q al f E x , , W4 9 5,5 31' 32" f r x y z V A 3 4 .life vs fa E 1' 4 M i 5 Service Squad oliicer Patricia Cawley gives full attention to her duty as monitor. The Service Club, a volunteer moni- tor organization, was introduced in September. Juniors and Seniors inter- ested in helping Good Counsel to function with the greatest efficiency could offer their services. Those chosen are distinguished by the service badges they wear denoting their authority. Members have posts at strategic points throughout the school, such as stair- ways, halls, and the locker room. Be- sides acting as monitors, Service Club members sell in the cafeteria and dis- tribute music in the Church. The pri- mary objective of Service Club mem- bers is to serve Good Counsel and in so doing to be of service to their school- mates. Members of the Service Squad-Front row: Joan Frey, Margaret Waters, Francine Torres, Patricia Munnelly, Angela Improta, and Mary Mayell. Second row: Mary Lynn Fleming. Madeline Vanorio, Joanne Ucci, Geraldine Di Napoli, Ann Cunningham, and Elaine Turco. Third row: Clara Tedesco, Grace Vernon, Patricia Cawley, Margaret Howes, Elana Cooney, and Abigail McGrecvy. Fourth row: Amelia Sasso, Janet McGonagle, Rose- mary Kear, and Marion Burke. Fifth row: Eileen McGovern, Eileen Gallagher, Barbara Markert, Rae Freedson, Nancy Varvaro, and ,laqueline Rizzo. Sixth row: Marianne Lofaro, Ann Belanger, Marilyn Sebert, and Virginia DiCicco. Back row: Barbara Mistretta, Irene Maruzella, Marilyn Unger, Vir- ginia Weis, Marie Wright, and Denise Begley. Members of the Service uad listen intently as Captain Eileen Gallagher gives them instructions about maintaining silence on the stairs. " Alle Mme bi , ' Mme bi daeaffa, ' ' ll iheneawnq... "The play's the thing" as far as Peg-O's are concerned. This year's hits were "Plain and Fancyi' and "Melody Jones." "Plain and Fancy," a Broadway success, was presented in February by the Stcpinac Dramatics Club under the direction fF l o at Ier Cashman, with Father McCann music director. The leading feminine roles were expertly filled bv Eileen Gallagher 1 9 Helene Dwyer, and Betsy Cohane. 4'Melody Jonesf, the Good Counsel play, starred Eileen Cal- lagher, Marie Wlright, Denise Begley, lVlarylin Unger, Virginia Di Cicco, Virginia Wveis, and .lanet Meehan, and was presented on April 18 and 19. Other activities of the Peg-O's included a twenty-seventh birthday party on February 18. At the end of a celebrated their triumphs by a full day at Playland. year successful in every way the Peg-0's "Peg 0' My Heart, The Chorus of Plain and Fancy sings "Plenty of Pennsylvania." 1,4- PLAIN and FANCY A Musical Comedy PRINCIPAL CAST Un order of Appearance? Ruth Winters EILEEN GALLAGHER Dan King RICHARD FLINTOFT Katie Yoder HELI-:NI-: DWYER Papa Yoder WIl.LlAM LONEIIGAN Isaac Miller FRANCIS CHILDS Emma Miller MARIE Wmcur Ezra Reber JOHN SI-'I-:mu Hilda Miller LoImAINI: Corum: Peter Reber KEVIN ECCLESINE Rachel Lucie TOEDTMAN Samuel Lapp FRANCIS FRANCOMANO State Trooper ANTHONY PIJGLII-:sn Eileen wishes the Peg-Os a happy birthday at their annual party vf""' I lk' ,gb- Maura, Joan Bender, and Joan Frey are left behind when Eileen, Audrey, and Peggy leave for play practice at Stepinac. laae you" Murylin Unger, Yive-president of Peg-0, gives an amubing account of play rehearsal to Eileen Gallagher, Presidentg Virginia Di Cicco, Secretnryg and Denise Begley, Treasurer. 7 . f WLM G QSO-ft? It aqeadf A IQYEQ V' 5' 1 fn " ' . fe" """ The Clue Club members who look part 1n the la ln 11 of L1ght Fran! row Dem e Lyneh l'1lr11111 Impplrd Margaret ONull Ixnhleen lxnlw lJ1g111.1r Rlnge llune Tureo l.1rol1n 10111 gm az rou Luu e 111 X ne 1 ll1rb111 Marlurt L1rolwn Mm ell Tlure 1 Ru 0 Buexlw X mnantuono I'r1ne1nc Torleb BOIlIllt? Bell Xntonn XCHUII Joyu flrdner Ann lVI.11Ad1111 Helen Xoung .md l'1lr111.1 'NI lurxello SUHITCIIGC wan hwh when Glce Club tryoutb ue1e hfld 1n gi'lllCIlllJ0l Sesenteen new NOIDIJIIO 111cl e11fl1t altox wsele ufepteql FIOIII then Oll Good founoel C'0llllIl1lLll to echo 1 the -1.1111N 0 IIL l1e ll 5 we p1act1-111'f ln DlIllIlllCl the blfc Clllll CIllClt'llllCll the Nlotller- Gllllll 111 P16Nl0Il H111 XILIII li 1 0 took p1rt 111 1 Cl111-t111,1Q talrleau, '1n1 1111' 1l Ro llX Hlll I intel Home Coorl 01111 els mc llulr Jolnef ws1t1 tha Sennu 111 the lldjox Bmw xlI1lllOllllIll for Plam intl P mm l1el4l 111 FCllllldlY on .iftu 1 11- N Jeff 1 f f llllllllll illllllff convert lho puff df rrszst ann of the IlI'0"I'dlll ws 1x the Ylctor Herbert IllC4llCX Thr xe1r tlt'Cll0Il of mu 11 1 the lople ofthe moment P.1tr1c111 Hamfer Necretlrw trea urer Niarle Wflglll Pre ldent 11nd WI1r11n Burke L1l1r.1r11n tnlk 11 me durmg noon hour ff I ' 'Il , 'M n . ' ...P ' N , A. 11 l 1 W 'Y K l , 'es ' '1 ' f- : 's ' , 1 ','. Y, , 1 1 . ,' 7. . . , . , . YY o V' ' ,Q 1 ' ' 1 51' 4 - 3' .' fl- ' 1 . H 'lc ': I'11!1'i1'i11 " rsi, J 1 'e ' Q, 1 1 '1 ' '- . '1 I' 1 d' , - sa ss , 1' ' -' Yi ' , '1 ' 5 . . Q, . V I .A , .Q t o c ' 11 , . ' ' 1 , - 'Y , ' : , . ' ' U ' ' i 14 'S 1 'rl .1 v I is u n . 1 witl , qt "' .' f Illl s" l g' 'lf ' re ' ' . 1 A- r. w . A, 1.1 - 1 - I , . . . . .1 ' 3 1 . 1 ' - lie :ls 1 ' 1 '. ,' 1 l sz F 1 sz ' I ' ' ,. N C s 'Q Ulf' i ' ' l " l 't of t I . 6 h . A ' . 1 wi J . Q. 1 1 I . , . I . So ' -', 'vlu-1 '."11l.' l ,ill or l.C.fX.'s F 2' Ai '. rq ' . Y! . I I I lt' 'l' - 17' -1 I -- - " . F 1., .5 -A 1 E: S' ' 5. ' lm I Z ' ' ' . Q 1 s , g . ' " Y' . s' 3 ' . 1 '1 ' , ' ' '1 . 1 ' ' 1 ' . ulf s Susan Connolly. Margaret Horses, and Yirginia WX-is prepare to distribute the music for the,Clee Club rehearsal. The Glee Club took part in "The Festival of Light," presented lay the speech classes. "Ave Maria, gratia plena . . .M An en- tire section of the Clee Clulu concert program, was devoted to His Excel- lency the Most Reverend James E. Kearney, whose devotion to all at Good Counsel has continued longer than his twenty-five Jubilee years. in 7 .fee 'I El Circulo Lui? de Leoiz fulfilled its purpose of foster- ing a knowledge of Spanish people and their customs in its 1957-1958 program. The club's activities included a trip to the Cloisters where the Spanish room and a special exhibit of Mexican silver were viewed. A special assembly pro- gram to observe Pan-American Day was followed by a fiesta when new members were received. A game, arroz con pollo, slides of Mexico, and a skit based on one of the adventures of Don Quixote provided club enter- tainment. During the year letters from pen-pals in Puerto Ricci brought the Spanish world closer to mem- bers of Luis de Leoil. The Spanish Club officers: Maura Bird, Treasurer, Marianne Lofaro, Secretaryg Barbara Mistretta, Vice- presidentg and Barbara Markert, Pres- ident, plan for Pan-American Day. A demoiselle, Linda Calardi, plays chauffeur for "Don Quixote y amigasf' Patricia Hanifer, Maura Bird, Joan Frey, Mary Lynn Fleming, and Joan Bender. Rajaxing after the business part of El Circulo Luis de Leon: Maura Bird, .loan Frey, .loan Bender, Audrey Bohlen, Sylvia Sousa, Virginia Di Cicco, Angela Improta, Mary-Lou Burke, Mary Ann Sebeil, Bertha de Ruvo, Jean Emanuelli, and Clara Tedesco. "Baguio fam" w-4 Q A . . Iv" N0 seniors were lucky enough to vifit Mexico before graduation tlike Vir- ginia Cen-on and Frances Kadeln, 'S9r hut beveral of our senorilas haue hopes. ka 0 Male, cangae Janfi I I, pour: nowL!" Marie Wright, Treasurerg Carol Lombardi, Vice-presi- dentg Susan Costa, Secretary, chat tres lenlement with their native French President, Monique Troadec. lt is not enough to hear the French "as one speaks him" at lflnstitut Francais in New York. No less than a visit to this sidewalk cafe' in the Montmartre section of Paris, La Place du Tertre, for Susan and Tara! fly, At the Strawberry Festival af procession 1.7 r ter the French May Day The cercle francais, Les Americaines Fran- caises, fosters an interest in French language and customs. At monthly meetings members enjoy original skits lin French, of coursel, games. songs, film strips, records, and-French cuisine. Un the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, special patron of the eerele, the girls were given French novena booklets with prayers to be said daily throughout the Centenary. The "French- Americansw assisted at the beautiful Missa Cantata with more than usual devotion, feeling it was their own special fete. Une of the year's highlights was the gala Mardi Gras held before Lent. This year it was an international affair, with each club member bringing a specialty from a different country for the buffet supper. The year was brought to a fitting climax with the traditional Wlay Day Procession, during which all French students recited the ehapelet. sang French hymns. and each presented a rose at the shrine of Uur Lady. A Strawberry Fes- tival followed in the clubroom garden. The day closed with the showing of a color film, "Cyrano After participating in the French Club Christmas play, Marylin Unger is ready to enjoy the refreshments! Other members: Patricia Munnelly, Denis Begley, Ann Cun- ningham, Jacqueline Rizzo. and Eileen McGovern are still chuckling over Marylin's performance. wg, 11 L, ..- 'X' lb kg lx ' x i M, ' If AWK ffwzss-V w' A Peggy Waters, Recording Editor Grace Vernon, Assistant Art-photography Editor, was also the official typist. Q.. i ,J we lap, rap, 16,1 of me z.,,wWzef,, The Aloysian is a record of our last year at Good Counsel. In these pages the staff has tried to capture and crystallizc those events which made up the fabric of our senior year. Every page and picture was considered and discussed by the moderator and the staff so that all has become as familiar to us as a favorite book. We hope we have done our job well. If, as you leaf through these pages ten or twenty years from now, they evoke the happy spirit of our high school days, we will have succeeded. Patricia Munnelly, Business Managerg and Barbara Mis- tretta, Assistant Business Manager, go over the budget. Final picture selections are made by Rae Freedson, Assistant Editorg Carol Crystle, Editorg and Marylin Unger, Art-Photography Editor. - .fl The Juniors proudly edit the school newspaper, and they welcome contribu- tions from all the students in the Academy. Every girl looks forward to seeing the monthly issue. Editorials, features, pictures, sketches, and columns make up a lively portrait of the life at C.C.A. Added to the array this year was College Cues by Mary Lou Hyland and Vivian Risi, and Exchange Column by .loan Osterlind and Carol Lombardi. A paper should be the heart beat of the school, thc Chit Chat is just that. Me clicfz of 6 camefm dfzall, It , .... . v ,, .lui-ff---M ,-119 Patriua Harmon A sl tmt Editor Margaret 0 'Neill Bu me Nlanlger Johann: Wlucci ro 0 dltor lrltll QIIIIPIOTI X lstant Editor pour on-r l t Illlllllt dttul for the forthcoming 1 sue V! Karen Wagner, Rosemary Schultz, Barbara Blake, and Judith Lambert check copy and prepare headlines. An amusing skit. adapted from Quill and Scroll Magazine and dramatized by the Chit Chat stall, sparked enthusiasm in the school. -,L--...., ' as .n-G gf. -1 l am.. Senior members of Caedmon--Front row: Barbara Markert, Ann Cunningham, and Margaret Watters. Second row: Eileen McGovern, Marion Burke, Ann Belanger, Elaine Turco, Geraldine lliNapoli, Patricia Munnelly, Barbara Mistretta, and Carol Crystle. Back row: Audrey Bohlen, Clara Tedesco, ,Ioan Frey, Rae Freedson, Joan Bender, Maura Bird, and Grace Vernon :Ae fdufzfhm of a ,lewd wwfwf awou Caedmon Chapter offi- cers: Carol Crystle, Vice - presidentg Ann Belanger, Secretaryg Marion Burke, Treas- urerg and Rae Freedson, President, are enthusi- astic about some of the new books on journal- ism which the library has acquired. 6 WW' The Cuedmon Chapter of the Quill and Scroll International llonorary Society for High School Journalists this year accepted thirty-five stu- dents, the largest number of new members in the Acadf,-my's history. At monthly programs the members fonly .luniors and Seniors are eligible! further their journalistic knowledge by discussions, film strips, movies, and reports. An interesting project was offered in January. The Chapter was shown a color film featuring an excursion to Annapolis. Members reported the trip as if it had actually taken placcg Patricia Campion won the prize-a Pius X Daily Missal. February, Catholic Press month, saw the greatest activity. Posters and magazine displays furthered the interests of the Catholic Press. Sister Mary Liguori, director of publicity for Good Counsel College, addressed the Chapter before the reception of new members in the traditional candlclighting ceremony. All agreed that the seeds sown in her inspiring discussion of the Catholic Press were sure to produce fruit. A formal dinner followed. A trip to The New York Herald Tribune in the spring to observe the presses in action proved an interesting highlight in a very jour- nalistic year. Christmas season is a time of great activity for the Red Cross Council. This year almost 600 gaily deco- rated puzzle hooks were sent to a veterans' hospital. Christmas stockings were filled with coloring books, toy watches, pencils, cut-outs and scissors. These, with candy favors wrapped in colored cellophane, were sent to children in hospitals. During the remainder of the year the members of the Council visited the local chapter on North Broadway, where they addressed envelopes, wrapped gift boxes, and, on one occasion, heard a talk by a speaker from the United Nations. Sylua is absorbed in cutting out crossword puzzles for the veterans' books she is making. Eileen McGovern and Peggy Waters at the Red Cross Chapter l HJ S Spellmg Bee Champion Ra ra coon Around the world dzzmamzmawzawzza NX When we thlnk of 19.38 we ll remember that We u crc dancmg thc lmdy the stroll the bop the cha cha IV: lure smgzng., Tammle Around the World ln Elgllty Days Aprll Love SIHIOIIPUCS The At the Hop Mv Special An cl Jingle Bell Rock Honeycomb Get a Job W1 were cool old raccoon hats crew neck shetlands bulky knlt sweaters slx footer strxped scarves ln our favorite school colors kllts h sh pupples pointed toed shoes Mnddy blouses and evcrythm very Ivy league We were seeing Sayonara The Musxc Man Brld e on the River Kwal Sad Sack Ten Commandments My Farr Lady Plaln and Fancy Amerlcan Bandstand We uere laughing at chemlses hate Jokes t e scholarly skunk Ann Lander s column Snow Black and the Outlgoes wunnerful wunnerful 001' Mad Comics Post Jokes draft dodglng Presley but mostly at ourselves We uerc uiolzzmg Pat Boone Marlon Brando RlCky Nelson Bob and .lack Kennedy We uvrc uorrymg about gom steady the Aslatlc Sputnlk the loss of the Dodgers and the Clants excess avolrdupols and tests' Curricular and non curricular f 4 Kg! ,fin '6-.4 'f 2. 2- tyle nexer changes scholastnc kunk I POD' Sputnik ..- 1 6 2-"ffl-57:2 E Zap J 5' f 22 .-? "k.. ,Jr-" f' lllu If "7 ll a X wap. ' l "L N: ll - A, Q xr - . . -' x N . . . 1 .v'J' ,, , 1 'f X ,I l l ' ' Q n 'sr' A-'lf . V wi, . , '4 ."w . ,. . - K! N Lt 4 - , f ' . . . . . . 'ff , 'Y "2,"f"' "'...H ,,' - - .4 -s as - as as - as S , , . . . as v - . . L6 ,' g 1 ,s . . - H . , vs 4. ' sv at as G6 9, ' Qt N ff , m: - A . . . ' . . . g - W ML , ' sa as ss ' 99 as -g Y - -s1' 99...G6 I Y V va 44 - ee ss , - V, v as ca - so , ' ' ' . . . ' . . . h EG ,, 9 - 1 0 . l as , es - 5, . - - at - as - - . . . ,X 73 , ' ' ' ' IY ' ' P . . . flu . . . . . . ' N. O 0 0 x ' I I I I I X-I , ff ' Q f' , z 1 1 I 7 I A 3.41 Mary Maroni is guarded closely by Ann Cun- ningham. Athletics play an important part in the extra-curricular life at C.C.A. Our coach, Mrs. Cross, saw to it that all basketball team members had many chances to play in the more than a dozen games scheduled throughout the season. A school "must educate the whole man," hence G.C.A. stu- dents, whether they make the teams or not, learn at weekly classes held in the gym during the winter, to play basketball, volleyball, and dodgcball. ln the spring, classes are held out- of-doors on the large athletics field, here the girls learn soft- ball and kickball. Soon intramurals are held and the cheers can be heard for miles around. Field Day is always a carefree day at G.C.A.-the last, really, for regents and final exams follow close in its wake. However, on this one day the interclass competition in a variety of games affords a wonderful release of tension, and unites the girls with one another as few activities, other than spiritual ones, do. Everyone rejoices, no matter which class wins the formation contest, or which girls carry off the prizes. The Basketball Team-Front row: Lillian La Monica, and Patricia Harmon. Second row: Grace Vernon, Rose Ann Brady, Captain Mary Maroni, Ann Cunningham, Elizabeth Peyer, and Joanne Ucci. Third row: Mary Ann Yan Dorn. Sandra Lalli, Coach Mrs. Cross, Clara Tedesco, Ann Habermann, and Patricia McDonald. Back row: Rosemary Karl, and Joan Osterlincl. P- X 1 NS, ts. -'N X. at ff' Clara Tedesco and Grace Vernon "jump it up." r, Mary Ann Van Dorn waits to rebound as Joanne Ucci shoots for the basket. Gfneexu WW We fi A tense moment in the game as Nancy Sinnott goes in for a lay-up. ad. Me game yeh uncfe W'hile Virginia Wfeis observes Abigail McCreevy setting the timekeeper's 4 rlork, Team Manager Barbara Mislretta checks in Mary Maroni and Ann Cunningham. -.-uv K""1:N4I7 y V 5-1 . .fQfmfLf Jaw a,X,'9 31, -c i 'SQ Q, 1 5 5 I WM O 14 fzwifzl am! use fqlma Maia Jwelh nal' lam! ancf dbmngl Butter up! Home Team Ml. Ft. lfrsula C. C. A. G. C. A. G. C. A. Ft. ,Iohn's C. C. A. Rcsurrerlion Sl. Marjfs G. C. A. J iv Wx r ig P3 1 cw , 151' 'rf , -. fw:':. 1 -V SCHEDCLE Visiting Team C. C. A. Re-urreclion St. J0hn's 0. I.. Victory G. C. A. Pre-Ion C. C. A. C. C. A. St. Mary's Score 40-26 26-30 -I-8-16 50-36 21'-46 42-1-3 47-29 33-39 39-33 Date Dec Jan. Jun. Jan. Jun. Feb. Feb. Mar Mar 'nw a.av.' wi . jubilant over victory! A , Di cjocltew Rudy Moro 1 the Special attraction at the H1 Fx Hop Sponsored lxy the Sophs in .llnutlry The Bunny-hopping Seniors in the club-room alfmaiialfaelafe A Peg-0 dance provides entertainment for Eileen Gallagher. Denise Begley, Rue Freedson, Joanne Fallon, and their dates. 'il I ,7 alfwzailafffepulie Success! Our first senior class at Washington Cleaning up falls to Elana. Bubhling with Christmas spirit are Ginny, Marie, Eileen, Denise, Marylin, Joanne, and Rosemary. X x . if s "2 QI l 5 rr! E55 E! 5' un gg ull is Ei iii September 1958 i:!m!i!Ei.I.Q' gtsiggigs -f-B November 1, 1957 g n E1 . IP' an by .sldqrxxr W . 2 ,sh QW., ,mg ,Q Kg, li ' 5 fp M1 . ,Zi equal la use ual!!! Early in January ground was broken for the building of the long-awaited Aloysia Hall. Situated near Preston Hall, it will contain college classroom and cafeterias, which will- make avail- able to the expanding Community of Sisters rooms in the convent building now being used by the college. Aloysia Hall is named after Mother Mary Aloysia, founder and Hrst presi- dent of the college. Our yearbook is also named for her. None of us were privileged to know this great woman personally, but she is very real and near to us through the Sisters who speak so often of ber, through her influence which is felt by everyone at Good Counsel, and, we sincerely feel, through her prayers. .lust as Saint Aloysius was named by Our Holy Father "Patron of Youth," so Mother Mary Aloysia is our intercessor before the throne of God. We pray that this 1958 yearbook is worthy of the name it bears. The girls of the Academy pledged to contribute 55,000 dollars to the build- ing fund. Over S2,500 of this was netted in a candy drive held for two weeks in February. The balance was obtained by combining the profits of dances, a raffle, and the Peg-0 play. According to the calculations of the builder, Mr. W'illiam A. Bcrbussc, Jr., Aloysia Hall will be ready for use in September. Ma rch 1, 1958 r-9 9 Lf V4 . . M 4, . .. I zu' gaafd PATRO The Arademy of Our Lady of Good Counsel, especially the Class of 1958, wishes to express sincere gratitude to these patrons whose kind generosity made possible the publishing of this 1958 Ai.oisl.x!s: The Reverend Eugene P. Gallagher The Reverend John Gorman Reverend Harold Hicks A Friend A Friend The Armonk Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Bamhace Banksville Farmer's Market Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Belanger Betsy Bender Joan Bender Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Bender Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Begley Mr. Frank P. Bernard Mrs. Adam Beyerman Mr. and Mrs. J.' S. Bird John Bird Maura Bird Raymond Bizzari Miss Audrey Bohlen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bohlen Thomas A. Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Brown Burke Fuel and Heating Company Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Burke Mrs. M. W. Byrne Mr. and Mrs. A. Capodeci Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cawley Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ceccon Century Service Station Tony, our photographer from Harisch Studios, tries out our new vendor after his hard day's work. Antonio Cioppa Dr. and Mrs. J. Cicero Claremont Secretarial School Coca-Cola Bottling Company James V. Colarusso Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. Conte Consolidated Services Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Costa Mr. and Mrs. .James G. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Adam Crystle Miss Elizabeth Crystle Mr. and Mrs. David Crystle Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cunningham Danimiller Coilee Company A. Daniello Produce. lnc. and Mrs. Jack Delaney and Mrs. Joseph M. Detta . Vincent Del Tufo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Darby D. De Ruvo Carl Di Napoli Miss Geraldine Di Napoli Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelly Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Dougherty Elmsford Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Emanuelli Jeanne Emanuelli Dr. and Mrs. Walter Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Farquhar The Fathers' Club Mr. and Mrs. Bartley J. Flemin Mary Lynn Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freedson Rae Freedson Freshman A Class Freshman B Class Mrs. Francis E. Frey, Jr. Joan Carol Frey Mr. H. C. Gaffney Mr. A. Galardi Mr. 'and Mrs. Thomas M. Gallagher Gedney Way Delicatessen Gedney Wine and Liquor Store Barabara Gilmore Mr. nd Mrs. Fr nk ' i a a E. Gilmc re Julie Gilmore Maureen Gilmore Peter Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. William L. Girardi Dr. Meyer Glotzer Good Counsel College Great Lakes Carbon Corporation Mrs. Margaret A. Grune Mr. Pat and Mrs. James F. Hanifer ricia Hanifer Mr. and hits. J. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Andre S. Heine Mr. and Mrs. Bernd E. Hirtz Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Holahan John Howe Mrs. Thelma Hughes Whos the headless Senior Ann? Mr and Mrs S lmprota Mr and Mrs Clement Jakizl Mr and Mrs A R Johnson Helen Johnson Judy Anns Bake Shop Junior A Class Junior B Class Mrs B Kane and Family Mr Cecelia H Kear Rosemary Kear Kelly and Kane Kenlake Liquor Store Kiddie Lane Outfitters Knox Hamilton Company Mr and Mr Joseph Liberda Mrs Harry Lichtman Henry Lichtman Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Lofaro Larry Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lon o Victor Ma notta Frank Marinelli Plumbin and Heating Mr. Frank Markert Mrs. Frank Marker! Mr. and Mrs. Carlo J. Maroni Mr. and Mrs. Henry Martin James Martini Mr. and Mrs. S. Maruzzella Miss Mary Mayell Mr. Warren H. Mayell Mr:. Warren H. Mayell Mr. and Mrs. J. Mrfovern The McKenna Family Barbara Mistretta M . and Mrs. S. J. Migtretta Monarch Life Insurance Company . r. and Mr.i. Michael Munnelly . 'gs Patricia Munnelly . r. and Mrs. R. P. Murray , rf. Joephine lNicita . r. and Mrs. Frank Nilan . r. and Mr:. F. O Donnell Olde Manor Houxe Corporation Opto-Metric Tools, lnc. Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Elmslord Our Lady of Good Cr unsel Cuild laramount Macaroni Company Patty Peppard Felix Petrillo Mr. and Mrs. H. Pinger Mr. I When one of the Sisters told C.C.A.'s famous guest how much the children enjoyed his picture, The Boy With the Green Hair, he obligingly sang 'fChip, Chip, My Little Horse" from the film. His little friend, Karen Killilea, was joining in when this picture was taken. Miss Kay Bambace Bishop Dubois High School Buhrineister Brothers Connecticut Chair Renting Company Miss Noel Lichtman Miss Francine Torres Miss Clara Tedesco Reverend Joseph Corman Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Howes Banksville Farmers Market Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Di Napoli Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Heine Mr. and Mrs. T. V. McGovern and Dona lima Mr. and Mrs. F. Piro Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Phillipp Pleasantville Ford. Inc. Preston High School. Bronx Projanskyl Fur Store Mr. Joseph A. Quinlan Mrs. Mary Richtar Mr. and Mrs. Ring Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Rizzo Mr. and Mrs. E. Ruiialo Dominic Ruggero Sacred Heart School. Hartsdale Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. EI W. Sebeil Simone Brothers The Smith Paint Company Sophomore A Class Sophomore li Class Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sousa Mrs. Mary S nina Mr. Frank Sposato Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sposaio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sposato Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stinziani St. Anthony's School, W'hite Plains St. Bernard's School, White Plains St. Frances de Chantal School. Bronx St. John the Evangelist Convent, Mahopac St. Joseph's School, Croton Falls St. 'Mary's School, Katonah Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Taitzner Certrude Elizabeth Tedesco Mr. and Mrs. Oriontano F. Tedesco Tefft Typewriter Company Mrs. Nancy Torres Mrs. Pierre Troadec Charles Travis Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Turco Ucci Bros. Plumbing and Heating C Mr. and Mrs. Miss Marylin Mrs. Mary C Mr. Mr. Herbert S. Unger Unger Van Dorn 0. and Mrs. Joseph A. Vanorio and Mrs. John Varvaro and Mrs. Joseph Venuti Mrs. Joseph Vergara Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Vernon Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Vitale and Mrs. John M. Waters Peggy Waters Miss Barbara Weis Mr. and Mrs. John Weis Miss Anna Whalen Mrs. Hannah Z. Whalen Mr. and Mrs. John B. Whalen Miss Judith Whalen White Plains and Pleasantville Bus Line. Inc. Wolta Electrical Supplies Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Wright B00 TER Ellen Ostermann Jan Frank Mary S. and Nancy .lo and Ro Carole Marini 'lThe King" Karen and Honey Sheena Nancy Sinnott Mary Lou Verlangieri Sus Ilia Kat an Bryan na Yecchione hy and Sandy Bette Marbach .loan Rigney Barbara and Christi Vinny and Paul The Fagons Dani Dugan Helen Bambace Anne Habermann Julie Hogan Cinna Fee Cecil and Holly Roto Rooters Maria McGrath Donna Bova Bobby Elaine Carol and Tommy Linda Saccone Barbara Blake Nancy Harknett .loan Madden Pat La Sala Lee and Margie Elaine Salerno Mrs. John Burke Frances Torres .lanet Franze "Duke" 'iDee" Palmer Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Norelli Joan and Richie Matthew P. Higgins Bernard J. Nellis James J. Hanifer Thomas A. Hanifer Mr. and Mrs. William McNair Marilyn McNair Judy Horncastle Raymond Horncastle Mary Jane Horncastle Mary Elizabeth Cummin Mary Irene Joyce Pat and Kenny Harlow Penny, Pasquale and Prudy Diane Hoffman "How much are those cookies, Twin? Rosemary asks. P. P. - R. R. Patty and Sue Kathy Rooney Prudence Gandolfo Carol .lorden Miss Alice Fahey Terry and Eddie The Ouellette Family Stu loves Fran Rhetta Norbey and Martya Margie and Sheila Donna and Carol Peggy and Maria Margie and Racy Isabel Antonelli Mighty Mouse Gazzini Derek Peter and Donna Riccardi .lack Michael Debbie Ann Pam Chalmirs .lune Hughes Nancy Brennan Lucy Dolores Matarese Susan Becker Una Dockery Rosemary Rath Judy Lambert .lean Desnoyers Pat Sheridan Maddy Russell Cathie Balash Jackie Schultz Faith Carroll Beverly Yannantuono Mary Lou Hyland Joe and Jo-Jo Vinny and Larry Tinny Squeaky 'Torget Me Not" Joseph McGonagle COQKTDS Eileen McG0nagle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matra Mr. and Mrs. J. Maguire Janet Matura Tony Townsend Larry Phyllis Eyth Dan Lynch Barbara Bender Ginger Patroni Joan Bender Gina Kandell Bart Fleming Ginger .lean John McKeon Lynne Lawrence Helen Johnson Joan Wilson Regina Riley Winifred Spillane Toni Delaney Barbara Gilmore Maureen Gilmore Ursula Cunningham Billy Blaine .lean Amorosa Dickie Dagan Mrs. J. F. Bird Eileen Gallagher Michael Gallagher Lucy Toedman Helen Young Helene Dwyer Ann Macadam Grace Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Hedstroms Mr. and Mrs. Hogan Mary Gannon Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Crawford The Begley Children Maureen Munnelly Gene McKay Ann Belanger Beth Peyer Jim and John Belanger Janet Meehan George McLean Richard Adinaro Phil Mr. and Mrs. Adinaro Mr. and Mrs. William Leviness Mrs. Charles Adinaro Mr. and Mrs. John Adinaro Mr. and Mrs. Edward Adinaro Elfrida Arizona Matt Keane Wes Voight Carolyn Geoghan Cadet Robert S. Frey Mary Jane Mary Pauline Piloco Ann Civitano Tony and Mother Mr. and Mrs. George Harlow Rebecca Brown Redvers B. Horncastle Grace Gordon Eileen Kiernan Abbie and Mary en joy pizza and coke at Mete's after a game Mary Ann and Joan A Friend Mary Carol and Dennis Bonnie and Bunky Peggy Mackin Johanna Anthony Rieeiutti Angela Dio Guardi Mary Maroni Lois Moccio May Curley Louise Plante Mrs. Mary Nitschke Mrs. J. Basso Mrs. L. Pasquale Julius. Richard. Micl Cheryl Brooks Johnny Mary Pat Kenlon Kaye Laurence Libby Mary Drohan Frank Servidio Pat Di Napoli Joe Morella Elizabeth Servidio Rosemary Patterson June Hughes Mary Lou Hyland Joe Fitzgerald Joyce and Buddy Ann Sullivan Juan and Freddi Judy Frolla Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pat and Joann Mrs. George McLean Mike Teddi Mary Picone Tony and Trudy Chuck The Honor Society lael Turco Ono """ l' 'XX lt., f'y,f', .W A i"'ilgl'5?,Aif,L rque, Hue, rqae, !Wcwia.f Special Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes composed by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII Heeding your voice, 0 Immaculate Virgin of Lourdes, we hasten to your feet at the humble grotto where you deigned to appear to show the way of prayer and penitcnee to those astray, and to dispense to the stricken the graces and wonders of your unsurpassed kindness. Receive, U Merciful Queen, the praise and supplications which peoples and nations, oppressed by bitterness and anxiety, trustfully raise to you. 0 fair vision of paradise, banish the darkness of error from our minds with the light of faith! 0 Mystical Rose, relieve crushed souls with the heavenly fragrance of hope! 0 inex- baustible source of healing waters, revive barren hearts with the How of divine love! Grant that all of us, your sons and daughters, comforted by you in our sorrows, protected in our danger and aided in our struggles, may love and serve your gentle Jesus, and merit eternal happiness near your heavenly throne. f f r

Suggestions in the Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) collection:

Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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