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Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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' I ,IQ w o ' I l . " r . . P v .- a A ik i 1 -A ai ' N, , Y-:M I A .U , -if-. L55?1 ' Q, W q,hW -lakri Q? :'-'. ! 13225. T3W?i ' , A2 ti . Y , ,fwi ' if . f V V, ,f u f ' K. ZZQQQW1 K " ' .,. firm " . ' 'f' .1 '1 - va' 5 22125: ' 7,5 'L ' 5 Ag :Q ,, . v -" ' 4 ' 4, 1 .- p sr A rg-.:. A .Hia if-"gi - Q. , fee'- ' 'Q"'?1x0"':f! A 'i' Jig?" .'- . 153 52 .- ff? 'fii? , ii .,1 +55 -52? ,ff-'T ffl , ' V ' J L. - " 'QF , L., 5 A. YA 13 v " ' "z 7' , Q f A 4! 2 'ki- THE CLASS OF 1950 OF THE ACADEMY OF OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL presenf 4752 ymiywkzfz UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE SISTERS OF THE DIVINE COMPASSION WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -gg ,A b ? '. V 'QX L ' E X X 5 , mx, -L . 3 f .Z- 3 XV X ,- O ,,x if if ' D -X A 5 ' x! A, '-,f. ,D J 5 5 -T1 FZ 65 5-4 55 47- "f 'ff 'N ' f X N 'N Y'!Xi1N"N1'N "'xNrfNwN NvNu'N"'V"x'N' N X 'N ' ' 'U' '!X' . X NA: 1 - 'Nl - -f"'L'v0K-fi nlfx w w 4 , .ml I 1' v K ' 1 gym! aff Me mm an 475291 have fied? wr! gym! me man in 141 f ? R X W I W Q, N ,wi X47 t Q4 - ,NL ffxi fx ,L 4 -1 A 1 -X. , v ,',, ' , . A , 4 XY jig "N ' X - 1 ', N., jx' ' gffm I K W . , yw, ,X 53fQ,m ,f,fj741 ,If 31 ,11 ,v4' j,1 1 ,w: .W y ,fN, f y3f, yw,f,N A j . 2 N Y o L1', 2wQngs:Q'5vf QN'g,3vm3u QrglimlfgiwfgIffxgT ffgDm5j1L,bN gfbmwMvc9mgNl Q w..'1lmW wk M V I n 1 r ix ' l E I 'ff Me wmfzzfl' zz siege amen mmefy ifzzymsz- zz' Mem mia ance 5,- 'me hfzzys many Mais.. As You Like lf, Act II, Sc N u l Q X i i 1 I l L w x M A-f 3 J N fx Wm, mm wwcipff,Q,1Q 'iCJa cQ5sQ30M065 964926512371 . . . Ordinarily the success of a good cast depends upon two things: rehearsal and direction. For twenty years the Peg-O Dramatic Club has borne testimony to the truth of that statement. The enthusiasm of its members through the years invariably led them to give themselves whole-heartedly to the demands of count- less rehearsals, moreover, year after year the return of 'former club members in large numbers to see the current production bears witness to the deathless spirit of Peg-O. lt is to her who lighted this tire in the hearts of all Peg-O's and who has kept it glowing steadily these two l t decades 4513022 Mdfly ffemefz! that we, the Class of l95O, lovingly dedicate our ALOYSIAN. This Golden Year has marked another climax in the Divine Drama of the Holy Catholic Church. As true daughters of our Holy Mother, we now go out to play our little part upon the stage of life. Sister Mary Clement has done more than direct actresses in an imitation of life, she has helped to prepare all of us for our true parts, whether great or small, as Catholic women. The ideal she has held out to us is the highest, the purest, the loveliest of all women- Uw if 122 4 'Xa am' Qwzxef yfafmzhzkfhakdn REVEREND MOTHER MARY ALOYSIA, R.D.C. Superior General of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion Named in her honor, the ALOYSIAN is an annual tribute of everlasting affection and gratitude SISTER MARY ANSELM, R.D.C. Principal SISTER MARY CLEMENT, R.D.C. Assistant Principal Religion, Social Studies SISTER MARY ALBERTA, R.D.C. Religion, Mathematics, Science SISTER MARY ANGELICA, R.D.C. Religion, Latin SISTER MARY DE LOURDES, R.D.C. Religion, English, French SISTER MARY DE PAZZI, R.D.C. Spanish, Music SISTER MARY FRANCISCA, R.D.C. Religion, English, Music 6 SISTER MARY JOAN, R.D.C. Religion, Science PROFESSOR SERAFINO BOGATTO Gregorian Chant MISS RUTH GIBNEY Physical Education PROFESSOR FREDERIC JOSLYN Glee Club MRS. MARTHA VAN LOAN Library rf f Mss Gb y Professor Bogotto jffuszb' Piyszbaf cgffucadfbn sffifzaxzy Professor Joslyn Mrs. Von Loon 7 wild Mia 5!fZ!'E7 X950 We QM! TH ERESA PATRICIA BARRY White Plains, New York uWith malice toward none, with charity for all." Abraham Lincoln Sodality 4 C.Y.O. Basketball 4 Les Americaines Francaises 3,4 MARCELENE EDITH BARDINELLA Port Chester, New York uWhat is beautiful is good." Sappho Sodality l,2,3,4 Les Americaines Frangaises 2,3,4 O Tempora, O Mores 2,3 Class secretary 3,4 MABEL FRANCES BIANCHI Dobbs Ferry, New York uThe merit of originality is not novelty, it is sincerity." Carlyle Sodality 1,2,3,4 Peg-O 3,4 Glee Club 4 Caedmon Chapter 3,4 Albertus Magnus 4 C.Y.O. Basketball assistant team manager 4 Les Americaines Frangaises 2,3,4 Aloysian editor 4 Chit Chat editor 3 ll DOROTHY MARIE BON DI Mount Kisco, New York H50 of cheerfulness, the more of it spent, the more of it remains." Emerson Sodality l,2,3,4 Glee Club 3,4 C.Y.O. Basketball assistant business manager 4 Luis de Le6n 2,3,4 Dobbs Ferry, New York uGracious to all." Sodality l,2,3,4 Mission representative 2 Peg-O 2,3,4, president 4 Glee Club 3,4 Albertus Magnus 4 Aloysian assistant editor 4 Chit Chat staff reporter 3 EDWINA CATHERINE BOWE T. B. Aldrich Caedmon Chapter 3,4, secretary 4 PATRICIA MARY BURKE White Plains, New York HA merry heart maketh a cheerful counte- nance." Old Testament Proverb Sodality I,2,3,4 Glee Club 4 Albertus Magnus 4, treasurer 4 Les Americaines Frangaises 3 I2 LUCY ANNE CERBONE Mount Kisco, New York l'Charity is indeed a great thing and a gift of God." Saint John Chrysostom Sodality l,2,3,4 Mission representative 3 Glee Club 3,4 Luis de Leon 2,3,4 O Tempora, O Mores 2 ANNE MARIE CLARKE White Plains, New York uThe pursuit of the perfect is the pursuit of sweetness and light." Arnold Sodality l,2,3,4, treasurer 4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3,4 Caedmon Chapter 3,45 president 4 Albertus Magnus 4 Les Americaines Frangaises 2,3,4, secretary 4 Aloysian assistant business manager 4 Chit Chat staff reporter 3 O Tempora, O Mores 2 Class vice-president 1,35 treasurer 2 HELEN FRANCES COLDRICK White Plains, New York 'lShe is a leader of leaders." Ovid Sodality l,2,3,4, secretary 3, vice-prefect 4 Peg-O 2,3,4 Caedmon Chapter 4 Albertus Magnus 4 Les Americaines Frangaises 3,4 president 4 Aloysian art editor 4 O Tempora, O Mores 2 Class president 2,3,4 13 NORMA ANN DEGENER Hartsdale, New York HA friend is a person with whom I may be sincere." Albertus Magnus 4 SUSAN AUBREY DART White Plains, New York uThe greatest truths are the simplest and so are the greatest men." Glee Club 4 J. C. and A. W. Hare Les Americaines Frcmgaises 4 Emerson JOAN ANN DOLECAL White Plains, New York "Humility, that low sweet root from which all heavenly virtues shoot." Sodality l,2,3,4 Albertus Magnus 4 Chit Chat art editor 3 'I4 Mooro .r WM' -' MOIRA CHRISTINE DUGGAN Hurtsdale, New York 'The way to have a friend is to be one." Sodolity l,2,3,4 Albertus Magnus 4 C.Y.O. Softball 4 Luis de Le6n 2,3,4 JANE MARGARET FOLEY White Plains, New York x'She is always laughing for she has an infinite deal of wit." Albertus Magnus 4 Sodality 1,2,3,4 Emerson BERNICE JOAN DURAND White Plains, New York l'Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity." Sodality l,2,3,4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3,45 Softball 3 Albertus Magnus 4 Luis de Leon 2,3,4 Bulwer-Lytton Addison 15 JANET SUSAN GAULIN Tarrytown, New York l'Variety is the mother of enjoyment." Glee Club 3,4 Athletic Club cheer leader 4 Albertus Magnus 4 Luis de Le6n 3,4 Disrael JANE THERESE GIBNEY Port Chester, New York uTrue charity, a plant divinely nursed." Sodality l,2,3,4 Glee Club 3,4 Albertus Magnus 4 Les Americaines Frangaises 2,3,4 ALICE MARIE GAVIN White Plains, New York uGood temper is an estate for life." Athletic Association vice-president 3 C.Y.O. Basketball 3 Albertus Magnus 4, vice-president 4 Les Americaines Francaises 3 Cowper l 6 Hazlilv BARBARA GIESELER Crestwood, New York uKind hearts are more than coronets." Sodolity l,2,3,4 Glee Club 4 C.Y.O. Softball 3 Athletic Association team manager 4 Albertus Magnus 45 secretary 4 Luis de Leon 2,3,4 JEAN MARIE HARRINGTON Tucka hoe, New York WA friend may well be reckoned the mas- terpiece of nature." Sodality l,2,3,45 secretary 4 Mission representative 4 Peg-O 3,45 secretary 4 Glee Club 3,45 librarian 4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3,45 Softball 3 Athletic Association 25 secretary 2 Albertus Magnus 4 Tennyson WR Emerson MARGARET ELIZABETH HAYES White Plains, New York X'Wit to persuade and beauty to delight." Sodality l,2,3,4 Mission representative l Albertus Magnus 4 Luis de Leon 2,3,4 l7 Davies KATHLEEN TERESA KELLEHER Hartsdale, New York uThe true question in life is not what we gain, but what we do." Glee Club 3,4 Albertus Magnus 4 Carlyle MARIE TH ERESE MAGURREN Rye, New York 'lWhat is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness." Sodality I,2,3,4 Caedmon Chapter 4 Albertus Magnus 4 Luis de Leon 2,3,4, treasurer 4 O Tempora, O Mores 2 Class treasurer I Aldrich MARY CATHERINE MAHER White Plains, New York UGenius and its rewards are briefly told." Sodality 2,3,4 Foster Caedmon Chapter 3,45 vice-president 4 Albertus Magnus 4 Chit Chat representative I O Tempora, O Mores 2 I8 RITA JOAN MULLIGAN White Plains, New York 'xSmiling always with a never fading seren- ity of countenance." Sodality l,2,3,4 Peg-O 3,4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3, secretary 3 Caedmon Chapter 3,45 treasurer 4 Albertus Magnus 4 Luis de Le6n 2,3,4 Aloysian business manager 4 Chit Chat assistant manager 3 O Tempora, O Mores 2 Class secretary l MARY ANNE MAHONEY White Plains, New York l'Music hath charms." Congreve Sodality l,2,3,4 C.Y.O. Basketball 4 Albertus Magnus 4 JOAN EILEEN McCARTHY Valhalla, New York 'tAlways time for a bit of wit." Smith Sodality l,2,3,4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3,45 Softball 3 Albertus Magnus 4 Les Americaines Frangaises 2,37 vice-president 3 O Tempora, O Mares 2 Class president lg treasurer 4 Barrow 1 9 ,qs-+---.-V . - . .4 .4-M --run. ,, f..4:wm.s-N-,K 'K-.-v va-an My --. ANNE MARIE NOONAN Port Chester, New York nBorn with the gift of laughter." Peg-O 2,3,4, vice-president 4 Glee Club 3,4 Cheer leader 3,45 co-captain 4 Albertus Magnus 4 Sabatini MAUREEN EMILY O'BRIEN Port Chester, New York 'XBeauty, the smile of God." Sodality l,2,3,4 Peg-O 3,45 publicity manager 4 Glee Club 3,4, librarian 3 Cheer leader 3,4, co-captain 4 Albertus Magnus 4 R. U. Johnson ANNE MARIE 0'CONNOR Hartsdale, New York uFairest and best adorned is clothing is humility." sodomy 1,2,3,4 20 V' k1 A she whose Montgomery JOAN MARY LORING ROACH White Plains, New York l'So very small are the very great." Peg-O 4 Albertus Magnus 45 president 4 Luis de Le6n 4 ELIZABETH IRENE SHALLOE Crestwood, New York uShe comes with gusts of laughter, The music as of rills, With tenderness and sweetness, The wisdom of the hills." Bliss Carman Sodality l,2,3,45 treasurer 35 prefect 4 Peg-O 2,3,4 Glee Club 3,45 president 4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3,45 Softball 3 Albertus Magnus 4 Luis de Leon 2,3,45 president 4 Chit Chat assistant editor 3 O Tempora, O Mores 2 Class vice-president 2,45 treasure PATRICIA DEE 0'HORA White Plains, New York 'lThe best of beauty is that which a picture cannot express." Francis Bacon Sodality l,2,3,4 Peg-O 2,3,45 treasurer 4 Glee Club 3,45 treasurer 35 librarian 4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3,45 Softball 3 Albertus Magnus 4 Les Americaines Francaises 2,35 treasurer 3 Class secretary 2 O Tempora, O Mores 2 Thackeray r3 2l ANNE THERESA SISTO White Plains, New York NA safe companion, an easy friend." Sodality 3,4 Cheer leader 4 Luis de Le6n 2,3,4, social chairman 4 JOAN BRIDGET SULLIVAN White Plains, New York l'She of high esteem becomes a part of earth's eternal heritage." Albertus Magnus 4 Les Americaines Frangaises 3 JULIA BELLE STEVES Valhalla, New York H50 well she participated in every thing with that vivacious versatility." Sodality 3,4 Glee Club 3,47 secretary-treasurer 4 Athletic Association 4, president 4 C.Y.O. Basketball 3,4, Softball 3 Caedmon Chapter 3,4 Albertus Magnus 4 Les Americaines Francaises 2,3 Chit Chat business manager 3 O Tempora, O Mores 2 Byron Glider 22 S ss? MARGARET MARIE WEBB Riverside, Connecticut HA merry heart doeth good." C.Y.O. Basketball 4, Softball 3 Albertus Magnus 4 Luis de Leon 2,3,4 Chit Chat assistant editor 3 YEARBOOK STAFF Old Testament 23 .Akin ALOYSIAN Editor , ..... .,...,.,,.,..,....... Mabel Bian:hi Assistant Editor .......,.... Edwina Bowe Business Manager ......... Rita Mulligan Assistant Business Manager Anne Marie Clarke Art Editor .......,..,.....,.... Helen Coldrick THE DIVINE DRAMA Rome is the center of the Catholic world, for whatever our geographical location may be, the Church is the center of our life. How singularly blessed we are! All our lives we shall reioice to remember that we had the honor of graduating from a Catholic academy in the year of iubilee, the Holy Year of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty! Daily we have prayed, l'May that Holy Year be for all a year of purification and of sanctificationf' Surely with this beautiful prayer of the Vicar of Christ being said by the whole Church, our Com- mencement is not an "Opening Night" but an "Opening Day"g and the new half-century that dawns before us will truly be-if every graduate of 1950 all over the world strives to make it so-a century of progress toward God. 24 ' 474 ami His Holiness Pope Pius XII with His Eminence Francis Cardinal Spellman Shrine of Our Lady 27157102 25 Lgyild 515 0 Act l: As we look back on our first wavering steps across the stage in the opening scene of the drama of our four years at Good Counsel, certain events recall themselves vividly to our minds. lt was the welcome of our beloved principal, Sister Mary Anselm, that first put us at our ease, and made us sure that we would be happy at G.C.A. We became real members of Good Counsel at the party given us by our big sisters, the iuniors, in reparation for our week of typical freshman torture. As the scenes unfolded, we found that it wasn't hard to accustom ourselves to Latin and algebra, but a few of us did have qualms when it came to dissecting grass- hoppers and other specimens as our biology course required. After we had success- fully weathered our mid-year exams, we began to take part in the extra-curricular activities of our school. Many of us were received into the Children of Mary Sodality, and thus we felt the bond between ourselves and Our Lady of Good Counsel more strongly secured. All of us became potential actresses after seeing our first Peg-O play, "Spring Green," and were given a chance to show our talents in the school play, "Harriet," in June. Perhaps the most impressive event of our freshman year was our first retreat, which left us with a feeling of peace after a year well spent. So it was that with the traditions of Class Day and the solemn splendor of Graduation we entered the first act of our drama. Act ll: The curtain rose swiftly on our sophomore year. lt found us in the act of renew- ing old acquaintances, pausing now and then to gaze sympathetically at the new freshmen passing by. For the first few months we were dizzily engaged in exploring the minds of Julius Caesar and Euclid, and accustoming ourselves to the peculiarities of French and Spanish. Now that we were sophomores, some of us took time from our labors to become members of O Tempora, O Mores, Luis de Leon, Les Americaines Francaises, and Peg-O. At the annual bazaar we expended every effort to promote our class proiect, the wardrobe doll, and thereby help secure our traditional holiday for outstanding cooperation. Our Christmas holidays this year were more remarkable than most because of the blizzard which accompanied them and lent the new term a more than ordinary picturesque touch. We started the New Year off smoothly by going ice skating at Playland, and then settled down to real hard work which included our successful efforts to rank first in the Bishop's War Relief Fund. Our interest in this year's Peg-O play was a personal one for in "Under Twenty" some of our classmates made their stage debut. For the first time we represented our school in World Sodality Day at Fordham University and were proud of this opportunity to honor our Blessed Mother. At last, after many grueling days of study, we reached the climax of our scholastic endeavors and were introduced to our first high school regents. The events of Class Day and Graduation sped all too swiftly by, and it wasn't long before we bade a last farewell to our big sisters. Act Ill: Upperclassmenl That word had a special meaning for us because it meant that we would play a part in school affairs second only to that of the seniors. Now we were iuniors, and among our privileges was that of welcoming the new freshmen to G.C.A. One of our honor duties as iuniors was the assumption of the editorship of the Chit Chat, and looking back on those busy days, we think we did a pretty good iob! 26 4. pf. , Act The days before the holidays flew by, crowded with homework, exams and report cards. One of the highlights of the year was Good Counsel's ioining the C.Y.O., and it was with no small feeling of pride that we watched many of our class- mates, under the expert direction of Miss Ruth Gibney, help the team to make third place. We took a real interest in Latin this year and after giving Cicero a first-class funeral, displayed our linguistic talents in a Latin production at Christmas time. After the Christmas holidays our school life was filled with many exciting activities. One of our classmates triumphed in the annual spelling bee. The iournal- istic endeavors of some were crowned by admission into Quill and Scroll. Soon followed the unprecedented and very enioyable sodality dance with Xavier High School. For three days in May the sound of chapel bells summoned us during our second retreat, it was given by the Reverend Alfred E. Barrett, S.J., who helped us to gain a clearer and holier outlook on life. lt was also during this month that the Academy was honored by being given a foremost position at the Mary's Day celebration at the newly opened Archbishop Stepinac High School. We walked off with top laurels at the C.Y.O. track meet, we were treated by our little sisters to a day at the Bronx Zoo, then our hours were filled with practice for the Glee Club concert. During the next week several long-awaited dreams came true for us. We attended our first tea dance at G.C.A., gave a farewell banquet to the seniors, and for the last time were spectators at the ceremonies of Class Day and Graduation. Next year we would have the leading roles. IV: The curtain rose on the final act of our high school drama with all of us more than a little awe-struck at being seniors at last. We did our best to take over leader- ship in all things, but it was with a pardonable feeling of distinct superiority that we assumed the responsibility of the Aloysian. The final boast of our seniority came when we received our class rings. These we proudly displayed to our less fortunate underclassmen in a most senior-like manner. A long awaited desire was realized when during our day at the U.N. we saw history in the making. True to our reputation for renovations, we brought the Science Club back to life and our Valentine's Day party was one of the first social events of the year. We realized the true meaning of Christmas this year because we worked so hard during the preceding weeks to make Christmas happier for "our family." Our holidays were made more enioyable by the inspiring Spanish Club Christmas pageant. Our return after the holidays was marked by Peg-O's celebration of its twentieth anniversary and the production for the third time of "Peg O' My Heart." Against the backdrop of snow and icicles we were found busily delving into the mysteries of chemistry and the lives of Samuel Johnson and his contemporaries. The Caedmon iournalists took a day off for a trip to the New York Times during Lent. It wasn't so bad this time coming back to school after the Easter holidays as our return was heralded by the Xavier dance which is in fair way of becoming an annual event. We celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel with the reception of the new members into the Sodality, this was soon followed by the annual retreat, this year given by the Reverend Thomas J. O'Day, SJ., then, almost before we realized it, June was here, bringing with it our annual tea dance. Our enioyment of this and our pride at being guests of honor at the iunior-senior banquet were sadly tempered by our knowledge that we would be leaving G.C.A. so soon. Today is Class Day, and for the last time we stand here on the stage. As we remember our four years and the good times we have had at Good Counsel, we don't want to say goodbye, but the rule of life is that of the theatre, "The show must go on." 27 HISTORY OF THE PEG-O DRAMATIC CLUB On a bright June evening in 1930 the Peg-O Dramatic Club, boasting nine members, presented its first play "Peg O' My Heart." This year, 1950, the twentieth anniver- sary ot' Peg-O, it presented the title play at Good Counsel for the third time. The club was originally formed as an activity for the day students and as cn means of fostering dramatic ability in the Academy. Sister Mary Clement has been its moderator these twenty years and Peg-O attributes its success to herexper t direction. When in October of the following year, 1931, the first officers were elected, the dramatic club's unusual pin was designed by one of the charter members, and the twenty-eight Peg-O's chose as their colors crimson and silver. No year was ever complete without the Peg-O annual outing. ln the spring of 1931, one of the Peg-O's, Miriam Hall, invited the girls to spend the day at her cottage at Fairfield Beach. This outing was repeated for several years, then the members decided to have their annual outing ai' Playlclnd in Rye, New York. As Sister Mary Clement looks back through the years, she says that many names and many plays stand out in her memory. Among the favcrfte presentations have been: "Smilin' Through," "Daddy Long Legs," "After Wimpole Street," "Anne of Green Gables," "Annie Laurie," "Spring Green," "Enter Angela," and the unfor- gettable "Peg O' My Heart." The celebrated members whom all Peg-O's could take for their examples are: Amalia Sestero, who played Robert Browning in "After Wimpole Street", Marie McCarthy, who was "Daddy Long Legs", Mary Keefer, who played Judy in "Daddy Long Legs", and Patricia Gallagher, the star of "Enter Angela." AFTER WlMPOLE STREET 1936 ENTER ANGELA 1946 SPRING GREEN 1947 EIGHTEEN IN JUNE 1949+ 4'UNDER TWENTY 1948 v V . J. 'ink f X I 5 an - K I K I . . I ' 1,Kx. f 5' 95 L f ,- 8 Y I1 si 'M ff , :tw "' s 1.. 1, Q' 5 . ' - S . . . X 1 V I Ln, X Q - Y rl ll ox 'MQ L E' . A f .ggkryx .mi Q iw M lax' - XXF' W A nf ,klfilliqzfei R X if fixf 1 77, ,1 W "7 1 ,-. i N J K J Cigna Ng gg rx uf y. A 'hs' ska.: A i ffl-FQQ fiegsvf he N r .se ia y is J f YR-ffm-' f T , ff - F M752 S f 9' .ll Mfxfjit ,Q ii. 3 .,.. Mn... , X c Q X , xifgx .T ,E ,T,,?iJ.X N " ll VH ,f li" s f T f x .. .Q 1, r no imcii S, gi, o X .fri L' 1 4 i Hufwe aguaaexxes The time: l97O. The place: the magnificent new auditorium at G.C.A. The characters: the thirty-seven members of the class of i950 returning for the Academy's annual play. Everyone is chatting as we enter the beautiful auditorium, complete with indirect lighting and the newest achievements in artistic effects. Jean Harrington, chief lab technician at Lederle, is conferring with .loan Roach, Nobel Prize winner, on the latest scientific discoveries. As we continue to walk leisurely down the softly carpeted center aisle we see another group-sure enough, it's the athletes of our class-Bernice Durand, dynamic manager of the Dodgers, and the equally dynamic Peggy Webb, manager of the Yankees, with her executive secretary, Joan McCarthy, contrasting the good points of their respective teams. Julia Belle Steves is telling Theresa Barry, noted iournalist, and Anne Marie O'Connor, secretary of a prominent construction company, about her marvelous Good Counsel team and the room of awards in the new gymnasium. A peal of laughter-and immediately we know it's Maureen O'Brien and Anne Marie Noonan, two star comedians of radio, stage, screen and television. Marcelene Bardinella, one of the ten best- dressed women of the world, is talking to Anne Sisto, receptionist at the Biltmore. Eyes turn as Marie Magurren, buyer for Saks, and Peggy Hayes, fashion designer for Vogue, enter and ioin the rapidly growing group. X lkjfl f il' 30 Kohl , , O ,K Q .tl ee 1 te. f K es XJ iii? "Wonderful diplomacy," "Such ability!" are the remarks heard as Helen Coldrick arrives, with the famous lawyer, Edwina Bowe. Moira Duggan, National Tennis Champion, enters with Janet Gaulin, iust voted "Hostess of the Year," and Rita Mulligan, head of psychology in Mayo Clinic, where her four sons are assistants. Joan Sullivan, head nurse in New York Hospital, is comparing notes with Dorothy Bondi and Norma Degener, Dorothy is private nurse for the President, and Norma is a pro- fessor at Cornell, where Patricia Burke is kept busy with the usual duties of president of a college. Mary Mahoney, voted "Ideal Dietician of America" is telling Joan Dolecal the proper diet for her three children. The girls pause to check their grammar as Anne Marie Clarke, president of the Education Department in Albany, enters with Lucy Cerbone, her private secretary, and Mabel Bianchi, head of the Latin Department for the "Empire State." Jane Gibney arrives, breathless, with a copy of her newest book, Methods of Teaching School. Then to add to this list of celebrities we spy Patricia O'Hora, Academy Award winner, coming in with Susan Dart, her social secretary. Kathleen Kelleher, private detective for Betty Shalloe, who became head of the social set after her recent book, The Benefits of a Pleasant Personality, enters with Alice Gavin and Jane Foley, directors in the New York Stock Exchange. With the entrance of Mary Maher, director of Barbizon and Bar- bara Gieseler, important figure in the merchandising world, we realize that the class of 1950 is once again all together. Yet, with all the honors and high positions that have come to its noteworthy members, it has lost none of the sincerity and spirit of friendliness that made it the wonderful class it was way back in the Jubilee Year of 'l950. 31 X fx "B Ji , XX NQC5 li xD lxitxli x 5' .X-X ji S ll i A V 1 1. s f by A Q7 CRA. M tu 4 .i x x ,f YK 4 'N l a. yt , .ss 4 Ji, A r f,,-ref -fx .3 f"1':f-,U Q lx fr .,. "' I A 3 some . My T, ,M f' llil ii my . ff! fi? fx ,Vit- 'Qn . Q Q MISSION REPRESENTATIVES Freshman A ...., .,,.. . ., ,.., Carolyn Mclntyre Freshman B ., , . Irene Joyce Sophomore .. . .. . . Rosemary McCabe Junior ,, . ., . Gloria Riverso Senior , Jean Harrington 35 I 5' Dil l CYIZZ QUILL AND SCROLL CAEDMON CHAPTER President ., ,.,..,.., .,.., Anne Marie Clarke Vice-President ., , Mary Maher Secretary .,.. .. . . ., Edwina Bowe Treasurer ...,. . , Rita Mulligan SPANISH CLUB LUIS DE LEON President ..,.... ,,,. , ,. .. .. ,. . ., Betty Shalloe Vice-President ..... ,... . Geraldine Smith Secretary ...... Mary Augustin ireasurer ....,. .4.,. , , Marie Magurren l GLEE CLUB President .,...... ....,......,........,,.......,.. B etty Shalloe Vice-President ....,.....,..,.... .. Julia Belle Steves Librarians Jean Harrington, Patricia O'Hora Gertrude Tedesco 725516172 FRENCH CLUB LES AMERICAINES FRANCAISES President ..........,..,.... .,.,.., , ...,.., . , Helen Coldrick Vice-President ...,..,. ...... ...,.., , , . Joan O'Hora Secretary .,.,. .,..,..,, . .. .,.,. Anne Marie Clarke Treasurer ,.., , . Catherine Dockery i. if i it ' Sig SCIENCE CLUB LATIN CLUB O TEMPORA, O MORES President .........,....A..,..,,.... ..,..,....,, L eda Leveille Vice-President .......... ,.......... G loria Riverso Secretary ............ .... ........,..... P e ggy Greene Treasurer ...,.,....,.. ...,4..,, C atherine Dockery ALBERTUS MAGNUS Presicleni' .,.,.., ,...,, . ,. ...,... ., .loan Roach Vice-President , .,., .... A lice Gavin Secretary , Barbara Gieseler Treasurer .. .,.,.... , .,.., ,...,. . .. Patricia Burke ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President .. ..... .,.,... . , ,..... . Julia Belle Steves Vice-President ......,.... .,.. . Catherine Dockery Secretary-Treasurer ..,.,...,,A., ,..,., S ally Denny Freshman A Representative. .Monica Durand Freshman B Representative.. ..., Ellen Regan SENIOR ATHLETES On the athletic field, left to right- Mary Mahoney, Joan McCarthy, Theresa Barry, Peggy Webb, Patricia O'Hora, Bernice Du- rand, Jean Harrington, Julia Belle Steves, Anne Marie Clarke, Betty Shalloe Cheer leaders around Euclid -- Maureen O'Brien, Anne Sisto, Geraldine Kelly, Geraldine Smith, Betty Garnier, Frances Flanigan, Mary Raimondo, Anne Noonan, Mary Marbach, Janet Gaulin Upper right-Softball team with Miss Ruth Gibney, coach Right circle-Miss Gibney, Patri- cia O'Hora, Julia Belle Steves, Bernice Durand Center-Seniors at the swings, in circle, kneeling-Jean Harring- ton, Julia Belle Steves, Barbara Gieseler, Mabel Bianchi, stand- ing at the net-Rita Mulligan, Patricia Burke Lower right-Miss Margaret Leary refereeing the game with St. Mary's, Katonah. lG.C.A. won, 1949-50 record: won 8, lost 31 Extreme right, bottom-Miss Gib- ney sffyifs cfmz ' 'QAM . , ..--va-c. ' 5 " v i ' lf' f ax. 'g i T ng 1 wh I R 'Q J. ix. . ,fyv-' A 4 35 1 ... T"' Ja I' KK . -i 050 - x .gl X 1' ' I ' fb ,Q ff 'K '7f7"4a. X ! X is 4 15241125 We, the class of 1950, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and taking into consideration the uncertainty of this life, do make and publish and declare this to be Our Last Will and Testament for the distribution of the royalties of our four-year success, hereby revoking all other and former wills by us at any time made: To our dear Reverend Mother Mary Aloysia, whom we will remem- ber always with intense respect, admiration, and love, we leave our deepest gratitude, and we thank God for her beautiful example of devotion to Our Beloved Lady of Good Counsel. To Mother Mary Compassio we leave our great appreciation of her kind interest in each and every one of us. To Sister Mary Anselm we give sincere love and gratitude for her constant solicitude in regard to us all. To Sister Mary Clement we leave our thanks for a wonderful senior year, enriched by her personal consideration of us. To the entire faculty we leave a most sincere and grateful acknowledgement of their great-hearted understanding of our needs and desires. We humbly ask Our Lady of Good Counsel to protect and guide them as they have protected and guided us. Joan Dolecal leaves her gentle nature to .lane Marie Roher. Marcelene Bardinella leaves her ability to pass red lights to Diane A'Hearn. Anne Marie O'Connor leaves her raven locks to Helen Scully. To Joan Brennan, Anne Sisto leaves her avid interest in Spanish. Mabel Bianchi leaves Cicero to any sophomore who will take good care of him. Edwina Bowe leaves her gift of song to Norma Korn. .loan Sullivan leaves the French Fan Club to Catherine Dockery. Dot Bondi leaves her height to Kathleen Harrison and Pat Burke leaves hers to Ann Lederer. Pat O'Hora leaves her Academy Award to her sister Joan. Rita Mulligan leaves her duties as butler to Gioia Galgano. Anne Marie Clarke leaves her interest in all G.C.A. activities to Mary Marbach. Peggy Hayes leaves her loquacity to Charlotte Lederer. To Barbette Werner, Maureen O'Brien leaves her auto accident insurance policy. .lean Harrington leaves her right zone basketball position and dainty track shoes to Peggy Kealy. Helen Coldrick leaves her presidency and her posters to Gerry Sullivan. Betty Shalloe leaves her ability to win friends and influence people to Cynthia Britton. 36 f lZEGyd!fl?5 Anne Noonan leaves "The Crazy Song" to Frances Flanigan, Barbara Giesler leaves the orange knife to the next team manager. Jane Gibney leaves her happy memories of G.C.A. to Peggy Keogan. Moira Duggan leaves her walking shoes to Peggy Greene. To Pat O'Donnell, Terry Barry leaves her position in the C.Y.O. basketball team. Lucy Cerbone leaves her secret for growing long nails to Joan Fox. Kathleen Kelleher leaves her algebra answer book to Helen Bianchi. Marie Magurren leaves her interest in athletics to Jane Philips. Mary Maher leaves her altection for Webster's Dictionary to Agnes Habermann. Janet Gaulin leaves her love of the Hindu Rag to Dolores Scimia. Norma Degener leaves her seat in the senior classroom to Gertrude Tedesco. To Ellen Regan, Julia Belle Steves leaves her athletic laurels. Bernice Durand leaves her original maroon creation to her sister Monica. Joan Roach leaves her passion for English literature to Mary Elizabeth Quinn. Peggy Webb leaves her post at the school bell to Sheila Smith. Jane Foley leaves her red hair to Pat Milligan. Joan McCarthy leaves her seat on the bus to her sister Peggy. 7 Alice Gavin leaves her composure to Edna Foley. Susan Dart leaves her scorekeeper's book to Peggy Foley. Mary Mahoney leaves her C.Y.O. number to Sue Ann Hintz. To the juniors we leave the second floor classroom and our hope that they will uphold G.C.A.'s athletic standards, most of all, we leave the senior year and our wonderful memories of G.C.A. To the sophomores we leave the thrill of becoming big sisters and upper classmen. To the freshmen we leave the sincere hope that their future years ai' G.C.A. will be as happy as ours have been. We hereby appoint Helen Coldrick and Betty Shalloe to be the executors of these, our royalties. ln witness thereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names this twenty-second day of June, l95O. Wittnesses: Geraldine Smith Agnes Habermann Sue Ann Hintz Charlene Hennessy 37 BEAUTY ....,.,...... SWEETNESS .....,. INGENUITY ........ AMIABILITY ...,....,.......... ATTRACTIVENESS ..,...,.,. SMILE ......,,............,..,........,,...... THOUGHTFULNESS VERSATILITY .,....,........ LEADERSHIP ..,....,..,... COOPERATIVENESS SPEAKING VOICE .. ART .................................,.. GRACIOUSNESS ....... ATHLETICS ......,...,...,. NONCHALANCE ...,... GENTLENES S .......... POISE ...,...................,.....,..,.. SINGING VOICE .... GOOD NATURE ...., SINCERITY .....,.......... STYLE .......................... CONGENIALITY ...... BEST-DRESSED ....... AMBITION ........... GENEROSITY ,,.,.,,... WIT .............,....... CHARM ................,. PERSONALITY ......., PRETTINES S .......,. SERENITY .,..,.... ACTING .....,. GENIUS ...,........ POPULARITY .....,. DANCING .,.,....... TALENT ..,...................... DEPENDABILITY ...,,. ENTHUSIASM .....,.,. cahmy yfwaflzk O C-300 ,L I X, fi a w X l AEM C 0 QQ 5 7 S Z 4 Qffff NW V' U7 23 I I 17 'QQ -4 ' MARCELENE BARDINELLA THERESA BARRY MABEL BIANCHI DOROTHY BONDI EDWINA BOWE PATRICIA BURKE LUCY CERBONE ANNE MARIE CLARKE HELEN COLDRICK SUSAN DART NORMA DEGENER JOAN DOLECAL MOIRA DUGGAN BERNICE DURAND JANE FOLEY ALICE GAVIN JANET GAULIN JANE GIBNEY BARBARA GIESELER JEAN HARRINGTON ........ MARGARET HAYES KATHLEEN KELLEHER MARIE MAGURREN MARY MAHER MARY MAHONEY JOAN MCCARTHY RITA MULLIGAN ANNE NOONAN MAUREEN O'BRIEN ANNE MARIE O'CONNOR PATRICIA O'HORA 38 JOAN ROACH ELIZABETH SHALLOE ANNE SISTO JULIA BELLE STEVES JOAN SULLIVAN MARGARET WEBB Le The teams must be refreshed! eff to right-Mabel Bianchi, Barbara Gieseler, Susan Dart, Peggy Foley, Dorothy Bondi ft Our athletes are- to right-Theresa Barry, Bernice Durand, Patricia O'Hora, Julia Belle Steves Anne Marie Clarke, Jean Harrington, Elizabeth Shal- loe, Margaret Webb, Joan McCarthy, Mary Mahoney Patricia Brogan, Patricia O'Donnell, Margaret Kealy, Catherine Dockery, Ellen Regan, Sarah Denny W Watch the ping pong champions! Left to right-Joan Roach, Dorothy Bondi, Anne Noonan, Mabel Bianchi, Maureen O'Brien, Joan McCarthy Lgfdyd "Will she make that basket?" Left to right-Jane Foley, Joan Sullivan, Jane Gibney, Kathleen Kelleher, Anne Marie O'Connor, Joan Dolecal H65 rg x.f mi -if Q ':, , I za' A1 1 .3 i fy A ir ". oh, Av a as , .f F Bi JSM' ' f'L'i W x Al-1 x 1 K -L Iwi'- hi. A JUNIOR CLASS First row, left to right-Gloria Riverso, Helen Scully, Joan O'Hora, Margaret Foley, Geraldine Smith, Leda Leveille, Katherine Healy, Joan Brennan, Dorothy O'Brien, Barbara Morris Second row, left to right-Gioia Galgano, Mary Elizabeth MacDonald, Mary Rai- mondo, Jane Marie Roher, Diane A'Hearn, Maureen Connolly, Mary Augustin, Carol Jean Ucci, Frances Flanigan, Margaret Keogan Third row, left to right-Ursula Wandell, Helen Brendel, Gertrude Tedesco, Marjorie Harris, Catherine Dockery, Margaret Greene, Margaret Kealy, Barbette Werner, Helen Bianchi LEADING LADIES President ..,.. .....,.. ,.... . .,., . ..... , .,.., ,....,. ,...... ,..., G e r a I dine Smith Vice-President .. ..... ., ...... Gioia Galgano Secretary ....... Carol Jean Ucci Treasurer ..... ...,.., . ., , Margaret Kealy SCHOOL PAPER CHIT CHAT Editor ..,.........,.,.,,.., ,.,...... ....,.... P e ggy Greene Assistant Business Manager Assistant Editor .. ...,,. ,.... D orothy O'Brien Ursula Wandell Business Manager .,.. ..,.,..,. B arbara Morris Stafl' Reporter ,...,...,.,,,..,......,...,..... Jane Roher Art Editor . .,..,....,.., ., Carol Jean Ucci Typists .,,.,,...,. .,... P eggy Foley, Helen Bianchi SOPHOMORE CLASS First row, left to right-Beatrice Prior, Eileen Carroll, Irene Terenzio, Edna Foley, Mary Marbach, Margaret McCarthy, Teresa Rollo, Rosemary McCabe, Jane Philips, Margaret Pierson Second row, Denny, left to right-Martha Herman, Mildred Dugan, Marguarite Graham, Sarah Frances Goddard, Agnes Habermann, Anne Marie Young, Norma Korn, Elizabeth Crimmins, Dolores Dengel, Nancy Smith, Dolores Scimia, Charlotte Lederer LEADING LADIES President ...... .. .. ., .. ...,. ,.....,.. .......,... A g nes Habermann Vice-President .,.,.... .........,.,.............s.,..,. M argaret McCarthy Secretary ......, .,..,..... . ,. Mary Marbach Treasurer .. . ,,..,... Margaret Pierson FRESHMAN B CLASS First row, left to right-Beverly Donohue, Patricia Milligan, Jean Marano, Mary Eliza beth Quinn, Mary Louise Cocchiola, Phyllis Cox, Theresa Barbero, Ann Jehle Theresa Gusmano, Cynthia Britton, Joanne Fusco Second row, left to right-Jane Romanello, Josephine Chalhaub, Helen Malburn Patricia O'DonneII, Denise Duquet, Alicia Donnellan, Sue Ann Hintz, Sally Anr- Sava, Ellen Regan, Helen Rowan, Rose Lewis, Rose D'AIlura, Mary Lou Martin Gail Connolly Third row, left to right-Sally Barone, Carolyn Mclntyre, Marguerite Himebaugh Barbara Schmauder, lrvonne Harris, Florence Scott, Charlene Hennessey, France Choquette, Barbara Weis, Geraldine Kelly, Patricia Brogan LEADING LADIES President ......,.....,., .........,.,....,,..,.,.,.. . ...,...,...,...... ....,..,.. S u e Ann Hintz Vice-President ...,..,. ..,,......... P atricia Brogan Secretary ,.,..,..,..... Patricia O'Donnell Treasurer ..,,,....,. .,..,.... C harlene Hennessy 322-8-iiiiwi ,a ws- N . - Wy , 'T 4 Q, 5 .,. gk 3- Ai- 5- 5+ 5- 3' 5- 3- -E Q 4, www. neges 'Ag' .Em wg, 5 'F 255 EE w-W ESE?-Eff -5'5?3?'?-5315 3' 5--3-'iv 95?-33 W, 635 gag, Fw' me 4239 'U K x iQ 0 ,, ,. 5 . Na -U.: 5 ,, , Q,4L,Q1rvX fivfw. Q in t . Ts V Ji 1,L5xfEQKjyf' .,, . W ' fy ' Lu H ,gf , W.. ' ,g'g:,x, W - my A 7 . WX ,, , F M Nr 2 2. ' , 1 va 4. ' -Z' , ,.M,,i-iw, -"'-0 ' W . N - a fu: 1. , e - X A W ' 'STA Tlygw -2 N , 4 vwqwqim N Q 1 EQ. V f -'Q."igV N K A ,away ,ul 4 Q A Il vw x sg I' 51 , 1- jwgrg . A 'A b g N. wwf' Q 1:-1-r --....,,5-L A gk 1- xx -- h y!! Q , 1 we A - 3 ,I , V , -ai ,f.. fu Lil . Ji V' 4 1'---' 4 9 N 334 ....7 f Y i .vw pf-0' K I ' wt .- .v.,,.-o-v" , 7 .4 ,fi ' iw f H X i 5 ,vw vm :P ' 1 5 5 65 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ahearn Albertus Magnus Science Club Alex's Meat Market, Hartsdale Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Augustin Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bardinella Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Barry Bentley and Simon, Inc. Mr. Thomas Barry Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bianchi Mrs. Frank Bianchi, Sr. Madame Leon Bloch Miss Dorothy Bondi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Bondi Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Bowe Miss Edwina Bowe Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Burke Miss Patricia Burke Mrs. George S. Butler Camera Craft, Inc. Mr. Joseph Cammarato Capitol Typewriter Company Central Taxi Company Century Musical Instrument Company Mr. and Mrs. Thomas' Cerbone Miss Anne Marie Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Clarke Miss Helen Coldrick Mr. and Mrs. M. Coldrick Collegiate Outfitting Company Dr. Arnold P. Conaty, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crapser Mr. Armand W. Cureau, Jr. PATRONS Mrs. Aubrey Dart Miss Norma Degener Dick Hayes' Place Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs George Dolecal John J. Donnellan Andrew M. Duggan Bernard J. Durand George Fannon Miss Auguste Fehringer The Fireside Restaurant Joseph Fasolino's Mutual Market Miss Catherine Fleming Mr. Mr. Mr. The The and Mrs. Edward Foley Hubert Foley and Mrs. J. Edward Fox Freshman A Class Freshman B Class Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Furi Miss Gioia Galgano Mr. and Mrs. William Gatto Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gaulin Miss Alice Gavin Mr. James F. Gedney Way Mr. and Mrs. Miss Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Delicatessen Joseph W. Gibney Gieseler Henry E. Gieseler Good Counsel College The Great Atlantic 8. Pacific Tea Co Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gusmano Mrs. Lillian D. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Harris 43 PATRONS Miss Peggy Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Hayes Mr. John J. Healy Mrs. A. Herrmann Hollywood Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Steele C. Hutton The Junior Class Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kelleher Mrs. E. L. Koch Les Americaines Francaises Liberty Music Shop Mrs. D. A. Loring Mrs. Hanna Maguire Mrs. Leanore Magurren Miss Marie Magurren Miss Catherine Maher Eleanor and Jack Maher Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Maher Miss Patricia McCarthy Mr. and Mrs William V. McCarthy McGrath's Funeral Home Mrs. Marguerite Mahoney Owen J. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. William Milligan Mitchell Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Mulligan Miss Loretta L. Mulligan Miss Rita Mulligan Miss Anne Marie Noonan Mr. and Mrs. William Noonan Mr. and Mrs. James P. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. John E. O'Hora Olson and Gordon Stationers, Inc O Tempora, O Mores Our Lady of Good Counsel College Guild Peg-O Dramatic Club Mr. and Mrs. James J. Phillips Port Chester and White Plains Bus Lines Inc Preston High School Mrs. August H. Riegel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Riverso Stephen R. J. Roach Mr. Melvin Roher Ruschmeyer's Mr. and Mrs. Sal J. Sava Mr. Clemens F. Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scimia Mr. Vincent J. Scully Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shalloe Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Sisto The Sophomore Class Mr. David Sosin Supercurline Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Steves Mr. and Mrs. F. Earl Suits Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan Miss R. Patricia Vioni Mr. Joseph E. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Webb Westchester Steel Products Willman's, Inc. 46 .. Byram Lake Road, Mount Kisco, A'HEARN, DIANE .. AUGUSTIN, MARY . AUSTIN, JOAN . . ., BARBERO, TERESA , ., ., BARDINELLA, MARCELENE BARONE, SALLY ANNE .,,. BARRY, THERESA . .. BIANCHI, HELEN . .. BIANCHI, MABEL . BONDI, DOROTHY , ,. BORTZFIELD, ADRIENNE . BOWE, EDWINA ..,.. .. BRENDEL, HELEN ,. BRENNAN, JOAN BRITTON, CYNTHIA BROGAN, PATRICIA . BURKE, PATRICIA .. CARLUCCI, JOSEPHINE . .. CARROLL, MARY , . CARROLL, EILEEN ,, , CERBONE, LUCY . , CHALHOUB, JOSEPHINE ., .... .. CHOQUETTE, FRANCES . CLARKE, ANNE MARIE .,....,. CLAY, BARBARA . . COCCHIOLA, MARY LOUISE ,. COLDRICK, HELEN .. CONNELLY, GAIL .. ..., . CONNELLY, MAUREEN CORRY, PATRICIA ,. COURSEN, JOAN .. COX, PHYLLIS ., . CRAPSER, MARY... ,..,, , CRIMMINS, ELIZABETH ,, D'ALLURA, ROSE , , DART, SUSAN . DEGENER, NORMA ....,,.. DENGEL, DOLORES .. .. DENNY, SARAH .,.,,.... DEVANEY, TERRY ..,, .,.., , .. DOCKERY, CATHERINE DOLECAL, JOAN . DONOHUE, BEVERLY .. DONNELLAN, ALICIA , Downey, MARY ,, DOWRICK, NOREEN ouoAN, Mnoneo , DUGGAN, MOIRA . Duausr, DENISE . DURAND, BERNICE . IJURAND, MONICA , FISKE, AUDREY ,, FLANIGAN, FRANCES , ,. FOLEY, EDNA , .. FOLEY, JANE ., FOLEY, MARGARET . , FOX, JOAN .. FRANCO, JOY ., . FUSCO, JOANNE GADBOIS, THERESE , . GALGANO, GIOIA GARNIER, ELIZABETH . . GAULIN, JANET GAVIN, ALICE . , GIBNEY, JANE ., . GIESELER, BARBARA GODDARD, FRANCES . , GRANEY, MARGARET .... GREENE, MARGARET GUSMANO, THERESA . , HABERMANN, AGNES ,, .. HARRINGTON, JEAN , HARRIS, CAROLYN , , HARRIS, IRVONNE. HARRIS, MARJORIE ., . , HARRISON, KATHLEEN HAYES, MARGARET , HEALY, KATHERINE ...,, ...,,, HENNESSY, CHARLENE HERMAN, MARTHA . .. HERRMANN, MARY JEAN HIMEBAUGH, MARGUERITE HINTZ, SUE ANN HUTTON, MONICA DRAMATIS 47 PERSONAE .. .. I0 Louden Street, Byram, Connecticut , 59 Nicholas Avenue, Byram, Connecticut , 248 Hutchinson Boulevard, Mount Vernon, 12 Olivia Street, ,. 540 King Street, 57 Martling Avenue, 148 North Broadway, . 36 Brookside Lane, 36 Brookside Lane, Port Chester Port Chester, Pleasantvillo, White Plains, Dobbs Ferry, Dobbs Ferry, 275 East Main Street, Mount Kisco, . 36 Westview Avenue, Tuckahoe, 381 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, ., . . 407 Forest Avenue, Rye, 224 Westchester Avenue, Crestwood, 225 North Regent Street Port Chester, 20 Gedney Terrace, 'White Plains, ., 124 Touraine Avenue, Port Chester, 11 North MacQuestin Parkway, Mount Vernon, ll North MacQuestin Parkway, Mount Vernon 217 East Main Street, . 1 Old Mamoroneck Road, 65 Hartsdale Avenue, . .. 21 Locust Avenue, 19 Old Mamaroneck Road, . 77 Clinton Street, 148 Greenridge Avenue, . , 50 North Broadway, . 444 South Lexington Avenue, .. Oakridge Road, 262 East Main Street, . 50 Clark Street, Mount Kisco, White Plains White Plains White Plains: White Plains, White Plains, White Plains, White Plains, Thornwood, White Plains, Mount Kisco, Mount Kisco, Pleasantvillo, f . 61 Wilson Avenue, Valhalla, 36 Marble Avenue, , Broad Park Lodge, Pleasantville, White Plains, . , 67 Poe Street, Hartsdale, 35 Avondale Road, White Plains . 1 Colonial Road, White Plains., ., .. . Seven Bridges, 16 Grandview Avenue, , 467 Tarrytown Road, . ,, 54 Davis Avenue, ., ...,.. .. ..., .. 23 Mitchell Place, , 61 Lafayette Avenue, North White Plains White Plains, White Plains, White Plains, White Plains, Chappaqua, , 75 Weaver Street, Scarsdale, 37 Avondale Road, White Plains, . 22 Maple Avenue, Hartsdale, 8 Rutherford Street, White Plains, ., 221 Hartsdale Road, White Plains, 221 Hartsdale Road, White Plains .. . Harris Road, Katonah, . . 60 Ewart Road, Scarsdale, . 467 South Lexington Avenue, 467 South Lexington Avenue, . 85 Greenridge Avenue, 322 East Main Street, 14 Eastview Avenue, , 85 Bolton Avenue, 267 Gainsborg Avenue, 77 Bryant Avenue, . 2 Livingston Avenue, White Plains White Plains White Plains: Mount Kisco, White Plains White Plains, White Plains White Plains: White Plains, . 199 Webber Avenue, Tarrytown, 45 Howard Avenue, White Plains, 9 Halstead Avenue, Port Chester, ., , 67 Pennsylvania Avenue, Crestwood, ,, 575 Knollwood Road, White Plains, 220 South Lexington Avenue, White Plains 2337 Andrews Avenue, New York, 41 Parker Street, Port Chester, ,, 75 Lakeview Avenue, Scarsdale . 55 Tuckahoe Avenue, Tuckahoe .. 24 Meadowa Dobbs Ferry 239 South Lexington Avenue, White Plains I 18 Park Circle, White Plains, Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye, , Pierson Garden Apts., Ossining, , , 48 Charlotte Place, Hartsdale, . . , . .. 146 Pork Drive, Tuckahoe, 57 Vernon Parkway, Mount Vernon, . 1 Marquond Place, Pelham, 16 Haddon Road, Scarsdale, 1 Y, t . 24 Meadoway, Dobbs Ferry, . 7 Croydon Road, Yonkers 2, New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York York JEHLE, ANNE . JOYCE, MARY IRENE . KEALY, MARGARET ., . KELLEHER, KATHLEEN KELLEY, GERALDINE KEOGAN, MARGARET KIELY, PHYLLIS . . , , KORN, NORMA . LEDERER, ANNE LEDERER, CHARLOTTE , LEVEILLE, LEDA. . , LEWIS, ROSE MAHER, MARY l MAI-IoNEY, MARY , MAGURREN, MARIE MALBURN, HELEN MARANO, JEAN MARAsco, CAROL .. MARBACI-I, MARY l , MARTIN, MARY . A MILLER, MARGUERITE ., . MILLIGAN, PATRICIA MERCALDI, MARIE . MORRIS, BARBARA . MULLIGAN, RITA . MacDONALD, MARY McCABE, ROSEMARY , McCARTHY JOAN McCARTHY: MARGARETHJ . McCORMlCK, EILEEN , MclNTYRE, CAROLYN . NOONAN, ANNE . O'BRlEN, CAROL O'BRlEN, DOROTHY ....,,. O'BRlEN MAUREEN O'CONNOR, ANN MARIE O'DONNELL, PATRICIA ,, .... ., O'HORA, PATRICIA ., O'HORA, JOAN ..,. OLSEN, ROSE ,, PHILIPS, JANE ., PIERSON, MARGARET ,...,, PRIOR, BEATRICE QUINN, MARY ELIZABETH . . RAIMONDO, MARY REGAN, ELIZABETH . REGAN, ELLEN RIVERSO, GLORIA .. ROACH, JOAN , . . ROHER, JANE . , ROLLO, THERESA .. ROMANELLO, JANE , ROWAN, HELEN . , SAVA. SALLY ANNE , .... , SCHMAUDER, BARBARA SCIMIA, DOLORES . SCOTT, FLORENCE . , SCULLY, HELEN . , SHALLOE, BETTY . SHWEDO, WINIFRED SISTO, ANNE . , SMITH, GERALDINE SMITH, NANCY. ,. SMITH, SHEILA ,, STEVES, JULIA BELLE . SULLIVAN, JOAN .. ., TEDESCO, GERTRUDE , TERENZIO, IRENE . TURNER, PATRICIA .. UCCI, CAROL JEAN ., WANDELL, URSULA . WEBB, MARGARET , WEIMER, BARBARA WEIS, BARBARA , WERNER, BARBETTE WILSON, ELEANOR , ...... . YOUNG, ANNE MARIE . ,, . 92 Highview Avenue, Tuckahoe, ., 95 Grave Street, Mount Kisco 16 Herbert Avenue, White Plains New , New , New New ,, ., Ridge Road, Hortsdale, Y York York York York . 210 Westchester Avenue, Port Chester, New York . ,. 58 Prospect Street, Port Chester, New York ., 7 Whittemore Place, Port Chester, New York ,, , , , ...,, . ., Payne Street, Elmstord, New York Town and Country Apts., 20 Church Street, Greenwich, Connecticut Town and Country Apts., 20 Church Street, Greenwich, Connecticut ,, . 24 Taunton Road East, Scarsdale, New York .. 44 Thomas Avenue, Pleasantville, New York . 61 Rathbun Avenue, White Plains, New York , 1 Broad Parkway, White Plains, New York 10 Park Drive South, Rye, New York 90 Bryant Avenue, White Plains, New York , , 106 Valley Road, White Plains, New York , , .. 55 Valley Terrace, Port Chester, New York . 455 North Street, White Plains, New York 158 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut 4 Old Knollwood Road, Elmsford, New York . 221 William Street, Port Chester, New York 25 Corrigan Avenue, White Plains, New York ., . 193 Byram Road, Byram, Connecticut . 32 Prospect Street, White Plains, New York 37 North Central Avenue, Hortsdale, New York 20 West Clinton Street, Valhalla, New York ., .. 37 Sherwood Street, Valhalla, New York ., . 37 Sherwood Street, Valhalla, New York 85 Mohican Park Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, New York . ,, 82 Lockwood Avenue, Bronxville, New York .. 27 Parker Street, Port Chester, New York , 87 Longview Avenue, White Plains, New York 38 Parker Street, Port Chester, New York . 99 Robert Avenue, Port Chester, New York , 43 Poe Street, Hortsdale, New York 46 Exchange Place, Port Chester, New Yorlq 4 Ogden Avenue, White Plains, New York .. 4 Ogden Avenue, White Plains, New York 27 Central Avenue, Hortsdale, New York ,, 180 Longvue Terrace, Tuckahoe, New York 25 Parkview Avenue, Bronxville, New York . ,... ..., . . Box 66, Purchase, New York , .. 2460 University Avenue, New York, New York 76 Haines Boulevard, Port Chester, New York 237 Gallagher Street, Buchanan, New York .. 84 Davis Avenue, White Plains, New York , ., 320 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, New Yark .. Haviland's Lane, White Plains, New York . ,. 23 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York .. . ., 65 Wesley Avenue, Port Chester, New York .. ,, 81 Grace Church Street, Port Chester, New York .. ., 15 Wilmont Avenue, White Plains, New York .. ...., 36 Hawley Avenue, Port Chester, New York 21 River Park Apt., White Plains, New York , .,,,.. . ...,....,... 14 Park Circle, White Plains, New York 101 South Central Avenue, Hortsdale, New York . 234 Westchester Avenue, Crestwood, New York .. 287 Crestwood Avenue, Crestwood, New York . , 5 Southlawn Avenue, Elmsford, New York . . 229 Central Avenue, White Plains, New York ,.., 57 Lynwood Avenue, Hawthorne, New York ..., . 26 Austin Place, Port Chester, New York .. 630 East Lincoln Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York .. ,. 30 Wilson Avenue, Valhalla, New York ,, 135 Holland Avenue, White Plains, New York . 253 Old Mamaroneck Road, White Plains, New York ., 296 Washington Avenue, Pleasantville, New York . , ,. 10 River Park, White Plains, New York B1 Waodcrest Avenue, White Plains, New York 104 Holland Avenue, White Plains, New York . . Riverside Avenue, Riverside, Connecticut . .. 15 Cummings Avenue, White Plains, New York ., 646 Lafayette Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York ....., ..,, 3 8 Chelsea Street, Hawthorne, New York 119 Hartsdale Avenue, White Plains, New York ., 8 Longview Avenue, White Plains, New York 48 511 WILLIAM swenenosguc T. . evlnns vugnnosg Q nluvbll --, , "ln-...-.-' PHOTOGRAPHY BY THE WHITE STUDIOS 520 FIFTH AVENUE. NEW YORK .,.., fl 1 Q.. , ? X -1 a .1 'Q.,.,,,fQ"'. 5 At--.V y. x .f Q 4 . ' .A L' " 'vw-,Q A . fi. fl- L 3 1 5-. , , QW "' ff I' f. H 1:J"."- ' .-320' t i4 ' 552 .. V 1 i ' l "'.' 1. V ,F V :tl Y . fab G53 , ' 7 . ,'I-fi , flyflfii . -J' V K.,-,, ,, .. .4 l I' 'ix 1 . ' 'QW' ' . .A 5614-. . g. , . ff., ,J ' - 1 lf. .5 , J , ,H ,, . ad w. P 4. fl' .4 1 F,. 1 ef-I jfgfivf- , v.- V - 4 r 'M ' -Q. 5 . Q. 3" if 'sql -va - B 1.0.

Suggestions in the Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) collection:

Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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