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Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel - Aloysian Yearbook (Aloysian, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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'-f-'rv ' 'rr' f ..!, fi.-X., - . ., . , . ,fi QM. if P1 , 4339, , M., K. . , - .1 . ., .. A. 1..- Q- . ---.wg A -si, , U, W f -9. :,.o?'i Lal.. , -9 ,fgf l ,SV -.1 -..s.'Ii,,,5LJ ,. ' . . .'- 'ff - ' "K, ' .", - ' - - ,, - - ' - 1, 1155, , . ,..,a.3gf,..: f -X.. is - V . 1--. if.. -QXAQQF.--2. 2115 ' ' ,, gf, . .. - J Y X ,,-., iff' '1' Q- '-'yr 'fi - ' f ' . , -1 ,- ' -fr-. ', ,,,., A -g .fju gff 1 , , H. 5 Q. , kia., fr ag, V- ' - if- , ' 21921 A ' i w 'V P V A,'.y.' , N ig -L 7, V. pk. .. . ,. . . . R f. --.,..,,f 4 N 1 avr' fv fx" ' f . , 41, ..- "- . 7 4 . 415.52-fgff , fs., wr' x 23' R. '- H E -gn: , xv: Y, ' . R b -" ,.,., '- .. E Eiifk '- ,. f f f f'E1TH'w+i-:- . f ff -M . wi ,fw'?f'+'f'e? S. 15 52'--, A . - V. w- , ,. -,. ,, . . - .. f-1 --ffxfi , -., .- -' v A I, , 6 ag - . av! ,:..5n-,mi , I ,s ., ?'f Y 1' gf -2 1 far A 'wb iv K A VR, fi. I., ' . L... -Q .. -- -:J 2 .. .. f Q J -:sg ' , 'Q 5, T :L'f' .l.4 , -f Q' . i " T ,- ' j',",l 313 3351 Sign . . ,. -. All K ", - rf ' ff-" ' '1 - '15, AS' L. ,J i f L, " ' HAL affix 4-455' , fs J 1 + Si 4 -rf 1: 'C' 1 f I I U L 15 , A R+? xx 3 3: 'if ' " 'v X Pa 9' A-' ,J 1' -1- 5 ' A I lc, 'bi' " N- 'A ' Q - -'Q 2, , f . QT "ai , Q. ' f .' , A -1, -. Kg, - tv- ,, ., .. "-'f",.,.ii'fH ' i f 'ff' f' H' f Lf-' 1 f xr' 5' - A f' . Q, Vff'5A'2- 'f-g-1-N4 , .. , , riif - .gifs-QA. 5- gg ' g,..fj7'F'. .I 6 '-- ,Q W 1 .-. V- .1. .-- ff 71- ,xg -. M",,4Q'- F-. 5 .- 4--Y.-A --1-:fu-'ij 1. gf ' "'- -+L --..- Y' ' .J-"ff ' lm" " Y- . .A - 2---f f ,.-x2aQ..'2 a' - V f -. - - r-5 -Q f '. -.iff-,W-. --P., f- ,K .5 ..- ., . Q, ,h t 4 fl n ,Eiga I .ri .4 ., W 24N-fue X. -3 ,fr Q .n - A , ff gn -. - '- Q.. 'g ' . zf .. f. . A . 4- '- -if 0 wf 3-13 -V - ' L-L 'N 4' .if -i? - -.- . r, .. , ' 1-P 2-2 5' ." ". f' A- 4 f- . ,, 5- gg -.. N A .4 Q- ,. , x - , , ,. 4 P xgfagp- ... A -Q f-A, jf - ,if . .3 - . aesifw. . - ' , -X -- - .-. - -: , - - '. 'JT Aw- ff. 1 ,HJ .1 - . Y- -V 2 ,ir :,. -. jg, I .f..X,-"5 'T -,gn I . gig, V 4 .f , s'N:1'-ig .,,. N JF . ,. 3. - - jf' .V , gd gg: , ,,1fifQ ..,. ' W an 1 ,r- 'X w 1 P 3 ' Y f 4 'V ' " -J V - ," 'Q ' ' ,-".f1'.4 A f f 'J ff fig. H s iii? -ff' 5- if ,A ff- Q .jff .5 f Qs., I Lf A J-. .ff A 2 'fer' ' I w fggz- Hi' '1,"j97'k3'., ,f-Q u .. 1' ' -. ,' ' S545 i' Q '- gg ,Wm ar. .R Q. , 'LT' ,.ff I N. ' . f 1 ,MQ . if :rg-r 9 , ' A .5 ' m a... 1 Riff-54 ,:i.f. -, , , .5 Q V Q il 1359. -vfiifff 1 - V An ' " M f, Y , , -S . ff- -. -, Y ya , . i - f f: V. ov, 1, - ' , V 1- . . - , , m -M f ,. -YA 5 -. f vfiiflfffl. -51. .. 4 . . , 'rf S Q 'U , 4 '55 A . 11 4. . ' " an ' 'fifjilf' f 1': 1.'jL!- my , 'L , f ag- as A 3, , u -. ' 153' " mg, 1 If?-5-E- 4 w g a f '...-, ,A 3,-4 ,A . A T ,, 2 if' if . , 33- ' -fr 'fv .. ,S . ,--f .1- 'f f ,Q . lg NJ ,1jNNiWxi.,S, K 7 .3257-:,..,, TL 4.54243-'12, -.1 ,., .r-ga. 1 1 - ,A - ' .1 au. "'. ,-'fi' L: Y-: ,, wif" 4 u f , ML Q X, '1 vi WJ PQ QQ i QW A E AUTOGRALPHS if o CQ, LW .Lo beau is 'gm Maul Cbfw-Jfwmfiw' I :uf l25a4:5D3 cF"!gp99 Ai kv-Mig. MGM W A W , 4 Mw76 jaw ilk 5 My ' 7i W ' Q j ' W f'Q1fJ X . f W JL W 655' V3 J' 6 ZW JM QYJZW M 5? ww A ' J fwwojifwu 4, aff 'orqpq JXAA, lf... 'U -1 n x l C1 L ,Qd, A awk M ,Q My 5 Fu-Y . 5 Q k' fx 'A SCJ Rf ' M ' W vv WQXQIQM UMW W D lx fs V551 w W VALEDICTORY By HOPE DEEGAN Today we are Good Counsel girls. We belong. We are a part of the activities which make up the spirit of the school-which is Good Counsel. For a year we have led the undergraduates, as Seniors always do, in all the clubs and organizations of the school. Now the time has come for us to leave and for others to take our places. Tomorrow we shall no longer be Good Counsel girls, but graduates. We can never hope to recapture the spirit of Good Counsel as we have had it for the past four years. Though we may often come back to visit our former teachers and look over the familiar grounds with remembering eyes, it can never be the same. We shall be on the outside, looking in at the unfamiliar faces of a new generation of Good Counsel girls. We shall be like children coming back time and time again to gaze wistfully through the pane of glass in a store window. The barrier will always be there-we shall never be able to get inside as we were for tour happy years. Yet there will be one consolation: we shall be Good Counsel alumnae. Alumnae-and as such ours will be a special position in regard to the school. We shall not be strangers: we shall have the memories of the tour years we have spent here, the ideals which our priceless education has taught us to cherish always-ideals which will be our standards all through lite, and the pride which comes from being able to point out the peaceful expanse of Good Counsel and say, "That's where I went to schoo1." THE SHRINE . , I :,xL?7,?w3,5R 4 3-5 1 OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL COMMENCEMENT We have longed for this graduation day, , But as time for parting draws near, Ours is a feeling of sadness Awakened by memories dear Of the peace we found in our Chapel, The guidance, understanding and love Of those we have known as our Sisters, And of all blessings sent from above. These We will often remember Though our paths lead far from here, For they have left an impression To be treasured year after year. And if ever our lives are troubled Or the false is confused with the true, We can ask, assured of an answer, "Mother, tell me, what am I to do?" Dono'rHY HARROLD tl' ,, .., ,L 1n,"v P N 1 N ,L , ,, C- QC' "' lil! "L z H' l li' tg' , KJ f 11. - - f-,-' 4 5 NANCY ANNE RE JOAN MARY REILLY "Character is Itte's greatest asset, "In framing an artist, Art has thus decreed, To make some good but others to exceed." Aild YOU U19 CHE WhO doth QFGUUY POSSGSS if-H Latin Club 37 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club French Club 2, 3: DfGmCIliC Club 2. 3, 4: Glee 1, 2, 3, 4. Club l, 2, 37 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, . ANTOINETTE MARIE SULLIVAN MONICA ANN TOOMEY "In her 'twas natural to please." "Her poise, her gentle Speech, her grace, Do but reflect the beauty oi her soul." Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Athletic Club I, 2, 3, 4, ffl' ., ,M A -4 kf ,L ' . oi' 'RNC A 0- A--A I K. 1 4 THE LAST PORTAL m,v-v...L,- MW iw M M-dw' ...,..............n.............,..-.,... ..i.. ....,.,.., ,. ,-.. . . MARYIANE ALOYSIA MCDERMOTT CAROL ANNE METZLER "A head to contrive, a heart to resolve, a hand "The mildest of manners, the qentlest of hearts." to execute." French Club 45 Math Club lp Glee Club l, 2, 3, Class President 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Glee 45 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANNE OCONNOR "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye "In every gesture dignity and love." Class Vice President 3, 45 Class Treasurer 1, Latin Club 35 Consul 3: French Club 4: Dra- matic Club 3, 47 President 41 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Secretary 2, Treasurer 35 Business Manager of Chit Chat 4 ROSALEEN LORRAINE QUIRK "A kind heart is the best of all qualities." Glee Club l, 2, 35 Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4. "I heard you on the radio one night, Pat. I never thought that 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' would lead to this," Carol said laughtngly. The hostess spokeagain. "Did ftell you girls that Nancy Re regretfully informed me 'by telegram yesterday that because'of the mural she ls palnting,,she won't be here? She's coming to the capitol next month, 'however, to paint a portrait of our president." ' "This is some gathering," said Sheila above the increasing buzz, buzz of feminine voices. "Practically everybody-where's Hope?" . ' - "I heard from her about a month ago," answered Dotty. "Her insatiable curiosity got the best of her and she thought she'd like to go to Russia personally to see what conditions were. She got on the wrong boat by mistake and finally ended up in Tibet where she ls now writing a book about the Llamas. I was thrilled when her novel 'Igloo Escapes' won the Pulitzer prize last year. 'Dan Cupid-Gone for the Duration' foreshadowed greater things to come." At that moment a limousine drew up to the curb. There was a sudden tension in the room. The very first woman President of our great country was about to enter. The door bell rang. Pat quickly took her place at the '. ,gt , Y, S. , ,..,,,.U . , . grand piano and struck the opening chords of "Hall to the Chlef." With bated breath the Class of '43 watched the door slowly open. The long awaited moment had arrived. "Hello, everyone, l'm so sorry l'm late but I just did my nails and the polish wouldn't dry." "Terry Finucane, is that the way for a President to make her entrance?" exlaimed Pat, banging the piano. "We expected something like 'My friends,' etc., etc". "My goodness. it's much too hot for a Fireside Chatl l-low is everybody? Does anyone have any Iergen's lotion?" Unnoticed by the excited, chattering qoup, the guardian angel of the Academy of our Lady of Good Counsel sat happily on the mantelpiece with a huge blue book under his wing. He carefully opened it, diligently licked a gold star and pasted it beside "The Class of '43" with a resounding smack. "Very, very good," he murmured. "Um-huhl Yes, gratifying to say the least." l-le then closed the Record, tucked it aside and sat back to listen to the chatter that ensued. "lust like all women," he was heard to say, "trying to make up for ten years in a few hours. Tskl Tskl" HOPE DEEGAN EILEEN CONNELL SUPERLATIVES Class Motto - "Facta, non verba." Class Colors - Mary blue and silver Prettiest ..,... Wittiest ............... Best Actress .,...... Quietest ............. Most Popular ........................ Most Likely to Succeed ....... Best Dancer .......................... Most Versatile ....... Most Vivacious ........ Most Sympathetic ....... Petite .................... 1 ...... Most Loyal ......,. Songbird .................. Most Ambitious ....... Best Dresser ........ Most Artistic ........ Most Patriotic ...... Class Baby ....... Most Natural ....... Most Obliging ....... Most Intelligent ........ Most Sociable ........ Most Literary ....... ......... Sincere .................. ...... 1 ....... Happy-go-lucky ........ .... 1 Pleasantest ............. Class Flower - Gardenia ........Carol Denzler ......Eileen Connell ..........Ioan Reilly .........Muriel Coffey .............lvlargaret Camp ......MaI'ylC.tne McDermott .............Monica Toomey .....,.Patricia O'Connor ......Geraldine Coffin ...............Carol Metzler .......,Therese Finucane ...............The Seniors ..............Ioan Harrigan ........Constance Conroy ........Mildred Landry ..,,............Nancy Re ............The Seniors .......Iris Fitzsimmons ..........Rosaleen Ouirk ......Kathleen Delaney .........l'lope Deegan .......Denise Griscom , .............Dorothy Harrold ........Antoinette Sullivan ..........Sheila Duggan ......Catherine Barrett U . tw tl DENISE ALICE "A peace above all earthly ciignities, A still and quiet conscience." French Club 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Dramatic Club 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY ELIZABETH HARROLD "Patient ot toil, serene amdist alarms5 inflexible in iaith." Latin Club I, 2, 35 Praetor 35 French Club 3, 45 President 45 Dramatic Club 45 Math Club I5 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Assistant Editor of Souvenirs 4. ...f 10" wV'V , L. 40" IOAN PAGE I-IARRIGAN "The cheering smile, the voice ol mirth, And laughter's gay surprise." French Club 45 Math Club 15 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. L , ld . ., ELAINE MILDRED LANDRY "lf l can not do great things, I can do small things in a great way." Latin Club 2, 35 French Club 35 Dramatic Club 45 Math Club lp Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Jon, O QAQAT mild -NME " mf e mf s ft . .-.-. ,I ' .4 Y:1A'ff "xg," CLASS PROPHECY ' Gerry Coffin looked carefully around the living-room of her Washington home cmd decided that everything was in order. The chairs in place, the tables dusted, she was ready for the arrival of her guests, her old classmates from G.C.A. It had been many years since she had seen some of them, for it had taken the occasion of this memorable presidential inauguration to bring them all together. But this was indeed an event-the inauguration of the first woman President of the United States. "To have the luck of having been a classmate of such a celebrity," thought Gerry with a sigh, "and to have her here tonight for dinnerl" The doorbell rang. In a moment the first guest rushed into the room. "Why, Sheilal" said her hostess. "You look out of breath." "I just flew in from Chicago," Sheila gasped. "Gerry, I won itl I won the round-the-world race in my strato-plane. Oh, I'm so happyl" ' "Yes, I know. I saw a picture of you in the paper, holding a gold cup," laughed Gerry. "You were wearing a smile like a Cheshire cat. That reminds me, how's Daisy-Iune's great- great-great grandchild?" "She has four klttens," answered Sheila. "By the way, I parked my helicopter on the back lawn. Will it be in your way?" "No," said Gerry. "Oh, Sheila, I'm so glad you're here. I'm afraid I won't recognize some of the others: you'll have to help me." Footsteps in the hall made them both turn. "Hello," said a tall, young woman with a deep voice. "I couldn't help overheating, so let me help you out. I'm-" "You don't have to tell us that," broke in Sheila. "We recognize Ioan Reilly when we see her. Your picture is always on the theatrical page these days. That new play you're in is quite a hit on Broadway. What is lt the critics call you-the new Katherine Cornell?" "Well, that's a blt of exaggeration," Ioan answered, looking embarrassed. "This is ay beautiful home you have here, Gerry." "Yes, it's very comfortable, and I'm kept busy running it. And then, of course, there is my husband-let's sit down and wait for the others." "Here comes someone now," said Ioan, and Gerry rose to greet two young women. "Why, Carol Metzler and lrisl" she cried. "l haven't heard from you since we left school. I heard of the beautiful gift you donated to Good Counsel, Iris, after your marriage to that millionaire. That was a lovely gesture, having an escalator installed in the Academy building. But what have you been doing, Carol?" "I have an orphanage in Pennsylvania. It's hard work, looking after the children, but such funl Do you remember how I wanted to be a dietician? I have a wonderful time planning all the meals." "Aren't you going to admire my dress?" asked Iris, and everyone looked at the light green silk creation which beauti- fully set off its wearer's red-gold curls. "Everyone does. It was designed by one of our former classmates, who asked me to tell you that she couldn't attend. I-Ier clothes-designing business is so successful that she can't be spared, even for a day. They say that Mildred Landry is one ofthe prime reasons why New York is now the fashion center of the world." "The dress is beautiful, and very becoming," said Ioan with appreciation. "l must see Mildred when I return to New York. and ask her to design an outfit for me." Gerry, who had left the group to greet a new arrival, came across the room with a smiling girl whom everyone recognized immediately. . "Monica Toomeyl" Sheila exclaimed. "I never thought a celebrity like you could get away from Hollywood to come to Washington." "I just finished a picture," said Mona, blushing a deep pink, "and now I'm free for a while." "It must be hard work," Iris remarked, "dancing in front of a movie camera all day." - "It is," sighed Mona, "but I love it so I don't mind it. In my next picture I'll have a change, because besides dancing, I'm going to sing." "Speaking of slnglng," Gerry said, "I suppose everybody knows that Margie is the vocalist with Ilmmy Field's orchestra now." ' "Yes, 'I heard her on the radio, just the other night," said Carol. 0 "She wrote to tell me that she couldn't come today," Gerry informed her guests. "The band is playing at the Para- mount and Margie can't get away: the contract calls for her to sing at every performance." "That 'reminds' me," said Mona. "Rody won't be coming either. She just can't leave her business. Have you heard of 'Aunt Rosaleen's Cakes and Pies'? Rody insists on supervising the baking herself, and even puts the icing on with her own hands." X l "So that's who Aunt Rosaleen tsl" exclaimed Carol. "Why, 'I buy her cakes and pies for my orphanagel" "I'll tell Rody," Mona laughed. "lt ought to encourage her. Who's this coming?" "It's Connie-and Dorothy Harrold, tool" cried Gerry. Connie looked tired as she walked into the room. "I've been working on a new discovery at the lab," she said, "and I can't quite get it right." "I hope it's as startling and important as that new chemical you received the Nobel prize for discovering," said Iris. "Were you with Connie, Dotty?" ' "Yes. Being a reporter, I've been sitting around the lab with a pencil in hand waiting for the great discovery. Connie promised me the story for old times' sake, so I can scoop the other papers. I wish she would hurry up for I'm neglecting my job as Washington correspondent of the New York Sun." There was a short silence as the two newest arrivals sat down on a sofa and sighed apprectatively at the comfort. "I don't suppose you have heard from Eileen, have you, Gerry?" asked Dotty, starting the conversation again. As Gerry shook her head, Dotty .went on. "She is, as some of you may know, The Sun's most valuable foreign correspondent. About a year ago she was sent to India to cover the revolution which had broken out there. We got dispatches from her quite reg- ularly until a month ago when they suddenly stopped short. There are rumors that she has stumbled on something big in India and can't give her location away by sending dispatches. No one knows where she ls. I don't suppose she even received your invitation, Gerry." "Eileen certainly has a gift for getting inside news," re- marked Connie. "I even took time off from my important work at the lab to read her timely new book, 'Inside Afghanistanf It was wonderfull She seems to know all the native chiefs well enough to call them by their first names." "Antoinette Sullivan will be a little late," remarked Gerry a moment later. "As head of the distributing department of pic- tures of current movie idols she is kept very busy. 'She and Muriel will arrive together. Muriel is a Mrs. now, you know, and her baby boy is the cutest thlngl" The conversation came to an abrupt halt as a voice was heard in the hall saying, "Oh, my glory-my hair's a messl That trip-wasn't lt awful?" Ioan Harrigan fluttered breathlessly into the room. "Hello, everyone. O dear, this business of teach- ing isn't funnyl" "We never thought you'd be an English, teacher," chorused the group laughingly. "Oh, well, Denise and I will carry on-or didn't you know that she is un professeur de francais?" "Not reallyl" interrupted a new voice and Carol Denzler entered the room. "Why dIdn't you wear your uniform, Carol?" Connie asked. "We hear that you rival Florence Nightingale herself." "You don't run around with a test tube in your hand all the time, do you?" "Oh, all right. The youngest nurses' supervisor in the United States deserves an outing-but we are disappointed," Connie replied. "Did you all know that Maryjane has founded a hospital in North Africa? She went there after World War " and she's really made a success of her life. Catherine Barrett was down there for a time as an X-ray technician, but right now she is taking a vacation trip around the world." "WashIngton is certainly being taken over by G.C.A. grad- uates," broke in Mona. "I don't feel so bad paying my taxes now that Kay Delaney is Head of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It's just like paying class dues-almost." During the laughter that followed several sheets of music fluttered into the room, followed by Pat O'Connor, who made her well-known, breezy entrance. "I came as soon as I couId," she announced, after the welcoming din had subsided, "but my concert took longer than scheduled. I just couldn't get away." lf' ls If .' ' 1' 11 f I n X A 3 ', I 1 x 1 CAROL AGNES DENZLER "Youth, lull ot grace, force, lascinationf' Class Secretary 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 37 French SHEILA ELIABET1-I DUGGAN "Haste thee, nymph, and bring with thee lest and youthful jollity." N Club 4: D1'C1mClliC Club 3. 4: TISCISUIGY 4: Glee Class Treasurer 2, 3: Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 45 ' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Representative 21 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, xfll' French Club 45 Chit Chat Representative 37 V f Dramatic Club 4. .fl V 1 l . MARY Tl-IERESE FINUCANE "A comrade blithe and tull ot glee." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE IRIS FITZSIMMONS "She makes light ot tavors while she does them And seems to be receiving while she is con- letting." Glee Club 1, 2, 35 French Club 41 Secretary 47 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Math Club 1. -19 UL.. A I U .F,w,.. Tw.-H W1 , VF 13.Tyx-IYX., .,,-w V -Q.. The Last Will and Testament We, the class of 1943, being of sound and dis- posing mind and memory and taking into consid- eration the uncertainty of this life, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last Will and Testament as follows, hereby revoking all other and former wills by us at any time made. To Reverend Mother Mary Compassio, we leave our sincere appreciation of her loving kindness dur- ing our high school days. I n To Mother Mary Aloysia, we leave twenty-four names to be added to the list of the thousands of Good Counsel girls who owe her a debt of ever- lasting gratitude. . To Sister Mary Anselm, we offer sincere thanks for her unfailing interest and counsel. To Sister Mary Clement, we wish to express our gratitude for making our last year the perfect finish. To the rest of our teachers we feel deeply in- debted for their devoted interest in each one of us.. To Mary Scully, Eileen Connell leaves the editorship of the Chit Chat. To Sharon Sprague, Muriel Coffey leaves her quiet, unassuming manner. v To Susanne Mattola, Mildred Landry leaves her title as the best dressed Senior. To Anne O'Donnell, Margie Camp bequeathes her writing Paper. To Iane Barry, Connie Conroy leaves her love of the higher sciences. To Ioan McNulty, Sheila Duggan leaves her little family of kittens. To Ieanne Masterson, Ioan Reilly leaves her studious ways. . To Ethel Healy, Pat O'Connor leaves her "superior" title. Carol Metzler and Iris leave their handcuffs to Iune Brady and Helen Kenny. To Nancy Ruggiero, Kay Delaney leaves her little money box. 1 To Laura Hanhausen, Mona Toomey lovingly donates her admiration for the Latin language. Denise Griscom bequeathes to Laura Russell her gentle, petite ways. To Therese White, Maryjane McDermott leaves her leadership and ability. To Alice Keefe, Gerry Coffin leaves her vivacity. To Anne Tracy, Carol Denzler leaves her charm and beauty. To Iill Rendich, Terry Finucane leaves her place in the Senior class. To Ioan Delany, Ioan Harrigan leaves her Pep- sodent smile. 9 Hope Deegan leaves her efficiency to Berna- dette Finucane. To Mary Lou Greisen, Rosaleen Ouirk leaves her cane. Dorothy Harrold leaves her friendliness to Pat Smith. To Beatryce Shenker, Nancy Re leaves her artistic ability. Antoihette Sullivan leaves her sincerity to Ethel Healy. ' To Helen Krippendorf, Kay Barrett leaves her bus ticket. We hereby appoint Margie Camp and Sheila Duggan to be Executors of this, our Last Will and Testament. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto subscribed our name, and affixed our seal this 19th day of Iune, 1943. Witnesses: Therese White Mary Ellen Greene Annabelle Alyea THE CLASS OF 1943 fi iff' EILEEN FRANCES CONNELL "Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power." Class Scretary lg Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 47 French Club 47 Associate Editor of Chit Chat 37 Editor 47 Dramatic Club 3, 47 Secretary 47 Math Club lp Latin Club l. CONSTANCE MARY CONROY "Those smiles unto the moodiest mind Their own pure joy impart," Glee Club 2, 37 Latin Club 37 Athletic Club 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY HOPE "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." Class President 17 Latin Club l, 2, 37 French Club 3, 47 Vice President 47 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Class Represen- tative 37 Chit Chat Representative 47 Math Club 17 Editor of Souvenirs 4. KATHLEEN MARIE DELANEY "Ever patient, ever reserved, ever ready and willing to serve." Class Treasurer 47 Glee Club 1, 2, 37 French Club 47 Latin Club 37 Aedile 37 Athletic Club l, 27 Math Club 17 Business Manager of Souvenirs 4. rs. 4 Y , A V I ,I , . ,J ,X mx F g ll . z . ,. . np .. ,.' -4 -. H I K, F A h i, , . - -: H March The book drive for the library was a big success. Would it be bragging if we said that credit for part of its suc- cess could be given to the combined efforts of our classmates? Iune With the commencement exercises to- day our first term ended and summer vacation began. Q Q 1 D Dear Diary. Well, tomorrow school begins again. It seems that summer vacation has just begun when here I am going back to school. Strange as it seems, I am a little anxious to get back to see everyone, the only dark spot on the horizon being the un- pleasant prospect of homework. November The Peg-O tryouts for membership were held and some of the future Katherine Cornells of the Sophomores were ad- mitted to the exclusive ranks. I won- der if they will be so happy about be- . ing accepted after the initiation begins. Iunudrir After such a wonderful Christmas sea- son full of festivity, it seems hard to come back to more exams. No, that resolution made so foolishly as Fresh- men last year didn't hold. We're still cramming. April At long last the Easter Vacation has arrived. The Peg-0 production of "Daddy Long Legs" is scheduled for the week after our retum. We are sure it will be a huge success as a few Sophomores are taking part. Iune The graduation exercises this year seemed to mean much more than when we were Freshmen. Maybe it's because We're beginning to realize and under- stand the feelings of the Seniors who are leaving. Dear Diary. Another year is beginning, but this time I'm an upperclassman. It sounds good, doesn't it? I'm just hoping that I'll look as dignified as upperclass- men have always appeared to me. October Today we welcomed our little sister class at a party at the Villa. It is get- ting traditional. November Many nervous aspirants tensely waited for their turn to try out for membership in Peg-O. Ah, to be an actressl April Some of the brighter lights of the class helped in the preparation of a Latin Club program, which proved to be very amusing. June It was our joy to take some part in the last exercises: Class Day, Senior-Iunior Banquet, and Graduation. Although we were sorry to see the Seniors leave, we gloried in the thought that in one more step we should reach our goall Dear Diary. It doesn't seem possible, but tomorrow begins our fourth year at Good Counsel. So much is ex- pected of Seniors. Will we be able to live up to these high hopes? Time will tell. November Today was certainly one to remember, we received the rings which distin- guish us as Seniors! December Our retreat, conducted by Father Flick, ended today. Every Academy girl was grateful for his inspiring talks and the privilege of three days of meditation. February Our St. Valentine's dance in the beau- tifully decorated auditorium was won- derfull March Up popped the question "to have or not to have a yearbook." After serious debate, we decided in favor of a Senior souvenir book. April Another Peg-O play, "Lease on Liber- ty", was presented: another success was recorded in the annals of the club. Iune Today we had our Class Day exercises and the Senior-Junior Banquet. This year it is we who are sad. Is it possible that tomorrow we shall be saying good- bye to our beloved teachers who have helped to make our four years here so happy under the protection of Our Lady of Good Counsel, that we shall be part- ing from our schoolmates, that we shall be bidding farewell to Alma Mater? Farewell, too, little diary, for our I-Iigh School days are over. JOAN REILLY CAROL DENZLER f J I CATHERINE MARY T. BARRETT MARGARET GRAY CAMP "Youth with swift feet walks onward in the way: "A jeughjng eye, Q nimble wif, The land of joy lies all before her eyes." A friendly heart-fhgfs Q11 of jf," Glee Club, 1. 2, 3: Athletic Club 1. 2, 3- Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Chit Chat Representative 1, Assistant Business Manager 3, Associate Editor 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MURIEL MARGUERITE CCFFEY MARY GERALDINE COFFIN "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an "Enjoy the present whatsoever it be, excellent thing in a woman." And be not solicitous about the future." Glee Club l, 2, 3, Athletic Club l, Z, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4. SALUTATORY By DOROTHY HARROLD Tomorrow our graduation day will bring to a close four years spent under the motherly care of Our Lady of Good Counsel. There is, therefore, the pain of parting mixed with the sincere cordiality with which we welcome all our friends today. These years have been happy ones and it is hard to turn from a place we have grown to love so well. Yet the familiar scenes of our campus, where we have had so many good times, will form only a very small part of the pleasant memories we shall carry away with us. We shall recall more clearly the kind, ever-patient guidance of our Sisters, their willingness to help us and listen to our plans. Through their labors we have received knowledge and strength' of character: they have given us a firm foundation on which to build a good Catholic life, one in which we hope to do them honor and thereby show our gratitude. From their fine example we have grown closer to Our Lady, our patron and ever-present source of consolation. We have come to realize more adequately our need of her frequent intercession and the guidance of her Divine Son. Thus it is that we leave our Alma Mater sorrow- fully, but with an overwhelming sense of gratitude: hesitantly, but with eager eyes turned toward the future. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Dear Diary. Think of it, high school days begin tomorrow! l'm no longer just a grammar school child, but an adult-well, nearly, anyway. September "Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts ot the faithful." . . . With the Mass of the Holy Ghost, the class of 1943 began its first year at G.C.A. Everything was strange until some very understanding upperclassmen helped us to forget our strangeness. October Ianuary Our sister classmen, the Iuniors, gave us a party at the "Villa" which made us feel much more at home. Mid-terms. Sleepless nights of last minute studying are making us realize that it isn't possible to "burn the candle at both ends," so, for the New Year, our resolution is: "No more cramming." Hm, wonder if we'1l keep it .... TO VICTORY! By our sacrifice of a 1943 ALOYSIAN issue and our united efforts to make this "Senior SouVenirs" a Worthy substitute, We pledge ourselves, with the help of God and our Lady, to continue to deny ourselves that our boys may come home triumph- ant. STAFF OF SENIOR SOUVENIRS Editor .......,,.....,...Y..........,...................,.,........ Hope Deeqan Associate Editor ......,. o..,..... D orothy Harrold Business Manager .... .o........ K athleen Delaney if SGRGLL I L L J J X 1 A If t r We , , f XJ" 'N vkx' SENIOR SOUVENIRS 1 9 4 3 Academy of Our Lady of Good Co 1 WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK wg.. . 'ff "Sei--3134, . , . - F ,.,""9"'Mf, f V. A .. Q -v.f2w:"f:f"T X-Q ' ' ff'f'f'-Q'H2'?ffE- . 'M f 'f-"F i '. Wi'-lf-f""x -Ping 'V ff ,Q-5:3 f .P N , " K -455 f- ' . , 35. f, . T 4: ' V- " , '- ' K' " -K - K:-fig-, X A' . -F W Eg g" - fig.-if , 'l . 'L N,-1 -- ' - , -., ' - ,V Q... 5921-. --45.4 -' 4 ,1 N- :.- ,- ,-gy ,- - ff , ,,,z ,1fj---fHf'ffv4:q ' ,. fg. . i ' A .- ' -'fglf cw '1 -t ' "" - ,gr " -"-gg 1 , eq 5 -' Y h 'P ,. ' -A 'V 1 4' A'-f L5?'i "iT" . wifi We .gh bidi A :J Vx Q . ,J . . . ,Tv 'QM . l..+r,Y,gq' ' --5 i,iQhgv,--':.N,,:?Lgy.: ,Q 'W ,Q-' :..f qi . N52 , ..,- 5 -'.,..y fy -FQ V 3. -gl-f ,iz . A bl . 1 - Af. 5 : 5 -Y , - ' 4 ,f i "7" '- ,M-ff ' W .. '. PYX , 1' 7 1 sg ff?-' .-'aw Ag- ff,f..Y P ., .'-- :P L 1 X 3""'g f ' .+-"". wg,- 5 5, 744- 'fzfzg ' '- 'v-..f- ' , , " Q, fs- Y ' V Hx' Y 7' E5 5 xg- 0-L,.',-.a g e, Q., -" . ,-J, wg.: N---,, .V f -w i -.Y f+'.'5.-- . 'A ff, U' ' f 3 ,,-' ' 'Jig-,fl -wif' I' 9 ,471 . ' I fp 537714 "fs Sl V QQ' . " f 7' 4-.f . ,a , V -Y ff "5 -3 ., , L, --'f " 4.77 A - f ,M ..,., , , , ,-51i .' if " '?y+ , 1 V' -' ' 113- ' ' " Y git? 4 K u .3 H . ,. 1. ,n n r, - y., .- ff -'fu 7 ' if-If-, - .. 1' . ':"- " -ak a- Y' ' .1 f'- - SR- -'L 1 -1 NA- .ef if-1 ' Ur w ' ff l-' f " fi. ' V 1 ' - 51+ ff i, gif -A 2 N v ' -sv ' ' I .2-5 '- a W n . 2 ' a 5. , - . -., 1 "'- f - 1: . 4-.7 I ' iv IL. .4 1 .'f1,,- . f '-2 f -. -- - '14 2: J Y - ' . ' 'L . K.. 3 ' ' V' .0-25 ' N p 5' , ' "1 A ., , F . j PF-2. Q... J A , , - yr f' 5 -L u .. 2-'gg ,f v 1 ' K-'ff ,:,, - A u. - ,V I :ea - 4 ,,,L j .4 ' v . . Y-4,1 r " .ij , Q Q K fn- A I. .5 1.5 : Q ' ' S f' g,4xE+"1-' - A .---L Q ' . ,pg '. , - .-' A, . A ,,.- p -as V ' . , I, - , . L , . 5 . ffzfa- f U an -f- ..g5.,, .4 M H , f. f-.L 1- w-QR :F-.-. ' ., f-. 1 1- - --fa V , wwf-1 4--W - iff- ' mg' ' iffy? 1575 . " '5! .2 K 5. Q. . .f " 1 i"""" 'Q V lf "' , 4 "" A 'J .gg ir A f -"- Ks Vv, P- , A j..,j.ff " I .xbw ,0-4 -v '1- -' A V s- ' Q 3 Ax ,Q Q9 5 . . . V . 'i . -" ' f' ' V V jifii nlzkfg - f ' g iri 1' 'Jag ,. ,- ,'f Q ' sv ai., , ' " 'L ' 1 gd' 5 V-L f Q-:asa 32 1. I I ' x A V. .,.. 7.1 1:1 1. '57 .fix S ,.,,,a.. ? 5 ' f 4 X4 , ,g L 1 2.1 . nf' ' -4' LITj4""' Bi '5 f 4 Jggw 'T " x ' WN 1- 'z ' - .-7"' f f4'i.'f' -H -f ' , ' P' H 'Fi W ,-' if 4 015 ' ,. ' ' . .. '1 g...:.. "1'.4:iw 'f " ' ' ' .W f - '. '.z.:. 'Til .L ',' .5 " 'ET'T""' 'I' -X ' Q-iq , - 7 if 'Q 4 '- 'V' N M My . . 548, f' . . . x .. .i,irf " . lk mr, . -b . ., f '- F124 ., xii 2 v .wr " " 35?-mr 5, WA' F . Ain.. . f. . 5 137 44.-Rag, Vw but i .1 43 ag' ' 21,7 1 117- " ' 'iii-. 511 ffgg? Q Q' . f . 124 W' f wi, ,4gfff ,1.rg,.,r Q --f f - " I ,fr fu... . 7,1-5" . , -. ' A .. . . ..... V

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