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■ A cadennj ' 69 NOTRE DAME Belleville, Illinois Volume XVII With the coming of the school year, teachers as well os sludents, benl lo their tosks. 2 Academy ' 69 Table of Contents " Bookends " .... 10 " Laugh About It, Shout about It " - 30 " Patterns of My Life " - 50 " I Hâve a Photograph " 66 " Written On the Subway Walls " - - 104 Halloween brought parties and ND spooks. Silent glances, clasped hands, Bourbon St. The Father-Daughter banquet provided a new diversion for ail those date-weary seniors. Volleyball was popular fait, winter, spring. Something new — a No vember play. As tradition would hâve it, Santa came. Sleet, snow, rain or shine, the brave, young troops struggled in and out between classes. A book in hand is worth five in a desk. Meetings—the keynote of évaluation year. Up, up and awayl New Student Council officert hoiited Old Glory on new flagpole. An egg hunt provided mid-morning snackt. 7 Sophs shed shoes and blazers, soaking up sun and studies for the attack on final exams. We finally found our very own Mary ND. A day ta appreciate finer fhings in life. A sure sign of spring—the annual raid on Forest Park with eut offs, t-shirts and balloons. 8 " You remember tho spécial ploce where once, just once, in your crowded sunlit lifetime. " Seniors said goodbye to lockers ond ND. 9 " Bookends” There was aluni y s something - a project. a test, a term paper, We were either bored, excited. argumen¬ tative. or asleep. It uias necessary to weigh the prob- lems of the i vorld and to be i ueighed in for health records. Somehow we mode it through the long hard winter. sloshing from class to class in melted snoiv, using our notebooks to shield our heads from the rain. But at last it was spring and u e wanted to study the sun instead of books. We begged to go outside for class because eueryone knows you study better in the fresh air. In June u e found we really h ad learned a lot this year, about the ivorld. about science, about math, about religion, but most of ail about ourselves. L 11 H li:illllll Sr. John de Deo kept files on ail students. Sister Noreen remained in close contact with the activities and the students of the school. Mrs. Goelz and Miss Goelz attended to the business duties, absentees and correspondence of the school faithfully throughout the year. .. a unique year in my life, a year you hâve helped me live in Christ. " —Sister M. Noreen Sr. Noreen and Sr. John Vianney in Rome, where they attended ND’s general chapter. Srs. Noreen and John de Deo conferred. 13 Freshman religion classes discovered that even inexpensive materials, such as magazines, could be used to supplément discussions. Father Rowe . . . Religion III. " Religion is alive and Students wrote thonksgivings on a poster. 14 Father Eichenseer . . . Religion IV. English classes had informai atmosphère. ’Then there was always English class.” —I)a vn Schaefer ’71 Juniors studied and discussed éléments of short stories and explored the art of many poets. Most students were kept busy in the library where reference material of ail kinds was available for their use on term papers and essays. Girls kept busy with vocabulary quizzes. " Did you ever hear French spoken with a BelleviIle accent? " —Judy Fournie ’70 18 Advanced geography sessions were busy. Newspapers were essential in Sociology and Government, new social studies courses. Social Studies ’ït ' s the sum and total of now and then!” —Joyce Gonstal ’71 AND held a mock présidentiel élection. Official and unofficial directors helped. SiIk screening was popular with the art set. Everyone caught the art bug from Sister Paulinda while assignments bugged art students. Consider the power of paper used with imagination tf —Sister Paulinda 20 " Volleyball is smashing, but the dancing is square ' —Mary Ann Kaiser ’70 Chorus enjoyed relaxed, informai singing. Long hours of practice paid off for the bond this year at concerts, festivals, workshops. Speech classes learned to work the lights. “One, two . . . One, two (puff) . . Gym doss exercises helped pound off the pounds. Science and Mathematics- " Mind-bending expérience. " —Janet Tiernan ’69 BE AWAKE TO THE SURPRISES OF GOD AROUND US Practical problems and experiments supported theory în the senior physics class. 22 Sewing was a part of home making. Chemistry included précision in the lab. Sophomores concentroted on geometry. Typing—the only cia in which student weren’t allowed to watch what they were doing. Fre hmen in Algebra I classes found a new use for plastic traws in intricate design . Faculty - ’ Nun better!” —Mrs. Smith Mrs. Smith, new member of ND’s faculty. Sr. Melita, inspiration of math students. Miss Clark refereed volleyball tournoments. Sr. M. Myles often found history amusing. Miss Soucy, encompassed by geometry, one of her many constructive activities at AND. 24 ’There is someone walking behind you, turn around, look at ” —Sister Mary Rryan Sister Rito Marie had help taking inventory of the novels for Englith literature. Sr. Marie Léo and a f riend, Léo the Lion. Mrs. Mongan was always eager to lend a helping hand or translation to her Latin pupils. It appears that Sister Mary Michon ' s impromptu puppet show resulted in a somewhot dissatisfied audience. Maybe she gave it in Spanish? Sr. Victory used maps in teaching history. Mrs. Buescher look time out at book sale. Sr. Carol Marie joined the spirit of retreat. Sister Mary Ann was the leader of the Notre Dame bond in and out of the classroom. " 1969 was a year for wishing you could kick a papercup across a beach ... sometime.” —Sister Michon 28 Mrs. Mansfield, social studies teacher. Sister Marie Ruth taught speed reading. Sr. Marie Suzanne conferred with students. Mrs. Katt reviewed summer book list. Sr. Gansolva quietiy did an important job. Sister Gerald on the CSMC ' s big day. " Laugh about t, shout it " This year Notre Dame had a first-Wednesday - of - the - month - schedule. a morning assembly schedule , an afternoon assembly schedule, and an occasional this - doesn’t - fit - any - of - the other - schedules - so - here ' s - a - new - plan schedule. Déviations from the school routine ivere a u telcome relief from the clock- watcher ' s chore. We h ad assemblies and actiuities for euerything from raising money to raising concern for ciuic affairs. They often included tremendous dis- plays of school spirit and usually a shower of tears. (Yes, ute euen cried on Field Day this year.) The spé¬ cial actiuities ivere things to laugh about and shout about. If only u e could haue gotten the fourth and fifth periods shortened. 31 " An expérience of unforgettable adventures; of skill ail over the wall.” —Chris Mueller ' 72 Along with a place to rest, the Senior Mail provided pizzas, hotdogs, cake, and candy. Seniors paid tribute to Queen . . . Connie. 32 An honor guord led lhe Mission Oueen condidotes os on enthusiostic cheering section owoited lhe onnouncement of the new queen Senior Retreat " It was a natural thing; a beautiful natural thing!” —Maria McDaniel ' 69 Someîhing to smi!e about—Senior retreat. Seniors discovered life in magazines, posters, Rod McKuen s poetry, and in each other. 34 Seniors were inducted into the Alumnae. The FatherDaughter banquet gave seniors a corsage, and a night out with their fathers. " One of the better dates I had this year.” —Darlene Hopfinger ' 69 The banquet was attended by many school officiais and Sgt. Paul Klincar, guest speaker. Big Sister - Little Sister " Makes you want to belong.” —Clare Vanderwatcr ’72 Freshmen treated the seniors to a Christmas party complété with skits and refreshments. Skits brought hilarity to the Sr.-Fr. party. Signs become a convenient place to throw discarded coats as seniors soaked up sunshine. Easter eggs lured hunters to the hillside. Juniors went grubby for romp in the zoo. Jr. -Sr. Picnic " Two in the zoo --Class of ' 69; Class of 70. " —Sandy Schuff ’70 Seniors managed to win a few prize eggs. 37 In the opening scene of “Music Man, " Harold Hill, travelling incognito, surprised fellow salesmen with his controversial sales policy. Music Man ’ My only valentine —Thank you Meredith Willson.” —Mary Beckfeld ' 69 Pat Ducey played Marcellus, Hill’s friend. Last minute préparations kept us busy. 38 Marian (Mary R. Stauder) wished on a tar. Mrs. Paroo (Pat Janssen) looked on as her son wos teased by Amaryllis (Geri Azar). 39 The Mayor {Ed Hoerner) reprimanded Zaneeta (Mary Smith) and Tommy (Ray Schmitt). Mrs. Shinn was portroyed by Nancy Poule. The ladies’ dance committee, Janis Yaekel, Marcio Tyson, Rita Shanherr, and Eileen Kiehl danced at the sociable as ’Grecian Urns.” I shall pass this way but once. " —so true. Hill finally got a chance to test his " think System " as skeptical parents looked on. Marian easily persuaded Charlie, " Try mel " On her first trip to the footbridge with a mon, Marian discovered her " jomeone " —Harold. 43 Postulants presented multi media program. Art students demonstrated silk screening. Members of St. Joseph School for the Deaf performed intricate marching drills to vibrations. Edwardsville dancers amazed onlookers. 45 Sextet congrotuloted Esther their own way. ’Too much to ask for ' —Esther Birhl 69 Coordinoted noses were put to the test. Field doy ot Notre Dame was " reloy " tu». Exerted energy conquered every obstacle 47 Décoration» were so realistic tha» Alice and Dave tried their lock at the rusly pump. 48 ’lt was over too soon. " —Sandy Bivcr ' 69 Bishop Albert Zuroweste presented diplômes of graduation to ND s senior class of ' 69. Seniors awaited the beginning of the end. Seniors said good bye, some quickly, some slowly and then . . . they were gone. 49 " Patterns of our Hues” If may hâve been a long time since girls boarded of the A cademy. but if ivould be hard to conv ' mce some of our mothers that u e didn ' t. For most ND students. the school day didn ' t end ivith the three o’clock bell. There were endless lists of meetings to attend. We had a club for everyone’s interests from drama to languages. Soon we discovered that ute had formed neuf patterns in our Hues and these uiere things to care about, things to enjoy. We couldn ' t exactly say why. but at the end of ' 69 uie kneut ive ivanted to live here again next year. 51 Student Council officers and board ' 68-’69: (front, I to r) Elaine Schneider, Rec. Sec.; Sharon Thouvenot, V-Pres.; Alice Boeshart, Près.; Mory Rose Stauder, Corr. Sec.; Esther Biehl, Treas. (second row) Kathy Ryon, Jeanne Fritsch, Judy Wenzel, Annette Wilson, Joyce Nester. SC reps at an early-morning flag-raising. 52 ■ SC began early this year with name cards. A skit for little sisters told AIL about SC. 53 The members of the Future Teachers Association commemorated American Education Week. Teacher’s Aids wore their pins proudly. 54 Debby Schneider, Mary Beth Reeb and Sharon Brunsman were the officers of the FNA. The FNA prepared a skit for the freshmen. Dramo Club offiters; P. Smith, M. Drijcoll, M. OMolley, ond IC. Fellner planned a meeting. 56 Upper division JCL officers: L. Leuking, C. Bien, S. Schuff, and D. Simpson. Junior Classical League lower division, D. Boza, T. Hayes, C. Galvin, M. Koesterer. French club office™ Mary Hoffman, Michelle Junker, Corla Veoth, and Jo Ann Naît sponcored aclivitief during National French Week. 57 Oui II Scroll officers: Chris Benignus. Yeorbook stoff 1968 1969 (left to right) Vicky Weinrich, Nancy Vierheller, Susie Fritsch, Fran Reime, and Jeanne Dahm. Cathy Sternau, Melissa O ' Malley, Katie Constance, Christ Kastel, and Nancy Fehlker. The Our Gang ‘69 editors (Carol Lamb, Ellen Shadid, Andi Kubicki, Debbie Diehl) ate together, worked together, laughed together, and stayed together. National Honor Society officers: Judy Fournie, Mary Fournie, Alice Vigna, Mary Bauer. RAW: B. Dengler, C. Bien, R. Schanherr, M. Mueller. C 59 Always responsible for super sophomore spirit were (kneeling) Jan Voellinger, captain, and (standing, I to r) Suzanne Brady, Anne Fantini, Kathy Tiernan. (missing: Rusty Irons). Sr. cheerleaders minus one (Mary Sue Quirin): Sis Sullivan, Diana Grybinas, Patti Stuart. Energetically urging the freshmen onward were Belinda Bauer, Maureen lamb, Deb- bie Lotz, Colleen Costello, and Gail Henne. Junior cheerleodcrs (I to r), Jean lugge, Audrey Ames, Dana Henne, Rita Haas, Mary Helen Smith, Nancy Fehlker, Joan Meyer, were honored on Field Day as the best squad. Heading the GAA were (I to r), Wendy Kreitner, Ginny Lugge, Mary Bauer, Nora Cronin. Weight-watchers joined the Health Club. 61 The Sextet went informai on Fine Arts day. Members of the Sextet were: seated, Mary Ann Steckler; front row, Kathy Murphy, Joan Saia, and Nancy Poule; bock row, Darlene Hopfinger, Esther Biehl, and Annette Wilson. Tri-M officers: Debbie Schwartz, Mary Ann Steckler, Joan Saia, Eileen Kiehl, and Janice Steckler worked on National Music Week. Chorus classes displayed numerous talents. Senior Citizens, A. Kubicki, E. Shadid, M. Stauder, M. Schaefer, added a note of harmony. From Mission Doy o Honors Doy, through Musit Man and the Spring Conter , the bond provided lhe school with musicol enjoyment. Mary Beth Schneider at May Day ritual. Postulants spent a Saturday with sodalists. Pin-the-tail on-the-bunny was new version of an old game played at CSMC Easter party. CSMC officers: Ann Conaty, Mary Brutto, Marcia Brough, Mary Graham. 64 " I Haue a Photograph " From her first shaky smile to her last tearful good- bye a Notre Dame student is more than just an ordin- ary girl. She is someone to learn with, someone to laugh uiith. someone to remember. A t the end of four years of study and actiuities she suddenly realizes that it is her friends (you knou , the girls utho ivear knee-socks in 90 e i ueather) i uho make the school so exciting. On the next few pages are ail those familiar faces (and some not so familiar) - ail smiling. ail friendly. uery definitely ail Notre Dame. Seniors, Class of ’69 Beverly Allen Lynn Cermak Pat Chouinard Jean Berkel Esther Biehl Carol Bien Alice Biver Pat Clendenin Ann Conaty Patty Connor Marie Contratto Mary Corcoran Joyce Crawford Jeanne Dahm Sharon Dcnton Debbie Diehl Maureen Driscoll Diana Engel Mary Beth Fournie Charlotte Franke Jeanne Fritsch Lana Fuite 70 Linda Feist Kathy Fellner Carol Flasar Susie Funsch c 88y Gain 4 Margic Gamble Diana Grybinas Barb Haas Geralyn Haas Howdy-do, Miss Paroo Jan Hall Pat Hartleb Barb Hayden Betty Heisler Bonnie Helfrich Linda Higgins Darlene Hopfinger Linda Hoeffken Chris Hromadka Kathv Hubert Nancy Hundsdorfer Diana Huschle 73 Roxane Irons Karen Jaeckel Mary Krener Andrea Kubicki Carol Lamb Mary Lauf Kathy Mansfield Carol Martindale Karen Martindale Jo Nina Mattea 74 Geralyn Kassebaum Eileen Kiehl Mary Beth Kling Cathy Kreher Judv Loesche Monica Lucas Ginny Lugge Gail Maher Music Man was a great success, but it never would hâve been possible without the behind-the-scenes work of the faithl seniors on the backstage crew. 75 Joyce Nester Diane Reeb Mary Beth Reeb 76 Elaine Moore Maureen Moore Pat Morgan Mary Mueller Beth Nick Leonelda Obermeier Mary Pat O’Donnell Alice Ondercho Joan Perrin Nancy Poelker Pcggy Priest Mary Sue Quirin 77 Lois Schafer Ri ta Schanherr Ann Sehifferdecker Bonnie Schilling Jill Skaer Pat Smith Connie Soucy 78 Mary Ann St. Eve Mary Carolyn Schaefer Mary Schaefer Linda Sherman Margie Shetterly Mary Shively Mary Jo Staudcr Mary Rose Stauder Mary Ann Steckler No one tops Gail Malter except.... 79 Susan Stengel Patti Stuart Sharon Sulentic Rosetta Sullivan Jane Wittenauer Janis Yaekel Suellen Young Joyce Zink Ann Marie Theis Sharon ITiouvenot Janet Tiernan Judy Wenzel Marita Wiemer Annette Wilson Kathy Witt Seniors shared jokes, fun, and food with their little sisters. 81 Juniors, Class of 70 Noncy Bechercr Denise Behnen Becky Belz Mary Ann Berkel Gail Agne Marsha Alldredge Barb Biehl Gayle Biekerf Marcio Brough Mary Brueggeman Cathy Bruns Sharon Brunsmann Mary Brutto Jackie Crawford Nora Cronin Carolyn Dahm Martha Demick Barb Diehl Po Fitz patrick Judy Fournie Susie Fri $ch Linda Gain Pam Gollagher 82 Audrey Ames Debbie Bormonn Fat Bassler Cathy Bauer Mary Beth Bauer Mary Ellen Becker Sandy Bietsch Donna Billhartz Sue Boeshart Dorothy Boyer Cindy Broun Paula Bri k Patti Burton Sue Busekrus Carolyn Campbell Mary Carter Patty Clark Kathleen Constance Fronces Done Jane Edwards Corol Eschenfelder Mary Lou Feder Nancy Fehlker Marcio Ferguson Barb Gantner Patty Hall Chris Kassly Kathy Gifford Pat Hanlon Chrisfy Kastel Debbie Goalby linda Heien Terri Kehrer Mary Graham Dana Henne Elaine Koesterer Kathy Green Debbie Heumann Mary Lynn Kusior Jean Grimmer Debbie Hill Wendy Kreitner Lerinda luecking Jean lugge Carol Mabry Chrisfy Mank Mary Jonc Mansfield Donna Margiotta Chris Mattea Marilyn Mauch Janet Mazzetta Pat McCauley « Pat Guettermon Carolee Hipskind Pat ladas Marlene Guyar Patsy Hromadka Joyce Laesser Carol Haas Pat Hanlon Kathy Lincoln Rita Sue Haas Mary Ann Kaiser Nancy Lisch Jo Ann Habich Pat Kanak Joan loesche Judy Hall Dynese Karban Kathy Lucash Fcod ' s better outside especially at Jr.-Sr. Kathy McDonald Debbie Modglin Melissa O’Malley Paula McOuillan Pat Moehle Elaine Orsa Mary Jo Mebold Pat Moore Pat Parker Maureen Meirink Anne Mueller Nancy Poule Rosie Reeb Janice Reinkemeyer Jerri Reis Nina Renner Shirley Sabo Joan Saia Holly Schaefer Teresa Schinner 86 Ruth Mensing Suson Messbarger Joan Meyer Mary Meyer Pat Miller Barb Milton Cathy Muren Kathy Murphy Jean Nast Jo Ann Na$t Elaine Neff Jean Oberndorfer Mary Pauley Kathy Pisetta Jan Pistrui Jane Poirot Mamie Roder Donna Rauch Potti Rensing Ann Risman Farra Rosciglione Cindy Roth Yvonne Russel Debbie Schneider Rebecca Schneider Sandy Schuff Barb Schulte Debbie Schwartz Mary Sehr Darsalte Simpson Mary Helen Smith Marlene Sobczak Chris Stauder Janice Steckler Martha Stelling Cathy Sternau Linda Stivers Sherry Strieker Jody Strube Debbie Sullivan Cindy Switala Chris Szablowski Karen Szewczyk Sue Toennies Annette Tognarelli Diane Tonies Debbie True Karla Veath Mary Kay Veto Debbie Verges Nancy Vierheller Mary Voss Peggy Wade Jetta Wagner Mary Eleanor Waller Vicky Weinrich Mary Welle Jeanne Wenzel 88 Cheerleaders had enthusiasm off duty. Juniors of homeroom A2 were the volleyball champs of the 69 tournamen». Barb Wilhelm Pamela Wurth Debb e Williams Cindy Wuebbels Mary Wissehr Mary Zacharski Chris Wobbe Marilyn Zika Mary Ellen Wolf Joan Biver Kathy Boua Debbie Bozsa Suc Brady Kay Briesacher Sue Carson Marilyn Chaklos Mary Ciszczon Judy Clark Dawn Combs Patti Dobbs Jo Ann Englerth Kathy Eros Anne Fantini Margie Faulbaum Joyce Gonstal (No Picture) Rosie Gain Eileen Gaines Cathy Galvin 90 Alane Goscinski Celia Balint Angie Bauer Dianne Bauer Val Bauer Mary Baumgartner Margie Beckfeld Cindy Brittin Diane Buehlhorn Ruth Buentgen Pat Byrd Denise Calais Pat Canavan Debbie Comley Geri Daenzer Pam Dahm Pat Dahm Susan Deitz Alene Dieu Mary Ann Feurer Sandra Fields Cathy Fogarty Margie Foster Mary Beth Fournie Peggy Franey Criticisms and suggestions were exchanged among sophs in English composition classes. Joan Gray Mary Griesedieck Dorine Habich Mary Hamilton Nancy Hechenberger Sue Heisler Mary Kay Jacquot Mary Juen Pat Kemper Karen Klemme Geri Klucker June Lanter Joan lauer Sue taux Marygay Lawrence Diane Liske Marilyn Luekemeyer Dianna McFarling Sue Menn Cathy Mertz Maureen Meyer Jeanne Milton Maria Moehle Chris Ossola Mary Jo Perez Mary Jo Platzkoester Janet Pope Constance Press Debbie Pyszka Deborah Herbert Diane Knapp Jacalyn lugge Kathy Hromadka Robin Huff Caria Knussmann Carol Kreitner Eileen Lynn Theresa Marifian Janet Huling Mary Kuebel Shirley Martindale Jenome Impennachio Rusty Irons Judith Lamb Carolyn Lamczyk Mary Mazzetta Kathie McCullough Susan Reime Pamela Reissen Melissa Render Nancy Renneker Margaret Rheinecker Sandra Rieken 9 ? Thereso Riester Jane Schulte Margaret Stokes Mary Beth Ruser Mary Scoggins Kothleen Thimsen Patricia Sabo Gerianne Scott Virginia Thouvenot Lori Scandrett Marcia Semon Cothy Tiernan Dawn Schaefer Therese Sintzel Joan Toennies Debbie Schaefer Karen Smith Sandra Tribout Gail Weidemann Kathy Weis Pat Welzbacher Jo Ann Wenzel Carol Wessel Kathy Whealen Jean Wiesen Mary Wilhelm Debbie Williams Janet Wilson Janelle Wittlich Cynthia Wottowa Elaine Schaefer Peggy Smith Brenda Triefenbach Janet Schanuel Mary Sprague Donna Ulrich Ann Scheibel Luann Stauder Elise Veremakis Linda Schiller Vicki Stelling Janice Voellinger Deborah Schmidt Ann Stetzen Nancy VonBokel Joyce Schneider Deborah Stevens Suzanne Voss c Mary Wheeler Phyllis White Susan Yeager Judy Yovandich Sophomores proved to be hard workers during the long scenery-moving practice sessions. 95 Kothy Boyer Paula Boul Debbie Bretsch Loretta Brisk Donna Brown Bonnie Browy Anne Corcoran Colleen Costello Tina Crisio Dorothy Demick Sharon Driscoll Fronces Gamble Margie Gass Mary Joe Giedeman Vicki Glover Borb Goetter Mary Ann Hartmann Julie Haselhorst Mary Hasenstab Teresa Haye» Mary Kay Hebenstreit 96 Belinda Bauer Cecelia Bauer Carolyn Bauer Mary Jane Bankston Marsho Bohley Mary Ann Boeving Deanna Buescher Marianne Bumiski Colleen Canavan Diane Claflin Jeanne Cléments Lmda Collins Debbie Eilering Bobbie Farris Susan Fournie Pamela French Joyce Frerker Mary Fritz Linda Grant Betty Gravot Denise Grimm Joan Guetterman Terry Hamilton Mary Hart!eb Freshmen mode the most of everything with their usual enthusiasm—especially lunchtime. Deboroh Heisler Janet Kreher Diane Meirink Mary Hemann Diane Kubicki Susan Meirink Gail Henne Maureen lamb Mary Messbargei Donna Herbert Nora Landgraf Marilyn Molinar Mary Hoffmann Mary Langan Michelle Mueller Barbara Huebner Linda Loquet Janice Renneker Cynthia Reynolds Deborah Rist Susan Romanitis Anna Rosciglione Corol Hummert Michelle Junker Catherine Jurashen Katherine Kitchen Charlotte Koesterer Mary Ellen Koesterer Marcia Layton Deborah Lotz Sheila Lucas Marleah Martin Mary Katherine Mask Mary Jo Matthews Norma Mueller Judith Nast Marsha Nebel Patricia Neff Kay Neu Cynthia Newman c Kathy Orlet Mary Ann Palmer linda Parrack Marilyn Pisetta Rita Poelker Jean Schifferdecker Cathy Roîh Mary Rule Ann Schaefer Mary Jane Scheibel J°an Schifferdecker Judy Schobert Marsha Schoenborn Jane Schomber Carolyn Schuff Donna Schwarz Mary Anne Smith Celeste Sonnenberg Sue Sonnenberg Linda Stanley Peggy Stauder Margie Sternau Süsan Taphorn Jean Tinoco Theresa Tolar Claudia Tonsi Christine Troub Vera Troney Wendy Wade Mary Worhoover Peggy Wright Karen Wilson Alice Winkeler Nancy Wrigley Cathy Zink lynn Zipfel 100 linda Seaman Nancy Senzel Jeanne Shetterly Jane Stivers Nancy Straubinger Cindy Strumberg Elaine Szewczyk Marcia Tyson Clare Vandewater Linda Villemain Mary Vollmer C Even frethmen were cought up in whirlwind campaigns of Student Council candidates. 101 MotherY Club always served refreshments. The Fathers and Friends Club held many money-raising events during the year for ND. Mr. Carter put YOU în the driver’ eat. 102 £SÆ sstïss-— Acodemy Alumnoe sponsored a Mickey Mou$e Porty «or their children al lheir Family Day. HIDEG PHARMACY " PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS " Large Parking Lot — Delivery Service 8601 West Main Street Phone: 398-4400 BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS 62223 FISCHER’S Fine Food . . . Excellent ' Service 2100 West Main Street BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS Sf. Peter s Cathédral, 200 West Harrison Street Belleville, Illinois 106 The SHMNE of OUR LADY of the SNOWS Congratulâtes the 1969 Graduâtes of The Academy of Notre Dame With Our Lady of the Snows as your interccssor before Christ, Our Saviour, may your lives Ix blessed and filled with happiness, good health and success. You are always welcome at the Shrine of Qur Lady of the Snow! As you grovv into vvoman- hood, bring your desires and problems to Mary. She, vvho “is ever the path to Christ,” will inter¬ cède for you. You hâve dedicated four years of your life under the hanner of Notre Dame. She is your Mother. Bring your pétitions to Mary with confidence. Pray for your personal needs, but also remember the pétitions of others —ail those vvho hâve preceded you and are united under the hanner of Notre Dame and the other thousands of Mary’s children vvho look to her for help and encouragement. It pleases our Blessed Mother to see her children pray for each other, and because of your thoughtfulness and charity, Mary will ask her Divine Son to grant your requests. As a young woman of Notre Dame, she is your model and Mother. Corne to your Mother s Shrine as often as possible. NATIONAL SHRINE OF OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS Oblate Fathers Bclleville, Illinois TRY US FOR QUALITY YOUNC, LUMBER COMPANY 1600 North Illinois Street COMPLETE STOCK OF PAINT INSULATION PLYWOOD DOORS PANELING DIMENSIONS HARDWARE FLOORING ROOF ING Your Lumber Number 233-6385 SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS COMPLIMENTS OF BEL- O ED TRIBOUT COOLING HEATING, INC. CARNIVAL and HOLIDAY Supplies for Ail Occasions PAUL LUGGE LEO LUGGE CATERING TO CHURCHES, SCHOOLS and ORGANIZATIONS 234-3310 632-5700 1701 West Main Street Phone 234-0388 BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS Compliments of a Friend God’s Messin g ST. AUGUSTINE S of GANTERBURY FATHER URBAN B. KUHL FATHER ROBERT STEWART Distinctive Cowe Portraits c H W SALES, Inc. STAN CEDARLEAF Williom ' s Studio) » JANITOR SUPPLIES 1921 West Moin Street Phone 233-6400 Phone 234-9700 Your Photograph Lives Forever 1521 West Moin Street BELLEVILLE, ILLINFIS 109 Fellner s Department Store, locoted at 207 East Main, has served Dame uniforms, but carries a complété line of men’s, women’s, the Belleville area since 1891. Fellner ' s not only sells Notre ond children ' s apparel; accessories; matériels; scout equipment. YOCISS PHARMACY COMPLIMENTS PRESCRIPTIONS FINE COSMETICS ST. JOSEPH’S PARISH 7602 State Street EAST ST. LOUIS, ILLINOIS FREEBURG, ILLINOIS 110 FRED M. KASTEL ELECTRICAL SUPPLY Serving Belleville Electrically for over 60 years We maintain the Largest and Most Exclusive Fixture Showrooms in Belleville Russell W. Kastel Madeline Kastel 201 West Main Street Phone: 233-0355 BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS GRIMM and GORLY FINE FLORISTS 324 East Main Street BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS BELLE-FLAIR PHOTOGRAPHY 1304 West Main Street Belleville 6Q220 Phone 234-5927 Business Directory KIRBY VACUUM SALES b SERVICE 403 North Illinois Street Belleville 62220 Phone 233-3375 GEORGE RENNER b SONS FUNERAL HOMES Belleville, Freeburg, Smithton, St. Libory LESTER BRAEUTIGAM ORCHARD Rural Route 1, Box 55 Belleville 62221 Phone 234-7118 BRICHLER FUNERAL HOME West Moin Street at Oak Knoll Belleville 62223 Phone 398-1900 Compliments of A FRIEND EDGEMONT SPORT STORE 8704 State Street East St. Louis 62203 Phone 398-4186 HONER MEMORIALS 829 South Illinois Street Belleville 62220 Phone 233-2265 ISLER-HIRES BOTTLING CO. 1144 Lebonon Avenue Belleville 62221 Phone 233-0758 KASTEL S GIFT SHOP No. 1 Wade Squore Belleville 62221 Phone 234-3530 LLOYD ' S RENTALS b SALES 6601 West Main Street Belleville 62223 Phone 398-0500 LONDON SUBURBAN SHOP 89th and State Street Edgemont 62203 Phone 398-3013 MAIN STREET MARKET 8193 West Main Street Belleville 62223 Phone 397-1600 MARVINS CAMERA MART 315 East Main Street Belleville 62220 Phone 233-4810 OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE 5923 North Belt West Belleville 62223 J. C. PENNEY CO. 213 East Main Street Belleville 62220 RINDERER ' S PHARMACY North Belt ond Lebonon Avenue Belleville 62221 Phone 234-3331 ROUNDTABLE RESTAURANT Route 157 Collinsville 62234 Phone 344-5886 ST. CLAIR MUSIC SHOPPE 1019-21 West Main Street Belleville 62220 Phone 233-4488 SOUTHERN SUPPLY 650 Sherman, North Belt East Belleville 62221 Phone 233-4828 TOWN HOUSE MOTEL 400 South Illinois Street Belleville 62220 Phone 233-7881 WELDON ' S PRESCRIPTION SHOPPE 4527 West Main Street Belleville 62223 Phone 234-8383 111 M. J. SHADII) CO. ACCOUNTING AND TAX SERVICE Phone 398-4424 9200 West Main Street BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS OBLATE FATHER ' S AND BROTHER S KING’S HOUSE of RETREATS North 66th Street Phone 397-0584 BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS BAUER BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO. Inc. 424 LEBANON AVENUE Phone 233-5530 BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS Congratulations EMPIRE STOVE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF A COMPLETE LINE OF GAS HEATING APPLIANCES BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS AREA 618-233-7420 COMPLIMENTS SCH AUFLER’S PH ARM ACY 300 Eost Main Street Phone 233-0055 BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS 62220 SIGNAL HILL PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS —COSMETICS 8800 West Main Street Phone 397-2828 BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS 113 Patrons Belleville Linen Service Home-Brite Lumber Co. Lester Broeutigam Orchard Rev. Walter E. MacPherson Rt. Rev. Msgr. Louis F. EU Clarence Neuner Sport Store Fob-N-Trim Mr. and Mrs. Edward O ' Malley Dr. and Mrs. Kilian F. Fritsch J C Rexall Mrs. Dorotha C. Graham Style Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Jos. C. Heiligenstein Wade Square Tom Boy Compliments of a Friend Compliments of St. Mary ' s Church MSGR. JOSEPH ORLET — Pastor REVEREND JOHN KLEIN — Assistant Phone 233-2391 Congratulations from the Mothers ' Club 1968-1969 OFFICERS President — Mrs. F. P. Lamb Vice-President — Mrs. M. S. Grimmer Rec. Secretary — Mrs. N. J. Wenzel Cor. Secretary — Mrs. R. W. Schaefer Treasurer — Mrs. C. B. Boeshart Auditor — Mrs. P. G. Benignus Auditor — Mrs. R. J. Wenzel Parliomentarian — Mrs. R. S. Dengler 116 — c mrnmmmmmmmwmmmmmmwmmmmmm

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