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MEMORIES of the Academy Notre Dame 2 The School Sisters of Notre Dame anci the girls they guide--this is our Academy It was established in 1859 and since that time it has endeavored through its faculty to promote good spiritual, social, physi- cal, and intellectual traits in each girl. Yes, this is our A.N.DJ IS our S co 3 ' i c Every fall as the doors swing open for a new school term, the corridors be- come filled with enthusiastic ND ' ers making new acquaintances and renewing old ones. The arcade seems to be the center of confusion--everyone trying to locate " homebase. " The big building seems to haunt the bewildered freshmen who are wondering which way to go next, but they will soon become adjusted to its complexities. Notre Dame strives to inculcate the idéal s of Catholic éducation into the lives of its students . The Mass of the Holy Ghost, daily communion, religious instructions, and the annual retreat enable the students to establish a thorough foundation in their Catholic faith and a knowledge and appréciation of moral values. When the entire student body participâtes in Rosary Day the site is impressive, but the feeling in the hearts of the girls for the words they are saying is not unlike the other days of the year. A time much anticipated by both seniors and fresh- men is the " Big-Sister Lit- tle Sister Party " when the seniors, " big sisters " take under their guidance " little sisters, " the freshmen. This gives freshmen the opportunity to become better acquainted with their class- mates, to learn more about school life and its activities, and to confide in someone who has experienced the same problems. The purpose of the many other Academy events are varied. Holi- day baskets for the needy and monetary help to the missions exemplify char- ity. The motive behind the drives --Yearbook, Read-A-Wee, Chocolaté, etc .--is progress, new and better equipment, outstanding literary publi cations, and better facili- ties for ail. And then there ' s the strictly so¬ cial side--field day and classroom get togethers too numerous to mention. At 3 o ' clock every day the dismissal bell signais the close of another school day. Little do the under- classmen realize how happy and wonderful these busy day s are, but ask the sentimental senior, and you will learn that already she realizes every sin¬ gle day with her friends she had made in the last four years will be something to cherish always. The Academy is not just a school--it is a small part of our heart that will never be replaced. His Excellency The Most Reverend Albert R. Zuroweste, D. D., our Pastoral Shepherd. and Co-Workers The Diocesian clergy trans- fer the fundamental doctrines of Catholicism to N. D. students. Religion is the core of the stu- dent ' s lifeandhencethese instruc¬ tions are most bénéficiai in her daily undertakings. Time, ex¬ périence, and knowledge enlight- ens both faculty and students. Father Wesselmann, Chaplain of the Academy of Notre Dame, Father Don¬ ald Cismonski, assistant of St. Henry, Father Lawler, assistant of Our Lady Queen of Peace, and Father Léo Hayes, assistant of St. Augustine of Canterbury seem to leave in cheerful spirits after a full morning of classes. Father E. Maziarz, assistant of St. Clare, Father J. Calla- han, assistant of Blessed Sacrament, and Father R. Haas, assistant of Holy Childhood discuss a point of interest in one of the religion texts. Father Donald Eichenseer, assistant of St. Mary ' s thoughtfully corrects one of his student ' s assignments. Our Principal and Faculty Guide Us to Wisdom My dear Students, As world tensions grow and conflicts continue to flare in many sections of the globe, courage ranks high in the list of today’s virtues. Our beloved Hoiy Father, Pope John XXIII, is its great exemplar! In spite of his advanced years, when his contemporaries enjoy retirement, in spirt of the pressure of work concomitant with the responsibilities of his position as Head of the Universal Church, Pope John dares tremendously in his many activities, principal among them, his convening of an ecumenical council. Not just the regular routine of daily life at the Vatican crowds his busy day, but plans and labors for the future welfare of the world of the Church; indeed for the world of humanity. Catholics thrill to belong to the Apostolic band, and look to the Holy Father not merely with Faith that revers him as the Head of Christ ' s Kingdom on earth, but with admiration for the fearlessness of his pronouncements, the energy of his work, the tremendous courage in undertaking the Second Vatican Council. Though your influence in the little world about you is proportionately less dynamic than Pope John ' s in the world of Christendom, you should not be less courageous in your firm stand against today ' s secularism. Now is the time to put into practice your motto: Dare to be different-- now, when moral values in Christian principles are in the balance. That the spirit of our présent Holy Father may spark your détermination to live the principles inculcated at Notr e Dame is my sincere prayer for each of you. Lovingly in Our Lady, d Jb Our devoted principal, Sister Mary Carmel, competent in organizing the activities and the curriculum of the Academy, undertakes the business transactions of the day. Of primary importance at every educational institution are the academie subjects which are offered. These must include a wide and thorough sélection of courses which will préparé a girl to take her place in the modem world as a woman. Whether she gears herself toward a professional career, or if she pictures herself in the business world, Notre Dame’s courses adequately fulfill every qualifica¬ tion necessary. The Academy also offers to every stu- dent who, in the future, may be the mother of other N.D. girls, a wonderful préparation in the arts and skills needed to care for a home and a family. Truly each girl greatly appréciâtes the academie courses which are made available for her at the Academy of Notre Dame. Religion and Social Studies . CHRISTIANS whose high idealism, Personal charm, womanliness, re- finement and true culture reflect Christ and His Mother Mary is the aim of religious instruction and learning at the academy. Well quali- fied faculty members instill in their students the attitudes, under- standings, and habits necessary for Christlike living. Assuming the responsibilities of adulthood, the application of Christian principles to a life of service in the career she has chosen is the goal of ail the students at Notre Dame. The early moming distribution Holy Communion enables the girls to offer their work of the day to God. Responsibility, the need of every Catholic layman today, is vividly expressed by Father Wesselmann, Senior Religion instructor. After class discussions between Father Callahan, Vivian Vermeersch, Mara- beth Ebel, and Pat Buss are an impor¬ tant part of Religion. This gives the students a better opportunity to com- prehend more fully ail the principles of our Catholic faith. Gateway to Good Citizenship THESE SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS Mrs. Gerald Heck—Citizenship; Mrs. William Gifford--English, American Problems, Study Superviser; Sister M. Aline--Sophomore Homeroom C203, World History, English, Future Teachers of America Moderator; Miss Peggy Driscoll—Freshman Homeroom C120, World History, Civics; Sister Richard Marie—Senior Homeroom 110, American History, Driver ' s Educa¬ tion, Sodality Moderator, exchange views on the frustrating results of Communist advances. THE BASIC PURPOSE OF EDUCA¬ TION is to train good, God-fearing citizens. Social Studies aiso meets this challenge by giving students a clear, objective picture of our so¬ ciety, by point ing out the many challenges it offers, but most im¬ portant, Social Studies inspires students so that they will be pre- pared to do their part as future citizens in meeting the demands of Christian social living. WORLD HISTORY STUDENTS Jane Schwalb, Alice Foran, Kay Stomer, Kathy Bauer, Ercile Ferrenbach, and Sharon Buxton not only read, study, and learn about the events that made history, but they also leam the location of different countries on the globe. IN AMERICAN PROBLEMS students keep informed with the daily American and world news. The Language Arts a Source of Since speed in reading ha s be- come so vital in this modem âge, the English de- partment has in- troduced the Sci¬ ence Research Association’s Reading Labora- tory. As a re¬ suit, students of A.N.D. increase their speed as well as acceler- ate their compré¬ hension . WHILE OUR ENGLISH TEACHERS DISCUSS a few recommended books, Sister Angelita, our librarian, points to her favorite. Sister M. Lorita—Homeroom C216, English, Latin, Study Supervisor, Photography; Sister M. DeSales--Religion, English, Study Super¬ visor ; Sister M. Angelita—Homeroom 205, Librarian, Library Guild; Mrs. Robert Knauer-- English; Sister Jane Marie—Homeroom Cl02, English, Speech, Yearbook Moderator, Dra- matics; (seated) Sister M. Patrick—Home¬ room 109, English, Read-A-Wee Moderator; Sister Charles Marie—Homeroom 207, Eng¬ lish, Future Nurses of America Moderator. As Rita Dullinger hands Joyce Betlach a rate builder, Jeanette Roenicke inquires, " What color do you need Ruth Ann Martz? " Avon Thomas calling, " Do you know your Word Power, Juniors? " Creativity and Mastery DO, RE, ME... Seems as though some French I students hâve tired out before the song is completed. IN OU R MODERN AGE the ability to speak more than one language is of immeasurable value . A second lan¬ guage can lead to such interesting and exciting work as interpréter for an ambassador, a position on the United Nations staff, or a career in the medi¬ cal profession. To the delight of many N.D. girls, we are given the op- portunity to pursue either Latin or French in our curriculum here at Notre Dame. LATIN IV STUDENTS follow the wanderings of Aeneas from Sicily to Rome. PU Sister M. Anglee--Sophomore Homeroom 305, French Art, Sodality Moderator; Sister M. Robertine--Latin; Sister M. Baptiste—Sophomore Homeroom C200, Latin; are doing research on their particular language. FRESHMEN LATIN I STU- DENTS are amazed to find how many English words are derived from the Latin language. S eeking facts about God ' création C hallenging man ' s rational powers I mproving our daily living E xperimenting N ever dispairing of finding answers C orrelating data E xploring the unknown Science is a pathway to God. We seek the truth inhérent in nature. And what is Truth but GOD. Showing the process of root development are: Sister Marie Patrick—Sophomore Homeroom C205, Biology, Chemistry, and CSMC moderator; Sister M. Gerald— Sophomore Homeroom 306, Biology, Physics, and CSMC moderator. Physics--offered for the first time this year— is enthusiastically accepted by scientifically-inclined seniors. The students are work- ing with délicate balancing instruments. Science Seniors Marceline Martin, JoAnne Rensing, Char- lene Woolery, and Wilma Hamilton set up appara- tus for laboratory préparation of oxygen. Keys Mary Collins, Julie Rauckman, and Mary Ellen Yettke study the body structure and characteristics of various animais. ENGROSSED IN THE SUBJECT they enjoy most are: Sister M. Leonardine—Freshman Homeroom Cl 15, Algebra, Workers; Sister M. Patrick Ann—Junior Homeroom 309, Trigonometry, Algebra, General Science, Biology; Miss Helen Clark—Freshman Homeroom C101, Health, General Mathematics, Physical Education, G.A.A., Téachtüâ 4 Aids; Miss Barbara Speiser—Freshman Homeroom 020 Geéyne j try, Algebra, Study Superviser; Miss Margie Sa»cy--Fresjp man Homeroom Cl, Physical Education, Gfj meiry, So al- ity, G.A .A. IN THE TWEN- TIETH CENTURY- a golden âge of mathematics-the révolution in school mathematics is a challenge to teach- ers and students. Careful attention is paid to the lan- guage of the sub- ject by giving the student an insight into mathematical thought and pre- paring him to per- form certain manip¬ ulations with facil- ity. and Math to the Future DILIGENT CONCENTRATION merits reward for Freshmen algebra students Lucia Juenger, and Doris Feder. SENIOR TR IC STUDENTS Betty Marsh, Jane Reeb, Susie Lastarria, and Sandee Semon put theory into practice by measur- ing an angle of élévation. Préparation for a Man reflects God... In creating Works of art, he must bear in mind the purpose of art--to glorify God. Students also recognize the cultural value of art, and the judgment needed for art appréciation. Water coloring entrances and intrigues Sister M. Angelee ' s art students. Ceramics, plaster molding, brayer painting, and numerous ideas and ways of using paint are part of the principles and art concepts received by artistically inclined students. " The formation of the true and perfect Chris¬ tian " ...For most women the apostolate is ful- filled primarily in the family, in the living of a true Christian life in which they spend themselves mainly in the loving service and careful guidance of their children. Christian Family Living, taught by Sister Gustava-- Senior Homeroom 110, also Biology teacher, is available to ail students. Its wide and varied program includes personality and family rela- tionships, exploring science for the family, facing family responsibilities, and the rôle of the woman ' s apostolate in the family and society. Successful Future ASSURED OF ACCU RATE ANSWERS with the aid of an adding machine are Patti Byme, Pat Schaefer, Clairence Ritzheimer, and Mary Collins. THE BUSINESS DEPARTMENT at Notre Dame is suitably equipped to pré¬ paré business-minded students to use to full advantage the basic principles of the commercial world, --bookkeep- ing, typing, shorthand, clérical book- keeping, and even mimeographing. The challenges of the world of busi¬ ness are many and demanding, but with careful and complété training, the students can and will meet them fully. MANY LONG AND TEDIOUS HOURS are spent at these business machines by Sister M. Justin, Sister John DeDeo, Sister M. Rosella who préparé pamph¬ lets and booklets for the Mother ' s Club, and they also make copies of tests which are much dreaded by the students. Sister M. Justin- -Senior Homeroom, Shorthand II, Typing II, Bookkeeping, and Student Council Moderator. Sister M. John DeDeo--Junior Homeroom, Typing I, Shorthand I, Record Keeping, Read-A-Wee business staff moderator, and Assistant Moderator of the Student Council. Sister M. Rosella-- Junior Homeroom, Typing I, Shorthand I, and Gen¬ eral Business. " WHOOPS " ! that ' s only my third mistake today, " says Diane Boul. Accuracy and speed make for good typing. CONCENTRATING INTENSELY, the girls of Sister Justin ' s Short¬ hand II class take dic- tation after dictation trying to achieve the merited one-hundred and twenty words a minute award. we, nevertheless, admired the confidence of our ideals, the upperclassmen. The years passed fleetingly, and soon we ourselves officially emerged as Seniors by acquiring the treasured school ring. Through our endeavors, we hope to hâve proven to be worthwhile examples worthy of the respect of future leaders of A.N.D. With the counselship of our teachers, and the gui¬ dance of the Holy Spirit, the graduâtes hâve crossed a major threshold. Spanning the bridge between adoles¬ cence and adulthood, we hâve made the choice of our lifetime careers. Throughout life, the 1962 alumnae will reap the har- vest of seed sown by the influence of Notre Dame. Continued Friendship Is BARBARA ARCHER . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3, Business Manager 4; Li- brary Guild 4; School Play 4; Christmas Operetta 3; FNA 3,4, Chaplain 4. KATHY BAILEY ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; CAA 1,2; FHA 4. JEANNE BAKER . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; Sodalist, Co-Prefect of Sodality Union 3,4; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class Vice-President 3; Honor Roll 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Latin Certificate 2,3; Glee Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Li- brarian 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, GAA 1,2,3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; Candidate for Mary ND, 2,3; May Day Rep¬ résentative 2, Maid 4; Yearbook Staff 3,4, Co-Editor 4; Mary N.D. 62. NANCY BAL INT ... St. Henry; Transferred From St. Mary ' s High, Williamsport, Pennsylvania; CSMC; Rosary Club 4. PHYLLIS BALLARD ... St. Stephen; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 3, Secretary 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Latin Certificate 1, 2,3; GAA 4; May Day Représentative 2. JEAN BAUER ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Color Guard 2,3,4; Music Récital 2,3; School Play 4; Christmas Operetta 3; Mission Queen Candidate 4. 22 Prévalent Among Seniors SANDY BAUER ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1, 2; GAA 2. MARY JO BEDELL ... St. Peter’s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI Représentative 1,2; Sodalist; Class President 2, Treasurer 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Read-A-Wee 2,3, Page Editor 4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; Latin Certificate 2,3; FTA 4, President 4. JOYCE BETLACH ... St. James CSMC; PCMI 1,2; GAA 4 Homework, tests, classes, boys, activities—ail topics of dis¬ cussion at senior lockers. CAROLYN ANN BLAES ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; FHA 4. MARLENE BLAHA . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC, Représentative 4; PCMI 1,2; Honor Roll 2; Read-A-Wee Staff 3,4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; FTA 4; GAA 2,3,4; Mission Day Candidate 1; Latin Certificate 3. DIANE BLUMYER ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class Treasurer 3; National Poetry Association 3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Teachers Aid 2,3; FNA 3, President 4 Mission Queen Once? ANN BOYNE ... St. Philip; Transferred from Carbondale Community High, 4; CSMC 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 4. MARGIE BRAEUTIGAM ... St. Joseph; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; G AA 3,4. SUSAN ANN BURNS ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class Treasurer 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 2; Library Guild 3,4; Teachers Aid 3,4; FTA 4; Music Récital 3; CAA 4. PAT BUSS ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI, Représentative 2; Rosary Club 3; Read-A-Wee Staff 2; National Latin Honor Society 3; Band 1,2,3,4, Librarian 2. KATHY CHEATHAM . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC; Rep¬ résentative 3; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Honor Roll 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 3,4, Page Editor 4; Journal Reporter 4; Latin Certificate 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 4; CAA 3,4, Rep¬ résentative 4. JOANN CICHON ... St. Adalbert; CSMC, Représentative 2; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 4; Class President 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3,4, Page Editor 4; Ameri¬ can Légion Essay, Second Prize 1; National Latin Honor So¬ ciety 1,2,3; Latin Certificate 1,2,3; National Poetry Associa¬ tion 1,3; CAA 1,2. MARGARET CLANCY ... St. Albert the Créât; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Library Guild 3,4; Poster Contest, Hire The Handi- capped 2; National Latin Honor Society 3; CAA 2; Honor Roll 2,3. JANET CLARK ... St. Philip; Sodalist, Treasurer 4; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 2; Class Treasurer 1, Vice- President 4; Scholastic Art Award 3; National Latin Honor Society 2; Glee Club 2,3,4; CAA 1,2,4; May Day Maid 4. KAYE COCHEBA ... St. Joseph; Transferred from New Athens; CSMC; SCHOOL Play 4; CAA 3,4; Mission Queen Candidate 3. RUBY COMBS . . . Scott Air Force Base; CSMC. « 24 No, Twiceü! SANDY COOK ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Poster Contest Winner 2; Junior Achievement 2; Teachers ' Aid 3,4; School Play 3. MARCIA CRONIN ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC, Représentative 1; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Rosary Club 2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; FNA 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Représentative 2. MARCIA CROWLEY ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Teachers’ Aid 3; GAA 1,2,3,4, Représentative 3, Treasurer 4; Christmas Operetta 3; Yearbook Staff 3,4. EMELEE DAHM ... St. Luke; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3,4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Sextet 3,4; Music Récital 3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 3. MARY PAT DALTON ... St. Philip; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; FTA 4; Honor Roll 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Latin Certificate 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4, Représentative 1. SHARON DEAN ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2. PHYLLIS DEFOSSET ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Glee Club 3,4; Christmas Operetta 3. DEANNA DEGEN ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mission Queen Candidate 1; Class Secretary 2, President 3; Read-A-Wee Staff 3,4; Library Guild 3; Essay Contest Winner 3; Teachers ' Aid 1,2; GAA 2,3; May Day Représentative 1,2. MARY ANN DENNY ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; Transferred from St. Francis; CSMC, Représentative 2; Mary ' s Helper 2; Class Treasurer 3; Teachers ' Aid 3; FNA 4; GAA 2,3,4, Représentative 4. SHARON DIE HL ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; GAA 1,4. Grads of ’62 TONI DIMMIC . . . SS. Peter Paul; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Science Fair Entry 2, First Pro- fiency; Music Récital 1; GAA 1,2,3,4. RIT A DULLINGER ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Library Guild 3. MARABETH EBEL . . . St. Augustine of Canterbury; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 2,3; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3; FHA 4, President 4; School Play 4; GAA 4. JANE EICHHOLZ ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3, Page Editor 4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Majorette 2,3, Leader 4; School Play 4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 2,3,4. MARY ANN EISELE . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 3, President 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2,3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; Glee Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. NANCY EMONS ... St. Peter Paul; Sodalist; CSMC, Council Member 3,4, Paladin; PCMI 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 2; GAA 4. MARY ANNFALBE ... St. Teresa; Sodalist; CSMC, Presi¬ dent 4, Treasurer 3, Représentative 1, Paladin; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Class President 2,3; Rosary Club 1,2; Honor Roll 2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; Latin Certificate 3; F NA 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Candidate for Mary ND 2,4. VIRGINIA FEDER ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC, Rep¬ résentative 3; PCMI 1,2; Class Treasurer 4; Fighting 69th 3; Poster Contest " Hire the Handicapped " , second prize; Teachers ' Aid 3,4; GAA 3,4. CHERYL FRICK ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC, Rep¬ résentative 2; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Student Council 3,4, Treasurer 4; Class Treasurer 1; Honor Roll 2; GAA 2,4; Candidate for Mary ND; May Day Représentative 1. PATRICIA FUHRMAN ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Junior Achievement 4; Class Secretary 2; Honor Roll 1,2; Poster Contest 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4. Initiate ' Skip Day” . Eight-thirty bell, empty desks, glances of surprise, gestures of . . . " where are my stu- dentsî " are denoted by senior homeroom teachers. " Didn ' t you know, " exclaims Sister Mary Carmel, " The seniors hâve a holiday! " KATHLEEN ANN FULLER ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2; Essay Contest 3, ( " The Statue of Liberty, Its History and What It Represents " ) Second Prize; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; Latin Certificate 1,2; Glee Club 2,3; Christmas Operetta 3. SANDRA GANSMANN ... St. Mary; CSMC; Mission Queen Candidate 2; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 2; Honor Roll 1, 2; National Latin Honor Society; Latin Certificate 1,2; Glee Club 2,3; G AA 3,4. MARGARET GANTER ... St. Luke; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Honor Roll 1; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 2; GAA 1,2. BONN1E CASS ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 4; Class Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3; Fighting 69th 3; School Play 3; Christ- mas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Candidate for Mary ND 3; May Day Représentative 1. World’s Best Seniors Sell JOAN CERDON ... St. Albert the Créât; Transferred from Academy of Our Lady of Peace; CSMC; PCMI 2; Read-A- Wee Staff 3,4; Teachers Aid 4; Band 2,3; Music Récital 3; GAA 2,3,4, Représentative 3, Vice-President 3, President 4. ANDREA GRIBAT . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI 1, 2; Youth Incorporated 1,2,3,4; Class Vice-president 2, Sec- retary 3; Honor Roll 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3,4, Page Editor 3, Associate Editor 4; Journal Reporter 3; Quill and Scroll 4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3,4. PAT GROMACH3 . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI 1,2 Class Vice-President 3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; Teachers Aid 4; FTA 4; GAA 1. RITA MARIE GUETTERMAN ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; Council Member 3,4; Palidin 3; PCMI 1,2, Rep¬ résentative 2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2,3; Student Council 3; Na¬ tional Essay Association 3; National Latin Honor Society 2,3; FNA 3,4; Treasurer 3; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3; School Play 4. JEANNE MARIE GUNDLACH . . . Corpus Christi; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; GAA 3,4. WILMA HAMILTON ... St. Martin of Tours; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Science Fair Entry 1; FHA 4; GAA 1,2,3. ALMIE HATZEL ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class Vice-President 2, President 3; Teachers Aid 2; FHA 4; GAA 2,3. MARY MARGARET HEAP ... St. Peter s Cathédral; CSMC PCMI 1,2; School Play 4. BETTY HECKENBERGER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Library Güild 3,4, Secretary 4; FTA 4; GAA 2,3,4. World’s Best Chocolaté KATHY HEMANN ... St. Joseph; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Fighting 69th 3; GAA 3,4. LINDA HERT1CH ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 2; Class Vice- President 3; Fighting 69th, Secretary 3; Honor Roll 2; Read- A-Wee Staff 2,3,4; National Latin Honor Society 2; Madri¬ gal 4; Glee Club 3,4; Band 3,4; Music Récital 3; Christ- mas Operetta 3; Candidate for Mary ND 2; May Day Rep¬ résentative 2. PATRICIA HLADICK ... St. Mary; Transferred from York Catholic High; CSMC; Class Treasurer 4; GAA 4. JANICE HOBBS ... St. Cyril; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Teachers ' Aid 3; School Play 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Junior Achievement 4. ANN HOEFFKEN ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3; Sports Editor 4; Na¬ tional Latin Honor Society 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 3; FNA 3,4, Secretary 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; School Play 4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1, Représentative 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2. JUDY KAY HOEFFKEN ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; GAA 2,3,4; FHA 4. RUTHANN HOEFFKEN ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; GAA 1,2,3,4; FHA 4. CAROL HOLLIDAY . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 2; GAA 2,3,4. MAR1AN HORVAT ... St. Joseph; CSMC, Représentative 1, 3; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 3,4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 4; GAA 1, 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2. JANICE HUBER ... St. Henry; CSMC; Représentative 1,2; Class Treasurer 3; Science Fair Entry, third prize; National Latin Honor Society 2; Glee Club 2,3, Accompanist 4; Music Récital 1,2,3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3. Renewed Fervor Brought BARBARA JACOB1 ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; Transferred from Notre Dame, St. Louis, Mo.; CSMC; GAA 3,4. CAROL ANN JACOBS ... St. Martin of Tours; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 2,3,4. GERRIE JOHNSON . . . Biessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Library Guild 4; Rosary Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,3,4. ELIZABETH JOSEPH ... St. Joseph; CSMC; BCM1 1,2; Stu- dent Council 4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2. SUE ELLEN JUNKER ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; FHA 4; GAA 2,3,4. EVELYN KALERT ... St. Joseph; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 1; Ciass Vice-President 4; Teachers ' Aid 1; Candidate for Mary ND 2; FNA 3. In their fourth year the seniors hâve the opportunity to make a closed retreat at the King ' s House. The benefits they reap are many. Each girl has the privacy and time to pray and meditate about serious matters. About by Closed Retreat ROSEMARY KARBAN ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCM1 2. MAXINE KARCHER ... St. Phiüp; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Fight- ing 69th 3; Rosary Club 3,4; FHA 4; Mission Queen Candidate 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; FHA 4, Treasurer 4. JANICE MAE KASAFIREK ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2. MARY KERINS ... St. Phiüp ; Sodaüst; CSMC; Représenta¬ tive 4; PCMI 1,2; Représentative 2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Honor Roll 2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3,4; National Latin Honor So¬ ciety 2,3; Latin Certificate 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Candidate for Mary ND 3; May Day Représentative 3. MARILYN KLEIN--Biessed Sacrament, CSMC; Représentative 1, Council 3,4, Paladin; Mission Queen Candidate 4; PCMI 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 3,4, Business Manager 4; Library Guild 3,4, Treasurer 4; National Latin Honor Society 1; GAA 1,2; Honor Roll 2. SHARON KOCHMANSKI . . . Sacred Heart; Sodaüst; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class Vice-President 1, Treasurer 2, President 4; National Latin Honor Society 2; GAA 1,3,4; May Day Repré¬ sentative 2; Mission Queen Candidate 2; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3. CAROL KOESTERER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Fighting 69th 3; GAA 3. JO ELLEN KOESTERER . . . Holy Childhood; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; School Play 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Mission Queen 3. MARY CATHERINE KOSTELAC ... St. Henry; Sodalist; CSMC, Council Member 3,4; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Read-A-Wee Staff 1,2; Library Guild 3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; FNA 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Chocolaté Drive Winner 3; Read-A-Wee and Yearbook Drive Winner 2,3. MARY BETH KREIN ... St. Augustine; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 3; GAA 3,4. 31 Academie Achievement DOLORES LACOMA ... St. Mary; Transferred from Vaca- ville Union Highj CSMC; FNA 4. STEPHANIE LASKY . . . Immaculate Conception; CSMC; PCM1 1,2; Sodalist; Mary ' s Helper 2; Student Council 3,4; Class Secretary 1; Rosary Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; Latin Certificate 3; Glee Club 2,3; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3; FHA 4; Teachers ' Aid 2. CHERYL LANG ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Rosary Club 1; Band 1; GAA 1. SUZANNE LASTARRIA ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Mary ' s Helper 3; Class President 4; Library Guild 3,4, President 4; Teachers ' Aid 3; Glee Club 2,3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; Madrigal 4; May Day Représentative 1,3; Latin Certificate 3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2. JANEE LANTER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; Poetry Con- test Winner 3. BARBARA LAUF ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; FNA 3; Honor Roll 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3,4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 3; GAA 1,2,3,4, Représentative 2,3. SHARON LANTER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Science Fair Entry 1; GAA 1,2. ANN LECHIEN ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; PCMI 1,2; CSMC, Représentative 2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Class President 3; National Latin Honor Society 2,3; GAA 2,3,4. MARY SUE LOEHR ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC, Repré¬ sentative 4; PCMI 1,2; Class Secretary 3; Read-A-Wee Staff 2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; GAA 2,3,4. NANCY LUEHRS . . . Holy Childhood; CSMC, Council Mem- ber 3,4, Paldin; Mission Queen Candidate 3; PCMI 1,2; Stu¬ dent Council 3; Class Vice-President l, Treasurer 2; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4; FTA 4; FHA 4. Spearheads Success BARBARA LUKAC ... St. Martin of Tours; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Latin Certificate 1,2; Teachers Aid 3; GAA 1,2,4. ARLENE MALACARNE ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Latin Certificate 3; Latin Club 1,2,3; GAA 2,3,4. BETTY MARSH ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Student Council 3,4; Class President 4; Honor Roll 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2,3,4; Latin Certificate 1,2,3,4; Teachers 1 Aid 2; FNA 3,4; GAA 1,2,3. MARILYN MARSHALL ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; SodalitUt; Class Vice-President 4; GAA 2,3,4; May Day Représentative 2; Yearbook Staff 3,4, Photography Manager 4. MARCELINE MARTIN ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Latin Certificate 2,3; Glee Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Music Récital 1; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 3,4. RUTH ANN MARTZ . . . Holy Angels; CSMC, Représenta¬ tive 4; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Honor Roll 1,2; Read-A-Wee 3,4; Latin Certificate 1,2; School Play 3. SHIRLEY JEAN MATEJKA ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Iibrary Guild 3; Science Fair Entry 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 3,4; FTA 4; Music Récital 1,2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4. KATHY McEVILLY . . . Biessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Honor Roll 2; Iibrary Guild 4; Latin Certificate 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4. KATHY McGEE ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Teach- ers ' Aid 3; National Essay Association 3. SUE McKINNEY ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class President 1,2; Read-A-Wee Staff 2, Page Editor 3,4; Iibrary Guild 4; Teachers ' Aid 1,2; Majorette 1,2,3,4; School Play 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; Speech Award 3. Seniors Enjoy " Big PATRICIA EVE MERS1NGER . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC, Représentative 3; PCMI 1,2, Représentative 2; National Essay Association 3; Latin Certificate 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4; Mission Queen Candidate 3; May Day Représentative 1,2; Honor Roll 2. MARY ANN MOLINAR ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Latin Certificate 2; Mission Queen Can¬ didate 1. BARBARA MOLNAR ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class Treasurer 4; School Play 4; GAA 2,3,4; FTA 4; May Day Représentative 3. JULIE MONKEN ... St. Luke; CSMC, Représentative 2; PCMI 1,2, Représentative 1; Mary Helper 1; GAA 1,2. Calories and gaiety made the Father-Daughter Banquet a feast to be remembered by ail dads and grads. Date” with Dad Filling the evening with musical splendor were the members of the Notre Dame Sextet; Janice Schnei¬ der, Pat Orlet, Kathy Grimmer, Mary Ann Eisele, Diane Boul, Margie Vernier, and Acc. Dolores Westfall. They also led in the group singing of many old-fashioned favorites. Mr. L Schrader, guest speaker at the mémorable affair, held the at¬ tention of everyone by his most dynamic talk entitled " The Living Mass Around The World. " Mr. A. Bauer, toastmaster, his daughter Jean, and Very Reverend R. Wesselman, chaplain at the Aca- demy of Notre Dame, were among those seated at the head table. JO AN MOORE ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCM1 1,2; Junior Achievement, Treasurer 3; Band 1,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. MARILYN MOORE ... St. Henry; PCM1 1,2, Représentative 1; CSMC; Class Secretary 4; Science Fair Entry, second proficiency award 2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 2,3,4. JUDY MORRISEY . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCM1 1,2; Poster Contest Winner, Leather Ribbon 2. MARC1A MUCKENSTURM ... St. Mary; CSMC; PC Ml 1,2; GAA 3. Festive and Fabulous Is AUDREY NAHLLK . . . St. Martin of Tours; Trans- ferred from St. Mary of the Angels 2; CSMC; PCMI 2; FHA 4, Vice - President 4; GAA 4. KATH1E NEVILLE ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; FNA 3,4; Teachers ' Aid 3; GAA 1,2. DOROTHY NISHKE . . . St. Martin of Tours; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist, Prefect 4; Student Council 2; Class Treasurer 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Latin Certificate 2,3; GAA 1,4; Candidate for Mary ND 1,2; May Queen 4; FNA 3,4, Secretary 4. MARY BETH OBERNDORFER ... St. Henry; CSMC, Représentative 3; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Rosary Club 1; Class Secretary 4; National Latin Honor Society 2; Music Récital 1; GAA 1,2,3,4. CAROL O ' BRIEN ... St. Teresa; CSMC, Représenta¬ tive 3; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Library Guild 3 4, Vice-President 4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4, Représentative 2, Secretary 2. MARY YVONNE OPPERMANN . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mission Queen Candi¬ date 2; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 3, Page Editor 4; GAA 2, Représentative 3,4. PATRICIA ORLET ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 2; Glee Club 3,4, Sextet 4; Music Récital 3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Mary N.D. Candidate 4. CATH1E PAOLI ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mission Queen Candidate 3; Glee Club 2,3; Christ¬ mas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3,4. the Prom for Our Seniors HELEN JOAN PELKE ... St. Clare; CSMC; PCM1 1,2; FNA 4; Band 1,2,3,4; School Play 4; G AA 2,3. RITA PETRY ... St. Teresa ' s; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; FTA 4; G AA 2,3,4. PATRICIA PHILIPS ... St. Luke; CSMC; PCMI 1,2 Rosary Club 1; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,4; Teacher ' s Aid 2; CAA 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 3,4. PAT RAMSEY . . . Holy Angels; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; G AA 4. c. SANDRA KAY RECKER ... St. Ubory; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class President 1; " Hire the Handicapped " Poster Contest Winner 1; G AA 3,4; FHA 4. JANE REEB ... St. Luke; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; Youth Incorporated 3,4; Class Treasurer 1, Secretary 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Read-A-Wee Staff 2, Page Editor 3, Editor 4; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; Teacher ' s Aid 1,2,3; Christmas Operetta 3; CAA 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll. DORIS REINHARDT ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 3,4; Library Guild 4; Teacher ' s Aid 2; School Play 4. JOANNE RENSING ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2, Représentative 2; Latin Certificate 2,3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2. Seniors Shed Mingled JEANETTE ROENICKE ... St. James; CSMC; PCM1 1,2; G AA 4. MARY ELLEN RUSSELL ... St. Joseph; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Honor Roll 2,3; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; Essay Contest Winner, " Crime Prévention, " 3; National Latin Honor Society 1,2; Latin Certificate 1,2. SHARON S AL EL . . . S.S. Peter and Paul; CSMC, Council Member 3,4, Paladin; Sodalitist; Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-President 4. DONNA SANDER . . . Scott Air Force Base; Transferred from Notre Dame, Quincy, 111.; CSMC 4. JEANNETTE C. SCHAEFER ... St. James; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; G AA 2,4. JEANETTE SCHAEFER ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Class Secretary 4; GAA 2,3,4. . ..i tfés fi Tears of Joy and Sadness JOYCE SCHAEFER ... St. Peter’s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Library Guild 4; Poetry Contest 3; G AA 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA SCHAEFER ... St. Mary; CSMC, Représentative 2; PCMI 1,2; Class Treasurer 2; Color Guard 2,3,4; FHA4. CAROL SUE SCHEIBEL ... St. Clare; CSMC, Représentative 3,4; PCMI 1,2; Rosary Club 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 1; Glee Club 2,3,4; Eand 1,2,3,4; Music Récital 1; School Play 4; G AA 3,4; Christmas Operetta 3. MARTHA LOU SCHEIBEL ... St. Ciare; CSMC, Représenta¬ tive 1,3, Council Member 4; PCMI 1,2; Class Vice-President 2; Rosary Club 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,3; Teachers ' Aid 1; Glee Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Music Récital 1; Christmas Oper¬ etta 3; GAA 4; Candidate for Mary ND 1. SF1ARON SCHALLER . . St. Mary ' CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Fight ing 69th 3; Junior AChievement Treasurer 3; GAA 1,2,3,4. JANE SCHLATTWEILER ... St. Eiizabeth ' s; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; School Play 4; GAA 2; FTA 4; NCOTC 4. JANET SCHMIDT ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class President 1,2,4, Class Secretary 3, Senior Class President; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Science Fair Entry, third place winner 1; School Play 4; GAA 1,2,3; Mary ND Candidate 3. MAR GIE SCHMIDT ... St. James; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Stu- dent Council 3,4; Latin Club 2; GAA 1,2,3,4. Attired in Cap and Gown MARY BETH SCHOENHERR ... St. Henry; CSMC, Repré¬ sentative 1; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Class Treasurer 2; Read-A- Wee 1,2,3,4; Science Fair Entry, second place winner 2; Latin Certificate 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4; FTA 4; Junior Achieve- ment, Personnel Manager 3; Honor Roll 1. JUDY SCHOTT . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; Transfered from Convent of the Sacred Heart 2; CSMC; PCMI 2; Class Vice-President 2, Secretary 3; Poster Contest Winner 2; School Play 4; GAA 2,3,4; May Day Représentative 2; Mis¬ sion Queen Candidate 4. JOYCE SCHWARZ ... St. Luke; Sodalist; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; School Play 4; GAA 1,2,3,4. KATHY SCHWARTZ ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; FHA 4; GAA 2,3,4. SANDEE SEMON ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; National Poetry Contest; GAA 1,2,4; American Légion Oratorical Contest 3; Read-A-Wee 2,3,4, Page Edi- tor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Latin Club 1,2,3; Teachers ' Aid 1,2; Latin Medal 3; National Science Foundation Math Award 3. ANTOINETTE SKYE ... St. Philip; Mary ' s Helper 1; CSMC; PCMI 1,2. KATHY SLADE ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; FHA 4; GAA 2,3,4. JEANETTE SMITH ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Class Vice-President 1; National Poetry Association 3; National Latin Honor Society; Latin Certifi¬ cate 2,3; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; School Play 4; GAA 3,4; May Day Représentative 2; Yearbook Staff 3,4, Business Manager 4; Honor Roll 3; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3. DARLENE SORGEA ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Soda¬ list; Glee Club 2,3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; National Poetry Association 1. We Brunch with Mom PAT STITES ... St. Albert the Great; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class vice-President 3; Latin Club 1,2; GAA 1,2,3. MARLANN STRATTON . ... Scott Air Force Base; Transfered from H. H. Arnold High, Wiesbaden, Germany; CSMC 4; Class Vice-President 4; FNA 4. MARLENE STRAUBINGER ... St. Mary ' s; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; GAA 4. JUDITH ANN STRORL ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; CSMC, Représentative 1; National Latin Honor Society 1,2,3; GAA 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 3. JUDY THOMAS ... St. Luke; CSMC, Secretary 3, Vice- President 4; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Class Secretary 2; Rosary Club 2,4; Honor Roll 1,2; Read-A-Wee Business staff 2; Latin Certificate 1,2,3; FNA 3,4; GAA 1,2. DONNA KAY TRAMMELL ... St. Clare; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Mary ' s Helper 1; National Latin Honor Society 2; Sciiool Play 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; May Day Représentative 1; FNA 4. VIVIAN VERMEERSCH . . . Biessed Sacrament; CSMC; Council Member 3,4; PCMI 1,2; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; FTA, Parliamentarian 4; GAA 1,2,4; Mission Queen 1; FHA; Secretary 4. BONNIE VERNIER ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC: Représentative 3; Sodalitist, Secretary 4; PCMI 1,2; Class Secretary 1; GAA 4; May Day Maid 4; Yearbook 3,4, Art Manager 4; National Latin Honor Society 2. MARGIE VERNIER ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC, Représentative 3; PCMI 1,2, Secretary 1; Sodalitist; Class President 1; Ciass Secretary 4; Science Fair Entry, First Place Winner 2; Latin Club 1; Glee Club 2,3,4, President 4; Sextet 3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1, May Day Représentative 1,3; Yearbook Staff 3,4. SUSAN VERNIER ... St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC; Représentative 4; PCMI 1,2, Sodality; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 3,4; Library Guild 4; GAA 3,4. And We say " Adieu” ♦ ♦ ♦ PAT WALTERS . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Student Council 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1; Read-A- Wee 2,3,4; Latin Certificate 1,2; FTA, Secretary 4; GAA 1,3,4; May Day Représentative 2. MARY KAY WECKERMEYER ... Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Mary ' s Helper 1,2,3; Student Council 2; Read-A-Wee 3,4, Business Manager 4; Glee Club 3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; FNA 3,4; May Day Représentative 2. JANET MARIE WILLETT ... St Augusine of Canterbury; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Teachers’ Aid 1; GAA 1,2,3,4; May Day Représentative 2; Junior Achievement 4. SARAH WOBBE ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; GAA 1,2,4. DOLORES WESTFALL . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist, Vice-Prefect 4; Mary ' s Helper 1,2; Class Vice-President 1, President 3; Honor Roll 1,2; National Latin Honor Society 3; Latin Certificate 3; Glee Club 2, Accompanist 3,4; Music Récital 1,2,3,4; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Candidate for Mary ND 1,3,4; May Day Représentativ e 1, Maid 4; Mission Queen Candidate 2; Year- book Staff 3, Editor 4; National Poetry Association 3; " Ten Biggest Events Contest, " Honorable Mention 1. CHARLENE WOOLERY . . . Corpus Christi; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; GAA 1,3,4. LYNN WUERZ ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Class Vice-President 2; Read-A-Wee 3,4, Advertising Man¬ ager 4; Library Guild 3,4; National Latin Honor Society 2; Teachers ' Aid 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3,4; Music Récital 1,2; Christmas Operetta 3; GAA 1,2,3,4, Représentative 2. ALEEN YURGEL ... St Martin of Tours; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Sodalist; Class Secretary 1; Breakfast Poster Contest 3; Junior Achievement, Secretary 3. CHARLOTTE ZAJAC ... St. Martin of Tours; CSMC; PCMI 1,2; Band 1; GAA 1. JOYCE ANN Z1KA ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI 1,2, Latin Certificate 1,2; Teachers ' Aid 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 2 . 42 Vice-President of 109, Evelyn Kalert; President, Sharon Koch- manskij Secretary, Marilyn Moore; Treasurer, Virginia Feder. Vice-President of 201, Janet Clark; President, Betty Marsh; Secretary, Jeanette Schaefer; Treasurer, Pat Hladick. SENIOR HOMEROOM OFFICERS LOOK TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE CLASS OF ' 62 FOR GUIDANCE. SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT Janet Schmidt. Treasurer of 102, Susan Buxns, Vice-President, Mariann Stratton; Secretary, Margie Vernier. Vice-President of 110, Marilyn Marshall; Treasurer, Barb Molnar; President, Suzanne Lastarria; Secretary, Mary B. Oberndorfer. 3:05. Standing outside the entrance to Notre Dame, I mused on the silence that prevailed. Only five minutes earlier, the dismissal bell had rung and the halls echoed with the talk and laughter of homeward bound students. Re- entering the building, I envisioned dark and quiet rooms . Breaking into my thoughts came the sound of voices, the clatter of footsteps . Lights still blazed in many classrooms . I couldn’t hâve been mistaken about the time! Who were ail these girls? Why had they remained? To a great number of N.D. girls, the 3:00 bell merely means the begin- ning of an exciting world of " extra-curricular " activities . They are afforded the opportunity to enrich their knowledge by joining widely diversified or- ganizations. An interest in a certain vocation, the improvement of one ' s spiritual lif e, a desire to develop talents through a school publication, and apostolic work for the missions are only a few of the ambitions which can be satisfied by the " extra-curricular " activities at Notre Dame. Sodality . . . the High Moderators, Miss Margie Soucy, Sister Richard Marie, Sister M. Angelee and officers of the Im- maculate Conception Sodality, Janet Clark, Treas- urer, Dorothy Nishke, pTefect, Bonnie Vernier, Secretary, Dolores Westfall, Co-Prefect, Jeanne Baker, Co-Prefect of the Sodality Union, con- vene to outline the various activiti es of the year. Intent discussion on Rosary Day pervades the at¬ mosphère. This group of Sodalists accompanied by Sisters Angelee and Richard Marie attended the Summer School of Catholic Action in Chicago, a nation- wide convention dedicated to the purpose of pro- moting Catholic Action. These Sophomore Sodalists, Sheila Price, Kathleen Thien, Mary C Connor, Jane.t Bedel, and Ginny Harrison show pride in exhibiting the medals which they received after taking temporary consécration into the Sodality. way of Life Juniors Barbara Fellner, Karen Rowe, Jeanne Blanquart, Margaret Thompson, are cheer- fully occupied in mak- ing Christmas cor¬ sages. Their success was évident by the jubilant holiday spirit existing among the students. The Sodality is a religious society whose purpose is to foster in its members a dé¬ votion to Our Blessed Lady that will manifest itself in personal holiness and Catholic action. The Sodalists by their simple life of zeal and charity become a close compan- ion to Our Lady and realize the spécial grâces which will be won for them through her intercession. The fundamental motto of the Sodality: " To Jésus through Mary, " indi- cates that no one except Mary imitated Christ’s virtues so perfectly and carried out His command with such deep affection. Members of the Sodality are given every oppor tunity to grow in the spiritual life. They are encouraged to more frequent réception of the sacraments, trained in mental prayer, and urged to develop Christ-like virtues. Throughout the school year, the Sodality promûtes a variety of activities. The sen¬ ior Sodalists, as a means of Apostolic work, familiarize the freshmen with the rules, practices, and prayers; in the way of life of a Sodalist. The sophomore Sodalists hâve initiated a " Traveling Madonna " for increasing the recitation of the rosary. Instilling a seasonal spirit at Christmas, the juniors displayed and sold Christmas corsages to swell the treasury a bit. Whatever the task given, the Sodalists enjoy working among themselves and for others . The school year is terminated by a May Day procession of the student body. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen in complété uniform, Sen¬ iors clad in cap and gown, and the court adorned in fancy dresses say the rosary in honor of our Lady. Jeanne Baker, Dolores Westfall, Janet Clark, and Bonnie Vernier look on as Dorothy Nishke, representing the whole student body, places a crown of glory upon the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sister Jean Marie ' s day is not com- pleted at three o ' clock as each even- ing she teaches piano, organ, and voice lessons to grade and high school stu- dents. A freshman homeroom, Glee Club, and Band also occupy her time. The Glee Club has always been a prominent and cultural or- ganization of the school. Besides the hourly school practice the girls with their melodious voices spend much time filling the hearts of many attentive listeners. The Christmas float and the spring concerts highlight the year ' s performances. Singing at Cathédral concerts, the hospitals, Rest Haven, and partaking in music festivals and contests occupy many leisure hours of the members. To be a member of this organization requires a de- voted, reliable, and trustworthy person. That is just what the N.D. Glee Club is composed of. Those having the most outstanding voices comprise the N.D. Sextet. Pat Orlet, Janice Schneider, Emelee Dahm, Margie Vernier, Diane Boul, and Kathy Grimmer spend a lot of time singing for various functions. OFFICERS: President Margie Vernier, Li- brarian Ann Yoch, Treasurer Mary A. Eisele, Secretary Janice Schneider assist Sister Jean Marie with the various duties of the Glee Club. SOPRANOS: Judy Gain, Suzanne Lastarria, Darlene Sorgea, Pat Orlet, Janet Clark, Peggy Hayes, Janice Huber, Diane Baumann, Jean Buss, Pat Fuchs, Marilyn Moore, Phyllis DeFosset, Sandy Long, Cindy Becherer, Dolores Westfall, Laura Bann, Marcelene Martin, Suzanne Halwachs, Mary Kaye Fritsch, Linda Hertich, Mary Beth Grimmer, Janet Sax, Jean Bauer, Jeanne Baker, Marian Gashgarian, Cecelia Nugent, Sharon Wilkinson, Susan Eisele, Emelee Dahm, Barbara Brown, Charlene Antweiler, Margie Arnold, Mary Ann Hanley, Karen Brady, Kay Storner, Janice Schneider, Marty Gata- wakas, Judy Beuchman. SECOND SOPRANOS: Katie Nuetzel, Juanita Helms, Gail Semon, Ann Yoch, Jean Shadid, Susan Peck, Judy Shields, Carol Scheibel, Kathee Meirink, Jackie Faller, Marilyn McKinney, Susan Merz, Mary Kay Weckermeyer, Mary A. Eisele, Kitty Davlan, Margaret Thompson, Susan McEvilly, Mary E. Biehl, Peggy Sax. ALTO: Christine Kaiser, Martha Scheibel, Clara Schaefer, Mary Igel, Kathy Grimmer, Diane Boul, Lynn Wuerz, Marcia Arnold, Paulette Reime, Mary Ellen Ehret, Mary Kay Meyer, Margie Vernier, Ruth Cole, Sharon Meyer, Jane Eichholz (Missing). The W Christmas tableaus brought to life the Blessed Virgin ' s rôle in the passing of time from her Son ' s birth to her modem apparitions. The spring play of 1961, " Little Women, " was triumphantly presented by Laura Reinhardt, Marianne Creed, Joséphine Kenetski, Jo Ellen Koesterer, Janice Muckensturm, Pat Hamlin, Beverly Jung, Judy Hopkins, and Ruth Ann Martz. Id Is a Stage . . . and we the actors . Every girl is cast in this glorious production, but some hâve aspired beyond it to a career in entertain¬ ment. They hâve set their goal at giving a bit of themselves and their ideals to the impressionable world awaiting. Jeanette Smith, Sharon Monken, Mary Whealon, and Vonnie Oppermann participate in M Fear Is Murder, " Notre Dame’s contribution to the One- Act Play Toumament which took place this year at Marquette High School, Alton, Illinois. TO YOU A SAVIOR ! A Christmas pageant presented in the traditional spirit of the season by: H. Pelke, A. Hoeffken, J.Eichholz, M.Ebel, J. Smith, V. Oppermann, A. LeChein, M. Peters, J. Bauer, J. Schott, B. Molnar, J. Schwartz, J. Schlattweiler, P. Ramsey, M. Bedell, P. Fuchs, M. Whealon, D. Baumann, J. Rujawitz, R. Guettermann, V. Veermersch, C. Scheibel, D.Trammell, S. Shobe, S. Wobbe, B. Archer, M. Heap, C. Frick, B. Lautz, K. Cocheba, J. Schmidt, J. Thomas, C. Jung, J. Hobbs, J. Kasafirek, and D. Reinhardt. 51 Catholic Students’ Bonnie Beardsmore, Treasurer; Judy Thomas, Vice- President; Mary Ann Falbe, President; and Teresa Schill, Secretary, surround the banner of the C.S.M.C., a student crusade to help the foreign and home missions through both spiritual and financial aid. Rita Joseph, Bonnie Beardsmore, Jean Dare, and Charlene Antweiler staff the Trick or Treat booth at the opening of a busy day. Mission queen candidates, Maxine Karcher, Marilvn Klein, Diane Shay, Pam Grout, Liiiana Barria, Audrey Weil- bacher, Margie Biehl, Judy Schott, Jean Bauer, Karen Brady, Marian Buescher, Kay Stomer, Betty Hilpert, Nancy Beelman, Janet Bedel, Mary Haga, Marilyn Donna, Judy Bailey, Kathy Andres, Mary Ann Ames, and Mary Helen Hoeffken along with Dorothy Nishke CSMC officers, Judy Thomas, Bonnie Beardsmore, Teresa Schill, Mary Ann Falbe and Student Council president, Mary Ann Eisele, look on as re- tiring queen Jo Ellen Koesterer crowns Phyllis Zaganelli Mission Queen 1961. Mission Crusade Thanksgiving baskets to be distributed to the poor are generously completed by Mary Kay Weckermeyer, Dorothy Nishke, Sue Vernier, Mary Kerins, and Mary Beth Schoenherr. ■sxr Bonnie Beardsmore, Shirley Prpich, and Mary Ann Falbe caught in the act of postmen, a C.S.M.C. activity. The fortune-telling booth attracted many a curious customer during the festivities of Mission Day. President of the Student Council and Senior Mary N.D. candidates offer congratula¬ tions to Jeanne Baker. Mary N.D. Under the patronage of our Lady of the Universe and the sponsorship of the Student Council, ail the ND ' ers challenge each other in the search for the most idéal girl, Mary ND. Studiousness, helpfulness, courteousness, generosity, kindness, friendliness, thriftiness, and a sense of humor, the suggested Per¬ sonal qualities of the campaign, were used as guide- lines in the search. The twenty-two outstanding homeroom représentatives, while spéculation was high, exemplified for their group an idéal. Senior candidate, Jeanne Baker, an enthusiast and a friend of ail, was crowned Mary ND ' 62, our idéal girl. Active in organizations, an outstanding student, a loyalist to God and her school, Jeanne fulfilled the requirements looked for in our idéal girl. With grâce and finesse Stéphanie Lasky and Joann Cichon demonstrate the gay Polish folk dance in the skit for Mary ND. Mary ND Jeanne Baker snrrounded by the candidates from the various homerooms: Dolores Westfall, Mary Ann Falbe, Pat Orlet, Jane Meuth, Annabelle O ' Malley, Sharon Ratay, Kay Trentman, Margie Thompson, Judy Paw- low, Kitty Davlan, Marilyn Schranz, Janet Sax, Pat Vlasak, Kathleen Lowe, Kathryn Fischer, Mary Beth Walters, Marsha Vernier, Rosemarie Mangaipane, Jane Bauer, Dana Valentin, Lucia Juenger, and crown bearers Phyllis Ballard and Cheryl Frick. 55 Sharon Salel, Vice-President, Mary Ann Eisele, President, Cheryl Frick, Treasurer, Phyllis Ballard, Secretary, and Mary Pat Dalton, Sergeant-at-arms, form the wheel of authority for this organization. Moderators are Sister M. Justin and Sister John De Deo. Freshmen Anita Rodriguez, Lou Hanna, Janice Fruth, Jeanne Schwarz, Patty Kubit- schek, Alice Blanquart, and Tenna Racheff are given beanies to indicate the symbolism of being a Student Council Member and the Suzanne Halwachs, Mary Kay Kubitschek, Corrie Abright, Audrey Weilbacher, Janet Walthes, Jackie Faller, Jeanne Blanquart, Clare Mae Munier, Judy Lurtz, and Mary Diane Schmitt proudly polish apples for the faculty on Teacher Appréciation Day. The purpose of the Student Council of Notre Dame is to up- hold the high standards of the school by the co-operation of the Student Body with the faculty, to de- Ground for Leaders and Followers duties conferred upon them by Seniors Pat Walters, Elizabeth Joseph, Marian Horvat, Joann Cichon, Margie Schmidt, Bonnie Gass, Stéphanie Lasky, and Jeanne Baker. velop démocratie principles of self-government and self- reliance in the Student Body, and to promote a feeling of friendship and mutual respon- sibility among the members of the organization. The Student Council has various projects throughout the school year, such as conducting the Mary N.D. campaign, preparingthe Student Directories, and spon¬ soring Teacher Appréciation Day. Jean Wessel, Marian Buescher, Mary Ellen Biehl, Mary Jo Briesacher, Alexis Boden, Carol Schilling, Alice Foran, Cheryl Giff- hom, Mary Ann Bailey, Martha Vernier, and Kitty Davlan literally climb higher in trying to maintain the standards of the school. 57 " Where Words Fail " Toot-toot, clang, squeak! " Anyone encountering these sounds is only hear- ing N.D. ' s BAND playing one of their melodious tunes. The band, présent at many school activities, is an organization of which Notre Dame can be justly proud. Hard work, precious time, and unknowable patience is spent weekly in order that the school will be pleased by the polished pièces presented by the band at the an- nual concert. The band, directed by Mr. Gerald Wimer, also participâtes in parades and festivals held in the district. Band members: Judy Crook, Margaret Kinsella, Rose- mary Prohaska, Elaine Dauphin, Jane Koesterer, Mary Crilly, Susan Vickery, Jeanne Baker, Sharon Smith, Kathy Garland, Sheila Price, Susan Peck, Judy Hoff¬ man, Gayle Fak, Sandy Landry, Ginny Harrison, Linda Hertich, Helen Pelke, Peggy Bauer, Marceline Martin, Sandy Falcetti, Virginia Salomone, Clara Schaefer, Eunice Rick, Kathy Arnold, Claude Bemier, Pat Buss, Terry Schill, Carol Scheibel, Kathy Meirink, Martha Scheibel, Candy Jung, Ann Gaumond, Elaine Rinck, Sharon Smith, Joan Moore, and Chris Kaiser. Music Speaks” ■ Kathy Bartel, Mary Kassebaum, Jane Eichholz, Kathy Fisher, Mary F. Reidel, Susan McKinney, and missing, Kathy Reidel display their agileness as they strut before the b and. Sharon Meyer, Secretary, Terry Schill, Librarian, Jeanne Baker, President, Linda Hertich, Treasurer, and missing, Peggy Bauer, Librarian aid Mr. Wimer in doing odd jobs. Enclosed in the sixteenth note is Mr. Wimer, band director. Dodicatod Studcnts Illustrate Mission S Sister Mary Patrick, moderator; Andrea Gribat, co-editor; Kathy Cheatham, page editor; Jane Reeb, editor; Joann Cichon, page editor; and Sandee Semon, page editor, are found disc ussing the layout for an important issue of the Read-A-Wee. Am ici annual menced vvith a i school inaugurated the ail dav Festi- vities. 1 hc aval drive nn the front campus was the site of the erenvning ol the Mission Queen — the First phase of the prugram. 1 hc purjx»sc of Mission Day is to secure fonds for the missions bot h at home and abroad. candidates vvere the Catholic Stu dents Mission Crusade officcrs. President Mary Ann Fallu , Vice President Judv I homas, Sécréta r Kay I rentman, and Treasurer Bon nie Beardsmore, followed bv the re maining student Ixuly. After the students and faculty e sung. ed rhe led the CANDIDATES FOR QUEEN Each homeroom selected a candi¬ date For Mission Queen on Septem- bcT 21, and then aided lier in soli citing funds. I he candidate collect ing the largest amount For the mis sions is each vear crowned Mission Queen. Candidates tins year vvere: r. | I ! I ' U X i I ; i j -, ■ WW Hu l ' : I, | ' ' ! „ v . m h.!: I lu seniurs !!. .. .; dn, v • I rj uni p du- i. Sl r h succès - ,111, ■ ! ; conclu: I..-, i - • r .,!•!( t, dn !. 1 M S | ( MlSN U I fil tl projeit ' 1 1 O ( X M-ir. • SIMM l v ’ ’ . • i , ' t Ils The Read-a-W ee îï XXXV I No. 2 c l)l h Ol Kiiiîrs Elate NE Q nt . Checking last minute details be- Dame s ore t ie P a P er S oes to P ® are j the l ane Eichholz, Ann Hoeffken, (Xtolu i Lynn HaIvacks and Mary Jo that In Bedel l wbo are P a g e editors. uonderlul years of hard vvork and spondim Fun the class ring. The senior Treasurt class o! ‘62 is the second largest tors. Mi graduating class in the history of reen Str The Read-A-Wee is much more than an extra - curricular activity; to us it means a necessary in¬ tégral part of our Academy life. The fledging re¬ porter, the scanning vétéran, the business staff, and especially the editors devote long, tedious hours to writing and editing, harried trips to the printer, and numerous meetings to the task of de- livering a paper you can be proud of. Our aim is to make the Read-A-Wee a window of the school, through which the outsider and student alike may observe our activities, our standards, our ideals. Before each issue is completed, we expérience a period of utter désolation and despair. Articles in a line of never-ending rewrites, headlines to compose, whole pages to be rearranged descend A very important part of any newspaper is the business staff. Here are some of those hard-working girls now: Doris Reinhardt, Marabeth Ebel, Marian Horvat, Connie Tyl, Marlene Blaha, Mary Kerins, Susan Vernier, and seated Barbara Archer, (missing Mary Kay Weckermeyer) Business Managers. upon the already heavily-burdened staff members just minutes before a deadline! Into this vale of tears, this chaos of lost erasers, broken pencils and ragged typewriter ribbons step our encouraging moderators, Sister Mary Patrick and Sister John de Deo. Though we do most of the preliminary work, the faithful coynseling, the competent help, and the original suggestions of these faculty mem¬ bers are alone responsible for pulling us through the final crisis, for producing each issue of the Read-A-Wee. These Junior page editors with their enthusiasm are vital to our paper. They are Mary Crilly, Marilyn Eisele, Mary Kaye Fritsch, and Annabelle O ' Malley. More of the industrious business staff mem¬ bers are: Vivian Vermeersch, Marilyn Klein, Lynn Wuerz, advertising managers, Sister John de Deo moderator, Mary Kassabaum, Carol Stomer, and Judy Berkel. Janet Schoendienst, Neoma Fink, Mary Semmelroth, Nancy Moran, Rita Reuss, Margie Biehl, and Kay Trentmann browse through numerous yearbooks to obtain ideas that might be bénéficiai to them. Designing layouts on 3-R ' s, plucking at the typewriter, and exercising writ ing ability constitute a major part in the production of a yearbook. Sandra Shields, Peggy Sax, Teresa Schill, Judy Thomas, Margaret Thompson, Carol Wobbe, and Donna Schneider are quickly leaming the needed skills, The arrivai of the yearbooks is long anticipated by the staff. Bonnie Vernier, Dolores Westfall, Jeanette Smith, Marilyn Marshall, and Jeanne Baker enthusiastically distribute the books into various groups. The three o ' clock bell does not me an " day’s end ' for the girls who com¬ prise the Yearbook staff or Sister Jane Marie who supervises. Much time and hard work are expended to edit an Annual you will enjoy and treasure and one in which the Academy can show pride. Thinking of captions, wielding croppers, arranging pictures, and meeting deadlines are duties much too familiar to the Yearbook Staff, but the expéri¬ ence, the associations, and the end results are compensations not to be over- looked. The Yearbook is the story of the school year--spiritually, academically, and socially--and when you open it years from now the instances portrayed therein will, without a doubt, provoke a twitch to the corner of your mouth and a tear in the corner of your eye. This is your book--read it and enjoy it, show it to your family and friends --and when it finds a place in your warehouse of memories, the staff will feel it is a job well done. One doesn ' t always see such pleasant looks on the faces of Jeanette Smith, Business Manager, Sister Jane Marie, Moderator, Bonnie Vernier, Art Manager, Jeanne Baker, co-Editor, Marilyn Marshall, Photography Man¬ ager, and Dolores Westfall, Editor, for as they can tell you the problems of editing a Yearbook often fill them with mixed émotions of confusion, disgustedness, and ecstasy. Seeking the opinion of other staff members as to which picture to use on their page are Sharon Kochmanski, Stéphanie Lasky, Margie Vernier, and Marcia Crowley, missing. Library Guild Satisfies Quest These busy and industrious officers, President --Suzanne Lastarria, Vice President--Marilyn Klein, Secretary—Betty Heckenberger, and Treasurer--Carol O ' Brien of the Library Guild are never at a loss for work. The library at A. N.D. is an intégral part of the school re- flecting not only its philosophy but also its objectives. Mate¬ rials are available in ail subject areas challenging ail students of superior and lesser abilities . We hâve a very wholesome read- ing program as well as many Visual aids available to the faculty and classes . Each student when entering as a freshman is intro- duced to the li brary in order that she might further her cultural growth while a student at N.D. With a soft musical background Sister Angelita and these Library Guild members, Mary Ann Davis, Joan Zacharski, Janet Zimmerman, Sharon Ratay, and Rosemarie Schief- fer, find rearranging the picture file a much more pleasant task. 64 for Knowledge lllllllllllllülllllliill Gerrie Johnson, Doris Reinhardt, Susan Bums, Joyce Schaefer, Peggy Clancy, Lynn Wuerz, Sue Vernier, Sue McKinney, and Kathy McEvilly help Barbara Archer préparé the array of film strips that are utilized by the teachers as a teaching aid. The originality and attractiveness of the bulletin boards continue to capture the girls ' interest in the quest for new books to read. Susan Wittlich, Diane Weis, and Jane Swedo add the finishing touches. Books, books, and more books ... A lot of work is in store for Diane Leveling, Barbara Gavalek, Mary Goalby, Diane Crostarossa, Joanne Johnson, Judith Churchill, Marcia Beyer, Nancy Blumyer, Mary Doherty, Anita Kassly, Margaret Waite, Janice Kovar, Phyllis Guest, Sharon Keeley, Marilyn Schrader, Marcia Fuller, and Cindy Becherer. Girls’ Athletic The G.A .A . organization is one of the largest organizations in the school. Enjoying sports and receiving merits for the many points chalked up by par¬ ticipation in the various activities spon- sored by the organization, the girls develop daily in physical fitness , Homeroom représentatives are: Lynn Gansmann, Kathy Bartel, Sandra Falcette, Betty Driscoll, SEC¬ OND ROW: PeggyHayes, Sharon Schaefer, FranZepe- cki, Mary Eileen Lehan, Peggy Bauer, Judy Gain, Kathy Isler. THIRD ROW: Pat Schomber, Elaine Rinck, Sharon Smith, Rita Simmons, Kathy Garland. FOURTH ROW: Vonnie Oppermann, Ann Hoeffken, Mary Ann Denny, and Kathy Cheatham. Missing are: Georgia Sebesak, and Kathy Riedel. " Get the rebound, Lynn; our turn next, " says Barbara Lauf and Cathie Paoli. These Junior baseball champs; now SENIORS! Cap- tain Joan Gerdon congratulâtes other team members Mary Beth Oberndorfer, Vonnie Oppermann, Marian Horvat, Mary Ann Denny, Ann Hoeffken, Barb Lauf, Kathy Cheatham, Sue McKinney, Jane Reeb, Lynn Wuerz, and Marci a Crowley. • 66 Association Winners please! G.A.A. moderator Miss Margie Soucy approves the latest trophy ordered for the basketball champs. Planning the year ' s activities with their moderator are offîcers: President Joan Gerdon, Secretary Dottie Dillion, Vice- President, Mary Wiesen, andTreasurer Marcia Crowley. Careful girls—one down, ail down. Sister Mary Carmel pré¬ sents the first place tro- phy to the volleyball in- tr a mur al champs, Fresh- man Homeroom C 115. Future Teachers of America The F.T.A. is for those girls who are planning their careers in the field of teaching. The members of this organization learn that there are many char - acteristics which need to be cultivated in the pros - pective teacher. These qualities hâve been embed- ded in the Future Teachers ' Pledge. This pledge, re- cited at each meeting, hopes to develop good leadership qualities, a knowledge of the world around them, helpfulness in home and school, a whole- some personality, a moral vigor, and physical activity. Sister M. Aline, the moderator of the F.T.A. is explaining the importance of visual aids to her officers. Kay Stomer, Treasurer, Pat Walter, Secre- tary, Pat Haley, Recording Secretary, Carol Stomer, Co-Founder and Vice-President, Mary Peters, Co-Founder, Vivian Vermeersch, Parlia- mentarian, Mary Jo Bedell, President, realize that the help given by this organization is preparing them for their future vocation. Vivian Vermeersch, Bonnie Beardsmore, Pat Walters, Kathy Eschenfelder, Mary Peters, Barbara Molnar, Sandra Schaefer, Mary Jo Bedell, Barbara Oughton, Carol Stomer, Kathy Isler, Ruth Wright, Jean Wainwright, Peggy Hayes, Sandy Schields, Barbara Wollinger, Mary Beth Schoenherr, Jane Schlattweiler, Susan Bums, Judy Wasser, Joann Cichon, and Karen Wittenbrink represent some of the F.T.A. members. 68 feachers’ Aids Teachers ' Aids assist their moderator, Miss Clark, in recording the working hours of their fellow members. Assisting the faculty in their many chores are these self-sacrificing girls. Besides the seemingly endless array of papers which need correcting, they aid in the design of bulletin boards and help arrange the various projects initiated by the teachers. The faculty commends these individuals for their indispensable work. Barbara Schuette, Kathy Arnold, Cindy Glaus, Virginia Feder, Jean Dare, Clara Munier, Clara Schaefer, Ann Hoelscher, Jane Quirin, Barbara Brown, Cindy Beckerer, Kathy Cheatham, Marcia Fuller, Marian Horvat, Mary Lou Buettner, Marlene Straubinger, Bonnie Beardsmore, Mary Ann Ames, Kathy Knepper, Mary Fran Beykirch, Mary Ellen Budde, Cheryl Roach, Linda Hemann, Jeanne Blanquart, Pat Ruser, Jackie Morgan, Susan Bums, Phyllis Buss, and Shirley Matejka watch as Miss Clark bestows the pins symbolizing the Teachers ' Aids. 69 Future Nurses of America Diane Blumyer, president of the F.N.A., présents Sister Mary Carmel with the new four-cent stamp commemorating nursing. Looking on are Sister Charles Marie and Barbara Archer. Sister Charles Marie, moderator, présents Diane Blumyer with the F.N.A. membership pin. The other officers, proudly displaying their charter, are: Ann Hoeffken, sergeant- at-arms; Barb Archer, chaplain; Dorothy Nishke, secretary; Kay Trentman, vice- president. Here at Notre Dame a life dedicated to helping others is encouraged through daily school life and extracurricular activities. One of these activities is the F.N.A. This club offers to girls the opportunity to ac - quaint themselves with the many fields in nursing. Touring hospitals, hearing guest speakers, and sponsoring activities in con- junction with F.N.A. clubs in other cities are ail part of the bénéficiai program of- fered to members. Oui future nurses--Diane Blumyer, Kay Trentman, Barb Archer, Mary O ' Connor, Ann O ' Malley, Pat Jakoubek; Margie Thompson, Gertie Gagen, Dorothy Nishke, Margie Glauber; Joséphine Touchette, Janet Zimmerman, Mary Kay Weckermeyer. 70 Future Homemakers of America The F.H.A. présents emphasis on the simpler skills of homemaking, making it possible to présent broad concepts and basic principles involved in family living. It helps the girls develop the ability to face problems, now and in the future, with a fresh approach, and to bring about personal and group satisfaction rather than to follow patterns others hâve found suc- cessful. Practicing their cooking skill, the F.H.A. officers watch their moderator demonstrate the texture that cupcakes should be. They are Marabeth Ebel-- President, Audrey Jo Nahlik--Vice- President, Sister Lorita--Moderator, Maxine Karcher--Treasurer, and Vivian Vermeersch--Secretary. The making of Christmas centerpieces kept the F.H.A. ' ers occupied during tlie busy holiday season. Sister Carmel awarded prizes to the most original. Sandy Cook received first, Almie Hat- zel second, and Ruth Ann Hoeffken third. Barbara Jacobi, Sandy Cook, Sandy Bauer, Kathy Bailey, Margie Braeu- tigam, Audrey Jo Nahlik, Marcia Muckensturm, Kathy Schwartz, Lupe Sanchez, Jo Ellen Koesterer, Almie Hatzel, Charlene Woolery, andSandra Recker model the clothes they fash- ioned from Simplicity patterns. Awards are given to those students on Honors Day who hâve merited récogni¬ tion for the achievements they hâve accomplished throughout the school year. In the above picture Sister Mary Carmel presented Pat Polansky, Mary Ann Eisele, Annabelle O ' Malley, and Jean Wainwright pins for having the highest scholastic average in their respective classes in the year 1961. Other awards for daily attendance, high religion averages, essay abilities, drama perfection, and outstanding leadership among organizations are given to deserving stud ents throughout the year. Pat Phillips, Jane Reeb, and Sandee Semon received commendation for their high scholastic achievement in the National Merit Scholarship Exam. Senior Pat Phillips was named Future Homemaker of Tommorrow from the results of the Betty Crocker Homemaker test sponsored by General Mills. Pat, displaying her homemaking ability, serves tea to Mrs. Gifford and Mrs. Knauer during a mid-moming snack. A.N.D. Is Proud of These . . . CHERYL FRIC K JO ELLEN KOESTERER These two représentative seniors were elected by the senior class as our représentatives to St. Louis U. High and C.B.C. respectively. Among other activities, Cheryl andjo Ellen attended football games, pep rallies, and a for¬ mai dance. Carrying with them the spirit and ideals of Notre Dame, they ex- emplify the qualities that should be instilled in every Christian lady. Kathy Garland, Judee Beukmann, Jane Eichholz, Margie Vernier, and Patti Schaefer surround queen Jean Bauer as she is crowned 1961 Football queen. Presented with a football signed by ail the team members, Jean smiles her thanks to her loyal C.H.S. fans. 74 In récognition of the fine job she did raising money for the orphans, Cathie Paoli was crowned queen at the Orphan Bowl dance at C.H.S. The other girls, ail chosen from their respective parishes to participate in this activity are: Barbara Fellner, Sharon Ceydor, Joyce Schwartz, Deanna Degen, retiring queen Dianne Wolfersberger, Marilyn Moore, Mary Crilly, Susan Vernier, Jeanne Baker, and their escorts. This vivacious group of Notre Dame girls demonstrate agility and enthusiasm as they cheer Cathédral High School to victory. They are Patti Schaefer, Judee Beuckman, Jane Eichholz, Margie Vernier, Jean Bauer, and Kathy Garland. Culminating the excitement of the World ' s Finest Chocolaté Drive, a dance was held for ail quota girls and their dates. The queen, Sharon Meyer, and the highest salesgirl from each class was escorted by her dad to the place of honor. The représentatives are: Stéphanie Lasky, Senior; Rosemary Putz, Freshman; Jean Dare, Junior; Martha Vernier, Sophomore; and Clémentine Felt, Junior. (.ri mi ml fllUtiMi ’AUfc V i vu» r » ht «as The underclassmen, an intégral part of the Academy, are typical of the enthusiasm, loyalty, and Christian courage of which future students are composed. The adult world relies on the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen to be the responsible mothers, teachers, and lead¬ ers of tomorrow ' s youth. " Compatability” and " Juniors " are two terms which coincide. Within their ranks, the Junior class has exemplified for other students the re- sulting rewards derived as benefits of working to- gether. Originality, an influencial factor in the mod¬ em world, is a proudly possessed asset of the Sophomore class . In many varied ways they hâve manifested their abilities to accept future leadership. The refreshing vigor of the Freshmen has succeeded in revitalizing faculty and students alike. After the novelty of high school subsided, their ingenuity aided them in guiding this energy toward worthwhile interests. S T U D E N T S 63 64 65 Maureen Ballard Louise Bauman Jeanne Blanquart Judy Brutto Jeanette Costanzo Mary Ann Davis Jackie Faller Clémentine Feldt Mary C. Fischer Kitty Foley Mary Geppert Mary Eilen Grogan Lynn Halvachs Janet Hoskins Joann Johnson Christine Kaiser Mary Kassebaum Homeroom 205 Margie Thompson, Treasurer, Karen Rowe, Presi¬ dent, Mary Lou Cichon, Vice-President, Ardys Jeffries, Secretary, pick out dates for their home¬ room activities. Karen Peters Gayle Ramirez Eunice Rick Kathy Rickert Betty Schaefer Rosemarie Schieffer Pat Schomber Diane Shay Ossie Spears Mary Frances Steiner Avon Thomas Barbara Voellinger Carol Wobbe Charlene Antweiler Kathy Arnold Bonnie Beardsmore Sue Beth Benton Judy Berkel Judy Bertke Judee Beuckman Ruth Ann Cole Jean Dare Margie Eschenfelder Gertie Gagen Barbara Gawalek Mary Frances Gore Susanne Halwachs Marinell Johnson Rita Joseph Carol Kinkelaar Bonnie Koesterer June Makowski Donna Mangin Patty Mayer Clara Mae Munier Homeroom 206 Nan Moran, President, Barbara Féliner,Vice-President, Margie Biehl, Secretary, and Kay Trentmann, Treasurer, rest after a hard day of study. Mary Naumann Nancy Ohlendorf Mary Peters Pat Riley Elaine Rinck Barbara Swengross Jane Rujawitz Pat Ruser Donna Schneider Mary Semmelroth Ruth Ann Siekmann Ruth Wright Corrie Abright Class Officers: Mary Kay Fritsch, President; Barbara Oughton, Treasurer; Sharon Ratay, Secretary; and Marilyn McKinney, Vice-President. Bernice Baumann Patti Beis Claude Bemier Cheryl Bowen Homeroom 207 Catherine Boyne Cecelia Cullen Mary Ellen Dingerson Cathy Eschenfelder Kathy Garland Pamela Grout Juanita Helms Kathy Hesterberg Kathleen Huschle Joyce Johnson Margaret Kinsella Mari lyn Lyons Joan Noser Janet Posenuk Margene Rickert Peggy Sax Mary Diane Schmitt Barbara Schuette Sandra Scott Terry Shea Saundra Shobe Carol Stomer Joséphine Touchette Doris Watson Mary Wiesen Dianne Wolfersberger Joan Zacharski Janet Zimmerman Bonnie Becker Pat Breeden Sherry Dailey Barbara Eschman Neoma Fink Alice Gardner Martha Gatawakas Patricia Haley Karen Hayden Eileen Hayes Ireta Higgerson Candy Jung Charlotte Kaesberg Kathie Meirink Sharon Monken Katie Nuetzel Jane Quirin Jeanette Renneker Kathie Richardson Mary Frances Riedel Joan Roth Pat Rozycke Clara Schaefer Janet Schoendienst Sandra Shields Sharon Smith Suzanne Tieman Diane Visintine Homeroom 308 Judy Pawlow, President; Sharon Meyer, Vice-President; Jean Feder, Treasurer; and Janice Schneider, Secretary, are enjoying nice weather on the campus. Darlene Wemer Mary Whealon Homeroom 309 Ready for action are Mary Kay Kohl, President; Diane Boul, Vice-President; Diane Baumann, Secre- tary; and Mary Crilly, Treasurer. Jane Appel Lilianna Barria Janet Bell Mary L. Diekemper Marilyn Eisele Mary Friederich Pat Fuchs Kathy Grimmer Patty Hettenhausen Jean Johnson Mary K. Kubitschek Barb Lautz Judy Lurtz Kathy Mell Judy McCarthy Annabe ' lle O ' Malley Rita Reuss Lucy Riedel Pat Roscow Ginny Salamone Lupe Sanchez Terry Schiil Marianne Schmidt Rita Schulte Judi Shields Rita Simmons Carol Sinn Judy Thomas Dons Warzala Margie Vail Homeroom Cl Marianne Bailey Kathy Baudino Linda Berens Diana Betlach Nancy Biumyer Barbara Brown Marian Buescher Kathy Cassin Kathy Cernecka Kathy Cochran Joyce Coose Peggy Daubach Elaine Dauphin Marcia Fuller Kathy Guetterman Ginny Harrison Kathy Heizer Kathy Isler Sue Kaltenbronn Carol Knaus Barbara Kuehn Karen Laing Diane Morck Cecelia Nugent Barbara Nurdin Susan Peck Phyllis Phillips Carol Platzkoester Clariece Ritzheimer Janet Sax Sue Schulte Gail Semon Helen Sobieralski Connie Tyl Kathy Varady Pam Wathen President Kay Tragesser Vice-President Kathy Siekmann ià.à Secretary Anita Kassly ▲ L Treasurer Marian Gashgarian éjJk Homeroom C200 Margie Arnold Barbara Bertelsman Marsha Beyer Mary Ellen Biehl Jean Buss Judith Campbell Judy Churchill Maureen Clifford Mary Collins Linda Cummings President: Diane Crostarosa Vice-President: Cherie Burke Dolores Dressel Linda Fricke Mary Beth Grimmer Mary Haga Rose Ann Hoff Mary Igel Pat Jakoubek Marilyn Kaffer Joyce Lanter Mary Lehan Eileen Lett Mary Jane Meuth Cathy Moore Mary Ann Nadler Mary O ' Connor Rose Marie Randle Sharon Renneker Sharon Sorgea Carol Schilling Marilyn Schrader Pat Smith Treasurer: Barbara S art o Secretary: Carol Brueggeman Margaret Waite Maureen Wall Joan Waeltz Susan Wittlich Bonnie Wright Homeroom C203 President Mary K. Meyer Vice President Marilyn Schranz il Treasurer Kay Storner Secretary Lenore Martin Bemadelle Bann Laura Bann Cathy Bauer Nancy Blackston Sharon Buckston Judy Crook Carole Dingivan Carol Falcetti Ercile Ferrenbach Peggy Ferris Ann Pazderka Helen Reeb Monica Render Sharon Ritson Pat Schaefer Alice Foran Margaret Glauber Margery Haas Peggy Hayes Jane Schwalb Mary Schwarztrauber Virginia Smith Mary Hickman Kathy Himstedt Karen Marchetti Susan McEvilly Cathy Medley Susan Murdoch Nancy Nold Rebecca Nold Homeroom C205 1 ékâf â Ann Hoelscher Mary Isselhardt Ann Jasper Trudy Johnson Kathleen Lowe Veronica Lucas Kathy Maher Janet Bedel Sharon Black Barbara Brewer Cathy Chouinard Sheila Cooney Mary Dammrich President Suzanne La Surs Mary Doherty Betty Driscoll Mary Kay Galvin Cheryl Giffhom Susan Hladick Vice-President Margaret Amann Secretary Janice Jakes Micky McGinley Ann Miller Janet Moore Anna O ' Meara Rose Mary O’Meara Carol Perron Elaine Powell Doris Prindable Mary Ann Quirin Treasurer Mary Jo Briesacher «à Mary Jean Sheraikis Barbara Trappe Jean Wainwright Judy Wasser Karen Wittenbrink Janine Wylder Homeroom 305 President Elaine O ' Leary « à Vice-President Ann Yoch ( - i I Treasurer Jean Shadid Peggy Bauer Cindy Becherer Jacqueline Becherer Karen Brady Mary Lou Buettner Kathleen Burns Patricia Byme Vicky Canty Jane Carpenter Jeanette Dahm Kitty Davlan Carol Sue Gass Margie Glauber Cynthia Glaus Secretary Pat Worley Rosemary Prohaska Paulette Reime Mary Beth Rensing Susan Roche Jackie Savage Sandra Schaefer Kathleen Thien Martha Vernier Kay Walter Joyce Wuebbels Susan Ann Merz Charlene Poelker Nancy Piquard Sheila Price Barbara Bertschinger Nancy Brazie Jane Ann Curell Dottie Dillon Marilyn Donna Linda Dyer Diane Edwards Mary Ellen Ehret Susan Eisele Kay Elliott Mary Ellen Fischer Ruth Franz Judy Gain Mary Goalby Barbara Hankammer Rose Ann Heet Teresa Hoffman Homeroom 306 President Vice-President Secretary Ann Gaumond Marcia Arnold Alexis Boden Treasurer Carol Kreher Cathy Kestly Suzanne Lehmann Sandra Long Virginia Maurer Julie Rauckman Lynn Render Joyce Rudert Joan Schwalb Carol Smith Kathryn Stocker Patricia Vlasak Diane Weis Barbara Wemdie Jean Wessel Mary Ellen Yettke BOTTOM: Karen Davinroy, Pat Craig, Lynn Frees, Janet Gamer, Nancy Fuhrman, Joyce Gaskill, Sharon Gebke, Judy Gunlachgladly pose for the caméra. Linda Becker, Kathy Bartel, Donna Bertelsman, Jane Bauer, Kathy Carney, Arlene Bach, Betsy Boyer, Mary F. Beykirch stand waiting to stock up on pencils, paper, and those ever used erasers. " Onward and upward " is the motto of: Kay Nixon, Carol Thompson, Ruth Mamino, Tinna Racheff, Susan Renneker, Judy Kral, Donna Reiss, Roberta Lukac, Judy Neighbors. Homeroom C2 Trying to increase their vocabulary are these girls: Martha Hall- bauer, Kathy Kaiser, Betty Hilpert, Jo Ann Kinsella, Diana Issel- hard, Jackie Hrasky, Barb Kehrer, Kathy Jalageas. 89 Enjoying a three minute break are: Mary Ellen Sullivan, Jean Schwarz, Barb Visintine, Rita Terveer, Nancy Stier, Mary Jane Wurth, Debbie Weider, and Cherylan Sherman. Downward are: Mary Jo Boswell, Linda Grogan, Phyllis Guest, Nancy Beelman, Barb Bell, Mar- Homeroom CIOI Thirsty? Rosemarie Mangaipane, Jennifer Rob¬ erts, Pat Lotz, Sharon Muckenstrum, Mary McEULi- gott, Sharon Schaefer, Marilyn Neeman, and Barb Neu. Ptoud of N.D. ' s honors are: Judy Jacobi, San- dra Komeshak, Judy Irwin, Margaret Hayes, Ar- retta Logston, Anita Kauffman, Judy Kinkelaar, and Rosemary Koesterer. Homeroom Cl 02 Dabbling in the future are: Dana Valentin, Diane Tylka, Susan Vickery, Cheryl Sodam, Paula Shobe, Carol Lee Whobrey, Diane Zacharski, Joann Weidenhoffer. Judy Hoffmann, Jane Koesterer, Barb Keen, Sharon Gruen, Mary Beth Janssen, Barb Goehner, Jane Hanley, Helen Haglestein en- joy the beauty of the campus. Freshmen share leisure ! Kathy Reidel, Doris Malacarne, Peggy Neff, Linda Kra- mer, Constance Ochs, Shirley Prpich, Rosemary Ptutz, Mary Elizabeth Libéra. Predicting fortunes are: Joan Becherer, Gayle Fak, Pat Armour, Judy Bailey, Sandy Becker, Bonnie Bingheim, Alice Blanquart, Lynn Abright. Ann Katt, Mary Kelcher, Barb Lyvers, Mary Lou Hanna, Mary Heckenberger, Lucia Juenger, and Pat Knaus take a breather after a morning of hard classes. Homeroom Cl 20 Eagerly posing for our caméras--Carol Schaefer, Evelyn Prochaska, Joyce McFarling, Dianna Porter, Karen Rist, Jean Orlet, Margaret Sarkesian and Jill Perkinson. This group of Freshies includes Diane Wottowa and Marsha Smith, KNEELING, and Nancy Schobert, Georgianne Sebesak, Mary Skye, Mary Jo Schwarz, and Joan Stollard. A moment of relaxation for Donna Becker, Phyllis Buss, Sharon Christ, Terry Biver, Jolene Guetterman, Margaret Dalton, Martha Fietsam, and Kathy Andres. 92 Corning or going? Kathy Knepper, Sharyn Kee- ley, Jennifer Kane, Elizabeth Kohl, Jane Fuehne, Vicki Calvin, and Frances Horvat. After their lunch period Mary Ann Ames, Donna Andrews, Mary Beth Barice- vic, Kathryn Crosta- rosa, Kathleen Cullen, Judy Cullinane, JoAnne Frerker, and Kathy Fritsche enjoy a breath of fresh air. Homeroom CI 15 Jane Loehr, Sandra Landry, Kathy Kregor, Janice Kovac, Kathy Leveling, and Sheila Lippert are in complété uniform. Judy Swedo, Clara Rehling, Janet Scheibel, Jeanne Tissier, Marsha Vernier, Kathy Wilshire, Frances Zepecki, and Barbara Zimmerman pause on the front steps. Homeroom C20 1 Mary Beth Walters, Patricia Wall, Nancy Walsh, Phyllis Zaganelli, Mary Kay Timper, Cheryl Roach, and Jamie Rice posed prettily for our picture. Mailing their fan letters are Phyllis Louis, Patty Kubitschek, Jacqueline Morgan, Pat Mebald, Beth Nesbit, Judith Rein- kemeyer, Maureen McGinley, and Saundra Meyer. Barbara Cichon, Mary Ann Clyne, Mary Beth Bux, Anne Carroll, Mary Kay Baker, Shirley Buettner, Maureen Doherty, and Sandra Emig patiently wait for the bus. Forming this chorus line are: Joyce Goodall, Betty Lou Henry, Linda Kassebaum, Sandra Falcetti, Bar¬ bara Koesterer, Janie Friesz, Carol Fuller, and Trudi Gaines. 94 Cynthia Randall, Jill Prévost, Eileen Morrison, Barbara Neff, Sharon Patterson, Martha McClelland, Mary Celeste Panepinto, Daine Mattheros stop to enjoy the sun before continuing their busy schedules. These freshmen Roberta Schaller, Jeaneen Rice, Jo Ann Sommers, Patricia Steugel, Daine Sears, Ruth Ann Schmitt, Kay Scheibel, Anita Rodriguez appreciate the scenic campus. Jean Marie Becherer, Rita Brutto, Kathleen Buckley, Jill Cavataio, Diane Drovetta, Lynn Gansmann, Mary Helen Heafner, Deborah Heagy pause in the shade. Linda Hemann, Ardianne Impennachio, Barbara John¬ son, Pat Johnson, Linda Kegel, Mary Klinkhammer, Kathleen Lanter, Janet Leipold occupy a favorite spot on the campus. Freshman Officers Homeroom C101 and Homeroom C2X6 Caught in the act: Mary Helen Hoeffken, president; Kathryn Fischer, treasurer; Patricia Morales, president; Janet Allen, vice-president; Sharon Vêlas, secretary; Patricia Kiehl, vice- president; Barbara Bailey, Treasurer; and Joanne Hartleb, secretary. Ready or not here they corne! Homeroom C120 Marilyn Vernier, vice-president; Mary Jo Vernier, treasurer; Connie Kosydor, president; Antonia Rowlan, secretary; Homeroom C102 Rita Junod, treasurer; Sandra Oller, vice-president, Susan Murphy, secretary; and Janice Pennebaker, president. On a hot spot! Homeroom Cl 15 Nancy Busch, secretary; Pat McBride, vice- president; Mary Ellen Budde, president; Janice Cox, treasurer; Homeroom C201 Diane Hamilton, president; Mary Kay Gaul, secretary; Doris Feder, vice-president; Ann Reeb, treasurer. Discussing their duties are: Pat Kastel, vice-president; Karen Lee, secretary; Mary Wuest, president; and Betty Fritsch, treas¬ urer of Homeroom C2. The officers of the Mothers ' Club pose with their daughters. They are: Mrs. J. Cocheba, Kaye; Mrs. Walter Tyl, Connie; Mrs. A. Jung and Candy; Mrs. Don McKinney, Marilyn, Susan; Mrs. William John¬ son, Gerrie; Mrs. Thomas Bedell, Mary Jo; Mrs. George Gagen, Gertie; Absent: Mrs. C. Ramsey, and Pat. Behind every fine school there should be num- erous organizations to support and aid it in as many ways as possible. We, here at A.N.D., are grateful to hâve both the Mothers and Fath- ers Clubs whose assistance has been most béné¬ ficiai. For example, they hâve provided essen- tial school equipment, as well as a number of annual scholarships . To You We Are Grateful The officers of the Fath- ers and Fri ends ' Club talk over business as their daughters look on. They are: Mr. Bill Kassebaum, Linda, Mary; Mr. Heet, Rose Ann; Mr. Charles Schill, Terry; Mr. Igel, Mary. Performing one of her many duties, Sister Gonsalva copies a transcript for senior Jeanette Schaeffer. Fifty Golden Years of Service Notre Dame has for many years been privileged to enjoy the services of Sister M. Gonsalva, who this year is a Golden Jubilarian as a Religious. While a teacher, Sister prepared many mothers of the présent students for the business world. As Registrar, Sister keeps careful track of the many records, transcripts, and accounts necessary to the school. She is also the moderator of the Academy ' s Alumnae Association. Faculty and students join in congratulating Sister Gonsalva during this her Golden Jubilee Year. As moderator of the Alumnae, SisteT Gonsalva is here pictured with the officers and board members. They are: Jeanette Miller, Mary Ann Michelle, Mary Ann Bauer, Margie Hoffmann, Mary Lou Adams, Joan Springer, Dorothy Kistner, Regina Miller, Janet Veermeersh, Maureen Stratmann, Mary Ann Houseman. 98 We Need You! Always meeting us with friendly smiles in the cafétéria are Mrs. Harbough and Mrs. Bresnahan. Faithful to duty, these ladies help satisfy the hunger pangs of the students. Displaying their merchandise to Mary Ann Hanley and Barbara Hankammer are stationery store workers, Clare Munier, Barb Schulte, and Virginia Feder with supervisor Sister Mathilde. By sacrificing their study periods, these girls aid Sister Mary Carmel in various functions of the office: Mary K. Kostelac, Stéphanie Lasky, Dolores Lacoma, Helen Pelke, Donna Sander, Mary Lou Buettener, Mary Ann Falbe, Karen Rowe, Barbara Kuehn, Carol Gass, and Julie Rauchman. What ' s the rush?--The future looks bright—My name is José Himmenes--This is a respectable place, Patti-- ' Who says we get too much homework? " --That ' s where my money goes—The happy faculty—No wonder we missed the moon--Whoever drinks the fastest gets the mostest--On tip toes—Debbie Drake???—It pays to start early--Regina Nostra--Shall I teach you the Charleston, Grandmama?--Where ' s the mid-section?--We challenge C.H.S. or A.H.S. any day-- ' Tn your Easter bonnet . . . " --ohh!--Animal-eye view of Mission Day— N-E-S-T-L-E-S chocolaté--Our faithful spiritual advisor — SSND card sharks--our last auction piece. NEED A FAVOR FROM GOD? WHY NOT ASK OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS! " . . . Never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help, was left unaided ... " SHRINE OF OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS OBLATE FATHERS BelleviIle, Illinois Patrons His Excellency, The Most Reverend Albert R. Zuroweste, D.D. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas P. Driscoll Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Orlet, V.P. Very Rev. Msgr. Joseph B. Stenger J.C.D. Very Rev. Robert Wesselman Rev. John A. Baggio Rev. Joseph Callahan Rev. Robert Dollar Rev. H. J. Freese Rev. Stephen R. Freund Rev. Léo Hayes Rev. HarryJ. Jerome Rev. Jones Rev. Joseph A. Lawler Rev. Joseph LeGrand Rev. Raphaël Middeke Rev. William F. Rensing S.M.A. Fathers School Sisters of Notre Dame-- Cathedral, Belleville St. Luke School St. Mary Convent Sister Mary Cecilia (Scheibel) Senior Homeroom 102 Senior Homeroom 110 Senior Homeroom 201 Junior Home room 205 Junior Homeroom 206 Junior Homeroom 207 Junior Homeroom 308 Sophomore Homeroom Cl Sophomore Homeroom 305 Sophomore Homeroom 306 Freshman Homeroom C101 Congratulations " Big Sisters " from Freshman Homeroom C102 Freshman Homeroom Cl 15 Freshman Homeroom C 120 Freshman Homeroom C201 Freshman Homeroom C216 Mr. Mrs. J. W. Albright Mr. Mrs. Eugene Ambry Mary Ann Ames Mr. Mrs. O. M. Andres Mr. Mrs. Cyril A. Arnold Mr. Mrs. Fred E. Arnold Mr. W. A. Baisley Mr. Mrs. John Balint Mr. Mrs. Robert J. Ballard Patricia Bann ' 61 Walter Bassler Mr. Mrs. Adrian F. Bauer Catherine Bauer Mr. Mrs. Philip Bauer F. M. Becherer Janet Becherer Dr. Paul F. Becherer Mr. Mrs. Ervin Becker Mrs. Walter Becker Mr. Mrs. Wilbert J. Becker Mr. Mrs. Edward Beckett Mr. Mrs. Paul Bedel Mr. Mrs. Thomas D. Bedell Frank Beelman Mrs. Aloysius Bell Mr. Mrs. William C. Benton Mr. Mrs. Eugene C. Bernier Miss Helen Biehl The M. G. Biehl Family Mr. Mrs., John J. Biscan Wayne Biver, Metropolitan Life Carolyn Ann Blaes ' 62 Mr. Mrs. Bert Blanquart George Becker Lt. Col. Mrs. R. M. Brewer Mr. Mrs. George W. Brickler, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Glen Brown Mrs. Brumley Mr. Mrs. Adolph J. Brutto Mrs. William Buckley Mr. Mrs. Otto Bugger George A. Buker Dr. Bill R. Burton Mr. Mrs. Anthony H. Buss Dr. Mrs. John Carroll Mr. Mrs. Robert Gaskill Joseph W. Cavataio Mr. Mrs. William Cepluch Mr. Mrs. Alex Chouinard Helen Clark ' 56 Mr. Mrs. John Cocheba Dr. Mrs. Bart Cole Theron Couch 103 The walk doesn ' t seem short enough when it ' s time to head for home. Miss Patricia Courtney Mr. Mrs. James Cronin Mr. Mrs. R. E. Crowley Edward Cullinane Mr. Thomas Dalton Mrs. Thomas Dalton Mr. Mrs. Albert J. Davinroy Jacob Deckert Mr. Mrs. O. E. Denny Lt. Col. Edward A. Dingivan Family Mr. Mrs. D. Doherty Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Dressel Judge Mrs. John Driscoll Peggy Driscoll Mr. Mrs. Joseph W. Drovetta Mrs. E. W. Eckhardt Mr. Mrs. Vernon DeFosset Dr. Mrs. Matthew B. Eisele Dr. Mrs. Owen Eisele Dr. Mrs. Vincent Eisele E. J. Elliott Mrs. Virginia T. Ernest Mr. 8 i Mrs. Don R. Erwin Mr. 8 i Mrs. Léo R. Falbe Mr. 8 i Mrs. A. E. Faller Mrs. Marvin Fay Dr. Nick H. Feder Dr. 81 Mrs. Nick H. Feder Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Feder Edward G. Fellner Mrs. Fenoughty Mike Fenoughty Mr. 8 i Mrs. Don L. Ferris Miss Erlene Fink Al A. Fischer M Sgt. 8 i Mrs. J. J. Fischer Mrs. Walter Fischer Judge Joseph Fleming Mr. 81 Mrs. Leon Frick, Jr. Mary Friederich A Friend Dr. 81 Mrs. K. F. Fritsch Jane Fuenhne Mr. 81 Mrs. James F. Galvin, Jr. Lynn Gansmann Joséphine Garcia Lila O. Garcia Joseph Gashgarian Cherie Gass ' 60 Mr. Mrs. M. J. Gaul Mr. Mrs. Patrick W. Gaul Mr. Mrs. Léo Gawalek Mr. Mrs. Arthur Giffhorn Mrs. William Gifford Valentine Glauber Mr. Mrs. P. Golden Roy Grefg Marion Green 104 Patrons Mr. Mrs. Joseph F. Gribat Mr. Mrs. Morris J. Grimmer Mr. Mrs. Henry Guetterman Mrs. Paul A. Gundlach Mr. Mrs. AdolphJ. Haas Mrs. Lee Hagen W. J. " Target " Hagene Mrs. John H. Haley, Jr. Mr. Mrs. F. J. Halvachs Mr. Mrs. Robert Hanna Mrs. Harbaugh Mr. Mrs. J. S. Harrison, Jr. Mrs. Hatzel Mr. Mrs. Clarence W. Heap Mary Margaret Heap Jerry Hecht Juanita Helms Mrs. Hensler Mr. Mrs. L. Herkenrader Florence C. Hertick, Studio Girl Distributor Vera Hickman Mr. Mrs. Ralph Hoeffken Mr. William Hoeffken Mr. Mrs. Oscar L. Huber Mr. Mrs. J. H. Igel AlIsler " It ' s a feat to fit feet! " Mrs. Urban Jacobi Mr. Mrs. Steve Jacobs Richard Jeffries Otto Johnson Kenneth J. Jones Elizabeth Rita Joseph Mr. Mrs. Ervin Joseph Emmy Kaiser Mrs. Clarence Kalert Victor Karban Mr. Mrs. Melvin L. Kastel Ann Katt Mr. Mrs. Elmer Katt Malcolm Katt Miss Dorothy Keeley Mrs. Anna Kelley Mr. Mrs. Tom Kerins Mr. Mrs. Arnold J. Kinsella Mr. Mrs. Joseph Kinsella Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Klaus Dr. Mrs. William E. Knaus Mr. Mrs. Pete Kochmanski Dr. R. A. Koesterer Mr. Mrs. J. D. Kubitschek Dr. Mrs. James Kuebel Katherine Kuehn Mr. Mrs. Charles Kukorola Charles Lang Mr. Mrs. Julian Lanter Mr. Mrs. John Lasky Gene LeChien Mr. Mrs. Edward Lehan Mr. Mrs. E. G. Leipold Mr. Mrs. C. Leveling Carol Ann Leveling ' 60 Mary Frances Leveling ' 58 Mr. Mrs. John J. Libéra Mr. Mrs. John Kostelac, Jr. Mrs. John H. Liberty Mr. Mrs. John Locklar Mr. Mrs. Lockman Mr. Mrs. L. Loehr Carolyn Lukac Judy Lukac Mr. Mrs. Vernon Lucas Major William J. Lyons Mr. Mrs. Joseph Lyvers Pat McBride Bernice McCarthy, R. Ph. Juanita McCarthy Mr. Mrs. Ira R. McClelland Carol McElligott Mr. Mrs. Robert McGlynn Mrs. T. McKeone Miss Helen Mahoney Donna Mangin Mrs. Dora Marsh Ruth Ann Martz Mr. Mrs. Robert T. Matthews Mr. Mrs. Don Melhorn Margie Mell Mr. Mrs. Fred M. Mer singer Mr. Mrs. B. Merz Mr. Mrs. A. R. Meyer Betty Catherine Meyer Mr. Mrs. Louis A. Meyer Mr. Mrs. E. L. Miller Miss Jeannette Miller Mr. Mrs. G. C. Moeser Mrs. Edith Moeser Mr. Mrs. Arthur Moore E. F. Moore Mr. Mrs. F. L. Moore Lt. Col. Cari H. Morales Mrs. R. G. Moran Mrs. Matilda Muckensturm Mr. Mrs. Charles J. Mueth Family Helen Nail Mr. Mrs. Eugene Neff Joann Neff Mr. Mrs. W. A. Neff, Jr. 105 Patrons Mr. Mrs. Erwin P. Nenninger Mr. Mrs. Charles Nishke Joan E. Noser Mary O ' Connor C200 Mr. 81 Mrs. E. F. O ' Malley Mr. 8 i Mrs. G. J. Krein Mr. Si Mrs. E. J. Oberndorfer Mr. 8i Mrs. Richard Oison Mrs. J. J. Panepinto Mr. Si Mrs. C. R. Patterson Mr. Si Mrs. James Pennebaker Lana Peters Mr. 8i Mrs. Jack Peters .Ann Platzkeester Mr. 8i Mrs. John Prpich Mr. 8i Mrs. Joseph Putz, Sr. Mr. 8i Mrs. William L. Rable Mrs. Joe Ramsey Charles Randall Mr. Si Mrs. Arthur F. Rehkoff Mr. 8i Mrs. Les Reuss Mary Riley Mr. S; Mrs. Aloys Reeb Mr. 8 i Mrs. Leonard Reinhardt Vincent Reinhardt--Furnace Cleaned Joyce Reno Rich, Steve, Rick Mr. Malcolm Roche Jeanette Roenicke, ' 62 Miss Mary Rolek Mr. Si Mrs. Bernard H. Ruser, Sr. Mr. Si Mrs. Arthur Salel Frances Salomone Mr. Si Mrs. John Sapolis Mrs. John H. Sax Scott N. C. O. Wives Club Mr. 8 i Mrs. Jule Schaefer Mr. 8i Mrs. Frank Shaller Mr. 8i Mrs. W. A. Schickendanz Dr. 8i Mrs. A. D. Schilling Mr. Si Mrs. Fred Schindler Mrs. Richard Schlarman Constable Si Mrs. Art Schlattweiler Mr. 8i Mrs. Alvin Schmidt Mr. Si Mrs. Everist J. Schmidt Mr. 8 i Mrs. Joseph J. Schmidt Marianne Schmidt Mr. Si Mrs. L. Schoenherr Mr. 8 i Mrs. Edmund M. Schott Mr. 8i Mrs. Leslie V. W. Schrader Mrs. Lester Schwab Mr. Si Mrs. Lorraine Schwarz Col. R. C. Sears Dr. Earl Semon Mrs. Rosalie Semon Prof. Virgil Seymour Mr. Si Mrs. M. J. Shadid Mrs. Chris Shanner Mr. Charles " Sunny” Shields Mr. Si Mrs. Léo Siekmann Mr. 81 Mrs. L. M. Sinn Mrs. E. Smith Joseph Sommers Miss Margie Soucy Mrs. Steele Mrs. W. C. Steiert Mrs. A. Steiner Mr. 8 t Mrs. Rudolph Steinmeyer Mrs. Margie Swedo Richard Tayon Harry Terver Mr. 8 i Mrs. Russell Thoman The Thomas E. Thompson Family Mr. Si Mrs. Herbert Thomas Mr. 8t Mrs. J. N. Thomas Mr. Si Mrs. Ralph S. Thomas Mr. Si Mrs. B. L. Timper Mr. David Tolageas Mr. Si Mrs. Cari H. Totsch Kathleen Truccano, ' 60 Max Tucker Lenn Turner Mr. Si Mrs. Walter Tyl Mr. 8i Mrs. Joe Tylka Mr. Si Mrs. Robert Vail Mr. Si Mrs. George Vêlas Mr. Si Mrs. Joe Vernier Sam Visintine Mr. St Mrs. Clarence Voellinger Mr. 8 i Mrs. Abdon Vrzal Mr. St Mrs. William Wainwright Joan Waite Mr. 8i Mrs. John Walsh, Jr. Mr. St Mrs. Kenneth J. Walters Mr. Marcel E. Ward Mr. Si Mrs. R. E. Ward 8i Son Mr. Si Mrs. C. J. Wasser Mrs. Marie Weckermeyer Mrs. Virginia Weidenhoffer The Alfred J. Weider Family Mr. Si Mrs. William A. Weis James Werndle Mrs. Mary Wessel Notre Dame Alumnae Mr. 8i Mrs. Aldus Westfall Mr. Si Mrs. O. R. Westfall Marcella White Sharon Wilkinson Mr. Robert L. Williams Mrs. V. A. Wilshire Dr. T. J. Winkler (Dentist) Mrs. C. E. Wiscombs Mrs. Freda Wisnasky Mr. Mrs. R. M. Wittenbrink Mrs. Emil F. Wottowa Mr. Mrs. Harold G. Wright Mr. Mrs. Bert Wuerz C. F. Yoch Family Mr. Mrs. G. Ray Young Mr. Mrs. A. J. Yurgel Louis Zaganelli A L.Woodcraft Shop Audrey ' s Beauty Shop Becherer’s Jeweler Bel-Air Bowl Belleville Hardware Bel-View IGA Foodliner Bertram ' s Shell Service George Blanquart, Jeweler s Bob ' s Flower Shop Bonhard Florist Brannon’s Service Station, Shiloh Bud’s Trailer Sales Carroll House Carson Klee Realtors Coiffure School of Beauty Culture Community Milk Co. Cooks Hardware Creason Funeral Home The Davis Cup (on the Square) Diehl ' s Jewelers East Side Aluminum Speu. Inc. Eden’s Pharmacy Evelyn ' s Beauty Mart Syl Fietsam’s Jewelry Food Land Market Four Star Realtors Freeburg Milling Supply Co. Frees Plumbing Heating G L Feed Co. Glazebrook’s Goenner ' s Eaves Furniture Co. Mrs. Graf’s Co. Grimm Gorley Florists Inc. Guest Tavern Gundlacn Co. Funeral Home Handy Feed Hill-Benan Lumber Co. Home Oil Co. Homer Bartel Meyer Decorators .Art Hopfinger Construction Co. J C Rexall Drugs J E Market--Ad. 3-9268 Earl (Fuzzy) Jarret --Sheer Beauty Supply Dean Johnson Realty Co. Kaemmerlen Electric Co. Kastle Electric Co. Keeley Sons Inc. Leonard Ketterer, Grocer Klaus Coffee Co. Koesterer ' s Market Lerner ' s Harry Liberstein, Jeweler Loehr Lawnmower Service Lou ' s Auto Parts Ma 11 os Pastry Shop Merrings Florist Our dear Alma Mater exhibits its scenic snow-clad campus. Moody Pharmacy Mueller Furniture Co. Mueller Shell Service Nehi Bottling Co. Nico ' s Market Nordin ' s Pharmacy Al Parker--Old Vienna Potato Chips Peter’s Park Plaza Shoe Shop Plaza Music Center Quality T. V. Rainbow Skating Ring Reeb ' s Quality Dairy Center Schaefer ' s Dawn Heights Market Ed Schaefer Méat Market Schaufler Pharmacy Eddie Schmitt Wall Floor Tile Sealtest Foods Lee Roy Singleton--Piano Guitar Teacher Smith ' s Women ' s Apparel Harold Smith Drug Store Mister Softee Speed Bowl Go Cart Track Stiehl Drug Store Tex ' s Place Thompson’s Gas Co. Tweedy-McCullough Insurance Agency Union National Bank WIBV--1260 Westerheide Sheet Métal Works Weygandt ' s Market Wurth Dairy Young Lumber Supply Co. BUSINESS DIRECTORY ACE HARDWARE AND PAINT STORE 4516 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-4367 BARNEY TINNEY ' S SHOE SHOP 15 West Main Belleville, Illinois Ad. 4-8836 BRITE-WAY CLEANERS 1811 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-9366 CONROY ' S MEAT MARKET 7714 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ex. 7-4570 DIEHL ' S JEWELRY 24 East Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-0886 FEDER SERVICE STATION 100 South Illinois Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-5852 GEISSLER ROOFING CO., INC. 605 South Illinois Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-0335 HARRIET ' S BEAUTY SALOON 1608 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-8305 HOB-NOB RESTAURANT 7 South High Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-9308 RUTH ' S CONFECTION ER Y 9844 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ex. 7-4423 SCHEMPP IGA FOODLINER 1221 West 50th. Street O’Fallon, Illinois LEO SCHUERGER PRESCRIPTION STORE 307 Collinsville Avenue East St. Louis, Illinois Up. 3-5021 SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY 112 East Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-5030 SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 321 East Main Street Belleville, Illinois Ad. 3-1214 CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL BELLE VILLE, ILLINOIS ED TRIBOUT PICNIC CARNIVAL SUPPLIES " We ' re in business just for fun 1701 West Main AD 4-0388 FALLER ' S MARKET 5899 North BeltWest Bel I evî Ile, Illinois Bel levî II e ' s No. 1 Cleaner BAECHLE CLEANING COMPANY 216 East Main St. Phone AD 4-0540 POSER ' S SERVICE STATION 4205 West Main Belleville, Illinois CATHEDRAL BOYS PREFER SENDING FLOWERS FROM: GRIMM $ GORLY FLORISTS 324 E. Main Belleville, Illinois Dale Park Paul Reis, C.H.S. ' 47 NOTRE DAME GIRLS PREFER RECEIVING Grimm Gorly Flowers Too. E. B. JONES ENTERPRISES £. Bee ' s Famous Name Shoes 230 E. Main St. E. B. Jones Motor Co. Rambler-Jeep 20th State St. East St. Louis, III. E. B. Jones Homemakers G .E. Appliances 218 EU Ma in St. Btelleville, Illinois G. E. Appliances Furniture 1020 Illinois :ait St. Louis, III. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Largest in All-America City Member Fédéral Deposit Insurance Corporation CATHOLIC LITERATURE STORE Religious Articles of Ail Kinds 1723 West Main Belleviile, Illinois St. Mary of Belleviile 1706 West Main Street Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Orlet Rev. Donald J. Cismowski FRAAD ' S IGA MARKET AL. N. AMANN CO. Dealers in —Grain—Feed—Flour—Seed—Plants 126-130 West " A " Street Phone: A Dams 3-0201 NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. 1407 State Street RHEINS MUSIC HOUSE East St. Louis, Illinois BELLEVILLE AUTO ELECTRIC Phone ADams 3-1818 or AD 4-7578 Lowery and Wurlitzer Organs Kanbe, Story Clark, Wurlitzer, Lester and H. M. Cable Pianos RCA Victor TV ' s and Stéréo 124-6 East Main Street ADams 4-1045 Belleville, Illinois 15 South 14th Street The Place to Go Belleville, Illinois for the Brands You Know Belleville-Saint Louis Coach Company 31 Public Square Belleville, Illinois ROZYCKE SERVICE Wood and Métal Cabinets Free Estimâtes 2503 State Street East St. Louis, Illinois For the Best in Insurance Coverage G. A. BECKER SONS 31 Public Square Belleville, Illinois ADams 3-0843 CLARENCE D. BLAIR County Superintendent of Schools Belleville, Illinois Globes and Brief Cases School Supplies Party Goods Greeting Cards Gift Wrap Smith Corona Typewriters " For Quality at Moderate Prices " EGYPTIAN STATIONERY CO. 28 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois DORI BRAKE SERVICE AND DORE MARINE SALES 509 N. 73rd East St. Louis, Illinois EXpress 7-1426 £ 4 - 3 ADams 3-2201 BelleviIle, Illinois Everything in Fine Lumber LlESIriUMBER COMPANY 3Ï txiSt M x Street and South Bel -Æouté. xioJ LuzerneAy nue ' ADams 4-0105 Belleville, Illinois GOEHNER AND EAVES INC 310 East Main Street Belleville, Illinois " We Care Enough to Sell the Best " H W SALES, INC. " Janitor Restaurant Supplies " " Steelcote Dupont Points " 1521 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois ADams 3-6400 s " I , 12 East Main Street Belleville, Illinois BECHERER JEWELERS Owned and Operated by Reiniger Haas Jewelers, Inc. ADams 3-0197 HAUSS CHEVROLET East St. Louis Establîshed 1919 r=% SBevrolIt THE CHILDREN ' S SHOP 121 East Main Street ADams 4-0427 Belleville, Illinois ’W A SCHMIDT WULLER, INC. " Home of Quality Yard Goods " 113 East Main Street Belleville, Illinois ADams 3-0366 HOMEROOM GRADSOF 1962 109 Barbara Archer Jean Bauer Marlene Blaha Ann Boyne Margie Braeutigam Kathy Cheatham Kaye Cocheba Emelee Dahm Toni Dimmic Jane Eichholz Virginia Feder Bonnie Gass Joan Gerdon Andrea Gribat Marian Horvat Gerrie Johnson Evelyn Kalert Rosemary Karban Sharon Kochmanski Jo Eli en Koesterer Janee Lanter m « Kathy McGee Julie Monken Marilyn Moore Helen Joan Pelke Ri ta Petry Patricia Philips Jane Reeb Doris Reinhardt Sharon Salel Jeannette Schaefer Joyce Schaefer Joyce Schwarz Sandee Semon Antoinette Skye Kathy Slade Jeanette Smith Darline Sorgea Judy Strobl Do I ores Westfall Lynn Wuerz Joyce Zika Sister Mary Patrick Homeroom Moderator Vour Laundry Beautifully Done! at WADE SQUARE HELPEE SELFEE LAUNDRY 7 Wade Square Belleville, Illinois Phone: ADams 3-9383 Today. You Will Like Doing Business with Paul Luehrs (Chevrolet-Oldsmobile) LOgan 6-6661 Mascoutah, Illinois LOgan 6-3401 STRAUB JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP 2 Public Square Bel levi 11 e Illinois STEGMEYER FURNITURE CO. EXCLUSIVE ETHAN AUEN DEALER STEGMEYER FURNITURE CO. BEllEVULE EAST SI LOUIS AREA STEGMEYER FURNITURE CO. 7 MODEl ROOMS • FREE DECORATING SERVICE STEGMEYER FURNITURE CO. OftN MONOAY «nd FRIOAV NIGHI III■ 8 30 STEGMEYER FURNITURE CO. Ti7i mainm - eturv mc III - AO »0I 7 SCHLOSSER’S Lincoln Soda Shop ’Belleville’s Sweetest Spot” In the of Downtown Serving Students and Their Parents and THEIR PARENTS Since 1921 Rental and Sales BOB FARRELL ' S PIZZA HAVEN Party and Hospital Equipment 6601 State ARROW COMPANY Pizza—Raviola—Chicken Charcoal Steaks—Sandwiches Edward C. Buhs 7603 State Street Don ' t Forget the Hops! Friday—Collinsville Park East St. Louis, Illinois Saturday—69th State The finest in bowling entertainment featuring 32 AMF Lanes 10 Table Billiard Room Cocktail Lounge Snack Bar Dining Room Banquet Hall seating up to 900 Facilities for ail types of meetings Banquets, Réceptions, Style Shows, Dancing, Etc. Ample All-Weather FREE Parking PANORAMA LANES INC. 200 South Belt West A Dams 4-2511 VIVIANO ' S FLOWERS GIFTS 8 Plaza Shopping Center Belleville, Illinois " Another Good Roof " V RAY A. HART ROOFING SIDING CO. 6300 State St. East St. Louis, Illinois " For Beauty Sake " WADE SQUARE BEAUTY SALON No . 5 Wade Square Hwy. 161 and Lebanon Ave. Phone: AD 4-4640 Belleville, Illinois YOCISS REXALL PHARMACY " Our 26th Year " 7602 State Street EX 7-3331 Frank J. Yociss, R.Ph. B.S. Frank P. Yociss, R.Ph. Tavern and Service Station K è M VENDING SERVICE Kenneth Schmitt Normandy, Missouri ND ' ers were surprised this year as the arrivai of five new vending machines provided many more enjoyable lunches. .mil Where You Save DOES Make a Différence HOME BRITE COMPANY J 400 North Illinois Street fflr L f Z Belleville, Illinois 1 1 on Insured Savings OLIVER C. JOSEPH INC. SECURITY SAVINGS Dodge—Chrysler—Impérial Imported Cars—Service—Parts ASSOCIATION 223 West Main Street 4812 W. Main—Bel levi 1 le Belleville, Illinois RINCK WHOLESALE FOODS 3525 West Main Street BelleviIle, Illinois Try Our Delicious Rinck ' s Bar-B-Q " Um-m, is it good ! " say Elaine and Candy. " You Always get a Good Deal " at MAIN STREET MOTORS 5000 West Main Street BelleviIle, Illinois BELLEVILLE CASKET COMPANY, INC 115 East " B " Street Belleville, Illinois WADE SQUARE DEVELOPMENT CO Developers of WADE SQUARE YORKTOWN SUBDIVISION JUSTIMIR SPOT, VACATION VILLAGE Patrick W. Gaul Realty Co . Agent—AD 4-1116 IMBER ' S 119 East Main St. Belleville, Illinois " Headquarters for Red Goose Air-Step and Roblee Shoes " STEVE SCHRANZ TRUCKING ADams 4-4604 East St. Louis, Illinois Bob s Hobbies " The House of Creativity " 19 Park Plaza Be11eviIle, Illinois AD 3-3544 BELLEVILLE AUTOMOTIVE TRADES ASSOCIATION J. C. Auffenberg, Ford 1001 South Illinois Street FORD Edward Mutto Auto Sales, Inc. 517 South Illinois Street RAMBLER-METROPOLITAN St. Clair Motors 115 East " A " Street MERCURY-LINCOLN O. C . Joseph, Inc . 223 West Main Street CHRYSLER-DODGE IMPERIAL-IMPORTED CARS L. RI McKinley Sons, Inc. 512 West Main Street CHEVROLET Vogel -Meyer Motor Company 4320 West Main Street OLDSMOBILE Wagner Motor Car Company " A " and Jackson Streets BUICK Meyer Brothers Auto Company 335 West Main Street PONTIAC-CAD ILLAC Best Wishes from KOSTELAC BROTHERS ACE GREASE AND TALLOW COMPANY Office ADams 4-5525 Plant LEnnox 8-2421 Rural Route 3 Belleville, Illinois We, the ACADEMY staff, would like to extend our thanks to ail those who hâve helped make this book of " MEMORIES " possible. May the Years to corne but add to the number of happy memories. DoIores Westfall—Editor Jeanne Ann Baker—Co-editor Jeanette Smith—Business Manager Marilyn Marshall—Photography Manager Bonnie Vernier—Art Manager and Staff filEElHi IN BELLEVILLE SINCE 1091 l or seventy years Fellner ' s has been privîleged to serve fbfe people of this community and the surrounding area. In that period of time we hâve established a réputation of quality and honesty of which we are justly proud. We hâve been equally proud of the fine réputation established and maintained by the Academy of Notre Dame as an educational institution, and take great pleasure in saluting the school and its graduâtes on their achievement. PHQTOGRAPHERS TO HER MAJESTY MISS NOTRE DAME

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