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Memories of the Academy of Notre Dame Belleville, Illinois 1960-1961 Volume IX Intellectual The library at Notre Dame is one of the busiest places on campus. Here students complété assignments, discover the magic of books, or browse through the latest magazines and relax in the atmosphère of quiet. Our well-stocked library complétés the Notre Dame girl intellectually. The chapel symbolizes the spiritual aspect of Notre Dame. Students benefit from daily Communion, from frequent visits, and from First Friday adoration, pic- tured here. This is the heart of the school, and com¬ pléments the religious activities and daily prayers of the students. From early moming till late at night, Our Lord is rarely alone in our chapel. Social events are by no means overlooked at the Academy, and there are many activities for the Notre Dame girl to participate in. Our annual Mis¬ sion Day, pictured here, in which each homeroom and every student wholeheartedly participâtes, is one of the favorite social events at Notre Dame. More than just a well-deserved holiday, Mission Day lets each girl do her part towards helping the mis¬ sions financially. Our Instructors in Religion Arriving a bit early, religion instructors pause for a brief chat before going to their classes. They are Reverend F. Bungay of St. Stephens Parish, Caseyville, Freshmar instructor; Very Reverend R. Wesselman, chaplain at the Academy of Notre Dame, Senior instructor; and Reverend J. Callahan of Blessed Sacrament Parish, Sophomore instructor. Enthusiastically glancing through the new religion textbook are Reverend J. Ratermann of St. Henrys Parish, Junior instructor; Reverend E. Ratermann of St. Peter ' s Cathédral Parish; and Reverend H. Schumacher of St. Marys Parish, Senior and Sophomore instructor. REVEREND R. HAAS Holy Childhood Parish, Mascoutah Junior and Freshman instructor. REVEREND E. MAZ1ARZ St. Clares Parish, O ' Fallon Freshman instructor. 7 Mrs. Woods, a graduate of the Academy, and Sister Mary Car¬ mel, who taughthere before.remi- nisce old times with these busi¬ ness and administration teachers in the bursar ' s office. They are: Sister M. John De Deo--Junior Homeroom, Typing, Shorthand, Read-A-Wee Business Staff Moder- ator; Sister M. Justin—Senior In modem America, science and math are the backbone of our progress. At the Academy, these important sub- jects are taught by : Sister M. Gustava--Senior Home¬ room, Clothing, Biology; Sister M. Francis Michael— Freshman Homeroom, Algebra, Chemistry, CSMC Moderator; Sister M. Leonardine--Freshman Homeroom, Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry, Study Supervisor, Sister M. Gerald—Sophomore Homeroom, Biology, CSMC Moderator; Miss Margie Soucy--Freshman Home¬ room, Geometry, Physical Education, G.A .A. Moderator. Sodality Moderator; Sister M. Patrick Ann—Junior Homeroom, Advanced Algebra, General Science, Fight- ing 69th Moderator; (seated) Miss Helen Clark—Fresh¬ man Homeroom, Mathematics, Physical Education, Health. ™ , ÜJ? br ? ry 1S °iî e A fa ' ronte gathering places of these Fine Arts teachers, who are watching a filmstrip on the Middle Ages. STANDING: Sister Mary Patrick--Senior Homeroom, English, Read-A-VVee Moderator; Sister Jane Mane—Sophomore Homeroom, English, Speech and Dramatics, Yearbook Moderator; Sister M. Angelita--Junior Homeroom, Librarian, Library Guild Moderator; Sister M. Baptiste—Sophomore Homeroom, Latin; Sister Jean Mane-Freshman Homeroom, Piano, Organ, Voice, Glee Club, Band. SEATED: Sister M. Angelee-Sophomore Homeroom, French, Art, Teachers ' Aids, Moderator, Sodality Moderator; Sister M. Robertine—Latin; Sister Charles Mane—Junior Homeroom, English, Future Nurses of America Moderator; Sister M. Francis De Sales--Freshman Homeroom, English, Study Supervisor. Mrs. Robert Knauer, English teacher, and Mr. Ger- ald Wimer, Band Di- rector, were missing when the picture was taken. Homeroom, Typing, Bookkeeping, Study Supervisor; Student Council Moderator; Sister M. Rosella-- Junior Homeroom, Typing, Short - hand, General Business; Sister M. Carmel--Principal; Mother M. Evangelista--Superior; (seated) Mrs. Emilie Woods--Physical Edu¬ cation, Health; Sister M. Gon- s aiy -Registrar. v Our Faculty Social Science is one of the most interesting fields of study, as anyone of these teachers will enthus- iastically tell you. They are; Sister M. Mathilde- Study Supervisor; Sister M. Aline--Sophomore Homeroom, World History, Study Supervisor; Sister Marie Alban--Citizenship, Study Supervisor; Mrs. Gerald Heck--Citizenship; Mrs. William Gifford-- English, American Problems, Study Supervisor; (standing) Sister Richard Marie--Senior Homeroom, American History, Sodality Moderator. Sister M. Pierre, Study Supervisor, was absent when the pic- ture was taken. A Message from the Principal Sister Mary Carmel, Principal of the Academy, is always ready to give help and guidance to the students. With Sister are Phyllis Schuchart, Barbara Dare, and Jeanne Henning. My dear Students, " New Frontière ! " The 1960 campaign slogan has become the popular phrase of the year, most frequent in radio speeches, best seller at news stands, biggest attraction on TV channels. Thinking people know that new frontière are synonymous with self-discipline, challenge, strife. New frontière must be met, if succèss is the goal. Visible in your life pattern, too, are these factors of the new frontier: self-discipline so necessary to meet the daily challenge for the ever présent strife. It is the tiny acom of your daily contacts which, properly cultivated, will fructify into the mighty oak of your contagious influence for good. In short, it is the fulfillment of St. Paul s: " Be ail things to ail men. M A sacrifice at dawn for the Food of the Angels ... a cheery " good morning " on a quite dreary day . . . A sup- pressed criticism of an absent companion ... a helping hand in the school’s latest drive ... a Word of encourage¬ ment to a less gifted classmate ... a note of congratulation for a work well done ... the power of good example for those who might fall ... a confidence well borne for the trust that’s placed in you . . . a pleasing smile passed generously on . . . sincere co-operation with God-given talents . . . Living the prayer, perhaps often repeated in your desire to leam Christ better; " May no one be less good for having corne within my influence. No one less pure, less true, less kind, less noble for having been a fellow- traveller in our joumey toward ETERNAL LIFE. " That the new frontière you face each day in your Christlike passing to Etemity will be met with a Marian vic- tory is my sincerest prayer for each of you. Devotedly in Notre Dame, 10 Every year the girls at Notre Dame choose their idéal girl, and call her Mary N.D. She is the girl equipped well for life and the vocation she has chosen under the guidance of Mary. Each graduate from the Academy should be a Mary N.D.. well prepared for a field she has chosen wisely. Seniors hâve made this decision, and their four years of learning are behind them. Each girl knows whether she has used well every advantage offered to her during the past four years. or whether she carelessly passed them by. Notre Dame has offered opportunity for learning in any walk of life. The example of the nuns, religion classes, and the chapel point the way to God. Business courses préparé girls for a career. Home Economies and the senior marriage course impart valuable knowledge of which expérience is a hard teacher. The academie subjects give depth to each of these fields, and are also stepping stones to college. Notre Dame, thus, truly préparés everyone of her graduâtes for life. Seniors should be able to look back and say, " This, with God ' s help, I hâve done.” RUTH AMANN PATRICIA BANN GLORIA BARTOK JOANN BAUER VICTORIA BEADLE COLLEEN BELLER MARIA BEQUETTE JANICE BERKEL KAREN BERTELSMAN The officers of 102 hâve a birds-eye view of the campus as they explore the fire escape. They are: Judy Gerdon, President; Norine Gagen, Vice- President; Karen Bertelsman, Secretary; and Rose Ann Dochwat, Treasurer. RUTH AMANN ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Read-A-Wee Staff 3; G.A.A.1234. PATRICIA BANN . . . St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; N.D.A. Teach¬ ers ' Aid 1; G.A.A.1234. GLORIA BARTOK ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Class Vice President 1, Secretary 2; Glee Club 2; G.A.A. 12; Rosary Day 23. JOANN BAUER . . .St. Peter ' s Cathédral; Sodality 1234, Co- prefect of Sodality Union 34; CSMC, Représentative 12; PCMI; Class Vice President 2, Treasurer 3; Honor Roll 123; Read-A-Wee Staff 234, Editor 4; CSPA 4; Great Moment in History Essay Winner 3; Member of the Na¬ tional Latin Honor Society; Varsity 1; Mary ND Candi¬ date 23; Rosary Day 1234. VICTORIA BEADLE ... St. Joseph; Sodality 1234; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 24. COLLEEN BELLER . . . Sacred Heart; CSMC, Représentative 4; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 3; Fighting 69th 4; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 2; G.A.A. 1234. MARIA BEQUETTE ... St. Teresa; Trans- ferred from Sophie Barat School 3; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Library Guild 4; G.A.A. 34. JANICE BERKEL ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI, Vice President 3; Fighting 69th 4, Treasurer 4; Library Guild 2; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 34; G.A.A. 1234. KAREN BERTELSMAN . . . St. James; CSMC; PCMI; Class Secretary 4; G.A.A. 123, N.C.T.C.; Rosary Day 3. 12 Seniors EDITH ANN BIEHL ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC, Représentative 3; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class Treasurer 1, Vice President 4; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; Glee Club 34; Sextet 4; School Play 3; G.A.A. 1234. MARY BIVER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Class Treasurer 1; Majorette 1234; G.A.A. 12; Rosary Day 1; Mary ND Candidate 2. ELIZABETH ANN BRELLO . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI; Library Guild 3; Science Fair Entry 2; G.A.A. 1234; Member of the National Latin Society. PATRICIA BUSS ... St. Philip; Sodality 234, CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Fighting 69th 4; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 24. MARIE CHAPERLO ... St. Martin of Tours; Sodality 234, Secretary 4; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Future Nurses of America 4; Science Fair Entry 2; N.D.A. Teachers 1 Aid 2; Glee Club 34; C.A.A. 1234; May Day Représentative 3; Rosary Day 1234; Year- book Staff 4. JEANNETTE CHOUINARD ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Mary’s Helper 123; Fighting 69th 4; School Play 4; NCTC: G.A.A. 1234. JO ELLEN CHRIST ... St. Philip; Sodality 234, Treasurer 4; CSMC, Rep¬ résentative 2; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; CSPA 4; School Play 4; G.A.A. 34; Rosary Day 1234. KATHRYN CHRIST ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Read-A-Wee Staff 34; Band 1234; G.A.A. 1234; Honor Roll 1; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. ANITA COMLEY . . . CSMC; PCMI. EDITH ANN BIEHL MARY BIVER ELIZABETH ANN BRELLO PATRICIA BUSS MARIE CHAPERLO JEANNETTE CHOUINARD Seniors MARY JEANNE CORDIE MARIANNE CREED MARY JEANNE CORDIE ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Student Council 2; Class Vice President 1, President 34; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 34, Page Editor 4; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; Member of the National Latin Honor Society; School Play 3; Majorette 1234, Leader 4; G.A.A. 1234; Mary ND Candidate 2; May Day Représentative 1. MARIANNE CREED ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 23; Class Treasurer 4; Member of the National Latin Honor Society; Band 234, President 4; G.A .A. 1234; May Day Représentative 1. JEANNE CURRAN ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; Transferred from Moseslake High School 3; CSMC; PCMI; Class Treasurer 3; Honor Roll 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society; G.A.A. 34. DIANE DALLAO ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Honor Roll 23; Read-A-Wee Staff 34; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 2; Glee Club 3; G.A.A. 1234, Treasurer 4, Représentative 24. BARBARA DARE ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Repré¬ sentative 23; Class Secretary 4; Fighting 69th 4, Vice President 4; Library Guild 34; Science Fair Entry 2, lst place; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 23 4; Music Récital 1; G.A.A. 1234; Yearbook Staff 4; PHYLLIS DINAN . . . Sacred Heart; CSMC; PCMI; Science Fair Entry 2; G.A.A. 1234; Mission Queen Candidate 1. ROSE ANN DOCHWAT . . . Sacred Heart; CSMC; Représentative 3; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 3; Class Treasurer 4; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 34; Rosary Club 34; Future Nurses of America 4; G.A.A. 12; May Day Représentative 3. BARBARA ENGEL . . . St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC, Représentative 1, Council 34, Paladin; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Member of the National Latin Honor Society; Read-A-Wee Staff 34, Circulation Manager 4; Glee Club 23; Music Récital 12; G.A.A. 1234, Représentative 2; Rosary Day 3. JEANNE CURRAN DIANE DALLAO BARBARA DARE PHYLLIS DINAN ROSE ANN DOCHWAT BARBARA ENGEL CATHERINE BETTY FEDER ENCLERTH CATHERINE ENCLERTH ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PC MI; Fighting 69th 4; Student Council 4; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 4; Band 1234; G.A.A. 1234. BETTY ANN FEDER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; Paladin; PCMI; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; CSPA 4; Library Guild 4; Science Fair Entry 2, lst Place; School Play 4; NCTC; G.A.A. 1234, Représentative 4. JANE FELLNER ... St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 12; Honor Roll 123; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. HELEN FISCHER . . .St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 12; Class Secretary 1; Fighting 69th 4; N.D.A. Teachers Aid 4; School Play 4; NCTC; G.A.A. 1234. BONNIE FOELLER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Mary s Helper 1; Fighting 69th 1; Rosary Club 4; N.D.A. Teach- ers ' Aid 4; School Play 4; NCTC; G.A.A. 1234. JOANNE FOR- NESS ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Mary s Helper 1; G.A.A. 12. NORINE GACEN ... St. Elizabeth; CSMC; PCMI; Class Vice President 234; Read-A-Wee Staff 34, Page Editor 4; GAA 1234; May Day Représentative 3; Mission Queen Candidate 2; Honor Roll 123; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. MARY GATAWAKAS ... St. Peter s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class President 2; Fighting 69th; Read-A-Wee Staff 234; Page Editor 4; CSPA 4; Glee Club 234; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 13. Intrigued by the field of science, these chemists of N.D. generate hydrogen. They are Joyce Gedda, Janet Porte 11, and Maria Chaperlo. c JANE FELLNER HELEN FISCHER BONITA FOELLER JOANNE FORNESS NORINE GAGEN MARY GATAWAKAS MARILYN GEBHART JOYCE GEDDA JUDY CERDON BETTY JO GOEDEKE MARY JEAN GRIGGS RITA HAAS CHARLEEN HA MILTON PATRICIA HA ML IN MADONNA HASSARD MARILYN GEBHART . . .St. Augustine of Canter- bury; CSMC, PCMI; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; Glee Club 3; G. A .A. 124; Rosary Day 2. JOYCE ANN GEDDA . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC, Représenta¬ tive 234; PCMI; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 2; G .A.A. 1234. JUDY GER- DON . . .St. Albert the Great; Transferred from Our Lady Queen of Peace School 3; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Class President 4; G.A .A. 34; May Day Représentative 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. BETTY JO GOEDEKE . . St. James; CSMC, Council 34, Paladin; PCMI; Student Council 34, President 4; Class President 1; Honor Roll 123; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; Science Fair Entry 2, lst place; G.A.A. 2; Mary ND Candidate 1; May Day Repré¬ sentative 2. MARY JEAN GRIGGS ... St. Philip; Transferred from East St. Louis Senior High School 3; CSMC; PCMI; Class Secretary 3; G.A.A. 3. RITA HAAS ... St. James; CSMC; PCMI; Student Coun¬ cil 4, Secretary 4; Honor Roll 123; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. CHARLEEN HAMIL- TON . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI; Mary’s Helper 1; Class Vice President 1; G.A.A. 1; Mission Queen Candidate 23; Rosary Day 12. PATRICIA HAMLIN . . . Holy Angels; CSMC; PCMI; Class Sec¬ retary 3; School Play 4; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 12. MADONNA HASSARD ... St. Stephen; CSMC; PCMI; Mary’s Helper 1; Fighting 69th 4; G.A.A. 1234, Représentative 3. These seniors, officers of 109, will go to any length in their search for knowledge. Pat Polansky, President, has just found the answer and victoriously points it out to Jo Kenetski, Treasurer; Edith Biehl, Vice-President; and Dorothy Ondercho, Secretary. 16 KATHLEEN HELLYER JEANNE HENNING MARY ANN HOBBS ELLEN HOEFFKEN JUDY HOPKINS BERNADINE HRASKY MARIE THERESE HUSCHLE BETTY ANN IVEY JACQUELINE JACOBI Seniors KATHLEEN HELLYER ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Student Council 4; Band 1; G-A .A. 1234. JEANNE HENNING . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI; Class Secretary 23; Honor Roll 123; Ubrary Guild 34; Science Fair Entry 24; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day Représentative 3; Yearbook Staff 34, Co-editor and Photography Manager 4; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. MARY ANN HOBBS . . . St. Patrick; transferred from St. Teresa ' s Academy 3; CSMC; PCMI; Rosary Club 4. ELLEN HOEFFKEN ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Read-A- Wee Staff 4; G.A.A. 234. JUDY HOPKINS ... St. John ' s Orphanage; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 3; Honor Roll 2; School Play 4; N.C.T.C.; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. BERNADINE HRASKY ... St. Albert the Great; CSMC; PCMI, Représentative 3; Student Council 4; Fighting 69th, 4; School Play 4; NCTC; GAA 234; Rosary Day Représentative 3. MARIE THERESE HUSCHLE ... St. Peter’s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; School Play 3; GAA 123. BETTY ANN IVEY ... St. Joseph; CSMC; PCMI; GAA 124. JACQUELINE JACOBI . . . St Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; GAA 1234; Rosary Day Représentative 4. 17 ANN LYNN JERGER DARLENE JONES BEVERLY JUNG Seniors St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Class President 2; Fighting b9th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 234, Page j]q O ' î. P1 »û Pluk 0 1 A O r î J A r i . n J t . . - J ANN LYNN JERGER . ? CSP Libraf y Guil 23; Glee Club 234, Treasurer 3, President 4;°Sextet 34; Music Récital 123; G.A A 1234; Honor Roll 12; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. DARLENE JONES . . . Our Lady Oueen of C S MC; PCMI; N.D.A. Teachers Aid 2; G.A.A. 234. BEVERLY JUNG ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 234, Page Editor 4; CSPA 4; Science Fair Entry 2; Glee Club 234; Sextet 4; Band 234, Treasurer 3; Music Récital 1234; Accompanist 234; NCTC; School Play 4; G.A.A. 1234; Honor Roll 12; MembeJ of the National Latin Honor Society. MARTHA KALERT ... St. Joseph CSMC, Représentative 4; PCMI; Student Council 3; Fighting 69th 4; President 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; N.D.A. Teachers’ Aid 2; G.A.A. 12; May Dav Rep¬ résentative 12; Mission Queen Candidate 4. SHIRLEY KARCHER ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI, Représentative 3; g c 69t , 4; G ew 12 J Honor RoU 2 Member of the National Latin Honor Society. “R™? U ' ï, ' PCMI; Mar y ' s Helper 1; Class Vice President 1, Treasurer 4; Glee Glu R b 34; ba " d A P1 f y 4 ? C J C - JEANINE KERN • • • St- Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; G AA 1,2,3,4, Représentative 1; Rosary Day Représentative 1. MARY KESTLY . St Joseph; Attended Lebanon Community High School 2; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 1; Read-A-Wee Staff 34- C d% rAA Play 3 ' J0 ANNKICIELINSKI . . . Holy Rosary; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 1; Lib ary Gui la 3j G AA 1234; Mission Queen Candidate 4. 7 MARTHA KALERT SHIRLEY KARCHER JOSEPHINE KENETSKI JEANINE KERN MARY KESTLY JO ANN KICIELINSKI JOYCE KICIELINSKI . . . Holy Angels; Transferred from Lansdowne Junior High School 2; CSMC; PCMI; CAA 234. MARGARET KLAUS . . . Holy Angels; Trans¬ ferred from St. Teresa ' s Academy 2; CSMC; PCMI; G AA 234; Rosary Day 2. MARY ANN KLEIN . . .St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th; Teachers 1 Aid 4; Band 1234; School Play 4; NCTC; G AA 1234. JUDY KLOTZ ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; G AA 1234. JANE KOESTERER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Fighting 69th; Glee Club 2; Music Récital 1; G AA 1234; Honor Roll 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. CAROL KOHL Blessed Sacrament CSMC; PCMI; Class President 3; Science Fair Entry 2; GAA 1234. MARY JO KRAUS ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI; GAA 124. SUZANNE LÉ PERE . . . St. T eresa; CSMC; PCMI; Science Fair Entry, 2nd. place; GAA 24. JUDY LETT . . . Holy Rosary; Sodality 234; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 4; GAA 1234. JOYCE KICIELINSKI MARGARET KLAUS MARY ANN KLEIN JUDY KLOTZ JANE KOESTERER CAROL KOHL MARY JO KRAUS SUZANNE LE PERE JUDY LETT 4 Lavona Shea, a ten o clock scholar (and president of 201) is caught by the caméra as she tries to enter school the " back way. " Her fellow accomplices are Judy Schwab, Vice President; Judy McElligott, Treasurer; and Judy Witt- lich, Secretary. JEAN MARIE LINDER MARIA LINK JO ANN MANK JUDY MA RC INI A K JANET MARTIN SICRID MATZNER JUDY McELLIGOTT NANCY METZGER MARGARET MORAN JEAN MARIE LINDER ... St. James; CSMC; PCMI; G.A.A. 234. MARIA LINK ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Rosary Day 1. JO ANN MANK ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Mary ' s Helper 12; Music Récital 1; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 1; Member of the National Latin Honor So¬ ciety. JUDY MA RC INI AK ... St. Peter Paul; CSMC; PCMI; G.A.A. 1234. JANET MARTIN ... St. Albert the Great; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class Secretary 3; Library Guild 234, Secretary 4; Rosary Day 12. SIGRID MATZNER ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Rosary Day 1. JUDY McELLIGOTT . . . St. Patrick; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class Secretary 2, President 3, Treasurer 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 34; Science Fair Entry 2, lst place; Future Nurses of America 4, Presi¬ dent 4; Mary ND Candidate 2; Rosary Day 2; Youth Incorporated 4; Honor Roll 123; Mem¬ ber of the National Latin Honor Society. NANCY METZGER . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC; PCMI; G.A.A. 1234. MARGARET MORAN . . . Queen of Peace; Transferred from Wiesbaden High School 3; CSMC, Rep¬ résentative 4; PCMI; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; CSPA 4. Father Wesselman ' s Senior Religion classes are noted for being informative and well organized. Here Father reads a report to one of his senior classes. 20 Seniors MARY ELLEN MORCK ... St. Mary; CSMC Représentative 34; PCMI; Mary ' s Helpcr 1; Class Vice President 3; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; G.A.A. 134. JANICE MUCKENSTURM ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Glee Club 234; Music Récital 123; G.A.A. 124; High School Play 4; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. BEVERLY MUELLER ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1. CAROLE NEARY ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; Paladin; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper; Read-A-Wee Staff 234, Assistant Circulation Manager 4; G.A.A. 1234. MARY DIANE NEER ... St. Joseph; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Science Fair Entry 2; G.A.A. 1234. DARLENE NEFF ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 4; N.D.A. Teacher ' s Aid 234. JOANN NEFF ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; G.A.A. 1234. SUSAN NESBIT ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class President 2; Read-A-Wee Staff 34; Assistant Business Manager 4; Glee Club 34; Band 1234; Future Nurses of America 4, Vice President 4; G.A.A. 1234, Représentative 34; Rosary Day 2; Mission Queen Candidate 2. PATRICIA NEUNER ... St. Augustine of Anterbury; CSMC; PCMI; Class Vice President 2; Fighting 69th 4; Handicap Poster Contest Winner 2; G.A.A. 12. MARY ELLEN MORCK JANICE MUCKENSTURM BEVERLY MUELLER CAROLE NEARY DIANE NEER DARLENE NEFF JOANN NEFF SUSAN NESBIT PAT NEUNER The seniors of 110 represent the four branches of office. They are Jeanne Cordie, President; Barbara Dare, Sec- retary; Marianne Creed, Treasurer; and Bette Jo Peet, Vice- President. INA JEAN NOLD . . .St. Augustine of Canterbury; CSMC; PC MI; Mary ' s Helper 123; G .A .A. 13. DOROTHY ONDERCHO ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class Secretary 4; G. A .A. 124; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JUDY OUGHTON . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; G.A.A. 1. DIANNE PATIENT ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 123; Science Fair Entry 2. BETTE JO PEET . . . St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Class Secretary 1, Vice President 4; G.A.A. 12; May Day Représenta¬ tive 2; Mission Queen Candidate 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. MARIANNE PERRON . . . St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Fighting 69th 4; School Play 4; G.A.A. 1; Rosary Day 1. MARY PHILLIPS ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 134; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 4; G.A.A. 134. PATRICIA POLANSKY . . . Scott AFB Chapel; CSMC; PCMI; Class President 4; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-W ee Staff 4; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; Music Récital 234; Honor Roll 23; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JANET PORTELL . . .St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 2; Read-A- Wee Staff 34; Iibrary Guild 34; Future Nurses of America 4; Mary ND Candidate 1; Honor Roll 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. MARIANNE PERRON MARY PHILLIPS PAT POLANSKY JANET PORTELL LAURA REINHARDT JOYCE RENO Seniors . St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI, Représentative 23; Student Council 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; try 2, 2nd place; Teachers ' Aid 3; G AA 1234; Rosary Day 3; Mission Queen Candidate 1; LAURA REINHARDT CSPA 4; Science Fair Entry ... . ■ ■ Higli School Play 4; NCTC 4. JOYCE RENO ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; Class President 1, Vice President 2; Read-A-Wee Staff 34; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; CAA 1234; Rosary Day 1; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. MARYANN RIBBING ... St. Adlabeit; CSMC; PCMI; Teachers 1 Aid 4; Glee Club 2; Music Ré¬ cital 1; G AA 1234. MAUREEN RICHARDSON ... St. Henry; Sodality 234; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 3; Honor Roll 1234; Read-A-Wee Staff 234, Page Editor 4; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; Rosary Day 234; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. RUTH ROBERTS ... St. Henry; CSMC; PCMI; GAA 1234; Mary ' s Helper 1; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. PATRICIA ANN ROKITA . . . St. Adalbert; CSMC; PCMI; Read- A-Wee Staff 4; Rosary Club 34; GAA 1234; School Play 4. GLORIA ROSSETTO ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 1; Class Secretary 2; Fighting 69th 4; Honor Roll 12; Read-A-Wee Staff 3; GAA 1234; Rosary Day 3; Mission Day Candidate 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. MARILYN RUSSELL ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 12; GAA 12. ELIZABETH SANCHEZ . . . Holy Rosary; Transferred from East St. Louis Senior High School 3; CSMC; PCMI; GAA 34. PAT ROKITA GLORIA ROSETTO MARILYN RUSSELL ELIZABETH SANCHEZ MARYANN RIBBING MAUREEN RICHARDSON RUTH ROBERTS HEL EN MARIE SCHANUEL NANCY SCHMIDT J O AN SCHRADER PHYLLIS SCHUCHART HELENMARIE SCHANUEL ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; CAA; Mary ' s Helper 1; Teachers Aid 1. NANCY SCHMIDT ... St. Luke; CSMC; PCMI; G AA 12; Mary» s Helper 12. JOAN SCHRADER ... St. Luke; CSMC; Représentative 1; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 123; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; School Play 3; GAA 1234. PHYLLIS SCHUCHART. . . St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Student Council 3; GAA 1234; Mary ND Candidate; Rosary Day 2; Mission Queen Candidate 1; Yearbook Staff 34; Business Manager 4; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. TERESA SCHULTE ... St. Teresa; CSMC; PCMI; GAA 234; Rosary Day 2; Yearbook Staff 34, Art Manager 4; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JUDY SCHWAB . . .St. Augustine of Canterbury CSMC; PCMI; Class Vice President 34; Fighting 69th. 4; GAA 1234; Représentative 124; Secretary 2, President 4; Mary ND Candidate 1; Varsity. LAVONA SHEA . . . St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Class President 4; Fighting 69th 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; Science Fair Entry 2; School Play 3; GAA 1234, Représentative 13; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JOYCE SHEVLIN ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 2; Honor Roll 2; GAA 1234; Vice President 3; Mary ND Candidate 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. Sen At the Big Sister-Little Sister party these seniors are getting acquainted with the freshmen they adopted as their " little sisters M for the school year. TERESA SCHULTE JUDY SCHWAB • LAVONA SHEA JOYCE SHEVLIN DIANE SHIELDS MARIA SKYE ROSE MARIE SPIEKER J O AN STACER iors DIANE SHIELDS . . . Blessed Sacrament; CSMC, Représentative 4; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 12; Library Guild 124, Vice President 4; Science Fair Entry 2, lst place; G.A.A. 1234; Honor Roll 2; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. MARIA SKYE ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Greatest Moment in Illinois History Contest Winner 3; Science Fair Entry 2. ROSE MARIE SPIEKER ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; N.D.A.Teachers ' Aid 4; School Play 4; N.C.T.C. JOAN STACER . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Fighting 69th 4; Library Guild 2; G.A.A. 124. MARIA STANCIUS . . . Immaculate Conception; Sodality 234, Vice Prefect 4; CSMC, Représentative 123, Paladin; PCMI; Student Council 3; Fighting 69th 4; Honor Roll 123; Read- A-Wee Staff 234, Associate and Page Editor 4; Library Guild 2; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 2; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day Représentative 124; Rosary Club 34; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JUDY STELLING . . .St. Luke; CSMC; Repré¬ sentative 1, Paladin Companion with Merit; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 12; Student Coun¬ cil 2; Rosary Club 1; Honor Roll 123; Science Fair En try 2, 2nd place, 4; G.A.A. 123; Yearbook Staff 34, Editor 4; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. RUTH ANN SUTTER ... St. James; CSMC, Council 234, Paladin; PCMI 123; Student Council 4, Treasurer 4; Class Secretary 1, President 3; Honor Roll 23; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; Science Fair Entry 2, lst place; Mission Queen Candidate 1. DONNA THEIS ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; May Day Représentative 3; Rosary Day Représentative 1. c MARIA STANCIUS JUDY STELLING RUTH ANN SUTTER DONNA THEIS MARY JO THEIS EILEEN THOMAS CATHIE TYL VIRGINIA VALERIUS MARY JO THEIS ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; G.A.A. 234. EILEEN THOMAS ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Représentative 3; Student Council 2; Fighting 69th 4; Honor Roll 2; G.A.A. 1234; May Day Représentative 2; Rosary Day 13. CATHIE TYL . . . Blessed Sacrament; Sodality 1234; Prefect 4; CSMC, Repré¬ sentative 3, Council 14, Paladin; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Student Council 12; Honor Roll 123; Read-A-Wee Staff 34; Advertising Manager 4; CSPA 34; Science Fair Entry 2; G.A.A. 1234; Mission Queen Candidate 4; May Queen 4; Rosary Day 1234; Rosary Club 34. VIRGINIA LEE VALERIUS ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Fighting 69th 4; Science Fair Entry 2, lst place; Glee Club 234; Music Récital 1234; Accompanist 1234; G AA 1234. JUDY VAN DAN ELZEN . . . St. Joseph; Sodality 1234; CSMC; Représentative 2, Council 234, Paladin; PCMI; Class Treasurer 2; Read-A-Wee Staff 34, Page Ed- itor 4; Library Guild 1234, Treasurer 3, President 4;G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 1234; Rosary Club 2. SHARON VISINTINE ... St. Philip; CSMC; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Class President 1; Read-A- Wee Staff 234; Library Guild 234, Treasurer 4; G.A.A. 1234; Mission Queen Candidate 2. KATHY VOELLINGER ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Student Council 34, Vice-President 4; Honor Roll 23; Current Events Award, 2nd Place, 1; G.A.A. 1234; Mary ND Candidate 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JANET KAY WALKER . . . St. Henry; CSMC, Représentative 1,2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Paladin; PCMI; Read-A-Wee Staff 4; Band 1234, Library Guild 2; G.A.A. 1234; Mary ND Candidate 3; May Day Représentative 1; St. Ixrnis U. High Représentative 4; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JUDY WALL ... St. Stephen ' s; CSMC; PCMI; Class Sec- r. l ary 1; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place. Senior trigonometry students prove that science and math go hand in hand as they calculate the distance of A and B from the moon. 26 Seniors MOLLYANN WEIRAUCH ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; Science Fair Entry 2; Glee Club 34; Band 1234, Secretary 4; G.A.A. 1234; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. CAROLYN WIENHOFF . . . Our Lady Queen of Peace; CSMC, Représentative 4; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Fighting 69th 4; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; G.A.A. 1234. MARIANNE WINTER ... St. Henry; CSMC; Représentative 2, Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Paladin; PCMI; Mary ' s Helper 1; Student Council 2; Class President 1; Fighting 69th 4; Honor Roll 123; Read-A- Wee Staff 34; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 2; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. GAIL WISNIEWSKI . . . Scott AFB Chapel; Transferred from Langhonne, Pennsylvania 2; CSMC; PCMI, Représentative 3; Student Council 4, Sergeant at Arms 4; Fighting 69th 4; Honor Roll 2; Science Fair Entry 2, 2nd place; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 3; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. CAROL WITTLICH ... St. Augus¬ tine of Canterbury; CSMC; PCMI; Class Secretary 2, Treasurer 3; Fighting 69th 4; Library Guild 23; G.A.A. 1234; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JUDY WITTLICH ... St. Mary; CSMC; PCMI; Class Treasurer 2, Secretary 4; Read-A-Wee Staff 234, Page Editor 4; Library Guild 3; G.A.A. 1234, Représentative 2; Varsity 1; Member of the National Latin Honor Society. JUDY WOTTOWA ... St. Peter ' s Cathédral; CSMC; PCMI; N.D.A. Teachers ' Aid 4; Rosary Club 4; G.A.A. 1234. MAUREEN ZAGANELLI . . . Ss. Peter Paul; CSMC, Représentative 134, Council 4, Paladin; PCMI; School Play 4; May Day Représentative 23. SYLVIA ZESZUTEK . . .St. Adalbert; CSMC; Représentative 3; Council 3, Paladin; PCMI; Youth Incorporated 1234; Vice President 4; Student Council 4; Class President 2; Honor Roll 12; Library Guild 1; Science Fair Entry 2, 3rd place; Glee Club 23; Music Récital 12 ; G.A.A. 1234; Rosary Day 12, Member of the National Latin Honor Society. LYNN SCOTT ... St. Peter ' s Cathé¬ dral; Transferred from Novato High School 4; CSMC. MARIANNE WINTER GAIL WISNIEWSKI CAROL JEAN WITTLICH JUDY WITTLICH JUDY WOTTOWA MAUREEN ZAGANELLI SYLVIA ZESZUTEK LYNN SCOTT Looking Back A rare Senior privilège--when Senator Kennedy passed through Belleville on his campaign tour, eager and enthusiastic Seniors gathered at the Square to hear his dynamic speech. Our slogan, " Lf we were 21, we ' d vote for Kennedy! " caught the Senator ' s eye and rewarded the banner bearers with a presidential smile. over my last wonderful year at Notre Dame, I remember many things-- meeting the freshman who was to be my " little sister”; the excitement of actually seeing Senator John Ken¬ nedy at the Square (I knew he’d be our next president); get- ting my long-awaited class ring. Oh, yes, I ' il never forget my " date with Dad” at the Father-Daughter Banquet, and the beautiful corsage of pink carnations he gave me. The end of the year brought the Junior-Senior Dance, and before I could catch my breath, exams were here. Then came my time alone with God, my last retreat as a high school student. Somewhere in the whirlwind of the next months were sand- wiched, besides the usual classes, Field Day, the New York trip, applications for job and college, the Junior-Senior Party, rehearsal for Graduation, the Senior Prom, and finally, Grad¬ uation Day. But the best part of my memories--the part IT1 cherish when spécifie events and definite dates hâve been forgotten--is the spirit at Notre Dame: the wonderful teachers and the lively catechists, the campus through the changing seasons, the tranquil chapel, ail the friends I ' ve made in every class. Ail four of my years at Notre Dame hâve been filled with priceless memories, but looking back, 1 11 remem¬ ber my Senior year most fondly. With God ' s blessing, the graduâtes of ' 61 le ave Notre Dame well prepared to face opportunities unlimited in ail walks of life. The Seniors surprised the faculty with a spur-of-the-moment Halloween party in the gym, complété with costumes, refresh- ments, and games. 28 Juniors Enlivened with initiative, filled with increased dévotion, inspired with studiousness--these are our Juniors. The faculty was greeted by the cheerful and animated faces of the girls and their dates as they stopped by the convent before going to the annual Junior-Senior dance. Dressed in se mi-for mais, heels. and rhinestone jewelry, and ready to dance to the tunes of Charles Val’s Orchestra, their delight was évident in attending this lovely school affair. In receiving top honors in the chocolaté drive, and procuring the greatest amount of money to crown a Junior as Mission Queen. they again revealed their unfailing interest in school projects. This class of ' 62 is a small link in a chain that binds a mighty school--but oh such an important link. As the other classes, it is certain that they will remain ever loyal to their school- -The Academy of Notre Dame. Juniors Today Allen Yurgel, one of the many talented Art students of Sister M. Angelee, pro¬ duces another artistic " masterpiece. " Making use of the basic principles leamed in first year algebra, these students calculate different équations. Dorothy Nishke ex- plains her solution to Mary Ann Denny, Janet Schmidt, and Mary Beth Obemdorfer One of the favorite American authors of the Junior English classes is Edgar Allen Poe. Sister Charles Marie is ex- plaining the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition as retold in " The Pit and the Pendulum. " Seniors Tomorrow Soliciting their services for the annual Mothers ' Club meeting Deanna Degen, Mary Jo Bedell, Mary Ann Falbe, Ann LeChien, and Dolores Westfall pré¬ paré the refreshments. Sue Donovan casts her vote for the win ner while Phyllis DeFosset, Nancy Luehrs and Mary Kerins await the final returns. CARE PACKAGES? No! But the care and perservance the Juniors exhibited helped their class win the 1960 Chocolaté Drive. Watch the calories, girls ! Homeroom 205 Margaret Clancy Sandra Cook " There has to be more than that left ! " says Jane Reeb to Linda Hertich, Dolores Mary Patricia Dalton Westfall, and Mary Ann Jane Eichholz Denny. Nancy Emons Kathleen Fuller Wilma Hamilton Mari an Horvat Barbara Jacobi Géraldine Johnson Marilyn Klein Su s an Lastarria Barbara Lukac Marcelene Martin Joan Moore Judy Morrisey Kathleen Neville Yvonne Oppermann Cathleen Paoli Dons Reinhardt Frances Salomone Jeannette Schaefer Joyce Schaefer Carol Sue Scheibel Ann Schniers Sandy Se mon Jeanette Smith Patricia Walters Charlotte Zajac Ék. flfet â Homeroom 206 Barbara Archer Phyllis Ballard Sandy Bauer Marlene Blaha Representing 206 are Donna Isselhardt, Mary Sue Loehr, Pat Gromacki, and Ann LeChien. Sus an Bums Emelee Dahm Phyllis De Fossett Sharon Diehl Virginia Feder Florence Gober Jeanne Gundlach Ann Hoeffken Sue Ellen Junker Mary Kerins Carol Koesterer Cheryl Lang Arlene Malacame Shirley Matejka Kathleen McGee Patricia Mersinger Julie Monken Helen Pelke Bonnie Range Sharon Salel Jane Schlattweiler Helen Sherman Antoinette Skye Vivian Vermeersh Susan Vernier Joyce Ann Zika Homeroom 207 Kathy Bailey Amy Chaffin Joann Cichon Janet Clark Ruby Combs Sue Donovan Mary Ann Eisele Margaret Gantner Rita Guette rm an Kathleen Hemann Janice Hobbs Janice Kasafirek Jo Ellen Koesterer I Important board meeting? Judy Schott, Deanna Degen, Jeanne Baker, Janice Huber. Ruth Ann Martz Marilyn Moore Audrey Nahlik Dorothy Nishke Flora Price Jo Anne Rensing Patti Schaefer Martha Lou Scheibel Mary Beth Schoenherr Judy Strobl Judy Thomas Bonnie May Vernier Mary Kay Weckermeyer Janet Willett Lynn Wuerz Homeroom 308 Joyce Betlach Margie Braeutigam Kathleen Cheatham Kaye Cocheba Marc i a Cronin Sharon Dean Antoinette Dim mie Marabeth Ebel Margie Eschenfelder Cheryl Frick Patricia Fuhrman Sandra Gansmann Eager to begin their respective duties are Janet Schmidt, Patricia Stites, Almie Hatzl, and Mary Jo Bedell, under the direction of Sister Mary John De De o. Joan Gerdon Mary Margaret Heap Barbara Molnar Marc i a Muckensturm Carol O ' Brien Patricia Phillips Patricia Ramsey Mary Ellen Russell Margie Schmidt Kathleen Schwartz Kathy Slade Marlene Straubinger Sarah Wobbe Charlene Woolery Evelyn Kalert Rose mary Karban Mary Beth Krein 4 -A A Jk Homeroom 309 Sharon Lanter éJÊhb Meet 309 ' s congenial leaders: Bonnie Gass, Mary Ann Falbe, Andrea Gribat, Diane Blumyer. Jean Bauer C arolyn Blaes Patricia Buss Marcia Crowley Rita Dullinger Betty Heckenberger Carol Holliday Carol Jacobs Maxine Karcher Sharon Kochmanski Mary C. Kostelac Janee Lanter I tjL à Stéphanie Lasky Nancy Luehrs Kathy McEvilly Mary Beth Oberndorfer Patricia Orlet Rita Petry Sandra Recker Jeanette Roenicke Jeanette Schaefer Sharon Schaller Sophomores The results were colossal when the Sophomores, the lighthearted, vivacious group that they are, set about putting into scrapbook form, the novel ”Silas Marner”. The enthusiam and co-operation of this group of young people has helped them to attain their goal towards success. It isn ' t easy in this âge of increasing outside activities to take serio usly a class project and work at it so diligently. This class of ’63 has proved that they can be counted upon to show increasing enthusiasm for any intellectual projects they assume. 37 Where Tomorrow Judy Brutto and Maureen Ballard know that " Curios- ity is onc of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect. ' Looking over her shoulder to comment on the intri- cate workings of the human heart is June Makowski. Betty Laumann, Barbara Lautz, Karen Hayden, and Ruth Siekmann are discus- sing the magnificent func- tioning of the other parts of the body. Saundra Shobe, Pat Roscow, Joan John¬ son and Mary Ellen Grog an are observ- ing the very wonderful and talented sophomore English teacher Mrs. Knauer, who is explaining the importance of using the dictionary. Begins Today Time out for the World History class to take note of the famous days of old by examining pictures and clippings. Rome must hâve been very fascinating, considering the faces of these interested students; (STANDING) Marianne Schmidt, Mary Whealon, Kathy Huschle, Joan Hol¬ land, Margie Rickert; (SEATED) Rita Simmons, Alice Gardner. Geometry is the language of form, the science of space. Studying this language is a fascinating quest demonstrated by Judy Lurtz and Katie Nuetzel. Current Gallic periodicals give these students additional practice in their French language course. Homeroom Cl 16 ài J 4. ni vlv U.. ûA a i àlk É Kathleen Arnold Diane Boul Charleen Cleary Jeanne Dare Sally Ann Dehner Neoma Fink Gertrude Gagen Mary Geppert Mary Franc es Gore Juanita Helms Janet Hoskins Christine Kaiser Sharon Lesaganich Judy McCarthy Ellen Miller Jane Quirin Ri ta Reuss Eunice Rick El aine Rinck Joan Roth Jane Rujawitz Betty Schaefer Teresa Schill Mary Schmitt ,ïiJK ÀÙk, À a ÊAéÊA Janet Schoendienst Barbara Schuette Mary Semmelroth Sandra Shields Carol Sinn President Margie Biehl Homeroom 306 President Judee Be uc km an Judy Anderson Diane Baumann Bonnie Becker Vice President Corrine Jung Sue Beth Benton Judy Bertke Pat Breeden Judy Brutto Secretary Maureen Ballard Jean Dahm Sherry Lee Dailey Mary Ellen Dingerson Barbara Kay Eschman Barbara Fellner Treasurer Joan Noser Kathleen Foiey Karen Hayden Ireta Higgerson Joanne Johnson Margaret Kinsella Mary Kubitschek Marilyn Lyons Patty Mayer Sharon Monken Barbara Oughton Mary Peters Gayle Ramirez Lucille Riedel Patricia Ann Riley Clara Schaefer Carol Sedlak Ruth Ann Siekmann Ossie Spears Carol Stomer Rochelle Sutter Judy Thomas Joséphine Touchette Marjorie Vail Sharon Wilkinson Homeroom C200 Corrie Albright Jane Appel Bemice Baumann Bonnie Beardsmore Janet Bell Judy Berkel Cecelia Cullen Cathy Eschenfelder Clémentine Feldt Jeanne Fletcher Martha Gatawakas Mary Ellen Grog an Patty Hettenhausen Jean Johnson Marinell Johnson Charlotte Kaesberg Mary Kay Kohl Barbara Lautz Donna Mangin Sharon Ratay Kathy Rickert Mary Riedel Pat Rozyche Sharon Smith Mary Frances Steiner Barbara Swengross Suzanne Tieman Evelyn Trentman Janet Zimmerman President Janice Schneider Vice-President Diane Visintine Secretary Saundra Shobe Treasurer Mary Diekemper Homeroom C20I 4 ▲ President Karen Rowe Vice-president Jean Feder Secretary Pat Schomber Treasurer Louise Baumann Jean Blanquart Cheryl Bowen Jeanette Costanzo Mary Davis Pat Fuchs Alice Gardner Kathy Grimmer Suzanne Halvachs Joan Holland Kathleen Huschle Rita Joseph Mary Kassebaum June Makowski Katherine Mell Mary Naumann Jeanette Renneker Kathleen Richardson Margene Rickert Pat Roscow Pat Ruser Lupe Sanchez Rosemarie Schieffer Marianne Schmidt Rita Schulte Judi Shields Rita Simmons Carol Sloan Barbara Voellinger Janet Walthes Mary Whealon Bonnie Wittenauer Ruth Wright IA 1 Homeroom 305 Pat Beis Claude Bernier Mary Lou Cichon Mary Crilly Marilyn Eisele Jackie Faller Mary Catherine Fischer Mary Friederich Mary Kay Fritsch Barbara Gavaiek Ruth Ann Cole President Diana Leveling Judy Lurtz Kathy Meirink Sharon Meyer N an Moran Kay Nuetzel Annabelle O ' Malley (ÊL àfÀÊk Janet Posenuk Peggy Sax Donna Schneider Mary Therese Shea Bonnie Koesterer Secretary Christine Kjolsrud Vice President à Kathy Garland Treasurer Margaret Thompson Anne Vonnegut Mary Wiesen Carol Wobbe Dianne Wolfersberger Joan Zacharski By the time the typical freshman has adjusted to the confusing maze of classrooms and corridors, faculty and friends, she begins to notice the more tranquil, spiritual air which gently but surely pervades Notre Dame, the school of Our Lady. The calm peace with which the chapel ever awaits her visit, the many statues of Our Lady ensconced with so much loving care and dévotion, and of course, the spécial guardian of freshmen, the beautiful statue of Our Lady Fair in the main entrance, ail smile benevolently at her as she passes through Noue Dame’s portais. Ail of these, together with Mission Day and May Day, Rosary Day and Reueat, tend to convey to her, Notre Dame’s very own esprit de corps, great love of God and His mother. Homeroom CI Harmonizing are: Mary Ann Quirin, Pat Smith, Rosemary O’Meara, Barbara Bertschinger, Joyce Wuebbels, Janet Moore, Anna O ' Meara, Karen Brady, Marilyn Kaffer. Class Officers are Margie Glauber, president; Patty Byme, secretary; Janine Wylder, vice-president; Cindy Glaus, treasurer. Leaving school are: Maure en Clifford, Carol Brueggeman, Mary Ellen Fischer, Margaret Glauber, Suzanne Strube, Margie Haas, Jeannine Buss, Cathy Moore. SEATED are: Mary Ann Hanley, Peggy Bauer, Dorothy Dillion, Kathy Bums, Karen Marchetti, Barbara Hankammer. STANDING are: Sharon Sorgea, Helen Reeb, Jeannette Dahm, Carole Gass. à V Math enthusiasts are: Marilyn Truc- cano, Sharon Ritson, Mary Jo Briesacher, Kathy Stocker, Monica Render, Susan WittHch, Marilyn Donna, Kathy Heiser, Kathy TTrien, Pat Vlasak. Homeroom C2 Relaxing under the willow trees are: Susan Murdock, Jackie Savage, Cecelia Nugent, Sheila Price, Kathleen Lowe, Elaine O ' Leary, Elaine Powell. Class Officers are: Mari an Cashgarian, president; Sandra Long, vice-president; Mary Beth Grimmer, secretary; Julie Rauckman, treasurer. SEATED are: Kay Walters, Gail Semon, Jean Shadid, Jean Wes- sel, Mary Jean Sheraikis, Ginny Harrison. STANDING are: Barbara Trappe, Mary Schwarztrauber, Barbara Vonnegut, Kathleen Siekmann, Kathleen Varady, Margaret Waite. Proud of their school are: Sue Kaltenbronn, Jane Ellen Mueth, Carol Falcetti, Cathy Kestly, Janet Sax, Mary Goalby, Alice Foran, Kathy Isler, Susan Eisele, Elaine Dauphin. Ready for classes are: Sharon Black, Karen Laing, Janet Be- del, Laura Bann, Barbara Bertelsman, Judy Campbell. Peering from behind locker doors are: Mary Nadler, Caria Koberg, Jackie Becherer, Margie Kristan, Marilyn Schrader, Eileen Lett, Diane Weis, Ann O ' Donnell, Ercile Ferrenbach, and Susie Lehman. Class Officers are: Mary Meyer, Treasurer; Cindy Becherer, Secretary; Mary Yettke, President; Kathy Davlan, Vice-president. STANDING: Cherie Stehlich, Joyce Lanter, Mary Isselhardt, Carolyn Sherman. SITTING: Kathy Moore, Mary Beth Rensing, Barbara Wemdle, Julie Bertelsmann, Nancy Piquard. Mary Lehan, Nancy Noll, Kay Stomer, Teresa Hoffmann, Cherie Burke, Mary Ellen Biehl, Ann Yoch, and Carol Schilling are keeping the Gym room in proper order. Admiring the beauty of the campus are: Ann O ' Conner, Unda Dyer, Linda Cummings, Paulette Reime, Carol Kreher, Betty Driscoll, Jane-Carpenter, and Mary McGinley. Class Officers are: Dons Prindable, Treasurer; Martha Vernier, Secretary; Anita Kassly, Vice-Presi¬ dent; and Jean Marie Wainwright, President. Homeroom C102 On front lawn are : Cath erine Medley, Pamela Wathen, Pat Schaefer, Sharon Renneker, Susan Merz, Rebecca Orr, and Sandra Schaefer. Ready for class are Bemadelle Bann, Trudy Johnson, Madonna McCauley, Peggy Daubach, Kathy Bauer, Kathy Baudino, Mary Lou Buettner, Vicky Canty, and Sharon Buxton. High school a new opportunity for: Jane Bradley, Jacquelyn Kinard, Carole Dingivan, Diane Edwards, Diane Betlach, Barbara Kilcrease, Barbara Sue Brown, and Jane Cure 11. 200451 m a Bi WORLD Grow Big in a Big World — Kathryn Guetter- man, Joan Schwalb, Barba ra Kuehn, Helen Sobieralski, Kathy Himstedt, Charlene Poelker, Jane Schwalb, Kathy Maher, Clarience Ritzheimer, Carol Platzkoester, and Carol Perron. Homeroom Cl 15 Meandering down Elm Drive are Joyce Rudert, Alexis Boden, Mary Kay Calvin, Pat Jakoubek, Donna Rosetto, Marian Buescher, linda Schubert, and Joan Waeltz, Nancy Brazie, Marilyn Schranz, Mary Catherine Igel, Cathy Cochran, and Linda Berens. Interested in old yearbooks are Phyllis Phillips, Barbara Nurdin, Peggy Hayes, Diane Morck, Mary Hickman, Marsha Beyer, Marcia Arnold, Veronica Lucas, Rose Ann Hoff, Carol Knaus, and Ann Miller. Class officers are Ann Gaumond, Sec- retary, Kathy Cassin, President; Diane Haas, Vice President; and Peggy Ferris Treasurer. Hurry the bell is going to ring say Margie Arn¬ old, Nancy Blumyer, Nancy Blackston, Sheila Cooney, Kathy Cemecka, Ruth Franz, Mary Ellen Ehret, and Linda Fricke. Homeroom Cl 20 E V — r “-, l t VT Homeward bound are . . . Virginia Maurer, Susan McEvilly, Ann Pazderka, Ann Jasper, Susanne LaSurs, Janice Jaskowiak, Cheryl Giffhom, and Rose Ann Heet. In perfect uniform are . . . Jane Ann Swedo, Pat Worley, Karen Wittenbrink, Kay Tragesser, Bonnie Kay Wright Judy Wasser, Connie Tyl, and Maure en Wall. Taking advantage of a few spare minutes are . . . Rose- mary Prohaska, Virginia Smith, Carol Smith, Joann Stefanik, Rose Marie Randle, Carol Lynn Render, Susan Schulte, and Susan Roche. Class officers are . . . Ann Hoelscher President, Cathy Chouinard Vice President, Marianne Bailey Secretary, Janice Jakes Treasurer. Kay Elliott, Margaret Amann, Mary Dammrich, Marcia Fuller, Judy Church ill, Judy Gain, Dolores Dressel, and Judy Crook pose around Our Lady s Stretching and straining, these freshmen begin their weekly gym class with a few basic exercises. Sharon Black, Marsha Beyer, Jane Ellen Mueth, Mary Ellen Biehl, Marilyn Trucanno, and Carole Dingivan are interested in the English achieve- ments of their classmates. High School . . . Your New Opportunity 3. ! -+ £ 3 - 3. ïsT i r t - ù 3w y- 3r r Isf- - IOI,r- • - ' IC ' T - H Realizing the importance of mathematics in this modem day and âge, Nancy Brazie explains the fundamentals of algebra to her classmates. MAI For many girls at the Academy, school does not consist merely of an 8:00 to 3:00 day; after the last bell has rung, the school is by no means empty. From Monday to Friday ( and sometimes even on weekends) the various organizations at Notre Dame hold their meetings. Everything from personal sanctification to the Corn¬ ing deadline, from the proper method of shelving books to student government, is discussed and acted upon. The activities at the Academy are not merely " extra curricular” but rather " co-curricular” because they function with the curriculum in turning out well-rounded girls, prepared for each State in life. The Sodality The four of fie ers of the Sodality of the Im- maculate Conception are Cathie Tyl, Prefect, Maria Stancius, Vice-Perfect, Marie Chaperlo, Secretary, and Jo Ellen Christ, Treasurer. With Sister Richard Marie, their moderator, these Sodalists plan the many events and activities of the year. One of the impor¬ tant events of the school year sponsored by the Sodality is Rosary Day. The Sod¬ alists formed the beads of the Rosary. The word Sodalist means a very close friend or associate, a companion. Indeed, a Sodalist of Our Lady is by very définition a companion of the Mother of God. Preceding the weekly meetings, each Sodalist assembles in the chapel and recites the " Little Office of the Immaculate Concep¬ tion. " Ail Sodalists realize that the Sodality was organized to increase the Personal holiness of its members and to train them in charitable work for others. 54 A Way of Life Through Mary The Sodality manifests an outstanding dévotion to the Blessed Virgin, their spécial patroness. They strive to imitate her splendid virtues, place ail confidence in her, and urge each other to love and serve her with greatest filial loyalty. On May Day, the highlight of the year, Mary is given spécial honor. Prefect Cathie Tyl crowns Our Lady and Maria Stancius, Marie Chaperlo, Joann Bauer, and Jo Ellen Christ are members of the court. Seniors, cl ad in cap and gown, form the rosary. Joan Gerdon, Judy Pawlow, Sharon Salel, Karen Rowe, and Ruth Ann Martz proudly show their Sodality medals. But the Sodalists ' dévotion doesn ' t end with the school year. Many of them gather twice a month for summer meetings on the campus. 55 Student Council Gail Wisniewski Sergeant of Arms Betty Jo Goedeke President Kathy Voellinger Vice-President Rita Haas Secretary Ruth Ann Sutter Treasurer Sophomores, eager to maintain change-of-class silence are: Marilyn Eisele, Audrey Weilbacher, Barbara Voellinger, Janet Walthes, Annabelle O ' Mal- ley, Jackie Faller, Jeanne Blanquart, Barbara Fell- ner, Donna Mangin, Rita Schulte, Mary Kubitschek, Corne Albright. Mary Jo Briesacher, Cheryl Giffhom, Mary Ellen Biehl, Cathy Himstedt, Jean Wessel, Marian Buescher proudly display their caps and buttons, symbolizing the Student Council. 56 Leadership Through Responsibility Beanies do it ! ! Thèse senior members of the Student Council are ready for action after receiving their beanies. Left to right: Cathy Englerth, Shirley Karcher, Laura Rein- hardt, Darlene Neff, Kathy Hellyer, Bemadine Hrasky, Sylvia Zeszutek, Judy Lett. Enjoying a panoramic view of the campus are Juniors: Nancy Luehr s, Mary Pat Dalton, Pat Walters, Ri ta Guetterman, Sharon Salel, Betty Marsh, Jeanne Baker, Phyllis Bal- lard, Cheryl Frick, Mary Ann Eisele, Margie Schmidt, and Stép¬ hanie Lasky. - One of the highlights of the summer meeting is the induction of the Student Council officers. The years ' activities are also planned at this session. The Idéal Girl- The theme for the search of Mary N D ' 61 was " Our Lady of New Horizons. " The cross-religious life, the keys-career life, and the rings-marriâge State, represent the future horizons of ail ND girls. For the qualities needed to face the future; purity, courtesy, initiative, neatness, studiousness, co-operation, sports-mindness, and well-roundedness, MARIA STANCIUS was chosen as the Mary ND 61. Susan La Surs, Jean Marie Wainwright, Karen Laing, Mary Diane Schmidt, Karen Rowe, Bonnie Gass, Carol Stomer, Diane Morck, Mary Wiesen, Kay Trentmann, Janet Schmidt, Jeanne Baker, Doiores Westfall, Karen Brady, Mary Kay Meyer, Mary Kerins, Ruth Ann Sutter, Judy Gerdon, and Jo Ann Kicielinski were chosen as the Idéal Girls of their homeroom among whom Marie Stancius crowned THE IDEAL GIRL. Ring Day The first day a Notre Dame girl really feels like a Sen¬ ior is the day she gets her class ring. Ring Day will remain in her memory as a day, both happy and sad. Happy, because she has received the Symbol of four years of love and loyalty for Notre Dame; sad, because this is the first of a sériés of events leading up to her Graduation--the day when she, as a member of the class of ' 61, leaves Notre Dame as a stu- dent for the last time. Her classmates will drift away to jobs, college, and homes of their own, and perhaps she will never see the Academy again, but she will always hâve her cherished ring of blue and gold to remind her of ”the days she spent at Notre Dame.” " Isn ' t it be auti fui ? " - -the only possible topic of conversation these seniors after the Ring Day ceremony. 59 Catholic Students Active at the C.S.M.C. convention are: Judy Thomas, Father Dan Moriarity, Mary Ann Falbe, Father Frank Virostek and Mary Catherine Kostelac. Crowning our 1961 Mission Queen, Jo Ellen Koesterer, are the C.S.M.C. officers: Mari¬ anne Winter, Vice-President, Janet Walker, President, Judy Thomas, Secre- tary, and Mary Ann Falbe, Treasurer. Dele g a te s at the C.S.M.C. Convention are: FIRST ROW, Mary Ann Falbe, Judy Thomas, Marianne Winter, Mary Catherine Kostelac, Vivian Vermeersch, Jo Ellen Koesterer, Nancy Luehrs, and Cathy Tyl. SECOND ROW Bettv MRD ROw S r er ’lH e M y Feder ' 7 Mari ‘ y " K n ’ Judy Van Dan Elzen . Sylvia Zeszutek, and Tony Wimringer ™ f I , RD . RO ™’ Sl ? er G««ld, Maureen Zaganelli, Charlene Cleary, Sharon Salel, Carole Neary, Nancy Emons, Kathy Luebben, Sister Francis Michael, and Janet Walker. Mission Crusade Preparing for a goodwill Christmas tour of the hos¬ pital are: Mary Ellen Morck, Jeanette Schaefer, Cynthia Glauss, Cathy Stocker, Cathy Moore, and Janet Walker. Our Mission Queen Candidates are: Barbara Fellner, Cathy Meirink, Rosemarie Schief- fer, Patty Hetten- hausen, Queen Jo Ellen Koesterer, Karen Lang, Kay Tragesser, Jane Schwalb. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Shranz, Patty Mer- singer, Caria Ko- berg, Gertie Cagen, Kathy Paoli. THIRD ROW: Kay Cocheba, Nancy Luehrs, Jo Ann Kiciclinski, Betty Jo Goedeke, Cathie Tyl, Martha Kalert, and Peggy Bauer, missing. ' J . i .j -«■ 4 jJ j A 1 Decorating Thanksgiving baskets are Carol Smith, Janis Jaskowiak, Jean Wainwright, Diane Shields, Carolyn Wienhoff, and Bobbie Vernier. 61 The 1961 Officers of the Library Guild are: Judy Van Dan Elzen, President; Janet Mar¬ tin, Secretary; Diane Shields, Vice Presi¬ dent; and Sharon Visintine, Treasurer. They work under the leadership of theschool librarian, Sister Mary Angelita. The Offi¬ cers, glancing through some new books, pause while Judy reads something of in¬ terest to them ail. Library Guild Any hour of the school day you can find several helpful girls in our Library. These girls willingly give up their study periods to assist the other members of the student body. The aid of the Library Guild and Sister Ange¬ lita provides our school with an effi¬ cient and smooth-running Library. The Library also contributes many interesting features such as: making colorful bulletin boards, sponsoring career day, and holding the annual book contest during Book Week. Senior Members on the Library Guild are very interested in current events and are busy looking for articles on the analysis of the his- torical Kennedy-Nixon debates. The Senior Members are Jeanne Henning, Maria Bequette, Barbara Dare, Janet Portell, and Betty Ann Feder. 62 New books for Notre Dame ' s Library are cata¬ loguée! by these ambitious Library Guild Members: Rita Dullinger, Susan Burns, Betty Heckenberger, and Marilyn Klein. These Library Guild Members are putting away the projector and screen after a movie on the " Cur- rent Way To Use The Library.” The film is annually shown to the freshmen. The members are Mary Catherine Kostelac, Shirley Matejka, and Deanna Degen. Pointing out Laos, an area of contro- versy where Doctor Thomas Dooley had his famous jungle hospital, are these Library Guild Members: Lynn Wuerz, Carol O ' Brien, and Suzanne Lastarria. These well-informed juniors, Stéphanie Lasky, Pat Phillips, Sharon Kochman- ski, and Marilyn Marshall, are looking for inspiration in other yearbooks and also checking to see what N.D. staffs of former years hâve done. Most of the work in compiling a yearbook is put in on the ancient art of thinking; each successive staff strives to bring in fresh, original ideas, layouts, and captions. Marcia Crowley and Margie Vernier were out buying film and flash - bulbs when this photograph was taken. TOI» SlïCRJïT The activities of the staff begin with the annual fund-raising drive before the school assembly. We plan a program to generate selling enthusiasm and subscript ions. The senior members of our staff, Jeanne Henning, Barbara Dare, Judy Stelling, Phyllis Schuchart, and Marie Chaperlo hold a con¬ sultation on an important set of pages and the pictures to be used on them. One of the greatest pro- blems is seeing that we hâve use- able pictures of ail the important events in the school. Our modera- tor and chief consultant on ail our problems is Sister Jane Marie. Long hours of work and innumerable headaches are forgotten the day our books return neatly packaged in cardboard boxes. Excitement runs high as the clean-smelling volumes are exclaimed over and eagerly inspected. eoxriDEN Yearbook Staff at Work! TIAL: Decisions, decisions, decisions! Co- editor and photography manager Jeanne Henning, Editor Judy Stelling, and Business Manager Phyllis Schuchart thoughtfully discuss the pros and cons of a fiat cover (which allows for bet- ter binding); where to put the senior writeups (we bow to popular demand); how to best carry out our theme and dedication (we chose the theme " Students " ); and assorted questions such as colored end sheets, cover color, number of pages in the book, et cetera, ad infinitum. Art Manager Teresa Schulte was absent when the picture was taken. Most pictures hâve certain dull areas that should be eut out, or " cropped. " Dolores Westfall, Bonnie Vernier, Judy Strobl, Jeanette Smith and Jeanne Baker are learning how to wield the croppers in order to produce a more interesting picture. The other books are helpful as examples, but they hâve a long way to go before that pile of photographs is diminished! The Read-a-Wee ACADEMY OF NOTRE DAME, 1BELLEVILLË G ET THE NEWS WHILE IT ' S HOT! ï The latest issue of the Read-a-Wee, hot off the press, is handed out to eager page editors for inspection. At the window are: Maureen Richardson, Jeanne Cordie, Joann Bauer--Editor in Chief, and Maria Stancius--Associate Editor. Receiving the papers are: Beverly Jung, Ann Lynn Jerger, Judy Van Dan Elzen, Judy Wittlich, and Mary Gatawakas. ii TOP HOMEROOM IN DRIVE ANNOUNCED. Judy Wittlich adds the finishing touch to the bulletin board which proclaims 201 the top homeroom in the Publications Drive. 201 ' shigh point girl, Lavona Shea, receives her quota button from Sylvia Zeszutek vvhile drive captains Ruth Sutter and Diane Shields proudly tally up the last sub- scriptions. ONLY 500 MORE TO GO! When the paper cornes back from the printer, members of the Read-a-Wee business staff are kept busy folding hundreds of papers for mail¬ ing and homeroom distribution. These busy staffers are: Martha Kalert, Ellen Hoeffken, Ruth Sutter, Marilyn Gebhart, and Jeanine Kern. BILLS! BILLS! BILLS! These members of the business staff must cope with hundreds of bills and ads in the course of a year. This phase of journalism calls for a combination of secretarial ski 11 and bookkeep- ing ability, as Mary Ellen Morck, Barbara Engel, Janet Walker, Susan Nesbit, and Cathie Tyl-- Business Manager, can tell you. FIRST ISSUE ARRIVES The faces of these happy readers is ample reward for the many hours spent working on each month ' s Read-a-Wee. DID I WRITE THIS? These articles didn ' t look so funny a week ago when these Read-a-Wee writers turned them in! With expressions that vary from quiet pleasure to high glee, these reporters are: Judy McElligott, Andrea Gribat, Amy Chaffin, Joyce Reno, Jane Reeb, and Pat Polansky. These four trumpet players--Corky Weirauch, Clara Schaefer, Marcelene Martin and Virginia Salomone--are pleasantly relaxed around the statue of St. Joseph. Even though the sun was shining brightly and the wind was blowing gently, these patient band members --Teresa Schill, Pat Buss, Claude Bernier, Joséphine Kenetski, Martha Scheibel, Susan Nesbit, Kathy Christ, Kathy Meirink, and Carol Scheibel-- proudly posed for the yearbook caméra. The melodious sounds of music float forth from the oboe of Linda Hartich, the flûtes of Jeanne Baker, Margaret Kinsella, Judy Crook, Janis Jaskowiak, Elaine Dauphin, and Rosemary Prohaska, the saxophones of Jane Bradley, Sharon Smith, Ginny Harrison, and Joan Moore, the clarinets of Joan Cerdon, Maryann Klein, Kathy Garland, Kathryn Englerth, Sheila Price, Peggy Bauer, and Beverly Jung. For the Young Adult As Janet Walker practices the tympani, Mr. Wimer, the director o£ the band, studies a sheet of new music. Composing the Percussion section of the band are Marianne Creed, President, Sharon Meyer, Ubrarian, and Candy Jung, Elaine Rinck, Ann Gaumond, and and Helen Pelke. With much agility the twirlers of Notre Dame—Jane Eichholz, Mary Biver, Mary F. Riedel, Jeanne Cordie, Ann Schniers, Sue McKinney, and Mary Kassebaum—display their talents with the bâton. Presenting t « The Christmas Troubadour” On opening night our stars swing into action in their expertly portrayed rôles. Mary Gatawakas as Giovanni De Vellita, Janice Muckensturm as Adriano Gurlandio, Ann Jerger as Frances Ber- nardone, Emelee Dahm as Vittoria, and as peasants: Edith Biehl, Linda Hertich, and Rita Simmons. Tension mounts backstage as these girls await the rising of the curtain. They are Judee Beuckman, Margie Eschenfelder, Bonnie Gass, Barbara Archer, Marilyn McKinney, Janice Schneider, and Mary Kay Fritsch. " In the silence of the night I dreamed of you, my dear. " Industriously painting scenery in préparation for the big night are: Joan Stacer, Karen Rowe, Judy Wittlich, and Joyce Kicielinski. A valuable organization composed of capable and co-operative members, the Teachers Aids has become one of the mainstays of Notre Dame. The industrious Teachers ' Aid cor¬ rects papers, assists in arranging bulletin boards; they offer their assistance wherever and whenever help is needed. Shown here are: Sandy Cook, Joan Waeltz, Janice Berkel, Bar¬ bara Dare, and Virginia Feder. Assisting the officers of the Fighting 69th, Treasurer Janice Berkel, President Martha Kalert, and Vice President Bar¬ bara Dare, as they préparé to display the Sacred Heart, is Junior Barbara Molnar. Missing from the picture is Secretary Linda Hertich. Active Freshman-Sophomore members of the Fighting 69th on their way to their bi- monthly meeting are: Donna Mangin, Carol Storner, Karen Rowe, and Carol Kreher. Fighting 69th. To attain the purity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jésus is the idéal of the Fighting 69th as they strive for decency in word, action, and in dress. Second Soprano Section: Mary Ann Eiseie, Kathy Meirink, Marilyn McKinney, Katie Nuetzel, Carol Scheibel, Amy Chaffin, Mary Kay Weckermeyer, Edith Biehl, Janice Muckensturm, and Marie Chaperlo. Officers of the Glee Club: Katie Neutzel and Kathy Meirink, Librarians; Mary Gatawakas, Treas urer; Ann Jerger, President; Amy Chaffin, Secretary. Soprano Section: Janice Huber, Janet Clark, Beverly Jung, Pat Orlet, Judee Beuchman, Marilyn Moore, Phyllis De- Fossett, Martie Gatawakas, Janice Schneider, Mary Kay Fritsch, Margie Eschenfelder, Marcelene Martin, Darlene Sorgea, Suzanne Halwaches, Suzanne Lastarria, Pat Fuchs, Kathy Fuller, Rita Simmons, Jean Baker, Emelee Dahm, Jean Bauer, Linda Hertich, Cathie Paoli, and Mary Gatawakas. This outstanding group of choraleers, known as the sextet, gather around the organ to sing while Virginia Valerius accompanies them. They are Ann Jerger, Margie Vernier, Emelee Dahm, Beverly Jung, Edith Biehl, and Amy Chaffin. Alto Section: Joséphine Kenetski, Stéphanie Lasky, Martha Scheibel, Sandra Gansman, Clara Schaefer, Corky Weirauch, Margie Vernier, Lynn Wuerz, Jane Eichholz, Susan Nesbit, Sharon Meyer, Diane Boul, and Kathy Grim mer. Accompanists: Dolores Westfall and Virginia Valerius. Our energetic officers of the Girls Athletic Association are preparing for that ail-important softball season. From left are: Diane Dallao, Treasurer; Sharon Smith, Secretary; Judy Schwab, President; Joan Gerdon, Vice President. G. A. A. Spectators are as important to a game as players when it cornes to cheering the homerooms on to victory in the exciting basketball intramurals. F. N. A. These serious-minded Future Nurses of America are checking the schedule of coming events for the organization. STANDING are: Rita Guetterman, Treas- urer; Susan Nesbit, Vice President; Judy McElligott, President. SEATED is Ann Hoeffken, Secretary Future nurses in action get a pre- view of the vocation they are destined for. From left are: Marie Chaperlo, Diane Dallao, Jo Ellen Christ, Rose Ann Dochwat, Janet Porte 11, and Jeanne Curran. Enjoying the delicious dinner served at our banquet are these honored guests. Right: Father Schumacher, Father Callahan, Captain Walter Dakin Williams, guest speaker, whose topic was Catholic éducation, and Attorney R.E. Costello, toastmaster. BELOW: Father Wesselman, who gave the invocation, and Father Calhoun. Father-Daughter Banquet The seniors enjoyed an evening with Dad at the Father-Daughter Banquet. Waiting to be seated at Augustine s Restaurant, these N. D. seniors, Rita Haas, Norine Gagen, Janet Walker, Carole Neary, and Janice Muckensturm, pose with their Dads. Notre Dame Présents Its Its Royalty Popular Dee Dee Degen was regally crowned Homecoming Queen during half- time ceremonies of Cathedral ' s Home¬ coming Game. She was escorted by Tom Schneider and Chuck Hasenstab crowned her Queen Deanna. Poised Janet Walker is the choice of the senior class for St. Louis U. High Représen¬ tative. Janet has represented N. D. in the various festivities, such as: dances, pep rallies, and football games. To quote Janet, " I had a bail! " The Football Dance of 1960 came to a climax with the crowning of Cathe¬ dral ' s Football Queen, Miss Marianne Creed. Vivacious Marianne has been a cheerleader for two years, and cap- tain of the group this past year. This eroup of energetic N. D. girls make up the cheering squad of Cathédral High. From left: Marianne Creed, Judy Wittlich, Eileen Thomas, Jane Eichholz, Jeanne Bauer, and Corky Weirauch, awaiting the arrivai of the team, obligingly pose for our yearbook caméra. This octet of N. D. girls smile hopefully as each desires the Orphanbowl crown. They were selected by their respective CYO’s to sell tickets to the Orphanbowl Football Game; she who se Ils the most will reign as queen. KNEELING: Mary Ellen Morck, Kathy Gar an , Bonnie Vernier. STANDING: Judy Schott, Lavona Shea, Janet Walker, Mary Biver, and Judy Stelling. Honors This efficient senior, Sharon Visintine was awarded the title of Homemaker of Tomorrow in a contest sponsored by General Mills Inc. Local prize winners in a poster contest promoting Na¬ tional Employment of the Physically Handicapped re- ceived their awards from Mr. Charles T. Meyer, president of the Chamber of Commerce. The girls are Jean Johnson, Patricia Riley, Margaret Clancy, Betty Jo Goedeke, Jane Koesterer, and Patricia Fuhrman. Phyllis Ballard and Annabelle O ' Malley, récipients of the Latin Medal and Magna Cum Laude Cer¬ tifiâtes, are rejoicing with Sister Robertine over the trophy received after taking the Nation Wide Latin Examination. This examination is given by the Association for the Promotion of the Study of Latin. Many of the classical language stu- dents are also members of the Na¬ tional Latin Honor Society. 78 Health was Wealth for Joan Bauer who wrote the winning essay for the essay contest sponsored by the St. Clair County T.B. Association. Effort Brings Success " I speak for Democracy " was the themenote of the oratory writ- ten and delivered by Amy Chaffin. Amy won first place in the district in the Voice of Democracy Contest. Enthusiastically displaying the document of merit and the $25 bond, Amy is being congratulated by her American History teacher Sister Richard Marie. Interested in their comments are the winners of the speech contest. Receiving awards of EXCELLENT Merit are Susan McKinney, Amy Chaffin, Jeanne Cordie, Beverly Jung, Jean Marie Wainwright, Marianne Creed, and Ann Gaumond. t 1 Semi-finalists in the Illinois State Scholarship test are Jeanne Henning, Marianne Winter, Joan Bauer, Judy Stelling, Mary Kestly, Gail Wisniewski, Gloria Rossetto, and Kathryn Christ. DO YOU REMEMBER These things--the deserted booths after Mission Day . . . the volunteer work we did for the Building Fund Campaign . . . the anxious nights when parents came for our report cards . . . being welcomed by our new principal: these and more are in this book for you to remember and relive. Our sincere thanks to these, our faithful backers, for the fine work they hâve done this and every year. Their undying energy and ingenuity help to make N.D.A. a place for modem girls to grow into well- rounded women of tomorrow. Members of the alumnae board are: Pat Zezutech, Mary Ann Bedell (Hausmann), Jeanette Miller, Doro- thy Grauman (Feder), Pat Gruenewald, Alice Becherer, Regina Miller, Kathleen Schneiderjahn, and SEATED are: Mary Ann Mushill and Sister Gonsalva. We Need You Officers of the Fathers ' and Friends Club are: Syl Brutto, Vice President; R. J. Voellinger, President; and Ray Luekemeyer, Treasurer, with their daughters. Missing is Charles Schill, Treasurer. Officers of the Mothers ' Club, with their daughters are: Rita and Margie Haas with Mrs. Adolph Haas, Auditor; Mrs. Weis, Auditor, and EHane; Mrs. Paul Bedell, Treasurer, and Janet; Mrs. Don Mc- Kinney, Vice President, and Susan; Mrs. Ray Walker, President, and Janet; Mrs. Ray Neary, Recording Secretary, and Carole; Mrs. William Johnson, Corresponding Sec¬ retary, and Gerry. Patrons Most Rev. Albert R. Zuroweste Rt. Rev. Msgr. Leonard A. Bauer S.T.D., V.G. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Orlet V.P. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Eagear Very Rev. Msgr. Joseph B. Stenger J.C.D. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Louis Eli Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. A. Kaiser Very Rev. Robert Wesselman Rev. Joseph W. Callahan Rev. William Gibson Rev. Arthur Goldammer Rev. Jerome Hartlein Rev. Vincent Haselhorst Rev. Harry Schumacher St. James School Mr. Mrs. William Adrian Mr. Mrs. Cyril A. Arnold Babinsky Family Miss Ruth Annette Bann Dr. Mrs. P. F. Becherer J. Paul Bedei Mr. Mrs. Tom Bedell Mr. George Behrman Mr. Mrs. William C. Benton Janice Berkel Jeanne Blanquart ' 63 Mr. Mrs. Boman Mr. Mrs. James Braun Mr. Mrs. George Brechnitz Mr. Mrs. George Brichier Jr. A.N.D. Students and Faculty experienced several outdoor assemblies on the tennis court due to lack of space in the gym. Mr. Mrs. Herbert E. Briesacher Mr. Mrs. Anthony Buss Mr. Mrs. Frank J. Cacciatore Mrs. M. Cange Mr. Mrs. Harry Cassin Catholic War Veteran s Post Auxilliary Mr. Mrs. Louis A. Chaperlo Helen Clark ' 56 Joseph Cohn Dr. Bart Coie Mr. Mrs. R. E. Crowley John Nellie Crulcich Mr. Louis Dallao Mr. Mrs. Thomas Dalton Mrs. Laura Dare Mr. Mrs. V. DeFosset Carole Dingivan Mr. Mrs. Steve Dochwat Donna Family Joseph L. Draggon Jr. Mr. Mrs. J. H. Ebner Mr. Mrs. M. B. Eisele Mr. Mrs. R. Emons Mr. Mrs. Clarence Engierth Jeanette ’60 Catherine ' 61 Engierth Dr. N. H. Feder Louis Feist Mr. Cletus V. Ferguson Eriene Fink 56 Mrs. Margaret Fischer Major Romeo H. Freer, Jr. Freshmen Homeroom Cl Freshmen Homeroom C2 Freshmen Homeroom C101 Freshmen Homeroom C120 Bernard Fricke Mr. Mrs. Jos. Friederich Dr. K. F. Fritsch Mr. Mrs. Hugo Fix A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. Mrs. John K. Fuller Lucille Gabioud Paul Garrett Mr. Mrs. Cletus Gass Mrs. J. Gavalek Mr. Mrs. Joe Gebhart Mrs. William Goalby Mr. de Mrs. P. Golden Mr. de Mrs. Henry Guetterman Mr. de Mrs. Arthur P. Gundlach Mrs. Lee Hagen Candidate Rosalie Harbaugh Mom Joe Hannigan Gary Hartman Mrs. Dorcus Hassard Robert Heafner Mr. de Mrs. Clarence Heap Marie S. Heap Selma Heinemann—Kissel Mr. de Mrs. Lionel Heiiyer Mr. de Mrs. Henry B. Hempen Mrs. Joseph Hertich Mrs. Joseph W. Hilgeit Nancy deEnid Hoeffken A. H. Honer Mr. Mrs. Huber Arthur Hullen Mr. de Mrs. William Isselhardt Mr. de Mrs. August Jacobs Stanley Jamruk Roger P. Johnson Kenneth J. Jones Judy de Ray Junior Homeroom 205 Junior Homeroom 308 Rose Kaiser Mr. Clyde Karraker Mr. de Mrs. John Kassly Mr. de Mrs. Joseph Kassly de Family Mr. de Mrs. Leroy Keaseberg Mr. de Mrs. Michael P. Keeley Jim Kelemetc Miss Carol Jean Keller Mr. de Mrs. Maurice E. Keniley de Family Sam Killer Col. de Mrs. G. S. Kjoisrud Mr. de Mrs. Robert L. Klaus Mr. de Mrs. Cletus M. Koesterer Mr. de Mrs. Joe Kostelac Mr. de Mrs. John Kostelac Jr. Johnny de Jimmy Kostelac Mr. de Mrs. Mike Kostelac Dr. de Mrs. Richard Kostelac Charles Lang Mr. de Mrs. John Lasky Keith de Kenny Lauf Mrs. Ida F. Lehman Mr. de Mrs. Frank Liby Mr. W. R. Listaman Mr. de Mrs. John Luja Carolyn L. Lukac 60 Judy Lukac ' 59 Mr. Paul Lukac Carol McEliigott Mrs. Henry James McGee Mr. de Mrs. R. Meile Mrs. Irene Meirink E. V. Menges Mr. de Mrs. F. M. Mersinger Stapling booklets, folding letters, stamping and sealing thousands of envelopes was the A.N.D. students contribution in making the CHALLENGE the expansion drive a success. c. Mr. A. R. Meyer Miss Regina Miller Mrs. Wm. H. Miller Loretto Millner Dr. E. F. Moore Mr. de Mrs. Moore Mr. de Mrs. R. G. Moran Miss Alma Mueth Mr. de Mrs. Charles Mueth Mr. de Mrs. L. J. Nick Mr. de Mrs. J. Niederer Mr. de Mrs. Charles Nishke Mrs. Leona Noser Jack O ' Brien Mary M. O ' Brien Nancy de Ron Oison The Oppermann ' s Miss Ann Platzkoester Saliy Platzkoester Mr. de Mrs. Art Pointon George Poser Melvin Price Rose Prindable Mr. de Mrs. Aloys A. Reeb Mr. de Mrs. Art Rehkoff Mr. de Mrs. Paul W. Reime Leonard O. Reinhardt Miss Lilly Reis Milly Reissen Mr. de Mrs. Charles B. Rigney Patrons Mr. Mrs. Frank W. Rukavina Miss Mary C. Russell Mr. Mrs. Arthur Salel Mr. Mrs. Léo Salel Mr. Mrs. Stanley Salomone Mr. Mrs. V. P. Schifferdecker Dr. Mrs. A. D. Schilling Mr. Mrs. Arthur Schmidt Mr. Mrs. Jos. J. Schmidt Abe Achneider Mr. Mrs. Frank Schulte Susan Schulte Louise Schaefer C. M. Schauerte Mr. Mrs. Cletus R. Schlarmann Mr. Mrs. Leslie V. W. Schrader Judy Schwab Mr. Mrs. Lorraine Schwarz Dr. Earle Semon Prof. Virgii Seymour Mr. Mrs. Melvin J. Shadid Mr. Mrs. William Shea Mr. Mrs. Holiie Shepard Mr. Mrs. C. Smith Sophomore Homeroom C216 Miss Margie Soucy Mr. Mrs. John S. Steger Mr. Harold W. Stelling Drs. T. S. E. J. Szewczyk Dr. Mrs. U Thimsen Kathleen Truccano ' 60 Cathie Tyl Mr. Walter Tyl Mr. A. Urzal Mr. Mrs. Virgii Valerius Mr. Mrs. E. J. Voellinger Fred Wachtel Ray Walker Family Mr. Mrs. Leander Wandro Mrs. Wangelin Mr. Mrs. Stan Warzala Margaret Weckermeyer Mr. Mrs. Martin Weckermeyer Sr. Kenneth Weilbacher Mrs. Laura Weilbacher Lorene Weilbacher Milton Weilbacher Mr. Mrs. Frank Weirauch Mr. William Weis Mr. Mrs. Aldus Westfall Mr. Mrs. Clarence Wiesen Mrs. Thomas L. Wiies Mrs. Anna Wimmer Mr. Mrs. Allen Winter Mrs. Mae Wittlich Mr. Mrs. Emil F. Wottowa Miss Marie Wottowa Mr. Mrs. S. Zeszutek Andy ' s La Maure Beauty Salon B P Office Supply Beiieville Hardware The Geo. Bianquart Jewelers Bossler Nursery Brown Brown Distributors Columbia Cleaners Community Milk Company Cook ' s Hardware Couch ' s Foodliner Courtney Drug Company Creotina Chemical Company Dollus Bros. Frillman Studios Gentsch A. G. Superette Gundlach Company Funeral Home Home Brite Company Homer Realitor Hull Drugs Hutchinson s Edgemont Hardware Jimmy ' s Malt Shop Koesterer Market Lerner ' s London Shoe Shops Lou ' s Auto Parts August Mirring Florist Clarence Neuner Sport Store Original Cleaners Earl Pollock Service Station Price ' s Drive Inn J C Rexall Drugs Saeger-Wachtel Hardware Saunder’s Printing Service Schmidt Wuller Inc. Harold Smith Drug Store Stein Store Gene Vollmer Garage Walgreen Drug Company PHOTOGRAPHERS T O HER MAJESTY MISS NOTRE DAME UPTOWN DRUGS lOth and State Street on the Kroger Parking Lot Gene Kaelin ADams 3-7214 A. L. WOODCRAFT INC Custom Designers and Manufacturera General Electric Builder Distributors 720 West Adams Belleville, 111. THE CHILDREN S SHOP 121 East Main ADams 4-0427 Belleville Illinois The F inest in Beauty Care For the Discriminating Woman BELLEVILLE HOTEL BEAUTY SALON ADams 4-6447 22% Public Square Joan Fishbein — Marion House Specialists in Hair Shaping, Styling Permanent Waving Belleville Illinois YOU CAN COUNT WILSON’S PHARMACY KAEMMERLEN ELECTRIC COMPANY 2728 Locust Street St. Louis 3 Missouri Àppliance Repairs Electrical Contractor Parts MEDICAL BUILDING EAST ST. LOUIS, ILLINOIS C L. R. McKinley é Sons CHEVROLET COMPANY 512 WEST MAIN STREET BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS Belleville’s Chevrolet Dealer for 35 ears Good Food Ice Cream Candies Since 1921 YOU WILL LIKE DOING BUSINESS WITH Paul Luehrs (Chevrolet-Oldsmobile) Mascoutah, Illinois LOgan 6-6661 LOgan 6-3401 Belleville Automotive Trades Association J. C. Auffenberg, Ford 1001 South Illinois Street FORD St. Clair Motors 115 Fast “A” Street MERCURY-LINCOLN L. R. McKinley Sons, Incorporated 512 West Main Street CHEVROLET Edward Mutto Auto Sales, Incorporated 517 South Illinois Street RAMBLER-METROPOLITAN Vogel-Meyer Motor Company 4320 West Main Street OLDSMOBILE O. C. Joseph, Incorporated 223 West Main Street CHRYSLER-DODGE IMPER IAL-IMPORTED CARS Wagner Motor Car Company “A” and Jackson Streets BUICK Meyer Brothers Auto Company 335 West Main Street PONTIAC—CADILLAC E. B. JONES HOMEMAKERS INCORPORATED 1020 Illinois Avenue East St. Louis Illinois Phone ADams 3-5317 CARL ' S REFRIGERATION FRIGIDAIRE Sales Service 305 North Illinois Street Belleville, Illinois SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 321 East Main Street ADams 3-1214 Sewing Machines Vacuum Cleaners Rentals — Repairs — Notions Belleville Illinois KAREL S INCORPORATED INTERIOR DESIGNERS 3605 West Main Street Belleville Illinois RINCK WHOLESALE FOODS ' ■ ■ . m 3525 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois Try Our Delicious RINCK’S Bar-B-Q « su m c GEISSLER ROOFING CO., INC OLIVER PLYMOUTH 605 South Illinois Street ADams 3-0335 Belleville Illinois OUR ROOFS ARE PROOFS 1213 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois ADams 3-7300 ADams 3-2515 LOISEL VILLAGE LIQUOR SHOP, INC 14 Loisel Village Shopping Center EXpress 7-9678 East St. Louis Illinois ROZYCKE SERVICE Wood Métal Cabinets Free Estimâtes 2503 State Street E. St. Louis Illinois Cathédral Boys Prefer Sending FLOWERS from: GRIMM g GORLY FLORISTS 324 E. Main Belleville, Illinois Dale Park Paul Reis, C. H. S. ' 47 Notre Dame Girls Prefer Receiving Grimm Gorly Flowers Too. WADE SQUARE TOM BOY SUPER MARKET Hwy. 161 Lebanon Ave. Belleville, 111. Where You Can Buy with Confidence and Service with Pride. YOUNG TV - RECORD CENTER Complété Line Phono Records and Accessories TV Sales and Service 7 North 47 Street L W JUMPLAND 4130 West Main Street COME AND JUMP FOR FUN! Belleville, Illinois «i HAsiirs ecr Belleville Illinois St. Mary of Belleville 1706 West Main Street Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Orlet Rev. Harry Schumacher ZAGANELLI MOTOR SERVICE 227 Goethe Street Dickens 4-0013 Collinsville Illinois CARROLL HOUSE LINWOOD CONCRETE PRODUCTS 200 East Main Street Belleville, 111. SHIELDS MUSIC There’s a Store in Your Neighborhood. W. A. SCHICKEDANZ AGENCY INC. 110 West Main Street Belleville Illinois BRidge 1-2709 HAMLIN CABINET SHOP. INC. Custom Cabinets Industrial Residential 1250 N. 47th Street E. St. Louis, 111. • Your Health Is Your Wealth So Spend It I Visely WALKER £ WESTBROOK Natural Foods Phone ADams 4-6848 Roohs on Health and Nutrition Vitamin and Minerai Suppléments Raw Sugar and Molasses U hole Grain Products Fruit Candies 220 Mascoutah Ave. Belleville, 111. FRAAD’S MARKET 6104 State Street East St. Louis, Illinois Ruth Amann ' 61 Karen Bertelsman 61 Barbara Engel 61 Carole Neary ' 61 Susan Nesbit 61 HUBERT PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY OBERBECK FEED COMPANY 306 North Michigan Avenue 320 West State Street Belleville Illinois O ' Fallon Illinois For the Best in Electrical Wiring Call WECKERMEYER ELECTRIC COMPANY ORVILLE FEDER S EXpress 7-6320 104 Springdale Drive Belleville Illinois TEXACO SERVICE STATION 100 South Illinois Street Belleville A Dams 3-5852 Illinois DOUBLE EAGLE STAMPS ON FRIDAY HARRIET’S BEAUTY SALON Complété Beauty Service 1608 West Main Belleville, Illinois A Dams 3-8305 MARKULY’S JEWELRY Bellevue Park Plaza Belleville, Illinois KRUPP’S FLORAL SHOP 3332 West Main Belleville, Illinois A Dams 3-8593 WADE SQUARE WELPEE S ELFEE c AUGUSTINE ' S INC. RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE No. 7 Wade Square Belleville Illinois 1200 Centreville Avenue A Dam 9 4-6364 ENGLISH REALTY INSURANCE AGENCY 9700 West Main Street EXpress 7-5220 Belleville, Illinois B-Z-B DRIVE IN Fine Foods 4601 West Main Phone ADams 3-2661 HARRIS TEXACO STATION 101 South State Street Freeburg, Illinois Belleville Illinois CY FIETSAM GROCERY 1200 Caseyville Belleville, Illinois Baked Ham, Home Made Pork Sausage, Liver Sausage, and Blood Sausage also Head Cheese Sausage. Ail Smoked or Fresh ROBERT F. RECKER Builder and Building Supplies Plumbing and Heating Paints.Cabinets St. Libory Illinois Phone 105 SIMS HARDWARE AND PAINT STORE AL BUETTNER ' S TAVERN Plumbing and Electrical Supplies 1403 East “A” Street 4516 West Main Street Belleville Betty Ann Feder “61” Judy Ellen Klotz “61” Illinois Belleville Illinois RINDERER ' S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY North Belt and Lebanon Avenue Phone ADams 4-3331 Belleville, Illinois HI-FI RECORD CLUB Dance, Friday Nites 8:30 — 12:30 Lone Star — R. R. No. 2 Freeburg Illinois » t VIVIANO ' S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Plaza Shopping Center BEL-AIRE BOWL Bowling at Its Best Free Instructions Tues., Wed., Thurs. ADoms 3-1703 12 East Main St. ADams 3-0197 BECHERER JEWELERS Owned and Operated by Reiniger Haas Jewelers, Inc. Belleville, Illinois K $ W CREE-MEE Drive-in 20th and South Belt West Belleville, Illinois BELLEVILLE-SAINT LOUIS COACH COMPANY Belleville 31 Public Square Illinois STIEHL DRUGS WALGREEN AGENCY Plaza Shopping Center Public Square Belleville, Illinois Belleville, Illinois 1010 St. Louis Road Collinsville, Illinois WISKAMP CLEANERS 108 South Jackson Street ADams 4-0033 Belleville AL N. AMANN COMPANY Hay—Grain—Feed—F lour—Seed—Plants Illinois Belleville 126-130 West “A” Street Phone ADams 3-0201 Illinois c Yoch Material Company KISSEL’S PHARMACY Jos. A. Ernest, R. Ph. STRAUB JEWELER, INC. 2 Public Square 1401 W. Main Street Phone ADams 3-0576 Belleville Illinois Belleville Illinois O ' , ’Tf) po rue Ask for MAIN STREET MOTORS Don L. Ferris BUNDY 5000 West Main JUNG BROTHERS PONTIAC 301 West Main Street OLDSMOBILE Belleville Illinois INCORPORATED Phone Dickens 4-0515 BRidge 1-2127 711 Illinois Avenue East St. Louis Illinois Collinsville Illinois Best Wishes from - ACE GREASE g TALLOW COMPANY Rural Route 3 ADams 4-5525 Belleville, Illinois GROTH ' S SERVICE STATION 210 South State Street POSER ' S SERVICE STATION Phone ADams 3-9386 We Give Eagle Stamp» GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE General Electric Appliances Tires, Tubes, Batteries 1212 State Street Freeburg, Illinois Zéphyr Gas and Oil Products 4205 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois Phone BRidge 4-0550 East St. Louis, Illinois BELLEVILLE Budweiser on Tap Mixed Drinks Lunches-Dinners-Sandwiches CASKET COMPANY, INC. Take Out Orders 115 East “B” Street AIR CONDITIONED Belleville Illinois KITCHEN CLOSED ON TUESDAYS PEARL STRONG-OWNER EXpress 8-1045 8225 State Street East St. Louis, Illinois FELLNER’S IN BELLEVILLE SINCE 1891 Headquarters for A. N. D. Uniforms PETE GAERDNER FUNERAL HOME 250 Lebanon Avenue Belleville Illinois Phone ADams 4-0419 MEYER DECORATORS, INC 219 South Illinois Street ADams 3-1112 Belleville, Illinois “Everything for the Beautification of the Home.” Best of Luck to SENIORS of 1961 PAUL V. BURKE fVignS LINCOLN TRAIL REALTY We Build, Buy, Sell Trade Property ALL F OR MS OF INSURANCE 10238 Lincoln Trail Caseyvi11e, Illinois EXpress 7-1300 4 4 4 ’r CATHOLIC 4 4 LITERATURE STORE 4 4 4 4 4 AL 4 Religious Articles 4 4 4 4 4 of 4 4 al Ail Kinds 4 1723 West Main Street 4 4 4 Belleville, Illinois 4 4 4? m 4 ;»Jli î ijb jjb iiffej üjjjb ijjjb djjti üjjjb î Jb $ jJjLi îjjjb djj|b djjb tjJjb ijjib jjjb ûjjjb üjjjb STEVE SCHRANZ TRUCKING A Dams 4-4604 East St. Louis Illinois SEIFFERTH’S BAKERY 1522 West Main Street ADams 3-2201 Belleville Illinois ECKERTS INC Operators of Eckerts County Market 3 Miles South of Belleville Route 460 c • y• ; RHEINS MUSIC HOUSE The Place To Go for the Brands You Know HOME BRITE COMPANY 400 North Illinois Street Bellevi lie, Illinois Lowery and Wurlitzer Organs Knabe, Story, Clark Wurlitzer, Lester and H. M. Cable Pianos RCA Victor TV’s and Stéréo 124-6 East Main Street ADams 4-1045 Belleville, Illinois Over 55 Years of Reliable, Dependable Service TRIPLE S DELIVERY SERVICE INCORPORATED LEO SCHUERGER PRE SCRIPTION STORE 307 Collinsville East St. Louis UPton 4-8195 Ridge and Wimmer Avenue East St. Louis Illinois Illinois V. H. FLANNERY Building Materials, Incorporated East St. Louis 574 North 20 Street Ready Mix Concrète Lime, Sand, Cernent and Brick Illinois Oscar E. Weber Herman F. Nuetzel THE WEBER INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Weber-Peth Building Office Phone ADams 3-0302 6 East Washington Belleville, Illinois At the Head of Your Party Shopping List REEBS QUALITY DAIRY CENTER ZANES LICKOR STORE AND FOOD MART Cold Cuts, Cheese , Rye Bread , Relishes , Potato Chips , Napkins, Specialists in Fine Foods and Dairy Products Pretzels , Anchovies 9 Wine, Beer , Soda , Liquor 4527 West Main Street Belleville, Illinois FOR ANY INSURANCE NEED CALL CHARLES J. MUETH ADams 3-5304 AL’S HOBBY SHOP Model Airplanes—Boats—Cars Ail Types and Models Crafts and Hobbies Paint by Number Paint Sets 5911 State Street EXpress 8-3032 East St. Louis, Illinois HAUSS CHEVROLET 1325 State Street East St. Louis, Illinois Best Wishes to the Students of Notre Dame THE SENIORS OF 201 NOSE-BAG LOUNGE 201 South Belt East ADams 3-9212 Belleville Illinois FOR THE BEST OF INSURANCE COVERAGE G. A. BECKER SONS ADams 3-0843 31 Public Square Belleville, Illinois “Anything in Sheet Métal” ij| 1 BELLEVILLE 1 SHEET METAL WORKS, INC 820 West “A” Street ADams 3-1619 or 3-8149 Belleville, Illinois L ED TRIBOUT Picnic Carnival Supplies We ' re in Business Just for F un! 1701 West Main Street ADams 4-0388 EXpress 7-2878 TASTY PASTRY SHOPPE WITCHER ' S BURITE MARKET Home of Topmost Foods 8816 State Street East St. Louis, Illinois Millstadt Irene Cy Shepherd, Proprietors Choice Grade Méats 19 West Washington Street llli mois Member Fédéral Deposit Insurance Corporation FIRST NATIONAL BANK East St. Louis Illinois A P P Notre Dame Uniforms Are Sent to BRITE WAY CLEANERS LAUNDRY We Hâve the Latest in Cleaning and Shirt Equipment 1811 West Main ADams 3-9366 THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY 1407 State Street East St. Louis Illinois CLOTHINGCO. Çj 138-140 Collinsvlllt Ave. Ivy League and Continental Headquarters 138 Collinsville Avenue— East St. Louis, Illinois TOLINS CONFECTIONERY 6101 West Main Street Belleville Illinois A Dams 3-9585 Open 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Closed Friday at 1:00 JACK MULLIGAN ' S SERVICE STATION 60th and West Main Belleville, Illinois Goodyear Tires Précision Brake Service Sinclair Cas and Oil Wheel Balancing ÀDams 3-9748 CHARLIE ' S TAVERN 10 North Richland Freeburg Illinois INTERNATIONAL STOVE MOUNTERS UNION Local No. 4 .v.v.v HUGH EDWARDS 915 South Belt West Phone ADams 3-2184 Be lleville, Illinois Belleville DR. N. T. KAESBERG Licensed Chiropractor 111 West Lincoln Phone ADams 3-6824 Illinois STOP-LITE RESTAURANT 5900 St. Clair Avenue Phone UPton 3-8969 Fast St. Louis, Illinois

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