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«V TO OUR LADY QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE And ail her Consecrated Daughters Alix LeClerc Mary Teresa Mary Caroline And the future Teresas and Carolines And ail the Marys bearing Our Lady’s Title Who will bring to Notre Dame Mary ' s wisdom Mary ' s love Mary ' s care We lovingly dedicate this yearbook of THE ACADEMY OF NOTRE DAME OUR SpiRItUAL L6AÔ6R “Throughout history the power of the Rosary ha s been made manifest. In our day Our Blessed Lady herself has proposed her Rosary as a potent weapon in the battle against the godless materialism rampant in the world. We are confident that the faithful of our Diocese in increasing numbers will heed her call to take up these spiritual arms against the foes of Church and State. Pastoral Letter, September 23, 1955 The Most Reverend Albert R. Zuroweste, D.D. Our Chancellor, Chaplain, and Junior Reli¬ gion Instructor, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Leonard Bauer is always happy when he enters the sanctuary of our convent chapel to minister to the spiritual needs of the students. Hearty masculine laughter in the corridors at 8:45 warns the students to get ready for their religion instructors. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rev. Arthur Niemeyer, Instructor in Soph- omore religion; Rev. Cletus Henschel, Fresh- man religion; Rev. Edwin Kastner, Senior religion. Sister Mary Angelita, S.S.N.D. Sister Mary Gonsalva, S.S.N.D. Sophomore Homeroom Kegistrar Librarian General Business, Typing Sister Mary F. DeSales, S.S.N.D. Sister Mary Gustava, S.S.N.D. English Senior Homeroom Clothing Sister Mary Devota, S.S.N.D. Freshman Homeroom Sister Mary Hermione, S.S.N.D. Physical Education Freshman Homeroom Mathematics Sister Mary Eda, S.S.N.D. Junior Homeroom Sister Jean Marie, S.S.N.D. French, Speech Band Instrumental, Piano Sister Mary Gerald, S.S.N.D. Sister Mary Joecile, S.S.N.D. Sophomore Homeroom Senior Homeroom Biology, General Science Biology, Chemistry Sister Mary Julitta, S.S.N.D. Guidance Mathematics the pacuLty Sister Mary Justin, S.S.N.D. Sister Mary Robertine, S.S.N.D. Junior Homeroom Latin Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing Sister Mary Rosella, S.S.N.D. Sister Mary Justina, S.S.N.D. Junior Homeroom Glee Club, Choral, Voice, Piano Shorthand, Typing Sister Mary Luke, S.S.N.D. Sister Mary Victory, S.S.N.D. % Freshman Homeroom T f , Art Sophomore Homeroom American Problems, English fttér ttarv Fatndt. S S.N .D. r ¥ 4 4 £ 4 ? f Séîûor fiofnéloQjn 9 a r p 4 4 J J —- x Èngîish Miss M. L. Schneider, A. B. , M. A. American History Miss M. Soucy, B. S. Sister Richard Marie, S.S.N.l5. Mathematics, Physical Education Freshman Homeroom Citizenship Miss R. Troupe, A.B. English, World History AUX LE CLERC, who hearing Our Lady ' s words, " Take this Child and make Him grow, " led the long procession of Mary’s dedicated daughters from the sixteenth century to our own day. Nurturing the Christ-Life in our hearts in response to Mary’s plea is THE FACULTY A teacher’s joy--to find her pupils entering her own chosen profession! Miss Mary Louise Schneider, Left, leads the way as Miss Rita Troupe and Miss Margie Soucy, graduâtes of the Academy of Notre Dame, join the faculty. Miss Troupe is a graduate of We bster College; Miss Soucy, of Maryville College of the Sacred Heart. MOTHER TERESA OF JESUS, friend of the young Who to satisfy her love For Catholic girls Founded the School Sistcrs of Notre Dame To your loving care To your wise methods of teaching womanly virtue We entrust THE SENIORS 7 ;:î:V semoR leaôeRS ••V.V.V.V- lÉlllBlk JUDY BAUER ïsSiSisS Her gay, fun-loving enthusiasm for any adventure off the beaten track has endeared her to us ail. • ••• JBk. .VAV.Vstfjîîî:::;:::::: . hssmii " Unnuu u ÎP%ÜT ÜÜlimn-:::. : : î v.v.v.v.V. • : : : : : : : • • • : : : : : : •• • • • : VIRGINIA BAUER Calm, dignified and thoughtful--just serious enough to be a steadying influence. BARBARA COULSON Courteousandreserved, yet always ”one of the gang.” v.vV vN ‘CV ‘W. •, . • . ••• • ' ••VS HELEN CLARK Her willingness to serve and her dynamic accomplish- ments hâve caused her to become a real pillar of N. D. v.V- DEANNE STRATMANN Deanne is noted for her jolly sense of humor and her outstanding school spirit. KAY SANDHEINRICH Kay is full of pep and personality; she ' s one of the girls who will " always understand. " MARILYN ZIPFEL Queenly in manner... .friendly in approach.... warm in her smile... .these are the qualities that make Marilyn so geniune. ANN YOCH A cordial manner.. .a deep sense of responsibility.... mingled withchildiike simplicity gives an impression of maturity to Ann ' s character. PATRICIA COONEY A girl whose sweet and sunny ways hâve helped to make ordinary school days a iittle happier. KAY DONLAN MARYDEL HARRISON Altemately just right. studious and mischievous.... baianced Many try to imitate her gracious and charming ways; but she surpasses ail in scholarship and oratory. .îtr.r . NANCEE PRATT A warm smile, a soft voice, and a friendly manner will always continue to make Nancee a pleasant companion. 10 JUDY ADRIAN Judy ' s recipe for success: Keep Smiling. JUDITH MARY BARRETT If silence is golden then I’m broke. JOAN MARIE BAUER So quiet and ladylike, not many know just how much fun she can be. JANET F. BECHERER This blushing belle has charmed us ail with her laughing brown eyes. SANDRA SUE BECKER She ' s made us ail love her through her gentle attitude. JUDY BERGER Few are as sweet or as kind as Judy. ANN BOISMENUE An apostle of charity always scattering sunshine on life ' s way. VERNA BRELLO A quiet little lady, and very popular. DIANE BRANER She ' s serious sometimes--but most of the time she’s just our Diane. BETTY BUSS Studious and friendly with a certain brand of charm that marks her a real N.D. girl. MARY CATHERINE CHAFFIN Her lovely voice rings like the rie h song of a nightingale. ALVA MARIE CHANDLER She is known for her willing spirit and co¬ opéra dveness. MARY ANN CLEMMONS Seriously speaking, she’s always speaking. PAT COSTELLO Thanks for your wonderful, freckled smiles. 12 BILLIE EDWARDS Always into something, but we love ' er. MARILYN FARROW Happy and full of pep, Marilyn injects fun into ail hcr activities. ERLENE No truer words were eversaidthan Shake- speare ' s, " Her voice was ever gentle, soft and low--anexcellent thing in a woman. " VIRGINIA GRUDZINSKY Quiet, reserved, yet full of rich surprises. SHIRLEY JEAN GUENTHER A fair haired doll who always looks as though she just waiked out of a story book. MARY LOU HACKMAN Gentieness keynotes ail lier manners and actions. JUDY A. HASSARD Twinkling eyes and charming smile give indication of her sweet personality. BARBARA HAUBRICH A born leader, and energetic in many activities. RUTH HEINEMANN A scientific mind which probes deeply into the mysteries of nature and truth. JANICE HOFFMANN Good for a laugh but she can be serious. SHIRLEY L. HERMaN Cute and loads of fun. JOYCE ANNE ISSELHARDT An e ques trienne of merit... .aloof... .and as impénétrable as the Sphinx. JANET JAEGER She ' s everybody ' s favorite. MARGARET JEAN JOERGENSEN That ' s our Margaret—a classroom essential. JAYNE JOHNSTON SheTl long be remembered EILEEN KALERT Pretty, peppy, and popular. for her contagious smile. MARY ELIZABETH KLAUS A dash of sparkling vivacity mixed with charm and kindness. VIRGINIA KOESTERER Kind of quiet but al- ways outstanding. ROSE LINTZENICH Just as a Rose should be. MARY ANN LEVELING She blends scholarship, friendship, and leader¬ ship in a wholesome proportion. GERMAINE MATHEWS Cooperative, quiet, and reserved; yet appréciative of a good joke. EILEEN MC KINNEY An Irish colleen, witha bit of the blarney plus a kcen sense of responsibility and leadership. CAROL MEDER Girls like Carol are hard to find; she ' s a " must " on any committee. ROSALIE H. MERTENi If there ' s fun around, you ' re sure to find Rosalie. MARY ANN MEURER Very blue eyes and very dark hair lend to her charm. She ' s noted for her ri ch sparkling eyes and hearty smile. MARY THERESA MUNIE She ' s Notre Dame ' s " Little Flower” in her petite way of drawing the Sodalist doser to Our Lady. DEANNA MOROSKY She ' ll be remembered for her sweet, dimpled smile. MARGE OBERNUEFEMANN She ' s sweet and kind and has many fascinating ways. 16 GERALDINE JANE OWCA Thanksforthe zest and sparkle she takes to ail classes. JOAN CECILIA PROCHASKA Her jolly, effervescent personality bubbles up almost continually. VERONICA POWELL Her smile is slow in coming; but when it breaks through it lights up her fair counte- nance. RENE MARIE REEB For quiet charm, she is renowned. BEVERLY KAY RECK Smart and sweet, describes our Beverly. BETTY RITTEL Betty ' s sincere friendlinessgivesone a deep feeling of warmth and confidence in her friendship. GEORGIA LEE SCHMIDT Light-hearted and gay, with an alert and inquisitive mind. MARY LYNN SCHMIDT Pleasant and happy and always poüte. MARY CATHERINE ROLEN A versatile maid with a voice of an angel. JEANETTE ELIZABETH ROUCH A bit shy, but notafraid to express her opinions which are intelligent and worthwhile. TERESA MARIE SCHAEFER Simpiicity personified; unaffected, unspoiled, and unselfish. BETTY JEAN SCHLOCHER Betty isone who brings cheer and color into every task she under- takes. JANET H. SCHNEIDER Always pretty as a picture, and a lot of fun, too KATHERINE MARY SCRUGGS She is cheerfulness personified. HELEN SHARFINSKI Always smiling . and gay, she ' s half of one of the cutest pairs in school. KATHLEEN SHARFINSKI The other half--she s charmingand believes in getting the most out of life. HENRIETTA SKIERA Her laugh hides just below the surface and breaks forth upon the slightest provocation. BARBARA ANNE SPEISER She ' s sweet but quiet; her work is always of the best MARY ANN STENGEL Mary Ann, true to her patron saint; she is Marylike in ail her ways. JANET STRAUBINGER A walking " Jan Whitcomb girl”. ELAINE TICE With stars in her eyes, she stars on the basketball team. FRANCES THOMPSON Always ready, always willing to lend a hand when someone ' s in need. BARBARA ANNE VILLEMAIN This is one girl who is active in everything. JUDITH WAGNER A ”brain” with a funnybone JO ANN VOGT A talented Miss who hasn ' t let success faze her. 20 MARY LOUISE WAINWRIGHT Analluring brunette with expressive eyes and geniune laughter. RUTH ANN WECK Ruth’s always willing and able. JANET WESSEL She’s asteady " driver " in everything--f ro m automobile to study. DONNA JEAN WHEELER Always waiting for something to happen. PAT WHALEN Sweet and shy. DOLORES WIERCIAK Football queen for a day; but as a perfect lady she will always reign suprême. PEGGY WILKINSON Reliable and likable; her sunny disposition will dispel many a dark cloud. MARGARET LOUISE WOMBACHER Naive and ingenuous, with a capacity for warm and lasting friendships. MARIAN WUERZ ERNA MARIE ZARING Lighthearted and gentle with a good sense of values. How will N.D. A. survive without your voice? AGNES E. Y OC H Quiet, reserved, dignified, with a practical turn of mind and a willlng hand. JUDY ANN ZIERRATH Judy has a sparkle that only those who know her can describe. The days we spent at Notre Dame.... MOTHER CAROLINE, pioneer educator in the Middle West, Give your spirit of enthusiasm C Your love of life Your courage in the cause of éducation-- Give these with your love of the Blessed Sacrament to THE GIRLS OF NOTRE DAME Warm smiles and cold hands. 207 officers are: J.Vernier, Secretary; D. Stolberg, Vice- President; R. Kalert, Treasurer; N. Nichols, President. 201 officers ask Our Lady to watch over the whole Junior class. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Voellinger, Presi¬ dent; J. Luehder, Treasurer; M. O Brien, Secretary; and M. Klucker, Vice-President. 206 officers hold firstclass meeting. P. Bar- rett, Secretary; K. Helfrich, Vice-President; Jo Ann Gnojewski, President; and Jeannette Gnojewski, Treasurer. " Rarin to go” thesepeppy jun¬ iors préparé tocheer the Varsity to victory. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Donato, C. Robbins, C. Billhartz, C. Steiner, M. Gagen, S. Haie, M. Anderson, M. Frehes. These complacent juniors hold up ail traffic while, the photo- grapher focuseshis attention on them. FIRST ROW: S. Meyer, D. Nadler, J. W. Smith, J. Sloan. SECOND ROW: G. Beller, M. Rukavina, M. Gudinas. These juniors listen atten- tatively while directions are given for the next step in finding reference books. LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Meirink, R. Egner, J. La Croix, J. Barcum, J. Gass, M. Bohn, E. Twardowski, M. Nurden, C. Fischer, P. Doyle. Jolly juniors enjoy weiner roast. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Zeszu- teck, J. Szymula, J. A. Smith, S. Compton.E. Pencak, N. Raf- olowski, J. Rafalowski, D. Don¬ na, and J. Barker; Ambitious juniors strive for 50 words a minute. FIRST ROW: C. Brown, M. Nadler, M. Pat¬ terson. SECOND ROW: B. Lay; S. Warden, J. Gass. THIRC ROW; R. Cissell, B. Sauer wein, J. Bier. FOURTH ROW M. Spieker. Stumped. FIRST ROW: D. Kohl. L. Grant, R. Prindable, M. L. Hoff, L. Scheibel. SEC¬ OND ROW: C. Kusior, F. Jim- erson. F. Amann, R. Kern, N. Smith. Snowman in the making. KNEELING: D. Ford, R. Soucy, R. Arnold. STANDING: J. Gas- away, B. Evans, B. Wolf, M. Wottowa, J. Schwellensattl. Chapel Attire. FIRST ROW: M. Pape, M. Simmons, M. Mank, J. Slade, C. Berger. SECOND ROW: C. Bodenburg, R. Partelow, E. Byrd, P. Blan- quart, R. Gramann. 27 Lucia ' s car takes these Juniors back to the early 1900 s. LEFT TO R1GHT: B. Semith, R. Wachtel, N. Rafalowski. M.Gill. M. Kennerknecht, L. Lawrence! One of the Junior duties, under the direction of Sister Mary Justin, is to serve the Mother ' s Club and Alumnae breakfast. Semester exams finished, Sophomore officers of 309 discuss big event--retreat. LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Stengel, President; R. Craig, Secretary; M. Holtkamp, Treasurer; J. Acher, Vice-President. The ”big four” of Homeroom 205 plan Christmas entertainment for their class. LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Schlueter, President; J. Buss, Vice- President; M. Forestner, Secretary; P. Courtney, Treasurer. The peppy class officers of Home¬ room 306 keep their meetings alive by seeking help from Our Lady. LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Junker, Presi¬ dent; C. Nordman, Treasurer; G. Burns, Vice-President; R. Pavell, Secretary. Time Out. M. Rensing, N. Waldron, J. Steele, R. Glaus, A. Larcom, S. Smalling, R. Schmittling, J. Sutter. Récréation or Study? STANDING: M. Hoffmann, R. Ondercho, S. Scharlman, J. Ratz, M. Sullivan, R. Ondercho, R. Miller, SITTING: J. Finley, F. Kramer, M. Marchiando. Fishpond?? M. Kuebel, R. Price S. Karlak, J. Kane, B. Bueckman C. Gonzales, V. Allison, J. Magac D. Day, J. Riethman. Group of sophomores enjoy freshman gym class. KNEELING: B. Gruelle, P. Bradley, C. DeSalvo. SITTING: L. Buescher, M. Jo Bieser, A. Hoeffken, C. Rick. STAND¬ ING: D. Wienhoff, M. Pensoneau, D. Lintzenich. Proud sophomores display N.D. sign. KNEEL¬ ING: M. Harris, P. Clark, P. Griffin. STANDING: P. Bedenara, J. Stogner, B. Gregowicz, S. Giamonco, R. Prochaska, P. Gavilak, R. Dillon. Sophomores honorOur Ladyof Peace. SITTING: J. Long, M. Uhley, C. Kniepkamp, A. Wesolik, J. Jones, C. Huber, B. Eisenhauer. STAND¬ ING: D. Rable, J. Goedde. Childrenof Mary. FIRST ROW: D. Peterson, M. Vernier. SECOND ROW: P. Steiner, M. Leveling, M. Winschel. THIRD ROW: M. Sloger.J. Appel, D. Briesacher, C. Lay- ton. Sophomores seek Mary ' s guidance. FIRST ROW: J. Hoffmann, K. Hoffman, M. Neff, M. Bryant. SECOND ROW: E, Schuette, C. LaQuet, H. Friess, J. Deitz. Music + Coke Pictures = Récréation. KNEELING: B. Meirink, N. Culbertson, M. Holtkamp. SITTING: J. Wright, M. Gans- mann, K. Brennan, B. Berger, C. Keller. Future botanists?? LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Kassebaum, K. Oberbauer, J. Kombrink, P. Gagen, M, Warzala, B. Fries, J. Vermeersh. senioR cLass officens WAtCh OV6R " LittLe sisteps’’ HOMEROOM 110 Kay Donlan.President Carol Meder.Treasurer Kay Sandheinrich.Secretary Mickie Burns.Vice-President Good use is made of the P.A. during the year, even by 109 officers: Bobbie Villemain, Secretary; Helen Clark, Treas¬ urer; Pat Cooney, President; and Billie Edwards, Vice-Presi- dent. 102 officers, D. Braner, Secretary; J. Bauer, President; J. Becherer, Vice-President; and P. Wilkinson, Treasurer; look to the future and realize that this sign will soon be their Alma Mater. ê 305 officers take notice of N.D. ' s trophy case. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. L. Mayer, Secretary; J. Craft, President; P. Biver, Vice- President; S. West, Treasurer. Nervous? It ' s their first class meeting. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Bossler, Secretary; K. Jung, President; M. Lange, Vice-President; M. Stein, Treasurer. C 101 officers compare their executive board with our national government. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Lawrence, Treasurer; M. Obrien, Secretary; P. Noser, President; P. Christine, Vice-President. HomeroomC-120officers hâve fun preparing their Ad vent wreath. President Bonnie Busekrus, Vice-President Gloria Rausch, Secretary Enid Minor, Treasurer Judy Blackwell. Look to the future: BACK ROW: D. Schaefer, J. Schlueter, M. Daniels, A. Noltkamper. FRONT ROW: M. Salamone, B. Head, J. Flnk, J. Brutto. Autumn also brings chatter: FRONT ROW: D. Helfrich, M. Orschell, P. Smiley. SECOND ROW: M. Dalhmann, J. Wecker, K. Gregory, N. Elliott, D. Mason. THIRD ROW: R. Quirin, J. Klein, M. Koehler, M. MeU. Freshmen honor Our Lady ' s new shrine. SEATEEh J. Buesse, C. McElliott, J. Gill, C. Chaput, B. Eberle, M. Ancer, M. Gribat, P. McCottreU. KNEELING: J. Haie, P. Nold, S. Buss, H. Scheibel. Upordown? P. Grimmer, K. Schwartz, A. Williamson, M. Holdener, G, Jung, E. Keleher, J, Berkel, C, Helfrieh, C. Aitken, C. Abegg, G. Adams. To and fro: C. Tindall, C. Himstedt.S. Schulte,P.Morgan, L. Fredericks, D. Soldier, M. Buck. Yearbooksof thepast or future? FIRST ROW : J. Budde, J. Chaffin. SECOND ROW: D. Christ, C. Bauer, C. Baechlê.C. Diekemper. THIRD ROW; L. Karbon. H. Choate, E. Grimmig, M. Kassing, C. Kalert, M. Middendorf. Oldschoolbutnewfreshmen. FIRST ROW: J. Kuebel, S. Clearly, J. Janosky, P. Bradley. SECOND ROW: B. Black, J. Lukac, J. Gomric, M. Week. THIRD ROW: A. Alminowicz, J. Prokoph, C. Barbe, J. Berdel. Basket filled withfood--hearts filled with joy. SEATED: S. Walsh, J. Schilling, STANDING: M. Stratmann, J. Blanquart, S. Poirot, E. Brown, J. Chorlton, C. Walker, J. Schneider, M. Gulley, M. Yoch, S. Hoefken. 37 Stage Fright? FIRST ROW: M. Schwartz, R. Pickus, S. Zarcharski. SECOND ROW: C. Beranek, G. Okai, P. Prosser, K. Hardy, J. Grogan. THIRD ROW; A. Schilling, S. Basinski, J. Koeber. P. McCollough. Artists of the future: SEATED: R. Jackson, J. Maurath.J. Goetzman, G. Przada. STANDING: P. Hayes, M. Mulligan, M. Moore, C. Mans- field, G Clemmons, P. Bryant, J. Klein, J. Muniz. Cafétéria Style: J, Jost, M. Henry, J. Kavalinunas, R. Johnson, D. Karcher. STANDING: P. Vangen- hen, S. Richards, P. Kehl, K. Mc- Ginley, B. Currie, N. Brown. " Big Sisters " treat M Little Sisters. SEATED: J. Chorlton, B. Buss, B. Haubrich, Shirley Walsh,C. Meder, A. Williamson. STANDING: L. Karbon, K. Sandheinrich, S. Basin- ski, B. Schleicher, C. Barbee, E. McKinney, J. Fink. 38 c. Blessed Alix Le Clerc ' s love of the Christ Child Mother M. Teresa ' s love of Mary Mother M. Caroline ' s love for America ' s girls-- We hâve found this three-fold love in our Principal, SISTER MARY PAULA, S.S.N.D. and in our Faculty, who hâve been in the heart of ail NOTRE DAME ' S ACTIVITIES stuôent council executive BOARÔ m Ry n. ô This year ' s standards for Mary N. D., setby thestudents, themselves, were honesty, kindness, courtesy, Mary- likeness and neatness. Ail of these qualities were found to be true of Janet Jaeger, 1956 ' s Mary N.D. Senior Student Council members help count votes for Mary N. D. LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Brello, R. Poniske, R. Raab, M. Stengel, J. Straubinger, D. Vollmer, S. Becker, J. Adrain, and J. Jaeger. Sophomore StudentCouncil members display posters in préparation for Ad vent. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Uhley, R. Miller, C. Layton, C. Kniepkamp, J. Fimey, D. Rable. How many straws hâve youput in, ask Junior StudentCouncil members, to fill the manger for the Christmas party? LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Lawrence, J. Schumacher, F. Krummrich, M. Foran, L. Grant, P. Zezsutek. Student Council President, B. Coulson, explains rules to Fresh- men représentatives. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Hayes, J. Schilling, C. Bauer, B. Coulson, G. Jung, P. Smiley, P. Bryan, C. Baechle, B. Currie. soôality Under the watchfuleyes of Our Bles- sed Mother, these officers get ready to hold their sodality meeting. LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Chandler, T reas - urer; M. Frehes, Secretary; M. T. Munie, Vice-Prefect;V. Bauer, Pre- fect. Représentatives encourage N. D. girls to " gather roses for Mary. " KNEELING: S. Wagner, J. Vernier, J. Ellis, P. Steiner, J. Berkel. STANDING: M. Spieker. J. Kane, J. Chorlton, P. Nold, C. Huber, K. Walker, J. Rafalowski, S. Guenther. With a twinkle in their eyes, these Mary’s Helpers are prepared togive their service. FRONT ROW: J. Beuse, P. Kehl, J. Berger, R. John¬ son, S. Richards, K. Jung, J. Kuebel, M. Yoch. SECOND ROW: P.Smiley, B. Head, P. Biver, K. Schwarz, M. Stratmann, M. Salomone, R. Jack¬ son. THIRD ROW; C. Helfrick, E. Keleher, C. Chaput, M. O’Brien. G. Tung, N. Elliot. mapy s heLpeRs Freshman up to Senior, these girls display their apostolate happily, by belonging to the Mary’s Helpers. FIRST ROW: P. Griffin, P. Clark, R. Miller, K. Hardy, K. Gregory, M. Nadler, E. Minor. SECOND ROW: S. Buss, P. Nold, B. Eisenhauer, P. McCollough. THIRD ROW: E. Forestner, G. Okai, C. Beranek, F. Thompson, J. Riethman. c. s. m. c. C.S.M.C. officers proudly display the organization ' s new flag. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Bodenburg, Vlce- President; J. Ratz, Treasurer; K. Donlan, Secretary; K. Sandheinrich, President. Cell leaders pack baskets for poor families on Thanks- giving. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. L. Gansman, K. Scruggs, R. Arnold, B. Schleicher, M. J. Rukayina, R. Prindable, J. Buss, H. Scheibel, J. Blackwell and M. Holtkamp. Christmas packages wrapped for old folks by cell leaders. STANDING left to right: J. Riethman, B. Burns, J. W. Smith, M. Gulley, E. Fink, J. Johnston, C. Zimmerman, R. Di lion, S. Giamanco. SITTING: J. Kuebel, M. Keller, D. Mason, D. Wheeler, C. Robbins, S. Guenther. 46 In the land of the rising sun, each day ' s memones will blend with Sister Emile ' i memories of her days at Notre Dame. Helen Clark, editor of " Memories " receives the copy of Last year ' s Memones and promises to canyon the Notre Dame traditions as Sister Emile, past Advisor to the year book staff begins her work in the Foreign Missions. yeaRBOOk staff Editor H. Clark breaks in new staff and explains new layout mats and methods. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Price, J. Barrett, S. Ballard, and M. Burns. Typist B. Haubrich, M. Klaus and J. Jaeger rush to meet deadline - - a - - wee” staffs Co-Editors M. Harrison and J. Barrett and staff receive valuable ideas from reading compétitive papers. SEATED: B. Buss, M. Joergenson, B. Haubrich, and F. Thompson. STANDING: C. Meder, P. Cooney, M. Harrison, J. Barrett, M. Wuerz, B. Reck, andM. Burns. Business Mailing rush is eased by the cheerful co-operation of the bus¬ iness staff. SITTING: V. Brel- lo, J. Hassard, D. Stratmann, J. Vernier. STANDING: B. Villemain, D. Braner, D. Wier- ciak, P. Wilkinson, M. Hack- man, D. Morosky, and E. Tice. LlBRARy QUlLÔ Attractive and educational dis- plays make the llbrary a pleas- ant place to browse and learn. Officer Eileen McKinney looks over this effective project for career week. Masters in the LibraryGuild are these senior members. SEATED: Mary Meuer, Secretary; M. Kempf, Treasurer; N. Pratt, President; E. McKinney, Vice-President; and TypistM. Wombacher. STANDING: B. Rittel, E. Zaring, B. Spieser, J. Hoffmann. qlee cLub STANDING, Left to Right: D. Wierciak, J. Rafalowskl, M. Chaffin, M. Foresmer, B. Haubrich, J. Hindman, M. GUI, L. Buescher, J. Kalert, A. Yoch, M. Holtkamp, M. Rolen, R. Kalert, M. Anderson, M. Wuerz, C. Billhartz, D. Donato, R. Prindable. SEATED: M. Simmons, M. Pape, M. Frehes, Accompanist; J. Vogt, L. Lawrence, N. Rafalowski, D. Kohl, B. Meirlnk. Under the leadership of Mr. G. Tuerk, Director of the Philharmonie Orchestra, N.D. ’s band has become something we can ail be proud of. FIRST ROW: C. Huber, M. Salomone, B. Evans, J. Kassebaum. SECOND ROW: M. Zipfel, C. Kniepkamp, M. Kennerknecht, S. Guenther, J. Klein, M. Week. THIRD ROW: C. Zimmerman, B. Sauerwein, P. Nold, P. Bradley, C. Walker, M. Schwartz, H. Choate, D. Ford. FOURTH ROW: K. Scruggs, D. Christ. FIRST ROW: K. McGinley, M. Biser, D. Stratmann. SE COND ROW: R. Pavell, S. Richards, A. Hoeffken, G. Jung C. Braun, J. Schumacher. THIRD ROW; R. Arnold, A Almonwicz, P. Bednara, K. Oberbauer, A. Chandler, J Vernier, M. Joergensen. FOURTH ROW: H. Scheibel, C Brown. BATON TWIRLERS: M. Mulligan, P. Biver, M dRAïTIAtlCS Officers of the Drama Club, Genesian Mas- quers, flash big smiles for the caméra. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. L. Hackman, C.T.C. Représentative; N. Schwartz, Vice-Prési¬ dent; M. Chaffin, President; M. Leveling, Treasurer; M. T. Munie, Secretary. Cast of Maker of Dreams’ includes M. Chaffin, C. Bilhartz, M. Hackman and K. McGinley. “Ladie Lounge " provided parts for many players. SEATED: M. Zipfel, N. Nichols, M. Hackman, J. Johnston, R. Kalert, J. Schneider. STANDING: M. T. Munie, N. Schwartz, C. Meder, J. Isselhard, J. Wagner, C. Bilhartz, M. Pape, J. Jaeger, M. Chaffin. Q.à.à G.A.A. offîcers check last year points: D. Stratman, President; M. Ziphel, Secretary; J. Smith, Vice- President; B. Fries, Treasurer. G. A. A. représentatives leam point System. SEATED: R. Jackson, C. Billhartz, R. Craig, J. Bauer, P. Bednara, M. Kennerknect. STANDING: J. Wecker, D. Christ, J. Przada, E. Tice, J. Smith, A. Yoch, J. Kassebaum. Miss Soucy explains timing and scoring rules to timekeeper, H. Clark and score keeper, B. Reck while General Manager, A. Yoch, makes final check on varsity suits. VARSIty 1955-56 VARSITY FIRST ROW: M. Gansman, N. Raf- alowski, J. Klimas, S. Buss, J. Raf- alowski, J. Smith, D. Wierciak. SECOND ROW: P. Wilkinson, B. Villemain, P. Bradley, D. Braner, Capt., J. Wecker, M. Week, P. Bednara. THIRD ROW: R, Craig, R. Prindable, J, Buss, Sister M. De- vota, Coach, D, Stratmann, S. Compton and B. Fries. CHEERLEADERS B. Schlueter, J. Kassebaum, M. Zipfel, J. Kombrink, E. McKinney and K. Oberbauer practice cheers which lead the team on to victory. 56 ClUBS French Club officers honor their club ' s patron. LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Burns, Secretary; C. Schaefer, Vice-President; M. Hackman, President; and B. Cullen, Treasurer. Chemistry in the making. J. Becherer, Pres¬ ident; J. Straubinger, Treasurer; J. Bauer, Secretary; and D. Braner, Vice-President. " How many English words are derived from Latin, " ask Latin Club officers: Julie Riethman, President; Nancy Culbertson, Secretary; Kathleen Brennan, Vice-President; the 2:00 class. Janice Kombrink, Secretary; Barbara Fries, President; and MaryLynn Forestner, Vice-Pres¬ ident; the 11:45 class. 57 motheR’s cLub Officers count packages forMoth- er’sClub’sChristmas party. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. McKinney, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Donna, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Haubrich, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Vogt, Vice-President; Mrs. Rauch, Auditor;Mrs. Yoch, Pres¬ ident. Absent were Mrs. Cooney, Auditor; and Mrs. Smallwood, Treasurer. fathcn s cLub Thanks to our Fathers ' and Friend ' s Club,Notre Dame enjoys many bene- factions and improvements. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. H. Thompson, Treasurer; Mr. G. Zimmermann, President; Mr. F. Stengel, Secre¬ tary; and absent from the picture, Mr. J. Bieser, Vice-President. Rings bind together Notre Dame girls of the présent and the past as the A lu mnae Associa¬ tion sponsors the impressive Ring Day Cere- mony. Doris Wesolik admires the rings held by Mary Ann Mushill and Mary Ann Bedel. patRons Most Reverend Albert R. Zuroweste, D.D., Bishop of Belleville Right Reverend Monsignor Leonard Bauer Very Reverend Monsignor Laurence J. O ' Connell Reverend Cletus Cunningham Very Reverend Monsignor Joseph Stenger Reverend Gregory Holtgrave Reverend M. F. Driscoll Reverend Paul A. Holthaus Reverend J. Fellner Reverend Ed Killian O.M.I. Reverend C. Foppe O.M.I. Reverend Walter MacPherson Reverend John T. Fournie Reverend Bernard Pender Reverend Stephen R. Freund Reverend C. M. Taylor, S.M.A. Reverend John E. Grote Reverend Trombley St. Joseph C. Y.O. Freeburg, Illinois Mr. Mrs. De Mars A Friend Sisters of Loretto Mr. Mrs. Philip De Salvo Mr. Mrs. J. S. Gasawski St. Martin of Tours School Eugene L. Dian Mr. James Gill, Jr. School Sisters of Notre Dame Mary Dickens Juiia Marie Gill School Sisters of Notre Dame Eldon Dillon Mr. Mrs. Bob Grok St. Teresa Sisters Mr. Mrs. J. R. Donlan Edgar C. Grossmann Mr, Walter E. Aackermann Mr. Mrs. Joseph Dopkowski Mrs. Wanda Grudzinski Mrs. Frank Abegg Rich Doyle Mrs. John Gudinas Rus Ackerman Frand Dus Marhuerite Gudinas ' 57 Mr. Mrs. Richard Aitken Mr. Mrs. Peter P. Ehmann Mr. Mrs. Louis C. Hackman Mr. Mrs. Merton Baltz Marie Falcetti Mr. Mrs. Louis C. Hackman Mr. Mrs. Al Bauer Mr. Mrs. James J. Farrell Mrs. Cari Hambuechen Mrs. H. Bauer J. J. Farrell Mary Alice Hamilton Mrs. Henrietta Bauer Jr. Dr. Nick H. Feder Mr. Mrs. Chas. B. Hart Judy Bauer ' 56 Miss Vera Fellner Leon L. Harter Mr. Mrs. Charles Becker Mrs. John Fink Shirley Hartman ' 55 Mr. Mrs. A. J. Becherer Family Mr. Mrs. H. H. Fincher Dr. Jack T. Haskins Mr. Mrs. A. J. Bennett James Flannery Mr. Mrs. G. A. Heinemann Joan Bennett Mr. Mrs. Rubert Fleischer Mr. Mrs. Paul Helfrich May me Bertrand Harry Fleming Miss Veronica Hirsch Gus Bertschinger Jane Fleshren Mr. Wm. Hoeffken Fred Beuckman Dan Foley Mrs. Danne Holds Mr. Mrs. Chas. Beyersdorfer Mc Duff - Frehes II Homeroom 110 Mr. Mrs. Cyril Biver Mr. Mrs. J. H. Frehes Homeroom C101 Mr. Mrs. Dwight W. Black Maryann Frehes 57 Homeroom 305 Bert Blanquart A Friend Homeroom 308 Danny Blum A Friend Peters Howe Alonzo Boismenue A Friend Mr. Mrs. Joseph Iwasyszyn Mr. Mrs. Frank Brello A Friend Mr. Mrs. F. Janosky Barbara Bringaze A Friend Mrs. F. Janosky Mr. Fred Buchholz A Friend Mr. Mrs. Joseph A. Jackson Lefty Burgess A Friend Mr. Mrs. Harold Johnson Harold Butts A Friend Mr. Mrs. Alexander O. Jost H. B. Calhoun A Friend Mrs. Ida Jost Carolyn Johnny A Friend Mr. Mrs. Adolph Juen Mrs. John Cerech A Friend Mrs. N. T. Kaesberg Judy Chorlton A Friend Dr. Norman T. Kaesberg, D. C Mr. Mrs. Roy J. Chorlton A Friend Agnes Kaiser 55 Mr. Wesley Chorlton A Friend Mrs. Wm. Kassebaum Mr. Mrs. Alex Chouinard A Friend Mrs. Walter Kassly Dr. Mrs. D. E. Clark A Friend Mr. Mrs. C. F. Kempf Miss Helen Marie Dahlmann 53 A Friend Kenny Danny A Friend Mr. Mrs. L. H. Kiefer De De, Rocky, Stan A Friend Mr. Mrs. Kiefer Mr. Jack Deitz A Friend Mr. Mrs. John Kielinski Mrs.Jack Deitz A Friend Mrs. P. I. King 61 Mr. Mrs. Robt. Klaus Wm, John Klawonn Mrs. Edmund Klein Judy Klimas Mr. Mrs. Harold Knollhoff Mr. Mrs. Herman J. Krohm Dr. Mrs. J. D. Kubitschels Dr. Mrs. James A. Kuebel Mr. Mrs. Frand Kusior Kenny Lasco Mr. Mrs. Frank Lavar Mr. Mrs. Joe Leveling Mr. Mrs. Herman Levon Mrs. A. A. Loehr Mrs. Mary Marxer Mary Lou and Tom Mary and Pat 56 Mr. Mrs. Charles Mathias Mr. Mrs. Noah McBride Mrs. Rosalie C. McCarthy Mr. Mrs. H. McElligatt Mrs. Marie McMahon Clem A. Mees Mrs. Wm. Mertens, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Lenord Metcaf George H. Meyer Jeanette Miller Mr. Mrs. Adolph Miller A. Mirring Paul Mirring Dan Mongon Sheron Moore Mr. Mrs. James L. Munier Mary Ann Mushill Mrs. L. Musser Rose M. Nevener Mr. Mrs. Raymond Nevener, Mr. Mrs. J. C. Nichols Jr. Erwin B. Nold Mrs. Margie Nolü Arthur P. Nurdin Mr. DanO ' Brien Cl. C. Oehwisig Victoria Antonia Owca Lefty Papciak Mrs. V. Plaza Miss Eeonara Poirot Mr. Mrs. S. A. Poirot Mrs. John Popov Mr. Mrs. Joseph Prochasta Mrs. Joseph Putz Gerald D. Rail Mrs. Ratz Rene Jeanette Marilyn Ann Rensing ' 58 Mr. Mrs. Oscar Rensing Mr. Mrs. Russell Richards Mr. Mrs. Herman Roewe Major Mrs. Elden Rose Mr. Mrs. Adam Roth Mr. Mrs. Watson Rouch Mr. Mrs. Ed Rust Mr. Mr$. Stanley Salomone Paul J. Saunders Jeanette Ann Schanuel Dr. A. D. Schilling Mr. Lorraine Schwarz Clarence Schwind Mr. Mrs. James M. Sedlacek Miss Lee Sedlack Mr. Mrs. Henry Skiera A. H. Smiley Mr. Mrs. Stephen P. Soucy Mr. Mrs. Walter Spehn Mr. Mrs. John R. Sprague Deanne Stratmann ' 56 Maureen Stratmann ' 58 Mr. Mrs. Richard F. Stratmann Bella Steurnagel Mr. Mrs. A. J. Stoeckel Mr. Mrs. John Szymanski Mrs. Gertrude Taake Miss Rita Troupe Mr. Mrs. George Tuerck Teddy Hynie Maude Underwood Edmund Verbeke Mr. «ScMrs. Joseph Vernier Miss Mary Voetman Dr. M. W. Wagner Mr. Mrs. Anthony Welsch Betty White Mr. Mrs. Stanley Wierciak Sr. Mr. Mrs. Arthur Wittlich Mr. Mrs. M. Wilkinson Elmer F. Willrich Miss Donna Wodochek Mrs. Alice Wolf Thomas T. Wright Mr. Mrs. Edward A. Yoch Mrs. John F. Yoch Mr. Mrs. L. C. Zierrath Agnes Beauty Shop A. W. Electric Contractors Inc. Baum ' s Mkt. Charles Bazoian - Columbia Cleaners G. A. Becker Sons Belleville Catholic Literature Store Belleville Electric Co. Belleville Hdw. Co. Geo. Blanquart, Jeweler Bossler ' s Nursery Barb. Beauty Shop Brichler Funeral Home Bridge ' s Ward Drug Brown ' s Dry Goods Store Cardinal Appliance Century Brass Works Clarks Conf. Crown Shoe Co. Dawn Heights IGA Super Mkt. Dari Délité John J. Dengler Sons, Inc. Dollus Bros. Dorothy ' s Beauty Shop Eckerts Market Eck ' s Dry Goods Eden Pharmacy Fleming Bros. Cleaners Ben Franklin Store Mr. Franc ' s Touchette Gen ' s Good Food Harter ' s Hobby House Selma Heinemann - Kissel School of Dancing Hillside Inn Fred Holtkamp - Painter Decorator Home Oil Co. Janet ' s Dancing School Johnnie ' s Motor Shop King ' s House of Rétreats King ' s Delight Lerner ' s Locus Cleaners London Shoe Shop Lou ' s Major Auto Supply Al Lugge Shoe Service Mae ' s Town House Mary ' s Beauty Shoppe Meckfessel Tire Co. Moss Bros. Real Esta te, Loans Insurance Nancee Hat Shop Neumeyers Busy Bakery New Era Oil Co. Notre Dame Alumnae Ass ' n Peters Cities Service Raetz Doughnuts Gant Redmon Insurance Reeb’s Quality Dairy Center Reichert Elevator Belleville Skelgas Service J. C. Rexall Drugs Saunders Printing Service Schenk Cleaners A. G. Schmidt Farm Equipment Schmidt Wuller Co. Schuerger Prescription Store Simeon Bunn Son Grocery Simon Jewelers Soropomists Club of E. St. Louis Wm. J. Thebus Agency Thuman Radio 8c Télévision 62 VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP WHITE HOUSE MARKET ED TRIBOUT NOVELTIES VIDEO TELEVISION-RADIO SERVICE VERNIERS SUPER MARKET VILLAGE INN senioR wRite-ups JUDY ADRIAN St. Teresa CSMC; Student Council 4; Class Officer 3; French Club 1,2; Latin Club 3; Secretary 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Rosary Day 2,3; Heart Queen Candidate 1. JUDITH MARY BARRETT St. Joseph CSMC; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Corresponding Secretary 4; Student Council 2; Hcnor Roll 1,2,3,4; Read-A-Wee 2,3,4; Associate Editor 4; Ouill and Scroll 4; Can¬ didate for Mary N.D. 1; World Mission EssayCon- test 1. JO AN A. BAUER Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Latin Club 1.2; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Poster Contest 1; Rosary Day 2,3; Science Club 3. JO AN MARIE BAUER St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Treasurer 4; Honor Roll 3,4; French Club 1; Poster Contest 1; G. A. A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Rosary Day 2; Can¬ didate for Mary N.D. 3; May Day 2; Science Fair 2. 2nd place, Greater St. Louis Science Fair 3, 2nd place District, 3rd Greater St. Louis Science Fair; Science Club 3. JUDY BAUER St. Mary CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 4; Class Officer 2,4; President 4; Latin Club 1,2; Certificate 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Représentative 3; Science Club 3,4;Science Fair 4; Lab Assistant 3,4. VIRGINIA BAUER Cathédral CSMC; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Secretary of Probation Sod¬ ality 1; Vice Prefect 3; Prefect 4; Mary ' s Helpers 1,2; Student Council 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Library Guild 3; Latin Club 1.2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair 4. JANET F. BECHERER St. Clare CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 1,2,3,4. Class Officer 1; President 1; Honor Roll; Read-A-Wee 4; Qui 11 and Scroll 4; Latin Club 1,2; Certificate for 9QP]o 2; Poster Contest 1; G.A.A. Mission Queen Candidate 1; Science Fair Awards 3.4; Science Club 3.4. SANDRA SUE BECKER St. Philips CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Class Officer 1,2; French Club Officer 3; PosterContestl,2;G.A.A. 1 2,3,4. JUDY BERGER St. Augustine CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Mary’s Helpers; French Club 1,2; Latin Club 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair 4. ANN BOISMENUE Holy Angels CSMC; PCMI 2.3. Mary’s Helper 1; Latin Club 1; Speech Club 3; G.A.A.; Science Club3;Science Fair Awards 3, 2nd place-state. DIANE BRANER SS. Peter and Paul CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Sodality 4; Student Council 3; Class Officer 4; Honor Roll 3,4; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 4; Quill and Scroll 4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Varsity 3,4; Maryville Tournament 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3; Captain of Baske tball Team. BETTY JO BUSS St. Mary CSMC; PCMI 2.3,4; Student Council 1; Class Officer 2; Read-A-Wee Page Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Latin Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,3,4. MARY CATHERINE CHAFFIN Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 1,2; Class Officer. Presi¬ dent 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2, Honor Certificate 1,2; " I Speak For Democracy” school winner 2; Genesian Masque President 4; C.T.C. Re¬ présentative 4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Music Récital 1,2,3, 4; Ail Arts 1,3,4; Operetta 2; Cantata 3,4; Rosary Day 1,3. ALVA MARIE CHANDLER St. Augustine Transferred from Hughes-Qîiinn Junior High. CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 2.3; Treasut r 4 French Club 2,3; Science Club 3; Band 2,3,4; J. A.A. 2,3,4; Science Fair Awards 3. HELEN CLARK Blessed Sacrament CSMC; PCMI 2,3; Class Officer 3,4;President2;Year Book Editor 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 2,3,4; French Club 1,2; G.A.A.; Mary N. D. Candidate 2; Rosary Day 1,2. MARY ANN CLEMMONS Blessed Sacrament CSMC; PCMI 4; French Club 1; G.A.A.; Pep Club 3. 63 SENIOR WRITE-UPS cont. PATRICIA COONEY St. Joseph CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Student Council 2; Class Officer 2,3,4, President 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Read-A-Wee 3, Page Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Latin Club, President 1, Secretary 2; G.A.A.; Maid for May Day 1; Science Club 3,4. BARBARA LEE COULSON SS. Peter and Paul CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Student Council President 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; G. A. A. 2,3,4; Science F air Awards 3,4. KAY DONLAN Blessed Sacrament CSMC 3,4; PCMI 3.4; Sodality 2,3,4; Mary’s Helper 2; Student Council 3; Class Oîficer 2, President 4; Honor Roll 2.3,4; Latin Club 2; Science Club 3; Sec¬ retary of the CSMC. MARILYN F ARROW Blessed Sacrament CSMC 3,4; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 3; Read-A-Wee 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Latin Club 1; AU Arts 3; G.A. A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2. ERLENE E. FINK St. Augustine CSMC 3.4; PCMI 3,4; Honor RoU 2,3; Latin Club 1,2; G. A. A. 2,3,4. DOROTHY G AIL IUS Holy Angels CSMC 3,4; PCMI 3,4; Mary’s Helpers 3; Latin Club 2; G.A. A. 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1,3,4; Science Awards lst in Carbondale, lst in JacksonviUe. VIRGINIA GRUDZINSKI St. Adalberts CSMC 3.4; PCMI 3,4; Latin Club 1.2; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Science Club 3. SHIRLEY JEAN GUENTHER Corpus Christi CSMC 3.4; PCMI 3,4; Sodality 1; Mary’s Helper 1; Science Club 3; French Club 2; Dramatic Club 3; Poster Contest 2; Band 1,2,3,4; AU Arts 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Heart Queen Candidate 2,4; Science Fair Awa rds, lst and 2nd Awards. MARYDEL HARRISON St. Teresa CSMC 3.4; PCMI 3,4; SodaUty; Prefect 1; Class Officer 2; Honor RoU 1,2,3,4; Read-A-Wee 3, Editor 4; QuiU and ScroU 4; French Club 1,2; Latin Club 3; World Mission Essay Contest 1; American Légion Oratorial Contest 3; Glee Club 3; AU Arts 1,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Varsity 3; Candidate for Mary N.D. 1. MARY LOU HACKMAN Cathédral CSMC 3.4; PCMI 3.4; Honor RoU 2,3,4; Read-A-Wee 4; QuiU and ScroU 4; Latin Club 1; French Club 3,4; President 4; Glee Club 3, AU Arts Speech Club 3,4; Science Awards 4; Science Club 4. JUDY A. HASSARD St. Joseph CSMC 3,4; PCMI 3.4; Class Officer 2; Read-A-Wee 4; QuiU and ScroU 4; Genesian Masque 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; May Day Maid 1; Science Club 3. BARBARA HAUBRICH St. Agatha CSMC. PCMI 2,3,4; Honor RoU; Read-A-Wee Page Editor 4; Memory Book Staff 4; Latin Club 1,2; Glee Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Magazine Drive Trophy 2,3,4; QuiU and Scroll 4. RUTH ANN HEINEMANN Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Honor RoU 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; French Club 1,2; AU Arts 1; G. A. A. 1,2,4; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3. SHIRLEY L. HERMANN Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2.3,4; Class Officer 1,2; French Club 1,4; Poster Contest 1; G.A.A. 1,3,4. JANICE HOFFMANN St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Library Guild 1; Latin Club 1; Poster Contest 1; G. A.A. 3,4; Genesian Masque 4; Science Club 3. JOYCE ANNE ISSELHARD Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Genesian Masque 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Pep Club 2; Science Club 3; Science Fair Awards 3. JANET JAEGER St. Luke CSMC; PCMI 3,4; SodaUty 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Honor RoU 1,2,3,4; Read-A-Wee 3,4; Memory Book Staff 4; Latin Club 1,2; Genesian Masque 4; C.T.C. 4; G.A.A. 2.3.4; Mary N.D. Candidate 2,3,4; May Day Maid 2; Heart Queen Candidate 3. MARGARET JEAN JOERGENSEN St. PhiUp CSMC; PCMI 2.3.4; SodaUty 1; Mary’s Helper 1; Honor RoU 3,4; Read-A-Wee 3; Page Editor 4; QuiU and ScroU 4; Latin Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,4; Pep Club 4. EILEEN KALERT St. Joseph CSMC; PCMI 3,4; SodaUty 1; Student Council 4; Latin Club 1,2; Glee Club 3.4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2.3; Rosary Day 2; Science Club 3. MARY ELIZABETH KEMPF St. Patrick CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Mary’s Helpers 2; Library Guild 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Latin Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3. MARY ELIZABETH KLAUS Holy Angels CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Student Council 2; Class Officer 1; Toastmistress at Father-Daughter Banquet 4; Latin Club 1,2; Latin Award 2; French Club S; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4 Pep Club 1; Heart Queen Candidate 2. 64 SENIOR WRITE-UPS cont. VIRGINIA KOESTERER St. Teresa CS MC; PCMI 2,3.4; Sodality 1; Latin Club 1,2; Band 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Mary’s Helper 2,3; Science A- wards 3; Rosary Day 1. MARY ANN LEVELING Holy Angels CSMC; Student Council Secretary 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Latin Honor Society 1,2; Latin Award 2; Latin Club 1,2; French Club 3; Library Guild 3; Genesian Masque 4; Treasurer 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Représentative 3; Mary ' s Helper 2; Rosary Day 2,3; Heart Queen Can¬ didate 1,3. ROSE LINTZENICH St. Teresa Transferred from St. Teresa’s Academy. CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3. GERMAINE MATHEWS St. John’s Orphanage CSMC; PCMI 3,4; French Club 1.2; G.A.A. 1.2,3,4; Rosary Day 1. EILEEN MCKINNEY Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 1,2; President 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Library Gui ld 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Vice-Président 4; Latin Club 1,2; President 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4; Rosary Day 2; Candidate for Mary N.D. 1; May Day Maid 3. CAROL MEDER St. Luke CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3; Class Officer 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Read-A-Wee 3.4; Page Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Latin Club 1,2; Music Récital 1,2; Accompanist 2; AU Arts 1; Genesian Masque 4; C.T.C. 4; G.A.A.; Représentative 2; Candidate for Mary N.D. 3; Mission Queen Can¬ didate 3. ROSALIE H. MERTENS St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; French Club 1.2; Band l,2;Mary- like Unit Princess 2; Magazine Drive Trophy 2. MARY ANN MEURER Blessed Sacrament CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Library Guild 2,3,4; Treasurer 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Candidate for Mary N.D. 2; Heart Queen Candidate 1. JUNE ANN MEYER Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; G.A.A. 3,4. DE ANNA MOROSKY Holy Angels CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Sodality 1; Mary’s Helper 2; Read- A-Wee Business Manager 4; Science Club 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Rosary Day 1.2,3; C.B.C. Représentative 4; May Day Maid 1. 65 MARY THERESE MUNIE St. Teresa Transferred from Notre Dame Ripa; CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Sodality 2,3,4; Class President 3 Honor Roll 2,3,4; Science Club 3; Latin Club 3; French Club 3; Genesian Masque 4; Secretary 4; Band 2,3; Music Récital 2; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Rosary Day 3; May Day Maid 3. MARGARET OBERNUEFEMANN St. Mary CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Latin Club 1.2; Science Club 3. GERALDINE JANE OWCA St. Adalbert CSMC. PCMI 2,3,4; Mary’s Helpers 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; G. A.A. 1,2,3,4; Représentative 1; Science Club 3. RAMONA R. PONISKE St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Class Officer 1: French Club 1; Poster Contest 1; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Rosary Day 2; Science Club 3; Science Fair Awards 3; Magazine Drive Award. VERN POWELL St. John’s Orphanage CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Class Officer 1; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Représentative 1,2; Rosary Day 1; May Day Maid 3; Science Club 3. NANCEE PRATT C St. Albert the Great CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Honor Roll 3; Library Guild 2,3,4; President 4; Latin Club 3,4; President 3, G.A.A. 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3. J O AN CECILIA PROCHASKA St. Adalbert CSMC; PCMI 2,3.4; Sodality 1; Mary’s Helper 1.2; Latin Club 1; Music Récital 3; Glee Club 3; AU Arts 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3. ROSE RAAB Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 4; CSMC Représentative 3; Living Rosary 1; Student Council 4; Latin Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1; Science Fair 4; Science Club 3,4; Lab. Assistant 3,4. BEVERLY KAY RECK SS. Peter and Paul CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 4; Honor RoU; Read-A-Wee Page Editor 4; Quill and ScroU 4; Latin Club 1,2; AU Arts 2,3; Latin Ce rtif ica te 1,2; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Science Fair 4. RENE MARIE REEB Blessed Sacrament Transferred from B.T.H.S.; CSMC; PCMI 4; Sodality 4. BETTY RITTEL Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Library Guild 4; Latin Club 1.2; Latin Certificate 1,2; G.A.A. 2; Science Club 3. SENIOR WRITE-UPS cont. MARY CATHERINE ROLEN Immaculate Conception CSMC; PCMI 4; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Honor Roll 1; Latin Club 1,2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Music Récital 1,2.3,4; AU Arts 1,2; G.A.A. 1,3,4; Science Fair Awards 3. JEANETTE ELIZABETH ROUCH SS. Peter and Paul CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 3; Latin Club 1,2; Gene- sian Masque 3; Glee Club 3,4; Music Récital 3; Science Club 3. KA Y SANDHEINRICH St. Mary CSMC; Vice-President 3; President 4; Student Coun¬ cil 1; Class Officer 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Rosary Day 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Mission Queen Candidate 3; Science Club 3; Science Fair Awards 3. CAROL JEAN SCHAEFER St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Honor Roll 3; Latin Club 1,2; French Club 3,4, Band 1; Genesian Masque 3,4; AU Arts 3. TERESA MARIE SCHAEFER St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Mary’s Helper 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3. JEANETTE ANN SCHANUEL St. Teresa CSMC; Honor Roll 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Rosary Day. KATHLEEN SHARFINSKI St. Joseph CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Sodality 1; Class President 1; Latin Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2; Heart Queen Can¬ didate 3. HELEN SHARFINSKI St. Joseph CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Class Officer 1; Latin Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Candidate for Mary N.D. 2; Science Club 3. GEORGIA LEE SCHMIDT St. Albert the Great CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Sodality 1; Student Council Vice- President 4; Class Officer 1; French Club 1,2; AU Arts 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Représentative 2;ScienceQub 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3. MARY LYNN SCHMIDT Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; AU Arts 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Fashion Show 2. BETTY JEAN SCHLEICHER Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; CSMC Représentative 4; Honor RoU 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; AU Arts 1; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4. Science Club 3. JANET H. SCHNEIDER First Presbyterian Marylike Dress Designer 3, 1 and 2 places; Glee Club 1,2, at East Side Genesian Masque Speech Class; Pep Club 2, at Township, Entered from East St. Louis. NORMA SCHWARZ St. Luke’s CSMC; PCMI 3,4; French Club 1; Glee Club 3; AU Arts 1,3; Mission Day Maid 1; Mary ' s Helper 2,3, Fashion Show 2; Genesian Masque3,4, Vice-President 4. KATHERINE MARY SCRUGGS St. Augustine CSMC; PCMI 3,4; SodaUty 1,2,3; Mary’s Helpers 2; Latin Club 1,2; Dramatic Club 3; Band 1,2,3,4;G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Rosary Day 3; Science Club 3; Science Fair Awards 3- lst St. Louis 2nd Jackson- ville. HENRIETTA SKIERA Holy Rosary CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Class Officer 1; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club. BARBARA ANNE SPEISER St. Joseph Freeburg, 111. CSMC PCMI 4. Honor Roll 1.2,3,4; Latin Club 1 2, Certificate for 9 (fjo 1,2; Glee Club 3; AU Arts 3; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Science Club 4. MARY ANN STENGEL Holy Angels CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Mary’s Helpers 2; Student Council 4; Class Officer 3; Latin Club 1.2; G.A.A. 1,3.4, Treasurer 2; Mary N.D. Candidate 1; Rosary Day 2,3; Crownbearer Mission Day 1; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3- 3rd place St. Louis, 2nd place. DE ANNE STR ATM ANN St. James MiUstadt, Illinois CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Rosary Day 4; Read-A-Wee Circulation 4; Quill and ScroU 4; French Club 1,2; Band 2,3,4; Treasurer 4; AU Arts 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Vice-President 3, President 4; PepClub 1,2,3,4; Varsity 2,3,4; Maryville Tournament 2,3,4; Science Club 3; Science Fair Awards 3-lst St. Louis, lst District, lst State. JANET STRAUBINGER St. Luke CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Mary ' s Helper 3; Student Council 4, Class Officer 3; Latin Club 1; French Club 3,4; AU Arts 1; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Heart Queen Candidate 1; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3-lst and 2nd. ELAINE TICE Blessed Sacrament CSMC; PCMI 4; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 4; QuiU and ScroU 4; Latin Club 2; French Club 3; G.A.A. 1. 2,3,4; Varsity 3,4; Rosary Day 1. FRANCES THOMPSON w Holy Angels CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Sodality 1,2,4; Treasurer 3; Mary’s SENIOR WRITE-UPS cont. Heiper; Student Council Member 1; Class Officer-President 3; Read-A-WeePageEditor4;Latin Club 1,2; G. A. A.; Science Club 3,4. JANICE VERNIER St. Augustine CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Read-A-Wee Business Staff: Ail Arts 1; G. A. A. 1,2.3.4; May Day Maid 2. BOBBIE VILLEMA1N St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 2,3.4; Mary’s Heiper 1; Student Council Member 3; Class Officer 3; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 4; Ouill and Scroll 4; French Club 1; AU Arts 1; Marian Year Play 2; G.A.A. 2.3.4; Représentative 1; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards l-3rd, 2-2nd, 3-2nd. JO ANN VOGT Holy Angels CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Latin Club 1,2; Latin Award 1; Glee Club 2,3,4; Music Récital 1,2,3,4; AU Arts 1,3; Oper- etta 2; Cantata 3,4; G. A. A. 1,3,4; Pep Club 1,2. DOROTHY VOLLMER Cathedra’ CSMC: PCMI 2,3,4; Student Council Member 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Handicapped Poster Contest l-3rdplace; AU Arts 1; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Mary N.D. Candidate 2. JUDITH ’’SKIP’’ WAGNER Queen of Peace CSMC; PCMI 4; Read-A-Wee 3,4; Latin Club 3, Cum Lauda 3; Glee Club 3,4 Contata; AU Arts 3; Assistant Director 4; Science Fair Award 3-2nd place. MARY LOUISE W AIN WRIGHT St. Mary CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Honor RoU 1; Latin Club 1,2; Latin Certificate 1; AU Arts 1,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Genesian Masque 3. RUTH ANN WECK Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Student CouncilMember 2; French Club 3.4. Latin 1,2; G.A.A. I.2.3.4. JANET WESSEL St. James Millstadt, Illinois CSMC; PCMI 3; Latin Club 1,2; G.A.A. 3,4. PAT WHALEN St. Joseph CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 4; French Club 1,2; Treasurer 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. DONNA WHEELER Holy Angels CSMC; PCMI 3.4; Représentative for CSMC 3; Mary’s Heiper s 3; Latin Club 2; AU Arts 1; G.A.A. I.2.3.4. DOLORES ANN WIERCIAK St. Adalbert CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Mary’s Helpers 1,2,3; Business Staff 4; QuiU and ScroU 4; Latin Club 1; Glee Club 3,4; AU Arts 3: G.A.A.; Varsity 3,4; Science Club 3; Magazine Drive Trophy; Science Fair Awards 3-lst at Carbondale, 2nd at JacksonviUe; Football Queen for Assumption 4. PEGGY WILKINSON St. Augustine CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Class Officer 1.3,4; Honor RoU 2,3,4; Read-A-Wee Business Staff 4; Latin Club 1,2, Certificate for 90 °Jo 2; G.A.A.; Rosary Day 3; Science Club 3,4; Science Fair Awards 3-2nd place. MARGARET LOUISE WOMBACHER Sacred Heart CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Sodaüty 3,4; Mary’s Helpers 1; Library Guild 4; Latin Club 1,2; AU Arts 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 3; Science Club 3; Science Fair Awards 3-3rd in St. Louis, 2nd District. MARIAN WUERZ Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 3,4; Probation SodaUty Officer 1; Honor RoU Read-A-Wee Page Editor 4; QuiU and Scroll 4; Reporter 3; Latin Club 1,2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Operetta 2; Music Récital 1,2,3,4; Accompanist 2,3,4; AU Arts 1,2; Genesian Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; ”1 Speak For Democracy” contest school winner 4; Science Club 4; CSMC Représentative 3,4. AGNES E. YOCH St. Henry CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Mary’s Helpers 3; Rosary Day 4; Genesian Masque 3; F rench Club 4; Music Récital 2,3,4; G. A. A. 1,3,4; Représentative 4; Trophy Award for Magazine Drive 2. ANN YOCH St. Teresa CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Mary’s Helpers 1.2; Honor RoU 3; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Latin Certificate for 90$ : G.A.A.; Science Club 3.4; Science Fair Awards 3-2nd place and lst. ERNA MARIE ZARING St. Patrick CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; Genesian Masque 3; Library Guild 4. JUDY ANN ZIERRATH BL Sac rament CSMC; PCMI 3.4; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1.2; Science Club 3; Science Fair Award 2. MARILYN ZIPFEL Cathédral CSMC; PCMI 2,3,4; SodaUty 1,2,3,4; CSMC Treas¬ urer; Student Council Member 2; Class Officer 3; French Club 3; B and; Music Récital; AU Arts 1; Genesian Masque 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1.2,3,4; Cheerleader for Varsity 2,3,4; May Day Maid 1. JAYNE MARIE JOHNSTON St. EUzabeth CSMC; PCMI 3,4; SodaUty; Class Officer, President 1; Read-A-Wee Editorial Staff 4; QuiU and Scroll 4; Messenger Columnist 4; Latin 1,2; Genesian Masque 4; Ladies’ Lounge 4; G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 4; Mary’s Helpers 1,2; Science Club 3,4. 67 Compliments of TREESCH NEON SISN CO. 434 East Broadway East St. Louis, Illinois WOOD REALTY COMPANY Charles E. Wood, Jr. Exclusive Sales Représentatives for Charles E. Wood Builder, Inc. Wood Construction Company Developers of PINECREST SUBDIVISION Atlee F. Ogle ' s Subdivision ADams 3-8258 4701 West Main Street Express 7-3659 Belleville, Illinois Saies Insurance Loans MARXER I. G. A. SUPER MARKET Méats for Home Freezers Processed Groceries Frozen Foods and Produce AIR CONDITIONED Open Friday Night Till 9 Call Green Field 6-3161 Millstadt, Illinois MR. MRS. RICHARD F. STRATMANN MRS. MARY MARXER PROPS. 70 , Méats Dry Goods Compliments of PRESS P. WALLER c. Accountants Press P. Waller Wm. B. Kealey Murphy Bldg. East St. Louis, Illinois MODERN ASPHALT PAVING and CONSTRUCTION CO. 214 Murphy Building East St. Louis, Illinois Upton 4-2330 Compliments of SCHMIDT ROOFING and SIDING c 1135 Missouri Avenue East St. Louis, Illinois UP 5-2570 A. J. BENNETT and SON CONSTRUCTION GO. Excavating Grading 5309 CaseyviLle Ave. East St. Louis, Illinois Compliments of STEGMEYER FURNITIIRE CO.. INC. c 217 East Main St. Belleville, Illinois tf ik K à y 0 Compliments of ALVIN B. CLARK AGENÇA INC. 2318 State Street East St. Louis, Illinois 76 Mary Klaus ’56 Pat Cooney ’56 Judy Barrett ’56 Mickie Burns ’56 Sandy Becker 56 Mary Ann Leveling ’56 Deanna Morosky ’56 Kay Donlan ’56 Billie Edwards ’56 Pat Whalen ’56 Marilyn Farrow ’ 56 Eileen McKinney ’ 56 Helen Clark ’56 Janet Jaeger’56 Nancy Nichols ’57 Carol Meder ’56 A FRIEND BELLEVILLE AITOMOTIVE TRA DES ASSOCIATION HERMAN G. WANGELIN, INC. ENDRES MOTOR SALES 405 East Main Street 3625 West Main Street CHRYSLER-PL YMOUTH -MACK STUDEBAKER J. C. AUFFENBERG, INC. MEYER BROS. AUTO CO. 1001 S. Illinois Street 335 West Main Street FORD PONTIAC - CADILLAC - GMC EDWARD MUTTO AUTO SALES NATIONAL AUTO SUPPLIES 517 South Illinois Street 17 North Second Street HUDSON AUTO PARTS SERVICE EQUIPMENT ERLINGER-LODER, INC. WAGNER MOTOR CAR CO. 1218 West Main Street A and Jackson Streets PACKARD BUICK BLINN BROS. 404 East Main Street UNITED MOTORS SERVICE MILLER MOTORS INC. 110 North High Street DESOTO - PLYMOUTH KERLEY OLDSMOBILE CO. L. R. MC KINLEY SONS, INC. 13 Nort h Church Street 512 West Main Street OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET OLIVER C. JOSEPH, INC. AUFFENBERG LINCOLN - MERCURY, 223 West Main Street INC. DODGE - PLYMOUTH 115 East “A” Street INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishen Covtf Monylotturers Book lindtri FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City 1 mW af £ i Bt | a J II Æ • . V-

Suggestions in the Academy of Notre Dame - Memories Yearbook (Belleville, IL) collection:

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