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0 A ' , -K, , .- -ff J. ,. . 1 1 I 3 I F S Q fi' 4 A 1 Cv G 3 , 1 Q A 2 1 9 A 5 -I - Q G .. .- , - . v- I '-,QU f--:g,..,,.. 1,5-..L1:,...., ., ,. W ,W A,-- , ,. ,-..-,....,,- .7--' ,-.q' 2 4 f . 5 1 il 5 7 4 2' 1 J 1 A M 1 11 1 1 v 1 ml 485' ' OUR PRAYER FOR YOU 0 Your years at school On Mary's hill, Were fraught with ioys . Much good, some ill. But now that you Are leaving us, We pray to God That He may bless And guide your way, That we may meet In Heaven above At Mary's feet. Good girls you've been, And now we pray With all our hearts That good you'll stay. That life be kind, And Faith be strong, Your sorrows few Your life be long. May Grace attend Your every breath, And God be yours ln life and death. ln all sincerity, KM The CLASS of 1947 Decticates this Annual To the Faculty ot the present year Anct to those who, in the past tour years, Have servect as our teachers, 11e1pers,anct triencts Rev. Norbert Spitzmesser, O.S.B., Chaplain First Row Sister M. Therese, O.S.B., Sister M. Claudia, O.S.B., Sister M. Kathleen, O.S.B. Second Row Sister M. Clarissa, O.S.B., Principal, Sister M. Angela, O.S.B. Third Row Sister Mary Regis, O.S.B., Sister M. Valeria, O.S.B., Sister M. Regina, O.S.B., Sister Mary James, O.S.B., Directress, Sister M. Paula, O.S.B. Fourth Row Sister M. Aurelia, O.S.B., Sister M. Agnes, O.S.B., Sister M. Cyrilla, O.S.B., Sister M. Jerome, O.S.B., Sister M. Josephine, O.S.B. .4-A .L X hh. .44 STAFF EDITOR .... ASSISTANT EDITOR ARTISTS . . SPORTS EDITOR . PHOTOGRAPHY . ADVERTISING MANAGERS . Q . Judith Beckman Lucille Fortwendel I Claudine lents I Patricia Seger . Sylvia Becher Alberta Voges Dolores Baumgart Ann Bowling - Emily Herr Rita Meyer Characieristics of our lcleal Girl Judilh Beckman . Dolores Baumgarl Mary Lou Bartley Sylvia Becher . Rilo Mathias . . Mary Jean Koetter Claudine Lenls . Ann Bowling . Emily Herr . . Lucille Forlwendel Pat Seger . . Alberla Voges . Rila Meyer . . Mary Lou Meyer Pearline Buechler Virginia Mae Welp Ethel Kippenbrock . LOYALTY . . COMPLEXION ACTIVITY . EYES . . HAIR OBEDIENCE HUMILITY INGENUITY . DIMPLES . SMILE INITIATIVE . TEETH . HUMOR . POISE . FIGURE NEATNESS . NOSE ALBERTA VOGES "Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strike. And like the sun, they shine on all alike." -Pope Wm PATRICIA SEGER "Youth! youth! how buoy- ant are thy hopes! they turn: Like Marigolds toward the sunny side." -Jean Ingelaw S E N I O R S ANN BOWLING "Though I am not splenative RITA MATHIAS and rashg Yet have I something in "Tresses that Wear Jewels, me dangerous." but to declare -Shakespeare How much themselves more precious are." -Richard Crashaw xx. X is SYLVIA BECHER .RITA MEYER "By music minds an equal "A little nOl'lSel'lSe HOW and temper know, then Nor swell too high, nor sink IS relished by U19 wisest too low." -Pope men," -Anon I-OR DOLORES BAUMGART Lucius FORTWENDEL ,Her angers face, as the "A face with gladness over- gre at eye of heaven, spread! shyned bright, Soft smiles by human kind- And made a sunshine in the ness bred! -Wordsworth shady place." -Spenser JUDITH BECKMAN "Whatever We conceive well We express clearly, and words How with ease." -Boileau SENIORS "There's nothing that allays Hsalrfft and best adorned an angry mind MARY JEAN KOETTER WE S el th. 1 h .rt H ose co n s . S0 S0011 as H Sweet beauty. "Never idle a moment but 1 ig,im,,,L1l:,f,l,gy -Beaumont and Fletcher thrifty and thoughtful of others." SLongfell0w SENIORS M MARY BARTLEY MEYER "They look 'iI1tO the beauty "Honour and Shame from of thy mlnd, no condition riseg And that, in EUGSSI 'fhfjfy Act Well your part, there all UIGHSUFC by thy edeedsf the honour lies." -Pope -Shakespeare ETHEL KIPPENBROCK VIRGINIA MAE wIaI.P "My tongue within my lips PEARUNE BUECH'-ER "Suu to be neat, Suu to I rem? "A lovely being, scarcely bedfestf For who talks much must fm-med or molded, As you were going to a talk in vain." -Gay A rose with an its Sweetest feast." -Ben Jonson leaves yet folded." -Byron 4 Sdewela iw 0 The Feast of the Immaculate Conception being a naturally "extra special" occasion for the Academy girls, we determined to prepare for it in the best way possible Father series of the spirit The next . . . by making a good retreat. Adrian, from St. Meinrad, in the first of his talks about our Lady's virtues, led us into of the retreat on the evening of the sixth. day we spent in silence, prayer, confiding to our Blessed Mother our hopes, resolutions and our plans for the future. The usual atmosphere of scur- rying and chatter gave way to the hushed tread of feet in the halls, as we made quiet visits to chapel or went to and from Father's inspiring lectures. The beautiful and impressive Mass followed by a wonderful sermon marked the end of our time of recollection on the day of the feast. We realize more than ever before iust what it means to be under the special patronage of our Lady, the Immaculate Conception, and we thank Mary from our hearts for this privilege. Page Twelve AD Jesus PER MARIAM 0 The Sodality, so dear to all the A.l.C. stu- dents, has instilled into their hearts its three- fold purpose, namely, personal sanctification, sanctification of our neighbor, and spread and defense of the Church. We feel that the Blessed Virgin has bestowed many graces on our group this year. Although we cannot go into detail about all the activities sponsored by the Sodality, we will mention a few of the most outstanding. The officers for this school year were elected in February 1946: Prefect, Alberta Voges, Vice- Prefect, Patricia Seger, Secretary, Rita Mathias, Treasurer, Ann Bowling, Chairman of Our Lady Committee, Dolores Baumgart, Eucharistic Com- mittee, .ludith Beckman, Literary Committee, Claudine Lents, Publicity Committee, Patricia Seger, Etiquette Committee, Lucille Fortwendel, Social Committee, Emily Herr. We are very grateful to Sister Clarissa for urging us on and helping us to make this year a successful one for the Sodality. Several Students Spiritual Council meetings were held, and proved to be a great aid in planning and making the Sodality meetings more interesting. Among the devotional exercises held in honor of Our Lady, one of the most beautiful was the procession of the Living Rosary. On October 7, 1946, at 8:00 p.m. the Academy girls, led by the- Seniors who were attired in their caps and gowns, formed the Living Ro- sary at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Seniors represented the Cross and the Our Fathers. The Hail Marys were represented by members of other classes. Each girl carried a vigil light. After the procession reached the grotto, the Rosary was recited, led by Sister Mary James. The ceremony closed with the hymn "On This Day O Beautiful Mother" in honor of the Queen of Heaven. SODALITY OFFICERS, left to right Ann Bowling ..... TREASURER Patricia Seger . . VICE-PREFECT Alberta Voges . . . . PREFECT Rita Mathias . . SECRETARY On October 26, the Seniors attired in caps and gowns proudly ascended the stage in the Assembly, where Sister Clarissa presented them with their Sodality pins. This privilege is awarded only to Seniors who have actively partaken in the Sodality functions and who promise to be faithful to Our Blessed Mother for the rest of their lives. On December 6, the Student Council exam- ined the would-be members to see if they were qualified to be taken into the Sodality. December 8, the "red letter day" at the A.l.C. proved to be, as usual, the most in- spiring and successful event of the year. The day of Recollection, held on December 7, together with the beautiful Solemn High Mass on the day itself, produced an atmosphere of peace and contentment throughout the school. ln the afternoon, following Vespers, new mem- bers were enrolled in the Sodality which brings the total number of Sodalists in the school to 112. Father Lyons of the National Sodality Staff, introduced a new Sodality proiect namely, the Marian Award, which was carried out here at the Academy. This award is given for outstanding work in the formation of its members according to The Common Rules of 1910 and for achievement in its program of Sodality activities. The Sodality Marian Award was conferred on our Sodality on May 22, 1947. Ours is the "M" award .... the highest given. The first issues of the "Sodality Breezes" were published at the rate of one every two weeks by the Publicity Committee. We wish to thank all the Sodalists who cooperated with us through their attendance and participation at our meetings and making this a successful school year. Page Thirteen ag Zag at tie fifmdemg 9 With the coming of May, when mother nature bedecked her hillsides with beautiful blossoms and the birds sang cheerily in the tree-tops, it .was only fitting that the A.l.C. should once again loin in the chorus honoring our Blessed Mother .... the Queen of May. May ll, 1947, was one of the most impor- tant days of the school year, for it was then l. School Colors I that the May Crowning celebration was held. Contrary to former years, the festivities were slightly altered. The program of events was as follows: To begin the afternoon celebration the or- chestra, under the direction of Sister M. Cyrilla, O.S.B., gave its annual Concert. The program included: 2. Blue Skies ,V Orchestra 3. The old Bass viol Selections 4. Two Coleens , Song and Dance by Patricia Seger and Sylvia Becher 5. Harp Solo by Ann Savage from Jasper, Indiana lage ninel 6. Daisies .... a vocal solo by Mary Ann Kiefner 7. Saxophone solo by Dolores Bodner 8. Cloudburst .... a piano solo by Sylvia Becher ,I 9. l've Done My Work .... a vocal solo by Blanche Laubscher lO. Devotion ' ll. Indian Lament 12. Slidin' Some I3. Serbian Dance At 5:00 p.m. the Parents-Senior Banquet was held in the Academy dining hall. Promptly at 6:30 p.m. the entire student body formed a procession, starting from the front entrance and ending on the Campus grounds. This was followed by the song "ln Pride of May" sung by the students. Then the customary address was given by Patricia Seger, vice-prefect of the Sodality after which she and Rita Mathias, secretary of the Sodality, crowned Alberta Voges, pre- fect, Queen of May. Following this, the Seniors presented a Gar- land Dance in honor of the Queen. The Queen then expressed her gratitude for having been so honored, but stated that she wished to place the crown on one, "far S by the Orchestra lovelier and more worthy of the title 'Queen of the May.' " Then the girls marched over to the Grotto of Our Lady, the Freshmen and Sophomores carrying lighted vigil lights and forming the Living Rosary around the Grotto, while the the Juniors carried bouquets of flowers. After reaching the Grotto, the Rosary was recited by all present, followed by the hymn "Hail Virgin Dearest Mary" and the crowning of the Blessed Virgin. After this the Act of Consecration to Mary was recited during which each Senior present- ed Our Lady with a flower as a token of her love and fidelity to Mary. As a fitting close, to seal the most perfect of all days, the hymn "Holy God" was sung. I I I I I LEGION OF MARY OFFICERS, left to right Claudine Lents .......... TREASURER Lucille Wunnemuehler . ..... SECRETARY Father Norbert, O.S.B. . . SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR Judith Beekman . . . .... PRESIDENT ' Adeline Ambrosini . .... VICE-PRESIDENT f f legen 77Zmme "Who Z4 ahe fha! cameih fcwffz Q4 Me mowing: aiding, fam ad fhe moan, ifziqki ai like um, lefwidfe ad an 07017 def in dallffe d:'1Jldq.yU 0 The Praosidium, Our Lady, Queen of Vic- tory, of the Legion of Mary followed its usual course during the past school year. Not the least achievement, that of gaining nineteen new active members, 'is to be accredited to the Blessed Virgin who proves herself irresist- ibly sweet and winning .... through whom Legionaries serve their neighbor as she served Christ. Flora Beckman Anna Marie Becker Martha Jean Wichmann Dorothy Bullock Alice Schroering Mary Caroline Seghers from the Canticle of Canticles, VI, 9 The officers chosen for the year by the Spiritual Director, Reverend Norbert Spitzmes- ser, O.S.B. were: Judith Beckman, President, Adelina Ambrosini, Vice-President, Lucille Wan- nemuehler, Secretary, and Claudine Lents, Treasurer. Sister Mary Regis served as Spirit- ual Reader. There were thirty-tive active members: Mary Elizabeth Jamieson Betty Schenk Alice Smith Marilyn Ludwig Loretta Vieck Elaine Schenk Betty Harmon Theresa Schnur Therese Vtlargel Alba Meneghel Millie Ann Gronotte Betty Mullen Mary Jo Kavanaugh Ruth Ann Baehl Dorothy Clark Betty Baumgart Jane Lee Schoat Rosemarie Kloeck Dolores Walker Mary Jane Vaal Inez Bradley Charlene Lents Marie Gibson Doris Pohl Patty Garvin Dolores Bodner Dolores Woehler Imelda Meny Mary Emge The order of the Legion meetings, invariable except in details, was as follows: I. Opening prayers and rosary. 2. Spiritual reading from the book Listen, Mother of God, by the Rever- erend Hugh Blunt. 3. Roll call by the Vice-President. Page Fifteen 4. Minutes of the preceding meeting. 5. Standing instructions at the first meeting of the month. 6. Reports on visits, each visit being made by a pair of Legionaries. Totals for the year were 3,200 visits to Chapel to pray for the living and ll5 visits to the sick downtown. 7. Allocutio, a talk in preparation for battle by Father Norbert. lat different times by guest speakersl 8. Assignments for the next week. Those not sent downtown spent an hour each week embroidering for the C.S.M.C. unit. Several girls were priviledged to help Sister Therese make vestments for a Marionist mis- sionary to China. 9. Treasurer's report. 10. Concluding prayers and Father's blessing. The program for the year included these social events: Acies of Evansville Curia at St. Joseph's Church, Evansville, on March 23. The program included an address by Father Conrad Louis, O.S.B. The officers attended the Curia meeting. Legion Outing at the St. Meinrad Sandstone Quarry on May 6. Upon arrival opening prayers las at a meetingl were said before Mary's statue. This was followed by exploration of the grounds and investigation of the work being done. The Catena was recited during supper. A happy afternoon was ended with the concluding prayers and a hike back to school. LISTENED A WW i V ,W Q V, HE ANNUAL three day retreat at the A.l.C. was held over the week end of January 24. Rev. Francis Darmady, a Redemptorist Father from Glenview, Illinois was retreat master. We enioyed this year's retreat very much and everyone felt that the time passed too quickly. Father's lectures were inspiring and especially those on Confession, Respect for Parents, Value of Morning Offering and Devotion to Mary. The retreat is always one of the most outstanding events of the school year and the girls feel that the retreat of 1947 was one of the best ever. Page Seventeen OBLATES OF ST. BENEDICT AT THE A.l.C. 9 For the first time in the history of the Academy, the Oblates of St. Benedict held meetings every month of the school year. lt has become an active organization and its membership has increased rapidly. At the opening of the school year there were twenty-three Oblates, at the close, over forty. At every meeting discussions were held on some part of the Holy Rule of St. Benedict. The meetings closed with the night prayer of Holy Mother Church, Compline. ln September the following officers for the year were chosen: Lucille Wannemuehler, president, Sylvia Becher, vice-president, Alberta Voges, secretary, and Betty Mullen, treasurer. Much of the success of the year was due to the assistance of Sister Therese, O.S.B., and to our Spiritual Directors, Father Walter, O.S.B., and Father Raban, O.S.B. With such a love for the spirit of St. Benedict rooted into the souls of the girls, we hope the future will be filled with the blessings of Christ and our own Father Benedict! OBLATE OFFICERS, left Betty Mullen . . . Lucille Wannemuehler Father Walter Sullivan, O.S.B. . Sylvia Becher . . . Alberta Voges ..... . to right . . . Treasurer . , President Spiritual Director . Vice President . . Secretary Q.. MISSION OFFICERS. left to right Dolores Baumgart . . TREASURER Rita Meyer . . VICE-PRESIDENT Sylvia Becher .... PRESIDENT Lucille Fortwendel . . SECRETARY " . .M.C." "Queen of the Apostles, pray for the ltlissiunsp That .ll may lenow tlie Savior of llie world." ' The C.S.M.C. Unit of the A.l.C. has seen a 4114711 successful year during "'46" and . With the various activities sponsored by the Mission Unit the girls were kept quite busy. . . and mission-minded too. Some of the High- lights were: THE MISSION MEETINGS were held regularly each month and have proved interesting because all the girls co- operated. In our first meeting the new mem- bers were enrolled after they made their pledges. They received the Student Crusade Pin which was explained to them along with the Crusade Banner during the course of the meeting. There are now IO8 enrolled in our Mission Unit. A debate about the Negroes which came up during our meeting on Janu- ary ll, I947, is one, we are sure, the girls are not likely to forget. THE BULLETIN BOARD was an important factor in the line of Mis- sion News. lt kept the girls informed of various events which were to take place in- cluding our Mission Social and our White Elephant Sale. Other items of importance as the Holy Father's Monthly Mission Intention, the Sunday Gospels, the month of February during which we were to pray for Unity of the World, Church Unity Octave, reminders for the different seasons of the year. All these and more kept our Bulletin Board no- ticeable and interesting. PRAYERS AND SACRIFICES were offered up for the Missions all during the year and we hope that the girls have made it one of their daily practices. Observ- ance of "World Unity" played an important role in the life of the Student Crusader this year. Continuation of C S. M. C THE MISSION SOCIAL was held on October 20, 1947. The gym was very definitely turned into a scene of festivity due to the hard work of willing hands. Bal- loons and posters were not a small part in the line of decorations. The "Mystery Box" an entirely new addition was quite popular and created a lot of interest. lt increased the fund considerably. Others such as the Ice Cream, Sandwich and Drinks, Penny Pitch, Novelty, and Bingo stands were a great asset in helping us to reach the sum of 5350.00. THE WHITE ELEPHANT SALE held on January ll, 1947 in the gym was an event which created much interest and ex- citement. Various articles were auctioned and prices that were paid were considerably higher than the retail price. To give you an example: a one-cent piece of bubble gum went for 4252! Now please don't think us spendthrifts. Aft- er all the proceeds, 550, went to the Missions and you know bubble gum was hard to get! DONATIONS have been sent out to various Missions both here and abroad. lt is estimated that about S500 has been sent out this year. OTHER PROJECTS 9 Members of the various study clubs sold Christmas Seals during the Christmas Season. Clothing was gathered by the girls and sent to the people of Europe. The girls wrapped Christmas packages and sent them to Father Gregory's Indian Missions. A movie about the work of the Medical Missionaries in India was shown in the As- sembly during the latter part of October. The girls certainly enioyed it and they also got a good inside view of what is being done for the welfare of those poor people by our Missionaries from home. SPEAKERS 0 Last but not least we mention those who came here to the Academy in order that they might talk directly to the girls about mission work and the need of Missionaries. Father Sourd, a Glen Mary priest, talked to the girls in November. His work consists chiefly in instructing in the Catholic Faith, those less fortunate people who live away from churches and Catholic localities. Father Gregory Kunkel, O.S.B. addressed the Student Body and told them some very interesting experiences. His life is dedicated solely to the Indians in Winnebago, Nebraska. Page 'lhiventy-one Mission Sfucfy Clubs I ATIN AMERICAN ' The aim of this club is to learn more about the countries of Latin America, their people, their religion and their customs. This year our group studied in particular the work of the missioners and the need for more mission work in these countries. This proved very interest- ing and helped us to become better acquaint- ed with our neighbors of Latin America .... Leader . . . Charlene Lents, Scribe . . . Loretta Vieck, Members . . . Claudine Lents, Patricia Mack, Rosemary Will, Shirley Deken, Rosemary Eisterhold, Bernice Hoffman, Mary Feldpausch. CURRENT PUBLICATIONS 9 This club has made Communism its special study. From the monthly publication of "To- day's World" and various other pamphlets we have learned the meaning of Communism, how it is spread and to what heights it has risen in our own country. We know that it is a problem which will some day confront all of us, if we do not do something to check it .... Leader . . . Flora Beckman, Scribe . . . Mary Caroline Seghers, Members . . . Judith Beckman, Rose Marie Kloeck, Alice Smith. MEDICAL MISSIONARY ' Our club studied about the Medical Mis- sionaries which are located at Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We learned their different works and their main occupation which is to care for and instruct those in pagan lands like Africa .... Leader . . . Doro- thy Clark, Scribe . . . Margaret Best, Members . . . Gladys Batliner, Corinne Schafer, Rita Ann Becher, Doris Jean Olinger, Virginia Mae Verkamp, Joan Meyer, Maxine Schafer. NEGRO 0 The Negro Study Club spent this year trying to foster among the student group a love for the Negro. They have learned different points in the Negro's favor: lil The Negro has an immortal soul created by God and equal to ours l2i The Negro has not had the chances we have had l3i The Negro is intellectually and musically inclined. With these facts in mind they are prepared to face the world and all its absurd ideas about Negroes. As an achievement, our club presented a short play about the Negroes, Every night the members assembled in the Blessed Virgin room and prayed three Hail Marys for them. Among the girls taking part in these activities are: Leader . . . Lucille Wannemuehler, Scribe . . . Betty Schenk, Members . . . Alice Schroer- ing, Marilyn Ludwig, Catherine Eckert, Kath- leen Meyer, Doris Ann Rexing, Mary Elizabeth Rexing, Mary Ellen Hirsch, Betty Lou Schmitt, Anna Marie Becker, Dorothy Bullock. HOME MISSIONS 0 We studied the need of mission work here in America. To obtain additional information we wrote to the Home Missions at Glendale, Ohio and to the Catechists at Huntington, Indiana. To help the missions spiritually we offered Masses, Holy Communions, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament, Rosaries, and other prayers for them. As financial help we had a little mission bag in which we saved our extra pennies and nickels for the missions .... Lead- er . . . Doris Pohl, Scribe . . . Martha Wathen, Members . . . Martha Jean Voges, Millie Ann Gronotte, Eleanor Freilinghausen, Avila Bren- ner, Ruth Ann Baehl, Therese Ann Wargel, Dorothy Dethy, Rose Leist. Page Twenty-three M1'Ssi0n Sfualy Clubs fconf CHINA ' ln the China Study Club we studied about China and the different customs of the Chi- nese people. We have raised S15 which will go for subscriptions for "The Catholic World" for Catholic women in the Catholic University in Peking China. We gave a Chinese play for our achievement. But the greatest and most important of our works. was our prayers, which we said each day, for the Chinese mis- sions and missionaries .... Leader . . . Betty Jean Harmon, Scribe . . . Betty Mullen, Mem- bers . . . Bridget Ragan, Virginia Mayer, Doro- thy Borho, Iona Trainer, Betty Baumgart, Mary Ann Kiefner, Alba Meneghel, Ruth Sasse. LEPER 0 During ten meetings we completed nine picture books of the saints, which will be sent to the Lepers at dififerent foreign mis- sions .... Leader . . . Adeline Ambrosini, Scribe . . . Theresa Schnur, Members . . . Dolores Bodner, Dolores Woehler, Mary Jo Kavanaugh, Imelda Meny, Thelma Baumgart, Juanita Banet, Rosalie Hall. INDIA 0 India is a vast country with unlimited numbers of potential converts to the Catholic faith. Understanding of the beliefs, customs and laws of the Indians is necessary if we are to help them toward the truth. It was the aim of this study club to acquire this un- derstanding. Besides studying about and praying for India, we corresponded with some missionary nuns who are in that country. On one occasion, we sent them a sum of money that we had made by raffling candy .... Leader . . . Marie Gibson, Scribe . . . Jane Lee Shoaf, Members . . . Mary Elizabeth Seibert, Elaine Schenk, Inez Bradley, Therese Sweeney, Patricia Judge, Mary Skaggs. ission Siualy Cfufvs fcontj 7fae was cw 5 The Glee Club, under the direction of Sister Kathleen, completed a happy cmd most suc- cessful year. Although it was a very busy one, we had the ioy of achievement. The enrollment of eighty members was the largest number ever had. Every Friday morning the school rang with ioyful voices. The reason that so many girls flocked to Sister Kathleen when she called for singers was that there was so much op- portunity for a development of voices, whether soprano or alto. Not only was it an op- portunity to develop voices but also one way in which to show them oFf. For example, when the Seniors gave their annual play, between acts the gym rang with happy voices singing such favorites as: Mother Machree, It's Just a Little Street, Ma' Curly Headed Baby, When lrish Eyes are Smiling, The Desert Song, Home Sweet Home, and Ave Maria. We feel that all the members of the Glee Club deserve praise for their cooperation in making it one of the best the school ever had. Especially are the altos to be lauded for their fine spirit in being so willing to come to extra practice when called upon. Hearty Congratulations, girls! May your lives be a song in perfect harmony with Jesus and His Blessed Mother. Page Twenty-iivc BEST PERSONALITY MOST POPULAR CUTEST MOST SHY UV . Ck -4 6---inf-':l'.2-lb -IMO! f4znmN-Prvmmz- V , Gf x ,fe 63 ti Cf"""' -lw0?. -mC3I P390 N T EST FUNNIEST 5 First Row Doesn't this look familiar? ? ? . . . Reverend Mother's table . . . Watching the fish . . . Mary Jean ' Second Row Mugs . . . First Crib in Convent . . . Infant at feet of Mary in the Sisters' Dining Room . . . Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope . . . Pais ' Third Row .lust Smiling . . . Fantastic Five . . . Sister CIarissa's Office . . . "Bunny" . . . Grin . . . Aren't we studious? ? ? . . . Aw! Nuts Page Twenty-eight ' The class of '47 originally 34 strong came to ioin forces with the "Castle on the hill" on September l2, 1943. We were awed by the magnificent structure before us and were beginning to 'feel a little out of place. But with the kindness of the sisters and the older girls we were soon feeling at home. Of course to keep the old tradition, we were tagged "green Freshies" but it couldn't be of course, that we were always lost or being late for classes not to mention the confusion we caused in the dorms. Gradually we be- gan to feel a part of the A.l.C. We ad- vanced in knowledge, not only mental but spiritual, made life-long friends, and partic- ipated in parties as well as other social activities. By June we were very proud of ourselves because we had spent a very suc- cessful year. Summer came and went. Back at A.I.C. again we took up where we had left off in June. Of course some girls didn't come back but others came to take their places. We made the Freshies quite aware that we were now veterans. Being "Sophs" we were kept very busy. Among other things we sponsored a Truth and Consequence program, gave a class play and won the volley ball tournies. We now considered ourselves quite wise and ready to advance to our Junior year. Another summer and finally we were Jun- iors. By now we were feeling rather impor- tant since we were upperclassmen. Our class had dwindled slightly since '43 because we now numbered only l8. A small class didn't hold us back though because we had our class meetings and collected the dues that were necessary to give the Seniors their an- nual party. But wishing to be different we gave With the lucky Seniors an outing instead. a comfortable bus and a big assortment Class History of food we went to Springmill Park near Mitchell. After a day of hiking, swimming and exploring caves we returned home to the A.I.C. and never got finished talking about our experiences. ln February we received the most pleasant surprise of the year .... yes, you guessed it .... our class rings. The rest of the school didn't get any peace until they had gazed on our rings at least a dozen times. June came quickly. All too soon it was September, but we didn't mind because we were Seniors. Three years ago no one would have imagined that we would now be ready to fill the various offices in the Sodality, Legion and C.S.M.C. We received our distinguished places in church and in the refectory. Again we wish to be different so instead of receiving the "Trips" we chose to live in the "Private Room Hall". This year we really did try something pro- fessional. We gave a five act play, Mistress of Fernleigh Grange under the able guidance of Sister Cyrilla. When the big day came to give it we were very proud of the large attendance. ln January we made our three day retreat. This wasn't iust an ordinary retreat as before, but our last one at A.l.C., maybe our last one forever. .lune 8 .... the day we dreamed about and talked about for years. Yes graduation has finally come, but now that it is here everyone doesn't seem too glad about it. We realize that at last we have come to the crossroads of our lives. Never again will we all be together in our classes, dancing in the "rec", visiting in our private rooms, taking hikes and all the other things we did that made our life at A.I.C. so happy. No matter what walk in life we choose we will never forget and will always appreciate the ideals we acquired at A.l.C. Page Twenty-nine Cur Departure CWE, THE SENIORS OF '47 are about to say farewell to our Alma Mater, our teachers, and our friends. Moreover we must part from our beloved classmates. Although, we are leaving behind the beautiful "Castle on the Hill", we are taking with us many happy memories and the training which has been given to us by our beloved teachers. Each one here and now expresses her parting sentiments: Mary Lou Bartley . . . "Give Me the Simple Life." Dolores Baumgart . . . "Thanks For the Memories." Sylvia Becher . . . "No more books and things to dread . . . That's What Uncle Remus Said." Judith Beckman . . . "Hosta la vista, My Buddies." Ann Bowling . . . "I Don't Know Why, but l'm ln the Mood." Pearline Bughler . . . "l'm a Big Girl Now." Lucille Fortwendel . . . "Long Ago and Far Away . . . l dreamed a dream one day and now it's come true." Emily Herr . . . "lt Couldn't Be True, or Could lt?" Ethel Kippenbrock . . . "lt's the Beginning of the End." Mary Jean Koetter . . . "Farewell to Thee." Claudine Lents . . . "I'lI See You Again . . . Come Rain or Come Shine." Rita Mathias . . . "I Guess l'll Get the Papers and Go Home." Mary Lou Meyer . . . "l'll See You in My Dreams." Rita Meyer . . . "lt's All Over Now." Patricia Seger . . . "I know a Little Bit About a lot of Things . . . and now . . . Blue Skies are Smiling at Me. Alberta Voges . . . "lt's Been a Long, Long Time." Virginia Mae Welp . . . "l'll Be Seeing You." Page Thirty Nlusie Department 0 "Never a dull moment" certainly tits our Music Department. VVe have gone "all out" for music in a big way this year judging from the ninety pupils. We run "full force" from 8:30 in the morning until 8:30 in the evening. The orchestra started its successful year by furnishing the music for a play given down- town. Not long after, we had the honor of entertaining Ilis Excellency, Archbishop Paul E. Schulte. On April 12, the orchestra Won second division for their playing in the district contest held at Oakland City and on April 22, we gave our yearly entertainment, for the Deacons. Eleven of the seventeen girls who took part in the district contest in Evansville were award- ed medals for their fine performance. Three girls, Dolores Bodner, Saxophone, Mary Ann Kiefner and Blanche Laubscher, vocalists, re- ceived first division which entitled them to participate in the state contest on April 29 at Terre Haute where they received second place. 'l'liose receiving awards for perfect attend- ance at their practice periods were Rita Ann Becher, Dolores Woehler, Sylvia Rocher, Rose- mary Huber, Jean Wiekmann, Rose Mary Rich, Mary Elizabeth Seibert, Therese Schnur, Therese Wargel, Catherine Eckert, Ione Trainer, Sharon Swain, Janet Sprinkle, Betty Lou Schmitt, Rosa- lie Hall, Elaine Schenk, Flora Beckman, Corinne Schafer, Doris Olinger, Jane Laubscher, Mary C. Seghers, Mary Elizabeth Rexing, Martha Wilde- mann, Blanche Laubscher, Joan Meyer and Dolores Bodner. Those who received pins for playing their scales perfectly were Flora Beckman, Jane Shoal, Doris Olinger, Dolores Woehler, Ann Bowling, Sylvia Becher, Sharon Swain, Martha Wildemann, Rosemary Rich and Rosemary Eisterhold. Memorization awards went to Dolores Woeh- ler, Jane Shoal and Corinne Shafer. Page Thirty-one S711 en ' First Row Virginia Mae Welp, Pearline Buechler, Judith Beckman, Mary Lou Bartley, Rita Meyer, Rita Mathias 0 Second Row Emily Herr, Ethel Kippen- brock, Alberta Voges, Sylvia Becher, Mary Lou Meyer, l.ucille Fortwendel 9 Third Row Mary Jean Koetter Patricia Seger, Claudine Lents, Ann Bowling, Dolores Baumgart Page Thirty-two 0 Ill 9 First Row Claudine Lents, Pearline Buechler, Vir- ginia Mae Welp, Patricia Seger, Alberta Voges, Emily Herr, Mary Jean Koetter 0 Second Row Mary Lou Meyer, Rita Mathias, Sylvia Becher, Ethel Kippenbrock 0 Third Row Ann Bowling, Dolores Baumgart, Lucille Fortwendel, Rita Meyer, Judith Beckman, Mary Lou Bartley Class Will 0 We the Class of l947, being of one spirit but ditterent temperaments, on the cause of our departure, do solemnly bequeath to those who most need it, a portion of our talents. To you the Seniors of '48, we bequeath our ability to act. Being a kind and understand- ing class we realize your need for it. May you be as successful in giving your class play as we were. To the A.l.C. Student Body we bequeath our spirit of loyalty and cooperation, together with our love for little mischievous deeds now and then to break the monotony. S Having discovered that we still have some superfluous talents, we will dispose of them in the 'following manner: I, Mary Lou Bartley, to Inez Bradley, my ability to be so active, to Bernice Laake, my height I5 ft. 2 in.l that she may have the privilege of sitting in the first row of every class each day. I, Dolores Baumgart, to Inez Bradley, my "lightening speed", to my sister, Thelma, my bobby pin box with a good supply of sprung bobby pins. I, Sylvia Becher, to Dolores Woehler, my iob of playing Compline, to Loretta Veick, my strict attention in Biology class. I, Judith Beckman, to anyone who makes mistakes, the remaining fraction of my 51 com- bination ink and pencil eraser. It will be left in the custody of my sister, Flora. I, Ann Bowling, to Jane Lee Shoaf, my ability for getting into unpredictable predica- ments and then out again, to Nancy Snyder, my beloved moccasins, provided she keep them as neat as I did. I, Pearline Buechler, to Mary Ann Wessel, my freckles. I, Lucille Fortwendel, to Anna Louise Dehon, my ability to write shorthand, to Ruth Ann Baehl, my impersonation of "Old Hoody" in our class play, provided her fortune-telling is as accurate as mine. I, Emily Herr, to Lola Fernandez, my ability to speak Spanish, to Lucille Wannemuehler, my ability to sing Compline. I, Ethel Kippenbrock, to Inez Bradley, my formula for keeping thin. I, Mary Jean Koetter, to Kathleen Meyer, my height, to anyone lucky enough to get it, my room No. 20. I, Claudine Lents, to Rita Ann Becher, my stature, to my sister, Charlene, my ability to type. I, Rita Mathias, to Alice Smith, my blonde hair, provided she brushes it IOO strokes every- day, to Dolores Walker, my gentle manner. I, Mary Lou Meyer, to Patricia Seufert, my dirty saddles. I, Rita Meyer, to Mary Jane Vaal, my curly black bangs, to Pat Mack, my pleasant plump- ness. I, Patricia Seger, to Iona Trainer, my "gift of gab." I, Alberta Voges, to Marie Gibson, my "giggIebox", to my sister, Jeanie, my love for making scrapbooks. I, Virginia Mae Welp, to Bernice Laake, my pencil case. , Page Thirty-four X. BERNADETTE OF LOURDES uite a bit of talent was displayed when the Glee Club presented their Operetta, Bernadette of Lourdes, on the evening of December 8, T946. The Operetta was a typical life story of little Bernadette as we know it. The mockery of her companions, the misunderstanding of her mother, together with the sweet consolation of the Blessed Virgin were distinctively portrayed. Bernadette was played by Bridget Ragan, her mother by Lucille Fortwendel. The Blessed Virgin was played by Dolores Baumgart. The group of twenty peasants was played by members of the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior classes. They are to be praised for their willingness in their cooperation which was so necessary for the success of the operetta. The part of the angels was taken by the Seniors and several other girls. They looked heavenly, indeed, arrayed in their white gowns and colorful sashes. And oh yes, we must not forget Ann Savage, the little harpist from Jasper, Indiana, who played a little solo as one of the closing numbers of the operetta. Sister M. Kathleen and Sister M. Cyrilla deserve a great deal of thanks for their work and patience in directing the entire cast. Senior Class Play 0 A drama in five acts "The Mistress of Fernleigh Grange" was presented by the Seniors for the public on Saturday, February I5 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Feb- ruary I6 at 3:00 p.m. CAST OF CHARACTERS Setting . .......... ENGLAND Lady Weston . . . Alice, her secretary . Juno, a colored mammy Viola, niece of Lady Weston . Hoody, the Fortuneteller Kitty, an Irish lodging housekeeper . Pincher, a Policeman . Mrs. Sternholcl, a wealthy lady ..... Mrs. Sprigs, a second-hand wardrobe dealer . Alice, her daughter . . Nora, the cook ISpookI Loda and Zola, dancing girls . Pedestrians . Monitor . Pianist . SONGS BY GLEE CLUB "Mother Machree" "It's Just A Little Street" When Irish Eyes are Smilin "My Curly Headed Baby" "The Desert Song" "Ave Maria" "Home Sweet Home" Page Thirty-six . MARY LOU MEYER . PATRICIA SEGER . . ANN BOWLING . . SYLVIA BECHER LUCILLE FORTWENDEL . JUDITH BECKMAN MARY JEAN KOETTER . . . EMILY HERR DOLORES BAUMGART . CLAUDINE LENTS . ALBERTA VOGES VIRGINIA MAE WELP PEARLINE BUECHLER MARY LOU BARTLEY RITA MATHIAS RITA MEYER ETHEL KIPPENBROCK . . . RITA MEYER DOLORES WOEHLER SYNOPSIS: Viola, a spoiled and selfwilled girl, rebells against her aunt's efforts at training her to be Mistress of Fernleigh Grange, and runs away. Out in the world and finding herself in quite a number of difficulties she finally realizes that the counsels of her aunt should have been heeded and returns a sad and repentant girl who has profited by her experience. Page Thirty-seven -env fl j d: -L, XF Q T CX Rook T Kato f I A rnxe, r-'Fmt une """'-' CLASS PROPHECY 0 It is 1957. Having sailed upon the turbu- lent Atlantic Ocean for days on end, my ship at last docked in the beautiful harbor of Rio de Janiero. A leisure walk through the plaza brought me to El Alberto Hotel and Cocktail Lounge owned by charming vivacious Alberta Voges, known to her intimates as "Butch." Upon entering I beheld a strange specimen, presumably of humanity, sampling food by the carload. It proved to be Ann Bowling whose ambition to be a hobo was thwarted by her husband's having left her S70,000,000,000. We were ioined at our cocktails by Mes- dames Patricialle and Sylvianoriana, noted opera singers. Virginia Mae Welp, their personal hairdresser, who has been with them since graduation from Beauty College and Rita Meyer, a proficient typist, who takes care of their fan mail, awaited them in the lobby. The elevator girl, Mary Lou Bartley, had to make two trips because not more than ten trunks would fit in the elevator at a time. Mary lou did not mind, however, for she loves to be of service. Sitting next to us, reading the daily news, was Rita Mathias, who is a model for the "Goldie-glo" Shampoo Company. The front page featured an article on the famous por- trait painter, Claudine Lents, who is known as the Rembrandt of the 20th Century. Reading over her shoulder, we saw an ac- count of the visit of Lucille Fortwendel, world renowned traveler and lecturer on Psychology. To avoid having to buy a ticket to her lecture, we went directly to the airport to meet her. Her private plane came bouncing down the field, having missed the runway by 500 feet. lncidentally, the pilot, Emily Herr, will receive her license in several years. Drowning out the roar of the plane, there came a sudden violent explosion from a near- by laboratory. Upon investigation we found that Judith Beckman had blown up her ex- perimental station while trying to find a method of increasing erasers instead of decreasing them with use Ithe eraser she had used since ly nik? fszfurnfy Qjgvnyflff her Freshmen year in high school lasted only fifteen yearsl. We held our breaths in awe as a huge silver airliner glided smoothly onto the run- way. Hastily alighting the pilot reported to the ground commander the cause of his having broken the company's spectacular record of having all flights perfectly timed. He had had to wait forty-eight hours for a woman named Dolores Baumgart who wouldn't allow a take-off until her make-up was properly applied. The trim young hostess, Pearline Buechler, came to testify on his behalf. She succeeded in calming the outraged commander to whom she was engaged. We decided to drive away from the noise and bustle of the city. While we were en- ioying the scenery, the car gave a sudden iolt and the driver lost control of the car due to a fiat tire. Seeing a nearby farmhouse, we went there to call for a wrecker. Mary Jean Koetter who answered the door insisted that we stay for supper while her eldest son fixed the tire. She has a beautiful 400 acre farm and six boys to help her with it. Her hus- band is a cattle rancher who travels most of the time, so we didn't get to meet him. Mary Jean told us about Ethel Kippenbrock from whom she hears frequently. Ethel is now a concert pianist. She wrote about her friend Mary Lou Meyer, who is attending a well- known dramatic school in London. Her aspi- ration is to be a great actress. After supper conversation included talk of old times my companions had had, a tale of the strange country I must visit soon called the United States where they say, people drink, a supposedly intoxicating beverage known as "coke" which causes them to perform fan- tastic contortions to a wild music . . . boogie woogie, I believe. However I fear I must master a new language first. Now having enioyed the delicious lunch of beef and gravy I must hurry off to catch my atom-powered space ship back to Mars. In- cidentally you will hear more of these lovable characters in my latest book "Swinging on a Planet . . . A Visit to Earth." Page Thirty-nine WMuSic is ove in Search of cz ll70r0l" 0 SYLVIA BECHER, a senior here al the Academy, received her music cer- tificate on December l5, l946. Her program was as follows: ADAGIO OP. 27 ....... . Beethoven LE TOURBILLON ........ . Maflei Sylvia Becher H'NDER NOT MUSIC l Reading . . Ann Bowling WHAT NEXT l CONSOLATION . ..... . Dennee CLOUDBURST . ...... . Grofe Sylvia Becher The address and presentation of certilicale was given by Rev. A. C. Schncl- lenberger. Sylvia wore a beautiful blue nylon over laflfeta 'formal and Ann looked charming in a blue marquiselle formal. The ushers, Lucille Forfwenclel and Alberta Voges looked very pretty in pink and blue marquiselfe. All four girls wore a single rose corsage, the color harmonizing wi'rh their formals. 5 Sisters al: the A.l.C. 0 First Row Claudine and chm- lene Lents . . . Judy ond Flora Beckman . . . Betty Lou and Dorothy Borho ' Second Row Dolores and Thelma Baumgart . . . Jean and Alberta Voges . . . Rosemary and Betty Leist 0 Third Row Blanche and Jane Loubscher 0 First Row They're of? . . . Five little losses . . . Picknickers . . . Gola day 0 Second Row Blondes ...ummn-m . . . Proposol . . . Rilo Ann 0 Third Row Spring and Shakespeare . . . Weed Pickers . . . Skaters in the sun . . . Polly . . . Resting 9 Fourth Row Friends . . . More friends . . . Hel-ooo . . . Lolita, Elaine ond Betlye 0 First Row Hollywood specialty . . . You and I . . . Smiles and dimples . . . Does this mean us? . . . Our Senorita 0 Second Row Umm! it's good . . . The wayside shrine . . . Taking it easy . . . Ready for dictation 0 Third Row Life is fun . . . Posing among flowers . . . The younger generation . . . No lpana smile . . . Glamour 0 Fourth Row Our Prefect . . . Freshies . . . Snow pals . . . Looking pretty X he "N" Rs, .N--M1 ,sw--Q-'-""' iz T ,- v4 vlHO's WHO IN W 4YV 0 Really, it was quite a day! lf you'll turn your calender back to November 13, 1946, you'll know what l'm talking about. Of course! That was the day the Volleyball tournaments were held. The competing teams were the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Talk about hard work! Anyone who witnessed the games can verify my statement. Everyone tried her best. There were several games in which the competition was very sharp, but in the end the Sophomores won. Now wait a minute! Don't think they ran right oFf 09 V V' O ,Q tQ,5,Qv W Q M? with the laurel wreaths! Goodness no! Be- fore they deserve them, they had to put up a terrific battle with the Seniors, since the deciding game was between the Seniors and Sophomores. But toward the end of the sec- ond half it was pretty evident that the Soph- omores would come out victorious. They won their honors fairly and squarely and we con- gratulate them. The captain of the winning team was Imelda Meny. The referees for the games were Sister Mary Regis and Sister Mary Kathleen. Page Forty-four l 0 Although the volleyball tournament other, took part in some sport. Many played soft-ball others enloyed games of tennus and badminton I I l A ,giggling fl x- ,, ' ,fr 41 J r 1 I was the only one held this year almost all of the girls, at some time or , W3 N X q. . y N ' l l f -11 '-M l gl l X gl. f ,4 I J U N 0 First Row Adeline Ambrosini, Mary Emge, Phyllis Bouvy, Gladys Batliner 0 Second Row Betty V. Bartley, Flora Beckman, Margaret Best, Inez Bradley, Dorothy Clark, Goldia Cunningham, Anna Louise Dehon 0 Third Row Catherine Eckert, Patricia Garvin, Bonnie Gelhausen, Marie Gibson, Betty Harmon, Mary Ann Hartman, Virlee Kippenbrock 0 Fourth Row Francille Krampe, Marilyn Kuntz, Charlene Lents, Marilyn Ludwig, Betty Mehringer, Mary Ann Messmer, Doris Pohl 9 Fifth Row Anna Mae Schaefter, Betty Schenk, Janet Schipp, Barbara Schmitt, Alice Schroering, Patricia Seufert, Nancy Snyder 0 Sixth Row Theresa Ann Sweeney, Lucille Wannemuehler, Martha Wathen, Jean Wichman Page Forty-six I is s ,K ig HERE AND THEQE ABOUT THE ACADEMY S0 P H R E S 0 First Row Jean Voges, Bettye Montague 5 Second Row T h e r e s a Schnur, Rosemary Rich 9 Third Row Phyllis Backer, Ruth Ann Baehl, Rita Ann Becher, Anna Marie Becker, Helen Begle 9 Fourth Row Angeline Berry, Dolores Bodner, Ann Boeg- lin, Dorothy Borho ' Fifth Row Avila Brenner, Dorothy Bullock, Susanne Engel, Betty Fleig, Mary Ann Flittner Page Forty-eight lCOl'1t.l 0 First Row Eleanor Frielinghausen, Mil- lie Ann Gronotte, Rosemary Huber, Dorothy Johanneman, Anna Lee Jasper, Marianna Judd ' Second Row Patricia Judge, Mary Jo Kavannaugh, Doretha Klueh, Bernice Laake, Jane Laubscher, Betty Leist 9 Third Row Dorothy Linne, Betty Jean Mehling, Imelda Meny, Betty Mullen, Joan Quante, Corinne Schafer ' Fourth Row Elaine Schenk, Rita Jean Seib, Jane L. Shoaf, Janet Sprinkle, Sharon Swain, Mary Jane Vaal 0 Fifth Row Anna Mae Verkamp, Dolores Walker, Martha Wildeman, Dolores Woehler A-1 -W, Y Pg WX, N U First Row Loretta Vieck, Doris Olinger, Doris Ann Rexing, Blanche Laubscher ' Second Row Wilma Altman, Juanita Banet, Betty Baumgart, Thelma Baumgart, Ruth Becher, Betty Lou Borho ' Third Row Shirley Deken, Dorothy Dethy, Mildred Eckstein, Rosemary Eisterhold, Mary Feldpausch 0 Fourth Row Bertha Ann Fischer, Mary Elizabeth Gasser, Rosalie Hall, Mary Ellen Hirsch, Bernice Hohiman, Kathleen Jackson ' Fifth Row Mary Anna Kiefner, Rose Marie Kloeck, Rose Ann Krampe, Gloria Leinenbach, Rosemary Leist mai' 5 ,.... 3 f' fv-, . lei ss will gf? 1. Y 'l"'E I X Q 'sk :E Fi 25155 Q W X if . ., M31 . - s , --" C' A m't,k T if ..,. 1 W 1 C if M ' fi he eff, - B ,M - T -me as , I , 5 Q t W Q is iw, , is X it AN f A Q S i ki -Q 5 ,L .. ,.,,,,,. , .,,. . X V Q . Ffh Q S N ' f Z X 52' MW Y We e 'X , sado I x g, . , i X ., Ney' - iiliiww """ ..,,,... r ' --f' fr A gi M S It r C Yi R F . g N , F lf T ss ,:.:, fx ,QQ s S f ' 1 fr rw ' X . .Q as :Sl 2 VV T . , H, 3 Q b y - J-ef' S EE? Qc.-5 'i ft " gs N.. 1 sin . :.. . Q M K .' 'K is .-i- Q - X 'fs W ' 5 f Tse , 1' -3333 - 5: SQ R X Q. -r C ' --ti.: ,.,,5 ' t Y "' A' f li Q ' 1' , K ,- S S 1 cr, ,W ' , 'HR we 31, '13 N M 1 r it , . get Q, q is ' f reef . f - ' ww, Y isis. , ., .: - x it A ,,:1,, Vi.. , . l, , R I in I X 4. be , :ww A , K rf . T -S fe is , if -'Q ' 1. B ' ., 1-f - W- 1 f . , 1, K .. , lCOl'1t.l ' First Row Mary Catherine Loepker, Patricia Mack, Virginia Mayer, Roselyn McKeown, Alba Meneghel ' Second Row Joan Meyer, Kathleen Meyer, Betty Jean Pund, Bridget Ragan, Mary Elizabeth Rexing ' Third Row Ruth Sasse, Maxine Schaeffer, Clarissa Schipp, Betty Lou Schmitt, Mary Caroline Seghers 0 Fourth Row Mary Elizabeth Seibert, Mary Skaggs, Alice Smith, Carolyn Sonderman, Iona Trainer 0 Fifth Row Virginia Verkamp, Therese Wargel, Mary Ann Wessel, Ethelee Welp, Rosemary Will s 5 5 D. r. - 5 is 2? ia 4 35 X 9 First Row Mushy . . . With Mother Nature . . . More freshies 0 Second Row Sophomore Officers . . . Table Waiters de luxe . . . Disgusting, isn't it? . . . Ready aim ' Third Row Sitting pretty . . . Good friends . . . Smiling in the cold . . . Freshman trio 9 Fourth Row Nut cluster . . . Pat . . . Hiking . . . Troy and Tell City A X7 fl. .w1:.'- X ,- 4 3 5 -. " 'W' , Q ' , 1 1 mx y ' ,,1 .V .5 fx, 5 iff? ., ' " -. ..., i . " .w-fl? U' f 'y 'E " ,251 ,, .... . .ay H' . 'sw' ' if ' V I I .Q s ' X s -'X-.,l ': I Mi," A ,l -:if '. as-1. - f- ' qw H- .4 , Q. , rm .., A 1 Z M V W ww . , ,. H iii.. 'L-,.. ' ' M., .... .. , w i W K .K HQ- U ,,,, A W ' r Q.-QfQQn2'.'f', 'iv - Li'ww.4 iw A r-fmmfikig WINTER AT TH E A. ik ,. . ' ' OUR ARTISTS CALE DAR OTE OF DAYS GO E BY September 9, 1946 This day found the A.l.C. buzzing with girls returning from summer vacation. With our new coat of sun tan, starry eyes and full of ambition, we started another school year in good spirits. September 14, Saturday What size shoes do you wear? Are you 5' 4"? Were you born in the month of July? These are some of the questions you were probably asked at our "Get Acquainted Party." lt was held in the gym with all the students participating in the various games. September 20, Friday The Seniors had the privilege of attending "The House of Magic" presented by General Electric at Huntingburg. The so called "magic" was seeing sound, hearing light, and various other demonstrations. September 25, Wednesday All of the girls were looking forward to this scheduled date for our outing at Monte Cas- sino. A pilgrimage was started at the foot of the hill with the recitation of the rosary, fol- lowed by games and then . . . eats. We hiked to St. Meinrad's Abbey and some of the girls were shown through the Seminary. After that . . . another hike back to Monte Cassino with supper awaiting and also all the ice-cream we could eat. Tired but happy, the girls sang songs riding back on the bus to A.l.C. October 2, Wednesday The excitement and uproar in the Junior Class was due to the fact they were measured for their class rings. October 5, Saturday Our first Sodality meeting was held in the gym where a beautiful ceremony of the instal- lation of Sodality officers took place. October 7, Monday A living rosary was formed from the acad- emy to the grotto with diFferent colored vigil lights representing the mysteries. The Seniors wore their caps and gowns and represented the cross and the Our Fathers. On this clear night the Blessed Virgin must have been very pleased with the beautiful spectacle around her beloved grotto. October 9, Wednesday The girls witnessed one of the wonders of nature on this night. Shooting stars were Page very numerous and the red streaks through the starlit sky were indeed a beautiful sight. October 12, Saturday This afternoon the Juniors sponsored a Bunco Party in the gym. They also entertained with a comical skit called "The Junior's Version of the Discovery of America." October 26, Saturday The Seniors attired in their caps and gowns in a solemn procession filed onto the stage in the assembly. Near the statue of the Bless- ed Virgin, Sister Clarissa gave the Sodality pin to each Senior. This is one of the special priv- ileges awarded only to the Seniors. October 31, Thursday The girls were home just in time to join the "gang" in Halloween fun! November 13, Wednesday This day proved to be full of events es- pecially for the Seniors. Since it was Bene- dictine All Saints, we had a free day. ln the morning the Seniors went to Saint Meinrad to listen to Father Gillis who talked in the gym at the Abbey. He gave us some very good points on Catholic Action and the part we play in the affairs of the world. The Seniors made it back home to A.l.C. iust in time to match their ability in volleyball tournaments. November 15, Friday Father Sourd, a Glen Mary Missionary, gave an inspiring lecture on the work of the Home Missionaries and the need for more sisters. Father Gregory from Winnebago, Nebraska, visited the academy and his talk on his vari- ous experiences with the Indians proved to be very interesting. November 16, Saturday The volleyball finals were played this day with the Sophomore team coming out victorious. November 23, Saturday With their most flattering "hair-dos" and attractive dresses, the Seniors arrived at Hunt- ingburg studio ready to pose their best for graduation photos. November 26, Tuesday The girls went home for a few days to en- joy their turkey dinner with all the trimmings. December 1, Sunday The Junior Sisters presented their very en- tertaining Thanksgiving program. Fifty-six Calender Notes cont. December 2, Monday We had the honor of entertaining the new Archbishop today and he in return gave us a free afternoon. December 7, Saturday This was a memorablelday in the minds of all the Sodalists. Father Adrian, O.S.B. from St. Meinrad was the spiritual director of our day of Recollection. His thoughts were very helpful to us in preparing ourselves for the great day of December 8. December 8, Sunday This was truly the "Red Letter Day" of the first s e m e s t e r . The new candidates were solemnly enrolled in the Sodality. To end a perfect day the Operetta "Song of Bernadette" was presented in the gym by the members of the Glee Club. . December 15, Sunday One of the Seniors, Sylvia Becher, was graduated in music. She played four recital pieces. December 19, Thursday Santa Clause came early at the A.l.C. Un- der the large beautifully decorated Christmas tree were found a variety of Christmas gifts. During the course of the evening the Seniors presented a short skit . . . "The Crooked- Mouthed Lamp." December 20, Friday Christmas vacation began! January 6, Monday Christmas holidays are over. January 22, Wednesday After days of preparation and study the students bravely faced examinations. January 23, Thursday Following our exam struggle we had a three-day retreat. Guided by Father Dar- mady's inspiring lectures we learned the utter sweetness of conversing with God. January 27, Monday As a reward for our efforts of keeping silent during retreat, Sister Mary James gave us a free day. February 1, Saturday This night found the Juniors presenting "The Seniors' Future" in the gym. February 8, Friday Home again for a week-end! February 14, 15, 16, Friday, Saturday, Sunday The Seniors presented their play "Mistress of Fernleigh Grange" in which we all participated. February 17, 18, Monday, Tuesday The Seniors were given two free afternoons to get advertisements from Jasper, Hunting- burg, Boonville and Dale. March 2, Sunday This afternoon the girls attended downtown the play . . . "Box of Nard." March 9, Sunday The piano recital was given in the gym. March 16, Sunday The second half of the piano recital was given. March 9-16 Throughout this week the girls contemplated the three states in life. They were guided by talks from Father Norbert and Father Bomholt. March 21, Friday Free day in honor of St. Benedict. March 23, Sunday The Legion of Mary attended the Acies at Evansville. March 29, Saturday Several of the girls went to the solo contest at Evansville. March 30, Sunday Retreat and reception of Oblates of St. Benedict. April 1, Tuesday Homeward bound for Easter Holidays. April 12, Saturday Orchestra contest at Oakland City. May 11, Sunday National Sodality Day and Senior-parent Banquet. May Day and Orchestra concert. May 15, Thursday Faculty-senior Banquet. May 26, Monday General School Outing at Ferdinand State Park. June 1, Sunday Alumnae meeting and banquet. June 2, 3, Monddy, Tuesday Examinations. June 4, Wednesday Junior-senior outing. General cleaning by Freshmen and Sophomores. June 6, Friday First Friday retreat for Seniors and under- classmen returned home. June 8, Sunday GRADUATION. Page Fifty-seven ' First Row A happy bunch . . . Chums . . . Peek- ing over . . . Big iob . . . Two Juniors ' Second Row Ready for a walk . . . Dodo . . . I'm thirsty, too . . . More 'fun 0 Third Row Pals . , . Those Juniors . . . Hiker's Paradise 0 First Row Picturesque . . . How about a Ride??? . . . Jugged!!! . . . Roommates 0 Second Row Ain't we the "nerts"??? . . . "Ouch", I won't do it again . . . "convicts" . . . Farmerettes 0 Third Row Glam- our Inc .... Just Posing . . . "Freshies" . . . How's the Water? 0 Fourth Row "Restin' " . . . Gee!!!! . . . Just Talkin' an You Ima ine Mary Lou Bartley: with Shirley Temple curls? Dolores Baumgart: getting anything done on time? Sylvia Becher: singing oft key? Judith Beckman: coming to classes without her assignments? Ann Bowling: being serious? Pearline Buechler: frowning? Lucille Fortwendel: behind on her budgets? Emily Herr: going on a diet? Ethel Kippenbrock: short and fat? Mary Jean Koetter: not getting any mail? Claudine Lents: six feet tall? Rita Mathias: acting boisterous? Mary Lou Meyer: a blue-eyed blonde? Rita Meyer: concerned about anything? Patricia Seger: quiet for a minute? Alberta Voges: saying the right thing at the right time? Virginia Mae Welp: not being neat? Page Sixty NAME MARY LOU BARTLEY DOLORES BAUMGART SYLVIA BECHER JUDITH BECKMAN ANN BOWLING PEARLINE BUECHLER LUCILLE FORTWENDEL EMILY HERR ETHEL KIPPENBROCK MARY JEAN KOETTER CLAUDINE LENTS RITA MATHIAS MARY LOU MEYER RITA MEYER PATRICIA SEGER ALBERTA VOGES VIRGINIA MAE WELP ii., v ns FAVORITE SONG "Stardust" "Till the End of Time" "l'll See You Again" "Coax Me a Little Bit" Sung by Dinah Shore "Twilight Time" "The Three Suns" "Begin the Beguine" "l'll See You in my Dreams" Embraceable You" "Night and Day" "Guilty" ln the Blue of Evening" "Blue Skies" Sung by Bing Crosby "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" "April Showers" Sung by Al Jolson n Rhapsody in Blue" Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" l'm Always Chasing Rainbows" Page Sixty-one LIKES movies long hair dancing debates noodles flying movies swimming banana splits embroidery good books reading dancing good times ice skating swimming horseback riding DISLIKES coftee writing letters dentist's offices noise working cauliflower freckles liver hypodermics reading iam sessions cowboy music smell of cigars bells at 6 a.m. the Devil tests cooked cabbage 0 First Row Pretty Sophomores . . . Biology students . . . St. Meinrad Seniors . . . Our fireman 9 Second Row Inspectors . . . Just sunning . . . Freshies from Floyds Knobs . . . Smiling foces 0 Third Row How about a peanut? . . . On ci gym hike . . . Come on team, let's go . . . All in o row ' Fourth Row Snow sundoe . . . Freshies . . . Seniors . . . Playing in the sand . . . Butch and Emily TATI TIC MARY LOU BARTLEY Orchestra 1 DOLORES BAUMGART Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Eucharistic Committee 2 Literary Committee 3 Our Lady Committee 4 C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer of C.S.M.C. 4 Study Club 2, 3 Glee Club 3, 4 SYLVIA BECHER 1 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Our Lady Committee 4 C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 President of C.S.M.C. 4 Study Club 2, 3 Oblate 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 JUDITH BECKMAN Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Our Lady Committee 2 Etiquette Committee 3 Eucharistic Committee 4 C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Study Club 2, 3, 4 Legion 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary of Legion 3 President of Legion 4 Oblate 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Reporter 2 ANN BOWLING Sodality 2, 3, 4 Publicity Committee 2 Treasurer of Sodality 4 C.S.M.C. 2, 3, 4 Study Club 2, 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Class Reporter 4 LUCILLE FORTWENDEL Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Eucharistic Committee 3 C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary of C.S.M.C. 4 Study Club 2, 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Class Reporter 3 EMILY HERR Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Eucharistic Committee 2 Entertainment Committe C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Study Club 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Orchestra 1 Page Sixty-four G fcontj MARY JEAN KOETTER Sodality 2, 3, 4 C.S.M.C. 2, 3, 4 Study Club 2 - Glee Club 2, 3 CLAUDINE LENTS Sodality 3, 4 Publicity Committee 3 Literary Committee 4 Study Club 3, 4 C.S.M.C. 3, 4 Legion 3, 4 Treasurer of Legion 4 Oblate 3, 4 Glee Club 3 RITA MATHIAS Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary of Sodality C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Study Club 2, 3 Oblate 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 4 RITA MEYER Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Etiquette Committee 4 C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President of C.S.M.C. Study Club 2, 3 Glee Club 3, 4 PATRICIA SEGER Sodality 3, 4 Literary Committee 3 Publicity Committee 4 Vice-Prefect of Sodality 4 C.S.M.C. 3, 4 Study Club 3 Oblate 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 ALBERTA VOGES Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 4 Publicity Committee 2 Prefect of Sodality 4 Study Club 2, 3 Oblate 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Page Sixty-live WHERE TO LOCATE THEM MARY LOU BARTLEY, Ferdinand, lndiana DOLORES BAUMGART, R. R. 6, Lincoln Ave., Evansville, Indiana SYLVIA BECHER, St. Meinrad, Indiana JUDITH BECKMANN, R. R. 2, Jasper, Indiana ANN BOWLING, Brownslown, Indiana PEARLINE BUECHLER, Ferdinand, lndiana LUCILLE FORTWENDEL, Troy, lndiana EMILY HERR, 615 Mulberry St., MI. Vernon, Indiana ETHEL KIPPENBROCK, Ferdinand, Indiana MARY JEAN KOETTER, Borden, Indiana CLAUDINE LENTS, R. R. 4, Loogoolee, lndiana RITA MATHIAS, R. R. 2, Dubois, Indiana MARY LOU MEYER, Ferdinand, Indiana RITA MEYER, St. Meinrad, Indiana PATRICIA SEGER, I449 N. California, Chicago, Illinois ALBERTA VOGES, 834 Eleventh SI., Tell City, Indiana VIRGINIA MAE WELP, Ferdinand, Indiana Page Sixty-six MAY - DAY OUTING AT SPRING MILL PARK HAUNTS WE LOVED AND ALWAYS WILL. ai- SCENES EIQOM THE SOD!-IOMORE LATIN PLAY WHO QAID OH, THOSE WERE THE DAYS! PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ik -- ix? A CONGRATULATIONS AND SINCEREST GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 'I947 The Dubois County State Bank Ferdinand 8- Jasper, Indiana Friendly and Courteous Service Since I885 if if Page Seventy-three if me if Compliments of Jasper Cabinet Co. Compliments of Jasper Planing Mill, Inc. Builder's Supplies and Mill Work Native and Pine Lumber Cement and Plaster Jasper, Indiana Bakery Products for Any and All Occasions Our Line is too Large and Varied from Day to Day to List Compliments of the Items ddfel 2407? Jasper, Indiana Phone 37 Dougl1erty'S Store Complete Line of Cosmetics Stationery, Gifts, and Greeting Cards Phone 322 Jasper, Indiana Compliments of E. B. Knies D-X Products Jasper, Indiana it a iii Page Seventy-four it me asf Congratulations Seniors Vic's Home and Auto S The Gerlnan Alnerican Banlz ' Jasper, Indiana 524 Public Square Phone 262 Complete Line of Firestone Products Appliances Jasper, Indiana UPPIY Compliments of I ' 5 I Q 5 . ll "Se'rLl'cell1aI Salixlh-x" Complete Auto Service Phone 304 Jasper, Indiana Compliments of 0. K. Grocery Jasper, Indiana iff 'ik Page Seventy-five Compliments of Iasper Office Furniture Company Makers of JACKSON DESKS Jasper, Indiana Compliments of Compliments of Mundy's Gulf Service Jasper, Indiana Jasper Glove Company, Inc. Plume 170 Manufacturers of WORK GLOVES Jasper, Indiana Compliments of Casperrs Drug Store Jasper, Indiana Phone 603 wir - ik' Page Seventy-six Compliments of Jasper Ice G' Fuel Co. Kuelmlerv Ijress Sllop Phone 282 and Jasper, Indiana Ifueblel-'S Store Jasper, Illdiilllil ,qjuw Q. famed JASPER NOVELTY FURNITURE COMPANY Ma11u1'actu1'e-rr: Sales 81 Service , Jasper, Illdlilllil, Jasper, Indiana Phone 5 af - N eeee if Page Seventy-seven ii? ik JASPER DESK CUMPANY Compli ts of asper Wood Products Co., Inc Manufacturers of PLYWOOD, TOPS, AND PANELS Jasper, Indiana Pg S ty gm ik Sir Compliments of Mid-Wesl: Mfg. Co., Inc. FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS Jasper, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of 1947 From the Store of Quality Merchandise FURNITURE, RUGS, RANGES, SPEED QUEEN WASHERS, LINOLEUM, HOTPOINT ELECTRIC STOVES, REFRIGERATORS Everything for the Home ac0I3 C. Lorey Furniture Co Phone 218-K Jasper, Indiana Across from the Post Office wk Sir Page Seventy-nine Compliments of ECKSTEIN 'S Alex Eckstein, Prop. Men's and Boys' Furnishings and Shoes 704 Main Street Jasper, Indiana Diamonds Watches Rings Bracelets F. C. Phone 54 Pianos Radios Cornets Violins Watch Repairing a Specialty KUEBLER 6- SON Jasper, Indiana Trotter 'S PT7'Wf7.Wg " COMMERCIAL PRINTING " OFFICE SUPPLIES ' DUPLICATOR SUPPLIES Jasper, Indiana Page Eighty M - - ill? Congratulations to the Class of 1947 4 Y"l'lE-MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. BOTTLING COMPANY Jasper, Indiana Congratulations Seniors JASPER CHAIR CO Jasper, Indiana Manufacturing THE RIGHT CHAIR AT THE RIGHT TIME L H il? Page Eighty-one as ee Me- Q- as George P. Wagner Co. Manufacturers of Farm Wagons Dealers in Agricultural Implements Ka Fertilizer General Repairing 8z Service Jasper, Indiana The Pioneer Furniture Store Furniture - Paints Linoleum - Stoves Rugs - Sewing Machines Phone 14 Jasper, Indiana Compliments of De. 'lychfee Wieqgefz Optometrist Jasper, Indiana Compliments TIP TOP CREAMERY Meadow Gold Products Jasper, Indiana EDW. M- EGG Q? CO. Tailors and Dry Cleaners Jasper, Indiana LINES for Men's Clothing Jasper, Indiana 12 W ik Page Eighty-two Compliments of Q. ECKERLES Ready-to-Wear, Millinery, Dry Goods, Notions 702 Main Street Ph Jasper, Indiana Compliments of Compliments one 196 faapa Waseca 770164 Vao Manufacturers Rotary Cut Veneers . Crates Boxes Egloffs Sales and Service Jasper, Indiana Jasper, Indiana Compliments of ComP1iI'H9I1tS of Q Q 9 NORDI-IOFF G' NORDI-IOFF 2 202-203 Kueblef Bldg Jasper, Indiana Jasper, Indiana Telephone 419-X Compliments of Victor Specialty Com Compliments of SCTI'I1CIS11eiIl1,S Al1tO 6? HOIHC Pa 'TY 535 Public Square Jasper, Indiana Jasper, Indiana ik 5 ik Page Eighty-three Compliments of FIERST 6- FLICK Standard Service Phfme 104 Phone 577 Compliments of Dorol:l1y's Beauty Shop Jasper, Indiana Jasper, Indiana Congratulations Class of i947 lliiiilljliaiifili Compliments of Allzeri Krampe Ferdinand, Indiana Page Eighty-four if? wir CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1947 14 I-IunI:IngI:urg Furniture Manufacturers of BEDROOM FURNITURE Hunfingburg, Indiana ik if Page Eighty-flve ik ik Compliments of Hunfinglvurg Green ouses Huntingburg, Indiana FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS Phone 172 Compliments of I-Iuntinglmurg Airport Inc. FLYING INSTRUCTION AND AVIATION SERVICE OF ALL KINDS Write or Call Duane D. Otis, Manager ik il? Page Eighty-six Compliments of CITY CAFE Robert A. Miller, Prop. Huntingburg, Indiana The Model Pharmacy The Rexall Store HERB. RADEMACHER, R.PH. Phone 11 Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of JOHN A. AX Attorney Huntingburg, Indiana Electric Appliance Store Phonograph Records I-IUNTINGBURG, INDIANA Compliments of Katterl1enry's Store Ladies' ready-to-wear, Gifts, Jewelry Groceries Phone 53 Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of UH: Drug Store Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of E. 1. WELP Jeweler Huntingburg, Indiana if? . ik Page Eighty-seven ik MA is CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Mr. and Mrs. Irving Clzase THE PHOT0 SI IOP Huntingburg, Indiana iii il? Page Eighty-eight Congratulations and Best Wishes Giltnerys Drug Store Huntingburg, Indiana Congratulationsw and -Best Wishes DR. W. D. BRETZ Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of REUTEPOHLER HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. FURNITURE Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of DR. EDWIN I. SCHLEGEL Dentist Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of Huntinglmurg Machine Worlzs A. ST. hlkilacllliinisg and .City lglumheiigs me e airm a ecia aCHeatingPandg,1umb1Qng Y HUNTINGBURG, INDIANA Phone 149 Clothing 85 Shoes Huntingburg, Indiana 153' ik Page Eighty-nine is A A MY iff Congratulations Seniors 2 0 Eugen Huntingburg, Indiana CONTRACTING ROADS - BRIDGES - EXCAVATIONS AND CONTRACTING IN GENERAL e First Nationai Banie of Huntingburg extends its Greetings and Compliments to the Seniors of 1947 ik 'iff Page Ninety ik if Hunlzingburg Wagon Works Manufacturers of ' FARM WAGONS ' TRUCKS ' SPRING VEHICLES Agents " HUDSON CARS ' TRUCKS Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of Compliments Of I-Iuntingburg Production MCJIDEL BAKERY Credit ASSOCIGIZIOII Farm Credit Service Fine Pastries 504 Fourth St. Huntingburg, Indiana Huntlngburg, Indiana Phone 89 Compliments of HUNTINGBURG SUPPLY IFirestone Store? Modern Beauty Shop Phone 31 for appointments Huntingburg' Indiana Iiuntingburg, Indiana ik if? Page Ninety-one ik - ik Compliments of GERLACI-I'S MARKET Huntingburg, Indiana Mens' Clothes Play Shoes Phoenix Hose Ladies' Slacks Ladies' Sweaters Shoes 145 -lcmdgfzefe The store on the corner Huntingburg, Indiana ALBERT B. KN UST J EWELER Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of VOGEL BROTHERS MERCHANT TAILORS 314 Main Street Huntingburg, Indiana Mariorie's Modern Mocles Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 424 Fourth Telephone 345-W Huntingburg, Indiana Compliments of O'Brien's Apparel Shop Complete Line Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Millinery HUNTINGBURG, INDIANA Compliments of The BRADSI-IAW HARDWARE Co T. W. Bradshaw 423 Fourth St. Phone 77-X I-IUNTINGBURG, INDIANA Page Ninety-two if if Compliments of H u nti ng bu rg Furniture Exchange Huntlngburg, Indiana Compliments of 744 Palace af Smead Where Everybody Meets Everybody Huntlngburg, Indiana Phone 75 Compliments of Top Packing Co. Compliments of Korcles G' Wendholt Home Furnishings Huntlngburg, Indiana Choice Fresh and Cured Meats Sausage and Lard lluntlngburg, Indiana Phone 17 Herbert Mehringer and James Brendle L. P. Mellringer Hardware Co. Furniture, Floor Coverings Appliances Corner of Sixth gl Mill Phone 194-X Jasper, Indiana Since 1895 iii ik' Page Ninety-three Compliments of Super Service Station General Repair Texaco Oil Products Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of Western Auto Assn. Store 'ren City, Indiana Compliments Of JACOB'S GARAGE General Repair Cars - Trucks - Tractors Standard Oil Products Wrecker Service Phone: Garage 38 Residence 53-3 Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of OUR DRY CLEANING KEEPS New Things New ALVEY BROS. CLEANERS Tell City, Indiana ' Phone I6 Irvin J. Evrard Tell City, Indiana The Model Dept. Stores C0mPlim9nt5 0f Merchandise for Whole Family News ishing C0 Nationally Known Brands Tell City, Indiana Economically Priced Boonville Mt. Vernon Tell City ik ik Page Ninety-four Compliments of William Tell Hotel Tell City, Indiana Compliments of CITY MARKET Compliments of Er TELL CITY SAVINGS C+- LOAN ASSOCIATION Tell City, Indiana nie's Radio Sales and Service Where Radio Isn't Just a Side Line Radio Repairing a Specialty 635 Main Street Tell City, Indiana PERRY COUNTY MAYTAG CO Skelgas - Refrigerators - Ranges Telephone 402-J 641 Main Street SCl,1ultz'S Food 'ren City, Indiana Marlzet for fine foods Tell City, Indiana MANGUM'S RESTAURANT "Just a Good Place to Eat" Tell City, Indiana. ik 'ik Page Ninety-five ik ik Get your New Ford Compliments of From Werner Motor Co. Tell City, Indiana Tell Cil:y planing Mill Co. Complete Repair Service Tell City, Indiana Wreck Rebuilding USED CARS , Scl1reiber's Drug Store r Established 1865 Tell City, Indiana Compliments of Parlz fd' Tilfor-ci Distillers Inc We have everything a good ' drugstore should have Kodak and Rexall Agency Tell City, Indiana Page Ninety-six Compliments of Www Zane Main Street Tell City, Indiana Compliments of TeII City NationaI Bank 73 years of Safe Banking S5000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor S5000 TELL CITY, INDIANA il? 'ik Page Ninety-seven Anton N. Oberhausen Plumbing and Heating Electric Supplies Phone 164 Tell City, Indiana Compliments of OTIS BEAM DeLuxe Cleaner 510 Main Street Expert Cleaning and Dying Satisfaction Guaranteed Army Uniforms dyed any color Tell City, Indiana Rhodes Grocery 12th Street Tell City, Indiana FREHSEHEISCKS 56 to 351.00 Store Tell City, Indiana Lauer's Beauty Shop 607 Main Street Tell City, Indiana Phone 108 YE JoLLY INN Opp. High School Fountain Service and Sandwiches Tell City, Indiana LIPP'S HOME FURNITURE Everything for the Home Phone 155 Tell City, Indiana 22? ik Page Ninety-eight ik' 'Br Compliments of fv. ,Q yew, fm 2. Compliments of Finch Funeral Home PARKVIEW HOSPITAL Tell City, Indiana Tell City, Indiana Compliments of Dauby Mokor Co Auto Repairing of A11 Kinds Tell City, Indiana Compliments of Dauby Dept. Store Where Friends Meet and Trade Tell City, Indiana 'ik ik Page Ninety-nine ik ii? C0mP1im9ntS of ' Compliments of Citizens National Bank Tell City Furniture C0-, Inc Tell City, Indiana Manufacturers Since 1859 "Our Service Makes Friends" Tell City, Indiana Compliments of Compliments of Pure Cream Products Co. RESS HARDWARE if 'ik' Page One hundred Compliments of Eckert's Meal: Market Quality Meats Tell City, Indiana. Compliments of BRUGGENSCHMIDT'S Tell City's Leading Dept. Store Tell City, Indiana Compliments of We Invite Your Patronage on The Basis of w Reliability Dependability Service jamchm Wanna! Jame Tell City, Indiana. DUSCI-l'S DRUGS Tell City, Indiana "In Business For YOUR Health" sir ik' Page One hundred one FELDPAUSCH HATCHERY 37th Season Hatching Chicks 9th Season Producing U. S. Approved Chicks 5th Season Producing Pullorum Controlled Chicks Phone 63 Troy, Indiana Compliments of Paul J. Fortwenclel Groceries and Fresh Meats "Everything for the Table Phone 35-W Troy, Indiana Compliments of Blue's Service Station Troy, Indiana Compliments SIIYCIGI' FUHGIGI Home Troy, Indiana Compliments of Farmers Supply Store Everything for the Farmer Oliver Farm Machinery Sales and Service Troy, Indiana 7M,-4.70 Jewelry Patents and Sundries Ferdinand, Indiana Page One hundred two Congratulations and Sincerest Greetings to the Class of '47 and to the Faculty Mr. anal Mrs. A. Forfwenale Sir Si? Page One hundred three A 6' H Truclc Line, Inc. Phone 300 Tell City, Indiana Serving-Evansville, Indiana Owensboro, Kentucky Linti, Ohio Louisville, Kentucky Memphis, Tennessee Mrs. Carrie Baertich Troy, Indiana Mr. Andrew Grayes Tell City, Indiana Miss Clara Fry Tell City, Indiana Carl Olinger Ferdinand, Indiana Edward Madlon Ferdinand, Indiana Pezfwm Jo's Dress Shop Jasper, Indiana The Modern for Men Jasper, Indiana Wherle's Coffee Shop Jasper, Indiana Dr. P. W. Brown, Dentist Dale, Indiana Becher's Meat Market St. Meinrad, Indiana Tell City Creamery Co. Superior Ice Cream Cold Storage lce-Dairy Products Tell City, Indiana Page One hundred four Compliments of Mrs. Helen Marguet Schmidt cinnicit Furniture Company, Inc "Quality Outfitters" State 81 Main New Albany, Indiana Compliments of S. Ray Drug Co. Drugs, Medicine and Paint 516 State Street New Albany, Indiana Compliments of Reisz Furniture Co Corner Pearl and Spring St New Albany, Indiana if ik' Page One hundred five Pelze-ry - Hedclen Company 415 Pearl Street 133 East Spring Street Phone 398 New Albany, Indiana We sell and repair Royal portable typewriters Victor adding machines Speedrite Check Protectors Movie cameras 8: projectors Kelvinator Refrigerators Maytag Washing Machines R C A Victor radios 8: phonographs Ampro Sound movie equipment Everything We sell and service is fully guaranteed THE WITTE MILLING CO. GRAIN AND FEEDS We manufacture PURITY FEED MASHES Custom Grinding Kz Mixing Dale, Indiana Elmefs Marathon Service Elmer Nord, Proprietor Car Washing 8: Simonizing Complete Auto Service Phone 43 Dale Indiana RUXER TRACTOR CO., Inc. . , wr FERGUSON SKSTEM Sales .Sz Service Complete Line of Parts Phone 75-J St. Meinrad, Indiana Compliments of THEO. I-I. DENNING St. Meinrad, Indiana General Insurance Congratulations to Seniors of 1947 Harry J. Kippenbroclc Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of MEYER'S CAFE Mariah Hill, Indiana af it Page One hundred six ik ii? THE DALE TATE BANK Dale, Indiana Grandview, Indiana L. Grunclhoefer 6' Sons Groceries, Meats, Ice Dale, Indiana Compliments of Brown Bros. Lumlmer Co. Dale, Indiana Compliments of WINDELL'S CAFE White Front Grocery Fresh and Cured Meats Dale Indiana C. W. Wedeking 6' Co. Since 1898 Dealers in Fertilizers, Implements, Furniture, Seeds, Hardware, Notions and Dry Goods Phone 55 Heiclaellnecll Hardware Co Dealers in Hardware, Tinware, Roofing, Radios, Stoves, Paints, Oils, Etc. I di Dale Indiana Dale " 'ma Page One hundred seven America's Foremost Fashions Wolfels Toggery Loogootee, Indiana THE MODERN EXCLUSIVE Shoe Store X-pert fitting by X-ray Loogootee, Indiana THE FAIR Men's and Boys' Wear Loogootee, Indiana Fashion Apparel of Quality S ' Washington, Indiana Compliments of Wee Maid Shop Washington, Indiana Compliments of DERR BROTHERS Bottlers of Derr's Dry and Full Line of Soda Water. Boonville, Indiana Rose Miller Exclusive ready-to-Wear shop Women, Tots, and Teens 327 S. E. Second Street Evansville 9, Indiana Page One hundred eight Q Q Compliments of Wallzer ff Dooley Drug Co. The Rexall Drugstore Phone 73 Loogootee, Indiana Compliments of Larkin Bros. Store Loogootee, Indiana TRIANGLE CAFE Fountain Service and Sandwiches Loogootee, Indiana Compliments of KENNEDY'S Serve Yourself Grocery Loogootee, Indiana Compliments of Nossetlfs Jewelry Store Loogootee, Indiana Hasler, Borders fd' Pate Inc Phone 227 Loogootee, Indiana THE LEADER STORE iMyrt1e Stuckeyl Loogootee, Indiana Compliments of Reynolds 6' Broolzs Hardware and Lumber Co. Phone 50 Loogootee, Indiana Page One hundred Nine Sir 'iff Compliments of Best Wishes to the Seniors of " '47 " SHADY INN I-loIlancIer's Restaurant St. Melm-ad, Indiana and Grocery St. Meinrad, Indiana Compliments of RINGEMAN'S GROCERY St. Meinrad, Indiana Uehellaor Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Frigidaire Sales 81: Service Phone 15-J St. Meinrad, Indiana Compliments of BOCKTING'S CAFE St. Meinrad, Indiana if Sir Page One hundred Ten '7he ln keeping with Benedictine traditions and the Rule of St. Benedict, St. Meinrad's Abbey Press was established in 1867 as a monastic scriptorium to take care of the printing needs of the monastery. As the Abbey grew from a roughly hewn log cabin to the massive sandstone cloister, so also has The Abbey Press developed into a modern printing establishment. In the lost few years the publication of books and pamphlets have become part of the program for making known the truths of the Christian religion and culture, so that without leaving the cloister the monks may more directly spread the seed of the Word of God in its various phrases of the printing art. If you are not already a reader of The Grail Magazine you can become one by subscribing to it for two dollars for one year. A sample copy will be sent free upon request, as will a copy of the list of Grail Publications. THE GRAIL OFFICE '7!te pfledd sf. Meinrad, Indiana 'ik ik Page One hundred Eleven Congratulations a n d Best Wishes STONES Complete Home Furnishers Boonville, Indiana Boonville National Bank Member Federal Reserve System Boonville, Indiana Compliments of Wm. Kinclermann Boonville, Indiana Compliments of BARBARA BELFORD Boonville, Indiana Compliments of X Marlzet Boonville, Indiana Compliments of The Model Dept. Store Boonville, Indiana 'ik ii? Page One hundred Twelve ik' ik Compliments of People Trust G' Savings Bank Dr Helmljoclz Boonville, Indiana Honor Roll Bank Boonville, Indiana Member F. D. I' C' Kelvinator-Philco-Youngstown Barnett fo' Son Funeral Home Roper-DH-Gas "Products made famous by Orby A. Barnett Alv1n O. Barnett your acceptancen so-M Phone so-J , Ambulance Sem, Ruble-Doolittle Company Boonville, Indiana Complete Home Furnishers Boonville, Indiana Page One hundred Thirteen if ik Compliments of iemer Funeral Home First Avenue and Delaware Street Evansville, Indiana Compliments of F. H. HILL Co. Inc. Pittsburgh Cincinnati Detroit Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia Boston Richlands, Va. Manufacturers of CLOTH, HARDWOOD AND METAL CASKETS if ik' Page One hundred Fourteen Compliments of Wm. A. Mccutclian Evansville 4, Indiana 55 Years of Faithful Service Our Recommendation for Your Patronage . . . Pianos - Organs Musical Instruments Music Books Sheet Music Radios Radio Combinations Solovox Records Wurlitzer Orgatron ARDIN ILIQEIQ I MUSIC, ,4,, , COMHNU' Try . Alherl: Underhills Tested Service Phone 3-3866 1259 Division Street Evansville 14, Indiana Page One hundred Fifteen ik ik' Compliments of HERMAN J. FGLKE iff iff PgOhddSt ik 'iff C t l t' ongra u a Ions Compliments of Graduates of 1947 Victor Becher P' Buechler Funeral Director Ferdinand, Indiana Ferdinand, Indiana THE Compliments of Congratulations Seniors Municipal Light FERDINAND NEWS and Printers and Publishers Watel' Plant Ferdinand, Indiana Ferdinand, Indiana Page One hundred Seventeen ik' sir Compliments of Mr. Weaver TAXI SERVICE Day and Night Phone 71 Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of Dodge Plymouth Allis Chalmers Tractors Hoosier Garage Ferdinand, Indiana Mattingly's Grocery Fancy Groceries and Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Phone 138 Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of Oeding Furniture Store Collects All Kinds of Furniture Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of Pliillips 66 Motor Service Ferdinand, Indiana Molaile Station Alvin Werne, Manager Compliments of Mobilgas-Oil-General Garage Work E G N Ferdinand, Indiana Ferdinand, Indiana Page One hundred Eighteen Compliments of -Za Z Z M E COmpliII1eIltS of Ferdinand, Indiana 14101101 office 40-2 Ferdinand, Indiana Residence 40-3 Compliments of Compliments of Dogs Beauty Sho? Ferdinand Railroad Co Ferdinand, Indiana. Ferdinand, Indiana Best Wishes for Compliments to The Class of 1947 Seniors of 1947 COVERED BRIDGE Ferdinand, Indiana Meyelf Ferdinand, Indiana sir iii' Page One hundred Nineteen ik if? Compliments of Miller Milling Company Frank et 6' SQI1 Ferdinand, Indiana Blacksmiths Hardware - Harness Fertilizer - Implements Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of THE LEADER STORE Groceries, Paints and Notions Ferdinand, Indiana Compliments of BARTLEY 65 BARTLEY Produce, General Merchandise 81 Milling Ferdinand, Indiana ik' ik' Page One hundred Twenty Compliments of Compliments of JA Q. aww, fm 2. Ferdinand, Indiana Guy Love Standard Oil Company Huntingburg, Indiana Ferdinand Machine Co. C ' f Dealers in Minneapolis omphments 0 Moline Farm and Industrial Schreiner and Verlzalnp Machinery Manufacturers of Saw Mills Meat and Groceries h h' t T res mg and S eam Ferdinand, Indiana Engine Repairs Ferdinand, Indiana Phone 124-2 if ' ik' Page One hundred Twenty-one 'iff 'iff Congratulations to the Class of 1947 THE FACULTY 'fir 'fr Page One hundred Twenty-two Compliments of Mariah Super Blociz Coal Company P. o. sox No. 137 Huntingburg, Indiana 'Congratulations and Compliments to the Seniors Best of Luck 744 7ze44e'e4 to the Seniors ik Sf? Page One hundred Twenty-three Jasper Seating Co. Makers of Ofiice, School and Household Chairs Congratulations to ' to the Seniors Tlze Soplzomores Best Wishes from a 7mm Compliments Hotel Indiana Jasper, Indiana Phone 81 Compliments of R. J. Fuhs Insurance Agency J. J. McGovren, Mgr. Jasper, Indiana Phone 411 Compliments of LOREY BROS. "Where Good Furniture Costs Less" Phone 454 Jasper, Indiana Greetings and Best Wishes and Continued Success to the Graduates of the A. I. C. A. W. FLICK if if Page One hundred Twenty-four

Suggestions in the Academy of the Immaculate Conception - Pax Yearbook (Ferdinand, IN) collection:

Academy of the Immaculate Conception - Pax Yearbook (Ferdinand, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Immaculate Conception - Pax Yearbook (Ferdinand, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 49

1947, pg 49

Academy of the Immaculate Conception - Pax Yearbook (Ferdinand, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 42

1947, pg 42

Academy of the Immaculate Conception - Pax Yearbook (Ferdinand, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 120

1947, pg 120

Academy of the Immaculate Conception - Pax Yearbook (Ferdinand, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 19

1947, pg 19

Academy of the Immaculate Conception - Pax Yearbook (Ferdinand, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 58

1947, pg 58

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