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'7791,'7 'Q D T 577 ye' 7195 jf fa .fn A Y 1 'Y i m 2 w EW J w E 4 w 5 Q mmm,1mwL ummw-m-wmw,nm,u,w:mm wmmfm-mamma Page 2 W!,Q,,xu 'V - ge -L F new 'QW' Qi 3, rf Z' X- A ,X xggv y 1 :fa-" W ' , fl ,f +V N A Sh Lagk si A531 FCDREWCJRD For olmosT a cenTury The spurnT oT A H N has been lcepT alrve Through The undy mg love and loyalTy shown by each succeedung graduahng class Now :T ns our Turn as we The class oT 47 Take our place among The ranlcs oT A H N Alumnae We are proud To offer as our c:onTrnbuTuon our annual The Shreld lT ns T new In The sense ThaT :T as The TursT annual edlTed svnce preceding classes have published lnTerary masTerpleces IT IS however new IH The Tacr ThaT :T IS The lnlT1al Issue OT rhe Shzeld A H N s Yearbook IT IS our TondesT wnsh ThaT wuTh The coming years Thus annual wull brlng To The Alumnae of Today and Tomorrow memories of Trmes and evenTs overflowing wnTh happiness and 'oy aT dear A H N Upon aTTernpTnng To express our graTITude Tor The beneT1Ts derived Through The consTanT devohon and lnTeresT shown by The Rev Aubrey R SelTer and The dear Perhaps The only way by whlch we may volce our True senTnmenTs ns an The prornlse of supporT To our Alma MaTer nn all her TuTure proIec:Ts of defense of her name and rn The deTermrnaTron To and her an Tame of need In The True A H N way IT IS our humble buT sincere hope ThaT as we pass Through The porTals oT dear A H N for The lasT Tvme as sTudenTs a Tull real:zaTnon of her TradnTuon may guede our sTeps an paTTernung our lrves accordnng To The pruncrples and docTrlnes promulgaTed wnfhnn These rvy covered walls 'ha A 'Q fff ! ,S 1 -as ,f " , ,T A . . . 1 ,M gif . ' 1 - . . . f, I g . . . . . . 1 - . no A-Qi . . . . I I , I W . . . . . . - l SisTers ol: The Holy Names oT.Jesus and Mary, we Tin-d ThaT verbal praise is inadeguaTe. A I 1 . . . . . I . l I ' ' ' I 'I Lf - I AA X i I ,J v Ls V N . V X :.. . ,, x if X H- ix F - X N --ui m f Q ' , PUBLISHED nv THE simon CLASS or THE ACADEMY OE THE HOLY NAMES ROME, NEW YORK Page 3 Page 4 "Mys'ric Rose, wilhoul a Thorn. Chosen for +hy purify, Queen of earlh and joy ol heaven lnslill in us lhy charilyf' DEDICATIGN - - - - - - - - ll' is filling, as we launch lhe inilial volume ol lhe "Shield", lhal' we should lurn 'ro Mary under -The chosen lille, Myslical Rose, for help and guidance. Our Lady has shared The daily ioys and diflicullies of our school lile. To her do we, 'rhe Seniors of Academy ol 'rhe Holy Names, lovingly dedicale our I947 issue of The "Shield", Mary's lille ol lvlyslical Rose is symbolic ol lhe virlue ol charily exemplified in her every aclion. Charily is lhe queen ol all virlues, lhe praclice of which uniles us lo our Divine Savior. Charily embraces in ils clasp love of neighbor as well as of God. Charily, as Sl. Paul lells us, "never lallefh away." There is no surer guide nor more perfecl model in 'rhis conslanl exercise of chorily 'rowards olhers lhan Mary whose life of love was as +he exquisife perfume of a delicale rose. Beneolh Mory's manfle ol proleclive love may we find lrue happiness as we go our Mary-way. during lhe years Thai lie ahead. We now pray. Direcl' we beseech lhee, ln years which are coming, Each mind and each hear+, We know lhal' lhe "Shield" And give us lrue virlue Will be lovingly cared for, From which we'll ne'er parf. ll grace +hou will yield. HIS EXCELLENCY, THE MOST REVEREND WALTER A. FOERY, DD. BISHOP OF THE DIOCESE OF SYRACUSE Page 5 Page 6 As This class leaves The doors oT Alma MaTer, iT Tinds The world in The Throes of a mighTy and bewildering sTruggle Tor peace. WiTh The Torces aT anTi-ChrisT, a Thoroughly worldly spiriT seeking ascendencyi wiTh ChrisTianiTy bearing iTs cross oT humiliTy and holding aloTT The Torch oT True educaTion in The Things ThaT make Tor blessedness. we see man searching Tor whaT he calls peace. The quesTion is-is man really seeking peace or, raTher, is he seeking The age-old graTiTicaTion of worldly insTrumenTs ThaT only seem To saTisTy a maTerial and hereTical appeTiTe? Our EThics has TaughT us The meaning oT True peace, namely, inTimaTe Triendship wiTh The primal cause, The CreaTor oT all exisTing beings. From This inTimaTe Triendship wiTh our CreaTor emanaTes happiness, and ThaT happiness is peace. As There is buT one Unproduced being, iT musT be The primal cause and The CreaTor oT all oTher exisTing beings. IT musT, ThereTore, conTain in iTselT all exisTing perTecTions, and in an inTiniTe degree. A cause musT conTain The perTecTion oT The eTTecT iT produces, and an inTiniTe cause musT conTain each perTecTion in an inTiniTe way. ThereTore, The One lnTiniTe Unproduced Being, The primal cause oT all oTher beings, musT be a being oT inTiniTe infelligence, power, will, TruTh, goodness and beauTy, love, glory, happiness and peace. IT musT, Therefore, be an lnfiniTe Person, The Absolufe, To whom all men, naTions and governmenTs owe praise, reverence, love and service. ThaT One lnTiniTe Being is God, a Personal God. In so Tar as we ally ourselves inTiniTely wiTh our Divine Lord, in Thinking and doing only ThaT which He wanTs us To do, and in compliance wiTh The rules oT His Church, His Divine lnsTrumenT on earTh, which has'handed down To us His desires in unbroken succession Through The ages-in Him, Through Him, and wiTh Him do we Tind happiness and peace. How misTaken is The world which would Tell us ThaT we could be happy wiTh riches, honors, sensual pleasures, human sciences, virTues or all puT TogeTher, buT raTher, knowing God and doing His ETernal Will. Then may we say wiTh The DoeT: True happiness loeacel is noT The growTh of earTh The soil is TruiTless if you seek iT There, 'Tis an exoTic oT celesTial breaTh And never blooms buT in celesfial air: SweeT planT oT Paradise! lTs seeds are sown ln here and There, a breasT of heavenly mould, IT rises slow, and buds. buT ne'er was known To blossom here-The climaTe is Too cold. - Rev. Aubrey R. SeiTer, Chaplain CHORAL Mr. Paul McMahon INSTRUCTGRS DICTION AND DRAMATICS SPORTS Mr. Philip Sheffield Mr. William Keofing We, 'rhe class of I947, wish 'ro express our sinceresf grofifude +o o mosf deserving group of insfrucfors. Throughouf our courses in choral, diclion, and sporfs +hey have very generously offered fheir lime ond ossisfonce, and we are faking This opporfunify fo ossure fhem 'rho+ lheir profound feochings, friendly guidance ond infense inferesf in us will never be forgoHen. fi? T ,fi .T i 5 C eqivff' C lassefi F activ' A Qigf e me y Page 7 'Extif :J s . Memorial S+a'rUe Main Enhance . -- gsm!! The Chapel Cenfer of Sfudenf Life The Library Book Lovers' Reheof I L1 X 4 ,KP 1 Q 'ff 0 If ,- "",gI5?Tif' if 2' 'M I W JZ f fu 7 A A "4 ' V . A an-1 17" I ,.,. .. 3. .gn dl I , ,,,, .. 5 :Q'Z"""':: Qt 5 ' 'fv',.,..., fm W, -- t .Jai fa 4 'K I Qi. .ix 5' x ,, TV 3. 1' ' 5 I 7, . ,ff X 6 nl . -f , 4 A I ll Q' ' .L X1 15' -1 x 1 9 iz Q ! I, l, SENICRS it-M. The Senior Class officers happily plan fhe coming Hallowe'en parfy for fhe school. CLASS OFFICERS 1 qi, 'bb 1' Class Presidenf Carol Rolsfon Clever. a conscienfious worlcer, indusfrious and lik- able . . .These are all qualifies of our class presidenf. The manifesfafion of her scho- lasfic abiliry coupled wifh her energefic worlc as Edifor of "The Shield" lead us fo menfion anofher accomplish- menf. Carol is a scholar as well as a lady. Hail and farewell fo a frue A.l-l.N. girll 3- Class Secrefary Regina Murphy Always willing, capable and eflicienf is Regina, our sec- refary. Wifh her quief man- ner and pleasanf disposifion, she will always be in fhe memories of her friends. Regina is a liffle sprife, wifh shorf brown wavy hair, and laughing hazel eyes. She will go a long way on fhe road fo success. 2'Class Vice-Presidenf Therese Donahue Whenever lnere is 1 d scus- sion, our Terry will alwa vs be in fhe middle of if. A winning "Irish smile' is her giff +o all whom she rneefs. A combi- nafion of efficiency and af- fabilify are characffirisfics of our Vice-President So, lef us all join in saying "+hanlws" To J iob well done. 4'Class Treasurer Virginia Szalach Sweef and coapercifive, Vir- ginia is always willirg fo lend a helping hand, ony fime. any place. Her neaf affire and quief ousiness-like man- ner disfinguish her among our officers. l-ler lovalfy and dependabili+y have made for her many friends during her four years of A.H.N. GERTRUDE M. BAYNES "True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare". Sodalify I-2-3-4. . . Harmonic Circle I-2-3 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 . . . lnlramural and Class League Baslcel- ball l-2-3-4 . . . Varsily Baslcelball 3-4 . . . Cily League Baslcelball 4 . . . Melo Adolphan Sororiiy 3-4 . . . Vice-Presidenl' 3 . . . Yearboolc Slafl, Sporls Eclilor . . . Senior Play, "Eleanor", 9 H , u, il L Q is k gg- ,V lll SHIRLEY C. BRAZIL "To smile each day in a friendly way Is something that makes life worthwhile and gay". Sodalify I-2-3-4 . . . Chairman of Our Lacly's Commillee 4 . . . Har- monic Circle I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Treasurer I . . . Dramolics 3-4 . . . Sevenlh Grade Music Recilal 4 . . . Merc Adolphan Sororily 3-4 . . . Senior Play, "Miss Coffee". X SOPHIE A. BUICKO "Not too serious, not too gay, just a friend in every way". I Soclalily I-2-3-4 . . , Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 A 5 . . . Varsily Cheerleader 2-3-4 . . , lniramural Baslcelball I-2-3-4 . . . FA 3 rl L Cily League Baslcelball 4 . . . Melo Adolphan Sororily 3-4 . . . Senior 3 I Play. "Jacqueline", f l Page I I BARBARA A. CASTETTER "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice". Harmonic Circle I-2-3-4 . . . Vice-Presiclenl 4 . . . Secreiary I . . . Choral Glee Club l-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4. . . lnlramural and Class League Baslcelball I-2-3-4 . . . Varsiiy Baslcelball 3-4. . . Cily League Baslcerball 4 . . . Year Book Slaif, Aclverlising Manager . . . Melo Adolphan Sororiry 3-4 . . . Treasurer 4. Inlramural Baslcelball 2 ,J i UXFI i eqgiiglzzf i a Q l. - 'J S. gi 2 HELEN A. COCCIA "A pleasant disposition is one of God's greatest gifts . . . Melo Adolphan Sororily 3-4 Sodaliry 2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club 2-3-4 . . . Dramahrs 3 4 LUCILLE M. DION "The hand that made you lair, Hath made you good". Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramaiics 3-4 Presidenf of 'rhe American Junior Red Cross 3 . . . Edilorial Sfaff, "The Sodalian" . . . lniramural and Infercloss Baslcefball l-2-3-4 . . . Varsily Boslcelball 3-4 . . . Cify League Baslcef- ball 4 . . . Mefa Adolphan Sororily 3-4 . . . Senior Play, "April". Sodaliry I-2-3-4 . . . . . . Treasurer 2 . . . Page I2 THERESE A. DONAHUE "A cheery hello and a winning Irish smile characterize our Terry". Sodalify I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club l-2-3-4 . . . Dramafics 3-4. . . Vice-Presidenl 3-4 . . . Harmonic Circle I-2-3 . . . Publicily Manager 3 . . . Varsity Cheerleader I-2-3-4 . . . Intramural and inferclass Basketball I-2-3-4 . . . Cily League Baskelboll 4 . . . Yearbook Sfaff, Associale Editor . . . Mero Adolphon Sororify 3-4 . . . Senior Play, "Mrs. Schuyler". i . .. U 46:4 BEVERLY M. ESCHE "Energy and persistence conquereth all things". Sodcility I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 Harmonic Circle I-2-3-4 . . . Seventh Grade Music Recilal 4 Inlromural Baslcelball I . . . Mela Adolphan Sororily 3-4. BARBARA A. GIFFORD "She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with And pleasant, too, to think on". Sodalily l-2-3-4 . . . Treasurer 4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 . . . Secrelory 2 . . . Maid of Honor I . . . Varsily Cheerleader I-2-3-4 . . . City League Baslcelbcill 4 . . . lnlramural Baslcelball I-2-3-4 . . . Mela Adolphan Sorori+y 3-4 . . . Secrefary 3 Senior Play, "Pepi'ra Alba". 2 Page JANE B. GURLEY "To speak with assurance demands that others listen". Sodaliiy I-2-3-4 . . . Chairman of Mission Commiifee 4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 . . . Harmonic Circle I-2-3-4 . .. Publicily Manager 2 . . . Chairman Social Commilnlee 4 . . . Sevenih Grade Music Recilal 3 . . . Music Graduafe 4 . . . Inframural Baslcel- ball I-2 . . . Yearbook Siafl, Associaie Ediior . . . Meia Aclolphan Sororily 3-4 . . . Senior Play, "Rosemary", Mela Adolphan Sororify 3 4 Senior Play Louisa 4 - I N 5 3 Qin' , XX, J X IN U 5' PATRICIA A. IRISH "Pat is a girl at thought and a girl of action". Sodalify I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramafics 3-4. . . Harmonic Circle I-2 . . . Eclilorial Slafl, "The Sodalian" . . . Maid of Honor 3 . . . Sporis Direcior 3 . . . lnlramural and lnlerclass Baskelball I-2-3-4 . . . Varsily Baske+ball 3-4 . . . Cily League Baskef- ball 4 . . . Yearbook Slalf, Associa+e Edilor . . . Melo Aclolphan Sororily 3-4 . . . Senior Plaif. "Grandmo+her Kale". Page I 4 ANN P HOLLOWOOD "Ambition swells in every vem To eminence she should attain Sodalily I-2-3-4 . . . Choral C-lee Club I 2 3 4 Dramcihcs 3 4 Harmonic Circle I-2 . . Chairman of Liferaiure Commillee 4 Edilor. "The Sodalian" . Secreiary The American Red Cross 4 .5 am si" ELEANOR M. MALLEK "A true friend is a friend iorevef. Soqlalily 2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club 2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 . . . lnframural and lnferclass Baslcefball 2-3-4 . . . Cify League Baskefball 4 . . . Melo Adolphan Sororily 3-4. CELINE T. McGRATH "So sweet the blush of bashfulnessn. Sodalily l-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 Melo Aclolphan Sororily 3-4 . . .Treasurer 4. P2-1 l LJ X I 1 SALLY A. MAXTED "With virtue and quietness, one may conquer the world". Sodalify I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramafics 3-4 Chairman of Social Commiffee 4 . . . lnframural Baslcefball I-2-3-4 . . . Melo Adolphan Sororify 3-4. Page I 5 REGINA T. MURPHY "The most precious articles are done up in the smallest packages". Sodalily I-2-3-4 . . . Secrefary 2 . . . Drama+ics 3-4 . . . Harmonic Circle I-2-3-4 . . . Secrelary 2 . . . Publicily Manager 3 . . . Presidenf 4. . .Class Presidenl I . . .Treasurer 3 . . . Secrelary 4... Chairman of Euclsarisfic Commilfee 4 . . . Sevenllw Grade Music Recilal 3 . . . Graduafe of Music 4 . . . Maid of Honor 2-3 . . . Melo Adolplwan Sorori+y 3-4 . . . Senior Play, "Drusilla", CAROL A. PHILLIPS "There is a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye". 1 5 PHILLIS A. PALINSKI "Her voice is ever solt, gentle and sweet". Sodalify I-2-3-4 . . .Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramafics 3-4. . , Inframural and Inferclass Baske+ball I-2-3-4 . . . Varsily Baskerball 3-4 . . . Cily League Baslmeiball 4 . . . Melo Adolplnan Sororify 3-4. ,Q ffl -eg 'XJ X i n, I Sodalify I-2-3-4 . . . Vice-Prefeci' 3 . . . Prefecf 4 . . . Choral Glee Club 2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 . . . Secrefary 3 . . . Maid of Honor 2 . . .Yearbook S+aff. Associafe Edi+or . . . Melo Adolpnan Sororify 3-4 Page I6 Presiclenl 3-4 . . . Senior Play, "Kale", in CAROL A. ROLSTON "Success has been attained through ability plus diligence". Harmonic Circle I-2-3-4 . . . Publicily Manager 4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramaiics 3-4 . . . Vice-Presidenl 2 . . . Presidenf 'Wi 3-4 . . . lnlramural and lnlerclass Baskefball I-2-3-4 . . . Varsify Q Baskelball 3-4 . . . Cify League Baskelball 4 . . . Sevenlh Grade Music Recifal 4 . . . Edilor-in-Chief "The Shield" . . . Melo Adolphan Sororify 3-4 . . . Senior Play, "Florabelle". KN K ram l 'kj FRANCES M. SCHRAML "Her dignity does not detract from her charm". Sodalify I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramaiics 3-4 . . . Mela Adolphan Sororify 3-4 . . . Senior Play. "Murdoch" JOAN P. SPELLICY "Easy going, quiet and lhy, A twinkle of mischief in her eye". Sodalify I-2-3-4...Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4...Drama'rics Club 3-4 . . . lnframural Baske+balI I-2-3-4 . . . Mefa Adolphan Sororify 3-4. S Page I7 g 3-4 . . 4 l fg x 12 I T , ' A U - . .Hn 3 4 W . . ee.. 7 5 I I "fix ' fl JUNE C. SPELLICY "A little mischief, lull of lung Certainly is liked by everyone". Sodali+y I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Drarnalics Club Inlramural and lnlerclass Boskefball League I-2-3-4 . . . Cily League Baskelball 4 . . . Melo Adolphan Sororify 3-4 . . . Secrelary 4. I XM I, ,Q N X' If lx 17' , - , - , '- f 'N I f. . XJ If 4 VIRGINIA M. SZALACH "She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will and yet was never loud" ,rar , Sodali+y I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramalics 3-4 . . . Chairman of Publicily Commillee 4 . . . Presidenl 2 . . . Treasurer 4... Varsi+y Cheerleader 3-4 . . . lnlramural and lnlerclass Boslcef- ball I-2-3-4 . . . Ci+y League Baslcelball 4 . . . Yearbook Sfaff, Business Manager . . . Melo Adolphan Sororify 3-4. Page I 8 I CATHERINE J. UTTER "Thy modesty a candle to thy merit". Sodaliry I-2-3-4 . . . Cl1oral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramafics 3-4 . . . Infromural and ln+ercloss League Baslcerball I-2-3-4 . . . Varsify Baslcefball 3-4 . . . Cify League Baslcelball 4 . . . Mefa Aclolplwon Sororify 3-4. fl fx x V 4- l f ze.. is J ' ,J uly Z J 5 - ' JANE A. WALDRON "She walks through lite without a care". Sodolify I-2-3-4 . . . Choral Glee Club I-2-3-4 . . . Dramofics 3-4 . . . lnframurol Baskefball I . . . Melo Adolphon Sorori'fy 3-4 . . . Vice- Presidenl 4 . . . Senior Play, "Clare". l ULAbb HISTORY FRESHMAN YEAR Sepfember dawned. and fwenfy-fhree freshmen. qualcing wifh fear af fhe fhreafening glances of fhe seniors. fimidly advanced fhrough fhe upper halls of A.H.N., fhus signifying fheir long awaifed enfrance info high school. Few of us will ever forgef fhaf inifiafion when we were puf fo fhe supreme fesf. Evidenfly we foed fhe mark for soon we seemed fo be accepfed and even fhe Seniors began fo smile. Affer a shorf period of candidacy, we were ac- cepfed in fhe Soclalify of Our Lady, now being full- fledged freshmen. As for fhe serious side of our firsf year, namely sfudies, Sisfer Emma Jane Marie guided our sfeps and sfeered us a sfraighf course. A happy year was climoxed by successful exams and we were gradu- afed info fhe Sophomore grade. now being fhe "foolishly wise". SOPHOMORE YEAR The Sophomore year gave us a feeling of pride for we had now ioined fhe ranlcs of Upperclassmen. Sisfer John of Mary was assigned fo fhe Sophomore WILL We, fhe Senior Class of I947 of fhe Academy of fhe Holy Names. in 'rhe cify of Rome, Counfy of Oneida, and fhe Sfafe of New York. being of sound mind. memory, and undersfanding, do make. publish and declare fhis fo be our Lasf Will and Tesfamenf. To Reverend Aubrey Seifer, our sincere apprecia- fion for his generosify in fime which he besfowed on us in Efhics and Apologefics classes. To Sisfer Delphine Marie, our new superior, for her guidance and inspirafion during fhe pasf year. To fhe Faculfy, we bequeafh our everlasfing fhanlcs for unselfish devofion during fhe pasf four years. To fhe Juniors, we leave all fhe Senior privileges wifh fhe hope fhaf fhey will enioy fhem. To fhe Sophomores, we will a brighf and happy Junior year. To fhe Freshmen, we leave our class spirif, fhaf fhey may reap much fruif wifh if. TO THE JUNIORS IN PARTICULAR: I. Carol Rolsfon and Carol Ann Phillips leave fheir keen infellecf fo Lucy Hull. knowing if will qrade as home room feacher. We did our besf fo be well Used- . I Eve up +0 Sisfefs eXpeC+GHOnS. 2. Frances Schraml abandons her franquillify fo Keeping up fhe culfural end of fhe class, ' B9"nQCl'ne.D0VV0W- l . . Q Murphy and Jane Gurley, bofh very falen t , hue Buiclcobequeafhs her spirif of friendli- sicians, presenfed fheir Sevenfh Grade cif 0 ,.-.NR .A .5 To KQV l-'mne'- n i shipping Sfone +0 mei, groduofionl t " N. ofxg Waldron.leaves a few inches of her heighf We were joined by Carol Ann Philips -HQ ' 'F 'rc Romlrez- Coccia who have proved +0 be Very ','f'ff,, , , . ollowood and Carol Rolsfon presenffheir Conhibfmonst ' J N n ing inferesf in and loyalfy fo school ac-I JUNIOR GRADE X ' ,, X fi ies fo Jeannine Queirolo. Then we were .Uniors me fuwre Ieode I . N' l ff ' Isis Palinski and Virginia Szalach bequeafh school and a busyl yeariif was for us. In Ekffilx n . 1 eir conscienfiousness fo Marfha Pheiffer wifh we sponsored fhe annual parfy for fhe seniors. ,VT fha hope Ilwl she wlll cccomfillfh Qfesf Illmgs' dinner was held here G+ me Academy and ,g ff 7. Joyce Bensenfelder is fhe recipienf of Barbara fraveled fo Ufica for a movie afferwards. In March. an A.H.N. baslcefball feam made up of our mosf able afhlefes. played fhe baslcefball 'ream of our sisfer convenf in Albany. in fhe firsf game since fhe war. Soon offer. a refurn game was played here and fhe Rome feam, making good fheir previous defeaf. emerged vicforious. In April, fhe seniors freafed us 'ro a beach supper parfy. In spife of a few duclcings, accidenfal of course, our happy grins remained. SENIOR YEAR Gone fhen were fhe childish loolcs and acfions for we were fhoroughly grown up and dignified. We earnesfly seffled down fo worlc. ln February, we scored a hif wifh our producfion of "The Firsf Dance." In February, fhe juniors planned and execufed a wonderful parfv for us. Lafer in lhe vear. we again fraveled fo Albany for our annual game and in April, we played hosf fo Albanys Team. Exams rounded fhe corner and everyone, wifh no excep- fion. was cramming as much as possible. Our fears were needless. for wifh Sisfer's pofience and dili- gence. we all pulled fhrough. Sadly we waved goodbye fo sweef memories as we filed auf on graduafion nighf. Happy memories of Class Nighf. fhe Baccalaureafe Mass. and fhe socials of Com- mencemenf linger lovingly. Gifford's laughing eyes. 8. Barbara Casfeffer and Pof Irish render fheir baskefball abilify fo Joyce Bensenfelder. 9. Beverly Esche leaves her independenf manner 'Io Carmen Ramirez. IO. Lucille Dion bequeafhs her feminine qualifies fo Marie DeVifo. ll. Jane Gurley and Regina Murphy besfow fheir marvelous musical abilify upon Elvira Ramirez. l2. Trudy Baynes bequeafhs her happy-go-luclcy ways fo Aurora Cosio. I3. Terry Donohue wills her able leadership fo Jeannine Queriolo. I4. June and Joan Spellicy leave 'rheir daily ride on fhe bus fo Kay Limner. I5. Bernadine Darrow is fhe recipienf of Shirley Brazil's demure expression. I6. Celine McGrafh and Helen Coccia endow fheir inseparable companionship upon Aurora Cosia and Georgeffe Magermans. I7. Marie DeVifo is presenfed wifh Eleanor MalIel:'s ever ready supply of excuses. l8. Elvira Ramirez is endowed wifh Sally Maxfed's poise. Kafherine Uffer leaves her lovely voice fo Lucy I9. Hull. PRCJPHECY We do noT preTend To be mysTics, who gazing inTo crysTal balls, can forTell wiTh uncanny accuracy, evenfs yeT To come. BuT we do feel, having worked, played, cried, and laughed TogeTher for These pasT Twelve years, Thaf we, The class of '47 can wiTh reasonable accuracy, predicT whaT we will be, and whaT will be our occupaTions in The coming years. We shall see The names of Barbara CasTeTTer and Helen Coccia in lighTs on Broadway, and we shall all boasT of having aTTended school wiTh These Two greaf sTars. Many of These sTars' lovely gowns are creaTed by Carol Ann Phillips and Phyllis Palinski. Sophie Buicko, Eleanor Mallek, and Virginia Szalach have sTudied commercial arT and are now nicely esTablished in one of The naTion's leading adverTising companies. Remembering Carol RolsTon's proficiency in languages, we are noT sur- prised aT finding her employed by The Pan-American Airways as a linguisT. Ann Hollowood is an English professor in a college ouT wesT and her Training is supplemenfed by DramaTics TaughT by Therese Donahue. In The EasT Lucille Dion is calisThenics direcTor of The same school which is forTunaTe in employing Trudy Baynes as lcindergarfen Teacher. Barbara G-ifford's pleasing personaliTy and charming smile help To puT paTienTs aT Their ease in ThaT chamber of horrors, The denTisT office. Dr. Beverly Esche, chief surgeon in New York CiTy Hospifal, is ably assisfed by Nurses Regina Murphy, Sally MaxTed, PaT lrish, and Joan Spellicy. Jane Gurley, who graduaTed in music while aT The Academy, is now on Tour wiTh The MeTropoliTan Opera Company. BUT in our liTTle venfure inTo The fuTure, we musT noT overlook Those whose children will soon be Alumnae of Their moThers' Alma Mafer. These are Frances Schraml, June Spellicy, Jane Waldron, Shirley Brazil, Celine McGraTh and KaTherine UTTer. We are delighfed To see ThaT each and every one is compleTely happy in her own profession and we pray Thaf God will bless our class in a special way so Thaf we will some day be reuniTed in His Kingdom of Heaven forever. '01, T T li 5 A c 5' 45' E' ' s-L 2 7 - T g w lr I ll his x " T -ff T '-YPT K -vNx X V -C8513 fig- -CQEZSLWK' -1..,-luv'-"M l 11- -l .5 v TJ-al - ' . L I .A may 4 . c 3 4 J 5 pn vm , x ly. ,i 312 "T, 1' -- -f t gi ITEQ 1, 'U . --- l1l . -- ,Sp gf is 231 g. 'A T ., Hfsvll ' l s 53 5 4 f fa' ,E Dr 'nlluiw 9 i ix '53 i ,J l in-1 ' A ',l . ,ldhbg l .i " A '67 , 1 p f F .- " . i ' 1 rv- I b l T' f llHl T 1 ...J lg l ...4-p- Maud!" WWW NAME Lucas oisuicss ls J 11 . P H Trudy Baynes Pilols Gerlrude : i "J Shirley Brazil Driving Walking : SJ Sophie Buicko Knilfing Bus rides Q g V Barbara Cas+eHer Arf Accidenls 7' J Helen Coccia Drugsfores Unlidiness Lucille Dion Sporfs Books . - Therese Donahue Debales Ear lrouble i B Beverly Esche Chemislry Being called "Red" F N J Barbara Gifford Earrings Sleep -I 5 Jane Gurley Music Walking S 'fl'fii"ii'l , ' J Ann Hollowood Soldiers Army ',,, ii ' A U I jg 9 Pal Irish Baskelball Palricia i- -."- '1.'. 2 Eleanor Mallek Dancing Chemislry Tesfs K ,X -N Sally Maxfed Nursing Work S 1 R Celine McGra+h Being Frank School J k Regina Murphy Bangs High Heels Phyllis Palinski Flowers Disorder Carol Ann Phillips Arl Lecfures 'X' 5 Carol Rolslon Rings Pills ' Frances Shraml Dancing Dishes r l, , Joan Spellicy Knilling Errors in Typing i' 17" l 5 June Spellicy To make baskefs Sewing lil A I. f Virginia Szaloch Jillerbug Noise E it-' Ca+herine Ufler Money Men 'X ,J- Jane Waldron Chesfs Blondes is' XR f F W Q ill EQ 7 1 5 3 ' 'C Q I 3. . ... "" i C fw C J f S5255 si f ' 5' ,551- ' nu- E 1 I - 1' i K S -' i 'SEES' un E ll'l' , v . ,Q . J' ,:5,' J R i ' ml W A kk! E' J 'N -2 any is if - WN ' X.: sf' Page 22 Q? X We ' f ., Q' N f-Nu , y ' -:QQ ' , - x K ,r 'ov .P . 'J ', 'ff' x -3-LI' f 'F ignqg-fi 'f I a" I K I if K ff 'I 57. ' 5 Q I x .f q 1 CLASSES F-21 Aur0f0 . n' - Georgeile. Elvlroiczirnaliid Patricia- Siandingi Mow O The roll call among senior boarders . . . 'rypical Spanish iuniors . . . Carmen and Elvira Ramirez, wirh Georgerre Magermans . . . piquanl . . . sponfaneous combusfion . . . frio from Guaremaia Cily. Aurora Cosio . . . medi- lafive . . . slighfly reficenl . . . Mexico Cilry . . . musicians all. Sophomore Sallies are Marianne McManus . . . sfudious . . . simpliciry ifself. . . lovely +0 agree wi+h . . . Alaslca . . . Dad, army surgeon. Mary Lou Coleman . . . indi- vidualism' . . . philosophically pessimislic . . . Fulron. The Freshman Class is represenfed by Pafricia Goodwin . . . Monfreal . . . s'rar chorisrer . . . ranlalizing . . . frolicsome . . . Joan Ward . . . now in 'rhe Capiral Dislricf . .. an en'rhusias+ . . . reckless . . . Jo Anne Myers . . . Junior High . . .Chicago . . . army dad . . . quief afrracfion . . . lover of animal slories. , have? Belly 'mrnS Con Sheba ' swam W' 'Maxim POTW 5C"'el'C mmf Showing lu Linda Lou Brau In Moore. NGHCY memo Hgrhqarv. C Dwell. Kflf' and .O ' 1 O'GrOdY' lissiomlyafd, Moryholxflmelsmile Then prel Cltgmi rleorlo The boorlillrhci Esidenl Sllldenls' Onm - O he bgbxei .Joon. Joe Anne' RESIDENT STUDENTS GD Nancy, Janel, and Karin prepare +he "ee for He Chrislmas fesfival. Cqughf . H1 , in Q hop err Parfnerg in are fnornenf Us HG I Old-ffyghionec Y dglcef Wim sqlC7rg ' ties? 05 l ...- uqncel i' Q 4 L H ll, Elvira Leff fo Rl9hf--Farsi Row: Aurora Casio, UCY U S d ans. econ Ramirez, Carmen Ramirez. Georfgelleeelyliggerrricrie Di Vim' Row: Catherine Limner. JOYCE esen '- ' F Marfha Pfeiffer, Third Row: Jeannine Quelfoloi Bemodme I X Darrow. President Jeanine Margarel Queirala Q "We are eleven" - so qualify nol quanlify counls in 'rhe Junior Class. Co-op- erafion and loyalfy have grown: many pleasanl acfivilies have been enioyed. Our numb ' l d ' ' ' ' er incu es four Spanish girls from Guaremala Cary who loined our ranks in Oclober. Parlies, clubs and sporls have been gay avenues of enferfainmenl caller busy da s of sl d A y u y. movie sponsored by The Juniors proved a splendid success. The high-Iighr of lhe year was, narurally, rhe Junior-Senior Parry on February IB, wi+h ifs valenline lheme. Nor ro be lorgollen in rhe sporls line is The fine iob our class baslcelball feam accomplished. During Sisler Mary Osmond's regrellable absence, rhe Juniors underloolc lhe care of 'rhe library. Under Sisrer Margherifa lv1aria's supervision we managed fo be of help. We could spealc of many more aclivilies buf space is limiled. And now, a word of farewell lo 'rhe Class of '47 W r lhf Il . e can ru u y say fha? you are among fhe sweelesl and besr-loved classes ever lo leave our academy. We, fh J ' ' ' ' e uniors, sincerely hope Thar we can fill your places wilh as much dignily as you have shown. Tl-l E J U NIORS. Vice-Presidenl S I ecrefary Treasurer Joyce Marie Besenfelder Mom-,O Ann Pfeiffer Cofhergne Am, Limner ng-Q, ,-1314 . ,pay "SW 'QV fi EX QPQ 1 my '37'-7' Laff fo Righf--Firsi Row: Agafha Bo++ini, Nancy Lunn, Pafricia Boyce, Helen Ann McCar+hy. Second Row: Kay Maxled, Mary Mumford, Marlene Lesialcowski, Jane Delano. Third Row: Sally Traxell, Lorraine Chapie, Mary Lau Cole- man, Sally Kinney, Mary Elizabefh Mccarlhy, Audrey Ro-lh, Anne Kraeger, Frances Cardillo. Absenlees-Marilyn Klfli. and Marianne McManus. CLASS OF I949 Congrarulaling our deparfing seniors and moving one sfep anead . . . we pause +0 reflecr . . . Sepfember Souvenirs . . . inrricacies of Geomerry, Bi mlogy iusi explored . . . new responsibililies. . . . Ocfober Ornamenrs . . . +he new A.H.N. hafs . . . Scoring ir November News were Jane Delano and Helen Anne Mc:Car+hy chosen varsily cheerleaders . . . wif Lorraine Chopie, Kay Maxled, Mary Mumford assisring as Junior V leaders . . , Four orhers won places on rhe Municipal League Baslcerball Team .... December Dashes . . . busy work on fashioning favors for fhe R-ed Cross . . Annual Rerrear . . . fhe Chrisfmas parfy . . . Agarha a'rop Jrhe nine fool lree. . . , January Joys were many, despire rhe exams . . . Mary Mumford was proclaimed "Snow Queen" wirh Pat Boyce runner-up . . . February Frolics are remembered for fhe exciring choral reciral . . . enrerfaining senior play . . . Six Sopls helpec serve af March Mood was prayerful, quiefly Lenren . . . April AFfairs . . , vfifh high lighrs . . . choral broadcasrs over KAL . . . and rhe Albany game. Whar fun and play or Easferfime' . . . wilh May Myfhs close ar Hand . . . Our Turning 'rhe lasf page in our Sophomore Hisfory . . . we awail' new aflvenfures as happy juniors . . . and now, welcome, Summer! fa L '-fi fhe Junior-Senior Parry. X- xy X Lady honored .... Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Pafricia Ann Boyce Marlene Helena Lesialcowslri Secrefgry Treasurer Helen Ann McCarThy Nary Iva Mumlord 8' 'N Loff fo Righf-Firsf Row: Margaref Marlin, Pafricia Good- win, Nancy l-lifchcoclr, Shirley Srnirh, Marianne Gannon, Marfha McCarlhy. Second Row: Margaref Lynch, Barbara Jean Carey, Joy Qiieriolo, Doris Keirier, Clare Monobianco, Marqaref Biifler. Third Row: Lenore loGaHa, Barbara Monera, Marie Pafenaude, Joyce O'Dell, Marilyn Regan, Gloria Bird, Rose Marie Conroy. CLASS OF I95O On Seplember 6, IQ46 a class of fwenfy-Two hopeful, smiling laces appeared in lhe Freshmen room of our Academy. Oar year slarfed wifh greaf enfhusiasm as we me? our lovable, palieni, indusfrious leacher, Sisler Clare Elizabefh. Frequenlly fhe superior loolcs of the Lipperclassmen reminded as lhol we were freshmen, and we did nof loolc wirh eagerness fo the day of our inifiafion. Ocfober broaghf abouf an irnporianr eyenf, "The Living Rosary" in which fhese freshmen parhcipaiedi Gloria Bird-"Daddy Long Legs" Peggy Boiler-"The Rainbow" Barbara Jean Carey-"Dogwood" Rose Marie Conroy-"The baslcefball wizard" Maryann Gannon - "Culey" Par Goodwin - "The Gypsy" Dianne Griffin- "The Vacanf Chair" Nancy Hifchcoclz - "Blondie" Lenore La Gofra-"The Radio" XY", Margaref Lynch - "Miss News of '47" Marlha McCarThy -- "Curly Top" Claire Monobianco - "Chal+er Box" Peggy Marfin -The Book Lover" Barbara Monera - "Lulabelle" Joyce 0'Dell - "Smiles" Marie Pafenaude- "Our Lillie French Girl" Joy Queirlol - ''She-lives-up-lo-henname" Marilyn Regan - "Freclmles" Shirley Smifh - "Shari and sweef' Affer our iniriafion and recepfion inla The Sodalify, we were considered full-pledged high school Q X sfudenfs. Refurning from our joyous Chrislmas vacarion. exams slared us in fhe face and we serlled down lo s'rudy. March broughf abou? fhe Irish spirif in The class and we all celebraled wilh a Saini Palriclcs Day Pa rly. During fhis Lenlen Season The freshmen showed wholehearfed supporf in responding fo ihe Bishops Relief Campaign. Our class is hoping fo follow in fhe foofsfeps of fhe Seniors in fhe field of baslrefball. Wifh our baslcefball wizards fhis hope is sure +o be realized. In our sfudies as well as in sporfs, we aim fo emulole our upperclassmen in lhe "spirit of A.l"'l.N. Prasidenr Vice-Presidenf n Secrefal'Y Tf80SUr8r Shirley Mary Smith Marfha Jane McCarfhy MCVIUUUS LOUISG Gannon Gloria Ann Bird , -ei xx x' is-all ih- 7+h AND 8+h GRADES Lefl fo Righf-Firsf Row: Joanifa l-loehn, Elaine O'Dell, Adele Beckwifh, Rosemary Healy. Second Row: Mary Spellicy, Elizabefh Baulig, Dorolhy Brazil, Marie Donahue. Third Row: Pafricia Liddy, Marie Garcia, Joanna Koch, Mimi Wesley. Fourfh Row: Ann Larsen, Joann Myers, Eileen Nix, Gail McCarney. Fiffh Row: Yvonne Froschauer, Claudia Sanlella, Joan Szarek, Barbara Schonbachler. Sixfh Row: Rosemary Parker, Jean Clarke, Conslance Schuler, Charlolfe Eggan. Sevenfh Row: Carol Schmandl, Ersilia Lorinzini. sn., huler. laflCe SC , ii' Y- Cons demon uliC3- Mow Spgllgrlolle Eqqon Elizabelh Boschauer Und Yvorlnelliiei arl class. glra 9 My dream of dreams is, and always has been, +0 be a graduale of lhe Academy of lhe l-loly Names in Rome, New York. ln my opinion lhere is no olher school in The whole world fhal l would ralher go lo or 'rhal is more refined and culfured 'rhan A.l-l.N. Girls from all over lhe Uniled Slales, Mexico, Cenlral America, and Canada come lo our school. To me, A.l'l.N. means nol only a school lo go back and forth +o every day, bui a place 'ro dream dreams abou? and 'ro love. l know 'rhal l don? realize whaf a privilege and an honor il is +o be here. ln years 'ro come 4 .2 Adele B . Barbo ECICWIHL Joan? pose ggfofhonbaghlery kgs Hoelhn, Doroyh B I 9 fheir mogozinendlfllx and Elo ng Ofgzil 6 lsplqy' l i ell l'll always lhink of A.l-l.N. as lhe besl' school in lhe world, even if all lhe Sislers l know are gcne and if many addilions and improvemenfs have been made. The lulure may hold a more beaulilul and a more spacious library or chapel, or a more prelenfious edition of "The Shield", ye'r, l assure you lhey wqn'+ nave lhe same senlimenfal value for me as lhese of fodav. I love lhem lruly for They are alla parl of my dream ol dreams 'ro be realized in I95l. CLAUDlA ANN SANTELLA. Glade Eight l 5+h AND 6+h GRADES Lefi Oo Riqhf-Firsf Row: Bernice Sharron .lanire Van Dragmr, Jean Slwannon, Karin Moore, Clirisline Valenlrne, Beverly Nero, Eleanor Dorn, Jolianna Glass, Anne Larnandia. Second Row: Beulah Trllscn, Marilyn Sledrnan, Carol Cole rnan, Barbara Gurley, Nancy Koenig, Hrldegarde Ullman. Third Row: Janel Lombard, Marqarol Myers, Anne Swavl lwouf, Bonnie Harper, Jacqueline O'Neill, Parricra Slianley, Nancy Muldoon. Fourfh Row: Mary Alice Dowd, Mary Anne Mclfevulf, Virqinia Collins, Carol Somers, Darlene Corley, Rose Sclineible, Sheila Howe, Faillw Smillw. .AL 3rd AND 4+h GRADES Third Grade-lLeH fo Righfl-Firsf Row: Mary Judilli Guenllwer, Suzanne Spaulding, Mary Jane Vroornan. Second ROWS Mary Lou Rees, Palricia Reilly, Maureen Flanagan, Third Row: Belly Jane Hgmqqn, Curry Corolla Syyeglc OGrady. Absenf: Nadzra Urbanilr, Nancy Glass, Fourih Grade-Firxf Row: Paula O'Hara, Rose Crowell, Barbara Morclwesani, Second Row: Pafricia Brown, Alice Nix, Palricra O'Connor. Third Row: Maureen O'Neil, Barbara Garbarino, Sue Ward. Fourlh Row: Mary E. Spaulding, Mary A. Corley, Jaclcie Monera. Fif+h Row: Donna Jean Nero, Palricia James, Mary E. Murray. Absenf: Carol A. Jones, 579' 4,9 lsi' AND 2n Barbara Lawsen, Roselyn lnlusino, Marcia Price, Anne Louise Dunn, Barbara Corpenler, Mary Elrzabeflw Goelz, Beverly Boysen, Mary Meyers, Marianne lsenelrer, Johanna McCor- d GRADES rniclr, Deborah Dowd, Donna McKay, Suzanne Heyder, Anila, Lisewslci, Carol G-arbarino, Tina Falirinqer, Diane Nero, Yvonne Hand, Joyce Sharp, Lucille Gurley, Claire Anne Weidman, Carol Reinlwardf, Cornelia Collins, Page 29 SOCIAL STUDIES IN GRADE 5 MUSIC GfRQUP-GRADESJ QND 2 READING LESSON-GRADE 3 L .F R- M-Sf d' :K ' M I B ' H I Roselyn In usino, Yvonne I-lun , uzanne Leff fo Righf- Fronf Ro-Ng SJZON-10 Blaise I3hmrOn'qJnGr:?3, Vzrriln Drzigiy Elgglfor C6211 I-leyder, Barbara Carpenler, Deborah Spguldinqy Mcfy Jgne Vrlomgnl Dowd. Mary Judillw Gu-fnlln zr, Pai la CVI-lara. Jacqueline O'Neill, Marilyn Sleclrnan, Beverly Nero. Sealed: Johanna Glass, I-Iildeqarde Ullman, Anne Swarfhoul, Beulah Trilsch. V"Vl3 VAS' Second Row: Mixry .ou Ri es, l'al'iicia Reilly, MaJree' llanaqln, Carrie Carallo. Lusf Row: Shelli OGr1dy, Belly Jane I-lar'iqaw, Ma y El-zalbefln Murray. Absenlees: Nadxia Lrbimilc, Nancy Glass. WITH THE GRADES STORY HOUR-GRADE 4 Sealed on II'ie Floor? Maureen OiNeill, Mary Ann Carl-y, Paula O'l-lara, Alice Nix, Rose Crowell. Second Row, Sealed: Barbara Marcliesani, Pafricia O'Connor, Sue Wzird, Palrii ia Dania Brown-Narralor, Barbara Garbarino. Smnding: Jean Nero, Mary E. Spaulding, Jackie Monera, Palriiia James. Absenleez Carol A. Jones. STUDY O F THE Leff fo Righf MQSSMGRADE 6 G!GRADES I AUD grape SWLEEYHR. Sei'eT ggggingiy Rev, REP-DIN mm,i:if.i 111150 own- gem, Cjm Nxgfglfef Wfyjeiele. . ' o , J - i . gfizeiffyaidmof-Cofliig C3DllffAOI,QiC. ,':y"'YFAyfxje Mcic,,fQfl'yQjf Yalonlingy shofp- Row O naw- C ' U' iimffi ' 'UG Shim. J yce nd fy GFQI S 1 iGn9f L iyhrxixiir-Bgjggy riZ?j:6eM0lSeneMer, Line CQ,-TSJBIEMIIZZCYQ Mglo 33: 551343, Ol' ' tl GncyK - 'iltlro G a' ll' Goin SI'0'1'1Of1.Ori1Iii21 films lomflriio be , Marcia Prlce Acrlvmlss Euchcrislic Commiliee-Kay Maxfed. Regina Murphy, chairman: Joyce Bessn- felder and Anne Kraeger are aboul lo launch lheir proiecl' for enrollmen? in 'Phe l-landmaids ol lhe Blessed Sacrament R- f l Our Lady's Commiflee-Shirley Brazil, chairman, has iusf placed lhe rosary offering of her fellow sodalisfs as a spirilual bouquel al The feel of Our Lady of the Rosary. June and Joan Spellicy. Polricia Boyce and Catherine Limner, committee members, loolr on. Z. l l l i l l S Mission Commiffee-Beverly Esche, Jane Gurley, chairman, Marie De Vilo and Jane Waldron smile happily as lhey presenl' Sister Delphine Marie, principal, wilh lhe Sodalify's check for fhe African Missionaries. Page ,X- lm X Carol Finn Jhillipi, '4" Prelecl' The Sodalily is an organizalion designed lo prc mole ful Calholic living. lls 'firsl and loremo-sl con- cern is lhal of llie persor al lnoliness of ils members. Secondly, il re- quires ol ils members lives exem- plary ol aposlolic zeal. Personal ho 'ness is essenlial. The Sodalily is correcl in ils belief fhal' aposlles who are ral demon, slrafive of goodness lhemselves are a peril To fhe Church, ralher fhan an aid. lr realizefi also lhal unless a person is good himself, he cannol possibly be inlluerilial in lhe belfering ol his fellow beings. Helen Ann McCar1hy, '49 Sc-crelaiy :RPN Marfha Ann Pfeiffer, '48 Vice-Prefecf Refreafs, fhe sfudy of fhe life of Chrisf, medifafion, Mass, Holy Communion, in facf. everyfhing which brings God and His Sodalisfs close fogefher is emphasized by fhe Sodalify. Sancfion of self, sancfificafion of neighbor, defense of fhe Church and spread of devoifion fo Mary are fhe causes fo which each So- dalisf dedicafes herself on fhe me- morable day of her recepfion. The faifhfulness shown by fhe Sodalisf in fulfilling fo fhe ufmosf of her abilify her sacred pledges, marks her always as a frue "Child of Mary." Barbara Ann Gifford, '47 Treasurer '41 Page 33 Liferafure Commiffee-Jane Delano, Ann Hollowood, chairman, Lucy Hull, Marlene Lescialcowslci and Lucille Dion demonsfrafe fhe acfivifies of The alert Liferafure Commiffee as ifs members plan fo inferesf The Sodalisfs in Cafholic liferafure. Social Commiffee-Jeannine Queirolo, Celine McGrafh, Trudy Baynes, Sally Maxfed, chairman, and Nancy Lunn arrange o food sale whose proceeds were used fo send delegafes fo The S.S.C.A. Publicify Commiffee- Paf Irish, Sophie Buiclro, Sallv Traxell and Virginia Szalach, chairman, prepare an effecfive bullefin board. Their displays have been works of arf and a source of inspirafion fhroughouf fhe year. Choral Class wilh Professor Mclvlahon in concerl' during lhe Chrislmas Season, Chorislers sing Benedicfion hymns of lhe closing service of lhe annual rerreaf. Songs of +he Gay Ninefies are sung by Choral Class ai' 'rhe Senior Class Play. Page 34 .5 Under lhe experl direclion of Mr. Mclvlahon, who has for five years diligenfly rrained and developed our voices, rhe Choral Glee Club of A.l-l.N. has prospered. Our choral classes pracrised fairhlully and This pracrice culminared in a Choral Reciral presenred December I8. Grear acclaim was our reward for diligence and palience. Al Chrisrmas Time, we len? our voices ro caroling for S+. Elizaloe+h's Hospiral and S+. Joseph's Orphan Asylum. As a conclusion 'ro a successful year, we made a broadcasr al a local slalion. ll consislecl of a full and varied program which won general appreciarion. l MELCDDY ' LAND Reqina Murphy yy 0 one Gurley MUSIC GRADUATES .is Regina Murphy Presidenf i r Lesmo. , Marlene b rg Casfeffer ' Beverly Escheetwv with Bcgrgde Vice-presidenf , X Brglil, Ann Mcca. Sevenfh i Roman Slwelsnd Helen seni W" QFO- Delano' will Pre picture- kgwjgydjnir 32283322 missinQ hom a . Anne reC'lol' No school could ever seem complefe wilhouf soil sfrains of music , echoing 'rhrough ifs halls. Rome is noi' wilhouf her lalenl, for fhis l ' year we are proud To have Two of our classmales, Regina Murphy, '47, and Jane Gurley, '47, groduafing from Music, offer many years of concen+ra+ed sfudy. Four seniors and four sophomores, less ad- vanced bu'r nohe fhe less ralenfed, presenfed +heir Sevenlh Grade reciral, a s+one's +hrow from gradualion. ln 'rhe music deparlmenf, lhe Harmonic Circle, an organizalion of Music pupils under lhe direc- rion of Sisrer Flaviana, head of rhe Music Deparlmenr, was founded. Regina Murphy was chosen presidenf for rhis year. A Molher- Daughier Banque? and a formal dance were sponsored by This 1 . organizalion and made a success by rhe spiril and enfhusiasm of i+s Jeqfmine QUe"0l0 i members. Helen Ann McCar+hy Secrefary Treasurer W' FIRST DANCE, SENICDR PLAY "Firsl' Dance", a Ihree-acl romanlic comedy by DeWiH Bodeen, was selecled as Ihe Academy ol Ihe Holy Names' Senior Play presenfed on February I6 and I7 in STI. Cecilia's I-lall. Casl of lhe play. which is sublilled, "A Lesson in Romance." included I4 members of lhe class of I947. They are: Jane Waldron - Clare: Lucille Dion - April: Palricia Irish - Kale, Iheir grandmolherg Regina Murphy- Drusilla: Trudy Baynes- Eleanor: Pepifq Alba ond Kqfe :re Wiilcomed by Carol Rolslon - Florabelle: Jane Gurley - Rosemary: Ann Hollowood - Louisa: MUFGOCI1- Sophie Buiclco-Jacqueline: Therese Donahue-Mrs. Elizabelh Schuyler: Frances A Schraml-Murdock: Carol Ann Phillios-Kale, lhe cousin: Barbara Gifford I Pepila Alba: Shirley Brazil-Miss Coffee. The coslume play, has as ils Theme 'lhal romances of yeslerday, like romances ol loday, may begin al a girl's Iirsl dancing parly. ll conlrasls wilh humor Ihe manners ol loday wilh 'lhe manners of lhe "Gay NineI'ies", when a girl demurely whirled her way across Ihe ballroom lo l'he melody of O wallz. "The success of a girl's Iirsl dance depends a greal deal upon lhe man who is her parl'ner," remarks Cirandmolher Kale lo her modern grand- daughler in The openina scene of "Firs'l Dance." The melhods used by grandmolher and granddaughler in "cal'ching" The man lhey love are remarlcably similar. There are no men in I'he play, buf all Ihe Iollc is aboul' men. and how o girl may win lhe hearl' of rhe man she loves. 9113 - :L .. The Gay Ninelies are depicfecl by Rosemary, Eleanor, Kale. Miss Coffee, Mrs. Schuyler, Jacqueline. Florabelle. Murdoch, Drusilla, Louisa and Pepila Alba. V . h The Prologue shows Aprl, Cirandniofher Kale reveals her rrue idenlily. Jacqueline 'Faces her sisfers who loolz Kale and Claire as The play opens in aghasl al her allire. modern sequence. slr lfilggie K Q 1 Q A , , .5 . E x A Q3 1 22 YL. JQ3 . Y A X LA 0 , , f PPWHW PXIVUSK and Huanar MJUUK, our Irwcanwparabh pvapcvfy "menu, dugpluy Www' vffh lamy. Hwy wr-'O Q.uvnpM-fl-ly rl-, spansfbfo for al! ea. nd Ufft-in flnrrnq and llqiwfmq. W r ' 4 4 1 5 3 R 1 i A S. mm, W nf ii V ' '46, var 1 lik: x 6 Our qrarwmws nzlwors ramplefo inc fwan?y'fIve sanuors of A.H.N. They are: Q, Bavuvly haha, June Spoffmy, Joan Spdimy, Cclino Mcfircxfn, Hollxn Cocoa. Second row: Vivfginua Szalach, Barbara Casfoffcr, Cafherlne Uiior and Sally Maxicd. , I 51 A? I "' X iz enf fav an appvucwafivo audience A.H.N,'s Pnmary Grades show Hua-mv gfnqwnq abwlxfy af fha Christ mas can: QM. rho Shield waafd naf be fornplefe wwwanf a mprosfznfafuon of fha Mafnrersx Azzafwafwan whldr works ao d0vMz:rHy for A.H.N. Officers for Hu- A',uafn1Tian ara: Mrs. Al- fved Hfwhn, prcsudnnfg Mrs. John QUfI!rfW!"3, VNV pY'USYfiQn1: Mrs, Ed' win Srfwrwlmcuffmlrer, wrrcricjryq and v1vs. Jdm Gannon, iroasurcr. 3 ' A.H.N,'s loyal Alumnae show haw Huey plan for acfivihos for fha boiiermnnf of flweir loved Alma Maier, Preparwnq for a mee1inq are The offkcrs: Mvs. Jamns Mcffann, vice-prcsidnnfq Muss Dans Farmer, rocardwnq socrcfaryg Mrs. Piward K. perrxno, presidenfq Mwss Sheila Dowd, corrospondinq sccrefaryg and Miss Jean Schmandf, freasurer. 1? Jill TM:-,cy qwrl5 af Hue Inmvvvu-dvcxfo Grades displly Hmm YNUSIKVJI ml, THE SODALIAN STAFF Ann Hol lowood, ediTor-in Chief. The Sodalian, our monThly newspaper, is appropriaTely named, being sponsored by The SodaliTy oT Our Blessed MoTher. Since lasT OcTober. our ediTorial sTaTi has been buzzing wiTh eTTervescenT spiriT, always rushing To meeT The publicaTion deadline. The paper combines Three maior Topics, The religious, The scholasTic, and The social TuncTion oT The school. We are proud OT our school paper and willing To sacrifice Time and eTTorT To produce a periodical worThy oT iTs name. Under The direcTion oT The ediTor, Ann l-lollowood, '47, chairman oT The LiTeraTure CommiTTee, The sTaTT has uniTed harmoniously To make The paper a compleTe success. In composing The maTerial, making The dummy, cuTTing The sTencils and Taking The paper To press They have all conTribuTed unselTishly. The Sodalian has reoresenTaTives oT The Tour higher classes making iT Truly a high school paper. We sincerely hope ThaT whaT we have accomplished will remain and Tlourish under The leadership oT The SodaIisTs. Marianne Gannon, Ann Hollowood, Frances Schrarnl, PaTricia Irish, Barbara Gifford ana Jane Delano leT us see whaT Tun iT is To mimeograph The Sodalian. JOYCE Besenfelderi l-UCY l'lUll- -lone DelUf'0f Helen Ann Sally MaxTed, Ann Hollowood, Trudy Baynes, Joan Spelllcy MCC0"Tl"Yg Ann l'l0ll0W00d- Mcfilw Pfeiffer Und Cfnheflne and CaTherine UTTer display Their skill in sTenciling The Limner ecliT The Sodalicn. Sodalian. m .. lmwfff- f - SHIELD STAFF The sTaTT aT The Shield is comprised oT eighT seniors who have combined Their TalenTs in making our yearbook a warfhy one. These girls' eTTorTs have made our dream oT a yearbook rnaTerialize inTo a realiTy. They have sTood TasT and have overcome diTT'iculTies and obsTacles which arose To prevenT The developmenT aT The Shield. WiTh The Tull cooperaTion aT The enTire school, This sTaT'T has worked ceaselessly To make a success OT ifs liTerary eTTorTs, Each and every member has Treely conTribuTed her Time and energy To our annual. Their Tine work and whole-hearfed s orT h h TT' 4 upp ave proven T aT e iciency and accomplish- menT can be acquired only Through uniTy. Carol Rolslon, ediTor-in-chief. Thanks musf be exfended To The direcfors aT This proic-cT, To SisTer Superior Tor her encouraqee menT and gracious permissions, To our devoTed adviser Tor her diligenT guidance. WiThouT Their aid we never would have been successTul. Thanks also go To SisTer Mary Lydia Tor her help wiTh our accounTs, To SisTer M. Charles oT The Sacred l-learT Tor her generous assisTance wiTh The beauTiTul arf work confained in This book. We owe a debT of graTiTude To Mr, Jack Roswig, our paTienT phoTographer, who has produced such excellenT resulTs, and To Mrs. FiTchard who made The graduaTion picTures. Nor musf we TorgeT The seniors who willingly Typed all copy, arid worked To Tinance This book and The Rome business men who supporTed us, as well as our kind Triends and paTrons. Finally, To you, sTudenTs oT Al-l.N., do we express our graTiTude, and we challenge you To carry on where we have sTopped. The Seniors av., , .M 'fum V ,,.-n-5 T713 1' R5 lnsef picTures Carol Ann Phillips, sTaTf arTisT, who has also served as one of The edifors aT The l947 publica Tian. Edifors, Jane Gurley, Virginia Szalach, Therese Donahue, Carol RolsTon, Barbara CasTeTTer, PaT lrish and Trudy Baynes plan The Shield. Phyllis Palinski and Eleanor Mallok are OTT To can- TacT The Rome business men Tor adverTising. ln The background are Cafherine UTTer, Barbara CasToTTer and Helen Coccia who are Typing bill- heads, balancing accaunTs and recording ads. Joan and June Spellicy wiTh Virginia Szalach. Sophie Buicko, and Frances Scl'1ramlconTacT paTrons and Tally resulTs. ,J Virginia Szalach, business man aqer: Barbara CasTeTTer, ad' verfisinq manaqerg and Sally MaxTed circulaTion manager. smile happily aT a job well done. Helen Ann Mcbarfny .Jane ue C H h lord, Sophie Buicko, Therese Dohcanhlue '.'aJridUl7TrgiTi'ia Szalach. . ' e d various UWQU heers. OV' "J, am0f'Q - ' PY C hool SPH' hle. lllelr Pep used SC . d lceefl Work on lhe baskelball+hCe0'g'Q 'llormahon rgcxiicsylyefig' cmd iilhuglfnirgs. an BV llweir excellenz Cheerieoders has wonmiors of sludenls 0 Ong on qtleridiriq ear's squad O is or ihe SPEC d nd lnleresl Om vARsiTY TNS Y A ' d To ? - l G O claim. admlloggcinzd inp 'rheir Umlorms O 'Q each qgffle. BASKETBALL Lucy Hull, '48, Qhyllis Palinslci '47: P: lrish, '47g Barbara Caslerler, '473 L cille Dion, '47, cc-caplainq Carol Rolsfo '47, co-capfaing Cofherine Uller, '4 Trudy Baynes, '47, Joyce Be-senlelder, '41 Lorraine Chopie, '49. Murgafel Lynf 50 is missing from Diclurn, Page 40 Wifh lhe 'rermirialion of World War ll baslselball games wilh our Sisler Convenl in Albany were resumed. ln '46, al Albany, lhe Rome leam mel wilh a defeal, buf 'rhis disappoinlmenl did nol' discourage us. We pracliced lailhlully and lhis failhfulness was rewarded by a viclory for us on our home courf. Allhough lhree Varsily players lell lhe Academy, our feam, Through con- slanl praclice wilh oulside reams, lravels lo Albany holding very high prospecls, as This goes lo press. ln '47, Carol Rolslon and Lucille Dion were elecled co-caplains, bolh Varsily players lhe previous year. The baslcefball squad consisls ol I I players: Barbara Cas- leller, '47: Trudy Baynes, '47, Calherine Ufler, '477 Phyllis Palinski, '47: Pal lrish, '47: Lucy l-lull, '48g Joyce Besenfelder, '48, Lorraine Chopie, '49, and Margarel Lynch, '50, and The co-caplains. Memories of 'these 'lhrilling baslcelball games will ne'er be lor- goffen. 1 F. ii 1, -L v ee' - s fr, 4 A 1 GLQ Q l li 4 f' j 2 tk A ww 'Q a fi' 3 ' X QQ.. xx .,, fi? 9 'W . 4, v W - Y fm- , v : W 5 Sq! Q. if 3 J Sw 3 3' Q' -ff 1 ' 2 t. E' 1 4' 'ag Q vu if N 3 a . VMQ5' 5 1 K 5 K iff Q, 44. 45,624 W! lx 'WWA 6, K Q 1523 L 3 WYQEIQE I le Qi! fx 58 VN W - mx! xml I Wx-1"x'fx A A ' 2 i' N, c 4 F' 1 9 vii 3 I . X-4' E VW: 2 Nuff 9 'ff I T A .. ,Q vii ." ga +G R 1 if i AV -cw? 55 .gx J vig ,b eniofz Gertrude Baynes .............. Shirley Brazil ................. Sophie Buicko ........ . ..... Barbara Castetter ........... Helen Coccia ................. Lucille Dion ..................... Therese Donahue ............ Beverly Esche ..................... Barbara Gifford ................ lane Gurley ..................... . Ann Hollowood ................ Patricia Irish ......... .. ....... .... . .. Celine McGrath ................ ..... Eleanor Mallek ............ Sally Maxted ................ irecfofzy Maple St., ...................5l2V2 Elm St., 10 Benedict Ave. ..... ........ 812 Iervis Ave., l O3 Dean St., ............l0O4 Schuyler St., ............205 W. Court St., Union St., McKinley St., 505 E. Garden St., ............31l N. Washington St., 515 E. Garden St., Parry St. S. George St., Floyd Ave., Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Regina Murphy .............. ........... .............. 2 1 4 E. Garden St., Rome, Phyllis Palinski ................ - ...................... .............................. 1 13 Henry St. Rome, Carol Ann Phillips ......... .... ... ...... .. ....... ............... 4 O7 W. Linden St., Rome, Carol Rolston ................. -... Frances Schraml ........ ..... Ioan Spellicy ................. Iune Spellicy ............... .. ...... Virginia Szalach ............. .......lUl2 N. Madison St., W. Park St., 828 Armstrong Ave., 828 Armstrong Ave., .....,........613 W. Dominick St. Catherine Utter ............ ...... .................. 2 Z l E. Garden St. lane Waldron..- ......... .. I 1 Rome Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, ...............207 Expense St., Rome CD uqlumni ssociafion ,A affzons Miss Helen I. Utter Mrs. M. I. Healy Mrs. Maria Harper Miss Cornelia Baechle Mrs. Mary M. Case Miss Betty Ann Schafer Miss Audrey Williams Miss Doris Farmer Miss Anne La Gatta Miss Lucille Carley Miss Kathryn C. Baynes Mrs. Grace McCarthy Mrs. Gertrude Kohring Mrs. Gretta F. Toepp Mrs. Louise lean Noonan Mrs. Marjorie Steinhilber Mrs. Helen K. Emmerick Mrs. Frank Rees Mrs. C. P. McPhee Mrs. Stanley Miller Rose O'Connor Mrs. Ethel Beckwith Mrs. Iames I. Russell Mrs. Iohn W. Burdick Mrs. Donald Bung Miss leanette Bielawski A Friend Mrs. E. K. Perrine Miss Madelyn H. Bathrick Mrs. Murray C. Wilson Miss Mary B. Miller Miss Grace Besenfelder Miss Janet Rashford Mrs. Iames H. McCann Miss lane E. Buicko Mrs. Arthur Murthy Miss Barbara Guelfi Mrs. T. G. O'Connor Miss Hermine Harlander Miss Marie Coccia Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs .qbaftzons an Qafronesses and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs . I. Paul McMahon . Frank I. Lisewski . Maurice D. Gurley Mr. Mr. . Cletus Goetz Mr. .William Price Mr. .Leonard Dorn Mr. . Charles Reilly Mr. Mr. and Mrs. William Keating and Mrs. Andrew Spellicy and Mrs. Clarence Maxted and Mrs. George H. Clarke and Mrs. F. Erwin Dowd and Mrs. Anthony Palinski and Mrs. Michael Mallek Mr. and Mrs. Iames E. Van Dressar Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schmandt Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Carley Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Smith Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius P. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Howard V. Guenther Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Heyden Mr. and Mrs, Don T, McKay Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Holston Mr. and Mrs. E. Vrooman Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dion Mr. and Mrs. Ray Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hull Mr. and Mrs. Iohn B. Valentine Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Buicko Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Froschauer Mr. and Mrs. Francis Szalach Mr. and Mrs. William Brown Mr. and Mrs. William Gurley Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tritsch Mrs. C. I. Waldron Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schraml Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Baulig Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Anthony LaGatta Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gannon Mr. and Mrs. F, Weidman Mr. and Mrs. Iames A. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Eugene I. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nero MT- and Mrs. Henr Y ESC116' Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Utter Mr- and MIS- Edgar Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moneta Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Delano Mr, and Mrs, Alfred Hoehn Mr. and Mrs. William SOIIIGIS Mr. and Mrs. Sam Carollo Mr. and Mrs. Philip Regan Mr. and Mrs. I. O'Neill Mr. Iohn Baynes Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Spellicy Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Castetter Mr, and Mrs, Lynn Eggcm Mr. Gnd Mrs. Albert Traxell Mr, and Mrs, Paul M, Schneible Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hollowood Mr. and Mrs. William Nesley Mr. and Mrs. Pay Darrow Mr. and Mrs. Karl C. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Bert O'Dell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Dunn Mr. Cmd MIS. N. Lirnner Mr. and Mrs. Otto Koenig MT- and Mrs. John Que-irO1O Mr. and Mrs. Clayton I. Martin MTS. Lena De Vito Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McCamey TOHY GFIGCO Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Irish Morris Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Albert Reinhardt Mr. P- Sheffield Mr, Gnd Mrs, Gerard Brazil Mr. Gnd Mrs. DGVICI Greene Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Coccia Mr. and Mrs. William L. Swarthaut Mr- Gnd Mrs. H. Donahue QUALITY YEARBOOKS . . . A TRADITION PROGRESS PUBLISHING ASSOCIATES. Inc. 650 BROADWAY ALBANY 7. N. Y. Page 46 -- -- PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS -W1 BEST WISHES to the students of the ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES and to the worthy institution they attend Rome Sentinel Co. publishers of ROME DAILY SENTINEL and owners and operators of FM Station WRUN Utica-Rome Compliments HOLLAND FLORISTS Of 217 No. George Street MILV0,S Rome, N. Y. Phone 2808 EDWARD COMSTOCK Co., Inc. 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Y. 403 East Dominick St. Rome, N. Y. Phone 210-M Compliments of ANN'S FUR SHOP SONNE BROS ANNA OCCHIONERO QUINN, Prop 131 W. Liberty St. Rome, N. Y. 108 W. Dominick St. Phone 467 2nd Floor Page 52 W- --- A---AA -A--H U THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS -----. .- .-.H -LL SPARGO WIRE CO. Bare Copper Wire Copper and Bronze Screen Cloth ROME NEW YORK Compliments of BAYNES COAL CO. Phone 927 CAVALIER RESTAURANT 117 N. James St. The Leader In Quality and Courteous Service SINGER SEWING CENTER Sewing Q Boxes of every O description ROTH BROTHERS CO. Insurance Kc Real Estate 203 WEST DOMINICK STREET Compliments of J. C. GROCERY 300 EAST BLOOMFIELD STREET Beer - Ale Phone 1189-R Compliments of THE ORIALE BARBER SHOP 200 S. James St. Rome, N. Y. DOMINICK CARDILLO Proprietor VITO'S RESTAURANT 104- Blackriver Blvd. STEAKS 81 CHOPS ALL LEGAL BEVERAGES Our Specialty, Spaghetti Compliments of CAMPBELL 8: CYRUS Compliments of ACME BILLIARDS Cigars, Cigarettes, Sporting Goods Phone 2501 201 W. Dom. St. Rome, N. Y. Page 53 Page 54 - PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Congratulations to 6'The Class of 1947,' HOMESTEAD SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION 105 S. James Street Rome, N. Y. Save with Security - Savings Insured Up to 85,000 Compliments of Success to the Seniors from F. K. AMMANN HTHE CLASS OF '49" E. 8: V. Sanzone's Fruit Market C. F. W. TR AB ANT INC 103 E. Dom. st. ffwufafwf Phone 2404-W Free Delivery 112 W. Dom. St. Compliments of JOSEPH V. SCHNEIBLE Groceries and Meats Best Wishes from JOANLY SHOP 501 N. Jay St. Phone 646 9 CAMERA SHOP DOYLE S SPORTIIRG GOODS STORE "Everything Photographic" 407RYQleLl1l31e 11? St' 121 N- James Sl- PIIOHC 353 "Everything for the Sportsman" THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS '6We are proud that the Academy of Holy Names maintains its floors with a floor machine manufactured by THE KENT COMPANY. INC. ROME, N. Y." DOWNTOWN SMOKE SHOP Xxx EWIS MEAT MARKET F. H. L 102 S. Levitt St. ll2 South James Street Phong 202 "Good Luck to the -Compliments of Class of '47" F- H- LEWIS City Dressed Meats V. M. SIMONSEN Congfffffions OPTOMETRIST CLASS OF ,417 179 W. Dominick St. Rome, N. Y. ffvfll Telephone 24-3 'GTHE CLASS OF 348W "S A V O Y" Rome's Meeting Place Compliments of THRIFT FOOD MARKET RUSSELL 8: WALLER WK AL 14,4 No. Washington Street The Copper Cay Station Sheet Metal Kc Heating Contractors 1450 Kc Rome N Y M B S Atlantic Gas 81 Oil Exide Batteries DOYLE'S FURNITURE STORE 133-35 N. Wash. St. Rome, N. Y. Lee Tires 81 Penn Oil KELLEY SERVICE STATION Jay 81 Thomas St. Page 55 Pg56 Riva--MAA M f PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments REVERE CIIPPEB AND BRASS Incorporated THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS V. .I N- ee----My W. . .E A ----I I With My Best Wishes for Continued Success Compliments FROM YoUR MAYOR fm" JOHN C. SCHANTZ "THE CLASS OF '50" Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of '47 to the Class of '47 from DALE FURS CAHILUS SPORT SHOP Rome's Complete Fur Shop Compliments of SAMUEIIS CHlLDREN'S WEAR Men's Q W omen's Shoes MAGNO,S SHOE SALON 204- W. Dom. St. Phone 1931-W Telephone 2118 Maia W Banana "Life Guaranteed F urs" "THE FINEST IN FURSH 3041 N. Madison St. Rome, N. Y. MARTY9S Commercial Printing TAP ROOM our Specialty RESTAURANT REPUBLICAN PRINTING co. 917 E. Dominick Street Phone 2587 113 S. James St. Phone 178 CLARENCE E. GURLEY Licensed Real Estate Broker 102 W. Dom. St. Compliments of C. MARK McLAUGHLIN For all Insurance Lines-Real Estate 125 North James Street Phone 4-17 CASWELUS Feed - Grain - Seeds - Fertilizer Lawn Kc Garden Supplies E. Front St. Barneveld Rome 581 West Leyden Compliments of THE SHIRLEY HAT SHOPPE Page 57 Page 58 to--V We A e---S A s PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS see .UW W- -e e I 5 Fruit Sc Produce Compliments of DOMENICO'S FRUIT MARKET HARRY F. RICE . 112 N. James St. Phone 815 f Complete Insurance Service I i . i 1 W e Specialize in Fruit Baskets 1 1 MRS. HOWARD TALLMAN 1 ROME COOP. G.L.F. SERVICE MC. e 154 W. Dom. St. Feed Sz Farm Supplies E 3 Farms Owned Sz Farms Controlled TAILOR SHOP : Real Estate - Insurance Realtor E Compliments of 1 ALLEN S. BAKER L Corner George and Liberty Streets 'GA FRIEND" E Phone 247 1 Compliments of 2 STANWIX HALL HOTEL I ROME, N. Y. I Compliments of Compliments of KEESE coRsET SHOP DI CASTRb0,S ALTERATIONS GIZZI, TAILOR Dry Cleaning and Dying 317 E. Dom St. Phone 3435-W ERNEST PORTNER. TAMBURINOS UPToWN MARKET Manufacturers and Dealers in LUMBER MILLWORK Fruits and Vegetables Our Specialty BUILDERS SUPPLIES R.F-D. 3 Tel. 265 Rome, N. Y' 506 North James St. Phone 2062 A A THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS - Compliments Of Compliments Of FT. STANWIX MFG. CO. 'GA FRIEND" Compliments of DOROTHY ANN'S GIFT 81 WRAPPING CENTER Miss D. A. Brady, Prop. Congratulations to the Seniors JOSEPH CAPONIO 335 Henry St. Mason Kc Contractor VERA LOU BAKERY 259 W. Dom. We make the best of Wedding Cakes Let us make yours Compliments of 'GA FRIEND" ROSE F. HURLEY RETAIL LIQUOR STORE SANZONE'S PHARMACY 215 E. Dom. St. Frank P. Sanzone, Ph.C. Complete Swvk Phone 2051 Rome, N. Y. Liquors - Wines - Gins - Cordials C at lat, U-I-3109, ongr u ions from 117 So. James St. Phone 221 "THOMAS Sr FOLLE'I'l'E" Rome, N. Y. Compliments Of SGROME MILK DEALERS" Page 59 Page 60 --W PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS -We W-Q Y 3 5 TOPS! I 5 Q REVERE WARE PRESSURE COOKER 1 I Made of Copper-Clad Stainless Steel Congratulations to the Academy of the Holy Names and Good Wishes for Their Success REILLY'S TAXI RUBINO'S ESSO SERVICE 275 E. Dom. St. Rome Cas-Oils-Lubrication Range-Fuel-Oils LAKE VIEW HOTEL DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 9 TO 1 Compliments of DR. I. I. KAPLAN Compliments of WILLIAMS BROS. MFG. CO. Congratulations to the Seniors of the Academy of the Holy Names ROME BOWLING CENTER STAR BEVERAGE CO. Rome 1260 Oneida 142 Visit our modern sanitary bottling plant Compliments of CHILDREN OF MARY SODALITY A.H.N. FERLO'S BAKERY - Best Since 1896- Phones 2302-J -2087 Rome, N. Y. CRYSTAL CLEANERS 1027 E. Dom. St. Rome, N. Y. Phone 2302-W For Your Musical Enjoyment Listen to THE G. 8r F. SPIN 81 NEEDLES RECORD REVIEWS Every Sat. Night, 7 to 7:30 P.M. Compliments of McCormicks Men's Clothing Store sew- THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS I Y Compliments of ROME SOAP MANUFACTURING COMPANY Compliments of DR. 8: MRS. PAUL P. GREGORY Compliments of ROME IRON MILLS I 5 1 Compliments of VET , g ERAN S TAXI 1 H' H' BLAIR 24 Hours of Dependable Service 500 North James Street Rome N Y. Phone 1993 Phone 93 Rome Bus Terminal C0"5'aml'ui0"" to COCCIA BROS. OIL CO. I THE CLASS OF 47 Gulf Oil Products-Range and Fuel Oils ' THE PARENT TEACHER ASSN. 1 135 E. Dominick St. Phone 564- BERGMILLER'S SERVICE ' C0mPlimem-9 of Certified Lubrication Car Washing 1 Pick Up Service i HA FRIENW, Tires Gasoline Batteries I 421 N. James St. Ph. Rome, N. Y. Page 61 Page 62 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS at -,A Compliments of ANGIE,S DRESS SHOP Picture Yourself With ROSWIG PHOTOS Cor. Henry 81 S. Mad. Phone 1764-W Complete Photographic Service Including Exclusive Congratulations to the Graduates Cinefoto Portraits from 136 W. Dom. St. Phones 3533 J LENA'S BRIDAL SHOP 270 134 W. Dom. St. Phone 1782 Best Wishes to the Seniors JOHN J. FITZSIMONS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Compliments Of L E R M A N JOSEPH O,BRIEN FURNITURE CO. EMPIRE HOUSE Compliments of THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS EDWARD BARNARD COMPANY Div. of Rome Specialty Co., Inc. 104 JOHN STREET ROME, NEW YORK TRADITION The tradition of gracious and religious living is a fundamental teaching of the Academy of Holy Names ROME TOBACCO COMPANY Established 1895 WHOLESALERS BUSINESS - PATRONS Independent Optical Co. Curtain Shop Firestone Store Artur Beauty Salon Mr. Anthony Conde Bacon's Liquor Store Bostwich 81 Getbehead Liquor Store Dr. Michael A. Esposito, D.D.S. Dr. William M. Arthur Dr. Lynn E. Kelly Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Zielinski Dr. John F. Box Robert M. Midlam, Real Estate Arthur E. Spriggs, insurance Kreh's Martin J. Nunn Washington Market Timothy V. O'Shea Murphy's Bakery Al's Smoke Shop Brownell-McKibhen Style Dress Shop Markis Fashion Shop The Boy's Shop J ack Henley Washington Barber Shop Nick Calandra, Barber C. O. Rudd Rome Furniture Co. Rome Shoe Shine and Hat Cleaning Parlor Tony's Shoe Rebuilding Shop Phillip's Drug Store The Little Card Shop The Allen Shop Ned Cionsoniti American Hardware 8: Plaster Wardwell Hardware Co. James W. Packer Rosen's Stewart Shop Dr. John L. Dowd R. J. Sullivan The Phyllis Beauty Salon Colangelo's Grocery Rosemary's Vanity Dr. Verne E. Marriott Dr. A. F. Sontheimer Flemma Bros. Shoe Store New System Laundry Johnson D. McMahon Superior Dry Cleaners Vogue, Mrs. Weischler Page 6 Page 64 W Wm -- "---- -AAA-H -e---4'?'-- PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS A-A-A---Y W --- Compliments of i A.H.N. ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Compliments of Compliments to the Seniors BOTTINT Sl BUSH ADOLFPS OIL COMPANY FUNERAL DIRECTORS 326 Henry St. Phone 629 Compliments of Compliments of LOVELY LADY BEAUTY SALON GOETZ SERVICE STATION 4-00 W. Dom. St. 106 N- George Rome, N. Y. Phone 3387 NELSON ,S Extend to THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES their Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Success of It,s Publication May You Have a Year of Hopes Fulfilled zximmanaunmwwmixvylwa' D31-in , ,, . ' , ' , , , u1is1neaiva2ia2.ssmQi5f,AreLa'1:9zi wnH u-mum-M1

Suggestions in the Academy of the Holy Names - Shield Yearbook (Rome, NY) collection:

Academy of the Holy Names - Shield Yearbook (Rome, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 25

1947, pg 25

Academy of the Holy Names - Shield Yearbook (Rome, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 69

1947, pg 69

Academy of the Holy Names - Shield Yearbook (Rome, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 5

1947, pg 5

Academy of the Holy Names - Shield Yearbook (Rome, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 35

1947, pg 35

Academy of the Holy Names - Shield Yearbook (Rome, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 55

1947, pg 55

Academy of the Holy Names - Shield Yearbook (Rome, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 55

1947, pg 55

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