Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL)

 - Class of 1950

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Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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1 Q .P e mv ' H 3- v - n , .vm LT gg f.:eie??3f?:4i 'Aff' :I -V V ,K A. if. F. 1 H'-JJ Q2 N 'Y -. MN if ., MK ,svn as -Y Q , X, Nhdq, on -Q-. i N . i A thing ofmbeauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increasesg it will never Pass into nothingnessg but still will keep A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing. Keats. MMR,-,.J , :rw K r M-f 6' rw,-, A ff. v 5 .., .cr ,, U V L-H f,"Y'3" it at M Riff: Q . A.-.v",,,' im ..-V--. 392. we ,JJ 'M- fi -1 1 ' I 'Inf E,-'i fu ' 5 " r V ' if v v ' id. 1 ,fb :g,+.., ,p , it IX IIBHIS IHE 1950 A-4 U. IVIIRA MAH published by the SIXTY-NINTH SENIOR CLASS of the ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES B ayshore Boulevard Tampa, Florida mia Q Q ,,f-"M , K, f 2 I Q R X To SISTER MARY LEWINA we ll E ll I C I 0 fondly and gratefully dedicate the 1950 edition of THE MIRA MAR Your "echoes roll from soul to soul And grow forever and forever." 4 "Going, therefore, teach...and behold, Iqam with you all days. " I JP VIII!!! III J ADMIISIHAIIO YS SISTER RITA MARY, SUPERIOR SISTER ROSE MARY, ASSISTANT SUPERIOR HIGH SCHOOL SISTER ROSE MARY SISTER MARY EDWINA SISTER ROSE or MARY SISTER M. ROSE IMMACULATA SISTER M. FRANCIS Or CHRIST SISTER M. FRANCIS HENRY SISTER M. JOAN PATRICIA SISTER MARY ADHEMAR, BURSAR IACUIII ART ATHLETICS LIBRARY MUSIC REGISTRAR SPEECH 5 SISTER MARY CURNELIA MRS. ROBERT FAOIAN SISTER M. ROSE IMMACULATA SISTER MARY Or THE EPIPHANY SISTER M. LAURENCE EMELIA MRS. ERIC FARIAN SISTER M. JANE FRANCES MRS. JAMES E. BURCH my M, Nami, k -1 .hw ii: 9 . 1 gf? 5 ' 3,541 ,, Nix" .af ., x . ,li NK x J? K Ns l . . J "F N F 0 SV' , 'NN f 5, 71"' 'samu- Y G ,K , .A. 2. 'S--V I d"w A . .,.vg.,'. NX g ' V .xlsil L I . 1 , b 1 ,, gfig ', ' , A X' My 1" T ' V ' QV- 'nfl 4 1. K atm. L , ', 1 ' U 1,,,Qa' Q gy, 1 1 2 ,s ,Q ,yr fi, . 5 1 , - i ,' 5 I Vx ,Q 1 A. -, .uf . - I x S If QV , ' f 1' is ,f . Kg -.0 , k,:'f ' f -.L 4 ,' .rf . .WI w .VK x, I 5 ' 'Ti 'I S-F - I 1 V , . ' W f i7 "1 H. .- Q' - ' Yi in-re. , vi--35 3 .. "H Q , mul.--I , :'V":.s f if , .. , n',' l E , f , 5 Q-' - - r . . , fi V kg. V ray.. W ,'T' .H . ,D iff 4 ' Q Lg X " 'A ' .. Q Q, 3'1" ' WSH r F .. ,- , g - ,H ..,vg 3 ' M "U -. wi ' .. gy' -. 6 "1 ' 1 -2 'E - 5 I-' H- . ' "Rf SNS- PF' ,, W Q , 1 . '-, ' ". 'V Us ., ' ' ' v - 4. - N , it Sill, - A . K l VS 1 -- I -5 ' ,, . - ,CHP H45 k 'rv-,, A "N" ' WM, . , A 9 Wk I A ' ,' ' ' l""',-Q: ,",4i" iz A fab: -1 , 35""- N , ,K Q, - :gy-5 ' ,. ' --fn., " -N ' -'VYQ-3Wf 4?i'W ' X' ' ' - J '- 't ' - 'L H"'?13'.' 'fff'f""-- 1, 1 A.. . U V N . A A? 1 S WM,-5.134 at :I -. K 'nw'-av' ' .qw Q' 4 1 w 5 ta 'Q . -'. -'i f . ,,r'.,k 5 , . A X , . -.- . ws' . tluirmi .U-V Q 1 .BX I .!,.. K A h Y , I . . V., V ii I ' if ' - k , ,,.,' . , My "' ' . 5 '- '. Uv- ".ff"f ' f 'u' 1' -" -b .. 3- If -.pp 2 f , A ii,--vL"u-1-f . -'f-. A -fw- Y A' h J ?'5"' fm' ' ' F " ' N - .v 5 ' O, . s UQ' 5' 4 .ga- in 'Wi Effwixfb 4' " Hawk? W ,. ' , Q YT Ei 4 , 1. t 4 , A as ,,,4 -i 4 - " -5 A QA' 4 , ENNIS BARBARA MARY LOUISE BAREFOOT nRESPONSIBlLITY WALKS HAND IN HAND WITH CAPACITY AND J.G. HOLLAND FIOES: VICE PRES. 2, VICE PRES. 3, PRESIDENT CERV. U RMANSHIPS: ST. PATRICK'S SALE 3, CATHOLIC TRUTH COMMITTEE OF FLORIDA U COUNCIL 2,3,U, PRESIDENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL U BRARY COUNCIL 2,3 NOS I,2,3,U ' GLEE CLUB U CHOIR l,2,3,U ,2,3,1+ BUSINESS MANAGER M LL VARSITY 3 N A , LLEYDALL VARSITY 3,M VARSITY 3 PLAY, FATHER AND DR. BANGS AsS NOTABLE, BEST ALL AROUND ,Vg SENIOR 1 , UAT. jg I V l l K I K! ' If 4 I 'wAfujD ' I MARY WINIFRED BRADY 'LEARN THE SWEET MAGIC or A CHEERFUL FACE" OLIVER W. HOLMES SODALITY H CHAIRMANSHIPS: SODALITY CARNIVAL CHAIRMAN U INTER Nos H BOARDERS' GLEE CLUB N BOARDERS' CHOIR M SENIOR PLAY, HANNAH - APOSTOLATE U ' MWA Jiri 8 E -A n. T 1- .A L"5i!C'7.v'.'lf':2:-" Q - I v A V xl - 1 GAIL CARLTON 'A LAUGH ns WORTH A THOUSAND GROANS IN ANY MARKETH LAMB SooALlTY 3,4 PEC 3 SOCIEDAD CERV. M LIBRARY COUNCIL N INTER Nos 3,4 BOARDERS' GLEE CLUB U BOARDERS' Cnoln CLASS NOTABLE, MosT FRIENDLY SENIOR PLAY, Miss CROCKER - 1 I L :qw 9 WT MARY CHARLENE DELPH OF SOUL SINCERE, IN ACTION FAITHFUL, AND IN HONOR CLEARn ALEXANDER POPE CLASS orrlccsg VICE PRES- I. Sic. TREAS. U SODALITY I,2,3,U QUILL AND SCROLL 3,N NHS I,2,3,N STUDENT COUNCIL l,N A.A.A. l,2 SENIOR PLAY, BELLE MOFFAT A.H.N. REPRESENTATIVE TO GIRLS' STATE w IV IVY. U L MARIE FLOREZ CARO 'GENIUS,-THAT PovER WHICH DAZZLES MORTAL EYES, IS OFT BUT PERSEVERANCE lN DISGUISE' H.w. AUSTIN SDDALITY I.2,3,U QUILL AND ScRoLL 3,3 NHS 3.h SOCIEDAD CERV. N A.A.A. l.2,3,h MIRA MAR EDITOR H BASKETBALL VARSITY 2,3 VOLLEYBALL VARSITY 2,3,U BASEBALL VARSITY 3 CLASS NOTABLE, 'BEST DRESSED' SENIOR PLAY, Jo MARCH J D lf ,AA 'S MARY ALICE ESCALANTE 'ONE THAT ExcELs THE QUIRKS OF BLAZONING PENS SHAKESPEARE SQDALITY I,2,3,U QUILL AND SCROLL 3,4 NHS 2,3,U EDC 3,h OCIEDAD CERV. M .A. l,2,3,h :J or A.A.A. 2 AcHoNA STAFF l,2,3,M EDITOR U BASKETBALL VARSITY l,2,3,M VOLLEYBALL VARSITY l,2,3,U BASEBALL VARSITY 3 FATIMA PLAY 3, 'LUCIA' SENIOR PLAY, MAY CHESTER 10 .ima In.. 4' KATHLEEN LENORE GORMICAN 'EXCEEDING wIsE, FAIR SPOKEN AND PERSUADING--I SHAKESPEARE CLASS orrIcER, SEC. TREAs. I SODALITY l,2,N SEC. or SODALITY 2 QUILL AND SCROLL 2,h NHS I.h EDC 2,h STUDENT COUNCIL 2 INTER Nos l,2,U BOARDERS' GLEE CLUB N BOARDERS' CHOIR I,2,h ACHONA STAFF 2,U, ASSOCIATE EDITOR U CLASS NDTABLE, 'MOST DlGNIFlEDn SENIOR PLAY, BETH MARCH EXTENSION TEEN BOARD N LI I, E I 1 51 .E LI- 7 1 ., ,119 . nl 4 I 'rg 5" . ,Mfvzgg NMR ,JV vm? V1 Im in BETTY JOAN GRANDOFF HSHE IS PRETTY TO VALN wITH, AND VITTY TO TALK wITH, AND PLEASANT, Too, TO THINK UPON--n SIR JOHN SUCKLING SDDALITY l,2,3,N, SEC. U SOCIEDAD CERV. M INTER Nos N BOARDERS' GLEE CLUB N BOARDERS' CHOIR U HARMONY CLUB 2 A.A.A. l,2,3,M, VICE PRES. 3, PRESIDENT N ACHONA BUSINESS MANAGER 3 MIRA MAR BUSINESS MANAGER 4 BASKETBALL VARSITY 2,3,H VOLLEYBALL VARBITY 2,3,h MEG MARCH BASEBALL qUyJTY 3 FATIM v1i3'M , 'BLESSED MOTHER' 'ibllif' 1 a 11 JACQUELINE LUCILLE MALONEY 'SHE IS GENTIL THAT DoTH GENTIL Discs-" CHAUCER SooALlTY l,2,3,N VICE Pncrscr U CERCLE FRANCAIS 3 CHAIRMANSHIPS: SODALITY THANKSGIVING BASKET CHAIRMAN U ASSOCIATE EDITOR or MuRA MAR N XAvu:R APOSTOLATE N SENIOR PLAY, SALLIE MOFFAT EDYTH JO HARLOW 'Fon ALL THAT FAanz ns, ns av NATURE sooo--W SPENSER SOCIEDAD CERV. U RED CROSS CHAIRMAN N A.A.A. I,2 CIRCULATION MANAGER or MIRA MAR M SENIOR PLAY, Mlss DAVIS A 4 12 T JE 555 vt -1 ,b "..,xw, ri 3 ,. JOAN PATRICIA MCSWEENEY 'ALL HER ExCELLENCES STAND IN HER so QUIETLY AS IF THEY HAD STDLEN UPON HER WITHOUT DUR RNDHLEDCEH SIR T. OVERBURY SODALITY I,2,3,h VICE PRE. 3 PREFECT N PEC 3 SOCIEDAD CERv. U INTER Nos I,2,3,N BDARDERSV GLEE CLUB U BOARDERS' CHOIR I,2,3,N A.A.A. l,2,3,U VOLLEYBALL VARSITY U BASEBALL VARSITY 3 CLASS NDTABLE, nCUTESTn XAvIER APOSTOLATE M FATIMA PLAY 3, 'FRANCISCOn SENIOR PLAY, JENNIE SNOW FIRST PRINTER's DEVIL 2 1 I 'Q Hu.1, A , lb . , I '-434: -sf: 'I -. - N LAW Q9 5:16-Q . .452 ,WMM 1 gdb If ' A 1 Kim. ELM " fffuv. , QL... AMM- I. 5 , 1 SM. ,ffdzfgf CWM? 'W qw, SLM? wif f f CD' ' PATRICIA LOUISE NEFF fgkx jay 4 ' - 'AND STILL THE WONDER GREW THAT ONE SMALL HEAD 3, COULD CARRY ALL SHE KNEWW. ' CLASS OFFICES: SEC. 2, VICE PRES. U SODALITY l,?,3,M QUILL AND SCROLL 3,h NHS I,2,3,N, VICE PRES. 3, PRESIDENT U EDC 3,h CERCLE FRANCAIS 3, VICE PRES, 3 STUDENT COUNCIL 2,U LIBRARY COUNCIL 2,3, PRESIDENT 3 HARMONY CLUB 2,3, VICE PRES. 3 ACHONA STAFF l,2,N, ASSOCIATE EDITOR U ASSOCIATE EDITOR OF MIRA MAR U CLASS NOTABLE, HMOST LIKELY TO SUCCEEDN SENIOR PLAY, AMY MARCH EXTENSION TEEN BOARD 3 v 13 ff? f T ER NE NORA SCHLICHTE CA H I 'IT us TRANQUIL PEOPLE wuo AccoMPLlsH MUCH--H THOREAU CLASS orrlcssz PRESIDENT 3 SODALITY 2,3,h :nc 3,h SOCIEDAD CERV. H STUDENT COUNCIL 3 A.A.A. 2,3 ACHONA STAFF 2 ASSOCIATE EDITOR M SENTOR PLAY, MARMEE ESTHER HELEN RODRIGUEZ 'Cnowozo TO THE FULL w SIR WALTER SCOTT SODALITY l,2,3,N CERCLE FRANCAIS 3 A.A.A. l,2,3,U SOCIEDAD CERV. M BASKETBALL VARSITY 3,U VOLLEYBALL VARSITY U ASEBALL VARSITY 3 NIOR PLAY, AUNT CARROLL :TH cLoRsous ACTION--' ' 14 HELEN MARGARET SCHNEIB E WSPEECH IS POWER, SPEECH I5 TO PERSUADE, TO CONVERT, TO COMPEL--H EMERSON SODALITY l,2,3,U CERCLE FRANCAIS 3 INTER Nos 3,M BOARDER5' GLEE CLUB N BOARDERS' CHOIR 3,N HARMONY CLUB 2,3 A.A.A. l,2,3,h BASKETBALL VARSITY 3,4 M MARY MICHAELA WASHINGTON THERE IS NO ARGUMENT EQUAL TO A HAPPY SMILE ANONYMOUS CLASS OFFICES: PRESIDENT I. PRESIDENT 2 SooALITY I,2,3,M NHS I,2,3,U CERCLE FRANCAIS 3 STUDENT COUNCIL 1,2 A.A.A. I,2,3,U VOLLEYBALL VARSITY 3 BASEBALL VARSITY 3 ASSOCIATE EDITOR or MIRA MAR M SENIOR PLAY, ESTHER 15 , mn, ,'.:.Ij ' , 'TTR NWN as 'WII53 - Lfif Hiwsl " I' H" ,I ..Awiu .nf y him 5Lgy II., '7 in I 55135: TQQ INT N15 I I If II .-,I II llllll IDEM As Artistic As Athletic Clever Courteous Dramatic Generous Happy Honest Jolly Loyal Per severing Responsible Sympathetic l Sincere Thoughtful T ruthful "BUILD THEE MORE STATELY MANSIONS, O MY SOUL, As the swift seasons roll! Leave thy low-vaulted past! Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, Till thou at length art free, Leaving thine outgrown shell by 1ife's unresting sea!" O. W. Holmes 16 Sl IIIR Kathleer Betty Mary W Gail Patsy Barbara Catherine Carol Edyth Io Jackie Esther Helen Mary Alice Ioan Charlene Mary B. 1 0 C I ' o 1: UI nf ' 3' Mi' r - I 4 'Q 0 -Ag nd' 'sw ,I 4 nga. If ' f' -i'?'f'P 4 . ,E " ..J'x,. x W 5' is ,, A S 'Eg' 4, 3 sig, 31 r F 4 . ,. .Ak 'Axis ' f'A ' ATN . 5 x V I kr Q x. . r: -f--'nf fl qw.. Q. .-. W :ix -Eff' fv 3',-bw- + 'f ,li,1 ,. ff! Va '?'4 1Y+k'q""' if J- J' f M W, 7 if ig.: 6 ' H' if .. " ,L ' fb H 'ft' 'f'Q ff." .E If ' f ,- -hal 1 -W4 5 V , s ,.-, . " ., gy W . ' I. ' Y . w A K . - ' 5, T- - -. fy 5 mf A i ' lp.. it , -W", .fx Q lg 'f, 'xr wg: x ' ich ', 'V 'f - . i 42:- 1 "2 "' . 5 ' ' ct i 3 552793 'A '44'!v'.?.--X5 " ' 'P' " f i 'D 2'-gf..-',"'.' X' 'Q u'!"- jk 1 Vf . , , sf, x ,Q "L.,,vq I g p g K ----can ,' 5, " Tl 6 C ,w E ,"iL x V :R x -L .. N- .v . J f M: i, ff,sww A -. ' iw- ' gi fqw Y AV? I isixxw N U' I Vp! .5 -x ,hz , JYYVVQ. ,JV SKK . , ' V " ' "1-44 4' ' 16 '- f f . M . ffv .H " Q L A-' F Q 5, x k. 4 xg, 1:2 M" Il, Ep. LY' I DF I' 'Q J' Y 'X K 'A' Qjib TN' -I 3 of X . as ,,-A EJ' T rg? 1 y N pg X 1 yy IN V 1 55 , H 91 'X BACK ROW: SANDRA MATHESON, ANN WALKER, MARTHA OLIVA, MARILYN MULLER, ADRIENNE !Q ECKART, JOAN KITKQ, ANTOINETTE CRISTIANI, SYI.vIA RARANTII-Io, TAI.I.uLAH BROWN, EDITH ,SX COCKCROFT, ALICIA CREsPo, .JANIE BODENHAMER. MIDDLE GROUP: PATRICIA HILSMAN, MAR- LYNN BARTLEBAUGH, DALE FILLASTRE, DoRoTHY PERRY, ELEANOR BAYNE. FRONT GROUP: fx' MIRIAM ROCH, SALLY WASSERMAN, MARY ROSE HEINTZI BEVERLEY BOYETT, FRANCES BUA, BARBARA NORDGREN, BETTY NEFF, MARGARET FAGOT, ELISA PEREZ, MARIE RODRIGUEZ. , Ib' I J? if 5 '70 yjfpgjzzfl 4L'.ifi'7i kiwi . HI I 257' .gif tina! D D? fluff, ,ma fl, 1-f 'XI I f V ,. ,-" I I , .I ' 'M L' ' " ' 'ff 1 'W r I I, , In XJ . ,' , 'V ,f N 'L - qu'-JU7 fvjlyy " flw . 'Y RW Ivy!! ,MA -Q", , ' A ' f, I 21, 'I IF' V 3 , I 'TL fl 'kflnlgj QU I ffjpgfgdl, , Eff J .Vx I -2 4 1 , I' , ' . , r ' ,, f ' L4 -fs If ,fwfgafi Mu IAIM IIIMIH' 'I 4 ' If ."' ,I ,Away Ag? :ifn " ' 4, A .12 JLZADJ Ufi,-Wi If 'I f I Y I ' Q AI- FU' Y! 'f " I I I I- ,I ? if HJ if ' IM 4 541' dj f!p,f1JJ li 'Q' " . 311 .I . ff! :A V L g M, 3? XJ "H+ : :'--.LXWL If' I. I 'A-H ' . . I I-"fu ff f, ,, ., -wif- -,Y y, I ,,37. ,J.5-3' ' " 451' 0'2" ,H I H A A IJ.:-,v 4- A . pm, A Q- Ig. My-QI. "1"Q .1-Q' V ,fu A .,,,, ,- ' i-- 5' ' 'il w3.4..nxI 1 d 'fx YL'-Qn11,4? niffugmigfg, QI? 'n""f""""'f' -- - ---- Y -M---W -..,..-:,..Y....,., ,,, . , 'Awww ..H-V,-Nm. -1 .M...,,,,,g , Y, IHI SIIPHIIMIIIH lIlASSE FIRST ROW: Jo ANN MERKES, FLORA ZACCHINI , NORMA LoPEz, SUNSHINE GREER, MARLENE BAYNE-PRESIDENT, PATRICIA KEARNEY, BARBARA OLDT, MERIDA FERRElRo, BEVERLY ANN SCOLARO. SECOND ROW: MARGIE HUNTER, JODY BRADY, BETTY wooo, FLORAIDA OLIVA, MARGARETTA FLOYD, CAROL ANN MUCHOROWSKI, CAROLYN GARDNER, JANE Gooo- WIN, ELLEN DOLORES LAFLIN, DIANA BAYNE, BEVERLY ANN QROHN, LAURA VAN BALEN, Ros: MARIE DALLAIRE. ,fy , . ' A , ' , " ' gL X f 7 K I fx i A 1 X X5 I 1 f 1n'9 V Ari. 1 xl 1'flV1wJ' . U 17- fi ' X ,x 19 f' ,qi -1 J I!! F V . ,V l I , J 1' at . . fi if rl 157,-11 I ' H Xl f5 1 170 " fbl . N if Q, 1 . ff'f',fJ"'- ,W y fig N ' ,V "3"'N s M .9 ' X a K i v . 3 75 ' x 'Q QE Y., 7 n . .mf 'ff Er - I 5' 'Q x V 'QS K ., 5 . Q ws.. .. ,,,,,w 92 5 5 y., wlafk vf . MQ 1 1-usual 1-.n-sn-A fm - "' ,r 259' 7, Qgg 5 gif ak W' 1 , 4-my 1 A .KX n - ai Q5iT2'ffri 1x '- xfl v "L. "I 'U Quai -,..B- IABOVEI ROSARY PROCESSION ILEFT, DELEGATES TO SODALITY CONVENTION IN JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA IBELOWI CHRISTMAS ULLETIN BOARD, NATIVITY PAGEANT,NATIVITY CHORISTERS USING JOYFULLY TO Goo ALL THE EARTH: SERVE YE THE Loan WITH GLADNESS.n HTHE SonALnrY or OuR LADY us A RELIGIOUS Boov WHICH SEEKS TO MAKE THE FAITHFUL slu- CERELY BENT on SANCTIFYIHG THEMsELvEs AND ZEALOUS TO SAVE Ano sANcTnFv THEIR NEIGH- aon AND TO oEFEHo THE CHURCH or JESUS CHRIST.u RULE I. ia.- STAMPS FOR THE MISSIONS IUPPER LEFT, ARE PACKED BY JOANN MERKES AND FLORAIDA OLIvA. THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME IUPPER RIGHTJ JACKIE MALDNEY AND BARBARA BAREFOOT WRITE LETTERS TO PEN PALS IN JAPAN WHILE JOAN MCSWEENEY GIVES DIRECTIONS FROM HTHE QUEENIS WURKH. THE CARNIVAL IRIGHTI ILowER LEFTI BEVERLY ANN SCDLARD, MARLENE BAYNE, PATSY KEARNEY AND DIANA BAYNE READ MISSION BOOKS AND MAGAZINES. ICENTERI JOAN MCSWEENEY, SODALITY PREFECTQ IRIGHTI PRESENTATION or OFFERING To THE MISSIONS ON THE OCCASION or THE VIsITATIoN or THE SUPERIOR GENERAL. G4 3 My Q Hia i s 5 . 1 l 4 5 34 K 9 , .i , T, A 4 - 5- m. an Q . 5 'wt 5. l Aal, 1 W Y an Ml, 'IE 211351 ...V Ili, , , ml . -Y R . 1 .f 51? 4 JI za v II li 4, K 19,222 M C .. ,... Jr T ""41wwu-Q1 ? f Jw., 1 WQMAHBAT1 7 3 Y W - V. 4 .-yx X' I " 'Es . PX xx 'N 5 5 U 'E '15 . .-1, , I- , -l I i I. Q , 46 4 . X A 0491545-"Z1.Q4 New!-Wm ,A , Ad., ,vw ,,A,.1,n .f-.. ..-........, fur.. S ig, Q' ,I X .-E 2 r ' 1 fl 'X x I 153 N f I ,riff wg h,. , A , A 'K I is L , X 'nf an r 'wif ...Q- s NEW . s lk Q" NT? A Q nimwwk: - he .QE V - A -x t w.,,.W. I, "f" I i", :t'uoqh.L6gu Zflu' Wf'I4 I" rwf A N .-A , ,f , . ,ML .5-.N-,.., ,af ,. - .,.. ,. A... I I K, . L...-.......L .E , Amy ilu-,IX , ' f " E ff? ," ew., .. 1 V M. . J Qwmgw HMM QA ,r"",0,v5 X, 1 I "' -pf 9, mM fgmif I .V' 3 Tyan ,w .'-QA pcffv 1' f " . wt L .-:lf "1--'--'- Q.. 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"MEN OF LETTERS ARE A PERPETUAL PRIESTHOOD, FROM AGE TO AGE, TEACHING ALL MEN THAT A GOD IS STILL PRESENT IN THEIR LIFE.n CARLYLE. LK. MARY ALICE ESCALANTE EDITOR OF AC-HO-NA EDDIE DOHERTY CLUB SEATED: MARY ALICE ESCALANTE, PENNY WAINWRIGHT, CATHERINE ScHLIcHTE. STANDING: P ATSY NEFF, VALERIE BRANT, GINI SCULLY. sf THE MAKING OF MIRA MAR BETTY GRANDOFF, PATSY NEFF, CAROL FLOREZ, JAQKIE MALONEY, MARY WASHINGTON AND EDYTH Jo HARLOW DRAW UP PLANS FOR THEIR YEARBOOK. UTHE FUTURE OF THE CATHOLIC PRESS LIES IN THE HANus OF CATHOLIC HIGH ScHooL STUDENTS.n '-if' QNII4 ' 1 5 I llll CAROL FLOREZ EDITOR or MIRA MAR N A: f X QUILL AND SCROLL 'x CHARLENE DELPH, CONNIE MUSCARELLA, VIVIAN DowLING, HELEN NoTT, JOANNE IVERLETT, MARY ALICE ESCALANTE, GINI SCULLY, PATSY NEFF, CAROL FLOREZ. vNNRNNmm x.5lh'5 3 , Q jus...-4, MATHEMATICS CLASS AT PLAY CHEMISTRY CLASS AT WORK me AIHIHIIZS "When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks--not that you won or lost--but how you played the game." --Rice Hx E. ff , in x 'Shi 41. Q.. 4 'N ". N, .-. . . .x , . Q :JS v -A ni!! 1 --v ,rv Q, ll - ar? e" , A , Q 'W 5. if 5 J X 'ur' A r " 'ff :Mmms f 1 lx ' 1 AM ., x' W V H 'fngQ,V,W,.,,-w""' 1 Z" W U. 5 .,, mf W iv '- nU57ffKg ' f ,QQ , N1 W 5 '1 R f E ,..f 1 3 E 3 N z 3 a. s 4. K' x U 4 V51 i v , f wx -M, , , f ,L . l , i A ' v G. S., '- v. ,Mgr is I Q Sm Z V 1 H . -, in V S v s N. gummy YW? WN 5 e:.,b. 4 A -rv 1, "N ,... .7,, f.. sv on 'AA' J. Yfi"""' -'E GUlDEH HAHIRIS 6.87 DHHS FHUIHUL UF GULUEH nuns W ' .Mr . ' bi ,51SE pQ' 53K an will-H '-'ff .. :N 7f .1 7 ' HANNAH Mary Brady Xf ABOVE: MARY ALscz ESCALANTE. SEATHD: JAcK1E MALoNsY, EDYTH Jo HARLDW, HELEN ScHNEusLE. STANo1Nc: JOAN MQSWEENEY, CHARLENE DELPH. RIGHT, SEATED: ESTHER Rooancuzz, MARY WASHINGTON, PENN! WARNWRIGHT. STANCMNG: GAU. CAm.ToN, BARBARA BAREFOQT. llllll WIIMI December Z1 LITTLE THEATRE BETH Kathleen Gyn Q. 31 N Gormlcan IO MEG B etty G randoff Carol Florez A K N .J 223 E Fila ' fs 5 2 we M gm 355 ff! my wi! IN 't' 'Z 5.56 5:55 Q26 D55 f. :lka- Za . ,E ,ea ai, 5 w. .xml pw J --ff .vn- ?a faq QM -Lp ri 52? , - J 12325 gg? lif-T iff? 1:13 - fs . vii. -hx E, . '- 1. '25 fs 23 ffiii SLT? IL C14 I H, L 3316 F0 R- PRUM R A DAY CATHERINE SCHLICHTE QUEEN MAID UF H0 UR 3' "x 1 V-,, 'R 21 U ' Jf .f . 'I is if c Puri:-ywwrr, v'.'.rw. ..,v . '- 'Q'-,.-X N2 11"i'4w-"' , 1 Y , ,. If k ,.,.,, . ,. ,F r '1w,':1,x'lj-?,hf N' 3,fE'r3!. . . ti I-n.,g T '4 ' 3. f A 1 , F 'll , ,Q l X 4.4 -v.' "Av J -E sian. 1 I 4 t lv. W, 'J' A tg - f .1 I ' ' Mimi? 1-, ' fi' .x 9-f rf X ff,., ' A 1--, , T V A v WL ,,..h, ,A III, , I., , .11 'W' 'B ' , 5 ' A, lzlv ,lx 0 f . ' W 1 iuff Bylilylllln 1" I , Qi ' -1,9 4, A Y' 11 4' Q :gr R gn yeah Vegan -5 , fy, ..,, .Mgmt ' ' ' - V Q' 1 f.X.,.,: M,-,, h I . Q., """' L --HS' ' - - , ' v- ' '?:S..., Y N- vu f'yL,Q'5K W ,.-px ,ewwwfxg-, 422 H. : -'iw ' ig af V . . f- f . B! -,,, 35,3-, AK w.2,..: ',,, x "' M p A ,qua Y ' xi ,, , v .4 A gsww, . fi "x 'f 'i 1..a5Sfr ,A . ' " lf", .if " Vw 'f , 'ww -fi? .V " ug A! , lf, W l 7 . ,,p54,m5' ' A 5 M A f Q, ,"' 'Lu- . T . , . .'.- . g-.1 :.' 3 ,ix-e , ,Q X 'J vi gg -1-mira : f " ' Y L. 1' an K "-:JJ-J' H: ".kg"f ,i'1f .,fi"., A 1 ' 1 . 1' ' -1:55 - hmgggggw -- ,-W' - M, W' ir- -...sq f "M-N. ..,,,,, THE BACCALAUREATE MASS SENIOR WEEK-END OF OCTOBER Z9-30 PATSY NEFF Most likely to succeed KATHLEEN GOR MICAN Most dignified "' JOAN MCSWEENEY Cutest fr BARBARA BAREFOOT Best all-round CAROL FLOREZ Best dressed GAIL CARLTON Most friendly i f fir ' ......--A sfift Sept 1-2 6 Oct. Nov. Dec. 1949 DAY BY DAY Registration Opening of classes Mira Mar Staff meeting Election of class officers Mass of the Holy Ghost - First Assembly Initiation of Freshmen Measured for class rings First Sodality meeting Measured for caps and gowns Relic ofSt. Francis Xavier in Tampa A. H. N. vs. O. L. P. H. Foundress' Day Assembly - Centenary of the death of Mother Mary Rose. "Christopher Columbus" Sodality Hallowe'en Play Annual Rosary Procession -- first wearing of caps and gowns. Barbara's Baptism and First Communion Assembly--I-Iallowe'en Party All Saints' Day Tryouts for 'Little Women" Recital Reports for first quarter Sodality Carnival for Missions Visit of Mother Marie Fernando, Bursar General ' Cap-and-gown pictures Rehearsals begin "Little Women" Sodality Convention at Jacksonville, Florida Seniors receive rings We welcome Mother Marie Gustave, Superior General Immaculate Conception -- Mass by His Excellency The Most Reverend Thomas J. McDonough, D.D., J'.C.D., Auxiliary Bishop of St. Augustine-- Boarders' Turkey Dinner 'Little Women' costumes Christmas Assembly--Presentation of offering for African Missions Mother General visits Seniors "Little Women' presented in Little Theatre Christmas holidays begin I Roll onward Ian. l Z 3 13 18-Z0 Z3 25 26 Feb. 4 14 17 ZZ 10 Z7 Apr. Z 5 11 Z0 2.8 Mar. May Z 5 1 1 16-19 18 Z1 Z4 950 HAPPY DAYS , leading up the golden year. T ennys on. New Year's resolutions--Holy Year Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus--Boarders return Classes resumed Mothers' Association Meeting Mid-year examinations High School Retreat Reports for second quarter Alumnae Party Student Council Dance Good old Saint Valentine's Day Fathers' Night Ash Wednesday Mothers' Association Reports for third quarter Palm Sunday Recital Easter Holidays Classes resumed Silver Tea Art Exhibit Induction Ceremonies, National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, Eddie Doherty Club of Journalism May Procession Junior-Senior Prom Alumnae Banquet - Seniors presented to Alumnae. Seniors' Examinations Ascension Thursday Senior Luncheon Guests of Mothers' Association Baccalaureate Mass Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians GR AD UAT ION m 'M .N -M -.f -. X. mn fs re AN! ,A ,,. .FN .R Q .9 1 5 .,- 1' Q v I hr" ' 1151 W . f Q ! 25? in 5 .af n if M. 1 'WSF E+' up- T 1 5 kk F. ls.. 'lln J.. A 9 1,-ll Q " Sr 79 1 v xv , 5 55 W N Will lASl Wlll A IIIESIANII l f., V Y -V 5 ' A A ' 1- : ' -- rrp ir, K - - 'ii 12,4 vv' PQ: Z- ,F , ,, 75 ,-41 . 2 f ..... 7 ,sa -,...--- - , "' 1, .,f- x K 4 il I 1 We, the Senior Class of 1950, trusting ourselves to be in sane and sound mind, do hereby endow to the underclassmen our last will and testament. To Sister Superior and the Faculty, we leave our deepest gratitude and prayers for the guidance they have given us through the years. To the Juniors we bequeath our classroom and caps and gowns. We hope they have a happy year. To the Sophomores we leave our athletic pennants,g may they earn much honor with them. To the Freshmen we will our perseverance. They'll make it, we did. lndividually, we bequeath the following: Barbara Barefoot wills the presidency of the Student Council to Joanne Iverlett. Patsy Neff in one of her eager moods leaves her curly, blond hair and fair complexion to Claire Blenkhorn. Gail Carlton wills her southern drawl to Beth Egan. Joan McSweeney bequeathS her petite figure to Yvonne Syrett. Helen Schneible wills to her namesake, Helen Nott, her musical ability. Carol Florez leaves her fondness for "dressing up" to Connie Henderson. Edyth Io Harlow wills her size ten shoe to Margaret Mary Caraher. Charlene Delph leaves her quietness to Sue Ann Poindexter and Connie Muscarella. Catherine Schlichte wills her perpetual dieting to Carmen Prado. Mary Alice Escalante leaves her acting ability to Vivian Dowling. Jackie Maloney leaves her perpetual smile to Peggy Ann White. Esther Rodriguez wills her dark silky tresses to Gini Scully. Mary Brady bequeaths her card playing to Sandra Shuman. Betty Grandoff bequeaths her vivacity to Patsy Maloney. Kathleen Gormican wills her long flowing curls to Valerie Brant, Mary Washington wills her "French accent" to Nan Mullan, Patsy Posey and .Tudy Craige. Signed and Sealed in the Senior Class this year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty. Witnesses: Patsy Neff Charlene Delph Helen Schneible - 44 l N N , it A-L J Q . I . y, I u vm' W' L. 'ala ,V ea, . W WJ - - f I f I, I I 1 -.L 11 , 'hw t A. , I' - md J- ..:. S B X U '-M I J 11" Y ' I X Q 5 iz I. I :wx ,I I i I P, S F 1' A S Q, , 'K W . A QA .iilskm k:,'?,,j I ,.,. ,V fl 5 s I SI IIIRS' PRAYER III GRA GRACIOUS LORD! I PRAY THOU WILT LOOK ON ALL I LOVE TENDERLY TODAY AND WITH ALL THE NEEDY O DIVIDE, I PRAY THIS VAST TREASURE OF CONTENT THAT 'IS MINE TODAY! James Whitcomb Riley 45 Cjomfzfimanfi of FLORIDA GROWER P R E S S -fg- ND CENTRA HERTZ DRAIV-UR-SELF SYSTEM LICENSEE InTampa 403 E. Lafayette Street, 'Phone 2-3433 also Jacksonville Daytona Beach Clearwate r Lakeland B radenton Sarasota , Fort Myers l THE U NIVERSITY OF TAM PA--ACollegeof Liberal Arts IF You are going to study in Florida, the University of Tampa offers You: AN ENVIRONMENT of rare beauty in an historic building of Moorish architecture, SPACIOUS and BEAUTIFUL class rooms and dormi- tory rooms. A STANDARD four-year ca-educational college of high scholastic stand- ards offering curricula leading to four academic and professional degrees. A FACULTY of outstanding men and women, specialists in their respec- tive fields. APPROVED by U. S. Veterans Administration for training under the G. I. Bill of Rights and Public I6. SUMMER SCHOOL REGISTRATION - JUNE 8 -9 CLASSES BEGIN JUNE I2 0 CLASSES END AUGUST 4 DR. E. C. NANCE For further information address: DR. M. C. RHODES President Dean of Administration visiToRs ARE wELcoME UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA T TAMPA 6, FLORIDA Member' Fla. Academy of Sciences, Fla. Assn. of Colleges and, Universities, and National Collegiate Veterans Association - Dormitory Facilities for Men and Women - Single and Married iq Wfifkffmtcnmvllml IS W N35 ' ' or A Hill n SWANGER , REA LT OR ,, ERVICE GARAGE "Friendly, Reliable Service Since 1924 VICTORY AUTO S Ph w1871 az W3Z21 Distributors Ph: M6904 4417 Bayshore Blvd Ashlei' 8' Zach Streets Tampa 9 Florida Tampa 2' Florida FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION OF TAMPA ' THE RUTLAND STORE FOR MEN 408 Franklin St. Finest Brands of Men's Wear in St. Petersburg Phone: Z-9641 "Every Driver An Escort" YELL0w TAXICAB 8: Transfer Co. 9 Metered Cabs ' Limousine Service ' Bonded Agents R. R. Lines ' Airline Ground Transportation ' Baggage and Local Hauling Phone M-2 721 Ford Plumbing Company 32Ol FLORl DA AVENUE TAMPA FLORIDA 1 Knights of Columbus Tampa Council No. 667 .tag-943' Wifi? fdfftffg jo! QU? JXQWWW Km .x f 1 i1 1 fb U X. Ny -2 ff22ffff2 ffi fifiiiiiffff 1 App af .A,: CQ 4 FWZWM MN M- 'W' OMPANY Ef A sLf1CT"'c C WiQm if ,Q Q 24 5 5,5 C Zjgnllownn ....l. ,. .v.,, MOE . , . v C551'o,pX5fJlf,7f7'L1,L,fgZij QQLK Q f2+ "jP'Q?f"y girly 5332 ,Wf ,Viv Q 'Q D f W E 1 v zu cw 'MPM sxiliii Af if MAS . W' Qifggfgfif A pix? Cjfplimgitsi Q A . Corral-Wnliska y Ca. TAMPA, FLORIDA WE UKKMQQQAW ASB ' W y OA ,RNA CZ jf Q A 04107 QS QM any . wwf iffz 'J ,MQMW 6-ef-11. W Nonmwrsr sum cu, nyc. 6 DWVWj+fsffi,'iQi ' Jfgijijwmjmfiwmx wwgyi 1f'i,'5E4Zff5f71fWf Uipjw 3 M ,,,,Z'Z,iZ4, A 'D' Winona , Minne s ota WM af ggi? .1- . --. J' Tampa Crown Distributors Incorporated 237 WATER STREET AT PLATT STREET BRIDGE TAMPA, FLORIDA Swzmn Eng K T 1001 WASHINGTQN STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA 5 WM , ww fm Affwyfja, Gwwtim WV I-IHGGERTV dcorfzofwlfmf ifsgfisrmmifc , fpw UW3"y0JoP"jyi4,yo' Wlff X Q3iiif.:Zi mtv' W fwiiifffze. wp? Eagle Roofing fs and Art Metal Woflfscgjfg-JCM0?:fMW'L Mg 5 S E 3 ? MiASP S7ORDA Qi Sgssis Hone Y-l895 QXX x X . SN S X 3 SF Q X S Q 4 Q' Q .X A Q -+ Q Q N. . S 5 x Q Q x X-N : Q Q A Q 3 X ' 5 ? x sv' Q 5 NS Q 3 x A N Q S f Q N X N - Q N N - x 'x S xx S E S S S S. SQ S x x x Q 'X 9 - 5 x x QXXNS S XQXQQXKQXS XNNSXXS Xwxysxxlxxg Q . -v- llnd C Olnpan T ampaa Florida MRS. IHIRIHIIY H. PUWHIS C omplime nts Of AllllY RIIIIS IIIIMPA Y York, Pennsylvania A Complete line of high quality Arc Welding Electrodes iiiothers' Association COmP'imenfS of ACGUCMU M athewgs of the C Llolu Names Omer N -Ar TAMPA, FLORIDA TAMPA FLORIDA Adams-Magnon Compliments of . . . 5"'Q'f"d Jackson ,I Grain Company Headquarters for DIAMONDS 81 WATCHES -I-AMPA FLORIDA Tamiami M G QS I Trail Tours Brothers fx ' S TAM PA, FLORIDA TAMPA ST. PETERSBURG I Compliments of . Kni ht and Florida g State Theatres Wall Co. Operating TAMPA 0 PALACE FLORIDA STRAND P. O. Box 31 SEMINOLE GARDEN TAMPA I FLORIDA SPRINGS DRIVE-IN Hotel Tampa Terrace QAWKD P. O. Box 1379 TAMPA 1, FLORIDA Royal Crown Bottling Company OF TAMPA 210 S. Morgon Street United Paper Co. 'A' TAMPA, FLORIDA Lykes Bros. Insurance Agency V V Y Phone: M 3609 M 8201 MAD I SO N 'Drug Co. "Where Tampa Shops and Eats" 500 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA FLORIDA O Also in Sarasota at Five Points Barrier Xi Rachelson Inc. - Wholesale Grocers TELEPHONE: M 363l Ml723 TAM PA, FLORIDA East Hillsboro Avenue and 22nd Street TAMPA FLORIDA Willson-Chase 'A' Central at Third 'A' ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA HUDSON DISTRIBUTORS Compliments of A l Roger's Shoe Store V . W Shoes Expertly Fitted by X-Ray 1005 F kl' St t lAcross frIo?nnStalt2 Therciirl Phone AA Tampa nsunv c. non.nss.rnmnnu P.o.Box12e9 'liampcwlorida MARJORIFS CAKERY, INC. a 219 MAGNOLIA AVENUE g "Unusual Goodies - Unusually Good" Apparel for Women and Children FOrbg3k9SH:lg0fhifliegnnaddeffsfe er n . 1523-25 E. Broadway Telephone H 1288 Q SPECIAL ORDERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Tampa Florldcl City-wildledlgeliveey kOnly on e ing a es "USE GAS - - - Purity Springs THE MAGIC FUEL" Water Company THE TAMPA GAS COMPANY Tampa: l:l0"lCl0 Barlcer and Tully sl-loss Tampa, Florida Knapp"s PLATT srnm' nomsr 208 W. Platt Street Tampa, Florida Compliments of . . . Anchor Appliances Inc. l707 Grand Central Telephone H l356 Adams Prescription Shop Tampa, Florida Jensen's, lnc. 400-402 Franklin Street Tampa, Florida Latin American Furniture Company l0l I FRANKLIN STREET l7l7 E. BROADWAY -'WQK '72, Goff as 8l2 Franklin Street Tampa, Florida Manhattan Cafe 2I0 E. Lafayette Street TAMPA 2, FLORIDA H ART Adams-Magnon Concrete Products gl-1+-lefw TAMPA, FLORIDA Headquarters for DIAMONDS 8- WATCHES CHRIST THE KING PARISH SEELY 'S SEMINOLE DRIVE-IN 5021 Florida Avenue 3-1820 or 33-6014 SEMINOLE FURNIT UR E ST OR E Lafayette St. at Hyd.e Park Ave. H-4888 EULA ELLIOT RHODES GULF SERVICE 709 E. Cass St. Room 233 MecDi11 k Palmira Z-7628 H-3771 Bi F10-a,., 777 C' 5x Compliments of . . . C70 " 9 1 o ' The Turner Piano Company? JL A TAMPA, FLORIDA QNQACUZ Q. if O21 fp. ww, .Alma:-,rs,'u',.r.'-V1.:4::':'f-:sw-:r":-'-wr -fas::v:erw:wsffr- -, ?.fj-P5-'ggg'ss1,-5.5ef.335:,:'::1r'"sr,If71:5-512251.-f?Er3:1,r'-:r,-:I2-.:rE?.':'E5:r:21:.1: XY 321:Eweas-.MIS-1-S259::a:q1:aamdB,pi?ee3s.::,:igg:ygg::f:-,:ggg's:gf,v:szgfgqi2Q-51: 92 lt 504 TAMPA ST 0 PH I-7997 721 21 CITIZENS BLDG 0 PH I '23 . .., Tafmpak.. C9-fdedt ops-n1'HAl.Mlc .vdllllltgllhllll Upitiicall Company IISO I Uilv lllvllh YOU IO! IAOII Illlll il VI ll Will AIAIIICAN OP' Cll COMPANY Emmy wma wufawnymneyoapwehhkt . A . -1 za: .. M , Olll I Null , IVIU I . A ' MODERN AUTO PARKING and STORAGE Close to Hotels, Shops and Theaters METROPOLITAN FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Auto Service Tires-Tubes-Batteries-Auto Accessories --Let us insure your happiness'- Sporting Goods-Home Appliances Airdrome Park, Inc. 1416 E. Broadway Phone Y-1523 Marion and Polk Streets Tampa, Florida JOSEPH PORT RAIT STUDIO Photography 22 Fifth Street North 202 Taylor A d TELEPHONE 7-8609 St. Petersburg Fl X "Official Photographer for Mira Mar" I K x xv sr Tx X3 TAMPA -TRIBUNE. Nix 5 XJ fitiiefi THE COLONNADE A Tampa Bayshore Boulevard d 'ix if QT: Compliments of Tuxedo Feed Co. See our assortment of Graduation Congratulation and "Thank You" cards FULGHUM'S 314 Twiggs St., -Z-6863 YALE TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE Complete automobile service. Pure Oil products Lubrication-batteries-repairs-tires Platt and Franklin Sts., Tampa Telephone 2-2436 MOTHER GOOSE FURNITURE CO. Juvenile Furniture and Toys 206 E. Cass Street Tampa 2, Florida MODERN DISPLAY SERVICE 418 Magnolia Avenue Phone 43369 Window advertising for national advertisers. x SUNSHINE SERVICE STATION Curtis Williams Washing-Polishing-Lubrication Fuel Oil Phone H-5907 3301 Bay-To-Bay Blvd. GEORGE W. PARTIN, Distributor Gulf Oil Products Winter Haven, Florida Phone 23-482 FLORIDA SHOE HOSPITAL Florida Avenue Tampa, Florida B1zE'S BAYSHORE PHARMACY 'A 1009 South Rome.Avenue Tampa, Florida I Phone 2-2502. HICKEY'S Furniture - Tires Used Cars PUTNEY'S PHARMACY Vitamin Headquarters Complete Line of Drugs 1204 S. Howard Avenue Phone H1383 Tampa 6, Florida LA NORMA COFFEE MILLS 4 Coffee Roasters Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and Spices Jose Y. Alonso 117 1813 15th Street, Phone Yl362 Tampa, Florida FOSTER MOYE, INC. Athletic Equipment E. Lafayette St. Tampa, Phone H-1400 Florida A. L. ECKART B . MARION REED MCRAE DO-NUTS 609 Grand Central Avenue Bread, Pies, Pastries Open 24 hours Jim Strickland's "OLD MEETING HOUSE" Ice Cream 901 So. Howard Avenue Phone H-1754 VOGUE CLEANERS Howard 81 Morrison H-1835 TONY LABRUZZO FISH and POULTRY MARKET 2019 E.Co1umbus Dr. Y-5630 MAC'S FOOD SHOP 146 South Pineapple Sarasota, Florida 2249 LAUNDRY SERVICE CO., INC. 2305 Morrison Ave. H-3507 PALMA CEIA SHOE REBUILDER Bay-to Bay Boulevard Phone H46-784 KNOX STORES COMPANY Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lynagh Dr. Garcia "' f 'M'6I25QfW M727 N' , fE9WZMw6U ff5fWi9L3 .Alan QSMGQQMYW ,f fiW ff WW-'Y WM MQW' M YYf?L'l1 gf ' 4 M Mmjfjfrf Af Wy JV ,. W ?0979QryVyx!y1jfif',!Q4'y?f!W! VL mf' QMMVM' 0' ff W9 W by-L1 YEARBOOK .... xvsns AND co.uNc, ToPsKA,K 'Y 33351: :N ' an M ., gr we 'ia , :EV 114, H - 'qrjgi . 32.8 ws. 2 453 -3 A rw I g 'S an an hxigay in k Q A Sq ful, We-v. .r j ia K ,, , . X i ' 1. ,:, ., A ' ff w E -f. may fs -, . Q- -.g.2':P-M - 3 fi ' ' SW' R ,gg-fx G k i ' 'A 'L rs X jg? 3? Wi M? It W 5, fa is EZ' gyda, is 5 qi 3 Q . .' , ,.. .i ,N f , ' ' ' '. .L.5 f "" 5 '1 ' ""'- 9 ., ,,Nxf,.s.Q 'iflfiifg 'ff' 5 JL 35 Y' 9' ai? Iss F .J . ix, 55 R. . xv N .,?,, is ,A .W if M35 qi ,EQ 1? a,. Y ' I E if - is

Suggestions in the Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) collection:

Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 73

1950, pg 73

Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 54

1950, pg 54

Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 59

1950, pg 59

Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 70

1950, pg 70

Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 8

1950, pg 8

Academy of the Holy Names - Mira Mar Yearbook (Tampa, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 68

1950, pg 68

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