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cfflffuc U,w-Afvb. 141Q'? 9 WMM -Aff 76? , EBM. -sr, +15i':"'-sv'-f-A2 . 'J.:w'vAlz'iwmz'k4!vSELfi Jwifllnlxl hull A315 1947 CHEER E3 9. ,, W .,. af Y S , V Q I p 4 A , . . A Z ,Q V-lu MEL f-W-M f '..,,....,.k . li S 'I All A . i . Ja A.. I: rv xg A -- . . , ,X "If, A .. 3' Q , .1 'JJ - . xiii. All gf 57, 1 ' A 1 "' A . AW 'f 'S K6 " 2 if . " " M . 8' 1- " L K 'i-.3427 7 A..,.,,..,..,. 51, , I J 3 ..,-,,, V K , 44 . . - ' ' . 9 F: " '51, 'uri ,K AAT T 'C' L f U 54. 71. s 4. J t ' f- W . , 537 - b ' 'ifm " ' 'f" -N 'N .-. - V, 4 1 - A A N W4 l 4 an gn 3 4,--3. Y, , :Z .i , 1 ,gg .4 X -. N - WMM, -f . Q, we-1 my ' bk, V -f if ' f., - A' , - A , , 1 K.-:J M vp, fig ' P 14" .. -4- 'M 2 rw'g'b:g - N 3 -4' 'V -0430 4 "' -" ' " , V 51, tb ., it 5..RgW - -V A QM. A ,-,, ws 40 .,. ,W W W 4 2 ., ,'! 7, , -new I. Q 'G ' v . . gi 4 . 1 g 5 1 ' - . . , g Q Q v A l ,Ax G I g- ' ' s fi 5 ' 5 '? Q! " .F if ' ' A f fv 'if" "' . .wk TA I ' Q , ' 4 ' .. Ig '- '4' QW KA. O Y, ,A hw- ., f Q. ,.,.,, fy .f .-1 uv: -. , .,'. .gf'fg.:f.1. NM ' -Q., K, A Nfg4i5g33'wf:. "rf?f:ig.,fG"4i "fi 1' .129 f AMY? 2l??3-al Jaillfi' pf-'2i'HE:i5++'w'+ 1, ' Y-,Sa K P' 41 A , L X . . , gifwv-g-,,.g4gg.1M 13, ..-g, way, .N-,MA-f' .1:s:1f 2 nkx SS-:X , - ., f -f Mm- -954' 's i' "- gvwf a:4gem:.ys. , , Q 7 K ' 'gr vw. 12.2 .V " ,Q W. -r' +4 J w xfxv 'M'-fb, ' - 'fa f?-fl .,.A-'v':?f"s-V1 'K . ' ' it ' 2 Q ,' 'Q fi' M ' ' ' Q , ' f ' fs, ' ' R Y. gy ,I X f Q . 4,1- Jf' z Our Class, at first a tiny seedling, nurtured by the life-giving light of knowledge imparted by our devoted teachers soon sent forth branches, at first timldly, then bravely. Now, firmly rooted in the doctrines of what IS right, we look forward to the day of graduation, when the class of 47 shall have attained full growth. But before the dawning of that day, we pause to gather leaves of preclous memories of our school life. These are the achieve- ments, the dear, unforgettable lights and shadows of our days at A.H.N. May these leaves inspire each member of our beloved class to cherish always the high ideals 4 and the noble purpose of our A.H.N. training. May they be an inspiration to us all to bring forth fruits worthy of a tree so tenderly nurtured. ,f Kathleen Devlin Helen Fox Dale Von Hitritz Kathleen lVll'Garrahan ,lean Del Santo Mary Elizabeth Denney Carolyn Grant Mary Joan Ryan .qfbve av X K 9 o we w Q5 0 ec eY61xiS0a9ke- Q90 635 x X eo Q? 5' 1 7 O f f 1 I Q-gba 3'3ff3'-jg Q cfs ' V' A 'qlliili amy' nl a fi WN-E" J , ' vl J 1 X7 Q in if 4 D 13 r K il x X ' ' ., A P ly, X 1 f 4: X25 X Q06 W B65 of Q, cg 96' XWXXSG C so Q, . 0 QQGQXW 0 QQ 420 mob 4, ff.-,P 2965 7 5739! fa J As we, the leaves of the branch of ,47, look back upon ow years at A.H.N., truly we see that there was very little w ever did in which Cod did not have a part. Every activity of importance has centered around Him. The iirst grea moment of our high school days-our reception into the Sodality of Our Lady, the daily rosary, Benediction of thi Blessed Sacrament, with which we closed each week, the Sodality Communion on the first Saturday of every month our yearly retreat-all found us gathered in our loved A.H.N. Chapel, drawing closer to the Vine, our Eucharistic Lord. Examinations loomed on the horizon, and we evei relied upon the aid of Cod as well as textbooks. Surely ez "I am the Vine, you the branches" -John XV 5 ur success was due in great part to Him. Before all athletic vents too, members of each class could be seen, during :cess or any other free time, in the Chapel, praying for leir respective teams. As our happy years at A.H.N. have passed along, every Ludent has grown to love more and more the precious ioments of contact with the true Center of our life-the Pivine Dweller in the Tabernacle. For the years to come, 'hen the branch of '47 will spread out over the highways nd by-ways of the world, we breathe a prayer to God that 0 leaf shall ever be separated from the true Vine-our 'romise of eternal life. ' 1- 1- er glhglbg .0 J: ' I lbS1Q,g.Op97Q' 'ke 'AZ '12, Ab 0345, Cizofer lla. tv loo Q0 Q90 'e 0' .few ,522 8 Q' fl 64506, , 'Q AZ7s,31"I. X1 ix bs ...av- Rn aft Gig' 0 U' gs QP 'V og S ff Vee U1 'egg' BS 1 l 4 ,I M ff ' D. ,3'gif.f-Q4 1 : 1 A' '- W . A v K 'il l '.p' flll il M I ull 1 NF - " v ' XY. "' 0 U -1 JA' V qu A ' .', .1 f ' , M X , x 99 0 efgssvvsyo 'Q o W9 Q' Q69 S' vt K Q-44? Q X get . xxsoo R99 efxob 5 eb DEDICATIO Pope Pius XII is the only Pontiff ever to have visited the United States. It was in the fall of 1936 that, as Cardinal Secretary of State, he entered New York harbor. His gracious kindness and open friendliness during his visit won for him a place in the hearts of every true American. He traveled from coast to coast heralded by thousands of Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Soon to Rome, he was elected Pope. after his triumphant return During his younger days, our Holy Father was one of the most valuable men in the Papal Embassy. Not only His Holiness P ius Xl, but also the entire hierarchy recognized his great potentialities. Now that he is the Vicar of Christ on earth one of his greatest concerns is the plight of the starving children of Europe p,,AAAf ,A1ll ..,q ' HA IL I E .L" ..f fm 9 A M yi-'llcg 5111 as g f 'I 1 A V,-if . 4 f' 7 'ifgixxwi -Q-bl W' I aa "' I f T' x-Nd' ' "' " ffit'-' ' . xc .V ,Q Q- u,' : l' Q ', A " I, A- , , , up , - by 6 H., A , J . E-im: ' E81 SEGRETEMGNDISTAVO Vatican July 31, 1345 SUA SANTITA 21.129009 Dear ities angel , The Holy Father has entrusted to ms the honored duty of acknowledging your filisl letter and the very generous offering in the amount of 8 1000,00, which you so lovingly forwarded to Him through the kind offices of the Apostolic Delegate on behalf of the Mission Committee of the Holy Names Academy to aid war stricken children. His Holiness now bids me convey to you and to all who ' L cooperated so enthusiastically in the Charity Bsvaar, the , x t expression of His paternal gratitude and of His high appreciation Viv "' of the fllial sentiments of loyalty and devotion which inspired UQQ' ', you in placing this gift in His hsnds. 'rn X FXKK X :sl As a token of His abiding solicitude and benevolence the Holy Father very cordially bestows on you, on the s1sters and Z the pupils of your esteemed Academy, His Apostolic Blessing preying that it may be to you all, the source of bountiful divine favors and graces. I Z4 ' , with the assurance of ny consideration and esteem, I remain 9,-7 X-of-R L 3 E ' -'.l ,Ks If A 55.1, Very sincerely yours in Christ, Miss Anne Engel Q! Academy of the Holy Names 626 Madison Ave A1bany,N.Y. me We, the Class of ,4-7, humbly dedicate this issue of CHEER to His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, in grateful recognition of his gracious blessing bestowed upon our school during the past year. The occasion which prompted this very special favor was a generous sum of money contributed and sent by the students of A.H.N. to His Holiness for the starving children in Europe. In response to our contribution the Holy Father extended his own personal blessing to each student. We in turn should pray daily for his intentions and particularly that he may be victorious in his struggle against the "isms" of our modern world. The Class of '47 is entering a world torn by international strife and unrest. We should dedicate our efforts towards maintaining a peaceful world united in CHRIST i9J u i Father Walter Duffy, O.F.M. Conv., our chaplain, 101 oiiiciating at Friday afternoon Benediction. THE Mother Mary Esterwin Provincial Superior Sister M. Jane Francis Superior HIGH SCHOOL STAFF Sister Anna of Mary Sister Philip Mary Sister Emma Jane Marie Sister Frederick of Jesus Sister Mary Hildebrand Sister Claude of ,Iesus Sister Nicholas Mary Sister Mary Edwina Sister Ellen Rose Sister Evangeline Marie AN APPRECIATION OF OUR FACULTY Miss Elizabeth Collins, Social Studies teacher for the Junior class, and home room teacher for the Seventh and Eighth Grades. My heart leaps up when I reflect The gratitude I owe To those who always understand Who ever lend a guiding hand And no reward expect Mrs. George Hale, cunducti l w FACULTY GRADE SCHOOL Sister Mary Hedwige Sister William Mary Sister Edmund of Jesus LIBRARY Sister Mariana MUSIC Sister Mary of the Eucharist Sister Mary Emmanuella Sister Albert Mary Sister Margaret of Jesus Sister Agnes Anne ART Sister Mary Margaret J apologies to William Wordsworthl Father Walter Burns, leading a lligh School religion class. heartaches show. :cds of learning they impart bring forth fruit in every heart Sod reward our wondrous faculty! diction class. Mr. Frank Walsh, directing the Choral class. U11 LEAVES OF CHEER sEN1oRs ,,,,V A ,, ,,,.,..,..A ,. A.. ,,,.A. , ,, P a g e 13 Concerning us, the Seniors, and our accomplishments throughout four of the most memorable years of our lives. STUDENT BODYW-. .,,r.,,.e,eeee...e..,...r - r..,,,..,.ra,, , Page 31 Regarding the lower classmen-who have always proved themselves to be loyal friends of the Class of '47 DAILY TREE OF LIFE. ....-..............,,,,...,.,,...,,... Page 41 Touching upon the pleasant fand at times difiicultl hours we've spent climbing the tree of knowledge ACTIVITIES ...,.,,, ........ , ..r..............,s,,r,.,s,sw.,s,,... . Page 51 Pertaining to all the fun and good times we've had in our numerous extra-curricular activities 121 Tall oaks from little acorn.s grow 32 , . 2 if " ..-- i :xg I Q, , , tk. ,X X, X .. it l ELIZABETH AHEARN W ith a clever mind and a smiling face, Betty gives our class an added grace. Major--Latin, Social Action Committee 3, Publicity Committee 4, Swimming Club 4, Class Plays 1-3, Sodality Play 3, Winner of A.P.W. Art Contest and American Artist Contest 3, A.H.N. Rep- resentative in Speaking Contest 3. "Betty" MARGARET BARNES Smiling and sweet, and loved by us all Is Peg, who in height is not very tall. Major-Historyg Class President 1, Bas- ketball Team 2, Riding Club 4, Class Cheerleader 4, Sodality 3-4, Volley-ball Team 1-2. "Peggy" JULIANNE BEAN jnlie, the girl with the reddish hair, Has a charming wit thafs beyond compare. Major-Frenchg Class Sportsleader 1 Social Action Committee 2-3-4, Clas Cheerleader 3, Basketball Team 2, Swin ming Club 4, French Club 3, Choral l 2-3-4, Auxilium Latinum fCum Laude 3, Class Play 3, Operetta 2. "Beanie 141 "ws,-ff r' , ...M 3, ,EW rf K ., K, K ai 5 w , 5 2 S f sz 1 ,. L wifi -- P, ff' . H HELEN BECKER carefree Helen is happy and gay, tall, smiling presence adds cheer to mr day. 'or-Science: Eucharistic Committee Ihoral l-2-3-4, Class Play 1, Sodality 3-4. ugeckn tt vt ANGELA BELLANTONI Angela, gentle and greatly admired, Of courteous helpfulness never grows tired. Major--French: Eucharistic Committee 1-2-3-4, Eucharistic Committee Chairman 4, Latin Choir 4, Class Plays 1-3, So- dality Play 3. uAngien DOROTHY BLAUM Dot is the one who took snaps of ua all- lnside and outside, or along any hall. Major-Latin: Class Mission Leader 3, Eucharistic Committee 2, Mission Com- mittee 3-4, Social Action Committee 4. Choral 1-2-4. uD0tn Us 1 l 5 Q A 5 3 L ff? J H lt? ,t,, A s ln SHIRLEY LOU BRIERLEY "S. L." has complexion like a rose, A charming way, and stunning clothes. Major-Frenchg Literature Committee 1-2, Mission Committee 3, Basketball Team 1-2-3-4, French Club 3-4, Choral 1, Class Plays 1-3, Varsity Letter 2, Sodality Play 3. us. lun E161 ff' JOAN CAHILL .loanie is quiet, and always sweet, She is one of our girls who can't be beat. Major-Science, Social Action Commit- tee I, 2, Basketball Team l-2-3-4, Riding Club 4, Class Play 1, Varsity Letter 2. "Joan" VIRYA CARRANZA Virya, a smart little Spanish lass, ls the ine sports leader of our class., Major-Scienceg Class Sportsleader 4. Basketball Team 2-3-4, Swimming Club 4, Sodality 2-3-4, Varsity Letter 2. sryiryan v, if Wt., . ,E ,HS Wm. J- 1, 1 K 1 1 l CAROLE CLEMENS 'em Ls good at any game iat's what won her all her fame. or-Lating Class Secretary 1, Class 'tsleader 2, Literature Committee 1, iaristic Committee 2-3, Class Cheer- er 2, Basketball Team 1-2-3-4, Rid- Ilub 1-2, Latin Choir 4-, Latin Honor ificate 1, Class Plays 1-3, Sodality s 2-3, Varsity Letter 2, French Club U71 "Clem" MARION CONKLIN Fair-haired, pleasant, very true, ls Marian with her eyes of blue. Major-Scienceg Social Action Commit- tee 4, Riding Club 4, Swimming Club 4, Choral 1, Auxilium Latinum fCum Laude? 1, Class Play 1. "Marion" , , ,. R is 4. ix ELIZABETH COX Betty a wonderful nurse will make, Think what good care of the patients 5he'll take. Major-Lating Class President 2, Mis- sion Cqmmittee 2. Social Action Com- mittee 3-4-, Choral 1-2-3-4, Class Plays 1-3, Swimming Club 4, Eucharistic Committee 1. - g "Betty" if X 5 V KATHERINE CRAMER "K, C." is a student of musical art, With a winning smile, and a kindly heart. Major-Musicg Literature Committee 1, Publicity Committee 3-4, Varsity Cheer- leader 3-4, Swimming Club 4, Choral 1- 2-34, Class Play 1, Operetta 2. "K. C ." PATRICIA CURRY Pat is linguistic and musical too, And a basketball forward who shoots baskets true. Major-Frenchg Publicity Committee 4, Class Cheerleader 2, Basketball Team 1- 2-3-4, Riding Club 1-2, French Club 3-4, Class Plays 1-3, Varsity Letter 2. "Patsy" .I EAN DEL SANTO Jean is a genius in writing and art And a leader in all things in which she takes part. Major-Artg Varsity Cheerleader Cap tain 4, Varsity Cheerleader 3-4, Riding Club 1. French Club 3, Auxilium Lat inum iCum Laudel 1-2, lMaxima Cun Laudel 3, Sodality Play 3, "Chem" Make-up Editor, Class Play 1. "Jean U81 f. 5' gt. -s at as W in 1153? A 5423? IARY ELIZABETH DENNEY KATHLEEN DEVLIN MARION DOWNES time Hetle goes on a diet f starts the senior class room riot. or-Frenchg Class Vice-President l, s Secretary 3, Social Action Com- ee 2-3, Basketball Team 1-2-3-4, Rid- Clllll 2-4, Swimming Club 4, French u 3-4, Choral 2-3, Latin Honor Cer- tte 1, Class Play 1, Operetta 2, fer" Patron Manager, Varsity Letter U91 "Bene" Clever and noble with ideals high, Kate fits the motto "To do or to die." Majorf- Frenchg Auxilium Latinum Honor Certificate 1-3, Class Secretary 2. Class Treasurer 3, Class Mission Leader 4, Eucharistic Committee 2-3, Mission Committee 4, Riding Club 4, French Club 3-4, Choral 1-2-3-4, Class Play 1. Operetta 2, "Cheer" Editor-In-Chief. "Kale" We are not at a loss when we need a good friend, Marion gives helping hands without end. Major-Latin: Eucharistic Committee 1- 2-3, Basketball Team l-2-3-4, Riding Club 1-2-4, Choral 1-2-3, Class Plays 1-3, Operetta 2, Sodality Play 3, Varsity Letter 2. "Downesie" mg, MARY DOZOIS With cheery smile and joking ways, Our "Dozie" brightens all our days. Major-French: Class Mission Leader 1, Class Vice-President 2, Class President 3, Mission Committee 1, Literature Com- mittee 2, Social Action Committee 3-4, Class Cheerleader 2, Basketball Team 1-2-3-4, Riding Club 4, Swimming Club 4, Choral 1-2-3, Latin Choir 4, Class Plays 1-3, Operetta 2, Varsity Letter 2. "Dozie', U01 f f 5 t 2 , 3 A e E f 5 Q Q in , ,. fl- ALICE FAHY Alice, our dancer, is witty and gay, She keeps us all merry on every school day. Major-Science, Class Mission Leader 1. Mission Committee 1-2, Social Action Committee 3, Riding Club 2, Swimming Club 4, Choral 2-3-4, Class Play 1, Pub- licity Committee 3. UAF, 2 -femmwu PATRICIA FARRELL Pat is a really worth-while friend, Loyal and steadfast and true to the end. Major-Frenchg Literature Committee 1- 2-3-4, Basketball Team 1-2-3, Riding Club 1-2-3-4, French Club 3-4, Class Plays 1-3, Sodality Play 3. "Pat" , T '33 6 . ANNE MARIE FORD e has a misrhiefvous look in her eyes, ll never forget her, so witty and wise. orw-Latin, Class Mission Leader 1, sion Committee 1-2, Social Action :mittee 3-4, Class Cheerleader 3, ketliall Team 1-4, Riding Club 4, mming Club 4, French Club 3, ral 1-2-3. Latin Choir 4, Class Plays Operetta 2, Auxilium Latinum Honor ilicate 1-2, Volley-hall Team 2. "Annie" j . HELEN FOX A sweet-faced girl who likes good fun, Helen wins honors for school work well f10HF- Major--Latin: Class President 1, Class Treasurer 2, Class Vice-President 3, Class Cheerleader 4, Social Action Com- mittee 3, Publicity Committee 4, Riding Club 4, Swimming Club 4, French Cluli 3-4, Choral 3. Auxilium Latinum fCum Laude? 1-3, Class Plays 1-3, Operetta 2, "Cheer" Circulation Manager. "Foxie" ANNA FRANZE Anne is friendly, good and true And a pal to all her classmates too. Major-Science: Mission Committee 2-4 Eucharistic Committee 1, Choral 1-2-3-4 Sodality 1-2-3-4. "Anne fztj v. E C i e , F it -x- Z. ,V 1-31 - ' A ,- X, , . -'fi i e i 1 1 f ' ? e .ttf e ti eff E J e,feef s-if - Q 1 4 tm 'pf Q R Y St CAROLYN FURRER Carolyn, it is easy to tell, Is the kind of friend worth knowing well. Major-Lating Mission Committee 1-2, Social Action Committee 4, Riding Club 1-2, Swimming Club 4, Choral 1-2-3-4, Latin Choir 4. "Lynn" 5 3 2 ' s Y' X. r. ,- , f ma, - i Q' CAROLYN GRANT Carolyn's nickname is "Ulysses" She's one of the class's cleverest misses. Major--Frenchg Class Cheerleader 3-4, Basketball Team 1-2-3, Riding Club 1-2, French Club 3-4, Choral 3, Latin Choir 4. Class Plays 1-3, "Cheer" Advertising Manager, A.H.N. "Evangelist" Repre- sentative, Auxilium Latinum Honor Cer- tificate 2-3. "Carolyn,' .155 ,li 21405 THERESA HAHN Sweet is the sound of her lovely voice When it comes to singing, she's our choice. Major-Scienceg Social Action Com- mittee 2, Riding Club 4, Choral 3-4, Latin Choir 4, Eucharistic Committee 4. "Terry" . " ii" -, Q 42 . f 'f " ' wf-1-rv ,,.o-'I lfffu, J 1 2 i 5 t 9 MARILYN HEILIC in playa the Ml,'lf'N for our llllllflllg at noon, fling uml willing, she plays ervrvt tune. jor Art: Publicity Committee 3-4, ling Club I-2. Swimming.: Club 4, So- ny L2 at "Lynn" vw RITA KOONZ Ritffs laugh we often hear, lt ills ua all with hearty cheer. Major- -Frenchg Publicity Committee 4, Choral 1-2-3, Class Play 1, Operetta 2, Sodality Play 2. "Rita" JOAN MAHER This petite is Cute and neat, She dances wellg she's very sweet. MajorALating Class Vice-President 4 Literature Committee Chairman 3. Liter attire Committee 2-3, French Club 3 Choral 1-2-3-4, Class Play 3, Operetta 2 Class Cheerleader 4, Publicity Commit tee 4, Latin Honor Certificate 1-3. "Irish" 1 all ii, E Q 2 l that l33l l 'il l C a li C el a X f' l 3 PATRICIA MAY A tall, sweet girl with friendly way, And a western drawl-that's our Pat May. Major-Scienceg Swimming Club 4, Choral 1-2-3, Sodality 1-2-3-4. inputs, Y' I + 51 z A fi- - :sg ' fe f is gf" s ': ' :Sl ly 5, -U he 15. In v. . A all . ..,g,, MARY McCABE "Little Miss Campbell's Soup" we say To our prefect, Mary, with her sunny way. Major-Lating Sodality Secretary 2, So- dality Vice-Prefect 3, Sodality Prefect 4, Mission Committee 2, Eucharistic Com- mittee 1, Basketball Team 1-4, French Club 3-4, Choral 4, Class Plays 1-3, Latin Honor Certificate 1, Class Presi- dent 1. "McCabe,' Q M K MARY McCARROLL Mary's nickname happens to be Mac Pep or vitality she does not lack. Major-Lating Class Sportsleader 3, Class Secretary 4, Mission Committee 3- 4, Basketball Team 1-2-3-4, Riding Club 1-2f4, Swimming Club 4, French Club 3, Choral 1-2-3-4, Latin Choir 4, Auxilium Latinum lMagna Cum Laudel 3, Class Play 3, Varsity Letter 2. "Mad i241 wh ' , ,, M,l',fff, ..-., ll l l KATHLEEN MALARRAHAN llfillllflflf minal, Il Illlilllllllg wav. loyal frivml- yvs, tlmfs our Kay. ujor Luling Class Xvliff'-I,l'f"SlIlf'Ilf l. aes Pre-sidr-nt 2-3. Sorlality Trvasurc-r Mission Conrmittf-P 2534, Bzxskftltall -am 2-3-4. Swimming flluh 4. lfrvncli uli IVirfe'-Pr:-sitlf-ntl 3, fPr0sitlcnll 4. moral 2-3-4. Latin Choir 4. Anxilium .tinum llium l.au1lr-l 1, flllaxima Cum iurlel 2. lfllatzna Cum Land:-l 3, Class nys 1-3. Sotlality Plays 23. Orwretta "Cheer" Business Managvr, Varsity 'ttvr 2. ulcayy- wi JOAN McMAHON ".'lffi1'k1'y" mlfvs rare' of our finances all With her sweet, smiling manner she answers our call. Major---Latin: Class Trvasurvr 2-3-4. Social Action Committee 3. Publicity Committee 4, French Club 3-4, Choral 1-2-3-4. Class Plays 1-3. Opvrvtta 2. Class Cheerlvamlvr 4. ".lIic'l.'ey 'iw P it n PEARL MENDRYSA Pmrl fils hfr norm' most pr'rle'rflv We think Sl1l'l5 as niwe as she frm bf. Major- Scienveg Publicity Cornmitteu 4 Choral 3-4. Sotlalily l-2-3-4. "l'v11rl' 'K I H f K 5' 1 HA' 3 fi . gt ff.. E riff V Q .. to ' if ' , Q5 5' it C JEANNE MEYER Jeannie is our silent churn She-'s never sad, she's never glam. Major-Lating Social Action Committee 1-2-3, Eucharistic Committee 4. Class Cheerleader 3, Riding Club 4, Swimming Club 4. Choral 1-2-3-4, Class Plays 1-3. "Jeanne" no ,yr "Cf V K 1 5 ' nl PATRICIA 0'BRIEN The class can count on Pat's good heart She's always ready to do her part. Majorvlsating Eucharistic Committee 3, Basketball Team 3-4, Swimming Club 4, French Club 3, Class Plays 1-3. upatu MARIE POWERS Marie will be able to care for us all When she graces some fortunate hospital hall. Major-Lating Class Treasurer 1, Eu- charistic Committee 1-2-3-4, Basketball Team 1-2-3-4, French Club 3-4, French Club Treasurer 4, Choral 1-2-3-4, Latin Choir 4, Class Play 1, Operetla 2. "Powers" ,,..f' s - 5 ' ll gQ' li, 'l--2 l ffk, fhf 1 ' K, e 5 ROSELLA ROBERTS 'lla is the t'loss's tiniest sprite tips the yardstick at five feet in eight. wr-Science: Sodality Play 3. So- y l-2-3-4, Volley-ball, Baseball. "Rosie" MARY THERE SA ROCHE Teresa, with dark eyes and dark hair above ls our Senior class president, whom all of us love. Major-latin, Class Secretary 2, Class Vice-President 3, Class President 4, Social Action Committee 1, Literature Committee 2-3, Publicity Committee 4, Swimming Club 4, French Club 3, Choral 2, Operetta 2, Latin Honor Cer- tificate 1-3. "Theresie" CERALDINE RUEFLE Who ron outdo the avhievements of Jeri? An artist-A sturlent-dear friend- always merry. Major' Latin: Class Secretary 1, Social Action Committee 1-2-3, Publicity Com- mittee 4, Basketball Team 2, Riding Club 4, Swimming Club 4, French Club 3, Choral 1-2, Class Plays 1-3. njerin i27l I , v,,.-f Q at 'I - x t ii l l 1 5 MARIE RYAN A familiar phrase "lust eight more squares." That was one of her biggest cares. Major-Latin: Social Action Chairman 3, Publicity Chairman 4, Social Action Committee 1-2-3, Basketball Team 3-4, Riding Club 4, Swimming Club 4, French Club 3, Choral 1-2-3-4, Latin Choir 4, Class Play 1, Operetta 2, Latin Honor Certificate 3. "Marie" 1-2. ' i .L iii 1 Q5 x, 'SL -i were L- ..,f4- - K :wi . , . E ,fl , za 1- ,f L it as 3 Wfw MARY JOAN RYAN Quiet, studious, but always gay, Generous, musical, all fit M. J. Major-Lating Class Mission Leader 3, Mission Committee Chairman 4, Litera- ture Committee 1-2, French Club 3-4, Choral 1-2-3-4, Class Plays 1-3, "Cheer" Literary Editor, Operetta 2, Latin Honor Certificate 1, Maid of Honor 1, Choral accompanist 2-4, Auxilium Latinum lMagna Cum Laudel 2. KM. J." E281 it i. ff 'I 5 ,N 1 F ALICE SALM Alice can easily make us smile She keeps us happy all the while. Major-Lating Class Mission Leader 2 Mission Committee 2, Class Play 1. HAI,- Y X.. ,fi 3 , , ,,,,.....--du at K , it 5 3- 3 5 ' lilfl 'L Vi? V t ,, A ,, 5 gt ii ' in , vlATll.DA TARZIA DALE VON HITRITZ ANN WALSH E, curly looks and a smile' Ir us all ', SFPUTS, lldS llt!fllf'ti07lS Qt small. ri-Lating Choral 1-2-3-4, lg Club 4, Swimming 4, Latin Choir 4. "Tillie" l29l We're glad our class can boast of Dale In high ideals she'll never fail. Major-Artg Class Sports Leader 3, Eucharistic Com- mittee 1-2, Literature Com- mittee 3, Basketball Team 1- 2-3, Swimming Club 4. French Club 3, Choral 1-2, Class Plays 1-3, "Cheer" Art Editor, Varsity Letter 2, Auxilium Latinum Honor Certificate 3. "Dale" j C, ,,,.,, , , , , f Ann, every morning, has a problem new. Without her good nature, now what should we do? Major--Latin, Class Secretary 3, Mission Committee 1, Pub- licity Committee 4, Swimming Cluh 4, Choral 1, Class Play 3. "Walshie', Q' 5 4. rf ANNE WEST "Westie" 's a girl we are al- ways admiring She is talented, friendly and very inspiring. Major-Latin: Class Vice- President 3, Eucharistic Com- mittee 2, Publicity Committee 3-4, Swimming Club 4, Class Play 1, Latin Honor Certificate 1. "Westie" pr I A i LEADERS OF A.H U01 l The ability to lead others is not possessed by everyone. We think that these A.H.N. leaders have a combination of charm, personality and above all school spirit. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Teresa Roche, President: Mary McCar- roll, Secretaryg Virya Carranza, Sports Leader: ,Ioan McMahon, Treasurer, ,Ioan Maher, Vice-President, Kathleen Devlin, Mission Leader. SODALITY OFFICERS Marie Ryan, Chairman of Publicity Com- mittee, Joan Casey, Chairman of Litera- ture Committeeg Joan Dyer, Chairman of Social Action Committeeg Joanne Moun- teer, Secretaryg Angela Bellantoni, Chairman of Eucharistic-Marian Com- mittee, Mary McCabe, Prefectg Mary Joan Ryan, Chairman of Mission Com- mitteeg Bella Roche, Vice-Prefectg Kathleen McGarrahan, Treasurer. As the twig is bent the tree's inclined' Junior A Class Officers: ileft to right! Helen Bums, Patricia Byrnes, Dorothy Frank, Patricia Hensel, Carolyn Broderick, Marilyn Covatta. Heroic Couplets to the Juniors QWith apologies to Pope and Coldsmithl Sweet School, surrounded by green pine, For years hast stood the rigors of our clime, Bleak winteris blasts, and summeris scorching heat, Both have attacked and met with grim defeat. And even whilst we, F ortians, love thee dear, Thy duty to thy offspring is to steer: So Latin, Science, Math are crammed within The heads which seem to be immune and dim THE CLASS From thoughts of dances, games, and sports galore, Obstructions all- while Sisters beg, implore To settle down with paper and with pen, And think a little less of boys and men, In order that in study flight of soull We finally would arrive at that fond goal Envisioned by our parents years ago, When we, with sturdy tread, to school would go. Thus filled with work and play the days have pa Until this year so gay, but not the last, Has beckoned us to share at Wisdomis shrine,- ssed, To scale high peaks where earth and heaven meet,- To seek the truth, love good, and beauty seek. So we, the Juniors, send our prayers above With steady loyalty and faithful love, To Cod, His Mother, and the Saints, our friends, For on their love and help our fate depends. ANN ERICSON, '48 PATRICIA HaNsr:1., '48 Lucy Arcidiacono, Josephine Bellantoni, Caroly Broderick, ,loan Brucker, Helen Burns, P: Byrnes, Theresa Cain, Mary Faith Casey, Joa Casey, Mary Cody, Rita Coughtry, Marilyn C4 vatta, Helen Daum, Pat Dollard, Joan Doyli Helen Du Charme, .loan Dyer, Eileen Early, Ann Ericson, Mary Jane Ferrey, Carolyn Finn, Doroth Frank, Doris Gabriels, Doris Gassdorf, Rose Har Pat Hensel, Faith Hughes. U21 F 1948 thy Jagareski, Jeanne Marie King, Pat Kir- Margaret Mary Krott, Joan Leach, Rita irrol! lyala McFarland, Pat Maher, lrene ni, Sally Mosher, Mary Rita Murray, Pat ugh. .loan Orr, Rosemary Panetta, Helen tn, Marie Rinella, Bella Roche, June non, Jean Spina, Claire Sweeney, Barbara rr, Pat Van Alstine, Emilia Vettese, Pat ater, Betty Ann Welch, Joan Wiesner, Mary .lane Wilson, Joan Zangrando. U31 With the advent of September, the Junior B class haughtily cast aside Geometry, Caesar, and other forms of childish Q?l play and undertook the adult responsibilities of the Junior year. To execute the affairs of our class, we immediately selected our officers: soft- spoken Pat Van Alstine, amiable Rita Murray, capable "Millie" Vettese, versatile Claire Sweeney, sports-minded Rosemary Panetta, and "mercenary" Pat Murtagh. A drenching downpour failed to dampen our spirits as we boarded a chartered bus for Auriesville. Accompanied by Sister Emma Jane Marie and Sister Philip Mary, the Juniors journeyed there to observe the Tercentenary of our American Martyrs. "The Eyes" had it at our Hallowe'en Costume Party when Joan Leach and Betty Ann Welch arrived uniquely garbed in an over-sized pair of spectacles. Amusing and original costumes fof newspaper and other prosaic materialsl , delicious refreshments, and impromptu entertainment added up to a most enjoyable afternoon. "Juniors, Juniors! Rahl Rah! Rah!" resounded as we triumphed in the Senior-Junior basketball game. Gaily attired cheerleaders urged the team to victory. We especially enjoyed choosing toys, games, etc. to send our Sisters at Key West, for their Negro pupils. Among the things we'll always associate with our Junior year are: the unforgettable Christmas party, the "super" Formal, the Blaclcfriars' Play, our Valentine's Day festivities, the Latin III pro- jects glorifying f?l Cicero . . . Pat Kirwin's One Act Play . . . Mary Jane Wilson in Diction . . . the American Legion Speaking Contest, where Margaret Krott captured fourth prize . . . Pat Murtagh and her everlasting mite box. We look forward now to our Senior year. CLAIRE SWEENEY, '48 MARGARET Knorr, '48 .lunior B Class Officers: fleft to right? Patricia Murtagh, Rita Murray, Patricia Kirwin, Rosemary Panetta, Patricia Van Alstine, Emilia Vettese. ..., ws.: '95 '-v, ,aft Rosemarie Adnolfi, Marianne Andrews. Julia Ann Avery, Theresa Bellantoni. Patricia Breslin, Anne Brodeur, Patricia Callahan, Lorraine Cleary, Joan Coakley, Joyce Connelly, Mary Cay Conway, Anne Cronin, Anne Davis, Margaret Mary Diehl, Maureen Doyle. Barbara Dudley, Dolores Dufour, Cosette Dumont,, Margaret Dwyer, Annette Eatherton, Mary Ellen Grady, Dolores Hart, Nancy Hayes, Yvonne Hensel, Helen Hogan, Marion Hoogkamp, Jean Hooper, Jean Jalet, Jean Horn, Genevieve Keller, Patricia Kirch. Rita Kot, ,loan Kronick, ,loan Lehr, Kathrine Loucks. Mary Mansion, Gloria Margiotta, Ann Martin, Maureen Martin, Mary McMahon, Ioan McMunn, Patricia Mendro, Joan Millet, Joanne Mounteer, Wanda Murawski, Ann Murtagh, Edna Murtagh, Dorothy Nagengast, Mary Neglia, L. Geraldine O'Connor, Marion Piela, Joan Pierce, Anni Postian, Mary Richardson, Eleanor Rioux, Theresa Sabatino, Ruth Sherer. Mary Scuderi, Helen Patricia Shannon, Phyllis Siciliano, Mary Stockman, .loan Van Vleck, Mary Ellen Webster, Mary P. Whalen, Barbara Zwack. Dear Diary: Let us look back on the parade of Sophomore B events during- this second high school year. Remember returning to our beloved school, where we renewed old acquaintances and made new ones? How after the first week we suddenly found ourselves shedding carefree habits acquired during the vacation and assuming the roles of studious and ambitious sophomores? How bright the vista of the unfolding year, one of true friendships, joyous occasions, and earnest endeavors to live up to the exemplary Seniors! Recall the great joy when our black hats were received as an addition to our trim uniforms. How dignified we feel as we wear them to Chapel and in the halls! Our annual retreat came and passed, but the memory of the Masses, inspiring Conferences and spiritual readings, lingers yet. School life had its social side. A bazaar sponsored by the Mothers' Auxiliary provided us with a gala afternoon. The Hallowe'en and Christmas parties, arranged and conducted by the girls served to bring us many unfor- gettable hours of merrymaking. Finally, a movie entitled "Holiday In Mexico", was given by the entire Sophomore class for the enjoyment of the Sisters. MARY PAT W1-IALEN, Sophomore B D43 THE WW Y Q 94 ff' 5 GM f Cf CZ 'fi-Q. ww I 1 af P G..-1 V4 .5 ' 4' bi Av gf. hw 1 QR? Q fv .J fp: T , V- , ,. s W, ' , N - OFFICERS fLeft to rightl MeFront: Josephine Palermo, M317 fallen Markham, Nancy Wallingford, ,Iacquelyn King, Mary Ellen Benson, Germaine Ruddy, ,loan Allen. Back: Judith Hiney, Stella Lisuzzo, Jacqueline Raymond, Marjorie lfilligan, Marilyn Amsler, Nancy Von Hitritz. As the year draws to a close, we look back with pleasant memories on many happy and exciting school days. Not one of us will forget them. Late in September, we underwent the traditional initiation by the Seniors. In November, we had a Thanksgiving party, under the guidance of Sister Nicholas Mary. Everyone enjoyed the dancing, laughing, singing and eating. December thirteenth was a happy day because we were received into the Sodality of Mary. The big social event of the year was the Christ- mas Formal at the DeWitt Clinton Hotel. A good time was enjoyed by all and the dance was con- sidered a great success. Another big event was th? Mother-Daughter luncheon, also held at the DeWitt. The Seniors headed the entertainment committee and succeeded very well. Now we are looking for- ward to the concert because it will be our first. It is only fitting that we say a word of gratitude to our teachers, Sister Nicholas Mary, Sister Mary Hildebrand, and Sister Claude of Jesus for their splendid teaching and guidance this year. We will strive hard to keep a good name for our school, as those ahead of us have done. NANCY WALI.INCF4JRD, '50 D61 We Freshmen have had a very profitable and teresting year. ln the early part of October, we joyed studying nature in its fall colors, while ilking in the park with our Science teacher, Sister aude of jesus. A most pleasant time was had by We also had several parties, Hallowe'en, Thanks- ving and Christmas. THE CLASS Our most exciting adventure took place on that entful September day when the "illustrious and 'ulgentll Seniors had the upper hand. They cer- inly succeeded in making this Initiation Day most ipressive. ln the beginning of December. the annual triduum .nk place under the supervision of Father Uillay. I. This retreat was in preparation for our recep- vn into the Sodality of Mary. OF Although our studies have been most exacting. 2 have. with the help of our teachers. absorbed ich of the true tradition of our Academy. We ow that we have made many friendships among r classmates which we hope will last for many ars. We like to think that we have made friends iong our teachers and the members of the upper lsses too. We have enjoyed our Hrst year ik forward eagerly to the school at A.H.N. and years ahead. 1950 JACQUELYN KING, '50 ,loan Allen, Marilyn Amsler, M. Ann Beinkafner, Mary Ellen Benson, Ann Birmingham, Joan Burkart, Mary Burns. Marie Calsolaro. Eileen Carey, Frances Carioto, Alfreda Charlebois. Gloria Christian, E. Jane Costello. Marcia Coughtry, Erna Courtney, Derry Devlin, Eleanor Diamond, Constance Eberle, Marie Fisher. Betty Gaucas, Andree Gilbert. Marjorie Gillizan. Marilyn llalnin. Mary Ann Higgins. Judith Hiney. Barbara Hutson. Florence Joyce. Mary Ellen Kennedy, Shirley Kinaman. Jacquelyn King, Joan Kniffen, Charlene Kress, Patricia Harper, Dorothy Lanahan. Stella Lisuzzo, Geraldine Magee. Joan Mara. Mary Ellen Markham. Carole Mendro, Sally Miller, Mildred Mottolese, Rose Mary 0'Brien, Jane Glenhouse, .lolieta Ott. Josephine Polermo, Rose Mary Paulus, Barbara Pierce. Jacqueline Raymond. Dorothy Robarge, Virginia Ronan, Jermaine Ruddy. Ruth Schanz. Saundra Sullivan, Gladys Thornton. Maureen Varlney, .lr-anne Van Bushkirk. Theresa Vecciarelli, Jean Viglucci, Joan Viglucci. Patricia Viglucci, Nancy Van Hitritz, Nancy Wallingford. Mary Ann Zaccardo. I E571 FIRST GRADE-Jeanne Alice D'Anjou, Ioan Benson, Patricia 31184611-Donna Calls, Barbara Glavin, Ann Manning, Lorraine Moran, Loretto Moore. Donna Mulligan, Janice Murphy, jud- ith Myers, Sandra Mantell, Eileen Petersen, Judith Rundel, MaryxRyan, Patricia Toole, Marquerite Tudico, Mary Ellen Walsh, Cynthia Wood. SECOND GRADE-Gloria Bruckley, Catherine Byrnes, Grace Buettne'r, Patricia Daly, Carol DeMarco, Mary Glavin, Carol Gorden, Lillian Goergan, Catherine Gormley, Carol Hayes, Janet Keenan, janet Males, Maureen Mahon, Gwendolyn Perron--, Catherine Shoplick, Mary Rita Siciliano, Carol Smania THIRD GRADE-jane Bar. rett, Barbara Burdick, Con. stance Curnin, Marcia Dalo, Mary Ellen Daly, Carol E. Noch, Carol Gavin, Mary Hagan, 10311 Haffis, Jfrilnne Maliar, Molly Mc-, Ginty, Helene McKean, Mary Murray, Clafe ROOUCY, Frances Sanders, Johanna S'tockman, Mary Turner. FOURTH GRADE-Catherine Carmody, Ruth Cross, Grace Di Bella, Nancy Grayson, Patricia Iarossi, MHYY Lade, Janvce Lawson, Barbara McGarr, Margo McNeill, Nancy Maher, Jane Petrie, Louise Rau, Patricia Wilkinson, U81 ITH GRADE r-flleatriz Ayala, June M. Anderson. arbara A, Brothers, Julia Clark, Anne E. Disco, Elaine Fruch, Kathleen Gainor, Carol M. Handel, Mary Ellen llogarty, Dolores McBride, Barbara M. Leddy, Joan M. Ledily, Marcelline McSweeney, Agnes G. Mulderry, Nancy ll, Singleton, Bobann Vrooman, Adella F. VValsh, Mary P. Warnock. FIFTH GRADE -- Mary E. Byrnes, Nancy Chippen- dale, Anita L. Droutz, Fredrica A, Dunn, Margaret A. Dunn, Barbara A, Flynn, Ruth G. lilavin, Carol A. Klapp, Elaine Mcllugh. Marjorie Ann Mulderry, Ann C. Nerf, Patricia A. Powers, Mary R. Roche, Donna L. Schmitt, Barbara A, Sennett, Dolores C, Yavonditte. LVENTH GRADE--Nancy Booth, Jane Carclonce, Diane 'hippenciale, Mary Ann Corcoran, Mary Ellen Cunning' ham, Jane Dunn, Dorothy Farrelly, Jean Fitzpatrick, jane Ganney, Joanne Iilavin, Margarie Kennedy, jane Lothes, Anne Marie Lynch, Barbara Munn, Yvonne Marcy, Kathleen lJ'Haire, Mary Alice Rooney, june Ryan, Joan Scally, Marilyn Sca- rinye, Suzanne Sheehan, Nancy Sherwin, EIGIITH GRADE-Carol Brisson, Delores Del Rucco, Mary Alice Donnelly, Mary Ellen Ebel, Margaret Eherle, Patricia Gainor, Ellen Grady, Sue Ann Hoog- kamp, Kathryn Maher, Madeline Mc- Farland, Shelia O'Brien, Jeanne Paulos, Nancy Roche, Antoinette Sacca, Eugene Schmitt, Mary Ellen Schwartz, Mary Tracy, Joan Turner, Joan Valentine. 5 waQ3533Rf?a Unity and friendship is the nior boarders' motto. Togetl with our beloved guardian, Sist Ellen Rose, we have lived a wh4 scholastic year, a time which ' will always remember with joj VIRYA CARRANZA, '47 SENIOR BOARDERS Beatriz Atala, Iulia Ave Anne Brodeur, Patricia Cal han, Virya Carranza, Dia Chippendale, Dolores Dufoi Ellen Ebel, Constance Eber Andree Gilbert, Mary A Higgins, Jean Horn, Marga: Krott, Dolores McBride, 1 lett O'Mara- .lean Paul Jacqueline Raymond, Ma Rinella, Rosella Roberts, Ja Ryan, Patricia Shannon, Ma Stoclcman. BOARDERS JUNIOR BOARDERS Jane Barett, Nancy Chippen- dale, Jeanne Alice D'Anjou, Grace DiBella, Carol Gordon, .lanet Keenan, Sandra Man- tell, Elaine McHugh, Marcel- line McSweeney, Lorraine Moran, Mary Murray, Patricia Toole. Under Sister Evangeline Marie's loving guidance, we knit and sew and play. We are always looking forward to the parties she pre- pares. What fun we have in the playroom called "the "Little Bee- hive". MARCELLINE MCSWEENEY, Grade 6 'ss in i401 The tree of deepest root is found least willing .still to quzt the ground l Father O'Day bestows the Papal Bless- From our freshman year, religion class was of prim- importance. Having studied the basic truths of ou religion, the Mass, the Liturgical Year and our Churcl History, we now have found that Moral Guidanci is an up-to-the-minute aid in the problems of everj day. In May comes the culmination of our efforts The Senior having attained the highest record is chosen May Queen and crowns the Blessee Mother in the grey stone grotto, honoree for the occasion by the presence of Ou Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. ingi UEJORI the students of A.H.N. at the A5 we take leavg of Our belgvet en 0 etreat. school, we breathe a prayer of grati The Senior Religion Class at one of its daily sessions of Moral Guidance. The grotto decorated for the May Procession at which the May queen crowns the Blessed Virgin. tude for our devoted teachers o religion. May we repay their el forts by a never-ending fidelit to the truths they hav imparted to us. KATHLEEN DEv1.1N, '4 This' Bazaar held by the Mission Com- mittee for the war orphans of Europe. U21 A glimpse of the Communion Breakfast after A.H.N. sodalists receive Holy Com- munion on the first Saturday of the month. Xrmy of youth flying the standard of truth" ex- d the spirit of our Sodality year. Every Friday eager Sodalists discussing ways of making the Catholic principles learned daily in school, 'ing a quiz to see what our I.Q. registered it came to Religion. ,nnual retreat, December fifth. served to these "gay gals" very serious and 'e about Father O'Day,s excellent talks. 'ery active committees were impor- actors in our Sodality's functioning. ty to the project of the Perfect end--First Friday, First Satur- md First Sunday- was an out- ng activity of our A. H. N. ll . A delegation from our Mission Commit ICC greets Monsignor Thomas Newman before his talk on mission conditions in Burma. Y MARY MCCABE, '47 The Literature Committee displays a few of the Catholic periodicals it has popularized at A.H.N. The Eucharistic Committee preparing fox a Sodality meeting. Poster making is one of the Publicity Commiltee's chief occupations. E431 The Social Action Committee of A.H.N. prepared Thanksgiving food baskets for the needy. ENGLISH Forty-five minutes of study in the quiet library are always deeply appreciated by the harried Seniors. Typing class was . . a great boon whe due for E l' s PV n short stories were ng ish class. fl A . . - g e ate, following all the rules of parliamentary procedure, was carried on dur- ing ljlfllllll class. very interestin d b Need we say that English is a well-loved subject at A.H.N. Besides our daily English classes we have Diction with Mrs. Hale, and a very well' equipped library with all necessary facilities at our disposal. As our school days have passed like leaves before the wind, we have been whirled from Mlvanhoen, with all its color and excitement, to the gold-clenching hands of "Silas Marner' Another strong gust of wind swept us to a surrounding of American poets who gave us fresh enjoyment in words and phrases long to be remembered. And who shall ever forget our rush to get the English readings done" The library will never be the sam C. These leaves of English learning will always be pressed to our hearts and ' h . en- r1c our future days. ALICE FAHY, ,412 LANGUAGES for the "Cercle des f he lwhristmas party d the toasts begin X highlight o t . . otoilesv was the lighting of candles an img ".l'allume cette hougii--7' ' America and French Canada t from l atm , l' h s eak- Studen s , at to mention our not-too-perfect Eng is -.p ,g girls, find that English grammar is a decidedly nportant suhject at A.H.lY. A language student may also encounter aesarls diverse wanderings and at the same me learn the tunes of "Alouette'7 or "La Marg eillaisen in French l and Il classes. Then, as ie advances, she delves into Cicero's orations nd acquaints herself with Guy de Maupas- mt's charming stories, meanwhile acquiring more difhcult "vocahulaire',. Aside from er studies, she may enjoy herself in the atin choir or at those Tuesday afternoon :ssions of the French Club. of the record our We are very proud .atin students have made in the Auxilium inations. Keep up the good ,atinum exam 'ork girls! CAROLYN GRANT, '47. sr 1 lfroud members of the Auxilium Latinum display cer- tificates and trophies. A Latin trophy is awarded the school ' top honors in a nationswide when three students win competitive examination. fm-arm f , I lass combines stu y d with pleasur e in the The French II c ' dicals. 45 reading 0 f French peno H61 MATHEMATICS X marks some of the best Freshmen students in Algebra. When we. as Freshmen, came trustingly into tl polished halls of A.H.N., Casting timid glances , the awe-inspiring Seniors, little did we realize wh, was in store for us-Algebra! After surviving the tales of the red book, M trudged wearily into the realms of Geometry. Then came a year of peace, as Juniors we el joyed freedom from numbers. Finally, as Seniors, we entered gailv into tl spirit of hyperbolas and elipses. January found our books worn and torn. An through it all our teachers, the Sisters. bore pt tiently with us to the end. JULIANNE BEAN, '4T. 17259 The achievements of the Sophomore class enCOMPASS a wide knowl- edge of Geometry. If Senior Intermediate Algebra students work as diligently as this, what will the equation be? Examsi 100721. SCIENCE Reminiscence takes us back to the days of leaf Jllections and experimental usage of the fascinat- ig g'Lab', with its varied apparatus. Fortified with nives and tweezers we advanced to the days of issecting innocent little grasshoppers. Terminating ur scientific study were the days of "holey" nocks lresult of misplaced acidsl, commotions aused by explosions, pungent odors of the fa- tilar chemistry experiments and the muHled :reams of frightened would-be scientists. As we face the wide world of wonders supported y knowledge acquired during interest-filled days f classes in General Science, Biology and Chem- stry, we leave thanks and appreciation to our evoted teachers. MARIE POWERS, '47. Little did the Freshmen realize the intricacies of a seashell until they were introduced into the wonder- land of General Science. The Chemistr class dee l resents those innuen Y P Y ' does about "smelling up" the school. The stu- dents are merely conducting an experiment. l47l Y V The 5hY inhabitants of the Biology cor' nel' mal' WTI!-Ktllff and squirm but there's H0 escape from the Biology students Wh? HFC IIOt at all shy about investi- gating. Q , 14-E956 ' ffq1w.p5,.g SCDCIAL STUDIES negject 009 lo . we A as nqvtff te ' xxejfi The lxislofy ciaiiicziilti at li? -doorfbepcapnoi of a . , HS opportunities PM Seniors WSW roll? have 8 5 ' Ne w York Slam ix! , m0me shldlmcl visit ul annie ' nnt- tfte Stale Cap Margaret Krott no doubt received an inspiration he-ref l- ' ' ' ' or ur prire winning oratlon in the American Legion Contest. As we turn back the pages of our courses her at A.H.N., we find that we have made many nes acquaintances. Where? In the corridors of History May we now give a few opinions of these great mei and women? Socrates, a fine scholar, thinks we did well bu could have been a little more studious. Caesar the reat Roman eneral warns us "Be s g 1 ware the team from Romeln The Empress Eugenie, a fashion expr-rt of he day, reports that the Seniors are right up to date ii this field. Washington and his famous first Cabinet an quite proud of the work done by our class officers while Lincoln smiles with co the thought of our school loyalty and class spirit And oh! wouldn't 6'Teddy" Roosevelt, the grea' outdoor man, have enjoyed roaming in the country the day we spent at the farm! To all these grand friends we made at A.H.lN we bid a fond farewell, with gratitude for theii kind words. T cherish. As "Pere de Violett say, "Au revoir but not adieu". We sh again. ntent as he ,relaxes ir hey are friends we shall always ea' fNapoleorrl woulc all met" DOROTHY BLAUW, VL7. Even Shakespeare looks interested in the "puppy" history class the Juniors are having. - ,. ,X .V iff? ffl 1.5151 L it fl'5'f'7 Vi. gf ,.a I I to Sing" carols the The Spring Concert of 1946 given by the Choral ffl ging Because Anyt- ' S hom Senior Choral Class. Class accompanied by the Albany .ymp , , Orchestra, was a never-Io-be-forgotten event. fery day as we walk through the portals of our c Room, we think, 'gHere is a place that might alled a world within a world". Its simple ty is ever caressed by a Hspeech that is of the ions". Strains of Bach, Beethoven, Liszt and masters drift out to us. Beauty, understanding, or strife -- no matter what the undercurrent 2 composition, it seems one is better for having I it. 1 this stage, music students have rendered their lions in the monthly recitals to the delight of The annual concert of the Choral classes is a i ht of the season, while the hope of all piano S nts is a Recital Repertoire. e Seniors are ably represented in the ranks 3 musicians. Some are building reputations by ng at broadcasts and social functions. Letters quest for musical talent, from leading organ- fns of our city are followed by sincere words ipreciation for the splendid training given by :ompetent teachers. December, Mary Joan Ryan was presented in rertoire. It was an evening of music enjoyed most appreciative audience. e shall always cherish the appreciation of : which our teachers instilled in us. MARY JOAN RYAN. Mar . Y Jo , might S8511 Ryans ,emu , entir S I 3 fnugical ri. mr? was, we C e mor Class. numph for the While 1, w Hndin Be must let ifout well-earn MUSIC 1- , I , UCker take HUC Rlllell ed Praise Maryj ,a bury for th ff and Joan, o an s reciyal. err assistance E491 ART The appreciation of art at A.H.N. is an ever- lasting enjoyment. With Sister Mary Mar garet, the pursuit of ar tistic ability is always of interest and informa- tion to the students. Senior art students used their talents to adygnlggc in decorating the Senior classroom for Christmas. Teresa Roche, Dale VonHitritz and Jeri Ruef Senior artists took part in the Central Avent Hallowe'en window decorating contest U01 'Friendship is a sheltering tree sglimpses 7 0 file Clvzisimas .qorma oobxixgv w U21 noses I A look in at the Christmas Formal, which as you can see was enjoyed by all. 01' ady Yxbe 52 Xxxyi X9 x Q0 Q5 ,gr 09 90 NN "Your wagons are hitched to what?Yand the sky full of stars!" A thrilling moment in the Sodality play "joyous Season". The talented vast inc'u4lvtl Mary Cody, Betty Cox, Marie Ryan, Pat Hensel, Margaret Krotl, Claire Sweeney, Kathleen McCar- rahan, Julianne Bean. Put Kir- win, Angela Bellantoni, Ann Ericson and Mary McCabe. A.ll.N. rls grducl tht N d ,X lent performance of Rlillblltll IHC DCIIIOI' leam IS ready lOl' Inf ngm-" A toss and a tumble at the Senior- g Junlor game. "Give a yellg Give a yell! We think the Junior team is swell!" 1 ...- 1.15.- 19-snr 1, wa Q' ts srl ff' -.1""" Sl 'T 'HEC' we S fig? -c .. . 'is ff I rf! ,,h,,4,Lf. ' ?!lf,z71,,,L 'f il H , ff if QXIQ 'U ' Vs., These Senior Cheerleaders surely strain their "sacro-iliacs" to make our games successful. The .lunior Cheerleaders are certainly up to the mark. "Pass it high, make your aim What d'ya say we win this game?" D53 f A mother-daughter combination which helped make the Mothers' Auxiliary Bazaar a great success. P3191 and Cy b. wane Nlyfgelggaxnax ine. - Yweae' bets oi X wonaellu :U ii! - XX, me having 8 ' aff? re erwmw 8 fx Z' tide s vie' Ciw- CMII CWQ M .qorgei . . . r,'f't' A favorite haunt of the younger crowd at the Bazaar Seem twfses 15 Eventiiii Anne Yo . nl mecmvas e was the Doll Booth. Our class picnic at the school farm? How we tramped out New Scotland Ave. one beautiful fall day until that tempting odor of roasting hot-dogs reached us. We ran the rest of the way. Hot-dogs, doughnuts, cider-um the perfect autumn party. And then, Anne West decided that a swimming club was just what the Seniors needed. She did a marvelous job of organizing one Now everyone just yearns for Friday - swimming day. Of course we just couldn't let the year go by without forming a riding club. With Mary Dozois as president and Patsy Farrell as combination vice-president, secretary and treasurer, the girls don These Seniors have been at A.H.7N longest. With their classmates they wil be received into the Alumnae Associz tion on Laetare Sunday. 1 . his ' ovyflg K . wxaazzewr 30 SWXKGIQXDQ 6 oY th l56l Cam! -Illliegih Gran tary Sisters of the Sick Poor C3116 slid tests of the A.ll.N. Sodality. tjmiwded be may at tl, U' lb, hav e -'1.HTNS?1i5,S h 11 a habits every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and are off to anch. My, what fun! Letis hope the horses feel the same. :xt comes the Senior-Junior party, the most celebrated of the Then each Senior presents to her Junior sister the key to the fr class. Since our class colors are green and white, St. Patrickis vas a most appropriate date for the occasion. 1 Laetare Sunday the Alumnae gives a tea to the Seniors wel- mg them into the association. This is always a joyous occasion ll concerned. ANGELA J. BELLANTONI. 'Ver and fr t a B 6 ab1 M PU' P , rrfeqe Dey S"ppar"""'ia!"f1Lw J CIQC Izney Orfed hthe Farrl aan Ryggrh Cierfinne gi' 36158-4.615 as -'L . a - - r d Gr fl Hy me Rueji fordflegn I1dM 8- 81-y arm. ad H glittle Fahd 01,1 b 'but Inafbeclledthere 3: dl 110, - an Sum Uver H lung Hr mel- d fl 0 1 e 8 Hy. Pen 5, 1101 d C on Og Hn The main table at the Mother-Daughter Dinner at the De Witt Clinton. U71 A group of the officers of the Mothers' Auxiliarv with their daughters at the Mother-Daughter Dinner. Clam Prophecy , It is the year 1957 and as g,...5"1 Anne West dashes madly down SJ" State Street to her position as President of West's De- R partment Storen, she stops to buy a paper whose head- L lines read: "New Patomic XX Bomb perfected by Patsy Far- ' rell." Excited by the news of Qu her former school mate, she hurries to her office, where, after a brief greeting to her top buyers, Kathleen Devlin and Mary McCabe, .. she commences to read. After perusing the detailed account of the bomb, she turns to the second page where she sees a point of interest, "Five Albany girls to enter Holy Names Order". The names, Elizabeth Ahearn, Angela Bellantoni, Marie Ryan, Alice Salm and Alice Fahy catch her eye. At first she looks for Ann Ford's name, but remembers that she and Ed have been married for two whole years. On the same page is a picture of Marie Powers, Marion Conklin and Betty Cox receiving their "white caps" from f Q' Teachers at Albany Academy H N 1' fin is a tea given by wives of fx . . ' Marion Downes and Shirley f QA 1 if y ,, tiff ar . 5 I A 9 A1 Iii l X f Brierley. 1 A ln the ads she notices that n Pearl Mendrysa, Jeanne Meyer ' Mary McCarroll, Carolyn Furrer and Theresa Hahn are adver- . tising their new secretarial 'K ' l l NN L, I 41 school. Pat Curry is still trying to sell her solution to "de-curl" natural curly h Also on this page is an ad adverstising "Mah and McMahon's", the restaurant famous for "Irish Stew". In the want ads section is a notice that Mari Heilig, Dorothy Blaum and Pat May are lc ing for a car so that they can travel to Califol for the premiere of "The Villians", starring M Dozois and Rita Koonz. On the sports page she reads that Carole Clem A and Ann Walsh have won the Olympic Skiing C test and are on their way to Sweden. On the last page of the paper she sees tha iii? Doctor Kathleen McCarrahan. On the comics page is "Terry and the Enemies", by DelSanto and VonHitritz. This she never misses. An advertisement a few columns below arouses her curiosity, "Are you a wallHower?- If so see Becker, Cahill and Cramer for six dancing lessons bound to make you the life of the party." On the society page she notices that Carolyn Grant now married and residing in Connecticut, is spending the weekend in East Greenbush visit- ing Jeri Ruelle and Theresa Roche who have been married five and six years respectively. At a diplomatic dinner in Washington, Betty Denney, foreign diplomat of the U. S. and Virya Carranza, wife of the ambassador from Costa-Rica, were seen. Ann Franze, Peggy Barnes and Julianne few more names have been added to the histr annals of science. Pat O'Brien, Helen Fox a Matilda Tarzia have finally discov- ered a chair to carry them up stairs. She notices too that Rosella I Robert's oldest daughter, whose f "ir ' teacher is Mary Joan Ryan, is giv- ing a piano repertoire at A.H.N. Then from the alarm at her bed- . side a reverberating ring pervades Anne's room and she awakens to find herself entangled in the bed clothes and lying on the floor. Heavens! What a dream! As Anne donning her black uniform once again, it occurs her that, even though the leaves of the branch of ' seemed scattered over the world in many directions, no had ever lost the true A.H.N. spirit. -gs? 9 .Q WY. A4 Bean are to arrive in Albany from their Qi: PN- ranch in Arizona. Also on the social agenda I 'ii CAROL C1-EMEN5, ,47- rf + , - 2' If 'Nt- .iX?,Ag fli ' ., K-131, Y' , l C A fz 'iv' . ' V N N . 1:5821 ' enior ireciory Ahearn, Elizabeth, 118 Van Schoick Ave. 2-7996 Barnes, Margaret, 690 Hudson Ave. 2-9350 Bean, Julianne, Helderdale, Slingerlands, N. Y. 9-1313 Becker, Helen, 158 Clinton Ave. 3-7288 Bellantoni, Angela, 106 Hollywood Ave. 8-4208 Blaum, Dorothy, 4 Bogart Terrace. 4-8381 Brierley, Shirley Lou, 677 Western Ave. 2-9606 Cahill, Joan, 25 Eileen St. 2-7520 Carranza, Virya, 50 W. 93rd St., New York City. M02-2266 Clemens, Carole, 16 Hill View Ave., Renss. 3-6718 Conklin, Marion, 16 Summit St., Renss. 5-5105 Cox, Elizabeth, 400 Delaware Ave. 5-8721 Cramer, Catherine, 642 No. Pearl St. 3-5169 Curry, Patricia, 80 Euclid Ave. 2-2171 Del Santo, Jean, R.D. 2, Watervliet, N. Y. Wlvliet 108174 Denney, Elizabeth, 81 Brookline Ave. 2-6160 Devlin, Kathleen Ann, 38 Barclay St. 4-9291 Downes, Marion, 70 South Manning Blvd. 8-4160 Dozois, Mary, 15 Glenwood St. 2-4239 Fahy, Alice, Stop 36, Alb.-Schdy. Rd. 2-5713 Farrell, Patricia, 10 Holmes Dale. 2-5595 Ford, Ann, Helderdale, Slingerlands, N. Y. 9-1840 Fox, Helen, 436 New Scotland Ave. 2-2725 Franze, Anna, 53 No. Swan St. 4-1187 Furrer, Carolyn, 20 Putnam St. 4-4283 Grant, Carolyn, 436 Kenwood Ave., Delmar. 9-472. Hahn, Theresa, 8 No. Swan St. 4-1905 Heilig, Marilyn, 21 Grant Ave. 8-1088 Koonz, Rita, 533 No. Pearl St. 4-2372 Maher, Joan, 33 Stanwix St. 3-7090 May, Patricia, 77 Cherry Ave., Delmar. 9-519 McCabe, Mary, 270 Washington Ave. 3-1325 McCarroll, Mary, 65 Fleetwood Ave. 8-1142 McGarrahan, Kathleen, 287 Columbia St., Cohoes. Coho McMahon, Joan, 8 Ten Eyck Ave. 4-1462 Mendrysa, Pearl, 465 First St. Meyer, Jeanne, 24 Forrest Ave. 8-1881 O'Brien, Patricia, 110 So. Lake Ave. 8-3333 Powers, Marie, 263 Clinton Ave. 5-2849 Roberts, Rosella, 1761 State St., Schidy. 6-7528 Roche, Mary Theresa, 24 Hurlbut St. 3-6936 Ruefle, Geraldine, 37 W. Erie St. 2-5366 Ryan, Marie, 20 Forest Ave. 8-2905 Ryan, Mary Joan, 35 S. Pine Ave. 2-6459 Salm, Alice, 6 Oakwood St. 2-9564 Tarzia, Matilda, 77 Grand St. 5-0685 Von Hitritz, Dale, 3 West St. 5-1518 Walsh, Ann Marie, 10 Oakwood St. 2-8103 West, Ann, 10 Stonehenge Lane. 8-3823 es 802 CCN GRATULATICN S BEST WISHES CLASS OF '47 THE FACULTY l 1 1 1 l I 1 THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS SCHOOL OF NURSING sr. PETER'S HosPn'AL CO1'I1p1i1'I1GI'1'fS of ALBANY' N. Y. N Three Year Course in Nursing, Preparing QRD AND 4TH Young Women for N. Y. State Licensing E Examinations for Registered Nurses. GRADES Affiliations in oBsTETR1Cs ORTHOPEDICS and PSYCHIATRY A Address DIRECTRESS OF NURSES 1 N CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIGRS FROM THE CLASS OF '50 THE EBESHMEN T i Compliments of THE SOPHOMORES BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OE 1947 THE IUNIORS 621 Compliments of PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of LIBBY'S RESTAURANT A. H. N. MUSIC 389-393 Kenwood Ave. Department Delmar ATTENTION STUDENTS OF THE ACADEMY Your problems are solved. F or Formals and Special Occasions, have your Gowns made in expert style at TLHWQ .57 ..o,,.4,.sz.,,, MCENAN EY OIL CORPORATION 179 North Main Ave. Phone 8-2266 Albany, N. Y. , fo. kwell ofiit TheyAl-L sped if YOU'LL APPROVE, TOO. Newest, smartest hotel in Al- bany. Clean, pleasant, comfort- able. You'll be most welcome and happy here. Q mxvflww .924 nm 0 lb' Call Us For Your Fuel Oil 4 KNOW 40724 , ,, ALBANY 1, N.Y. Y? i? 1.1 Requlrements THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS FIRST TRUST COMPANY OF ALBANY EDWARD S. ROONEY President State and Broadway 135 South Pearl Street 444 Broadway MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 563 641 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS FULLER 8c O'BRIEN Incorporated INSURANCE 75 STATE STREET ALBANY . NEW YORK PHONES: 3-3238 3-3239 THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS Compliments of DUNN BROS. Telephone 3-3307 I. D. WARREN 6 SON HEATING - PLUMBING - OIL BURNERS Shop: 69 Fourth Avenue, Albany, N. Y. Res.: 32 Mereline Avenue ONLIWON TOWELS No washroom can be considered complete without efficient, Sanitary, Towel Service. Onliwon Towels are the most economical High Grade Towel Service that can be supplied for Schools, Stores, Studios, Offices, Institutions, Fac- tories and all other Public Washrooms. A. P. W. PRODUCTS COMPANY. INC. IN ALBANY SINCE 1877 ies wo Phone 3-0566 LOUIS I. BERBEN Dispensing Optician Oculists' Prescriptions Filled 36 Maiden Lane Albany, N. Y. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS TEBBUTT FUNERAL SERVICE Since 1850 176 State St., Albany, N. Y. 420 Kenwood Ave., Delmar, N. Y. EST. 1898 DYER BROTHERS Cor. Second and Delaware Aves. Dial 3-9659 DELICATESSEN-BOTTLED BEER FLOWERS wAoAR's 1cE CREAM 121 North Pearl Street Prompt, Courteous Service BAn'roN's PHARMACY Compliments 324 Delaware Avenue of Albany, N. Y. Phone 4-5617 HYG1EN1g LAUNDRY Your Health Is Our Business STORES Located at PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AS YQUR DQCTQR WBITES 156 Central Ave 259 Lark St. UPSTATE PERSONAL LOAN CORPORATION 112 State Street Cradle Shop To 6'er Boy's Wear Pig Tail Shop Sorority Floor For Iunior Miss .lizfile 44164 snop 31-33 Maiden Lane Phone 4-5613 ALBANY, N. Y. 1..l -- THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS W-- ZWACK 6. SONS' MORTUARY McMahon 6' Son Iohn M. Zwack-Raymond I. Zwacl: Co-managers Albany, N. Y. 184 Central Avenue Albany, New York Compliments Compliments Qf of ARTHUR D. DOZOIS State Agent 75 State Street Telephone 4-5314 SIMMONS MACHINE TOOL CORPORATION Albany, New York fav 681 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS HEDRICK BREWING CO. Incorporated ALBANY, NEW YORK ARTHUR B. CARLSON Dependable REAL ESTATE Service TO BUY OR SELL CALL US 100 STATE ST. PHONE 4-2157 AFRIEND WESTERN BEEF HOUSE A. D. HAMELE Wholesale and Retail MEATS AND POULTRY Albany, N. Y. 91 HUDSON AVENUE Phones 3-4244 - 3-4245 IAMES P. 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Simsbury Connecticut "Gifts They'1l cherish" READ ' Articles of Devotion 'THE EVANGELISTH For the Home and Personal Use Yew Cethehe Dieeeeem Newspaper GIFTS AND GBEETING CARDS Annual Subscription 353.00 Per THE LITTLE PORTION SHOP Year- BY Mail 7 Cents Per COPY 83 Hurlburt St., off Delaware Ave. ANNA M. SCHAEFER, Prop Tel. 4-6434 ll North Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. 5 BOARDMAN G GRAY ' I Corclially Invites the Members of Compllments THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES of ! AND FAMILIES TO SEE AND HEAR The New Television Sets Now Available "LE I Also Record -Radio Combinations The French Club Piano Makers 100 Years M b ll7 State St. Opp. DeWitt Clinton em ers I I CLEMENS BROTHERS Compliments Candy-Ice Cream-Magazines Tobacco and Cigars of I Greeting Cards A FRIEND 250 BROADWAY RENSSELAER, N. Y. ...J THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS FRANK I. COLBERT Life-Sickness-Accident-Group INSURANCE 310-311 Home Savings Bank B1dg. A1bany 7, N. Y. Phone 4-9823 Phone 4-9820 C. I. DAILEY. INC. 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THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS Compliments Compliments of of A.H.N. MOTHERS' A. H. N. ALUMNAE AUXILIARY "Ad Iesum per Mariam" THE SODALITY OF OUR LADY of THE ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES Prefect-Mary McCabe Secretary-Ioanne Mounteer Vice-Prefect--Bella Roche TFGCISUTGT- Kathleen McGarrahan Eucharist Committee- Mission Committee- Angela Bellantoni Mary Ioan Ryan Li'f91'CIf1-11' 9 COTI11T1i'f'ie9- Social Action Committee- Ioan Casey Ioan Dyer Publicity Committee -Marie Ryan 3 V l l 4 V ! i l 1 i 1 get E821 Compliments of IOHN AIELLO 6 BRO. CORP. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS EST. 1833 PHONE 4-0402 IOHN FERRIS. IR. Newton B. Ferris. Prop. 400 BROADWAY Mops, Brushes, Brooms, Paints, Varnishes, Ianitors' Supplies, Painters' Supplies Phone 4-1042 NETTIE F. DONCASTER ENGRAVER - PRINTER - STATIONER DIPLOMAS AND CASES Commencement Invitations and An- nouncements - Calling Cards - Wed- dings - Social and Commercial Sta- tionery - Office Supplies 32 LODGE ST. -:- ALBANY, N. Y. D 6. H ANTHRACITE Since 1863 MICRO-FILTERED FUEL OIL WM. MCEWAN COAL CO. SERVING COHOES FOR 95 YEARS COHOES SAVINGS BANK coHoEs, N. Y. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1076 IOBS FOR YOU 1076 Calls to the A.B.C. Placement Bureau During 1946 from Business and Government Offices. Graduates Avail- able for Only a Third of these important Opportunities. Demand continues High! DECLDE QUICKLY A pm E A BCl 1947 Enrollment Ouotas are Filling Rapidly. Last Year Many Late Appli- cants Were Disappointed. Ask Today For "Your Future," The New A.B.C. Bulletin of Courses. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 130 Washington Ave. Albany 6, N. Y. Registered by the State of New York -Approved for Veterans- THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS SAINT BERNARDINE OF SIENA COLLEGE Conducted By Franciscan Fathers of the Most Holy Name Province LOUDONVILLE NEW YORK VAN GALEN BROTHERS Compliments CHURCH FURNITURE of CABINET MAKERS H E N R I 69 SOLITII Hawk Street HAIRDRESSER 4-2436 Albany 6, N. Y. 57 State Stree, ' MADISON TAVERN. INC. Comphmems 1060 MADISON AVENUE f O FRENCH AND AMERICAN CUISINE A.H.N. C SEA FOOD SPECIALTIES Visit Our New Petit Paris Room I85 sq THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS fbemfsfi pabuf Sfwfz "HOME OF BETTER BAKED GOODS" 502 Second Ave., Albany - - Phone 4-0487 300 Delaware Ave., Delmar - 9921 THE COLLEGE OF L EDWARD PQQLE SAINT Ross 5 COMPANY ALBANY, N. Y. INSURANCE A Catholic Institute for the Hiqher SURETY BQNDS Education of Women, Conducted By the Sisters of St. Ioseph S' 1854 Day Pupils and Boarders y mee Courses Leading to Degrees of ARTS, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, COMMERCE, MUSIC AND NURS- ING AS MAIORS BUILDING NIGHT SESSIONS FOR MEN AND WOMEN Albany, N. Y. FLOWERS BY WIRE III :Bmw O I I 5 I ' 1 Bug Where the Howefs Gfow Ontario at Benson Streets Phones: 4-1125 - 4-1126 Only One Shop fa trond anal fa tronedded Mr. and Mrs. William Aheam Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Bean Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Becker Mrs. Thomas Bellantoni Mr. and Mrs. Iohn H. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Iohn H. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Iohn M. Blaum Mrs. N. Boel Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Brierley Dr. Andrew Cahill Mr. and Mrs. William A. Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Femando Carranza Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph I. Casey Miss Elizabeth Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Iames M. Clemens Miss Patricia Clemens Dr. and Mrs. Iames I. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Cordova Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph B. Cox, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph I. Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Denney Miss Patricia Devlin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Devlin Mr. Philip S. Dorlan, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Downes Mr. Lawrence Eberle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Fahy Gen. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell Mr. T. F. Fitzsimmons Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph C. Fitzsimmons Mr. and Mrs. P. I. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Fox Mr. and Mrs. I. Fraley Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Franze Mr. and Mrs. Robert Furrer Mr. and Mrs. Iames I. Galloqly Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Iohn R. Graney Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton M. Grant Mr. and Mrs. E. Hacker Misses Helen and lean Hacker Miss Gertrude Hadley Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halpin ' Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Handel Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hutson Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Ioyce Mr. and Mrs. Norman V. Kavanauah Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kinaman Mr. and Mrs. Casper I. Koonz Mr. Ioel Levin Mrs. William Maher Mr. and Mrs. Iohn W. Mantica Mr. and Mrs. William E. Marshall, Sr Mrs. E. P. May Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. May Mr. and Mrs. Iames H. McCabe Mr. and Mrs. V. F. McCarroll Miss Rose McDermott Dr. and Mrs. Iohn C. McGarrahan Dr. and Mrs. Iohn F. McGarrahan Mr. and Mrs. E. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. R. Clancy McNeill Mr. and Mrs. F. Mendrysa Mr. and Mrs. George C. Meyer Mr. Arnold Minntck Mr. and Mrs. Maqno Morini Mr. and Mrs. Maurice I. O'Meara Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Roche Mr. and Mrs. William Rueile Mr. and Mrs. Iames F. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Iohn E. Salm Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. A. Suprenant Mr. and Mrs. William P. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Gus Tania Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Von Hitritz Mr. and Mrs. Homer F. West Freshman A A Friend BUSINESS PATRON8 Anne Petersen Beauty Salon Arkay Florists ' Lourdes Shop Iatie's Druq Store H. W. Mullons Panetta's Food Market Victor Cardona Grocery A Friend A Friend 861 fn ppreciaiion We the Seniors of '47 would like to express our deepest and most sincere thanks to - Sister Superior and our faculty for their encouragement in the publi- cation of our book and the assistance they have always given us not only for intellectual but also for spiritual growth. The members of our year book staff for their untiring and talented work in perfecting our M '47 Cheer". Schoolmates whose friendly helpfulness will always be remembered. Mr. Van Nuis for his excellent advice and guidance in the assembling of this book. The advertisers and patrons whose generous contributions and good will made this book possible. Mr. Frumkin for his cooperation in giving us such admirable photography for "Cheer". A.H.N., our school for four of the most wonderful years of our young lives. -4- 525211 mr Axrbngraqaxgg -A M eww fZE141Q?Q?Liq2 lgi WW? W WLMQE CP MMKIYMWQT Q fx? QR R ,ff W fag, fb My WJ 0 'aw WW Q Q""hQ, Sf-metgmemer K 9 oyy Q C3 14 CC f fi 6 . gf., 64564 ui 5 W AQ Aim? Qimii g, jf W7 ,W E Jwwff W W Wm gg UW My 95 Pax 724 My MMM ,AJR 0' Mus avi bw qggf is Sffffflfl 0 ary! WMU ll tag Qi ralfligz X ik axjwk j1f" 3wfmlAgfWfL,giflff QQ- W W5 .wwwmwywgiia Q 'Vffy,,fgA Z5 my A 25+ ii 'QW tiki' vbmfzjgw We Y 15 fffiifz rx S . lg X K 1'l WV , X Swfffyf' ' VM f?!f'j? , L0' j,Jv5 ww!! SW gf, My mf L F QM, ' f2fc4f4j5!,rf,6.,4.6 M , by .pf WZ i'i1Q,tj,f f fm M x,ff,fM ' ' J My A rgjgg 'J fd af , Afw , ,. , . 'Mb QW ff ,X W-ff' 'W 'X' J 1 .lip "WJ I , f 97 , r7r . fy X' . ' Wy! 1 K , xl JJ 3' i .JN X Ma., W. ' Qxx l J JY' Q' sf ,sv N LL .a I jj vi ' JoufxJ,,,4!p,4,.v-56 ,Q ' ' A M25 . , ,V X" .X m'a'vf!muilw ll.N-54:11. ' - ahah-Ygih. ' ' ' 2 1.4.54 woes-v'4!'f 21015285 :mumlhliw ul .rx "Z, " ' Mwfwvwfv AMA' M. 4 f Z . , A 47 -Wald f MZfWK F Z. : , , ,Ax 3

Suggestions in the Academy of the Holy Names - JM Yearbook (Albany, NY) collection:

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