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Academy of the Holy Child - Res Anni Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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dai VX' HU.3ll4rl D .Sf frl FUD Nl' Or I-rl 1-XC:-XD'.:.'l'lf Or fri: rlOLf Cf-IILD PORTLAND. OREGON 'N I 5 gf QQ r F I 9 3 1 9-.0 I f 4 345-N, W' mi If, .VL r . -, I KN L I. Sf! E -Q-.yy x 'Y J Ytnff 1 j 1 I 4,4231 ffyaf 'x -3 X QPR MOTH ER CORNELIA CONNELLY This noble and salntly Foundress of the Society of the Holy Chlld Jesus was called by God to be a wife a mother and finally a relnguous educator An Amerlcon by blrth her apostollc splrlt em braced The whole world an educator In the l9th Century her broad mnnded and far seeung vnsnon bequeathed to her Socnety pruncnples of educatuon that were to be adapted and adaptoble to meet the wants ofthe age whsle leading the children to true piety and solid vnrtue Her own holy courageous and sutfermg lute nmprmted with a sweet slmpllclty and goyous love of the Holy Child has served as the mspuratlon for countless Slsters and children of the Holy Child Jesus It as the source and well sprang of the educatnonol system of the Soclety of the Holy Chuld Jesus Our Res Annu xllustrates how Mother Connelly s philosophy ot education IS being carried out today ID our school 1 1 . , ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ,gee ,iso a,,,,,..ff-f-wi"-',,.,--1 an 131 B 41 Sf'-J 'yvhfy' uv 4' 41 I 49 .M Q, x 3, 4 his r ga, A CID Jw X e students ot Holy Chuld our yeorbook To you Duvme Chnld, who to moke us force ot our deor Sisters Reverend Mother Rose Mclry Superuor 1 N6 -'17 Mother Mary Arfhur SusTer Mary Ccxrolme P f Prefecf Second re ec? 4-'S "' 5 rg 'sw 'yo MOWGV MGVY PHIUP Mother Mary Lucy Mother Morro Jggefg Ms- .gi fvw' 3' ' Mather Mary Kevin Mofher Mary Januarius Mother Mary Cuthbert 'Ti- N A sg, 4 Moiher Mary cle Sales Mofher Mary Conrad .1 Mrs Audrey Bufler Mother Mary Re-derrmpfa Mrs Marfm Vandenberg Ari." ""? Tl Mrs Wmlfred Smith Sister Ira 4' Mrs JosephT Ellrs fi ,vu X : Mrs Mary Hopen i -fam' UF' x42 I 4 ffer four yeors of Trommg of Holy Chzld ihe Sensors To seek God s Wnll rn new at ns to be yourself but make .f" JEAN ANNIE EILERS E de M Sodczluty Prefect Jeonne on the spot genume mgenuuty 0 smlle forever Rusty MARY CLARE PLASKER, E. de M Student Body Presldent Ready willingness thoughtful soft spoken persuoslveness 4'5" TRAVERN EVELYN SNELL E de M Do or due never 0 dull momenf Trned cmd True KATHLEEN CLASSEN E de M Voruety ns the spuce of Infe ready vvnfh Cl smile Kc1Cy GAYL Concdlon JUDY ELLEN E ANN ALTKEN capers hoppy go lucky dreorner BASTASCH Gentle fernlnu mf penny for your Thoughts 9 IRENE URSULA Her thoughts ore h ARCHIBALD er companions nmpenetrolole serennTy depths un Touched X 'nifygeogerwor ng , X l . . I 'P f, I' . 7 11 MARY BARBARA BLASER Surprlse pockczge flutter and flurry Luftle Mass Muffef IU' 'T' MARTHA BURTCHAELL E de M In The muost of thnngs reflechve sporfs supporter 7217 ALICE GERILDINE BOSSE E cle M Buttons ond beoux delnghfful To know gypsy fire JUDY CAROL CAMARATA E de M smcernfy pre1Ty froulem T7 : I . , r Q., fl' 4 i , . . I . 7 . , . , An overture in lovenderg sweet I . xx V ' .I Q , . . 1 2 K. ? '3 CECELIA CATHERINE CAMPBELL E cle M Sweet and lovely quiet charm an snncere manner Missy MOLLIE JANE COMERFORD Lrttle world traveler sugar and spuce Mollne o BARBARA JEAN COCHELLA Tuny but mlghty bubbling vntalufy sparkling penetratson PATRICIA JOANNE COMTE E de M Magic pen portal portraits Cmderella ,af , A E? lx , 1 ' I ld I 7 K fa .XX L x ll' fl IQ? SMR Vin JOANNE ELIZABETH ELLIS Atouch ot drama etc etc etc determmatuon with a future Q7 MARY ELIZABETH DUNCAN Easy come easy go a merry heart goes all the day Dunc Kindly candor a musical heart TAK Ier our Kadl 3 X 5' "'4 , X 'Gi V 4 KATHLEEN DIANNE FOELLER K - GRETCHEN MARIE FRANZ Loughnng vufollfy lmplsh sophushccfuon friend To c1II Gretch MARY ELIZABETH HOOLIHAN Merry cmd wrse sllver Toned The colors of the rombow ADRIANA MARIA GORRETTA Never fodmg all for The besf omnoble 'T' '2' I SALLY JANE JARVIS Cosuol cc1Imness Porfol s pride our gol Sol ff e ' I Ea I A I A ,I I 1 5 gi if VIRGINIA MARY KRALL Genuine boundless enthusiasm fun loving is sy' ""'f7 fix 'ini MOLLY LYDON E de M Run s lent run deep where there Q a will There s a way quiet efficiency ""'7 PHYLLIS ELIZABETH LEU Cameo in ivory sunny side of the sfreef SXOIICO GABRIELLA ANN MAERTENS excellence fs. JI N I I X . . I I . True blueg agile athlete, diligence par Va I I Aix 61- Y "IZ, VIRGINIA ANNE MANASSAU E de M A frxend nn need Seo Fever WITI1 on wnsh and cz dream KAREN ELIZABETH MINDEN Lnlfnng Ioughfer Cl bzf of sparkle Koypers CAROLYN RAE MEYER E deM All cxglow flush of wut Ilffle muss MARCIA ANN MCDOUGALL E de M Fdcfs cmd figures quiet diplomacy Top o The mornm 1 , . . . . F., Q ,.2 . Rd I X lf' X J 1 ' ' p K , . MARY ELLEN MCGILL E de M Sense onol senslbnhfy honors come dnlngence o ploce for everything JEANNE BERNADETTE NIEDERMEYER Spofvcreo s s fnplucnty fervenf cherry cheeked KAREN ANN NELSON Arhshc Tolenfs delnghtful To know beoufy s helper SUSAN BREFFNI OCONNOR Twunkle Toes sfroughf Thnnknng o heorf so young ond goy ra 4' I A X , 4, K ' mt v I, x MARY KATHLEEN OLEARY Corefree charm glowmg begone dull core MARY JO RASK deep reverse IQ CLARE EILEENE PHILPOTT Arfnsfuc touch elfnsh quuef porhcnponf 'i l KATHLEEN MARGARET SANDERS Generosny plus creohons wnfh o poller o convos ond scissors boundless hornzons C l 'X 1 l Dromofis personoeg recxdy wif, l 'gil xg ' fa' I X PATRICIA HELEN SINDELAR Lcxughnng motters, keep It goy, ' Patsy" MARY KATHLEEN TAYLOR rn, o cheers Toy energy unhmuted fi 5T MARY CATHERINE STONE Perky portrovt klth ond km our Inttle phrlosopher Molly KATHERINE AGNES TURCK E ole M Common sense ns not cm common thnng snncere tonthtul , .iv 'V K 1 1 1 , . . ' 1 1 . .fveet and sentrmentch r H Utthrce 2 1 I SUZANNE VAIL E de M Sunshine ond sincerity full of fun n everythung delaberoflve poise ROXANNE WHITSELL A Twinkle In her eye scrnTnIIoTlng spunt musuc s golden tongue MARCIA IRENE WARD Sk: Tracks In The snow heorf o go d the fhespron MARILYN CHRISTINE YUNG Whisper of wssdom quohhes of friendship My Four Lady .- . I . I: 3 I f I I I I I I I I ,.-ef .37 "' Z r . I I ,XX 4 4 4 Ihll- 411+ 4 1- 4 I 1- 3 Gm ' - , - Ii ruff A ff,-.,,4 f '12 i U V 'iflf L ' Wifi , in 5 fauna' L' ' M, ' l , Agghgdfffx " bn i " "F Nu QE M--V K 2 Mwedcmmvry m dfmhdbsibmndi lirirfmmy i1'f1po1fiQmL3-lm WHS HHH C675 MQ Nkiifhlka cilmfil lfgsinirrlkdk are inwlcmcd 0 proetieed lim hase ei? lliiia, WW P 5 S i,..h A 11 CFO E UUE gflliib Zeglxll I-4 A N-1 S rv --Q... l'CII'1le US on 'T yD 4? -1 cry Ke 1 Co .af I "P fi 'T A l . V0 V . V . A V , V E fu V 1 ' ' , ' Wy l V 'A wma.. M- ' mi 'f' ' Aw' "' 1:3 .5 J .J i Joon B t h Cecili B L- V V 5 A Q Z C J X I Molly Buckley Billy nn Buchanan fi Q' 'U . '- f- , B . , ff ,f K V ,T K V mi' H4 I n K N I H J x L Morlu Corley J dy C d mo Molly C d n L' d D l y X 3? 5 T' Q s , 1 I M J .W 46 f 5 I " l l I. X L L. X , H Maureen D l ney Mo ff Shari Ea 1 on " ., ,- 4 y . lj, ' , 'V I f ' , l f 1 ,- A B Ch I tt G r F I' H r M lly ly K p Ardith Marler ":4l , Karen McNaughr i 1 -is Marilyn Melberg 1 fi fa- 9, r .I l 1 1-a' 'J' Fax Q w 4 L I Judy Koessler Kflfen KL-'hm 5 "'1 ' Mary McDermott Pat McKenzie A ff 1 yrs -,.,? Q 'ff .I I' J Susan Miller Pat Murphy 91 3 ,Y- I Rosemary Namir I Pat O'Brien -9 'T I Janice Leeb 'img Mother Mary Januarxus Charlene Garrett, Mary the class bell rings . wx Av- I 1 I Pat O'Bryanf A 7? 'Q K s it I fl Mary Odin Julie Rice I Carolyn Schneider Mary Helen Rost f. .Q -I I X K L Louann Schwartz Eltzgbeih 59112 Judy Smith f 5. , I ' 4- Junior class members, si and Carol Watkins before ' I . W ' ' 4 1 2 l I 1 t. N Clare Stacey Mary Teifel Carmela Wachsmuth I l ,. Carol Watkins Judy Wilson . ff M' ww is f.. ' ,i.f , wp rf' . l Joan Anderson l Pat Beary -Y Kathleen Carney ai' I 2' Judy Curtis Ruth Anderson Ar- Mary Boyle Loss Coleman 'S Ann Daniel Jamce Arena 'Q 1 Bonnue Brown .lane Comerford 3 I- 1 X Ruta Alfenhofen Q A Beverly Barbour Janet Callahan Theresa Cunnungham A, 1: ' Q I ' ! l ' ' - x I X, ,K V af- " a 3 Je' V fix? I IT? A I X . A r yr . , C. 4- " T- VA ,f . 1" ' l ' 1 1 r I lla' I Q U ' , H? N941 I I N ff V 'i Karen Holman 'R 'O , 'fi is Kiplee- Dechanf hs I , I A Sandra Engelsfad -was Kathleen Dowiasz 'Q Marilyn Fleskes ' I Je 'x Michele Drake Sally Gooding Susan Eggleston l Jeanne Henningsen V . fl' Q I Through posters and a play based Mary Hoyt on The Great O Anhphons the Sec ond Sensors helped fo strmulale a proper apprecuatzon of the Advent season Sandra Novak and Sandra Engelsrad pounr our to Joan Morrls and Pat Beafy the sngnnflcance of The symbols Jean Huber Mrchele Jormer 5 -'UN 'vw Ethel Jenson 40 Borboro Lozrrne 45 'C' Joon Monnnng 'T' Carol Kroge 'ini Q11 Pot Lucas 'U Dolores Marsh ZZ XQDYWIEJ 41- " F' ff! L Karen Kuckenberg Susan Lange '-n !? Sally Lydon Katherine Lucla ID Modelrne McG:ll Julno Mclntosh 2 L L X l Ann McLellan . i jak I Q In A "" , - I ' N x'L' r va M L . '91 X I ' 1 I 'O , 9 1 ,A - - M f -2 "f . 5 4 L I x i n "' g 4 7 ,r 3 .Q wg: n w JM I A . M V in A 3' 'W . - 1 . 1 -L A V Is S . 1. - r , Q, . ---,ff M 1 I , H G f - r Drone Montgomery 33' f '43, l A Joan Morris 2 "ij Q -9' i .1 x . I A. - 1 . L Carolyn Myers Sandra Novak Ann Nizich Elaine Odermann F 1 'df X - Mary Olsen Mary Jo Peterschmidt Lindo Peterson Pat Powers F 5 at af.. I 'fer x L fl Pat Rogers Dorothy Rost 'Q A Mary Ellen Ryan MH Mary F. Hoyt, Pat Lucas, and Julie Zenner prepare decorations for Christmas formal. ,Q 44' 1 Karen Scarpelln Joyce Upharn 99 .Judy Snmpson Naomn Smrth 4 Barbara Taylor Kathleen Whrte 1 Mary Clalre Smnh ,I Loxre Snell Ma rnanne Thompson 1 Mary Margaret Young Julne Zenner Barbara Allen Barbara Be Ins Frances Bosse Carol Burkhartsmuer Sandra Casey W .E 'R E35 I? ' L4 W ,W 5? r YQ if 'Y ,,f 4, Sandra Anderson Loretta Barr I ' 3 T' .f A Sharon Ballsteru Ruta Beaudom Mary Campbell Wrnufred Cousun Chrustne Carley Ma ry Ca sey '-3 Y w l i A .V 3 -Q Jw., Q I a A ' xx k q I' J . . . . Q fi ' 1 , - X I, f x 3 s I so 'I 2 3 - .X -ZX 4 h r r X X4 I 1, Y, ,-5 xv X , Sharon Coppernoll ff .3 Z f F Marian Evans 4 A l Linda Frison AI' 'C' m -3 -fr l Mary Gill it 'Q , Q? Kathleen Heffernan I4 rd KC! L N W i i 4 l . s Ann Cordeiro Christine Davies Kathleen Edwards Q N Vg. , li , l Barbara Fleming ai 1 l 4 4 A Carol Galick Ann Gill The truth that playing cards can stimulate varying emotions is well depicted by First Seniors as they amuse the school at their Halloween ploy, Narrator Jo Allen explains the antics of Ann Corcleiro, Sharon Balisteri, Christine Davies, and Kathleen McGregor. i h, 6 X Barbara Henry 1 Mary Hope Kathleen Hurd 4 Lrnda Jasper Kate Klosterman Lrnda LaGrand I X Cathernne Larnperf I Ma ry Lee JoA 3 Carolyn Lohrey Kathleen .Z I U y LaRue ,. ,Q nn emernse Lydon Chrusfme Mocnab Joan Koessler .Q Susan Lavm X 5, .A sa' A L Patricia Massey Van. .,,' I ,M J, 5, 1 l I Marcia McCabe I l Kathleen McGregor .,.'l. l -l Tess Napoleon fxe 'J Brightly colored stuffed animals evoke the admiration of Frances W' 'te, Sharon Coppernoll and Judy Smith who helped in their creation. fs - h Gloria Maynard fir? ul' X L Margaret McCoy ,Q M 2 -3 , 'SQ l '-9 I 1 X H L L' as Carol Milich Colleen Murphy Dorothy Murphy Ja i. ,S 2 ge , A ' .- ff l I Linda Nassar 46 H, 34 I 3 Rosemarie Nye Linda Riehl Joanne Robinson Susan Sanders 1 1' Judy Smyth .4 Tons Thorp .4-in 'W 74x A .TV f-. of 1. f 'Y l I fi' Sally Sanderson Terr: Scott ,cup 1- Sha ron Sorenson ft 'Y Bonnne Vavra g 4 '9 Maureen Walsh Frances Whnte .of '47 I Shells Wllson Jeanette W h ng f Susan Zehnder Q'-'S 6 Q . if Chrnstnna Skelton '-2 Mary Teress Geraldine Westfall -V Jane Wilson 35 Q S l , D A ,, l .h AL ' 1 v id Nl' 7 . l . , lt L ,,, J ' ' f lt f S f N ,3 "' f' A A ' 3' lx Q fgn' 7" .lg gn-s l Eiwfl, 3, af L gr , A . 5 ' W K .f 3- , "" 'iff A '1 In hor Book of Studios Moilaor Connolly ioodaos iliogi' "all slu-Md dfllgcamtlyv oonsionily, ond seriously apply ihoir minds io siudyf' We lilzluly, Vdlltilli Is stored ilio ridios and wisdom of coniurios, is ono oi' tho most' impodunio ond ff?-QLIGIHGG rooms In iho school. WRX. eq-i W R X-f'Q'X"4lcXX x f x X X X In the Science Lab, Mother Mary Conrad gives top awards to Freshmen, Colleen Murphy, Gail Fuller, and Jo Allen for their science projects. Originality and perfection of execution helped them gain top honors. Looking through the card catalogue, Mother Mary De Sales helps Patty Murphy locate the author of a book. 37 .Q u il L -s u Jw Around the world dances are merrily executed by some talented members of the First Senior class. This lively interpretation ot international steps was part of the Freshmen's entertainment at their Halloween Party. Reflectively, Karen Holman sews the final stitches necessary to plete a dress for her sewing class. If 1 :l,,f!l COVT1- A trained nurse gives the Hornemalcing class some pointers on baby care. 931 X1 Pmnmg the conduct banner on the homeroom door gnves Senior Class Presrdenf Kathy Clossen Q real thrall of roy ond prnde Glumpsung through the Relrguon book wuth Sophomores Michele Jormer ond Judy Curfxs Mother Mory Cufhbert plans the day s lessons if + rf' ' ,Q . ' ,r f 'l ' I 4 Looking very cmentlve, Third and Fourrh year French stu- dents go over the doy's lessons with Mother Moria Josefcr. rs, Under Molher Mary Kevin's expert guidance Cecilia Berg and Liz Seilz discover that micro-organisms really do exist. im 3095 2 :Links gif Ml f lil . me 3 Va XM!! Al Sl I 4 K Cf' cf,T'rVfQ5' n Gs 45 ,SF Q"" gl .K Al, M , E5 P I T .xg X? ,nt ' 1 - I Wu Q mr u Q L 5. r '1 5 E A wg,-ff - -1 Q. I AM ,-, ,,,,,. 1 , . Y. U1 v Z Hi ii a QQ! is as p Q -A T if i QF' rf i'!A.+,'j K Ill 35 sweet fo us we may O most Sensor Gayle Attlcen carefully places flowers at the feet of Our Blessed Mother Takrng care of the shrme s a pr lege apprecuated by the stu dents Linda Peterson takes advantage of the noon hour to make a short visit to the chapel. 43 , 3. The stages of training and preparing a student to become a professed Holy Child nun were demonstrated on this ascending stairway. A miniature revolving stage illustrated some x- highlights in the lite of Mather Cornelia rf. Connelly, To the right the interior of one ofthe rooms is shown. The tiny doll nuns were a great attraction. The Bishop receives thi: novires' vows and gives them their black veil. Mary Taylor, Mary Jo Rask, Patsy Sindelar, and Joanne Ellis are pic- tured from left to right. I Q o XJ ifmf,1?kPtELlf-X CONNELLY to A Y til? , -..-.,.,-.-- .fair - K, "r, Marilyn Yung learns more about the physical fea- tures of an African mission village. This was part of the display arranged by the Seniors to show the mission work of the S,H,C.J. in Nigeria. 4 ,H -kk . . iv .4."V. , , i f x ',i . , . , , . 'Y '- ,cf ,', -' ' -'xr Q 0 -L iii .. y fig' 3 a 1 5, ,'g-lv. EJ?-f L . , f f Ei . ' ii 2 is 'Q-1 'Q fx Ji' ' 1 'X 145 '- ii' 3-4. .--,,-,gl-, -r'f"'-'-- 'L-'5 " - ,i f' W, ,-i :vgmffji :J A " ld ur-r JL? ' 4 if :J vi-' fr Father Edward 'furtk t Jumor SEND' Re I 'Lefme' Xdev NN EUC and MO ON as-352 KQWYWY Me e CQIOJYYJ h hce to PONY Omqen hrs C O Y shows eat Mage Showing therr apprecratron for a wonder ful retreat Carol Mrlrch , Kathy Came and Jean Ann Y Huber talk wrth Fresh man Sophomore Ret reat Master Father Joseph Perrr SJ Affer sch Ool hours M Sfsfefl I Qrys S d 0 Olisrs Qssembl e or VU ISCU Holy Gcnhered around the stoiue of the Chnld Morlu Corley Carolyn Kemp Jczmce Leeb ond Fmnlue Houston Iusten fc? .leon Eelers as she fo Sodolnty Pree tells them Id of The Chrnst Chl X if S5lOn Q Nd med'fOfl0n Wide r the dlrecnon of 1 3 1 X 1 , E' 4' if U :Sf 'Ama -is ell, . Looking pert and pretty, Seniors Istandingl Jeanne Niedermeyer, Adriana Gorretta, Mary O'Leary, Mary Clare Plasker, Marilyn Yung, Molly Stone, lseatedl Gretchen Franz, Mary Hoolilwan, Geri Bosse, prove that modest formals are charming and accessible. A helpful reminder to all is the Saint of the day put up by Karen Kuclcenberg and Jane Comertord. ,,.,,,......-.--- a , ' f L 42. I Z P4 K alt fl wb err' 53 x V -xx f 5 i E 7-.., , ig .ni I ' .ful -N53 '15 if? A 3' As 4 sf ko I 't D. ,, .fs X 9 I xw. ,, , "" ,nf ywf' 1- H' ", ,tw W., ua uf ', -.J I Q 5 K x '1 R' '9 Q S -,....v- M 4' X JA? i l .it l l i l ifffslf? l i . X x l V l ,ga l Songsters ot their best ore Holy Child's special chorus of Juniors ond Seniors. Named The Cornelicns in honor of Mother Cornelio Connelly, they hove ochieved o distinctive ond envioble ploce omong high school glee clubs. To Mrs. Joonno James Ellis lrightl the Cornelions owe their splendid direction ond troining. i i f fiifiaixg ixi Cornelion President, Mory Hoolihon, corefully looks over the new song selections. As Presi- dent, Mory assists in directing the Carnelian oroctices ond keeos the music in order. 656 5 g ' fv- rx 9 11 pl. gpg. M. U 5 Q E I E Z .5 Yearbook staff members ll to rl Karen Minden Mollie Comerford, Judy Camarata, Jean Eilers, Virginia Manassau examine previous Res Annrs and seek suggestions from Mr, Ray Wolfard, the yearbook's excellent Y, 'Z Q ,Q I' ,' 60' :Ax 4""'7 Mollie Comerford Co-editor Providing a permanent picforial record of Holy Child's school year, the Res Anna is a much treasured annual Many happy memories are PES A Nl Marilyn Yung and Jean Niedermeyer search for ideas from yeclrbooks of the past. 7 '?'-P' l l' ,qw -1 ww' A, -4' .., .,, . ., ' 3 -339' "' ' viii J- L A 'l"'5',.f ' ."'W.f . V '- f ' - - 9 'w' ,, '33 K , , 95' 1 353. , - , ,-c '- c, ,V h t F, , .. W , ,Swbi " Busy at work are the Portal staff Julie Rice, and Karen Kuhn. members, Carolyn Myers, Karen r , 4,6 kk 57 ff ' f' ,,j,fa,, f1.'M"'Th W ,Z .,-A.g4v ,- 'je' fs ' 3' ,-wir'-4:-P' if - A , lliflfi r- X-, A' is , ts ,qq,, y, if T' f -Q - .. are -1 -Q., 2 ,M , . My ,s .2 N . 1 , v A ' 'N Planning the layout is a maior part of the work of editing the Portal. Mother Mary Januarius discusses the paper with Pat Comte, Sally Jarvis, and Mary O'Leary. Kuckenberg, E POW' It ... T i-I ,L Pat Comte, Co-editor fd 'Q 7 Sally Jarvis, Co-editor The Portal is the word picture window through which may be viewed the happy events and ac- tivities of H.C.A. Issued quarterly, our newspaper attracts the attention of each student and keeps her advised of all times of interest. li H-rink... The Portal is proudly viewed by staff members Molly Buckley and Kiplee Dechant M 1 4 I Mother Mary Redempta and Red Cross members Mary Teifel, Mary Olsen and Madeline McGill are happily satisfied with the results of their Christmas stocking drive. Over three hundred stockings were made and filled by the students. GROSS Amateurs Julie Zenner Charlotte Garrett and Lois Coleman learn the tricks of the trade from experienced photographer Gabriella Maertens. Red Cross officers, I. to r., Mary Olsen, Marilyn Melberg, and Nancy Scott comment on new literature. Virginia Manassau shows her new camera to pho- tography members Judy Wilson, Mary Duff, and Louanne Schwartz. The Photography Club takes many of the pictures used in Res Anni. li 'tai' Proudly puttrng the fnmshmg touches on Our Ladys bulletm board are Claure Stacey Carolyn Meyer Mary Clare Plasker and Kathy Foeller skllled members of Tak Club '44 Snster Mary Caroline shows Tak Club members Lmda Peterson Mary Clare Smnth and Mlchele Jarmer what a llttle :nk paper and glue can produce Tak keeps the schools bulletm boards up to date on rellglous feasts and blrthdays fr Z-4' U Y' ffnfutfn 1 hu.:-4 ji" '41 H EA REEERVAT U sf lifithenr Jean Eilers, Gretchen Franz, Jeannie Niedermeyer, Susie O'Connor, and Mary Taylor are our clever Senior Cheerleaders. Our Victorious Senior Volleyball-Basketball teams are proud of the athletes since their freshman year. .Qi J lf' -' -f if tiff , if Z i I I l lg n f i Senior Volleyball captains Travern Snell and Mary Taylor won their way to the school championship. good record they have set at H.C.A. They have been outstanding .vu NJ, f 4 'i 9.1 S l t, sw' 1 r N9 "Q l Q 'N -41.7 ...,4.,..... ' "s tg l r L , , - 1- i ,K .- lv Q. 5 . . w r , 1 ,V . all L . my N, A i -' , fi 0 hmmm F1 1 . , - I Y I r v K Q Nw . v Swv L4 'ff i 1 Kofhy McGregor, Karhleen Heffernan, Daffy Murphy, Sue Zehncler, and Mary Gill cheered Yhe Freshman Team to higher scores, '-11W Sandra Anderson, basketball captain and Doify Murphy, vol eyball captain, are proud of The good record of their Fresh men ieams. X 3 Showing a fine spirit, the Freshmen Team is set fo win the cup in fuiure years. .,...w..-.-ww...-.,, . I ggw. . .,--L........Ms""-' S. 4 all 'coo x 4 lv 1 ' 'L J .W ' I ' Q Q, A I "?f,4!?'1 'I f 1 1'! i44.fxiv 'hw "1 I - " ,vvffn ,, , ' n,,,',4: Q, La, - .A fa , ff, 'A i ' , Guarding the Trophy were the Senior Soldiers who watched the Team as they lined up "' ,,,,, reiii Colorful and enchanting land of Mexico 1urned The Sophomores into realistic Senoritas. Preceding the games The team marched around the gym carrying lighted vigil MU if Hg ..lg 1 JA I QNIISI-IT 4 A I I .su ff IA' occepts the trophy from Reverend unbeaten Senior Teom. This climoxed ,g .f .4-' Junior Jomoicons and their nimble monkeys kept alerted to each ploy. 'C Qf,...- Gcy Poree the Eiffel Tower ond French artists provided "zee right touch" 4 , , , , Pivoting in their cross formation for the Freshmen Senior Soldier cheerleaders come into view os the Sophomores revolved out of sight. all-IIOQQQUUQ "" ' T. 0900000-9011. ' tr '4.u.u.nuau.n,uLuu X... mime! TEAM ,N 7 , Teamwork, soeed, agility, and dexterity char- acterized the excellent playing ot the White Team. Excitement reached a high point each 'ime the players won a skillfully aimed basket. 66 Tl ,, " 44 N352 KIWFUOWU ' ' 1.4.4111 U44 ..,,. ELUE TEAM X ...un 'fi .41 ii 'l Q awaited events when the afternoons festivities are climaxed by 0 thrilling clash between the Blue and White. The score was almost ln a great leap for victory, the champion Blue Team scores again! The occasion was Mother Mary Arthur's feast day, one at the long- tied in a 13-12 climax. .A yn, t 5 l .f 7' -J!! .X TERM A s.. .5 I. ' 3' Q, T' Unique and rhythmic cheers held Holy Childs reservation soellbound as Blue and White cheerleaders executed their original demonstration cheers. The indian had' bands of the enthusiastic cheerers signified well their loyalty to the respective leGfT1S. ..- Ai- Z! W' Q, ,f lfl .f-"'.rdJf xf' i0 the school .H Mary Ellen McGull top seller of Pet Show tnckets presents Reverend Mother Rose Mary with a check for two thousand dollars for the mrsslons whale the best supporters of thus annual mussron prolect look on happnly adv J rs nl !'.r.fJ I' Prlor to the day Itself the students spent long hours rn preparatron Not the least Important phase of the each day on the poster Ann McLellan and Pat Lucas race the poodles forward to therr goal as they mark the advances made each day Lured by the gay and varred concessions a great throng gathered on the school grounds as they opened therr hearts and thenr purses to help make the Pet Show a great success ir t l ' - l Q -51 'et 6 " Q: ff 4 N9 - 1 'f,,1:l, If A Q Pet Show is the sale of tickets which results are tallied P' K '47, Y' 'X' l S 34' +7 . -- . " , ' " "pf 'V f ff..A,,mx . N -3 ' l za l ...W ., "" . ,..s-..: r. f., -, , I, S, if i 'Y Resting before the rush are the Seniors Mary Dfl Gi-IN' T Si-NLE . 4 -.V ' 0 Packing dozens upon doz- ens of doughnuts into her car, Gretchen Franz typi- fies the "doughnut ac- tivity" on this great day. Clare Plasker, Joanne Ellis, and Jean Eilers. Preparing the doughnut orders for the students is a task easily executed by the Seniors. The doughnut sale helps defray the cost of Res Anni. A few of our Swiss Juniors give us an exhibition of their yodeling at the party. The Sophomores smile happily as they display l"l"' their colorful costumes. P-IALLOW s.-.QN ,QD -x 1 As the students march before twill, 70 'ff 4 the Sisters original costume creations from Around The World" flash into light and life. ,:' 1 .SG , 44 . R, I ,,. 5 2 k ' 27,145 r. Q liinlvzg 'L' ' g , , 4-f., , ' A , 5 , 1 3 u 'ZW f , A Q 2 2 ,, 3 i Y 5 I 'QW' W " Y' W' -24 Q 53' 2 2 E f""'f""" X ,f N -" ii ' x . A I ' Us xx E 5 xxx ,f?"'xk in IA," 7 ' ff -, 5 Q ' +0 fer i . x I ,,.- F 8 N w I A 1 L f 1 Aix X A W E V? wi I - ,Q ,A f ,, -'- ,I x 'rf vf,IZ.'L..,'l:X -' 1. f .44 -, . 1 . 7 I 1:-g - .- ' , as :. N , A f,-A", W- 4 .- , 4.1 x Q fv- QQ: ai 9- SX Rub Z ,fr N i Ma' ,gf Y X . N? JJJ . C37 jiri' I 'GM 0, fi :' .' L D Y .xl M riff Waving a gay welcome, the cast of "Countess Maritza" breaks into a lilting and haunting gypsy song, Kalman's famous operetta gave the near-professional cast an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their finesse and enthusiasm. COU N'l'E3S Accompanist Mary Ellen McGill looks on appreciatively as Mrs. Ellis gives pointers to Mary Kelly and Cormela Wachsmuth. Operetta leads Mary Hoolihon and Roxanne Whitsell practice their ports diligently. Much "behind the scene" rehearsing made the operetta a smash hit, Q -r r 4 .. -f if' s The leads gather in a merry mood as the fourth and final performance ofthe operetta approaches. On stage l. to r.: Cecilia Campbell, Barbara Cochella, Carmelo Wachsmuth, Mary Hoolihan, Roxanne Whitsell, Mary Jo Rask, Marcia McDougall. Standing, I. to r.: Rosemary Namit, Mary Kelly, Ethel Jensen, Sandra Novak, Bonnie Brown. . , 4 Graceful ballets and fiery gypsy dances added sparkle and zest to the operetta The skillful dancers under Mrs Barretts direction were much enioyed. 'ff Bw Ban The annual Christ- mas formal spon- sored by the Sopho- mores attracted a large group of Holy Child students and fri e n d s. Graceful garlands, huge wreaths, and silver- b alle d Christmas trees provided a beautiful setting. AND Ti-IEN T i-IEE E Glenn Tadina's orchestra kept all feet twirling and all hearts gay as they serenaded the melody-makers at the Christmas dance. - . it t,t.t 5 A First arrivals at the Junior-Senior program dance turned Autumn Holiday into a happy reality, Eager for the success of their big dance, Juniors Mary Teifel and Linda Daley measure the wall for decorations as they prepare for the Junior-Senior Prom. HERE Drxl lcffg During intermission at the Junior Senior Prom Louanne Schwartz Joan Bastasch Molly Condon and Judy Smith compliment a member ofthe orchestra on their fine music T 3. fx T' 'ifgjgr v Smile everyone! I m gonna wash that beau right out o rny hair. Which assignment are you finishing, Mary Clare? Time out for a little chatter. "Angels we have heard on high." What's the occasion? Happy Christmas, Reverend Mother. Efficiency counts with Geri and Gretch, vfF J: . Whats SO funny, Mary Beth? Get those arm up high! Now . . . where dad we put those Xmas trees? Anyone for the waltz? Joan and .lulne awant the Christmas Concert. Ginny proudly looks at her finished product. K What are the Frosh doing up there Why so glum, chum? I, 3-E?"'ff"" ' fm- f .. .- . A . xpgvgj, -' ., 3' .:--f wma' - 1 Q! inn., 1 - Qs X gi! - 5 ,l - , , 'H--. 1 in S 'sa La Q us ' fi? i 'I 4 r"' mf' in 5 'i QD 'QW' 1 , . MQW n ."-IIEXIIZ 1 ll es, x ' ..4'.-'-" ' ff- 'fv -.Y-. , .91 4 ' - ' ba 4--Q-u , , - Q74 , f- " ' f - '-...p:. M , ... ,.-...,. ,Y -..'S,., .Q -A.-1 , , " , , . , ---7. .- v . W..-.. . - I' my ,-

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