Academy of the Holy Child - Res Anni Yearbook (Portland, OR)

 - Class of 1957

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Academy of the Holy Child - Res Anni Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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'xff 5 m I 1 Q M1 'Lf-T in 13 , Q :AVL liuull""' "---...,, "- .. ,mp -gs'-s F 5 . 'rf 5 N, a Ir3,fL"f.! J ,1' Cs '+1f'-g.s..--f-- . 75 'ui"7' 'fl '51 ill ...,,.. r -+L -il . xi -1-v-ww 'YW' ' J- 0 +A ,A 'Ang' J. lkiyl . "'1' J ',' 1 M' 5 I B ' . 0 X ' 'r--ay, ll , -an X ' ' - , , ,. ' ' N' il3'QpI"-Q -'Saw 1553:-"'--'E5.f' ,S gl'-J 'D' " h ' --xx n"" ...mffe A . UD ushefl by r 1 rw 0 CCIJSV y O H C Porfkmi Omoo: 51 W N' , Sfud? 's 5 The A ' NY 5 We Gly Md wisdom Reaclmelh gram End 50 and Jlfigfzlify dfnd Orzferelll zfzings -Sweelly. Knowledge is ferfilify Concealing many seeds. A library fashioned As fields of fine-filed books In furrows range. Their embryonic fruit To fill the harvest fields Of searching minds. Then is This garnered fruif Fulfilled, This knowledge potent hiding Becomes a wisdom Learned of books To show The way. be zcaizon Thus book as offectnonofely dedncoted To Mnss Scholosfoco Morfy an loving oppreclohon of her devoted yedrs of Holy Cnnld In her role os Teocher counsellor ond frnend she hos been on nnspnrdfnon mn her unsvvervung loyolfy ner dedncoted ond devoted servnce xn her hndden generosmes ond her one-ndnng energnes Our Iovrng grcmfude 5 extended To her IU Thus dedlcdtson .9 Have ,dfouezf wisdom afnd .Have Sought .Her Out gram My youlhg dfml J Became al ,foyer Ner feauly. ffm! f, "' Y'-Q at flex 1 'af ,YN .fur Stonding silently A gift quietly Stole in disguise upon o stortled eo A shorp etched shrine A crucifix. Block those chorring sticks Agoinst snow's subtle showl . . Anol minds this treosure hold. This knowledge slowly Leorned, not wholly 'Til the showered snow in whitenes rth. s stoy To show enshrined the teor of truth. As snow tolls silently A crucifix quietly Stonds in wisdom's soft orroy Enshrining truth. :- 1 R Sider! .Holy Reverend Mofher Rose Mary Superror Mmhef MOVY AVTIWUV Snsrer Mary Carolme pfefecf Second Prefecr 4514- Mother Mary Phulrp Mother Mary Lucy Mofher Mcmo Josefo rev' 45 Molher Mary Kevun Mother Mary Januaruus Mother Mary Conrad Mother Mary de Sales Nw? acu ty M s Joseph T Ellis Mrs Marhn Vanclenberg I +1 Mrs Loalse Fless Mrs Dorothy Sanders Mrs Audrey Butler fix Mother Mary Cufhber Sister Ita Mrs Kalhleen Haynes 'T Mlss Kathryn Llrtle l X 1 as JT ers'll if' l'l' ' , .ig ' . W Ll. I fr I 5? ., asf . l r . . ' . ' . 9 :' f 2' - . -5 ,A A ' M. fill 'Q Aw 'X ' W Q XX M Token of completion tm xx M R qw varying Sfemenla Conlribu fe 270 Elle Qbeuelopmenl dl ffofg Senior X Graduation medol and prayer book Whirher now? Th rough the yeors U ' wi eniora To every Senior the Though? of her fufure presenfs C1 challenge. She looks ohecld wifh courage cmd deferminotion, osking The Holy Child To guide her in The fulfillment of her life's Tasks. MARGARET LOUISE COLTON E de M Bonme loss soul of WIT Peg o my Heorf "N, 'X NANCY ANN DE FRANCQ E de M True To her word copcuble was dom ond grace Student CAROLE WALSH E de M Tres chlc cheer chcmfe power of words ffzcem 6 LEANNE COLETTE DANISON E de M Sugor ond sprce keep nf guy generosity plus MARGARET ANN ALBERS Moke mme musuc versohle 1mplsb JUDITH ANN BELMONT E de M Mountom clnmber classic beauty undying splrlf MARY FAYE ALLEN Dulce? Tones c1r'rusT of heorf Ike booster ,Q-1 SUZANNE BEER Tolly bo, boshful SIf'1C6I'ITy, outdoroble af LLLL X Q I . . . A SONDRA MARIE BIDWELL Conroguous gnggle cosucxl SHEILA MARY CALLAHAN E de M Top o the mornmg lnght heorfed sunshme follows The rom 6 NANCY BROWN To kindness qulet humor demure ond dreamy JUDITH ANNE CAMERON The South wnll ruse ogom full of fun Tex '13 K Y ' 1 ' 2 chormg willing worker I Z . it ROSEMARY CHASSE E de M Charmsngly shy mellow and merry Luftle Red Rudlng Hood NANCY JANE DERRAH Leave 1hem laughing sparks and sparkle unpredlcrable 1 KATHLEEN MARIE CLEARY E de M En vogue preffy planner Where There s a will there s a way .ff KATHLEEN MARY DOWNEY E de M A but of blarney vvufh malice 'foward none profound sumplucnfy , I 5 . . . Aix A I , F F I T. l U L , , I . . I LORENE DRAKE Lo perrfe chatterbox sponfoneous genvol at I in JEANETTE PAULINE DE PAEPE E de M Serenely graceful o charm of her own porfronf rn pink CAROLE MARGARET DUNLAP Fetchung freckles never soy due vim ond vugor SHARON FAITH FRIESEN The biush of spring cxccent on ocfron relloble 1 4 M4 ,A '4' ' 'Qi I 5 2 2 ,ga ,, 4 5x:,f:,, X QSM Q 3, .WAV 3:- H A, H' ,Q ' : A I 2 I ,Q 4' 1: I 7 MARGARET ELLEN GRAHAM E cle M Perf and perlre The lutrlesf angel Maggne CONSTANCE MARIE HOESLY Wnllowly artful fmgers a mmd of her own NANCY ANN HADLEY E cle M Born To make laughter lively CUVIOSITY Nan JUDITH ELLEN KIRK, E de M A chuckle ID our memory, Mlss Courtesy, The fender Truth I iz ' ,ng , 7 J CAROL ANN KNUTSEN Genfle monner dxmpled dorlung preffy os o plcfure CONNIE LEE LECHNER Loyol fnend sunshxne ond song Konnue MARY MARCENA LABBE Ski-boundg humor-esqueg memorczble ocquointonce ANNE LEU Complex compound goy chotferer musucol mednc Q . at X A .1 N L L ANN LOWELL, E. ole M. Philosophicg a way with wordsg athlete unlimited MARCELLA ANN MARX Sense and sensnbullty tlnkenng typust savour faire NANCIE LORETTA MALONEY Puxne method an her madness when lrlsh eyes are smiling CAROL MATSCHINER H CA s Breck gurl soft sul houette lovely to look at delughttul to know I I I 5 ' I 1 I v x ,.'..' 1. jf? 73 X .5 A W1 Q-"VY . . . 5 - 2 1 mhwlwx JEANNE ANN MAYHEW Selfless server curfcrm coller o laugh ond 0 lark ANNE THERESE MCGRATH, E de M Jozz o Io cdrfe, unossummg depth, farm hold on reolnfy SHARON MARIE MCENTEE E de M Amnoble o frnend to everyone Colm Condor MADONNA CHRISTINE MCLEOD E de M Youthful wnsdom heorf of gold sentnmenfol I 2 L , fi V -E x x . . 1 2 mf '21 1' , V 4 I X . 1 ' 1 ' I I . MOLLY MURPHY, E de M Luck of The Irish challenge unlumuted fore ,iQ1.1':l? i Q A ' MAUREEN ELIZABETH MURPHY Muschlevous mermcud 0 'rwmkle IH her eyes our Intrle Mo BARBARA ANN SCHAFF Spcxrklmg vvxth C1 song conversofuonollsf generous volunteer GEORGANN SHERWOOD E de M Musncs dcmcmg feet quiet porrnclpcmf sweet suxteen I' 3 x U . x . . .I , '1 .A I f CAMEELA SCHULTE Stylush porse persomfred chat chat JUDITH VERONICA WAYNE Essence of order merry mrss cnrdenf odvocofe MARGARET SCHNEIDER Adventurous splrlT pensrve elecfrac umoglnofuon is MARILYN CLARE ZENNER Vorrety as The spice of lnfe happy go lucky effervescenf 3 J in . .. t N '- X C rrrrer i E'rfr Knowledge unbound f W Q xk ,O xx Accornplishmem revealed formative year.: Of Gaining prepare Zfhe Studenu gor Life. From mind To matter Disrromions owoy! V 1 ga K L in I 4" - Mi: Q I ji! J!! r K' ,, luclenl Body Eoch closs ond every new doy open up horizons of learning ond reveol the secrets of the post ond present. This knowledge begets the truth, ond in truth there is wisdom. Mary Beth Duncan Kathleen Farrtngton 'i Judy Carnarata 'is 'fl if .. 1 Mary O Leary Gretchen Franz Irene Archibald Mary Ellen McGulI Molly Comerford PG? Comte 4 Gayle Antken Linda Dushane Jean Nnederm eyer Roxanne Whctsell Patsy Snndelar M ary Hoollhan Gert Bosse Gabrnella Maertens K. Marcuu McDougall I l Barbara Cochella Travern Snell el'll0l'J Martha Burtchaell Vnrgmla Krall QI Marcna Wa rd Suzanne Vail Phyllls eu Lnnda Allen Z Mary Taylor Karen Nelson l Mary Plasker Kathleen Sanders Carolyn Meyer A W 1' 1 X ll L Lx Kathy Classen Susie OConnor Clare Phllpott Adrrana Gorreffo Carol Coskey 3 I Kathleen Foeller Judy Bastasch Ceculsc Campbell I Vnrglma Manassau el'll0l'J Molly Stone Sally Jarvns Katherme Turck .xt Joanne Ellus Mary Blaser Karen Mlnden -'Z ,l Manlyn Yung Mol . I l ly Lydon Jean Eulers Duane Meyer fs v . 1 , I2 , I I 1 l-5 4- 1, ECON I L ell L0l'J Fronlle Houston Carolyn Schnelder 1 Marlu Carley Marnlyn Melberg Ma ry Jo Young Z Lmda Daley Barbara Elliott Molly Buckley Cho rlotte Ga rretf I1 I 4 1 Mory Odin Judy Wilson Elrzabeth Seutz Rosemary Namrt Januce Leeb Judy Codemo , ,l L 2 llv xl, 1' .if,lf ls 3 I l 4'L 24 l I we li Par Murphy Vicki Redinger M 1ll Judy Smith Karen McNaughT Louann Schwartz Carol Watkms ,l L Carmela Wachsmuth Shan Eastman ary Kelly ECON a McKenz1e Julie RICS Ardlth Marler Dorothy Cleary '73 L Mary McDermott Mary Helen Rosf 1 .F - as I , l -1 A ' . ,.: Q ' . T V Lx, ,v l M L , l 5 A M 1 en Lora Judy Koessler Z Judy Smnh Joan Basbasch ' vt Leslie Liberty Mary Telfel Clare Stacey Molly Condon Maureen Delaney 1 l Mary Du Gervrucle Rensner Pat O Bnen Cecnlua Berg Karen Kuhn X! Carol Amadore Susie Muller Q X' H i Q A 1 l ' r or m l l , r I 'l I 1 is la' 1 - I Michele Drake Marylee Colamaruno Sally Goodlng Joa n Anderson Julua Mclnfosh LMI Senzora Jane Cornerford Mary F Hoyt Carol Krage Rosemary Walsh Mary Mgt Young Enn Dooley Jeanne Henmngsen 1 l l Carol Ehrlzch 3 ' gl O 3 4 5 L A 'Z A 1 5 ,N a I I 3 1' . I L Er AA f eral Sentara Barbara Taylor Nancy Knufsen Dorothy Rosf Karen Scarpelll Ann Nizich Elaine Carol Davis Mary Ellen Ryan Beverly Barbour Hinson Loxie Snell I Judy Sxmpson Mary Peterschmldt Sandra Engelstcd Z Julue Zenner Bonnne Brown Elame Odermann Mary Ruth Anderson ara! Senwra ,Z L Sharon Thornton Ruta Altenhofen Jean Huber Mary Ann Zlmmer l lag Kathleen White Judy Curhs Lots Coleman Lmdo Peterson 'le Dolores Marsh 9' ' Q - M I ' 3 Q x , X f I I I ' h f f- M. , - 1 I 5 A L Drone Montgomery ar I enzora Sally Lydon Charlotte Brass Mnchele Jarmer Janet Hoge Pat Rogers Jamce Arena I .I J0YCe UPI'10m Kathleen BOND Sandra Novak Janet Callahan Barbara Lazrune Dorothy Conboy 1 ,' .1 A1 A r L - Q - . hr Carolyn Myers u-at enwr I Modeleune MCGIII Knplee Dechcmt Ann Dome! Ethel Jenson I Potrucucl Lucas No ncy Scott 1 Joon Monmng Ko ren Kuckenberg Kathleen Dowlusz i Ann McLellan Nancy Mune MUYY C Smlih L I x i I 'Q 4 f t A L ' ' 1 n , I 1 . A ii 'Q if Y Mornanne Thompson ,il Marulee A :Mt Senwrd H Mary Olsen Parrlcsa Powers 4 Korhleen Come Z y Susan Eggleston 'D Karen Forbes Ka Pafrucla Beary L rlovac thernne Lucna Rolphlne Rambeau -49. -Q- 1 I Theresa Cunmngham MOV nlyn Fleskes Susan Lange - K 'Vxj :VMI in 4. fl - - I - , N .f 1 5' A I . t no 1' Q 4, K M Karen Holman Hidden beauties Chrislian l7r1'nciple,4 Of fcfucalion ,Uoliuale Ueacfzing wind jnslruclion ,. Commercial skills "Mi-3A Morhemcrics intricacies th "V for Creative rolems Cla44e4 CaThoIic learning and education Teach us how To live a Christian and demo cratic life. .'7"" Mother Mary Cuthbert relates to Irie Sophomore Religion class ine oys of living one s religion. Classes to enrich the mind as well as Those which Teach mo- nipulaiive skills forrn part of The daily curriculum. Tlwe Junior class acquires secretarial skill under The competent guidance of Mrs, Butler, o- HU Arm Lowell, Donna McLeod, cmd Anne McGrath leom more about Io belle France" from Mother Mono Josefo, K N 1' ' g I Q' I ,- -r , ' Real concentration and diligent application of mathematical principles are evidenced in Mother Mary Conrads Advanced Mathematics class. Improving the mind through academic courses and learning domestic skills both contribute important and valuable oppor- tunities to help the students pre- pare for the knowing and living that will be expected ot them as adults. if -6 . '- 4 3 Q 2 a W- s k' .1 xxx' , 2 f . ,ad 3 A L efigion Provide: Elm .jnlegralion gor Living a4nd learning Children of Mary our Mother Devotion fo Our Lody Q Our Infant of Prague I ,ff K ,Q-.f""fAy -.Mm " . ,Wu emi? eptuon tnto the Cntldren Mory IS the ldeol of every Sodolrst Devotion ond Interest ore given op portunutxes tor octuon by occoslonol qenerol soololuty meetings ond by frequent closs sponsored octrvltues oclalziy Sodolwty Pretec? Peggy Colton discusses toptcs for o sodollty meeting vvmtlw Ceoltcw Campbell ond Rosemary Cbczsse Reverend Aiberr J Cclrrnooy rece ves osprronts tnto the Chnldren of Mory Sodotu y ot the smple but mspnrwng ceremony W QEYQQ' 2 ,ole ,-ifzf 2 1 r . RSC ' t ' Qt 1 " ! , N ' . I is The Sodaltty Counctl Itstens attenttvely to Peggy Colton as ways ond means are sought to moke the Sodoltty a more vttal orgontzotton B ck row I to Judy Koessler Judy Ktrk Jeanette DePoeoe F ont row I to Martha Burtchuell Jean Etlers Jontce Leeb Dorothy Rost Modeletne MCGHI and Mother Mary Arthur Durxng the month of Moy or- outdoor weekly Moy processton honors our heov enly Mother Our Lddy Sec1totWlsdom gutdes our year ond the lost month of school ts espectally devoted to hononng er Benedc ton of the Most Blessed Sacrament ts a fttttng concluston o the May Processton and coronatton of Our Blessed Lody 0l'l'le La Ollne y Cl 'ins A mrnsature Afrscan house and a natsve Handrnasd help to creafe a mssssonary atmosphere s sg Mother Cornelsa Connelly Nancy DeFran q lls s ls Mary Beth Zenner and Charlosfe McLeod snau sl e achsevemenrs of the S H CJ Foundress pci Mother Marsa Assumpfa n the US on leave afte twenty years on the Afrscan mssssons shows Sensor Donna McLeod some of the handscraft of The Afrscans Wsshsng To honor Mother Cornelsa Connelly the Sensors clevofed Themselves To The represenfatson of her lsfe and sts frusfs Dssplosys anal posfers colored The school hall The dramcsfsc talents and devofsan of several Sensors produced a play and a tableau Cornelsa Connelly Day ss a fhanksgsvsng lor and a comrnernorafson of the purpose arms and spsrst of our school Professed and novsces gsve rapt arfentson n me Cornelsa Connelly Day play wrsf ren by she Sensors chats vvlth Karen Holman Pa Rogers Ceclla Berg and Carol Watklns at the close of Marulvn Yung and Margaret Schnelder confer wlth Father Francls Maloney who conducted the Juntor Senior retreat 1 K 4' " N fr-x +2 Z: 3 si -EQ xQ X X For the furst time we had sep arate retreats vvhach each began on Ash Wednesday It lS cn tume when our thoughts turn to the Dnvune ID Search for Almighty Strength for love fortitude and knowledge , t , I ' ... I I -wr 1 . N 1, x N ' -.N , ! XJ V X s I I V- X L . t Benecllctlon tn the audltorlurn concludes each day's conferences I E ' H ' ?-I ,.a"' , . ru' A I va . 5 7 ' it . gy 5 , l I r' N 'X ' x ., g f - 1.4 ' 0 5 Ill f ' I ,, Q I ,, r Q, Pr-I' ' I I 5 , ' ' ,..., , , the retreat Cailzolz chan Moromne Thompson Cecllo Berg Borbcro Ellnott and Knplee Dechcmt pack Chrrsrmos boxes for poor fomulles o's ot Frnendshup House me enfertomed by Molly Murphy cmd Ann Lowell cczpvoms of the Blue cmd Jme Teoms I fav wqllv - I gl 48 Profclehce l-lcsovol Nursery ls the scene of energerc zeol Us we .lurmors pay their weekly visit. ji- 1-1' fu-""" if Parting the finishing Touches on the classroom Christmas crib is Kathy CIeary's Task, Fr. Pmrck Peyton greets me Huge crowd which parficipored in the Family Rosary frU5'1fio2iwPlff in Portland in Orrober. S' vb Sfudent Government if P5-my School Publ corlons 50 WC Jfufuaf lundemlanding 04nd azoperalion dfre goalereal rough fsludenl Org anizalfona Tok Pl'c'ogrc1pPy Club -'Q rganizationd Opporwnifies for cooperc1Tioh, Tolercmce, generosiry, cmd ThoughTTuIrwess presehf Themselves To The sTudenTs os They plcm cmd execuTe Their aims in The schooI's vczrious clubs cmd groups. '. gif 3 H lghfhklyr vltq .1- U 'If' I F9 wwl. Lmcler The skullfol gunclcnrwce of Mrs JoormoJ Ellis l-loly Clwllcl s specnol smgmq group lwos ollo med on erwloble epulofuon The group cons sm ol S concl Tlwurcl :rd Foorflw Semwors vvlflw occowwpomsf Mary Ellen McGill he Corne iand Porta! Through "The Portal", Holy Childs newspaper, a peek into the schools activities, achievements, and goals is glimpsecl. The Portal is issued quarterly, The staff includes an editor, a busi- ness manager, and reporters. Mother Mary Januarius is the Portal aolvisor. Donna Mcleod Eclrrar sr The Portal statf enfoys a laugh as they work together on copy. L. to r. are Nary Odin, Lorene Drake, Carole Motschiner, Nancy Hadley, and Mary Kelly. 54 Mother Mary Januorius, Donna McLeod, and Sally Jarvis examine The Portal as it comes fron- 'ne press. Q Anne McGrath Coeediror Kathleen Downey Coeednor P e4 alnni The 'affairs of The year" come to life Through The pages of Holy Childs year- book, one of The rnosf treasured pos- sessions of the sfudenfs. Carole Marschiner, Margaret Albers, Margaret Schneider, and Ann Lowell examine old yearbooks for new ideas. Mvasurlng graph paper ana preparlng copy as me task of -A Q., q me yearbook staff, Plcrured l ro r. are Anne Leu, Ann Lowell, Gayle Anken, Molly Comerford, Kathleen Downey, Jean Ellers, Anne MCGra?h, and Molher Mary Arthur. 5- ,D --xg ,. K4 .sux ob , N Mrs Haynes' Red Cross members gather together for a picture. Red Cr-044 Sue Vail, Franlie Houston and Mary Odin show helping hands and smiling faces as they fold linens to be sent to the local Red Cross center. Many hands lend their time and tolents to the variable activities of our Red Cross prograrni As each season rolls around, it brings with' it new oppor- tunities to render selfless service. We see the spirit of generosity in uniquely fashioned stockings and stuffed animals for the poor and in visits to the aged. ln seeking to bring joy to many, the Red Cross has found a fruitful field, Tak Club plans and prepares The bulletin boards for var- ious school ac- tivities and Church feasts. Sister Mary Caroline, Tak Club Moderator, smiles opproyingly as Carolyn Meyer, Linda Peterson, and Kathleen Foeller cut letters and prepare designs for a new bulletin board. Ex iminina sorne snaps 'or possible use are Pho og mot ub members Pd ng Trayern Snell, Kathleen Downey, Katlerine Turck, Snaron McEntee. Seated: Sally Jarvis and Gay Maertensr Avlwfograplzy Virginia Manassau smiles obligingly tor camera woman, Pot Comte. -- 'i X 1.4 jgg1JJ11 Athiefic triumpk foyaffy, JuJlice and feraeuerance are beuefoped Ilurougfz Gmmpeliliue Sporls N f Skill and dewermlncfion Gfoup cooperation Leadership at work B g--stil! porfa School spirif is encouraged by compeTiTive sporTs. Volley ball, badmimon, and loaskeTball are favoriTes because They involve The cooperaTion of The Team. Equally imporTar1T To This spiriT are The colorful cheer leaders and The loyal class- mcxTes who help make inTra-school sporTs The Tun They are aT Holy Child. Ann Lowell Wh Te Team Capra n The AThleTlc Councll llne up nn a VICYOVY forrnatlon wlTh Thelr Blue and White Team Capfauns ln The center ue and lufluie eama On our Holy Child Reservanon The school us clnvlded nnTo Two Tnbes Blue and VVhlTe Each year The Teams cornpeTe on The baskeTl:Jall floor and IH polnfs gauged on parnclpa Tnon OT The nndlvudual Tnbesrnen IH The schools aThleTuc eyenTs One Team IS awarded The cup annually 1 xi 6G glue an f ve wee leaders emerge from The r Tepee for a cheer Molly Murphy Blue Team Cap a Jil ' A I A D . . , . 3 A L I- l - ' T- , , - .1 gy , The Blue and Whife Teams "fought To The finish" on the afternoon of Mother Mary ArThur's Feasf Day. In The lasf five minufes of The game, The Blues, a Terrific tribe, were defeated by The mighty Whifes, 21-19. The Blue Team watch ex- pectantly as The ball falls into the basket is 1 geaaf may ame -ni U -v The cheerleaders greet the , Sisrers as happy tribes- rnen ioin in the fun. 5 Y lx ' Q fl K x V ,, D ' 1 r fr' rr r fi fr ,f b .ini X 1 ' ,yrs A. -, , ign- Trwe Frrs: orwo Seiorwix Serv ors wrro proyeo on :Joss yorleyboli cmd boskerborr pose oorrgrrwgr. ' r fn season frlred vyrrrw excrrerrrerr' zmo gooc: sporrsmonsi-rp Frrs' Sen or cfeerweoriers bock V 'o r. Sondra Noyok ond Se-como Serwror dfeerreoders, bock I, To r.: Dori Creory, Mory Niwcy Scov From' Por Lucos Joof Monrwwg E'Hel Jenson. P051 Vo? Morphy, From, Mary Jo Young ond Shari Eosfmcm. x I Q 3 to ' 9 i Q its " 9 v 'lt.nL v C. QQ if x l Sports enthusiasts for volleyball and basketball in the Third and Fourth Senior enioyed the competition and experience of inter-class games. Cheer .feaclerd Third Senior cheerleaders, back row, l, to r.: Diane Meyer and Jeannie Niedermeyer. Front: Mary Taylor, Gretchen Franz, Fourth Senior cheerleaders, I. to r.: Carole Walsh, Margaret Jean Eilers Albers, Nancy De Franca, Molly Murphy. , ,A V 2 ., ,I VV ,,. of - 47 f 6 3 'N ix- ,ij w M- xv 'vi L l l 3'5- -' ar Q- 1 Tl-e Junior Colleens showed their fighring irish solr' which olwziys conqoersl Cup Night is o night of cheers ond feors when The spirit of Holy Child is shown por excellence. Junior Colleens vvon The cherished bdskeibcill cup dnd shdred The oiiendcnnce cup with The Senior Scots. The Freshmen Fonmsy did nor prove quite so fcnfcnyc when rhey won vheir game on Cup Nignr. . W" Q..-ig. - 1 "' ff l ffl. i ?Z95xii?ll 1,5 I. farlicfpalion in a',fl1'u1'l1'eA provides 0pporlun1'f1'eJ for dlpodolic and :qociaf gncleauom " 4' Ope-retro progrgm Pet Show Junwor Prom Hczlbween Pcvy -nr -lk afctiuitiea Chorocter ond personolity ore enriched ond developed through the multiplicity of activities, proiects, ond sociols which dot the school ccilendor. Ledrning how to work with ond tor others ore voluoble lessons Ieorned through this phose of school lite. -' M4 f . , 1 X i n i A X .Q K V nf? l W mDllC" alll' ln ll' 5 fomme 'elle' on Som S uffed an mals and sausage balloons keep Roxanne lmle patron learns hrs future from a Frrsr Sensor Wpwsell m me merry mgod of me day fel Sh w 149 . 1 ml Karen McNaughT nd Carmelo Wachs rnarh arrange ther doll Table rn an af racr JE drsplay Mrnus The peTs Holy Chrld s PeT Show conhnues To be The mayor rnlsslon aC TrvrTy of The year The sale of Trckefs on donaTed prrzes The special hot dog lunch and The varrous concessrons help To swell The proceeds The Trsh pond mrladys haT shop The spook house The doll Table and The games of chance all added up To a day of Tun for every one Mrlady s Hat STand does a Thrrvrng bus: ness as KaThy Sanders Tres a late model on a Tiny Customer s-- aug nut a e Even the hole in the dough- nut becomes a selling factor as Holy Childs students cover the city with their tasty wares. The proceeds of the doughnut sale help to defray the cost of RES ANNI. Arranging the thousands ot doughnuts in an orderly fashion demands the ingenuity of Seniors Anne Lowell Kathleen Cleary Connie Lechner and Nancy DeFroncq .IJLIIIUWBBII 'W Pe ere twese M e Women came O c' Mary me n Duncan nd Kerry Qdrders prove rhot fo on l os umes fare wr The Halloween Party given bythe Fresh men is an evening ot singing dramatics games and refreshments Revolutionary History provided the inspiration tor the costumes 69 1 r , . .,.. . f. , D X K ' N' ,. 5 - A m2 . A H fl C l r - N , . E s l Ia : ' , verrc 'rucr.e. . l 'f A 6g L 4. gr H, .ZX - . , l . I X . .A v V ' ' ' ' ' . I r r 1 H 4 1 i . X . . . . . :Jul v roused 1 .' nu' , who t 'ne party .ttirecl In their Hgh' eg, Workmg mdustruously on mumofure fnrefhes the French IV class enloy Yheur pro1ecT for The od book Plcrured I To r are Georqann Sherwood Marcello Morx Comeelo Schulte Rosernory Chosse Morgorer Schneuder Carole Morschuner Lorene Drake and Mother Marlo Josefo C rwimaa Busy fmgers ond hoppy heorfs fmol scope for Thexr msplroflon ID The give ond Take of school ocfuvmes S.m 3 s'ens We requesfs of Ko hleen Whnfe Julie Zermer Jhd Joyce Uphom It . , nn 1, f 'Su Q9.. -s 1 4 ' 1 . U f ? F' 'ON 'V -1 I f Q, , ,, ,.., ,... 'fi -- - . - . .,,- - -7, - -.21--I-1 S, ,, , 5 3 Qisgqs' 2 m gs' iaazxtzgf: It ' ." ,.,4 9, L ,I , G 42 x , s , Q ,, I mi wp , ff V: ' , 1 "M Q 1. 1? ,' Y A y Q. A A v- , 1: Q ,Hn . 1 .5 'L' . ,,.,., A? 1 'Y in Q 5 't ,,. -1 , ' .5 X w,, I a S Q si... ., H., 5: F sf 3 Shari Eastman and Mary McDermott, co-chairmen of "Starlight Fantasy pose for the camera man with their dates. A Christmas formal, a Junior Prom, and ci Junior-Senior dance proved inviting to dancing feet. "Do you like my dress?" asks Jean Eilers as she shows hxe Kathleen Sanders. ff lg f f , W, , ilu T ., , ,:2,,,g1' 1 :ig 72453, , t A ,, . affix, Q3 lv . -,J .4 Q, .Win ' 12 "kat .Fr , 79, ."' J' v, 1 ., . .-mfg ,,-we Q if ' fl qv 'H 1 1' M 'vw XFXWVK. ff "Qi"- ' ' 1 ,. ff'5' :l5f,:g2'f?' "2 Q ff ' L . M n' v . gf, X , -Q L-t if ,K 4 'I 'L n 1 f N t 3 l 'kip J V7 Y yy ' ' Q., , , Lx .xc 'Q X -X , QM: K, .I ' . Q i r -V- l Ag Y . fi .4 8 -- 1 T1 Ab, S X E K f asia Cfvglifll rl ' H M, ,,.. ,M IJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ " "' ' K, 51 fl E'- sa gf-:QS he The Firefly is called up by The leads and The chorus To proclaim her real idenfity as The second act of Friml's melodious opereffa comes To a close. Gay dancing, sparkling dialogue, and beautiful melodies combined To make this one of Holy Childs very best and most loved opereffas. Rehearsing T h e opereno songs under the careful di- rection of Mrs. Ellis are Mary Faye Allen, Barbara Schoff, Georgann Sherwood and Roxanne Whirsell. gireflg , Barbara Schaff, Georgann Sherwood, Roxanne Whirsell, and Mary Faye Allen delight The audience with their lilting rendition of Friml's familiar songs. film 1 . mid- ' ' ' ' s Z La 4, 'Q ag 'f b 7' wr , ,gy T4 1 33 as as i I1 ff' 1 0 -2 v Clan of 1956 The Res Anni staff wishes To express its graTiTude To Reverend MoTher Rose Mary and The TaculTy Tor Their encouragemenT and unalersTanding . To The Yearbook House of Monrovia, California ,... To Mr. Ray Wolford of The Acme Commercial STuclio . . . To Mr. STacy Wong for The Senior portraits . . . To The ClayT Green STudio for The class picfures, and To The S. K. Smifh Compony Tor The cover. ffl! 1x0 ll W 111 1 uf mn: fgfllffffff " k7f. l'f'f11'Jz'1! ..,.....,. 2 5. S-'fi - YEL- 5:15 :QR '- 1115 2 Y :L r 0, If ff A QH ,, - 'H fl If, ,ffl ' 1' 1 I r 1 I Wx ..w' Q v , 1 91 Lmszmz X9 X - , I mia mil, mm A Q 'gil Idfgv Q - ' , 5 - 'tg Ll ,fnfx1P,:l'Xf-'X' Q ffyvvx -N-I """Nnu --sl , -M A . A q ' . . ,ff-In . h - J.. 'PR All A ,i, all 7 i A 2 ,ffvlb-env"-W

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