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I 1 y, -if .. Jw!- f n .fb . A F 7Q.",--w-1-:- - .,..-,Y-,, ,, -..--.V gm ?., l I 1 . 6 Rf all A Rf' E 'Q 4 M rv? 1 ! Y Rvws I Y 'gf' .Mimi me la IF f , ' Lg I M 'EXC 1' . , f f "A' "' J M H If X ffjffzgwjgczc jj aZ!'f5.Jf -'fvf',.Q Z J , , Q' , Jw! 4, . M f' . my Im' ff fn . 1 Ziff' ffl WZZL4-.fa Q .2 U YJ : . , -1-JXQOJC. 4,4 in ,Q Lbtflafj X221 , V2 n-co! if , ,114-f.j' -,H 6 410, u may V , LMZKJF in f ' , if K l , cc ,ax ljfaxxmwlu .4 4 WW 125 ,f W Qff-QW Z f MQ fm WAV' I Z? fi? " "f ' Z f , 'WLM , ' v VI-goof! X X acyl, 'ff I 'z:LE.,l .- ff' f" m J V' ' ,c , 0 ZZ, x9 QAM! ,I i,! , j -f if Ayzdgd Q .f f4,f, .,z,QZ fZi,!, X 44 f'-:,, I J , , '.-f ' ' , WLM!!! if gf X J M 12' 1' .-'7 71, A J I f ky! ,fc wzibmf A-Mi f HQ! jp! 6 M3 j 9 ,QZW4 M f V .456 4? ,M 1' , f!!5F'f'?QpaLfAzrf'lf-9':'5"9"' I! I , as . jf 'I l JAA7 VG X04 0 ,4f,fL-42,4,g,! ff-411 ,M A ff' AT!Zd',:7i,5AAf. v IKNKA f 'VM . fi A A! if W J fbi 7 XJWZKL dh .Aj ,MU V J gl, ,,.- f QR. . 2 U19 A- Co 5 XWWI Ufxg' q f! ,MSW IJ v E fa - X NW 1:1 X LQ-' XX MEM X 1 fi- ' ' w 2 QKV1 xv I, x X if F pr' xl! zfgvux '- Q , 5-f .VA 4' jx. fm I ff " ry .QI L rv J fx ' 5' f A ' KN fp!! ' I V fl L4 JIN Wi 'jf ff74'f "' 'M, 'W' A7 ffggel ,ffyfv V f, . ,A It I!! 'lux j , K 'V JA , J x qf ' X X WN 1..-fl' I ' if I 'I ' 'mxhltk V1 X J. l' ' r I ' L' f I of H w f L ff XL , , X A L X f K- 0 gd, , I ' I' QB xfgrwr I, I V Y If-I I N . I if Av, ! I ,- J fo W W ' ,v 4 if x L' M ' h 7 I " X Q X C I Lrjfe I . ,fi X f-Ml Jin 1 Y-Y! "' Pray Alway t f, , 1 I . I n!,. Q I Mp! V, ,,,,,, 7 fr : ri J -f In IJ 'V J yff aj an- ff,g , f' 1 I. : K , 2 xy fi I gx A Q f ykfw D QWJZQQWQ , iii GM! ,X 6,6 Q Um jay A MVJWENLIQDU Bw nw PM , if fiiwgfffffwaf F' W Wwl Y I O Qgjw L M., ,m-ww THE M erin IANITE W 1-.11l. V PRESENTED BY THE STUDENTS OF ACADEMY S OF THE HOLY ANGELS NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 1958 . ,i-, I Superintendent Pens Message Dear Alumnae of The Academy of Holy Angels: Long years ago The poeT Thomas Moore penned These memorable lines: VVhen Time, who sTeals our years away, Shall sTeal our pleasures, Too, The mem'ry of The pasT will sTay, And half our ioys renew. Each Time you open This yearbook-no maTTer how many years will have elapsed-The memories of your days and years aT The Academy of Holy Angels will rush upon you. VVhaT are some of These memories which will renew your ioys? Leaf Through This book and you will find Them: firm friendships re-Tainedg lessons learned and appliedg aTTiTudes inculcaTed and developedg hopes sTimulaTed and realizedg ideals en- visioned and fulfilled. Very sincerely in ChrisT The Teacher, Archdiocesan SuperinTendenT of Schools l RighT Reverend Monsignor Henry C. Bezou 4 Mother Mary of St. Adrian, M.S.C. Mother Adrian Encourages Seniors Dear Graduates of 1958, All your studies, all your activities of the past four years have been planned and directed toward one end-to prepare you to take your place as Catholic women in the social and business world which you enter today. You have been asked that your simplicity be a counter-agent to the sophistication and artificiality of the present-day world, that your piety, self-sacrifice and reserve be the glories of your womanhood. Nor have you received these lessons for yourselves alone. Alma Mater has asked you, is asking you now, to share these lessons, to carry, by word and example, God's truth into a darkening world. Your obligation is to offer to others and to share with them the truths of your Catholic religion. As well-informed Catholic women, you must meet the challenge of the times, you dare not "hide your light under a bushel" and leave the vexing problems of the world to be solved by those who either hate Christ or do not know Him. When the path of your apostolate grows alarmingly steep, look to your Mother, our Lady of Lourdes. This year of your graduation, 1958, is the centennial of Mary's apparitions at Lourdes to a young girl, to verify the pronouncement of Pius IX, who had been laughed tq scorn when he declared the Immaculate Con- ception a dogma of Faith, Mary appeared to Bernadette and said, l AM THE IM- MACULATE CONCEPTION. And her message, then as now, was prayer and penance. Our Lady wants you to walk in her footsteps so that others may see in you her image, that they may say: "Yes, the Lady was like to her." Then, indeed, you will be ready, at any cost of prayer and sacrifice, to bear Christ, Mary's Son, into the market place, into the highways and byways of the world. Then, too, will your own light shine among men and they will glorify your Father who is in Heaven. Farewell! That God may bless and guide you thru the days and years to come, is the prayer of your Alma Mater, as it is mine. f ,WAC-1 5 v A Bai' e on ou' Our vol ces blend ng as s y ll love yo our Al ma. Ma erA H flfjlf HJ4 Now we are loy lead1ng true I Q R And when e leave you m the m1sts of tlme Our souls en tw1ned wlth gold ou hearts wxth blue Souls w111 have gold and hearts then' blue sh1-med' B loved a d m u near and dea Spu- A H des cend up our hearts'D C J -5 Ra.1se hxgh our hopes and calm our cease less fea Stay wlth us nev er from us Wlll YOU Pa1't Just as the fIrst blanket of snow fell upon Holy Angels to enrIch ITS ever beautIful campus new organIzatIons and other fIrsts came to our be loved Academy to enrIch the lIves of both students and faculty The straIns of our new Alma Mater rang throughout the corrIdors as students Iolned OFQGHI zatlons both old and new the new beIng the Con fraternlty of ChrIstIan DoctrIne the NatIonal Foren SIC League and the Natlonal Cathollc ForensIc League Senlors smIled theIr brIghtest as they proudly exhIbIted theIr newly desIgned class FIUQS at the same tIme that Holy Angels was welcomIng Its fIrst honorary student Kathy Rolland A H A pald trIbute to Its scholastlc leaders In true MardI Gras fashIon by conductlng ITS fIrst Krewe of Elnsteln Receptlon Thus tIme has turned Its pages ID the everlastlng book of eternIty Look INTO thIs book your treas ure and remember Holy Angels Its Ioys Its sor rows Its way of lIfe and what It has meant to you 6 gym J. ,. I J ll J W h -Or Y. '- i we a I Il I I I ,J 155: Flu! AAI aw f I I We a ul - -t . . A. ' ' - Il I I V F I ll , - 31 w ' ev-er ' . E l ' l I I l JJ J I i ' O I 4"'.' ll "jIen"l4Jl I if J E all E? 1 EJ I e.. Ac- -e- y to sso r I '-it of . .A.. - H V-on . I I I I I tw I J fl I, SISTER MARY OF ST. THOMAS, M.S.C. With a mind as keen as any ot the Thousands of students vvho have passed under her direction . . . With an interest that encompasses and encourages the many and varied proiects of the school year . . . With a devotion to duty that well deserves imitation . . . Thus we might describe our beloved school librarian, Sister Mary of St. Thomas. Various scholastic degrees in her chosen subject ot education together with a lifetime spent in her native Louisiana combine to establish her as a capable and enthusiastic teacher of the arts and sciences as well as an authority in Creole history. Her role as school librarian has imprinted her in the memory of in- numerable students as Holy Angels' own "oracle ot wisdom," holding the keys to the treasury enclosed in the books which she is ever ready to place at the disposal ot "her girls." Religious, teacher, librarian-but above all-true friend of all the stu- dents through the years, to you, Sister Thomas, because vve love you so dearly, we dedicate our '58 edition ot The Marianite. 7 TABLE OF Theme 10 Campus 12 Faculty 14Q Studies 20 Organizations 30 Personalities 60 Athletics 84 Acknowledgi HILIGH 8 1958 MARI ?"' A -W ,MN 3 5 kk'5L l XKKAA V' ,I K an , W KQV 399' K s F ,M K I5 K " . ,,. CONTENTS Activities 96 Sfudenis 116 Freshmen 118 Sophomores 126 Juniors 134 Seniors 142 Advertisers 174 enfs 220 X D BY THE ITE STAFF 9 1 i1f.f5fF1f,5L . I Q I Q 1. 5 A LW AY S fm, M, N ,sw 'X is ,im T us ' T . Z. Eifayiilaffiiiraysl LeT The incense of f 4"' f iigfhy prayer God on high , g Speed' Thy,,,i3fi4vifT arrows To His if HeairTi?ivifhere'er 1 fa: f -14, S Ariseih Tholiilght or sigh. T fEPray always! lni1fThy work lef i Q lf5Y?fY deed Be offeree unfplliigod. jfsliig ,vga 3 Eachiigcfion c?Qn,secraTediis a seed jk IhafEbl00m31ll'iiheaverris Irr- r'rb' 3 Q 5 BY 5lWaYSl'Wli'9flief as rsz 1 or 3 ET P Z,Forlfall Biuf sin may be a prayer J Tr T T T0 Him- A T l if SHXNON- Q vk: szwi vfs: mi gfr T ffs srz 5 ' "is iz ,Q l ELI i Xa, iw T irisTrucTeol "Pray f'rZ gAlways.f" Exemplary gl- CaTholics leadingigg lives ,bf prayer, Tkknowing well ThaT Sav1ioh.wals2poinTing ' ' A iifnag ofjhe managana hearT To God. irsagpraciice, prayeaas noi ai 93Od,f.s5Ui Talking Wlih Ciod- Godf Alfnighiyf All'Kn0WlT'iQf Friend for us here on earTh. To Himiwe can pour ouT dur hearT or ignored by our fellow nieng ,God iwilliaccepT us,f comforjl us, joys of ou? successesibeTTer ghan can any 5morTal. Helgwill show us will love us vxZjTh, an overpoweringV,feTeknal,f lpve imperTecT loveg lCerTainly,QGod is Tour ,most ,perfecT and TruesT 0fTil3lS fflendsslilp Wlili God- srrl is iiir + , T . 5 more Than one Way To pray. TIT is possible To be praying To God' eyery one of our worThy l1ThoiJghTs, lwords, ,aria acTions, i5nTo prayer. Wl1aT a wonderful way To siege up graces in Qhefavenl eaTirrg, sleeping, antgl sTudying become real prayers if offereoli for love of 5ii?1TenTion, These aicTions become consecraTed and worThy Tqsidsoar To The asfliyifiqibols of our love and devoTion. These seemingly worThless acTs are Then ihTo heaveiflly blessings whichiegnrich our souls for all eTerniTvV. lrra I a.f' . A 'T llr , The Offering TTQQST"TfriQsT meriTorious, and mo,s.T accepTable To "lk Cigod is Holy Mass. is, Therygiiho' begfeif l.,,,, ayafiniijj?i2hiehT.,,TQ 5eXpress our love ,forl God, Than by dayilysggfiflelhidapce aT This Duringgffhig ,512,001lgT5.S....Si5E'r3ff3'55 Offiieme ,,.v, Cross, Chrisf Himself ll'i- is woffewdmro His ETerriwa.lf'Fajgher in our nameg.5Our Lg?d is The perfecT sacrrijifcifaslf .:..v icTiimg Thus, we offef'ourselvesVTo"The FaThser,'wiTh His Son. Thisjffighdeed, The perfecf prayergfiiforV,,idfaiTlisQconTained The ,,.,i perfecfyeictfim, The ,Laijnb'of'C3Qd. ,,L, ,Him- selffg f T ,,,, . siifi 'ii, Q g ,,,,rrif , fi ' r,y,i 2 T ,iis AngladdedlygbpporTuniTy...eT6Ul gaingigrace Th rougl'1,.,,1l2reT'iT4loly Eufcha Nowhere ,i" on',The.,?facee0TfllThe ea,rTh'can5LW'e,,,be57C:3lpse?r ,To,afGc5ol1i5'alnd more unvitefl To Him, in mind, in bOdY,,E'nda.i.n ,,T :sesfil Than when He 66rriES"inTgQik5Ur hle,aQrT,s5ifiin Holy Corqmuiaibn. Our, lgord's Presence, Then becfomes Tangible, for ours1ovvnT'bod'iesoL,afe ghovvfjirihiefre Than ever,1Qg','iiflrfecT Temples of The Hrolyf' SpiriT. There, is cerTainIy no beTTer,oppgor-TtilniTyfeTo pray To'Our Diving? ord ThanwhepfrHelV'FfiTr1'?eTf, Body and Blood, Soul and DiviniTypirsTiii4ii,g,,g,Qyga.,qWV1 i1,JnWOVTlWY l'1eaVTS-,fl l ,T Besides assisfing aT Massyancliarelceiving 'is" OLirf'Lordm,in,Th,eg, wefmay lgeiep in,co'nTacT'vviTh Him ThroughouTl"TTlf1e daygjfhep Bread of'r'Apgels3"iis iilii a'lWla'ysiiMiplresenj1ilin The' Chapel, Giififllf PHSOVWGF of Love in The Tabernacle. aiil This is Hisrfilresidenge on earTh, Where weQlfmayflvisiT,,Him ,i,' OfTe'n. The Son of God, The Hidden Manna, waiTs To she.C1l,jHisggraces upon allggiigihose vvh65wii'lli only ask for Them. He waiTs for His children To visiT Him.5He"waiTs for Their pr95fe,rs'ofwpeTiTion, adoraTion, and love. Surely, we have every golden mearfs, To lead lives,?,iefwprayer.1 Yes, we can "pray always" in obedience To ChrisT's wishes, and our Bra-yerTs.,..,wi1l-l fiiif 'arise like incense, To Him on high. Then will our lives of prayer also become lives of love-love for our ETernal God and love for our fellow men. Then, Truly, we will be "praying always." V The enshrined sTaTue of Our Lady of Grace at The end of The Academy walk confinually inspires sfudenfs To lead a Mary-like life. I2 A.H.A.'s Campus Reflects Serenity Embrace our campus, O Sa- cred Heart, ever guarding it with Your loving arms. Stimu- late our devotion through Your image vvhich fills the campus with a divine serenity. Inspire us to lead a more prayerful life through the examples por- trayed in Our Lady's shrines. Infuse into our souls, O Sacred Heart, a desire to imitate the pious efforts of Bernadette whom Our Lady so honored at Lourdes. Help us especially in this Year, O Lord, to be more sincere in our heavenly peti- tions, thus increasing our de- votion to Our Lady. Finally, may the influence of Your Sa- cred Heart ever motivate a more perfect communication loetvveen us and Your Blessed Mother. The Lourdes grotto exists as a monumental remembrance of Our Lady's Apparition to Bernadette at Lourdes, especially during this year, the centennial anniversary of her appearance. This campus scene actually invites the "Spirit of A.H.A." to "descend upon our hearts." Faculty Members Direct Student Wait SISTER M. MARTINA, Principal Very capably directing the business of A.l-LA., Sister M. Martina is constant- ly working toward the advancement and importance ot Holy Angels and its stu- dents. Sister has studied at Loyola University of the South, Our Lady ot the Lake College, St. Mary's Dominican College, and Incarnate Word College in San Antonio, Texas. lt is Sister's ovvn vivaciousness and teaching and executive abilities that enable her to fulfill so Well her position as principal of A.l-LA. l4 ning and Personal Development SISTER M. OF ST. BARTHOLOMEW . . . As moderator of the Music Clubs at A.H.A. and St. Mary of the Angels, Sister M. Bartholomew has acquired a repu- tation for being a competent teacher of piano, organ, voice, theory, and instrumental music to stu- dents of all ages. Sister is well-versed in liturgical music and school-singing. Born in St. Martinsville, the historic town immortalized by Longfellow's writ- ings, Sister Bartholomew has a unique family history. Judge Voorhies, Sister's granduncle by marriage and step-brother of the famed "Evangeline," wrote Acadian Reminiscences, a true story of Evangeline. SISTER M. OF ST. JOAN OF ARC . . . Marianite mis- sionary, Sister M. Joan of Arc, has already won the affection of the student body by her friendly disposi- tion. Recently returned from Pakistan mission field where she has been teaching according to the Cam- bridge Educational system used in English schools in India, Sister is eager to inform her students of the vigorous life she led there. Together with interest- ing exhibits of the "Sari" worn by native women, Sister Joan of Arc also presents an animated and absorbing account of incidents which occurred in India. I5 O thou Living Bread, Life of our Lives, Angelic food for souls, sustain our faculty with thy all- encompassing graces, that they may see aright, that they may teach us aright, that they may live aright in God, and God in them. Amen. FATHER GERVASE GOLDWATER, O.F.M .... School chaplain, Father instructs students, especially those in his senior and freshman religion classes, in the truths of their Catholic Faith. Always available and willing to help anyone needing spiritual guidance, this true "servant of God" has become a real friend to A.H.A. students during the past three years. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, and having studied at St. Francis Seraph, Duns Scotus, and Holy Family Colleges, Father has acquired a great knowledge of philosophy and theology. Besides teaching at school, Father Gervase also does parish work. He has fre- quently made use of opportunities presented him by A.H.A. activities to enioy his hobby of photog- raphy. SISTER M. OF ST. BRENDAN . . . Sister M. Brendan is one of the many Marianites who have come to us from Ireland. This is Sister's first year at- Holy Angels after having taught at the Academy of the Immacu- late Conception in Opelousas. Sister has studied at Loyola University, Incarnate Word College, and Our Lady of the Lake College where she specialized in library science. Presently she is teaching algebra and geometry. Well read and up-to-the-minute with the news of the day, Sister is able to direct her students that they may strive to have a correct out- look on life, and broaden their views, opinions, and interest. MRS. LUCILLE BURROWS . . . The director awaits the opening curtain of her senior class play. As A.H.A.'s speech and drama teacher, Mrs. Burrows is a valuable member of the faculty. Her direction of the senior plays and the individual class plays is in a large measure the reason why both are success- ful proiects. Weekly speech classes encourage in- creased student participation in inter-scholastic speech and play tournaments. It is she who provides drama instructions for students participating in the rally play, which represents the school in the various competitions held during the school year. -'m...M..- .-W...W:.,a..,wv........m,y.....,........m,.i.......m,,..,w .sys-Wwrv., ,. ..,,, .....ww.,,s.,,. ..4 SISTER M. OF ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA . . . Sister Catherine of Siena has studied at L.S.U., Loyola University of the South, St. Louis University, Saint Mary's School of Sacred Theology, and Notre Dame University, where she maiored in speech. Sister teaches religion, English, typing, and speech, and has an ardent enthusiasm for extracurricular activities. In her capacity as sponsor of the school yearbook, moderator of the National Forensic League, the National Honor Society, and coach of the debating team, Sister Catherine of Siena has been able to enkindle true school spirit and loyalty in the stu- dents of A.H.A. SISTER M. OF ST. JUDE . . . Sister M. Jude, prefect of religion students, is originally from Ireland. She began her studies at Loyola University of the South and continued them at Incarnate Word College. Sis- ter M. Jude teaches general science classes, and en- livens the factual aspects of science by laboratory experiments which arouse the students' curiosity in our mysterious world and its surroundings. Sister Jude has been the moderator of the Catholic Stu- dents Mission Crusade for three years. Under her supervision, Holy Angels' C.S.M.C. unit has become one of the most outstanding in the city. l I 6 SISTER M. OF ST. IGNATIUS . . . Known by many as their "wonderful freshman teacher," Sister M. Ignatius finds enioyment and relaxation in caring for flowers and plants in "Freshman Alley." Having attended Loyola University of the South and Our Lady of the Lake College, Sister acquaints her students with the Latin language, correct English grammar and the fundamentals of algebra. Past and present students will recall Sister's little "Thought for the Day" by Father Keller, the neatness of their classroom, and the discipline which they were taught. With these "little" things, Sister Ignatius helped to mold young Catholic girls into mature Catholic women. SISTER M. OF ST. DAVID . . . Sister M. David has spent many years at Holy Angels both as student and teacher. Sister studied at Loyola University, Our Lady of the Lake College, St. Mary's at Notre Dame, and lncarnate Word College, thus advancing in the fields of Education and Sacred Doctrine. Because she graduated from A.H.A.'s high school and college and is now teaching world history, religion, and English here, Sister radiates deep-rooted enthusiasm as the faculty moderator of the Pep Squad. In one short year, this energetic nun has already become endeared, not only to the Pep Squad members, but to the rest of the school as well. I7 SISTER M. OF ST. GREGORY . . . Sister M. Gregory attended Holy Cross Normal School, Loyola Univer- sity, and St. Louis University. At present she is study- ing Business Administration at Notre Dame Univer- sity. Sister Gregory teaches shorthand, religion, and bookkeeping, and is the competent moderator of the Junior Red Cross. When she is not helping Sister Raphael in the school office, Sister finds enioyment in reading all available current news on commerce. Her large store of knowledge in this field not only keeps her abreast with the latest events but also supplies her with an excellent means of preparing her commercial students for the business world. SISTER M. OF ST. HILARY . . . As Assistant Provincial of the Marianite Community, Sister M. Hilary carries out many of the administrative duties of the Sisters while maintaining a teaching schedule and fulfilling the iob of moderator of the Student Council. Sister Hilary attended Loyola University, Misericordia Col- lege, and St. Mary's College, where she specialized in theology. Sister gives to her students in their daily religion classes a firm foundation on which to build their now developing Catholic Faith. Under her direction, freshmen also acquire much knowledge in the study of first year algebra. SISTER MARIE MOREAU . . . After study at Loyola University and Our Lady of the Lake College, Sister Marie Moreau, from Brooklyn, N. Y., capably shares with her iunior and senior classes her vast knowl- edge of American history, and to her own sopho- more homeroom imparts her knowledge of religion. Known Throughout the school for her famous history lectures and "quizzes," Sister Moreau maintains strict discipline in all of her classes. During this, her sec- ond year here at A.H.A., Sister has organized the Junior Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and moder- ates the Junior U. N. MISS LYDIA LA FRANCE . . . Miss Lydia La France, a Holy Angels high school and college graduate, still possesses that true A.H.A. spirit. She teaches of- fice practice, civics, and American history. Besides this busy teaching schedule, she is also school secre- tary. Fulfilling this last capacity, Miss Lydia spends a great deal of time in the office every evening after school and on Saturdays assisting Sister Martina in such administrative duties of the school as typing and filing. This versatile member of the faculty helps out in many a school activity, proving herself a teacher, secretary, and a friend to all. SISTER M. OF ST. TERESITA . . . Also from Plaque- mine, Louisiana, is Sister M. Teresita. As sophomore homeroom teacher, Sister imparts to her students a practical knowledge of their Catholic religion and English language. Holy Angels College, Loyola Uni- versity, Gur Lady of the Lake College, and Notre Dame University were scenes of Sister's studies. ln this her third year at Holy Angels, Sister M. Teresita is faculty sponsor of the school newspaper, Wings. Her interest in the Pep Squad is evident by her regu- lar attendance at all Holy Angels games. ln all fields, school subiects and extracurricular, Sister M. Ter- esita ranks as an "all-around" member of the A.H.A. faculty. SISTER M. OF ST. MARK . . . For the past three years Sister M. Mark has been inculcating the rudiments of the French language in the minds of freshmen and sophomores at Holy Angels. Sister's special knowl- edge of French comes from her studies at Holy Cross Normal College and Loyola University of the South. Her cultural appreciation of the language- which she imparts to her students-comes from her French family background and her travel in Europe. The freshmen under her care learn to appreciate the privilege of having the Blessed Sacrament in the building right across from their room, for Sister leads them in a daily visit to their Eucharistic King. SISTER M. OF ST. MONICA . . . Religion, business math, and English are the subiects taught by Sister M. Monica. Sister has attended Holy Angels and Our Lady of the Lake Colleges, Loyola and Notre Dame Universities, and Pius X School of Liturgical Music in New York. Much of Sister's talent has been devoted to moder- ating the Holy Angels Olee Club. She has done fine work in the musical field in training both individual singers and the entire group, and in fostering music appreciation and liturgical devotion among the stu- dents during her nine years on the faculty. SISTER M. OF ST. LOUISE . . . Senior commercial teacher Sister M. Louise makes good use of the helpful magazine "Today's Secretary" for imparting to her students a practical knowledge of the busi- ness world. Sister attended Holy Angels College De- partment, Loyola University, and the Catholic Univer- sity branch at Incarnate Word College. Besides teaching Spanish, Sister extends help to her commercial students both during and outside of class. She plays an important part in preparing students for participation in the C.B.E.A. Rally and is influential in finding employment for many of her pupils. MISS NORMA KOCOTAS . . . Miss Norma Kocotas, popularly known as Miss Kay, is the school's physical education teacher and varsity coach. She may right- fully be credited with the wonderful achievements rnade by both iunior and senior varsity teams. Form- erly a 2nd Lt. in the United States Army, Miss Kay was also a student at Southwestern Louisiana Insti- tute, Dominican College, and Loyola University. For three years she has been leading quite a busy life here at A.H.A. conducting an outstanding physical education program, including the maior sports of volleyball, basketball, softball, and numerous minor sports. Miss Kay also conducted courses for all iuniors and seniors in First Aid and Home Nursing in order to better prepare the girls for their future lives ahead. SISTER M. OF ST. LUA . . . This little Irish nun, be- loved by teachers and students alike, is noted for her angelic disposition and encouraging smile. The academic seniors reap the fruits of her years of study at Loyola University, Our Lady of the Lake College, the Catholic University, and the Notre Dame University Spirituality Institutes. Moderator of Our Lady's Sodality, Sister Lua must have a very special place in our Lady's heart. Her untiring work for the Sodality has helped to in- crease devotion to the Blessed Mother among the students of A.H.A. , , 1 , I - - mwpm-.1 1 Mrasswwmamsxmmam it .wit we 14 1-wxs1fS2e!..s.fft if s. STUDIES Come Holy Spirit of Love. Enlighten us in our sluolies with The light of revelation. ProTecT Us in our studies vviTh Thy enveloping shield of truth. Direcf us in our Way of life as sruclenls, with Thy sevenfolcl gills, That we may not falfer from Thy paih bul bring forth fruirs abundanily. Pray Always aww ' 7 9 fm .ll F 99 ii 41 Z 1 e K . Tl U il 553,11 55 if X242 fi Q W .f if T, ff! FH" esearch Rutifies Close Relationsh' During their study of Apologetics, one of the senior religion classes receives instruction from Father Gervase Goldwater, O.F.M., on the creation of man and the types of evolution. New gateways in knowledge are opened to interested freshmen by Miss Lydia La France through the use of the encyclopedias and the carcl catalog. Because religion is The essence of a successful life, it is the most important of high school studies. The broad scope of this vital subiect, including Scripture, Church History, Moral Theology, and Apologetics, brings students to a more complete knowledge and understanding of their Faith. In addition to gaining an increased appreciation of their religion, the girls are taught how to apply this acquired knowledge to their everyday lives. Living our religion, in other words, putting Faith into action, is the secret of a happy Catholic life. Fulfilling certain assignments involving research is made surprisingly easy by the well-equipped school library. Besides important facts and statistics, it also con- tains popular books and magazines for its occupants' reading pleasure. 22 etween Religion and History Members of Sister David's World History class supplement their studies with the current events magazine, "Work," which provides the Catholic teachings on labor. Extending a vivid picture of mankind's march through time, American and World histories employ the technique of using the past to aid in explaining the present. Students well-versed in history enter- tain a full concept on what the future holds for them as citizens of tomorrow. Lectures on important phases of Ameri- can heritage bring to light our country's development. A study of outstanding world events reveals civilization's prog- ress in more modern times. "Current events" discusses news of the day and presents these happenings in a manner which interests the high school student and provides her with opportunities of attaining the Catholic attitude on world problems. 23 Senior American History students and their teacher, Sister Marie Moreau, discuss the possibilities of bipartisanship existing in the federal government. A.H.A. students make practical application of knowledge acquired through civics, debate, and typing, thus learning by doing. In studying the way basic phases of society work together for the cqmmon good, civics students culti- vate a deeper appreciation of their government and its ideals. Development of public speaking abilities, quick thinking, and logical reasoning are the goals ot debaters. Typing, one ot the most practical of the commercial courses, is a valu- able asset to students still in high school and also graduates, both in the business and collegiate fields. Practical Application Furth Members of the Civics Club bring Christmas gifts and tidings to the children's ward of Charity Hospital. Jo Ann Eschmann addresses her sophomore debate class in order to demonstrate the art of public speaking. Enthusiastic responses come from iunior members of the typing class in answer to the question, "How many went further?" 24 rs- H' ' ' ur Understanding of Subiects .loycelyn Reuther and Edson Bruen learn from Sister M. Jude that the seven basic 'Foods provide the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals, and calories for a good diet. Sister Nl. Lua checks the hydrogen-making appara- tus set up by experimenters Pauline Cusimano, Anna Englert, Gayle lngolia, and Elda Fairchild. Supervised by Miss Kay, seniors take their fellow students' temperatures during Home Nursing class. 25 Sophomores begin their scientific exploration of the vast universe about them in the study ot General Science, thus obtaining a clearer un- derstanding ot their environment. Continuing this investigation in a more practical way, iuniors and seniors take First Aid and home Nursing courses, so needed today in modern communities. Chemistry, involving a close scrutiny of the elements and com- pounds ot nature, concludes the stu- dents' exploration of science. Experi- mentation provides seniors with a deeper look into their everyday sur- roundings. Foreign Language Study Increos Telling time in French is not hard for freshmen Carolyn Sconza and Elise Jean- sonne with Sister M. Mark's demonstration ot the language's practical aspects. Growth in stress on the study of languages is satisfied at Holy Angels by courses in English, Latin, Spanish, and French. First among the essential courses in both grammar schools and high schools stands English, the native American tongue. With a realization of the necessity of correct usage, English takes on added importance. Closely connected with the origin of English is the Latin language. Establish- ing lessons in grammar and Roman history, this ancient tongue is the basis for many of our English words. Many recent modern developments tend to draw the various parts of the world closer together, thus making a knowledge ot French and Spanish ad- vantageous. Latin American students, Nubia Orripls and Yolanda Radi, converse in the familiar terms of their homeland with North American classmates, Roselyn Cherry and Carolyn Holt, who discover that a conversation in Spanish can be quite a task. 26 Jur Appreciation of English Improved methods of transportation have closely linked our country vvith Europe. This increases the practicability of a study of French, which also gives a foundation for the Acadian French so familiar in Louisiana today. Many Spanish-speaking countries lie close to our southern border, thus en- couraging students to familiarize them- selves with the native tongue of their Southern neighbors. New Orleans' own colorful back- ground stimulates interest in French and Spanish. The city's Creole ancestry arouses students to make a closer study of the romance languages of their fore- fathers. Learning the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" in Latin adds an interesting element to the curriculum of Latin scholars. Under Sister M. Te-resita's direction, these sophomore English students bring to life "Sunday Costs Five Pesos," one of the plays contained in their literature book. 27 Math and Business Courses Prepa Holy Angels' maThemaTics curricula, con- sisTing of algebra, geomeTry, and business maTh, sTrive To sharpen and improve The minds of sTudenTs. Higher maThemaTics' basic fundamenfals, Taughf in algebra, prepare The mind for greafer advances Through pracTical equa- Tions. Challenges offered by exercises in geome- Try develop a sysTemaTic manner of ThoughT in The sTudenTs, enabling Them To beTTer adapT Themselves To difficulTies of daily liv- ing. STudenTs conTemplaTing careers in The business world find business maTh a desir- able asseT To Their chosen fields, as well as a valuable supplemenT To previous maTh courses. Commercial sTuden Pauline Smith with The help of Sister M Junior Pat Blancq poinfs ouT NaTure's symmeTry of design in a Monica learns how To fill out a check sTub so imporfani in bus: snowflake To The rest of her geomeTry class. s to Meet Needs of Atomic Age To adequately meet the growing demand for women in the business world, A.l-l.A.'s commercial program provides courses in shorthand, bookkeeping, and office practice, in addition to fundamental courses in general business, typing, business math, and busi- ness English. Shorthand is a "must" for any future sec- retary or woman executive. Without this vital subject, work would be slowed considerably in a field where time is most valuable. Bookkeeping, which requires quite a bit of skill, is a great asset in maintaining a good business. Office practice offers a more general train- ing in secretarial work, including such useful procedures as filing and instructions on applying for a iob. Taking shorthand dictation from Sister M. Louise, senior commercial students prepare themselves for future business-world experiences Sister M Gregory checks Barbara Benders calculations of profits OffICe Practice teacher Miss Lydia La France demonstrates and losses on the enlarged Work Sheet used by the book the use of the ditto machine to seniors Carolyn Luscy and Katherine keeping class Bolden 29 if f rags I :H , gn 9' W' wma Q ,, , mf fm was - M f, ,W . mu, i:55Z'f iff? H, U, Si? Q, fm, .iz -Q. gg, L, Fa ilu, , Lf ''flfuk,lmsifsezfggmz1, ' w -Q.-'-Q, , ,N , rv ., ,f V wa, mm De-aresr Mary, we Thank you for The gems of graces you are ConTinually sending our organizations. You have deigned To Turn your moiherly gaze upon us and have Turned our faces heaven- Ward, To resT evermore upon you and your Divine Son. Pray Always 5 .xx mm, , 9 Z 'ik 4 p 4 3 s -Q l' .?'j 45: 5 . Z i-K 'Q ff School Council Orgcinizes Vciriou Unity ot spirit between faculty and student body is the basic aim ot the Student Council. Encouraging this unity, students have the opportunity to voice their per- sonal opinions regarding school matters through their chosen representatives. ' At the weekly meetings, plans for future proiects are discussed, reports are given by the various com- mittees, and every six weeks a recipient tor the Out- standing Student Award is selected. Among its many activities, the Council sponsors Orientation Week, Happiness Week, during which a "Miss Sunbeam" is elected from each class, Courtesy on Parade campaign, the Sweetheart Shuttle and the Win- ter Formal, and the publication ot Wings, the school newspaper. Each of these, in a large measure, helps the Council realize its aim ot helping build good citizens through the practice of good citizenship. Student Council president, Anna Englert, conducts one of the Council's weekly meetings. Gayle Monteleone of Sister M. Jude's class wipes away tears of joy after being named "Miss Sunbeam" of her homeroom. Suzie Russo calmly sits by, not knowing that her name is next to be announced. 32 uclent-Participation Activities Organization representatives, Rosalie Handayan, Glee Club, Yvonne Keller, National Honor Society, Judy Gomila, C.S.M.C., Jackie Schroeder, Sodality, Gail Gelpi, Marianite, and Carol Kilday, Red Cross, along with Student Council officers Rhoda Viellion, treasurer, and Linda Musmeci, secretary, take the S.C. pledge at the installation of members. Student Council members Catherine Vicari, Judy Gomila, and Suzanne Talbot refer to the Young Catholic Student, the social guide book, for ideas on posters for "Courtesy Week." Originality persists as Anna Englert, Judy Gomila, Caelia Nolan, and Joyce Englert avidly arrange decorations for the annual Winter Formal. Our Lody's Sodoliiy Sponsors Th Deeper devoTion To Mary and her Divine Son Through personal sancTiTicaTion and The sancTiTicaTion of oThers is The aim of Our Lady's SodaliTy. Working To carry ouT Their moTTo, "To Jesus Through Mary," SodalisTs sponsored The OcTober Living Rosary. SodaliTy enThusiasm during The course of The school year cenTered around The Baby Shower held Tor The purpose of obTaining giTTs for colored schools, The STyle Show displaying cloThes which are modern yeT "Marylike," and daily disTribuTion of Holy Communion for The spiriTual beneTiT of all sTudenTs. Every Third week discussion groups assemble, enabl- ing parTicipanTs To come To a clearer undersTanding of modern social and spiriTual problems. Special honor is given Mary Through The SodalisTs' reciTaTion of The "LiTTle Office of The Blessed Virgin" once a monTh. Temporarily assuming The duTies of sacrisTan, Jackie Schroeder, Sodality prefecf, daily removes The Communion cloTh from The alTar rail. Gail Gelpi, firsT vice prefect, and Jackie Schroeder, prefecT, sTand with Rev. Elmo Rogero, S.J., director of The New Orleans High School SodaIiTy Union, proudly displaying The SodaliTy Union banner which A,H.A. won as The firsT place award in The ciTywide Sodality Rules Quiz. 34 Dctober Living Rosary Devotion Bill Dowie, guest speaker 'From Jesuit High, addresses the Sodality on how to better give praise to Mary. Officers Jackie Schroeder, Gail Gelpi, and Gail Ingolia listen with interest. 35 At the Sodality's Baby Shower, Alice "Chris" Coig and Linda Helminger receive first and second prizes for The best-Wrapped presents from Judge and Counselor Rhoda Viellion. During the Living Rosary devotion, Sodalist Elda Fairchild places a rose before the Virgin of Virgins, portrayed by Patsy Woodson, to invoke her invaluable assistance throughout the school year. ,Q,rg,am,.m,iw,i.i,fm..,,,,.,s,..,w ,N W,,.fA.Wwaycwew.i,Msiwwwww f at-fi,.7zwfauaaswxttavfmmsmsWW-Mm.,iW,.,..,fsmw,W.MM,waW.W,...,f,JM., , , Ardent Crusaders Gather Neede A.H.A. students help spread Christianity to the less fortunate peoples of the world through the' Catholic Students Mission Crusade. An intensified program of prayer, study, and sacrifice enables mem- loers to carry out the renowned C.S.M.C. motto, "The Sacred Heart for the World, the World for the Sacred Heart." A variety of activities are carried out during the school year, for example, the Marybook contest, Advent ceremonies, and the support of a native seminarian. The treasury is substantiated through such proiects as the St. Theresa Party, the Miss Mission Contest, and the annual mission collections in each class. Holy Angels is accomplishing outstanding work in the city-wide C.S.M.C. This year crusaders had complete charge of the collecting and assorting of Christmas cards, and our unit was one of the few which partici- pated in the sheet and candle drive and in preparing Propagation of the Faith mail. Used Christmas cards, sheets, and candles are sent to various mission centers. Judy Gomila, president of the C.S.M.C., stands before the chapel crib with the Crusaders' Advent offering for the Christ Child. Mission helpers Doris Steppe, Carol Bergeron, Myra Vollenweider, Linda Helminger, and Simone Abadie fill the car trunk vifith literature to be delivered to Notre Dame Seminary. 36 upplies for For off Mission Lands Kathryn Bolden, Rosalie Handay- an, Carol Blanda, and Ruth Lynn Rummery compare the hand-torn paper-dolls which they created while blindfolded as a part of the St. Theresa party entertainment. Folding sheets, which will be used as bandages in the leprosar- ium conducted by the Marianites in Pakistan, are mission workers Claudia Mumphrey, Alice Coig, Pat Blancq, Sandra Roux, and Suzanne Talbot. Generous Crusaders trim assort and mount Christmas cards collected from all over the clty for dlstri bution in mission areas National Honor Society Taps Worthy Ju Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are the determining factors tor membership in the Lumen Chapter ot the National Honor Society. Belonging to the Chapter is one ot the highest honors that can be received by a iunior or senior. At Holy Angels, the N.H.S. strives to answer the call ot toclay's modern age for scholastic-minded students and self- less, upright leaders through its various promotional proiects, such as the "Straight-A" parties, the Einstein Reception, induction ceremonies, and the Honor Scroll. Yvonne Keller congratulates Linda Musmeci and Carol Corso for maintaining the highest averages in the school for the second six- weeks period. President Yvonne Keller, mistress ot ceremonies at the Lumen Chapter of the National Honor Society induction ceremony, presents eligible candidates. 38 "Me?" Linda Helminger literally bubbles over with ioy at the symbolic "tap" on the Doris Steppe and Myra Vollenweider hang shoulder which she received signifying her eligibility for membership in the Honor Society. the Honor Scroll on the first floor of the Academy Hall. Newly selected candidates for membership in the National Honor Society are: Caelia Nolan, Carol Corso, Joan Maieste, Linda Musmeci, Judy Dugas, Julie Bond, Catherine Vicari, Simone Abadie, Pat Blancq, Jackie Eckels, Diane Merse, Gretchen Roluts, Linda Helminger, Tanya Steinwinder, Rosalie Handayan, Claudia Mumphrey, Lynda Mayer, Madeline Meyer, and Diane Griffin. Glee Club Awcakens Christmas Spiri Numbered among The yearly proiects of The Holy Angels Glee Club are The Christmas and Spring Con- certs and The singing ofthe Graduation Mass in May. The Glee Club affords its members an opportunity To bring musical enjoyment To families and friends who attend The concerts as well as a chance To develop Their ovvn appreciation of fine music. Girls Talented in voice also gain The opportunity of displaying and de- veloping Their abilities as soloists. The Glee Club has adequately accomplished its goals, due to The efforts of Their director, Father Robert J. Stahl, S.M., and Their moderator, Sister M. Monica. Standing near The stage door, Adele Scardino, president of The Glee Club, distributes copies of The Christmas music. The entire Glee Club combine voices dun ith Carols and HandeI's "Messiah" ln the midst of the excitement ensuing the Christmas Concert, the girls present Father Stahl and Sister M. Monica with tokens of appreciation for their competent guidance throughout the year. Christmas Concert to sing the praises, "AIleluiah," from HandeI's "Messiah." Members of the Glee Club kneel in prayer as they wait to begin the High Mass in honor of the patroness of Music, St. Cecilia. -rv ,. Music Club Encourages Perfectio Holy Angels Music Club, under the supervision of Sister M. Bartholomew, develops the potential artistic and cultural talents of its students both in the instru- mental and vocal fields. Piano students acquire a deeper appreciation of the "classics" and "semi-classics" of music stemming from a well-rounded course of study. Various music festivals, such as those sponsored by the National Catholic Music Educators Association, Louisi- ana State University, and Music Educators National Con- vention occur throughout the year, presenting the stu- dent with an opportunity to score a high rating and the advantage of displaying her talents before family and friends, as well as in competition with other schools. Special recognition is novv given to outstand- ing music students through the N.C.M.E.A. Carnival ball, a project iust recently undertaken to help prof vide music scholarships. Milda Finney, Music Club president, prepares to give a rendition of a Beethoven sonata. Voice student Jane Wilson, accompanied by Margaret Lara, reviews her selection, "Mighty Like a Rose," for the annual N.C.M.E.A. music festival. 42 Various Fields of Music Re resentatives of Hol An els who displayed their musical abilities A.H.A. members of the Court of the first annual Carnival ball sponsored by the N:C.M.E.A. Louisiana unit are Milda Finney, Maid Polyhymniay Margaret Lara, Maid Musicp Ruth Rum- mery, Queen of Artsg Carol Spirolo, Maid Dramag and Ellary Wagoner, Maid Poetry. These girls were selected on the basis of service to the Music De- partment. 43 P ' Y 9 at the recent N.C.M.E.A. festival include-Standing: Ruth Lynn Rummery, Jane Rombach, Gaynell Morlier, Judy Talbot, Suzanne Saucier, Margaret Lara, Cynthia Cosse, Stephanie Diodene, Barbara Hotard, Carol Spirolo, Lynn Turnminello, and Anne Bourdet. Seated: Ellary Wagoner and Milda Finney. For their ideas presented in essays entitled "What Music Means to Me," Carol Ann Cosse placed third, Margaret Lara, second, and Milda Finney first in the N.C.Nl.E.A. citywide essay contest. Junior Red Cross Focuses Attention o American Junior Red Cross workers at Holy Angels, appropriately called "Eager Beavers," manifested a zealous spirit throughout the school year by working to carry out their motto, "Service for 0thers." A very special proiect initiated this year was the adoption of Kathy Rolland as an honorary A.H.A. student. Kathy was extended a generous invitation to all school activities such as Glee Club concerts, talent show, and the senior class plays. Other proiects during the good-will campaign in- cluded distribution of favors and Christmas gift boxes to local hospitals and visits to the home for incurables and orphanages. Material rewards for the workers may be few, but personal satisfaction makes all the effort worthwhile. Red Cross president, Carol Kilday, holds the bountiful Thanksgiving basket of fruit to be presented to Kathy Rolland, "Eager Beavers" JoAnn Lagattuta, Judy Grau, Madeline Meyer, Janet Roquervert, Mary Louise Glynn, Darlene Lala, Rosalie Handayan, Cheryl Graham, Catherine Robert, Louise Arnoult, and Lynne Gordon fill Christmas stockings which will brighten the Holy Season for many of the aged to which they will soon be delivered. 44 dthy Rollond, Honorary Student Just before the Talent Show, Student Council president, Anna Englert, officially Kathy smiles in sincere pleasure at the portable radio presents a Holy Angels Pennant to Kathy Rolland, our J.R.C. honorary student. given her by Sandra Roux, Carol Kilday, and Gail Sirgo Between sessions of the summer Junior Red Cross Leadership Training Center, Jackie Miller, Darlene Lala, Diane Merse, Vivian Meyer, and Cheryl Graham chat with Mr. John Tucker, 'city- wide director of the J.R.C., and his assistant, Mrs. Toups. 45 in the name of the Holy Angels Red Cross Cheerleaders and Pep Squad Sporl Pep Squad members boosT The "Owls" in all aThleTic evenTs. Holy Angels PepsTers, spurred on by Their vigorous cheerleaders, accompany Team members To sTaTe as well as ciTy-wide TournamenTs and games. Such spiriTed supporT remains one of The underlying reasons for conTinuous A.H.A. vicTories. QuiTe a few changes have Taken place in The Pep Squad This year. Besides Air Force blue vesTs which compleTe Their sTriking new uniforms, The Squad also acquired a new moderaTor, SisTer M. David, who has conTribuTed much To reorganizing The pepsTers. FaiThTul members of The Pep Squad are rewarded aT The AThleTic BanqueT held afTer EasTer. Each receives an award based upon The number of years she has been in The Pep Squad. Cheerleaders and Top PepsTers receive special awards for Their unmaTched spiriT and energy. Head cheerleader Judy Gomila calls for The aTTer1Tion of The Pep Squad as she prepares To lead Them in The singing of The new Alma MaTer. WiTh a final surge of enthusiasm, A.H.A. Pep Squad members and cheerleaders bursT Torih in a resounding cheer aT The Owls' vicTory over Annunciation. 46 ew Outfits at Varsity Games "Come on and holler with me," urge the cheerleaders as they encourage Pepsters to cheer their team to victory. Cheerleaders Catherine Vicar: Dottie Wattugney Jean Boesch and Alice Gene Cong give a be bop salute to the Holy Angels varsxty 47 Holy Angels' Debaters Affiliot Among the newer members of Holy Angels' family of extracurricular activities are the National Forensic League and the National Catholic Forenisc League. Because of active participation in various forensic tournaments during the past few years, Holy Angels was granted a charter signifying association with the Southern Texas district of N.F.L., along with the potential degrees of merit, honor, excellence, and distinction for its members. The N.F.L. encourages advancement of high school speech activities both on local and national levels. Since only those students vvho are outstanding in forensic activities are eligible for membership, the League is an honor society for youthful public speakers. The N.C.F.L. provides opportunities for Catholic high school members to achieve the ability to ef- fectively present their Catholic principles and ideals of American democracy. Pat Blancq, N.F.L. president, completes first entries in the Holy Angels' chapter record book. A.H.A. debaters and discussants gather at the foot of the stairs before attending the final assembly of the discussion conference held in October at Southeastern Louisiana College in Hammond. 48 ith National Forensic Organizations Varsity debaters Rhoda Viellion Pat Blancq Anna Englert, Li da Musmeci Jackie Eckels Elda Fairchild Simone Abadie and Yvonne Keller cast admiring eyes upon their newly re- ceived N.F.L. charter. Anna Englert helps Eida Fairchild "off with the old, and on with the new," while Yvonne Keller proudly accepts her de- bate sweater from debate coach, Sister Catherine of Siena. White monogrammed sweaters are awarded to three-year var- sity debaters Anna Englert, Yvonne Keller, and Elda Fairchild, while Lynda Mayer, Pat Blancq, Linda Musmeci, Jackie Eckels, Simone Abadief and Diane Merse receive letters for two years of service. 49 C C D Members Spread Christia Holy Angels' unit of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, a new member of extracurricular activities at A.H.A., maintains the obiective of spreading Catholicity through the lay apostolate to those who have not had the advantage of a Catholic education. C.C.D. teachers carry Christ's Word to public school children by teaching them Catechism and funda- mental prayers. The helpers' division supplies teachers with pic- tures, charts, flash cards, flannel boards, and other visual aids, helping to make classes more interesting. A clearer understanding of the Faith is obtained by members of the discussion-action group who at- tend monthly forums on "The Holy Spirit and His Works." Sister Mary Jane, O.P., is questioned by Suzanne Rapier, a new C.C.D. member, as to the responsibilities of a teacher. Madeline Meyer, president of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, checks material prepared by the helpers' division of the organization. 50 "Going! Going! Gone!" cries Catherine Vicari, who became "Archy the Auctioneer" for a day. Assisted by Pat Thomas and Gail Murla, "Archy" encourages bidding at the C.C.D. auction - held to help purchase materials needed by Con- fraternity teachers. Attentive little pupils repeat the Words of the "Our Father" after Judy Goodwyne, their in- structor. 5l -me-my ,mm me we .sf mifty-il-,f.,,vsseww ne to Grammar School Children C.C.D. teachers, Gretchen Rolufs, Ellary Wagoner, Tanya Steinwinder, Gail Murla, Pat Blancq, Diane Griffin, Yvonne De- lort, Judy Goodwyne, Patsy Saunders, Suzanne Rapier, Pauline Smith, Jackie Eckels, Carol Corso, Diane Merse, and Simone Abadie, visit Our Lady of Lourdes grotto on her feastday to implore her assistance before leaving for classes. Junior U N Discusses World Problems Through discussions ot world problems, A.H.A. delegates to Junior United Nations successfully come to potential solutions and a better understanding ot crises arising in all parts ot the world today. Monthly meetings are conducted according to parliamentary procedure in the Loyola Field House. Realizing that citizens ot tomorrow will require a comparatively vast amount of knowledge con- cerning modern world events, the Junior U.N. spon- sored discussions in 1957-58 on such topics as the Algerian and Syrian problems. Preparing for a monthly discussion, Junior U.N. president Jane Reynolds scans a current news magazine. Holy Angels' representatives to the Junior U.N., Simone Abadie, Jackie Eckels, Gwen Gasperecz, Tanya Steinwinder, Jane Reynolds, Barbara Dietrich, Gretchen Rolufs, Diane Merse, Pat Blancq, and Diane Griffin, discuss their solution to the maior international problem of the day, disarmament. 52 Quill and Scroll Honors Journalists Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary So- ciety for High School Journalists, has as its objective the encouragement of iournalistic and creative en- deavors on the part of high school students through- out the nation. To be eligible for membership in the Bishop Sheen Chapter, a candidate must be at least a iunior and stand scholastically in the upper third ot her class. She must have done superior work in any phase ot iournalism related to the production ot the year- book or school paper, must be recommended by the publication's moderator or advisor, and tinally must be accepted by the national executive secretary. Keeping up with nation-wide activities, Quill and Scroll president Doris Steppe glances through the pages of the organizatiorfs official publication. New candidates to Quill and Scroll, Jackie Eckels, Gretchen Rolufs, Catherine Vicari, Patsy Woodson, Elda Fairchild, Carolyn Matthews, Barbara Dietrich, Lynda Mayer, Alice Coig, Pat Blancq, Linda Helminger, Linda Musmeci, Carol Bergeron, Diane Merse, Claudia Mumphrey, Joan Maieste, and Simone Abadie, not pictured, accomplished outstanding work in both the creative and literary 'Fields of iournalism. 53 Brand New Title Head Introduce' Wings, the A.H.A. newspaper, brings much ot the latest news ot school lite to its readers. Competent reporting gives students a broader knowledge of the happenings both inside and outside school hours, while editorials and feature articles present worth- while views on numerous subiects. Several improvements have been added to the paper, one being the new titlehead, depicting a winged angel. One of the paper's six issues is devoted to stories, features, and poems submitted by the student body. Entries for this literary edition are selected on the basis of originality, content, and general interest. By its appeal, zest, and literary quality, Wings has proved its worth and remains an added hilite to school lite. Editor Elda Fairchild makes a final check with the printer before the third edition of Wings is published. Wings' art editor Judy Gomila, copy editor Rhoda Viellion, and assistant editor "Chris" Coig prepare the final layouts before the copy is sent to the printer. 54 ings to Cl Second Year of Success The Morionite Staff and Worker To present an informative record of high school life at A.H.A. is the purpose of The Marianite. Those who work on its production are given the opportunity to put Their literary and creative abilities into practice in various phases of journalism such as: caption and news story writing, photography, lay- out, typing, art, business, proofreading, and general checking of material. True Annual Workers learn the real meaning of the term "work," for they must meet three close deadlines if the final product, the year- book, is to be received before the school term is over. Workers also develop a spirit of cooperation and "togetherness" as they all strive toward a com- mon goal. During the course of the year, the staff sponsors several proiects, among which are the popularity and beauty court contests and Annual Sales Week. The staff and workers alike are finally rewarded with tangible evidence of their time and hard work -their yearbook! Editor-in-Chief, Rhoda Viellion, checks off the progress chart as the various phases of work on the '58 Marianite are completed. Assistant editors, Jackie Schroeder and Gail Gelpi, and iunior assistant editor, Catherine Vicari, give copy for the second ship- ment a final check. 56 truggle to Meet Three Close Deadlines Checking ad lists and completing ad tiling are assistant business manager Claudia Mumphrey, busi- ness manager Gayle Ingolia, advertising manager "Chris" Coig, and assistant copy editor Linda Helminger. Yvonne Keller, literary editor, accepts the envelope containing news Judy Gomila, art editor, and Myra Vollenweider, layout editor, stories and picture captions for one of the pages of the yearbook discuss the layout for the "praying hands" designed for The Marianite from circulation manager Doris Steppe, while Simone Abadie, by senior Pauline Cusimano. photographer, checks her files for the corresponding pictures. Realizing the importance of accuracy in yearbook work, proofreaders carefully check both rough drafts and final copies which they have received from copy editor Elda Fairchild. QQ--1 -- un-an ur- s W - Alumnae Triumph Over Varsity Discussing the future plans of the Alumnae Association are officers Leisel Reuther, treasurer, Laurie Ohlmeyer, secretary, Janis Kitto, vice president, and Evangeline Malero, president. Members of the Alumnae Associa- tion held their annual A.H.A. Home- coming on Sunday, October 28. During the day the Alumnae at- tended Holy Mass, held a business meeting, and enioyed their dinner. Afternoon entertainment was supplied by '58 talent nighters. The day came to a glorious conclusion when the Alumnae team beat the varsity volley- ball team 34-29. This was the first alumnae victory in many a year. Alumnae Day provided an opportun- ity for all to relive many happy high school memories. Enioying breakfast after "Homecoming" Mass are former students of Holy Angels. Cecile Poillon of the Alumnae volleyball team picks up a fast serve, proving that time has failed to dull her athletic skill. Neither has it dulled that of her alumnae team- mates, Mary Ann Mistretta, Betty Renz, Jo Ann Karl, Vivian Mancuso, Oralie Smuck, Gladys James, and Liesel Reuther, former star players of A.H,A. 58 Parents Coo erate With Facult During the 1957-58 school year, the Cooperative Club was again the help- ing hand in many school efforts. At the monthly meetings held in the school auditorium, parents discuss school situations and make plans for the following month. Featured among Club activities were a cooking demonstration by Public Service, lnc., a Freshman-Sophomore Reception, tour of the school, a card social, and a tour of New Orleans followed by a visit with Mayor Morri- son. As president, Mrs. Frank Fontana di- rected the "Co-op Club" and appointed the committees which organized the proiects of the year. P Y Santa rewards Mrs. Frank Fontana, president of the Co-op Club for all the time and effort she has put into her work. On their tour of the school Cooperative Club members stop off at the parlor to view an original oil painting of Pope Plus Xll as senior guide Alice Gene Corg explains that the painting is the work of a Marianite Sister of Holy Cross Sister Cor Mariae an alumna of A H A Serving refreshments at the reception given especially for freshman and sophomore mothers are Mrs R W Wilson Ms M Grau Ms J Davi Mrs D Barras Ms V Lara Mrs F Fontana Ms B Hingle Mrs W Hardy Mrs L Thomas and Mrs L Christ 1 PERSONALITIES Teach us, O Christ, to mold our personalities from the perfection of Your Life. May the clistinctness of Your Divinity ever shine as an.infinite source of inspiration. May the wonoler of Your Love remain forever with us. Direct us, O Holy Face, so that in eternity we may stand before God as a living image of the true Christ. PraY Always . T 'f I W 9 Z im ., ac L 35 21 il iz .3 k Honor Society Solutes Top Scholar Krewe Captain Gayle lngolia, vice president of the National Honor Society, gently places the glittering symbol of maiesty on the head of Yvonne Keller to crown her Empress of Knowledge. In keeping with the Mardi Gras Season, the Lumen l Chapter of the National Honor Society had its own Krewe of Einstein reception to honor scholastic leaders. t All students who merited an "A" average for the first l semester and their parents received invitations to the l event. This was another of A.H.A.'s "firsts." ln the selection of the Countesses of the various subjects., special tribute was paid to girls who main- tained the highest averages throughout their high school years. These court members were kept a secret until the night ofthe reception. The crowning of the senior with the highest cumula- tive average as Empress of Knowledge by Krewe Captain Gayle lngolia proved to be the most im- pressive feature of the ceremony. Her imperial maiesty, Miss Yvonne Keller, and her T royal court were entertained by members of the stu- T dent body while parents, teachers, and friends wit- nessed the triumphant reign of wisdom and knowledge. Miss Jackie Eckels, emcee, pauses suspensefully before announcing members of the Court. Royalty greets royalty as the Empress Yvonne graciously receives the Queen of the Spirit of A,H.A., Miss Anna Englert. t Krewe of Einstein Party While presenting her royal parents with Court favors, the Empress smiles at the sight of her brother Michael holding her delicate orchid scepter. After having received their particular titles, majestic Countesses of The Krewe of Einstein toast their Empress. National Finalist Rules as Empress Sister Martina reads the letter congratulating Vonnie on be- coming a semi-finalist in the scholarship program, and later in- formed her that she became a finalist. Empress of the Krewe of Einstein, senior Yvonne Keller, puts her intelligence to good use once more by placing among the upper half of the top one per cent of American high school students in the recent National Merit Scholarship examination. Vonnie was the only one of the Holy Angels students who took the preliminary exam to come out as a semi- finalist. She then took an aptitude test to confirm her first high score. Her score on this test advanced her to the finals. As a finalist, Yvonne received a Certificate of Merit, but she must await the results which de- termine the scholarship winners until later on in the year. Throughout most of her grammar and high school years, Vonnie maintained the highest average in her class and in the school. Besides having such a high average, Vonnie' is gifted with being a "real" person. For two consecutive years she was an outstanding music student, she has held numerous executive positions at A.H.A. since her freshman year, including treasurer, of-the Sodality, corresponding secretary of the C.S.M.C., literary editor of the Marianite, class treasurer in her iunior year, and president of the National Honor Society. She has also been a varsity debater for three years and has won numerous awards in various individual events. Vonnie gives credit for all her accomplishments to the Holy Spirit to Whom she has a deep devotion, and to the daily reception of Holy Communion which gives her a person-to-person contact with Christ-the Divine Truth. YVO,-me begins! A tough one! ' Finished at last! """" 'SJNw5? EEit59533QL!YJ35itti9H5:S5l555if3?Ei3?if5lSf25E5i25fQ5iE5Zi3Zit5B5fiS0E?Z?5E!'5ft?iEi?a'iW 23itiSE,3iiEfi"'Q fs-,Ss Q. Empress of Knowledge Miss Yvonne Keller 65 Belle Candidate Wins Queenshipp Beau "Oh, I'm so excited," exclaims Alice Coig, Princess Helpful, as she encourages the students to "vote Rhoda Viellion as Princess Success." The Beaux and the Belles get together for a picture before the campaign anticipation are nominees-Front row, from left: Julie DuBos, Gloria Jeansonne, Scardino, Grace Leveque, Myrna Alaadie, Mary Ann Nevle, Carole Bergeron, Schroeder, Alice Coig, Yvonne Keller, and Judy Gomila. Back row are: Judy Frannie Burmaster, Claudia Mumphrey, Linda Helminger, Rhoda Viellion, Carolyn Myra Vollenvveioler, Doris Steppe, Gail Gelpi, and Anna Englert. What conduct for royalty! Belle Anna Englert and Beau Judy Gomila, competitors tor the title Queen of the Court of the Spirit of A.H.A.," give each other a final teasing blow before the ballots are cast rally. Laughing in gay 'Ann Schroeder, Adele Gayle Ingolia, Jackie Dugas, Mary Aguilera, Blanda, Elda Fairchild, Searching for senuors most resembling the model A H A glrl was the oblect of he annual popularity contest held on No ember 14 Winners a Queen and Twelve rlncesses formed the Court of the Splrlt t A H A Encouraging competltuon among mem ers of the student body Belle and Beau andldates displayed the many qualltles or which they were elected Junior An ual Workers selected the sensor nom: ees on the basis of school SDIVIT charac er and leadershup Posters and general ampaugnnng built enthusuasm to a tmnal n peak he rally After closmg peeches by llttle boy Beaux and llttle gurl Belles the student body voted for their A H A Queen and her court Evldent enloyment rlpples through the audlence as Beau Gayle lngolua prlmly ascertams the fact that she us not only mtelllgent but also has a talent fo olowing bubbles. Dufdo Belles by One Tltle Lead hgh it H . Hi' gLiiM 52 H1.?w7ZIi9iibL1iEYL.2tr . , ! 3 Iv A,., ,, M M .M ,,,, X H, M, M M, L., Mm M-..,, N, L, MM, M, We, ,..m:.mmwWwfm:,Wm-Wgmgfay fy- fm-W M!,ww::ff:s:w1:sgw mu1Mfw,:w,.fW,MW WinW,isgg,SmifmmMy,gfwfg,QWMWk,m,,1w5m,,,315,11,J,A,ll:,V5mEmywwfWM53Ww,KfmM,ZFisLM3vM,i,5,',f5ibpwr:EmWEENsfiiyggkgK ,giiniwmiliikfiir Court of Spirit of A.H.A. Beams Princess School Spirit MISS YVONNE KELLER Princess Intelligence MISS ELDA FAIRCHILD Princess Helpful MISS ALICE GENE "CHRIS" COIG Princess Dependable MISS JACKIE SCHROEDER Court Princesses Display the Princess Talented MISS FRANNIE BURMASTER Princess Witiy MISS JULIE DUBOS 72 True Spirit of A.H.A. Princess Sweetness Princess Thoughtful MISS CLAUDIA MUMPHREY MISS CAROLYN BLANDA Princess Likeable Princess Cheerfulness MISS MYRNA ABADIE 73 MISS GRACE LEVEQUE i Roselyn Relgns os School Sweetheart Center of attraction at the second an- nual Sweetheart Shuffle was Roselyn Cherry, presented as Sweetheart of A,H.A. on the night of February 7. Sponsored by the Student Council, the contest ran four weeks, insuring a high- ly competitive spirit. Far surpassing financial expectations of the Council, the full-swing campaign ended with a grand total of approximately Sl,300. Contest winners were chosen on the basis of the amount of money turned in. In keeping with Valentine's Day, the theme of the Shuffle was carried out by decorations representing Cupids, hearts, and lovers silhouetted against the moon. The "Barons" provided 'dance music, and the dance as a whole proved to' be a big success. A.H.A's Sweetheart of '58 was crowned by her predecessor, Claudia Mumphrey, mid- way during the evening with the an- nouncement and presentation of other maids. After vigorously campaigning for two weeks, the Sweetheart of A.H.A., Roselyn Cherry, smiles in satisfaction at her victory. Sweetheart Roselyn Cherry and her third maid, Lois Young, second maid, Dar- lene Trietlerg first maid, Mary Louise Glynn, and fourth maid, Maria Ustariz were officially presented at the Sweetheart Shuffle. 75 St. Thomas' Boys Choose Freshman l Members of the Aquin staff, John Robinson, Charlie Bogar, Ken Corbaial, Ken Maniha, John lrwin, Douglas Dow, John ldoux, Mike Storey, and Joe Bonno, engage in a final glance at girls They chose to be the Queen and maids in the Beauty Court. Freshman Ruth Lynn Rummery was ranked as A.H.A.'s first lady ot beauty by the boys of St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Nominees were kept in suspense until the night ot the Winter Formal, when Queen Ruth and her maids were pre- sented. Each year photographs ot Beauty Court nominees, chosen by their individual homeroom classes, are sent to an out-ot- town boys' school to be judged. The Aquin staff ot Houston, Texas, found their task ot selecting the i958 winners surprisingly pleasant. They even admitted that New Orleans girls seem prettier than Houston girls. Initial instructions for the Winter Formal are given to the tense yet excited students who have merited the honor of being Beauty Court nominees. r 5 f i i i i V l X X r Q? YT F PQ Miss Patsy Gillen O Miss Patsy Woodson K N Miss Dianne Leiningel IYN aw Od nf Miss Q Carol Hoener N n i ff ,- -- X, ,.7,LQ,l! Q LC W-A C.,1U,,5?'W4A,j.,av x ' f5,g44w I KVQQ Carol Milazzo N, Q N . O4 MISS Dianne Divine KY 9 1 . 4. f' I :L 1 ,vif -' -,J f fl, f,,f"'5 'U ff' 'A X , j. f,AKA, f f J ' J 7 I fq, 4, - Miss Kaihryn Von Aspern i I ,f ' , 1 ' ' X: ' -.-'Q f x. I I A I , A . 1 V' 1 , -. , : I 1 'A J, J 5 I I I .1 ' i J .0 - . n ,. MISS ' Patricia Polifo S.C.'s "Snowflake Serenade" Is Scen Student Council president Anna Englert presents a rose the symbol of beauty to first maid Patsy Woodson The biggest Student Council project of the year, the annual Winter Formal, became a reality on the starry night of December 27. Blankets of artificial snow, winter village scenes, and snow-covered spruce trees brought to life the theme of the formal, "Snowflake Serenade." Dance music, provided by "The Moonlight- ers," floated through St. Mary of the Angels' gym from the hours of eight to twelve. After the chosen nominees were announced and presented to the audience, they took their rightful places on the stage as the Beauty Court of A.H.A. The evening's enioyment was climaxed when her maiesty, Ruth Lynn Rum- mery, was honored with the title of Beauty Queen of A.H.A., and thus crowned by the editor of the yearbook. A very surprised eighth maid Pat Polito ccompanied by her escort walks to the stage where she will become an honored beauty f 1958 Beauty Court Presentation A.H.A.'s Queen of Beauty begins her reign from the magic moment when she is crowned .by Rhoda Viellion, editor of The Marianite. Her maiesty, Queen of Beauty, Miss Ruth Lynn Rummery, reigned with maids, Kathryn Von Aspern, Dianne Divine, Dianne Leininger, Patsy Woodson, Patsy Gillen, Carol Hoerner, Carol Milazzo, and Pat Poiito, over the winter delight of a "Snowflake Serenade." ATHLETICS inspire irt our athletes, Blessed Michael the Archangel, Pro- tector of Heaven, the theological virtues ot Faith, Hope, and Charity: Faith-that they may do their best, Hopeethat their strivihgs may not go unrevvarcleol, Love-that they may offer de- feat as Well as victory to Him, Pray Always ku :Ng ith if , 2 f , . 5 4 - 9? Wixx K A ff? Junior Varsity Takes Clfy Champl Three TournamenTs and a ciTy championship vicTory highlighTed The 1957 volleyball sea- son. A.H.A.'s TournamenT Team proved Them- selves equal To The occasion by winning TirsT place in Their own TournamenT and second place in The SainT Joseph Tourney. Junior "OwIs" copped firsT honors aT Dominican's TournamenT while seniors 'came in Third in HTheir division. Making quiTe a name for Themselves This year were The able iunior varsiTy members. They TriumphanTly ended The season wiTh a vicTory over Holy Name of Jesus Tor ciTy championship. Gloria Jeansonne sTrives To reTurn a hard-hiT serve as Team members waiT in readiness should Their help be re- quired. WiTh precision swifTness, "Bobby" Englert volleys The ball in an efforT To score an additional point and bring The "Owls" closer To vicTory. Cheerleaders Catherine Vicari, Judy Gomila, and Jean Boesch, celebrate Team victories with varsity members ElizabeTh MaTulich, Judy Mae Kline, Lois Baumann, Nora Crefasi, Gloria Jeansonne, Barbara EnglerT, Judy Cambise, Gail Gonsoulin, and mascot, Cindy Jeansonne. hipp Seniors Lose One Game A.H.A.'s iunior team, this year's city- wide volleyball champions, and their coach, Miss Norma Kocotas enjoy the serene complacency which comes after the first excitement of victory. Barbara Englert matches her wit against the opposing team in the finals for city championship by successfully blocking a Holy Name play. 87 Juniors and Seniors Goin First ond Thir uni BARBARA ENGLERT JO ANN CUSIMANO ALICE PERI Dominican College's annual basketball Tournament held in February li and T2 was the scene of a sweeping victory for A.H.A.'s junior and senior varsities. Although defeated by Rosary, the seniors were victorious over St. Joseph High and Annunciation and were awarded third place in their own division. Having successfully defeated all opponents, the iuniors placed first and added another trophy to their collection. Throughout the entire basketball season, the lun- ior varsity team remained undefeated. The perfect conclusion to their winning streak came on March l when they played Holy Name of Jesus for city championship. ln the last few minutes of play, A.H.A.'s "Owls" scored, giving them a one point lead which their opponents failed to match. As a result, they were declared "Junior Champions of the City of New Orleans." Senior varsity team members loin arms signifying the unity which helped them win the Aiming for that all Important third place trophy in the Dominican Tournament. basket, forward Barbara Englert 88 lace at Dominican Basketball Tournament H K fi A if ww... JUDY MAE KLINE JUDY CAMBISE DONNA RAE MATULICH The ball seems to pause before falling into the basket to increase the excitement of the A.H.A.-Rosary game. springs upward in a game with Junior varsity captain, Barbara Englert, poses with her fellow team members, Alice Peri, Judy St. Joseph High. Cambise, Gayle Gonsoulin, Judy Mae Kline, Donna Ray Matulich, Jo Ann Cusimano, and Patsy Stoltz, and their first place trophy from the Dominican Tourney. 89 Owls Climax Cage Season With C ln an action packed game on February 22, Holy Angels' "Owls" scored a double victory over An- nunciation by winning in both the senior and iunior divisions. With a final score of 61-16, the iuniors merited dis- trict championship which qualified them to vie with other winners of the same class for city championship. Seniors displayed equal abilities by scoring a 48-14 victory. Gloria Jeansonne and an Annunciation player match iumps to see who will get the basketball on the rebound. Maria Ustariz bends back to avoid fouling an Annunciation player during a splendid show of skill by Lois Baumann. incing Win Cver Annunciation 61-16 Intramural Athletics Foster rates lnterclass competition in various athletic fields is one of the main features of A.H.A.'s physical education program. Through active participation in the var- ious sports offered during the year, such as volleyball, basketball, ring tennis, soft- ball, ping-pong, horseshoes, and croquet, students achieve a spirit of wholesome sportsmanship and keen rivalry. In each intramural division, class teams play in the preliminary eliminations, the two teams remaining undefeated vie for school championship. For those teams los- ing only one game, a consolation tourna- ment is run on the same basis. Annual Field Day hilites the athletic year. Various fun-filled contests are held, including the potato race, Chinese get- up, and square dancing. Besides the volleyball, softball, basketball, and ring tennis games, each class presents its own original song and cheer before an as- sembly. At the close of the day, awards are presented to all students and groups who achieved the highest number of points. two 33,1140 .iw G. X it gzitf ,i "Eva 'Jf?'f."': a A '?c'.-Z-gill-""" .l 7 '.t4l"., ig ex-vii , -'ri . I l' 'Ja Q. - t ' -,' ,-,Q 1 yr-gr. il off!-1 ti- F asti .5 1 X Q: , Z " A '--r ' 0 K 'fmt " 5 ' -, .M 1.2, ., - a -r l ref gf s . t i Tw fi ft '70 ' H -1 s. ' w x LL. week-31, an 3 , A. N E :I H j eg, ,g - . Q as 1, 7 'f . ,, L f , sm" - ., '58 fx ,V 1 I. 153 . f - .ft 4 "' Q. ,QE , s 5.32 ,.y, ..,AA. E K. E ',,. I . ,. gs, , . .. Q , it rf .. ' , A' aft ' fit' ciccli - Q - H r I H ' '--- c,., . Z.. Wf , ,: - . 5- 534. .Vkk ig ,mr-M.-s f' cc,.f,,.r f Em Q, ,..:,.,. .. .rr M W ,-. .. , -. , f ,-i. lil it A ' i,-t' f , W' t' ",1-girgbifiz 1" ' ."' at .,,. 1g1,Qs'fi.f7lQ1f1,5wif5fZg'ifitiiL,,e it ",'f. ' .,t.,.4S ...,M..1.,..,.. , . , 1. . , 2,'11'4 s3-W -a s J Mmm ' r" t i. ,. ,sz . I . . . . ,. i.-Rami, ,ii V . . ,,,i, ,W , , i 1- ' Cheered on by her classmates Suzanne Talbot of Sister Teres1ta's Jean Boesch of Sister Moreau's class, now in possession of the class passes the basketball to her teammate Bonnie Brown ball, anxiously looks for a receiver on her team. 92 ompetitive Spirit Among Classes Catcher Nora Crefasi and pitcher Cynthia Castenaclo, four year varsity members, plan pitching strategy while Janet Vath, batter, prepares to swing. These girls have formed the bat- tery which helped to win class and city championships. In anticipation of Field Day competition members of Sister Gregorys class practice the construction of their pyramid Seniors Capture Volleyball and Ri Miss Lydia's freshmen form squads for roll call iust before their "phys ed" class begins. Volleyball "champs" from Sister Martina's class engage in a practice game in preparation for intra- mural competition. ennis Intramural Championships Mary Beth Welcre gathers fo- gelher The horseshoes pitched by Sidonia Neel and Vivian Meyer during the game. Apparenfly enioying Themselves, members of Sisfer Nlark's class square dance To "Clirnloin' up the Golden Stairs." "Do-si-do" and "a grand right and left" are familiar calls in the field of country square dancing. 95 ACTIVITIES Remain ever at our side, O Guardian Angel, stimulating and tempering the pulse of our school. Aid us in the activities that sustain our competitive spirit and guard us against unchristian vices. Lead us along the road of lite equipped to tace the world and protected by your wings ot guidance. .Q 7 Q im -, 94 - 4 :Q L - 3 Pray Always gg W l Summer Events Present Challenge Continuing their school spirit throughout the summer months, Holy Angels' girls participated in various activities ranging from volunteer nursing to debating foreign aid. Gaining many new friends is one of the rewards of camp life, and Camp Maryhill for girls, with its outdoor life, attracted many A.H.A. students to serve as counselors. Hotel Dieu found nurses' aides valu- able assistants, while the girls themselves reioiced at time well spent in the service of others. A four- day Junior Red Cross Leadership Training Center taught its participants much about Red Cross work and their responsibilities in it. Becoming skilled in the art of instructing children in truths of our religion, girls worked for God and fellow men in the Religious Vocation School. This year the Summer School of Catholic Action was held in Chicago. Girls attending had no time to be homesick since their days were filled with exciting events and iust "taking in the sights." Delegates to the S.S.C.A. in Chi- cago, Gwen Gasperecz, Marilyn Fabre, Myrna Abadie, Gail Gelpi, Jackie Schroeder, Leanne Smith, Ginger Faust, Peggy Ann Engert, and Rosalie Handayan, discuss with Father Hecker, S.J., the role of the Sodality in student life. Pictured with Mrs. Claire Rouyer, camp director, on the chapel steps are Holy Angels' Maryhill Counsel- ors Ginger Faust, Joyce Cole, Gail Gelpi, Kathleen Karl, Judy Hooper, Bernadette Nowak, Arlene Ashbey, Gayle lngolia, Judy Gomila, Carolyn Bourgeois, Catherine Vicari, Patsy Kennedy, Claudia Mumphrey, Mary Ann Nevle, "Chris" Coig, Cheryl Darby, Jo Ann Lotz, and Kathleen Gaudet. Five fascinating weeks revolved around the three A.H.A. girls who attended the National High School Institute. Together with top students from all parts of the United States, Yvonne Keller, Anna Englert, and Rhoda Viellion took courses in debating and iournalism at Northwestern Uni- versity in Illinois. Last year's iunior varsity debaters went "deep in the heart of Texas" to attend a two-week debate roundup in Houston and enioy life on Rebel Run Farm. Pelican Girls' State came to an unhappy con- clusion. After four days of bustling activity, an epidemic of Asiatic flu sent students home. Nevertheless, much was learned of Louisiana government. All these various activities required work, but they also provided an outlet for energetic minds and eager spirits. , ..., , , .,., D rf., ,.. s.., ssl ...,- f,.ratio-fiM.,,,...s,.,f....,,.s,a,,,,..s,-,-we-ffwsm,sm,-ttsswfsa.Q-as-,ffr,,,.M,awfwsftrsswft Moss and Crientotion Open Session Mass in honor of The Holy SpiriT and OrienTaTion Week were The Tirst links in The chain of school activities in The i957- 58 school year. For The first Time within recent years, Holy Mass was offered in A.l-l.A.'s grotto oT Our Lady oT Lourdes. This occasion aT- Torded a Timely opportunity Tor The entire student body To -implore The blessings of The Holy Spirit on The new school year. Orientation lasted from September 9- 13. Freshmen became acquainted wiTh The sTudenTs, campus, and activities of Holy Angels Academy by following a busy schedule planned by seniors. Monday-Assigning of Big Sisters Tuesday-Pep Rally Wednesday-Tours of A.H.A. Thursday-Skit by Seniors in Auditorium Friday-Benediction of The Blessed Sacra- ment Looks of pride are seen on The faces of These new seniors as They acquaint Their "little sisters" with he songs and cheers of Their new Alma Mater. Students bow Their heads during The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass to ask The blessings and inspiraTion of The Holy Spirit during The coming school year. Chaplain, Father Gervase Goldwater, O.F.M., mingles The pure water with The red wine soon To become ChriST's own precious blood, symbolizing The intermingling of our lives with that of Christ in The Mystical Body. Resident students Yolanda Leon Virginia Morales Georgina Aguilar and Maria Ustariz swing into the Latin rhythms of their homeland and bring a bit of Central America to the annual Talent Night. Resident Students Make Themselv Thirteen boarders resided at Holy Angels Academy during this school year in order to further their education in the United States. These Central American citizens, guided by their prefect, Sr. Mary ot St. Jude, get a taste ot the American way of lite. Fol- lowing a daily schedule, they encounter many customs unlike the ones they are used to in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. New interests, new ideas, and new friends all combine to make them better individuals and students. Maria Isabel Ustariz of Honduras became sovereign maiesty of "Feria Portena," a festival traditionally held in Honduras to honor Our Lady on the Feast of her Assumption. IO0 Having gotten over the first avve of Natures rare gift of snow to New Orleans the boarders prepare to have a little fun with their first real snowballs t Home in cr Foreign Country Before boarding their plane home to Guate- mala for the Christmas holidays, Yolanda Leon and Virginia Morales make a final check of departure time at the airport information desk. Other boarders include: from Honduras, Sagrario Des Jardines, Georgina Aguilar, Mirta McNab, and Maria Ustarizp from Guatemala, Sofia Gandara, Nubia Orriols, and Yolanda Radi, from Nicaragua, Beatriz Gone zalez, Mireya Gonzalez, Martha Lorena Calero, and Rosario Lacayo. l0I New Class Rings Flncl Proud Owners Seniors received their long-awaited class rings on October 23, TQ57. In the peaceful Chapel of Our Lady of the Seven Dolors, Father Gervase Goldwater, O.F.M., distributed these symbols ot achievement. This year, A.H.A. received newly styled rings. Future graduates had the choice of either a medium ring or the new, tiny "sweet- heart" ring. Engraved on the sides of all rings was a replica ot the sorrowful heart of Mary and the symbol of knowledge, ever reminding the students ot their days ot learning under the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross. Pride of ownership gleams in the eyes of Bar- bara Oubre as she receives her senior ring from Father Gervase Goldwater, O.F.M. Rain 'fails to dampen the spirits of these seniors as they fondly gaze upon their new class rings. "See-More" Advertises the Marianite During Annual Sales Week, September 15-20, the energetic Annual Workers try to instill in every girl's heart enthusiasm tor the school yearbook, "The Marianitef' A bright display ot posters and past yearbooks keeps interest at its height through the week. To climax the campaign, a rally is held on the school grounds during the noon recess, in- cluding skits, songs, and speeches. ln view ot the interest and energy ot the An- nual Workers, and the co-operation of the student body, Annual Sales Week certainly helped to achieve the Marianite goal-a book .tor every girl. "Hats off to the Marianifef' shouts "Chris" Coig as she and Judy Gomila climb to the top of the ladder above the crowd and lead them in gay cheers and songs. The Marianire Staff mascot, "See-more," busily solicits new subscribers for the '58 Marianite. From this vantage point on a balcony overlooking the side yard, Anna Eng- lert, Elda Fairchild, Rhoda Viellion, Linda Helminger, Yvonne Keller, Jackie Schroeder, and Doris Steppe vehement- ly urge their fellow students to "get a yearbook-NOW." I03 FirsT Place Tumbler Provides Thrill Holy Angels TalenT passed on review Wednes- day, OcTober lo, when The annual A.l-l.A. TalenT NighT was held aT ST. Mary of The Angels gym. Occupying The cenTer of aTTracTion was Tumbler Fay De Salvo, who received TirsT place Trophy. Carolyn King's humorous inTerpreTaTion spoT- lighTed her as second place winner, while Linda Rouyer and PaT Lamare placed Third wiTh Their vocal duo. Judges Tor The occasion were Miss Georgia Burrows, YouTh EdiTor of The New Orleans STaTes, Mr. Ronald Murray, reporTer Tor The New Orleans Item, and Mr. Alan Sloan, sTaTT announcer oT WWL-TV. Mr. Beverly Brown, direcTor oT Hi-liTes, served as emcee. EnergeTic "TalenT-niTers" wove an inTricaTe paT- Tern of songs, dances and humorous acTs which spelled ouT enTerTainmenT To The audience. Ballerina Yvonne Ordogne, light and graceful, dances her way Through The steps of a classic ballet Modern iazzers Alice Cong Claudia Mumphrey and Judy Gomila rock roll To a rhyThmic AnoTher Talent Nighf comes t A.H.A.'s Annual Talent Night Tumbler Fay De Salvo, first place winner, and singers Pat Lamare and Linda Rouyer, third place winners, receive well-deserved Trophies and con- gratulations from Mr. Beverly Brown, emcee of the show. Ann Schroeder, our own bayou belle, portrays "Tammy," the song which held the Number l position on the Hit Parade for many weeks. to an end as the entire cast gathers on stage to take a final bow and sing a few A.H.A. songs. A.H.A. Cops First Place at Hammond Senior varsity debater Yvonne Keller smiles at one of the amusing incidents which took place during the annual discussion conference held at S.L.C. As -a preparation for future debating, an entire busload of speech students at- tended the Southeastern Louisiana College Discussion Conference on October 26. Experienced A.H.A. debaters took an active part as discussants of the Topic for this year. Absorbing facts and statistics on foreign aid and taking in techniques of speech, potential and beginning debaters sat in on various sessions as observers. Discussants were rated by 'qualified iudges, who gave critiques for the stu- dents' benefit after each round. Ratings were based, among other things on speaking ability, adaptation to the group, and use of evidence. By the end of the day A.H.A. partici- pants had scored 786 points to put them in first place. Out of lO6 students, Elda Fairchild ranked second with HO points and a superior rating. Excellent ratings were awarded to Yvonne Keller, Anna Englert, and Linda Musmeci. Anna Englert presents and upholds the plan suggested by her group at the legislative assembly held after the discussion rounds. Shouts and cheers and songs shake the foundations of the auditorium during the legislative assembly in which debaters and discussants try to reach a common solution to the problem of the day, "What Foreign Aid Policy Should the United States Adopt?" Senior spent much of their retreat time in the Chapel asking God s help in leading more Chrrstlrke lives Retreat Promotes Spiritual Rebirth Annual retreat days at A.H.A. afford mem- bers of the student body the opportunity of taking a spiritual inventory of their ovvn person- al lives. ln order to become more closely'unitecl with Our Lord, students strive to maintain a respectful silence during the entire retreat. This results in an actual retreat into one's ovvn soul for meditation on such serious topics as Christ's life and contemplation of future aspira- tions. Each class, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, had individual retreats during the first two weeks of December. Included in the daily schedule are attendance at daily Mass, recitation of the Rosary, personal visits to the Blessed Sacrament, and inspiring instructions given by the retreat master. Suzanne Rapier contemplates some of the points brought out in an enlightening session on re wards of heaven. Senior Students Present ci Modern "Cinde Orphans Loretta, Gladiola, Debbie, and Sadie Kate sing their disapproval of the weekly supper of corn meal mush to Judy. Speech seniors of '58, directed by Mrs. Lucille Burrows, launched two highly successful perform- ances of their class play, "Daddy Longlegs," on December 6 and 8. Besides being unusually well directed and enacted, the play contained tremendous audience appeal. Light comedies are appre- ciated by young and old alike, "Daddy Longlegs" being no ex- ception. Vitality and frank sim- plicity accentuated the delightful romance of Judy and Jervis. Participants put in many tedious hours of practice for the play. Lines had to be learned, scenes blocked, props collected. Speech abilities and personalities were developed as the play pro- gressed. The final result was shown on performance night, and seniors knew that their work had ac- complished its purpose. "Will YOU be mY 9faViClm0Tl'1eI', Mr- Pendl'2T0r1?" Much to Jimmy's dismay, Judy accepts Jervis' offer of a "promenade" around the questions Judy frankly in an amusing scene Campug, between her and Jervis. I08 ci" - "Daddy Longlegs" Judy ,,,,.,.., ., Jervis ,,,,,, Miss Pritchard ,,,7, Jimmy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sally .. ,,,,,,,,,, , Julia ,. ..,7.,,,,,,,, , Mrs. Lippet .,s. Mrs. Pendletont Mrs. Semple ,,,s,,, Glacliola ., Debbie sssssss Sadie Kate .,... Loretta Mr, Wycoff ,,,, Director s,..s.. ,,,,,,, Gayle lngolia Mrs. Walters ss,, Mrs. Griggs ,,,,,, ,. ,...... Malcolm Nleyne Mrs. Lucille Burrows CAST Yvonne Keller Robert Dennie fffff ..o...o eau eeipa Ronald Guiclry Jane Reynolds Rhoda Viellion Anna Englert Linda l-lelminger Alice Cong Judy Gornila Claudia Mumphrey Mary Ann Nevle Barbara l-lotarcl Evalyn Durand First meeting between Judy and Mr. Pendleton brings about startling results, for Judy has unknowingly met her "Daddy Longlegsf' "Daddy l.onglegs" cast members take a final curtain call after the last performance of the show. ,Y e.,..v'fff4ffw,i'rgf.l,..ww.1-M , M waazwfffiw-MM-1.t...swf-misea-fam6warMtasHiaXKnsa1aa1vs122s1weieireiswmfxrfamwmsmessisafefmmaaavsswxnszmezsismmt:t.weL:atvsexfszi9a::wr:sf+.aeae.w1crzzsszlsiaomiasiwee1ssnrmsfifssmfm1mrw:fsmsSafmewxrfemwmsxsmwmfmwmexyxfwmezemnm '------ - '-'W Debaters Win S.L.I. Sweepstakes, Senior Varsity debaters began their season with an overwhelming victory at South- eastern Louisiana lnstitute in Lafayette during the Annual High School Speech Festival sponsored by the Louisiana Speech Association. By winning three su- perior team ratings and one very good and ranking high in individual events, Holy Angels girls merited first place in forensic sweepstakes in both the "all- girls" and the "boys-and-girls" divisions, making them the top school in the entire tournament. Southeastern Louisiana College in Harn- mond, Louisiana, was the scene of still another victory when the varsity's "A" team received the trophy for first place in the women's debate division and as the best women's team debating the best men's team, Jesuits, in a demonstration debate. A.H.A. also received five superior awards in individual events. Among the eighteen Junior Women's teams at Northwestern State College in Natchitoches, both of Holy Angels' teams won the trophy for first place, and the Seniors took the plaque for Senior Women's sweepstakes in individual events. 2 2 3 l Good cheer and strong voices combined with winning sweepstakes at S.L.l. i make the bus ride home from Lafayette another "victory trip" for A.H.A. l Senior debaters Diane Merse, Pat Blancq, Simone Abadie, Anna Englert, Linda Musmeci, Jackie Eckels, and Elda Fairchild are rightfully proud of their superior ratings as Yvonne Keller receives certifi- cates and hearty congratulations for the group from Dr. Roy Murphy, head of the Speech Department at S.L.I., for winning nineteen of their twenty debates. mewaa, V 7 irsf at S.L.C. and Juniors First ai N.S.C. Students and Campus Rcicliate at Sigh One of the mosT pleasanT surprises of The school year came on February l2, when Holy Angels' campus along vviTh the rest of The city was covered by a Thick White blankeT of snovv. Reactions of The sTudents ranged from ex- cessive and abounding ioy To silent avve as They watched The falling flakes slovvly cover every visible Tree, pathway, and roof Top. Some girls built snowmen, others Threw snovv- balls aT anyone sTanding near, and still others Took delighT in just making footprints on the already trampled snovv. But, as all good Things musT come To an end, the snovv stopped, leaving behind a lasting im- pression on all who had vviTnessed anoTher of A.H.A.'s "firsTs." Behold the peacefulness and serenity of freshly fallen Students gaily frolic in the falling snow during an extra long AHAfs Own HFVOSW ,he Snowmani, became an hon ra 1 - . o ry s u- recess dent forthe day. By mid afternoon the front yard had been transformed into a white panorama f Uncommon Blanket of Snow Nature at His command, the King of Kings reigns amidst falling snow. Revelers abandon the basketball court for their newly-found field of Snow. Gazing at a snow-drenched Variety Show poster, cast members Snow-covered roof tops compose this picturesque scene observed decide that this also is what they "like about the South." from the "top of A.H.A." H3 National Honor Society Spotlights "That "Goofus," representing the sleepy-time South, is portrayed by Elda Fairchild, Anna Englert, Rhoda Viellion, Patsy Woodson, Pauline Cusimano, and Claire Drewes. Spotlights turned on the Southern belles of A.H.A. on February lo as the curtain rose on the 1958 annual Variety Show, sponsored by the Lumen Chapter of the National Honor Society. Entitled "That's What l Like About the South," the show presented in an enter- taining manner typical scenes ot lite in the Southern states of Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. General Southern songs, dances, and comic rou- tines comprised the first act, "Dixie," while the last half of the show dealt en- tirely with Louisiana. As student director, senior "Chris" Coig generously con- tributed much to the success of the show. Lending a special Southern accent and a few Southern iokes to the show was the Master ot Ceremonies "Bayou Bill," a well-known local singer and comedian ot WDSU-TV. A talented trio, Jeanne Craft, Linda Rouyer, and Pat Lamare, harmonize their rendi- Emcee "Bayou Bill" sings a Louisiana tion of "Sugartime." l I4 folk song about "the woman who swal- lowed a fly." hot I Like About the South" In soft-shoe style, iuniors of Sister Catherine of Siena's class, Caelia Nolan, Lynda Mayer, Maureen Mattox, Catherine Vicari, Joan Maieste, Gretchen Rolufs, Diane Merse, Jackie Eckels, Judy Goodvvyne, Mary Virginia Keppler, Diane Griffin, Jo Ann Lotz, and Connie Marquer, express their affection for "Svvanee." Pepsters "Chris" Coig, Yvonne Keller, Linda Helm- inger, Gayle Ingolia, Gail Gelpi, Judy Gomila, Claudia Mumphrey tell players Elise Jeansonne, Gloria Jean- sonne, Gerry Faust, and coach Lois Baumann that "You've Gotta Be a Football Hero to Get Along with a Beautiful Girl." "Anything You Can Do l Can Do Better," playfully All who contributed their talents to the variety show ioin in the finale with boasts Gloria Jeansonne to Lois Baumann as they give the Confederate National Anthem, "DiXie."' an amusing interpretation in pantomime. lI5 K-mf Www f-ms 1.0, , Www ,isa-ff STUDENTS V, Q . 4.. exif' -w, -a .wuz 1' ,yu , W ,Y ww- Dear Saint Therese, assist us, the students of Holy Angels. Lead us dovvn the path ot your "Little Way," ever increasing our Zeal tor scholastic endeavors. Aid us in times of distress and encourage our loyalty and enthusiasm. Be to us an inspiration: that we may maintain our cherished ideals and pattern our lives accordingly so that we may grow in grace, truth, and Wisdom. Pray Always FRESHMEN Await New Experiences Freshmen Get Taste of Leadership Sister M. Hilary's class leaders, Gwen Seamon, vice presi- dent, Joan Filizola, treasurer, Cynthia Ryan, secretary, Mary Tucker, president, and Student Council representative, Mary Lee Boh light the Advent wreath and offer their pre Christ mas sacrifices Mayda Valensuela, vice president, Theresa Bohlke, secre- tary, Naclyne Wilson, Student Council representative, Barbara Flores, treasurer, and Elizabeth McDuffy, Miss Lydia's class officers, carefully arrange their bulletin board which en- courages one's loyalty to God and country. Freshman homeroom officers of Sister M Ignatius class Margherita Schultz Student Council representative Mary Laviolette secretary Bertha Rouse president Gayle Gonsoulin vice president and Dotty Wattigney treasurer cultivate school pride among their classmates by keeping up the appearance of Freshman Alley. Student Council representative, Carol Ann Wagner, Margie Sinopoli, presi- dent, Judy Cambise, vice president, Marie Caruso, secretary, and- Elaine Ruiz, treasurer, of Sister M. Mark's class hold a meeting to vote for their intramural team names. II9 Gail Acoin Merline Abaclie Phyllis Ann Aloaclie An extra-high spurt from the water fountain fails to dampen The spirits of freshmen Sandra A.H.A.'s Wafer Fountain Ccipfur Barbara Ann Anselmo Linda Alexis Anzola Mary Lou Areneit Mary Ann Arnemann Gloria Ballard Ann Marie Birabenf Jean Black Veronica Bladsacker Cecilia Blanda Mary Lee Boh Theresa Bohllce Karen Bosse Diana Bouclreaux Lois Ann Brumback Lincla Buisson Sibyl Buisson Maria Lorena Calero Joann Caluda Judy Cambise Belly Campagno Winck, Kathleen Cuccia, Jean Black, Linda Anzola, Jane Rombach, and Louise Polo. Annette Cancienne Marie Caruso e Attention of Many Freshies Joan Clark Janice Conrad Cynthia Cosse Sandra Cressionnie Kathleen Cuccia Georgie Cutter Sonya Darby Carolyn Ann Deas 4 Emilie Defoureaux Margaret Detoureaux Dianne De Maggio -Leona Dennis Birencla Dupuy Janice Ehrhard Gerry Faust Frances Faust Paula Ann Ferrara Joan Filizola Barbara Flores Joann Fontana Linda Lee Cashman .sir ii 1- :f,e,25zrr:' ,-wr fiwm s 1: 5 5 i , s 2 Q f E A ,..,,.L,i,gl,, Sgllfgi fl i .,l,,,fi -,,h: WAN, . .i2,,,,,,, A5,,,A,,,, r ""'L22rrf WQQV i5liT3?iQ,, M r. v,.., . D,,, ,, r -fA- ,V f-,r,er-:sw -1 :,r:mm:.,.i, ,sf Wrsm A 1 in-wrA. -,H :saw-gizsiismif srazfrslrgsbiz N i? S is is .Q ,A 'lsixfi A: , me., in zesbim, fe - l 2 , ,.:v , X S K 5 ge-,. ' 555,-ga y' 4 ,rf2r,f3M:, -4. a r.:: ,...:1, i -. . .--,ri ..,, . frwz , r v wa: - - -r Lee Arm Fradeia Q Sharon Friedrich fi rm., ,Q,A,lAA A A. . . :- A rg' Spf :fZiSw,p 'f-- if-5 fin i?:Z":r,5'J5E""' ' "" . :ir s,iA,r,I?gg2g5,,, V - rf ev . r -we,wig,v,Xg,,.A,r., ri zxrri-.f A A M ' r e 'L5?U?.s'w:r9 'ii-friil fsii f ,rw ge: ef Lfr- ,f,: V WW?-5 r, ff-ff few azlsiiwr.-Q .ir r--f . fi-are A. X yf gggemqgg E Keg ip Q r is if E L," Q 1' X gif 5 is S 52 l ng? ia if .5,:f"f'.s, ,--:rm-sql' Wil H 9 5 an 2 W i A 'time rrg,,Sig is i ,gnu 1 is Q si L in .J if nr S rf i , rg si ,r f 3 35 ,. aggfgy ef 55 ggxgiilm, 5 if Gifs at if-flgls sew Y iw r ,Eifeif in xr 51 ,EW 7 1 r avi 4' , 2 , r S y F? :ww Af2rAi3,fr.:r,.i, eil? a 1 4 S A :BUY Deneen Ganucheau .I?fZm. :-'- iw g r " sQ1,'4'2iiW-ew aaa? - -L me -, '1ffs,11',,2iQi, 3325? ' :ve 'm m-, 1-, :au f .-'Ji' if. .,51g1i3gg I 4955- V Vfiilfi ' gg' iiviiwiggjr Kgs" Sim . Asiz,iew,. 3- H "j'e,,,,i,' '11 ', 'E Eff , f k f iid ' ..fE,g 92' ,,' A Wagga 5 mfiL,f1m mi ,gee D ,,,, we -1 f a.r,r...f, w sw we ,ww 'sw -, r-me-rAfQ,,'1,-fi sriggigggr mv fliifififfw rzfizifri 5675:-575 il-rv , 1AlfiiLffi,1 sfzqtg- ,mrfiwsffvvief,- 1 :fr ' ' f',:5?Lff?54ii.'f1s':,-'ifiz' , r--f A- .iw ,Y , . ,if Freshmen, Marilyn Kimble, Cymhia Ryan, Gaynell Morlier, Jackie Smith, Connie Uli, Gay Hare, and Freshmen Willingly Cooperate i Judilh Gaudel Linda Anne Gerdes Mary Ann Gex Rose-ann Glorioso Gail Ann Gonsoulin Darryl Griffin Gay Hare Barbara Hauffman Carol Ann Heck Eugenia Hernandez Judy Irwin Elise Jeansonne Joann JoverT Marlyn Kimble Martha Ann Klausen Judy Mae Kline Betty Ann Lacour Lynn Larapie Darryl Ann Lauman Mary Jane Laviolerte Cecilia Blanda, have their teeth checked by members ot the National Dental Health Association. Joycelyn Leclet Barbara Ann Legier ational Dental Week Survey Vada Manale Anna Maria Mariano Donna Matulich Babs Mayerhafer Linda Ann Mayon Elizabeth McDutfie Patricia Meyer Jean Meynard Gaynell Morlier Cynthia Munster Carolyn Musmeci Kay Myers Patricia Nagel Beverly Parigoni Mary Ann Parnharn Isabel Peres Donna Maria Phillips lrlene Picou Linda Polit Louise Polo Diane Lo Buono Verginia Rider Elena Prosperle Marie Puglia Gazing with awe at the numerous reminders or A.H.A.'s victories, freshmen Betty Lacour, Carol Ann Heck, Linda Buisson, Diane Bouolreauic, Cynthia Freshmen Proudly Admire Hol Joy Roclrigue Jane Rombach Bertha Rouse Elaine Ruiz Carolyn-Rule :Q - j, Ruth Lyn n Rummery i , :, " Don n a R u s ich Cynthia Ryan Kathy Rye fi l y A' Barbara Sacca ro I- 4.4, Gail Marie Saia Suzanne Saucier if' 51 1 ' C Ma rgherita Schultz ' Carolyn Sconza -1 'iiiir Gwen Seamon Carolyn Seeber Carol Sigur Margie Sinopoli Jackie Smith Madelyn Smith V tts tts t t ttf lll Munster, and Carol Vitellaro wonder if they them- selves will ever add any trophies to the collection. ngels' Treasurecl Trophies J uclith Rose Teclesco Nellwyn Ann Tierney Linda Tooraen Darlene ,Treitler Paula Tresch Mary Tucker Connie Uli Mayda Valenzuela Janice Vallee Carol Ann Vitellaro Carol Ann Wagner Elanin Wallace Doris Wattigney Kathlyn White Sharon Williams Pat Willis Nadyne Wilson Sandra Winck Johanna Young Carol Zeairs Elizabeth Soprano Barbara Ann Switzer Judith Talbot SOPHOMORES Ge? in the Swing Top Sophs Foster Class Cooperation After being named outstanding mission class ot the month, Sister M. Teresita's class officers, Marilyn Bye, treasurer, Catherine Robert, president and Student Council representativeg Barbara Englert, vice president, and Eleanor Bologna, secretary, happily display the pennant awarded them. Helpful sophomore leaders ot Sister M. Jude's room, Judy Wessing, treasurer, Patsy Stoltz, secretary, Gail Delany, presidentf Lena Greco, vice president, and Kathleen Crotty, Student Council representative, willingly clean the science lab. ln enthusiastic preparation for the coming of Christmas the members of Sister Marie Moreau's class who hold executive positions, Joyce Englert, vice president: Alice Lopez, Stu- dent Council representative, Linda Lory, presi- dent, Doris Daleo, treasurerg and Suzanne Russo, secretary, arrange the traditional crib. l27 Diana Adragna, treasurer, Katherine Christy, secretary, Jill Wellmeyer, president, Thelma Brousse, Student Council repre- sentative, and Judy Leith, vice president of Sister M. David's homeroom discuss the ideas submitted to them through their class suggestion box. Karherine ChrisTy Jean Adams Diana Adragna Louise Arnoult Carol Arseneau Sherry Baggerr Gail Ann Barras l Mary Joan Baudier i Janet Bauer , Darlene Benilez Gayle Berard Yvette Bergeron Regina Berglass Theresa Bindevvald Judy Birrcher Maddy Blanda l Sophomores Eagerly Plan fd l Jean Boasso Jean Boesch Eleanor Bologna Aurelie Boos Merle Boudreaux Ann Bourder Edson Breun Mary Brinker Carhey Brousse Thelma Brousse Bonnie Brown Barbara Burns Marilyn Bye Kay Cazenavelte Roselyn Cherry Judy ColleTTe Kathleen Croriy Jo Ann Cusimano Joan Daguimol l28 Lorraine Daigle ,. . l , .,,.,,.. ,i s,,.,.. ,..,, . , , ,..,.., .ld-na, Looking forward to a delightful brunch these sophs take advantage of a sunny day to plan ahead for the Sophomore Senior Breakfast bphomore-Senior Breakfast Doris Daleo Jo Ann Davi Carrie Lee Davis Dolly Davis Edness Davis Gail Delaney Lynn Devlin Fay DeSalvo Dianne Divine Louise Regina Dupuis Margaret Durand Fay Marie Duthu Linda Ebeling Elizabeth Eber Barbara Englert Joyce Englert Jo Ann Eschmann Linda Fairchild Glenda Favret Carolyn Ferro Janice Mary Flick Siseta Fontana Faith Foster Fay Foster Gail Fourcade Kathleen Frey Grace Fust Kathleen Gaudet Anna Adele Gentile Joan Geraci Kathleen Giroir Gaynel Glaser Rose Marie Glaviano Mary Louise Glynn Aloma Gonzalo Sophomores Enloy Noon Gayle Gonzales Lynne Gordon Judith Grau Lena Greco Shirley Handayan Gaynell Hardy Merlie Dee Haydel Margaret Rose Heine Darlene Ann Hingle Carolyn Holt Sarah Hughes Glenda Killeen Carolyn King Jo Ann Lagattuta Margaret Ann Lara Cynthia Larre Rosario Layeo Eileen Lea Margot Ann Leaumont I30 Linda Leblanc Me Under The shade of a big tree which has become their reserved spot In The yard This sophomore group enioys a mid-day snack. ncler Shade of Giant Sycamore Tree Arleen Ledcly Elolra Leclcly Judy Leilh Alice Mae Lopez Linda Lory Laurance Luke Rosalie Marie Luke Jo Ann Lulhor Linda Maiesly Lois MarTin Elaine Martinez Yvefte Marshall Mary Jean Massefl Mirta Cecilia McNab Vivian Merk Val Meyers Jo Ann Misuraca Gail Monieleone Lynn Monteleone .loelle Montz um 3 l3l ,--'f - - ,aa-5 L Virginia Morales Sharon Noonan Leah Nunn Augustine Oregeron Nubia Orriols Bonnie Ann Palermo Pauline Palermo Judy Ann Peres Alice Peri Linda Pourciau Melanie Ann Powell Marie Puipuro Yolanda Radi Margaret Rapier Joycelyn Reuther Enthusiastic Sophomores Try O Diane Richard Ethel Richard Carol Riess Catherine L. Robert Janet Roquevert Ann Marie Rose Janice Roth Gail Ruiz Suzanne Russo Gwen San Marco Linda Santiago Jo-Ann Scalise Jane Schaefer Virgil Ann Schmit Linda Seemann Barbara Serpas Gayle Smith Karen Smith Judy Souchon Linda Soulant Sophomores of Sister M Tereslia s class enfhusiasi cally audition for The annual Honor Soclefy Variety Show r Annual Variety Show Carol Spirolo Patsy Sfolfz Karen Szaloary Suzanne Tallool Barbara Tengram Gail Therio PaT Thomas Joycelyn Trarnufa Welcorn Vincens Mary Ann Voelker Marylee VuiIloTT Ann VullieT Larrie Waguespack PaTsy Walker Jill-Ann Wellmeyer JudiTh Ann Wessings Sharon William Jane Wilson Dianne Yokurn Diane Zitzrnann JUNIORS Accept Responsibilifies ' N X j'X -X V XX N, N XJ A , 223 Q wa I V 1 2 E N N? isis 553353 Junior Leciclers Supervise Activities President, Pauline Smith, vice president, Brenda Lagarde, secretary, Carol Carso, Student Council representative, Gerry Kramer, and treasurer, Carol Macaluso, of Sister M. Gregory's class, perform their duty of caring for the Student Council section of the bulletin board by advertising The forthcoming Winter Formal. Sister M. Catherine of Siena's iunior class officers, Simone Abadie, president, Jackie Eckels, treasurer, Joan Maieste, secretary, Caelia Nolan, Student Council representative, and Catherine Vicari, vice president, smile proudly as they view the "Cherubs"' efforts for the drive which merited them the Sodality banner, I35 Leaders of Sister M. Monica's class, Rosalind Caruso, secretary, Julie Bond, Student Council representative, and Mary Beth Webre, president, gladly contribute to a class fund being collected by Carolyn Matthews, treasurer. Simone Abadie Gayle Achee Becky Ahlers Gayle Bachernin Brenda Bergeron Pat Biggio June Blanchard Pat Blancq April Blanke Thais Blasini Julie Anne Bond Judy Boudreaux Bonnie Buisson Kay Buisson Bonnie Burns Juniors Wisely Use Library Perio Ready access to the school library proves a distinct advantage to iuniors Diane Merse Beverly Yokum, Judy Goodwyne, Milda Fin Gayle Ann Burns 'I '- Lynn Burvant Nina Lou Caloiran Sandra Campora Rosalind Caruso Joan Ann Cascio Katherine Chanove Carol Corso Virginia Craft Laura Crane Donnie Cutter Cheryl Ann Darby Yvonne Delort Mary Ann Di Carlo Barbara Dietrich Joan DiGiovanni Stephanie Diodene Joy Duhon Jacquelyn Eckels Elaine Elstrott Work on Term Papers ney, Leanne Smith, Ellary Wagoner when They begin work on their history term papers. Milda Anne Finney Jackie Gambino Judy Gerchovv Bernadette Gerrets Melanie Gibson Judy Goodvvyne Cheryl Graham Barbara Anne Gravois Diane Griffin Diane Hafkesbring Elizabeth Ann Hoehn Carolyn l-loerner Judy Hooper Rita Imloraguglio Karhleen Karl Ana KaTTengell Mary Virginia Keppler Carol Kilday Gerry Kraemer PaTTy Kramer Carrie Labruzzo Overioyecl Juniors Toast Th "Three cheers for the Cherubs," shout lun- iors Simone Abadie, Jackie Eckels, Linda Mus- meci, Lynda Mayer, Cafherine Vicari, Diane Merse, Gretchen Rolufs, Diane Griffin, Joan Brenda La Cour Brenda Lagarde Claudia Langvviih Betty Le Blanc Sandra Long Jo-Ann Lotz Anna Macaluso Joan Maieste Connie Marquer Lois Martinez Patricia Matherne Carolyn Matthews Maureen Mattox Lynda Mayer Diane Merse Myra Methe Madeline Meyer Vivian Ann Meyer Carol Milazzo elng Topped Into the Honor Society Maleste, Caelia Nolan, and Pat Blancq as they celebrate Their being tapped into the Lumen Chapter of the National Honor So- ciety." Janet Mistrot Gail Murla Linda Musmeci Sonia Navarre Jackie Miller Sidonia Neel Caelia Nolan Bernadette Nowak Nancy Nuebel Yvonne Ordogne Mercedes Pons Prissy Prinz Janice Quick Suzanne Rapier Judy Riette Patti Roberson Joycelyn Roberts Gretchen Rolufs Betty Ronquillo Virginia Rouse Juniors Order Class Rings, S Juniors June Blanchard, Jackie Gambino Prissy Prinz, Ana Ka-ttengell, Tanya Stein Linda Rouyer Susan San Salvador Zenobia Salvaggio Sandra Satcher Patsy Saunders Rita Schaeffer Joan Schmitt Pauline Sebena Gail Sirgo Leanne Smith Pauline Smith Tanya Steinvvincler Gwen Thomas Paula Tornatis Linda Traina Lynn Tumminello Maria Isabel Ustariz Catherine Vicari Sylvia Ann Villere Ellary Wagoner nbols of Their Achievements Winder, and Gail Sirgo materialize a dream of the past by ordering their senior class rings. l4I Dolores Welker Marlene White Judy Will Beverly Yokum Ma ry Beth Webre fx V' " lf -' Fi?-' in . ,:F1,.':: 1- 251 'M 'f' -f :fi fm- ffffl : -f . 'll :Jim Q f- ' K 7 f 1 il irx ' 58 SENIORS Realize Many Dreams 42 Senior Heads Guide Fellow Students Senior officers of Sister M. Lua's homeroom, Julie DuBos, Student Council representative, Gayle lngolia, president, Patsy Woodson, secretary, Linda Helminger, treasurer, Diane Sanders, sergeant-at-arms, and Judy Gomila, vice president, seem well pleased with their class's lOO per cent subscription to the 'I958 Marianite. Sandra Fust, sergeant-at-arms, Ruth Guarisco, treasurer, Pat Polito, president, Carol Blanda, vice presi- dent and Student Council representative, and Lois Gremillion, secretary, officers of Sister M. Martina's Class, add the finishing touches to their Christmas bulletin board. MYRNA ABADIE MARY LOUISE AGUILERA GEORGINA AGUILAR Apostle of good example . . . blushing cheer. Energetic athlete . . . an interesting choice of "Life has V10 blessing like 3 l0Y6l friend" - -- fUlI'1eSS . . . as invigorating as the springtime, The things most interesting . . . "No man sees 3 Yen for travel - - - as pleasant 55 the JUNE his shadow who 'Faces the sun " blossoms. Se ' Hopef Is M CI REGlNA ARSENEAUX ARLENE LORETTA ASHBEY LOIS BAUMANN Lots of sun and fun , , , you hear her laughter Steadfast in words and deeds . . . genuine Her heart belongs to varsity . . . "The cau- before you see her. . . "Whatsoever thy hand friendship is incomparable . . . loyal to the HOUS seldom err" . . . "When stern Duty findefh to do, do iT with thy might." "Little Man." CallS,1 mustobeyf' T r' gf' V' .Q-J i CAROL ANN BEATMANN ARBARA BENDER 1 X CAROLE BERGERON Let's pretend . "Silence is the orator of A modern Bette Davis . . . dancing ey s . . . "When silence enters the door, wisdom noble thoughts" . , . it's good to be un- salesman of good times. perches on the threshold" . . . "lndustry selfish, is fortune's right hand" . . . "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty." l pr Graduation Caps and Gowns 5iM" lla- 'Y' ,. " tiff K W 5 ,, Ordering Invitations and Perso PRISCILLA "SlPPIE" BERNARD SANDRA MARY BINDER "Wisdom invites all to the feast" . . . quiet QUT llifle rascal - - - neon Pef50nalliY - - - consideration . . . "And the angel of love ll-Vsflef her Ol6r1Ce. shall rule thy heart." I' CAROLYN BLANDA Shoulders responsibility with ease . . . a smile is an outward sign instituted by Christ to spread ioy . . . a bountiful nature merits friends. ,,,....,..W..,,w www W 3 -' 1.J CARO BURLING "Good order is the foundation of all good things" . . . her e es are stars of twili ht Y 9 fair . . . "I could have danced all night." CAROLYN ALOSIA CALLER HELEN ANN CAMET "A good book is one of the pleasantries of The rock of dependability . . . "A meditative life" . . . "Thy soul art as peaceful as Sun- spirit is the origin of learning" . . . "ln set" . . . sure of the present, hopeful of goodness there is beauty." the future. Seniors Find Exchanging Gracluatio .. .. . , .A . .... ,, ..,,.....,-,,.fW,,,.fM....,.,-,a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,f:f-l--em--e v---L-,vi-,.,,,,,W7-, - -11T2:W......,.,.,.,.,,.i,,,...... - orner New Ideas for Decorations CLAIRE DREWES JULIE DU BOS JUDY DUGAS 'fin iudgmenf fair and kind" , . . meticulous Lovable red-headed riot . . . as bubbling as Wit makes its own welcome . . . "A glad dresser... party-goer supreme. a spring brook . . . "The light side of life heart maketh a cheerful countenance" . . . bears a little investigation." "Private sincerit is a public welfare." Y Lw.uwf.1-Wm-ff',, H-,L ..., M .,,,. f - W i - ,V ,V. it V, ,V , X M lt J! w ERMILEE FISHER JANETQMARIE FLEURI YVONNE CLARE FULHAM Dimpled darling . . . "Did you ever see a Groomed to perfection . . , "Her every mood Miss Y'all with a lazy drawl . . . effectual dream walking?" . . . "No man is an island." studded with laughter" . . . "All the world's WlTTiClSmS . . . "Open up your heart and a stage." let the sun shine in." uitable History Study Spots Eight Late Seniors Hurry on The SANDRA ANN FUST SOFIA GANDARA LOUELLA REBECCA GARCIA 'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" "Ambition is a star set in the crown of suc- ln valor there is hope . . . eager for adven- . . "lnforms he that knoweth not" . . . cess" . . . an endearing senorita . . . first ture . . . she will be happy wherever she Thought is the seed of action." lady ofthe "Cha-cha-cha." goes. GWENDOLYN GASPERECZ GAIL ANN GELPI PATRICIA ANN GILLEN A true lady in all of her ways . her in- Hel' idioms 3 5YmPh0nY Of Cl"aVlfY - - - A mind mellowed by malU"llY ' - - lfusf' quisitive mind vvorkeflq nigl-if and day I I "To have a friend is rg be one" l . . Mary worthy and efficient . . . "The blessing of the diligenf scale il-ie heights. her ioy, Mary her love, the Lord is upon the head of the just." to Mondo M ' g M s LYNN GILLETTE JUDITH ANN GOMILA BEATRIZ GONZALEZ Invitation fo gay times , , , looks for some. "The ardent artist shows inimitable initiative" AS delicate as a China doll . . . her actions Thing new in life every day , , . live and . . . "Her cup floweth over" . . .springtime reflect her sweetness . . . "AlI doors are ief live, freshnesv glowing personality. opened to courtesy." LINDA GOWIi5ililiD Will-o-the-wisp . . . winks boldly at lite . . . "He that is good shall draw grace from the Lord." I i, 5 LOIS ANN GREMILLION RUTH GUARlSCO ' "Friendship they ask, friendship they find" Cunning little pixie . . . a woman of hope . . . talented artist . . . "A pound of pluck with a forward mind.. . ballroom ballerina. is worth a ton of luck," Reminiscent Seniors Recall Chung .. V- ,J-1 r-W--N-M .. . Mme: ::,m. N. H HLLv 7 i A GAYLE INGOLIA SHARON JACOB GLORIA JEANSONNE "Intelligence 'finds knowledge in clear think- NliSTreSS Of The kitchen - . . "He C5065 much Pe"50f1'3lllY sprinkled with bl'fS of miSClWfSf ing" . . . aims at perfection . . . "Kind that does well what he does" . . . around - - - "Ffle'1OlSlilP mvlfiplies i0Y" - - - WCTOVY words are music of a kind heart." the corner lies success. is QOOCJ-Sportsmanship is better. Sen'o s Jo f ll Admire and Pro cll ELIZABETH YVONNE KELLER JEAN PATRICIA KENNEY SUZANNE KORSON The Holy Spi,-if inspires her 1-0 g,-eaf fl-,ings Exhilarating extremist. . . "Stick to the right "Bravery never goes out of fashion" . . . . . . "A wise man shall hear and be Wiser" and the left will not mislead you" . . . abunclaht generosity . . . "Diamonds" are . . . a wealth of talents serving others. forever danflng- 3 Qlflls best fflend- HQNL Nj - L 'If . N A---A -A -A L f sr YOLANDA LEON HELEN ALICE LEVATA GRACE LEVEQUE A Rock 'n Roll senorita . . . noteworthy help- Evenly tempered is she . . . efficient scholar "Honesty is a woman's richest virtue fulness . . . "Depth of character attracts . . . elegant, reserved, and oh! so neat. let determination be your guide . magnetically." thoroughly satisfied with life. f Passing Those Final Exams Senior Scrapbooks Provide Lclsti CAROLYN LUSCY LYNN MAIN ELIZABETH MATUUCH Silent as the 4th of July . . . mellow sun- Spontaneous laughter . . . changeable as Zany miss . . . a mind of her own . shine lives in her voice . . . "Personality is New Orleans weather . . . marathon chatter- reeks exuberance to a woman what perfume is to a flower." bOX. 3 GAIL ANN MICHEL MAUREEN ANN MIRAMON ALlNE MONJURE "Party Doll" . . . the very essence of hap- Fragile attractiveness . . . generous heart, A smile is her passport to friendship . . pihess , , l Hpfudehf is 11-,e Woman who willing hand . . . "Blessed are they who the patient overcome . . . "Joy's soul lies in prepares for the future." keep l'll5 Wofd-H dolng-H ' f H emorles o appy Days at A.H.A. CLAUDIA ROSE MUMPHREY MARY ANN NEVLE EMILY JANE OECHSNER A delicate portraif of Sweeq,-,ess U I I Wears Clever Coy,-1955 , , , high spirited , . I "The Unselfish, she lives for others . . . an active garments of gladness . . . everything a lady scope of imagination is unlimited." faith - - - "Employment brings enioymentf' should be. l' lei l 1 if V A BARBARA ANN OUBRE JEANNE MARIE PAYELLE JOAN PERRET Uplifting integrity . . . "Love alone maketh Endowed with a sweet disposition . , . "HG C3095 much Wl10 loves mUCl'1" . . . "TO all burdens light" . . . "Beauty is eternity willingness to help . . . poetry-the sign of a thine OWN self be True" . . . "Optimism is gazing at itself in a mirror." good imagination. the faith that leads to achievernentf' Prom Dates and "Dream Dresses" Forii l. I i - , A,,A. M. , ,.,, s A,,, M, ,.,,.. . ,.., .V,,, A.,,,,.., -ff. .,,.,,,,..s ff.- ,MW A..w.sWf..MmeN5,m si-wywwgsmfwmfwmffvv,emu.e.w+:wwmwm.nam.x--,, E Ei X Si fi fi if fi ji 5 L, ,f i Zi E 1 X E 2 E, EI' M 7 LINDA REYNOLDS RITA RIDEAU JUNE ANN ROLFES Unpredictable lass , , , me lady loves To Bears all wilh a Christian spirit . . . kind and Tranquil nafure . . . The mind of a poet dance . . . "NoThing can be accomplished Cl'1eSl'fUl . . .all her pafhs are peaceful. . . , God made her worthy of her friends. without hope." l l Seniors' High School Days Pass Q ' kl JUDY ROQUEVERT CAROLYN ROUSSET SANDRA JOAN ROUX Ideal Catholic youth . . . phantom of dee Affable loveliness . . . docile lady. , . "The "And humilify goeth before glory" , , , light , , , a shining example of life al H5 arf of pleasing is To seem pleased." "SinceriTy is the luxury of True friendship" mer,-lest, . . . a hearT'enshrined yvith obedience. . ,.., a.., . ,A A... J, .. MMV W ,M i.s,A.s,. , ,WW W,,,.Ns....W,.W,,w,.W,f,-f.,,,1W.V,.i ,M,m.W:am. NMMWWmiwesswmuwifiwivwmsaamaglwszwmfasm.s.s.mw1QsnawwwWa.ia,mfi,iw:aw , .,,- , .,.,,., ,,.,.m.- .f -.,., , A.,, , , f-vm-ww L,,,-f,Q-mmm?:-fuwwzmmnfl l if DORIS ANN' STEPPE JUDITH MARIE SUTHERLAND MARY ANN TERRELL "Great tasks are easy 10 an enferprising Copyright of a true friend . . , noi' a care "The humble of spirit live in much peace" soul" . . . praiseworthy perseverance , , , in The world . , . "Politeness is benevolence . . . fountain of gladness . . . "He is Truly "Blessed are the meek and humble of heart." in Small Things-" Qfeal Wl'10 is Charifablef' s They Clean Their Classrooms E Carefree Seniors Use Their Luncl JOANN THERESA TERRENOVA DEANE TUMMINELLO JANET CLAIRE VATH Stylish Southern lady . . . fascination's charm- Softly she speaks as the voice of evening Frolicsome and gay . . . apple-fresh . . er . . . God is with those who persevere. .'. . handicraft artisan . . . "He that walketh "A broad mind can grasp great things." sincerely, vvalketh confidently." l , 1 1 1 1 J L RHODA JEAN VlEl-LION MYRA CLARE VOLLENWEIDER KATHRYN LORETTA VON ASPERN i Never at a loss for the right words . . . the "An Unbe,-,ding Character is the Soul of Beautiful dreamer . . . "Ve-racity is the heart courage to stand for the truth . . . "Let others Sfrengflff' l . I rendition of 5 happy life . , , of morality." . . . endearing elegance. dream great thingsg go, thou, and do them." "Thy will be done," i f S' 'n nd L ghfe MARY ANN VVl'll-l'E CAROLYN WIGGINTON BEVERLY ROSE WILDE Modern precisionist . . . dantiness is a sign "Friendly Persuasion" . . . takes pride in Simple elegance - - - Qenialiiy her l9Y-W0l'Cl of a true lady . . . "A wise man is a great sharing in others' Ioys . . . the wittiest of - - ' HA placid Smiling SUI'f-HCS, lWl0leS The wonder." witty-the sweetest of sweet. ClePTl'vS bSl0W." I I I I GAY WILLIAMS PATRICIA ANNE VVOODSON I I Sharp, grasping mind . . . afomic energy Mischief supplementing a blooming per- D: I . . . Iaughter makes her world go round. sonaIiTy . . , open-minded frankness . . . vi! "A confagious smile breeds IaughTer." I Seniors Leave With Mixed Er Senior Executives Set on Example Senior leaders of Sister M Louises room Grace Leveque secretary Sophia Gandara sergeant at arms, Mary Aguilera, president Judy Roquevert treasurer Joel Condon Student Council representative and Cynthia Castenado vice president proudly display the bags of groceries which merited them the Sodaiity banner during the Thanksgiving Basket Drive Sister M. Brendan's senior officers, Jane Reynolds, sec- retary, Adele Scardino, Stu- dent Council representative, Ginger Faust, president, Marilyn Fabre, treasurer, and Brenda Quinn, vice presi- dent, picture missing, merrily wrap Christmas gifts. I73 ADVERTISERS Blessed SainT Joseph, as once Thou didsT so adeqUaTely pro- TecT The Holy InTanT and The Beloved Virgin from all impending danger, proTecT our palrons now Trom Their chief adversary, SaTan. Help Them To ward off any and all TempTaTions so ThaT Their lives may be Truly invesTmenTs for Heaven. Pray Always iw Xb .Q J i . im , ? 9 x ii? 456 ,l kg' ? 'l , X! 12' The paren+s and feachers of A.H.A. Help our school in every way: Ouf of in+eres+ and +hrough 'lheir love They work wi+h 'rhe SCHOOL COOPERATIVE CLUB I76 MARIANITE BOCSTERS Sylvia Aldrele Mrs. J. E. Allen T Alvardale Cleaners T Arrow Glass Auni Hazel and Uncle Al Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bacon Mr. M. Barone 'Mrs. Billie Barron Mrs. lrma W. Bascherl' Mr. I. B. Bayard B 8: D Conoco Service Sfaiion Gerald Berceglay Mrs. MiH'on A. Berceglay Miss Della Berrhelor Ka1'hy and Charleen Bivoni Mark and Brian Bilick lJoseph Bonanno Nancy Bonanno ,Masrer Johnny Boquei J Grecrhan Borches Rober+ Bouelli Mary Bourgeois Mr. and Mrs. A. Bowers Mrs. Gus Bowman QMr. and Mrs. C. Boyle and Fly. lJane+ Sue Brouille'He Mr. Sidney Broussard Buddy's Super Gulf Service Mr. T. J. Byrnes LMrs. Elizabeih Cahill Mrs. Cecilia Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cannon Mrs. Michael Cannon, Sr. Carlo Service S+a+ion John Chauvin Melvyn Chilron Mr. and Mrs. R. Chilfon, Sr. Mary Cafherine Clark ,Mr. Andrew Consrance Louise Cook Francis Cousins Miss Joy Cre+in Andrew Croechiolla Mr. and Mrs. Cro'Hy G. H. D'Aunoy Dean and Presley William "Ed" Decker, Sr. Mr. Clifford Delaune Mr. and Mrs. A. DeLima Alvera DeLima Ri+a DeLima Peggy Denease Mrs. Lillian Deufschmann Roy M. Duefschmann Diana and James Diane and Elizabefh Mr. B. J. Dicharry Mrs. B. J. Dicharry B. J. Dicharry, Jr. Lorraine Dicharry Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dickens Doris and Linda Earl and Judy Ellis Pharmacy Thomas Ellis S. J. Ernesl Evelyn and Donna Ginger Fausi' Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Faus'I' Curiis Gene Favre Irwin Favre, Jr. Mrs. T. Gomila Favre Debbie Felder Donna Felder Mr. and Mrs. Huberf Fleuriel' Mr. Henry Flohr B. P. Fore+ Jimmy Fossier Lenard Fossier Frannie and Frank Friends Rila Garza Carol Gelder Craig Gelpi Sondon Gernados Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Gillen Jerry Gillen Mr. Roberl' Glynn Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Glynn Mrs. Roberl' Glynn Mrs. Anna Gomez L nn Gomila Y Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Graw. Sr. Anifa Rose Greco Mrs. A. Guidry, Jr. Anira Handavan Mrs. Chas. Hankel Mariam Harrman Mr. Wm. Haydel Mrs. Wm. Haydel The Helmingers Tom Hugge'H Amy Huizler Mrs. Frank lnnerarily Jo-Ann and Anna Mrs. William Johnson Mrs. W. H. Jolly Judy, Gay, and Mai A. Junker Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Karl Harry Karn Mr. O. B. Keller Ca+herine Kennedy Diane Kenney Sue Kenney Freddie L. Keppler Helen Ru'rh Keppler Mary Virginia Keppler Mr. L. A. Keppler Mrs. L. A. Keppler Henry Krause Mr. A. L. Lala Darlene Lala Mrs. Joyce Lala Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Lala I77 Mrs. Lucas W. Lala Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Lara Larose Service S'ra+ion Mr. Noali LeBlanc Mrs. A. Leininger Lois LeMaire Louise LeMaire Palricia LeMaire Leo and George Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Leonhard Joseph Le+o Brenda Levis Linda and Bonnie Linda and Mary Ann Lipscomb's Appliances Miss Lydia's Class Gayle Main Mr. Joe Main Mrs. Jos. Main Ray Main Joan Maiesfe Margani and Lang Frank Margavio Connie Marquer Mr. and Mrs. A. Mayerhafer J. P. McCormick Lore++o McCue Kyle McHugh PaH'y McHugh James Mclnryre Michele and Michael Mil Lou and Joe Mr. and Mrs. F. Misuraca M 8: L Pan Am Service Mr. Owen Mohr Mons+er and Midgei Mr. Joseph Monreverde Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Moore Joy Mumford Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Munch Linda and Carolyn Musmeci Myra and Doris Myrna and Jackie Karhleen Nagel Nil, Wi'I', and Si'l' Caelia Nolan Mr. Anrhony Nofo DoHy Nunn Mrs. Elizabe+h Oechsle Mr. and Mrs. D. Ordogne and F Mrs. Mildred B. Paddock Par and Harry Pafrick, Pamela and Bobby Pa+'s Pharmacy L+. and Mrs. John R. PaqueH'e E. Pekin+o George Perror Mr. and Mrs. Pido Shirley Porier Mildred A. Powell lin , X 3 Relatives ond Friends X722 NM Congrofulofe Seniors K X fi Mm Congral'ula+ions +o DIANE SANDERS From Mo+l1er and Daddy Congralulalions io GRACE LEVEQUE From Mom, Dad, John, and Bev Congra'I'ula'l'ions lo EMILY JANE From Molher and Dad Congraiulalions io SUE SCHLAM P From Midgel, Louis, Terry, Mol'l1er, Dad, and Kall-my Congra+ula+ions +o JUDY GOMILA From Uncle Joe, Aunl' Leona, and Girls Congralulaiions and Besl' of Luck lo CAROLYN ROUSSET From Grandffalher Roussei and Aunl' Margarel Congraiulafions +o ARLENE ASH BEY From Mo+l1er and Daddy Congra+ula+ions lo DIANNE LEININGER From Mo'I'l1er and Dad Congra'ruIa+ions fo LYNN GILLETTE From MOTHER AND DADDY Congra+ula+ions +o ASTRID CHAUVIN From Mom, Dacl, Bill, and Buzzy Congra+u a+ions +o PHYLLIS DUNHAM From Mofher, Dad, Dennis, Roxanne, Kay, and Garron frmfaifrfnrr,-,,QP,A1s,-NW.: ,,,-, ,L-we--I-ffwuum ,.,.. - , R 1 M-,.,W,.a..M.,,,, A..,, A.,, ,.,, A W ,, . Congra+ula+ions +o CAROLYN BRCUSSE From Mofher, Daddy, and Family -...n...... ....... ...I M- .........., ,m...M... .,,..m,., ,.,, A .M-..N......W,g-... ..... MM.ww.W-.....qm1.wff,m,M-.ff..,-mmf. Congrafulafions fo RUTHIE GUARISCO From Mom and Dad Congra+uIa'l'ions +o BRENDA QUINN From Mofher, Daddy, and Cy 2, Seniors Receive To Congrofuloiions 'X Z Congra+uIa+ions, SENIORS MERCY HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 3525 Bienville Sireei CongraI'uIa+ions, SENIORS A. K. ROY, INC., Real Es+aI'e 363I Airline Highway-Meiairie, Louisiana A Lo'r for a Li'HIe Congra'I'uIa'I'ions 'I'o BETTY PONSETTI From The Family Bes+ Wishes Upon GracIua+ing 'Io KATHRYN VON ASPERN From a Friend Congrafulaiions, SENIORS SOUTHERN BLUE PRINT CO. 708 Gravier-9095 Jefferson Davis Pkwy. Room 355 Congrarulaiions, SENIORS W. B. VANCE, INC., Insurance 405 Caronclelei Bldg. Telephone JA. 5-0464-JA. 5-0465 Congra+uIa+ions +o DIANNE LEININGER From a Friend Congra'ruIa'rions +o BEVERLY WILDE From Tiny Tor Day Nursery 609 Transcon'I'inen'raI Drive Congraiulaiions +o CLAU DIA MUMPH REY From Moiher, Daddy, Bro+hers, Mame, Grandpa, Godfaiher, Aun+ Joel Alice, and Wayne Congraiulaiions +o NANCY BURNS From Mo+her, Daddy, Carole, Bonnie Mifzie, Jean, and Chip Congraiulaiions +o KATH RYN BOLDEN From Moiher, Herbie, Goiand, C-Biom Gramp, and Friends Congra+ula1'ions +o DEANE TUMMINELLO From Daddy, Maivnie, Lynn, Guy, Charles, Frank, and Maria Ann Congraru a+ions +o MARY ANN NEVLE From Mama, Daddy, and Michael Congrafulafions 'ro MARY LOUISE AGUILERA From Mofher, Dad, BeHy, Bobby, and Gizee I S 2 K ft s ? Q Congra+ula+ions +o ADELE SCARDINO From Mofher Dear and Nannie, Aun+ Nina and Uncle John, Uncle S+eve, Aun+ Dell, and S+eve Congra'I'ula'I'ions +o LYNN MAIN From Mofher, Dad, and Grandparen+s Congrafu afions 'I'o CAROLYN BLANDA From a Friend r Congra+ula+ions +o JUNE ANN ROLFES From Mo+her, Daddy, Ronnie, Grandmo+her, and Grandfa+her Congra+ula+ions and Bes+ Wishes +o JEANNE PAYELLE From Mom, Dad, Grandparenis, Relafives and Friends Congra+ula'l'ions and Love +o BARBARA "BIQBBIE" HOTARD rom MoH1er and Daddy, Buddie, Grandpa Eckert "Nanny", Lois, Grandma Ho- +ard and Mr. Wai+er, Aun+ Ni+a, and Uncle Sammy Congra+ula+ions 'ro MARTHA LANG From Molher, Daddy, Beverly, Gayle, Aun'l' Frances, Uncle Alberf, Auni- Marlha, Uncle Gus, and Aun+ Rosa. Congrafulafions 'ro CAROLYN ROUSSET From Mofher, Daddy, Yvonne, Larry, Grand fa+l1er Rouse'H, and Aun+ Margare'r Congra'ruIa+ions +o ROSE BRADY From Mofher, Dad, and Raymond Congra+uIa'rions 'ro CAROL ANN BEATIVIANN From Mofher, Dad, Jr., ReIa+ives, and Friends SCHOOL PICTURES, INC. The Complefe Phofographic Service Pos+ Office Box 9I63 METAIRIE, LOUISIANA I87 MARIANITE PATRONS il Congraiu a+ions From Besf Wishes, Seniors S+. Vincenl' de Paul From Your Friends Congrafu a+ions From Congrafu aI'ions 'Io Darlene Lala Sr. Mary of S+. Kevin From a Friend CongraI'u a'I'ions From CongraI'u a'I'ions Io Myrna Cicero A. S. MonI'z, Sr. From Mr. and Mrs. C. Hinkley Congrafu a+ions Io Lynne Ann Herrmann Congralu a+i0ng -I-Q Darlene Lala From a Friend From a Friend CongraI'u afions 'ro Gayle lngolia Congrafu aI'ions 'Io Myrna Cicero From Mo'I'I'1er and Daddy Congra+u a+ions 'ro Linda Leddy Congrafu From MoI'I1er, Daddy, and Jerry Congraiu From a F a'I'ions 'Io Linda Leddy riend Congra+u From Vic Bes+ Wishes 'ro I'I1e Four Angels From MoI'I1er and Daddy aI'ions 'ro Linda Russell From Moilaer, Dad, and Ray aI'ions +0 Linda Russell and Terry MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE CHARLES K. MILLER, INC PLASTERING CONTRACTOR ff 6544 Canal Blvd. E:- Ga. 997I N- . glil ff I88 CongraI'uIaI'ions From SAINT MARY OF THE ANGELS SCHOOL 2225 Congress Sfreel' l 158 .Callwerine roloerl Slwerry bagqell Fay duilwu .Ig Gnni Cuslmano gaFynEll narcly maRilyn bye I6 e wlson eeaNor loolo na mar Ol l Jr Gwen san marco llnola seergnann gMaryeiZlaqrlDnbaudier .lD6Rb6f'? engleri lucly cOlle++e S WL HO + lIDdA 'F6If'Cl'1llCl maRy Iguise glymq uzanne a O lcaTl1leen gauclel roSalie lulce lynlle gordon iudy qrau llncla Pourciau Linda Ieblanc ann misuraca caglgeybrgnusse iAne+ bauer grace us nnre rown land foqueva-+ glenclA :Queen ,gjglj cjlfeuiiravde' reglna berglass +Heresa binolewalol d RI h. pl IO ann lagaliula linclA soulanl a .elle 'nge OHGHNG divine -ElIZ6lD6l'l"I eber loulSe arnol jucly Souclmon Sister Teresifo's Class, Room Eighteen Congraiulaiions io SANDRA ROUX From Family and Friends Congraiulaiions +o CAROLE, LINDA, DORIS. AND MYRA From Their Paren+s l89 l Congra+uIa1'ions +o SHARON JACOB From Mofher, Dad, and Grandmo+her Congra'rula+ions and Besf Wishes REGINA ARSENEAUX From Dad, Mom, and Carol Congra+ula+ions 'ro PAU LINE CUSIMANO From Mo+her and Angelie Congra+ula+ions +o PRISCILLA PREJEAN From Moiher, Dad, and Bro+her Congra+ula+ions +o JULIE DUBOS From Mo+her and Daddy Congra+ula+ions +o EVALYNN DU RAN D From Mom, Dad, and Aun+ Rere ., A ff 41 4, L., ,W Q 4 .,1,,m-eww. Q- K:-rg,-,QQ-mg-fm: M: Miiw-rim,-m,,,:. :q,i:M,,.Q, :mg Wwwffawzmswmswmw Congra+ula+ions 'ro ALICE GENE "CHRIS" cole From Mo+her and Daddy Congra+uIa1'ions +0 My Goolmo+her JUDY GOMILA From Lisa Ann Monfeverde Congrafu a'I'ions +o MARY HINCKLEY From Mo'l'her and Dad I93 Congra+ula+ions +o ANNA ENGLERT From Mama and Papa Couvillon Congra+ula'I'ions +0 YVONN E FU LHAM From Mo+her, Dad, Andrea, Gram's Tee, and Friends Congra+ula+ions +o Congra+ula+ions +o ELIZABETH MATULICH JUDY DUGAS From From Grandmo+her and GrandFa+her Maiulich Mo+her, Dad, and Rodney Congra+ula'l'ions +o Congra+uIa+ions +o GWEN GASPERECZ ANNA ENGLERT From From Mofher and Dad '95 Daddy, Mofher, Joyce, Beverly. and Toody Congra+ula+ions +o BARBARA OUBRE From Friends Thanks +o S+. Jude From HOWARD BENDER Congra+ula+ions +o HELEN CAMET C0n9"3+UIa+i0n5 +0 Love and Success +o DEANE Tg'cj'mM'NELLO LYNNE ANN HERRMANN Grandmo+her and Grandfafher Tummi- From ' ,A B ' , cl :Elm RLQILIZSLNABFIG uni' eafrlce an Mower and Daddy Congraiulaiions fo Congra+ula'Hons fo JUDITH SUTHERLAND SANDRA BINDER From From Mofher and Dad Mofher, Dad, and Bobby ChiH'on I97 I. A. KRAMER SERVICE, INC. Hea+ing-Plumbing-Welding Commercial and Residenfial Work I525 PAULINE STREET WI1. 5-2I92 Wh. 5-ZI93 Congra+uIa+ions 'ro ANN SCHROEDER RIVERSIDE STORES Firesfone Tires--Philco TV Appliances 6565 S+. Claude Ave. ARABI. LOUISIANA I I I I CongraIuIa+ions 'ro LOIS "JUDY" YOUNG From YOUNG'S DRY CLEANING AND GENTILLY SHIRT LAUNDRY 5330-28 Franklin Avenue Congra1'uIa+ions +o Congra+uIa+ions +o NORA CREFASI NORA CREFASI From From Timphony and Maenza Banana Aun+ Sweefi and Uncle Dominick Congra'I'uIa1'ions +o Congra+uIa+ions +o NORA CREFASI NORA CREFASI From Frvm PELICAN TOMATO CO., INC. FRANK FOUCHI AND SON 33 French Markef place WHOLESALE COMMISSION MERCHANT JA. 2-569' 47-49 French Markei' Place Ma. 85l I Ja. 2-I446 499 'Nm 5 CIBSS of wwww-mmm X Wzgmfzziamz 58 I Southern Bell Te Iephone and Telegraph Company Zoo CongraI'uIaI'Ions Io THE SENIORS From The Freshman Classes Congra'ruIa'rions 'ro ELDA AND RHODA From Paren+s, 'rhe Harpers, Taun+e Jeanne and Andree Congra+uIa+Ions Io NIT, WIT, AND SIT From Their Pa renis Congra'I'uIaIions Io THE SENIORS From Sr. Marie Moreau's Class 63 Congraiulaiions, SENIORS From ST. CECILIA SCHOOL Congra'I'ula+ions +o SUE KORSCN STRGMBERG TIME 9 LW, The Mosl' Reliable Time and Signal Equipmf 'For Schools-Offices in All Principal Cilief Uniied Sfales Congralulafions, SENIORS From STS. PETER AND PAUL JUNIOR ' "To Jesus Through Mary" REUTHER'S FLORIST 7I5 Engania S+ree+ Wh. 7-i327 Wh. 4-646i Wh. 9-83l3 202 Congra'I'uIa'I'ions From ihe Pas+or and Sisfers of INCARNATE WORD CHURCH AND SCHOOL LIBERTY C. CYRUS N. BELLAMORE, INC. MOVING AND DRAYAGE CO. Compleie Line of Cameras and Phoio Supplies 300I LafiHe S+ree+-Au. I047 Film Developing, Prin+ing, and Enlarging Experf Re-Frigera-I-or Handlers :za BARONNE STREET-MAGNOLIA lo79 NORMAN C. CYRUS+Opera+ors-IZZY BOURGEOIS Confinue Your Educafion in a Ca+hoIic Ins+i+u+ion HOTEL DIEU SCHOOL OF NURSING 420 Sou+I1 Prieur S+ree+ New Orleans, Louisiana Approved by Hue NATIONAL NURSING ACCREDITING SERVICE 203 AN NA Commercia KRUEBBE'S PHARMACY JACK KRUEBBE, Prop. Prompi' Delivery Service Wh. 5-3023 3935 ST. CLAUDE AVE. I wfvmmvwmm Congra'I'uIa+ions 'ro CLAIRE LEDET From Jim LecIe'r FREUHAUF TRAILER CO. I TraiIers of AII Types Ve. 3-824I L0W74f6?7f'-PA v--v1 vudlxk I020 Canal S+. Ma. 3I5I SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 204 , MARIANITE PATRONS ,ff M- f ' ffllix X KAX. Congra+ula+ions +o Joan Congra+ula+ions +o Linda Reynolds From Morher and Dad From Aun+ Thelma and Uncle Jim Congrafularions +o Joan Perrel' From Nuschler's Plumbing and Hearing Congrarulaiions 'I'o Elizabelh Malulich Morher, Daddy, and Grandmorher Arabie Congra+ula+ions +o Beverly Wilde From Bubber's Shell Service S+a'rion Good Luck 'ro June Ann From Tiene Congraru afions 'l'o Janel' Fleuriel' From Uncle Benny Congra'l'u arions +o Nora Crefasi From Morher and Fa'rher Congraru a+ions 'ro Carolyn Bonanno From Wallace, Carmel, Crisf, and Peanuis Congra'ru arions +o Parsy Woodson Congraru a'I'ions +o Judy Gomila From Aunl' Anna and Uncle Burke Congraiu a'l'ions +o Gail Michel From Morher, Dad, Carol, Vinnie, and Dan+e Congra+u a+ions +o Mary Ann Whi+e From Mo'rher and Daddy Congraru arions 'io Carol Burling From Lionel Congra'l'u arions ro Joann Terrenova . From Pal' Terrenova and Louis J. Weigll Congrai-u a+ions 'io Carolyn Blanda From Blanda's Food S1-ore Congraru arions +o Barbara Oubre From Sal Liberio Congra+u a+ions 'ro Barbara Oubre From Mom and Relaiives Congraru a'l'ions +o Linda Reynolds From Aun+ Ru'I'h and Aun+ Anna Congrarularions +o Deane Tumminello From Raynor Duel' Congraiulaiions 'l'o Deane Tumminello From Nannie and Nannan Congrarularions +o Doris Sreppe From Maw-Maw Congra+ula+ions +o Doris Sreppe From +he "Gang a'l' I8" Congrarulafions 'io Sue Korson -fx From Dave and 'l'he Diamonds Congrarularions 1-0 Judy Dugas From Carollfon Hardware Bes'l' Wishes +o Lynne Ann Herrmann From Uncle Llambias Congra+ula'rions 'io Lynne Ann Herrmann From Aun+ Vivian Congrarulafions +o Lynne Ann Herrmann From Uncle "Buddy" Love and Besi' Wishes io Lynne Ann Hermann From Godmorher Bes'r Wishes +o Lynne Ann Herrmann From Aun'r Pe+e and Uncle Al Congraru afions +o Lorraine Dicharry From Richie Congra+u a+ions +o Lorraine Dicharry From Morher, Dad, Joyce, and A. J. Congraru a+ions 'I'o Lorraine Dicharry From Nanny and Mormnio Congraru a'rions +o Judy Roqueveri' From Uncle Gus, Auni' Norma, Mike, and Jim Congraru a+ions 'I'o Judy Roqueveri' From a Friend 2 V 4 'MDW' Congra+uIa+ions fo SIPPIE BERNARD From a Friend Congrarulafions 1'o CAROLYN LUSCY From Mofher, Sandra, Champ, and Harold Congra+uIa+ions +o JEAN KENNEY From Mofher and Dad 206 Congra'rula+ions +o Congrafulafions +o HELEN LEVATA HELEN LEVATA From From a Friend Pe+er Congrarularions +o HELEN LEVATA AND CORK CO, From Complere Equipmenr for M0+l1er. Uncle, Papa, Mama, Kafhy, and Hofels, Res+auran+s, lns+i+u+ions Bubby 5l0-520 BIENVILLE sr. I 207 Congra+uIa+ions From ST. MARY OF THE ANGELS CHURCH ST. ANTHONY sl-IRINE Norfh Miro and Congress S'I'ree'I' S+. Anrhony Novena Every Tuesday Time: 8:00 A.M., 3:30, 7:00, and 8:I5 P.M HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL School of Champions 4950 DAUPHINE STREET-WH. 5-0O2l mwmwa:.Qmm4w51 ,V M, 1-:Q-ff.,4m,,g,Qgww, efm,,A -E2 427: iapizqf' Sgngiq. Z-142' 1115: ' v 1 'A' l li' 0 ' xl I 1' , A 1. ,n .0 If .5 ff? 1r3A Uk! VALLEY SUPER MARKET I526 Alvar S+ree+ ST. CLAUDE HARDWARE 4208-I0 S+. Claude Avenue Wh. 5-733I Wh. 9-5662 PAULINE LEGIER REAL ESTATE 3808 N. Prieur S'I'reeI' Wh. 3-333I Wh. 3-3332 N. BELLAMORE, INC. CompIe+e Iine of op+icaI supplies - opera glasses, field glasses, binoculars, and Ihermomefers. I28 BARONNE STREET MA. 2296 Pl MAJESTE'S PHARMACY 3I00 S+. Claude Avenue Wh. 9-3385 ELMO LAMARE LICENSED ELECTRICIAN I 00 Perrin Drive Arabi Wh. 5-5958 Ed- I-4109 AUTOMOTIVE CLUTCH AND BRAKE 3938 Third SI'reeI' Tw. I-4449 PROGRESSIVE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Your School Savings Bank COMMON AT UNIVERSITY PLACE Congra+uIaI'ions +o YVONN E FU LHAM From MARKS ISAACS CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT DownI'own's CIeanesI' Super Markef PAP'S SUPER MARKET 3I45 S+. CIaude Avenue Pap's Helps You Live Be'H'er for Less CongraI'uIa'Iions +o LINDA HELMINGER From INTERSTATE CONSOLIDATED INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. I20 Soufh Derbigny S'l'ree+ MAgnoIia l435-36-37 All Forms of Insurance JAMES J. CURRO, Presideni' Henry MaxweII An+hony J. Peirie Armand MaIo+Ice Helen Holmes Carolyn Culpepper Yvonne Townsend Irma Currera 2 I0 BOTTLING COMPANY lO50 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway AU. 666l COOL-VUE ALUMINUM HOME IMPROVEMENTS Awnings-Screens - Windows-Doors Siding-Vene+ian Blinds-Jalousies Also Fans for Every Need 3224 ST. CLAUDE AVE.-WH. 3-33l6 2lI No Job Too Small CHALMETTE PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY 3l7 W. S+. Bernard Hwy. Ed. I-2I70 MACK'S AUTO BODY AND FENDER WORKS Aufhorized Dodge Dealer ST. BERNARD HIGHWAY-CHALMETTE. LA Ed. I-38II em6WP I I70I LaHarpe S+. Wh. 5-9482 WIRTH DRUGS 6I9 S+. Charles S+. Ma. I656 DIXIE LUMBER CO.. INC. azol Fig S+. Un. I-I42I VOLKER FLORIST 360I S+. Claude Ave. WI1. 4-455I TERRIOT LIOUOR STORE CI1aIme++e, Louisiana MOTOROLA TV 4I29 Euphrosine S+ree+ Ma. 527I THE LEITZ-EGAN INSURANCE CO. 2I I5 Magazine S+. LEONHARD'S DEPARTMENT STORE 3200 Dauphine S+. Wh. 3.-55I6 KRAUS INSURANCE AGENCY Pere Marque++e Bldg. Ja. 2-3346 HAYDEL'S PHARMACY I600 AIvar S+. SMITH'S PHARMACY We Deliver Ex. 27I3 GUS BETAT AND SON 6I0-6I6 N. CIaiIoorne Ave. ORIGINAL REMNANT SHOP 625 Canal S+. MAYEUX BROTHERS PHARMACY Magazine a+ Je++erson Ave. Tw. 7-0I4I ST. MARY OF THE ANGELS SODALITY GUS MICHEL AUTO REPAIRS 22I0 Con+i S+ree+ Tu. 0828 GENTILLY SERVICE STATJON 260I Dreux a+ FranIcIin Fa. 9244 MARIANITE PATRONS MARTIN'S ORLEANS PLUMBING SHOP, INC. 8000 S+roeIi+z S+. PENNY ARCADE 620 Canal S+. PAT'S BAR I7I5 Je++erson Highway Ve. 3-9I9I ROBERT W. REYNOLDS PLUMBING CO. 9I7 Terpsichore S+. Ja. 5-54I7 SPORL SHOE STORE, NO. I 2524 Dauphine S+. BEST CLEANERS 37II S+. Claude Ave. JACOB SCHOEN AND SONS INS. CO. 5I9 EIysian FieIds Ave. ELLIS PHARMACY I900 Desire S+. Wh. 3-88I7-Wh. 3-88I6 A. BOLOGNA 81 CO. 5I4 N. CIaiborne Ave. Ja. 5-9766 ANTHONY'S BARBER SHOP 3034 Banks S+. BEL-VUE DRUGS 740 N. Rampar+ S+. Ma. 3723 ANGELO'S SERVICE STATION 2538 Leonidas S+. Un. 6-9509 ARCHITECTURAL STONE CO. 30I5 DubIin S+. Un. I-409I THE PUB BAR 548 S. Broad C. 81 S. FOOD STORE M. A. Green Subdivision Me+airie, La. CYRIL J. TRAINA-GENERAL CONTRACTOR I500 Gallier S+. Wh. 9-5947 MONROE PHARMACY 870I Pri+cI1ard PI. Un. 6-36I3 STRECKFUS STEAMERS 4I3 CarondeIe+ Bldg. New Orleans 2I2 Congrafulafions 'ro +l1e SENIORS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS E. A. Farley GENTILLY TERRACE NURSERY 3333 Gen1'iIly Blvd. MR MOSSY MOSSY MOTORS INC S LAFAYETTE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY 2I23 Magazine SI'ree+ JA. 5-9879 TIPERY STUDIO I25 Camp SIree+ PORTRAITS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 2I4 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF I958 Best Wishes to Buy All of Your Needs the SENIORS 5+ From LABICHE'S G Friend Easi' Side and Wes+ Side 215 CLARENCE'S BAR M .M MARIANITE PATRONS FJ Ill' I400 Congress Slreel' Wh. 4-9I54 GARTH FLOWER SHOP I04l Poland Ave. Wh. 5-7745 FISHER'S BAY SERVICE ChaImeH'e, La. Ed. I-9I2I DAIRY SPECIAL ICE MILK. INC. 7223 S+. 'Claude Ave. Ed. I-6482 BENNY'S ESSO SERVICE 2378 Prenliss Ave. Fa. 9I72 CHARLIE'S APPLIANCE 2623 Bruxels Wh. 5-3078 SCHIRO'S SHOE STORE I020 Canal Slreef Ma. 3I5I LOUIS V. SCHEHR AND COMPANY. INC. Delia Shipyard Warehouse No. 97 BABST ESSO SERVICENTER 420l Elysian Fields Avenue Fa. 9390 RODRIQUE'S ESSO SERVICE STATION I604 Franklin Ave. Wh. 5-9I60 LEONHARD CLEANERS 32I8 Dauphine S+ree'r Wh. 5-0757 CIEUTAT'S PLUMBING AND HEATING Arabi, Louisiana ARABI SUPER SERVICE CENTER 6730 Sl. Claude Ave. Wh. 4-2479 ECONOMY DRUG STORE 4200 S+. Claude Ave. Wh. 7-I234 TRIST PHARMACY 70II SI. Claude Ave. Ed. I-I6I6 or Ed. I-I6I7 CANAL JEWELRY CO. 9I4 Canal S+ree'r Ja. 5-9392 LACHIN AND McCAUSLA'ND Plasfering Conlraclors JOSEPH P. CARDELLA MEATS 8I2 N. Claiborne Ave. Ma. 0463 .-l l TARANTO'S GROCERY AND MARKET ChaImeH'e, Louisiana Ed. I-9I23 SOUTHERN SEAPLANE MAINTENANCE Viclory Drive-Weslwego Fi. I-5296 PERRY 8: ROSENBOHM FURNITURE, INC. 3336 S+. Claude Avenue Wh. 3-6932 PITRE'S PHARMACY I845 Gen'I'iIly Avenue Wh. 5-2327-Vi. 552I DECKBAR PAN-AMERICAN SERVICE STATION I80I Jefferson Highway Ve. 3-205I BODENGER PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. I57 Delaronde S+. Fo. 6-4359 BALTAZOR DEPARTMENT AND SHOE STORE 5324 lo 5328 Franklin Avenue Wh. 3-'I392 CLOVER GROCERY AND MARKET HAYDEL-LASSEIGNE 3 I 36 Genlilly Avenue GRAVIOS FINANCE CORPORATION I040 Elysian Fields Ave. Wh. 7-6606 HAYES DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. 6930 SI. Claude Avenue Wh. 7-5556 JUL'S COSTUME 81 DECORATIVE SUPPLIES III Decalor SI'ree+ Ma. 8045 A. E. HEGARDORN'S PLUMBING 8: HEATING 38II Magazine Slreel Tw. 9-84II MAISON BLANCHE 90I Canal SI. Ja. 2-3434 JOHN P. BAVIDO. REAL ESTATE 303 Baller Bldg. Ja. 5-32I2 MANDICH'S RESTAURANT AND BAR 3200 SI. Claude Ave. Wh. 7-9553 ED LAMARE Howard Molors Wh. 7-622 I LOYOLA U N IVE RSITY or THE sour:-I NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA More Than 300 Courses 35 Degree Program 2I7 See Jack Pe+'l'y ai' BERNARD AND GRUNNING G-raduafe Supply House 509 AUDUBON BLDG JA. 5-9525 PICTURE OF NEW ORLEANS DANCE STUDIO RosA SPILKA scHooL OF DANCING 4025 S+. Claude Avenue WHi+ehaII 7-I6IO VErnon 3-I36I When Thinking of CaI'hoIic School Uniforms Think of BROADMOOR KIDDIE AND JUNIOR SHOP 2634 SO. BROAD STREET Tw. I-7949 2l8 .www-w..,Mw.,....,m .,.,wf.m. -,.,:wwMWawmmmmmmfwmmwwmfwwmnxmmw , Congratulations, Seniors Mary Ragusa Mrs. Rebenaclc Mrs..M. Rebenack lrene E. Reynolds Jane M. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. M. Reynolds Mercer W. Reynolds Slephen A. Reynolds Harry Richard Mr. Wm. Rideau Room I2 Joy Roqueverl' Judy Roqueverl' Rosalie and Darlene Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rolh The L. J. Rolhs Mrs. Henry Rouse Mr. Roy ' Kennelh Ryan Mrs. R. A. Schmidl Ann Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. V. Serpas Silver Thimble Fabrics Mr. Solidio Soulhern Belles of Room I2 Mr. and Mrs. J. Spera Belh S'l'eger Chrisline S'l'uard David Sluard Carl's SupereH'e Mr. and Mrs. G. SuHer Tommy's Hardware 8: Supply John Tooley, Sr. Linda Traina 1 Turlle and Squeeky Mrs. Naihalie Veneree Mrs. Edna' M. Verlander Mr. Bob Ve'Her Paul Voi'l'ier Sue Ellen Wilde Bonnie Wilson Frank Wires, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Schrolh A. BCLOGNA AND CG. NEW ORLEANS, LA. pun. W 4 W an-,al f fa ?asl.1Jf'Jf'5""W"""i2 J my i- .nfl 4' --- . M4 WL in is "' W7 2:9 PRAYER OF THANKS Almighty and eternal God, we, the staff of the 1958 Marianite, humbly send our prayers of sincere grati- tude for allowing this book to become a reality. We thank you, Father, 'for the shining example of your Son. We owe much to the Holy Spirit who has been generous with His love and inspiring graces. Omnipotent Power, we pray You to shower most abundant blessings upon our moderator, Sister Cath- erine of Siena, who has truly been the mainstay of our little staff. Reward with special graces Mother M. Adrian for her sincere interest, and Sister Martina and the faculty, for their unfailing cooperation and support. Look with love upon the St. Thomas High boys who made a superior choice for the '58 Beauty Court. Endow Taylor Publishing Company with your Father- ly affection, just as they have taken a generous paternal attitude toward our yearbook. Encourage Stanley Conlon, who provided the picture for our end sheets, Mr. Aguilera, Mr. Mariano, Tipery Studio, and Bellamore, Inc., in their fine photographic work, for their assistance greatly aided in the production of our yearbook. May your blessings ever flow to the former staff members, for their prayers, and to our fellow students, for their enthusiasm. Keep our gracious contributors, our advertisers, safe in your embrace. Finally, the '58 staff fervently prays that You, Al- mighty God, may bestow Your innumerable blessings and graces upon all those who have in any way helped us. we 220 ffffffuf-4' ' +' Jzfaf.. ysi A.-N Z, ,Z,,LZ1r! ey .Q .Lek y ,Nl , .X ,,,.- ,- ,,- ., .1 , 1 . lf- F' - Q . KLA X f,ff,,.1 if A ef 97, f !.-K H.- V,Z,f"o V if-I . L.,--L zz fy. ' lf' fi ,, 7,....ff,, ' x4 f 'gf -.ff . ,- . , f ,L-,.-,J f. ' . fi ffff--fa: 4 ' , ,,,,,.,,.c M , ,I ,.f I . ,,,.1'.'- 1 1' 17474 if V, ,nf ff ' J .' I f X, fl, 5 rg, .1-,, ,,7f ' ,fr .1 1.4 X, . 4 ,f - ' g V7 4 ,A S ' 1 M f rf f aff Q ' E X -74 ,ff I' K If ,.z.,f, .sf ,sf ff. fp' - uk, ff- f:.,.' I 1 ' 1- 1 , 1 4 f " 7- L. .ff , 1, -- ,Lf I a 4,j If .4 f - . -' 1 f In f-..,..,C-f 1, ft, ,Y g-,, , V ,,, 1 ,. My '57 ing v X.. gf 7 S X 1. V r ! I fy ig.: 4 Q w 4 ,, if . "" . . ,a lx 5. V ',,. .fu ,fl 1 , V!-'KJ g j!!,fLk W Alvlu, f, '1vnaf.,.,- .J X 4116 ' dj-ff' :Q 1 ' A N ,,' -.,f1 . 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Suggestions in the Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) collection:

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 208

1958, pg 208

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 6

1958, pg 6

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 8

1958, pg 8

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 111

1958, pg 111

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 117

1958, pg 117

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