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- - f :X 1 ,K .M M P i ti .lag Nvi, S 'V , M11 X W K xjwp, 3 1 K wk! Wi? ,QLL QW .L ,A W W , A 5 34 ,K Q, A RK K . '25-1 My ,Q ia W' 2 , . , 9 , R ri.. 5, ,I 5 A L - , Qu 'if? . W X' 1 W ' . . :ww .ff E, I as A , il f SX ,Q Q ,. - X 'f - .Ng .2 2 EG l Q' 'iii ' 'L H yi ,A , k ,Q . 'M' 'pn' ,J 1., -. 4 ,fi . ' i YA g'W'?d.'f K-. v. ,ZS Q f K 5U at .eip ,wg 4 wg, Lk JJ' 4 ,,,,,,, M qyt, f 'Mm' arf. , fMwMA,wMWfYmy V753 2 lm ,M fl 3g,.Ww'ff2f ,V . I 174 V 4 C xfx, 6' gg., .g- E' ' n I' bl-as N4 .-af I 4 tfn P+ l ,- . Q N .' 'xvl .W 4 ffl 'QQWI'-1' K ' 4 ld-. ..1f'5,.J 1. 1, o ,A Q? 'Q A 0 4'??fr.a 'As 1 5 f'f "'f ev. ' an 'f few-':' A 43 ,, . A Al. fb.. Q ' Qi, 4-3, M 'Lf if 1.5: vsyig. 0Vtf,! nr. I .ae 'V 4 Q , -' U'-' 1 - . ' . of . - " : . fh9,Qf'.f: I" , 4, 4f I ' - ,af -fifsg . .. '- 1 ra- ' '-Y. 1, D 1 , ' ,-f3g. :f.f'3lm U, at 3 .lf . .Q Q . W , - T ,. 1 B ,Q N Q 4 ' ,Ek , A ' A , x .,k I V4 - I Y N QQ ' '14 Ll, ,, 'O I . Q Ks 'A K5 K' 1. -"" ' h to '72 5 Q xi' .in ,W . . DA A K, J ., s , hz 'Q . . If ' " Ai-Lia -wg ff ' Qgv - a .53 iq E! ' . ,-, 1. - , 9' yr ' ' 5 - be 4' w. :-ni L. ,K ' 1" P , . Lk' 1 Y. 5 if-my 0 Q . rf 4' Q . 'f .5 1 fi-M ,JI 1 A 5 V W1 Q ff. 1 3'4- f w yy 5, - 'J Vo w ,l . 1. ,A A ,Y 3 A41 I Q. ..-...LNYAFW Y - f . l 1 GTM '84 L? 42. 5 555 2 Q3 .5 '?'fAus9" f New 6 Sf f 'TTT'---fha' Tl! X' , --f-'57 jf ' T K J L ' L L J J fl , ,KST X TF ,ff-ix. Sf N f S J THE MARI NI A TE ,XE T ,f f L , x -s 1 -. -Y 4 ' X PRESENTED BY THE STUDENTS OF ACADEMY DF THE HDLY ANGELS NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA N TO THE BLESSED FRIEND OF AMERICAN YOUTH WITH C-IRATITUDE AND AFFECTION To us, the youth of America, he was our greatest friend. His life of untiring devotion to duty and love of youth will always be remembered by everyone, especially those with whom he came in contact. His own courage through the most critical period of his life will remain an inspiration to all. Many shall ever follow the guiding light of his incom- parable motto, "To jesus through Mary." He lived not for himself, not to himself, for truly Christ lived within this man and was a part of his every action. His very life was the example so needed to save the many souls whom he loved and cherished. 03 Because of his goodness and untiring devotion to duty and to the youth of America, we the students of Holy Angels Academy honor the Blessed Friend of American Youth. In so honoring him we wish to dedicate our 1956 Marimzife to the memory of Father Daniel A. Lord, S. We know that he is enjoying the eternal reward he so richly merited in the vineyard of Christ, and because of this we implore his assistance and protection always. 4 Q , , I 0 .,,L.m-l, ,L A 5 , , ,fi 0 x f AMESSAGE FRGM OUR SUPERI TE DE T RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR HENRY C. BEZQU Ancnnlocx-:SAN Cfcsio-ol, Boixnn Nxw ORLEANS 12. 2..ou'su.NA Nl HT Rrvrm-ND Morwmmm Omg, Mn usmm, U' NIH ' UI 'U I ST. PA.'FRlCK'5 Rl-ZGTUB 'Ill UAH? lTIll'l' OAIIAL QCII Dear Alumnae of Holy Angels Academy: This volume is a perpetual memorial of your stay at Holy Angels Academy. What, we may ask, should be the outstanding effect of your stay in school? Growth, I believe, is the one word which incorporates all the answers to that key question. The second question follows logically. In what way have you grown at Holy Angels Academy? You should be able to answer with the Child Jesus: "We have grown in age and wisdom and grace before God and man. " This growth is depicted graphically in this book and those which immediately preceded it. May its contents prove to be a happy augury of the same threefold growth which should be yours for the re st of your lives. Very sincerely in Christ the Teacher, were fffiz.-g,,.., Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools if K QQ A '-My A 7 57 S f 1. , X X' Q X Q1 K.. 1 SAR X' THEME .....w , CAMPUS ..,, .. ,If FACULTY .A,. Ik f If SENIORS ......,, RS JUNIORS ..............., A Xl SOPHOMORES ..,..,, . . FRESHMEN ..,...4... STUDIES .... ..4......... ORGANIZATIONS ...... PERSONALITIES ..,.....,S ATHLETICS ,........ ACTIVITIES ......... . F f I , ' In mv.. I -ij A f S! Slgiffx ,I X X J " ' CONTENTS PATRONS ,...........,.EE..............E ....... ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 7 X MOTHER ADRIAN ADDRESSES SENIDRS Qmcahemg nf the Qflnlg Qmgels 3523 5. giimnpsrz 51- 2hHlGkhmms,1k- My dear Graduates, All too soon the curtain shall be closed on the last scene of your high school days at Holy Angels. Your cheers on the basketball court will have become an echo, your victories and defeats in your scholastic work will be a page in school history, the many gracious things which you have shared in your high school days will be precious memories. Graduation is at hand, and that means a beginning rather than an ending. It means a step forward into a world peopled with mature, responsible human beings. Among these you will find your niches in whatever interests you. You will make new friends, meet new challenges, accept new and greater responsi- bilities. As you take this step you are not unprepared. Your years at Holy Angels will bear fruit if you follow her guidance and accept her counseling words, HWALK WITH CHRISTW. Then your life will be harmoniously beautiful. In joy and in sorrow, in happiness and affliction, WALK WITH CHRIST. When the ascent is steep and the path rugged, WALK WITH CHRIST. In your striving for success, in your career whether in the world or in the cloister, WALK WITH CHRIST. Think with Christ by thinking with His Church. Let Christ be the center of your lives, let His standards be your standards, for Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If you place your hand in the nail-pierced Hand of Christ and walk with Him, you cannot fail to reach the measure of our highest hopes for you in this life, and in the life to come a full share in the Beatific Vision. 1 ,1 ff,M..,,,re,zQ 37, C 9 , Lit , y ,ff . ,f 1...-.. , h , . rf fe ,,,,. nl p CELESTIAL PATRONS, i HOVER o'ER ouR A.H.A Angels . . . God's faithful messengers, Praying, watching, guiding, Helping us in all we do, And in our hearts abiding, Celestial patrons of our school, Bright spirits from above, Companions in each hour of need, O,Messengers of love! Holy Peace, reign o'er our CAMPUS, Sweet sovereignty, thy spirit lies Thrones, do reflect thy beauty there. In all our ORGANIZATIONS, Our ivyed-walls, trees and grottoes, Guide them well in all that they do, We entrust them to your care. God's heavenly Dominations. Noble grace, thy sacred presence With purity, so lily white, Our FACULTY personifies, Fair choir of Principalities, Loyal envoys, God's Archangels, Let love for God be dominant Help them, keep them ever wise. In all our PERSONALITIES. Love, imprinted on each STUDENT Triumphant Powers, who possess Seraphim, we ask of thee, Sublimity of purpose sweet, Take our hearts and place within them Take our faithful teams and make them Your kind and virtuous charity. Strong in victory and defeat. Knowledge, shine forth in our STUDIES, Courageous Virtues, show thy force Assist us, Cherubim, we pray, Thy energy and might, Place thy lasting hallmark, wisdom, Be in all ACTIVITIES On all we do and all we say. Our unfailing, guiding light. So Angels-Guardians of the skies, Guides who show the way, To you our fervent prayers rise, Hover o'er our A.H.A. 9 Our Lady showers abundant graces on her devoted children, who take such loving care of her grotto. Ever-willing, they are happy to help make the shrine of their heavenly Mother deservingly beautiful. "O Holy Mary, Mother of God, take me under thy blue mantle, this day and for- ever." CELESTIAL PATRONS HELP us TO HEAVENLY THRONES, from thy realm, fill our campus with celestial strains of golden music. May your holy presence ever bind us together, for thou art the angels of PEACE. Peaceful as silent sentinels, these ancient sycamores con- tribute much to the beauty of the campus and the dignity of Academy Hall. Their leafy boughs, reaching heavenward, seem to implore Almighty God to bestow His Eternal Benediction upon our students. One glance at our Auditorium building is a glance at a monument of memories. Here have been originated and produced events and activities which long will be remembered and cherished by every A.H.A. student. Of all the concerts, plays, meetings, dis- cussions, dances, and welcomed visitors brought here, each con- tributes its share in giving to the students the knowledge, enjoy- ment, and appreciation of good times necessary for a well-rounded Catholic education. I0 SERVE GCD ON OUR CAMPUS The front entrance of Academy Hall is a familiar sight to these students since they frequently pass it to and from their daily visit to the chapel of Our Lady of Seven Dolors. Each morning they offer their "pray- ers, works, joys. and sufferings of the day" and unite them with the precious Offering. in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Daily visits to Our Lord and His Blessed Lady in the chapel are the fervent practices of every true A.H.A, student. Standing in the quadrangle. attired in a pageant of trees and flowers and touched by a sunlit crest, is the beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart of jesus, forever a constant rea minder of His Fatherly pro- tection and divine love for us. Most Sacred Heart of jesus, enkindle the fire of Thy Divine Love within each of us, that we may, for all etern- ity, praise thy Holy Name. if Welcoiiiing Miss Geneva Edwards, a new member of the faculty, to Holy Angels, Sister M. Hilary. Superior. introduces her to one of the classrooms in which she will teach throughout the course of the year. Having toured the halls of the Academy, under the able direction of Sister Hilary, Miss Eda wards sights the inevitable happy times at A.H.A, CELESTIAL PATRONS HELP us TO SUBLIME ARCHANGELS, we are blessed with the gift of a faculty of wisdom. May their examples of goodness serve to perfect our future lives. Keep wisdom as the hallmark of our faculty, for thou art the angels of GRACE . . , After a busy day of teaching seniors. Sister M. Martina pauses at the door leading to the office where she diligently works to fulfill the duties of principal of the Academy. Aiming to sustain the high rating of l-loly Angels, Sister endeavors to impart to the student body, spiritual exuberance as well as factual knowledge. Witli the annual speech recital approaching, Mrs. Lucille Burrows, dramatics instructor, consults fresh- men teachers Sister M. Ignatius and Sister M. Mark, for the arrangement of a rehearsal'time-schedule most convenient for them and for their students. ow GOD THROUGH ouR ACULTY Father Gerxase Goldwater, O.F.M., Academy chaplain, makes himself available on campus during his free time to any student who wishes to consult him. Witli his knowledge and wisdom as a theologian, Father instructs the senior classes in his courses of apologetics and marriage. He has proven himself to be an invaluable member of the fxlrtllly. P-1-1.,,,MM On the arrixal of a new Ulfnderwood ISO" type- writer, bookkeeping teacher. Sister M. Gregory. and typewriter instructors, Sister M. Louise, and Miss Lydia I.a Frame, examine and test the new margin feature of the machine. Witli such competent in- structors, our graduates are certain to become efficient and successful business women. I3 Pointing out the progress from yetr to ycu Sister M Citherinc of Sicni Allfllllllt ycubook sponsor, with Sister M. Teresita, sponsor of the 0111 Hfmlf, sophomore paper, compares an earlier edition of the paper with the latest issue. Under the guidance of these capable teathers, the students have become quite interested in the field of journalism. 4' a Miss Norma Kokotas, new physical education instructor and team coach, consults Sister M. Carmel, junior teacher and Pep Squad mod- erator, for the arrangement of an effective intramural line-up. Witli two such able direc- tors leading our athletic program, the success of our teams is confidently assured. Selecting the honor music students of the month, Sister M. Monica, Glee Club moderator, and Sister M. Bartholo- mew, music teacher, prepare to place the chosen names on the Club Bulletin Board. They find one another's opinion quite helpful concerning concerts. re- citals, and the annual State Music Fes- tival. Senior chemistry teachers, Sister M. Lua and Sister M. jude, discuss the latest discoveries in the world of science with general science teacher, Mrs. Betty Gipson. The three instructors combine to give our students excellent scientific knowledge. I4 :'A 12 ziz ' .. -..A. '-:' 5 gi 2 We um A ,m f .ea . . .. .ff M fx ffawgfzfw-3 E555 wh 'S+ X 'M , , Q, ,,gwi,g H -we ,,,A+xg2 ,Q TF ,yL. .m , . v v :'- " .fm V.. ' Nag , ,pew-wma .w:fw1:Hs.H, nhl 4 mf .ww - . ff . 1 A 'L I -- XM! ' 92 - uf 'tfizs ' gl ' ' Sw wI'S25'?MES'7ffBK?"U1? 6 P2F1l1i'y'5 Yr. +A: .., ,. . A , , , Q- 1-ve nf- . -ff vel,-:.vX:"f'N tx ff- F! ...N -Q-J Lg' .Ei ., ,.:.,.x - A-Q . A -, ff. ' . f -we 4 f , m x- IX. 53.5 ,N -1.35. W Je, .f.1,-we. 'r ew.. 4 X -.1 L 'M ,f :,. 1. ., p -- , f ' , 51 V1 LL ji M ffgiikfiigf 5 lf., mf. T I 9. 7 5 . 1 - . . ' 'V -. , ff . 1 , ,, flee 2 fi-'f, ii? , 1 .E'1Q,. 1 e iN ALL STLIDENTS MAJESTIC SERAPHIM, courfiers of 1-he Fai-her. we come before you +o offer our invocaiion. Acquireor .each of us +he grace of perfecfion, 'fdre'I'hoUe8r1'e H1e angels of LOVE... ' . BETTY ALBERTS Nucleus of good times . . . considera- tion rewards a hundred-fold . . . in a merry heart, all is well. PATRICIA BAUMANN First with a smile , . . pleasing de- termination . . . look after truth and goodness-and beauty will look after herself. SENIGRS ANNA BAILEY A it fi JEANNE ANN ARNOULT Happy equestrienne . . . versatile ath- N lete . . . perseverance-the disguise of dependability. JACKIE BERGERON Happy eyes . . . friendly countenance . . . a straight thinker liveth a good Q life. Life of the party . . . "and the band played on" . . . endearing elegance of friendship. if tm ,.......W AX,XwX,,xx, 1-nanvl!W03f ., ,. S 11255115 MAE BIQRGERQN LYNN BIANCI-UNI MARYLEA BILLA Silver-toned orator . . . MD to be . . FUtUf'ffl0f21l d"3Sif-EDCI - . .with laughing Our OWU eternal OPlK'll3 r - - H diplomatic dignity. eyes and long wavy hair . , , "3 kind ant draw! mixed with sincerity friend is a good one." brown eyes promising romance. Baumann, find time A pose? Of course! How else would seniors Jeanne Arnoult, jackie Bergeron, Patsy Anna Bailey, Jessie Mae Bergeron, Lynn Bianchini, Marylea Billa, and Betty Alberts from their busy schedules to stand prettily on the balcony. I7 pleas SENIORS X CONOLA BLAZIO MARGIE BOESCH Energetic leader . . . "His will be done" . . . "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." CLAIRE BOLLINGER Quietly industrious . . . "a friend in ai ' need is a friend indeed" . . . natural i calmness. P DIANA BOH Silken hair enhancing a pretty face . . . uw- an indomitable woman . . . possesses a brilliant mind. I8 Dimples her appeal . . . always 'ac- complishing, ever perfecting . . . knowl- edge comes, but wisdom lingers. ROSELYN BONENO Her eyes are homes of silent prayer . . enthusiastic editor . . . her heart be longs to A.H.A. k l GEORGETTJ3 Boos GAYNELL Bonmss ANA IRENE BRENT "God loveth ri cheerful giver" . . . Her effervescent spirit-equaled by few Walks before GOCi in love and humility petite junior miss . . . sparkling eyes . . . "God has given thee much-and - - . lovely to look at-delightful to mirror a happy heart. much thou hast returned" . . . a rare kHOW . - . "how forceful are words of and glowing leader. truth." Margie Boesch, Claire Bollinger, Georgette Boos, Conola Blazio, Roselyn Boneno, Diana Boh, Ana Brent, and Gaynell Bordes appear ready for a pleasant trip along the road to success. I9 SENIORS ANNA MAE BROGGI JANIE BURG Wit, the instigator of laughter . . . Pleasant to be with . . . athletically in- sympathetic by nature . . . "Sunny ,I V clined . . . too busy to be vexed with Side of the Street," 3, worrisome cares. joy ANN CANTELLI BARBARA CASBON Lover of good times , . . an outdoor en- tg? A friend to be cherished . . . quiet and thusiast . . . aspires toward a white cap sweet . . . the charm of her life is and a nursing career. living. DOROTHY ANN CANGELOSI Zany damsel . . . a smile, her trade- mark . . , in wedlock she'll find hap- piness. A X E f MARIE CATALANOTTO LUCY MARY CAVALIER Off-stage comedian . . . "AS the sun Troubles vanish with her dancing feet colors flowers-so does art color life" . . . altar bound . . . "I Love Lucy." . . . active intellect. M. c.c,,,r MYRA CAVALIFR If it be spelled FRIENDSHIP, long hath she achieved success . . . warm sincerity . . . I1 cheerful word for all. 4 Upon entering the gates of A.I-I.A., joy Cantelli, Anna Mae Broggi, Myra Cavalier, Jane Burg. Marie Catalanotto, Barbara Casbon, Lucy Cavalier, and Dottie Cangelosi gaze across the campus. Apparently some activity has captured their interest. 2l SENIORS ANITA CENTANNI China doll . . . small in stature, big in heart . . . a symbol of brighter to- morrow. MARY ALICE "MEZ', COLLINS Eyes that sparkle with laughter . . . bubbling personality . . . dancing, the joy of her life. II CAROL ANN CLARK Auroral beauty . . . suitable quietness . . . "stand steadfast in thy heart and do well." 22 MARIA CI-IAVARRIA "Dark Eyes"-hair of ebony . . . work- ing toward her senora degree . . . to Europe-"Bon Voyage!" MARY FRANCES "JILL" COLOMES Domestically inclined . . . dreams of an elegant wedding . . . her eyes ever smile a warm "Hello," JOY COMPAGNO BETTY ANN CoNNoRs Mironnn Cousms Sweet delicacy . , , the Sacred bond, All-around sport . . . quiet friendliness Seamstress supreme . . . extensive ward- her goal , , , thy peaceful abyss feapg . . . a merry twinkle in those pretty robe . . . a smile is an element in the contentment. blue eyes. formula of friendship. ..,,,,wQ5 W E "Hold that pose!" calls the photographer, and Betty Connors, Mildred Cousins, joy Campagno. jill Colomes, Mary Alice Collins, Carol Clark, and Anita Centanni willingly oblige, because they have learned, as you can see, that the result is a lovely picture. 23 SENIORS f I 5 F LO CRIFASI Gentle lady . . . to know her-is to like her . . . generous heart, willing hand. PATRICIA ANN DANIEL Lovelier than springtime . . . grace- fully poised . . . "It's a great thing to be from A.H.A." BEVERLY ANN CROWLEY Freshness and beauty . . . a lovely lady . . . footlights and applause-encore! MARY ELLEN D'ANGELO Quick to sympathize, quicker to help E CYNTHIA MARIE DENNIS Ever-ready for fun . . . discreet indi- vidualist . . . to cut it short-nice. . . . enthusiastic pixie . . . "The world belongs to the ambitious." "WS E- ls- .,,-,.L X LYN D1LLoN AIDA DOWNING JACQUELINE DROUET Measures friends by the mile . . . hap- A petal soft voice . . .beautiful dreamer A full measure of enthusiasm piness is beneficial . . . her generosity . . . "efficiency is the assurance of big unselfish heart . . .lovable is only exceeded by her beauty. success." Cynthia Dennis, Florence Crifasi, Lyn Dillon, Patricia Daniel, Beverly Crowley, Mary Ellen D'Angelo, and Jackie Drouet agree that a sunny day and Our Lacly's grotto create a pleasant atmosphere for friendly conversation. 25 MARY MARTIN DIRKSEN Charming debutant . . . eyes of be- coming shyness . . . a true friend and a woman indeed. PATRICIA EAGAN Inexhaustible energy . . . rich in good works . . . "He who sings well, prays twice." SENIORS SUE THERESA DUGAS Eyes that bespeak a zest for action never tires of doing her share dancing her delight. MARILYN DROUET Obedience merits reward . . . fashioned for fun . . . to see the world. ROSEMARY EDERER A Californian at heart . . . sincerely mission-minded . . . from her head to her feet, she's all neat. A ...W ,, W, W,,,,,,,,x, X LYNNE MARKSARITT EIFFFRT EMMA ELIZABETH FERRAND MARY Aramis Fiiiuus "BleSS6Ll lift tht' IUCClC . V - - 4 Cdffll A most unforgetable individual . . . live "A good book is the best of friends" angel . . . thy soul art as peaceful as and let live . . . riding and talking and . . . to teach is to love . . , great is sunset. dancing her pastimes. truth and mighty ahuve all things. Q 1,-H Sunny smiles and gay laughter set the pattern whenever seniors gather, as Marilyn Drouet. Sue Dugas, Pat Eagan, Rosemary Ederer, Emma Ferrand. Mary Agnes Fields, Mary Dirksen. and Lynne Eiffert gladly verify. 27 wi.. . SENIORS .gills . N rx .I JACKIE GARCIA Band of gold in sight . . . enjoyable laughter . . . convalescence may reap for thee great blessings. CAROL GOWLAND Carefree girl with love to spare . . . gift of gab . . . she is the one we call "Romance." ' ' W it ii'lli tw ELEANOR GOLDTHWAITE fl CHRISTINA GILMOUR CRoss Enchanting newcomer . . . "like a Latin melody" . . . art amplifies the character of the soul. MARTHA RITA GRAFFIA Humorous Miss Athlete . . . cordial disposition . . . "Life is Worth Living." All for love and nothing for reward . . . wears garments of gladness . . . warm hearted friendliness. 5 Q f i K. 1 i SHIERRY GUILLORY MARX' JOAN HAGEN MARX' HANDAYAN Commercial wiz . . . as free as an Fond of clothes and wears them well Hearty laughter wells from a happy ocean breeze . . . her heart is in the . . .belle of the ball . . . attractiveness heart . , . tireless, zealous worker . . . sky. awakens admiration. "service to others," her motto. ' .li If El . l Exchanging tales of the day's events are seniors jackie Garcia. joan Hagen, Christina Gilmour. Mary Hanclayan, Eleanor Golclthwaite, Martha Graffia, Sherry Guillory, and Carol Gowland, 29 KATHLEEN BARBARA HARRIGAN Kind, brave, wise . . . commanding per- sonality . . . a true Irish lassie. SENIORS r51:I,g.3,G igglww, m,:151niq5p,r sq.15r:w'.gfQ,r74':i agwggv-yw.ll5 f 5 A f iw ' 'b iiWi9Flf9yi2ii'e'fff .i3i?iil11'if L i W A he A CAROL HEBERT A loyal friend is a priceless treasure . . . serene sincerity . . . "MERCY," next stop. KATHLEEN HENDRICK High-spirited . . . table tennis queen MARY CLARE HOGAN Happy-go-lucky colleen . . . history en- she.. where there's merriment. there is GEORGIANA RITA HEIM An ardent sports fan . . . laughter. the glowing spark of her personality . . . a blueprint for future happiness. thusiast . . . "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance." "'W"'M ykkii K 1 , . , W fi ..., fi a 5 Doromss HUDULISSTON JACKIE HUERSTEL LORRAINIQ JACOB Sentimental day dreamer . . . eager for Rendition of a happy life . . . "Among Initiative . . . fashion wise . . . "Love adventure . . . instrument of tontent my Souvenirs" . . . a lovely face by is fl Many SplendoredTl1ing." and harmony. Natures own hand painted. "A smile is an outward sign instituted by Christ to Spread joy." It is obvious that jackie Huerstel. Lorraine Jacob, Dolores Huddleston, Carol Hebert, Georgiana Heim, Kathleen Harrigan, Mary Clare Hogan, and Kathleen Hendrick, typical A.H.A. students, wear smiles which bespeak full understanding of this quotation. 3I MARY MARGARET JENNY "Silence harbors courtesy" . . . future R.N .... a genuine friend. ADELAIDE KERSHENSTINE Quiet sentimentalist . . . politeness per- sonified . . . the happiness in thy heart breathes forth through thy song. SENIORS HELEN RUTH KEPPLER "Truth is the offspring of sincerity" humor and talent-a prevalent pair "Laugh and the world laughs with you." 32 MARY CLAIRE KARL Breathes none save the air of cheer . . . perpetual conversationalist . . . a charm- ing and likable chum. MARY JANE KILDAY A witty intellect . . . "Sweet and Gen- tle" . . . on the highway of success in the car of ambition. - ,..." , .tx A ,AM x We .:-... L Qskkbb Q i "', .f", i 1 i A 2 5 Maicl from virtue KAT'HERINl2 KOLITROITLIS of Athens . . . eloquent delicacies thy tiny needle . , . silence is a .lll v ELAINE LA Bunn A deep down love for "Dennis the Menace" . . . Academys jester . . . a good book may lead you into grand times. PATsY LACERVA In her knowledge. there is powerq in her wisdom, there is strength . . . un questionable logic , . . unique witticisms Xwhen personalities such as Katherine Koutroulis, Mary jane Kilday, Mary Karl. Patsy Lacerva, Helen Ruth Keppler, Elaine LaBure, Mary Margaret jenny, and Adelaide Kershenstine gather, laughter is inevitable. 33 SENIQRS X, HELEN LACY JOYCE LA GRAIZE Little Miss Industrioug , , , ginqere A willing worker . . . future collegiate friend . . . "And the greatest of these . -',A 'r . . . "all things are in common among is charity." friends." PHYLLIS LANDRY A.H.A.'s Doris Day . . . vim, vigor. and vitality . . . speech. the fuel of life. MARII.X'N MARIAN LAMARQUE Never a dull moment . . . L.S.U. bound . outspoken sincerity can never be replaced. 34 CAROLYN LEDDY Keen intellect . . . courageous perse- verance . . . "Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror." 'Q-ww . BETTY LIUZZA SANDRA MARIE LUSCY BETTY MARY MACALU50 Approaching wedding bells . . . deft "Open up your heart and let the sun Fl0Wlf15-I half-llff Cf0Wf1 flfld fll0l'Y - - - with the needle . . . "Order isHeaven's shine in" . . . soul of patience . . . graceful danscuse . . . thy patience will first law," "Dance, Ballerina. Dance." ICWHIJ UWC- Seniors Marilyn Lamarque, Betty Mucaluso, Carolyn Leddy, Sandra Luscy, Phyllis Landry, Betty Liuzza, Joyce La Graize, and Helen Lacy realize that soon they will be setting out on a new path in life and find that the best place to seek guidance is in the Chapel of Our Lady of Seven Dolors. 35 1 Fall 4 ANTOINETTE MAMERTO Ornament of a meek and quiet spirit . . . kindness reaps loyalty . . . chief supporter of Southern Bell. MARYLOU MEDLIN "Reading maketh a full life" . . . the pen is the tongue of the mind . . . future "comforter of the afflicted." SENIORS MARILYN ANN MCVILLE Poised and graceful-her ever move y . ment . . . "Lullaby of Broadway" . . . a combination of intellect, wit, and beauty. 36 IRIS ANN MARTIN Born with the gift of laughter . . . loyal Crusader . . . good deeds flourish from a generous heart. CATHERINE MARIE MEYER Alert for mirth . . . athlete at heart . . . well apt to "care for the sick." . . . ' A I K GLORIA MICHIZL CYNTHIA MONTALBANO DORIS MOORIZ Refreshing :Is the morning tlew . . . ap- Speech class comic . . . "Roll, Green Friends are easily won , . . live. laugh, preciattes poetic beauty , . . "II pretty Wfave. roll" . . . pretty potent stuff. and be happy . . . "Set your dial, keep girl is like Ll melody." in style." Wliat appears to be an Egyptian panorama is nothing more than Il practical joke played by Iris Martin, Cynthia Montalbano, Marylou Medlin, and Doris Moore. Marilyn McVille. Gloria ' 1 i M, A SENIGRS GRAcg1151,A Momufs PAT Momii. Angel of integrity . . , our I.11tin Fresh supply of fun . . . A1 sweet, t11lk1 A.lUClAl4'2lI'l sweetl1e.11't , , . tl111rmingly tive setttterbmin . . . wedding hells in gay with the t'g1stint1tion ot .1 fiesta. the l-Llflll'L'. KATHLIEIEN Nmziai, LA1i11121. Noomw Pretty h11ir surrounding .1 lovely fate Guy disposition . 1 . generous helpful- . . . Ll ready friend . . . intelligente. .1 ness , . . stnrlit stepping stone to suetcss. Wftw. 1.-v-in fineinent , . . L1 a kingdom. 'bi ', .- P' 1 i n ' Q J V 1. ' 5,521 I F' Petite' i11.1demoise CQATH15111N1s ANN NAQARIO Ile . . . an air ot re- good mind possesses eyes, golden hair, marks of il lovely lady. gm, . . s-. I 4 ft J DoT'rY NUNN CLAIRE ORTH STENIE OSTARLY Loyalty followeth truth , , , element Busy little secretary . . . ardent movie- Champion of the court . . . queen of of readiness . . . the way to be happy goer . . . "Speech is of time, silence is the f0llC1'-rink . . . lives by the Golden is to make others so. of 6tCrI'lifY." rule. Happy seniors, Dotty Nunn, Grace Morales, Laurel Noonan, Kathleen Nagel, Claire Orth, and Catherine Nacario, show their devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by placing fresh flowers on His grotto while Patsy Morel and Stenie Ostarly keep the interior clean and trim for an attractive and inspiring appearance. 39 MARY LOUISE PALAZZO Pleasing attractiveness . . . a smile on her lips . . . "Piano Roll Blues." ANTONINA THERESA Pmzzfi Miss Sweetness . . . indescribable neat- ness . . . content in her mist of tran- quility. S NIORS CAROLYN PEL1.1s1ER Spontaneous wit . . . through books she travels the realms of the earth . . . mis- chievous personality. 40 SANDRA ANN PELLANDINI Likeable pal . . . dancing feet . . . time out for fun. GEORGIA Pos'r Bright smile for everyone . . . coopera- tive spirit . . . sweet are the words of love. at B' 7 s 3 CATHERINE PUCCIO MARIE PUISSEGUR PHYI-ISS RAGUSA Imaginative . . . comedian through and Lovable helpmate . , . the ball field- The id0l Of her friends . . . "Here through . . . sports, the joy of youth. hfff PHSUFHC - - - Sf3fCHilY, 3 SOUYCQ Of Comes the bride" - - - an inquiring contentment. mind is ever sure of knowing the truth. Preparing for a party? . . . No, these are just seniors Mary Louise Palazzo, Catherine Puccio, Marie Puisseger, Carolyn Pellisier, Sandra Pellandini, Georgia Post, Phyliss Ragusa, and Antonina Piazza lending a helping hand. 4l sENloRs X ALICE MAE RAREsH1DE Gay simplicity . . . noteworthy goodness . . . silence is the orator of noble thoughts. IRMA YOLANDA REYES Typist in a superlative degree . . . "He profits most who serves best" . . . how radiantly shines this magnanimous soul. SYLVIA REUTHER W M Beauty and intelligence go hand in hand . . . frankness-pearl of priceless treasure . . . "Let's have a party." he MARGARET ANN REMSON A star in every field . . . given to genuine hospitality . . . character is the hallmark of greatness. ROSEMARY ANN RICHARD Energetic optimist . . . a most talented musician . . . a voice so soft befits none but a lady. 4 WW .r.... ,.., K . , X 42 -A .. 4 JM I -- H . i - w M . at t.,.. M ,... ., ., . . i ,, , 'l r ., . ., Lt, ,, i iii E K RUTH MARY RILEY CAROL ANN RIVIERE LENA MAE ROMANO Gaiety is her crown . , . charming little Her garden is her paradise . . . gridiron Seasoned with love and laughter . . . miss , , , her highway will bg the air. fn . . . "friendship they ask, friendship " 'tis good to be alive" . . . an amiable way, they find." miss. Refreshments, comfortable chairs, and this friendly group of seniors, Carolyn Riviere, Irma Reyes, Sylvia Reuther, Margaret Remson, Lena Mae Romano, Rosemary Richard, Ruth Riley, and Alice Mae Rareshide, provide an ideal setting for relaxation. 43 ,ff . , i i, . . 5 L it SENIORS Q M jo ANN ROUSSEL W x ,wAWWM y KATHLEEN SAEA Dimpled darling . . . winsome smile I W"L WW The reward of a thing well done is to . . . the first to welcome-the first to have done it . . . intriguing personality defend. . . . " 'Tis more blessed to give than to receive." SANDRA SCHAWARY ga ANNIE SLAVICH Holiness is happiness . . . artistically Good natufed - - - Wefllllflg bells lil inclined . . . such noble thoughts hath Q June ' ' - "The will to Win cannot be made thee great. 1 -7 beat." DIANE SCHANEVILLE Cherish thy memories . . . poised angel . . . a lady of intellect. i"'5wt,,.. W M MARGUERITE Sono DOROTHY JANE SOIGNET BARBARA SONGY In love with life . . . a finger in every A genuine friendship is incomparable As one who from a dream awakens . . . pie . . . "How far this little candle . . . "They who instruct others-shall never lets a friendship end . . . good throws its beams." shine as stars" . . . curious intellect. words cost little but mean so much. For a restful time-out, seniors Kathleen Saba, Dorothy Soignet, Sandra Schwary, Barbara Songy, jo Ann Roussel, Marguerite Sofio, Annie Slavich, and Diane Schaneville find this shady lane both satisfying and refreshing. 45 JOYCELIN STAEMPFL1 MYRA lSTEPPE Every inch a lady . . . ready, willing, Measure of friendship . . . easy come- and able . . . "The stillness of the night easy go . . . success bound on a melody. shows forth the glowing of the day." SENIORS CAROL STEWART CLERC STOKES A loyal friend to have is a masterpiece to cherish . . . zest for fun . . ."Oh what those five feet can do!" 46 Poise and etiquette go hand in hand . . . a dark beauty . . . trust-the rem- nant of a lasting friendship. -...,,..ov' 3 l wt R r S f CATHLIEIZN TAYLOR SUELLEN TENNYSON CYNTHIA TREITLER "The Littlest Angel" . . . well-groomed "She shall feed His flock" . . . a good AI l10mC' 00 the COLIN - - - swell P211 . . . a broad mind can grasp great example is worth a thousand sermons . . - "WhO humbl6S l1imSClf Shall be things. . . . "To Jesus through Mary." exalted." l 3 4 Cynthia Treitler, joycelin Staempfli. Carol Stewart, and Clerc Stokes snatch a few moments between classes for a friendly chat with fellow seniors Cathleen Taylor, Myra Steppe. and Sue Tennyson. 47 CYNTHIA WEAVER Let a smile be your umbrella . . . a light of wisdom in her eyes . . . the lady loves to dance. 1 E , N- -H-,,1wMQ-v--.f'y-'fvsvwa-1----p GEORGETTE VIELLION Full of spirit and fun . . . mathematical wiz . . . "God make me worthy of my friends." CAROLYN CATHERINE WEIXEL Hyacinth eyes and wheat yellow hair . . . a glowing delight . . . looks to a nuptial ceremony. 48 i SENIGRS , 6 E 1 Pl t fi . A piggy EM it , 1 PATSY JANE WHITE MYRNA YURATICI-I BARBARA ZIMMERMAN Rhapsody of Vogue . . . appealing Cheerful readiness to help . . . hos- Danflng brown EYES - . - 21 talent fOr frankness . . . a perfect lady. pitable disposition . . . a zealous effort mischief . . . a friend to the end. is worth the cleed. Gazing through wallets seems to provide a pleasant pastime for seniors Myrna Yuratich, Carolyn Weixel, Georgette Viellion, Patsy jane White, Cynthia Weaver, and Barbara Zimmerman, as they leisurely enjoy their recess period. 49 The leaders of Sister M. Judes senior class, Diana Boh, treasurerg Catherine Nacario, vice presidentg Patsy Baumann, presidentg Ana Brent, Student Coun- cil representative, and Maiylou Medlin. secretaryg conduct a discussion on the advantages of a motion submitted hy fellow classmates in the course of a meeting. SENIOR LE DERS MANAGE STUDENT AFFAIRS Sister M. Lua's class leaders, Kathleen Harrigan, Student Council representativeg Marjorie Boesch, presidentg joycelin Staempfli, secretaryg Roselyn Boneno, treasurerg and Sandra Luscy, vice presidentg gather on the auditorium balcony to review the order of the coming class meeting. iw W1 Sister M. Louise's class officers, Antonina Piazza. secretaryg Annie Slavich, vice presidentg jackie Gar- cia, treasure-rg Phyllis Landry. presidentg and Lynn Bianchini, Student Council representativeg in the role of efficient class leaders consult the bulletin board for news of A.H.A.'s current activities. 50 it W rx A mild winter's afternoon along with refreshments are healthy stimulants for conversation on current activities for Sister M. Martina's class officers, Diane Schaneville, Student Council representativeg jackie I-Iuerstel. secretaryg Myra Cavalier, presidentg Flo- rence Crifasi, treasurerg and Carol Clark, vice pres- ident. BSN .3 f i :fri ffffife X 4 X W ' .1-1' ' ww. -. A - 131 Sw 1' ,Sf A35 K Rf. N X1 1+ .6 M. JU .4-.N k .,..--W" "" ' W 44 Q .ic -4-n-vm. . Awami. v -Q x.v. Q , U IORS AWAIT FUTURE A fn, f '2'U SPM gwvf' Q, 1 an 'Y , wx ,Q I Mm s. i?1i,,1i1'f ,, . 1 JU ICR la, if ,.f7"'4"' 'st f gag? ' , . 5, F C- -3 - NP' r A. 4 fm 1 Reading the latest Student Council poster, Althea Wilson, Carolyn Albeanise, and Beverly Frisard find that the suggestions thereon afford many opportunities for self-improvement up - I K W .: C if K . 'MRF :lj Carolyn Albeanise Ione Al gero Beatriz Arbreu Barbara Babin Noel Baumann Yolanda Batres Sydney Gayle Block Diane Boos Sigrid Boulmay Gloria Bouquillon Carolyn Bourgeois Deanna Bradley Joy Ann Braud Eileen Brinkman Jo Ann Brousse Damian Brown Dolores Mary Brue Glenda Buras Carole Ann Burns Carolyn Clark Joan Audrey Clesi Joycelyn Cole Jeanne Craft Dianne Cucinella Beverly Ann Cullins E lm!! Kay Delcazal M f Peggy Denease jane Desroche Patsy DiBenedett0 gg5"'r f Ronnie Dewey 'S 9. ,gm uv if ' ell' ,ye . K A .1 .,,,, E . Rosalie Duplantis - a F Al VM Denise Eternocl R We 'L ' M as Genie Faust ' f e A sw-Aff ,,' ' "2-5 'V A Kathy Marie Feltmann 4 is i Virginia Fiorella Doris Fourcade Jane France Beverly Frisard Joann Garcia Yvonne Gaspard few joy Putfork, Mary Lou Rose, Sandra Ruthoske, Rosemary Vigreux, and Lynn Kern agree that for that last minute "cramming" before the big test. this quiet spot is ideal. Mwmeassaa K wr? ?""wl. as 'uv .ii wt' i 'win aww-5, 'C7' Inav' 5 I7 K . 'l W. , ii I W JU IORS 'S-1? 2 These wise juniors, Sylvia Simpson, Carolyn Seichshnaydre, Mary Ann Zeairs, and Barbara Babin, choose their custumes from the attic, for they have learned that a play on schedule demands props, make-up, and appropriate wardrobe in advance. A' "7 - I 5 Deann Gassen Althea Gelpi Yona Genard Shirley Ann Goubler Carol Gourgues Jean Graffeo Julia Grentz Anita Handayan Ena Marie Hebert Melba Elise Hemelt Elizabeth Howley Janice I-Iulin Charmaine Imbriguli Emily Justi Jo-Ann Karl Patsy Kennedy Lynn Ann Kern Mary Ellen Kieffer Joyce King Judy Koop Beverly Lambert Wilina Lambert Moya Landry Theresa Lanzetta Jane Elda Laporte Mariee Leininger Joan Lentini Gayle Main Julia Majeste Vivian Mancuso Ann Martinez Lynne Martinez Juanita Rose Matherne Ann Meier Elaine Meyer Melanie Meyer Ida Morton Madge Mura Ondina Murati Joyce N abos an . 'wld Q40 Q'-'17 J 'CTP 'MQ . if e 'ni' : Wk f 5 J i C 1.4 These tell-tale expressions denote the results of the first six weeks report cards being shown to Sister Martina by junior students Damian Brown, Kay Delcazel, Pat Ryan, Jane Desroche, and Joyce King. .IU IORS JU IORS . :P ar e I al ,nw P i"7l43'f"' A, in V ,.. . 4- .QT Qu it na' xg I ul Rfk, 95:65 I J ll 5 g, y s yst b d lv Serving God in this special way, juniors julia Mae Majeste, Marion Vallee, Theresa Lanzetta, and Gwen Petrie prepare the altar for the distribution of Holy Communion. , ,A P "err a k K 1 My A 'Sk ,gg'. . F2 1 l NN' 'Q' Barbara Navarre Barbara Patterson Gail Perret Gail Petrie Gwen Petrie Linda Pipitone Marion Portes Emily Portillo Mary Lou Powell Joy Putfark Bonita Richard Lynn Ripoll Patty Robichaux Sandra Roques Gayle Rosan Mary Lou Rose Sandra Ruthoske Patricia Ryan Marie Louise Salvaggio Sandra Sanborn Jo Ann Saucier Carolyn Seicshnaydre joan Silbernagel Sylvia Simpson Alberta Smith Carolyn Smith Barbara Ann Soprano Beverly Ann Stilley Gail Strickland Patsy Thompson Vera Tooley Marion Vallee Pat Vessier Rosemary Vigreux Haroleen Wilde Althea Wilson Judy Yates Mary Ann Zeairs Nqr' Q gn -If, w V- 'fs 41" j 'Qt H-0' , X f . 1 0 w X, 9 U-his '91 is 'Wd L on 14' 3 "Side by Side" is one of the favorites of this contented group of songsters, Pat Vessier, Sigrid Boulmay, Kathy Feltrnann, Yona Genarcl, and Joyce Nabos. .- an ,-,A u Mir 2. if Z' " '?"'!" FL M JU IDRS JUNIOR OFFICERS PLAN CLASS ACTIVITIES Alert to the rules and regulations of the Academy, Sister Mary Carmel's class offi- cers, Moya Landry, vice presidentg Mariee Leininger, presidentg Denise Eternod, Stu- dent Council representativeg Gail Strick- land, treasurerg and Beverly Stilley. secre- taryg prepare an outline from the A.H.A. rule book to be posted on their class bulle- tin board for reference. Fulfilling the duties of their offices, Sister M. Gregory's class leaders, Barbara Babin. vice presidentg Emily justi, presidentg Sylvia Simpson, Student Council representa- tiveg Judy Koop, secretaryg and Shirley Goubler, treasurerg work conscientiously to create the proper spiritual atmosphere in their homeroom through the attractive use of their bulletin board. 58 This brief interlude between classes and activities produces a rare occasion for relaxation which is appreciated by Sister M. Monica's class officers, Patsy Thompson, Student Council representativeg Elizabeth Howley, treasurerg Juanita Matherne, pres- identg jean Graffeo, secretaryg and Ione Algero. vice president. sf S SOPHOMORES ENJCY SCHQCL LIFE Q as an-...NK x 4 1: auf? L -Q-we -ir' was , I ji ga I l jutle Ahatlie Myrna Ann Ahaclie ,- 1? .fun A merry group of typical sophomores, Linda 1-lelminger. joan Perret, Doris Steppe, Madeline Staempfli. Eltla Fairthild, Ann Schroeder. Dorothy McKernan, Lois Young and Myra Vollenweider, test their speaking voices on the tape recorcler, hoping that the results will be satisfactory. Georgina Aguilar I Mary Louise Aguilera S 0 P H 0 M O R E S Carmen Alha x Q Theresa Amos Nd . TTR' af , A A - 2- - ,, . L . ,V ,.k Regina Arseneaux Arlene Loretta Ashbey Lois Baumann Y '-5' 9 X .. ,zr C C M if W , A V Carol Beatmann ,W-f L , ' 1' Carole Bergeron W A Sandra Binder i W L, M Carolyn Blanda Kathryn Bolden 1' it ,..-f ' i t .. in ,, F., f T a 'C' ' Fwgr ik, f fi M A i in " Carolyn Bonanno 4' ,F ig ,g '- 4-if 1 , AVW Rose Brady " N :,: - N ii 57:3 ' ' Marilyn Louise Braucl A ig i'i L Cynthia Brodtmann " ' E X . . Carolyn Joan Brousse 1:-.. 523' Brendan Brown Carol Burling Francesca Burmaster Agnes Cabibi Carolyn Caller Helen Ann Carnet Consuelo Carson Cynthia Castanedo Astrid Chauvin Myrna Cicero Alice Coig Diana Collura joel Condon Elenora Ann Crefasi Pauline Cusimano Diane Delaney joan Deutschman Lorraine Dicharry Diane Di iovanni 8 Patricia Ann di Benedetto ' I Claire Drewes Julie Du BOS Judy Dugas Phyllis Ann Dunham Evelynn Durand SOPHO ORES Roe-:Mar Earn Realizing that the chapel is an integral part of student life at Holy Angels, sophomores Cynthia Brodtman, Betty Ponseti, Carolyn Blanda, Carole Bergeron, and Marilyn Fabre, prepare themselves to visit Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. ww' T? 'give 1' W 9 ta, 'i E et' ,, J JP 'HSV Marilyn Fahre Elda Fairchild 4--, Q- 'vw .,,. J Virginia 2 ' Faust Ermilee Fisher qw I 'Q fi 450.5 in '-OUP fury' Bright and early. these cheerful sophs, Yvonne Fulham, Dorothy McKernan, Jeannie Kenney, Brenclan Brown, and Darlene Lala, arrive at A.H.A. prepared for another clay of studies and activities. Janet Fleuriet Yvonne Fulham SOPHOMORES 7 1' xy if V W, it J Q W E wg. .W ram ' Vg V .a-PQ?" ' TFT' Mtifg, ' 'mf' X . at ol' - ,,.-my--.V . Win. 'QP' ' ,N L , ,. . 7 ' ' f t. U s F ,, I I I . ,V.V'ii. af :vi I iff: . E F ' ,iii F ,, 4 Sandra Fust Louella Garcia Gwen Gasperecz Gail Gelpi Patricia Gillen Lynn Gillette Judy Gomila Linda Gowland Lois Gremillion Ruth Guarisco Rosalie Handayan Linda Ann Helminger Lynne Ann Herrmann Mary Hinckley Margaret Hooe Barbara Rita Hotarcl Gayle Ingolia Sharon Jacob Gloria Jeansonne Yvonne Keller Jeannie Kenney Patty Lachin Ann Lala Darlene Lala Patricia Ann Lamare Martha Lang Linda Leddy jean Leddy Anna Claire Ledet Heloise Le Grand Dianne Leininger Barbara Le Maire Yolanda Leon Helen Levata Grace Leveque Carolyn Luscy Lynn Main Linda Ann Marino Elizabeth Matulich Dottie McKernan E at M. tr E Q K ,rfx 4"5sf cs ,v A 4- ..., " 'l" r 's ' y sg. R Ya ,r.: . ,.v, Z llvl Q i .V ,xx . I it 'ia Z Nr-.ww 'WS' r"'7 Gail Michel X Fir S O P H OM O R E S Magi Mlm, After a busy morning in class, these ever-hungry sophs, Linda Russell, Cynthia Castanedo, Gay Williams, julie DuBos, Janet Vath, and Pat Polito, gather around the lunch counter to satisfy their healthy appetites. l l 5 C ,.', A5 Aline Monjure Claudia Mumphrey 4 J Q 4 Mary Ann ' Nevle K . dui! y if ef V: K W7 V. 'S' KV E 4 y 9 M W- 1 . z. ,fm 'lk E: lfgv- KWVXMMZQA I . ,,: .VN t , ex , ,.kf fy, 'Y ,.-sl!"""" Practicing the motto "Be Prepared," these sophomores. Phyllis Dunham, Maureen Miramon, Regina Arseneaux, Gwen Gasperecz, Ruth Guarisco. jackie Schroeder, and Gail Gelpi, purchase the stationery supplies which they will need for their classes throughout the day. ililiiihgfil SQPHQMORES DiAnn Elizabeth Osterhold Barbara Oubre Jeanne Marie Payelle Joan Perret ' Pat Polito ':: if"'N-e . , .A a t - - mar A A A fg ,iv ' ,d awg M' Betty Ponseti Priscilla Prejean Brenda Quinn Barbara Randazzo s 4 I Anita Polson A 'F Q' Kathleen Reugger jane Mercer Reynolds Linda Reynolds Marie Richard Rita Rideau i Q y tri, june Ann Rolfes Q g '33 lg L Judy Roquevert , it - 4 V Carolyn Rousset 9 Sandra joan Roux ""' ' Sydney Roux L , J A Linda Russell Rosalind Salathe Diane Sanders Adele Scardino -4' asp.. Sue Schlam p Ann Schroeder Jacqueline Schroeder Sandra Smythe Madeline Staempfli Doris Ann Steppe Mary Terrell Joann Terrenova j Deane Tumminello :iiie i ' janet Vath zl, j A - Rhoda Viellion Myra Vollenweider Kathryn Von Aspern Mary Ann White Carolyn Wigginton Gay Williams 4 . ",,..' we Qi SOPHQMQRES giigieyggi Witlm the announcement of an unexpected meeting, the telephone becomes a useful device h B lden as sophomores Sydney Roux, Lynn Main, Rose Brady, Mary Terrell, and Kat ryn 0 hurry to call home for that needed last-minute permission. v wr -,vw 'f"""PP V7 ,fix-:V Q ' ' 'mel I My p , -ii' .. ,A Ni' 5 son ,R Lois mv- Young 1 ' ..-ef all X W Sister M. Teresita's class leaders, Gloria Jeansonne, treasurerg Carolyn Rousset, vice presidentg Janie Reynolds, secretaryg Martha Lang, Student Council representativeg and Barbara Oubre, presidentg show a definite interest in the appearance of their class- room. They are well aware that "Order is heaven's first law." SCPHOMORES DISPLAY CLASS LEADERSHIP Admiring the beautiful new statue, of St. Catherine of Siena, patron saint of their teacher, Sister Cath- erine of Siena, these leaders, Myrna Cicero, treas- urerg Mary Ann White, secretaryg Judy Gomila. presidentg Rhoda Viellion, Student Council repre- sentativeg and Brendan Brown, vice presidentg try to decide where the ideal place of honor will be for Sister's new gift. Having decided on the social activity to be given in honor of the seniors, the officers of Miss I.ydia's class, Rosemary Eagan, presidentg Joel Condon, sec- retaryg Lois Gremillion, Student Council representa- tiveg Mary Aguilera, vice presidentg and Helen Camet, treasurerg make plans for the forthcoming Sophomore-Senior Breakfast. 66 Checking the items donated by the sophomore stu- dents for the school card party are Mrs. Gipson's class officers, Gay Williams, treasurerg Joann Terre- nova, secretaryg Julie DuBos, presidentg Pat Polito, Student Council representativeg Cynthia Castanedo, vice presidentg and Kathleen Reugger. N S 19' 4 FRESHMEN CAPTURE SPIRIT S ,2 wg ge i iQk'?ii2'ia.S xw il, 'F S K Q.. g X SEE ES FRESHME fi Simone Abadie if ,., . is K.. Judging by the smiling faces, the subject that holds the attention of Pat Biggio, Mary Beth Wfebre, Connie Marquer, Betty Wessel, and Pauline Smith of Sister Hilary's class -- - must be very amusing. Q . f? ,Ag 5 Gayle Achee S Becky Ahlers - ec i . . . . w a , K 'E" K J! I S WW Kind? ,fa Hit . :j Z 4 C ,,, ' 'W' 22. 1---nv' I kxwj V www' ff ittt - A if Y.. t,,A. A Q A , C-4' 4 fliaf, wr aww.-.,J .Wa YU-""!V -ville K i, ff Nw! 'Nerf i K il, , '45 , ticisii eiie S B .y cc C J K A li 1 A. 1. Gayle Bachemin Maria Lourdes Balladares Brenda Bergeron Olive Besnard Pat Biggio June Blanchard Thais Blasini Julie Anne Bond Bonnie Buisson Bonnie Burns Gayle Ann Burns Lynn Burvant Nina Cahiran Emily Elizabeth Carson Rosalind Caruso Joan Ann Cascio Kathy Cazaubon Katherine Chanvoe Karen Anne Chapman Diane Clarke Virginia Craft Laura Crane ,twin 41110 'ilu Carol Corso -r ,,m saw, ,,,, si 4-M-vp any :A l K as Cheryl Ann Darby Yvonne Delort Patsy Deneve Mary Ann Di Carlo Barbara Dietrich Joan DiGiovanni Stephanie Diodene Jacqueline Donaford joy Duhon Jacquelyn Eckels Elaine Elstrott Sonja Faulkner Jocelyn Fazzio Sylvia Figueroa Milda Anne Finney Velma Fleirchmann Isabel Florentino F tt 0 -vw 'qui ,xww KJ -h , ' Q ii QQ -, H'-' - - I it C " i 'ls F fl ,A Eyes aaiQ-i V' pu jackie Gambino Frances Garcia Getting into the A.H.A. spirit early are these enthusiastic freshmen, Pat Monteleon, Pat Matherne, Lincla Rouyer, Judith Gerchow, who are purchasing their Holy Angels stickers, bookcovers, and pennants from Julie Bond and Karen Chapman. xg., , L5 . ' QQ 'Vx- Judith N, H Gerchow Tj' Q I KJ FRESHME FRESHME 6 Bernadette Gerrets V. A -an ki E- K, ' l Our newest students seem to find gardening an enjoyable pastime. Milda Finney. Gwen Thomas, Sidonia Neel, and Vivian Meyer take pride in doing their part to improve the general appearance of their school. Edith Goldthwaite , . ' Judy Goodwyne ,f 1 - 2? if X A iv-al A an 2 i f ,..'Tf.,, , rim-"' W N 2 ,...i,: V ,, X., lg iii'i 'fi 2 Klliigfxji :V l .. l iii K' . V . V- ' I i f I :V :ig hi , , - 5? f-wx V K ,W ,t,, .Wg S 4 V , -. ttie Q gl xi W B K J Q 1 l LLL' 1 l i 'W' 'V , . Q .-,: t ,fi i"fw-- r i 'X L1 Q Wf" we M , ,K 7,' ,,, X Z- xt an i i yt 1 l V 6 .J may fi'- A tif., Chryl Graham Barbara Anne Gravois Diane Griffin Pat Gruy Dianne Hafkesbring Judy Heisler Elizabeth Ann Hoehn Judy Lynn Hooper Rita Imbrigulio Kathleen Karl Anna Kattengell Mary Virginia Keppler Carol Kilday Patricia Kramer Brenda La Cour Brenda Lagarde Claudia Langwith Betty Le Blanc Sandra Long Jo-Ann Lotz Carol Lukei Anna jean Macaluso Carol Macaluso joan Majeste Connie Marquer Carol Ann Martinez Lois Martinez Pat Matherne Carolyn Matthews Maureen jo Mattox Lynda Mayer Diane Merse Myra Methe Madeline Meyer Vivian Ann Meyer Carol Milazzo jar1etMistrot Pat Monteleone Virginia Morales Gail Patricia Murla iffisf f if sv will re -fl, pf vi' ew?- ,aw-1 il we ' 'a-,M-wr 'ff r ei ,L .f sa' 'fl yi 1 I ,ta i ,M ., 1 .ra assi M ' ,lr -11 1-wg, Linda Musmeci Sonja Navarre The side gate seems to be a favorite meeting place for these freshmen. The happy expressions of Kathy Cazaubon, Gayle Bachemin. Carol Macaluso, Pat Saunders, and Brenda La Cour remind us that school times are happy times. -yea.-v A is f ,l .T'ffVi 'iii Sidonia lil r. Neel L - -,' ' FRESHME FRESHME Caelia Nolan Bernardette Nowak Nancy Nuehel U fx l as is 3-tang' .4- Qf W5 14 , 2 . vi- 3 s S K. f t ,lit T, as S , M g , y tw, t, 'A S . k - ak V "' :J .1'il'- W, W ' -W .-f-f 'LL. V 'L tt' 2 "" Y' Q W Wi . . W M Y ' zw v- w A 1 A 2 'W' i wr .Q 'W' 'fr , 5 W ne w 1 ' 'rf' . L" .,', 'leur' Q' . V , ff1 ft 1 X l A .1 t fy' if as 64' wi' Work can be fun, as you can see from the faces of these industrious freshies, Myra Methe, Gretchen Rolufs. Gail Sirgo, and Lynda Mayer. Realizing that "cleanliness is next to Godliness," they try to keep their classroom neat and attractive. Dorothy Nunez Yvonne Marie Ordogne Sonia Perez Mercedes Pons Prissy Prinz Janice Quick Suzanne Rapier julie Ricca Judy Riette Patty Roberson joycelyn Roberts Gretchen Rolufs Betty Ronquillo Mary Claire Roussel Linda Rouyer Susan San Salvador Zenobia Salvaggio Sandra Satcher Pat Saunders Rita Schaeffer joan Schmitt Pauline Sehena Gail Sirgo Leanne Smith Pauline Smith Tanya Steinwinder Gwen Thomas Connie Tomasso Paula Tomatis Linda Traina Lynn Tumminello Maria lsahel Ustariz Connie Valle Catherine Vicari Sylvia Ann Villere Ellary Wagoner Mary Beth Webre Dolores Welker Betty Wessel Marlene White ,Pvt ,, 'J "" ,A WF: """'R-A if . M W i we .4-s., POW ' 'ws- ,Q LF' l - ti 5 'f""'!!r it QJ:QJ mi 'nv 'NN-'ff Q"'V""'5 i"""-w Starry-eyed freshies, Bonnie Burns, Rosalind Caruso, and Lynn Burvant, proudly admire a nevuly acquired trophy. They are looking forward to an increase within their next three years at A.H.A. 0-J' we Judy yvui Beverly Anne Yokum , J' 'yn' A xy ,L at ! K FRESHME Sister M. Mark's class officers, Simone Abadie, presidentg Brenda Lagarde, treasurerg Anna Kattengell, vice pres- identg and Carol Matthews, secretaryg take note of the account of a detailed project to be presented at the next class meeting by Student Council repre- sentative, Pat Gruy. FRESHMEN DIRECT HOMEROOM BUSINESS Placing their gym suits in order, Sister M. Ignatius's officers, Judy Goodwyne, vice presidentg Linda Mus- meci, presidentg Paula Tomatis, secretaryg Susan San Salvador, Student Council representativeg and Made- line Meyer, treasurerg agree that keeping a tidy classroom is a favorable reflection on their home training. Supporting the new Student Council project, Sister Hilary's officers, jackie Eckels, vice presidentg Patty Roberson, Student Council representativeg Prissy Prinz, secretaryg Carol Lukei, presidentg and Barbara Dietrich, treasurerg serve as good examples to their fellow classmates by emptying the bottle containers from the front yard. 74 CELESTIAL PATRQNS O HELP US TO SEEK GOD THROUGH OUR O, GENTLE CHERUBIM, we ask thy loving re. Hover over us that our minds may be infused with truth and wisdom, as we study of KNOWLEDGE throughout the dayg for thou art the angels I ' f V., : f' 1 K , ,fl 5 I 'wif' J' Q ff fi Egg 5354 .. , , X fx' 9 1 S 1 as 'Wu X! f -un-fem .5 J STUDIES Xf ,,fjj:"'..:f STUDENTS PREPARE FOR GOD A D COUNTRY RELIGION STUDY EQUIPS FOR DEFENSE OF FAITH . . . "To go forward and profess our Faith," explains Sister M. Hilary, "is the duty of every Catholic youth today." And to fulfill this obligation, as Sister outlines on the board, we must observe the commandments of God and the precepts of His Church. In the face of modernism, A.H.A,'s student, equipped with this learning and a united Catholic Action, prepares to meet and conquer the threats which seek to destroy the morals and principles on which our Faith is built. RELIGION STUDENTS CONTEST THEORY OF EVOLUTION . . . Touching on the deep study of. evolution, seniors Marjorie Boesch, Roselyn Boneno, Jessie Mae Ber- geron. and Suellen Tennyson, inevitably en- counter difficulties in understanding this complex. theory. Father Gervase, senior religion instructor, satisfactorily provides the answers to their doubts and question on the "Epics of Man." CIVICS CLASS STRENGTHENS PATRIOTISM . . . After learning the proper procedure of elevating the American flag, these freshmen civics students prepare to raise Old Glory to its heights. With the knowledge of their government, its laws, their own rights and liberties, which the flag represents, strong foundations are being built in these students to become better citizens and leaders of tomorrow. 76 MATH BRANCHES STIMULATE ME TAL ALGEBRA STUDENTS SOLVE COMPLEX PROBLEMS . . . Second year algebra presents some very complex problems. Senior Katherine Koutroulis discovers this. but with the clear explanation given by Sister M, jude. she finds her mistakeg and solving the equation becomes comparatively easy, As a progressive study. algebra tends to quicken the activity of the mind, and the student may draw from it the invaluable lesson of profiting by her mistakes. ww. sir from . BUSINESS MATH FACILITATES OFFICE WORK . . . Finding the "percentage cost" in this "business mathematics" problem entails a detailed process of figuring. junior Beverly Lambert con- centrates carefully on her problem as her in- structor. Sister M. Monica. checks student work. The stud of mathematics produces a mental Y agility in the student which well qualifies her for an able position in the business world. 77 9 as ACTI ITY GEOMETRY PROBLETNIS TEST REASUNlNCi POXWER . . . NX"ith the able direction of Sister M. Lua, these junior geometry students soon discover that bisecting an angle does not require a special talent as they had previously supposed. Geometry. as all forms of mathematics. is con- ducive to forming an alert mind with clear and logical reasoning. is., I I x. . 3 SDCIAL STUDIES DE ELDP BETTER AMERICAN HISTORY AROUSES INTEREST IN WORLD AFFAIRS . . . Myra Cavalier. under the direction of Sister M. Martina, conducts an open-floor discussion with her senior class- mates on current events. The study of world affairs not only stimulates the interest of the student. but also broadens her knowledge of world activities. This combination of current events and American History provides a valuable and enjoyable period. U DERSTA DI G MODERN HISTORY UNFOLDS EARLY EX- PLORATIONS . . . Pointing out the route by which early explorers traveled to their discoveries. Sister M. Teresita explains to her history students. Rosemary Eagan and joel Condon. that these explorations led to the discovering of our own American continent. Throughout the pages of Modern History. the student learns of the hard- ships and trials on which this country was built. thus acquiring a better appreciation of her Ameri- .. '.2'-view"-' 2.,f . t .' . " 3 is 1 . 2 ' ' 2 A ?!' ' ' I-ww 'V can heritage. DEBATE PROMOTES QUICK THINKING AND EFFECTIVE SPEAKING . . . Constructive 'Eriticism offered by Sister M. Catherine of Siena to her students, following their first debate. is welcomed by sophomores Ann Schroeder. Elda Fairchild. Anna Englert. and Yvonne Keller. They have learned through experience that self- improvement. aided by the helpful advice of others. is essential in the making of a skillful and effective speaker. 78 HA wiiibsmrsn COMMERCIAL CLASSES PREPARE FOR TYPING STUDENTS RECORD SPEED AND ACCURACY . . . A time chart and a clock are an inseparable pair for these student typists. Rosalie Duplantis, joan Silbernagel, and Barbara Babin follow the chart as Miss La France explains how they must record their accuracies and speed. Mary Ann Zears, julia Mae Majeste, and Marion Vallee examine the mechanics of the time clock. 495211 Rl! TB! ES OFFICE WORKERS LEARN BY DOING . . . With the interest and patience required, and the determination to become good business wom- en, these commercial students of Sister M. Louise's office practice class stand soundly by their motto that "practice makes perfect." 79 BUSINESS WORLD fi BOOKKEEPERS WORK PRACTICE SETS . . . Throughout their first term. these senior book- keeping students learned the principles of account- ing with the aid of journals and ledgers, The effects of this method are presented in the stu- dents' semester projects-compiling their own set of books-which are being checl-:ed by Sister M. Gregory for correct content. x LA GUAGE STUDY ENCOLIRAGES awp aa n Mi ,gtk S I hm' S 7 r ' '7" :., 1 fifigtfft ' 3 1-if 'Q FRENCH STUDENTS TRANSLATE MENU . . . With a smile of satisfaction, Sister M. Mark regards two of her sophomore French students, Carolyn Rousset and Kathryn Von Aspern, as they prove that their language study is of daily use to many New Orleanians. The girls are trans- lating a French menu of one of the city's leading restaurants. UNIVERSAL QUTLOCK LATIN CLASS PROMOTES APPRECIATION OF CHURCH LANGUAGE . . . Sister M. Igna- tius looks on approvingly as one of her Latin II students, translates the "Our Father." The stu- dents, realizing the beauty of the Latin language and the importance of its universal use in Church liturgy, look forward to the day when they may freely know and understand it. SPANISH "ACTRESSES" REHEARSE ON STAGE . . . Second year Spanish students, Rita Rideau, Sandra Smythe, Patsy Gillen, Carolyn Caller, and Brenda Quinn, prepare for their play, "An Old Mexican Custom," as their teacher, Miss Edwards, observes that her students seem quite interested and absorbed in this diverse method of learning. 80 LITERATURE CLASS INTERPRETS MACBETH . . . Enacting a scene from the great Shakespear- ian tragedy, Mavbelh, Anita Centanni portrays the over-ambitious Macbethg Mary Ellen D'An- gelo, Mary Clare Hogan and Myra Steppe play the roles of the three clever witches who. en- couraging his vicious ,plots to gain power, deceiv- ingly convince Macbeth of his immortality. Through the pages of English literature, the students become familiar with the poetry. essays. eulogies, and short stories of such renowned writers as Poe, Kipling, Longfellow, and the immortal Shakespeare. ENGLISH PROVIDES COMMUNICATION TOOLS . , . Under the careful supervision of Miss Edwards, these freshmen students review their elementary English grammar. They learn that a stable foundation in the rules and correct usages of English is not only useful in daily conversation, but also is an absolute necessity for higher and advanced education. 8I E GLISH COURSES IMPROVE SELF-E PRESSIO WW as LIBRARY SUPPLIES USEFUL INFORMATION . . . As these studious juniors do research on their assignment, they find that the card file is an indispensable aid for finding information in the school library. The A.H.A. library, as they have discovered, is equipped with an inter- esting variety of books, ranging from fact to fiction. SCIENCE STUDENTS LEAR THROUGH GENERAL SCIENCE UNCOVERS MYSTER- IES . . . "The principle of the telephone is very simple," explains Mrs. Gipson to these sophomore science students, Pat di Benedetto, Consuelo Carson. and Carolyn Wiggintcvn. The girls agree that their science class is a welcomed chance to uncover the mysteries that surround their daily lives. EXPERIME TATIO CHEMISTRY STUDENTS PERFORM EXPERI- MENTS . . . Eager to learn of the mysteries of nature, these chemistry students, Patsy jane White. Moya Landry, Pat Eagan and Mary Agnes Fields, carefully prepare a chemical experiment, under Sister M. Jude's supervision and watch the knowl- edge of the elements unfold before them. HOME NURSING DEMONSTRATES COR- RECT PROCEDURE . . . One of the most prac- tical courses offered to senior students is that of Home Nursing. As future housewives and homemakers, Anna Bailey, jill Colomes, jackie Bergeron, Catherine Meyer. and Betty Macaluso learn under the direction of Sister Mary Carmel the importance of the techniques to be applied in properly making a sick bed. They also receive instruction in the performance of other similar household duties. 82 CELESTIAL PATRONS HELP us TO FOLLOW G-on THROUGH ouR GRC-EANIZATIONS NOBLE DOMINATIONS, Gods messengers of love, our prayer radiates the heavens as we petition you. Relying on your direction, we carry out the duties of our organizations, for th art the angels of SOVEREIGNTY . . . ,ff"Q"":'..2ff' K wil? L 7 i B su n X QQ ii'-'A 45 , . ,Vg STUDENT COUNCIL FGSTERS COOPERATIO The Student Council provides a me- President Gaynell Bordes installs Pat Daniel into the vice presidency by accepting her oath of office and passing on the flame of her candle, symbolic of the power of reason and authority which should reign in every I'l1Cfll- ber of the Student Council. dium through which student opinions may be voiced. Through its varied ac- tivities, the Council strives toward a better understanding of student problems and their solutions. The newly inaugurated administration of the Holy Angels Chapter in the National Association of Student Councils ars: Pat Daniel, vice presidentg Gaynell Bordes, pres- identg Juanita Matherne, secretaryg and Mar- guerite Sofio, parliamentarian. The Student Council at Holy Angels has proven its value many times this year. On one of those occasions, Council members gave short speeches on recreation, health, co-operation, self-im- provement. and citizenship, which are the objectives of every member of this student associa- tion. 84 Student Council president. Gaynell Bordes. pre- sents Kathleen Saba with the initial "Outstanding Student" award, The award was given on the basis of dependability and helpfulness on the campus. Kathleen was also given the privilege of wearing the official badge, which made her an honorary member of the Student Council. As Student Council president. Gay- nell Bordes, recognizes Patsy Thomp- son's suggestion for the "Outstand- ing Student of the Month." secre- tary Juanita Matherne writes the name of the nominee on the board. A student is chosen for this honor on the basis of what she has done for the betterment of the Academy. 85 Wliilc ptcpiiing dccoritions for Silxci Holiday. thc most outstand ing social event of the school year, Council members Carol Lukei and Rhoda Viellion prove themselves willing assistants, Student Council president and vice president, Ciaynell Bordes and Pat Daniel, are more than glad to have such enthusiastic volunteers. SODALISTS IMITATE OUR LADY S Georgette Viellion, Sodality councillor. occupies herself with Sodality work hy distributing to homeroom representatives Rosemary Richard, Grace Leveque, Patty Lachin, and Marilyn Drouet, the Sodalists daily exercise book and character cards. These two objects serve as a means for progress in following the Sodality Wfay of Life. 86 . G is 'KE r ,wtf The Sodality of Our Lady is a way of life in which the Sodalists aim to gain for themselves the greatest possible holiness and to extend their in- fluence for the spiritual good of their neighbors. Sodality prefect Suellen Tennyson submits to Sister M. Lua, moderator, the latest edition of the Qll?6IZ'.f llvnrk for a comparative report on the progress of our own Sodality. Officers, Marjorie Boesch, treasurerg Jessie Mae Bergeron, secretalyg Ana Brent, first vice prefectg and Conola Blazio, second vice prefectg prepare to offer their suggestions for future activities and improvements of their organization. Sodality councillors Sandra Luscy, Marguerite Sofio, Pat Daniel, Mary Handayan, Kathleen Harri- vx 5 gan, Roselyn Boneno, and Patsy ix f jane Wliite give their attention ,f-ws, to judging the poster, essay, and A' poetry contests on Catholic Press fs . K 5 'X . Month. This was the Sodality project for the month of Feb- runry. 10 AY OF LIFE "I will pray, I will love, I will honor," intones Rosemary Richard, as she prays to Our Blessed Lady, so beautifully portrayed by Ana Brent. These are a few words taken from the pageant presented by the Sodality on the Feast of the Holy Rosary, which encouraged A.H.A. students to pray the rosary daily. Before establishing the new unit system in the Sodality, officers Margie Boesch, Suellen Tennyson. Jessie Mae Bergeron, and Conola Blazio consult Father Hatrel, S. J., director of Union of High School Sodalities, for advice in adopting this new system. In unity of prayer before Our I.ady's grotto, the student body gathers to form the impressive living rosary and mingle their prayers and intentions to offer them to our Lady for blessings on the school year. vi, "Only the spirit of giving" could have placed such truly happy smiles on the faces of these Sodalists. Each year, the Sodality sponsors a food drive in which it distributes one hundred food boxes to the poor on Thanksgiving eve. 87 CRLI ADER PRAY, TLIDY, SACRIFICE FOR As the Holy Angels Glee Club sings in the back- ground, C.S.M.C. president, Conola Blazio, pre- sents Sister M. Leo, M.S.C., former student and teacher at A.H.A. a gift of money for furthering work in Our Lady of Mercy's leprosarium in Pakistan. MISSIQNS "The World for the Sacred Heartu is the objective of every member of the Catholic Students Mission Crusade. The CSMC tends to stimulate missionary zeal and encourages participation in missionary work. Under the capable guidance of Sister M. jude, M.S.C., moderator, C.S.M.C. officers, Patricia Daniel, corresponding secretaryg Iris Martin, recording secretary, Conola Blazio, presidentg Marguerite Sofio, vice presidentg and Sandra Luscy, treasurerg feel confident that their program of activities for the year will thrive in harmony and success. Words of appreciation were extended to Sylvia Simpson, first place winner of the essay contest on Saint Theresa, joan Majeste and Judy Gomila, poster winners, by C.S.M.C. president Conola Blazio. The party presented in honor of St. Theresa of the Little Flower gave the students an opportunity to show their appreciation for the Saint of the Little Way. 'S sf' . If 1. H l fm. As a part of the C.S.M.C. this year, the Crusaders were asked to join the League of the Sacred Heart. While C.S.M.C. repref sentative Eleanor Goldthwaite turns in the names of her class- mates to Anna Englert, Rosalie Handayan and Irma Reyes ohtain Sacred Heart leaflets of the month for their classmates. Distributing the prizes for the sale of the Holy C,S.M.C. representatives Brenda Lagarde and Gayle Ingolia express a feeling of accomplishment in "Putting Christ into Advent." as julia Majeste demonstrates the lighting of the Advent wreath, Also on display a1'e the containers for gold, frankinscense, and myrrh, whith represent our offerings of money, prayers, and sarrifices to the Holy Father. 5' su.. 15.5 y A , ,y,ri Showing signs of gladness, freshmen Stephanie Diovadine and sophomore Gayle Ingolia are complimented hy Mary Ellen D'Angelo on heing the representatives of the Outstanding Mission Classes of the month. Participation in every C.S.M,C, project bestows this title upon a class as the top C.S.M,C. unit of the school. Childhood seals, Iris Martin congratulates YQ.. C.S.M.C. representatives DiAnn Osterhold, Patsy jane Wliite, Barbara Babin, and Heloise LeGrand for their devoted work. Through the efforts of these energetic leaders, the mission project was a Success. MP N- 5, ai:-. -::., - ,,,t - M, is LUMEN CHAPTER SALUTES TCP STUDENTS s 5 S QQ C vg T -J-"W 1, xt . Senior members of the Lumen Chapter, Mary Handayan, Sandra Luscy, Beverly Crowley, Margie Boesch, Pat Daniel. Jessie Mae Bergeron, Conola Blazio, Marguerite Sofio. Roselyn Boneno, Gay- nell Bordes, Diane Schaneville, Joycelyn Staempfli. Kathleen Nagel, Suellen Tennyson. Pat Baumann. Marilyn McVille, and Patsy Jane Wliite, show signs of happiness after receiving the new members at an exciting meeting, The Lumen Chapter of the National Honor Society is composed of students who possess the qualities of character, scholar- ship, leadership, and service, and who have been approved by the faculty. Since it is the highest honor a secondary school stu- dent may receive, the desire for membership has greatly increased at A.H.A. The officers of the Lumen Chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society, Jessie Mae Bergeron, pres- identg Patsy Baumann. vice presidentg Margie Boesch. secretaryg and Beverly Crowley. treasurerg admire the new Honor Scroll containing the names of the girls who received an "A" average and "A" in conduct for the first six weeks, The thrill of being accepted into the Honor Society brings smiles to the faces of the newly elected, Helen Lacy, Althea Gelpi, Peggy Denease, Cath- erine Nacario, Marion Portes, Vivian Mancuso, JoAnn Karl, Marie Cata- lanotto, Julia Mae Majeste, Joyce Cole. Patsy Kennedy, Janice Hulin, Juanita Matherne. Mary Jane Kilday, Joan Clesi, Stenie Ostarly, Pat Lacerva, and Helen Ruth Keppler. Other students elected are Sylvia Simpson and Kath- leen Harrigan. These girls were offi- cially inducted at a formal ceremony in March. 90 Juanita Matherne has proved her scholastic capa' bilities by rating consistently among the top honor students of Holy Angels. Her attainment of a 98.8 average enabled her to become the leading honor student for the first semester. During one of the recent "Straight A" parties First honor students of each class re- ceiving blue ribbons are: Carol Corso, Linda Musmeci, Rhoda Viellion, joan Majeste, Vivian Mancuso, Juanita Math- erne, Dorothy Soignet, Sherry Guillory, and Margie Boesch. They have the privilege of wearing their "first honor" ribbons as long as they maintain the highest average in their respective classrooms. sponsored by the Honor Society, TV came to A.H.A. and saluted those girls who had main- tained all A's for that six weeks. The perform- ance by the "Tiny Teens" provided a good sub- ject for our visiting cameraman. Smiles of pride are rewards for honor and that is the prize merited by each of these outstanding girls. The Honor Society sponsors a party for the straight "A" students of each six weeks period Refreshments, entertainment, and appro priate awards are furnished at the cele bration held in the school auditorium during the noon lunch hour. 9l GLEE CLUB STAGES The Glee Club organization affords its members an opportunity to sing and to appreciate good music through the presentation of sung Masses and annual concerts. Consulting Sister M. Monica for last minute instructions, soloists Patricia Eagan, Catherine Nacario, and Mary Hanclayan agree quite confidently with G-lee Club president, joycelin Staempfli, that the tra- ditional Christmas Messiah will be an even greater success than those of previous years. On the feast of St. Cecilia, members of the Academy Glee Club gathered in the chapel to honor their patron saint. They began the celebration of the day by participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. singing the beautiful liturgy of the Church in Gregorian chant. Giving an inspiring ser- mon, Father Gervase, O.F,M., left in the minds of the girls the enlightening thought that. "He who sings well prays twice," V- X .lt Amidst laughter, song and tears, the Glee Club members gathered together to present their Christmas gift to Sister M. Monica, as a token of their appre- ciation for her constant efforts spent in bringing another successful Christmas concert to A.H.A, 92 HRISTMAS CONCERT Glee Club moderator, Sister M. Monica, and director, Father Robert M. Stahl, S. M., confer about the songs to be used in the program for the Spring Concert. Their capable leadership is one of the main fac- tors that has led the Glee Club to become such a great success. All eyes focus on Father Stahl as he conducts the Glee Club through one of the songs to be presented in the Spring Concert. Although these prac- tices are held in an informal manner, Father Stahl conscientiously guides the girls in correcting many of their errors and in perfecting their selections. 93 In preparation for the approaching concert. these Glee Club members, Marie Catalanotto and Helen Ruth Keppler, generously give their time and efforts in distributing the cloaks to be worn for the occasion. STUDE TS CULTI ATE MUSIC ABILITY Music teacher, Sister M. Bartholomew, takes pride in dis- playing the trophies of Roselyn Boneno. music student of eleven years. Roselyn has merited these awards as a result of her application and achievement in the study of piano. Membership in the Music Club is open to all who wish to develop musical talent and an appreciation of the music arts. Outstanding music students com- pete in the State Music Festival held at Baton Rouge. Awards are presented to deserving members at the Annual Spring Recital. Discussing the latest issue of the Nrzzinmzl Calbnlic Music illagazine are the officers of the Music Club, Roselyn Boneno, president, Consuelo Carson, secretaryg Yvonne Kel- ler, reporter, and Pat Lacerva, vice president. These girls fully agree that this is one way to increase music apprecia- tion. and Yvonne Keller, Superior. The respective ratings of the girls numbered among this cast of musicians which represented Holy Angels in the annual State Music Festival, are Lynne Hermann, Superiorg Barbara Hotard Superiorg Rose Brady, Very Goodg joan Clesi, Very Good, Pat Lacerva, Excel lentg Lynne Main, Very Goodg Carolyn Bourgeois, Excellent, Milda Finney Superiorg Ellery Wagoner, Superior Presenting every opportunity to develop the musical talents of the students, the Music Club offers ri special vocal Course for those who wish to major in that respective field. joan Clesi agrees that her voice lessons have developed her talent. U1 "Practice is the essential element toward any actomplishb ment." This is a fact understood fully hy sophomore music student Margaret Hooe. as she testifies through her daily practice on the chapel organ during her free time. The pleased expression of fellow organist Yvonne Keller verifies that Margarefs efforts are not only fruitful but enjoyable and inspiring as well. 9 z i ,, 3 2 The brass instruments have gained the interest of several students, and among them, sophomore Lynn Main. through diligent practice, holds top honors with her trumpet. Q K Milda Finney shows that it was only through long hours of practice that she was aihle to become the first honor student in the music department. For obtaining this honor, she received 21 trophy at the Annual Spring Recital. 95 JU IOR RED CROSS GIVES SERVICE Diane Schaneville smiles happily as she proudly accepts from Mr. John Tucker, New Orleans junior Red Cross director, the president's cup which symbolizes the respon- sibilities of citywide leader of junior Red Cross. This marks the second consecutive year that a Holy Angels student has served as president of the citywide council. The realization of the importance of working together with the belief in service for others, for the community, and for the school. has made the branch of the American JRC at Holy Angels an outstanding unit. Outlining plans for the Good Will Display, JRC officers Catherine Nacario, secretaryg Mary Handayan, vice presidentg Diane Schaneville, presidentg Moya Landry, reporter, and Patsy Thompson, treasurerg try to choose the most effective means of transmitting to students the aims of the Red Cross-the spreading of good will and happiness to all men of all nations. Roselyn Boneno, Diane Schaneville, Conola Blazio, and Mary Handayan represented Holy Angels at the JRC New Orleans Leadership Training Center held in August. Here they reinact the humorous skit which they pre- sented to show the need for more volunteer workers. 96 FDR OTHERS Top talent of A.H.A., accordianists Patty Robicheaux and Rosemary Richard, were chos- en by Mr. Tucker to appear in the first non- competitive Talent Show sponsored by the JRC citywide council. Mary Handayan repre- sented Holy Angels Academy on the com- mittee which planned this project providing entertainment for the orphans and old folks of New Orleans. "Santas Helper" is a fitting title for each of these junior Red Cross representatives who undertook the task of collecting and distribut- ing Christmas toys to orphans of New Or- leans in reply to the letters which they had addressed to Santa Claus. Mr. Tucker aids the girls in placing their gifts in the Red Cross station wagon that will carry them to their destination. 97 Witli the spirit of Christmas in the air, Cynthia Castenado, Linda Russell, Nora Crifasi, Julie Dubos, Helen Levata, and Diane Schaneville, have found that they could add joy unto that of others. Under the direction of Sister M. Teresita, sponsor, they wrap toys and gifts for the orphans of the city. I t 3 Echoes of the Holy Angels locomotive re- souncl throughout the gym as Pep Squad and cheerleaders take on the spirit of enthusiasm. when Holy Angels and Dominican strive to surpass one another in a close game. Wide grins illumine the faces of onlookers and Pep Squad as our enthusiastic cheerleaders swing out their version of the "Bunny Hop" at the A.H.A. volleyball tournament. The irresistible spirit of our leaders occasioned the annexation of honorary cheerleaders in the form of two Rosary varsity members. PEP TERS BCGST TEAM SPIRIT "Get ready, everybody! The motorcade is about to start." With screaming sir- ens and cheering students, the gaily dec- orated cars wind their way through city streets to Dominican gym for the Holy Angels-Dominican volleyball game. "Hooray for Mr. Policeman!" Students and cheerleaders express their gratitude to the officer who led the motorcade from Holy Angels to Dominican. As a token of appreciation, head cheerleader Gaynell Bordes presented him with a Holy Angels pennant, signifying the spirit, appreciation, and honor of our school. 98 The sparkling personality of Mar- guerite Sofio is the element needed to incite sportsmanship and vitality among Pep Squaders and team. School-spirited cheerleaders, Georgette Viellion and Marion Portes, smile upon hearing the enthusiastic replies to their question, "Is everybody happy?" A group of spirited students led by these enthusiastic cheerleaders comprises our Pep Squad, which gives vocal support to the players and does much to further team spirit. Head cheerleader Gaynell Bordes, with her typical vim and vigor, leads the Pep Squad in the "Victory" cry. This is Gay's fourth year as a cheerleader and her third year as captain of the squad. ' 99 Cheerleader Phyllis Landry displays her vivaciqusness by leading the Pep Squad in the familiar cheer, "A.H.A. Owls," which encourages the team to fight even harder. With the cooperation of the Pep Squad, Judy Gomila and Althea Gelpi loudly cheer "Rickety, rackety, shanty-town, who can keep the Owls down?" FUTURE LEADERS PREPARE FOR CIVIC Campaigns for governorship in the state of Louisiana this year afforded a timely project for the members of Sister M. Hilary's Civics Club. All during the campaigns, the students followed the candidates of their choice, by collecting write- ups, pictures, posters, and combining them to form a scrap book. Betty Wessel, Janice Quick, Connie Marquer, Emily Carson, Carol Lukei, and Carol Corso examine the books made by their classmates. I00 RESPONSIBILITIES Civics Clubs enable members to learn and understand the forms of national, state, and local governments in order that they can take an active part in working for the betterment of our country. Future civic leaders of America present their ideas to the student body over the public address' system on Citizenship Day. Simone Abadie, Car- olyn Matthews, Lynne Burvant, Julie Bond, Rosa- lind Caruso, and joan Majeste, of Sister M. Mark's freshman class, find civics interesting and practical and plan to put their knowledge into action as community leaders. That their visit to the St. Vincent's Orphanage brought much happiness to these playful children is evident to the cheerful freshmen in Sister M. Ignatius' class. These Civic Club members agreed that by making the children happy they had given themselves the joy that comes from helping others. HILITER TAKE TO THE AIR Hilites, a local-club for teenagers or- ganized by Mr. Beverly Brown, aims to arouse interest in radio broadcasting. It also develops social responsibility among teen- agers by giving them opportunities to work and recreate together. Hiliters Sandra Luscy, Georgette Viellion, and Damian Brown gather to write a suitable script for a forthcoming program. Due to the efforts of the I-Iilites members of our school, Holy Angels news is broadcasted regularly over radio station WNOE. For his efficient service as emcee of the A.H.A. Talent Show, Mr. Beverly Brown proudly accepts his honorary pennant from Stu- dent Body president. Gaynell Bordes. it Gay is senior representative of A.H.A. on the Hilites governing board. and she will represent Holy Angels in the organizations citywide "Ideal Girl" contest. Our A.H.A. reporters. Juanita Matherne, Judy Gomila, and Gaynell Bordes, announce news of A.H.A.'s activities to their teenage audience throughout the city of New Orleans. With such competent reporters, the students can be sure that their school news will be accurately re- ported to the public. IOI OWL HOOTS SPREADS SCHOOL EWS OWL HOOTS is the title which identifies the school paper pub- lished monthly by a staff of sopho- mores. OWL HOOTS has spon- sored contests throughout the year -among them poetry and short story contests. Proudly reading over their first edition of the sophomore paper, OWL HOOTS editorial staff, Jackie Schroeder, Yvonne Keller, and Rhoda Viellion, consult with sponsor Sister M. Teresita as to what improvements will make their next issue a greater accomplishment. In order to assure the enjoyment and satisfaction of all OWL HOOTS read- ers, the staff has placed a suggestion box in the hall. Placing their ideas in the box are Pat Polito, Gay Williams, julie DuBos, Heloise LeGrand, Jeanne Payelle, and Gayle Ingolia, I02 Working on one of the new features of their paper, cross-word puzzles, are staff members, Yvonne Fulham, Barbara Hotard, and Lynn Hermann. Preparing these puzzles entails a great deal of planning, since they must provide both educational values and entertainment for their readers. STAFF: Editor-in-chief, Yvonne Kellerg Assistant Editors, Rhoda Viellion and jackie Schroeder, Artists, Gay' Williams, Rose Mary Eagan, and Heloise LeGrandg Sports, Yvonne Fulhamg Literary Editor, Rosalie Handayang Feature Editor, jo Ann Terrenovag Humor, Pat Politog Society, Linda Reynoldsg Reporters, Gayle Ingolia, Julie DuBos, Theresa Amos and Jeanne Payelle. QLIILLA D SCROLL RE ARDS OUTSTA DI G Quill and Scroll is the International Hon- orary Society for High School journalists. Membership in the Bishop Fulton Sheen Chapter of Quill and Scroll is awarded to those A.H.A. juniors and seniors who have performed superior work in journalism, or its allied fields, and who rank scholastically in the upper third of their class. Making plans for the poetry-essay contest spon- sored by A.H.A.'s Chapter of Quill and Scroll are officers Patsy jane White, presidentg Margue- rite Sofio, corresponding secretaryg Joycelin Staempfli, vice presidentg Patricia Baumann, re- cording secretaryg and Mary Handayan, treasurer. Looking over the qualifications for membership in Quill and Scroll are Patsy Kennedy, Joyce Cole, and Helen Ruth Keppler. For their out- standing work in journalism, especially on the yearbook. these girls were selected as new mem- bers for the Bishop Fulton Sheen Chapter here at Holy Angels. I03 JOUR ALISTS Q-wg-mmm' rl 2 Kathleen Saba and Iris Martin proudly display the certificates which they received for their meritorious work in journalism. These certificates were awarded for their outstanding work on The Murimzite. MARIA ITE STAFF STRIVES The Marimzite, whose previous editions have merited All-Catholic ratings, is the yearbook published by a group of students popularly known as "Annual Workers." The Marianizfe staff and workers endeavor to provide an inter- esting and informative record of high school life. Eager to improve the annual, Editor-in-chief Roselyn Boneno consults the Srholartir Edilar magazine for new ideas and develop- ments in the field of journalism. As a devoted editor, Roselyn's first concern is for the yearbook, and her constant endeavor to put The Marianile on top has served as an incentive to her staff and annual workers. The final check of the Puhlirherr' Dummy in search of errors, before the mailing of the second shipment, is the tedious job of assistant editors Conola Blazio and Mary Handayan. Their time and patience in detecting and pre- venting mistakes prove them quite capable and worthy of their positions. These literary workers will readily agree that finding synonyms is rather trouble- some at times, but with the aid of "Mr. Webster," the task becomes com- paratively simplified. And Mary jane Kilday, Pat Kennedy, Jessie 'Mae Berg- eron, and assistant literary editor, Joyce- lin Staempfli, progress smoothly once more. FOR ALL-CATHOLIC RATI G Sister M. Catherine of Siena, sponsor of The Mmimzife, gives an explanation of the ma- terials contained in the Yearbook Kit to annual workers Judy Gomila, Jackie Schroeder, and junior assistant editor Joyce Cole. Proper proportions and correct angles -these are the prevalent thoughts in the minds of the lay-out staff members. Suellen Tennyson, assistant layout edi- tor, Iris Martin, circulation manager, annual worker, Ann Martinez, and Pat Daniel, layout editor, seem little af- fected by the technicality of their Work, but rather show signs of true qualifica- tions with their smiles of enjoyment. Preparing a vital part of the yearbook, literary editor, Kathleen Saba, and assistant Patricia Lacerya work diligently on the theme. Their time and energy spent in research for the theme were a great help towards the publica- tion of The Maritmite. , .W , at ir' ov, The technicalities involved in capturing a good shot on film demand an alert mind and a sharp eye. The fine photography throughout the yearbook is ample proof that Vivian Mancuso, photography editor, and Rhoda Viellion, her assistant, meet these requirements. Here Rhode hands Vivian a bulb from the supply case to be inserted into the flash attachment. il!! Publicity is the key to accomplishment in regard to the yearbook. Assistant art editor, Marie Catalanotto, expresses her approval as Helen Ruth Keppler, art editor, explains the significance of the annual goal chart to Marguerite Sofio, advertising manager, before erecting it in the hall. IO6 Ability, competence, and efficiency determine the qualified typist for The Mtzriazzize staff, and these girls fill the bill satisfactorily. Receiving a rough draft from assistant Rosemary Richard, our diligent copy editor. Irma Reyes, prepares to transfer the write-ups to good copy sheets. T ..t tt 1 iii'i , if Each task, large or small, is an essential one when it concerns The Murimzile. The daily duty of Anita Handayan and Ann Martinez consists in delivering and returning used film to the developers. Such adequate efficiency among the workers explains the "All-Catholic" rating of our yearbook. ALUM AE RELIVE CAMPUS MEMORIE These girls, leaving the chapel of Our Lady of the Seven Dolors, are typical of many found on the campus during homecoming day. Proudly displaying their lovable babies, who may someday be students of Holy Angels, are four members of the Alumnae. The added attraction of babies was one of the highlights of the day. Witlm smiles of assurance, these mem- bers of the Alumnae team prepare to defend their title against the varsity team of A.H.A. in their traditional volleyball game. I07 Members of the Alumnae Association of A.H.A. preserve their bonds with the school by ,sponsoring an annual day for themselves and the graduating class. The Alumnae en- courages scholarship and school spirit by awarding the Sister Aloysius Memorial award and the English award to the most deserving seniors. 4 w Pausing for a moment to take a picture doesn't seem to bother both outgoing and incoming officers, Cecil Poillion, Sylvia Ballas, Dorothy Bouche, Kitty McCarthy, Beryl Murphy, and Alice Franek, as they gather for a friendly chat. You can be assured that laughter and gaiety will prevail throughout their conversation, as they recapture many old memories. it S CGGPER TIVE CLUB BACKS SCHOOL . 3 if 5 L Ni X As Mrs. Staempfli serves punch to Mrs. Eagan and Mrs, Schroeder at the Epiphany party, she. along with the other members. realizes that post- poning their Christmas party until after Advent was not a loss after all. The refreshments accom- panying the occasion proved to bevenioyable to all, The School Cooperative Club. which fosters to- operation between teachers and parents, works for the betterment of A.H.A. Officers of the group, Mr. Herbert Mura, vice presidentg Mrs. F, Staempfli. presitlentg Mrs, G, Eagan, secretaryg and Mrs. DI. C. Schroetler, treas- urerg look favorably upon the agenda of their organization for the present year. Wlith these willing parents as leaders, the School Cooperative Club is assured of rendering efficient services to both faculty and students. V ..t-ww Interest of parents in the school is shown by the attendance at the Cooperative Club meetings and its activities. At one of the regular monthly meet- ings, the parents and teachers of A.H.A. students give their attention to the officers who try their best to report the success of some of the projects and future expectations. I08 CELESTIAL PATRONS HELP us TO MANIFEST GOD THROUGH OUR GLORIOUS PRINCIPALITIES, our prayer is th t your angelic sweetness may he deeply felt the heart of every student. Let the sprrrt of lf acrifice shine forth in our personalities, for th t t he angels of GENEROSITY . . . PERSCNALITIES f, f l l 9 F54 ff if 2 J l 2 Mg? , fn XX 1 H ly, N, Ng. W lx X VKX f ,f' Q lj xl BEST ALL-AROUND GAYNELL BORDES .W .f we A Ellis? ' b G 'mix w.,? , , 5 I .i5, .HW I WHO'S WHO BEST LIKED ANA BRENT SWEETEST SANDRA LUSQY AMONG OUR SENIORS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ,IESSIE MAE BERGERON MOST TALENTED ROSEMARY RIC HARD WITTIEST HELEN RUTH KEPPLER I I I WHO'S WHO MOST INTELLECTUAL MARJORIE BOESCH BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT MARGUERITE SOFIO I I2 MOST DEPENDABLE MARY HANDAYAN AMONG OUR SENIORS MOST INDUSTRIOUS ROSELYN BONENO MOST HELPFUL KATHLEEN SABA BEST ATHLETE STENIE OSTARLY RUNNERS-UP PLACE IN SENIOR RACE BE BE TE D MAIDS JuANlTA MATHERNE MAIDS Juov Koop JACKIE HUERSTEL BREN DAN BROWN MAIDS HELEN LEVATA MAIDS sYLvlA REUTHER MYRA VOLLENWEIDER DEBATERS CAPTURE SPOTLIGHT AT S.L.C. "Gee, but it's great to debate." especially when you can return home with 11 out of 12 victories and a first place rating from Southeastern Louisiana College. Our varsity debaters. Pat Lacerva, Gaynell Bordes, Jessie Ber- geron, and Margie Boesch, hold their hard-earned prize of forensic accomplishment, the winner's plaque. Jessie, Gay. and Pat merited additional distinction by re- ceiving "Superior Senior Delaateru ratings for placing among the top six debaters in the tournament. Beaming sophomore debaters, Yvonne Keller, Anna Eng- lert, Elda Fairchild, and Rhoda Viellion, proudly display the plaque they received at the Hammond Speech Tourna- ment. Our junior debaters received this trophy for having proven themselves the best debate team in the junior divi- sion. "If only Shakespeare were here---I know he'd be proud, but not nearly as proud as his own Sbu1k6'Jf7c'rl7'e?,5 Lfzdierf' Here is the cast that won first place in the one-act play division at SLC, Superior and polished acting was dis- played hy Marilyn McVille as Cleopatrag Sandra Luscy, as Desdemonag Jessie Mae Bergeron. as Portiag Gaynell Bordes as Julietg Georgette Viellion as Katherine, and Mary Lea Billa as Ophelia. Congratulations, girls, and Mrs. Burrows. your director, as well. I20 Special Southeastern recognition goes to Gaynell Bordes, who merited a Superior rating in poetry interpretation. Beverly Crowley holds the Excellent certificate she received for prose interpretation, and orator Jessie Bergeron looks at her Excellent award. Through their success in these fields. this trio brought honor to A.H.A, LE DI C5 THLETES MERIT RDS K Ilf- ismi 'L ii? SS n Ugg Displaying the trophies and sweaters which they received for faithful and dependahle service, senior varsity members, Cynthia Montallvano, Jeanne Arnoult, Sue Dugas, Martha Graffia, Helen Ruth Keppler, Stenie Ostarly, and Margaret Remson proudly gather around team coach, Miss Norma Kokotas. Senior Gaynell Bordes. having served as cheerleader- in-rhief for three of her four years as a tliecrleader, was deservingly awarded a trophy and a sweater for her devoted and untiring efforts in leading thost Pep Sq Landry awards out the uad moderator, Sister Mary Carmel, presents senior rders Marguerite Sofio, Gaynell Bordes. Phyllis cheerlei , and Georgette Viellion with individual trophy in recognition of their faithful participation through- sthool year, IZ' who lead the Pep Squad, Tears of happiness brighten the eyes of Georgette Viellion. outstanding member of the Pep Squad, as she proudly displays the trophy awarded her for four years of perfect attendance and loyal servite in all athletic endeavors. STUDENTS EXCEL IN COMPETITI E EVENTS Clasping hands, Ann Schroeder, Linda Mayer, Rosalie Handayan, .To Ann Karl, Paula Tomatis, Myrna Cicero. Linda Musmeci, De Ann Gosseu. Pat Polito, Linda Leddy, Evalyn Durand, julie Grentz, Zenobia Salvaggio, and Marie Louise Salvaggio. congratulate one another on having their poetry compositions published in the "National Poetry Anthology." fi Senior Gaynell Bordes displays the oratorical ability that ably qualified her to represent A.H.A. in the citybwide "I Speak for Democracy" contest and to win the inter-school competition of the C.S.M.C. Oratorical contest. Further qualified, Gay entered ancl won the archdiocesan finals, thus giving A.H.A. the necessary third annual win to claim the "Arch- bishop joseph Francis Rummel Trophy," as its per- manent possession. The presentation of the award and a portion of Gay's oration were filmed and recorded by WDSU-TV cameramen to later appear on the air with honorary recognition. The happy countenance of Ann Schroeder, Rosalie Handayan, Madeline Meyer, Francesca Burmaster, Moya Landry, Beverly Stilley, Linda Helminger, Dorothy McKernan, Judy Goodwyne, and Yvonne Fulham indicate their satisfaction in winning certifi- cates from the National Essay Contest and thereby having their works published in the "Anthology" l22 An interested crowd of supervisors watch head goblin Irma Reyes as she holds apples for two of the resident students. Bobbing apples was only one of the enjoyable games played in the annual Halloween party held in the Holy Angels attic, which housed many a spooky corner prepared especially for the occasion. ATTIC ATMOSPHERE HOUSES HALLOWEE HORRGR After an evening of fun and scenes, the resident students their prefect Sister M. Monic assistants, Sister M. jude and ory, for a last toast in honor party. The party was filled entertainment provided by the amusing horror assemble with a and her two Sister M. Greg- of rt successful with food and senior Students. Last minute preparations before retire- ment are in progress, as resident stu- dents Marta Lorena Calero, Ondina Murati, Georgina Aguilar, Yolanda Batres, and Isabel Florentino busily tend to their hair. shoes. and garments. fi X Resident students gather around the Christmas tree to await the presentation of their gifts from Helen Lacy, alias Santa Claus. Ana Brent helps Santa while he proceeds to distribute gifts to Emily Carson, Isabel Florentino. Beatriz Abreau. Ondina Murati, and Consuelo Carson, A.H.A. RESIDENTS Sister Monica, prefect of resident students, graciously accepts the gift presented to her by Santa Claus and his assistant, Ana Brent. This presentation took place at the annual Christmas party given by the resident students. At home away from home, these resident students enjoy their Christmas dinner. This festive repast was celebrated with delicious food and happy faces. CELEBRATE HGLIDAY EASGN Assisting one another in putting on the final touches are Gloria Michel, Maria Chavarria, and Beatriz Abreau as they prepare eagerly for the A.H.A. Winter Formal. Lending a helping hand around the school building are Alberta Smith and jane Elda Laporte. The time and service rendered by these girls aids in maintaining the attractive appearance of Holy Angels. l25 Preparing for a brief visit home during the holidays are resident students Virginia Morales, Maria Isabel Ustariz, Maria Balladares, and Aida Downing. Al- though their days at A.H.A. are happy ones, they are glad to have the opportunity to see their families at Christmas time. ew Qin Ana Brent and Emily Portillo occupy the hall for rr final practice of their Spanish dance before the A.H.A. Talent Show. These senoritas worked hard and succeeded in pro viding one of the best numbers in the show 'll DH ARIED ACTIVITIES I TEREST STUDENTS Reigning as queen and princess of the senior and junior residents are And Brent and Beatriz Abreau. These girls were chosen by the freshmen and sophomores, and they were crowned during the holiday party by Yolanda Leon and Consuelo Carson. Enjoying a special English course conducted by Miss Edwards are resident students, Sylvia Figueroa, Vilma Fleirschermann, and Connie Valle. This has helped these Spanish girls to acquire a better understanding of the Eng- lish language. CZELESTIAL PATRONS HELP us TO PRAISE Goo THROUGH ouk ATHLETICS O MIGHTY POWERS, let us know the y f winning. Obtain for us the grace to lo h ease, and the perservorance to co t' courageous efforts, for thou art th g 1 f TRIUMPH . . . ji 4 J J Q at f HOLY A GELS SPONSORS Senior varsity members Sue Dugas. Martha Graffia. Cynthia Montalbano, Vivian Mancuso, Marie Puis- seger. Jeanne Ann Arnoult, jo Ann Karl, joy Can- telli, Helen Ruth Keppler, Margaret Remson, Stenie Ostarly, and Shirley Goubler seem quite confitlcnt that the volleyball season will bring new honors to Holy Angels. On behalf of A.H.A.'s tournament team. Miss Norma Kokotas accepts third place trophy from Sister M. Alberta, hostess of the Marianite Tournament, held on October 19 in St. Mary of the Angels gym, Awarcletl for, her outstanding participation and sportsmanship. Co-Captain Margaret Remson was elected to the All-tournament team, Gathering on stage to display their trophies are members of the winning teams and their respective coaches. Awards were presented on the basis of skill, sportsmanship, and abilities clem- onstratecl by teams participating in the Marianite volleyball tournament. l28 0 I-Pa . MARGARET REMSON J EANN E A VARSITY P LAYERS DISPLAY Realizing the height zulvuntagc of Holy Name of jesus in 1 jump, A.H.A. players closely guard their opponents to femur possession of the ball. VIVIAN MANCUSO THERESA L l u With her guard in close pursuit, Martha Graffia quickly evadcs her to move in for il successful jump shot. ANZETTA CAROL BURNS In if X H- xi A R BASKETBALL TECHNIQUE In a matter of seconds, jo Ann Karl carefully studies the With ease and certainty, Captain Stenie Ostarly springs upward situation before passing the ball to one of her teammates in to shift the ball into the hands of her waiting teammates. the Sacred Heart game during the Dominican Tournament. SHIRLEY ANN GOUBLER CYNTHIA MONTALBANO HELEN RUTH KEPPLER """" H l Vfiihifl .i!aav0i F t i 3 3 ' sk -JF' . W Q TRILIMPHS IN DOMINICAN TCDLIR EY St. joseph's forwards vainly attempt to break the defensive play of A.H.A.'s guards, as Mary Aguilera turns to recover an unsuccessful shot. Referee Tarty Kehoe steps back as the ball is tossed, and varsity member Carol Burns hurls upward to tap it to a waiting team- mate. Carol played an outstanding game. and she was one of the players responsible for A.H.A.'s splendid showing at the Dominican Tournament on january 7. Varsity Co-captain, Margaret Remson. brings honor to Holy Angels by being selected as a member of the All-tournament team. Margarefs outstanding offensive play and laudable sportsmanship assured her a place on this team. Gloria Jeansonne and Astrid Chauvin express happi- ness as Miss Kay and team members june Ann Rolfes, Mary Aguilera, Arlene Ashby, Brendan Brown, Kath- leen Karl, Carolyn Rousser, Lois Baumann, and Phyllis Dunham look admiringly at the first place trophy won at the Dominican Basketball Tourna- ment. A.H.A.'s first place victory was truly a team effort. I33 CLASSES VIE FOR I TRAMURAL CROWNS The symbol of "Victory" is formed by these juniors of Sister Mary Carmel's class, Denise Eternod, Mary Louise Salvaggio, Janice Hulin, Gail Strickland, Patty Robichaux, Moya Landry, Eileen Brinkman, Pat Di Benedetto, Damian Brown, Genie Faust, and Vera Tooley, after capturing the volleyball championship. Spirited by the lively cheers of their pep squad, Sister M. Catherine of Siena's Cadets can do little but win their intramural game. During these games the courts are surrounded with such enthusiastic pep squads typifying the spirit of cooperation which pre- vails among our students. An accident? No, only the senior "R,elapses" preparing for a friendly game. Although they look very weak, these girls came close to upsetting the "Parrots" in the championship volleyball game. Such delightful masquerades decorate the in- tramural sports program, and present not only an exciting sport, but at times an entertaining spectacle. I34 With paddles forming a "V" for victory, juniors Jo Ann Karl and Joyce Cole rest after winning the doubles championship in the Ping Pong Intramurals Tourna- ment. Their triumph enabled their class to gain more points toward the acquisition of the trophy awarded to the class which has accumulated the larg- est total of points preceding Field Day. gf -. 1-:if My , ,570 -- Tension mounts as the little white ball bounces back and forth between Stenie Ostarly and Barbara Randazzo in the battle for the ping pong championship. After a thrilling climax, Stenie Ostarly was declared the new ping pong singles champion. I35 These sophomores take advan- tage of their physical education period to put into practice newly learned basketball rules. Display- ing the proper method of com- pleting a jump ball are Judy Gomila and Rhoda Viellion, whose lively antics produce smiles from their teammates. Steady form and a straight aim--these are the points to improve on in order to make a horseshoe champ. Phyllis Dunham watches while her partner, Carolyn Rousset, takes aim, holding in mind the idea, "Aim before you shoot." Displaying her athletic skill. sophomore Martha Lang prepares to serve the shuttle-cock over the net. Badminton is only one of the many minor sports in which the students may participate. These sports provide the exercise and recreation necessary to make a healthy, well-rounded student life. The novelty of playing a new game appeals to sophomores Ann Schroeder, Mary Ann Nevle, Pauline Cusimano, and Alice Gene Coig as they prepare the equipment for croquet instructions. This is another of the many activities included in our athletic program. I36 CELESTIAL PATRONS HELP us TO HONOR Goo THRCUGH ouR ACTIVITIES PRECIOUS VIRTUES, with th t f ra erful etition, we seek your nea P Y P our school act1v1t1es. Your constant ass1st is the bulwark of all our effortsg for thou art the angels of COURAGE . . . Q... lf'-'W f L X .----,-jj STUDENTS ATTE D "SIX DAYS THEY'LL EVER Aiming to obtain a better understanding ot the work of the Sodality as a "way of life," Holy Angels Sodality officers: prefect, Suellen Tennysong treasurer, Margie Boeschg secre- tary, Jessie Mae Bergerong vice prefect, Conola Blazio, attend the S.S.C.A. held in New Or- leans this year. Eager to make use of every valuable moment, these Sodalists gather on the Loyola campus with convention directors Father Condon. S, J., Father Campbell. S.-T.. and Father Lever, S. j,, to review the discus- sions which they attended. F0 RG ET The Sodality XX'orl-:shop conducted by Father Sommer was only one of the many practical courses attended by the students at the Summer School of Cath- olic Action. During this particular dis- cussion, Father listens carefully to the exchange of ideas among the Soclalists of America. Accompanying the Holy Angels delega- tion to the S.S.C.A. are moderator, Sister M. Lua, and Sister M. Columba. As they gather on the steps of Mar- quette Hall of Loyola University. mem- bers of A.H.A.'s Sodality happily ex- press to Father Campbell, Father Bo- land, and Father Levet appreciation for their inspiring guidance throughout the convention. Having grown closer to Our Blessed Lady in her way of iife, all felt this was a week which they will "never forget." I38 KAY WINS AGA! - A D AGAI Chosen over senior candidates from the public, private, and parochial schools of New Or- leans by the junior Chamber of Commerce, Kay Viellion, editor of the '55 Mariunite, is named "Outstanding junior Citizen of New Orleans." For her outstand- ing service to her family, parish, and community, Kay received this title. Here she proudly accepts from Mr. William Barry, in the name of Holy Angels, the school's trophy and her own personal loving cup. I39 "We believe in service for others!" These are the striking words from the speech delivered by Kay Viellion, president, National Advisory Council of junior Red Cross members, at the 30th annual convention of the American National Red Cross. Kay's interest in the organizations work was first aroused during her attendance, as a sophomore, at the JRC Training Center in New Orleans. This was the beginning of a growing sense of generosity and conviction. Returning to the Academy in her junior year, Kay was elected school president of the JRC. With an idealist sense of leadership, she served as an incentive for many "To work for others," and with these convictions, Kay was elected citywide president in the beginning of her senior school year. Sent to represent New Orleans in the regional convention of that year, she was further elected Southeastern Regional President. Shortly following, Kay was chosen "National Chairman" of the Red Cross and received the privilege of being the "Jr. Red Cross Convention Speaker," an honor rarely granted to the Chairman. Kay is a tireless worker, an inspiring leader, because she believe in "service for others." TLIDENTS RE DER SUMMER SERVICE Recalling the memories of days well spent at Caritas, the lay apostolate teaching center, are Myrna Abadie, Rosalie Handayan, jackie Schroeder, , Gail Main, and Anna Englcrt. They used this time, during their vacation E months, to instruct children of St. Philip's parish in catechism, by means of music, arts, and crafts. Among Camp Marvhill's councillors were some of the students from Holy Angels. Each had a particular task for instructing those under her care. Their stay at Camp Maryhill afforded them an opportunity of spreading their faith by good example as well as a chance of practicing leadership. YOUTH SEMINAR FLIRTHERS BROTHERHOOD The students of Holy Angels, along with representatives of private, public, and de- nominational schools, attended the sthool an- nual youth seminar of the -lunior New Orleans Chapter of the National Confraternity of Christians and jews held on August 51. The newly elected president of the confraternity. Gaynell Bordes. and national director, Mr. joseph P. Murphy, present the order of the meeting at which it was decided that the seminar would tontinue to he held on a monthly basis. These girls and boys are typical of those who discuss the purposes of the organization-to promote better rela- tionship and understanding among the various religious denominations, to fos- ter brotherhood. and to prepare them- selves to be leaders in their future liveS. I4l President Gaynell and Mr. Murphy map out plans for the programs to he sponsored by the National Conference of Christians and jews and presented hy youth partitipants on WDSU-TV and radio station WWL during the Brother- hood Wfeek. WS PELICAN GIRLS STATE ELECTS GAY GOVER CDR In this climactic moment at Pelican Girls State, Gaynell Bordes races up the steps of the Law Building in which she will deliver her final campaign speech. Having been elected all the way up to the gubernatourial nomination, Gay is ready to represent the Federalist party in the final "Pel State" election. GAY GOVERNS GIRLS' STATE! were The pride of A.H.A.! Representative Rosemary Rich- ard, Governor Gaynell Bordes, and Senator Suellen Tennyson returned home from "Pel State" with these titles to honor themselves and their school. An addi- tional honor bestowed on Rosemary is the "State" loving cup, titling her "best entertainer" of the entire delegation. The feature of Orientation Wfeek, September 5-9, was the inspiring reception of the freshmen students by the seniors in Our Lady of Seven Dolors Chapel during which time they were introduced to the Heart of A.H.A,, the Source from which all help, consola- tion, strength, and success flow, the Divine Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. After uniting their prayers with those of their senior classmen that their years at Holy Angels will be enjoyable and fruitful, the freshies began their guided tour of the grottos, the halls. and the campus of A.H.A. FRESHIES A D SENIORS U ITE I ELCGME EEK is 7' ,.. In the course of the tour on campus, senior guide, Georgette Viellion, acquaints these freshies with the traditional "An- nual Room" in which The Mwirrrzile yearbook is produced. With all the characters of the past gathered on stage for the grand finale, the seniors return to reality to express their sincere welcome to the freshies. Encouraging them to join in the spirit by "doing their best," the seniors lead the freshies in the well- beloved "Heres to Holy Angels," to conclude orien- tation week at A.H.A. I43 At the end of the week, the seniors provided the freshies with an inside preview of high school life, through the humorous parody of "This is Your Life." "Ralphena Edwenaf' portrayed by Phyllis Landry, presents to subject Georgette Viellion her senior year movie idol, Davy Crockett, "King of the Wfild Frontier."'alias jane Burg. IL, I M if no Following the reception of their class rings. these beaming seniors. Grace Morales, Marilyn Drouet, Jacqueline Drouet, and Aida Down- ing, display their proud possession to Sister M. Teresita. By their glowing expressions you can readily see that September 23 is a never- to-be-forgotten date. N ARRI ALS CAPTIVATE CAMPU Mother M. Adrian's expression shows that she is aware of the spirit of eagerness among the seniors as she quietly distributes their Senior class rings. Mary Alice Collins, a typical anxious senior, gladly accepts her long-awaited treasure. Neither teachers nor underclass- men are safe on ring day, for the seniors demanded their con- stant attention in the determina- tion of who possesses the pret- tiest ring. According to the sen- iors, each ring was different and merited personal notice. I44 it i ,Q i, 5 ai Q? MISSIO HIGHLIGHTS INSPIRE CRUSADERS Fas. . . bitt,-if -all i.:aLg.f1 , fiom' .... I Q., ' , ff' , K V x,.x .X wr ja all i 5 at The most successful project undertaken by Holy Angels' C.S.M.C. Unit this year was the "Miss Mission" contest. Proceeds went toward the education of a native Indian boy for the priesthood. Winner of this contest was junior julia Mae Majeste, who won over ten other contestants. ln observance of the Mission Sunday ceremonies, Holy Angels provided one of the scenes for Queen of the Missions. Ana Brent, who beautifully portrayed Our Lady of India, symbolized the fervent love of the students for Mary and her Son. Beautiful background for this setting was painted by our A.H.A. artists, Marie Catalanotto and Kathleen Saba. Th As Father Gregory Smith, O. Carm., points to Louisiana and gives a few points on the mission territories, C.S.M.C. officers Conola Blazio, and Marguerite Sofio stand by Father Romagosa and listen attentively to every word of our Archdiocesan Convention guest speaker. All freshmen of Holy Angels assembled in the auditorium for the jubilee Ritual of Initiation into the Catholic Stu- dents' Mission Crusade. Father Elmo Romagosa, C.S.M.C. director, delivered an impressive talk in connection with the pledge to be taken by the new members. I45 Smiling faces depict happiness of heart in the case of the "Tiny Teens," Jeanne Craft, Pat Thompson. and Althea Gelpi. when they receive a douhle curtain call. They accept top honors and first place cup at A.H.A. Talent Night. TI Y TEENS CLASP TALE T IGHT CUP St. Mary of the Angels Gym serves as location for the annual A.H.A. Tal- ent Night on September 28. These last minute preparations and adjustments be- fore the "On Stage" call are the ele- ments which guarantee the successful and polished entertainment typical of every A.H.A. Talent Show. A Broadway ballerina comes to life on A.H.A.'s Talent show stage! Sandra Luscy gracefully dances her way into the hearts of the audience with one of the most striking numbers of the evening. I46 E 5 -m 'url N H 2 Z il: YQ K 73 -' E: ' 4 , -Y 1 'X N, . , me Q., Q , . fa '.w,kWlN. iw Q KP? NNUAL WORKERS CAMPAIG FOR "It's new! It's big! It's better than ever!" These were the en- thusiastic cries of the senior members of the editorial staff as they make use of every means at hand on "Annual Sale Day" to introduce The Mariarzite to the underclassmen. Speeches, songs. and dances were the contents of the rally which, by its results, proved to have had a successful effect. LIBSCRIPTIO S When pioneer editor Liesel Reuther '53 and '56 Murifnzize editor, Roselyn Boneno, meet in the Annual room, "work can be fun" is a fact easily proven. As Liesel jests her consoling remarks to Roselyn, the staff and workers take time out from preparations for Annual Sale Day to enjoy the humor of the moment. "Hook a look! Get a book! Get on the ball, you all!" These were the humorous slogans responsible for such amused but interested faces. Gathered beneath the Auditorium balcony, these students, after being introduced to the Annual, acclaim in loud cheers that they are convinced. The Mnrimzize will be their proud possession at the end of the year. l48 I " .l BY SHGWER PROVIDES GIFT FDR EEDY MOTHERS Prefect Suellea Tennyson seems pleased with the decision of the officers. as she presents to senior Lynn Bianthini the prize for the "best wrapped" gift. Lynn's was one of the many beautifully wrapped gifts brought to the Baby Show for Our Lady given on November 17. On the basis of originality and attractive- ness. these gifts were chosen "best wrapped." Holding their prize-winning packages are Mary Handayan, Lynn Bian- chini, Beverly Frisard, and Judy Gomila, who smile happily in the knowledge that their time and effort will be appreciated by some little child. '49 l Music provided by the "Collegians" brought out the merriment at Our Lady's party, while Sodality officers and councilors judged the best wrapped gifts. There were many packages laid before the statue of Our Lady, each being a special gift to Mary from her Sodalists. Providing entertainment at the shower party are the Handayan Sisters, C0111- d A 't . Witli their vocal renditions, these girls posed of Rosalie, Mary, an ma lent an added attraction to the occasion. THRILLER A D KILLERS BATTLE FOR TITLES November, long the traditional month of elections, finds the students of Holy Angels busily engaged in their vigorous campaigns for titles in the annual popularity contest to select "Wlio's VUho Among Our Seniors." Displaying the various signs, which dotted the campus for days preceding the actual voting, are these enthusiastic members of the "Thriller" and "Killer" tickets. The posters and slogans not only introduced the candidates to the student body, but also urged them to vote for their running mates. Trying to convince everyone of her fellow canclidate's tal- ents and achievements doesn't seem too hard for "Thriller" Helen Ruth Keppler. Fascinating the audience by her comi- cal gestures helped Helen Ruth to present her arguments to the student body and at the same time prove her right to the title of "Wittiest" senior. Gaynell Bordes, captain of the "Killer" ship, the "Black Falcon," led her jolly pirates throughout the campaign. Their fighting spirit enthralled the students and helped to capture votes for their "Killer" ticket, so much so that the "Killers" won nine of the twelve titles available. ISO Ui? "Touche!" cries Gaynell Bordes, winner of the Best All Around title of the i956 popularity con- test. as she playfully stahs her opponent. Sue Tennyson. Throughout the campaign the candi- dates displayed the true spirit of sportsmanship that symbolizes A.H,A. Side by side, the "Thrillers" and "Killers" ended the week's campaigning at the rally in thc school yard. At this time the girls sang. gave speeches, and introduced one another to the student body. Efforts put forth by both parties contributed to the success of the contest. Proceeds from the ten cents "poll tax" required of each student who cast a hallot went into The Nlrzrimzife Camera Fund, tc 1 c nm stni, ic 111 lcrs It thc popultrity contest ll ntxint, thc wcck s ic ixi lhc u dcnts secmcd to cnioy thc intics pciformed V thcsc colorful cloxxns xxho spiced ic rrocrlm x th their chcciful liughtct md iglccful mctry mtlcing. Q5 H f?" s rg vw 5 My ,Q-Q CAST Roberf B1'0Zl'Ilf!I,2 ..,.,...,.,, ,...... V IACK CUNNINGI-IAM Mr. Eduwrd Burrell ....,,, ,.....,...,.....,.. P AUL LEMKE Elizalnefla Btzrrell A...,,,,.. .,.,..., G AYNELI, BCRDES Hezzfiefm Brute!! ..,,,. ..,....,,... B EVERLY CROWLEY Ambelltz Btn-ref! ..., ,,,... G EORGETTE VIELLION Orluriur Btzrrell .,.. ,...,,w..,...,. E RWIN ENGERT Slepfmfzie B.n're11 ...A,,. ...,,. M ARY AGNES FIELDS Bella Hedley .,........ ..,......... M ARYLEA BILLA 115711011 ,,,..A.A,.,........,,,. ...,. M ARY JOAN HAGEN Capt. Sllrfeer Came ....., ,....,...,.. R OBERT DENNY Henry Bfftlll .,..,...,,.. ,..., R OBERT GONZALES Dotfor Clmmbeu' ..,,...,,.. .,,,............... W ILLIAM BOGART Upon the discovery of his "deceptive" household. Papa Barrett forbids his daughter Henrietta to communicate in any way with Captain Surtees Cook. In blind rage he forces Henrietta to take an oath on the Bible to assure him that she will keep her word. Vain are Elizabetlrs efforts to stop him SENIQRS PRESENT Under the direction of Mrs. Lucille Burrows, senior members of the speech class with the assistance of students from Holy Cross, Cor Jesu, and St. Aloysius High Schools, presented The Bnrreltr of Wimpole Slreef to packed audiences on December 3 and 4. Elizabeth listens with loving affection and sympathy as her sister Henrietta pours out her grief and anxiety over what seems to her to be a hopeless love affair, Goaded by the fear that he is losing his place of favor in Elizabeth's affections, Papa Barrett attempts, through his bitter remonstrations, to have Elizabeth prove her love for him by forcing her to remain at home rather than go abroad to Italy. I52 "THE B RRETTS OE WIMPCLE STREET" Realizing that her father would never consent to her marriage, Elizabeth Barrett agrees to elope with Robert Browning. Though at first the thought of such il thing was impossible, it soon beuune evident that no other course would unite them. n--....,,,4 Papa Barrett, supported by his thilrlren, reads Eliztibetlis note telling of hcr elopement with Robert Browning. Although shaken by the blow, he quickly recovers and resolves to cast Elizabeth from his heart and mind forever. A triple curtain call was demanded of the cast members of The Burreffi of llpzmjwlt Smfcl by their responsive audience, who showed with their applause that every hour of prautire was worthwhile, vwvtwfa, i , ,sift FATHER CONNOLY CO DUCTS ANNUAL Senior Margaret Remson, realizing the value of the sacrament of Penance, prepares to begin her annual retreat correctly, as many others, by going to con- fession. With patience and understanding, Father Connoly, O. P., made himself readily available during the three days retreat for the convenience of the students. RETREAT Following the evening conference. the retreatmaster makes himself available in the parlor for retreatants seeking advice on personal problems. It appears that Fathers counsel and wisdom have met a solution for senior Marilyn Mc- Ville's difficulties. Under the guidance of Father Connoly, the students made a successful and fruitful retreat during the first week of December. I54 Father Connoly laughs at his own humorous version of an important lesson given during one of his conferences, The jovial manner in which Father presented his instruc- tions created a friendly yet inspiring atmosphere throughout the retreat. .L.I. TRIP R TES STATE TOUR EY INVITE Upon returning from the S.I..I. tournament. these senior elehaters, Patsy Baumann, Pat Daniel, Sandra Lusey. anel Marilyn MeVille, display the certificates which they were awartletl for achieving a superior rating in elehate. This "Superior" rating won for Holy Angels an invitation to the State Championship tournament heltl in the spring. The memhers of the varsity tlehate team are pieturetl with Air coach. Sister M. Catherine of Siena, as they prepare the to emhark on a journey to Southwestern Louisiana Institute in Lafayette to attend the Louisiana Speeth Assotiation Annual festival. The girls are Marilyn MtVille, Santlra Lusey, Patsy Baumann. Pat I,at'erva, Pat Daniel, .lessie Mae Bergeron. Margie lioeseh. antl Gaynell lioreles. 1 i l g rw s, 5 N Q I n ,fi I at r It 1 An extellent rating was meriteel by these memhers of the senior tlehate team in the speech tournament helel at S.L.I. The izirls, who have partieipatetl anel he-en victorious in many tournaments. are Pat Laeerva, Gaynell Iiortles. Margie Boeseh. antl -lessie Mae Bergeron, I55 Y Comparing the eertifieates whith they were awareleel for outstamling speech aehievements at the S.l,.I. tournament, these students reflect their satisfaction. They are Gaynell Bortles, who teeeivetl a superior rating in the poetry elivi- sion of literary interpretation. antl ,lessie Mae Bergeron antl Marilyn MeVille who aehiexetl excellent ratings in oratory. V .., ,, BEAUTY REIGNS Beauty Queen, Patty Larhin. graciously afcepts a bouquet of red roses from Student Counril president, Gaynell Bordes. during the climax of the "Sil- ver Holiday." The presentation of roses to them symbolized "heauty" among the Queen and the members of her court. The beautiful decorations and the entertaining band of johnny Repark added to the spirit of enjoyment that prevailed at the annual winter formal sponsored by the A.H.A. Student Council on December 30. The "Silver Holiday" proved to he a success both socially and financially. as the crowded St. Mary of the Angels gym clearly indicates. L f 5 , , AT "SILVER HCLIDAYH Officially bestowing upon her majesty, Patty Lachin, the title, Queen of the "Silver Holidayng Roselyn Boneno, editor-in-chief of the 1956 edition of The Mnriafzife, presents the beauty court in all its splendor to preside throughout the evening. Reigning over the "Silver Holiday" Queen, Patty Lachin and her beauty courtg Myra Vollenweider, Brendan Brown, jackie Huerstel, Marilyn Lamarque, Juanita Matherne, Judy Koop, Helen Levata, and Sylvia Reuther, salute their sub- jects. The gathering together of such chosen beauties com- pletes the elegance of the attractively decorated stage. MARDI GRAS COMES TO A.H.A. The fine accordian keyboard interpretation by Francesca Burmaster added to the gay festivities as did the comical antics of Marie Catalanotto, our star comedian of the evening, who at the present seems to he fascinated by the movement of agile fingers along the keyboard, joining in the atmosphere which pervades the city of New Orleans around February 12, the Lumen Chapter of the National Honor Society goes into the fun-filled streets to set the scene for their variety show entitled "Carnival Capers." After accepting her headdress from the Indian chieftain. as his chosen bride, Martha Lang gracefully steps into the spotlight to portray an Indian princess in her intriguing interpretation of the bridal dance. No carnival show would be complete without a group of clowns, so Pat Daniel, Sandra Luscy, Gayncll Bordes, and Patsy jane White jestingly attempt to interpret the song "Purple Cow" as sung by solo vocalist, Phyllis Landry. l58 Al H4-ww ',,.-nun 1 . LL-. A YLIV -xv - in sk 353,15 1 M AW' "" "' kmkkh 1 59 . ,y,AMm, M ..L.-,.Qw-ff W- M DISTINGUISHED GUESTS ADDRESS STLIDE T BODY Sister M. Leo dresses sophomore Pauline Cusimano in a "Sari," one of many articles which she hrought with her from Pakistan. Sister Leo, a former student and teacher at Holy Angels, returned to New Orleans after spending ten years in the mission fields of Bengal, East Pakistan. to seek support for the' Bengali missions. Witli a wide "Irish smile." Father .Iohn A. O'Brien. well-I-:nown author of Hun' fn IIHU1 CU1lI'F7'f,I', accepts Holy Angels' appreciation of his visit from Gaynell Borcles, president of the student body. Father, in his affahle Irish manner. gave an inspiring talk on winning converts and ended his speech with a rousing Notre Dame cheer for Gay. Reverend Maurice Meyers. S. -I., a memher of the Eastern Rite Jesuits, after addressing the student hody, relates to seniors Gaynell Bordes, Mary jane Kilday, and ,Iessie Mae Bergeron some tales of his intriguing experiences in Shanghai, China. as chaplain of a Russian Catholic Church. Sister Mary Grace, former teacher at A.H.A., and Sister M. Clothilcle. accompanied hy Bohhie Comeaux '55. returned to Holy Angels as student nurses to inform members of the senior class contemplating a nursing career, of their gratifying life and work at Hotel Dieu. This visit, without a doubt, was instrumental in foster- ing many canelidates to the nursing profession. I60 CELESTIAL PATRONS OBTAIN GOD'S BLESSINGS FOR OUR MOST HOLY GUARDIAN ANGELS, we hum- bly ask thy tender care for those who have helped to finance our yearbook. Your assistance will be our ideal way of saying "thanks," for thou art the angels of PROTECTION . . . ADVERTISERS A ja fa f a ttll attel l lyyyt he A 3 Yl'Rll: fl I 't,.5lRL Vllz , A L,EL ,A VLI: l l OR l A ' y R A X s Y A o lbl THE MARIAN ITE PATRONS Mrs. A. Adams Margol' Aguilos Larry Amedee American Awning Co. Theresa Amos Mrs. B. A. Arabie Ingrid Abadie Arabi Park Food Sfore Ursula Armslrong ArnoulI"s Pharmacy ArnoulI's Pharmacy Arrow Supply Miss Beverly Aucoin Mrs. Ivy Aucoin Mr. and Mrs. John Bachemin Mrs. J. Bardin Mr. and Mrs. G. Barnes K. Barrilleaux Family Maclc BarIIe'H' Mr. William Ba'Ies Mr. and Mrs. E. Beclcmeyer John J. Di BenedeHo J. J. Benson Mr. C. A. BeH'encourH Mrs. C. A. BeH'encourH Mr. Maurice BeI'+encourH' Beverly Food S+ore Bevy and WaI+ Mrs. Elenora Biclcman Harrief C. Bilheusf Mr. and Mrs. C. Casbon MaH'hew Casbon Casferina Family Mrs. A. H. Casfilloon Roberl Chadebourne Gilberl J. Chafagnier, Jr. Mrs. Elizabefh Cohill Luz Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' W. Cool: Mrs. Angel Culolla Mrs. John Danos David and Johnny De Blanc's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Degan Mrs. Y. B. Delorl Mary Fai'I'h DeneI"I Leona Dennis Waller Dennis, Jr. Mrs. Waller Dennis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Deulschmann Mrs. John Di BeI'l'a Mr. C. Dillon Mrs. Dillon Deanna Dillon David Dirksen Disfinguished Lea+her Producls Mrs. J. Dominic Belly Jane Dowd Clair Drewes Mr. L. Drouanl' ind Sons AKAEDIPAKI hbllf' r1'Anl- Al Isl- Gallo Family Sandra Schwary's Godmofher Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Glynn Lynn Gomila Mrs. T. V. Gomila Teddy Goschen Elbia Gradiz Mrs. Sue Grady Mrs. H. B. Gravois Mr. and Mrs. E. Grimes Mr. A. Grimillion Miss Chrisline Grimillion Louis Gross Mr. and Mrs. Guerra Loln Guerrere Jane Guidry Mrs. R. Guierneau Miss Janice Marie Guillory Gulf Furnilure Co. Miss Mary Harrigan Mrs. Wm. P. Harrigan, Sr. Mrs. J. S. Harris Mr. and Mrs. V. HaH'ier Mrs. E. Heausler Mrs. L. Held Judy Helmlce Mr. Irl Hendriclc Mrs. Irl Hendriclc Mrs. O. Hendrick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heyden .Mrs.LH9I+I1-SUS- - N E Complimenls of NEIDERMEIER'S GROCERY 7Ol Mazanl' S+. Fr. 9363 NEW ORLEANS, LA. Complimenfs of A F R I E N D Mllill Ll- 1 I A --, CELESTIAL PATRONS OBTAIN C-iOD'S BLESSINGS FOR OUR MOST HOLY GUARDIAN ANGELS, we hum- bly ask thy tender care for those who have helped to finance our yearbook. Your assistance will be our ideal way of saying "thanks," for thou art the angels of PROTECTION . . . if ,tv- 1, ADVERTISERS f ff ,f"""',..::?f . ,f--f y QL 5 7 ,A R O7 Q. y y i ,T , lgiitiii O A A 'R i'ei i etis lbl THE MARIAN ITE PATRONS Mrs. A. Adams Margol Aguilos Larry Amedee American Awning Co. Theresa Amos Mrs. B. A. Arabie Ingrid Abadie Arabi Park Food Slore Ursula Armslrong Arnoull's Pharmacy Arnoull's Pharmacy Arrow Supply Miss Beverly Aucoin Mrs. Ivy Aucoin Mr. and Mrs. John Bachemin Mrs. J. Bardin Mr. and Mrs. G. Barnes K. Barrilleaux Family Mack Barllell Mr. William Bales Mr. and Mrs. E. Beclcmeyer John J. Di Benedello J. J. 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McCarlhy Mr. and Mrs. James McGough Mrs. LoreHa A. Medlin Edgar C. Medlin Mr. and Mrs. C. Medlin Mr. George W. Medlin Mr. and Mrs. Roy Melerine Mem and Pop Mrs. E. Merse Melairie Courl Service Sl'al'ion Aida Miravele Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Misuraca Mrs. Frank Misuraca Mrs. L. G. Monleverdo Mrs. L. Monleverde Vanessa Monliz Jack Morrison Faye R. Morlon Ida Marie Mor'l'on Mrs. H. L. Muller Alvin J. Muller Mrs. Grace McNamara Mrs. N. Nevle Mrs. H. Nicolle Alberline Nie Mrs. E. Olson Olympia Good S+ore Mr. O'Riley Louise Oser Mr. and Mrs. A. Os+arly Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Os'l'arly Norman Os'I'arly George Owens Capt and Mrs. E. Oxhalm Palmyra Gulf Sl'al'ion Mr. and Mrs. Joe Papa Mr. and Mrs. P., H. Pallerson Mr. and Mrs. Numa Pelas Mrs. D. Perez Pa+'s Pharmacy Mrs. Joseph Polilo Mr. and Mrs. Emme'H' Ponder Rosalie Porles Mr. Marcel Poursine Priscilla Preiean Mrs. F. Puccio John Puccio Marie Puissegur Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ouinn Mrs. Slella Radosla Melvin Rayes Mickey Redmond Mrs. L. O. Regan Sandra Richard Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Riviere Paul Riviere Riverside Sfores Rober+'s Jewelry Mr. Conrad Robichaux Mr. J. V. Rock Peler Jules Rodi Mrs. Pe'l'er Rodi Mr. E. Rogers Mrs. E. Rogers Mary Lou Rose J. V. Rosenrhal Mr. and Mrs. E. Rougelonl' Roushar Drugs Clifford Roussells Nancy Roussells Russell's Super Markei' Russ Papalia's Band Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Sala'l'he Mrs. W. P. Salalhe Rosalind Salalhe Yvonne Salalhe Mr. Edwood Salabador Mrs. Elwood Salabador Sacks Deparlmen-l Slore Mr. L. Schernecker James Schiffensrein Schiro's Grocery Mrs. R. F. Schmill' Mr. and Mrs. D. Schwary lrvin Schwary, Jr. Mrs. E. Schwegmann Jacqueline Schroeder Mrs. Frank Sckiemge Mr. and Mrs. V. Scuiria Chris Sensebe Slay Children Dorofhea Smilh Bob Soden Miss Carmela Sofio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sofio Mr. and Mrs. S. Sofio Mr. A. J. Songy Mrs. Al J. Songy Mr. P. J. Songy Mrs. P. J. Songy Richard J. Songy Mrs. Bernice Slaple Janel' Slaple Mr. and Mrs. J. Sleinwincler Slenie and Carol Mrs. A. S+. Germaine S+. Vincenl' De Paul Suburban Shoe S+ore Sunseri's Taormina Bros. Mr. Horace Terry Vera Tooley Joycelyn La Tour Mr. and Mrs. C. Duvalle Yolanda Vallecido Trudy Vallecillo Varanda's Bar Mrs. A. Vargas Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Vichnair Miss Kay Veillion, Ed. '55 Vin+rella's Food Slore Mr. and Mrs. John F. Von Behren Mrs. Wm. G. Vor'l'isch Laura M. Wallace Mary Be'l'h Webre Mrs. Webre Mr. and Mrs. Lu Wesl' Mrs. J. Wichlerich Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wise Mrs. E. Wulsl Zions Slore Mr. and Mrs. J. BeHencour'H I63 Complimen+s of NElDERMElER'S GROCERY 70I Mazanf S+. Fr. 9363 NEW ORLEANS, LA. Complimenfs of A FRIEND AMERICAN DRUG STORE AL DE ROUEN PHARMACY I024 Canal Sfreef ' 3935 S+. Claude Avenue LEONHARD DEPT. STORE BELA A. LYNNE, INC- 32O0 Dauphine Sfreei' Insurance and Bonds 622 Audubon Bldg. Ca. 9343 Gel' Your Shoes MAYER ISRAEL 7I4 Canal S+ree+ From l Ma. 55l l 'T AVENUE LIQUOR STORE 3206 So. CarroII+on Avenue CompIimenI's of ST. CECILIA CHURCH CongraI'uIa+ions 'Io JACKIE BERGERON From Mo'II'1er, Dad and Bro'I'I1ers Congra+uIa+ions 'ro MYRA STEPPE. ANITA CENTANNI, and CYNTHIA TREITLER From Their Paren+s Complimenfs of REUTHER'S FLORIST 7I5 Eganin Sfreei' Cr. I327 By 83I3 ' Congraiulafions +o DOLORES HUDDLESTON4 From Mofher and Dad ANTHONY'S CLEANERS 2020 Lloyds Avenue CHISESI PRIDE PRODUCTS 2032 Lapeyrouse S+. By. 4426 Congrafulafions fo JEANNE ANN ARNOULT From Mr. James Beeson - Cigali Bldg. Complimenis of GOCHAUX 8: MAYER, LTD., INC. 8l7 Union S+. Congra+uIa+ions +o MARGUERITE SOFIO From A Friend Congra+ula+ions +o DOTTI E CANGELGSI From Henry Kramer Congrafulafions fo A MARGARET REMSON Compliment of BLACK ROGERS AND CO. INS. AGENTS ALEXANDER'S FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE I070 S+. Charles Avenue Tu. 5222 EVERETT'S PHARMACY 900 Independence SI'ree'I ACCURATE PLUMBING 8: HEATING COMPANY No. I5 Davis Boulevard 4628 Elmer, Mefairie Congrafulaiions Io MARY DIRKSEN From MoI'I1er and Dad CompIimen'Is of PENNY ARCADE CANAL STREET Nex+ Io Tudor and Globe ALGIERS BAKERY IO0I WI'1i+ney Avenue ECONOMY PHARMACY CHARLES CULOTTA, Propriefor 4200 S+. Claude Avenue Cr. I234 ANGELO'S SERVICE STATION 2538 Leonidas SI. Wa. 7I03 Congra+ula'l'ions +o MYRA STEPPE From HER FAMILY ELMER'S CANDY CO., INC. 540 Magazine Sfreef FAYE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 2247 S+. Claude Avenue Cr. 2727 Congra+ula'I'ions fo JACKIE BERGERON From 1-he Fey Family Congra+ula+ions +o ANNA MAE BROGGI From a Friend Complimenfs of MELBA ICE CREAM COMPANY l706 Almonas+er Avenue EASON-JEANSONNE, INS. AGENCY 82I Poydras Ra. 7267 Congraiulafions fo ihe SENIORS FROM UTLEY PAINT COMPANY 28OI Frenchmen S+. A 81 L MOTORS 900 Fourlh SI'ree1' Wesfwego, Louisiana WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS JOHN J. PETRE, INC. 1206 N. Broad Au. 3895 LEONHARD CLEANERS 32I8 Dauphine S+. Fr. 0757 LABURE'S GROCERY 230I AnneHe S+ree+ We, Ihe Alumnae of Holy Angels Now al' Loyola Universify Send Our Hearfy CongraIuIa+ions 'Io 'Ihe Senior Class of I956. HOPE YOU WILL SOON BE WITH US AT LOYOLA! LOYOLA UNIVERSITY New Orleans, La. Complimenis CLESI'S PHARMACY S+. Claude Avenue and Desire Fr. 0286 Congra1'ula+ions fo MYRNA YURATICH m Mr. Mas and Mr. Mayeaux DE LUXE BELL SUPER MARKET 90l Pie+y S+ree'r Complimen+s of ST. CLAU DE HARDWARE 4208-I0 S+. Claude Avenue Fr. 733I By. 5622 When Thinking Of Cafholic School Uniforms Think Of B ROA DMOOR KIDDIE 81 JR. SHOP 2634 So. Broad S'I'ree+ Tw. I-7949 W I 1 ff U D 64' M W ff ., , W X151 1. Zfm- if ""1"9'a- , .W N'-gba 4' T , ,j ,f"- 71,5 w sf JJ. Xl Af,"'fI' Y 'x ' I 15,777,566 iff N'f'2ffg'f: 'W' A ., , .K gb wx . J DIS: .51 .4 1 x V .rw .y ri . , ri . , . . 0 M853 Q 3. 2415" 1 'gp 5. 4 'iff' ' LL TELEPHONE AN SOUTHERN BE JOE'S JUNGLE BAR 300 Canal Ma. 0804 Congra+uIaI'ions EMMA FERRAND From Dr. J. W. McCurdy Congra+uIaI'ions 'Io ROSELYN BONENO AND SUE TENNYSON From Their Parenfs CompIimen'l's of GENERAL AUTO SERVICE Repairs of All Kinds I I I7 Calliope Tu. 4669 ARROW FOOD DISTRIBUTORS. INC. I405 Jefferson Highway Ve. 5-037I See Jack PeHy af BERNARD 8: GRUNNING GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE 509 Audubon Building Ra. 9525 Congra'I'ula+ions +o BETTY Ll UZZA From Dan Bianca Complimenfs of SCHIRO'S SHOE STORE I020 Canal Sfreef Ma. 3l5I Love and Besf Wishes fo JILL From Mom and Dad Complimenfs ST. MARY OF THE ANGELS SCHOOL JACOBSON'S DEPT. STORE 3325 S+. Claude Va. 7432 Nafionally Adverllsed Merchandise FEATURING BOBBIE BROOKS TEENA PAIGE AND McC-JREGOR Good Luck, BEV From Mom and Dad MR. PETE PALLAID 520 Dumaine S'I'ree+ Congralulafions +o MARY JOAN HAGEN From Mo+her and Dad MEYER'S BAKERY 3400 Dauphine cr. 9I I7 IKE CENTANNI Land Clearing Excavaling Equipmenl' Ren+al Phone 2l-4-5273 Congrafularions fo LYNN DILLON NOVELTY SHIRT SHOP PERRY ROSENBOHN FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCES 3336 S+. Claude Avenue Va. 6932 HENRI PETETIN, INC. Prin'I'ing, S+aI'ionery Engraving, GreeI'ing Cards I 23 CaroncIeIe+ S+ree+ AMERICAN THRIFT 81 FINANCE PLAN, INC. II6 Carondelei' S+. 780I Airline Highway I:ERRARA'S GRAND SUPER MARKET No. 2 6I66 Elysian Fields Ave. Com pIimenI's of L. A. FREY 81 SONS, INC 3925 Burgundy S+. CompIimen+s of ST. PATRICK CHURCH CongraI'uIafions STENIE From Kirfa and Bobby GALLO PLUMBING COMPANY 2I II Amelia S+. Tw. I-4796 Compliment of FAZZIO'S BOWLING LANE I30I N. Rampari' SI'reeI' I78 The paren+s and 'reachers of A. H. A. Help our school in every way: Oul' of inferesls and fhrough lheir love They work wi1'h l'he SCHOOL COOPERATIVE CLUB GALVEZ PHARMACY 3232 Galvez IDA'S LU NCHEON ETTE 30I Camp Sfreei' Complimenfs of LAFAYETTE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY 2l23 Magazine S+ree+ Ra. 9879 Congra+ula+ions +o MARY LEA BILLA From Mofher and Dad "THE PEARL Oysier Bar and Res+au + II9 S+. Charles Ca. 4652 NEW ORLEANS MOTOR CO.. INC. I80I Canal S+. Tu. 8I8I New,ForcI Cars and Trucks SAM GOWLAND, Sales Represenfaiive ' JACK'S ESSO STATION 340I N. Clairborne Ave. Com plimenfs of ST. CECILIA SCHOOL GRAND CLEANERS 8. LAUNDRY H32 Royal SI. INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY CO. I545 Julia S+. Tu. 8I96 G. W. PHARMACY 3209 Franklin Avenue Vi. I50I SCHOTT 8: COMPANY, INC Manufacfurers of I' "Bes+ SI1oI' Brand" QuaIi+y Sausage Serving 'rhe People of New Orleans SINCE I879 ACME SHEET METAL WORKS 600 S+. Roch Avenue Congra+uIa+ions +o MARY CLARE HOGAN From BeHy Jane and James E. Smiih Congra+uIa+ions +o SANDRA LUSCY . From ROSA SPILKA SCHOOL OF DANCING 4025 S+. Claude Avenue Cr. I6l0 CHINESE AMERICAN CO. 7I9 Royal S+. Ma. 2569, BELL SERVICE SHOP 3900 Dauphine S+. Cr. 4733 AUTH EMENT'S FOOD STORE 60I Wes? S+. Bernard Highway F. A. DESLATTE REFRIGERATION 8: AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE 2732 Baudin S+. Complimenfs of COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY I050 So. Jefferson Davis Pkwy. IF IT'S SERVICE YOU LACK CALL JACK Vi. 9226 Congrafulafions fo JANE BURG From Mel CompIimen+s of MARIST FATHERS NOTRE DAME SEMINARY 290I Soufh Carrollfon Ave. ALLEMOND GENERAL MOTOR SERVICE 340I Baronne S+ree+ Tw. I-2582 You can"I' have a breakfasl' wi+hou+ milk, nor a parly wifhouf ice cream. So pick up your phone and call BROWN'S VELVET Their Proclucfs Will Make You Beam JANSSEN'S SERVICE STATION 33l9 S+. Claude Ave. MR. E. M. HELMIGER, General Conlracfor Congraiulaiions +o +he Tl N Y TE E NS Fr. 6844 l HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL OF CHAMPIONS 4950 Dauphine S+. Fr. 002I MUMME'S DEPT. STORE 4I38 S+. Claude Avenue Fr. 40lI Congra+uIaI'ions Io MARILYN LAMARQUE From Mofher and Dad MESSINA'S FOOD MART 9l5 Decafur SI'ree+ SAID'S FOOD STORE I000 CIoueI' S+. Cr. 45I0 ST. MARY'S ITALIAN C.Y.O Corner Gov. Nicholls and Clmrfres Dances Every Friday Nighf SPORL SHOE STORE 2524 D.-.uphine s+. sy. ezao SANTICH MARINE TOWING SERVICE 2802 Bruxelles S+. Congra'ruIa+ions Io THE SENIORS From Sisfer CarmeI's Juniors CongraI'uIa'rions Io THE SENIORS From Ihe Freshman Classes MIRAMON CONSTRUCTION CO. Fa. 4845 ST. CLAUDE CLEANERS I 607 Desire S+. PAN-GUL DISTRIBUTORS, INC. ICOFFEEI I636 Sf. Roch Avenue P. 81 M. TEXACO SERVICE CENTER ORIGINAL REMNANT SHOP, INC II39 N. Ramparf SI. 625 Canal Sf, ORLEANS BROOM 8: MOP MFG. CO. 3400 Burgundy S+. Fr. 603I NU-PELICAN FOOD STORE I 023 IbervIIIe S+. CompIimenI's of PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. Congra+uIa+ions +o FLORENCE CRIFASI From Your Family JURISICH 8: LARSEN MOTOR FREIGHT LINE II55 Cons+ance S+. Ca. 4263 HEMSTREET PHARMACY 26I5 Dreux Ave. HAYE'S DAIRY 6930 S+. Claude Ave. Cr. 5556 HAYDEL'S PHARMACY Alvar a+ N. Clairborne Fr. OI97 GREEN DIAMOND RESTAURANT 81 BAR 840 Independence S+. Cr. 955l JOS. BINDER BAKERY 2609 S+. Claude Ave. JOHN P. BAVIDO, REALTOR 347 CarondeIe+ Ra. 32I2 Congra+uIa+ions +o BETTY MACALUSO From ReIa+ives and Friends Complimen+s of PICOU BAKERY 250l Bayou Road N. O., La. GEORGE W. GROETSCH II36 Magazine S+. Ra. I386 Good Luck and Fu+ure Happiness CYNTHIA ANN From Auni' Rose, Uncle Emile, Aunl' Mary, Uncle Eddie and George EARNEST CLEANERS 8: DYERS 3423 N. Roclweblave Cr. 3l82 For Fun Affer Class, Join fhe M. B. YOUNG SET CLUB Fifrh Floor Maison Blanche GARDENERS 8: SHIPPERS ICE MFG. CO. I20I Mazanl' S+. and Forsrall and Dauphine Sis. FONTAINE'S BEAUTY CENTER S+. Charles Ho'I'el Ma. 5539 MIKE PERSIA CHEVROLET CO. 300 Norfh Rampari' Sfreei' Always Open +o Serve You 24 Hours Paris and Service Complimen'rs of PAP'S FOOD STORE 3l42 S+. Claude Avenue Congra+ula+ions Io Ihe SENIORS From SR. CATHERINE OF SIENA'S SOPHS Congra+uIaI'ions FROM A FRIEND ALLEN B. CAMBRE LUMBER 81 SUPPLY CO. 3325 Orleans Avenue ARTHUR J. GUILLOT, INC. DRESSED MEATS 81 PACKING HOUSE PRCDUCTS 339 Charbonnei' S+reeI' Fr. 3I29 Congra+uIa+ions CYNTHIA DENNIS From Mr. and Mrs. William Karbon Complimenis of MERCY HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 30I N. Jefferson Pkwy. HAYDEL-LASSEINGER GULF STATION 3 I 36 GenI'iIIy Boulevard Complimenis of MARKS ISAAC CHILDREN'S DEPT. LABICHE'S, INC. 30I Baronne S'IreeI' JEFFERSON ROOFING 81 SHEET METAL WORKS LOUISIANA FOOD STORE ZQQO Me+ai'-ie Road II29 Elysian Fields FLORAL DISPLAYS FOR ALL OCCASIONS E . A. FARLEY FLORIST Gen+iIIy Terrace Nursery 3333 Gen+iIIy Boulevard Ev. I4I4 Complimenfs of SCHOOL PICTURES, INC The Complefe PI1o+ograpl1ic Service QuARTARARo's GROCERY 700 Clairborne Avenue WEBER'S YOUR UPTOWN GIFT SHOP 3240 So. Carrolllon Avenue Au. 7466 KIRCHEM'S PHARMACY 3l00 S+. Claude By. 3385 RADIOEAR HEARING AIDS Maison Blanche Bldg. Ra. 69II NEVLE REFRIGERATOR 8: AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE ye. 3,1361 Congra+uIa+ions +o Our GrandcIaugI1'I'er CYNTHIA ANN From Papa and Aunl' Marie B. 8: C. LINOLEUM 8: TILE MART 3004 Tulane Avenue Au. 3809 Congrafulalions JOY COMPAGNO From Uncle Dominic Congra+uIa'l'ions +o KATHERINE KOUTROULIS From Her Paren+s MINTZ 8: MINTZ QUALITY FURNITURE 547 Baronne Cr. 5724 LIVAUDAIS PHARMACY 2733 Dauphine Cr. I6I6 Congra'I'uIa+ions +o KATHLEEN HENDRICKS From Margaref and Jim Love and Bes'I' Wishes CYNTHIA ANN From Mo+her, Dad, Nannie, and Uncle Louis BEST CLEANERS 37II S+. Claude Avenue ROUSHAR REXALL DRUGS 240I Preniiss Avenue Congra+uIa+ions 'Io ANNIE SLAVICH From Her Family ,za Congrafulaiions Io MARY LOUISE PALAZZO From NAMI'S JEWELRY STORE If I I I I I I 1 I I I II E TF 'I I I I4 II HJ CongraI'uIa+ions +o CYNTHIA MONTALBANO From Mo+I1er, Daddy, SisI'er, Grandmofher Grandfafher, and An+I1ony Monfalbano BURTON'S HARDWARE 81 PAINT STORE 2025 Meiairie Road Congrafulafions +o CLARENCE'S BAR PHYLLIS RAGUSA I400 Congress S+reeI' From a Friend JOS. MIRAMON PLUMBING 8: HEATING By. II68 MAGNOLIA ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION RADIO AND TV REPAIR MAN 237 Basin S+ree+ Cr. 9820 Congra+uIa+ions +o +he SENIORS From MRS. GIBSON'S SOPHOMORE CLASS MEYDRICH'S VENICE GARDEN SUPER FOOD MARKET 2727 so. CLAIBORNE AVE. BRITE WAY CLEANERS 3303 Gen. Meyer Fo. I-5I II Congra'IuIaI'ions Io MARY ALICE COLLINS From DOUGLAS PUBLIC SERVICE CORP. Congra'I'uIa+ions Io ROSELYN BONENO From TAYLOR'S NEW YORK STATE WINES LESLIE'S APPLIANCE 8: FURNITURE 2047 Me+airie Road CompIimen+s of W. GOLDTHWAITE PRINTING CONTRACTOR Fa. 753I CongraI'uIa'Iions Io JOY ANN CANTELLI From Mo+I1er, Faiher, and Broiher I WW, ..I, .gg . , ,L -:UI In ,If VII rw I fun Af Mm, mf- , 5 S3 :F 9,1 Congra+uIa+ions +o MARY HANDAYAN From Iv1o+I1er, Dad, and Sis+ers KEYTHOL OF LA., INC. JACK SEITHER, Presiden+ 504 S+. Charles Avenue Ma. 4852 LEHON'S PROTECTION POLICE SERVICE. INC. Ma. I765 Open 24 Hours Congra+uIa+ions +o CATHERINE PUCCIO From VALLEY SUPER MARKET I526 Alvar S+. BUD'S FLOWER SHOP ST. MARY,S ITALIAN CHURCH 5707 S+. Claude Ave. Fr. I342 HOTEL DIEU SCHOOL OF NURSING Na+ionaIIy AccrecIi+ecI 420 S. Prieur S+. SISTER CARLOS, Adminis+ra+or Congra+ula+ions +o ROSELYN BONENO From A. BOLOGNA AND COMPANY 5I4 Nor+h Claiborne Avenue Ra. 9766 Congra+uIa+ions +o clEuEf,3EsS+H3R2wARE ANTOINETTE MAMERTO va. .I553?u e From I MoI'I1er, Dad, and Family I RANSON INDUSTRIAL LIFE INS. CO., INC. I024 Elysian Fields Ave. Fr. 3l I7 Congra1'uIa+ions 'I'o PHYLLIS RAGUSA From Mom and Dad LA ROSE SUPER STATION 3200 S. CarroII+on Ave. CompIimen+s TIPERY STUDIO I25 Camp S+. PORTRAITS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Congra+uIaI'ions Io BARBARA ZIMMERMAN From Mrs. M. Zimmerman BORN IO'S PHARMACY 4227 S+. Claude Avenue CongraI'uIaI'ions +o DORIS MOORE From A FRIEND :JI CongraI'uIa'rions Io MARY ELLEN D'ANGELO From Mommie WILLIAM JOHNSON 81 SONS 83 I Mon+egu1' CompIimenI's of ST. CLAUDE VARIETY COMPANY 42I0 S+. Claude Ave. Fr. 733I SERVING THIS COMMUNITY FOR 35 YEARS GOLD SEAL CREAMERY 520 S+. Alexander Au. 44-3I II I I 191 k. -..A 1Lu-,a. 1 , CongraI'uIa'Iions Io MARILYN McVILLE From Mom and Dad CongraI'uIa'I'ions Io MARY CLARE HOGAN From Mofher, Dad, and Jimmie LEE FURNITURE CO. GENERAL LINE OF FURNITURE I507 S+. Bernard Ave. Va. 387I REMBRAN DT STU DIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS 924 Canal S+. Ra. 8928 CongraI'uIaI'ions Io LAUREL NOONAN From Mo+her and Dad ROYAL BROOM AND MOP CO I056 Annunciafion HI -LI ESSO SERVICE I050 Friscoville Ave. Arabi, La. Congrarulafions fo ANTONINA PIAZZA From Her Parenls l. A. KRAMER SERVICE, INC. Heafing, Plumbing, Welding, Air-Condi+ioning i525 PAULINE ST., CORNER N. CLAIBORNE BEL - VUE DRUGS 740 N. Rampari Sireel' Congra+ula+ions +o KATHLEEN HENDRICKS From Philip and Clare Congralulalions +o MARY ELLEN D'ANGELO From Mr. and Mrs. Ma++l1ew Greco and Family Tl1ere's No Place Like Holmes N. O. Qualify Dept Slore D. H. HOLMES 81 C.O, LTD. 8I9 Canal S+. Tu. 66l l is A 5 I99 Complimenfs of TONY'S SPAGHETTI HOUSE 2 I 2 BOURBON ST. TEE - KAY DISTRIBUTING CO. "FRITOS" KRAMER TRANSFER 8: STORAGE, INC. 534 - 536 Tchoupi+oulas S+. Congra'I'ula+ions +o SUE DUGAS From Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Dugas Complimen+s of HOLY CROSS FATHERS SACRED HEART CHURCH I39 S. Lopez S+. "Pray for Our Missions in Palcisfanf' LIONEL'S BARBER SHOP Three Barbers +o Serve You 2726 Canal Au. 804I ROBERTS SERVICE STATION 4305 S+. Claude Ave. Fr. 9395 Complimen+s of CHECKER CAB CO. of New Orleans, lnc. Congralulalions lo MARTHA GRAF- FIA from Grandmofher Graffia, Aun'r Mary, Aunl' Anna, Auni' Ka+ie, Fafher, Auni' Mary, Uncle Ray, Mo+l1er, Dad, and Bro+l1ers. Congra+ula+ions +o CATH ERI N E NACARIO From Family Congralulalions fo MARY ELLEN D'ANGELO From Mr. ancl Mrs. Vincenl' Morales and Family Congraiulafions +o CAROL CLARK From Mofher and Dad Congra+ula+ions +o SHERRY GUILLORY From Kirby Guillory, General Con+rac+or 4826 CON DOR ST. Ve.3-5604 ROlG'S PAINTS 81 SUPPLY 240I S+. Claude Va. 2995 Complimenfs +o JOAN CLESI From A Friend Use For Your Insurance Needs CaII Ma. 5I54 NOWELL SCHAUMBERG 736 UNION STREET Congra+uIa+ions +o THE MARIANITE STAFF OF I956 PETE MILANO'S ICE 8200 Oleander LORENZ 81 SABRIER JEWELERS I26 Baronne Congra+uIa+ions Io CLAIRE ANN BOLLINGER From Mo+I1er and Daddy Complimenfs of JR. SODALITY OF STS. PETER 81 PAUL "To Jesus Through Mary" STAFF OF '56 EXPRESSES GRATITUDE In appreciation of all those who have given generously of their time and talent, or who have-in any way contributed toward the production of this book, we, THE MARIANITE Staff of 1956 wish to express our thanks, and especially to: . . . THE HOLY GHOST, for His constant inspiration, . . OUR GUARDIAN ANGELS, who aided us by their protection and guidance, . . . SISTER M. CATHERINE OF SIENA, for her time, patience, and enthusiastic sponsorship, . . . MOTHER M. ADRIAN, whose kindness and cooperation made this book possible, . . . SISTER M. MARTINA and the FACULTY, for their ever-ready help, . . MISTER BOB AGUILERA, for his assistance in photography, . . . SENIORS OF GILMOUR ACADEMY, for their aid in selecting our 1956 Beauty Court, . . . TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY, for their fine work in this publication, . . . OUR ADVERTISERS, whose generosity toward THE MARIANITE contributed much to its successg . . . OUR FELLOW A.H.A. STUDENTS, for their constant support in helping to make our book a reality. May we once again extend our thanks to everyone, and may God love you always. THE MARIANITE STAFF OF '56 204 N3 Q? "W X wx N -4 R NX 5 S.. 1 5 S ' ,,f-iw. I a3:fwfP5:gl29Svlw, 4 . 1u?,qm TA J ' ' W The LITHOGRAPHED BY LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS . TEXAS Besf Ywxrbooks are TAYLORMADIT 'S . Vik 'Bi Q i n w .. ,..,3,i 3gi 5 A A X Y K? at , W N M A 'X i k . 5559 , n.?1N"i . X N Vx Og' 1. .p t 1 x 'wr' 'R ,' . I . is-JE , s . 4 1, ws Af' k as agi ai? fx V , A+ NHS, , , , A 4 ,L , L, g w. fe- 'fn v X 'W qwxf' mt:-wi sf, Hx if : , gg: 0. Q z K 3 4 H. ,Rl :V " i ,, my ff 5 Ysi 1 WP? Q x Q .,b. ,J W. V s ff? Wars' Miken "' iw! +4 5 '54 H Y-wax., . L Mfr, 0' . frjf,,, p?x,' 3 Q Q Wg, JL 'U'-'f' mf 'FQ -e Q ff -32" ,W 'v2f' l'. gS ' N 3 ' 5 ,I 1x:fAb"i,'ff TA J ' ' L, '1 Ria- Q' 7' O in 4 'Qu A x 2.10 PM n"M I sxrf, , ,,VL ix, ,L 'fy Q X I QA .A fu B ':miQff ' ' 43. 37 43 vw' "A 2 we gb A ?'r ff. 15, sv--' J I .. Q 31253. mf 14, 1' Q fi Q, ::f"n AK.: ab ml 4, Q Aa' 1 ef R V Nb ,, x , I? ,.,V 7: ,, JZ s 'P u ,' .. Lina H55-A -mga 'H Q ,Phu I -J : . y.. 1' A. ,,. , , vi 15" 'f er tial, f 'YQ f 55.31 4 , im 455 M L' -4 Q 'Y' K sf af 2

Suggestions in the Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) collection:

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 210

1956, pg 210

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 132

1956, pg 132

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 57

1956, pg 57

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 209

1956, pg 209

Academy of the Holy Angels - Marianite Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 30

1956, pg 30

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