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I' 7' 1 1 GS 523 as EEE fbi' nl lil u, - .. 5 .. - . . Cr - 1" Y ,. QW -::.z . f"xH H. 1 -qq., ,v. ': I 1,5 "1 X - . u gli I X W pw li .V ,x ix '. X-y Q, 1 sg ,O X21-,7, f . Y f 2 95 EW W 57 - .1 ' Q25 . 'E of sf' x u V s A 5 lv I .. ,- AX ' 'Q A n ' Q6l5Hw'?fi23 -E m9 - ' Qs A " 9 O S K nm? ..1 3 E- gf 6'fffa2 f -N sf-Q CD VA Q2 .iffy ffm" ' I w LU :Q I a : : . 3. 0 9 W ' f A ' ' iff kv I . .4 ,f ' Ss .. , Yl.-A?-1 !'i":J"i ... 43: ,J I, 1- A ' '-4 -,v-'igi.1:.,,?'E5'f, J'- ips 22?iXQO'0g? .,-.' v : ' J: via A K? I' .1 x C ' r tt f :I A " 'IJ lm ug' I XY - 41. ' 5 3 I W4 V I Q3 1"- 6 21 V? 3 is bf A : ' 4 ii' X X - i I . W U Rv 3' "' 4 .gg f 'Q Q5 E S E- A , --. U3 el' 1153? , I yr." Q M lug. ,m 4-1 Rv 'wiI9Ts1'S elf? QA Qcggifg 5 fs ....Q,,,Q,?W Q 1 THE WINNING HAND gf15'5il52Q9 6155!-QA ? 7 Q Ln J I . Q' Ang? ,Wei L,s I.. cnkciiil l 5' f I --' li, " '. r I 5 .Q, Q3 1 P-4 JM, .4 Z , X Ac. P O w ir' gk Nfggz , J, 4 f' A , Q33 I v N dx j fri? QQ , " A .iff '48 'fbi 5' .1 ' 'I Q- 0 f- Q -V C ' N 1 'Q .K I - I r r x ,' ' X 4365 A Y Q? " "'4 W' fam, "ff, 'f'??f13f- I . 1' f Q? 3 is ' ip. ' n n -W, .I . .fJ....-g1!-. X ., 6 at n nn xivxu if , " C 7 ' ' 1 'fm ' ' 'E' nl' 4 L -" IW C' ' A "WU fi fi C Q1 0 Q u K g, H1980 A NEW DECADEM THE BUMBLEBEE YEARBOOK ACADEMY HIGH SCHGGL LITTLE RIVER- ACADEMY, TEXAS VOLUME XVIII X. Touchdown? Virgil Canady shows the stress of concentration while playing elec- tronic football. Kiss a pig? Regina May holds a pig while Mrs. Hodge kisses it for a fund-raising project sponsored by the annual staff. 0 'QQ 2 YJ 50 9PlU!AA UUA UWPX 'H 91-gf sgumg .tapun 'V :s.ransuv, Question: . . . A. Can you find the ball? B. Can you indentify the man carrying the ball'?' Over the rim, through the net, 2! Cindy McCray scores two points on a fast break against Liberty Hill, while Jana Bruggman 1421 is there to lend a hand. The final score was 49-16 Academy. IT,S ANYBODY'S GAM . , Y j E75lKr' fr4,,g57 INN N t-. rv .M-.K , -S .. M: ---T73 ff33YfQF'l5i,95Q3?fW?T,,' i .. we YW mr M f " ' he ' .. i .-93425 as i . , V for ,,,, -. V Munch! Munch! Munch! Chow down on lunch . . . Ronald Van Winkle poses for the camera Future Farmer ol' America . . . John as Michael Poncik, Oscar Garcia, and Larry Springer "pig out" on their regular Thursday McBryde studies his agricultural notes hamburgers. before taking a major quiz. Spirit, let's hear it! Spirits rise as students set the mood of a pep rally by clapping to the music of the band. . 990 259 GQ 'B Pick a number, any number Greg Pustka and Clay Wright put 100 on the number of their choice in hopes the wheel will stop on it and they will win a prize. The wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular booths at the annual Halloween Camival. The wheel is run by Mr. and Mrs. Monk. it L fs ,- . t .. A Nxt' i ,i,A,,--1-A3 ,J .lr , - swf s . tlaal t mum - q,.vmff,.. 5 'Q k Q he if . A-f R ,f,,.M.- t- t as - ' .4 - - ,ji t. kph, -- V X X X , ' is , wt. l r Q M N I. if . Q, Q 'X ,fs . ' l I is if iw- 5 to , sw my 'fi sk fl' 'W up 'K li 'gi gg. ff z ' , , f - .,,:, A 2 I is ll 7 sa Ni .ts l got-cha . .. Kinxdergarteners release excess energy while playing during their break. -4 '4 52 We gf? .5 isis ft mf - X111 'lllizff S! . 1 1 .SF is t, , W , . f - , it We E f 2493 e' '-:Q " iff -M . ' V . f , -. -. ggi Lliiif ff: :, ef tg Q iw . li x X f f: -W. y if ' i f S R, "And the creases in your trousers, dear" Annette Doskocil, playing the mother, practices her lines and movements for one act play competition. THE OPENING BID i i "The Bees are not out of it yet!" Coach Gommert tries to raise enthusiasm with his pep talk to the football boys and crowd. . . EX G0illg ll0lIle - - - S116 Bulls, Bobby Hafley, Felice Navidad . . . Spanish club member, Roy Craft, holds the piriata while John and Debra Tyler fight for a seat on the Van Winkle and 3rd graders watch Lorenna Bird attempt to break it open. bus after a long day at school. .630 QQZQ 'U The old looms over the new . .. In the windows of the new 19,000 sq. foot elementary building one can see a reflection of the old ele- mentary school. Thus ends 40 years of service from the old frame structure that not only housed the elementary, but at times the Jr. high, until l973 when the Jr. high annex was completed. For grades K-6 the new elementary means better facilities and much needed classroom space. Boy, this is heavy Keith White and other eager students help move into the new elementary school. O 400- Z gr 'io Boy, do they have talent! Academy teachers Grady Barganier and Carl Cooper sound out their musical talent at the coronation. Say, how about a little yell!?? Robin Pres- ley demonstrates that being a cheerleader isn't all glamour. It takes hard work to get everyone to yell during a pep rally. Rock around the clock . . . Drill team, twir- lers, and band get the pep rally off to an enthusiastic start as they perform their halftime entertainment. Get into the music . , . Everyone really gets involved when the TJC Pop Ensemble played such tunes as "Jane" and "The Rose". 1256060 O 'X EET xfgiwuv, ,, IA ,gg Q if 5 I 'R E' 4' ' ' ' if ,ff ' 1 13 "'31a'4:Ei 4M Y A 5 ! 2 va " ' t y ff' g , 'K ' , r' ' P' ' ws f f ' L 1v em, ,,,, H 51 14? ' Ffa, Q ' a' ' ,Nah W ,, ,, EL M n ' ' iw W.,-., . .r fn: ' X ,, Yi WW", WWE, .. 1 ff' ,.., W. A W", ' Vi- sa. 1 4 W l Lffli 1v7"I' T.-z wi' -it WW I Y I Q L 'X 1 Q ' I L ! 1 J ,Z ' Q 'l gxa-swa 15 'f if ' 'a ' Ms 3. a U 3 f!13?GhlH www .1 Y -.- ' 'fzi " ' 1 ,,,. L ' 1, awwflilr-I b, ws 'LQ Lf- ' 7 ' -' ffm in .xtx swgrekxh i , -1 .gr QE, gi . , u -,"' w -2- -X ,, , -- ,S J' -, ,f ., X, . ,,,,,, . WH ,,..,..- ,.,.r..,,, i , 1 P' , . W 73 QALM X' 'Ni' Q D 5 A A fi! 43 E an 5' "' fY 51,11 P? 4 WK 1 Q ,, ,, ,, , , .Z' '1 1 QT' 11 ,' U-fl' fkfif: , .f, M --NN "'N ww:-gpfli, , --1 2 XX -' ' if' ' 1"-' W"""'5"' ,."':,,,,1'1-21" 'V M :,U,,:q-1.:Eig:.Q4': .... 5L.,W,L '44 "' fn F ' A ' 'N 'WQSQ3 Mmf'3if,lQk'Nb55,wfxii-VViE1f?5,.,!5l'15-2535? X x AX ,, af , ,, L m N w ,HA 'W' 1' Sw ,fi ,,,,, - f' Q' , uw? W ' W " 5..f , ' 1 1 ' i Elf v ,zli F224 -223653 , L:wQEQiEw1.7.1.2314111551 "-N , Q ' f 1 S" ' --'11QYESEQQE-:uiWx' I is 4 , 1 'N 7 f 3' 1 1 W pw. .,V,, 1 M, --QE?" Q. ll'llE!'3i3I?f?iY1: ,- wim 1 Am' F Him, L L W H N 1, Qi., ,- 1,1 hp 1 V ' "V ff?Zf,53in5'f"ff::31I'l,'71ii5f'5 1 f' f "l ml' ,v:W'1i" u A CARNIVAL ATMO PHERE ' ' T406 .'.':'l':: lf- 6 A S y Your majesty Crowning the Jr. class queen, Rhonda Robinson, is Mrs. Hodge who is one of the Jr. class sponsors. The Jrs. raised over S1000 this year. A big crowd . . . People gather at the coro- nation to see the crowning of the Kings and Queens. Q00 2 so N . ., " "'W'Ai"f3'3f 3555191152 MN . g T N t - Q t t , ' Z ffiflli ' "It's gonna make it!" Larry Miller chunks the football at the tire as eighth grade workers look on during the carnival. xA 'DJ SK J -liix Zff nA'A, 6 -I' ' 3,q2R7a-QR - dp A xii 9 " 1 I a nz: -Lf wx- , 9 4 -, .A As.. ' '65 ' ."' 'A Zz' "Egg " , 151 '-.. J: x K llf' 7 Y ," X' ik- EI ' VN: I.f v , If 'Q v"""v"'l ' , 5 1 3 na . 'lf-1 - ' 2133: 1 01 LA .1 - - F . A i 'l . 4 5 uf' IB Fw: N ' If stia 14 Q. .s iff? ' Q 4 VX-X H 0 .2 nf 'A ' 3, . WM Q x' . Intensity of the game. Coaches Tommy George and Grady Barga- nier, along with members of the varsity football team, watch anx- iously as the game progresses. The Grand Entrance Seniors take the lead of the football players as they enter the pep rally! Jimmy Ralston, Scott Behr. and Darrel Braeutigam were three of the nine seniors that provided leadership for the team. This year the varsity squad had a 5-5 season. George Tomastik had an outstanding 1,011 yards this season and gained 191 yards against Troy. Joey Koenig had a 62 yard punt in the Florence game. The defense allowed all the teams together to score 100 points against them. The Offense scored a total of 135 points all season. 92: o ft fr Q 1 1 1 y 1 1 1 1 Agony along with victory. Kevin Van Winkle 1331 and Ricky Barga- nier f6lj assist Donald Curlee 1505 off the field after he was hurt during the Academy and Evant game. Along with Donald were three more injuries during the game. AGGNY, HARD WORK, M USCLE Pointed to Victory! Coach Elton Ramthun signifies the winning plays, to the men on the field. The football players won the pre-dis- trict game against Evant, 35-6. Tough Enough? The senior guys provide the leadership for their team. They arezftop rowj S. Behr, K. Ralston, G. Tomastik, D. Braeutigam, M. Freedle, Gnd rowj F. Alvarado, S. May, K. Van Winkle, J. Ralston. fx A11 as I Exercise! Practice! Win! Seniors Scott Behr and Kenny Ralston help each other while strengthening their muscles. Quick on the line! Sacking the Reisel Indi- ans' quarterback is senior Jimmy Ralston. If help is needed, Stanley May, Donald Curlee, Mike Moon, and Ricky Ramthun are there to give all they can. 6:3 SQO Q: 'z 3,5 H s TNS! . K f 3 lt's no flunble . . . Donald Curlee hangs tightly to the ball as an Evant Elk tries to take it away. Wayne Lisenbe and Perry Cortese are assisting Curlee. 4 GET THE JOB DO All District awards . . . First Team Offense All-District awards were given to George Tomastik fbackj and Stanley May fguardj. First Team Defense awards were given to Jimmy Ralston fsec-def. backj and Vincent Kasa flinebackerj Second Team Defensive awards were given to Donald Curlee fnoseguardj, Frank Alvarado fdef. endj and Joey Koenig Cdef. backj. Scott Behr was awarded Honorable Mention. , 5.4 2.-will Super Stars! ftop rowjz Coach E. Ramthun, Coach J. D. Gommert, G. Schneider Mgr., S. Behr, S. Andrews, G. Tomastik, M. Moon, S, Presley, J. Koenig, W. Lisenbe, M. Ramsey, Coach T. George, Coach D. McCrayg fmiddle rowjz Coach G. Barganier, V. Kasa, R. Ramthun, D. Tomastik, J. Ralston, K. Ralston, D. Braeutigam, P. Cortese, P. Panepintog Cbottom rowjc F. Alvarado, D. Curlee, S. May, M. Freedle, K. Van Winkle, R. Barganier, T. Dees, Mgr. 65 SQO Q: P Enter the mighty Bees J. V. marches in procession before A,C,T,l,0,N The Bees Scramble around while trying to attending their Weekly DCP rally. tackle a Bremond player. The J. V. team beat Bremond 22-6. I I I I 39 -190 Split the pot . . . The 1979 Junior Varsity Football team divide district winnings with Rogers. The team is composed of Ctop rowj Coach E. Ramthun, Coach D. McCray, Coach J. D. Gommert, B. Poncik, J. Stone, G. Ramthun, B. Williams, J. Beimer, B. Collins, M. Tuerck, B. Bennett, D. Mooney, K. Wheeler, Coach G. Barganier, Coach T, Georgeg f2nd rowj F. Vasicek, D. Easley, T. Love, P. Kubacak, M. Entzminger, B. Parks, T. Colacino, R. Chudej, D. Kurecka, L. Craft, R. Beasley, 13rd rowj M. Parks, R. White, R. Underwood, R. Hester, J. Williams, G. Pustka, P. White, A. Schneider, B. Tomastik, G. Van Cleave, A. Johnson, V. Schiller, fbottom rowj V. Knight, K. Owens, J. Van Winkle, S. Reeves, S. Sodek, M. Ancira, R. Harmon, R. Craft, J. Ashby, S. Wheeler. . . PLIT THE POT FUR DI TRICT WINNING Going for extra yardage . . . Quarterback. Bobby Poncik hands the football off to Gary Ramthun as they play against the Bremond Tigers. Academy won the contest 22-6. Together we're better . . . Gary Ramthun. Paul White and fellow players collaborate on the task of tackling a Bremond player. 6 Oi SQ Q J ST BUMPIN' AROUN Even though they had a 5-4 sea- son. the varsity team placed sec- ond in the District Tournament. Some outstanding members of the team that received all-district awards were D'Ann Schnieder flst teaml. Roxie Hunka fist teamj, Holly Hunt 12nd teamj, and Melanie Bruggman Chonora- ble mentionj. The 1979 Academy girls volleyball team was under the leadership of Coach Danny McCray. What a set! Kathleen Ohnheiser sets the ball up to Regina May: Cindy Martin is ready to help out. Working their way to the top! J. V. Volleyball players prac- Watching attentively! Coach Danny McCray along with his substi- To 91 6 tutes watch the game with great interest. tice to be perfect. They are Ctop rowj B. Baugh. C. McCray, fVarsity Transferj, L. Lisenbe. K. Ohnheiser. T. Bauer- schslag, Coach D. McCray. tbottom rowj S. Bulls. M. Emer- son, D. Olson, L. Heller. R. Martinez, T. Coyne CP Teamwork! . . . D'Ann Schneider and Holly Hunt work together to hit the ball over the net. Mary Martin and Melissa Kelso are stand- ing by for help. Second Again! Varsity volleyball players took second in the district tourney. They were defeated by Thorndale for the sec- ond year! Players arefTop Row: Coach D. McCray Middle Row: D. Schneider. M. Bruggman. R. Hunka. M. Kelso Bottom Row: P. Silvers. R. Presley. H. Hunt. J. Bruggman. C. Emerson. R. May. Front: G. Silvers Take it over! Robin Presley bumps the ball over the net while Melanie Bruggman and Holly Hunt Wait to see whether Lib- erty Hill is going to hit the ball, Bump it up! Varsity volleyball players practice their thing and warm up before they play. Q5 OK SQ X9 S-I-N-K, Sink it, Gator, Sink it . . . Shawn Presley attempts to make two points while Kenny Ralston, George Tomastik, and Joey Koenig stand by for the possible rebound. Academy went on to beat Gran- ger 69 to 63. Get up off your feet . . . David Tomastik tries to score a goal in the Troy game as Robert Underwood looks on to assure the points. The Bumblebees massacred the Trojans 59 to 28. Jump up high . . . Johnny Stone jumps up to rebound the ball as Mac Parks waits to give assistance in the game against Troy. Rebound . . . Bubba Collins, Gerald Schneider, and Greg Putska wait for the rebound as the J.V. takes on Florence. Academy downed the Buffaloes 67 to 41. gs Q90 M.-.Na 7.8-sw.m'. BEES SHUFFLE DI TRICT What a season! The varsity had a terrific 20-7 season and finished 3rd in district. All-District awards were given to Joey Koenig flst teamj, E. J. Bird 12nd teamj, and George Tomastik and Paul White fHonorable Mentionj. Led by captains, George and E.J., the team won the Holland Tourney and for the first time in a number of years beat Rogers two out of three games. Aiming for the hoop Members of the 79-80 varsity basketball team are fback rowj Coach T. George, E. J. Bird, G. Tomastik, M. Moon, J. Koenig, S. Presleyg ffront rowj S. Andrews, D. Curlee, K. Ralston, P. Richards, P. White. and J. Ralston. Burnin' the court . . . The Jr. Varsity had a successful season of I0-5. Members are Cback rowj Coach G. Barganier. D. Tomastik, J. Stone. G. Ramthun. M. Tuerck, B. Collins. G. Schneider, W. Lisenbe, and M. Parksg fbottom rowj J. Ashby. L. Craft. G, VanCleave, R. Underwood, D. Kurecka, G. Putska. and V. Schiller. Dribblin' on up . . . Members of the 79-80 freshmen basketball team are flop rowj S. Sodek, R. Beasley. B. Bennett, B. Williams, B. Poncik, R. Grayhek, A. Schneiderg fbottom rowj K. Owens, V. Knight, W. Talasek, T. VanCleave, R. Craft. A. Johnson, and Coach J.D. Gommert. 65 Q90 'L WORKI G TO THE TOP . . . ww' Block shot and ready for rebound . . . Jana Bruggman attempts to block a shot while team- You'd better look alive as Robin Presley mates Holly Hunt, Robin Presley, and Annette Underwood wait for the rebound. searches for a teammate to throw the ball vmog-'-,.l 522292 Eg'-19,04 9-7Q"" 32: 222 8'-t5.-gOf- :s"'ro-'3-""5Z o."'K4"W o mms' 'UHQQDFD '-Q,!3m w 2 D-wQ"7"' 0280-12 5':r:Dg'sf an UCL: 5:2555 :re"S5'e' '5','25",.,ooEl 5"'EWO.-+v,3- Q-'-HON wT'2c1.Q- Q-xo:-'om gs Q90 to in hopes of two points. Ten ways to win . . . Varsity team members are: L. Lisenbe, G. Silvers, P. Silvers, R. Presley A. Underwood, H. Hunt, J. Bruggman, C. McCray, R. Hunka, Coach D. McCray. Up for two Florence Buffalos' 450 goes up for two but not without the resist- ance of Cindy Martin and Linda Heller. Even though the J.V. fought hard, they were downed by the Florence Varsity 48- 25. A high hand . .. Rita Martinez gets up a high hand during the Academy J.V. vs. Florence varsity game, which was held during the annual Academy Tournament. Second Hand . . . Underclassmen take the responsibility of gaining experience on the basketball court under the supervision of Coach Danny McCray. They had a 6-6 season. J.V. basketball team members are: Coach D. McCray, T. Bauerschlag, B. Braeutigam, M. Emerson, T. Norman, N. Lynn, K. Baker, C. Martin, L. Heller, R. Martinez, and D. Olson. S o9x sQ 'lf Faster than a speeding bullet . . . Sprinter Jana Bruggman struggles for a top posi- tion in the 200 meter dash in the Bruce- ville-Eddy Relays, but was only able to recover third. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound . . . Hurdler Annette Underwood shows her winning form as she takes first in the Bruceville-Eddy Relays at Robinson. And it's Su-per women . . . Members of the girls varsity track team are ftop rowj C. McCray, J. Bruggman, P. Silvers, H. Hunt, K. Ohnheiser, C. Emerson, L. Lisenbe, Coach D. McCray, fbottom rowj T. Prater, K. Underwood, N. Lynn, R. Presley, R. May, G. Silvers, A. Underwood and M. Zarosky. The team won three meets and placed second in district in the l980 track season. 2 0 9 at .,.. 3 And it's wonder girls . . . Members of th g , ed. .Lai e Jr. Varsity 1980 girls' track team are ftop rowj L Heller, R. Martinez, B. Braeutigam, K. Summers, C. Martin, Coach D. McCray fbottom rowj S. Bulls, T. Bauerschlag, T. Norma n, M. Emerson, T. Coyne, and K. Baker l EASTER THANA SPEED G BULLET It's a bird, it's a plane . . . No, it's hurdler Joey Koenig. Joey had a very successful year placing 2nd in district, enabling him to com- pete in the regional meet. Give it all you've got. . . Greg Pustka shows style in the l00m. dash to help our boys cinch 5th place in the Lexington track meet. - n H1 fi.. W x .if Q ge, . A, Milan: Vky ,AQ E? .h r ef A .V ' Wg. get Y! f',.,,.W N A . ta. -' . XE' Es -If X .... F - , " tits 'W " Q tlt P J... . , " ' P , t ' ,,,,. S j is p. K 'M , ' ,P "' 11 J p ai ,,,,. -7 if S J K +4 is S otto so f if tttt eess .p . , ,,:, s tt.' , t,,, . as ...P oosre P - . . J llst . S sell X t P etss tsft J sf t Is we ' ti' , -JL, VH" t ,' 2' lf - "Q lL'--e 2' . 1',gl..:, g . 'fx ' V I 'nun i"5"""' 1531 1: iv fi ' ii i' S -i - K 1 .. .J ' A' is -Q f f gi g. 1 . , . .V T ,. s. xl -el. : .te VV u f V .. p., P - W A A N 4 ' M r k g vktt, M., .W.,,..., .... ., . .... a tt.., A K . Q f' . 1 :. L.:.:.' '-4..L.L.,i..i.i.'nA G K 14.15 . M KKQSES Movin' on . .. Members of the varsity track team are ftop rowj S. Presley, J. Koenig, E. J. Bird, G. Tomastik, G. Ivey, W. Lisenbe, M. Ramsey: fmiddle rowj J. Stone, S. Wheeler, G. Ramthun, P. Cortese, J. Ralston, R. Barganierg Cbottom rowj G. Pustka, D. Curlee, P. White, R. White, R. Underwood, R. Ramthun. Streaking? . . . Jr. Varsity track team members are: Ctop rowj Coach T. George, B. Parks, T. Colacino, D. Mooney, B. Williams, S. Andrews, M. Tuerck, R. Collins: fmiddle rowj V. Schiller, R. Hester, L. Craft, R. Harmon, T. Love, B. Bennett, B. Poncik, M. Parks, fbottom rowj R. Craft, K. Owens, A. Schneider, F. Vasicek, B. Tomastik, V. Knight, W. Talasek, D. Easley, R. Chudej. 65 S920 'L .. X A miss or a hit . . . That is the question . . . EJ. Bird swings hard in wl19l'9'S the balrrf? 50011 Behr digs if Out Of his EIOVC While Kenny hopes of getting a hit against the Liberty Hill Panthers, as team- Ralston offers advice during a game against the Liberty Hill Pan- mates cheer him on. Top pitchers for the 1980 Bum- blebee baseball team were Mark Freedle and Kenny Ralston. Catcher, George Tomastik and shortstop, Scott Behr made many exceptional plays. First baseman, EJ. Bird, second baseman, Kenny Ralston, third baseman, Johnny Stone, left fielder, Wayne Lisenbeg center fielder, Donald Curleeg and right fielder, Paul White all made great plays in aid- ing the team to their many victo- ries. Designated hitter for the Bees was Mike Moon. 2 0 'Q' at thers. With remarkable quickness Scott then threw out the batter at lst base. Homemn hitters . . . Members of the Jr. Varsity baseball team are: ftop rowj M. Tuerck, W. Williford. D. Mooneyg fmiddle rowj R. Craft, T. Van Cleave, W. Talasek, R. Chudej, R. Blackmong fbottom rowj Coach G, Barganier, K. Owens, R. Hester, V. Schiller, and G. Van Cleave. DI TRICT CHAMPS v . wx, ' Y Q A 7 K V. 76 . t qi' I ,f,-,, ,,,Lky, I H ,ll EQ., gf' e. a . f yggaa r .,AA Fi t 4 1 -I 2, a I Two down, one to go Mark Freedle takes a long stretch in an Take the long way home Kenny Ralston heads for home to attempt to strike out the batter from Liberty Hill. His pitching Cinch the win against Troy and the district championship. The Bees helped to win the game. beat the Trojans 8-0. ,' ' - 4 f t titanium: I I f -1- , . .Q " ul ' F R F4 , . . . . l I my 11 'N - " . X ' - ' . , mt e " .V ' " it '- 4 12- as. K V vv fi situ - 'X "' ,y y L A rv. - ..., ,. 1, J. .. ,fgfI.,,1,,,, bg? my - wig' 55,5 Li .3 'gl wg? . L. if ge. qi X . 1 11:51 ' x 'IIE' - , I . 1 . ' , Dv it 5 2 I i ff Ili Vi' it ' te ff ' 'W' K iw WN '-"1 e 5Ef?ii'12Qf ' W i t 1 . N' . l iiit . s Axvmim 4 :Ng 1. V Q: ks V. X Q ky v u f.. MW Mm 6 4' ,Af QQ pgs It . 1 ,gig-Ag, 'f-QQ-A49-Q 5 eil. 1 'Q '5 6 ,S" ,, v 5 A 462151 SSVEQ, ga-g:aiw'Q4 ttlp wt +1-.,e.6,.so2fi ofa Qeaemas Super Sluggers . . . Members of the varsity baseball team are: ftop rowj M. Freedle, G. Tomastik, S. Behr, K. Ralston, EJ. Bird, P. Richardsg fmiddle rowj B. Poncik, P. White, M. Moon, D. Curlee, D. Kurecka, D. Braeutigamg fbottom rowl G. Pustka, L. Craft, W. Lisenbe, M. Parks, J. Stone, and Coach G. Barganier. ,Q .2 .. Close encounters During the Troy game at Academy, Mac Parks dives back for first after he decides second base is not the right choice after all. 65 SQO 9 Exciting was the word for the 1980 AHS baseball season. The team beat Troy 8-0 to cinch the district title. After defeating Shiner 3-l for the Bi-district championship, the Bees lost to Evadale in the first round of the regional playoffs. The game was finally decided after five extra innings of play with Evadale tak- ing the win 5-4. "Anticipation is making me wait" . . . In the Academy dugout the team looks on with anticipation and suspense in the game against Evadale. HGMERUN The swinging singles . . . Members of the golf team are Qfront rowj P. Panepinto, R. McAdams, D. Curlee, R. Underwoodg fback rowj J. Stone, W. Lisenbe, J. Koenig, and Coach T. George. 011 "sC'7C5"""U Fogg-wage 35':233"'5S SWE-O4FB"'m 0155? 23' e::1.2'1 Us-'af' O-OW' CL' 5- 2: -iw., S12.Sl:QfR'w:f OO-, -1 0 Stix:-932034 Ugg.--NZ' Om 'UQ-Ognfog-Q'5', 'LT'YNDg3-' ow-- wmf-2' 77'3S's'2' QQESTLT' mga: rn , - iwbmpgauig- ... o?2O2'5eP' 2g6'2g'1v..F L' :- mgtgaoaog 25"-5o4E,U: ' :s S'g7q,i2mw5-,... rn..--D. -V1 gs 590 v9 ff Wars' at if as as is t 545 .. gy . g . A .s A st i t fl i . .ikfgg kiir i 4 . lilzl iiiii if 7 is K ie. ... . ... Q tit if S . . . . . c i 1 ..t. ff 1- rr aass 'tsi 1 in ' Ei' ' u . s ssse. s "Q K . .-,, ai-"""F vv.. .,..k: . 'M . if gatatf s.. s . A T , ... g g egg p Q A.. ' ' 1 s .... M . . . ' T . 1'--1 ...HOLE -I - 1551513 ORGAN ZAT ONS ij'--"""""' ,. f,,"fi5'N ..,, gr, LX ix., ff- W iv -I- J 3,3eVwTf,f X Y 4'p I I " ' , 2 J' .526 .kanji EET, 9' - iA?-I fs' ' t .fair , , ': '- xx . 1':"" YU- 1,' s . Y , 9" X' x 5 1a--f 1- +P ' Iv I mil, 'gm Ca K . 'jgiz ox, 4 '11 P" I taxi' Q-',,,-1',4, 1 V :V sv.: M c air' T" N 5 v, A: -4 Q sp S Krgli. - .- , E X 2 A M R . 1-1 Q V gk XX W Goin' up in style . . . A new band hall gives pride and much needed space to the growing band. It will be completed by September 1980. Slur, Staccato. It's music, music, music . . . Hard work, concentration, and lots of practice paid off for the band this year as they won several trophies with their first division ratings at contest in Holland. A-C-A-D-E-M-Y Academy The band gives the pep rallies an extra bit of excite- ment as they play such favorites as "The Horse" and "The Aggie War Hymn". When the saints go marching in .. . Band members practice marching during the summer to prepare for half-time perform- ances at the football games. 9- 639 Q. '39 6. U5 an MARCHI G I TO A NEW DECADE Applause! Applause! With flags unfurled and circle drills, the band '15 it Snow! lg: it Snow! Let it Snow! Filling hearts with the received rounds of applause on Homecoming night. Christmas spirit, the band plays many old-time favorites at their annual Christmas program. The 1979-80 Bumblebee Band: ffront rowj M. Beimer, C. Sexton, P, Kamenicky, J. Cook, D. May Qdrum majorj, S. Bulls, A. Mann L. Heller, R. Albright, D. Kennong fmiddle rowj K. Summers, B. Olson, K. Martin, V. Canady, D. Tyler, L. Ohnheiser, G. Scott, R. Smith, J. Peterson, K. Howell, T. Coyne, A. Schneider, L. Hollas, K. Owens, Qback rowj I. Strmiska, N. Peterson, P. Smith, S. McDaniel, J. McBryde, J. Carlson, T. Ingram, C. Bartee, K. Koenig, C. McCray, J. Bruggman, P. Kubacak, M. Williams, R. Harmon, P. Moore, B. Williams, D. Glaser, V. Knight, C. Bartek, K. Beadle, B. Cawthong fstandingl M. Ralston, C. Bauerschlag, L. Strmiska, N. Campbell. 'of 0639 5 75609 'BX V-V-V-I-C-T-O-0-O-R-Y . . , Cheerleaders Robin Presley. Milissa Vasicek, Rhonda Robinson and Cheri Emerson lead the yells at the pep rally urging us on to a win. O We strut our stuff!! Adding pizzaz to the halftime per- gh formance are twirlers ftop rowy P. Silvers, H. Hunt 95. fheadj K. Ohnheiser. Cbottom rowj G. Silvers, T. Bauer- Vg, schlag. Ga 9 0 QP Gettin' it together . . . Twirlers get it together as they perform at the weekly pep rally during football season. Build that spirit up! Cheerleaders create enthusiasm which vibrate the halls on Fridays during football season. Spirit builders are: R. Presley, K. Baker, M. Martin, M. Vasicek. C. Emerson fheadj and R. Robinson fmascotj. PEPPIN' AN TEPPI ' Get that Elk . . . Mary Martin and Kristy Baker, varsity cheerleaders, shower Karen Schneider, alias the Elk, with confetti in preparation for the big showdown with the Evant Elks. The Bees went on to win dx 35-6. Inspiring spirit Mary Martin. Milissa Vasicek. fcheerleadersj Holly Hunt and Kathleen Ohnheiser ftwirlersl get the pep rally rolling before the Reisel vs. Academy game. P-1-ff QQ' -. . wif M . . . H 4 MII E 4' . Shout it out! Members of the Pep Squad flop rowj B. Ellison. K. Schneider. R. Castle. Mrs. R. Arp. Spon. Cbottom rowj L, Piaz, S. McAdams promote spirit at pep rallies and football games. l 95 'oo W one CK 'IJGD GIRLS STRIVE FOR ACCC PLI HME T Hats off to the Drill Team! This year was the first year for AHS to have an organized drill team that performed along with the band at halftime. Members are CTop Rowj: B. Carter, L. Lisenbe, D. Olson, M. Bruggman, J. Love, and R. Mayg fMiddle Rowj: R. Hunka Ccaptj, and K. Underwood Qcaptjg CBottom Rowbz B. Baugh, K. Kurecka, T. Norman, and T. Coyne. S iW4Qi-6 i 'news We got style! . . . Says Barbara Carter, Regina May, Darla Olson and Jan Love while perfomiing at the Thomdale pep rally. 0 Q 2 Q, 6 7 om Do your thing! The drill team members know exactly what to do as they perform at the Bartlett pep rally. 1A..A , eq Clowning around . .. FHA officers Barbara Carter, Cheri Emerson, and Sherry Shepherd pallll themselves up for the Easter parties in the elementary school. Move over Kenny Rogers, here comes "C0cam0-Joef' . . . Joey Koenigjams down on his gui- tar accompanied by Stanley May and Paul Richards. The band attended both the area and state meets. Besides being active in the Academy FHA Band, Paul was chosen as a member of the FHA State Choir and Stanley was selected as an alternate. Steppin' in style . .. Darla Olson and Sandra McAdams step out with the new styles of the 80's. They modeled clothes from Seven Bar Western Wear and Elaine's in Belton at the ,bo annual FHA fashion show. Q30 L" -fm We are the Future Homemakers of Amer- ica . . . The members of FHA strive toward a perfect organization. "Show us the true and perfect way" FHA officers are: K, Underwood, VP of Relations: C. Emerson, VP of Encounterg H. Hunt. VP of Recreation: S. Shepherd, VP of Programs: B. Carter, pres.g K. Foshee, sec.: A. Doskocil, treas.g and N. Ehrig. spon. They led the club in many group activities such as selling chocolate Easter eggs, presenting a puppet show, selling the traditional Tom Watt, playing Easter Bunny, and attending the area meeting in San Antonio. Barbara Carter. club president, was chosen area treasurer. Toward new horizons. . . Karen Schneider, Georgia Johnson, Holly Tomastik and Kim Foshee look toward new horizons as they pack for their trip to Houston and the state FHA meeting. 0 329 Q. in 6. 03 ILDI G BETTER TG GRROW Our Heroes . . . Members of the FHA-HERO are: Ctop rowj M. Kelso. G. Johnson. K. Jarma. H. Tomastik. Mrs. B. Evans. spon.: tbottom rowj B. Castle, VP of Public Relations: E. Whittenburg. Pres.: B. White. Treas.: D. Tovar. Sec.: T. Martinez. VP of Projects: S. Kasa. VP of Programs: A. Doskocil. VP of Encounter: K. Foshee. VP of Recreation. Club projects included selling candy and Tom-Watt. 1 ' -ef"w .. sg.,- 6 '5 Q K K .f if . it 'bf l Hero at large . . . Bobby Castle traveled to Washington D.C. to rep- Hard working Heroes . . . HECE students Sandra Kasa. resent the AHS FHA-HERO as a national nominee. Edie Whittenburg, and sponsor Mrs. Evans study rela- tionships between employees and employers, striving to bg become better workers. 64115 OG? Q9 Qs RMER OF TO ORRO at J' Low men on the torture pole . . . Freshmen Ag class members start their careers as good FFA members in the position of Greenhand members. As Greenhands the freshmen learn parliamentary proce- dure and other important aspects of FFA. Greenhand members are ttop rowy R. Harmon. W. Talasek, B. Williams, Travis Love, B. Bennett. R. Beasley, B. Poncik. T. Van Cleave, J. McBryde: fbottom rowj S. Wheeler. R. Chudej. A. Johnson. M. Ancira, V. Knight. A. Schneider. S. Sodek. R. Grayhek. G. Dixon. Putting out a lot ol' effort are Freshmen Quiz Team members: R. Harmon. M. Ancira. J. McBryde. R. Grayhek. Parliamentary Procedtne Whizzes . . . are B. Williams 1treas.J. A. Johnson lsentinell. V. Knight treporterl. S. Sodek tpresj. B. Ben- nett 4sec.l. A. Schneider tvice-pres.l. B. Poncik tstudent advisorl. This greenhand conducting team proves its ability in memoriza- tion. 9- 621 it '91 0502 I. .... . ? i-+w:w-fwuax . T ' -V , -. -5 ,R -+M...,,,. W 1 V . , 'T -Wm? - 4 K 5+ - An Agricultural start The FFA mem- bers increase their knowledge of agricul- ture as they participate in many Ag. rela- ted programs and class work. We know how .. . to conduct a meeting. The FFA Conducting Team shows its tal- ent in conducting a meeting under the Robert's Rules of Order at the Regional meet. Members are: P. Cortese, J. Koenig, M. Moon, D. Kurecka, R. Ramthun, and M. McCray. These are not bus drivers They are faithful FFA officers who supply the lead- ership for their growing organization. They are: fTop rowy M. McCray fadvi- soryg M. Moon fpresjg D. Curlee fsenti- neljg fMidd1e rowj P. Cortese ftreasjg R. Ramthun fvice-pres.Jg fBottom rowy J. Koenig freporterjg D. Kurecka fsecj fboilffbixoq O60 '59 EN l5lllFl?M.lHli I Milillll li fl? The members of the 1979-80 Bumblebee Annual staff areg ftop rowj Mrs. R. Jones fadvj, K. Owens CPhoto.J, T. Ross CAsst. Sportsj, L. Lisenbe fLayoutJ, K. Underwood fAsst. Sportsj, M. Hunt fAsst. Classj, M. McCray CAds Ed.J, D. May fPhotoJ, M. Krumnow fClass Ed.J Mrs. J. Monk fAdv.Jg fbottom rowj K. Schneider fBus. Ed.j, G. Silvers fAsst. Organj, R. Hunka CEd.J, H. Hunt CAsst. Organj, R. May fAsst. Ed.j, M. Martin CAsst. Bus.J. Not picturedg D. Schneider fSports Edj J. Howell fphotob, and R. Gibson CAsst. Bus.J. Say "Cheese" please . . . Kerry Owens focuses in on his subject as he puts in extra time as an annual photographer. The annual was able to add a new Canon AE-l camera and telephoto gk lens to enable the darkroom staff to take better eg, school pictures. 24 Q, I 55 'er Dear Sir . . . Karen Schneider, Business Ed., gives all her attention to the correspondence of the annual staff. The staff this year was able to pur- chase two new electric typewriters due to the success of selling T-shirts and jackets. Record sales . . . Melinda Krumnow and Rose Gibson sell Harper- Talasek Funeral Home an ad helping to make the 1980 year a suc- The cards of the annual . . . Members of second period annual staff cess. The staff made a record 52,500.00 selling ads. take time out to pose for an unscheduled picture taking session. HARD WORKI G ANNUAL STAFF? is ! . we How about a little Espaiiol? . . . Spanish club members are: Ctop rowj Mrs. Hodge, fSpon.J, G. Pustka, T. Robinson, L. King. R. G39 Grayhek, C. Calhoun, T. Love, B. Poncilc, M. Martin, R. Beasley, C. Martin A. Johnson, M. Freedleg fbottom rowj B. Cox, L. 0 Berumen, K. Roberts, L. Piaz, K. Owens, M. Ancira, T. Van Cleave, R. Craft, and J. Van Winkle. 5 609 55 Rocky in the makin' Pat Kubacak strains during daily workout on the neck machine. The hydro-gym was purchased by the Bumblebee Booster Club. Congratulations Mr. Cooper awards Terri Coyne a "most Outstanding Band Member Award" for a job well done. Terri received this award at the 1979-80 Band Banquet sponsored by the Booster Club. Forward march .. . Band Booster Club officers Mrs. C. Owens, pres.g Mrs. M. Coyne, sec.g and Mrs. C. Moore, rep. led the Booster Club in a giant step forward. They raised money this year with football concession stands, bake sales, and the annual candle selling project to support the band. Garage sales, auctions, and keychain sales . . . kept members of the Bumblebee Booster Club busy raising money to sup- port the bees. The 1979-80 officers were: J. Curlee, pres.g P. Tomastik, sec.g and R. Pustka, v. pres. 0 92? its 91' 7 v7 bg, PARTICIPATE 'F . ,pay an .As Leading the way . . . Student council members L. Lisenbe, C. Emerson Crep.J, T. Prater Csecj, M. Moon tv-pres.j. B. Poncik. G. VanCleave Qparlj, and C. Gilliland fpresj voiced their opinion for the entire student body at AHS. ' ii . . 3 g 5 1' . Working together . .. The theme for this year's PTA is 'gParT- icipAte', as they work on the annual quilt and scholarship. The I979-80 officers are: Mrs. M. Newman flst vice presjg Mrs. P. Smith 12nd vice presgg Mrs. C. McCray fpresjg Mrs. J. Bartek fsecjg Mrs. B. Benson Ctreasj. "Excuse me for the following announcements, please" . . . Mr. Hol- land makes his daily announcements over the new intercom sys- tem. PTA helped to make this addition possible by raising funds which amounted to S700.00. - o . '50 sqowoi O QQ: Qs KI G OF THE CASTLE wi "To have and to hold" . .. Regina May leans on E. J. Bird's shoulder as she pleads for her husband not to leave her. Burt Reynolds and Robert Redford? No! It's Darrell Braeutigam playing opposite E. J. Bird in the final stages of the one-act play. f 1: Hollywood's next stars? . . . Members of the one-act play are: ftop rowj E. J. Bird Qmanl, S. Behr fmasked playerj, P. Richards CMusi- cianhg fmiddle rowj D. Braeutigam Cfriendj, S. May fbusiness part- nerj, T. Colacino Ccrewj, B. Castle fschoolmasterjg Cbottom rowj Mrs. R. Jones fsponj, A. Doskocil fmotherj, R. May Qwifej, Annette Doskocil made all-star cast and E. J. Bird received honor- able mention in district competition. O 329 2 Q, 2 S9 2 FM 6513 3235 fwfr -9 ffx kfe XKJ ' h lx., F2 ff J' MQMEQ, 'Y' ACES AT A.H. . Jackpot Winners . , . Elected to be Mr. and Miss A.H.S. were Melanie Bruggman and George Tomastik. They were chosen because of their active roles and great per- sonalities at A.H.S. They have also partic- ipated in many activities throughout their high school years. asv' 1? 0 GL, A Model Couple Kristy Baker and Jimmy Ralston Decked out Barbara Carter and Paul Richards were elected Q6 were chosen Most Ideal because of their ability to get Best Dressed as a result of wearing their finest duds! 0 along with everyone and their fun personalities. OK A Good Hand It's the looks that got Melanie Bruggman and Mark Freedle elected Most Attractive. mem, :fl mmm wsffwfsw srl Reliable, Responsible, Trustworthy . . . Two very responsible sen- iors that worked their way to be most dependable are Karen Underwood and Mark McCray. They are depended on for many things in their class and in school. if Q.. ,35 T r K . ' I s t'q.w 'Ao .ff X ex . tgggsas :va it , V if 4 L fx Jokers Wild . . . And I do mean wild . . . The halls of AHS will long remember the craziness of the Wittiest people in school. The two in the middle of all the fun are Milissa Vasicek and Stanley May. Flipped over sports . . . Most Sportsmanlike was awarded . QQ, to Holly Hunt and George Tomastik for their athletic ability in all of the sports in which they participated dur- Q55 ing high school. bil THE PEOPLE'S CHCICE we f-:, ,i i ,,2. Q' M m e 5 i .s . S -- .. V . 2- K. g... he . Academic subjects are important to Cheri Emerson, Ricky Ramthun, and Mike Moon as they struggle through Algebra II homework. -P fb 17 is tr Iain!! 02-wg., Teamwork . . . The Annual Staff was proud to have four of its merqbers, Holly Hunt, Roxie Hunka. Karen Schneider. and Mark McCray honored by Who's Who. Allllll I -al I K L A M . ............-4-q--457, fx Confucius says . . . Wise sayings can be heard for those chosen for Who,s Who among American High School Students. Chosen were ftop rowj W. Lisenbe, R. Barganier, P. Rich- ards. J. Ralston, M. McCray, and R. Ramthung fbottom rowj EJ. Bird, K. Schneider. R. Hunka, H. Hunt, C. Emerson, and M. Moon. 4 . i . -it-Ai? J 5 x 1 psi . .ke Everyone's friend . . . Because of their wit, charm, and likeable personalities D'Ann Schneider and Scott Behr fSrs.J, Cheri Emerson and Joey Koenig CJrs.j. Jana Bruggman and David Tomastik fSophs.j, and Terri Coyne and Scott Sodek fFresh.J are chosen Class Favorites. i 3 1 L , 1 ' ,fi auf' KJ S 3. .. L 'fx' 35. S a -'W .,,, . had g s ' j . if Their Majesties . . . King and Queen candidates this year at Academy are: P. Baker and C. Bartee Uthj, R. l-lejl and J. White C8thJ, B. Williams and K. Baker C9thJ, G. Ramthun and K. Ohnheiser fl0thJ, P. Kubacak and R. Rob- inson fl lthj. The seventh grade andjunior class crowned their candidates by raising the most money. .n1I"!"5"5' nunmnunmnmqp , , . . . . . . we as 'a.' 2z:.::.fa:.'e: I if . . ""':'Ji?f"fi3' 7' - .f-. .. .- 8 f. -- 'f wi . .. .. S3 1 2 'Fha' ' Q' f 335WnYS"? ,- . X " . 5' i. I fisgg F ,j1a3+222'f4'- ' ' f 'S S-N :f ix I ." 3, sk . 5351 93351: if ,3g?cAf,,t.4!,.mg, - t. I pq -ja -' Q., . wry . fra ' .-.ani-Mit' K Zi fav wi -1 gp., t' :m silb QQQMQA Se vyffs .. it Q s gl 1:5 Y. .L .1 ,I mf x f I - sg, -if S as , .ig it s- qt , .ggi .- .1 5 ,M ,R V, t 1 t J ' ' ' f ,J J. i ... ,. . Q. X Q-7+ . 1": Wu ,S ER K. ,latin if ' X V L f- . MBA. 1 B an e, I- . . 3: 1. K .5 R U TILE!! fy ? l 1, . ,... gg P. f .Cassie-A.. o fa- r fans : fl s ' f . I 2'g " J .s.e 3 z -1 , :S iz- L4 ' 1 gm - .K . ., . --... . - ' 2 -5 ra - . .... . al fl f...a.5.i. in Lt. Eva I 'P 5 -f ' , !,x:..i':asa. What a pair! Seniors show wisdom by choosing Chris Gilliland and Teresa Prater as their king and queen representatives. . ' ei, . Q9 X91 ,bo 59 J Q3 of Love at First Bite Kristy Baker and George Tomastik sit patiently waiting for the arrival of the food. Eat, Drink, and be Merry . . . Annette Underwood and Shawn Pres- ley enjoy the meal of steak, baked potatoes, hot rolls, green beans. salad, and tea that was prepared by Mr. Walter Tomlin, the lunch- room ladies, and Junior parents. Dance the night away . . . Calvin Whatley, Sandra Kasa. Cindy McCray, and Joey Koenig are "slow dancing. swaying to the music" to tunes provided by the Roadrunners at the Jr.-Sr. Prom. S? 'Q f'tf :tl ' ' t tttt arrlt by r-:v' . , V . "" V g ,t,, 31 ti x W , Y 'V A ,,, 'WJ it i! eff 7 I 1 DRE Pass the salt and pepper, please . . . Guests 'A at the Junior-Senior Banquet eat before , xi wg 5 eee 1 4 ..f X music and dance. :Z if ,, Qf. xi 353 a 2 '4 .mt A touch of class? Taking a breather from the activities at the banquet are sen- iors Chris Gilliland, Paul Richards, EJ. Bird and Mark Freedle. Steady now . . . Getting the SPJST hall ready for the banquet are juniors Shawn Presley and Cheri Emerson. The theme of "Dream On" was illustrated by a rainbow, flowers, and pots of gold. . 55 . 'cv 'bow LUX Laying 'em down . . . Due to their outstanding achievements in the district track meet. regional qualifiers are Ctop rowj H. Hunt. R. Presley. J. Bruggman, K. Ohnheiserg Cbottom rowj J. Stone. L. Lisenbe, K. Underwood, A. Underwood, T. Prater, and J. Koenig. Top notch K. Howell, B. Williams, A. Mann, and T. Coyne made All Region Band for the South Zone as a result of their hard work. Thinking is serious business R. Barganier, EJ. Bird. and R. Ramthun traveled to Victoria for regional competition in U.l.L. science, slide rule, and number sense events. The music plays on Members of the all-district band are: Cfourth rowj D. May. R. Harmon. A. Schneider, B. Williams. W. Talasekg fthird rowj C. Bartek. L. Miller. K. Howell, M. Martin, L. Marting Qsecond POW, B. Cawthon. J. Cook. C. Bartee, P. Smith. D. '99, Tyler, K. Koenig: fbottom row, M. Beimer, S. Bulls. D. Glaser, A. Mann. and T. Coyne. f 63. HOME OF THE WINNER . . . 58024 + 117412: . .. Can you work this in your head? Number sense participants E. J. Bird flst placej, B. Bennett f5th placej, and R. Barganier Ord placej worked such problems to build speed and accuracy for the meet. E.J. also placed second in slide rule and attended the regional meet along with Ricky. 2080 words! . . . Being able to spell over 2000 words was the goal of M. Krumnow and D. Harrison as U.l.L. spelling contestants. Melinda placed sixth at the meet held in Rogers. Beakers, bunsen burners and microscopes Questions about chemistry, biology and physics were part of the science test given to participants E.J. Bird, R. Ramthun f2nd placel, and R. Barga- nier Clst placeb. R. Barganier and R. Ramthun went to regional at Victoria. Justice and injustice . . . Ready Writers M. Vasicek, K. Owens, and M. Krumnow use their literary skills in writing on various topics at the U .I.L. meet. ixsixixas .bo 55 Mhwsstit S - 'fi Ea? 1 , A 3 . 'T "3 " f IA mai?-lkw' 3' f'N'e'tff-iffusf' ' - f :ZPFMZQT V .. V f 3 2 3 - ., , , , , . V . it .. Q fa , H, 3 1 ' We 1 Q, , ag 2, ?. , , V , , gif Hi W , L3 se,s?2s.'?:0'N gk J Iv A V ti is ndfigsi' ' -sixb ,, ig 3 ,F " "" ' -Q ,Eg 5 5' .: " f,.,' V li if J V k it 4 of l , 1. , if If . W A Blazing Beauty . . . Kathleen Ohnheiser represented A.H.S. as f3V0l'it9 Pall' - - - SCYUOVS Karen Undefwood and Gemge Tomas' Miss Flame, She eompeled in the Bell County Miss Flame Contest tik were chosen by the F.F.A. and F.H.A. as sweetheart and beau. and was first runner-up. Jr' 1? CBL. Beauties are bountiful . . . Scott Behr, Pep Squad Beau, is surrounded by a harem of some of the prettiest girls at A.l-l.S. They are Z- Football Sweetheart Kristy Baker CFresh.J, with her court: Karen Underwood fSr.j, Cheri Emerson QJr.J, and Pattie Silvers fSoph.J Q1 and Homecoming Queen Melanie Bruggman fSr.J, with her court: Teresa Bauerschlag fSoph.J, Lisa Lisenbe CFresh.J and Ginger 7 Silvers fJr.l. 5 ADM N STRAT ON i?'Q3QiDlfg3f2 SX wif Yes? Magik, f7'--"- fxstitx k fr J lb ,,1 J Q.. W---f v 4' .- W 1 -5 ' -1 A99 ' 5:1 1 in 'qi Nm shjbv.-,' 9 " -...ugl.......X,.... .3 -' C """'j' ' s, I ..i-,- ,-.'-4 Y .'.-' ,, xxx .- Ly, ', 1, A - "3" ' - 1 L H wlwki-"A V T' 'milf' o,g4,lU v 'al' fri K I me r X r' . ,lj - N F P V .7 - qgxl , A -v'4 ,'fx'f M"- J, T'-'.Sl",, P11 ' Q , ,Q ' " f . x .. -., f , X -- G , Q' ffl. IEE- 'L av: , V Making the mles of the game . . . Making decisions for school is not an easy task, but the school board members work hard to look after the best interests of the students. School board members are: B. Heller tv-pres.J, W. Tomlin. G. Walker. G. Comptom Celem. prin.j. B. Entz- minger tpresj, B. Mahler. B. Underwood tsec.j, E. Lisenbe. J. Holland fh.s. prin.J. and seated is R. Hunt Csuptj. 5 ,. it Long distance is the next best thing to being there. As super- intendent at Academy for the past ten years. Mr. Hunt has initiated the construction of many needed improvements on QQ, the campus. Next year he will reside in Kountze as superin- 6 . tendent of a larger school. 1 ok-4 4 974. O 0 Principally speaking . . . From kindergarten round-up to senior trip Mr. Jim Holland Ch.s. prin.J and Mr. Garmen Comptom telem. prin.J participate in all activities concerning the students at Acad- emy. S GT ALL FUN AND GAME Itas that time again! Coach Grady Barganier and Mr. Matt Gregory take a break dur- ing the task of registering students for school. Get your tickets here! Superintendent Robert Hunt and Principal Jim Holland try to sell football tickets at a pep rally. Come and get it! The lunchroom ladies, Mrs. N. Harmon, Mrs: E. Gentry, Mrs. B. Ellison, and Mrs. B. Carter bake everything from homemade rolls to tacos for the elementary and high school stu- dents. Clean, clean, and clean some more. Taking time out from the endless routine of keeping everything in shape around the school buildings are Shorty Carter and Mrs. Ovlee Glaser. . SX, .XQX may LQ C090 Mrs. Robbie Arp NH-B: B.S.: Business Ed. Mr. Grady Barganier SWTSU: B.S.: Sci. and Ed. Mrs. Marjorie Bird Sam Houston: B.S.: Math and Ed. Mr. Carl Cooper Baylor Univ.: B. Music and M. Music Mrs. Nila Ehrig SWTSU: B.S.: Hmg. Ed. Mrs. Bernice Evans MH-B: B.S.: Hmg. Ed. Mr. Tommy George Howard Payne: B.S.g Ed. Mr. Malt Gregory Tarleton State Univ.: B.S.: Ag. Mr. Jay Don Gommert MH-B: B.S.: Ed. Mrs. Myrta Hodge MH-B: B.S.: Ed. Mrs. JoAnn Hopper U.T.: B,S.: Elem. Ed.. Eng., Hist. Mrs. Rosalind Jones MH-B: B.S.: Sec. Ed., Eng., Hist. Mr. Gary Lange Si. Edward's Univ.g B.S.g Bio. Mr. Charles Lott SWTSU: B.S.: M.S.: Ed. Mr. Danny McCray MH-B: B.S.: Ed.. Math, H.P.E. THE TOPCARD . :,- aa A mi . ' , .. mfs.-. V I ff - ,, . ,, ,,. k,.. W N... .. 1 ' if is f. ,f..- . We ,mi ,- , ,K I Z. Q . 7: ff pax 44? af gg is 2 , if at f , , S J 5 ' fri? '35, ,5 1 zzgfigif , .frtgf Z 'if ff" 'f w i., 'In t V LJW. i if z ff fs. Q, fz ffi Mrs. Judy Monk Texas A8LMg B.S.g Math and Chem. Mrs. Patsy Moon Office Aide Mrs. Audrey Moore High School Secretary Mrs. Sherry Moore Office Aide Mr. Elton Ramthun Texas A8LM: B.S.3 Ed. Miss Pamela Sawyer Tarleton State Univ.g B.A.g Eng. Mrs. Nancy Van Loh Texas Tech Univ.g B.A.g Foreign Lang Miss Vicki Benner MH-Bg Elem. Ed. Mrs. Sharlot Blande Teacher's Aide Miss Gayle Conner SHSUg B.S.g Elem. Ed. Mrs. .lean Daniel SWTSUQ Elem. Ed. Mrs. Sandra Emmons SWTSUQ B.S.g Elem. Ed. Miss Theresa Gardner Baylor Univ.g B.S.g Elem. Ed. Mr. Parker Glasscock North Texasg B.S.g M.S.g Elem. Ed. Mrs. Mary Helen Goodnight Baylor Univ.g M.A.g Music 'Po' Q 0 QQ- O 94 Mrs. Nancy Holland Stephen F. Austing B.S.: Ed. Mrs. Corene Huffman MH-B5 B.S.3 Elem. Ed. Mrs. Sheila Knibbe SWTSUQ B.S.g Elem. Ed. Mrs. Kay Lisenbe Teacher's Aide Mrs. Linda Mayeux Texas A8cIg B.S.g Elem. Ed. Mrs. Sherry Mikulastik MH-B: B.S.1 Elem. Ed. Mrs. Carolyn Parks MH-B: B.S.: Elem. Ed. Mrs. Pat Ramthun Teacher's Aide Mrs. Lois Ann Russell MH-B3 B.S.: Elem. Ed. Mrs. Mary Sirny MH-B: B.S.: Elem. Ed. Mrs: Paula Umberhagen Eng. Texas Tech: B.S.g Elem. Ed. Mrs. Kathy Winstead Columbusg B.A.g Comm. D isorders Mrs. Joan Wright Elementary Secretary 4 IAQ WJ ' yi ggi Q 'ff " v an' -I' ZAQWEQ 'Y' 23 48' Thank you one and all! Valedictorian EJ. Bird gives thanks to everyone who made it possible for him and his classmates to become graduates. On the way to becoming a freebird. Melanie Bruggman receives her diploma from Mr. G.C. Walker, School Board President, as the rest of the graduates anticipate the big moment. 4. Q0 Q2 9 fin' t Friends, parents, faculty, and fellow classmates Salutatorian Paul Richards gives the welcome at the commencement exercises of the first graduating class of the decade. .. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth . . . Karen Schneider gives the last will and testament to some well-deserving underclassmen from the class of 1980. DI WINNING YE R Graduation marks the beginning of a new decade for the seniors whether it be further education or imme- diate employment. Special honors were given during commencement exercises for outstanding achieve- ments. The top ranking graduates are: E.J. Bird 197.163, the highest average at Academy during the past 26 yearsj, Paul Richards f92.804J. Teresa Prater f92.769j, Roxann Hunka f92.440J. and Karen Schneider 191.3151 Other awards were: American Legion. P. Richards and K. Schneiderg Math and Sci- ence, EJ. Birdg PTA and English, M. Freedleg Busi- ness, M. Bruggmang Social Studies, P. Richardsg Homemaking, K. Schneiderg Best Athletes, G. Tomastik, R. Hunka, T. Prater, and K. Underwood: Citizenship, M. McCrayg Best All-Around, T. Prater and E.J. Bird. In the dimension of time . .. Roxann Hunka brings some light hearted moments into graduation exercises as she gives the class prophecy. gs? Q: X The One and Only . . . Senior class presi- dent Paul Richards leads the class in their victory yell. Darrel Braeutigam, Scott Behr, and Stanley May provide moral support. The spirit promoter for the week was to wear decorated T-shirts. Our future legislators?? Members of the senior class 'genthusiasticallyn participate in Sawyer's government class. Believe it or not? . . . Promoting spirit was a natural for the seniors of 1980. At the Homecoming pep rally the seniors worked together to decorate a float. They also invited KTEM's Tony and Chucker to make a pep talk. The seniors won the pic- nic award by receiving the most spirit sticks throughout the football season. iff. fa 09 9 THE E D I EAR 5 fi 1 ir Entertaining . . . Crazy . . . Funny . . . Seniors pull together last minute talent to sing and lead. underclassmen in carols during the school Christmas party. B-E-E-S . . . Senior president Paul Rich- ards leads the school in a "Sting 'em Bees" yell to get the spirit up at an out door pep rally. The first graduating class of the 80's began their senior year enthusiastically competing for the spirit stick and the crowning of the carnival king and queen. They strenuously worked in Little Dribb1er's and baseball conces- sion stands and car washes to raise enough money for their badly wanted senior trip to Cor- pus Christi. They were honored on May 9, 1980 at the Jr.-Sr. Prom and left in the wee hours of the morning bound for the sunny beaches of Corpus. Dealing out the deck . . . Senior sponsors and class officers lead the seniors 8900 through a successful year. The members are: Coach T. George fsponjg Stanley .QS May fsec-trea.Jg Paul Richards fpresjg Mark Freedle Qvice-presjg Mrs. R. Jones XXX Csponbg and Ms. P. Sawyer fsponj. b Frank Alvarado Sue Barganier Belynda Baugh Scott Behr E. J . Bird Darrel Braeutigam Melanie Bruggman Clayton Calhoun Bobby Castle John Darsnek Karen Daugherty Mark Freedle Chris Gilliland Roxann Hunka Kim Jarma THE LAST HAN .4 I l Sandra Kasa Kym Kurecka Jan Love Tina Martinez Debbie May Stanley May M F11 r-4 Ronald McAdams m Mark McCray Kay Olson Teresa Prater Jimmy Ralston Kenny Ralston 8906 5 xy? GX Paul Richards D'Ann Schneider Karen Schneider Leisha Smith George Tomastik Dora Tovar Andy Tuerck Karen Underwood Kevin Van Winkle Milissa Vasicek Brenda White Carla White UNIOR VARIETY PACK 5 A ft 'h1 . The green grabber . . . "Mombo,' fWayne Lisenbej demonstrates his green arm which was given to him by his secret pep squader fBelynda Baughj on pep rally day, as Matt Ramsey seems preoccupied with the upcoming game. Look at us, we're helping . . . Greg Pustka and Tim Dees are busy carrying ency- clopedias to Mrs. Hopper's fourth period history class. Clowning around . .. Annette Doskocil QRaggedy Annj and Kim Foshee fthe clownj entertain Miss Benner's kindergar- ten class as a FHA Easter project. X : -bl 4bZ-4aQ Za ...Juniors, Mike Moon and Ginger Silvers, learn about the quadratic formula during Mrs. Bird's Algebra II class. X gs? 59 Ricky Barganier Barbara Carter J im Champ Perry Cortese Donald Curlee Teresa Daugherty Tim Dees Annette Doskocil Cheri Emerson Johnny Felder Kim Foshee Del Harrison Holly Hunt Glen Ivey Georgia Johnson Vincent Kasa Melissa Kelso Joey Koenig Pat Kubacak Dwayne Kurecka It takes togetherness This year's juniors were a hard working group under the lead- ership of class president Cheri Emerson. The key word for the class was "teamwork", for that's what it takes to host the Jr.-Sr. banquet and prom. To make money for the Jr.-Sr. fes- tivities the juniors sponsored the homecoming sock-hop fmusic provided by the West- ern Sunrisej, manned the con- cessions for all home basket- ball games, and sold peppe- rmint candy at Christmas. Earlier in the year, the class showed teamwork in its efforts to collect bingo prizes and sell donuts thus having its king and queen candidates crowned at the carnival. A QC! if 4 ia, A ff' 2 ia if Q' if W Z' W S 5 fi gi W2 i 11 A in Q-.H W' '13 ' l Y tidy I f l Follow the lead . . . Mrs. Bird Csponl.. Teresa Daugherty Csec.-treasj. Mike Moon tv. pres.J. Cheri Emerson Qpresj. and Mrs. Hodge fsponj set the pace toward thejuniors having a suc- cessful year. NEXT TO THE LAST HAN -M , , ,X 44 ' TTTT are A ' T " 53 , . 1' .,:rS5"fS 'ff , Q, it ' H K 5 rf: , t ,P V 3 'll . A V - Q L K ff! it 1' ,- 5 f EQ , L, 5 Kg V ,ner W "fi 'f W1-iw, '7'?lr we faxfwtg, , 52 1 :, Kgs .p,:fzff4::,,,? + I-wifm I :if lf - ' f Y Wayne Lisenbe Mary Martin Regina May Mike Moon Paul Panepinto Shawn Presley Lisha Procter Greg Pustka Matt Ramsey Ricky Ramthun Rhonda Robinson Gerald Schneider Sherry Shepherd Ginger Silvers Johnny Stone Holly Tomastik Mimi Tomme Annette Underwood Paul White Ronnie White All right! Hand it over Dwayne Kurecka promises to give Allan John son his soft drink if he'll pay 356. xy? S As fast as her legs will take her . . . Ginger Silvers sprints her leg on the 880 yd. relay at the Robinson track meet. The relay placed 2nd, Planning the prom is serious business . . . Juniors listen to their pres- ident and sponsor during a class meeting to decide on working in the concession stand during activity period as a fund raising pro- ject. 2-2 88 2 OQ We want a touchdown! . . . Vincent Kasa runs out for a touchdown pass in an 80-yard drive as Mike Moon and Paul Panepinto help block. Kasa caught the pass for a large gain. The Bees went on to win 21-7 against Florence. '51- We have deadlines to meet. . . Regina May and Mary Martin work diligently to finish quad-paks during annual staff. Participles, gerunds, and Julius Caesar . . . Sophomores work hard on their grammar and reading skills in fourth period English II class. lt's time for a lay up . . . Cindy McCray dribbles down the court as she plans her strategy for making two points. Smile, you're on Candid Camera . .. Sandra McAdams, Robin Presley, Pattie Silvers, Tony Colacino, and fellow classmates take time out from their classwork to smile for the photographerl We've got spirit, yes we do . .. The sophomores join together to show their own class spirit in singing 'gCheers,' at the pep rally. The sophomores ran a close race with the seniors in the weekly pep rally spirit stick competition. sooo S sy? ffl: X Steve Andrews Jimmy Ashby Wesley Bartee Teresa Bauerschlag Brenda Baugh Jeff Beimer Ricky Blackmon Brenda Braeutigam Jana Bruggman Jeff Carlson Marvin Castle Tony Colacino Raymond Collins Larry Craft Danny Easley Becky Ellison Micheal Entzminger Scott Freedle Robin Fronek Kenneth Handrick Robert Hester Lori Kaster Melinda Krumnow Sandra McAdams Cindy McCray A leading hand Sophomore class officers did a very goodjob in leading their class through many activities. The class officers are Danny McCray fsponj. Gary Ramthun tv.-pres.y, Pattie Silvers fsec,-treas.j. and Jimmy Ashby lP1'CS-J 4 Q09 ' 4 - 5'?efL, ff? -i nits . .V ask'-L eg g fs stts C T 1 - C , - . C 1 T t. ,,r ,,.. -.X y .W-""' -rf' M. . , N , W ' new few, K- , K , ...Q Vi , ...W ft" DDLE GF THE DECK Wesley Williford Daryl Mooney Lori Morris Kathleen Ohnheiser Barry Parks Mac Parks Linda Piaz Tim Prater Robin Presley Gary Ramthun Scott Reaves Lana Roderick Vincent Schiller Pattie Silvers David Stone Kathy Summers Brad Tomastik David Tomastik Michael Tuerck Janie Turner Robert Underwood Greg Van Cleave Tammy Van Winkle Frank Vasicek Kevin Wheeler Tim Wiley U3 'U CD x O W .Ab Xxax ' 'X .1 ffb Rachel Albright Betty Alvarado Mike Ancira Kristy Baker Robin Beasley Brad Bennett Lupe Berumen Sue Bulls Robin Castle Raymond Chudej Belinda Cox Terri Coyne Roy Craft Gary Dixon Michaele Emerson Robert Grayhek Heather Hafley Randy Harmon Linda Heller Allan Johnson Patricia Kamenicky Lydia King Vince Knight Mike Larson Lisa Lisenbe Five minutes until the bell Kristy Baker and Tim Van Cleave are on their last attempt to solve their physi- cal science problem in Mr. Lange's class. 6 Q O9 GOFI H Steven Weir Shawn Wheeler Brian Williams Cherilyn Love Travis Love Nikolyn Lynn Cindy Martin Rita Martinez Dean May John McBryde Tamra Norman Darla Olson Kerry Owens Nydia Peterson Paula Pittman Bobby Poncik Kathy Roberts Tessie Robinson Melissa Ross A1 Schneider Scott Sodek Wayne Talasek Debbie Terrell Mary Ann Thomas Eleno Tovar Cherlyn Townzen Timothy Van Cleave John Van Winkle X590 Jeremiah was a bullfrog . . . Frogs are a lot more interesting than microscopes for Lisa Lisenbe during physical science class. Are we getting paid for this? Al Schneider and Randy Harmon are busily putting up lockers in the new elementary building as a part of their AG class. Homework, Homework, Homework!! . . . Freshmen Belinda Cox, Robert Grayhek, and Allan Johnson read such great works as "A Tale of Two Cities' and "Romeo and J uliet' in English class. Leading the fish Freshmen start off their high school career under the leader- ship of their faithful officers: L. Lisenbe Cpresj, C. Martin Csec.J, and T. Coyne fvice-pres.J. Class sponsors are Coach J. D. Gommert and Coach E. Ramthun. 5 . glade aw 79 JR H GH sl ELEM 7:- Asfw ,, ffl ix., my ff " 'Y' -I' WJMEX 09 ' I .. I 9 -524 A 1 ..e ,J + - - jx -.f 51 c--- -- 'Q----ix ' . 3 V 4 V., L .--MQ--.. w ' .""5-Q 'inf ':"-6 x'l' . 1 5- - .: 'h .- 41 l'Y'l'1 1' 'lv' xxx 5 -,: ' - 1 . LL: 1 do Jn' ' . 1 s, ' , ,., Q i l ,al-.,X,4a, ' K ,r . .x 6 . ' . 4 0 ' X ' ' 'sis' ' -X ,' ' j F ' Q CDI 3 -A V "I - :L " T ' 1 ' Ili.. . Q Q , - , P14 N 5 h' gl. -.rsh I 1' Q '." , 4 0 - :L DQ ,I ' QIAX-:I ry! oi- fl 'L -J :I I 1 V Down, set, hike . . . Quarterback Oscar Garcia takes the snap as the Thorndale Bulldogs prepare to get their man. The ball is up . . . A Thorndale Bulldog fumbles the ball while Ran- dall Chudej 1215. Oscar Garcia 1145. and Chris Behr C73 attempt to pull him down. The 1979 Seventh grade football players are: Crop rowj M. Poncik. R. Chudej, L. Springer, W. Schneider, R. Tovar, R. Van Winkle, K. McMillan, Coach J. D. Gommert. fmiddle rowy 'Q' R. York, R. Doskocil, T. Lisenbe. O. Garcia. M. Mahler, B. Hutka, O. Garcia, W. Mooney. Q' fbottom rowj B. Ralston, R. Smith, B. Truelove. P. Baker. B. Hafley, K. Beadle, T. Ingram, 5? J. Terrell. OZ We 0 3 LEA NING THEB SICS S heal? f0f lily! Coach G0mmert and Coach What a game! The Bumblehees' defense watches as Thorndale gets up off the ground. The Barganier led the Sth grade team to a 5-4 Bees Won 20-0 againSgTh0mdale, season. mem. I I I,Idn 8th Grade Football: Top Row: G. Grayhek. M. Ralston. P. Moore. C. Tomastik, R. McDaniel, L. Miller, P. Meadows. Coach J. D. Gommertg Bottom Row: G. Clark, M. Autrey, C. Behr, R. Richardson, V. Canady, A. Champ. XS? 9 OCX .ga Starting at the bottom . . . The Jr. High volleyball team started at the bottom and worked their way up. Members are: ftop rowj l. Strmiska M. Beimer, T. Darsnek, J. White, T. Ross, M. Hunt, G. Ivey, M. Westg Cmiddle rowJ C. Bartee. K. Koenig, D. Tyler, J. Cook, T. Braeutigam P. Smith, L. Strmiska, D. Kennon, fbottom rowb L. Martin, K. Roberts, A. Mann, K. Martin, K. Baker, G. Scott, and M. Ashby. Warming up . .. Jr. High volleyball play- ,, tt , W if ers loosen up before playing the Jarrell Cougars. Even though they played with a gallant effort, they lost both games, 8-I5 and 4-15. 44 dp Qi? 9 fa 'Q IT'S JUST A DRGP I THE BUCKET 'Wt J-U-M-P, Jump Melanie Jump . . . Melanie Hunt gets off her feet as she goes for the tip against Troy Jr. High. A Fresh Start . . . Junior High girls start their basketball career with a new coach. Members are . ftop rowj Coach D. McCray, M. Beimer, T. Ross, T. Darsnek, J . White, M. Hunt, G. Ivey, C. Bartee, K. Marting Qmiddle rowj L. Martin, T. Hobdy, H. Alvarado, D. Kennon, G. Scott, K. Roberts, M. West, L. Strmiska, D. Tyler, J . Cookg fbottom rowj T. McAdams, S. McDaniel, P. Smith, K. Baker, A. Mann, T. Braeutigam, and K. Koenig. ' . Let me tell you how it's done . .. Coach Danny McCray calls time out to raise the morale of the Jr. High girls basketball team while playing the Troy Trojans. 9- 'QQLQ9 X . Oo ll-e-b-o-u-n-d . . . As the ball goes up the for a possible tip in. They won the game zone champions. Pulling it together Coach Gommert works hard to construct a hard working Junior High basketball team. The mem- bers are: Ctop rowj R. Richardson, K. McMillan, G. Grayhek, R. Chudej, P. Moore, C. Tomastik, M. Poncik, L. Millerg 12nd rowj V. Canady, G. Clark, C. Behr, M. Ralston, C. Bauerschlag, E. Anderson, O. Garcia, T. Lisenbe, M. Mahler, 13rd rowj C. Bartek, S. Autrey, K. Howell, R. Van Winkle, M. Autrey, A. Champ, B. Hutka, M. Berumen, T. Ingram, Qbottom rowj Coach J. D. Gom- mert, L. Hollas, B. Hafley, B. Olson, K. Beadle, B. Truelove, R. Doskocil, and O. Garcia. Ta 00 QW 7 'Z Q Academy boys prepare 29-12 and later became Three, two, one We did it! Seventh grade basketball players Oscar Garcia C531 and Randall Chudej 1451 take the basketball down the court during the team's last game of the season against Rogers. The Bees won 36-35 in the last seconds of the game. l l KEEP O TRUCKI Future Olympians . . . Members of the eighth grade girls track team are: ftop rowl G. Ivey, M. Hunt, S. Lindsey, D. Kennong fbottom rowj J. Prater, C. Alvarado, M. Ashby, and H. Alvarado. The team came alive at the district track meet coming in 3rd with 57 points. Shootin' for the blues . . . The eighth grade boys track team ended the season with a 4th place in the district meet. The mem- bers are: ftop rowj B. Olson, G. Grayhek, C. Bauerschlag, L. Miller, C. Tomastik, R. Hejl, R. McDaniels, P. Moore, R. Guthrie. M. Ralston. C. Behr. J. Spiller, Coach J.D. Gommertg fbottom rowj C. Bartek. G. Clark, P. Meadows, K. Howell, D. King, E. Anderson, M. Berumen. A. Champ, M. Autrey, R. Williamson, V. Canady. On your mark, get set, go . . . The seventh grade girls track team placed first this year in district competition. Members of the team are: flop rowj T. Braeutigam, L. Martin. K. Koenig. A. Mann, M. Beimer. C. Bartee. D. Tyler. P. Smith, K. Martin. S. Spiller: Cbottom rowj L. Strmiska, K. Roberts. M. West. K, Baker. J, Cook, N. Campbell. G. Scott and T. Hobdy. The speed wonders .. . Members of the seventh grade boys track team are: Ctop rowj R. Van Winkle, K. McMillan, B. Hutka, R. Tovar, L. Springer, W. Schneider, R. Chudej, M. Poncik. M. Mahler, T. Lisenbe, Coach J. D. Gommert, fmiddle rowj J. Terrell, R. York, L. Hollas, R. Doskocil, T. Ingram, W. Mooney, B. J. Ralston, S. Autrey, O. Garcia, fbottom rowj O. Garcia, B. Truelove, P. Baker, K. Beadle, R. Smith and B. Hafley. The team won three meets and placed first in the district meet with l35 points. at? 'Sf hgxgxogg X. Oo Get in the spirit. . .Junior High cheerlead- ers. twirlers and pep squad form a victory line and give a mighty battle cry as the Bees come crashing through. Teamin' it up . .. Melanie Hunt and Lynn Ohnheiser pair up as twirlers for the Jr. High football season. They performed during half time and at pep rallies giving the crowd excellent entertainment. Give a cheer . . . Junior High cheerleaders show their spirit by gtv ing it all they've got at pep rallies and games for the Jr High and J.V. teams. The 1979-80 Jr. High cheerleaders are ttopb L Martin tstandingj A. Mann and K. Martin. tsittingb D Tyler andJ Cook Spirited group . . . Jr. High pep squad aid the cheerleaders in helping to promote spirit for the football team. They are: ttop rowj M. Beimer. I. Strmiska. K. Koenig. C. Bartee, D. Kennon, T. Hobdy. S. McDaniel. tbottom rowj L. Strmiska. M. Ashby. P, Smith. G. Scott. T. Braeutigam. and K. Roberts. -4 .6 52 O3 E. 3 HIZ KID i my Remember to dot your i's and cross your t's . . . Competitors for Jr. High UIL spelling C. Bartek Ord placej, J. Cook, and P. Moore must know plain writing as well as how to spell many words. Hrl, No! pie are round, combread are square . . . UIL number sense contestants R. McDaniels, G. Clark 14th placej, and A. Mann 15th placej must remember several such formulas when competing in this event. "How do I love thee, Let me count the ways" . . . Poetry participants M. Ashby, A. Mann, and C. Ohnheiser competed in the UIL Dis- trict meet at Troy. Some say it's easy, some say it's not . . . Ready writers P. Baker and J. Cook wrote on one of many subjects in the Jr. High UIL meet. Jennifer placed 2nd in the competition. 9' 669 - to T900 QQ 'v Christine Alvarado Helen Alvarado Eddy Anderson Missy Ashby Michael Autrey fl 'l--l"--,rf V A t 12 'NZM CraigBartek .ii V g A Clay Bauerschlag Debra Beene Chris Behr Miguel Berumen Kathy Caddell Virgil Canady Jan Carlson Arthur Champ Greg Clark Theresa Darsnek Ray Embler George Grayhek Russell Hejl ' Keith Howell ' KennyHunka V . ,E ..., . . L Melaniel-Iunt mf ' A at Gloria Ivey ' Tommy Johnson Q 'M' x I f as Deanna Kennon David King Sheila Love Tina McAdams Randy McDaniels Patrick Meadows Leading the way . . . These 8th grade class officers, G. Lange Csponj, M. Ralston fsec.-treas.J, V. Canady Cpres.j, R. McDaniels fvice pres.J, G. Barganier fspon.J set a good example and lead the class through the year and their money making projects. The 8th Grade held a bake sale and a raffle to raise money for the carnival. T4 cf SGT? cP A Hg, Q . , .. ki s...k,.,ggff21aig2' wg -ef, ff. 'Ht g . . . .W .. SK . is L. E x md' is X for QNX X ff' 1-- W ry- l'. ' K ..,., f., H 4 112' , . I 5 all , .4 l l CRAZY EIGHTH 1 Laffy Miller 'X Paul Moore F Brian Olson X W 'Z . ' Jimmie Peterson s is pf fr V A 'J R Paula Plough 1 Jean Prater X ff Marvin Ralston 'V i 1 1 Russell Richardson Laurie Roderick K Suzanne Smith l ll J sw is 2 Tangie Ross Clarence Spiller g 1,1 52 . Ida Strmiska . 'J' ilssi Clifford Tomasnk P 7 Brenda Weir , H f ,C Julie White ' Ronnie Williamson V 1 Bee Power . . . Eighth grade captains of the week, Chris Behr and Clifford Tomastik, set the team rolling for victory at the Jr. High pep rally. xeam, Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs . .. Darlene Guthrie and classmates try to keep the parts of speech straight in Coach Barganier's eighth grade English class. 6259 'B- Wet? X . 099 Stephen Autrey Kasey Baker Paul Baker Cherry Bartee Kyle Beadle Michelle Beimer Tammy Braeutigam Nancy Campbell Britt Cawthon Randall Chudej Jennifer Cook Ronald Doskocil ,J . K t t 4 14 1'7f"4fQ" F 4 N ggggi ,,,,, t f..., ,.k M W 5 Bi S fav? .3 ,M fl . . 5, it t , it Mt j r . , f' g fy. Y 1 1 , qt ef ' 2 aa . . H H .Q Nt . fi ,A , 1 4 t A ,L A , t if f -23' Q ' Vf 7 W- ,V Q l 7 . ,, az. l rw Q it ! 5 ee bl! f a X Omar Garcia . i 'VVLV 5 L V H Z ' y,,: ' Oscar Garcia 3, ' "' ' QA , I W Dwayne Glaser r-'4 , ' . , ' Bobby Hafley 5 . Q ' 4 4, - ,W 5 Tammy Hvbdy 'mf L ' ' . 'N Leonard Hollas ,, lzt ,, is .5 e ' X Y V 5 . , E yin? I 'ix Mk! S it el ' X SMSWX P x Brady Hutka Todd Ingram Karen Koenig f Todd Lisenbe Mark Mahler I Amy Mann K aft - ni my 1 it Kayla Martin VZII ' ' Lisa Martin t . rrr - S Stacey McDaniel V 4 '-""' h Keith McMillan t,,g,. 1, Wesley Mooney gf ' AI R W Lynn Ohnheiser 'V X ii,'i 5. 1 gg g Gettin' off to a good start Seventh graders show early leadership by electing responsible class officers. They are J. Monk fsponjg A. Mann fsec.-treasjg B. Truelove fvice-pres.Jg S. Autrey fpresjg P. Sawyer fsponj. The seventh graders worked hard during carnival to raise money by washing cars and holding a bake sale. As a result their King and Queen were crowned. 44 .9 Q Q9 0 'Z 3 3 2, , ' ri .ff ,A t ,y ' arg" 0 1 1- ar- " 'Y aa ,, , .x H., 'W in Q 3 M M .1 A Q fa Fellini 'fl ll LUCKY SEVE - Ji Q:-ig f- E ,g ap . 5 Mr ek, 5 . X , 5 I I X X ascii .KW I , : I , .. if wg . X I, XI E t i' I 1 , Q. s ... W' S t Qi X if 4 K 'in' ..:,. Y . - , F: X ., . fini Y .f P I A .I ff ,. ' ' as w QPR it Lkll I-2 f sf- Q, I 1 aww: lib' K in Ili v..-gs. - ' r . TH itii ,. . t I Immll I--' r H . K - A1 L III, 1 III , L I, 1 it 5 V .- Ikhr f i' I f I l V ky R, sa S ' XX if Qi L,,.: I A ,-., , I 3,1 'Simi .lei 'E rx QW L hi 'mf Y 'E of , ,f I- S ical ' lift f s Michael Poncik Bobby Ralston Karen Roberts Mary Sanchez William Schneider Gwen Scott Glenn Seaton Pam Smith Ricky Smith Sandi Spiller Larry Springer Lori Strmiska Jerry Terrell Raymond Tovar Billy Truelove Debra Tyler Ronald Van Winkle Martie West Randy York Plants, People, and Protozans . . . Seventh graders study I all forms of life in Coach Ramthun's class. Future Mark Twains? Ricky Smith, Leonard Hollas, Amy Mann, and Michelle Beimer work hard in Miss Sawyer's reading and spelling class trying to complete their book reports. Qs Xe get - N9 t sgxoa ,SK- qX BEAUTY AND BRAI he royal court- The elementary kings and queens are: Kindergarten: Jennifer McNeill and James Barrett: First: Alissa Hobdy and Edward Evans: Second: Jana Trainer and Bobby Ramthun: Third: Tracy Jones and Rex Wilson: Fourth: Patti Ramthun and Michael Albright: Fifth: Cindy Ohnheiser and Todd Cunningham: Sixth: Kim Norman and Randy Andrews. The second grade candidates Jana Trainer and Bobby Ramthun are crowned. ' W Q , A royal flush- Paul Baker and Cherry Banee, the Seventh A royal pair- The eighth grade's king and queen candidates are grade candidates for king and queen. are crowned at the Russell Hejl and Julia White. annual carnival October 27, 1979. 4 NO 9 Ffa '51 Hemingway or Alcott? The elementary ready writers are C. Fischer, S. Ashby, K. Beck, and K. Owens. Speak out . . . Oral readers that competed at the U.I.L. meet are A. Harrison, S. Ramthun, L. Silvers, and B. Ehrig. Do we look like a Picasso? Picture Memory competitors are J. Ben- nett, C. Ohnheiser, M. Albright, D. Bartek, T. Trevino, and M. Moncreif. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious .. . U.I.L. Spellers L. Ferguson, R. Williams, M. Trevino and L. Wiley did't have as hard a time spelling this word as the Annual Staff did. Tellin' it like it is . . . L. Peh1,T. Manning, and L. Bird participated in the U.I.L. story-telling contest in which Laura Pehl placed 2nd. xr? 796+ 13 . . . Number sense competitors K. White, R. Win- S-5 nett, E. Bird, and R. Andrews practice mathematical skills before attending the U.I.L. meet. 'XS' qc: Bobby Ancira Jon Anderson Randy Andrews Stacy Ashby Tammy Avina Mike Bartek Kevin Beck Erin Bird Cheryl Clark Terry Dobbs Bart Ehrig James Elkins Kanita Elliott Casey Ferguson Lianne Ferguson Kelli Foshee Louis Garcia Sherri Garmon Curtis Glaser Todd Glasscock Bryan Grassi Steven Handrick Denise Kennon Shari Kurecka fi lll a f Q a 5 el, 7 2 ef M . e X X Av r Mi w f is 'xg S ,hh,, W N Q ,Z Q, "f"' W E f 3 V X' H V gwfsf ff' A "ef, . 1 l X. iii 1: .,,,, C" i :M ettt ff PHOTO Nor Q A' ehis l il AVAILABLE - l 17 y Us 5 x W3 Fl, V z' Gather at the top . . . Sixth grade boys take time out from play to Cheese it" for the camera. 7 iff' 3 veg .lf nf Q, -iff! Do we look busy? Some members of the sixth grade class show their enthusiam for their schoolwork. , ,,,, dw , f . , ,A ?fzf'29ff,, H SIX DOW -SIX TO G0 ' n fl 't . ff ?ff,J,f 7 A v SE' A, ,, ,I in i,.. 'L Q ' J bv. i f fi, SV t vi -J , V Q' te ,ar ii'-I., , 4' in Li i 'lim 'ffm ' at n at + f ,i ta 'f f? rf? , ff me Z 1 1 iw Wi, as i Q i I . ww, on 25 .ZH-fi-fi 'Mk ,' f?W'!'f iq ,fiAgQ.,iW,y . M, 7.1 'if 5, fs if ti 4 'J A ,J if' . ,M if 4 e f as W 1 1 ff ,MQW W 1, f x '7 , W , M2 QW' E,-of " i f - J, f M51 is fi 1 t W 4 QX 1 Abram when icluru were made it N f ZVQN li Z Ziff? 2 , a f , , , , 7 KZ P , i M W 2 4-z ' ' ff 1 Jr if 4 , 35 Wx' ' aa , 3 P! I ' 1 4 Q 4 f 5 Rebecca Williams Curtis Williamson Cary Williford Ricky Winnett ,fkxxr Nathan Lynn Shelly McKee Kathy McNeill Tammy Michna Kelly Moore Lisa Murray Kim Norman Kent Owens Kelli Page Bryan Payne Craig Peterson Kurt Pittman Darren Purcella Sheri Ramthun Kirby Robinson Mingo Rodriguez Patricia Romero Keith Ross Margaret Sanchez Leshia Silvers Joe Trevino Michelle Trevino Keith White Loretta Wiley Geniuses at work Leshia Silvers and Keith White struggle to finish a classroom 4 . ,Q god? 0 'Z F LL HOL E "" ' Kevin Baker 'W ' B "' , ' V. Joseph Barrett eg Q A g V William Beasley Jackie Bennett Maria Berumen ,-N - a I V Derek Carlson xx X 1 Kimberly Clark Todd Cunningham Mark Embler Cindy Fisher Angela Harrison Randy Hobdy Robert- Hopper Johnny Johnson Tracie Johnson Gary Kelso Michelle Kopchik Shannon Lisenbe 'C ' l Craig Marshall George Martinez Lawrence McKee Paul McKnight Shelagh Meadows Steven Miller Cindy Ohnheiser Stacey Plough Albert Prater J.W. Ralston Arlynda Rasco Kristy Roberts Judicial, Executive, Legislative Under f 7' N the supervision of Miss Connor the fifth my grade class learns to be better citizens as they study the different branches of gov- img ernment . 1 s if Norma Romero Randall Rugh Shannon Sill Tracy Smith Robert Stone g V - ,ij Dedra Tomastik Tiffaney West Luanna Wheeler Pamela Zierke l l Lisa Tamez ty. X , if-S is -xg, Under the watchful eye . . . Mrs. Huffman looks on as Cody Beasley and Randy Rugh work on their English classwork. School's almost out . . . Fifth graders show great interest in finishing their work in Miss Conner's class. It's not all work Some fifth graders have other things on their minds besides nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. 19 ye B, 24 qw Michael Albright Angela Arp Q. Leona Ashby V A, at . Pamela Bartee t i - rf, Dana Bartek Jennifer Bennett Ti s is S X t f ee We s so A R To Samuel Berumon Lorie Billock Vicki Cawthon Jason Compton Linda Cooksey Christy Coyne Glenn Daniel Christopher Fischer Shane Fox Kirk Freedle Christi Garmon Jean Garrison Do we have a Rembrandt in the class? Fourth graders take time to discover their artistic ability as Karen Daugherty helps supervise the class. Study the map . . . Miss Conner teaches fourth graders five countries which border Bolivia in her social Studies class. -41 te 'F '20 at 'Q FOUR OF A KI 1 .,,: t . . . - ' -mt he 5 S l 4?-7 , X- ix, s-is , . 1- fears- - S S EL 2 Case - -"4- 5 W., vgwis .. sf .H A? iw .si Q gs 2 ff 5.71 QR' . 5 an as s s , 1 or he X, E 5 f l 64 1 A A Q v XS' Q ef is 1 SE t sd fx , rg Q , I if-' Y X sr 44 N W 4 X if 2' X s .Q if Q Fax 'K A Q fi ik. awww - M55 vi f Q Y 'S Ski is Q f F ge 1 K JL 7 RQ my g X 3 M " ii s as A S .S Nw :me i 2 X is -f sz.. F- , x I . t wget st i W' , 4 ta 2 rl' gi tail X we ,, ,V 5? 1 af Wi ,N K H ff! times-- .. :Mgr , K K .... L , 'X LV -f ae 3 Q ..., ,aw .aa , ,. is P -fa if . , Si 'C Y ii is . -1 in . xfgefw, EW. all ' X ti ri , -,I s I rf is q Z2 t ' 1" i is A 15 ' i y .4 g F is ,, ,', of . . t 3 if aan A , F ,af or us'If.w,,,m ... W, 0345: 2245 . ily f J J J' xii if fl Yi Shelly Truelove Milinda Vasicek Melanie Wolff Katie Gaudry Paula Heller Cheri Howell Timothy Ingram James Ivey William Jernigan Michael Johnson Charles Kallina Kelly Martinez Shannon Mayfield James McDaniel Bobby Michna Michele Moncrief Selena Mulkey Marc Newman Denise Purcella Krystal Rackley Patti Ramthun Tami Ratliff Nicole Richardson Alexandra Roberts Mark Romero Angie Schneider Jason Sirny Darwin Spiller Greg Talasek Andrew Tamez Gay Tomastik Tammy Trevino Dale Truelove . xx it Rosa Alvarado Loretta Benson Armando Berumen Christina Berumen Lorenna Bird Keith Campbell Jeff Cook Lynn Craft Lisa Demeule Michael Donovan Scott Ellison Scheree Gailey Tammie Hoskins Lisa Hughling Brad Irwin Amy Johnson Linda Johnson Tracy Jones James Knight Kim Lisenbe David Malina Joanna Martin Ralph Martinez Crystal Mills M ffm--',, ax si i- at-. diffs -,E Eg, .5 Eigzifi J X WE Y , sg r Q R 4 w Q ,l 3 assi ,- -gn if vi as Nl,,i,. Ifals qis ll, ,NSSSQT LSQXES X .- 'L T i 'mv 72? .- , TS' S. A Q ' K' ---- .A A ,.., ,- ' -B A A X L. Q5 -.,-,P , - - , e , . 1 . ' " , ' .i , WT ' -ip 'F f -Q .1 E 'ms' ' T' :,h:, QZ., . .:. .. , ...,, X K H ' I' as K N 0 Nh- ,, f If ff 5 it ggi-a+-1 . " " ' -H ' ' klfcqr? f Ara. Jw X 4 it , . --es . ,i- : R " :gg Mighty Third . . . Third graders yell enthu- siastically competing for elementary spirit stick of the week. 6 fa O 2 5 W , A I 3 x X S sit -in A YK s me " F , ix i as ta get JIT warm ' ' ' . as 2. , -'I sis: " ..:"25515' ' ' 'Zig A32 ' 5' Ki Tv WSW iv . .. f 1 , sw . ti A - f.-yeh -, ,sk f ,Q ' ,. JE , QL .1 , , ar. A ,. . 'XS' " i i f f , T- use v , ,Q X N - 1 9 1: . 5 il Q! H THREE DF A KI 1 - Q fi 7 P" Z e Rex Wilson Clay Wright Marian Moore Regina Morin Kurt Morris Laura Pehl Alice Pemberton Stephanie Plant Delbert Ralston Raul Reyes Will Richards Brian Rugh Norma Sanchez Jennifer Schiller Joe Smith Milissa Smith Delores Spiller Amy Tovar Mike Tovar Janice Truelove 0 Who us? Third graders Keith Campbell, Delbert Ralston, Lorenna It sometimes take a smile . . . Norma Sanchez and Alice Sify' Bird, Laura Pehl, and Tammy Hoskins give a smiling pose for the Pemberton, third graders, give a smile and questioning look , xx camera man. as they ask for help from their teacher. .QGQ0 X . GX Steven Anderson Esther Aguillon Tonya Avery Keishia Bales Deandra Bartek David Bernier Celia Berumen Jason Cain William Cooksey Wesley Culp Carin Cunningham Marcus Dees Sheryll Ehrig Jimmy Esparza Mark Franklin Brady Fritz Kelli Graves Vance Hale Kevin Handrick Thomas Harrison Ben Havemann Becky Ivey Brian Johnson Tim Kelso -M -4 Prince Charming the II . . . Second grader Bobby Ram- Last one there is a rotten egg Deborah Kubacak and G04 thun is crowned by Mrs. Mikulastik during Coronation David Scott lag PaulCa1-rilla while running a race' Q'-2 while Mrs. Russell looks on. 21 2 3 B x 1' 71 wang, J--W yiyy Z A.,, IZ ,-Lk ""' ' , , 4 ...,, 2 is -Z 5, W' 7' , Q4-, i Z f 1 2 K W L 3 swf! 13 . 4 Q 1 , . I sf", 5 1 ' 2 X u ,x i 1 i iiiiilvy '-:V ,J fx Cory Williford Russell Winnett Dawn Zierke fs Hr Deborah Kubacak Chris Larson Troy Manning Matt McCray Cheryl McKee Yvonne Moore Karen Morgan Stacy Morgan Kim Morgeson Bobby Ramthun David Scott Susan Spanhel Diana Tamez Anthony Tomasek Donald Tomastik Jana Trainer Leslie Trevino Chris Waters W Jw' Keep that Spirit up. . . The second grade shows its enthusiasm ata high school pep rally. IN MEMORY OF: Marci Dees 8-17-72 to 2-27-80 X590 Mari Ashby George Avila Shanon Beck Oscar Berumen Greg Billeck Mike Coyne Deanie Crawford Clayton Culp Jimmy Davis Colleen Donovan Edward Evans Radon Ferguson Matthew Fox Scott Gailey Alicia Gribble Allison Heugatter Alissa Hobdy Faith Ingram Tracy Ivey Ty Krumnow Randy Lara Neli Lynn Gino Martinez Robert Massar Shihibon Massar Chris McCully Tanya Miller David Moore Michele Newman Amber Pehl Where is my thinking cap Gary Weir draws a blank when it comes to school work while Alissa Hobdy works steadily on her paper. 7 3 THE F IR T OF MANY t l sg mmf' if.. Q 1 w G ltll V .,, g il " -A '-I , ,ga g f at , av? ,ly T my V:..,.,7 w ., , , ,, lgcifm-.ft . ,ff -1 -- it ,ta tf'. 4. .:, - L ff, H t -f'-wi . , N H , .i 'Fa l FT? f f-as 4 Y , tl 'X U l 9 M at .A k Q . A' V . ,, - v ,ta 1 if ',V, fs, if -ff, ' I f LE A Qgfj li it i gffgg, T"1' " 'ji 4 ,,... , . t ' e T e 5. , I .. . VV ,ii 7,5 I i in I if tsss ,. ,'Yl"1i'i " -"2 ttt- 1 .,, , A , -Y , 5 ' ' " U i, 1 . , f 1 1gi"ff'i' s at it ,. 'A T 1, s e.t. t . . 2 1, . ,, 'M-Q. Q Ll M -.. fs,. ir f , lg ,A , L V, 2 t, 1 it - it eff A " T is N 1 r's'- eff -W ' ', 'E t . it 1111 o t ,,t, ' , H T , tll V t,,g L tsts .. s eb l lg. if e'i- e , . , l- A fm , f L ,U x. ,w.,,mw,Qsf,mwM, s. 2255 f 5 A 4555 , ,M ff , is W . 5 f f f Vi N my ff xiii, "V 4' 1 at 4 Block, black, blend, bland, bliss, bless . . . First graders in Mrs. Daniel's class work on their reading skills using phonics. Dayna Proctor Chip Ralston Chad Renfro Beth Richards Kim Romero Shelly Romero Cloe Sill Logan Sill Robert Spiller Jason Stone Timmy Taylor Patrick Tomastik it Larry Tuerck Gary Weir Brian White Jodi White Karen White gr P, Math Drills . . . Beth Richards works on math worksheet in Mrs, Daniel's class. W0 9 Q4 . to . XXXQO Q. Q5 Fireman lVIike':'. . Mike Tovar, kindergar- ten student, smiles with pleasure as he poses for the camera dressed in the fire- man suit borrowed from Miss Benner's father. It only hurts a little while . . . Miss Benner comforts Wade Whiteside after he was smashed in the nose while playing on the playground. One, two, three, cheese .. . Kindergarten students ham it up for the camera. Robots need love, too . . . The PTA Robot makes many friends with the Academy kindergarten students. The PTA Robot was the theme for the PTA membership drive. 4 Q f Qr lea. 3 We D 'S W ive .5 V TQ f KN: 5 KIDDIE KUR ER HE X lit ight PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE I i Wade Whiteside Aw' 'Q'-'-ig..-uv Jeffrey Allaman James Barrett Amy Bennett Michael Bruggman Shawn Coburn Amy Fronek Jason Guess Sheila Jones Kathy Lara Greg Lambert Coty Lisenbe Bridgette May Chris Mayes Michael Mayfield Amy McCormick Benjamin McDaniel Jennifer McNeill Kimberly McNeill Billy Michna Shawn Morgan David Payne Cameron Pietsch Patrick Redwine Jessyca Schiller Dana Scott Carrie Sitz Johnny Strmiska Mike Tovar Louis Tuerck Michael Vansa S1650 X529 9, Srl x eo 20 fa PECIAL WE RE Kenny Aguillon ii fl i S f x Wayne None , X . Rory Scarlet H... ,,yy 3 Y 'S it Kevin Schiller P' Tim Vrana Lucia Zapata Special people make special friends . . . Tim Vrana and Kevin Shil- Nothing like a walk on a sunny day. . . Mrs. Sirney and Rory Scarlet ler take time out to make friends with some first grade boys during get their daily exercise while walking from the elementary building. recess. Break Time . . . Special Ed. students take a break from playing during recess. L THE CORNER ON CONVENIENCE 3RD AND ADAMS -sig? X TEMPUE NAIIONAL T Wm Ybur Savmgg Bank I ' W X . 'X X, S -X 2 1 Q Q .N .-J fi :5"'-....,'3Ei1 " A A f -,.-""' 1. limmgm ' " Nd:-,Fg.g1-25' 'Q---SEQ." ' 9 if sails-M5111 i I I 1 -llllh A ' - AFM" , Y , A, 'lf-::'i'... ' " Dx xp A' fry-"v V- -- Y AAA I ' ,,..,,.,.k uv Rn: Adnan PU Bm. NW T.-mph-. Tun 7680! TTR-4411 ::'TTlz'mMkmm.m.M'n IN I N AMERICAN DESK MANUFACTURING CO. Temple, Texas 18171 773-1776 Z Compliments of your convenient bank CITIZENS BANK 3515 South Loop 363 Temple, Texas 773-0123 Member FDIC GRAY INTERNATIONAL 1401 South 1st Street I Texas 76501 WILSONAFRT BRAND LAMINATED PLASTIC Phone: WWI UIIBDIIRRTQ Tempe' 778-3648 778-2479 773-9622 RALPH WILSON PLASTICS oo. K eoo GENERAL BRUCE DRIVE TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501, 817-778-2711 TEf'!55ESTiEfgK' Woody Durbin Parts Manager TEMPLE. TEXAS 76501 18173 2955 XX SRS 1980 Congratulations Milissa Joyce Vasicek "WE LOVE YOUV' Dad, Mother, Frank Kevin, and Milinda Ann. "May All Your Dreams Come True" 9? X Z? -f 115-1-111 .,v, -- V 1:T1+'i? M-A Ml- ' , ' - ' e -4 ' " - 1 TBTGER. .1 em ni 1 E.u,T1tQmtonLane1 1 s i JF 15 2' .. YN Books, Hallmark Cards,Gifts THE BOOK END Gerry Mayer C81 77 773-5071 South Loop Shopping Center Temple, Texas 76501 WHEEL'S RESTAURANT Open 24 hours Specializing in home cooking Berger Road Exit I.H. 35 N. Temple 773-7573 TEXAS HYDRAULICS, INC 3410 Flange Road Box 1067 0 Temple, Texas 76501 Phone 8177778-4701 1 rl 5 'I 1' in lllllllmmm King's Daughters Hospital Compliments of King's Daughters 2001 South Loop 363 Temple, Texas HOSPITAL CAREER CAN BE REWARDING! PHI! King's Daughters Clinic ,,,. 4 my ,g 'z 4 , KEIFER MARSHALL INSURANCE AGENCY Little River, Texas Temple, Texas 778-4207 982-4235 Best wishes from . . . 69 Polar Beqr I2 Z Ashburns IV JULIANNE'S NaturaIHomemadeStyIeIce Cream 2900 Thornton Lane Temple, Texas 76501 'W T 130l1 s. 7th sneer J 519,53 , T 4 F81 553355559211 2314 Soufh 57th Temple, Qlbxffs 76501 DCZ7'I"ilI SCHTUQ7' 817-776'-A200 A. A, Pick A UWIUPV' Owner Compliments of day' BILL MONEY'S GROCERY 982-4256 Little River 7g E P H 'W' 982"'4'6 ' Hwy 36 West Linda Yasek Wlofjqrm .4 foci' Svzwkf Rogers, Tex. Cathy Rlchter KEYS MADE - sAFEs ssnvuceo Temple phone 773-3227 W. T. MORGAN 103 N, KINGS TRAIL Owner LITTLE RIVER. TEXA976554 we COUFAL EQUIPMENT CO INC. Highway 96 South P.O. Box 3878 Phone 773-9916 Temple, Texas 76501 Toys, Tractors Lawn 84 Garden Equip. Chain Saws C 8I J GARAGE TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS GENERAL REPAIRS TUNE UP AND WRECKING SERVICE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK "We want to be a part of your Life? Curtis Petty 817-982-4911 joe Moon Academy, Texas ,,,,,,,,,, ,...,,,. PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK """" 313 East Central H CY 95 AEf5:3C,2?:nI Ph. .m,46,5 Belton, Texas 76513 A demy ' R 2, Temple, Tex Phone: 939-3501 Eieon S im Member FDIC -Ef-,gg AL,S 'For information on our -E Complafe Caferlng Service BIIII-Ia-Q BIIIIII I-.I c.IIIeI1i11s-4621 clmfzsnn .Numa if ,Drhm-up wmdow U, -1-4, , Num . ' No. I and No. 3 LocafIons 1220 West Ave. M 0 Temple, Texas 76501 TEMPLE NEWS AGENCY, INC. 1204 Industrial Blvd. P.O. Box 1090 ' Temple, Texas 76501 817-778-5261 AL's BAR-B-Q BARN No. 2 301 South 2nd se. TEMPLE - 77s-34st EDDIE SASKI PLUMBING CONTRACTOR Phone 939-2621 Belton, Texas BELTON OFFICE PRODUCTS 214 East Central -Be1tOn,TX- Phone: 939-5734 Open 8-5 XX .Q ' . 4 ,V---14" ' V -Tic ,I 1 , w . . I in x x, 5 - X 'ji-AFX ,fig Agggfhaxy 3--xy I Z I L U fi QQ? .f k i 1 :iii , K1 153.553, 1 ' Q Q s ' . -.,, 4 -i ' ,' 'U V , L S VL, X- A ,ws fx W X ' AX SN . 5 !'Ti . Mum ' , ' X 3 1' K X ' I X-in ,. M DV! X s 'Q I IL 1 iff ..- X -. in A 1, P , . x i fgbffg, . . fi A .. ' A .I Q' AY 1' p A ff? .-9 H 5 "2 ig' ll' l WZ : A p H, in - 1 V. ny g in u- Y - j fnf.-,IQ A Li-H il- ,i R .. I .1 b ff f ,L if WX Vi -A M 1 ' P flfilllll +I! r ,' 2 F fn! V If ff" Jw.-' ' ' Wk I . ff. " ' 1 ' Qfllf ' :Vs 'E'lIul"!" . .I J ,!m3.. i ' " f ,. iwyl.-ve Q92 , l -Y -'ug I A SOME OF OUR OFFERINGS ARE: Agriculture Electronic Data Processing Medical Secretary Air Conditioning Electronics Microbiology Applied Music Ensembles Music Art Engineering Nursing Auto Mechanics English Physical Education Band - Concert and Jazz Fashion Merchandising Physics Biology 1 Fire Protection Technology Pre-Law Bio-Medica French Pre-Medical Business German Psychology Cardiology- Government Radio-TV Electroencephalography Health Refrigeration Center for Academic Progress History Respiratory Therapy Chemistry Home Economics Secretarial Science Choir Journalism Sociology Computer Operation Keypuzich Spanish' Czech Law Enforcement Speech Design Management Theatre Drafting and Design Mathematics Typing Economics Mechanics Vocational Nursing Education Medical Laboratory Voice Medical Records Welding We've been at it since l926, so our reputation has grown among businesses, industries and institutions of higher learning. Find out for yourself - come visit our campus! TEMPLE JUNIOR COLLEGE G W ON LITTLE RIVER AG-CHEM INC. Custom Application come rain or shine Liquid Fertilizer Liquid Feed Insecticides Herbicides Top Quality Seed Custom Application BYE! ,f,,:g,?.ii'3iikgq W First National Bank Fifi, N2 1 ,A fi : , V: , KAREN .E :O JIM JAMES MILISSA 2 tg 'TEQSJ TELl5::gDijl?8l7!939-37-Oleg' fill' gg i 5 A D,ANN Cl-:il . Q4 5.1 PIO, Box ess, 95' vi: MELANIE . . I 'gy BELTON, TEXAS 76513 are u TA ROXIE 4!":"1' 52 O gif' ' BELYNDA lf'5z"P fi ff? HI I ' KYM 943,33 "QE 4 C Ls' 2 locations in Central Tx. . ,, 521 -zuirgerr ?9'0Ullf' 'Il nrirtl U nazi LOVE, HOLLY .im23'?,. ,ITU u'11?5fs?Q'iLZ?0' BILL WHITE'S USED CARS C ? AND 9 Auromorivs REPAIR 1 Q J Dolphyn IDaffyl Carpenter District Clerk 2503 So. General Bruce "Temples Finest" The Over 25 Private Club O QE BLACKLAND IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Allis-Chalmers New Holland White Farm Equipment Crust Buster Grain Drills Q' Q' l EWILE I - islo soutu muszrvmzst staffer. airvrzasvda rwms, tems 76501 Get your Class Rings from the Diamond People. BRITT DRUG STORE Belton, Texas Hwy. 95-93 Best Wishes to All BOX 435 the People of Academy Temple, Texas 76501 Phone 773-2409 Your County Treasurer ROY T. SHEPPARD Gantenbein Ford Sales Interstate 35 South sh P. O. Box 449 Belton, Texas 76513 YORK'S TIRES AND SERVICE CENTER Hwy 36 -:- Heidenheimer SONIC TIRES Mechanics on Duty 983-2321 ACTION WORLD BOWL 8. IQENE FINCH ADA BETH FINCH Ameruean Handicrafts East Loop 363 Associate Dealer "You'll Love Our Prim" An ond Croft Supplies Temple, Texas O t 95321250015 39953225 TEMPLE BOW LERAMA Gill Kits P Pl ram 77650176 'IAETOSVT 31323. Temple, Texos 76501 57th at I-35 Temple, Texas 'P Ee QEIUB Glfnglish Bakery . . , EUROPEAN GOLDMEDALIST L4 'I X 7l'Y "TEMPLE'S MOST COMPLETE 8a UNIQUE BAKERY SHOPU PECAN PLAZA 1401. So. 31st St. l817J 778-3865 Temple, Texas 76501 TEMPLE CHEMICAL COMPANY INCORPORATION Industrial Chemical Janitorial Supplies - 2507 w. Adams CCQfrQf,ulfg12nS Temple, Texas phone: 817-773-5167 ..-,HE HONEYBEES.. Rebecca Jo Monk and Tiffany Colette Jones Srs. 98 CITY LUMBER 301 South First Temple, Texas 773-6801 TEMPLE SAVIN ASSOCIATION We're Here To Help 402 No. Main 2820 Thornton Lane Hwy. 317 at 24th 2200 Cen-Tex Temple Loop 363 Temple Belton Expressway 778-2751 773-9013 939-3749 Killeen 699-1 1 66 CONGRATULATIONS SRS. '80 FREE ESTIMATES ROOFING N BUILT UP ROOFING . IIBNORTI-I7thST. TEXASU501 O jh S00 yn an 00-Nik ? 7.5 E O ,I -me Hand TI4 3 iff W Qi? km umm I si w,2,Qig'ffk QZXMWWMM, fa? awww 5 7k AF or I I M92 IQTLWMT mf? E SQ 12456. befjmomw WMM, wi Q? 5 I , UW' Mfg Sw NU WK WHIZW Sm. AMI 291,442 5225575 NOD 12 22 To A Fine School From Your Friends Al The SUPREME LODGE SPJST Our Best Wishes And Congratulations Fraternal Life Insurance Since 1897 ff?JQ f ' -, Ac.817773-1575 Ur 'f' fl f 520 N. Main Temple, Texas P.O, Box 100 L , r l r fr ' eh T If l . ,l.. - rm ZRDSKV ' ' nocsns Lurvisizn P.0. Drawer 0 Home suPPLv cennsn Rogers, Texas 76569 Prrerre: 642-3222 the blouse factory VELMA'S BEAUTY SHOP NATURAL WOM EN,S COSMETICS Harvene Dickerson SL Velma OpCI'3.tOI'S 'lo Hiiiilm l-107 South 31st Strom 642-3366 642-3538 l8l7l 77847600 Temple. Texas 76601 Congratulations WINDMIU- CAFE X Seniors Food to go: 4 fi f A.-l 1 642-3405 The 251 Both A "" Pecan 1Fil2ZaSS,lllolop3in3lC?enTgl Compliments of House ir Tempe Texas 7650' DUBIE FOSHEE - 5712-.- 'le Phone 774-9988 AND ll?-4.4, 45 ll I 'H . ll w' JANICE BRUGGMAN DATA SERWCE Q1 432 ' LUMBER 8. HARDWARE Serving Tem-ple Since 1949 CABINET HARDWARE WINDOW GLASS O BATH ACCESSORIES 0 HAND 8. POWER TOOLS 0 TSUETTEMPER GARDEN TOOLS O U EST PAINTS O CUE-'TOM MIXED PAINTS I SCOTTS FERTILIZER TFEQMQ I 3319 S. 57111 Temple, Texee I HHEELAEELXZEEZESEIEZ' 'WLS Ph. 773-6816 o PLUMBING SUPPLIES 0 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES : MATERIALS 255511355 PLYWOOD CUT TO SIZE 0 DOOR 8. WINDOW RESCREENING Q SUEQEQTINZAC P. BLUE LUSTER CARPET Your persona, 4'z:7,mIf5ssEsIaxIRGs D I 3 CALL TEMPLE 1 'YC 773 6861 J. L. Cripe-0wner E? ADAMS Phone 773-5601 5 HOURS QC" ve TSE' 'JSA 2215 So. 57th St. rf Y',25P' A SAT' 2506 So. 5th SI. ff 333333, 333 33 MO ' W 2807 W. Adams zoos s I TEMPLE Temple, Texas 76501 r' 'x Q? Nx Iiitiiril I V433 his' .4 T. X IHWIiQI III EIIIII 4 1615 W. AVENUE L TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 NOSTALGIC RESTAURANT XWMES BY 3 VCZLQO 773-1067 DREWS CONSTRUCTION CO.. INC. IIIJ SOUTH JJN1 STREET ' P D BOX .1106 ' TEMPLE. TEXAS 76501 773.3220 773-2200 ee 3 X x Martin M. Drews, Gerald W. Drews, FIRSI NIXTIONPAL OF TEMPLE Member F.D.I.C. ' . I - I alll -III !""....."..'!'-lll lll L lll X xxx INX Ill- 'I-nu "" ! Il '-",A-ri -'IN T" ' A 1 ,, ffiuifi' - ff "N ml gif - ,fee tt A A A- I l 'f Yfxi IRL - ' I-- ,FT 1 4: A A ., :MEFF -- -af-. .. me ' , Il ! BANK FIRST CLASS Shop At HS SCHIGUT'S DEPARTMENT 2551525 CO STORE 216 East Central Belton, Tx. 76513 Phone 939-5991 JOI-INNIE'S OFFICE MACHINES SALES V SERVICE - RENTALS - SUPPLIES AIine's Klothes Klosei I7 SOUTH M 206 E. Main Little River, Texas Open Fri. 81 Sat. Only 982-4838 VERA LEE'S Temple's Finest om r G EO c EC RTERS Family Department Store CEL? E ,E S O 301 North 3rd Temple Tx Ph. 773-6200 BEST wus:-:Es TO THE cLAss or f-ao" Temple Tag Identification Tags for Livestock Temple, Texas 982-421 2 if 1 Woridt at i'Man,s Best Friend Wider In Quahfy Soundw COMPLIMENTS OF stgr 0 home stereo systems . and auto stereo AllISOl1, MGYOI' systems Little River-Academy, 1201 South 57th TCXHS Temple, Texas H153-QED 7783523 Dealer -- American Clipper Mini Motor Homes 5 E gPGC3l'1 Plaza RAY STALLINGS 1717 west AVE H qnflotor eo TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 Ph. 817!778-0688 U S E D C A R S off 778 ml ROYAL oPncAL RAY STALUNGS 778 3842 3157 So. 31 St. O H 7788010 Temple Mall ,f!i4uiFu'."'. .l"'t' Haitia- If temple mall ,5' 0 0 We Piccadilly I cufclerius 'ig for Central Texans To Eat! OUR SPECIALTIES INCLUDE: Seafoods Large Selection of Salads lgreen, fruit. gelatinl Freshly Baked Hot Breads Tender Roasts 8. Steaks Garden Fresh Vegetables - and - Homemade Pies and Cakes Compare our Satellite Plates for pre-teen children in price, quality and quantity. We're located at the Main Entrance to the Temple Mall. Service continuously 11 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. 7 DAYS A WEEK QE Q a 8 ffl Rag-AjMaff1'n WU !" Come! X -V e.,fnef3i,iaAvmit ' 81 CONGRATULATIONS 7 9-1.,.,,,i f f SENIORS 80 ,un u.., mm... 1-'fiZ'2l" F h 773-1637 age 'Om 7 9 E' E 'E Employees of ACADEMY " REAL 1111 ab ' '1:: -1s,r: -si25:aza2:fw , , IX X Nm. 1 X ResidenhaI-Farms- LUPQATIXIHIJLASTIC sian comvnnv, mc. Ranches yy ACADINYBIT ' 9ll'4488 HWY. 98 Ili.: lll'4lO'l ACADIMY, TIXAI BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE Compliments of DONA'S TEXACO AND GROCERY Academy Texas 982-4242 Open Weekdays 5:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Open Sundays 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Bill 8: Donna Keis Compliments of MAREK DRUG Main 81 Central Congratulations Seniors COTTAGE NEEDLECRAFTS 9th and Ave. G Temple, Texas 19 , +A 'fy .., , .. -eg . , N on 0 f' ,':,, 2'2 . in ' I -If - .. -. 93 EBWPIS HAIRSTYLING FOR MEN AND MILADY DON BODENHEIMER Owner Ave G. and South Third St. 817-773-3018 Temple, Texas 76501 VSM M1111 DRUGS A Complete Drug Store Fine Gifts 84 China Drugs 84 Fountain 18171 778-1304 N nncu hqa Q' "Sa afrn , ELBERT ALDRICH REALTOR, INC. 18 North 3rd. Temple, Texas Temple Floral Company Farm 84 Ranch Properties, Commercial Temprgla-2gLel765oi Prg3iJtnO1giclSageIIOii:I1er Industrial, Sales-Development MID-TEXAS ARTIFICIAE LIMB CO. 1229 SO. 31st T. Z ,- wnf9'5SQ,:2,1-f2ff'T' TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 LANNY WHITE i" I ' 'gn ' ' ' W 1 "" CERTIFIED PROSTHETIST 5 AC 8171778-3961 Egg I BELTON FRAMES MEMBERAAOPAND TAOP FRANK SEFCIK' Owns' COMPLETE PROSTHETIC SERVICE X Sl CUSTOM FRAMING an MATTING 'State gc.. .oozi- IZIEQE 2' V gh' ALLl1:. 31531355511 BELTON?0'I'EI:fAEaS7t653 Res: Sears, Roebuck and Co, Building Taylor, Texas Phone 778-3861 512-352-7880 Phone 774-SQ4 42,0 ' LATE MODEL SALVAGE BOUGHT AND SOLD ' MCNAMARA AUTO PARTS JOE McNAMARA, OWNER LOCATED ON HIWAY 190 WEST OF BELTON Belton: C81 75 939-6041 Route 4, Box 4042 QQ Belton, Texas 76513 ti lt Killeen: C8175 526-4204 E e will 24 Hour Wrecker Service: Ronnie White Used Cars 81 Trucks Ronnie White-982-4614 Vehicle Inspection Ei MI-O-LEE NOVELTY Gifts, Jewelry, Art Plaster Retail Wholesale Heidenheimer, Texas Norma Lee Sablich JONES HOME 8. AUTO SUPPLY CO. BEL-TEX FENCE CO. 515 Ave. G ' ' Temple, Texas 76501 Firestone-Hotpoint RCA-Zenith-Sylvania SINCE 1907 J ennair-Amana-Furniture 7 102 East Central I S Belton, Tx. 76513 UNTIL 1980 Light Commercial, Residential and all Repair Service Garry and Dave McMillan, Owners McMILLAN PLUMBING COMPANY Rt. 2, Box 268-A Temple, Texas Days: 8171778-3353 After 4:30 P.M. 8l7!773-3127 gozics gffffcgjffliffian Oyome Unfsziou 5 gifts FROM 4:30 - 9230 P.M. ROUTE I2 BOX 268 A 817 f 983 3402 TEMPLE TEXAS 76501 JORICE MCMILLAN BUILDER 983-3127 Member 1 Member Texas Land Title American Lancl Title Association Association ' STERN STORE BELL COUNTY ABSTRACT Il Q WESTERN WEAR HORSE SUPPLIES TRAILER SALES e BERYOXVV:g,M'RE Abstracts-Title Insurance nl 60 E CE TR WM. A. 'GSTEVEN STEPHENS, Manager . I N AL BELTON rsxfxs 76513 8171939-1741 P. Box Phone 939-5787 Belton, Texas 76513 m.,i?uZft,,. 633' f ...ii .UQ IEEEIT EPIIIPLP P iv cr' ag 'Ig . 7-:T 31niarstnu-nfeiTtPtpprzT:zilTi:f5Tfatz1trs ' :Eff -mr Aflzrubgkr Uh. 778- I1 EEE?" xg 3".i'I'l, 1',lillum U7i7h1urr. A if Ha nes U holster Shop , ycommeacgu. ------ RESIDENTIAL gg GARLYN SHELTON MAZDA-SUBARU 319,323 Wes, Avenue G ph. 773-1461 520 North General Bruce Dr.-Temple, Texas 76501 Business C8175 773-7708 ' g s m - 1122227 W 5 iil' ???5a75W 'ff-f' ' HOSPITAL I I I I '.'Z"fT-T 1 .1 1:45. ref..-fav, .,..,- . . fc 2120 west Avenue H Temple, Texas 76501 Ann 81 Harrison Legan Tlfllgilagex TSX? arrison Legan's OWS ' 3' 9 ieronymus Printing Co. 7'Q2'Z,T6i Without you, there is no mel 773 0668 Fonn OFFICE MAcHlNEs co. Q 5-""w""ffm : W LIEIIIIEJ 2 94' rrcumsr qc' 3E'l'.,i"t'S'Tl'?5.'3s H5553 22313332 C I GOOD LUCK SENIORS YOUR ONE STOP LAWNMOWER SHOP 520 W. Ave G Temple, Texas 76501 smqpprsn LEONARD ROI-IAN W"""s' "'l's""m"5 BUSINESS 773-3554 OWNER RESIDENCE U3 eq COMPLIMENTS OE SCOTT AND WHITE TEMPLE TX GOODYEAR Complete Car-Care S . Auto-Truck-Farm ervlce Tires and Batteries Farm and on the Road "The Ring Leaders" TEMPLE MALL-TEMPLE, TX . Service a , V I if GE Homeqgliplnances . Congress at 8th Highland Mall 11 N. 4th St., Temple-Ph. 773-6878 472-2485 Austin 453-7371 Q? NGS ROUND G 0 0 Dy! Y E A R WE SELEVIERYOIQE Sears Photography Studio d PORTRAITS I COPY AND RESTORATION OPASSPOFITS was so 3151 sr CRYSTAL LEE CALBREATH S P I, Y TEMPLE. TX 76501 Manager 774-9067 TEMPLE KILLEEN WACO 2009 S fh 5791 1209 N w FM-440 1428 s. valley Mins Ph 773 1697 Ph 526 0529 Ph. 754-2359 OX C1 W ,Q COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLE-ACADEMY DRAGWAY The 1980 season opens February 4th, and continues through the frrst Sunday m November Don t forget the specral A H R A. Point Meet Sunday March 30th Competltlon from all parts of the U S A The Flnest dragway 1n the whole Southwest. Yours Jerry L Tomastrk lf I' 42 J U' T ew ! ,fig A Six gl? tiff' Y 14 'N Nl! Q 5 A ,MQ ' x ,Q SPJST SUPPORTS THE COMMUNITY AND SCHOOLS THE FIRST STATE BANK ROGERS :Em Q FARM EQUIPMENT SERVICE INC HWAY 95 Et 190 1NTEnsEcT ON P o Box 3156 TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 Ct AgS STEIEOS RECORDS TAPES INSURANCE BEE HIVE AGENCY Academy, Texas Hamburgers Member FDIC Eat it here or to go! Rogers, Texas Pqgogggggghiall IVI AYFI E L D 1 GRA- N S 1 ies 1 S ALVAG E co. OUU ' Vw' Emlwflunl, B Phone 18771642 3227 1 SCE? P 0 B 515 "THE SOUND ALTERNATIVE H d h T 76533 3502 SOUTH LOOP 363 TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 333 3433 817-778-2921 Compliments of r S 8. J PWM T. A. MOSLEY Chevrolet CO. Hwy. 95 Souih BARTLETT, TEXAS 76511 982-4260 PHONE Afc 817-527-3301 SL T. A. MOSLEY TEMPLE PHONE: 817f77B-2865 KOONSEN'S GROCERY, HOLLAND FOOD MART, AND WASHATERIA VENDING SERVICE CHIPS, CANDY, CIGAFQETTES, 58- ETC. OPEN 6:30 AM-10:00 PM Monday-Saturday ph tem 939 323, 8:00 AM-10:00 PM Sunday SONNY WOOLEY 202 S MAIN Owner BELTON TEXAS 76531 Holland, Texas ARTCO-BELL CORPORATION 6993426 7 v TOWN 8. COUNTRY INVITESYOU TO THE CORNER SUPERIOR CHAIRCRAFT CORPORATION fS ff BELTON MINIMAX f D 204 N. East St. Belton, Texas DATSUN BIG "3" AUTO SUPPLY Temple 2420 W. Ave. Nl 778-5223 Garlwz Shrlfmz lmporl Belton 5 M-away Dr. at I-35 so. s I P ri s Q 71C E- Central 939-3573 TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 8 J 17 4828 773-4516 Open 11:00 AM SEVEN DAYS : M Toll 00P ZZ! 2501 Thornton Lane Loop 363, Temple, Texas PRINTING 81 OFFICE PRODUCTS, INC. First Federal Savings me "A Family Serving Familiesv Sheffielfl FUNERAL HOME 3220 South 51st 773-3999 We Honor all burial policies regardless of origin. 9' f Z CENTRAL TEXAS Ist AND FOPEIVIOST COUNTRY MUSIC VOICE BEL-HI GROCERY 81 STATION H 'd nh ' ,T 61 e eimer exas 72 E, AM 940 FM 106.3 1 1 817 I 939-3738 CBELTON A TEMPLEJ NEIL COLLIER 634-0940 IKILLEENI GENERAL MANAGER O BOX 240, BELTON TE S CLlFF'S STEP INTO BEAUTY WITH BODY 8. PAINT SHOP , Q5 I 19B Hwy. 95 south ALOE VERA 3. VITAMIN E " Temple, Texas Cliff Hoelscher-owner Wrecker Service Insurance Claims Free Estimates Complete Auto 85 Body Repair 8: A I Painting 7785133 1 ' ALOE VERA LIQUID l '-2 41 1 Van Dyke Temple, Texas I ' PRODUCTS ,I Sm 4 ROCKWOOL INDUSTRIES INC. People working to keep the good life in America. SOUTHWEST DIVISION P, O. BOX 703 BELTOIXLTEXAS QD -P' Arnas Electric Supply 5120 South Ceneral Bruce Dr. CHARLES AMOS Uwner KitchenAid ff ' A My '15,s,Q0Vf 1 4 ' ' ' ' 3- I' ""'i QI ' -QANSQ 4 -4-Q-1 APPliances 99 MicruwaveS T V 'S - Electrical Contractor in - ' 'V Residential V 1 N Commercial Fixtures 54 A lndubtriai OFFICE RESIDENUAL MAXINE HOWELL Open 7 DZYS Call REALTORS-ASSOCIATE 6 AM T0 10 PM 773-5081 ERAG REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTW' "Let us Service Your ar T k" C O' 'UC ERA - SYBIL WRIGHT, REALTORSG 7 405 Van Dyke S Temple, Texas 76501 Office: 81 7-7787976 Home: 817-773-9194 mE X Hn ii 1-iw: uni- giwiirit iiii -ii ,alzx i Hin ui'--ri 251 1 S. General Bruce COfficeJ 17th and Avenue G State Inspections GREASE Joe FLATS FIXED BRAKES H A R P E R T A L A S E K QFUNERA1 . E HOME E WASH and WAX TUNE UPS 3 AUBREY QUINN, Owner Nauru Av Buzvon P12 34564 PLE TEXAS G'LLAfgmQQYNE COMPLIMENTS 9th and Adams -- Tem Ie, Texas 76501 PHONE 775-0562 nov eltt BLJQNELL PAYNE Res. 938-2574 Fles. 938-2423 U TT THE SONIC DRIVE IN 810 E. Central Belton Mexia, Texas 76661 939-9006 8171562-3843 Compliments of TEMPLE ALTERNATOR-STARTER Tommy and Carolyn Campbell 104 North 43rd-off Hwy. 36 West Phone 778-4088 AMERICAN STOCKMAN TAG C0. ' P.O. BOX 1740 ' TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 817-774-9999 "Timm W can ninemsn CASE. U5 I 9 Premlum Beef Catering Sausage Service CLEM MIKESKA'S BAR-B-Q 57th at Ave. M Ph. 817 778-5481 Temple, Texas "Our customers say it's Texas' finest Bar-B-Q" COCHRAN, BLAIR, AND POTTS 221 E. Central Complete Department Store 939-3333 WELDERS SUPPLY COMPANY 800 East 6th Ave. BELTON, TEXAS 76513 Bus. 939-1823 LEE RUY MCGREGOR Res. 947-5150 QF PATTY'S BEAUTY WORLD COMPLIMENTS OF A 1219 S 31 si FRIEND Temple, Texas 76501 "For a Lovier You" T pl T Ph 8170781377 As for act the ma '61 6 so 9 DID YGU WI THE POT? ,i F. ua, . ,, w success in academics, athletics, extracurricular ities, and personal relationships. This year marks peginning of what will only prove to be one of n e tally up the year we give ourselves a high score i V y memorable years in the decade of the 80's. 4 ii 5 k ef A I I ,S 2 l 1 4 2 1 i FD V IH wk 144 Q ' 45 fi 6 5 5 05 -ffl'55' . Y Sh lx G w, 1 5 ua 'tg i5"'5-'1 -I EXAM 0 NO ' .J 3 554 if-:XRQQ QW New Q, :U Q l 3 V1 V5 qs , V5 HY! 53: E- hi W 6? O f' f I 5X V am f ess M ess ' , .- -. ,... f Eigyk 'nl' s 1""'!'f ein 1 7 " k ' G 9 nl A A In ' 1 I 55 IN- TDI 2' XF ' V - 9' , :ai-.,1i' sw" f" :ES - 4 - f P5""r LI-I 222.-1 1 I f S I - --:H 12: 33' 'Win ' ' 'fi Na 0, . ' . .Pg - "Ul,' :FM . 5 A 'I 5 .gil .944 hz ul z. 'A . V-' -U, ,' -o n I , ,. V '-f-.1:1g.5.,,, ,,,.g:. f 'Ma f .5359 'Q 1 - A 55. ,.'0"?1.' 9' Q "" - , 325 7 Q ,negates 04 . 6 -jx . U Q ' is 9 BBW - . f , W . + - " f O N Z -T1 ii? ,Q ll 'fn .w - .'.'.'.-1-..... .- 3 k I I 'uk' - O x ..,!. nl I J. 0 l X ng if 553 cr f ig-,ilmlfi Q2 LD " -ff fc ' 5 " gg , . . N, f . r i ..--.-.-. ,, .v E- U e- Z gi' " I 1,., ' I-1 -ni Q 'Digg 4 -f h a 4 L a fiiiiwll Q 2 , 2f L'-24161 fr., 233' Q THE WINNING W "ferr-frm :nf -Q Ai'-X1 :wWw'Sw:33 QWHEWQ Q r,zfd.??" 'wif mi? Hs JA ",f1yiiXJ .k M511 ffiqfl- - I gfflqiff lj fkx ,XJ-7 I "47wv"gg E5',,.'f4Yb 3 O HAND Qfgw-5Q,.Q2s,wfIs 'j?Z?'f E 925 i x QMYZ QD -A, R-JAR sf M 2 5 W 2 Qjjglgglgkgbfig We W sq? 5 KQG9 W? GW Q wif Lim-,Qi gi? 43? 1 fd.. VN few? , if I mSX6N JQb fx ,cg-,R : : .-3 LI-I :NOX f S. r x Q .X 1 Ag Nfjwfxl XVW---1Qw V, f Q' Q . 'V C' f QU: v I I XXX A1 I7 iv. a 9 . , f' 'U-' ,nfs 2 .-'S X - 'f' ' X f W MH f f" D X- A , f fivf ' Ag XF sf-E: Q5 Q, ,f ,.,'f91?L. f' - " , , A' ff ZH? HQ qxgf 1' SQ "T" Gr! 2 Y. 2. 0 Q 5 IM I , qw Qygbiilfiy gif? : JD "'1"w:S E G m 3 4 ' A C lu 2' -,f ui Q55 X f K

Suggestions in the Academy High School - Bumblebee Yearbook (Little River, TX) collection:

Academy High School - Bumblebee Yearbook (Little River, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 106

1980, pg 106

Academy High School - Bumblebee Yearbook (Little River, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 119

1980, pg 119

Academy High School - Bumblebee Yearbook (Little River, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 47

1980, pg 47

Academy High School - Bumblebee Yearbook (Little River, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 69

1980, pg 69

Academy High School - Bumblebee Yearbook (Little River, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 77

1980, pg 77

Academy High School - Bumblebee Yearbook (Little River, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 110

1980, pg 110

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