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X f X X. f' I , 912' f g ff! f Af , ACADEME CONTENTS Theme ............................ School Board .......... Curriculum ........... Seniors ..................... Underclassmen ........... Activities ................. Sports ............ Hi-Lites ............. Senior Index ....... Patrons ............. Academy High School Erie, Pennsylvania u v .5 AA 1 of 'a FC . 2 .Q N '4. 1 x x s 1 K w x .w .rua Homo sapiens all! No two of us alil-ze - each remaining an individual K in his own way. Like all who have preceded us we must forge for ourselves whatever image we wish to become. Basically - we pursue ideals we admire honesty we practice endurance. Outspol-zen - sincere - realistic - g p we echo exuberantly ,. r the words of the poet: g Welcome, O life! ,V , 'P'.,..',.,,yq, ,' X ntt,...u... Lf- :.'Z. -in-... ...-.-:.,g:,-....-- n----.1-'..Ts.: ' I :.. '-. -.f '-32'-Z , -........'---...iggno-L 2 -4... ' - ' -. , :.':.i'.'7r::Li1 ..':g,-. A -X 1-s...-t......,, Hun...- ....... '-....,, .. Nm., r , - aff, . :sa wf wry... 1 A - we as m. ,ni-.H ' .4 may .t D Academy Win Open Letter To Supt. Rich- ard Hilinski: On Friday. Octo- ber 29, 1976, the student body of Academy High attended a pep rally for the City Series football title. At this assembly we were honored with your presence. In front of the entire faculty, student body, 8: guest speakers, you stated that when we won the game Saturday night, Monday morning we ... ,- 3-YQ nu' dsea d th af' be and A wills Old Man ri de Hom 8 - . ff 3332 33,25 not v ' ' ,L . Upon our return in September a refurbished Academy welcomed us. Horticulture - resplendent with greenhouse - joined the curriculum. Corridors carpeted in tweed lockers freshly painted ceilings lowered lighting modernized created an aura of quiet dignity. QD V Q W y I 35 qv ' Lil a f. , . r 5 VAX' A Newly constructed dressing rooms the envy of visiting teams added new dimension to both exterior and interior . . . an automatic scoreboard replaced the battered one. Renovation Phase ll completed offered an environment more conducive to learning: improving our outlook boosting our morale. Reagan Ford Carter Musl-:ie - Church Wallace Udall McCarthy - Brown. Dems selected Carter Mondale. .X 5.4 p Aim' M. '. -' .. -- .yr 1.3 5 1 1, , .. , - - f fm . -f-' l . K ' ,fu . A A feng V: Ydfflmkqgf 'i.'l1',,g lj,,ai,n,,,,wn,,g 523, Y W C' 1 T: P. 52 4255 V11 iii .z W 9 sl lThe Marketplacers ' On Ianuary 17, 1977 jimmy Carter from Plains, Georgia took the oath of office as the 39th President of the U.S X 9,0 'Q 5'0 .O .O 'M t.',Vf'o K 4 . , A .' 'O . Lo . f O ak, ..g,. f 1- 5 ew , ' f l+ . v ff-,.',f! O 5 . 'fji' 'OA lo lv lil, ' ' v , ft o V. azz, 'Q f ' D Q , :N , f.7 Q o I, 1 9 0 0 4 4 rr Y A ,-, 1 nf ' , feiiffsgi f'iJT?4f 1' A W' QA, V f J r .. , vs: --'Q52'ffM ,i5f X A 'S fgf-Jf'5?f2 ,tfJmffir' f I www - M '1 K 4,.:',g1'5Q 0 F V gffm2'f9:Q2':,-fifefff ' X ' ?,,m,, ,, -1 ' UF! nil? ' Q -A .pf W, ,sg-, Qlffzlfrxfifi r , '.i.kj,.,' LJ: r wi, M-2 .4 Sl pf .f , I . , ,,h,5..g . p,', J wff.ef . ,, , . . . Neff. z 5+ ,f '1-s Q. .'9 Q ' 7.1 W ,Gly , , 6 5. A -'O 4 .5 , Jin' ' 13, 1' 'A .5 ,lf Living costs were up 5.821 in '77. Utility rates doubled and trebled: telephone - gas electric - water While employment lines grew - Pa. solons blatently voted themselves huge raises. Most seniors had to work part-time to defray expenses. And the recession lingered . . . N - 4 I -ul .' ' . , 5 . 1, . 4 a TL - 1- .K, f . , It was indeed a winter of crises: Oil spills polluted Waterlanes . .. prolonged sub-zero Weather precipitated fuel shortages .. . record snow fall and gale winds clogged highways created 30 foot drifts broke water mains closed schools and factories. In time, the storm receded the schools reopened with thermostats set at 580. Only Presque Isle benefited from the Deep Freeze: ice dunes halted her erosion thefrozen bay beckoned ice skaters and fishermen. 10 Q -1 'l A. - nf. . xg l- . aff, 9 5 Am. 'w,w, 'PN' 'Ju , -.,?T: ..'v A Q , ' , . , ' .N X k - -3' , .F ' .ff . pl' x 4 . . x , t :..A-1355. .A 3 W , o bwdswoemw o A Qvf4f,,,g,, Q ,, W ff., 1,7 V. ,gk vt -Ui , 1 A 9 nw gm, , , H fa 1-,G ? 1 ended Ex Schools Opening NIMH Wav lm: S v9 us. ga r M M0 X Seri Sch'-W Qgkxx mf' 9 CXOSQA 0 nnther dom' Bu Fashions and fads ushered in gauchos and dingo boots .. thermal underwear was a must during january and February . . . T-shirts became the rage with modish and garish designs .. . the uniperm - modified or teased - delighted both sexes time - worn on the wrist - lool-:ed different each day of the week Cadillac shopping - impractical - was good for our ego. Experimenting - dreaming dreams that at times involved the impossible made life adventurous. F r ks xx' 1 Truth - matter of factly stated or subtly obscured liberates and inspires us. Literature intrigues us: the modern the contemporary the classical. To the degree that we understand others will We learn to know ourselves and effectively make known our thoughts. zuelcorne to eorgthseo DiSffAPTL3fN.lLll1GUlDA5U! 8I malmnf A u1zusrdS,dmgcms.mpstlralpmA'i?lS. . and enchanted odxvnxums. X , if .2 s A l i TW M ts A31 H g . A ' 1.3 41.1 Q, 3 alia. . it ll! , ,W 'J 4 ty. L Y 05 x K Q51 ?:EL3'f..,,.f N Q A l if-R' . ,' T,-f-W ff, 2 'wht 5, if K 55 Wifi- M ff 'A 1 W 1 i ' if if- G-'ll M - A , l - fyif is tae. ' 4 'R ,. I,' X r . I H439- f g 5 if H4 S ' hm.. ff l :M ..,. N' .AV 31,335 7 . +q,V,f,j ,Q .W W .4 . 'LX W A ., if , ' xi ' M L. . mfr- sf., ifeigigmli i s Q f Shun IL, . ug, L V t w lf. H no-is ,.: . -n .ff .NA Q, 155. af L .Y , X-, Q? P W K 1574 . L - A . ,wg .7 k ,,?wesff5 glint! x . - .-1 , ,V to ' 1 4 4' yy 1491, s 6 gg, Ivwdl it .1 .. mg t .1 ., ,, f fl -A 2 . , Wff 'IJ-'i ew f '- ,figs Q-A ska-'dwg' 1-f . ' lg W , ., K' QI., -Q ' 1 'A 4 Qf 5, W lA i ' 5 ' 'X New-Mawr'-. H 1 'L N Jw '1 Q A , . 14 3 H The year draws to a close Senior Banquet - May 12 Sl-zip Day - May 13 Graduation - June 9 bringing to an end our high school days at Academy. The past becomes nostalgic The present remains beautiful The future beckons us. Lessons - well learned - are never forgotten. 15 W, 1zf fwf M' C -i. E9 1 , ,,, . f ., A 6 t ff .1-5 . ' I' 1 , -4 -' V 2' '-gs .u 55 I ',f'. .. 12 - natfonljgta pursue but to ave' akei' and then to have the cal fi ssion to catch, ta toueh,. ?then let go because then pursue again. The is the thing, not the revigfarid, not the gain. - from the University William Faillflltnei' 5 1897-1962 i Q 4' F .U 5 .-,F i 125 . If rid: . ' 'I s 'I f S1 ' if '7 Ex 2125 1 V n i . 1 1 r i 4 1 , I I l1'uJ-1u:luku.?:uv4lixx'5++Q+RMuiQs111.:z1ln:m5'2IMQQMMLHHF-.ill2f11PF.3G4Zul2b:N24l'' ' ' . m?LlDtrrJnartL1-il1lui1L':!m-rru-ffiz:'un.:J'17LP' --- - - .:. .-.. -u. 1 - . , , A . . , . 4 .-.- -.. f .. . - . . , 1 -- , . ... .. V . . Y, Y L ' v Q mf M' JF' x f WE CAST OUR LOT Beside his window overlooking London Bridge Chaucer observed in fascination the pilgrim train wend its way to Canterbury. Remembering - he made them famous in his Tales. Shakespeare - keen observer of the human scene - viewed the lowly and the mightyg the young, the oldp the poor, the rich. Remembering - he brought them to life upon his stage. Like Chaucer and Shakespeare we teachers, too, are brought to view an exciting spectrum of humanity. Out of the maze of nameless faces that come before us year by year appears a studious Meg, a laughing Tim, each unique in his own way - yet neither an extension of the other. Within a few short weeks the entire gamut of human traits unfolds itself before our eyes and soon we learn to know their needsg then search for ways to deal with each accordingly. We cast our lot with these young inquiring minds who count on us for guidance in their search for knowledge and independent thought. From them, one day, who knows .. . a modern Chaucer or a future Shakespeare may arise, What challenge could be greater? - Edna M. Bermon wg,- ps 1 V ,gl ,gl 5,-19' Wwlhig al T si ffl :Ez Ir m 1 r w 3, Mr. Donald DeNardo, Principal Leadership inspires confidence Mr. Donald Zonno, Assistant Principal Mrs. Bertha Blau, Assistant Principal y ,si -vw--V. ,5 X . ii? ln his sixth year as school chief, Principal Donald DeNardo exhib- ited strong leadership and author- ity in managing school policies and dealing with school-oriented prob- lems. Assistants, Mrs. Bertha Blau and Mr. Donald Zonno, ably assist- ed him in these important tasks. The support and firm guidance of- fered by our administrators played a positive note in encouraging Academy students to adopt a new pride in maintaining the beauty of our recently renovated schoolg a role which, in turn, created individ- ual pride and confidence. Both Superintendent Richard Helinski and Principal Don DeNardo enjoy the savory meal served prior to the Senior Banquet program. 21 Counselors 2 3 4 Q i L Q A v 5 r i Q 5 5 1 A-4 Mr. I. Buchanan 22 - Guidance Counselor No problem or advice sought by students was too large or in- significant to receive the attention of any of Academy's five coun- selors. Crossing grade levels, they offered their assistance to any stu- dent who approached them. They advised Seniors on how to prepare college applications, administered tests and later counseled about the PSAT and SAT scores. Anyone who had a personal problem, a question to ask, or a career to in- quire about knew where to go for assistance. Counselors hosted a very successful College Night, a first for Academy. listen to our queries Mr. C. Verdecchia - Guidance Counselor Mr. B. Barbara - Guidance Counselor S ,f, q n' -. I Mrs. R. Kantz - Guidance Counselor l l 1 Mr. I. Rouse - Guidance Counselor Mrs Donocoff Office Clerk Office secretaries, drawing on their diversified talents, handled efficiently their multiple daily duties. ln addition to answering phones, typing student lists, writing letters, and filing student records, office personnel also greeted and directed visitors to the school. They cooperated wholeheartedly with faculty, pupils, and administrators. Mrs. Sheridan - Nurse Mrs. DeLuca - Library Clerk S 4. ,, ,,-,H NURSE Mrs. Sheridan, R.N., continued to handle student ailments, both real and imagined. Instrumental in set- ting up appointments for junior Class physicals, she was present also when exams were adminis- tered. As a part of Phase Il, the infirmary now occupies an attrac- tive suite of rooms on the east side ofthe main floor. LIBRARIAN Mrs. Brenoel, librarian, along with her aide, Mrs. DeLuca, offered im- measurable help to teachers and students. The library became a re- source center for A.V.A. software used in many classes. Mrs. Brenoel - Librarian Math confuses and challenges Math Department presented a wide variety of problematic courses, ranging from basic ninth grade math to calculus. Each student had the option of selecting a class suit- ed to his personal mathematical talent. Modern equipment and a highly mechanized computer in- spired ingenuity and independent excursion for many students. Busi- ness Math and Bookkeeping l, II readied future secretaries and ex- ecutives for business jobs. i Q 3 ,f Mr. Bendig - A.P. Cal.: lntro Anal.g Algebra llg Trig. Z' Miss Russell - Hon. Geometry: Algebra lg Honors Pl. Geom. vw-gn' ' 1 Q Xa' ' f ,f l flfge Q . 'ws' -,, -. Kit ' NN: Q Q ., I U 3 Mr. Danias - Math 9, 105 Algebra I Mr. Vereb - Math 9 Mr. Niebauer - Math 10 A' Mr. Pfisterer - Algebra Ig Algebra I1 , 27 ew science labs provide incentive Initiated into the science program this year, Botany falong with a newly built greenhousei enriched the curriculum and widened elec- tives for students. The installation of such modern equipment as cli- matarium Il fan asylum for all kinds of plantsj, Oceanic 35!55 fa cold salt water aquariumj, and controlled environmental centers made our Science Department one of the best in the state. Field trips included attendance at Biology Day , Gannon College, Erie, and The Canandian Science Center, To- ronto, Ontario. 'X Mr. Harkins - Honors Biology, Biology 10 28 '95 Q Mr. Hass - Botany: AP Biology Mr. Filipkowski - Biology 105 Science 9 .fl -'Q Mr. Fearn - Biology 105 Chemistry f-N Mr. Quirk - Chemistry: Physics I Mr. Gubish - Science 9 1 .f .N 3 R - I, , , 2 Mr. Gigliotti Science 9 29 Today becomes tomorrow's history Mr. Guenther - AP Eur. Historyg Honors Social Studies 10 ,git V nity-Q. NIH iii NNI Q il L ? 1 IM. .W 1. SOCIAL STUDIES Students in grades 10 through 12 not enrolled in Honors or Ad- vanced Placement History, selected mini quarter courses in World and American History. Freshmen, not offered an elective, were locked into a full year of Urban Geogra- phy. Recommended juniors were accepted into American History, while qualified seniors elected to take Advanced Placement Eu- ropean History. Mr. Kaczenski - Social Studies 9 Mr. Karsnia - Social Studies 121 Social Studies 11 - x .L i sf-1+ it x...! Mr. DiBacco - Social Studies 11 J J' ,,,,,,4'-. Mr. Hayes - Social Studies 9 . Mr. Hiney - Social Studies 10 ,shy Mr Zlotmcki - Social Studies 105 Russian 1, 2 is The flash of the camera fails to unner takers loe Tedesco and Mike Turner. The medium is still the massage it .HW Mrs. Massing - English 11, 125 Academe Business Mrs. Bermon - English 125 A.P. English: Academe A- ..-csv n K Mrs. Burgoyne - Honors English 115 Speech: English 11Q Mr. Macey - English 10 34 Both quarter and traditional courses prevailed at Academy. Quarter course offerings, nine weeks in length, offered such selec- tions as Beat the College Boards, Sherlock Holmes, and Speed. Qualified juniors enrolled in Hon- ors English. Recommended seniors entered A.P. English, many of them registering with the Gannon Col- lege program that offered six col- lege credits for creditable class per- formance. In May, seniors in Room 6 made their yearly pilgrimmage to the Stratford Festival Theater in Canada to view Shakespeare's Othello. Mr. Rohde - English 95 German 1, 2 Mrs. McConnell - English 9, HQ: Star s Q 1 'flax A 'L' wff f 'E51lT I ducation .' if 'IZ' 5 f av. 1539 .Miva-2:4 . 'if i-..1- , ..g.-.f.a-.w.- A V- 3 ,s ,V - , , .,,. wf,f.f:4+t-:-,,5. ,. ..-:3:,:5,:1: . f ,qsz-. 'tx Jleiziiif 27: Qi3:'fii1,':5 ': , ..,., i., E,f' . . E.g:,.,:1'2:3if1 it-: :2.f:gg:gf2fLEE'Q 41 rpqefsrfkl-QQF -Sgs:5d:4gfrb' ' l 2l:'2fE?3?? ' gvszxirrs' K K -f:':g3:?yQ5 A, nfziticft' Q15 . frgfsfrzrz ' 3' ' ' Q- -adffn-. .- , wx: . ' ikksrg , 4 -, . H 5' wr 5 -- 1 ' -ffm 2 1 ' 5 ' 'O 6 .4 A'1A A-:11 4 Q . -Q:-1:-v , . . W f Mr. Carnicelli - Social Studies 95 Spanish l, ll Forei n lan ua N '5NL Miss Major - Spanish l, ll, lll, lV g g ges remain electives Mr. E. Campbell - English 105 French l, ll, lll, IV Foreign Languages French, Spanish, German, and Rus- sian remained electives for anyone wishing to learn a second or third language. Grammar, conversation, and audio-visual equipment be- came tools requisite for a proficiency in this field. A knowl- edge of a second language was ex- tremely helpful to participants in the Y.F.U. program. Industrial skills enjoy comeback 4 is' K 5---...N-5-.Mmm if 1 to Mr. Scott - Woodshop 1, 25 Saddle club Mr. Welsh - '-m..,,mmM M ' wmv rxkw . 4 . 25 emi I v 1 .125- ' 'I nf .0 .i V - 5,4 4 'L . Draftg Woodshopg Graphic Arts ' ml ' 'Ak' 7llVs,-V 5'7V P u5f :Wifi ' I Us 'flax' W V!-':. 14j.,'.,+5,.3:, 'ee' , JL' fl' 3. iii F i 3432533.e--55522515fEl2?tr3lS3fsQ,lzfllff?ll1rlTl?'Glwe Jw: -1 r . is + ,..,,.l'-l L. K. . it , H ,-.-. .l,, A gg,gg,g::.g. ,l w rgtyggga nf J Q: are f r kfzigriggaggffffi, 42335 'l' JEaQg y :v11-, tn, U -W -gf -, L ., :gif 6 ,, f ' , . M w Q,fL:h:DZ'-u-QA' ffl .K . ' ' ' K' ' ,V K 1 ' Si- 33.4 - x , if , ,,. , is.-fe . i ' r, , , A A gm ,syfm-:ww N - '-,N W- .L T 65121 5- 7 ' 1 ' ' ' fr':7f' 'iz' f .sx:, 'fRE?3v A'.,e' f ' . - 'g ..., ftgisefg 1:4 W, X 151-l5,sANf: 'nc w3f.:5,'tA ' ' '- , rw ,- 2r.yrgog.wQ!a ei 4, V 'Q , P if yt ' iw V :Ni ifiggzie a- - , 'K . A ,fm I I M I , .4 i s' M I 6.312335 .. ' , M Q lg, T ,I - . X fb,-F sz are wt Using the lathe to put grooves in wood may one day make Bob Pardee a master carpenter. if 3:55 ,V :,g' 5 ' . fill Q eg .Ln Aa ' if ,rf1Qi,Q1-- 5, 5 ,,: ir . l , 'fx .44 fa, . ' H 15 vt 11 z f if 3 f f ,, Q. I , '. if 4 aw gl 9 I 1 H Fug 1 A ,tg lg f I 5 ss. W :lf ' t r p , galil' Q W. ' 'M dw, 4 Q Srl' f f ffffilll. 5 . -5, .lt kgfisshia, . .an ,ol, in r iii' it all ' fk.- I .. . J' 'f ' ' ' ' s 449 fi .A If Q . ig ,hifi .4 vi ' ff , '4-44 N .r ,sf ' S ' wx csnfflgig. . L' 1 . .ki z M , L .E 2 l I - s'sr , , . . ' V x , , 1 . lone l my V af x' 1 ' 4 fs-1,igL5: ' ,.... T. .522-1 ' ' .,.,,1J 2 A gf, L 5 ,I :1fq5!iavF'1nEil . llltfiaiiliilfil tl'-mif,,, , . Vid X Shop Mr. Clausnitzer - Stageg AVAg Home Improvement 38 Mr. jones - Machine Shop 1 Drafting as Ron Witosky and Tim Schaaf discover, is a skill that must be learned. . 0 4 La i Y 45- ' 1 .1 may . re fteszsifpf . 'Y i um , 4., -:nw ,fgn ,c ' ,,.,',iLf1,.. tw. ,. w, 'f.:.:e K . , . -'t..,w:e'.,:f, + tg , If .. emi ,g . , MW: ' .Z 2 -Nix' t. ,, ' 3 H11 .Y 'u:'i,,,:5te.f ' Q ei' we el. -A ' T if - .M 31.3.1 'VY 4 ''.1,i..,V L D, , '---5 . gfgEH2r2241a1A ' L at ft' 41.11 A 225, 1 ,Aww Y- at 'Q 4 , fy- ,sf K 5-if '25 f I'Ql'M!..: Q . -I 5.4: le, V 5 -1 ft -, .. ,W r.-,Mir . 25.1 4' ivfiffff' 4 - A 1'-5:32 2 51495.49 i ff? -Situ . W ' 48,1 ' ' 42e55.1'i2ii'-1Z'g, .EZ V , V ? , I W , vfmiiit ' I , ' . . , 5 1 - . . V 'W 'W at K f , L em, X f ' A 'fr V iiitfww cg Ulf .-,. .. .W ,. . ..-.,,,,,,, -We--M . ..-,..., 4- -- ... .-,., f U f . 4 qw-ft.wg:1W4'3f.,1: +5 ,, M , t M W me f n- , .r1,,r.f, 1: A 1-T' . A 'zwtmif-ew 'x Qtfiz-nf.'?ff?',. 56' efgef if-ii' ,t -' . et M .. mffmg1gft,,f' i s T. f .QM L Hiidfilif? its it 3-1 'ftfdgaifh iii f , -Ryu. ' film. 'H ,g,2',UQy4-A in ytfaaqwj' , . hz.- , . 1, ' 5 Q Wxw.-ft-'g.44g3u vw -- .. -tif: K, '. ..mW-ws., . L ap. K -A. rg, ' '. sw fee Q ,tx -we' 'f 13 '5':f ' z if:',-'viii--t' f T .2 ai' '11 1 51,231 , 1? 'F' rfaieffiisfsfrwxffft iffiris , X ri sk. . ,T s.,1K4s 5 .. hi if 1' '?Pfi ?,' 'ntQ?-Wa 'W -1l,45f1ff'.aiQ i 1 rffwfv - 1'-.,. ., .n,fEs12f1.- . W., re.. '13, 33. ' if'1 9i5 1 iaI,gE 211' YW - -M11 '. J L f f- ' we . 'T'::'.'7 ' .y , - Q V as , , Q -4, x , 51 9 5 K in-if ' Mr. Dobbs - Senior Trades: Building Trades: ' -Tix. NNN N . Machine Shop 'Q --H' 1 A ' la, ' 5253 Industrial Arts Woodshop, Home lnprovements, Machine Shop and Drafting drew their quota of interested students. For the first time in 16 years some- thing new was added to the wood- shop - solar lighting. H.l.S. contin- ued to instruct students in home repairs. In the machine shop, stu- dents learned how to operate gen- eral shop machinery. Drafting con- cerned itself with the drawing of blue prints. All four classes were co-ed, with girls in the minority. The many merits of the sanding wheel are readily recognized Clarence Reynolds and Gerald Crawford. by Agp.. S fm. ,,1f'1.., L Mrs Comstock - Gym: Pool: Cheerleading Gym and Health Renovations in pool and gym temporarily altered physical ed- ucation scheduling in these areas. During September and October, however, phys. ed. stu- dents met outdoors. Boys en- joyed volleyball, rope climbing, flag football, basketball, tum- bling, and speedball. Girls con- centrated on soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics. Square dancing remained a popular co-educa- tional activity. ln November, swimming resumed for all. Mr. Robinson - Gym: Pool, Health As a part of physical education training Robbie Bourillion learns vollebyall skills. 5. s-,H , ,.,...,w- .,,, , 5' ligase! W , Body fitness complements health Mr. Morgan - Gym: Poolg Health Health students leanne Lieder and Dwight johnson learn the techniques of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Miss Zawacki - Gym ff all 1 'M ff? iluuumnmw ry ji bf i. X P , 5 t, Q ,, L f' Q T u Q. Q ' f legs for wrestling. All N' I is 7- 'F 5 A -1 'Fx 4' N4 V 1 g ,t xr Liu' ,X , A 4 t is ' E 35 Y' I b 1 7. h ,.. ' H V . vs...uff:f1,, -H ' I l . : 1 . j '- E! X , ,. ,...Lh.,..N,-..j? 3 .. . . . 52 k 'X A: , F E fig . 2 L E llliiiilll ffillllllll cn .. fb Q FD Ib Q. Q E! UI N CD :- -. Q :- Q UI Q Q. Q Q :x -. Q on fb o iN :x Q E E 2. on :- .. CD .Q E. 'U 3 Q :s .-. -. Q FD .-. 1 KD :1 on .-. :r Q :1 F m. 'nv 41 ff 3 UW 4 f' -3 -3-'n.. F' E :- -.....g 'Om Ms Humphrles-ChoirpChorusgArts6vHumanitiesgMusicTheory. Fine arts flourish at Academy . A 'ji Mr Peterson Ir Band Trammg Band Orchestra 2 6- : v 1' i 1 :..p -,Q ,r ff' mf A 'Z' if ff 5 f ' 'ii H A: ,,- f'-7 . ew. 5 'H' JL2:'.,vw-K N . 'K .A 1-,5 49 ' f - 5 K' , P, :ff- ,F Q' ,, ,J t K G K +A i L ,,..,. M Q--u---1 + 4 , V , . A r. ..-e ff j EW , kb 'iv . I, in T 5 lb - luffcf, , .. A , .r,.rr em' ,r. V , I W ,. gy 1 r ,A ki hy ,VW . X I .' , , 'ft W - , , , , fr. . ' 'I' ' ' . me Vggggi -'F r r.My.,,1 iran f. jg ' X , e f r ' 1.1 'Y-, f' , .f-' A: 5, , 1. 'N '-,, ,f in 5 wir?-Q,, ,rCX?':',,.. .' 2125 Nm. .f-AES' Emp R1 ' -..,fr.Lff?'Azkgw1-S1-i,,1 1-ig , - -N 1 W' , 'TQ xsfaxffr-2, fr L '5i:, ?,5YBF'.3124 W -r,,fi1.1E,-fifg.,:- 'iffngsm , 4, Kr. ,,-,ma fi . . Siva rr., ww' gina. W ., vs- f ,. .. ,gr .U ,.,.. 4 W1 we f,!n.'f.f-we r wm,aQH ' '5'5?fwf ,.,, rw, .QJ,Eg4'1e'.fi,,,3Q Q gr: ' 3335 , . , QM, ,,.iM Z ' .f I h W -fe- y,'1g:W.i, :gil 7' ii- 47 -S'v1'Qjg5:.s?W-1: f..w-ira'a.f.,c- ,fy..:.'-L ,adifififi Members of marching band, Pam Wehun and Patty Steinhauer, make beautlful music Uontheflute. i 'X X ., Mr. Chizmadia - Art 1, 2, 3 ' K Q Q . .avi-xf' Students in Arts and Crafts find weaving an exciting craft. Mr. Roumfurt - Crafts Art and Crafts Art challenged students to draw upon their imaginations to project their ideas on canvas and paper. Oils, pastels, black and white were mediums used to present a variety of subject matter. Ceramics includ- ed construction of marionettes, clay sculpturing, and weaving. Music Musically inclined students inter- ested in developing and promoting their talents found participation in music classes both stimulating and rewarding. Concert Choir, Chorus, Orchestra, and Band met daily. Ad- ditional electives included a class in Arts and Humanities and one in Music Theory. x 43 Business absorbs Academy trainees BUSINESS Business Department taught a vari- ety of subjects relevant to business- related activities. Students inter- ested in business or secretarial ca- reers enrolled in Typing, Book- keeping, Steno, and Office Practice. Business Law enrollees learned an elementary understanding of legal proceedings and simple business contracts. Students enrolled in Per- sonal Typing, a course taught first semester, automatically took Note- hand second semester. sf '-5. 1 'K 4' f T Mr. Tomb - Business Law: Business Math Miss Hickey - Typing 1, 2, Iob Placement Snoopy! Snoopy! Are you there? mutters a miffed Bill Thompson. v. ' W F Miss McMahon ' Steno: Typing I Personal Typing students Brenda Brown and Nancy Shutts concentrate on text and notes. -z am-in u -T A f if ' A-'neil'-4 2 'N f' Mrs. Peterson - Personal Typing: Note Takingg Bookkeeping 1, 2: Office Practice. t A .. 'I 1. M 5, H .4 1 1, X, 'Nl' 'Y -.. 6. s Kirk W' if Ah 1- Vincent and Rick Betz find it impossible to ruffle jf,-L' Q efficient typist Elaine Semenoff. .f f' 'Lf . L14-v-f if f ' A . r f, 1 V, ll 1 . , I LW, f,,,-, L, , ii W,-'iv if ,Q 4 J, E Li.57,L rp ,- ,,1f' ,f -rL,f A ,, -- f ,,L,,,ff. Qu W f -ff' 7 . I 1-WL 72 il .L ,Q , 1 V -' 1 'f 'f 'f'N7 Y , V., ly- J ff' , 1-wee . nf, - 4 1 I - I ! I I X , L U,'y.f1,., , .Mafc-I ,--wwe ifiwefvff X5 .-:.,,f ,,- 2 ' an ' V ' , ni. l I ,M k Q-,ef sv , , . , . ,Q V! 3 U in Ll-J ffy ! , If I L4 Cgf-1.-w'v-e..,-, -- NX -irjjwrr ,, ' ,, , gi! L . L, 4 ,f, '- . , ft. ..A,. ' f, .N B 'l,4lf ,'?g,Qit, ,tk ,N ,N , Q 7 lW5'F 'V fi wizklulf' 9 .4-t ml . ' 4 A in rg Mrs D Campbell Home EC.: Bachelor Survival: Home EC emphasizes the practical HOME ECONOMICS Boys enrolling in Bachelor Survival Class became knowledgeable not only in foods and clothing, menu planning, and comparative shop- ping, but also in good housekeeping routine. Family Living acquainted girls with life in the home, care of children, and management of fami- ly affairs. All Home Ec students learned practical lessons in budget planning and household savings. Foods and clothing attracted girls interested in acquiring a funda- mental understanding of dressmak- ing and cooking. Mrs. Bell - Home Ec Bachelor Survival Family Living ff QE' 5 1.x XX f . X .lf W .. ' T' 4 5 ' 'e 'U l U I vw Q 7.4 Are you ready? asks lohn Conner as he cues records for a Radio-TV student Dan Schwartz shows jeff Smith how to thread play Radio-TV students are broadcasting. the movie projector. Learning is satisfying Nada Moyak, Charles Walczak, Phyllis Williams, and Leslie Gregor explore the latest piece of equipment in Biology Lab. The reading record provides Paul Lichtenwalter with a quick review of the books he has read in A.P. English. 47 Imagination and talent merges Kristie Roberts, student under Mr. Chizmadia, decided to redecorate a large antique oval tray, black in color. She was sure that with a little imagination, plus talent, she could transform it into a decorative seasonal piece. Step 1 involved giving the tray several coats of crimson enamel. Envisioning English holly branches as a design, she draws the first leaf. Satisfied with her progress, Kristie continued to paint the holly and berries. She then sprayed the tray with an art lacquer to give it a glossy finished appearance. A few days later, her work finished, she inspects it for any flaws. Step 3 entailed making the project functional. On the tray Kristie placed an eight inch bayberry candle within a large globe, wreathing it with a holly garland. Proud of her artistry, she views her work once more before presenting the tray to Mrs. Bermon for her use. 48 4..w+Q,,,,m W, Dan Young intently uses the card catalog to find bibliographical references for a paper. ll W K .V I , 7' A . V 'tr I . S , V 5 R il . N . 1 M mt ll 1' fi M a :ezine Qi ,t My - a Dennis Grudzien carefully sands a board to get a smooth texture. We have favorite classes Vw ? sul 'Ni iii i,, ., J Nn-,,l One of the joys of Food Class is getting to eat the coffee cake you have just baked. L to R: Mary McRaith, Elaina johnson, Sue Rupczewski, and Miss Schreckengost, fstudent teacherj. 49 Latent talents surface Qui, The typewriter is here but Gina Koffman's znoughts are elsewhere. Doing pushups for Mr. Zonno is one way Sylvester Quinn pays penance for tardiness. s,-4 wMq3,.,,: . '4 WP 1 N . 7049? auf fi-hal N-W lil 21,4 mime!! , , '0m:':....! ' 'l vsp.,- 11 Paulette Davis, Kathy Faley, and Derrick Yarborough work intently on their art arrangements. ,-'i i 'W' ff ,,.f 4 Everyone wants in on the computer act, even Rick Betz. Our twirlers brave the frigid weather to participate in the parade Merle Wood and Dale Vico's use the incline setup bench for Senator Dole. muscle builder. USG --v Hey, look us over! an-'f .-ff if if ' .,i 2' ' ,ff .1 Bill Hobson concentrates on his musical speciality, the Xylophone. VI! ,A-v' This day it was Sharon Iaycox's turn to role play in Spanish Class. 51 WM SELF-DISCOVERY We pass through mist-covered doors to discover the scenes awaiting . . . We follow paths always leading outward to keep us on our constant search. We are being led to the summit of a steep mountain where the risks are many but the rests sufficient . . . and even though the top is hidden in the clouds we can still see the crest. Every leap - every fall - every step we take offers new horizons to be discovered. - Robbie Kennedy .,i. . lfti, in I sf - ' i Z' swegeg -' U c-I, gr' . 9' ,f.,+-ff' 1 JK . ' ,S BVZKQ I gkff xg , , e fs It A A flf ,I if iw -5 X ,fn ,p 4? 1, ...,Q ,.,,p:,j g,,:.,1 ,H V, ' A -M1 - 'Q' 'U 'Y...'.r...,t,. g.L'.1wG ' , .-,-,fxivzuxrsi-g,,,...,,,-,-Y ,. K. f. V p 'xfftfir Eff' 9 s'i'Qef47.?if-F:QX?1'l'1,Q-llf- T ,, What fun it was to returr F tember to enjoy the com dollar renovation progr Phase I of Academy's mul ' 4 halls were resplendent wi tweed carpeting, orange cealed lightmgs The 1 once a dingy room, had m a colorful suite of its own and lowered ceilings with 4 clean and well ventilated rooms, art rooms, Star a restrooms were tiled, : 1 lab fall completely new w ern equipmentj provided a atmosphere for learning. Sports events . . . rallies .. McDonalds toboganni ing . .. winter and spring ... dances ... part 'n Y offered socialization. T term papers length Q ments . .. compositions requirements . . . experim jects journals offers ration. Senior portraits .. 8 Night Open House announcements Colle applications and que. Homecoming C4 gowns . .. the Prom Sei Day Academes ., mencement Rehearsals .. . . 1 ed us thrs was our fma Academy. rg QQ , -Jr xu1'W5 2! V42 1 wail gp Qs. Rfk 121: fb ax ss' fue' was f ,. sg ,.,, U ,r . ,,. u -1:5-. 'fQ12'f3Qf'X '. - is we f .ff we-sw, fewer- -' 11 -e..:'1-,ss r 1 t Q-mfs.: -dl., - Mx.- dw QQQQM?-ggi? Q6 ici, , 54 +1-sv, 'nvv . v 51-',5 ,L ' mf f. ,.5:::1' 14:'pi'f1.iQ,fis awy,gs:,r1r, t,ff'w'53:-A5 'x V N L, N 71 X ' -is - SE IOBS .. W., M, , .. Linda Aiken Brenda Alex Lori Allison David Allman Pamela Amon Kristie Anderson I, Angelia Atkinson Darlene Barnes Dave Barthelmes Dean Barthelmes Tamera Beck Rick Betz Seniors in Room 6 learn to respect each other's views as they prepare for an oral panel discussion in A.P. English class. 55 -.x The Counselor's domain provides perfect privacy for Tina McGill to make that personal call. Robert Brown :fr . 1 , 1 1 3 G!-asf , 'X .ff Hope Campell 'Q--... diff, . 1 A . L Raymond Carr 56 .Qi V 5, ,,. Alan Chaffee K 1 'Y' I V ' im V o Y Deryl Bolton Brian Brewer 'fx Brenda Brown ' I Pl loseph Brigante T023 LPED4 Nurse Sheridan diagnoses Tim Pacy's ailment as senioritis. We Channel our priorities Theresa Chandler Denise Clark Patricia Clark ai' ri ,R ' 'j Inga, 4 V ,w Z Y , x9 i XX Av A For jeff Gante, Bob Fischer, and lon Honard, inspiration may came anytime . . . anywhere. Thomas Coleman Kathy Colley Steve Collins Brenda Coleman Randell Coleman We Cater to our whims iQ.n-- Matt Connolly On a December day, Moto-ski king Tom Rettger conveniently forgets his Iohn Conngr afternoon classes. Gwendolyn Cooley S. . David Czarnecki 58 Kim Conway A WEN? i'f' Me- - 4 ei Sandie Cook y-0 Sue Cooney David Cooper Maria Corsi .. .i . , in I 1 175. .. 1. . mx J -s 5 fv 'J I,- A by C .. , JL ' ,ivf fi 'l ' , velr ...J Tom D'Albora Eileen Daniloff Felicia DSBBITY Kim DiLuzio f , M ff . wa, - '- ' . f A K ' N Card day brmgs expressions of happiness fMichelle Fendrichj, indifference fMatt Connollyj and despair fPat Steinhauerj. Gqry Eller Kathy Fgley ' i 1, i M . 4 . f in -W l - .x , . Q, X i A elif Linda First L Yr :- Michelle Fendrich One reward in having to memorize school songs is having your picture in 59 Terry Ford Thomas Gay s n G . r- 5 K5 i 1, K I Ieanne Getschow Darlene Goldstein We learn as we do Sherry Gallagher Ieffrey Gante Dale Gauslin Kim Gehrlein Trumpet ace, Greg Giles, participates in Dole rally. Greggory Giles 5. I x 6 Fred Gravqtt Caren Grayson Chris Green ,Ji , 1 f. F Leslie Gregor Floyd Gregory john Grenaway Lynne Guogliardi When the teacher isn't looking, Barb Miller still delights in using the hunt-peck method. o o o o o . . . with m1n1m al restri CU ons lack Gundrum Douglas Hall David Hammons leffrey Harayda Leaders provide Distraught Academy students write a letter to Times editor about Supt. Hilinski's forgetfulness in promising victorious Lions a free day. vw Judy Hogan Mamie Holman Ion Honard Ernestine Howard 62 9 ' I , .h Q , ' Q , 1 . I t kk, g 1 'G'-af A . 4- fav Q V: h,,,, ,WA LQ, lil. 1 N I .4 2 1 , ,, fo g- 1- L .. 5' 3' 'V' L L32 1 ,ff .fm I W A :Wm Class unity 1 Rebecca Hein Phillip Herman 9:11:12 I , X' i I Dale Hevner Lavon Hinton L l 111 'lLi'l!lL1 nl 1 muff - 1 1 1.4111-'IMQN4 I' . C -'ill ' 1 1 V1 1 1 'K1 1 1 ,X ' 1 , 5+ se N +1 if Qu H AI TU 1 . ' 'It lx' 1 f H A In I I I' I f '1 1 , 1 I .1 4 K l i 11' f 1'-I ' f 1 p1 If ii , , N 2x if c 9 1 F H, 7 K . . V x I An odd place to nap indeed, but cadaver Gary Eller doesn't seem to mind. X S Senior Class vice-president, Dave Hammonsg treasurer, Pat Steinhauerg president, Randy Kimmel: and secretory, Sue Cooney. ,if f X1 A f- K. Steve Hyzer S. X V .. g af' -4 5 in - .6 I xiii . X ' , A x 1 , 4 Q . 4 :bi - .-X 7 , x . 'J ' G , J fa ,L 'A A Proud to be a senior, Theresa Dennison gladly signs her name to Academe's Senior Signature Page. Carolyn james janet Hubert -JV J' f A Lf! X . Denise Hunter Cynthia Johannes Rebecca Iensen 63 W. lndividual talents add spice to life Christel Iohnson Linda johnson Shirley Johnson Patricia Kalie 64 William joint ,i.,, 3, Ambidextrous Brenda Coleman tosses her dessert in the air, hopeful she will catch it. Bruce Kaufman ,,..a ,fi L1 Lisa Kaufman Paula Killings Randall Kimmel Kelly Kindle We adulate our stars Scott Klimow john Klgghqk Steve Kocher Gina Koffmann lle Kourma Linda Laird V., wmv wry ' 42.9 Feminist Nada Moyak's right jab to the jaw momentarily stuns mild mannered Kirk Vincent. -I 41 I When he's with Little Gridders, Mark Petruso reverses his role as Academy center to that of coach. Chris Lauderbaugh Paul Lichtenwalter 65 :'. , . t, QP, nga 1. ' ,L 'z ' K - nh Wk... Alice Linder X' A. X f. . 9-WDC kc? all? mth lX 4... john Lorusso Michelle Mack Iacquehne Manus Q ' M .Q t ii fi es fi g i Individualit is our trademark Y ' 1 john Klochak, making use of the body-building equipment in the new weight i f' 1 .1 David Marasco Matthew Marchini room, gamers his full strength. Carol McCriliis 66 Christina McGill it Deanna Marx lay Masi ,41' 'Q' Brian McKee Christine McLaughlin Kelly Merchant Barbara Miller 'iT4-' L Ss 4' Q kf Gl01'iCl Morgan Cheryl Morrow Mr. LeTour, determined to get the best portrait of each senior, gives this same careful attention to Kim DiLuzio. W cf' - gf, A-1 ' X V i ff Q fi a I f 1 ' V 'fil A I ,A .,r:. y K.. - lftfgi 5 I I! ' l YW g m, - L E ' P I , f 2' ' ' '?'W,f 5' . V .t.,,,A ' - 1 if W ,fry ' .2 its :uf 11211 t if john Motsch Rebecca Mott 2' th. ,zniy .I f Ax? Q, 351 qgiclilffffiff 1 1 - - 5?,fS'5i:::'isz . ,te xiwiiisizsezlfii' Transportation to school is no problem for skate boarder Phil Herman. X WWI! L Nada Moyak Mary Munson 67 q,f3QA, . Joseph Mureo Bud Nelson 0 ,W '!'N 'iffy , t .ze ,, I f W.. if J K ln an atmosphere of informality, Mr. Quirk teaches a lesson to his Physics X li Students- Louis Nicolia Leonard Niederiter Diverse interests tap talents Mark Nowotny Timothy Pacy 68 The trusty computers always come up with the right answers for Michelle Fendrich and Robert Brown. ' ' A A iw i TW 'rw' Nl After school hours, Elaine Semenoff enjoys her part-time work in produce at Super Duper. 7 l Kim DiLuzio finds her class in weaving a fascinating and intriguing challenge. '-ai Maria Parco Daryl Parker Kimberly Parker Brian Peelmgn 49 K af' M -u-us, - m.,,...,.....-1 Cake doesn't last long when David Hammons and pals attack it. 69 X : ' :f ' .Au-P- ,,,..-f' ,.,,-ff A t. 4 ,. , , i 45,51 ' Brian Peterson lndividuall By diagonally crossing the baseball field, Rick Betz finds himself in homeroom by 8:30. 70 i jlliia joseph Pontillo l X Richard Robison Darryl Rogers Mark Petruso Shirley Petti I s y and collectively Q4 . km in S fb ft- Q nhl 4 ,. 1 if :AW ' ' 'M' 'Nik FMU :l gvfsig, 35 if 591: jx ,MQ it mg. t in .gfz-Nix, 'Q ls 2 Y?'1m'x nhl .X ,ir Thomas Rettger Dana Roberts A.P. Biology students learn by observing technique. ln this pictui N ., , ya' W amid iff 4,0 ?i2? ft?'7C'95fliL q' .- if 'ul ,X D in 5.2 , R v' f kv,-nrW'M W. il. ,L-' if I V H1 Gerald Rose Cheryl Rouse Shawne Salvage we support each other Paul Scanzillo Deborah Schaaf Da vid Schillinger David Schneider N, 4 wi JW'- Linda Scott Donald Segal Elaine Semenoff I .Q A 'A U Phil Herman and Lisa Vomero constantly risk absurdity ff- ul ,W Haas is pithing a frog. .f-m Lisa Sementelli -A '-Q. w- .rw :fp-if '.-'Ainlxy ' ,4 -Q. ui 7 '-QF'-.3 ,U Q53 J ' -. . , ' I I x..,:- 63 gn f X, . ,f '25-gw-ff . '9' fr: i'ffv '- piiffli -f ' ggisgf, ' 4 - 13 '41 i J ua 'Lf' A , ii 1'- I .mg-ffQ,9 15352 - -lvl A -1 X. RQQF.: - ffiifj' 5,33-. nf' ,JUNE viywiw nsoofd X 'I , '-7:1 -' ' JJ'-. X f ., ' 473 . Conn f f fl 1 .q .. ff 1 .-- V . .' f i I-xx I -' 'X I ' ' -, W4 - ,521 uf ,.. 'qw at ' ' xy' A- I? '0 5. :-1 -fp- .f ,L , .. V ,, -Q' Z A 34' --'.- 4,. lam: B-Sf A -'KN xl ,-Q, K , J-Y: 3 JS if 1 fwfwiw 'rg-ff: . 'ff V' f e ' 'Y' ' , L1 'J - ' 1 .v C-x ilz .i E , 617121 3 X I -o. rn 4,1 . .4. - ' - . .. nhl v 2'6 f ' r f, ,Q - C 'elf' T, ,:. 111' ' , '5,.. , ,'g,'3u f .JY ' N '- .r' - ' ny' ' X ' L ,72 'ff-.J -L :I rB'v,f'f2 -' -. .4 I1 ,- ,-,--1' 1 f ,lf . ' Ze.. , H, N lv, V. , I f -, ,P 0f',.,.A 0 ff: Y! , fl DIP' nf X '-C , , - ,. .g . W, X . nf? 'I ' , ,r J L- - If,-fr.: :mx ,-,:', .L -f ,,-Qfff. D X J- :fr4,5'4. 'fjx 1, . i v ,. QA 5 I- iffy? . ,I . ,. , . 1 , figq ,,b gf L..J.1x-mv,-'fl I Af. :A 1 .' ':,--- .'.X, - . 1- .:' '-:ws4-ir:-1i,'W - f 'f fi f 1 , f , .r' 1 ffxn. .f ff ', . f v't,:?w:1-2 2.3119 -flu' fl' L 2-5, ff? I , , -'f-'M -- 1 ' wf ...VA ., I , , . ,r 5, I ,. , W, , ,,- o,,4:j1,,:, m ,X Wu I, 5 '.f?o:3::j: ,Nfl .'l' X fl 'flff-fmf.4f ' , rj 1 X17 . g'. , J I . . 1- f fr ef ' - 3 I X- V '11, 1' Jv ' . .,i'Qfi. ,. ' gap 'j., 1439 'A E7 .F :,a 4 r,x -Q- Q. '75, .- ,W 'lf 'J nf ffm u ri'- ,P ,,,.1 ' lv AV- 3 5 X ,as x fi , ffwf in 52.15.-- , .. . . 1 A N m 1 I'- 19' rf XX' ? f.. ki' -km- 1 l.'? '. .. -fn L' f l. ffiifi, . -.Q X. i n - 4 .4 V. 5., 7X?4 - r .A ,la ffm . If qi,-'l ip!!-11' - -'I ,Yf U 4 pzf J', 4 1 1 . ll' V' ',. NLM k'!'T'- I' .,,, ' AWE 51:1 5- Q I 1 2 1 v 1 Q. 5 . , 1' ' .-- .:g 4,- 'hut . , 'dr J Vu ,hx E Q is ,Ph - if x X .fs G .L . - x 5-N ., - ,, X, OVC pf V 2, ff-5 'iv 9. Q os? V .. y ny., - . X.. '. , Lv- -4' . ,V jill Servidio Gregory Sesler Robin Shoop Nancy Shutts Concentration tal-ies many forms i Arias 5 ,W A Lisa Vomero, Chris Lauderbaugh, and Handy Kimmel listen intently to an UE? A.P. Biology lecture. Devorah Siegel Robert Sitler ' Georgeann Smith Charlotte Starocci ii 4 james Steffan 74 Teletype baffling? just ask novice operators Greg Sesler and Al Wehan. T 'W Kimberly Steffey Patricia Steinhauer Carol Summerville l wi Wendy Stewart Darla Stuart Debra Swienclfi Debra Tate leffery Tate and Dave Barthelmes. .iw lwtw Even the infamous rainbow school lunches fail to attract connoisseurs David Hammons Chris Green Sarah Thompson Aaron Wassell We love . . . all of life William Thompson Sandra Todd fi . 4 ,gs-9 t K- - . l I f I d-,,,.. it K .ff yt 'H . af' XX i Y.F.U. student, lle Kourma seems satisfied with his Brian Brewer ITHE BREWJ, uses his C.B. to whisper clearly: Smokey is in these woods. 76 rainbow lunch. Kirk Vincent tt? W - L Lisa Vomero Stephen Waddell Lonnie WGU Classwork finished, Cindy Iohannes and Lynne Guagllardl walt patiently A Q 'TA for the bell. Michael Walls in X i ,.. reflecting . . . relaxing working Sandy Cook and Sue Cooney take dictaphone training seriously. K m ':..- N'W - N- A-.Q .ZPJDUGBEMBR 1... lv ---.-.-.............,.,.,, Kimberly Whitehill Lana Wilcox Our friendships Phyliss Williams Rich Wenner Glendale Winston are real l is Paul Witosky Casimir Wolanin Goofzng off releases pent-up tensions when good friends ,NSR 4 1' A Derek Yarborough iii pamcia young Bemadine Zebrowski and Roberta Kennedy meet in the Bel-nadine Zebrgwski hall. sutes our minds 1 We are the Seniors, Mighty, mighty Seniors Everywhere we go People want to know Who we are. So we tell them: We are the Seniors, Mighty, mighty Seniors av '-F 4-v ' ww ,gi K! if 1 Q 4 i 'f iss'fVOL11f3 fri6n dS3 et, here utAQQdfgn1y and jwe hqvgknovsjn sinbe J' v- ,. u ,'., -A.' ZX3' 'r I - We .w1I1, mms our 05, 6ffer6d' Us Wlibhsb: 1xidf'2l!idQnfief iswiwillx m , df Maferfl the fsghpal fafhqf 1fnsf111ed PLih. fQ's1 yi.wid,f' fiQco'uma bi1AitSzf2 if fi3Qii516 ji5j 1P.6RfQff iifiiief f1f?9iSWi0fi35iff'??i1A -11' 5953 A 9'14Qrs1y1f . v1:u ,M5 4,1 , ,ull ...F x ., ww- v- , 'f :-,P 0 - ' 13? 1 55.1-,j.. -LJ X .M X f' I 1 1 n I 3 X E 5 E i S , 3 1 9 x 3 E x Q 1 I L 9 ff' , av 2 XD T7 R r v X tf'.-.19 1' 40' -' v,41! I 74 , I ,O .Iv LU U5 I y 65 ll ' Y n'e xx , . I Q gqs s I 'r nv Q x V' ' ' 1510 1 v 4 gk' n I A -L Q 1 I 06' Q I 95 up -,M..r All!- V069 .1 , -.,,, --..., E if Nl ...Nh wi? ,,,.- Us Q m:Aw N Nmng J, , H kaiflifgv mu ,',. IMAGINE Imagine - if you can -- a house without a footer: just black wallsg a stark foundation. Soon the house would fall down. Imagine - if you can - a world without children on which to build our dreams. Soon there'd be no world. Imagine - if you can - a class without a teacherg just books, machines, and tapes. Soon we'd lose the human touch. Imagine - if you can - our school devoid of underclassmeng no froshes, sophs, or juniors. Alas! Academy would vanish. - Gregg Giles nj , Q' - 1 W ' Nw 1 H., 1 N., A Being second-in-rank, was, at times, better than being first. We could always explain away our mistakes, blaming the negligent seniors. By this time we were fairly well established in classrooms, in activi- ties, and in sports. If PSAT fright- ened us, College Boards baffled our minds. We were proud to be in charge of the funior Prom and nat- urally felt no other class could ever match such a spectacular affair. We became sentimental and ro- mantic the day our class rings ar- rived. And we were proud to have so many of our classmates win awards in citizenship, scholarship and leadership. Our junior year has been a great one, even to the extent of having cold weather on our side. Next year? We anticipate an even more gratifying year as we play our role as seniors. 48 4 84 J QQ X419 Qi., Mike Adamaszek Leslie Adams Cheryl Althof Bradley Amidon Dana Anderson Ioyce Anderson Patty Anderson Steve Argeny Bruce Asbury ufix Eilene Atkinson Gary Ballman Karen Baughman Steve Baughman Connie Bean Douglas Beard Iodi Beck Mary Benson 85 Lisa Herman and Bonnie Haddix doctor an infested purple passion plant before it is harmed by parasites. N A Q 1 We test the Work . A 4: as V if 3 K as 3 -LQ AMX dyk X l Phyllis Carr lim Clark john Clark Linda Clark Dave Coffman Deborah Colbert 'Star' Robert Conklin john Carry 86 Mamie Corder Karen Crawford Grove Blanchardi Linda Blackford Mark Brandt -ll Gary Briggs Doug Briggs Chris Borkowski Iohn Borreli Barb Bucheral lane Chitester Ethic Tina Collins 1 1 l CYUUUU CUZZ0lG HOU CUZZOIU Karen Baughman reads the daily announcements over intercom, while Ethel Kalogeras lends her moral support. K l 4-.J Iames Dacus Howard Darr David DeFazio is Bob Damewood Candi Danowski Bob D'Aurora Tom Davenport Marette Dejone Stephanie DePalma -Q. 1 19 We've come a long way. sister, says Alisa Kennedy to Leslie Adams. 2, il Playing the role of custodian, joe Tedesco punches in twenty minutes early Q A 1 1- ' ' 1 . -',.f M., .V , . .' v-,L-..-..,-G ,, , .. 1 a,,t,i,: p Q: H , 'M ' rf I -L .L f 'ii e .ev f 5'-:P . AF, ,T 'asf . h V, Mi , wa- . . gl' 4 1.ff 4Q:,' ., ni Helen Dodiclc David Earl Carren Falcone Paul Fiorelli Coleen Dombrowski Mark Eller Chris Falcone Gerald Floros Candi Duchnowsl-ci Ronnie Ellis Nancy Figurski Pamela Ford Darrell Dunston Debra Evans Matt Finlaw Frank Fosco 87 Some play while others create ' T5-ifi, H S, l x A ,X A KX i w f Allison Foster Ron Francis Dorothy Green jeff Gregorzewski Kenneth Gore Norman Hammer Robin Harvey Brad Heiple Melvin Henderson Anita Henley 88 we 1 f-1 X e. 1 we W i or . V if K ti, ij 'Eel ' , !, JWIIT' ll I pu wp. 1 Y , ' , i W5 Ni! gy! ,ff K X 2. bt f 1, lt Bryon Glover Lori Goodwin Lawauna Hansbrew Delvon Henderson Lisa Herman Chris Hershberger john Hess Ed Hazelett Terry jenkins john johns Laurie johnson Ethyl Kalogeras Alisa Kennedy Wendy Kenny Tom Kinewa Becky King Kelli Kitts jumbo becomes the end result of Sue Hawkins' sculpturing with clay. 1- t f , julie Holland Deborah jones Loretha Keyes Edith Knight 1Yy'l K !I!D'9F'r9V 'N I' mv-' Scott Kooker Diana Leppo Stephen Lind Trudy Smith versus jane Chrtester and Tum: Salormo m U wheelbarrow race luniors are unpredictable Nippy and Corrine McKracken find Academy halls chilly at 55 degrees. Matt McAllister Candy Mazzo Darrell McCullon Debbie lauzne McLaurin Mvhfwghlin Mike McHaith Tammy McBride Eileen McLaughlin Corrine McCracken Mary McLaughlin Mike Melazagro Claudette McQueen N 5 ff. 'A x JN' Keith Metz Cheryl Meyer Paul Michali Heliciu Miller MUFY Mims Terri M0nf80mefY If he does crowd into this wall enclosure, James Pearson may not be seen Roberta Mon Robin Noonan Laura Ostmwski again until Phase 3 of the school renovation. 90 , 5 if i,VX,,fiQi' QC Xu lit? is YK. x 31' 4 3 x Becky Overmoyer Patrice Overmoyer Rob Parker Iames Pearson Meryl Pebbles jamie Petroff Teresa Pianka Sylvester Quinn when good friends Kristie Roberts, Jeanne Lieder, and Margie Reed Dave Rhodes Kristie Roberts Barb Robinson Debbie Mcmughun take Off for the woods, they find this Mflflf Robinson Bob Hoblnslm Randi' Rvfhermel MUTY HYUU rustic stairway easier to climb than school stairs. 2 '7' Tammy Salorino Mark Saunders Cynthia Sayles Chuck Schaaf Dan Schaaf Tim SCl1GUf When this picture was taken, Melody Manges and Kelli Kitts were both alive and in good health. .. 91 Pat Schmitt Mary Schultz Dan Schwartz Kathy Sell David Sheldon Paula Shusholf Mary Strange Tonya Simmons Each to his ownv is our motto I 'U' fx jeff Smith Sam Smith Trudy Smith Ed Soboski Ken Stanczak Collin Stanton 92 One of the more popular lunch surprises, the ice cream-sickle, temporarily sates lames Pearson's hunger. A in John Stuart joe Tedesco Amy Terranova Lisa Testrake Mike Turner Ira Quinn Pete Veit Rita Verdecchia 751 4.4-9 , J il N i , 4 . fbi' N Gail Vincent David Wade Mark Warnqka Brenda Ward Mike Wolf, an aspiring junior, feels very important when, for two minutes, he is permitted to Karen Watkins Linda Weaver occupy Ml.. DeNm,do,S desk' 5.1 Q m Doug Wensel Carol White Ron Witosky N 'p Mike Wolfe Merle Wood Ierry Woznicki W- - in ' lim Young Karen Zeiber Brenda Zimmerman Engrossed in the gory details of laws, Steve Adamzszek blocks out all confusion. 93 Sophomore year will be remem- bered because of our participation in school projects and interest in extra-curricular activities. We made many new friends and gained self-confidence as gradually we eased into the Academy family. Involvement in every aspect of school life drew our class closer together. Getting to Know You emphasized our individuality and also our willingness to unite as Lions. Eagerly we anticipate our junior year. 94 ESXFEEWW m 1 ' . ' B A Zozxigiieiitino XQAXXXXXXXXX N ........- ------' ' ' V H mn I 5 Eric Baker X , e.fe,l,.,m f,jI , ,V 'fwfr U' ii Q-'? 'A'4i'i'i,-.1JA.4.-.1all y - , pa-rpg:-'vww Q K ,oo V1 Leander Barnes Felito Barnett Larry Barney ' 4 Tracey Barney ' Cindy Baum 1 4 gr K i fm, r 7 I 4 Q Linda Baxter Roberta Bebko I f M -1 jackie Becker Y? BV 11:55.36 Ars Chuck Beckman Q, , e M ' v E 'A X Sharon Becker jim Benton Cheryl Best Vanessa Blakney 95 We continually Search for answers 5 li l' 1 fo 'J S3 ijlfi A gg we K A' if Q X X wr 99W'e'6'1 muh Will it be Miranda Smith or Debra Wayne whose wish will come true? Sherry Carter Donna Colley 96 Y !' Nw Rose Chandler Debbie Clarke lim Cohen Cindy Collins Mary Ann Conn Luann Conway X ,v A , W W .f Li V 'll ,z flff1'i ' ,N , mr- V +:'jA . NN ,r ,V Sarah Bover Bonnie Brown Yolanda Butts Aaron Carson fi Linda Breakirun Michelle Brown joe Cacchione Chuck Carter Becky Brown Jeff Burger Alan Campbell Lynn Carter Dear Abby, l'm a sophomore at Academy. ln my class there is this boy named joe. He . . . Signed: Julie Wiley. haf W wrap: 7 V 'Q Bryan Cooper .A Cz 5 4 t .,- 1 if K .. , . Q' , -113,3 .wi im -3-Lily, cm b , , j, ,., 2 A , 4 1 Q , 9' Y, Tammie Corsi ' ' ' E' ' ' A M , 5 Chris Crawford 5 Sue Tarasovitch, amateur palm reader, assures Pam Trott that she will have a long life. Marie Hill, yogi practitioner, demonstrates a yoga position. john Crishock Mildred Crosby Robert Czarneclci Laurie Daub 97 lt's the extras we enjoy Q9 W1 To throw or not to throw the snowball at Craig Kimmel poses a dilemma for Cindy Baum. Linda Fisher Mark Fortebraccio Ronald Foster Cindy Fowle lames Fuhrman Michelle Gabutti 2 N WtE. f3Af Y Paulette Davis Sandra Davis lim Davison Tony DeBerry Carrie DeFoy Matt Dennison Bob Depew Mark Dipich Leslie Dunn Ronnie Ellis Michelle Ester Deborah Ferrante During lunch hours, john Ott and Bong Parco plot their strategy on their chess board. 98 l ,,,, , V M l 'Y' X f R i J 4 'ti' X r T. x W All 2 n 'H FTW! ' X K 2 .A ' MN ' 75 1 i N521 Txxn, -. , Wh A X Sx K o 'K A vel Jil -A ' v-we 'Me ,ff Carolyn Gaduski Tim Garlington Mike Gleba Angelo Gordon imap Steve Gamble Laurie Gehrlein Michael Glover Pat Goetzinger we I -,,, I -.. if :I A , .., v Q 1' T in -LV' Barb Gante Natalie Giles Richard Glover Lisa Gomersall few' LT' N b X nv Q1 ,- 1 Brian Garlington Pat Gillespie Bradley Goetz Iohn Gore vis., , 3 H ,g 44.4 Preparing for Santa's visit to Academy, james Soliwoda 'QP - , A X k AQ? n The festive atmosphere of the Homecoming Dance attracted many underclassmen. Seated are Annette Wyler, Debbie Sapp and escort, Chuck McCurdy and Dan Young. hangs the last ornament on the tree. ,f , if T f A gf.. 'E Ricky Gore Mike Gravatt xx. F . t ,e it I Hardy Goudy 99 Sophomores do strange things NV'- 2'-hunvv.,,,, ' '-1-m,,..v,,1, G A Always equal to a challenge, Jim llosh is determined he will climb up the down staircase. ',,,q ev- Bn! Jeffery Gray Eugene Gtygo Paul Harris Mary Ann Gregory Robert Grenaway Judy Guagliardi Michael Hales Tina Harvey Dawn Hershberger Marie Hill Joe lckiewicz Elaine Johnson 100 5 Colleen Hogan Judithy Jackson Pamela Johnson Lora Hohwald Sharon Jaycox William Johnso Gayle Howe Graig Jensen n Fred Johnson On a dare, John Ott gives Donna McLoughlin a free piggy-back ride. Gwen Iones Sandra Iones Melissa Kestel Lori Kisiel Cassandra Mansfield William Larkin ' N 5 as ' AR Mink lvnes Rodney jones Valencia jones june Keep Craig Kimmel Chris Kinem Wendy Kline Gregory Knight Charles McCurdy Lynn Miller Susan Lawson Doug Lichtenwalter 5 3 3 lr A ' H kg r : 4. ' x .K 5 u . v -'F ' w t A Confined within the service elevator cage, Lori Oatman, Lynn Miller and Melissa Kestel seem to enjoy their incarceration. V555- .- ,auf What an inopportune time for Barb Wood to strangle her classmate, Carolyn Wood. 101 Attitudes vary ,ally William Lindsey Alice Lloyd On a cold, winter day, office monitor Dave Rhodes service with a smile warms the office a lim Lolewskl Teffv Lucas few degrees. u K? -. g. ts-A in ' X 'Sir Qi ' Wt! df vw, . 'I ' QL 5 5, - t. ,4 A g I . Aiiviiyi Randy Mazzo Rose McCall Willie McKinnon Donna McLaughlin 102 M 4. Xt R ' .1 A 1 5 ' - ' , 4 f Linda McGee Rick McCloud Thomas Lupp Tracy Manna E Ark, ., Fffvl , Caught in the act of tampering with the fuse box, Ricky Gore flashes a grin. N22 stil, s l Xe' 4' Q 3, A 1 - Eg' .ski -J 'GL 9-il. Yvonne McQueen Paul McStraw Eric Menz Greg Meyer Mike Miller Jeff Milliron Fabienne Mir Kim Montgomery Kathy Moore Orienting himself with the new metric system, lim Shutts measures his locker in metrical units. 1f'gvwy-. M, .if - ,V fm 1 f.g'hf,'w .Q-f ln Clothing Class, students assist each other. Vanessa Blakely checks on the length of the front panel of a jacket, one of Carolyn Tuners projects. t if Gerald Moyer jerry Munsch Trina Norton . WA - I should do this more often, muses Mike Zeigler while observing a girls' gym class in action. 103 Food and sleep produce energy A Lori Oatman Margaret O'Leary Shebby Overton Gary Page Bong Parco Maureen Ponce 104 john Oh Donna Overmoyer Gwen Lyons Dan Palmer Karla Paul Mark Przepierski To be assured of hearing the bell, Michelle Brown finds this cozy place to sleep until next class. P b Verh Rhea Phil Rhodes Darlene Flieger CUFOI Ring Th60d01'B Riifrhie Jackie Rivezfl Dan Palmer will go to any length to Flawl Rivera Edmond Hoot Mark Houke appease his yearnings. Here he is at Hickory Farms sampling their beef stick. S fi Q gl'f'?.fj! Cindy House lonn Sabella Raymond Scalise 1 A . ,xr lanine Rudolph Rick Rugare Sue Rupczewslfi Always the author, Walter Stone dramatizes the Sherri Sanford Debbie Sapp Mike Saul advantage of height by stuffing Donnie Adamaszek in the Valerie Schoenhouse Norman Seman Tammy Sheehan waste basket. - Betsy Shapiro Mary Sledge Tim Sohl Paul Shesterenlco lim Shutts Larry Smith Laurie Smith james Soliwoda Darlene Stanton Greg Silva Miranda Smith Paul Stockhausen 105 Our talents are numberless I X 4 JJ QL .A 5x,ii l 5 351 ,ft wt.-f-if N., 'V V I'-.- Susan Stirsmcm james Stone Walter Stone Mike Stout Debbie Stuart Ioe Szczechowski Sue Tarasovitch Chris Thompson IC' Horticultunsts Natalie Giles and Sherry Sanford examine a young asparagus fern for parasites. Eleanor Thompson Paula Thompson james Torok gr- QW W' nm- 4 . msn v J i , F Brad Goetz method of inflating a balloon seems rather unorthodox, but Pam Tron that's show business. Laurie Ugino Richard Verga Dole Vicos closely fv- Carmella Walker 2 Jr' Dan Watkins so N 106 FW E gy. P. im... . . . . - ' .J . :3 gg 1 l FX .C Dante Watson Debra Wayne lean Wayne Don Weber Dennis Weed Sue Wehrer Brad Weirich Doug Wheeler Ieff Whitford jeff Wieser Annette Wiler julie Wiley Twirlers Cindee Fowle, Vera Rhea and Tracy Manna perform a different routine, while Tammy Corsi provides the LEGERDEMAIN. Asella Williams Brenda Williams Tom Winslow Hon Wisniewski Barb Wood Carolyn Wood Linda Yanosko Chris Yaple Dan Young Mike Zeigler 107 We freshmen entered school this fall, rather hesitant and a bit shy, but it was only a matter of weeks before that feeling wore off. At the first pep rally we attended, our best efforts produced only a slight mur- mur from the balcony. How things changed by the third rally when we burst out with freshmen V-l-C-T-O- R-Y! We enjoyed our new and exciting surroundings, obediently sat in homeroom by 8:30, attended all our classes and went along with quar- ter courses to which we had been assigned. Of course, we were no longer high man on the totem pole as we had been at the middle schools, but we are proud to be the Lion cubs who will continue to roar louder as we progress. f 'tit f M ff 7 MW'xwfuiiiiwmll V y lim it R A .XM X to Xxxxxxxxxxxlwl X WX XX X . . X4-, ,- ,,,,.. . M L.,:1y1fjg5-33 s - S f :QflZfcfl7ff'ffg2 Sf Xi if . g N i:l Xxx Q ggi - s e .s A A? -i ..--'21 X . -.i 3-f -4 . -gr ss- - N- . .W-Y-5ip.f - sd - : '-l.-Sif':Q.+:s-:- J:-i'-IQ Q.. 1 ' 5 i-Cs'--x is ' iii-,144 lg--Q Li -' - --51.4 'pil s w X sc-:Q is-J-4X--be-:esrs--:-- -.11 ,gf - Nwgg .,, 57, ..f', K-f4-Q.,-gi,N-NNXXQK5ck .Nl-..,,-.,,--...,,,, . W A, 50, 7 .- X wwe - srbr X ,,-css Q:-e--gs-V ,,gf.-t-, ,A,,,.Hf-,,.,,., 5, .- cs eiv-Nr-'XT-fiQv 'risixxii' --fir'-i:'f ----J -- 77' J- Q., '- -X V. . vi X5 r xx M. -.ZX X N,r,.3.v ,Ni .,,..,,,--.- s .wvsfx SQ- Ne.'?sfsF.iA-N--1: - ---. :z-'H- :: -. '-- :lr -. QQ NN-:wk if-bxqity 21'-,g-.:--1,-W--regfjj, X X X3bSt5QTr?'riw-Civ-J.i'::.-,: fg:- 5 wfi' W vsfty-,r, ff , .r.w,. Y ,Q 108 N bt I4 mmm .h ' B hhh X NW, N W MW WI BSP B Y-1 , D Ad k YR wk' V Ak f, as , x M A1 d ndr Ar g Ak ebor hA enise B k Stephe B I J Donell B julia Ba Carla B h I Kathy B Na y Chrls Bl h 109 Food is essential for Freshmen and plants -ff F' s s A Z' r wg 1 Tom Reedy may have the edge on height: but Dan johnson gets what is his, especially when he has paid for it. Kevin Brown Evamae Burger Audrey Carter Tammy Chambers Ioseph Clement Vicki Brandt Mindy Brown Tonia Carder L N 'qi' :f r xg lu Ji A A' ,qt f ty ,e' I - K ' W- 'Q ' -1 . r Irene COHIIOI' Steve Corey Gary Cornwell jerry Covington Gerald Crawford Robert Crawford LuAnn Critchfield EXCI-Il Crumbly Tricia Dacus Arleen Davis Doug Dahl Cynthia Darby Sue Daub Darleen Davis 110 - , 'xl -uj,.5..Y sm qv A ,. , 'Mq- X X to h 1 ws. 1 Mary DeSantis Mike Devlin Becky Duncan john Durst janet Ellenberger Mike Ellmon ml QL 73, . f W 3, N Kevin DiLuzio Debbie Eliason Ernest Evans 'N VQ V AIM.----f--....,,,,... 'L -'cg Q7 2 Unpredictable, Ae- N 9: 4-v0 ,... '..:-. ., 1iTl'T'lf'.1' .1 Mary Smith decides to talk to her plant instead of eating it Kent Ewer Ritchie Ferrante Dennis Flower GJ Gary Foor Nvf Todd Fox Barb Francis Pixieish Karen Bloom apparently thinks LuAnn Critchfield is thirstier than the plants. I, D D 'M Rs, 'Q- '-r W?- '3- 'Q uv' Debbie French Mary Galeski Robin Gorihan Becky Gehrlein Blossie Glover Coleen Grutsky 111 ,,,f ' ff? iff iff' f Lockers serve mult1 le purposes ..f,, - N 1., Bobby Glover Carmen Glover Spanking new lockers invite Laurie Witosky, Pam Wehan, janet Ellenberger, and Sue Vitale to Marg Glove' Martha Glover greater heights, Marjorie Gold Gary Gore Alan Gray Nancy Gray Kelley Gregory Dennis Grudzein Michael Grygo Patrice Haas Kathy Huibach Mary Hanlin Ken Hammer 112 Q . al , va . 51.1 Three cheers cake. for Melina Kestel who baked this decorative ,Ti A O 5,92 if ,, se? 4 in L llllll Q f if ws' M , 7' 1 f -j . , i f , ,X I, , F 'L M , 1- QQ' ' X L i 'f f, XR- usa Q , William Hobson Ken Holder Rita Holland Lonnie Hollingsworth Vicky Hooks Brad Howell Anothy Hurt Mary lckiewicz 4 K 15115 fi' I x 1 fx tl james jaycox Vicky johnson Shirley Hurta Timo Hutchinson Paula james Steve jasinski A Nixon-Lodge sticker greets Tom Reedy each time he opens his locker. , - ,P- I 2 Z J' K Q at iii .rf as f 1 Q ' ,, W ,. Ann jensen Laurie johns An ie ohnson Charlotte johnson Gar ohnson Mike johnson S Y Ken jones Lisa jones Roxanne jordan Chris Kaufmann Sandy Kazmierczak Sue Kellerman 'V in lf' V .4 l V , sr ' 1 Jn Wa 4 ix l .-.,, 'W 1' ff , i 5' Mark Kerner Henry Keyes James Kimmel Glenn Kindle Tina Knight Ken Koslorer Sharon Kovacic Barb Kruszewski Willie Larkin Ralph LaRosa Larry Lechtner Barry Levine joe Lewkowicz Bill Liller Gary Lindsey Scott MacDonald Melissa Mack Lynn Manges Mark Mattock Greg Mays Linda McClelland Elizabeth McLaurin 114 We play . .. study . .. and observe It appears that Steve Stoaf is up to his tricks again as he prepares to pounce on unsuspecting quarry, john Young. Although only a freshman, Terry Peelman finds the calculator a fascinating machine. lane Merch'-mt yy VT-V' -Q'-fr ' i f 'A 1 F 'K XX .,- ' x X, 'Z l . V ,VV1 3. t i i 7 , - l T7 - get v N sv' , ' ,i M Wfffrq' , , - ' it 'A ' ' t fl wr , J, it K i ,Ji , I un . ', Ar., ,t ,, r f i i .f ..eNhut.' w' iff . mx . igER1'?jS 447 Q . ? A , I ' . R255 ,, , ws' : Don Meyer Linda Miller Lori Miller Valerie Montgomery Glenn Morrow Pat Murphy Bob Mushrush Brenda Musolff Patti Musoloff Ieff Nesselhauf Karen Nichols Ronda Niles QTL' X f john McNaughton Mary McRaith Chris Merritt Kim Merrit Craig Meyer Anticipating picture day, Lori Olson hopes hers will be o flattering portrait. sl bf -:Fw X :fig Experience has been our teacher Debbie Norman Sue O'Brien janet O'Leary ,.-'Q r X r Xxx L Ni ' ' -g -sh X ig? f i - 5 O . , - . wg s ,Q 5' ,. .. ll 79uv-1. fx ,Ju , f 1 ZiW! '9 'T' k Q 'wif' l ' l i - , '2 ' , ,v N I ,I I xx 4. , T 1-X fy ,, ,. dx 5 33 V ,ww g . V A M y F A . f 5: . ...ww Starting with moist cl beautiful vase. ay, Lisa Dangenhart envisions a Let's play custodian, suggests Ronnie Harben to Ieff Nesselhauf. f Q Michele Alexandria and Willie Coleman prepare for the next day's assignment in English. Luurie Olson CUP! Puliciu 116 Nancy Parker lane Pascarella Monday morning, Marjorie Gold and Mary Smith bouyantly enter school. N ,411 Katrina Paul Terry Peelman Tina Phillips Arlene Quinn r N W T: Some freshmen, one of them being Donnel Barnes, enjoys studying. 'W-A. XM. WN-: . 6 Jeff Rapelu Tom Reedy Frieda Reynolds Mike Robinson Matt Runser Vicki Sabella if M -3 Clarence Reynolds Brian Rogers Gabriel Santiago xx ., tw If 'wifi X, 'M 'Fw . of ,,.-' my J ,r X,- A iv' U rg- ,. l At this particular moment, Mark Pipich is not sure if this is the Red Sea or the Black Sea. 11 7 Happiness characterizes us ff R Ganging up on Iohn Sitler Kelly Gregory Missie Peggy Saul Lisa Saunders Roger Saurwein Marc Sayles Mack and Lynne Mangus pellet their classmate Holly Schaaf Ed Schriefer Devin Schroeder Sue Schuerman Doug Sesler john Schook joe Sierota Iohn Sitler Patty Tauber, Becky Gehrlein, and Mary McGraith view State Street traffic from their vantage point. .-fi SUBJ! if 'rl 's I ? f i 1 5 xy i . al 1. Q 1. Q f Y , N. Four lovely freshmen, Tricia xWood, Tricia Dacus, Mary lckiewica, and Lynn Mangus are delighted to be at Academy. A, if ,N Ik A Amos Tate jackie Tate Tim Tevis Francis Thompson Carolyn Turner Craig Van Hooser Michelle Varich joe Yes: Strong-armed Brad White and Greg Mays make sure Lisa Iones and Ann Iensen fall forward instead of backward. Francine Stone Tommie Stovall Patty Szumigala Kart Tartt , 355 Fred Thompson Rhea Tory Larry Vincent Karen Virgilio 119 . T533-k'f:'T2f ' QQ, 9 , fx 1 , X , ..,,,., A . , 1 ft 'tw if fx Lzfim . ., fi Stag? XY, f I - 34 ffrqfnizg A snow fight is always exciting, especially when Matt Ronser and Richie Ferante get out of class to enjoy the zero weather. Sue Vitale Anna Von . . . lf.-f',liS5A3.tX2T, 1'1 Sillvifiie Being neo ph ytes Q xe,'-,wg-rf. ws - , .NQQX1 y-v41,'ix.iy'l V 5' 4401 . A 'ad . L S9 rl, 'pil' 'WT . gays Q s gf'-no 4.4, , .BH 'Q l eff ,e P kinja, 5, fly., X ,. .A Mvxx Q .,, Rv if Dave Wiest Charles Williams Now l see what the birds see, chirps Doug Sesler from LUUH9 Wlf05kY his lofty perch. Linda Miller, proud to be a freshman at Academy, carves her class rank on a frosty pane. 120 r -r iq Tglgli me A ' 'W' 3 xx- N 'K -f--f!f.F- -2 'Af 'F 'Q ...alan YL , an 'th 'f u x F, L1 I i lv 1 lr A 'J 9- Mary Hanlon listens intently to janet Elllenburgefs tale of what happened in first period. o h as its rewards nf b' 578-4 R I -I A21 ,Ci -rv. f ft -'.. iff - 2?- : , A H21 'Q-J-Ag 1-!'51 i'r .' gpg 1 -f x . .Vr- I 3 I I, fs, v. x ll x x n .W A -.a 19' N . -.v Tricia Wood Sue Yeager Mary Young W QQ Playful freshmen Glen Morrow and Don Adameczk find the hall phone a great toy. Sli, Qi .. 5 W V ' 4 Sfywb rf 8 l Dee Dee Yacobozzi lohn Young Steve Young qw. K ' If g l h ,, V 1 ,fr . ' 11 'la 9 ' . A-4. ,lr x g .3 Fry' si' .1 'S ' - Paul Zaksheski Wendy Zeigler Ellie Zygai 121 V00 I 44, '08 v-v Svvr-K ov, ov 'Z ... ', 'Ns TODAY IS THE DAY Want to be with others? Want to meet new friends? Want to share your talents? Want to improve your skills? Then join the group. Today is the day T to get involved . . . today is the day to l-mow you belong . . . today is the day to remain the individual yet be a part of the group by working and playing and serving together. joy - satisfaction - pride will be your reward. - Lindo First by XA-iff' ff 6 -ii 'ln- X Director Gary Peterson brings out the unique quality of Kris Kaufman, Glen Morrow, and Chuck Schaaf practice their individual the bassoon. parts for Spring Concert. fr - i ' ' W uuzemxxzxmx nnnnnnn-n-....5..t, - f f 3381113 Row 1: L-R - C. Baum, P. Wehan, R. D'Aurora, B. Amidon, I. Tedesco, I. Milliron, T. Stuart, R. Parker, T. Fox, P. Williams, T. Wells. Row 2: R. Steinhauer, M. Shultz, K. Roberts, M. Arringten, K. Baughman, M. 124 Delong, S. laycoic, L. Baxter, M. Fendrich, C Palicia, T. Shutts, B. Getz, T. Davenport. Row 3: B. Brewer, R. Conklin, G. Brown, M. Eller, D. Wheeler, A. Wehan, I. Villella, G. Giles, M. Rouke, M. Gravat. Row 4: I. Rose, R. Foster, R. Damewood, I. Harayda, P. Gillespy, D. Bolton, B. Heiple, F. Gravatt, M. Connolly, B. Thompson, C. Schaaf, D. Rogers, C. Kimmel, R. Holmes, Mr. Peterson. Musicians, sound off!', L - R: H. Verdecchia, E. Thompson, I. Rogers, F. jones, D. Moyers, B. Amidon, I. Guagliardi, B. McKee, Mr. Peterson, D. Milliron, H. Schaaf, I. Kovacic. L...- H . Q.. ., .-, 'wwf L - R: Mr. Peterson, I. Iaycox, M. Hobson, D. Rogers, W. Hobson, K. Kaufmann, G. Morrow, C. Schaaf. BAND Academy High School Band added zest and martial air to pep rallies and football games. Mr. Peterson directed band members in well re- ceived half-time and pre-game per- formances at Homecoming. At the annual Christmas Concert, the pro- gram included traditional seasonal music along with contemporary. Spring Concert featured both clas- sical and rock selections, thus ap- pealing to both younger and older persons in the audience. ORCHESTRA Because of its small membership U1 membersj, orchestra decided to form Academy Chamber Ensemble. Meeting daily for individual prac- tice and combined rehearsals for concert appearances, the group de- lighted audiences with their music. Special programs included Spring Concert, visitation to Middle Schools, guest concerts, and an as- sembly program for Academy stu- dents. IUNIOR BAND Junior Band was composed mainly of younger members, who for vari- ous reasons, needed additional training before joining varsity. Profits from special performances and the sale of Pulalfos chocolate candy subsidized the spring trip. 125 STAR reports the news Star: ROW 1: M. Benson, E. Grygo, D. Bolton, L. Ugino, A. Chaffee, B. Howel, I. Kuurma I Tate D Sesler I Kimmel McLaughlin. ROW 2: N. Moyak, B. Levin, D. Cohen, H. Kimmel. ROW 3: C. Kimmel, l. STAR Star Staff, with Randy Kimmel as editor, achieved a journalistic qual- ity in magazine writing and lay- outs. Publications included six regular issues, four literary maga- zines, Senior Last Will and Testa- ment, and one special issue. An IBM Selctric plus use of the school printing press kept Star treasury solvent. A new photo lab, adjacent to Boom 107, benefited the entire school journalism department. In PSPA competition, out of 33 arti- cles entered by Star, 28 won awards. jim Cohen, Mary Benson, Nada Moyak, and Randy Kimmel were individually honored with Keystone awards. Advisor: Mrs. McConnell 126 1 X., S The day before a deadline Randy Kimmel, Mary Benson Debbie McLaughlin and Irmmy Cohen put the finishing touches on the dummy. YQ- 4 Clubs absorb pent-up energy Saddle Club: ROW 1: L. Carter, L. McLaughlin, P. Young, E. Williams. ROW 3 Gomersall, D. Overmayer, L. Oatman, D. C. Rouse, Mr. Scott, P. DeNardo, M. Hyun, L McLaughlin, M. Manges. ROW 2: C. Kisel, B. Bucheral. Chess Club: Seated: M. Warnaka, K. M. Hayes, M. Pipich, K. DiLuzio, F. Martin, Kosiorek. Standing L-R: I. Stone, B. Parco, T. D. Henderson. Ritchie, M. Iones, M. Ziegler, Mr. Niebauer, SADDLE CLUB In September, the invitation was issued to anyone interested in learning about general riding skills to join Saddle Club. Meetings were not scheduled regularly but rather at the convenience of the members. Late spring found students visiting a riding academy where they could, if they so desired, receive riding lessons. Advisor: Mr. Scott CHESS CLUB Boasting 30 members, Chess Club met weekly to perfect their game skills. Academy captured first place in the interscholastic League Tournament held at Erie Down- town YMCA. A four man team composed of the top four players: Kevin D'Luzio, Bong Parco, Mark Warnaka, Robert Clover, and alter- nates Ken Kosiorek and Mark Wolf participated in the above inter- scholastic competitive events. Advisor: Mr. Niebauer 127 lnitiative imagination Senate Senators andfor their alternates, elected by homerooms, attended bi- monthly scheduled meetings chaired by Bay Carr. Senate ac- tively campaigned for special school functions and rulings that would benefit both students and school. It was Senate that planned and promoted a successful Home- coming Half-time Show at the Lion- Trojan game. The Homecoming Dance, better known as the Sweet- heart Dance, held at the Ereppa Grotto, featured the music of the popular combo, The Cows. Acad- emy on Parade ftalent night spec- tacularj enjoyed tremendous stu- dent participation, playing two nites to a full house. Advisor: Mr. Verdecchia A V.P. joey Cacchione, treas. Nada Moyak, pres. Bay Carr, sec. Linda First. Bow 1: P. Ford, B. Levin, D. McLaughlin, K. Roberts, E. Atkinson, G. Vincent, C. McCrillis, S. Slavate, D. Hunter, S. Cooney, S. Klimow, D. Palmer, V. Montgomery. Bow 128 2: W. Stewart, D. Young, P. DeNardo, M. Niederiter, D. Siegel, H. Darr, G. Giles, I. Gabutti, P. Trott, L. Breakiron, C. Bing, L. lckiewicz, S. Iaycox, B. Sliker, I. Gundrum, Baxter, L. john, L. Olsen, R. Harvey, K. K. Barthelmes, H. Brown. Vincent. How 3: C. Walzak, I. Kimmel, L. Row 1: M. Gold, D. Evans, P. Carr, H. Miller, T. Corsi. Row 2: V. Blakely, T. Peelman, T. McGill, B. Brown, I. Harayda. Row 3: D. Henderson, D. Weed, E. Semenoff K Gehrlein, R. Verdecchia. Row 4: I. Lieder, Ll o Cooperation Row 1: R. Brown, B. Parco, D. McLaughlin, L. Guagliardi. Bow 2: 1. Ott, M. Ziegler, K. Oatman, G. Kaufman, D. Czarnecki, B. Thompson. Row 5: I. Chitester, T. Smith, P. Ducas, S. Iaycox, L. Gehrlein, H. Carter, P. Gillespie. Roberts, E. Grygo, R. Kimmel. ehieves results Model U.N. At Model U.N. sessions this year, Zaire, Africa was represented by a block of ten Academy students. Headed by chairman Robert Brown, our school participants at- tended six scheduled meetings held at various city schools to discuss major world issues. Gannon Col- lege is the usual location for this annual event. 129 AFRO-AMERICAN CLUB An Active Academy Afro-Ameri- can Club, headed by Darlene Barn- es, sponsored an essay contest on the theme: What Blackness Means to Me. Winning contestants were appropriately honored with plaques. In addition to presenting an educational assembly program during Black History Weel-2, club activities included dances, sports competition, service projects, and sale of Lion booster buttons during the basketball season. Advisor: Mr. jones SPANISH CLUB Attending meetings every second Wednesday, Spanish Club members enjoyed learning familiar Spanish melodies and improving conversa- tion. Experimenting with new and exciting recipes became a favorite must. Advisor: Miss Major 130 Afro-American Club: ROW 1: G. Cooley, C. 3: R. Lyons, R. Holmes, B. Garlington, j. Sommerville, C. Sayles. ROW 2: K. jones, L. Tate, Q. Polk. McGee, D. Barnes, A. Herny, j. Gray. ROW ' 1 :. j ,-35 . 5 2 . 1.1 , .. :,.. ' li t e ei: . Mig i .. , Q O X L s.:A-' . - 4' ii . . A B t 'S it? Q Q X A 'S - an -.. t...,, Spanish Club: S. jaycox, K. VVhitehill, S. OSUUWSM-59Ut9d5M-D9 long- Sherman, L. Guagliardi, D. Moyers, L. Customs and roots are discovered V i .French Club: ROW 1: P. Wehan, M. Good, Williams, I. Murrigo, I. Tate, V. Brandt, A. M. Smith, P. Macalinslfi, A. Trotter, D. Riger, Stinely. I. Sitler. ROW 2: I. Stone, B. Overmayer, P. if-'Q 'German Club: ROW 1: G. Mays, A. Williams, Runser, L. Johns, M. Benson, D. Weed. L. Gehrlein, T. Lupp, S. Sanford. ROW 2: M. FRENCH CLUB French Club included all students enrolled in Mrs. Campbell's foreign language classes. To learn more about French life style and lan- guage, members engaged in various activities throughout the year. In October, a bus load of students at- tended Language Festivities Day at Allegheny College, Meadville. While visiting Toronto, members enjoyed studying the cuisine and architecture of neighboring French cities. Advisor: Mrs. E. Campbell GERMAN CLUB Sufficient students to form one class apted to study a Germanic language this year. A nucleus of the class members later joined Ger- man Club to learn more about the country's culture, language, and her people. Advisor: Mr. Rhode 131 Stage and A.V.A. Club lndustrious and accommodating members of Stage and AVA crew supervised daily the delivery of vis- ual and phonic equipment ordered by teachers. Their behind-the- scenes knowledge and operation of stage mechanics did not go unappreciated, for assemblies, con- certs, and all evening stage per- formance relied heavily on the as- sistance of these seven boys. Advisor: Mr. Clauznitzer A.V.A. crew responds to classroom needs Much credit goes to the A.V.A. crew who sets the stage for rallies and other special assemblies. AVA: S. Waddell, P. Witosky, S. Kocher, D. Hevner, R. D'Aurora, T. Baltes. s 1 l i I 2 132 Between scenes of Academy on Parade, Mr. Clauznitzer and a few crew members wait for cues to draw the curtain. Careerists visit area offices Career Club At regularly scheduled dessert meetings, Academy Career Club members enjoyed the opportunity for socialization and discussion of career opportunities available to young women in contemporary business fields. An important item for the year on the planned agenda was student visitation to local stores and business offices. Advisor: Miss Mary Hickey CUFBCI' Club- RUW 12 L-HI I- GCfSCh0W, L- ROW 2: N. Moyak, G. Cooley, D. McLaughlin, S. Cook, S. Cooney, T. McGill. First, P. DeNardo, L. Miller, L. Oatman. 133 Cheerleaders help spirit soar feanne Getschow vu' ' ik , . . . How 1: Laurie Gehrlein, Ieanne Getschow, Row 2: lane Chitester, Trudy Smith, Eilene fone Chitester, captain, feanne Get- Atkinson schow, Trudy Smith, Eileen Atkin- son, and Laurie Gehrlein, total members of the cheerleading squad, led Academy students in organized and animated cheering. Present at all rallies and games, it was their efforts that sustained and encour- aged both players and fans. Sky- rocl-tet, often led by Mrs. Com- stock, remained everyone's favorite cheer. ln spite of a small per- centage of distracting students at rallies, our yell squad inspired and maintained an all time high in Academy school spirit. Without a doubt, the most jubilant rally of the year was the victory rally cele- brated after we won City Series in football. 134 K WW ,W ' Q l -ts? .hy Laurie Gehrlein a. 'H p. Viva' TFT -YT' N-'wwnsi 'Hmm 1 L .L-' ,Af -w,,p,g ' . .4 N, Q .. -. V .. ,.'.,wL.' K, N , eg EGU EEUU WE m em ' J ll 5 ..-QV !f.,.,,........,AN.,,.M-j:-LIL ...J a..J , - 2 -Q nm umm ,L '-'W1 Us T.T1'.I.Z. CHORAL GROUPS Academy singing groups main- tained the high musical standards of former years, with Concert Choir comprising 67 members: Chorus, numbering 40. Selected singers, chosen from Choir, became known as Madrigals. Choral groups had a busy year singing at local service and social organizations, before school au- diences within the city, and for TV programs. Christmas and Spring concerts drew appreciative and re- sponsive audiences. To raise money to subsidize the expenses of a spring trip, each choir member became a self-styed salesperson, responsible for selling a wide variety of products. Direc- tor: Ms. Brenda Humphries Madrigals. ROW 1: S. Salvage, N. Giles, M. Hunter. ROW 3: B. Goetz, G. Giles, C. Rouse, Ponce, S. Stirsman. HOW 2: B. Brown, G. C. Sayles, D. Siegel. ROW 4: B. Kaufman, B. Cooley, R. Verdecchia, P. DeNardo, D. Nelson, A. Chaffee, T. Smith, I. Chitester. Girls' Chorus: ROW 1: B. Gante, I. Rivera, V. Weber, D. Hunter. ROW 3: T. Norton, T. V. Montgomery, N. Baxter, L. Atkinson, D. Tate, P. Szumigala, S. Salvage, I. Merchant, Simmons, L. Wilcox, T. Carder, K. Crawford, COlb61'f. S. HGFVGY. L- Miller. D- Colley. M. H. Gray. ROW 2: R. Smith, M. Sledge, K. C. Darby, I. johnson. ROW 4: A. Atkinson, Young, B. Manus. Merchant, P. DeNardo, D. Tate, P. Dacus, S. 136 During the holiday season Academy Choir entertains Rotary - Keep on smgmg, Aeadem I Grzegorzewski, C. Sayles, D. Siegel, Dombrowski, L. Breaklron, S. Overton, Bloom, S. Sanford. BOW 3: G. Cooley, Atkinson, L. Martin, D. Lichtenwalter, Baughman, B. White, D. Briggs, G. Giles, Salorino, I. Chitester, f. Young, f. Sierota I N Shutts, L.. Baxter. ROW 4: A. Atkinson, T. Norton, L. Fist, B. Brewer, D. Meyer, M. Sayles, P. Shesterenko, B. Kaufman, B. Nelson, I. Gray, T. Gay, T. Smith, I. Young, K. Watkins, C. Rouse, P. DeNardo, E. Kalogeras, M. Ponce. Academy Madrigals perform at the Downtown Boston Store before an appreciative audience. 137 Y-Teens Members of Y-Teens, teen women affiliated with YWCA, participated in many activities and fund raising projects. Led by their president Sharon Iaycox, with the assistance of her officers, members partici- pated in City Y-Teen Pageant, went Christmas caroling, held a bake sale, and sold singing valentines. Advisor: Mrs. Doris Campbell Science Club Field trips to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Edinboro, and a nature study camp-out at McKeever Environ- mental Center, Sandylake, Pa. were some of the hi-lites enjoyed by Sci- ence Club members. Winners of projects entered the regional meet- ing of the Pennsylvania junior Academy of Sciences held at Edin- boro College, thus becoming eligible to participate at a later date in state competition at Mt. Airy in the Poconos. Advisor: Mr. Fearn Y-Teens. L-R: Mrs. Campbell, L. Breakiron S Iaycox and P Wehan L. Ugino, L. Olson, S. Scherman, L, McGee u-.. Science Club. L-R: T. Harvey, I. Masi, C. Wolanin, D. Schillinger, T. Pianka, M. Mgrchmi S jaycox D Segal S Standford 138 if 'V Y' 1 -,af Ski Club. ROW 1: M. McRaith, M. Marchini, L, Nederriter. HOW 2: L. Gomersall, L. invite all NHS LR'I Grenawa A Wehan . . . - . . y, , , L, Guagliardi, 1. Klochal-c, P. Steinhauer, G. K. . 1. . ,AA fu- sf Nl q-.:-v.y- +A.. .,.. 0 V gi Vomero, T. Smith, T. Gay. ROW 3: D Shillinger, f. Masi, C. Wolanin. Sesler, M. Fendrick, E. Semenoff, C. Iohannes, H. Carr, K. Gehrlein, I. Getschow, M ...A KN ,f National Honor Society Students inducted into N.H.S. must have a 3.0 average at the end of their junior year. Nominated first by the entire faculty, students are finally voted upon and selected by a faculty committee. Members sponsored a pizza raffle to pay for expenses incurred the nite of the annual initiation ceremony in May. Officers for the year: Greg Sesler fpresj, Elaine Semenoff fv. pres.j, john Klochalf ftreas.j, and Cindy fohannes fsecj. Advisor: Mr. Niebauer D. Schaaf, R. Kimmel, and M. Connolly. NK Publishing a yearbook Row 1 - K. Parker, K. Kaufmann, P. Michali, K. Roberts, L. Testrake, P. Amon, D. Schaaf, Vincent, H. Carr, D. Schnieder, B. Peelman, D. Schaaf, T. Peelman, D. Palmer, K. E. Semenoff, B. Brown, N. Shutts, Mrs. L. First. Gehrlein. How 2 - E. McLaughlin, R. Shoop, Bermon. Row 3 - I. Lieder, S. Klimow, K. Neophytes Kris Kaufmann and Terry Peelman waste no time in assuming responsibility. 140 - 1 ,..fw?t 2 El V n , . Q Eizrw ' P VM 5 W Z M 0 M, N P el?wy.'fX ffl , f 2 M , a r K if .4 18 ,ai Co-editors Debbie Schaaf and Pam Amon check senior layouts prepared by Linda First and Eileen McLaughlin. is hard work ., .. vw be Q0 Q0 Q U 'X NX A A , 4 lxfzf ,225 A . 4' 'T Q ', A R fel! A Gfq ,f?'f' .54 '- 543- 'Q fit' 4 we 39 9 sf vw . Y V W X ' QI A l W gf. 1 528515. B D.. yep W A ,A X000 - 'P' g 0 99 P B 1 gk , ' Xczx' js 'X 63 S? , . Si? tg, Winning collage that best depicted 1976 Acadame theme - A K Title: Friendship 1976 co-editors I. Boss and S. Grieshober good-naturedly Artist: Greg Peelman accept roasting by Academe underclassmen. 'ww Academe Business Staff: H. Foster, D. Goldstein, I. Getschow, B. Czarnecki. A unified Academe Staff, slowed down by too many part-time mem- bers whom the computer arbitrarily assigned to lab classes, struggled to meet deadlines and maintain a quality book. Most of the members, being new, applied themselves and worked long hours to learn tech- niques and rules of yearbook pro- duction. Debbie Schaaf and Pam Amon, co-editors, along with Mrs. Bermon's critical eye on all work, welded the group together to achieve a book which will hope- fully win an All-American rating. Business Staff experimented in lim- iting the sale of books to a one week periodg the purpose, to pre- vent over-ordering. Literary Advisor: Mrs. Bermon Business: Mrs. Massing 141 With their new and scintillating routines, Academy majorettes high- lighted rallies and football halftime events. Their appearance in vari- ous local parades drew applause from appreciative onlookers and spectators. Kim Gehrlein, captaing Lisa Vomero and Barb Miller, as- sistants, evidenced effective lead- ership ability. Sale of Pulakos con- dy paid for out-of-town excursions. Lead Twirlers: Barb Miller, Kim Gehrlein, and Lisa Vomero Seniors: Kneeling - S. Petti, R. Shoop, B. Colley. Standing - L. Vomero, B. Alex, L. Beck andK Gehrlem Jensen, I. Servideo, S. Cook, f. Hogan, and K. Laird, B. Miller, C. McCrillis, K. Anderson, T. 142 Sequins sparkle as batonists twirl Juniors: Standing - A. Foster, F. Martin, D. Ward. Sophomores: Kneeling - C. Fowle, F. T. Manna, and L. Breakiron. Konkol, D. Lepo, G. Vincent, I. Beck and B. Mir, C. Hogan, T. Corsi, V. Rhea, L Miller, Freshmen: Standing - S. Vitalie, E. Zygai, A. Kneeling - V. Sabella, M. Brown, L. Miller, L. Critchfield, and T. Chambers Carter, K. Bloom, and I. Ellenberger. Walk together, tall-f together, ye peoples of the earth Y.F.U. Eight students will represent Acad- emy as Y.F.U. students in foreign countries during the summer months. At two weekend ori- entation retreats, both area appli- cants and guest Y.F.U. students in our schools met to learn more about each other's customs, philos- ophy, and culture. lle Kuurma, Academy's guest student from Fin- land, set a fine example for Acad- emy Y.F. U. students to follow when they travel abroad this year. We have enjoyed Ile and will always remember him as our Finnish friend. Advisor: Ms. Humphries Ile Kuurma, Y.F.U. student from Finland, visits with Mrs. Santa Claus of the North Pole who promises to relay lle's best wishes to Saint Nick. Y.F.U. ROW 1: P. DeNardo, S. Stanford ROW 2: I. Kuurma, D. Rogers, B. Getz. ix mfs. X t second semester. ll QQ Om' personable Miriam Guidaux, Rotary student from Bolivia, registers at the office, happy to have been assigned to Academy Y.F.U. HOW 1: D. Weed, T. Lupp. ROW 2: S. Stanford, B. Getz, C. Collins. Varsity Club To be admitted to Varsity Club, a student must be athletically in- clined and have earned at least one letter in a Varsity Sport. Since the purpose of the club is to raise money for letter jackets for senior athletes, members helped co-spon- sor Academy on Parade and partic- ipated in two other projects that brought in needed revenue. Officers: Mark Petruso, president: Teresa Chandler, vice-president: Kim Steffey, secretory: lim Clark, treasurer. Advisor: Mr. Harkins Lettermen form Varsity Club Varsity Club ROW 1 K. Gehrlein, B. Alex, B. l- HOEUI1, P- Y0lHlg, S. Cook, D. Czarnecki, L. MOYGK ROW 3 R- CUFF, K- ViI1C8nf, M- lensen, 1. Honard, B, Miller, 1, Clgrk, C, First, C. Rouse, P. DeNardo, B. Thompson, K. PGUUSO, P- Wifosky. R- Coleman, l- Huruydu, Johannes, P. Steinhauer, P. Williams. HOW 2 Sleffey, I. Getschow, T. Chandler, T. Coy, N. G. EUGF. D. HUHIHIOIIS, It THIS- 145 ,. ,5 . ,ir 1 - o5 ! wP M . W .mas-3-Wglg ' M. 6 ? g ,XA W W ig . ., SPORTS Strong in endurance gifted in agility and enriched in spirit, our athletes - cheered on by loyal fans - possess but one desire: to win the game. Days of arduous practice seem so worthwhile when the whistle blows the refs appear and the game begins. But in the end it is the scoreboard tells the story - for spectators to observe - for media to relay. Victory - though sweet . . . and defeat -- though sad . . . must both be taken as they come. In the game of life - some will win - some will lose. The pursuit of a goal is what really matters. - Wendy Stewart Xblv-L1 J JN ' On his way to first, batter lon Honard races to beat the throw. AHS OPP. 9 Northwestern 1 11 LeBeouf . 1 A 18 Girard 2 18 Fairview 0 Q 17' Northwestern 4 , W . '4 Franklin A V15 ' gjff 4 Prep M 2 '- y5 1 Q Vincent it , 11' ' Anlplgyfyir .ft .1': fd f, A. LeBeoufzufjlfgixigifA ,3951jj f i-sr T vcbrrvf 1 7 if 10'Q ' Mcl3dWellwf45-ff ii' f 2 . Teclil.-my K ' 651 , 13 Easy.. 0 6 5 2 4 1 Vincent 'i' f 4 - -. 3- it WCW, Q M 10 McDowell 11 e ' ' . -.+.Q5?'fE-- 1-i 'H 'Ft i 1 Tech 5 ' lf- C., i Z t .-I, 3 my : g mwah R1 NH'- lp ey 3 Prep i 2 1 Tech 1 12 11' 7 Vincent O H 4 Tech 3 it ' 6 Tech 2 'LAW A Academy batsmen finished the sea- V 0 l son strong by taking the Darby uhh, V , Mannix tournament crown. Behind the excellent coaching of Ron Sev- ero, the Lions finished with a record of 17-9. Leading the team to victory were pitching ace Scott Kli- mow, batting stars Dan O'Conner and Randy Marzka, Tom Ftettger, john Klochak, and Iohn Clark in the field. Klimow authored a no-hit, no-run gem versus East, 13-O. Kli- mow also was the only Lion to become first team All-City. Captain Dan O'Conner, clean-up hitter, paved the way offensively as he led the team in homeruns and batting average. Randy Marzka placed second in batting with Klimow coming in third. The outlook for the 1977 season is bright with regulars Klimow, Klo- chak, Rettger, Clark, Dave Rhodes and Ed Saboski returning. Other promising players include Paul Lichtenwalter, Ron Witosky and Jim Clark. 148 Positioning himself to receive a throw, Mike Merry awaits at first base N Lions cop Darby Mannix Crown W ' ---.. -f H . ,Nga-1'Vx, ' . ,, t . ,,z',,, - fc'-P ff wa 'wi' sv-1 wh , . Hurler Scott Klimow prepares to unleash one pitch from his Starting catcher lohn Clark, quick in movement, produces a arsenal to an unsuspecting Ripley batter. swift release to pick off the man at first. T Kneeling: L to R: I. Fuhrman, P. Rhodes, 1. Page: How 2: L to H: Coach R. Severo, D. Fujimoto, D. Evans, I. Honard, I. Torok Clark, T. Whalen, I. Clark, I. Harayda, P. Rhodes, E. Sabosky, S. Klimow, D. Coach M. Rafalowski. Lichtenwalter, T. Ftetter, R. Witosky, G. O'Conner, H. Marzka, I. Klochak, R. 149 ,,, .ie E ,pwvgw .l f i HW? 4' 'V7'j1'!'1f,, 551 vi' Academy second man, Marty Tate, smashes his backhand deep into McDowell's corner, winning another match for the Lions. Tennis team started the sea- son slowly, but ended it by compiling an 8-6 record, tak- ing second in city series. Coach McDonald will have to depend on his less ex- perienced second team from last year, having graduated the entire first team. Such standouts as lim Golab and Marty Tate are lost to the col- lege teams. Academy's chances of having a successful season will be resting on the shoulders of De- ryl Bolten, Tom Gay and a host of others. The whole team is highly optimistic about the coming season. 151. irgn Li -Q-j--f.-..,c.,-.,,., ,W ifiiisgl 1 3 t T' M .i. ' - ' V -'T f I i '.,.'z1g'we 4l'l.5 .L T l r Ti.. ZV, . g hi Y A lncen . 112 gay,-ff ,Qui -- 212.1 951157 5122? T Z. ..e 51.,E,,,Wg Tigkffwxigyyl fe Nwrhtwr v im ...4... 5315 l f?iStffiMa. - ', P gy' . I.', ji J iE'! 'l g7 L. Ulfvlefflfn siF.i.fgf5l-L25 fiff,Jfu5 l'1 ..,.cMercsyl1 M ', ,fire 3l,.l!lsQQg,g,grQiZ'F ' f '6 ' Y. i t East . 4 .3.5 ,ug 0 McDowell ' 4 Tech f L, T3 p 0 Prep ,5 743, .4 Tech We 3 f 3 Mercyhurst 4 0 McDowell sw M 4 ' 6 .vin.2enii f . . ,I . ..,- ,J V L rabbis? v'-rf? ,wQ,,'!1,' - 4 ,, ,JW8 f '4 'V CHQ ' ' ,'lZ,F:1 f.n'.IlL v ' 'W' , ' f, 3 qgm Mi.- 2'7 M' ,f-'Y' Jaw, . , ...N . . . V- ,.f.i... .fH,,f ' ' '--'f.ff-tw-1-:fofff ,, . 1 ...fn fa i .,,1 .Q ,,:4f,- .gf .-f',.f' for ws.-we ff 1- .1 ,V .4.f,Z'A,.f,,f,yf.:.35g:5g5:-,V14, W z, .f ffl , A , . K Ni,-. VA - 4 ' ' 2 ' ?,rf,.f',--pm, ,q.,7,w,4f Lw:3?jAS5 :y j, ,pw A F, V, - 1,'3f,,q1g fire' 'f if ' t1:vui'1Igf'!f.'!J oi f'g,f, ,qs ,., 150 Lions Volley To Second H Leo Musarra volleys the ball into Prep's forecourt as lay Radov smilingly approves. How 1: L - R: 1. Newlin, I. Golab, M. Tate, I. Bolten, B. Thompson, R. Robison, C Badov, L. Musarra, Row 2: T. Gay, D. 1ohannes,Coach McDonald. L1 onettes press to 1m prove Patty Steinhauer at first base, Carol Weber, at second, patiently await the next play. 0336! f---QQ. K. . up-4 '-. j--qi . 'fw:t1z'- 1- L. f . ' f ' ' . ' ,..J:. - :Sty ' KM. il.. f. ' L. ,-Z A ' I, . 2- .. .4 1--, - f - -.Qs-1 ' L . Q. 15 Jywe. A - . . .V H -sz . lg. Q... my 4, ,. A . . Q- l g , - . , . .- p... -- Q' -1 A., '- . - txt- i, 11 How 1: K. Hasbrouck, K. Henning, D Williamson, C. Weber, L. Gehrlein, I. Rogers, R. Smith. Row 2: P. Williams, P. Steinhauer, .1-.if M A., -',, e. 3-.f 7, M. Covington, P. Anderson, S. Davey, L. Seman, K. Zeiber, Coach Comstock. Softball season improved with a 5- 5 record, compared with last year's 3-8. Not discouraged by their first defeat with McDowell, Lionettes rallied back with a 7-3 win. They mastered Tech and Vincent after suffering previous losses by 1 run. Academy girls led a successful sea- son, defeated only by East. Pitcher Sue Davey made All-City, while Debbie Williamson made second team. Returning juniors Patty Steinhauer and Phyllis Williams will form the nucleus for next year's team. Coach: Shirley Comstock AHS OPP. 5 McDowell 16 32 Vincent 33 22 , IEEE? za 12 St.lBens 4 3 East 11 7 McDowell g 3 21. y it p Tech fi 20 14 St. Bens 7 ' 3 East 13 W 1 17 3: , At the district meet, the Lions won the 880 relay and then went on to make a respectable showing at state finals. With a dozen or more talented underclassmen returning in the spring, Coach Morgan's charges should do well in '77. Boys' Track concluded a successful season, breaking even with a 4-4 record. Paced by sprinters John To- ran, Charles Carsong long jumper jimmy Davisong distance man Mike Burger: javelin thrower Scott Steffeyg and versatile Daryl Hunter and Tony Thompson, team mem- bers were a stiff challenge for all opponents. tm l1,f h1 El 7 . . V fm eff 552 lf 'ff A 'ii W' -Q Cfff ,ff 1 if ri 'f:5x3-if-:ji3t'fl,. gil? -1Q.f1,i:. 1ff':': A t. . imma , ilyam Q A ful, 'vi i ,V ,rh 144 , A 7 3 rl l ' f' Wliliiw t 'iii -C V1 V- ,,+ J L wf':J ' mu5...3LM 5 i 1 11 v , A . U ,111 fr A.. l , P, . - v - s r- 't,'m,. e: '.u- f -r ,wt t ' . 'V -w wfmq,-1 ' .---1 ' 1, H .,i,.8 if Senec . 684: 1, iff'f23'?iii'f iwigi -3 A . w -stfvfswfg, M 4' f ' . a ' ' , r V . f. ' '3 eL.fkff?:2vqff ' ,w w A g,l.9l1f Glral' I a ll l H Vlsl .Y ,Q Q ,, ,f- A 'Q-g-QMIJM s :.Q A -- ,W- ,greg gui ,5s,,,1f'4l:ZQ, s ..,.,n , It a if . 'f, m':2 T, 7W'?1f , ,, 'J' ' , ' 1 ' Maxi -f HW' W '.,'- f5E'f'f'!f'f Q U. 'l'.117M , - - - ,f '.:3TfJ' fi -,a 1--:fx 'qi' egg- :Q-rw., fps-Q E' i A, M -. sit :fl :5',1lg4,15i4,:5',?y,J,'g'!',,. V- V. t -. - 'dl- '1- , , .5 'v, .Kg .'L'fg55-ggglfjflfi T ' 1 ' iff? I sr t Auf, T ' H vt- . 1 st 1 4 hgh? 1 V Y 4 ' is 5, f, IL gd. pt tl ' 1 1 Q1 We M . , it w If EW Sqn ,im it ' 51.2-,j.v, 'gl, r l ' wif -,, ' ' -' - - .. Fi Pri ,Q':g'2'f'4,tf'.., sg, ML H' V , . ., t, 1 W- is ht 5 W L 1 ,pt 5 r ,Jkfgfg Migrf ' QQ !.,r?Pv,,, -4,:i1wm,.,1,:e!.rg,r.Qf3f!.' , -a.'v, J '- 'hfH.f,'1'+ --iQ ' -' ' 7 :':fi', .W x W zmlt ', ,Hr ' ,1 ,-,M ,.H.':5. V ' V- ,Q 'L .4 ',.,' H.-sw g .w.'l . 'QE' ligelliyfzairr 'g Q4 - Btwn . N , .X , . .,.. I , t nity. -- . V ' fm I X-. U ,,,, HV ,. ,T 1 , t , , ,-.H 'i w 1-nw 4 4 Q ' 1. tr W, kim' FI U ' , ff it 9Yi111ffff.','.'e .Wifi 134,51if:S'2a'ia1t,t5151'4't1--:i'1m,5if t+,f22wfmg 251 W f E'U:'4q'f 4, 5,3515 if 1, Q, 1-,.5.3,, ,puffy ,ugf . Aff:-,,5L.., :M ,'gbndE,r?, g3,5i:i1',,5 tiff I. 1g,fM4.Ls1i.j -t.g3g :p,:'Q5 t.. 15,4 1:1 1 J-44 , I-ml 'l 'ir'vf ' Mf'!I31 -'lrP'?4r'J 'I-:tis I'L.1Q'7 W'4lJ'1': v ii -' Y5 ' I 1 . NK . 1 .A , Fleetfooted john Toran breaks the tape in yet I N s .i lil A Fieldman Mark Petruso coils in preparation for the discus throw. With determination. Petruso pr0dUC6S another meet Winning 152 toss. another Lion win. M t.....r4.t ' ' Q.-,,.,,:7. . , The photographer catches lang jumper jimmy W--in Davidson taking off on a 20 foot jump. Cindermen race to second place L T of ,K 4,4 r 1 'l 'li Determination and practice pay off for miler Mike Burger who leads Prep runner through the final Q :Q W? A1 , Relay men Steve Burney and Darrell Hunter have a smooth exchange turn. - keeping the lead. 153 Cinderettes settle for second Girls' Track finished the season with a 2nd place city title. The team had a 3-2 Metro League sea- son and a 3-4 overall record. Young and inexperienced, the squad shows great potential for next year. Graduation will deprive the team of talented seniors Lil Wroblewslfi, Tami Sicari, Linda Allen, and Car- rie McCrillis. Team captains were Lil Wrob- lewski Uumpsj, Florene Martin fDistanceJ, Tami Sicari lFieldj, and Chris McLaughlin fSprintsj. Martin, Sicari, and Wroblewski represented Academy in district competition, while Florene went on to partici- pate in state finals at Shippensburg College. Returning letter winners for next year will feature Trudy Smith, Chris McLaughlin, lean Wayne, Florene Martin, and Wen- dy Stewart. Coach: Sue Zawacki ar 'AHS 5 WOFF- 64 641 titi tt ' A 27 ' 8? 59 . A i,Ql'55r'-Phi-r?f'1 49-f McDowell W ,,.,,,r,.65 f , 332- 'M L' 37 if l ' A eh, ,,,,,, zz ,,,. GCBEFVQLMCLUHQ? if- iq, -ff-awe' H ., -e if H 5f':!i 1' sy, .- '.,, , f I .1-, trmmw 'A n A W5 if 'V-q A' , ,iMcDowellgi1:1j,Q1,,iiii ,49 ir l,, , . A : 'P ' ' :Q '-721.gil-f:'g55.g'--M 1-rggfiw igl:,:,'Q,w:.fw ,. -- , . - ,-,Jr i 4'-1-iq, M r , . , M.-f, fr muff','pKl.-'.,1::..',,:'f ' 4 ..-K 4 , ,:,,mQ,gg5,,3,i 7.7 ,3 V' 1:'L:,Q:cf, 4 'l'i,. ,i q,,.f:'. r ww-f?1:W .u tm: '1,1,'tj'51g,fAg5,4,go,,r Q gf :H .'-91' :ii 511, A is 'i:ifi.i f 154 f- ' 'lf' BILL 1 I, 1 If Q ,1 . ,i .I ,. . , .. i,, . ig , .i 1 4 1' f W u WW sl., is .f, . 4 ',4 ,ff 'I MAWM vv , . ,- - -.1 ' ,I . , .. f , fm, J Q W, it - ' .- -,.-if-.w - , Hurdling poses no problems when Lil Wroblewski takes advantage of fine form. - I' 1 -1 ' - ' - Vps.:-f' g .l .54 , 5 4 1 ' 4 . if gt: N If -1-1----M 4' .,,,,,,.1 A good start sends Florene Martin on her way to an easier win in the 440 yard dash. 'or C.. .. -1 1'-2 J53f wx.. . Q -I - iw, . - . , -. -,-.wrap-.--MN' . :Q-4'w. ' - X 'fs - ,.,..,. ,.:w'. '. M H K-- e---rw ., . Q -Q 4 ,Vg M .41 WMS - ,N X -L 1 . M ,gd Q , W, S A A f wi W .K . - 'TF' '51'L Q.m N -m . 5- , V S:-quzfggs - 'K X-3314 -V-..,,..,54 u - r 1-. , Y K-Q92 F 4 . .0 in , 1, ' t .V N' - -1 Q5 I ,WI V . . ,W N , , ...Wm sw A , I k Q. b X, t X we ,. . - .- . x i . l Q . W I V -.2 ...WSL . 'uk +tfW.ff:l' Q . , 5 ....,. . ... . ....x .- .. ' I yard dash. ISI si I I .X . A I Q3 A 9 -ijt ' 5 A determined lean Wayne easily finished first in the 100 Tami Sicari displays her expertise in the iavelin throw. Row 1 L - R: K. Francis, L Ostrowslfi, P. Young, C. Rouse, S. Stirsman, D. Overmoyer, L Gomersall, L. Carter, L. Vomero. Row 2: M. Ponce, L. Wroblewslci, I. Becker, C. Baum, E. Thompson, S. Becker, D. McLaughlin, DeFoy, V. Schoenhouse, I. Wayne, McCrillis. Row 3: Coach Sue Zawacki, Smith, G. Smith, T. Sicari, W. Stewart, ,,..-.. .-av .- . n 2.--fat' l,.1t..n' Kestle, S. Rouse, C. McLaughlin, A. johnson C. Fowle, I. Servido, F. Martin, L. Allen Coach Debbie Fornash, Manager T. Chandler. Absent from picture: K. Steffey. 1 5 5 Finishing third in city action, Acad- emy girl linksters got off to a slow start with a 1-5 record. This year the team was hindered mainly by lack of personnel. Players Linda First and Tami Salorino qualified for the PIAA state finals at Hershey Country Club, but failed to place. With so many talented novice golf- ers returning, the outlook for 1977 looks promising. Coach Sue Za- waclfi is hoping for more interested students to represent Academy on the greens. -A-C f-rw A .ws uf, ,wffw ,-f- , i r it 11323,- wbv, if jf rwfpw Q15-wt.f-gwfbq' ffxfggff i f . ,arf ' ' .. t ,i p ' 'r Linda First instructs Lori Oatman in the proper way to use the wggd, Girls tee off tl L-R: Coach Sue Zawaclfi, Linda First, Lori Oatman, Becky Gehrlein, Tami Salorino. S 7773? Obstacles do not deter Tami Salorino's desire to chip in on the green. Poloists makeklilfe dead fish AHS - OPP. g T 12 Tech 19 13 Prep 14 12 1 East 11 8 Vincent ' 17 7 Tech 15 9 Prep is 12 11 East 8 ' 11 Vincert 15 Sinking to a disappointing 2-6 record, Academy Waterpolo Team still enjoyed the competition. One bright spot in the year was Dan Young being named to first team of All-City, with Danny Watkins, Dave Czarneclfi, Chris Green, and john Durst each capturing a spot on the second squad. Though Coach lim Blanchard had a troublesome first year, he is lool-:ing forward to a future powerhouse with returning poloists Dan Watkins, Bob Czar- neclfi, Dan Young, Steve Adamzylt and fohn Durst producing an im- 2 pressive nucleus. Rising from the lurky depths, Chris Green prepares to fire on goal. .I gil 'YI HOW 1. L-R: D. Watkins, B. McDonald, I. Young. ROW 3. Coach lim Blanchard, I. Adamszak, D. Adamszak, S. Adamszak, 1. Salavoda, I. Grygo, B. Crawford, G. Kindle, Clement. ROW 2. G. Sesler, C. Green, D. I. Durst. Czarneclci, S. Klimow, B. Czarnecki, Dan 157 QR - izzxnx-1-'YQ' l As 31, i 'fn'-nil ,,ae2w1WW t Jw + M., W ' I 32-f-fa?qlf,,U V Exim Guard Pam Tien hgsifgtgg momentarily During a brief time-out, Coach Zawacki explains to her team members the mistakes they bgforg deciding gn iiei- next mgvel have made in third quarter action. 4 I ,, 1- .M , VA.--p.-HM ,,..,...-.-aww --'O li Q4 While Karen Watkins concentrates on the outcome of her shot, Audrey Forward Sue Tarasovitch struggles to gain altitude in an Carter awaits the possibility of a rebound. effort to tip the ball to a fellow teammate. 158 Lady Lions fall from top - - Row 1 L-R: W. Zeigler, W. Stewart, P. Trott, Clark, A. Carter, K. Watkins, S. Tarasovitch, N. Moyak. Row 2: Coach Sue Zawacki, P. B. Coleman, K. Mallin, I. Wiley. jf? 'WFEQ 'at ,ws On her way for a lay-up, senior guard Wendy Stewart avoids her defenders. Girls' Varsity Basketball finished with a 4-10 record. Starting the sea- son with more than a dozen eager players, the squad ended with only 7 members and 3 junior varsity re- serves. Physical injuries accounted for most of the non-action players. Senior hopefuls, Patty Clark and Brenda Coleman, after appearing in only a few games, were sidelined for the season. A promising season is predicted for Academy next year with a majority of the team return- ing. ima f W , ,..,...-,.-.N-.-W1 1--N W ,, WJ . While the ref looks on, all-city performer Patty Clark sinks the second of her two charity tosses. AHS gf OPP. V62 , 51 ..,. , , st ii. Jlff' ' 1 i . gf' Vincent ' 46 ' Tech Q51 49 itBehsg.4g.?3, 57 Ie' i t A .455 fit' Q A r A X , It 1 X .8 k' if Eiga i'av?w2+ 'a ia' 125515 344 1-f' f t. 7553.2 5 2 -fx R ,Q,...i-,,...2Nn. tfmgggfn.. .V , - fx, - A .IM MVA. - . .. a.41..M5,-fw,t ,ff is .13 f. .I -iv is -vi . Q- W ig 1 pp f -T 4 h :Eff 259: 'K W ...iqrffqgy V ' V V 'A . . 1 sMcDowell 62 Xxx- ixxf ' . HP' - 159 Harriers run to 4-6 record N t B. Weiser, I. Harayda, 1. Burger, Coach D ROW 1. L-R: C.Carter, R. Rivera, B. Weiriek, Hershberger. ROW 2. M. owo ony, M. Connally, G. Eller, M. Brandt, C. Parco, I. Ott, H. Luchowitz, I. Whitford, I. Vereb. AHS - oPP. 27 Vincentg. 28 g 31 Techfgg, za, . 42 Prepgtgyiy 1 . y 19 15 Eastieft 2br' f Vg 50: ij aa McDowell 2 . .za V423 Vincent? 36 ' '28 11 ,Tech 4 f'ti27' . .4411 t'lPrepLT5' ,q -... p16 5 19 ye East' i 414 ff Harborcreek 'T , 25 .- ao g Cross Country season was high- lighted by many fine individual and team efforts. Gary Eller took 4th in Districts and Sections, and placed 35th out of 173 runners in the State Meet. Mark Brandt placed 8th in both Sections and Districts. At the McDowell ln- vitational, Gary Eller captured 2nd place honors while Mark Brandt strode in 8th, Although our harriers collected only a 4-6 year, members gained valuable experience. 160 Running 1st and 2nd, Mark Brandt and Gary Eller keep a disciplined pace. Linl-fsters stumble on greens ROW 1: L-R: M. Saul, P. Lichtenwalter, T. Gay. ROW 2: I. Crishock, P. Haras, 1. l 1st Man, 1st Team All-City Paul Lichtenwalter. Woznicki, P. Shesterenko, D. Weist. K.. Sf-neg W ffwiiiliiifiiwfffri Aee- A. fr. .4 QQQQ eel i 1 f V 1 f lt PEQHJ Q 20 ' Vireyifenf 1592 . 24 Teirh 0 22 East 2 8 McDowell 16 21.4 Prep 2136 0 Vincent 24 24 Tech O A 24 East 0 Academy High Linksters stroked their way to third place in City Series with a 6-9 record led by the excellent playing of Paul Lichten- Walter. Paul blazed the greens for scores in the 60's and 70's, repeat- edly becoming the medalist for the match. His talent was backed by the consistent playing of Tom Gay and jerry Woznicki. Lichtenwalter was chosen lst Man, 1st Team All- Cityg Gay garnering Honorable Mention on the Dream Team. With only seniors Gay and Lichten- walter not returning, Coach Di- Bacco should enjoy success in 1977. 161 Trudy Smith exhibits strong form in returning opponent's serve. AHS OPP. 6 Tech 1 3 Villa 4 2 East ' 5- 1 McQoWel1 6 4 Strong?-Vincent 3 1 Mercyhurst 6 2 Sti Ben's 5 7 Tech 0 3 Villa 4 3 . 4 2 :.1McD5iyg11 5 5 Strong Vijtcent 2 1 Mercyhurst 6 3 St. Ben's 4 An improved Girls' Tennis Team of- fered stiff competition at the courts this year. ln spite of early and ex- ceptionally cold weather the girls exerted their best efforts, winning or losing. Academy, though not champs, ended the season with a 4- 12 record. Starting off in first posi- tion was Cindy Iohannesg second, Mary Benson, third, Trudy Smithg fourth, Kim Steffey, and fifth, Sharon Becker. Cindy Johannes placed fifth in District 10 Playoffs held at the Billie lean King Center. Coach: Meg McCarthy 162 etters compete for honors ' 2- ' f A ',f' : ' fx ' rg M- 'Y' 5 . i jg K - 'M ' .JY 4 To 5' ' V r , . . I - .afewx-. 'P JL M4 X ' e, .. 'J X' I I ROW 1. L-R: Trudy Smith, Cindy Johannes, McCarthy. ROW 2. Mary Benson, Sharon Kim Steffey, fackie Becker, Coach Meg Becker, Betsy Shapiro, Patricia Wood. ---'WM Y l Trudy Smith, Cindy Johannes, Patricia Wood, Mary Benson and Sharon Becker discuss strategy before Tech-Academy match. , . Q. r f? S R, ,. W JI F f 1 3' .I A - VIMQQQA Q 5 s it 5 ' ff i 1' f .2 h' X ll - Hi All -. .on ,,,N T ' ' M .. A.-u-9' . if l ' -mm cw 'A Mi ,, . wc, .. '-g gg ' ef ik 'A V I .,'- clowns: W 2. I 2 33, .W .,. . g L. Vomero and T. Chandler coordinate their efforts to bump the ball. S pilfers persevere ROW1: L-R: P. Young, N. Moyak, W. Stewart, H. Campbell, M. Covington, S. Stewart, G. B. Coleman. Row 2: T. Chandler, K. Zeiber, Cooley, D, Tate, snr'-. .-Kh....-.-,.... Coach Comstock calls time-out to discuss game strategy. Girls' Volleyball ended the season with a 2-12 record. What the squad lacked in experience was com- pensated by determination and ca- maraderie among teammates. With nine seniors graduating, only three girls remain as a nucleus for next year's team. Brendy Coleman, cap- tain, will be remembered for her excellent playing ability. AHS OPP. 1 East 2 0 McDowell 2 2 Tech 1 0 Mercyhurst 2 0 St. Benedicts 2 0 Villa Maria 2 0 Vincent 2 1 East 2 0 McDowell . 2 2 Mercyhurst h 0 0 Tech f 2 1 St. Benedicts 2 0 Villa Maria 2 0 Vincent 2 163 - vis ,ir 1 mi .Z ,. . Q L. Mixed Bowling League met on Thursday afternoons at Eastland Bowl to improve bowling skills. Elected officers were Dave Czar- necki fpres.j, jerry Rose fv.p.J, Kim Cehrlein ftreas.j, and Linda First fsec.j. At the spring banquet held on March 22, high scoring teams and individuals received trophies and awards for their achievements. Advisor: Mrs. Helen Schember Girls' Varsity Bowling Perry Plaza Lanes set the stage for Girls' Varsity Bowling. Top Acad- emy bowlers Ieanne Getschow, Linda First, Elaine Semenoff, Pam Machalinski, Kim Gehrlein, Pam DeNardo, and Carolyn Gaduslfi gave inter-scholastic rivals fierce competition, finishing second place behind Vincent after the first round of action. Coach: Mr. lim DelSandro Interested bowlers engage in after-school fun L-R: 1. Getschow, L. First, E. Semenoff, P. DeNardo, P. Machalinski, K. Gehrlein. 'ht ,Z lntramural Bowling: HOW 1 L-R: 1. Getschow, L. First, P. DeNardo, E. Semenoff, K. Gehrlein, D. Czarneclci. HOW 2: K. Merry, 1. Lowjeski, P. Machalinski, C. Hardner, C. ' ' L . 164 Gadieski, T. Hettger, 1. Bose. ROW 3: G. Sesler, B. Brewer, Ft. Carr, I. Grenaway, R. Francis, D. Schneider, S. Staff, R. Kimmel, K. Brown, M. Walls. ln extreme concentration and in hopes of a strike, kegler Ieanne Getschow aims the ball down the center of the lane. film L 1- 1 1 Q I QW R -n F ,ff I M!! e 'f',. 4 A, X I 5 N! ' ' ' Z! as , giiijfr' .., m as Q7 'Na-12 W A f sw W' A ' W 'Rel 1? f E Outside threat Dwight Poo Poo johnson hits his jay from 30 feet. The Hilltoppers out - scored oppo- nents throughout the season with torrid outside shooting coming from guards Francis Spearman and Dwight fPoo Pooj johnson. The de- fense continually cleared the boards with towering 6'8 Walt Stone and devastating Rob Carter muscling underneath. At times when the offense fizzled, Coach Lou DiBacco substituted Bill Ga- zelle joint whose defensive plays and percentage shooting led the team to several important victories. Other bench support came from David Thomas and Matt McAllister. On March Ist, Academy faced Cathedral Prep for Section 1 Title. The two teams were dead- locked with identical 8-2 slates. Prep edged Academy in City Series play with a 7-1 city record while the Lions finished 6-2. The teams split the season series, Prep suc- cumbing f65-63jg Lions f67-63j. This set the stage for the March Ist mas- sacre. ln this tilt, Prep employed a sticky zone defense, forcing the Lions to pop from the outside. Our cold shooting spelled doom for the Lion cagers. Academy defeated Warren 44-42 in District play and Prep overwhelmed Hickory. This meant that a 4th Lion - Rambler encounter was set, this time for D- 10 honors. Tough practice almost paid off as the Hilltoppers cracked the Preppies' zone before falling short, 57-54. Despite this remorseful loss, the Academy cagers edged Punxytawney 62-57 in Regional strife. Standing: l. Quinn, F. Spearman, D. johnson, Gore, M. McAllister, H. Carter, D. Thomas, Pete Flynn and Lou DiBacco F. Gregory, E. Hazelett, B. joint, W. Stone, K. M. Henderson, j. Toran. Kneeling: Coaches xxX . 167 The Lions roared to an extremely successful season, finishing at a 5-3- 1 marker. The season was high- lighted by Academy's first outright City Title in 31 years and the nam- ing of eight members to the All-City team. Under the direction of third year mentor Ion Christenson, the inspired pride of athletes devas- tated their opponents in the city with the most stubborn no name defense, allowing only 8.2 points per game. Unfortunately, the pow- erful Lion offense, so evident at the beginning, sputtered towards the end of the season. The brilliant punt team captured a spot in city annals behind Scott Klimow's 40.87 yard average and coverage that held opponents to minus yards. Running back Clifton Coleman, Rob Carter and Matt McCallister raced up and down the gridiron under the direction of quarter back Scott Klimow. His favorite receiv- ers, were tight-end Gary Briggs, Flanker John Toran, and split-end Floyd Gregory. Superior line block- ing proved essential in victory with linemen Randal Coleman, Ray Carr, Dave Hammonds, john Clark, and Dave Sheldon. 24: F-gb 5 Q ? A3-K ja kr , 12 2 1 fl S. ' ,.- ffff,,:gtg,,- 1' . 1 ' 'II . Fm im-ef-' , Y , '-59.1 N ,L V. H .. W 4 i 'y ig i l rg -H'-f 5 A N - n , ,g if ifitlifmif :,,j!fifF li? 1 . , . 0 1 time Bch eff.-+:si'st91etw 2f'Cf' il 5 sfffiziffmsfr Prep isis. ' FEW--'iw ' T ,3 18 ' I 1 r. 1 , 1 Q. Q. 168 Aggressiveness and Mark Petruso applies the hit, while a host of other defenders Lion Lirlemefl move in for the kill. Matt McAllister paves the way for Country Cliff Coleman on a 37 power. attitude bring victory gg N l signify touchdown as john Tarun trots over the goal stripe. lst Row L - R: P. Rhodes, D. Barthelmes, B. Saunders, I. Clark, D. Wade, I. Clark, K. Pearson, F. Gregory, C. Coleman, I. Toran, Garlington, R. Carr, R. Coleman, D. Vincent, D. Sheldon, G. Griggs, G. Page, Mgr. Mgr. l. Quinn. Barthelmes, S. Quinn, M. Petruso, D. R. Gore. Row 3: S. Iaycox, S. Klimow, R. Hammons, Mgrpl. Cacchionne. Row 2: M. Rhodes, M. McAllister, D. Johnson, I. 169 All-Scholastic Performers C. Coleman - O. Back I. Toran - O. Back 8 D. Back R. Coleman - D. Tackle M. Petruso - Linebacker S. Klimow - Punter R. Carr - O. Tackle Dv. Barthelmes - D. End Dn. Barthelmes - D. End All-State Nominee All-State Nominee Sated with the energy and caloric value of orange juice, honey and candy bars, Academy catfish, with a few seasoned veterans, bowed to 6 opponents while twice manhandl- ing the challengers. The year reached its crest as sophomore Dan Young placed second in District diving with 3776 points, only .65 of a point out of first. Chris Green placed second in District 10 in the 100 yard butterfly, capturing the school record at 57.79. Both Dan and Chris became contenders for state honors. 1 ni: lr k lfffifffl .sliff lllliif- 'iv ft' iW:v1ezi1'::.-f if if ,v ' V 'K k ,... . J. .. . T if- 3 K gf Q gg ,t.l ., , B fb... OPP-0 V B 49 50 i 27. . t 47 iie 1 .i 71. it, litttgr . 74 51 56 ' x Q .,.,.,, . 6 2 '- 7 r Q 1 rf' Sea Lions come in fifth FRONT ROW: B. Czarnecki, 1. Clement, C. McDonald, T. Vincent, M. Grico, M. Green, D. Czarnecki, D. Young. BACK ROW: Salavoda. B. Crawford, G. Morrow, D. Adamaszek, B. 1' .Q A Y X A 1 ' , X 5 . , , ,. 4 Q . t , , 'W Q..-fi..,'5,g',f..V' V . .. -My Senior Chris Green displays the butterfly technique that As he nears the end of a grueling 500 free, Bob Czarnecki finishes strong won him 2nd place in District 10 competition. 172 in Academy's renovated pool. With few experienced members on the girls' swim team, our tankers won 2 out of 6 matches with eager persistence. Since all swimmers are underclassmen, Academy will definitely have a stronger team next year, perhaps doubling its membership with the addition of prospective members. Ieanne Lie- der, our top competitor, swam her way to the Districts held in Edin- boro, placing fifth in the 500 free style. Persistence and good sports- manship prevailed throughout the season. Coach: Mrs. Comstock ,AI-IS. K. ,g:,QOPP.yr ' 25 . ,ifech 53 51 .A E-lClSi 5 14 , 47 2' if Tech A Girls' Swim Team: ROW 1. L-R: C. Hardner, MCRGW1. Coach S. Comstock, L. Herman, C. 38 Sf. ' M. Gold, K. Nickels, P. Saul, C. Peebles. Wood, B. Wood, I. Lieder. V54 V ,,4, f ROW 2: S. Becker, S. faycox, I. Becker, M. A X' 'l 'ankers repeat '76 record In inte,--scholastic competition, Margie ln the East - Academy dual meet, feanne Lieder eagerly wins in butterfly competition. Gold exhibits her fine form in the 160 l.M. ' . S race. - Q 5 f' M V: ZW Wg .V 9 fs . Y. vl., f , ,mt 'F yy M Vg... It .t . V I' -e ',.a::,,V V rg 57. . '1- W 49 me. f 5' i 'K . x . A . me A.. .tw U ' ' Leaping into action, Lisa Herman, member of Academy girls' team, gets off to a good ' l ' I start. I .Q K. , if , V . 'YW' ff? A 'gp V, ' l.V. dribblers experience defeat Basketball season ended with Academy Girls' junior Varsity post- ing a 4-10 record. The squad, though few in number, kept up their team spirit and gained in- valuable experience that will help develop future varsity teams. Out- standing players Wendy Zeigler, Sherry Carter, and Debbie Wayne also served as reserves for the var- sity team. Coach: Mr. Harkins Y i 50 4 ., ,.,,f, . 1 1. QQQ1, ,,',A f1IYC8n12i'R I ' 1 ' 'T30L.,g Y ' 39 45 r be W' sv he it as Ebb: .453 , 33 Mercyhurst 372 e 34 .1 rVilgQlQa V as 44 22 Q9 l f Q., 4, 32 44 4 46 eivlpnqwell L, ,, .I is if ,,,f '?l ' ' Unnerved by her Villa defender, Academy's Debbie Wayne attempts to shoot a basket. lf' t l 174 Academy's cubs are alert and prepared to defend themselves. 1, E if if A 11 5 E v p gi -4 tl at H. L3 as Kneeling: L. Witosky S. Carter. Standing: V. Covington W. Zeigler V. Blakney. Hooks, D. Wayne, M. Combest, M. QQ Lion cubs scratch to first Young Lion, Gary Page, hits from twenty feet to extend the team's lead. The young hoopsters drove to an extremely successful season, boost- ing their ledger to 15 and 2. Per- centage shooters Gary Page and Scott Palimore stunned opponents, while Coach Flynn's uncanny anti- cipation of the other teams' strate- gy proved essential. With Greg Knight, Greg Harayda, and Craig Kimmel producing a well-rounded team, added support came from Aaron Carson, jim Fuhrman, and Alan Campbell. This young pride of Lions could prove to be awe- some in future season. 551 1' - fi 1 0 How 1. L-R: I. Fuhrman, W. Lindsey, R. Kimmel, G. Knight, S. Palimore, D. jordan, C. Harden, G. Harayda, A. Carson, G. Page, A. Kimmel, I. Ott, Coach Peter Flynn. Campbell, I. Cohen. Row 2: D. Barnes, I. AHS. '.ts. 1 OPP. Forward Greg Knight arches a shot over a would-be defender. 9 ff North Iggsvs 51 . Zeng . McDowell 'P' BUSY w i A . ncent ldvlstwf-J43,. ' 7 1 'S it tssis 1. 1 63, A Fames own xg . . Q1 69+ YO ts.. gf BOT ' gg mewzw A .',' igg, ...J 5 52 . .sfP,,,p A 54 , tmcligiggfpygll gg 49 g 62 5 i gg, 47 4 67 Vujgggnt 61 64 Youngstqiivn 61, , A 59 ssff 1 64 Jasftmcowi-ir' 1585 , 72 Warren, Ohio 69 sax, Pig W-wvw g Grapplers enjoy limited success 1976-1977 Wrestling Team recorded four victories against seven defeats. Coach Hayes' charges were led by City Champion Larry Barney who utilized 4 pins to garner this high honor. Tom Stovall, grappling at 119 lbs., went to City Finals before settling for the runner-up status. Steve Iaycox at 126 lbs. was also City runner-up. Because the majority of this year's team were underclassmen, oppos- ing teams will have good reason to fear Academy in future wrestling years. . . ,t . f 'rwpw,wmwwm.wi..u....Wmww-w..W . , , - -V ' il vw... I .... .,.,i.,... f f? Q ' T , . '75 5 A'.' . 'V f f my .,, A 25 A A iibf ' 42 ..... l ' Ut 21 '3 Iciestpwn 31 Ti , C6 4 if r6'p 52 g f 1- .15 1 C11-N itss 36 ' 4 my kv ni I 'ii ft! rtl Fifi? Q . 5 ..... we E. The match just underway, Larry Wall searches for a weakness in his Warrior foe. 1w...,wWw' --...,,,,q-www vy.. A U Sophomore Phil Rhodes stretches his East adversary in 1:55 of the first round. 176 Wrestling Team. ROW 1: L-R: K. Hammer, D. DeFazio, D. Palmer, P. Stockhausen, P. Rhodes, S. faycox, D. Barthelmes, H. Coleman. L. Barney, I. Callon. ROW 2: Coach Hayes, S. Argeny, M. Wood, D. Weed, K. Kaufman, E. Schriefer, L. Wall, R. Ferrante, M. Hobson, D. Vicos, I. Covington, C. Hershberger, Coach Bailey. Gymnasts improve their routines Gymnasts finished the season with a mere 1-6 record, winning their first inter-scholastic meet in two years. To obtain flexibility, strength, and grace, the main com- ponents of a good gymnast, the girls practiced several hours each evening. Lisa Vomero, one of the team's best, was the only member who competed in all competitive events. Lisa Gomersall and Donna Overmoyer are expected to become tough all-around competitors for the next 2 years. Coach: Miss Forinash Ytv ,ys AHS 1 ' l- i ' f ' f . frii 'iv f 29-70 34.45 Row 1' v rare M D a..'.i ,yi . .I , . ejong, L. Vomero, S. Fornash, L. jones, P. Young, M. Hill, L. 35.90 V RUDCZHWSRI, C. Rouse. ROW 2: Coach Carter, L. Gomersall, D. Overmoyer. Ki . V fe,3:i,u as i .i... ltil r'f- 1 5' - A .. . r H f Gymnast Lisa Vomero prepares for a handstand on the beam. unl't.. W-v-an-an-al Donna Overmoyer dismounts from the uneven bars after an exciting routine. N..- ...H 'wm K' K .QTY an ? v X rf x .,xmPsu.i 11 sv may N-lrsxramximhxrwfxtw TOGETHERNESS Together we work - we strive we laugh - vv dream and applaud each other's successg but now and then - through special effort - the we becomes the me and one ofus is singled out for special merit. How precious these memories of laughter of work of friendshipg how precious these memories that will remain in our hearts forever as hi-lites. - Robin Shoop . v. , ,ng Q if ., Y' 'f ,f ,. 9 V ffm: , ' ' W e 11. r-faq , ,,. ..-- '11 'N 7 'vel xx ,l y s ' , A 'iw ' 1 1 'f W. 1-,, af I, ,Fi X W EAL. Nl! Q I 5 r NI if is 'Q Q -sf f is i . I ,- X 3 I fic , , fy ft: -X fe- T.-flgi , ' J 'wr ak -. .W -. bfiff , , .' 'V 4 .AHF g i 3 ,fk -i' -wQw'1d ' ls'X lk' -4 I vi. f, U , 1 5 . , . gl' 4 1 Q eff f I-fit: ,jul x g',,w-flf, V , . '-'fr' 'N . 1 . 2, ' L' , cf-A 4:- 'W' ' 'rs I - y.,Vi,..v:,, , fs., n,,,1 ,M v ' 43:5-r 55 . ' Q .vii- . -Q -.11 Q K l iggsz' N . i 3 ,X - .v ' ' Lg, I gxwdylfi ' Q 5 - -I' Y :fb -V' lffamf, ,V +535 '. v Q n P2 .ff .WDM r. 1- ' f -. ' , 'gall 4, L! e' Q R 'i 'fl b , - ' 'z cv'-f, It V fv wth, 1 .V 14.17 . 1 A 1,57 .'f,.'f'.' x7 . 'nf 17-2' 'rl ,g 'iv 'f U: -' ' 'x I-. -gf' 'xx'-,iQ Wf5 ff!! if R' .ya X: -iff ffl. ,- ru., 'rrgwau '-'V dv z 5 1 Hx. ' f3'1 , .- 1 . 1 .. 3,055 ffm. h 'U ..,4g.,,d,w3 , f' , 2 .'Q:' r- 2 7 'Q ' 1.1g,w.,.?3 1 F .'lf,'.i ' .V ' fa-fffgal w .4 5.1 , Q A' 2-f .f ,w,fJ,'fo. ,L ,, -I ,hwy 3, ., xmv -Tc. 3' tv 5 - ,. ,,'u,.r -if 1 . . v. 'LJ' Y 55 W Q-x -'..1'j.. .1if,.,il11 ,fiigx ,gflvrsib A.,- , '5- ' W 2 , W X it 1 144 I. ' f-'N W2 I Q mv ,. vm BIN if x.. 5, 'weqpam ,M , ,H f wa ii, If L4 A . df gf-.-.Ai . v' 'I 'judges loolf for Talent . . . Beauty . . . Personality . . . 182 , an F. -b N Linda First: Miss Rose Queen Gwen Cooley: Miss Tawny .Ll :Q-'r'1-' mm' ' -, .fw 1 . , We prepare for future involvement Academy members and N. Figurski of Tri-Country Forum: L. First, S. Klimow, i 1 1 if ,, , 1 'N 5 President Elect Carter at Perry Square, October 1976 wi 'e .T Mr. DeNardo presents PSATXNMSQT Awards: Randy Kimmel - National Merit Finalist john Klochak - Letter of Commendation Robert Brown - Letter of Commendation 5, ' A. -r ,J V 1 .f 31' p e-te ww 0' ' ' fi-I Republican Vice-Presidential candidate: Sen. Robert Dole he nf if L if ? ' W , 7 in L f N I I W' l..A -' 1 , , ,J : -. E90 al- - Ar ,fs 5 ,Sb 3 - 1 '45 1',f'1, 4 -' '.4 mlrm' l ' 'iris I. ' 1 Q ,,v ii?t,.l'.' I Future Solons: Bob Conklin and Bob Damewood at .nf Q 4 183 -fi F r and jackie Becker if-:li av' R w v I 1 ,4 Y Y 5'-ici? I 1 J Q P YQ gn i x- . . . ACADEMY O PARADE The Noisy Tippler: Ken Gustafson f ' 2 NT l Academy Trombone Section: Bud Nelson, james Van Tassel, Kimmel, und Albert Wehun 2 gl in : lx 'Q A T I T. eq' , 3 1 , '. , rx S A K 1 as Pantomimists: Carla Westergren und Doug Conklin Craig ii., K-2 535 lv' 185 Culture flourishes through ' Ir Phllharmomc members F Iones L Nlcola E Thompson D Moyers B. McKee, R. Verdecchia, G. Giles. America's Youth in Concert: Brian McKee We tal-fe 4 1.1 Air' . ride m our achievements AHA, M , f, .5 uf ,-4' Teen Fashions' Board: Nayda Moyak, Brenda Alex jr. Class officers: R. Carter, K. Watkins, P. Schmitt, I. Beck All-American Cross Country: Gary Eller Ns. V V V W-s..c,,,t 'B General Mills Search for Leadership: ' A USU KUUfH10flI1 Pa. School Board Student Delegate: Ray Carr ' ww-. a 187 Trips - assemblies special events a sse' ' guage Night Greg seslerandyemme if Shaw Festival Theater: Niagara on the Lake M 'i Poet - in - the - Classroom: Ken Fifer 188 ' l .-1' ,Y f Q gi 51 Q, I Fools' Day: K. Roberts and D. McLaughlin Black History Assembly: Mrs. Betty Kennedy c o lu-hte our school year 125 . Open House: Mr. Pfisteret and parents Class Rings: E. Kalogeras and T. Schaaf TIMES OF UUR LIVES 13' 1... 1976 Prom Queen and Court D Conkhn C Westergren King Dan OConner Queen Hrchelle Skomeczka S Cooney and T DAlbora 190 The Bump hit of the Prom Archie Page and date Caren Grayson L ,, 5 ,. F49 1 Q 3 A K x! E Lf :NX s 'nx-,X q QQ: Qmdmm Zeffig JW Cm 3 L mix! M?7M,4WJ'if!, ,QAM xg . QE Wg? , 'ivffywf 1 eg aw E . EU'ENuRE0 QLKQ3Jj'L5?!0?J0,M I if 22 wg ag 5 ix J 3 0 of :Ei if M 74 Eajgi gf-QMJJ W Q05 9 Ki VO? M QA, N by Q Jixgjyffyddjr 1 ' GKUW WW sk' S6935 9 af Kp?-W SM, 4 QTWU 2 2 QWLW pk S xg be R90 xl.,gH.LxaC,u,,.x. g ,W Qiijp D'-63321 QGIQVWISAQ Vw QU KJ Om QE ,iwicze B+? NJ! vgygjj, WW '6jZ,4Zi,Q,21QOfO my QMMfH MM ffwffmw U ef KQQPW 44 WSU f9fMMf Lyrwigf' 970f'f'7offjMwL my Wm 5 3 Wmgpwwgadwkwwgwigfif if IF f9affwuf,0w,, T107 F ikg Twed!p MJVfJ vxdff gig? 1. qlwjwzyijwik XI WA' www W 2? 2 'Ava Senior Index LISA AGOSTINO - General'5 Radio and TV 3 LINDA AIKEN - Business' BRENDA ALEX - General'5 Career Club 25 Monitor 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Senate 15 Teen Board 35 Twirling 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1 LORI ALLISON - Business' DAVID ALLMAN - Academic'5 Hockey 1, 2, 3 PAMELA AMON - Business'5 Academe 1, 2, 3 Ico- editorj KRIS ANDERSON - Academic'5 Twirling 1, 2, 3 ANGELA ATKINSON - General'5 Chorus 1, 35 Choir 2, 35 Senior Banquet Committee 3 DARLENE BARNES - General ' DAVE BARTHELMES - General'5 Bowling 15 Foot- ball 1, 2, 35 Senate 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 35 Wrestling 1 DEAN BARTHELMES - General'5 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 TAMERA BECK - Business'5 Twirling 1, 2, 3 RICHARD BETZ - Academic'5 German Club 1, 25 Monitor 35 Senate 1, 25 Senior Banquet 3 DARYL BOLTON - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Basket- ball 15 Orchestra 1, 25 Science Club 25 Star 35 Tennis 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 3 BRIAN BREWER - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Bowling 35 Choir 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Swimming 1, 25 Waterpolo 1, 2 IOE BRIGANTE - General' BRENDA BROWN - Academic'5 Academe 35 Choir 1, 2, 35 Senior Banquet Committee 3 ROBERT BROWN - Academic'5 Model U.N. 1, 2, 3 lchairmanj5 N.H.S. 35 Senate 1, 2, 3 HOPE CAMPBELL - General'5 Career Club 25 Vol- leyball 3 RAY CARR - Academic'5 Academe 2, 35 Basketball 15 Bowling 35 Football 1, 2, 3 fcaptainj5 Prom Com. 25 N.H.S. 35 Senate 2, 3 fpres.j5 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Track 1, 35 Varsity Club 2, 35 Waterpolo 25 Y.F.U. 2, 3 finternational cl1ap.j ALAN CHAFFEE - Academic'5 Choir 1, 2, 35 Star 3 TERESA CHANDLER - General'5 Afro-American Club 35 Basketball 15 Choir 35 Track 2 fmgr.l5 Varsity Club 2, 35 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 DENISE CLARK - General' PATRICIA CLARK - General'5 Basketball 1, 2, 3 fcapt.l5 Star 1 BRENDA COLEMAN - General'5 Track 15 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 RANDELL COLEMAN - General'5 Football 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 3 THOMAS COLEMAN - Academic'5 Baseball 3 KATHY COLLEY - General'5 Twirling 1, 2, 3 STEPHEN COLLINS - General' CHARLES COMBEST - General' IOHN CONNER - General' MATTHEW CONNOLLY - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 N.H.S. 35 Tennis 2, 3 KIMBERLY CONWAY - General ' SANDRA COOK - Business'5 Twirling 1, 2, 3 GWENDOLYN COOLEY - General'5 Afro-American Club 2 fsec.j, 3 fv.p.l5 Basketball 25 Career Club 2, 35 Cheerleading 2 fmgr.j5 Choir 2, 35 Chorus 15 Star 35 Senate 25 Varsity Club 35 Volleyball 3 SUSAN COONEY - Business'5 Choir 15 Class Officer 3 fsec.l5 Senate 1, 2, 3 DAVID COOPER - General' MARIA CORSI - General'5 French Club 2 DAVID CZARNECKI - Academic '5 Bowling 1, 2, 3 fpres.j5 French Club 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Science Club 25 Senate 35 Swimming 2, 3 lcapt.j5 Track 1, 2, 35 Waterpolo 2, 3 fcaptj THOMAS D'ALBORA - Business'5 Baseball 35 Foot- ball 15 Spanish Club 1 EILEEN DANILOFF - Academic' FELECIA DEBERRY - General ' PAMELA DENARDO - General'5 Choir 1, 2, 35 Chorus5 Prom Committee 25 Senate 2, 35 Senior Ban- quet Com. 35 Varsity Club 35 Y.F.U. 35 Y-Teens 1 TERESA DENNISON - General' DARRELL DICKERSON - General' KIM DILUZIO - General'5 Radio and TV GARY ELLER - General'5 Cross Country 1, 2, 3 fcapt.j5 Track 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 3 KATHY FALEY - General ' MICHELLE FENDRICH - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, 25 N.H.S. 35 Orchestra 2, 3 LINDA FIRST - Academic'5 Academe 2, 35 Bowling 2, 3 fsecjg Career Club 2, 35 Choir 1, 2, 3 fsec.j5 Class Officer 2 Isec.l5 Golf 1, 2, 35 Senior Attendant 35 Prom Com. 25 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Student Forum 35 gg 1, ifpif if .1 , X ,F Senate 3 fsec.l5 Varsity Bowling 2, 35 Varsity Club 2 fsecj, 3 DONALD FIORVANTI - General'5 Wrestling 1 WILLAIM FISHER - General' TIM FLANAGAN - General ' TERRY FORD - Academic' SHERRY GALLAGHER - General' IEFF GANTE - General' DALE GAUSLIN - General'5 Band 15 Ski Club 1, 2 THOMAS GAY - General'5 Academy On Parade 2, 35 Choir 35 Golf 2, 35 Hockey 25 Tennis 2, 35 Varsity Club 2 KIM GEHRLEIN - General'5 Academe 35 Bowling 2, 3 ftreas.j5 Career Club 25 N.H.S. 35 Prom Com. 25 Twirling 1, 2, 3 fcapt.j5 Y.F.U. 2, 3 IEANNE GETSCHOW - Academic'5 Academe 2, 35 Bowling 2, 35 Career Club 35 Cheerleading 35 Gymnas- tics 1, 2, 35 N.H.S. 35 Prom Com. 25 Senate 25 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Tennis 1, 25 Varsity Club 2, 3 GREGGORY GILES - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Choir 2, 35 Dist. Band 2, 35 Dist. Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 25 Senate 1, 2, 3 REBECCA GOETZINGER - Business' DARLENE GOLDSTEIN - General'5 Academe 2, 35 Choir 15 Saddle Club 2 FRED GRAVATT - General'5 Band 1, 2, 3 CAREN GRAYSON - General' ANDY GREEN - General' CHRIS GREEN - General'5 A.V.A. 1, 2, 35 Stage Crew 1, 2, 35 Swimming 1, 2, 3 fcaptsj5 Waterpolo 1, 2, 3 fcaptj LESLIE GREGOR - General' IOHN GRENAWAY - Academic'5 Bowling 1, 35 Ger- man Club 1, 3 LYNN GUAGLIARDI - Academic'5 French Club 35 Gymnastics 1, 25 Model U.N. 35 N.H.S. 35 Russian Club 25 Spanish Club 3 MIRIAM GUILLAUX - Choir 35 Y.F.U. 3 IACK GUNDRUM - Academic'5 Golf 1, 25 Senate 3 DOUGLAS HALL - General' DAVID I-IAMMONS - General'5 Class Officer 3 fv.p.j5 Football 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 3 IEFF HARAYDA - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Cross Country 1, 2, 35 French Club 25 Orchestra 2, 35 Science Club 35 Varsity Club 3 BECKE HEIN - General'5 Class Officer 2 ftreas.j5 Russian Club 25 Star 15 Y.F.U. 1, 2 PHIL HERMAN - Academic' DALE HEVNER - General'5 A.V.A. 1, 2, 35 Stage Crew 1, 2, 3 CORNELIA HEYNEMANN - Academic'5 Career Club 35 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Y-Teens 1, 2 LAVON HINTON - General'5 Basketball 15 Football 1, 2 IUDY HOGAN - General'5 Career Club 25 Monitor 25 Prom Com. 25 Twirling 2, 3 ION HONARD - General'5 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 35 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 fcaptj ERNESTINE HOWARD - General'5 Afro-American Club 1 ftreasj, 35 Color Guard 35 Prom Com. 25 Radio and TV 35 Upward Bound 2, 3 IANET HUBERT - General'5 Career Club 25 Prom Com. 25 Y-Teens 2 DENISE HUNTER - General'5 Career Club 25 Choir 2, 35 Chorus 1, 35 Radio and TV 1, 25 Track 15 Twirling 25 Upward Bound 1, 2, 3 STEVEN HYZER - Academic' CAROLYN IAMES - General' BECKY IENSEN - General'5 Career Club 25 Monitor 2, 35 Prom Com. 25 Twirling 2, 3 CYNTHIA IOHANNES - Academic'5 Boys' Tennis fmgr.J5 Career Club 15 French Club 15 N.H.S. 3 fsec.j5 Prom Com. 25 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Tennis 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 3 ANNETTE IOHNSON - General'5 Monitor 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2 LINDA IOHNSON - General' SHIRLEY IOHNSON - General'5 Afro-American Club 15 Monitor 1 WILLIAM IOINT - General'5 Basketball 2, 35 Foot- ball 25 Varsity Club 2, 3 PATRICIA KALIE - Business'5 Choir 35 French Club 15 Monitor 35 Senior Banquet Committee 3 BRUCE KAUFMAN - General'5 Choir 1, 2, 35 Stage Crew 1 LISA KAUFMANN - General'5 Career Club 2 ROBERTA KENNEDY - General'5 German Club 15 Twirling 1 PAULA KILLINGS - Business' RANDALL KIMMEL - Academic'5 Class Officer fpresj 2, 35 French Club 25 High Q 35 Model U.N. 2, 35 N.H.S. 35 Senate 25 Star 1, 2, 3 feditorj KELLY KINDLE - General'5 Prom Com. 25 Radio and TV 25 Y-Teens 2 SCOTT KLIMOW - Academic'5 Academe 35 Base- ball 1, 2, 3 fcapt.j5 Football 1, 2, 3 fcapt.15 Prom Com. 25 Senate 1, 2, 3 fparl.J5 Spanish Club 15 Senior Ban- quet Com. 35 Student Forum 2, 3 fchairmanj5 Swim- ming 25 Varsity Club 2, 35 Waterpolo 3 IOHN KLOCHAK - Academic'5 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Golf 25 N.H.S. 3 ftreas.J5 Varsity Club 2, 3 STEVE KOCHER - General'5 Stage Crew 1, 2 GINA KOFFMAN - General '5 Bowling 25 Career Club 25 Cheerleading 15 Choir 25 Chorus 15 Senate 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1 ILE KUURMA - General '5 Football 35 Star 35 Y.F . U. 3 LINDA LAIRD - Business'5 Homecoming Attendant 25 Monitor 15 Senate 15 Twirling 1, 2, 3 IOHN LARUSSO - General' CHRIS LAUDERBAUGH - Academic'5 German Club 1, 2 IRENE LEWKOWICZ - General ' PAUL LICHTENWALTER - Academic'5 Baseball 1 2, 35 French Club 1, 2, 35 Golf 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 3 ALICE LINDNER - General' MICHELLE MACK - General'5 French Club 35 Ger- man Club 35 Bowling 3 IACQUELINE MANUS - General'5 Career Club 15 Y- Teens 1 DAVID MARASCO - General' MATTHEW MARCHINI - General'5 Ski Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 3 DEANNA MARX - General'5 Career Club 2 fv.p.j5 Y- Teens 1 IAY MASI - General'5 Science Club 35 Senate 35 Ski Club 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 3 CAROL MCCRILLIS - General'5 Career Club 2, 35 Senate 15 Twirling 1, 2, 3 TINA MCGILL - Business'5 Bowling 25 Career Club 2, 35 Monitor 1, 2, 35 Senate 35 Y-Teens 1 BRIAN MCKEE - Academic'5 High-Q 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Star 1, 2 CHRISTINE MCLAUGHLIN - Academic'5 Career Club 2, 35 Saddle Club 2, 3 fsec.J5 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Track 1, 2, 3 fcapt.j5 Varsity Club 35 Y-Teens 1, 2 fv.p.j DONALD MCQUEEN - General'5 Football fman.j 1 BARB MILLER - General'5 Career Club 25 Prom Com. 25 Senate 25 Twirling 1, 2, 3 CHERI MORROW - General'5 Career Club 1, 25 Swim Team 1 IOHN MOTSCH - General' NADA MOYAK - General'5 Basketball 35 Career Club 25 Star 25 Senate 2, 3 ftreasjg Teen Board 35 Track 35 Volleyball 3 MARY MUNSON - General'5 Academe 2 IOE MUREO - General '5 French Club 2, 3 BUD NELSON - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Choir 2, 3 fv.p.j Dist. Band 1, 2, 35 Dist. Orchestra 1, 2, 35 High-Q 35 Orchestra 1, 25 Regional Orchestra 25 State Orches- tra 2 LOUIS NICOLIA - Academic'5 Chess Club 35 Ger- man Club 35 N.H.S. 3 LENNY NIEDERITTER - General'5 Baseball 15 Moni- tor 25 Senate 1 MARK NOWOTNY - General '5 Cross-Country 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2 1 TIM PACY - General'5 Prom Com. 2 MARILOU PARCO - Academic'5 Choir 2, 35 Orches- tra 15 Prom Com. 25 Senate 25 Sr. Banquet Com. 3 DARRYL PARKER - Academic'5 Track 1 KIM PARKER - General'5 Academe 35 Monitor 1, 3 BRIAN PEELMAN - Academic'5 Academe 1, 2, 3 BRIAN PETERSON - General' MARK PETRUSO - Academic'5 Academe 35 Choir 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Senate 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 3 fpres.Q SHIRLEY PETTI - Business '5 Senate 15 Twirling 1, 2, 3 IOSEPH PONTILLO - General' TOM RETTGER - Academic'5 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Bowl- ing 2, 3 DANA ROBERTS - General' RICK ROBISON - General' DARRYL ROGERS - General'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Ir. Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 35 Y.F.U. 3 GERALD ROSE - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Bowling 2, 3 fv.p.j5 Orchestra 25 Prom Com. 25 Swimming 25 Waterpolo 25 Track 1, 2 CHERI ROUSE - Academic'5 Basketball 25 Career Club 1, 2, 35 Choir 2, 35 Chorus 15 N.H.S. 35 Saddle Club 2 fpresj, 35 Sr. Banquet Com. 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 35 Y.F.U. 25 Y-Teens 2 SHAWNE SALVAGE - General '5 Choir 1, 2, 3 fpres.j5 Senate 3 PAUL SCANZILLO - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 3 DEBBIE SCHAAF - Academic'5 Academe 1, 2, 3 fco- editorj5 N.H.S. 35 Senate 2 DAVID SCHILLINGER - General'5 Golf 15 Ski Club 2, 35 Wrestling 1 DAVE SCHNEIDER - Academic'5 Academe 2, 35 Bowling 2, 35 Radio and TV 1 gms il'g LINDA SCOTT - General' DON SEGAL - General'5 Basketball 2 ELAINE SEMENOFF - Academic'5 Academe 35 Ca- reer Club 25 N.H.S. 3 fv.p.j5 Prom Com. 25 Senate 3 LISA SEMENTELLI - General' IILL SERVIDEO - General'5 Career Club 25 Track 2, 35 Twirling 2, 3 GREG SESLER - Academic'5 Chess Club 15 French Club 15 N.H.S. 3 fpres.J5 Prom Com. 25 Senate 1, 2, 35 Swimming 1, 35 Waterpolo 3 ROBIN SHOOP - Academic'5 Academe 2, 35 N.H.S. 35 Twirling 1, 2, 3 NANCY SHUTTS - Academic'5 Academe 35 Choir 35 Prom Com. 25 Science Club 2 fsec.j5 Sr. Banquet Com. 3 DEVIE SIEGEL - Academic'5 Choir 35 Modrigals 35 Y.F.U. 2 ROBERT SITLER - General'5 German Club 1, 2 GEORGEANN SMITH - General'5 Basketball 1, 25 Track 1, 2 FRANCIS SPEARMAN - General'5 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 3 CHARLOTTE STAROCCI - General'5 Monitor 3 IAMES STEFFAN - General'5 Chess Club 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 2 KIM STEFFEY - General'5 Academe 35 Bowling 15 Spanish Club 1, 2 fv.p.J5 Tennis 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 25 Varsity Club 2, 3 fsec.j PATTY STEINHAUER - Business '5 Band 1, 2, 35 Class Officer 3 ftreas.j5 N.H.S. 35 Orchestra 1, 35 Sci- ence Club 25 Senate 25 Softball 2, 35 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Varsity Club 3 WENDY STEWART - General'5 Academe 35 Basket- ball 2, 35 Bowling 15 Senate 35 Spanish Club 1 fpres.j5 Track 1, 2, 35 Tennis 25 Varsity Club 2, 35 Volleyball 1, 3 DARLA STUART - General'5 Bowling 35 Choir 1, 2, 35 Prom Committee 2 CAROL SUMMERVILLE - General 5 Afro-American Club 1,h2, 35 Volleyball 1 DEBRA SWIENCKI - Business' DEBBIE TATE - General'5 Chorus 35 Track 1, 35 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 IEFFERY TATE - General'5 Basketball 15 French Club 15 Star 35 Track 1 SARA THOMPSON - General' WILLIAM THOMPSON - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Bowling 1, 35 Hockey 15 Orchestra 2, 35 Prom Com. 25 Stage Band 2, 35 Senate 35 Tennis 1, 2, 3 SANDRA TODD - General' IEFF VACTOR - General'5 Basketball 1 KIRK VINCENT - Academic'5 Academe 35 Class Officer 2 fv.p.j5 Football 1, 2, 35 German Club 1, 25 Prom Com. 25 Senate 1, 2, 35 Senior Banquet Com. 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 3 LISA VOMERO - Academic'5 Gymnastics 1, 2, 35 Prom Com. 25 Saddle Club 25 Ski Club 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Twirling 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 35 Volleyball 2, 35 Y- Teens 2 -Llir iii- i-'Sf . ' JI W Tf'? '--1--- 'P+ - ff- ..---,,,,.f! - ,, 5 are 5 ,QTY-Yfw ,T wntkfrrh. 31,1 3'-. -- nr- '-f : -f in ,V Y --Y' Y r -1 '-------- ......,r W W - ... ,LT-Y Y ,V v YM, , Y, ,. . .-,it - ---. , v':- ,f Y, -. ,h -, -5 1. 5, ,tv -- .- Y, f,2 L': 'g, -V - ...., -5 7 ., -f ,-f ft' -- --in-an .- 4'-' ,W L - 1 ' ' iff Y v' ,L Y - -Y L- ' - l . 4 'Y -' ,. - ! '.. -A-- ' :' ---l-- ' - -2- - Y P-'A . ' -' -- , ?3F?-,'Y'1'.5j',.'LL,ff:v- 571.4 gm' -T' ff-A -2 - .e1.,?fj1 v-: : C ,-V .L-, ig? Z' g 1 , 3 - b , ' ' 1 -if --1 vs,4.y:L it J,,.'1r:n,.A' 5 F ' -E .-' 5 51- - 1- ' 'IT ' '1ff :S2-f+ f -1 STEVE WADDELL - Business'5 Stage 2, 3 MICHAEL WALLS - General'5 Bowling 35 Prom Com. 25 Senior Banquet Com. 3 DAVID WALTERS - Academic'5 Afro-American Club 15 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 35 Spanish Club 15 Track 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 3 DEBBIE WATSON - General' ALBERT WEHAN - Academic'5 Band 1, 2, 35 Foot- ball 1, 25 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Prom Com. 25 N.H.S. 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Stage Crew 1, 25 Senate 1, 25 Science Club 2 KIM WHITEHILL - Business'5 Career Club 25 Span- ish Club 2 LANA WILCOX - General'5 Chorus 2, 3 fv.p.J PHYLLIS WILLIAMS - General'5 Band 2, 35 French Club 2, 35 Softball 25 Varsity Club 3 ROBERT WINSLOW - General' GLENDALE WINSTON - General'5 Basketball 15 Choir 35 Track 1, 2, 3 PAUL WITOSKY - General'5 Cross Country 1, 25 Basketball 15 Stage Crew 35 Track 1, 2 RONALD WITOSKY - General '5 Baseball 2, 35 Basket- ball 15 Cross Country 15 Varsity Club 3 CAS WOLANIN - General'5 Science Club 2, 35 Ski Club 1, 2, 3 DEREK YARBROUGH - General' PATTY YOUNG - General'5 Gymnastics 35 Monitor 35 Saddle Club 35 Track 2, 35 Varsity Club 35 Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3 BONNIE ZEBROWSKI - Academic'5 Gymnastics 25 Senate 1, 2 ORTHELLA ZSCHWARTZ - Odd'5 Academe 10, 11, 125 Advanced Basketweaving Club 25 Almost Forgot- ten 35 Big Mac Attack Club 35 Hieroglyphics Club 1, 2, 35 Ice Fishing Club 1, 2, 35 King Kong Fan Club 35 Skateboarding 2, 35 Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 4 IN RETROSPECT Happenings galore! Proms - assemblies - banquets too .. . awards - victories - sometimes defeat . friendships with classmates and teachers joys and sorrows knowledge and understanding. All - all of them have led us to the edge of awareness. Kim Steffey Patrons Action Printing 8 Business Forms john Adams Schwinn Cyclery Richard D. Agresti, Esquire Dr. 8' Mrs. Norbert Alberstadt P. T. Allen Insurance Co. Alley Aids, Inc. Alliance Homes of Erie, P.N.A., Club Drs. Amacher and Roos American Hollow Boring Co. American Tinning Er Galvanizing Co. Angelo's Beauty Supplies Anson Tool Er Gages, Inc. Apple Tree, Simmons 8' Co. Arfax Studio Arrow Drug Stores, Inc. Austin Concrete Automatic Transmissions of Erie Baldwin General Contractors, Inc. Balkan Bakery Barad Lighting Co. Baskin-Robbins 31, Ahmed Mokhriby, prop. Bayview Auto Supply Bayview Orthopedic Associates, Inc. Attorney john B. Beatty Bectos Cafe Beers Family Bakery Bello's IGA Foodliner j. H. Bennett Storage 5 Carting Dr. and Mrs. P. Alan Benson Warren W. Bentz, Esquire Beyer's Samuel P. Black Er Assoc., Inc. Attrys. Blackmore and Grieshober R. C. Bloomstine Agency Blosseys Tux Rental George P. Bohlender, M.D. Boldt Machinery 8' Tools, Inc. Bollingers Fleetwing Service Attorney john A. Bowler Boyer's Rental City Richard F. Brabender, Esquire W. C. Breakiron jewelers A. Brugger 8 Sons Funeral Home Bucyrus - Erie Company Burhenn's Pharmacy Bob Burns TV 8' Appliance Burton Funeral Home Buser's Arco Service Station Buyer's Fair, Inc. Robert M. Callahan, M.D. Canada Dry Bottling Company 198 Capwell's Clothing Care Center Carlisles Carm's Barber Styling Shop Carpetowne, Inc. Cathay Inn Catrabone's Variety Er Hobby Shop Central Labor Union Er Industrial Union Council of Erie County Pa. Betty Chitwood House of Beauty Clark's Poodle House of Grooming Clifton Automatic Screw Machine Products Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cohen Country Fair Food Store j. L. Cox Les Crago jewelers William A. Crawford Credit Bureau of Erie Inc. Councilman Crishock P. A. Cutri Company Inc. D 8 K Stores, Inc. George j. D'Angelo, M.D. Daka Paper Company Damore's Restaurant Gr Lounge Danish Brotherhood Lodge 4242 Dr. Donald A. Davey joseph F. Deimel, M.D. Dibble Tree Service Pat DiLuzio's Burton Plaza Cleaners Allan A. Donelli, D.M.D. Attorney Bill Dopeirala Dora 5 Paul's Hair Fashions E 8 A Doubet jewelers Doug Er Rich Tux Shop Drayer Plumbing Er Heating, William Drayer Gertrude Driscoll's Dress Shop Duggan Rider Company Duggan's Service and Appliance Co. Dusckas-Bailey Funeral Home East Erie Pizza Eastland Bowl, Inc. East Side Beer Company Max Elbaum - Beltone Hearing Aid Center judy Emling Employment Services Epp Furniture Company Erie Beauty 8' Men's Hair Styling Academy Erie Beer Company Erie Book Store The Erie Brewing Company Erie Building and Construction Trade Council The Erie Ceramic Arts Company Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Coca-Cola Bottling Company East Pharmacy Education Assoc. Industrial Electric Supply Industrial Supply Company Institute of Technology, Inc. Insurance Exchange Maennorchor Mfg. Er Supply Corp. Motel and Restaurant Optical Company Paint Company Sport Store, Inc. School Employees Federal Credit Union Erie Erie Erie Erie Erie Shoppers Guide Strayer Company Technological Products, Inc. Times-News Construction, Inc. Ernie's Restaurant Attorney john R. Falcone Drs. j.M. Faso, C. F. Geigle, F. Theuerkauf Fergie's Restaurant Firch Baking Company Michael j. Flatley Florida Realty of Erie Foxy Lady and the Man Paul Francis, M.D. Freligh Violin Shop Dr. john Friedlander 8 Dr. Mack D. Hoch A Friend Frontier Cake Shop jack Frost Donut Shop Thaddeus P. Fryczynski, M.D. Garden Heights Pharmacy Gem Social Club, Inc. General Teamster Local 41397 Gillespie Machine 8' Tool Company Herbert Gold Gifts and Antiques Greek Catholic Slovak Club Greengarden Lanes Grise Audio Visual Center Leon C. Gustafson Inc., Opticians Hagan Business Machines Inc. Harold Haies - Contractors Dave Hallman Chevrolet, Inc. Hamilton Lumber Company Attorney james G. Hanes Dr. and Mrs. William C. Hendricks, jr. Henri Hair Fashion Studio Hess Bros. Opticians Hoffman Camera Shop District justice Sophie Hogan House of Fabrics and Yarns Hubbell Supply Company Hubbs 8 Howe Company Cecil E. Hull jewelers Industrial Service Company Inland Container Corporation johnson 8 Flick Tire Company Charles A. joy, M.D. john G. Karle, M.D. Keller's HI-LO Market Key Realty Kimmel 8 Son Shoe Store Kimmel Pontiac, Inc. Francis V. Kloecker Funeral Home Knights of St. john Knobloch Oldsmobile - Toyota Park Lee Kontis Charcoal Pit Dr. john N. Kraus Kuhn's Picture Framing Gallery Mortimer Krieger, D.D.S. David james Laird - Surveying Engineering Lake Erie Bumper Plating Corp. 8 Plaza Bumper Mart Lakeport Distributors, Inc. john H. Law, Realtor District justice L. Elliott Le Faiver, Sr. Dr. Robert Leitenberger Lithuanian Club Little Bit of Sweden Loessel Insurance Agency, Inc. Long's School of Dance Luzier Beauty Salon Lynch Camera, Inc. Mace Electronics, Inc. jackson D. Magenau Francis K. Mainzer, M.D. Marsh 8 McLennen, Inc. Martucci's Tavern Mays Sporting Goods and Awards Center D. C. McChesney, D.D.S. McDonald's Meadow Brook Dairy Company Mehler's Formal Wear Rental Service Mercyhurst College Messenkopf 8 Eckert Realtors Mickol Florist Mighty Fine Donuts Milano Construction Company Ralph E. Miller, Mfg. jeweler Forrest C. Mischler, M.D. Mister Pizza Moniuszko Singing Society john Paul Mraz, M.D. Gudi Mucciarone Harry E. Muller, The Key Man Munn's Furniture and Appliance Mutual Savings 8 Loan Assoc. A. E. Narducci, M.D. V. T. Narus, M.D. William W. Nash Insurance Agency Norb's Welding 8 Ornamental Iron Work Dr. john F. Neuer Office Equipment Supply Co., Bruce W. Henry Office Machine Sales 8 Services Ohmer True Value Hardware Orra-jean Beauty Academy Orthopedic Assoc. Of Erie, Inc. Osiecki Bros. Music Centers Osterman's, Inc. Padden's 5 Stores Pal Pharmacy Pastore Brothers Builder Peach St. Pizza Perry Shipbuilding Corp. Frank j. Pizzat, Ph. C., Clinical Psychologist Drs. Carl P. 8 Matthew W. Pommer Ponderosa Steak House Lou Porreco Motors Potratz Floral Shop and Greenhouse Prescotech, Inc. Presque Isle Boiler Repair Pulakos Candies Don Pulice's Seaway Market Radiology Assoc. of Erie Rapid Transit Company, Inc. Sal Randazzo Arco N. A. Rectenwald Blueprint and Supply Reed Manufacturing Company Reslink-Wiggers Motors Co. Rhodes Auto Services, Inc. Ricardo's Restaurant Rinderle Electric Contractors Robinson-Conner, Inc. Ronzitti Music Center Ross 8 Copus Tire Co. Ryan Moving 8 Storage Inc. Of Erie Ryder Trucks Rental, Inc. Leon S. Rzepka Funeral Home Leo Schlaudecker Co. School Pictures, Inc. Schroeck Optical Fashions Arthur F. Schultz Co. john V. Schultz Company Schutte Woodworking 8 Mfg. Co. Security Insurance Agency Naz Servidio Realtor Shade's Auto Sales, Inc. Dr. Robert L. Shepard Drs. Robert j. Shupala 8 D. Grant Daubenspeck Simplex Time Recorder Company Siciliano Interior Systems Company Simon Building Products, Inc. Dr. 8 Mrs. M. V. Sivak Michael Skovron, M.D. Slovak National Club Harry Smith Arco B. Leonard Snider, M.D. South Erie Beer Co. South Gate Hardware Stanley Bros. Company The Station Restaurant Stefanelli's Sunoco Dr. 8 Mrs. Leo Swantek Tetra Tool Co. jane Theuerkauf, Realtor Thoracic and Cardiovascular Assoc. Inc. Tracy Acre Mobile Home Park john B. Tredway M.D. Triangle Tech William B. Trice, D.M.D. Trost 8 Steinfurth Florists Mayor 8 Mrs. Louis j. Tullio W. L. Underhill M.D. Union Pattern Workers United States Army Recruiting United States Marine Corps Dr. jack D. Utley Donald Vandamia, M.D. james F. Walker, M.D. Councilman joseph Walczak, jr. Warren Radio Co. Wendel's Sharpening Service Weschlers Of Course West Lake Roller Rink Whipple-Allen Construction Co. Wilbur S. Wallace M.D. Wood Funeral Home Workingman's Savings Assoc. Yaple Vacuum Cleaners Sales and Service William j. Yuskovic Agency Weller Insurance Agency 199 QD wwf' A,.n-0-P-+ ww N91 vnu lil 1 N 'W' +fi'w vwf , 'T if f +---- ' w . '... W '2- M A 'UIPWWX A L 'w-.. S N.-mf' ,- gg .-..Q.f M , v. 1' JJ , ' A s-N.. 'T 1, 4 ' A 1l K Q, Alle, ww, YEARBODK-W f E, 9 f a 'V' ff . 'Q , . . G' 'e gk Q. A Nw . 2, ff . X . N .'l N , 99' T' K it, .Q A , 21. I K ex High stands our Alma Mater Overlooking lal-ze and town, High in our hearts we cherish Her ideals and fair renown, Noble in her grace and beauty, ln her service frank and free, Training lives in truth and duty, Honor, trust, and loyalty. lin. ul. 202 lem I Then we'11 work and fight for her honor, And we'11 work and fight for her fameg And we'lI serve a right in the wor1d's great fight, We will ever uphold her nameg For her sturdy sons are so valiant And her maidens so kind and true Oh! We'11 Carry On till the stars are gone For Academy The Gold and Blue! ACADEME Co-editors: Debbie Schaaf and Pam Amon F3 R -'fi :T 5' , ,A LITERARY Curriculum: Robin Shoop Kim Parker Kris Kaufmann Seniors: Kirk Vincent Linda First Mark Petruso Underclassmenz Kim Steffey Dave Schneider Terry Peelman Eileen McLaughlin 204 Activities: Ray Carr Kristie Roberts Jeanne Lieder Sports: Brian Peelman Scott Klimow Dan Palmer Wendy Stewart Kim Gehrlein Hi-Lites: Jeanne Lieder Kristie Roberts Photo: Paul Michali Dan Schaaf Reportage: Brenda Brown Nancy Shutts Typist: Elaine Semenoff Advisor: Mrs. Bermon BUSINESS Jeanne Getschow Darlene Goldstein Bob Czamecki Ron Foster Advisor: Mrs. Massing Why. ,A 1 K: 4 A .Lg ' if P! UV .JOB m 'fl 1 A Uj f , v ,QM 1 1 nf .J ,W N K, WJ J V . -f f - 1 : I X, . ,lf . ., 'JV llxv ,K Ex V G M A O X' X . , X . .J , X lk X .V .J . ' 1 X 5 .. U V+ ,X K ' , X K. J , ' -. . X - l ' , I ' , RV, 1 ' . x, , 1 ,, , , 1, , , A , 1' ,s , ' I V , , - uf' iq . L . ,, xvf , , y ' . x f f' X Vx A X J , .1 - f 1 , I . , fxx ., . f K, Im A L, . J X N5 . JK ' ,x 'X :T YY' M 59. lv Xkxfxx F' :Wx NAM .L x X , x. .X . X1 W , 'y nf t ' .J .kk ,X 'BV J I, wk I 1, ' x AJJ ..J , I X 'x Qi wwf lx x, R f Q X X X 5 U v Rf' X M XXX tx ,K Xb 4 kj xy, mtl X X, Lk V 'LVL J 'B X! X X j vrw L 'N X L K, X X X K w M N k X XJ . R A Q N My I XL X XS KU 1 lf ij , 1 C'J 61, Q4 WfQ ,x , 0 SN xx x 1 1 X' 4 . QU 1 , ,gZQ36' ?f4O?12-0? QQCQJ 22233 QQQQQ EQWQEQ ,fi 44 . xff ad ,OQQ J ,fi ul r GCKQQWY A F325 Q. QQ, f 1 1 K W4 wfn, -vxcvik Jlwwulbcfzsqml when 9 fs,fLs:JwQ9,rD0 uk ND9OQ.xnCf. MAO VUL ,QMUL XQNWJLQ. CYL GMM Wfwl-'Dsw,6 VW c2Qf?,,.b.n,owfmfx cfk, Yvwoudavkgkofv-fxw? CMACX CDE C,Q9u.Qxfq,L SQAAQQL, - f' MJVLSJV pvlmqur Qbm D IQJDSL Q wma Q XJQ-JL9, .my 'iswmcyuugmuf QP wmv 'KD 'Wm fxvmmxf in WMQ Bmw? QQJXSL 'UNL fmxamvxnwgul, QW fa,9n9fvx 9 XQfG-YPJL Qin., fvumplf fvQQ.C5Jx,. S3-0JCDr.vLs1.J 0 url M I -X , QL T, w N M H W, . . , V . N f ,fi ' :ig - a ,. -Q

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