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V:LE5,N'1 W1 ii 55.5, , aw sw ,rx .-p Ag, -W 1 ? W' mg . . : fa-QV: 1 Ei? ew ' 322. x. 1' . 'J' Cya fx :gg 2-1 f X.321 Y' Tizizcif467i' g ii ss 3 Q GQSWNQQQQMX gig? Gygwff QQPJ! SC O academe I 967 academg high school erie, pennsglvania 22 hh mohsf, UUOQKFK ss XO?Cm 5 W-cant Umwe- g E CKTPE-9? 3 , ms , ,. ...Q s: Lew Qwk. Xe egw Qwxfiibfmaw -FQYHUPC susan gemler. ediior roberia krieger, assisiani 4 'Z ' ' N-1 Q 1 ' :gsm V N. 5 H152 , ,f Mmk. ' , J ililsf W:i'i.'? ' 'frf","?' "fi -+ 'J ' H fi HU-E gui! , LE,f,j?f?f .f ' w I Klum I, 5 W ,K k Ill! ' + w i V l' ' IMI!!! ll" Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill V. ,,x,, .. ,, HW ,-Jr-" Nw--ff'-A M.-'T 21.'JHw-?1'.: ..'A-Qw-wg,.1e. N- 'f :1.X " 42.2-,'4Lf2g2gg: gf 321212223-y fn 1: 24, ...ww-gff+ .W-' ' ,,,- ,-Q .W ,," We J x,wgg,+3g'.Q, , ., . A a .,.g ,Q v,,,.',.,, 5 ., V, , ,, Ami V236 1- -v r Qi , ,, 4 W, Q A 'SGH 'WUQZ .wgg,',f"g,A-.Z"-..fwgfa, .,- LL, f, , L1 :cg ',,gzi,.:Z. iJg fE,i,331H,,., , I- gfw-13' pf. 6 , ,,,. 1 . aw . A v vwitiq, x, , 9 -,,, f' Six, 4 A 155, :tary f . X x ff f. , ,xl '.,:.','+-sw" :, W .,,,, 1. ,.,.-gg . ., ,... W., 3 '5ma.a.-as ,, .Ii vliili , QW' !iiif'i-l iJl,U,v. . . ,:' g iiilfm mf MSR, . . n ' . s ru Lili lp- 1- - spat.,-1 i le I 1967 faculty ....... ..... 1 6 activities ....... ..... 4 0 sports ...... ..... 7 0 seniors ....... .... . . 94 juniors ....... ...... 1 40 sophomores ......... 155 I I I I I I I l am supposed to be a microcosmg am merely chaos, in little, and am not made cunningl yesterday caved in a littleg today , think I will burstg will surely die tonight. WU: xp im 'nv 'x ' K 5. ,R W. X . Qjyuv H x J' lk VJ Aw., J X Ng.. ' N XM xg V xx . ,.,-' Q0 N01 mga' Af nf K J N4 -X. 3' M' N ,J Q ' . X A x. , ' X N X N 5' . f 'f K I xx x XJ! x ' Q -as XT X' ., J -U xx, X '-.' X ' x 2 x 1' X 5 x :,. fl '52 ' Z' 'Q I ef ,f , J. aw 13, XX b x' Cx au J 'K .."fl- CH f ' rx P' Q 45 " Q .fb - 8' il f I ,F 1 - rf? my Q53 k S55 '-fs A ' ' .' . XX 'M .r rn X XX + , N-.. f. igh School is racing between classes, touchdown passes, cram exams, studies, buddies, , humorous types g , of school gripes, r things to do, a point of view . . ,dgeffwtg i l qc 17542 i J vga 12,74 gif-MA41 - ' 4 ,LZQLXQU-ZAQ2 ' A A Ziyi, 4vf,,cg.f,fJz3 y Z w , ,641 Lf I Q -ji? Zbfyizkfcf H 'f M Mwwccffl Z I :iz .X 1 .,, za z .zz we ii! cn if zf, Zu: an we H z., az Eii 11: 1 E 4515: 212' Y ff' ,W l s - i n if 1 .s istening, talking, hinking, walking, leeing, being . . . his is high school, his and more - zigh school perhaps, s many doors. "'a vm. ' J "r x .JM 4 Xxx :.','1', , 1' . -. Y ,wiv I 1 Why of all books must textbooks be so ugly? Books should be beautt ul the act o learnmg should be beautz ul, and maybe tt lS but study LS not IEE-fl, - x, N 0 I Q P , 1 3, ' W , Q D 1 Studying is a bent back, hunched shoulders, SOTB 8y8S . . . ,. ,ici a f f 41 it's loneliness, it's humility, it's arrogance, it's patience, itas push, it's the grind. ZS. ,-S , D' 4 x x g -v , 4 'P I j f I .....f . M. Q. ' ,- ,. 6. , 4. f , as '12 ,V kgjsffkfi 4 . e, 7593 LU. ff? f?-V: ,342 'STI-75 . ff-fgg, sf il And sometimes - Just sometimes - Studying is something near joyg when the isolated bits suddenly coalesce the filings fly to the magnet - when a pattern, analogy appears, and understanding occurs. P Teachers, books, labs, essay questions, English themes, dramatic screams, debating teams, impossible schemes I' t 1 ' faculty Dr. Studebaker takes time out from her busy schedule to pose for Academe photographers. Miss Studebaker is seen here placing a reminder in a teacher's box. Dr. Studebaker is a vital cog in the wheels of the administration PROFILE Educational Background Elementary-Penn School High School-Erie High School College Bachelor of Science in Education-Smith College Master of Arts Degree-University of Pittsburgh Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy-Lebanon College Teaching Experience Gridley High School-Erie, Pa. Strong Vincent Senior High School-Erie, Pa. Interests and Activities American Association of University Women Delta Kappa Gamma Erie Teachers Association Pennsylvania State Education Association Past President of National Education Association Advisory Board-Hamot School of Nursing One of the many duties of our efficient Assistant Prin- cipal is that of checking on problems of absenteeism. PROFILE Educational Background Elementary-Reynoldsville, Pa. Junior High School-Roosevelt High School-Academy College Bachelor of Science in Education-Duquesne University Master of Arts Degree-University of Pittsburgh Graduate Work-Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa.g Penn State University, University Park, Pa, Teaching Experience Lincoln High School-Elwood, Pa. Oil City High School-Oil City, Pa. East High School-Erie, Pa. Strong Vincent High School-Erie, Pa. Academy High School-Erie, Pa. Assistant Principal-Wilson Jr. High School-Erie, Pa. Principal-Academy High School-Erie, Pa. Interests ami Activities Sports Shakespearian Drama Officer in Alliance Club .QQ Mr. Ferrare relaxes by reading the newspaper after a hard day at school. Mr. Ferrare anticipates greater improvements A busy administrator, Mr. Ferrare takes time out for a moment to contemplate the many tasks facing him throughout the day. V Academy's principal enters his car as he departs for school. i Q fb .ox Our friendly assistant principal takes time out for some friendly words with Dan Geertson and Bob VanDresar. PROFILE Educational Background Elementary-Washington, Emerson, Burns Junior High School-Gridley High School--Strong Vincent College Bachelor of Arts-Duquesne University Master of Arts Degree-University of Pittsburgh Graduate Work-Syracuse, Lehigh, Purdue, and Gannon Teaching Experience Wilson Jr. High School-Erie, Pa. East High School-Erie, Pa. Strong Vincent High School-Erie, Pa. Guidance Counselor-Strong Vincent High School-Erie, Pa. Assistant Principal-Academy High School-Erie, Pa. Interests and Activities Pitt Alumni Association Bowling Spectator Sports Toastmaster General Mr. DeNardo is friend and disciplinarian Mr. DeNardo's good sense of humor wins out as he eyes a gift from a student. AJWX Sometimes it is difficult to control one's temper during the many trials of a busy day. e-P-1 --.-..- Besides her routine secretarial duties, Mrs. Kern also takes charge of making sure the P.A. system is in working con- dition. 5 - -t 557 -, ,A 55, Q U 4' it f l :I,gQ'?3,-Yelylfj , Y .k,X,, ,jifxyva .t Mx, , 'iff .D W 's,f'7 Xt '43, ,- ,, N4 , X -H ' f-Effie.-. J? if 40' I ., s -1 .Q-.,l ,sv 'Ki . a C' Mrs. Toth looks grudgingly at a new ing to he typed. stack of transcripts wait- ' Office staff is Academgs backbone Keeping permanent records handy a.nd up to date, check- ing attendance records and registers, amassing reports, and relaying vital messages from the school district office are just a few of the many duties expedited daily by our com- petent office staff. Specific jobs handled by our chief clerk, Miss Olivia Hakel, include preparing reports, posting grades and fig- ures, preparing faculty payrolls and figuring senior class rankings. An additional assignment is that of keeping rec- ords of the students who receive free bus tickets. To her goes much of the credit for the numerous services the office renders to both faculty and students. Mrs. Ruth Kern and Mrs. Janice Toth have been at Acade- my for three years. Mrs. Kern works with student entries, withdrawals and checks attendance registers. She is also responsible for the distribution of supplies. Mrs. Toth, sec- retary, assumes the main secretarial duties in the office, one of which is the mailing of hundreds of college transcripts for college bound Academy students. Miss Hakel, chief office clerk, transcribes her notes dictated by Mr. Ferrare. z1',: 2-"WW: Nil QR ws: 5 5 uidancc Remodeled counselors' offices add a modern look to Academy. Boys' guidance counselor, Mr. Torrance, assembles a slu- dent's college application in order to approve it before mailing. Guidance counselors provide vital advice Mrs. Schoenfeld, girls' guidance counselor, delves into Janie Sneiderman's rec ords to advise her on college choices. Academy guidance counselors, Mrs. Schoenfeld and Mr. Torrance, have in their confidential keep- ing a record of every student-his grades, his test scores, his personality analysis. This resource ma- terial is helpful in assisting students in selecting subjects and in inquiring into possible college choices. Our counselors are eager to assist students in every way. They point out opportunities and possibilities for future growth, and advise students in the selection of colleges and vocations, as well as supervise the completion of job applications. Oc- casionally problems of personality and personal ad- justments arise. Using insight and good judgment, our guidance directors attempt to help students re- solve their own problems and thus make school life more pleasant for all. 22 A Librarg is the storehouse FT' P- o Y Nfl!-'NEAR Miss Krainski, the assistant librarian, helps with many of the tasks connected with library routine. Nurse keeps r Geoff Albertson painfully strains to see the big "E" on The serene atmosphere of the library maintained by Miss Margaret Golden, the librarian, benefits the students in many ways. It is a place to do reports, research study, or simply to enjoy quietude while reading for pleasure. Under the new Ele- mentary and Education Act, book orders must be increased. The recent re- modeling of the library has made possible more efficient categorization and easier accessibility to books, magazines, and re- search material. ot knowledge the eye chart. .2 ,,g, Miss Golden suspiciously eyes the antics of a stu- dent visiting the library. ecord of student growth Our school nurse, Mrs. Smith, attends to Jim Egnot's tooth- ache. During the school year Mrs. Dorothy Smith, school nurse, checks the height, weight, and sight of all students. She gives physicals and tuberculin tests to eleventh graders. Another of her responsi- bilities is to see that every student receives proper medical and dental care during the year. She is always ready to assist in an emergency and to ex- amine students who wish to be excused because of minor illnesses. Students in regular twelfth grade English classes study Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's great dramatic works. They also read Thomas Hardyis 19th century novel, Return of the Na- tive. A unit in public speaking is designed to give more confidence when appearing before an audience. Biographies are read about such people as Albert Schweitzer, Samuel Clemens, Robert Louis Livingston, and Eleanor Roose- velt. Students are taught the method of writing a reference paper and are required to prepare one. In Honors College English and College Eng- ' lish, students read and study poetry, novels, es- says, and drama. Among the books read this year were The Late George Apley and Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge. New words found while reading were kept on vocabulary cards, idea cards held topics for written com- positions. Miss Mong, advisor to the National Honor Society, helps Steve Tetuan with a problem in Honors College English. Xhieorlepltgriiggrso her English class, Mrs. Massing puts . ' English teaches the Mr. Barbaro, advisor to the student Senate, dictates to his class. Mrs. Bermon goes over a revised theme Karen Weibler has submitted for evaluation. Mrs. Hebert reads an amusing story to her English class. ,ffl expression of thoughts When students in regular eleventh grade English classes were not studying literary models, they were busy improving their writing skills in Various com- position assignments. They enjoyed reading the dramas in Comparative Comedies and the Tenny- sonian classic, Idylls of the King. Students in honors classes studied in depth one or more examples of each type of modern litera- ture. Literary Cavalcade, a magazine carried by all the class members, afforded them the additional pleasure of reading theatrical productions and of getting better acquainted with our modern poets. Weekly writing assignments emphasized precision, usage, organization, and clear development of themes. , AP' " 597727 5 Coach of the tennis team and advisor to the Drama Club, Mr. Dobbs grins at one of the witty remarks of his English III students. Unaware of the yearbook photographer, Mrs. Wingerter continues to correct book reviews. Sophomore English students develop skills in reading, writing, and modern usage. Introduction to Shakespeare is through the study of Julius Caesar. The Survival Unit acquaints students with various types of literature, the emphasis being placed on the theme of human survival, one of manis normal in- stincts. Verhals, clauses, and phrases are covered in grammar units. In Honors English classes students study Tenny- son's metrical romance, Idylls of the King. They are also acquainted with the literary styles of the early American writers through analysis of representa- tive selections. Determining the meanings of words through context clues and word analysis enlarges and emphasizes the importance of vocabulary study. Written composition centers around narrative and descriptive writing. Sophomores are exposed to classics Mrs. McConnell advises the student newspaper as well as teaching Sophomore Engf lish. ,.- Mrs. Burgoyne listens critically to an essav being read hy one of her students. In addition to teaching German and English, Mr. Rollinger is also in charge of photography for the yearbook. Languages 3""1z X-Q53 at ph not ' ax X Mrs Campbell demonstrates to her class an A L M exercise Miss Burgun greets her Latin students at her door 5 1-Q., ' ' ' '- -,." s F , ,, ,' ,Mr , N 5: J V .fgfl-Z .,,. f V . if . 1- t , , A t ',ynv - .Inns gust!" nnlus xnns ulul L Miss Major, Spanish teacher, clearly enun- ciates a mispronounced word for her slu- dents. open new doors Study of foreign languages leads to better understanding of world neighbors. Two years of conjugating Latin verbs and translating Caesar's Commentary on the Gallic Wars makes students more proficient in English and other lan' guages. French and German, taught by the audiolingual ma- terials method, entail listening, speaking, reading, and writ- ing. Spanish, taught by the oral approach method, involves seeing, listening, and speaking. During a Spanish lesson Mr. Carnicelli points out Mexico on the map. r f T113 V ' 5'v" , V . A 1 ,.t , 5 ' , I w , K ', l 1 it M , .4,1'.'v , .. , i ' ' '-4.3. , x gf Q. wg' , ' , r, if Al U 2-t p eh? Q f, U gh ' " ' ' ' ' 'N Q , ' 1 . . - xx ' U- of fs B" p 2? X - s ' ' H - - " A- . 7 Q4 f . , 4 ! K L: . A ' .1 . 3 4 J 7 W - W ,.f, A . 1 ft Q s r 5 53 'i " , 2 x t Q-Q , . 1 v 4 , E 4 qi, 3 . , n Q 1 .2 e ...U 12' A f 1 Ig mtv X I ' KV . ... E X . .1 K - 2 ' , 1" 5 A .-A J, e 2 Q52 g Z . , Q 4 . t . 1 , - ,. . ' 5 . . 1 " Q2 ! V 5 t s 1' if W e ,2- 1.' .W Q1 ' ww 111, J K z 1 A -I at A A ni f sp T ' ' A ' lf Ll - ' -io.-'sei ' I .w., ,V 21 X, A. up :Vfl:G: mV M , ,Q S M 3 .' ,Q . , 'N' A 'F -, " f- v- ts af: , ' , fx" -' , Jeff" JY A his 5 , ' Q", - e, '- 'f.,:C'2Q Qt t 2 27 Q .::.y'+ 'v xl., S1 f, "M, H q .4 :FA M i wg' f l Mr. Acker approvingly nods at a student's recitation. History Mr. Leamy, History teacher also is an attendance ole ficer. l l A""T""'l Mr. DiBacoo, a new member of the Academy faculty, pauses for a moment while coaching the varsity basketball team. explores problems of the In our Social Studies classes at Academy students may learn a lesson from the past as they study national and world history. They also discuss the economic and political problems of a democratic society. Introduction to Social Studies, an honors course, deals with soci- ology, economics, and an analysis of our political system and its operation. Advanced Placement American History is opened to qual- ified juniors while seniors may take A. P. European History. --..- Maps, an indispensible aid in the teaching of history, are used irc- MT- KHHIZ heads i0WHfd his AP- AHl6fiC2m HiSl0fY C1255- quently by Mr. Guenther in his A.P. History classes. V l l l I -un-, ,f Mr. Kaufman gives the "evil eye" to a distracting humblebee pasi and fuiure Carefree Mr. Hiney departs from his classroom at 3:00 p.m. Using the overhead projector is A.P. Biology teacher, Mrs. Flynn. Science, an increasingly important field of study, occu- pies a prominent place in Academyls educational curricu- lum. All sophomores are required to take biology, the study of plants and animals. Advanced Placement Biology pro- vides qualified seniors With an added opportunity to prepare themselves for associated scientific careers. Chemistry class deals with the composition of matter and its transformation due to the effects of energy. During Lab students experiment with theories that have been discussed in regular class periods. Physics students concentrate on the properties and the action of matter, energy, and space. Horticulture classes are concerned with the propagation of plants, the usefulness of hybrids, and the importance of plants in the diet. Science Survey emphasizes the elementary and practical function of chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, and meteorology. Mr. Morgan, also one of Academy's football coaches, smiles at a comment made by one of his biology students. Science leads Mr. Havican, annoyed S V 'i'Xw.,,,M A by an Ana- 4 K derne photo- grapher, stops to pose for a picture. X. While focusing the microscope, Mr. Fulton ex- plains how to use the instrument. . .- . , iy vi f ' A X! Wi To reinforce a physics concept, Mr. Quirk uses the hoard to explain the formula for the coefficient of friction. gi I Ji!! Yu. if 1 .4 fly-fi 'Nliss +0 invention Mr. Geisler, Academy's only horticulture in- structor, expounds on green house procedures. ts, , rw- 1+ is Hhs' Qrf ' .Q Mr. Harkins, athletic director, relays football scores to the Erie Times News. ,fax Wav? 'I Mr. Eichert helps Jim Boyd with a chemistry experiment. Q, fy- ' i 4 3 f - ' , . , t , ,, l .1 Wagner proudly displays her complete collection of butterflies to her tenth grade biology classes I 'Pill ww- QM.. 'A . W XL- , H 4 . K N 5 1 , Q.. ,Q ra W .' A K 'lvl em ' ' 9 Elf' Wk . rx i' ' "M, 1 1 Q 9. V. gtg. Ad nv all J Ls- V Pj L' -' ' J . M W fx A, Q .as t,,' , - l 5, , ,,,. 'V . 5521, ' .L if ,,.,,f , . ,. , W-..-.,t,.W,.,, 4 t e ' I ii ' - A" 1 Q f vw M ,. an . .. ,, .. A..,.........,.,,,,,, A'K 5 5 I 8 Q , fa -R .V 2 ---1 1 ,gx ifywg " , WY J . wg? . 1.2: L1 wig, .! 5 ' Mft- ,wt - t Q .18 M -,E -N' E 3.0-A Wifi 9' V- V 2-QW - f -,sf 1' A' 4 ' , at 5 ,Wig Mr. Bendig wants YOU for analytical math. Math courses challenge students Miss Schneider explains an algebra equa- tion to a puzzled student. This studied expression is typical of Mr. Severo. Of all the fields of education, Math is one of the most changing. The old study of number problems is now giving way to the exclusive learning of math theories. Academy has the traditional Algebra, Plane and Solid Geometry, Trigo- nometry, and Calculus, as well as the Modern Math in the form of School Mathematics Study Group, a new approach to Plane Geometry. ln Plane Geometry students discover and prove relationships between lines, angles, and geometrical figures, while Trigonometry deals with the measurement of angles and sides of triangles. Logical ways to find unknown quantities are used in Algebra classes. Mrs. Kantz explains a geometry theorem to her class. '4- inn- yi 44 . 2 Miss Russell corrects tests from one of her trig classes. Mr. Burger, Band and Orchestra director, finds time during a study hall to read. The new Choir teacher, Mr. Rugare, enjoys play- ing the piano as well as singing. 'upils are offered practical and cultural r i Q-1--'- Miss Weschler concentrates all her talents on Driver Education. COUYSGS Shown here is Mr. Pettinato, Driver Educa- tion teacher, admonishing water polo mem- bers to he more aggressive. 33 Mr. Setcavage diligently consults his book while explaining frac- tions to his business math students. Dictation is a daily ritual in Miss Sisley's stenog- raphy classes. Bob Hirsch carefully types under the watchful eye of Miss McMahon. I Timing the rate of speed of her typing students is Mrs. Dutkowsky. Commercial student Academy offers a valiety of business subjects, both prac- tical and beneficial. Shorthand equips students with skills which enables them to take dictation at high speeds. Ac- curacy, plus proper use and care of the typewriter, is taught in typing classes. Training on various office machines and a detailed study of filing are taught in Office Practice. Business Math classes emphasize consumer and business uses of numbers in everyday transactions. The two-year bookkeeping course, dealing with a variety of accounting systems, acts as a basic course for students who wish to be- come accountants or bookkeepers. Business Law acquaints seniors with legal rights and obli- gations pertaining to everyday business problems. Carolyn Schutter pays strict attention while Mrs. Wick corrects her typing. Q,- The bookkeeping student may he puzzled but Mrs. Peterson always 1 knows the correct answer. mrepare for economic societg Mr. Tomb interprets methods of accounting to Business English teacher, Mrs. Kohlmiller refers to Chaf1eHeFf2HCh- a book to answer a question. X Miss Hickey checks a file of one of her typing students. l l l 5 The mimeo shop supervised by Miss Pistory supplies mimeographed materials requested by teachers. 35 'Na , Q I ., .. ' ' Y K Q if 'L , rw-' I wg Our photographer caught Mrs. Bell in this pose during a moment of relaxation. Mrs. Hogenmiller demonstrates one of the many uses of a sewing machine. Homemaking and Industrial Arts The main function of Foods and Clothing is to teach effective homemaking skills and improvement of personal appearance. These courses often stimulate girls to prepare for careers in fashion co- ordinating, dressmaking, dietetics, or teaching. Foods Classes consist of more than the attractive and nutritive preparation of food. They include the study of the nutritional value of different foods, meal planning, child care, and the care of the sick. In Clothing the girls are taught to make their own outfits and to familiarize themselves with the operation of the sewing machine. When girls leave these classes, they have been taught coloring design, color combinations, figure analysis, interior decoration, money man- agement, hair styling, and the technique of applying cosmetics. Besides teaching drafting, Mr. Swahn is also in charge of the twirlers. Mr. Chizmania who is advisor to the Art Club skill fully works out a project. 1: tif? A woodworking student checks a project with Mr. . ,W lx r 77?-1:3 'Q I Qiifgxkl' W H :N ...ur 1 Y, y V J Q-P Klausnitzer. Mr. Jones demonstrates the use of a lathe offer extensive programs Three different shop courses-wood shop, ma- chine shop, and drafting are available at Academy. All phases of wood working, sawing, sanding, and varnishing, are taught to boys in wood shop. At the end of the year a special exhibit of the best wood- working projects is displayed, with prizes presented to first, second, and third place winners. In draft- ing boys learn to work with blueprints, while in ma- chine shop they learn the intricate skills of a skilled machinist. 2' igfls Physical education teacher, Mr. Verga, firmly reprimands a hall monitor. F... .san- Mr. Komora takes "time out" between gym classes. XQK3 I , 1,1 :nf , Fitness breeds success Girls' gym teachers, Mrs. Comstock and Robb,tedliiiiittl'lldirQlltpy. --up--.Y ,.4-a..-a......-an In addition to teaching boys' health classes, Mr. Zonno is tenth grade boys guidance counselor, head football coach, and Aca- fy deme's business manager. p.......u--4. ,YQ E SEATED: H. Walkiewicz, M, Ahhot, V. Maloney, B. Zukowski, C. Zorma, G, Jenkins, A. Decker. STANDING: A. Zeitler, M. Schmitz, S. Santor, V. Kutter, Manager: M. Gredler, M. Kingston, H. McCau1itt. Mainienance sfaff keeps school funciioning STANDING: F. Lazar Jr., J. Kukoska, N. DiPIacido, D. DeLuca, P. Shiklef, x .QXZ x . F ., xx- ffffff C. Nyberg. SITTING: D. Ugino, M. Casey, E. Rupelewski, F. Savoia. 1 , ' am active - simply because I am! ', the orator, the leader, the writer, linguist, scientist, musician, artist . . . Vinner of election fights, gab sessions, and all honors . . loer of good deeds . . . Me, the Academy lion. Ti V 'r activities Patrick Causgrove consults with Mr. Barbaro about speaking techniques. Officers pause during a Senate meeting to collaborate on a proposed activity. Senaie members exercise Senate officers: Pat Causgrove, presidentg Kathy Fendya, sec- retaryg Chris Clark, vice-president: Ernie Baume, treasurer. i xx X 7 tl L This year the Senate sponsored social activities, several paid activities, and initiated school service projects. President, Pat Causgrove, along with school senators fulfilled the objectives and respon- sibilities of this student organization. Academy Senate members are chosen on the basis of citizenship, personality, and cooperation by their homerooms. Mr. Barbaro, the advisor, along with enthusiastic representatives from school organiza- tions lent their assistance and ideas in making our Senate program a success. ,rj Officers discuss the agenda before the Senate meeting. democratic principles ROW I: A. Malena, S. Denoforia, C. Lynch, P. Causgrove, C. Clark, E. Baume, K. Fendya, S. Sullivan, A. Madara, P. Milone, L. Riekert, P. Handley ROW II: J. Haglund, H. Fong, V. Rudler, D. O'Conner, S. Charussilp, D. Antolik, D. Irwin, B. Kennedy. P. Way, C. Schutter, F Rosiak, N. Singer, K. Southworth, B. Green, D. Schuerman, P. McGill, L. Stem, C. Knuth, T. Martin, ROW III: D. Calabrese, J. Sneider- man, P. Joint, K. DiBacco, B. Bick, B. Kenny, G. Watson, B. Biser, P. Reba, J. Law, B. Onisko, T. Fendya, H. Zmijewski, J. Hodas, M Eisenberg, .l- Hanks, C. Brown, B. Hardy, B. Burhridge, F. Opoczynski ROW IV: C. Christensen, B. Bernard, S. Scantlebury, F. Love, A Messina, D. Cooney, J. Egnot, G. Gregor, R. Shutts, C. Matthews. M. Graham, H. Wexlor, B. Todd, K. Adams, M. Fainstein, D. Howard, D Devine, .I. Vasil, V. Neithamer, W. Cole, D. Schwindt, P. Balter gi . 'am' X A h-, .- P Pr " " V , Kji Gu Members of the National Honor Society are: FIRST ROW: Y. Rosenberg, J, Barney, L. Stright, S. Kramer, D. Edelman, SECOND ROW: R. Krieger, L. Mays, J. Baughman, L. Bloom, C. Weddige, M. Reed, J. Struble, THIRD ROWQ W. Blackman, J. Magenau, W. Dozorsky, P. Causgrove, P. Gilewicz. Missing is C. Wienczkowski, L. Work, L. Mays New induction procedure is initiated bg National Honor Society R. Krieger, L. Mays, Y. Rosenberg, J. Struble, and C. Weddige consult Character' leadershlp' scholars with advisor, Miss Mong, about the plans for an induction assembly. ship and service are the qualifica- tions for members of the National Honor Society. Each student who meets standards based on his I grade average and wishes to be- long must submit an application to the teachers' board. ln review- ing a prospective member's appli- cation, the extracurricular and outside interests, hobbies, and activities of the individual are I it considered. An induction assembly was held to introduce the new junior and senior members to the school. In late spring an initiation party of- fered an opportunity for all to become acquainted. ,.....-.-- Dozorsky, standing. Activities reveal students' scholarship Of the 80 students who took the National Merit Scholarship Exam in the spring of their junior year, Academy boasts five stu- dents who received 1966-67 Letters of Com- mendation. These students scored just below the level required of Semi-finalists and are thus not eligible for Merit Scholar- ship consideration, but their test perform- ance is evidence of unusual academic prom- ise. The commended students are eligible for special scholarship programs or for fii 'f scholarship-granting agencies that utilize the N.M,S.Q. test scores. A twelve member delegation of Acad- emy students represented Belgium at the Model UN held at Gannon College on November 18 and 19. Participants travelled to Erie from Ohio, New York, and North- Western Pennsylvania. Mr. Alexander Gah- riel, Dean of United Nations Correspondents and Chief of Trans-World Radio Service. l , Ig l ,fgigzh-'3',f , 1- ' 1, " ll EE. xl l 6 R o :fi 'xi' A- .57 Rf f. , 1 elm.-if ' an S5 F -4 L. , :N . 7' Riff ...-- ' Qi . Academys delegates to the Model U.N. were J. Baughman, R. Kreiger, G. Berman and N. Singer, seatedg B. Brosius, D. Edelman M Radov, C. Barton, and M. Baker. Missing from pic-turc are M. Parrish, M. Minadeo and K. Fendya. National Merit Scholarship Letter of Com mendation Winners are S. Stansbury and R Krieger, seated. .l. Struble, R. Shutts and W .jf MTS- BeUfl0Uv Susan Gemlef, Roberta Krieger, and MT- The business staff, Mike Minadeo and Joyce Lewan- Moofe decide on the Cover C0101' of the Yearbook. dowski, set the selling dates for the sale of the year- book. As .lim Tupitza explains t.he technique of enlarging pictures, Fred Love, apprentice photographer, listens attentively. New objectives stimulate The promise of a larger book with additional pages stimulated the 1967 Academe staff to greater effort in producing a first-rate year- book. Problems arose from time to time in learning the new pro- cedures introduced by the Taylor Yearbook Company. Always striving for improved quality, the staff this year concen- trated on improved photography. Three staff photographers were kept busy taking, retaking, and developing pictures. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors worked together harmoniously and indefatigably to meet deadlines and to give the students a prize picture history of the school year. Mark Sween, Pat Causgrove, and Bob Gage eagerly compose a picture schedule for the photographers. Copy editors Jeanette Struble and Karen Weibler dictate to Marci Radov, typist. Mitch Baker and his staff, Sue Jackson Mr. Zonno keeps a watchful eye over the staff. and Janie Sneider' Academe staff Discussing the quality of the pictures with Mike Silver, photographer, are Candy Chacona and Sandy Stansbury. man, discuss plans for layouts in the fac- ulty section. Beth Burbridge, Jean Atwell, Colleen Bar- ton, and Melody Pot- ratz consult the dead- line timetable. , R. Coon9Y, J. Lisneski, C. Anderson, L. Riekert, and J. Levin gather for a critical dis- cussion of the last publication of the Star. J. McCarty, H. Fong, and D. Pederson review copy before submitting it for publication. Star staff welcomes A new advisor for the Academy Star, Mrs. Margaret McConnell, directed the activities of the staff. Published eight times a year, the newspaper keeps Academyites up to date on school activities, sports events, college profiles, and other pertinent school and educational items of interest. Besides the sale of subscriptions, candy bars were sold to help pay for the publica- tion. D. Johnson and K. Vasil write I headlines for the sports page. X Jw jp. L W ' .df We Mani V122 FJ!! GAL ,f f gc E' ,410 K v .X , y LL K Ulgffff EMM? jx r f V J ff K 0 , 5 , 4,04 , ,iii fi " LM, ,Z , JLWK' d 0 P' . a Making a periodic inventory of candy bars which are sold to the student body are R. Mayers, K. Kelly, J. Mowery, and T. Michali Principles of front page layout are explained to S. Tanner and K. Kelly by R. Mayers. 4' 12, .W W. McCloud, Miss Weschler, S. Ohman M. Milone, and S. Reba meet to discuss a planned program. In 1965 a movie was presented at Academy about the struggle of a teen- age boy involved in a crippling auto- mobile accident. It is the aim of the Safe-teen Club to bring the boy, David Hall, to speak at Academy. The Safe- teens, 11nder the leadership of Miss Maria Weschler, began their campaign to raise money by selling Academy school pins. U Teens promote safety education g W.- , , 'H S ROW 1: M. Brewer, M. Milone, S. Ohman, S. Reba, J. Hodas, L. Stem, C. Weddige, B. Potter, N. Schneider. ROW II: L. Coverdale S Nagle M. Rohpe, E. Cabin, D. Hopkins, P. Petroff, S. Leamy, B. Horstman,.l. Harrity,K. Lacey, P. Reba F ROW 1: D. Dougherty, L. Wadworth, M. Mangini, L. Blair, R. Radaker, A. Malena, C. Aylsworth., C. Shreve, M. Paris, C. Shutter, K. Burek, C. Weddige, B. Potter, D. Coffman, R. Fizell, B. Teel. ROW II: C. Hulings, H. Butlnelly, R. Wolf, N. Paczynski, L. Jackson. I.. Rancuch, V. Carac, L. Wernicki, K. DeCaroIis, E. Logue, .I. Lewandowski. L. Olsen, L. Spitzer, M. Sahetti, A. Eller. ROW III: C. Kulesya, N. Suddarth, B. Pacley, I.. Zygai, I. Harnway, G. Ilihinson, L. Whitford, C. Wisnicwski, M. Zalas, A. Whclpley, C. Hreha, B. Stone, M. Meyer, P. McNamara, C. Stadlcr, P. Anderson. ROW IV: V. Janowski, L. Erickson, K. Cramer, K. Doritty, S. Heiple, J. McLendon, S. Kramer, D. Betts, B. Ward, J. Ferdinandsen, M4 NPISUH. A- HPHCICTSOU, C- KYSCY, P- Mllmhy B- Hill. C' Undef- wood, L. Lethaby. Future secretaries are introduced to business world features Senior Girls taking commercial courses are invited to join the Academy Business Club, which meets the first Monday of each month in the Boston Store Dining Room. Guest speakers representing numer- ous business firms and offices in the city acquaint members with the latest procedures used in modern business offices and define talents and training requisite for success- ful business careers. Miss Mary Hickey, Stenographic teacher, advises this club. S. Kramer, M. Paris, and Miss Hickey find humor in the comments of a speaker at a Business Club meeting. Qt SN The brass section takes a break and surveys the audience at a pep rally. Loyal band supporters and band members were equally rewarded for their sales campaigns of two years when the new blue and gold uniforms arrived this fall. Under the di- rection of Mr. William Burger, the Academy Marching Band played at rallies and at football games at home and away from home. The Orchestra presented numbers at Open House, at Acad- emy-on-Parade and in conjunction with the band at the Spring Concert. Band: ROW I: M. Miller, K. Olsen, O. Madrigale, R. Acker, C. Christoph, B. Bernard, J. Hodas, M. Fainstein, C. Gregor, G. Davies, P. Semrau, G. Gulick. ROW II: G. Geiger, D. Manson, T. Fendya, L. Bloom, G. Flick, L, Mays, F. Newlin, K. Ewere, B. Conti, B. Lamherton, B. Huntington, F. Nicklas, J. Vasil, K. Daub. ROW III: M. Sween, R. Eicher, D. Cass, J. Sivak, K. Vasil, B. .lay Hodas prepares to take his place for a half-time show. , Band members prepare for a performance in the dium at a football game. Reed, P. Vasil, R. May, G. Sourwein, B. Schaaf, T. Nelson, K. Adams, D. Rozumalski, F. Taylor, B. Schlaufman, G. Cumming. ROW IV: B. Hoffman, C. Brown, P. Christoph, J. Saurwein, K. Snyder, E. Kindle, B. Brower, F. Wolfe, N. Oliernan, R. Clark, D. Glenn, C. Davis, T. Niethamer, B. Onisko. ROW V: .l. Albertson. Orchestra: ROW l: D. Freligh, J. Barney, S. Borawski, D. Walz, B. Biser, C. Marther, S. Kramer, A. Lund, D. Dunson ROW II L Stent S. Williams, D. Haglund, L. Frost, S. DiBacco, D. Herscowitz, P. Brower. J. Verdecchia, M. Banister. B. Sohbria ROW Ill: K Vasll J Levm W. Smith, .l. Shea. B. Schrader, S. Slammer, G. Campbell, R. Fizell, C. Price, H. Neithamer ROW IV: C. Christoph, O. Madrxgale J Swak C. Geiger, D. Shreve, P. Christoph, R. May, G. Saurwein, K. Adams, J. Albertson, L. Marshall, R. Avcrbach. New band uniforms dazzle audiences Mr. Burger thanks the student body for their help in contribut- ing to the "new hand uniform" fund. Band members prepare backstage before a rally. ltlapcy Sponsler, senior twirler, demonstrates a drill to sophomore gir s, Led by Lana Schneider and her assistants, Jeanine Barney and Shirley Kramer, the Maj orettes began a busy year dur- ing the football season by performing in half-time programs to the tunes of "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Roc Around the Clock". Winter brought the concert season when they appeared on stage at various city and county schools, as well as in Academy-on-Parade, the schoolis annual talent show. At basketball games the twirlers established a precedent by appearing at half time. Daily practices in the twirling room, in the stadium, and on streets adjacent to the school brought its own reward when our high-steppers proudly marched down State Street for the Thanksgiving, Zoo, and Memorial Day parades. At school rallies their spirited performances brought arousing applause from their schoolmates. Jeanine Barney, Ass't Leader: Lana Schneider, Leaderg Shirley Kramer, Ass't Leader Half - time crowds ar Junior Twirlers: C. Wisniweski, C. Morrison, S. Kuneman, B. Dugan, J. Schauerman, G. Watson, S. Nuber, R. Dolfi, N. Hatch, K. Amon, C. 5 . .N , - - . W 4 ,fy Q2 . t .,. ' Ax- , . ,- gl 4- -4 44g 44. 4.4 4m enieriained bg +wirIers P n W Shafer, A, Madera, P. Irwin, S. Herbstritt, K. Schear, S. McCurdy, A. u olph V 1' 4 ' " 'Y 3 2' E ii'- '15, Q ,Q Z , ? ., ,251 I' ,A I ' - , I A . , , . A ,K I Y . Ks' A . .ti . , ' . Q f .8 .61 I 41 ' A n, A X ,w "' ' +' 1 , W, bw 7 , E 4 2 , ' . A W x 9 V , . .A :f rm .i f, ,'T ..! ,4. , .2 Q1 " 'A 'A ' f' Q X 'ff ' . M . ' ff, xx -,Mn 5 W N1 Y ms J v 'X ?",?r ? ' 1'4?,33L'kf?Xff'l, Raed Ti " t xv-K: - 171' Q . J . , I i W L M. n . 'if f Y xzf, ' 'lie ff 'ni' 4, f ' I , F .4 A: W , 4 ' Senior Twirlersz ROW I: S. Kramer, N. Sponsler, C. Evan- off, L. Schneider, D. Betts, M Zalas, J. Barner ROW II: K Stoneburner, B. McCall, C. Dougherty, S. Borawski, A. Whelpley, J. Laskey Surrounded by the Academy cheerleaders the school mascot grins for Academe photog- raphers. A... Q.-.4-we , C721 Effervescent J.V. Jane Rupert's spirit cannot be dampened hy a mere rainstorm. Janet Baughman urges spectators to Join rn on the next cheer. cheerleaders inspire lt was obvious this year that a new uniform can really add to a cheerleader's sparkle. Thanks to the sale of bookcovers, folders, and Academy license plates, our senior varsity cheerleaders appeared at rallies and games in new gold and blue uniforms. Also encouraging the .l.V. and varsity teams on to victory were the nine .l.V. cheerleaders. The juniors, along with the varsity squad, worked hard to boost the spirit of both players and fans. s 5 Nancie McClimans tenses as the excitement of the game reaches a The effi of a Pre ster is carried off climax. gy P the field in shambles by the varsity cheerleaders. f uf -1 .. with their spirit J.V. cheerleaders watch in anticipation of another J.V. basketball victory. ex be A, ' A ,x "Life your heads up to the sky!" shouts varsity cheerleader Cyndi Brown. September found the choral groups re- hearsing under a new director. For the first few months of school, Mr. Don Ward temporarily conducted the Girls' Chorus and the A Cappella Choir. Later, Mr. Ru- gare was assigned to teach for the remain- der of the year. f Singing better than ever, the Chorus and Choir presented in December their annual Christmas Concert, made an assembly ap- pearance, and adhered to tradition when they carolled through Academy halls the afternoon of December 20. Early in April both groups participated in a Spring Con- cert. Later in the month they combined with musical organizations of other area schools to present Youth On Parade at Me- morial Junior High School. Guest concerts given at Roosevelt, Wilson, and Memorial Junior High Schools brought to a close a successful year. Mr. Rugare prepares to rehearse with the A Cappella Choir in anticipation of the annual Christmas concert. Choral organizations sponsor A. Cappella Choir: ROW I: K. Fisher, C. Reddecliff, K. Lacey, C. Ra rnes, J. Clark, B. Enstromm, M. Williamson, Mr. Ward, S. Young, P. Lindquist, J. Shea, C. Brown, B. Chaffee, C. Weddige, B. Green ROW II: C. Knuth, C. Underwood, C. Price, K. Dylewski, M. Tanner, D. Schaurman, L. Work, C. Schutter, A. Boose, J. McCarty, C. Miller, D. Dabney, M. Sahetti ROW III: S. Hartleh, K. Amon, L. Stright, J. Tedes- 00, D. Frellegh, B. Golumblc, Y. Moore, B. Jones, P. Fish, D. Phillips, L. Gates, G. Moyer, K. McCormick, R. Gray ROW IV: S. Hartleh, M. Nelson, J. Verdeechla, L. Bolger, D. Hancock, M. Oliman, C. Davis, J. Cristea, L. Page, T. Williams, D. Yates, W. Hammill, P. Whren, M. Cohen, W. Barnett, K. F endya, M. Radov, D. Wassell Girls Chorus: ROW l: Mr. Donald Ward, J. Biletz, K. Swartz, P. Hoh, S. Guhish, M. Milone, M. Mclntosh, F. Opoceynski, B. Hardy, J. Cumming, B. Susol, B, Kloss, B. Teel, C. Walker, D. Goldstein ROW II: N. Haas, E. Janick, S. Smith, S. Smith, E. Radaker, R. Dolfi, A. Whepley, N. Payne, C. Schoening, V. Jones, B. Manning, B. Pruyn, C. French, C. Landis, M. Quinn ROW III: V. Lomax, M. Brewer, D. Buzzard, P. Stang, J. Haglund, B. Tupitza, D. Baxter, L. Mook, A. Schauesman, P. Bolger, J. Roscinski, L. Hamilton, D. Cooley, L. Page, L. Kneissler, P. Grabowski, ROW IV: K. Arndt, D. Bowers, J. Mayes K. Wilder, M. Morgan, D. Higby, C. Farver, J. Gordon, D. Walters, C. Miller, D. Bairk, J. Bulowski, C. Culver, L. Williams, V. Towns, E. Gamble, C. Landis, C. Struchen moneg-making activities Choir members wait in the hall before appearing on stage . ., X 4 1 .J.4 5 J . .1 , ,li X xxh'-i 'f , Nay J YW fi 7 , Lf in ' gd i s l I ROW I: M. Radov, Sec.g R. Mayers, Pres.g ,l. Egnot, V.P.g ROW II: L. Bloom, C. Boyd, D. Bender, R. Kilgallon, P. Kotulag ROW III: D. Edel- man, R. Krieger, G. Berman, C. Clark, .l. Baughman, W. Blackmang ROW IV: F. Hudson, V. Ruckman, .l. Gulnac, K. Stoneburner, .l. Struble, V. Townsg ROW V: C, Brown, S. Smith, P. Cabin, N. Singer, M. Cvoldsteing ROW VI: I. Shea, K. Hight, K. Fendya, Mrs. Bermon. Public Speaking Pat Causgrove, the fairy godmother, prepares Cinderella, Mitch Baker, for the Royal Ball during a Speech Club presentation. One of the most active organizations in the school, Speech Club prides itself on developing the speaking talents of its members. Meetings are highlighted by pro- grams presented by the members themselves. These in- clude plays written by students, all types of group dis- cussions, impromptu speeches, pantomimes, and debates. Recognition is based solely on a successful point sys- tem that requires the student to attend 807: of the meet- ings and to be an active participant in programs throughout the year. Those members acquiring a fixed number of points by the end of the year receive either copper, silver, or gold keys. Club projects included group attendance at one of the Erie Playhouse productions, a Christmas party, and a J une picnic. The Club sponsored three intramural speech contests and from organization funds purchased trophies and keys to reward the winners and finalists of these events. ' ' is perfected through ,AA 'Q I 4.4 Sophomore members pose after a Speech Club meet- ing. Speech Club SEATED: Sue Grcgornff, Nancy Phister, .lanet Mowery, Doris Herscowitz, .loyce McCarty, Karen Cherry, Mary Williamson. Suc Gifford, Colleen Barton, Jane Ru- pert, Leslie Hamilton, Sue Nagle STANDING: Randy Shapira, Lee Stoops, Karen Weibler, Mike Bannister, Marc Cold, Candy Chacona .ia 5 hm ROW l: Barb Ankiel, Marty Parrish, Lois Reikert, Ernie Baume, ROW II: Lucy Stent, Marty Baker, Marcia Tanner, Cindy Klein, Beth Burhridge ROW III: lrwin Nathen, Stephanie Radov, Mike Minadeo R. Billingsly, C. Klein, B. Portenier and C. Clark conduct business at an organized meet- ing ofthe Art Club. Academy's newest club has quickly become one of the most active. The Art Club's first project was the drafting of a constitution and the election of officers. Members sponsored a bake sale and in- vited outside speakers to appear on their programs. The Spanish Club, under the leadership of Miss Frances Major, meets twice a month to view skits presented by club members and to listen to Spanish recordings. The highlight of this yearis activities was the Christmas Party attended by club members with French Club memhers as their guests. The party featured a re-enactment of the traditional "la posada" of Christmas procession held in Spanish speaking countries, the breaking of two lovely npiriatasi' or decorative containers filled with candy, and the singing of g'Canciones de Navidadn and Chansons de Noeln, Spanish and French Carols. Cultural understanding motivates clubs L. Stoops, Spanish Cluh President, and Miss Major make plans for the Christmas party. 1 ' "1 5' in ,IYMQ1 a.. .3 , A Mal-3 ,J P t 2: -r 1 ie ,X 4,994 ROW I: K. Fisher, B. Horstman, S. Ohman, S. Gifford, J. Mowrey, S. Wienkowski, S. Stansbury, N. Pfister, S. Gregoroff, C. Kopf, ROW II: H. Fong, M. Evenson, N. Nardo, J. Verdecchia, J. Ditch, S. MacGregor, J. Creen, N. Nichos, J. Kent, B. Burbridge, J. Harrity, M. Portenier. ROW III: B. Cherico, A. Caldwell, M. Brooks, L. Hamilton, C. Marshall, L. Caito, M. Dil.uziu, J. Laskey, S. Charussil, D. Schuerman, E. Cabin, R. Averbach, C. Price, B. Biser, L. Marshall, C. Chacona, N, Singer, P. Cabin. G. Byrne. ROW IV: E. Hansen, M. Kelly, C. Campbell, K. Cherry, N. Schneider, K. Kelly, A. Madera, A. Lund, M. Potratz, D. Farr, B. Tupitza, D. Murray, M. Baugh- man, K. Southworth, J. Stammer, M. Sloops, S. Smith, S. Newby, S, Borawski, E. Borawski. ROW V: M. Faso, P, McGill, M. Mc- Cabe, P. Pancereo, P. Sernrau, M. Eisenberg, S. Reba, L. Stent, J. Hoda, K. Adams, G. Brown, J. Cordon, D. Sieklucky, C. Knuth, P. Weil, D. Olson, M. Spencer, A. Boose, P. Brower. French Club takes trip French Club members under the supervision of Mrs. Elsie Capmbell sponsor various activities to earn sufficient funds to make an out-of-town excursion. The club sponsors bake sales, local car washes, and candy bar sales to raise money. This year a point system was initiated to determine which members were eligible for the trip. .Outstanding in the year's events was the Mardi Gras, a din- ner at Academy in honor of seniors in the club. A French Club member receives candy bars from Paula Pancereo and Sandy Reba. Sandy Reba and Chris Wienczkowski confer about the successfulness of the candy sale. UN Q 'Z -1 3 '9 50 CRQSQ, Red Cross officers are: J. Gulnac, Sec., S. Heiple, Pres.: J. Hirt, Treas.g M. Cag- noli, V.P.g and faculty advisor Mrs. Knhlmiller. Red Cross aids needg Academyls Junior Red Cross began its year of service donated to area children's homes. with Project Thanksgiving. A chest was filled with health Funds earned from a bake sale and Car W3Sll provide and educational articles to be used in the classrooms of South service projects to benefit the less fortllnate members Vietnamese schools. An assembly began the school-Wide en- Erie, Each homeroom elects one member to represent ille rollment drive in March. At Easter, bedside gardens were in this organization. . 'Sf,"'1Q"Q' Ieflf-I, . - 4 ROW I: S. McCammon, J. Janick, K. Reed, J. Porris, M. Parish, J. Rupert, S. Ohman, S. Heiple, J. Hirt, M. Cagnoli, J. Gulnac, R. Cooney, B. Rogan, C. Weddige, B. Potter, P. Rozumalski, J. Haglund, P. Heiple, I. Harroway. ROW II: K. Snider, J. Lewandowski, A. Whelpley, L. Blair, D. Hopkins, D. Dougherty, C. McKenns, K. Dylewski, G. Hain, R. Monus, D. Herscowitc, D. Farr, S. Newby, C. Whelpley, S. Nagle, J. Teadesco, C. Barton, K. Hight, J. Cole. ROW Ill: L. Smith, B. Pruyn, V. Hershiser, M. Baughrnan, C. Byrne, L. Wozniak, B. Goldstein, D. Glenn, B. Knuth, D. Armagost, D. Cooney, S. DiBacco, G. Atkinson, M. Baker, D. Teel, S. Servidio, S. Smith, M. Levine, C. Sheldon, L. Kneissler. ROW IV: D. Manus, B. Colubski, P. Underwood, B. Tupitza, M. Faso, M. Gold, J. Hodus, C. Evanoff, D. Kem, L. Mays, G. Brown, S. Lavange, D. Baker, T. Torok, H. Joyce, G. Albertson, T. Nolan, R. Barney. X! offs, ROW I: G. Madara, T. Pierce, W. Blackman, Sec.g P. Causgrove, Treas.g R. Barney, V.P.g T. Genie, Sarg. of Arms,g R. Glecos, Pres.g P. Milone. ROW II: B. Hirsch, R. Johnson, D. Luedke, G. Martin, C. Christensen, J. Tupilzn, D. Kern, P. Gilewicz, P. Cilewicz Lettermen initiate new school organization To join the A Club, a boy must have at least one varsity letter earned in Academy's inter-scholastic athletic program. This organization promotes school spirit, attendance at ath- letic events, and enthusiasm for our varsity teams. A Club members sponsor several events to raise money. Funds are used each year to purchase a leather-sleeved jack- et for every boy winning two varsity letters in one sport. Recognition of excellence in the field of athletics is the goal of the organization. X Two A-Club members, .lim Tupitza and Doug Kern, model new Academy A-Club jackets. Senior Y-Teens ROW I: S. Kramer, S. Gemler, C. Hreha, L. Wadsworth, L. Stright, V. Towns, K. Stonebumer, G. Berman, M. Williamson, M. Goldstein, N. Singer, K. Dority, D. Coffman, ROW II: S. Cliarussilp, A. Boose, S. Borawski, B. Kennedy, V. Janowski, J. Struble, J. Lewandowski, N. Paczynski, J. Clark, P. Handley, D. Grande, K. McCormick, B. McCall, R. Krieger, ROW III: J. Heidelberg, B. Pacely, M. Carter, C. Kulesza, K. Burek, D. Antolik, Y. Rosenberg, D. Doritty, J. Atwell, C. Clark, L. Work, S. Sullivan, N. McClimans, K. Fendya, M. Radov, K. Hight, B. Portenier, C. Wienczkowski, M. Sabetti, ROW IV: M. Brooks, J. Kent, R. Radaker, V. Carcic, L Ransuch, L. Blair, D. Calahrese, R. Mayers, A. Whelpley, S. Smith, C. Brown, P. Gabin, M. Levine, I. Haraway, J. McLendon, A. Eller ROW V: D. Betts, C. Evan- off, P. Mutch, B. Hill, C. Shreve, N. Sponsler, L. Schneider, P. Richards, B. Cherico, L. Kneissler, R. Fizell, R. Wolf, D. Wassell, B. Potter, C. Weddige, K. Lacey, M. Nelson, M. Cagnoli, J. Ferdinansen, B. Ward, A. Malena, M. Paris, K. Perry, L. Wernicki Y-Teens launch l an Q . Sophomore Y-Teens ROW I: D. Goldstein, N. Ickiewicz, P. Brower, A. Lund, B. Bick, P. Loint, D. Farr, E. O'Hara, J. Mills, D. Roher, M Orlando, K. Snider, D. Manus, K. Reed, E. Borawski, A. Kaleta ROW II: J. Becker, J. Porris, J. Sneiderman, K. Southworth, H. Savransky, K. Kelly, K. DiBacco, B. Kaufman, K. Williamson, B. Schrader, R. Cooney, M. Potratz, B. Tupitza, B. Slowikuwski, R. Becker, P. Reba, S. DiBacco ROW Ill: D. Schuerman, B. Green, M. Faso, P. Way, P. Stang, M. Baughman, J. Calabrese, J. Atwell, M. Smith, M. Smith, G. Byrne, A. Voss, M. Stoops, C. Egloff, E. Walter, L. Dean, G. Salzello, M. Portenier, ROW IV: S. Gubish, J. Cumming, C. Sokolowski, P. Hoh, C. Freleigh, K. Arndt, L. Frost, K. Armstrong, P. Rush, R. Trujanowski, R. Gray, J. Gordon, N. Rounds, D. Sielucky, D. Murray. J. Lesniewski, V. Bowman, B. Jones, J. Haglund Reaching out into the community through service projects is one of the major objectives of Y-Teens. Programs are varied and geared to appeal to teenage girls. Social events such as the Recognition Tea, Senior Dinner, and f the Tri encourage and develop lasting friendship among Y-Teens at Academy X and in other city schools. Programs 1 are both entertaining and educational. I Girls enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Y-Teen slumber party n ew p ro gra m s L ! Junior Y-Teens ROW I: S. Radov, R. Billingsley, K. Chase, R. Dolii, S. Nuher, C. Randall, C. Gilman, J. Roseinski, K. Ciehetti, D. Mandelsohn, D. Cabin, F. Opoczynski, J. Kaufman, M. Parrish, J. Rupert, S. Ohman, A. Rudolph, J. Chiota, A. Patrone ROW Il: E. Coverdale, D. Foulkrod, E. Cabin, D. Jensen, J. Jenkins, P. Weil J. Anderson, D. Beierschmitt, R. Riesdorph, S. Gentile, S. Denofrio, A. Herzing, H. Neithamer, L. Stent, V. VanGeem, C. Klein, C. Barton, M. Baker ROW III: P. Lindquist, K. Weibler, B. Ankiel, G. Campbell, M. Kelly, B. Biser, J. Gleichsner, J. Majensky, L. Hamilton, C. Marshall, J. Harrity, R. Averbach, L. Riekert, B. Chaffee, D. Walz, K. Weaver, M. Milone, S. Reba, M. Brewer, M. Meeker, B. Burhridge ROW IV: B. Kloss, G. Watson, A. Madera, K. Amon, C. Troup, P. Underwood, C. Morrison, J. Schauerman, D. Damore, D. Herscowitz, M. Niederrider, C. Bires, E. Ilzphse, B. Jones, N. Haas, J. Brocious, A. Caldwell, P. Jorgensen, M. Irwin, V. Hain, C. Saunders, J. Gamble, K. Cherry, M. 0 e. us . 1 "TZ Observed in the gyms, school halls, main offices, counselors' offices, library, and in the cafeteria, monitors perform such jobs as taking gym attendance, running errands for the office, and assisting in the library. Academyls system of hall monitoring proves effective in controlling activity in the halls during classes. These students voluntarily relinquish their study halls to carry out these duties so essential to an cf- ficiently run school. Hall monitors watch for wandering students. Monitors render mang services Tom Erickson and Mike Joyce attentively guard the entrance to the cafeteria. The office monitors do homework when not running errands for the office clerks. ln the excitement of watching a stage presentation, it is easy to forget the work done behind the scenes. Without the ef- ficient help of the Academy stage crew, such productions as choral concerts, band con- certs, and assemblies could not run smoothly. Long hours of rehearsal were required for the task undertaken by members of the Drama Club. Under the direction of Mr. Delhart Dobbs, the student actors presented two full-length evening performances of The Goose Hangs High, a drama by Louis Beach. The end result of their hard work was an outstanding example of high school talent and group cooperation. in 1 'sa' S D. Emmons, and D. Hancock rehearse use the spotlight for Academy on Parade. Students learn theatrical arts and skills Officers: S. Jackson, Secretaryg M. Radovg Treas- urer: D. Calabrese, Presidentg and I. Egnot, Vice Presidentg look over the Script of The Goose Hangs High. If-1 Drama enthusiasts wait their turn to try out for parts. is X .-K 8 sports , A. Punter Tim Nunes easily gets off the kick. Bob Glecos slams off tackle ready to straight arm any opponent in the hole. . al, ,s Mike Biondi and John Magenau lead the play with True fale of Lions SCORES Academy Opponent 0 Franklin 34- 341 Edgewood 16 0 McDowell 14 7 East 20 j 7 Strong Vincent 26 7 Jamestown 26 24- Tech 0 l 6 Prep 13 13 New Brighton 41 19 Johnstown 34. ' Q fa Q A l Q 1 Q- I L 2 . W, 1. 1,4 7 ,Y px , . , . .4 5,-, 1, ' . Li. V -' 1.. , 'K' .1-5: W 'Q' As Mike Biundi blocks oncoming rushers, Chic Matthews lofts a high pass. Gilewicz waiting for a pitch out from Chic Matthews. noi iold bg season Greg Myers sweeps right end ' as a block by Tony Cenis ena ables him to pick up a first down. Sitting: H. Rudinski, W. Jones, G. Martin, D. Vendetti, A. Williamson, A. Snell, J, Magenau, 2nd Row: L. Salter, M. Betcher, T. Nunes, L. I.aCastro, P. Hanlin, S. LaVange, P. Freed, D. Pollack, T. Torok, P. Milonc, G. Madera, T. Genis, E. Cieslak 3rd Row: H. Zmiejewski, B. Juhnson, B. VanDresar, J. Wolf. M. Matthews, B. Glecos, B. Kuhn, B. Brocious, D. Baker, B. Hirsch, T. Retkowski, C. ChriStErl5EIl, N. Sivilo. P. Cilewicz, B. Barney. .P v - 1 ry' . . . I - fi f ' 0 A , ' ,1Q:fj?gfsi9?f:f If A , I M x wh?-,"w L . .3 A- 45 ,W f - 1 Nfl f' f ., ,A ,.0f,,, '13, Er.1g4,',W A JY, " V A .65 W. -ixiirf - d' CQ f'5V4-gf 5 fi? , Qff"'S74.k ,, ,a'f'2 5'fw"3 V ' 'Q . W " 4 1 ' LT". , ,. ' 'Vivd M, Ygx"f,"g'k 'fy f N L, 4, ' V "iv-t'E42g?'-53325 3'.5'ag-ff' ' - L, 'Y A ,' fffaiig-1+"f"'!?H'-1. t ' , J F v-ff gf' -fl? 8 A ,' ,. 5 ,V 5 .K X X , -'gji-' J'-,N 'I '.z,.' ' u K . , ' J f ,Q .Y is - 'F 1 k,h'dLN. 'f ,M tu? y - ,, 1 - , M ' H , . .. 'Q f ,,..f.2'.' " ' """ " , v,-,3.4.,mnMM,.g.v, Qs, K ,x-',, bffmx--1' ' .1 L. , .Av ,A - , ,V is -,M , Learning the intricacies of the Academy foot- ball system, the ,l.V.s gained the skills necessary for varsity competition. The teams squeaked by Tech 7-6 and worked to a disappointing 0-0 tie with Franklin to round out an unsuccessful season in the won-loss column. Gary Carpenella, a fine young running back, along with linemen, Henry Rudinski and Wayne J ones, are excellent varsity prospects. U Nate Beard and Tom Locke run through offensive maneuvers. Junior varsitg tactics prove ineffective J.V.s run laps to condition themselves for strenuous competition. SCORES Academy Opponents 0 McDowell 14 0 Franklin 0 7 Tech 6 6 East 12 0 Vincent 2 1 0 Prep 30 Coach Thomas demonstrates the correct stance used in taking a snap. Q. 1o,gi6" If 1? ui iiswdyf Acadenlyls Harriers found city competition too rough meriting only two wins during the entire season. Both victories were at the expense of Tech by scores of 2,1-31 and 25-30. The team received steady support from seniors, Tom Nelson and Hal Marshall. Experience obtained from this season produced Ralph Clark and Tony Pierce, two promising runners for next season. SCORES Academy Opponent 40 McDowell 15 38 Prep 17 36 East 19 29 Tech 31 33 Vincent 22 32 Prep 23 30 East 25 25 Tech 30 40 Vincent 15 Tom Michali and Terry Pierce move in front of a pack of 33 Meadville 22 runners in the District competition. Runners outdistanced 1 i A A 4 KNEELING: J. Cranahan, B. Selke, T. Nelson, D. Luedke, R. Brown, D. Devine, J. Durst, T. Michali STANDING: Mr. Hiney, D. Phillips, B. Devine, H. Marshall, M. Manafo, J. Hoderny, J. Law, T. Pierce, R. Clarkj B. Lindsey, R. Smith Q ,R '3 fr +3 Q SCORES Academy Opponent 60 Girard 25 32 DuBois 48 53 Sharon 71 92 Warren 80 69 McLane 48 73 Altoona 81 57 Cambridge 65 43 Tech 57 60 Cambridge 62 72 Franklin 69 45 Ashtabula 61 43 East 52 55 Mea fiville 68 56 Prep 54 56 Meadville 73 46 McDowell 59 65 Tech 5-I 39 Vincent 53 46 East 73 68 Prep 85 72 McDowell 65 38 Vincent 47 A Prep opponent using his height advanta e to no avail, as Tom Twillie lays the ball up for two points Lack of height KNEELING: W. Bolden, T. Twillie, B. Bamey, L. Har- den, J. Odom, C. Matthews. -. STANDING: C. Smith, L. Taylor, M. Graham, D. Mof- .Q fel, N. Sivillo, K. Harden, ti, B. Glecos, A. Messina J 4, rj, ,Q 5. . A 3, 1 -3 e V. " 1 4 A1 Messina starts to move down court to prevent a fast break. Center, Larry Harden, jumps for the tip to start second half action against General McLane. The 1967 Academy basketball team finished the season with a 7-15 slate. The team possessed superior rebounding and shooting ability, but lacked height, and found wins hard to come by when leading scorer Torn Twillie was sidelined with an injury. Out- standing moments of the campaign came with the 56- 54- victory over Prep and in the final game a sur- prising 72-65 overtime win over McDowell. Bob Barney led the team in scoring while Larry Harden chipped in with superior board work. Other stand- outs were Leroy Taylor, Kenny Harden, Bob Glecos, and Al Messina. Y,,, Looking for an open team mate, Bob Gleco dribbles the ball into the forecourt. Cagers fight for victories Doug Jones' forward pike illustrated the form that captured many first places. SCORES Academy Opponent 49 Meadville 46 47 East 43 44 Jamestown 51 44 Jamestown 51 20 Vincent 75 44 Vincent 62 30 Prep 65 18 Prep 79 61 Tech 33 62 Tech 35 57 Meadville 37 53 Corry 42 51 East 41 52 Corry 43 Greatly improved, Academy's tankers finished the ye with a winning 8-7 record for a third place city finish. Iii Tupitza set a new school record in the 60-yard free-sty with a clocking of 30.2, while the medley relay team Causgrove, Tupitza, Peters, and 0'Leary was timed 1:27.6 breaking the old school standard. Freshman Sea O'Leary earned a new school record in the 100-yard butte fly with a time of 56.8. Other top scorers on the team wer Peter Gilewicz, Doug Jones and Mark Sween. Improved swimmers finish with 1-M V., EGY SITTING: C. Christoph, D. Raleigh, T. Nolan, R. Fresh, W. O'Kel1y, T. Hamilton, G. Rudolph, P. Semerau, S. O'Leary, M. Sween STANDING: Coach Pettinato, D. Phillips, J. Meister, H. Wexler, D. Jones, E. Peters, D. Kem, P. Gilewicz, P. Causgrove, ,l. Tupitza, R. Shutts . f' ,,,........,t- A-MW-S 3 I State qualifier, Sean O'Leary, strains to better his performance. . C winning record l Pat Causgrove reaches for extra distance on his breast stroke start. ,lim Tupitza takes off for the anchor leg of the freestyle relay Individual lnedley man Mark Sween gets a breath of uir X while making E1 turn. 84 ii f WW fwfr- Stalling for time Greg Martin waits for an opening. Plagued with inexperience and injuries, the Academy Wrestling team finished a very disappoint- ing season with a record of 1-13, putting the Lions in the cellar of the City Series. The highpoint of the Lions schedule came with their 36-14 victory over Girard. Coach Vomero looks forward to a better season next year with 9 out of 14 lettermen re- turning. Injuries cramp KNEELING: J. Green, A. Williamson, J. Williams, F. Williams, STANDING: M. Granhan, S. Lavange, G. Martin, B. Kenny, Nogt, G. Moyer, Coach Vomejro. Missing from D. Torok Yaple Jim Green racks up rid- ing time in his match. Bruce Schaaf tries to maneuver his opponent into a pinning combination. wrestIer's stgle -J. SCORES N, .iz V ww Academy Opponent Z 9 Vincent 44 "i - v Q 20 North East 36 3 East 39 11 Prep 43 11 McDowell 35 8 Iroquois 33 11 Tech 40 20 Girard 37 36 Vincent 19 17 East 38 13 Tech 34 13 Meadville 46 0 Prep 51 3 LeBeouk 54 Walt Blackman mos cs in for a takedown John Cranahan attempts to reverse his opponent, 'Ang ,.,QjegyQP, .Z,, in J! f it , J V A , V 2 2 Jyf f'W'v.'r-145' 4',',, i'F21Z"TH"?f ,pifw ,,1o.5, , . , , . !,,,-Q, M Av f . a avlfff'-' iff 1.211 ww' 52 -1 . . ,.w va -r v . .,,'a, 1, he D A .1231 W-g, J 244 fig? f ,yr U 3 if 4 ' ,N-M423 ' A 1 A 5- , T2 Y , O .ws ' g,71g2,?p3v' J . gi f ag" t . 1 '4 5:47, 9 fl e. ,.i7 E' i 1'f"if,,5 ij if If 5' r ff . ' 'U 2 ' EQ u .ffi 'S , w ixQ, lf, ,?'gi.,P?.'f :L am I., wig A . Na. ye , ,4- z W I e , ., 4 , 45.5. ' Second sacker, Dan Mellow, watches approvingly as Bob Johnson pulls in a pop up. SCORES Academy Opponent 5 Girard 2 4 Ashtabula 1 4 Meadville 0 4 Tech 1 5 Meadville 4- 8 East 7 l 1 Iroquois 4 4- Vincent 1 11 Tech 0 0 McDowell 2 8 East 6 1 Prep 3 10 Harborcreek 12 ll Tech l 0 .Prep 2 1 Vincent 3 7 East 2 4- Prep 2 3 Vincent 4 5 Vincent 2 3 Prep 3 2 Prep 5 Lion hasehallers had to settle for second place in the city after losing a second playoff game to Prep, due to the first contest ending in a tie. Leading off the season with 9 consecutive victories before dropping a 2-0 verdict to McDowell the team ended the season with a 19-7-1 slate. First team All-City selections Dave Johnson and Dan Mellow led the team through the successful season. Mellow was voted the league's Most Valuable Player while Johnson captured the league,s batting crown. Other mainstays of Coach Severo's charges were ,lim Murray, Ed Ranowieki, Lou Williamson, Gary Zaleski, and pitcher Rich Tol- ley. Dejected Lenny LaCastro mopes after a strike out. ...f f 14 e Perfect fonn is demonstrated by Ed Ranoweicki as he strikes out. t ! ...44.luw'T"" ' , V fx Ar -fi 5 .PP -4.7 5 I up 'T -Jr QT. ah- f 'dis-sk -- ,. , , "'5-a:r:,2,..- , , 5 .1 5 .. as .1 r A , g 1 V, ,W 0. Q 'va fs., fax-gtg "' 4.34 After a conference on the mound, Lou Williamson re- turns to home plate while Rich Tolley contemplates his next pitch. Academg batman slide into second ROW I: G. Zalewski, D. Mellow, J. Murray, D. Johnson, D. Teel, B. Johnson, T. Altof, G. Gulick, L, LaCastro ROW II: T. Nelson, M. Reed, T. Teel. B. Staser, J. Wolf, E. Ranoweicki, R. Tolley, L. Williamson, P. Huziec, K. Carlson we! ,-t. , ,Q it , A ,, Y N, .4 . im, NG... ,- . -wrt. .,. Q, 'R . ,., if . , . A Qu b what t Q Q , t , fn, V- , , , .As '?' kt. Q ,M A., Q , 2 35" 7' , ,. 2-N"-4 ggkexi , -Q.. ' Charlie Hearn springs over the hurdles in the district meet. straining for the finish line, Terry Pierce anchors the mile relay team. Trackmen dash and hurdle Mr. Morgan in his first season as head track coach experienced a winning season, posting a 4--3 record. Veteran tracksters Bob Volkmar and Cary Nason excelled in the distance runs all season with Nason copping the 880 run in the City Track Meet. Junior Wes Thomas set a new city standard in the Triple Jump winninghthat event in every meet. Another high point was Academy's continued dominance in relay competition winning both the 880 and mile relay events in the City Track Meet. ROW I: W. Barnett, 0. Barney, J. Henderson, C. Heam, B. Barney, L. Henderson, P. Clark, W. Bolden, M. Manafo, A. Monshien, J. Otiem, W. Thomas ROW Il: H. Johnson, M. Santi, G. Myers, G. Nason, B. Volkmar, C. Clemente, M. Peterman, L. Page, B. Crumhly ROW III: H. Mar- shall, D. Leudke, C. Kirk, D. Jones, S. Dylewski, T. Pierce, J. Peplinski, T. Tride, G. Sawtelle, R. Brown, ROW IV: A. Santi, S. Sontheimer, L. Salter, L. Jayoox, D. Snyder, T. Illife, B. Julius, W. Glecos, R. Glecos, C. Matthews, J. Jendrasik, ROW V: G. Brown, D. Nieminski, P. Gilewicz, F. Parma, C. Burger, M, Peplinski, O. Helen, ROW VI: R. Acker D. Jones, D. Granahan, R. Laughlin, .l. Casper fxllnf. 88 l . , K un--.1 V -........,,s"""' 75-:A-rx-.........-..... -.4 if Q n A Giang J' ,. W. .,,4'JwL.,x V. -af J ' . lm fi' LA jf? zfife'-Q Ms' l. f' " . ,Q F feifgfff vn 4-ww - vw lz.,,.4' .nf ,A '1 'Mg ,fo ,, 4 3- ngzp.. - 4 . -,"1' .' mf vs On a rain soaked ' track, Bill Ctumbly - sprints his leg of the ' relay. W Y 1 f 2, 1""'?i-5w??Q'.a5,-Q 1 L 142 84, gi-'nv 2 fin wav. V3 A' 3' 'A 1 4 lieu! S 9 by 57 'Y' 1 XJ ? ,,, mg, xg' Approaching the foul lme Marty Peterman cocks his arm before hurlin the Javelin Academy Opponent SCORES 52 McDowell 88 Prep 75 East 72 Vincent 96 Tech Caly Gabors contorted face shows the phys1 cal stress mvolved m puttmg the shot g 'g compefiiion l t Paul G1l6WlCZ and B111 Juhus lead a Tech opponent in the City 440 Com- ' etmon 4 -i by nu .5 -+4 IP SCORES Academy Uppvllefll 3 Iroquois 4- 3 St. Marks 44 3 Strong Vincent 4 1 Meadville 6 5 Tech 2 2 Prep 5 2 Iroquois 5 3 Meadville 4- 6 East I 3 St. Marks 4- ROW I: M. Levey, C. Croendaalg captain, ROW II: Mr. Dobbs, F. Love, M. Sween, J. Levin, M. Cohen, J. Kennedy Netmen rack up third The tennis season was highlighted by Cris Gronendaal's im- pressive victory at the District I0 Tournament. The Lion net- man finished third in City Competition. Other victories included Gronendaal's second successive win in E.C.T.T. tournaments, Joel Levin's victory in the J.C. tourna- ment and Mark Sween's second place win in the junior division of the E.C.T.T. tournament. Seven veteran players ,will return in the fall, three of them lettermen. Cris Groenendaal, District 7 champion, lohs another ball over the net. A .g, A' 1 f' as gffifiiiw V 'W 'X X K ff .Cf , N, ' raw. . V 5 - fi - fszkxl' I X1 , xx , ., Ziff t 9, W .A-ff ni ,j ff' - ,,f , ' c V, tl . ii ,kv n c r-egg X Q, , I I 90 C W ' A I Q A M., Jim Kennedy keeps a volley alive by returning a strong baseline shot with a smooth iorehand. ROW I: J. Snodgrass, D. Baker, J. Holbus, D. Shreve, B. Hirsch, K. Mohlman, M. Angelakos Academy's golf team rose from the bottom to capture second place in the City Series. Late season victories made this possible. Their over- all record was an impressive nine wins to four loses. The Lion golf team did not place in the Dis- trict IO Golf Tournament. This year there were no qualifying lion golfers for the state-Wide competition. Golfers conquer tough opponents John Snodgrass chips out of a trouble spot dur- ing a strenuous match. scones .gi f ' , ' y, t Academy Opponenz Ashtabula O '13-lijsf ,F if M Warren 7 jf, iff. ,A x IZMZ Warren SV2 -fikiiii Prep 12 J. J' ",' 1-RLT,-'x 14-W Tech :M f i 'te'.p i 3K2 Strong Vincent QVZ 4 af W "iii-xi", 16 Em 2 5 McDowell uw fiii ff .-2:5514-,gs-S Prep 10 "f Tech 6 QVZ Strong Vincent 8VZ f'!' 14-V3 East 3143 li ' I ,x 105 Mcooweu M ' jf' 'L 1 V. iX.,. I 'I Q 1 in 7' Af .-7" 1. , IN. sQQg 'V' , l ' M ' 5 2 1. .. A.. ' 4 '. , V ,f ""P.,, ., ,Q 1 J J , .. . at is - n -ggi. ' -' 1.1 Tift 'Nagy wif . Tv 1 Boys jump rope in gym classes to keep in shape. - Competition is hard during volleyball matches. Phgsical fitness is a necessiig Basketball techniques are taught and practiced during the gym period. In an attempt to improve the physi- cal fitness of every student, changes have been initiated in Academy's physical education program. Teachers Mr. Anthony Verga and Mr. ,lack Ko- mora alternated basketball, water polo, volleyball, and races with occasional fitness tests for a well-rounded variety of activities. In keeping with the other alterations, clear basketball backboards were in- stalled and uniform white gym suits became mandatory for all students. Somehow . . . I sensed a direction I must take, a way of life I must .follow if the keys of my past are to open the doors of my future. seniors I ...nv W A . r s , 1 I f K' PATRICK if We have exhibited great stamina enduring football games and long, hard College Board Tests. We have walked the familiar old halls mumbling Shakespearian quotations and election results for P.0.D. current events tests. We have struggled with science projects and math problems. Q. College applications have laboriously been completed and we have spent many anxious moments awaiting notification of acceptance. But we had many wonderful things to keep us occupied . . . electing the homecoming and prom queens and wondering who were chosen Mr. and Miss Academe, posing for and selecting our senior pictures and then signing and exchanging them with our friends. With the hard work of classes, the fun of attending sports events and parties, the anxiety of finalizing our plans for the future . . . with all the tiring, wonderful, sad, and hopeful things a senior year brings . .. we could hardly believe it when the time came for selecting cards and announcements, for preparing for the Senior Banquet and Prom, for presenting our Class Day, and finally, for commencement. The class of 1967 will never forget the multitude of activities that comprised our Senior year. Joseph Ackerman Geoffrey Albertson Diane Allegier Dale Amidon 0 We enter Academy for the last hme . . . David Anderson Larry Anderson Linda Anderson Patricia Anderson Diane Antolik Glinda Atkinson Jean Atwell Connie Aylswoxth . if-A :S IQ' ,.--, r, r 3,1 -. all fir' 4-3--' if in 3 ii'-' K K' f Irma ,Q A l Al Messina and cheerleader Cyndi Brown stop to talk before Howard Bailey Mitchell Baker entering School- Barbara llalclwin Cathy Ball Gregory Baran Kathleen Barczyk Wesley Barczynski Dale Bargielski Carol Barnes Clifford Barnett Willie Barnett Jeanine Barney ix A ri? ,, 342.5 1- , .V x. 4' , hi , e ,...- . f K. , f G ll l 'i av- 4 7 V , 4 ,. , l ' I md 4 e '45 . , ,V fy: -' . Q x ' GQ YM Q - Q ,.' ' 4 Q Z, 1 , 2 I s l I Wh' Robert Barney Raymond Baur Janet Baughman Tom Beason Ronald Beightol Dennis Bender Gail Berman Gloria Berringer Serious siudg increases Donna Betts Michael Biondi Bob Hirsch copies a diagram from the overhead for his A. P. Walter Blackman Lynn Blair Biology' CIHSS- QW??f5 A - ' ff ' B' 'F y Q. -Y :f5,gRQf,. rf ll, 'B lf B V e , , fa , no NX xi K K ry, x m"4?,...........-' F k 4 L- . B B A- rf-1 ,Ln .... Senior Jim Egnot skillfully draws a specimen from a microscope. our knowledge Sharon Borawski George Boyd Marsha Brooks Bruce Brosius :ffm ,,. Q Q sf: r ' f, 'Nu-.-fl s' 'X z - , W ,gf ,Q is in Paul Blakeslee Linda Bolger Douglas Breon William Brower Leslie Bloom Audrey Boose Karen Brocious Constance Brown rl, lf., Xi Qs y 'ei Cyndi Brown Louise Brown Raymond Brown Karen Bryant Patricia Bules Kathleen Burek Mary Cagnoli Diane Calabrese Charles Brugger Helen Buttnelly The monoiong of lunch is broken Getting away from the crowded cafeteria, Jeff Helfand, Ron May, and Walt Blackman enjoy a peaceful lunch on the roof. 11-I---11. A cafeteria attendant cheerfully returns Shirly Kramer's nickel from a broken milk machine. bg senior baHIe org Mae Carter Judith Casper Beverly Cherico Peter Christoph r' . ' nfs' ' "Sf e W -aff 1 Yu Gary Carson Victoria Carcic Patrick Causgrove Christine Clark gf r .- bf Q' f.9' 4 I W v f vi 69-' . 4f" .af-v Cornelia Candia Jacqueline Carter Tao Charussilp lean Clark Charles Clemens David Cole Diane Cooley John Cristea x .-...H 5 Donna Coffman Paul Collins Dennis Cooney David Cull X . , Voted by teammates for booster trophies Biondi of the football team. Our gears ai Aca Ronald Coughlin Kathleen Cramer Gary Davies Murray Davis ,gl Kat Al lrk Manafo of the cross country team and Mike h 0 vere c allengmg 0 0 0 Marjorie Diehl Carl DiLuzi0 Cathleen Dombrowski Kathy Doritty K ,uf 1 Tixv..-Q "" Terry Delio Stephan Dickerman Karen DeCarolis Robert Devine Lenore Dodson William Doyle Judy Ditch Darcie Dougherty HV' 1,9 M AA ..... SL. l We are able to look back Wolodymyr Dozorsky Keith Drake Laura Dudenhoefer Glenn Ebert Dale Edelman James Egnot Ardis Eller Douglas Eller Cynthia Ellman David Dufala Betsy Erhler Linda Erickson i 4-0' -'K fly? 3'2" li , ff tr mv' wil .fi Q W ini Beverly Foote John Fosco Daniel Freligh Pamela Cabin ,sv Richard Force Linda Fox Jonnie Ford Paul Fortin Sylvia Francis David Freeman The gears spent at A.H.Q. were James Fuhrman Paula Cangemi The class of 1967 was influenced by many fads in dress and hair styles. Long, straight hair was the trend for both boys and girls. Pop art influenced clothing styles, with mini-skirts, vinyl rain wear, and paper dresses becoming popular among the girls. The boys favored polka-dot shirts and paisley ties. Motorbikes were the ultimate status symbol for the boys. Television shows like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and movies about James Bond, agent 007, and those by Woody Allen were very popular and influenced fads. Beatlemania sounded the last notes of frenzy, and Viet Nam showed its significance in the success of such songs as the Ballad Of The Green Berets. Bob Dylan and folk rock continued to be popular among this gen- eration of young adults. Snoopy and the Red Baron reigned supreme for a long while in Erie. On the more serious side of life, the war in Viet Nam and the draft, facing many of the boy high school graduates, were actively followed and debated by news-conscious young people. Politics and showbiz dominated national news. Spec- ulation over President .lohnson's second term and awe at the fabulous wedding of his daughter, Luci, also in- terested Academyites. The problem of Civil Rights troubled and stimulated young people to take corrective action. ,gr Q 'Q , Q, if? vw' ,H-Q lm P411 'FT' Flanders Gavin Dan Geerrsfm TOIIY GCHiS Richelle George jusi a pari of our Library monitor Linda Kornacke is deeply engrossed in hard study. lives A Chrystal Geib Paul Gilewicz Robert Glecos Mary Golubieski Susan Gemler Edward Gindlesperger Marsha Goldstein Andrew Gorzynski Q Bruce Brosious listens attentively as Dale Edelman reads him her English paper. John Henderson Alma Henderson Cora Henderson Bonnie Hensley Friends made ai A.H.9. are ViCt0riH HI-3rSl1iS6f Karen Hight Michael Hilbert Karen Hillabidel Marilyn Hinds Robert Hirsch -', l .Q haha 'M My Barbara Hill Daniel Hodack H. wzulixxgz ,EEF 1 H, Zh sw 2 . it ' Q i I 1' 6 Veronica Janowski Raymond Jenclrasiak James Jewell Robert Johnson Douglas Jones Duane Jones Shirley Jordon Michael Joyce Our spirii was ai Hs heighi Christopher Kapper Brenda Kennedy William Kenny Judy Kent Pariies and dances Carol Krone Rose Marie Krystek Joseph Kuhn Christine Kulesza J on Kurtz Candace Kyser 3531359 22 i' - Lr',e-,f,f5:f?31f 1 ES. 15.4, I' Decorating for the Prom when we were i Juniors was a lot of fun. Were ah Robert Kuhn Cleo Labrozzi .30 Q s - Wi ,X Z? Q ff: 'U '55 , Found browsing through college catalogs is Bonnie Portenier. Emmy Logue Donald Lutz go? Z K Donald Longneker Gordon Madara -4 ga ,, i . . Q Y . 1' 1 4 Marian Levine Thomas Lintelman S fa?-ii Joyce Lewanclowski L. C. Logan Imporiani decisions Dennis Lossie John Magenau Donald Luedke Darlene Manhood Rita Martucci Patricia Mayes Michael McCabe William McCloud ,Q ., my .-F y vw, 4 fbs P. 3 -v : ""J John Marzka Toni Masterson Ronald May Regina Mayers Larry Mays Dennis McCabe As graduahon raws near. + e ' d h Barbara McCall Nancy McCarty Nancy McClimans Kathleen McCormick Patricia McGill Barbara Mclntosh Regis Mikesell Thomas Minor James Morosky Bill Kenny keeps in shape by arm wrestling with Jeanine Barney. The spmi of the Gary Miller Gladys Mills Sandra Mitchell Alan Monschein Nancy Morrow Gary Morse gi Q91 4, fb L5 "S N.. eq., kia. V Lions John Minor Tyrone Moore Gary Moyer O O O l x 5f' ' fff 2 of K ew 5 WQQ 'C' or if 1-I-. ' WP' Qi, 'iii . if it-' ' 'fc' .ludy Murphy James Murray Patricia Mutch Gregory Myers Marilyn NCISOII Terry Nelson Thomas Nelson Nancy Nicholes Louis NiXOIl Ronald Norris Gary O7Harrow John Olxlrich will never die Linda Olsen Patrick Owens -1 li 1 l. l A typical senior Linda Paris Mark Peplinski 80 E L3 Barbara Pacley Nancy Paczynski Richard Page Jean Palermo We remember our Ellen Pawlick Naomi Payne Maj orie Pitzer Kenneth Pohl FX f FP: ' N45 Donald Pollock Robert Pontious Bonnie Portenier Betsy Potter Marlene Potter Chester Proba Edward Przepierski Ruth Radaker c 0 Q Q Walking down the steps after Mr. Bendig's Trig class is Mike Reed. Marcine Radov James Raid Vfnzrx 'Cifiiln , Lorna Rancuch Micheal Reed ,f"l',ja,,? - gk' , .A 'Qi' ' 'gg l" Q 5 f ,E wk 43. if l V , 5 :A 6 ?o, , 53 ,L ' ' uf Q , .y If ,S 5 i rl mfr Yi' ..g. L x Q Thomas Rohde Richard Rhodes Patricia Richards Judith Riede Wiih a sen se Patricia ROIJSOH Bonnie Rogan Mary Rogers Yvette Rosenberg Janet Rosenzweig Francis Rosiak Virginia Ruckman Marlene Sabetti 'fi avi. ww..- L Qual Richard Sadler Priscilla Salibrici George Saurwein of saiisfaciion 3 an Bruce Schaaf Ingo Schamber Robert Schlaufman Lana Schneider ern, E k A -- aa.. , ff? "wh l W 1 le . ian I . .-.. it . ' 5 69 2' , S QA X y Marijane Schneider Patrick Schwindt John Sherbin Patricia Shreve ,f 1 :fwxrxt l Cynthia Schoening Carolyn Schutter Michael Schwindt David Shaffer Jean Shannon Janet Shea Cindy Shreve Robert Shutts 'iff 3 X x V: 4. , 1 if! And we look +0 ihe fuiure fiable signs posted in the halls. i if ..M 1,-,. WN M ' ' Yay, 51.14 ' fa G 2 , 4- 61 'i .la-H105 Siebel' Michael Silver Linda Simmons John Sivak Ronald Smith Suzanne Smith wiih new deierminaiion The job of lunch monitor Ericson and Mike Joyce. is expertly handled by Tom Dennis Snyder Linda Spitzer 'E Nancy Singer Marc Snell Carla Spitman Nancy Sponsler '3- si Senior boys show underclassmen the finer points of football. l I Seniors aocepi ihe responsibuluig of Charlotte Stadler Karen Staley Sandra Stansbury Philip Stark Cheryl Steadman William Stephenson Barbara Stone Kathleen Stonehurner Mary Lou Storey Linda Stright William Stromenger Jeanette Struble if , S. Burt Todd Sandra Tofel Virginia Towns .lames Tupitza Tommie Twillie Patricia Ulrich Thomas Ulrich After play practice Diane Calabrese waits for a ride home. Carolyn Underwood Quddenlg . . Robert VanDresar Suzanne Veneziana Linda Wadsworth James Wager fo v I 1 5' f 25 M I - ' 4, xl? Q 'ffff 6'-:7f Dennis Weber Beverly Ward Dean Warnken Donna Wassell Charlene Weddige Timothy Welsh Linda Wernicki ihe gear is Robert White Preston Whren wg: rr ai an end! Linda Whitford Christine Wienczkowsk' Ann Whelpley f his r 1 l I 3 l l n ,W l-Q ' ,.,.w ....i.,.,.- . kj1..1QQ QQ ' M fr l' 'l gg. J, Q Q 1 Jim Murray calls home for a forgotten assignment. A, The senior class officers are Treasurer, Al Messinag Secretary, Shirley Kramerg Vice-president, Nancy Sponslerg President, Mitchell Baker. Katrina Wilder Cynthia Wisniewski K. 3 And a new paHern William Wilkinson Linda Williams Rose Wolf Gary Womeldorf iii? a 'P ,vi .Q I T. Terry Williams Linda Work ,, 'wg V 5 if David Yaple Willie Yaple Linda Yarussi David Yates Mary Lou Zalas Steve Zemko Margaret Zuck Laura Zygai life begins S Jerry Stone In Memoriam As long as people live in our memory, they are never gone. On May 26, 1966 Jerry Stone, an eleventh grade student of Academy High School and Vice President of Student Senate, died in St. Vincent Hospital after an extended illness. He was the past President of Stu- dent Council at Memorial Junior High where he was also the recipient of the American Legion Award in 1964. Jerry exemplified the best in American youth-justice, fair play, compassion, unselfishness, and love. He will never be forgotten. The gift of Jerry Stoneis companionship, so brief, yet so meaningful, will always be cherished. Chris Clark and Mitch Baker discuss plans for the coming A.F.S. party. An informal picture that was taken at an A.F.S. meeting. '-'v an 'Va ' .1 N 3 ,. i K p ,. M A f 1. g,.z5!,,f We L 3 ' 1 , . Ti a . 5 t, a 2 AFS STUDENTS from the surrounding area axeg FROM LE T0 RIGHT-Quan, North Vietnam: lad Yamali, Thailandg T Thailand: Jessi Bos, Netherlandsg Elena Bouicelli, Ita Helping Academy's American Field Service aims at promoting friendship between the exchange student,and the student body. To help the A.F.S. representative make friends and meet others, the membership held one social event such as a house party or hayride each month. At month- ly formal meetings an A.F.S. student from Academy or another local school gave talks and spoke with club members. The club sold paper hearts the week of Valentinels Day to raise money for supporting an exchange stu- dent next year. As part of the drive, an A.F.S. day was held at Academy. It brought exchange students from Erie visit area schools to speak at a special assembly and to classes, answering questions asked by students. The organization maintained an informal atmosphere by requiring no dues and relying upon voluntary do- nations of food and money for activities. Unique at Academy, the club has thus accomplished its goal of aiding our exchange student by making her part of Academy. v-'Q I , iffizrf. f 5 Q 1. ,T ' 1 'i ife I ,V 22 . , .g3,,3,'g,!,,'.., ' Q34 'fi . vs wigs X ff Q .N 3? gl vi, , , f ..v, H ,fs , f +53 If s .L -K 'jig , . J'-2 " , ffl, "4 1 Y li: . 'f'4'f-i . f 1 .1 13"-'K' it f' ' , t' fri, NOND ROW-John Krogulec, Ar entina' Rolando V hmeister - E , Y , ileg Ed Matta, Peru: Mats Larsson, Swedeng Gunther Clares lchok, Germany. your friends abroad K 1 Miss Mong explains an English assignment to Rhichard Rhodes and Tao, our foreign exchange student. 4 M -.M ue- .V 12.1 Tao and Karen Brocious tape their talks for Speech Class This year's exchange student, Srinuan Charussilp, came to Academy from her home in Bangkok, Thailand and found her new surroundings 'iconfusing and exciting." Living with Lana Schneider, her American parents, and two brothers, our AFS rep! resentative soon became one of us. Tao, as she was known to fellow students, was a basketball enthusiast and sloppy joe fan. She enjoyed classes in her favorite subjects, French, and American History, but always welcomed an assembly. .fy - ' Q. W 4 in av ik ,-A ' 5, . Q ',+.,.,1,. f , i ,' 1555.-fy.. . ,:.:.',,, 71 - , ?5S:ff 1sj'1f 75' K 25 ?422AE W- ff' 1 T gm? ' ft' . 2 , 4 if 'frm Ve: if ffifif' 1 K Y 'Q -4 ,Z W --' o ,.:. Q-1 W, fwir' nigga? -3 ',,, 3 1 Qi? - tw? .2 - xffgrl S ,f 4 1 -.f".Tf ,V m. ,,, ,. A ,. 'f 1' Q , . ,f-,"H.v", ' . f lfiiv 4?'A4?N'5 'K TLLS4? .I ,iz-J I 3' bgsif, , ' gy- r' Ki' 35 ,f-" 9 Qi I am a stander-in-line, a wearer of loafersg a receiver of chair, desk, book, dream a student. Being a student is a little frightening it's exciting it's unique - it's beginning as a Sophomore, it's continuing as a Junior. underclassmen vw-1, Being a member of the Junior Class offers privileges not allotted to sophomores, but it does not carry the responsibility associated with senior ' membership. Juniors forfeited the cold, isolated balcony reserved for sophomores for main floor assembly seats. Health ser- vices included physical, plus tuberculin and audiometer tests. Juniors looked toward the future through participation in college prep or vocational courses. Those planning to attend college took the PSAT, the College Entrance Examination Board tests, and the National Merit Scho- larship Qualifying Test. They were also permitted to take Advanced Placement American History, a' college level course. Those interested in a business career en- rolled in bookkeeping, typing, and shorthand classes. The annual Kiwanis Day program gave all class members an occasion to observe successful Erieites at work in various fields of endeavor. Second semester saw a limited percentage of class members inducted into Academy chapter of the National Honor Society. As in previous years, the all-junior prom committee successfully planned the most spectacular social event of the school year-the Junior-Senior Prom. After eleven years of aspiration and hard work, class members are eager to assume school leadership in September of 1967. ' 1 .V Wie tiff-' 41. - Robert Acker Darlene Adams .lean Adams Kenny Adams Mary Adams Donna Aichner We return to Aeademg as Juniors . 5 'f 4.5 36' ' f 1 g f l X : t Q1 ra! "' ' ' it eff. f Q- 1 1, K , - A ,. -I . -x 4 , J ,. Q 1 K. 'L Nair f az . 3 . , 'egg' " ,A .Age X . Q am' , , - ' - 1 2 2 . 't .. A It 0 A Q ar... 'B-at " L ' i 4 1514? :if M53 a Q We 1E'i?5.Z?f'L-F. l 'f.1.:er'. t in 1 ' 4 f 'J 4 .. kd- f 1 . . L '1 .Q t J , .jig We ,. Q we ., , Q I .V K ii. S t this Carolyn Akns Robert Aldridge Barb Allamon Jim Allison Dave Amann Karen Amon Art Anderson .loyce Anderson Larry Anderson Barbara Ankiel Yvonne Anthony Larry Applebee William Askins Ronna Averbach Dave Baker Martha Baker Sharon Balczon Dave Ball Michael Banister .lohn Baranski George Barczyk Jacqueline Barnett Ella Rec Barney .leff Barninger fa waz , J Q ff- 4'-0 K"l'h .31 V.. gc QA an ' -Q-,J 32, t uk M A e .iq V ,V,- -X 41, k ilt I K I W ll' Q J l 6 fy, V .2 '77 " I 1 1 ,. in ll sn' sr Class of '68 l , , . Janie Brocious 'Q l fi fl David Brown ' - 1 ,K ' r vi Ae Q in Colleen Barton Ernie Baume Janice Behr Diane Beierschmitl Thomas Beightol Put Berringer Don Berry Janice Biletz Roberta Billingsley Cheryl Bires Beth Biser Margie Blood Gary Boesch Willie Bolden James Boyd Peggy Boyd Sue Brenneman Marilyn Brewer , r he .3 Gary Brown 'gl Y 'Y' , Penny Brown . , " Q 5 1 . x 4- ' ' ' ' .561 Greg Byran Q im - Cheryl Buckner rg, I 5' 64 VN I B N 025 W 5 is E4 Q 4 A f K 1 l it Q. Z Jackie Bukowski . fr R Judy Bukowski , Cv' ,L iii, ' Jane Rupert helps Ginny VanGeem complete her ribbon bouquet ,EMR All X at Cinny's Sweet Sixteen Tea. 4 . . ' flax - 5 .x 111m ' LJ Q' A J Ju 1 'N l - X if Mx C . V25 fi... J . 1-g 1' gait. 81, ' x fkVA 2523 . li? - CTX Q.. i Y J 3 ' , Q e 4 A 1 C -5 . . ' 1 -. 5171 N . rv in J 3 y 9, . ' I 'fyx V . ,Si QL-7 1 J 5' X51 - . X ' X: ' J' W . 52 4 , 'iv 4' C it J N - -an l "' .., .' by V my J fr .C . , x ox, Hi ,V 61' ' mga . 18 'E . m1'6d5 leaf fs a I' Y'-Pig '5 Larry Buman Beth Burhridge Jim Burford John Burnett John Burns Linda Caito Anne Caldwell Thomas Callahan Gae Campbell Margaret Candia John Capouiello Ken Carlson David Carr Richard Carter Candy Chacona Barbara Chaffee Kathy Chase Karen Cherry Joanne Chiota Chip Christensen Kathy Cichetti Ed Cieslak Chuck Clemente Jan Cole We are oaughi in ihe middle Howie Wexler pauses aft reading signs advertising I 1967 Academe. x . WW. Betty Conner 3 ya Dianne Corapi ' .f " ' V' , Liz Coverdale ., LM -V i I V. ,V . J Judy Crissman , . - a 'rr 9 T Bi11Crumb1y , A 'K i--99? Robert Crumbly X I Cheryl Culver , I ' I K Gary Curgming ' - V A L Q . Q Thomas urley 4 -. ' .1 fi ir QV' Q W 1 Q1 Diane Dabney J ' hay, . 'gf +'Qie ' , Deborah Damore ' ' ' ' ' Q57 Q Kenneth Daub ' I S' V , , W V A 5 f il A 'X, 'X ' l - Tom Davis 2: " , .Q Nancy Deak L M . . iz, F kD n ' K -1' A ' dj ' Riff sm. Saialziy Diiiofrio 5 ,. 'JJ , , . f V R , Linda Deuel ' ' , - W .., ' ' :' Jim Dinges ' ' .V 'W 4 r .A 1. logo Ne warg ' 2 -3" my A , . 4 J Kauiy Ditrich 'T . 7 W , 5 , , , . , e Qs Robin Ditzel " .xl L1 ' L -Q ,V ,gy 'C IO' Vw Rene Doifi . 6 4, K-'Q-Z? , ' 3-K , ' f -34 GJ! x ...f Elm ligrukowski - r - , '-', W ' ' ' reg orau 2 , b ' A A K ' as Rick Duda ' A Q LL fix classes . . . beiween iwo Barbara Dugan Joan Dunoombe David Dunson Julie Duplanti Marrion Dun' Jimmy Durst Kathleen Dylewski Mary Dylewski Dan Edmonds Ronald Eicher Dave Emmons Samuel Epps Susan Erickson Jack Evans Mary Evenson Mark Fainstein Monica Feight Dave Fetzner 5 sql .J ' t Wxf. ffl : . 1 7 X E,-9.-i Www, iq' A., ah 'P Q z. J ' Asif ' if H. 'I 1 04. x :YV 54 pr I VJ! Q 7' , gg- J Ax la is ,, 'P in 'Fr 3 . 'Q an fi all Don Fiolek Donna Foulkrod Mary Fowler Karen Fox Kathy Fox Pete Freed Charlene French Wilhelrninia Fulton Donna Gabin Elaine Gabin Clyde Galt Jessica Gamble Mike Gangemi Larry Gates Gary Geiger Sandy Gentile Kenneth George Sue Gifford Peter Gilewicz Cathy Gilman Janice Gleichsner Marc Gold Barbara Golubski Burt Golumbic Rita Gore Agnes Gomey -4, 44 Wi' r A 5 X K K N55 4' Vai w at fx. 1, . 1 between humilitg and pride . x V A R' hqfcyqi' G E 2'i'v:i'i1 ' e""'ltn51 -. Q 1 V V . 257 2 . 7,1 mf' 'v 9 ., ' ' J ,hy ffaa weq . ' 1 ' - 1 Mk '95 , Eff. ' Maas G J.V. Cheerleaders: Jo Kaufman, Marty Parrish, and Taffy Youn during halftime at a .I.V. basketball game at Tech. Mark Graham John Granahan J im Green Linda Green Barbara Greener Sue Gregoroff M sa. . .gg fs . 1' ' , f f' X l' sf 5' ,Y ' gi V 5 :W l X19 Y XS ,:. VA fm t n , - N21 'of fA z 'is w 6 4. 'Qt .' Q, ,,-N. Beth Biser, Bob Salibrici, and Irwin Nathan act out scenes from Macbeth in front of their English class. between faniasg and realiig. ,. ,- '92 Pig! L differ ,lie A .f L 7:-cr 4.-' 5, 1 N? i L Y I cf f 'Q nf . 5? . 4- 'G . f -1 1, W , ,S , ,xv 5 we 5 a, - if " 5. x " H N .,.'f,1' K-If c.. -, ,s ,., fix 7' .T 'rt ,h guna: ' Q eju stay -4 'ea K 'li' " ' I . 4 N , glial, ,Aquil- N0' 1, dif f . ' e f.,-fa? Dave Crochulski Gerald Gulick Ronald Guzek Nancy Haas Virginia Hain Michael Haines Donald Hake Harold Hall .lean Hamilton Leslie Hamilton Lois Hamilton Terry Hamilton John Hammond Linda Hammons Pat Hanlin Barbara Hardy Dessie Harris Wilma Harris .lane Harrity Sandra Hartleb N ancy Hatch Jacqueline Heidelberg Alice Henderson Lee Henderson 0" ft Patricia Henneous Kathleen Henning Allen Hensley Susan Herbstritt Doris Herscowitz David Hertner Ann Herzing Diane Higby Barbara Higgin Edwin Hilbert Joel Hirt Al Hodas V i H ff , Q , ., . . . . 1 ' S ' gf ' 1. ' ' Q Q - - Jim Hodas 1 - . . , ' ' 5? ' i Robe t H ff Q 5. xg, ,: ' .N - ,. , 4 Davi.iHJi1man at "-rf A Af. .Q 1, if FQ? Mike Holdsworth hi K' ' Real' . 1 'Q as Glenn Holland K R f , Wi Phoebe Hoobler A ' l A 4" 'id We are eager . . . X ij ,,...,M . - ,,. 4 1 D' H ki , ,. ' Q as Columhus House f ' M' " fs ' A, ' Dorothy House Y-1 3 V' A el 6' David Hull James Hunter H .4 . H sig! ,S ' t Sue Nagle sketches model Cynthia Klein in Art Class. f , ffl wal ' -vi if ' f I 14 f J' A -'C ,w iv Q S 4 Ld L, jg, J ., We J X -Q, 1 Y X, aff. dz, XA - ,Q,.,gb I fab., ' if C: -V . , gif.. '- I Q75 . Q- Y , -.7 Q xv ' J . x 3 A , V, W igl33:'..J ,- x I ,cv tif P :fy 'ln ' 1, .. ei apprehensive 5... L . Q39 . t, Q , .ra-1 48 '-v ' --v hu i mf! ,ff K 'jg , , ..' TX w F . x . . 'awww .umm I -KA , Y -Q , l. ' 4'Qgs.,.z?.R 3 I . L 1 - 1' 'Mi 'W eg gl il W' blnx ,f r a, f - 44 , ,s A ,.. , If 'C Q6 it ' 'Ia .L C - 'L' e-3-7 .551 Qi 'El 'J r- 'V ,U AY 'J " J 'i Knits K. iff WL A-L X Cx P K gl QA' K W dl , ti K 'ET' fa 53' A Y 3 ' T' 1 Q ' XX sn. A ...f lv ,-Q an shf in -- Q ,ur Bruce Huntington Peggy Irwin James Jagodzinski J oan J anke Jacqueline Jenkins Deborah Jensen Bob Johnson Debbie Johnson Debbie Johnson Jeff Johnson Betsy Jones Bruce Jones Reva Jones Virginia Jones Linda Jordan Patti Jorgensen J 0 Kaufman Daniel Kay Mary Ann Kelley Daniel Kensinger Howard Kemer Douglas Kestel Linda Kight Kathy Kindle John Kinner Cynthia Klein J eannc Kling Betty Kloss Margaret Kowalczyk Rosie Kownacki Donna Kraus John Kruger Susan Kuneman Joel Kurtz Larry Landon Scott LaVange Jeff Law Patti Lindquist Cleopatra Lindsey John Lindsey Lenny LoCastro L. C. Logan X fr? Marcie Tanner beams proudly as Trooper Infantino stamps her permit .6 ,, passed . Frank Macko Alberta Madara ' 9- .A 'H Judy Majersky . , If A ' X John Maleno Q3 L 31 Cf Deena Mandelsohn -I , , Q -' "KI, Ann Mariendo . . 'l A ff' .Asa X p XL.-i va Linda Lohse Joan Lombardozzi Mozella Long Robert Lubin Barbara Lucore Cathie Lynch ,- We are secure t - , f ft M ft 1- , Patty Manley. N Brenda Mannmg David Manson Qt. 'ig K Rita Mauus N' -- A .W 7.45 'A 2 , ' ' , M- K Cindy Marshall cv 159' , 'Q ' vw Lois Marshall f if K ,G f XX N X Carol Marther 5, Chic Matthews '- Linda Matthews ' L , i f ' ' Jeanine McAllister ' Q", ' Q a" f gk, Q . Marylee McBride A 1 ' 11 I ,Q ' Q Lf . Joyce McCarty -N t XJ! K ' 1 " '1 ' ' r John McCaus1and 3 Q? , b Herb McCullough .N ' W - ' Sandy McCurdy 9 la S 1 v' 5 , A' ' x ly Frank McFadden ' wat" V Z., , is w 3 i . f cami McIntosh M if ,-71 ' ,, -- qv p A Mary McIntosh lg ' X ,f t 3 , A 3 L K' X ff ,L 1 , A L4 ff . I -f M Q rf- Q 1' ms. as mesa. OOO . Q-Q ,, uv 5 4 V 3' Q, 91 w..,5 Xa , . 'X ' X ig 1 is 'QW 1 . X4 I fa, t .U .. lah li gel unceriain. Margie Niederriter Susan Nuber Margaret Ochrang Jerry Odom Sandra Ohman Matthys Olieman Q, ' '.,. 3 gl '. Q, .',:f' ed 7 r 4 , as h gf- Q Lag V l. 68-4. -,A CL ' gd, g -. ..,. I .f i h , is l-.- p .6 F i4 1 Q if ' ij at ' f Xl X ew K Colleen McKenna Mary .lane Meeker Joseph Michaels Thomas Michali Chris Miller Michalina Milone Patsy Milone Christine Mims Mike Minadeo Bob Minnis Oliver Moffett Robert Moffett Shirley Moffett J an Mooney Mary Morgan Cheryl Morrison Kenneth Morrison Susan Nagle Nancy N ardo Irwin Nathan Heidi Neithamer David Nesselhauf Susan Newby Fredrick Newlin Academy's member of the Trask Teen Board, Mary Williamson, tries to make a sale to Barb Dugan and Cheryl Morrison. . Q . 'fn '49 . - 'ff' XJ 'P-I Q vb lllilllli' U"- U .f -zf 2" fxl AL An." Q T, P '97 4 I xx A L ' 4 .f ,sm t, -'x . -In O xy , 4 G .4 1 ' -w .i m y .iw Qi 4- 'bt Fay Opoczynski Mark Palmer Paul Pancerev Millicent Parker Marty Parrish Linda Parlsch Ann Marie Patrone Donald Perry Nick Perry Kris Peterson Paula Petroff Nancy Pfister We sirive io be recognized 1'i-if A il ...sf , is .-.J Sikhs' . Z: A. ,., c.x 'V mfg ' Q N a, if: R a.. 6 L 'TI iff 5 A Ay f RO' 'fl 0. 1 bi .An vw.. '33-1 s 9 c -r P' ix--i X vi fe? .,f.-x - was .,.i -4. yr rt ng Terry Pierce Cynthia Preteroti Catherine Price Betsie Pruyn Scott Putnam John Quien Barbara Quinn Stephanie Radov Carol Randall Sandra Reba Carol Reddecliff Susan Reed Alan Reese Darlene Reeves Sharon Renwick Shirley Renwick Tom Retkowski Lois Riekert Beckie Riesdorph Bruce Rogala James Rogan Marcia Rohde Janet Roscinski Judie Rosenzweig Nancy Rozenek Richard Rounds Dennis Rozumalski Ann Rudolph .lane Rupert Harry Rzomp W lb r' .1 . , wk" -' ' ' er 2- A V l , .. ffl? 3 5 .. ,A nw Q fl H ' ' b-,PN .. ,,.f' in all lhal we do 'Q Xa Q, ,. 'tw -"' Q ,. x-5, 2 G .JL Q fm if mi Al 1' Y, 4 'lf K -ur 1 . r 9 3-an-5' L' W ' jg 12? i :gf 'V junior girls in llnmeruom 15 read about themselves in the Robert Salibrici Dolores Sallat Larry Salter David Sarra Rita Sarra Cathy Saunders .lohn Saurwein Dave Sawtelle Shirley Scales Bill Schaaf Janis Schauerman Karen Scherrer Pauline Scherzer Susan Schmieder Dorothy Schneider Ralph Schwab Carol Schwartz Mark Schwartz Fred Scully Nancy Seely Robert Selke Carol Shafer Randy Shapira Mike Sharkey 'C+ x Cathy Tenebaum quickly reviews her Machcth text at the heginning of English class. 9 U V, ., 'F u lmgi, 4 I .. . Al' is -Q4 '-A Lf X , , y W Q 2 2 'E' , X I 4 L f f' Judy Shever Diane Shilling , A ,QD Qf A 4 - 'Q - .!5"71"WW'i5 'If . 3? I2 ' :v , , ' I E' I David Shreve Donald Shreve Ang fp Annette Simmons Nick Sivillo Ray Skohodzinski 3 ' Q W, Bob Slayton ' 54? Dorothy Smith George Smith We crave the knowledge Larry Smith Lois Smith Rita Smith Rohanda Smith Sharon Smith Alan Snell Raymond Sonlheimer Sonny Sontheimer Dave Spinelli Ronald Spinelli Donald Spinks Richard Spinks ag ' , 3 5 t xi it 4 V .7 I 1 if . hr -eye' , 4 4 Thomas Vogt - S Debbie Walters Q ' . as . '79 4. x 8 ' v X me , fl Y Dianne Walz Lance Wassel Gloria Watson ,If William Weakland OWN X CLASS OFFICERS: Ernie Baume, Treas.g Sue Nuber, Sec.: Cary Brown, V.I',g and Chic Matthews, Pres. We make a place for ourselves ai Academg . -.W mfrzzxz s ff 14 Q fi W Y. N I i Q 'Z AO' wwf , W x 1 f 2 M K . f -'cr LN 'Qui '. ., .., . it 'a , 'uf ,rbi g if 'WI Karen Weaver Karen Weibler Patricia Weil Kathy Welch Arlene Wenzel Howard Wexler Mari Wheeler Martha Wiler Mary Wiler Emest Williams Shirley Williams Mary Williamson Connie Wisniewski Dana Wisniewski Dan Wolf John Wolfe Shelia Wright Patricia Woodard Patrick Wynne Dan Wysocki Susan Yankosky Mary Ellen Yochim Stephanie Young Helen Zuck Melody Potratz sells yearhooks to sophomores: is '53 A beginning for us . . Q 5 hi, L E E. in i J W! i Robin Becker Edward Bednaro Cathy Benes Christine Benjamin Bruce Bemard Mark Betcher Barbara Bick James Bish Grover Bissell Ann Blose Karen Boga Ray Bojarski Patricia Bolger Joseph Bolla Eileen Borawski Diane Bowers Vivian Bowman Bill Breakiron Z 4.1, xr-fs f. Q as . Q ., f' A fc 1- I 'f ' ' YV A nr- I 'i ' l CSX 1 . l :Q K 5 'gre 4 . F' ' ' L Q . i s gy IL 'a H l A ,,-we . wi -'qv , v Class of I 969 Chuck Christoph Sherry Cipolla . 2' , . X A ' " , M ' V-ang. Barry Clark .Q Janet Clark ww fx Qty, X .J - x A Michael Caspar leisurely performs his duty .lim Brinig Diane Brosius Paula Brower Carolyn Brown Robert Brown Rosemary Buckner .lim Burford Cindra Buterbaugh Clair Buterbaugh Debbie Buzzard Charles Byers Sam Byrd Gayle Byrne Joann Calabrese Michael Capozzielln Greg Carson Kimberly Casaclay Denise Casey David Cass Richard Cass Ray Chambers Clayton Charity Mike Charles John Chiota as a hall monitor, Janis Clark Peggy Clark Ralph Clark Donald Clay Steve Close Marshall Cohen Robert Cohen William Cole Barbara Conner Dennis Conner Eileen Conner Robert Conti Robin Cooney Phil Corlglio Randy Covey Bill Crawford Robert Crosby Joyce Cumming SY.-e 59-2 4' X, ,A E73 fe' my 0 Q ' 5. as - 5 ' if X Q li ,f I Cm' L I argl' 2 The change io high school demands ,. dx G f X X 'f , iii .k ax 5 is lx iii 43, . A2 ree:-r if ' 1 in s. 'eff , - b H '3' if I 3 , X' . ,J PM Mg Wa in -rw 'T' es- S' I Michael Cummings Lynda Cunningham Arlene Dahlstrom Thomas Dardanwe Sandra Darr Clyde Davis Freddie Davis Jim Davis Shyrel Davis Sue Davis Linda Dean Dave Devine Karen DiBacc0 Sharon DiBacc0 Marilyn DiLuzio Mary Dine Marc Donocoff Thomas Duke Linda Duma Patrick Dunn Cynthia Durkin J anis Durr Patricia Dziedzic Michael Dzurik David Eckendori Cheryl Egioff Mary Jane Eisenberg William Eller Brenda Enstrom Rose Epps Rick Erickson Brad Evans Margie Evenson Keith Ewer Louis Fallon Lucia Farina Debby Farr Mary Faso Janet Fellows Tom Fendya Rita Fetzner Paul Fillak 1 1 W. ,dm , ' 44 sl I Y-v J Q 3 f f .. if' Ke Kg, ,.,'x.:j1 X.X ff 'D'-i"f.'-" ,vi 1 A -if ,rw-R ,557 ' ji ' x Q 2 Wax! 'lfi ' , .Q " C psgchological adjustments Tom Nolan leaves the confusion of the cafeteria for a quieter place in which to study. Kathleen Fisher Kathryn Fisherowski Jim Fitzgeraild Ann Foley Helen Fong Robert Fong +..1 ' 41 we w, v , I rx 49 1.- -N. f Q 0 5. 1-Q L 'VW f -'Q J' xv, 4 ogg of I1 .GLS 'ef 45 fl X ' 7 1 J' 'sl Lv X iv , X , Q, A 4 ll 'E I A 5" "' L 'L - 1 Sophomores forget the anxieties of school at week end parties. Patrick Forlin Susan Frank David Frantz Carolynn Freligh Roger Fresch Lois Frost Paul F uhrman Robert Gage Lynn Gailey Elynda Gamble Michael Gaspar Charlotte Gavin Barbara Gavins Joanna Geib Thom Gideon David Glenn Barry Goldstein Diane Goldstein Janet Gordon Kevin Grace Lynda Graham RoseMary Gray Barb Green Janis Green i , , fi 1 ' A lp? ' A : 5 , mn . L , ia 'Q Q Q " . gl J 2 ,.,, Q 1 ., - .. .,, x .. rag, fl? ' A . -ga - M xv' 0 J Ee gf! V54 'xl if X W i li f if . . ' 4 'QV 'XWr, w-qfih .-vi Qocua I e com mes ' I IT b' ' 0 o o Linda Harvey Mark Hasewohrl Theodore Hzrzew Patricia Heiplc .loscplr Heitzenrater Shirley Hemphill Pearl Henderson James Henley Revels Henley Tom Hesch Glenn Hess Linda Hill Lillie Hillard Kerry Hillin William Hoduck Jolm Hoderny Pam Holr Leadne Holcombe wlfh academlc hfe . X 3 :G 6 , ' 5' Lf iq. ' S iff! sg x W MM ,, I I x ' 1- f 2 8 en .. .- Q V' vzfrfi J L . f a .4 . ,Q '51, ,' A K. , Dade Gregor Donald Gregor Sue Grehl Robert Greitzer Beverly Griffin Susan Guhish Diane Haglund Jeanne Haglund Susan Hake Richard Hamilton Tom Hammons Jackie Hunrock Janis Hancock .lean Hnnkc Jay Hunks Louisa ll.1nn..1l1 Elizabeth Hansen Phillip Helrtleh . .Q P. my f 44 "W .., . 6 14- I.. -may if ,J Y I MF' A K 4 A dl' Q ,ff l i f , L I VF' 'fi S-'X ......-M--1 u a- . . 2.1 i ' T I 3 ii? J ag. A-lr T' 9-1. fi KW ff 'J' new K. 5 3 K 3... I l. ' N Camille Hollingsworl Patricia Holtz Daniel Howard Jerry Hogdic Michael Hughes Paul Huling Bonnie Hull Nancy Ickiewicz Elizabeth Janick Joanne Janick Richard .laworski Sylvia Jelonek Allan Johnson David Johnson Gail Johnson Judy Johnson Martha Johnson Pat Joint Sophomores encounier new subjecis Barrie Jones Wayne Jones Henry Joyce Antoinette Kaleta Ann Kalinowski Mary Karkoski Beth Kaufman Kathryn Kelly Alica Kennedy Arlene Kennedy Audrey Kennedy Mary Ann Kennedy Dorothy Kerner Karen Kimmel Katherine Kinner Cora Ann Knuth Bob Knuth Steve Kopac Rohert Koppes Paul Kosares Pamela Kristenson John .Kuzmicki Sandra Kyser William Lamberton : 2 A hr , 1 ta L an ' n. ,-il, , S Ve ki I 4' L f' f K, . - f A , +R- 'fr 1 Q Z fiv I , N ' 'V O e 4 'ttf , -. 'B iiilgff ' ei if I . 3 ' , , ., A un , , y. J T w D-QT' 3 f-y. , Vu- 5. 'H 4'-5 A ,.... ,if 3 W 2' '22 , f x A W Q im QV A ,Q u x 'L xt . 'f-V x i", differeni from Junior Hi Vicky Lomay Mike Lossie Fred Love Alan Ludwig Amber Lund Timothy Lutz Grace Lyons Tim Maas Susan Mac Gregor Sandy Mac Murdo Oliver Madrigale Brenda Mallette Terry Manafo Carlton Manus Denise Manus Rose Manus Jeff Martin Theresa Martin Bruce Martinson Sally Maston William Matlock Joyce Mayes Nancy Mazzacotti Sandra McCammon M 4, X AQ 'gi L 14, K s fix N R 7 gh -mr 75' I5 -t ri ,M-f? 1 77 1. ir . iw 2 'K .19 Xb L r Q.. 'ti 2. , L -nv, L hm. X. 4: .QQ 5 L, 41' . L -.Q G lxbr Chris Landis Janet Lesniewski Joel Levin Floyd Limrick' Bill Lindsey Vickil Lomax C , S E z ,., 1 fx L 1.- ,' ' f 'qw Sandi McClinloek Kathleen McGrath Irma McKines Geraldine McLendon John Meister Sharon Mello Gary Messina Karen Meyer Mike Meyer Christine Miller Martin Miller Jane Mills Carrie Mims David Minnis Donald Mitchell , i y 'Q We ' 4' ' I v A sw fox." 'S if lj Q-sr 2 Kim f ' FIV 'E k'n. Joe Modzelewski V Cue . Lary Mowtefiori WW' John Montgomery . . an .Q EIiliT3,WN15F5.5e s jg, -' Kathy Morgan ' L ' ' ' x - . j ,Z ' J d'M ' f M 'Q' ' . Sllszln lllljhillggn . 53' 3 .,f , Michael Morrow V 'N' I .J 5 1 - ,I ' A fx V x P 5 5 ' Tiki-f 'M !aHW H. -V -.ns , ' Sue rg l I ' Y . ,ff I We "1 9 pi ' Ry? ' urr 4 y , 1 :my U I J , 4 ,mflaa fm we s - my aw M Q -Q ' i 4 .. NLM' -N r imggggrlnmilres make a mad dash for seats before an X , Egmiiaivlgllliilir :U Q V A ' f Edward Nicklaus A ' .7'3"' x 1 ' 4: Sophomore twirlers busily polish boots for upper classmen. C 5, my 1 me fi lowlg jobs . . . second besi seais Fred Nicklaus Michael Nicolia Marilyn Niejelski Edward Nitkiewiez Thomas Nolan Connie Noowan Mike Norton William Novomy Tim N unes Dorothy Ochrang Doris 0'Conner Pat O'Connor Eileen O'Hara William 0'Kel1y Kevin Olsen Diane Olson Maryann Olszewski Bruce Onisko Sharon Orelski Michele Orlando Charles Oster Laurie Pace Louis Page George Pancurak 1 s , f Wx do g O, N O .1 X , A hi 1 k 'in N ,, V '37 X . ki .1 6 Mu., do ' , 1 1 V -4 7' i X my r ?ffi.l.' ' J X O A -' , 4 'K Q '- 4, F sf: J K Q if A :L n i? rj 5 Karen Panighetti Debra Payne Dennis Pedersen John Peebles Debbie Pelensky Matt Peplinski Thomas Pepperman Eleanor Perry Linda Petack Earl Peters Mark Pfeffer Douglas Phillips Ann Foley Janet Porris Marty Portenier Melody Potratz Joseph Pratt Don Pross I- Je' 41,5 if lx ',4 in K 6 ix 'r f .x .r 'xi' .4 'Y if pq, , Q 1 g I .-f . 4 .f ,. flax 5. ! , J s".f w e X!" ., 3 if 5, ' 4 f 1 gg, W . his eff . I. .s rl' r V Q ' Q V 2 M y ,,, , ,y s - 'gr i 7 Q: or A iii' il 6 Q -af . 4-,':'21e,-fir ' ' 0 The Sophomore class adds new life J - Ifelhristine. Pursell .gf e . I 325216, A gm Karen Rastetter ' r ,, 'f' Patricia Reba , .1 do ,K y Barry Reed ' ' 'i.' 3 1 ,..-v i X! . .F ifikif f .Q -1 -I X Kathy Reed Ronald Reese ei , Craig Reichert Sherry Reymolds - JoAnn Rhodes Jeanette Richardson B is 4 .A H' '3 af is 1 A Dennis Richter Y Q Richard Ricks Frank Rimpa Maxine Rogers Deborah Rohrer Dennis Rooney - 5 '...f"' f l X an , . f . .,, .,. :ferr ' Q. Sue Rosthauser V Rusty Rothekmel , Nancy Rounds Susan Roward ' M Patricia Rozumalski 1 Henry Rudenski A +0 I 'Q VCX. Stu Scantlebury, Marshall Cohen, Bob Gage, and Kevin Olsen, better known as the Peers, hold one of their ihe siudeni bodg 1 lf tw i 4 4 f S 7 7 . AX I get , . ee-ff , 5:42 i'f3 W ' ' t ' 'V ,f S K A 3 l X ti ,L 1 We of ,BN 'A f gf ' A J.. i ff .Q i if-Q , Q , . Q Victoria Rucller Janet Runiewicz Albert Rush Patricia Rush Hank Ryan Geri Salzello Judy Santi Joseph Sarti Earl Saunders Hanna Savransky Nancie Sayre Stuari Scantlebury Arvilla Schauerman Nancy Schneider Mary Jane Schoening Barbara Schrader Dell Schuerman Sandra Schultz Mike Schwab Frances Schwenk Doug Schwindt David Sebring William Sechrist Paul Semrau Dennis Shannon Kathleen Sheeley Cheryl Sheldon Dolores Sieklucky Karen Sisco Christopher Skopow Barbara Slowikowski Sylvia Slupski Robert Smillie Gary Smith Gwendolyn Smith Marlene Smith Rick Smith Rick Smith Sandra Smith Steven Smith Susan Smith Susan Smith Q' """'. fi 'Z nf "K 2? an '91 . I Q' f -'ef -1 Wi: 4 S J of ,ff us I, ,W 1, ,' ge 1 A , A :fiat A lik . S n... - ? t So phomores are reallg D- . ' X f. ,. "1 , t., 5:7 'ff ff ,f 4, ' . , ? ,cat ,' ,QQ Q fl ka, I H gl 1 t gf! at l K Q , '43 gl Q23 f ie, his ,A L :fn ,t , ' N ' t gr: tg p 'f it' 0 in will if S if . 3-'S A x . ,f rf' t ' af- . gf' if ' :fx.'f 0' A t w ,Y v- A f A -gr Terry Smith Wanda Smith Janie Sneiderman Karin Snider Kurt Snyder Phil Socash Christine Sokolowski Karen Southworth Marilyn Spencer Colleen Spenik Alsn Spitzer Ronald Stalmach Susan Stammer Patti Stang Janice Stankiewicz Earl Stazer Gary Stein Jerry Stein .lames Stinedurf Marilyn Stoops John Stover Barb Susol Karen Swartz Mark Sween Bill Sweeney Thomas Sweeney Ryan Swope Betsy Szumigala Roger Szychowski Thomas Szymecki Dorothy Tate Lerdy Taylor Tom Tell Randy Thayer James Thomas Marsha Thomas Maura Thompson Susan Tivis Marshall Tolley Thomas Torok Roseann Troj anowski Robert Truitt Barb Tupitza Karen Urbanski Lee Valimont Michael VanCise Barbara Vandervort Ken Vasil gp, Q " 4 , . . lxf' XX A 'f. in ihe know" ,fx ' ,-25x rv- ,. K WA s 9 K1 S- Y gf i , Qs s 4 s 1 5 M ,gf 'fu' "7 va A Y --M sr ,... . E ? y 4 A , 5 Q '- an A ' s ,NK x 4 " Xxx N 1 9 K as 1 V .ur i i 'L ' V A A X 'Q . y M i y f 7A of 7 Paul Vasil , Amy Voss I: - If 'N I Charlene Walker 'P' Q I Lynette Wally ' e 3 f sf If f ...- x K, Elaine Walter Pamela Way Sophomores meet in thc halls every morning to discuss the latest HEWS. 'Ry K. , 1 , X .f -fs I ' b CLASS OFFICERS: Kathy Fisher, Secreturyg Beth Kaufman, Treas- urerg Mark Sween, Pres- idenlg Bill Cole, Vice President High School has jusi begun E , N59 Frederick Weber gg., 1 Susanne Webster , I , Nancy Weed r ' llgichanav Wenzel ' -'E aren emicki W t N v Carol Whelpley ff. ' ' 1 .. k L Q W Ax- .. Q 3 -'Erlan--.'l'v,D3!9si. ' Russell White 'Y W A V '- I 4, A O Diane Wilkinson .H ' ' 3, 3 Christine Williamson ' L ,slr Eyle Williamson 4 ' V ' " - inda Wisniewski if .. H' 'T' Janice Wisnewski an I, ., ,g 55' -f Betsy Lou Witz lsr A ,. ' ai ., . N A W can Wolf -f' 'Q Fred Wolfe , N W, , ry ' E K -' Dorothy Wood 1-, K 'rf X ,L ' ,R .E 5 5' Laura Woodard 753' - dv K J K ' " , Wil' Jacqueline Yates . x , W e! Y 1 A A I N x - Gary Youngberg .. SJ W , ' E Carol Zacks . K M 13 " ' Francis Zanohia -5+ ,l I ' if Roberta Zaunegger V-'Z' . , 'wr 'S' 'Qi QQ Mark Ziacik .. " K Harry Zmijewski ' X , .er , fl- f nn. Q on no me ix Mg thanks . . . As the 1967 Academe crawls between its cover and the 1966-67 academic year draws to its close l want to say a sincere 'Thank Youll to everyone who has helped to make this book possible. With- out the untiring efforts of my staff, who accepted the challenge to produce a superior yearbook with eager minds and willing hands, this yearbook would not be accompanied by those memorable hours of work. A mere word of appreciation falls short of my true feelings for my staff's devoted members. Rober- ta Krieger, my loyal assistant, came up with picture ideas continuously, and with me assembled and organized this book. Endless hours of developing, taking, and re-taking of pictures was the task of student photographers: Mike Silver, Jim Tupitza, and Fred Love. Mr. Rollinger, faculty photographer, also helped train the student photographers. Jean Atwell, head of the senior section, and her junior assistant, Colleen Barton, combined picture and layout knowledge to make it an outstanding section. Sport specialist, Pat Causgrove, and his sophomore staff of Bob Gage and Mark Sween worked in- dustriously to capture and cover all sports events. Sandy Stansbury emphasized the student's role in the activities' section, and her junior assistant, Candy Chacona, added just the right spark of creativity needed to handle this section. Mitchell Baker and his staff of Sue Jackson and Janie Schneiderman made the faculty section one of which we can be proud. Beth Burbridge must be com- ,mended on her enthusiasm and fresh ideas which made the junior section an asset to the book. Melody Potratz, a hard working newcomer, featured the sophomores in fine style. Senior Jeanette Struble and junior Karen Weibler wrote and rewrote copy. Our typist, Marci Radov, typed copy, captions, lists, and schedules that go into putting a yearbook to- gether. Our efficient business manager, Joyce Le- wandowski and junior, Mike Minadeo handled financial matters. Mr. and Mrs. Parson have been a great help, and their patience and kindness have been appreciated. Together with the staff, l thank Don Zonno for making it possible to have a larger size book with more pages. For understanding and guidance, l commend Mrs. Bermon who in- spired imaginations to produce a creative yearbook combined with quality. Thank you again The editor f V14 T' l. 41 it , .J '11 if ,. 1 SU, gi-ncrfif' , 4.1 ' - N mf-9 f ,f . ' 4' ' if Xa '- 9' Senior Aoiivifies List . . . JOE ACKERMAN-Acad.-Wrestling 1, 2, 3 GEOFF ALBERTSON-Acad.-Academy-on- Parade 1, 2, 33 Band 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 3, Safe Teens 1, 3, Wrestling 1 DIANE ALLGEIER-Acad. DALE AMIDON-Acad.-Band 1, 2, Chess Club DAVID ANDERSON-Acad.-Monitor 2, Wrest- ing 2 LARRY ANDERSON-Acad.-Football LINDA ANDERSON-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 35 Monitor 2 PATRICIA ANDERSON-Comm.-Bowling 35 Business Club 33 Monitor 3 DIANE ANTOLIK--Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Bowling 35 Monitor 39 Speech Club 35 Y-Teens 1, 3 GLINDA ATKINSON-Acad.-Business Club 3, Red Cross 2, 3 JEAN ATWELL-Acad.-Academe 2, 3, A.F.S. Clgbgg Prom Comm. 2 3 Spanish Club 1, Y-Teens CONNIE AYLSWORTH-Comm.-Bowling 33 Business Club 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 HOWARD BAILEY-Acad. MITCH BAKER-Acad.-Academe 2, 35 A.F.S. Club 2, 3 chairman, Senate 1, 2, 3, Speech Club 3 5 Wrestling 2, 3 BARBARA BALDWIN-Comm.-P.T.S.A. 3 GREG BARAN-Acad. KATHY BARCZYK-Comm.-Chorus 2 WESLEY BARCZYNSKI-Acad.-Art Club 3 DALE BARGIELSKI-Acad.-Baseball 3 3 Wrestling 3 CAROL BARNES-Acad.-Choir 3, Monitor 2, 35 Orchestra 1 CLIFFORD BARNETT-Acad.-Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Football 1 WILLIE BARNETT-Acad.-Basketball 1, 2, Choir 1, 2, 3, Football 2, Track 1, 2 JEANINE BARNEY-Acad.-National Honor Society 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Twirling 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 ROBERT BARNEY-Acad.-Band 1, Basketball 1, 2, 33 Red Cross 33 Track 1, 2, 3, "A" Club 2 officer, 3 RAY BAUER--Acad. JANET BAUGHMAN-Acad.-Cheerleading 2, 33 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 35 Speech Club 1, 2, 3, United Nations 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 TOM BEASON-Acad. RON BEIGTOL-Acad. DENNIS BENDER-Acad.-Safe Teens 13 Spanish Club 1 GAIL BERMAN-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 2, 33 Sen- ate 2, 3g Speech Club 1, 2 officer, 3, Star 1, 2, 3 editor, United Nations 2, 3g P.T.S.A. 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 officer GLORIA BERRINGER-Acad.-Monitor 2, 3 DONNA BETTS-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 35 Bowl- ing 1, 2, Business Club 35 Red Cross 3, Y-Teens 1, 3 MICHAEL BIONDI-Acad.-Football 3, Wrest- ling 3 WALT BLACKMAN--Acad.-"A" Club 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, National Honor Society 2, 33 Speech Club 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 3 LYNNE BLAIR-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 33 Bus- iness Club 3g Monitor 35 Red Cross 33 Y-Teens 1, 3 PAUL BLAKESLEE-Acad. LESLIE BLOOM-Acad.-Band 1, 2, 3, Nation- al Honor Society 2, 33 P.T.S.A. 33 Red Cross 1, 23 Senate 1, 23 Speech Club 3 LINDA BOLGER-Comm.-Choir 1, 2, 3, Mon- itor 2, Pep Club 1 AUDREY BOOSE-Acad.-Choir 2, 3 3 Drama Club 1, 25 French Club 2, 3, Senate 23 Y-Teens 2, 3 SHARON BORAWSKI-Acad.-French Club 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Speech Club 33 Twirling 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3 GEORGE BOYD-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Monitor 2, 3, Speech Club 3 DOUGLAS BREON-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Monitor 3 KAREN BROCIOUS-Acad.-Y-Teens 3 MARSHA BROOKS-Comm,-French Club 2, 3g Safe Teens 2, Y-Teens 1, 3 BRUCE BROSIUS-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 33 Foot- ball 3, Speech Club 33 Track 2, 3, United Na- tions 3 WILLIAM BROWER-Acad.-Band 1, 2, 33 Chess Club 1 ' . CONNIE BROWN-Acad.-Choir 1, 2, 33 Mon- itor 33 Y-Teens 2, 3 CYNDI BROWN-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Cheer- leading 2, 3, French Club 1, Senate 3 5 Speech Club 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 LOUISE BROWN-Comm. RAYMOND BROWN-Acad.-Cross County 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Track 2, 3 CHARLES BRUGGER-Acad.-Track 1, 2, 3 KAREN BRYANT-Comm. PAT BULES-Acad. KATHLEEN BUREK-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 3, Bowling 1, 2, 3, Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 HELEN BUTTNELLY--Comm.-Business Club 3 . MARY CAGNOLI-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Art Club 3, Red Cross 2, 3, Senate 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 DIANE CALABRESE-Acad.-Art Club 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3 officer, French Club 1, 2, Speech Club 3, Senate 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 GARY CARSON--Acad. CORNELIA CANDIA-Comm. VICKI CARCIC-Comm.-Business Club 3, Y- Teens 2, 3 JACKIE CARTER-Acad.-Art Club 3, Senate 3, Y-Teens 3 MAE CARTER-Acad.--Monitor 2, 3, Y-Teens 3 JUDITH CASPER-Acad.-Senate 2, Twirling 1, 2 PAT CAUSGROVE-Acad.-"A" Club 2 officer, 3, Class Officer 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, Senate 1, 2, 3, officer, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Water Polo 1, 2, 3 TAO CHARUSSILP-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 39 French Club 3, Y-Teens 3 BEVERLY CHERICO-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 33 French Club 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, 3 PETER CHRISTOPH-Acad.-Band 2, 3, Lab Asst. 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Acad A F S Club 3' Art CHRIS CLARK- .- . . . . , Club 3 officer, Senate 3 officer, Senior Home- Xu, coming Att. 3, Speech Club 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, 3 JEAN CLARK-Acad -A.F.S. Club 3, Art Club 3, Business Club 3, Drama Club 3, Twirling 1, 2, Y-Teens 3 CHARLES CLEMENS-Acad. DONNA COFFMAN-Comm.-Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Y-Teens 3 DAVID COLE-Comm.-Wrestling 2, 3 PAUL COLLINS-Comm. DIANE COOLEY-Acad.-Chorus 3, Y-Teens 3 DENNIS COONEY-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Red Cross 3, Safe Teens 1, Senate 3, Wrestling 3 RON COUGHLIN--Acad. KATHLEEN CRAMER-Acad.-Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Y-Teens 3 JOHN CRISTEA-Acad.-Choir 1, 2, 3 officer, Glee Club 2, Red Cross 1 DAVID CULL-Acad.-Bowling 3, Monitor 2, 3, Red Cross 1 GARY DAVIES-Acad.-Band 1, 2, 3, Safe Teens 2 MURRAY DAVIS-Acadf-French Club 1, 2, Safe Teens 1, 2 KAREN DICAROLIS-Acad,-Art Club 3, Bus- iness Club 3, Monitor 2, Pep Club 1, Safe Teens 2 TERRY DELIO-Acad. ROBERT DEVINE-Acad.-Cross Country 3, Wrestling 2, 3 STEVE DICKERMAN--Acad.-Band 1, 2 MARJORIE DIEHL-Acad.-Academy-on-Pa- rade 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, Monitor 2, 3, Or- chestra 1, 2, Speech Club 2, Y-Teens 2 CARL DILUZIO-Acad. JUDY DITCH-Acad.-French Club 1, 2, 3, Safe Teens 1, Speech Club 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2 LENORE DODSON-Acad.hMonitor 3 CATH Y DOMBROWSKI-Acad. KATHY DORITTY-Acad.-Business Club 3, Twirlingll, 2, 3, Y-Teens 3 DARCIE DOUGHERTY-Acad.-Business Club 35 Monitor 25 Red Cross 35 Y-Teens 3 BILL DOYLE-Acad.-Red Cross 1, 25 Senate 2 WOLODYMYR DOZORSKY-Acad.-National Honor Society 2, 35 Orchestra 1 KEITH DRAKE-Comm. LAURA DUDENHOEFER-Acad.-Drama Club 1, 25 French Club 1, 35 Monitor 35 Orchestra 25 Safe Teens 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2 DAVE DUFALA-Acad.-Baseball 25 Glee Club 15 Monitor 35 Wrestling 3 GLENN EBERT-Acad.-Art Club 35 Wrest- ling 3 DALE EDELMAN-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 2, 35 Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Drama Club 25 National Honor Society 2, 35 Speech Club 1, 2, 35 United Nations 2, 3 JIM EGNOT-Acad.-Baseball 35 Drama Club 1, 2, 3 officerg Football 15 Red Cross 25 Speech Club 2, 3 officer5 Senate 1, 2, 3 BETSY EHRLER-Comm. ARDIS ELLER-Comm.-Bowling 25 Business Club 35 Safe Teens 25 Y-Teens 2, 3 DOUG ELLER-Acad. CYNTHIA ELLMAN-Acad.-Basketball 2, 35 Bowling 25 Choir 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3 LINDA ERICKSON-Acad.-Business Club 35 P.T.S.A. 3 TOM ERICSONL-Acad.-Monitor 1, 2, 35 Red gross 1, 2, 35 Swimming 25 Water Polo 25 Wrest- ing CYNTHIA EVANOFF-Acad.-French Club 25 Monitor 25 Red Cross 35 Twirling 1, 2, 35 Y- Teens 2, 3 ROSE MARIE FALK-Acad. RICHARD FEDEL-Acad.-Monitor 3 KATHRYN FENDYA-Acad.-Drama Club 35 Senate 1, 3 officer5 Speech Club 1, 35 Star 1, 25 United Nations 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 JEANIE FERDINANDSEN-Comm.-Business Club 35 Monitor 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 CHRIS FIRST-Comm.-Chorus 1, 2, 3 !' l RENEE FIZELL-Acad.-Business Club 35 Monitor 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 GARY FLICK-Acad.-Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 2 JOHN FOLEY-Comm.-Glee Club 1 BEVERLY FOOTE-Acad.-Monitor 3 RICHARD FORCE-Comm.-Baseball 35 Bas- ketball 1, 3 JONNIE FORD-Comm.-Monitor 35 P.T.S.A. 2 PAUL FORTIN-Acad. .QOHN FOSCO-Acad.-Art Club 35 Water Polo LINDA FOX-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 1, 35 Debate Club 15 Monitor 25 Prom. Comm. 25 Safe Teens 15 Senate 15 Speech Club 1, 2, 3 SYLVIA FRANCIS-Comm.-Monitor 1, 2, 3 DAVID FREEMAN-Acad. DANIEL FRELIEGH-Academy-on-Parade 2, 35 Choir 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 JIM FUHRMAN-Acad.-Track 2, 3 PAM GABIN-Acad.-Art Club 35 Drama Club 2, 35 French Club 1, 35 Speech Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 PAULA GANGEMI-Acad. FLANDERS GAVIN-Comm.-Art Club 35 Basketball 25 Track 1, 2 DAN GEERTSON-Acad.-Monitor 2, 35 Ten- nis 15 Track 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 3 CHRYSTAL GEIB-Acad.-Monitor 2, 3 SUSAN GEMLER-Acad.-Academe 1, 2, 3 ed- itor5 Art Club 35 Drama Club 2, 35 Senate 35 Speech Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 TONY GENIS-Acad.-A Club 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Senate 15 Track 1, 25 Wrestling 2 RICHELLE GEORGE-Comm. PAUL GILEWICZ-Acad.-A Club 2, 35 Basket- ball 15 Football 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3 EDWARD GINDLESPERGER-Acad. BOB GLECOS-Acad.-A Club 2, officer5 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 35 Class Officer 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 35 Junior Council 25 Track 2, 3 MARSHA GOLDSTEIN-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 35 Cheerleading 2, 35 Senate 2 5 Speech Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 officer MARY GOLUBIESKI-Comm.-Art Club 35 Monitor 3 ANDREW GORZYNSKI-Comm. PAT GRABOWSKI-Comm.-Bowling 35 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Monitor 3 BONNIE GRAHAM-Comm. DIANE GRANDE-Acad.-Academy-on-Parade 1, 25 A.F.S. Club 35 Art Club 35 Twirling 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 GARY GREGOR-Acad.-Band, 1, 2, 35 Dra- ma Club 15 Red Cross 15 Senate 2, 35 Speech Club 1, 25 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 RICHARD GRIESHABER-Acad. JAN GROSS-Comm. CHARLES GRUTKOESKI-Acad.-Red Cross 2, 3 . JANET GULNAC-Acad.-Red Cross 35 Speech Club 35 Y-Teens 2 JIM HAIN-Acad. DIANA HAMILTON-Comm. gILL HAMMILL-Acad.-Choir 35 Swimming LLOYD HAMPTON-Comm.-Wrestling 3 DENNIS HANCOCK-Acad.-Stage C1'ew 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 3 PATRICIA HANDLEY-Acad.--Monitor 1, 2, 35 Senate 35 Speech Club 35 Y-Teens 2,3 IDA HARAWAY-Comm.-Basketball 2, 35 Bowling 25 Business Club 35 Monitor 35 Red Cross 35 Y-Teens 2, 3 LARRY HARDEN-Acad.-Baseball 15 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3 DAVID HAUSER-Acad. SUE HEIPLE-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 35 Business Club 35 Monitor 35 Red Cross 1, 2, 3 officerg Senate 35 Speech Club 1 JEFF HELFAND-Acad.-Band 1, 25 Latin 1, 25 Orchestra 25 Senate 2, 35 Speech Club 35 Wrestling 3 JOHN HEMMIS-Acad.-P.T.S.A. 3 ALMA HENDERSON-Acad.-Business Club 35 Chorus 1 CORA HENDERSON-Comm.-Bowling 1, 3 JOHN HENDERSON-Comm.-Football 25 Track 2, 3 BONNIE HENSLEY-Comm.-Monitor 25 Y- Teens 3 VICKI HERSHISER-Acad.-Speech Club-1 KAREN HIGHT-Acad.-Art Club 35 Drama Club 2, 35 Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Speech Club 1, 2, 35 Star 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 MIKE HILBERT-Comm. BARBARA HILL-Comm.-Business Club 35 Monitor 2, 35 Star 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 KAREN HILTABIDEL-Comm. MARILYN HINDS-Acad.-Monitor 3 ROBERT HIRSCH-Acad.-A Club 2, 35 Foot- ball 1, 2, 35 Golf 1, 2, 35 Track 2 DANIEL HODACK-Comm.-Track JAY HOLBUS-Acad. KATHLEEN HOLDSWORTH-Acad.-Pep Club CHRISTINE HREHA-Comm.-Art Club 35 Business Club 35 Pep Club 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 FRANCES HUDSON-Comm.-Academy-om Parade 1, 25 A.F.S. Club 35 Art Club 35 Basket- ball 1, 25 Speech Club 3 BRIAN HUGHES-Comm. GEORGIA HULINGS-Comm.-Business Club 3 JOSEPH IESUE-Comm. DAVID INMAN-Comm. LESLIE JACKSON-Comm.-Business Club 35 Prom. Comm. 35 Safe Teens 2 SUE JACKSON-Acad.-Academe 2, 35 Drama Club 1, 2, 3 officer5 Senate 1, 2, 35 Speech Club 1, 2, 35 Twirling 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 VERONICA J ANOWSKI-Acad.-Business Club 35 French Club 25 Safe Teens 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 RAYMOND JENDRASIAK-Comm.-Track 2 JIM J EWELL-Comm. ROBERT JOHNSON-Comm.-Basketball 15 Track 1, 2, 3 953' 2 , ' Q L 1 A 1 gr 4 . -1- i , -"'T'd- -f Q l . 5,5 5 J . 5512? 'J , , 5 , 5 f SQ:.S,,!xgl KL ., 4:83 is iw 'Qc ,,v,uf+r-' 3 Q Q 'f f'fWlJ,,7 x.V4, 1 . ,Q , " '5,A"kk' ,Q .A " ' W4 ,.Ay.,.' sq I I . 'Y 51 99 L Rr -1 f, . X 1. W ' LVM, -' il X . in . DOUG JONES-Acad.-Diving 1, 2, 35 Monitor 15 Track 1, 2, 3 DUANE JONES-Acad.-Art Club 35 Senate 1 SHIRLEY J ORDON-Comm.-Monitor 3 MICHAEL J OYCE-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3 5 Mon- itor 35 Speech Club 3 CHRIS KAPPER-Acad. BRENDA KENNEDY-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 35 Monitor 35 Senate 35 Speech Club 35 Y-Teens 2, 3 BILL KENNY-Acad.-Monitor 35 Prom Comm. 25 Senate 35 Wrestling 2, 3 JUDY KENT-Acad.-French Club 2, 35 Safe Teens 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 DOUGLAS KERN-Acad.-Art Club 3 5 Mon- itor 2, 35 Prom Comm. 25 Red Cross 1, 35 Swim- ming 1, 2, 35 Water Polo 1, 2, 3 BOB KILGALLON-Acad.-A.H.S. Club 35 Art Club 35 Drama Club 2, 35 Speech Club 35 Tennis 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 3 ED KINDLE-Acad. CHRIS KIRK-Acad.-Latin Club 2, Speech Club 3 5 Track 2, 3 LINDA KNEISSLER-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 1, Drama Club 1, 25 Red Cross 35 Speech Club 15 Y-Teens 3 CHERYL KOPF-Acad.--Drama Club 25 French Club 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Y-Teens 2 LINDA KORNACKI-Comm.-Art Club 35 Pep Club 15 Y-Teens 3 I75 PETER KOTULA-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 35 Dra- ma Club 3 SHIRLEY KRAMER-Comm.-Court Attend- ant, Homecoming Queen 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 25 Senate 25 Twirling 1, 2, 354Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 ROBERTA KRIEGER-Acad.-Academe 1, 2, 35 Drama Club 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Senate 1, 2 officer5 Speech Club 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 CAROL KRONE-Comm.-Bowling 35 Business Club 35 Chorus 15 Safe Teens 3 ROSE MARIE KRYSTEK-Acad. JOE KUHN-Acad.-Glee Club 1, 2 ROBERT KUHN-Acad.-Basketball 1, 35 Foot- ball 35 Monitor 2, 35 Senate 25 Track 3 CHRISS KULESZA-Comm.-Business Club 35 Monitor 35 Safe Teens 2, 3 JON KURTZ-Acad.-Baseball 35 Basketball 3 CANDY KYSER-Comm.--A.F.S. Club 35 Art Club 35 Business Club 35 Safe Teens 2, 35 Y- Teens 2 CLEO LABROZZI-Comm. KATHY LACEY-Acad.-Choir 1, 2, 35 Red Cross 15 Safe Teens 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 15 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3 PATRICIA LACKOVIC-Comm.-Monitor 1 CHERYL LANDIS-Acad.-Academy-on-Pa-- rade 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3 JOYCE LASKEY-Acad.-Academy-on-Parade 2, 35 Drama Club 35 French Club 2, 35 Red Cross 25 Speech Club 35 Twirling 2, 3, 4 PAT LAUGHLIN-Acad.-Baseball 35 Senate 25 Track 2, 35 Wrestling 3 SUSAN LEAMY-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 25 Drama Club 25 Monitor 35 Pep Club 15 Safe Teens 2, 35 Spanish Club 2 LINDA LETHABY-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 25 Bowling 25 Business Club 35 Monitor 35 Safe Teens 25 Y-Teens 2 SYLVIA LEVEY-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 2, 35 French Club 25 Monitor 35 Safe Teens 25 Y- Teens 2 MARIAN LEVINE-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 2, 35 Art Club 35 Drama Club 1, 25 Speech Club 35 Star 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 JOYCE LEWANDOWSKI-Comm.-Academe 2, 35 Business Club 35 Pep Club 15 P.T.S.A. 25 Red Cross 35 Y-Teens 3 TOM LINTELMAN-Acad.-Band 1, 25 Track 2, 3 L. C. LOGAN-Acad.-Basketball 1, 2, 3 EMMY LOGUE-Comm.-Academy-on-Parade 25 Bowling 35 Business Club 35 Pep Club 15 Twirling 1, 25 Y-Teens 2 DON LONGNAKER-Acad.-Tennis 15 Wrest- ling 1 DENNIS LOSSIE-Acad. DONALD LUEDKE-Acad.-A Club 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 3 DONALD LUTZ-Acad.-Monitor 35 Track 3 GORDON MADARA-Acad.-A Club 25 Band 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 3 JOHN MAGENAU-Acad.-Drama Club 25 Football 35 Track 2, 3 DARLENE MAHOOD-Comm. CHRISTINE MAJ CHSOWSKI-Comm. ELAINE MAJCZYK-Comm. KATHLEEN MAJCZYK-Comm. A N I T A MALENA-Comm.-Academy-on-Pa- rade 25 Business Club 35 Senate 35 Speech Club 15 Twirling 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 MARK MANAFO-Acad.--A Club 2, 35 Cross Country 1, 2, 35 Monitor 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1 SUE MANCUSO-Comm.-Monitor 2 MARY MANGINI-Comm.-Business Club 35 Monitor 1, 2, 3 VALLE MANTOAN-Comm.-Bowling 1, 2, 35 Prom Comm. 2 CAROL MARKHAM-Comm. HAL MARSHALL-Acad.-Cross Country 35 Drama 15 Red Cross 25 Track 2, 3 GREG MARTIN-Acad.-A Club 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 KATHY MARTIN-Comm.-Art Club 35 Safe Teens 2 RITA MARTUCCI-Acad.-Drama Club 1, 25 French Club 15 Red Cross 35 Senate 25 Star 15 Speech Club 1 JOHN MARZKA-Acad.-Bowling 35 Football 1 TONI MASTERSON--Comm.-Business Club 35 Class Officer 15 Senate 1 RONALD MAY-Acad.-Academy-on-Parade 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 35 Senate 1, 3 PATRICIA MAYES-Comm.-Monitor 3 REGINA MAYERS-Acad.-Art Club 35 Drama Club 1, 2 officer 35 French Club 1, 25 Speech Club 1, 2, 3 officer5 Star 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 LARRY MAYS-Acad.-Academy-on-Parade 1, 2, 35 A.F.S. Club 35 Band 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Red Cross 1, 35 Senate 2 "'1-.XXX-'my DENNIS McCABE-Acad.-Football 15 Speech Club 35 Track 1 MICHAEL McCABE-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 35 French Club 2, 35 Safe Teens 2, 3 BARBARA McCALL-Acad.-Academy-on-Pa rage ?1, 2, 35 Monitor 35 Twirling 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens NANCY McCARTY-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 1, 35 French Club 25 Speech 1, 2, 3 NANCIE McCLIMANS-Acad.-Academy-on- Parade 25 A.F.S. Club 35 Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Senate 25 Speech Club 1, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 WILLIAM McCLOUD-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 35 Safe Teens 3 KATHY McCORMICK-Acad.-Choir 1, 2, 35 P.T.S.A. 2, 35 Red Cross 25 Spanish Club 15 Speech Club 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 PAT McGILL-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 35 French Club 2, 35 Monitor 35 Senate 3 BARBARA McINTOSH-Comm. ROBERT McLAURIN-Acad.-Basketball 1: Football 1 JEAN McLENDON-Comm.--Academy-on-Pa rade 25 Basketball 1, 25 Bowling 25 Business Club 35 Monitor 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2 PATTY McNAMARA-Comm.-Business Club 3 DENNIS MENOSKY-Acad. ALBERT MESSINA-Acad.-A Club 2, 35 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 35 Class Officer 35 Prom. Comm. 25 P.T.S.A. 35 Senate 1, 3 MARCIA MEYER-Comm.-Business Club 35 Safe Teens 2 REGIS MIKESELL-Acad. GARY MILLER-Comm. GLADYS MILLS-Acad.-Band 1, 25 French Club 25 Basketball 1, 2 JOHN MINOR-Acad. TOM MINOR-Acad.-Red Cross 1, 2, 3 SANDRA MITCHELL-Comm.-Bowling 25 Business Club 35 Y-Teens 1 ALAN MONSCHEIN-Acad.-Academy-on-Pm rade 35 Basketball 35 Track 1, 2 TYRONE MOORE-Acad.HAcademy-on-Parade 35 Basketball 35 Track 1, 3 JAMES MOROSKY-Acad.--A.F.S. Club 3 5 Lat- in Club 15 Senate 15 Spanish Club 3 NANCY MORROW-Acad.-Safe Teens 2 GARY MORSE-Acad.-Basketball 2, 3 GARY MOYER-Comm.-Academy-on-Parade 1, 2, 35 Football 15 Track 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 3 JUDY MURPHY-Acad. JAMES MURRAY-Aca.-Baseball 2, 35 Bas- ketball 1 PATTY MUTCH-Comm.-Business Club 35 Y-Teens 3 GREG MYERS-Acad.-Basketball 2, 35 Choir 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2 MARILYN NELSON-Acad.-Business Club 35 Choir 1, 2, 3 officer5 Chorus 15 Monitor 35 Y- Teens 2, 3 TERRY NELSON-Acad.-Band 15 Monitor 2 THOMAS NELSON-Acad.-A Club 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Track 3 NANCY NICHOLS-Acad.-Choir 2, 35 Drama Club 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, 2, 35 Red Cross 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 5 LOUIS NIXON-Acad.-Basketball 1, 35 Speech Club 25 Track 2, 35 Wrestling 2 RONALD NORRIS-Acad.-Monitor 2, 3 GARY O'HARROW-Acad. JOHN OHLRICH-Acad.-Monitor 25 Swimming 25 Water Polo 2 LINDA OLSON-Acad.-Business Club 35 Safe Teens 25 Y-Teens 1 PATRICK OWENS-Acad. BARBARA PACLEY-Comm.-Basketball 2, 35 Business Club 35 Volleyball 25 Y-Teens 2, 3 NANCY PACZYNSKI-Comm.-Art Club 33 Bowling 35 Business Club 35 Y-Teens 3 I77 RICHARD PAGE-Acad.-Art Club 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Wrest- ling 3 JEAN PALERMO-Acad.-Safe Teens 2 LINDA PARIS-Acad.-Bowling Club 3, Mon- itor 3, Y-Teens 1, 3 MARY PARIS-Comm.-Business Club 3 off- icer, Bowling Club 3, Y-Teens 2, 3 ELLEN PAWLIK-Acad. NAOMI PAYNE-Acad.-Chorus 1, 2, 3, Senate 2, Y-Teens 3 MARK PEPLINSKI-Acad.--National Honor Society 2, 3, Track 2, Wrestling 2 GREG PERRY-Acad.-Band 1, 2 , Monitor 2 MARGIE PITZER-Acad.-French Club 2 KENNETH POHL-Comm. DON POLLOCK-Acad.-Baseball 3, Monitor 2, 3, Football 3 BOB PONTIOUS-Acad.-Track 2, 3 BONNIE PORTENIER-Acad.-Art Club 3 officer, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Speech Club 1, 2, 3, Star 1, 2, United Nations 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 officer BETSY POTTER-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 3, Bus- iness Club 3, Monitor 2, 3, Red Cross 3, Safe Teens 3, Y-Teens 2, 3 MARLENE POTTER-Comm.-Monitor 2, 3 CHESTER PROBA-Acad.-Monitor 3 EDWARD PRZEPIERSKI-Acad.-Monitor 3, Red Cross 1 RUTH RADAKER-Comm.-Business Club 3, Y-Teens 2, 3 MARCINE R A D 0 V-Acad.-Academy-on-Pa rade 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3 officer,,Speech Club 1, 2, 3 officer, Star 1, 2, United Nations 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 JAMES RAID-Acad.-Band 1 LORNA RANCUCH-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 3, Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Y-Teens 1, 3 MIKE REED-Acad.-Baseball 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, P.T.S.A. 3, Senate 3 THOMAS ROHDE-Acad.-Chess Club 1, Cross Country 1, 2 RICHARD RHODES-Acad.-Football 1, Wrest- ling 3 PATRICIA RICHARDS-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Basketball 2, Monitor 3, Senate 1, Y-Teens 2, 3 JUDY RIEDE-Comm.-Bowling 3, Chorus 1, Monitor 3 PATRICIA ROBSON-Comm.-Monitor 2, 3 BONNIE ROGAN-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Art Club 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 3, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3 MARY ROGERS-Acad.-Drama Club 1, Mon- itor 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Red Cross 1, 3, Y-Teens 1 YVETTE ROSENBERG-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens 3 JANET ROSENZWEIG-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Art Club 3, Monitor 2, Safe Teens 3 FRANCES ROSIAK-Acad.-Latin Club 2, Sen- ate 1, 2, 3, Speech Club 3 VIRGINIA RUCKMAN-Acad.-Drama Club 2, 3, Monitor 3, Red Cross 2, Speech Club 3 A MARLENE SABETTI-Comm.-Bowling 1, 2, Business Club 3, Choir 1, 2, 3 officer, Safe Teens 2, Y-Teens 2, 3 RICHARD SADLIER-Acad.-Art Club 3, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3 PRISCILLA SALIBRICI-Comm.-Monitor 1, 2, 3 GEORGE SAURWEIN-Acad.-Band 1, 2, 3 BRUCE SCHAAF-Acad.-Band 1, 2, 3, Base- ball 1, Wrestling 1, 2, 3 INGO SCHAMBER-Acad.-Basketball 2, 3, Chess Club 1, Safe Teens 1, 2 BOB SCHLAUFMAN-Acad.-Band 1, 2, 3 LANA SCHNEIDER-Acad.-Academy-on-Pa- rade 1, 2, 3, A.F.S. Club 3, French Club 2, Twirl- ing 1, 2, 3 leader, Y-Teens 3 MARIJANE SCHNEIDER-Comm.-Y-Teens 1 CINDY SCHOENING-Comm.-Chorus 1, 3 l78 X "Nix r X 1 r. Q 2' ra .-,, A :bww an 2 6 I 'Av- 3-1 5 I Q, Q, 3, A, V5 i 'N : 1 -.1 CAROLYN SCHUTTER-Comm.-Business Club 33 Choir 1, 2, 3 3 French Club 1, 2 3 Senate 2, 33 Y-Teens 2 MIKE SCHWINDT-Acad. PAT SCHWINDT-Acad. DAVID SHAFFER-Acad.-Art Club 33 Base- ball 33 Basketball 13 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 JEAN SHANNON-Comm. JANET SHEA-Acad.--Choir 33 Chorus 1, 23 Drama Club 33,Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Speech Club 3 JOHN SHERBIN-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 33 Drama Club 33 French Club 23 Safe Teens 1, 23 Speech Club 33 Wrestling 3 CINDY SHREVE-Comm.-Bowling 1, 33 Bus- iness Club 33 Monitor 23 Safe Teens 23 Y-Teens 1, 3 PATRICIA SHREVE-Comm.-Bowling 13 Pep Club 13 Y-Teens 1 ROBERT SHUTTS-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 1, 2, 33 Chess Club 1, Red Cross 1, 2, 33 Safe Teens 1, 23 Senate 2, 33 Water Polo 3 JIM SIEBER-Acad. MICHAEL SILVER-Acad.-Academe 2, 33 A.F.S. Club 33 Track 23 Wrestling 2, 3 LINDA SIMMONS-Comm.-Y-Teens 3 NANCY SINGER-Acad.-Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 co-capt. 2, 33 French Club 1, 2, 33 United Na- tions 2, 3g Senate 2, 33 Speech Club 1, 2, 33 Y- Teens 1, 2, 33 officer JOHN SIVAK-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 3 RONALD SMITH-Acad. SUZANNE SMITH-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 33 Dra- ma Club 1, 2, 33 Safe Teens 23 Speech Club 3g Star 1, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 MARC SNELL-Acad. DENNIS SNYDER-Acad.-Football 13 Track 2, 33 Red Cross 1 CARLA SPITMAN-Comm.-Bowling 1, 3 off- icer3 Business Club 33 Pep Club 13 Safe Teens 1, 23 Speech Club 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 LINDA SPITZER-Comm.-Business Club 33 Y-Teens 3 NANCY SPONSLER-Acad.-Academy-on-Pa rade 1, 2, 33 Art Club 33 Monitor 2, 33 Senate 13 Twirling 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 3 CHARLOTTE STADLER-Comm.-Business Club 3, Mimeo Shop 33 Monitor 3 KAREN STALEY4Comm.-Life Saving 1, 3g Monitor 2, 33 Red Cross 3 SANDRA STAN SBURY-Acad.-Academe 2, 33 French Club 1, 2, 3 officer3 Monitor 13 Safe Teens 13 Speech Club 1 PHILIP STARK-Comm. D CHERYL STEADMAN-Comm.-Y-Teens 3 BILL STEPHENSON-Comm.-Basketball 1, 33 Monitor 2 R BARBARA STONE-Comm.-Business Club 3 KATHY STONEBURNER-Acad.-French Club 33 Speech Club 33 Twirling 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 MARY LOU STOREY-Acad. LINDA STRIGHT-Acad.-Choir 33 French Club 1, 23 National Honor Society 2, 33 Orchestra 13 Speech Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 3 WILLIAM STROMENGER-Acad.-Monitor 2, 3 JEANETTE STRUBLE-Acad.--Academe 33 A.F.S. Club 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 33 Speech Club 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 CAROL STRUCHEN-Comm.-Chorus 1, 2, 3 NANCY SUDDARTH-Comm.-Business Club 33 Y-Teens 3 MARCIA SULESKI-Comm.--Monitor 1, 33 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3 SANDY .SULLIVAN-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 33 Drama Club 13 Monitor 33 Senate 33 Y-Teens 2, 3 GARY SWARTZ-Comm.-Band 1, 2 BEVERLY TEEL-Comm.-Bowling 13 Bus- iness Club 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 13 Senate 1, 3 STEVE TETUAN-Acad.-Band 13 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Drama Club 3 KATHRYN TERRY-Acad.-Chorus 13 Monitor 2, 33 Spanish Club 33 Y-Teens 3 LENA THOMAS-Acad.-Monitor 33 Pep Club 13 Y-Teens 1 WESLEY THOMAS-Acad.-Track 2, 3 BURT TODD-Acad. SANDY TOPEL-Comm.-Business Club 3 3 Monitor 23 Safe Teens 1, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 VIRGINIA TOWNS-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Drama Club 13 Spanish Club 1, 23 Speech Club 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 JIM TUPITZA-Acad.-A Club 2, 33 Academe 33 Senate 33 Speech Club 33 Swimming 1, 2, 33 Water Polo 1, 2, 3 TOMMIE TWILLIE-Comm.-Basketball 1, 2, 3 PATRICIA ULRICH-Comm.-Monitor 2 THOMAS ULRICH-Comm. CAROLYN UNDERWOOD-Comm.-Bowling 3, Business Club 3, Choir 3, Chorus 1, 2, Red Cross 2 BOB VAN DRESAR-Acad.-Football 1, 2, 3, Monitor 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 1, Wrestling 1 SUZANNE VENEZIANO-Comm.-Art Club 3, Monitor 2, Red Cross 1 LINDA WADSWORTH-Comm.-Business Club 3, Drama Club 1, Y-Teens 2, 3 JAMES WAGER-Acad. BEVERLY WARD-Comm.-Business Club 3, Twirling 1, 2, Y-Teens 3 DEAN WARNKEN-Acad.-Class Officer 1, 2, Monitor 3, Senate 1, 2, Wrestling 1, 2 DONNA WASSELL-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, Art Club 3, Choir 3, Senate 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 DENNY WEBER-Comm. CHARLENE WEDDIGE-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 3, Business Club 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Safe Teens 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 TIM WELSH-Acad.-Monitor 2, 3, Prom. Comm. 2, Red Cross 1, Senate 1, 2 LINDA WERNICKI-Comm.-Business Club 3, Y-Teens 3 ANN WHELPLEY-Comm.-Acaderny-on-Pa- rade 2, 3, Business Club 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 3, Twirling 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, 3 BOB WHITE-Acad. LINDA WHITFORD-Comm.-Business Club 3, P.T.S.A. 2 PRESTON WHREN-Comm.-Choir 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3 '39, O 4723! Z Q CHRIS WIENCZKOWSKI-Acad.-A.F.S. Club 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Poetry Interpretation Contest 2, Speech Club 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 KATHRINA WILDER-Acad.-Chorus 2, 3 BILL WILKINSON-Acad.-Band 1, 2, Star 1, 3 LINDA WILLIAMS-Acad.-Basketball 1, 2, Chorus 3, Monitor 1, 2, 3, Oratorical Contest 2, Y-Teens 2 TERRY WILLIAMS-Comm.-Choir 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Red Cross 1, 3, Wrestling 1 CINDY WISNIEWSKI-Comm.-Business Club 3, Pep Club 1, Safe Teens 3, Y-Teens 3 ROSE MARY WOLF-Comm.-A.F.S. Club 3, Art Club 3, Business Club 3, Pep Club 1, Y- Teens 2, 3 GARY WOMELDORF-Comm. LINDA WORK-Acad.-Choir 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, P.T.S.A. 3, Senate 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 DAVID YAPLE-Acad.-Art Club 3, Baseball 2, 3, Football 1 WELLIE YAPLE-Acad.-Wrestling 3 LINDA YARUSSI-Comm.-Business Club 3, Chorus 3, Y-Teens 3 DAVID YATES-Comm.-Art Club 3, Choir 2, 3, Drama Club 3, Monitor 2, Speech Club 2, 3 MARY LOU ZALAS-Comm.-Academy-on-Paf rade 2, Business Club 3, Pep Club 1, Safe Teens 1, Twirling 1, 2, 3 STEVE ZEMKO-Comm. MARGARET ZUCK-Acad.-Monitor 2 LAURA ZYGAI-Comm.-Drama Club 1, 2, Red Cross 1, 2 Vu, 96 Ti' Q", ,mallyar cw' A :W lr'-A W, V , ' mfx il", , gvifxakfb Yi Af' f. ' ' Ig. .rg t f . 9 general index Academe .,....... ....46 Acknowledgmenis ,,.. .... 1 7 I A Club ......... .,.. 6 5 Adminislralion ,.....,, .,.. I 8 American Field Service ..... .... I 36 Ari Club ....,......, 62 Band ..... 52 Baseball ..... 86 Baskelball ,,.., 78 Business Club . . . 50 Cheerleaders ,,.. 56 Choir ......... 58 Counselors .,... 22 Cross Counlrg. . . 76 Drama Club ,... 69 Facullg ...... .... 2 4 Foolball ..........., 72 Foreign Exchange Sludenl ..., .... I 37 French Club ,........ Girls' Chorus . Golf .....l.... Juniors ......,.. J.V. Baskelball ,,.. ....63 ....59 ,..,9l l4O ....8O J.V. Foolball ..,.......,. .... 7 4 Mr. and Miss Academe .,.. .... 9 6 Monilors ...... 68 Nalional Honor Socielg ..,.. .... 4 4 Orcheslra ,...,.4..4... .,.. 5 3 Red Cross . . , 64 Sale Teens ,.., 51 Senate ........., ,... 4 2 Senior Aclivilies . , . . . . T72 Seniors .,..... 98 Sophomores 4 . . . 4 . 155 Spanish Club ..... .... 6 2 Speech Club ..... .... 6 O Slage Crew ..., ..., 6 9 Siar .....,. 48 Swimming . . . 82 Tennis ,.... 90 Track .... 88 Twirlers ,,..... 54 U.N. Commillee 45 Waler Polo .,..,. .... 7 7 Wreslling .... 84 Y-Teens . . . 66 Abhate's Hi-Lo Food Market AKD Printing Company Guy E. Allen 81 Sons Harold Allhouse H. C. Amacher, M.D. American Hollow Boring Company American Sterilizer Company Mickey Anderson Amusement 8t Welding Company Anson Tools Arfax Camera Studio Arrow Drug Stores Arrow Tool 81 Manufacturing Company Ralph D. Bacon, M.D. Issac Baker 81 Son Inc. Aubrey J. T. Barton, D.D.S. Battersby Chiropractic Clinic Attorney Byron A. Baur Baxter Accountants .l. H. Bennett Storage 81 Carting B. Berman Mattress Company Bernard Bros. Concrete Products, Inc. Emil Beyer Jewelers George A Blair Painting Company Blockls Billiards R. C. Bloomstine Agency, Inc. Blossey's Tuxedo Rentals G. P. Bohlender, M.D. Boldt Machinery 81 Tools .James S. Bonney Boyd Welding Company Attorney Richard E. Brabender F. Joseph Brinig, M.D. Brown-Jones Drug Stores I . Patrons . . . John Brown Flower Shop Brugger Funeral Home Bucyrus-Erie Company Burhenn's Pharmacy Burham Lumber Company Canada Dry Bottling Co. The Carpet House of A. 81 M. Bauman Censi's Manufacturing Co. Central Lahor Union 81 Industrial Union Council John S. Chaffee, M.D. Clifton Automatic Screw Machine Products William W. Cohen, M.D. Colony Inn R. W. Crawford .James H. Cross Company C. A. Curtze Company P. A. Cutri Company Darling Jewelry Company Dr. Donald Davey David Jewelers A. .l. DeSantis, M.D. Msgr. Homer C. Dewalt Dr. 81 Mrs. E. L. DiCola D. 81 K. Stores, Inc. Edward C. Doll Don's Model Shop Gertrude Driscoll William H. Druckemiller, M.D. Duggan-Rider Office Supply Company Duggan's Service 81 Appliance Company Dunn 81 Wolford Judge James B. Dwyer Milton Engel, M.D. Epp Furniture Company Equitable Life Insurance Society Erie Book Store Erie Business Center Erie Business Machines Co. The Erie Ceramic Arts Co. Erie Chair 81 Dish Rental-Sales Erie Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Erie Commercial School Erie Concrete 81 Steel Supply Company Erie Dairyland, Inc. Erie Day School Erie East Pharmacy Erie Farm Products Company Erie Forge 81 Steel Corp. Erie Industrial Electric Supply Corp. Erie Industrial Supply Co. Erie Insurance Exchange Erie Malleable Iron Company Erie Mantel and Tile Company Erie Optical Company Erie Paint Company Erie Plating Company Erie Sport Store, Inc. Erie Stonn Seal Company Erie's Technical 81 Business Employment Service Erie Technological Products, Inc. Erie Travelodge Eriez Local 620-United Papermakers 81 Paperworkers Erie Zoollogical Society Ervite Corporation .John J. Euliano, M.D. B. F. Fields Moving 81 Storage Enoch C. Filer Finish Engineering Co., Inc. Firch Baking Company The First National Bank of Erie Forget-Me-Not Florist Paul Francis, M.D. Fr-ank's , Cleaners Bob Frick Electric Drs. J. D. Friedlander 81 M. D. Hoch From a Friend Frontier Cake Shop Fuhrrnan-Brown Precision Tool 8: Mfg. Most Rev. John Mark Gannon, D.D. Al Gardner and Bud Faulhaber Carl F. Geigle, M.D. General Contractors Supply of Erie, Inc Mr. 8: Mrs. David S. Gifford Gillespie Machine 81 Tool Company Gonser Garage Charles L. Graham Real Estate The Rich Greene Company Grise Film Library John Grode Florist Gustafson Optical Company Hagan Business Machines Haibach Brothers, Meat Packers Halders Service Station Hamilton Lumber Company Hammermill Paper Company Hampton House Attorney Jim Hanes J. Hartline 81 Sons Henneous Motor Express Henri, Hair Fashions Herbst Jewelers Hess Brothers Optical Co. Heyl Physicals Supply Co. James T, Hogan, Alderman Home Builders Assn. of Northwestem P House of Flowers Huzar's Club Irving's, Inc. Jack Frost Donuts Jarecki's Jewelers 81 Silversmiths Dr. 81 Mrs. Vincent L. Jenco ,Ierilu Fruit Center Dr. Walter L. Jewell Johnson 81 Flick Tire Service Jordan Electronic Company J. S. Juiliante Kaiser Aluminum 81 Chemical Corp. Dr. Edward E. Kemble Jack Kenehan Appliance Repair Kimmel Rubber Stamp Sr Printing Works Dr, 81 Mrs. H. W. Kinter Klein Plating Works Francis V. Kloecker Funeral Home K-Mart Plaza Knox, Pearson and McLaughlin Kollmann Manufacturing Co. Kraus Electric Co. Dr. John N. Kraus Dr, 81 Mrs. Mortimer Krieger M. A. Krug 81 Son, Shoes Laco-McMullen Company Lakeland Plastics Company Lake Shore Pattern Works Lakes Engineering Company Dr. and Mrs. William D. Lamberton Dr. John S. Large Lark's Restaurant R. W. Legler Plating Works Lic-Loc Food Dist., Paul Licato Lindahl's Upholstery Lord Lynch Camera, Inc. Lyons Transportation Lines, Inc. Mac-Erie Mfg., Inc. Mace Electronics Jackson D. Magenau Francis K. Mainzer, M.D. Edward S, Mando Co. Manufacturers Association of Erie Marathon Electric Manufacturing Corp. The Marquette Building and Loan Ass'n Martin Estock Construction M. Masiroff 81 Co. Meadowcroft Dodge City, Inc. Edith Meiser, Inc. Edward E. Mercier, M.D. Dr, Herbert H. Mercier Mercyhurst College Michael's Beauty Academy Miller 81 Fish, Realtors Mitchell Advertising Agency Modern Industries Dr. Edward E. Moses Harvey D. McClure McDonald's Hamburgers Dr. A. J. McDougall McEnery Company J. Raymond McGinley, D.D.S. Harold J. McLaren Jr. I. D. McQuistion Co. Nagle Brothers Dr. Joseph J. Namey Anthony E. Narducci, M.D. V. T. Narus, M.D. Rt. Rev. Wilfred'J. Nash Niagara Plastics, Co. S. E. Nichols Norb's Welding and Ornamental Ironwork R. E. North Company Northwestem Pennsylvania Tuberculosis Society Nosco Plastics, Inc. Oatess Motors, Inc. Mr, 8 Mrs. John R. Orlando Orra Jean Beauty Academy Padden Paint Stores Pal Prescription Pharmacy Palmer Eilter Equipment Company Pastore Builders Pennsylvania Cas Co. Perry Mill Supply J. A. Peterson Company Frank Polaski, House of Representatives Drs. Carl P. Sr Matthew W. Pommer Potratz Floral Shop Presque Isle Boiler Repair Presque Isle Paper Prod., Inc. Presque Isle Plastics, Inc. P. W. Price Advertising Priscilla's Charcoal Pit Pulakos Incorporated Quinn Berry, Div. Hoover Ball Rapid Transit Company N. A. Rectenwald Blueprint 81 Supply Company Redinger Builders, Inc. Reed Manufacturing Company Reliable Cleaners Rhodes Auto Service, Inc. Ricardo's Restaurant Rinderle Electric Suppliers and Contractors Robie Meatpackers, Inc. Robinson and Conner, Inc. Rolen's Jewelers M. Ronzitti Music Store A. T. Roos, M.D. Ross 8: Copus Tire Co. Russian C.Y.S. Club Sacred Heart Ushers Dr. Anthony D. Sala Sanida Sanner Office Supply Co. Chas. F. Schaaf, M.D. Will J. Schaaf Schilling's Carpet Sales 81 Installations Leo Sclilaudecker Co. Schroeck Optical Fashions Arthur F. Schultz Co. John V. Schultz Co. James L. Schuster, M.D. Scobell Co., Inc. Scott's Motel Seelar 81 Company, Elevators Sam J. Seggi 81 Sons, Windows Doors The Service Bureau Corp. William C. Sesler Sessinghaus 81 Ostergaard, Inc. Seymour's Reliablc Jewelers Dr. R. W. Shepard, Optometrist Alan E. Shipley, M.D. Signal Finance Corp. Silin, Eckert Sa Burke The Sims Company Dr. 31 Mrs. Michael V. Sivak and Eleanor J. Sivillo, Insurance Skinner Engine Company Michael Skovron, M.D. Smith Provision Co. W. E. Smith Sz Sons Snelling K Snelling B. Leonard Snider, M.D. Sommerhoi Jewelers Sommerlioi Music Store Y!,., Laurence J. Spaeder 81 Sons Reg. Master Plumbers Al Spelth Tuxedo Rentals Sport Center Dr. Richard H. Stancliff Dr. W. W. Stcehler, D.O. Sterling Enterprises Sterling Milk Tanner, James 81 Colwell Tanner Manu, Company Tave's Fruit 8 Produce Tellers Organ Company Ralph M. Tidd, M.D. Trask's Troy Laundry Twinbrook Nursing 84 Convalescent Home, lnc. Union Bank 81 Trust CO. Union Pattern Works Urick Foundry Company Uthmann Chor Neal D. Van Marter, M.D. Congress, Jos. P. Vigorito Villa Maria College Dr. Sv Mrs. J. D. Vollmer Voss-Bros, ICA Fnodliner Rudy Voss' Keystone Food Mkt. Dr. Wilbur S.,Wallace Warren Company Washington Bakery James D. Weaver, M.D. Weiblen Pharmacy Weil-McLain Co., Inc. Dr. OO Wentling Weschlers of Course Westem Provision Mkts. Willetts Bros. Memorials Ceo. L. Wilson, Clerk of Courts WJET Radio K: TV Merle E. Wood WSEE TV Channel 35 Yaple's Dairy, Inc. Yaples Vacuum Cleaners Zuck's Turkey Farms IQ? I do know . . . I have learned . . . there were those doors the handles to turn the latches to lift - and all those years I had been finding, acquiring filling my pockets with keys . . . leaving behind . a part Of me. f -NM wW JM5 ' 19 Q!1Vwa,p9!?figQ7JHy1Dj Q S6 1 - 01,170 Qwogx X -jig I ' fp , . ff'p,, .,f9U' , !Y wb R2 ' . W3 M113 Qlfd 'S W ai I Q2-' ,a,f ,fp gg 5 E'-,xi h 2? .Adina , . ' 1 J, J IX'v0g-!V'C!'h"'M5' A Q 57' Q fa f XSD' ' P' 69 47. 'jjaif ' ii ceqjw X?q,vcc,fZX,:3Oi5:5vb,QiX . arg pw 'f1QD 9'Q,:,xA , 1 idk-Q QZCQLZ-QQ? QW 5? xi' X fo - iam! M iff , vmufab Mm WW Off Hb If N N9 ' f ibm Q 'pmgfggfc ' X .Qfiyvv J - ' 'MTS'-'ww' :fu ' R fO ,Q mfwf W. s ' f-fj MQC'

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