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1 I NH W "4V 'M wf-'1ff 1 ",11Q f . . -,A,', W .,AW,,f.:.,,. T ,.,., ,W 4, , ', Q EYF 6:41 MW, Mlqgwmu, 94' 4 49 9Q,,,.,S.s- Q fly A V X03 'MEN' Of' ' ilk WL i Ofwli ,JG Zifjiwf' . f . , fj . - 0 5Uz7..l, CLlgf '65, ff ppm QW we W W WW W0WfW5V6Q 'YCMFW , K M , Max' dy ,fin . mmwq fJk33f,l'jy6j5W Kyx Qyff fj.ff'L'Z W 9' YW fy 2121 JW I 'QQ M leak W WD ali 3 .WWW W ywyf Q2 K QHQMQ aw '52 Q gwiylw ffl? Q0 'Q WMM A R Q2 2i Qq mN,? 53 ,S Q' 5 W2 ef SEE 35s 5g X ,ki 'x 'KC' I. f..A fJR if' R-X W X, N, J 'V Oi 3 ij? WD Jaw T Sandy Lee, Editor Pat Potratz, Assistant Editor ACADEME Academy High School Erie, Pennsylvania Wi View , H rgdngwn 1 A! ii Nhat: ng film! W5 J V ' 5 : L, i A 7 - i , KN NXQW in YQ - Wi mb iw W M I9 65 ,,,, Foreword Do you teel the rhythm of the pounding of feet in the holls? Do you heor the humdrum ot voices in the cofeterio, the vibrotion ot loughter between closses? Do you sense the tempo ot music os the bond ploys our school song? Ripples ot sound woves echo this rhythm on our cover, Even the "oc- cent on the mind" suggests the wide ronge of these reverberotions. Cheerleoders personity the "rhythm ot the Lion's roar" in oll the glory ot the Blue ond Gold. Rhythm - stimuloting, electric, exciting - is present in every ospect of school lite. It is the very pulse beot ot our lives. For this reoson we hove chosen it os the theme of our 1963 Acodeme. -X 5. xv J ,gtg xx C pl N hwy M fihn' at H W x . i . l 1 Q it X X cfs QW l it X X5 X X X1 N X S w gk' i , J . i 1 X. it 'V 1 x J Nu it its F -is .12 13: 573 u'v uv: 5.4 ft: E 'J 4 MY: 'L - - x-,4,a,f.:.f:.c:.,ge-A x f 'n . Qlxff 1mfa'f7'1g'1:g if 1 'J -- .' jf ,,. Q. T M W QQ 1 4,-,mJS'f'?N. ,waz-amy, ., ww 4 ' , , ,M ,, wx ' My 4: W UK 4 ' f M, 1 ff N A, .UM ,am ,H 3, , -A i 'W wils. l,0'vgZ:'?fs?f, ,4h'as'as'0"--' f l-O'l.!'l.O'O.l 1 af .,.,,, Q Wllfwawlf. Maw mug ,S X: vii-if new V4 fj'4fli2 W MM -,fx ,f . Q mf 2 W. nn , ., ..: ..: 1 N Q gn. Q.. 2 1 U i 'wagner mm ..T,,.-- ,V.. ,, DOWN A 'N if mf , , R X x . k X X ,,.A, JAN, c .2 " V2.1 V+ X' , ,,,m,., , ff A 51 .,' X ,',w. Q '. X ,t ,J 'N .wff ., X , V' ,-,'5..':M , KM' ' W ' '- A X H X 9 5' 4. ., - W , , X ,K ,, wx. N Y . 'X r ! , . 'FJ A ' ' 'X N x . -, " "Q, ' 43 . ' - ., '- 'XM Yu Q ' T, Q X ' ,, 'f-ANY' Qc", 1 'A ' " .,' X- ' . 72'-X "V " "W L w Z A A "L 4 V fu -' x Y Q Mx ,, - -K .UZ a,wJ,e . ,Xt Jw .L it .J " ,EQ P H, " N. we - x, fbi, ' 4' ' xx Q Q f. ' 1 y.'.,, 3,"'xNi"nq,,,, ' 1 Q .. , . 4 . , L V -, , V M 't W X , E x ' 1 7' - Yr 36 'M ' N ' 3 X 1 'Qu , 1 WMMW 'vm K 1. 'Q ,wk A , 'f 'xi .5 U' W ws, 2 X ' x 2 55, En av ' .. ' fn , - J we - V ,K " Ui w ' ' . ' , w . s W Q 1 a 9 " 1 ,, X, 'f ff A , ,- W Q - -,Q sn ,ww ' if 'Q aw t r A Quad,-,if 2' ' fa . f . 4 8 5 K fw, 'J '4 N , A w . , ,Q g., f ' e '. ' ' v ,L , vw- N H A' , , , , k yr i m A ig A 1 f ' A K, X " ' X, - ' J . v M X .A f-M 'A W Q A I X he fn ,N Q 1 , , K 1-' ' Q 'H' N il + v , X C " . Lk, 9 ' L' . Q ff' , ,Q is wi 'ii :asf if Contents Curriculum .. .. .. .. .. 10 Sports . . . 2 . 34 Activities .. .. 54 Classes . . . . . . 80 Index ..156 I 3 Academy students corry their school with them: on , their books, on their sweoters, ond in their hecrrts. The poor cooch of on opposing teom hongs in effigy high obove the ouditorium. Below, the Lions' roof resounds through the holls ond echoes in the stodium. The Rhythm of The spirit, once so vibrant, hos subsided for owhile oniy to reoppeor at the new game. Whether in the form of victory or defeot, it motters not. Thot it wos here what counts, 4 He holds so much in the palm of his hand. He alone deter- mines his future and in turn it may shape the destiny ot many, But for the present his vvorld is made up of class rings and football programs. Th L. n , R Mrs. Comstock, with her enthusiastic vim, sym- e S O holizes everything vital to a spirited student body capable of convincing everyone Academy is tops. Y., 1 .f ' :F A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Aca- demy has no weak links as Seniors ot lunch display their in- cessant energy when victory is the goal. 1 The mind hungers and thirsts for knowledge, Discovery, invention, and reve- lation become a mental obsession. We must seek the trail of information left by our ancestors and struggle to widen the path, The sounds of education are accented with each step, These citizens of tomorrow are ascending the staircase toward a better way ot life for themselves and the students who will follow. if--....,M, The hands are the tools of the mind. f l iii Accent on the Mind Where do we go trom here? The future has always crouched dubiously in the distance, but now it looms suddenly before us. The right decisions must be made with force and determination. rw it ANN ' '31-1 V 4 wx ev The greatest asset ot a boy and girl is the ability to share their lives with one another, not iust their ioys, but their sorrows, problems, plans, hopes, and impres- sions. Sharing begins at school. Sophonwores Judy Snell and Chuck Bierhach start their years at Academy with togethernoss The Refrain of Romance , , y ,,,,,.Xf,,f , Love can make a slave of men, Junior Cheryl Adams utilizes senior Gary Luchtls facilities to her own advantage, A partnership such as this causes much anxiety - what happens when we go our separate ways? Who knows it their paths shall meet again and become one. "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but inlooking outward together in the sarne direction," - Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Shown are Cheryl Barton and John King. Even teachers have a sense of humor as Mr. Severo illustrates when he is crowned "Husband of the Week," of Laughter "Pumpkin-head Peterson," more commonly known as Humps, risks his lite by imitating a member of the famed orange and black squad. Lions must restrain themselves 3 not from attacking, but from rolling in the aisles with laughter. The agony and the ec- stasy H the ecstasy of the students with their ridiculing laughter is en- ioyed only at the ex- pense ot fumbling twirler Sue Bengston. 9 ,""!--Q fi' A ,, Zawasmw Z ie. 75 VZ' . alt ill l ll li l fl' 4, ill it at lit, Taking a tevv minutes alter school, Dr. Studebaker and Dr. Barber, assistant principals, review the f62 Academe as they plan for i963 activities. Mr, H, D. Leloerman, our esteemed administrator, justly exudes a quiet contidence in the many accomplish- ments of a happy and cooperative teaching staft and student corps. Front office sets the tempo Mrs. Donna Brunello, Miss Oliva Halcel, and Miss Frances Pel- kowski take time trom their busy sthedule in the ottice to greet a i K visitor. i 5 f l l swag? ,ww-1, f 13: mf ' Ps E 'fiisi -AQ. ,W 1 5 'H' if f 5 X X s 5. 9 , 2 E f 1 + 5 H v i Ax 'i 1 5. at ig , If Y '53Q 5' ,, 4 M 4' l "ho I ,,, ,M 3 4 VM, 1, 7 T , : f 5 vc ' , a ,Q 2 A uv ' " Q ,fQL Y V A, q , ww, 4- 5- 3 Rf sp . H 24, - ww Q 9 Q- 7. A' Q K, 7' S . f W , U5 i , vb ,wh I ,L VK 49' Li fff - ' M' rf, X 1 an ,fu fm' Hifi. . 3 qu is ,W V, ,W -Q p V nf Sf 5 of 7, 5555 g . 4 1354 '-': , I . ,i5 -' wfgimi wiiima-I ' A f i A 'A , ML mm . K, . HQQZEP' VL ix - ' QW ,W ' W' Q' I ,A L gn. - :KW fqL.ffw,s?k:Sw '22sQs '.?" pumgrgyi 'fm w , , ,W - 53 , 5-i f ,Q K Fai " ' X , Q' T " - i f ' fi: L1zfgw11 ,'.M.g fi vt 2 S K V-W - w f1,ke :Il,.vf K - ff? - ,W .N-QM . - Y v g yfavf :V ,,,,:,.. ,.,, , is it, Meditating for a moment over the grade of one of her Sopho- more English students is Miss Marian Blake. Mr. Joseph l-labas appears to be puzzled about on answer one of his Senior English students has given him. Preparing grammar exercises for his Business English classes is Mr. Robert Falkewitz. English . . . The thoughtful direction that goes into ci well-executed play is exemplified by Mr. Dcilhart Dobbs, English 3 instructor. l 1 4 """"""'l ,,, -:ss , '--'YA' Miss Marilyn Burdick seems pleased as she surveys the work i 1 at her Sophomore English students. """'9"ee--.,.,,.,. "She Stoops to Conquer," an Honors English 3 play production, is received enthusiastically by Mrs. Edna Mae Bermon, who also instructs Speech and English 4. C door to enrich ment Mr. Ralph Barbcro, interrupted while helping his students, appears ready to stop the mischief, 15 Essay questions are not The easiesf To mark, as Mrs. Magdalene WingerTer reflecTs while marking Test papers. Checking books in our well'sTocked book room is one OT The Tourth period clufies of Miss Kathryn Young, Chairman of The English Teachers. Mrs. Marian Heberf and sTudenT Teacher Miss Helen Bundy Take Time To admire the literature chart in Room IO3. Qsmuxxxsi H Keys To logic Advanced Placement and Honors classes require addiTional Work for Teachers and sTudenTs. Here Miss WiniTi'ed Mang and Mary Brugger dis- cuss an essay. Mr. Zimmerman and Margie Cltimenti clworus tlie proposition. and understanding Miss Helen Schneider patiently explains ci per- plexing problem to lter Algebra students. Severo explains "lf two rigltt angles . . X' just G Correcting Geometry if litem. V aimrfm cis Sue 717' -GW M---...,,m,, 1 "8-.... Explaining a dificult lrig problem on tlie visual cast is Mr. Marion V. Lewis, tooclner of AP. Meth and Algebra: 2. Improved methods of teaching are always being introduced into classes, Here Mrs. Rita Kantz and Miss Gladys Tate, Algebra and Geometry teachers, con- struct some useful aids. papers takes a good N XR deal ot time, but Miss J, M ' as ' 'f f- , 2 , , L. A , ir. Rita Russell finds cn 1 I E X X :WV ievv minutes during X' ' L5 study ltall to work on K Typical of teachers, Mr. Peter Gregan, U.S. History teacher, is Teacher trades places with G sfudenf who never too busy to help his students, as he is doing here with discusses history with the class while Mr. John -lim Mulder- Leamy occupies the pupil's seat. Social Studies molds citizens As enthusiastic a scholar of American History as an admirer of Abe Lin- Fred Kantz, teacher ot U. S, History. coln is Mr. K. Vw, ' -i:32,- A A . ,,..:: .:,.:t' y -V we-I ,N wwf , K , wtlmy yu .uf i' ff . 'wu- A vast knowledge of American History is attained when a student, such as Anita Koffler, consults her teacher, Mr. Fred Guenther. X x ,...t if NX ' if Returning to his alma mater, Mr. Robert Hiney lec- tures on World History while his students diligently fake notes' Keeping abreast of the current stock transactions is one of the 'Wx 'X 1 daily practices of Mr. Jay Buchanan's Economic classes. Proficient not only in the subiect of World History, but also in self Q defense, Mr. Robert Acker demonstrates his skill to Keith Smith, M l Qt R X up In addition to teaching World History, Mr. Frank Pettinato helps students like Cora Nulty and Nancy Quirk learn better driving habits. F':Q"'x, Q 1 Relaxation is welcomed by teachers, including Mr. William Ulrich, P.O.D. instructor, seen here resting in the "blue" room. Students like to know test grades. Could Mr. Walter Warzeski not be giving one of his Sociology students an HAH? A. P. Biology requires a lof of drawing from the microscope. Here, while Lois Diclcerman and Larry Wallerstein work, Mrs. Grace Flynn helps Don Scarlett with his "plate," Working toward new Using a plastic model, Miss Ethel Ruhling explains the anatomy Before showing it to his Horticulture classes, Mr. George of the grasshopper to one of her Biology classes. Giesler examines a cactus, 20 Black Book in hand, Mr. Howard Eichert watches his chemistry students conduct an experiment. discoveries 4 s. During their free period, Mr. Leo Harkins and Mr. James Mahoney review the l962-63 athletic schedule. R I5 NHS Xllfx ' P S M Y Cf Mn Pg C0 Ni ci. Zn Ga csc As Se Br A, Ku Rh Pnl Ag cis In Sn Sli Te I lf' Pl Au Hg Br P0 Au em ri ii 3 3 7 Sw Ev fed 'fb 91' nr ,im Cm Bk Cf Gail Stazer gets extra help from Mr. George Havican in learn- ing the Periodic Chart. Fourth period finds Miss Maria Weschler entering the driver training car as she explains basic driving skills to a beginner. .SH Bev Kurczewski and Sandy Sieklucky learn how to use the "force table" in Mr. Harry Ramsey's Physics class. '50 Before handing in a hypothetical Bookkeeping problem, Bonnie Mlss Mary l-llcliey' knowing Thor llmed wrlllngs me Moore has Mr. Anthony Presogna check it for accuracy. essential in building speed, periodically times her stu- dents in Typing. Preparing for the business world Stencils must be dried by Miss Margaret Pistory Answers by students can be quite funny in any class. Here Mrs. Harry Peterson appears to be amused by such an answer. before they can be sent to the teacher. XW -nm L---0 f,,...... Qum- .Q-. I' - ,A W I X 1-. ,yi . " U' rv Y H , 1: fs,w.V -,hi ., ix. H' f . - '-"',1'1- " me ' ,fl Carefully checking the results of a Typing drill is Miss Adelaide Sisley, also a teacher of Shorthand. r .Q if ln order to learn Shorthand, constant oral work is nec- essary. Here Miss Frances Stull listens to one of her stu- dents. Teachers must be as well prepared as their students. For this reason, Mrs. Josephine Wick reviews the day's assignments. 23 Miss Margaret McMahon seems puzzled about the way one of her Shorthand students is Translating her assignment. For teaching Consumer Education, Mr. Fred Tomb finds Business Week a useful aid. 2 , ,fe-ff Supervising Roseanne Corullo while she is rnoking o The end of the day hnds Mrs. Helen Bell, Foods teacher, looking dress is Clothing instructor, Mrs. Anne Hogenmiller, into o bore retrigerotor. Guidance in Mr. Williom Stebnisky instructs his closs in the bosic know- ledge needed tor on understanding of our government. Mr, Alois Lubieiewski helps Dove Vorse construct o corner bookshelf, one of the many practical ossignments of the Wood Shop closs. -L.. Since accuracy is important in Drafting, Mr. Clarence Swahn checks student work with care. domestic arts Lecturing is a vital part of a teacher's job, here put to good use by Mr. Stanley Jarmolowicz, of our capable Senior Trades teachers, One The operation of a lathe, a necessary tool in machine shop, is explained to Gerald Stubenhofler by Mr. Andrew Grahm, One of the many fascinating praiects in Art class is pottery making, here illustrated by Sandy Fuhrrnan and Mrs. Annette Whaley. 25 X- French teacher, Mrs. Elsie Campbell, who also doubles as our organist, swings into the gay mood of the music she plays dur- ing a rally. Language and mu South American culture, including the use of the "piHata," is ex- plained by Miss Frances Maior to her Spanish classes. N... 26 Mr. Frank Necci, French and Spanish teacher, as- sumes a comfortable position while drilling his stu- dents in better pronunciation of the language. sic... Spending some of his day in the dork room processing pictures for the Academe is German teacher Mr. Roll- inger. AVA myths. Checking his record book, Mr. Obed Grender, Acad- emy's vocal director, concentrates momentarily on the roll before starting class. intellectual education Translating a Russian sentence is not easy, and Sandy Lawrence seems to be having trouble repeating it to Mr, Milton Simon. 'XS-N., s Q! Q Lrg ' 27N--.V ....,,,.-ss ll! ga U we Miss Sylvia Burgun combines the study of Latin with the study of ancient "Eins, zwei, drei, vierg lift your glass and drink your water," sings Mr. William Burger, Band and Orchestra instructor, as he finishes his lunch. 'bf-ft' 'fl 4 By energetically exercising in Gym, the girls learn how to keep fit. While class is in session, Mrs. Mary Robb checks the names of the girls in Pool class. l 28 Variety RA M -5, W lt During one of her rare sedentary moments, we see Mrs. Shirley Comstock, girl's Physicol Education teacher, su- pervising a test in girl's Health class, -J' L Using Rich Mellow as his victim, Mr. Donald Zonno tion to Tom McLaughlin, Mr, Tony Verga illustrates the watchful eye needed in Pool class. I spices the Phys Ed classes Mr. Jack Komora times a runner in o race while the rest of the gym class await their turn. 29 demonstrates the fundamentals of artificial respira- ft ,I N.. Mrs. Ruth Shoenfeld, girls' counselor, and Sue Gerard check The hling cabinet for Sue's school record. To get a loefier idea of Their qualihcaiions for college boys feel free To Talk To Mr. Frederic Torrance, boys counselor. or counsel, service . . . Academy is proud ro have so many Lefier of Commendarion winners. Here are Paula Hagan, Sandy Lee, Chesiene Onisko, Larry Wallersrein, Ed Christoph, Dave Schuifer, Bill Kern, ond Bill Harkins. Absenr were Richard Maras, Dave Myers, and Chuck Jackson. 'Q' un... Could it be that Mary Stienmetz, Sue Gluck, and Steve Schatz grew smart enough to become the National Merit semi-tinalists by reading all these books? . . . and distinction Watching for the results of a titration experiment are lab assistants C. Fasenrneyer, R. Hanks, J. Glenn, N. Sherman, S. Noble, R. Petit, W. Owens, G. Kowalski, J. Haller, D. Bogert, R. Bussard, and B. Tucker. i Sandy Lee and Larry Wallerstien, DAR and SAR award winners, are well aware of the importance of a college education as they review college bulletins in the guid- ance office. 31 During study hall, Kathy Nelson, Freddy Williams, Pat Schilling, and Theresa Proba spend part of their time using the library facilities. For mind and body While Miss Margaret Golden watches, Mrs. Rose Krciinski checks out a book from our large library, DM...- Mrs. Dorothy Baker, Academy nurse, checks John Barr's eyes dur- ing a physical examination. Custodians cmd Cafeteria Throughout the morning, our cafeteria aides spend their time preparing food to give to Academy's hungry students and teachers. . ..:. g xx ' 0, -. . E V 0 AYJLGSD A ," 70" 1 35 ' A 5 fha?-6 F flllill .pt Q fonnt ., 'Ze 3902111 U nada lf: ll' ,' cn 4-,tznuufuall gig X r1:xaf1-393152:-'M 22' ' X -, 1-. A 58 Wqtii, uQ.px.,,g pf, obo 57-fl.: bo. -,O . 101100 ...Q 'sei gonna' ,,nc1nr1xu 1411312576 qnrxnfrlt Ssannnv Q i e B 'l HOT' . azz, Azvaa Q00 R30 0 'Ts "C 0 A 0 o' 9 Mrs. Barbara Mangan, head of women's mainte- nance in the city schools, pauses for a moment after checking one of her weekly work schedules. . I 11, T FRONT ROW - A. Dicker, B. West, M. Wa-Ish, G. Pelkowski, A. Zeitler. BACK ROW - V. Malany, E. Fogel, D. Crawford, M. Gredler, B. Zukowski, S. Santor M. Kingston. lf anything needs doing around Aca- demy's halls, call the custodians. Jammed lockers, stuffed up drinking fountains, and chalky blackboards come under the care of ianitors. SEATED - L. Larzai, S. Casey, C. Ferrari. STANDlNG - C. Nyheig, E. Rupelewski, R. Pace, N. DiPlarido, J. Hoppkins, P. Leone, C. Sucharski, T. Sokolawski. S-.WN K' 5 'D 1, An upset over Tech C13-l2l and two vic- tories with only a point margin with Harbor- creek C19-T83 and East U3-T23 provided Academy students with some exciting exhibi- tions of gridiron action. The most exciting game of the season was when the fired-up Lions upset fifth-ranked Tech Memorial in a game that really was a credit to Coach Verga and his squad. The clock showed 8:l7 when Gary Haskins ran from the one yard line for the Lion's first tally. A Haskins pitch was bobbled later in the game by Gates, and Ed Giglio stepped in, picked it up, and ran 20 yards for the lone Centaur score. The extra point tailed, and the scoreboard read Academy 7, Tech 6. Jim Holland rambled over for the last Lion tally after a 67 yard iourney, The final score - Tech Memorial 6, Academy l4. Although they lost the city series cham- pionship, they ended the season with an average of 4 wins and 5 losses - tied for second place in city competition. 11 Dr. Barber accepts Section One trophy from Coach Verga - another to add to Academy's collection of awards. Team's strong will sparks Lions to Exhausted from a trying play, Academy's Lee Larsen grabs a well deserved breather. Mike Trott receives his well-earned letter from Coach fu Verga during the awards assembly. J. Assistant coaches Zonno and Mahoney work out a new play before a big game. Second place ROW 'I - D, Held, H. Davis, J. Karznea, L. Glenn, W. Katledge, C. Atkinson, R. Skinner, C. Adams, L. DiCaroIis, F. Williams, L. Moore D. Bender. ROW 2 - L. Jones, J, Christianson, M. Trott, L. Wertel G. Lucht, D. Hudson, G. Haskins, J. Kabasinski, M. Biser, D, Ed monds, R. , Alexander, , Holland, L. Rambler Quarterback Mike Flaherty attempts to get around Academys left end Leading the lion charge John Kabasinski Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy ei 'JM Nziwas 7 Pl 87 7 9.4 iiri K if pw fl Sch elds L Moore ROW 3 R Tomb D Holland D. Weigel T Rohan E Williams C Stevenson Larsen T Gates R Hagan H Ramsey J Weber LN xv The agony of defeat seems to be Taken quite hard by quarterback Gary Haskins. l i ,r ,Q Noi all glory we K fd' I ,J W' iii , S -K 5 V SW Larry Wierfel ends up on The wrong end of a down-field block. Team physician, Dr. B. Agresti, offends To junior linebacker Harry Ramsey iniured during Prep action. J,V. FOOTBALL RECORD Mwwylm will f I 5 Academy 6 McDowell 19 J Academy 6 Saegertown 31 Academy O Vincent 13 Academy 19 East 12 Academy 6 Fairview 7 Academy 12 Harborcreek O Academy 7 Tech 12 Academy O Prep 26 1962 brought Academy its first losing J.V. football team in the school's history. The boys played hard, but ended the season with a record ot 2 wins and 6 losses, A high point in the season vvas a win over previously undefeated East, with the score, 19-12, in tavor ot the Lions. Guiding the boys were Coach Ramsey and co-captains Brian Modisher and Jim Thayer. Co-captains: Brian Modisher and Jim Thayer. Lion cubs caged ROW 'I L. to R. T, Cole, B. Modisher, J. Weber, B. Burroughs, Barr, J. Mussara, L. Campbell, G. Karznea, J. Schweigert, Clugh, D. Lyons. ROW 2. T, Thomas, M. Mosley, G. Wealcland, 3 W- - 9 D. Weigel, R. Smith, J. Thayer, B. Buchner, J. Presogna, W. Bogdo F. ski, B. Stazer, T. Ebert. D. A l , 39 Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Prep Tech Vincent Prep Meadville Vincent Tec ast McDowell CROSS COUNTRY RECORD 38 17 20 35 Academy 23 East 32 38 ' I7 32 23 i8 ' 37 32 23 i8 h 37 20 E 35 16 39 The cross country team learned the ups and downs of the Erie Golf Course the hard way, but the new site, though more difficult than a previous one, provided the runners with a challenge. Placing fifth in the Dis- trict IO meet, the team competed with other area schools on a mud-filled, freezing cold course. Managers John Nelson and Mike Paris aided coach Robert Acker with scores and timing. Roger Johnson and Don McBride worked together as co-captains. A pat of encouragement, praise for a job well done, criticism over a faulty step - these are all part of a coach's iob. Here Mr. Acker gives Kenny Keys and Don McBride a few last minute pointers. Runners place third ROW 'lr M- HCf1l0l'1, W- Hull, J- JGHSGH, P- Quinn, L' RGTl'1mGf1r1, Maras, N. Jensen, T. Samanka, R. Sims, N. Bemis, K. Keys, J. At R. Adler, R. Whipple, B. Korb, D. Bender, D. McBride, M. Gold, kinson, M. Warnken, J. Wolf, J. Jamison. W. Morgan, O. Rodax. ROW 2: J. May, B. Harkins, T. Gorndt, R. l. ls 40 ll ! 43 ill: Q - .. ' I m,'. . BOTTOM ROW: O. Rodax, D. Sharpe, M. Johnson, S. Mysnyk, I. Icins, B. Shields, C. Stevenson, R. Tomb, P. Evanotl, G. Davis Solomon, M. Biser, C. Shauerman. ROW 2: Coach Ramsey, B. Har' Missing: Captain Rich Whipple, G. Kowalski, J. Weber. Matmen pinned A first place Trophy has been added to Academy's showcase. Lion wrestlers captured the title in the Invitational Commodore Perry Tournament near Meadville. The trophy was awarded to coach Harry Ramsey and captain Rich Whipple. Roger Sims filled the job ot manager for the team. Academy placed third in Section I competition with Buck Biser taking tirst place honors. The city match gave Irwin Solomon Hrst place, while the team placed fourth. Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Warren North East ast McDowell Greenville Prep ast Ft, LeBoeuf Strong Vincent Oil City Tech WRESTLING RECORD I I 39 44 II , I6 E 29 Academy QI Strong Vincent 27 QI I8 6 ' ' 32 I I 28 IO E 22 36 I6 9 35 I4 37 33 I7 Senior Wrestler Bob Shields seems to have the upper hand on the Tech opponent. Lion finds himself in a rough position as he tries to break free. a 252305 Q Jim ShaFFstaII's face reveals the Tension and anxiety in placing Walt Crosby is almost neck and neck with an East man on the hurdles. in a hard fought relay. T k 'r f' ' h cl TRACK RECORD Acddemy 77 273 Norm Edd AOIK3 Finishing second in city competition and third in district, Acddemy Q6 1K3 prep 38 273 Academy's tracksters enioyed a spirited season. Acddemy 54172 1-ech 80 172 Leading members ot individual events were Gates, running Acddemy 64 374 MCDOWG11 621!4 the sprints Shaffstall running the 440 relay, Dawley in the tield Acddemy 67172 E051 67172 events and Holland throwing the iavelin. Tom Dawley broke Acddemy 83 173 Vmcem 51 273 the school record tor the shot put. Academy TOO UQ Harborcreek 26 U2 Academy 77 lf? Ashtabula 40 ROW 'I L. to R, P. Quinn, R, Adler, C. Adams, R. Santi, C. ken, W. Harkins, D. Held. ROW 3 - C. Schlautman, D. Joho, L. Schauerman, A. Christallino, D. Austin, D. McBride, J. Baldridge, Hitt, L. Larsen, T. Dawley, M, Peplinski, P. Samanka, J, May, P. J. Holland, C. Holmes, W. Crosby, B. Thomas, J. Young, C. Atkin- Pecorella, L. Sazarear, J. Atkinson, J, Gallagher, R. Green, J. son. ROW 2 - J, Wahl, R. Johnson, A. Thiel, R. Samuels, R. Papsun, L. Gleen, P. Williams, B. Baker, W. Harkins, G. Haskins, Loper, R. Sims, R. Quien, N. Beernis, J. Shafstall, R. Maris, C. H. Palmer, D. Lambrecht. Harris, T. Gates, A. Scauright, W. Catledge, R. Moore, M. Warn- 42 5.11451 ne..-, ..,' A L. to R.: Paul Blau, Ken Bredenberg, Jerry Fong, Larry Wallerstein, Duke Diehl, Mike Moore, Ken Perry, Bill Nelson. Academy Tennis Closing the season second place in city competi- tion, the Academy Tennis Team had a very success- ful season. Along with the able coaching of Mr. Leamy the spirited team managed to conquer every- one but Vincent. The returning lettermen are Mike Moore and Duke Diehl, and those receiving sweaters were Jerry Fong, Theo Baker, Ken Bredenberg, and Bill Nelson. Jerry Fong won the All Scholastic Invitational Tournament at the Ainsworth Courts. TENNIS RECORD Academy 4V2 McDowell ISM Academy O Oil City 8 Academy 7 Tech l Academy 2 McDowell 6 Academy 7 East I Academy l Vincent 7 Academy 6 Prep 2 opponents menace Jerry Fong volleys the ball across the net to score t E' Y M Everette Williams out lumps Warrior opponents as he retains an OHSHSI e ebound Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD T 7 l Fairview 79 Girard 83 Ripley 58 Warren 50 Conneaut 42 Ashtabula 59 Strong Vincent 50 Pittsburgh Canevin 61 Meadville 53 East 73 McDowell 53 Tech 52 Ha rborcreelc Prep Ripley Vincent asf Harborcreelc Tec McDowell Prep 56 79 ' 67 ' 54 E 50 50 h 52 56 ' 'v r . FRONT ROW - Ron Aleksiewicz, Fred Williams, Bob Thomas, Ken - Ed Flagella, Larry Hitt, Everette Williams, Dave Stingle Walt Harris, Mike Trotf, Randy Lightner, Clarence Atkinson. BACK ROW Crosby, Fred Plonsky, Ken Keys. 'E 44- Academy cagers take second in title race Using a comparatively young team again this year, Coach Don Zonno amazed everyone by finishing with another suc- cessful season. The win-loss record at the end of the season was T4-8. Highlights of the season were two victories over the Strong Vincent squad. Bob Thomas again led the city in scoring and he was assisted by the rebounding of Larry Hitt and Everette Williams. Also showing ball handling skill were Walt Crosby, Dave Stingel, Fred Williams, and Mike Trott. Academy finished second in both city and section competi- tion. East's Chickie Woodard li3l seems to be having difticulty containing Lion Walt Crosby 1233. 45 Walt Crosby 1231 drives the base line in an attempt to tally two points against Tech. Acodemy's long and shorf, Bob Thomas ond Lcrry Hifi, dis- ploy their obiliiies during Ripley en- counter. Vorsify Couch Zonno discusses strategy with 6'2" cenier Lorry Hiff. Hi I Hoppers in ciction Ken Keys contributes two points To the couse '46 l L Greg Tomb leaps JV BASKETBALL RECORD high to lqke 'he Academy 36 Fairview l6 ball from The Ripley Academy 44 Girard 34 Opponent' Academy 72 Ripley 25 Academy 49 Conneaut 38 Academy 56 Strong Vincent 51 Academy 44 Tech Memorial 43 Academy 44 McDowell 43 Academy 52 Harborcreek 36 Academy 57 Prep 5l Academy 74 Ripley T7 Academy 69 Strong Vincent 48 Academy 55 East 25 Academy 48 Harborcreek 39 Academy 56 Tech Memorial 4l Academy 38 McDowell 40 Academy 58 Prep 60 Academy 6l East 41 Nothing was able to impede the progress of the Academy J-V's in their battle tor the city championship. On their way to the victory the team ran up a l5 consecutive game winning streak. scored Mr. the history of the J-V team. Dave Hanks and .lim Young co- L l This was broken only by the McDowell Troians who X a two point upset over the Lions. l Severo coached the team to its second best season in l captained the team, while Tom Schultz led in scoring. ROW I R. J.V.'s nab all but two Stazer, J. Kidder, R. Browdie, T. Schultz, J. Young, B. D. Markley, G. Weekland, A Solomon B Jones D Thayer D Modisher, D. Nieminski, W. Twilly. ROW II D. Bender, G. Tomb, Markley, Mr. Severo. 47 BOTTOM ROW - L. Nardo, J. Kennedy, R, Rochy, D. Schmidt, H. King, R. Tongren, G. Boldt, T. Balko, J. Lund, T. Johnson, P. Shof Peterson, J. King, R. Schneider, D. Schutter, R. Braggins, C. Groen- fer, D, Jones, LAST ROW - H. Narducci, M. Pettinato. dahl. SECOND ROW - G. Burbridge, B. Zipper, J. Capitzd, K. Sea Lions Sink Dave Schmidt strains to get the ball past the long arms ot goalee Dave Schutter. 48 Depending on a young team, with only four returning lettermen, the water polo team ran into rough competition from some older and more experienced teams. Despite an unsuccessful season the team received a large amount ot support from the student body. John King made the all-city team, while Dave Schmidt and Humphrey Peterson were selections for the second team. This year's lettermen included John King, Dave Schmidt, Humphrey Peterson, John Kennedy, Louis Nardo, Tom Baldo, Dave Schutter, Clark Stevenson, Jack Baker, Bill Zipper, and Geoffrey Burbridge. . WATER POLO RECORD Academy i Tech 4 Academy O Vincent 6 Academy O Prep 4 Academy O East 8 Academy l Vincent 2 Academy l East 5 Academy l Tech l Academy l Prep 5 SWIMMING RECORD Prep Meadville Vincent East Tech Meadville Carry Vincent Prep ast Tech Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy 33 53 49 37 ' 72 I4 56 30 E 56 30 25 6l John King dives into the pool while Humps Peterson, Dave Schmidt, and Bob Braggins wait their turn. John King, Dave Schmidt, and Jim Lund practice their racing starts, Swimmers place fourth A tresh young swimming team suffered from the some problems as the water polo team in their meets this year. The swimmers ended the season with a win-loss record of 4 and 8. Two records were broken this year. The tree style relay ot John King, Dave Schmidt, Humphrey Peterson, and Bob Braggins broke the I60 yard tree style relay record with a timing of I:5I.I. A thirty years record in the 40 yard tree style formerly held by Mr, Rollinger, was broken by John King with a time of I7.8. With the loss of only one senior the team should go into next year's season with some experience gained dur- ing the year. FIRST ROW - K. King, G. Groendahl, G. Burbridge, R. Tongren, T, Balko, J. Lund, L. Nardo, J. Kennedy, D. Schmidt, J. King, H. J. Capitza, W. Zipper, T. Johnson, P. Shaffer, G. Boldt, R. Braggin, Peterson, H. Narducci. Missing: W. Graham, D. Smiley, and R. R. Schneider. SECOND ROW - M. Pettinato, D. Jones, R. Rochy, Anderson. ,V L, WWMQQM ,,. .fr yy. I A A W A ' v I H .4. . ' 'W K I . . ' ., . H ,yes k,p'ff.s 1 p t.WL :gtg - T 'ffif 1 . , 'T' M .aj H J " . " ' . an - .. ,, I ' .. . , ' '. t. 7 ' .,. ,sg A ,, .. . .,., I L. . , . M, f .v - ' -T' ' -' A ,-ff-H W , . A A -K if Q r . fr wr g . we wt-.M "- ' i' - -f 'M -', , x -W fa . 'm --vv,f wr N. X WM, f... Junior Rich Mellow slams a base hit with grim determination. BASEBALL RECORD Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy East 2 Prep Q Vincent 8 Tech 6 l-larborcreek 7 Harborcreek 2 East 5 McDowell 5 Prep 6 Vincent 25 Tech i2 East 2 Vincent l l John Vorberger squats in catcher's position to receive Academy pitching. Team bats cold score Finishing the season with a record ot 4 wins and il losses, the Academy baseball team, under the coaching of Mr. Anthony Presogna, still dis- played outstanding school spirit and sportsman- ship. The stronghold tor next year's squad will be returning Rich Skinner, John Vorberger, Lenny DeCarolis, and Jon Christensen. Baseball: ROW I: D. Huzinec, R. Skinner, R. Mellow, R, Fetz- ner, J, Chase, J. Moore. ROW ll: L. Decarolis, G. Weakland, J. Coughlin, C. Pora, L. Moore, R. Johnson, ROW Ill: T. lrwin, M. Rohan, J. Vorberger, G. Groenendaal, G. Schmitt, J. Piechoclci, J. Christensen. 50 ' .Mawr "' 53:87 Golf: ROW l B. My, R. Tomb, J. Holroyd, S. Gauly. ROW ll M. Piper, J. Gornall, B. Bart- lett, T. Osbeck, D. Lenz, B. Owen, Mr. C. Swann. Golfers capture city and district titles The i962 golf team brought Academy its only championship last year atter a tine season. The team not only captured the city title but also GOLF RECORD triumphed in the District lO competition. Leading Acgdemy 7 Prep 5 the team was Tom Osbeclc who qualihed in dis- Aggdemy 14 Cerry 1 tricts to go on to the state-Wide matches. Other Aggdemy QV2 Teqh QVQ outstanding players were lettermen Bill Bartlett, Aggdemy 10 Vincent 2 Tom Tatt, Jack Hirsch, and Jack Gornall, Academy iO East 2 Academy 6 McDowell 6 Academy BV2 Prep SV2 Academy 7VQ Tech 4V2 Tom Osbeck hits one right down the Academy Vincent O middye. ' Academy ll East l Academy lOVQ McDowell W2 N Academy i5 Corry 3 Bill Bartlett waits for Showing Dean Lenz proper handling of the club is just the right time to Coach Swahn. putt. . si ii'2 QQ ll' , 1.13 1 in 2 Members of the girls' basketball team are V, Page, B. Thompson, S. Thompson, B. Curry, L. Wurst, E. Allen, C. Horton, C. Fasenmeyer, and C, Hodges. Females flash the Gold and Blue if GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES Academy 20 Mercyhurst 30 Academy 16 McDowell 12 Academy T6 Villa Maria 36 Academy l4 St. Benedicts 48 Academy l2 St. Gregorys l5 ,M Academy l4 St. Benedicts J.V. TO Academy 20 Booker T lO Academy Gridley-Vincent Academy Tech Memorial Academy North East 52 other city high schools. Voletta Page, Beverly Thompson, and Sally Thompson set the after school practice sesion in motion by getting out the equip- ment. The girls compete with teams from Sheila Fletcher begins to explain the confusing details of keeping score in bowling to teammate Marilyn Schmitz. Strikes with points to spare Girls on the east side bowling team shown are: FRONT ROW - J. Dopierala, K, Grace, J. Mosalcowski, K. Andrews, C. Lucas, J. Cole- man, S. Ericson, S. Fletcher, M, Schmitz, S. Staley, R. Hank, S, Allamon. BACK ROW - L. Wurst, C. Hodges, L. Underwood, P. Burick, C. Arrowsmith, A. DuVze. West side bowlers are P. Acker- man, B. Straus, S. Wickersham, N. Karle. ,4- If In gg if , 4 ., E :Q K -I 1 5 L 53 if J' An Encore of ff! T L 1,,.'- ' .. N, l Having chosen the cast of the "Matchmaker," Mr. Dobbs explains the details of their parts. Cast in- cludes D. Hestor, C. Stew- ard, B. Aires, N. Kuhn, P. Pecorella, M. Thompson, W. Hull, C. Zipper, J. Glenn, D. Scarlett, Advisor Mr. Dobbs. Linda Lee, Paul Pecorella, and C it . andy Brower see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, yet president Carl Zipper seems to have just that look, EVIL. Behind the velvet curtain With the opening of the curtains on the Junior-Senior play, came the climax of many month's work. In appreciation for this hard work, a party was thrown for the cast and all who helped with the production. A re- cording ot "She Stoops to Conquer" was made for the school. "Violet Moves In" was presented for the school by the Sophomore Class at an assembly earlier in the year. "Violet Moves ln" starred Sophomores B. Disero, 'R. Gray, R. Anderson, C. De- Arment, K. Horseman, and L. Gold. Program Committee members meet to practice songs in preparation tor the Senior Banquet. Jim Benedict leads E. Greer, M. Stairs, C. Wertheim, K. Plavcan, S. Gluck, D. Schutter, B. Davis, and J. Fendya. Absent from the picture were D. Brown and D. Griltis. "Tonight ls Ours" was the theme chosen by the Senior Banquet Committee for one ot the memorable events of the Senior year. Decorations for the East Erie Turners were designed to compli- ment this theme, which was drawn from the familiar "Tonight" of West Side Story. Planning ahead - "Rhapsody" The biggest dance of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom, is decorated, planned, and financed by the Junior class in honor of the Seniors. The name chosen for T963 was "Rhapsody," Flowers, butterflies, and gay spring colors made up the decora- tions for this never-to- be-forgotten occasion Junior'Senior Prom Decorations Committee: C. Barton, K, Striclc, B. West, M. Koster, P. Potratz, C, Kennedy, E. Schubeck, D. Portenier, and P. Dean, plan the center decorations for Rainbow Gardens. I1 I A ,, u VL if f"9 Senate oiticers tor l962Y63 are Jim Theil, Vice-President, Joan Harper, Secretary, Humphrey Petersen, T"e:15i,:'er, and Rich VVhipple, President. wt i The only good Rambler is a DEAD one but then there's always next year. Sena tors D. Lenz, D. DiCarIo, B. Kruczewski and J. Haller reluctantly take down a boasting poster, Democracy in action S, Mandell, S. Johnston, and B. West, relinquish their baby sitting money to lazy male senators, J, Christensen and F. McKinney. Ignoring the proceedings at a meet- ing are Juniors, B. Auerbach, M. in Fainstein, L, Green, C. Krack, E. Dickerman, J. Adamovvicz, B. Strauss, J. Weiss, N. Scanzillo, B. Black, D. S -,Qi Joho, and R, Green. 58 The rhythm ot action was evident as the T962-63 Academy Senate spon- sored many activities to raise needed money. Their tirst project, "Senate in Session" with Frank Martin as disc iockey, was a big success. The senate also attempted a new project - selling Christmas trees. In addition to raising money and governing the school, the Senate paid part of the expense ot our exchange student, Claire Wertheim. This past year the Senate bought a new flag for the auditorium, and also attempted to set up a scholarship fund. 1, fr . , , i 4. Q I Delivering convincing i?l soles pitches to prospective customers i?l ore M. Moore, R. Sims, C. Wertheim, S. Gluck, A. Vese checco, D. Portenier, C. Chicoski. E 2 5 E 5 3525 : is-. 4.3 56 . J. sri -....-4 5 -e V --', ' W- . Arriving late but eager for o Senate meeting ore T. McLoughlin, B. Simon, Trying to convince Senior C. Onislco thot Juniors J. Snodgrass, B. Ziemmer, E, Madsen, M. Steinmetz. ore best is ci fellow grode representative F, McKin- ney, while Sophomore C. DeArmenr stoncls silently by. Sophomore Senators - ROW l R. Penn, K. Krosovsky, J, Magee, ROW ll G. Burbridge, D. DiCorlo, D. Browdie, J. Schweigert, R. J. Jensen, C. Hunter, C. Pierce, M. Bitterrs, B. Eller, J. Stommer. Wild, D. Thciyer, J. Rettger, P. Hill, L. Brciendel. 59 . ,,L.. ROW I - A. Veschecco, C. Maul, P. Hagan, M. Brug ger, K. Sheldon, K. Hayes, K Foulke, M. Rosiak. ROW Il - S. Lee, S. Gluck, J. South worth, J. Snodgrass, J. Til lack, C. Plavcan, S. Davis M. Steinmetz, ROW lll - E Madsen, C. Grehl, B. Barney C. Brower, B. Tucker, S. Kap- lan. ROW IV - W. Harkins, R. Mandelsohn, L. DeCarolis, M. Moore, S. Schatz, J. Fendya. ROW V - J. Bene- dict, M. Stairs, R. Johnson, L. Wallerstein, R. Sims, J. Hal- ler, D. Schutter, J. Treter. Missing from the picture were L. Diclcerman and R, Whipple. Miss Mang, advisor, receives nominations for second semester officers. "Noblesse Oblige" This year's National Honor Society wanted to do something as a group on a cultural level, so they attended the comedy "School for Wives" performed by the Villa Maria College drama group. Patriotism and respect for the American flag was the theme of the fall induction program. The spring induction featured the members' outside activities, including fencing, modern dance, and an explanation of ab- stract art. Lenny DeCarolis and Roger Sims demon- strate the proper way to display the flag on a porch. i il 60 Y -F ' K "fill , . we "T Members of the Jazz Record Club wait their turn to have their favorite albums played Group iazzes it up I. Tannenbaum's impatience goes unnoticed by D. Lambert, R. Mendelson, and R. Johnson. 61 Jazz enthusiasts met fre- quently to listen to their favor- ite pieces and pass on informa- tion to other members. They discussed well-known iazz com- posers and their most famous works. Chess Club A club organized at Academy for those with keen minds and steady nerves, the Chess Club plans tournaments among the members and with other schools. Under the direction of Mr. Necci and some of the better players, such os Gerry Kowalski, new members may learn the basic rules of this interesting game. Ollice Monitors: ROW l - S. Hopkins, S. Noble, G. Olson, C. Von Donich. ROW IV - C. Nunes, R, Strond, C. Grehl, L. VVoller- Jensen, B. Ayers, L. Morchonl. ROW ll - K. Kennedy, G. Kolo- slein, S. Shreve, D. Doehrel, M. Krislo. ROW V - J, Ohmon, S, kovvski, B. Burney, P. McGroTh, E. Kezmun, J. Weber. ROW lll - Anderson, M. School. N. McLoughlin, C Rilling, S. Bengsfon, J. Sfosenko, R. Hogon, S. Monitors on duly Counselor Monirorsz ROW I - L Dickerrnon, J. Harper, K. Lechtenor, Pofocki, L. Morchonf, B. Huber. ROW ll - R. Schneider, J. STephenson, Yenoff, K. Foulke, S. Dovis, P. Mosley, S. Shorz. .4 Delivering messoges Trom The ofTiCe, col- lecTing oTTendonce slips, sTomping books in The librory, keeping The coTeTerio in order, ond sorTing The Teochers' moil ore o Tevv ol The voried iobs performed by The moniTors. One oT The lorgesr groups in The school, The moniTors, volunteer To serve Acodemy. Boys os well os girls corry ouT Their respecrive duTies. ' Librory Monitors: D. Kuhn, L. Boker, . . . MoHeT, C. Couldvvell, R. Senowilz, D. Scully, J, Miller, L. Haskell, N. Hodos. Librory Monitors marking use oi oviiilcible mute- riol ore: P. Kellog, J. Blukeslee, B, Ellsniore D Schell, K. Kuhn, S. McLoughlin, P. Hfigcin as? '14 Cateteria Monitors: ROW l - J. Wal'il, T. Moy, B. Juliante, T. Minnis. ROW ll Lucht, R. Henry, P. Pastulwa, M. Wagner. Olifice monitor Ginny Olson sorts faculty mail. Violating the one-way arrow and taking ad- vantage of snoozing monitor Tom May are Chestene Onisko and Suzanne Kaplan. Greeting studious friends while Collecting attendance slips is monitor Barb Ayers. Gym Monitors. ROW I - J. Pietrasiewicz, L. Al- berstadt, M. Szymanowslci, J. Pora, G. Olson, D. Hilbert. ROW II - D. Doehrl, E. James, Shatcfstall, D. Senger, C. Smith. ROW Ill - C Jensen, B. West, R. Carson, R. lntrieri, N. Greg- ory. ROW lV - B. Stokes, D. MCCausland, M. Allen, C. Carlauist, S. Windsor, C. Seiber. 63 1. ' mwfw.. '98 W, wi " it. Y-Q. Q, uhm fer- ,- if' 'R is W ba X N l ' 4 W.. iw , ,Q X in f- Q 6 5 f x 'Y 'L ix' -f .sm Y x X- Us.. Brendo Burney, Lindo Boker, ond Mory Lou Krupicz led the Pep Club in pom- pom routines. Q 1 K 7. Boom, Bah . . . Lions, Roh! The blue ond gold pom-poms of the Pep Club mode on impressive scene of assemblies ond gomes. Members met frequently during the football seoson to practice cheers. The club olso rented o bus in order to ottend the game in Ashtobulo, Ohio. , lxf Q35 M' . glibqrf- A -mf QLQWA 64 xg , Y Q . 'O . l .. ng lbw x ,Iv , Senior varsity captain, Kathy Stewart, and senior cheer- leader, Mike Grimaldi. "Hip, hip - Let 'er rip!" "Loud noises come from small groups," The cheerleading squad may be small, lout their unceasing pep and vigor make up for their size. ln addition to selling book covers and folders, the cheerleaders took on a new project, the collection of bottlecaps to help finance lion rnascot uniforms. Academy's I5 junior varsity cheerleaders aid in counting bottlecaps to raise money for a new mascot outfit. SEATED - P. Potratz, P. Dean. STANDING - A. Koftler, S. Greitzer, L. Shafer, C. Swanson, D. Cull, J. Stamrner, S. Schoenberg, D. Amacher, C. Simonetti, D. Perry, D. Heidel- berg, P. Long, J. Brown. Missing from the picture - M. Smiley. 65 '55 V ' 'Why Q.. if . . . A ' li? 1 .. It 5 T A Senior, Phyllis Mosley, and junior, Dennis Chludzinski. if 'WC si is kgs Carol Crawford, junior, and Dave DiCarlo, senior. Junior cheerleaders, Sandy Brown and .lim Hayward. ora.. . fix, Lam ss f f7"7",', Depvffmenf lWGGClS -- M- KOSYSF, C- BVOWSV, P. Jenkins, D. Nohoyig, S. Lamary, C, Acker. Missing from picture is S. Mandell. A year befween hard covers AT home in The back room is The business sTafT. Jane Magee, Dean Hess, and Mr. Zonno, busily collecting money for school pictures, Choosing This year's Academe cover are editor, Sandy Lee, advisor Mrs. Bermon, and assistant ediTor, Par Potrafz, PorTraying all phases of school life Through picTures is The basic goal of The Academe sTaff. Under ediTor Sandy Lee, The sTaff works diligently To meeT The deadlines. Taking and cropping picTures, w'riT- ing copy, and preparing The lay- ouTs are a few of The duTies ThaT have To be performed, so ThaT your yearbook will be The producT of The sTaTT's besT efforT. D Smiley G Burbrid e, K. ManTsch, E. Schubeck, M. Harkins, D. ScarleTT. gf sy: The many reporters on the Star staff get together tor an informal meeting to receive assignments for the coming issue. SEATED are: S. Greitzer, P. Mills, D. Detwiler, M. O'Kelly, B. Simon, P. Yenoft, K. Skacl- houge, L. Green, VV. Belson and J. Selling. STANDING ore: M. Moore, B, Ellsmore, S, Schoenberg, K. Holland, C. Wertheim, J. Pietrasiewiez, D. Portenier, C, Fasenmeyer, C. Onisko. , 'Vw Star editors get ready to send the paper to press. K. Kelly, M. Smiley, G. McGraw, S. Bengston, B. Tucker, D. Bender, S. Davis, and K. Foulke. The goal ot the Star staft is to write, edit, and publish a school newspaper which reflects the ideals and activities of the Academy student body. Led by editor-in-chief Barb Tucker and taculty advisor Mr. Fred Kantz, the statt his in- cluded nevvs, opinions, social lite and sports achievements, sparked by special-interest tea- tures, in the issues dated T962-63. Xl Managing the business are Jim Stephenson and Linda Baker, while Suzanne Bartone and Cyrene Chikoski take care of typing, 5 Q xx' Gold and Blue in black cmd white Cutting apart the articles on the galleys are editor, Barb Tucker, and advisor, Mr. Kantz. Assistants to the editors are arriving for class, L. Nathan, S, Bartone D Portenier, C, Lechtner, S. Gluck, M. Steinmetz, and M. Brugger. 1 Hey, look us over . . . Rain or shine, the show must go on, as the band and twirlers illustrated in their Buffalo appearance, October 20. Although the weather was against them, they put on an excellent show featuring the "twist" done to the tune, "Shake, Rattle, and Roll." The performance was a fine exhibition of precision drills. After football season ended, the band and maiorettes prepared for their concert season. Under the direction of Mr. William Burger, the band practiced new marches and songs. The twirlers, advised by Mr. Clarence Swahn, perfected intricate drills. They appeared at many schools including East, Wilson, and Memorial. Band: ROW l - B. Carlson, B. Locke, D. Sharpe, C. Schlauhman, B. Black, J. Berst, N. Scanzillo, E. Christoph. ROW ll - R. Hagan, D. Briggs, B. Bartlett, D. Jones, D. Riozzi, D. Dibble, S. McCloud, P. Zesinger, J. Downing, B. Lenz, R. Brady, D. Cosner, T. Rectenwald, D. Gretinski, C. Zipper. ROW lll - Mr. Burger, M. Hanlon, R. Kirin, E. Nelson, J. Nickell, R. Boose, R. Lightner, D. Lacey. Band: ROW I - R. feld, B. Duffin, L. Masters, B. Tongren G. Hull, D. Smith, S. Goodson, R. Swanson. ROW Il - B. Lewis, B. Rohaly, M. Scott, D. Schutter, J. Goleniowski, B. Schneider, R. Penn, E. Seybolt, L. Bower, P. McBride, P. Blau, J. Greenburg, B. Dombchik. ROW lll - T. Balko, D. Ott, C. Bierback, J. Fendya, G. Hershelman, C. Munson, W. Hull. Z .ee J gg ' iw -if L John Fendya, drum maior, and Ron Sun- seri, drum captain, set the beat and give signals for formations at band perform- ances. Among his many talents, Mr. William Burger, director of the band, plays a saxophone. He has, himself, performed with the band on many occasions. Sunseri, A. Zeppen- Twirlersz K. Ford, S. Shreve, R. Huggler, J. Reardon, D. Goodenow, B. Moore, J. Barnes, S. Johnson, K, Burbridge, P. Thompson, P. Warnken, S. Taylor. marching down the field Jeanette Stasenko, assistant leader, Susan Anderson, head leader, and Sandy Taylor, assistant leader, aid the twirlers in putting together routines and lead them in Held formations with the help of Mr. Clarence Swohn' advisor. Sophomore twirlers: C. Hansen, D. Brinig, R. Hess, K. Sponsler, J. MacMurdo, P. Hill, D. Anderson, R. DiMichael, R. Hagan, C. Hunter, R. Shetfner, J. Snell. Twirlers: S. Anderson, 5. Bengston, J. Ohman, S. Lawrence, J. Shaffer, J. Krawick, G. Stazer, J. Parson, P. Pastuha, L. Becker, P. Jozefczyk, C. Adams, D. Domore, J. Stosenko. Choir: ROW l D. Hestor, S. Zimmerman, C. Nunes, M. Rozenek, J. Rosenberg, Mr. Grender, J. Washburn, C. Carter, B. Curry, S. McCall, J. Duncombe, M. Osborne. ROW ll J. Snodgrass, C. Roberts, K. Nelson, A. Koffler, D. Gartner, D, Senger, B. Davis, J. Meyer, B. Thompson, P. YenoFf, S. Donaldson, S. Thompson, ROW Ill S. Zuravlef, C. Aclcer, P. Lindquist, S. Davis, J. Hugus, Z Supplying music "to think by" during second period is of course the main purpose of the A Cappella Choir, but under the direction of Mr. Obed Grender, the group also enjoyed a full schedule of appearances. They were invited to perform at many places including Theil College, and schools throughout the city. The harmo- nious voices also added a finishing touch to assemblies and concerts. Away with the old, on with the new is the motto of the choir as Linda Clifton, Carol Acker, Dave Nohovig and Ron Sunseri don lm- pressive robes. Eddy, A. Hunter, B. Kraschneske, J. Lewis, M. Thompson, R. Strand, ROW IV S. Fuhrman, D. Lacey, L. Gold, D. Grifiqs, D. Green, S, Mysnylc, M. Sender, G. Fye, l. Tanenboun, R, Bowman, D. Nohovig, B. Tongren, L. Clifton. ROW V R. Green, B, Schneider, J. Benedict, J, Weiss, K. Keys, L. Gleen, B. Bartlett, R. Sunseri, D, Alexander, R. Bissell, M. Stairs, VV. Crosby, D. Schutter. All voices blend Mr. Obed Grender summons the attention of members of the Girls' Chorus as they begin class. He directs all three choral groups at Academy. Boys' Glee Club: ROW l D. Huclson, R. Bowman, K, Simmons, T. VV Hilbrick, Mr. Grender, G, Fye, B. Fetzner, .l. Witt. ROW ll D. Bagnoni, gert, P, Sgmluk, G, Montgomery, R- Bisyfllf G, Sggtgmskil D, Moore, T. Sullivan, C. Galt, B. Salyers, D. Jones, T. Concha, J. U in harmony Girls' Chorus: ROW I: S. Zimmerman, D. Hilbert, V, Turk, F. Kiotulakes D. Karadeema, Mr. Grender, J. Smith, N. Lebenberg, R. Marchini, B. Marchini, T. Agostine. ROW ll: D, DeDionisio, K, Gallagher, G. LeMaye, S. Willey, C. Martin, B. Juliante, R, Hagan, A. Ackroycl, F. Kader, C. Ehret, S. McFarland. ROW Ill: C. Kasobucki, C. De-Arment, M. Allen, When the members of the Glee Club sing their numbers in tour port har- mony, the result is Worth all the etlort and practice. The boys contribute their time and talent to please others. All who have had the privilege Of liS' tening to the Girls' Chorus are tantiliar with the beauty and quality ot their combined musical ettort. Blending their melodious tones into one pertect whole, the girls, under the direction ot Mr Obeal Grender, present annually Spring and Christmas concerts, and participate in various local and regional testimiities D, Goodenow, S. Burdick, P. Bowe, N. Gregory, l., Kuhn. l, RCYWV- Baroth, J. Battle, L. Karadeema, H. Horvoth, ROW IV: C Atkinson Atkinson, C, Sieber, N. Mandeville, R. Brown, L Nil'-'sew T MC" C. Antill, L, Manus, D. Boldie, B. Stokes, F Cum--' J Flldlnn Nelson. eber. ROW lll B. Pratt, M. Carlson, A. Davos, D. Gulirk, J Sch-A Q Safe teen : Good teen "The only good teen is a safe teen." At meetings, the Safe Teens discuss car safety. By a new plan which permits "iunior members," the club educates those students between the ages of T4 and I6 in care- ful driving procedures. A total of 80 students joined during the past school year. BELOW - Officers: Gary Haskins, treasurer, Warren Hull, president, Richard Mandelsohn, secretary, and Paul Pecorella, vice president, know what it means to stay alive. Safe Teens: BOTTOM ROW: B. Auer- bach, S. McCall, H, Eck, A. Meissel, D. Hestor, C. Smith, S, Dodson, D. Par- menter, C. Fasenmeyer, S. Davis. ROW ll: G. Walburn, M. Edwards, B. Gabin, M. Rencuch, N. Radov, K. Adams, M. Thompson, P. Clark, K. Perrin, S. Tuller, R. Samuels, M. Moore. ROW Ill: J. Greenburg, D. Cosner, R. Johnson, R. Weil, L. Gold, R, Mandelsohn, J. Schauer, P. Blau, D. Ott, D. Scarlett, W. Hull, G, Haskins, R. Appletree. ROW IV: J. Berst, P. Pecorella, J. Theil, T. Santi, R, Lasher, D. Diehl, L. Wallerstein, D. DiCarlo, J. Ramandanes, B. Hilbert, S. McCloud, N. Jensen, R. Kubick, D. Joho, J. Mulder. Connie Fasenmeyer tries the scholarship test on Safety Educa tion, hoping to be a fortunate winner. Kitsy Plavcan a talented member of the Orchestra ROW I Mr Burger, R. Dickerman, C. Miller, R. DiMichael, J orchestra and also of the Erie Ballet Com Stammer C Walter ROW ll K. Osborne, B. Verdecchia, J. Sushereba, R pany often accompanies the orchestras Bowman Rog Fiagan A Christoph, T. Rose. ROW Ill - H. Peterson, B. Duflin performances with a graceful ballet E Christoph M Hanlon D Briggs D. Sawdey, K. Young, D. Brown. Golden tones and blue melodies For many years, Academy has been extremely proud of its or- chestra. Under the direction of Mr. William Burger, this musical organization has become one of the best in the city. The tirst appearance ot this group was at Open House in November, The orchestra traveled to other schools and appeared in Acad- emy on Parade. Orchestra: ROW I - K, Leamy, B. Davis, L. Geiger, V. Whitley, B. Blair. ROW Il - P. Sampson, P. Henning, K. Blavcan, C. Krack, K. Dunbar. ROW Ill - B. Lewis, J. Goleniowslci, L. Root, M. Edwards, D. Knickerbocker, B. Hutzel- man, J. Yaple, L. Henning, J. Wise. 'X 1 i . - If . 5, 'E-is Q . 5 ir Fgrr: 1--Q . 1 1 . ' J' , af ": 1 : -- .fl ' In ' 5: I :Il 4 . This year's Y-Teens omcers are. STANDING, G. Bologna, Chap- lain, J. Snodgrass, President, J. Harper, Treasurer, SITTING, S. Mandell, Secretary, C. Kennedy, Vice President. Comrniltee Charimen are S. Noble, Program, M. Steinnetz, Ser- vice, and T. Magenau, Social. Service fo others l Senior Y-Teens. ROW I - B. Davis, L. Walz, M. Krupicz, P. Mosley K. Leamy, l. Tale, M. Rozenek, S. Noble, N. Sherman, B. Ayers, G. Olson, C. Jensen, A. Meissel, C. Barney, J. Auslin, P. Boyer, N McLaughlin, E. Kuzmin, S. McLaughlin. ROW Il - P. Pasfuha, P Clark, R. Hanks, M. Marsh, C. Cummings, J. Tillack, J. Wise, D Kuhn, J. Twillie, J. Glenn, S. Anderson, L. Leonharl, D. Cohen, J CoFlrnan, M. Lifz, R. Willman, G. Dundon, B. Gabin, M. Angelolti L. Karadeema. ROW Ill - C. Brower, N. Kuhn, G. Kolapowski, K Kennedy, K. Gallagher, N. Gregory, D. Rogolo, G. Bologna, T. Magenau, M. Steinmelz, P. Rorhermel, B. Julianfe, S. Davis, C Werlheim, D. Gaber, K. Hayes, B. Huber, M. Barczynski, S. Randall M. Angeloffi, J. Gilmore, K. Lewis. ROW IV - B. Kurezevvski, S. Lee, K. Barber, C. Miller, S. Wickersham, B. Thompson, D. Relfger, P. Jenkins, J. Harper, J. Snodgrass, J. Southworth, E. Madsen, H. Eck, C. Onisko, J. Bottle, M. Schaal, D. Parmenfer, J. Marlin, D. Doehrel, S. Sieklucky, S. Gluck, S. Sisco, M. Hanke, J. Adamo- wicz. ROW V - L. Baker, M. Brugger, J. Ohman, J. Sfosenko, J. Riley, S. Shreve, N. Kroh, K. King, S. Shafer, S. Taylor, S. Kaplan, B. Tucker, S. Treiber, C. Kearner, C. Chicoski, M. Thompson, B. Barney, K. Nielson, P. Ackerman, C. Grehl, P. Hagan, S. Damary, K. Sheldon, D. Mitchell, C. Golembeski, S. Fuhrman, F. Richardson. in ll 1 -it e W. .129 Junior officers are K. Kemble, Secretaryfireasurer, D. Litzinger, Sophomore oFlicers the K. Dunbar, Vice-President, M. Hartleb, President, M. Koster, Vice-President, "Service to others" would be an appro- priate motto tor the Y-TEENS, an organiza- tion which is devoted to helping the less fortunate. Girls in this club are asked to donate special items designated as services. The first service was contribution books and games to the Roger Williams Home. A cer- tain number ot services added to the re- quired social and meeting points is needed to attend the Winter and Spring Tri's. Mrs. Campbell cheerfully assists the girls in many Y-Teen activities. President, P. Diehl, Secretary-Treasurer. Miss Tate, advisor, credits B. Huber, K. Striclc, and L. Henning with services from their homeroom girls. J. Peganotcf and J. Coffman sign up for memberships with Tino Magenau in the cafeteria. 'F ..-Q.. 75 Speech Club: SITTING - L. Karadema, P. Hagan, M. R. Glass, J. Mulder, P. YenoFl, J. Stephenson, S. Rogers, Rosiak, V. Sweeney, B, Dressler, S. Sieklucky, C. Wertheim, A. Veshecco. ROW Ill - D. DiCarlo, P. Dean, J. Wise, C. P. Wasliewsky, N, Gregory. ROW ll - L. Applebee, L. Krack, G. Bologna, D. Clawson, K. Leamy, M. Torincase, D. Baker, C. Greer, C. Stewart, D. Hess, D. Schutter, D. Lenz, Hestor, R. Davis, R. Madelsohm, D. Scarlett, J. Kinnear. Speech Club At its bi-weekly meetings, the Speech Club, ad- vised by E. M. Berman, instructs members in becom- ing familiar with the varied phrases of daily speech activities. Students attaining a required number of points, based upon active club participation, are eligible for annual awards. Activities include de- bating, oratory, panel discussions, drama, storytell- ing, and oral interpretation. Red Cross The work of organizations- such as the Academy chapter of the American Junior Red Cross illustrates the charity and benevolence of today's teenagers. Members ot the J.R.C. put on a variety show in March at the Veterans Hospital, packed gift boxes to be sent overseas, and volunteered their services at the V.A. Hospital as nurse's aids, typists, librarians, and laboratory assistants. "Babes in Toyland," a ragdoll, Pat Dean, jack- in-the-box, Cheryl Stewart, and iester, Jim Mulder, were part of an entertaining speech assembly in December. Mr. Rollinger, Academy photographer, explains to photography student Geoff Burbridge the rg f , in It F pictures. AVA and Stage Crew Supervising the use and care of audio-visual aids, the members of the A.V.A. crew find their services much in need around the school. These seven boys perform their many duties of showing educational movies in classrooms and assisting at assemblies without much recognition or praise. Looking in on the stage crew seventh period you and reducing methods of enlarging I I ni, swam? Jw, 7 fx kv .5 .siftfh .9 .1 The curtain closes on another assembly with Jerry Kowalski doing the honors. might wonder if they did anything but listen to the radio. One should be backstage during an assembly program watching them set up the stage, and handle the lights and microphones. These boys are busy at rallies, assemblies, and evening concerts. They also help prepare forthe wrestling matches held on stage. AVA and Stage Crew: ROW I - E. Robinson, P. Petti, J. Deerback, P. Lindaill, B. Agostini, H. Press, ROW ll - D. Smith, B. Murray, J. Kowalski, B. Hilbert, M. Gold, ROW Ill - L. Nazarian, W. Shaffer, R. Johnson, R. Buzzard, B. Dombchik. il. tm Business Club. ROW l M. Szymonowski, L. Wolz, J. Austin, S Noble, N. Sherrnon, C. Jensen, P. McGroth, C. Burney, R. Wisinski J. Twillie, K. Kennedy. ROW II R. Mollberg, K. Potoclci, K. Lewis, B. Gobin, B. Ayers, J. Glenn, L. Leonhort, D. Senger, D. Gober, G Kololcowski, P. Mosley. ROW III P. Postuho, C. Moul, E. Kuzmiri J. Gilmore, S. Anderson, J. Cottmon, L. Hoger, C. Woyicki, M . School, S McLoughlin. ROW IV D. Porrnenter, J. Riley, S. Shreve, , S. Toylor, J. Stosenko, K. Nielsen, C. Chicoski, L. Swenson, A. Hunter, J. Bottle, J. Martin, P. Boyer. ROW V D. Mitchell, C. ehl, S. Lomory, N. Kroh, C. Siever, B. Roholy, R. Hogon, A, , Telegn, C. Wilson, M. Rosiok, B, Johnson, L. Hamilton, E. Winkoski. Business with pleasure Miss Hickey, advisor, helps president, Pot McGroth with some typing, one ot her odvonced connmerciol studies. 'Z XL l 1 f ff . me 'fs' : I ...,.. The Business Club, on orgonizotion ot odvonced commerciol students, combines pleosure with lectrn- ing. To goin knowledge ot whot will be expected ot them in on ottice, the club invites o member ot locol business to speok ot eoch ot their meetings, which ore held in the "Cottee Pot," Mrs. Ruth Weber, privote secretory to the president ot Generol Tele- phone, wos one intormotive speolcer. Glorio Kolokowski, vice-president, ond Suson Anderson, secre- tory-treosurer, plon o coming meeting. Spanish Club: ROW l - C, Vercillo, K. Krasovsky, J. Greene berg, J. Peganofll, l.. Dieter. ROW Il - D. ScarleTT, E. Mad- sen, A. Meissel, D. Porfenier, M. Hartleb, K. Lechtner. ROW lll - E. Carter, K, Eller, L. Gold, G. Galonis, L. Clubs de Espanol ef Francais Planning a gala Hesia, wriTing To pen pals in SouTh Ameri- ca, and preparing an assembly program are a Tew of The acTiviTies enioyed by The members of The Spanish Club. Through Their eFTorTs, They hope To acquaini Academy sTu- denTs wiTh The cusToms and culTure of Spanish speaking people. The Academy French Club, led by Mrs. Elsie Campbell, hopes To bring inieresied sTuder1Ts closer To The French lan- guage. To help hnance an excursion To Cleveland To see a Green,'V, Yeager, D. Morris. ROW IV - C. Chicoski, P. Ackerman, B. Tucker, J, Mulder, D, DiCarlo, D. Joho, R. Appletree, P. Kellogg. Pulls U 1 TS yC3..iQfsQfxi L. French him and dine aT a French resTauranT, The club sold candy aTTer school. French Club. ROW l - K, Holland, K. Kelly, A, Maloney, P. Car- mosino, M. Fitzgerald, J. Caifo, G. Olson, J. Rosenberg, D. Garb ne: D. DeDionisio, J. Hockensmith, C. Rethaby, P. Brusohi. ROW ll - A. Hartin, C. STerbackcr, S. Schoenberg, C. Horton, M. Melson, S. Flefcher, D. Hilbert, P. Mosley, D, Clowson, H. Eck, P. Dean, C. Crawford, S. Brown, C. DeWolT, C. Kasobucki, M. Tornincasa, ROW Ill - S. Reisenweber, L. Felberboum, F. Fox, M. BiTTers, E, Eisenberg, G. Bondy, S. Guntrum, J. Dopierala, J. Harper, T. Magenau, S. Davis, B. Gabin, C. Adams, C. Borfon, S, Bartone, To illusTraTe The use OT a Toreign language, Marsha Thompson Tacks up a bulleTin board in The French room. W. Belson, E. Dickerman ROW IV - M. Gorzynski, P. Hain, E Dornlerowski, R. Dickerman, V. Sweeney, J, Musarra, D. Smiley P. YenofT, K. Burbridge, S. Davis, J. BaTTle, D, Morris, S, Lee, B Black, J. Bersi, C. Sehlaufman. ROW V - S. Gluck, M, Kelly B. Haskins, S. Allamon, J. Causgrove, D. Heidelburg, R. Hanks B. Barney, M, Thompson, C. Onisko, S. Sieklucky, L. Dickerman C. Wertheim, M. Brugger, S. Randall, E. Brand, L, ClifTon, P Mascara. .ll 79 7. g '4 ,sv K4 f'f 'N Q "fm M... .ygqgqvxg ' .aff " .. ,gs ,ffl . K I .... .. W, A N, A f 1 ,Q A ,A I V rl A K rk-k, w,w,WL..W , ,.v..m.7 A. ' . ' -- . ' ,W - N-fm.-W..Mm.,.W-.w N . ,,,,,,,..,., A W K LW V1 4, .. K WWW. V - , V - , W M V 7-74MQ,mv4.-,m.Af,f , Q, M ML' . . A W , ..,,, W..,..LL WW, I my Mlm l- ati ' MW-1 Q., If gg A s 5 , 5,W+"21w1f, ,MMV - A g i ' - ' ffff-ff: - i I i f 4 -.W iawdkfiwi, ' W, , V .. WMM , . f 4 ,L wg-QM' 5 Wm,,,,g M MM , , Nw. -- M W v V: 4-.mer ,. may .M W W W1 AW., ,W.wW,em,W- ww N W V ,,.. ,, M, ewllgfwm- ai- , K, ,W X I 'V H , I 'A Fa ingm- X mis' wg' mmm gswigfgmz my 3,22--www f 5 .,g1g:Q95Lf.3 .Y g,1,Mswg2,,. WA gwggw ,3,WmQmie QgS'31??i??l5E 5' J ,A1- V1 A MISS ACADEME, Judy Snodgrass CAROL ACKER PATTER ACKERMAN JOAN ADAMOWICZ LORETTA ALBERSTADT LARRY ALDRIDGE DAVID ALEXANDER MARY ANN ALLEN SUSAN ANDERSON Academy's Sharpest Dressers can't afford even a little slip in appearance. MARY ANN ANGELOTTI MARY LOU ANGELOTTI Tina Mogenau adjusts Tom Gates' tie in an effort to maintain their repu- tation. 84 'N mn 1 lu., K - 'ra Q : ,,. ,E ,, LW,-'tif 'lw, ,: 'Y Sl fl 5. M., Q VIRGINIA BOLOGNA GERALDINE BORKOWSKI PATRICIA BOYER GLADYS BRANDT The Senior yeor, solemn ond goy As The Tinol doys of high school life drovv To on end, Seniors con recoll mony highlighTs oT The yeor. The discisTrous Prep gome, closs pins sold by The Senior Closs, ond The donce given by The Senior boys will olwdys be remembered. WAYNE BRENNEMAN CANDACE BROWER DAVID BROWN MARY BRUGGER Seniors olso Think of The TuTure ond vvhoi iT holds for Them. With The educoTion ond well-rounded personoliTies ocquired while oTTending Acodemy, eoch member of The Closs of '63 is desTined To do well in ony Tield chosen. CAROL BROWN CHARLES BROWN LAWRENCE BUFFALARI NAOMI BUNCE 87 "We were soiling olong . . . " chonf Clcss Jesters, Curl Zipper ond Joan Hor- per, os fhey puddle their way pos? the office, The Senior year IS not solely SUSAN BURHELD Work and 51-Udy MILDRED ausms ROBERT BUSSARD LINDA CALHOUN FRANK CAMPANA THOMAS CANDIA DOUGLAS CARLQUIST WILLIS CARR ROBERT CARSON DAVID CARTER v 88 Q " 'T' W BRENDA DAVIS DAVID DICARLO un' .L "' Kathy Srewcxrd ond Mike Grimaldi boost A.H.S.'s own lion, lust os Ihey help raise spirits of games ond rcillies os sg "Academy Boosters." . . . CAROL CYKTICH Social life combines . . . ARTHUR DAVIS RAECHELLE DAVIS LEONARD DECARLIS PAUL DENTLER LOIS DICKERMAN CHARLES DIPPO DIANE DOEHREL 90 JUDY DONLIN BARBARA DRESSLER MICHAEL DUNBAR LAWRENCE DURKIN BERNARD DVORAK WILLIAM DYKES HAROLYN ECK . . with academic life GARY EDINGER Smiling gleefully despite a pile of books, "Personality Plus" Rich Whipple and Judy Snodgrass engage in lively conversation. --...4 .sf .1 2 1 r GALE DUNDON RONALD DZIKOWSKI Q, , I V. N , 1'-A v - L' :iii if aye' , in fi I 'QW -. 3 2' 'il so A . -was A my k ' ' John Holler and Sandy Lee, vored Most Congenial, dis- play this unique Trait in a most unusual manner. I The pace of ci Senior is fast MARIAN EDWARDS CONRAD EISERT ROBERT ESTOK RICHARD FAIRCHILD BRIAN FARGO JOHN FENDYA SHIRLEY FERRARA ROBERT FETZNER LINDA FOSTER KATHLEEN FOULKE 92 ,wffi-ni' JU tif ,LQ 5 YQ ,. -ff , 4, I 91 Q fb if Mike Wornken ond Candy Brower, Acmdemy's "Cutest Couple," catch Q few precious moments of to getherness between the rush of classes. GERALD GOSTOMSKI JACK GREEN BU RG Spirit, enthusiasm . ELLEN GREER RANDALL GREGGS NANCY GREGORY CAROL GREHL DAVID GRIFFIS MICHAEL GRIMALDI EUGENE GROENENDAAL REED GROSS PAULA HAGAN LOIS HAGER LOUISE HAGER DONNA HAINES JOHN HALLER LESTER HAMILTON MARY HANKE RUTH HANKS . . good sporfsmonship when defeated PEGGY HANNAH MARILYN HANSON Dove DiCorIo fries hopelessly To utilize his technique cis "Class Flirt' while Marilyn Marsh cooly ignores him. f 4 1 . Q T C A , I . 95 XWA 1 :' l i J b ' vgz I ., ,, . Y, ' if fm N-.. 'vw A 4 L G 'L K-v-, K nw, W, H YK! New - 1:1 , , , Q"":'1Q!'7'x f + V . Q. fb Am' ' 11 Voted Most Artistic Seniors, Carol Acker ond Bob Potter strike c "typical" pose for the Academe photographer. WILLIAM HILBERT Q I I THOMAS HILBRICH Senior Talent is Appreclcfed RUTH HOGAN KENNETH HOLBY JAMES HOLLAND JOHN HOLROYD BARBARA HUBER DONALD HUDSON JANET HUGUS WARREN HULL 97 A 6 5, , 5? 'vw fl 9' S12 --TW! Q, , '!L,,,, ond downs. JOHN KADER SUZANNE KAPLAN LEONA KARADEEMA RONALD KATZ PATRICIA KELLOGG GERALD KELLY EDWARD KEMPF KATHLEEN KENNEDY WILLIAM KERN WILLIAM KESTER CHARLES KINDLE DONALD KINDLE 99 The opening of o public ice skating rink in Erie enticed seniors Kathy Foulke ond Bob Schneider to o doy of ups . it I ' 1 KATHLEEN KING GLORIA KOLAKOWSKI GERALD KOWALSKI WILLIAM KRACK PETER KRANZ NANCY KROH MARY KRUPICZ ROBERT KUBICK DONNA KUHN KATHLEEN KUHN NANCY KUHN AUDREY KUPNIEWSKI BEVERLY KURCZEWSKI ELLEN KUZMIN DANIEL LACEY SUSAN LAMARY 100 15' ,. m J, i ? iw, . av ELLEN MADSEN MARTINA MAGENAU EDWARD MAGILL RICHARD MANDELSOHN KAREN MANTSCH RICHARD MARAS The "fun" of homework - last minute term papers, 3 A.M. cramming DEANN MALINOWSKI LAURA MARCHANT MARILYN MARSH STANLEY MARSOWICZ Class Intelligentsia Susan Gluck and Steve Schatz match wits and brains in an incessant struggle to prove which is the dominant sex. B41 ,749 Q , 54 SP1 , I 'L F I II' Z if 5 -' S A , 7' M- N Y IRL :SEAL .Q.....w...... ,, W A'-BC wikis' , "Ah, for the Li e Riley," sighs John Fendya. Together with Brenda Davis, who agrees mos? heartily, they const u e Academy's Most Talented Seniors. CAROL MARTIN JOSEPHINE MARTIN ROGER MARTIN KATHLEEN MASTERSON CAROLINE MAUL THOMAS MAY STEPHEN McCLOUD SUSAN McFARLAND PATRICIA MCGRATH GREGORY McGRAW I 103 DARLENE MCKENZIE NANCY McLAUGHLIN Ready to meet the challenge of life SHEILA McLAUGHLIN ALICE MEISSEL BOYD MILLER CAROL MILLER RICHARD MILLER ROSE ANN MILLER DORIS MITCHELL RUTH MOLLBERG GARY MONTGOMERY ROGER MOON JAMES MOORE MICHAEL MOORE 104 DIAN MORRIS CHERYL MORRISON SANDRA MOZUR DAVID MYERS SANDY MYSNYK JOHN NEEDHAM PHYLLIS MOSLEY DANIEL MOWREY in OcTober of 1962 o crisis broke in The world concerning Russion bcises in Cubo. lf develop- rnenTs hold conTinued olong The lines They were Toking, The TuTures of mony of our Seniors mighT hove been chonged. A good percenToge of The Seniors plon To TurTher Their educoTion oTTer high school. WhoT would hove hoppened To These plons had The siTuoTion become more serious? Troops were being senT ouT olreody ond more would be needed. College hopes would be Thrown ouT os The droTT boord Took over. BUT, TorTunoTely, The Trouble wos seTTled, ond college is onTicipoTed by mony. JOHN NELSON JOYCE NELSON ROGER NICHOLS KATHRYN NIELSEN SUZANNE NOBLE DAVID NOHOVIG X, Q 41 . '12 ,"' I EI I 2 I , , I ,ff Q if ,,,. E 3 KI ROBERT PETTIT Closing the scIwooIs due Io bod ,Wi weather didr-Vt keep the Lions in. Among other seniors, EIIen Mod- sen breaks in her skiis for The winter. I m,,, KMA HUMPHREY PETERSON PATRICIA PHILLIPS THOMAS PIOTROWSKI MICHAEL PIPER BARBARA PIRCIO CATHERINE PLAVCAN KAREN POTOCKI FRANK POTTER ROBERT POTTER RICHARD QUIEN 107 PAUL SAMLUK PATRICIA SAMPSON Seniors encounter new and more difficult sublects MARY ANN ROZENEK ROBERT SAMANKA CATHERINE SANTI THOMAS SANTI DAVID SARNOWSKI DONALD SCARLETT MARY SCHAAL STEVEN SCHATZ DARLEEN SCHELL MARILYN SCHMITZ NICHOLAS SCHMITZ ROBERT SCHNEIDER I 109 Nor Yo be outdone by his opponent, Dove Schutfer returns o tricky ping pong serve in the game room of the popular Glenwood Y which opened early in I962. A year when philosophies are formed, beliefs are strengthened JOSEPH SIMS ROGER SIMS JAMES SINS SHARON SISCO RICHARD SKINNER KAREN SKOBODZINSKI GARY SKOVRAN JUDITH SMYKOWSKI 111 ..-wif , 'QW M J'-As -ali' -.asm ff f A .wi i 7 X '46 ie if -Q., NA x -. .. H, sz 'if 'CT' :ls mi 45 i WM? 'XJ Q-., .gin nw Suddenly, graduation is only a few weeks away. Seniors try to imagine what the moment will be like, what they will feel. But only on that day in June can they realize what it means to be an Academy Senior for the last time. Commencement is anticipated - sadly and otherwise JUDITH TROTT MICHAEL TROTT BARBARA TUCKER DANIEL TUROWSKI CHARLES TWILLIE JESSIE TWILLIE ROBERT VALIMONT RICHARD VAUGHN 114- A W 'xx . ,4 in 1 x iw Vi m fi' R 9 CAROL CUMMINGS In Memoriam On December IO, I962 The siudenfs of Acade- my I-Iigh were grieved To learn of The accidental death of Carol Ann Cummings, a member of The senior class. A girl whose warmfh and friend- liness reached out To all persons, Carol proved herself a True friend and a promising scholar. Some will remember Carol for her kindly ways, others will recall her sincere manner, but most of us vvill carry The vivid memory of a Typical teenage girl whose presence once graced our fair Alma Mare-r's halls. l ROBERT YOCHIM PAULA YOUNG LINDA ZIELEWSKI MARGARET ZIELEWSKI ROBERT ZILL WILLIAM ZILL BRIAN ZIMMER CARL ZIPPER Franhcally rusning To meet the 830 bell five Cone is hlddenl senior r 9""-'H Jack Greenberg is a member of the clan of mocking males who tried unsuccessfully to imitate feminine fads early This year as Nancy Sherman chides him. The Senior Scene . Is prepare themselves for a gal .,,,W,.. ,, .W A, . f -,,.,,,,M-4 for Sixty-th ree The "Senior scene for sixty-three" , . . the Bossa Nova and the Limbo . . . new Glenwood skating rink . . . madras . . . Senior popularity poll . . . Joan Baez . , . Saturday nights at Y-co . . . Saturday mornings at the library . . . Win- ter Carnival , . . college applications . . . iob interviews . . . Winter tri, "Jewels in the Snow' '... MacDonald's . . . mohair . . . grid- iron victory over Tech . . . overtime court thril- ler with Vincent . . . Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" . . . English term paper . . . TO-foot snow drifts . . . toboggan parties . . . "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' '... bangle brace- lets . . . the Four Seasons . . . elbow patches . . . Skyline Drive and the Circle . . . teased hair . , . "dragging" down State Street , . . the Coliseum and the Glenwood Y . . . fads, fun, and learning. Kathy King is typical of "helpful seniors" who accept many of the minute responsibilities that help make Academy your "daytime home." '5w, tx A page from Vogue il- Iustrates this year's fash- ions. Sue Noble has donned a V-Neck mohair sweater, Skip Holroyd models-a car- digan with patches, Cyrene Chicoski shows a Madras blouse, hooded sweater, and flaired skirt, Dave Bag- noni wears a poncho jacket, and Marsha Thompson sports a quilted wind- breaker and stretch pants. The keysTone in The Training of commercial sTUdenTs is The Omce Pradice class. Here our seniors receive sirnulaTed experiences of Those They will meeT in The business world. A convenience provided for The sTu- denTs, The new vending machine by The office supplies pencils and note- books. Sandy Fuhrman, a hardwork- ing senior, obfains a fresh supply of paper for The day. Perhaps recalling former Val- enTine parties in elemenTary school, a group of Academy seniors celebraTe This roman- Tic occasion aT a parTy planned during lunch period. ,W .swf W "ii The Senior Scene for x as 120 KaThy Nielson, so ThaT she will be beTTer prepared To enter The business world, receives experience wiTh The mimeograph machine in Ofiice PracTice. I , ,. ,i 9 v,run'mwi1 . - Q ,, 'ffl QA Held up by the before homeroom in the morning Sixty-th ree The "Senior scene for sixty-three" . . . winning the Senior Battle Cry . . . bug pins . . . "Rhapsody," our Senior Prom . . . confusion of schedule changes in September . . . nose warmers . . . the "Matchmaker," our class play . . . the crystal crown purchased tor each year's Prom Queen . . . Academy on Parade . . . "Tonight," our Senior Banquet . . . noon day dances . . . Jacqueline Ken- nedy . . , Wrap around skirts . . . "Can- terbury's Tales' '... noisy study halls in the auditorium . . . sack purses . . . the raising ot the water fountains . . . Y- Teen services . . . the riot ot Class Day . . . shoe boots. . . Hilltop . . . parties . . . assemblies . . . all fond memories. Rich Gallagher seems to be thoroughly inter- ested in such popular literature as .l.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye." railing Q Qs Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can halt this mighty procession from reaching their goal each morning - Academy. '- 'ni swf QQ? ta- Q-1, f I, -H w., 1 f ,su ,fs F ,NV I Chestene reigns in the hearts of the Fili- pinos and over their summer festival in the town of Pagsanian. She lived with Dr. and Mrs. Quintin Cabrera. Meet Chestene Onisko A welcomed addition to the lei- surely pace of Filipino lite last summer was Academy senior Ches- tene Onisko. Through the ettorts of the American Field Service, Ches- tene enlightened these tan-skinned citizens ot our social customs, At home, Chestene is an active mem- ber of many Academy functions in- cluding National Honor Society, French Club and Y-Teens. From Erie to the Philippines 1' Meet Claire Wertheim It's Christmas morning and Claire could match any angelic cherub vying for a halo. Every busy day begins with a trip to her locker and then Claire must take a few minutes to collect her thoughts before going to homeroom. From Luxembourg to Erie From a small European country across the Atlantic called Luxem- bourg, Miss Claire Wertheim has found her way to Erie. She brings with her the manners, the ideas, and the knowledge of her people so that we might come to know them better, As a port of Academy, she is an energetic student engaging in every activity that her busy schedule allows, including the French and Speech Clubs, rendering her time as an ofhcer of both, and Y-Teens, where she was chosen an honorary attendant of the winter Tri, Living with the family of Chestene Onisko, she has experienced many tirsts - from trick or treating on Halloween to a snowy Christmas. y l. i 1 x ' 5 5 2 vt' 5, fnjno.-sf -'r,: 4 4 A, 'V it Y A I , E mi 123 Snow-covered peaks lured Chuck to become a skiing enthusiast. that is always brought to mind when someone m tions the magic word Switzerland," ,tiijftr a Q gy y Q 151+ ' S! Q , gg, it ..- Meet Chuck Jackson Chuck's ultramodern school provides a pleasant institution to make friends and continue his education. On a skiing trip to the Alps during Christmas vacation our exchange student Charles Jackson, was asked what part ot Germany he was from when he spoke with his unusual Ger- man dialogue. Chuck has overcome the language barrier to carry American friendship to lvlannendort, Switzerland. His dream trip began with a voyage on a huge ocean liner where he blended his talent with a guitar and a song into the melt- ing pot of students from every state. His Swiss home was that of a veterinarian, Dr. and Mrs. Leon Meyer, Chuck has been adopted by two brothers and his foster sister is a part of the AFS program in Iowa City, Iowa. At home Chuck is a member of the l-lonor Society, a letterman on the swimming and waterpolo teams, and formerly a photo lab assistant and president of the Safe Teen Club. 124 Chuck is surrounded by the breathtaking scenery BU- fl 'YQZQ ,QR .42 '?, 'X' . -. L Charles Adams Cheryl Adams David Adams Karen l.. Adams Karen Louise Adams Kenneth Adams Gary Agostini Theresa Agostino Mary Ann Allen Juniors the middle class 125 Juniors, located somewhere between the lofty seniors and humble sopho- mores, carry a combination of the bur- dens and delights of their classmates. With the title of juniors now added to their names, students entered school with high hopes. Then came a flurry of A.P. courses, extra-curricular activities, after-school meetings - all in one school year. The long awaited desire arrived in November - class rings. Academy iuniors proudly slid them on fingers or exchanged them with their steady. Juniors also ushered in a season of fads and fashions, including turtle- neck diclceys and knitting in study hall. January blazed in with a pile of snow and a jumble of plans for the Junior-Senior Prom. l-lard-working iuniors sorted, argued, planned and presented the crowning glory to the seniors on May 3. We tend to forget the tests, late hours, and long assignments. Glancing back, we can only see the exit of a wonderful year. Karen Andrews Marsha Angelotti Joseph Anthony Cathy Antill Roy Appletree Cynthia Arrowsmith Clarence Atkinson Barbara Auerbach Patricia Bainbridge Rose Ball David Barnes Judith Barnes Janice Baroth John Barr Randall Bartlett Cheryl Barton Suzanne Bartone Steve Bauer Linda Becker Duane Bednar Michael Beightol Jean Beisel Patricia Beisel Wendy Belson Every morning before 8:30 girls' homerooms are transposed info self- made beauty parlors, as proven by Donna Lifzinger, Lydia Marshall, Doris Heidelberg, Lillie Manus, and Darlene Long. .. E K ur f 1 i 'J J... J V-N AW. , -A, , . si 'X .1 ,, if L A sleepy Saturday Dennis Bender Jerree Benson John Berst George Berfs Marshall Biser William Black Carole Blakeslee David Bogerr Larry Bowers Robert Bowman William Braendel Robert Braggins Lizbeth Brand David Briggs Nancy Brown Sandra Brown Barbara Brozell Lorraine Bruno Patricia Bruschi Joyce Bryant Judith Bucheral Sharon Buchner Sandra Buell Donald Buffalari 126 with PSAT tests Patricia Connelly Christine Coughlin James Coughlin Karen Covey Carol Crawford Walter Crosby Donna Cull Bruce Cummings Norma Czigler Jeanne D'Albora Darlene Damore Carol David Hudson Davis Robert Davis Susan Davis Wesley Davis Patricia Dean Jerry Dearbeck Cathie DeCoursey Margaret DeSantis Allison DeVine Carol DeWolf Esther Dickerman Duke Diehl ff, 3 X' ' S Qhflr FU 253575. ,. me .,-my A113335 . Q1 :ui -- -2: : xiii ' . esggizjx f s ggi s if 9' we ei 4 bf wwe' Q5 is at 1 sit? iii he ,I v 'sf 4 724. James Bunce Karen Burbridge Susan Burdick Carol Burger Kathy Byrd Martin Caldwell Christine Carlquist Patricia Carmosino Rosalind Carson Gerald Chiotc Dennis Chludzinski Jon Christensen Fred Ciccozzi Robert Clark Sharon Clark Margaret Cleaver Marilyn Cole Kathy Connelly .url N. 'Q' if , K fx 1 s Y N A af W f 4 3. f g 1. P M , S S W- g -M' f-. .. ff. :raw ' 2 'F ,rf sw 'F :vie ..,. i f '1 :' Y ' M1222 -251223 X' - igfiiffaws nf , A 1? ng- ' f , sf gif? ' A r 221 ' E- 'f.'- at LZ. ,, ,, ,. . E' S: T ':'-'--U 5 if' 015:- iffi, 15.5?Z-f',F:'--5559 'J I 1 1 x 2 K 1 1 J l f Junior class omcers enter into a round-table discussion on the proper methods of prom planning, Craig Munson, vice-presidentp Rich Green, president, Jim Gallagher, secretary: and Lois Nagorski, treasurer, make plans for the big Spring day. Not the highest We Kenneth Diehl Sylvia DiNicola Marianne DiPlacido Shirley Donaldson Judith Dopierala Frances Dowell William Duffin Susie Durst Alice DuVze Bernard Dvorak Zeborah Eddy Dennis Edmonds JM 5 I , Karen Ekelund A Patrich Endlich Q 1 we Ronald Erb 4 zu K Vg Q Gerald Erdley "i i Patricia Ericson 'ji Peter Evanoft 1-. , gli-if Roger Fagan Merle Fainstein Constance Fasenmyer 'f , P Ronald Fellows kzyy Dale Ferris Stephen Fine 128 Mary Fitzgerald Edward Flagella Sheila Fletcher Marilyn Fluegel Mary Foley Kathleen Ford Leland Ford Judith Formic Patricia Foster Susan Fuller Darla Fye Georgia Galanis James Gallagher Diane Gartner Gloria Gates Stephen Gauly Janet Gauss Kevin Geer Linda Geiger Rose George Sue Gerard Rosalie Giamanco Larry Glenn Roy Gloss l -ere' - 1 ts .-:, - ,511 ,- jysg L vs.. V x . 73 In -ut, 'ffl 1 not the lowest Joseph Goleniowski Diane Goodenow Charles Gorske Robert Granahan Linda Green Richard Green Kenneth Grenz Nancy Gruber Sharon Grunauer David Gulick Larry Gulnac Sandra Guntrum Kathleen Hackett Ronald Hagan Charles Hake Jeanette Hammer Susan Hammer Sandra Hasenohrl we If-fi' 'E - Sf: .vyv - - 144 in . "' . ,,., i is-H -tw-g2': 7 553314 - f' .. i ' E f,, : U 1 ':,,2ag.i:,.. A ,7 2:1 Will 7- 5, -f E :sas is 2 it ' 'E ,f W 33853 Qi iff ' f f f if " ., ., .mil ,-22: 2 :gee if " sfefi: Y? in QW, , .J 5 L S' J K E 5 4-IX jf kg, r I figs.. a 225 lg 3 qs M , I 'WE e L E"f' l f , W. A is A, lv .. -.Q-1f,,,.ggl:, ., is!! ,, lf, nw? ff 2 P ez ,g?Li 4 wr 1 s Lf ' if H A K is ' - an fl r QW jf S rr If if 1 M 5 , fail 3 . ' K Q Politics and spirit prevail at the Academy lunch table and not even a tempting lunch can keep Roy Appletree from voicing his opinions. Donald Haskell Loretta Hayes Patrick Hayes James Hayward Ann Heidelberg Doris Heidelberg The feeling of pride David Held Patricia Henning Cheryl Henretty Lisabeth Henry Barbara Hersch Gary Hershelman Diana Hestor Robert Hime Dennis Himrod Larry Hitt Christine Hobeck Carol Hodges Dennis Holland Denton Holland Janice Holtz Helen Horvath Patricia Horvath Mary Lou Houston Charles Huey Robin Huggler Sondra Hunt Dennis Huzinec Karen Huzinec Rose Marie lntrieri vu that a class ring gives Darrel Jones David Jones Marcia Jones Mary Jones Judith Joslin Patricia Jozefczyk Nancy Jude Michael Kapper Nancy Karle Larry Kazeva Karen Kellogg Karen Kelly Karen Kemble Charlotte Kennedy Judith Kern Thomas Kerner John King James Kinncar Kitty Kitzmiller Patricia Kloss Anita Koftler Robert Korb Carol Kosobucki Marilyn Koster Judith Irwin McArthur Isaac David Jackson Hobson Jackson Marilyn Jackson Todd Jackson Cassie Jallo Carol James Janet Janke Marcia Jelonek Sharon Jenkins Allen Johnson Margaret Johnson Robert Johnson Roy Johnson Sharon Johnson Susan Johnston Richard Joho Craig Munson and Phyllis Mosley lead our spirits onward fo victory a all the pep rallies. Spirited cheering Charloiie Krack Beth Kraschneske Linda Krista Mary Krista Walfer Kruszewski Betty Kunz Anthony LaCastro John Lander Diane Langer John Lanievvicz Russell Lasher William Leamy Henry Learn Kathy Lechfner Kathy Lecker James Lee Margaref Lee Karen Legenzoff Elmer LeSuer Randolph Lighiner Patricia LindquisT Susan Lindey Marian Litz Thomas Lifz .A . ,zyi ,.,L:., Victories and losses Pre-garve spirits were high as Fred McKinney towers over the scholars yesteryear, putting up a poster. 5 rigjgiaiv ?5g,,,,g, in Z. va r... Ami? ,p ,W .fyhf , . F of i i i z Gary Masirofff Barbara Maxson Richard Maxwell John May William May Gary Mazzagotti Donald McBride Patrick McBride Sandra McCall 133 5:5 , W 1 J mga' 'lif- 'ff Z 1 iw P ,QE . 'Eli in 'T ' - T-E31 ' fi' Donna Litzinger Darlene Long Daniel Longnecker Margaret Loomis Ralph Lopez' David Loscher Harold Lover James Lund Michael Lutz Patricia Machinski Joyce Maeder Christine Maiczyk Beverly Malark Ann Maloney Evelyn Malena Sue Manclell Lillie Manus Barbara Marchini Joanne Markham Geraldine Marko Lydia Marshall Stanley Marsowicz Virginia Marszalkovvsku Norma Marther Elaine McCausland John McCormick Anneffe McCoy Ollie McKines Fred McKinney William Meister Richard Mellow Evelyn Melzer Parricia Mensing Theresa Minnis Barbara Minor Jean Meyer Pamela Montgomery Bonifa Moore David Moore Kffiililll jaw- -I' 'V ,Q ' A A V we Q 'W : Q-,,,:,. 9 1' es '. qi 1 I A , J 1 ' af" ' fi "" 'EVQI 1 -' ' gr W Q fv me K 2 ' 5 an K 52 . ., we? tl? Greeting friends is Wmyei. ,I . Q i , A511 Y' .. . .if ' . ' - 134- each morning Larry Moore Barbara Morse JoAnn Mosakowski James Mulder Carig Munson Judith Musseff Lois Nagorski Louis Nardo Lorraine Nathan Larry Nazarian Kafhleen Nelson Mariorie Nelson Thomas Newcamp Shirley Nickell Linda Nielsen Joanne Nowak Cheryl Nunes Robert Okesson Rita Olsen Joe Orengia Donald OH Marilyn Paczynski Ronald Parrefi' Joan Parson on trips around the halls Darleen Portenier Patricia Potosnak Patricia Potratz Robert Pratt Arthur Press Theresa Proba Patrick Quinn Harry Ramsey Marilyn Rancuch Nancy Radov Debra Rapaport Betty Rarick Janice Reardon Daniel Riozzi Charlene Rilling Dennis Riscili RoseAnn Robinson Susan Rogers Thomas Rohan Judith Rosenberg Ruby Ross Mary Jane Rut Paul Samlulc Robert Samuels Paul Pecorella Jean Peganoff Ann Peoples Michael Peplinski Kenneth Perry Donna Peterson Susan Peterson Robert Petti Keren Pichler Judith Pietrasiewicz Robert Pirrello Fred Plansky Janice Pollock Charles Para Judith Para Last minute checking occupies the beginning ot first period for Valerie Yeager, Kassie Strick, Roy Appletree, and Nate Scanzilla as they compare notes for A.P. History. i, Qiiiii' if Catherine Santi Lg: lurl Richard Sawdey ff W H 2 6 'Q qs t t- .M L 1 L-s,f,m1f' Z vw Nathan Scanzillo ' f- 1 -Q John Schaaf fi Z L j it L- 'A VIY. je-'1 , Henry Scharrer Joseph Schauer ' .,..... , . ' ' ,. --.1-at 4124 : "2- , .-f"j'i2a..', 1323 -Y is .ef - 1 ,fu WR, Q-Rif t' K 5 S55 'EXE , :Sf zrziiglsaa ,A f f x J w Toiling under the Charles Schauerman Patricia Schilling Charles Schlaufman David Schmidt Elaine Schubeck Martin Scott Sharon Seabrooke Cecelia Sereno Edward Seyboldt Judy Shaffer Kathe Shaffer Michael Shannon David Sharpe Robert Simmons Carol Simonetti Dallas Smiley Carol Smith Collene Smith 51 Elsie Smith Edward Smith Geraldine Smith Herbert Smith Joanne Snarski Laura Snider x, we 4 5 S , ',E5?,zff5u lx? 55 gk ,Q , . Q2 Ev H ,,..,.f 7 . K gf -"' '41 iwimxf ' iii- -are . , , 5 W., its, 'W-1 K ' iisizssf tems, " if li.: . ' 56 4 L , Y Q Z T, 'i K 3 SX l labors of A.P. Classes John Strohmeyer t Charlene Strom I --,. . 1 David Struchen Gerald Stubenhoter Thomas Sullivan Virginia Sweeney Dianne Swiderski Nancy Sybrandt Ronald Taylor Esko Tarto Sybil Tenenbaum Robert Thomas ::, 2. Louella Tipton .. L7 Michael Titko J Raymond Tomb ili 5 Dennis Tong 'I in Maria Tornicasa E5...:2,f vn' Joyce Urban il r Sandra VanDanich Sherry Vaow Robert Verdecchia Walter Vickey Shirley Voorhis Beverly Vorse 137 ,L ri . i ik , , 5 , . H l -I ,L , 3 rl Richard Snyder Irvin Solomon Charles Sopkin Francis Spoeder Helen Stachewicz Barbara Stahlbaum Edwin Statzer Gayle Stazer Carol Steadmcm Clark Stephenson John Stewart David Stingl Minnie Stovall Ruth Strand William Straub Beatrice Strauss Gerald Street Katherine Strick --" F. is Wm? si 5 Q 'SE' Christine Wilson Kathe Wilson Sally Windsor Carol Winschel lrene Wolfram Truman Work Janet Yaple Michael Yarussi Valerie Yeager Pamela Yenoff Janet Yorko Marilyn Young Cheryl Youngberg Dennis Zaffino Theone Zehner Sandra Zemko Alan Zeppenfeld Janet Ziegler Patricia Zielinski Dennis Zimmer Linda Zimmer Susan Zimmerman Sandra Zuravlef Debbie Zwick 111 'X H W ' . ,,-, 'HN-Q' ww Merle Wodlinger Robert Wagner Georgia Walburn Russell Ward Patricia Warnken Edna Warren Judith weshburii Patricia Wasielewski Howard Wassink John Weber Randy Weil Jerry Weiss Bonnie West Mary Wheeler Larry Wierfel Bruce Wiesen Claire Willey Everette Williams Sohmo Fit U2 Nancy Ackroyd Shirley Adam Rebecca Adams Rita Adams Simon Adler Sandra Allamon Emma Allen Dianne Amacher Doreen Amann Sophomores, small and insignificant on the first day of school, soon over- came their awe of upperclassmen. Cheering at rallies, basketball and football games, they won their first and last "Battle Cry" for the season. They elected their class officers, joined right into school activities and became an integral part of AHS. Sophomores might have taken a back seat at extra- curricular activities as seniors dashed to the choice front seats, but they were elected as ofticers of several school clubs. Sophomore girls considered the array of senior boys, planned their strategy, and set out to capture a date. Their class made up a large part of the attendance at school and noon-day dances. es - an integral part of AHS K..- 139 Dorothy Anderson Richard Anderson Patricia Ankiel Sandra Antolik Barbara Applebee Mary Arndt Carolyn Atkinson Linda Atkinson Margie Babo Linda Baker Robert Ball Susan Ba ranslci Katherine Bard Dennis Barr Homer Barr Kathy Beach Cathy Beecher Douglas Beightol i Jean Belczyk Betsy Belson Dennis Bender Gary Berkley Mary Bielak Chuck Bierbach Reflections of past glories mirror on the awed faces of Academy sophomores, Carole Carter and Jack Schweigert. ,nz V ,pf s ri, Sandra Birlcner Carol Bish Marilyn Bitters Barbara Blair David Blair Dennis Blair A A Awaiting new Dennis Bobaclc Joann Boettiger Judy Boettiger William Bogdanski Diane Boldie Gary Boldt Gail Bondy Sandra Bone Sandra Boscinski Priscilla Bowe Norman Bowes Nanci Bowers Robert Brady Linda Braendel Leanna Brandt Charlene Brei Raymond Breter Barbara Brinig Dorothy Brooks Richard Browdie Michael Brower Donald Brown Janet Brown Jerald Brown adventures at A.H.S. Robert Carlson Melvin Carr Carole Carter Elaine Carter Roseanne Carlillo Ronde Casoday Max Cassata Jane Causgrove Carol Cerio Judy Chase Barbara Chimera Margaret Chimenti Kathy Christensen Albert Christoph Marie Ciukas Sally Clayton Garry Cleaver Frank Clugh Thomas Cole Judith Coleman Ronald Collier Judith Cornell Virginia Cornell Carol Cowgar A ryss le Y 'Q if-Q a 4 as 5 5 , rs 1 ,W 11 sr J 5 2 r , fic, ' Ki i ' H if J 3' was Q ss sf KY' i 7. ':?..., iffiiiiifl :..:5k-if 3k::"M s... 1 me ,V s '12 1? its fr? we as V' 7- W rf-L we i -. Q- , J it Swim ,, we EU, 5 , r l Judy Brown Ruth Brown Vona Brown James Bruno William Buchner Ted Buczek Geoftrey Burbridge Patricia Burek Linda Burgnon Gloria Burnett William Burroughs Josephine Cairo Larry Campbell Linda Carbaugh Amelia Carbone Patricia Carinci John Carlson Mead Carlson ' if if r li .E i 141 Sophomores elected six officers to han- dle the duties of their class leadership. Sitting around the table are Rich bara Jungtieisch, first vice-presidenty Rich Browclie, president, Denny Bender, treasurerp Mary Smiley, secretaryf and Sue Greitzer, recording secretary. Cramming assignments . . . mv QS Daniel Crotty Beverly Curry Bernadette Cyone Shirley D'Albora David D'Amico James Danner William Davies Terry Davis Kathy Dawley Robert Dearbeck Carol DeArment Brenda Deboe Diane De Dionisio Charles Deist Barbara DeSarro Dan Detwiler Dennis Dibble Y Dennis DiCarlo Ruth Dickerman Mary Kay Diehl Patricia Diehl Lynne Dieter Roberta DiMichael Allison Dodson i 142 Anderson, second vice-president: Bar- i S into homeroom time Amid the early morning bells and clatter of footsteps, Roberto DiMichael tries to gain o few minutes study, Q f ,pg- V YEA 'X l s I l J ,W ' NN ' NV-v QA - ., "" ,, W"l"'f'f-sms "ffm ' J sf--fr"--X mm- y H A. ""S-.,, f M.,-' iv' Sharon Erickson William Erigicson Rodney Ester Jacqueline Estes David Fabin Barbara Faraone Richard Fasenmyer Judith Faulkner Cynthia Feosler 14-3 Sharon Dodson Barry Dombchik Elaine Dombrowski Deborah Dougherty Alice Draegert Joyce Dressler Karen Dunbar Robert Duncan Judith Duncornbe Mari Dunfee Leon DuPlanti Muriel Durkin Mary Jo Durst Nancy Durst William Dunlcle Thomas Ebert James Etta Carole Ehart Emily Eisenberg Mary Eisenhauer Betty Eller Karen Eller Bertha Ellsmore Nancie Ely Thomas Gauss Diane Gavin Grace Gerbik Linda Getschow Brenda Gloss Larry Gold Marvin Gold James Goldstein Stuart Goldstein Geraldine Good Sam Goodson Judy Ann Gordon Thomas Gorndf Mary Helen Gorzynski Donna Grabowslci Kathy Grace Robert Grande Mary Graves Richard Gray Beniomin Green David Green Dennis Green Moriorie Green Sue Greitzer Leigh Fehlman Lynne Fehlman Linda Felberbaum Janet Fendya Michael Ferdinandsen Gail Fiamella John Fichenloerger Gertrude Fields Juanita Fiske Susan Foglebach Patricia Ford Francine Fox X Larry Fuller Gary Fye Patricia Gallagher Charles Galt Thomas Gamble Bonnie Gorver Beating the Seniors T Arden Groves Ronald Grucza Ruth Hagan Karen Hager Patricia Hain Paul Hall Lonnie Hamilton William Hamilton David Hanks Martin Hanlon Cynthia Hanson Mina Harlcins Rhonda Harris Mary Hartleb David Harvey Luana Haskell Barbara Haskins Virginia Heintzel "Ba'r'rl r 5: is, -rf 1 Vt 7 I .fig . ff hiv , 1 1 Q it X XL, Rl li 1 'Q A an . W 'Cy e Cry QF' mi my im -fi' H ,M 'Q .1512 H' f -vvrrr , R ff X! A N 0 VWQr4,'6? ,ffvw af i J K lf , , V'f4,9vn,' 'l Y-if -will X ' if sw 'ff nr.. gk 'S it 'Q if TU- gf: fl r l t S r if f 5 ia. Ee ", 1.'f',' Spf' fZZ0,'f""' We iiliigliiiifiiif r ,imsssszsism r .1w.mt1sl 41351:-we - iii? La- E255 iii 11? l Q, I ' iff i M B. E if yi Lf X ii? X hafglx k ,, N 145 is 1922 Y Linda Henning Maureen Henry James Henson Maris Herscowitz Roberta Hess Gary Hill Patricia Hill Michelle Hillman Patricia Hime Mary Jane Hiney Janelle Hockensmith Nancie Hodas Kathy Holland Sandra Holland Larry Hooks Sheryl Hopkins Donna Horn Kathie Horsman Candace Horton David Hull Gary Hull Arnbus Hunter Carol Hunter David Hutnyak 34 -1-il 25 , ee M , . , l S J. ,J 2 in 1 K 3-if y in pr, I, 12, , ,. QW 43 f if , 1 S e K X 4 y 1 if Q A 3 Becky Hutzelman Patricia Ireland John Jamieson James Janicki Walter Jarski Jack Jensen Linda Jensen Judith Johnson Lloyd Johnson Ben Jones Barbara Jungfleisch Francine Kader Susan Kalie Dona Karadeema Gerald Karsznia Kathleen Kelley Sue Kelly James Kern The bell summons l Linda Keslel Kenneth Keys Jack Kidder Loretta Kight Patricia Kimmy Kenneth King Jean Kinner Ronald Kirin Douglas Kitts Gloria Kleckner Janice Klie Joanne Kling Diane Knickerbocker Theresa Kocon Lucy Konior Karen Krasovsky Gary Krone Donna Krukowski Frank Krukowski Janice Kudlak Linda Kuhn Sheryl Kuhn Florence Kufulakis Sandra Kwiatkowski Jennifer LaMaye Jeffrey Landis Philip Langowslci Toni Loniewicz Urban Lariccia Sheila Lawson Ruth Lazzini Sylvia Lazzini Margaret Learn Nancy Lebenberg Lynda Lee Brian Lenz Carol Lethaby Roberta Lewinthal Jeanne Lewis Thomas Lewis Adam Linepach William Locke mind and body to work Muttering quietly To himself, Rich Adler learns too late that the contents of an overcrowded locker are likely to wind up on the floor. Kathy Loesch Gordon Lohr Paula Long Sam Long Maudine Longstreet Nancy Loper Margaret Lossie Carol Lucas 'E , 8.4 -.. WW iflfffflff ,,fiTwf 1 -2 ,iv : W5 I .Qi -m ilyz ,. W 7 I ' 1, V - its " 2 xg." e Pamela Mascaro Lance Masters Thomas Matos Chris Mauer John Maxumczylc Claudette Mayo Gregory McCutcheon Robert McGarvie Thomas McLaughlin Sandra Merva Larry Messenger John Meyer James Michali Jan Miller Margaret Mills Brian Modisher Violet Moftatt Joseph Manoski Alfred Moore Elizabeth Moore William Morelli Kathleen Morgan Mary Morgan William Morgan .. . . ,W i n " Ts 54 E !' , W f, 1' 4 S57 1 f ,yf ,vu M. w ' - 'V sig K f :iv.sihiagzZP:Ef?lE:Ei'S::2:". 2'J:.fFf'1- . , , i 2 s .M if s as ig if -f iiiw df' N " time 1 , We -- - . t Q ,f s is i W 4+ J 7 ' Dan Lyons Kathleen MacKrell Joyce MacMurdo Frances Madara David Magee Jane Magee Kathleen Maleski Nancy Mandeville Kathleen Manley Barbara Mantsch Rita Marchini Marian Marchiona Gladys Markey Dean Markley Dennis Markley Marc Marks Kathleen Marsden Alice Martin Never too busy : . V f-f, .se,4,,,w1, ,, .. if 'gif , ,.,. Fei: f ,L ' la'r K 5' l ' 215,25 if' . .:- 13 ., A :sf I ,bl ,- is ,. W ,Aa ' " A sie -gs W . f . f- - tm. i - 'xii i 1. as gt - WM -. s vw 1- 'F '5 XM ,... M, A in W , .,.. .. . . e--"' S g I, if -S ggi , 4 4. P+ 3 . - f - 1 Z to V Lil, Q, 'Qi Q , ' eil- L I ' : L U1 'R ' 3 Xa KM , iw if Q at M Q Q 59' fs -1, H-1 - f xx 148 The approving eyes of Denny Weigel and Bruce Weisen watch Nancy Durst catch her falling knee-sock. to notice a pretty girl ,fgifstifafi rygstif., ' g,- -V is gsiiwiti --1" J' ee 1 " ' Lai ll' -r r .ag if M s if if I , H ,ME 'Q ' of 2 x 5' fy v ssggriig 2 Q Qs 5 is 'lf as ,f 'U av iff if , Q Wi? ' if I Y , B. i Q 3. ., I 1 . 43 ' so I , ' f , .- .-mi. ,T 'J af' 1. W- V -...wa ve 5 -.My ,J f J . if "': it ll ht, x 1 r i w ' i f ' tt in .y 5555, , K J . 5 , he x me - g, ,gat I ,. , , . :Eu --,., ., N , ,, -sms: Q, eu is ,E Em . if fl gf , ge 'Tzu W I as ds? Y W 3 X 4,11 ,rf Q Leola Morris Barbara Morrison Carolyn Morrison Theresa Morrow Joseph Mosakowski Milton Mosley Gary Mountain Cheryl Muller George Munro Judith Munson William Murray Jay Musarra Henry Narducci Eric Nelson Janet Nelson Jean Nichols James Nickell Sandra Niclclas Cathy Nieielslci Al Niernenski Dale Niernenski Cora Nolte Dennis Nordin Nancy O'Hara Q?-fx , 1 1 W . 2 Jin: fn iz S Q . T M is .Q r ' Attempting to conquer the hallowed drinking fountains of Academy Rick Roschy must stoop to extremes. Academy belongs to many ,P If A' :-2 ," 1 :"' . if 5 f ff, V 1 die Q S ,X sc -S 3 is L3 gifs A 5 if nr ci if uf JJ, F We ? ""'i f ff- l Jia Z ,sis sf W ,A we 'S , 'Lv W ' ws F Z. I 150 William O'Harrow Mary O'Kelly Gary Oler Linda Olsen Susan Opalenik Marcia Osborne Robert Osborne David Pace Ben Page Valetta Page Ray Paproski Barbara Parker Mel Parker Margaret Peebles Carol Pencer Roger Penn David Perry Patricia Peters Gerald Phillips Cheryl Pierce Jean Pierce Sharon Pierce Kathy Pietrasiewicz Sandra Pinches Edward Potthoff Robert Pratt Linda Prawdzik James Presogna Joseph Proba Weston Radov Gerald Raiewski Alice Randall John Range Larry Rathmann Thomas Rectenwald Sally Reed Robert Reeher Sharon Reisenweber Christina Reprnan Jane Rettger Janice Rettger Wilda Rhines suddenly it's your school Joseph Richards Barbara Richardson Debra Richardson Larry Riley Cynthia Roberts Deborah Roberts Joyce Robertson Ernest Robinson Oliver Rodax Barbara Rogala Martin Rohrer Linda Root Richard Roschy Thomas Rose Barbara Rosenhofer Gregory Rubin Judith Rumbaugh David Rupert Donald Rupprecht Gloria Rzadkiewicz George Sadler Jack Saft Roda Salyers William Salyers --,t 5. ,M . ,.,?,,, , , ,, f ' L: ' , 51- , N Yi- H 5 4 1351 NNW S ,wi Wx: 553532 ' 2 , S' mg g t rf 'V gf, 355, K V ,L se ,lsy lzqvu G EM Jerry SanFelice John Schafer Mimi Schatz Rosemary Scheftner William Schick Nancy Schilling Susan Schoenberg Nancy Schofield Barbara Schroeck Mark Schultz Thomas Schultz Jack Schweigert Darleen Scully Carolyn Sekerak Nancy Sell Judith Selling Paula Semrau Martin Sender x J "' rw -, :wg it if - L .Jar - .V ,f J 1325312 1'- ft , -Q "' in J if is Q iss, s . Academy molds its characters Roberta Senowitz Linda Shafer Paul Shafer Phyllis Shatter Diane Sherbine Patricia Simmons Bonnie Simon John Short Phyllis Shreve Karen Skadhauge Sherry Skadhauge Judith Skoczylas Linda Slilcer Mary Smiley David Smith Jacquelyn Smith Keith Smith William Smith Judith Snell Arthur Solomon Edward Sornberger George Southworth James Spain Sandra Spath N. M' . x . , . , 1-1il .ef.,. A Lf: ,Qs , ,fn Srswiss "W" fziflfftii ,,,. . '2 L L E Q3 M: x EMO! its M , with firm foundations Diane Stoneburner James Storey Brenda Straka Janice Stroclcy Richard Stubenhofer Barbara Stucka Cynthia Stull John Sushereba Carolyn Swanson Richard Swanson Russell Swanson Edie Szafran Joanne Szewczyk Sylvia Szymecki Irwin Tanenbaum Robert Tanner William Taylor Glen Teribery Frances Terry James Thayer John Thayer Gloria Thomas Patricia Thomas Terry Thomas ' s tgiisxsrlte- 5 - ww .. Vic, 5 K ' x M Yr .. -1f.sL - 2 2 'A S Q, 1 if A fi, 41 i K V' 'Y x yur. . , Jr, aff '4 1 li nag X f 5 -,s ,, .,-it .G . .i K rf E N X ll 'Q fi was K 55 z ., P: Kew-- f se.. if Af' , gem M . tis-ii' t,.x KW WE? Y S i , 1 7 vt F : Ei," 4 .E Q iii 3 N352 P W, ig, 4 lxc is wa if wg? 4. 'Egg Q, 'is W lik 'tgps F A Q' -4' vt' sf X s - 1 :ft is -in M A XXX 1 A Yigr A. .. .-Em, Q Q es. it Gail Spencer Gloria Spencer Alice Spiteri Kathy Sponsler Margaret Stachewicz Brenda Stacks Janet Stammer Rhonda Stanford Lorraine Stankiewicz Stanley Stanopiewicz Beverly States Judith States Craig Steehler Clara Sterbalcov Patricia Stevens Bruce Stevenson John Steward Charles Stewart 3, . K - S' K fgm-,,,. . 1WiQ??i5 VM. 2 , 4 x 4 asv. f- 1,- J 1 Q if A , . ...or . U .ff K Richard Walton James Wandless Cheryl Washburn George Weakland Catherine Weber John Weber Dennis Weigel Carol Wexler John Whitford Richard Wilcox Richard Wild Charles Williams Peter Williams Marry Willman Betty Jane Wisniewski Janet Woinarowski Donald Wolozanslci ii, ' P' 1 ki S g Q 'i with 5 W, J ,J gi On W is Q--XM me f iw 51 Mi 513395 Q Q3 2 J QQ? 1 3 my :E 3. Fi if fi' 1 , 3? , i'i' 2 Penny Thompson Sally Thompson Kathleen Tofel Gregory Tomb Robert Tongren Donald Troianowslci Christine Trucco Judith Tucceri Gary Tulk Vickie Turk William Twillie William Ulrich Barbara Underwood Lynda Underwood Sara VanDyke Carol Vargo Concetta Vercillo Leonard Veshecco Marietta Vitale Sue Volkmar Anne Vollmer Penny Waite Cheryl Walter Annette Walters snowy winter mornings . . . Kathy White M? if sag? l 5 in :. 1 E. me Q-A . was ii " ,l,.,,. I naw 1 i 4 5 , -it x iw H K , is M1 I J E E if Q, J . ,J yyn, 'l 1-. 1 .1 Ei ., ' Q1 fr X liiiiiiizi 1 YK 1, , -iii 1 K B. X -V ,.,. if 3' fi K fl' in i 7 J W-fwffzffw - ,.-V .-W. We sf., - L 154 J Qi Rich Browclie proves gallantry clidn't die with knights as he musters up his manly strength to help Janet Fendya with her manifest problems. melting at your locker 'df I i w 'UF iii new s-0? ww W ti li, - is .V ,.' fl ' I -- .- , .11' 1' 1 f' I . ' 'J if , :,.. . . it ..,: t A th., i K 'sag . i . , 'i J A .11 it - if W ' f. - .sif t X. 3' 112 iii f sf 1 ' ft s 711, ' ,, .- .' 5352: ,. nr -I : x -W ., K K ' - ' -fbriif t V 1 H , - K-sez -- - f A r 'fl fx 11 it , f .-2 2 -. 9 W "Ti 'is :, I ls-V t Q 's John Wolf James Wolfe Betty Woricki Eileen Wrobel Linda Wurst Gregory Yarbenet Donald Young Kenneth Young Deborah Yount Carole Zaczyk James Zalas Joyce Zboch Peter Zesinger David Zielinski Barbara Ziemer Judith Zimmer Charles Zirkle Christine Zukowski Academe ...... Administration '.. Audio-Visual Aids .. Band ........... Baseball ...... Basketball .,.... Business Club .. Cheerleaders . Chess Club Choir ......... Cross Country Drama Club ... Faculty ............... General 66 I2-I3 77 68 50 44-46 78 ..65 ..6I ..7O 40 56 I4-33 Football ................ . . . 36-38 Foreign Exchange Students . . . I22-I24 French Club ........... .... 7 9 Girls' Chorus . .. . . . . 7I Girls' Sports ..... . . . 52-53 Golf .,..,........ ..... 5 I Jazz Record Club ..... ....... 6 I Juniors ..........,...,. .. I25-T38 Junior Varsity Basketball . . ..... 47 Junior Varsity Football . . . . 39 Male Glee Club ...... . . 7I Index Miss Academe . . - . . 83 Mr, Academe ......... ..... 8 2 Monitors ............... . . 62-63 National Honor Society ... . .. 60 Orchestra ............. . . . 73 Pep Club ........... . . . 64 Photography Stott . . . . . - 77 Red Cross ......... . . . 76 Safe Teens .-... 72 Senate . . . - - 58-59 Seniors ,.... .-- 84-121 Sophomores .. - - I39-I55 Stage Crew ... --.- - 77 Spanish Club . . - - . 79 Speech Club ... --- 76 Star ......... . - - 67 Swimming . . - - - 49 Tennis .... --.- 4 3 Track ..... . - - 42 Twirlers .... --.- 6 9 Water Polo ... 4 - . 48 Wrestling . . .--. 4I Y-Teens . . . - . - 74-75 Senior Activities Index - A - ACKER, CAROL, Future Plans - Art Academe 2,3, Choir 2,3, Class Officer 2, College Club I,2, Y- Teens I,2,3. ACKERMAN, PATTER, Future Plans - Business College Club I,2,3, Drama Club I,2,3, Monitor I,2,3, Orchestra I, Spanish Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. ADAMOWICZ, JOAN, Future Plans - Business Pep Club 3, Senate 3, Y-Teens 2,3. ALBERSTADT, LORETTA, Future Plans - Business Monitor 3, Pep Club I, Red Cross 2, Y-Teens I,2. ALDRIDGE, LARRY, Future Plans - Air Force ALEXANDER, DAVID, Future Plans - Business Choir 3, Football I,2,3, ALLEN, MARY ANN, Future Plans - Cosmetology Chorus I,2,3, Jazz Club 3, Monitor 3, Pep Club 3. ANDERSON, SUSAN, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, French Club 2, Monitor 3, Twirling Teens 3, ANGELOTTI, MARY ANN, Future Plans - Business Monitor I,3, Pep Club 3, Y-Teens 3. ANGELOTTI, MARY LOU, Future Plans - Business Pep Club 3, Y-Teens 3. APPLEBEE, LINDA, Future Plans - Cosmetology Speech Club 3. ATKINSON, JOANNE, Future Plans - Business Pep Club 3. AUSTIN, JOAN, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, College Club I, Drama Club Y-Teens I,3. AYERS, BARBARA, Future Plans - Business I,2,3, Y- I, Pep Club 3, Business Club 3, Drama Club I,3, French Club I, Monitor 2,3, Twirling I, Y-Teens I,2,3. - B - BAGNONI, DAVID, Future Plans - Navy BAHIM, JAMES, Future Plans - Business BAKER, JACK, Future Plans - Navy Waterpolo 3 BAKER, LINDA, Future Plans - Teaching College Club I,2, Drama Club 3, French Club I, Monitor 2,3: Pep Club I,3, Speech Club 3, Star 2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. BARBER, KATHRYN, Future Plans - Teaching College Club I,2, Drama Club I, Monitor I,3, Spanish Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. BARCIO, SUSAN, Future Plans - Airline Hostessing BARCZYNSKI, MARLENE, Future Plans - Business Pep Club 3, Y-Teens 3. BARNEY, BRENDA, Future Plans - Teaching Cheerleading I, College Club I, Drama Club 3, French Club 3, Monitor 3, Pep Club 3, Senate I, Y-Teens I,3. BARNEY, CHARLIE, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens 2,3. BARTLETT, WILLIAM, Future Plans - Engineering Band I,2,3, Choir 3, Golf 2,3, Latin Club I, Red Cross 3. BATTLE, JO ANN, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Chorus 3, French Club 3, Jazz Club Club 3, Y-Teens 2,3. BAUER, STEVEN, Future Plans H F.B.l. 3, Pep College Club 3, Red Cross I,3, Safe Teen 3, Senate 2, Star I. BEMIS, NORMAN, Future Plans - Business Cross Country 3, Track 2,3. BENEDICT, JAMES, Future Plans - Psychology. Choir I,2,3, College Club 2, Senate I, Tennis 2. BENES, NANCY, Future Plans - Cosmetology BENGSTON, SUSAN, Future Plans - Merchandising College Club I,2, Monitor 3, Pep Club I, Star I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. BISSELL, RONALD, Future Plans - Optometry Choir 2,3, French Club 2,3, Glee Club 2,3. BLAKESLEE, JACQUELYNNE, Future Plans - Business Red Cross 3. BLAU, PAUL, Future Plans - Medicine Band I,2,3, Drama Club 3, Latin Club I, Safe Teen Club Senate I, Tennis I,2,3. C I 742- I 57-CB BOLOGNA, VIRGINIA, Future Plans - Merchandising College Club I,2,3, Drama Club I,2,3, Monitor 3, Pep C I,2,3, Twirling I,2,3, lub 3, Spanish Club 3, Speech Club 3, Twirling I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,'3. BORKOWSKI, GERALDINE, Future Plans - Business Monitor 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I. BOYER, PATRICIA, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Pep Club I,3, Red Cross 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. BRANDT, GLADYS, Future Plans - Business Pep Club I,3. Senior Activities Index BRENNEMAN, WAYNE, Future Plans - Air Force Chess Club 2, College Club 3, Drama Club 2,3, Red Cross 2, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Spanish Club 3, Track I,2,3. BROWER, CANDACE, Future Plans - Teaching Class Officer l, Drama Club 3, Monitor 3, National Honor Society 2,3, Pep Club 3, Twirling I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. BROWN, CAROL, Future Plans - Business Y-Teens 2. BROWN, CHARLES, Future Plans - Air Force BROWN, DAVID, Future Plans - Business Orchestra I,2,3, Red Cross 2. BRUGGER, MARY, Future Plans - Government French Club 3, National Honor Society 3, Star 3, Y-Teens 3. BUFFALARI, LARRY, Future Plans - Army BUNCE, NAOMI, Future Plans - Teaching Pep Club I, Red Cross l. BURFIELD, SUSAN, Future Plans - Business BURNS, PATRICIA, Future Plans - Business BUSSARD, ROBERT, Future Plans - Business AVA I,2,3, Basketball I, Chess Club 2, Football I,2, National Honor Society 2,3. -C.. CALHOUN, LINDA, Future Plans - Business Y-Teens 2. CAMPANA, FRANK, Future Plans - Navy Chess Club 2, Football I, Latin Club I, Safe Teen Club I,2,3, Senate 2. CANDIA, THOMAS, Future Plans - Navy CARLQUIST, DOUGLAS, Future Plans -- Navy CARR, WILLIS, Future Plans - Contracting CARSON, ROBERT, Future Plans - Army CARTER, DAVID, Future Plans - Business CHATT, VIRGINIA, Future Plans - Homemaking CHICOSKI, CYRENE, Future Plans - Teaching Business Club 3, College Club I,2, Pep Club 3, Senate 2,3, Star 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. CHRIEST, ELAINE, Future Plans - Business CHRISTOPH, EDWARD, Future Plans - Engineering Band I,2,3. CLARK, DONALD, Future Plans - Accountancy CLARK, PATRICIA, Future Plans - Business CLAWSON, DIANNE, Future Plans - Missionary Work Drama Club I, French Club 3, Monitor 2, Orchestra I, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. CLEAVER, CHERYL, Future Plans - Business Y-Teens I,2. CLEMENTE, WILLIAM, Future Plans - Business French Club 2. CLEMENTS, RITA, Future Plans - Business Y-Teens l. COFFMAN, JUDITH, Future Plans - Commercial Art Business Club 3, Y-Teens 2,3. COHEN, DOROTHY, Future Plans - Commercial Art Drama Club I, Pep Club I, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens 2,3,. COLVIN, DIANE, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Senate 2. COLVIN, DUANE, Future Plans - Business CONLEY, RUFUS, Future Plans - Army COSNER, DONALD, Future Plans - Business Band I,2,3, Red Cross I, Safe Teen Club I,2,3, Speech Club 3. CYKTICH, CAROL, Future Plans - Business -D- DAVIS, ARTHUR, Future Plans - Teaching Track I,2. DAVIS, BRENDA, Future Plans - Music Choir I,2,3, Drama Club I, Orchestra I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. DAVIS, RACHELLE, Future Plans - Psychology College Club I,2, French Club 2,3, Monitor 3, Pep Club l, Safe Teen Club 3, Speech Club 3, Star I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. DECARLOIS, LEONARD, Future Plans - Business Baseball I,2,3, Football I,2,3, National Honor Society 2,3, Senate I. DENTLER, PAUL, Future Plans - Drafting DICARLO, DAVID, Future Plans - Navy Cheerleading 3, College Club 2, Drama Club 3, Red Cross I, Safe Teen Club 3, Senate 2,3, Spanish Club 3, Speech Club 3. DICKERMAN, LOIS, Future Plans - Medicine College Club I,2, Drama Club 2, French Club 2,3, National College Club I,2,3, Monitor I,2,3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. DONLIN, JUDITH, Future Plans - Business DRESSLER, BARBARA, Future Plans A- Nursing Drama Club 3, Red Cross 2,3, Speech Club 3. DUNBAR, MICHAEL, Future Plans - Navy DUNDON, GAYLE, Future Plans - Business Drama Club l, Pep Club 3, Red Cross 2,3, Senate l, Y-Teens 3. DURKIN, LAWRENCE, Future Plans - Navy DVORAK, BERNARD, Future Plans - Business DYKES, WILLIAM, Future Plans - Business DZIKOWSKI, RONALD, Future Plans - Navy - E - ECK, HAROLYN, Future Plans - Nursing Red Cross 3, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. EDINGER, GARY, Future Plans - Social Work Track l. EDWARDS, MARION, Future Plans - Social Work Orchestra 3, Red Cross 3. EISERT, CONRAD, Future Plans - Electronics ESTOCK, ROBERT, Future Plans - Business -F- FAIRCHILD, RICHARD, Future Plans - Air Force Track I,2. FARGO, BRAIN, Future Plants - Accountancy FENDYA, JOHN, Future Plans - Psychology Band I,2,3, National Honor Society 2,3, Speech Club 3. FERRORA, SHIRLEY, Future Plans - Cosmetology Monitor l, Pep Club I, Y-Teens I,2. FETZNER, ROBERT, Future Plans - Air Force Baseball I,2,3, Glee Club I,2,3, Red Cross l. FOSTER, LINDA, Future Plans - Teaching Senate 2, Y-Teens I. FOX, DIMPLE, Future Plans - Business FOULKE, KATHLEEN, Future Plans - Mathematics College Club I,2, Drama Club 2,3, French Club 2,3, Pep Club I,3, Star 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. FRANCIS, NORMAN, Future Plans - Business Football l. FUHRMAN, SANDRA, Future Plans - Teaching Choir I, College Club 2, Monitor 3, Pep Club 3, Y-Teens 3. -G- GABER, DIANE, Future Plans - Nursing Business Club 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens 3. GABIN, BARBARA, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, College Club 2,3, Drama f.lub I,2, Pep Club I,3, Red Cross I,2,3, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Y-Tenns I,2,3. GALLAGHER, KATHLEEN, Future Plans - Teaclnng Chorus 2,3, College Club I,2, Drama Club l, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. GALLAGHER, RICHARD, Future Plans - Forestry Chess Club 2,3, College Club I,2, Swimming I, Waterpolo I. GALLINA, DAMIAN, Future Plans - Engineering Football I. GATES, THOMAS, Future Plans - Business Basketball I,2, Jazz Club 3, Football l,23, Track I,2. GILMORE, JUDITH, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Pep Club I, Y-Teens I,2,3. GLENN, JO ANN, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, College Club I,2, Drama Club I,2,3, Orchestra I,2, Senate l, Y-Teens I,2,3. GLENNON, JOHN, Future Plans - Navy GLUCK, SUSAN, Future Plans - Writing Academe I,2, College Club I,2, Drama Club I, French Club 2,3, National Honor Society 2,3, Orchestra 2, Pep Club I,3, Senate 3, Star 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. GOLEMBESKI, CAROL, Future Plans - Business Pep Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. GONZALEZ, JOSEPH, Future Plans - Army Track I. GORNALL, JACK, Future Plans - Law College Club 3, Golf I,2,3, Safe Teen Club 3, Senate 3. GOSTOMSKI, GERALD, Future Plans - Business GREENBERG, JACK, Future Plans - Finance Band I,2,3, College Club 3, Drama Club 3, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Spanish Club 3, Tennis 2,3, Honor Society 2,3, Orchestra I, Pep Club I,3, Red Cross I,2. DIPPO, CHARLES, Future Plans - Business DOEHREL, DIANNE, Future Plans - Teaching GREERTELLEN, Future Plans - Engineering College Club 2,3, Drama Club 2,3, Pep Club 3, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Spanish Club 3, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens 2,3. College Club I, French Club 3, Monitor 2,3, Pep Club I,2, Senior Activities Index GREGGS, RANDALL: Future Plans - Medicine College Club 3: Latin Club I. GREGORY, NANCY: Future Plans - Social Work Chorus 2,3: Monitor 2: Pep Club I,3: Y-Teens l,2,3. GREHL, CAROL: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Monitor I,2,3: National Honor Pep Club I,3: Y-Teens I,2,3. GRIFFIS, DAVID: Future Plans - Physics Choir 3: Glee Club I. GRIMALDI, MICHAEL: Future Plans - Teaching Cheerleading 3: Drama Club 3, GROENDAAL, GENE: Future Plans - Engineering Baseball I,2,3: Football I,2. GROSS, REED: Future Plans - Drafting Society 2,3: -H- HAGAN, PAULA: Future Plans - Teaching College Club 2: National Honor Society 3: Pep Club 3: Red Cross 2,3: Speech Club 3: Star I: Y-Teens 2,3. HAGER, LOIS: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Pep Club 3. HAGER, LOUISE: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Pep Club 3: Y-Teens 2. HAINES, DONNA: Future Plans - Business Pep Club 3. HALLER, JOHN: Future Plans - Medicine Class Officer I: Drama Club 3: Orchestra I,2: Senate 3. HAMILTON, LESTER MAE: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Pep Club 3: Red Cross 3. HANKE, MARY: Future Plans - Physical Therapy. College Club I,2: Drama Club I,2: Pep Club I: Y-Teens I,2,3. HANKS, RUTH: Future Plans - Nursing Bowling 2,3: Drama Club 3: French Club 3: Jazz Club 3: Pep Club 3: Y-Teens 3. HANSON, MARILYN: Future Plans - Business HARKINS, WILLIAM: Future Plans - Science College Club I,2: Cross Country 3: Track I,2,3: Wrestling 2,3. HARPER, JOAN: Future Plans - Social Worker College Club I,2: Pep Club I,3: Senate 3: Y-Teens l,3. HARRIS, KARL: Future Plans W Business Basketball I,2,3: Football I,2,3: Track l,2,3. HARRIS, KENNETH: Future Plans - Business Basketball I,2,3: Football I. HARVEY, KATHLEEN: Future Plans - Business HASENOHRL, LINDA: Future Plans - Cosmetology HASKELC PATRICIA: Future Plans - Business x HASKINS, GARY: Future Plans - Accountancy Basketball I: Drama Club 3: Golf 2: Football 2,3: Safe Teens Club 2,3: Senate I,2: Track 2,3. HAYES, KATHLEEN: Future Plans - Nursing Choir 3: National Honor Society 2,3: Y-Teens 3. HEASLEY, HELEN: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Monitor 2: Pep Club I,3: Senate 2: Y-Teens I,2. HENNEOUS, RICHARD: Future Plans - Electronics AVA 3: Football l. HENRY, RICHARD: Future Plans - Marines -Monitor 3. HERTNER, JAMES: Future Plans - Mortician Cross Country 2: Track I. HESS, DEAN: Future Plans - Engineering Academe 2,3: Chess Club I: College Club 2: Red Cross 3: Safe Teen Club 2,3: Spanish Club 3: Speech Club 3. HILBERT, WILLIAM: Future Plans - Navy AVA I,2,3: Safe Teen Club 2,3. HILBRICH, THOMAS: Future Plans - Music Chorus 2,3. HOGAN, RUTH: Future Plans - Business Basketball I: Jazz Club 3: Pep Club I,3: Red Cross 2: Senate 3. HOLBY, KENNETH: Future Plans - Art Swimming I. HOLLAND, JAMES: Future Plans - Engineering Basketball I: Drama Club 2,3: Football I,2,3: Senate I: Track I,2,3: Wrestling 3. HOLROYD, JOHN: Future Plans - Engineering College Club 2: Golf I,2 3. HUBER, BARBARA: Teaching Bowling 2: College Club I: Monitor 3: Pep Club I,3: Red Cross 2: Y-Teens I,2,3. HUDSON, DONALD: Future Plans Business Football I,2,3: Chorus 2,3. HUGUS, JANET: Future Plans - Cosmetology Pep Club I,3: Y-Teens 2,3. HULL, WARREN: Future Plans - Engineering I,2,3: Red Cross Band I,2,3: Cross Country 3: Drama Club I,2 3: Red Cross 2,3: Safe Teen Club 2,3. HUNTER, VIRGINIA ANN: Future Plans - Business Chorus I: Business Club 3: Choir 2,3. IVES, ROBERT: Future Plans - Engineering College Club I -J- JACKSON, CHARLES: Future Plans - Dentistry College Club 2: National Honor Society 2: Photography 2: Safe Teen Club I,2: Senate I: Swimming I,2: Track I: Waterpolo I,2. JAMES, EDWINA: Future Plans - Homemaking Jazz Club 2,3: Pep Club I,3, JAYCOX, ANNA MAY: Future Plans - Homemaking Jazz Club 2,3: Pep Club I 3. JENKINS, PAMELA: Future Plans - Child Technology Academe 2,3: Pep Club I,3: Y-Teens 3. JENSEN, CHRISTINE: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Monitor I,2,3: Pep Club I,3: Y-Teens l,2,3. JENSEN, JOHN: Future Plans - Air Force Cross Country 2,3: Track 2,3. JENSEN, NORMAN: Future Plans - Air Force Cross Country 3: Red Cross 2,3: Safe Teen Club 2,3: Track 3. JOHNSON BETTY: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Pep Club I,3: Y-Teens 2. JOHNSON, ROGER: Future Plans - Marines AVA 2,3: Chess Club 3: College Club 3: Cross Country 2,3: Safe Teen Club 2,3: Track 2,3. JONES, LEONARD: Future Plans - Business Football I,2,3. JULIANTE, BETTY: Future Plans - Business Bowling I,2: Chorus 2,3: Pep Club I: Y-Teens I,2. JUNGLEISCH, CHRISTINE: Future Plans - Business Jazz Club 3: Pep Club I,3: Red Cross 2: Y-Teens 2. -K- KABASINSKI, JOHN: Future Plans - Navy Football I 2,3: Track 3. KADER, JOHN: Future Plans - Pharmacy KAPLAN, SUZANNE: Future Plans - Writing College Club I,2: Drama Club I,2: Pep Club I: Star I: Y-Teens I,2,3. KARADEEMA, LEONA: Future Plans - Teaching Drama Club 3: Chorus I,2,3: Pep Club 3: Speech Club 3: Y- Teens 3. KATZ, RONALD: Future Plans - Engineering Jazz Club I,2: Football I: Red Cross 3. KELLOGG, PATRICIA: Future Plans - Teaching Spanish Club 3: Speech Club 3. KELLY, GERALD: Future Plans - Business Red Cross 3. KEMPF, EDWARD: Future Plans - Pharmacy KENNEDY, KATHLEEN: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Drama Club 3: Jazz Club 3: Monitor 3: Pep Club I3: Red Cross I,2: Speech Club 3: Y-Teens 2,3. KESTER, WILLIAM: KINDLE, CHARLES: KINDLE, DONALD AVA I,2,3: Red' Kms, KATHLEEN: Future Plans - Business Future Plans - Business Future Plans - Business Cross I. Future Plans 7 Teaching Drama Club I,2: French Club 2: Pep Club 3: Y-Teens 3. KOLAKOWSKI, GLORIA: Future Plans - Teaching Business Club 3: Drama Club 3: Jazz Club 3: Monitor 3: Pep Club 3: Speech Club 3: Twirling I,2: Y:Teens 2,3. KOWALSKI, GERALD: Future Plans - Technology AVA I,2,3: Chess Club I,2,3: Drama Club 23: Football I,2: Red Cross I,2: Wrestling 2,3. KRACK, WILLIAM: Future Plans - Business Chess Club 3. KRANZ, PETER: Future Plans - Teaching KROH, NANCY: Future Plans - Business Business Club 3: Jazz Club 3: Pep Club 3: Y-Teens 2,3. KRUPICZ, MARY LOU: Future Plans - Business Cheerleading I: Pep Club I,3: Red Cross 2: Y-Teens 3. KUBICK, ROBERT: Future Plans - Business. Pep Club 3: Safe Teen Club 3. KUHN, DONNA: Future Plans - Business Chorus I,2: Drama Club 2: Pep Club I: Y-Teens 3. KUHN, KATHLEEN: Future Plans - Business Monitor 3: Pep Club I,2. Senior Activities Index KUHN NANCY, Future Plans - Nursing Pep Club I,2, Y-Teens I,2,3. KUPNIEWSKI, AUDREY, Future Plans - Business Drama Club I, Monitor I,2, Pep Club I. KURCZEWSKI, BEVERLY, Future Plans - Science Class Otticer 3, Drama Club I, Pep Club 3, Senate I,2,3, Y- Teens 2,3. KUZMIN, ELLEN, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Drama Club 3, Monitor 3, Pep Club 3, Red Cross 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. -L- LACEY, DANIEL, Future Plans - Medicine Band I,2,3, Choir I 2,3, College Club I, Wrestling 3. LAMARY, SUSAN, Future Plans - Teaching Academe 2,3, Business Club 3, College Club I,2,3, Monitor I,2,3, National Honor Society 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. LAMBRECHT, DUANE, Future Plans - Business Chess Club 3, Cross Country 3, Jazz Club 3, Track 2,3, Water- polo 2. LARSEN, LEE, Future Plans - Teaching Basketball I 2,3, Football I,2,3, Track I,2,3. LAWRENCE, SANDRA, Future Plans - Nursing Chorus I,2, Twirling I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. LEAMY, KATHLEEN, Future Plans - Teaching College Club I,2, Orchestra I,2,3, Pep Club I,2, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. LEE, SANDRA, Future Plans - Journalism Academe 23, College Club I,2, Drama Club I,2,3, Monitor 2, National Honor Society 2,3, Pep Club I,3, Star I, Y-Teens I,2,3. LENZ, DEAN, Future Plans - Teaching Chess Club I,2,3, Golf I,2,3, Red Cross I, Senate 2,3, Speech 3. LEONHART, LINDA, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens 3. LEWIS, KATHLEEN, Future Plans P- Business Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Pep Club I, Y-Teens 2,3. LEWIS ROBERT, Future Plans - B'usiness Band I,2,3, Orchestra 3. ' LITZ, MARLYNN, Future Plans - Business Pep Club 3, - Y-Teens 3. LITZ, THOMAS, Future Plans - Businesss LOMBARDO, AMELIA, Future Plans - Business LOMBARDO, AMELIA, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Drama Club 2, Monitor 2,3, Pep Club I,3, Y- Teens I,2,3. French Club I,2. LUCE, JAMES, Future Plans - Electrical Engineering Band I,2,3. LUCHT, GARY, Future Plans - Business Football 2,3, Senate 3, Track l, Wrestling 3. LYLES, CLIFFORD, Future Plans - Navy Drama Club I, Pep Club I, Track I,3. -M- MACIEJEWSKI, ANTHONY, Future Plans - Navy MADISON, ELLEN, Future Plans - Chemistry Drama Club I,2,3, College Club I,2, Pep Club I,3, Senate 3, Spanish Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. MAGENAU, MARTINA, Future Plans - Teaching Choir I,2, College Club I,2, Drama Club I2,3, French Club 3, Pep Club I, Senate I, Y-Teens I,2,3. MAGILL, EDWARD, Future Plans - Accountancy MALINOWSKI, DEANN, Future Plans - Business Pep Club I, Y-Teens I. MANDELSON, RICHARD, Future Plans - Science Chess Club I,2,3, College Club 2, Drama Club 3, Red Cross 2,3, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Speech Club 3, Tennis 2,3. MANTSCH, KAREN, Future Plans - Business Academe 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I. MARAS, RICHARD, Future Plans - Engineering Basketball I,2, Cross Country 3, Football I, Track 2 3. MARCHANT, LAURA, Future Plans - Business Bowling 2, Drama Club I,2,3, Monitor 2,3, Y-Teens I,2. MARSH, MARILYN, Future Plans - Teaching College Club I,2, Drama ClubI,2,3, Pep Club I, Red Cross I, Senate 2, Spanish Club 3, Orchestra I,2, Y-Teens I,2,3. MARTIN, CAROL, Future Plans - Business Bowling I,2,3, Chorus I,2,3, Drama Club I, Red Cross I,2, Y-Teens I. MARTIN, JOSEPHINE, Future Plans - Business V Business Club 3, College Club I, Pep Club 3, Y-Teens I,3. MARTIN, ROGER, Future Plans - Engineering Drama Club I,2, Pep Club I,3, Track 3. MASTERSON, KATHLEEN, Future Plans - Nursing Pep Club 3, Y-Teens I,2. MAUL, CAROLYN, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Pep Club 3. MAY, THOMAS, Future Plans - Retailing College Club I, Monitor 3, Spanish Club I. MCCLOUD, STEPHEN, Future Plans - Engineering Band I,2,3, Drama Club 3, Safe Teen Club 2,3. MC FARLAND, SUSAN, Future Plans - Business MC GRATH PATRICIA, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, College Club I,2, Pep Club I, Senate 2,3, Y-Teens I,2. MC GRAW, GREGORY, Future Plans - Managing Choir I, Star 3. MC LAUGHLIN, NANCY, Future Plans - Medicine Bowling 2, College Club I,2, Jazz Club 2,3, Monitor 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. MC LAUGHLIN, SHEILA, Future Plans - Teaching Business Club 3, College Club I, Monitor I,2,3, Twirling I,2, Y-Teens 2,3. MEISSEL, ALICE, Future Plans - Medical Technology College Club I, Monitor I 3, Pep Club I,3, Red Cross 2,3, Safe Teen Club 3, Spanish Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. MILLER, BOYD, Future Plans - Navy Football I, Track I,2. MILLER, CAROL, Future Plans - Teaching Pep Club I,3, Orchestra I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. MILLER, RICHARD, Future Plans - Drafting MILLER, ROSE ANN, Future Plans - Homemaking MITCHELL, DORIS, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Pep Club I,3, Red Cross 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. MOLBERG, RUTH, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Y-Teens I. MONTGOMERY, GARY, Future Plans ' Commercial Art Track I 2. MOON, ROGER, Future Plans - Teaching Baseball 2,3, Red Cross I, Track 2. MOORE, JAMES, Future Plans - Teaching Baseball 2,3, Track 3. MOORE, MICHAEL, Future Plans - Teaching College Club I,2, Drama Club 3, Golf I, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Senate I,2,3, Star 2,3, Tennis 2,3. MORRIS, DIAN, Future Plans - Business French Club 3, Jazz Club 3, Spanish Club 3. MORRISON, SHERYL, Future Plans - Business Drama Club 3, Jazz Club 3, Red Cross I,2,3. MOSLEY, PHYLLIS, Future Plans - Laboratory Technology Business Club 3, Cheerleading I 2,3, Drama Club 2, French Club 2,3, Monitor 2,3, Pep Club I, Senate 3, Y-Teens I,2. MOWREY, DANIEL, Future Plans - Mathematics Orchestra 'I ,2,3. MOZUR, SANDRA, Future Plans - Dancing Cheerleading I, Pep Club I. MYERS, DAVID, Future Plans - Engineering MYSNYK, SANDY, Future Plans - Ministry Choir 3, Wrestling I,2,3. -N- NEEDHAM, JOHN, Future Plans - Business NELSON, JOHN, Future Plans - Teaching Cross Country 2,3, Football I, Wrestling l,2 3. NELSON, JOYCE, Future Plans - Business Bowling I,2, Pep Club I, Y-Teens 3. NICHOLS, ROGER, Future Plans - Business Football I, Swimming 2,3. NIELSEN, KATHRYN, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, College Club I, Drama Club I, Pep Club I,2, Y-Teens I,2,3. NOBLE, SUZANNE, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, College 2,3, Drama Club 2,3, Monitor 3, Pep Club I, Y-Teens I,2,3. NOHOVIG, DAVID, Future Plans - Engineering Academe 2 3, Choir 2,3, College Club 2, Red Cross I. NORDIN, RICHARD, Future Plans - Commercial Art Red Cross I. -5- O'DAY, JEANNIE, Future Plans - Business Monitor 2, Pep Club I,3. O'DONNELL, DENNIS, Future Plans - Lithography Red Cross I,2, Track 2. OHMAN, JUDITH, Future Plans e Nursing Pep Club I, Monitor 3, Twirling I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. Senior Activities Index OLSON, VIRGINIA, Future Plans - Teaching College Club I,2,3, Drama Club 3, French Club 2,3, Monitor 3, Pep Club I,3, Senate I, Y-Teens I,2,3. ONISKO, CHESTENE, Future Plans - Teaching Class Otticer 3, Drama Club I, French Club 2,3, Monitor 2,3, National Honor Society 2,3, Pep Club I, Senate 3, Star I,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. ORTIZ, JEFFREY, Future Plans - Managing Chorus 3, Monitor 3. OSBORNE, KENT, Future Plans - Engineering Orchestra I,2,3, Red Cross 2. OWEN, WILLIAM, Future Plans - Teaching Golf I,2,3, Red Cross 2, Senate I. -p- PARIS JOHN, Future Plans - Business Red Cross I,2, Track I. PARIS, MICHAEL, Future Plans - Teaching Cross Country 2,3, Football I, Senate 2, Wrestling I,2,3. PARMENTER, DOROTHY, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Monitor 2, Pep Club I,3, Safe Teen Club 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. PASTUHA, PATRICIA, Future Plans - Business Business Club 33 Monitor 3, Pep Club I, Twirling I,2,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. PATTERSON, JAMES, Future Plans - Engineering PATTERSON, WILLIAM, Future Plans - Navy PETERSON HUMPHREY, Future Plans - Teaching Drama Club 3, Jazz Club 2,3, Orchestra I,2,3, Swimming I,2,3, Track 3, Waterpolo I,2,3. PETTIT, ROBERT, Future Plans - 'Law Band I,2,3, Jazz Club 3. PHILLIPS, PATRICIA, Future Plans - Business Monitor I,2, PIETROWSKI, THOMAS, Future Plans - Business PIPER, MICHAEL, Future Plans - Engineering Basketball I,2,3, Golf I,2,3, Football 2. PIRCIO, BARBARA, Future Plans - Business Y-Teens I,2,3. PLAVCAN, CATHERINE, Future Plans - Dancing Drama Club 2, French Club 2, Pep Club I, Orchestra I,2,3, Senate I, Speech Club 3, Y-Teens 2, POTOCKI, KAREN, Future Plans - Business Pep Club I,3, Red Cross I, Safe Teen Club 2,3, Senate 2, Y-Teens I,2,3. POTTER, FRANK, Future Plans - Navy Football 2. POTTER, ROBERT, Future Plans - Air Force -Q- QUIEN, RICHARD, Future Plans - Engineering Basketball I, Class Otticer I, Football I 2,3, Senate I, Track 2,3. QUIRK, NANCY, Future Plans - Nursing Pep Club 3. -R- RAMANDANES, JAMES, Future Plans - Engineering College Club 2,3, Monitor 3, Safe Teen Club 2,3. RANDALL, SANDRA, Future Plans - Nursing French Club 3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I,3. RARICK, JAMES, Future Plans - Interior Designing RAWA, DAVID, Future Plans - Air Force RETTGER, DIANE, Future Plans - Teaching College Club 2, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I,2,3. REIGER, PAUL, Future Plans - Air Force RICHARDSON, FRANCIS, Future Plans - Business RILEY, JOYCE, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Pep Club I 3, Y-Teens I,2,3. ROBIE, ROBERT, Future Plans - Teaching Red Cross I,2. ROBERTS, JUDITH, Future Plans - Teaching Business Club 3, Y-Teens I,2. ROGALA, DOLORES, Future Plans - Nursing Pep Club I, Y'Teens I,2,3. ROHALY, BETTY, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Bowling 2,3, Pep Club I,3, Y-Teens I. ROHALY, WILLIAM, Future Plans - Engineering Band I,2,3, Safe Teen Club I,2 3. ROSIAK, MARY, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, National Honor Society 2,3, Pep Club 3, Speech Club 3. Business Club 3, Drama Club I, French Club 2, Monitor I,2, ROTHERMEL, POLLY, Future Plans - Commercial Art. Pep Club 3, Y-Teens I,3. ROZENEK, MARY ANN, Future Plans - Business Choir 3, Chorus I,3, Drama Club I,2,3, Y-Teens 3. - 5 - SAMANKA, ROBERT, Future Plans - Engineering Cross Country 2,3, Red Cross 2, Track I,2,3. SAMPSON, PATRICIA, Future Plans - Commercial Art Orchestra SANTI, CATHERINE, Future Plans - Business SANTI, THOMAS, Future Plans Q- Business Pep Club 3, Safe Teen Club 3. SARNOWSKI, DAVID, Future Plans - Navy Cross Country 3, Red Cross I, Wrestling I,2,3. SCARLETT, DONALD, Future Plans - Business Academe 3, College Club 2, Drama Club 2,3, Sate Teen Club 2,3, Spanish Club I,2, Speech Club 3, SCHAAL, MARY ALICE, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Senate I, Y-Teens I,2,3. SCHATZ, STEVEN, Future Plans - Teaching Choir I,2, College Club 2, National Honor Society 2,3, Senate I,2, Star I,2. SCHELL, DARLEEN, Future Plans - Business Monitor 3. SCHMITZ, MARILYN, Future Plans - Business Bowling 2,3, Pep Club 3. SCHMITZ, NICHOLAS, Future Plans - Contracting National Honor Society 2,3, Waterpolo 2,3. SCHNEIDER, ROBERT, Future Plans - Biology Band I,2,3, Choir 3, Monitor 3, Swimming l,2,3, Track I, Waterpolo I,2,3. SCHUMAN, JANET, Future Plans - Business SHUTTER, DAVID, Future Plans - Business Band l,2,3, Choir 3, Speech Club 3, Swimming I, Waterpolo I,2,3. SENGER, DIANE, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Choir 2,3, Chorus I, Drama Club I, French Club 2, Monitor 3. SHAFER, SALLY, Future Plans - Teaching Bowling 3, College Club I, Drama Club I, Pep Club 3, Senate 2, Y-Teens I,2,3. SHAFFSTALL, SALLY, Future Plans - Business SHAFFSTALL, SANDRA, Future Plans - Business SHELDON, HAROLD, Future Plans - Engineering Safe Teen Club 3. SHELDON, KATHLEEN, Future Plans - Teaching Bowling 2, Chorus 2, College Club 2, Monitor 3, Pep Club I,3, Senate I, Y-Teens 3. SHERMAN, NANCY, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Drama Club 2,3, Pep Club I, Red Cross 2, Y-Teens I,2,3. SHIELDS, ROBERT, Future Plans - Teaching Football I,2,3, Monitor 3, Orchestra I, Track I,2,3, Wrestling I,2,3. SHOUSE, GRANVILLE, Future Plans - Business SHREVE, SANDRA, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Monitor 3, Pep Club I, Sate Teen Club 2,3, Twirling l,2,3, Y-Teens 3. SIEBER, CAROLE, Future Plans - Business Business Club 3, Bowling I,2, Chorus 2,3, Monitor 3, Y-Teens 2. SIEKLUCKY, SANDRA, Future Plans - Teaching College Club I,2, Drama Club I,2, French Club 2,3, Monitor 2, Speech Club 3, Y-Teen I,2,3. SIMMONS, KENNETH: Future Plans - Teaching Debate Club 3, Spanish Club 3. SIMPSON, HAROLD, Future Plans - Engineering College Club 3, Glee Club 3, National Honor Society 2,3. SIMS, JOSEPH, Future Plans - Business SIMS, ROGER, Future Plans - Architecture Class Ofticer 2, Cross Country 3, Senate I,2,3, Track I,2,3. SINS, JAMES, Future Plans - Business SISCO, SHARON, Future Plans - Business Drama Club 3, Y-Teens I,3. SKINNER, RICHARD: Future Plans - Navy Baseball I,2,3, Basketball I, Football 2,3. SKOBODZINSKI, KAREN, Future Plans - Business Monitor 3, Pep Club I,3. SKOVORN, GARY, Future Plans - Medicine French Club 2, Star I,2, Senate 2. SMYKOWSKI, JUDITH, Future Plans - Business Pep Club I, Y-Teens 2. SNODGRASS, JUDITH, Future Plans - Teaching Choir I,2,3, College Club I,2, Drama Club I,2,3, French Club Senior Activities Index 37 Monitor l,27 National Honor Society 2,3i Senate 37 Y-Teens l,2,3. SOUTHWORTH, .IOYCE7 Future Plans - Teaching College Club l,27 Drama Club l,27 Monitor 37 Pep Club l,37 Speech Club 37 Y-Teens l,2,3. STAIRS, MICHAELJ Future Plans - Music Choir 37 National Honor Society 2,32 Orchestra l,2,37 Speech Club 3. STALEY, SUSAN7 Future Plans - Business Bowling 2,37 Y-Teens I. STASENKO, JEANETTE7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Chorus I7 Monitor 2,37 Twirling l,2,37 Y-Teens 3. STEINMETZ, MARY: Future Plans - Teaching College Club 1,27 Drama Club l,2,3i French Club 3: NGIIOFIGI Honor Society 2,37 Orchestra I7 Senate 37 Star 2,37 Y-Teens l,2,3. STEPHENSON, JAMES: Future Plans - Law Monitor 2,37 French Club 37 Red Cross 37 Speech Club 37 Star 3. STEVENSON, ANDREW7 Future Plans - Army STEWARD, KATHLEEN7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Cheerleading l,2,37 Drama Club I7 Monitor 27 Y-Teens I. STEWART, CHERYLQ Future Plans - Teaching Drama Club 1,27 Pep Club 'l,37 Speech Club 37 Y-Teens I. STODDARD, DENNIS7 Future Plans - Army Basketball I. STODDARD, GILBERT7 Future Plans - Army Football l,2. STOKES, BARBARA7 Future Plans - Business Chorus l,2,37 Jazz Club 37 Pep Club 3. STURDIVANT, ROBERT7 Future Plans - Air Force. SWANSON, LORINE7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Cheerleading I7 Monitors l,2,37 Pep Club l,37 Y-Teens l,2,3. SUNSERI RONALD7 Future Plans - Engineering Band l,2,37 Choir 37 Track l,2,3. SZYMANOWSKI, MARY ANN7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Monitor 2,37 Pep Club l,37 Red Cross 37 Senate 27 Y-Teens l,2,3. -T.. TATE, INELL7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Drama Club 27 Y-Teens 3. TAYLOR, SANDRA7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 College Club l,27 Drama Club I7 Monitor 37 Twirling l,2,37 Y-Teens l,2,3. TELEGA, ANTOINETTE7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Pep Club l,3. THAYER, DONALDQ Future Plans - Engineering Basketball l,27 Football I7 Senate 2,3. THEIL, JAMES7 Future Plans - Accountancy College Club 2,37 Class Omcer 37 Pep Club 37 Safe Teen Club 2,37 Track I7 Wrestling I. THEURET, RICHARD7 Future Plans - Business THIEL, ALVIN: Future Plans - Business Band 1,27 Cross Country 37 Track 2,37 Vtlrestling 3. THOMPSON, BRENDA7 Future Plans - Business Choir l,2,37 Drama Club I7 Jazz Club 37 Pep Club I7 Y-Teens 3. THOMPSON, DAVID: Future Plans - Air Force Football l,2,37 Red Cross 3. THOMPSON, MARSI'IAj Future Plans - leaching College Club 27 Drama Club 37 French Club 37 Pep Club l,37 Sate Teen Club 2,37 Y-Teens 2,3. TILLACK, JUDITH7 Future Plans - Business Bowling 27 College Club 27 Debate Club I7 Pep Club l,37 Speech Club 37 Y-Teens l,2,3. TROJANOWSKI, ALLEN7 Future Plans - Air Force TROTT, JUDITH7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Drama Club 27 Monitor l,37 Pep Club I,31 Red Cross l,27 Y-Teens 3. TUCKER, BARBARA7 Future Plans - Dietician College Club l,2,37 Drama Club l,27 National Honor Society 2,37 Pep Club I7 Red Cross 2,37 Y-Teens l,2,3. TWILLIE, CHARLES7 Future Plans - Law Basketball I7 Glee Club 2,3. TWILLIE, JESSIE7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Choir l,27 Drama Club 27 Jazz Club 37 Pep Club l,37 Y-Teens l,Z3. -V- VAUGHN, RICHARD7 Future Plans - Marines VESHECCO, ANNE: Future Plans - Business College Club 27 Drama Club 27 Pep Club l,37 Red Cross 37 Speech Club 37 Y-Teens l,2,3. VICKEY, PRISCILLA7 Future Plans - Business Pep Club I7 Y-Teens 2. VOLLMER, FRANCIS7 Future Plans - Navy VORBERGER, JOHN7 Future Plans - Law Baseball 2,37 Drama Club 3. VORSE, DAVID7 Future Plans - Air Force -W.. WADLINGER, CARRIE7 Future Plans - Teaching Bowling I,2,3f Drama Club Qi Monitor 27 Pep Club I,3f Y-Teens I. WAGNER, MARY ALICE7 Future Plans - Psychology Monitor 37 Red Cross l,2,37 Y-Teens l,2. WAHL, JAMESI Future Plans - Business WALLERSTEIN, LARRYQ Future Plans - Medicine College Club 2,37 National Honor Society 2,37 Safe Teen Club 2,37 Swimming 2,37 Tennis 2,37 Waterpolo 2,3. WALZ, LINDA7' Future Plans - Designing Business Club 37 Drama Club 2,37 Pep Club l,37 Y-Teens l,2,3. WARNKEN, MICHAEL7 Future Plans - Engineering Class Ofticer 37 Cross Country 2,37 Drama Club 37 Football I7 Senate l,37 Track 2,37 Wrestling l,2. WEBER, FRANK1 Future Plans - Medicine Football l,2. WEBER, JAMES: Future Plans - Engineering Baseball 37 Jazz Club 37 Safe Teen Club 3. WEBER, JUDITH7 Future Plans - Teaching Drama Club I7 Monitor 37 Red Cross I7 Senate'l7 Y-Teens l,2,3. WEILER, JOHN: Future Plans - Engineering College Club 37 Safe Teen Club 37 Swimming 37 Waterpolo 3. WERTHEIM, CLAIRE7 Future Plans - Interior Decorating WHIPPLE, RICHARD7 Future Plans - Engineering Class Ofticer I7 Cross Country 2,37 Football I7 National Honor Society 2,37 Senate I7 Wrestling l,2,3. WHITLEY, VICTORIA7 Future Plans - Business WICKERSHAM, SUSAN7 Future Plans - Nursing Bowling l,2,37 Chorus 27 Monitor 2,37 Y-Teens l,2,3. WIECZOYEK, MICHAEL7 Future Plans - Marines Cross Country 27 Track I. WILLIAMS, FREDDIE7 Future Plans - Business WILLIAMS, WILLIAM7 Future Plans - Business WILLIAMS, RITA7 Future Plans - Cosmetology Bowling l,27 Pep Club 37 Y-Teens l,2,3. WILSON, CORA: Future Plans - Cosmetology Bowling l,27 Pep Club 3. WINKOSKI, EILEEN7 Future Plans - Business Bowling l,27 Business Club 37 Jazz Club 37 Pep Club I7 Y-Teens I. WINTER, THOMAS7 Future Plans - Business Band l,27 Red Cross l,2,3. WISE, JOYCE ANN7 Future Plans - Business Drama Club 37 Pep Club l,37 Orchestra l,2,37 Speech Club 37 Y-Teens l,2,3. WISINSKI, ROSALYN7 Future Plans - Business Business Club 37 Pep Club l,37 Y-Teens 2. WITT, JAMES1 Future Plans - Marines Glee Club 3. WOLFE, DONNA7 Future Plans - Nursing Bowling 2. WOOD, MARIANQ Future Plans - Business WOYICKI, KATHLEEN7 Future Plans - Cosmetology Business Club 37 Pep Club 3. -Y- YOCHIM, ROBERT: Future Plans - Air Force Football 2. YOUNG, PAULA7 Future Plans - Teaching Pep Club 37 Senate l,27 Y-Teens l,2. -2- ZIELEWSKI, LINDA7 Future Plans - Business Monitor 37 Twirling l,27 Y-Teens I. ZIELEWSKI, MARGARET7 Future Plans - Business Pep Club I. ZILI., ROBERT: Future Plans - Navy ZILL, WILLIAM7 Future Plans - Navy ZIMMER, BRIAN7 Future Plans - Business ZIPPER, CARL7 Future Plans - Biology Band l,2,37 Drama Club 2,37 Jazz Club 27 Orchestra 2,37 Senate 2. PATRON LIST Students are requested to give more than a pass- ing glance at this list of loyal backers of our year- book. We hope that you will show your appreciation to these patrons whenever possible. Abbate's Food Market Adams Br Streuber Co. Paul T. Allen Insurance Co. Allshouse Business Forms American Hollow Boring Co. American Sterilizer Company American Television Electronic School Mickey Anderson Amusement Company Armour 8. Company Arrow Drug Stores Arrow Tool 81 Mfg. Co. Atlas Construction Company lsaac Baker 81 Son Baldwin Bros., lnc. Evie 81 Dick Barker Snack House Dr. 81 Mrs. Lloyd R. Bashaw A. M. Bauman Carpet 81 Furn. Cleaners Baumbach 81 Gaimish, Realtors Baxter Accountants Bay City Forge Co. J. Spafford Becker Beckwith Machinery Company J.H. Bennett Storage 81 Cartin Berry's Bowling Auditorium Emil Beyer Jewelers Geo. A. Blair Painting Co. The Hon. C. Arthur Blass Block's Billiards R. C. Bloomstine Agency Blossey's Tuxedo Rental Blue Ribbon Recreation lnc. Dr. 81 Mrs. George P. Bohlender Boldt Machinery 81 Tools Boyd Welding Company Richard F. Brabender, Atty. at Law J. F. Brittain, Inc. Brown Brothers 81 Sons John Brown Flower Shop Brown-Jones "Rexall Drug Stores" Geo. Brown-Mutual Specialty Co. Bungalow Park Grocery-Meats 'Burhenn's Pharmacy Burnham Lumber Company Donald C. Burton Inc. 4 Funeral Home Caravaglia Studio Carpenter Electric Supply, Inc. Church 84 Murdock Electrical Service Clifton Auto. Screw Machine Prod. Inc. Coyne Industrial Laundries Crown Bottling Co., Ed Sparaga Max Darone, Y.M.C.A. Dr. K. L. Davis A. J. DeSantis, M.D. Edward C. Doll E. 81 A. Doubet Jewelers Juliante, Mertens, Juliante, Kelleher, Restifo Dr. J. Raymond McGinley Bucyrus - Erie Co. Gertrude Driscoll Shoo Duggan-Rider Office Supply Co. Duggan's Service 84 Appliance Co. Dr. 8. Mrs. George J.'Dusckas Electric Equipment Company Max Elbaum iBelton Hearing Aid Centerl Erie Window Glass Company Epp Furniture Company Erie Book Store Erie Business Center Erie Ceramic Arts Company Erie Business Machines - Rex Rotary Erie City Iron Works English, Gilson, Bowler, Shamp, Levin, Attys. Erie City Manufacturing Co. Erie Coco-Cola Bottling Co. Erie Chair 8g Dish Rental-Sales Erie Commercial School Erie County Health 84 Tuberculosis Assoc. Erie Dairyland Inc. Erie Dry Goods Company Erie East Pharmacy Erie Forge 81 Steel Corporation Erie Foundry Company Erie Industrial Supply Co. Erie Insurance Exchange Erie Laundry Company Erie Mantel 8- Tile Company, lnc. Erie Marine Supply Company Erie Paint Company Erie Plating Company Erie Resistor Corporation Erie Sports Store Erie Steel Products Co. Erie Storm Seal Company Erie Tool Works Erie Trucking Company Erie Typewriter Co. - W. H. Stockdale Larry R. Fabrizi, Alderman Enoch C. Filer Firch's Sunbeam Bread First Federal Savings 81 Loan Assoc. of Erie Foresters Beneficial Association Forsythe Engraving Service Fraternal Order of Police, Haas Lodge No. 7 Freiberg Barrel Company A Friend lFour of thesel Jack Frost Donuts Gardner 81 Faulhaber, Paints 84 Wall Paper Dr. 81 Mrs. Carl F. Geigle General Contractors Supply of Erie Gibbens Insurance Company Gfillespie Machine .81 Tool Co. M. Fletcher Gornall, Atty. at Law W. T. Grant Company Greyhound Van Lines, lnc. U. S. Naval Reserve Battalion 4-5 John A. Grade - Florist Grise Film Library Gustafson Optical Company Hagan Business Machines Wm. Hagenlocher 8- Co., Real Estate C. Francis Hagerty, City Treasurer Haibach Brothers, Meats The Halle Bros. Co. The Hamilton Lumber Company Hammermill Paper Company James Hanes, Atty. at Law J. Hartline 8r Sons, Sheet Metal-Roofing Henneous Motor Express Henri, Hair Fashion Studio Hess Bros. Optical Company ' Heyl Physicians Supply Co. E. R. Hoffman Optical Supply Company Peter Hoffman 81 Son Alderman James T. Hogan The Home Restaurant House of Flowers lrving's Shoes Jarecki's Jewelers 81 Silversmiths, lnc. Walter L. Jewell, D.D.S. Johnson 81 Flick Tire Service Johnson, Horrigan, 81 Yaple Johnston Camera Repair Dr. Thomas S. Kaldhof, Twinbrook Nursing Home Tom Karle's Varsity Shop E. E. Kemble, M. D. Lyman N. Kemp, Kemp Mfg. Co. Dr. S. L. Kerr Emil Kesselring Agency, lnsurance Keystone Coat, Apron, Towel Supply Co. Kemmel Printing 81 Rubber Stamps Klein Plating Works Francis V. Kloecker Funeral Home William F. Kochis, Contractor Oliver Kokko Locks 84 Key Service Kraus Electric Company Lada's Jewelry The Ladies Catholic Benevolent Association Lakes Electric Construction Co. Lakes Engineering Company Fred W. Lamberton, Co. Commissioner The Lawrence Hotel Dr. R. E. Leitenberger Edward M. Lillis A little bit of Sweden Robert L. Loeb, M. D. Lord Manufacturing Company Charles L. Lovercheck, Atty. at Law Lynch Camera, lnc. Mac-Erie Manufacturing Co., lnc. Mr, 81 Mrs. Jackson D. Magenau Magay Optical Company The Manufacturers Association Marathon Electric Mfg. Cor. Louis Marx Co., lnc. of Penna. The Hon. Harvey D. McClure McDonald's Carry-Out Restaurants William J. McDougall, D. D. S. McKnight Business Service of Erie McNelis, McNelis, Attys. at Law l. D. McQuistion Co., lnsurance Mehler's Custom Tailored Clothing John C. Melzer Funeral Home Edward E. Mercier, M. D. General Parcel Service PAT RON LIST John P. Messina, Plastering Contractor Michael's Tool Grinding Company Milano Construction Company Miller 81 Fish, Realtors Modern Screw Machine Products, lnc. Melvin W. Modisher, M.D. Munn's Furniture 84 Appliances G. C. Murphy Company Mark Murphy, Realtor Alice Sims Nagle V. T. Narus, M. D. Rt. Rev. Wilfred J. Nash, Gannon College Nelson, Goldburg, 81 Heidt, Architects Niagara Plastics Company S. E. Nichols Norb's Welding Shop R. E. North, lndust. Heating - Piping Nosco Plastics, lnc. Osiecki Music Company Pal Prescription Pharmacy Palace Hardware Company Atty. 81 Mrs. Michael M. Palmisano The Parson Studio of Photography Dr. 81 Mrs. William H. Parsons Penna. Driving School, E. N. Hreha Pennsylvania Gas Company Perry Plastics, lnc. The Honorable Julian Polaski Drs. Carl P. 81 Matt W. Pommer Potratz Floral Shop Presque Isle Boiler Repair Presque Isle Paper Products, lnc. Presque lsle Plastics, lnc. Priscilla's Charcoal Pit Products Finishing, lnc. Quinn-Berry Corporation Frank B. Quinn, Atty. at Law Rad-O-Lite, lnc. Reed Manufacturing Company Reinhold Pharmacy Reliable Home Furnishing Company Reliable Tailors 81 Dry Cleaners Rhodes Auto Service Ricardo's Restaurant The Rich Greene Company R. J. Ricklolf, M. D. Rieger's Ralph R. Riehl Jr., Realtor Rinderlee Electric Suppliers 81 Contrs. The Hon. Judge 8- Mrs. Samuel J. Roberts Robie Meat Packers, lnc. The Robinson Agency, Insurance Rola Bottling Company Alfred T. Roos, M. D. P. B. Root Co., Investment - Securities Alderman Samuel U. Rossiter Roth Motors, lnc. Russian C. Y. S. Club Louis J. Rzymek, Co. Commissioner Sacred Heart Ushers Society, lnc. Sanitary Farms Dairy, lnc. Sanner Office Supply Company Atty. Richard V. Scorpitti Chester A. Schaal Leo Schlaudecker Company Atty. Louis Schlesinger Schluraff Floral Company John V. Schultz Co. Arfax Camera Service Scobell Company, Elevators Sealtest Foods 163 Seelar 8t Company Elevators Harry W. Sell, Heating-Sewer Cleaning Serafini's Restaurant Mr. 8- Mrs. R. E. Sevin Seymours Jewelry Co. Dr. R. W. Shepard Samuel H. Shepard, lnsurance E. W. Sheridan Agency, lnsurance The Sims Company, lnc. Dr. 84 Mrs. V. V. Sivak Skinner Engine Company Michael Skovron, M. D. Slovak National Club A. O. Smith Corporation W. E. Smith 81 Sons, Motors Smith Welfare Association B. Leonard Snider, M. D. Dr. Cameron F. Snider, D. D. S. Sontheimer Bakery i56l W 315 Al Spelta, Tuxedo Rental The State Street Food Markey Dr. Gilbert A. Steg Fred Steger's Business Machines Sterling Enterprises Strand Construction Co. Thom. Suddorth 81 Son, Asphalt Paving Tanner, James, 8 Colwell, lnsurance Tanner Manufacturing Company John W. Taylor Funeral Home Tellers Organ Company James Thomas, Jeweler Thompson Manufacturing Co., lnc. Dr. Ralph M. Tidd The Times Publishing Co. Trasks-Downtown - Plaza John B. Treadway, M. D. Triangle Tool Company Troy Laundry U. E. Local 506 iThe Union for G Workersl Uniflow Manufacturing Company Union Iron Works Union Pattern Works United Rlubber Workers, Local 6l Urick Foundry Company L. B. Utterback, Acme Engineers Neal D. VanMarter, M. D. Mrs. Arthur C. Vicary Villa Maria College for Women Dr. 81 Mrs. Lawrence D. Vollmer Voss Bros., l.G.A. Foodliner Dr. James F. Walker Wm. E. Walker iEbco Industrial Parkl Dr. W. S. Wallace W. B. Washabaugh, M.D. E. Buist Wells, M.D. Western Provision Markets White 81 Rupert Realty Co. The Hon. Charles B. Will'iamson, Mayor Mr. 81 Mrs. Norman W. Wilson Yaple's Dairy, lnc. Hazel Daly Yeager Yellow Cab Co. Francis J. Yorio, lnsurance Zilch Real Estate Agency Zink Dry Cleaners 81 Laundry, lnc. Zuck's Turkey Farms J. H. Cross Co. 4., -. V V 4.5 , V., 0 . g I V H3 ., I WK V , 1' A 1 'ff N , l TS LL. Q, gully.. P K' me wi" I V A V,-, 5 5 Myfw .L ' mf A 6 ' ' fig . K v Q-QM' f -1, E Q He-Y M fk ,J 55,9543 no ww, O My 1 3 wif g3i:2k,,W,fw MW 2 1 1flWQ5ifN Zim mfg W ,Um .wwwf Wgxjwwgfgyp W W ff MLW ,af W wiv. W N51 K M 7114 A.. Qlwalixlihfxw WLS my jj wma! QMUQQN ffi3x fwummm-QMMW 51 AM by- Maw! A Vfpfvphf , 16 ?2il1WW Kkgxfiw Dgxvfgy gtg? gmt? D yw www Wy Gly SJW? Y Wgygjyf Him um-MWm MMQWW ff! L M X . L1,l.f-c.'Lf1 K Q 4 ' ' f 4. kj, L ' 1 'ff 4, 3 'I .Y L, . A, ,-, ll Y Av x f 4 x j J V 1' 1 l N 1 , X Q yi. gf. , rl ,A 7, 4 1 L wc ,LL ' .4 ,f . Af ' .fi fl L J MIA V 5 LJ? ,f Lx ffl f f ,, L L J 1' Ji xf f X X ' u l . 1 x N VX r -I 1' J .A' n . Q A 1' 3 'X I f ' - 1 fb' I fl X v , Q X1 I , 3, p L fm , I ' I o 'Z ev X s P12 .- n xx 1 . I

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