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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1956 volume:

DEDICATION The good name of a school depends upon a number of things, one of which is good teaching. Since its beginning in 1920, Academy has had many fine teachers whose dedicated service has given it an enviable position among schools in this area. One of these fine teachers is Miss Alice Gaggin, to whom this Academe is affectionately dedicated. Miss Gaggin taught at Academy from 1920 until her retirement in 1942. To have missed a course in English from Alice or her sister, Gertrude, was a calamity indeed. Hundreds of graduates will remem- ber pleasantly the friendly tone of her classes and the stimulation of her instruction. Many also will pay her the highest tribute a teacher can receive, saying in fond remembrance: She was my friend.d39U3U3d 01 8 V3A V m EZB sfmBBEeffi]•! rEOR; x$9mH5Jy i ffl i ;;c V Zilails awl EJ History is of importance to us because it enables us to profit from past failures and successes. This Academe is a history of your school life. May you make use of it, not only to recall your high school days, but to profit by your past experiences as a stu- dent of Academy. As time passes, look back on your high school life, for you will find many places in it where in the light of your present knowledge you would have acted in a manner that would have been of greater help to you in your life. Sincerely, GUY A. MINADEO Principal 6Success in future work will come with interest, application and an ability to continue learning. Also cooperation with others is vital in a modern world. Give to others the respect you wish to earn and realize that a calm and happy individual lifts the morale of an entire group. Empathy is a quality each needs in order to understand why others act as they do in this time of rapid change but changeless values. MABEL STUDEBAKER Assistant Principal This Academe is a pictorial record of the many opportunities that have confronted you during the past school year. I hope that you have taken full advantage of the various opportunities for participation. If you have done so then I am certain that you have had a pleasant and satis- fying school year. LEROY E. BARBER Assistant Principal 7FACULTY 1. J. Leamy and shadow. 2. H. Chalupczynski and .serious-minded students? 3. I. Bright . . . his work never ceases. 4. M. McMahon, one of our commercial teachers. 5. Teachers taking a breather. 8INFORMALS 1. "That's right," says R. Russell. 2. Academy's candid camera, C. Swahn. 3. "How about the answer, Mr. Presogna." 4. A. Hogenmiller, R. Hallinan, and M. Hickey at the twirlers picnic. 5. Whoops, another breather. 9SERVICE PERSONNEL Marian Bortner Glenette McCarthy Olivia Hakel Ella Sloan Ruth Waugh 10ENGLISH John Balia Marian Blake Elizabeth Brown Henry Chalupczynski Victoria Dollinger Agnes Goetz Edwin Gray Joseph Habas Eugene LeBlanc Glenette McCarthy Mary McMahon Winifred Mong Frank Pettinato Ann Remaley fi rm ■' TV- Kathryn YoungRobert Acker SOCIAL STUDIES Jay Buchanan Sylvia Burgun Joseph Gervase Helen Johnston Fred Kantz Viola Kaste John Leamy Charles Moresco Lynette Steimer Merritt Landers Robert Stinely 12LANGUAGE MATHEMATICS Marion Lewis John Mifkovic Philip Mahoney Eileen McCarthy Carl Minzenberger Rita Russell Helen Schmid Theresa Strauch 13SCIENCE Leo Harkins George Havican James Hyde Howard Eichert Edward Gubish Carl Minzenberger Ethel Ruhling Margaret Smith Anthony VergeCOMMERCIAL STUDIES Joseph Dutkosky Anthony Presogna Mary Hickey Frances Stull Margaret McMahon Adelaide Sisley Leonard Mattis Margaret Pistory Helen Schneider Josephine WickGEOGRAPHY Luella Shallop Ruth Hallinan Frank Pettinato ARTS AND CRAFTS Clarence Swahn Annette Whaley Byron Whiteman 16HOME ECONOMICS Helen Bell Catherine McCarthy Anne Hogenmiller MUSIC William Burger Obed Grender Isadora Schweitzer MERCHANDISING 17ATHLETICS Michael Ferrare Joseph Gervase George Giesler Robert Acker Leo Harkins Anthony Presogna John Komora Mary Robb John Leamy Clarence Swahn Frank Pettinato Anthony VergaDRIVER EDUCATION George McLean Maria Weschler 1. E. Ruhling picnic anyone? 2. C. Carroll and F. Torrence discussing cafe- teria confusion. 3. W. Ulrich, perfectly at ease. 4. Books, books, books! M. Bortner. 5. My, teachers take a lot of breathers.LOIS ADAMS ROSEMARY AKRE Beautiful brown eyes ... as- To be a teacher is this pretty pires to be a successful redhead's ambition . . . ac- nurse . . . feels at home in tive debater . . . gift of gab the water . . . “Lo's" hobby . . . always willing to lend a is keeping a scrapbook. 'helping hand. SYLVIA ALBERT JOANNE ALDRETE “Ditty" . . . twinkling blue “Jay" . . . likes collecting eyes . . . gay and cheerful pictures and despises catty . . . “yes of course" . . . she girls . . . spaghetti and pizza likes doing nothing . . . will are tops with her. have a great time at an ex- citing college. THOMAS ALTSMAN “Tom" ... aims to become a boss . . . P.O.D. and pork chops are sure to please him . . . spends his time working on cars . . . curly black hair. ROBERT AMENDOLA Swims like a fish . . . claims girls as his pet peeve . . . wants to be a movie star. IRENE ANDERSON The field of nursing has her interest . . . cheery manner . . . finds chemistry very in- teresting . . . enjoys swim- ming, golfing, and tennis. MICHAEL ANDERSON Hot rod . . . plans to make millions . . . women drivers aggravate him . . . likes the girls. BEVERLY ANDREWS “Bev" . . . wants to be an ef- ficient secretary . . . always friendly... enjoys P.O.D-- dislikes show-offs . . . never tires of dancing. ELAINE ANDRYCHOWSKI “The girl with the smile" . . . good things come in small packages . . . always ready for a good time . . . cute majorette “What a . panic." CAROL ANKIEL Conceited people annoy this cute twin . . . aspires to be a secretary . . . quiet ways and many smiles. CATHERINE ANKIEL JUDITH ANTILL “Kay" also aspires to be a To be a hard working girl is secretary ... like her twin this blonde haired lass's am- . . . unruffled in manner . . . bition . . . “Oh Lordy" . . . always gay and never she likes to write letters in dreary. her spare time . . . quiet and nice. ANTHONY ARDUINI Likes the outdoors . . . “Hey Wing Ding" ... English dis- agrees with him . . . aspires to be an airplane mechanic. 22MARJORIE ARNOLD "Marty” ... seen but seldom heard . . . never tires of bookkeeping or chicken . . . catty girls displease her. BARBARA ARROWSMITH "Bobbie” ... a real swell al . . . likes sewing and .O.D.... her ambition is to wear a white cap. THOMAS ASHTON "Real great” is what you'll hear him say . . . college bound . . . would like to be president of a big corpora- tion or a golf pro... at home on the "links.” MARILYN AUSTIN To be a private secretary is "Frenchy's” main aim ... a whiz with the needle . . . never tires of eating pizza. FRANK BACH The man with a build ... a friend worth knowing... en- joys a good time . . . our "cave man.” RUBY BAILEY Abhors conceited boys . . . "Oh my goodness" . .. she's at ease in P.O.D. class . . . wishes to be a nurse ... easy going. NANCY BAKER "Nan” ... at ease when rol- ler skating . . . spaghetti rates high on her list of foods . . . always ready for a good time. CHARLES BAKER "Red” . . . speed demon . . . athletic minded . . . muscu- lar build . . . well-liked . . . pastime is living a tough life. RICHARD BALCZON "Moose” . . . girls take up most of his time . . . can be found at Hoover's or Skel- ly's . . . taller than tall . . . jokester . . . nice to know. PATRICIA BALL "Pat” ... fun loving ... nice to know . . . always ready to help . . . tall and slim. FRANK BARON "Sonny” ... would like to be a pro baseball'player .. . en- joys Mr. B's P.O.D. class . . . claims he's too shy. JOHN BARTRAM Intellectual . . . quiet at times . . . genial smile . . . plays the drums . . . will make a successful scientist. DORIS BAUMGARTNER "Dodie" . . . class brain . . . headed for a successful future . . . very casual. ROBERT BAUMGARTNER Class brain . . . aspires to be an engineer . . . dislikes homework . . . solid geom- etry and steak rank high on this lad's list. 23IRIS BAXTER "Irish lass" . . . has aspira- tions of becoming an opera singer . . . quiet and re- served. LOUIS BECKER Carrot-top . . . hardworking . . . member of the stage crew . . . talkative . . . hot rod fan. EVELYN BEDNARSKI "Evie" . . . chatterbox on the telephone . . . flighty but fun . . . intends to be a bookkeeping teacher. NATALIE BEEMUS Cute little pixie. . .headed for college ... "Nat" ... en- joys golfing and swimming . . . good natured . . . friend- ly. IRA BENNETT Spends his time working on cars . . . aims to travel . . enjoys machine shop . . . strong, silent type. ROBERT BENS Record breaker .. . ambition is to be an accountant . . . hard worker . . . enjoys trig and roast beef ... his legs are the pride and joy of the cross country team. JAMES BENTZE "Jim" ... at ease in ma- chine shop . . . enjoys work- ing on cars . . . never tires of eating ice cream. LINDA BENSON "Ginger" . . . can often be heard saying "Big deal" . . . talented seamstress . . . can really stow away the chili. EVELYN BERNHARD "Evie" . . . not short of brains . . . catty boys annoy this blonde . . . aims to be a secretary. CECILIA BERRIDGE "Ce-Ce" . . . ambition is to be a commercial teacher . . . collects stuffed animals . . . fond of spaghetti . . . likes to cut it up. NORMA BILETNIKOFF "Norm" . . . quiet and sin- cere . . . choosing nursing for a career . . . has a taste for pizza . . . pleasant to know. LAWRENCE BLACKMER "Larry" . . . spends most of his time on cars . . . hopes someday to be an engineer . . . seen but seldom heard . . . likes a turkey dinner. DAVID BLAKE Sports minded . . . good looking ... steak and French fries are sure to please him .. . personality plus . .. seen on the gridiron. PATRICIA BLAKE "Pat" . . . blue eyes . . . would like to become a teacher . . . dislikes people who tell little white lies . . . “Que Cosa!" 24THEODORE NANCY BLOSS NATHANIAL BOBBITT BLOOMSTINE Fun to know . . . always "Nate" . . . clothes from Es- "Ted" . . . homework is this ready for a good time . . . quire . . . would like to go to lad's pet peeve . . . chatter- kept busy writing letters . . . college . . . "Goof-to-no- box . . . active . . . headed will make a fine teacher . . . ends" is what you'll hear for college . . . enjoys his- pizza fiend. him say . . . tall, tory. BARBARA BOGUE "Bobbie" . . . flirtatious . . . oh that hairdo . .. will enter nurses' training . . . stylish clothes. ROBERT BOOKWALTER "Bookie" ... likes chemistry . . . would like to be an oil engineer . . . Uncle Sam's friend. MARILYN BOYER "Mimi" . . . writing letters keeps her busy . . . never tires of eating spaghetti . . . quiet and pleasant to know. THOMAS BROOKS "Chief" . . . snazzy dresser . . . plays the drums in the band . . . future career in hotel management. . . strict teachers are his pet peeve. WILLIAM BRADNEY "Big Bill" . . . likes girls . . . school comes easy to him . . . rather quiet. . . "cotton picking," you'll hear him say. DOUGLAS BROUGHAM Ardent pool player . . . would like to live in Cleve- land . . . mmmmmmm he's a tall one . . . works at the Erie Club. GARY BROWN "Brownie" . . . dislikes cats ... levi fan . .. another Dan- iel Boone . . . blond wavy hair . . . enjoys listening to the radio. GERALD BROWN "Jerry" . . . great golfer . . . sense of humor . . . sharp dresser . . . college bound . . . has an answer for every- thing. JAMES BROWN "Jim" ... a future Marine for Uncle Sam . . . small in stature . . . fine wrestler for Academy. LOUISE BROWN "Lou" . . . clothes strictly from Vogue ... tall and strik- ing ... beautiful hair .. . will make an attractive model... nice to know. DIANE BRUBAKER "Brubie" ... a chatterbox when with her best pals . . . loves to dance and drive her parents' car ... at ease in P.O.D. class. 25ROBERT BRUNNER "Hi Punk" ... is what you'll hear this lad say . . . outdoor type . . . dislikes English. THERESA BUBRZYK "Terri" . . . will make an efficient secretary . . . short, and oh, so bashful . . . quiet and nice. BEVERLY BUCHANAN "Bev" ... active debater .. . whiz on roller skates . .. mis- chievous grin . . . happy all the time. WERNER BUSH Would rather sleep . . . money hungry ... at home on the greens . . . "But we really didn't." NORMA BUSZEK "Norm" . . . studious stu- dents annoy her . . . "oh, sugar" . . . ambitious to be an office employee . . . watching T.V. holds her interest. CHARLES CAIRNS Baseball player . . . aims to make his first million . . . plays the "licorice stick" in the band . . . conceited girls are his pet peeve. JOSEPH CALAMITA Curly black hair . . . never without a reply . . . plays the sax like a pro ... class secre- tary. LOUISE CAMPANELLA "Lou" ... a good sport . . seen but seldom heard . . . somewhat reserved . . . hob- by—sleeping. PATRICIA CAREY "Pat" . . . tickles the ivories . . . collects miniature shoes . . . aspires to be a secretary . . . quiet. ELMA CARLISLE "Elmo" ... will enter Hamp- ton College . . . "oh, my goodness" . . . she likes shrimp and French fries . . . headed for a career in nurs- ing. JOSEPHINE CARLSON “Jo" . . . plans to join the Waves . . . swiss steak makes a hit with her . . . "Gee". . . likes to watch T.V. LINDA CARLSON "Lynn" . . . clever with the needle . . . likes to drive around to pass time . . . "What a panic" . . . con- ceited boys annoy her. PHILIP CARLSON Quiet type . . . seen but not heard . . . blond hair ... at ease in physics. VIRGINIA CARLSON "Ginny" ... you'll find her dancing or eating pizza . . . wants to make a million . . . "Oh, brother!" . . . efficient secretary of D.E.C. Club. 26BETTY CARTER "Betsy" . . . rates A plus in shorthand and typing . . . beautiful brown eyes . . . friendly to all. MARGUERITE CASEY "Peggy" . . . flirtatious . . . simply detests boys in Ber- muda shorts . . . noted for her hairdo. DAVID CASSIDY "Hoppy" . . . will join the Air Force . . . makes lots of strikes and spares . . . nice to know. DIANA CHICOSKI Voted the most popular . . . "Di" . . . opens the bandbox for neatness . . . snappy leader of our twirlers never tires of talking. EDWARD CIELESS Neat dresser . . . quiet until you get to know him . . . plays a mean game of tennis . . . will soon be flying for Uncle Sam. DORIS CIPOLLA "Dee" . . . can be found rid- ing up and down State Street ... enjoys music, but detests English . . . quiet in her own manner. PATRICIA CIUKAJ "Pat" . . . hopes someday to be able to outtalk Jo Ann . . . at ease in P.O.D. class . . . writing letters occupies most of her time . . . one of the crowd. BARBARA CLARK "Babs" . . . "For goodness sakes" . . . clever with the needle . . . aspires to be a good nurse . . . quiet and unassuming. CURTIS CLARK "Curt" . . . big flirt . . . "High flash" ... big man on the water polo team . . . am- bition is to live to be 21 ... college bound. WILLIAM CLARK BRUCE CLOYD MARGARET COATES MELVIN COHEN INA COLVIN Curt's twin . . . will own a "Lightning" . . . would like "Peggy" ... a pizza fan . . . Moneybags of the Senate... "Ina b." . . . quiet and business someday ... to fly jets . . . "You'd better can be found at Grant's . . . "Mighty Mo" would like to friendly . . . headed for Car- spends his spare time work- believe it" you'll hear him "Don't get wise, bubble be a millionaire . . . efficient negie Tech . . . active in ing on his hobby ... on the say . . . P.O.D. and steak eyes" . . . engaged. and intelligent. church work . . . sloppily quiet side. are sure to please him . . . dressed girls annoy her. claims he's shy. 27MARY LYNN CONNER RONALD COOK "Lynnie" . . . waterbug . . . Plays an accordion like a trim and attractive . . . fu- pro . . . ardent baseball fan ture medical secretary........."Cookie,” they call him enjoys a thick steak. . . . easy to please. BEVERLY COON SALLY CORRELL "Bev" . . . collects records "Sugar” . . spends time . . . hopes to be a comptom- writing novels . . . conceited eter operator . . . friendly boys annoy her . . . "Oh, I smile . . . "But hon." wouldn't say that” . . . aims to be a journalist. ELEANOR COWLEY "Ellie” ... easy to please... quiet and reserved ... a whiz with the paint brush ... plans a career as an artist. ANN CRANDALL A whiz at math . . . spends most of her spare time writ- ing letters . . . enjoys a good time and loves spaghetti. . . plans to attend college. HARRY CRAWFORD Likes parties . . . always working on his car . . . friendly lad with a friendly smile . . . future mechanic. NANCY CRISPIN "Nan” . . . plans to become a housewife . . . swims like a fish . . . Mrs. Robb's "girl Friday” . . . T.V. fan . . . dis- likes stuck-up people. MADALYN CROCKER This gal enjoys eating shrimp, talking on the phone, knit- ting, and doing algebra . . . "Madge” can always be heard saying, "What a blast.” ELSIE CURRY "Else” ... a pretty package of personality . . . always reading or watching T.V.. .. doing dishes is her pet peeve . . . talkative. ROLAND CURRY Dislikes the winning poker player who says he is losing . . . undecided on his future . . . likes bowling and base- ball. JOAN DALTON "Mike” . . . always finds something to talk about . . . a true to life shutterbug . . . a good worker . . . "My word.” RONALD DAMON JOHN D’ANNIBLE "Dingers” . . . can't wait to "Johnnie” . . . wavy black graduate . . . can be seen hair . . . Italy's loss Acad- bowling in his spare time ... emy's gain . . . doesn't say has a taste for pizza . . . likes much . . . maestro of the drafting. Swingsters . . . well-liked. 28MARY ANN DECKER "Mare" . . . would like to go to I.B.M. school . . . "How does that strike you" . . . en- joys driving, pizza, and P.O.D. JEROME DEL FUCCO "Jerry" .. . pleasant disposi- tion ... he man . . . band member . . . aims to please. AUDREY DEL SANDRO "Del" . . . peaches and cream complexion ... lovely natural curly hair . . . never a dull moment . . . “Don't panic." THERESE DE MATTEO "Terri" . . . aspires to be an elementary teacher... read- ing, writing letters, talking . . . takes an interest in ac- tivities . . . friendly. GERALDINE DE WOLF Wants to see the world . . . rock and roll gal . . . pet peeve, catty girls . . . "Honey." JO AN DI PLACIDO “Jo" . . . can eat steak and Frendh fries anytime . . . en- joys P.O.D. ... a chatterbox when with her best pals. DOLORES DICK "Dee" ... a promising nurse . .. has a parakeet. . . enjoys reading, eating chili, and doing P.O.D. . . . oh, that smile. RALPH DOLAN Quiet mannered .. . friendly . . . interested in cars . . . dark brown hair. BARBARA DONATELLI "Barb" . . . possesses brown hair, brown eyes and a pleasing smile .. . sweet and friendly ... a gifted seam- stress . . . "Why?" DOUGLAS DOOLITTLE "Doug" . . . friendly smile . . . seen with the gang . . . handy with a ball and bat... may attend baseball school in Illinois . . . likes rock and roll. JOHN DOUGLAS "Johnnie" . . . quiet. . . en- joys sleeping ... at ease in French class . . . good look- ing . . . enjoys working on cars. ELSIE DORICH "Else" ... chosen profession —airline hostess . . . adores Joni James records . .. ready wit. . . "Hi ya." SUSAN DOWNEY "Sue" . . . will be a profes- sor of history at a university . . . succeeds in all she does ... can eat steak and French fries anytime. DAVID DRISCOLL "Wes" . . . neat dresser . . . gold fiend . . . aims to be a big businessman . . . will succeed in anything he at- tempts. 29AGNES DUDEK "Aggie" ... on the quiet side . . . nice smile ... at ease in D.E. ROBERT DZIKOWSKI "Chico" . . . seen but sel- dom heard . . . came to Academy from Tech . . . black hair . . . nice dresser. DONALD EDELMAN "Don" . . . ambitious ... al- ways dependable . . . lamb chops will please him any- time ... sure to be a success . . . weightlifter. BEVERLY EDKIN "Bev" . . . likes to collect "real cool records" . . . out for a good lime . . . wants to be a housewife . . . that a shame." KATHLEEN EDMONDS "Kathy" . . . her ambition is to become a typist and bookkeeper . . . enjoys cook- ing and sewing . . . dislikes conceited people. ANNE MARIE EFTA "Sugar" . . . writing to Buzz is her favorite pastime . . . enjoys gym and typing classes . . . wants to be a nurse . . . “Hello there!" MARILYN ELLIS Active in Rainbow . . . en- joys reading and writing let- ters . . . thinks she would like to be a medical secre- tary . . . "Oh fish!" LILLIAN EGNOT "DJ" ... a peppy disc jockey over WERC . . . fond of ham- burgs and French fries . . . just wants to be a success . . . "Hi y'all, sugar!" DOLORES EULIANO "Dee" ... to be a singer is her ambition . . . has a part- time job at Erie Builders Supply Co. . . . her hobby is playing the piano. JACQUELINE EVANOFF "Jackie" . . . one of our peppy twirlers . . . hot-rods are her pet peeve . . . wants to go to college . . . “Oh, well!" ROBERT EVANS "Bob" . . . chatterbox . . . loves jokes ... at ease in Miss Bateson's class ... a real Galopin . . . known for his love of Oreo cookies. FRANK FABIN "Butch" . . . nice physique . . . easy-going . . . curly hair and twinkling blue eyes . . . feels at home on the gridiron . . . hunting and fishing enthusiast. CAROL FALCONE "Mink" . . . can't keep her mind off Rocky . . . wants to be a secretary . . . pretty black hair . . . "See you in 10 years." CAROL FALKENHAGEN Seems to go for that type- writer . . . has a yen for sew- ing, too . . . hopes to be a secretary . . . "Yea. Man!" 30JAMES FILSON "Red" . . . Navy blues call him onward . . . always with the "boys" . . . avid sports fan . . . hunting is a favorite pastime . . . eating pizza is pure pleasure to him. ELAINE FISCHER To nurse the sick seems to be her ambition . . . rides around with the gals in her free hours . . . "Tough". . . nice smile. BARBARA FISHER "Barb" ... a little more time between classes is all she asks . . . would like to enter college . . . pretty blue eyes . . . snappy dresser. LORRAINE FILIPCZAK Plans to be a private secre- tary . . . spends leisure time writing letters . . . claims typing as her favorite sub- ject . . . "Big, big, big" . . . pretty as a picture. JOAN FOGLEBACH "Joanie" . . . "Holy Cow" you can hear her say in Al- gebra class . . . petite and cute as a button . . . aims to be a nurse. AMELIA FRACASSI "Midge" . . . besides buying lots of clothes, she also likes to dance . . . hopes to be a fashion illustrator . . . "Yes, you will." NORMAN FRANCIS "Norm" . . . claims "Ding- ers" as his pet peeve ... as- pires to be a sheet metal worker ... a good joe . . . takes life as it comes . . . can really stow away the chili. DONALD FRANCE "Don" ... at ease in chem- istry . . . intelligent . . . can really play the clarinet . . . enjoys fried chicken . . . college bound. RONALD FRANCIS "RonRay" . . . friendly to everyone he meets . . . en- joys Mr. Havican's chemis- try class . . . future apothe- cary . . . half-hour assem- blies peeve him. WILLIAM FRANTZ LAWRENCE FREED DALE FRITTS PATRICIA FRITZ PHYLLIS FRITZ "Bill" . . . looks forward to “Renzo" ... hot rods are his. Quiet . . . nice to know . . . “Pat" . . . believe it or not, "Phyll" . . . sewing and graduation ... could devour favorite . . . destined to be came to us from Tech ... en- she collects china dolls . . . reading take up this gal's spaghetti by the ton . . . an engineer . . . would like joys P.O.D. member of "those crazy time ... hates to get dishpan bowling addict . . . easily to get into the N.R.O.T.C. women drivers" club . . . hands . . . would like to be annoyed by Liberace's smile. ... delights in cutting class- "Fiddle dee dee." a bookkeeper . . . "Holy room capers. cow." 31EILEEN GALLAGHER LINDA GALLINA JUDITH GATES JUDITH GAYLORD THOMAS GEHRLEIN "Mink” .. . happy and care- "Lynn” . . . college bound "Judy” . . . hopes to see the "Judy” . . . spends spare "Moose” . . . seems to have free . . . loves to eat pizza . . . has gorgeous black hair Eiffel Tower... wants to lead time reading . . . P.O.D. and a general interest in Gail . . . will join the Air Force and dark brown eyes ... a gay life . . . ambitious . . . ham are her favorites.quite friendly . . . ham- after graduation . . . always driving . . . "Well often seen but seldom heard aspires to be a nurse . . . burgers also rate high . . . "Scared?” now?” . . . "Hey goon!” "Shush.” "Hi.” LINDA GEORGE Writing letters occupies most of this gal's time . . . typing rates high . . . ham- burgers are her favorite dish . . . can be found at A1 Ap- pel Motors. ELEANOR GINADER Always horseback riding . . . quiet and sincere . . . capable and reliable ... will become a lab technician. LAWRENCE GIBBENS "Gibb” . . . able band mem- ber . . . beautiful hazel eyes . . . at ease in typing . . . college bound . . . friendly. JANICE GOELLNER "Jan” . . . will be an able teacher . . . carefree ... al- ways smiling ... a fine sense of humor . . . "Holy cow!” JUDITH GOETZINGER RUTH GOETZINGER THEODORE PETER GONZALEZ NATHAN GOODMAN "Red” . . . never has an un- "Curly”'. . . always seen GOLDSMITH "Speedy” . . . this boy came "Nate” .. . voted the biggest kind word . . . quiet. . . will drinking chocolate milk "Ted” ... a field and stream from south of the border . . . flirt . . . always talking . . . make a great nurse.. . loves shakes . . . will become a man ... a prospective Ma- active in the National Guard "Ha, ha, funny man” . . . to type . . . "Gee whiz.” Marine . . . "Gad zooks.” rine . . . fascinated with cars . . . enjoys art . . . "Who girls beware. . . . dislikes crowds . . . wants to know?” "You wouldn't, would you?” 32DONALD GRACE "Butch" . . . friendly lad with a sense of humor . . . one of our fast pacing track- men . . . pizza and P.O.D. are his favorites . . . easy going. STELLA GRACZYK "Sis" . . . likes to play rec- ords . . . dislikes snobbish girls . . . math and English are her favorites . . . hopes to be a housewife. PHYLLIS GRAY "Phyl" . . . everlasting smile . . . Academy's gain and Harborcreek's loss . . . quiet . . . at ease on the dance floor . . . nice. RAYMOND GRABOWSKI "Reg" ... good Joe ... radio fan . . . aims to be an elec- trical engineer . . . enjoys Phys. Ed. and math . . . stuck ups peeve him . . . "What's up Joe?" PATRICIA GRAHAM "Patty" ... a diminutive miss . . . enjoys dancing . . . a future Florence Nightin- gale . . . very unique glasses . . . friendly. JAMES GOTT, "Jim" . . . why teachers get gray hair . . . worthy ambi- tion—to make millions . . . forever wisecracking . . . girls beware. FRANCES GOODWILL "Bootsie" . . . graced with pretty long hair . . . sweet disposition . . . aspires to be a nurse . . . talkative. WILLIAM GOODWILL "Bill" . . . proud possessor of his own car . . . worthy ambition is to make at least a million dollars . . . easy- going . . . dislikes snobbish people. WILLIE LEE GORE "Wee" . . . dislikes conceit- ed people . . . always look- ing at T.V. . . . ambition is to be a housewife . . . "How come?" HARRIET GREEN STUART GREEN MICHAEL GREGORY DAVID GRIMALDI Infectious laugh . . . they "Stu" . . . pet peeve is fat "Mike" . . . star athlete . . . "Diamond Dave" . . . mag- don't come any nicer . . . people . . . aims to be a con- good-looking . . . ambition netic personality . . . future well groomed . . . ready tinental play boy. .. college is to go to college and to pharmacist . . . wavy brown smile . . . now goes to Me- bound . . . why teachers make All-American . . . neat hair . . . college bound . . . Dowell . . . very good da’nc- should get more pay. dresser . . . can always be good tennis player. RICHARD GRISIER "Ace" . . . "Ain't that about a blast!" . . . this big blond senior aims to become a mil- lionaire and retire at 25 . . . our Ben Hogan . . . college bound.. 33GERALDINE GRZELAK CATHERINE GUARINO MARCELLA HAHN BARBARA HAMILTON ETHEL HAMILTON Avid pizza fan ... stays away Will make a great airline "Salli" ... loves to listen to "Satch" ... English tops her Dislikes conceited people from snobbish people . . . hostess . . . always joking jazz and hillbilly music . . . list of subjects . . . aspires to ... wntes in her spare time always seen with Carol and and worries little . . . loves plans to live in Texas . . . en- teach Spanish . . . dancing . • • ambitious to be a teacher Shirley . . . plans to become to dance . . . pretty brown gaged girl. is her hobby. • • • Un, uhf uh. a beautician. hair . . . "Cathy." SUE HAMMILL "Ham" . . . co-captain of the cheerleaders . . . collects bride books . . . peppy, well- liked, and witty . . . "Well- now-then-there." HERMAN HANNAH "Herrn" . . . takes life easy . . . will make lots of dollars and cents . . . hails from Meadville . . . "Don't be- lieve a word of it." CAROL HARDING "Gumdrop" . . . plans to work in an office . . . fond of reading . . . "Oh! Phooey" . . . fiddles with the fiddle. DONALD HARRAH "Don" . . . spends his spare time working on his car . . . Casanova . . . dislikes con- ceited women . . . future racer. DAVID HARRINGTON "Dave" . .. relaxes when he doesn't have homework . . . enjoys trig and steak ... fu- ture engineer . . . easy to please ... on the quiet side. RICHARD HARRIS "Dick" . . . will wear the Navy blue . . . likes bowling and a chicken dinner . . . can be found at Wills... en- joys loafing. ANN MARIE HARTMAN “Ann" . . . enjoys T.V. and sewing . . . can devour spa- ghetti anytime . . . P.O.D. is tops ... a future office worker. WILLIAM HARTWELL "Bill" . . . always has an answer . . . likes to work on cars . . . member of Duals Club . .. has a taste for pizza . . . wants to make good in life. JON HARVEY "Jon" . . . one of the Four Jays . . . always working on his car . . . shoe salesman at Hanovers... real hot rodder. 34FRED HASSEL CYNTHIA HAUSER KENNETH HAYDEN BETTY HAYES LAURA HAYES "Yo-Yo" . . . big flirt ... to “Cynth" . . . dotes on roast "Ken" . . . one of our star "Beth" . . . lovely voice . . . "Laurie" . . . sweet and be a dentist is this lad's chicken . . . "What are we basketball players . . . will well-liked for her friendly friendly . . . collects post- noble ambition . . . Joe Col- doing in physics today?" ... be a success in whatever he manner . . . aims to study cards . . . promising secre- lege dresser. brain . . . sweet and nice. attempts . . . enjoys physics music ... "It's fighting me." tary . . . "Is that right?" in Mr. Havican's class . . . taller than tall. LILLIAN HAYES "Lil" ... one of our engaged girls . . . quiet personality . . . pretty black hair . . . aims to be a success in life. JUDY ANN HEAPS "Judi" . . . working girl . . . aims to be a business woman . . . active in Distributive Education. ROSALIE HEDDERICK "Rosy" . . . often seen at the record shop . . . loves typing and is going to become a private secretary . . . well- liked and likes to talk . . . peppy. CECILIA HEIDT "CeCe" . . . usually with Dave . . . likes a good time ... is easy going . . . laughs at anything . . . amiable. CAROL HENNEOUS "Hookey" . . . either at the pizza shop or taking pictures . . . always roaming around with Norma Jean . . . seen roller skating. LINDA HENSON "Lin" . . . quiet . . . enjoys singing . . . friendly . . . hopes to be a success in life. MARY JANE HERMANSON Has light brown hair and pretty green eyes . . . sweet disposition . . . reading and listening to music fills her time . . . enjoys a chicken dinner. HOWARD HERRING Nice to know . . . quiet in a friendly manner ... expres- sive eyes. PATRICIA HESS "Pat" ... swimming counse- lor during the summer . . . headed toward a nursing career . . . roast beef is a favorite . . . ready smile. 35SARA JANE HESS JAMES HICKS DAVID HILBERT ELAINE HILBERT WAYNE HILL "Dutch" . . . sure to make a "Jim" ... at ease in algebra "Dave" . . . "Ain't that a "Layne" . . . one of those P.O.D. rates high on his neat housewife . . . always class . . . hardly ever seen bug" is what you'll hear this real friendly girls . . . as- lists of favorites. . . takes life radiates friendship. . . small . . . quiet manner . . . easy handsome lad say . . . hopes pires to be a secretary . . . easy . . . hot rod fan. and cute . . . rabbit is her going . . . enjoys hunting. to attend Pitt . . . vice-presi- mention pizza and her eyes weakness. dent of our class . . . nice to light up. know. ROBERT HINEY A big tease . . . “Bob" . . . sports minded . . . fun to be with . . . would like to be a teacher and a coach . . . "Well whatta ya say kid?" EDWARD HOFFMAN "Buzz" . . . handy with a ball and bat . . . dislikes long card games . . . would like to own a business of his own. FREDERICK HOLCOMB "Rock" .. . likes to hunt and fish .. . quiet... horticulture rates high . . . member of Civil Defense . . . collects coins in his spare time. GARY HOLCOMB "Flash" . . . enjoys baseball ... will never be seen doing homework . . . English rates high . . . will eat turkey din- ner anytime. JEANETTE HOLLIS PHILIP HOLMES ALICE HOOVLER JACQUELINE AMIDON GLORIA HUGUS "Jan" . . . claims driving as "Skip" . . . ambition is to be “Al" . . . brown hair, blue HOUSEAL "Glo" . . . sweet but full of a hobby . . . can't stand a business tycoon . . . can't eyes . . .plays records for a "Jackie" ... blonde hair and mischief . . . always the life people that gossip . . . fun to stand English . . . likes to pastime . . . loves to go blue eyes are this gal's as- of the party. . . Mr. B. ranks be with . . . would like to get loaf. . . has a part-time land- square dancing . . . spa- sets ... a whiz at typing and high on her list of favorites, married. scaping job. ghetti makes her eyes shine, shorthand . . . nice to know. 36KATHRYN HUMMEL “Hum" . . . full of pep . . . fun to be with . . . likes trig and pizza . . . promising mu- sic teacher ... “I got a let- ter from Dick." ROSALIE IACOVETTA “Ro" . . . petite and oh so cute .t. . lovely to look at. . . delightful to know . . . our able Star editor . . . “You don't say." CHARLES I ANELLO “Punchy" . . . wants to be a professional baseball player . . . has a taste for spaghetti . . . detests stuck up girls . . . “That's fate." SALLY ILLIG Our Miss Academe . . “Sal" ... a peppy cheer- leader loaded with energy and gaiety . . . friendly and attractive . . . “Oosh shaga- volt." MARGARET JANOSKI “Maggie" . . . plans to be a floriculturist . . . P.O.D. ranks high with her. . . spends her leisure time reading novels . . . eats all foods. ELSA JEFFERSON “Jeff" . . . never a dull mo- ment ... a person worth knowing . . . headed for Thiel . . . sincere and sweet . . . active in Y-Teens. JAMES JENKINS “Jim" . . . always talking . . . friendly joker . . . dislikes conceited girls . . . “You know that, everybody knows that," is often heard by this lad. JUDITH JENNINGS Enjoys being with Ron . . . never will be seen refusing a dish of spaghetti . . . plans on getting married soon . . . “Oh phooh." NANCY JESKA “Nannie" . . . can be found working at the Lake Theater . . . her pet peeve is catty boys and conceited girls . . . happy while eating pizza. AIMEE JOHNSON Aims to go to college . . likes to read and sew . . claims talking is her hobk . . . enjoys English class. DELENE JOHNSON “Del" . . . sincere and friendly . . . enjoys writing letters . .. quiet and studious . . . pretty smile. JAMES JOHNSON “Speedie" . . . friendly man- ner ... a card shark . . . en- joys P.O.D. . . . can be seen chasing girls . . . “That's tough, baby." RICHARD JOHNSON “Dick" ... voted most hand- some boy . . . hunting and fishing fiend . . . aspires to be a draftsman .. . good ath- lete. WINIFRED JONES Collecting knick-knacks is her hobby . . . enjoys horse back riding . .. would like to go to Bible College or be a housewife. 37DESMOND JAMES KING "Jim" . . . good worker . . . trig and physics rate high with this guy . . . outdoor type . . . aims to be an engi- neer . . . can be seen at Loblaws. WILSON KERBY Always seen with a big brown briefcase . . . ambi- tion is to be a minister . . . pastime of this senior boy is reading books on theology. CAROL KENSILL Snappy twirler . . . friendly . . . always in a hurry to go nowhere . . . "My land" . . . will make a good stenog- rapher. MARILYN KENT "Maryl" . . . beautiful blonde hair . . . "Oosh" . . . will make an efficient sec- retary ... always in a hurry, but never on time . . . oh, so nice to know. CHARLES KAUFMAN ROBERTA KELLY "Chuck" . . . quiet and "Berta" . . . pretty red hair friendly . . . willing to lend . . . dimples ... oh so talk- a helping hand ... at ease ative . . . dislikes gossips in bookkeeping ... a likable . . . clothes strictly from lad. Vogue . . . college bound. DANIEL KELLEY "Dan" . . . Liberace of the Senior Class ... stuck up girls are this boy's pet peeve . . . ambition is to succeed in life. LINDA KELSO SHIRLEY KEMMLER "Da" . . . cute as they come "Shirl" . . . pretty blue eyes . .. beautiful clothes ... aims . . . "Oh peepers" . . . will to build a 5 and 10 bigger succeed as a nurse . . . en- than Grants . . . passes the. joys P.O.D. and Mr. B. . . . time knitting ... oh those roams the hills with Pat and eyes. Mary Joyce. THOMAS KINGSTON "Tom" . . . carrot-top . . . en- joys working on his car talkative . . . interested in hot rod books . . . pet peeve is girls who talk too much. JOHN KIRKPATRICK "Johnnie" . . . Bill's twin oh so tall . . . quiet man- band member. WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK "Bill" . . . has many hobbies . . . on the quiet side . . . sleep comes natural . . . John's twin brother. JOSEPH KLASCH "Joe" . . . motorcycle fiend . .. quiet manner ... anxious to make a million . . . infec- tious laugh . . . likes pea- nuts . . . "Hi boy." MARILYN KLEINER "Mare" . . . "I'm not kid- ding you" . . . never refuses city chicken . . . aims to be a housewife . . . attractive . . . enjoys bowling and knitting in her spare time. nered . . 38ROBERT KLOSS "Bob" . . . quiet mannered . . . studious . . . friendly . . . an able band member. ROSE MARIE KLOSS "Rosy" . . . enjoys dancing . . . pretty eyes . . . future secretary . . . quiet and sin- cere . . . tall and slender . . . seen with Chuck. GILBERT KNOLL "Gil" . . . scrooge . . . sharp dresser . . . tavern owner . . . always talking . . . good na- tured. JANET KOHL “Jan" . . . aims to become a seamstress . . . cute twirler . . . enjoys sewing class . . . short and sweet . . . "Holy cow!" MARY JANE KOLAKOWSKI "Mare" . . . voted prettiest girl in the senior class . . . snappy dresser . . . beautiful blonde hair ... will be a suc- cess in anything she at- tempts. ROBERT KRAMER "Bob" . . . class brain . . . plays the "licorice stick" in dance bands . . . weight lifter . . . future president of General Motors. LOIS KROH "Low" . . . future Betty Crocker ... at ease in Eng- lish . . . will be a success in the armed services . . . "Holy cow." THOMAS KRINESKI "Tom" . . . outdoorsman . . . dislikes conceited girls . . . enjoys P.O.D. and turkey . . . “How's your mother?" RONALD KRUSZEWSKI Aspires to own a gas station . . . "Play it cool" you'll hear him say . .. dislikes kids who raise cane in a new car. PATRICIA KRUTH "Pat" . . . pretty hazel eyes . . . hard worker . . . never refuses pizza . . . aims to be a good secretary . . . seen with Mary Joyce and Shirley. JOHN KUHN "John" . . . "Hey Man" you can hear him say . . . likes sports . . . would like to own a car. BURDETTE KUNTZ "Buck" ... at home on the basketball court . . . future coach . . . "Go home" . . . always seen in his dark red Ford. GEORGIANNA KWIATKOWSKI "George" . . . "You big beast!" . . . aims to be an elementary teacher ... en- joys P.O.D.... pretty blonde hair . . . constantly dieting. LITA LANDER "Lee" . . . doctor's secretary is her ambition . . . dislikes conceited people . . . "Holy Toledo." 39BRUCE LANG “What's up" . . . trig and physics rank high ... as- pires to be a chemist . . . plays a mean game of tennis . . . easy going. JUDITH LANNON “Judie" . . . slow drivers are her pet peeve . . . college bound . . . pixie smile . . . clothes strictly from Seven- teen. GEORGE LASHER KATHLEEN Takes life easy ... a real hot rod in his green Ford .. . “Lassie" comical . . . relaxed in sci- moment . ence survey . . . hopes to mermaid . make a million. laboratory technician . "Mark mv word SALLY LEBERMAN LASHINGER “Sal" . . . enthusiastic . never a dull equestrian . . . looks for- . an attractive ward to typing class . . . . hopes to be a wants to be a housewife . . . "Jeepers." MARY JOYCE LECHNER “Joy" ... wants to be a phys- ical therapist . . . “Glory" . . . she likes to write letters . . . quiet and friendly . . . blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. HELENE LEVICK “Hel" . . . loves to tickle the ivories . . . aspires to be a good secretary ... friendly to all . . . “Oh, now look" . . . enjoys shorthand. JAMES LEIGHTON “Jim" . . . why Mr. Buchan- an should get more pay . . . bright red hair . . . enjoys working on cars. PAUL LIGHT “Lightning" . . . enjoys a good turkey dinner any- time . . . finds wood shop a whiz . . . hopes for a future as a mechanic. HOWARD LINCOLN ROSEMARY Gets along with the women LINDENBURGER ... a physics and trig fiend "Lindy” . . . plans to be a . . . talks constantly . . . short secretary . . . sewing and order cook . . . collects being with A1 is her favorite stamps and coins. pastime . . . crazy for pizza . . . “How about that." CAROL ANN LININGER "Carol" . . . hopes to be- come a housewife . . . en- joys spaghetti and book- keeping . . . pretty long hair. DOROTHY LINTELMAN Enjoys writing short stones . . . cheeseburger fan . . . dislikes Kentucky . . . Thiel College is where she is headed ... “What a panic." ROBERT LITZ “Bob" . . . nice to know . . . always has something to say . . . enjoys all sports. 40VELMA LITZ One of the girls . . . nice to know . . . always writing letters . . . witty . . . enthu- siastic about sports. NANCY LOVE Enjoys painting . . . happy in typing class . . . striking features . . . beautiful blue eyes . . . dislikes cliques . . . can be seen at the Record Bar. DORA LOYER "Dody" . . . class brain . . . will be-a sure success in any- thing she attempts . . . en- joys chop suey and trig . . . a sincere friend. GEORGE LUCAS Would like to join the Air Force . . . wants to be a singer like Sammy Davis Jr. . . . enjoys being with the gang . . . talented singer. TIMOTHY MAHONEY "Tim" . . . bundle of dyna- mite . . . friendly personality . . . nice to know . . . always working on cars. JAMES MAJERIK "Jim" . . . one of our band members . a quiet fellow . . . physics is his favorite subject . . . friendly. RUTH MARY MALTHANER "Ruthie" . . . bubbling over with conversation . . . pretty brown hair and big brown eyes make this gal an at- tractive miss ... bowling en- husiast. ELIZABETH MAJEWSKI "Betty" . . . will make an efficient secretary . . . quiet but sincere . . . friendly to all. . . pretty blue eyes. CAROL MANDO "Cam" . . . calm and cool . . . choir rates "ginger peachy" . . . plays the ac- cordion . . . plans a career as a beautician. ALBERT MANGO "Al" . . . drives a hot "55" Buick . . . sportsman . . . "How about that!" . . . aims to be successful. ROBERT MANNING Hot rod . . . friendly. . . col- lege bound ... dislikes wom- en drivers . . . likes trig and chicken. PHYLLIS MARCHINI "Pam" . . . light hair and bright blue eyes . . . always busy with her many activ- ities . . . conscientious about her studies. MARILYN MARKHAM "Lynn" . . . listening to mu- sic and watching T.V. occu- pies her time . . . wants to be a "white collar" girl . . . knows how to enjoy herself. LOIS MARSH "Loie" . . . This "teacher- to-be" likes to make "obol" reeds? . . . only female on our golf team . . . lovely to look at. 41JAMES MARTHER Plans a military career . . . "Let's go troops" ... his car is his pet peeve ... outdoors- man' JUDITH MARTIN "Judy" . . . future nurse . . . dislikes conceited people ... has a yen for swimming . . . "Oh kids" . . . sweet and friendly. HENRY MARTIN "Don't know do you?" . . . dislikes snobby girls . . . will make his first million . . . seen on the baseball dia- mond. PAULINE MARTIN "Polly" . . . "Swing your partner" seems to be her favorite dance . . . doesn't go for shy boys . . . this gal wants to travel around the world. SHIRLEY MARTIN "Shirl" . . . chatterbox . . . P.O.D. is her favorite sub- ject . . . choir member of her church . . . "No kidding?" SANDRA MARTINDALE "Sandi" . . . another "No kidding?" girl . . . thumbs down on snobbish girls . . . laboratory technician . . . tinkling the ivories is the favorite pastime of this gal. MARLENE MASSING "Marl" . . . hard working gal . . . hopes to become a housewife . . . member of Distributive Ed class. FRANK MASTROG "Haunt" you'll often hear this future draftsman say . . . ambition in life is to own a thirty dollar tie . . . hand- some brute. MARY LOUISE MAXWELL "Max" . . . active in church work . . . enjoys roller skat- ing and pizza . . . relaxed in P.O.D. . . . pet peeve is conceited people . . . "Gosh oh gee." CAROL MAY "Carol" . . . sweet and friendly ... on the quiet side . . . member of Distributive Ed. class. EDWARD MAY "Eddy" . . . why teachers should get more pay . . . quiet and friendly smile . . . hot rod fan. GRACE MAY "Gracie" . . . hopes to en- ter religious work . . . dis- likes people who crack their gum . . . amusing . . . tinkles the ivories . . . always ready for chicken. GERALD McKINLEY MARY JANE "Jerry" . . . aims to become McLAUGHLIN a state policeman . . . P.O.D. "M.J." . . . college bound and Mr. B. rank high with . . . sweet . . . pretty long this sharp senior . . . never brown hair . . . enjoys knit- refuses a lobster dinner. ting and driving . . . handy at the typewriter . . . often heard saying "My buddy, how ya doin?" 42namon McWilliams “Mack" ... all around sport fan . . . fancies alge- bra and dancing . . . enjoys a good time accompanied by lots of laughs . . . “Say there." DONALD MEADE “Don" . . . member of our band . . . book worm . . . will join the Merchant Marines . . . always in a hurry to go nowhere. ALAN MELGARD Makes ice cream novelties . . . will be a mechanical engineer . . . shutter-bug . . . dislikes wise guys. JEREMY MELHORN “Jerry" . . . quiet in manner . . . enjoys machine shop and shortcake . . . active in the Ground Observer Corps ... aspires to be a state cop. DELORES METZ “Dee" ... oh that Southern accent... dislikes conceited people . . . interested in church work . . . enjoys steak and French fries. CHARLES MIKLINSKI Likes P.O.D. . . . disliked snobs . . . card player . . . easy going ... “I give up, tell me." ROSALIE MILLER “Rose" . . . likes being with the girls . . . friendly ... as- pires to be a successful sec- retary . . . collects records ... always happy. FLORA MILLIMACI “Flo" . . . hopes to become a housewife . . . dislikes con- ceited people . . . enjoys pizza and ravioli . . . works as a clerk at Central Market. ROGER MISCHLER The Reverend likes to dance . . . enjoys P.O.D. . . . pecan pie and pancakes are his favorites . . . this peppy lad holds two jobs. JAMES MOFFATT At home on the links ... fu- ture lawyer . . . pet peeve is women golfers . . . not to be rushed. RICHARD MOORE “Dick" . . . dislikes women drivers ... to be a famous baseball player is his main ambition . . . enjoys a big steak . . . "Wesleyville Sam." DIANE MORAN “Di" . . . interested in psy- chiatry . . . enjoys playing the piano . . . cute and friendly . . . “Oh fine." LARRY MOREHOUSE Seen but seldom heard . . . member of “Sportsman's Gun Club" . . . machine shop and steak are sure to make a hit . . . “So what." MARILYN MOREY “Pudd" . . . will make an ef- iicient secretary . . . likes to knit and also to type . . . friendly gal . . . “No kid- ding" . . . member of Aca- deme staff. 43MARGARET MORGAN "Peggy" . . . beautiful voice . . . pretty blonde hair . . . class brain . . . will succeed in anything she attempts . . . pleasing personality. JANET MORK "Jan" ... wants to learn how to drive . . . also hopes to attend Erie Business College . . . friendly . . . "Oh gee." BRUCE MOSIER "Butch" . . . always seen eating hamburgers . . . dis- likes stuck-up girls . . . will try to make a million ... al- ways seen bugging around in his convertible. ROBERT MOSKALCZYK "Bob" . . . can be found watching T.V. or munching city chicken . . . quite a tal- ented actor . . . girls who wear knee socks are his pet peeve. WILLIAM MURPHY Intelligent and good na- tured . . . "Bill" . . . college bound . . . "That's the breaks" . . . lad with a win- ning smile ... is sure to be a success. MARLENE MYERS "Mar" . . . being tagged "Shorty" is her pet peeve . . . wants to be a nurse . . . collects salt and pepper shakers. SHIRIN NAUGHTON College bound . . . enjoys a good time . . . pizza fan . . . "What a panic!" . . . aspires to be a kindergarten teacher. MARY LOU NEIMEC Possessor of blonde hair and a lovely complexion . . . "Sing it out" . . . future housewife . . . "Nounie." DAVID NELSON "Dave" . . . came from Wil- son . . . blushes easily . . . real hot-rodder . . . college bound . . . future engineer. SUZANNE NETH "Suzie" . . . looks forward to entering Thiel this fall. . . choice of clothes is apropos ... a real hep cello player. THOMAS NETH "Tom" . . . takes life easy . . . quite a sports and hunting enthusiast.. . big blue eyes. JOHN NIES Tinkers with his car ... pet peeve is teachers who take all the parking places . . . on the quiet side. SHIRLEY NOWASKI “Shirl" . . . spends her time writing letters . . . enjoys football games and skating . . . stuck up boys are her pet peeve ... a pizza lover. RONALD NUTTER Ron enjoys turkey and steak . . . has high hopes of gradu- ating . . . "You don't say" . . . trig class is his favorite. 44SANDRA NUTTER MIRIAM OCKER Can be seen rodding around "Wart" . . . wants to be a town in her little Austin . . . part of that million . . . likes a real English fan . . . P.O.D. . . . enjoys spaghetti “Sandy" . . . voted most ath- anytime . . . “What a letic girl. bomb!" CAROL OLSON ROBERT OLSON Can always be found at “Bob" ... is waiting to serve Murphy's or with Shirl . . . Uncle Sam . . . shorthand “Get out" . . . spends spare and baked ham will please time writing letters ... in- him . . . spends spare time tends to be a housewife. fishing. BERNADETTE OLSZEWSKI “Bemie" . . . bubbling over with conversation . . . light brown hair and green eyes . . . enjoys eating spaghetti. KENNETH OSBORNE “Oz" ... carrot top ... often seen at Born's Dairy Bar . . . has only two loves; girls and cars . . . friendly mannered . . . future engineer. JEAN OWEN “Jean" . . . pretty, peppy, and popular . . . headed for college . . . full of mischief . . . neat dresser . . . pretty hair . . . “What a blast." RICHARD PACE “Dick" . . . really makes a trumpet sing ... P.O.D. and Mr. Buchanan rate high . . . can always sit down to a chicken dinner . . . can really cut a rug. JULIA PAGE “Julie" . . . gabs constantly on the phone ... at ease on the dance floor . . . dislikes conceited people . . . will make a good reporter. ROSEMARIE PALERMO “Rose" . . . will b© success- ful tap and toe dancer . . . Vincent's loss and Acad- emy's gain . . . nice to know . . . enjoys taking shorthand. DONALD PALMER “Don" . . . “Ain't that right?" . . . actor at the Play- house . . . able president of the Drama Club... ambition —to be an actor. BETTY ANN PARKER “Eliz" . . . pretty blue eyes . . . quiet personality . . . aims to be a housewife . . . seen with Josephine. THEODORE PARKER ’Ted" . . . president of school Senate . . . very friendly . . . voted most pop- ular . . . valuable member of swimming and water polo teams. GENE PATMORE “Pat" ... often seen working on his jalopy ... is happy in Physical Education class . . . hopes to wear the Navy blue. 45MARY PEDONE "Sunshine" . . . attractive mermaid ... "Oh shoot" . .. enjoys chemistry . . . lovely brown hair . . . hopes to go south. LORNA PEPLINSKI “Blondie" . . . "We really care" ... aims to go to Penn State . . . beautiful blue eyes ... at ease in P.O.D. . . . hot rod fiend. BARBARA PEPPER "Pep" . . . collects snap- shots ... aims to be a private secretary . . . "Hi kid" . . . pet peeve is conceited peo- ple. SHIRLEY PETTIT FRANCIS PESKORSKI “Shirl" . . . spends most of Enjoys sports, especially her time writing letters . . . hunting and fishing . . "You lie" . . . aims to be "Fran" ... at ease in typing another Florence Nightin- class . . . this lad is often gale . . . always seen with heard saying "Ain't that a Carol. shame." PATRICIA PHILLIPS “Pat" . . . why teachers get gray ... at ease in P.O.D. . . . aims to be an Olympics rider . . . pretty hazel eyes. LARRY PLATZ Snobby girls is this lad's pet peeve . . . enjoyS P.O.D. class . . . forever ready for turkey and French fries . . . a good worker, "Larry" . . . will be a sure success in life ROGER PIERCE “Roger" ... oh that laugh . . . sharp dresser . . . enjoys hunting . . . ambition in life is to be a success ... at ease in P.O.D. EDWARD PLONSKY "POGO" ... big man on the basketball team . . . snazzy dresser ... on the quiet side ... a sports and hunting en- thusiast . . . takes life easy. CAESAR POPE ALLAN POST EDWARD POST “AL" . . . collects boxing "Al" . . . sports minded . . . "Ed" . . . "Hi doll" . . . oh magazines . . . "That's the friendly to all . . . claims those women drivers ... big stuff" ... at ease in P.O.D. cheeseburgers and French tease . . . one day will own . . . active at the YMCA . . . fries as his favorite food his own car business ... pas- energetic. and art as his favorite sub- time is working overtime . . . ject. . . en route to college, pork chops rank high. SHIRLEY PRIESTER "Shirl" . . . enjoys working . . . aims to be a housewife . . . short and sweet. . . "for Pete's sake" . . . never turns down a thick steak . . . aims to be a secretary. DAVID PRESS “Dave" . . . quiet till you get to know him . . . collects rec- ords . . . P.O.D. ranks high with this lad who often says "I almost did it." 46JOAN PRYBER CAROL RAPP "Joni" . . . loves to dance Harborcreek's loss and our . . . seen with Neats and gain . .. enjoys French fries, Kathy . . . active in Drama shorthand, and listening to Club . . . pretty brown hair "Jet" . . . will make a good . . . aims to help people. secretary. MARIANNE RAPP "MiMi" . . . lucky possessor of naturally curly hair . . . cute little cheerleader . . . friendly . . . hopes to be a secretary. ANITA REICHEL "Neats" . . . self assured . . . very talkative . . . "Don'I get shook" . . . dark eyes . . . future airline hostess. ELAINE REYNOLDS Seen but seldom heard . . . lovely smile . . . Mrs. Mc- Carthy's English class rates high with this lass . . . often seen with Carol. PEARLIE RICHARDSON "Janie" . . . hails from Ken- tucky ... an individualist . . . will do a fine job as a missionary . . . loves that Southern fried chicken. ALBERT RITTER "AL" . . . hopes to establish his own business ... steak will always please him . . . spends spare time on cars . . . friendly smile. JAMES RIEGER "Jim" . . . amateur short wave ham . .. aims to own a Cadillac convertible . . . ready wit . . . snobs get his goat. KATHY ROGERS "Kay" . . . has already suc- ceeded as a hair stylist . . . enjoys a good time accom- panied by lots of laughs . . . tall and friendly. CHARLES ROHAN "Chuck" . . . ambition is to travel through the United States . . . any kind of sci- ence will please him . . . spends his time playing the accordion. KATHRYN ANN ROHAN A vision of charming petite- ness . . . her personality glows . . . "Kathy" ... co- editor of the Academe . . . reserved for Bemie ... a person worth knowing . . . neat as a pin. CHARLOTTE ROLL ROBERT ROOT LINDA ROSS "Char" . . . would someday "Bob" . . . plans to teach Tall and slender . . . will like to travel around the school . . . math and pizza make an efficient nurse . . . world . . . easy going . . . not will always please him . . . friendly personality . . . stu- a care in the world . . . "Oh spends his time with model dious . . . twinkling blue for pity sakes." railroads . . . always busy. eyes . . . "What a blast." 47PATRICIA RUDOLPH "Pat" . . . bundle of mis- chief . . . tricky laugh . . . "Say there" . . . sunny smile . . . unique . . . gets a kick out of life. IVAN RUNSTEDLER "Buddy" . . . hopes to sell cars . . . likes P.O.D., pizza and cars . . . often says "I didn't do it." MARY ANN RUTKOWSKI "Mare" . . . fascinating dimples . . . outstanding in everything she does . . . our able president of Y-Teens . . . has many friends . . . ever-ready smile . . . they don't come any nicer. RICHARD SALSBURY Would like to graduate . . . pastime is getting scolded by teachers . . . talkative . . . can be heard saying "Al- ways blaming me." THOMAS SANDERS "Tom" . . . dislikes con- ceited girls . . . enjoys writ- ing letters and P.O.D. . . . "From hunger" is this guy's favorite saying. PATRICK SAVELLI "Pat" . . . curly black hair . . . nicknamed "Scana- krein" . . . likes physics, girls, and turkey . . . model trains is the hobby of this easy going fellow. JOHN SCHEFFNER "Mickey" . . . good-looking blond . . . tall and well built . . . Florida bound after graduation... gridiron man. JOHN SCARLETT "Jack" ... active ... physics and steak rate high with this senior guy . . . college bound. JAMES SCHILLER "Jim" . . . friendly but quiet ... conscientious worker . . . enjoys English . . . member of the band. ALICE SCHMELZER "Alicia" . . . confesses that books are her weakness . . . will make a good wife for Bob . . . dresses nicely ... a friend worth having. KAY SCHMIDT "Red" . . . pretty red hair . . . genial smile . . . will make an attractive and able nurse... never tires of pizza. JANE SCHNEIDER Possessor of curly black hair . . . collecting records is her hobby . . . just loves home- made bread . . . "Just for chuckles" . .. friendly to all. BARBARA SCHULTZ Hopes to attain a position in the business world . . . quiet and nonchalant ... a right kind of friend . . . "Barb." JUDITH SCHULZ "Judi" . . . would like to join the Waves . . . always ready for Spanish or steak . . . finds office practice no bore . . . whiz on roller skates. 48ALMA SCOTT "Scottie” . . . likes to collect pictures as a hobby . . . en- joys being with Dale ... fa- vors dill pickles . . . wants to be a good wife. GIOVINA SETTE Small and attractive . . . "Jo” . . . pretty black hair . . . good natured . . . hopes to have a classroom of her own. NANCY SEYBOLDT Hopes to achieve success in all things . . . can dig into a dish of chocolate ice cream anytime . . . “Nan" . . . cute and quiet. JUDITH SHANER Aspires to be a secretary . .. has fun in shorthand class . . . bowling fan . . . attrac- tive dresser . . . extremely talkative . . . sunny smile for everyone. MARJORIE SHARP "Sharpie” . . . very fond of chocolate peanuts . . . gym enthusiast... wants to travel . . . "Shoot.” DENNIS SHARPE "Denny” . . . headed for the Air Force after gradua- tion ... his hobby is cars . . . enjoys pizza and spaghetti. DAVID SIMON "Dave” . . . big flirt. . . why teachers get gray . . . full of fun . . . future state trooper . . . pizza fan . . . spends his time telling jokes. ANTHONY SILVAGGI P.O.D. in Mr. Buchanan's class is a favorite . . . will spend a long time in the Ma- rine Corps . . . dislikes con- ceited girls . . . fun loving. ELIZABETH SKINNER "Liz” . . . will make an able nurse . . . never tires of bowling or pizza . . . curly locks. RONALD SLIKER Doesn't like to get up in the morning . . . looking for a job with easy work and good pay . . . "Slikes" . . . easy moving. LORETTA SLIVINSKI “Lucky” . . . "You idiot” . . . pleasing personality . . . dislikes snobs . . . never re- fuses pizza ... hazel eyes. THERESA SLIVINSKI "Terri” . . . can't seem to think about anything except Bob . . . crazy about pizza pie . . . wants to be a beau- tician . . . "What! What!” FRANK SMITH Future farmer ... stands real high . . . hard worker . . . dislikes catty boys and silly girls . . . "Whatcha doing Mac.” LARRY SMITH "Smitty” . . . drives a hot Mercury . . . crazy about cars . . . would like to be an engineer . .. friendly. 49RUTH SMITH SYDNEY SMITH "Smitty" . . . pretty blonde "Sid" . . . sparkling person- hair . . . will be married aft- ality . . . sharp dresser . . . er graduation . . . athletic always at ease in trig . . . . . . "For cripes sake!" . . . likes spaghetti . . . will at- easy to get along with. tend college . . . good-look- ing. ARLETTE SNYDER Would someday like to be a fashion buyer . . . enjoys dancing . . . "Temper" . . . science rates tops with her. NANCY SOUTHWICK "Nan" . . . plans to be a pri- vate secretary . . . enjoys dancing and eating French fries . . . has lovely hair and big blue eyes. JUDY SOUTHWORTH "Judi" ... at ease on the dance floor . . . pretty hair . . . finds much pleasure in life ... a sincere friend. MARJORIE SPATH "Mudgy" . . . pretty black hair . . . friendly smile . . . hopes to be a success in life . . . petite. CHARLES STAHON "Chuck" . . . science survey ranks high .. . will aim to be a success in life . . . can be found working at Phil's Sun- oco Gas Station. MARJORIE STANSELL "Marge" ... big brown eyes . . . “Be good" . . . welcome addition from Schenectady . . . very friendly . . . spar- kling personality. RICHARD STEINER "Dick" . . . talkative ... en- joys steak anytime . . . dis- likes women drivers and girls' knee socks . . . wants to be an engineer . . . nice. KENNETH STEINHAUER "Ken" . . . friendly lad with a friendly smile . . . will be a success as a chemical engi- neer . . . water-bug . . . neat dresser. RICHARD STEWART ROSIE STEWART “Dick" . . . handsome he- "Rosie" . . . likes to be with man . .. pet peeve is girls in Johnny all the time... wants Bermuda shorts ... Mr. Flat to travel . . . takes pleasure Top . .'. seen, on the football in playing the piano ... "I field. don't play that." DANIEL STORRER "Big Dan" . . . tall, hand- some blond . . . another Davy Crockett . . . has a friendly smile for everyone . . . future engineer. RONALD STORZ "Ron" . . . takes life as it comes . . . "Are you kid- ding?" is this lad's noted saying... future radar tech- nician ... likes fried chicken. 50CAROL STROHMEYER Likes spaghetti and typing . . . favorite pastime is bowl- ing .. . will be an efficient secretary . . . friendly . . . "How about that?" DONALD STRUBLE "Don" ... a hard worker ... an even balancer of Serious- ness and gaiety. . . shrimp and science survey class are tops with this lad. PATRICIA STURLA "Patti" . . . aspires to be a secretary . . . "Hi buddy!" . . . enjoys talking on the telephone . . . can eat ravi- oli anytime . . . nice. CONSTANCE SULLIVAN "Conni" ... short and sweet . . . infectious laugh . . . "Oh dody!" . . . enjoys trig . . . college material. . . one of the class brains. ADINA SUNDBERG An engaged lassie . . . nice to know . .. athletic ... often seen but seldom heard . . . friendly and nice. GAIL SUTTON Happy while with Eddie . . . dislikes snobs . . . claims collecting souvenirs is her hobby . . . office practice is her favorite subject. CAROLYN SZCZYPINSKI "Carrie" . . . writing letters to a certain someone takes most of her time . . . likes PATRICIA SZYMANOWSKI "Pat" . . . pretty blue eyes . . . real friendly . . . likes to talk on the telephone . . . dislikes conceited boys . . . "Oh my heart!" JOHN L. TAKACH "Johnny" . . . he-man . . . dislikes females who overdo it with make-up . . . hunting enthusiast . . . another Fred Astaire . . . future engineer. LAWRENCE THEURET JEANETTE THOMPSON LOIS TIRAK BEATRICE TOBIAS ARLEEN TOMCZAK "Larry" someday going "Jan" . . . seen everywhere, "Lo" . . . aims to be a nurse “Bubbles" . . . pizza or Fun to be with . . . sparkling to manage a store . . . Ber- usually with Don ... her ... enjoys P.O.D--------has a P.O.D. can keep her happy green eyes . . . sense of hu- muda shorts are his pet private line is always busy smile for all... quiet around . . . aims to get married . . . mor ... sewing occupies her peeve . . . member of per- ... a whiz at Algebra . . . school . . . well liked. has an eagle eye for boys spare time... cute and nice, sonal finance company . . . cute as a button ... neat as a ... gets a kick out of every- "Let's bugout!" pin. thing. fBtSSBOtUtSOKBISKBEIEBKS MKBKtUtSi • 51CAROLYN TREIBER “Carol" . . . hasn't enough time to do everything she would like to do . . . loves music ... shy. . . thoughtful of others. ARTHUR TROTT “Art" . . . enjoys working with cars . . . would like to be a department store exec- utive . . . belongs to the In- dustrial Loan Company. JEROME TROTT MARJORIE URCH BERNICE URSO “Hoppy" . . . intends to be “Marge" . . . spends leisure “Bobbie" . . . loves square a carpenter . . . accordionist hours listening to the radio dancing and horseback rid- with the "Lone Star Ram- ... “Well now then, there" ing... dislikes loud mouthed biers" . . . hardworking.....dislikes homework . . . girls . . . "Oh, you're lazy!" drives a '50 Chevy Deluxe, will be a secretary. . . . aspires to be a model. CHARLES VANCE “Chuck" . . . enjoys science . . . showoffs peeve him . . . would like to be a doctor .. . quiet manners. DON VAN DAMIA “Sam" . . . aims to be an en- gineer . . . spends his time practicing the trumpet . . . spaghetti and trig are sure to please him. MARGARET VETERE “Chinny" . . . plans to study drama ... an avid student of the Playhouse . . . dislikes Frenchmen . . . “Sing it out Daddy!" LEAH WADE Nice to know . . . “Lee" . . . will be a secretary ... al- ways talking . . . member of the Drama Club. SHIRLEY WADSWORTH Blushes easily ... fun to be with . . . will be an efficient housewife . . . succeeds in all she does. DONALD WAKELY A little bundle of dynamite . . . always joking . . . fun to be with . . . very friendly. VIVIAN WALTER Will be an efficient secre- tary . . . nice to look at . . . enjoys life . . . makes friends easily. JOYCE WALTERS Pretty blonde hair . . . loads of fun . . . very friendly . . . quiet . . . studious. GLORIA WARATUKE “Glo" ... an avid record collector . . . "To the coun- try" . . . dancing, art, and spaghetti are her favorites. 52ROBERT WASHEK DOROTHY LEON WASIELEWSKI CAROL WASKIEWICZ BARBARA “Bob" ... million dollar boy WASIELEWSKI “Sonny" . . . often seen Ambition: to be an airline WATERSTREDT coming up . . often seen “Dottie" . .. dangerous little walking through the woods hostess . . . spends leisure “Barb" . . . enjoys driving riding in or tinkering with hotrodder . . . dirty hands . . . pizza and steak will keep time listening to records.plans on being a suc- his car . . . favorite saying— disgust this girl . . . pizza him from starving . . . likes fond of P.O.D. and spa- cessful secretary . . . fa- “Motivating." fan . . . “Glory Be!" . . . listening to records. ghetti ... “Holy Cow!" vorite class is typing • “For Academy's Katherine Hep- pete sake" . . . spare hours burn. spent dancing. KATHY WATSON “Boots" . . . loves to skate . . . “Hey doll" . . . can be seen working hard at Wool- worth's . . . spins records at WJET. LAURA WEBB “Spider" . . . lots of fun . . . pet peeve is slow drivers . . . “No kiddin'!" . . . shorthand and typing are favorites . . . aspires to be court stenog- rapher. JEAN WEBER “Jeanne" . . . with the light brown hair . . . likes to sew . . . eating is her hobby, es- pecially pizza . . . hopes to be a good wife... “Oh boy." MARY WEHAN “Babe" ... the right clothes for the right occasion . . . loads of fun wherever she is . . . snappy high-stepper . . . “I really care" . . . cute as a button. RUSSELL WERTZ “Whisty" . . . aims to be an engineer . . . often says “Lo Siento" . . . spends much spare time at bowling alleys . . . “Wow" . . . blond hair . . . blue eyes. ANTHONY WETCHERO “Tony" . . . tall, dark, and handsome . . . seen but sel- dom heard . . . drives a Ford . . . can be seen with Gene. ROBERT WETTEKIN "Peanuts" . . . aims to be a sign painter . . . hard worker . . . loves those art classes. EDWARD WEXLER “Ed" ... is crazy about big shots . . . hopes to be a law- yer . . . mad about girls . . . loves turkey. RUTH WHEELER “Ruthie" . . . ambition is to be a private secretary . . . swimming is her hobby . . . algebra is a favorite subject. 53MARY LEE WHIGHAM "Peaches'' . . . aims to be a secretary . . . enjoys writing letters . . . fried shrimp rates tops . . . "All righty lx y, do you hear?" DOUGLAS WHITEMAN "Doug" . . . curly hair . . . nice to know . . . seen but seldom heard . . . will be a success in life. ESSIE WHREN JOAN WILL Collects records ... to get "Jonie" . . . active . . . loves the best Brooklyn has to of- to talk on the telephone . . . fer is her ambition . . . en- aims to get married . . . joys all sports . . . can eat pretty green eyes . . . fried chicken anytime. "What?" ROY WILLIAMS "Goose" . . . ardent sports fan . . . always seen singing . . . wants to be a pro basket- ball player . . . tall and slen- der . . . "Hey there." RONALD WILSON "Buck" . . . spends his time working on cars . . . drafting is high on his list of subjects . . . plans to be a stock car driver. HARRY WINKLEMAN "Wink" . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . blue eyes . . . spends his time farming . . . would like to be a conser- vationist . . . pet peeve— girls. RUTH WINAR "Rudy" . . . plays the piano for a pastime .. . good things come in small packages . . . "Right away." EDITH WINTER "Edi" . . . tall and slender . . . "For Pete's sake!" ... a future technologist... pretty light hair. NORMAN WIRTALA NANCY WOLFE ROBERT WOLFE “Herb" . . . blond hair, blue "Nance" . . . will make an "Bob" . . . spends his spare eyes . . . finds enjoyment in efficient secretary . . . sweet time riding horses . . . plans working with radios . . . personality . . . never re- to go to Le Tourneau Tech in talkative . . . deep, deep fuses chicken . . . pretty Texas... "Yeah, I guess so" voice . . . "Good grief" . . . light brown hair . . . nice. . . . architectural engineer, friendly. MABLE WOLFF "Mae" . . . brown-haired, brown-eyed gal . . . skates in her spare time . . . "Oh for Pete's sake" . . . would like to go to college or be a secretary. JANE WROBEL "Janie" . . . pretty blonde hair . . . enjoys P.O.D. . . . "Are you sure?" . . . aims to become a secretary . . . fun to be with. 54JOAN ZIMMER "Joannie" . . . friendly per- sonality . . . fun loving ... in vogue with fashion . . . Dick's steady. MARGARET ZUPANICK Quiet till you get to know her . . . pleasant disposition . . . enjoys sports . . . cute ways. LORE ZIMMER Studious . . . friendly ... ac- tive member on the debate team . . . fun to be with. CHRISTAL ZWILLING "Kitty" . . . avid pizza fan . . . typing and dancirtg rate high with her... “Oh gee!" ... catty boys annoy this girl . . . future private secretary. EDWARD WURST "Ed" . . . good looking . . . shy guy . . . would like to go to Canada after graduation ... able to eat a chicken din- ner anytime. JOYCE YAPLE “Joy" ... a future secretary . . . likes to type ... a chick- en dinner hits the spot . . . spends leisure time reading. PATRICIA YOUNG "Freckles" . . . collects rhythm and blues records . . . pizza and P.O.D. are on the top of her list . . . "Go away boy!" RAYMOND YERKEY "Yerk" ... a top-rate ac- cordionist . . . physics and ham please him ... a lot of fun to be with . . . doesn't like quick tempers. JAMES YOUNT "Jim" . . . talkative ... at ease on the tennis court. . . fun to know . . . happy go lucky . . . artistic. v 55MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED P. Morgan, W. Murphy CLASS BRAINS D. Baumgartner, R. Kramer MOST POPULAR D. Chicoski, T. Parker MOST ATHLETIC S. Nutter, D. Hilbert MOST TALENTED B. Hayes, D. Kelley MOST ACTIVE M. A. Rutkowski, W. Murphy BEST DANCERS J. Owen, R. Pace BEST BUILD AND FIGURE D. Chicoski, C. Baker 56HANDSOME AND PRETTY M. J. Kolakowski, R. Johnson WITTIEST S. Hammill, S. Green CUTEST COUPLE J. Zimmer, R. Stewart BIGGEST FLIRTS M. Casey, N. Goodman BEST DRESSED L. Brown, F. Mastrog SHYEST C. Treiber, W. Clark MOST TALKATIVE S. Illig, H. Lincoln BEST PERSONALITY K. Rohan, T. Parker 57MR. AND MISS ACADEME Ted Parker A vivacious girl of the senior class is our Miss Academe, Salli Illig. Salli, with blue eyes and golden hair, stands about 5' 6". She is an active member of Y-Teens, and is co-captain of our cheerleaders. Her friendly disposition has been a credit to Academy and has won her many friends. After graduation Salli hopes to attend Mercyhurst College to become a kindergarten teacher. Our Mr. Academe is Theodore Parker, popular lad around school who can be found busily engaged in some activity. Ted stands about 5' 10", and has brown hair and hazel eyes. He is our very capable Senate President, and was on our Water Polo and Swimming teams for several years. Ted hopes to enter Ohio Wesleyan College after graduation. Ted and Salli are known throughout the school for their friendly manner and thoughtful ways. Ted and Salli are well-deserving of the high honor of being elected Mr. and Miss Academe of 1956. We wish them this success all through their lives. 60Row 1: S. Young, G. Brosius, P. Narducci, J. Stevens, M. Cohen, B. Donatelli, T. Parker, B. Johnson, C. Bettilyon, J. Montour, P. Stronb, D. James. Row 2: C. Brandes, C. Jacobson, P. Maeder, B. Bellows, J. Seyboldt, S. Dole, M. Montgomery, D. Cardot, B. Lukeas, M. Brown, L. Davis, J. Kelly. Row 3: K. Tronoski, N. Bee- mus, M. Kons, D. Murphy, B. Burkhardt, C. Sullivan, M. Lang, M. Michalski, S. Giesler, J.Togleboch, E. Curry, J. Sims. Row 4: J. Ricci, N. Dailey, J. Gambill, L. Seager, L. Seifreit, J. Owen, J. Clawson, J. Sulzycki, B. Mosier, H. Rinder, M. Levick, M. Strauss, W. Kerby. Row 5: L. Johnson, A. Johnson, P. Hess, J.Morsch- hauser, L. Webb, D. Loyer, D. Edelman, D. Gifford, N. Bobbitt, D. Struble, L. Platz, A. Baker, W. Smith, L. Johnson. T. Parker SENATE The most important organization in Academy is the Senate. This governing body of Academy students was established to help others to become good leaders and to be the voice of the students. Each homeroom has representation in this organization and elects a member senator, who carries out the wishes of the students. Briefly, the purposes of the Student Senate are these: to bring the problems of the student body before the faculty, to increase student body co-operation with the faculty, to give practice in methods of democratic government, and to encourage more student leadership in all the school's activities. The Senate sponsors Gavel Day, one of the few traditional cere- monies of the school, at the beginning of the school year. The ceremony opens with the presentation of new officers and home- room representatives. The outgoing president of the Senate returns the gavel to the principal who in turn gives it to the new president. The gavel is a symbol of authority and was made from the wood of the Niagara, Admiral Perry's flagship during the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813. This act symbolizes the new president's delegation of authority and his veto power.HONOR SOCIETY One of the most outstanding organizations at Academy is the National Honor Society which is under the direction of Miss Mong. The emblem of this organi- zation is the torch, which is a Symbol of the Society's purposes: to strive to learn the truth, to lead others, to keep up the ambitions of the students, and to always have consideration for others. In order to be eligible for membership you must be above average in scholar- ship, leadership, and character. Becoming a member is a goal for most students. The inductions into the National Honor Society are very impressive and are held twice a year. During the assembly program the chosen students are tapped by the present members. Each year, members of the National Honor Society look forward to the annual city-wide banguet. Row 1: D. Kelley, G. Sette, K. Hummel, T. Bubrzyk, P. Marchini, K. Ankiel, B.. Donatelli, C. Ankiel, J. Houseal, K. Rohan, M. Cohen. Row 2: D. France, B. Mosier, B. Fisher, R. Kelly, B. Hayes, A. Johnson, N. Beemus, C. Sullivan, J. Owen, A. Crandall, M. A. Rutkowski, T. De Matteo, W. Kerby, R. Kramer, J. Schiller. Row 3: A. Melgaard, K. Steinhouer, J. Bartram, J. Dalton, L. Zimmer, L. Ross, R. Wheeler, S. Downey, P. Morgan, E. Jefferson, D.Baum- gartner, D. loyer, C. Hauser, R. Baumgartner, B. Lang, W. Murphy. 62Row 1: C. Sullivan, L. Johnson, L. Zimmer, W. Kerby, S. Downey. Row 2: R. Akre, K. Pointer, E. Winter, J. Plavcan, E. Steinhauer. Row 2: H. Bernhardt, C. Camarata, B. Coffman, B. Gisczinski, E. Finch. Absent: E. Nutter. E ebaters in action. Every day during sixth period the debate team under the competent direction of Mrs. Steimer meets to prac- tice voice controls, do research, prepare speeches, and hold mock debates. Our team's biggest debate is the state tournament which is held at Allegheny Col- lege in Meadville. Each year the debaters sell candy in the front hall to raise money for their trips to other schools in Erie and the county. DEBATEACADEME Top left: R. Evans, E. Curry, F. Pettinato, R. Gehrlein. Center left: K. Kraihski, P. Rudolph, J. Grumblatt. Bottom left: T. De- Matteo, M. Kent, J. Tave, A. Schmelzer, M. Morey. Top right: D. Cardot, K. Tronoski, M. A. Rutkowski, J. Lindberg, R. Rogala. Cen- ter right: B. Greenmen, J. Berrigan, K. Rohan. Bottom right: J. Ricci, S. Considine, S. Cogswell. 64R. Iacovetta, Mr. Kantz, T. Bloomstine N. Beemus, R. Malthaner, N. Voss, J. LeSuer G. Hummel, S. Wolozanski, C. Trieber, M. A. Ohmer B. Moskalczyk, M. Crocker, T. Bloomstine, D. Clough, G. Hugus 65 L. Zimmer, P. Marchini, M. Vetere, B. Rockwell [THE ACADEMY STAR 10 cents T. Bubrzyk, K. HummelRow 1: D. Carr, P. McCabe, L. Taft, C. Mando, L. George, S. Brower, M. Kephart, P. Wertz, S. Leberman, S. Nutter, P. Carey, B. Hayes. Row 2: M. Stansell, K. Bauer, A. Crandall, L. Campan- ella, R. Lukeas, B. Bryant, E. Belcastro, O. L. Grender, D. Denni- son, J. Harvey, J. Scarlett, J. Jennings, J. Whipple, A. Zawadski, C. Schrode. Row 3: C. Edmonds, J. Reisenauer, S. Downey, L. Seif- reit, J. Clawson, D. Palmer, B. Hartwell, H. Webb, T. Gehrlein, C. Bryant, P. Morgan, M. Ocker, E. Hilbert, R. Wheeler. Row 4: L. Brown, J. Snyder, B. Webb, L. Webb, J. Lawson, C. Baker, L. Becker, B. Martin, F. Fabin, M. Day, B. Root, D. Edelman, C. Ian- nello, M. Gregory, R. Harris, L. Ross„V. Arrowsmith, S. Wads- worth, G. Hugus. A CAPELLA CHOIRGLEE Row 1: R. Gehrlein, R. Curry, B. De Wolf, F. Berridge, T. Jack- son, C. Smith, F. Silvaggi, J. De Carolis. Row 2: B. Casey, G. Davies, J. Zuppo, J. Wagner, J. Harvey, H. Armes, J. Sinnott, M. Ohmer. Row 3: J. Rieger, L. Ferd, C. Innello, E. Belcastro, B. CLUB Kaeberlein, J. Steward, D. Dinger, T. Deker, D. Hardinger. Row 4 : C. Morey, J. Niedzwiecki, J. Knight, D. Grisier, J. Posten, R. Starz, K. Mentley, J. Fisher.SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS The Senior Girls' Chorus consists of ninety girls from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. During sec- ond period they can be found rehearsing for concerts and assemblies under the direction of Miss Schweitzer The spring and winter concerts are the most gala events of the year in which the girls participate. The concerts take much hard work, but the end results are always gratifying. Besides presenting concerts and assemblies, the girls also sing at various schools throughout the city, Row 1: F. Astemborski, M. Boyer, J. Craig, M. Eshelman, D. Higby, E. Detwiler, J. Wasiela, J. Pettigrew, L. Bailey, J. Gambill, E. Port- ies, C. Burns. Row 2: J. Heintz, J. Goellner, C. Berridge, C. Man- cuso, E. Reynolds, C. Johnson, L. Henson, J. Wrobel, V. Davis, G. Gabin, L. Dunston, M. A. Thomas, S. Smith, A. Camarata. Row 3: L. Taylor, E. Bernhard, S. Elig, B. Ester, M. Briggs, L Kensill, E. Carlisle, M. Mando, C. Johnston, J. Porter, D. Dick, A. Sundberg, where they are always remembered for their fine programs. Before becoming members of the Chorus, the girls must take a voice and ear test. The girls are tested by repeating certain refrains just as they hear them played by Miss Schweitzer. No girl can possibly be taken into the Chorus unless she has this ability. No girl will ever regret having belonged to the Senior Girls' Chorus for she will always remember the pleasant times and good experience she gained. R. Hedderick, C. Simmons. Row 4: M. J. Hermanson, T. Gibbens, A. Reichel, W. Mack, J. Hesch, E. Noonan, Miss I. Schweitzer, P. Szymanowski, N. Ramey, J. Schulz, J. Schneider, W. Jones, M. Kons, J. Vickey. Row 5: M. Starks, S. Pierce, N. Barnes, M. Enas, C. Martin, B. Olszewski, J. Lavosky, J. Shuhart, D. Shadduck, J. Schlabach, P. Owen, A. Terry, K. Rogers, J. Hines, D. Euliano, L. Tirak. 68JUNIOR GIRLS' CHORUS Row 1: V. Maxon, J. Zimmerly, J. Montour, J. More, M. Epp, B. Krautter, D. Lassiter, B. Collier, E. Borst, S. Notarione, P. Baker, S. Giesler, E. Weiss, M. Sponsler, M. Foreman, B. Bayle. Row 2: S. Brower, J. Emerman, M. Mango, P. Szkoda, C. Kern, M. Ficken- worth, D. Weller, J. Irwin, S. Kuhn, E. Deuschle, J. Hime, B. Bow- ers, N. J. Wemer, A. Salzello, C. Newby, S. Haise, R. Nathan, S. J. Dale. Row 3: P. Narducci, J. Janke, P. Chapman, L. Banaglia, D. Adams, P. Welz, S. James, M. Whipple, M. Crandall, Y. Maule, Miss Schweitzer, K. Krasneski, J. Kelso, E. Whren, C. Protzman, C. Gambill, C. Wedzik, M. Richards, D. Lazar, B. Wolfe. Row 4: B. Schauerman, J. Seyboldt, P. Lindenberger, B. Stevenson, J. Little, E. Norman, J. Maerily, L. Fowler, L. Thompson, J. Acker- man, B. Smith, A. Hauser, J. Zimmerley, S. Vought, B. Mikula, S. Hamilton, S. Wurst, J. Ciollo, J. Takach, M. Martin, S. De George. Row 5: J. Cerio, J. Crowell, R. Pinkney, D. Wright, J. Edwards, J. Cuthbert, J. Martin, B. Struble, P. Savko, S. Wingenroth, B. Keith, C. J. Clarke, N. York, C. Day, P. Stoddard, J. Schulz, A. Adler, A. Capozziello, C. Di Bacco, F. Potter, D. J. Clay, M. E. Bliss, L. Wallerstein. The Junior Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Miss Schweitzer, prepares girls in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades for choral work in senior high. They concentrate on learning appreciation of music and voice control until they are at their best. Each girl becomes familiar with the works of many well-known composers ranging from Bach to Berlin, and as a result of such training, the chorus presents beautiful programs. Some examples of these programs are the Christmas and Spring Concerts and the Junior High Festival in May. The Chorus rehearses jn two sections; the eighth grade girls meet fourth period while the ninth grade meets fifth period. The neat appearance of their long- sleeved white blouses and dark-colored skirts pre- sents a pleasing sight to their audience. Any eighth or ninth grade girl interested in music is eligible for audition, providing she can success- fully pass the voice and ear test given by Miss Schweitzer. 69T. Ashton, M. Ayers, J. Bertram, T. Brooks, E. Brown, C. Cairns, J. Calamita, D. Coughey, W. Clark, J. D'Annibale, P. Davis, J. Del Fuoco, D. Driscoll, D. Fleming, D. France, J. Forsyth, D. Freedman, K. Gamble, S. Green, J. Griffis, D. Hanson, H. Hannah, K. Hayden, M. Hershleman, P. Holmes, J. Jen- kins, P. Johnson, W. Johnson, P. Kaeverlen, D. Kelly, D. King, J. Kirkpatrick. BAND The audiences are always pleased to hear the various performances of the band in the Instrumental Concert, Academy on Parade, in parades and rallies. This year our band had the honor of going to Cleveland to play during the intermission of the Brown's football game. The excellent performances can be attributed to Mr. Burger, our new band director, and to the many students who have out- standing musical ability. During this football season the audiences commented on the clever formations and fine appearance of the band and twirlers. R. Angelotti, C. Hanes, L. Filipczak, J. Fredrychowski, J. Perry, C. Kensill, P. Whitford, J. DiPlacido, D. Chicoski, J. Meeker, L. Berry, G. Kwiatkowski.R. Kloss, R. Kramer, F. Lenberg, G. Lucas, W. Luciano, G. Madrigale, J. Majerik, J. Manna, R. Markam, G. Marsh, V. McDonnell, D. Meade, A. Melgaard, C. Morey, F. Morris, J. Opdycke, R. Pace, L. Platz, A. Ritter, P. Savelli, J. Schiller, M. Schuster, S. Seggi, C. Statton, K. Steinhauer, A. Silvaggi, K. Sweeney, D. Van Damia, N. Van Damia, R. Ventrillo, R. Wagner, R. Washek, L. Weaver, D. Weed, T. Younger, J. Zuern, L. Gibbons. TWIRLERS The twirlers, one of the most popular organizations at Academy, is under the direction of Mr. Swahn. To become a member of the twirlers is the aim of just about every girl who enters Academy. During the latter part of November the try-outs are held from which girls are chosen for their marching ability, personality, neatness, and ability to work. Maintain- ing an average of "B" is a must. The girls practice every day during sixth period and often after school, learning new drills and acts. Besides performing at school rallies, in half time performances, and in Academy on Parade, the major- ettes design and make all their outfits for these shows. Last year the twirlers gained fame when they ac- companied the band to Pasadena, where they per- formed in the Rose Bowl Parade. M. Savelli, D. Taylor, C. Skinner, P. Plonsky, L. Peplinski, L. Morrison, M. Wehan, D. Linse, G. Carlson, C. Waskiewicz, Y. Phillips, E. Andrychowski, G. Carson.CHEERLEADERS Under the direction of Miss Hickey and Miss Hallinan, the peppy cheerleaders have worked diligently composing new cheers, revising old ones, and cheering our team on to victory. They've put on skits, marched in parades, and partici- pated in half-time shows at football and basketball games. Sue Hammill and Sally Illig, co-cap- tains of the cheerleading sguad, have given spunk to many of Academy's ral- lies. Win or lose, this team of girls has lifted the school spirit. Besides cheering our team on to vic- tory, these girls sell booster plates, pen- cils and book covers, also sponsor dan- ces to earn money for new uniforms and other expenses. SENIOR HIGH: Row 1: S. Hammill, S. Illig. Row 2: J. Giacomelli, R. Iacovetta, M. Rapp, J. Foglebach. JUNIOR HIGH: N. Schlabach, J. Gamble, J. Montour, M. Goodman, B. Wisneski. 72 CO-CAPTAINS: S. Illig, S. Hammill.D. Palmer, J. Dalton, C. Sullivan, L. Ross DRAMA CLUB The two plays which the Drama Club presented this year were enthusiastically received by the student body. Drama is a form of expression which depends largely upon communication from the playwright to the audience through the medium of the actor. Activities such as public speaking, make-up, costuming, stage managing, and directing are only a few of the complexities of stage production stressed during the year. The Playhouse Student Theatre offers a limited number of scholarships to the various schools in Erie. These scholarships are based on ability to act and proficiency in stage craft. We were fortunate to have two Academy students receive scholarships this past fall. Membership is limited to the Senior High School, and is open only in September and February. The meetings and rehearsals take place entirely after school hours. The officers who were elected in September are: President, Donald Palmer; Vice President, Joan Dalton; Secretary, Linda Ross; and Treasurer, Connie Sullivan. few 1: C. Sullivan, L. Ross, D. Palmer, J. Dalton. Row 2: J. Kof- fman, B. Buchanan, N. Seyboldt, J. Gates, L. Egnot, C. Fish, D. Wasielewski. Row 3: C. Brandes, M. Eshelman, P. Martin, A. J. Reichel, M. A. Decker, L. Gallina, J. Lavosky, L. Wade. Row 4: S. Wadsworth, P. Owen, A. Johnson, L. Johnson, D. Baumgartner, P. Hess, B. Ellsmore, J. Snyder, J. Pryber. Row S: G. Hugus, B. Hayes, B. Fisher, D. Loyer, H. Webb, C. Root, F. Osbeck, N. Barnes, G. Patterson, R. Moskalczyk.L. Brown, D. Storrer. MR. AND MISS STAR R. Iacovetta, B. Murphy.G. Neithamer, R. Iacovetta. E. Jefferson, L. Platz. P. Van Damia, J. Thompson N. Love, J. Roth.Row 1: N. J. Buszek, K. Rohan, K. Schmidt, C. A. Lininger, P. Fritz, B. Majewski, P. Marchini, R. Palermo, C. Guarino, A. M. Hartman, J. Fogleboch, A. DelSandro, M. Rapp, E. Andrychowski, P. Casey, R. Iacovetta. Row 2: M. A. Rutkowski, R. Miller, N. Bloss, C. Heidt, J. Kohl, L. Hayes, M. Ellis, J. Antill, I. Baxter, C. Falkenhagen, C. Harding, L. Henson, J. Wrobel, R. Winar, P. Carey, B. Tobias, M. Wehan. Row 3: M. Spath, J. Southworth, G. Kwiatkowski, M. Vetere, J. Zimmer, S. Martindale, S. Noughtin, J. Hollis, M. Arnold, L. Lander, C. Sullivan, E. Cowley, M. J. Her- manson, C. Treiber, D. Lintelman, A. Tomczak, E. Curry. Row 4: R. Akre, F. Goodwill, M. Austin, S. Neth, C. Hauser, E. Winter, D. Baumgartner, E. Hilbert, B. Waterstredt, K. Regers, J. Pryber, P. Blake, M. L. Connor, R. M. Kloss. Row 5: S. Illig, R. M. Malthaner, C. Henneous, A. Crandall, M. Kent, B. Arrowsmith, L. Webb, D. Loyer, A. Johnson, L. Zimmer. SENIOR HIGH Y-TEENS Row 1: L. George, C. Waskiewicz, L. Filipczak, M. Wolff, L. Wade, J. Aldrete, P. Sturla, B. Buchanan, C. Ankiel, M. J. Kola- kowski, K. Ankiel, N. Seyboldt, J. Gates, E. Hamilton, P. Graham, S. Nutter, G. Sette, B. Clark. Row 2: L. Carlson, P. Rudolph, L. Kelso, C. Berridge, J. Walters, T. Bubczyk, J. Goellner, M. Mark- ham, M. Janoski, M. Pedone, H. Levick, J. Yaple, J. Gaylord, P. Szymanowski, B. Olszewski, E. Bednarski, L. Marsh,K. Hummel, M. Stansell, N. Beemus, C. Rapp, C. Strohmeyer. Row 3: N. Bil- etnikoff, J. Owen, E. Fischer, B. Donatelli, S. Downey, R. Wheeler, R. Hedderick, N. Wolfe, G. May, L. Peplinski, M. Boyer, A.Schmel- zer, P. Martin, J. Dalton, I. Colvin, R. Bailey, J. Page, M. Whigham, D. Chicoski, P. Ciukaj. Row 4: P. Fritz, J. Thompson, J. Shaner, R. Stewart, E. Carlisle, A. J. Reichel, D. Wasielewski, L. Gallina, M. A. Decker, A. M. Efta, D. Euliano, J. Lannon, L. Adams, B. Bogue, I. Anderson, D. Moran, M. J. McLaughlin, M. Morey,.C. Kensill, B. Coon. Row 5: N. Love, C. Zwilling, P. Hess, T. DeMatteo, G. Hugus, S. Wadsworth, M. Crocker, E. Skinner, M. Kleiner, L. Egnot, B. Hayes, L. Ross, B. Fisher, L. Brown, D. Brubaker, K. Lashinger, R. Kelley, P. Morgan, M. Ocker, J. DiPlacido, E. Jef- ferson.ADVISORS: Miss A. Sisley, Miss F. Stull. Row 1: C. Hanes, N. Brozewicz, M. Driscoll, M. F. Baumann, M. E. Weber, S. Kroh, S. Lancaster, J. Stevens, L. Alderman, R. A. Werren, J. Giacomelli, R. Rcgala, D. Moore, C. Jacobson, J. Diehl, J. Plavcan, S. Smith, S. Elig, C. Barthelmes, J. Bartlett, C. Johnson. Row 2: J. Stroker, J. Linse, P. Wertz, C. Martin, D. Michaels, C. Arneman,W. Bray, L. Ford, J. Tave, B. Sterner, N. Trapp, M. Kep- hart, F. Letcher, T. O'Brien, M. Kons, R. McColl, B. Johnson, J. Cicero, B. Braund, N. Book, N. Dahlkemper, J. Connor. Row 3: K. Pointer, L. Fullerton, V. Shank, B. Geser, K. Bauer, A. Treiber, G. Swanson, D. Jones, J. Flagells, E. Ring, M. Nelson, T. Cher- venka, J. Lindberg, J. McFetridge, M. A. Thomas, L. Dunston, C. Gaiety At The Christmas Tea Brandes, C. Fish, K. Enstrom, D. Bettilyon, V. Bagdonas, N. Dewey. Row 4: S. Skarupski, M. West, K. Savelli, K. Tronoski, M. A. Gar- ber, V. Gott, D. Taylor, M. l-ove, J. Berrigan, F. Zelvis, D. Hart- man, C. Schrode, J. Kubeja, M. Klemm, N. Zuck, B. Gisczinski, P. Maeder, D. Morschhauser, J. Clemente, B. Crane, J. Nawarski, A. Atkinson, L. Page. Row 5: K. Krainski, V. Knapp, C. Lorinyer, C. Cuthbert, M. Yeager, B. Rockwell, V. Hummel, V. Arrowsmith, J. LeSuer, J. Morschhauser, J. Foster, S. Cogswell, B. Desser, J. Grumblatt, J. Beuchert, M. Crosby, A. Kish, J. Capozziello, J. Fritz, M. J. Smulik. S. Ferrich, C. Camarata, J. Franklin.Row 1: E. Portis, J. Heintz, J. Nelson, P. McLean, J. Craig, J. Whip- ple, S. Mong, P. MacCagno, T. Owens, V. Savelli, C. Vogt, B. George, C. Bearce, A. Ott, M. Briggs, N. Dailey, D. Pasquale, C. Bendig, M. Williams, M. George. Row 2: P. Hagan, B. Feme, L. Wilbur, J. Henriksen, J. Gambill, N. Ramey, P. Jones, A. Camar- ata, B. Ester, C. Erhart, H. Katz, J. Koffman, C. Lohse, E. Getz, M. Lit2, J. Calamita, R. M. Shade, P. Yezzi, N. Loomis, M. L. Son- theimer, K. Phillips, C. Young, J. Hultman. Row 3: M. Jones, O. Jones, S. Trapp, C. Trapp, K. Steenford, B. Mabie, C. Held, J. Ricci, S. Considine, B. Jones, M. Krebs, M. Kons, P. Englert, D. Silk, S. Wolfe, D. Mischler, B. Titko, N. Ohmer, S. Alberstalt, C. Wolfe, J. Muffie. Row 4: S. Crosby, C. Stewart, F. Osbeck, M. E. Loesch, G. Patterson, B. Webb, D. Carlson, J. Winkelman, L. Johnson, L. Berry, D. Murphy, L. Hill, A. Riazzi, M. Enas, E. Voss, V. First, B. Maciejewski, C.Amsden, C. Sliker, E. Noonan, T. Taccone, K. Garnon, C. Foulkrod. Row 5: J. Panitzke, E. Kub- eja, M. Kinzig, J. Davenport, M. Cohen, L. Carr, P. Olds, N. Bent- ley, J. Snyder, J. Reisenauer, P. Owen, M. Hedderick, F. Bang, L. Bennett, D. Shadduck, J. Schlabach, C. Patsy, J. Shuhart, J. Borc- zon, J. Himes, K. Spath, B. Cairns, C. Legenzoff, B. Niter, P. Ho- gan, J. Boesewetter, J. Lavosky. 78JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, through its many activities and projects, brings help to those who find themselves in need. Its members, as a result of their work on these projects, develop good citizenship habits and an awareness of their respon- sibilities to others. Under the super- vision and direction of Miss Kaste, Mrs. Hogenmiller, and student representa- tives, homeroom members participate in these activities. For example, they col- lect money for charity, prepare baskets for needy children, and fill gift boxes which are sent to Europe. Row 1: J. Green, C. Higgins, P. Kemple, M. Epp, F. Emerman, D. Robson, B. Chandley, S. Kroh, P. Strong, R. Tanenbaum, D. Sette. Row 2: D. Owens, M. J. Kolakow- ski, C. Wedzik, L. J. Thompson, A. Kruszewski, M. Michalski, J. Antill, K. Hebert, J. Hebert, J. Bradford, J. Ricci, B. Jones. Row 3: L. Johnson, A. Johnson, R. Winar, J. Coughey, J. Takach, J. Holcomb, R. M. Sharie, B. Ester, L. Marsh, P. Jones, R. Ales- si, S. Considine, M. A. Ohmer. Row 4: R. Peterson, J. Fiorelli, C. Odell, V. Arrowsmith, S. Skar- upski, D. Taylor, M. Crosby, B. Johnson, T. O'Brien, D. Euliano, C. Patsy, M. Coon, R. Hicker, E. v Coroby. Row 5: W. Bush, J. Sul- zycki, C. Thomas, J. Stenenson, E. Wexler, H. Lincoln, W. Clark, H. Bernhardt, J. Scarlett, K. Carlson, D. Nick, G. Osborn, L. Ottoson. 79ORCHESTRA The Orchestra was the first musical organization formed in Acad- emy in 1920, the same year the school was built. Under the expert direction of Miss Isadora Schweitzer, the Academy Orchestra gives two concerts each year. Throughout the year the members travel to various schools to present programs. These activities vary the orchestra's repetoire from the standard classics to concert arrangements of popular musical comedy numbers. The orchestra aims at instrumental proficiency and the better understanding of the works of the great masters. A concert master is selected each year for his music reading ability, technigue, and dependability. Carolyn Trieber was the recipent of this honor this past year. Other officers include; Diane Moran, Secretary; Kay Schmidt, Treasurer; Arlene Tomzak and Linda Taylor, Librarians.In the future the students of the Dis- tributive Education class, commonly known as the Merchandising class, will be the leading salesmen and sales- women of Erie and vicinity. The course is offered only to Seniors who wish to take it and can meet the reguirements. From 8:00 to 11:00 each morning the students concentrate on English, store mathematics, buying, selling, and mak- ing counter and window displays, under the capable direction of Mrs. Eisert. In the afternoon they report to their various jobs, which they have obtained with the help of the school. In addition to their regular schedule, the Merchandising students sponsor various activities, such as the skating party which was held last November. B. Balsiger, B. Bellows, M. E. Bliss, N. Bobbitt, J. Benacci, I. Brown, S. Brown, S. Bunce, S. Burchick, L. Campanella, D. Cip- olla, M. Coon, H. Craig, H. Crawford, M. Crosby, J. D'Annibale, S. Dole. B. Fisher, D. Friedman, B. Geser, J. Ginader, P. Graczyk, C. Grimier, S. Hamilton, C. Harding, A. Hauser, A. Jameson, C. Jaskiewicz, L. Johnson, B. Kaeberlein, H. Katz, D. Kelley, J. Kelly, R. Kelly, L. Kelso, J. Kelso, M. Kribs, S. Lancaster, J. Lannon, L. Leingang, J. Levandowski, L. Marsh, K. Martindale, S. Martindale, B. Mattocks, B. Mealpine, J. McFetridge, D. Moran, D. Murphy, R. Nathan, S. Naughton, S. Neth, C. Newby, J. Nowarski, T. O'Brien, F. Osbeck, D. Pace, J. Panitzke, L. Platz, K. Schmidt, J. Schoell, L. Seager, J. Seyboldt, J. Shaner, P. Sinnott, J. Snyder, J. Stevens, C. Stewart, K. Sweeney, L. Taylor, A. Tomczak, A. Treiber, C. Trei- ber, D. VanDamia, B. Vaughn, R. Vendetti, M. E. Weber, D. Weed, J. Weibel, E. Winter, C. Wolfe, N. Yochim, M. Zimmer. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION ROW 1: V Carlson, C. Szczypinski, G. DeWolf, S. Graczyk, G. Grzelak, T. Silivinski. Row 2: M. Massing, J. Heaps, L. Kroh, E. Dorich, E. Post, A. Trott. Row 3: L. Slivinski, S. Petitt, C. May, L. Theuret, N. Crispin, D. Simon. 81Row 1: W. Hartwell, R. Fagan. Row 2:1. Runstedler, Mr. Mifkovic. PHOTOGRAPHERS STAGE CREW SERVICE Row 1: T. Herman, T. Younger, H. Myers, D. Zimmerly, J. Kuffer. Row 2: Mr. Bright, H. Rinders, L. Rawson, M. Wagner, Mr. Swahn. MIMEO SHOPRow 1: B. Kuntz, R. Damon, K. Mentley, N. Bobbitt. Row 2: T. Altsman, T. Vacanti, R. Crolli, R. Zielinski, R. Wilson. LIBRARY Row 1: E. Fischer, J. Thompson, M. Hahn, J. King, H. Levick, A. Crandall, M. Ellis, L. Ross, B. Fisher. Row 2: C. Harding, E. Turner, C. Brandes, 6. Majewski, S. Kroh, P. Nolan, N. Zill, N. Miller, D. Morschhauser, R. Fiolek. Row 3: C. Fish, B. Crane, E. Cohen, N. Yochim, M. J. Mar- tin, J. Muffie, P. Owen, B. Johnson, M. A. Raman- danes, L. Ford. 83Row 1: S. Hammili, J. Mischler, M. Markham, J. Goellner, E. Andrychowski. Row 2: A. Ritter, C. Bidwell, C. Zwilling, J. Kohl, M. Myers, R. A. Werren, T. Ashton, W. Kerby, B. Fromknecht, C. Zerbe. Row 3: J. D'Annibale, A. Silvaggi, S. Neth, A. Tomczak, D. Lintelman, L. Popowski, J. Will, B. Kimit, W. Jones, K. Watson, M. Pacileo, N. Wolfe. Row 4: J. Sulzycki, G. Knoll, J. Scheffner, V. McDownell, T. Vought, A. Schmelzer, B. Clark, J. Owen, M. I. Eisenman, L. Brown, J. Peebles. Row 5: W. Bush, C. Thomas, N. Bobbitt, R. Williams, R. Grabowski, W. Clark, C. Cairns, R. Root, J. Nies, J. Brown, F. Mastrog. MONITORS An organization which students hear very little about is the monitor force, which quietly and efficiently maintains order in the school halls. Besides the regular hall monitors, there are also office monitors who run errands, and in general, assist the office staff. Such responsibilities can only be given to trust-worthy and competent students. Row 1: M. Crocker, K. Phillips, Y. Phillips, C. Held, V. Walter, C. Roll, B. Hayes, P. Hess, C. Zwilling. Row 2: J. Fritz, D. Jan- ciki, M. J. McLaughlin, K. Lash- inger, J. Hollis, B. Kimit, M. Ocker, D. Hartman, S. Albert, B. Coon, B. Urso, M. A. Olsen. Row 3: J. Dalton, S. Naughton, R. Malthaner, H. Lincoln, L. Platz, W. Bradney, A. Post, J. Thomas, J. Di Placido, M. M. Klemm, D. Loyer, C. Hauser. 84ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS Adding Gaiety To A Rally: D. Chicoski, C. Waskiewicz, J. DiPlac- ido, P. Whitford. Scene From Latin Assembly: L. Wilbur, L. Johnson, J. Menzie, E. Ohman, J. Boesewetter, C. Lohse, A. Mathes, J. Nelson. "Cool Cats" in the Academe Assembly: R. Kent, J. Opdycke, J. Sulczyski, C. Thomas, D. Meyers, B. Klomp.On November 10, 1955, we at Academy were hosts to a group of Erie men and women from business and industry. The program which has become known as E.B.I. day is a rather recent development in our community. E.B.I. means Edu- cation, Business, and Industry, and it is the purpose of the program to promote friendship, and familiarity between the three participating groups. Because of their civic project, responsible parties in business and industry are becoming more aware of school operation and of the preparation of students for adult life. On their recent visit to Academy, our guests examined the school and its facilities, attended classes in progress, and talked with faculty members and administrators about school operation. It is believed that as a result of these visits, businessmen and industrialists will become aware of the capabilities of students seeking employment. Further- more, because they become familiar with the school, it is hoped that aid in the form of suggestions and fresh ideas from its visitors enrich the school program.Row 1: F. Wild, I. Willetts, D. A. Vorwerck, K. H. Fleming, Mrs T. Chambers, Mrs. A. Smith, J. Fading, M. Schoenberg, R. L Hoover, M. F. Sample, C. E. Sickler. Row 2: C. Mehler, P. Can cilia, J. W. Burdell, R. Johnson, T. O. Schraeder, R. A. Eller, C. S Robie, M. Magenau Jr., N. G. Hamilton, B. Miller, J. M. Brown Row 3: L. S. Shaffer, R. J. Marshall, L. A. Barnard, J. C. Van Ars dell, J. E. Seyboldt, H. H. Clemens. EDUCATION, BUSINESS. AND INDUSTRY DAY E. B. I. day can only be as successful as we make it. Because of the endeavor and initiative of adminis- trative and faculty members, this year's Visitation Day at Academy was certainly a success. Special credit should be given to Mr. John Mifkovic and to Mr. Marion Lewis, who willingly assumed the bulk of the responsibility for the day's activity, and who carried out their responsibility to its conclusion. 87 90vl J. Berrigan N. Berry R. Blose N. Book D. Bertelsen D. Bettilyon S. Borkowski C. Brandes J. Beucnert C. Bidwell M. Branson B. Braund J. Billingsley R. Black D. Braund W. Bray L. Alderman C. Arneman P. Alessi R. Arrington R. Alexander V Arrowsmith D. Ambrose K. Asplund R. Amendola A. Atkinson L. Anderson N. Auer J. Barber D. Bard C. Barthelemes N. Barthelemes W. Bainbridge A. Baker N. Barnes F. Baron R. Angelo R. Angelotti M. Ayers K. Baer J. Bartlett J. Benacci S. Barzano J. Bender Vice President R. Klomp President A. Marthinson Secretary V. Arrowsmith K. Bauer M. Bauman J. Benedict H. Bernhardt T reasurer L. JohnsonD. Brewer D. Bujnowski E. Carlson T. Casler J. Clement M. Coon N. Dahlkemper J. DiPlacido N. Broszewiez B. Burkhardt G. Brozell C. Camarata S. Brozell E. Cameron C. Bryant R. Bryant D. Bunce C. Campayne J. Capozziello J. Capwill 311 .r K. Carlson J. Carrier G. Carson P. Carter E. Carver S. Case A. Cathers D. Coughey L. Chapman T. Chervenka S. Chestmer D. Christensen F. Clement M. Copelin B. Coffman R. Coverdale S. Cogswell B. Crane E. Cohen J. Crawford R. Collins M. Crosby B. Connor P. Cummins D. Dennis P. Dedrick B. Desser N. Dewey B. Dikson J. Diehl M. Dabroyosz P. Donlin J. Douglas D. Drake J. Driscoll M. Driscoll 93 d V K. Burhenn D. Cardot R. Casey J. Cicero J. Connor C. Cuthbert L. Dinger R. DuMarsL. Dunston E. Erickson I. Economas J. Erickson C. Edwards M. Evans R. Eliason R. Everth S. Elig S. Ferrick J. Flagella R. Galeski J. Foley L. Ford J. Franklin J. Fredrychowski M. A. Garber R. Gehrlein W. Geisler N. George J. Eller C. Ennis K. Enstrom E. Finch C. Fish J. Fiske J. Fritz D. Froess L. Fullerton B. Geser J. Giacomelli B. Gisczinski ✓ V. Gott P. Graczyk W. Haibach D. Hallett R. Heasley J. Heeter T. Hornung C. Huck T. Graham B. Greenman C. Hanes D. Hanson R. Heintz M. Hershelmen D. Huey W. Huff J. Greggs J. Griffis L. Hartman D. Haupt Ms D. Hess W. Hill C. Hultman V. Hummel J. Grumblatt C. Hackman J. Haupt R. Haupt C. Hoffman C. Holland C. Huster R. Huster 94N. Jakubowski K. Jameson G. Jonas D. Janicki C. Jaskiewicz B. Jenson B. Johnson C. Johnson D. Johnson L. Johnson C. Johnston B. J. Jones D. Jones H. Jordon R. Kaeberlein J. Karpinski R. Kent F. Kern D. Kidder B. Kilianek B. Kimit J. Kendall D. King M. Klemm R. Klomp V. Knapp R. Kolakowski M. Kons A. Kosiorek E. Kowalski C. Krahe K. Kraninski C. J. Krautter N. Kresse S. Kroh W. Kroh J. Kubeja S. Lancaster R. Lansbury J. Lawson J. Le Suer F. Letcher D. Lincoln J. Lindberg D. Linse J. Linse J. Linsey A. Litz D. Litz J. Loeffler T. Lopez C. Loringer M. Lowe S. Luden S. MacGregor P. Maeder C. Mancuso J. Manna A. Marthinson C. Martin M. J. Martin R. Martin R. Martin D. Masiroff 95J. Mattson J. Meeker R. May M. Mele J. McAllister D. Meyers P. L. McCabe D. Michaels R. McColl R. Miklinski V. McDonnell J. McFetridge J. Mischler C. Mohr F. Morris J. Morris L. Morrison I. Morschhauser K. Mosher H. Myers J. Nawawski H. Noyes E. Nutter T. O'Brien C. O'Dell M. A. Ohmer M. Ohmer M. A. Olson T. Owen M. Palmer D. Owens R. Palmer M. Pacileo F. Pacinelli A. Paszkawski J. Perry C. Paszonski D. Paden K. Perry M. Pfister D. Page H. Pierce J. Plavcan P. Plonsky C. Reed R. Renaud K. Pointer C. Reynolds B. Pollock L. Popowski M. Richardson J. Rieger 96 J. Posten D. Riewalt C. Rarick E. Riley D. McKay D. R. Moore v M. S. Nelson J. Opdycke L Page S. Pierce J. Reader E. RingK. Robb J. Robinson B. Rockwell R. Rogala E. Rogers P. Ruf T. Saunders E. Scheloski R. Schultz C. Shrode G. Schumacher S. Seggi J. Singer R. Serafini J. Shappell K. Shearer C. Shields P. Shreve R. Siegel C. Simmons R. Sins C. Smith D. Smith J. Smith J. Smith S. Smith M. J. Smulik D. Snarski R. Stahon G. Stancliff T. Stankiewicz M. Starks E. Steinhauer B. Sterling B. L. Sterner J. Stroker D. Sulkowski J. Sulzycki G. Swanson K. Sweeney R. Swendelhurst C. Tanenbaum R. Tarkowski J. Tave D. Taylor C. Thomas J. Thomas M. A. Thomas T. Thompson N. L. Trapp A. Treiber K. Tronoski J. Twargoski J. Van Scoyoc S. Vitelli T. Vought 97 C. Savelli V. Shank 1 S. Skarupski S. Staaf J. Stevens M. Tansey M. L. ThomczakJ. Warren J. West L. Weaver M. West H. Webb S. Wheeler M. E. Weber K. Whitling D. Weed P. Whitford P. Welton J. Will R. A. Werren K. Williams P. Wertz W. Williams M. Werth F. Zelvis r% G. Wolf R. Zielinski o, Vt R. Wolf D. Zimmer S. Wolozonski D. Wood R. Zimmer E. Zipper R. Wycoff M. Yeager N. Yochim N. Zuck 1. P. Davis, Sigh Guy 2. J. Tave, All dressed up for a party 3. Egypt was never like this! 4. Hi there. Tree climber 5. The girls. 6. C. Skinner, D. Angelo, Love in bloom 7. Interesting, kids? 8. Young at heart 981. Dance nite. 2. Deep thinker? 3. Happy Daze. 4. "In the good old summer time." 5. Moments to remember. 6. Sleeping? beauties. 7. Working hard? 8. "Hail" Hail" the gangs all here. 9. Caught in the act. 10. Pretty as a picture. 11. "Gouten Nacht" 12. F. Osbeck. 13. Love in bloom. 14. Havin Fun kids? 15. "Peepin thru a hollow log" 16. "Peek-a-boo" 17. "Judy and Joans" puppet show. 18. Is the water cold? 99C. Blossey J. Boesewetter C. Borkowski J. Bowers R. Angelo F. F. Bang D. Battle L. Bennett S. Brown M. Camera B. Buerk R. Camerio R. Akus H. Aldrete F. Astemborski A. Babay M. Bates C. Bendig M. A. Briggs C. Burns M. D. Briggs R. Brooks E. Brown B. Cairns J. Calamita A. Camarata 100 W. Anderson R. Barczynski C. Bearce N. Bently L. Berry H. Bond E. Brace S. Burchick P. Bish J. Borczon R. Braughler R. Burek v y N. Barnett W. Beard S. Alberstadt J. Babo R. Althof L. Bailey R. Alessi C. Amsden C. Balko R. BalsingerO. Candia M. Carlisle D. Carlson J. Carlson D. Carr L. Carr R. Carrier M. Case W. Chapin L. Cheney J. Clawson C. Clay P. Clemens M. Cohen H. Craig J. Craig R. Crolli S. Crosby J. Criscione P. Crowley N. Dailey J. Davenport G. Davies J. Davis P. Davis V. Davis T. Decker P. Delio R. Demetter D. Dennison D. DeSanti E. Detwiler W. Dickson R. Dinger R. Dinicola M. Downing G. Drake G. Driggs J. Dumeyer R. Dunbar W. Dylewski G. Eckberg C. Edmonds J. Edmonds D. Ellis B. Ellsmore C. Erhart M. Eshelman B. Ester S Falbo P. Fatica J. Farina P. Faulkner I. Fbanz L. Feidler R. Feldman 101 D. Carter S. Considine J. D'Aurora E. Dembrowski H. Downs C. Edinger R. Fagan B. Ferrieo I-» o rv a r m r Jk - r ■ 'y h 'jt 1 S ” , fc r 'Jk I. Fine R. Fialek V. First D. Fisher J. Fisher J. Fiske R. Foglebach H. Ford C. Foulkrod L. Frame D. Friedman D. Fritz A. Froess P. Froess R. Froess W. Fromknecht G. Eye G. Gabin J. Gambill K. Gamble R. Gardner K. Garnon J. Gauthier D. Geiger B. George J. George M. George G. Gerard E. Getz T. Gibbens N-. Goetzinger C. Grimier M. Grochuldki R. Gromacki J. Gross C. Groves A. Guckes J. Guelcher G. Gunther P. Hagan R. Hamilton N. Harrington B. Hart W. Hathaway A. Hayes M. Hedderick J. Heintz E. Heitzenrater C. Held J. Henriksen M. Herman T. Herman C. Herrick J. Hesch C. Hewitt D. Higby J. Hill L. Hill J. Hines C. Hodas P. Hogan J. Holcomb R. Holden R. Honord 102J. Hoover P. Johnson S. Kalivoda M. Kephart E. Kubeja J. Levosky C. Lohnse P. MacCagno M. Kasiszewski H. Katz L. Kaufman L. Kensill R. Kent W. Kent E. King M. Kinzig J. Knight M. Kons T. Kramer M. Krebs D. Krivonak B. Kueczynski B. Kunselman J. Lapinsky F. Lasky F. Lennberg M. Levick C. Legenzoff E. Lintelman T. Lipiec B. Little N. Little M. Litz M. Loesch E. Lomaz N. Loomis J. Lucas N. Luciano R. Lukeas T. Lydie B. Mabie B. Maciejewski J. Maclver W. Mack J. Macrino G. Madrigale R. Maille A. Majczyk 103R. Markam B. Matos P. Merryman L. Mohr P. Murray E. Noonan G. Osborn N. Padmore R. Marvelli G. Marsh R. Marshall C. Martin R. Martin K. Martindale A. Mathes M. Matson R. McAlpline M. McCann D. Mclntire P. McLean C. McNamara J. Menzie J. Merva C. Metz S. Milani N. Miller W. Miller D. Mischler E. Moffett M. Mollberg S. Mong C. Morey L. Morrow D. Morschhauser J. Muffie D. Murphy C. Mussett J. Nelson J. Newport D. Nick J. Niedzwiecki B. Niter P. Nolan D. Novals T. O'Brien E. Ohmer N. Ohmer L. Olson F. Osbeck R. Osborne C. Oster, R. Oster A. Ott L. Ott L. Ottoson L. Owens P. Owens E. Palambi D. Parker E. Parmenter W. Pasold C. Pastewka D. Pasquale C. Patsy 104J. Peebles A. Peterman E. Portis P. Post J. Pettigrew D. Putnam E. Rawson T. Reed J. Reinhold A. Rogers C. Root F. Rose J. Ricci T. Roth B. Salzello L. Seager G. Sheldon D. Slichter J. Reisenauer A. Riazzi B. Ross F. Ross K. Shantz J. Shuhart C. Sliker C. Slodownick A. Pawlowski C. Peck G. Pietrasiewicz J. Porter F. Pettinato R. Putnam H. Rinder R. Roumfort K. Phillips N. Ramey M. Robson S. Rubin P. Sabatino R. Sawtelle J. Shank D. Silk V - J. Shappell L. Silver G. Patterson Y. Phillips R. Sharie C. Sharkey J. Sinnott C. Skinner 105 M. Savelli D. Serafin V. Savelli D. Shadduck T. Sabatino T. Scarlett G. Shapiro F. Silvaggi -7 V» A. Sabolsky R. Schaach V. Saeger M. Salyers J. Schlabach L. SchoenbergJ. Stuard C. Stuart F. Straub R. Sullivan T. Sustak R. Swahn C. Szewczyk T. Tacconi A. Taglienti O. Tannehill J. Taylor L. Taylor O. Terrybery A. R. Terry M. Thaler F. Tharp J. Thayer W. Thiem B. Titko K. Tookey F. Toskin C. Trapp S. Trapp B. Trocki E. Turner H. Tyczkowska A. Vacanti N. VanDamia A. VanDyke J. Vargo M. L. Vati B. Vaughn J. Vickey C. Vogt E. Volik C. Vorse E. Voss B. Wagner J. Wagner M. Wagner S. Wagner T. Walczak P. Wall H. Walsh S. Wardell J. Wosiela B. Webb N. Webb 106C. Webster J. Weigel V. Wentz D. Weyland J. Whipple B. Whipple J. Whitford L. Wilbur M. Williams P. Williamson P. Wilson T. Winarczyk C. Winkleman C. Wolfe S. Wolfe P. Wright - f im n I i rv . if J ft J % Q . i « ft A S I G. Wurst J. Yeager B. Yerkey P. Yezzi N. Yochim C. Young R. Young T. Younger A. Zawadski C. Zerbe T. Zimmer D. Zimmerly J. Zimmerly J. Zuern 1. "Rock it, Fellows” 2. "Sweet Sixteen” 3. Bathing beauties? 4. Looks like fun kids. 5. School daze 6. Good group 7. Don't break the shovel Bob. 8. Sippen soda 9. M. Levick, D. Cardot, Which one is mister universe? 107D. Alcox, T. Anderson, T. Anderson, H. Armes, D. Bang, B. Ban ister, R. Bartnikowski, D. Baur, E. Belcastro, R. Benz, F. Berridge C. Bettilyon, R. Black, G. Blanchard, D. Book, T. Bower, A. Brad shaw, W. Brown, R. Carlson, J. Chisholm, L. Cohen, R. Cramer G. Damico, J. Davis, J. DeCarolis, D. Dieter, R. Donna, D. Eller D. Feldman, J. Fiero, M. Foley, H. Foster, T. Fourspring, H. Fried man, D. Froess, R. Gehrlein, W. Gillespie, J. Ginader, R. Gro macki, D. Hannah, D. Hardinger, D. Hart, R. Hecker, E. Hicks R. Hime, T. Hobeck, R. Horsman, A. Italiani, T. Jackson, S. Jones W. Jones, T. Kohler, V. Lawson, R. Levick, J. Lieberman, E. Lomax D. Long, A. Manna, D. McCabe, E. McWilliams, C. Merhar, J. Mountour, K. Mosier, D. Nelson, R. Nick, L. Niederriter, T. Oakes, E. Oster, W. Piersol, J. Randall, J. Rapp, J. Reynolds, G. Root, F. Rotunda, R. Salchak, D. Sette, R. Shannon, T. Siegel, J. Simmons, R. Spiteri, S. Stayner, T. Straub, M. Strauss, W. Stritzinger, G. Towns, R. Ulrich, J. Utley, C. Vendetti, M. Voelker, L. Waite, R. Walter, W. Walthour, T. Watson, J. Weed, D. Wesolowski, A. Wexler, V. White, N. Wilson, A. Wisniewski, K. Wolfe, R. Wor- lund, W. Wurst, J. Zuppo. P. Albert, C. Anderson, R. Ayers, B. Balsiger, A. Benjamin, C. Bohrer, H. Brace, C. Brody, K. Brooks, A. Brown, S. Bunce, J. Carrier, J. Caughey, E. Chandley, N. Clark, E. Counasse, M. Crandall, B. Crispin, J. Cuthbert, M. Davis, C. Day, D. Demuling, N. Dennington, J. Dennison, R. Deutsch, C. DiPlacido, S. Dole, D. Donatelli, J. Dyer, J. Edwards, M. Fickenworth, P. Firch, L. Fowler, J. Gamble, S. Giesler, E. Gifford, M. Goodman, G. Gorney, R. Graves, N. Greenstein, D. Haines, S. Haise, M. Hakel, K. Hath- away, J. Hill, P. Hotchkiss, J. Irwin, S. James, D. Jameson, E. John- son, P. Klasch, M. Kaufman, P. Keith, C. Kern, M. Kitzmiller, B. Krautter, A. Kruszewski, S. Kuhn, J. Kwiatkowski, M. Lang, D. Lasater, C. Lawrence. D. Lazar, J. Little, D. Lyons, J. Martin, M. jQp Martin, B. Mattocks, V. Maxon, Y. Mauk, N. Mazeako, M. McDow- ell, M. McLanahan, M. Michalskfr, B. Mikula, J. More, E. Moseman, J. Mountour, K. Murphy, L. Neth, C. Newby, E. Norman, M. Ocker, K. Peffer, G. Ponza, A. Potter, A. Press, C. Protzman, M. Raman- danes, M. Richards, J. Riley, D. Robson, E. Schaffer, N. Schlabach, J. Schoell, J. Schulz, G. Schuster, E. Schwenk, N. Schwenk, L. Seifert, K. Short, P. Stoddard, B. Struble, J. Sturtevant, P. Sullivan, E. Tate, L. Taft, J. Takach, S. Tanner, L. Thomas, M. Vadzemnieks, C. Vogel, A. Waugaman, S. Weber, C. Wedzik, D. Weller, P. Welz, M. Whipple, S. Will, B. Wisniewski, B. Wolfe, D. Wright, S. Wurst, N. York, M. Zimmer.C. Agresti, R. Anderson, J. Bainbridge, W. Baron, J. Barton, R. Bassett, K. Baur, G. Bemis, M. Benson, D. Birkner, D. Bondy, F. Burns, A. Cage, C. Calhoon, C. Carson, H. Cohen, M. Cohen, C. Cook, T. Cook, D. Cox, A. Crawford, W. Crittenden, R. Curry, L. Davis, R. Davis, W. Dearborn, B. DeWolf, J. Eisweirth, C. Evanoff, T. Forsyth, C. Friedman, J. Gambill, J. Gartner, E. Goellner, J. Gordon, M. Gordon, D. Gorzynski, B. Hart, J. Herbert, F. Hetzel, R. Huff, W. Johnson, R. Jones, J. Kelly, J. Kolkoff, J. Losko, T. Kuryla, E. LaCastro, W. Lego, D. Liebau, L. Lindquist, J. Meade, R. Meagher, R. Morschhauser, S. Morsowicz, J. Mullen, S. Mun son, F. Nowak, C. Ott, P. Pedano, R. Purcell, D. Rose, J. Rose, M Rozen, R. Scharns, M. Schuster, G. Seage, R. Selling, J. Senowitz W. Sharpies, T. Simmons, S. Smith, R. Snyder, R. Soder, G. Sopp B. Starry, R. Steele, D. Sterling, P. Strong, W. Swanson, R. Tanen baum, W. Theiss, D. Thrush, M. Vaughn, R. Vendetti, J. Vuksta N. Wade, A. Webb, R. Welton, J. Wild, P. Wolozanski, C. Yartz T. Yochim, R. Zydonik. J. Ackerman, D. Adams, A. Adler, P. Baker, L. Battaglia, B. Bayle, B. Bellows, M. Bliss, E. Borst, B. Bowers, E. Briggs, S. Brower, C. Burroughs, A. Cappozziello, J. Cerio, P. Chapman, J. Ciotti, B. Clark, C. Clarke, D. Clay, B. Collier, J. Crowell, S. Dale, S. DeGeorge, C. Dehnert, J. Denning, E. Deuschle, C. DiBacco, S. Edinger, J. Emerman, M. Epp, V. Fogle, M. Foreman, C. Gambill, M. Graham, F. Gray, M. Green, S. Green, M. Halpert, S.Hamil- ton, A. Hauser, W. Hayes, K. Hebert, J. Hime, G. Holroyd, J. Janke, B. Keith, J. Kelso, P. Kemble, K. Kindle, K. Kresneski, B. Kraus, H. Lang, P. Linderberger, M. Mango, G. Markham, P. Narducci, R. Nathan, S. Notarione, K. Pierce, R. Pinckney, H. Pinkston, E. Post, F. Potter, F. Potter, P. Radov, E. Saft, A. Salzello, P. Savko, B. Schauerman, M. 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Lehan, L. Leingang, J. LeSuer, J. Levandowski, L. Lewis, V. Little, C. Lorenson, P. Luther, E. Mahan, B. Manna, G. Manos, P. Markwell, M. Mathes, D. McCumber, J. McCune, K. Mehler, K. Melzer, J. Mix, M. Montgomery, C. Nichols, S. Nowak, B. Pace, C. Parson, R. Peterson, C. Quinlan, E. Rohlede, H. Roos, L. Rowe, D. Sabolsky, V. Sabolsky, V. Sampson, J. Schiller, D. Schilling, P. Scott, C. Sell, P. Sinnott, J. Skelly, E. Smiley, B. Smulik, A. Snyder, E. Tener, C. Treiber, M. VanDamia, C. Verga, G. Volk, M. Vorberger, L. Wadlinger, M. Welton, J. Weibel, J. Weunski, D. Williams, L. Williams, C. Yochim, S. Young.Row 1: A. Baker, G. Lasher, R. Harris, A. Mango, A. Marthinson, A. Post, D. Hilbert, D. Blake, E. Riley. Row 2: R. Hiney, C. Thom- as, M. Gregory, T. Gehrlein, R. Sins, R. Stewart, F. Fabin, J. Scheffner, F. Bach. Row 3: D. Christianson, J. Benacci, R. Angelo, B. Balczon, R. Coverdale, J. Takach, G. Knoll, R. Martin, J. Leigh- ton. Row 4:1. Bennet, D. Kidder, A. Peterman, L. Robb, P. Patsy, R. Black, C. Clark, R. Litz, J. Thomas. Row 5: J. Smith, T. Bloom- stine, R. Stahon, L. Clark, R. Seigil, F. Smith, N. McWilliams, S. Filson, J. King, R. Williams. Although our football team had a rather unsuccessful season, the loss column tells only part of the story. The team lost games, but they won the respect of their opponents and the student body for being one of the finest teams that ever donned the blue and gold. The enthusiasm and the desire to play, despite setbacks, built within our boys a character trait to be envied by all. We hope that the future teams of Academy will also have this same spirit and enthusiasm. 114VARSITY FOOTBALLBASKETBALL R. Klomp, E. Riley, A. Mango, D. Kidder, M. Gregory, C. Thomas, E. Plonsky, K. Hayden, R. McWilliams, P. Holmes, D. Blake, M. Schumaker, E. Cieless, A. Marthinson, C. Shearer.Lead by Coach Mike Ferrare, our basket- ball team had a very successful season, winning 20 of their 24 games. Two members of the team, Roger Pierce and Ed Plonsky, held first string positions on the All-Scholastic team. Ken Hayden received second team honors. Both Pierce and Plonsky succeeded in breaking the school scoring record held by Pete Russo from the class of 1955. Our sharpshooters finished second in District '10, one game behind Tech. In the last game of the season, against Vincent, our boys meshed 74 points to set an all time scoring record last held by the Vincent team. Because of losses through graduation, next year's team will rely on the ability of Chuck Thomas, Alan Marthinsen, Don Kidder, Bob Klomp, Max Schumaker, and players from this year's J. V. team. Academy 75 Westfield 51 Academy 61 Bradford 67 Academy 71 Jamestown 58 Academy 68 Oil City 38 Academy 77 Prep 49 Academy 96 Wesleville 73 Academy 82 Harborcreek 61 Academy 61 McDowell 29 Academy 57 Tech 69 Academy 72 East 54 Academy 77 Titusville 46 Academy 57 Prep 54 Academy 89 Oil City 81 Academy 73 Strong Vincent 52 Academy 85 McDowell 31 Academy 74 Harborcreek 68 Academy 70 Prep 44 Academy 57 Tech 70 Academy 48 Farrell 59 Academy 72 East 59 Academy 62 Corry 54 Academy 75 Prep 66 Academy 59 Ashtabula 53 Academy 76 Strong Vincent 65Row 1: D. Cardot, W. Bush, R. Baumgartner, C. Clark, F. Pet- tinato Jr. Row 2: F. Pettinato Sr., C. Batillion, J. Barton, C. Yartz, W. Smith, D. Hannah, J. Utley. WATER POLO Academy 1 In water polo our sea lions contributed five points to Vincent 2 the Trophy of Trophies by winning the championship Academy 3 for the fifth year in a row. The team this year scored East 3 32 points compared to 18 for the competition. Academy 9 Our sea lions should be given special commenda- Tech 1 tion, for Curt Clark, Bob Baumgartner, and Werner Academy 6 Bush made all scholastic first team, while Frank East 3 Pettinato and Dave Cardot made second team and Academy 3 honorable mention respectively.- Bob Baumgartner, Prep 2 led the list of scorers, followed by Frank Pettinato, Academy 3 Dave Cardot, Curt Clark, and Jack Utley. Vincent 2 The team next year will be without Clark, Baum- Academy 10 gartner, and Bush due to graduation but will have Tech 3 returning Dave Cardot, Frank Pettinato, Walt Smith Academy 3 and Jack Utley. Prep 3 Row 1: F. Pettinato Sr. Coach, C. Battilion, G. Sopp, J. Barton, C. Yartz, J. De Carolis, D. Hannah, J. Utley. Row 2: D. Cardot, T. Homung, B. Baumgartner, K. Steinhauer, C. Clark, F. Pettin- ato Jr., W. Smith. SWIMMING Our swimming team this year finished second in City standings, second in District 10, fourth at Western Regionals, and compiled seven points in the State meet. This year Curt Clark, our star breaststroker, broke the school 100 yd. breaststroke record formerly held by Jon Buzzard. The Sea Lions were defeated by Strong Vincent alone in City Series dual meets, both of these meets being decided by the last relays. Academy gualified five swimmers to compete in the State Championships. Frank Pettinato Jr. placed second in the 150 yd. individual medley, and Dave Cardot finished sixth in the 100 yd. backstroke. Next year's team will have seven lettermen return- ing, for we lose only Curt Clark, Ken. Steinhauer, and Bob Baumgartner. SCORES Academy 48 East 28 Academy 65 Tech 8 Academy 43 Prep 32 Academy 35, Strong Vincent 42 Academy 48 East 28 Academy 22 Tech 55 Academy 44 Prep 33 Academy 29 Strong Vincent 46 District 10 Academy 33 Regional Academy 26 State Academy 7Row 1: B. Litz, L. Gibbens, C. Clay, C. Thomas, D. Grace, D. Williams, A. Marthinsen, C. Edwards, M. Carlisle, D. Ellis, C. Rohan, H. Rinder. Row 2: R. Grabowski, G. Blanchard, J. Smith, R. Bryant, E. Riley, C. Bryant, C. Hultman, B. Heintz, B. Bens, S. Smith, J. Yount, R. Yerkey, C. Ianello. Row 3: B. Hathaway, D. Whipple, J. Gott, D. Osborne, D. Blake, K. Mosier, T. Roth, R. Pierce, W. Piso, B. Haibach, K. Williams, J. Capwill, W. Miller. Row 4: J. Heeter, G. Eckberg, B. Hiney, T. Gehrlein, E. Cieless, D. Parker, B. Feldman, J. Woodworth, D. Marshal, B. Kent, H. Aldrete, G. Davies, R. Crolli. Row 5: D. Hunter, R. Sliker, M. Schumaker, D. Kidder, C. Rohan, R. Williams, E. King, W. Wambsgans, R. Damon, R. Coverdale, N. Wirtala, D. Edelman, C. Huck, D. Sins. TRACK Academy's 1955 "Cindermen," ended their season in a flash of speed by capturing the championship at the city meet. Two new records were established by the team this year. One of these was made at the District meet by the 880 relay team which was comprised of A. Baker, C. Baker, J. Barnes, and E. Dunn. Their time was 1:31:3. The other new record was made in the city meet by Art Baker in the 180 yard lowhurdles. The time was 20:7. Charles Baker was the only team member to place in the State meet. Nevertheless, we took first place in the District meet. Because of the excellent coaching staff consisting of Mr. Giesler, Mr. Harkins, Mr. Acker, and Mr. Komora, this group had a very successful season, and we are sure they will be striving for an even better season next year. M. Carlisle, L. Gibbens, D. Hunter, D. Williams, C. Rohan, G. Blanchard. J. Smith, R. Williams, C. Hultman, R. Terkey, D. Grace. 120Coach Giesler R. Litz, D. Blake, E. Riley, C. Bryant. C. Rohan, S. Smith, B. Gientz, B. Benz. ENGINEERS ASST. COACHES: L. Harkins, J. Komora, R. Acker. Row 1: G. Marsh, B. Swahn, M. Levick, J. Lamborn, D. Driscoll, D. Grisier, B. Bainbridge, H. Down, B. Geisler, B. Lukeas, D. Meyers, P. Fatica. Row 2: J. Babo, L. Frame, P. Delio, J. Machor, G. Gunther, B. Conner, R. Cook, J. Smith, K. Shearer, E. Plonsky, B. Klomp, P. Davis, T. Scarlet. Row 3: D. Christanson, D. Bunce, L. Smith, H. Lincoln, K. Moser, C. Blossey, D. Bertelsen, B. Har- iff, F. Hassel, B. Lang, D. Baurer. Row 4: R. Black, E. Me Williams, D. Fritz, R. Honard, T. Italani, J. Takach, W. Kent, R. Anglo, G. Damico, T. Koehler, W. Bush. Row 5: D. Siegal, W. Jones, L. Loftus, M. Gregory, G. Weurst, C. Brukowski, B. Young, T. Vacanti, D. Benz, S. Green, G. Shapiro. 121Row 1: D. Grace, J. Lucas, L. Smith, N. Barthomes, B. Klomp, J. Capwill, B. Martin, H. Winkleman, R. Davies, B. Heintz. Row 2: B. Benz, S. Smith, H. Aldrete, R. Kent, J. Lucht, C. Kaufman, L. Was- ielewski, C. Rohan, D. Wick, K. Mosher, L. Gibbens. CROSS COUNTRY Under the competent direction of Mr. Acker, this year's fast-pacing Cross Country team came through in fine shape. Placing second in city school competition, the team lost only two meets, both to Vincent. In the District and State meets the Academy team placed second and sixth respectively. One of Academy's speedy harriers, Bob Bens, brought addi- tional glory to Academy when he set a new school record with the time of 10' 44". Senior squad members leaving this year are: Syd Smith, Bob Bens, Don Grace, Larry Smith, Harry Winkleman, Charles Rohan, and Larry Gibbens manager. B. Benz, H. Winkleman, L. Wasielewski, R. Mar- tin. Lying: L. Smith. OUR NEW RECORD HOLDER: Bob Benz LETTERMAN: Row 1: S. Smith, J. Lucas, R. Martin, H. Winkleman, L. Wasie- 1 22 lewski. Row 2: H. Aldrete, C. Kaufman, C. Rohan, B. Benz, B. Heintz.Row 1: R. Davies, B. Hathaway, F. Arbogast, D. Sette, T. Simmons, H. Winkleman, J. Filson, L. Wasielewski, A. Ritter, R. Haupt. Row D. Bathomes, K. Williams. Row 2: C. Ennis, N. Goodman, A. 4: R. Ulrich, R. Kent, C. King, J. Spencer, B. Kramer, T. Roth, Baker, F. Smith, C. Clark, R. Harris, D. Hilbert. Row 3: R. Martin, Coach Verga. WRESTLING This year's "matmen" wrestled their way to the city championship by winning every match. In the city championships. Academy was well represented with Art Baker, Jim Filson, Dick Harris, Dave Hilbert, and Harry Winkleman all winning. Dave Hilbert also won the trophy for the most outstanding wrestler. Art Baker also competed in the state regiorials.1 KC Erie MSS NCa MY AcadI ' GOLf xis rr , GOLf Mkiiw l CciiF S K ACAni-r Erie academy GOLF Row 1: T. Scarlet, C. Bainbridge, J. Sulzycki, T. Ashton, W. Bush, H. Frieman, G. Marsh, D. Meyers. Row 2: R. Swahn, J. Lamborn, D. Grieser, F. Hassel, D. Driscol, P. Davis, M. Levick. GOLF The golf team had a very successful sea- son with an overall record of eight wins and three defeats. Although our boys held a first place position through the early part of the season, they relin- quished that spot after being defeated by Vincent. The linksters finished second in city series standings and were District 10 champions. Of the three boys who quali- fied and participated in the P. I. A. A. championships, two placed in the ninth and twenty-third positions. They are Chuck Bainbridge and Rand Newby, respectively. Prospects for next year look promising for we lost very few lettermen from last year's squad. Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy m 10 9 9 10H 8 10 H 4 10 H 3 3K2 East 4 McDowell 2 Prep 3 Tech 3 Vincent iy2 East 4 McDowell 1H Prep 8 Tech iy2 Vincent sy2 Corry 8 MHow 1: C. Shearer, E. Plonsky, J. Posten, A. Post, J. Walker, F. Baron, R. Conners. Row 2: E. Hof- fman, A. Mango, A. Paszkowski, R. Cook, T. Whitford, B. Murphy, R. Klomp, R. Meltzer. Coach Tony Presogna's "batmen" had a five wins, six losses, and one tie season. When the tie was played off, Academy won. The team was lead by the pitching of Bill Murphy and Ed Plonsky, along with the hitting of Bob Klomp. This year's team is an experienced one with Ron Cook, Bob Klomp, A1 Mango, Bill Murphy, Ed Plonsky, A1 Post, and Carl Shearer all returning lettermen. BASEBALL Academy 8 Harborcreek 4 Academy 1 Prep 3 Academy 3 Tech 2 Academy 13 East 6 Academy 1 McDowell 2 Academy 1 Strong Vincent 6 Academy 4 Harborcreek 2 Academy 3 Prep 4 Academy 6 Tech 6 Academy 4 East 5 Academy 3 Strong Vincent 5 Academy 7 McDowell 2 125 R. Klomp, J. Posten, D. Bertelsen, C. Shearer, A. Paszkowski. Row 1: R. Cook, T. Whitford. Row 2: B. Murphy, A. Post, E. Plonsky. R. Conners and Coach Presogna.B. Lang 126 E. Cieless J. Yount D. Grimaldi Coach J. Leamy TENNIS Academy's racqueteers, under Coach John Leamy, placed second in the city with four wins, four losses, and one tie. Those winning letters were Jim Yount, Ed Cieless, Bruce Lang, and Dave Grimaldi, all of whom are seniors. Next year's team will lack experience, but Coach Leamy expects that his new squad members will im- prove as the season progresses.Row 1: R. Crolli, B. Feldman, G. Wurst, E. King, L. Ott, A. Vacanti, E. McWilliams, R. Benz, W. Hathaway. Row 2: W. Pasold, R. Holden, G. Damico, T. Roth, L. Frame, L. Loftus, D. Carter, P. Delio, J. Reynolds. Row 3: R. Honard, R. Fritz, T. Kohler, D. Pollard, M. Downing, B. Shantz, C. Blossey, B. Kent, C. Clay, W. Jones. Row 4: E. Borkowski, R. Angelo, E. Lomax, T. Schacht, A. Szuba, B. Sawtelle, L. Putnam, R. Peebles, K. Mosier. JUNIOR VARSITY SPORTS Our Junior Varsity Basketball team played a fine season with 10 wins and 5 losses. Under the leader- ship of Coach Komora, this hardworking team is certain to furnish our varsity basketball teams of the future with many worthy players. This year's Junior Varsity Football team had a fine season finishing in second place in the city series. The highest scorer was Leon Ott with 48 points and the longest run was 85 yards by Grover Blanchard. We are certain that this group, under the compe- tent direction of Coach Verga will furnish good ma- terial for future varsity squads. Row 1: M. Carlisle, G. Blanchard, P. Clay, R. Young, R. Feldman, E. Wijgant, T. Vancante, L. Sil- ver. Row 2: T. Frame, J. Babo, P. Fatica, T. Loftus, G. De Sante, L. Ott, R. Crolli, E. McWilliams, E. Lamax.Row 1: D. Rose, D. Cox, R. Morchauser. Row 2: R. Anderson, R. Rotunda, R. Welton, R. Benz, S. Jones, J. Simmons, J. Gamble. Row 3: E. Lomax, S. Stayner, A. Bradshaw, G. Townes, R. Zydonik, T. Straub, R. Fisher. JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS This year's junior high basketball team had a 3 win, 9 losses season. The highlights of this season was the defeat of Roosevelt Ir. High which is quite a conquest on our part. Dick Benz was the outstanding player of the team and is a very good prospect for our varsity squad. We are certain that under the instruction of Coach Harkins, this team will continue to produce good athletes. This year's rough and tough junior high football team played a fine season under the competent instruction of Coach Joseph Gervase. The "Cubs" ended the season with 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. We are certain that this hard working group will offer some good material for junior varsity and varsity teams of the future. Row 1: S. Jones, E. Lomax, T. Dawson, R. Zydonik, F. Rotunda, C. Fields, W. Green, R. Norcross. Row 2: R. Angelo, J. Simmons, O. Law, C. Ott, S. Stayner, C. Myers, J. Gamble, G. Towns, B. Sacks. Row 3: R. Matthews, G. Walters, R. Anderson, D. Rose, T. Simmons, D. Deiter, E. Litz, L. Skowronski, E. Belcastro, C. Wright, J. Ahl, Coach Gervase.GIRLS' SPORTS Shown at the left is the girl's badminton team. As soon as weather permits, these girls practice tedi- ously in the courts and learn accuracy, team work and good sportsmanship. Although these girls do not compete with other teams as in other girls sports, they do learn the art of badminton well. M. Ellis, P. Phillips, M. Hahn, J. Goetzinger, P. Fritz, P. Palermo. The girls in Mrs. Robb's swimming classes have learned to handle themselves well in the water. If the girls participate in after school swimming they may earn points towards a letter A which re- quires 150 points. For those girls interested, Junior and Senior life saving courses are also included as part of the swim- ming classes activities. 129 E. SteinhauerShown at the right is the girl's champion basketball team. This hard working group has fought hard to gain its title. By an elimination process the best teams in the girl's gym classes are then able to compete with each other for the cham- pionship. Under the able supervision of our gym teachers these girls have learned the rules of good sportsmanship and have gained the desire to win. M. Whigham, W. Jones, A. Sundberg, R. Smith, S. Leberman, M. Boyer, C. Mando, M. Sharp, B. Hamilton. 130 Row 1: E. Steinhauer, E. Whren, M. Boyer, L. Chapman, R. Eliason, R. Smith, E. Hamilton, E. Carlisle, J. Wroblel, J. Will, K. Perry. Row 2: L. Henson, C. Mando, N. Crispin, A. Sundberg, W. Jones, S. Leberman, A. Efta, J. Gaylord, C. Sullivan, B. Hamilton, D. Wasielewski, D. Dick. Row 3: J. Franklin, L. Zimmer, C. Martin, R. Stewart, J. Pryber, L. Ross, R. Bailey, S. Birkowski, M. Whigham, M. Smulik, M. Sharp. Shown at the left is the praise-worthy A Club. Members of this club are girls who have earned 150 points for activity in after school girl's sports and have thus earned letter A's. Under Miss Meyette's and Mrs. Robb's supervision these girls have participated in many sports and have worked hard for their membership.The girl's champion volley ball team is pictured at the left. As in basketball by an elimination process the best teams in the girls gym classes are then able to compete with each other for the cham- pionship. Under our gym teachers instructions these girls deserve special praise for the competition was very hard. Row 1: E. Whren, R. Smith, A. Sundberg, B. Hamilton, W. Jones, C. Mando, M. Boyer, L. Chapman. Row 2: E. Hamilton, E. Charlisle, J. Gaylord, R. Stewart, M. Whigham, A. Efta, S. Leberman. Miss Meyette's archery team is a group well deserving of praise. These girls have expertly learned the art of the bow and arrow and have also gained poise, accuracy, and habits of good sportsman- ship. This is not a sport meant entirely for pleasure, for each girl must show her ability by gaining a large number of bull's eyes during her training time. Row 1: J. Stroker, P. Maeder. Row 2: K. Savelli, K. Tronoski. Row 3: P. Phillips, F. Zelvis.1. SLEEPING BEAUTIES 5. ENGAGED COUPLE 9. HAVING FUN L. Peplinski, E. Andrychowski, M. Fracassi K. Rohan, B. Kieklak. B. Kast, A. Schmelzer. P. Casey, M. Wehan. 6. ISN'T LOVE GRAND? 10. FASCINATING SMILE 2. OH, THOSE BERMUDAS J. Trott, B. Greeman. M. A. Rutkowski. R. Iacovetta, K. Rohan. 7. WHAT BALL PLAYERS! 11. FUN GALORE 3. RAGS TO RICHES T. Bubczyk, B. Majewski. M. Wehan, I. Calamita. S. Illig, T. De Matteo. 8. BEFORE THE DANCE 12. EYE-CATCHING GROUP 4. GOOD OL' WINTERTIME C. Miklinski, B. Majewski, R. Dzikowski, 13. SMILING PRETTY! D. Conboy, G. Knoll. P. Marchini. D. Pace, E. Andrychowski. 132 This book printed by VELVATONE®, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Vclvatone method.ADVERTISEMENTS In appreciation for the financial help given by several friends who desire to remain anonymous. ERIE’S FOREMOST NEWSPAPER first in news first in features first in circulation ...— GARDNER j r n SB ... i ill'. .. - 1 T ERIE TIMES 110 West 10th Street Have you seen those good-looking and comfy play-time togs for summer wear at W z Halle ISros. do. TIMES SQUARE WEST ERIE PLAZAYour Headquarters for all student needs 729 State St. Erie, Pa. School, art, drafting supplies . . . type- writers . . . film, cameras, and other photo needs . . . gifts and greeting cards. Duggan-Rider OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Have you Tried . . . • Standard . . . Electric . . . 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OF ERIE The Howard Johnson Restaurant 117 East 10th St. Ph: 5-4441 2826 West Lake Road Our Service Assures Satisfaction For almost a decade we have served continuously as portrait photograph- ers to the graduating classes of Acad- emy, East, and Strong Vincent high schools. In this as well as other specialties - weddings, commercial presentations, and child portraiture - we take that extra effort that assures satisfaction. - for fine portraiture - THE PARSON STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY 15 917 STATE ST. PH: 4-6793QUALITY RELIABILITY FASHION In Famous Mcyer-Quality APPAREL for Teen-Age BOYS GIRLS and MEN WOMEN Can provide equal satisfaction! Only another carton of ECOMA SEALTEST Milk R A. 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