Academy High School - Academe Yearbook (Erie, PA)

 - Class of 1954

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1954 volume:

. - x , f .Y -,r 1 M, . 1 f- ,N . -F . .MMD L, ,W f 1' 4 4 Sf qv, ,fn ff.. 1' K f. ff- Q. ' Kyjj, A '1'vL..,1-7 ,Jx+A A 'M L' 42 rg, fx, J-Au? -Chfm 543i-1 KJQ, fp. 517-ff -lg-LIT, -- -,W 4, Y xwiqkvn I'-V .Jw Nj! 3 lj I ' pl ' ,if 1 V., , ,QQQZZ-f4zA' I if MJ' , b V , 1 , lf X ,IV A 4 I 1 'D fhf H Q-V xv 1 i 0 iv fx I LL 1 fn . T Q ft X is 4 if ' X ffl qi KY-.., fr P J , f -' 4' ,LJ ff, fi' ,' rm ' Vh .gl . VZ' X Ll' I QF 'Nf IIA, rx W W +2 x v V X x Y N' ,xl sr ' X X ' - ' C 1 ', fo? f X wWWWQ3V34fWWf ,gg 1 'Q f I .x I at 1 dkfgffil' -Sf R Xe .NX '- X- ,f J T4 ' I K. if V XL! K' M TX 5' X1 X1 xy BJ E 1. - v 1 Y ,X J x A -'Y , ,Jr , Q6 S Rx 1 N5 Q A X JV' MV 5' , Q . 'Q' 'A X, 5 , N ,xr A .N XJ +6 , wwf :M 2 my KN y wwf gg RXMw xt: KX-Qs Q5 rj if Q 1 4 V X T - 1 J H . xl V ' I 'Ss F "R V f 1, , J .N X, . A ' ' 1 .N g r , -'53 5- Q 4 .! Y A 1 A 1' L w. x . " RL M -.1 1 v -I A"f'x. v X XV fy Xl U m C 5 ga rx, J 0 fb ' VU 5' ,f 3 5 y X 'N ,ff XX X W A EX my xy - 4 ' x . 1-. V j MF" Y , xv -g.,, 'MX Xfxkxi M W0 6 ' , . ff ,LU i X V X 1 KJ Je 60 W yjwl WW 0MWq4 QW! P -'S V MHQEQZZVQ Ea . ,. .4 ,v..g Y, :sr-M ,- . -- 1 . ,-.. q: - ,.. ., - ' ' R , Y, , -, V379 ,X 1 N Il illrfl I KH!!! if f 12-1 AIMAIII1 I I1 I tflf fn!!! XNAXUNX L I .7 4 1 . , , gg, , x 11... 'YQ I 1 ,fx fin f Q, HIV? ill.. llll' Nm' "ii t 1 3 4 IIN HJ lllll lllll lil llill illll xuq' nnluf A r I 4. P! , A' L 'Q Q- f "'Q4:x. X 'S+ C -J XA-A V 5 4 ,Q M i .gf ! l'I1I'UI'N5 K 5 A THOMAS N ADAMS Outdoor specxalrst wood shop tops hrs l1st of tavonte sub1ects qulet track cross country baseball ELIZABETH I Antxclpates a secretarxal o enloys sewmg and swlmrnmg as attended Vzlla can be found at Art s Daxry Bar ELAYNE ADLEFF Favorxte sport IS swrm mmg loves to dance would hke to be a secretary Orchestra Twlrlmg and Y Teens oh so sweet ALLAN ANDERSON mterested m elec tromcs tmkers wrth amateur radlo e dentrst rs hrs pet peeve goodlookmg N SALLY A AGER Collects records by the dozen plans to attend St Vmcent s School ot Nursmg Debate Or chestra and Y Teens fond of dancmg C ERIC ANDERSON baseball enthuslast plans to attend Behrend Center tnendly PQPPY and happy K PATRICIA M ALBERTSON Shorthand ranks tlrst wrth er roller skates in her spare trme wx attend Medrcal Secretary School Y Teens IANET I ANDERSON l1st of sublects plans to be a secretary W1 attend Ene Busmess Col ege good dxsposxtron KATHRYN E BACH Des1gn1ng IS her ambrtlon d1sl1kes homework a member of the Y Teens looks forward to art class qulet reserved LYNETTE I BALL Interested ln horses enjoys protessxonal boxxng hopes to be a telephone operator Chorus a good tnend to all BEVERLY A BAEHR Secretarxal work rs her mam mterest seen wxth Dave enyoys watchmg T V short and sweet IOANNE C BAROTI-I Io asprres to be a nurse loys skatmg and readmg rn her spare t1me Senate loads of fun 6 nv U . f' f, yy, I 3 ' X I ' AX A r I f r , M50 A . . . , , . . . , ' . . . , - ' . . . 'll AMENDOLA Al . . . ' ' - Band and water polo . . . English ranks high on her 1b...' ' '..' 'll . . . l I 1 t . . . - V . . I . . - ' . , , ' ' . . . en- BETTY L ALDRICH Auns to be a prrvate secre tary enloys horse back rrdmg Y Teens whlz at the sewmg ma chme cute and sweet SHIRLEY A ANKIEL Plans to be a stenographer excels rn typrng Academe edrtor co lector of records qulet and sweet C fn RICHARD H ALLEN ROBERT I ALTSMAN Plans to attend Behrend Center member of NHS economlc mmded Bo good marksman Can be found at Ma Brewer s doesn t have a care rn the world grease monkey at heart future mtllronarre RICHARDI APPLEBEE LAURA M ARDUINI Better known as Drck Enyoys readmg rnterested rn basketball terested rn art and Arthur reads rn spare trme swrmmmg ranks hrgh can usually be found on her hst of sports at Rerger s seen wrth Vrrgrma G ORDON D BAKER Asprres to see the world flend wrth the harrnonlca football enthusrast monrtor tall and handsome LOIS I BATTLE Interested 1n secretarral work spends lexsure t1me watchmg plans to attend Erre Busxness College at ease rn bookkeeprng class 7 MARTHA I ALWENS Marty one of our athletrc mlsses Chou' member German rs her favonte sublect krnd and thoughtful HARRY M ARNEMAN Interested 1n law as an mtense hkmg for cars plans to attend Wash rngton State College Dlstrlbutlve Educatlon Class ROBERT BAKER Interested rn theatncal work Debatmg and Senate plans to attend Syracuse Umversrty mrdest YVONNE R BAUSCHARD Member of Y Teens and Star enyoys horse back r1d1ng haxls from Waterford Iomt Hrgh Bonnre always a pal I W, 1 1 fra, "am-. 1 I 41 ' I ...a ' ' .. if ".' H I I I TV... ' ' A VERNON BEARD Fond of baseball a fxend on roller skates enyoys machme shop can be found at the West Lake Rmk lrttle bundle of dynamlte AUDREY I BISHOP Plans to attend Grove Crty Col ege Englrsh IS her favonte class loves swxmmmg Teens and Chou very efflcxent ALMA I BRAY Plans to be a housewrfe erqoys skatrng at West Lake Rrnk rn her spare and sweet CHESTER M BURNS Future salesman hopes to attend Behrend Center Senate and Red Cross attracted to guns very moe MARILYN A BENSON Hopes to enter the nursmg pro fesslon member of Y Teens drwmg enthus1ast Corky pleasant PATTI I BOOTES One of our future home makers Y Teens a homebody football and basketball fan seen wrth Peggy and Carol dit THOMAS G BRETER Plans to be a bookkeeper fan of the Cleveland Browns can be found enyoys Tony s Twrlrght Tune Time VIRGINIA I BUZANOSKI Erqoys sewlng and read rn can be seen con stantly wrth Laura member of YTeens S1 Sm' 'i ELAINE A BROCK Member of Chorus plans to be a housewrfe haxls from Wxlson Ir frxends as Elly PHYLLIS I CAPELLETTY Phyl member of Chorus and Y Teens passes her txme roller skat1ng hard worker hkes typmg class IAMES W BROWN Interested 1n the held of medrcme member of Star Staff avrd football an collects records our Iohnny Ray KENNETH T CAIRNS Hopes to study law at Wheaton College co lector of stamps known to hrs fnends as Ken 814 hm x l bp . ta time...Y-Teens...short at Iarussi'sDrug Store... High . . . known to her f 'g... - l- ... .-. - -I-.i A -I--D '-la ' . -.. I 'l I G 4 4 I I A 3 ', 5 I' , xt 4 'n . 5 'x I RICHARD A BROWN Interested in guns basketball fan dislikes drafting a good eye for women PATRICIA M CAREY Ambitious in commercial work plans to attend Erie Buslness College member of Y Teens good sport RONALD BILETNIKOFF Future farmer an outcloorsman one of our best football players Plans to attend Purdue our athletic muscle man MAGDOLENE BOOTH Plans to be a comptometer oper ator member of Orchestra enloys watching baseball games can be found at IACOUELINE M BIRKNER Interested in drafting enyoys photography plays badmln ton and basketball in spare time on the quiet side ALICE M BRADFORD The nursing protesslon 15 her mam interest Senate Red Cross and YTeens plans to attend Vrlla Maria College SHIRLEY I BRUMFIELD Future homemaker watches TV in spare time dtslikes cliques sweet to everyone ERLAND A CARLSON W1th him basketball is tops active in cross coun r hopes to attend Behrend Center future milhonaire always cheerful Donna s LEOLA BRYANT Comes from Ullman Hrgh in Alabama likes to O D is her favorite class easy to get along with ROSEMARY I CARLSON Deslres to be a stenogra pher ambitious painter favorite subyect Ger man quiet and re served 9 SIIICBIG DONALD A BURGER Headed for college joys hunting active 1n track tall blond and handsome LAWRENCE E CARR Interested in football plans to attend Houghton College Band Photo graphy seen with loan ' . . . . . . ' ...en- cats . . . favorite subject is hails from Wilson lr. High try new recipes . . . P.- football, basketball, and ' ' ty... ' ': - , - - . . . a . . . . . . ' - . . . ' . G R D i I C17 SHIRLEY L CARTER WAYNE CARVER DONALD E CATLIN OLIVE B CASE Shtrl desires Ford enjoys and rollerskating favorite sub1ect is ar always a smxle a new racing NANCYI CHRISTENSON Wonderful personality worker will succeed in all she does Teens and Senate Enjoys hunting and base a fond of reading gym enthuslast plans to be a millionalre halls from Wilson DONALD E CLAWSON Don president of a an exceptional organist will attend Oberlin Conservatory Favorlte sport IS football pet peeve women drivers found at Will s Dairy Bar friendly personality MARY A CLOYD Bunny to be a fashion dabbles in oil painting Y Teens W1 attend Edxnboro College I OEL COTTER Red comes to us from Wilson claims TV is his favorite pastrme at ease when fishmg mterested tn cars DOROTHY DANEIKO Sewing is her hobby swim ming and tenms her favorlte sports a great conversa honahst VIRGINIA A COUGHLIN College bound interested ln ar plans to be a housewxfe Y Teens very devillsh WILLIAM D DAVIS 1 will attend Penn State where he plans to study archi tecture his favorite sport is cross country can usually be found at Sandra s IO Spends her leisure time watching T V gets pleasure out of sewmg hopes to be a housewlfe soon smcere and friendly to all IUDITI-I CONWAY Plans to be physrcal back r1d1ng often can be found at L1ls house headed for the Uni versrty of Pennsylvama rf 4 X j ' in A x' K V K ' , ,I 'a J ' 1 I .. - ' ' bll... ' - ' ' . . . . . . ' . . . ' a ' aspires to be a church Debaters . . . a friend to designer is her ambition therapist . . . goes horse ' . . . Y- ' . . . ' . . . - . . . 'll " . , . . I , - Bu U I ' . A --9 MARLENE I CASLER Gabby can be found at Georges collects gum wrappers dislikes hotrodders friendly and fun loving BERNICE I COON Bookworm a home body very talkative plans to be a house wi e makes lewelry Choir WILLIAM O CHANDLEY 1 happy go lucky why teachers should get more pay plans to be a minister e peeve IS Be muda shorts RICHARD R COOPER wheel flirtatious home in a pool Choir actions speak louder than words ALICE E CHAPMAN On the quiet side hard worker skating enthuslast plans to work in an office always happy DOROTHY I CORNWELL always skating or hot rodding can be seen at oe s a future housewife SHIRLEY A CHESTNER One of our engaged girls witty has an infectious laugh joys swimming and Herby beautiful black hair EILEEN C COTTER excellent tap dan cer dislikes concerted boys Twirling Y Teens and Senate seen with Mac ARTHUR M CROCKER r hangs out at Born s desires to be an ac ountant enloys P O D favorite sport baseball a man of few words MARIAN A DAVITT Will enroll in Erie Commercial College P O D her favorite sublect Y Teens and Senate hopes to operate comp tometer ll MILDRED CROJBY To become a nurse is her ambi ion writes letters galore in her leisure time enloys gym crass and sewing easy going ALAN T DELAHOOKE He claims photography is his hobby detests people who always ask why? favors trig as a sublect and football as a sport Band a real brain 1 .V E ,' I ,' 1A af I X 9 I " B'l1... -- ' ' ...a ' ' ' ' ...en- . . . - Coop . . . demon at the Dottie . . . dislikes boys Bakes in her spare time ' ' ' - - 'f... ' ' "I"'... At.,, ' '- 4 C tl ' ' f . I a - ' ' X X K ROBERT DEMETTER Bob plans to be a salesman enyoys worlung on model trams golfmg enthusxast Band a good pal DONALD I DICK Asprres to enter the fleld f ogg ng drxvmg trucks IS hrs hobby Band and Orchestra avld football fan good tune Charlre DOROTHY M DONIKOWSKI Dom enjoys danc mg readmg and badmln on a member of Y college mlscluevous twmkle ln her eye ELIZABETH A EDMONDS xz a future secretary embrorders and crochets 1n her spare ttme baseball tan loves to skate THEODORE I DeSANTI Member of the football and wrestlmg teams V1S1lS Law rence Park quxte often loa s rn hxs spare trme easy come easy go PATRICK A DxLUZIO Mam ambrtron ts to become a successful salesman plans to attend Gannon College manager ot varslty basketball good natured DAYLE A DORAN Freckles Y Teens and Twtrlmg would llke to be a secretary hopes to attend college ELAINE E EICHER Secretanal work mterests er member of Y Teens expert typxst halls from St loe s great conversahonalxst ANN DORICH nka would lrke to teach physrcal educahon expert softball player plans to study t athlehc MARY L EISWEIRTH ou her pet peeve IS pesty boys loves to wnte letters claxms typmg xs her favorlte sub ec Twrrlmg cute ways SALLIE Q DOWNEY Hopes to be a psychlatrlst member of Debate Cholr and YTeens analyzes people 1n her lxttle mlss NANCY I ELLER Nan often attends foot ball games lrkes to pamt and cook spends er lelsure tlme wxth Al Y Teens 12 , , C , ,. . l i " ' ' I ' ...a a ' Teens - - - Plans to attend wonderful lass. Slippery Rock . . . very spare time . . . active ' . '...a ' ' ' - h ' ' ' I 7, S W me XE U K FRANCIS D DOVISHAW To be a salesman rs hrs ambltron headed for Penn State can be football and wrestlmg sportsmmded WILLARD C ELLIS 1 Uncle Mrltre IS h1s pet peeve TV and wresthng are hls favorlte pastrmes never un happy when at Barbara s EVELYN L DESSER l1Vould lrke to attend Temple Unrversrty hotrods around town detests concerted boys YTeens and Chorus llkes candy ROBERT E D1MASI Plans to attend Rochester and be an engmeer a whrz rn trrg and algebra Band Orchestra frrendly and fun lovxng LORETTA M DESSER Wrrtes letters galore horse back ndrng rs tops wrth her dancmg occup1es her spare trme Y Teens speed demon MARY C DONATELLI Mo me asprres to be a teacher hkes to make new trrends member of Y Teens always happy when lack rs home MARGARET A DUNN Marge has a beautiful dramond on her left hand eventually wrll be a Y Teens an excellent dancer DONALD W ELLISON When huntmg season rolls around he s sure to take advantage drattlng class IS certarnly no bore enloys football games everybody s trrend I AMES R DYER 1m hangs around at Rreger s tormer Tech student detests women when rt comes to baseball BEATRICE E ENGEL Seen wtth Blll member of Senate and Y Teens wrltes letters ln her spare tlme amrable i sr 131 ROSANNE DZIKOWSKI Roxy hopes to be a secretary soon football and basketball rate hrgh people her pet peeve lrkeable lass DOUGLAS EPP Member of Band and Or chestra the held of engmeenng rnterests htm football enthuslast frrendly to everyone T i 4 ff , found at Dee's- News . . . housewife . . . member ot drivers -. , real keen with her . . . conceited B11 Q - . . . . . . . , . . Q V xi K r V y .rf tx I 1 fe ri Qt N L - E' f of R Y ' 'L K ui . L.. IOHN B ERICSON Member of Band and Cholr looks forward to geom etry class plans to attend Westmmster Col ege well mannered and nrce lookmg MERRICK F RITZ Intends to hll the soxl hkes gxrls wrestlmg enthusxast known as Rrckv to hxs frxends DIANE E FAGAN Member of Debate N H S Orchestra and Y Teens expert swxmmer rnterested ln theatrlcal work always mn a rush to go nowhere MARY G FROESS Hopes to be a secretary seen wrth Marrlyn and Nelhe Y Teens football fan reserved nxce to know IOAN Y FILIPCZAK Plans to b a bank teller Chorus eas on the dance floor halls from W1lso'1 thoughtful CAROLYN S FULTON Member of YTeens and Twxrlxng a protesslonal dancer w1ll attend ballet school lrkes green Oldsmobxles curly locks BYRON GEANOUS Can out talk anyone wat hes baseball game ln hrs spare trme good worker happy and carefree JAMES R GEHRLEIN Crrcket wants to be a mlllxonaxre mterested 111 photography hkes seventh penod best wrll attend Penn State FLORENCE M GEERTSON xs has a collection of httle dolls her favorxte sub ect IS offxce practlce member of YTeens alway cheerful CAROL A GIACOMELLI Doesnt enyoy dorng homework Y Teens Senate and cap tam of Cheerleaders would lxke to be an a1rl1ne hostess talkatxve and lots of fun K. 14 DAVID FISCHEL Plannlng to become a physlclst chess player w111 watch a track meet any tlme N H S and Band a wxlhng and helpful lnend SANFORD B GABIN Member of Senate Star and Debate plans to be a lawyer super shoe salesman httle devxl ' f . s, . . If r- . ' ,..., e - ' - , - e . , . I ' ' A ' . A A... U ... ..- ' , , - c S'... ' A S.. . . 2 . . - s . l X , , , ' -"- I I - .l x ' D I DONALD H FISHER Deslres to be an engmeer tmkers wrth auto mobrles when a spec tator he enloys football headed for Penn State MARGARETA GADUSKI Margxe Twlrlmg and a secretary sews rn her spare t1me cute and pleasant IOI-IN R FOGLEBOCH ack mterested n radxos lxkes to watch wrll study elec tr1cal engmeerrng hopes to attend college mtelllgent NORITA O GAERTTN ER Plans to attend Hamot mg quret and reserved hkes horseback ndmg ORA R FOX Foxy plans to be an engmeer member of cro s country team looks forward to tng class lover of rdle hours DONALD G GARDINER Smrley a baseball tan lovlal seen but seldom heard and swrmmmg GORDON A GEHRLEIN Pete spends mu h trme at basketball games aspxres own a beve age company can u ually be found workmg on hrs car MARY G OETZINGER Halls from Wllsorz would hke to become a WAF Teens doe nt l1ke sxlly grrls p etty red halr 15 RAYMOND L FRANCIS ay lxkes to cat 1t up gxrls beware' 1oys football can be found at Hoovers Daxry ar NICHOLAS L GARPETTI Member otCho1r and Glee teacher headed for Shppery Rock College clever ways and endless un IACK A GEHRLEIN Easy gomg collects sport books alms to own a news room baseball fan very devrlrsh L LEE GOODMAN Would hke to become a com merclal artrst often watches clalms basketball as has favorxte sport truly a good man ' ' I . . . ' i ... R .. . ' -' - ' - ' ' ....en- ' - TV . . . ' - s . . . ' . . . Y-Teens..-. plans to be Hospital School of Nurs- . . . hisnhobby-girls . . . Club . . . aspires to be a ' u f . l l h A . . . A to . . . . I ... s ' ' ' ' TV... ' ' . f L FRED R GOWANS Plans to attend Brlgham Young Umverslty sleeps ln hrs spare txme enyoys hunt1ng track and cross country happy go lucky IOHN l GRIMALDI Wrll attend Penn State College rke hrs tather h hopes to be a druggrst expert tenms player a speedster CAROL I GRAHAM Horseback rrder enloys Latxn and trrg classes her hobb es are sewmg and kmtt ng usually at the Stadrum D nor engaged gxrl M IAMES GRIMLER limbo managmg a G cl H Super Market IS hls arm belongs to AVA group motorcychst a good loe ARTHUR G GUNTHER Plans to attend Gannon ardent baseball tan town can usually be found at Clark s MARILYN A HAUBER Bookkeepmg rates h1gh wtth her hstens to popular musrc rn her spare t1me gettlng marrred IS her ambrtlon cute personalrty MARY JANE HAGMANN Member of N H S and Y Teens hopes to be an w1ll attend Ohlo Wesleyan seen wlth B111 CAROL HAUPT Arms to be a secretary d1sl1kes snobs M1meo Shop and Y Teens takes thmgs as they come NANCY l HAMILTON Headed tor college member of Y Teens fun to be wrth MARGARET M HAUSER Ambrtrous to be a nurse collects snapshots Y Teens ardent swrm mmg tan and drlvmg en thusrast modest and quiet MILDRED L HANNA Being wlth Paul IS her tavorrte pastrme swxm YTeens lxbrary momtor desxres to become a housewrfe CAROLYN L HAYNER Auns to be a nurse co lects salt and pepper shakers member ot Y Teens lrkes to swrm w1ll attend St Vrn cent s Nursmg School lr 16 u ' ' . . . ' . an . . . l' .' . , ..e . , ' ' ' . . . 1 - ...en- ' 'r '- . . . enjoys riding around elementary teacher . . . joys basketball and skating mingenthusiast. . .Chorus, A 1. 1 CAROL A HANSON Interested ln othce work d1sl1kes know xt all people member ot Orchestra and YTeens pleasant MAY ALICE HEDDERICK Mary Ahce 1S always seen w1th Carole enyoys danc1ng lxkes to drwe member of YTeens calm and smxhng RICHARD A GRAHAM Dune plays plng pong rn his spare t1me Band Star and N H S cross country and track actxve lad CARL A GRISIER Outdoor enthuslast W1 attend the Umverslty of Mlaml golt rates lugh on h1S llst reserved GAYLE GREEN Member of the Y Teens appre c1ates art class talks on the telephone tor hours beautltul black han' IACK GROSS Sam hangs out at Lou s fond of football IS hobby IS cars member of the Band Q PAUL D HARPER Can be tound at the Y anytlme golf IS his favorxte sport quret around school plans to own a hlm dlstrxbutlon agency DONALD W HEIDT German tops h1s l1st ot subyects l1kes photog raphy enthus1ast1c baseball tan tull of m1sch1ef KATHLEEN A HART Attends most ot the toot ball games part1c1 pates 1n Tw1rl1ng and Y Teens drslxkes con certed people danc1ng occuples her spare trme DAVID F HEINLEIN Dave alms to have tun seldom seen wlthout Bev football IS h1s favonte sport l1ke that haxr' L ,17 BARBARA HARTLEB Collects shells loves to read Y Teens Senate vanla College tor Women well groomed PAULINE L HELD Basketball ranks hlgh her l1st of sports hopes to become an othce worker collects newspaper artlcles seen with Dave ' . . . 'll " " . . . ' . . . ' . . . ' ' ' ' - . . . will attend Pennsyl- ' ' ' .. . ' on 'C N 1 ' .L am- A is . Q. X fl . 7 K 11 WILLIAM C HELLMAN 1 Preps loss and our gam Chou and Glee Club acttve rn football always seen w1th Mary lane good lookmg GLENN L HOWARD Baseball enthusxast tmkers wlth automobtles hopes to be an archr Band clean cut MARILYN I HERSHISER Coolung rs her hobby boys are her pet peeve plans to attend Um versxty of Pennsylvama Twlrllng and Y Teens MARILYN E HUFF Another glrl mterested ln the nurslng professxon collects salt and and Y Teens pleasant m many ways IOAN L HIPSLEY ls usually roller skat1ng secretanal ambxtxons wxll attend Ene Com merclal College Teens pleasant tn many ways CAROLYN I HUMMEL Wants to attend the Um versxty of Buffalo co lects stuffed toys hopes reads ln her spare trme petlte IAMES A IENKINS Whlz at tr1g and algebra e outdoor type N H S an Star Staff enyoys water polo you can depend on hrm for good humor WILLIAM L IOHNSTON Plans to get rlch qulclc IS llkes belng called Whltey member of D1SlI1bUl1Ve Educa t1on Class a great salesman FRANCES D IOHNSON Franny came to us from Roosevelt hangs out at Lou s and Lxttle Trapp s very fond of swxmmmg pleasmg personalxty IOAN M IONASEN Secretarral work IS her mam rn terest came to us from Denmark member of Y Teens loves to read and hsten to good muslc 18 MARGARET M HODAS Expenments wlth cooking ltkes shorthand plays a mean game f badmxnton very talk ahve RALPH F HUSBAND Ambxtxous boy wants to be a college professor l1keS to l1ve lt up wlth the Canada w1ll attend Gannon B'll . . . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . ' ' . . . '- ... ' ' - 0 tect or a mechanic . . . pepper shakers . . . Choir to become a nurse . . . fellows . . . came from ' ' . . . ' ' ' . . . a ll . .r X' . A D K AGNES M HOENES Aggre enloys pamtrng also sews has a green thumb always talkmg on the phone at Dee s house often grit of gab MARDITH E IACOBSON Mardl a fme artlst wrll attend Carnegre Tech or Edmboro Senate and Y Teens MARY E HOFFMAN Collects records ook mg forward to a career rn teachrng lrkes to skate and swrrn Y Teens never a dull moment ARTHUR C IANKE Gus to hrs trrends favorlte subject draft mg Cholr and Photo graphs' ROBERT I HOFFMAN Future mllllonaxre the track team loves to flsh halls from Wilson helped to make the class play a hrt ANN L IANOSKI ex aspxres to be a lersure trme sewmg hkes swrmmrng P O D IS her favorlte class 'S MARILYN R HOTCHKISS Toots w1ll be a medrcal secretary spends all ot her tlme Wflllng to Chuck Y Teens Chorus Red Cross and Senate VIRGINIA C IEFFERSON Wants to be a receptronxst mrmeo shop rarses cactus plants member of Y Teens there should be more llke her MARY IANE IOHNSON Desxres to become a secretary plays tennrs and goes horse back rrdmg ln her lelsure tlme modest and quret JAMES D IONES Srngs hke a brrd hkes to talk wlth glrls plans to 1o1n the Arr Force Chou and Glee Club reserved 19 EUNICE A IOHNSTON Her ambltlon IS to drlve to An zona sews rn her spare trme member ot Dxstnbutrve Educatlon class qulet but sweet LARRY W IONES Ionsre concerted grrls clrsgust rm w1ll someday travel through the forty exght states hkes art class mce to be around I, ,N f f fl ' ' " ...l - " ' ...on ' ' ' ' " ...en-T ' " . . .sewing is her hobby , joys hunting and fishing designer . . . spends her or a secretary . . . enjoys . .2 ' A X X r , 1 ' ' s .4 THOMAS A KOHLER NANCY M KOSTUR OCE R IONES Arms to be a Navy captain enloys draftrng neat dresser basketball enthusiast Band basketball WALTER KARSH Skip football and baseball are hrs favorite sports lrstens to pop records rn hrs spare time bound tor Allegheny cheerful EMILY A KEMPIS'I'Y Loud people are Emmys pet peeve looks for hopes to own a Bellarr Chevre a bundle of 1oy Coaches St Ioe s football team a good wrestler Senate wants to be a teacher good looking RUTH L I ONES Future housewife frnds skating an enyoyable pastime seen wrth loyce nrce to everyone I EAN M KEENE Dislikes boring students plays the accordran rn her spare time plans to be a receptronrst a true trrend ROBERT T KENNEDY Plans to get a hrgh ranking rn the Arr Force grr s rm mechanrc deluxe calm and collected wr' BARBARA A KENT Would like to teach ele mentary school sports rs cats college bound likeable lassre DELPHINE I KONKEL IOAN R KOPPES e loves to type Arms to travel sews a aspires to be a housewrte mean seam drslrkes sews dances and srlly people always reads rn her spare time at Nadrnes member very sociable of Drstrxbutwe Education sparklrng eyes Class 20 WILLIAM B KEYS r sports mrnded came to us from Wrl does thrngs lersurely Plans to teach English nthusrastrc football fan Chorus Star and Y Teers sho t and sweet I ff It ' 7 if . 1 X A ' ' ' ' - B'l1 . . . ' . ward to English class . . . and cars rate high with minded . . . her pet peeve son . . . excels in boxing . ' Dl... ' ' . . . ' ' . . . ' ' e ' ' of V ga Mft! aw f ' ' ff of V . .. 1 .h Y ff 5 BARBARA I KIGHT Barb collects souvenxrs Y Teens w11l be a secretary plans to ege short and sweet FRANK E KURCZEWSKI Stamp collector hurrres to hortxculture and hrstory classes enyoys wrestl mg arnlable 4-IIA IOHN S KALIVODA ack enyoys musrc very much aspxres fo teach Spamsh l-us favorrte sport rs football Band and Orchestra quxet 1n class LOLA G KELLICK To deslgn clothes IS her amb1 lon P O D ranks hlgh w1th CHARLOTTE KINDLE One of our engaged lassxes er Twxrlmg Y Teens telllgent and pleaslng MARGARET A KIRKPATRICK Chorus Y Teens Has the arnbltron to travel talkatwe concen hopes to attam r1bbons trates on Frank for her horseback ndmg ease rn P O D class found at hm s house I AMES D LAFFERTY Al11blf10Il IS to own bls own department store dxslxkes people who drrve down the mlddle of the deVll1Sh comedlan IACK D LARAWAY Wllsons loss and Acad emy s galn football hero basketball en thuslast big fllfl road mce to know Cho1r member DOROTHY KAMINSKI Dot a future publrc accountant or secretary record collector Senate and Y Teens very enthusrastxc GEORGE I KEMPF Butch wrll go huntmg anytlme w1th a good gun doodles m chemistry antrcxpates enter mg Gannon College mce to be wlth GERDA L KOFFLER Pleasant on the qulet slde a dxarnond on her fmger frlendly dlspo MARILYN I LASHINGER Lassxe collects popular records takes an rn ferest m shorthand cellent seamstress seen wzth Mary Grace and Nellie 21 ff I . . . ' ' - ' h . . . ' ' , - . . . in- ' . I I - - i go to Erie Business Col- . . . at ' ' sition . . .future housewife. . . . ' - ' ' ' . . . - ' ...ex- - K 1 vs no t I A. 4. K K GERALDINE D LEHTONEN Wlshes to attend beauty culture school ln New York Clty swlmmlng IS her tavorxte sport Twlrlmg N H S and Y Teens congemal EVELYN M MACK ve future secretary found at Sylvlas dabbles ln paint ln her spare tune cheerful dxsposxtzon NORMA I MARKHAM Wrshes to be a secretary dlshlces wrrtmg letters reads ln her spare tlme can be seen at the football games congenral THOMAS R MAY Tom camera bug another Arthur Murray alms to attend E C C true helplng hand Academe Senate 5' IAMES L LETCHER SAMUEL B LINCOLN e frequently goes Sam hopes to be able to the Y M C A plans to help people to attend Penn State thuslastrc about basketball our football team loves Enghsh class IS cer to loaf talnly no bore Band THOMAS I MAGRAW SHIRLEY M MALITS Tom has a green Shrrl ardent tenms 1m Choxr and Glee a mllhonatre twrrls Club mce personallty wlth expert skrll rates hrgh wlth Torn BARBARA I LINSE Collects records hkes to swlm hopes to be come a housew1te Cats dlsgust her always seen wrth Bxll IOAN A MALM Interested 1n Chnstran ser sewmg or eatmg 1ce cream Senate Red Cross and Y Teens studrous NANCY L MARSH Mlsh to be an elementary teacher IS her arm can be found roller slcatmg tn her spare tlme Chorus Y Teens MARY JANE MAYER Arms to be an mtenor decorator enjoys rnusrc dancmg and horsebackrldmg plans to attend Penn State Y Teens 22 X ,J 7 ' , , Rd... ' .... ...en- ' - ' ...on ' ' ' ...Y-Teens. . .can be thumb . . . science is for player...p1ans to marry vice . . . can be seen I It MARY A MARTIN JAMES LOMAX ess always talkmg about cars wants to yom the Navy enloys all sports very talkative K PATRICIA MANNING Danclng and bookkeepmg hope rs to be a beautrcnan YTeens and Red Cross fhrtatrous if NANCY I LOSSIE Asplres to be an element ary teacher drslrkes dorng dlshes enyoys P O D very much frrend to all SHIRLEY I MANTSCH Amb1I10US to be a secre ware ardent fan ot Chuck and football xmprsh and rntelllgent BETTY I LOVEIOY Bowlmg 13 tops on her sports 11st relaxes whrle watchmg TV or rnovres YTeens a good drsposrtron MARILYN L MARCHINI Arrns to be a secretary hobby halls from St Ben s good natured and eftlczent HARVEY A MacIVOR Headed tor Penn State hsts photography as hrs hobby hkes chemrstry class Senate e of the party ANTOINETTE MARINO Ton1 wants to be a lrkes golf and tennxs Y Teens abxlrty IS what she has CAROLE I MASIROFF Asprres to be a secretary mus1c trend at ease 1n ottrce PIBCIICG class quiet and reserved CAROLE A MCCHESNEY Know to her trxends as Mouse lans to travel drshlces catty grrls Cholr another Martha Ray 3 Asprres to be a kmdergarten teacher draws m her spare txme enyoys P O D Class Y Teens and Senate un lovmg IOYCE R MCCALI. Collects snapshots emoys chemrstry plans to study nursmg at Keuka YTeens new addrtron thrs year ' -9' , " N A1 if ' ' w , I X ,Q rate high with Pat . , . her tary . . . collects silver- . . . photography is her professional dancer . . . I 2 q RICHARD L McCRILLIS Favorite pastlrne IS waiting for Eileen can be seen at Lyon s Orchestra Mac headed for college LAWRENCE D MEAGHER Wants to go to college always fixing his car or out with Lois slow cafeteria lines peeve im quiet and sincere CAROLE A MESSER Expects to be a Navy nurse collector of hats Twirling and Y Teens seen with Kit LEO W MOGEL Will work for a good rank in the Army hot rod mechanic: zoom! there he goes . . . Billy . . . quiet if you dont know him. ,, x 6' tv I 3 KATHLEEN A MCINTIRE Chooses nursing as a profession enloys chemistry cham pion swimmer Y Teens Kathy DONNA M MELQUIST Donna sewing and dancing are her hoblsles basketball ranks h gh with h r enyoys OIIICG practlce class Y Teens JUNE M MICHAELS Drmples excels in shorthand president of Y Teens cheer leader keeps a scrap book usually at Carole s house WILLIAM B MONG 1 football and hunt mg rank high with him . . . hangs around Vin- cent s Ice Cream Bar . . . very friendly. MARY LOU MIESEL Lulu often seen at Margaret s house mem ber of Chorus a future stenographer un loving MARILYN I MONTIGNY Ambitious to be a secre tary loves to go horse back riding . . . an ear for music . . . quiet dis- position. , 'ed' 3 .2444 DONALD L MILLER Hopes to be a draftsman avid football fan swlms in his leisure time the best things come in small packages THOMAS W MOREHOUSE Tom tinkers with automo biles . . . pet peeve is women . . . favorite sport: baseball . . . can usually be found at Burn s Service Station. fe' V2 A tp: ll 'A 11 ,GVVI ix ROBERT L MINNICH Mechanlc deluxe when workrng on cars wrestlrng tops h1s lrst ot sports last attended Wxlson quret and easy gomg RALPH S MORRISON College bound bemg a dentrst IS h1s arm abhors Bermuda shorts Band basketball andbase bal competent IOANNE E McLEAN hopes to 1o1n the WACs enjoys swrrnmmg and brology a southern belle JAMES E MENC 1m headed for Penn State a former Wrlsomte reads books on archrtecture frxendly fellow IILL G MITCHELL CHESTER L MOFFETT Ambrtrous to be a tele Wants to be a publrc ac ROBERT W MCLEAN Maze hkes to trnker wrth his car sport wnte ups are IS specxalrty on the Star may attend Northwestern HOWARD A MERRYMAN Lxkes to tmker wrth cars ou standmg member of the Band hopes to be a drattsrnan football tan carefree KATHRYN R MOFFAT 1 rnterested xn the attended school rn Eng and member of Drs If1bl1tlV6 Educatlon Class sweet lass ROBERT O MORRISON Bob plannrng to attend Boston Umversrty huntmg and trshrng fan member of Band great conversatronalrst rnagazmes drshkes meddlesome people sportsmmded YVONNE E MORROW Vonnle dlslrkes con cexted people would luke to be a nurse states that Chorus IS her tavorlte sub1ect ed Cross and YTeens Teens muslc and read mg occupy her spare t1me always happy ALBAN M MOTSCH workrng on cars occupxes hrs spare trme can be found at Rregers Ice Cream Bar enyoys baseball hot rod D25u Q If Io 1 I I -- 1- ,, U . I . . . I 9 A ' , -' ' . . , a A " - ' - K't . . .' ' ' . . . phone operator . . . last countant . . . collects ring nursing profession . . . Y- ' A ' ' . .. ' ' ...a ' ... ' ' ' W 4 I gf? A. O . A' WILLIAM R MULVIN 1 hopes to be a machmrst or tool maker playmg baseball oc cuptes hrs lexsure trme look out g1rls' NANCY I OGNIBENE Preacher w1ll enter the nursmg professton favors algebra class hopes to attend Buffalo General Hosprtal GEORGE E PARKER George clatms huntrng as hrs favonte hobby ranks football tops on hrs l1st of favorxte sports qulet and nxce GUSTAVE R PATSY Gus aCl1Ve member of the football team came to from Fredoma Hlgh P O D IS no bore devtlrsh ELAINE T MURZYNSKI Plans to study teachrng at Shppery Rock e peeve pedestrlans YTeens and Chrous P O D class sure IS swell 9557 SHIRLEY I OLLAREK Arms to travel and enjoy e football and Ronme her favonte pas trmes Academe Y Teens hard workmg and sxncere BERTHA M PASOLD Last attended Wtlson flnds pleasure hortlculture and sw1mm1ng quzet a frrend mdeed SALLY PATTON Last attended Wrlson good seamstress en1oys badmmton member of Chorus gaged mzss 26 IAMES A NELSON Ace lnterested 1n be comxng a gunsm1th member of cross country team hrs pet peeve IS Dolly handsome MARGARET L ORENGIA D1sl1kes cl1ques would hke to become a nurse Chorus Red Cross and Mlxed Chorus frrendly and mce to know MARGARET A NEWCOMER A roller skatmg fan sews for a hobby IS ltkes show offs enyoys bowlxng asplres to be a housewxfe MARILYN D OTT Asprres to study law at Columbxa Umverslty speaks French fluently N H S Debahng Acad eme and YTeens telllgent and attractxve l 2 I I,lp B'll... ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' - 1 ' - ---d'- ' in ' l 'ws us ' ' ' ' .. .... ...en- V I RUTHANN NEWSHAM Super salesman for Trask s hopes to be a buyer known to her frlends as Srs football tan one of our engaged lassres MARTHA I OVERDORFF Halls from Wrlson meetrngs Senate Chorus Y Teens and Star never a dull moment DIANE A NIELSEN Camera bug future homemaker Chorus and Y Teens wrth Butch she s always happy ig ARTHURI NOWAK WILLIAMJ OCKER Arms to study dentrstry at Wants to succeed rn hte Temple Umversrty does enyoys huntrng rs model burldlng rn hrs spare favonte sub1ects are ma trme football good chrne shop and P O D natured a llttle devll VINCENT I OWSIEIKO Last attended Wrlson shop enloys football hot rodder a good 1 wrth Shlrley ROBERTA A PASSMORE Bobble expects to be a secretary her ldVOI1l6 subyect IS short hand TV and movle fan sweet has pretty harr CAROL I PAULSEN Bound for Shppery Rock horseback rrdmg surts her frne YTeens and Cheerlead rng cheery smrle 4 27 RONALD R PACE NELLIE M PALMER Favonte hangout Kens Plans to be a secretary IS I red com col YTeens excels rn lector seen constantly typrng a lxl joker LOIS M PASTEWKA Bookworm wants to be a secretary passes trme domg church work full of fun but qulet DONNA PEALS Abhors drshwashmg enloys lrstenrng to blues records rnterested rn becomrng a beau trcran frlendly to all Q f ,. M M 'Sk I - A L! T x Y I looks forward to Star Staff favorite subject is machine house . . . his pet peeve . . . enjoys good music . . . ' , ' "'-F ' - - ' . . . . k'd. ' ' . ELAINE Y PEPLINSKI Chatterbox Thexl College wrll open 1ts doors to this grrl travelmg xs her ambttlon Y Teens Debatmg lntelllgent NATALIE A PFEIFFER Na came to us from Burlmg on Iowa teachmg kxnder garten rs her a1m Chou' and Y Teens smcere ROBERT D PETERS P O D IS hrs tavonte subyect any comfortable chaxr wxll do for h1m hxs red hair attracts grrls and h1s blue eyes hold them MARGARET I PFISTER Known to her frlends as Peggy seen at Rose M s has an avrd mterest Ln Brll easy to get along wlth GERALD R PLATZ Gerry all sports are raphy IS h1s mam mterest plans to be an engl neer qulet and re served GERALD E RAY Antxclpates a Job 1n the Treasury Department plays the guxtar speaks Spanxsh fluently oo ba track and wrestlmg well hked ELIZABETH B PLAVCAN L1sa hopes to c slgns costumes can be found at Vmcent s w1l1 attend Ohto Wesleyan Twulmg NH S and Y Teens DORALENE A REICHEL Plays the plano plans to attend Bowl1ng Green State Umverslty chestra and Y Teens seen wxth Mary WILMA I PONZY Watches TV and talks on w1ll make a good nurse Y Teens muslc lover happy go lucky MAI ORIE C RENSEL Lakes to read or watch televlsxon has a yen tor nursmg muslc IS her hobby sweet and smcere BEATRICE A POWELL ea attends all ot the to keep th1ngs ID order xnterested tn secretanal work loyal fnend SALLY I REYNOLDS College IS her arm Senate Star and Y Teens Renny spends letsure txme swtmnung a whxz rn tng n 28 ff I 1 n l I 4 V . . . - ' ' I l - A D sv I t . . . A - ' M A , , , ' . . . a - B . . . his favorites . , . photog- complish things . . . de- the phone all the time basketball games. . .likes -. ' '... ...a' ' ' ll, , ' ' . ' . ' ' ' . - V at , A I 'S '4' T I i' ph 's SYLVIA D PREGLER Will be a civil servlce worker member of Y Teens playing records and dancing pass her spare IANE M RING Hopes to be an office worker ardent TV fan member of the Y Teens good worker VIVETTA G PETRONIO Vee has an insplratton to be a French teacher plays the plano Senate and N H S always w1llmg to lend a helping hand ARLENE R PHELPS Claims football is her favorlte sport has nimble typing tinge s photography IS her hobby mce to have around CAROL A PFEFFER Can be found at the Red Tower or Ioan s the phrase I told you so peeves her Y Teens and Chorus pretty black hair ROBERT L PIERCE Bob hopes to ttend Penn State future businessman O chestra and Academe per sonality plus MURRAY I PROTAZ Wants a mint of money sports articles intrigue im why teachers should get more pay Bar casanova CAROLE A RINKE Makes a hobby ot oil paint ing passes time with skatlng and TV mem ber of Chorus beauti ful soprano voice TILLIE H PRZYBYSZEWSKI Will make a cute airline hostess cheerleader swimming dancing leisure trme very en ergetxc DONALD L RIZZO Enjoys fourth period Acad eme class watching football ranks high with im dislikes the name Killer Academe a good fnend to all 29 JOYCE M PUDE Writes to a certain some one in Oklahoma ways qabbmg on the phone Chorus future lassie WILLIAM F ROBERG'-E Aims to be an engineer ardent sport fan plans to attend Penn State wrestling enthusiast can be found with Ierry and Roger '1 2 V . . . - . . . ' ' ' I ' ' ' , I , al. time . . . full of fun. always at Lyon's Ice Creanf arid. reading occupy her housewife . .- .l likeable G , xi . A X EI . X W -of 5 4 iv f I . I . t 5 3 . f X ' l X .L ' X .A CATHERINE R ROBINSON Wrshes to be an art1st and des1gner enloys baseball and skatxng Chorus member quxet and smcere MARVIN ROSENBERG He hopes to succeed ln anythmq he pursues fmds baseball emoyable treasurer ot Senate Stage crew easy go1ng ROGER L SCHNEIDER Excels ln wrestlmg drattmg class IS sure OK fzshxng and baseball are wonderful pastlmes seen wxth lerry RICHARD R SEEBACH Dlck future auto body man often seen at football games bumlds small scale automobxles quxet IOAN M ROBISON Known to tnends as Dag mar axms to be a housewrte member ot Dxstrlbutlve Educatlon Class Y Teens EUGENE A SALMAN Amb1t1ous to be a secret agent for the Treasury De partment last attended Kentucky Mlhtary Instltute mce to know ROBERT P SCI-IULT7 Bob hopes to be a publxc accountant when ln Cleve land he has a good txme gaged to Clara very argu mentatxve RICHARD C SENG ER Duck plans to attend North western hkes hortlculture and sleep1ng can be tound around lohnson s basketball an LL R EDWIN ROCKWELL Presldent of semor class favonte sport 1S basket a last attended Wxlson lr H1 mtelh gent and qulet ROGER G SANFORD Rog wants to be an engmeer camera bug plans to attend Gannon enloys roller skatmg Choxr and Red Cross L ROBERT G ROESCH Bob loves to dance qulte a flrrt tnendly to all enjoys machme shop F IEAN SAVKO Wxshes to study teachxng at Edmboro enloys readmg sclence flctlon member of N H S lack of bra1ns ln thxs gal l - x ni lx I X - - Lil... - . ' -' A ...eng Q K ..-. l. I I ..l.l'- 5 f. ' C 7 L x I n3Oa NANCY S ROHAN Arms to be an a1r l1ne hostess en1oys skatrng member of Y Teens mce to know IEROME SAWTELLE lerry tops on the wresthng team as loys hortlculture can be found puttermg wlth Frank s model A IAY W ROLIN G Our star V1Oll1'11Sf can be found at Rxeger s dur mg hrs spare txme future engxneer chestra member enloys wrestlmg VIRGINIA F SCARLETT Gmger cookmg en thuslast enyoys golhng member ot Y Teens so small BARBARA I ROOS Enyoys tenms and swrm mmg college bound Orchestra YTeens N H S and hbrary assxs tant attractwe dresser ELSA I SCHAUBLE Interested IH secretarxal work enjoys dancmg to travel N H S Academe and Y Teens lots ot fun CAROL A SCHUMACHER Future housewtfe enyoys sewmg and hortxculture passes tnme playmg the pxano Y Teens seldom heard ROBERT H SENGER kiwi Bo hopes to be a saxlor h1s hobby IS cars but not when women are behmd the wheel baseball holds hxs mterest never shy 31 S F ELWOOD ROOT Asplres to study physlcs or math lrkes to hlke reads m hls spare tlme smlle tor everyone FRANK I SCHILLER Photo hend chemlstry class ranks tops wxth hrm Army mterested 1n basketball a lrkeable a EILEEN A SCHUSCHU Would llke to be a housewlfe or a protesslonal dancer enloys P O D and typmg Y Teens apple ot Vxc s eye M MERCEDES SHADE Plans to study nursmg at Vmcent s she fmds collechng records and wrrtmg letters are enjoyable pastlmes Y Teens Chorus at I, ,I K Xl X. S ' . ' ...Or- ' '-...a' , attended Wilson . . . en- swimming, and boys . . . and drawing . . . plans . . . plans to enter the ' ' -, ..., ' V It lf. ' - I 1 d' . I g, A b . . . ' . . . ' St. F 4 h . . . i . , Q. 4- "1 l MARILYN R SHELDON Preparmg for an art career headed for Edrnboro State Teachers College Y Teens and synchronlzed swrmmmg Verl' Peppy IACQUELINE A SMITH Hopes to be a typrst and attend comptometer school enloys good musrc and dancmg Teens and Chorus good natured RALPH L STEELE SANDRA SIFORD Sandy plans to be a tele phone operator last attended Punxsutawney Hxgh enyoys hlstory qulet ways GERALD A SONNENBERG Ambrtlon rs to be a college graduate speaks German we sport stars are hrs mam mterest usually at the Y M C A Bowhng hshmg and hunt mg are his lavorlte sports can be found at The Home Restaurant qu1te often Band and Cho1r a inendly d1spos1t1on IAMES I STRUB Can be found at Bert s house claims huntmg and hshxng are hrs hobbres w1ll be an engxneer an agreeable personahty IOHN A STEFFAN Hopes to be a mxlhonaxre P O D 15 no bore basketball rates hrgh w1th rm plans to attend Crossxngvrlle Umversrty IEROME T SULLIVAN Asprres to be a lawyer one of our football players plans to attend Prrnceton Unwersrty tall dark and handsome ROBERT E STEINER Bob spends most of hrs trme at Donna s hopes to becorne a laboratory techmcran Band easy gorng PAUL R SUNDBERG Tmkers wrth hrs car football enthusxast halls from Roosevelt hopes to become a shoemaker someday congenral QL ...Y-up ,Al 22 MELVIN C STEVES Me can be easxly persuaded not to do home work has a collectron of stamps records occupy hrs lelsure tune easy to get along wxth SUSAN V SWANSON Susre loves to go horseback rrdmg and hrk 1ng fond of hlstory Chorus YTeens and N H S an excellent dancer 5. . . AM ' ,' ' , - " ' ' l... ' 6 f X . x I fl' I N . A vb, A 54 I V, ', M RAYMOND C STRAUB Butch enjoys movies and roller skating with this lad hopes to attend Behrend Center sportsmrnded LOIS A SWEENEY Wrll attend Edrnboro State Teachers College spends her lersure time swrmmrng and hrkrng Star Senate and Y Teens sunny smile for every one ALBERT E STRAUS Bert aspires to own a Ferrari loves to eat hrs favorite subject Senate and water polo AUDREY I SWINDLEHURST Interested rn rnterror dec oratrng art enthusiast football fan Y Teens seen with Carol and Peqqy EILEEN M SITTER Enjoys knrttrng and playing the piano shorthand ranks tops with her drslrkes argumenta trve people nice to know CLARENCE L SOURWINE Sonny will be a machrnrst likes to dance rn hrs leisure time claims algebra is his favorite subject takes lrfe as rt comes SHEILA STRAUSS College bound Twrrl rng YTeens spends lrstenrng to records dustrrous student RICHARD I SZOSZOREK Hopes to join the State Police enjoys bowling and hunting trnkers with boats you ll never get me cop' MARCIA A SKARUPSKI Plans to attend Edrnboro State Teachers College trrg rs her tavorrte subject enjoys sewing and dancing N H S intelligent ELIZABETH I SPRINGER Bets plans to attend Erre Business College attractive member of Drstrrbutrve Educa tron Class Y Teens and Red Cross WILLIAM E STROUP Wrllre sleeps when he gets 'he chance show hrs hobbies are hunting and frshrng s y ANN L SZYMANOWSKI Listens to music rn her spare time art lover abhors concerted people fond of dancing rmprsh iv: i ,133 rf Mx I . I I bookkeeping rates high pizza . . . claims history as leisure time reading and offs are his pet peeve . . . j 'bf . -.1 A , , j 1 S . f , 4, -L. ' ' X ' ll L K ANNETTE TABACHNICK Asprres to become a teacher bound for Penn State reads a o member of Y Teens tenms fan short n sweet I OANNE M TOTLEBEN Can t stand people who arent punctual W1 make a fme secretary enloys good muslc has fun 1n Englxsh class DIANE S TANNER Collectxng stamps IS her hobby can be found at Adelles house plans to attend Erre Bust ness College chestra and Y Teens a ELLEN BARNETT TRAPP Collects salt and pepper shakers tor a hobby her hubby hghts for Uncle am enjoys wrltxng letters aspxres to be a good housewxfe IANICE R TARBELL Wlll attend lndrana State Teachers College 1ce skatmg ranks hlgh wxth er enyoys sewmg very much Y Teens seen wlth Doralene ROBERT I TUCKER Bob member of the Stage Crew former Wllsomte hopes to attend Duke glrls beware' DONNA M VOGT Plans on domg offxce work member of YTeens most of her tlme IS taken up by square dancmg super sales lady at Erle Camera Center ARLENE R WALKER Another hopeful for the nursmg fxeld dxshkes tardy people dellghts xn horseback rxdmg Y Teens pleasant LYNDA K VOUGHT Lynn collector of opera records Senate and Star her favorlte sport IS golf pleasant and frlendly ROSS WALTER Would l1ke to be a commercxal arhst collects stamps photo trend plans to attend Edmboro quxet but fnendly '40 34 FREDERICK W TATE Fred tmkers on hrs car one of our enhsted boys football fan member of the Band men of tew words are the best ALOIS TYCZKOWSKI Would enjoy bexng a pamter lxkes book keeping football and bowhng last attended Tech drshkes studyxng 5 A -4 " he Dx j,,,, iff 11... h ' ' ff ' ' ...Or- - . - ...a ' . . pl. 5. ' " ...a .. -' A I . X E 5 lt 4 35 1' AL.. DONNA L TAYLOR RICHARD M TAYLOR MAVIS A THOMPSON Plans to be a wrlter w1ll Dlck army bound Concelted people are her attend Penn State 1S swxmmmg IS his favorrte pet peeve collects hkes concerted people sport look out g1rls' 1azz ruuslc antlclpates Cheerleadrng Star Y sportsmrnded attendmg Ene Busmess Teens well lrked by College seen wrth everyone Caeser DAINTON L URSO ROSE MARIE VANCE ALICE M VanDYKE Amb1t1ous to play profes Rose loves to tease people hstens to popular sronal baseball P O D but clxshkes concelted ones muslc rn her spare tune IS h1s tavorrte sublect enloys cowboy records hopes to be a steno member of Glee Club looks forward to math grapher skatmg er' mterested ln sports class Y Teens thuslast tnendly to all RAYMOND E WAGNER Ray w1ll attempt larmrng tmkers wlth cars huntmg and SWIIIUJIIIIQ Sure BIS fun dr1v1ng rnamac cute when you want hlm to be KENNETH l WARREN Re mechamcally mclxned loves to hsh one ot our outstanding wrestlers sports mmded 35 if rf RONALD W THORTON Would 11ke to be an elec tncal engmeer eatmg IS hrs hobby en1oys basketball as a spectator can be found t Carol s CHARLES C VENTRELLO Chazz Band and N H S interested 1n becommg a chemlcal engxneer bound for U of Rochester dreamy eyes IOHN R WALCZAK Tenn1s and track rate headed for Behrend Center w1ll be a b1g busmessman has hrs eye on a certazn mode THELMA M WARREN One ot our engaged lasses menace at the wheel Teens loves to square dance socxal bug IAMES H WASIELA Another speculator hkes to skate wrrtxng stones to Splvey sure IS fun mrs chlevous MARY C WEINDORF Spends lexsure hme dnvmg clalms Engllsh IS her favonte subject d1S6ppIOVeS of people who dont lxke womer' vers seen wrth Doralene AUDREY I WHIPPLE Often talks on the phone Orchestra bashful boys peeve her wr fun and mlschref NANCY L WITHEROW Ambltxon to become a housew1fe offxce prac txce class 1S tops skatrng IS her hobby Y Teens and Chorus engaged ga LORRAINE WAYLAND Lon hopes to be a housewlte takmg prctures and skatmg are her hobbles passes tune watchmg televrslon neat appearance RICHARD A WELTON D1Ck collects stamps and model Sh1PS mtends to be come a blologlst wzll attend Umversrty o' Rochester hkeable boy MARGARET I WHITFORD Peggy secretarral work IS her amb1t1on cels 1n shorthand can be found Wllh Audrey and Carol LOIS I WOLFE Th1s young lass says read 1ng IS her hobby a manners dont agree wrth er enjoys English very much quxet and serene IOAN M WIENCZKOWSKI Usually attends Prep s dances helps the Red secretary drshkes braggarts cheerful smlle DOROTHY A WOLKIEWICZ Dothe plannmg t attend Shppezy Rack enjoys swrmmlng and read mg Academ Y Teens an N H S tnendly an cute 'E CAROLE P WILLIAMS Wants to l1ve a long and happy hte collects jewelry Tw1rl1ng and Shppery Rock College sxncere MADELINE WOOD Wrll be a Chnstlan worker plans to attend the Bethel Baphst Instrtute sho thand xs her favonte subject soft spoken ... gf Y. V .da -I. ...B 4' ll, 252- I if, , A skate anytime. . . full of member of YsTeens...ex- Cross...willmakeafine Y-Teens . . . bound for ' ' - ' ' ' ' o 1. . am ..... In ' I d . .A . v , .Lf A It , I fl 1 4, r ji. g t" ll I ,ff j 1,3641 CATHERINE I WILSON Gmger s IS her favorxte hangout hopes to be come a krndergarten Y Teens lndependent W EDWARD WOODWORTH Pete some day w1ll be an rndustrlal desrgner art enthuslast collects phone numbers bowl mg sure IS lun frlendly guy IANET V WILSON D1Sl1k9S bad color combr natrons mterested m go bookkeeprng rs Teens Bootes buddy ELAINE K WROBEL Intends to travel loves to drlve enloys playmg volley ball cooks and sews enjoys watchmg football frlendly Av' IOHN A WEBER Known to hrs frrends as Iack enyoys scrence classes basket ball and baseball halls from Wilson qu et CAROL M WERNICKI Wants to get rxch qulck does leathercratt work doesn t lxke to drlve but enloys r1d1ng wrth ack quxet and unassummg PATRICK WILSON a record collecto pet peeve stuck up g r s hopes someday mer Orchestra sharp dresser MARILYN I WURST Cookle wxll be a Chrlstran worker mem ber of Senate hopes to attend Bethel Baptlst Instltute k,J KAREN E WEIBEL To work rn a brg otfrce rs her ambrtron shmes at square dances loves to draw thtatrous eyelashes GEORGE WEUNSKI Can be found at 29th and Cherry Vmcent s loss and our galn always at part1es wants to settle down very easy gomg VIRGINIA M WILSON Gln would lrke to attend Western Reserve Unxverslty and become a fond ot sw1mm1ng Orchestra and Y Teens IOAN M WYGANT Ioanle letter wrltmg takes up most of her trme wlll be a srenographer Y Teens cute as a button ff, M 'JL ' " ' " '-Pt... r ""'... ' ' lf..-.m ' ' 'ill-... I ' ' teacher . . . Choir and her favorite subject . . . Y' to become a great drum- laboratory technician . . . - ' . ',si! . ' A . . . a 4 . . x -f" I Q ,. L 1 'C' ' S I 5 ' G Q f rv 37 fr BARBARA I YEAGER Maln amb1t1on to b a nurse dlsllkes con Cheerleadmg seen wrth lay KATHLEEN M ZIMMER Arms to be a fashron de s1gner enyoys rce skating and square danc mg Senate Red Cross and Y Teens happy and caretree A THOMAS I ZIELINSKI Interested rn mechanrcal engmeermg enyoys attend Rochester Umver sr y Senate ou standing student MICHAEL ZLOTNICKI Smgs and reads to hobby came to us trom Germany Glee Club and Cholr track lS h1s tavorrte sport good lookmg and trxendly DONNA M ZIESLER Wlshes to be a housevnte frequently wxth Bob a wlllxng worker v 38 ff t ae 9. H V X H3151 3 X .L .f A 9 A 'E' L L . . . : e . . . V. ceited people . . . Y-Teens, wrestling . .n .l plans to Y-Teens and N.H,S. . . h . I a ilu Illtemnrg nf lghilip meaner 0109 On November 18 1953 a tragxc automob1le accldent took the lxle of Phll It came as a great shock to h1s relatlves frlends and classmates and most wxllmg athletes who 1n h1s quret way found a host of fnends among h1s schoolmates HIS hard work as a member of the football and basketball teams was apprecxated by both his coaches and teammates We wxll always remember Phll as a loyal and dependable Academyrte who e unt1me1y death cau ed great sorrow among the members of the Class 0' 1954 39 I I . . . ' I I Phil was a sincere and modest person, and one of our best I I ' s ' s L.i.-..g,...... .L I f 'I . N-Q S, 1 "3 7 A . ""m..S. 141. ..f Y' 1 'N 1. Smiling Academy lasses. 2. 1. Shreve, G. Koffler, "Ain't love grand?" 3. B. Coon, "Summer inspiration." 4. C. Kindle and beau. 5. 1. lonasen, A. Gunther, UGood ex- perience." 6. B. Baehr, D. Heinlein, 'lOh, how we danced." 7. D. and T. May, l'Brotherly love." 8. B. Yeager, "Bashful bridesmaid." 9. M. Hauser, M. Hoffman, "Playing tootsies again?" 10. A. Hoenes, 'lBig chief Sammyrainf' ll. L. Desser, "All by her lonesome." 12. E. Desser, "1 wanna be evil." 13. 1. Brown, l'Sonny Boy." 14. The future Mr. and Mrs. R. Steiner. 15. One big happy bunch. 16. E. Brock, "Batter up," 17. Peace pipe any- body? 18. Typical slumberless party. 19. D. Melquist, "Sitting on top of the world." 20. The tender years. D 41 ft 55111 Sw 4 ll audi' 5 1. .H 2 , V- f. 5 .V Class Ofhcers Presrdent I Graham Vxce Presldent I Wlnter Secretary L Kons Treasurer E Bloxdorf G Baldwm I Baldwxn D Barczynskl D Baudau I Baumgart D Becherer Branchr Blanchr Bxelak Bloxdorf Bolhnger Book Bray Brecht Brewer Callahan Carlson Carr Carter Case Cesmck . Chianello . Chicoski . Clark lll'lLOI":5 I 1? T' 44 uv 49 Adams I Anderson Andrews Andrews Arnold I Baker Bard I Barnes K Barnett G Benaccr B Benczkowskl Benson D Bxshop I Brshop Black Bootes Bowman Boynton Brock Brown Brown Carr Carroll Carson D Charters l Charters W Chase M. Cloyd M. Cohen I. Colby D Coleman M Coleman C Copple I Cote R Crawford A Crrsclone Davxes Deckard Dennls Doerrler I Dolan B Dombrowslcr Dunbar Dunn Dunn Erchler Elsert Eller Fxeld l Frnazzo M Ford D Forrsko l Foursprrng Galams Gehrleln Gersler Goldsiern Golembeskr Gradler Gratkowskr Graves Grrffls Gwmn D Ham R Hakel 9' 1 if XG' il 'S' ... 45 Q9 W W Q El .,7" f"f"fU F'UP"!" ZF"!'3 -. 'ZW WWW WCP' OFEQ ' - .gf A . . . i . , 3 I A W" A if - N N N E6 C ,ffm X . Q' Q" P- Q 1,1 ' I r I ,L X 5 Q L' ,,.. . h ,li 4 al' 'ly 7 . , . .,, :l V . 5:3 , b X . ll rf A li G 'W xl 3 x , r 2 du V W ' 4 . ar. N M G f- . M N arrr N ' M, C X V' I ,N A . 3 " 5 Y l , L M G E sh . x I ,h - -- N - ' V 2 lf' :Si ' fl L N' if V -- , .lru : V I u ' I NX pw I N ' ' .l N - Q 1, he 1 ,n .4 rim P-'PPD - ' , . It E1 , x . . ' ' 0 'f, ' ' G Cornehus N Cornelrus N Cornellus l Crock C Crowell N D1-Xnmble R Depew M Detter E Dhus M Dommrk L Dnggs M A Dudek l Dyer W Dyer R Eckard R Ensfrom N Eurano S Evans Fletcher Fong French Frxeclman Fuller Geo ge Grllo d Grlfner I G aham VN Graham T Graney A Grxgnol R Grucza W Gunner R Halpert C Hamady E Harnrlton R. Hamilion M. Harris l. Harvey Hellman Hellman Helmer Hess H1cks H1 Krxtz Huber Hu Ishler Itallam laclcson lepson llcha lohnson Iohnson lohnson lones Keller Kelly Kendall Klemm Knobloch Koemg Kosabuck1 Kosxorek Kovslu Krlvonak W Kruszewskl B Leatherwood R Lechtner L Levandow .6 Q QQ I ff! 'fa 71 a: cr 2 OJ fin N. Harvey l. Hassel M. Hayden Hengstler Henry Herman Holby Ho Hornung l Ireland Irwm Irwm lakubowskx lefiords Jensen lohnson lohnson R lohnson lones I Kalser Kammskx Keys Kmg I Kmg C Konopka L Kons D Konzel M Kowalxk M Krasneskl l Knll S Kurtz R Laser V Lazan G Levoslcy I Lewandowskr R Lxgozlo M L1nse L Lmsey L Lombardo I Lucht P Lucxano M Maloney Marmmo Martm Marhn Mattson May May McMann McM1chael Melzer Mlller Moore Murphy Myers Myers Nelson Nelson Newby Nutter O Brxen O Brxen Osterberg l Ostrow k M Ott Pans Parker Parmenter Pasier Peck Pedano 92 99 99.9 2 'W 1:4741 X? T aff D Loper B Lorenson G Lucas A Mandell I Marhoefer B Marmo S Martln M Maihews P Mattes McDonnell McKee McLaughl1u Merryman Meyer W Mlfsud Morgan Mowrey Nagle Nason Neqley Nletharner Northrop A Nxewmny W Olsen l Opclycke L Osborne Owen Palmer Paluclu Parsons Paskoskl Pastewka M Perry M Peterson R Peierson . fx :fl 1 . L 1: A . In - . "' M V, 4 1 A P. ' A . ' D. ' 1 b ' ' A . P. ' Y 'l X'l I r . G. . M. C, U 'V . . , M. D . M. ' ' 'QE' Y . - G '-I A ' Q- I I. H ' R. R. 'wil 1 A 7 - ' ' L 7" . M :3Q. H. A . 7 C. S. Mook Q R. Morse .. r ki 'H 'M ' ll 1 C. B. A. .. K, D. P. Y 1, ' Q - s. f' AW . l C. G. ' H. y R. E- Q' Q I ' ' - ' ' 1 f . A . Q , . R. . B. ' ,, . L. ' A 7' 1- ad I . lar. . . ' ' X r 1 I A H. yy .1 R. . - ' I L p . s 1 3 ,, ,,,. . . . n - A R. ' G. D. ' R. ' B. -+3 f ' . 3 - R. ' .L A - G A N. . P. 1- . L. 2 . ? . , - A . E. Petrott M. Pfister N, Phillips K. Pittas Pope Qulck Rathbun Rawa Rebman Richardson Richter Rickenbrode W Roberts l Rohan S Romanski S Rosenthal I Roth C Ruggles Scasson Scepura Schaaclc Schellang Schmidt W Schwartz I Singer P Seratm l Shampoe N Shenk N Sltord D Silvaggi S Sliker W Shvinski Smith Smith Smith Snow , ' . QQ Q'-RQQ Lv? 48 l. Pierce R. Pifer M. Pinkston R. Quirk Ramsey Rapp Reeher Reinhold Reinwald Rizzo l Robare B Roberts K Romeo I Root G Rose P Russo D Santaniello G Savell A Schaaf l Schaaf l Scheloski Sechrist Seggi Selllnq Shappell Shaw Sheldon Simon Skopow Shker D Smith l Smith M Smith S Stanton l Stasenko l Stevenson K Sulllvan R Swarner I Sweeney I Terrell Thayer D Thomas Torelh Trlmble Trott Wagner Wahl Walker Weaver Weber Wedzxkowslu Wertz Weriz Wertz Whlpple Whxtford Whxtmeyer Wxlleti WllllBmS Wmkelman Woods Wflghf Yerkey Zehner Zelvxs Zxmmer Sleepy head chorus Comforiableo E Tarr and T Loewel .Q ILA 33396 X""'V 49 5.1 f 3 Tarr Tarr Tatara Thomas Txbor Tong Tyczkowskx Twaroskl Vogt I Walters Ward C Washek M Welss Wellman Welton Wettekm Welzel W Wheeler G Wlard R W111 B Wrllerl l Wmier C Wolf R Wolfe C Young E Youngberq M Zaczyk L Zlmmerman l Zuck 4 n C Wolf and I Franz ' W, , T h ,L E, "1 31 nj h - my M. '3 , " fl D. 1 A 4 Y , AA K' ' Q P. 5 K, 1 J! IU' W D, - " ' 9 . M. ll ' X Nr N-.I ' , A. ' I " 5 v " H. ' f w . ' V A h l 1 R, f A, 'sf' lb -" , T .S 5 ' ' A I: - ' ' 'T 'A' H' ' , 4 1 1, H. 4, A A ' 7 W., ' ' M f' 5 . 41 or I! lo 1 R- A A - 9 ' 5 A Y A ' W "' .T ' , vw ' 1 X I l W J x I N v . .A .r,, 4 1 Pi -up V e , 5. . I ' K' -V ' I K . 1 .-- ' Q T Q -M 'ax 'm..,,, t fl 'V i, r Sophomore Class OIIICGIS Presldent M A Rutkowskr Vrce Presxdent T Parker Secretary I Calarmta Treasurer I Brown M Anderson B Andrews E Andrychowsk1 A Ardu1m R Arneman M Arnold F Bach Barley Baker Barstow D Bartrom I Bay Bearce Becker I Bennet Bens Bernardmx B1l9tl'11k0fI Blackmer Blake Bobangc Bobbltt Bonnell 3 IQAOHLOIKQ5 X.-4 'CQ 50 9 ,ga -3 J Adams Lander Albert I Aldrete Altsman I Amldon C Anklel Anklel I Antrll Arrowsmxth Ashton Aust1n Baker Balczon Ba Baumgartner I Baxter Bednarskx Beemus Benyamm E Bernhard C Berndge W Lrnd Blake Bloomstme Bloss Boyer Bradney I Brandt 0 . 4 f I l A L M' ' L, ' - N I vw . A I - A ' , r - ' h 2 T. ' ff I I KV I I . rs. I , r . I J I A . 1 'Q V 'PID 1 .A N. ' - I R. R- I Q A P. 11 c. . l I. Baron , , Baumgaffnef R. 5 . i - " " I I Q h . . . 2 1 . -f Ki R , 1. - ax - , - 3 'l X I - hw- ,- E' . R- "f s , ' A A I 1 - - L. f 9 ' "I ' 8 I I 1, 15 . A..'k , 1 . A 14. . .I we . ' A . A . - - 3 z , 4 A K - , - D. N. ' i . L' 5 Q x2xvl Q A . P' 3 A I ' . ' E? I tw I ' 1 f - Ae W 1 A. , I M' N. ' v .1 W. R. I Q A 4 e - ' Brooks I Bross D Brougham Brown Brown Brubaker W Bush Buszek Carrns Carey Carhsle Carlson Carter Casey C6SSldy Clukay Clark Clark Cohen Colburn I Colbrn Correll Courteaux Courteaux Cr1sp1n Crocker Crosby I Dalton R Damon D DAnn1ble A Del Sandro T De Matteo C I I QQQQQ l De Mxchele Q D Doolltile E Dorrch l Douglas 'J V Q ' ,,5la G Brown G Brown I Brown Brunner Bubzyk Buchanan l Calamlta Caldwell Campanella Carlson Carlson Carlson Chrcoskl Ch1dO W Clark V Cochran M Cohen M Connor Cook Coon Cowley Crandall Crawford Crossman Curry Curry D Dean M Decker l Del Ouoco Drck Dolan Donatelh Downey D lscoll Dudek T. 9 . . I. ' , lv D . ' . . gf? 3 I L. R, N. T, D. Q B, 1 if 4- A. 4. f , .- ,ng N.. ,Aa f, C- ' "' Q' L. . 15. -M 4. x 1 I f xl . 4 1 P, 2 L, E. ' , Q. -' P. 1. 5 -e ' v. K . g fr' .1 4 4. " B' Q -. D- ' A M- -f -1 V '..: 5, V 5, - T. A D- A XA E. Cieless I .E . Q f P. ' ' , Q B. . is D C- f , . ' , . ,v R' ,. . A. R- - A - B. .5 ' ' ' r 1 , 2 .. f at s S. E. H. B A. R' Q f uv H. A . 12 5' as N. ' ' D. M. W E. H. -' z A R. , . I 4 5 -v A - j . 1 3 - D. ' - R. . ' , Y . B. ' V A .Q fi - A S. . N A 6 :A F r' . . ki . Economas Edelman Edkln Ehret Ehason M Ellrs R Exlexn F Fabm C Falkenhagen B Flsher I F1SkB D Flower ox Fracassr France Fransen Frantz Freed FIltZ Gallagher Gallma Gaylord Gehrlexn George I Goetzmger Goetzlnger Goldsmrth W Gore I Gott Grabowskl Graham I Gratlcowslu H Green Grlmaldl GIISIEI Grzeblelskx F5 9 'r- Mix Q99 999 Q99 Edmonds a Egnot Euhano I Evanoff R Evans L Frhpczak I F1lson E Fxscher A Fogle I Fogle I Foglebach N Francrs R Francrs I Fransen C Frelwald Frexwald Frrtz G ardner G ates Gauss Grbbens Glnader Goellner Gonzalez Goodman Goodwxll Grabowskx Grace Graczyk Green M Gregory R Grrgnol G Grzelak Guanno Hahn K. K, D. ' b Q , A. Eff B. ' I S A, .Y , L. N. , D. ' R. ' ' Q . ' x. f -I 'VI 21 .I I Y, K I ' ? A " ' I w f, fl D. F U I . ' 113. ' 3 , I g g ' ' , r .T 1 I g g , , I . L. 13:35 E g f Y g P. ' l V Q I , Q M H I - 1 A P- ' , I' I. E. . 1 In L ' W' , . R. ' I I dk , A ' I . I I. . . L- - T. ' R v . E, ' L- V hs . ' L - I f D I. . ' ' , P. Elf I r 5 lfr ra - ' . 'ZR it ...w I I V I I - A ' , , . g R. ' , D D. P. ' R4 s. P. I S. . .. , . 7 V D. ' A . R. ' ' c. ' K.. . I k , but F ri., Ha Hauulton Hamllton Harrxngton Harms Hartman Hassel Hauser Hausman Hayes Hays Heddenck Hermanson Herrxng Hess Hllbert W H111 Hmey Holmes Hubler Hugus Ianello 19 lanoskx Ieska lohnson lohnson lones W lones K Kammslu S Kemmler C Kenslll M Kent T Kxngston I Kxrkpatnck W Kukpatnck C7 Y 5 2 Jffn "f""A'L C444 J15 GQQ , -Q I 53 45 S Hammlll C Hardxng D Harrah W Hartwell A Harvey I Harvey Hayden Hayes Hayes Henneous Henson l Herman Hess I Hlcks Hllbert F Holcomb G Holcomb I Hollls K Hummel l Hutchxson R Iacovelfa F Iargxello E lefferson I lenmngs I lohnson R lohnson H lones D Kelley R Kelly L Kelso W Kerby E Kxdder I Kxng I Klasch M Klelner C Klxnzxng K os Kloss Kloss Kolakowsk Kramer Kroh I Kuhn B Kuntz A Kuzna L Lander B Lang I Lannon S Leberman Lechner L9V1Ck Lrqht Lmmger Lmtelman 1 z Loyer Lucas Mahoney I Majerek Mayewskx Mango Marchrm E Marmo R Marshall I Marther H Martm Martmdale Martmez Massmg MCCOImlCk McKmley M McLaughl1n FY' M0 3969 L1 YV' 6 S39 3 Q9 u-sv Yr-Y' 54 T7 no D. 1 , , . R. QS Q F' ' ' - - 1 R. HV ' ' "' ' .2 .Q . . - I 4 A u- A A M. 1 R. ' ' R. V si.. ,R V' , -aj'-' L. 9 - ' .-,. ' -, . ' . -5 3 W X, A fx! r , 1 I G. ' ' . , . . Q. , . F- , ES: G 1, VV A. A . ' - me , I A. ' , " I 'F' I 'za , ' -0 ,V l 3 gf ' Jifrw , ,, . ' N. ' A M- fs are A ' Q , R' - HV ' -5, IV. Vg. V n.. ' I QV H. ' -3 I ' . " F7 V ' ,. M I PV - R. L't C. A A ssh' 1' ' I . -- ' . 7' . ,L D- f' 1 6 . 3, if Q 'K NA V. L1 I - V V A E- D' 7 I . 1 f 'P I' V G. V g - V A , ' A A A T. V VV VV Q V . V . V' . ' ' V 'v ' I . I . , Ta 4A 13' ' . 13 5. AV . V V V . P. V ' ' Vg' V -KV - . .X ., Q ES' V, V 'Tr V 'r3v, ' I fl ..l ,,,,., . A V ' I ff! P' V - '- 4 I S. 1 V I .J I 1 D ' v Iv av- ' . 4 L' V . G M. ' - ,, .-. ' ' . .4 12- 1 A . 5 ' P, ' D. G, ' . I f' A. I ' I A 1 V . I V mr V - af .s wa I V 4 I 4 L Knapp G Knol I Kohl Kruszewsru Kruth Kubeya Kwratkowskr La Flamrne Lamborn Larson Lasher Lashmger Llchtlnger Lmdenberger Lmcoln 1 Z Lombardo Love Magee Magravw I Mahoney V Malaszek R Malthaner C Mando M Markham I Marsh L Marsh I Marhn Martm Martm Maxwell May May Meade Melgaard W Merntt Mlller M11l1mac1 Mxlls Moran Morey Morey Moskalczyk I Mulhollan W Murphy W Nelson Neih Neih Nutter Nutter Ocker Olszewska Olszdwskl Osborne I Page B Parker M Pelton Peplmslu Pepper Petxtt Petroff Plerce Pope Post Post S Prlester I Pryber Quick Reynolds Richardson Rxtter Q0 Q 1 X.-r '9' 933. Q ld .A rv fa as R Mxschler I Moffatt P Moore M Morgan I Mork B Mosler S Naughton M N9lm1C D Nelson C Nlchols I Nxes S Nowaskl Olsen Olson Olson Owen M Owens R Pace 1 Parker Patterson Perry Peskorskl Peters Pxtto Platz Plonsky Potter Press Prxce Rapp Rexchel Reynolds Rogers Rohan Rohan R. ' ' . ' Q i - 1 .41 D. " . M. Q 4 ' .-I 5 . N. fx 'W 94? I my . A ' X I . k I 1 - R. . t . . I 1 .5 V' I K Ar . 4 4 . .g . 1 .x . . .I I l 0 I .1 . 1 T. W . P Af . ' I ' Y 4 . L R. C. D. 1 ' . f I A B. E. P. ' 5 3 Q . K. ' , 4- f ' Q - lr ' HJ u .I 4 '. If D. Palmer . f -.. Paimore E an X. J A N' . ' ' . A v . I ,g A , D. L. ' ' 5 X , 5 F. ' B. K g I 2 N. 3 ' , K. x ' I .- K , ' 'yi A S. ' V R. A L. . R L. R. ' , . is 1 " E. , ," x W I M - h , C. C. A. D. E. ' I b . A I c. ' D' D' ,A . I A. ' G. ' vq .,-, It h' A. J f , i A K , , , x E. . 1 K. . - - K an - . . w. 1 . 3 - I. 1 r -' A F. Roider C. Roll R, Root L. Sandstrom T. Saunders Savelh I Schlller Schmelzer K Schmldt F Schwenk Scott Serdl Shadeck I Shaner M Sharp W Srmon Skmner Skonxeczo Shvlnskx Smrth Sm1th I Southworth Spath A Sprlnger Sta zewskr Stemer Stewart W Stxbor Storrer Sturla Sulhvan Sundberg I Takach D Tammaro B Taylor . A , I ' r i f. vf Q3 ff 'LL S 56 'Z X it 19 Q .5 t ur if A 1"- 'Y I P. Rudolph I. Runstadler M. Rutkowski I. Scarlett S. Scepura I Schetfner I Schnexder D Schroeder B Schultz Se1dler Sertte Seyboldt Shearer Sllvaggr Slmon W Skopow Shker Shvrnskr Srruth Smlth Snyder G Stadrmller Stahon I Stanger Sternhauer Stewart Storz Strothmeyer Struble Sutton Szczyplnskx Szmanowskx L Theuret I Thomas I Thompson P ' T I I ' 1 . A J . , A. . . -t ' X' ,B Ks. ' I f 7 K . , A ,W . ,, ' . I 4 V R, - A. 5 I .- Q t 3 I G' . .xl h . x L. A P' '- nf .3 I A. ' ' '- Q , Q D. - he ,"."Q. I ,- ,J " I EI- - its ' : . I G. ' - f "K 1 R' . . . f .w - Q Vg' L. A :K Tw T 5. . f ,I .' vt, T. A ' - K, K ' R. . 1-' ' ,. .4 . , L' V .4 7 3 lx! I 1- A. A If , . I II . ' , I - M. A ' If .,., 5 I Cl' Q . ,, , , 3 I: It I . N 1 I I . f Z D C. S ' , , x K. - D. Stearns w I Lp. 5 , Q 3 R, Steinhauer R. A A fr- new . ' . . R 1 If Q . 2 H'-' '1 v ' I gr?-if rf . R. t ' . . R. P- I I G, c. ' 'T ' 5 I A . c. I I f ' ,.., I. S , fl W Thornton Tlrak Tobras Trexber Trott l Trott Vance Van Damla Van Dyke Wadsworth Wagner Wakeley Waratuke Washek Wasrela Walerslre 'll Watson Webb Wettekm Wexler Wheeler l W1 Wlll15mS Wllson Wxrtala Wlsn w Wolfe Wrobel Wurst Yaple Young 1 I Zzmmer L Zlmmer M Zupamcx C Zwllllng 'FU i Q 9? br V1 9 f ns P4-'bca A Tomczak Trapp I Trapp M Urch B Urso I Vadzemmeks V Varo M Vetere R Vlckey I Walls V Waller l Walters Wasrelewskx Waskrewlcz Wasulewska Weber M Wehan R Wertz l Whlle Whlleman Whren Wmar Wrnkelman Wmter Wolfe Wood Wrxght G Yaple I Yaple R Yerkey Akre Malthaner Goodw1ll Chxcoslu iff N t . fun. D wWf+DCDDEMY VU V P www r. am my afgcacfeme Our Mr and Mrss Academe of 1954 are sparkhng and v1vac1ous Mary lane Hagmann and her good lookmg beau B111 Hellman Mary lane wrth brown ha1r and hazel eyes stands about 5 5 She 1S aCl1V9 on the Academe Statt and IS Worshxp Chaufman 1n the Senror Y Teens Mary lane would l1ke to be a teacher when she completes her studles at Ohlo Wesleyan Un1vers1ty B111 stands about 5 lO and has hght brown ha1r and dark eyes He loves to smg and so we hnd hun 1n the Acapella Cholr and the Glee Club B111 1S a l1ttle undecrded as to what career he would lrke to tollow These are typlcal Amencan teenagers They both lxke to swlm and as you can tell by the1r p1cture spend many evenmgs at home srmply poppmg corn and enloyrng each other s company 60 . I I - - I ff - - I I ' - 1 I 1 - - - I ' I ' I I I n fc 8ll6lf8 Oth ers of t'1e Senate are Presrdent T Zrelmskr V1ce Pres1dent M Iacobson Secretary M Overdo tt Treasurer M Rosenberg A very well known organrzatron whrch has promoted good crtrzenshrp rs our Student Senate Along Wlth brrngrng the problems of the student body before the faculty lt has gone far toward forwardrng the rdeals of democracy and leadershrp The Senate rs made up of student representat1ves one bemg elected from each homeroom The ma1or oftrcers are chosen by the entrre school rn a general electron held at the close of the semester Thrs group br1ngs very worthwh1le entertarnment and thrs year has completed the annual proyect qurte capably They have sponsored dances skatrng partres and assembhes Along wrth provrdrng entertarnment the Student Senate conducts two welfare collectrons each year and sells artlcles such as anklets and decals to help frnance therr act1v1t1es Howl H Way D Kammskr K Enst om P Kelly D Cardot F Be ndge I Naughton G Shapr a M Strauss L B Hartleb M Iacobson P Peck B Donatellx I Plavcan B Engel M Wurst Flow 3 I Baroth S Kurtz B Baker L Sweeney M Zupanrck P Frrtz F Bang N Schlabach S Dole L Neth I Crock I Stanger B Straus ROW4 S Struble C Masrroff I Stevenson N Gersler R Akre D Nelson I Bel Fuaco M Rosenberg C Wolf C Gracomellr S Gabrn M Harrrs C Copple R Lrgozro Row 5 R Roesch C Baker B Gehrlern G Rernhold H Mtller I Gott D Grxsrer R Wolfe I Marhoefer D Loyer A Iohnson T Zrelmskr K Mosher 61 'L' I C 3 Q ... 1, g E J , . . , , . I Niederriter, B. Iones, I. Whipple, P. Davis. Row 2: M. Callahan, C. Sosey, V. Petronio, E. Iefferson, M. Overdortt, I, .4 At the begrnnrng ol the second semester the members of the Natxonal Honor Socrety elected new ottrcers to replace those who had served durlng the tlrst halt ot the year Shown at work here are the students who held ofnce durrng me year Seated V Petronxo l lenkrns M l Hagmann D Flschel Y Baus chard Standrng E Rockwell T Z1el1nslc1 C Ventrello Alfl0Vlll .!47!0lZ0l' Oflgf Slnce 1937 when the Natlonal Honor SOC19lY was orgamzed 1t has been the ambxtlon ot most students to become a member Those fortunate enough to be elrglble are 1udged on scholarshrp leadershrp servrce and character by the faculty In the tall only members of the senror class are lnducted 1nto the socrety but rn the sprmg both senlors and 1un1ors are accepted Rowl V Petromo S Reynolds B Hartleb M Alwens E Sc auble D Kammskx B Baehr Y Bauschard S Swanson L Sweeney Row2 M Skarupskx D Wallcrewrcz M Ott l Savlco G Lehtonen S Malrts M l Hagmann D Zxesler D Taylor V letterson Row3 B Roos S Downey D Fagan l Malm M Marchrm L Plavcan E Peplrnslu S Gabm R Altsman R Husband Row 4 A Delahoolce R Morrrscn l lenkrns R Graharr C Ventrello E Rockwell T Zlelmskl D Flschel A Nowak F2 ji ' I , - , ' ' , - 1 'A , e . ' .Q 5 A , ,X , . I , . - , . . f ' l 1 ' ' ' h I ' I . V . 4, . . ff . f of . V I ' I I I I ' 155 Y at 3 1 I I ! S4 g , , K. my it , Q 5 T 1 A V . . , T' f' I t ' C .55 H - .5 1 l ' ' 2 - I " T 4, N OTS l S n at it ' ., Y' S G '11 - X S I SJ The debators are shown at work in this picture beginning the tedious, although enjoyable, work of preparing speeches and filling rebuttal boxes. Previous to this time, the group put on a play, "The Mystery of Mouldy Manor," for the enjoyment of the student body and to give themselves experience in ap- pearing before an audience. lame The Debate Club throughout the year sold candy after school to raise money for their expenses ln March the Erie County debate teams attended a banquet to celebrate the winners of the tournament Here the outstanding students from each club yoined together in a debate to sum up the work of the year Then the group travel d to Allegheny College to participate in the state tournaments held there ski R Baker D Fagan l Zuck D Clawson Mrs Steimer Absent when picture was taken S Age! 63 Row l: R. lackson, W. Kerby, M. Ott, L. Yerkey, S. Downey, R. Husband, S. Gabin. Row 2: R. Moskalczyk, E. Peplin- . T -S54-.5 .. . L-Z3i:5frig14fiUe 614 cafion "Earn while you learn" is put into effect by the Distributive Education, or Mer- chandising class here at Academy. Every morning from eight till eleven o'clock, the merchandising students attend classes where they are taught English, store mathematics, buying, selling, and counter and window displays. Then in the afternoon the students report for work at various downtown stores. The Merchandising class, under the supervision of Mrs. Eisert, is made up of lboys and girls who will someday be Erie's leading salesmen and saleswomen. Row l: M. Spath, T. Warren, l. Gamble, D. Lang, V. Saeger, D. Sette, E. Lomax, F. Pettinato, S. Hammill, P. Marchini, A. Wauqaman, L. George. Row 2: B. Mattocks P. Alessi, E. Bernhard, E. Voss, I. Morschauser, L. Marsh, C. Konopka, H. Welton, G. Swanson, B. Carlson M. Tarr, E. Peplinski. Row 3: I, Lanncn, S, Mong, D. Euliano, L. Gehrlein, E. Hilbert, I. Schneider, S. A. Martin, I. A. LeSuer, B. lones, I. Ricci, D. Chiccski, A. lohnson. Row 4: M. Peterson, L. Shadeck, W, Lechtner, T. Herman I. Gott, I. Gehrlein, D. May, I, Del Fuoco, R. Angelo, I. Whitmeyer, F. Italiani, Y. Morrow. xx 14 . M Seated: M. Eisweirth, D. Daneiko, E. Kempisty, l. Koppes, E. Trapp, E. Iohnston, M. Newcomer, F. Iohnson. Stand- ing: l. Robinson, C. Pfeffer, H. Arneman, D. Cornwall, P. Sundberg, G. Weunski, l. Lafferty, I. Mitchell, B. Springer, C. Wernicki, F. Dovishaw, R. Newsham, B. lohnston, T. DeSanti, I. Grimler, I. Cotter. unior lg 6055 The Academy Iunior Red Cross begin their activities early in September with the Enrollment for Service Drive to encourage everyone to join this organization. To promote friendship and goodwill, the group sponsor the filling of gift boxes for children overseas, in schools and institutions, and for child refugees. This year approximately one hundred twenty-five boxes were sent. As another service project, art department students decorate windows in Sarah Reed Home for Children at Christmas time. 7 QPUICQ LIBRARY Row l: M. Callahan, M. Fracassi, A. Schmelzer, B. Carter, D. Euliano, P. Ball, D. Lintelman, M. Hanna, P. Bootes, H. Book, A. Dunbar. Row 2: C. Hengstler, B. Lovejoy, D. Lopez, l. Antill, N. Harvey, Miss Bortner, Mrs. McCarthy, V. Walter, l. Owen, E. Fischer, I. Scheloske, M. Spath. PHOTOGRAPHERS VISUAL I , Row 1: D. Martin, W. Graham, A. Selling, R. Sealed: R. Steiner, F. Schiller, l. Gehrlein, L. Carr. Standing: Mr. Wilson D- Putto D- Wakely- Row 2, R sms- Bright' I' Kuffer' G' Ianke' Mr' Swahn' zorek, D. May, l. Pacillo, F. Anderson, L. Becker. P' -I rganiza fiom! MIMEO Row 1: P. Albertson, D. Ziesler, M, Hedderick, C. Haupt, D. Fagan, C. Mcchesney, M. Marchini, V. letlerson, l. Ionasen, O. Case. How 2: D. Kaminski, B. Baehr, Miss Pistory, Miss McMahon, Miss Hickey, E. Schauble, l. Smith. AIDS STAGE CREW Row 1: M. Harris, B. Wagner, G. Patmare, R. SteineI'D'KOnZe1'T' Amman' ROW 2: B' Kantz' Seated: D. Becherer, D. Catlin, Mr. Mifkovic, C. Berry, M. Rosenberg Q gaham' W' Shbor' lt Letcher' I' Baldwin' Standing: l. Wagner, N. Whipple, B. Geanous, E. Post, l. Runstedler . onn. n67f1 C61 QWLQ Rowl E Schauble M Klrkpat rck S Black C' Wolf L Kons M Ott M Callahan M Mowrey Row2 S Ollarek The members of the Academe Staff hope that 1n the corrung years the 1954 A ademe Wlll rernrnd you of tne days that you spent at A aclerny and brrng back many happy memorres We would l1ke to express our thanks to everyone W'1O help cl us ln publlshlng thls book In partlcular we want to thank our aclvlsors MISS Russell and Mrs Alshelrner for the help and advrce they gave us We now realxze what a wonderful experrence rt really IS to pubhsh a year book 68 D. Wolkiewicz, M, Ill-Ia-gmann, T. May. R. Pierce. S. Ankiel, D. 'llilzo-r, Drllizro. Row I.-Zuck, P. 'l'hcmas, Slevensonl d Rowl M Overdorff C Crowell B Roberts Y Bau chard A Schaaf M McKee M Hershr er C Kovskr L Sweeney Row2 S Reynolds I Crock D Taylor I Wygant G Benaccr L Vought M Hayden Mr Kantz ROW3 B Nagle S Kurtz l lenkms S Gabrn R Husband W Wheeler N Kostur Row4 R Wolfe I Brown I Schaaf I Graham D Graham Absent when p1 ture was taken H Deckard The members of thrs year s Star Staff have been kept very busy pubhshrng the school news rnterestrng personal rtems and rnformal columns Not only does the Staff brmg the latest news but rt also sponsors assemblres and dances The paper helps to develop school sp1r1t and assrsts rn promotmg publrcrty campargns for varlous aCt1V1l1eS Under the drrectron of Mr Kantz the members of the Staff learn the techmque of publrshrng a good school newspaper r, 69 .. s- jf . 3 W I A 1. ,. ,. ,.s ,. ,. ,, s,. ,. , . , .. I I ' I I . . , Row lx A. Reynolds, M. Kelly, W. Gunner, N. Field, P. Fero, M. Markham, I. Amidon, R. lacovetta, l. Fogleboch, C. Wolf, S. Chianello, N. Seyboldt, K. Hummel, S. Hammill, S. Kemmler, C. Treiber, l. Harvey, M. Tarr, C. Schaack C. Clark. Row 2: l. Baurrigart, A. Lamborn, N. Beemus, l. Goellner, G. Waratuke, E. Cowley, B. Carlson, S. Bruner, M. Decker, L. Gallina, D. Wasielewski, I. Zimmer, N. Bloss, C. Guarino, L, Yerkey, l. Hess, D. Forisko R. Swarner, S. Wahl, S. McMichael, S. Evans. Row 3. I. Shaner, S. Mook, A, Schmelzer, K. Schmidt, A. Crandall, M. Dominik, D. Benson, I. Root, l. Marhoeter, D. Barczynski, L. Carlson, M. Neinieic, M. Vetere, B. Clark, P. Ciukaj B. Lorensen, B. Coon, A. Etta, M. Kolakowski, A. Reichel I. Gates, I, Fransen, S. Willett, B. Parmenter. Row 4: E. Winter, M. Conner, M. Rutkowski, l. Goetzinger, M. Zupanick, N. Wolfe, G. May, D, Chicowski, S. Martin, E. Ginader, P. Hess B. Pepper, L. Kons, B. Andrews, M. Ellis, E. Fischer, L. Hayes, S. Naughton, P. Blake, P. Morgan, F. Goodwill, C. Strohmeyer, L. Kelso l. Fransen, l. Stevenson. Row 5: L. Webb, C. Hauser, L, Brown, G, Hugus. S, Wadsworth, L. Adams, R. Wheeler, R. Akre, L. Marsh. D Iohnson, l. Lannon, R. Kelly, M. Kent, K. Lashinger, D. Moran, E. lelierson, R. Malthaner G. Kwiatkowski E. Skinner, l. Colvin, P. Martin, l. Pryber, M. Crocker, S. lllig, M. McLaughlin, M. Kleiner. f This school year has been a very busy and active one tor the Y-Teens. As always, their main service project has been to aid the needy. All during these school months they have done various things such as prepare food baskets, collect toys and old clothes, and sell poppies and Christmas and Easter seals. Not only do the Y-Teens help the underprivileged, but they also engage in numerous activities for their own enjoyment. The biggest attractions are the winter and spring formal dances, but the banquets, the penny supper, the teas, and the Christmas and Easter parties are also well attended and enjoyed by all. D 70 rf fy C - eww To the lett are the tweltth grade Y-Teen members. Row l: N, Kostur, C. Giacomellz, D, Doran, C. Fulton R. Vance M. Kirkpatrick, P. Manning, F. Schuschu, D. Tanner, S, Pregler, I. Ring, N. Marsh, Y. Bauschard, E. Schauble, I. Ionasen, P, Whittord, D. Kaminski, B. Baehr, M, Hershiser, M. A. Hedderick. Row 2: C. Kindle, S. Reynolds, W. Porizy, V. Coughlin, T. Warren, D. Ziesler, K. Weibel, D, Vogt, G. Green, D. Nielson, D. Wolkiewicz, I. Savko, M. I. Hagmann, D, Reichel, S. Downey, M. Overdorff, M. Donatelli, I. Smith, C. Haupt, M. Dunn, B. Hartleb. Row 3: E. Murzynski, M, G. Froess, N. Hamilton, K. Moffatt, M. Hutt, B. Aldrich M. Ott, S. Malits, C, Masirott, I. Tarbell, A. Bradford, P. I. Bootes, M. Casler L, Arduini, I. Mayer, I. Wilson, S. Swanson R. Kight, N. Eller, B. Engel, C. Hummel, D. Taylor. Row 4: A. Bishop, L, Vought, B. Yeager, E. Mack, N. Rohan, M. Sheldon, M. Hoffman, M. Goetzinger, V. Iefterson, I. Wygant, S. Strauss, T. Marino, S. Ollarek, I. Hipsley, N, Witherow, C, Hanson, C. Hayner, E. Cotter, M. Hotchkiss, N. Pfeiffer, L. Sweeney, M. Cloyd, I. Michaels. Row 5: D. Melquist, Y. Morrow, A. Walker, I. McColl, E. Peplinski, D. Fagan, V. Wilson, B, Kent, M. Lashinger, C. Paulsen, M. Davitt, C. Wilson, V. Buzanoski, S. Arikie1,K. Zimmer, F. Geertson, M. Hanna, A. Swindlehurst, G, Lehtonen, E. Eicher, K. Mclntire P. Albertson, C. Williams. The picture below shows the tenth and eleventh grade members. Row l: L. Linsey, R, Paris, M. McKee, S. Martindale, C. Lininger, E. Curry, P. Carey, I. Colby, E. Tarr, H. Walter, G. Sette, C Sullivan B Ha es M Callahan Row 2 L O'Brien M Weiss H Book C Kovski T DeMatteo B Donatelli, G,Berridge,. ' ,. y,, , :. ,. ,. ,. ,, ,. D. Loper, A. Schmidt, M. Weber, M. Kowalik, D. French, P. Shaw, I. Gwinn, V. Andrews, M. Detter. Row 3: I. Portis, Y. Iohnson, D. Thomas, E. Newby, G. Benacci, K. Eisert, B. Chicoski, B. Roberts, I, Crock, M. Cohen, M. Matthews, M. Perry, M. Schellang, M. Hayden, S. Bller, G. Cornelius. Row 4: K. Barnett, M. Maloney, M. Tong, M. Krasneski, M. McDonnell, nnis I. Lucht, C. Crowell, M. Moore, C. Hull, N. Woods, A, Schaaf, A. Iohnson, R. Iohnson, L. Rathbun, D. Wertz, C. De . Row 51 D. Brubaker, I. Owen, B. Fisher, D. Baumgartner, A. Iohnson, L. Carson, I. Dalton, I. McMann, D. Brock, C. Hornung, S. Kurtz, P. Thomas, B. Nagle, M. Fiorelli, D. Parker, B. Roos, N. Geisler, A. Dunbar. Pictured below are the Iunior High Y-Teens. Row l: I. Dyer, M, Crandall, I. Baudau, D. Battle, P. Goldstein, I. Martin, S. Kroh, M. Martin, S. Bunce, I. Takach, I. Giacomelli, C. Brandes, Row 2: S. Mong, L. Fowler, P. Wilson, I. Gamble, E. Moseman, I. Plavcan, I. Linsey, S. Brown, I. Stevens, R. Werren, P. Kelly, man, B. Iones. Row 4: M. Smulik niewski, M. Higgins, I. Perry, F.. Voss Row 5: B. Webb, I, Shuhart, I, Curlett G. Ehrler, M. Feichtrier, I, Foster, I Statton, C. Bliss, L. Seitreit, I. Snyder F. Osbeck, I. Fritz. w71.1 C. Held, I. Ricci, Row 3: S. Considine, D. Murphy, A. Iohnson, R. Dunbar, C. Newby, H. Katz, D. Morschhauser, B. Salzello, M. Thomas, S. Rubin, I. Kott- M, Zimmer, B. Wisniewski, V. Wona tenay, D. Wright, I. Gates, N. Schla- bach, I. Gambill, N. Ramey, B. Wis- ENN Under the direction of Mr. Forbes, the band completed a very successful year. It always pre- sented an excellent performance and helped build up the morale of the athletic teams and students. It presented programs at all of our football games, at many basketball games, and participated in assemblies, concerts, parades, and Academy On Parade. Membership in the band is always a goal of every Academy boy who has the ability to play an instrument. OI'CA2.5fl"d Q D 72 f' DRUM MAIOR: R. Steele. ALTO HORN: M. Coon, S, Green, R. Morrison, S. Lincoln. ALTO SAXOPI-IONEg I, Iohnson, I. Majerik, L. Platz, T. Scepura, S. Smith. BARI- TONE: R. Iensen, F. Morris. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: I. Iones, G. Marsh. BASS: D Dick, H. Merryman, R. Morrison, K. Sweeney, R. Steele. CLARINET: T. Ashton, I. Calamita, D. Caughey, I. D'Annibale, A. Delahooke, B. Demetter, B. DiMasi, E. Dhus, D. Driscoll, I. Ericson, D. Fischel, D. France, I. Kalivoda, D. Luciano, P. Savelli, I. Schiller, S. Smith, C. Thomas, C. Ventrello, R. Washek, R. Kloss. CORONET: C. Cairns, W. Clark, D. Epp, I. Gross, R. Kramer, R. Ligozio, D. Pace, A. Ritter, A. Silvaggi, R. Smith, D. VariDamia. DRUMS: I. Bartrum, I. Brown, I. Schaat, F, Tate, R. Ventrello, C. Wollert. FRENCH HORN: I. Gritiis. TENOR SAXOPHONE: A. Anderson, L. Carr, I. Kirkpatrick, R. Steiner. TROMBONE: E. Enderson, L. Brecht, R. Eichler, D. Fleming, K. Hayden, R. Kaeberlein, K. Steinhauer. Our Academy Orchestra has been very active this school year, participating in the class play Academy on Parade and various assemblies. From time to time throughout the year they traveled to different schools to present programs. Under the direction of Miss Schweitzer the Orchestra rehearses everyday third period in the auditorium. One of the social activities of the Orchestra was the attendance at an opera in Cleveland VIOLIN W Wheeler, I. Roling, D. Becherer, R. Iackson R. Ietfords, E. Winter, M. Weber, C. Treiber, A. Lamborn V. Gifford, D. Tanner, K. Schmidt, A. Friedman, A. Neth I. Fransen, F. Osbeck, A. Tomczak, S. Martindale, C Harding, I. Eller, E. Reynolds, B. Walthour, L. Taylor D. Reichel, I. Larinon, L. Campanella, F. Eichler, K Martindale, M. Foster, N. Yochim, I. Schoell, S. Bance P. Graczyk, V. Wilson, C. Hanson, A. Whipple. PIANO B, Shappell, I. Marhoeter, E. Wright, D. Kelley. BASS: M. Booth, N. Bloss, A. Post, R. Pierce. TYMPANI: P. Wilson BASS DRUM: S. Ager. SNARE DRUM: R. McCrillis, T. Irwin. BELLS: M.Malloney. TUBA: D. Dick. TROM- BONE: L. Brecht. TRUMPET: C. Skopow, R. Ligozio, D. Epp. SAXOPHONE: L. Platz, FRENCH HORN: L. Gehrlein. CLARINET: B. Mattocks, I. Snyder, S. Dole, H. Crawford, A. Melgaard. SOLO CLARINET: I. Kalivoda. SOLO OBOE: L. Marsh. FLUTE: B. Roos, R. Kelly. CELLO: R. Walter, C. Wertz, G. Yaple, L. Kelso, B. Fisher, I. Roling, B. Becherer, R. Iackson, R. Ietfords. rw '13 if Left to Right: C. Messer, K. Ankiel, C. Ankiel, R. lohnson, M. Linse, E. Newby, M. McDonald, B. O'Brien, N. Fields, E. Cotter, M. Tong, D. Chicoski, M. Kliner, D. Benson. Ae UUZMLM One of the most popular organizations at Academy is our twirlers under the unique direction of Mi. Swahn. The twirlers spend long hours throughout the year practicing for assemblies, preparing countless original drills, and making smart new outfits. They perform in rallies, at football and basketball games, in programs at other schools and also in many parades. They have become well known throughout the city for their precision drills and beauty of performance. Lett Picture: Row 1: T. Przybyszewski, I. Michaels, C. Giacornelli. Row 2 B Yeager D Taylor C Paulson R ght Picture Row l: I. Stasenko. Row 2: W. Gunner, C. Schaak, N. Harvey Row l: L. George, D. Richter. S Leberman, l. Colby, S. Downey. A. Crandall, D. Brock, R. Swarner V, Petronio, O. Grerider, F. Harris M. Huff, P. Morgan, P. Shaw, M Casler, B. Hayes, l. Gwinn, N Pfeiffer, B. Coon, B. Boynton. Row 2 M. Alwens, Y. lohnson, M. Ocker E. Hilbert, L. Lander, A. Bishop N. Paster, R. Wheeler, L, Brown A. Conn, B. Gradler, L. Gibbens C. Chopple, C. McChesney, L Webb, M. Fiorelli, C. Wilson, N Field, E. Magee, D. Tibor, D. Thomas Row 3: I. Scarlett, R. Eichler, R Harris, C. Clawson, I. Wagner, I Fourspring, A. lanke, I. Charters, I. Laraway, T. Magraw, R. Steele, R. Sanford, P. Harper, l. lones, W. Hellman, R. Cooper, I. Ericson, T. Gehrlin, E. Dhus, N. Garpetti. The G-lee Club at Academy was founded twenty-four years ago, in 1930. Since then, "Pop" Grender has taught the boys to control, harmonize, and blend their voices. Each day fifth period this group ot boys, ranging from seventh to twelfth grade, can be found either singing an old favorite song in a re- laxed mood or studying their part of a new song. The Glee Club appears each year at the annual Christmas and spring concerts and gives an impression to its audience of cheeriulness and enthusiasm. or C.,..ff.. Le oir CM The Academy Acapella Choir, which was founded in 1931, can look back proud and satisfied on this past school year. The many club groups for which the members sang and their regular concerts kept them busy learning and practicing songs throughout the year. The students in this fine group learned to appreciate popular as well as classic pieces. They become familiar with expressions which are so important in singing, and learned to pronounce correctly foreign words. The director "Pop" Grender will be remembered a long time by those who wore the robes of our school colors, gold and blue. Row lx l. Naughton, E. Brown, l Wagner, F. Lasky, T, lackson, A Cage, Mr. Grender, Fl. Casey, C Morey, M, Ayers, D. Smith, F Berriclge, I. Zuppo, F. Silvaggi Row 2: l. Griffis, R. Snyder, G Sinnott, T. Mezzacapa, H. Webb l. Harvey, P. Wilson, A. Merryman B. Olson, l. Sementilli, R. Way l. Takach, D. Holden, N, Webb Row 3: B, Seidler, B. Hellman, l Bay, C. Baker, L, Becker, R. Pierce l. Hassell, T. Magraw, R. Storz D, Urso, D, Arnerrian, l. lones, C Iannello, l. Thomas, D. Palmer. I ' ' f- f' C7 unzor jzrj fzorud Everyone who attended either the Christmas or Spring Choral Concert heard the voices of the lunior Girls' Chorus under the direction of Miss lsadora Schweitzer. They worked just as hard as any other organization here at Academy, putting on original numbers tor the annual concerts, and developing correct expression. The girls, ranging from the seventh to the ninth grades, can now look back over this year with pleasant memories. They learned the rnost important things, which are needed in good and successful choral singing and they enjoyed singing while learning. Row lf S. Chianello, F. Millimaci, G, Sette, B. Maiewski C. Berridge, N. Seyboldt, P. Cappelletty, N, Marsh, l. Wrobel, L. Fuller, P. Graham, P. Marchini, M. Cloyd, S. Romanski, I. Filipczak, R. Paris, T. Warren, D. Loper. Row 2: l. Goellner, C, Strohmeyer, P. Carey, R. Winar E. Curry, C. Kindle, N. Kostur l.. Henson D. Dick E. Reynolds, Miss Schweitzer l. Pude, R. lones l. Rolzare P. Szymanowski S. McMichael S. Sliker, D. Moran l . lerinings, K. Romeo. Flow 3: C. Mando, M. Hotchkiss A. Dunbar, E. Bernhard E. George, M, Morey, A. Van Dyke, D. Tarnmaro G, May, G. Yaple, N, Kosobucki W. lones l. Baxter C. Kensill C. Clark P. Gratkowslc N. Vtlxtherow l.. Txrak R. Hecderlck C. Robinson Row -1' S Patton H. Book M. Herrnanson M. Clovd A. Bobangc B. Ptndrews N Morey l Hollis P,l"r1tz l. Schneider B Arrowsmith M. Shade E. Murzynski, K. Rogers M Miesel, D. lohnson P. Young E. Gallagher D. Ne1lsen Row 5: P. Orengia M. Peterson M. Hanna, C. Rinke l.. Campanella, M. Hayden B. Olszewski, A. Myers, B. Edkin, M. Connor, K. Lashinger A. Dorich, E. Brock. C, Young, C. Hauser, B. Pope, l.. Carson, l. Smith. Row li I. Heintz, I. Nelson, S. Kroh, E. Boynton L. Taylor, l, Wasiela, l. Pettigrew, P. Englert, B. Braund, N. Harring- ton, N. Loomis, Y. Phillips, l. Hartman, H. Blose, M, Altsman l. Whipple, T. Bartlett, W. Swartzfager. Row 2: R. Warren, N. Brozewicz, D. Battle, S. Brown, K. Phillips N. Dahl- lcemper, D. Moore, l. Plavcan, l. Linse, V. Davis, M. Love D. Bettilyon, N. Little, M. Litz, M. Thomas, F. Eichler, S. Peterman, B. George. Row 3: C. Mancuso, l. Kottman, P. McCabe, l. Fredrychowski, T. Gibbons, l. Gambill D. Linse, A. Terry, L. Kensill, Miss Schweitzer, l. Carlson B. lones, M. Higgins, S. Rubin, L. Kennedy, M. Partner B. Latta, l. Perry, C. Hartman. Row 4: H. Katz, K. En- strom, K. Savelli, A. Hayes, P. Roth, L. Heddericlc, B. Kimit, C. Patsy, N. Ramey, G. Osborn, C. Toringer, L. Berry, l. Foster, C. Stewart, l. Hiccie, B. lones, D. Murphy E. Voss. Row 5: M. Copelin, C. Held, C. Bliss, B. Webb B. Hull, M. Heibel, A. Henning, l. Schlabach, l. Curlett, D. Shadduck, F. Harris, L. lohnson, M. Savelli, A. Riazzi l. West, C. Hewitt, M. Bates, B. Little. ' Q 2 2 F C' G UIIIUI' jll' 45 AAUPIIJ The Senior Girls' Chorus is made up ot senior high girls who sing becausetthey enjoy music. Second period they can be found gathered together practicing for concerts and assemblies under the leadership ot Miss Schweitzer. The girls enthusiastically rehearse songs to perfection and they are always willing to put on special numbers on which they work long and hard. The Chorus makes trips throughout the school year to schools of Erie to present programs. ,Their singing has been enjoyed in each and every one ot these presentations which in turn help to promote good will towards Academy. t, '29 it .!gCd6!8l'l'Lg 1 The twxrlers on the1r way back to school after a parade 2 Characters from the Debate play D Clawson R Husband S Ager I Zuck M Ott S Downey R Baker Seated D Fagan 3 Part1c1pat mg ln the Red Cross Assembly were Cseatedl M Tarr I Le Suer Y Morrow L Marsh and fstandmgj V Saeger A Johnson Offxcer McK1n1ey T Herman andM Sage from Techn1calH1gh 4 Sen1or R Hoffman Y Bauschard 5 Cheerleader S Hammlll gets suggestrons from Academe Staff members M Callahan and I Zuck on how to pose for her plcture 6 Scene from the Debate play V1ct1m R Baker Doctor D Clawson M Ott and R Husband Aranya the spxder w1ll f1I11Sh the yob Lt the others fall 80 class play cast: Seated, S. Ager, W. Davis. Standing, D. Fagan, W. Karsh, S. Downey, A. Gunther, .yn .fgcfion BS 1 Band members 1 Brown C Ventrello and D Epp converse wrth twlrlers L Plavcan and G Lehtonen 2 Twlrlers after the Chnstmas Balloon Parade 3 Mr and MISS Star ot 1954 Loxs Sweeney and lack Laraway 4 Cheerleader S Hamm1ll 5 Crownmq of Mr and MISS Academe Mary lane Hagmann and B111 Hellman by Mr Coon wh11e M Callahan watches 6 B Buchanan at the drums 7 Acapella Cho1r under drrectron of Pop Grender rehearsrng 8 Ded1cat1on of plaque honorrng Academy students who dred 1n World War ll To you from tarhng hands we throw the torch Class of 46 members Mr R Morgan Mr D Stelner Mr E Loth and Mrs D Sterner wrth Mr Coon 81 L ,. w- ' 1 , Q , . 1 . fp ' 4 Q X, .s 0 A , 1 . "' ! A315 ' . . , . , . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . , , . . . . . - A v xx rr - - - . . , , . . . . . H .. fl I ' ' . , . . , . . , . . . 1, 1. L 1 ,f ,Ffa 1 nr' ' yy Q' -4 'sr' ,O v I 3, v ,.L,--Li X , K X . ' Y 1 .. 1. . X.,x-5 ,X P-f-N X 1 1 - .',-- 21 .-... Howl L Lombardo E Dunn G Savelh P Russo K Hayden I Graham L Helmer R Melzer How2 I Gnlhs D Srnger B anger L Goldstexn L Zlmmerman M Gregory P Keys P D1 Luzxo WW Ou wrdnfy ff?a5Aefda The scrappy varsrty club posted a record of srx wms and fourteen losses m the regular school season For the c1ty school league games the team came through w1th one w1n and seven losses Leadmg the team m most earned pomts was Pete Russo Followlng rn second and thlrd place were Guy Savelh and Len Lombardo The second meetlng of Tech and Academy saw the L1ons trample the Centaurs 68 58 Fme team work and all around hne ball handllng proved too much for the opposlng squad The boys placed hfth rn the clty serles and 1n the reg1onal meets t1ed w1th Tech for fourth place None of the lettermen thxs year IS a sernor so the team looks forward to a better year next year All of the present team members w1ll return to help spark a champ1onsh1p team 84 c L L I so U l U Fc ly 1 at ' Top left to nght K Hayden P Russo I Graham L Lombardo Bottom up for a qulck shot G Savelh 85 , . . , . , . , . . , rm cf Bowl R Cook L Gxbbons R Wertz P Keys W Skopow L Smrth D Boynton Row 2 D Grace I Krng C Martm T Wasrela C Ruggles I Waslela D Hrlbert F Trott E Creless I Baldwxn H Maclvor T Graney G Knoll L Blackmeer N Cornehus R Grabowskl Row 3 A Trott R Lltz D Graham V Hayes H Nelson R Hmey G Ray I Gott T Adams A Smlth R Vogt N Euhano M Gregory E Wrlght I Iohnson B Bens D Arneman B Sexdler Row 4 I Gardner R Enstrom R Wetzel D Catlm A Nowak E Bloxdort A Baker R Mc Cr11l1s I Laraway C Baker I Barnes W Barnes G Salman I Gehrlern F Trrmble Row5 D Blake I Whrte C Thomas T Ircha R Brletnrkott G Savellr E Plonsky G Pat y D Burger G Nerthemer R Rlchardson C Skopow P Iohnson G Levosky I Nelson O Fox W Davrs l"6lC The fleet tooted Academy crnder stars added another champronshrp to therr long record ot crty track trrumphs Under the expert coachmg of Coach Whrtey Gresler and assrstant Bob Acker the boys won all thelr meets and also captured the d1str1ct meet Clrmaxmg the year the team traveled to State College to gaxn the state tltle Charlre Baker Academy s junror runner set two new records rn the crty meet at the Stadrum In the 220 yard dash he broke the school record by almost a full second Hrs t1me was 21 5 In the 100 yard dash he also broke the school record Another Academy runner Don Burger set a new record rn the 200 yard low hurdle sprrnt rn the c1ty meet The team looks tor another top tlrght season lh1S year and hopes to retarn 1ts pos1t1on as the best 1n Pennsylvanra 86 . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . - , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . .1 , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . S s . . . H . 1, . . I . I . , 1 . . . . I I . , . I 1 ' rx fx 9 KIA I I 3 f - QW X1 it H M G9 ' QD im' it 1 hug, 1 -Q Y i' 'Q' 'if J L., 3" 1. v , 6' Q3 U ,Q Q 'I J ' f , i if - 1 Q 4 I L 'SA' s QD T Ki ll" .-+ 'I ' Y ,1 9 Howl I lohnson T Adams I Walczak N Euhano P Keys H Carr T Graney Row 2 E Carlson T Zrelm skr O Fox N Whrpple L Grbbons D Graham CCaptJ C lannelo M Zlotmckl D Storrer Row3 Coach Acker I Gehrlem N Cornehus F Trrrnble H Merryrnan B Dav1s E Plonsky I Nelson C Sourwme I Barnes fMgrJ P01515 OM lfl I' Lower pzcture The huddle .AIA 83 The fast pac1ng Academy harr1ers had a successful season thxs year whrle tylng for second place ln school compe t1t1on Due to an 1nel1g1b1l1ty they were asked to torte1t tour of therr w1ns and that automatlcally placed them ln fourth place w1th Tech However the squad traveled to the Drstrlct Ten meet and captured the meet 1n true style The usual runnlng order was Drck Graham Ora Fox Perry Keys Tom Z1el1nsk1 and B111 Dav1s respectmvely The d1str1ct meet saw f1V6 ot the Academy runners among the f1ISl ten runners D1ck Graham captam of the team placed tltteenth rn the state meet at State College Eleven members of the team are senlors That means that a compara t1vely small number w1ll be veterans m the tall Coach Acker deserves a lot of cred1t tor the trne work he d1d when he took over the coachmg pos1t1on He was called upon to replace Mr Iohn Balla who was takrng a leave of absence We salute a great guy and coach 1 5 - f -A , Q Top picture: O. Fox, T. Zielinski, B. Davis, P. Keys, and D. Graham fCapt.J. D I . .a ' - ' ' ' I ' I . . .I . I . I . I I ' I I D 41 757' S Ftlson 1 Walczalc E Blox dort A Baker ltfwdenfzn 9 The grunt and groan boys had a most successful season thrs year as they t1ed for trrst place w1th Prep rn the c1ty ser1es cornpetltlon The L1ons were defeated by the Ramblers rn the open1ng match ot the season but gathered forces xn the second round to defeat Prep 17 18 ln another blg match Academy s long t1me r1val East was defeated 2716 Strong Vmcent also lost out by a wrde margm 37 9 Thxs year Coach Ramsey had about forty boys who trred out tor wrest11ng most of whom were on last year s squad Two of Academy s boys Roger Schne1der ot the lO3 pound class and Erwrn Bloxdort ot the 145 pound class completed the season undefeated Both these boys along wrth K Warren and S Frlson went to Warren to represent Academy in the D1str1ct Ten meet 1n whrch both the boys won thelr matches by dec1s1ons Academy scored a t1e tor the D1str1ct champlonshrp wrth Warren and Greenvrlle Seated S Fxlson Row 2 1 Walczak 1 Sawtelle G Salman A Baker K Warren E Bloxdort 1 Sweeney F KUICZ9WSk1 R Schnerder Row3 H Wmkleman F Trott C lones R Palmer 1 Fllson N Goodman T Kohler Coach Ramsay 1 Gardmer W Roberge D Hxlbert R Haupt I Rolmg M F1112 D 89 ft 2, f lv ' V . , . I, I, 7 ,' I ,J ' x 1 fff X .V . K L, I. Xf I ." gt K, ,t 7' lu 1. . -f f"1 it V 'YL 1 vf , 1 L , . J. wt'- L, . 1 1 ' ' . , . . I I 1 ' ' I I ' ' 1 , . I ' ' I . , . . I . , . , . , . , . , . ,. , ,- V - V ' 1 - 1- 1 - - Rowl I Nelson R Lxgosro Row 2 C Thomas D Stemer E Anderson I Wagner R Koemg H Holby N Garpettl R Cooper Standlng F SllVdQq1 Mr Pettlnato T Hornung B Straus F P95k0WSk1 I Ienkms I Takach C Clark T Parker F Pettmato lr D Cardot The top notch Academy polorsts captured the champ1onsh1p after ty1ng Wlth Prep rn the regular school season ln the playott the L1ons edged out the Ramblers 2 O After los1ng to Prep and Vlncent 1n the early part of the season the team went on to hurdle the1r oppos1ng schoolmen In the champ1onsh1p game 1n the Vxncent pool the Academy hve held the Prep boys scoreless Academy s Bob KOGHIQ made both of the two poxnts The boys faced some ot the toughest competltlon ln many seasons but agaln proved their super1or1ty lack Wagner led the team w1th the most pomts earned Whlle Drck Cooper held a close second Four of the e1ght lettermen are senlors The others wlll return next year to merge then: ettorts tor another suceesstul season Lett pxcture H Holby B Koenlg Mr Pettmato E Anderson D Cooper N Garpettm l Wagner Rxght pxcture I Wagner and D Cooper block that throw 90 1. '. 1. , ' V I' I' I' -I . ,. ',. . A:, A V -I ' V V' I' I WF, I ' rf- -1- 1- 1 H . ,. ,.,. . ., mfer QA - I '- I ' I . , . . I ' I ' 1. ,. ',. ' ,. ,. ,. ',. .' ' ::, I M' Bert Straus Dlck Cooper Nrck Garpettr And away we go' LU l'l'Ll'l'LLl'l,g Thls year the Academy Hlgh sw1mmers annexed another successful season to the already long 11st of wrns and champronshrps Coach Frank Pettlnato led the boys through one ot the roughest seasons tor qurte some trme The sw1mmers came through the year postlng srx wms and two losses The boys hnanced a trxp to Syracuse to meet Manxhus Hrgh ln the Unrverslty of Syracuse pool They successfully stopped the oppos1ng poolmen by a wlde margln 56 19 In the Drstrrct Ten meet ten Academy boys became elxglble for reglonals at Shppery Rock Four of Academy s sw1mmers went to the state trnals to compete The meet was at Penn State The boys who competed there are D1ck Cooper Curtrs Clark Ted Parker and lack Frsher Slnce very few of the letterm n are graduates the team has a trne outlook tor the 1954 55 school season Howl Frank Pettmato lr Davrd Cardot Row 2 I Takach R Koenrg H Holby D Cooper N Garpettr I Wagner C Clark B Baumgardner F Sxlvaggl Krnanagerj Row 3 Coach Pettmato K Stemhauer T Parker A Straus I Frsher B Crawford R Stemer I Wagner 91 f f - . 1 I ' n 1 , . . - 1 1 1 ' 1: ' . V 1 I , . . Z, ,. , . , . , . ,. 1 - 1 - I - - 7 1 - 1- . . ,. ,. , . ,. . nv cf Our physical education teachers, lack Komora and Mike Ferrare, work together as a unit in training and coaching the varsity football squad. Mr. Komora, who hails from East, also instructs the lay Vee basketball boys. Mr. Ferrare, likewise a former East coach, spends most oi his time getting our varsity basketball squad in shape so they can really do their stuff when the season comes around. ,Mzrdifg Top left: R. Biletnikoitg top middle: l. Larawayg top rightg G. Patsy. Bottom left l Laraway G Patsy D Burger R Biletnikoft l Graham' middle' D Burger' bottom right' l Graham 92 Rowl E Dunn I Sullivan I Rohan E Wright I Torrelli R McCr1ll1s C Iones G Parson K Sullivan Row 2 I Laraway R Biletnikoff I Letcher D Burger G Patsy F Trott E Bloxdorf P Weaver I Winter I Graham Row 3 D Boyton Mgr W Litz M Gregory D lohnson T Chido R Peterson T Galanis H Miller T Iicha L Zimmer W Karsh Mgr Row4 G Seggi M Protaz M Wertz R Snow I Strub R Vogt D Nason G Salman G Taft A Nowak Mgr limflaff The LIOHS had a tough 1ob this year winning only two of their four games in the 1953 city series The two wms were over Vrncent and Tech who were defeated 24 7 and 33 20 respectively The hilltop squad under the training and coaching of lack Komora was favored to win over Prep but was defeated by the hard hitting Ramblers by a score of 12 6 The team also bowed to the c1ty champions East by a wide margin of 21 O We also had two other wins, over Farrell and Ashtabula. The boys who helped con- tribute to our success in the Farrell game were Charlie Baker and Iim Letcher, who both made long runs to score touchdowns. Laraway's extra points after the TD's made the final score 14-7. In the first few minutes of the Ashtabula game the Lions scored two touchdowns and it seemed like an easy win. But the Ashtabula defense tightened and the game ended in an 18-7 score. Two of our star players, Don Burger, right end, and Ron Biletnikoff, fullback, made both of the All-Scholastic Teams. There are ten boys who will not be returning for next year's football season, as they will be graduating in Iune. These boys are: Iim "Red" Letcher, halfback, Ron Biletnikoff, fullback, Don Burger, right end, Iack Laraway, fullback, Dick McCrillis, guard, lerry Sullivan, tackle, lim Strub, tackle, Murray Protaz, tackle, Gene Salmon, guard, and Gus Patsy, quarter back. This means the team will be starting green next year. ,I 93 4. x5x1'A ! W .,:l 1. Phil Weaver. 2. The pro showing the grip-Mr. Swahn, T. Scarlett, R. Swahn, I. Lamborn. 3. Strutting a little-Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Walker. 4. Our Football Queen-Ioan lonasen. 5. Batter up. 6. A regular little horseman-S. Leberman. 7. Roger Schneider. 8. The Sports Section-R. Pierce, S. Black, and T. May. H 94 f. W I I e Q Erie DEMY X D we t-CQSSM DEW tcfcggvy tcggggwf WSQLF CQQLEMY gcfagk, gp-Dew, L GGL? KN xi W VA EM CE EW' A 'QCPD rf, lea, Rowl T Scarlett B Sm th D Merriman R Swahn I Lamborn Row 2 l Brown D Konzel l lohnson W Roberts F Hassell C Grisier T Galanis D Grisier M Swahn The golf team had a very successful season with an overall record of twelve wins and one defeat At the end of the regular season Academy and Prep were tied for first place and a playoff was necessary The Grisier brothers Carl and Dick led the team with three points apiece while Mike Rocco and lim Faber had one point each to win eight to four over Prep The boys now post a wmn ng record for ten stra ght seasons Carl Grisier represented the team in District Ten when he qualified for the State championship at Penn State. He placed twenty-fifth in state competition but he missed qualifying for finals by two strokes. The lettermen for 53 were Mike Rocco lim Faber Carl Grisier Bill Roberts and Dick Grisier. Dick Grisier, Carl Grisier, and Dave Konzel. Q 95 .. Top lett B Murphy watches whrle N Garpettr takes hrs warm up pltches Top Ilghl A Gunther wmds up for the pitch Bottom Team m actron Academy s baseball team under the tralnmg of Coach Anthony Presogna took thrrd place rn the c1ty serres ot 1953 Burt Eulrano the hard hrttmg center helder led the team ln battmg and RBI s and at th1s wr1t1ng the star flelder has srgned a contract wrth the Mrlwaukee Braves Prtcher George Becker also a senror had a brrlllant season as he led the way to v1ctor1es for the Academy team The probable pltchers for thrs year s games are Art Gunther Nrck Gar pett1 and B111 Murphy all veteran hurlers of c1ty games Thxs tme lrne up of prtchers should add greatly to the success of th1s season The Academy catcher Don Herdt had a most successful season last year and promrses even more and better thrngs th1s season Don played tough ball last season and helped spark the team through some rough spots Tnbute 1S due to a good sportsman and a grader who promrses great thrngs for our team Easels!! Rowl M Rocco P Klomp B Eulxano D Held! G Levosky N Garpettl D Melzer B Murphy A Gunther Row 2 A Mango T Adams W Lltz I Letcher l Laraway G Becker R MOIIISOU L Lombardo A Caracclolo , . , I I . . ,I . . I . I - I I . , . . . . I ' . I ' I 'AA . . . . . , . I - I I I . l , . l I U I . I ,. I I , K . . 1 A " KAQQ V . tough third baseman, Dick Melzer, an eleventh Vplh-1-we ' 1 - I I - 1 - - r - 1 ' n 11 Howl K Vought R Feldmen C Thomas R Walters D Meyers G Bonner Row2 l Weed H Everth R Ken! M Day D Chnstenson C Hultman lftI'LL0l' Z?6lf5A8fA6Z!! Coach Leamy had four w1ns th1s season Thls small team 15 formed to g1ve the boys an opportumty to play before audlences and to play w1th other teams These are the boys who some day Wlll become the star players on the I un1or Varslty and Varsrty FIVE Teams Coach Leamy however 1S drsturbed over the fact that only a handful of boys 1o1n th1s team He belxeves that there are Stlu more boys rn the seventh exghth and nlnth grades who would make good players and he hopes more boys Wlu be at the try outs next tall 97 ' z The lunior High Basketball Team, under the leadership and training of Left pxcture Rowl F Bach R Harns R Stewart A Post I Scheffner R Wnlhams G Lasher T Gehrlem Row 2 R Wertz J . Row l: R. Haupt, L. Smith, R. Wertz, B. Mosier, T. Bloomstine. Row 2: N. Goodman, F. Bach, A. Post, I. King I. Filson G Knoll R Harris F Fabin I Scheffner R Wrlhams C Bryant G Lasher T Gehrleln Row 3 L Howard C Rohan H Corteaux R L1tz N MCW1ll1amS R Pxerce C Staszewskr R Stewart D Blake B Hmey I March I Iaycox A Mango E Rley D Hxlbert f J lf flwxla ff Under head coach Harry Ramsey and asslstant coach Leo Harkms the hard hrttmg 1un1or club was led through a successful season Desprte some unfortunate accxdents the team placed second IH the Clty serles The team had frve w1ns and was edged out of flrst place by the Junlor Ramblers A leg 1n1ury hampered Dave Hrlbert the team s quarter back and a substxtute had to carry on for the remamder of the season The graduatlng I V lettermen w1ll gather forces to back up the 1954 varsrty club next fall In Splte of the1r bad luck, the team s determrnatlon over ran all dxscour agement and 1t proved successful to the fullest The Iay Vees play an 1mportant part 1n the future of football at Academy Here the boys get an opporturuty to make a thorough study of the scrence of football and to develop the1r talents along th1s lme Rxght plcture Row 1 I Marsh B MOSISI R Hmey Row 2 D Blake H Corteaux H Lxncoln N McW1lhams I Iaycox A Mango R Prerce E R11ey B L1tz C Rohan C Stazewskr S'F1lson I Ktng L Smrth G Knoll C Bryant .. . Aiwa JJJLCL WULU Front row A Post B Murphy A Mango R Wxlhams D Blake E Plonslcy E Rrley R PIBICG Back row Asst Mgr N Bobbet E Cleless B Goodwlll F Baron R Hmey C Bryant H Lmcoln G Tufts y lf gmleflaff Led by head coach lack Komora the 1un1or leaguers held second place 1n the c1ty compet1t1on By los1ng to East the scrappy fxve were automat1cally put 1nto second pos1t1on Although the team faced East w1th f1ve w1ns and only two losses the boys couldnt keep up to the pace set by a tough East team Had they won the team would have qual1f1ed for a champxonshrp playoff w1th Prep The boys deserve a lot of cred1t for the1r f1ne ball handlmg and hard work ln successfully meetmg the1r oppos1ng schoolmen Ed Plonsky a newcomer to the team showed great potent1ahty as he helped lead the team to the1r V1ClOI1eS Along w1th some of the other team members the squad managed to complete the season ln good shape Hlgh scorer III many of the games was a tenth grader Roger PIGICS who w1l1 add much to the varsrty club next year Left prcture Up for the shot Center pxcture Those are the pomts that count Rxght p1cture Coach Kamora explammg how lt s done 99 : ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,.. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . . I I ' I I , . I I I ' I I I .. .. IK lun1orHxghSw1mmmg Howl B Iones I RICCI I Senlor Hxgh Swxmmmg Rowl P Peck I GOBLZIHQSI K Mclntlre Hultman I Carlson L Kensrll Row2 L Neth B B Nagle Row 2 A Bmshop S Swanson B Roos S Kurtz D Baum Chandley I Caughey L Taft I Garpettl I Waslela gartner H Book N B own L Z1mmer N Ognxbene S Martxn B Row3 B Llttle I Takach P Kulsh V DBVIS E Buchanan A Dunbar Row 3 P Hess M Connor D Loper N Stexnhauer Row4 E Iohnson K Klaus L Sexfrext Cnspm E Donch E Gallagher C Sulllvan P Sull1van M Lang R Dunbar QI' ff .S7ll!Ll'l'Ll'l'LLl'L? 86117115 P1ctured on th1s page are the Iunlor Hlgh and Semor Hlgh swrmmlng teams Both of these teams are under the watchful eye of Mrs Robb who also teaches g1rls l1fesav1ng Thls IS also another way of earnlng pomts toward a letter A The Iumor Hxgh g1rls have seventh elghth and nmth grades 1n whlch to earn the1r one hundred frfty polnts but when they become tenth graders they must start over from nothmg to earn the1r A It the g1rls go any mght after school to swlm they earn three extra polnts and 1t they yoln the synchroruzed swlmmmg team they earn hve po1nts for each mght of swlmmmg Below IS a pxcture of lust one of the stunts these g1rls can do lust for show rw IOO 1. - . . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . . . . , .... . , . , . , . , . 1 - 1 - I - f - - I - 1 . A , . 1 ' f . I . . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , ' - - 1 - f - f f - 1 - 1 - - . , . , . . . , . I I I I I , . Left pxcture N Palmer l Keene M Donatelh I McLean N Markham P Pflster S Downey A lanoskl C Graham K Mclntlre M Hodas M Geotzlnger A Hoenes Fhght plcture clo k wrse N Palmer M Donatellr S Downey P Pfrster C Graham A lanoskr M Hodas M Geotzmger N Markham I McLean A Hoenes K Mclntxre l Keene jtfgf 5 0l'f5 The g1rls basketball volleyball and archery teams prctured on th1s page are under the superv1s1on of Mlss Meyette Usually there are two teams 1n each gym per1od The w1nn1ng team of one per1od plays the w1nn1ng team of another per1od rn after school games unt1l one team IS the champ1on of all The g1rls who part1c1pate 1n these sports rece1ve polnts Each g1rl who has earned one hundred f1fty pornts by the end of the year recelves a letter A wh1ch enables her to become a member of the A Club 1ng T Warren L Wolff Row2 H Welton M lacobson A M Schmldt S McM1chael C Clark S Leberman M Alwens S Chestner L Rathbun M K1rkpatr1ck Row 3 H Klemm K Moffat S Downey K Barnett B Shappell D Brubaker M Maxwell B Kent N Chrrstenson M Casler B Lorenson M Lechner On the rlght are the g1rls on the volleyball team Howl A Sundburg L Henson D Wertz G Koffler D Domkowskr Row2 S Leberman E Murzynskl B Kent N Chrlsten son D WOlkleW1CZ RQW3 I Conway 101 2 7 I I I I Pictured on the left are members of the girls' basketball teams: Row l: A. lanoski, M. Detter, S. Nutter, E. Hamilton, P. Mann- W 11 VARSITY Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy A ademy Academy VARSITY Acad my Academy Academy Academy Academv Academy Academy Lawrence Park Ashtabula O11 Clty Prep M1llcreek Warren V1r1cer1t Bradford Tech Kanty Prep O11 C1ty East Prep Mlllcreek Dunklrk Vmcent Tech Iamestown East Farrell East Vmcent Ashtabula Te h Prep McK1nley I UNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy East Wrlson Grrdley Roosevelt North Ea t Gregory s V1ncent loseph s Home Prep Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy CROSS COUNTRY Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy WRESTLING Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy I V FOOTBALL Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy I East Wllson Gr1dley St Gregory s Roosevelt V1ncent oseph s Home Prep Tech East V1r1cer1t Prep Tech Prep Prep Vmcent East rep East Vmcent Te h Tech Prep Tech Vmcent East Prep Tech I mcent East 8 2977 7 57 71 44 A 35 45 55 62 477 7 ' ' 53 24' l 25 377 7 55 414 - ' 23 59 ' 53 26 52 427 77 44 30 ' 25 45. . 0 .4 ' 56 577 77551 ' 59 47- '3'-- - 51 35757 77 7 46 38 7 ....,77. 47 557 7 ,,., 37 577 ,7,7, 7 ' ' 73 17 77 77 77 44 487 77 7 77777 61 407 7 ..t.., 7 70 18' ' ' ' ' 37 44 V ym . 59 22 ..., 7 777 - 33 557 7 77 77 - 52 34777 7 H7777 21 557 777 72 A 61 18 7 7 777 7 37 ACad9mY 89- - --'- KHUIY PIGP 49 Academy I6 .,.,.,. 7 7 7 East 39 557 ,.,, 7 7 55 32 HQ V D V 22 c 46 7 67 37 U7 77 53 97 7 A 7 77 34 347 7 ' 16 e ' 147 7 - 7 29 7 5 07 21 I 24A I D7 y 7 18 7 9 17 18. in 7 277777 16 , 33 7 7 5 20 3777 ' 577 77 77 7 12 34 7 7 5 14 O7 7 7 ' 32 48 y 3 377 7 7777 7 7 41 0, V V 5 247 7 77 77 ' 35 0 I 7 247 777 A ' 36 21 I 7 O 327 77 48 19 O 27 7 s O 07 517 ' 25 6 ' 14 36. 77' 16 7 0 337 st f 35 19. 1 1' 0 277 7 41 12 5 XJ' SWIMMING Academy 52 Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy WATER POLO Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy A ademv East Prep Tech Vmcent Prep Tech Vmcerrt East Vmcerrt Tech Prep Pre East VIHCSII1 Tech Prep GOLF Academy 9 Academy 7 Academy 5 Academy 1 Academy 8 Academy 1 Academy 8 Academy 7 Academy 9 Academy Academy Academy 8 IUNIOR VARSITY Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Lawrence Park 2 X mcent 4' 5 Prep 7 Edlnboro O East 3X Tech 1X Vmcent 4 Prep 4X East Lawren e Park Tech Prep BASKETBALL Lawrence Park Prep Mrllcreek Vmcent Tech Gregory s East Prep Mrllcreek Gregory 5 Vmcent Tech East , 23 52 7? -V' A 48 27 2 . 63 12 lffv 1 2 32 ' 43 , ggi Q2 47 28 H p lff. lg 55 20 3 9 c Academy 56 East 19 3 12 O O ' , 4 52 27 11 3 33 31 4 . 6 14 ' 54 44 A 29 8 2 45 30 2 3 79 sf. ' 37 3 F p 1 36 28 41 48 , 1 3 N 2 1 33 ' 19 2 ' 1 71 sf. ' 27 7 A 4 55 ' 39 35 39 c 4 2 O 41 , 55 A 193 1 , - -xx -rf A , -M 1 L, Q xx .V sq .1-4 1 3 sg 1 -. o 4 I 5 2 WHAT SHALL ACADEMY STAND F OR? ACADEMY' what shall lt mean? Shall the mere word carry a thrrll a thought ot sp1r1t honor and democracy? Shall the mere mentlon of the tact that one IS a graduate of Erle Academy Hlgh School be enough to secure recognltlon and respect anywhere ln Ene Clty Erle County 1n athletlcs 1n democracy rn honor 1n sprrlt Th1S IS quoted from Academy s txrst Academe At the end of the 35th year ot the tunct1on1ng of Academy Hlgh School th1s quotatlon 1S as pertment as It was 1n 1919 20 Let us study 1t and keep 1tS Splfll act1ve W EDWIN COON Pr1nc1pa1 106 Xl ll ll ' I I ' . . . . . I . I Pennsylvania, and the United States?" May we excel "in scholarship, . . I . I . I . . . .,, . . , . . . ' 1 YP ff We hope that you Wlu Stlu be growmg, through the search for new knowledge, 1n terests, and skllls, whenever you may glance at th1S yearbook LEROY E BARBER Ass1stant Prmclpal r 107 May your habxts formed whlle attendmg Academy H1gh School serve you well through out your hfe Do each task so that It bnngs satlsfachon and you w1l1 enloy your work MABEL STUDEBAKER ASS1Stant PI'l.I1C1pal 11 19" Gum ROBERT ACKEP RUTH ADAMQ TEANNE ALSHEIMER HELEN BELL World HISTOIY Coacu Home Nursmg Busmess Educahon Academe Foods Ag JQP MARIAN BLAKE MARIAN BORTNER LUELLA BRALEY IONATHAN BRIGHT Enghsh L1branan Geograohy Drafhng Photography ELIZABETH BROWN MARY BROWN SYLVIA BURGUN HENRY CHALUPCZYNSKI Enghsh U S H1510 y U S Hxsiory Laim Enghsh -'TS CHRISTMAN MARY CRANE MARIE DEMULING ROSALIA DOLAN Mathematxcs Ir Trades Enghsh Nurse D 108 .. 'L 4.4. :1 E ' R ia E io ,Q L 1 4 ,. 1: f- p 133 , , X! ' 'N X xhk ', , 2 N N. D. L A VICTORIA DOLLINGER HOWARD EICHERT Enghsh Chemlstry HOWARD FORBES GEORGE GIESLER Band Muslc Hoxhcultu e Coach OBED GRANDER EDWARD GUBISH Glee Club Chou' Muslc Sclence LEO HARKINS Hlstory Coach GEORGE HAVICAN Sclence Survey Physlcs MARY EISERT MICHAEL FERRARE DlSII1bl1I1V6 Educahon Phys1calEduca!1on Coach ANDREW GRAHAM Machme Shop IOSEPH HABAS Enghsh MARY HICKEY Busmess Educahon Muneo Shop EDWIN GRAY Englxsh RUTH HALLINAN Geography Cheerleaclmq ANNE HOGENMILLER Clothmg Red Cross 1 V f KV I , I . If 109 11 JAMES HYDE S Hxstory Health Wig! ...sunl- AGNES KAVENEY Bookkeepmg JOHN LEAMY MARION LEWIS STEPHEN LIPCHICK Cxvlcs Coach Semor H1gh Mathematxcs Jumor Trades in-' FRANCES MAJOR LEONARD MA'I'I'IS GLENETTE MCCARTHY Spamsh Enghsh Bookkeepxng Enghsh Lxbrary f? HELEN JOHNSTON FREDERICK KANTZ VIOLA KASTE Wgr1dH15i0ry U S H1story Star Hxstory Red Cross JACK KOMORA MARGARET KUHN MERRITT LANDERS Phys1calEducat1on Coach P O D HlSf0YY Qtjgqlzi 9- MARGARET LORD GEORGE MCLEAN Dnver Educahon 1 Q. 4x U. . 4 , ' . - , 4 , SP . aj f If zff I sf" .T ' ' Q if . . I , 4 . . Art 3 f' hr ? if J f J ' 1 S Kxlrrth wr 110 ff MARGARET MCMAHON Business Education Mimeo Shop MARGARET NELSON English ANTHONY PRESOGNA Consumer Education Coach WILLIAM ROLLINGER German, A. V. A. 5? Q.. QQ IOHN MIFKOVIC CHARLES MORESCO WINIFRED MONG Geometry Stage History English FRANK PETTINA English Geography MARGARET PISTORY Business Education If HARRY RAMSEY RUTH RIDER Biology Coach Latin ETHEI.. RUHLING RITA RUSSELL BiO1Oqy Senior High Mathematics if 111 Q1 VIRGINIA POMPEANI Clothing MARY ROBB Physical Education Driver Education HELEN SCHNEIDER Iunior High Mathematics RUTH SCHOENFELD Girls' Counselor TW' LYNETTE STEIMER World Hlstory Debate FRED TORRANCE Boys Counselor 'Q -9:1 MARIA WESCHLER Bxology Drrver Educatron Cheerleacmg . Zfgg 'G-as ISADORA SCHWEITZER Strings, Choruses, Orchestra fi THERESA STRAUCH Algebra CWS LAURA WAGNER Bxology A L ANNETTE WHALEY r ADELAIDE SISLEY Business Education MARG AHET SMITH Science FRANCES STULL CLARENCE SWAHN Busmess Educatxon lob Draftmg Twlrhng Coach Placement Senate YTeens EILEEN WARDELL Health Brology AUDREY WELTHER luruor Hlgh Math matrcs 'il 3i rf siaaiswrxaskmt BYRON WHITEMAN IOSEPHINE WICK Woodshop Enghsh I , ' , 'aw , . m F, M , 4 X , ' ,S , 4' x ' 3: x ' X ff- y H x S A I x f , f ' ' I. .- no A fsilfgw c.3,'. ,N Ax ' 535' . Q aa' I W 1. f , 3 V. . .5 . M wrt: h , is i I - ' 1 . 1' 4 , . K I V I I 10 Q, S I L1 KATHRYN YOUNG OLIVA HAKEL RUTH WAUGH MARGARET WEBER English Ofhce Ofhce Offlce V 15 3 I ..-J - Wt K 'll F X -1 l 1 Mrss Bown Our own Tom Sawyer 2 Mr and Mrs LEWIS Gomg steady 3 Mr Swahn Mr Maths Dr Barber A weekend at Penn State 4 Dr Barber M G1es1er Mr Acker Loyal boosier Q - a . 'W kb X X lv -X I Glen ckn gi 'hs if i FIC: Z 1- 1 1 Mrs E1sert starts the mornmg nght 2 MISS Strauch s fatal l1r1e 3 ls she shtchmg stralght Mrs POIHPGSHIQ 4 M1ss Lord helps them keep thelr mmds on art 5 Mrs Robb s add1t1or1 to Academy s sw1mm1r1g team 6 Mr Kantz I ve got news for you' 7 Mr Swahn do you enjoy thls as much as you do workmg w1th your tw1rlers7 8 Mrs Bell IS teachmg her g1rls the way to a man s heart 9 Mr Forbes the flower of the mus1cal world 114 ,VG 1 S , V1 N ., ? ivgbn. vw, ,. lf y. f .. .bn ,. .,. ef X lk 6 SVA- ll if V 1 fi 1 lf- f .3 94 K t? :ff M Q 1 , ,,'V , . f I 'ii Q 5 1 ff y",' M"-fri. j 1 - 1 S . K IxLV L QAl!0gl'd!J 1.1 ALM? PCL!! IJ Al!09l'llf1f1.5 f -3' J76Lf09lCl1 v ., ' 4 ' ' 1 fA ' M.. ff f ,-.,f7 l ' ,4 M, L If . M' P V I Mffym ,V V 'P c,M,yn'N, L xr, ' YP' Jr7Y1g,,4Kf1 VD. ltr -1 !,,, fi! C2 ,zf V51 'CJ K 2, Q'-J .S -Q 0 fm -c-,rxgu gf MW M ly i J A L gk v X Walt ,N 64412 A! X' NA W ALL f, , bw Za xx' -IL! kc-AA-j 1.'4N, 4 GJLMJM X74 N ' fi iff? M C 'Cf ., 4 Lf! I C82 ' . C L I JL ,, ' -ydfjjf-' A ,,,, 4, w Q, 41 M' I -Lid V-gif? , ,t, ,. L - Af' 1 --gf F La A L ' 5 L I C, in ,,,, f R ,,-2 ' Vg ' - L ,, nf I , Li, 'ff 'jf I 0 H jx t r h ,U :J KQV I 3 f fly 42? L - . L L' .- , Lf. ' Q f -11 -it ' 'la K 61, A ' ,- 4,1-Z! "?l, ' L'-I f x 23,f gzfg V L, '11 , Q-"'. I N .1 C L , sygyf C ' 1 . . Q17 T 1 11 ,Z ' JL' Mix, -'7 7, W " 1f , ,. .3-,I N9-fn . 2" Ll 'I - x -Liz! F I--L' qi:-'L QQ ,3 V , jf ,l 'E " X-A 'fu fri, W:-qgfyx ' 1. "' x ' ':x.,' 4. -,-,J gi , ni N 'HM-, " V L L "'f'. I .N , ' - 5 'E'-X 'Lg' If A wk. 1 , 14- , 7 14, . Y 1 ,U Way ' "' if . Mm WV' 5 11 f I x X" fy x 1 '5 , ,' i L mf JA gif, ,I ,VIC X 1 J " -YW ,JA rx W z f7!,a' ' l,! I, jx! i V, 1 ' -,f ' J 1' . L N ff I-'I . fi ' ' X - ,ff , 1 V. 1. ' ' - I I' F ,. .f , vgvgM,g,?'1 X J Ak X X pg . f fi 'Lau qt 1 ,f ff 1 Ar' ! f K A f f ff 11.1 ww' ,Uv .Ax VV-1 JL- qw . ' . ff . ' ' fx , " it J " - .-" .LF OM 'xmx 'SX ' ,' LL," ,. , ' -QL 'N K' --gc - if V.. x. -, ,A , c R . Y rf TN rx' '

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